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Archives: August 1, 2004

Iran: Israel, US behind Iraq terrorism

America - A Call To Greatness

Jeremy Seabrook: Creating refugees

President Kerry?


“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951” - Federal Documents

London Observer (August 1): President Kerry?

Decision 2004: Iran or Sudan? (

NYT: If Clinton Could Run Again

Anyone have an on-line source for printing out free political signs?

Use the Current Administration (and foes) To Cast Your Bond Film!

John Kerry "Born to Run" on CNN right now!

Wow! has positive Kerry story on front page

Did you hear Jon Stewart's advice last night about the media??????

My Daughter

Parallel universes theory by David Deutsch-- Newscientist

Democrats "burned" on gun issues... McCarthy is frustrated...

A lot of articles from far right wing sources ...

Why are do so many 9/11 conspiracy theorists hate Jews

What is it with these St. Paul DINO mayors?

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana to jam with Kerry Monday!!

Senator Affleck?

Mr. Kerry, Reporting For Duty, Sir!

basic republican views about democrats

Seen on Cspan today. Soldier disses king george.

Is it me, or does Bush look like five kinds of crap?

Janeane Garofalo's only interview with Howard Dean

Is Rove/Bush* holding back any Kerry attack material?

Bad Intel?

Sandy Berger cleared of all wrongdoing.

Things are a'changin'.

These 3 News Articles Were Lined Up At One Time In LBN

LOL....Did you hear the witch O'Byrne in Capitol Gang? "WHEN IS IT GOING

Anybody watching Clinton with Larry King? I don't know if it is a repeat.

Anyone have a link to the infamous 'moran' picture?

We've had 3 1/2 years to convince the unwashed

"Aides Work to Get Democrat Message Out"

Noahmijo and I went to a Democratic Rally

"Rizzo" from Grease (Stockard Channing) supports Kerry

"Bush Announces 20 Recess Appointments"

Kerry/Edwards train coming my way!

Managing expectations: the convention bounce(s)

Who says...

OK, DU - let's play "fill in the slogan!"

I have made my intentions clear about voting.

Where can I get those magnetic bumper stickers you folks are always raving

They Can't Knock Us All Down; Rest If You Must But Do Not Quit

If the Media Sets the "Bar" Low for Bush in the Debates..............

We're through the looking glass, Merriam . . .

"Fla. Elections Officials Find 2002 Data"

Now we know Bunnypants campaign strategy.

The mind of the bush supporter--avoiding cognitive dissonance???

my brother's observations on Bush's speeches

Even is whoring...

Real Time is on!

Help, need articles of Sandy Berger innocent...

New Bush Bumper Sticker... Has Anybody Seen This?

Who is this guy on c-span trashing Wilson ?

CSpan Now...Cliff Kincaid lying about Wilson/Plame

"Expert Issues E-Voting System Challenge"

What Is Going On with Wilson

Arguments for Kerry, re: Small Business.

Biblical Bush

Did anyone see Susan Estrich debate Bill O Reiley on abortion?

CNN special on JK. Debate with Weld. "I know something about killing

Protesting Cheney in Reno Nevada DUer made the news

*WELCOME TO TUCSON CHENEY Pt. 2* (SammyBlue behind the camera)

Gallup to release new poll tomorrow at noon

Hubby and I had an Argument Today...

Wow...Latest Bush argument


"Republicans Defecting to Kerry's Camp"

DU this Newsweek poll

Comparing Kerry's speech today in Greensburg with Bush's today in

Karel is HOT tonight. Listen live

Did anyone ever notice...

Have you noticed the crap posts have ceased?

Bush Jumps on the 9/11 Band-Aid Wagon

Anti Bush Dog Toy!

Who are the undecided voters and why will Kerry's strategy work?

Kerry vs. Bu$h on my mountain.

Riverbend is back!!!

I wish CNN would stop showing that Crawly "documentary" of Kerry


CNN Polls: "Ways to die" Edition.

Michael Moore. I dig you, but am afraid

Even is whoring...

Best picture of John Kerry I've ever seen...

10:22pm.CNN Last Call: TAKING CALLS: should a First Lady be outspoken

A Vetwife offer ...We can do this ! For DU and this Country !

Bush asks "Why, why, why..."

Draft of letter to CNN -- comments appreciated

Michael Moore kicks ass on the Mahar show! 9pm pst

anyone have a good link to all the convention speeches on MP3?

Gay activists expose gay staffers who work for Fundie anti-gay Republicans

Have you noticed how GOOD LOOKING Kerry is since the convention?

They showed Bush* on the campaign and they said 5000 INVITED

Woodruff, Rather, (all else) on C-SPAN ("Media Coverage of Campaign")

WalMart Pushing Nader Petitions

Politix & books (Franken, Kennedy, Conason) tonight on C-Span 2

C-SPAN: Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, Lehrer on media coverage ...

If you want to watch senator DAYTON saying NORAD lied:

Help need newspaper article on Sandy Berger innocent...

Question concerning the "I had an A word or abortion" shirts

"We've Turned the Corner" is new Bush slogan

Maureen Dowd according to Drudge (yich, sorry)

Possible reason for newest NYC Terra threat?

Could someone tell me what is wrong with hating George W. Bush?

Just saw CNN somberly reporting on terror tip.

Though you might like this.

How are scarce federal dollars best spent?

What really happened to Bush in that elementary classroom on 9/11

Kerry Admin == NARC PARTY? This is your convention on drugs!

WHY out Plame? Misdirection of investigation. Novak, you devil . . .!

A Response to Those Who Question Kerry's Purple Heart

Female U.S. soldiers taken hostage by Iraqis "raped repeatedly" ???

Italian Spies faked documents - anyone with Times UK Subscription

Election disruption issue...

bush has turned the sweetest person I have ever known into a cussing

The man from hope....

Dumbya: "You know how the rich is..."

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Funding Application

Deadheart Dick Cheney Bumbles Through the Southwest

I just got back from the Kerry rally in Wheeling, WV!

The Sunday morning talk shows.

On the radio today I heard THUNDEROUS CHEERING for Bush at rally

Riverbend is Back

If you became a millionaire, would you ever consider voting Republican?

If the south and some midwestern states secede

Here's a question...

Booga booga booga! Attack on NYC "imminent"!!!

Okay, folks, This is REAL Important, and I am FREAKING OUT!!

This is too good not to post.: A defense of John Kerry.

Hometown Kerry - Edwards Pics ... please look!

I can't for the life of me understand why people of color don't support W*

TX Detainee NOT Terror-Linked, & as for the "Tombstone Tumbleweed"...

"medical experiments" at Guantanamo?

Affleck and Vanessa Kerry a couple??????

*WELCOME TO TUCSON CHENEY!* (Protest pics from Tucson and LOTS OF EM)

Busted budgets on the border Memos obtained by NBC reveal lax detention

BBC (Saturday): Iranian dissident Hashem Aghajari freed on bail

"Halliburton sues retirees over health benefit cutbacks"

The fond and the furious greet Bush in Ohio

PM gets personal in Latham attack

C SPAN NOW...Media Roundtable with the "biggies"

Pinochet: Murderer and Thief

Laura Bush christens ship

UK: Mandelson rented flat from oil tycoon in coup claim

Clinton Adviser Berger Cleared of Document Theft

Venezuela Judge Orders Officers Arrested

[UK] Army pays Iraqi family £390 ($710) after shooting girl dead

Europeans Mostly Rally to Kerry, but With Few Illusions (NYT)

Argentina blames IMF for crisis | BBC

British Historians Attack Hollywood 'Distortions'

Officials Fear Terrorists Could Try to Enter U.S. Through Mexico

Explosions Rock Fallujah After New Bombing (Saturday)

Saudi royal family lambasts Michael Moore for twisting the truth in his 9/

Pinochet's son released from detention, banned from leaving Chile

Brazil Is Leading a Largely South American Mission to Haiti

High-Profile Protest Greets Cheney on Way to Rally (New Mexico)

WP: Bush Visits Worried Workers of the Rust Belt

World trade talks reach agreement

Rosemary's Baby at the Dem Convention..(Coulter)

Oh my Jeezus EYES!

What is a "LOSER"

I can't copy and paste!

Why do you mock me? Dammit, why do you mock me?

Ahh! My mom's gonna vote for Kerry!

I ordered a Kerry yard sign

What's the quickest way to sell a car?

Whiney people piss me off

How Do I Find Out What Type Of Voting Method my State Uses on Election Day

My bf's away this weekend...

In light of yesterday's "porn star name" thread.

what are the big trades that have been made in baseball?

Quick rant about file sharing

Anyone thinks that "moran man" looks like Mark Hacking?

A Walk Across America..with a Leica..(WOW!!!)

Photoshopped Nomar goodness, courtesy of ESPN:

I think DU'ers are about the funniest people on the planet.

Michael Moore & Bill Maher beg Nader to quit

Are you afraid of heights???

need a picture...

It's come to my attention that some of you were worried about me.....

Just a reminder: I'm playing '60s soul music on the radio tonight.

Bloom as Bond?!?

Hey you DU cartoonists and Photoshoppers...I've got an idea for the

Big Dog to host SNL?

Bob Byrd on C-Span2

Which pair of dress pants should I keep?

"Thank god for music I don't have to be creative anymore"

So just how fast did Tyson go down last night?

Are you clammy, cold or sweaty?

Does anyone know what is going on with Ebay??

What the heck is that?

I'm watching "Harvey Birdman" - don't ask - I have no idea

I am a tree frog

SNL replaying Al Sharpton episode tonight

Anyone thinks that "moran man" looks like Mark Hacking?

How do I kill time in Chicago?

Blue moon rising.

From Bronoo, With Love: And other made-up names from spam e-mail

I'm in love with a shoe

Photoshopped creation- feedback requested.

I yam what I yam

Todd Snider's "East Nashville Skyline" is excellent!

My freshly-drafted fantasy football team:

Old Ed Sullivan clips on PBS TV right now.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

The World Ends At 10:00am tomorrow morning

Blue Moon tonight

How Many Members of the Bush Administration are Needed To Replace a Light

Tonight is a blue moon! Is a new smurf delivered to the Village?

"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!"

If Will Ferrell were your servant, what would you do with him?

Nomar's a Cubby

Larry King repeating Clinton interview (recent) for some reason NOW....

What color is the food stuck in your teeth?

The new DU chicken lost-and-found service

When you suck the bone, you get the sauce!!!


Would you eat at Rev. Al Sharpton's Casa de Sushi?

I lost a chicken salad sandwich

I have solid proff that Hellboy is a Democrat

You SURE you wanna go flying??

JCCyC vs. rbnyc

Kerry and Edwards sure love Wendys


Mike Malloy starts Monday night. Now he finally gets on in New York!

Polls Are

John Carpenter's "They Live," 16 years later...who could have known

"I'm taking a ride with my best friend...

The move is finished

Office Space is on Bravo.

Saturday night drink thread


I have neither lost nor found any poultry today

This is the reason I fight so hard

New State mottos (from axis of evil blog)

How long does it take to get a Kerry bumpersticker?

"The Village" ***SPOILERS***

If you HAD to say something

Why is fire warm?

Those with green or blue eyes, please report

"We are turning the corner!"

Don't you want me baby?

I Am Spartacus

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

I saw my first Kerry bumper sticker

Who should NOT play James Bond?

gonna be gone until late wednesday night starting tommorow

Part 1 of a series: Write my Goofy Newspaper Thing for me...

Very frustrated with ZoneAlarm

Too good not to share-- "Boys will be Boys"

The Bush "Deer Caught In The Headlights" pic makes a nice Kerry poster

In your mind, who should play the next James Bond?

ZombyWoof licked the cherry juice off my thighs

Spider pic's

Sleepy Kitty Thread

A weird thing happened today when we went to get our mail

What would happen if you crossed a maximum-security prison with a college?

SPOILER ALERT!!! I just saw "The Village"... I HATED it and LIKED it...

70's redneck rock

Name some movies that make you cry.

I do NOT get the movie "Mulholland Falls" DAMNIT!!!

I lost a chicken

I bought a Beanie Baby today, a donkey called "Lefty"

"Right there on my TV"

DU Lounge discriminates against short-haired, non-cute kitties!!!

In the grim future of HELLO KITTY, there is only WAR.

Happy Birthday Jerry... wishing you were still here.

Senator Reid in Douglas County Nevada

Listen To Kerry Slam Bush's "We're Turning A Corner" Phrase To Nothingness

Ron Reagan on Bush in Esquire-Link and partial text

A new low for MSNBC....

Bush Is Screwed - This Is The Best He's Got?

I converted a couple Bush fans to Kerry today

"John Kerry said, 'Send me'" - A winning theme for the election of 2004

Is it me, or is Bush physically morphing into Pat Robertson?

Bush has a "four year plan" for the economy

Democrats who are "excited about 2004" is nearly double from 2000.

"Reverend Al Sharpton somehow managed to find his way onto the stage."

Networks calling a state for a candidate.. a question:

Howard Dean: Listen to his only interview with Janeane Garofalo

Rudy Giuliani

Have you seen this picture of Moore and Maher begging Nader to drop out?

All Bush Has to Sell, Is Fear Itself - OpEdNews

George W. Bush = George A. Custer

NYT: Blocking Medical Product Suits.

US reporter revisits Iraq, reverses his earlier optimistic assessment.

What language does Lott speak? (Miss. Clarion-Ledger) NYT begins its campaign against Kerry in earnest.

WaPo book review on THE STATUS SYNDROME by Marmot

Bush like Custer

Reporting for duty

Al From: Turning Boston momentum into election victory

Kerry Gives Voice To Mainstream Democratic Ideals

about the US income tax system

Spinning 16 words into basis for war - Seattle PI

An Interview with a Palestinian-American Rapper (he ain't on the sofa)

Ron Reagan: The Case against George W. Bush (Esquire article)

Why Kerry’s pledge to restore trust must send a chill down Blair’s spine

Tip of the Hat: Charting the Real Bias of Reporters

Free Chickens

Whoreen's latest--"Can He Float Your Boat?"

HAHAHA... The No RNC Poster Project

REMINDER: Sibel Edmonds & Ray McGovern Live Interview Coming Up.

CapitalHillBlue- What biases do they have?

MSNBC's "Bringing the War Home"

Is CNN not buying this terror threat.

Bummer! Enid Goldstein's radio station goes off the air.

are you guys watching K/E on Stephaopolous (sp) today?

Sean Hannity taunting...

New War Photo Gallery Deal or dud?

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

Today in History 08/01

One more thought for today

Astrologers: Sunrise Over D.C., from Starlight News

Morning wildlife sightings.

Astrologers What Do You Make of Compatibility

Outsourcing Delivers Hope to India

Seas turn to acid as they absorb global pollution

Can we have a Top 20 or 30 Conservative idiots next week?

here is a cool little link you guys may want to consider

Why is a thread with 21 posts

Twice today I posted long-winded (albeit brilliant) rants only to post

A "Listen Live" radio show suggestion

Question about Rock The Vote

Canada now involved in New Zealand passport fiasco

Diplomatic source: Israel trying to block U.S.-Jordan arms deal

Al Aqsa gunmen freed hostages after Arafat okayed payoffs

Government reneges on undertaking to US (Ma'ariv)

In defense of "Pod People"

My sister will be on WGN MedWatch tomorrow!

Where can we buy yard signs and get them FAST!!

Martha Coakley for Senate rumors...

Help Minnesotans! What's going on in St Paul? Dem Mayor pro-Bush???

St. Paul (Dem) mayor supports Bush for re-election - implications???

You Lucky Minnesotans....Thinkin' About Attending College In Your State...

Remember to vote this Tuesday!

I found Akron Mayor Plusquellic's speech at the convention on Cspan

Just got back from Zanesville rally

I met Elizabeth Edwards!!!!!!

DFW DUers - August 7th Poll . #2

My LTTE in Sunday's Journal-Sentinel

John Lennon knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Gotta love McCain for this-Show this to all rw'ers-

Andre Heinz and his accent

Sunday talk.

What were the lessons that Kerry learned from Vietnam?

Tickets for today's Kerry event in Taylor, Michigan ... WTF?

Ldotters want Saudi Royal Family to murder Michael Moore


We must get people to see "The Corporation" before the election.

Another industry is outsourcing work to India!

We've been infiltrated

Josh Marshall on the Cheney New Mexico rally pledge

LTTE,: traumatized by drug searching helecopters

What's REALLY going on inside Iraq...

Did I hear John Kerry in 1971?


Saw pictures of anti-Bush Ohio protests on TV in California

Us poor dial up folks need a new feature from DU

What Did Bush Know?

My friend, the viet nam vet

I'm in full-tilt paranoia tonight. Talk me down...

we paid in 2002 $40 million taxes

More and more attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"NORAD Lied About 9/11"

A Governor * quote from the 2000 campaign

Did you know that there's a good possibility that green stamps

I posted this in Kzoo........Paper =)

It's so messed up, the way we factor death...

Freeper post about Eliz. Edwards' weight ... one Pub has compassion.

Schweinfurt troops remember two soldiers

Natalie Portman won't cover Kerry T-shirt on ABC's "GMA"

Washington Post -- Analysis by David Broder on state of campaign

What's The Bracelet On Clinton's Wrist?

DUer Challenges Hannity to a Duel!!!

"Kerry lied...While Good Men Died"

Robert Novak says the Dems are planning to steal the election..LOL!

Josh Marshall - Pukes now in third of 5 stages of grief

A guy I'd take even in lieu of Obama in 2012

Josh Marshall - Pukes now in third of 5 stages of grief

Bush (Snr) career timeline?

LIBERALS: The Anti-Nazi party

Happy Birthday Jerry... wishing you were still here.

Look up in the sky it's a plane, it's a bird no it's Al Queada

The Thumb Trick: George W. Bush possessed by demons

A far-fetched, but feasible idea for Texans

Kerry and Edwards on Faux News Sunday

I don't believe the new Terra alert - Name the corporations threatened.

RE: Latest terra warning...

I'm going to talk with Obama and Durbin this morning

TV Alert: Kerry and Edwards on This Week 9:19am EDT

If Obama Continues to be unopposed

Does anyone have that GREAT picture of Max Cleland in his wheelchair

Baghdad is a city that reeks with the stench of the dead

CSpan to replay Senate Committe on 911 Commission Recomendations

If IVR was an option for Presidential candidate

Zell Miller must have a Brain Tumor.

Josh Marshall's story *was* the Niger forgeries

Iraqi group claims over 37,000 civilian toll

any other DUers ....

I just found the numbers that will win the election for Kerry

Don't let the media fool you Kerry got a 11 point bounce

Democrats finally got a good spokesperson

Kerry does not have to go "negative" but he can still attack Bush....

Who made the adorable "Hamsters for John Kerry" avatar?

117F/47C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Interesting proposal from CO. to change how electoral votes are divied up

Italian spies "faked documents" in Niger uranium hoax

Did anyone see that engraged freeper-type on CBS Evening News tonight?

"The American People are Safer".....quote from dubya. Are we?

Elect GWB out of Pitty if there is an attack....

AOL Straw Poll Right on the Money! Kerry 53 Bush 45 Nader 2


Hunting for The President

Has everyone seen this?

Kerry 54% Bush 41% (The Real Numbers)

What's going on with American Airlines?

Why don't the Democrats censure Zell Miller?

Bush, Republicans, and the Newest Terror Threat

When does the color switch actually take States

who's a bigger TOOL than potato face?

"Results Matter"

McLaughlin group: Unanimous that convention was "excellent for the Dems"

George W Bush had no national security credentials as Gov of Texas...

Mary Matalin is such a disgusting shill.

When you remember Bush had most of the world pissed at us before 9-11

Legislature overrides Romney veto on appointing Kerry's Senate replacement

This morning on Faux 10% of Bush voters last election will vote for Kerry

I think the RNC should be cancelled.

Is there any country in the world that the majority of the PEOPLE support

If they postpone the RNC,

Woman's Dying Wish: Bush Defeated

((((( Series Of Bombs Rock Baghdad)))) Terrorists Plot in U S A...

Another disgusting op/ed cartoon Miami-Herald (english edition)

Whatever happened to Sen. Res. 82, regarding democracy in Iran?

I DON'T think there will be another attack: here's my uninformed opinion

Words & Phrases the right wing media will use to try to discredit Kerry...

If I had any notoriety at all I would publicly call out Hannity and

Robert Byrd will be on "Late Edition" with Wolf

The irritation of talking points

Kerry shows biggest advantage ever in Rasmussen poll

Kerry and Edwards on CNN Late Edition today!

Tom Ridge News Conference coming up at 2:00 Eastern. NYC attack warning.

Just saw the Mel Martinez supported by Bush ad on Tampa TV 11

Why does Al Quaeda have a fetish for New York?

NYT: Bush Planning August Attack Against Kerry

Bobby Kennedy on CSpan just said FASCISM is the name for

What would you say to Bush?

Ron Reagan: "The Case Against GW Bush."

I wish the whores would shut up about Obama

Surprise! CNN has picked a very unflattering "standard" photo of Kerry

I cannot stand that Matlin woman. . . .

ABC uses Donna Brazile as their expert?

religious con man Falwell has complaint filed at the FEC & IRS

never mind........dupe

Better to Fight the Terrorists There Than Here VERSUS Terror Alert in NYC

Just heard about the film "Liberty Bound"

About the Gallup Poll ....

Once again, Lieberman is shilling for the Republicans on CNN

"Terrorists" in Berlin?!

Kurtz: Appologies To Triumph The Insult Comic Dog...

MIHOP - Northwoods - Think about this

Bush camp solicits race of Star staffer (racist bastards)


someone ease my mind please.....

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Release Date reported.

They are going to kill us all in NY.

maybe the higher level is to scare any members of congress from coming


Help Me Debunk This ASAP!

Anyone watching Late Edition on CNN?

Did anyone watch CNN during the 2000 election?

CNN/Gallup/Diebold/ES&S: Watch them closely.

CNN BREAKING - D.C. to go to Orange Level of Alert

So CNN has been pushing the RNC Convention since....

There is a great guest on Coast to Coast

Newt. Will he work for or against us?

media trash Koppel has interview with Goodman

Gallup 50-47 poll taken half before Kerry speech.

The Power of Ridicule. Who uses it better?

Does deflating the strength (polls) of Kerry help or hurt bush?

*WELCOME TO TUCSON CHENEY* (Rerun for those who didn't see photos)

Why are all the threads being locked about Dean on CNN?

Wolfie right?

My argument with a Naderite

Damn Dean comes out swinging on CNN

Dean on CNN! NOW!

Sudden terra alerts - real or political?

repub at work handed me this statement from kerry

Did anyone watch Kerry and Edwards on Face The Nation?

All polls are psychological...

Al Sharpton on CNN after the break!

60 Year Subscription Comes To End...Chicago Sun-Times Cancelled

When Ridge speaks today

Ex-Canadian PM Kim Campbell et al (Club de Madrid) on CSPAN now...

Rev. Al on CNN

Tom Ridge will be on t.v.

Why aren't the Dems calling CNN

Newt. Will he work for or against us?

Has Bush resign himself to defeat or does he have something else up his sl

A page from Newt Gingrich's GOPAC guide to smearing liberals

Will Connecticut Dems finally get rid of LIEberman?

Marc Racicot is talkin' to Wolf now!

Words & Phrases the right wing media will use to try to discredit Kerry...

Watching the Kerry/Vietnam documentary on MSNBC...

Hah! Bill Schneider saying "NO BOUNCE" for Kerry

Terror Level Up in NYC = No Demonstrations at Convention

How long is a story "breaking"?

Postmodern politics?

But what are they doing to prevent an attack ?

Just heard on CNN that Senator Byrd


DUers: Here's the Way to Counter-terrorism & the RNC Convention

Here We Go...

I thought we destroyed Al Qaeda... I thought America was safer...

RW media spin: corporatism or "working the ref"?

NEW YORKERS - AMERICANS - During the RNC-Put a Red "Slash" on

KERRY and EDWARDS coming to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff!!!

They're blowing up chuches all over Iraq today

CNN BREAKING: DC will go to Orange Alert

They have contracted with a mercenary firm for US Army recruiting.

I disagree with those who post they'd prefer we were a little behind, or

It begins...

Mary Matalin and the Talking Points of the RNC

How can they expect us to trust them?

MEME MEMO: John Kerry's IWR vote is water under the bridge.

Is there a better way than color codes to handle this "intelligence" ?

jack-in-the-box opportunism: "You have a problem with the French?"

DNC Speeches made Available for free on iTunes

Ex-CIA Larry Johnson SLAMMING Govt on MSNBC



Looks like the Terra Lert worked

Robert Byrd on CNN


BushBots steaming over this picture of Kerry's encounter with Marines

My (positive) email to CNN

If they use terralert to stop protests at RNC in NY, MOVE THE PROTESTS!

NYC Financial Center (Cite Of Terror Alert) NOWHERE NEAR The Garden

Question for hacks: What happens to Rove post-Bush defeat?

Kerry should demand equal TV time today

The Allegory of the Chickens

OK The effin Pukes can't have it both ways! Kerry/Edwards needs to...

Was Boston on Orange Alert(tm) during the Democrats' convention?

Help Please: Economic Charts showing Bush performance vs. previous?

Log Cabin Republicans

Who do you believe? These 10 polls or CNN?

No bounce? CNN/Gallup trying to Bushit us again :50-47 Bush?

Has a challenger ever been up 52-44 over an incumbent this late?

Uh Oh! Kerry is smashing Bush to pieces. Terror Alert!!!!!

I am going to work tomorrow in Lower Manhattan, and I am not afraid

Are protests in NYC cancelled?

You know after yesterday's protest I'm comin outta the closet

Okay I gotta ask when did we start referring to Bush as *

Here we go - ORANGE ALERT! Surprise!

Couldn't this idiotic "Alert" business blow up in Bush's face??

"Kerry Says He Plans for Iraq Negotiations"

You'll love this...

Jeb Bush Political Fate: Reading the Tea Leaves/Magic 8 Ball

Could the Grand Jury be investigating witness tampering or intimidation?

Oh, wow--it's great to be here. I was beginning to panic

Which admin figure will leave DC the MOST discredited

Watch, the terror alert will be the reason they cancel the debates

Orange Alert, Orange Dessert - things you can do to stay more alert

Drudge is pimping some Gallup poll that shows

Doesn't the alert disrupt financial institutions

TALKING POINT: Ridge Press conference was a campaign stump speech

Elevated terror alert, CNN/Gallop poll

How many Citigroup employees will stay home tommorrow?

Just Went to Zogby Website (gulp)

August 1st, 1944 - Poles revolted for 2 months against Nazi Occupation

Fear!!! Terra!!! Imminent Evil Doing!!!! Fear!!!! Be Afraid!!!!

PLEASE REMEMBER, the media benefits from terror alerts!

We're about the get hit? Where's the fucking president?

That's it I'm comin outta the closet in my support for Kerry

Wonder if this is why Ridge is quitting? Maybe some people

"GOP Invites Bloggers to Convention"

Rove is not giving up on swing voters

Ever stop to think...

What do DUers Think About the book "Hoodwinked"

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH... Enough with the polls already...

We should have a cancel republican convention poll

Much too simple

August 2nd -- Anniversary of Kuwaiti Invasion By Saddam Hussein

"ORANGE YOU SICK OF IT?" New Edwards line?

NBC reporting "serious terrorist threat" (wink wink)

Terror Alerts are like Fake Contractions for a Pregnant Women

I need some help finding out more about the men who served with Kerry.....

I fear LIHOP, again.

To JK: Bush Vulnerable: corruption and mismanagement of $$$$ in Iraq

Don't be fooled by the second bushco fake arab terror attack

"ACLU Withdraws From U.S. Charity Program"

Gallup and the terror alerts are twin signs of a disturbing desperation --

Is it me or are those Pubs using Reagans popularity for their end

What's Rove's plan?

CNN poll, what do you think of the terror alert level?

CNN reports Bush leads Kerry, NO bounce

Anyone here go to the Kerry rally in Zanesville, Ohio tonight?

DU this CNN poll - Do you know what John Kerry stands for

War is Not Healthy for

A little perspective on the convention polls.

INCREDIBLE: Bush demands to know race of photographer assigned to Cheney

Bloomberg speaking right now.

If they don't catch any terrorists, does the threat simply disappear ??

quit worrying about that Gallup poll

Wait one cotton-picking minute!!!! Intelligence from Iraq?

We're better off if Kerry doesn't get a "bounce" from the covention

The Repubs are setting up New Yorkers for their oppressive security ....

The $87 billion and the 87 flip-flopping senators

What will happen to the Evangelical Frauds if Bush loses?

The politics of Fear. And Smear.

I think anyone who works for a financial institution in NY should Call in..

Zell Miller on MTP

This Terror Stuff is Sickening

Rove to mediawhores: Get Kerry's enormous crowds OFF the news.

Everyone talks about FDR as being cold and distant.

a new, Independent 9/11 Probe

What do you think the markets will do tommorrow?

Riverbend is back

Terra threat - It's the SPECIFICS stupid.

Bush* Slipping......Here comes the Terra!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone see CNN play Jaqueline Kennedy video then Teresa's 'shove it'?

How many businesses went under because of 9/11?

Well, I went out today and talked to two democratic neighbors.

Bloomberg discussion

It was Bush, not Kerry, that threatened to not fund the $87 billion....

Wolf to eleanore---"Your not one of THOSE deomcrats"

Oh...this is one to watch! - Part 2.

3 Years Later and We Are No Safer

Turned the Corner™ vs. Stay the Course™

Top Ten List of things that make Liberals 'Look Bad'

What % of the population would happily go along

What if we are attacked this time?

I got an idea - rnc protest - please look.

Best website for comparing Kerry to Bush? (but gentle for Republicans)

Threat levels make the USA look foolish to the world.

Sometime back there was a post

Egypt fears an Iraq-type scenario on its doorstep

Barney Frank's DNC speech...

Does it REALLY make much sense to announce this "intelligence" bonanza?

RE: Earlier topic of $87 billion and 87...

got a lecture via email froma freeper

Freudian Slip on CNN

When was it Ridge annouced that he was probably going to resign?

What's the headline story after first night of Repub Convention ?

Wow-only 763 LV were polled for the new Gallup poll

Tom "short timer" Ridge: "we're going to go about leading our lives"

What a bunch of BUllSHit !

I know this is late about F 9/11, but I wanted to chime in

Put the 87 billion question to rest--once and for all

Hubby says "Everytime the polls show K/E ahead there's a threat

Let's see if I'm correct

So Hey, am I chickenshit?

Can you fool all the people, all the time?

If one could be guaranteed annonymity,

Oil off Cuba

Let's revisit W's flipflops and misleadings

if you work in a financial institution: don't go to work.

The GOP says Kerry's skull is not the right shape!

A Little Help?

this is bull shit!

Free Republic on November 2nd

A couple of things concerning the $87B talking points.

Why do I feel like we are screwed?

Are Coulter and Savage beyond forgiveable even if...

Exposing Karl Rove: The True Terrorist to the American People!

Is he a Freeper? Man arrested for stalking Monica Crowley (FAUX NEWS)

If you support George W. Bush, you are a COWARD

Fidel Castro on CSPAN NOW--anyone know where he...

Two hours ago, Freepers scoff at terra warning. Now, they're embracing it!

Can we not emai the networks with hundreds of emails asking..

There Is A SCARY Movie On TV!! - Its Running On CNN

Where is the threshhold ?

Remember agreement with Pakistan to capture terrorist and announce July 29

Do you know any republicans that are voting Kerry and why?


I see dead Christians

PNAC...the best kept open secret ever.

My father says I've become a liberal because I haven't lived long enough

Great so now we're turning Iraq from a dictatorship to a system ruled by

MEME MEMO: Tom Ridge's Bush* Campaign news conference

Freepers are making hay with this lunch story....

Fahrenheit 9/11 rebounds back into the Top 10 on Saturday

Could Bush be the Perfect Manchurian Candidate?

AmericanStranger = Psychic!

Zell Miller speaking at the GOP convention?

It's Sunday Night

Why does the Democratic Party NOT support ........

The illogical attempt at debunking the "Kerry will kill our nation" quote

Two choices, either terrorists are arrested or a bomb goes off

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

could bush be lying about this?

Breaking "Cheney is out" update: Coleman in?

Do you believe this crap!!!!!!

If your candidate looked like this, wouldn't you issue a terra warning?

HBO and HBO2West to replay Bill Maher's Real Time overnite

So how do they stop them from running a truck bomb into a building?

I hope more people are realizing that bushco did nine eleven

Ridge on now

What we are witnessing is UTTER PANIC on the part of BushCo.

I think spell check's out to get me!

Oct. 15 Pakistan's deadline for getting Omar or Osama/News Int'l, Pakistan

If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.

How they could steal the election this time

Rumsfeld To Take Heat in Iraqi Prison Probe

Retired general and former Repug....W's foreign policy a "disaster"

Newsweek poll. Looks good. I hate polls though.

I can't go to sleep! Saw "Manchurian Candidate" today!

US economy slows DRAMATICALLY, more reasons to distract

Ridge just dropped the ball.....

What if.....

What Has This Summer's Weather Been Like Near You. Any Blackouts Yet?

I fucking hate the media.

Today's Terror Alert=Nothing But Upping The Rhetoric

Quit all your NEGATIVE speculation!

What is the most courageous thing George W. Bush has done in his life?

Flex Time

Bllomberg looked annoyed with terror threat

According to these wingnutz, we're getting more desperate by the day.

Some thoughts on all this talk of terrorism..

Have you all heard Castro rip Dubya a new one? check this out

I copied this from another board.

Big Dog will be on Letterman Tuesday night

Mr. Ridge, What's the Point of the Alert?

be suspicious of anyone taking pictures or video of landmarks


U.S. Forces, Hit by Raids, Fault Their Iraqi Allies

This week..ask me what I saw in my small town in Ga...Rubbed eyes !

What I haven't heard about the $87 billion

Help me debunk this

Does Anybody Actually Get A Real Newspaper Anymore?

Fidel Knows Bush Is Brain Dead

If We Are So Damned Sure About The Terrorists Intentions

The ?W Revue WILL run during the RNC!!

8/1: KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.0% ; VOTE: 52.77% ; EV:324

Most disgusting cartoon I've ever seen, today's Chicago Sun-Times....

Ron Reagan: The Case Against George W. Bush

Dem Rep. Strickland on DRAFT: Parents of teens, PAY ATTENTION!

Do you think that all these NYC "scares" are being said to stop protest?

How can Kerry get out in front of this terror crap?

I just rewatched the Blitzer interview with Dean on tape.

CBS News said that the terrorists have gathered information about

Building a Mystery (The Funniest Moment on CNN Today)

Effective respose to freeper attacks on patriotism

Does anyone here know who Norman Morrison is without looking him up ?

The size C Brain in the Wrong Place - Wrong Time Cause Mega Misery

Another Iraq Claim debunked. Has this been covered?

Russert and Harwood do great job on Newsweek poll

CNN's coverage: Have they made a conscious, corporate level

My LTTE Regarding protesting the Bush rally Sat.

If you're going to scream TERROR ALERT!!! You better tell me why?

Where would you be MOST concerned about security?

Any Predictions On What The Stock Market Will Do Monday ???

Did we hear about the millenium plots BEFORE they happened?

Ray McGovern & Sibel Edmonds - intell insiders on the air 7 pm Eastern

Did Kerry really F up badly?

"Kuwait Bans 'Fahrenheit 9/11'"

The REAL Terrorists seek political action due to fear

Quit all your NEGATIVE speculation!

Keep in mind that our "Humble and Obedient Servant" Mike Malloy...

Would you go to work if terrorists planned an attack on your workplace?

Any talented photoshoppers - new W 04 bumpersticker

The World is "Burning" while Bush plays Golf...........WTF?

My conservative step-dad: "It wouldn't surprise me at all," about...

Biden just said something brilliant and Kerry should use it.

VERY cool website for news!


I think that we might be looking at an attack soon

Prescott Bush* Gains Controlling Interest In CBS In The 1930's......

The Right to Work

"Are Phone Polls Accurate?" (not really -- interesting study)

We should immediately leave Iraq

Dumping Cheney: 9/11 Commission + Norm Coleman's (R-Mn) ominous tone

Why can't Bush maintain the Darfur 1999 peace agreement?

Newt Gingrich: Bush is like FDR!

Information on Citizen Police Academy and TIPS programs - both TIA program


WOW WOW WOW Could Colin Powell be the fall guy in the Plame case?

Did this alert come from the White House or from HS intelligence ?

I wonder if these are Government employees clearing Brush with W?

ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!! Look at this "conservative gear!"

What Do You Know About Kerry's Voting Record?(what's going on?)

At Lincoln's son's Vermont home, Jim Jeffords escorted by Union soldiers

A special message to lurking conservatives

Help with list of what "W" stands for:

Gail Sheehy: Rummy AWOL on 9/11 due to PNAC's need for "new Pearl Harbor"?

Fake alerts until October's Attack followed by a Stolen Election...

Looks like AWOL may go national!

Canvassing today - what an eye opener and jaw dropper!

Marshall Goes Public with the "Tectonic Plates" Story

Goebbels "Electoral Bomb" : Use the Fear of Terror to Unite the Masses

Whistleblower sacked for upsetting ministers

tabloid ITV news values

At least one killed, three wounded in Baghdad roadside bombing

Arson blamed for central Washington wildfires | Seattle Times

Citizenship interest surges

Car Bombing in Iraq Kills at Least Five (Mosul)

Several dead in latest Falluja attack


Bush Planning August Attack Against Kerry

Qaeda-Linked Group Gives Italy 15 Days to Leave Iraq

Iraqi group claims over 37,000 civilian toll

State Race Shows Rift in Mexico's PRI | LA Times

Iraq: Hostages freed

Kerry Envisions No More U.S. Troops for Iraq


Terrorism Suspects Traced to Iran

Coors' stance on gays attacked (too gay friendly for Christian Coalition.)

Just heard on CNN that Senator Byrd

Israel Tries to Stop U.S.-Jordan Arms Deal

Confusion over seven hostages in Iraq as Kenya reports release

Uzbek President Points to Islamic Extremists in Attacks

Seventeen Injured in Explosion in Central Prague, AFP Reports

Breaking "Cheney is out" update: Coleman in?

First Poll Shows Hike for Kerry After Convention

US soldier killed, two wounded

Scientists May Have Found New Way to Treat Alzheimer's in Study

Internal Memo: FLORIDA knew of voter list problems

Post-Convention Polls Mixed on Kerry Bounce [Kerry not watching polls]

Kerry: Bush Security Moves '2 1/2 Years Too Late' [REUTERS]

Christian churches under attack in wave of Iraqi violence

Kerry Says He Plans for Iraq Negotiations | LA Times

Reggie Dumas still UN adviser on Haiti

A BIG applause for the ACLU!

Kerry Says Bush `Dropped the Ball' on US Security [article deleted]

Housing Costs, Layoffs Boost Need for Food Banks

Navy to try to recover remains of aviators killed four decades ago

Scarlett 'Asked Experts to Harden Weapons Hunt Report' (UK)

Thinking outside Wal-Mart | Houston Chronicle

The First Homicide: The Story Behind The Death Of Iraqi Prisoner No. 0310

U.S. Economy Slows Drastically in Spring

Secret Proposals:Fighting Terror by Attacking.. South America?(Feith memo}

Ten Commandments shown at Scopes site

Promises to avenge deaths of civilian contractors unfulfilled

Small Towns Losing Their Greyhound Service

Michigan Home Depot Workers Reject Union

9/11 Reforms Could Weaken Rights, Says White House

Poll: No boost for Kerry after convention [USATODAY]

(Israeli) Government reneges on undertaking to US

Florida: GOP candidates, Democrats use trial lawyer tag against Martinez

Mayor Kelly supports President Bush


Google IPO Buyers Beware

Blasts hit churches across Iraq

Chess Pro (Fischer) to Appeal Japan's Decision to Deport Him | LA Times

U.S. warns of threat against specific financial sites in Northeast

Few injured, ill troops get disability pay they requested

Effect of spillover ads in Kentucky presidential race debated

California aerospace soaring

Car Explodes in Heart of Prague

Hacking family: More searches unnecessary

Government Considers Raising Threat Level (AP - Breaking)

Taxpayers face (multi-billion dollar) tab for airline pensions

Suspected Car Bombs Explode Outside Baghdad Churches

International Court Proposed to fight US Crimes Against Cuba

Bush's Republicans Prepare For Their 'Dirty War' On Kerry - UK Independent

Bank Scandal Smears Pinochet's Graft-Free Image

A Battle Over Blame - Rumsfeld may be rebuked by his own commission

CIA Leak Probe: Powell's Grand-Jury Appearance (Newsweek)

Pentagon Looks to Directed-Energy Weapons

Kuwait bans Fahrenheit 9/11

Seas turn to acid as they absorb global pollution

Newsweek: Bullets for Beijing (alarming article)

Josh Marshall: Yellowcake documents were forged by Italian Government

US brings new weapon to Iraq

Women Criticize Vatican Document on Feminism

_________________ (expletive deleted) AMBASSADORS

Does Cheney wind his heart up like the robot in Hellboy did?

This is Your Chance

Sex of any kind is a good thing!

Hot damn! Cheezy old kung fu flicks on TV!

I am a freeper

An oldie, but a goodie...

I think it's time for dessert

Dom Dom, Dom a do dooby dooby dom

Okay, last annoying post for 2 whole weeks folks.... off to a beach

Songs that I love, no matter who covers them

Has anyone seen the movie "The Village" that just came out?

I found my chicken

Do you think Bush* will go insane?

Covers of weird books

Proof that bow-ties make you ugly

Bring me the head of Theo Epstein, Nomar traded to Cubs.

Anybody ever watch "The State"

Modern Day Cowboy. Very applicable.

Okay, so who won the bet?

Biggest musical SELL-OUTS of all time.

Today I shook Will Pitt's hand!

What were the songs following Edwards' and Kerry's speeches

I saw the ultimate stupidity of jocks today...

aaargh! I'm getting bitten up!

Who the HELL is that actor in the Round Table commercials...

Listening to the 1980's station on my yahoo player.

I had a bad dream

Bring the boys back home!

the closer i am to fine

The cacciatore is the apostrophe of the chicken

Computer question?

Bush campaign song released

I've got the insomnia blues


200 lb Tumor

The most elaborately pointless website ever

Hershey, PA

DUers with Dish Network: Check out channel 9415 (FSTV)...

Found a piece of chocolate on my shirt from a donut I was eating...

Late Show

Who doesn't watch tv at all?

Cartoon, one, singular

Whew, I finally hit 500.


Time for me to buy a FedUp bumpersticker.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

DUer Challenges Hannity to a Duel!!!

Anyone who have doggies and kitties that pet and/or groom each other?

DNC speeches available on iTunes--FOR FREE

Has anyone seen my iDrive?

Is it John Kerry or The Edge from decide

I had a bad dream last night, and i can't get it out of my head.

I just finished an old book about Amelia Earhart

Half of U.S. hookers are space aliens

Whats up with the chicken love?

Which character is more fun?

Fenway Park v. Yankee Stadium

Robbie Knievel jump replayed

Just found this comment from Dennis Miller

Tell me about Costa Rica

The best parts of Sunday August 1, 2004

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da.

Is it me or was the pilot to 'Nip and Tuck' better than any of the eps?

I am so ticked off at my cat right now . . .

I'm watching "Prince of Darkness" ask me anything

Post a pic of something you love

The man !

The ElectronicAcidJazzTripHopFunkyNuBossSamba Poll

I've butchered chickens.

I did not have sex with THAT chicken...

Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Enjoy!

THis must be just like living in Paridise.

Oh my god!! I know who the 'outed' Simpsons character will be!

Ever paid for sex?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are always suing

I was just frightened beyond belief


What is wrong with me being aloof around other people?

Why I won't be spending much time on DU in the near future

Is that MATCOM'S dog on the Frontline flea medicine commercial??


what's wrong with being a loofah?

What's wrong with being a loaf?

Has anyone seen my sex drive?

The first story of your fucked - up relationship with the opposite sex?

A big thank you goes out to Wonk!

A Break From Politics - Great Show on History Channel Tonight


Why No Sex Threads?

Ok. So You All Have Lost Your Drives........

Remember the chicken by my mailbox?

Did You Know that Roses Have Tails? (cat pics)

What is wrong with being aloof?

My (very traditional) Convention floor picture

what is up with the hamsters for kerry thing?

What's wrong with being a leaf?

The Plant lobby has spoken

CABRERA!! FIRST Pitch In A Red Sox Uniform = HOME RUN!!

So, last night I took 2 undecideds (1 repub & 1 indie) to F911

Sex of any kind is a foreign thing

PEOPLE!! DS1 Has Some BEAUTIFUL Kitties! Should He Post A Cat Thread?

I will NOT be baited into posting in that beautiful kitty thread!

OK. This made me chuckle.

How does one drive from Windsor to Montreal?

zell-out a CAPTION for the good ol'boy

American Dad


With all this duct tape and plastic wrap on my windows and doors...

I'm stuck in hell

Latest Terror Chatter Revealed!

'what me worry' of all CAPTIONs

Revelation revealed: the face of the AntiChrist

I am never going to Holiday gas station ever again

The All-Time Best Vocalist Ever...

Let'sseen no political ads during Superbowl permitted,

Paco votes Kerry!

Enuff with the cats!!!! You are making me like them!

oh sweet mother of Jeebus, now the 'possums are coming in

I'm going to see The Manchurian Candidate today...

Secret Campaign poster for the indumbant.

Anybody know the name of this book?

How fast do you read? (test)

Free Republic is so horribly put together.

I think we spend too much time on DU talking about E.R.

PC Gamers: Bow down to wisconsin!

Post your scariest clown photos

Does anyone remember the girls who got sprayed with feces on MTV...


Interesting website involving exotic energy sources

I think we spend too much time on DU talking about FR.

the straight-face of all CAPTIONs

What should my next post be about?

I need a Hero

I need to know what the F*** was going on in the following movies:

Weird question but you have to look inside

Today is my birthday

Argh, my double standard...

i think I must have Attention Deficit Disorder.....anyone else?

Any library computer experts?

NEED HELP: Birthday gift for 1 y.o. boy

What should I do tonight?

It's Been About 10 Hours And DS1 STILL Hasn't Posted His Kitten Thread!

Clown hataz need to quit

Lily has insisted on equal coverage

Tell the story of your BEST relationship...

Hey, I won a Weinermobile. Ask me anything... tawdry!

New War Photo Gallery

Confirmed my Vacation Plans-3 weeks in New England- Yippeeeee

Which do you prefer?

Who has seen this stunning movie:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter..& Spring

OMG, they killed Kenny! In syndication!!

I've started calling my "husband" my "purplehappyfish". WHY?


Trolling on yahooboards is great fun.

Does the CNN 'No Bounce' Poll herald the Apocalypse?

The Hacking woman - what's up with that?

Who is your favorite "Dracula"

Chicago area DUers.....

Need help remembering something from a TV show

My back is killing me, my feet are sore and I have a sunburn...but

A sad fact widely known

Fuck the clowns...

I love this song! "The Next Country Over". Excellent tune & lyrics!

I watch "Law and Order" repeats all the time. Am I nuts?

Okay, Lounge Lizards. Pick your favorite UNOFFICIAL mascot


Old Man River

Initial Adventures with Asian Cooking

Tom Ridge had a tough audience at my house (warning: cat pics)

Aug 1....Today would have been the Fat Man's 62nd birthday

Rock The Vote event in upstate NY (sorry about cross posting)

Why do people ask other people about their sex life when...

I made it the whole day without anyone knowing it was my 29th B-Day

Who is this person?

My plan for the next 100 days

I made the horrible mistake of going into a political chat room on Yahoo!

Oh good lord, I'm going to hell...

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!

I ran across this Kerry-Edwards love-fest site by accident

Hey did anyone see the Amish TV show last week?

Why does Matcom always call me kiddo?

Question: Why is a man's height important to a woman?

I want to STOP smoking tomorrow......

Has anyone seen my D Drive?

The Voices Tell You to Vote!



*sigh* I love my dog...

MoveLeft Media Update!


Does anyone know anything about Alcoholism?

Name a band you tried to get into, but they just didn't do it for you?

Cheese it guys - Skinner's back!

Does anybody have aggregate info re: Congressional Races

Newsweek poll internals: "Who do you trust on these issues?"

Where are the repubs and/or vets for Kerry sites?

Anyone here going to vote absentee to avoid the paperless ballot?

Great shot of young man wearing "Republicans for Kerry" T-shirt at rally!

Carole King concert in Nashville

A revealing story about John Edwards

Colin Powell Testified in CIA Leak, Plame Investigation.

Heard about the Kerry diet for America?

D.C. Goes to HIGH ALERT! Bush has made us safer with Iraq war, right?

Son of local Democratic pol was denied ticket to get in to see Shrub

Kerry/Edwards on CNN

What if we all went out and re-registered as (shudder!) Repukes?

Why Kerry will have our support We would all be safer without Bush

CNN/Gallup Poll Of Likely Voters Shows BUSH Got 5 Point Bounce?!?

Kerry/Edwards will unveil their new book "Our Plan for America" on Monday

Let`s nail Bush on this one.

Kerry Edwards up 16 points with women, poll Kerry up to 49 dimson 42

Bush's Achilles Heel: Tora Bora and War on the Cheap

Colorado Citizens Seek to Change Electoral Process (sorry, if dupe)

C-Span showing the Kerry/Edwards bus tour on Friday.

Springfield OH impromptu K/E stop

Interesting opinion on the "convention bounce theory"

Who's your ideal el Presdiente?

Mission Accomplished: CNN Headline "AMERICA ON ALERT"

Bush Support Wanes Among Military Families Facing Redeployment

A primer on polls

what is Ralph Nader's ultimate loyalty?

The Haves and Have-Mores

Instead Of Whining We Need To Do Something Constructive

Want A "Poll Pick Me Up" ? Read This

Atlanta NBC affiliate just accidently (wink wink) called Max Cleland..

Much freaking out on DU over CNN poll but

CNN just now this is funny

USA TODAY/ Gallup Poll Still Shows Kerry up among Registered Voters

Ed Gillespie MAD at Kerry and Edwards

I figured out the terror warning thingie.

CNN Poll shows Repub Anti-Kerry Dem Convention Tactic WORKED! What NOW?

Lieberman on CNN Badly Undermines Kerry Position. Time to Pull the Plug

I Need Help Explaining Kerry

Why Isn't Bush's Ranch Called "His Multi-Million Dollar Ranch?"

Keep those Bumper Sticker Ideas Rolling

What is it about NFL players, coaches, and commentators who support Bush

Salute To Dean, an Good Soldier, daring to speak the truth about Bush