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Archives: August 13, 2004

WP WhiteHouseBriefing The Unnamed Enemy

Global Eye Unnatural Acts

Salon: Red alert (Bush Adm.'s dangerous pattern of exposing intel)

Politicians fool only themselves with Medicare bribe

Taiwan needs nuclear deterrent

Herbert: Ashcroft's Quiet Prisoner (Haitian refugee locked up 2 yrs)

Wisdom discourages a US attack against Iran (Lebanon: Daily Star)

(California) State to consider mileage tax

Terminating Al-Sadr Will Not Eliminate Shi'a Resistance

GIs in Iraq are asking: Why are we here?

Krugman: Bush's Own Goal

It Takes an Army to Raze a Child

Death, Duty in Forgotten Corner of War (Marines in Western Iraq)

Bush gambles as Najaf burns

SBV for Lies ... O'neil will be on rightwingnut radio....

volunteer positions available for RNC protest legal assistance

Wow such even debate from MSGOP

hate Trifecta tonight

Suggestions for mass email program?

OFFICIAL: Mike Malloy thread ;-)

Anyone else NOT able to get into LBN, GD, and Lounge?

Who still has the approval ratings pic with the sinking ship???

isn't life strange?

Bush on LKL is looking better than he has in quite

China risks sanctions with rampant piracy

Cancer Stem Cells Hint at Cure

Diarrhea takes its toll on Bangladesh flood victims

Indian police post attacked following arrest of Maoists

Three killed, more hurt as shooting and shelling roils Georgian region

Pacifist group targets arms - TW

S Korea to establish new capital

Hey, where did all the "good forums" go?

The New Old Hatred-Brian Bethune

Palestinians Mislead UN on Youth's Death -Israel

Keyes to embarrass himself on Saturday, he be at the Bud Billiken parade

Bush Said The Stupidest Thing

Top Massachusetts Bush donor contributed to Nader

My question for Swiftboat liar O'Neil..

Kerry mentioned Viet Nam TWICE in his acceptance speech, YET freepers

Goss: "I couldn't get a job with the CIA today. I'm not qualified."

Golen Sapel? Did I hear that right?

Goss Is Wrong for the CIA

Sibel Edmounds not on Zahn

TV face time: O'Neill the liar vs.Sibel the truth teller

Have you noticed tonight McGreevey will get the play while Iraq and

why are people calling me a flamebait??



Anyone know where an appearance schedule for Bill Maher is?I just saw Faux

Who here is tired

Trained killers.

kerryedwards necklace key holder

A list of bills sponsored by NJ state Sen. Richard Codey

Official: No Evidence Attack Is Imminent

Both Bushes refuse to condemn the

Shelley seeks investigation of contributions

So did Saddam really threaten Iraqi Olympic athletes...

Bill Maher on Hannity right now. Coming up after break they

TOONS: Drink To Bush

What's this about McGreevy's gay lover not even being a citizen of US?

I have the solution for George Bush given his stance on stem cell research

Anyone know why Air America is playing re-runs of Majority Report?

What in the hell is with the background and drug tests

Bush just said we shouldn't forget the"lessons of Sept 11th"

Jim Robinson of FR, obsessed with Clinton?

Let's give credit where it is so aptly due: Thank Tweety

McGreevy versus Clinton: The Double-Standard Rears Its Head

Powell, Bush, Cheney to resign shortly? Kerry to run against Ted Stevens?

Our Fearless Leader Doesn't Have A Clue.

Wes Clark response to Cheney's attack on Kerry

Hard-Hitting Howie Spills Gut Wrenching Motivation behind WP Tell-All

Bush to Larry King "I'm confident we'll have debates." Oh yeah?

Recently,Will Pitt had a post on the torture of children at Abu Ghraib.

Can someone please define for me?

Ruh-roh! NJ repukes already gunning for a special election

Illinois Beware

I just had a skunk moseying around my kitchen! Don't ask, I'll TELL!

Voter registration question.


Is Sen. Corzine planning to run for President in the future?

Isn't it nice to see the Iraqi soccer team wearing

The Rights reply to the plethora of critical books is one book written by

My last word on McGreevey, I still admire him, but since so many of you

body language buffs, what do you pick up from bush?

Anyone watching Laura/George Love Fest on Larry King?

Anybody know if i can watch today's crossfire on the web

Could freerepublic founder have served in Navy with Swiftboat liars?

Have I mentioned tonight how much I hate these people?

I got this "wonderful" email today...sheesh

I found out why Bush is not in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Judith Miller subpoenaed (PLAME)

Bill Maher on Hannity now

there was a post with bible verse bush screwed up, can you post

Breaking - Al Quada secret weapon is Hurricane

Why is this not a bigger story? Bush let Al Qaeda operatives escape...


Jon forget Novak and go after Blitzer!

Sorry in advance because I am sure this question

Anyway, my predictions and I am afraid this will come true....

Anybody remember That God awful LAMAR ALEXANDER and his red flannel shirts

Paranoid fear about this Iran business

Malloy deserves an Oscar

Can I share with you the shallow politics of some coworkers today...?

Goal: Find the John O'Neill - Nixon WH photo 6-16-71

Should I Start Worrying; Vol 3

MSRNC switches headlines to whore for the GOP

Jon Stewart's choice of Novak as his conservative enemy perplexes me

WOO-HOO! Malloy just called, "The sewer of the Internet!"

We were bombing Najaf in 1999, or before, and destroying WMDs there.

Why are the democrats hammering on Bush Military Record

For some reason, I find Mike Malloy's intro music so soothing

HILARIOUS Crossfire Transcript! You'll laugh so hard..........

Did John O'Neill really vote for Gore?

Bowling for Columbine is on The Movie Channel right NOW

OK, that's it. I'm running for governor!

Prediction: McGreevy will backfire on the GOP like all the rest

Can you pick one damn thing this adminstration has gotten right?

Mathews whipping O'Neil rerun at 11PM....

RNC prediction: Nancy Reagan

Matthews Smackdown of O'Neill - Repeat on now!

so Bush says we leave Iraq if asked by Allawi

* said that we shouldn't destroy lives to save lives - HYPOCRITE

Did anybody watch shrub and pickles on Larry King tonight?

Is it okay to be gay and still be in the closet?

Sweet Jesus, I Love Mike Malloy

where is Ron Reagan when you need him

Should people lose their jobs for committing adultery?

The Daily Show...

Reporters Involved in the CIA Leak

Married Gay Gov=Bad; Married Groping Gov=Good!

What do you say to a freeper in a three-piece suit?

How will you recognize that sanity is returning to this country?

Video of O'neill Smackdowns?

Did God send the Swift Boat Liars to make sure Bush* loses?

For the committed Nader voter

McGreevy Worshippers: He OPPOSED gay marriage.

Lousy Work and Larger Wealth in America

The Democrats ruled in Santa Monica today.

First band of storms from Charley hitting Miami-Dade now

Pickles is wearing the drapery again


leadership quotes, military leader quotes, and war quotes

What Republican reason for not helping the poor angers you the most?

"This country has got to be careful about destroying life to save life"

wow... if you're interested in peak oil issues...

Crossfire O'Neill transcripts

OMG. Houston's hit&run scientist & arson-gunshot lobbyist were SAME day.

So for *

"Sensitive" quotes about war from many in Bush Admin. at Liberal Oasis

Why isn't Sudan topping the charts here?

Who's the worst Attorney General of all time?

I think I got SlamDunked today.

Ten Senior Military Officials blast Bush and Cheney

2 Ohio polls released today, O'Liely choses to report the one that shows

IF CONDI is not qualified for the post she was assigned to ...

Drunk Bush speaks. Topic- "Only In America"

Would you support a Draft if......................

O'Neill says he's not a Texas Republican - but his donations say he is

Anyone see a Detrol LA ad with a woman who's a dead ringer for Pickles?

Death Tax, does it apply to you?

I was just watching Richard Clarke on C-Span2. He had the greatest

Should Women be Drafted along with Men?

DU this Keyes v Obama poll.

Why is McGreevy's marriage a sham?

Honest Question: Was Condi qualified to hold the job she has?

CNN Breaking: "al-Sadr has been injured in clashes"

Please help me Im tired

Bush speaks below banner "God loves you, President Bush"

Great Rolling Stone Article on O'REILLY (He Really IS Paranoid)


Anybody watch "Fubar" on the Moviecentral?

Peter Mandelson as new EU trade commissioner!

Bush Accuses Kerry of Using Political Poker Chip


US Congressional Report Reignites Bush Tax-Cut Debate

Oil prices hit new all-time highs

Rift Grows As Iranians Caught Fighting For Sadr

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots

WP: 2 GOP Senators Defend Bush on Stem Cell Research

Should Putin Fear a Kerry Victory?/Moscow TImes/New World Media Watch

Marine Killed in Afghanistan Copter Crash -injures 14

U.S. Switches Tactic in Najaf, Trying Isolation

Tycoons scrambling for Yukos assets after default

State high court invalidates SF's same-sex marriages ...

Thousands flee holy city as cleric stages last stand

PNC Could Mean Payday for Riggs Executives

Iraq's Sadr Said Wounded in U.S. Attack on Najaf...

Tourism will grow by 5pc !

NJ Gov. Comes Out Of Closet, Quits

Kerry Campaign Response to Bush Appearance on Larry King

Wal-Mart to require Background Checks

Risky business - legal maneuvering in Plame leak case - Salon

Bush meets with Nancy Reagan, Schwarzenegger during California trip

Ten Senior Military Officials Respond to Cheney's Latest Attacks

White House: No evidence terror attack is imminent

Bush Denies 'Slow to React' Claims over 9/11 Attack

China is in for a hard landing: Xie

White House Warns of Terror Strike

Coal costs shock utilities (Nearly doubled)

Times Reporter Is Subpoenaed in Leak Case

Paroled molester accused of having sex with dozens of girls

Moore embarrasses new CIA chief

WP: Tax Burden Shifts to the Middle

BBC crew held by Israeli soldiers

Hurricane Charlie should have been named Clyde...then it would have been

Admit it. You love glam

Excuse me

Build a Better Bush

Winnebago Man!

Computer help do I make a copy of a Non-Music CD?

Why won't Dookus post his picture?

Alien vs Predator starts tomorrow

Sandwich Nomeclature!

I spent all day thinking it was Friday the 13th

All this hurricane news is making me nostalgic...

happiness is

What Radio Station do you listen to while online?

Has anybody seen the movie "Collateral"?

I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church


Goat Picture.

Samuel Adams, Patriot, Brewer

My woman doesn't like you

I'm feeling "Dude" like tonight

Ask a question here you have ALWAYS wanted to ask, but haven't

Bush will "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country..."

Earth's Moon and Venus

which of our DU babes

New 'toon - "not in kansas anymore"

Hey ET Awful -- How's Quinn doing?

lol, Chimp in a Suit on CNN, where's that drug that makes monkeys work?

Olympics mens soccer final: Iraq 4 Portugal 2

I'm in violation of a mandatory evacuation and I love it

Interesting story from my job today.

Embarrassing Newbie Question

Yay! We're back!

Since gay seems to be the theme tonight;


right at this minute

Who still has the approval ratings pic...

Amber Frey

Can I get a man?

Since gay seems to be the theme tonight:

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th - Stay away from the woods.

I just had a skunk moseying around my kitchen! Don't ask, I'll TELL!

Daily Show is on

Without Bush (Political Parody)

Can I get an AMEN?

Can't. Stop. Dancing.


I gave *'s limo the one fingered salute from all of us here at DU

Quick! Help me debunk this left wing talking point!

I don't know about you guys, but THIS is who I'm voting for...

Beware: Tomorrow is Friday the 13th!!!

This is one of those "Ask me anything" posts - so ask me anything

Beware: The day after tomorrow is Saturday the 14th!!!

anyone listening to george carlin on aar? is this recorded anywhere?

The Onion-Where are you now, Rage Against the machine?

Woo Hoo I'm getting a new(er) car!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I....?

This one boot camp...

new Savage Weiner advertiser Online Backup and Restore

A cat a day...

Pray for Shakeydave! He's in Sarasota, FL and in the line of Charley!

Why is Tom Ridge looking like this?

black & white night is on pbs in chicago

This is perfect....

Roper or Furley?

The Cure is

Animal lovers with a demented twist at the b3ta zoo

I have emerged from the sailing saga.... back on land, and home

I got a raise!

I was told tonight that I was an engaging speaker.

Was your first haircut traumatic?

So, who here remembers Klaus Nomi?

Damn! I thought they burned this Sealab....

Whats up with Democrats Uncovered??

have the schools (k-12) started in your area yet?

question for the DU Guitarrists/ Guitar Teachers (im sure we have some)

Fla,GA,SC,NC DU'ers! How's your hurricane prep going....The first thing

You Never Sausage A Place! -- Keep Yelling Kids, They'll Stop.

Majority of people are OK with homosexuality

What experiences have you NOT had that you regret NOT having?

Eric Idle on the FCC and Bush

I have a secret and it is killing me not to share it!

Is it just me, or is the Pacific Northwest the safest place to live?

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

I'm writing a horrible piece of shit...need help

Best MC5 recording - heres's my opinion

Cubs lost AGAIN. Ask me anything!

Oh god i need to talk to some smart people

i took Dem_Strategist's advice and when to my local msg board

Do you have to sell yourself?

Bipolar DUers, how are you doing?

Right...where the f*ck is Skittles??

Leaders of wealthy nations that were worst than Bush

whoisalhedges broke DU!!

"I got you - that's all I want"

I just made an experimental recording of my navel...ask me anything!

OKAY. It is time to state your belief

You Want Cute Bird Pictures? You Can't HANDLE Cute Bird Pictures!!

This one band camp....

Sad News for New York Area Radio Listeners

Anyone want to come rafting with me this Saturday?

How to get an atheist very royally pissed off in a nutshell

Is it a sin to pray that Hurricane Charley hits Drudge?

Your worst hotel experience. Name names!

What's the MOST bored you have ever been?

What music have you listened to today?

"Watchmen" Is the Greatest Comic Ever

Songs that REALLY take you back to your childhood?

Twelve Girls Band

If a Republican candidate came to your house...

Daddy has a nasty cut on his foot as a result of a minor apocalypse.

What Perfume, Essence Or Cologne Do You Wear?

Just for Moonbeam_Starlight

Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-walla, bing-bang!

I recently was in Port Hardy, BC, same time as Poppy and Babs

Look who I have with me!!!

confess-who's your celebrity crush?

Choose or Lose

Police Block CO Official Pollwatcher from Verfiying Election Results!

Major Props To Chris Matthews....

Frank Lautenberg response to Cheney


Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States

Chance to blow a hole in Pretzeldent Smirktard's campaign?

Statement from Ten Senior Military Officials in Response to Vice President

Education Groups Going After Bush on NCLB

Let's face facts. He's been lying about his service for years,

Presidential Daily Briefing: August 12th, 2004

Bush on LKL: Is it taped?

Bush just said that he has met with many dead veterans' families...

Bill Maher Punked Sean Hannity Tonight

"Stem cell research is a slippery slope to designer human cloning."


Veterans!!! Let's put this Swift boat lie believing troll in his place.

Is Bush Stoned??

I got this "wonderful" email today...sheesh

Bill Maher on H&C

wrong forum

Both Bushes refuse to condemn the

Had my picture taken with Senator Kerry last night, ask me anything.

How were other incumbents doing at this point in time?

There is proof on tape that John O'Neill is a liar --

B* on LKL

Kerry, Corzine, and Lautenberg should call on McGreevey to resign now!

Kerry-Edwards Campaign in Response to Bush Appearance on Larry King Live

Gen. Wes Clark takes the gloves off...slams Bush and Cheney!

Bush once again fails to condemn the Smear Boat Vets for Bush ads

New ARG poll for Ohio (Kerry 48 Bush 45)

Hardball Tonight

Wes Clark response to Cheney's attack on Kerry

My experience with 3 Young Repubs

* did better on LKL than I anticipated

Did John "Dirtbag" O'Neill Earn Any Medals in 'Nam?

"Mrs. Reagan said she fully supports Bush's re-election."

The TRUTH about O'Reilly in Rolling Stone magazine.

Is Novak Warning Bush?: "Bush's uncertain trumpet"

Which Best Describes Your Feeling About This Election?

Laura Bush on LK

Why does John O'Neil hate Kerry so much?


Should President Kerry have Novak arrested for treason?

Kerry and Edwards Focus on the Economy- This is what the voters want

Keyes will suffer major embarrassment on Sat. . .Bud Billiken parade. . .

Bush Calls For Sensitivity In Same Forum Kerry Did! LOL

Bush to Larry King "I'm confident we'll have debates." Oh yeah?

The McGreavey resignation is great news for Kerry!

Winner of new MoveOn ad contest (all ads by same director)

You don't REALLY believe Kerry would have fucked up like * has, do you?

Watergate Blowback - post-Nixon sunshine laws

White House Jumped Gun on Politically-Timed Terror Alert

Muqtada Wounded by US Bombing(Juan Cole)

The TRUTH about Drug company R&D expenses and research

Bush's Plan to Build a Better Octopus

My LTTE to Wash Post

The passion of the present: Trying to stop genocide in Sudan (Trippi)

New Yorker: Stand Up for the Lord: How Funny Can a Christian Comedian Be?

GOP Values -- and Those Twins

Are My-Yahoo Commentary Choices Biased?

This from the editor of The Washington Times ?

Daily Mislead: Sensitivity

Nailing their positions on Medicare

Kerry consistent on Iraq ... mostly (AFP)

If Goss is the Best We’ve Got, We’re All in Trouble

Rumsfeld and Bush Failed Us on Sept. 11

The seven minutes

Rumsfeld and Bush Failed Us on Sept. 11 (LA Times)

Baltimore Sun: An Echo, Not a Choice

The politics of tokenism - Repubs made bad mistake with Alan Keyes

This might be a stupid question

Images of the Bush Protest in Santa Monica, CA, August 12

Get a load of CNN's "Manna from Heaven" headline

Media Matters

Are My-Yahoo Commentary Choices Biased?

NYT finally retracts its lie

Today's Thoughts

Today's Quote

Today in History 08/13

Join My Fantasy Football League

Gardening Question - Transplanting Trees

Which of these forms of divination are worthwhile?

FRIDAY THE 13th Phobia Rooted in Ancient History

Ancient Olympics Mixed Naked Sports, Pagan Partying...Let The Games Begin!

Rose Rosette disease

Astro-storm update from Nolle's Aug. Report (ie Hurricane Charley)

Mystics quote of the week

reasons to be skeptical of extraordinary claims

My mother

The U.S. Trade Gap Widens to a New Record

Wholesale Prices Edge Up 0.1 Percent While Trade Deficit Soars to Record

Bush Ownership Society-Tax only wage income-not rich and their inv. return

Report Finds Tax Cuts Heavily Favor the Wealthy

Debt and Delusion

UFO wreck claimed found

The future of ethanol and fuel cells / great article!(Washington Monthly)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 13, 2004

Lunabush's bad joke of the day - for the Gungeon

Assembly rejects ban on gun sales at San Francisco's Cow Palace

Woman Sent To Jail For Smoking Around Kids

Suggestion for a new forum

Just so I know

a bit of confusion on my part, and a suggestion

Why was my post in the thread noted below deleted?

What about Democratic Underground Meetups?

Request/PLEA for the admins! Re: "Latest Posts" link

What if Kerry wins? --by Hassan Nafaa

Qureia condemns Qalandiyah bombing

Gandhi's grandson to launch non-violent Palestinian campaign

The man behind al-Qaeda: Ali Mohamed -American soldier and CIA agent

Citizens essay in local paper-Obama.

Warplanes over LA....

Pictures from the Santa Monica Bush protest

Ralph on the ballot

IA-04: Paul Johnson News And Info

What happened to the Hunting of the President?

We need more bumper stickers.

Kerry backers bringing stars to Cleveland

Lake Erie Shoreline Bill debate on public TV all around Ohio this weekend

Make a "Pledge Per Mile" to Eric Fingerhut's Walk of Ohio!

CBO report that comes out today says Bush raised taxes on the

Important Voting Info & Ballot By Mail download

Join us in a protest of Tom DeLay in south Houston

Wanted: Washed or Dried. A Fighting for Democracy T-shirt

How Stupid: Kenmore Air must shut down ALL DAY 8/13 for Bush

DU Poll on Swiftboat Liars - it's Fox, it's Freeped

Ways to heckle Bush at rallies

I wish Tenet waited a couple more months to resign.

What are you willing to do to defeat Porter Goss

O'Neill: "I voted for Perot twice." But he gave $1000 to GHW Bush in 1992!

What the hell has happened to Paul Bremer?

Ways to Reveal the Source of the Leak

What would happen if it was the Pakistanis who got Bin Laden?

Even if the gay marriages from SF were nullified

Nice pic of Bush

Bush says Al Qaeda could force cancellation of NFL season

Are we screwed?

"Death in Gaza" . . . HBO Thursday night . . .

What would happen if Bin Laden is brought out?

MoveOn ad with Sgt. Lee Buttrill

(about polls) I can see some things...

Will Kerry fire Goss if he gets in?

think outside of the box people

Am I right here ? WIll Kerry wipe out Bush?

THIS guy should be working for Bush..(NewSouthWales Minister)

Will capturing Osama help Bush win or is it too late!

Bernie Ward is as good...IF NOT BETTER...

IMPORTANT: Bush mentioned possibly going after Saddam in the 2000 DEBATES!

Polluting the Village to Save It

When Fascism enters America, it will be drapped in the American flag.

How They Could Steal the Election This Time

A Cheney Clip from The Daily Show.

Help with Clinton-Usama-Sudan debunk site

Most Hilarious Freeper Thread Yet -- Freeps Do Santa Monica!

"We want electricity in our homes, not up the arse."

One possibility which would cook Bush for sure

American Government....From the waist DOWN..

Ray Taliaferro has had an angry white man on for almost an hour now

What about Mrs. McGreevey? Some talking heads are

I think Mrs Reagan supporting Bush is a good thing

progressive pundit cruise . . . via . . .

what swing states allow out of state college students to register to vote?

Ok What is happening, Iraq minister denies reports that al-Sadr hurt

Thinking of printing up a few of these. A bit premature, or?

Should it ever be a crime for journalist to Lie?

LOL! Funny animations about Chimpy :

Anyone see this website and video?

People's Guide to the Republican National Convention

Time for Kerry to run an ad countering the Swfitvets slander

Why does John O'Neil hate Kerry so much?

At least not everyone has forgotten everything: Bandar and Oil prices

Cracking the Media Monopoly and regaining Integrity...

Bush: America better off with his leadership


Must a leader appear flawless?

Cheney doggerel dedicated to Gen. Wes. Clark.

Jack Germond on c-span Washington Journal.

good morning du'ers

If we go to war with Iran, how extensive will it be

Du Researchers -- Have at it.

Does anyone else get heart palpitations when they see Dick Cheney?

Swift Buck Apo$tles for Truth about Jesus

Jimmy Breslin : 'Keep off the Grass' a Bad Plan for Rally

George Will on C-Span

Bush' latest gaffe: "America is better off with me"

New poll on

Boeing Hiring over 600 in St. Louis

Republicans won't release convention delegate names. (DNC)

Did Tweety properly hold BUSH accountable for the Swift Boats?

Article criticizing Bush I about his service in WW2?

Could the McGreevey issue be bad for REPUBLICANS?

If George want's to be a true "Military Leader", he should...

No Real Surprise: O'Neill Lies About Presidential Support

Republicans flip-flopping on swift boat story. Bush says "Kerry's

I wore my Kerry button to work yesterday

What is Ron Reagan Jr's background? He's so relaxed in front

Interesting acquisition

thwarting the Canadian prescription drug terra-plot!

Why can't Pat Robertson "Pray Away" these two hurricanes???

Anyone listening to WPTT Pittsburgh, the Lynn Cullen show?

Neil lived for several years in Thailand working as a petri dish (hehe)

Whats everyones take on....International Monitors???

Don't buy drugs from CANADA: terrorists WILL POISON you!!!!

Boston Globe does fantastic editorial on how stupid nat sales tax is

What do you fear more: Bush* or Terrorism?

Does anyone else find this photo creepy?

Vetwife's "Smack CNN all at once" post: Still on?

I don't understand the new Bush ad.

Bill O'Reilley is a sick and deranged fucking lunatic

Where's Kerry on Nuclear Weapons?

Am I wrong or is this article?

Flip flopper, flip flopper, Georgie is a flip flopper! (national sales tax


Julia Child dead at 91

McGreevey wasn't going to be sued for rape. Was going to be blackmailed.

If you're protesting at the RNC convention, be safe!

The Latinobarómetro poll -- Democracy's low-level equilibrium in Latin Am

"White House: No evidence terror attack is imminent "

GOP to put challengers at polls again this fall

McGreavey update on local news | NO lawsuit!

Neo-Conservatives=Neo-Fascists, time to call a spade a spade.

Why is the GOP so open and free about their bigotry?

Prediction: If the hurricane(s) do damage to Florida

Moderators for Presidential Debates

NYT has a wonderful tribute to Julia Child...

McGreevy is an evil bastard!

Sent to CNN Today RE: "Sensitive"

Open Letter/PLEA to the MODS...Re: "Latest Posts" forum--back me up DU'ers

Bush Campaigner to unhappy workers: "LET THEM EAT PROZAC!"

Today Fidel Castro is 78 years old. Happy birthday Fidel!

I went to the Iraqi Coaltion Casualty Count website again today

Is Brittany really going to the GOP convention?

Question: If a Hurricane hits Florida will anyone care?

What is Maureen Dowd's Deal?

FLIP-FLOPPING LIAR (with apologies to the Beatles)

Hitler Was RIGHT!!!!

Kilborn leaving 'Late, Late Show'

Surprise! The Bush Tax cuts really did favor the rich!

Should it ever be a crime for journalists to tell the truth?

Republicans starting to worry that Florida will be big problem for Bush

Charley's not bad enough, I gotta watch JEB on tv

Company turns child molestation into $$$

Rick Man-on-Dog Santorum a no-show for jury duty

Memories of Donna, 1960, from an inland county.

Are you worried that the GOP is going to steal another Governorship from..

Did anyone else just hear Limbaugh?

What did John O'Neill do in Vietnam?

George W. Bush: America's Pathetic Ex-Boyfriend

Portland DU Moment: I just met Prankster at Wynn's Hot-Dog Stand!

Bush seems to have a new program for controlling the population

Whom Do You Fear Most?

Anyone planning on watching Olympic coverage?

So do you think Tweety tore O'Neil a new one last night? Thoughts?

Hack Attacks The "Fight Em Over There" Meme

Question about gay marriage

Democratic practices the last week and a half. . .

"The Hunting of the President"...has anyone seen it?

al-quida charly!!!

im confused, are there going to be debates between bush/kerry?


Why aren't 527's running voter security ads? Is there any issue that

"We have turned the corner....and we're not turning back" ! (cartoon)

Charley is now a Cat4 Hurricane

WANTED: honest critique of today's (my) article

Bush's Terrible Economic Month

Cheney does Dayton

I hope Britney Spears speaks at the GOP convention...

Cheney's 'Sensitive' Hypocrisy

Something Different for a Change..

Folks, our candidate is taking a beating right now and

Is this Hurricane God's Punishment for Porter Goss???

Kerry in Portland Or

If Jim McGreevey resigns now and an election is....

Gay DUers... Come Clean. Are You Doing This?

Video of CIA Nominee Porter Goss: "I AM NOT QUALIFIED."

Who is this Stephen Gardner swiftboat person that my FIL keeps mentioning?

Just down the road....

"Fixing the Fundies" -- Helpful Suggestions Only.

Afghan journalist for Kerry

What happened with Jim McGreevey of Jersey?

Hannity Sez He Has Info About Gov. McGreevey No One Else Has

How the British Peace Movement Rocks On

One Of The Great James Carville Qoutes !!!!!!!

Charley Web Link View Hurricane

Wrong time for an E-Vote glitch

$2.19, $2.13, $2.08, Today $2.05 a gallon!

One good thing about hurricane Charley.

Any DUers along the path of the Fla. Hurricane?

Yucca MT is dead in Nevada, may I suggest a few alternatives

Disaster in the making in Florida (Hurricane Charley)

Paul Thompson's 9/11 timeline to be published Sept 1 by Harper Collins

No Crossfire today?

Looking at the News Channels

on Goss’s Wish List: authorize the CIA to arrest U.S. citizens

Will Hurricane Charley Boost Unemployment Next Month?

How long will Hurricaine Charley be over Florida?

"Bush's job-approval rating climbs back above 50%"...????

I have heard 3 things locally about where Charley will go across Florida.

Schwarzenegger: "Kerry is a terrific human being" ... "a friend of mine"

Lawful Resistance to Occupation in Najaf

John Kerry's Statement on the Iraq War; Political Ecology 101

"Being Karl Rove"

Where is Donald Rumsfeld?

Julia Child on George Dumbya Bush

Anybody interested in joining the American Government Simulation?

Will the National Guard need to be called out to Florida?

Is Gallup whoring for Bush?

Do you have to be conservative to be a Libertarian?

I'm wondering if there will be a Guy James show tomorrow?

If Bush captioned the Titanic.......(It's a parody thread)

Masters of Deception

Poor Kerry. :-(

Jeb on MSRNC now

Is Cheney becoming a national embarrassment?

The Email List

Why doesn't anyone at DU ever talk about what's really Important???

I think bush CREATED hurricaine Charlie

Charley Web Link View Hurricane

John Kerry's Statement on the Iraq War; Political Ecology 101

Bush blames hurricane Charley on Al Queda

LOOOOOL must-read freerepublic banning!

Federal Court Rules That Commission on Presidential Debates is a

Bush Scandals Listed in Letter to Minneapolis Star Tribune

ALERT: John Fund (spit) has an election fraud book coming out

Dubya not just childish, he's childlike -->

LOL! Freeps Wonder If Rush Has "Gone Homo!"

Karl Rove isn't as smart as we thought he was

Why isn't there a TANG Pilots for Truth organization

Could Karen Hughes have advised Swift Boat Vets for Truth legally?

When a freeper couple gets divorced...

I need help convincing young medical doctors they should vote

National Guardsmen for Truth

Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran

Keep DU'ing this poll

Wes Clark - Transcript from Scarborough Country last night.

LAT: "See Dad Run" (press made "on-plane playground" for Jack and Emma C!)

I Just Saw the Bush Olympic Ad on Fox News

HEAD'S UP DU'ers. This Needs to Be Said Regarding Charley

How will the Hurricane be politicized?

The eye is moving right over our area right now in Polk County.

If, as is likely, some of the torturers at Abu Ghraib are CIA

Former CNN e/ee writes book, sues CNN, CNN wants her to disclose sources

self delete


I just saw the Bush rally news segment.

Tweets just said Paul Krugman will be on his show

Ft. Myers is under the gun now from CHARLEY

Those Seven Minutes. What Bush Was Thinking

Charlie Hits! And on FoxNews the ugly anti-Republican word was used!


Iron Jawed Angels

Charley heading to Katherine Harris Home District!

Today is Friday the 13th & a hurricane is going to hit my town

Did Maher and Hannity debate or something?

"George Herbert Walker Bush was an empty suit..." C-Span2, now

American Children who lose parents to the Dept. of Homeland Security

Kerry went to Viet Nam to avoid serving in the Alabama National Guard

It's kinda hard to believe they both came from the same womb

Jeb wants sixteen billion dollars for hurricane Charlie???

I need a link to prisoner abuse articles

If Bush captained the Titanic

Gay marriage nullified: You have only yourself to blame.

Dirty Laundry - Don Henley perfectly describes the 'evening news'

Bush was talking to the same group as Kerry was and said sensitive just

Interesting conversations with a conservative...

Think FAHRENHEIT 9/11 won't affect the election? Check this out....

Will someone please tell me about Lyndon LaRouche!

Whoo hoo for Randi.

So what show will John "Puffy" O'Neil appear on today?

Sadr will dissapear

Read this smile, and have a greeeaaat weekend

Shelter collapsing - Hurricane Charlie

How good are your antennae ?

Will McGreevey's resignation effect the presidential race?

Tonight Real Time with Bill Maher! His guest are....

Yellow Journalists: the Ones Who Have No Courage in Them (a rant)

Does anyone know anything about Hal Lindsey?

New Zogby poll

Golan Cipel - What's He About?

Should I go to apartments and condos to register people to vote?

Jim Cramer slamming Bush tax cuts

John Lennon: Just Give Me Some Truth !!

So Bush and Franks uses the word "sensitive" and it means strength

An American Hiroshima

Laugh Riot: Pat Boone

Is God speaking through these storms? Which way will it go? Florida

Learn this debate technique: "When adjusted for inflation"

Win a trip to Tuscany and help a Progressive cause!

Reaching Out to the Freepers -- I'm Going In.

The truth about Swift Boat Veterans for 'truth'

Dumbya was "collecting his thoughts" on 9/11 as America was under attack

Is NPR insulting us?

Once again - Novak broke no law

What does the word "communist" mean to you?

Does Jesus DESERVE to be the Messiah?................cartoon

What reception will the U.S. Olympic team face in Athens?

Who supports Hugo Chavez in this Sunday's Recall Vote?

Tragic Suicide of Soldier: His Final Protest Against an Unjust War?

Catholic Church - Childs health vs. Tradition...

The Rapture vs The 70 Virgins

My kid doesn't want to say the pledge of allegiance--Year Two

Quick-acting Kerry performs Heimlich to save GOP senator's life!

Would the U.S. be better off if atheists were in charge?

"Why Bush Deserves Your Vote!" | it's TOON time!!

How do you feel about private property issues?

What happened to John Buchanan???


Plastic Ono Plame

Am I the only one who remembers and misses "Strange Paradise"?

U.S.(Bush Administration) : 'No legal rights' for detainees


US helicopter crash in Okinawa

Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States

U.S. Soldier Killed in Najaf Offensive

Judith Miller subpoena in Plame case

Gore lashes out at Bush, Goss

NYT, pg 1: Under Eye of U.N., Billions for Hussein in Oil-for-Food Plan

Chalabi Returns To Iraq

White House Jumped Gun on Politically-Timed Terror Alert

NYT: Election Issue of Education Is Promoted (mobilized NCLB oppo.)

British Jounalist Taken Hostage

Iraq's Sadr Unhurt, is in talks to leave the shrine. -Gov't

Broken by the War (UK vet suicide)

LAT: Iraqi Leaders Try to Defuse Crisis As Fighting Spreads

More Trouble for Judith Miller and 'New York Times

Governor is torn between demands of state and GOP - Schwarzenegger

Thousands of Iranians Protest U.S. Actions in Iraq

Daughter of Malawi justice minister beheaded in Irish countryside

New storm buffets secretary of state - (CA re:Absentee Ballots)

Kidnap Journalist Freed

Black tailed prairie dogs not endangered.

'Granny D' runs for Senate in New Hampshire

Tax Burden Shifts to the Middle

Results of Presidential Campaign Polls

CNN just reported that Julia Child died.

Insurance Companies ARE Screwing Doctors

Google: News Story May Violate IPO Rules

UK Journalist Abducted in Iraq

U. Mich.: Consumer Confidence Down in August

Chavez Camp Accuses U.S. of Pushing for His Recall

Kerry: Trade Deficit Widens as Bush Fails to Enforce Trade Laws

Diebold Acquires Security Integrator Antar-Com, Inc

Soldier acquitted in sheik's SUV carjacking

FLIP-FLOP! Bush Backs Off Idea of National Sales Tax --Yahoo (rate)

Israel Could Give Up Golan Heights

Najaf offensive suspended

Religious Leaders Criticize Bush Campaign for Misuse of Churches

Hurricane Charley heading for Manatee and Sarasota counties S of Tampa

Many of nation's Shiites taking attack personally

Video of CIA Nominee Porter Goss: "I AM NOT QUALIFIED."

New York Times Corrects Error over Iraq casualties...

Not All Reservists Going Willingly To Iraq, Afghanistan

Zarqawi group beheads Egyptian hostage in Iraq: Islamist website

Crude Oil soars to $46,25 / barrel

Bin Laden arrest getting closer: Pakistan interior minister

CBO Report: Bush Tax Cuts Tilted to Rich

Protests Erupt in Five Iraqi Cities Over Najaf

Charley Web Link View Hurricane

Singer David Crosby skewers Enron on new CD

Four killed as US bombs Falluja

McGuinty warns of another blackout - (US will be to blame)

Four Guantanamo Prisoners Ruled 'Enemy Combatants' (Reuters)

Thousands of Iraqis Descend on Najaf

Powell says US will continue to 'squeeze' Najaf until stable

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 13 August

Ft. Myers NBC TV station being evacuated

Costa Rica attorney general urges court to reject support for Iraq war

Coors' move costly (Repuke Senate wannabe's biz's latest utter stupidity)

Charley now a Category 4 hurricane - winds 145 MPH

Republicans to tout Bush "leadership" at convention

Undeclared Nuts Lead to Coffee Recall

Governor: Debate letting foreign-born serve as president

CNN just announced that Charley is now a Category 4 storm....

Federal Police Force to Aid GOP Gathering

Henderson mayor, mentioned by Bush, was no-show at speech

Bush backer: Kerry would emulate France (Smith R-Ore)

Who Wants To Make A Bet!

Floridians.......Animated doppler radar of Charley..(and Tides)

BREAKING NEWS: Julia Child Dead at 91

Nader Has Enough Signatures To Be On Arkansas Ballot

Crude oil surges above $46 a barrel

LAT:Bush Campaign Steps Up Attacks As Kerry Gains in Polls(FL, MI, OH, NH)

We are victims too, say Darfur's Arab refugees

BUSH TAX CUTS HELP THE RICH (the truth is finally out)

Najaf Cemetery Becomes Killing Field

Protestors show up at Bush appearances (Ore)

Basra Official Wants Iraqis To Replace Us Troops In Najaf (Sadr supporter)

Newsom, unbowed by decision, says he is 'more resolved'

Woman Sent to Jail for Smoking Near Kids


Former Texas governor bashes old foe Bush

Bush Launches New Olympics Campaign Ad

Bush To Announce US Troop Overseas Repositioning Monday

systematic torture kills funds but)Hd of Joint Chiefs Reassures Uzbekistan

Al-Sadr wounded in Najaf clashes

Sen. Feinstein Offers Asbestos Fund Compromise

Thousands Of Shiites To Form Human Chain In Najaf

Religious Leaders Criticize Bush Campaign for Misuse of Churches

1st Daughters 'Party' On (doing what they do best)

Breaking: Charley makes landfall

Karen Hughes back on Bush's payroll

Man Says McGreevey Made Sexual Advances

Court Lets Wal-Mart Appeal Class-Action Status

Bush praises American Indian housing program but plans deep cuts

Commission on Presidential Debates to announce Debate Moderators

Bush's job-approval rating climbs back above 50%

Iraqi-Americans demand U.S. pullout from homeland

Chavez predicts 'inevitable' victory in recall referendum

Commission may have wrongly excluded third-parties from debate audience

Soldiers go online to make their voices heard

Wrong Time for an E-Vote Glitch - BBV Sequoia Screws Up

Bush Declines to Condemn Attack Ads on Kerry

New Jersey GOP calls for Gov. James McGreevey to resign now

Iraqi Cleric Al-Sadr Sets Conditions to End Fighting AFP Says

Powell suggests Japan revise War-renouncing Constitution

Hurricane Offers Political Silver Lining

Sadr Calls on Iraq Govt. to Quit, Vows to Fight on...

Najaf Cemetery Becomes Killing Field ("They got guts")

NYT:Records Indicate Bldg Surveillance Updated This Spr. (KHAN NOT MOLE?)

Breaking: Poland says 20 soldiers surrounded by Iraq militants

Dollar falls broadly on record US trade deficit

Cherie Blair joins great and good on US speaking tour

Girl with disorder denied Communion


Shame on DUer's from NYC

We haven't had a good loyalty poll in a while

I finally saw "Amistad" from beginning to end.

Abortion bill

Triumph is kicking O'Reilly ass on McEnroe

Madonna fans- Can you tell me...

I gave my cat an enema

All Hail Discordia!

Cheney mail servers

ANyone here play ethnicky jazz to parade their snazz?

All God's Children

Being (almost) single again SUCKS!

what was Dave's show on at 4 am about tonight

Favorite Discordian Pope and/or Saint?

new Oxyrush advertiser CPAP Pro

Buffy/Angel Movies Still Possible

Vowels make you sexier

Kill Bill Vol. 1 or Vol. 2?

Does anybody have any anti-love potion ?

Ready for NBC's botched and biased Olympics coverage?

Sigh...I've got jealous pets

Way to deal with people calling on behalf of Republicans.

You know you're from Vancouver when....

ACCKKK! So much paperwork! So little time.

You like good-looking Olympic atheletes?

Inbetween Naps, do you prefer to

Prescription Error Turns Man to Woman?

Matcom ate MY balls

Ho, Fogelberg, "Snyder", Castro, Hitchcock, Annie Oakley

Is there some point in which it isn't worth showing a film on normal cable

AFA now targetting South Park advertisers

President Declares Triska-- Tris-- Triskadika--

calculators . . . for just about anything . . . really . . .

"One-Eyed-Bob's" Inappropriate Toys For Children

These folks want to wish you all a Happy Friday the 13th

Anybody know what the song Rough Boys by Pete Townsend is about?

Illinois woman named Jenny finally gets her 867-5309 license plate

What song makes you HAPPY-HAPPY no matter how blue you're feeling

The Body takes what the Body needs....

Woman Sent To Jail For Smoking Around Children

"Bunny On Fire" Blamed For Costly Fire

Croatia Bans Foam Dance Parties

Robbers Steal Bridge - That's Right - A Bridge

Radiohead fans, ever heard Muse?

Powell to eschew superstition by posing with black cat on Friday the 13th

My Brain-dead Governor (Bush) has been on TV for....


Just took a weird Zogby poll

Downloads for Windows XP Service Pack 2

"Serial Snuggler" Gets 5 Years Probation For Sneaking Into Beds To Cuddle

I (blank) therefore I (blank)

Help! I am trying to locate some fabric.

University Of Florida Cheerleading Coach Fired - Sexually Explicit T-Shirt

AARRGGHHH!! I am SOOO sick of liberal idiocy!!

Robbers Strike Jelly Belly Factory

Still Use a VHS - VCR ?

Polls are

HAHA! Woman meteorologist in Ft. Myers, FL, is wearing a "Shove It!" cap.

Escape-A-Date Service From Cingular Wireless

You know, so many of my favourite musicians went to art school

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

Favorite "pet" Name for Your Schnookums

This Is Arrousing

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

You are standing on the soapbox

Gift Ideas Please?

Did George Carlin depress anybody else?

This morning, 55 degrees when I awoke...


La da da da da da da... la da da da da da dee

Yabba Dabba Doo! Mission Accomplished!!

Can someone sum up all these Valerie Plame threads for me

All hail the brilliance of Prince Paul

Voice solo intros!

Sig line-Smilies racing

Why I like Big McLargehuge:

Guitar duels!

Will I be sick tomorrow?

OK... The talking ass is back

FYI Unemployed DU'ers Boeing Hiring 11,000 across country..

Give your Big so-called 10 football predictions

A photo of the Bush administration caught resisting evolution!

I am a liberal wienie

My brother and his family bugged out of Ft Myers day before yesterday

charley is headed my way...let me know - should i stay or should i go?

Will the world end with a bang or a whimper?

I'm selling a very rare Nirvana import

Public Apology Thread

Reminder: Daily Show replay at 10am EST - catch it!

Its Not As Easy To Get Backstage To See "Hanson" As It Once Was

Looking for some music download sites(legal)....

Should I fire up Photoshop and make this one "life-sized?"

Battle of the Asses: Dookus vs. Matcom!

Hurricane doggies of Key West

Favorite later Beatles Album

Am I the only DUer that is still awake ?

Things I Did Not See Today

Hey! Who likes puppies and pie?

I saw the COOLEST bumpersticker in Dallas yesterday.

Which peripheral Simpsons character said it?

Lord - 1 minute into a foray into GD,

What kind of Dog are you?

How will Bush spend his Friday the 13th?

Warm, right out the oven Krispy Kreme doughnuts: answer to world peace

Why I haven't been posting much, lately:

Julia Child dead at 91

big motherfukkin' hurricane headed my way - i'm hauling ass!

Has anybody heard from RandomKoolzip since the Mrs. came back home?

Are the second parts of trilogies invariably the best parts?

The thing I hate most about freepers

Drum solo intros!

Why do we have noses?

Which MoveOn concert are you most up for?

The annual outing of the candy asses who hate American Football.

I am

I've got me a new enemy in town.... the local homophobic A&W

Being George W Malkovich

Am I the only DUer who hates pro-football haters?



"Well, look at these morose mother fuckers right here."

self delete

That biglargemchuge is getting too funny for his own good...

ever stay at the hoteL yorba?

CONFESS!!!! Have you every bought anything fromt his guy??

Very Special Inspirational Music While Reading D.U.......!

Osama sissy fight.

Outsourcing expands upward!!

U.S. Military Clears A-Team of Charges

Best pre-punk rock'n'roll bands


Those TV Ads Offering Free Samples of Fatigue Medicine

NYT has a wonderful tribute to Julia Child...

Favorite non-curse word


Can you wound yourself in your sleep?

Maureen Dowd or Sibel Edmonds

odd how things turn out

I am not a football fan....

Something is bugging me.

So, does anybody use Vonage?


Woody Pecker!

Burglars Grab Marie Antoinette's Jewels

Can you wound yourself in your sheep?


Thirteen People Are Stung By 120,000 Attacking Bees

Apparently 'Alien v. Predator' Is A Reeeally Bad Movie

Help me with my Insurrection Mix!

anyone seen Alien vs. Predator?

Why do you love watching football?

Hockey Top Tens

Why do I have chest pain?

I'm seeing Charlie now clouds and wind starting now

This pretty much sums up the US news media

Graham Norton Effect last night

orlando here....

Am I the only one hoping to see a reporter washed away

I just used a Lady Speed Stick...Ask me anything.

Why do I have chest pains?

Why do kids still take up smoking???

Why are copycat posts getting less original?

So, during the second coming of Jesus...

Hudsons Bay Company (oldest company in North America) could sell to Target

hurricane warning

Why do I have chest pain? Not for the squeamish.

Why are copycat threads getting less dirigible?

"You may have destroyed my dark clown, but I've still got my deck virus...

Julia Child has died

Gasp! It's the Kennedy Skeletor curse!

I just yelled at a client... (long rant)

'I hear you knocking but you can't come in' of all CAPTIONs

Why are original copycats getting less posts?

How Will The Bush Administration Finally Hit Bottom?

Tonight Real Time with Bill Maher! His guest are....

Mobile Homes don't stand up well in the Wind

Well, They just closed Disney World

GWB: Always the ethical leader to follow:

When someone posts WARNING WARNING GROSS PICTURE, do you

Why do I have back pains?

Check this out - A Christian Powerlifting Forum

Owner of Moran's Bar arrested for racist attack

Olympic opening ceremonies - live on CBC now

Never print your photos on the backside of the photo paper


Friday the 13th tribute: What are your superstitions?

I met a DU'er last night!


I heard Disney World is closed.

What characteristics do you possess that make you the object of envy?

Post Your "Moran" Pictures Here

Anyone planning on watching Olympic coverage?

Post here if you add the purple dancer in your sig...

Why do I have chest pain?

Instant Karma came and got me -- A warning: Never skip a Kerry rally!

Reminiscing Robin Lowman (now Garner) of all CAPTIONs

Kilborn leaving 'Late, Late Show'

The best music dvds

what did they just say on cnn?

Why do I have ass pains?

Well, guys, Charley's headed right at me

Why are cats getting Less's dirigible?

so there i am, minding my own business

So boss lady asks me to volunteer at the homeless shelters this weekend

I get to look stupid now......

Computer experts please help

Is my name funny?

Bounce your boobies!

Daily dose of Tool

"No Child's Behind Left" Act.

How dumb is Bush*? He is SO dumb...

Did you ever start to make chocolate chip cookies...

"So, what IS this 'Democratic Underground?' "

Will you ask me 34 questions in 30 minutes or less please?


God, do I ever LOVE Chipotle burritos.

The O'Reilly Factor for Kids?!

Fuck! We're all dead!

Does Lynne Sin?

Mark Miller's book "Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order"

so if NothingShocksMeAnymore and Misunderestimator get married...

Video Gamers - Are there any particular releases you're looking foward to?

Revision to the RNC schedule

A montage of a few of my Convention photos:

The Hi(ddy-Ho) Hopes of all CAPTIONS!!!

Something Different for a Change..

Text of Bush's speech to the Amish

Am I The Only DUer who HATES Pro Football????

It's Friday, ya bastards!

Caption: Early start as fans flock to Republican Convention

Separated at birth?

What was Pager in a past life?

would YOU like to be SPANKED by my purple Hippo?

What is the origin of the asterik* used with Bush* on DU?

This will break your heart

it is so cold and rainy here - is it really August?

Geff how many Duck Saucsh packets I haff in my mouff

The new kitten has come into her first heat, and she's driving me crazy

Caption: Now let's plan Poppy's funeral.....

When did the world end but nobody told us?

Charley is now Category 4!!

poor Jerry the Mouse lost his tail

Look at Me!!! Kiteboarding in a Hurricane!!!

Forgive my ignorance but what's the deal with toasters and box turtles?

Crap ! I'm worried about my parents in Fla.

Reminiscing Jennifer Fitzgerald of all CAPTIONs

Just in from CNN - Hurricane Crowley makes landfall

WWWAAAHHHHH Underpants lost his underpants

Randi Rhodes played a cat fight clip today...

Lets have some fun with my initials.

ever have any luck writing to somone for an autograph?


Lord, grant me the serenity

Safe sex

Its late October, right before the election... The war is going badly

Holy Mother of God, LOOK at this...

I got an email that I deleted and hadn't read.

Finally, after 20 years of on and off college, I graduate tomorrow

Has Friday the 13th traditionally been unlucky for you?

I'm almost halfway to 1,000 posts - ask me anything!

Origin of Friday the 13th?

Any one out there ever use the Thermacare heat wraps?

I'm patiently waiting for my star... Ask me anything...

CNN - 4 Dead As Of Now From Hurricane Charley

Why do good toupees end up on bad people?

Insane. I have no other word to describe this.

"These are canals. These are nothing but water."

A strange thing happen the other night

Why is it that rich people have bad toupees,

This is one funny picture... gotta share it!

I'm nowhere near 1000 posts or any other milestone, Ask me anything!

GREAT Cartoon on

Curious about something

Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts...

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Have you done drugs?

Vatican: Substitute Wafer Invalidates 8 Y.O.'s Communion - Digestive Prob

So you're about to be executed...

Drunk Poll!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!

I am so bored, I could scream.

He's gotta pet monkey who likes to get Drunkee

The Super Bowl Champion Patriots begin another march to the trophy tonight

I-Tunes....has anyone used it?

Studies Find Rats Can Get Hooked on Drugs

Calling All HTML Wizards!

Don't look John Ashcroft, don't LOOK!!

Fantasy football advice

Who Wants To Make A Bet!

Gimme your NFL 2004 Predictions

Now THIS is a crowd...

Lynne makes her counteroffer bet to WillPitt

How low can the slimy Freepers go? How 's this?

I want to be pimped out...

No wonder the golfers at the PGA championship are doing lousy!

Reminder: Daily Show replay coming up at 7pm est

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting DC hotel res. for Jan

I think I just said something very unfair

When a freeper couple gets divorced...

When a freeper couple gets divorced...

When a freeper couple gets divorced...

When a freeper couple gets divorced...

Please help me find this Anti-Bush t-shirt...

web news with viewing...does cnn have this what other ones.

I Wanna Pimp Out My Hippo - What Should I Charge?

Shoes that talk!

Join my Yahoo! Fantasy Football League (3 needed)

Kansas City DUer's, come out and see my Band tonight!

**Happy Birthday Danny Partridge(interesting bio)**

DU, please witness this bet proffer from myself to LynneSin

Anyone interested in a Democratic Underground meetup?

I Wanna Pimp Out Matcom - What Should I Charge?

Best. Small supper. Ever. : Nova Salmon and bagels

Great British military t-shirt

Cheney wallops Florida as residents flee? No that's not right

Shoplifter of the Week

I have an announcement to make.

Sirius or XM?

"yo, there's a white guy at the other end of the hall!"

That Hummer tv spot with the flaming paperbag balloons is retarded.

Question on Jimmy Buffett's new CD

A CBN News "Special Report": Christian Computer Gaming!

need information on short term memory loss

Great cartoon!

My aunt is a buffoon

Thank you, Canada!!

Question on Jimmy Buffett's new CD

This is my 1000th post!!!!! Veteran DU'ers, please post your advice.

Mac users, need help w/defraging&optimizing hard drives - non dual boot

Hey I am happy . Ask me anything :)

"When you wuz slaves, you sang like birds!"

I've traumatized Mara Steele, can you all give her a comforting hug?

Things that make you say AWWWWWWW!

A helpful guide to using the internet

Lois Lane on this season's "Smallville" (for fans of the show)


Have you ever found nude pics of a person you went to school with?

Great picture of Julia Child


Chicago-area DUers: Come to my friends' new bar tonight!

So worried (hurricane Charlie)

It's Friday! Entertain me, peasants!!!

I'm a socialist! Stop all this pimping nonsense!

Can someone tell me how to navigate the world without ever buying...

The great Friday night drink thread!

I'm sooooo close to 1000 posts. Ask me anything.

Pinched my siatica - anyone else do this/know anything about it?

Any Other Central Florida DUers Here...

A question for those of you who wear thongs...

OK.. I'm in a awful mood

How often is the gallery updated?

Introduced my fiance Jose McGillicutty last night - here's her pretty face

So what the heck is this?

What is the WORST sitcom fro mthe 1980s?

Here comes Charley!

Family caught in Hurrican Charley...

What characteristics do you possess that make you the object of ridicule?

Will there be more boos than cheers for the US Olympic delegation?

Am I showing my age or is EmmyLou Harris one hot mama?

Doom3: Will it play decently on my hardware?

What Cancelled Television Show Do You Miss The Most?

Oh my gawd......Tiger Woods

Who is the hottest female Liberal?

Bush in a hard hat & goggles: no caption could be funnier than the photo.

Check out - Now I have seen everything!

Mac OS X update keeps SP Power Mac G5 owners awake

The Sloganator - From Bush/Cheney '04

Music geeks: Favorite underrated British Invasion bands

mmmmmmmmmmm tapioca pudding

I Need Some Important Legal/Banking Advice

No Offense-But Is An I Q Less Than 80 A Requirement For A Telemarketer?

When you eat vittles, do you look at the nutrition label beforehand?

Your favorite cds of the last 10 years or so?

Any idea where I could find video of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?

old fotos of jukes (image heavy)

I always thought Will Pitt was a smart, intelligent, level headed guy....

Dratted CAT Has Learned To Open Doors!

Perusing Lounge thread titles and I've reached a conclusion

Hurricanes are God's punishment for:

What was the best decade for culture?

(Kerry) An Echo, Not a Choice

thing to remember about these polls: it is of likely voters

John Kerry's Statement on the Iraq War; Political Ecology 101

The circular firing squad forms from the left...

The difference between bush supporters and Kerry supporters, explained:

So we didn't really "turn a corner," but we ARE "moving America forward?"

Bush is gonna win

Kerry was in a combat zone for about as long as Alvin York was...

Question: Should the Kerry campaign (or moveon) question why it has taken

Wes Clark on MSNBC Scarborough Country tonight.

SC US Senate: Jim DeMint sent my job to Honduras......

Libertarian John Perry Barlow supports Kerry . . .

"Fight with the money in your hands!" if you're questioning Kerry

Do you think that the Bush daughters are actually destined for as

Ralph Nader has found an unexpected friend in Massachusetts

* Handed Nevada To Kerry Today - Put It In The Bank

What Will Be The October Surprise?


Mr. Bush, will you promise not to pardon the CIA agent leakers?

Time for Kerry to run an ad countering the Swfitvets slander

What if....All these polls with Kerry ahead is just a setup....

Republicans flip-flopping on swift boat story. Bush says "Kerry's

Since Bush is following Kerry all over the country

BREAKING: Bush Must Lose. All Else Peripheral For Now.

Arnold got off W's stage in Santa Monica pretty quickly.

Is this why the GOP is not releasing names of the Delegates?

Bush says we have too much justice

was it me or....

Kerry slams Bush's idea for a national sales tax

Controversial TV ad, book question Kerry's war service (Dem rebut below)

Convention: GOP p'd off that Rudy & McCain will NOT be on national TV...

Report from my Goldwater-esque brother

White House Warns of Terror Strike (Not Based on New Data)

Polls suggest Arab-Americans gravitating toward Kerry

Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States

Heh. The Fat Man was on with Brian Lame this morning and he said

Nader's Impact: a site with daily updates, tracking his effect on Kerry

No further references to "Sensitive Intelligence" allowed by Bush Team

Nader:"We do not accept outsider... political assistance "

Leno - "Is it me or is Bush going everywhere Kerry goes?"

People's Guide to the Republican National Convention

The smell of fear

Iraq solution -Sounds like a deal the GOP/NRA wing could support.

Horizon Natural Resources decision: How to win West Virginia

Those of you complaining about CNN, read this PLEASE.

How about this analogy for the Iraq vote?

Kerry slams president over national sales tax Says Bush has 'no new ideas'

Bush effort to define Kerry negatively 'isn't mission accomplished'

Ohio turned blue!

Senator Kerry's Vietnam service and whether or not he deserved . . .

Dem Strategist: a VERY basic misconception about Kerry-Edwards

We have to plant the seed - If there is a terrorist attack on the US

Today's CBO Report Proves Bush's Tax "Cuts" Screwed Middle Class

Bush: "it's the thought that counts" re 7 minute delay in activity in FL

What if Kerry wins the electoral vote but the states' electors refuse to

8/13 KERRY: 96.8% WIN PROB., 52.30% VOTE, 332 EV

NY Seminarians to protest Republican convention

I don't understand the new Bush ad.

Does any know if and when Kerry will be in Maryland?

Any new Kerry/Edwards pix to make us smile? Here's one (add yours)

When I say Keyes does not trust the voters, I mean it! MUST READ!

Major questions for Dem Strategist

idea for a political commercial

Donating: can't give to Kerry, who should we send money to?

Granny D running for US Senate in NH

Bush's job-approval rating climbs back above 50% (Gallup)

Accentuate the positive - (a dangerous miscalculation )

Reelection Campaigns Are Referendums On The Incumbent

The Columbia isn't deep enough (&Oregon rally info)


This kill them with kindness crap isn't working

Calling All DU Political Scientists And Statisticians....

Saw a Kerry ad in WYOMING!!!

You shouldn't pay attention to the national polls

The 156 "faithless electors" in history

Folks, our candidate is taking a beating right now and

Kerry campaign scoring points, am I wrong?

"Gee, I wonder why people don't vote?": because their votes don't count

Has Candy Crowley had "work?"

Osama Bin Laden Captured!

MUST READ ARTICLE "Kerry consistent on Iraq ... mostly"

Federal aid to Florida will come in barrels of $$$$.....

Why do I have a sinking feeling?

Kerry Blasts Bush's Tax Cuts (CBO Report)

Who is this Stephen Gardner swiftboat person that my FIL keeps mentioning?

CNN is showing footage of Jeb, the smarter *, every 15 minutes.

What's with CBS's live coverage of the RNC convention?

K/E 2004 Will Distribute News Via US Newswire and Yahoo/News/Politics!


Hey, Wndycty!!!!

Too Bad Hurricane Charlie Stepped All Over The Bogus Gallup Poll

How to start your day with a positive attitude.

Interesting evening in the Rogue Valley yesterday.

Are you worried that Cambodia tale could stick to Kerry?

Nader's "Party" out of money?? $18 in the bank???

John Kerry's Statement on the Iraq War; Political Ecology 101

Could the debate agenda be "pushed" a bit by a popular campaign?

Dems need to lay the ground work for the inevitable capture of Osama.

CBS News Piece on the Reichsmeetings Bush* Has

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Kerry's yellow bracelet?

RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW: Get involved or get off the damn boat!!!

Bush's new add featuring the Olympics: Iraq isn't new to the games?

Deleted message

Once more to the middle.

As a college student, this is what I need to know about Kerry

Why do some of you believe in Gallup so much when...

Here is a transcript of the debate between John Kerry and John O'Neil

Bush was talking to the same group as Kerry was and said sensitive just

Bush was talking to the same group as Kerry was and said sensitive just

Hurricane offers political silver lining (for bushie?)

Bush was talking to the same group as Kerry was and said sensitive just

Please DU-rate this Yahoo news story about Cheney's lies

More fun pictures from Bush protest in Santa Monica, yesterday

Coming up on CBS news: invitation only and loyalty oaths at Bush rallies

In defense of Bob Novak

If Kerry doesn't take this CBO article and run with it, something's wrong

A tale of two T-shirts

North Carolina Governor Easley leads Ballantine 51% to 35%

What strategy article would you most like Dem_Strategist to read?

Is Bush getting shorter?

Huge Kerry Crowds:

Kerry looking for votes among sportsmen

LOL Jesse Jackson pleads to Bush, back up your boy Alan Keyes. . .LOL

Woman praises Bush's service

How will Charley impact on Florida's voting?

All kerry had to say regarding his vote re:"if I had know what I know now"

Give 'em Hell, 'Granny D'!!!

GOP Staging 'Masquerade Ball,' Dems Say

MODEL UPDATE: cnn/gallup, ap, fox, nbc/wsj polls are OUT!

OMG! Is anybody listening to Hardball?

I wore my Kerry button to work yesterday

Supporters deliver petition to get Nader on Iowa ballot

'Fahrenheit' to show up early on video

Chris Matthews is skewering Bush-Cheney's criticism of the word "sensitive

Cheney himself said SENSITIVE re placing military forces

Presidential Debates - will have three different moderators

I'm wondering about the wisdom of protest strategies

Debate format.

In three minutes CBS will expose Bush's screening of audiences

Howard Dean and TX Democratics in late August....Morrison brunch.

Bush Finance Honcho Donated to Nader

A great Windows Media file of Kerry hitting the Portland stage

Cleland knew that this barrage of lies about Kerry would happen


Dem Strategist: Using Political Judo against Swift Boat Liars for Bush

Dem Strategist: Polls -IGNORE THEM

Wow! Great shot of John Kerry taking the stage at Portland, Oregon rally!

I served with John Kerry....

Kerry in Portland Or

Guardian: All Guns Blazing is Only Way to Defeat Negative Ads

CARTOONS: Is Dubya A Warcrime President?