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Archives: January 25, 2004

Don't count on a truly democratic election in the US

Clark's Gamble: A Rookie's Education (NYT Photo Essay)

Top Bush Scandals of 2003, Part II By Ted Kahl and Bob Fertik -great read!

A Sorry State of Affairs

Global Eye Royal Flush

Minnesota DUers on January 30

"Tales from the Time Loop" by David Icke - anyone else read this?

Has anyone here done homeopathic drainage therapy?

Second Guilty Plea In Gay Slaying

Mass Gov Plans End Run Around Gay Marriage Ruling

Georgia Moves To Legalize Discrimination Against Gays

Virginia Tells Congress To Pass Marriage Amendment

This is disturbing...'cause I live in this town for now....

Many guns will still be banned after 9/13/04

Vacancies in the Federal Judiciary

A Family Deposed by Force

A special 'shout-out' to the mods!

Can we either

When are the moderators' term up?

Shock therapy and the Israel Scenario

Ha'aretz (Sunday): Prosecutors lean toward indicting Sharon

Twins say their posters lampooned race-based awards

Miserable Failure google bomb and curent results.

Caspian drilling suspended

Conspiracy theory

White House fears free elections in Iraq

Another way to look at bu$h's "service" in the TANG

If you want to know why gays want hate crime laws

After the debate, our "liberal" media still wimps out on * AWOL

US War on Terror may Spread to Syria

Happy 20th birthday, Mac

What if we win Election 2004 and lose the popular vote?

Left-wing radio WORKS! Go Mike Webb!

Seattle Billionaire Craig McCaw Won't Pay for Bush's Visit

Patriot Act

BBC: US seeks allies for war on terror (Promoting PNAC)

My "favorite" Libertarian still coming down hard on bush*.

Why are there presidential term limits?

Mars Opportunity Live Thread (30 minutes to go)

Their Are No WMD'S There Never Will Be WMD'S. So What The

Was Chirac any more noble than Bush?

Screw CBS with me!

Right now, Dick Cheney is in Europe

Rudy Giuliani exploits 9/11 to try to help George W. Bush

One small, bright note today:

Civil union poll is being freeped BIG TIME! Please vote again, and again

Conservative Coalition Cracking up?

What will be the October Surprise of 2004?

What will happen to the Neocons?

What's with the term 'leftist' all the time?

USMC Gen. Smedly Butler Hated America!

Here's a look at what DU has done to help unfreep a poll....Awesome!

60 Minutes will accuse Cheney/Hallibutron of illegal deals w/ Iran & Libya

Second phase of gas pipeline to be launched next week

BBC (Saturday): WMD pressure builds up for Blair

Democrat Edwards Wants Iraq War Case Investigation

Belafonte Continues Iraq War Protest

Saddam's WMD hidden in Syria, says Iraq survey chief

Opportunity Mars lander is about to land on Mars

Kerry Takes to Ice With Hockey Greats

Stress Hits US Forces in Iraq

WP: Changes in US Iraq Plan Explored

Queen to Give Knighthood to Bill Gates

I Have Been Gone All Day. What Did I Miss.

Does Joe Lieberman have a background in TV acting

Get this, the kid's name is Wesley Pablo Oviedo Clark

The flu: Nothing that 48 hours of sleep won't fix!

Border Song

Anyone else going to the Democratic National Convention?

Just saw the latest commercial for the new dennis miller show.

bumping the bumper sticker

Image linking, please help.

I am behaving myself.................... for now.

Ah! Canadianna overload!

Just found some of my old letters to the editor.

I Like TLC's "Junkyard Wars" and TechTV's "Robot Wars"

I'm New Here and a Bush Supporter but

I'm not lonely.

Bay Area DU'ers - who listens to KPIG (when they can)?

Less than 40 000 KM to go!!! LOOK!!!! It's like flying a spaceship!

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

I really need to log off DU for a while.

Im lonely too.

Are my sisters normal, or am I abnormal?

Favorite Kennedy?

Shouldn't the plural of "Mongoose" be "Mongeese?"

the car i want just sold for

About the "I'm new here.." post

the BBC's website is very funny

dick cheney is a very bad man

I'm sitting here with a glass of "43"

I need a computer guru

What's for supper tonight ?

YAY Spirit!

The best song of all time: Killing Joke: Requiem

I Suggest Naming your Change when you come back from the Vatican

"Zorro" for President

Anyone have the link to McCain on the daily show??

Somebody Freeped my timeline!!

Personal CUSTOMIZED checks online..

drinking riuntie lambrusco

Mr Scorpio is available to solve your most perplexing questions

Okay, I went and saw Big Fish tonight...

God Help Me. I'm getting hooked on Trump's "The Apprentice"

jeez - I haven't been able to buy a good flamewar for months.

T minus 70 minutes til Clark's Argyle Sweater sells on ebay

Here... Sniff. --- What Does This Smell Like To You?

Gratuitious Vanity thread

You Have to Sell Yourself.

I'm off to chaperone a school dance -- wish me well!

Dubya - Kerry pic - BEGGING a Caption ! - suggestions ?

What should our SONG be for the 2004 campaign?

Anyone else have a Tshirt fetish?

500th post: Fess up - your alltime alchohol horror show

Lounge challenge... How quickly can we name the term for people

Dear Mods & Admins: I have a complaint about whining poopieheads


Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

I Suggest Changing Your Name When You Come Back From Vacation

Looking for some more good workout music


Student selling her virginity on the web

I Suggest Searching Your Name When You Come Back From Vacation

Does anyone else watch Reno: 911?

Ashcroft & Cheney lecture world leaders on fighting GOV'T. CORRUPTION!!

Son of a gun. It's an anomaly.

Computer security/firewall question for Gurus

Did any of those plans for a national DU "convention" ever go anywhere?

Married vs single

I Love My SW Reciever

Favorite Gershwin tune?

Gay Pride ORIGINAL Art Store ... Owned By My Cousin And Her Girlfriend

WALMART FREE: For two months now, yeah!!

Happy 20th birthday, Mac

I'm lonely.

I just told off a hospital debt collectroll, and I feel GREAT!


cnn...talking heads say it will be kerry, edwards, dean

We need to make a Dean/Clark Clark/Dean Unity website

NH predictions on 'Capital Gang'

Been watching C-SPAN

Clark just finished speaking at the dinner.

Average of all the polls together

"Next Tuesday is the beginning of the end of the Bush Administration"

New FOX tracking poll: Kerry 37 Dean 19 Clark 13 Edwards 12

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: suasion

How Dean and Kerry should settle things, once and for all:

Dean & Clark are finished

Clark Volunteers Connect Across the Miles

After the SOTU, Bush-Hating Sweeps America (poll kerry over bush 49/46)

Clark won't give * a pass on being AWOL

About governors and Lt. governors

Conventional wisdom in GD2004 is...

If Lieberman, Kucinich or Sharpton win in NH tomorrow where does that put

Caimpaign slogans that you're sick of?

Why are some gays fed up with the media?

Does Clark's tax plan excuse people from responsibility?

Anyone notice Drudge completely removed deserter referenced Kerry quote?

My experience as an caucus observer in Iowa Precinct 214/Des Moines

campaign slogans you love

Kerry needs to Justify his record


Kerry just said...tall people have a problem

I cannot believe it!! I just received a photograph from Bush/Cheney

Donald Trump donated to Kerry in June

Hillary 2008 supporters and 2012 supporters POST HERE!!!!!!!!

How do you spell "YEEEAAAHHH"

Report from the DFL State Central Committee today

John Edwards favors ending legacy college admissions

Kerry and Edwards will lose in South Carolina....

Clark Supporters: eBlock!!

Clark praises Kerry's record (Clark is a class act)

pictures of Kerry on the ice at JFK stadium...."Political Play of the Day"

What does "Acting Presidential" mean?

According to my calculations: NH: #1 Kerry, #2 Clark or Dean, #4 Edwards

TV Alert: NH Democratic Party Dinner CSPAN1 @ 10:32 EST REPLAY

Gov Dean put conservatives on bench to get longer sentences?

Dean launches new attack on Kerry, Edwards, & Clark

Any DUers in Southern New Hampshire on Sunday?

A quick observation on "the power of incumbency"

Dean Calls a Pause in His Nationwide Ads

New ARG NH Poll: 3 car pile-up for second place

Bush Official Uses Nixon Tactics to Smear John Kerry

Stephen Colbert on CNN HN

Dean is ABB. Are his supporters?

Question for Kerry Supporters

All the candidates say they will make sure we can buy drugs from Canada

It's looking more and more like it's going to be a Kerry~Edwards ticket.

Mend a fence/burn a bridge.

Put your N.H. vote where your mouth is :)

Has there ever been a successful primary challenge to a sitting president?

Capital Games - David Corn - The Nation

In response to NY Times oppo hit piece on Kerry

Good post on Daily Kos re Kerry

Dean and his YEEEEAAAH!!! speech.

"The most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory"

Who was the last Washington insider to defeat an incumbent?

Time for a rotating primary schedule...

Brand New ARG Poll Jan 22-24

Newsweek Poll: Kerry 30 Edwards 13 Dean 12 Clark 12

Kerry Cancer Rumors....?

Does a candidate's "looks" affect his "electability?

Report and Pics from the NH Democratic Dinner

What should Clark say to Russert about AWOL Bush tomorrow?

Lieberman Spot Uses Tape of the Toppling Statue of Hussein

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down

Suffolk U/ABC poll shows Dean, Kerry, undecideds in dead heat

Who is the biggest 'corporatist' candidate in the race?

If Clark Falls back in NH and Does Not Win Big Feb. 3rd, Will He Pull Out?

John Edwards talking about POVERTY.

"Clark Pulls Rank" Remember?

NYT: Critical of Caucuses, Dean Demands Changes in Iowa

Dean's NH Comeback Speech

Interesting article on Howard Dean

Is there a poll asking which candidate DUers support?

**Newsweek Poll** Kerry 49, Bush 46 First Dem Lead Ever!!!!!

Prediction: Dean's Iowa speech will win him the Presidency.

Dean/Clark Clark/Dean Unity Thread

Dennis Kucinich made his best speech I've seen tonite

SC is going Dean!

Krugman: Clark the real radical. Only Clark/Dean dare to take hard line.

Why did Kerry vote against first Gulf War and vote for the second?

TAP: How Kerry won Iowa

new $1 million bat up at DFA

We,The Manipulated ...

Financier full of wit and opinions - US Economy Sucks get rid of Repubs

Palm Beach Post, 1/25: Enron-like education

'White House still insists arms may be found'

The 50 lies, exaggerations, distortions and half truths ....

U.S. spending is out of whack - San Diego North County Times

Scotland Sunday Herald calls on Blair to resign

AFLCIO on 8M people losing overtime

Argentina May Pay Debt Advisers $88 Million

LTWR - Letter to Wingnut Relatives

Justice Scalia's Misjudgment

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down(the GOP FILE!

David Aaronovich's "Voice of sanity" on Dean's Scream

Bush meet with Dalai Lama

'Financier full of wit and opinions'...says economy "Sucks"

Our Man in Baku -(Bush hypocrisy alert!)

Meet the Press - Issue Based or Tabloid Based

Please sign this petition!!!!! more........................

PNAC member of the week: Richard Perle

The real problem with Bush & his military absence.

NY Times mining Kerry's 20 year record and it's not pretty:

When I was in college, Sr. Cortona, the president and history prof.

Ladies and Gentlemen, something Really Strange

Skeptics - Ethics - Health: Is it ever unethical to

Tougher gay marriage bans sought in many states, mostly republicans

Anti-Gay Marriage Group Under Federal Investigation, links to terrorism

Pope Blasts Media For Making Gays Look 'Normal'

Top White House aide defends outsourcing

Gold versus silver, what are advantages

An interview with Exxon's Chairman/CEO

U.S. to study placing new oysters in bay

'Spies' names kept from Mandela'

2004: the year of African elections

US travel warning angers Zim

Call for more African languages in courts

SA rejects US 'land grab' claim

Bad weather closes Suez

Renowned novelist Abd al-Rahman Munif dies

Looking for a place to light up (joints) legally in London

Eminems mom carjacked.

Pro-Gun Politicians In The News

Gun control is not unconstitutional!

The people have spoken - The Bastards

California ammunition tax bill revived - This is why we get so militant

Still getting the Warning page when posting *polls* in GD2004

What Is the Admins' Position On ...

Proposal for new rule.

Spam Arrest question

a suggestion

Where did I/P go???

Moderator eligibility question.

Is there a list of source we can't post from?

Battle of the left

Most Americans oppose resettling settlers poll

Expulsion of Palestinian with son in IDF postponed

Sharon knew of dodgy deals, former aide claims

Arafat can turn to Menachem Mazuz

BBC (Sunday): UN warns over Israeli demolitions

Ha'aretz (Sunday): Incoming A-G: Decision on PM to be made without delay

US Senate approves 2005 Israel aid package

What the outposts teach

ICJ orders Israel to submit fence arguments by end of January

Israeli commander urges West Bank roadblock rethink

Palestinians' misery self-inflicted by refusal to renounce terrorism

US Senate approves 2005 Israel aid package

U.S.-Occupied Iraq Ready To Cooperate With Israel

Jews are preferred target for Islamic terror, study shows

War of Ideas, Part 6 By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

vote, please

Dutch CIA Agent changes sides, reveals 9-11 info & Net infiltration

Could this be a useful campaign point?

Kerry and Clark should form alliance

Rather: Watch Edwards

Rep. Kleczka to retire

Bush to Forgo Ky. Special Visit

Republicans choose State Sen. Larry Diedrich to run against Herseth

Write off the south.

anyone have a link to the story

iraq police deaths- according to

Bush is a Prime Example of When Credentials (MBA) don't mean nothing

Thanks for the memories - a short Saddam film bio

Pattern here..Powell, Kay admit WMD not in Iraq

If Massachusetts falls, kiss gay rights good bye :(

would you rather have Zell Miller run for reelection?

Just finished The Price of Loyalty

If we could, should we terraform Mars?

Republican 11th Commandment: Thou shalt diss gays/ a Santorum flashback

I want a US president whose policy won't be protested in every hemisphere

CSPAN2 - Ron Suskind - starting NOW! 6:45 PST

Gail Sheehy on Whistleblowers story on FBI security 9-11 MUST READ!

Have 100% of wounded soldiers really survived?

Anyone else having trouble with

Saddam's WMD never existed, says chief American arms inspector

Opportunity alive and well.

Anti-gay poll loosing ground: 6700 votes overnite, 6200 of them negative.

whispering campaign sources

Why do they call this a jobless recovery?

Bush AWOL: The smoking jet, from

Introducing the next Saddam Hussein

BBC World showing Kelly-Hutton "Panorama" now (11:30am EST)

Bush Was Not A Deserter

It's the ECONOMY, stupid...

It's time to wake up and smell the roses

Poster for Repug Nat'l Convention- HOT!

Your thoughts on the Clinton Boom.

Help, please.. I found audio tapes from 2000 NH primary

Carvelle Quiet?

Broder said on MTP

"The 2004 Almanac of American Politics"

Should the upcoming liberal network give Dean a show?

Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears

Its a GREAT DAY for space loving Democrats!

Bush Job Performance -appears steady at a lttle less than 50% approval

The GOP is at it again!

Dem proposals are always followed by the question:

From Britains Sunday Herald Poll: Did Iraq have WMDs.

Are Ralph Reed & Bruce Reed Related?

Heard this morning on CNN: It's all the intelligence community's fault

The view from here in la belle France . . .

Is the media making too big a deal over Dean's controversial speech? vote

How Republican mind control works: the 3rd Party Principle

What's at stake in election 2004?

Dems lie WRT "imminent threat"---talking point that won't go away

Please e-mail CNN about Novak

INCOMMING Chemical or biological weapons!!

Thank you Orrin Hatch

I'm hearing whispers of the draft coming back - true or not?

AWOL blew off the Guard, now he's ruining it

I think Bin Laden is directing the insurgencies

700 Club Telethon

Sign the DNC Petition against Republicans hacking Dem computers

A Very Real Anti-Bush Poll

Stripes headline for Saturday--Commanders: Iraq Insurgency Declines

Freedom of Information Act - Will it be repealed?

* Deserter, Desertion *

Hey, Gillespie: why don't you just ask * to release his TANG records ?

"Government of big corporations...

Evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation

Dad, What's Politics?

AWOL Press Conference (11/2/00): Sen. Bob Kerrey, Dan Inouye, Max Cleland

Corp. Media wants Kerry or Dean unlimited Advertising money....

Australian straw poll results

The last full measure of devotion

Dennis Miller was booted from SNL ?

Iraq: Rape Central?

Brit Hume should change name to Brit Humus..befits a dirty journalist

scary cheney photo....view at your own risk !!!!!

Terry McAuliffe just told Wolf: Bush went AWOL!

what happened to the Elite Watch site was it deemed a security risk?

Freepers are angry w/ Bush*

Right now - Ron Suskind on C-SPAN2, discussing his book on w/o'Neill

George Bush * Is gay...I wonder why

Bush vs. Dean - Who's more presidential? (film clip)

How did Bush beat McCain?

Cheney dealing in WMD's (again) The Moscow Times

Promoting gay rights by falsely calling our enemies gay is like

TV: Halliburton/Iran tonite on 60 Minutes

Bob Beckel is back on line

C-Span2 replaying Media Bias with Alterman and Franken vs

Christmas season sales data in yet?

Even if a Dem is elected Prez, is Draft needed after what Bush has done?

Hey! You remember that "things you have to believe..." list?

Cdr.Hamilton McWhorter is circulating a

Andrew Sullivan (of all people) TRASHES Bush

Some teens in inner city barter with sex

Finish the sentence: "I believe the CIA is...

How about this- no income taxes withheld on first $30,000...

Dick Cheney Kills Birds Dead (This MUST be read!)

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum?

Most disgusting freeper thread ever

Newsweek covers bush* AWOL....Vietnam, bush* was 'slipping away'

The set-up reminds me of Lord of the Rings...

So what ever happened to the patient's bill of rights?

MO HB911 -- thinly veiled attempt to teach creationism

Can America become Progressive?

Saddam's WMDs hidden in Syria (huh?)

Republicans have a great first lady. Do the democrats?

Micheal Moore retracts Mumia's guilty statement

Is Nader on an ego trip destined to help Bush again?

Nixon Resigns

Was Clinton only elected because of Perot?

MTP-Brokaw"There are some questions about his (W)time in the Ala. guard"

Special GD-- Seperated at Birth? The Ed Gillespie edition

While we're talking AWOL, let's ask the Cocaine question again!

David Kay: "the intelligence community owes the president...

The Daily Show - R.I.P.?

More good stuff about Bush's AWOL problem

Kevin Phillips-American Dynasty-notes/quotes

If Bush dumps Cheney...who???

Guess Europe can't be trusted either :(

Was Bush going to go to invade Iraq no matter what?

Russert: Moore now admits that his calling Bush a deserter was a joke.

How Bush treated the man who refused to falsify his Air Ntl Grd records.

Palast's take on "No Child Left Behind" Educational Eugenics

DU needs a Bath!

BBC (early Sunday): Iran President calls for free elections

Stress epidemic strikes American forces in Iraq

Computer reportedly seized from Frist's office

Powell: No WMD - - CNN

U.S. Lawmakers Make Landmark Libya Visit

Kay says some Iraq weapons in Syria: report (DUPE)

Terror Not Suspected In Incident At Plant (Houston). ?????

Fighting For Their Future (Iraqi Women's League)

No Politics Left Behind in Education Debate

Newsweek: The One-Note Superpower

Rivals Mine Kerry Senate Years for Material to Slow Him Down

Operation Cutback, D.C., Veterans Retirement Home (WP)

Bird flu spreads to Indonesia, second Thai province, 20m birds dead

Settlement allows thousands of immigrants to apply for citizenship

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq Grenade Attack

Guantanamo Spy Cases Evaporate (Muslim Chaplain Not A Spy)

Mystery Disease Kills 12 in Bangladesh

Size of Military Sets the Stage for Big Political Battle

Loud Explosion Shatters Baghdad

CNN (TV) banner: US Helicopter crashes in Mosul, N. Iraq

Lottery winner dies in accident hours after show

Jobs drought leads to freeze in US interest rates

Army Copter With 2 Pilots Crashes in Iraq

Deadlines: Writing His Book on "Clinton Time"

New loan program with no down payments

U.S. Has Questions on Russian Arms Sent to Iraq

Dean: Iraqi Standard of Living Worse Now

Bush refuses to attend military funerals, bans media from reporting.

Saudi peace initiative: Arab states to absorb refugees (New Peace Roadmap)

Powell hones speak-softly policy toward Russia

U.S. clamping down on Americans' visits to Havana

Clark accuses Cheney of putting politics before security

US Arrests Nearly 50 in Iraq, GI Dies

Recent setbacks don't faze supporters - LA Daily News

Wes Clark won war, but ran afoul of his Pentagon masters and lost his job

Pope Calls on Media to Reject Contraception, Homosexuality

*BREAKING* 52% of Americans DO NOT want to see Bush re-elected!!

Female GIs reporting rapes by U.S. soldiers

Spirit Mars Rover Update -- On the way to normal recovery!

Ehrlich (R-Maryland Governor) Sued Over Aid to Poor

Syria Scoffs at US Claim it Has Iraqi Weapons

Powell: Possible Iraq Had No Banned Arms

Venezuela Upbraids U.S. Over Terrorism Complaint

Dennis Miller to Give Bush a Free Pass

Eiffel Tower Illuminated in Red to Honor Chinese

Lieberman Spot Uses Tape of the Toppling Statue of Hussein

CNN: McCauliffe just said Chimp was AWOL, but not a deserter.

Sharpton's Bid Aided by an Unlikely Source

Liberals Turn to Entertainment to Batter the "House of Bush"

School honor rolls under fire

Hour 14 of work begins

liberals and pizza: the growing conspiracy


Mr Scorpio's CD of the Hour: Madlib/Shades of Blue (Blue Note)

Argument with a Freeper.

Is salin a salinite or salinese?

Envision Bush as Harrison Ford on" Air Force One", the movie

"I am gross and perverted"

11 months until Christmas!!!

The Process Gothic/New Wave/Punk Webcast, Now with 30% more hate!

Oh dear, - - I got a new addiction - - - Bill Maher's "Blog"

Are we not men?

Where is everybody tonight?

What's your credit card number?

How big is your . . . er . . . umm . . .

I preordered Red Dwarf Seies three today! Ask me anything!

Who's old enuf the remember the Ghoul, Froggy and antics w/Cheez Whiz?

Great Moments in Republican Mis-speak History

Anybody here live in Hawaii?

I'm moving to SAN FRANCISCO!

Early Sunday Chat

ever seen "Don't Look In The Basement" ?

I just got one thing to say

Bwahaha! I always thought they were like

What color is the lilie on a Lilie livered coward ?

Katilyn, Dean volunteer -- you're cute!

Mr. Ed or Francis the Talking Mule--Which is your favorite?

ESPN Classic - Michigan v Seton Hall

Everyone said the baby looked just like his Mom

That rascally Clippy

World's Largest Sunflower

Opportunity Lands on the other side of Mars

21st Century jobs......He said so himself

Cute Joke

what are the signs that your cat...

Who Do You Trust?

bad board games

And now...a wine that men will want to sink their teeth into.

I confess.. The Iraqi WMD are buried in my back yard

Is it weird to dream about New Hampshire?

Need advice....

I was out Saturday, what did I miss fun on DU?

boyfriend punched bagger at harris teeter, ask me anything

what is there was a Rush Limbaugh or Savage Weiner board game?

I finally got to break "A Mighty Wind."

Ok, which Duer wrote this LTTE?

the Busted in Davos CAPTIONs

For the conspiracy minded.

"America just wants to be friends" who CAPTION

A book recommendation

what if there was a Rush Limbaugh or Savage Weiner board game?

what to do

Tune in to PNAC 's Sci-Fi Channel?


If U say, " I can forgive but I can't forget"

What's your daughters phone number?

Who wants to diagnose my hypochondria?

Sheeez. what a bunch of lame photoshoppers

Another Life Long GOP'er Dies Loathing Bush

I finally got to see "A Mighty Wind" ...

Dishonest Dubya Action Figure.

Chicago's blizzard of 1967

Fun Valentine's Day fact

Do firewalls stop viruses and worms?

Anyone use Qwest DSL?


The Music Industry.

Highlights For Kids Magazine (Hidden Picture Search)

Who looks best as a Patriot?

Adios 700Club!!!

Who here likes old time radio?

I got more press!!

I'm posting #350 here! Thank god for the lounge for pressure release!

Another rover makes touchdown on Mars

PG-13 movies with visible nudity in them

I like my new bumper sticker.

Question for all the black DU'ers

Any David Spero Peligro fans here?

Since I was 13 I've been waiting and last night it finally happened

I finally got to break "A Mighty Wind"....

OK, who do ya got for the big game next sunday?

My latest response from the Freeper.

Hunky Weirdo Rats . . .

OK, who has kidnapped MagicRat?

How do you say "kiss"?

Land a'goshen, it's snowin' fit to beat the band!

Robb is a....

Is this a sign of old age?

Which is more powerful, can of whoop-ass or case of red-ass?

What is the last CD you listened to today, yesterday, etc.??????

The Great Adventures of Bush and Rove

Which Brady Bunch character would you kill off?

Have you ever eaten Fettucine Alfredo?

I have a question for people who know a lot about cars...

Oh happy days!!

BRRRR, 28 Degrees Below Zero in Watertown, NY this morning

And this post makes....


I'm serious.

When man attacks his brother

Satellite radio question

Clinton's Penis.........

I'm Going To Atlantic City In Two Weeks & Need Roulette Advice

Did Somebody Say McDonalds?

Who will win the NBA title this year?

Benoit or Goldberg

Just got back from Argentina...ask me anything...

Too much time and too many Legos

Top 10 tips to attract a man: Which one of these works the best?

OMG! I've just passed 2000 posts!

who else doesn't like any music made before they were born?

How long have you been on Free Republic...

Tax Question: Can I deduct mortgage interest on my small farm business?


How do you get back at a coworker that hates you?

Good News: It's Just a Worm in your brain.( .not for the faint of heart )

Dennis Miller was booted from SNL ?

Getting in Shape

Do You Have A Favorite Board-Game?

Groan...I think I've lived in Wsiconsin too long........

The most intelligent U.S. president ever

Has anyone noticed the Gropenfurher is on every day

Hey, blues fans: want a good laugh?

Check out *THIS* SOTU (funny)

This is not a post fishing for sympathy

Where would you like to send AWOL, other than prison?

if have_seen_still_standing_on_cbs == TRUE {

Dogs have masters, cats have STAFF.

Help with a Wi-Fi network and a Mac

I just fried my brain.

How do you want your hamburger done?

Movies about Lyndon Johnson (and his admin)?


Question about the rock group 'October Project'? My memory is fuzzy...

There is a thread in ATA about adding Avatars.

Sleet, snow and freezing rain, oh my!

Me and Kerry at his birthday bash!

Lovebirds & other oddities

Of what race are you?

Hey DUers: Post a pic of the city you live in!!!

Newbie hoaxes

What is your social security number??????????

What would you do if you could have two " World X"s

First Christianity-themed nudist resort to open in Florida

What's in a Name?? Movie buffs will love this one

I like

Saturday Night Movie Thread

Which recent republican president is the worst

Why are there presidential term limits?

Dean praises Bush

T minus 70 minutes til Clark's Argyle Sweater sells on ebay

Nightmare of nightmares

CT, Mass DUers: You can see Edwards, Clark, and Kerry in Nashua

New CA Poll: Kerry 31, Dean 26, Clark 14, Edwards 12

Things are heating up on the Clark Blog.....

I missed the democratic dinner tonight can someone fill me in?

John Kerry on cspan, ice hockey

Honest question 2 Clark supporters only!

Boston Globe Poll: Kerry 38, Dean 15, Clark 14, Edwards 12

Have Kerry/Edwards addressed their pro-IWR votes since Kay's comments?

Dean sour grapes about Iowa comment

Brand New Boston Herald Poll Kerry 35 Dean 23 Edwards 14 Clark 12

Momentum -- Will states disagree less due to the internet?

I've Never Endorsed Dean, But It's Unfair!

Josh Marshall in Talking Points Memo on last minute negative mailings

Dean lost Iowa, remember? It's not just the Yeaaaaaaaah that did it.

McCain was trailing Bush in Polls then won 48% to 30% over Bush

Why is Dean compared to Jack Layton?

Edwards calls for Iraq War independent commission inquiry

Circle the Wagons

Any Democratic 'nominee' will poll well against Bush

Good morning! Edwards on C-SPAN now.

Which candidate is the Hunk? Women and gay voters only.

The I's have it in New Hampshire

Lieberman on CSPAN NOW! 6:30 EST

Which is "worse" -Bush crying - several times on TV - or Dean's Victory

Clark's view on the Attack on Iraq...

Death by Negatives - the latest from Dick Morris . . .

Kerry 2nd firing in two months-C-span now-fired political manager

What are the candidates theme songs?

Patriot games for Kerry and Clark in New Hampshire

Clark in Documentary on Fall of Milosevic

Why Dem activists applauded Kerry at "teacups" event.

A Hawkish statement from Kerry on March 18, 2003

Gov. Dean's brother on C-span now - looks and sounds just like his brother

The last time the country elected a Democratic Party two-senator ticket...

NBC tracking poll: Kerry 30%, Dean 23%

Suffolk University Tracking Poll results for 1/25/03

I think most of us can agree on one thing...

Clark NH event from this AM repeating on C-Span now

If Wishes Were ?????????

The Internet versus the Rove Machine--- The Internet will win!

If Edwards will take second what does that mean for Dean and Clark?

Gert Clark on CSPAN taking calls next

I thought Kerry could not win, I take that back

I know what Dean's secret weapon is (from onebigbadwulf's thread)

Good news from Zogby, regardless of your candidate

AB(someone other than Bush)--what is wrong with you people?

Media bias compare *bush vs Dean speeches.....

Will Dean try a third party run?

Have you ever eaten Fettucine Alfredo?

When was the last time a senator was Prez - from either party?

Josh Marshall finds unlabeled Kerry attack flyers at Dean NH HQ

I just donated $100 to Gov. Dean's campaign - feels soooo good.

Kerry, Dean aside. The huge story is the TURNOUT!!!

Something is bothering me about Clark (not what you think)

Russert: Clark planning campaign events with Kosovo war connections...

60K surprise just broke on MTP. Dean to release 120K copies of interview

Does Edwards deliver North Carolina in the General?

Kerry sure wimped out on Crossfire, didn't he?

MTP Transcript up:

The one really, really good thing about Dean's scream

Clark coming up on ABC "This Week"

Why Zogby polls are crap

Dean unleashing a secret weapon tomorrow

Clark in Documentary...

Edwards Campaign Town Hall Meeting on CSPAN at 12, Kerry at 5:30

Colin Powell, David Kay promote our candidates

CSPAN Schedule: Edwards, Clark, Kerry

AZ Primary: The Democrats you know (and don't know!)

George Will: Its not the L-Word its the M-Word

was browsing Dean's blog, seems to be a lot of NBD sentiment

Edwards on CSpan NOW!

John Kerry says Bush was elected by supreme court by 1 vote

why should being linked to michael moore.....

Which Candidate combo would be best for America?

That Home-Run everyone was waiting on....

the ebay presidential predictor

Dean-Kerry email exchange

TV Alert: Edwards, Lieberman, Ted Kennedy on CNN w/ Wolf 12:00 PM EST

Does anyone have a link where Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf backpeddled

Durkin endorses Edwards.

If Kerry or Edwards is the nominee

Maureen Dowd's latest on Dean and Judy

Why this conservative Libertarian backs Dean

Blitzer poll - Re media stupidity, i mean overduing Dean speech

Dean makes it clear what this campaign is really about: the triumph

Kerry Is Impatient With Democratic Oratory About Stolen Election

Kerry PRO War/Pro Censorship/Pro Corporation/Bought & Sold

Overflow crowds at today's rallies.

Kerry Makes Cover of Newsweek

Hey Mediajerks: John Buchanan (Rep.) is running AGAINST Bush....

When does MTP re-air on the East Coast?

"The last thing that the Bush administration wants to do is...

I agree with Bush, I agree with Bush...Help!

If John Edwards is the nominee, how will he respond re natl security issue

Edwards event on CSPAN right now.

Lieberman propping up bush*s failed Iraq policy on CNN!

Why isn't Lieberman winning?

Today on This Week, I heard something I hadn't considered before-

Sunday talk shows: Where's Dean?

Electability Whack-a-Pol!

Bush: Our AWOL President

Is the four-man race good for the party's prospects?

Do these issues deserve to be part of the debate?

What is the difference between AWOL and Deserter ala Bush?

First time I saw Cate Edwards on the campaign trail with her dad

Quick question for the Kerry supporters

Josh Marshall: Will Kerry be sitting out some Feb. 3 states?

Kerry makes switch, hires Gephardt's staff chief

Ahead in N.H., Kerry Defends Record Against G.O.P. Attacks

Dean LIVE on CSPAN right now....10AM EST

Edwards eats Club Sandwiches. Kerry eats Fettuccine Alfredo

Bush Was Not A Deserter

Cambell Brown says Reps want Kerry

Does it matter which Democrat wins the nomination?

Clark ad running in Wisconsin advocates NATO in Iraq. . .

Wolf asks, "Is the country ready for a Jewish President?" re: Lieberman

President Bartlett to appear in Bartlett, NH

I have a question from Kerry supporters: what is the deal with Kerry's war

Kerry can CLOBBER Bush!

Right-to-Lifers = Taliban but Bigots = Potential Democratic Voters

Dean being hypocritical again.....

Even worse: Will Independents Pick the NH Winner?

Where are all the Clark Supporters on this Forum

Why are the media refusing to comment on Clark's comments about..?

Which candidate do you support?

Dean wants to see speech regulated in caucuses:

Did MTP prove a Rove decision has been made between

Does anyone else find Kerry to be ...The Hollow Tall Man?

The "We Have A Secret Re: John Kerry" Thing

Dean aid refutes 3rd. party phone calls

Clark adapts to superior officers (very nice Clark article)

Is the spine implant Kerry has received from the good Doctor temporary

Clark or Kerry? peace or war?

I'm curious why Kerry can still have his "war" medals if he tossed them

Attacking Kerry's Liberal Credentials? Shame, Shame, Shame.

Blitzer poll "Is the media making too much of Dean's controversial speech?

alert fox...why was clark fired...coming up 2:20 eastern sunday

IOWA: Did Republican operatives tilt the balance to Kerry?

Dean and Clark as John the Baptists?

CNN/Gallup NH tracking poll Kerry 38% Dean 25%

Edwards Thinks National Security Is "More Of A Background Thing"

Lieberman going for the Captain Kangaroo fan voter

Why hasn't Kerry condemned Hollings' troubling statements?

Zogby: Kerry 30% Dean 23% Clark 13% Edwards 9% Joe 9%

Newsweek examines why Clark was fired

On a lighter note... Dean photo retrospective

Apologize for my earlier mistake. I stand corrected

Terry Mcaulliffe WHACKS * with AWOL stick on CNN!

Terry Mcauliffe calls bush AWOL

Did Kerry ever declare his thoughts on the Cape Wind project

Have you changed your choice for the nomination since Iowa?

Same old, same old, except...

Kucinich: New Hampshire Schools Need Change

Clark wants to eliminates taxes for earners with less than 50K earnings!

So it looks like attacks win

Clark and Kerry aren't the problem. Kornblau and Lehane are.

Did Kerry and Edwards know before their IWR vote

11 year old Max endorses Wesley Clark (Must see Quicktime video)

How will weather/snow affect the New Hampsire vote?

Clark NH Rally on CSPAN - NOW (3PM CST, Sunday)

"John Kerry, The Chameleon Senator"

Edwards throws down the gauntlet

An electability argument

C-SPAN Clark Rally coming on!

McAuliffe nails Bush, defends Moore

Ouch !!! --- That's Gotta Hurt ! --- David Podvin On John Kerry

Clark/Edwards or Edwards/Clark

Do You Think The Best Man Will Win The Nomination?

What is up with Hugh Shelton?

I swear to God, if I hear the word "Joementum" one more time....

Is Clark's team turning him into another Kerry?

Nashua - John Edwards makes people smile

Did the Pub psyops hurt Dean who is no longer Front Runner??

Adam Felber rallies the troops in New Hampshire

Gert Clark on C-Span Now!

I want Judy Dean as my doctor! I'm as impressed with her as I am with Gov

Hey...PSSST... I Have A Deal For You

Moved from undecided to Edwards. Here's your chance to talk me out of it.

I won't kick candidate threads that are no more than snarky smears

Jon Stewart to have Governor Dean on The Daily Show -Monday night!!!

Gert Clark just made my day

Question I was asked - Can anyone name a piece of legislation ....

Worried about New Hampshire

The General: Did Clark Fail to Salute (Clark followed Sec of State orders)

The interview is supposed to be about you Sen. Kerry not Gov. Dean

They're playing "Get Up, Stand Up" at the Clark event.

Does Clark have to confront the AWOL issue?

Clinton: ALL of the nominees added in a meaningful way to my Presidency.

Clark supporters chanting "USA. USA, USA!" at rally-Good for them!

NH Predictions

Kerry vs the middle class

My reasons why I refuse to support Kerry

True or False: C-Span callers-in are idiots

Kerry working hard today in NH; pictured canvassing with supporters...

Did anyone see Lieberman on CNN about 45 minutes ago

Latest ARG numbers: Kerry cruising with a 21 point lead

I donated $100 to Clark last night, and I'm damn proud to say so!

Unofficial Clark Rally Thread: On C-Span now, LIVE

The media is going after Dean and Clark

Pick your October Surprise...

A report from NH

I want to know WHY Wes Clark has to confront *'s AWOL instead of *

Clark accuses Cheney of putting politics before security

Edwards is doing something Bush did, and it's going to...

Blogging of the President radio Show/also online/9PM Eastern/8 Central

John Kerry coming up on C-Span

Was there sabatoge in Iowa?

Clark: Bush was warned about Al Qaida and didn't pay attention! over years some candidates positions have changed....

Which candidates have the $$$ ?

About to give my first political contribution ever!!!

Clark supporters, let's talk campaign music.

Gail Kruzel - who credits Clark with risking his life while trying to ...

Former subordinates campaign with Clark

Albuquerque Tribune Endorses Clark

Candy Crowley (CNN): "The Dean campaign will go on"

John Kerry and Teresa acknowledging supporters at a rally in Nashua...

Why don't the Democrats just

Did Dean scream your state? Are you happy about it?

Kerry Revs Up N.H. Campaign, Says Dean 'Flip-Flops'

Heard Lieberman tell a crowd - that his campaign had moved to 3rd

How important is it that our next President be a "uniter" ?

Clark on MTP.

What does the GOP think of your favorite candidate?

Kerry hurt investors ability to sue companies for investor fraud

Clark fights back

Kerry Rally in NH on C-Span NOW

I hope all the top candidates campaign for the eventual nominee

FOX News Bashing Clark, criticizing Dean, calling Kerry presidential

Is Kerry a Leader or Follower?

Bush Official Uses Nixon Tactics to Smear John Kerry

The ARG Poll: Clark supporters see it drop each day and say "ARG!"

A Challenge to Non-Kerry Supporters: Watch C-Span Event Then Comment

Gun control as an election issue; we should:

John and Teresa Kerry on 60 Minutes - CBS- TONIGHT - 7pmEST

Kerry says he will fight for us, but............

Do you want to reduce child abuse and neglect and sexual abuse?

Wellstone mentioned Clark in his speech

Would Kerry / Zell Miller Ticket give us the southern vote?

How does Clark cut taxes for single people?

Dean went negative on Kerry yesterday

Deleted message

Dean Supporters ONLY: Which other candidate would you most prefer

Kerry Takes the Lead in Arizona Democratic Primary

Dem activists stood and cheered Kerry's words. Internet boards twist them.

Wow. SC ARG poll...Edwards 21% and Kerry 17%.

Clark Did Not Back Down on Meet The Press, Stayed in Total Control

Q: Kerry supporters (1991 GW)

Clark: a disappointment on Meet the Press

Can we be ABK?

Clark: DC lobbyist, raised money for Repubs, voted Nixon, Bush, Reagan

NY Times mining Kerry's 20 year record and it's not pretty:

AWOL Press Conference (11/2/00): Sen. Bob Kerrey, Dan Inouye, Max Cleland

Fears about Kerry, and remembering the tactics of the past.

Does John Edwards have any flaws?

Rugged Kerry woos the jocks

Did Jennings unwittingly help us???


Dean will probably get in trouble for this

The Past few days I like what I have seen from Kerry....

Clark supporters, check in!

Talk me out of transferring my support of Gephardt to Kucinich

When did we get so many Kerry supporters?

Rank the Candidates. Pre-NH Edition

The first I've seen of Clark's language skills! He just had a

Kerry supporters, check in!

How many posters here still have Kucinich for first or second choice?

Images from the "Every Woman Counts" forum

Clark Said: "I won't be Dean's Cheney." Could He Salute to Kerry ?

Memo: Voting for Dean will not prevent the war in Iraq

The "other" 4 star generals who do not support Clark

"Stop Crying in Your Teacups" or why I won't vote for Kerry.

I am 95% pro-Clark....convince me otherwise

Kerry: Bush Rush to War Ignores Vietnam

I'm not looking for a Messiah, I'm looking for a Moses.

Kerry: He's on His Side! An anti-frontrunner linkfest. (Kaus)

General Clark Brought Honor to His Country. Kerry was In His Corner .

Clark People, Less than $100,000 to go on the train!!

Is Kucinich telling the truth about Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Kosovar Refugee Thanks General Clark for his Freedom

Why I am afraid of Kerry getting the nomination

Kucinich: 5 Dem Candidates Promoted WMD Claims

Kerry Folk. Let's leave Gratuitous Attacks to others. Let's give thanks