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Archives: January 17, 2005

They Promised Us a "Cakewalk In Iraq" by Paul Craig Roberts.

14 Days in Iraq (NYT)

We Are Really, Really Sorry

Williams probe highlights government practice of developing, paying ...

Pretend Punditry

U.S. ministries of propaganda (Berkshire Eagle)

Ethics breach wrong (Ventura County Star)

American Hegemonic Dominance: The Cornerstone of World Security

Non Sequitur

Military Firing of Gay Linguists Blasted

Subverting the press with propaganda on the rise (Shaw / LAT)

Why the Sun Seems To Be Dimming (Yikes!)

Secret history of the Credit Card - Frontline

All the President's Newsmen (Rich / NYT)

From Axis of Evil to Exit Door for Weasels

Sacramento, CA : Jan 20 march to State Capitol for coronation festivities

Moose Returning To Northeast Oregon - Eugene Register-Guard

Cannot post in the Vegan forum

Why don't my edits "take"?

Kef's funeral

What's happening in GD politics?

'Murdered on his birthday'

Most fail to understand the complexity of "cracking down on terrorists"..

Judge tosses solicitation charge against Hollowell

How To Vote Repeatedly on Touch Screens (Connect the dots)

Need election data... help?

The GOP in Washinton State are still at it!

What happened to Olbermann?

What did I miss on1-8-05 in D.C.?

Empathy Training for Conservatives:Why Dems Still Whining about Election

Kerry should hold a press conference about his trip & election challenge

Empathy Training for Liberals: A Primer on the Conservative Mind

My 80 year old neighbor blew my mind today with this comment about Bush:

Should we demand exit polls that are meant to detect fraud

Why can't Diebold-counted voters slap Diebold with a class action suit?

Hypothesis for Kerry's concession?

Post your spins to present election reform to wingnuts here...

Why Barbara Lee would be a great primary challenge for Dino-Fi

WARNING: Ann the Man coming to Southfork Ranch

Texas communication company shows their ugliness (boycott)

Need election info

War, health care weigh heavily in fiercely contested state

Funny, but also scary, satire ad from ACLU about privacy (requires Flash)

Raise Minimum Wage To "Secure" Social Security?

WOW! Look at the weird marine life the tsunami tossed on shore...

"60 Minutes" about to show footage from embedded reporter w/ Marines

Abu Graib,Darfur: Call for Prosecutions

How America's Media is Failing the Young! David T.Z. Mindich...New Book

Army to Hackers: We Know Where You Live

Let's compare 2nd inaugurations: FDR and Bush

And what if the Iraqi people - freely and fairly - elected Saddam Hussein?

Anybody else notice that on the heels of the "No WMD" announcement,

Draft: To all MoveOn/MMoore/"undying faith in Washington politics" folks:

Dan Bartlett on Meet the Press, he is without a doubt, an idiot, and here

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence-By Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Best Social Security article ever!

Earth Simulator will allow British experts to predict climate change

Ok, are we all just happy the sun will rise tomorrow??

My Mom the activist

my 1000th post ! -look-turn on history channel-Bin Laden

Kuwaiti tells US: "Stop torturing our sons" (fat chance)

Mom & Pop War Profiteering Team - Woolseys

New Energy Sec. Was One of Texas' Worst Polluters

Guide to the Media

Report in Time makes reference to possible CBS-CNN merger

Are progressives trapped in eternal adolescence?

Prepare to be PISSED!!!!!!!!!!! (Bu$h at it again)

It's not hard to figure out why "media" is dumping on CBS

What is a good secular name for the religious right?

Matt PUDGE & LIMBOsevic Monitor DU While on the Air

Happy Martin Luther King Day - Some things never change

If you had to, would you vote for...

Davison High School denies alum Michael Moore

Abrams tank gets 4 gallons to the mile-worlds greatest polluter?

Now on the "True Stories" Channel "Declarations of War"

The final word on CBS memo scandal

Did Bush's New Homeland Chief Sheild Terror Ring in New Jersey?

Explosive fireball said to shake Earth

Military Families Urge Censure for Bush

Do we Liberals use too many big words?

I guess my parents had it all wrong. A gift of words is no gift at all.

POLL: How much total credit card debt do you have

RW buddy says Soros bankrupted a country...WTF??

"Hotel Rwanda"

Why did some people become Conservative after 9/11?

Please tell me why... (Argon Technologies) thinks that supporting the troops

Y'all think we use CARS because we "wanted" them: WRONG! We were coerced!

Poland says multinational force did not damage ancient Iraqi city

War, health care weigh heavily in fiercely contested state

Guardian: Special forces 'on the ground' in Iran

Thousands Expected At Iraq Elections In Southgate

Repeat. Didn't check closely enough. n/t

Indiana man gets credit for Bush's victory

Genes Promoting Fertility Are Found in Europeans (possibly longevity)-NYT

Thelma White, star in cult movie classic 'Reefer Madness'

National memorial to Martin Luther King still short of funds

Journalist (Hersh): U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran

Iraqis face fuel crisis

US planned to make love not war with 'gay bomb'

No Call for Agency to Sell Fix for Social Security, Aide Says

How Ukraine's Top Spies Changed the Nation's Path -NYT

U.S. a nation of faith filled with religious illiterates

US to try 20 more troops for Iraq abuse

Tiananmen hero Zhao Ziyang dies, 85

Bush faces new breed of policy protesters

Son of Sistani aide assassinated

High court justices take oath of office (AL- Moore/Clarence Thomas quotes)

(FAUX) Wartime Inauguration Balances Pomp Against Circumstance (spin spin)

Sprinklers blamed in (magnesium) fire (Indiana)

US to try 20 more troops for Iraq abuse

U.S. soldier killed Sunday when an armored vehicle flipped

Americans are trying to discredit me, claims Chief Scientist

Feds Ponder Easing Kyoto Targets for Big Polluters--Toronto Star

WP: Rice Goes From the Inside to The Front

Army Contests Rumsfeld Bid on Occupation

Former Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang dies

Major tsunami cash scandal feared

WP: The Roosevelts, Kennedys, and Now the Bushes

Supreme Court to rule on Schiavo

Riggs Directors Silent As Scandal Unfolded

Riggs Directors on 2 Boards Share Personal Ties to Allbritton

WP: Civil Rights Commissioner Marches in Different Time

Former McDonald's CEO Charlie Bell Dies

Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries (no Jesus, no food)

Better then ebay!

Bye-bye Indianapolis...Hello Pittsburgh!

If you were a chocolate chip cookie, would you be a cannibal?

Just saw HOTEL RWANDA and I'm sick to my stomach.

Classic. Sing it out loud!

I encourage everyone to watch the Simpsons tonight

Indianapolis Colts score 3 points!!!!

Sho' is mellow, grazin' in the grass...

I TOLD ya'll the Patriots would win!

Zapp Brannigan and George W Bush - separated at birth?

Simpsons tonight - tagline on FOX website reads:

Goodnight, Nike--It's been interesting.

I'm Coo Coo for Contraband :)

Is ebay the slowest loading site on the internets, or what?

Did anyone ever hear of a guy called Peyton Manning?

Dumb Beatles question

God help us - "Witness" by Amber Frey #1 NYT

Mobile, Alabama...Where to stay, where to eat, gay bars........

I almost vomited

Hilary Swank is just BIZARRE looking.

Turn on the Simpsons

Time again for ANAGRAMS!

Is the Golden Globe awards show live all across the country?

I just switched to FireFox and I'm never switching back!

OMG, Homer, Apu, Flanders and Grandpa were in Winnipeg!!!

No spoilers, but any liberal MUST watch Simpsons tonight!


Just finished some delishous...

Indianapolis Colts = Hothouse Tomatoes

Would you date this man?

Holy crap Captain Kirk just won a golden globe!

Official "Peyton Manning-the biggest choker in professional sports"thread

The Pledge of Allegiance

Herman Edwards and Tony Dungy...

I'm listening to bagpipes right now. Ask me anything.

Nail embedded in man's skull for six (6) days

I could do without a hug.

Da Vinci code stuff on the History channel

Nip/Tuck for best TV drama?

To the Philly fans here...

Dere's an ol' man called de Mississipp-eeeeeee!

What's next in line for clothing for the youngin' masses?

certianly hope this new Family Guy season is permanent

Presenting:, the Singing Dictionary!

A computer/hard drive question....

"Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast," my daughter said.

Clean dog, my favorite kind of dog

Do chicken encounters fill YOUR bowls?

Your favorite rock based, head-nodding toe tapper?

Family Guy: New eps start May 1

Time for a polygonal question:

How many "Freep" around here?

Golden Globes thread? Mick Jagger was just on.

To Tony (Cuban Liberal):

OK, who's watching Desperate Housewives?

Billy, Don't Be A Hero, don't be a fool with your life.

How long do eggs stay good in the fridge after the "sell by date" expires?

When Black Friday comes…I'll fly down to Muswell Brook

Thelma White, star in cult movie classic 'Reefer Madness'

Would you date this man?

It's so friggen cold in my house...

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Anyone read the new life of Reilly in SI?

Anybody else watching Desperate Housewives? *SPOILERS*

I love "Law & Order" reruns on TNT!

"How long does it take to get hooked on the new CSI?"

Maybe someone in advertising can answer this.

God, I love Robin Williams!!! Poking fun at the Hollywood Foreign Press,

It's Boston Legal Time!

A NightTrain appreciation thread

Ok, So I'm married to an older blond air head!!!

The Uninvited on TCM right now.

Anyone familiar with Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" CDs?

Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long/She been gone, gone, gone so long

What does my computer mean when it says my virtual memory is too low?

Who should star as Louis Wu in a film of Ringworld?

That's a movie I just don't get

We're gonna have an erect...election in Iraq.

Couple names son Yahoo after meeting online

Best B-52's album

Hi, I'm Halle Berry, what's the deal with my . . . um, dress.

Best Gary Numan album (to 1983)

I just remembered why I don't post to GD nearly as much as I used to.

I forgot where I put my memory

Hiding the body.

Two for 'Closer' - not expecting that

Well I'm off for surgery tomorow. Wish me luck

nt vs. eom

Have you ever used the Advanced Search feature on DU?

a funny encounter towards a van full of bushies

What will you name your nonexistent band?

Tom Hanks versus Arnold Schwarzenegger?

It's as good a time as any to post SOMETHING FOR RIGHT-WING LURKERS.

I could do with a hug.

Jean Luc Picard on the subject of torture


Explain this church billboard saying to me...

My failing titanium tooth implant set off the alarms at Best Buy,

I could do with a rug

Will someone please pay attention to me??? I have 143 posts and I

You've encountered an alien life form that asks to be taken to your leader

I need a Martini. Who's tending bar tonight?

I got a tummy full of Rally's, ask me anything!

Great "surprise"/punchline scenes in films (trying not to give spoilers):

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

who wins the superbowl?

Doofi or doofuses?

Today, I found the perfect pants!

I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite

I missed the Simpsons, please fill me in.....

Dooki or Dookuses?

Idiot Customer of the Day

Who else doesn't watch The Simpsons anymore?

Ralph Wiggum: Line Stealer of the year

Gurlz,,,listen up!

All right, Carnivale's on.

Something Funny For Dog And/Or Cat Lovers

What are you drinking right now?

Henley's "New York Minute" is a damn good song

It's November, 1972. Where Are You?

I'm Grover Cleveland, ask me anything

Let us now praise the simple virtues of GRILLED CHEESE

Anybody going to Dim Son's coronation PM me for info

Homo floresiensis brings new credibility to field of cryptozoology

They've dumbed down the science section at my local Barnes and Noble

SoCal-West Coast Earthquake Warning

Three points?

Let's have a Patriots GLOAT Thread!

With their first pick in the draft the Colts select......

Hey Pete Gillen! Who's got yer Lucky Charms???

So who loves the "subjective scoring" sports like gymnastics,

Which NFL team looked the best this weekend?

The Vikings Let McNabb Win Because He's Black

Breaking: Steelers concede championship to Patriots.

Peyton Manning is the bestest quarback ever!!!!!!!!!111

General question about birds for the bird experts.......

Here's my baby girl

What's your favorite "religious" movie?

And the PM recruitment campaign marches on...

Go Steelers, hey they're Momma T's team

A Story That Is Funny

Looks like fun next weekend

Here's A Picture of A Little Dog

You guys know Admiral Zumwalt from tour of duty?

Momma T is sooo sexy...

They're just flippin' dense

Has this site been mentioned for pics

U.S. troops damage archaeological treasures at Babylon

Was Nixon's 1969 (wartime) inauguration very lavish?

Clinton on Golden Globes thanking everyone for Tsunami $$$

Let's help Bush come up with an excuse post-election in Iraq?

the "news" is going after CBS again

Bush's visions of grandeur include being like Teddy Roosevelt's 2nd term..

anyone going to buy/netflix this DVD???

RANT: If Dean becomes DNC Chair, not only will I donate...

Iraq On the record Data base of misleading comments re iraq by bush

Since when is stealing an election ratification of a president's

BOXER and HILLARY 2008 slogan= time for a change

So,some of you don't feel others of us Dems should criticize fellow Dems?

Charles A. Graner Jr. vs John F. Kerry

"Jerry Springer to Host Radio Talk Show"

Evelyn Hicks of Gainesville, Fla., is the reason Kerry lost

US Iraq Dead Actually 8000??

Coulter: Mideast nations are "George Bush's bitch"

Cahill and Mehlman connected to same lobbying firm- small world


Will cheney run in 08?

Martin Frost as DNC chair?

Gore / Obama 08 ??? Is there a chance?

Prediction : Somethings going to happen

Are you a pacifist?

Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... The Sounds of Silence!

Why it's not a good idea to protest the inauguration on Thursday

Capitulating Democrats are giving Alberto Gonzales the nod for AG

hundreds of thousands of women in poor countries could lose their jobs

Mexican government benefitting from U.S. largesse

$13 million is a small price to pay for a hist the size of Enron...

Who's afraid of Mother Nature?

A Petition worth your five minutes...

"Prickly City" defends Bennett, Swaggart, Bush, for their "foibles"

(PINR)Iraq's Perilous Election and the Need for Exit Strategies

What's $13 Million Among Friends?

Are you feeling hopeful about Pres. Bush's second term agenda? poll

Dover's Evolutionary War (Steve Horowitz,

Partners in War Crimes (Marc Krug,

Bush’s Choice for Energy Secretary Was One of Texas’ Top Five .. Polluters

Is there really a crisis?

The "S" factor

Bush's Grand Plan? Incite Civil War in Iraq

Lying is no sin for this collection of Bush minions


The new power players.

Bush’s Death Squads

"Turning Up the Heat on Bush" from Jan 31 Issue of The Nation

Not Always Diplomatic in Her First Major Post

Out of the Darkness - Bob Herbert

The Depressed Press----Hear the wailing: The bloggers are coming!

A Question of Numbers by Roger Lowenstein

The Coming Wars, by Seymour Hersh

Will the DC Metro be closed on J20?

Protest Signs Allowed At Inaug. Parade Route & Options For Protest


EPIC: The future of news media from the Museum of Media History

WP: Social Security 101

A Question of Numbers(NYT Magizine...Social Security)

UK Builds Largest Climate Model Ever - Japan Supercomputer Sole "Player"

Kulongoski (D-OR) Threatens Lawsuit Against Federal Dam Operations

Desperately Seeking Logic In Texas Toxics Rules - Houston Chronicle

EU Scientists Recover Ancient Ice Core In Antarctic - 900.000 Years Old

"Our Land Is Changing - Soon Yours Will Too" - Guardian

Scientists Brace For Gigantic Iceberg Collision In Antarctica

Brazil Lost Rainforest Equal In Area To Half Switzerland In 2004

Warmest Winter In 200 Years Wakes Up Estonia's Bears - Reuters

Italian Cities Temporarily Ban Cars To Cut Pollution Levels

Global Warming Bombshell

Any DU'ers own or have checked out a Ford Escape Hybrid?

How Houston's Polluters Bribe Their Way Out Of Cleanups - Chronicle

Amazing Photo Of Glacial Retreat, Glacier, Bay NP Alaska, 1941 - 2004

Assault rifles.....

du has been IMPOSSIBLY slow since about 11:50pm sunday night

This one's for Skinner, Elad (aka he who has cool avatar) and crew....

Did DU experience downtime on Sunday night 11pm thru Monday 5am?

Just a quick thanks

Private message question

Why was my post taken down?

ANY possibility whatsoever of getting copyrights to the excellent article

OK, I give up . . . Is there a HELP or a FAQs ?

Request for Tsunami relief post permission.

DU performance has mostly sucked since around 11pm EST Sunday.

Did I mess up?

Just out of curiousity

I'm always getting error messages that say

1/17 Charlier Rose Show: KING ABDULLAH II of JORDAN

Japan backs Abbas with $60 mil aid package to Palestinians

Sharon accused of exploiting violence

Survey Reveals Deep Arab Mistrust of Israeli Institutions – Except the Sup

Optical-scan machines worked better at polls, analysis finds - FL

I need a link to the videos of the long lines in Ohio... thank you.

Swift Vets, fraud and the huge obstacle we must overcome.

Kerry's back in town. Bush says...

In the absence of an American "Fourth Estate"....

Sign up to work the next election. Anything less than this and you are

Comprehensive Inaugural Protests for Thurs. NO * MANDATE!

Senator Clinton live on Ed Schultz Show in a few minutes...

No vote left behind

What website would have a complete breakdown of voting machines in Ohio?

Herbert: Where Is The Leadership Willing To Say....ENOUGH!

Video on Fascism. The real deal with the Bush administration.

Big request concerning the Democratic senators and Alberto Gonzales

More examples of voter suppression

Loophole lets foreigners illegally vote Counting votes remains a civil rights issue

Free Republic honors MLK - or Mike King

Rough Outline of Proposed Methods to Pinpoint Voting Precincts with errors

Press Release - HelpAmericaRecount - New Mexico

Did anyone else just see Lanny Davis on Wooff?

Recount News: Richardson OKs Evidence Destruction

Systematic dirty tricks throughout U.S. as method of disinfranchisement

Message from Barbara Boxer on MLK Day speaks to us...

Tell Congress whether Rice should be promoted to SOS.......

Default to Bush and Systematic Disenfranchisement of Dem voters in N. York

Monday 1/17/05 update thread for fraud/election/recount/protests

election deception dollars

Chuck Herrin's presentation to congressional committee online

Bush – *you* are responsible for the Iraq War – not us.

The Nashua Advocate: Kerry Statements Not Grounded in Principle

Independent Investigation Into Election 2004

The Bush Opposition: First acts of solidarity

I'm Disgusted with the American Public

Eric Blumrich's latest flash - 2004 elections fraudulent


Frist to introduce bill, to define "political paranoia as mental illness"

Delays at polls weren't a .scheme.. More BS for us to overcome

New Jersey exit poll - please read

Why We Must Question Our Elections (by a truthout statistician)

Keep Kicked: This Thurs Protest Bush's Coronation/ & Disinformation Alert!

Kerry Criticized election Outcome at MLK breakfast!!

A Constitutional Voting Amendment - Because 16 hour waits are UNACCEPTABLE

Election Reform - framing the context

Want Some Help, Harry? - from Daily Kos - long but worth it

Greater Boston listings for the week of January 17, 2005

Deval Patrick announces candidacy for Governor

Hafer heads to private life

Barbara Radnofsky for U.S. Senate, 2006

Code Pink Dallas: People's Inaugural Ball

What happened to House Dist 121

Lawsuit re: Voting Machines in Texas

Chris Baker on KTRH. What a dope!

Contact info for Texas DNC members?

U of H or City Hall?

Elections for State Dem Chair?

'There is no such thing as an interventionist God' - Agree or disagree?

Next, we're going to have the Iranian campaign."

Support the troops, no really support them

Conservatives must be alarmed at the increase in young voters.....

All the Iraqi "exiles" voting in the Iraq election gives Bush cover

Da Vinci Code priests bound for Hampstead

US special forces 'inside Iran'

Army's Troop Sources Depleted

Blogger asks "Why are Iraqi scientists still in jail" if no WMDs ?

Was FBI director Louis Freeh a traitor? Why wasn't he fired?

I would like, if I may,

King on the "Double Victory"....

King on War...

Great JFK quotes that are meaningful yet today w/link

The Kool Aid...a term we got from the Jonestown Cult

any other Big Brothers/Big Sisters volunteers here?

Happy Martin Luther King Day! MLK Quotes

I can't believe this is my country. Why are funddies anti-gay when our

Fallujah's Refugees Won't Return Home, Won't Vote

Random Observations...

God's Banker: Vatican expert Cornwell's latest update

Alternatives to the Washington Post?

As the Armstrong Williams case hits the headlines, remember the warning

AP Poll says most Americans hopeful about Bush's 2nd term

"It's all about the power and access" for the inaugural royalty

Kennedy says Iraq is 'Bush's Vietnam' - Boston Globe

Politicization of Intelligence: CIA Report on Europe

Volunteer to be on your local draft board! Make everybody 4F

Democracy Now Special Edition for Martin Luther King Day

King on Non-Violence...

edit: this is not a real gov site that has been hacked

Hey, did you know my Repub cousin can vote, but her children can

"I have a Nightmare"

New post from Riverbend blog ("Baghdad Burning"

Iraq Vet - Death by Cop?

MLK, Lincoln Memorial August 28, 1963..........................

What Martin Luther King Event are you planning to take part in?

Call Jerry Springer On The Air Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apocalypse watch: the Sanhedrin convenes

Harry Smith checked administration mouthpiece

Something to mark the day....

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, DC!

I can't do it - it is too absurd

Call the FCC Somebody just got a

Need a good place to get an external hard drive

Why are people who call themselves "centrists" always far-right-wingers?

Iraq War Forum -- is it time yet? Where's the outrage?

"Kerry lost, get over it!!"

Send the ACLU to France

So I turn to the History Channel, expecting

Anyone check out today? I mean...

Everytime you click this poll, you give PROPS to Dr. Martin Luther King

Need help for blog entry: Caring for the poor

What exactly qualifies a media outlet as being the "mainstream media?"

Anyone Going to this NYC Protest Today?

So The US Is Shaking Down Mosul Looking For "Insurgents" Today...

Bush is...


About today's top 10 conservative idiots list... i fell out of my chair...

Liberals or conservatives? Read this, then decide.

Ken Blackwell: "I had a dream" speech

Catholic Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq

Campus anti-war movement and MLK quote-Walkout statement for inauguration

King George II...pResident, Dictator, & King all rolled into one

Hi everyone! I'm back, did anyone even realize I was gone?

If/when ? the election fraud occurred, did bush know???

THE COMING WARS by Seymour Hersh

Will the DC Metro be closed on J20?

BCCI UK class action: founder Abedi in paedophile accusation

Did you all have a good Lee-Jackson-King weekend?

Wow found another scary site..

Busy-as-a-bee Trent Lott accepts gifts for Bush/Cheney "from the people"!

Jimi Hendrix on MLK Jr's death

How we hate W, compared to how they hated Bill

"I Have a Dream"...

smirk stops guarding of WMD in Ky.

Reminder! New Air America stations starting today!!!

99 Luft-Balloons - My prediction for the Inaugural.

Krugman: "Bush's plan "to convert Social Security into a giant 401(k)"

I do not think this was done by Rev. Bill Moyers...

For One Contractor, A Road Too Hard

Coming up on The Randi Rhodes Show.

Bishop kidnapped in Mosul. What the hell is he doing there?

suffer the children - the Bethel Boy's Academy in Mississippi

I am pissed off at Bush a lot more than Saddam

Ken Mehlman's Bro, And Mary Beth Cahill's Sis

My Soc.Sec. privatization plan-buy a life insurance policy on Sy Hersh

How does one stay away from apathy?

Grijalva: Social Security changes will help Wall Street, not retirees

There are two free hotel rooms available for Wed and Thurs

Apple stock going up, the new imac mini rules!!!

German politicians call for Europe-wide ban on swastika

We WILL Invade Iran, and very soon. These fuckers are out of control.

Anybody have a transcript of either Bush or Cheney stating........

HISTORY CHANNEL NOW! Hitler's rise to power

PHOTOS: Support our troops! New Iran-invading force unveiled by Pentagon

Thank *god* for MLK - happy birthday!

Separation of Church and State IS abstractly in the constitution.

Computer users with Macromedia Flash installed, BEWARE

"The Power of Nightmares" Coming to SF !!!

An idea for red-state revolutionaries

"...crosses are not per se prohibited."

LA LA LA LA LA!... I can't HEAR you... (This Modern World)

New disease alert (Humor)

I just talked to Randi

Are you feeling hopeful about The Son of a Bush's second term?

A Message from the Iraqi Resistance

Powerful MLK Flash from CodePink

Dismantling of Medicare benefits started already. Cutting medication.

Church Leader Blames Abortion For Social Security Problems

Is this happening in your neighborhood?

It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain

Would any TV news outlet have the balls to show

New Jersey family slaying...what is Fox doing?!?!?!?

Who best represents your personal ideology?

Anyone in here going to the PDA Summit this weekend?

Wm Cohen on Wolfie:" The WH Has Not Denied Hersh's Story"

"Operation Blessing", Jim Towey the interview by CBN news....

How will the Archbishop crises end?

MLK message from Nancy Pelosi

Sorry for being so naive... WHAT WAS NOV 2. 2000 like?

News Releases are official statements of the Department of Defense.


American says Americans are stupid on

If we pull out of Iraq after the election just guess how hard it will be..

I have the chance to hear Helen Thomas speak

I Have a Dream

Charles Graner should have hired Alberto Gonzales - he has experience

Let's engage in abundant discussion of Zhao Ziyang

Audit: FBI Still Improperly Investigates Spy Charges

Keith Olbermann will cover the Hersch Iran story

Who here works full time in politics?

Christmas revenue up this year

Help Bush find the WMDs! Put this bumper sticker on your car.

How do you respond to... "But I just want a conservative president." ....?

Bush says Iraqis are scared to vote, but want to vote....

PHOTO: Bush attends Georgetown University's 'Let Freedom Ring' Celebration

LOL! Check out the "Selective Service" (draft) website--happy draftees!

CBS Evening News....I had to laugh

military vote

Can Buxh just march in and take control of Iran.....

Randi Rhodes is totally happy! What's wrong?

I saw the Manchurian Candidate last night

A new weekly feature at my website,

It's about the shame.

Rate this yahoo story a 5

Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries

Talk about a contrived photo!!!

Mandate was a soft-core gay magazine in the 1980s, and * says he has one?

Argument w/ a friend equating Black Panthers violence w/ the KKK

DOD Responds to the Hersh Article!

"Da Vinci Code" Holy Grail isn't Christ's offspring but Ark of Covenant

silly me - i kept thinking over the last four years that the "other shoe"

"Gibson Loses Bid to List Estate As Farm"

Now It Makes Sense, Pickles & Shrub Retiring to Dallas

Bush's "ownership society" is actually a "casino culture"

Has anyone else been having a problem getting on DU?

WTF is wrong with lawyers?...wait, don't answer that.

But, I thought it was "Let Freedom REIGN" -->

So, I hear Rice will receive some "tough questions" tomorrow

Ben Stein explains Abu Ghraib, Iraq and September 11 for you


Occupation Watch Bulletin, January 17, 2005

"Trent Lott is pleased to announce Inaugural Luncheon Menu"

Anyone want to see a message board of thinking conservatives?

"The President's Back" - great new mp3 from Paranoid Larry

PHOTOS: American Soldiers kick in Iraqi's doors, search homes, ELECTIONS !

Is there such a thing as a "liberal media"?

Jan 20 A day of mourning

Hey, Rush Limbaugh what a piece of shit you are!!!

Say what you want about Randi Rhodes

Take this test on the Separation of Church and State

FR posters excited about Iran invasion

Bush to speak at ~ 4PM on Dr. King

Clint Eastwood, a class act and a Republican I can respect

You ready for this:Bush Debuts New Cadillac Limo For Inauguration

My interview with actor Morgan Freeman on the MLK memorial

Forget 'privacy' rights...the battle is over. They've offshored your info

MLK on Economic Activism

If you have to work: Are you Salaried, Hourly or Commission?

An e-mail to Michael Moore.

Howard Dean on Bush Inauguration.....a powerful column today.

Latest scare: Limousine Bombers at the Inaugural parade.

Exactly how many casualties have to occur before the public is outraged?

Question for FDR fans or scholars?

GW Bush celebrates his relationship with MLK jr (pass this around today!)

Warning: Anti MLK sight @

Debunk the myth that the United States was founded on Christian ideology.

The Responsibility of the Christian Left (good article)

Bush Rule of Journalism (Robert Parry)

What's for dinner?

Chocolate & Biscuits?

West Wing wanabees: wake up and smell the coffee

This joke came up in a Formula One group, of all places!

Thunder, hail, sleet, & wind.

New Energy Sec. Was One of Texas' Worst Polluters

NYT: NJ Faces Tough Competition for Stem Cell Scientists (CA in forefront)

The Coming Wars, by Seymour Hersh

US Plans to Attack Iran-Is Seymour Hirsch a credible journalist?

Wounded Child, Mass Graves Behind Soldier's Refusal to Return to Iraq

Car Bomb Kills 10 in Iraq; 8 Iraqi Soldiers Shot

Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran

WP: Gay Rights Groups Map Common Agenda

Americans are trying to discredit me, claims Chief Scientist

Saudi militants, former Iraq fighters believed behind Kuwait attacks

NYT - How Top Spies in Ukraine Changed the Nation's Path

Tape Shows JFK Fumed Over Rights Pressures

Iraqis Irate Over Abuse Sentencing

Call Jerry Springer On The Air Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran

Plans now to attack Iran

CNN- Soldier explains refusal to return to Iraq

Plans to attack Iran

Registration for Iraq vote starts today amid concerns (NASHVILLE)

Coup plotters may target Sir Mark

Violence Hits 'Safe' Iraqi Areas

China on alert after Tiananmen party reformist dies

Protesters plan to turn their backs on Bush

Police: Marine who killed cop was gang member


Tyco and WorldCom bosses for trial in adjacent courts

LAT: Workers' Rts at Risk (Gap leads fight to help exploited workers)

Iraq Questions to Dominate Rice Hearing

Social Security Plan's Impact Unclear

CNN - Bush hit for linking Iraq to vote

Tsunami Toll Tops 175,000; New Threat Warning

Saddam to Be Moved to Qatar U.S. Base

NYT: White House Again Backs Amendment on Marriage

Non-prescription Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Nixed By FDA Panel

DOD Responds to the Hersh Article!

WHY is Bush talking about Colin and Alma Powell on MLK day??!!!!!!

Iraq's insurgents deploy bombs and laundry powder

Senator George McGovern on Faux News 5:12PM

Mass Resignations Before Iraq Vote (Police and Election Officials)

Kerry Criticizes Election Outcome

King's family on opposing sides in gay rights debate

Justice Department to Seek Supreme Court Review of Decision Allowing Bans

Job cuts at Holland (Michigan) plant take workers by surprise

Spain indicts 8 on terror charges (Sept 11 support roles)

Toll of British wounded in Iraq war reaches 800

Guardsmen Tours of Duty Questioned

U.N. suspends relief travel in tsunami area

Poland OKs shootdown of hijacked planes

Drug firms seek profit in giveaways (Marketing after Rx consumer loyalty)

Putin Promises to Increase Pensions

The civil rights issue for the 21st century _ the wealth gap

Weatherman loses job for on-air 'slip' (Calls MLK "Coon")

NYT: High-Ranking Officers May Face Prosecution in Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

WP: Frist Hints of Sacrifices In Social Security Changes

U.S. terror war 'over-reaction,' top judge says

President Bush gets first look at his new Cadillac

Variety: "Celebs" dress for Bush Bash

Soldier's Parents Defend Him After Prisoner Abuse Conviction

U.N. Report Offers Plan to Halve Extreme Poverty by 2015

Top US commander predicts disrupted Iraqi elections, violent aftermath

CNN Breaking (1/17) Catholic Archbishop kidnapped in Mosul

Poll: Americans Hopeful on 2nd Bush Term

Health funding worse off than Social Security

First biological test for ADHD unveiled

Pentagon Faults Iran Raid Report (Sy Hersh)

Bomb inflicts U.S. casualties in Iraq's Ramadi (US won't say how many)

Rural towns feeling the pinch

BCCI/Bank of America case reaches shock agreement

U.S. to Deploy Fighter Jets For Inaugural

Midterm elections have RNC anxious

Now, a 'Khan-for-Iran' deal

Kerry criticizes election outcome at MLK Day breakfast

Democrats Turn to Leader of Religious Left

Women Lack 'Natural Ability' In Some Fields, Harvard President Says

...time for a good laugh....

Jaywalkers in Manila get smacked with wet blankets

What car for $2500?

*gazes out over desolate DU*

How much of a weekend addiction is DU for you?

Goooood Morning!

DU Bloggers, what scripts do you use?

Stupid Trivia: Which is the only NFL team,

Can a person be in the wrong dimension?

Beware the Beast Man: Now with Fewer Carbs!

I have to stop reading the morning news section of the paper!

So I'm listening to Morning Sedition and they are talking about

Goodbye to the 700 Club..............

Who else here reads "Adbusters"?

Has anyone else seen ML King birthday sales advertised today?

Should I go out and waffle on the Ventures?

Snopes Article on the Atlanta/Chinese Food/Rat story posted here

Should I venture out for waffles?

Golly, but you can find anything on eBay

Things to do before the Inauguration

Utah Boy Wins at a Sport He Doesn't Like

My cat jumped on top of my shower stall!

Rather''s lifetime of service is nullified by one minor screw-up while ...

People, people, it's "LibRary", not "Libary"

just put the pibbs in the cockpit!

Anyone with experience volunteering abroad?

Author Charlotte MacLeod, 82, dies

Ok I got about 3 hours of sleep because of DU being down

Has anyone seen the documentary "The Smashing Machine"?

Do you say "envelope" or "envelope"?

A Freeper just taught me CPR - ask me anything

Man Finds Nail in Skull Six Days Later

Beast Men, Beast Persons, or Beast People?

Yikes! A GREAT tune Shattner!

Just found out my niece got married and her husband is being

Frat people - do your frats like to be bombed?

Can anyone tell me what happened?

Frat people - do your frats like to be bombed?

In praise of obscure films.

Folks, it's COLD here.

I watched "Election" last night

Play "Spot The Criminals" (Presidential Inaugural Committee 2005)

Scots stand proud in accents poll

just put the ribs in the crockpot!

Random Observations...

This is how I wish every day went

Cat people - do your cats like to be combed?

Chris Rock on MLK Day

My Furnace is broken, and DAMN it's freaking cold.

There is Mail COLLECTION on MLK day.

My office has no heat--should I leave?

What would you do without DU?

Your reaction to the recent MSM flood of articles saying Bush is no idiot

You KNOW it's COLD when...

Hey everyone, I'm back, did anyone even notice that I was gone?

"How many Bush Administration officials does it take......

Does anyone watch the show 24?

My cat has a uni-brow.

Who the hell would choose to live in International Falls?

What kind of Sixties Person are you?


Kill Bill Vol 3


Corn dog on a stick

Computer HELP? | "resetting"

In my life, why do I smile

Re-e-Mind, Remind Remind Me. Re-e-Mind Remind Remind Me.

Star Trek -- "The Search for Spock"

why do you try to cheat? and trample people under your feet?

a three day weekend and I'm starting to look like Che

I desperately need a new wart toad!

I'm rich!

Music and drunken life!

I found a '73 VW bus for sale. Should I buy it?

looking for Mary in Oman

I have a FABULOUS wardrobe...

My husband has a new phone

I still don't believe Rothlisberger can pass a football!

HEY! Check out my wardrobe!!!

Static charge -- what does that say about a person?

You know it's really cold out, when you look in your backyard....

Ray Wylie Hubbard.....the man is a genius

please, no one else die, okay?

I desperately need a new wardrobe

Own an iPod? Please iComplain if you care about the environment.

I hate going to the dentist. Does anyone actually not hate it?

It's lunchtime and I'm bored. What's everyone doing?

Should I go to work now or stay home

It's January 2005; where are you? Anyone else sick of these threads yet?

I have no idea what is going on here

does anyone know what happened last night?

Has anyone had a 9-inch nail lodged in their head for the last WEEK?

Name a movie you HAVE seen that everyone you know hates.

sometimes Televisionwithoutpity annoys me to no end!

What are you thinking right now?

Does anyone else have the flu?

We've got an AAR station here in Cincinnati!!

Is geocities broken today? Can anyone access my sites there?

Atlanta gathering - the toothless wonders are at it again.

Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King...

I hate online newspapers these days

No, I have not been abducted by aliens

Suckiest Flicks By Actors You Like

Check in if you dont give a crap about people who dont care about football

Woman drinking Listerine arrested for drunk driving

This is one of those "OMG!" stories...

my 100th post

If cat loving is so wrong - why does it feel so right?

Has anyone had a 4-inch nail lodged in their head for the last WEEK?

Dr. King said on April 4, 1967

Is DU having trouble staying up

Yesterday Freddie Mitchell said "T.O. who?"


Christian Film Reviews: South Park The Movie, Harry Potter

Any other survivors of Jan.17, 1994 Northridge Earhquake?

Steelers beat Patriots, Eagles beat Falcons, Steelers beat Eagles

Tips and tricks for the paranoid Windows XP user...

If Bill O'Reilly says Ted Kennedy is a liar then well, it must be true....

It's my 25th birthday today!

Who's your favorite fascist dictator?

Man, I'm here ALL the time. What do you guys WANT from me?

which is scarier?

I am taking a 24 Hour flight soon...can you recommend some books to me?

As the rythm's designed to bounce what counts

Old man, take a look at my life

Time is truly wastin' ...

New disease alert (Humor)

Bouncy Ball?

A newspaper burns in the sand

Okey dokey. I have a sleeping disorder, emotional disorder, ADD, and

Name a movie that spawned a TV show or vice versa

Deep question time, what is 'the real world'?

I got together with two friends up in Boulder last night.

"I'm a sittin' here a drinkin', & about you I am thinkin',

I learned how to make a customized Error 404 for my site!

Sometimes, I'm right, and I can be wrong

Things to do rather than watch the Inauguration

SOMEONE! Post to me here so I can give you the third degree!


Mennonite Relief Services just impresses the hell out of me!

My letter to the RNC:

It's acronym definition time!

Another superfluous Blue-Stater checking in


The Official Fuck Shrub Thread

Question about starting a business

What is the meaning of this word:

I've been off since Dec 17th...

Practice Run for Inaguration Day 1/20/05

My new hard drive issues continue...

Check in if you really don't give a crap about football

Found out I've been driving sans insurance the past month

Anybody care about the Australian Open?

Mooninite relief services just piss the hell out of me

I've had it with DU! I'm putting you all on double secret probation!

Which television show had the most spin-offs?

People who are going to the inagural

Not entirely related, which TV series created the most obscure spin-off?

Anyone listen to Willie Colon?

What's the best novel about the Vietnam war you have read?

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue


"No one likes us..."

Yahoo! Down?

Time to go sledding!

All Because of You.

Ok guys when I get back from DC on friday or saturday, you'll get a report

StalinWorld: unlikely theme park provokes laughter/outrage in Lithuania

computer question

Are presidents' wives smarter than their husbands?

Why does Bush have a black mouth?

Writer's block help please. Synonym for 'pissed off'

Baking emergency - help please!

Is it nap time?

My thoughts on Affirmative Action

Nicotine patch dreams KICK ASS!

Need advice re: wife/baby

Our first winter with radiators. Need some help.

Has anyone ever tried Chaser?

I Have a Dream....what dream do you have?

Let's play a game. Guess what I'm making.

Confirmed: GD is still like arguing with 8th graders

I love Leslie Nielson- Does anyone else?



Anti-Bush bracelet(s) article over at Common Dreams

List of recent articles at my blog.

Does anyone else find Kirstie Alley annoying?

That's My Bush

Small pet peeve: "Martinis" made with with non-gin liquids.

I went to the dentist today...

The Most Intense Optical Illusions I've Ever Seen

What inauguration gifts will you give Our Glorious Leader?

thanks to Dale, the head of the Bay Area Veterans for Kerry

Reminder! New Air America stations starting today!!!

Can Star Wars Episode III Redeem the franchise?


DU is getting slow and weird again!! Are we about to go away???

ZoneAlarm Fans...should I buy the program or use the Free Download.

Zell Miller announces the Inauguration Menu.

I just discovered the most incredible black licorice

I have perfected my cloaking device...

Teddy Roosevelt did not swear on a bible

Battlestar Galactica

Should Parents Pay For Their Childrens College Education?

Today is Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday!

Requesting prayers, good vibes and thoughts for my nephew

What's your take on "Lost in Translation"?

The Best of the Worst Country-Western Song Titles

Philly DUers: My band is going to the semi-finals!

Why do some people call handbags "pocketbooks"?

Bush unveils the new Presidential Seal!

A Year's Worth of Housework in Three Days

Best sports movie of all time,

Name a movie you have never seen and have no desire to see

Mrs. V. is in Tennessee and I am here alone. Missing her.

Need advice about buying a 2nd car (used)

Will we have an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl?

Favorite character?

I have a free hotel room for over night use on Weds and Thurs nights

Sleeping with cats. (photos)

My own personal "Flowers for Algernon"....

DU'ers with name changes after November. What was your old handle?

Found out the local TV reporter has been talking shit about me.

Worst song ever?

The Health Food Store or Creatures from the Dark side ??

Favorite Swears: Family Edition


Chapman College alum makes two on-air racial slurs against MLK

Democrats Turn to Leader of Religious Left

I'm getting a new study Bible. I've never looked at it in person but

Origin of Energetic Space Particles (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 eVolts)

Sunspot 720 emits X-3 class flare

"Progress will not happen on its own"

I have finally found "The Homosexual Agenda"!!

More Unintended Consequences Of The Anti-Gay State Amendments

Big Ben didn't do well because Corey Dillon did not play.

AFC Championship

84 49ers -04 Patriots Superbowl-Who Would Win

NFC Championship

More thoughts on the Redskins and the NFC Championship game

Former MLBPA chief Miller takes swipe at Ahhhhhhnuld

Who are your three favorite players in the NFL?

Yes, Oh Yes, I'm Picking The Patriots This Week

Corey Dillon has NEVER played well against the Steelers.

Greatest Wide Receiver Of All Time

Killer Poll-Greatest Quarterback Of All Time

Greatest Running Back Of All Time

I have the Steelers-Pats game as a tossup

If "your team" is in the AFC North, gotta question for you.

Warning on essential oils and pets (esp. birds)

Avoidance plans for Thursday?

Expect a report from me on the inagural protest

Hate to depress everyone, but have you seen this thread?

I found an old foreign policy thing (speech? paper?) by JK

Does the bashing even bother you anymore?

Today's News (Dedicated to Firespirit)

Has the AP gone sour too?

MSNBC: "Americans hopeful on Bush's new term, cautious about Iraq"

The Man Who Puts Words in the President's Mouth Defends His Style

WA Post stroke piece: The Bushes, a "top tier U.S. political family"


Martin Luther King on Iraq

Tired of Emanuel and the OTHER Collaborationists

Remember to honor Not One Damn Dime Day.

I never feared for my life, says Thatcher

Washington war letters are put up for auction

MLK Memorial Still Short of Funds

The DUer haters are right, Reid is a wimp! He is a Bushbot. . .NOT!

The Repubs will get away with whatever they are permitted to get away with

Eileen McNamara "endorsed" Howard Dean for DNC Chair

111 candidates on the ballot? Will they have a runoff if....

Fighting from an "underdog" position...

Will Marshall compared Borosage's activist group to an Inquisition.

Bush just said, "The more peace is spread, the more freedom is spread"

Fox: "Bush: No Troops Out of Iraq Yet" (not until "Mission Accomplished")

Calling all DUers with a blog or a website

Comprehensive Innauguration Protest List - NO * MANDATE!

Calling all DUers with contacts at other Progressive sites

RFID readers--could "sweep" protest crowds for IDing people

Need help for blog entry: Caring for the poor

This country's going to hell. Section 4309

More In U.S. Back Traditional Social Security

The Progressive Focus should be counter-propaganda against * SS "crisis"

Americans Expect More Partisan Congressmen

Anti-Terrorism Tactics Evaluated In U.S.

Look at Rahm on his knees for the Bush administration. . .NOT!

The proposed USA accounts will divert money from Social Security.

Just Like in the (Western) Movies

Iowa and New Hampshire have to go

Senator Clinton live on Ed Schultz Show in 5 minutes!

Howard Hughes Author Michael Drosnin Discusses AWOL on Art Bell's Coast

Timely repost: Thom Hartmann on American Fascism

Prisoner Abuse Hurt Reputation, Say Americans

Should Democrats be worried about the "Baby Gap"?

Does anyone know which of the candidates oppose Yucca Mountain?

Dr. King on "strange liberators"

Negroponte, what he is.

"less poverty in today's Republican America..."

They will choose the nuclear option instead of diplomacy-Iran

Correction...Colin Powell USED to be one of the most admired

Ldotters "celebrate" MLK Day

Army to Hackers: We Know Where You Live

Senate Dems to soon launch a revamped website - here is the link

Video on Fascism. The real deal with the Bush administration.

Canada's "Pizzagate"

WHY is Bush talking about Colin and Alma Powell on MLK day??!!!!!!

Analysis on Bush from a freeper at work...

Big request concerning the Democratic senators and Alberto Gonzales

Usama bin Laden offers to give up in return for release of Saddam Hussein

The Bush Timeline

Doctors return to Colorado with difficult memories from work in Iraq

MLK and values in liberal politics

Encouraging individual retirement funds

Is liberal support for Roe waning?

Republican Party on the wane?

my letter to the editor regarging no WMD

CBS Marketwatch article - Bush exaggerates (lies?) about SS problem

Latest rightwing talking point on Social Security

There's some idiocy in this thread

Sen. Boxer's opening statement, Condi hearing (via Sen Boxer e mail)

The reason *I* encourage people not to come to 1/20's protest.

The 5 types of Democratic party activists: which type are you?

'Bush inauguration too lavish for wartime'

Okay guys, time to tell them how we feel re: Rice

CNN.CON : 94% Did Nothing Special For MLK Day?

Who are the Ten Most Vulnerable Republican Senators in the

Rush Limbaugh is a lying stack of propaganda shit.

So, what is the job of the DNC chair anyway?

Frost going the way of Roemer?

Poll: Are you hopeful about Bush's second term?

Michael Moore encourages student walkout for Jan. 20

Question about regional politics

Jan 20th is a day of mourning

So Whom Should We Believe? Ken Pollack or Sy Hersh about Iran?

I wish Soros and the other "billionaires" would buy a television

G.W. Bush; Just a stupid, incompetent, crappy version of CLINTON.

Why the Democratic party is divided: from the New Deal to No Deal

Newsweek: "Bush hates 'Yes' Men" (NOT a satire piece).

What do you fear ?

Howard Dean has started the party change already...regardless of outcome.

a little debate please

What I Am Doing Today To Honor Dr. King

Has any DNC Chairman candidate called for withdrawal from Iraq ???

Proof that most Americans are STOOPID.

Hillary's in

Republican Freedom Calendar - More tax dollars hard at work in propoganda

Kerry Speaks about election: Anybody got a transcript or article?

PDA / Re-framing the Abortion Issue

Santorum in cross hairs for 2006