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Archives: January 10, 2004

Free-Market Iraq? Not So Fast

Krauthammer: We are safer

Gloomy Predictions Sound Very Familiar

I can't stand Scarborough but I was flipping through the

Go to Scarborough poll now!

We're ridiculed for calling Bush a "Nazi", yet there are thousands

Malloy Show Alert

GLBT folks, curious, ever listen to OutQ?

Guantanamo Bay: a global experiment in inhumanity

Fresh doubts emerge on US economy after weak jobs report

Mars...with blue skies....

EC welcomes latest progress of France-Libya ties

The Valerie Plame thing-what about Novak?

Hate speech and Ann Coulter

NRA's list of enemies includes Britney

Could you lock this thread...

How long does it take for an Alert to be read and acted upon?

A way to post and return directly to the "view all" view?

J'lem sources: PMO officials leaked news of Israel-Libya talks

Israeli hunt for suspect kills 19

Israel Fears Isolation, Sanctions Over Fence

Dean accepted special interest money

Chris John Forms Exploratory Committee

Could Tom Delay be defeated in his own district?

CBS News has this..Clinton: Bimbo Eruptions.....Dean: Dumbo eruptions

Bush Conflict of Interest? Are you kidding?

Security equipment and its use in torture and other ill-treatment

Don Evans, Cabinet Sec. just said it's no big deal only 1000 jobs

Is Iraq like Vietnam?

Ray Bradbury 'Martian Chronicles' and W Bush

anyone in ny with cabelvision. Greg Palast on.

FLA DUers, an economics question for you, please.

PBS doing story on WMDs right now

facists vs. facists? (LaRouchites vs. Straussians)

3rd World Threat of Nuclear Weapons

Sign this! It demands that your Senator demand a paper audit trail!

Who Bankrolls Bush & Dem Rivals

O'Neill says Bush was like ‘blind man’

Clinton believes Iraq had weapons of mass destruction: Portugal PM

Water on Mars? Life next? How does this affect the neo-cons?

US 18th on the 2003 Corruption Rankings. Go team.

Is that an Iraqi hand or a soldiers on the right side of pic?

Bush* campaign ads in '99 and 2000

Economy and jobs causing even Freepers to think about leaving...

Which company got the contract for the Biometrics at the airports?

Moon Station vs. 3 Million Jobs

Christmas in Baghdad

Is that a roll of dimes in your pocket...or are you just happy ...

I drive between Eau Claire and the Twin Cities fairly often, and

Vote for an Independent Kurdistan on this poll!

Bush's Pattern Of Paying Lip Service To "Progressive" Causes

"Satire" sounds like it could be truth

January, 10th 1934 in Germany: Marinus van der Lubbe executed

Maddox on immigration


Why Do They Hate Us?

Any news from George Soros lately? Has he done anything specifically to

Hip hop gets out vote

Questions to fellow Catholics about our faith.

Fly me to the moon, let truth escape among the stars..

NRA's List of Enemies Includes Britney

"My family was one of Hitler's victims...."

Bush and Christianity.

WI bishop bans pro-choice politicians from taking communion

Just received this hilarious email. Hope it isn't a dupe.

The Bill O'Reilly Iraq WMD Apology Clock !

Cheney Target of Criminal Investigation

Bush advisers say no WMD does not matter

So why are we going back into space?

Tweety confesses to neo-neo-con leanings

With Democrats like these as friends, who needs enemies?

Mad-Cow Scare May Prompt Taste for Buffalo Meat

The real reason the Repugs want the 61st Amendment

Laura Bush

Letter from an Iraqi mother

Dr. Laura says that some women like to be raped.

The "lunacy" of Bush's Mars and Moon ideas exposed...

White House Braces For Insider Books

Base needs should be provided by the government for all

Our Would-be Fundamentalist King

Cuba restricts the Internet. How can people say this nation is free?

A new consitutional argument why 2000 election was false.

Re: Peak Oil and the destruction of our civilization.

BBV: My meeting with the Secret Service - report


US says Saddam is a POW BBC, CNN links

Paula Zahn is GAGGING...

Saddam formally declared enemy POW

Graphics Co. (Adobe) admits using technology to block counterfeiting

Bungled release of prisoners increases local resentment

Justices to Hear Case of Citizen Held as Enemy

Woman charged over lost lottery ticket claim

U.S.'s promised release of Iraqi prisoners backfires

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 494 U.S. service members have died

Leader of Fresno panel quits

Spirit Finds Possible Evidence of Water on Mars

Bush war advisors: unfound Iraqi weapons matter little (Perle and Frum)

Cheney Would Support Bush* in Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Music Industry Puts Troops In The Streets (RIAA police!)

Cheney Target of Criminal Investigation

Marine Charged With Lying About Killing (Shot Iraqi in back of head twice)

Students Say They Faked Peterson Survey

Bush* Seeks Ways to Create Jobs, and Fast

Gov't Won't Pay (Susan) McDougal's Legal Bills

Mogadishu Survivor Killed in Iraq Black Hawk Crash

Rules of Engagement: Videotape Shows U.S. Helicopter Crew Firing on Iraqis

"Power Idol" - who needs primaries?

anybody watching the Cactus Bowl?

*'s selfless acts:

"Hey, look! Howard's being eaten!"

CNN Poll: "Who's happier? Married or single?"

whatever happened to that "other" DU gallery?

Coin collectors: favorite place online to check out prices?

"Don't pretend you haven't noticed my box, Julia, because I know you have"

Anyone else enjoy Chuck Palahniuk's work?


Embracing his committement to censorship...

In honor of MomaKef

It's 10 degrees outside and the Jambalaya is....

What is the difference between Club Soda and Seltzer?

Willie's "Peace On Earth" song is here, in .mp3 format.

Does ANYBODY watch "Celebrity Poker"?

Noticed something weird at work today

hrm... Dr. Laura coming up on Larry King. Should I...

Does the college fight song "Rocky Top" contain bestiality references?

Amurika, Not Beauteeful (Apologies to Kate Smith)

I envy the British!

I'm currently listening to....

Question about Brita water filters....

Did the Color Coded terror alert system come from.....Star Trek????

Carlyle investigated for pandering prostitution

A twofer Caption & Seperated at birth ?

Thank you, DU! The good news is....

Which Democratic candidate are

Some earlier satellite photos of Mars

Brother Sky Blue on Malloy NOW

DU is 83% Good, 17% Evil

Best place for a NFL visiting team to play?

TV Alert: LT on Howard Stern 11:00pm EST E!

Who is more deserving of the title of Skeletor?

Are there any tv or radio stations with the call letters FUSA?

Ever find the perfect job at the wrong time?

Does Maddox like W*?

Any other DUers out there familiar with

I'm applying to be on Survivor tomorrow, tips/advice appreciated

I need some help with a military "expert"

Dr. Laura says some women like to be raped.

Caption this-You gotta hand it to shrub

Woman's skin falls off & she lives!

A picture for Clark supporters....

"Goldfinger" the James Bond has new meaning in today's times! AMC Now!

My baloney has a first name....

Will Pitt gives speech at high school

Movie Spoilers -- bring' em on! (spoiler alert)

Who else loves King of the Hill?

Has anyone seen Big Fish yet? No spoilers please.

Need Help Finding an Old Short Story

What's the funniest bumper sticker you've ever seen?

Where should I move?

Things to do while on a 24-hour timeout....

Drug songs from 1917-1944

Julia Child or Emeril?

You know, it really is the simple things

Jesus of the Week Photo....Caption it

I just saw the latest "AFLAC" ad.

Looking for antenna advice from HAM radio folks

What's the best pizza chain?

The PIRG/Sierra Club canvassing job

Which DUers are you closest with?

Who's the DUer that's closest to you?

Hartford, CT area DUers (and Mass, RI, NY, or whoever wants to come)

If Clark is nominated, will we have a real choice?

Candidate said "Have a nice day!"...

Fact: Gephardt opposed the DoHS. Wimplosi did not.

"The Myth of the Democratic Establishment": Washington Monthly

Gephardt's done I guess...

Dean agreed Iraq was dangerous....The Dean Tapes....

Clark's Campaign Creating Buzz In NH 1/9

Europe salutes allied forces commander--Clark as viewed by Europe

An immodest proposal

"Dean Can't Win. Dean Can't Win. Dean Can't Win."

New Poll: Dean Leads in Tennessee

Dean = McGovern or Dean = Nixon?

Deaniacs who can travel to SC

Latest SC Poll: Dean 16, Clark & Sharpton Tied for 2nd

Heads up, NH DU-ers!

Dean's comments about primaries.

Wesley Clark Calls 9 / 11 Assertions Lies

I just saw Gina tell Dean to "Stop Talking"

The Four of the biggest Lies ever told

What dean really said about the Iowa caucuses

My Primary Nightmare is nearly Over

Memo to GOP

Deleted message

Why Kerry isn't actively campaign in NH

Dean Supporters: Whose endorsement would you like next?

Clark appearance boosting turnout for Democratic fund-raiser

Tom Harkin, Led Zeppelin freak?

thoughtful endorsement of Clark by Demwatch, former Dean contributor

If Clark is nominated, will we have a real choice?

Clark's Stand Praiseworthy:An Admiral & Lt. General Speak Out For Clark

Dean Supporters, do you denounce the Dean campaigns flyer stunt?

Clark Says, "I'll Take The Next Question From The Man In The Window"

Paula Zahn is amazingly STUPID!

The number of Dean and Clark posts is amazing. Anyone care to analyze?

Clark's little engine that could thread

More good news for Dean from the South.....

The actual transcript of the Iowa Caucus "Dean Tape"

Democrat Clark Targets U.S. Corporate Tax Shelters

Gephardt to Bush: Don't Shortchange Earth

Clark's current situation

Here's the Flyer Dean Supporters Handed Out at the Clark Event

Clark now leading Dean in South Carolina....Edwards in 1st

What happens if Dean wins Iowa and Clark wins NH?

Just saw that "body-piercing latte drinkers" ad on CNN

Great response proposed to latte-ad by Club for Growth.

Here's an obsure issue: Amtrak

the dc debate with braun, kucinich, and sharpton ?

Poll for Kucinich supporters

Bill Moyers' Now: The Buying of the President, 2004

The Southern Correction, Truman to Dean

Deleted message

America's Foreign policy : Anti-French on all fronts.

The Bush Hitler Thing (survivor's take on GWB comparison)

GOP refutes Limbaugh (on abuse of prescription painkillers)

US neo-cons forced to take a back seat for now

Iraqi Humor Amid the Carnage - Chicken Tikka, Anyone?

Five impolite questions for the president

Schwarzenegger cuts funds for children with cancer.

Moon Dreams

What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth?

Laura's Girls

DRAFT CREEP - The Sneaky Draft

[bloggers] Ad Astra, Per Aspera

Kucinich: Creating the Voice for Peace

Nader seeks elusive backing as he ponders run for White House

What They Don't Want You To Know - John Pilger

Nude Man Shows Up At Airport Security Checkpoint

CA Dem. Convention in San Jose next weekend....Jan 16-18

Vote on Move-On ads

Free Peltier 2004

John Rothman

“German Army Not Found in France:Rumsfeld: ‘Oops!-’Bring ’Em On,’ Says FDR

Educating Mrs. zbdent - re Charlie Daniels

Robert Hand on current transits of Inaugural Chart & the resident

QUACKWATCH: More Pseudoscience Technobabble "Medical" Devices

Is this what Matthew 24 meant where it states

The Moscow Times: Methodists Forced Out Of Church

The Moscow Times: For Russians, A Queer Centerfold

Maryland abortion foes try new rules tactic

Renault seeks to use Nissan to make fourth attempt at US breakthrough

Dollar and euro may even up in 2005

Dollar's fall against ruble continues

The Moscow Times: Kremlin Playing Oil Game For Keeps

Bush warns of tax raises if relief not made permanent(rich are scared?

the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world

Job Searches in 2003 the Longest in 20 Years

Eat chocolates - and save the Brazilian rainforest?

Georgia Schedules Parliamentary Elections

Georgia's Leader Is Keen to Move On

Syria takes part in first Session of Committee on Women

NY Times: Beijing Derails Hong Kong Plans for Democratic Reforms

"British said my son would be free soon. Three days later I had his body"

Salon/John Dean:Why Ashcroft removed himself from Valerie Plame Inquiry

Is the US military torturing Iraqis with electricity?

History beckons over Kashmir

Studies show personal gun ownership is highest among people 65 and over.

How's this for a new rule...

Did DU just slow down and/or stop working completely for a while just now

Interesting comparison of locked and unlocked threads

Can we have some College B-ball avatars?

Wassup with

DU been hacked? - Same concern as wassup thread

Why is this thread locked?

Why did I get a notice?

Im not appealing it, just asking for clarification

OK so now we need a candidate's forum

BBC suspends talkshow after anti-Arab outburst

This War is Unwinnable

Sharon Reiterates Threat To Annex West Bank Territory

NY Times: Israel Wavers on Entry of Ethiopians

Russia sends envoy to Middle East to support Road Map

UN envoy urges end to Israeli flights over Southern Lebanon

Christian activists work for peace in Hebron

Gov't sources: Qureia can't take steps needed to renew talks

Palestinians Say They Can Declare a State

'A short history of apartheid'

Israeli soldiers plan demonstration at Gaza

Report: PA leaders discuss unilateral establishment of state

Landmines: Palestine's hidden danger

IDF moving sections of separation fence westward

Drop In Terror Attacks Due To Israeli Counter-Terrorism Measures, Report S

The World's True Rogue States

And The Twins Died

Is the House out of reach?

DINOS vs. democrats, what are the core differences?

Kucinich: 'Anger' doesn’t work

Notice how Bush wants to do everything in 2005, 2006, and beyond..?

U.S. Treasury to post previously private Email Addresses Online

google gone liberal?

In regards to a certain gesture of goodwill and "diplomatic audacity"

O'Neill on Bush: a blind man in a room full of deaf people

would you wear this button?

Same sex marriage: example of RW dominating axis of debate?

"The drop in the unemployment rate . . . was bad news."

Mortar Attacks Common in Iraq

US troops on the march - out the army (draft mentioned at end)

Hackworth finds Army is short of live and training ammo

We know one thing for sure about *'s Immigration Reform:

NY Times: Governing Council Parties Are Said to Back Autonomy for Kurds

One great reason for a manned base on the moon

Bush's illegal amnesty and its effect on the 2004 race

Republicans happy with what's turning out!!!

Nonsmoking buildings in Italy now closer to reality

Homophobe responded to my biblical letter

Soldiers Do Have a Choice

Am I reading this correctly? 70,000 will lose coverage? (FL)

O'Neil's report that Bush Planned Iraq Early 2001 - Oil Maps & Contractors

Bush Haters Handbook

How many Supreme Court justices will next prez appoint? Could be five.

CalPundit: The Future of Liberalism

"Who are you with? Who are you with?": Mean Genes - the Dark Side

O'neill: Bush wanted to invade Iraq from first few days of administration

You know why they lowered the terror level?

This is the report O'neill did while Sec. Treasurer- The WH fired him

Fuzzy Math?

Mark Shields writes on CNN: Poll numbers can switch both ways

Why does the IRS go after Low-Wage earners when Corporations & very...

Bush tries to ruin the EITC. Let's hope he fails. No. Let's make him fail.

Castro vs. Bush

Does Bush* Expect Us To Take This "Evidence" Seriously??

O'Neill Outing - This is "bigger than "impeaching Bush"

Check out fox news home page

FAIR alert on George Will confict of interest

Red Cross Pushes for Saddam visit

Progressive Secretary needs help

NYT: Shell Cuts 20% Off Estimates of Oil and Gas in Its Reserves

Is it time to ask what Shelby was doing in the middle east in June 2001?

whatever happened to the "Jobs Czar"?

Kucinich and the "Shadow Government" honest ?

North Carolina county to ban "exotic" animals.......

Any mention of queers, however slight....

What is the real reason they are changing Saddam's status to POW??

the selected architect for the new towers: Israeli

say it with me now: Jobless Recovery

Props to Clark, Trippi, and lesser extent Dean

Can someone plese give me a link

GOP refutes Limbaugh

What's Wrong With Microsoft?

Republican Email: 50% US Worker Litmus Test

Republicans Cut American Small Business Funds for Foreign Corporations

I don't give a damn , if you watch this video.

With O'Neil's Outing of Bush- Iraq for Oil - Is this Impeachment material?

George Bush - Space Cowboy

quotas: for or against

500th Bush Casualty on its way

I am an angry democrat

Karl Rove is working on his response to Paul O'Neil's charges.....

Skull & Bones - Geronimo grave desecration

Republicans and immigration

When danger reared its ugly head, bush* turned his tail and fled...

Not that I need validation but...

fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me

RW email...grrrr...have at it!

Is Anyone Else Frustrated by DU's Format?

Does anyone have the "feels good" video?

Vote on Move-On ads

Jobs lost in december, 1,000 gain is not real number

Disney, Lego layoffs.

The coroner's van just left the house next door to mine!

Call your Senator/Congressperson..Walk out on Bush SOTU!

The Billionaires For Bush Movie

countdown to a Bush-free world!

The three things Bush has going against him right now.

As everybody knows, Bush forced N. Korea to build a Nuclear Deterrent

British soldiers open fire on Iraqis for protesting lack of jobs. 5 killed

Unbelievable "article" in this morning's paper! ... "SUV's time to roam"

I've got to recommend Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's book "On Killing"

How can the media's corporate bent be corrected?

Paul Bremer

US Federal debt surpasses 7 Trillion dollars.

Of being fired from the White House, resigning, or "asking to be resigned"

BBV:Inside The Black Box

(Mad Cow) Cargill Cuts 700 Beef-Processing Jobs

Hinckley-Bush connection

Their ability to survive depends on their ability to cover up....

The Worst Wingnut Bumpersticker Ever!

The Repubs say, "But we have not had an attack since 9/11..."

Oh my god, I love...

C-Span Now! 5:40 est. DLC Al From confronts Newt Gingrich, about Politics

So can we officially declare the recent terra alerts a hoax?

The fourth thing Bush has going against him right now.

I know everyone hates the idea

C-Span Now! Tribute to Senator Robert Byrd 5:00 est. Am Hist Award

Other great Presidents.

O'Neill: Let's not lose this opportunity

Chemical weapons found in Iraq !!!!.....there over 10 yrs old and useless

“Lo and behold, 8:30 in the morning, the CIA was running a drill..."

I'm uncomfortable with this: On-line voting in primaries.

Another dead chemist working in microbiology

What is going on with Paul O'Neil

Can't anyone say SOMTHING good about George W. Bush?

CBS News: 60 Minutes Preview

Great NPR segment with liberal firebrand Ed Schultz

Should the Democrats walk out on the Bush State of the Union?

How do you feel about the space program?

O'Neill shares Pre 911 Iraq Planning - Danes Find 10 yr Old Possible WMD?

Instant Runoff Voting

The next generation of chickenhawks: Ben Shapiro

"World War Three On the March!" patrio-jingoistic propagantastic newsreel

Why is there so much hostility toward Northeastern culture?

anti-intellectualism current trend?

Bishop says: no communion for lawmakers who back abortion

Paul O'Neill Iraq "bombshell"

Moderates: Here we are, stuck in the middle with you

Homeland Security employees told to ignore court orders for info.

Bush and Space

When danger reared its ugly head, DUers turned their tails and fled...

Wal-Mart Settles Insurance Policies Suit

Has the FAA ever told us why Flight 587 crashed in 2001 killing 246?

'US Climate Policy Bigger Threat to World than Terrorism'

Official Guy James Show thread

Top ten Best Presidents.

Is wooing the center worth alienating the base?

Bush behind 9/11?

Bill Moyers NOW Roasts Clark

What They Don't Want You To Know - John Pilger

sooner than I thought : "Saddam has cancer"

Air leak confines ISS astronauts to module

Guardian: MPs and peers in Camp Delta plea (to US Supreme Court)

Guantanamo families accuse Blair of blocking release

Planner of huge fraud given 9 years

Syria Role On Iraqi Arms Is Studied

Iraq Mosque Blast Leaves 5 Dead, 37 Hurt

Dean Sees Clark As Chief Democrat Rival

North Korea 'shows nuclear deterrent' to U.S. delegation

CORRECTED - U.S. soldiers kill two Iraqi police in Kirkuk

Stretched US pilots may quit military

US callous in hearing Iraqi claims

Levi Strauss shuts last US factories

N. Korea Hints It Won't Renounce Nuclear Weapons

Bush Slams Democratic Hopefuls on Taxes

U.S. soldiers kill two Iraqi police in Tikrit

Clark won’t respond to rivals’ criticism

Five Die in Iraq Protest, British Troops Open Fire

Florida Appeals Court Rules on Fetuses

S.C. trade group sets up exports with Cuba

Rebels Hit Philippine Power Plant; 7 Die

Critics Look at Bush Immigration Plan

Mars leader warns Bush, "Stop attacking Mars or we'll disarm you."

Clark says no Sept. 11-like events during his 'presidency'

Report: Bush Planned Iraqi Invasion Pre-Sept. 11

Where is the Recovery?

O'Neill accuses Bush in Iraq planning

Possible Iraqi Blister Gas Weapons Found

Ridge Warns Terrorism Threat Not Over

Lakhani pleads not guilty in missile plot

From CNN re: Attacks on Clark

MPs and peers in Camp Delta plea

Racist War of the Loyalist Street Gangs (Northern Ireland)

Bush savaged by former Treasury chief

Texas firms jump into Cuba business

Evidence cited of Russian arms in Iraq

Mexicans are circumspect about Bush's amnesty program

Poll: Bush popular with Calif. Latinos

Clark Tries to Ride Above Criticism:CNN

Plea deal negotiations ongoing, say lawyers (Fastow)

Possible Iraqi Chemical Weapons Found - Denmark

Fairfax Voting Machines A 'Failure'

Bomb threat on airplane. Diverted to Dulles from National

Racist war of the loyalist street gangs

Firefighters' 9-11 Tapes Ordered Released

Study: Marijuana Buzz Linked to 'Runner's High'

Large force turnover under way in Iraq

Iraqi police fire on protesters, kill six

Most Iraqis want US forces out after June30

Passenger Held After Plane Is Diverted

US firm gets major contract to develop Iraqi media outlets

Wounded "Held Captive" at Walter Reed

Pope Cancels His Ash Wednesday Service

Bush Launches Election - Year Tax Cut Drive (NYT-AP)

Brazil Says to Keep Fingerprinting U.S. Visitors

Mars rover stands up, ready to roll

Driver is arrested over car art

Blair provokes outrage over refusal to meet with Dalai Lama

Conn. Republican Senator Calls on Rowland (R) to Resign

(UK)Troops Fire on Iraq Protesters; 6 Killed, US Troops Kill 2 "policemen"

Report: Pentagon Auditors Altered Files (Spent 47 days doctoring papers)

Fighter escorts worry some

How to Lose Your Job in Talk Radio - Clear Channel Gags Anti-war Conserv

Brit officer who gave famous eve-of-battle speech quits

U.S. Says Chopper Crash in Iraq Likely Due to Attack

US military kill Iraqi policemen

Former Secretary Paul O'neil - Iraq Invasion Planned Long Before 911

Danes find suspicious Iraqi shells

What happened to McNeil/Lehrer News Hour on PBS?

Does your spouse or s/o have a friend that you

Blue babies check in!

Yes it's here! It's awsome! It's Banana Milk!

Merlin's Lists of Five Things

That's the way I like it baby, I don't want to live forever!!

Big Toe - the world's largest motorcycle

Dr. HEyHEY says Dr. Laura's an ignorant tramp.....

DOS Attack on DU?

I just heard on the scanner there's a bar brawl

Who's going to the beach tomorrow?

FUNDAY X is now just 161 days, eight hours and 43 minutes away

Waiting for the NyQuil to kick in. Anyone have anything

Fire gooood!


Mars in the news and more prophetic words from David Bowie...

Kayaking anyone??

today's new Oxyrush advertisers 1/9

Hey, I've got a webpage now!!! ...But have some questions

I hope for our sake that these people are Republicans...

HELP I need Draft links now

I'm crossing one thousand posts tonight baby!!!! who wants to help me?


So What Do I NOW Do With All This CandyCorn?

I also am looking for the name of a sci-fi book from (probably) the 1970s

Is everybody in? Is everybody IN?

Sharing my favorite MP3's with ya! Do I have terrible taste in music?

What calendar did you choose for 2004?

Yo, Canada! Your cold air called!

Time for another muscle car thread. I'm Bored and Canuck's still up

Looks like I'll be shipping out.

Hockey fans....shut out record set in 1949 broken

Do you still enter Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes??


There's a tumbleweed storm in the lounge. Where is everybody?

I'm friggin' freezing

'Metrosexual" Word of the Year --------'freedom' Most Unnecessary

Sin City Shocker: Binion's Horseshoe Forced To Close; Assets Seized

I'd walk a million miles, for one of your smiles...

Is the Moon colony a payback to Rev.Moon and the Moonies?

I'm going to use my ignore button beginning today

has anyone taken this IQ test? how did it compare to others you've taken?

Ah caint git no satisCAPTION

It's the ONLY way to fly

Lest we forget

This one cries out for photoshopping

Post some lyrics that have meaning to you!

By how much are the RAMS going to LOSE by??

Don't be a dumbass!

Has anyone here ever been a mime?

A question about rowing/crew....

Is the Mars colony a payback to Forrest Mars and his candy empire?

help, I can't find "I hate republicans"

Germans are crazy! (yet more proof)

CONFESS!! Ever vote for any whacked out fringe candidates?

another bush "angel" photo from ap

Yes another gratuitous kitten thread starring the Mighty Quinn

How does one pace oneself on such a day?

The Price of CAPTIONS

HAR HAR! Well this explains everything!

I just filled out my local draft board application...ask me anything...

what comedians should i add to my comedy library?

Without looking!!!!!! No fair peeking!!!!!! Alcohol question?

How Long Could You Dwell In Total Darkness Before You Lost Your Sanity?

I wanna Clark Yard sign!!

I'm angry. I'm frustrated. I'm REALLY pissed off! (Sorry)

Who SIngs this song?Heard it on Rhandi Rhodes

More right-wing stupidity at

Good Christ I'm Hungover...

Kazaa Delivers More Than Music

heads up woodworkers, sawdust makers and splinterers...

Now hear this America!

Gollum W. Bush Movie! One Right Wing to Rule Them All!

Typical urban-dwellers spend much of their adult lives unmarried

Bands with guts

Drinking Water vs. Distilled Water

Is Anyone Else Frustrated by DU's Format?

Favorite Alternative Newspapers

Welcome to DU slor & DU9598

Choose one!

The coroner's van just left the house next door to mine!

How Long Does It Normally Take You To Fall Asleep?

What "saved" rock and roll after disco? Punk or Metal?

If Clark wins the nomination I want him to run with Lewis

Caption THIS Shrub Who Will Be Left Behind in 2004!

EX-SMOKERS: Have You Ever Dreamed That You Were Still Smoking?

Is this a man in a wig?

How Many Hours Sleep Do You Normally Get Per Night?

East Coast Viewer Alert: Code Name Artichoke at 6 PM on WorldLink

Help! I'm a prisoner in my own house!!

Is There Intelligent Life In Our Solar System?

My Brother turns 18 today and I am scared for him!

Just so you all know

Yeah!!!! I finished my phone calls to NH!

Do you consider yourself married if

Ten Favorite Films of the Fourties

details re: new Morrissey record REVEALED!

Ten reasons Bush has for going to the Moon and Mars

FOr those who helped my photography, as promised here is one pic

I'm starring in my own comic!!!!

Greatest movie soundtrack?

Looking for a home siding comparison site...

fun with web server logs

Ok, ya don't have to get me anything; just wish me happy DU anniversary

What are good wines?

News From the FUTURE!

I know I'm a self touted city boy but....

Classes start this Monday and...

I taught my dog to eat

Carolina Panthers/St.Louis Rams Thread!!!!

Would YOU buy a used car from THESE guys???

Need creative, yet tasteful names for a baby

Mars leader warns Bush, "Stop attacking Mars or we'll disarm you."

Hello, everybody ...

Mike Hunt is STILL sherriff.

Canadian Diamonds

My gay, Republican hairdresser HATES BUSH!

You know what the lounge needs today?

Any of you idiots going to the Pats-Titans game?

For Those About To Rock...

Upper Crust Pizza - Santa Fe, NM

You're in a Teen Movie from the 80's. Who Do You End Up With?

How often do you vist the -Ask the Admin- forum

Beatles Abbey Road cigarette airbrushed after Harrison's death by smoking

What would a Bush mission to Mars look like?

Clean or Dark?

Hypothetical but real Question: A Free Mercedes, Volvo, or Prius?

What is your favorite frozen pizza?

Kelly Osbourne flipped me off last night. Ask me anything...

I'm a Democrat.

Here's the set up, add your punchline

We're going to settle this once and for all, right here, on DU!

Need Creative,yet demeaning names for a co-worker

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You have the power to erase ONE band from history - who ya pickin'

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I just blasted my neighbor.

A picture for Clark supporters....

Rev Sharpton's front page-So sad that voting rights is an issue in 'Merka

The REAL struggle for power

Laura Bush

Team Dean Racing - our answer to NASCAR Dads

The Dean Blog.. attacking the media?! Wow!

The Dean Blog on the Obfuscation of the Media

A little cartoon to show you all.....

Did anybody have the chance to read Arianna Huffington's piece on Dean?

what was the Kerry quote on Clark's campaign flyer ?

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Michigan's Online Ballot Spurs New Strategies for Democrats

For Clark to have a real chance, a couple candidates have to drop out

The Austrailian: Democrats fear Dean flipside is flop

Deep in my heart I can't get over it-I still want a Clinton to beat a Bush

Did Dean really say...

Dean Sees Clark As Chief Democrat Rival

Did Clark really say...

Paul O'neil - Iraq Invasion Planned Long Before 911: This helps Clark

NY Times: Edwards Promises a Positive Vision and to Change the 'Two Americ

The Seabiscuit campaign runs well on the grassroots track

Everyone needs to realize something...

Corporate McMedia: All Dean Attacks, All The Time.

What effect will O'Neil's Iraq revelations have on the candidates

Can old news clip of Bush saying one thing and then years latter saying

Anyone see Alec Baldwin on Charlie Rose last night?

Dean confirms tax cut plan, but gives no details

Should the District of Columbia be declared a state?

FIVE Southern Senate Seats. Our nominee has to help keep them.

Dean: The Lord Told Me Bush Wins in 'Blowout' (Humor)

(CNN) Kelly Wallace just called Dean a moderate?!?

Do You Trust ANY DU Poll That Names Candidates?

Clark, Kerry 20 Points Behind Dean

Chris Heinz and Vanessa Kerry Heat Up the University of Michigan!

Uh Oh.....Kerry goes after Clark....sort of...

Dean on MBTE: Big Oil Over the Public Interest

Wesley Clark and Paul O'Neill

Howard Dean, Secretary of HHS???

Republicans happy with what's turning out!!!

Dem Pollster: sees Dean losing to Bush 53 percent to 39 percent

This Undecided fellow....

Dean supporters! Check in!

Latest NH Poll - Clark in second place

another bush "angel" photo from ap

Dean says his campaign manager Trippi goes over the line with attacks

Newest Iowa Poll: Dean 30, Gep 23, Kerry 18, Edwards 11

Dean says attacks used by own campaign manager go over the line

Dean said using "sleazy" goes over the line. Trippi uses "sleazy".

If Dean says "sleazy" over the line and Trippi uses it is HD a hypocrite?

Newest ARG NH tracking poll!

If a DUer uses misleading thread titles to call a candidate a hypocrite..

Charles Lewis on Democracy Now yesterday: where do candidates get their $$

What's the major difference between Dean & Clarks Healthcare plan?

Dean said "sleazy" goes over the line but Trippi used the word in attack

Here's me, showing righwingers how to defeat Clark...shame on me!

Dean Leads in Another Iowa Poll!

9 Grassroots Clark Sites of '03

The American Worker Fantasy Ticket?

Good Grief!! Lieberman might beat Kerry in NH!!

which is the dumber non-issue attack on Dean?

Gaylord Neslon endorses Clark

Matthew Gross venting some spleen on Bush's economic failures

Reporter asks Gephardt to comment on Dean's "C-word"

How Well Are Dean's Discussions of Faith Going Over w/ The Voters?

Dean supporters...What issues of his are you rock solid for?

The amount of Dean jealousy around here is amazing.

Dean the Dancer.....

NH- Dean Leads by 20 pts in New Poll

Was Clark actually copying Dean's middle class tax cut plan?

It's July 4th, 2004 and the candidate has been chosen....

IA Strategy question: Help Sen. Kerry to hurt Gen. Clark?

Props to Clark, Trippi, and lesser extent Dean

Edwards challenges others to reject lobbyist dollars;

New National Poll: Kerry & Gephardt on the Rise

Hey! I saw a Clark ad last Virginia!!!

General Wesley Clark - 38 Yr service , 4 stars. NATO CIC not enough?

This new "Dean is a liar" campaign reminds me of 2000

Newsweek Poll: Dean/Gephardt do best against Bush.

"If the election were today,48% would vote for an unnamed Democrat,

Clark bar or Dean red hots?

Remember that Time poll that had Dean within 5 of Bush?

Dean's Faith-Based Folly (Washington Post)

Take a moment to help our candidates defeat Bush

Should Gen. Clark change his mind ...

I Need Info About the MISSOURI PRIMARY

Is Edwards a conservative or a liberal? Evidence?

Pelosi: Gephardt best candidate against Bush

One Black Guy's Opinion on Al Sharpton (NY TIMES THING)

Intruiging article about Dean's macho appeal (The Nation)

Rep.Solomon Ortiz (Hispanic Caucus/ Armed Service Committee) Endores Clark

Clark is taking a page from the Book of Clinton

Republicans Attack Dean – Because He’s Unelectable?

Kerry: "We're going to go to the Moon right here on Earth"

U.S. News and World Report Has Dean on the Front Cover

Which Candidate Would Have the Shortest Learning Curve as Prez?

The Transcript Where Joe Trippi Laid the Smackdown on Paula Zahn....

Changing positions... how much is acceptable?

Is Race For #2 Now Race For #1? (Iowa Dean)

did dean just lie on fox film?

John Kerry's Turning Point

Daily Dean Photo Gallery for Dean Supporters

An Apology to my Friends who back Dean/Kerry/Kucinich/Edwards etc

That Howard Dean Is "A Gaffe A Minute"

Will Harkin's endorsement seal the deal for Dean in Iowa?

A Typically Hard Hitting Clark Expose: "Wesley Clark Buys a Sweater"

Clark Supporters Outdo Dean Supporters in the San Fernando Valley, CA

Al From on C-Span says Dean supporters "never go to Church!" And,

I think Dean got himself in more trouble with this Tax issue.

While governor, Dean accepted speaking fees, gifts from special interests

Dean Acknowledges Clark's momentum

Democratic Icon Ted Kenndy in Iowa for Kerry

What does your candidate say about increasing wages and wealth for...

Nader Says a Run would Benefit Democrats

Gaylord Nelson backs Clark

Who's your second choice?

Update your Iowa predictions! (KICK ME to see how smart you are)

NYT - Nader Says a Run Would Benefit Democrats

Voting in America - Is It DOA?

Anger doesn't work

Why is the American Research Group (pollsters) smearing the Dean campaign?

Iowans defend Kerry's farm record from Dean distortions in letter

E-mail hoax against Dean

does anyone really believe this clark pledge?

No more "fake sig lines" pasted into posts.

Dean gets boost at crucial time (please see article for contradiction)

John Pilger on our crimes in Iraq. More reasons to vote for Kucinich?

What's your candidate's stance on Affirmative Action?

Help! My (R) leaning friend won't vote for Dean, but would for Clark

Dean Tanking?

Why are some of us obsessed with ideological purity in this election?

LA Times- Dean Is Ahead But Iowa Up For Grabs

Latest Newsweek poll: Clark past his peak?

Clark delivers his Vision for the future speech, must read

Old stager Gephardt scours the farms for Democrat backing

Democratic losers keep talking but fail to answer big question: why?

First Two IA Newspapers To Endorse - Choose Kerry!