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Archives: January 14, 2005

Bush Diagnosed With 'Malignant Egophrenia' (Mad Emperors Disease)'

Low caste survivors denied food and water

Why sympathy for tsunami vics & none for Iraqi vics?

Letter to Minneapolis Star Tirbune compares Bush and O J Simpson

Robin Cook in the Guardian: "Hold the elections, then get out "

STRETCHING THE TRUTH! George Bush lied in Josh Wright’s face.

PAUL KRUGMAN: Ship of state headed for iceberg

"Papers Please" National ID s , passport chips, internal passports

'They wanted me to point at the detainee's genitals and laugh'

Arianna Huffington: Fuck The Future

Fox's Bret Baier lies, implies Iraq Survey Group saw Iraq WMD go to Syria

Ed Schultz's wife wrote me back!

Pete Peterson lies on Lou Dobbs saying the Soc Sec Funds are an illusion

Fox's Mort Kondracke Lies,says Kennedy's Health care cost est wrong by 10x

NBC's Brian York/Matthews lie about Dan Rather, just like the AP

HBO documentary about AAR coming

FOX uses Reuters 11/24 error(corrected 11/30) to lie about God banned in

NBC's Katie Couric unprepared to call Gingrich a liar as he says God was

So I've been thinking.

USAF/INSS Occasional Paper 15: Non-Lethal Weapons:Terms And

The Brady "Report Cards" are in...

What just happened?

Skinner...want to wish you a safe trip for Kephra's services

Hi! How can I modify the forums listed in "my forums"? I want to get

Am I crazy, or has the freeper-obsession hit a new high?

Can we post links to threads on conservative forums?

Just a thank you post.

What makes something an agenda site?

A suggestion

Tribute idea for Kef!!!

I hope last night's "fun's over" imitation thread was not taken amiss

simple, dumb question...sorry

Is flirting still allowed?

Poll shows majority support for pullout

Don't Fall in Love With Abbas Yet

Sept. 11th + X = Shut up!

KOEB in exile

This is all the corporate media can do to "explain" the fraud...

Ed Schultz on O'Reilly/Fox tonight...

"The 2004 WCVI National Latino Election Day Exit Poll”

Attempt to recall Washington's Secretary of State

history of exit polls in US personal memory

Rathergate Vs Saddam's WMD - A Quantitative Comparison

The Nashua Advocate: All About, Well, Balls -- Inaugural, CNN's, & Others

"It's not Bush's fault there were no WMDs - it's Saddam's..."

Sen. Clinton wrote me back re Conyers request

CBS Sins?: Who's sinning the most? My Letter to Joe Scarborough

Would you be overly enthused to vote in 08 using Diebold

Letter From Sen. Clinton on Election Reform

Voters favored Kerry; Anomalies favored Bush

Just a reminder: It's not 'voter fraud', it's ELECTION FRAUD

Anti-Coronation Balloons. No Security Risk. Message Ideas?

Vote on MSNBC for Rather !

"Pat on the back" time!

New Button For Those of You Who Think Kerry Won!

BLackwell: "200 voters/machine"

Say NO to Automatic Recounts ! Say YES to Mandatory recounts !

One Week from Today, It's Going to Hurt Real Bad....

Cobb: Obstruction in New Mexico, Voting Machines to be Cleared Out

A DUer's Wakeup Prayer -- The Hopi Elders Speak

Speaker tells Palo Alto students that stripping can be lucrative

Sheriff Dunn Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charge: Dunn Retires


NBC Nightly News in Minnesota

Who's going to the Central Committee meeting Jan 22?

Info on buying billboard advertising - cheaper than you think

On the Texas Insurance Commissioner's resignation: Good Riddance

Texas adopts extremely limited new home warranty standards.

US confirms it was informed of Iraqi oil trafficking

Thailand earmarks $1.7B in aid for victims

Why Can't STONE, MacDOUGALD, and ROVE Be Put Under Oath

Bob Shrum on MSNBC's Hardball Now

Letter from Alan Colmes

I thought

Eliot Spitzer fans, he's keeping some pretty lousy company

Soc. Security;'s new electronic disability folder sucks!

Hey what happened to Muqtada Al-sadr?

The fine print behind Tsunami relief

Hey! Electoral Fraud & the new Technocracy!

Binmen thought Modern Art was load of old rubbish

Ed Schultz v. Olieley

More hypocrisy, Bush guts military to fund Iraq oil war

Ed Schultz should have said

Vote this story a 5.

Armed Pilot Charged With Intoxication

please delete

It's Christie Todd Whitman's turn to tell the truth...

Are we going to use natrual disasters as a means of taking over countries?

Arsenal of Hypocrisy....Space Wars and more! devastating info

Need help finding a thread...

Juan Cole: Falling like Flies, 53 Iraqi Parties Withdraw from Elections

ACLU blasts Government over abuse of "terror war" powers....

Has any good ever come out of major disasters?

Bush is a Dick

Military Researching Gay Bomb

The name of the guy who worked for and moved to Kerry campaign

Halliburton wins gas contract in Iran...axis of evil, you say?

Bush Admits He Was Wrong, Hell Freezes Over....

is ethanol-biofuel sustainable

Is Yahoo watching you??

Todays Bush Flip Flop....

what's a conspiracy?-what's a conspiracy theory? what's the diff?

Greatest Talent of the Bush Administration: The Manufactured Crisis

Mandatory Malloy: Thursday Night Truthseeker Group Hug

Egyptian Asbestos Workers Dying of Cancer

TDS: Clips of WH claiming "Sept. 11 changed the equation" to make the

"May Gerorge W Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq"

Disgruntled LED inventor calls Japan's judicial system 'corrupt'

When Did the Democrats become the more liberal of the 2 parties?

What Is A Hedge Fund? Soros Made His Millions In Them

Why does PBS have almost no insighful documentaries any more?

Nightline 1/13: creationism vs evolution in public school science classes

Tsunami - little girl lost - email from Italy

Trip to Auschwitz would be "distraction", says Buckingham Palace

bush's new nicknames for 2005

How do you look at friends/aquaintances that voted for Bush?

Someone should start slamming Bush because of this quote:

The Anthrax killer has never been found, but neither has the Tylenol

RevMoon's GoodLife TV changing name to AmericanLife TV on March 1.

WTF? Tens of thousands of Iraqis expected to vote from Germany

Make the Freepers Mad at Bush. Tell 'Em We Waged War to Give Iraq to Iran

There are people who believe

republican Senator admits to SS theft - wants to declare US bankrupt....

Evangelicals Take Advantage of Tsunami Orphans, Prompt Restrictions

KOEB Meeting

Wal-Mart: Raising New Standards for America

What possible reason could Saddam Hussein have for sending WMD to Syria?

Mark my word: Bush will pull out of Iraq with civil war in Iraq!

I remember when the Euro was introduced in 1999 for .76 cents US.

Confederate Flag OK, Swastika is not, why the double standards?

Can you help an old lady out?

Got my first nasty/hate email

A Perfect Circle Releases Controversial Interactive Version of Their Provo

Bush Diagnosed With Malignant Egophrenia (Mad Emperors Disease)!

'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

Sheriff Dunn Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charge: Dunn Retires

Miami-Dade Police Given New Stun Gun Rules

Vikings' Moss Fined $10,000 by NFL for `Mooning' Celebration

Disgruntled LED inventor calls Japan's judicial system 'corrupt'

FDR's Grandson protests use of image in SS ad.

Intelligence Future-Gazers Look at 2020

US troops detain Muslim cleric in Baghdad

Cheney Says U.S. Must Act Now on Pensions System

Iran Parliament to further inhibit women

Military putting anti-gay stance ahead of National security

Armed Pilot Charged With Intoxication

Army Seargent refuses to return to Iraq

Human Rights Watch calls for special prosecutor in Abu Ghraib scandal

Bush under fire over human rights (Guardian special report))

Career Day Speaker Advises Stripping

Indonesia blocks tsunami orphans from being placed in non-Muslim homes

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

'Ali G' Comedian Risks Riot at U.S. Rodeo

Southern Mississippi library system bans Jon Stewart's best-selling book

Medical Records: Rosa Parks Has Dementia

Zoellick Plies a New Trade/Asia Times Online

Florida Supreme Court Denies Motion Overturning Abortion Notification Vote

Poles Permit Take Down of Hijacked Planes

Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Abuse of U.S. Detainees

WP: Education Chief Defends Payments to Pundit

Human Rights Watch: Iran's oppression worsening

US soldier killed in Mosul (1359 Dead)

Centcom: Two Marines Killed in Al Anbar Province

Bush under fire over human rights

President criticizes Education Dept.'s payout to Armstrong

WP: Teen Web Editor Drives Apple to Court Action

WP: Social Security Push to Tap the GOP Faithful

Ring of steel as Bush sworn in

Some Now Question Cost of Inauguration

WP: Bush Plans Sharp Cuts in HUD Community Efforts

Second Video Reveals More About Alleged Christian Hate Crime

Man Arrested After Ricin Seen in Fla. Home

Fox TV Accused of Stereotyping American Muslims

[IHT / NYTimes] Iraqis to get 5 polling places in U.S.

Newdow Tries To Ban Prayer From Presidential Inauguration

Report: India, China will be major powers in 2020

Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons (For a SEX BOMB)

Bush Regrets Language That Hurt U.S. Diplomacy

U.S. Diet Guide Puts Emphasis on Weight Loss

"The President's living in the Truman Show!"

green beans

Would you party if I was banned, cry or both?


Daily Dose Of Political Humor

Would anyone even care if I was banned?

Gary Spivey!

It annoys me when parents lool like their children .

Can you feel that breeze coming off of the ocean?

It annoys me when children go after their parents name

New Marine Corp Exam

Retroactive abortions. Would you support them, for taking out

As much as I love my job

In Go-Cart racing priorities are important

I probably missed the initial "Shaun Of The Dead" threads, but it's GREAT!

I have a lot of pain behind my left eye

Tsunami - lost girl -both parents gone and she has no memory

Is anyone in touch with matcom?

Claude Monet as told by my 10 year old

The "O.C." just dissed Bill O'Reilly

FYI: Bush is strong on terror. of the writers of "The O.C." hates Bill O'Reilly

I watched "Birth of a Nation"

Do dial-up DUers hate DSL and cable modem DUers?

Ed Schultz is going to be on O'Reilly tonight.....

The Supreme Court just selected me!

Binmen thought Modern Art was load of old rubbish

I was just re-elected!

In a knoock down-drag out no holds barred space bar brawl who'd win?

Only slightly insane after 10000, ask me something

Okay, you had $250 to spend...

Anybody else here feel WAY out of touch?

Jesus was gother than you and I can prove it.

"She's like every other woman. She will control everything."

CarolinaPeridot ....

Ugh...I don't wanna go home....pretty boy Floyd's gonna be there.

I think I just hit the alert button on myself!

"One floor below me, you don't even know me, I love you."

So my husband found a wallet today with $2000 cash in it.

Pithlet - how'd the mouse saga turn out??

So those killers from '64 are out on bail

I'm Norm Peterson. Ask me anything.

Someone turn up the heat!!

All right! In terms of usless crap, these commercials are making me nuts

I'm Turd Ferguson. Ask me anything.

I'm Gary Coleman. Ask me anything.

Is it possible to un-dry a marshmallow?

Okay. I won't feel hurt:

Do you have a tatoo?

Wilma or Betty

Wish this was true

some dickwad Barnes & noble Manager

Hmm "Wicker Park" was pretty interesting

Prince Harry wearing a Nazi costume to a party - bad?

My first Bush chimp!

Shall we start a pool? How long before:

Musicphiles: When was Styx' "Come Sail Away" recorded?

Breaking News: Cheeta the worlds oldest known Chimp

Oh hey...remember my favourite criminal?

Does anyone know if the "Watergate Hearings" are available on DVD?

W, Sockpuppet, Bathtub, Saving the world from evil

Scooby or Shaggy

So if Pebbles is a cereal, what's a bam-bam?

Fred or Barney

Which blog topic?

I'm headin down the Atlanta Highway....

What musical was "Bertha Venation" a character in?

Tonight's Jon Stewart show caused my "brain to fall out." Whoa!

ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

I have whooping cough

Neighbor cats in my crawl space.

Kef's Memorial Book LAST CALL!!!

Who else has seen William Shatner in concert?

The Question Thread...

Career Day Speaker Advises Stripping

I'm Walter Mondale, ask me anything

I am the ghost of Paul Wellstone. Ask me anything.

Grandma update: she's actually doing pretty well!

Any louse problems this evening?

Wow! New Critic episodes on the net!

Performed or Preformed?

I'm Lyndon Johnson. Ask me anything.

I am Jack's Oblangata. Ask me anything

Wasted away again in stupid freeperville

I'm President Josiah Bartlet, ask me anything!

Favorite movie Comedy Central runs into the ground?

I'm a Duck Tour Operator. Ask me anything.

im getting popup adds... but...

I have short-term memory loss. Ask me anything!

Which Harrison Ford would win in a fight with other Harrison Fords?

Can I say it?

Any mouse problems this evening?

Let's form a link samba line!

Listening to Karen Carpenter sing "Masquerade" right now

I Still Resent the Watergate Hearings for Pre-empting Match Game

What love song is on your playlist now?


Sometimes you have to love PROZAC

Have you ever flirted with someone on the telephone?

X Prize Foundation Email I just got... check the new board mems

So who's the David that's gonna kick Ebay's ass?

The Daily Show explains Bush press policy

I am Doctor Who, ask me anything!

I am No Doctor. Ask me anything.

It is so cold out that my house is creaking


How do you deal with asshole coworkers?

6950 posts after 10,000! Ask me something!

Sept. 11 + X = Shut (the hell) up!

What kind of pets do you have?

Who's your hero

Jim Rome Rips Bush

Help I'm a rock! Ask me anything.

Are you the class clown?

funniest thing just heard on TV right now

Pick a favorite Beatles song.

I am Doctor Zhivago. Ask me anything.

Do you dream about famous people? I had a dream about Preston Manning

Ok, I am an idiot. What the heck does "meme" mean??

I'm quite angry. Should I take up kickboxing?

I am Doctor No. Ask me anything.

When is Red Dwarf Series V going to come out on DVD?

Why are Crab Rangoon reduced to "Cheese Wontons" on some Chinese menus?

Ted Nugent: Another example of hypocrisy. Draft-dodger.

Favorite old Elton John song

In the spirit of Iggy Pop - do your worst to HEyHEY now...

I'm Going Quackers! Help!

What movie was just so awful that it ended up being unintentionally funny?

Grrr... (the ex-Mrs. Robb rears her cheatin' head)

Elizabeth Tudor or Mary, Queen of Scots?


I feel naked

Who would like to see Hillary Clinton run for Prez in '08?

WE need a BIG protest

Do u like The Smiths? The Cure? Depeche Mode?

well, howday, ah am trent lot, ax me eneefing

My Cat Trixie Just Ate A French Fry! Odd Things Cats Eat....

Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part3)


Which King George?

Say you live in a blue state.........


How old are all of you

DU PC preference poll. What is the best PC brand? Help!

7532 posts away from 10,000! Ask me something!

My beautiful 52-YO neighbor in the Greenville condo had a heart attack .

I'm not naming names, but I saw one of my very dear DU friends...

Gyro vs. Souvlaki vs. Falafel vs. Chicken Gyro

Mrs. Grumpy resting comfortably at home!

New Avatar

"As we know, there are known knowns..."

MTV Made

You won't believe what I bet and lost on the Orange Bowl. Payoff time.

Neighbors crawl in my cat's space!

Here Comes The Sun

There's an old Australian stockman lying, dying. He gets himself up

All right, here's the way it's gonna be, see

I'm Norm Macdonald, ask me anything.

Have you ever flirted with a telephone?

Last day to donate to the Khephra Memorial Fund.

I'm Hillary Clinton, Ask Me Anything

Bu$h on Jerry Springer: My daughter is dating a terrorist.

I'm Norm Coleman. Ask me anything.

Illinois idiot!

What movie was so bad you got up and walked out of it?

Whats the best movie you've seen that hardly anyone else has?

Best buds

Does anyone here have the scoop on the Scripps Center?

ELCA releases 5-year study of Human Sexuality..... survey says...

I'm a Theoligical Liberal. Ask me anything!

Narcotic effect of inert gases at various pressures.

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

Very cool 3D nebulae pics

Did anyone watch Dateline or whatever about the gay teen in Oklahoma?

watching a repeat Oprah 'bout gays married to opp sex partners.

Gay tourists discover Buenos Aires

Who WAS that Duke team that just WHOMPED State???

NFL Fines Moss $10,000 for Fake Mooning Celebration

Intelligence Future-Gazers Look at 2020

Did anyone else watch Nightline tonight?

JK speaks with Egyptian Prime Minister today

How are y'all on this decent winter's evening?

Got some static about my Kerry/Edwards sticker today...

What's the url of that freeper site that watchs DU?

SBVT book publisher makes snob book, Kerry's don't

So I'm not such a fan of Greg Palast

Hey guys I know this may sound a little weird

"Dems Seek Ridge's Lobbying Correspondence"

FWIW, Shrum on Hardball now. MSNBC, 6:15CT nt

RUSH got FLUSHED - replaced by Air America Radio in VT

Making November 2nd A National Holiday

Kerry to Al Azhar Grand Imam:Washington commited terrible mistakes in Iraq

I'm hearing my mom talk to an old friend about politics and she's a dem!

The nominee I want defeated THE MOST is...

NYC Counter Inaugural Book Reading: Great Speakers, Jan 21st

Dean on next on FOX NEWS?

Question regarding Voter Demographics

listening to the conservative whores trying to spin Iraq as a good thing

CBS' "Independent Review" was in fact repub review. Palast says

Fake Turkey! Why not ask America about it in the Pres. debates?

RE: 170 Million Dollars down the tubes

self delete

Has anyone ever made...

If you can stand it, Dean coming up on HANNITY and colmes.

Donate now to the pres prayer team. Che Guaverra did!

Is it possible to despise * any more than I do?

Mainstreet Moms Endorse Gov. Howard Dean, MD, for DNC Chair

Antonin Scalia isn't an evil genius, he's just plain old evil.

Beinart of TNR says Iowa makes Dems too Dovish. This should play well.

"It's not Bush's fault there were no WMDs - it's Saddam's..."

Hannity whining about theft of Washington state election, barf

List of "entertainers" at "America's Future Rocks Today"

Freeper = racists! Proof from their own website!

Name five past DNC chairmen other than Terry McAuliffe.

Which does more to help elect Democrats and progressives?

Dems. and the nation are best served by writing off the religious right

Dean's sneaky websites

another microbiologist is dead

Health Care: Why does the u.s. spend so much and deliver so little?

The main reason to not support Dean as DNC chair.

Clint Eastwood threatens to kill Michael Moore

Info on buying billboard advertising - cheaper than you think

WaPo LTTE: Ulterior Motives Behind 'Fixing' Social Security

Jonathan Steele (Guardian Utd): A global gulag

Herbert: A Gift for Drug Makers

Human Rights Watch: Call for Prosecutions in Abu Grhaib, Dafur

Editorial on Iran/Halliburton Oil Deal

D- is the grade (Women's Rights to Choose and Birth Control)

The man who saved his village:Sri Lankan recognized threat, sent 5,000 to

Louisiana mourns 8 guardsmen killed in Iraq

When the Incentive to Save a Life Dies

John Breaux, Hero or Hack?(lobbyist tawdriness as statesmanship)

Iraq: The Devastation

For President and Close Friend, Forget the Politics

Phones down, borders sealed, troops on the streets:it's time for democracy

Justices debate use of foreign precedents

Salon: Gonzales' unbelievable argument

Scathing Editorial on U.S. Plan to Use Death Squads in Iraq

Right-Wing Tirade Against National Council of Churches

Bush admits some regret over 'Bring 'em on' quip

Today's News on the Draft Issue

LTTE-Bob Boudelang LIVES!!!! Constitution Lacks Church-State Wall

Civil Rights, Brought to You By...Republicans?

BBC/Ridge: US 'should not rule out torture'

Jon Stewart laughs at Bush Soc Security lies

Civil Rights, Brought to You By...Republicans? (paid for by US taxpayer)

Seattle: They're Eating Their Own!!!

CLAUDE ALLEN, BUSH'S NEW DOMESTIC POLICY CZAR, black, right-wing homophobe

Common Dreams: Iraq: No WMD, No Reason for War

The sleep of reason amid wild dogs and gin

Worldview | A city gripped by daily fears

"No WMDs, But Everyone Gets a Mulligan"

Ex-CBS News Prez Can't Stand Rather

A Global Gulag to Hide the War on Terror's Dirty Secrets

The Bush War On Young Americans

Inauguration Survival Guide (Susan Shafer,

Prince Harry Isn't Alone in Needing a History Lesson

Krugman: The British Evasion (Social Security)

sNIDe Remarks - Fuzzy Math on the WA Gov Race?

Today is the last day to send msg to protect Black Hills

Rally & March in SF Jan.22--Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Sing this petition to hold Condi RESPONSIBLE

PR spots that are incorporated into news without disclosure

Sam Seder and radio?

CBS: BushCo's target

Anyone watch ABC 24 hour news channel

Boston Globe's Stein has a Fair and balanced Soc Security piece- REALLY!

USAToday: Soc Sec "cuts not inevitable" but Bush never says "how"

NYT&AP headline drops "eventually" in "Payroll Taxes May See Rise"

Will MSM allow Bush to claim Soc Sec $2 T borrowing will stop tax increase

I missed Eddie on O'Lielly

CNN / Aaron Brown's atrocious Wal-Mart segment

Bush asserts Cheney in Rm for 911 interview to show that Bush in charge -

The Spy Who Billed Me - report on outsourcing of gov contracts

Wal-Mart Starts Image Boosting Ads

Some ppl are just crazy with job offers.

National Academy Of Sciences - "Clear Skies" A Step Backwards

Water Expert - Australian Cities Can't Depend On Dams For More Water

Norway's Oil Production Slated To Fall In 2005 To 2.8 MBPD - Reuters

Pollution Threatens Water Cutoff For 250,000 Near China Tourist Magnet

Armed Pilot Charged With Intoxication

Just wanted to stop by and mention this

Sure am glad we armed them there pilots

Not sure where else to send this--

Hey mods: my best friend got banned today. Can one of you explain what

Problems with the ignore feature..

I'm sorry, Mr. Skinner.

I must object to this thread getting moved

Could we start a media issues forum?

New Group Proposal: Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

Donation question

Skinner: Detroit Free Press contact info

Question: why have you moved...

Increase the Threshold on level 1 traffic?

Why was this thread moved?

Is there a way to print an entire thread?


Skinner, I think we have a problem

why is there a time limit on editing posts?

Hey SKinner when you get a chance (not a priority) could you please

Is that avatar your dog? (for Skinner)

how does one post a picture flle?

New Forum

Hate Mailbag.

How about an Avantgo / Palmtop version of DU?

Might I suggest deleting this thread? Freeps will be all over it.

HRW World Report 2005;Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories

time to close Gaza's Karni Crossing

Sharon orders all contact severed with PA government

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon cuts ties with new Palestinian President

Israeli passport, Palestinian heart

The Heruti code

Illinois Idiot!

When will U of I's basketball team's winning streak end?

"Early detection of soybean rust vital in fighting fungal disease"

Allegations Against Illinois Governor Probed

I can't wait for "The Weatherman" to come out

What does everyone think of the Tribune's new advertising campaign?

Best author to come from Illinois?

We need to be prepared for fraud being found on both sides-Scary but true.

where's the 98% turnout info?

It's Not Over Yet in the Ukraine

WIKINEWS - our new hope?

Has anyone looked at New Jersey?

Inaugural Day Protest: Every Dem buys a Dixie Chicks CD on 1/20

Host An Inaugural Party! ??? Yeah, sure...

Machine "glitches" overwhelmingly (99%+) favored Bush

Ohio election suit withdrawn, but stay tuned

Tell Reid and Pelosi You Want Verified Voting and Other Reforms

Jefferson County, WV, clerk : Election Procedures and Tabulation...

Here Is What The Narcosphere From Mexico Says About The Election

A Link Of The 53 Presidential & Vice Presidential Nominees That Ran


"The Miami Herald" helps to clarify how the "rethugs" stole it in Miami

Regarding election laws. anyone got any ideas how to get this done?

Touchscreen or Touchscream?

US shadow regime in Berlin ;-)

It feels like this may turn

Counties criticize Blackwell

How did Kerry do in the following cities?

The New Mexico paradigm

Posted already? Is it possible TO RECALL Blackwell in Ohio?

Most Dems in at least one TN county think the election was stolen

Is there any evidence that exit polls in previous presidential elections

The military vote in NJ

Anyone see Scalia and Breyer on C-Span? I have a question.

How many of us never post but know there was fraud

Finally! An explanation that makes sense. The real bottom line.


DU Research Alert! We fingered Triad. Let's check out AES!

Cluess, complacent or complicit. I couldn't decide.

What is the best place for people in various states to organize?

The urban legend of "Dukakis winning" in exit polls (1988) put to rest

LETTER: Four House Dems ask for Ohio criminal investigation

Don't let anyone ever tell you to move on

"Myth Breakers for Election Officials" -- from

What Kerry said to 13 year old Syrian

Washington State Republicans want wide discovery for lawsuit

Check out what John Zogby has to say on the exit polls.

Need help in Washington next week (danish MSM)

Verified Voting -- Reid's Email no longer exists!

"*" "victory" impossible. Contradicts US historic voting patterns

Exit Polls: National Research Commission on Elections Report

The Nashua Advocate: House Dems Demand D.O.J. Investigation of Blackwell

Snohomish county, Washington - evidence of systematic machine fraud

Write to this journalist in Ohio

Contact Republican Congressional leaders to support the investigation!

32nd Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade protest in SF Jan 22!

Is Senator Feinstein running for re-election in 2006?

Our school board just voted to require uniforms!

Cross-post: Massachusetts Article 8 Alliance (Anti-gay, Anti-Spongebob)

Electricity rate hike expected in Mass.

Romney is NO Cheerleader regarding Massachusetts!

Mark Dayton's letter on Social Security

Oberstar says Social Security crisis invented

MN education funding dips below nat'l average

Charges Against Hollowell Thrown Out

Liberal talk comes to Detroit on Monday

Netscape vs windows

If Cal-lee-foriegn-ya can have Arnold

Important information for all Maple Heights, Ohio pet owners

Scaife's TRIB Already Congratulating their PUPPET Regola this week

NBC Nightly News in Pittsburgh

Perry has almost $8 million for 2006

Legislature expands recorded votes

Tarrant Counter Inaugural Ball time & place

H-Town DU Meetup REVISED to Sat.1/22 2pm

Plenty of candidates in waiting for seat

God, Merens' guest is really an asshole.

Attention Wisconsin DUers

Kohl's response to my letter concerning election fraud


Ruthless is the word of the day

An interesting commentary on the Kerry campaign & its internet community

Anyone good at Photoshop - can you please put GWB on a "-$7 trillion bill"

Vidclips from the AG Hearings

Radical Clerics Falwell and Robertson - The Christian Taliban (photo)

A plea to the European press: Help save us from ourselves!

Nightline: "Turtles all the way down"......yikes how long have we heard

FBI finds ricin in home, arrests Ocala man

Whatever happened to good ol' scandals? Such as.....

U.S. Rep. Robert T. Matsui Dies 1-1-05 of MDS

The Madness of George Bush--Article

Bush's great success has been to make us all co-conspirators. Or

Joan of Arc??? (religious ignorance in America)

Questions about attaining conscientious objector status

Iraq a new terror breeding ground

Iraqis in Michigan worried about unfair distribution of polling places

On torture, Gonzalez, and how the right has it wrong.

111 choices.

Have you tried calling the Social Security Administration lately?

pResident weighs in on regrets, gray hair, Iraq

the incompetents behind FBI computer bungling

I don't believe it: Bush expected to raise Pell Grant

AAR reporting Michael Chertoff lied under oath................

I'm considering donating money to Phelps and ""

Bush regrets using the phrases, "Bring em' on", & "Dead or Alive"

Palace burial of decapitated king sets tribes on path to war

Desmond Tutu's thoughts on Bush' re-election and religion in government!

CBS and Rather are being badgered, but is anyone looking into

Why is the 'liberal' media not putting Chertoff under a microscope?

Against War? Stop Buying IT

Tres Hombres

Howard Zinn replay on C-SPAN at 11:05am ET -- good stuff

Welcome to the world, Yahoo

SS and Bush. Is this a flip-flop, hypocrisy or lie?

The Gungeon crashed :(

Britain and the monarchy

Ring of steel as Bush sworn in

when mugwumps attack

Bombared w/ ShopWise in mail? Here's a # to call to be removed

Send the new terrorists to bush ..... He made them

Tidal wave alert over warship

Here's something funny from the SLUDGE report...

campaign 2008 news

Have we found the Salmon Pak terrorist training center in Iraq yet?

If Ronald Reagan is put on the $10 dollar bill

c-span 9am est Howard Zinn

So, is Gregoire's win a done deal?

As we continue to wade into this war of choice

Iraqis Despair at Struggle of Their Daily Lives

Black Nascar Driver

Here is something you will NEVER see happen in America

"Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues"

Anyone have the link for that video...

The main entree at W's inauguration announced

Even More Taxpayer Dollars Used to Promote Republican Lies

Election '05-my LTTE on Iraqi "election".

How To Find Iraqi 'Insurgents'? Hey Yeah! This Will Work!

Is anyone here a registered lobbyist?

Who is really behind the "Dean paid bloggers" story

With the huge amount of inaugural money, what could you buy?

I just found this on the Freep

Even a junior high schooler gets the "Fear Factor"

Clooney coming up at 1:30 on MSNBC

Iraq is WW3

Air America

New Canadian Cabinet list

US knew about Iraqi oil smuggling and did nothing

Speaker to students: Stripping can be lucrative

Great festival of democracy????

As an agnostic, I've never spent time on "good and evil." However,

Michael Moore is NOT going into his high school hall of fame:

The Diaries of Barbara Bush is baaack!

Why are Reprivateans so uncritical of Bush, especially now that...

Softening the aversion to torture

It is time to push for "Impeaching" Bush again. This time, it might work.

Graner had a second lover at Abu Ghraib

Buzz Flash makes me laugh

Arrogant Thatcher burns the fingers that snapped for chilled white wine

George Will is a SHAMELESS Dumb Ass With A Pulizter Prize

Oops...wrong Forum...

If U.S. G.I.'s were forced to lay naked in a pile & photographed...

Where is Condoleezza Rice?

Freepers, or Freep-Floppers?

ESA showing Titan pictures right now.

Pope bemoans unholy smoke

"Not One Damn Dime Day" - Jan 20, 2005 - Inauguration Day

The US is the world's leading terrorist state.

Who here use to listen to Right Wing Radio because that was all their was?

LOL! Oh GOD we really are in trouble! Take me to your leader

Leaked GOP Memo: Privatizing Social Security Would Be "One of the Most Sig

WTF? Sharon/Abbas -- making. my. head. HURT!

May he rest in peace, MLK

Gasp! the press asks...Is the price tag too high for Bush's inauguration?

Bush says "Bring it on!" was "a little blunt"

Blue bracelets being sold around the country!! Red too!!

DON'T you DARE look at me!

If you were a parade performer at the coronation, would you

Alien space craft arrives to take Bush back to his home planet >

I am taking a break from DU

I need news story links regarding...

Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons

The conversion of a young rethuglican

'Pickles' New Years resolution...anyone?

WMD search called off...the right is quiet...!

BLUMENTHAL: "a Situation Room of the mind" (MUST read!)

Monsanto Suing Farmers Over Piracy Issues

NASCAR fans turning on Bushit!

Who do the Republicans hate more?

Borosage: "corporate wing of the Dem Party is trying to reassert control."

an article: Fu**ing with Freepers


The idiot son of an asshole.

US Ignored Warning on Iraqi Oil Smuggling, Oil-for-Food scandal hypocrisy

A List of papers analysing 00, 02, and 04 voting & exit poll results

Need article about ministers replacing Jesus' cross for RevMoon's crown

Is one holocaust worse than another?

Probe Lands On Saturn Moon; Sends Photos

FYI regarding 2004 Taxes and Tsunami Donations

Re. Armstrong Williams -- how about Bill Schneider's paycheck from AEI?

Career Tip For Schoolgirls: Strip

LOL (again) Danger ---------> Keep Away

fcc launches investigation into armstrong payments

Cripes...even these crazy bastards hate Bush....

I actually saw this

Rehnquist preparing for inauguration?

Studies prove 'polite' racism is pervasive

"Dark Age Ahead" - Jane Jacobs & The Triumph Of Junk Culture

How many Iraqis has Saddam killed and how many has Bush killed?

Smithsonian Museum: FOUR American Presidents assassinated, 11 attempts

No more Red Lobster for me. Never again (and others too)

Well, I let it slip..not sure at the right time

Graner found guilty on all counts! Hooray!!! Now for his bosses!

White House calls CIA report "speculative"

Watch the upcoming Martin Luther King Day coverage closely.

Would it have been worse if Prince Harry wore THIS?

**********No more DLC/DNC!!! The Revolution has Started!!!

Spc. Charles Graner found guilty on all 5 counts.....torture scandal

If I had lost a loved one in Britain in WWII by German bombing...

Drive a diesel powered vehicle? Willie Nelson has a new

When were you first exposed to Bush?

Tribune Media Company tells me "sorry dude."

PHOTO: Gee, we didn't see one Jeb/Colin picture resembling this one

Bush: 'Sometimes, words have consequences'

Not One Damn Dime Day

Christians offer halftime show alternative (Super Bowl)

Who is the ugliest of the Smear Boat Liars for Bush?

the FLU is widespread now....all over American (CDC link - map)

Clint Eastwood "joking around" with Michael Moore ("I'll kill you")...

HBO Documentary about Air America Radio - LEFT OF THE DIAL

Does science make room for aliens?

who can answer the following trivia questions?

Media Propaganda Alert: Extreme Weather

How bush plans on paying for his pell grant expansion

Rethinking Iowa... The Caucus System Keeps Democrats Dovish

Bush's pet name for Putin....Is Pootie Poot....

More Evangelical Code-Words in the Inaugural Speech?

Please correct me if I am wrong and help me understand this.

Flashback to other inaugurations.. Didya know Ike was "lassooed" at his?

Newsbrief: Marines Claim Fallujah Foes Were Hopped Up on Dope

Photo of Titian's surface!!!

Have the Abu Gonzales hearings ended?

DU this poll ASAP!

Seventy-Five Days Since the Election & Still No Terror Alert.

Rangel to reintroduce notorious draft bill

Breaking on faux.. suspicious activity on parade route

Grainer guilty on 9 of 10 counts.

Abu Ghraib Prisoners Escape With AK-47! US Can't Afford Handcuffs!

Is it Hypnosis, Mass Mind Control, Dumbing Down, what the hell is it?

Am I the only one who thinks the Prince Harry/Nazi outfit thing is silly?

Bush-supporter compares him to Adolf

The new "Progressive Democrats of America" group has been created !!

What's so wrong with the "Cut & Run" option in Iraq?

Great SNL animated cartoon. (shown in 1998, then censored)

Was it or wasn't it ?? or was it?

A bumper sticker I can't figure out

PHOTO: Hahahaha come on, it was a joke. Cowboy humor. Ain't I funny?

Who in the Democratic Party, either a potential 2008 candidate, or not, is

Per Skinner: One more day to donate to the Khephra Memorial Fund.

I still want Osama "Dead or Alive"

Well, I am back - not sure how to deal with some things personal though

OMG.....ORDERS: do not look at bush*, keep your eyes straight ahead !!!

Against War? Stop Buying IT

HUD: CDBG and HOME programs provide funds for the poorest Americans.

To All Price Harry Bashers and Media Suckers

NPR mocks Obama with answering machine gag piece.

BushCO declares war on "Blue America"

We are finding it more and more difficult to fund Social Security....

This Photo Makes Me Very Sad.....

Abortion: Defend those parental notification laws to me again?

All the President's Newsmen

Should John Kerry be put on the $20 bill?

To Prince Harry apologists:

My 23 year old friend and the draft - he's freaking.

Is it true that a couple of Swift Boat Vets confessed to lying about

Prohibition on looking directly at the boy emperor during the inaugural!

On C-SPAN1 right now: History of the Washington Bible in the Innauguration

Is it true that W is afraid of horses?

wow....look at the talent for bush's inauguration concert......

Bush thinking of building jails abroad to hold suspects for life

The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis

Every day he looks a little stupider than the day before >>>

'Ali G' enrages rodeo crowd

What I learned from Falwell, Robertson and associates.

Which Bush Phrases Do You Regret Most?

Progressive Internet service launched

US Lifting of Ban on Canadian Beef Linked to Canada Imposing Ban on Meds

Would King have been killed if he didn't start attacking capitalism?

Brief Filed in Appeal by Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

Oops. Christian school teacher here arrested for rape

Michael Chertoff and the sabotage of the Ptech investigation


A Wal-Mart Worker's perspective...

"What, Me Deceive?" | the hunt for TOONs continues...

Homemade chicken stock, mmmmm.......

Super easy (and delicious) Taco Soup recipe

A Love Letter to Winnipeg

'Hold the elections, then get out'; R. Cook on Iraq

Shocking Look at Ailing Rehnquist

Rangel to reintroduce notrious draft bill

Seattle: They're Eating Their Own!!!

2 Buoys In Pacific's Tsunami Warning System Broken

Car bomb outside mosque kills seven

3 Kurdish Party Officials Killed in Mosul

State chooses DCF workers' savings plan; about 4,400 to lose jobs

Centcom: 1ST ID SOLDIER KILLED (1363?)

Re: Expensive post-9/11 FBI computer upgrade not up to grade

Iraq War May Incite Terror, CIA Study Says

Hold the elections, then get out

"'Bring it on,' was a little blunt," Bush admits, (too late)

Security chief's ties to lobbyist under scrutiny

Some now question cost of inauguration (even a Bush supporter Mark Cuban)

Chief judge proposes closing Fort Lauderdale federal courthouse

Production worries keep oil prices high

Prince Charles orders Harry to visit Auschwitz

Iranian Nobel laureate to face feared security court

Wal-Mart: Attention, critics

For Fallujan refugees, it's the worst of times

Calif. Official to Testify About Funds (Shelley)

Students Told Stripping Is Career Choice

War's 'hidden cost' called heavy

Thai tsunami trauma sparks rash of foreign ghost sightings (Yahoo)

NYT: A Push in States To Curb Malpractice Costs

Pakistan tribal movement could become big insurgency

Hood wants tighter method of tracking absentee ballots

US deserters flee to Canada to avoid service in Iraq

U.S. military wanted 'sex bomb'

"Dirty War" officer on trial for genocide in Spain (Kissinger's buddy)

Schwarzenegger predicts 30 percent increase in state's costs despite refor

Iraq a new terror breeding ground

Yard's terror expert will take over security at UN

Minority students making big advances

Career Day Speaker Tells Children Stripping Is Lucrative

Bush Plans Sharp Cuts in HUD Community Efforts

Beasts of Satan's killing spree has Italy transfixed

More helicopters, US troops added to force in north-central Iraq: general

Benefit cuts in Social Security among solutions Bush will consider

GOP pair back limit on Ohio's spending:2 to push bills based on Blackwell'

US Ignored Warning on Iraqi Oil Smuggling

Tidal wave alert over warship

Expensive FBI Computer Overhaul Hits Snag

Mich. Democrat Ex-Chair Cleared of Charge

Idea to fit missile interceptors with nuclear weapons shelved

Spain tries Argentine ex-officer

Human Rights Campaign makes rare local endorsement

FEMA misrepresented weather data used to justify Miami-Dade aid, scientist

U.S. Tank, Iraqi Bus Collide, killing six of the bus passengers

Firm waived checks, sold more toxin (Anthrax, Cholera-List Bio.Lab Tucson)

Bulgarian Intelligence: Iraq Conflict Fuels Al Qaeda Menace

Report: Harry for Auschwitz visit

U.S. soldier killed in northern Iraq

Foreign-Profit Tax Break Is Outlined

(WA) Gregoire says state will back county to keep Navy base open

Friends help Pinochet post bail

Iraq Baiji pipeline hit, north oil exports idle

Attackers Kidnap 15 Iraqi Guardsmen

Official: Evidence supports FBI complaints (Sibel Edmonds)

High court justices hold rare public debate

Report: Iraq is top terror training spot

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon cuts ties with new Palestinian President

North Korea ready to resume talks if Bush offers olive branch

Bounty hunters called in to track down FARC terrorist leadership

Timing of push to legalize gay marriage (in CA) is questioned

Bush Plans Sharp Cuts in HUD Community Efforts (tax cuts on backs of poor)

On C-SPAN1 right now: History of the Washington Bible in the Innauguration

Justices weigh entering judicial nominee fray

Sharon orders all contact severed with PA government

Indonesia Muslims warn against (Christian) evangelism

Wealthy Firms Show Bush The Money

Texas Attorney Gen. Sues Student Spammer (UT student)

Brown County Mental Health Center employees demand director's

President Has Second Thoughts About 'Bring 'Em On'

Leaked GOP Memo: Privatizing Social Security Would Be "One of the Most Sig

Speaker advises students that stripping can be lucrative CNN

Jury told Abu Ghraib Abuse Was "Just for Laughs"

Eye Flight: Iris Scan For JFK Passengers

Venezuela Calls Back Envoy to Colombia

Iraq New Terror Breeding Ground

Broker Got $82 Million to Push Funds

Graner Found Guilty in Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Alabama Woman Accused of Killing 12-Year-Old Daughter For Having Sex

Huygens signals its descent towards Titan

Armitage Says He, Powell Sought Influence

Swiss Banks Plan to Post Other Possible Nazi-Era Account Holders

Probe Lands On Saturn Moon; Sends Photos

European Craft Makes Safe, Soft Landing on Saturn Moon

Europe reaches new frontier – Huygens lands on Titan

Powell gives bleak assessment of Iraq security problems

Feud sparks 2nd probe

Park City, Utah avalanche at The Canyons ski resort

U.S. spends third of pledged tsunami funds

U.S. Soldier Jailed for Murder of Iraqi Teenager

NYT,pg1:Reform Effort at Businesses Feels Pressure (with note re. Khephra)

MSNBC: Does science make room for aliens? (new report)

Green groups hope suit forces U.S. hand on warming

U.S. announces plans for upgraded tsunami warning system

Iran's Rafsanjani tells Muslims to 'kick' Americans out of region

Government: FBI Translator's Complaints Were Supported By Evidence, Witnes

NYT: Future of '60 Minutes Wednesday' in Doubt

Over-the-counter cholesterol drug denied

FCC Chair Orders Investigation Into Williams' Deal With Bush Administratio

Terrorists likely to use biological weapons against U.S., report says

Indonesia's influential Muslim council warns of backlash if aid groups beg

LAT: Bush Budget Boosts Student Aid (but Dems skeptical re. Pell promise)

Evangelists Cite 1st Amendment In Anti-Gay Protest

US security chief does not rule out torture

North Korea says it's ready to return to six-party talks on its nuclear pr

Dems Tell Bush To Lay Off Gays

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 14 January

Abu Ghraib prisoners escape (with AK-47!)

Bush uses new nickname for senator

Israel says Russia's arms sale plans disrupt regional stability

U.S. troops may move bases in Europe

Former Tulia drug agent found guilty of perjury

Dirty war officer on trial for genocide

Study Finds Depression Intensifies from One Generation to Next

Willie Nelson marketing environmentally friendly fuel to truck stops

Budget Chief: Payroll Taxes May See Rise....(SS FRIDAY DUMP)

Woman loses insurance coverage for her politics (New Hampshire)

Can the FBI Monitor Your Web Browsing Without a Warrant?

Christian school principal convicted of sex charges in Sarasota

European Craft Makes Safe, Soft Landing on Saturn Moon

Government: FBI Translator's Complaints Were Supported by Evidence, Witness

Fed Bank President Warns Again On Deficit

GOP Seeks Criminal Records (WA Gov Race)

WP, Kurtz: Influence Being Peddled! (WP Co. $100K Inaugural contributor)

Controversy sparks over meeting invocation

Venezuela Archbishop Concerned Over Chavez

Dreier bill targets hiring of illegals

Dean Campaign Made Payments To Two Bloggers

Judge Denies Bid to Block Inaugural Christian Prayer

Leaders in Congress killed restrictions on torture (closed door negotiatio

Boeing Plans to End Production of 717 Jet

Colombia rebel arrest row worsens (Colombia vs Venezuela)

Fear Of Rising Water Prompts Evacuations ..... Possible Leak In Dam

Feinstein, Boxer squaring off over Rice nomination

Big, Hard, Shiny Guns

Fat Bastard

Crawl in my neighbor's space cat

Would you rather spend a week with...

LOL, on "the O.C." this evening

What snacks do you purchase when you go to the movies?

wtf? Where's the MILESTONES? I wanted to see me at 3000

Whoa Nellie!

I am doing an editoral on why Bush's plan for SS is wrong, ask me anything

Has anyone ever considered a life of sloth

Oddest googlewhack ever:


Did anyone watch Alias this week?


I might get to interview Obama tomorrow, what should I ask him? Anything?

Just give me some action!

Why am I in the lounge - I've got stuff to do

If you had stocks in four different companies...where would you put them

ever tempted to just drink the koolaid?

Pretty boy and I share a a strange turn of events

I'm addicted!

I just wanted to say...

Take this, all of you

take this, Will Pitt....

Do you like nachos?

take this mike_c and Will Pitt!!!

What is it with dogs and that outside stink they get after going on a walk

everyone post on the threadkiller thread!! get it to 1,000!!!!!

Need info about numbers of Iraqi deaths

The hamster is awake and

I'm on hold for a while, and the recording says:

Let there be BADGERS!

Do you think Andrew Jackson should be removed from the 20 dollar bill

Listening to Van Halen's 'Fair Warning'. Ask me anything.

Kudos for DU, you very much love your pets

How about we make all of the politicians have a dance-off next Thursday.

The Lounge is pretty depressing tonight.

Oh yeah???? Just watch this:

Entertainers at the inauguration............

You are the perfect drug.

Tornado Warning for Orange County, VA

Which Big Lebowski Character Are You?

Phone hell. Need advice, insight, whatever!

List of Eagle Scouts. I am posting this because I am one.

OK.... is it me or is there a faint shade of sanity

I, a master procrastinator, have just been humbled

Do I use the "hi" emoticon too much?

I would rather __________ Than watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" again!

Gents, you do NOT have the worst ex-GF in the world. Mr Jones does.

Q: Hey, Soldier. Do you know who's in command here?

What Does It Mean When It Says a Television Is HD Ready?

When you can't find a particular object in your house

Listening to Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine"

What's the strangest thing you have ever done in your sleep?

You ever wish you were someone else?

And the weather tonight is mostly shitty

Damn it, damn it, damn it.

What do you do if you know you're being cyber-followed?

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da is all I have to say to you.

any Roxy Music fans here...?

So do you have an 18 year old angel, all dressed in black?

Camper Van Beethoven Appreciation Thread

I'm making some coffee. I've decided to pull an all-nighter.

Roxanne! You don't have to turn on the red light.

What movie was just so funny that it ended up being unintentionally awful?

What will you being doing for Smirky McCokespoon's coronation on the 20th

The people this place belongs to are buried right under you.

For my 3000th post, I'd like to say:

Watching Futurama right now.

Oh mother dear please listen. And don't devour me.

Personal Jesus

OK Bouncy Ball, Bastille Day, Kahuna, Dookus and BGN..POST HERE

The Insanity Test.

The lead singer of My Chemical Romance scares me.

Lay Lady Lay

The lead singer of The Jackson 5 scares me.

My best friend was tombstoned. Fare thee well, ChavezSpeakstheTruth.

Where is everybody?

There's a little black spot on the sun today.


My ex-wife's ex died of a heart attack.

Mystery Man: We've met before, haven't we.

You know what we ought to do man? First thing, man.

The lead singer of the Steve Miller band scares me.

Did you know?

Where the (bleep) is that Global Warming we were promised?

Is Rush Limbaugh a KKK member?

Give me some good news

I just had a ricochet biscuit.

What's "dude"? Is that like "dude ranch"?

Hey man, everything that we ever dreamed of is in that teardrop gas tank:

This used to be a helluva good country.

I said God damn, God damn the Pusher man

Where ya from, man?

PWEI "Def.Con.One"

Long night, Kire?

Check that joker with the long hair.

That was a UFO beamin' back at ya!

Hello It's Me

Their mothers had maybe been frightened by a bunch of gorillas

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."

Belly-dancing student of Turkish descent is Miss Germany 2005

Aunt Bee would probably Southern-fry anything that couldn't outrun her

Bewitched And The Honeymoooners Are Coming To The Big Screen

Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine

Having my first hot, black cup of Chicory....MMMM-mmmmm!

Okay. "White Noise" was pretty creepy.

I'm Working With The Mute Button On-Kelly Rippa Is Fun To Look At...

We got it together, didn't we?

Is anyone going to Elektra tonight or this weekend?

I think Megan Mullally is more hot than Charlize Theron.

VACATION TIME! . . . And boy do I need it.

self delete

Holy cow -- The Stomach Flu!!!!

Rush Limbaugh on the cover of "Cigar Afficiando" AGAIN!?!?

Friday humor

Things you have seen on TV that totally grossed you out!

Rant against prayer and positive thinking

Who would like to see Hillary Duff run for Prez in '08?

Help ... My TV's going crazy

"4 year old abstract painter dazzles art world"

It was raining hard in 'Frisco,

What are your weekend plans? I know some are attending Khephra's...

who will help Mr. Wooten?

Do you remember when we were unified under Clinton?

Do you think we would be better off with a paramilitary system?

I just got great tickets for Todd Rundgren/Joe Jackson AND Spamalot!

Career Day Speaker Tells Children Stripping Is Lucrative

Jeff Jarvis on wnyc right now, am/fm and streaming. He is talking about

How much do you love your car?

I have just about lost faith in humina humina humina...!

I have just about lost faith in hominy.........

I have just about lost faith in harmonies

I have just about lost faith in the omelets...

Need help with Mardi Gras Costume Ideas

My town just got its first traffic light! Those beautiful colors, the

What is the size of your head?

I used to love the 'Caption Game'.........

All right, god dammit

Hey Porcupine Tree fans. Who else should I listen to?

Where Are They Now: Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

And shepherds we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee,

I need help for a game. Name songs with "baby" in title or lyrics.

Sri Lanka/ICMA needs an urban planner ASAP! (Great opp to help!)

I am Doctor Livingstone. Presume to ask me anything!

So, you think YOUR day sucks, eh?

I have just about lost faith in humanity...

Steve Earle fans: Bob Harris on BBC radio

I have just about lost faith in manatees

good morning everybuddy

Top stars join US tsunami TV show

Ash-Shining Light

Does anyone remember when Fabio got hit in the face w/ a goose?

Hey, Napoleon. What did you do last summer again?

Levar Burton: a Tribute in pictures

Kef's Memorial Book

That Rubens could draw!

So you think you know your music?

I have just about lost faith in the humanities...

The "What's So Funny?" CAPTION

CAPTION the three little maids...

How do you COOK, Possums?

Prepare To Enter ZEN-Like BLISS!

How do YOU cook Possum?

How DO you cook Possum?

Smarter Soccer Through Chips

Meet The Creeper...

Dave Mathews for President!!!

Dennis Miller's Joyless job on MSNBC

The ancient Mayan possums used to cook people!

Warning: Driving and reading laptops with the drawbridge open is

The Day after Tomorrow is happening in NY.

How often do you eat 'fast-food'

Dogs & Vacuum Cleaners

If you have ever taken a cooking course, how was it?

Center square to block.

The Resurrection Thread!

The Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink of all CAPTIONS!!!

the Lounge needs something special

The Teen Spirit of all CAPTIONS!!!

Going to my first hockey game tonight.

Emoticon guidance, please...

The Official Alan Watts appreciation thread

"How'd you cook, Possum?"

Warning: Walking and reading laptops with the dishwasher open is

The Three-Strikes-and-You're-Out of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Sodium thread!

I am the incredible mucus man today!

Do you think we would be better off with a parliamentary system?

The Official David Watts appreciation thread

The Helium Thread

Dammit! One of my threads raising an important issue is being ignored.

In this thread, name the actor or actress that would

You got a helmet?

The Lithium thread!

Bass: The Shoe, Ale, or Fish?

To the folks heading over to Dim Son's coronation...

2 'Inside the Actor's Studio' questions:


grr! i hate interviews!

Les Fleur

Best snack cake brand

Interesting . . . F 9/11 is still in the top 50 rentals on Netflix, and

I keep telling people I don't want their advice and they give it to me

The Bohrium thread

Please STOP criticizing OUR PrESiDENT!! I'm in Lawton Smalls mode


What's that choking sound I hear?

Any freelance DTP people here?

Did anyone bookmark the thread of the fireworks in the butt guy?

Patriots grounds crew are wicked retaahrded!

Free Beer Tomorrow!

when you go out to eat at a restaurant,

I now officially spend too much time in the lounge!

I'm Ted Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuugent, Ask me anything

Shenanigans! SHENANIGANS!!

Bush: 'Sometimes, words have consequences' - IDIOT ALERT

*small* railroad problem in Nevada

NPR said a probe was going to tighten one of Saturn's icy moons.

So, how much in free_erbucks is riding on the Colts Sunday?

Is it wrong for a recovering glue head to mock a recovering acid freak?

The Highwayman

Do You Capitalize Your Post Titles? Do you, you crazy ponce?


steeLers fans

For those desperately searching for a silver lining...

I'm off to Edinburgh Castle

Show it to us

Bread Guitarist Jimmy Griffin Dies

Parents: should kids make it on their own or should you help out?

Name Your Favorite Dio...

Are you eating anything?

When humping a....

How do you cook possum?!!

i'm a scumbag

Is the term "boyfriend" silly when you're both adults?

Is it wrong for a recovering dope fiend to mock a recovering alcoholic?

When jumping a shark...

Who do you really want to see play the Inagural since Kid Rock is gone?

Me thinks someone is trying to get some OBGYN love.

What's The Primary Source Of Heat For Your Home?

Why do I hate America so much?

This guy must be so cool.

I'm weirded out by marrow in my soup. What should I do?

I want one of these

Patriots fans - A wet field will not stop a passing team.

Oh, Joy...Look What Came in the Mail!!!

Busted have split!

Help... legal advice sought...

I'm thinking of a number between 1-50

not to be picky

"Pet Peeve" is too mild a term. I HATE websites with unannounced music...

Signs. Signs. Everywhere a Sign.

MLK Day-Who has a three-day weekend ?

Super Milk-Chan

I'm a typical Republican. Ask me anything.

Beavis and Butthead are alive and well!!

How do y'all cook possum?

First Picture of a Titan

Do you let your cat drive the car?

Bush second inaugural theme song!

Battle of the Bald Presidents!

when jumping a car (need help here)....

Just... Plain... WRONG

dante's peak vs. Volcano

Liberals Attempting to Escape to Canada Will Be Shot on Sight!

Trivial medical advice needed!

Tribal medical advice needed!

I am taking a break from DU

Question for you Mac computer experts.

Name Your Favorite DINO...

Nicole Kidman wishes she were gay ('Oh, I wish I loved women!')...

Did any of you get some freaky underwear for Christmas?

Butthead Bush Voters Realize They Can't Be Trusted to Vote

My less than charitable moment.

How many DEADBEATS are there?

It's 4:20

speaking of numbers, what's your favorite/lucky number?

How Should I Arrange My BVD Collection?

Hot damn! I googlewhacked on my first try!

Please don't start a thread saying "How should I arrange my VD collection"

i m buckhead frun freeripublick ax me eneefing

i was just thinking--"the coronation"-why would i care?

Explain To Me... EXACTLY What Is Your Agenda?

Macs, Imac, Mini Mac, Etc

So I've got this digital watch that indicates the day of the week

How Should I Arrange My BBD Collection?

I found Jesus!

What the hell is "professional dress"?

Bush Twins replace Kid Rock with...are you ready...HILARY DUFF!

Laura Bush discusses her balls (Inaugral Balls, and gowns she's chosen)

Best "Ask Me Anything" Thread?

Europe beat us to the moon!

I think it's so groovy now

Trivial pursuit advice needed!

Would you date this man?

Count to 10. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7....

Done- my weekend now has begun!!!!

Bread machine question: Any "robo-bakers" out there?

Snarky Rapture comment

LINCOLN: The President, Tunnel, Logs, or Car?

Will "Darth Tater" lure you to the darkside?

Hawaii is the only state with one school district



Name that candybar

It's 4:24.

Btw....The best candy bar in the world is the Zero Bar.

I am Dorf, creation of Tim Conway. Ask me anything.

I Spy (a game)

Anyone seen a bumper sticker that says East Coast Liberal

Out in the open! Which DUer would you secretly like to drink Crush with?


Out in the open! Which DUer would you secretly like to cream?

Eleven-year-old student locks out driver, takes school bus for a joyride


Some of you may know that Sir Arthur C. Clarke lives in Sri Lanka

Need a little help cleaning my monitor.

I met a girl today who said she doesn't believe dino-mite ever existed...

Revisited the International Mole catalogue....

Take this to Will Pitt

I think Randi Rhodes should be president

Best bumper sticker I've seen this week

Revisited the International Moran Catalog


I Spy (a game), Part 2

From Chick tracts: take the opportunity to tell kids God punishes gays

Ya know Bush keeps on evoking Roosevelt and FDR's family gets poed

I don't "get" Almond Joy.

Wal-Mart wine!

Are there any current, new rock bands who you really like???

I met a girl today who said she doesn't believe dinosaurs ever existed...

So there was plans for a walk out at the end of third period today

Best Weird Al song?

Take this to arm pit

To leave work or not leave work?

Anybody here live with a superfreak?

Does Anyone Here Live With A Feet Freak?

Honest Abe was bi.

DU/Blog addiction is taking its toll

Screw the Republicans!

The East Germans, today, claimed the Berlin Wall was a fraternity prank.

It's Friday, right?

Do any tramps here live with a super neat freak?

Students Told Stripping Is Career Choice

Skinner lies. The fun is NOT over.

DU photographers! Anyone own an Argus C3 camera? About 50 yrs old..

Today is my 1-year DU anniversary!

Ever see a baby Bernese??

Can this freaky US weather be an after effect of the Tsunami

Anybody here live with a Supertramp?

saw an odd thing in the Scottish Parliament today

Superheroes/Supervillains who never really caught on

Padraig18 needs your good vibes and prayers today.

My kid just read a "Time for Kids" article on Dr. MLK and he's furious.

Strawberries are the only fruit whose seeds grow on the outside

How Should I Arrange My DVD Collection?

Does Cadbury's chocolate kick ass?

"You have to come in to work. My hampster's having a stroke."

Does anyone here live with a neat freak?

Munich Fashion Czar Murdered

I met a girl today who says she doesn't believe I played with the beatles

Remember Hanan Saleh Matrud! A little girl shot dead by coalition troops.

Out of town guests showing up in less than 3 hours. And what am I doing?

Ann Coulter invites you to play "Guess What's In My Cup"

Somebody's knocking, should I let him in?

How often do you shave your facial hair?

Revisited the International Male catalogue....

MOVELEFT.COM Jan 14, 2005 Edition


My Bar Is Open

have to take the kid to a movie - need ideas

"Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me."

Can you tell what your cat is trying to tell you?

Please post what is currently sucking in your life.

Letter to Keph's mom -- I just found out about Khephra

So what will happen to the performers who look at * during the coronation.

Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" is too fucking much for me.

weezer fans! now you can play the drum parts!

Ugh...Golden Globes weekend.....

Life really gets wierd when a friend you've know for ten years

US flags mounted in dog droppings in city

Out in the open! Which DUer would you secretly like to crush?

Need ideas for some school shenanigans

Genuine (Hilarious) Irish Personal Ads

Best soap opera?


I was sitting in my office, and my bank account

Dear Ndugu,

"Rethuglican Parking Values" (a window into their shrivelled souls)

Anyone remember Rula Lenska?

Don't bogart that carrot, my friend.

I am Worf. Son of Mogh. Ask me anything.

New T-shirt

Caption this!

New Puppy

Prince Charles orders Harry to visit Auschwitz

First look at Jessica Alba as "The Invisible Girl," Fantastic Four movie

I met a girl today that doesn't believe that Dino, Desi & Billy ever

Remember the 'Swamp Thing'?

Will Pitt or Brad Pitt? Hmmmm? You Decide!

A word of thanks to 18 DUers, some I know, some I don't -- all very kind

Report: Harry for Auschwitz visit

Is this really true about performers not being able to look at FUCKHEAD

has anyone ever considered a life of the cloth?

Name Your Favorite Duo...

Where should I move?

HELP! Who Knows Bakersfield, CA?

Thank you, Grand Island, Nebraska!

Write your name in the snow (Ladies, a rare chance to feel like a guy)


Words of advice from a (possibly) paranoid guy

The first pictures from Titan are in!!!!!!!

I'm going home for the weekend.

THE WOLF PEOPLE.....Spiegel's English version of article....bizarre

Clarification needed on English vocabulary

B4 & After

Someone at work said Texas is one of the States with LOWER crime rates

It's Time Again! Say Something Positive About Another DUer or DU!!

Out in the open! Which DUer do you have a secret crush on?

I'd Like To Share a Special Anniversary With My Fellow DUers!

Look how cute!

Insomnia? I just heard on AAR that pharmas are gearing up to

Quake lifted the surface of the globe

First picture from Titan

MSNBC: Does science make room for aliens? (new report)

Hospital Accused Of Denying Lesbian Couples In Vitro Fertilization

Opposing Gay Marriage Bans Had Little Effect On Incumbents Study Shows

New spew from the anti-gay, anti-Spongebob Article8 Coalition Fundies

Arizona Gay Marriage Foes Plan New Tactic

Episcopal Church Dithers On Gays

Article8 Fundies and WorldNetDaily: Homosexual Barney-Spongebob Conspiracy

Lesbian character on'Law and order' fired by puke DA

Eagles say they can win without star receiver (AP)

One man's explanation for why the Pats will beat the Colts

Bill Belichick, voodoo master, has a surprise in store for the Colts

The Bunny Suit bet could be decided this weekend.

U of I is going to remain undefeated all season long!

Remember, Hail Mary passes only work for Catholic quarterbacks.

Owners approve sale of Brewers

Anyone wanna bet me on next year's NCAA football champ?

Kobe Bryant severely injured

Vike's Owner McCombs after Buck's Head for "Biased Announcing"

I watched that new ESPN show, 'Tilt'

Jets at Colts for AFC Championship

An aspect of the Eagles/Vikings game we shouldn't overlook

Cat crosses Siberia to get home

Important info for Maple Heights, Ohio pet owners

Damn fluffy cats . . .

A kitten we're hoping to adopt

OK. So get this.

Kerry Pictures

Today's news

In case you needed to be reminded.....

Ok I want peoples input on this issue.

Wait you freaks actually like John Kerry

Is it just me, or are "have your cake and eat it too" people out there

Great new photo website


Larisa says STOP, and I say

dupe, I thought the first didn't post.

So, it's not that Chimp actually expresses regret,

Spin it!

Kevin Drum, Washington Monthly, gives endorsement to Dean.

Jim McDermott needs money to continue fighting for us.

A song for those going to protest next week

Iraq, definition

Categories of Bush Voters

Trained Ape to Rumsfeld; "WRONG AGAIN, asshole"

"vincible ignorance".....

Rove Sweet Rove: Protests are coming!

Link to one of Clark's business ventures - not "political" but I found it

Who's vulnerable in '06?

My thoughts on Fox today...

Stunt by Ali G causes near Riot at US rodeo

Bush is apologizing to Osama bin LADEN?

Rathergate vs. WMDgate

Wal-Mart's charm offensive

Is Bush Violating the FAIRNESS BOOK? Does BushCo play FAIR?

MSNBC's anti-climatic headline: "Iraq is new magnet for terrorists"

Your level of confidence in the guy picked AFTER Bernie Kerik?

Dear Dan Burton: A Satire

Homophobia Weakens National Security: Gay linguists are kicked out

Michael Regan "Why I'm with my Dad on stem-cell research"

SocSec PR-usual mass repetition/same phrases/ fear&greed via business GOP

Host An Inaugural Party! ??? Yeah, sure...

Pre-Inauguration/Coronation Friday News Dump

the new Anti-Imperialist League?-when mugwumps attack

Trials and tribulations of Laura Bush ......

I predict: the end of FOIA

Shrub recent quote

Is the environmental movement dead?

Opponents to Bush's $40 million coronation: His response to you

The Coming Shit Storm ...

"Report Sees Benefits of Clean Air Program"

Woman Loses Insurance Coverage for Her Politics

Boston Globe: Things you could buy with $40 million

MSM is trying to make hay of Dean bloggers

TNR Online: How Democrats Can Overthrow the House

Wake up and smell the FASCISM!!

NBC's David Gregory inducted into "Pandering Poobahs of Positivity Club"

Iraq wants smirk to release their scientists

Bush: "Laura said, 'Why did you do that for?' "

Bush Says His Brother Likely Won't Run for President

inaugural parade people told not to look smirk in eye

The Republican idea of a smaller govt. is similar to the concept of

King Chimp in NE FL-LIVE on "demand-driven" education...

Bush: Comments had 'unintended consequence'

Scowcroft- min.500000 troops, $500 B,, 10 yr military draft & wartime tax

Tim Roemer, DNC Chair Candidate

Anthrax: Why did the "threat" stop so suddenly?

Counter-Inaugural Protest Actions you can take on Jan. 20

Does anyone else feel this?

2008 - A.B.W.M.C.W.

Armstrong Williams outed by a FOIA, shouldn't all rightwing hosts be ?

Bush: "Future retirees won't NECESSARILY see SS benefit cuts"

Call me a tin-hat if you want but

Scheming Your Social Security Down the Drain

Anybody catch the flip-flopping of Bush today ....

We just made a substantial donation to DFA...again. Here's why:

Appologies Kucitizens

Does a more conservative stance on abortion simply alienate women,

MSNBC - National Intelligence Council report could be Bush's worst fear

The greatest president we NEVER had... Al Gore

the DNC: still part of the "Coalition of the Willing" ???

Why the Joe Buck/Randy Moss 'controversy' is not trivial....

Stephanie Miller v Freepers

Flavia Colgan gave it back to Joe Scarborough last night !

Transcript from the Dean/Colmes interview last night.

James Roosevelt Jr., grandson of FDR to Bush -- KNOCK IT OFF!!!!,

Tom Ridge spoke at my school today

Ldotters' take on Eastwood & Moore

Poppy sends James Baker to take "The Kid" to the woodshed over Iraq.

TGIF Post: Which of these two truly believe they are or were PRESIDENT?

Scott McClellan breaks new ground in deceit and denial

No Freakin' Sh^t: CIA reports that Iraq to be terrorist breeding ground

who are the "performers" at Bush's "inaugural gala"?

Behind the Conservative Curtain: Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Front

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Endorses Dean at the blog.

I think we do know How to Win: Do we have the stomach to DO it?

"President School" -- What do you think it could or should be?

Gore, Kerry, H Clinton--Frankly, I don't want any of them

Okay, Who Did It???

What is "anti-American" ?

CNN Daily Poll - How do you vote??

Wellington Web (DNC Candidate) - here's a summary of his background.

If 2008 comes down to these 4 candidates, who would you pick?

The right-wing propaganda problem extends to religious tv as well.

"There needs to be a clear distiniction between advocacy and journalism"

Kennedy's "Medicare for All", "no clones" story hits 52 on Google News

The new "Progressive Democrats of America" group has been created !!

7,000 choices for Iraqi election???

What Democrats should do on Social Security

Update on the "paid blogger" attempt to excuse Armstrong Williams.

DNC chair candidate Simon Rosenberg

AOL story: Kerry Tries to Mend Fences W/ France - Meets w/ Pres Chirac

C-Span Guest Howard Zinn - WOW!

Dean ahead in DNC chairmanship race

Rosenberg wants to change primary schedule, Dean doesn't

Ex-Democratic Party Chair Endorses Frost

What type of bag will you be barfing in on Jan 20 - paper or plastic?

Do you consider yourself a "bush-hater"?

How many and who, of the current bu$h adminstration,...

What do you think of the DNC email from Carville?

"You Will be Escorted to Bathroom and be told Don't look at Bush..."

Ken Blackwell wants to hear from the D.U.

Breaking: Rangel to reintroduce notrious draft bill

Mandatory Census from the U.S. Census Bureau

I'll admit it -- I think raising the retirement age is a reasonable idea

Have the Smear Boat Liars been invited to Bush's inauguration festivities?

Tipper Gore Says Al Gore interested in a 2008 Run

Lakoff's "Progressive Values in Ten Words"