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Archives: August 31, 2004

Johnson: FBI Furious at Leak

Charley Reese: That Real Old Stuff

Unionization Now Option for Part-Timers (Japan Times)

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Humvee gunners in Najaf face web of wires (and rebar)

Salon: The Ben Barnes blackout

Republican Party in violation of the US military’s rules - Alterman

Krugman: A No-Win Situation

25 Things We Now Know Three Years After 9/11 by Bernard Weiner

How the Pentagon has failed U.S troops

GU: Let's stop Bush-bashing and listen to what he has to say

Fox Rejects "The Nation" Ad

Here's a way to mock the Republicans at public protests:

"IMAGINE PEACE" - Yoko Ono full page ad, NYT 2004.08.30 p. a13

Classic rerun of John Stewart's Daily Show today

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch(FNC) owns Madison Square Garden

"The 'president' changes his position in the war on terror...

NY Times revives rumor MSNBC axed Donahue for politics

Air America Radio good news and bad news

We need to organize and repeat: "Right Wing Bias"

CA Taxpayers Pay $86M Annually to Subsidize Wal-Mart Workers' Public Assis

CPI Housing Gap Quantified in New Study

SA forestry industry 'still in white hands', says minister  

Unilever has shied away from public eye

Man drives home with decapitated passenger (Georgia)

after watching the RNC's first night...I DARE anyone

just to make sure, everyone here IS voting for kerry, right?

My wife got banned

Why'd you move my Latest News post?

I've done a search for the post Skinner or Earl G wrote about

IDF soldiers catch would-be suicide bomber at Erez Crossing

Israel to US: Now for Iran

Poll: 50% of NYC Says U.S. Govt Knew About 9/11 - I.E. In LIHOP

Heads Up 9/11 Forum DUers, Andy Card on Larry King

Three more IL National Guard units being called up for Iraq

An open invitation to drink and eat on Alan Keyes' dime...

Calif. girl named Kerry Edwards has new affinity for politics

Who is Tom Riley?


More misleading info from Kiffmeyer's office

Politics of hate at the fair

Pennsylvania DU'ers: please help!

So are you sick of hiding your Democrat-ness in polite conversation?

Anybody else get the obscene phone call from the Shrubster

* refuses to meet with Democrat...

Ghouliani's speech was the most craven, shameless, dishonest

Who is Craig Crawford?

The War Prayer. Twain Nails It

Just Remember- MSNBC-The NBC part is GE- War Profiteer

Don King on Fux.

John McCain's explanation of why we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001

Does anyone know who the NY Police union will endorse???



Cuomo on CNN...

Did You See Me On Hardball?

Enjoy Your Snuff, Exploitation, Festival Of Hate My Dear Repukes

When Pacific Time is the Daily Show on?

*Never* tell me that protests 'preach to the converted.' (incredible day)

James Taranto (WSJ) says SBVT ad "more compelling" than Kerry's chart

Kerry is doing fine, stop all this defeatest crap, right effing now!

rnc doing show tunes on c-span

Liberal talk to hit Madison, WI ?

George Bush is right. John Edwards is wrong.

Who Else Thinks the Look of the RNC, SUCKS?!?!

OH God...The RNC just started and I can't take it already.

Well you can tell it's the RNC... Candy Crowley has discovered Max Factor

This war is not winnable.......GWB Today !

The Good News And The Bad News

Guestion. If commercials pay for broadcasting on regular TV, then

Where is the Diversity of the American people at the RNC?

Calling all DUers....need some advice...

Who is this crap-rock band playing on the convention?

Shaking In Your Boots From RNC Convention Coverage?

What happened to not exploiting 911?

Al Franken Says "Shame" on Senator John McCain for Supporting Bush

So far at the Gop convention we should vote for shrub because...

Cal Cameron and *. A couple?

outfoxed being broadcast on wbai now for people in ny

Jon Stewart and his writers are wetting their pants right about now

Is anybody else watching C-SPAN?

"Mission Accomplicated"

where is Mike Malloy??? will he be on tonite???

Rush Limbaugh was honored at a GOP event last night

Bob Woodward & Dole on Larry King right now...

ALERT! John Edwards on Nightline


I took my 21 tear old son back

So now we have an Iraqi pushing the war in Iraq at the RNC

Goerge W. Bush is a post turtle

Okay, out of morbid curiosity...

Get a load of this...Another "clueless" rightie...

It Is Unfair to Compare George Bush to Adolf Hitler

I See Kerry People

Was anyone else creeped out by Ben Stein calling Bush the Messiah?

Air America to be aired in Madison, Wis starting next week

Clinton - republicans have become 'the people of the Nine Commandments

Somewhat simplistic question for World War II historians...

Why do we have to have a "LIKEABLE" President?

When F911 comes out on DVD, will it also be shown on Dish/DirectTV?

Anybody on

Zogby: 50% of New Yorkers Say U.S. Govt Knew About 9/11 (I.E. In LIHOP)

Gullible moron, or critical thinker?

Edwards on Nightline????

Al-Jazeera finds better host in Republicans

Why is Mary Cheney not at the RNC!

Kris Kristofferson was great on McEnroe

McCain: "Disingenious film maker"....gets roar of approval

Zogby: Half of NYC Thinks 9/11 Was Inside Job

Trouble with Salon


Have any substancial Republicans come out for Kerry?

Whoa-Cheney's AEI & Republicans turning on each other & Bush

Activist judges vs. the people

Has the Democrats ever smeared a Veteran like Bush has?

Maybe the Moore line worked but i bet this po'd most of them

"Has Bush brought 911 on himself?"

Self-delete--never mind

reno 9/11 "bush is coming to town"

"... and slay the Arabs"

"the lack of accountable governments"

Malloy Time...Fresh Thread...!

If the Republicans are going to use Johnny Cash's name in vain.

Kristofferson on McEnroe!

can someone direct me to the Bush medals thread?

Government has plastered the area around RNC with surveillance cams.

Where were the protests during the Demo convention?

Protesters have invaded Hardball set!

Jon Stewart show up right now

Now they're exploiting poor dead Frankie.

when are the oil prices going up?

I boycotted MNF because of ABC shilling @ 1/2 time. Did they ?

"I have not seen Moore's film" - McCain

Thank God for the Daily Show!!

Repub caller on C-SPAN - I'm DISGUSTED by the Neocon Agenda!!

Hey, I heard someone say that Moore was ejected.

Hot Stock Pick! Don't miss it!

Can Guliuani could be swayed by MONEY$$$$$$$$?

Did Iraq have concentration camps under Saddam?

A Day in the Life of Howard Dean.....Oregon was today.

Anybody counting how many times they mention 9/11 during the RNC?

Is Kerry related to the Forbes Family, as in Forbes magazine?

Zell Haters - Check in

Gullani No Hero

Jesus!!!!! Can you believe that they have brought ole Frankie

McCain never saw F9/11!!!!!

Giuliani: Abducting The WTC Tragedy

Bush* spokesman ' we lost 1million jobs in the 90 days after 911'

"Off to War" on Discovery - Required viewing for the GOP?

What are the numbers of network vs. cable news watchers? We here on DU

Woohooo... *something* I can listen to in Denver, that won't irritate me!

Mike Malloy thread

Dear Sweet Jeeezuz, shoot me...

Air America coming to Ohio?

what a phony!

Deaniacs and DFA folks - Check in, please!

Confirmed: Moore left of his own accord.

Come on Sen. Collins. Let it out.


Udokier's thoughts on the RNC...

Pres. Bush has really acquitted himself wisely and with dignity since 9-11

Apparently HE'S the one behind the purple band-aids tonight

Which World War is it, Anyway?

Dennis Miller is an ass

why isn't George P Bush (Jeb's son) in Iraq? If it is a war for our

O'Reilly Was Tricked Tonight !

Why Are Republicans Such Bloodthirsty Barbarians?

Al Franken Says "Shame" on Senator John McCain for supporting Bush.

Secret Service preventing NPR from interviewing Michael Moore

OMG! They are doing an SNL opening .

Illegal immigrants get social security ???

Garrison Keillor dissects the Republican Party (and it ain't pretty)

Know an American living outside the U.S.?

RS: Rep. Ed Schrock (R) (co-sponsor DMA) resigns in gay phone sex scandal!


Anyone else but me find the "W" bumper stickers kind of chilling?

Y'all volunteered yet?

OK, so now the Pentagon gets to decide whether your vote will count

bushgang linked to Israeli right and the Saudis

FL, GA, SC and NC DUers - please keep an eye on Hurricane Frances

Feel The Love! Classic NYC Protest Photos

YES!!!**** EM2004 Emergency Paper Ballot Act

Only in Canada - The Stick (A TV special about hockey sticks)

Tom Morello Rages Against Bush, Republicans

Long Stifled, Iraqis Make Most of Chance to Vent on Talk Radio

Generals May Pay a Price for Iraq Abuse

McCain attacks Michael Moore

Edwards on Nightline tonight

Rep. Schrock resigns after 'gay phone sex call' surfaces on web

2008 presidential hopefuls, including Hagel, already courting some delegat

(Seattle) It's OK - You Can Forget The Extra Stamp On Your Absentee Ballot

Michael Moore thrown out of convention by Secret Service

Iraqi cleric al-Sadr calls ceasefire

Stocks Dip on Consumer Income Report News

Deaths reported as diamond strike continues

Bush Suggests War on Terror Cannot Be Won

Democratic Strategists Say Bush Has Made 'Unmistakable' Gains In August

Australian government lawmaker raises prospect of election campaign terror

Australia's opposition promises to bring troops home from Iraq

The World According to Bush (television program airing in Australia)

Protesters from poor people's group arrested near Republican convention

GOP 2004: Michael Moore Draws McCain Barb, Taunts from Crowd

F.B.I. Is Said to Brief Pentagon Bosses on Spy Case; Charges Are Possible

NYT: Cheney Daughter's Political Role Disappoints Some Gay Activists

Local artists, actors remember Iraqis, U.S. soldiers killed (NYC)

WP: Kerry Loses Edge on Issues of Security

White House expands hunting, fishing lands

Russian Armed Forces to obtain new unique rocket complex

Republicans say US ready to take on China, North Korea

Mark's coup crisis: Thatcher women to hold talks

Rev. Bubba uses Billy pulpit to bash Bush

Hollinger Committee Files Report on Black, Directors

Twenty children shot in Harrismith protest

Protest Turns Unruly Outside Convention

Ex-President Bush Calls Charges of Swift Boat Group Compelling no news usually good news?

*Brain Spasm* Low-Carb Milk?

I Can't Stop Whistling the Cable News Political Theme Songs!!!

Any NYC DUers around tonight? We're going for a beer around 9pm

The Lounge is the Syd of DU

GHWB's intro is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life

strange question...does anyone know a site where i could watch the RNC

I Thank God For Cable News Networks

Is this an RNC Convention-free zone?

OK, here's the problem with DVD: "Universal Soldier" is coming out

Best anti-ad-ware free? What should I get?

Bill Maher shouldn't be on HBO.....

I was going crazy without DU.

Bono To Appear on FOX's O'Reilly Factor

Any grease monkey's in the house.

This is my post 6000. Ask me about the stumps on my hands I call fingers.

DUers chatting online?

I was going crazy without DU.

When is Skinner going to update the DU Gallery ?

best cable modem?

OK. Who's got the GOOD stuff??

be reassured: the government doesn't care what you read.

As you watch the RNC tonight, remember one word:

The cheesy albums you love anyway

is it a coincidence that all the RNC's commentator people have been

XM Radio on your PC? Nope.

beloved dog flopped over at opening of RNC

Can anyone help me change my Athlon XP 2600 FSB?

DU RNC convention watchers thread

daryl warrley?? what the fuck?

Humor guys will get.


Another day...

john McCain pretending to like Bush, this should be good.

Things you are doing other than watching the RNC?

Cure for cancer only weeks away: Experts

Dig at Fox News in HBO's "Live from Baghdad"


Got my MoveOn KerryKit package today.


I'm Computer Challenged

my GOD, it's Lawrence Welk meets Top Gun!


I refuse to watch the RNC...

Why is Moonbeam_Starlight so cinematically illiterate?

@#$% it! I want my Mike Malloy!

White People Convention

McCain totally just called out Moore. moore's smiling and waving...

Fans Hope Suns Can Rise Again on 'Star Trek'

We went over Calvin and Hobbsinism in American Lack of

"Uniter Not A Divider" Bush To Declare Himself "Lover Not A Fighter"

Now from the Journalism class

Bush's "Rebounding" Economy Just Got My Neighbor Evicted

Screaming Lord Byron is the Imp of DU.

Watching RNC on CSpan..... Noodlerage growing......

republicans dancing in cowboy hats.

I just looked at my fingernail

Which movie should I watch? (poll)

What's On Your Phone Bill?

RNC or Rachel Ray????

33 classic new NYC Protest pics being posted here in GD:

today was my birthday and I spent it alone...

Favourite song that rips off 'Gloria' by Laura Branigan?

what is it about rudy guiliani that makes people cream their pants??

What's Italy Like? Can I Emmigrate There?

I just got hit on by 2 women and i did nothing! (what's wrong with me?)

I really can't stay....

So, I wonder what the Freepers think of all of this?

Would you ride in a car that had a Bush/Cheney for Pres sticker?

I wish Old Navy was a person

Did everyones signatures just disappear, or just mine?

Ol' Blue Eyes Back From the Dead for the GOP!


How Best To Feed a Malnourished Cat?

I hate small cars with loud mufflers.

Caption This!

Amazing lot of left leaning books and mags available

Hey, east coasters: What's Tuesday like? Will it be a good day?

If you're going to call C-SPAN as a Kerry supporter,

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess: new CD with guests Satriani, Morse

Make a little birdhouse in your soul!

There are only two types of people....

"Bar and I just want to say, we support our poops..."

You know, I think I like watching movies in the Morning better than night

Would you invite this peson to a party?

Why I will most likely leave DU after the election

A song for George Bush. Read this and tell me what you think.

Time to lay some Instant Voodoo on your favorite Repuke

Born-Again Stephen Baldwin attends repuke Convention

Pappy and Bar at the RNC: what a lovable old couple!

(Computer Buffs) Microsoft - Longhorn

Captain Zapp Branigan is dead...

I'm saying something really nice about Giuliani here

Cat jumped on my face and hung there like a scene from Cliffhanger

How I got Doom 3 working (and got my wife a new computer)

Who's up for Rocky O'Sullivan's again?

I'm a) drunk and b) bored...whoever entertains me wins fudge!!


I watched three episodes of "Starsky and Hutch" tonight

Holy Crap! Howard Dean does the monday night football intro

Name a great film you have never seen, ala John McCain

Anyone care to caption Rudy... take your pick

Babs Bush: separated at birth?

DU AIM Chat tonight...

Do you have a life?

ol Mac fans, Apple Expo will be starting in a few hours

Bush Suggests War on Terror Cannot Be Won

Wanted you all to let you know I'm OK. We in Richmond had a hell of

Be jealous of my new book! Yes, Covet it!!

The Zomby is the Idiot of DU

The new Morrissey album...



PRESIDENT'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOM KIPPUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USA vs Canada tomorrow night!

Crap! My friend just told me he wants to leave his wife!



Let's hear it for Dusty Springfield.


FYI: Soy Milk is BEAN JUICE...

Know an American living outside the U.S.?

Calling all DUers....need some advice...

Rate your relationship with your family.

Spam this poll around:

woah Final Fantasy 7 reminded me of 9/11

Yikes! Giant pussies!

I'm Leaving For Seattle Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Finally saw "Lost in Translation"

There are only 10 types of people...



Things you'd rather do than watch the Repuke Convention in list form

New Zogby online poll

John Belushi must be spinning like a top!!!! RNC spoof of SNL.

Tuesday: John Edwards in West Virginia, Elizabeth Edwards in Nevada

War is the Rep. theme but its failed prosecution due to "going it alone"

Showtunes are about as gay as this shindig's going to get

Dan Bartlett, damn, he's a good liar.

"A commander in chief who is a beacon, not a weather vane"

Kerry needs to tell the truth about these Repubs...


"Times they are achanging" Coleman enlists Bob Dylan

OMG, I dont believe this "Live from New York!..."

OK, what the hell is up with that elephant

my john mccain RNC convention fantasy...

Anyone have links to Kerry flyers I can download and print?

Dan Bartlett equates calling * a liar with SBL.

2004 GOP platform

"Deh War on Terra is nevah endin!"

Does anyone have a link to historical presidential polling data?

RNC - Songs from West Side Story? Kinda Ironic.

Has anyone else noticed the disproportionate number of African-Americans

Well you can tell it's the RNC... Candy Crowley has discovered Max Factor

Based on what you've seen so far, voters will rate the Repug convention:

Hell HAS officially frozen over!

Paula Zahn is a loser

Repukes go crazy during Broadway's, Lion King, when the Elephant appeared!

Is Michael Moore going to be In The House in NY?

Who is this crap-rock band playing on the convention?

How fitting they play a song from "1984" (Van Halen)

Giuliani is...

Give me a break!!!

Picture this.

Heather Wilson on now, god do I wish Howard Stern had a plant in the

Should We Go to the RNC Convention?

This "tribute to the troops" has to be the most cynical display ever

Thank GOD for the Repuglicanoid Concoction


Sieg Heil Her Silver

Did anyone out there know in advance that Howard Dean

I am going to be so happy when Kerry kicks Bush's ass....

What I want from the RNC....slot fight!!!!

Ron Silver Is Speaking, Republicans Sure Love "Hollywood Liberals"!

Where is the Diversity of the American people at the RNC?

"Slobby Michael Moore" Bush Senior

Monday Night Preseason Football Never Looked So Good....

The RNC is nothing but HATERS, this Ron Silver (actor?) is a crybaby

I just love the boston globes front page internet...picture of the

OH God...The RNC just started and I can't take it already.

why is it bad that Kerry is windsurfing ?

An open invitation to drink and eat on Alan Keyes' dime...

Fun with letters thread

Allow me to laugh at those who said Bush wouldn't get nominated

Kerry can wait until tomorrow to bring up "We can't win war on terror"

Should the Democrats Have Attacked Bush More During the DNC?

Is Fox giving more coverage to the RNC?

will FOX remove its news ticker for bush's speech?

RNC thread (Admit it, you're watching and gagging too!)

is the convention showing some dude talking to a roomful of ppl right now?

ABC/Wash Post Poll: Kerry 48%, Bush 48%. ABC spins for Bush.

During A Time Of War, What Kind Of Leader Would Say...

Convention rapid response retorts:VAcut:cops refuse Guiliani:"they own us"

Dammit - fucking asshole up there lying about the Patriot Act

Nader off the the ballot in Pennsylvania

Rudy will hit the stage just as ABC does it's football halftime

Bush is getting ready to do a Jimmy Swaggert forgiveness speech

The video tribute to Gerald Ford looked like it had been put together

Who is this idiot pimping the Patriot Act? (at the RNC)

Remember during the Dem convention, they tried to ...

Champange unit? any info on this?

Anyone watching the Nazi propaganda reel? (aka the 'thug convention)

Has Bush accepted official dates to debate Kerry?

You're Being Influence By The Psychological Warfare Going On

Is Matt Lauer going to cover for George W Bush and his surrogates ?

thus far we win on the visuals

Could we keep the RNC outta here, please?

This "Tribute to the Troops" has to be their most cynical display ever

Why Bush may pull the troops out of Iraq.

Shame, the only liberal on the news networks during the RNC is Alan Colmes

Just Remember In 92 And 96 The Pukes Ripped Clinton A New One During Their

CNN sparing us from Ron Silver. Don't turn to MSNBC

Just heard that there is a new round of swift boat liar adds

So now we have an Iraqi pushing the war in Iraq at the RNC

This war is not winnable.......GWB Today !

A Nation of Courage...

the republicans have an iraqi muslim women on.

You too can donate to the presidential prayer team.

I wish I had this when I was arguing with a Nader supporter last week.

So far at the Gop convention we should vote for shrub because...

Trailer trash needs Repug love too

Republicans need to march down to the recruiters office tomorrow

Who is the Democrat running against Ed Shrock in Virginia

Biggest diff between Dem and Repug Conventions:

This whole convention is just one sick joke

Seriously, are O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes airing?

They're invoking WORLD WAR II????????

Why does OHIO choose our presidents?

WtF, McCAIN Is Quoting FDR?????????// Rendevouz w/Destiny?

Enough crabbing: Name one substantive thing you did today...

question about celeberties...

When are the Senate Primaries for Florida

How about that CSPAN coverage?!

Whose RNC Coverage are you consuming tonight?

How many "the media is biased" threads will be started this week?

My impression of the RNC...DNC...RNC is bland

Nothing but Repubs on the Cable stations. What gives?

Where are all the Democrats at? Not on the News networks.

I can't tell if I'm watching thr rnc or a meeting of the Black Panthers

Wow...what a show...It's awesome...!

More Republican Senators and Congressmen will be outed.

We Need To Do Something About The Purple Heart Band Aid Brouhaha....

I'm Not Watching the RNC- I'm Watching Football- I'm Doing Fine

Two More Months!

oh dear... Anarchy at the RNC...

Michael Moore THANKS John McAin't

Andy Card on CNN now, taking blame for the 7 minutes of bush freeze

Would a rumor that shrub is gay work?

Did the DNC do this at all...milk 9/11..?

where is the CBS OUTRAGE thread???

CBS news showed somebody going after cheney

Day 1 RNC: So far they have looked snide, petty, scared ...

Michael Moore just got the biggest recognition of the convention!

If you can stomach it...tune in to the the bandaids

Michael Moore is at the RNC???

Shaking In Your Boots From RNC Convention Coverage?

Rudy Patootie thread


NH DUers!

Undecided Voters Speak Out; Bush Favored Over Kerry by 25 Points

Band Aids. What a bunch of repukes

where's malloy?

I Now Believe McCAIN -----IS------the Manchurian Candidate n/t

No National TV Tonight?

What in the hell is wrong with those 9/11 survivors?

The Best Way To Get Our Voters Out Is To Emphasize The Draft Is Coming

What is the CNN coverage like? Is CNN interviewing Democrats? nt

What is Mike Moore chewing?

They have stolen SNL'S introduction

Thread for McCain's speech

Bernard Kerik sweating like a pig at the RNC

Ron Silver and Ed Koch are

The real way to predict the Presidential race?

OMG! They're actually PRAYING at the RNC!! And the Singing

Somebody in NY ought to stand behind tweety with a sign that says

Giuliani - "I finally feel at home"

RNPF: Republican National Propaganda Fest 2004

No sign of Cheney at the Convention?

Giulianni NEVER EVER told the police commissioner

Have any substancial Republicans come out for Kerry?

McCain threw a media whore party last night

Does the RNC own the Rights to 911??? Shameless.

Bush claim to have flown fighter jets?

911 HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS...sorry about the scream

Lookit all them Black folks at the Republican convention!

2008: We have at least 4 candidates who can beat any Repub!

And now...

Saddam Hussein has completely replaced Osama Bin Laden at RNC

Howard Dean Just Did The Intro To Monday Night Football

McCain attacks Michael Moore

Guiliani keeps forgetting about he supports

Idea for a biting ad campaign ... featuring children.

The RNC audience is so white it hurts my eyes.

A party that does not end their convention at 11 cannot be trusted to lead

Answer me this...

The "Curiousity Factor" Convention.

James Carville sent me a form letter today

Telluride, Colorado for Kerry.....

Has Bush ever been right about anything? Anything?

god TDS rocks....they need to be at the convention airing

Bush* is making America gag and puke on "terror". Kerry's going to win.

Did the news networks show this much of the DNC Convention?

Giulini: "Bush wont stop until every terrorist is defeated..." BUT

this is OUT OF CONTROL Kerry bashing!

My RNC Drinking game.

Is anyone else watching the RNC?

Have the networks cut Rudy off?

Well, since the Repugs "aren't going to capitalize on 9/11,"

Pataki to introduce Bush

Remember all the hullabaloo over Sharpton running over...

They are *NOT* capitalizing on Sept 11th

Can Kerry just go bowling?

So Sinatra supports Bush from his grave? Jesus

Repug Concoction: Dick Cheney IS ACTING LIKE HE'S SICK!

Excellent MUST READ Article on John Kerry & His Presidential Bid!


Why aren't they criticizing Guiliani for talking too long?

Has the RNC Energized Anyone Else Up?

Frank Sinatra is spinning in his grave

and suddenly... Ol Blue Eyes!

Guliani's speech is just droning.

I'm more afraid of computer voting ..... than the repug convention

Hey Rudy! When Saddam was slaughtering all those women and children...

Freeperland's greatest (s)hits - Facist Tea Party edition

This convention is lame. McCain and Giuliani are BORING!!!

Tweety calls McCain and Rudy "powerful"..

Tweety orgasming over "manly" Giuliani and McCain (his brother is a.....

Who was it that was actually giving RNC some coverage tonite?

Guiliani: ". . . and I grabbed the sleeve of Bernie Kerac and I said

Rudy time

Bush has given us two major openings to attack him on


What can I take for projectile vomit?

So far reaching out to the middle is bombing at the RNC

McCain says he hasn't even see F-9/11.

Bush has a new lap dog!

Hey they play kool rock muzak, maybe I should vote for Bush!

You know Nixon's 1960 RNC acceptance speech is pretty good

McCain just called attention to Dubya's AWOL-ism!!!

The Sept surprise: Bush calls congress to pass 2 VP law

McCain admits he has not seen F9/11 and says Moore is right on HARDBALL

Guliuani: "John Kerry could be swayed into war by foreign leaders"

Brinkley on MSNBC: "The war on terrorism is not won and the War in Iraq is

Is there ANY negative Media criticism of these speeches yet??

Rudy, while Kerry was working to stop terrorist banks what were YOU doing?

What political ads did convention-watchers see tonight?

"Mathews! Partisan! He's partisan, he attacked me!"

What's the 2nd part of *'s "2 part strategy" to not win war on terrorism?

RNC message: We're the party of terror OVERKILL and 9/11 EXPLOITATION

tweety's back...

Should people be seen as viable critics to movies they never saw?

did any media pundits take the Republicans to task

The Bush/McCain Theory...from Dan Rather's blog.

Matthews says Kerry is 'filleted' by Guiliani

mccain on aaron brown

The speeches sucked and they're the best the GOPukes have.

Bookmark this:

RNC fiasco. Preach to the dullwitted converted puke base...bore the rest


Moore gave L for Loser sign to Repugs - This will kill the RNC.

So. How was the first night of the RNC vs. DNC? I was in class.

McCain hasnt seen Moores film

M. Moore couldn't pay for this sort of PR for his DVD release.

Too funny - from Atrios - "Pet Goats For Truth"

why are all these callers on C-SPAN

Anybody counting how many times they mention 9/11 during the RNC?

The Saddam Meme: Okay, Saddam was a brutal dictator in 2003.

Giuliani's Mexico City Game: A story of Fear, Power, and Money

In defense of McCain.

"It's back to us against them, your either with us (Bush) or with

Get a grip woman!

Guilliani "For thirty years we did nothing about terrorism..."

You should see the way the RNC has SHUT New York DOWN

Joe Klein - "didn't hear much stirring stuff come out of Dem Conv?"

Kerry needs to attack * for his insensitivity

Speech counts: No mention of bin Laden

Stick a fork in Guiliani--he's done. He's been played out.

Pre Iraq War Lies

AP story on dumbya's "can't win" statement. "5" this!!

GWB* just called me...why does he want me to absentee vote?

Anyone know what happened on "Fear Factor" or "Everyone Loves Raymond"?

Will Bush lose his advantage after this 3-ring circus...

Butterfly wings

Okay. We've survived a month without many Kerry ads.

What is this about the heckler in the RNC

Just saw a clip on c-span firefighters in Wisconsin endorsing Bush.

Kerry doesn't have to go negative on Bush

Let's Make a List: Cable Paid Yakkers Who HAVEN'T Seen F9/11

LOL!!! They call Ron Silver a 'Democrat'

Asian-American takes pot shots at Republicans

GOP speakers use Sept. 11 attacks to extol Bush, criticize Kerry. Cretins.

DNC's "Mission Not Accomplished" Web Site

I'm Sorry, But These Speeches Tonight Have Forced Me To Change My Mind !!!

Did you watch the RNC convention today?

Alec Baldwin must be giving himself a D'oh smack ...

What Possible Reason Would The Public Have For Tuning Into The Convention?

Relax, DU

Looking for quote where Bush said he would not exploit 911

Now that the first night is over where are the Repugs headed first?

Stephen Baldwin gave me an idea of how we can win this election.

I can't watch...were any Dems there to "comment"

How many days will the RNC glorify the war?

This is a no-brainer: Bush is evil. Bush must go.

So Much For A "Moderate" RNC

playing hardball

Smackdown on Nightline

So who thinks Kerry should choose McCain as a VP now?

BET anchor just laughs at Alan Simpson's blatant racism on LKL

Will Pitt interviews a wavering Bush supporter

Investor's Bet for Bush Over Kerry - Is this a joke?

Newsweek: "Bush's Jobs Albatross"

Explain this to me: 5 billion Swift Boaters claim they served with Kerry

I Think Michael Moore Stole The Show!

what happened to Cheney at RNC tonight?

Big Dawg Clinton says Kerry was too slow responding to SBL

Kerry vs. Bush & Cheney - A Past President’s Perspective

"A night where the Democrats look back... the Republicans look forward"

Ted Koppel ticks me off .....about covering for bush ...this is ltte I wro

Here is how Kerry gets 289 EV with 48.37% of the popular vote

2 Republicans told me today they are voting for Kerry because...

Post RNC convention

Bush still leads on security and terror?!

BTW - less than 10 million watched tonight - no networks.

What Happens If Kerry and Bush TIE 269/269 In The Electoral College?

Nightline is highlighting the "war can't be won" story.

Steven Baldwin is a CRACK HEAD...

Are the media going to pick up on kerry bashing

Guiliani went negative and off message

It would be interesting to know what the cable producers are telling our

Are the Dems boycotting cable news?

GOP's Opening Night Was Weak

What will be the RNC surprise?

Moore was escorted out of the GOP Convention!

New Swift Liars Ad

Where are the Liberal Democratic commentators on TV?!?!?!???

Bush is making taped phone calls asking for ABSENTEE VOTER Reg. Forms

I fear America has already died

Federal e-vote standards out by December--voting machine companies

Anyone Else See McCain Damn * With Faint Praise?

Who's Still Happy That We Had A "Kinder, Gentler" Convention?

GWHB finds SVL ads "compelling"

Ghouliani's speech was the most craven, shameless, dishonest

A repuke coworker sighed & said "The Dems just want it more this year."

visiting St. Louis. MO is bellweather of the country. BUSH?KERRY?

Overwhelming conclusion on Yahoo msg boards: GOP is exploiting 9/11

Would Rudy trade W for a prez who read & enforced Hart-Rudman pre9-11?

Giuliani Says War On Terrorism Is Winnable; Bush Pessimistic

Stephen Baldwin on MSNBC

Rudy Guiliani...

For Giuliani:

Tomorrow night on Hardball: All Repukes! n/t

George Bush is right. John Edwards is wrong.

Know an American living outside the U.S.?

Matthews ZAPPED McCain on not seeing 9/11!!!

Purple Heart bandaid hits AP

I am all ready to go kill some terorrists RIGHT NOW man!

Repugs conventioneers are all wearing bandaids w/Purple hearts on them

"Christian nation" swill already bubbling up at RNC

Bush's Approval Rating Hovers Below 50 Percent (Aug 30)

"Iowans could show New Yorkers what life is about" ....oh and eggs too.

Freeper thinks Alan Keyes should run for Schrock's seat. I kid you not.

The Bush website is heavily promoting EARLY voting.

MORE false GOP claims from Congressmen Schrock!

GOP Va. Rep. resigns after TAPE OF GAY SEX phone call released

Sorry, but the RNC really sucks....

Now what's your opinion of outing gay republicans?

GOP 2004: Michael Moore Draws McCain Barb, Taunts from Crowd

5000 Monte Carlo Simulations: Kerry wins 4983 (99.66%) with 332 EV

Lets compare 'media coverage' of DNC first night and RNC 's first night

Anyone besides me not watching the unnameable spectacle?

Op-ed: Vietnam and 9/11

Who is Tim Spicer

Israeli-Pentagon Spy Scandal Fizzling Out

Jesse Jackson: Iraq's Feast is Darfur's Famine

New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC

Let's follow this nude party to Bermuda

(Michael Moore at the convention) The GOP doesn't reflect America

Guardian: The Angry Editor

Richard Reeves piece a good list of talking points against Chimperor

Rove: Conservatives - Not Moderates - Hold Key to Election

Michael Moore's USA Today column

TNR-Self Deception The delusions of John McCain

Will He Pursue Even-Handedness?

"Cleansers" blamed for murder of Sao Paulo homeless

Senator Kerry, Prepare for your Moment of Truth

Iran-Contra, Part Deux?

A Chain of lies on WMD

Streets of Rage (Tom Robbins Reporting on Protests)

The Pentagon and Israel

The First Americans are Last in Health Care -- Howard Dean


Not close and no cigar -- Bush as Churchill

Molly Ivins: Did you sign up for THIS?

G.O.P. Gets Down with GOD

President Bush should have reacted differently (7 minutes)

What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.

A poisonous kind of justice

A poisonous kind of justice

Karl Rove’s Master Plan: A One-Party America

Asia Times: 'Voices from the march to nowhere' (nice article)

Delegates' purple-heart bandages diminish the wounded, and themselves

AMAZING Piece from Garrison Keillor: We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore

Bush: The Missing Years

John Dean to Kerry: SUE

Rapid Response needs digital video volunteers in states below reGOP visits

Donna Brazile&Bob Borosage vs.Newd Grinchrich&David Keen onNPR

Dear activists: looking for pro-gay rights pamphlet

Hollywood Reporter calls RNC "electronic poison"

My email to Saturday Night Live

MMFA: Fox News Convention Speech Coverage Day 1

Peter Jennings declared his intention to kill the "can't win" story

NPR leads the charge to war with Iran

Midwest Business Growth at Slower Pace

Trading Away Prosperity, Lou Dobbs 08.30.04

Consumer Confidence Plummets in August

Argentina Rebuffs IMF

U.S. CEOs Who Outsource Get Bigger Pay Hike-Survey

Sharp drop in US consumer confidence seen as cooling sign

U.S. Economy: Consumer Confidence, Chicago Index Fall

CEOS who ship out our jobs got a 46% pay raise in 2003

WTO Authorizes Sanctions Against US Over Antidumping Rules


Bush's DOE/DOC say Human activity causes Global Warming - Bush denies?

Dark Matters Surround Dark Energy

Treknology? "transparent alumina" invented by 3M and a German company

Which will hit first: energy crisis or disastrous climate change?

Recycle Wood Waste from Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Damage

Research provides definitive evidence that radiation risk is associated wi

Bombs Explode Aboard Israeli Buses, Dozens Wounded

Sovereign Iraq Just as Deadly to U.S. Forces(110 U.S. troops killed

US Planes bomb Afghan villiage - 8 dead, Relief aid camp destroyed


Strong rise in US travellers to Germany recorded

BBC (August 31): IMF director to visit Argentina

Hey, fellow gun owners,

Assault Weapons Ban Goes In the Crapper!

So I went shooting last weekend........Here's the report:

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 31, 2004

I accidently put someone on ignore, how do I unignore them?

Is the term "revolution" a no-no?

DU is funny

Where's the Media Blaster thread that was pinned in GD2004?

Whar's the media blaster??? Nevermind, question answered in another thrd

Maybe could find a place on the homepage for this poster image?

I believe this is news and should be in LBN

spell checker

Might I just say, the "Bush's Brain" banner on the home page is freaking

It's hard to have a serious Meeting Room discussion.

Why do the moderators

mods allowing personal attacks yet nuking responses

Ok... Some Day Somebody Will Explain To Me Why...

Kewl! I can post in two different browsers at the same time

Thanks for taking care of my dupes before I got attacked as a Freeper

Another meeting room question...

How is this related to the campaign?

Any way you could reinstitute

At least 12 dead in twin attacks on Be'er Sheva buses

Sharon on Firing of Kassam's - Bomb Them (Israel AG Responds: "War Crime")

The plane that hit the South Tower was not Flight 175

The Passengers and the Planes

Is anyone running against Biggert?

Castor or Deutsch? Help, I'm voting today

Early returns: Castor easily winning, Martinez ahead

Hey FLORIDIANS Report voting problems here


Mile of Bush Protesters in Des Moines

Jim Nussle give back the Cash!

IA-04: Paul Johnson Interacting With Weblog

Funny radio stuff...

Bush in Cleveland Saturday/Rapid Response Protest

John Kerry in Springfield, OHIO, this Thursday, 9/2/04

Bush coming to Erie Saturday 9/4 at 3:20, location not yet announced

Williamson - Travis Democratic Kick-Off for Election 2004

Local candidates in Austin

Austinites - Birthday party for Kelly White this Friday!

aWol is in Mke Friday Sept 3rd at State Fairgrounds

Central WI DUers..Edwards in S.P/Wausau Friday

KIRO Sends Dori to both conventions.....

Fun with letters thread

Is Fox giving more coverage to the RNC?

will FOX remove its news ticker for bush's speech?

Who is this idiot pimping the Patriot Act? (at the RNC)

Champange unit? any info on this?

thus far we win on the visuals

Just heard that there is a new round of swift boat liar adds

"Christian nation" swill already bubbling up at RNC

They're invoking WORLD WAR II????????

Whose RNC Coverage are you consuming tonight?

My impression of the RNC...DNC...RNC is bland

Andy Card on CNN now, taking blame for the 7 minutes of bush freeze

Would a rumor that shrub is gay work?

If you can stomach it...tune in to the the bandaids

Bernard Kerik sweating like a pig at the RNC

My RNC Drinking game.

Ron Silver and Ed Koch are

Is anyone else watching the RNC?

Bush has a new lap dog!

Guliuani: "John Kerry could be swayed into war by foreign leaders"

Get a grip woman!

Smear and Pivot Bush's Campaign Strategery

anybody know shrub's and John Kerry's draft lottery numbers?

I'm ignoring the Republican convention, Just watched School of Rock.

Republican family values: I’m propositioned on GOP’s first night in town

Kudos to Michael Moore - it took GUTS to go in there!

quienes es mas EVIL??

Are any of you afraid to put a Kerry/Edwards sticker on your car?

So What about the "Light" Protest?

"We Salute our Troops"

I'm really tired...

The scumbags are mocking Kerry with Purple Heart Bandages!

Lyndon Johnson's 1964 acceptance speech on C-SPAN2.

The Daily Show America - THE BOOK?!!!

DU this poll RE "friend of Dorothy" Ed Schrock.

FBI Interviews Senior Defense Officials in Probe of Analyst

Leon Klinghoffer??? What the @##%$Cheney was that about?

AIPAC official who received secrets identified

Is there anywhere to download a video of Barack Obama's keynote?

Israel, Iran Trade Threats As FBI Investigates Spying

Iraqi Prison Horrors Pervasive, Says Attorney

is it Deja Vu, or are the "journalists" repeating themselves ad nauseum?

Are military truckers expendable in the war in Iraq?

I HATE REPUBLICANS (the reality)

A demagogue

The History of Bush Mendacity and Theft

Last Day in August! It's Worst Month for Deaths in Iraq Since May....

Help! Edwards is warmongering on C-SPAN...

Bush's Dad lied about war record


In his speech, Guiliani used variants of the word "terror" **45** times.

So, I just woke up to a little item on the news when the alarm clock went

Where is the 'We cant win the war on terror' story on CNN?!?!

Anyone Else See McCain Damn * With Faint Praise?

Ralph Nader won’t be on Missouri’s Ballot

Why doesnt Kerry remind Bush & Rudy of something?

I fear America has already died

Bush says war is always the last choice not the first for him

Will the GOP burn the flag thursday night, or wait till November?

Hell hath no fury like this mother of dead British soldier.

Days of Plunder

The WH race requires many capabilities

Why is SBV a big deal? There was a book about Bush1's fakery, too!

Ok my vietnam vet dad said (regarding purple hearts bandaids)

DU all these polls

Can some old-schoolers tell me why Howard Stern hated Mario Cuomo?

Can you help me for my perception of the Bush's thinking trancendence ?

Has Anyone Here Noticed That Since Bush 's Poll Numbers Have Improved

did you see the cheney heckler and what they did to him?

So where are the Democrat rebuttals?

'Thank God George Bush is Our President!'

Sunshine Patriots

LAT: More Cancer Risk Seen in Full-Body CT Scans

Photo Animation

a glimmer of hope in Dallas / Ft. Worth

How many times would media show Kerry reading "My Pet Goat"?

check this out

Repugs conventioneers are all wearing bandaids w/Purple hearts on them

RMPN NYC Special Report

Where's this weeks toon thread? NOSTAMJ??????

Girl, Missing Since Her Family Moved From California in 1969, Believed Mur

IEEE 1583 Voting Standard

Called C-Span on the Purple Heart issue

Today's Stars and Stripes headline:

Is the perception of a neck and neck race another myth?Created

Guess Who's name will NOT BE MENTIONED at the G.O.P. Convention?

WMD: was counter-intelligence a sting to smash spy ring?

Purple Heart Bandaids at the Republican Convention

You should see the way the RNC has SHUT New York DOWN

Giuliani and the language of fear

Good Email

Is it just me or is Guliani a real joke?

Does the O in GOP stand for Oblivious?

Did McCain's mention of Michael Moore hurt or help the GOP?

Max Cleland on Air America...

True compassion:Sen. Dick Durbin 1, White House 0.

Anybody who has not seen this WRPitt interview please check it out

how difficult it is to not hate America !

Bleeding heart liberals? How about purple heart liberals?

Time to Dixie Chick?

This will make you puke: media whores and McCain

Hope Everyone Who Insisted McCain Should Be Our VP

Why isn't PNAC brought up?

Don King at the Republican Convention

This quote is factually incorrect, right?

ABCNote on GOP's smear/lie justification: Politics: "It ain't beanbag."

Was the DNC this nasty starting off as the RNC was last night?

Spa for jounalists brought to you by the wealthy RNC vs

GOP uses traditionally Democratic tools to woo voters

Dem/Rep when was the switch?

Top Fundraisers Earn Right to Party ($100,000 or more for Bush

Vet Who Survived Vietnam Buries Son Killed in Iraq

A well oiled machine

Only a Political Party with no heart could mock a Purple Heart.

Guess what Born-Again Stephen Baldwin's New Gig Is?

Pat Robertson’s newest teaching series -- Secrets of Financial Prosperity

This election is not as important as you think.

Osama is CLOSER to Bush than to Saddam

Hotel Restaurant removed Heinz Ketchup so as not to offend Repugs

Nonsense of the highest order (WaPo Op-Ed)

Michael Moore: The GOP doesn't reflect America

Animated demonstration of "Touch Screen Voting"

Alec & William Baldwin need to SAVE their brother NOW!!!

GOP button: Troop coffin with a 'Ha Ha You were Punked!'

C SPAN re-showing Sunday's Protest March & Interviews NOW

Well, my Kerry bumper sticker was "Cheneyed" Friday...

Is Kerry's Health Plan a Joke?

Rush Limabugh gets an interview with AWOL!!!

Why Theresa LePore must go (voting in Palm Beach County!!!!!)

Janet Jackson Says Bush Used Her As Distraction

Oh how precious ammo George just gave us

Krugman at writers' gathering in NY brings up BCCI and Kerry's role.

MTV Video Awards - Who was booed?

do christians hate abortion only b/c of thou shall not kill?

50 Cent booed off stage, pelted with urine during concert

W will be on RUSH Live! 1:45PM Eastern

You got to be kidding me with those bandages!

What is considered being in Uniform?

I believe Bush will win this election.He has several things going

the weekend before the election we should do this

MSNBC: Was Giuliani's Speech Wonderful or Magnificent?

Doonesbury idea-BD needs to react to the purple heart bandaids

Is there a website

So are Republicans still mocking wounded veterans?

Consumer cofidence plummets in August

check out this lady freeper mocking purple hearts...


PUKE ALERT! - Dubya Will Be On Rush Limbaugh's Show Today

Lynndie England can't call Cheney, Rumsfeld or Gnl. Karpinksi

"Matt, the military option is always the last option."

Caller on KGO this morning: "Bomb Mecca: No more Muslims"

The latest Bush flip-flop. Where is the campaign ad?

With all his flip-flops, what kind of amusement park ride is G.B.Bush?

A feel good report from a couple of Texans that went to New York.

"U.N. Searches for Missing Aid Workers"

According to AP: U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Near 7,000

Israeli "spy" and Plame case connected?

Humanitarian Capitalism: Oxymoron or Not? Are human beings being human?


GOP delegates flashed in NYC

CNN web front page has a picture of an Hispanic woman at the RNC…..

Will they cool actions in Iraq to avoid 1000 dead when W goes on?

"12 Nepalese Reportedly Executed in Iraq"

Rate this Bumpersticker - UPDATED! :-)

Bush speech Protest Idea

I can't take this CRAP anymore!

Thanks George for the phrase "catastrophic success"

Found my first bumper sticker for after Bush loses...

Photos of "PURPLE HEART BANDAGES"....what kind of slime are these people

Looking for a Rudy pic

In light of Bush's plans to test us for mental illness and drug us...

Why poor/working-class people vote republican - my theory.

Can someone point me to the PNAC primer thread?

How do you start a "527?"

I just got off the phone with a Kerry campaign staff member.......

Is Michael Moore inside the RNC?

Yet more investigations of Feith's Office

Could Kerry have gotten into the national guard? What were his options for

Last day of August - 70+ US soldiers killed this month

need help with archive newspaper

Kyra Phillips, "Why don't the police just arrest the protestors?"

The term "9/11" in the media

I voted on a black box today!

Paul Krugman just gave the sound-bite Edwards should have gave

Bush calls in to oxycontin addict Limbaugh's show

Moore: The GOP Doesn't Reflect America

How to Make a Bush Supporter Get Frustrated.....

Does the Bush Family have any POWERFUL Enemies?

Bandaid lady identified

Paying Attention? June: 42, July: 54, August: 64 (976)

Here's a handy little "PAC" finder.. LOADS of information

Is it good to teach kids to be Republican OR Democrat?

How Giuliani has been profiting from 911- from Google cache-

Were any protesters arrested at the DNC convention?

Hastert Insinuates George Soros Is Funded By Drug Cartels

Leadership Institute wants people to contact them..(the band-aid folks)

Look closely . . . it's actually Karl Rove

Uh Oh... Looks Like SS And FBI Are Fucking With IndyMedia !!!

MSNBC changed Question of the Day

Kerry and Edwards photo

"Liberal talk radio will fail"

Has anyone seen any freeper response to the "band-aid" attach?

Need a little help: definition of "veteran"

A GOP congressman RESIGNS right before convention and NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA

Israeli spy another loop * is out of? Shouldn't there be a "loop" limit?

Let us face it.For the past three and a half years, a hoax of massive

My brother:"Low and cheap. My Gradfather earned a purple heart"

Democratic convention--conservative pundits

Pause for contemplation: Arlington Cemetery

Awesome ACLU ad on the Patriot Act

More bad jobs news for Shrub:

The audacity of hope

on msnbc now, brokaw

Is that Vilsack who is irritating Randi?

HEY ACLU has a great ad on against the patriot act - just saw it

Daily Howler today, Raspberries to Raspberry

Vanity Fair Book Bashes Bush -excerpt in the Guardian

bush's PURPLE HEART Bandages...get yours today! toon

Conan & Librarian Tonight

CNN: Rove now "speaking out" against the purple band-aids

To the heartless "purple bandaid" delegates.

Look who came to McCain's birthday party......

2d probe at the Pentagon examines (secret) actions on Iraq

True Patriot Vs Patriot Act

OK this whole Purple Heart thing is starting to wear thin

John Kerry needs attack ads and needs them NOW.

An answer to BandAidGate Bush 280 Kerry 242 COMPLETE BS

Cops Beating Protesters With Nightsticks, And Shoving Cameraman...

purple heart bandaids are un-American

G. Bush left a message on my answering machine..

Republicans favor hike in H-1B and H-2A visas

Bush is afraid to go to Iraq

Where can I download a copy of a Military Enlistment form?

Hey rePukes !!! - Show THIS Guy Your Band-Aids... I Double Dare You !!!

My letter to the editor feel free to use

Finally, the Georgia Dem. Party gets it' together about Zell

BBV on (word getting out)

Must See: Republican delegates being interviewed...quite showing

What the hell is wrong with Bush Sr's left eye? editor Rogers is on local news talking about the Schrock

Take off the gloves. Campaign button for AWOL Bush*:

Any suggestions for this letter to the editor?

Why do I watch Crossfire?

Flight 587 - November 2001 - was it terrorism?

I am all set for the day.

Has anyone seen a bumpersticker that says "Bush Completed Flight Training"

Prince Abdullah: We want oil price below $30 (Who called it?)

Any good links with reliable info on Prescott Bush /how he made his $$

Juan Cole about Franklin and the possible attack against Iran

What, in your opinion, are the core beliefs of the democratic party?

Bush's war on terrorism makes it impossible for Muslim clerics to control

This is what Purple Hearts look like

to anyone who surfs the RW sites... what's the mood over there?

Taking bets: Will ANYBODY at this "convention" ever mention

The GOP in 2008 (are f*cked)

documents showing kerry volunteered for vietnam?

I donated to the Dems today, did you? :)

Should The Repugs Denounce BadaidGate

PROTEST photos (Tuesday): Thread #2

bush is NOT a flip-flopper

Info on "Future Soundtrack For America" Buy yours today!

Oh dear lord look at this: Bush - 280; Kerry - 242

Questions Americans Should Ask Bush

Why won't the media connect these dots: GOP convention, Moscow metro

Pregnant Inmate Forced To Undergo Abortion To Be Eligible for Death Penalt

Are People really this stupid?

So much Republican little time...

Need Help With Buddy Icons

From The New Standard: "New Evidence of Torture In Iraq"

religion has always been a part of American public life.


Killer Bees spreading in the South.

Was Moore escorted out last night by the secret service?

My letter to Kerry, get the fuck off your wind-surfer and WORK!

Helen Thomas: Hand Rumsfeld his walking papers!

Man Held For Coming Within Feet of VP Cheney

I just answered the phone and it was a message from * !!!

Took the new Zogby poll. Questions about SBVT ads. Seen 'em?

Stephen Baldwin is a freeper!

Bush's Gift to Kerry

Bush's Gift to Kerry

This guy at work thinks CNN is to the far left!

Has anyone else seen this "Cheney Security Breach"?

Bill Maher coming up on CNN

Michael Moore was escorted out of Madison Square Garden???!!!

'Fair and Balanced, as always' (MMFA chart of FOX convention coverage)

Holy Sh*t! What just happened on MSNBC???

Anyone besides me not watching the unnameable spectacle?

Even The Weather Channel Talks Up Republican National Convention

My father's memory has been insulted by the RNC.

Mon: 'the war is not winnable', Tues: 'we are winning & we will win'

Over 99% of all abortions are for convenience, not health reasons....


Is it wrong to cite military casualties in political arguments?

Wait a sec. Does Bush think we can win the WOT or not?

i seen a great bumper sticker today in ky.



Need a concise, savvy summary of AIPEC spy story

Are "independent voters" ignorant or egotistical or liars?

The "limited hangout" of Larry Franklin

I was the last caller on the Al Franken show today!!!

9/11 Commission Report available free for Palms

Geeze! Weather Forcasters missed Richmond, Va Weather Disaster!

Repub guy on Franken show was a lunatic

My former band instructor is running as a Wy Dem. Help him win.

Bob Dole’s 1st Purple Heart

Anyone else notice the talk about focusing on "leadership"?

Schrock Audio Released

Any mention of Spy story on Air America?

Who's the flip flopper now?

NBC News just reported that 57-yr-old reserveists being recalled to active

'BANDAGE FREAKS" mock all are their pictures...

Tweety just got rushed/attacked by someone

Help Brokaw, Jennings, Rather, et al remember BCCI and terror funding

I need help from my fellow DU'ers (Ani Difranco Tour)

Randi Rhodes on

Alex Jones And Henry Makow

Wolf Blitzer ?

Bush/GOP Thanks for the new Overtime Law.

To all Tweety likers

Saw the original "Manchurian Candidate" on video first time this weekend.

That is IT!!!! (rant)

I've decided I'm sending mine back..Purple Hearts and the rest

Is there any Broadcast outlets besides Air America and CBS........

I'm bewildered why Bush is called "likeable!"

CNN's web coverage (creepy ass pic)

When Anarchists Attack -- counter-protestors attacked in NYC

Dear Johnson & Johnson

Update Marie333 and Thanks

Congressman John Lewis is calling me back TODAY !

Now this is a cool ass site...and it's FREE

That's It! They Are F*cking Ghouls! (Pissed off over PH Bandages)

My Christian friend thinks he will see the end of the world.

There ought to be limits to religion

Ben Barnes Blackout - Even with new video of Texas pol saying he's ashamed

BBV: Air America, Wednesday, 9am-12N, Eastern Time

A two-sentence paragraph from Mr. Garrison Keillor. Says it all..

Yet another encounter with a freep

Say Something POSITIVE Thread - redirected to notice that account has been suspended?

Death Squads "Cleansing" in Brazil (Nazi literature found)

HELP! Terrorists attack in Russia and I have no idea...

The G.O.P. Plan to Destroy Labor Unions

God help me but.......I'm getting scared............. very scared

To America: I Apologize For Serving And Being A Veteran

" A Catastrophic Success" | and a new mopaul TOON too

Anyone want to talk football??

Baghdad’s Sadr City hospital morgue runs out of space

Head of Iraqi City Education Dept. Killed

GU: Earth-like planet could harbour life

Israeli-Pentagon Spy Scandal Fizzling Out

LAT: More Cancer Risk Seen in Full-Body CT Scans

NYT:(Martinez) Struggles in FL Sen. Primary(but WH candidate within MOE?)

WP, pg1: Saudis Fight Militancy with Jobs

WP: (England's) Attorneys Cite Government (Abu Ghraib) Probes

Family plans fund-raiser to bring fallen soldier home

Newsday: Bush not strong on diversity

Girl, Missing Since Her Family Moved From California in 1969, Believed Mur

Dark Matters Surround Dark Energy

LAT: Sovereign Iraq Just As Deadly to U.S. Forces (attacks UP 20%)

Hollinger described as ‘corporate kleptocracy'

NYT: First (RNC) Night, Single Theme for Double Term: Sept. 11

Bush returns to Iowa - again

N.Y. Police Brace for Anti-GOP Protests

Celebs Show Support for Planned Parenthood (Lewis Black is one)

Record Quarter for Engineered Support Systems (Bucky Bush)

Republicans Assail Kerry at Convention

Moto 'escaped by chance'

New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC

Former First Lady Keeps Bush Twins in Line

LAT: FBI Questions Israeli Lobbyists (AIPAC) in Spying Probe

Two Buses Explode in Southern Israel, Killing Several People and Wounding

WTO Authorizes Sanctions Against US Over Antidumping Rules

GOP Sees Colleges As Ground for Votes

Kerry Plans to Respond to Bush Speech

After Muqtada, the militias ...

Man Detained at GOP Convention

LAT: Pump Prices Likely to Dip after Labor Day

Release of French Journalists in Iraq "imminent": Al-Arabya

Detectives monitoring 35 anarchists

Laura Bush to Shed Light on Her Husband

Midtown Businesses Suffering From Convention

Howard Baker Undergoes Heart Surgery

WP Milbank: A Swift Shift in Stories (Adm Schachte Busted by Dems )

Hamburg Court Delays 9/11 Trial by One Week

"Coup trial suspended": Times

No Iraq duty for convict

Thatcher coup: Du Toit may be pardoned in return for 'co-operation'

Bush: Diplomacy Is Best Option With Iran

Midwest Business Growth at Slower Pace

Israel's court defeats film ban

Bush Says She Won't Be Attacking Kerry (this is a precious mistake)

Bust sparks "riot"

Pass Shrubya Some Maple Syrup

BUSH: yesterday war cannot be won/today:We Will Win War on Terror-flipflo

Kerry Would Offer Special Iran Deal, Says Edwards

bush* just stated that the "war" was one that was not started by "us"!

UN criticizes Norwegian asylum politics

Hostages urge France to repeal head-scarf ban

Nader claims to have won access to Conn. ballot

CNN web front page has a picture of an Hispanic woman at the RNC…..

At least 5 killed by car bomb outside Moscow station

Artist promotes 'patriot' work in N.Y. (Bush on horseback w/ OBL's Head)

Hollinger executives 'took $400m'

Attorney says soldier pawn in abuse

Bush expected to reintroduce 2000 proposal (privatize Social Security)

FBI briefs Wolfowitz on Israeli spy claim

DemocratsStayon Offensive(scold Bush forsaying war onterrorism can't bewon

Pig-snouted protesters mock Cheney, Halliburton

Bush Reverses Himself, Says War on Terror Can Be Won

Ailing soldiers criticize Army

Kerry to Counter Bush Speech in Ohio

Kerry Plans to Respond to Bush Speech

Iran-Contra, Part Deux?

Activists Confront Republican Convention Delegates

Barbara Bush speech highlights women's rally (And Uses Olympics like Son)

U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Near 7,000

Late notice of Marine's Iraq death upsets dad

Turdblossom on CNN now

Israel won't ask U.S. to clarify why official was being tailed

LAT: Far From Left Coast, Many See Schwarzenegger as Mr. Right

Explosion near Rizhskaya Metro station could be done by two suicide bomber

Man Held for Coming Within Feet of Cheney

Fox News HQ surrounded by protestors / police

Racial questions roil Washington governor contest

Undecided GOP Voters Skeptical of Bush

Hollinger Panel Says Black Looted Company (& Richard Perle)

Undecided GOP Voters Skeptical of Bush

2d probe at the Pentagon examines actions on Iraq

MMFA: FOX Gives 33 More Minutes to Republicans at RNC, Almost Twice the Ti

Nader loses bid to be on ballots

Sexual assault in US Air Force

Oops a Dupe

Friendly Democrats: Then there were two (at RNC)

The Pentagon and Israel

Billboard Trucks To Bush: 'You're Fired' (NYC)

Being There What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.

More Arrests at Republican Convention in New York - Reuters

[California] Election fund freeze protested

Man Held for Coming Within Feet of Cheney (he's on our side!)

Nader to appeal Pennsylvania ballot ruling

Log Cabin Ad just aired...

The market says Bush to get boost from convention

20 Arrested in Anti-GOP Demonstrations

Bush - the flip flopping hypocrite

Kerry Faults Bush for WTO Sanctions Threat

..Party Platform and Key Speakers Endorse Failed Abstinence-Only Programs;

Michael Moore Draws Boos at Convention

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 31 August

Democrat Leader Calls Mock 'Purple Hearts' Disgraceful

Dean meets with Group Health workers, visits bookstore

Baldacci (ME Gov) proposes state overtime rules week after Bush

Consumer Confidence Plummets on Job Market

First Lady Promoting Husband As Warrior

GOP Convention Viewers Prefer Fox ......(who would have guessed)

U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Near 7,000

Kerry-Edwards Press Release - 'Smear Boat Veterans Newsletter'

Centrist Christie Whitman a GOP Outsider Looking In

Democrats Rap GOP in Purple Heart Flap (Band-Aid Gate!)

Hollinger Report Alleges Stunning Greed

Ballot rejects upset some Democrats (Florida, of course!)

Republican Clergy Will Oppose Big Tent Gala

Holy Sh*t! What just happened on MSNBC???

New iMac packs computer inside screen

U.S. Warplanes Fire on Afghan Village; Eight People Reported Killed

Cheney Withholds Kerry War Record Judgment (in Hannity interiew)

George W. And The Christian Right

Nader Gets on November Ballot in Florida

US urges Philippines to lift ban on nationals working in Iraq

Virginia a State of Emergency After Tropical Storm Stalls Three Killed

Former Enron Broadband executive pleads guilty to conspiracy

Republicans to Show Softer Side at NY Convention("People of Compassion")

Kerry will buy $45M TV time in 20 states

GOP Senators, White House in Brawl

Republicans Again Link Iraq War to War on Terror

100th soldier from Fort Hood killed in Iraq

Republican leaders say Jewish voters could be key to Florida

Iraqi Groups Claims It Killed Three Israelis (Holding One Hostage)

New Staff Additions Strengthen Kerry-Edwards Team for Final Push

Family Struck Financially After Father Called To Duty

CNN Refuses Gay Republican Ads

Bush campaign rallies convention's religious conservatives in private

DoD Identifies Air Force Casualty

Bushies love 'Raymond'

Bush Now Saying 'We Will Win' Terror War

Sources: Democratic leaders urge Kerry campaign changes (CNN)

Audio: President Bush with Rush Limbaugh (AP)

Thatcher wife and children fly to Texas 'for school term'

SS arrests man after he allegedly tries to enter Cheney's box

Envoy Says World Needs to Help Darfur

New Bush Attack Book Reveals GOP Election Fraud Scheme

Undecided voters skeptical of Bush, but not sold on Kerry

GOP activist Schlafly wins platform fight

Thompson: Bush improved health care worldwide

White House in Brawl Over Weapons Workers

Consumer Confidence Plummets on Job Market

Gingrich: Conservatives should back Bush drug benefit

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq starts withdrawal petition

Iraq militants say killed 12 Nepalis--site

Venezuelan opposition criticizes Chavez's land policy

Giuliani Charges Lack Context

New anti-Kerry ads air in N.C. ("irrational" vet)

A poisonous kind of justice: bio-terror prof's fate sealed by "paranoia &

GOP 2004: Moore Won't Return to Madison Square Garden

Ex-Viet Cong Soldier Recalls Swift Boats

Florida's touchscreen voting machines appear to work smoothly in crucial p

Consumer confidence shaken

AP: Delegate Wears 'Purple Heart' Bandages

CNN and ABC Aghast Over Purple Heart...(mocking Kerry with bandages)

Black Delegates Question Republican Support

Iran says has arrested several nuclear spies

Michael Moore Plans Return to Convention

Putin Says Link Probed Between Al Qaeda, Chechens

Canada, EU win right to impose sanctions on U.S. over trade fines

Moscow Blast Caused by Suicide Bomber - Agencies

John McCain: The liberation of Iraq was necessary and noble

'President's Helicopter Security Makes Marijuana Bust"

Leader of Code Pink arrested in front of Faux News!

Santorum shines with conservatives despite moderate convention stars

Gunbattle Forces French Officials From Haiti Hospital

CEO Pay Soars at Corps That Send Jobs Overseas; Biggest Political Donors..

Video Claims to Show Execution of 12 Nepalese Hostages in Iraq

Coroner says Branigan Scott Baio in drag!

latest news: if Bush wins reelection we all have to...

What the heck?

Been staring at this screen for about 14 hours now

Lightning with no thunder.

Need some help from computer-savvy people

My day is complete, Freeper email (warning, you guessed it, profanity)

Futurama's Tribute to Trek Hits DVD

Let's burn all our Stephen Baldwin DVD's

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is the most riduculous movie ever

I start working for ACT next week!

Anyone else watch Jeopardy tonight?

I just sat down too fast fast in my chair and it hurt my butt

The Crazy Jack Deathmatch Royale.

This is a pisser

Who sings the "Sealab 2021" theme song?

Need a grandpa? (Bittersweet story)

What Does BBV Mean?

Repug logic: If i get hurt, but do not bleed enough, do i deserve sympathy

these new sleeping hours are driving me nuts, a rant

LOL!! People were actually using "Ask the Mods" froum to start flame wars

Transcript from GOP hypocrite Shrok's phone call

Drunk Driver Decapitates Passenger - Puts Head In Trunk - Drives Home

Man drives home, drunk, with headless friend!

Porn Film Crew Captures Shootout

Death by shtoinking!

They must just hate our freedoms !!!

Happiness is....When your pet recognizes his/her name

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, girl

"Tax Cuts are Tacky, Darling!" - Best protest signs you've seen

Cows Eat Airplane Parked In Field

Brand new Battlestar Galactica trailer for season one of the new series!

Brent Spiner set to appear in trilogy of episodes of Enterprise

Man Breaks World Record For Marathon Bowling

Trooper Featured In Safe Driving Campaign Hit By SUV

McCain and Keating Five

8,000 Foot Burrito Breaks Record

first day of high school

I went to a GARDEN PARTY to reminisce with my old friends

Pick MrsGrumpy's New Hobby!!

Good signs in Raleigh NC!!!

Can't stand watching the news? Have DirectTV? Watch LINK...Ch. 375

Berlin bear's break-out bid fails

Why does coffee make you have to pee so much?

FYI: Soylent Green is PEOPLE...

How dangerous is uncontrolled diabetes?

Anybody See Pitt's Latest Video? He's Hittin' On Republican Chicks!

You're all good people.

Please do not reply to this thread.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?

Have you ever hung out with the Rainbow Family?

Peter Gabriel Vs. David Byrne

Caption: Coup mercenaries still optimistic

Man Builds Jet Powered Wheelchair

Caption: Dov o'Peace lands on Junior, omen or what???

I am currently reading an awesome book... "Ishmaele" by Dan Quayle

Caption: JP2 Lodge chief karate spokesman

FYI: The calls are coming from inside the house

Caption: now ghostly owl stalks Junior?

Caption: ANOTHER ticket? bare faced cheek of it...

Does anyone remember the "YO! WHY U FRONTIN'" Time-Life commercial?


I'm afraid of going out for lunch today

Adopt-an-Italian-Grandad and get £337 per month:

Caption: Go W Go, Poppy & Barb say Two More Months Only...

Caption: Disgusting just isn't the word!

Caption: Riggs Bank statement bottom line?

what's the deal with Ron Silver?

Wanted Man Catches Home Run Baseball, Is Interviewed On TV - Arrested


8 year old boy sent to jail for hitting kid in head with ball...

What does a Hard Drive Power Dongle look like?

Can any of you sports talk radio listeners stand "Mike and Mike?"

Brought to you by the letter P...

Anyone want a car for CHEAP!?

Kelsey Grammer has another kid.

What's the deal with Ron Jeremy?

Mozilla Firefox question

Oh No! I found a YAK on the RNC website!

50 Cent booed off stage, pelted with urine during concert

Please tell me how you quit smoking

Temperature question.

sound card problem

NFL set to remove ban on Tillman jersey

Mr. Moonbeam ate all the Cheez-Its

Go see this movie: "Bush's Brain" - Check this thread for your hometown

Grandma! What BIG UGLY YELLOW TEETH you have!

I'm in a Cat Custody battle with members of my family

A bit more detail on the Bible and Quickening (please do not flame)

Lemmy's on board, somewhat:


So I quit smoking again

Well, my Kerry bumper sticker was "Cheneyed" Friday...

With all his flip-flops, what kind of amusement park ride is G.B.Bush?

Sexually Frustrated Chimp Takes Up Smoking

My great aunt died yesterday morning...

TBS Unveils Latest Adventure in Reality Television: HE'S A LADY

CAPTION the ever witty Texas Delegate Pat (It's PAT!) Peale

Today is Day 1 of my diet and I don't want to weigh myself

Just watched "Cold Mountain"

Why In The World Would ANYONE Go On Maury Or Springer...

Noisy Sex Session Awakens Entire Street

Favorite Cookie recipes thread!

Yikes! Giant cock!

Inside Out

Cumputer question....Don't laugh!

My pet bird flew out the door and is lost....

MTV Video Awards - Who was booed?

"The Girl Next Door" is a surprisingly good movie.

Brown eyes of wisdom (for animal lovers)

POLL: What did the Bushies buy McCain with?

You ARE the father! / You are NOT the father!

history channel today-

Any DU'ers live in Orange County?

Watched "The Fog of War" last night

Please rate my Fantasy Football team...

I'd finally gotten "Gloria" out of my head...

Can we officially, indisputably call Bush a flip-flopper now?

Has anyone heard from Meldread?

Steal these graphics.

Help a Dem web designer: What is your screen resolution?

Best video game of ALL time?

I now have Digital Cable!

Terry the drama queen.

Any recovery room nurses here? I have a question....

THIS JUST IN... The swift boat veterans are now claiming that...

So, I finally had the secret krisp kreme doughnuts in my town!

Philadelphia area DUers (re:AirAmerica Radio)

Time for another recipe thread. DU cooks - what's your favorite

FYI: To Serve Man is a Cookbook...

Ron Silver what a freaking IDIOT!

My dog has an ear infection.

The new iMac G5 is here

Give away the endings of books and movies

Just got this joke in an email from my sis... I think you'll like it.

Ever buy a CD for one song?

Run, don't walk to get Steve Earle's new CD.

I got a job!!!!

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

How does Moore keep his beard the EXACT same lenght, all the time??

Memo to repukes: Get a grip. The Patriot Act sucks.

What does your boss think you're doing right now?

WOO HOO! another great review for the ?W revue!

I miss VolcanoJen.

Goth style is out at Wichita milddle school

Just made another Donation to DNC for Kerry.

Sealab 2021 Desktop Wallaper

Phfeeew, had a scare today

Anyone in Turkey have a Volks Wagen Van?

Bored with your computer desktop?

Memo to DU: Get a fucking grip. The Patriots suck!

Star Trek fans say goodbye to Scotty.

Should I create this thread?


Does anyone have a Turkish Van cat?

Share your pics of Bush in the Big Apple!


Question: how do I secure a copyright?

The DU Ouija Board

Quick! Help me debunk this right wing talking point!

Are you a moran?

Damn Republican banner least I can have some fun!

Who wants to go kick some Republican ass?

Eerie Premonitions...

Give away next year's entertainment headlines!

Caption This DICK Cheney Photo!

I will not serve tolerance upgrades!

ok, stupid techie question: re: popups

I will not tolerate server upgrades!

I just watched the Seinfeld Backward Episode...

Did anyone catch the elephant dancing around last night at the RNC?

Can an Air Purifier take pet hairs out of the air?

I'm using Mozilla, everything looks strange

Do people still use lunchboxes?

Having a boring day at work


Disco Hitler

Ahem... Oh Katie! --- Katie Couric...May I Have A Word With You Privately?

What's the Sexiest Music You Can Name?

The Smoking Gun creates Personalized Stamps... hilarious!

Just Returned From Reading Through GD2004 - Should I Now....

Trying to track down a post

Gamers and Computer geeks: Do you like G4-TechTv?

Anyone else having problems logging in to Gmail?

I've noticed trolls are hiding their profiles now....

Has anyone noticed that camoflage is creeping into fashion?

dumb, dumber, and dumberer (Bush women)

Anyone loving Queen on DU ?

It's 3:20am...2nd Glass of wine...critique my desk....

What are all of these "Free NP" signs?

I am an expert on everything - ask me anything.

Need Help from DU Photoshop experts

if I have someone's license plate #, how can I find out who they are?

I need advice!!

Anyone Queens on DU?

I'm on hold w/ Randi Rhodes!!!!

An interviewee just asked me if I ever had a "tampon emergency."

I nailed a carving across my grandfather.

My Grandfather wants to email Carville

My Grandfather wants to snailmail Carville

Help! Who has that great photoshop of * eating the squirrel (corn)?

My Grandfather wants to nail Carville

Day 2 and i can't make it!

Teenager Shoplifts Winning Lottery Ticket (Worth up to $1 Million!)

And now for some good news: "F911" just surpassed "Rocky"

Info on "Future Soundrack for America"! Buy yours today!

Did you see Rove admit that he was Evil and the Boogeyman?

My grandfather wants to nail Carville to a cross

Whose passing are you mourning most this month?

My grandfather wants to smell Carville!

My grandfather can't spell Carville, but we used to go to Carvelle's Ice

I need business name. Help me..

Do Pickles and Elizabeth Dole use the same plastic surgeon?

How unlikely is it that a thread about copying cat thread will happen

Is running for student government a waste of time?

How likely is it that threads deploying copycat threads will be copied?

How likely is it that a deplorable thread unraveled by the cats will be

I have a question RE:Nudity & the rules on the message board

Copycat this thread!

Hey LynneSin, Why Can't You Spell My Name Correctly?

What is your favorite Queen song ?

listening to no doubts "return of saturn". anyone recommend something

How likely is it that jpgray is a copycat thread troll?

Hey NSMA & Misunderestimator: I bought a Toaster today

Brazilian marathon runner's sponsor will pay bonus as if he was 1st



"I see you have a cockatoma on your arm."



did you know that sometimes your cell phone can pick up police speed

How likely is it that a thread deploring copycat breads will be copied?

Vengeance Has His Cake And Eats It Too


What is wrong with you people?

Is this where we are headed? (Or what happens if you mess with Cheney)


Guys, I'm looking for that goofy-ass picture of bush driving that golf car

Teach Your Children Well

Today's schedule for the RNC

6,998 posts! What shall #7,000 be about?

I'm bored. Amuse me, my subjects!

What to have for Dinner? Carrot Juice, or wheatgrass?

World Cup Hockey...Canada vs. U.S.

How likely is it that a thread deploring copycat threads will be copied?


I can pretend to know nothing. So ask me anything

"I see you have a cock on your arm"

I spent the day at the Dallas VA Hospital

Kerry needs to run naked down the street... RIGHT NOW!!!


I will not serve up low grade or third rate toll house cookies.


Should we criminalize poetry?

Confession time: My dog has playdates with another dog....


the new iMac G5

God to RNC


WHY Do People Think George P. Bush Is CUTE?

Should we legalize legalizing stuff!

Hey Yankee fans. What happened to the 11 game lead?

Man in Black Lyrics: GOP Convention Version

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show!

How often is it safe to gun one's engine?

Whee! A day at the wholesale nursery...

It's getting to me. My heart really hurts today.

Favourite Peter Griffin Quote?

Is it safe?

Should I quit smoking pot?

True Christian Republican Guide to New York

REQUEST: Tell us what you're talking about when starting a new thread!

Anyone have Turkish canned cat?

I know absolutely nothing. ask me anything!

Haw haw!!

Witchcraft claims the life of two young girls where I live.

CANADA VRS USA TONIGHT! World cup O hockey!

I will be taking questions on the following subjects:


I'm an armchair campaign manager. Ask me anything!

Zen alarm clock - - you made me buy it!

Should we criminalize poverty?

Killer Bees spreading in the South.

Stephen Baldwin is as dumb as...

Who likes hot sauce? What's your fave?

Pictures of the two kitties together . . .

WOW! 10-14 inches of RAIN in 6 hours

Please critique my NEW Anti-W Stickers!

Which of these two guitarists was better.

Who is the biggest jerk in Rock&Roll?

What's the WORST video game of all time?

Been awhile since I posted a pic of Erin or Lucky...

I Have NO Gaydar!!!

*$%&@! DOG!

USA vs Canada hockey world cup

I can pretend to know everything. So ask me anything!

new Hannity advertiser Don Stein Buick Isuzu

DU Name help

Should we legalize poetry?

New iMac packs computer inside screen

New La. museum features animatronic Huey Long.....

I like apoplectic Sci -fi books

"Lindy England" Did anyone see her picking her nose on camera?

OMG I almost forgot, juicy stuff about Shrock! My inlaws know him!

I am currently reading an awesome book... "Ishmael" by Dan Quinn

Should we legalize pottery?


New Drugs for Women

This just in! Swiftboat Vets. Claim Santa Claus is communist

B flat

Favorite Homer Simpson Quote?

Give away the endings of bad jokes

Beach Volleyball....terrific sport

HEY!!! Yankee Fans!!! You FOLLOWING THIS???

Any Amazing Race fans?

eeek sorry i got more computer problems now, CD-DVD rom drive

...and then everything went black, doctor...

Deadheads - What New Years show had K Kesey and father Guido Sarducci?

Quick update on my mom

Hurricane Frances Predictions

Today Would Have Been My 30th Wedding Anniversary...

What is your favorite Pocket??

I'm confused with this picture - Help!

Any other Floridians have a bad feeling about Huricane Francis?

If you left a rigid fundamentalist Christian faith, what was the catalyst?

My boob is so sore!

I like appocolyptic sci-fi books...

Do you think she will get on The Price Is Right?


Unlike lionesspriyanka, I have "gaydar"!

Republicans prefer soldiers to be seriously maimed or they will mock them.

Election Protection Training sponsored by Mother Jones and Working Assets

Federal Review Composite (8-31-04): Kerry 281-Bush 257

Absentee ballots in Largo Florida

Hemmer, to McCain: "Was Barry Goldwater with those Bee Gees guys?"

The whole Voting Process this year stuns me

Oh, lordy! And you all thought CNN polls were bad!

Strategic Vision suXors!!!

They removed the catsup bottles

thurs nite march, dressed in black and candles and posters

Smear and Pivot Bush's Campaign Strategery

New Electoral vote poll. Not good. Kerry 242, Bush 280.

along with not watching this crap, not watching the polls for a

Kudos to Michael Moore - it took GUTS to go in there!

I HATE REPUBLICANS (the reality)

Why is everyone surprised by McCain's recent actions?

So has Cheney turned into Lord Voldemort

Is Imus defecting?

NFL has 10 preseason games scheduled the night of Chimpy's speech.

Sad & Petty but what did you expect?-Heinz ketchup removed from NYC Hotel

Absurd new GOP talking may disagree with Bush, but...

JK's alleged inconsistencies

What if you're not a chicken little or an eternal optimist this election?

Some thoughts on the latest WP-ABC poll (K49-B48)

Republicans MOCK wounded American soldiers.

One man who thinks Kerry should sue the SBV's

RNC week is hard on a Dem.

Florida primaries are today. Get out there!

Freeper: Where's Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray or John Hinckley...?

If a DNC delegate had pulled a "Purple Heart band-aid" stunt...

Great Read....Rove's Plan for America: One Party

Personal attacks or policy attacks? Which is most effective?

MEME MEMO EXTRA: Wear a Silver Star for JK!

Has anyone else noticed this among repub aquaintances?

RMPN NYC Special Report

C-SPAN 9:10am CDT...Rove In Action

Guess Who's name will NOT BE MENTIONED at the G.O.P. Convention?

Purple Heart Bandaids at the Republican Convention

I've never been so disgusted by the whoring on TV until now

McCain: After 9/11 we were one America - BINGO

Giuliani and the language of fear

Is it just me or is Guliani a real joke?

hey and we made it thru the reagan thing just fine

I just got off the phone with the Kerry Campaign and I'm pissed

Want to turn it around?--then get back to basics---errrrr, the Base

Charlie Rangel calls for (or "hopes" for) an apology for bandaids

Why are we safer?

who watched, heard, or read John Edwards speech yesterday ?

Consumer confidence drops unexpectedly

Word of advice: If you can't handle the convention coverage...

Kerry Plans to Respond to Bush Speech

Frist's RNC Charity Fundraiser Really a Political Fundraiser

We can all fight back.......

Its NOT about Kerry...Its about Bush and How he slept through 8 months

Dump Gump ... and that's all I have to say about that

Remember Wellstone's funeral? Time to turn the tables...

Please post pictures of the Purple Heart bandages here for bumper sticker

Edwards will visit the Hurricane sites in the Carolinas, right?

Can you imagine if Kerry said terror war not winnable?

msnbc question of the day is unbelievable

Chair Terry McAuliffe issued the following statement:

4th Prez guy tied to anti-Kerry ads

Mike Webb kicking GOP butt on KIRO now. Worth listening.

Welp, Get ready for a 9/11-fest.

Article on Moore at convention

If John Wayne Were Alive

Bring out the Big Dawg,..Don't feed him and then let him loose

a fucking elocutionary British farce...

I ask you - Is there any speaker at the RNC

Just in from Kerry Campaign

Dole(Remember him??) said Kerry wounds did not bleed enough to

Leadership is like Porn

My phone call this morning to the Kerry Campaign and their response

Gingrich: "No. I think it's funny." (Newt on the purple heart bandaids)

the man behind the purpLe heart band aids

Kerry Plans to Respond to Bush Speech

Tora Bora - Dem's need to start banging that missed opportunity

Letter to the Editor about Bush attacking Kerry's military record

Olbermann on McCain vs Moore

Time for Kerry to turn the boat toward the shore and the direct fire ?

Kerry's Real Heroism Came After The War

One of the many reasons I never miss Vanity Fair

If anyone has the balls

DNC 2004 on DVD

Republican National Convention Donors

THE NATION commercial

ABC News Now: Gingrich - Thursday's "The Night"

Has anyone else heard why MMoore left the hate fest tonight

Bush's Dad lied about war record

I have a theory

Shrock dupe-see latest breaking news. :)

The scumbags are mocking Kerry with Purple Heart Bandages!

Interesting from LAT: Convention "Blog Watch"

Moore's USA Today Article

My own morbid curiosity

Rudy is un-frikkin' believable

Another case of Republican nepotism

Dem Internal Polls Looking Better!

Bush's Dad lied about war record

Polls can make you's Zogby's (which looks good)

DU this CNN Poll for the Repuke Convention!!!

Timmy Russert,

GWB* and early voting, does it force Kerry/Edwards to play their hand

Ralph Nader won’t be on Missouri’s Ballot

during the DNC, was onLy 1 hour broadcast?

Why is SBV a big deal? There was a book about Bush1's fakery, too!

Which is worse: RNC dissing of veterans or 9/11 victims?

Why you should vote for Bush...

Faux Moos; Fair and Balanced convention coverage. NOT.

Ron Reagan Jr. is on fire tonight on MSNBC's "After Hours"

OMG...CNN are still showing the Swift boat vets ad!!!

In his speech, Guiliani used variants of the word "terror" **45** times.

Is the GOP mailing absentee ballot request forms to their people???

Will the GOP burn the flag thursday night, or wait till November?

Coverage RNC vs. DNC: Anybody notice an imbalance?

Yo ! News Media ! Did you forget ????

Kudos to Michael Moore for entering the RNC Convention!

Opening night launches Republican effort to revive the spirit of 9/11

did you see the cheney heckler and what they did to him?

Arnold looking quite Germanic, wink wink

Rove wins by attacking his opponents' strength: an undecideds story.

SVB Push polling nailed in Wisconsin

Sad proof that W's negative ads do have an impact....

Thank God we have Rudy and Laura to interpret George's idiotic statements

Did John McCain get his balls cut off in N. Vietnam?

Internal numbers show Wisc.,Mich., Pa. tilt to President

McCain - What a HYPOCRITE!

How can Ed Koch be comfortable with a Bush domestic policy he hates?

'Thank God George Bush is Our President!'

It is time to go vote

John McCain's Betrayals

My plea to those DUers who plan on supporting Nader.....

McCain was trying to make Michael Moore the Willie Horton

Is TV Coverage Of The GOP Conv As Equally Hostile As With The Dems?

Has Anyone Here Noticed That Since Bush 's Poll Numbers Have Improved

Blackwell (band-aid purple heart) is a Moral Majority co-founder

So where are the Democrat rebuttals?

What do you think of the bandaids, Secretary Powell?

Double post

Bush flip-flops on War on Terra

Stock market has been going down since the Repig convention began

The scumbags are mocking Kerry with Purple Heart Bandages!

Jeebus! Give 'em a bandadged finger and get to work!

Which side are you on?

Was the DNC this nasty starting off as the RNC was last night?

Enough nuance already with the Purple Heart thing

A LTTE I sent off this AM

Some Advice to Kerry on the Swiftboat/Vietnam Service Issue

Chimp Vader is Speaking Before The American Legion Now

Harebrained freepers want Texas to secede if Kerry wins

GOP button: Troop coffin with a 'Ha Ha You were Punked!'

Strange comments heard last night

C SPAN re-showing Sunday's Protest March & Interviews NOW

John Kerry likely to win US polls: Najamuddin

You reap what you sow...

I had a dream!

Bush is going on the Rush Limbaugh show today

Am I the only one who thinks Fahrenheit 9/11 came out too soon?

Let me get this straight, Kerry has been relatively quiet through August

Bush says: "This will not happen on my watch" ????????????

Dear DU-er ... A Message From The Kerry Campaign

Bush is making the War on Terror More important than his own record

Bush on Today Show: The Disarming Smile


giuiani getting hard time on the View on ABC

Nice Laura Bush Says She Will Not (Personally) Attack Kerry, But It's OK

America Coming Together has a donor-matcher until day's end

Bush said we will win the war on terrorism after he said we can't

Oh how precious ammo George just gave us

Listen Up Media: Jersey Widow Demands Accountability from Bush re 9-11!

Two students not allowed at Bush rally; man removed, let back in

Other forces are working against Bush

Kerry needs to use the "C" word for Laura Bush and Babs Bush

Report on Pensacola "FloraBama" Kerry-Van

Our Grief Is Not Your Photo-Op

Would ANY Of You Be Surprised?

kerry needs to use the 'C' word

Where's The Best Debunker For UGH RNC Speeches?

Aren't Purple Hearts awarded to soldiers wounded or KILLED in combat?

Why Theresa LePore must go (voting in Palm Beach County!!!!!)

You got to be kidding me with those bandages!

Rush Limabugh gets an interview with AWOL!!!

Great review of last night's convention spectacle

Republican outed for being gay quits

Should I get my brakes fixed first?

PetGoat Bush is a failed leader:new name for him: "PetGoat Bush"

Memo to Kerry Camp: Time to stop REACTING and TALK to the people.....

What happened to all the "99% KERRY VICTORY" threads?

More Believe Bush Behind Attack Ads

bush* just stated that the "war" was one that was not started by "us"!

Bush Delegate :: Ohio :: We will Kerry Ohio!

Texas official who got George Bush into the National Guard apologizes

Kerry Press Release: Bush Flip-Flops on Winning the War on Terror

Chimpy Flip Flops AGAIN

8/31/04: The Date W takes a commanding lead, according to Dick Morris

Ha ha! Bush flipped and then he flopped!

Kerry-Edwards 2004 Issues 'Smear Boat Veterans Newsletter'

Local Liberal Talk Host Lynn Cullen (Pgh) has car keyed - has K/E Sticker

Anytime you get 50,000 idiots to attend the same party

Are" The Sky Is Falling " Posts Undermining Morale?

Be careful registering voters

Vocabulary lessons:

Help! Edwards is warmongering on C-SPAN...

Speaking In Tongues-Wash. Post

Kerry takes command

Are you making a difference?

Here's Pat with her purple heart stuck to her chin -- this is truly sick

A Few Questions We Should Ask Bush

Did Wolf Really Say About The BandAids

How many people are protesting the RNC?


Sixty-three days until the election...

So are Republicans still mocking wounded veterans?

FL? When would Theresa LePore leave office if she loses today?


Perspective: Venues and Flesh Baffles.

I just called the Bush Campaign HQ and I'm pissed

Du this poll please!

Many DUers are as gullible as the republican faithful.

If you're so mad, then WHY aren't you FIGHTING BACK with THIS...

Need some good Kerry talking points

Moore booed at GOP convention (big surprise), but he had a great comeback


I received a very nice picture of Kerry/Edwards in the mail yesterday.

Swift Boat 2. Will Kerry let the GOP define his Senate record for him?

DUers in NY: Let's get some press re: bandaidgate

Patriot Act

The Midnight Rally in Ohio is brilliance on Kerry's part

Another factoid about Republican political strategy...

Sick as a dog with fever but I'm voting LaPore out of office today!

MSNBC: Was Giuliani's Speech Wonderful or Magnificent?

The latest Bush flip-flop. Where is the campaign ad?

What gets on broadcast evening news is the big event.

McCain: Saddam Refused Unrestricted Inspection of his Arsenal

The fleeting euphoria of insanity. You can see it in their faces.

Bush is once again using 9/11 as a platform

Doonesbury idea-BD needs to react to the purple heart bandaids

Franken on the 87 billion vote thing

Democratic fund-raiser in Greenville, SC, last night (8/30): PACKED!

Anybody know how you get an invitation to an Inaugaral Ball?

RNC Drinking game for teetotalers: drink every time they mention Osama

Gen. McPeak on Franken Report Advocating For John Kerry

GOP Staffer Verifies Rove Behind Swift Boat Ads

Two question to ask O'Neil and the ShitBoat Liars.

Moore in USA Today: "Welcome, Republicans"

Corporations paying for Arnold's appearance tonight

WALT STARR (or anyone who is well-versed in his research:

How differnt would things be if Gore got his TV Network?

A thought on Bandaidgate and SBV

Luckovich just on CNN: "Everything Bush has touched has turned to "poop!"

The Democrats' Toughness Gap

The damned convention will be over with in a couple of days.

I just called the Kerry campaign and I'm pissed

Bush just said they are winning war, A day after they can't, mind is gone

What's The Deal With 527's, And The 30\60 Day Prohibition???

We vets need to WEAR our decorations at rallies, tabling, precinct walking

They Call Me A "Traitor"

Protestors have "8000 Years of Experience"

I just received another online Zogby poll. Sample of the questions:

Broadway shows censored for RNC delegates.

The bandaid thing: who needs Dem strategists when Pub's hang selves?

Psst, George! Stick to the script!

GET OFF YOUR BUTTS! GOP platform - 911/Terror/Fear/War - is all BS!

Weird David Brooks comment last night......

Just a heads up re: my article on the Terror War flip-flop + band-aids

Bush says she won't be attacking Kerry

Hey McCain! What's disingenuous is you campaigning for a man who

Mason-Dixon to join Knight Ridder and MSNBC to poll battleground states

Bush=Limbaugh! Why don't dems attack?

Theresa Lepore......

Why doesnt Kerry remind Bush & Rudy of something?

dumbya: "Military force is the last option."

Could Kerry have gotten into the national guard? What were his options for

Help wanted: bumper sticker bandaid with "This is NO Joke"

DU those assholes at the RNC about the purple heart bandaids.

When Are We Democrats Going To Learn The Game?!?!

Kerry needs tosay"Bush refuses to confront Problems-easyIraqVS hard Osama

Have they no shame?

Bush is a free man to do anyhting he wants!

would it be TERRIBLY awful

WSJ: Kerry Weighs Campaign Shake-Up (???)

HELP!!!!!Fla vote problems need phone number for DNC

Dem Strat. was wrong. It's not a filter, its a media dam. There is no

Kerry campaign shake-up coming up

Dow under Clinton vs Dubya - why is no one discussing this?

Pyrrhic Victories, or When are Dems going to learn to fight?!?!

Bush flipping the bird: IS THIS REAL? Does Bush flip many taxpayers?

My letter from Repuke Rudy Giuliani !!

A quickie bandaid/purple heart graphic....

Candy Crowley's Freudian Slip

great quote! by Phil Singer

Just called Kerry HQ.

I just got off the phone with a Kerry campaign staff member.......

Bush: Now we WILL win war on terror. ANOTHER chimp flop!

Slam CNBC Powerpoll on the biggest flip-flop ever

All John Kerry has to do is consult with Bill Clinton on a daily

Tell Blitzer how Bush can win your vote:

Flippity Flappity Flop

I am asking for everyone to boost others moral. Even if a boxing match

Rudi Guiliani, just another despicable Republican whore.

Don't let doom and gloomers discourage your efforts

I say put you money where your complaining is, If your not part of..

How can so many people believe anything Bush says? It's scary

I have a neat idea for a Bush ad:

Any one else seeing huge semi's with GOP ads all over them?

This is NOT good news..

Moore not returning to RNC Convention

Guys here is an optimisitc post...

I'm Dying

Purple Heart Bandages: the Trademark Dept at J&J took my info

Lying liars

Check out and thank all who can tell the difference

Wednesday.... Will Kerry cut loose on Shrub Wednesday?

Kerry Campaign: where the hell is Ben Barnes?

Moore's USA Today column: The GOP doesn't reflect America

I believe Bush will win this election.He has several things going

Krugman at writers' gathering in NY brings up BCCI and Kerry's role.

About Bush's AFR assignment to Denver 1973.

Rejoice! We shall prevail!

Dear Ms. Coulter: Where are the pretty girls?

Graph of Fox News convention coverage

Can you see Bush* entering a hostile hall with 5000 enemies, like Moore?

New Staff Additions Strengthen Kerry-Edwards Team for Final Campaign Push

Mega-rich Schwarzenegger has not made a GOP donation in a decade...

This election is a lot like 1980

The Myth: "Bernie, thank God George Bush is our president."

Is Kerry's Health Plan a Joke?

Moment of Truth, folks. It's slipping away. Can we get it back? HOW?

What will Bush say in the debates when John Kerry

Is Michael Moore inside the RNC?

Olbermann On McCain\Moore !!!

Do War Leaders Give Up?

Kerry wins if he talks about the following at every event

IF Kerry loses...

The Metro-spy site also mentions Bactine, made by Bayer..

Paul Krugman just gave the sound-bite Edwards should have gave

BUSH On Kerry: "Vietnam-Schmietnam! Where Was Mr. Big War Hero on 9/11"

Will the "purple heart bandaid" episode wound Bush?

Our Kerry-Van made channel 5 in Mobile

Bush says war is always the last choice not the first for him

I'm begining to think the Swift Boat Liars "blip" for Dumbo is only temp.

Um... if you're unhappy with the campaign...

Believe it or not, Fox news has a good article.

Urgent to W PITT: Is Karen Hughes Hair THAT Blue in Person ?!!

New Campaign song for *?

Why does Bush campaign on 9/11? is he nuts?

Do You Believe the Kerry Campaign is Effective?

Make Bush fall into his own rhetorical trap.

Kerry plots Ohio response to Bush speech

OK this whole Purple Heart thing is starting to wear thin

If 256 men say something are they truthfull? According Ann Coulter..

John Kerry needs attack ads and needs them NOW.

Turdblossom on CNN now

Lynn Swann on Ed Schultz. Unbelievable

RNC daily prayers

trof on TV-clip

Consumer Confidence drops SHARPLY in August!

Fox News HQ surrounded by protestors / police

Why the reps have the house, senate and presidency...

purple heart bandaids are un-American

Slate's Saletan: Being There, What 9/11 Tells Us About Bush? Nothing.

If your crying about Kerry's campain you are saying your smarter....


On VH1 last night: Kerry vs Bush "Bling Off"

Smearboat $40 Million Contract From Bush Administration

James Baker to head Bush's Debate Negotiation Team

When did Anger become a Liability?

Wait till the job numbers on Friday, DUers.

Being There What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.

bush/limpballs.."we can win the war", "we can't win the war"."what I meant

Barring a miracle for Bush, Kerry cannot lose. Here is why.

Take off the gloves. Campaign button for AWOL Bush*:

How Did Bush's "Winnable War" Flip-Flop Become A "Clarification?"

Scarborough's new talking point: Dems think Kerry was slow to respond

Must See: Republican delegates being interviewed...quite showing

DNC fundrising deadline! Tonight at Midnight!

Cabinet makeup supporting Bush?

EX-VIET CONG even says swiftboaters are liers

Best Place For Anti Bush Crap? Cheap?

You like my new Kerry 2004 lapel?

I contacted Bush/Cheney Headquarters.

Great article from TVNewsLies: Wallowing in the Media Mudfest

Correction: Check not pollingpoint as stated

Rhetoric, Lies, and Videotape, Day One at...

bush flaps the flip-flop; now we CAN win the war on terra

bush's PURPLE HEART Bandages...get yours today! toon

Ed Schultz will have Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer on tomorrow.

If you are watching TV and wonder, they are watching and believing

Hey rePukes !!! - Show THIS Guy Your Band-Aids... I Double Dare You !!!

Bad news for Arnold. Playboy is thinking of re-releasing Carnival in Rio


Is there a link to the Gingrich "It's funny" quote re: PH bandages?

Should The Repugs Denounce BadaidGate

Ex-Viet Cong Soldier Voting for Kerry - With Our Comments

What happened to the truth squad?

Who is a bigger threat?

Demand that the Kerry campaign respond forcefully

An answer to BandAidGate

Artists & Tracks on "Future Soundtrack For America"

Swift boat veteran makes attack on president's character

Bush - the flip flopping hypocrite

Demand that the Bush campaign condemn the PurpleHeart Bandaids

Steal these "Vietnam Veterans For Kerry" graphics.

"Stop the war on HEROism"!

God, this Dem guy on Crossfire...

2000 May repeat itself

Taking bets: Will ANYBODY at this "convention" ever mention


Undecided GOP Voters Skeptical of Bush

Ratings from last night?

Has Norman Mineta (Bush's Democratic Transportation Sec.) Endorsed Bush?

Pappy Bush: RNC War Protesters "hurting men and women in uniform overseas"

Kerry campaign will place $45 million 20-state ad buy

CNN: Rove now "speaking out" against the purple band-aids

This Terminator is starting to look like Jerry Mahoney?

Joe Sandler?

Pic heavy thread from UFPJ protest in NYC 8/29

Morton "Purple-heart band-aid" Blackwell/Co-founder of the Moral Majority

Purple Heart Bandage at RNC - I just talked to a 3M bandage rep

Bush has a Man-date!

on the NewsHour: 4 Republican"economists" praising Bush's economy

Giuliani called Bush America's Churchill.


Kerry just bought 45 mill air time for ads thru Nov.2 say USA today

To the guy who works for

About Joe Lockhart:

Ready Response Team

Just completed another Zogby poll.

Anyone remember which netowrk(s) profiled the GOP"Truth Squad"

CNN: Kerry Shaking up his Campaign?

Was the Zogby poll in 2000 interactive? Were there Zogby state polls in 00

Maybe a dumb question: If Bushco scheduled their RNC to be a month

Russert: Good For Bush If Election is about 911?

75% Chance Of Being Killed Or Wounded - Why Don't We Hear This?

Just talked to someone at the Kerry WDC Campaign HQ

Kerry coming to Akron, Ohio Saturday

CBS is making fun of Dem War Room

rnc folly - let them have their four days of faux glory

Kerry campaign is beefing up w/lockart so says CNN

Anybody see Pickles on PBS?

AP's Ron Fournier: "Kerry Will Buy $45 TV Time in 20 States!"

Like a buzzard sitting on the old pinon pine out in the desert....

Cheney had only one daughter at RNC Is one not supporting him?

CBS news calls Bush "we cant win" a flip flop


Who thinks debate #3 should be replaced by an Ultimate Fighting showdown?

interesting poll at.........

GHWB WHINING about the media on NBC

ICR EXCEL poll has Kerry over Bush 48-45

ICR Poll: Bush 45 Kerry 48

Kerry-Edwards Press Release - 'Smear Boat Veterans Newsletter'

How many GOP delegates were 'bought' with 'faith-based' Federal money

You Don't Win the White House on the Defensive...

STOP THE WAR ON HEROISM bumper stickers!

Laura Bush love fest on Hardball!

What just happened on hardball??? anyone see it?

The Media Sure Seems HAPPY To Be At the RNC!!!

Would BUSH Have a PRAYER If Not For September 11th?

Has anyone else seen this "Cheney Security Breach"?

Kerry continues to lead or tie in last week polls except for LAT & Gallup

I've not seen so many black women on TV since Motown 25

Something is odd about this website on polling

An opportunity for Democrats with Bush flap about "can't win the war"...

I'm So Sick of This Kerry Indecisive Crap

Strategic Vision Polling

Any word on the FL primaries?

Holy Sh*t! What just happened on MSNBC???

Bush's Gift to Kerry

Anyone yet read the GOP Platform?

Took the new Zogby poll. Questions about SBVT ads. Seen 'em?

did anyone watch Wolfie today? did he read any of the

Bush's Gift to Kerry

MEME MEMO: Latest SBL ad. "So Kerry should have LIED before congress?"

we need bandaids that look like the medal Bush didn't win

SBVT'S PR Firm - a REPUBLICAN-funded "noise machine"

What phrase will Arnold use in his speech tonight?

Floridians, check in!

Ted Kennedy is calling for you to express your campaign concerns!

The Sky Is Falling........Again.

Aaaaaaaah!!! NOoooo! DON'T TRY TO DANCE!

A DUer wanted to know about Gingrich "I think it is funny"

If/when Kerry wins, will Democrats keep up the energy and take the fight

Houston Dems: Great GetOutTheVote Activity! Hooray!

Less than 6 million watched RNC last night.

Shrubco is pushing Absentee Ballot requests via phone solicitation and

I am outraged at voting in Florida today!

Air america: Complaint filed against Tom Delay for many things he's

THIS is what JK should say on thursday

DU this poll: Would you vote for Arnold if he could run for President?

Please spend more time registering voters and volunteering at

Cheerleaders for Truth a website showing Georgie at his finest

OKAY! Gotta do it...Gotta hear the "twins" and Laura tonight. Don't Want

Job's report due out on Friday: Expecting 160,000 created. Agree?

Cops Beating Protesters With Nightsticks, And Shoving Cameraman...

Good news: Kerry likely to win

Michael Moore was escorted out of Madison Square Garden???!!!

Because he's raising gas prices 40¢ per gal. and 250 vets don't like him.

Nader Gets on the Florida Ballot as Reform Party

Oh dear lord look at this: Bush - 280; Kerry - 242

Listen to COVERAGE of protests in NY LIVE online - LINKED

Finally, I Feel Optomistic and Full of Hope!!

How Did Bush's "Winnable War" Flip-Flop Become A "Clarification?"

Where the hell is Dean? Where are the Democratic Attack Dogs?

Bush is afraid to go to Iraq

Stephen Baldwin

Compassion Night at RNC: Arnold then Pickles.

Bush Against Winning War on Terror Before He Was For It, Says Kerry

Will Arnold's wife be at the convention????? Bush 280 Kerry 242 COMPLETE BS

Did Kerry Say ALL Vets Committed War Crimes Like Genghis Khan?

My letter to Kerry, get the fuck off your wind-surfer and WORK!

Rumour that John Sasso might take over Kerry campaign

Great quote from Kerry Campaign

My fresh idea for a NYC convention hotel wake-up call tape!

Kerry Press Release: Latest on Efforts to Smear Kerry's Military Service

When are they gonna exhume Reagan and jerk off on his casket?

Paxil and Piss: The Republican Convention, Day One

If Kerry can't protect his honor - he can't protect this country

Florida is up in polls for Kerry, on air america

Nausea in New York

OK, this post about BBV is freaking me out.

John McCain

Some help needed.

Zogby: Dead heat between Bush and Kerry in Virginia

The band aid story is featured on CNN right now

Has anyone read James Carville's new book Had Enough?

WillPitt: Interview with GOP singers make it into an ad???

Could Kerry have gotten into the national guard? What were his options for

bush is NOT a flip-flopper

Holy Sh*t! What just happened on MSNBC???

newsmax - kerry girLs on VMAs

Wow! I saw Krugman/Joe Wilson/Unger/Blumenthal/Mark Green speak tonight!

New Attack Ad From PleasureBoatCaptains for Truth

Bandaid-Gate now up to 42 articles on google news...and counting

GOP Removes Press Release After DU Story is Picked Up by MSNBC

What the hell was that on Crossfire?

Please write to Johnson & Johnson about this usage of the Purple Heart

CONFIRMED: GOP is mailing absentee ballot forms, with anti-Kerry message

Democrats helping to perpetuate the myth that Iraq was involved with 9-11?

George Bush is forcing my children's school to be CLOSED!

Kerry needs to go on "60 Minutes," PRONTO!

I just gave $150 to the Democratic Party.

I'll probably never earn the Purple Heart before I retire from the USAF

Print out these medals Bush never got from the Texas Air National Guard

If you haven't sent this article to news outlets you aren't doing YOUR job

Memo to DU: Get a fucking grip.

Bush daughters are sweaty, gross

KERRY Plans "Major Campaign Shakeup"

To the heartless "purple bandaid" delegates.

BUSH FAILED America on 911 ... I repeat BUSH FAILED America on 911 ...