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Archives: August 11, 2004

Admit it: tax cuts have failed to create jobs

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The failed occupation

Why is the US afraid of a media outlet that speaks for Arabs?

Salon: New York lockdown

Juan Cole Update on Khan outing scandal (8-10)

Protest Bush in Phoenix - tomorrow 8/11

AWOL: the bumpersticker

David Brooks flip-flops on "values"

Dennis Miller tonight

My Carrion flower is blooming, bring on the flies.

What's Up in Space -- 11 Aug '04 Perseids....

Is it my imagination, or are a lot of young people (20-50) dying lately?

Omega 3---------Sour Disposition? Dried-out Feeling?

Steam explosion kills five in nuclear plant; everyone in Asia will die.

New scooter showing off its potential - Battery

KMT blasted for plan to let criminals hold posts - TW

Peace and security essential to restore credibility of Africa's leaders

Officer Killed While Trying to Serve Papers

Irresistable gun porn

Hey, since you guys can program everything

Right Wing Fundamentalists Even Have Tin Foil about 9-11

Keyes in 2000........

Congressional District 22

GOP Catfight!!!

Garrison Keillor Fundraising Event August 21st

I have another Kerry Campaign party planned this Sunday the 15th

Bill Clinton to headline Hoeffel fund-raiser

Mark you calendars! David Van Os Fundraiser Aug 26 Houston

Bryan Kennedy for US Congress, 5th District!

Is ALAN KEYES crazy?

Goss is a gift to Democrats. fund drive

L.A. Times vs Free Republic

PLEASE please please! Does anyone have a downloadable clip of the...

What are some great war protest songs from the 60s?

George, Let's Play Abu Ghraib. Pleazzzzzzzze? Purty Pleazzzze?

How much can our troops take

Bush Forest Plan Breaks Faith with Washington State, Says Heritage Forests

Court Strikes Down Bush Effort to Weaken Dolphin Protection

Howard Dean Repeat on NOW. w/ JonStewart/BevH/ CNBC

Just watched Bill O'Reilly with Triumph (sp?) the Insult Dog

Thank you to the DUer who turned me on to the Bob Kincaid Radio program

I know some of you share my LOVE of Paul Krugman. He will appear with

Big Dog: "If you are a Democrat, you win when people think."

Kerry's Iraq War Resolution Vote: What You Should Keep In Mind

Paul Krugman coming up on...

can smirk pack scotus as a lame duck?

FreeRepublic fails to allow civil debate

You guys weren't kidding when you said O'Reilly got drilled the other day


HOW will Americans react if Bushit postpones election?

"Take the star out of the window and let my conscience take a rest"

Indifference to US deaths in Iraq is mounting.

Goss Feathered his CIA Nest for Future Power Grab

Dubya and sportsmanship

Even in Rugby, Bush is a bully and a cheater

George W Bush am Bizarro Superman No. 1!

Important "what if" question

Should telephone polling be outlawed?

Is there a quote about a leader who uses fear...

Eliot Spitzer on McEnroe now!!!! CNBC

Hope on the way

Difference between Democrats and republicans..

9/11/01, One Person's View

My face to face meeting with Porter Goss

Bush Mocks Kerry Over Views on Iraq War

Do These Lyrics Still Apply... Today ???

This photo is the REAL truth...

Goss was a vocal supporter of the man he's replacing. Where's the reform?

John O'Neill can kiss my

We must out CIA as largest terrorist org on media! USE AGENT TELLS ALL

Believe it, or not.....a kudos for Dennis Miller!

New Flash: 'Don't We Deserve Better?'

Help from DUer's: Trying to compile list of ALL Bush lies

Who Served? Who Didn't Serve Our Country

Did Goss originally support the 9-11 Commission?

New Flash: 'Don't We Deserve Better?'

Krugman is on Dennis Miller

Topic A on CNBC with Dean as host repeats at 11.

If I were a Republican

Laura Bush speech on stem cell research is fodder for Dems.

If Social Security is even partially privatized... it means death to

Scarborough should be fired now! (incriminating photo)

Fuck 'em. Let them have Goss

Radio Hosts target GOP - on Scarborough - toppling Repuglican

George Bush* is a Smart Ass

Ethical question regarding the death penalty

did anyone just hear malloy mention DU

Repugs want everyone to work but don't want to pay them for it.

Funny email on shrub knowing his bible.

Drudge is up to his old tricks again

And for this some want to shoot us?

This site provides e-mail addresses for vietnam vets...

Are Scientologists political?

What if Barack Obama gets 'Wellstoned'?

What's the story on Kerry's crewmates

Quote of the Day from Adlai Stevenson

MSNBC Scarborough Country

I heard that Trey Parker & Matt Stone are Republicans...

I'm not an economist. But I did have a few courses at Ga Tech.

Who Is Financing The Insurgency In Iraq?

Greenspan hiked rates 1/4%. Anyone else irked?

Alliance for Retired Americans endorses Kerry.

I have an idea about Drudge


Kerry's answer to "Would you still have voted for the Iraq War"...

Which is worse?

Iran's claims of no enriched uranium appear to bolstered by evidence

Florida Residents: Watch out for Charley!!!!!!

Noam going to be on Craig Killborn?

were slave owners big on late term abortions to save the mother?


Bush economy: "compared to Western Europe or Japan, we're kicking tail"

History repeats itself

the thread on lynching

My take on Abortion... I am pro choice and


If anyone had kids, I wonder if they would do this

OMG. I think Dubya might be gay!

American Bar Association condemns detainee treatment

Goss maintained that Richard Clarke lied to 9-11 committee.


Aug. 29, what if 300,000 people just decided to go to Central Park?

Goss refused to investigate the outing of CIA's Plame. "Wild Allegations"

Everything Hitler Did Was LEGAL

Why does the rightwing adore their leaders?

Is Nuking N. Korea a Legitimate Option

Future President Marries Wealthy Widow

Okay where is the Mike Malloy thread? He is on a roll tonight

15,000+ show at Kerry Las Vegas rally Tuesday night!

"We hold these Truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal..

Sean Hannity often looks like he's dealing with being bloated with gas.

Terrorists attack Democrats - don't appease them! (attacks from 1994)

Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman (R!) on Olberman.

The Daily show is ON! Talking about Novak and SwiftBoat liars!

Uh oh. Latest polling shows Keyes ahead of Obama. We're in trouble. . .

Dems respond to Keyes sweatrag eBay auction

Bush and the HAND AROUND THE NECK!!!!!!!

How bad will Porter Goss Gestapo-ize the CIA?

So I just watched the story on Sudan

Is the Election More Important to Repukes Than Destroying al Queda?

Calling all DU'ers from Venice, FL

BBV - So what's the deal in Boulder tonight?

Bush Leak of Double Agent Hurts Fight Against Al Qaeda

This Website Is T-E-R-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G-!-!-!

Was this a bad thing to do?

OMG! Bush gives little fish to Barney to torture

Controversial question: How much say should a man have on abortion?

Why is Chappelle's racism funny?

Next week in Toronto

Insecurity Exacerbated by Coalition Weakness/Jordan Times/New WMW

China slowly legalizing methadone to help combat AIDS

State Education Commissioner Jim Horne resigns (Florida)

Repubs using fake polls to change votes in Florida.

Abu Ghraib pre-trial hearing relocated to Germany

State Senator Robertson (R-MS) Convicted on DUI Charge (second offense)

Occupation HQ attacked in central Baghdad

Las Vegas officials preparing lawsuit against lies and slander for

IRS to Scrutinize Pay of Charities' Execs

[KS-3] Kobach Locks Up Nomination to Face Moore

WP: Tax Cuts Become A Juicier Target

Findings Could Hurt U.S. Effort On Iran

New Bagle E-mail Worm Spreads

Rep. Majette Wins Georgia Senate Primary

Slur Slinging Rants Welcomed On Far Rightwing Bulletin Board

Coors, Salazar cruise to wins

WP: Democrats Respond to Goss Nomination With Caution

NYT: U.S. to Give Border Patrol Agents the Power to Deport Illegal Aliens

Judge bars U.S. from weakening rules for 'dolphin-safe' tuna

Blair faces vote of no-confidence over war

Mike Wallace was arrested in Mahattan tonight for disorderly conduct..ABC

Haiti election plans threatened by lack of cash

Dozens held after foiled 'coup' in Mauritania

Kerry says Bush broke his word on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage

Bush Says National Sales Tax Worth Considering


Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests

I have kept a log, and now know how I am spending my free time

I hated the Grinch, but I (so far) like the Cat in the Hat

My tortoise loves bok choy

The Peace President? No. "The Anger Management" President?...tell me more!

So you fancy yourself a tops or bottoms person ?

What is a turd-bucket?

This is a song about a superhero named Tony!

now this is a party....

Dog is to Cat

Sitting here wishing on a cement floor...

Link to pics co-worker took of KERRY @ THE GRAND CANYON!

Joe Schmo 2 Finale Tonight.

If at first you don't succeed... would you have handled this one

Wow, has anyone seen the new pick of Mike Malloy on the AAR website

I'm leaving in about 10 minutes. Ask me anything!

Last comic standing

DU Runners - a few questions, if I may.

Picked up Rock Against Bush Vol 2 Today

I have now been unemployed for a month

APPROVED...your PIC on US stamps......really!

Most common first names

Have fun with Dubya's head!

And the Cardinals SECOND hit in 10 innings

The hell with cookies and milk! (picture)

Soccer fans: Anyone still like Manchester United??

Mother's Little Helper

Mike Malloy Time!!!

Rum and Coke

Daily Show!

Disc jockey Hunter Hancock has died.

Man Dresses As Jesus, Declares 'Salvation Awareness Day'

Hey, European...

No way I have 1.15 million hits on my love story blog

I love reading the Top Ten Conservative Idiots

MS Word question

Jungle Boogie

Check out drudge eom

What if Microsoft controlled Nintendo gaming back in 1989?

Favorite non-traditional childrens song?

OK.. I'm only gonna say this once...

George W. Bush wins Last Comic Standing...

I drove my Kerrymobile into the heart of DuPage county tonight

I just saw an ad on CBS for the next Survivor

I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Greatest "Made In The U.S.A." American Rock & Roll album of all time?

George W. Bush wins Last Big Fat Lying Idiot Standing...

Good Night Mr. Roberts

Oh my God Malloy is killing me!!

Just a question: Ever heard of a "minor" assassination?

The word HATE get's thrown around here too much!

Would you take a gig like this?

Next on Olbermann - Feel the love - Bush and McCain!

That's great. It starts with an earthquake.

It had to be done: What's your favorite Pixies album?

oh's another rant! Tonight's topic: Flaky friends, Part II

I know what song I will listen to if Kerry wins.

Just had a Supercell thunderstorm roll through

Time again for "Name ...Zomby's ...Fetus!"

I love McCain

Naples Florida overrun with mating crabs...

I Love You

Why is everything listed according to Eastern Standard Time?

Anyone here Jadakiss' New Song - "Why"?(Anti-Bush)

Which legendary monster do YOU think is the most likely to actually exist?

Good news and a request for positive thoughts


Heads up. Bev Harris coming up on Tina Brown's show w/Howard Dean

What songs MUST you sing along with?

The world has gone McCrazy

What wine would you recommend with this dish?

What is your least favorite word in the english language?

Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash

Did I hear that Bush nominated PALMER JOSS for CIA director?

Sieg Heil! Today's Customer Service Horror Story


I so desparately want to see "The Corporation"

Favorite Member of the Rat Pack?

I love the new Green Day song!

Low - Lust for Life - Heroes - The Idiot - four classics, one year - 1977

Wish me luck (self-serving thread)

If you use Outlook...what spam software are you using?

"Douchebag of Liberty!"

Who would win... King Kong, Godzilla, Mothra, or Dick Cheney?

So what kind of wine do Freepers drink?

What's your favorite Hummer picture?

My Fiancé says I have more friends online than in real life. I should:

My beloved Jessie has just had major surgery. :(

Are you currently boycotting anything you like due to politics?

No Cheney-Powell Switch

WYFF Chanel 4 in Greenville, SC, like last night, our friend!

Is it just me, or does Cheney seem a bit cranky these days?

Just When I thought I was the only Dem

Bush's flip-flop stances: All nicely spelled out here!

Bush shows his sense of fair play ...

KERRY: PLEASE SAY: "I'll answer THIS question when YOU ask BUSH THIS

Bush said that Kerry was "antiwar" candidate???? He ISN'T! I wish

Bush Forest Plan Breaks Faith with Washington State, Says Heritage Forests

Bush lies about playing varsity sports ....

Sharpton kicking Repuke arse, especially *'s, on CNBC!

In 1996, did any Dem talk nasty about Bob Dole's glorious months in

Coors Beating Schaffer

Kerry's Iraq War Resolution Vote: What You Should Keep In Mind

How about we start National Guard Veterans for truth

Knowing what you know now, how would you have voted on the IWR?

Heads-up: Boxer vs. Jones (CA-Senate) debate in progress, C-SPAN 2 now

Starting a mass e-mail campaign to get our views out ....


Kerry strongmen gather area support(Pensacola FL.....)

Rock Against Bush, August 10

Larry Johnson former CIA operative who was part of the Outfoxed

Winning issues--stem cell research funding

I was told by everyone who ever knew me: I should have been a journalist

Waterbug Folk Music Anti-Bush CD

Kerry's military colleagues endorse him at convention. What about Bush?

Marist Poll

A Republican wingnut just said this on another forum!

Scarborough Country

Enough! Kerry has to go on the offensive and reclaim the agenda

Swiftboat lies author apologizes for racial slurs he posted on internet

What's the story on Kerry's crewmates


Bush Didn't Want To Go

So, Joe Scarborough is campaigning for Bush?

Alan Keyes is:

Bush campaign theme song suggestion (s)

How many will be in DC on January 20, one way or the other?

Mr. Bush, we'll ask the questions if you don't mind.

Was Bush in or near Alabama in '72? A far more disturbing question than...

Help Team Kerry Fight Back: Post your responses to Chimp/whore lies

Bush Speech: Kerry & Bush Agree On Iraq War

Alan Keyes's quote

Condemn the Swift Boat Lies About John Kerry

It seems unlikely the democrats will win back the senate

RNC Party-Where will you be?

When Bill Schneider, Sr. CNN Political Advisor is

So Bush wants me to "own" my health insurance???

Can we straighten out some terms regarding IWR and Kerry's position?

Did anybody see John Judas ONeill on Hannazi tonight?

Will the post-convention bounce be bigger for the Republicans?

Would you have voted for Ann Richards?

All you ever wanted to know about Ted Sampley, and more

Neo-Con Troubles Part 2

GOP areas' turn has trio in shock, awe (Maryland)

Kerry ROCKS Las Vegas! Vegas Rocks Back! Report From Tonight's Rally


John Edwards is going to Fargo ND to campaign

Obama: The RW is already worried...

Can Someone Please Post A Rational Argument For Voting For Bush

Does Kerry have to be a Marxist or something to please some of you?

The Ghost of Orwell is Upon Us

''Iraq's Slide Toward Separation''

Mistake illustrates sad state of our intelligence

Iraqi interim regime implements further police state measures

Should Europe work more, or America less?

"What October Surprise"? - Tom Engelhardt on AlterNet

Anti-Kerry book co-author called Muslims & Catholics pedophiles

Kerry's been consistent about his nuances, at least

Borsellino: Older or younger, you have to be 'tough' for Cheney rally(fun!

Message from Greg Palast: Choice Point in Venezula

"Hero” McCain swallows hard, again

A Softy for the CIA (Goss loves the CIA not wisely but too well

Kudos For The Latest "Plaid Adder" Article: "Panic Button!!!"

Lynne Cheney's Wild, Wild West

Dirty politics

Homeless In Hawaii - More Land For The Military Than For Hawaiians

White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried

The Unsuitable Mr. Keyes

Media Does Matter: Just Ask Bill O'Reilly (about

Op-Ed: Ann Coulter is a Silly, Stupid, Tramp

Steve Soto (The Left Coaster) Interview with Paul Krugman (Part II)

One Angry Man - A "My Gun, Your Womb" Voter Begins To Wake Up

Latest Bush Blunder: A Mole Made Public (Conason)

Ron Reagan blasts Chimpy in just-published Esquire article...

dissent from the officer corps on the tactics being used to fight the Iraq

The Root of Chaos in Darfur

Morford - Time To Get Out The Bush

Polygamy in Arizona-Phoenix New Times


Gene Lyons

Bushworld: Enter At Your Own Risk

Kerry fails Iraq test

Ted Turner.."My Beef with Big Media" A must read! ( although long).

Bush Ignores His Own Letter from 1992 on Smear Ads (Daily Mis-lead)

Two “sting” operations raise disturbing questions about US terror alert

So you want to know what activities will be going on during the convention

UFPJ Announces it will not take NYC's "Offer" for Westside highway rally

So you want to know what activities will be going on during the convention

Trying to Get Young Women to Vote? Here's a good flyer for you.

The Protest Robots are Coming!

from Code Pink re Najaf and closure of Al Jazeera in Baghdad

Register Voters While You Sleep

Friday the 13th! Bring on the Good Luck Party! Party in Ann Arbor!

Post Your Flyers Here!

EcoTalk - new Air America Radio show on Sundays?

Blogs frequented by the "media elite"

Explanation Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You to Read (proof of lying)

American Media: I'll Give You A Good Sound Bite (by Scott C. Smith)

Does the media need a DNC ad before they discuss Bush-the Tang deserter?

The Daily Show called Novak a douche bag last night

CBS Newsman Mike Wallace Issued Summons (was handcuffed)

Hannity's moral dilemma

Today in History 08/11

Thought for the day :

KIDS!! Try This At Home... Four Simple Ways To FAKE UFO Photos.

Calculating the Wiccan holidays.

request for my soldier sister

Let's discuss chiropractic...

Economic Policy Institute Outsourcing guide

Saudi Oil announcement today

It's Education, Stupid?

Question about income tax

Was selling a Road to Foreigners a Good Idea?

Property Tax Increase Weigh-In Here!

Record Nighttime High Temps In Norfolk - More Turds In The Thames

EPA - Mercury Plan Protects Women & Children - By 2018, That Is

Hundreds Of Dead Seabirds Washing Ashore In Oregon

Federal Judge Slams Bush Meddling, Upholds Dolphin-Safe Tuna Rules

Putting lipstick on a pig

Millions in U.S. Face Mega-Wave from Island Collapse

Oil Policies Running On Empty

Question - Was there any flak about how the "authorities" didn't notify

Link to Viet Vets Kerry v Bush support?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 11, 2004

Victim Made Seven 911 Calls Before Mass Murder

Pitcairn islanders feel downside of firearm licensing, registration

How far can people go on some of these abortion threads?

Hi Skinner, and Thanks!

Dissention & Answers, Re: Vote for Change - not Kerry

i stop by and read what's hot now and then and I just want to let you

Thank you sooooo much for DU

Threads from 9/11/01?

U.S. commends Israel for removal of IDF roadblocks

I believe there is no way out for Arabs and Israelis except

Fifteen doctors arrive in Israel as part of Nefesh B'Nefesh

Israelis believe Bush better for them than Kerry

2 Palestinians dead, 7 troops hurt in bomb attack near J'lem

More Fun From Our Illinois Conservatives...

Lookout Calumet City!!! Here's comes Alan Keyes!!!

Federal appeals court rules Florida death row not too hot

Wage-hike group scrutinized

Florida Weather Watch - Batten down the hatches 08/11/04

Castor skips Hispanic forum, draws flak

46th Cngrs Dist lunch - OC alert

Air America coming to San Diego?

Is anyone going to see Kerry at Dominguez Hills College on Thursday?

Protest Bush in Santa Monica, CA, tomorrow. Who's going?

Saturday is a "tax holiday"

cheap lodging (ha!) near Harvard?

People of Faith for Kerry Event 8/12/04

MPR's tentacles grasp onto WCAL/St. Olaf

Minnesota seniors' drugs seized

Friday the 13th! Bring on the Good Luck Party! Party in Ann Arbor!

Help bid adieu to The Dick Cheney - Dayton, 8/12

i went ot a meetup tonight

Has anyone gone to black churches to recruit yet?

Registering felons to vote in Pennsylvania

Primary challenge likely for Allentown Mayor

Nader camp vows to sic its legal team on challenges

ACLU-TX Lawsuit Attacks Secret Voting Machine Evaluation in Texas

Pilot was hotdogging it in that private plane crash in Burnet county on

The Sad State of Campaign Finance Reform in Wisconsin

Email from the Kerry Office - State Fair Volunteers needed

Information re protesting * in Medina on Friday


Wonder what advice from Bette Davis (or a flight attendant) will come to

End The Corporate Occupation Of Iraq!!!—Why Do We Hear So Little About It?

Drudge: Al qaeda plans assasinations.

Anybody See Spitzer on John McEnroe's show Awesome!!!

Drudge pushing the "Heinz-Kerry giving money to radicals" lie...

So... does Kerry really mean what he said about still voting for the war

Laptop computers

"america ensure oil opportunity"

Did you feel isolated after 9/11?

Bush would have invaded Cuba in 1962

I just got back from doing a few things....THANKS MODERATORS!!

MUST READ from Lori P. in LBN

After serving time in prison, have you paid your debt to society?

Alan Keyes's quote

OMG, I think a prominent Republican just hit on me online

Can You Imagine BUSH During the Cold War?

"I think we're like alcoholics. We've finally hit bottom,"

MLK was a sexual degenerate commie

"Divided We Stand"....what are the right and left reading?

What did clinton say about "people vote democratic"... on TDS?

Keyes' sweaty napkin pulled from eBay?

So I just got this e-mail on Bushs Resume...

Have any links to when clinton was running and repugs were bashing

Spinoff: I went looking for what the bible says about homosexuality...

What's the deal with Schiefer?

Did I hear that Bush nominated PALMER JOSS for CIA director?

Can you believe the turd, Alan Keyes?

Mo Dowd was opening act for Jessica Simpson on TMS

My retort to a repug RE: repug's contradictory views on military service

Oh how ironic... Went lookig for links to clinton bashing in 1996 lol

The Realities of 9-11, Terrorism, Homeland Attacks and Terror Alerts ...

"Venezuela Floridated"

Do repugs really understand what shrub "ownership theme" is about ?

What would be so bad about liberals refusing to go on right wing TV shows

Jesus, George W.! Even Nazi war criminals had lawyers!

Dupe Stephen Cambone testifying 9/11 Hearings on C-Span now

I believe there is no way out for Arabs and Israelis except

Liberal media: What is it, and where.

guide to porter goss and his commitee

Stormy weather in Tally today. Big blow comin through

How does Goss get replaced in the House?

"We all know Bush is an imbecile"

Should Europe work more, or America less?

Iraq is a bloody MESS, and the story is being rated down?!!

Imprisoning, Raping, Torturing Children. God Bless America

AWOL: the bumpersticker

Bush Books! (I can't keep up.... | Sy Hersh Alert!

Bernie Ward is on now, about Kerry giving bush authority to go to Iraq

Republicans Watered Down 1996 Clinton

NY Activists again eye Central Park, "We are not going to the highway."

Why Is The Media Giving The Vietnam Vets AGAINST Kerry SO MUCH Airtime???

Mike Wallace Arrested!

9/11 attackers

Iraqi south threatens secession

Anybody remember the "peace president"?


Here is what Kerry said Dec. 10 2003 about going into Iraq

The reason why the Plame investigation is NOT a 1st amend. issue

'In case you haven’t noticed...' by By Kurt Vonnegut

"If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't"

The "For Sisters"-Scaife, Coors, Olin, etc.

Intelligence Agents say: "Vote for Bush or vote for the Terrorists"

Kerry co-author is a freeper

Will Microsoft Pull Plug on Hardball?

What if Kerry has the following strategy about what he said on Iraq

I like How Bush

What would you have thought if flight 11 had been shot down?

ABC's The Note: "This is John Kerry's contest to lose."

Is Bush Admitting a Lie With This Statement?

What Happened to Reagan's approval rating when he was shot?

Clarification: Is dissension no longer tolerated at DU?

Don't be distracted by the Goss nomination. Let Bush have him, move on

Americans have to be told of the plan for a new Fascist Empire!

Kerry's Location??

I could bounce a quarter off of Mo Dowds face into my daquiri.

If Bush pulls a Van Hilleary, it will be political suicide...

Is there a journalist to journalist privilege?

Update on the Alan Keyes sweaty napkin....

I expect to hear a lot of "whistles" at the Olympic Games

If Prison Torture Doesn't Have Any Traction.....

I am a Democrat too...

Some people may find this funny...

Anybody else wanna go "Green" with Plaid Adder?

I met Randi Rhodes last night!

One of the main turning points in the Vietnam War was when the protests

DHS Sweeps - Bush's War on Latino Workers (it's happening)

Sorry, guys -- got an email to go to Drudge -- if object, don't click

I fear a repeat of 2002 all over again

Bush Says National Sales Tax Worth Considering (drop income taxes)

Anyone Have Elderly Parents Trying To Deal With The Prescription

US and Iraqi troops prepare to storm Najaf. It's going to be ugly

Disgusting Washington Times propaganda piece

I just heard on NPR, Homeland Insecurity is going to have a Mascot!

A Fun Exchange

Contact info for McCain

Swift Boat Vets Through History (Parody)

She talks like Mr. Howell and tosses her hair like Ginger!

I had to laugh seeing the picture of Joe Scarborough at the Bush rally...

What is planning at the "screwdriver level"?

America is going down the Drain and its all Rashies fault

Is America considered a Leader in the World Today?

Two low blows for the Chalabis

MEME MEMO: A regulated market IS the middle-of-the-road choice!

Interesting new Wal Mart propaganda

933 Americans killed in Iraq They only report it in obscurity

This picture makes me sick

terror humor

This is a post on another DU forum. But it is interesting. Go check it

Jim Rassmann: A True Patriot

A pair of interesting quotes

Have Cons ever enacted legislation NOT for their immediate benefit?

Malacca Strait: Target for terror (oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil, oil,

The 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen are in "conflict of interest":

Sarota on Al Franken: I missed what he was saying about Goss being


Finally, the American people have caught on to the con man

NY DUers have a sit-in at Central Park!

Maybe McCain was just being funny?

What are Bush's specific views on abortion?

What is a neo-con?

Didn't "major" operations end in May of 2003?

What did you think of Maureen Dowd on The Daily Show?

What did you think of Maureen Dowd on The Daily Show?

What did you think of Maureen Dowd on The Daily Show?

how much more will we ALLOW them to screw us and the world?

Is Kerry being "gored" by network news?

I watched Outfoxed again last night and

Will the "Swift Boat Vets" be at the Republican Convention?

Michael Moore New Album with Roger Waters!

Opinions on events in Sudan?

They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people

Anyone listening to Al Franken?

Did anyone catch Paul Krugman on Dennis Miller last night?

What will be Obama's margin of victory?

Bush to Kerry vote a SWING STATE!

Arab News - No PE for Women in School

What Is Name of Website - Check Your Neighbors


I watched Outfoxed again last night and

U.S. Ready To 'Finish' Najaf Fight-

A pictoral description of George W. Bush

What's the diff between illegal alien & undocumented worker?

New York Cops Hassle Old Man

Retired Top Diplomats, Soldiers Tell Bush to Beat It

When Are The Florida Authorities Gonna Arrest Rush Limbaugh???

Another dumb Freeper e-mail, I won't go into details (promise)...

What if the IWR had failed?

What happened with Mike Wallace???

I think the Scaife Elves are stunned at the counter attacks!

Flashback: Kerry caught on mic

Will we ever have another non-wingnut Republican president?

In case you're wondering: ROSEANNE's on board.

Can anyone help me write a response to this idiot?

There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see that bush is an idiot

The most important thing about the 7 minutes

Karl Rove with John McCain...Mephistopheles and the Whipped

Song to be posted on

TH Kerry - enough already!

Top Level Assasination

Should corporate execs be elected every 4 years?

Mt. Bushmore

Open letter to Jerome Corsi: Swift Boat Scuttler for the... "Truth"

AWESOME takedown of the Smearvets

I need help responding to an editorial against Kerry.....

Need a couple of ancient links.

Is Al Franken the "worst character assasinator"?

Pat Buchanan on Scarface Country last night, giving Scum Boat Vets time...

The attacks on Kerry's war heroism are an offense against Christian values

American Progress needs us to e-mail Hannity...

How do I post an image in my signature line?

Why can't Kerry just say....

Can you imagine if the GOP had a candidate that had Kerry's war record?

Here's our chance...

C-Span 9:12a.m. "WAR FIGHTER" term and then STEPHEN CAMBONE on!

1,000 American Soldiers Dead In Iraq

Does Anyone Else Sense Something Big Coming in November??

Heating Up The Northeast

Does anyone care about Budget deficit? - 2004 year thru 10 mon is $396 B

Mail This Letter to George W. Bush. I did. ;)

"people are poor because they are lazy."

RW radio says background on Khan was to the NYTimes, who revealed name

If Kerry has a 52.22% poll avg on 11/1, he'll have a 99.999997% win prob.

latest Al Jazerra animated cartoon....."catch me if you can"

Bush Kisses Another Corporate Ass

Once known, wouldn't a terror plot be scrapped?

What did you think of Maureen Dowd on The Daily Show?

Randi is on a ROLL!!

Douchebag for democracy has a cheering section on Crossfire.

We don't need Homeland Security..or an Intelligence 'Czar'

Bushism's on Slate with NPR Thursday.

Worlds largest media contact list!

Cheney Says Kerry Lacks Deep Convictions

Is Bush about to attack Iran?

The "Good" Republican

outsourcing.... we've turned the corner - yeah-right


Has anyone asked what "US official" outed the double-agent Khan?

I've been away, was there any fallout from O'Lielly Vs. Krugman?

Why do DU'ers use the names "Bunnypants" and "Pickles"


Do you trust "Election Judges?"

Was it a mistake to give Bush "authority" to go to war if necessary ?

Goss: "I couldn't get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified."

The definitive George W. Bush Blog..

The latest from the Christian right: Kerry is the anti-Christ

Where's Cheney?

Is it me or is Edwards not in the spotlight so much?

Alan Keyes video slamming Hillary as a carpetbagger.....

CodePink to join Bush protest tomorrow, Santa Monica, CA

I need HELP! I wrote a letter to the editor of our local rag

Wolf Blitzer and Tamara Chalabi sitting in a tree...

In the past decade have the Republicans been right about anything?

Bill O'reilly, Do you think we could get him to mention this?

Democrats and Hot Button Issues...

Earth really is spinning in reverse now

The Amber Frey court appearance "make-over"...too little, too late.

Has Tommy Franks been talking like this to US media?

Repub opponent of Democratic party-switcher refuses to drop out of race!

Ok enlighten me here please... why is there such a love fest for Israel?

Has made an ad about Bush's AWOL yet ?

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On Bush To Explain Military Record

More Media Contacts

Now I "get" it..

Democrats Not Expected to Make It Painless for Goss

CODEPINK call to action: Contact the Iraqi embassy, protest if possible

"Radical Shiite Cleric" Do they call Falwell a "Radical Christian Pastor"?

Media Matters covers misrepresentation of Howard Dean's remarks on alerts.

Is Gretta van Sustern a liberal?

Swift boat liar John O'Neill on wolf ass-kisser right now.

With so many houses for sale, I don't buy it that there's a problem

ad idea from a letter at Bartcop

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart repeat at 6:00 central .

" Thanks to Some REAL National Heroes " Fine article...... please read..

August 30th - Sept. 4 - Will fascism be on parade in N.Y. City?

Cali folk: The Terminator is terminating our educations...

Who is Randi talking to now?

I want to be heard ! Now hear this ! Its later than you think !

Build a better bush. Come on it's impossible but give it a try!

I'm watching Outfoxed right now...

Fact: In 25 Yrs It Will Be Washington, Lincoln & Bush: Freepers on knees

Dis Bush lie about reasons for invading Iraq?

I wish Ted Turner or someone would start a NEW news channel

Citizens for honest fighter pilots demand * explain his military record

Late-nite political jokes

Am I hallucinating? Did CNN finally call Bush on repetetive slogans?

On Savage now is Smearboat liar leader O'Neil/his own listeners doubt Neil

Tweety Really Slams Pickles- Rove's Tool!!!

Anyone else getting ready for the Hurricane Charley?

New from London Times: grave consequences of outing Khan

State Of Emergency

Halliburton $1.8b Unaccounted For! Army must keep paying--KBR bankrupt!!

Presidential Position Outsourced

Need help with a political cartoon...

Jeb Bush's Sept 7, 2001 executive order

A National Sales Tax Ignores the Black Market

Question about voting and the south

CNN Poll,.Should U.S. forces attack sacred sites in Najaf .75% Yes

Teresa Heinz Kerry and My Thoughts on Sexist Adjectives

Homophobic banner gets fundies ejected from a baseball game

Did you get "Bush-Tagged?"

WHY can't we get the publicity for AWOL the Swift Vets are getting?

I don't think that I'll see a Black President in my lifetime.

Have you seen the pharma ad that says

A few more choice quotes from Porter Goss

E-mail CNN about O'Neil smear of Kerry's heroic service!!

should there be a white guy who killed & dumped his pregnant wife channel?

Most dangerous member of the current administration.

Orange Alert got you nervous? Sleep easy in the Quantum Sleeper!

VENEZUELA FLORIDATED [Palast on the ChoicePoint-Oligarch Connection]

Train Conductor Suspended for Kerry Quip

Were all the massive tax cuts a payoff to Bush's supporters in

Michael Moore on the Charlie Rose Show tonight

Happy 3rd Anniversary of 9-11......from Osama.................cartoon

Fellow pro-choice women!

Ok enlighten me here please... why is there such a love fest for Israel?

Rodney Alexander might be removed from the ballot!

Hannity Is Upset That People Are Questioning John O'Neill's Honesty...

The Republican theme song:

Toys R Us is leaving and Walmart is taking over

Big Politician to Die and Then Terrorist Attacks (MSNBC)

One of the things we easily forget is that Islamic countries have

Cheney's convictions

The desecration of the graveyard of Najaf will be the wars biggest mistake

Du this CNN poll

I finally figured out why I piss my conservative friends off so much--

Interesting experience just now: told to "be quiet" on the bus re Iraq

Never forget: MoDo is a major media whore

funny video of W drinking

Hannity Can Apparantly Tell If Someone Is Lying By Their Tone of Voice

The "oye oye oye show" really needs to be dropped from the show

Jeb declares statewide emergency..... twin tropical storms.

The Devil you say!

Wayne Madsen's latest article updates Plame and Chalabi scandals

Swift Boat Veterans for Bush!

Mike Webb all over Kerry for his approval of Iraq war.

Anyone Listening to Sean Hannity's Radio Pukefest ...

PNAC. The great unknown.

How do you think Bush's idea of a National Sales Tax would go over?

Sex and violence in Lynne Cheney's frontier Wyoming

'The view of Al Qaeda is "anybody but Bush."'

Capital Blue outs Corsi (SwiftBoater) / FreeRepublic Connection

What the hell is the big deal about marijuana?

My Mensa friend is STILL backing Bush.

Great Bush Pic (real)

is Cuba really that bad?

Robert Kennedy, Jr on "fascism"

Bleeding heart liberal quiz

West Lothian Question

Breastfeeding Moms Hold 'Nurse-In' at Starbucks

Plame Leak Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff

Kerry fails Iraq test

VENEZUELA FLORIDATED [Palast on the ChoicePoint-Oligarch Connection]

S Korea chooses new capital site

NYT: Survey Finds Beneficiaries Largely Fault Medicare Law

Fahrenheit 9/11 set for Egypt release after secret deal

Iraq Deputy President Urges U.S. Troops to Quit Najaf

Gunmen Kill Local Shi'ite Party Official in Iraq (Interim Gov. Rep.)

Bin Laden hints major assassination

ENRON - Barge trial is put off a month

NYT: Democrats Give Republicans a Fight for the Elderly

L.A. halts plans for Wal-Marts

Kerry talks prescription drugs, launches drive to bring seniors to the pol

Iraqi-born Britons join Sadr's militia in battle for Najaf

Hand over nuclear weapons and know-how, Iran tells Britain

Houston in video being examined for links to terror (Pakistani "tourist" )

Palast: Will The Gang That Fixed Florida Fix the Vote in Caracas Sunday?

Baldwin's (front man) Bush Attack

Cisco chief not so sure of economy

US Extends New Passport Deadline

Goss to step down as House Intel chairman

Oil price soars above $US45

US Seeks Faster Peace Agreement in Sudan

Habib (Gitmo Detainee) calls home (tells wife he was tortured)

Bush CIA pick stirs firestorm

Halliburton in more Iraq trouble?

Iraq hurts 'America' brand in advertisers' eyes

Bin Laden hints major assassination

Should Europe work more, or America less?

Fed bumps up crucial interest rate

Rep. Jones(R - NC) exploits Dept. Of Homeland Security for politics.

Bon Jovi, DiCaprio to join Kerry in Portland (Ore.)

Wife Of Republican Governor (Ann Romney) Supports Stem Sell Research

Hundreds of casualties in Iraqi clashes

Layoffs have local impact (Pennsylvania - 115 jobs)

Tom Ridge Checks Out (Iowa State)Fair Security

California Helps Kerry Set Fundraising Records

Iraq's Sadr Urges Militia to Fight Even if He Dies

Halliburton in more Iraq trouble?

Women should rule - Tutu

NASA Plans Robotic Fix For Hubble

Ahmad Chalabi Senses U.S. Behind Counterfeit Charge

Pariah regime (Uzbekistan) doesn't deserve ADB aid (Rummy was at it again)

Iraq's Jaafari Says Foreign Troops Must Quit Najaf

Iran reporters 'detained in Iraq'

Thousands protest against Allawi in Iraqi city...

U.S. and Iraqi forces are preparing major assault on Najaf

Dupe. Please remove

Pressure on Sudan to End Crisis Grows

Britain to continue handing over prisoners, despite death penalty

Pakistani national arrested after videotaping bank skyscrapers

Blige (Missy Elliot and Eve) joins anti-Bush song remake (BBC)

Human cloning go-ahead (U.K.)

I just heard on NPR, Homeland Insecurity is going to have a Mascot!

Osama Calling for Qaeda Attacks - Pakistan Sources

Trump casinos head into bankruptcy

Former supremacist wins DA contest (Georgia)

LAT:Calif. Helps Kerry Set Fundraising Record(most ever raised in one st.)

California's Greens reject Nader's bid for state ballot

Drug Firms Move Biotech Work to India

Reporters from Iran's IRNA Agency Arrested in Iraq

Salem Chalabi Says Charges Undermine Saddam Trial

Company Corners Market on Political Ads

RNC Protest Organizers Reject Rally Site.

Cemetery fight haunts some US soldiers

Kerry Clashes with Bush Over Iraq Vote

C-SPAN shelves 'Booknotes'

London Times: Terror Suspects Face Xtra ?s (Khan outing consequences)

Steelworkers protest (lost of pension, Bush)

Bush Selects Congressman to Head CIA(has his own ideas about how to reform

Kerry now leads Bush in latest Michigan poll

More Republicans (shh!) for Ralph (Williamette Week, Portland, OR)

Danes protest capital punishment in Iraq

Iraq politician Chalabi returns to Baghdad, says aide

High Carb Diet Linked to Breast Cancer – More Deceit

Seniors Endorse John Kerry, Pledge Campaign Support (7M members)

Kerry Talks Prescription Drugs in Nevada

WP, pg1: Wounded Soldiers Are Adapting to Altered Lives

Al-Qaeda planning major assassination to disrupt US vote

Iran Test Fires New Version of Ballistic Shahab-3 Missile

WI Lt. Governor Lawton Statement in Response to Visit by First Lady

Israelis believe Bush better for them than Kerry: poll

Protesters set fire to Allawi's party offices

Boxer, Jones spar over war, foreign policy, other issues (Senate race)

N.H. Democrats Call On Nader To Reject GOP- Generated Petitions

Feds investigating Connecticut nuclear engineer in terror case

U.S. Set to Combat Afghan Drug Trade (Rumsfeld)

Husband Of GOP Contender Votes Shirtless

Private security firms in war zones worry NGOs

White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried

Republican opponent of Democratic party-switcher says he'll stay in the ra

Hairstylist uses thorns, fake blood to spread the word

dupe, sorry

Minnesota seniors' drugs seized (in Fla.)

Dominican Migrants Panicked on Journey...more than 40 people died

10,000-plus expected for Kerry PDX rally; Bush visit more elusive

Kerry frenzy builds as visit nears (Medford, OR)

US Senator McCain Riled By Belarus Visa Refusal

Sen. Shelby hires attorney in leak probe (Clinton Impeachment Lawyer)

From London to Iraq - the latest recruits to the Mahdi army (Brits + Sadr)

UN set to extend Iraq assistance mission

Arroyo to men: Stop kissing me

Amtrak conductor suspended for telling passengers to vote against Kerry

Web Site Vandals Hit Book Bashing Kerry

Hutton leak inquiry 'is yet another whitewash'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 11 August

Cheney-linked firm gets contracts (Australia)

Iraqis protest as US plans assault on Najaf

Bush and Kerry Invited to Join Rx Express to Canada

Scott will stay in 5th District race despite pressure to quit (La)

LAT: L.A. Council Votes to Restrict Superstores (Wal-Mart, "significant")

Bush gets soverized on the Web

Ford Foundation Honors Cheney, Rumsfeld at Anniversary Dinner

Bush vows to 'bring an enemy to justice' in new ad

White House Backs Off Bush Sales Tax Quip

CIA leak could have free-press ripples

Ridge: Nothing to link videotaper to terrorists

Citigroup to layoff 450 workers in Iowa

K-Mart Cuts 200 At Its Headquarters - AP

U.S. Government, Media Silent on Torture of Detained Iraqi Kids

ClientLogic Corp. in Oak Ridge plans to layoff 230 workers

U.S. July budget deficit rises to $69B

Shelby (R-Ala) hires former Clinton impeachment lawyer for leak probe

New Violence Deepens Darfur Crisis

U.S. Forces, Close to Attack in Najaf, Suddenly Pull Back

Kerry-Edwards 2004 Releases Fact Sheet on Bush-Cheney Ad

Saddam destroyed WMDs

Kerry.. Campaign: Bush Actually Did What He Falsely Accuses Kerry of

Cheney Says Kerry Lacks Deep Convictions

Goss is "not qualified" to be CIA Director

Vermont Will Sue U.S.(FDA) for the Right to Import Drugs

President: Iran Ready to 'pay the Price' for Pursuing Peaceful Nuclear

Halliburton Questioned on $1.8 Billion Iraq Work -WSJ

Israelis believe Bush better for them than Kerry: poll

The mystery of Mirair and the official answers that do not add up

WP, pg1: (Najaf ) Cemetery Fight Haunts Some U.S. Troops

Judge: Remove Bible from courthouse (CNN Texas)

Video Purportedly Shows Killing of Iraq 'CIA Agent'

Separate Hotel Rooms After Shouting Match

(Amtrak) Conductor is suspended for anti-Kerry remarks

Milestone of 1,000th U.S. Death in Iraq Looms for Bush

Chávez recall vote confounds pollsters

Colorado Brewing Magnate to Be Senate Candidate (Coors R)

Black Hawks Scramble to Save U.S. Troops in Iraq

Saudis offer to hike oil output

White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried

Gene blocker turns monkeys into workaholics

Tape Allegedly Shows Beheading Of CIA Agent

US border guard indicted for beating Chinese businesswoman

Pentagon plan for global anti-terror army

Heinz Kerry Charity Donation Assailed/Defended (Cuba)

Parents Mourn Son's Suicide After Returning From Iraq Duty:.......

Turkmen leader orders ice palace

New Drugs Approved To Treat Radiation From Dirty Bombs

Tribe demands Germany apologises 100 years after 'forgotten' massacre

DoD Statement on Jack Shaw and the Iraq Telecommunications Contract

Here's a grin for the ladies....

If you use the USPS you can campaign for Kerry-Edwards for free

Scott Peterson: Hot or Not?

Yay! Tony is making chicken soft tacos for supper!

Mo Dowd on the Daily Show...OOoooooooH! I wanna a Piece of You,Ba-by!

freeper relative gets kid in college - claims to be disabled vet

OK all you right-wingers - get down to Florida and fight Charley!

CodePink's anti-Hummer campaign--love the sign in the pic!

only one complaint after three days of school (someone page KG)

Does anyone have a good site for US budget deficits...

If I were Ellen Barkin, I'd name my kids:

Cheneyzilla! (bad photoshop)

There are some tightly wound people out there. Unwound, in this case.

Great News!

In case you're wondering: ROSEANNE's on board.

Okay, what the hell was "Ray-Jay Johnston" all about?!

Guess where I'm posting from???


I'm a bachelor, but i want to be as cool and as sexy as....

Oh forget it...let's do GD popcorn and haiku's

Worst. Idea. Ever.


Dr. Angus commercial question

I have been IM'ing this girl.

Roger Ebert is a genius

There are only 10 types of people in the world

So much for Olympic ideals-"bring the wrong drink and be banned"

Keyes' sweaty napkin pulled from eBay?

I haven't seen a cat thread in tooo long!

Tinfoil Hat website

Man Groped Actress Posing As A Corpse - He Was Too Drunk To Remember

Where To Buy Kerry/Edwards Bumper Stickers?

Philippine President Asks That Men Stop Kissing Her

CBS's 60 Minutes Mike Wallace cuffed 'n' stuffed (arrested)

Wow, I didn't know Dock Ellis once pitched a no-hitter on LSD!

Weirdest Politician Ever?

A Dilemma

Pixies plan new album - Ireland Online.

Mustached Man Wearing Green Sun Dress Robs Bank

hah I think EA Sports is anti Bush

Dallas area DUers - please take care of your new resident!

Reached a creative impasse? Consult the Oblique Strategies cards.

"Winnie-The-Pooh Is My Co-Worker"

Kroger Party Mix.. Yummmmmmmmy..

Are you losing faith in the American people?

God I love Fark.

After watching Network News last night I'm returning to reading my news

So you want to know what activities will be going on during the convention

Calling DU HTML wizards

Changing the world

W Stands for.........

We're these two separated at birth????

Red House Painters

Go PRIMITIVE men! Wear a kilt! Yeeeeeeeeehaw!

Miss me?

Separated at birth? You decide

If you could travel to any country in the world where would you go? Only 1

Once again, "Separated at Birth??"

Which Color Do You Want To See Included In The Terror Alert System?

Convicted Rapist Wins Lottery On Weekend Out Of Jail

Police Arrest Man For Beheading Mother

Are You A Complainer...Or The Grin-&-Bere-It Type?

I missed TDS last night...How was MoDo?

Who wants to hang with me at this party on August 27th in NYC???

I just want to post my love & adoration for PagerBear & Soleft

Giant Ant "Supercolony" Found

Looking for freeware Anti-Virus software

I'd be a LIAR if I didn't say ............Seperated at birth?

Artist's Michelangelo replica could land him in jail - Over Breasts

oh, lord, "The Incognito American"

i just want to express my love & admiration for jukes & Butch Braggert!

this is sad . . . Sotheby's to auction off Johnny Cash's belongings . . .

Caption: Miow....where's my dinner?

Caption: Purrrrr....just wait til my teeth grow

complete this sentence: I wonder what it's like

Winslow signs with Browns-exclusive footage of negotiations

Recumbent bicyclists please check in

Caption: satelite controlled Pope-finder installed on JP2 new hat

kvetch, kvetch, kvetch

Kill me....kill me now

I can't get to sleep...

"I thought you said 'School's out forEVER'"...

My Endless Love!!!

No more Mr. Nice Guy, No more Mr. Cle-he-he-he-hean.


Is someone taking my blood?

Am I right to be suspicious of freepers who claim they were in Vietnam?

An idea for a protest activity I would love to do...

Olympic Security Shocker!

Tragic: Newlywed killed in crash as wife drives in car behind

Did that dumbass really say this???????

My "Da Vinci Code" is due Saturday, and I have about 100 chapters to go.

Question about the White House and the God costume(s)

Need some advice...

I'm listening to Chant by the Benedictine Monks of Santa Domingo De Silos


Got A Link To The Canadian Broadcast Interview With President Clinton?

Fire chief quits over no-booze-on-city-property proposal

Braces at 24!?!

anyone read or own the emerging democratic majority

Two terrible storms headed this way (southeast)


What should I talk about on here?

Lord of the Rings and good vs. evil

Does anyone know why the police were called the 'fuzz'?


Couple awarded $4.6M after home is vandalized by ex-tenant

Missing Piece Of Wood Sparks $30 Million Lawsuit Between Neighbors

From yesterday: The altime greatest war song

I want a Taxi!

Anyone from Ellijay, GA or Franklin, NC?


Do you see the right???? Do you see the right????

The Kerry Campaign just called me

What's for lunch ?

Mike Wallace - still a tough old bastard after all these years

How to eat like an Olympian.

I am in the middle of a friggin hen house

Keyes to 'hang hat' in Calumet City apartment.

You should vote for George Bush

DU Internet Techies help me out please..

The Heinz Ketchup Promo

Shameless self-promotion.

Canadian Man fails to take off.

Happy Birthday.......Eric Carmen

Do you see the light???? Do you see the light????

Poor Annie, she's being ditched for a buch of Swiftboat Liars

"Blacked Out Through Whitewash "(Mary and Jesus WERE BLACK)

Nudist Colony Fails To Take Off

trying hard not to have a knee-jerk reaction to family fight

Let's talk World Music for a sec!

Tropical Storms Bonnie and Charlie are going to go right through....

Question about giving medicine to a cat:

Hey! The Olympics started already!

Another ghost from the past.

Another person soon to be joining the ranks of the brave librarians cadre.

Japanese Resorts Allegedly Faking Natural Hot Springs - It's TAP WATER!

i donated to the DNC

Is it acceptible...

Submit a DU review - Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche

Is Air America streaming down again?

Oh-NO! No more Joan and Melissa Rivers on the Emmy redcarpet

for our old-timey feminists, questions (one bonehead?):

Help! I have a strong urge to eat at McDonalds!

Hulk Hogan and I have a birthday today!

Doctors treat man who weighed 1,000 pounds

So what kind of whine do Freepers think?

Post an odd or embarrassing fact about a DUer you don't know

Would you eat at a restaurant that serves "freedom fries?"

Guess what boys & girls: IT'S WOOHOO TIME!!!!

Anyone know someone who bought a Scion?

A Rant_ Talking computers over the phone

2004 Summer Olympics - 2 days and counting

BeeBee! BeeBee! BeeBee!

Wow God is really taking it out on McCain for supporting W

how all DUer should start their day!

Screw it, Until Kerry is elected...This Opihi is going on a Hunger Strike

Old college photo of Bush I've never seen before

Erma Bombeck is funny.

Agnew used to hit people with golf balls, Ford used to fall while

Team Of Doctors Treat Man Who Weighed More Than 1,000 Pounds

I went to a Peace Corps information session last night.

CAPTION the Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Transporter

How do I post an image in my signature line?

Is Matt sexier than Paul?

Did anyone else know that Mike Malloy visits DU?

So the Devil's in Arizona

Caption: JP2 altar girl tests new holy communion wine

Elderly Man (80) Says Wrestling With Feisty Deer Was A Mistake

WARNING! Mock TERROR ALERT! (Add your own!)

Has anyone else pre-donated to DU?

I Am REALLY Slipping

Car Accident question.

Anybody familiar with internet phone services?

I am REALLY sipping.

Have you ever wanted to be President/Premier/Prime Minister/et cetera?

AdultSwim's SeaLab 2021 Question

Perseids meteror shower TONIGHT

I Wanna Sex You Up!!!

Some Women will Fuck anything.

Military DUers - what's the deal with being wounded?

Oh NSMA....I Promised You a Picture Earlier Today

So Edwards is on vacation? see that's not good

Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive bathroom scale

Met up with an old bitch today who used to be my boss

EVERY GD2004 Poster Is A Poopy-Pants! Trade sex for votes against Bush. :)

John O'Neal's makeup looks awful

"So...find that line of work intersting, do ya?"

just got my Kerry buton and Real Deal t-shirt

My Bonnie lies over the ocean,

I've Got Big Balls!!

I'm gonna go take a piss


How many times in life has a life-changing event...

Bugger off. I gotta make dinner

Anyone ever made hypertufa

Bush is sending no mixed signals alright...

I feel sorry for Mike Wallace.

Are you lurking?


Welcome to the Hotel California.

The Living Room Candidte

which legendary monster do you WANT to exist??

Any Playboy subscribers here? Did Owens out Garcia in interview

Al - Kittya feline terrorist hijacks Belgian plane!

Did anybody receive any voicemails today about buying stocks? I being unreasonable by thinking a 10 hr. school day is

Hot off the news wires!

strange request for soldier sister

What does San Diego mean?

This is a big CStheT issue. - Slow Food is the meeting ground of cultures

Congratulate me!!! 800 posts

RNC Convention Schedule

Man is it hot in Central Tx !

Scott Peterson: Guilty or Innocent?

[Berlin] Airport's Time Is Running Out (but What a Time It Was)

Quite Possibly the Greatest Line in Cinematic History

How can I talk someone out of getting a tattoo?

Post an odd or embarrassing fact about yourself

CAPTION-He's trying to send us subliminal messages

Scott Peterson's Favorite Move Is "The SHINING!!"



Scott Peterson or Shark attack

The Amber Frey court appearance "make-over"...too little, too late.

I'm finally done! Ask me anything

Post your funny bumper stickers here!

Somebody shoot me... I like the latest Avril Lavigne song.

ok, who has had or does have a HERNIA?

Ark., here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!Yee Haw

What does a bloody nail on a dog mean?

Now for something completely frivolous: What's the best color for toenails

The majority of the men here aren't even a challenge

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas looks freakin' AWESOME!

I just witnessed a disgusting example of RW hatred!

What do think when you see a scar?

CAPTION these undecided voters

Toby Keith #20 on VH1s "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever"

Can anybody recommend a good streaming music source?

Mac Users: I need help, please.

Compooter question: Where to buy discontinued software?

Worst *art house* movie?

Favorite Boz Scaggs song

MIA Thread...CrewLeader, where are you? Enki? etc etc

Any Filipino's here? Sound off. PIC attached of my Fiance

website owners - do you use RSS, and if so, does it seem to

Wow! Maureen Dowd is incredibly sexy...


Kitty help my heart is breaking

Hurricane Question: What happens if we need to call theNational Guard....

racist with a gun

Is English your first language?

Tell me if my photo upload worked on your computer

The Scout Walker Kama Sutra

I'm Pissed

CNN's Heidi Collins is Smokin' Hot

I need a really tasteless anti-Bush product

Any Du'ers going to Little Steven's Fest in NYC this Saturday???

Was/Is anyone on the debate team in school?

CAPTION-Texas Air National Guard retraining. Step 1- find the plane

My Cat looks hungry

CONFESS!!!!! What song makes you want to GET UP AND DANCE

Breast Vs. Bottle. Your opinions?

In the middle of a fucked - up blowout with my Dad.

What do you think when you see a tattoo?

Some questions about stabbing deaths

600-Pound Woman Dies After Being Surgically Removed From Couch

What about the rumors about Bush and medications and neurological problems

Anyone have a graph on job losses, i.e. Hoover and Bush

Bush making it harder and harder for MEN to hang on to the Oval

HOW Stupid Are Some People!! (RE: Laura Bush v. Teresa)


There is still some justice in the US under King Grub

What are some questions that you would like asked in the debate?

I just got back from a candidates forum in a predominately repug area of

Bush Presidential Liberry...err Library

DU accountants - did Bush keep his campaign promise?

Please respond to this column RE: Obama/Keyes debates

Where can I find a good gif of the *Kerry*/Edwards logo?

What is wrong with any Dem candidate saying that the war in Iraq was has Convention speeches available for free.

So the media will ask Kerry "trick questions" for Bush.

Why we must pity Keyes.....

Official Asks More Time for Military Votes

A tale of two campaign invitations

The perfect ad, I swear:

Cheney attacks Kerry over war on terror

saw some Europeans on O'Liely last night

Here is what Kerry said Dec. 10 2003 about going into Iraq

more kerry heroics - wow

Drudge Is Saying Al Qaeda Is Planning A Major Assasination

So... does Kerry really mean what he said about still voting for the war

She used the state of NY as a platform for her own personal ambition.

Can you believe the turd, Alan Keyes?

Four Veterans and Authors plea for civility

They're doing it AGAIN!!!!!!

E-bay: Keyes Sweat for Sale | Q & A fun

Be honest here. How do you think people like Alan Keyes and others

An active retirement-Older Americans make a formidable voting bloc

What if Kerry has the following strategy about what he said on Iraq

Medicare Drug Benefit Fails to Boost Bush, Survey Finds

I like How Bush

ABC's The Note: "This is John Kerry's contest to lose."

Is Bush Admitting a Lie With This Statement?

A statement John Kerry might make :

Isn't this an out-and-out lie?

shout for chuck d & unfiltered! he just played "runnin on empty" for *

"Unfit For Command" - - Unfit For Discussion?

Electoral vote calculator

Kerry nears popular vote LOCK

Can someone tell me what the hell Keyes is talking about?

Bush Mocks Kerry's 'Nuance' on Iraq

I am hold with WLS re: Keyes/Obama debates

Can anyone tell me where to get a "Kerry for President Flag?"

Stumping Bush Calls Kerry a Reluctant Ally on Iraq

My Colleague Just Told Me There's A Big Bush-Cheney Registration Drive Out

Bush-Edwards??? I never knew this- it could really happen!!!

Why Is The Media Giving The Vietnam Vets AGAINST Kerry SO MUCH Airtime???

Kerry ahead 49% to 42% in Michigan Poll

Worst popular vote defeats for incumbent Presidents.

To Understand and Debunk the Smear Boat Vets

Folks, Bush is the Desperate One

Rasmussen--Kerry stays at 49% for second straight day

Who the HELL is ABC's Marc Ambinder? Why is he shilling for Swiftliars?

Blige joins anti-Bush song remake

Will the "Swift Boat Vets" be at the Republican Convention?

Drudge: Thanks to all you suckers at Democratic Underground

Hoister! Good man! Bar Place! Bush impersonator on AAR

Drudge: Kerrys in Separate Hotel Rooms after Fight

Can someone explain voter registration for me?

Uberpundit Charlie Cook: Bush in Big Trouble

Blow up about Iraq comment

Can you believe Drudge is peeking into John and Teresa's bedroom?

Is Kerry being "gored" by network news?

Bush to Kerry vote a SWING STATE!


September surprise: Radical Tax reform/abolishing IRS

Past and future predictions

This Is Bush's Idea of an Optimistic Campaign?

Bushy's new ad: "Bring our enemies to justice...

I realized something...

NIGHTLINE: Disrupting The Elections

TH Kerry - enough already!

I live in Illinois. Keyes running because Bush supporters won't show up

Kerry Campaign: Halliburton Goes for Gold - In Scandal Pentathlon

Somebody dissuade my fears....

A Bush-Edwards Presidency? says it could happen

The Electras - John Kerry's band

What I really like about Sam Yang's Princeton site (election likelihood)

I need help responding to an editorial against Kerry.....

About the Kerry "non-bounce" -

Bush is taping and interview with CNN's Larry King tomorrow

The attacks on Kerry's war heroism are an offense against Christian values

Hey Freepers. Send this to your boy.

Will Bush eventually be impeached if he steals/wins in November...

Where's the outrage?

Can you imagine if the GOP had a candidate that had Kerry's war record?

Another Endorsement for Kerry-Edwards

Kerry-Edwards plans if anyone is interested

How many lives has Kerry saved?

Repubs pressure "last minute party switcher's" opponent to drop out

Alan Keyes in a NUTshell....

Well done, DNC! Watch their dynamite new web ad "Turned the Corner!"

And this is what we "elected"......

We have TWO black Senate candidates this year....

An American Disgrace

Just got pro-kerry email including this bit-

Alan Keyes -- Lounge Lizard

Bush's 5 point sleazebag advantage...

Which newspapers are likely to endorse Kerry? Bush?

Need one of those maps of the US showing current polls

Are Kerry hand-wringers obnoxious?

Kerry Campaign e-mail: "Don't yield an inch to George Bush"

Amount of New Voter Registrations?

Is it me or is Edwards not in the spotlight so much?

Kerry saves republican Senators life

Hawaii polls go Kerry; problem of campaign bus tour averted

Anyone else sick of intolerence

Turn on Randi Rhodes.

Alan Keyes video slamming Hillary as a carpetbagger.....

Clark possible surrogate/spokesperson at RNC ....

Repub opponent of Democratic party-switcher refuses to drop out of race!

It's the substance, stupid

Direct from the Ministry of Truth: Bin Laden and you, ABB. Shoot Kerry.

Are The Democrats Too Nice?

La. party switcher's Democratic Opponent needs contributions! TAKE ACTION!

Obama/Keyes on NPR's "Fresh Air" tomorrow.

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day....

RNC Hack calls stem cell researchers MAD SCIENTISTS!!

Report from the bug men

My son is watching TeeVee... flipped channels: 700 Club. SwiftVets

Kerry co-author is a freeper

TPM: Smearboat effective in persuading independents


Should we organize a truth squad to rebut right-wing radio nuts?

Train Conductor (GOP congressional candidate) Suspended for Kerry Quip

I Will NOT "Go To Sleep" After KERRY Is Elected

Wal-Mart = Bush. Costco = Kerry. Costco's Winning.

Jim Rassmann: A True Patriot

Counting down electoral votes

Ark. Dem-Gaz: Ads for Kerry Dry Up in Ark. ("Bush prevailing"?)

Sign the petition to get McCain to tell Bush to condemn the Swift Boat ad

Deserter-the story of George W Bush after he quit the Texas Air National G

Sorry you didn't vote Dean in the primary?

Does John Kerry Need a Dog?

Federal Deficit Hits Record $395.8B

Sorry you didn't vote for Dean in the primary?

Reality Check Bush & IWR

Great pictures of Kerry from today on the trail:

Help with this poll!

DUers TAKE ACTION! Challenge Alan Keyes Illinois voter's registration!!!

Theresa - enough already!

Are there any states that have not done their primaries yet?

Karl Rove nano-management: GOP covers up Heinz labels at luncheons...

Why can't Kerry just say....

Is the "Swiftboat Vets" ad still running?

CNN - O'Neil is accusing Kerry of FLEEING FROM ENEMY FIRE!

Another Republican changes his allegiance


Just received my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker today.

If Kerry has a 52.22% poll avg on 11/1, he'll have a 99.999997% win prob.

In case you missed the memo, John Kerry *IS* the nominee.

The wife of the owner of my office building has a gold Kerry 2004 pin.

MUST-READ anti-* Esquire article by Ron Reagan...

Republicans cheating in Ohio

Folks, the purpose of Keyes running is to keep Obama in Illinois

More Bush McCain lovefest pics

the kerry would vote to authorize thing, again

Police arrest 4 as political discourse gets ugly (Pensacola)

Bush vows to 'bring an enemy to justice' in new ad

Did you know that if Kerry and Bush tie in the EC, Illinois goes to Bush?

Doctors To Attempt Risky Surgical Separation Of Politicians

from Mary Beth Cahill...(campaign manager for kerry)

Howard Dean | Terror Alerts - Substance or Politics? (must read)

Should you vote for Kerry if you're in a "safe state"?

99.999997%. Believe.

What will be Obama's margin of victory?

Anyone else sick of the Kerry hand-wringing here?

So, does Cockburn have a valid argument for misgivings about Kerry?

Deleted message

Another Pix from Yesterday's JK Rally In Vegas - My Daughter (7 yrs old)

Bush Ignores His Own Letter from 1992 on Smear Ads

Is Bush Running Circles Around Kerry Campaign?