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Archives: January 16, 2005

Hanging By a Threat

Paul O'Neill: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (NYT Editorial)

No Place To Hide

Will Hutton (London Observer): Expect a new, cannier Bush

DU ride/lodging thread for Jan 20th. Protest.

Urgent: Support needed for tribal owners of the Black Hills Now!

Will Media ever report on the Brits Private Accts? - "A Bloody Mess"

How does bush think we will pay off the debt?

Who's responsible for your personal security?

This post should be deleted

Can we have an audio link for Karel's show?

A cynical exploitation of the transition

Trapped Like Mice: Palestinians under the New Israeli "Disengagement Plan"

London Observer: (January 16): Emails from the edge

Abbas pledges to seek peace with Israel

Current map of the Israel/Palestine Security Fence as of June 30, 2004

Ohio Ballots and the Sunshine Laws

Conyer's does it again.. judicial dems asking for Blackwell's *ss

The Nashua Advocate [Exclusive]: Republican Senator Caught in Apparent Lie

Vote machine fraud & straight Dem glitch in South Carolina & Virginia &etc

A Second Freezing Inauguration For The Shrub... Weather Forecast

Sen. Bob Leeper Leaving GOP - Who's next?

Advocates of Recount File New Lawsuit in New Mexico

Bush's win was a historical anomaly-- is this evidence of fraud?

Looking for post on 2000 state exit polls - can anyone help?

"We Do Not Concede" suggests we re-register as independents

Questions for Elected Officials from Repub e-security expert Herrin:

Did anyone else go to the voting machine demo on Friday?

"Libby Burmaster"?

I added a Disclosure page to my blog,

On Social Security to my congress critter

Bush has declared today "National Sanctity of Human Life Day"

How to Kick under Pressure Summer Camp

Which is more deceitful/deceptive?

'People's Inauguration' Builds on Peace, Human Rights (Maine)

FBI retires Carnivore (but internet surveillance continues)

Martin Luther King's Speech

"At last - an honest movie about American working people"

This was posted on DU before

Mark DANNER Lambasting Shrub/GONZALES Torture on C-SPAN2

Karel streaming on KGO now - discussing the WMDs

So what happend to Al- Zagawri (sp) (you know that guy who is responsible

Bioterror war game shows lack of readiness

remember the site? what was the story? what happened to it?

Another lost soldier >

One Week A Month

'NYT' Obtains 10 Emails, with Photos, Sent by Accused Abu Ghraib Abuser

Student Walkout set for Thursday Jan 20

Can someone explain this whole Kos/Dean story?

So many American children are going to grow up without a dad or mom,

For the Supreme Court Justices of the United States ....

President William J. Clinton walks Pennsylvania Ave. (inaugeral PHOTO)

Jeb defends hire of accused plagarist and sexual harasser.

TV Ad BOLO - Dentyne gum ad

A new book just out called "America’s Unpatriotic Acts"....

The Tie Is Freaking Me Out >>>

Looking for Archieves...Please Help Me

Caption This...Bush On AF-1

Y o u ' r e i n v i t e d ? WTF?????? Excuse me your Chimpness.

"liberal media" audio played on "The Majority Report?"

The Christians I Know....

Online Petition To Test Voting Machines

My husband saw this sign on a car while in Houston today:

Least respectable WHORE.

So will Bush get out and walk Pennsylvania Ave or will he remain

Funny: The George W. Bush Show

Have you ever been to the Vietnam Memorial?

Jenna Wears Studded Leather to her Father's Coronation Ball...Cinderella?

So science effort lands us on a rock in space...

MLK, Jr: "A Time To Break Silence"

I think I'm about ready to get rid of the tax exempt status of churches

CSPAN : Boxer to Confront Condi Jan 18

Solar Tsunami Alert As Giant Sunspot Looms

(Tacky) Inaugural menu...Bush orders French names struck, honor DONORS

MS's Windows Validation Program.... Be Afraid.... be VERY Afraid

ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood

What level of mathematics demands your career?

Mapleine Cake

Smoked spareribs

The Trouble With Post-Vegetarianism

(Nobel laureate) Ebadi refuses to obey (Iranian) court summons

'People's Inauguration' Builds on Peace, Human Rights (Maine)

Babylon Wrecked by War

Deposed Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang in 'deep coma'

Iran working on nuclear bomb, says Rumsfeld


US Said to Regret Kidnapping of German

Bush hopes to beat second-term jinx

King's birthday remembered in New Haven (speak against war; memorial wall)

Bank of America survey asks workers about sexual orientation

Bush looks to history books with slaughter of sacred cows

Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded

WP: GOP Moderates Wary of Filibuster Curb

Health Care's Unlikely Surgeon (Gingrich) -NYT

WP: Bush Says Election Ratified Iraq Policy (no accountability necessary)

CIA gives grim warning on European prospects

Even tho I live in Atlanta, I WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT be rooting for the

Damn, but this is a good game

I am nervous about my patriots tomorrow

Anyone watching the Jets-Steelers?

Just found an "Animals" version of the Girl Can't help it

Tsunami-They found the little girl

Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori

Some interesting factoids, courtesy of Zap2it

Doug Brien

Confusing wingnut behavior

Time for Tsunami Aid

Which Rage Against THe Machine albums do you have?

Who else thinks this is way cool?

steelers break my heart again...

For all the Jets fans in the house, I give you Scott Norwood:

WHUS is broadcasting some footbal game. Where is NightTrain? (nt)


Movies ** Could Be in a Remake of With a Little Tweaking?

For you Jets fans: Remember, Pennsylvania is a Blue State.

Reality Radio: listenin' to the scanner...

Oh, Jimmie was a chemist, but Jimmie is no more.....

Is this Texas Holdem or Something else?

Linux Vulnerabilities Creep Toward the Desktop

Experts warn of trick to bypass IE download warnings

Damn -- the Falcons look hungry

If you were a rapper, what would be your name?

When I was eight years old, someone brought me to this... theatre.

It's Saturday night and THE SOUL EXPRESS is on the air again!

Am I so straight-forward that I'm confusing?

My sweet little Bratwurst wants to cuddle!

"Is it true that a long time ago


Ugh... telethon... Andy Garcia, hide the wine glass

Happy Birthday to Me.....

Siamese Reconciling after a short separation fish

watching Boondock Saints, ask me anything!

Counting the telethon toupees...

a Gift for DU

American Eyes. American Eyes. View the World through American eyes.

R Jeni on HBO now

Watching the Tsunami concert?

Three songs for Khephra.

Is this strange?

Is it "starve a cold, feed a fever" or

some useful items for schools...

Farenheit 451 comes on tonite

Furry Muppet or similar animal least likely to be paper trained

Right, before they disappear:

I dyed my hair black for inauguration day

Good News

Elton can play the s&$t out of a piano

I dyed my bare back for inauguration day.

Private Pyle is on NBC's "Law And Order: Criminal Intent."

I'd dye my hair black for inaguaration day but its already pretty dark

Siamese fighting fish

I'm gonna get drunk and then I'll be back

Are you a deliberate contrarian on DU?

Any Prince "1999" fans , Kyle Jason is profiling it tonight

Supermarket Tabloid: Is Bill Clinton Dying

Did "Super Size Me" end up making Vegan chefs sexy or what?

self delete

Dinner for tomorrow is almost ready!

This is funny, it is so close to the truth re: election

Best Right Wing Rock Band....

I got a Panamanian Balboa penny instead of a "real" penny today for change

Why does the crap music from good bands become popular?

What's your "Middle" name?

*ahem* (fake woman's voice) I'm Babara Walters, ask me anything!

IMO, the Jets beat the Stillers (I am a Stillers fan)

there was a firefight!!!!!

Steelers kick the crap out of the NY Jets

Hell's Kitchen? Screw that, the BBC comedy "Chef!" from 1993 is better!

What should I do tonight?

My new, revised arrangement of "Shiver Me Timbers" by Tom Waits.

Siamese cats

It's May, in the year 50, and you're in Corinth. What do you do?

Lookin to setup a XP/Linux dual OS machine... some questions

I spied my bear snack for indoctrination day

Listening to Prince's version of "Miss You"

Sounds from an alien world


So far, SNL is pretty good

Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't ya just love it?

Who should be the next monarch of Great Britain?

Did I just see that a NEW FAMILY GUY was on TOMORROW NIGHT???

Shhh...VelmaD is having relations with...

Why don't the Chinese use more beans in their cooking?

Did the Ninja Turtles action figures

Roger Waters and Clapton on now

alternative inaugural ball Article

I had the strangest dream about skinner and DU

My computer suddenly shut off on me, point at me and laugh

You gotta love George Clooney

Well lets see what SNL serves up tonight...

King Crimson fans check in

Best Doctor Who

watching dog show

the little neighbor girl knocked on my's Girl Scout cookie time!

Topping off my gizzard dinner with a White Russian. Is this wrong?

Can someone do a poll for me?

I am listening to Rage Against The Machine. Ask me anything.

Alright, it's 8:30 CST. Who's drunk, dammit?

Great Chili Recipe, Anybody?

It's January, 1987. Where were you?

Jets fans. It's OK to cry.

Amy Poehler Vs. Tina Fey

Items you would like to see on the Bush Coronation menu

Alone again, natura-diddly. :(

Do you think it's rude when someone doesn't reply to your PM?

Should the planet Uranus be invaded even if they don't have WMD

Would I be a better president, king, emperor, dictator, tyrant, or despot?

Who is watching figure skating tonight?

Yum. Tastes like chicken. (picture)

Could somebody explain Hume's Maxim to me?

I like the nostalgia threads. It's June, 1987. What are you up to?

The US military investigated building a "gay bomb"...

Just got a brief report on Kef's service

I need 17 more posts to hit 4000.. ask me something

Whose rendition of "Imagine" is better, Lennon's or Madonna's?

It's January of 2005 - where are you?

Alright Whowas the Guitar player just on the Telethon

Best left-wing rock band

I just watched the first episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA... kicked ass

Freeper nickname that they won't like one bit.

What do you look like, RIGHT NOW?!?

What do you ladies think of a guy with lots of female friends?

Did I just hear Topher say the F-word

age and attire


Philly DUers: Come support my band Sunday (Jan. 16) night!

Gore vs. Kerry

I have a tooth ache for the first time EVER. Went to the dentist, had

Best drumming in a rock song EVER?

Petey the Claw and his little admirer (photo)

It's January of 2050, where are you?

Any "World of Warcraft" players here?

I dyed my stair black for inoculation day

3 minutes into Falcons VS Rams....

So I'm on Free Republic doing an experiment

Something that pisses me off


It's November, 1952. Where Are You?


Its 1763, where is your family?

What's the best revenge? I'd really like to hold this woman down and

Christianity and Marxism: A good mix?

We really have come a long way

A very good Cold Case is on tonight

Who said there's no hockey?

Two consecutive, missed, game winning field goals. A record?

Falcons/Rams Thread

Bears/Patriots thread

This Game Illustrates What Its Like To Be A Jets Fan

What is it with these teams from New York choking in the playoffs?

More thoughts on the Steeler win.

OK: Questions about Cowher for Steeler fans and Steeler non-fans

I'm watching the Dog Show tonight on Animal Planet

From Swami Beyondananda: From the New Deal to the Real Deal

Nice read.

Does someone here know of

I just got a job as a professional photographer! I can't believe it.

Help me pick a photo for a contest

Now that they've admitted to no WMDs will the military families have the

It's Stupid Politics for the Dems to Not Oppose the Draft

Sorry our president is an idiot, in French

Help- is there a fake "" SS letter going around?

Can you guys explain to me DNC for Dummies

Social Security - Letter To Editor - Advise Please?

Bu$h facts and figures...add some the MSM left out

What constitutes a victory ?

Driver's Licenses Spark Privacy Debate

21st Century Logans Run

Things To Do Before January 20, 2005

Have there been any Alan Keyes' sightings?

They fell down and worshipped at the golden calf.....

Private Social Security accounts

"Don't Think of an Elephant" by George Lakoff (aka Reframing the Debate)

Two articles from the past on torture (mine, of course)

O'Reilly clip - January 14, 2005

Caption this! (Note the sign in the background. *lol*)


Your dream ticket for 2008???

The Myth of the Populist Stock Market

US Pres. G. W. Bush proclaimed Sunday National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Help Ken Blackwell become governor.

Democrats can't allow Bush to have his 'bloodless' war

Graner: Led away in shackles after getting 10 years and giggling? WTF?

Help me think of a response to this....

So, why is it that men tend to lean conservative and women lean liberal?

The Democrats will rise again.

The thing about Dean that nobody here has been saying

Do you feel any animosity toward the Bush voters ?

Public high schools named after Confederates

WP: Father Transformed by Anguish: Man Burned Self After Son's Iraq Death

NYT: Red, Blue and Angry All Over(Bush's fed govt grabs power from states)

Political turmoil to rock Pakistan: CIA

Time: Taking on Social Security

A trail of torture at hands of US forces (AUS Report)

Poodles wearing a pair of Bad Idea jeans

Eros Day 2005 - The Counter-Inaugural Ball

Rightwing Libertarians trash Lakoff

Muslims upset about Fox's 24

Bank of America survey asks workers about sexual orientation

WP Strikes Out Again: 5 Words on Why We Protest - David Lytel

Social Security Agency Is Enlisted to Push Its Own Revision

Very sad but you got to laugh at those bushes...

LAT: How CBS' Big Story Fell Apart

RightWing "New Democrats" trash Lakoff

BosGlobe's C. Stein: SS just iceberg tip(if no cuts to def & no tax incr)

Disasters waiting to happen

America divided - By Sandy Shanks

Natalism and the breeding of tiny Republicans

Two Huge "Wow's" from today's WaPo.

Many a Crisis w/ Bush Admin - and struggling with cause and effect(comic)

The Splendid Failure of Occupation

Comment: Andrew Sullivan: Bush can still pull off a Reagan triumph

German Resistance To Hitler

U.S. a nation of faith filled with religious illiterates

Time: Where Are the New Recruits?

Newsweek: Jesus and Jack Daniels

"The Madness of George W. Bush"

WP searchable guide to counter-inauguration events

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Jazz Funeral Emergency - Please help!

MSNBC loves to show HW Bush, W Bush and other GOP

Bush Faces Sharp Challenges in Second Term - Reuters

Three stations to flip to liberal talk this week

NYT: Ring Leader Graner......

Sign up for the Media Matters radio show weekly update

Are Reagan and Bush really supply-siders?

Houston Chronicle Test Shows Wide Range Of Toxins, Some At High Levels

Green Tony Blair Suddenly Looking Brown - Tried To Ditch Emissions Targets

Coal Mining To Blast, Flatten Area Equal To Rhode Island In WV By 2015

Supporting starroute on moving Prince Harry thread to Lounge --

I was told to post this hear I just wanted to ask what happened to a

Would you please explain this lock to me

Why did my thread on Prince Harry's racist friends get moved?

Oops. A preemptive sorry...

Why was this moved to the Lounge?

Locked thread

Could I get a link to the first DU....

Could media lists for states be pinned to the top of each state forum?

Is it possible for you to add a news story and URL address for the

What are the rules on locking threads?

Favorite swear word...(poll)

Sharon orders militant crackdown

Top PLO body calls for end to Palestinian attacks

Activist Sentenced: Israeli Judge Silences Jewish American Activist.

Sharon orders army to crush militants, says Abbas not lifting a finger

The Southern Illinoisan: "McKenna chosen as new GOP chairman

Check out my new avatar

Chicago Tribune: How the Illinois GOP imploded

State Journal Register: Governor: "I think we're doing great"

Where did you go to college?

Does SNL have BALLS?

The Nashua Advocate: Republicans' Sixth Sense -- "We See Dead People"


Need tix to the Inagural? Email from repukes ...Ticketmaster

The only way a Democrat will win an election with the machienes involved

Keep the pressure on! (from Progressive Democrats of America)

reduce voter registration fraud by numbering the forms??

Our elections will never get fixed with this majority. check out link.

Bush says election ratified Iraq policy Accountability moment' has passed,

Another Election Brought to You By the Bush Regime......

Good statistical analysis of the pre-2004 election demographics

Some more thoughts on Supervisor of Elections....

WP reveals that WH propaganda includes pressuring Newspapers

GRAPH: Kerry State Exit Poll Deviations vs. Margin of Error

Are you gonna let W blame you for invading Iraq?

So what do we have on Blackwell?

I think Democrats need to be on guard against Republican paid

Today is one of those days....

LEGAL NEEDED: Is testimony taken "under oath" by Conyers legally binding?

The CFR and the National Research Commission on Elections and Voting

About those coat-tails...

Ways to Hold a Student Walkout.

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards nominations

We need daily political stand thread... Today I will...

The "Incumbent Rule", true again in 2004.

Election result an endorsement of *'s Iraq policy? MSNBC poll

* is officially, "legally", beyond the law

You flip a coin 50 times a day. How long would it take to get 43/50 heads?



This is so depressing. I'm batting .500

Newspaper Ads to spread the word

Just watched: "Uncovered: the War on Iraq" for the first time

USA Weekend mag has tips for those depressed post-election!! (Get this...)

We all here believe in democracy, correct?

Bush probabilities for various Party-ID weights in the National Exit Poll

How to Protest 1/20 if you can't go to DC demo

Greg Palast in San Diego Monday evening

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Need a florist in San Jose? Here's one to avoid

Sacramento Jan 20 march to State Capitol for coronation festivities

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Ahh the Air Force is circling above my town before the game

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Marty Meehan calls for Iraq troop pullout timetable

Lakeville picking up inauguration cost for high school band

In my latest "Conservative Con of the Week" article,

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

*****Possible AURORA TONIGHT Jan. 16-17**********

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

DU-er needing help. Please respond

Javascript & IE problem

Interesting commentary on Google

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Hi all the other Tarrant Co DU folks. about getting together:

Jazz Funeral Emergency - Please help!

Okay, indulge my fantasy

Nominate Barbara Boxer for the 2005 Jefferson Awards

Turn Your Back On Bush

Amstrong Williams was paid for 2004, election year promotion.

Here's a laugh for ya...

CSPAN1 Clinton's 1st Inaugural Address on NOW....

Anyone Else In A Pi$$ed Off Mood

Region bashing

First ______________ since 9/11

Who here is NOT a free thinker when it comes to spirituality?

A whole bunch of their quotes/lies regarding WMDs...

A question for the 'liberal' media

" Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded "

Does SNL have BALLS?

Good Inauguration Day song .....

In Case You Missed it - Bush Family XMas Card...

ANY Inaugural Ball is obscenely wasteful

Where has the defiant ridicule gone these days?

NO NATION in the entire world supported bush's invasion of Iraq.

my new favorite website

'Think' Tanks have planned to use Islam as the 'phantom menace' since 1993

for what it's worth:voice of the whitehouse (insider?)

New Group: The Anti-Theocratic Movement

Coalition of the Dwindling -- Dutch to pull out of Iraq by mid March

Progressives Unite! to abolish Corporate Taxes!

Consumer Fraud Alert: Beware Banks bearing "free" gifts

Bush doesn't need a draft. He'll push all over-17s into the military by

I'm hiding, I'm hiding, and no one knows where...

Climate change? What Climate Change?

Speaking Anthropologically, is Racism part of our human instinct?

Race Based Pollution

Seriously people

PHOTO: Synchronized sociopaths

"Let's see, how can I be even more like Hitler?"

Word Idea

I'd love to see Jesus come back and confront Bush

Will someone please explain to me the military scholarship process?

Brownback on Washington journal

Social Securiy Administration to be new 'Armstrong Williams'

Insight: Three face coup inquiry after Thatcher deal

How to use Outsourcing to our advantage

Britain's SS privatization, how's that going? "A BLOODY MESS."

On Social Security...why not "globalize it?"

Bush, his hands on social security, what a scary thought.

Are the Bushies really trying to sell social security to the blacks

Cincinnati brags about critical role in reselecting Bush (ready to party!)

How Pinochet duped British embassy staff (UK Archives)

Outlaw abortion, save social security

Religious aid groups try to convert victims

why is social security about to explode?

Bill Frist is a Moral Problem.

To the Democratic leadership. You read this...dammit

Dostoevsky family fights 'gambler' slur

"Control Room" to air on Sundance Channel

I wonder if Bin laden's real acheivement will be

Iraqi Almusawi on CSPAN stating that if the elections are post-poned,

photo of Bush above photo of Colin Powell giving UN presentation

Harry Reid calls Bush's policies "Orwellian"

ABC-Reid-talking about Social Security.

Contact Congress re Social Security with easy form.

PREDICTIONS? What level of "suck" will Russert strive for today?

Looking for a Few Good Patriots!

Romanian woman gives birth at 67

Tell SSA not to spend your money advocating for privatization

Amway distributor discovers new chapter to Bible's Book of Acts (TRUE)...

Bush: I solve problems before they become acute. Ha ha ha ha

On C-Span now the replay of the Breyer/Scalia debate

US seeks quick exit from quake relief...yeah THAT'LL help US image

The Constitution of the United States to be a FLOAT at Coronation!

smirk is sorry he kidnapped/tortured wrong German man

DNC Meeting in Los Angeles yesterday - Terrific turnout!

private US money for Fallujans rejected by Fallujans

Hitler ordered pope's kidnap

B**h actually thinks he is no longer accountable for his own decisions?

Why the Sun Seems to be 'Dimming'--BBC (what next???)

Kinsley on Chief Justice Thomas: Will W or Dems show more "guts"?

Latest C-Span Midwest DNC chair conference.

Seymour Hersh on Late Edition

Ever have one of those days??

Bush's nonaccountability message proves he knows only Cheap Grace

Pressure grows to strip Thatcher title

"Ali G" risks riot at U.S. rodeo

Bushs were personally very generous to the Tsunami victims

* Interview Suggests Election Stolen to Avoid Investigation of IRAQ

The Christians I Know....

i need some really good flyers to hand out at a church

FoxNews offers TV job to Abu Ghraib torturer on his prison release

Will Bush suffer any penalty for saying "I got elected, I don't need...

The People's Coalition

Bush: Voters Have Spoken On Iraq Policy

Blog from Sri Lanka....after the Tsunami


mr pResident would you let me take the place of my children

Does anyone have the link...

Ketchum-PR firm associated with Armstrong Williams/Iraq invasion PR

Tomorrow is Dr. King's Birthday (observed)

"He's not intimidated into trying to say the right things"

Father transformed by anguish over Iraq

Listen to Dan Bartlett: Everything is swell in Iraq, Jeez you whiners.

Maybe it's 'Burning Bed' time for the Republicans.

Vote to REJECT Torture Gonzales -Tell Your Sen. & Members of the Judiciary

What is the difference between a "citizen" and a "national?"

I think I may be emboldening Al Qaeda

haha..ha... Major PROTESTS for bush* "Black Tie and Boots" ball (PHOTOS)

Democrats must either sell their souls or find them again

"He's hiding." Republicans are losing the war

George W. Bush - patron saint of drunks and failed businessmen

Will Iran Pre-emptively attack us before we try to take out their Nukes?

please delete.

If I was in the Oval Office, I would piss on the carpet too. Good dog.

FatWallet Off topic: Politically Incorrect

"Listen Live : Nothing currently on air" as indicated by DU

Not grinning now are you?

jump on the PEACE TRAIN..CA to DC, arriving on Jan. 19...PARTY TRAIN TO DC

"These people need food but they also need Jesus."

Iran Next on the Neo-con Road Map to Hell

Bush's Game Plan and a hint to where it came from

What are the public reactions to Bush's insistence he has carte blanche

DU this Yahoo story. Iraq is Boosh's Viet Nam: Rate it up

Pickles & Shrub to Abandon Pig Farm for Dallas Retirement

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Military putting its anti-gay stance ahead of national security

You May Not Know Alberto Gonzales . . .

AP: "Troops Coming Home Soon!" vs. "Well, Not That Soon"

What is the most outrageous thing you heard someone say this past week?

Pro-gun lobby targets parents of dead boy

There were WITNESSES re the CBS story on Bush's Nat'l Guard service!

President Bush supports medical liability reform. Shouldn't you?

medea benjamin on Media Matters now!!!

Seymour Hersh now on CNN with Bllitzer

IRAN: here we go again

Bush Quote - Scary

I just bought the biggest, brightest, ORANGEST t-shirt

What are the reasons an employer can hold up a pay check?

A letter to the Bush Voters.

"Iraq is not as bad as the news says"

COINTELPRO campaign attacks the internet power of DU...HEADS UP.

disbelief, sorrow, and anger still, after so many years . . .

I kicked the MS habit, and you can too.... here's how......

GOP = Grumpy Old Pornographers

Armstrong contract cancelled here is a copy.

my republican friends AND LOVED ones. did you hear bush say

Another High Water Mark In American Journalism

Quick, what were the three primary themes of John Kerry’s campaign?

So what happened with Christmas spending?

Is SOCIALIST a dirty word?

"Oh, really, that's what you're predicting about Social Security?"

CNN this Sunday Morning

If CBS memo was forged OR if Bush won the military vote, the media would

the "moral values" crew is at it again: gang rapes continue

$218 billion in annual sales, and Wal-Mart can't pay for health insurance?

Can this period (past 4 years) be compared to any other in U.S. history?

Tushie or Bushie The Amazing Race

Judge dismisses 9/11 lawsuit based on "doctrine of sovereign immunity"

Two Thousand Military Draft Boards Perched in 'Standby Mode'

Is Paul O'Neill right about Social Security?

Please sign Barbara Boxers Petition to Hold Condi Rice Accountable

Are YOU coming to OUR Nation's Capital for Jan. 20th events? (link)

Roemer got mad at the DNC Midwest conference. Hope C-Span covers.

link to Washington Post: PROTEST photos from Jan. 20, 2001

hopi elders 2005

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Censorship in the UK

RE: Armstrong Williams, Condi Rice, and Bush's racial gestalt

Thoughts on MLK's birthday?

So I went to lurk on FR

Will even one Senator filibuster against Alberto Torturer Gonzeles? (nt)

Did Networks Fake Exit Polls??

Rummy caught telling a whopper, live and in living colour.

Just when I thought my opinion of realtors could not get lower

The policy rift between 41 and 43 seems to be widening

Activists Push for Safer E-Recycling (horrifying pictures from China)

I love how Peter Jennings always refers to "Mr. Bush," not "President Bush

How big a protest will there be on coronation day?

Suppose all the world religions were true

What if We Here in DU Designed a Float or 2 for Bush's Big Parade?

Khephra's Service Report (for people who never go to the lounge)

How are you going to deal with Inauguration Week?

Thai tsunami workers turn vegetarian - report

The Schematics of the RW

Anyone here remember Iran-Contra scandal? The hearings and then

I realize that religion brings hope to a lot of people....

Fallujah for Dummies or an Idiot’s Guide to Fallujah

Please help me list all of the missteps taken by Bush and his administr.

My nephew just got his orders to go to Iraq

Mary Mapes of CBS was set up after exposing Abu Gharib....?

This Is F**King SAD! Iraqi Children Throwing Rocks At US Tanks...

The skies over Florida

What are you making to eat for the playoff games today ?

I won't be doing any cooking for a week thread # 2

pot rack

You guys have created a Feng Shui monster.

So I just bought a mortar and pestle.

Row erupts as TV's new political idol accused of being racist

Media barons in £6bn plot to capture ITV

ex-Tory Minister defects to New Labour

Paul O'Neill: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (NYT Editorial)

WP: Father Transformed by Anguish: Man Burned Self After Son's Iraq Death

WP,pg1: Scorers of New SAT Get Ready for Essays

Huygens reveals Titan's 'creme brulee' centre | ABC Australia

WP: A Health Care Cost Shift (from employer to worker)

WP: (D.C. Mall) Memorial to Martin Luther King Drives On


US voters 'endorsed Iraq policy'

Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded

Not Always Diplomatic in Her First Major Post (Condi Rice)

Three dead in Kashmir gun battle

Followers of radical cleric Sadr protest Iraq fuel shortages

Allawi in Battle to Keep Iraq Leadership

Mexican Troops Take Over Prison to Quell Drug Cartels' Turf War

Bush: Voters Have Spoken On Iraq Policy

NYT: Red, Blue and Angry All Over(Bush's fed govt grabs power from states)

President Bush extends waiver of provision in law on Cuba

NYT: Social Security Agency Is Enlisted to Push Its Own Revision

LAT: How CBS' Big Story Fell Apart

Perfect election not pictured for Iraq

A trail of torture at hands of US forces (AUS Report)

President Mesic faces Cabinet minister in Croatian presidential runoff...

NYT: (Michael) Moore's Makeover (before, after pics -- lookin' good!)

U.S. Forces Launch Quick Raids In Iraq

Time: Taking on Social Security

La. Prison Journalist Freed After 44 Yrs.

Conditions set for pope's Russia visit

Bush inauguration to cost £40m

Harry's 'racist and bigoted' set must be curbed, Charles told

Romanian woman gives birth at 67

Detainee claims he was MI5 link man

Harry Reid calls Bush's policies "Orwellian"

US voters 'endorsed Iraq policy' (BBC Report)

Pressure grows to strip Thatcher title

Eta calls for talks with Madrid

Rebels strike in Mosul, Baghdad

Social Security Agency Is Enlisted to Push Its Own Revision

Jakarta denies foreign troop curb

Saudi prevents citizens from Iraq fighting

Police dealing with 'security situation' south of Kuwait

Nobel winner refuses Iranian court

Iraqi anger at abuser's jail term

Newsweek, Tribe Versus Tribe

A bleak winter for democracy in Iraq's north

Afghanistan says U.S. frees 81 Taliban prisoners

Mark was wrong - Carol Thatcher

FBI to seek Indian help to tighten noose around Jaish Chief

Iran to Show Nuke Samples Are Peaceful

S.C. prisons official takes Iraqi job

Many Iraqis say Graner sentence too lenient

LAT: Higher Officials Unlikely to Be Tried (in Graner case)

Wounded child, mass graves behind soldier's refusal to return to Iraq

Armitage Al Arabiya Television with Hisham Melham

Blair tried to ditch green policy (global warming)

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Roemer lashes out : "Republicans have a big tent; why can't we?"

Jet's trail spurs questions Mysterious Amer. plane tied to torture flights

Large Demonstration in Baghdad against Iraqi Government (Cuban Press)

Reporting Human Rights Abuses in Iraq (NPR)

U.S. Backs Colombia in Venezuela Dispute

Rep. Martry Meehan (D-Ma5) Calls for Timetable for Iraq Troop Pullout

Shiite Female Candidate Survives Ambush

Slaying may be Hate Crime, and may be related to online discussions

Jerry Springer to Host Radio Talk Show

Bush(like Nixon 72)says victory was mandate (on US policy on Iraq)

Activist Sentenced: Israeli Judge Silences Jewish American Activist.

Thatcher 'in a third country' as he waits for a US visa to join wife

Harris County (TX) cracking down on voting by non-U.S. citizens

Iraqis Irate Over Abuse Sentencing

Bishops screen Catholic priests on cruises

Polish military deny damaging ancient Babylon

Iraqi candidates make sure they're not in spotlight

Saddam Agents, Militants Plan 'Vicious' Poll Attacks

Injured Army reservist recalls suicide bomber's eyes

Newlyweds work to save marriage after war leaves him paralyzed

Hitler's Plan to Kidnap the Pope

Driver's licenses spark privacy debate

Coastal Bend officials heard plan to hire DeLay's brother

Police: No War Stress for Marine Who Killed Cop (Let the spin begin)

US troops gather for onslaught as Mosul unrest threatens election

MI5 boss admits bugging Adams

U.S. Forces Carry Out Raids in Mosul

Bush says troops will come home soon

Iraq War Could Make Al Qaida Stronger

Lawyer: Saddam not involved in gassing of Kurds

Iraqis in Australia prepare to vote (1.5 Mil Absentee ballots?)

Leaked documents reveal Blair's global warming betrayal

Iraq to Resume Oil Exports in 10 Days

Death Without Honors (Contractors in Iraq)

Large SUVs lose luster, cost Big 3 (Detroit News headline article)

U.S. Bank Profits Seen Rising

Many Iraqis Say Graner Abuse Sentence Too Lenient

More than 30 pilot whales beach themselves in N.C.

NYT: Working With the Enemy (performance pay and teachers' unions)

Dem. Leader Eyes Judicial Nominees

Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Church ends taboo on mercy killings

Bush protesters rethink tactics

Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam: US Senator Kennedy

Pro-gun lobby targets parents of dead boy

Fledgling Iraqi Air Force Gets Planes (& sacrificing animals)

Broward County Park boots anti-war group

New GallupPoll: Anti-Terrorism Tactics Evaluated In U.S. (39% OK Torture)

WSJ Editor Served with Armstrong Williams on White House Board

Marine Who Served in Iraq Slain in Calif (NEW INFO)

FDA Set to Decide on Morning-After Pill

Rice Hearing to Lay Out Bush Foreign Policy

Call for Europe-wide swastika ban

Tet offensive reverberates 37 years later in Iraq

I'm watching "Meet The Stans"...

The President's dog is so cute!! So is Babara Walters!!

Can anyone answer a question for me? What happen to a post I did?

Can someone please explain Maxim Magazine to me?

It's 50.000 BC where is your family?

It's the Cretaceous Era, where is your family?

Bands I got into recently

I Have A Dream

Doug Brien You Bastard

Mmm! Birch beer.

Favorite things to do on cold, snowy winter nights

It's January, two hours ago, do you know what your alto ego was doing?

I just watched Napoleon Dynamite for the seventh time.

Oh good lord why is it snowing again in Vancouver...?

"I pull my blue jeans on, I pull my old blue jeans on."

Its 447,000 B.C. Your family flees Plaedia. What were you thinking?

Skol Vikings!!! Beat the cheesesteak out of Philly

Picks 10 books

Do you think it's rude when you say hi to someone on AIM, they say 'what'?

See how they run

Foreign Service officer - Ambassador Celluci joke

Tongue in cheek: So anyone want to image if/when DU will be taken

help the red armies conquer the blue armies!

Hold your fire. Keep it burning bright.

It's 4 billion years ago, the formation of the Earth. Where's your family?

I'm Condi Rice, ask me anything

"The Cave Dwellers". I laughed so much I may have hurt myself.

Who would anyone take as President any day ???????????????????????????????

Great Hard**** parody on SNL

Anyone currently having weather resembling the weather on Triton??

MAD TV just blows SNL out of the water.

A stroke may be thought of as a "neurological tsunami" that washes away a

A while back, a DUer had a way to ID the IP of posters, anybody know how

How is everyone tonight?

So what celebs WANTED to do the telethon, but weren't invited?

I just can't bring myself to post in GD anymore....

It's such and such a year are the new sex threads!

It;s January 1992 what are you doing?

This site really does kick ass

Who's out there?

Have you ever accidentally left an embarrassing phone message

It is January 2005. Where is Tweed and Pres2032?

I still can't find housing for Jan 20th...

Well, well. Guess who *I* ran into!

Was Bush the son of a drug lord?

This ought to be good. . .

It's January 1993 what are you thinking / feeling ????????????????????

Did Mamma Khephra get enough for the memorial service?

It's January 2005 what are you doing?

It's January 28, 1986

Help With "The Critic" on AtomFilms...

Did Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis or Kelsey Grammer or

Its January, 2005. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Listening to Rush's Hold Your Fire. Ask me anything.

I was never in Scouting, but was in 4-H.

Its January 1978, do you remember where you were?

It's May 1968. Where are you?

"Count Me Blue" bracelets and an unoriginal Republican Equivalent

SO, I'm a gonna get cheesy and romantic...

shooting stars are cool . . . give me shivers every time

Shooting stars is cool . . . give me the feeling I'm Ted Nugent.

SNL...kinda funny last night

$100 Billion "Off Budget" ????

Topher Grace is hot.

I just watched the movie on Heidi Fleiss

Darth Tater

This was just so crazy!

Computer Trivia time! Geeks need only apply, but others might too...

Ha ha!

Can you identify these people?

MPEG editor

Do you have checkitis?

Who are those guys?

Happy Sunday Morning all my DU friends, relatives, and enemies!

MEN! What kinda men are you?

Question: Do mods work in shifts?

PROGRAMMING ALERT: Bob Dylan radio hour on Sirius 38

name a movie you'd love to see, but haven't been able to yet

Hehehe It's Darth Tater

Drove downtown in the rain nine-thirty on a Tuesday night

There is no experience on earth like a good braunschweiger sandwich.

I love you guys... eh, screw you guys

WHY would anyone go past this sign (Utah ski resort warning sign)

Who has noticed their handwriting has gone to shit due to always typing?

'Ghost' jailed for haunting castle

I need some career advice from my fellow DUers.

Romanian woman gives birth at 67

Trunk Monkey is way kewl, where can I get one?

Are Your Childhood Heroes Still Your Heroes Today

This should be enshrined as the one, only DU thread in which all agreed.

Birds as art , soothing images

Holy CRAP, Batman...someone morphed a photo of Bush and Gropinator

So who wants to see the Eagles crash and burn today?

Worst football announcer

Any Jim Croce fans here? I used to live in his house!

Is there anything better than....

Anyone heard from Doug Brien today?..... Is he alive and well?

"Television is a weapon used to pacify...

DUer El Fuego is a patent attorney.

who is interested in a personal history group?

Any Leo Sayer fans in da house?

We've got a live one, folks...

When did Aikman get on the first team for Fox Sports?

Mmmmmmm. Katie Melua!

I need help donating :(

What's worse?

Cylons vs. The Borg?

Please don't ban me... I'm no freeper, but the Democrat party really

the Eagles are cocky sons of bitches

javascript & IE problem

The official DU "Toronto blows sweaty goat balls" thread

Most annoying teen phrases or slang of the past twenty years...

This is where craziness resides on the internet

What is it like, negotiating a pre-nup?


Anyone have Maple Leaf fans in the family they're ashamed of?

Am I the only one that sees the humor of sperm, I mean the Philly Eagles

I think the Eagles are going to beat the Vikings today!

Rudy Giuliani

I had a small victory at work...

Some acronyms that I've coined.

I hope the Eagles friggin choke.

"Is MLK still alive?"

this is my 500th Post

Taylor Coppenrath or why this thread will sink like a stone

Did you know that Yogi is anti-Christian, Booboo?

Norm Coleman

article moved - mods plse delete this thread n/t

Sad. I've got the scanner on while I'm getting dressed...

Book learning is for Sissys

Ever have one of those days??

Who wants to see Bruce Hornsby & The Range crash and burn today?

Super Bowl commercials you want to see

Bill Frist

Help! I'm addicted to Zoo Tycoon 2!

Philadelphia Eagles owner: $2000 to *

OKay- I've been dealing with a massive back spasm for a week


Kid Rock and Tom Morello Clashed last September.

Another cheesy Zomby thread

If there was ever any proof "music fans" buy whatever they're told...

I could not be LESS interested in the doctrine of informed consent.

Anne Coulter

Karen Hughes

It's August 1969. What are you up to?

I had so many good things go through the cranium tonight

Harry's 'racist and bigoted' set must be curbed, Charles told

Where were you conceived?

Has anyone seen the film HOTEL RWANDA?

My dog just "repuked"

Karl Rove

We just came home, and there is blood splattered all over the kitchen.

Eeep! My cat's vet bill was $500!

"If she herself had had any picture of the future,

Show Me How to Live

TV's: LCD vs. plasma. Learn me something.

Posted on a classmate's blog

Which movie should I watch?

Wow, the remake of "Stepford Wives" manages to insult everyone!

HypnoToad - dumb question

Adventures in cleaning an eight year old's room

Funniest movie of 2004. What tickles DU's funnybone

Best Drama In A Contemporary Urban Environment

Why is there a reply to Skinner's "Ok, the fun's over" post?

The rubber chickens

I know... I am NOT the first one... but still .... THIS IS MY 1000th post!

Wires! Wires! I hate wires! No more wires EVER!

Why has the Young Republican's Forum been taken down?

Hey Eagles fans, I'm not here to eat crow...

For those going to DC on thursday, check this out

Do You Wear Your Hat Forward Or Backward?

Should Randykins act out his threat?

Office Space should be Rated F

As a long time Viking fan, and on behalf of...

I've paid my dues...

Help! with the New York Times

And make mistakes...I never do.

To the anonymous DUer in the 508 area

Where should I put my DU sticker?

Is anyone else strangely fascinated by the

Hey I'm back (at least briefly) did you miss me?

Looking at prescription med bottles gave me this idea:

Celebrity most likely to be an undercover agent?

Praise the Lord!!!! I'm in the 700 Club!

It's kind of hard to believe this is right in New York

Did you know that Yoga is anti-Christian, voodoo?

My Mom, age 81, is going to urge her friends ...

Vikings what?

I set my MP3 player to random...

Queen - Live at Wembley Stadium

It's 1 million years BC. What are you up to?

Do people ever reap what the sow?

I don't enjoy door-to-door Girl Scout cookie solicitation

Do you know the difference between a geek and a dweeb?

Dad fired because he went to ER with daughter instead of work

Katie Couric, Ted Koppel, Anderson Cooper tapped for Rather replacement?

I just created an article on Wikipedia! Ask me anything.

Mmmm..Tetley Chai Spice tea with milk and sugar!

Jack and Bobby... a really good new show on WB network

Okay, folks, I'm feeling safe and secure. When's the next terra'lert?

Has anyone written a song about where you live?

what is a coincidence?

Am I the only one that thinks that Jared's 15 minutes ended years ago?

What is a conscience?

Patriots - Colts prediction thread. Who'll win and the score?

Impending snowstorm!

If you could destroy Christian Slater's vanity, would you?

Must admit: I'm an eye man.

Has anyone seen"Declarations of War"

Am i a god?

I'm an attention whore: check out my new sig!

Hey anyone hear this story about the word --warning contains swear word.

Dare to ask, dare to answer

Latest MOVELEFT.COM articles

The rubber bracelets

Can I get a bottle of that "gay bomb" spray in a handy pocket size?

I thought Sideways BLEW what about

Why can't they just say DIAMETER?!

favorite language besides English or American

Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox Website check request (large graphic)

clueless infrequent flyer needs help w/ booking flights & car

Post a picture of your Deely Boppers.

Am I the only one who thought Napoleon Dynamite was boring?

Too late to file a class action against the creators of CLACKERS?

All time NFL #1 draft picks who paid Big Dividends

i'm starving. anyone wanna buy me lunch?

Quick Question..Are there any other (wide-spead) auctions like Ebay?

i want to learn how to speak french..

Age and satire

Personally, I think "Imagine" is an utterly dreadful song.

Warning: Chuckleworthy Cat Thread

Has A&E been bought out by fundies?

My favorite funny cats video


Its snowing in Foxboro! There may still be hope for the Patriots!

If you could destroy Sean Hannity, would you???



Who else has done absolutely nothing today?

watching the Eagles game? Turn down the volume.

When did "medicine" become "medication"?.

Would you have eaten....the APPLE?

Help me do my homework!

I just added an image to my Sig line...ask me anything...

NYC Deli with best knishes?

Post pics of well known people and I shall critique their appearance

Colts or Patriots? Who and why?

check out the posts of this freeper-type imdb poster

I'm Crackalackin' bout' you?

I have a dryer question.

Have any travel tips?

WHy does it take girls so long to do everything?

Best Jefferson Airplane song?

Devil Bones recipe?

Who will be watching the Golden Globes tonight?

Is Hotmail going to start charging?

bushbots really HATE passive aggressive behavior.

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!

WTF is the Patent office smoking?!?!?

I'm home from the hospital.

PlEEEEEase.... I need help locating a book....

Acronyms that you never heard of five years ago, and what they stand for.

My tribute to Kheph...H. P. Lovecraft ~ Call of Cthulhu....

Name A Movie You Loved But Cannot Watch More Than Once?

Worrying for All the Wrong Reasons

Heads up for new member and longtime ally in exposing RevMoon.

Name a movie that you love, cannot see often enough, and afraid

Who wants to see the Coyote finally eat that damned Road Runner!?

Are you there God? It's me, Dubya.

Could somebody help me with my computer?

NYT: (Michael) Moore's Makeover (before, after pics -- lookin' good!)


My top 8 new movies I want to see in 2005

Name five things that you never heard of five years ago

It's January 2005. You're a cat. Where are you?

Hi. And Thanks.

Proud Patriot Smokes No More

Who here is/was a Boy Scout, or Girl Scout

Has anyone here ever known someone who later became a celebrity?

Jenna: Am I getting old or is she a sleaze?

What words and phrases do you hate?

Who here is from Illinois?

Khephra's Service Report

How to find good, non-leather shoes?

Thai tsunami workers turn vegetarian - report

Going vegetarian...where do I begin?

Who here is NOT a free thinker when it comes to spirituality?

What Christ? What Peace?

I think Emerson had it right when it came to spirituality

(GASP!) Is Your Church Teaching Pagan Earth Worship In Sunday School?

'There is no such thing as an interventionist God' - Agree or disagree?

The flu? or not the flu?

X2 Class solar flare from giant sunspot 720

Deep Impact!

The SOUND of Titan!!!!

Article from the Sunday Telegraph re Lincoln

Mike Wilbon's great column in Sunday's Washington Post

Pan-Am cycling congress opens in Cuba

Magic Rat's Fearless Predictions For Sunday's NFL Matchups is running a "Favorite Sports Announcing Team" poll

Colts/Patriots Game Thread

Here's hoping the Phillie Cheesesteaks fall flat on their faces

Four straight NFC Championship games for the Eagles

J - E - T - S - Jets, Jets, Jets!

Wake made 32 straight FT against Carolina Blue.

Eagles/Vikings Game Thread

Quick note to all the Steeler bashers

How can this be a sports forum without a figure skating thread?

Eyelid surgery for dog?

vaccinate pet?

I have no Excuse for Posting this (Cat) Photo

Demons in our Midst: Facing the Tyrant Inside and Out

There are three atheists where I work...

Good background story on Rice Hearings

I forgot about this story yesterday, fun!

Kerry Wants Broader Coalition In Iraq

Question for archivists or bio enthusiasts here

Easy Kerry question posted in General Discussion. Any takers here?



I Wish These Assholes Would Drop Dead!

Bush's Speech for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday)

Just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this (anti) bush collection of video clips

If I didnt know better - I'd swear this was Karl Rove and Charles Graner

I need examples of Bush's arrogance, lies, and all around stupidity.

"The Liberal Lion needs a Tiger"....Boston Globe.

TRUE/FALSE: A lot of liberal policies passed during the Clinton years.

Everythings cool with the shrub now, right?

Crude Oil and Total Petroleum Imports: Released on January 13, 2005

Now that bush made us all LESS safe & INCREASED the RISK of TERRORISM...

New entry from riverbend

I most want to hear Bush admit that......

2002 'Help America Vote Act': a scam to deflect attention away from fraud?

Moore/O'Reilly Showdown at the Convention

FreepoFascists's NewsMax; "A Case AGAINST attacking Iraq"

When you change your voter registration, shouldn't you get a card?

Perfect election not pictured for Iraq

Rice-led "Iraq Stabilization Group" stabilized Jack SQUAT, faded away

Bush: " no one can be held accountable for Iraq war. That time is over"

sorry, dupe

Just discovered this great website

US Senate email system down?

Please explain what "they" are going to do to Social Security now.

Armitage on Iraq: "We don't see the election itself as a pivotal point"

Retarded Cowboy

Bush inauguration to cost £40m

We Need a "Jon Stewart" Moment on Meet The Press

Ever have the urge to take a long, overseas vacation?

Under Bush, America is working Longer and Harder ..... didn't have to be

Meet The Press - Dan Barlett is hitting all the talking points -

Predictions on the 20 Year Curse?

Vote: Repuglican Party's New Name

The McLaughlin Group - 1/07/05

Armstrong Williams being discussed now on Black Forum, boy

Bush now says U.S. people support his Iraqi policy

smirk talk of leaving Iraq is a farce - see what the Pentagon is doing

Bush never discusses "agreements, compromises, finding common ground"

Rahm Emmanuel on MTP today , speaking on "Eye-rack":

Parody is a great way to mock truth, even when it's really true

"no accountability" claim = strongest motive for election fraud

FreeRepublic feels that Graner "should have torched their nuts"

Doesn't matter where DNC chair is from, what he believes on litmus issues!

Laura Bush Defends Gala in Time of War and Disaster

They hate our country.

I propose a new game here at DU - Catastrophic Bingo

Robert Fisk went to Baghdad on a Flying Carpet -- really

Rahm Emmanuel sucked today -- here's what he should have said

Contact Rahm Emanuel and tell him to grow a spine.

Rahm Emanuel Is One Of The Best The Democratic Party Has To Offer

SIGN IDEAS For Inauguration Day Protests?

Who is David Leland who's running for DNC Chair?

Support "Boxer Rebellion"..Pleas sign Petition..

In order to make taxcuts permanent, SS must be reformed....

Did you see Emanuel digging his hole deeper and deeper on Russert?

Survey: Do you think voters endorsed President Bush's Iraq policy?

The New Guy On The Chris Matthews Show Is Smoking...

BTW-talk radio callers already have their Soc.Sec. talking points

msnbc puts Bush "no accountability for Iraq war" comments as top story

Deep Thoughts from Commander in Chief....."He's hiding."

File an FCC complaint against Williams and the * administration

Views of the Three Ring Circus

I deleted my message.

Pat Buchanan with predictions on the Iraq War

Help..What is the rationale for

bring on the death squads

Please be honest about the statements our Dems make on Iraq.

"...and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me."

Reid:Pres need new pair of Glasses/Frist compares Social Security to Heart

A musical tribute to Smear Boat Liar John O'Neill

Just in case the Democratic leadership doesn't see ....

Chief editorialist at paper which hit liberal blogs served with Williams

Poll: Was Bush's re-election an endorsement of his Iraq policy?

Bush Names the Animals

The Voice of the White House from TBR News

Dems PR stand on Social Security

Chief editorial writer served on Bush board with Armstrong Williams

2008 is shaping up to be one huge race

Sy Hersh interview: Is Iran Next? Video

WTF? One of Bush's best friends is a Democrat???

Come out, come out, wherever you are, you weasly conservatives!

Bob Schieffer on CBS Face the Nation

CNN estimates taypayer cost of 100 million for inauguration.

Face the Nation : Ted Kennedy

The kids who did the torture are all gonna go to jail////

Bush voters suck....

'Accountability moment' has passed, president says WTF?

Let them party like The Emperor Caligula

Soc Sec 'crisis' really a ploy to rid corp's of Payroll Tax !

Ok, follow along with me on this

Anyone got information on Donnie Fowler?

So now DU is hating on Emanuel? Its time to get an F'ing grip people!

Bush says Williams wrong to take money

WP reveals that WH propaganda includes pressuring Newspapers

This MLK Day think of Gov Bob Riley – Better yet …

Summary of impression of the DNC conference...kos poster.

Inauguration funding - who is giving to the coronation?

Friends.. if this is true and can be documented... we can hang ...

Integral Politics - The 3rd Way?

Rahm Emanuel Was A Total Embarrassment On Meet The Press...

Al Gore or John Kerry for 08! Why? I'll tell you why.

Immigration....why are we so different?

News Media Hosts nervous about possible "payola" investigations?

Reid: * is "turning the SSA into a White House PR firm"

Sen. Reid to Stephanopoulis: "STAY IN IRAQ?"....

Looks Like the Christian Right Got Screwed!!