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Archives: January 21, 2004

Report: Bush Plans New $50B Iraq Spending Request After the Election

CWA: Empty Promises. Workers Face 'Jobless Recovery'

Editorial: Saddam, Osama/Bush chose wrong enemy (* Ignored R Clarke)

ToGWB: The Final Year

BBC – Profile: George W. Bush

YEEEEEEEEEE_ HAWWWWWWW!!! The Onion nails a Freeper.

Goodbye Bill Janklow. Republican leaves Congress.

Top Ten Reasons George W. Bush Wants To Put A Man On Mars

Robert Scheer (The Nation): Give Iraqis the Election They Want

Federal Budget analysis simplified

Jon Stewart On NBC - Video

The energy minister said the liquefied natural gas unit was destroyed.

what does "nt" or "n/t" signify?

I just spent a bunch of time looking for a thread I started

How about a separate forum in GDprimary just for Dean haters?

Hate mail

The ball is kicked and fans are too: Racism a problem in Israeli soccer

An extreme inspiration


Kucinich: Dems Risk Forfeiting Election Over Iraq Occupation

Kucinich: Transcript of Post-Caucus Speech

OK let's play what if.

Kucinich Calls for Free, Direct Elections in Iraq

Kucinich: This Will Go to Convention

Elaine Chao is such an ass...

Master Pubs and some Dems , often live in a Lie,

CBS News lets the truth slip out (re: Arnold)

Clark and software jobs to India

Tinfoil hatters! Will the 2004 election be Bonesman vs. Bonesman?

One word sums up Neo-con logic ---- Hypocrisy

Anybody Else Having Trouble With CNN Reception ???

Long nomination process

PBS - Did I just hear Karen Hughes say Bush inherited the deficit!?!

warning: RNC tool links Dean's "gusto" to panic attacks

Let's remember, it's W's LAST SOTU speech

Do You Think Bush Will Mention Any Enron

This ices it, I'm hoping for a Panthers victory...

Why the Hell was I going to watch the SOTU on CBC?

How many mothers of dead GI's will be sitting next to Laura Bush?

Who should I watch after SOTU

Scorecards, Getcher SOTU Scorecards Right Here!

I won't be watching the SOTU spin tonight. Anyone else?

I wonder if they bothered to check >this< SOTU beforehand?

Official State of the Union Thread #1

SOTU in one minute here:

Official SOTU thread 3

Official SOTU thread 2

A moment of silence please, pray for TelePrompter failure.

Amazing Clinton, * Contrast

Republican Freeper myths: #1-Rich people are better and work harder

I'm SO proud of the Dems! Down with the patriot act!

Tom Brokaw just made my night

Official SOTU Thread 3

Who is the dude behind Hillary reading a book?

Has anyone thrown up yet?

How many liars have looked you in the eyes

Anybody expect Shrub to end speech with "YEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"?

How many times will the Pundits use the word "Bold" in the next 48 hours?

Let's remember all of the military families that are protesting right

No applauding from the Democratic side of the chamber.

Official SOTU Thread 4

response to media attacks on Dem response to SOTU

Economy is strong???? I just threw up again!!

Sounds like a GD campaign speech@!

Official SOTU thread 5

I have to say, the willfully ignorant American populace

Why doesn't he say anything about

did bush just say that taking the easy way to succes is wrong?

Where is the "Job Czar" sitting during the SOTU --- they never showed him

Official SOTU thread 6

listen to the DK response to the SOTU

Attention: If you wish to use Microsoft products, don't pay.

Felon - Faith Based Org Triangle

Congratulations Dubya on the SOTU

State of the Union Address on MSRNC

Bush AOL poll numbers... ;:o)

Democratic rebuttal on cspan at 10:10

The Dems are gonna kick his ass!!!!

Faux News on the feed delay again

How many Official SOTU threads will we reach?

No space program?

Did I just hear the Democratic side booing???

Bush's arrogance comes out again!!

CSPAN is using a different video feed than ALL the other channels

One Child That Should Have Been Left Behind

Who was that black soldier at the SOTU?

Military folks

Prepared Text: State of the Union Address [Washington Post]

Democratic Response...first part...we really aren't weak, we really aren't

It's actually a great speech. Too bad it is 99.9% lies.

I missed the speech - how were the Democrats reacting during it?

Talk with Dennis Hastert as soon as the creature finishes drooling

the rebuttal is not ANGRY and it's not paying attention

Mike Malloy "covering" SOTU

That little smirk at the end....

Did you heart that 1st caller on cspan...

Reminder: Watch ABC (Clark interview, & others, coming up)

This was the lamest SOTU speech I've seen.

Could someone post that 800 number for congress?

Peter Jennings talking to Kerry about SOTU

SOTU Pictures, anyone?

Steroids of Mass Distraction

BBV:...The Lottary should run elections!! They can determine a winner

Anybody see Cheney dump his water on Bush?

There are a LOT of negative calls coming in on C-SPAN

did your paper run this Boondocks cartoon today?

Wesley Clark on NBC....he's so, so....pretty

Lord God, help us. Look at how many of these idiots believe the lies

John Stewart coming up with Tom Brokaw to give his opinion on the

Holy crap, did you just hear the caller on cspan

Elect a President or Crown a King.

Pelosi and Daschle are conceding to Bush

Condi Rice

What's the Bush Poll Bounce from the SOTU?

Did Bush spill Cheney's water all over the place?

ABC has vets on there, they all love Bush...

Yay! I got a call on the Associated Press survey that I took

jon stewart ...

Wesley Clark on Nightline to discuss SOTU

John Kerry responding on ABC

The Social Security Private Account Myth

Dubya has got his Smirk working in overdrive these days

memo to bush

Did any of you see the Dem. SOTU "rebuttal" with Pelosi and Daschle?

The Poor need Med savings accounts in which to put the imaginary money

What would the SOTU address sound like if Bush told the truth?

Official SOTU Thread 7

100th Post, Civil and Polite

Official State of the Gas Prices thread

So which network has interviewed DEAN about the SOTU?

Did it come near to cracking up more than a few times?

Now the Constitution is about LIMITING people's rights?

nice photo from MSNBC of shrub's effort....

paula zahn just said there were 69 applause breaks

CNN: Gallup Poll, Bush recieves little boosts from SOTU

Why not have Gore, Clinton, or T. Kennedy give the Dem response?

To be honest, the SOTU was the most radical, right-wing speech

Some Fun BBC Graphs

For the last time: Marriage is NOT an institution.

Buchanan railing Bush on MSNBC

Dashell & Pelosi?

Rep. George Nethercutt's on Fred Ebert now.

Dennis Miller confession: I have hair plugs

Bill Schneider CNN Post SOTU poll results:Unimpressive.

Anyone catch that mispronunciation on Bosnia?

Excuse me, but

Post your "favorite" part of the SOTU

My list of revealing moments in the SOTU

Bill of Rights doesn't apply to DC?

Decent Rebuttal, HORRIBLE Delivery

The Dud Speach

Noonan likens Dean to domestic violence husband - Fineman to wounded anima

how about the moment bush started naming all our "allies"

I cried tonight.

Ordering Pizza in 2008

Charlie Rangel is my hero

Why don't people vote? I want to know what everyone here thinks are the

The Army is passing out video games to high school boys!

NPR is almost mocking the steroids bit.

Brian Boru's descendant gets it...noone else

Is Bush* a holy roller or a politician?

Will there be presidential debates in October?

Who's listening to Mike Malloy?

What about the State of the Moon Address?

I'll give this to Bush

How about Ted Kennedy tonight!!

Please, tell me why I should oppose tax cuts?

Calling all Canadians, question regarding your Public Schools...

just back from SOTU Protest in DC....was there any TV coverage?

great daily show tonight

Democrats might as well have not responded

Wellstone would have given a better response

Does anyone else feel like something big is about to happen?

do you believe in the Illuminati?

"If judges insist upon forcing their arbitrary will upon the people....."

Outraged gays and lesbians check in!

NEW Video - "Terror is Absolutely Everywhere!" - fear the bearded menace!

Peruvian claims CIA-Montesinos link in arms sales to rebels (Colombia)


Discord in the House of Saud

State of the Union - great reading

Hack Attack: The GOP Journalist Gunning for Bush in NH

Bush's strategy: Confuse the middle and feed the base

Bush Likes Brady

Bush Sets Re-Election Themes in Speech (SOTU)

NYT: Mistakes Cited in Managing Reserve Forces

Two post-Iraq suicides not listed by Army (at Walter Reed)

Indian Parliament Bans Coke and Pepsi from Cafeteria

Bush State of the Union Address.

Defiant Bush says US needs no permission for war, defends Iraq invasion

A Creationist's version of Genesis

Turtle Jerry

one of my favorite web sites

SOTU Drinking Game

Iowa movie tonight -- Silence of the Phones

Reposted for posterity - "State of the...state of the..."

Out of the 700 club with this post.

Dean's speech last night. (disclaimer: this is not a GD:2004 thread)

A toast for Gep. A class act retirement announcement

The latest Advocate is a cover story on Wesley Clark

What's your favourite screwdriver?

question about address

Lemur alert

Which pic looks best?

Things you'd rather do than watch tonight's SOTU?

Hastert and Laura didn't get the memo

The moof chatroom is open for lemur discussions

God Damn Bunnypants bumped 24 tonight...

Bush wants to extend the patriot act!

One more dumb question: accessing shared hard drive on networked computer

The DU Chatroom is now open for SOTU

Kheph - if you see this please go online

I'm starting to feel really ill watching SOTU

Retreat...and enjoy

Damnit I'm in the AIM/AOL chat room - why aren't you

Democratic response

PLEASE!! Let's have a weekly SOTU speech!

So, I have a roomie...(on the SOTU)

I would like to thank all those who watched and reported the SOTU

wow, a freeper with at least one functioning brain cell

Just heard a clip from Bush's speech. He referred to....

so how accurate is the summary here?

14-Word Diet Stretched To 200 Pages

Where's the SOTU Drinking Game Thread???

George Bush is a tool.

Some help...I need a photo enlarged.

Steroids: This year's red herring

in other news... Wild Bill Janklow steps town tonight in about 2 hours...

Are you in the Daily Show Dean Scream Pool?

Yee-haw! My vote cancels out Y'alls!

Enough about Dubya. I'm watching The Fresh Prince.

I feel like being rude

John Stewart, 23 million for drug testing ?

Here's why I'm upset about Gephardt dropping out:

Oh greatauntoftriplets...

On which networek are you watching Our Great President?

If you're with the President's quarterback, you're with the terrorists

ok, i just colored the grey hair on my temples

If You Could Interrupt The Chimp's SOTU, What Would You Ask Him?

Is he wanting mandatory drug tests in schools???

How a citizen feels...

Positive or negative?


who's more annoying?

So, ok, who's drunk?

TVC Weekly News: Legislators Introduce 'Holly's Law' To Suspend RU-486

Why won't that 'mixed animal' thread die?

Apple Superbowl Ad Updated

LOL! Reason #281 for the cancellation of Star Trek...

Wesley Clark's album choice was Journey's Greatest Hits?

The (un)official SOTU Venting thread

Can't wait for Molly Ivin's critique of the SOTU Address. LOL!

Pickles going for that Naugahyde look tonight at the SOTU

The official check-in for folks who did NOT watch the SOTU!

Anyone know how this case turned out?

is passing the 7000 post threshold worthy of a vanity thread?

Update on my kitten: bad news

HOO-wah! Feel the burn! 1,800 Calories today!

Gawd Wordperfect annoys me

on a lighter note... bush caught off guard

Why are so many professional athletes right-wing tools?

Does this mean new england will lose the super bowl?

I'm avoiding Dumbo and all politics by watching the Black Adder Series

1000 posts

Hey Atkins dieters!

Does anyone else have "evil" eyebrows?

need help from internet wizards

Lemur alert joke

A good bio ad can make a difference

Observations on oratory

Need Link To Dean Speech! Help!!!!!!

Who Should the Dem's focus on from here?

Dean's speech . . . an Ed Muskie Moment? . . .

Is there a New Hampshire debate this week?

Clark Ad to Challenge Bush After State of the Union

Kucinich Delivers State of the Nation

I just saw Dean in Concord and I'm re-hooked

How will you react if your candidate doesn't get the nod?

How will John Stewart portray Howard Dean's speech on the Daily Show?

IT industry watches Iowa

Question: Would you feel more postive about Dean if he showed a little

What happens to Dean if he places second in NH?

ESPN just showed a clip of Dean's speech...

does the Bush in 30 seconds ad run tonight?

Global Stewards voting scorecard

Kucinich is here to stay. He got delegates last night.

Kucinich Endorsed by Navajo Nation Coalition

Where can I get a transcript to the Dean speech?

To the Clark people

Question Re: Edwards & Money

Restore your faith in Dean. On CSPAN. Now.

Question about Kerry and Gephardt?

What is Clark's drug policy?

Dean's Roger Daltrey moment -- is it preventing coverage of Kerry/Edwards?

If Bush made the same speech as Dean - the pubs would hail it as greatest

Kucinich dropping out (If You listen to the lazy DC local news)

Interesting article about the upcoming primary battles

CBS News has a good breakdown of Iowa votes

I don't know what all of you were talking about

Any of you guys watching the "lies and drivel" on CNN before SOTU

as a Dean supporter, I'm going to

Blast fax: Dean and the anthem.

Watch the broadcast media quickly accelerate

This former Democrat is leaving Clark for the World Socialist Movement

As a Clark supporter, I am switching back to Dean

my repub boss loves Edwards and Kerry!

This Clark supporter Is proud to say...

As a Dean supporter I'm glad I switched from Clark to Dean

Karl Rove's real nightmare

As a Clark supporter I'm glad I switched from Dean to Clark last year

Will the NBD supporters come out and admit that they are Greens?

My child-molesting neighbor is for Clark

Ban Steroids and Stop having sex!

I figured out their plan for Dean...They're going to portray him

What a wild night

If Bush pulls out of Iraq after convention/before Nov, who do you hope Dem

Will Edwards and Kerry be at the State of the Union?

My billionaire friend cannot stand Clark and loves Dean

CNN Painting the SotU as the Beginning of Bush v. Dean.

David Corn (The Nation): Iowa: Ten Talking Points

Did any of you see the Dem. SOTU "rebuttal" with Pelosi and Daschle?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): In search of a candidate

Jon Stewart will be on NBC on Browkaws special

Brand new Zogby Poll on NBC - Dean 25 Kerry 23 Clark 16 Edwards 7

Why NH can't be decisive

The Daily Show Nails It - You're Only Allowed to Get Rowdi for Kerry

Albuquerque Tribune Endorses Wesley Clark

Dean is NUTS!

Some smart Democrat could champion True tax reform.

Wesley Clark on NBC....he's so, so....pretty

As a Dean supporter, let me say

Wes Clark supposedly made a comment about sending

To people who think "Dean is NUTS!"

What type of bounce will Bush get from the SOTU?

Dean is the next Mahatma Gandhi

The SOTU shows we need a candidate who will call shrub on his lies

Let's take a break from the infighting to go ridicule Dubya!

Al Sharpton is the next Jesus

SOTU Comments by: Kerry , Dean and Clark (short but sweet)

Clark said we have "a new axis of evil"

The Daily Show has a Clear Pro-Dean bias

Who's Next? To drop out.

Dean is the real Cowboy. Bush blah doesn't come close.

Please reward Yahoo by rating this article highly

Dean too exciting for you ?

State of the Union quotes from Clark, Dean

It's discouraging to see Democrats buying the spin

I just saw a political ad for Lyndon LaRouche!!!

Anyone see Warner on Larry King just now? "Democrat Party"

Edwards supporters

Dean is doing just fine

Is Kerry the Mondale of 2004?

Tonight Show and Letterman monologues - partly about Dean

Clark the next Thomas Jefferson!

Jon Stewart: "Dean Will Be Driving to All Those States in Truckasaurus..."

As a Dean supporter, I'm switching to Clark

I really liked the Pelosi and Daschle replies to Bush

Clark Supposed To Be On Nightline Tonight

Why doesn't Gephardt run for US Senate this year?

What happens to all of Dean's money if he drops out early?

Kucinich is here to stay. He got delegates last night.

They went so far just get some of that Tom Brady magic to rub off on them

Congressman Luis Gutierrez swtiching endorsement from Dean to Kerry

Does anyone here actually dislike John Edwards

The Pundits Speak

Carville to Dean: Win NH or go home

Jennings grills Kerry

The Advocate Interview with Gen. Wesley Clark

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn's focusing on bashing Kerry, no Dean.

I'm sorry, but this is another 'Dean Speech' thread

A call to my fellow Clark supporters – let us emulate our candidate!

Two levels of trouble for Dean.

Kucinich Town Hall Meeting on live webcast now

Any returning Iowa "stormers" out there - wanna talk?

After the State of the Union Address, is anyone more committed than before

Tinfoil hatters! Will the 2004 election be Bonesman vs. Bonesman?

What states would Kerry pick up that Gore lost

Harvey Wasserman (Mother Jones): Free and Green

Member of Broward County Judicial Nomination Commision asks curious ques..

NY Times: State of the Union at Home

NY Times: State of the Union Abroad

Wednesday'sSteve Bell Cartoon

Kerry, Edwards lead in first contest of Democratic presidential campaign

Bush cites terror war’s progress; is mum on casualties, failure to find...

NY Times: U.N. Help for Crime in Guatemala

Old hawk rethinks roles in Vietnam and WWII-Robert McNamara

State of the Union/It's not good, thanks to Bush--MinneapolisStar Tribune

State of the Union: Long on Long, Short on Lofty (WP)

nitpicklering; very revealing

Two post-Iraq suicides not listed by Army (Mental Illness among Vets)

Jonathan Freedland: Bush won't lose sleep over John Kerry

Not His Dad's State Of The Union

Slate Cartoons: Mars Mission

WP: How to slap a happy face on misery

The Daily Misleader on Bush SOTU

Thanks, Gep

For once, press acts as it should

David Corn (The Nation): Bush's Defiant State of the Union

Labor Secretary Has Her Hours Cut

real State of the Union Independant/UK


SOTU: A Reactive Tone Shows His Ears Have Been Burning (WP)

Howard Zinn on Withdrawal from Iraq

Tom Shales on SOTU: Long on Long, Short on Lofty (Scathing!)

David Frum & Richard Perle call out the Democrats

CATO Institute Review of SOTU...not pretty

Good article about the BFEE by Kevin Phillips

"Dean's loss was not a loss for the left or the progressive movement;"

Contact the LCR and let 'em know how you feel!

Jon Stewart - GepHart gave up ... Video

Dean Hits Big Media...

Email address for Al Franken?

SOTU: Republicans Cheer For terrorist threat

I am not even past the forward to

GW Bush is a Bigot

Atlanta DUers! Come check out my band tomorrow night!

Maybe a little over the top - or my paranoia is in full swing

Does anybody here do cross-stitch?

Be still your bleating heart: Haggis factory's coming

CARTOONS! The "Chimp Gone Wild!" Edition

AMC Fans: Who do you think killed Michael Cambias?

GOP students at University of Colorado launch Web site for complaints abou

NY Times: In Gay-Marriage Ruling, Boom for Provincetown

Gay Cubans fight own Aids battle

Episcopal Dissidents Agree To Campaign Of Anarchy Over Gay Bishop

Erica Jong-How women are losing the hard-won right to choose


Don't Mess With Marriage Bush Warns Judges

From Top Student To Prisoner: teen gets 10 yrs for sex w/ another teen

Log Cabin Republicans: A culture war is a recipe for defeat

This is a dark day for gay rights.

Will renewal of the 10% bracket for 05(not needed until 05) allow Tax gift

Public input on Closing of Brecksville Ohio VA hospital

IMF says global economy set to beat forecasts

Wal-mart Factoids

Can anyone help me with investing in foreign currency?

Salon: "The No Jobs President"

Philippine Agriculture Chief Seriously Worried By Water Shortages

Congress Cuts More Than Half Of DOE Hydrogen Research Funding

Sukarnoputri Calls For "Action Not Words" To Stop Indonesian Deforestation

bu$h didn't even mention the environment in the SOTU

Shell To Build World's Largest Solar Power Plant

I can barely bring myself to browse this forum

Bush "leadership" vs,a return to 'dangerous illusion' that threat is ended

Suffer the French Schoolchildren

Powell: French Annoy Him But He Annoys Them Too

What’s Bush Hiding From 9/11 Commission?

Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security

? for the legal eagles

And yet another racist NRA board member.

Jury Nullification

4 policemen go free after witness lies

Soldiers trade guns for drugs

Jury nullification.

Wilmette Village Board Gets Barrage Of Criticism For Handgun Ban

Just posted in the wrong forum.

I can't find the LaRouche Avatar !

Tree House / Clubhouse Mentality

I think I'm switching from Skinner to EarlG

Stalking question.

Did we get all three of our "gifts"?

may we have a black triangle avatar, please?

Can anyone tell me

Question to be answered at leisure

About my suggestion on the "keep the rules or not poll"

Why is this thread not locked?

Just had to give a toast to the admins and mods

I believe the "republican lite" label being attached to moderate dems

GD:2004 Primary rule clarification.

Do the membership rolls include

Two soldiers injured at Tapuah Maarav

Knesset rejects three bills to alter route of separation fence

Palestinian boy injured in Israeli army operation in Gaza Strip

Boy hurt during Rafah operation; Qassam hits Gaza settlement

Israel, exporter of violence

Israeli Soldiers Kill Woman, Hurt Boy

The Death of Tom Hurndall

Israel orders land seizures in Gaza

Israeli Charged With Bribing Sharon

Israel pursues relentless debate on ethnic cleansing of Arabs

Inner cabinet to discuss fence changes

N.Z. Herald covers up reasons for sacking anti-Zionist cartoonist

Question: when does 9/11 incompetence become 9/11 LIHOP?

Edwards Gets 2nd Look in N.H.

Toomey will not seek support of state GOP in primary fight

Durbin lends help to Renner's run for U.S. House seat

Collins, Isakson praise Bush, spar with each other on issues

Has Dean learned his lesson?

Deans much heralded "organization"

Jindal moves to Jefferson Parish as he eyes run for Congress

Nightline-Penetta "flaming on shrub" for SOTU--$3Trillion cost to tax cuts

Nightline fatman

Didn't Pubs say this about the Patriot Act:

Note to Georgie Boy: How to save marriage

Clark on SOTU: "bus fare, lunch, and coffee"

I'm gonna get flamed for this, but...

* has now set another new record

Implications of a 4-Star Command in Iraq

Key Points in Bush SOTU Address

Some Bush Humor...(3 Jokes)

An interesting Write up on Jimmy Carter.

Can somebody tell me why there are gay Republicans?

Can a male buddhist asian-american be elected for POTUS?

Mike Webb is on fire tonight! (PLEASE LISTEN)

I'm watching the rerun of "Real Time", and Rev. Al is tearing

Who was the ugliest cabinet member at the SOTU?

My "analysis" of the SOTU

Did you see Ashcroft when Bush called for Patriot Act permanence?

Relatives wait in vain for word on Iraqis jailed by U.S.

Has anybody seen this movie?

Imus just said he could vote for Kerry in a heartbeat. n/t

Why was Bush taking the HARDLINE in the SOTU?

Now why didn't I think of that ????

Has anyone tried a calculation /??

A few weeks ago a friend of mine didn't pay attention to what

Can America survive another four year of Bush?

FYI: Washington Post - Bush approval/disapprove chart

Republicans disgust me.

Vote in CNN poll

so according to bush we killed 40,000 innocent iraqi's NOT for WMD's .....

I have something good to say about the bush's SOTU last night.

Maui news poll

cheney looks like death-warmed-over (pic)......

Best Quote yesterday

How was the Democratic response?

What galls me more about Bush's wanting to preserve the...

Anyone else think the SOTU will give * a 3 point or less jump?

Shuckin' and Jivin' at the SOTU Ball

Funny screen shot of CNN SOTU coverage.

Andrew Card this AM (WHOA!)

Do you think Cheney really believes his lies, or is he insane?

Another terrible review of the SOTU - From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Ok...please listen up!

Right Wing Media & Their Successful Manfactured Outrage Memefests

Will Daschle ever grow a spine?

Text of the SOTU

Kevin Phillips on BFEE and bin Ladens and 2004 election

Bush Family as a Tapeworm; Piratization; and Catherine Austin Fitts

Cartoon sums it up!

Ohio story regarding BBV

SOTU: "Congress was right to return people's money"

SOTU best lines: "schools...are an invisilbe pillar of our society."

What is your personal take on the economy? It looks bleak to me...

Well Lookee Here...

Soldiers at the SOTU

The 10 Commandments of a Politician

"Republicans Abroad": Brownshirt alert!

Will Bush*s SOTU Speech Backfire On Him?

Anyone know where I can find casualty/injury lists.

Associated Press uncovering the big stories again!

The SOTU in 5 minutes - with a little more truth

a yahoo CSpan just said, "1 man, 1 women has been the law for 6,000 years"

Press Herald SOTU Poll (Maine)

I've changed my mind about Bush

Al Franken's audio response to the SOTU

A surefire way to protect the "sanctity" of marriage without an Amendment.

sanctity of marriage??!!

Will UK pay for Bush war crimes?

Accomplishments omitted by the President in the SOTU...

Local group proposes tent city for homeless

My favorite SOTU moment...

A question: 11% fewer children are now using drugs than 2 years ago..

Every man, woman , and child will pay $20,000 more in taxes over next..

Very interesting program on the History Channel right now...

What to do with kids like these?

Is anyone familiar with

WMDs MIA from 2004 SOTU

Bush To America: 'I Hate The Gays'

Good poll information...

Help! Iraq and terrorism

I am back!

ok we all agree that the SOTU was BS now i wanna know who was the women

Anybody watching MSNBC?

News, Fair and Balanced?

Bush (SOTU): "The forced jollity of a game show host"

UK cluster bombs may be war crime

Bush... Puppet or evil?

Bush in Toledo Ohio on campaign trail....

2 questions....Why was only one Supreme there last night?

"private medicine that makes America's health care the best in the world"

The no child left behind act?

Let's hit these polls!

Let’s preempt a possible Rove strategy right now….

Make this bush's "LAST SOTU Speech". SAY IT OUT LOUD.... to every freeper

The SOTU Speech WTF Is Up With This?

My take on the SOTU: In simple words for Republican Lurkers

Bush and his wars: a bad Elephant joke revisited.

CHINA is now the largest consumer of oil, and COINCIDENTALLY this is where

After the SOTU - Chris Matthews

The SOTU wasn't even a speech

Tennessee and the SOTU

WP slams the shrub.....hits him hard....shows everyone what a

Bush's inadvertent SOTU truth

I'm beginning to like the British system better.

6% more americans are in poverty ad denied Super Bowl spot and yet ....

fresh air- npr- has right march founder on now's Eli Pariser and Wes Boyd on NPR's Fresh Air today

"America must be a light to the world, not just a missile." Nancy Pelosi

How many refused to watch the Fuhrer's speech?

BBV: Open-Source E-Voting Heads West

Insightful and provocative interview with George Soros on TPM

Spc. Larry Earl Polley Jr.

Democrats take aim at Rep. Harris

Most Ridiculous Line in SOTU

Okay I've heard about how Bush* did but how did Daschel/Peloise do?

Actual screen capture from SOTU on CNN last night (from Atrios)

Iraq Is "Liberated" What Is Next For Iraq?

Bush*s "fiscal child abuse"

Sen. Byrd on the floor C-SPAN now

Anyone see Dennis Miller's crazed appearance on CNBC last night?

NYT Lead Editorial on SOTU: "rings hollow"

State Of The Union: Long On Long, Short On Lofty (Shales)

Mad Cows and Republican Deregulation policy

Media Whore Upbraiding Alert!

Need help re: Gore vs. Bush media coverage

Government vs. private bureaucracy

Moon alert! - gets $60 m to sell cars to N. Korea

The Real State of the Union

Did the end of the SOTU scare you too?

Protestors in Ohio, shrub goes to local college with PNAC banner

My letter was printed.Thank y'all who helped with info.

Why Aren't We Getting Updates on how the Afghan pipeline is coming.

How will PNAC solve the Shiite election question?

If I were George Bush

Oreo Cookie flash animation by Ben Cohen of True Majority

Framing the Gay Marriage Issue: A Gift for the Dems From Old Beet

Franken responds to SOTU

Can someone explain Bush's list of Coalition Nations? Seemded like a lot

Vote in MSNBC Poll

State of the Union Viewers' Guide - Excellent

Newt Gingrich Hypocrite of the Highest Caliber

What can be done to finally hold the Bushes accountable for their actions?

Now's Your Chance--Tell It Like It Is

Hit this CNN Poll....

Are Daschle and Pelosi the best we can do as a party?

Nader telling what should be covered on the news - "Gated" Debates

Candidate proposes new movie rating: "T" for treason

Florida DUers: do you know anyone who voted for both Gore and Jeb?

New Independent Presidential Candidate - Mark Twain

Hypocrisy of 2000 Nader-bashers/2004 Dean-only supporters?

GOP Chair Claims Clark Supported War; Transcripts Show Otherwise

Democrats are trying to save overtime for 8 million employees...

War 'making world safer' (Guardian report on SOTU)

Is this trouble for Bush? - "Fiscal Conservatives Grumbling"

Why Dean is the only one that can help me get my coutry back...

Helms did something right?

Hate to admit it, but the chimp was right about one thing

Massachusetts couple sell home of 25 years: "No Jobs"

McCain on the Senate Floor C-SPAN now

There have been 23 US military deaths in Iraq so far this month.

I just had to inform my Repub. boss on who owns the Wash. Times

What ever happened to "we know Saddam has wmd?"

Anyone familiar with the struggle of Percy Schmeiser with

Terrorism: A double edged Sword for Bushco

Donna Brazile: Front runner par excellence

Want to read my message to the Bush pyramid scheme?

WOW !!! photos of SOTU protestors....CBS news photos.....

McCain is ripping Bush now on CSPAN

Ted Kennedy on CSPAN2 LIVE now -- the worker overtime take-away

Question for those who will not support Dem nominee if he's not 1st choice

What percentage of the Republican Party is hard-core?

Last Years SOTU and the Steroid Reference

Bush wants to run on the gay marriage issue.

Colorado University Republicans

Help NORML Stop Super Bowl Marijuana Propaganda

A Plaidderian Response to the State of the Union Address

Colin Powell on Sean Hannity

Now THIS is an SOTU rebuttal

Pleasantly surprised by a Wall St. Journal Poll of SOTU

DU this poll

Did anyone get a screen capture of Ted Kennedy last night?


Anniversary Roe v. Wade, petition

Okay, I hate polls too.... but I'm curious...

Won't they laugh when Bush asks for more from his home in TX?

Interesting take on predicting the president

SOTU REAL Rebuttal

"BonePhone" resonants calls directly into your head via your skull or....

Could this possibly be who Bush is the re-incarnation of...

"Radio Day"

how can ANYONE believe that we are safer with Saddam gone?

Judge Charles Pickering: I need some good unbiased sources....

Bush Hitler ad gets competition

Question, what if Bush had....

Anybody else notice how * gave credit for the

Michael Moore: Dean Supporters, Don't Give Up

Rove and Cheney did Hannity this after SOTU

In just three years Bush has increased federal spending by 24%!

I'm fairly new to politics. Have the republicans always led the Democrats

A silver lining or dark cloud; the gay marriage debate.

Dick Durbin on the Floor C-SPAN now

Last Year it Was SEX SLAVERY, This Year it's STEROIDS

Lou Dobbs --- On a roll!!

If a Republican gene were discovered would you vote to require abortion .

Superbowl Quarterback Tom Brady at SOTU last night

A question of fear: Why so damned much in America?***

WOW! ABC News Terry Moranz blasts Bush on First Amendment Zones!

Bush sanctioned gay bashing begins:Gays Just Perverts Cardinal Declares

Where are the SOTU overnight polls?

GWB America: GOP "Students" Keep Blacklist Of Liberal Profs

BBC: Making much of marriage

Bush's position on gay marriage: An international perspective.

I think displaying dissent in the SOTU is great!

Calls On CSpan

CBS News: $500 billion deficit

Quarantining dissent How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

LOL !!! - Finally Getting To Listen To Malloy's Coverage Of The SOTUS !!!

Will Bush use Defense of Marriage to enact judicial reform?

Did you know that pot can kill you? I didn't!

Limbaugh flat-out wrong.

There must be something psychotic about this country.

What was your opinion of the Democrats sitting on their hands.....?

History Lesson: The Presidents and Jews

"A jury of your peers"

Rich Fat Bastard's Fun with Social Security

The State of the TOONs Address (new edition posted)

Some reasons Bush* is NOT like Hitler.

For those who were alive for the Vietnam War please help me understand

STEAK OF THE ONION ADDRESS (Voter's Digest 'Condensed Milk' Version)

From the SOTU "We will double federal funding for abstinence programs..."

I support protecting the institution of marriage.....

Message to lurking freepers: You're either with us.....

The Color of Bush's Sky (my SOTU report)

Time to plan for March 20 rally Global Day Of Action

How would zealot-us Republicans and Conservatives react if Terrorists...

(BBV) NYT: Report Says Internet Voting System Is Too Insecure to Use

BBV: Additional Co-Sponsors for H.R. 2239 (1/20/2004)

Bush is on the defensive (SOTU)

how many fronts in the war against the neocons?

"Twenty-eight months have passed since September 11th, 2001...

Democrats must not use term "war on terror."

Do you agree with the Bush* Doctrine of 'preemptive/preventative' war?

Say...did I ever mention my idea for a commercial?

Did anybody else hear boos during SOU?

The 9-11 Commission needs your help NOW!

Reagan/Bush changes to inflation -- really 300 percent higher

"protecting the sanctity of marriage" by outlawing gay marriage is like

BBV: Call your Congressperson and Senators for Voter Confidence Act

Top Court Rules EPA May Overrule States

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

Bush Vows Guerrillas Will Not Stop Iraq Handover

Israeli Charged With Bribing Sharon

For bush* , Impressions of Gaining Economy

From PR Web, 1/20/04. Refuting the State of the Union with a deck of cards

Much tighter race in NH

Edwards Gets 2nd Look In N.H

Arms trial begins for spymaster on air drops to Colombia rebels

Bush is on the defensive (SOTU)

Euro zone calls for “responsibility” regarding US dollar

Qatar Agrees to Waive Iraq Debt

Sharon facing corruption charges

'Kurds turn against US after losing control over oil-rich land'

Cuban Orthodox Cathedral Near Completion (Havana)

Human Rights Campaign Denounces Remarks...As Divisive And Discrominatory

Iraqis Want UN Verdict on Elections

bush* Chided for Ignoring Peace Process

Huge spending bill blocked in Senate

Broadbent wins NDP nomination (Ottawa Centre) - Globe and Mail

Housing Construction Up in December, Helping to Make 2003 Best Year Since

Guardian Utd: US set for Iraq election retreat

RCMP raids Ottawa newspaper as part of probe into Arar case

Gays Just Perverts Cardinal Declares

USDA's Veneman Uncertain about US Beef Trade

McCain is ripping Bush now on CSPAN

Ohio close to passing gay marriage ban

Dean calls for further limits on campaign contributions

Bush* Pushes Plan to Permit Internet Surveillance

Execute Saddam, Chant Protesters

Log Cabin responds to State of the Union address

Space Station's Future Is Murky as NASA Turns to Moon and Mars

Unveiled Women anger Saudi Cleric

Agents told to be silent on details of border plan

Democrats Reject bush* Picture of US

Bush May Seek Billions for Iraq After Elections

Supreme Court sides with EPA in clean air battle (5-4)

Saudi prince claims government kidnapped him to force silence

US set for Iraq election retreat (caves to direct elections)

Court Backs EPA on Anti-Pollution Rules

More song swappers sued

US brands defy association with foreign policy

Blair: 'No doubt' Iraq had WMD

Military lawyer brands Hicks (Gitmo detainee) trial process unfair

Kurds turn against US after losing control over oil-rich land

(Powell) Advises Muslim countries to teach children more than religion

Dean calls for further limits on campaign contributions

Three Stryker soldiers injured in roadside blast

House Panel Backs Disaster Election Plan

Bush May Seek Billions for Iraq After Election

Donations pour into Kerry campaign after Iowa win

Yeltsin: I had five heart attacks

Michael Moore: "Dean Supporters Don't Give Up"

Cheney to visit Europe

Canadian citizen bringing lawsuit against Ashcroft in US courts.

Dean Disarms Hecklers with National Anthem

Local group proposes tent city for homeless

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 January (#1)

Gephardt's SC State Director/Clyburn Aide Joins Edwards Campaign

Dean Puts New Face on His Candidacy...WP

Record numbers of Puerto Ricans fighting for U.S.

bush* Says There Are "Troubled Times" in Parts of the Country

New evidence halts 911 verdict (witness"I told Bush/US of 911 before 911")

Congressman: Details of Iraqi WMD 'years away'

Dead British Expert Believed Iraq WMD Posed Threat

Philosopher President - Davos, Khatami and Clinton

CNN-Medical cost of obesity $75 billion...( we go )

Military Lawyer Slams U.S. Terrorism Tribunals

WMD not ready in 45 minutes: Kelly

Bush Falls Off Mark With Speech

Notice to Army Reserve members: don't count on continuing to avoid mobiliz

Edwards says his coattails better than Dean or Kerry

Gov. Bush proposes tax cut for wealthy, $1 billion more to schools

Minnesota Man Indicted for Alleged Al Qaeda Link

Spy chief sold guns to rebels, court told (CIA and FARC)

No Foolproof Way Is Seen to Contain Altered Genes

Fiscal Conservatives with Ties to Bush in Revolt

US expert doubts N Korean bombs

Venezuelan dissidents seek asylum (Wanted for embassy bombings in VZ)

Whistleblower Coming In Cold From the F.B.I. (new 9/11 scandal)

Chao Refuses To Delay New Overtime Rule - WP

music fans . . . this is really cool . . .

Dammit! That's twice!

How's this for cute?

SotU Address: The TXlib Response:

like toast? . . .

Laptop help needed

I'm gonna get flamed for this, but...

Whats wrong with my Refrigerator?

Wonder how fast it can do the Castle run ?

Exactly one year from now we will have a new president

I dunno if anybody saw this on Sunday

Today In Twisted History

Who says Hollywood types are Dems?

Great message in Yahoo Message boards!

DU MACers: ever changed an OS?

Robert Anton Wilson fans check in.

DU chatroom night is still young :)

anbody need a laugh at bush's expense?

Would you vote for a candidate named Annie Bawdy-Buttbush?

OUCH! I played the SOTU Drinking Game with Ulex, Effie, and Xen...

The Social Security Private Account Fraud - and How To Explain It

Can I just post that I love Ramsey and Khephra???

BOB DOLE-What else are you up to these days?

say what you think of * here

Does anyone know of a site that has pics and bios of the soldiers

Would YOU Pay $9.95 Per Month For Streaming Video Access At CNN.Com?

Here... Have a fun little musical toy

Today's State of the Union cartoon

Chimp gone wild!

I love my Toyota Camry!

Swimming upstream

What TV Game Show Would You Be Most Likely To Win?

And now, for something completely different:

I'm helping for a Democrats Abroad Group in the UAE

OMG Howard Stern's got a song parody of the Dean speech

The Mr. T Experience is probably the greatest band ever.

HOLY SHITE! Only 7 MORE Posts Until 5000! Ask me anything!

What happened to Booberdawg?

Who else can't wait for Dennis Miller's CNBC show to tank?

Mr. Bill Tapped to Help Save La. Swamps

Anyone else laugh their bag off at John Stewart with Tom Brokaw?


The How's and Where's And When's of the Franken Factor

'Pray for the web porn browsers'

We all live in a yellow butter bean

Hey PATS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ultimate Cure show set list site

Now here's a political party I'd join!

Does anyone have a mini-schnauzer male I can borrow?

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed!

i gots a job interview today!

How do you do that google link thing? I want to add 'hate speech' to page

Bad moods right now.

You're on a Island with Ann Coulter and 2 domestic turkeys

HH's NFL Power Ratings and prediction...

Leaving the country because of ShrubCo.?

Palindromes on Parade

Shop woman fights off raider with pastry

Send ZombyWoof a shovel...

Should I rent my home to visiting Super Bowl fans?

Lovecraft fans...

Tongue Twisters......wheeeeeeee

Hard Science...The Easy Way.. Very cool site...good for students too

New Reality Series: Amish in the City (I wish I was joking about this)

Where were all the young voters in Iowa?

Interactive elephant call

Anyone know anything about investing in foreign currency?

Franken Factor! Custom Made for Your Edification!

How about a Dean/Iggy Pop National Tour?

Clark's Derided Argyle Becomes an Asset on EBay

How Can I Recycle All These Static Shocks I Keep Getting??

Mac experts - Tax program?

Free Online Games Galore

Tax return software........opiinions on which one is best

I could use a laugh...could somebody help me find a series of captions..

No-holds-barred look at the low-carb craze, GameSpy style

Army deployed in beer rescue

Philly area evil DUers

Is this a GOP Threat?

Britney Spears weighs in on the coverage of her wedding

If you think Bush's speech was so bad - then write one for him

Welcome to the Meatrix

More stress relief

a CAPTION, a Clue, and a Plan (envelope please)

Plenty of room still available for a CAPTION or a thought bubble

Microsoft co-workers fight over a woman

I'm not taking a shower until after Tuesday's NH primary

This is cute...

Please help me name my new website!

A " " walked into a bar and.....

Psst--Wanna waste an hour or so?

How would you have written this line?

Great moments in Super Bowl History- Super Bowl XXVII in 1993

Turn on, tune in, and CAPTION

Any fans of The Mavericks? And Kostas?

George W. Bush or Max Headroom?

How observant are you ? - (look closely)

Daytime TV - no wonder this country is so screwed up.

Anybody have a good recipe for cat?

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress coming to theatres?

JCCyC = snake. Ask me anything.

Molten Lava: Love It or Shove It?

Not creative when angry: What to put on an FMA rebuttal bumper sticker??

Heads UP weather: Michigan DUers we gonna get whacked again

Grrrrr. These cops are a disgrace to the uniform that they wear!

Look everyone!

Super Bowl : Late rally lifts Panthers to simulated title

Who do you want to see nominated for an Oscar?

new Hannity advertiser Champion Chrysler Jeep (also an Oxyrush advertiser)

Saddam does Outkast.....hilarious

Does anyone want to guess

An update on my friend from yesterday.

Anyone else down because of the cold weather?

I Finally Reached 100! (Don't ask me anything!)

Who do you want to see nominated for a Razzie?

Best/Favorite BOOK that you didn't want to read

10th Anniversary is tin?! What can I get? I need ideas.

GOP convention..Im me find a cheap Hotel/Motel

Should the Grumpys get another dog?

Not getting fact, single; advice needed.

wow ..I just learned something about Leonardo Dicaprio

Greatest Al Pacino movie quote!

A *priceless* funny (Not for wee eyes)

King Arthur movie due this summer

What was the first Movie that you went to see at the Theater?

The Movers Will Be Here Any Minute Now

whatever happened to fiona apple?

Greatest Robert De Niro Movie Quote!

Great NEWS!!!

Wilbon (ESPN, Wash. post sports writer) Says

Let Me Get This Straight. Bernard Goldberg Writes About Bias In The

Update: (Steaker Story) Stolen Car Recovered, But Clothes Still Missing

Young man, there's no need to feel down.

Geico Haiku

It's baaaaaaack...

What color font do you use on DU?

Looking for opinions on the new Ryan Adams album - Rock n Roll

Al Franken's thoughts on SOTU: downloadable MP3 file

This is my nine hundredth post.

Update on Tantris, my chow chow.

Question about World Floods

Anyone see previews of the Garfield movie?

Contact the LCR and let 'em know how you feel!

Best Marcel Marceau Movie Quote

The rescue succeeded! The rescue suceeded!

Who will be President when this thread dies?

1993 sedan for $1200

As a gay man, I'm very disillusioned with Bush, but what about the LCR?

WTF is up with all the "3rd party" posters? Not the Greens--

Your favorite 70's appliance color.

Are the tabloid news channels being sued by Gary Condit?

St. Peter and the Shrub

Nobody flamed me today! Ask me anything!

I love this page!

How does Marcel Marceau pronounce "mime"?

Penguin/Yeti baseball, anyone? (superb timewaster!)

Create a better caption for my new sig. line!

Well, MY biggest surprise at the SOTU....

Anyone did Carpet Shagging back in the 70's?

Yes, about to hit 1000 ask me anything...

It is, how should I say... Colder than a witches tit out here.

Toyota Totals Tenement -- Unbelievable Pictures!

Ok, I know you've gone over it 100 times, but

Confess! Did you watch American Idol this week?

gack! I missed 24. Can you fill me in?

I just became a member of our town's democratic committee today!

Is 1036 posts since Dec. 18th too many?

Blast from the past!

New Book! "The Private Messages of Lord William Rivers Pitt"

Who should play the Garfield voice in the upcoming movie?

I am Threadkiller. All bow before my thread-terminating might!

Is there any reason I shouldn't take out my own stitches....

See any good movies lately? Favorite all time?

Baclava: Love It or Shove It?

Seven Years Ago Today

Greatest Jack Nicholson movie line?

Any Deep Purple fans...I have an extra ticket to the NY show

Women of DU: Do you like the beard on the fellas?

More bad news about the kitten, he has FIP, not FIV, blindness permanent

How does one pronounce "meme"?

Dean song

Attn Chicago DUer's: Ray Rayner has Died!

What got cut from the SOTU?

1993 sedan for $1200

Interesting DU statistic

o no, oops! embarrassing apology here:

Brugmansia fans...check in!

To WillBowden & Thread killers everywhere

sorry, this is not another "Armstead speech" thread

Favorite LIVE album (the context, not the band)?

Attn: February and March babies!!

I'm switching from matcom to GOPisEvil

Men of DU: Do you look absurd with a beard?

absolutely no CAPTIONS needed (new TOONs!)

Letterman: Top 10 Howard Dean Excuses


CONFESS!!! What great sacrifice would you make to get Bush out of office?

Israeli comedy screen at Boston's Coolidge Corner Theater tomorrow night..

Question about Wood Floors

My Democratic dream ticket: Jack Kemp(p) and Trent Lott(vp)

Question re: DU etiquette/welcoming a newbie

Are you new to DU....or fairly new?

Random Questions (GOPisEvil & Kleeb-friendly version)

Who's the oldest person in DU?

Atlanta DUers! Come check out my band tomorrow night!

Milwaukee-area DUers -- Primary election night gathering?

Argh! My grocery store has succumbed to Atkins mania!

I'm switching from regular to decaf!

Your favorite underwear color!

Do you want to know who the REAL threadkillers are?

Anyone own Shag Carpeting back in the 70's?

An update on my rambunctious retriever

I am SO bummed! I just looked at my posts and noticed a disturbing trend!

smack the penguin! . . .

A little something from our interdepartmental mail

I don't know why this cracks me up so much....

Is there any reason I shouldn't take out my own appendix?

Spys report, Matcom spotted in Mexico.

Thread Killers: A Scientific Study

Just back from Des Moines, Iowa

The Democratic Candidates: The true party leaders.

Formidable Dean May Not Win, But Honey, He's Going To...

February 3rd primaries

do you "pray" or other religious type things for your candidate ?

Gay/Lesbian Du'ers: who is your candidate?

On Behalf of All Dean Supporters: Lock All Loyalty Oath Posts, DU!

Dean Supporters, Don't Give Up ... from Michael Moore

NH Union Leader: 'Dean's meltdown: His temper is now a serious issue'

I'm impressed with Edward's respect for Kucinich...

it took quite awhile, but i've finally decided who to back

Dean as professional wrestler? Good or bad-- you decide

How do you think the mainstream media is treating Dean?

I just came from our local Kucinich meeting

Equal Time Speech Critique: Conason Says Kerry is Longwinded, Muddled

This is about the MOVEMENT you fools

Kerry's Iowa win proves blogs are fun but they don't matter

Clark on Nightline - Discusses SOTU - Now

If Kerry gets the nomination, I would strongly suggest in the debates

To my fellow Dean supporters.

A Dean supporters response to Moore letter

Reminder - Clark on Wednesday Today Show Jan 21 (today)

Clinton secret power behind Edwards?

Some late night humor for everyone

Are Dean supporters frustrated by Kucinich?

the more I see the tape of Dean, the more I like it

An exuberant Kerry starts his N.H. charge

Dean fans, are you Dean or Green?

Governor Dean on the State of the Union (Dean's delivered - Bush has not)

Would Dean go third party?

Kerry, Edwards Capitalize on Iowa Results

Imus just said he could vote for Kerry in a heartbeat. n/t

Thank you Dean Machine you all ROCK and we all need YOU!

Democrats now fight for underdog label

Village Voice: Edwards is DLC candidate

Let's End This Misconception Once and For All

"Doubts About Dean - Vote Kerry"

Cspan..bostn globe poll shows kerry lead?

Is it over if Kerry wins NH?

I just heard Kevin Phillips say it on Bernie Ward's show...

If Lieberman Had Never Entered The Race

Anyone else notice Kerry swiped Edwards' "Two Americas" riff last night?


Dean experience "affordable health and drug coverage"....he has done it

Krugman asks why media allows RNC to lie about Clark

Gov. Dean -- Stood up Against "No Child Left Behind" (experience...again)

IMHO - Thrusday Night's Debate will decide the NH vote

Buck up, Dean folks. Kerry was declared "finished" for months

Dean is taking the right stance--focus on issues (Healthcare, Educat, Econ

Lieberman says he won't drop out after New Hampshire

Sen. Kerry’s Surprise Win Spurs Interest in Presidential Race

Clark on Today Show right NOW.

Dean's speech with the Rocky theme song sounds so cool.

Press Herald SOTU Poll (Maine)

Dean's Troubles

Kerry ad at Kucinich's sotu viewing, boos and hiss at ashcroft and cheney

What can your candidate do?

Plaid's "This is Not an Endorsement" on FP is a Great Read/ Electability!

TV AD: "I'm Wes Clark And I Approved This Message..."

Rasmussen Reports national survey - Jan. 20th

Are the Iowa caucus and N.H. primary closer together than before?

Now's Your Chance--Tell It Like It Is

Kerry's Victory Lap (TNR Campaign Journal)

The culling begins - San Diego Union Tribune

Please help me find the "Stop Dean" thread

The Truth about Dean's Health Care Program

Will the GE 2004 be a clash of the Bonesman?

Dean Has Successful Record of Executive Experience

Dirty Tricks in NH: All rival candidates are treated to variety

Zogby 20 Jan... Dean 25, Kerry 23, Clark 16, Edwards 7

JK in the lead in a New Hampshire Poll - but Dean still within MOE

Zogby: Kerry Catches Up To Dean in New Hampshire; Clark Slides to 16 pts

Conspiracy Theory #9867234 - Would NH Dems throw the primary?

Sen. Kerry’s Surprise Win Spurs Interest in Presidential Race

Bad news for Edwards -- I just contributed $100 to his campaign

John Kerry's Top 10 campaign donors

Figure Out Who's Best--and Nominate Him:

Political Alchemy: Caucus Winners Turn Votes in Iowa Into Gold for NH

2 Largest Voter Issues (WSJ 1/21) -- Economy 29% , Heathcare/Medicare 28%

Michael Moore and Dean, etc. (sorry about the dupe!)

Reckon who the Republicans will give us permission to be our nominee?

After Iowa, New Hampshire Just Doesn't Look the Same

Liberman and Kerry missed Medicare Reform vote to campaign

How do Dems Answer Perle and Frum's Rant about Terror in Today's Times?

Missouri voters will be courted after Gephardt

Rivals rush to snap up Gephardt’s ex-backers

Kerry's push-polling problems

Clark contrasts his, Kerry’s military careers

YO, the term "electable" is straight up XENOPHOBIC...

Clark: "we've got a new axis of evil"

Dean on the spot in Thursday's debate (presidential stature -not anger)

Kerry's new ad, a montage of New Hampshire supporters

Ok...please listen up!

How can Clark or Edwards compete against Bush when they have

The Edwards is inexperienced meme

What happens if Clark gets only third in NH?

Dean proposes increased federal matching funds

New Zogby Poll: Bush job approval down to 49%, Re-Elect down to 41%!

Poll Shows Kerry Surge in New Hampshire

The coveted Ashton Kutcher endorsement goes to Edwards

I want to like Edwards. Help me

Kerry will be interviewed on Inside Politics at 3:30 EST

How about a Dean/Iggy Pop National Tour?

We Clark supporters owe Dean supporters a debt of gratitude

Dean in Good Shape as Rivals Seek Funds

Robert Byrd is on c-span now - ranking junior and the party

ARG 1/21 Kerry up Clark down Edwards up Dean down

Latest CNN polling data has Kerry ahead of Dean in NH

Clark's Derided Argyle Becomes an Asset on EBay

Lieberman endorsed by Union Leader (Boston Globe Story)

Proof Clark Did Not Want War

With 1 day of post-Iowa polling Kerry pulls within 2 points of Dean in NH

A friend's insight on the sorry state of the Democratic Party

Dean: "Taking Back Our Democracy"

Dean's message: Delivering results

Did Kucinich's and Edwards' vote-sharing plan help Edwards in Iowa?

Wesley Clark Remains Cagey on the Stump

Union Endorsements Lose Value

Dean song

Is there protest news from Ohio appearance of * ?

Dean and the Leukocytes

What's the Media's Game now, as of Jan 20th?

Is Dean really the man?

Can you remember a more exciting Democratic

Iowa has spoken --- and it favors Dean ....Iraq war not a "top issue"

The NH Primary is bad for my bandwidth

why was turnout in iowa higher than usual

Donations pour into Kerry campaign after Iowa win

Could Dean use this to his advantage?

Bill Maher's thoughts on Iowa/Dean speech, wolf-Blitzer-reports transcript

Does anyone know how many delegates Kerry and Edwards won?

Old Kerry of the Mountain

Why Dean will win New Hampshire...

Where are our bold Senators right now?

Taking Back Democracy

I'm fairly new to politics. Have the republicans always led the Democrats

Two Cents on Howard Dean

I'm conflicted about Dean

Kerry on Patriot Act

Uh oh - Dean's speech just deemed the "Ed Muskie" moment

Just told by SS agent that DEM candidates aren't protected yet?

How can some people here be Shocked! Shocked! by Dean's speech

Poll: Vermonters say no to Dean for president

Bohemian Mix? Young Digerati? Do you fit in with your candidate's base?

Three Days in Iowa (truthout report from Des Moines)

Great Dem quotes re SOTU made just pre and then post address.

Dean NEEDS to go on letterman and leno this week

A word from a Kerry vet

Election scoreboard - Media 20 , Dean 10, People 10 (pro Dean)

Dean - A man for all seasons?

NYT Safire (BIG R): a Vote for Dean WILL re-select bush* (link)

Misleader: Bush talks, but cuts funds

Cant get excited about Kerry!

NH Daily Tracking - Dean 26 Kerry 24 Clark 18 Edwards 9

Kerry IWR Vote Right. IWR=Pro-War Is Bogus . Kerry is OUR ManOfPeace.

What's the Deal with Clark's Proposal to Ally with Saudis against Terror?

Dean needs to talk to both Letterman and Stewart no later than to day!!

Bookmark this! IWR timeline with sound/links

ABBers - Will you vote the Dem nominee if it's LaRouche ?

Wellstone memorial, take 2

Howard Dean's fatal system error - "the air of a cult"

Kerry calls for new efforts on prescription drug costs

Its OK for Kerry to curse during interviews, just dont get angry like Dean

Prediction: Edwards WILL win the Primary if he finishes 3rd+ in NH

Why Iowa matters to Clark

Of the two most viable...

Kerry "Carries Water" for Top Telecom Donor

More revelations about Kerry Campaign Skullduggery

Tangled Web (TNR on Dean Blog)

Kerry supporters: A question..

Heads up for Kerry supporters

I am sickened beyond belief at the disgusting attacks on Dean's character!

Dean is Subdued (New York Times)

Kerry would be richest president in over a century

Will Dean be damaged in NH primary by all the negative publicity?

An Open Plea to the People Who Are Strictly NBDs,NBCs,NBKs,NBEs, ect

More than 600,000 Online Supporters!

What Is Kerry's Position on Media Consolidation?

How can someone be TOO ANGRY about what this Administration is doing?

Something neat on the Edwards site

To Kerry & Edwards Supporters:

Remember David Zephyr's Memo: Your Candidate Could Be Next

Howard Dean's fatal system error

This column is a preview of what the media will say about Clark

Conan, Leno blast Dean

So I was talking with a conservative friend of mine...

Wesley Clark to get nod from David Dinkins

Campaigns To Remember --- Best???

I Vote for Howard Dean Tomorrow

Who out of my top 3 would you choose for President?

Timing the surge....why Kerry may be the luckiest one of all...

Who thinks Dean should have campaign song "Rebel Yell"?

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'Insane' scream a bit of fun: Dean

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