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Archives: January 4, 2004

Security equipment and its use in torture and other ill-treatment

How do we respond to media spin against Dems like AP's Vermont nuke story?

The more I learn of Mahatma Gandhi, the more I believe he was a modern

Hard to see the jobs recovery post recession in this graph!

Babies who threaten to topple Israel

nasty little freeper in GD

how can someone call all people who are not ABB

Request clarification on the GDF profanity rule, re specific deleted post

Could we have a DU Inaugural Ball if our candidate wins?

Anti-fence protesters detained in W. Bank

We are all soldiers at checkpoints

The disarmament issue

IDF to deploy more crowd dispersal equipment

"No partner"

IDF to deploy more crowd dispersal equipment

For The Sake of Its Own Virtue, Palestinian Resistance Must Spare Civilian

Babies who threaten to topple Israel

For homosexual Palestinians, Israel is their best shot at safety

Any evidence backing up this comment?

How Dean can beat Bush

Anybody watching Joe Lieberman on Hardball?

a haunting mp3: "Mission Accomplished" by Robb Johnson

dramatic Iraq war photos (OUR soldiers suffering) caution, graphic

Can someone tell me why the bush administration is so afraid

So, what do you think * will do when he loses later this year?

Trying to get my grandmother to come back to the Democrats

Bush vs. Hitler

How to Win: Run Leftwards After the Primaries (During the Gen. Election)

The Occupation is Damned


The story of one steer - #534

political imagery offensive, should I worry?

Silly Question

Rebranding Bush as man of peace

US Capitol evacuated after alert

Liberation? NOT For Iraq's Women...

my own brother voted for bush!

A day in the life of GW Bu$h 01-03-04 (Graphic Content)

Willie's new song

Fun with Tinfoil: What really happened with the Egyptian airliner crash?

All hail The Great Words Of JIM ROB!!! BUM BUM BUM!

Depressing visit with a cousin who is a Democrat

Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror (more wars)

Here's a shocker...

What do you think of these constitutional amendments?

Are we entitled to expect more from a first lady than this?

Bush compared to Hitler

My Wife ROCKS!!!

Great site to track Spirit landing...

DU Researchers: Other "Deals" Kissinger & Assoc.Have Been Involved With?

What the hell happened to ED KOCH?

Public likely ate suspect (mad) cow meat

Dude, Where's My Country is Michael Moore's best book.

Report from UFCW strike in Southern California

"Intruder banging door killed by homeowner" Translation: Murderer off hook

Missteps and Confusion Seen in Muslim Chaplain's Spy Case

Sick and the injured file into U.S. field hospital in Iran despite hostile

97-Year-Old Iranian Quake Victim Rescued


How a Bush-Dean contest might shape up

US Girls Embrace Gay Fashion Passion

BA Will Refuse to Fly with Armed Guards

News Flash: Britney Spears Marries In Vegas Saturday

US Panel Asks Giuliani to Explain Expenses from Senate Campaign Fund

Australia to Slaughter 350 Cows From U.S.

Prisoner aimed to kill Hillary

Mars Rover touches down

Mars Spirit explorer sending back "arrived safe" message, no link, got

Mars Rover "Spirit" About to Land

The truth about WMD lies beyond Hutton

A Daily Look at Iraq US Military Deaths-483 US service members have died

Federal judge dismisses Hillary Clinton from Flowers defamation lawsuit

U.S. to Begin New Approach on Foreign Aid

US Arrivals Fingerprinted in Brazil

From Rogue Nuclear Programs, Web of Trails Leads to Pakistan

Al Qaeda's D.C. Death Jet Plot

WP: Transfer of Power to Iraqis Scheduled

New vehicles allow GIs to find, remove hidden IEDs (South African vehicle)

AP Kills Limbaugh Painkillers Story ?????

Governor's (Arnie's) Fundraising Gambit Draws Ire

Accidents Take Increasing Toll on U.S. Military

Another U.S. herd quarantined . . Another farm has been quarantined

State can't say who sold beef

And for my 400th post.....

It was 65 this morning, and we're getting freezing rain now...

You know a joke is being run into the ground when

Folk fans, identify this tune

Goodbye DU....

A rant about and celebration of the movies

Caption this new protected species....

Incubus' anti-Bush song & video "Megalomaniac"

A preview... (takes a tiny tad of time on 56k connections... :cry: )

Bowl question....

No more pussyfooting around!!! (kitty pics)

You know you're in BC when ...

The ferret thread!

You know you are from Hawaii when....

Can someone please answer this?

How do you pronounce "caribbean"?

Why is Laura Bush called Pickles?

Temp 9 degrees, wind 45 MPH, and I'm sittin here eating

old fashioned ham loaf in the oven -- remember it?

Ted Kenney speaking at the Bush Pres. Library from 11/7/03

HBC, Hitler and Bill O'Liely

From the looks of this place, we need this...the bar is open!

There's a big storm heading toward Michigan. Ask me anything.

Anyone that gets CBC...

God told me that kitty threads are the work of Satan. No, really. He

I'm Gonna Have To Have A Talk With The Magic Rats In My Neighborhood

Go Cowboys! (Somewhere besides home next week)

You Know You're From New Jersey When

Mad cow lies exposed by Mike Malloy

What should I do for my 50th birthday?

You know you're from Minnesota when...

Dallas is getting their butts kicked

gawd, i miss 'en vogue'

I just got a new car!

I've given up on the Willie Nelson Webcast. Ask Me Anything

Darn! Locked the goodbye thread!! It was getting fun too!!

I'm worried about my car- it's cold

Eating Bugs

Hey all DU Moslem astronomers...

Mmm! I love eggrolls, but why are they called that?

If you could make a new national holiday

You know you're a political junkie when....

Good night, DU

Mom is getting harrassed because of my gay brother

I still have my Milli Vanilli CD and I'm not afraid to say it!!!

So, a co-worker once told me "We need some serious drugs."

The Connie

Alright...who remembers the Brady Bunch Variety Hour?

Wonder if Rush noticed...

If we beat Bush* could we have a DU Inaugural Ball?

Rose admits to gambling on baseball

Which is your favorite Family Guy season?

Doom3...Best Buy has it for $9.99 pre-release.

Which Celebrity Couple(s) Will Break Up This Year?

Willie Nelson and friends concert streaming now.

Pet Pet Peeves

Mars probe scheduled to "land" at 11:35 pm EST

Willie Nelson: "I've got my Homeland Security Band with me up here."

These tangerines are a BIG disappointment.

Frank The Bunny has now moved in with Cthulhu and Me

Some people here do not want to think!

Willy Nelson singing new Peace song now! link=

Mad Cow stuff and cattle slaughter stories in GD Forum making me ill.....

My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee

You know you're from South Florida if...

How long will Britney Spears marriage last?

You know you're from St Louis when....


I want to take a vacation to Europe this summer

How Do You Get Rid Of Telephone Solicitors? Got any good ones to share?

ok last chance for amsterdam visit suggestions...

When will "reality TV" go away? I'm ranting.... I'm tired of

Opi's Sinners Club, Sign up Now. Name your Sin

Anyone else ever had problems with their eustachian tubes?

VH1's "101 Biggest Oops"

I think DU should have a "Guardian Angel"-style program...

I LOVE Bonnie Raitt!!!!!

You know you're from Cleveland . . .

Diners for Easterners are Like Denny's (or Taco Bravo) for Californians?

The Definitive 26 Questions

You know you're from Arizona (most of ti, anyway) when you wear

You Know You're From LONG ISLAND When....

Hello DU

Holy Crap! My neighborhood is on COPS now!

Let's Have Some Fun: Name a book LEAST likely to be read by Shrub*

A Glossary of Useful Terms for the GD Primaries Forum

You know you're from Chicago if...

Can Someone Answer A Dumb Question For Me needs your help

Duplicate- New Hampshire Voters Swarm To See Clark!

As Race Turns Hot, What About Dean's Collar?

The trouble with Vermont Yankee

2004 is not a lock for Bush

Why I support Dean, and switched from Clark a week ago

Way to go, Tampa Dean folks at the Outback Bowl! Pictures!

Campaign Themes Tell About Who is the Nader of 2004

If we beat Bush* could we have a DU Inaugural Ball?

The Candidate I Want Defeated

What a difference ONE year makes!

Howard Dean keeps it real: Says Bush most dangerous president

"Terror in Dem Party: likely presidential nominee battered, bloodied, and

Actively involved in your candidate's campaign?

MP3 file of Kerry warning Bush not to rush to war on March 1, 2003

If you're not at you're missing out

Confusion spins around Clark's party Affiliation

"Perfect Storm" may rain on Gephardt's parade

It irks me that my vote will not state is firmly Republican and

A Little On the NH Ground Pick Me Up for Clark Supporters

General Clark on MTP tomorrow

Question About Opting Out; Spending Caps, General Election Funds

The Greatest Similarity Between McGovern & Dean Is:

Question for Clark folk. . .

The Cloaking of Evil (MUST READ)

Rest of world gets sick of propping up Bush's deficit

(cbs) Crying Wolf On Terrorism?

The New American System Of Justice - Jimmy Breslin

Interesting article....

The George Who Lost America, Redux

Dean and the McGovern Thing

Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh? (Villiage Voice)

Missing Mary McGrory (David Broder W-P)

Insane, rambling, incoherent letter in local paper.

Howard Zinn's Prez Candidate Stump Speech

Scott Ritter: The search for Iraqi WMD has become a public joke.

Rescue American Jobs: Amazing Facts

Is Will Pitt on radio daily?

Robert Scheer in Thousand Oaks!

Anyone watch Link tv?

The Audubon Christmas bird count

Books - Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook!

Cold Mountain

I think I agree with Michael Jackson?!

Need help for Social Security Experts: Is this true?

US troops slay four Iraqi civilians

Missteps Seen in Muslim Chaplain's Spy Case-NYT

Fisk: Mr Bush has one priority for 2004: Get America out of Iraq. Fast.

Has an "automatic spell check" been requested?

No Britney in LBN?

could I get a blue Alabama icon?

Avatar question

I go away for a while

Anti candidate sig lines?

Just curious about a locked thread

Lounge threads: their own identity?

If we have a deleted post that we appeal...

What's the rule on posting links that launch multiple windows and

Thank you admins

IMHO, there may be a disrupter in this thread...

Why was the thread based on John Nichol's article locked?

Rules on insults

need clarification on consistency

Question about a thread that was locked without explanation.

Fatally Flawed Peace Proposal

The Geneva Bubble

Sharon Orders Dismantling of Tapuah West

Israel risks 'apartheid-style boycott'

Five Israelis jailed for refusing to serve in army

Israel faces South African-style boycott over barrier

Jordan raps Israel over killings

Berkeley activist held in Israeli jail after protest in West Bank

Retired officer returns badge of rank to protest IDF policies

Pedagogy of hate

Top 40 Bush Lies about Iraq and Terrorism

Were tactical nukes used in afghanistan?

Meet Dean's Stooge...

When Clark wins the nomination, could Dean be the VP?

Thune to announce his Senate decision Monday

Dean leads in superdelegates

Good article on the Bush medicare scam.

We might be the lucky winners of the MADCOW Beef

..also spoke of the "virus of Islamic terrorism".

9-11: Republican National Security failure.

Ellen Goodman: Is Orange The New Color Of Safety?

RW looney in my local paper

C-Span doing hour "Call in" with Repugs only on "Bush Big Govt Spending!

Is there a Dem debate today ?

Lieberman dumping on Dean with George Will

Seeking information about the first gulf war......

Airline security seems stupid to me

Quadrantid Meteor Shower -- happening now, probably.

Nate Clay streaming now -- The lone live Saturday night liberal

Guys are drawn to the excitement of war

What does inflammatory mean?

LA Times: Soldiers complain that stop-loss = Return of a DRAFT per se

Three more dead soldiers---now on page EIGHT of newspaper

Although I had to hold my nose at FreeRepublic just now...

Want to Know a Secret?....NYT's Kean interview about 9/11 investigation

Watching the first MER pics coming in now!

For my 1000th post I will say that any candidate CAN beat Bush...

I wonder what repukes think of this....?

Who is the Fukuyama guy anyway?

Same names forced cancellation of flights, maybe a PURGE is needed

Limbaugh, Doctor Shopping, New Law,? (Miami Herald)

Bush's Budget for 2005 Seeks to Rein In Domestic Costs

I need assistance compiling a list of articles re: Administration

I am trying to get someone to cross over from the dark side.

Must Watch Stream: Janeane Garofalo on CounterSpin 1/1/04

Anyone watching MTP?

Has anyone read "The Century," by Peter Jennings and

An estimated 20% of Bam's residents over 15 were opium addicts.

Delay Under Investigation: Texas Fundraising

The Real Saddam on Discovery Channel - Pure Propaganda

Now comes the truly outrageous...

world's smallest helicopters . . .

The media can and does get together when they want to

well, well, well . . . seems GWB has some competition . . .

Great article by Eric Margolis... who is fearless in his criticism of Bush

Ever notice how much Free Republic sucks?

George Bush is guilty of crimes against humanity.

Just have to say.......

Council of Elrond as Metaphor for the Dem Candidates ...

CNN Debate

Gary Johnson (R-NM) would have gotten my vote for governor...

The Insanity of Re importation

Conservatives question if Iraq is a 'necessary and just' war.

Colorado Governer B.O.

Questions to Ask Republicans

Politics: Second Chances and Double-Standards

I think two brilliant points have been made so far...

Deleted message

NY Times Article on German WWII Refugees --- Justice Due?

Why I believe Robert Kennedy would of been a very weak nominee..

Manganese responsible for 'mad cow' and vCJD?

What makes a liberal become a neocon?

dream about terror attack

2003 - The Real Year in Review by Dems Will Win

Happy Orange-Threat-Level New Year!

NY Times Editorial on How Few Troops left after 03/05. Bush readies DRAFT

Dean has most super delegates

Well, the debate isn't even half over...

Which party will end the war on drugs first?

Can someone help me with quotes from the Fox guys about WMDs?

Senators Gave Immunity To (9/11) Airport Security Firms / Flocco

Interesting questions

US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque

Had this e-mailed to me, wanted to pass it on to the DU brethern

More thoughtful FReeper advice to Dean

Dallas Morning News names W as: "Texan of the Year"

Does O'Connor even want to be replaced by a Bush nominee?

Taking on Tom DeLay

Slots for minorities other than HHS and Education now!

How much does a candidate’s appearance matter?

one of the dumbest claims I've heard yet from a Freeper

Saddam Hussein's letter after 9/11

Meetup has it's own message board

How Many Of You Know GOPs Who Won't Vote GWB In '04?

Conservative policy to blame for 911

Mary Landrieu for VP?

Does Saddam Hussien deserve a trial?

Clinton v. Bush on the question of al Qaeda, OBL and September 11

Is the UN dead?

CNN poll on Late Edition Can any Dem beat Bush

Great anti PETA argument...

OK....I'm looking for US Company who does "wafer thin" Fingerprints!

Torture the American Family Association--gay marriage poll

Is it true the stock market was acting "funny" the day before 9/11?

Limbaugh, Lurching to the Left......great editorial.

Debka: Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke New York on February 2

Why I am a republican

1,733 hydrocodone pills, 90 OxyContin pills, 50 Xanax tablets, 40 Kadian

This woman is dead now

Question: How much are federal employees worth?

Will Dems lose Jewish voters in 2004?

If you support the US occupation of Iraq what should the Iraqi people do?

Two Loud Words

Wanted: One Big Idea

From Rogue Nuclear Programs, Web of Trails Leads to Pakistan

I am a smoker, in PA, and I want our state to outlaw smoking...

Just e-mailed O'Reilly

Drudge: features ad comparing Bush to Hitler...

LOTR: Metaphors for the Bush and 'conservative' radio?

Egyptian Charter Jet Crashes, Killing 148

Iraqi kicked to death by UK soldiers: report

Chinese caught trying to bug Israeli embassy

U.S. to Begin New Approach on Foreign Aid

British soldiers 'kicked Iraqi prisoner to death'

Dupe. Please lock

Ten dead in Philippines blast

Dupe - mods, please lock.

Libya gives deadline to U.S. on sanctions

Clark was great on MTP

Female Officers Cross Cultural Frontier in Iraq

Martha Stewart in the dock

Clark's Military Background Draws Veterans' Praise (NH Union Leader/AP)

Dean Came from Nowhere to Lead Democrat Race[write to Reuters about bias!]

Rumors of rape fan anti-American flames


Odor of Solvent Triggers Alert at Capitol

Palestinian refugees: championed by Arab world yet treated like outcasts

Blair, in Surprise Iraq Trip, Says Country is 'Test Case'

Spirit Lands On Mars and Sends Postcards

Iowa Democrats are split on how to defeat Bush

Spacecraft Survives Journey To Mars

Blair visits UK troops in Basra

Black Votes- No GOP Fantasy

Mikhail Saakashvili wins Georgian election in landslide

BA will refuse to fly with armed guards

(MAD?) Cow ID System May Be Delayed (immediate becomes 2 years)

Pushover Taxman? Congress to Consider if IRS Is Too Lax

Iraq 'test case' in terror fight, Blair tells troops

Iraqi Judges Get Trained for War Crimes

US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque

As Folk Singer Supports Kerry, He Objects, Too

France 'confirms' fighter escorts

Critics: Tests dumb down math

Bin Laden urges fight against 'Gulf occupation' (excerpts fm. tape)

Dean Draws Fire From Debating Democrats

Dean - "I will vigorously support the presidential candidate ...

Thune will challenge probably Daschle

Saddam's Capture: Was a Deal Brokered Behind the Scenes?

Jazeera Airs Audio Tape Said to Be of Bin Laden

Dean Now Willing to Discuss His Faith [WP]

FBI Checked Las Vegas Hotel Lists in Terror Alert

U.S. Troops Raid Kurdish Party Offices in Kirkuk

Dean Polls 5% Behind Bush.

Dean Sold Bank Stock After Becoming Gov.

Is Peace Breaking Out across Africa?

Amputee soldier denied access to club

'Croc Hunter' defiant in face of world outrage

Afghans agree on new constitution

Secret police force to be set up in Iraq

Is It Better To Have A Few Votes Under Your Belt, or...

It's that time again...."Michael Rennie was ill..."

Just listened to the latest Sevendust album: Seasons. Ask me anything.

WarGames is on TCM right now

"The Smoking Gun" 2004 predictions from

So do you think the probe will find evidence of life before the election?

Snow is almost at 1000 posts, ask him anything

The Porno Snowboard Jacket

Speaking of vampires...any old LARP Masquerade players?

A question for New Orleans residents

When I met Jeb Bush

New Wave/Goth Cover Night!!

What a night in Austin, TX - I was there

Who here is unable to belch?

I can't wait to get out of here!

Shake it like a polaroid peeksha!

I've got the secret Mars photo NASA tried to hide.

Jeepers Kreepers 2 or not?

Is it me, or is GD looking more like the Lounge tonight?

The virtual kindbud thread.

My 199th post is a coming, PLEASE ask me somthing!

Did you lose money on the Cowboys tonight?

You know you're really from The Lounge when...

someone's been sleeping in my Panamanian rum

I am not sure what to make of this video.... it is, well, disturbing

Pinch Me by The Barenaked Ladies...


Our Little Britney ... Married At Last!

Is anyone here experienced using Maya?

The guy across the street is a genuine Neo-Con!


I'm just back from a posting-vacation on DU...

Picture yourself there, and examine the thoughts you might have

Do you look for maximum value in everything you do ?


Satellite radio RAWKS!


Car survives night...HEyHEY rejoices

Preemptive nomination for best thread of 2004

CAPTION the war and fear salesman caught redhanded

Who's got that link to a good page teaching different types of arguments

It's only the funniest thread of the night if you read the whole article

Should there be a Word of the Day?

New photography!

Minnesota Ice Palace

for folks with more than one cat

I killed my last deer of the year yesterday.

"I am NOT Michael Jackson!" says Steve Irwin . . .

Absolution online

Are you bothered by zombies and/or vampires?

Is there a Superhero film that you want to see made that hasn't yet?

Have you heard the one about...

Interesting Poll about Rush Limbaugh

Le mur des je t'aime (The Wall of I love Yous)

Does anyone know if there is a place on the 'net

How do you enjoy life?

Why My Dog Would Make a Better Prez Than Bush

Debate today

joke ? - an elderly meeting

Big Brother in action


Just have to say.......

Everything I need to know I learned in GD '04

Don't Do This Often But I REALLY Need A Caption!

Dustin Hoffman was 'deeply disappointed' when not included on NRA's list

I for one welcome our new Russian Teen Lesbian Overlords

Does any use Incredimail here?

these people obviously have no idea . . .

Does your city have two "new rock" stations???

Live Dem catfight on CNN now

So...did anyone have "less than 24 hours" in the Britney marriage pool?

Question for contact lense wearers

Humpty Dumpty: Post-accident action report

Who has great abs?

the superhero bush

a sample of RW political cartoon "humor"

Vegetarian Question

Any ideas for a cannabis t-shirt?

Proof that shrub* thinks it's still a days after the 2000 election


So much for *'s popularity -- now they are giving away those dumb

A friend needs help: He's accidentally locked his attache case

A question about CNN.

Is Michelle Norris "hot?"

Wow Pack interception to win in OT

Why aren't you watching the Democratic candidates debate?

I'm in the Wayback machine

Snow envy...

Has anyone here ever read Hoka, Hoka, Hoka by Poul Anderson and

I just did something I haven't had to do for years: shovel snow!

On the occasion of my 50th birthday, my 1000th post

My desk is FINALLY built!!!!

Has anybody read the new book by Perle and Frum?

What's the best way to put up a political yard sign?

Waaaaaaaa! My chest hair just disappeared!

When you should follow your dog's example...

Manning/Harrison handing "Ponies" their lunch right now

Need help finding a book

CONTEST!!! How many threads do you have RIGHT NOW on

What politicians have you met or shook hands with?

Your favorite prints from

Now that the wildcards are decided, what are your Super Bowl picks?

It's always "Secret Police"; what about

I think I need "How to be Interesting" lessons!

CONFESS!!!!!! You like cleaning your ears out with Q-Tips

Any of you guys ever try "Be Calm'd"?

Need links for rights of GLBT people

I watched "Dave" last night and nearly cried...

Someone PLEASE say something nice about George W. Bush

Holy SHiite! The Seahwaks are for REAL!!

When will reality TV bashers go away....I'm ranting, I'm tired of...

Need an internet address for a new business. Who to go with?

I love it when people scream at me and threaten me!

Is There A "Proper" Way To Make A Tuna Melt... Need Recipe

Things we'll never hear Shrub say:

The 100 Loves of Liberals..................

If we have, like, ten billionaire DUer's...

Britney's Marriage: Lasted One Day

So, I created this new webpage...

Question: Does the size of b*sh's hands tell us anything about him?



Update on the Cocoa the dog chronicles

Did you know that a wool sweater can't go into a clothes drier?

13 year old Labrador --- Need advice!

Caption Contest: Win a DVD

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

'DarthKitten' defiant in face of world outrage!

Things you'll never likely see happen on Sesame Street:

The Dean week - in a nutshell (warning - quasi-humor ahead)

which Firesign Theatre album does this administration remind you of?

The refrigerator chronicles.

How many people do you have on your ignore list?


how many posts do I need before I can believably claim that GD2004

The 2005 Mustang! I want... I want!!!

DU Canadian Election guide update - need DUers from these provinces

Crap. External garage, not heated, no electricity for engine block warmer

A couple having safe sex

Never been married at 40, did I miss anything?

I'm seeing more and more Alabamians here.

How hot is Britney Spears?

I'm building my DVD collection--ask me anything!

Breaking: Dingbat to watch Democratic Debates

Things we'll never hear other DUers say

What does everyone think of Kerry's hair?

Who's face is most likely to end up on Mount Rushmore?

Can someone tell me why the bush administration is so afraid

Is Dennis on the ballot in all 50 states?

Dean wows 'em in South Carolina

Unusual scenario - Kerry stuns and wins Iowa, then gets close 2nd

Here's a shocker...

Lieberman, on This Week "On why Dean should not be Dem nominee"

Why I believe Robert Kennedy would of been a very weak nominee..

Clark on MTP...

steve grossmen on FOX sunday show

Tom DeLay blames Howard Dean for defection of TX Representative.

Is there a Dem debate today ?

John Kerry will appear on CBS's "Face the Nation" 1/4/04

Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition Poll

Please explain this double-standard by Kerry and Leiberman

Dem candiates offer solutions for Farm Country (article)

What did Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt and Lieberman NOT know about IWR?

MSNBC poll on Dean

Floridians check this !!!!

What Would Jesus Do?

What time is the debate tonight?

Heads up to IL Dean supporters

Try this experiment

The General's New Stripes- Clark A Quick Study (Newsweek 1/12)

Why I don't believe candidate bashing within our party is in our

Another reason why today's debate is meaningless

Anyone watching MTP?

George Bush is guilty of crimes against humanity.

Somebody PLEASE say something - anything - in Dean's favor.

Gephardt did something right

Clark will NOT be VP

ABC's The Note- Dean leads Superdelegate Commitment

February Contests Shape Up as Pivotal- LA Times

Which Side Is Clark On?

Draft Gen. Anthony Zinni for Dean's VP

Which network is carrying the debate today?

debate on now....CSPAN and FOX

Lieberman dumping on Dean with George Will

"Democratic candidates are playing a dangerous game"

I just wanted to take a second and say

Somebody PLEASE say something - anything - in Lieberman's favor.

Democratic Debate on CSPAN Now!

So dose not being in Congress help or hurt Dean?

Can Gep speak a sentence without talking about Clinton?

Democratic debate...thread 2

lieberman: 'clark registered as a lobbyists before he registered as a dem.

Democratic Debate.....Thread 3

What does everyone think of Kerry's hair?

Clark aides say Gen. misspoke when he said "I'd beat the s*** out of..."

Wqatching Debate-Candidates jump on Dean worse than they jump on Bush!

John Edwards: the true outsider ?

Dean has most super delegates

The front-runner as lightning rod (Christian Science Monitor)

Bob Cringely's preditions for 2004 . . .

Dean supporters check out this idiotic post from freeper land

Clark's "New American Patriotism"

CSPAN callers

Lieberman is a nasty old bastard.

Candidate Reviews - Higher Education

I declare Moseley-Braun and John Edwards winners of CNN Debate!

The Veepstakes

Where were clark and Sharpton?

Forget about pro/anti war, how about pro-reality

For Clark Supporters Who Might Be Worried About Him Missing Today's Debate

I am switching my backup vote from Clark to Gephardt

The more they attack Dean....

More thoughtful FReeper advice to Dean

Gephardt doing good on cspan

For those who used Clark's praise for Bush against him

Favorite Leiberman Quote from the Debate

Listening to callers on C SPAN - laughing my ass off

Who won the Iowa debate?

Democratic Debate.....Thread 4

Dean campaign should create "Im Angry too Howard!" bumper stickers

Did Dean say this about the war at the Iowa Debate?

Prediction: '04 Democratic Ticket: Dean/Edwards

CSPAN whoring themselves out for the so-called "Major" candidates

CMB as UN Ambassador?

Dean cites "orange alert" as evidence of stupidity of Iraq invasion

If Lieberman gets the nomination, what will you do?

Dean not the only candidate talking about religion. . .

Clarence Page calls it "Angry Howard Syndrome"

Is this war all about Israel?

And Dean losing his temper is

Kerry's statement RE: Saddam 1/4/4

Potential Vice Presidents

OK, who lost today's Iowa debate?

Iowa Debate: Michelle Norris was trying to help Dean re taxes.

Dean seems to be looking for friends

John Kerry:Small Business v. Special Interests

Kucinich. Dean. Clark. Gephardt. Kerry. Lieberman. Sharpton. Edwards. M-B

If Dean is the Nominee - who of the candidates Should be VP?

Not clear on Clarks position regarding same sex marriage

ARG NH Tracking: Dean 39(+1) Kerry 14(even) Clark 12(-1)

A brief history of Clark's lobbying career. . .

DU Scoop! Dean probably AHEAD of Bush in latest CNN poll !

Clark Reaffirms: Dean Candidacy is the Bush Model. Been There, Done That

Clark closes on Dean in Democratic race

Dean: Bush doing a fine job on the war on terrorism....

Kerry on CBS. Saying Dean is someone who thinks Saddam needs a trial to

Why I'm for Dean By William Greider (the Nation)

Let's talk Democratic unity.

Clark: Mastering the Media Appearance

How about a Dean-Edwards ticket?

Well, the debate isn't even half over...

Jesus is a Democrat, claims Dean

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