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Archives: January 19, 2004

Meet Karimov....of Uzbekistan...our "ally" in the war against "terror"....

Conservowacko denies Bush Mistreating Veterans

A Dishonest War . By Edward Kennedy

Salon: The No Jobs President

The US has no idea what it has gotten itself into

Bill O'Reilly tries to help the Democrats

Building a Movement of Inquiring Minds from Ground Zero Up

Calling all NYC Grandmothers - New Wednesday peace vigils

Top 10 Open Source Tools for eActivism

CBS screws up again: "Mrs. Dean hates campaigning."

The true reason why W won't attend any funerals for the personnel killed

The Neocons are not Conservatives...

HTML to our descendants

Why can't I get an image?

Mrs. Throckmorton takes a turn for the worse.

Bible Experts -- I have a question (especially King James experts)

Northwest Airlines admits sharing passenger data, denied it in '03

An interesting look at gold vs currency

Suspicious trading....

Regardless of Bush: Re: Moon Base, then Mars

I think I was banned for a day for a really bad reason

Please rethink the new thread deletion policy

New Delete Policy

The edit period has expired?

The Israeli Generals' Plan: War Against a Whole People

Arab-Americans Set to Make a Difference

Sharon admits separation fence harms Palestinians

US stars hail (Brit) Iraq war whistleblower

If WTC 7 was "pulled", maybe WTC 1 & 2 were also.

My encounter with a Clark campaign worker in CA

reporting from OUR Nation's Capital...just drove by the White House

Ed Gillespie predicts George W. will win Iowa in November.

Ayatollah may issue 'fatwa' delegitimizing Iraqi Government

Worley surges on Iraq deal

A Newt Gingrich Moment

Money to rebuild Iraq still lost in the pipeline

Majority against sending SDF to Iraq (Japan)

Iraq reconstruction contracts on offer at fair

Bowing to the Mighty Ayatollah

Iraq question

Des Moines NBC Station lies about Dean events tonight

The Republican Party, the Northeast and West Coast

Bremer and members of the Iraqi National Congress to meet with UN..

mean-spirited "Stay in school" ads on radio

the mom and dad take

Who was the Treasury official that Dubya had an affair with?

King wreath laying ... any photos?

Woody Guthrie: "I ain't a gonna kill nobody"

Limbaugh on Headliners and Legends MSNBC

America to cut troops in Iraq by one fifth

On the "Low-Intensity Conflict" in Iraq

CNN has a special on "Democrats" on NOW (11pm East)

DRUDGE & Sully, "Working It" (with MOON)

Another interesting O'Neill revelation

What's with the asterisk

'May Bush meet Saddam's fate': Arundhati Roy

1968: The Year That Rocked the World C-SPAN


Bob Herbert has Katherine Gun Story - she busted NSA plan spy on UN

New Documentary Screened at Sundance

A tough ethical question.....take the test!

"Patriotic" Wierdos boycott Moore- Help Me out with this!

The "Black Hole" which sucks oil -- Now Ken Lay ties in!

BBV: R . Doug Lews WOW!

Politics Aside, Carters Speech Was Huge Today.

Chuck D (Public Enemy) Is A Man Of The People! He's Down With ABB!

Contact the College Brownshirts AND Contact Their College Presidents,

Carter had higher approval then * at this point in his term,

Rush was married at Clarence Thomas' house????

Bush admits to working towards dictatorship

Does Bush have a "girlfriend?"

Contact these Repuke thugs who Assaulted Joan Jett at an Iowa Dem rally

Larry Flynt

If you had been in George W Bush's shoes in January of 2001...?

Horrific video from Iraq

U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground

Afghan Leader Orders Release of Taliban Prisoners

Democrats Trade Insults As Caucuses Near

Bush to Unveil Work Force Training Program for Community Colleges

Thousands March in Haitian Capital to Demand That President Resign


Bush running out on Iraqi women?

Relatives wait in vain for word on Iraqis jailed by U.S.

Lack of night goggles may have led to crash of Navy helicopters

Gephardt Major announcement in 20 minutes

Rallying Cry: Vote Bush* Out of Rove's Office

Germany outlines interventionist posture

Kelly Promises Access for Protesters during GOP Convention

WP: Arms Issue Seen as Hurting U.S. Credibility Abroad

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 500 U.S. service members have died

Dan Rather: Convention Coverage May Wither

Venezuela moving to decriminalize drug possession

13 hurt in bomb attack in Iraqi holy city

Bomb pushes US action on Iraq

U.S. Finds Annan Ready to Help Salvage Iraq Transition Plan

Timing of Address No Accident, Official Says

Pope to Beatify 'buffoon' who was Austria's last emperor

Negative ads cause Iowa backlash

US beef 'passed off as Australian'

Protesters Rally Against Bush Administration (Casper, WY)

NASA reorganizes to address Bush's space plan

Kerry snaps up undecideds

9/11 Panel Unlikely to Get Later Deadline

Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail done in LEGO

Bush's Mission to Mars: It's really about domination, cronyism and oil

The man with the plan to terminate the tyranny of terrorist tornadoes

Satire: Pancake Fiasco Leaves Stain On Dean, Kerry, Political System

FBI-raid-style-jacket that says "Suspect" on the back?

Suggestions on signs to carry in MLK parade tomorrow?

What or Who is the stinkiest?

Anyone care to cheer me up?

clark`s sweater is now

Anyone care to cheer up ?

A must for all Clark-Dean-Kerry supporters!

Cancer question

I give up on GDprimary.

The True American Patriots - Posted elsewhere but lost I think

Another episode of " DNA " on PBS now.

I finished my taxes tonight.

___________ supporters most likely to....

I should have asked this before...

Saw Return of the King this p.m,--my thoughts--tell me if I'm right

Boycott the Eagles until they get a legitimate wide receiver?

Anti-Bush video.

Nice to see the EAGLES CHOKE AGAIN

you know ur a repuke if

All these "Have you watched" threads remind me of...

A Horrible Thought: Shrub Will Flip The Coin At Superbowl

Where are all the images from Mars?

The Championship Games.......

Let Us Now Praise Nyquil Multi-symptom Cold/Flu Cough Syrup!

Has anyone ever watched "Waiting For God"?

Thank you for your advice.

You East Coasters think you're tough?

Has anyone here been "waiting for Gobot"?

A few words about the low-carb craze

Does anyone have some good sites for eldercare?

Has anyone ever read "Waiting for Godot"?

Top two most memorable movies of all time

Gawd, he looks like such a f***ing DORK

The kind of ad the Dems should run...

Bet The House On The Panthers

Could Panthers vs. Patriot mean Edwards vs. Kerry in the primaries?

Sunday Adult Swim thread

Congratulations Carolina fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

F*cking McDonald's commercials...

What's your favorite Apes movie?

How do I stop the slasher cat?

Questions for DU runners &/or old farts.

Rush is right???

Super Bowl Widows & Widowers ....

I saw the final Broadway performance of Urinetown!

I was at a toy store the other day

Ghosts in Philly. Don't say I didn't tell you

I bought Pillow Talk on DVD this afternoon--ask me anything!

Respond to this post, and tell me what you're wearing

My kitten is very sick and having seizures, anyone have any advice?

Anyone here invited to join the Bush team?

Okay... Panthers/Patriots. Who's it gonna be?

DU Chatroom tonight

Which character on "Bewitched" would you be -- and why?

A post for MLKjr

Tired of Back Pain

Warren Zevon Tribute

The Chinese Restaurant Song

Turkey in Space: CAPTION

Comments on the California Democratic Convention (I was there)

Edwards rally C-SPAN replay now.

For the Kerry folks

how much cash do Gephardt and Lieberman have?

My bold prediction: JOHN EDWARDS will win Iowa.

I just came in from my run on the track. I live in Dean-Kucinich country.

I could Vote for Edwards any day of the week!

clark`s sweater is now

What public statements has John Kerry made about the Vietnam war?

"One of the Bush supporters shoved Jett and she pushed back in anger."

Kucinich on Geraldo

Gephardt Ad Quotes Dean Out of Context

Michael Moore Smears Kucinich

With less than 24 hours to go until the primary officially kicks off...

Interesting Iowa scenario: Gephardt-Dean-Edwards-Kerry

Huge Turnout in Iowa City for Dean!

Multiple choice-a-thon: In a 2-Way race, who do you vote for?

Dean's "negative" press -- NPR's hourly report.

Populism--the Democrats's New Red Meat:.....will it fly?

Clark questioned Viet Nam war while he was at Oxford

Am I the only one who will be glad when Iowa is over with?????

Clark's Loneliness is about to end

I tip my hat to you Jerseycoa, Great piece

Approximately what time will the results be in?

Kerry snaps up undecideds

The area Dean campaign coordinator called me tonight. She said...

When does caucusing actually start?

How important is the veteran vote and the military vote?

I need some help here, please.....

Clark defended Vietnam War

Kucinich Draws Attention From Other Political Parties

Despite skipping Iowa, Clark has a strong media schedule this week. . .

John Edwards-"The South is my backyard, and I will beat

The myth of negative Dean press coverage: NPR's adoring hourly report.

Big 4 Iowa Caucus poll

Ann Richards Posts to the Dean Blog!

Soylent Dean is People!

Ann Richards: Dean set the agenda for this election, the others followed.

Okrent Offers Half-Hearted Apology For NY Times' Anti-Dean "Reporting"

Ann Richards Speaks in Concord for Dean

Kucinich to Deliver "State of the Nation"

Can I ask about Candidate Wives? They are all neat ladies....but which

Contact the College Brownshirts AND Their Colleges' Presidents,

Kucinich: Dems Risk Forfeiting Election Over Iraq Occupation

3 lawyers, including Clark supporter, file complaints on Dean stock sales

Forget about privacy Dean, release your records and shut these people up!

Rove's nightmare!

Another Crowley Outrage

Something Al Sharpton needs to do.

Did the Gore Commission recommend CAPPS?

Something tells me we'll be seeing more of this...Howard and Judy!

Do you know how many DOCTORS have been Presidents of USA?

If he wins, his nickname should be The Phoenix

Predict Iowa Results and Win

Someone please explain John Kerry and the BCCI trial

Howard Zinn...The Logic of Withdrawal

Paranoid Shift

'May Bush meet Saddam's fate'

Thoughts on the Coming 'Discovery' of Bin Laden

A Dishonest War: By Sen. Edward Kennedy (must read)

Pentagon lies exposed over killing of reporters in Baghdad

What spooks told Old Lady about BCCI


9/11 Panel Unlikely to Get Later Deadline :Wash Post

Great home page essays this morning

Howard Dean defended re not-safer-because-Saddam-captured remark LTTE WP

Arms Issue Seen as Hurting U.S. Credibility Abroad

The Question all the Candidates Must Face-Can you make us feel safe?

My LTTE on Bush, Guard an "awol" issue


Bob Herbert (NYT): A Single Conscience v. the State

Bush promises the Moon (and Mars) but offers only rhetoric

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

America as a One-Party State

Ambassador Wilson in Maine for Kerry

How would you rate Bush? Poll.

Over 100 journos have made recent political contributions

Books on Bush

Microsoft wants - Video from MSNBC

Why does the media hide Pickering pro-"anti-miscegenation law"

MSNBC Video - Kucinich And Edwards Have Struck A Deal Of Support

Tucker and Laura lie again

how many times has * joked about being dictator?

E-Prime - Language, Semantics, Thought , Culture , Communication

Top Ten (6) Reasons George W. Bush Wants To Put A Man On Mars

Police probe Hawking 'assaults' (Author of "A Brief History of Time")

Political Astrologers: Chart for Aries Ingress / New Moon - Mar 20, 2004

Any tai chi folks here

Mars 'Alien Reactor' started by Gov. Scharzennegger, NASA photo's show

The causes of homelessness in California, the nation at large, and

Bush seeking Supreme Court precedents to dismantle democratic rights

Mikerowesoft vs. Microsoft

US shows a new willingness to review agricultural subsidies

Hmm, $14 million for "alternative fuel research" in Ohio

When Bush praises his Environmental actions in SOTU, will media note lie?

From the Zogby poll #3

From the Zogby poll #2

From the Zogby poll #4

From the Zogby poll #1

Birds of a Feather Go Duck Hunting Together

From the Zogby poll numbers 5 and 6

Another racist NRA board member...

NORML rates canditates on Miracle Plant positions

Zogby's lucky 7

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 19, 2004

Wisconsin needs your help!

Skinner, thank you

Thank you for choosing my article

LBN Locking Question

Will DU add a feature to the search function?

I read the rules and I don't see this part

Inappropriate locking of a thread

A question about 'kicking'

A worrisome new trend...

How many deletions does it take

Since something I said came up down here

I may have made a mistake.

Icon for the Link in the toolbar?

Good luck tonight, fellas

Rabin killer's bid to marry in jail blocked

Husband took wife to suicide bombing

Soldier killed, another seriously hurt by Hezbollah rocket

Organized harassment of Jewish peace activists

Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism

Israelis shoot deaf Palestinian woman

Israeli jets fly over Lebanon, drawing fire from army and Hezbollah guns

Hamas: Women who shame family can be bombers

The mother of all hatreds

Bomber art attack furore spreads

Difficult races for Congress expected (Texas)

Is Corinne Brown (FL/7) running for reelection?

Grade SOTU

Posting counter doesn't work

Anyone else hear about this? (Restaurants closed on Mondays)

Stolen Elections: An American tradition..

Dems can only fight each other we cannot put up as strong a fight to Massa

A good read: Intervention Magazine

Today "Poppy Bush" was in town getting $$$ for jr.

U.S. To Give Every Iraqi $3,544.91, Let Free-Market Capitalism Do The Rest

Has there EVER been a commission that really got to the bottom of an

Bill Gates' War Against Education and Everything Else Heating Up

Does anyone have the names of PNAC members who tried to persuadeClinton

Time to Leave Iraq

Meet the Anti-PNAC organization

Name Presidents who have gotten in the way of Freedom of Speech.

Hoon to meet Iraq soldier's widow

I found this article from 1998. It's hilarious

I just found out that my good friend, will be shipping out.

The Radical Dr. King

Check out Chimpy pics on

Local jerk is bashing Europe now

Can local Dem. Committees Not Support the Nominee?

Question: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world"

Abandon thread! Abandon thread!

You all realize that there is nothing preventing the repubes

What is up with Ed Koch endorsing Bush?

Videos about war and peace

A Dishonest War: By Sen. Edward Kennedy

Do you support Sanctions against Syria?

Who's Delivering the Dem. Response to Bush's SOTU?

WTF... GOP's new weapon- "anticharisma" of Cheney

Health Care Post #5 - Can we accept a less than perfect system?

Journos Donating Cash to Politicos

Helen Thomas is writing a book

SOTU and Flipping 101?

Columbia Journalism Review's new site on media reporting is a must see

Martin Luther Kings Birth observed today

Poll: Bush Slipping Among Independents (45% down from 64%)

Bush and space: plagiarist

Who is giving the Democratic response to this stotu address?

"The no jobs president"

Chicago Trib on the possibly bleak future of the US economy

Special Interest

If CNN reports 100K Iraqis protesting...

RNC Ed Gillespie on C-Span this morning

We need to address the Diebold question.

US Stars Hail Iraq War Whistleblower

Death By Slow Burn -- How US Nukes Its Own Troops

The irony of Martin Luther King, Jr. "official" birthday holiday

"9-11 Panel Unlikely to get later deadline" how can we fight this?

"Luxury Retail Business Has Holiday Boom"

SOTU? Nahh...create your own here! "Bush's strong poll numbers"

100,000 new registered voters since 2000 in Iowa

Hey, UK- When will you learn the Blair/Hutton info?

MSNBC question of the day-Can any Democrat beat Bush?

Conrad Black and George F. Will, peas in a pod

Nipping it in the bud - Mars photos are NOT altered

msnbc question of the day

How nice of Mary Matalin... She helped Wolfie


CBS Poll looks good for Dems

Poll - Will Conrad Black....

Neocon makes case to arrest & execute anti-war Democrat Congressmen

700+ bases in 130 countries/6000+ bases in US & it's territories

SOTU bush* will ask for privatizing SS & $ to community colleges via....

Students walk out on Jeb Bush MLK Address

My email to the FCC

Martin Luther King's Riverside Church speech.

Anybody else pissed off at CBS? First, it was the Reagen movie. Now, it's

IA democratic caucus - 1968

Heil Hit-Slur! - RW's comparing Dems/Clinton to Hitler/Nazis

.."He gassed his own people"..

Jack Trice: A different and little known hero (on MLK Day in Iowa)

Help! Human Rights Defender Bruce Harris on Trial in Guatemala Tuesday!

Get it Here folks! Your SOTU Score card

We need a new lexicon to counter the repugs

What rightwing/conservative books have you read lately?

"Coalition" vs. WMDs, score tied 0-0

is there such a thing as a govt animal services agency or

Another Media Whore. Joe Klein. What Is Up With This Brain-less Twit.

Saw an AARP commercial

Freeper discussion boards

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Israel must give up nukes

shrub has been "practing the SOTU" since friday -does he have it down yet?

How wide will the spread have to be in the BBV states for the Democrat to

My local talk host wants to know why its going to take 5 yrs to go to moon

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

WTC lease owner: WTC 7 'pulled' (intentionally demolished) on 9/11

NASA Snooping: Secret 'Data Mining" of Travelers' Records

Anybody with some time and facts

My ignorance is showing but MoveOn is not saying anything about

Vote in this TV-news poll

No one Hates like Rush. Today (yet again) proves it.

"Smart Dust"..DARPA is very involved and we are screwed twice

Kind of a dupe but really, GO VOTE IN THIS POLL!!!

A funny thing happened to me on my way to DU on Saturday

Al Franken & Ben Stein on Wolf Blitzer today at 5pm et

The causes of homelessness in California, the nation at large, and

"Odin Fought, Christ Won" loses (I guess Odin wins after all)

Why aren;t we trying to take the House?

"The Courage of George W. Bush"

Will Speech Lack Hyperbole That 'Justified' War?

Caucus coverage: when/where? I almost never watch the tube!

The NY Times "Mea Culpa" to Dean supporters

Rate Bush Performance Poll.

If anyone posts at feeperland please ask them if they trust machines or

Was prayer/Bible ever in public schools?

O'Neill to Discuss Book (For Gilda's Club cancer support center)

ben stein/al franken on CNN now

Could BBV scandal actually keep Bush in office?

Stein and Franken

Should O'neill and Wilson show up at the State of the Union Address?

A Frightening Caller on CSpan

I can't stomach "Crossfire" any longer.............

Democrats do not need to applaud Bush's SOTU speech...

Big Labor's organizing Muscle?????

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his own words:

Need a lift?

Where is Raed? - Iraq blog

This has been a most excellent day for Democrats across the country

Plans for the Republican Convention, August 30th-Sept 2nd

3 Words: bush, Iraq, Finished

Fun "debating" a moran - How much longer should I play with this twerp?

War breaks out on the streets of Des Moines!!!

Video of Lieberman promising to Take Back the Media to Me

Quote of the week from the DNC

CBS story of teenager getting 10 years for charges of rape

We all should watch the State of the Union Address!!!

First step in restoring America: admit a coup d'etat took place in 2000

Tell us your memories of Dr. King

Lou Dobbs reacts to IBM: "That is absolutely chilling"

What will the Bush Junta do if they are losing this fall?

Think FR isn't the GOP mainstream? Check this. Bush threw a baseball!

Let us tell our democratic congressfolks to boo Bush tomorrow--

Cheney describes himself as "evil genius"

Bush to offer $120million in job training grants in SOTU

"Majority Leader" Bill Frist [cat killer] on CNN whining

The Pubs are Desperate:: They come to seek answers and solutions

Reducing the number of abortions

American just make too damn much money.

Tallahassee local station news just reporting that dozens of FAMU

Art Bell and guest talking about massive recession coming

Has anyone ever "Heckled" the SOTU?

BBV: Watching Bev get interviewed by major news outlet...

byrd vs. pickering

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his own words:

BBV- A NYT Landmark Editorial: the Establishment has concluded * must go!

Did you know that General Custer has a big fat monument at west point?

*democratic discourse* about abortion

Any more people pick up Paul O'Neills book ??

Welsh star [John Rhys-Davies from LOTR] in race row

Who will watch the State of The Union address?

Robert E. Lee statue vandalized in Richmond

Refuting GOP Talking Point that Clinton Avoided Conflict with Iraq

Stewart Brand vs brian eno

We need a new term for neocons -- I suggest "corporatists"

Help needed -- list of Bush propaganda catchphrases

churchill's cursing parrot, age 104, found alive

When did you become a Democrat? Pre/Post Bush analysis.

Other brilliant ideas Richie Perle and Ollie North had

Go beyond resisting Iraq war, says Arundhati Roy (WSF 2004)

Iraq War Whistleblower

WP-Iraqi Protesters Demand Polls Ahead of U.N. Meeting

Shias march in Baghdad to demand polls

U.S. Soldier Dies of Wounds From Bomb Attack Friday

Three U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Bold Attack on Base in Southern Afghanistan

Iraq Attacks Complicate UN Roll Plans

Bremer to ask UN for help in Iraq.

King Jr.'s Widow Pleads for Nonviolence

France Telecom to Cut 14,500 Jobs

Questions cloud (WA State) medical-pot law | SeattleTimes

Iraq's top Shiite Cleric Shows Influence

Bush popularity rate dips to 50 percent, US electorate split

Judge scolds Bush immigration panel

Annan Asked to Send Team to Iraq on Elections

BBC (Monday): UN 'to explore Iraqi elections'

Iraq Liquor Store Murders Raise Concerns

Suit over WTO arrests settled | Seattle P-I

A joyful reunion for woman who escaped cruelty of sweatshop | Seattle P-I

Baker Continuing Bid to Ease Iraq Debt

Afghanis Say U.S. Copter Bombing Kills 11

Lobbyists clamor for a good word in Bush's address

Bush Strategists Hedge Bets, Prepare for Dean Loss

Cheney Says It's Too Soon to Tell on Iraqi Arms (O'Neill Remarks)

Ex-Astronaut to Lead Moon-Mars Commission

Iraq Shiites Demand Elections in Protest (100,000 protesters)

Pope never commented on Gibson's 'Passion' film, says papal secretary

Dominicans continue to make dangerous covert trip to Puerto Rico

Anti-Gay Episcopalians Forming New Organization

Daily U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 501 U.S. service members have died

US Senators warn free trade may up Australian drug prices

New home test boosts anti-smoking case..Detector measures passive exposure

Presidential Peril? Bush's Popularity is Narrowly Based - ABC News

Reclusive twin brothers bidding to control Conrad Black's press empire

Software giant threatens mikerowesoft

Dean To News Media: Get A Life

King Day Marked With Protests Against War

Teens flee polygamist towns

U.S. bomb said to kill 11 Afghan villagers

U.S. says it pinpoints insurgent cells in Baghdad

Black Students Walk Out on Jeb Bush Speech at Florida A&M

Three-fifths of Americans oppose Bush's mission to moon, Mars

Indian BPOs scale Wall Street (MBA's PhD's jobs next to go)

Edwards, Kucinich agree to share support in Iowa caucuses

Clark campaign hires former McCain adviser

Different Cheney Set to Campaign in 2004

Exorcism Suspected After Girl Found Dead

Paper: Police Probe Assaults on Stephen Hawking

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 19 January 2004 (#1)

Coalition uses 1918 British report on tribal system LOL

IBM memos detail overseas jobs savings

Belgium joins French move to ban Islamic scarf in schools, offices

Expat Americans launch vote drive

Iowa Boost May Be Short-Lived

Inspired by Alabama Jurist, Winston-Salem Official Places Ten Commandments

Four More Cows Located From Canadian (Mad Cow)Herd (23 of 81 now found)

US Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Claiming Venezuela Financed Al Qaeda

U.S. Actions Toward Cuba Worry Envoy

"Sell oil for gold", Mahathir says (frm. Malaysiam PM) tell Saudi's

DK supporting Edwards

Mars 'Grand Canyon' snapped by Beagle mother ship

Gadget Geeks, here ya go...

"Cold Case" Watchers - Check in here

Has anyone ever "Kneeled Before Zod"?

Wow - 100 new members in just about 48 hours

For Cthultu boys. The perfect home accessory...

What ever happened to Bob & Margaret?

Help! My email in IE 6 doesn't work!

How cold is it?


Aargh! My Bowie concert's the night of the NH Primaries

Thing that make me laugh...

I dunno about you


I need a Laugh...

family tree/geneology -- just have to share this

Schooner Fare's bassist Rowe dies

John Mellencamp to play soccer at Indiana University

I have a stupid question about DSL & Phone lines

Some words for today from one of America's finest poets.

From the Too Much Time Dept: Monty Python Scene in Legos

Who said Carolina didnt have a chance???

My new volunteer position: Helping homeless kitties find homes!!!

Dishonest Dubya doll

what's Condi thinking here........?

Clark's Argyle sweater at eBay- benefit Liberty House, veterans

shucks, did u know condi sang hyms as...

any way to get the mouse to work in safe mode?

Andy Reid - you lost your third straight NFC title game

Today's Boonedocks--not for Edwards fans!

What's the deal with cooking on a gas BBQ? I just got one and

Bush at MLK Jr.'s Grave: "Drive-By Wreathing"

is there anyway to use CDROM drives in windows 98 safe mode?

Where the hell is REP?

Birthday Plans

good people of the lounge, i need your help on a sensative issue.

I apologise for the "Democrats worse than Bush" topic...

Chopped up Barbies make beaaautiful jewelry!


Know some unlikely couples?

for fans of the game halo

Where can I get Boondocks Apparel?

I have a Pearl Jam problem.

Name your favorite Comedy Central Show?

Cat Owners: Has anyone used this product - Soft Paws

Wheeeeeeee.... Giraffe tossing is fun

State of the Union Drinking Game

Panthers beat the Eagles, Patriots next

anyone else spending lunch hour with Godzilla?

Rumor: Jim Kelly coming out of retirement to replace McNabb.

Now I've heard EVERYTHING!

I have discovered evidence of life on Mars

Spelling Bee turmoil update...

Hey, let's combine cats and football! Then we'd cover 90% of the threads

In all honesty - what would you do?

Colleague of mine disses MLK ("communist, "no respect for law and order")

I want a bumper sticker that says

Live Action Anime Round-Up

REAL evidence of LIFE ON MARS!

Pesky the Rat

Got this from my father via e-mail

Growler, Heinz, and Old George, we've been adopted

How's your English?

It looks like DARK SHADOWS is coming back (Joss Whedon surprised by news)

Rib Tickler for this IA Caucus Morning

Republicans are funny

I can't "manscape", so I decided to name my chest hairs

Who's preventing me from working today?


What do you call motion pictures?


I'm sick...And it sucks...

Funny, you don't look kleptomaniacal....(DUers...hey, where's my pen?)

Have you ever had nuclear war nightmares?

Gay rights=civil rights Keep The Dream Alive!!!


Everybody loves penguins..

Couple found walking down street nude in below freezing temps...

Play Reagan's Memory Game

Nobody Screws With The Giant Magic Orchid

I have a new job, and I have access to the internet! Ask me anything!

Super Bowl XXXVIII Traffic Rules (Houston)

Hey kids! Create your very own SOTU address

For the cat who has everything: A Wardrobe

"-Bush earned the vote of everyone in a uniform"

Uh Oh - Has Clark dis'd the NC Vote?

I'm not a Christian (skeptical ex-Catholic) but THIS enrages me:

Create your own George Bush conspiracy theory!

evil frown smiley

How's your Engrish???

What ever happened to Jiacinto?

Here's a photo of Lucinda...

Has anyone ever been to the movies alone?

Does an apartment's "NO PETS POLICY" apply to ALL pets?

Anyone following the Australian Open?

You have exactly 1 hour to harass me for the Eagles Loss....

I'm waiting for the "Funny, you don't look celtic" post. Oops-that'd be me

funny, you dont look liberal...(DU liberals check in here)


Car buffs, a question

GD2004 needs a time-out room or

Down a hole!

Funny, you don't look like a Hippie. Ashevillians check in here!

am i the only one...

So, I'm back.

funny, you don't **WHACK** - any agnostics out there?


The Fine Print

Anybody who can post at Freeperland, do you want to mess with

I just had an epiphany


why shouldn't you have two wives or two husbands if you wanted to?

Funny, you don't look like a Freeper (all Freeps check in)

NYT: Atkins Advises Dieters to Eat Smaller Steaks

That's funny, you don't look Druish...

I've been nominated for a Grammy. Ask me anything!!!

I'm about to fill out a job app. Somebody stop me, please!

The Plural of "Caucus"?

Your one-line pearls of wisdom- worldly knowledge thread


Microsoft wants

microsoft threatens legal action on 17 year old kid

I'm so PATriotic I can't stand it today.

Anyone a subscriber?

Yellow cake in tomorrow's SOTU address

How Nasty is it going to get here tonight? (Poll)


Rocks that rock

One sided friendships

While we wait for the IA results, a couple of pictures of young Dean

Any Truists out there

Welcome Back MagicRat

CONFESS!! Do You Own Anything From "Franklin Mint"? Anything at all...

I'm jones'n for my Monday in the UGRR fix!!!!

2003's top ten words, based on your online lookups - Merriam-Webster


Who has the day off today?

The Singular of "Mars Bars"?

what's the very best degreaser?

Any good talk radio to listen to on the internet?

Tawk onry rike Tom Brokaw in this thhread

I wrote this, tell me if you like it and thanks for any feedback

John Kerry RAWKS

Well, I'm going back to the gym tomorrow. After a LONNNNNNG layoff...

Religious Question: Am I a Christian.

What is your porn star name?

The old "joy buzzer" prank never gets old

OK Philly fans: you need a new coach...!

so I want to buy a real nice wireless keyboard and mouse

Bush endorses Gephardt!

Dean and his DLC supporters

Interested in Slang origins? Post your faves:

I'm an S so I hate alphabetical listings

Yikes! Dogs VS Smelly Skunk-HELP

Freakazoid news

Gosh, freepers think Shrub is hero for BRAVELY throwing baseball

Mawwiage! That bwessed event!

Shopping for swimwear?

Funny, you don't look like a wanker. All wankers report in.

The Collective Form of "You"

Just finished Pillow Talk--poor Thelma Ritter!

CD-R Burning Software

Why is Bush so popular?

Bad Santa Character

I'm baaaaaaack! With good news, too!

Funny you don't look Deutsch(German DUers check in)

radio free austin......pirate radio in austin, tx

Heading out to Des Moines precinct 68

Midler May Withdraw Grammy Nomination

What was your favorite Bewitched episode?

Guys check this out

Ever been a hero, just for one day?

Update on my kitten's illness

Are there monster truck rallies in Europe?

I hate Lake Effect!!!!

funny pic

I would rather (insert answer here) than be a GD2004 Moderator tonight

Funny, you don't look Atheist... (DU Atheists? Check in here)

Thinly disguised reference to DU

So I Heard There's Some Big Shindig Tonight, Did You Think I'd Miss It?

Possible scammers:

You GO, girl

caucus wagga caucus wagga caucus wagga caucus wagga caucus wagga

Star Trek Movie Fest ....

funny, you dont look like you're from FL...(DU Floridians check in here)

I need help on making a decision on a job offer

And on tonight's menu is?

A touching experience of Life after death

How about some random facts about YOU?

what do you do with your used freepers?

Should the Eagles be banned from future NFC title games?

A friend's husband was killed in Iraq

Funny, you don't look Jewish... (DU Jews? Check in here)

Getting Married and Need Advice Re: Name Change

I did my good deed for MLK day what have you done?

Civ 3: Conquests totally r0x!!!

Churchill's parrot alive at 104

I have a dream: Martin Luther King Day, 2004

New England Clark Supporters! Must Read!!

Honda Civics For Clark!

Clark, Kerry Camps Squabble Over Campaign Brochure

Raise your hand: Think other campaigns don't have delegate-swap plans?

While we wait for the IA results, a couple of pictures of young Dean

When do precincts close tonight?

Where is Joe Libermann at ? .... Where will his votes go....?

Will Gephardt Drop out?

Edwards' strengths and weaknesses

Things don't go so well for Dean at MLK event

SOA Protesters Confront General Clark in Wisconsin

Lieberman on MLK, quite eloquent.

Mom just called. Fired up to go Caucus for Dean

voter registration -- Massachusetts

I'm voting at my Iowa caucus site tonight for the first time - for Kerry

3 hours and counting down!

Which candidate does this quote belong to & reference to to what?

I thought Judy Dean was much prettier in action than in snapshots

When will our GE regional strength change again?

I am begging you all

Here's An Easy One: Who's Gonna Be Watching The Returns Tonight ???

Carville: Bush can't stand on a stage with Kerry.

Message from Governor Dean (And the NEW Channel Dean is Up)

Looks like the Dean exodus is almost complete

Establishment vs. Anti-Establishment.

Iowa: Primary and Caucus?

"Iowa Surprise?"

Why I support John Edwards

Are Repubs disappointed that Dean might not win nomination ?

An important message to all Dennis Kucinich supporters

After all the polls and pundits declaring Dean in decline or dead...

Dean tells media "get a life"

When Will We Hear Results on the East Coast?

John Edwards statement on Martin Luther King Day

Dumbest Wolf poll ever today: Are the Iowa caucuses

Scoping out the volunteers

Clark at the NAACP MLK rally

Edwards' Meetup numbers rising

MLK Organizer in Iowa DID Know Dean was coming..

Who will have the best coverage of the Caucuses?

Exit Polls

The Republicans should not want to tangle with any Dem candidate.

Sharpton, Clark call for removal of Confederate flag

Dean Supporters only

Kucinich supporters, please read-

Real-time caucus results tracker link:

I just heard on CNN thar Bill Clinton...

Please read Clark's testimony

Did anyone here see what Carville and Tucker Carlson said about Edwards?

I'd like to wish every candidate good luck tonight...

How DU is preparing for caucus night.

Breaking: CNN: Dean punched a reporter.

Kerry Carries Water For Top Donor

Gotta love that Mara Liasson on NPR. Not!

Howard Dean chose a Republican for Chief Justice of Vermont

What time do the Iowa Caucuses start?

What are Kerry's strenghs and weaknesses?

New NH poll, Dean 25, Clark 19, Kerry 19

Hot Link: "Desmoines Register Caucus Night" for the Lates Scoop!

Who will win Iowa?

The New York Times has a nifty caucus tracker going

Edwards strategy: should he forget about NH and concentrate on SC?

Neutral Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack on the media's MLK misadventure

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Clark and the SOA

Single-issue voters...

Does anyone see the Kucinich/Edwards deal as a slap at Dean?

Latest Poll on candidates in Florida (Tampa Bay News Channel) - Dean ahead

The Non-Official Iowa Caucus Result Thread: Positive Vibe & Analysis Only

Can republicans change their party affiliation

Dennis Kucinich hasn't been able to BUY press coverage.

When will the results start to come in?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1-The Primary Has Started! Good luck everyone!

A must for all Clark-Dean-Kerry supporters!

General Clark has been molded by his military experiences....

Stressed out by Iowa? Read these Dave Barry columns about

Dems can only fight each other we cannot put up as strong a fight to Massa

In general, I'm VERY excited about tomorrow!

Could the caucuses get Freeped, altering their outcome?

Who will Gephardt endorse when he drops out?

Why not have one of the candidates rebut the State of the Union address?

CNN just commented that John Kerry seems to have found a voice...

4-way race til the end of the primary season?

I still question Clark as a Democrat

NYPost: Soured on Howard For Being 'Like Bush'

Ready, set, go; time to pick

AP Headline on Yahoo: Carter Backs Dean on Eve of Iowa Caucus

Looks like Wes Clark will comment on the State of the Union speech.

can comeone explain the election process to me?

Flagging Dean goes in search of Carter magic

I-Day, Minus One: A Final Trip to the Podium, a Few Last Hands to Shake

What is up with Ed Koch endorsing Bush?

Final Zogby tracking: Kerry 25%, Dean 22% Edwards 21% Gep 18%

When Iowa results are in, can we trust them? I.e., BBV? polls?

FYI: an e-mail from a friend of mine

NY Post finds 5 voters who don't like Dean and interviews them!

Four way dead heat in Iowa! Who'd of thought it? How exciting!

With Hopes Up and Elbows Out, Democrats Give Iowa Their All

I just got back from campaigning in Iowa

Democratic candidates' favorite vacations, prized possessions

Any other undecideds enjoying this last minute horse race?

Good luck to everyone's candidates tonight!

This site may have 'real-time' caucus info Monday.

Democrats Hope to Speed Caucus Results

I just saw Gephardt's interview on CNN

Final Zogby: kerry 25, Dean 22, Edwards 21, Gep 18

Wes Clark's Presidential election votes - historical precedents

Clark's Argyle sweater at eBay- benefit Liberty House, veterans

Columbia Journalism Review's new site on media reporting is a must see

Katina Tsongas , daughter of the late Paul Tsongas, endorses Clark

CSPAN~ Edwards at Harkin's Presidential Forum 10:35 EST

need a site that lists...

Have I been too hard on Clark?

Surprised to learn that Al Sharpton is the youngest candidate

Kerry with Kennedy

Are there any Democrats who would be worse than Bush?

John Kerry lost his voice. John Kerry lost his voice. John Kerry lost his

CNN: John Kerry lost his voice

Des Moines Register Op Ed (1/19): Organization will be key to victory

Edward's and Kerry's voting record

OK Canadian DUers (and any other non-US folks) - Iowa. Who do you choose?

John Kerry Kicks Off Caucus Day on TV.

Forget the polls - Its cold in Iowa - What is the effect?

If Kerry loses his voice in January, How could he beat Bush in Nov??

So tonights the night

Bush is dumb and he has never lost his voice.

Where is Al Gore? Always though his endorsement of Dean was bad for

Kerry belittles Edwards, then takes it back

Yepsen: In the ninth inning, Kerry looks to be a strong closer

How Can I View the Results? CNN? Network Updates?

Will having skipped Iowa hurt the Clark campaign in NH?

Approximately what time will we get results from Iowa?

We will win in November!

Did Edwards serve in Nam?

Put your money where your mouth is! :)

The McGovern Endorsement of Clark

THE COMEBACK: Kerry camp was sure of upswing ahead

I'm changing from Dean to Edwards and Kerry

'Nother question: How will Iowa results be reported?

Edwards' rise in polls

Q: With Lieberman & Clark supporters backing others in IA

My tinfoil hat theory on Dean's declining numbers and his endorsements

I think it is going to be Clark or Kerry for the nomination.

Kerry - Edwards - Dean - Gephardt

My predictions for the ticket come November, either Kerry...

Statistical dead heat? Yea, only when Senator Kerry is leading the polls

Congratulations to the authors of the candidate endorsements

May the best man win....

IF Kucinich decides to supports Edwards + Braun w/ Dean , I'm 2 for 2

TIME: Dean disingenuous about Carter invitation, Dean invited himself

I believe Clark and Kucinich supporters will make the difference tonight

An IA win?

A Call for Unity and Peace

Field Report from the CCN: Door to Door with Mo Rocca and the Today Show

Predictions based on LCD

I think the press/TV journalists are scared....there's a new way -not them

Anything Can Happen. Everyone is Optimistic.

Kucinich will fix our priorities

I believe that Kerry is the only candidate who can beat Bush.

Press release from Factiva

Anxious Broadcasters to Test New System in Iowa

The Albuquerque Tribune Endorses Wes Clark

I am so damn excited for tonight

Breaking News! Kucinch Campaign to make deal with Edwards

ARG tracking poll results: No Change, but...

After Iowa and New hampshire, I predict....

Deleted message

"Clark campaign hires former McCain adviser "

NH: picture of a race tightening up

Has the pubs been to the cauces this much in the past? Or is because they

RNC chair is either scared of Edwards in Iowa, or sweet on him. :)

Forget the polls, predict the COH

A personal story for Dean supporters

Washington will star in second surge of Demo White House voting

Mayer says it's Dean...

Spinning the Iowa results.

Anyone see Dean's interview on 'Faux & Friends' this morning?

Personnal observations from Iowa (Kucinich supporter)

Dean Joined by His Wife to Cap Iowa Campaign

for you poltical junkies -- listen to randi rhodes 3-6pm --- I'm sure you

Ron Brownstein(LAT): Edwards, Kerry copy Dean. Dem A game on display in IA

Only Kerry and Dean will be able to match/surpass Bush in fundraising

Worst case scenerio: Edward folk need not reply :)

John Kerry apologizes to John Edwards

Dean's Statement on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

Carter's Good Word for Dean

Rasmussen Reports....HD-24, WC-14,JK-11,JE-10

I Love This Photo.

Candidates shouldn't "endorse" the primary winner

Why is this day going so S-L-O-W???

Deleted message

Jerseyans like Dean but like Bush more

I want a caucus in my state!

Clark and his New Hampshire Only Strategy.

"He's a leader. With low-key style and image as political outsider, Clark"

son in IA reports on the candidate blitz - plans to vote Dean

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. stirs up support for Dean in Iowa

Regain power with Dean - By Rob Reiner and Martin Sheen

Huge demand for Clark Bars causes shortage

The Dean movement is a "media by-pass" can't stand it

Ohmygod! Thank you DU. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now the theme from the media is "Can Dean Recover?"

when did all the autograph signing begin?

Deleted message

Today's Boondocks

Kucinich Deal with Edwards. Is Kucinich mimicking Dean w Deals?

Probably an important clarification on the Kucinich/Edwards 'deal'

Don't miss the great endorsements on our homepage!

Dean To News Media: Get A Life

'Big bo' rumor raises eyebrows

Carville: "Don' bury Dean yet"

Ako Abdul-Samad Gets Out The Vote For Kerry

My Op-Ed - The problem with Iowa is not a problem in New Hampshire

Kerry doesn't back down, by Edward M. Kennedy

"I want to get a plan passed that will cover everybody": Dean on CSPAN

Will the winner of the IA caucus change your support?

Clark's MLK Day Speech

CSPAN will air two caucus meetings tonite.

Staunch WTO-NAFTA-Globalization Opponents Only - Who Do You Support ?

Dean, Clark Lead in New Mexico

How do DK supporters feel about "the Edwards announcement"

Cleland fervent for Kerry

You know Dems,,, If you buy into the hype about Deans anger, Rove wins!

What is at stake in Iowa?

Dr. Dean's Foreign Policy Team: A Clark Backer's Perspective

Boxer, Dean's spirit take center stage

State Democrats favor Dean (Michigan)

You know...I don't know a single person who likes George Bush