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Archives: August 20, 2004

Global Eye - Prophet Margin

Salon: Unfit for Bookstores (Withdraw Books)

Najaf: "A Terrible Beauty is Born" (pro-Sadr op ed)

Whitehouse whitewashed

Mark Fiore: Damn, this guy is good

Rev. Maloney: "Dean represents spirit of Democracy" Great tribute.

Salon/Conason: Triumph of the W.

Please thank Matthews for today's Hardball with Michelle"Wild-Eyed" Malkin

Michelle Malkin and Willie Brown on HardBall - Video

Would you like AAR to be broadcast in Washington, DC?

Discussion of Link TV Programs "After 911" tonight and a.m. Friday

Economists/Financial People: Need Help Debunking This.

Open question: What is it about the South and labor unions?

All-Time Record Fire Season Tops 5 Million Acres In Alaska - Reuters

BC Considering Imposing Export Duties On Raw Logs - Vancouver Sun

Nuclear Power Still a Deadly Proposition

Scientist says numeracy theories don't add up

Could you do me a favor guys?

RE: The plame threads and decision to disallow continuation threads in GD

any DU'ers at the fair?

Look Out... the Blitzer build up... something is up!

George W. Bush* is a Fucking God Damn liar....

United to cancel pension programs

I just got a pro-democratic phone call; Ask me anything.

Malkin Meltdown on Hardball?

Swiftboat people are making Kerry spend money

What Kerry should say about Vietnam.

Thank you

Dupe, please delete

"I cannot believe that you walked into MY store with THAT t-shirt on!"

Swift boaters Motivations?

Now that's what I call "Presidential"

DU Is Rocking Tonight!! Kerry Is Standing Tall

Analysis: Doctors a Part of Iraq Abuse

Sorry. Dupe.

August 6, 2001 - "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S."

Are MoveOn Pac ads soft-money or hard-money or both? nt

Any suggestions for my LTTE?

My Partner Is A "Voting Unit Election Judge" Here In Maryland

Investigation finds General Boykin at fault

Another reason to hate W: They effing put Tommy Chong in jail.

looks like everyones hard work blitzing cnn worked - on msnbc

MSNBC is rocking tonight...."Uncovered: The war on Iraq" is on.

Pass This Along

TX DUers: Did the Aug 7th DFW get together ever go down?

Coming up on Hannity

Miller's Military Record

French Tourist In East Hampton Breaking Law By Video Taping In Town

Scarborough takes MSNBC into the toilet tonight

Iraq and the Olympics

A Great Quote on Deborah Norville

Who should MSNBC hire to attract more liberal viewers?

I knew it...I knew it....They are now blaming George Tenet for Iraq!

What's with Eschaton?

Doctrine of pre-emption bites America's ass.

Please help me find my posts

Are You a Card Carrying Member of the ACLU?

Does anyone have an up to date list of all the SwiftBoater's lies?

Hey Chimpy! When can we expect CondoLIESza's resignation?

Scarborough is such an @$$hole

Operation Iraqi Liberation

McCain to talk about courage at the RNC

FAIR Calls for Revealing Sources in Plame, Lee Cases

Al-Sadr Tells Militia to Turn Over Shrine

Analysis: Doctors a Part of Iraq Abuse


On C-Span 2, Jim Jordan saying GOP going after non-voters


Police Turn Up Volume for GOP Convention

Anyone have video clips of MSNBC goodies tonight

What is kerrys plan for iraq?

Nightline 8/19: Firefight over swift boats -- Kerry shoots back

How should Bush & Cheney (et al) be punished?

so larry thurlow never read his citation?

Just emailed Deborah Norville to correct Rep Ray Lahood(spel)

How long before they use drones for crowd control

MSNBC -- Deborah Norville

The real heros in this nation will stand up and admit that invading Iraq

Alan Colmes is generally usesless... why doesn't Faux have...

Ask a simple question....and I need a simple answer......

My letter to Michelle Malkin

What is persecution and/or bigotry like in this country?

How the F**k could Ted Kennedy's Name

Who is this wacko Michelle Malkin? Good to see Matthews skewering her!

what if al gore.....

I have a plan

New video game about politics !

Was the McCain Feingold 527 loophole a good idea?

bastard Larry thurlow...what a damn bastard

Which one of the male Olympic swimmers is the type 1 diabetic?

I recall reading about PNAC first on a much older metafilter thread

Can anyone find my posts

Sorry to do this, but could you folks look at this, I'm really worried

Thanks to any Duers that responded and spanked me.

Oberman on Malkin/Hardball

So, you now run CNN. It's your job to fire 3 people, and hire 3 people.

MEME: Neo-Conservatives=Neo-Fascists

The Hardball transcript is online

Republicans are ugly white men. eg. Zell Miller, Cheney, Bush, Hastert,

Olberman just said Malkin made a FOOL OF HERSELF an hour ago,

Corporate Contributors Negatively Affecting US Health Care

HOW DARE they do this in our name. How many dead Iraqis will it take?

Is anyone doing any real research into this Perry character?

Found this website with lots of good stuff: Stop Sleeping.

DU this British freeper travel sight poll

United Airlines May Default on Pensions

The Malkin Hardball transcripts are now being served forum

Brit Hume said

Could Bush kill a baby on national television and get away with it?

Can You WAIT For George W. Bush's MEMOIRS?

I love Keith Olberman, but.....

It's time for the MIKE MALLOY SHOW

I've been asked to be a Precinct Captain! (What does that mean?)

Matthews kicking swift boat ThurLOW arse!!!

You got to watch Deborah Norville NOW

why is abortion such a hot topic

Did Any US CorporoMedia NOT Go Along With This Iraq Sovereignty BS?

NYT to run 3,500-word story Friday on Page 1 (Swift Boat Liars)

Was Sandy Berger cleared by the FBI?

Do we have any #'s or %'s on other prez. time on "vacation"?

My ten favorite Americans of all time.

Newst Quebec Wal*Mart goes Union!

So WHY did Joe Scarborough kill an intern?

New job options for Michelle Malkin

Bush Begins Weeklong Stay at Texas Ranch - WHEW! time for a break.

Joe Conason: NEW REPUG MOVIE (Al Franken mentioned on AAR today!)

Conason's article is now on

Bushco Steals Over-Time Pay from Americans

Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (S.2466)

Oh my god the latest attack on Kerry from Bush's site is stupidest yet

American swimmer cheats for Gold

Forget Vietnam--Iraqi soccer star says he'd be an insurgent...

The Pubs continue to use Negative Cards

Why Do Democracies Hate Us?

I'm watching Wouk's Series about WWII and the naked bodies and Dogs

sound weapon at NYC protests - I wrote a blog article.

EMAIL MSNBC tonight! please...

Math and Science and girls...personal experience

F911, AAR, energized Dems... | MSNBC breaking left? (a little media essay)

Do us all a favor

What will you do if the election is lost or stolen?

Place your bets! - When will the barrel of oil reach $50?

Anyone watch "Corner Gas"?

Anyone else from Winnipeg? Or ever been there?

Dupe - Sorry

Dupe - sorry

Bush adviser on Catholic voters forced out by decade-old sex scandal


Base hospital feeling pinch from staffing shortages

Kerry Hits Bush on Drug Costs, President Has No Plan...

U.S. Firm Defends Venezuela Exit Poll

Ex-FBI agent files bias lawsuit

El Salvador Sends Troops to Iraq Despite Threats--New World Media Watch

Bush's Brain Opens Nationally, Filmmakers Available in NYC 8/24-25

Girl with digestive disorder denied Communion

Rebels' attack Iraq oil compound

Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass (WP)

California Deal Authorizes Huge Casino Near Oakland

State and federal agencies seek sealed grand jury documents on former nucl

Michelle Malkin Claims Kerry Shot Himself

Effort to Push McGreevey Out Is Collapsing

US unleashes new anti-Taliban weapon: charm

WP: U.S. Struggles to Win Hearts, Minds in Muslim World

Bear drinks 36 beers and passes out in Washington state (rejects Busch)

United (Airlines) "likely" to end employee pension plans

Ethicist questions medical workers' role in abuse - Abu Ghraib

US presence in Germany may rise despite pull-out

Journalists seeking to protect sources face increasing legal perils

New genetic link found to crib deaths

Anarchists Emerge as the Convention's WIld Card (NYT)

NYTimes: Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad

Unknown Object Hovering In St. Paul Sky

Al-Sadr Orders Fighters to Leave Najaf Shrine After U.S. Bombing, Iraqi Go

Official on Leave Over Ten Commandments

Venezuela Starts Recall Audit as Opposition Boycotts

A New Web Site: Librarians For Bush

Bush fails on economy, says latest poll

Member of Kerry's national legal team faces solicitation citation in Detro

Shoe Bomber Sues Over Harsh U.S. Prison Conditions

A journey into the epicenter of the Sadr standoff

NYT: Olympic Officials Fault Bush Ad

U.S. Uses Lethal Aircraft to Try to Break Sadr

Well-known marijuana activist, Marc Emery, sentenced to 3 months in jail

Anybody else prey to weird, unbidden chronic invasive thoughts?

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton!

new Oxyrush, Hannity, and Savage Weiner advertiser

Help. Trying to change my avatar.

The Nerd Appreciation Thread

70 hours a week is just killing me (whiney rant)


Man Launches 'Bullets Not Boobs' Campaign

Have a great weekend ......... I'm outta here!

WHY Do You Gay People Need To Shove Your Lifestyle Down Our Throats?????

In an upstairs room in Blackpool

Any Chive Mustard Fans Here?

Orgasmic Simulation

Internet Vs Real Life

Ok, so I'm watching Olympic Gymnastics (no spoilers)

Amusing Star Wars themed Flash Video:

Brown (Tee) Shirts For Bush


bushco Joke

The "Bush arrives in Waco" pic..."My brother makes real good head cheese"

I'm going to have a mental breakdown if the Grovelbot doesn't get a...

i just put down my dog

How many DUers have roommates?

Hey! No details, but I just saw that the newest Quebec Walmart is Union!

Drew Barrymore - don't ya love her?

Is it wrong that my favorite thread in months is the You're a Dumbass one?

Just got back from Iceland, ask me anything.

Just watching ALIENS on TNT..why did they bleep certain curse words?

I'm F**king tired!!!

Some people have way too much time on their hands

Create next summer's best tour lineup

My kids school lunch is now up to $4.00 a day!!! WTF????

Amanda Beard is in love with me


My best friend just moved away, now all my friends have.. ask me anything

My 5,000th Post!

Subject: Osama writes George Bush

Look! A copy cat thread!

I just spent 3 hours on the Protest Warrior forum site.

FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH Actually moves forward...for real

I think Lorenzo Lamas is undead

I Want a New Cat, But I Already Have One!

We've just had some turbulence at home...

Malloy Says He Will Not Scream Tonight

Hangar 18


I am so angry I can't see straight.

Goin' Out West

You got Stallowned!

Battle hymn of the repugs

Just an post in honour of young DUers

I've been thinking of an idea for a TV show.

Just got HBO on Demand--watching Borat sing Country

East Coast DUers - let me apologize in advance for...

Favorite root beer/cream soda?

Why the hell do people think conviction equals guilt?

I'm in the mood for Meatloaf.

And you thought you had a bad day

This is a Good Website...

It can happen to you. It can Happen to me.

Copying new files (This may take several minutes)

John McEnroe, we don't have to watch Scarborough Country anymore.

What are the "Horror Rules"?

Anyone heard from Don G lately?

Can I register to vote on line?

Do you remember the song "Star Trekkin"? listen here.

I got my Bush/Zombie Reagan '04 Trucker Hat TODAY!!!!

Shhh. Don't tell. A friend smuggled me a 12-pack of Monte Cristo #5s!

No Bill Maher tomorrow night????

Caption time. Looks like bushie is even making babies mad.

IN the old west, who would you rather be?

First SMS Novel

If the media calls a Mosque a shrine again I'm going to fucking flip!

What song really stirs you in an energetic, lively way?

Had to post this - (warning dead animal)

I signed up with the Young Democrats today to help with a campaign...

E-mail Michelle Malkin and tell her what you think of her

time for Sealab 2021

Does EVERYONE have me on Ignore?!

I hope everyone here's rooting for the Iraqi soccer team now.

What no kitty post, for shame!

Thirsty Thursday Drinking Thread


Live Another Day

Why is Bill Clement doing badminton and ping-pong?

I just went into my first structure fire!

Sealab 2021 Fans: Bush = Captain Murphy

Yay! I just sold some stuff in my Mississippi Democrats store!

Michael Phelps is an Olympics GOD!

Homemade, just juiced, VEGGIE juice.

I Never Felt Like This when CLINTON Was President!!

Poll: Will my DU and K/E2004 stickers arrive before the election?

I Never Felt Like This when CLINTON Was President!!

So you don't think your computer has a virus? (Picture)

Anyone want to offer advice as I enter alcohol rehab...?

Kill me now...please

Why do people like Chihuahuas?

I'm An Angry DUer

I have a cold

Is 10 pm too late to be sitting in front of a house honking your horn?

Which Bruce Dickinson?

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser Baskin Robins


I'm a Handsome DUER!

Who are your favorite Olympians, past or present?

Irish DUers - is there some way we can kick O' Rielly outta our gene pool?

Over 40s: Was "damn right" cut out of the 45 of Theme from Shaft?

Young Nick-Nick hasn't eaten his dry chow for days.

what we are building at work

I just installed "Mozilla" what are the pro's and con's?

Gory horror films - why do people like them?

Just Because (recieved in email)

Is it just me - I'm bugged when they make a big deal over Mary Lou Retton

Veterans... especially those with medals.... what do you think?

Lladro : sh*t or shinola?

Most pompous columnist?

Wondering what the delegates got at the Boston convention?

All about my colonoscopy

If your a Christian you should be a Liberal!!!

Favorite kind of donut?

Does anyone here do multitrack recording on a pc?

From 1983-1994, I went to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 548 times.

Economist tracking poll has Kerry increasing lead from 4 to 7

WHEN are they going to go over AWOL's record in such exquisite detail?

Does Bushco Remind You Of The Corleone Family Sans The Physical Courage?

Olbermann continues momentum of Matthews.....(Countdown thread)

Good news from one county in Colorado

After Tweety......HEEEEEEEEEEERE'S Olbermann.

Opps dupe

Key Briefings for Kerry Delayed

If we are going to go for the jugular this is what we need to do...

Kerry: Bush's position on importing cheaper drugs wavering


My email to Chris Matthews

Rove strategy: talk about VIETNAM instead of IRAQ

Vietnam to Iraq--turning the tables on the BFEE operatives.

True Majority Iraq Money Pig Spotted In Tallahassee

(15) things you have to believe to support the Bush/Cheney ticket:

FBI "expecting violent protest" at RNC - did I hear that right?

The Swift Boat Vermin Brouhaha....

What's the next Swift Liars ad supposed to say?


What Kerry should say about Vietnam.

Olbermann clip on Bush's Q&A sessions

Swift boaters Motivations?

Should we send thanks to Matthews AND e-mails to Lehrer, ABC, CBS, NBC

Boil it down: How many SwiftLiars actually claim to have seen first-hand

On Debra Norville (MSNBC) one of the Kerry step-sons will appear.

DU Is Rocking Tonight!! Kerry Is Standing Tall

Michelle Malkin hospitalized!

First Time Ever

eRiposte covers SLB exhaustively - in case you haven't seen it

Er...Mr. O'Neill, Which Swift Boat Did You See George Bush On?

O'Neill: Kerry Went To North Vietnam in 1970...

Nobody watching Debra Norville??? TALKING ABOUT LIES FOR IRAQ

Study: North Carolina Triad has lost 30,000 Jobs in Four Years

Potential Move on Ad Do you hate gays more than you love yourself?

Don't worry, the Neo Cons aren't out of ideas yet

Uncovered came out last year-Moveon played it in NOVEMBER

Swiftboat Liars for Bush

Optimism Poll

I donated to some of the "Daily Kos 8" tonight.

Pass This Along

Have YOU Bought Anything From

Max to the max. Get him on EVERY talk show, even O'Rielly.

Got a wingnut claiming Kerry admitted shooting that VC in the back

BREAKING: Kerry Started Vietnam War as part of MASTER PLAN

How come no one mentions SBL called Daddy Bush a war coward?

Anybody else getting this feeling?

Heh. Heh. Got "polled" again tonight.

Ted Kennedy Mistakenly Put On 'Watch' List (AP story)

The Swift Boat Smear has:

dupe - self delete

CBS is claiming their polling shows the Swift Boat ad worked

Thurlow lying his ass off on Scarborough now

Election Model Methodology: A TIA Primer



Just got polled by phone by IBC Research Group

Ken Starr! Ken Starr! Ken Starr!

The LIAR John O'Neill was just spinning his filthy yarn. . . .

Watergate Part II: What DIDN'T the pResident know, and when DID


Kerry Pledges $10 Bln to Clean Up Coal Power Plants

What is kerrys plan for iraq?

Kerry: Oil Prices Set Record: What is the Bush Administration Response?

Something coming down at the NYT on Swift Boat Story!!!!!

I want to see an ad linking McCain, Cleland, and Kerry.

A bit about the Swift boat attack ad sponsor, Bob Perry. See Pic.

yorkers - is bloomberg in over his head?

Idea: Anyone gonna avoid the protests and stake out the brothels instead?

Kerry Legal Team Member Issued Citation for soliciting a prostitute.

Friday Kerry Highlights Plan to Create & Keep Jobs in U.S. During NC visit

More than half the threads on this page are about the swift boats.

Karl Rove: "in the best light possible, with credibility and integrity"

WHY doesn't the Navy explain how it awarded Kerry his medals?

EQUAL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn! Now!!!!

Bush visits the Kansas City Chiefs.....

Why has the campaign bogged down into Kerry's Vietnam service?

Jim Rassman - "I recommended John for the Silver Star."

LOL Freeper consoles Michelle Malkin. . .and takes on MSNBC!

"Bush leads": Letterman, david - bias?

Economist Magazine Poll: Kerry 48 Bush 41

Let's hope that Kerry doesn't open a big lead in the polls

Speculations about next ad-Kerry's anti-war war criminal statements?


Nightline 8/19: Firefight over swift boats -- Kerry shoots back

Is it possible -- Letters to Bush

"John Kerry INVITED These Attacks By Making His Service an Issue"

If You Could Choose One Pundit To Destroy The Swift Boat Vets For Bush

Bush Campaign Adviser Quits as Sexual Misconduct Case Is Recalled

"Thurlow's boat was the only one under fire because ....

I'm ready to preview the Swift Boats new commercial debuting tomorrow

Nightline NOW - "John Kerry on the Attack"

Backers of the Smear Boaters: Spaeth, Perry-----M&M, L'Oreal !!!???

Convention protests and a rightwing blog, Part 2

I just saw the Swiftboat vets' ad in it's entirety for the first time.

Meet Bob Perry, who put up most of the money for the Swift Boat ads

New Repig attack: If Kerry can't defend himself from our lies...

Born on The Fourth of July

Swiftboat people are making Kerry spend money

Did I hear about a new poll in Iowa that has Kerry pulling ahead?

Bush is the 'Bubble Boy,' not John Kerry. How absurd was Malkin

Yikes! Kerry 49 Bush 46 in California

Karl's nightmare: Swiftboat Scumbags mean Kerry can talk 'Nam til Nov. 2

Is the NYT Smear Boat expose' going to accomplish anything?

It's so sad the fighting is now over Vietnam and not Iraq

Here's how to contact michelle malkin - if you're so inclined (+ hot pic)

Kerry calls on publisher to recall "hoax" book about his Vietnam service

Norville's show is another watcher -- "Uncovered" being discussed

Voter Registration Drive In TN Getting Thousands Of New Voters

For a change, I have watched MSNBC for THREE HOURS

If Jesus Christ endorsed John Kerry

Are the news stations showing the Swift Boat ad breaking the law?

The actual IRS Form 8872 documenting ALL "Swift Boat" Contributors

Please DU this Nashville hate-radio election poll

The New York Times Has A Gift For Us And Drudge Was Kind Enough To Tell Us


NYT Herbert-More on Jeb's Police Intimidating Elderly Black Voters

Joe Conason: NEW REPUG MOVIE (Al Franken mentioned on AAR today!)

Spin Alert!!! Matthews Warns Us All...

Michelle Malkin Claims Kerry Shot Himself

Olbermann & Matthews Hardblog on Malkin / Thurlow Interviews

Are You A Precinct Captain? Why Not?

Bush's skeleton closet. Lots of substance for a slew of attack ads.

Was Kerry right to wait until WaPo and NYT discredited SmearVets

I Think Kerry's Survival Of The Swift Boat Attacks Will Be Pivotal

Police Academy Movie Takes Center Stage in Senate Race

Am I the only who thinks

Okay. Let's say Rove has another "Swift" smear for every week until NOV.

ITS UP--NYT/"Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad" /Bush/Rove ties

Bush visits wrong NFL team in Wisconsin

The truth is: We're on our own

Check out this Blog

SBVT: Sinking in Their Own Sea of Lies

Kerry has no need to defend his Vietnam record - He was there, Bush wasn't

"We could have stopped him" - ex-CIA op tells Guardian

Democrats control Capital Hill!!!!!

Fighting a Phony War

Kerry Is Clueless on Bases

Krauthammer makes some good criticisms in this article

Psycho bitch retorts

Slacker Friday - Eric Alterman

The Foolish Dishonesty of “On-the-One-Handism” - Alterman

The real people who are the Veterans for Swift Boats . . .

What do we call the enemy? (Excellent essay on verbiage in Iraq coverage)

World's 100 most powerful women

One Dirty Trick Too Many?

Ostracizing the people who were right on Iraq.

Would Jesus Love A Liberal - You Bet! (article)

Swift Boat Liars: In Bangladesh, they've figured it out.


"Media Lessons" David Corn strikes back against WaPo Mea Culpa!

Five minute activism.... bush olympic adds

possible Google Bomb??

NYC Jam For Just-US's Virtual Yard Sale

Please Help Me With My Ad!

Are the Dems feeding the media "hamburger helper"?

Ask Katie Couric to interview the Iraqi soccer team

Farenhiet 911

Anybody hear Harkin on Ed Schultz?

Today's Regular Thoughts

Today in History 08/20

Today's Quotes

Rouse Sale Ends Independence of Unique Visionary

Audit shows $8.8 billion in Iraq funds missing

How Is the price of barrel of oil linked to Nat. Gas Prices?Or is it?

New Overtime Rules to Take Effect Monday(per hour RN's may lose)

China Records Crop Trade Deficit For First Time - China Daily

Sudden Oak Death Confirmed In Golden Gate Park - SF Chronicle

8 Ship Collisions As China's Smog Blankets Hong Kong Harbor

Forest Fires Expand Across East Kalimantan (Borneo) - Jakarta Post

CEO Says Chrysler Will Develop Hybrid - LA Times

Groundwater Levels Fall By 1 to 5 Feet In Nebraska In One Year

At Least 15 Dead As Freak Storms, Flooding Hit Western Europe - AFP

MOOOOOOOOOO!!! Freak Lightning Strike Kills 31 Danish Cows - Reuters

Scientists Say Risk of Water Wars Rising

Here comes the fuel price surge

British say Ridge gave terror suspects a heads up

Food price see-saw blamed on cowboy traders - SA

A Friendly Reminder

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 20, 2004

Why was US v Miller reversed and remanded ?

Teen Fails To Buy Gun Company: How did I miss this?

SKS Owners for Kerry

when the Bushistas come for you, an assault rifle isn't going to help.

How do you stand on the Second Amendment?

Why is this allowed to continue?

I tried to post a reply to the Kennedy stopped at airport thread

Use of the word 'b****slapped'

Just a comment...

Ok, this is a cute "locking" post, but...

I apologize if I caused a problem in GD2004 with the Dem_Strat thread

This needs to be stopped ASAP, but how???

Do you understand the complaints

Skinne- I sent a pretty good donation but I cant find the star-

How do you all plan to deal with election day

I KNOW you are busier than a one armed paper hanger with a blister

A simple suggestion...

Attn: Skinner

Israel And US Elections

3 men indicted in U.S. on charges of Hamas-financing plan

Sharon's leadership in crisis as Likud rejects settler plan

AG: Hague fence ruling may lead to sanctions against Israel

Poor nations seek ban on firms building Israel wall

No peace progress in mid-east unless Israel makes concessions

Boycotting the Israeli Academy

Governor plans to reopen qualifying for Senate race

MN Bush Campaign, GOP Endorse Swift Vets - "Amazingly Believeable"

Kelly is target of recall petition (Dem MN mayor who endorsed Bush)

Get Yer Hoeffel Bumper Stickers, He-ah!

Attention Houston area Democrats: Disenfranchisement alert

Austin Booze-Up this weekend...

BREAKING: Gary R. Page Gains Coveted Endorsement!

Bidding for 1st computerized list of all voters being sorted out

Edwards in LaCrosse on Monday

Edwards in Milwaukee for a block party on Sunday!

Washington Clarkies . . . Wes in Seattle pics 08/19/04

Migrating to Seattle.

Anybody notice that

Somebody clue me in: what did Michelle Malkin say, exactly?

I just donated

Basic Training for Lawmakers?

Boy, 7, on a mission to help the world's poor

Condi instructs us to be "less critical of every twist and turn" in Iraq

I wonder what's going on in the White House this minute?

Malloy's time for the "Lion of the Left"...

I saw a car torn in half

ACLU warns of surveillance-industrial complex

Caught something about an "Anarchist" website on the news

Why is the new INTEL Czar off the front page?

Karl's nightmare: Swiftboat Scumbags mean Kerry can talk 'Nam til Nov. 2

Bear Rejects Busch! (CLG's comments on bear and beer story)

Is the NYT Smear Boat expose' going to accomplish anything?

SoCalDem's letter was posted as a comment on the

Did I just see the word "Seperate" on a Hardball promo graphic?

Kerry should pound Bush's ass about all his vacation time.

How do you stand on the Second Amendment?

"About Michelle Malkin" (from her webpage)

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the #7 DVD at (release date Oct 5)

Ask Bob "Swift Boat Ad Sponsor" Perry yourself. Call him!

Poll Question in local paper.

Who's calling in sick with me to

"We could have stopped him"

3 yrs. after 9-11 & NO Bin Laden. george, you're a real fuck up

Continued liquidation of the middle and working classes

Debunking the Shiftyboat lies

Link to Peirsol Olympics swimming turn video

will the debates be a repeat of W vs. Gore?......I doubt it

Contentious Overtime Overhaul to Start

Please DU this Nashville hate-radio election poll

Can you buy this repuke "logic"?

GAWD! Bill Schneider Is Such A F*CKING TOOL!

here's why Kerry should be attacking BushCo's environmental record . . .

Just heard on CSPAN that bushs people are trying for only 2 debates

This Vietnam crap is making me ill. We would never do this to someone!

Does anyone have the Will Farrell as George Bush Link?

Guardian - We could have stopped him (Bin Laden)

CNN bashing Kerry again..

Another scrub campaign commercial falls flat...

What DOES "The RADICAL Shiite Cleric" Muqtada al-Sadr Want?

Iraqi Soccer Team Disses Bush

c-span --- james bamford 8am michelle malkin 9am

There must be somebody out there (Bush - Alabama)

Question about the idiotic polling???

Tweety is STILL a whore

MSNBC POLL: Do you believe Kerry or the SwiftVets...Please Vote

We are a 3 Car three Kerry Bumper Sticker family

Does anybody else ever listen to the moron Bush supporters

Who needs Coffee -- a BBS that will get your blood going

Blitz CNN sponsors now!

Hubby is reporting from Charlotte re: Kerry visit!

Anybody listening to "Unfiltered" about Nigerian Halliburton scandal?

I just emailed!

Why don't the swifties attack Jessica Lynch

if you're really (I mean REALLY) afraid of terrorists, this is for you . .

Texas Truth Convention - Sept. 2, 2004

Could Bush Toss This Election????

The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America

Greenwald (director "Uncovered" movie) and McGovern on "Unfiltered"

Link needed: BushGame, HELP!


My email to CNN, but it also pertains to the other networks

Here's John O'Neil's address and phone #

Unfit For Command, debunked

OMG, John O'Neil of the Swift Boat liars left a comment on my blog!

A Parody -- The New PBS Coming This Fall

What's Going On in Iraq? Does anyone have good source?

Call FAUX News and complain, the # is (212) 369 3000

Any word on debates?

Breaking News: Snowball fights in Hell today, folks.

We met Barak Obama Tuesday morning!

The Olympics are making me a little nervous.

Cute - From One Of My Kid's "Simpson's" Books

I this true?

The Case for Stem Cell Research

Ted Kennedy 'mistakenly' put on watch list

Video -- Hillary smacks down John Warner

Database snafu puts US Senator on terror watch list

What is the name of the new political book with Kansas in the title?

Retro vs Metro

Anyone else feeling like it is 1988 again - a lead out of convention w/

DU this poll on Kerry-Swiftboat Liars

A picture is worth a 1000 words (sorry if dupe)

Falwell's Law School - if this doesn't scare you nothing will

Will Police Use Sound Weapon Against NYC Protestors?

What's wrong with AA?

So much for separation of church and 527 Faith based iniative

Does anyone have a V link to last nights Nightline where * is Caught

Anyone feel like it is 1992 all over again?

Has anyone seen photos of the Imam Ali Mosque since last night...

Pentagon will use these to help smirk win: (protestors)

Can you stream FOX News and watch it on your computer

If the election were held today? DU this poll

i don't think we're skanky enough to win

What's this about? - Miller Beer and white Rock

Malkin's Meltdown Continues: Tonight on "Tucker Carlson Unfiltered"

Why doesn't someone make a television ad about the abortion?

Can somebody clarify "Tweety?"

Met an obvious smear-happy, Lucianne Goldberg wannabe...

Jack Cafferty just called Ted Kennedy a "rat."

Yee-HAW! Saddam's "head" on display at Kentucky State Fair

Who is Al talking to?


Hume said when reason is against a man

Duplicate post

Abu Ghraib medical personnel helped with torture cover-up

Saw "Hunting Of The President" Yesterday...

Replay of Malkin on C-span coming up now

WP: Senate takeover doesn't look good for Dems.


Can we make a DU Hall of Shame for the Politicians who rule/serve

Can you gives provide some positive support for Matthews & Olbermann?


You know the sad thing about the latest short boat vet smear...

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth turns out to be the most ironic name of a gr

Hey, Check out the list and date of this meeting in Texas

Did you guys read this article? OUTRAGEOUS!!! I'm furious about this.

Theory of why certain vets support bush

My simple response to the new Smearboat ad

Gays Are 'Sinners' Senate Candidate Alan Keyes Declares

The Kerry Campaign Needs to do This <------Let's hammer them DU!!!

Dozens protest against Iraq war

Mark Levine on now.

Is John Kerry a serial axe murder? Or the new post modern politics

This can't be stated enough times

Hardball or Crossballs?

Anyone here own a troy-bilt lawn tractor?

My Toilet is stopped up with Swiftboat Liars Against Kerry

CNN = A duller FOX

What Kind of political party or administration would support

Be warned, the Gore speeding ticket has hit the AP "People" roundup

The good thing about the new "swift" ad...

How many D-Day vets need to turn in their Purple Hearts?

Swift puke vetern poll acting independtly on CNN

Best term for Iraqi militants?

Jon Stewart deserves our thanks every day

Malkin or Coulter essay

Tad Devine just kicked Swift Boat Scumbag ASS! (Wolf Blitzer)

Swiftscum O'Neill a Democrat?

"Ostracizing the People Who Were Right on Iraq" Slate Chatterbox.

John Swiftscum O'Neill - Democrat?

DU this poll re Swift Boat Liars!!!!!

Liberation of Ordinary Lives?

New Moveon ad getting heavy play in PA

Just saw Move On PAC's anti-Bush (AWOL) ad, sent them $100

RETREAT! Swiftboat Nonsense GONE from Drudge

Should Kerry/Edwards release their attendence records?

Iraq Coalition casualty count by month

bumpersticker "Fahrenholtz 9/18" <---anyone know what that means

Malkin's gonna be on Limbaugh in 1/2 hour (10 AM Pacific)

Is it just me or does Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer spend EVERY interview...

MSNBC-Tremendous audience growth!

Rush and Sean are exploding with excitement today

I think I might just go ask a cop...

Is Florida really going to be an issue this time around?

On Monday, Aug. 23, overtime pay take-away goes into effect.


New York Times calls protesters anarchists

Okay, I think I finally have the talking points down.

Kerry's filing a legal complaint with the FEC!!!!!

I hate Chris Matthews, but sent him a "Thank You" for his show with Malkin

Counter to Swift Boat Ads: Bumper stickers saying Bush is a deserter

If You're Not Reading The Daily Howler These Days, You're Missing Out

Met the most off the chart person politically yesterday...

Bush is just digging the hole deeper...LOL

Malkin On Limbaugh

What is John O'Neill's Background (one of the authors of "Unfit to Command

DUers, we have seen real journalism in the last 24 hours: FEEDBACK TIME!

who is thaat? Cruella DeVille? on Crossfile

"Peace In Our Time"?--45 U.S. Soldiers killed so far this month:

On Malkin: ENOUGH ALREADY! She's an Ann Coulter wannabe and we're helping

Example of troops getting the shaft from a good source to use

How Closely Do You Follow The Lori Hacking/Laci Peterson/etc. Stories?

was michelle maglalang accepted to oberlin through affirmative action?

Weird poll reflections.

Can Bush resist going AWOL again?

Dem_Strat, STAT: Halliburton as the NEW WELFARE QUEEN

Poll on CNN is now working

Okay, Which one of you has that slowboat chart with all the info in it?

new 527 ad: Cokeheads for Truth

The problem of "infantilizing" Bush and conservatives in general

Jeez Louise...

BBV-Gov. Bush orders election emergency in 10 counties

DU this P0ll

I Hope Someone in the Kerry Campaign Sees This Thread

"Timmy the Terror-Fighting Turkey"

Hey NYC....

Bush, his family may have ties to swiftboat vets.

Congressman who represents Pat Robertson's district is OUTED as GAY!

Bush using "Promise Keepers" to secure Evangelical Vote

Truth or...

Does anyone know what the story is with Media Whores Online?

Another swiftboat poll. like this could make a difference

Kerry Press Release: I'm Confused

BREAKING: KERRY SUING BUSH with FEC over swift boat lies!

Why Kerry should keep Swiftboat Dirtbags front and center

DU=CNN Poll: Do you believe that all political ads should be required to

Bush looking like cowardly sissy hiding behind John O'Neill's skirt

photos of Bush religous advisor and a girl he commited

MSNBC is now linking Bush with the swiftboat ads...

Will You Purchase 'Fahrenheit 9/11' on DVD?

Michael Edward on the Encore Mobile Home Park -- many deaths

The August jobs report

Can someone explain Cable News TV ratings?

letter to Bush-supporting grandpa, please read!

Kerry has to start slamming Bush HARD as a liar.

The assault on overtime wages is class warfare, pure and simple.

Guess What- Hardball's ratings are up- Out of the cellar

What pay records showing Bush was AWOL were released last month?

DU this poll -- are SWIFTEES acting independently??

Who else doesn't like the word, Islamo-fascist?

Why the USA Govt. Is Hated

Forgotten Controversy: Vietnam Memorial

What do you -really- want the mainstream media to be?

Our trainer yesterday is a Freeper (rant)

Michael Edwards in FLA - Charley death count now much higher tham 400!

Conservative Petitions Cracks Me Up!

I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!! Bush has a "master plan" too...

are attorney generals usually controversial, or is it just that i've

Congressman Ed Schrock OUTED as Gay (FMA co-sponsor)

Texas Man, 76, Walks Free From Prison after forty years

C-Span called me back again today...Ask me why?

Serious question - Consider the choices carefully

Aybody else see this TYPICAL REPUBLICAN behaving TYPICALLY?

Who here thinks Islam is Evil?

Does anyone know what the "Free Republic Network" is???

does anyone else think Laura Bush is a cold uncaring bitch ?

Give me your best poster ideas for the NYC march/rally

Dean to have Seattle book signing Aug 31 .

My customer told Laura Bush she can't shop at her store

BCCI watchers - Don't miss this HUGE new article.

I'm so EXCITED! I finally got my Kerry/Edwards Gear & Yard Signs!!!

Click on my sig line for Kerry!

MALKIN strikes back! Calls Matthews a "Caveman"

If only we could bring back the positive "ENERGY" of Clinton years!

Michelle Malkin on CSPAN (making excuses for her wacky performance)

Anyone else going to go to the Springsteen Concert for Kerry

Are Oil Markets Dysfunctional? Do we need a buyer's cartel?

"Wardrobe"! Get Charles Krauthammer a Clean Shirt!"

BBV and absentee ballots - please settle once and for all

Were Kennedy and Lewis put on the watch list in order to harass them?

U.S. Soldiers, Returning from Iraq: We want to hear from you here

Who's Lying? That biased AOL is losing my biz? Where do I go?

Michelle Malkin -- You see, it's like cooking...

Tues. NY, Garofalo, Franken, Dean, Bacon, Pariser..."Don't Get Mad.."

AOL is disgusting

Bill KRISTOL can BITE me!! LIAR!!!

The reason behind MSNBC's change for the BETTER!

There is no such thing as an "accidental 'self-inflicted wound'"

Stop putting it off... The time to donate to DU is now!

MTP this Sunday's guests....

Help this site and Guy James at the same time ! Please !

how much say should a husband have over his wife's abortion?

Computer techies: need help on finding who owns Castor attack site.

Jonathan Swiftboat's "Gulliver, Unfit for Command" | the TOONs!|

We just won a Silver Medal!

SA man missing in Iraq - Dyncorp USA

FEC Votes to Curb Nonparty Donations

Daiei shares climb on Wal-Mart rumors

Kerry pledges $10 billion to clean up coal power plants

Leach (R.-Iowa) says U.S. needs to leave Iraq as soon as possible

U.S. Command Faulted in Abu Ghraib Probe -Paper

Legal Victory for File Sharing

General once in charge of Abu Ghraib criticizes Army probe

Bankruptcy Case Thrusts Washington Lesbian Into Marriage Fight

Global warming to devastate Europe first

Vermont Sues FDA to Allow Importing of Drugs

(CA) Senate votes to hike state's minimum wage to $7.75

We could have stopped him (bin Laden)

Sudan accused of breaking its word as more refugees flee

Team Iraq aims kick at Bush

Kerry Takes Job Creation Message to N.C. (Charlotte!)

General's Speeches Broke Rules (Boykin)

CIA Study on Iraq Weapons Is Off Course, Officials Say

Five killed as US bombs Falluja (again)

Ted Kennedy gets caught in the No Fly list

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 20 August

In Wake of Massacre, UN Moves Congolese Refugees Further Into Burundi

CBSPoll:Kerry&Bush ThisClose(Kerry 46-45-1 from prior 48-43-3, 835RV,MOE3)

Japan Funds Education Project On Landmine Danger

Sharon's leadership in crisis as Likud rejects settler plan

'Toyota-isation' is latest global threat as desert dust storms spread

In jail for 40 years innocent 76 year old Texan man leaves prison

Phoenix out to ban Web porn in libraries

New hope grows vs. acid rain

GOP to talk about (9/11) attacks at convention

WP: Witness to (Abu Ghraib) Abuse Trying to Be Heard

Al-Sadr 'hands over keys to Najaf shrine'

Iraqi leader backs off from threat to storm shrine

WP: "Oil Shock" Worries Some Economists ("economy near tipping point")

LAT: Kerry Sees Link Between Health Costs, Job Woes

Newst Quebec Wal*Mart goes Union!

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Action

UK Archives: Mystery of the missing coronation loo rolls

Fuel cells (for mobile electronic devices) getting a closer look

NYT: Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad

New anti Kerry ad with his senate testimony (not original title)

(Iraq) Census suspended due to security problems (might affect elections)

Terrorism task force looking into series of robberies at SoCal electronic

Holes found in Windows XP update (BBC)

WP: Witness to Abuse Trying to Be Heard

Fox News Cameron Doctors Kerry Quote

Northern Laundromats for Southern Fat Cats

USA: 1200 workers face redundancy in Kmart selloff

Man Arrested After Claiming Cipel Affaire

BBC News: US army medics accused in abuse

Political ad upsets Iraqi players

Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass

Bush Spending Neared $50 Million in July

Closing arguments in Zimbabwe mercenary trial

Iran Urges Meeting on Iraq 'Catastrophe'

Kerry says Bush ignores 'average folks' (heading to tour Charley)

Sadr aide denies Najaf Police at shrine-Al Jazeera

MSNBC: Bush exposed RE: connection to Swift Boat ad! Must read!

Oil Tops $49 Amid Iraq Supply Worries

Charley Update (Edwards) - Death Count much higher than 400 now!

US forces coming to oil-rich Gulf of Guinea— USAF Commander

Sen. Kennedy Flagged by No-Fly List

Legal Victory for File Sharing

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Action in Iraq

Civilians killed in Falluja air strike

Feminist uproar in Spain over Vogue photos

Kerry Starts Firing Back at Critics of War Record

Confusion Surrounds Seizure of Iraqi Mosque

Man charged with murder of fellow SEAL back on duty

Despite veterans' ad, Kerry remains in the lead

Transfer of Shrine Control Proving Tricky

Ashcroft Defends FBI Interviews With Some Political Protesters

Olympic Officials Fault Bush Ad

U.S. General Violated Rules with 'Satan' Speeches

3 Palestinian Activists Face U.S. Charges

SBVT: Sinking in Their Own Sea of Lies


Doctor who claimed to be lover of man at center of storm over NJ governor

Appeals judges block mandate to say pledge

Congressman Ed Schrock OUTED as Gay (FMA co-sponsor)

KerryEdwards: George W. Bush Standing Still While Oil Prices Skyrocket

A couple of questions about Kerry's DD214 & DD215


Media Matters Asks Top Booksellers to Review ..'Unfit for Command'

Member of Kerry Legal Team to Step Down (prostitution charge)

John Dean Critical Of Bush Administration

Iraq government cries victory in Najaf,but fighting rages on(Iraq Gov lied

Bush is just digging the hole deeper...LOL

Fed Circuit Narrows Circumstances Which a Contractor recovers Legal Costs

Just Don't Call It a Vacation

Cellphone eavesdroppers given the boot

Post Series Documents Bush Assault on OSHA

Tape: Missing U.S. Journalist Says He's OK

Fla Republican Party (and bush camp) Subject of Discrimination Lawsuit

Bush's Nephew Campaigns in Mexico

Confusion persists over Imam Ali mosque

Bush* under investigation for ethics violations

Anti-Nader group to air ads

Blast at Police Post in Nassiriya, Three Dead

Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Ambush (not the 2 USMC earlier announced)

Weird poll reflections.

Iran calls for urgent Organization of Islamic Conference meeting on Iraq

Ark. Dem-Gaz:Nader Ballot Bid Has GOP Sigs(officials, staff, candidates!)

Militia Offers to Cede Control of Shrine

Ferrell Spoofs Bush In Online Film

MoveOn Ads Okay; Swift Boat Ads Not Okay, Kerry Campaign Says

Contentious overtime overhaul sought by business takes effect Monday

Attackers Blow Up an Oil Pipeline in Southern Iraq

Overtime pay: Not everyone wants it

Jackson offered "abuse boy house"

Iraqi footballers' fury at Bush

Confusion persists over Imam Ali mosque

Army Doctors Involved in Abu Ghraib Abuse

Bush, his family have many ties to Swift Boat vets

Computer Experts Vie in Hacking Contest

Explosions near Najaf's Imam Ali mosque

Another prominent congressman (D-Ga) slowed by airline terror watch list

SA frees Mugabe-linked 'mercenaries'

The Dictator's Achilles' Heel

National Guard members to vote by fax (SW FL Primary)

More Republican Ties Revealed Behind "Swift Boat Vets For Bush",

White House Accuses Kerry Of 'Losing His Cool' Over Ads

FERC Cuts Deal to Get Access to More Enron Tapes

Show Bush the money and see the world

Kerry takes legal action against Vietnam critics

Bush, his family have many ties to Swift Boat vets

US press hit by new circulation figures scanda - Dallas Morning Newsl

Lawyers for Fla. congressman argue for paper ballots

Homeland Security Management Walks Out on Union Talks

Jeb Bush declares election emergency

White House Deals With Detainee Legalities

Roller damages fence, trees on defense secretary's property

Prominent Republicans Offer the RIGHT Response to the War on Drugs

More Musicians Trying to Unseat Bush (CSN - Sheryl Crow ...)

Bush/RNC religious advisor resigns after "affair" with student revealed

Monday: Teresa..Meets with Women Labor Leaders AFLCIO

Second Explosion Rocks Texas Gas Facility

Chilean Judge Questions Pinochet on Riggs Money

General Who Supported Bush in New Kerry Ad (McPeak USAF)

Breaking on CNN...Iraqi police control mosque

Kerry Ads Effect on Voters, LAtimes

Bush Campaign Busted Passing Out “Swift Boat Veterans for Bush” Flyer

Venezula's Opposition Threatens to Boycott Regional Elections

Vietnam vets launch new TV spot attacking Kerry

Republican party scene: light on stars, heavy on fancy venues (AP)

CNN: Kerry Campaign Filing complaint With FEC (Swift Boat ads)

Stop putting it off... The time to donate to DU is now!

Men executed for fraud - China

Four States Deny Ballot Access to Nader

USOC asks Bush to drop Olympics ad..Ads to continue

Can someone help me add something to my blog?

1500: The Pseudo-milestone

Kudos to Carly!

Come on, I can take it...

Help.....I need to learn about 'trusts'


My responce to Michele Malkin's Diversity Test - feel free to take it!

Klinefelter's Syndrome

You know who I just realized are just as bad as violent protestors?

The Purple Cow (and follow up by same poet)

anyone else watching the 20K Walk (Olympics)? n/t

Are You Using a LAPTOP or DESKTOP?

Since it's Michelle Malkin Night tonight...

Date To Save - Dating To Save People From Hell

LOL, All the Rethug signs in my neighborhood are missing!

Can't sleep, Repukes will eat me. Damn clowns.


I just watched Friday the 13th Part IV! Ask me anything.


6 pm in okinawa. don't ask me anything

Remember the Macarena?

Finally going to bed...

pick a number 1-1680

Upper-crust Uppercut


The "Day of the Cat"

I'm really glad Svetlana Khorkina did not win the Gold

HAHAHAHA!! "Presedent Bush has got my votes!" bumper sticker

Man Threatens To Release Painting Of Dr. Seuss Characters - In Sex Acts

im going to apply for my first credit card this afternoon so...


I figured out the 7 minute daze in Sarasota.....

Olympic Sex - Porn Magazine Defies Olympic Games

The very important reason I donated to DU

Which newspaper columnist is a overall waste of pulp?

Does Your Cat Have Multiple Nicknames?

Going to VAB for a week, no access to a computer...

A way to donate for Florida Disaster Relief....


Charley Predicts Kerry Victory

It's Friday...and today's a better day.

I've been up since 3:30am, and I'm bored... Somebody talk to me.

Steve Bell cartoon: Battle for Najaf

The most important decision you will ever make.

Why do birds suddenly appear,Everytime you are near?

Welcome to the Giraffe Bar! Highballs are on me! Belly up - it's Friday!

I am a "Flip-"Flopper"

Need help for a hung friend

Hey prinicpal skinner- I just donated

principLe skippLe, i mean principLe skimpster

Saddam's an Outkast

Great Escapes-- What does anyone know about this place?

Link to Peirsol Olympics swimming turn video

What is your Deficit Disorder? I found out this morning I have DDD.

Freepers are "absoulutely shocked as to the kind of language" on DU

Lucinda Williams is a Goddess!!

What's your favorite non-Lounge DU cliche?

Microsoft Really Screwed Up :) :) :)

George W. Bush is a crackwhore!

¿Quién es ma's bootylicious, Condi o Beyonce?

John and Mitchy were gettin' kind of itchy

Need help for a hung-over friend

Poison ivy question:

Ian Thorpe Appreciation Thread (pic heavy!)

I just got a raise in the cheesiest manner possible

I can't believe it's 2004 with idiots like this around.

Some time ago a crazy dream came to me,

DU Ladies (and doctors): Pregnancy tests

Hey Officer Krupke -- I just....

A few choice Yahoo Message Boards reactions to Keynote Speaker Zell

Stranded on a desert island -- which would you eat first?

So when did Pravda turn into a tabloid?

President Bush molests sheep!

Poll: Many Still Link Iraq With WMD

The Olympics are making me a little nervous.

Ever not want to get out of your car once you get somewhere?

Help, my cat just came in the house with a very young sparrow that seems

The eighties groupie look has made a comeback!!

20 Kerry stickers for every 1 * stickers

Rabrrrrrr is being sick and ill today

How much do you know about.....mud humps?

anyone hear the shrub?

President Bush Arrested!!

I swear I don't own cats - I own begging street urchins

Desert Island Question.

Funny, Tooting your own horn!

How much do you know about.....mud pumps?

Who are the 5 most Evil people throughout modern times

Whatever happened to...

Komodo dragon's love quest plunge

Ok... who signed me up for BoobBounce?


Have You Guys Seen This?

How much do you know about.......Pug Pups?

Is it me or is this our dialouge with freep types on Kerry?

Pagerbear, if you're around.

Freeper pics

Sign petition to keep pets safe during natural disasters

Strange solvent odor in my office

Paging Nostamj: Are we going to see any cartoons today?

Anyone know a image hosting web that is so simple...

Quantum sleeper - holy overreaction.

DU this poll.

Damn. They're gonna shut down Wrigley Field.

Yet another reason why I'm proud of my Congresswoman.

Side Effects - By Steve Martin (Warning: HI-larious)

Who are the 5 truly most inconsequential people of modern times?


well, shot an 86 with 2 birdies. not too bad

Man throws artificial trees, gets naked in church

i found the "ups" condi was referring to in iraq

well, shot 2 birdies with a .36 . not too bad

SouthoftheBorderPaul es un hombre peligroso

Any Beaker Street fans left alive?

The Tranqs got nothin' against the Moonies

Dessert Island Question

What is the best evidence AGAINST the theory of evolution? (spoof poll)

Shirtless Olsen Twins--Enjoy!

Who are the 5 truly good people throughout modern times

Question for the ladies.......(helps if you're a Neil Young fan)

Just joined the 700 Club! Where do I get my lobotomy and bad hair?

John Kerry's Master Plan: a screen treatment by Scott C. Smith

Results of my low fat / low carb diet!! (Photos!)

I just got my 2004 Presidential Campaign Photograph

Any Backstreetboys fans left alive?

Someone recommend me a good free (not trial) FTP program?

Results of my no fat / no carb diet!!! (pictures!!!)

How much do you know about... Mugwumps?

favorite use of mellanin in the sun

YIKES! Tornado touched down in my folks hometown

Decide - Your life may depend on it!

Who Would Vote For ....

Anybody see the Exorcist the new one I mean?

Lots of great movies to pick from this weekend!

Anyone here own a troy-bilt lawn tractor?

what did dubya write when signing this bibLe?

Bush practise session for the debates: overheard by insider...

"Soup Nazi Shops" Go National

new Hannity advertiser Loma Lux

Who needs a star? (You'll have to earn it)

CAPTION this Republican convention preview

Shirtless Bush Twins--Enjoy!

Any tricks for clipping kitty claws?

Saved By His Daughter's Heart

Rhandi is hitting the nail on the head concerning protestors today

My gone mad! Mad I say!

Holy poster, batman, how did this happen?

'The Exorcist' in 30 seconds, as performed by bunny rabbits

KERRY CRUSHES BUSH - In Cockroach Derby

On The Floor Of The Stock Exchange... Who ARE Those Folks Yelling At?

new Oxyrush advertiser Jiffy Lube

groveLbot rejected my sexuaL advances

Sea of Madness

What is your Birthday Ritual?

Shirtless Thompson Twins---Enjoy!

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

can someone help me out

Donated this am but still cant make a poll-What do the admins do with all

Thank you to the kind soul at The Dead concert last night -whoever you are

Do you tilt the glass when pouring a carbonated drink in a glass ?


Who do you believe, Benny or the Jets?

At what age did you lose your's? Mine was actually stolen.

A Letter To My Friend Alcohol...

Church Says Girl's Communion Not Valid

Deicide! Your life may depend on it.

Jenna Bush at the Olympics?

Cute - From One Of My Kid's "Simpson's" Books

Anyone have asthma? Please share your experiences

I just got back from my graduate school orientation.

Lets all come up with new funny/insulting names for the Swift Boat Vets.

I just got my Kerry e-phonebank password, ask me anything

Who is this Jay Severin guy?

How to start each day with a positive outlook:

I joined DU on December 31, 2002.

For those who saw the movie Troy: Is this real?

Somebody was the 49,000th user to sign up.

Rambling, drinking, bloated, old, liberal, Irish men! Randi just

I've been offline all day....what'd I miss?

Michele Malkin's Diversity Test - feel free to take it

Whiskey River take my mind

Are you a romantic?

Ok...where's my food?

Took my wife to see Alien vs. Predator today

Are you happy with how your pro football team is doing?


I'm drowning in a Whiskey River.

worst. pickup. line. ever.

Favorite use of Mellotron in a song

Shirtless Hamm Twins--Enjoy!

What ONE FOOD could you eat constantly if you wouldn't gain weight...

Hey, 49,000 users - go DU!

Jenna Jameson endorses, sort of

Is the Olympics still going on?

Humor is the best way to get a point across, so here's my joke...

I'm making the Kool-Aid!!! Who wants a glass????

Breaking on CNN. Saddam escapes captivity and holes up in mosque.

I'm Enjoying a Ritter Sport Chocolate bar right now, and you're not

Oy. I have unearthed a copy of MSN Messenger on my computer.

Do you need an exorcism?

I saw a Kerry t-shirt at the Olympics tonight (Phelps swimming spoiler)

Cats, bats & rabies..Oh My!

Where can I find the MOST antagonistic anti-bushCorp T-shirts?

Randi squished another Freeper. Randi squished another Freeper.

Akbar or Jeff?

Bush presidential library will contain no books (Weekly World News)

Question: What are some VERSUS (Vs.) movies you really want to see?

Please help. I need the link to *'s flip-flopping record.

I confess, I think Wonkette is sexy

Here's a Photo of my Reticulated Giraffe, Claude

These negative repuke ads are working.

Anyone get the latest windoze security update

Do these people look like the kind of folks

Kerry is an idiot.

its been awhile since we had a MOVIE GAME THREAD

Winterstorm? Looking for username Winterstorm??

It's Happy Hour, you alcoholics!!!! Friday Night Drinking Thread

MSNBC poll : Who do you believe? Kerry or the Swift Vets.

I paid no attention to the Black Eyed Peas before Fergie.


I love Randi! Kicking ass and taking no prisoners.

"I'm From Joy-See. Are you from Joy-See?"

Tell me again why I love this nitwit:

I've had migraines four days in a row

HOT ITEM!! get these for your kids before it's too late

Round earth or flat earth: which do you believe?

The cracked brass bells will ring; To summon back the fire witch..........

My dinner guest for tonight is peeved about the fish I'm serving...

How long is the great wall of China?

A Photo of My Kitty.

Great movie alert - Dr. Strangelove on Turner Classic Movies!

Saturday night on Bravo: 'A Night of Gay Weddings'

Kerry is an idiot. (Swiftboat Veterans)

Question for the laddies... (Helps if you're a young Neil fan)

Heard of the NWF's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program?

OMG...."Pretty in Pink" is still popular. They just released a

Evolution or Creationism - Which do you believe?

Dream Theater fans check in.

Great singles, crappy albums

401-Keg Plan

Uplifting and funny but no bikini babes or slapstick under 20 something

Best/worst drivers, by city or state (totally subjective):

Settle this for SOB Paul and I - Rate the Star Wars Movies

49,000 MEMBERS! YEARGH, says Howard Dean!

Anyone know where BARTCOP found this nighmarish picture?

What movies have been spoiled by later events?

Olympic sports you'd like to see ...

Post your governor's derisive nickname!

Austin area DUers...booze-up on Saturday (8/21)

What is the best Yes album?

What's the best part of a Led Zeppelin Album?

Caught more than 100lbs of salmon this am


Weirdest thing you ever ate.............(food items only)

why the hell are we so far away from the center of our galaxy?

Stop turning me off... The time to kiss up to ih8thegop is now!

My good friend, a great Democrat, died on Friday the 13th

What travesty is your city known for?

Stop putting it off... The time to donate to DU is now!

Listening to Dream Theater's Images and Words.

If you could have the powers + equipment, of any of these Marvel hero's

What does it say about me that my 10,000th post...

Ice-cold soda or soda on ice -- which do you prefer?

Suppose both sides are right about the opposing candidates ?

KERRY "hasn't been subjected to this kind of heat?" Pleeeezee.

The Director of Free Republic, Scott Swett, also Swift Boat Vets Webmaster

Bob Perry, SwiftVet principle sponsor, full list of political donations

Calling on Massachusetts DUers

How to polish off the Swifties

BushCo and 4 years as C n talking point...?

The reason why the far-right uses character assasination

HELP!! Need Kerry Email address

Creative anarchism and the Republican convention

McCain takes up big role for Bush

If you could cast the WINNING VOTE for President...who would it be for?

Kerry to Bush & Smearboat hacks: "Bring it on"

I think people look for any reason to keep the incumbent in office

My letter to the editor on Swift Boat controversy

Why do we give props to reports,articles,& polls discrediting our nominee

Ask Bob "Swift Boat Ad Sponsor" Perry yourself. Call him!

Nader won't be on Missouri's ballot in November

Oliphant slammed O'Neill on PBS...

Michelle, Would You Like Some Cheese

Debunking the Shiftyboat lies

GAWD! Bill Schneider Is Such A F*CKING TOOL!

Manipulation of oil futures

Guess who's on Washington Journal tomorrow AM ??

John Kerry's doing it right, The Swiftboat Swindlers, and on being afraid.

CNN bashing Kerry again..

Another scrub campaign commercial falls flat...

Bush's point man on Catholic vote resigns after being exposed

Scott O'Grady this AM on WPTT: Kerry met with "the enemy"

CBS poll Kerry still leads Bush 47-44

Nurses to probably lose OT pay,, (Say byebye to Florida *

Sorry but Swift Boat numbers don't add up- $158,000?

NYT: 'Swiftboat' connections to Rove, Bush family and Texas politicos

This Vietnam crap is making me ill. We would never do this to someone!

CSPAN Alert!! Get Ready!

Salon ties upcoming Swift Boat related attack on Kerry to Republican Party

here's why Kerry should be attacking BushCo's environmental record . . .

will the debates be a repeat of W vs. Gore?......I doubt it

For Anyone attending the RNC-NYC protests

Self-inflicted wound. We have to respond better.

Only 11 Days Left in Kerry Ad Blackout

Letter to CNN

I think we forget sometimes..

New ARG poll of Michigan Kerry 48% Bush 45%

Media using Dems not FOR Kerry spin to legitimize close polls.

Who is this Michelle Malkin person, and why should I give a crap?

please DU this poll

Bush Spending Neared $50 Million in July ($209 m to date)

du this poll please.... kerry exaggerated his combat record

Iraqi soccer team pissed at Bush campaign ads

Hubby is reporting from Charlotte re: Kerry visit!

Bush made Kerry/Vietnam an issue 1st, now Kerry must make Bush/Vietnam an

Boeing denies making $1 million contribution to Bush campaign

Kerry in North Carolina Continues Focus on Plan to Build Stronger Economy

Where is the most up-to-date B*sh flip-flop compilation?

E-Mail O'Neill Law Firm Executive Director..

Bush PR hoor Merrie Spaeth on Turner Movie Classics now

This is NOT looking good.

SwiftBoatLiars have pissed off some Republicans - great LTTE's!

ROTFLMGDAO!!!..These fuckin wingnutz never cease to amaze me..

Swift boat Liars for Bush are so far out of touch with reality…

Are the American people idiots?

Unfit For Command, debunked

Even the Right-Wing 'Fact Check' are calling the Smear-Boaters LIARS

Just heard on CSPAN that bushs people are trying for only 2 debates

Call FAUX News and complain, the # is (212) 369 3000

AARGH!!! i f'n hate peopLe

Michelle Malkin mp3

Got Jokes???

Michelle Malkin Coming Up On C-Span

So if this was 1960 and Rove ran Nixon's campaign.....

Subject: Swift boat Liars for Bush are so far out of touch with reality…

Nader didn't get on the Missouri ballot

We need to revisit Bush*'s business history

Fox News Cameron Doctors Kerry Quote

did anyone catch Deborah Norville

GOP response is a lie that "Kerry's tax claim a flop "

This poll must be wrong! California 49-46 for Kerry

Kerry attack ads are not being put into context by media...

Has anyone in the media asked each Swift Liar if they were paid off?

GOP Increases Diversity Among Delegates(17% minority)

Today's Electoral Predictions

I have an TV interview with Elizabeth Edwards tommorrow.

Local Republican-owned paper 'sickened' by Swift Boat ad:

Will Police Use Sound Weapon Against NYC Protestors?

Bush Opening Social Security Debate Without Saying Much (no reform details

MSNBC Question of the day

Dem Strategist: I am leaving DU

Did Rassman change his story?

This forum amazes me some days

Does anyone have a V link to last nights Nightline where * is Caught

Dem Strategist: How and why did the Swift smear gain traction?

Smear Boat Liars signed AFFIDAVITS. Can you say perjury?

Dem Strategist: On Laying Gloves and Fighting Back

Kerry should challenge Bush to a debate on there military service

amusing swift boat parody!

Do You Guys Think Brian Lamb Plays It Fair?

Tallking points: Book "ban"


The new swiftliar's ad neglects to mention that Kerry was quoting veterans

Please rate this photo up!!

How Dare John Kerry !

picture of Vietnam Vets currently in Vietnam supporting Kerry

Why doesn't the media fund or moveon just make a drunk driving

Dear Mods-Please leave the MSNBC Poll On Top Of All The Forums....

Drunk drivers for Bush bumpersticker

What's wrong with this picture?


Binary Bush-Kerry Poll



Stop putting it off... The time to donate to DU is now!

Nazi ads

Annenburg Poll on effectiveness of swift boat liars ad

Battle of the Keynote Speakers: Obama vs. Miller

Some questions about John O'Neill and his book ...

Take msnbc poll who do you believe Kerry or swift boat vet

The worst possible protest for the RNC

Talking Point: Kerry's Keynote Was Positive, Bush's Keynote Is Anti-Kerry

MSNBC poll...Who do you believe Kerry or the others?

We Are Locked In A Manichean Struggle.....

NYC Protests - Things Like This Concern Me


Swift Boat Veterans for Truth turns out to be the most ironic name of a gr

Who else here LOVES the Not-Too-Swift Vets?

Just a little shrapnel.....

Theory of why certain vets support bush

Has anyone stopped to think the Swift Boat "scandel" may blow up in Bush's

Some pics of Kerry in Charlotte. One with him giving the peace sign.

Don't give up on DU

Former B* Supporter AF General McPeak in new Kerry ad

Excellent!! Bush is EXPOSED for connection to Swift Boat READ!


Malkin had 12 obvious chances to be clear and REFUSED. Here they are.

D Brock: "Unfit" is "the Hitler Diaries of the current political season"

"Support President Bush and Our Troops"

I was just push-polled---

please sign to get Rush off air for our troops in the middle east

Mark Levine on now.

Snarky b*tch!

Why can't Bush talk about what he was doing back then?

Why is the Secret Service doing this?

This can't be stated enough times

i have waited a loooong time to see this! im so happy. thank you msnbc

I thought Kerry was no Dukakis?

My simple response to the new Smearboat ad

Freudian Themes in the Republican Campaign

Photo of Caged Chimp

New SwiftLiars Ad -- what they don't tell you

The good thing about the new "swift" ad...

Wow, check out Olbermans comments on The Swift Boat Veterans and Michele M

if you hate BushCO Click on "George Bush" below

The new Swift Boat ad: Yes, we already know Kerry testified...the point?


My Toilet is stopped up with Swiftboat Liars Against Kerry

Michelle Malkin on Hannity and Colmes tonite.

Is John Kerry a serial axe murder? Or the new post modern politics

Kerry Campaign is in Full Swing!

In my local paper today...

Check out this blurb on MSNBC homepage!

DU this poll on Kerry-Swiftboat Liars

Does anybody doubt...

Tad Devine just on Wolf Blitzer

MSNBC: Bush exposed RE: connection to Swift Boat ad! Must read!

The return of the WIMP. The WIMP is back. WIMP redux? W is for WIMP.

How about this for a Kerry response to Siwft Boat Liars ...

Possible violence at the Republican National Convention

Did Bush break the law with Swift Vet ad?

On Chris Matthews show tonight....

New Moveon ad getting heavy play in PA

Just saw Move On PAC's anti-Bush (AWOL) ad, sent them $100


Head SwiftSmearer John O'Neill's PH # and Fox Washington Bureau

Dorky-looking Smear Boat Liar: Alfred French - Didn't witness anything


Swift Boat Vets for Bush Ad Fact Check - "Sellout" (campaign release)

Swift Boat Vets financed by Bush associates.

For the curious:a list of all John Kerry's official Naval records

Racicot pretends he's outraged by the "accusations" -- against Chimp!!

Holy crap Leslie

Please Help Me With My Ad!!!

Reminder: read/rate Kerry press releases at the US Newswire page

Tad Devine was on fire during Inside Politics

"A record of inconsistency way beyond the norm of any politician"

Should this forum be renamed Swiftboat Liars for Bush?

You know the sad thing about the latest short boat vet smear...

Ark. DemGaz: Blatant collusion! Top Arkansas Repubs signed Nader petition!

Chris Matthews and the Struggle for the Soul of the Media...

The giant awakes...

US Vets for Kerry in Vietnam

John Swiftscum O'Neill - Democrat?

HELP, PLEASE! Right Winger charge against Kerry

SBVT: Sinking in Their Own Sea of Lies

Tad Devine just kicked Swift Boat Scumbag ASS! (Wolf Blitzer)

MSNBC Trippi: "Bush Wasting Time and Money in Pennsylvania"

MSNBC POLL: Do you believe Kerry or the SwiftVets...Please Vote

Swiftscum O'Neill a Democrat?

Whoa-Look at Hardball Ratings for Last Night-Tweety shoots and scores

CO is now a toss up! (another poll confirms tied race in the state)

Did Anyone See Lehrer Last Nite-Had Swift Boat Guy

Swift Change of Heart - from The Smoking Gun

Kerry-Edwards 2004: Swift Boat Vets for Bush Ad Fact Check

Can Kerry make a case that Bush broke the law?

John Edwards is coming to my town Wednesday!!

Breaking: Ag. Expert Alan Keyes No Longer Favors Eliminating USDA

Tucker Carlson not voting for Bush!

How is Bush looking to weasel out of debates?

RETREAT! Swiftboat Nonsense GONE from Drudge

Counter to Swift Boat Ads: Bumper stickers saying Bush is a deserter

Virginia, the South, and Zell Miller

Breaking News: Kerry Files Suit Against Swift Jerks with FEC

If John Kerry himself registered and posted here would DU end up scaring

Bush is desperate and on the run- they just played their best hand early

BREAKING: Kerry files FEC complaint against "Swiftboat" ads

ARG reports Kerry lead over Bush in Michigan as a tie.

Bush is just digging the hole deeper...LOL

The Liberal dilemma

For the Play Nice "Chess" crowd

Po' Baby Repukes have complaints about the Dems use of 527s too!

Kerry's filing a legal complaint with the FEC!!!!!

George P. Bush Campaigning in MEXICO For Uncle Shrub...UGH!

Check out this graphic !!!!!!!!!

What is John O'Neill's Background (one of the authors of "Unfit to Command

Kerry Campaign Statement on New Swift Boat Veterans for Bush Ad

We met Barak Obama Tuesday morning!

A new Swift Boat ad was supposed to come out today

Craig Crawford: This Swift Boat Stuff helps Kerry more than Bush

Where are the ads using bush's own appearances/words against him?

I donated $100 to MoveOn PAC tonight.

Swift puke vetern poll acting independtly on CNN

DUers, we have seen real journalism in the last 24 hours: FEEDBACK TIME!

Never ask a question you don't know the answer to. (Kerry and FEC)

About Kerry's anti-war activities. Why won't the Dem surrogates just say

ARG Ohio poll: Kerry 48 Bush 45 Nader no impact

Worked The Fair Booth ( good news)

Swift Boat Liar & Bigot Jerome Corsi: now disloyal to the FReepers!

Blitzer gave proveably false numbers on their question of the day poll....

Check out Atrios for link between Smear Boats and Bush campaign

Dems question Cheney's record in Congress and they respond immediately

New York Times calls protesters anarchists

Atrios shows Kerry has the goods on Swift Boat Liars/Repugnants...

Link to Kerry FEC story on CNN

Does anyone know Michelle Malkin's ethnic heritage?

DU this poll. The f'ers are just starting to get on it.

new 527 ad: Cokeheads for Truth

Kerry filing suit with FEC?!

Hardball's Thurlow interview video link

Any update on the Congressman Shrock Outing?

BBV-Gov. Bush orders election emergency in 10 counties

The Texas Dems are taking Texas back! We are not a throw away state!

I can't see Kerry filing FEC suit unless he has IRONCLAD info

DU this P0ll

Hey NYC....

ARG: Kerry Maintains Lead Over Bush Among Likely Voters in New Mexico

OMG! MSNBC: Can Kerry make the case Bush Broke the law? READ!

Connect the dots-- Bush and Swift Liars. Also Kevin Bacon

Bush, his family may have ties to swiftboat vets.

Bush using "Promise Keepers" to secure Evangelical Vote

Vote now for The Boy King campaign song!

Bush administration admits it controls Swiftboat liars?

Kerry Press Release: More GOP ties revealed - "Swift boat vets for Bush"

Another swiftboat poll.

Ferrell Spoofs Bush In Online Film

ABC News pimps the Swift Boat ads like this could make a difference

Kerry Press Release: I'm Confused

WM: Kerry's foresight in fighting terrorism.

McClellan: Kerry is "losing his cool" ... I want to hear Max address that

So W wanted his shills Russert and Larry King to handle the debates.

Do the candidates get the questions before the debates?

Make up your minds, would ya???

(MSNBC Poll)If the presidential election were held this week, who would yo

Kerry Visits Fla. Towns Hit by Hurricane

Bush Team Is Vulnerable: Use it to your advantage Sen. Kerry!!

Mrs. Greenspan Doing Bush's Dirty Work On Hardball

Anti-Bush* book pulled after legal threats by Bush* campaign.

Is Carlos Watson A Mor(a)n?

Bush looking like cowardly sissy hiding behind John O'Neill's skirt

C=Span reading all the nice things the Swift Boat people had to say about

Why Kerry should keep Swiftboat Dirtbags front and center

CNN Reporter says Repugs will win the Senate.. DU'er Pitt was correct

The plain and simple definition of the difference between W and Kerry

DU=CNN Poll: Do you believe that all political ads should be required to

breaking: kerry filing complaint w/ |FEC

Okay, suppose hell freezes over......

Truth or...

a hot research task for anyone with Nexis access (swiftboat vs. AWOL)

Errol Morris uses Apple-like "Switch" ads to show Republicans for Kerry

When & How Will Junior Deny Being Involved With SwiftLiar Ads?

Its Google bomb time: "George Bush"

Hardball is replaying a lot of Tweety from last night.

Alabama National Guardsman for the Truth

BREAKING: KERRY SUING BUSH with FEC over swift boat lies!

Repubs and 527s

Teresa Kerry Focuses on Rising Health Care Costs

A question for DUers : Good or Bad idea ?

What pay records showing Bush was AWOL were released last month?

CNN poll on Swift Boat Veterans

Little Scottie and Marcie Racicot are punk-ass f*cks!

Gays Are 'Sinners' Senate Candidate Alan Keyes Declares

Whaddya think.......Ricky Scaggs VS. Bruce Springsteen

Any chance this FEC investigation could gag John O'Neill?

Our new meme: "Bush is a disgrace"

Time for the gloves to come off. The chicken hawk theme, and with it Iraq

Question for military people on "self-inflicted wounds"

Andrea Mitchell on Hardball: Will Bush try to duck one of the debates?

New Meme- Watch Closely

MSNBC is now linking Bush with the swiftboat ads...

FreeRepublic locking down ALL threads on FEC complaint

Kerry has to start slamming Bush HARD as a liar.

I'll accept your thanks

DU this poll -- are SWIFTEES acting independently??

photos of Bush religous advisor and a girl he commited

Is Kerry out of his mind?

New Kerry Ad- WOW!! The Air Force Officer that backed Bush now for Kerry

If you could have any celebrity make an ad on behalf of Kerry

If McCain were serious, he would speak out again

ABC News on TV just let Scott McClellan's lie go unchallenged....

Where were Swiftboat Liars when Nixon was trying to trash Kerry?

"Isn't it true that they just don't like his anti-war activities"?

A suggestion for a Flash animation (re Swift Boat Liars):

LIMBOSevic Hosted MALKIN Pity Party over "Lib Bullies"

lets call on Republicans to defend Kerry

Did Boeing make an illegal $1 million contribution to the Bush campaign?

Kerry campaign response to Scott McClellan

What are we? REPUBLICANS? Many DU'ers SNAP at criticism of Kerry Campaign

I Hope Someone in the Kerry Campaign Sees This Thread

CNN says two prominent Polls show Kerry losing with Vets/Kerry attacks

Kerry 2-day fall - from 338 > 328 > 312 EV in Election Model

Oli North calling Kerry a liar

How a Movie Can Move the Voting Public

kerry, iraq, and swiftboats. (and my frustrations with kerry's advisors)

To all those screaming about how Kerry made a huge mistake wrt FEC....


A couple of questions about Kerry's DD214 & DD215

MSNBC--there's been damage done to Kerry by Swiftboat ads

Is anyone watching The NewsHour w/Jim Lehrer?

Cabbies Against Bush: Free Rides to Airport For Delegates to Go to Iraq

Bush will go into his convention with any positive message clouded

DU this poll re Swift Boat Liars!!!!!

OMG, John O'Neil of the Swift Boat liars left a comment on my blog!

Hannity Forum going nuts that Swiftsmear book #1...BUT...

CNN poll about co-ordination between swiftboat liars and Bush

John Kerry vs. B.C.C.I.

Challenging Bush's manhood--how to destroy the little twerp.

This can easily be lost!

The Kerry Campaign Needs to do This

Let's compare ... John Kerry's Military Records vs. George Bush's

Kerry Press Release: Bush Campaign Busted Passing Out "Swift Boat" Flyer

Video Link to the Malkin Meltdown!!!!

Was Kerry right to protest the Vietnam War?