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Archives: January 18, 2005

Command, superior and ministerial responsibility

Bush administration propaganda efforts come under increased scrutiny

Bush's Scandal Sheet

What is American Corporatism?

Thoughts on Fiction-Based Reality (Scary!)

Will war dead cross Bush's mind at inauguration?

Plame Investigation Is Not a 'Game' (Letter to the ed by Plame Atty) WP

Fox to blur cartoon nudity it showed 5 years ago.

NBC/Tim Russert on Sunday LIED saying Clinton wanted Soc Sec Private Accts

There are 295 million Americans Mr. Bush!

After Millenia Of Cod Dominance, Collapse Shifts Ocean Balance Overnight

Out of control Police Chief.

Question about breaking news

can't see body of original message in two threads by ZombyWoof

Question about referring to DU in posts in my blog?

Skinner: It would be awfully nice

Competing visions of Mideast peace face Abbas, Sharon

Violence flares briefly at anti-terrorism event

Please Boycott Bay Furniture

Boxer Letter Re: Rice Confirmation

Smoke, mirrors and Kool-Aid

Systematic vote mac. fraud,dirty tricks,suppression of minorities-most sta


Help design a Black Thursday Store Window-ideas?

Bush Blackout

Lookeeeee here!

MLK DUDQ: I Have a Dream...not that it's gonna change anything.

Exit pollsters to release election report to media (but not to public)

Greg Palast interview in City Beat--great read!

DU the Conyers Election Reform Survey Online

Please tell me that someone/somewhere collected massive voting data?

I have an even better dream... (evil grin)

I learned something about exit polls today.

What Evidence - Hard Evidence - do we have to prove Election Fraud?

GOPer Bachmann-sponsored event uses MLK's memory to slam gays

Looking for External Hard Drive recommendations.

Can I use Hotmail as my T-bird mail server?

desktop and being out in the cold in the trunk of a car for two days

Computer doesn't detect scanner - what am I doing wrong?

I have a "hand me down" computer

Help importing bookmark file to Firefox?

I think my hard drive just died.

Anyone have a subscription to the Youngstown Vindicator?

Seymour Hersh coming up on Hardball next

david gregory interviewing * on tweety; swallows HUGE lie on SS

Which Air America Radio show do you currently like best?

33 whales beached themselves in NC

Anyone have a subscription to the Youngstown Vindicator?

Stand Up To Censorship and the PTC

Lawrence DiRita on Latest Seymour Hersh Article

U.S. going into Iran?..Nah..No Way..or are we?...Nonsense...don't be silly

Iraqi Police Are Burning Allawi Election Posters!! Wake UP America!

This year MLK meant more to me than ever before

How much have you ever seen gas prices go up in one day?

A week helping in Thailand

Medevac helicopter crews in Iraq stand ready for the next call

FreeRepublic's take on MLK, truly sad

Chris Matthew working for his mortgage in Nantuckett-brings up Clinton

Conservatives Supporting Prisoner Abuse and Want Graner Pardoned

I am angry that I cannot attend the protest...

John Stewart knocked off number #1 NYT Hardcover bestseller list, by

Right-Wing Debate Dictionary

A thread for our loved ones in Iraq......

Hey! DU OldTimers: Read this for a trip down Memory Lane.

The Absolute final word on "Weapons of Mass Destruction"...

Bluebear has the most wonderful thread that inspired me

Tim Roemer on "Vanity and Idiot"

Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance bears good fruit

Mob journalism / Mobcasting

'Nuther letter to the editor

Young Democrats

Please allow me to rant concerning the MLK holiday.

Tit for tat -- is the FCC going after a huge Kerry donor?

A proposal for the Dems...promote the family

If you were an Iranian or Syrian, would you try to get out?

January 20 -----------Louis XVI Declared Guilty n/t

George Bush has his very own Democrat!

Coretta Scott King visits Tavis Smiley tonight on PBS

Well, it looks like I've made a name for myself.

Robert Reich on SocSec up next on MSNBC (Buchanan)

How to walk in dignity with throw up on your shoes . . . (Ignoreland)

Anyone watching The History Channel? The French Revolution

WorldNutDaily's Kevin McCullough -- soooo busted for lying!!

Anybody watch Aaron Brown tonight?

Did this Marine mean to show the flag in distress?

As Jan. 20 Nears, Terror Warnings Drop

King Abdullah of Jordan for the hour with Charlie Rose tonight

Poll needs attention: Will Bush do a better job in 2nd term:

Vote for your choice for DNC

The crime of following orders

MLK Day Malloy Thread!

Counter-Inaugural Ball

Gary Bauer: Muslim world is ungrateful, we UNDERESTIMATE their hate for us

You know what would happen if we had free state universities/colleges?

MLK 'threat to national security' according to Army, says Memphis paper

Happy Coronation! The Madness of King George (Warning - Graphic)

So who agrees with Graner's mother?

I don't believe America has the best medical care in the world.

Is the belief in theoretical science a prerequisite for being a liberal?

The "Name That Bush Scandal" Contest (win an iPod mini!)

Once we've conquered the globe for the Fatherland, then what?

I'm puzzled over the worldwide WMD issue (Iran in particular...)

Document: Intel Agents Who Saw Detainee Abuse Were Threatened

What is with this latest "limousine bomb" publicity?

Does flying the flag 'in distress' do more harm than good?

Does anyone need a pick me up? Thought this was nice.

Tie a black ribbon to your car antennae on Thursday!!!

Nature or Nurture? Which side do you fall on?

This is just...WRONG


I'm just angry and scared

KOEB Meeting

Is this an unreasonable fear?

Presidential Inauguration: list of prohibited items

My response to a Freepers "Why do we need taxes"

Are you ready to rock? Not really.

Special Report on Inaugural Balloons


when liberals do bad things..... what do you think about this?

AFP reports Iraq news coverage dwindles

Democratic leader threatens GOP

Unmarried Fathers Gain Tax Incentive in Pataki Proposal

O'Reilly No Spin Zone at 8 p.m.ET tonight: Domestic gangs = terrorists.

U.N. Tribunal Convicts Two for Srebrenica

Authorities detain 65 Haitian migrants in Bahamian waters

Thoughts on Fiction-Based Reality (Scary!)

Iraq Vote

Violence continues ahead of Iraq poll - 2 US soldiers killed

Computer Worm Exploits Tsunami to Spread Virus

Toll of British wounded in Iraq war reaches 800 (Times of London)

Man survives 4-inch nail in skull. (Interesting X-Ray!!)

Report: Bush's 'Clear Skies' is a step backwards


US 'making secret plans to attack sites in Iran' (Independent)

Athens chief fumes at US lewdness claims

Firms Fear Backlash From Williams Case -WP

At Least 22 Die in Iraq in Pre-Poll Violence (at least 8 nat'l guard)

Cheney Exercising Muscle on Domestic Policies

Bush On Iraq, Security, The L-Word

Bank One, Bank of America in talks over suits alleging bias in auto loans

Ex-Presidents to Attend Bush Inauguration

WP: As Jan. 20 Nears, Terror Warnings Drop

OSHA Finds its Own Inspectors Damaged by Deadly Beryllium

Dispute Puts a Medical Journal Under Fire

Fox Blurs Cartoon Rear End on FCC Worries

Storms 'to get more destructive' (Scotland)

Bush Won't Rule Out Action Against Iran Over Nukes

Two Million Black Americans Are Still Not Free at Last

Was Robert Kennedy killed by a real 'Manchurian candidate'-style assassin?

Torture by the U.S. Government on Fox's "24"

Did Brad and Jennifer go to the Golden Globes together?

My fellow DUers, I give you President Bush's theme song.

Seattle area DUers: Blue Monday reminder!

Iraqi Elections Moved to Ohio

What subjects would you like to see in a movie?

George Lucas had it right long ago

"We Seek the Grail"

git your eatin' britches!

Cincinnati Hotplate

Confirmed, GD is still nuts

How many of those valentine candy hearts can you eat without dying?

food advisory

I'm gonna take a plunge into GD. Be back soon.

Fad: Crimp in Reality

Its starting again.

Any Keynote or Ecco Pro users out there?

Fear of Ghosts Haunts Tsunami Survivors

Annie Lennox

Tip of the day...

Bad synth and legality

Should parents pay for their children's college beer?

Get on your Bad Motor Scooter and ride.

Dear Abby................ (joke)

January issue of My Cat Hates

Should I get Froyo (aka, frozen yogurt)?

I'm signing off of DU tonight for a few days

iPod users-- please help.

Robert Belfour - "Pushin My Luck"

What's for dinner?

Did you know....

Say the Republican Party is Van Halen. Friggin funny.

If Jar-Jar were to die in Episode III, how should it happen?

English teachers... I need your help.

Is it just me or has Bush had a makeover?

I was just outside in a T shirt and shorts

Conservatives are very good at debating me...

I miss Cop Rock

Inaugural expenses...

are there good voice-to-text programs out there?

Best Blues Brothers Number

Why is "24" on tonight?

methinks this cat had too much to drink

Sometimes lyrics get posted here--was thinking about this song today--

Should my parents pay for not letting me watch Nightmare on Elm Street

I had a dream

Curious--do u have friendships w/non-political people or

I haven't been on much in about 3 months.

If ever I am capable of killing

Help! BAAAAAAD case of senioritis!

remember pigs?

How hard is it to get a still up and running?

wife's working late tonight, what should I watch?

And I have perfected MY cloaking device!

I just figured out that my new University is kinda crappy.

Northern Indiana smells

"Clinton & Me:" Anyone read this one?

Dinosaurs are virtually indestructible, suckers!

I'm Grover from Sesame Street, ask me anything!

Hi ya you Liberal swine...

Coronation goers we need to meet up before hand

What's the key to keeping the edge of Telly Savalas's head chewy?

JUST the "reality" TV show you wanted to see, right?

Mamet slaps the NeoCons in the face with sleeper Spartan

Just a heads up, and it's almost sure to change...

What's the key to keeping the edge of a pizza crust chewy?

Man survives 4-inch nail in skull. (Interesting X-Ray!!)

I'm Harry Truman. Ask me anything, then go to hell.

Peeve: "beer" that is not brewed in accordance to the 1516 purity law

I'm Martin Van Buren, Ask Me Anything

Ever have the desire to hang a bit of male anatomy off your truck?

Calling Bullshit on the Battle of the Sexes on MTV

Boy Emperor Commodus, Interested Only In Games And Gladiators, On TCM.

Calling Petunia....are you out there?

You know what they say that song is really about, don't you

What should I watch tonight?

Bad Joke Thread

Any Bloggers out there want to exchange links?

Presidential Fashion Show!

Donald Duck: a shirt, a bowtie, a hat, no pants. Lucky bastard.

These Lords are such a pain

Please help me. I want to copyright lyrics for an Anti-Bu$h song I wrote.

Peter Sellers

These boards are such a pain...

I'm Scott McClellan. Ask me anything.

It's Molson Night for me. What's everyone else drinking?

I'm Herbert Hoover. Ask me anything.

Connecticut DU meet-up! 4:00 p.m. Saturday, February 5th, at DODI's house!

Gay Bratz

I'm coloring my hair. Don't ask me anything

Make up a word. Define it.

Robespierre: "Terror is Virtue"--watching the History Channel now

What's THE weirdest thing your pet does?

Need some advice about my DVD recorder--recording from external source

I'm Going To Bed. Don't ask me anything.

Remember pugs?

So you say that you're bored....

James Woods...does anyone know about about his political views?

good use of my xmas borders gift cert - smokin joe

Ironic Times: Inaugural Schedule

Which PC anti-virus software should I install?

What to say to mean future-ex-co-worker...

Hate your next door neighbor.

I just figured out, using the Titanic, who the Repubs & who the Dems

G'nite everyone *wave*

Psst! C'mon! Wake up!

How Often Do You Floss?

Another trip down memory lane: Tang

I'm "touching cloth". Ask me anything.

I am easily moved, ask me anything


Let's Play the Band Names Game!

I present the CUTEST kitten EVER!!! i promise!

Here's a nice pic of our president for y'all.


Relocation advice

"I want you to want me.."

Anybody else here ever had agoraphobia ?

I just got back from the North American International Auto Show...

To all the RIGHT-WING LURKERS out there (especially the Christian fundies)

Saw a freeper license plate at the grocery store tonight - IN HIM

Best 50's Science Fiction Movie

Do any of you catch trolls as a hobby?

I'm Woodrow Wilson, ask me anything

Should I get smart?

two hour delay tommorow ask me anything

What is (are) the BEST television series open(s) ??

Have you ever re-gifted a gift?

absinthe and legality.

Things that scared you as a kid that STILL scare you.....

O.k. Men! Who's the hottest outspoken female Democrat?

Anyone else here have acrophobia?

Oreos & Ovaltine

Letter to the editor: "Hate radio Democrats control the airwaves."

Check out Freecycle.....

O.k. Ladies! Who's the hottest outspoken male Democrat?

George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue."

Am I the only one who thinks "Peeps" are disgusting?

Let's play a game...

Remember pogs?

Name a movie you've never seen but hate anyway. Criticize it at length.

I'm Richard Nixon. Ask me anything.

'I Hate Illinois Nazi's" What's Your Favorite Movie One Liner of all Time?

The REAL Uncle Zomby and his nephew!

How do I turn a 700 MB .avi file into something my DVD player will play?

What job would you most like at the Presidential Inaugural Ball?

shit... one of our cars was repossessed today.

"Open Water": Did I miss anything? WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS

I don't exist. Ask me for favors. Bow down to me!

Zomby finally posts a CAT THREAD! Kiko!

Is anybody else getting threads that seem to be "Stuck in Time"

what's your favorite opening to a movie?

Do You Have Agoraphobia?

Most totally bourgeois thing or activity?

I'm Vincent Van Gogh, ask me anything

Let me get this straight (re: what makes a vegetarian)

Nice poem

Columbia crew catches a mysterious TIGER in the Indian Ocean

Clusty says Steelers are in!

Hilarious! Letterman just called the Pats "D +++ (fence)" sign guy

Look what a friend just gave me. The perfect gift for an Atheist!!!

Whats up guys?

A rant I've ranted before.

Gak! I'm having trouble leaving people on ignore

Washington Post-ABC News Poll: Bush's Second Term

Are Americans that fragile that they can't be told casualty numbers?

Several names floated for base closing commission

So the Condi Rice hearings start tomorrow?

Director of science agency foresees more budget cuts

Wasn't this supposed to be Kerry's future?

Biological attack likely by 2020, report warns

people, not agencies, failed to stop 9/11 (CIA Top Terrorist Hunter)

people, not agencies, failed to stop 9/11 (CIA Top Terrorist Hunter)

Protest buses leaving from Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay

George Lucas had it right long ago

Bye Bye miss american pie

A Few MLK Quotes On A Day To Remember Him

Stand Up To Censorship and the PTC

Aren't you guys excited about Boxer grilling Condi tomorrow?

Sy hersh on MSNC Reports Next

I have a dream...

CSPAN Journal

In my local (re Tsunami)

Political Divisions Persist After Election

Powell is embarrassed, as he should be.

Not spending money on the 20th

It can't get any worse than Gonzales? Who's Sam Bodman?

Helpful inauguration day safety tips.

Images Haunt Soldier Refusing to Serve in Iraq - AOL ARTICLE

Ironic Times: Inaugural Schedule

Aren't you just a little tired of it all?

Bush Video of 2005 - STILL CAN'T SPEAK! :P

***BOXER NEEDS HELP*** Sign her petition; get others to do so!

I wonder what it's like to be the most hated person of the 21st century

Howard Dean: He Still Has The Power -Washington Post

Why you must attend a J-20 event

Kilgore Resigns in Virginia

Jon Stewart has it right!

I'm now inclined to believe that the news media isn't the problem

Justices Scalia & Breyer Discussion on Foreign Courts' Impact (01/13/2005)

The Bush Rule of Journalism

A Man of Integrity: Sgt. Kevin Benderman—“No To War”

You Say You Want a Revolution?

An Appeal to Global Conscience ...TOM HAYDEN (drafter)

A Matter Of Conscience - By Sergeant Kevin Benderman, U.S. Army

One Last Election Lesson (NYT)


Clinton 1/23/99 advocated addon payroll deduction with tax credit

Richard Greene (BBC): Kings in the White House

This Is Your Brain on Politics (NYT)

Analysis: Bush Legacy a Work in Progress

Was Robert Kennedy killed by a real 'Manchurian candidate'-style assassin?

George W. Bush, Philosopher-King

A Permanent Presence

A televisual fairyland

Bizarre cult funds Bush election? Weird story

Krugman: Bush's plan to sell Soc. Sec. privatization - salemanship

Screw you, America

Inauguration in Wonderland

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): A televisual fairyland

Molly Ivins: The science of comedy

A Constitutional Right to Travel to Cuba

The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis

The Rude Pundit on the Inaugural (warning - rude!!!)

The American Prospect hires Joe Conason to be investigative editor

Will the Inaugural Protests Be Covered?

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Conducting Covert Operations in Iran For Possible Mili

"Corporate Americans"-- Joshua Holland on ownership society....

The Scandal Sheet (of Bush's administration--34 big scandals in 4 years)

It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain

4 economic prophets of doom - Forbes

I want a divorce from Bush - Krugman

Kerry: Idiot or A-hole?

The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf

"Counter Inauguration: A Peoples' Speak Out" On Monument Circle (IND)

Pat Buchanan lies Tonight on Soc Sec - tries to imply Clinton Crisis

The Daily Shows Samantha Bee on Canada AM

Iraqis Who Take Risks for American Journalists May Pay With Their Lives

How CBS' Big Story Fell Apart

Faux News slams CBS? -Remind them of the "Hitler Diaries"

Hey Media - We've Noticed (MarkNC at Kos)

Please Help Start An Independent Television News Network

Dems Need to Make Stronger Arguments Against Bush's Social Security Plan

Social Security Isn’t Broken - So Why Does Greenspan Want to Fix It?

WSJ: As Dollar Weakens, Hidden Strengths May Stave Off Crisis

Germany's Biggest Alpine Resort Lacks Key Ingredient - Snow

Strange Beak Deformities Hit Hawks In Washington State, California

Leonardo DiCaprio's website for the environment ...

Scientists watch for iceberg collision

Lutz: GM "Missed Boat" On Hybrids: Dismisses Them As Advertising Expense

Star Wars, Star Trek and Killing Politely by Dr. Nick Begich

Send Boxer a "thank you" for grilling RiceCake today:

See "Gonzales backs assault weapons ban" in LBN at the following DU link

Why can't the mods see that this is racist?

Further to Faye's question...

question about web hosts

Quick question about deleted post

How do you do it?

Thank you for re-instating ChavezSpeakstheTruth.

My donor status is gone - has it expired?

DU is behaving strangely this morning

Hi Skinner... was just wondering

Abbas orders forces to block Qassams

Leading rabbis rule Temple Mount is off-limits to Jews

Why are there sour feelings towards Israel?

Palestinian bomber kills Israeli soldier

Wary Israel grants Abbas more time

7000 soldiers say they cannot follow orders to expel Jews

How do we know what Card whispered to Bush?

The Dark Doppelganger of Delta 1989

Lawsuit Filed in U.S. District Court in Reno Against Bush and Cheney

911: Many more planes had been considered as a hijack. Why?

911: Have there been more ...?

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Outrage' at city hall over Billy Goat deal

Chicago Tribune: Smoking ban talk fires up Oak Park

Has this been posted....

Joseph Stalin on election fraud

Fox News. DUDQ's might have missed this

Mitofsky is accurate even when he is lying!

What Are They Hiding In New Mexico?

Now that all provisional ballots are in, what were the 2004 vote totals?

This is interesting: Lawsuit in Alameda County over DRE inauditability

Special Report on Inaugural Balloons

Quandary and advice

One other quick issue for discussion

Ken Blackwell: "I had a dream" speech

Exit pollsters to release election report to media (only - not to public)

From NYTimes on North Carolina "MAKING VOTES COUNT"

I just googled bush inauguration and got

Small vote manipulations can swing elections

Does anyone have a chance with Hillary at bat in '08?

202-585-3885....CALL CSPAN NOW about Condo Rice Interrogation.....nt

Great Tag Team: Kerry & Boxer on Rice

2004 NEP: Dem 38/ Rep 35/ Indep 27: Kerry 50.69%, Bush 47.77%

The World Will Be Watching on Jan. 20

Um, Condi was the National Security Advisor, right?


Tehran Times-- America's "specialty" is vote fraud

KERRY Interrogating Rice NOW...CSPAN....

Overheard on the radio twith Ed Schultz - it really hit home with me

Rice confirmation hearings on C-Span 1 now.

Rice Defends Her Integrity as Hearing Turns Testy

I guess I just had a "revelation" about November 2nd...

Question about California - exit polls / popular vote...??

I just heard some idiot rePuke say that "he wouldn't normally

please caption this one.....

Boxer is really giving ti to condoleeza. eom

question about the common wisdom of 9/11

Republican C-Span Callers Are Loopy

Joe Biden (Delaware Senator) to Rice (earlier today)

Can anyone tell me where I can find video of the Rice hearings

Kerry time... CSPAN....

Boxer does it again!....

i gotta pick up kids adn store, gonna miss boxer

Just in: Bush inauguration parade cancels TWO floats

Freep these two polls

She's getting zinged again!!!

Boxer Needs Help: Send CNN, MSNBC e-mails

Tuesday 1/18/05 update thread for fraud/election/recount/protests

So you think Diane Feinstein has to go?

Remember *HOW* you voted for Kerry?

Sign Kerry's Petition ?

A letter from Senator Reid

It's back on CSPAN - Condi's voice is cracking

"The tsunami was a wonderful opportunity for us", Rice ACTUALLY SAID THAT

Signs for Inauguration


NM - what 'independent auditing firm' receives the canvas of votes?

VotersUnite: Voting should never be done electronically. PERIOD.

Vote against Condi at AOL poll

Barbara Boxer is doing a GREAT service to this country!

Circumstantial evidence (oh boy, people should do some research...

Vote suppression by machine

Facts from the last election.


Does anyone REALLy believe * will be impeached?

More MSM Coverage For No Confidence Movement (Arcata Eye)

Listing/rating the best internet sites/groups focused on the 2004 election

Who from DU is going to D.C. on the 20th?

New Kerry PAC to Focus on Voter Disenfranchisement and More

Does it bother you that John Kerry is "speaking out"? is now live!

Progressive Democrats of San Diego meeting tonight!


Democratic National Committee Membership Roster: California

Jordan's Furniture warranty ripoff

Massachusetts Dem Party forum needs progressive members

Bizarre Star Tribune Letter to the Editor

I met Mary Kiffmeyer on Friday.

Xcel Energy Wind Power Option, Good idea?

Im starting to think Kerry may have been a mistake....

90% of the time Hotmail asks for my password

ever wonder what those firewall alerts mean?

How come my tab and delete keys stopped working?

Santorum in cross hairs for 2006 election

Tarrant Democratic Town Hall Meeting Saturday Jan. 22

New Book "What We Do Now" - Manifesto and Essays for a Post-11/2 World

Check out Freecycle.....

Santorum looking to turning up the heat in 2006

Who wants an easy $250K? Details inside!

Hey MINNESOTA DUer's? Who are your frontrunners for US Senate?

HELP! I start a Latin American class today with John Negroponte's wife!!

Hum. What about all the Limousin cows full of METHANE?

John Stewart For President - A Cogent Argument....

"Truth" lyrics by IZM

Tandem Poll: What's the average APR on your credit cards?

Here in this place lies the key to your death

Census data reveals: Re-Enlistment Crisis - Legacy of Persian Gulf War 1

How do you feel about socioeconomic class?

Arnold to "terminate" future funding for schools?

Karl Rove wants to take your pulse again...

Boycott on Jan. 20th.

Who would Jesus bomb?

Political Divisions Persist After Election

Unbelievable! I just received a link from Mars!!!!

Please help find info

Here's a curious little item....

Looking at Baby Jessica when she was taken away from

Flashback: Bush jokes about hanging MLK...

While we are creating more poverty in Iraq the UN reports that

On what show did the chimp mangle MLK speech...

Great idea to get money when you retire - marry a young guy or gal!

Florida Can Spend More, Cut Taxes, Bush Says

Holding WMD Liars Accountable!!!

Ya'll remember the SAT? Tom Feeney's name pops up among the colleges

Predict when the US goes to war with Iran

Regarding the Christian Calendar..

Anybody know a site where you can do "mass" media e-mails?

The Coming Mosul Massacre is called... "Operation Founding Fathers"!

FACT: Bush was AWOL, regardless of "memo-gate"...

Is it possible the Busheviks are goading Iran?

CNN flogging "Al Qaeda Death Limos" psy-op big time...

We need more hippy music to put an end to this madness?

Asbestos reform?

New lead in Columbus bones riddle

Reality according to the NYT

Ann Coulter gets handed her scrawney butt on a platter!

Formal democracy vs. substantive democracy...Jack O'Dell


Help an uninformed DUer...

Change in inflation calculation

Looks like Trudeau is going to do the abuse scandal

listening to biden this morning, senate hearing with condi

Moses parts the Red Sea...was that a Tsunami?

"RFK Jr. Eyeing Attorney General's Race"

SS numbers - a question.

Charity is a fashion statement

CNN Morning Whore Hemmer says "Rice will be first African-American SOS"

Don't worry it's only money. Yours, mostly: Bush inauguration

President Condoleeza Rice...?...sure, why not?

Iran war will never happen, but if it does...

Wounded Troops forced to wait in squalor for medical care.

MORE confusion regarding the Jan 30 Iraqi elections

Condi Rice makes my flesh crawl...

Let’s get rid of black people…Our problems will only then truly end.

Is anyone listening to Unfiltered and the vet talking about his daughter's

serious question: who profits most from the war in iraq?

Repuke D.A. Campaigned on War-on-Drugs, Was ON Drugs

Fearful US TV networks censor more shows

Why doesn't Tweety have on Sibel Edmunds...?

So who's still in the "Coalition" Condi referred to at

Condi is proof that looks don't matter when climbing that ladder.

This Evangelical Movement

Ran across this "classic" from Condi Rice - Jan 2003

"DNA and Drug Testing"

How do Iraqi Sunnis and Shia Muslims tell each other apart?

Kerry Up! (KindaSleasy Rice)

As Jan. 20 Nears, Terror Warnings Drop

?The US and its UN dues?

Are the insurgents actually 'winning' the KIA war now?

how many republicans has tim pussert ambushed?

Feingold's question. Shouldn't the US be held accountable for Iraq?

read before you flame :D Ten reason to love George W. Bush

please delete!

Are liberals obsessed with intellect?

Is this the worst luck ever?

They are *not* a minority - they are *all* f&cking stupid....

Anyone know where i can get a prochoice wristband?

Eric blumrich's latest on US = Fascism - brilliant flash video

Now THIS is the retirement plan I'd like to HAVE rather than PAY FOR!

How best to survive the next four years.

Why are there sour feelings towards Israel?

Sneeze Against Terror

Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries

Girls too stupid for math and science says Harvard!

"Is everybody okay?" (RFK assassination)

Iraqi Elections a scam!

Another reason I dislike Christianity

Touch-screen voting machines dumped (Ohio)

House With Swastikas, Anti-Bush Threat Draws Secret Service Attention

GOP vendetta against government agencies with "Democratic" outlooks

Pass the popcorn - Condi's on NOW - Monday 9:00 EST

RFK Jr. Possible Replacement for Spitzer

Return from Iraq, go to jail

Here's what's funny about the whole Iran vs. US/Europe story...

Sen Dorgan (D) & Sen Stabenow (D-MI) on CSPAN now about Soc Sec

more "MAGIC" from Paul KRUGMAN!

No offense to my DU family, but Sen. Biden should go pound sand

Here's what needs to happen Inauguration Day.


Watch the "liberal media" cover for Connie -and ignore the Boxer questions

6000 cops will protect bush* ONE MILE ride to White House....WTF

Increasingly blatant racism: repug email sent me on MLK day.

BartCop asked:

MSNBC Front Page Now: "Rice, Kerry Duel"


Will we leave Iraq after the elections?

No War on Iran


Karl Rove's place-peaceful protest against his place on the 20th

Just heard promo on CNN re Rice confirmation hearing:


shriek! CORE gives Rove an award for civil rights

Does anyone know if the Boxer/Rice transcript is avaiable yet?

What has Condi done right these last 4 years?

"Success in Iraq" Condi and Bush really lowered the bar on what it is

California still practices segregation

serious question: who profits the most from investment...

Should DU shut down for the day on January 20th?

You wouldn't be LYING about anything, would you Condi? PIX >>>

More proof that the media protects the moron in the White House...

Iraq wasn't Poland. It was Czechoslavakia.

Why would "*" and co want to start a world war

4 killer LTTEs in today's Freep -- 4 direct hits on Bushco

Why the hell does it take so long for these Senators to ask a question?

Photos of W (et al)at today's MLK speech

We need to pray for Barbara Boxer

How much of what we care about is relevant to the average Joe?

LIMBOsevic Calls DU "DemoCRAT Underground" and "Other Kook Sites"

CNN: 54 % say Rice "not a good choice" for State.

Condi, "Free Media in Cuba"

Need quotes: the biggest lies of B**h, Cheney, Rice, Schwarzenegger

Atrios frames Social Security and PNAC right!

i need recruitment resistance help

An "accountability moment" (funny!!)

Hey PNAC! Thanks for making the US irrelevant in the 21st century!

Moonies Moonies everywhere....

OH Gay Marriage Amendment Leaves Straight Unwed Abuse Victims Unprotected

Some of the many Bush -Gates

Are there and members of congress that support Chavez?

LOL! Condi looks pissed (on CNN's front page right now) -- pic

bullet-proof glass mounted for bush*, DC gets ready (PHOTOS)

Hey, James Dobson, Bite me!

Bush is trying to use the troops as an excuse for his coronation

D.C. Bastards, Feed Them Poison...

World News Trust Needs Your Help

smirk's hat size is classified information - really

Sen. Alexander today spoke an ugly truth.


By their legacy shall ye know them !

Let's play Name the Crisis!!!

Wall Street Welfare

Whats with these republicans and their SMIRKS? George Allen up now

At Circuit city on Sunday they were playing televangelist on the screens!

Prime Evidence of CNN's Wolf Shiterz EGO...cutting away from Condi Hearing

Just Give Out the Goddamn Pill

Al Franken is broadcasting from DC, but did he actually

How do you show your support for the troops if you're Bush?

incriminating Scalia statement about 12-12-00 decision from another thread

I can't take Randi Rhodes on a daily basis but she is good today. nm

Nuclear Calendar -- FCNL

Is Bush DELIBERATELY PROVOKING the Terrorists To NUKE the US???

Saudi Sheik and Fred Phelps blame tsunami on gays

"Farm Generates Electricity From Manure"

"Did He Say It"???

Who is this new guy

Iraqi-Americans voting

Has anyone seen the movie, Silver City? Chris Cooper does a

Do you suppose Shrubya believes he really won the election fairly?

To his credit, Terry Moran of ABC News DID ask B**h some tough questions..

the attempted theft of the dragons in Babylon

Personal economics question

Remember the story about the starving dogs in Iraq, the

Town seeks to recall board member for not standing for the pledge

Social Security changes opposed by elderly

Sen. Dodd recommends that Condi talk to Sen. McCain about TORTURE


Come on Coleman, ask a fucking question!

US official confirms Allawi shot six dead

She fucking lied.....

Why weren't we able to counter the repubs election day shenanigans?

Heads up: Seymour Hirsch on Lou Dobbs Tonight. 6 EST

Do members of the * clan always...

Domestic result of war with Iran?

Why is Boxer the only one standing up for what is right?

So sorry to DU

Barack Obama sucks!

Would Jesus love a liberal? You bet!

10,000 Jesuses

Go Barbara, Go Barbara! Did you see the ugly pissed off look on Condi

Fact or fiction? Help me out.

Not to be rude.. but don't the Pro Condi C-Span Callers all seem to be...

Protect The Arctic Refuge ... Pass It On!

If i hear "Different kind of war" one more time......

Photos from another torture session (GRAPHIC!)

Questions from a new guy

Chris Dodd

B**h on "American Idol!" (photo)

Need Help Quick! Regarding Walmart

"Senator, I'm going to demure here."


Thai school tsunami relief effort (with photos)

Freepers: "Scalia is one of the few men who stand between you and..."

Creepy Bush painting...I don't know if you've all seen this one yet.

The Battle of the MInds in America/World, Reality Vs Fantasy

Dems Show Condi her Piggy Bank

Dean actually has a chance to win

Clarence Thomas is making friends with white supremacists

Inside The Iraq "Insurgency", an Iraqi Photographer Embeds With Them

Condi questioning is nothing but a comedy of bullshit! (WWIII coming)

Contraception is a form of abortion: Discuss

thank gaawwwwddd...more EGGS have arrived in DC for the CORONATION !

Where did cain and able's wives come from?

Christians to Begin Inauguration Day Thanking God for Bush Reelection

Hersh on Pacifica now:

Exposed! NCLB designed to gut public edumacation

President Poo-Poo Pants

Kerry calls for Rumsfeld to be fired

Here You Go Faux News!! Happy, Happy Iraqis! Take A Peek....

Obama is elegant, eloquent, intelligent, articulate, and

"A televisual fairyland"

How Many Believe 'Unlawful Combatants' are NOT covered by GENEVA?

why is feinstein a democrat?

Question about communal living

Rumsfeld orders soldiers' puppy killed

Outcome of Iran War?

Saddam Hussein as CIA agent in Iraq

Why I dislike Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists....

Women Lack 'Natural Ability' In Some Fields, Harvard President Says

Why listening to Condi Rice makes me puke.: Please read this book!

What will the Iraqis do when they find out they will NOT be voting for a

The case against Cheney (re. complicity in 911)

Right wing pundits not being held accountable

Does Condi have to pass a drug test?


Social Security....a generational struggle?

Meet your Meat.

Lawsuit Filed Against Bush & Cheney - PNAC Allegations

No Mylar Balloons at the Inauguration, could be bad...

Official G.W. Bush Weapons of Mass Destruction Parade Float

What happened to Media Whores Online?

Why can't Republicans see what monsters the Bush people are?

Childless couples? who has a link?

Hippies Lose Protest Movement to Campus Conservatives (WTF???)

If Bush's scam wrecks Social Security, how many $$ will you lose?

Odd Happenings in Fallujah (chemical weapons used?)

The apparently obligatory 'Persecuted Christian' thread

Which would you favor? If there were only ONE tax...

How did Condi go from a brand new PhD to a Stanford professorship?

Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney:

To my fellow atheists and nonChristians

Ask the Police:

Is it OK to defrost meat in the microwave?

Its cold to us retirees in Florida

If you like horseradish and roast beef

it's time for the next step in equalization payments

SCOTLAND JAN-17-2005 Police hunting Milly's murderer focus on Scot who...

So Piers Morgan was onto something after all

The Bush Rule of Journalism

Plame Investigation Is Not a 'Game' (Letter to the ed by Plame Atty) WP

Abu Ghraib Result of Bush / Gonzales Decision to Ignore Geneva Conventions

Venezuela tightens border security

I want a divorce from Bush - Krugman

Dissident Activity Reported in N. Korea

Washington on alert as al-Qaida document threatens limo bombs

sorry, double post -- please delete

NYT: Purloined Domain Name Is an Unsolved Mystery

NYT: Rage Explodes at (NJ) Egyptian Family's Funeral

WP,pg1: Zhao's Death Puts China in Quandary: Party Fears Debate

LAT: Guest Worker Plan in Doubt (taxes, SS to be priorities?)

LAT: Technology Cuts 'Friendly Fire'

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1,366 as of 2005-01-17)

Seven earthquakes jolt New Zealand

Secretive Group Buys Political Ads

Wisconsin Republicans gear up for governor's race 22 months away

Latham Quits.

Russia's Putin vows to increase pensions

Ex-Argentina officer recants on charges

Former math professor files lawsuit over firing from Wisconsin Lutheran

Big explosion near Shi'ite party office

CNN 6AM EST: Kidnapped Catholic archbishop has been released

U.S. Is Punishing 8 Chinese Firms for Aiding Iran

LAT: U.S. Charges Law Partnership With Age Bias

U.S. Is Punishing 8 Chinese Firms for Aiding Iran

Three US soldiers killed in Al-Anbar province (1368?)

Update 3: Swiss International Announces Job Cuts

LAT: Wall Street Lying Low on Social Security

Fearful US TV networks censor more shows

US rebuts 'Iran covert op' claim

Iraq to close borders for polls

Some diplomats ambivalent on 2nd Bush term

MeadWestvaco selling off mills, forest land for $2.3B to focus on Packagin

Third-grade FCAT surprises, stumps some in women's club.

North Korea: First signs of protest in world's top secret state

McIngvale put on the spot:Minister wants businessman to donate $200,000 fo

Iraq blog spat leads to web chaos (IraqTheModel)

Mark Thatcher is 'home with mommy' - reports

Four Teens Struck By Tasers Following Fight Near Miami

Schroeder rules out troops in Iraq before Bush visit

Anxious Iraqis Are Leaving Before Elections

US should “move aggressively” to get our troops out of Iraq, says Hinchey

WP,pg1: Pol. Divisions Persist after Election ("no clear mandate")

So who's still in the "Coalition" Condi referred to at

MPs call for title to be stripped from Thatcher

Vatican lawyers rake in cash as 'widow wars' go beyond the grave

Threatened Dutch MP out of hiding

Majority disapprove of Bush's Iraq policy

Four months after arrival, 2nd Brigade Combat Team sees changes in Ramadi

Variety: Fox network president admits self-censorship

Pinochet-era officer commits suicide in Chile

U.S. Lawmaker Sees N. Korea Nuclear Talks Maybe in February

Saudi Arabia: US national 'tortured' by FBI and threatened with Guantánamo

No. 2 Prosecutor Heads for Private Practice

Car bomb goes off near U-S convoy in northern Iraq("some casualties"Mosul)

Two American marines killed in Iraq (Ramadi 1370?)

Rise in race crimes 'due to war on terror'

US envoy tries to reverse decline in J1 student visas

Bush agenda faces some GOP resistance

Iraq to Seal Its Borders During Election

Embassy confirms 8 Chinese kidnapped in Iraq

Tenn.'s Retreat On Medicaid Points to Struggle -Planned Cuts May

Drilling industry humming

Robert Kennedy Jr. eyeing state attorney general's race

Administration quietly penalizes Chinese firms (for helping Iran)

Mysterious Object Seen Over East Texas

Jenna herself becomes a child left behind

Iraqi war outlook called grim

China censors news of the last martyr of Tiananmen Square

India: Pakistan Fires Across Kashmir Line

Even Bush's Most Loyal GOP Soldiers Alarmed by Strain on Troops

Pro-American Iraqi blog provokes intrigue, outrage

Now US ponders attack on Iran

Bill outlawing bias toward gays, lesbians draws fire | Billings Gazette

M-squad ends role in homicide at MU

Preparation Underway For San Quentin Execution

$1.3M grant may aid Wal-Mart

Strickland Won't Run For Ohio Governor In 2006

CBS May Use Multi-Anchor Format (Jon Stewart mentioned)

Christians to Begin Inauguration Day Thanking God for Bush Reelection

Windsor not much of a bargain, eh? (falling American dollar)

Mass Gay Marriage Amendment Unlikely To Pass Survey Shows

Iraqis can vote in battered Falluja-US general

Inaugural Events have begun

Capitol environmentalism

Exclusive: Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers

Breaking news: White House Standoff, Road Closed as Police.....WP

U.S. Building Forts On Iraq Border (32 being built)

Back to Beazley: Latham quits, blames health (Aust Labor leader)

High Court Sidesteps Guantanamo Bay Case

Rice Refuses to Give Iraq Timetable

Breaking: Ashcroft to announce first U.S. criminal charges in Oil For Food

Nine wounded Nevada National Guard soldiers denied Purple Hearts

Terror cop: Qaeda 'heavily damaged'

PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION Gala snubs Cuban foundation (CANF)

Officials Investigating Marine's Death In Iraq

Soldiers 'abused civilians'

Lawsuit Filed Against Bush & Cheney - PNAC Allegations

BREAKING fox news dc - van with gas parked at white house

Democratic Governors Hope to Lead Party Out of Wilderness

Ga. Schools to Appeal Evolution Ruling

Gonzales backs assault weapons ban

CEO Ousted at Troubled Krispy Kreme

Web sites let drivers flag road ragers

Poll shows Roy Moore with lead for GOP gubernatorial nomination

China slams US sanctions against Chinese companies as 'not wise'

Iraq blog spat leads to web chaos

Wal-Mart says radio ID works

US official confirms Allawi shot six dead

Bush: Better human intelligence needed

Man's Threats Cause Evacuation Near White House

SOLDIER KILLED BY IED BLAST (1371...39 in 18 days)

Seat Belts, Air Bags, Other Features Have Saved 329,000 Lives, Government

Gold Star Families Seek Meeting With Rumsfeld Jan. 19th

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 18 January

Saddam May Not Have Moved WMD

NYT: Cut in Medicare Payments to Hospitals Advised (by federal panel)

Reno lawyer attempting to sue President Bush over Iraq war

Gay rights group to run Bush attack ads (on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News)

Rice, Kerry duel over Iraq strategy (MSNBC)

LAT: A Plane as Big as the Globe (800-passenger Airbus unveiled)

Gunmen Kill Three Iraqi Candidates

NYT: 9 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables? (new guidelines criticized)

Former Enron CEO to head troubled Krispy Kreme

Springer's on air, first day's a breeze

Heavy Machine-Gun Fire Rattles Through Baghdad

Exit pollsters to release election report to media

Schwarzenegger Allows Rare California Execution

Veiled sect hails Bush, Martinez

Show us proof on rebels, Venezuela tells Colombia

Pataki's Budget Includes Steep Cuts To Medicare

Florida Democrats Back Dean as Leader

Indiana Congressman Calls Purple Heart Revocation 'Ridiculous'

Forced blood tests allowed to stand

IRAQ: U.S. Military Resorting To Collective Punishment

Rice: Venezuela's Chavez 'Very Deeply Troubling'

Dallas VA hospital ranks worst in nation

Gingrich: Once More Into the Fray

Laura Bush to Skip Tea Time With Moore

EPA charges DuPont hid Teflon's risks

NYT: Harvard Chief Defends His Talk on Women

Chaplain leads trip to Cuba

(Atheist) Newdow Appeals Inaugural Prayer Case to Supreme Court

Lawmaker (R-ME) proposes scrapping same-day voter registration

Rice defends her integrity

No country can attack us, Iran says

It's been 0 degrees or below so I flooded the yard. You can make a Zamboni

Cryin' on my pillow,....

I had no idea the actor who voiced Captain Murphy on "Sealab 2021"


audiophiles - how do you remove a digital audio fibre cable

Wow. I need some DU help. This is really weird.

I'm a Rock and Roll Rebel!!!!

ahhh 37 degrees today - i found that wrench . . .

Best Nuclear War Movie

Hey're 6 posts away from 2000

Guilty Pleasure: Did Anyone Else Enjoy The Movie "EuroTrip"?


Today is Syrinx's Birthday!!! (Jan. 17)

"I hear you from tone of bitch:" Most unintentionally funny subtitles

bonsai kitten

DC Metrorail--AntInauguration Day

Just dammit.

Bush is The Ultimate Sin

Have you ever misheard a movie line, and found out later?

I have a hangnail and its causing me great pain.

bulls eye virus -- (primal scream here)

I hate PDF documents

Minor annoyance

Do not ride a bicycle in this weather.

It's January 2005. Where are you?

One fat hen. Couple 'a ducks.

how strange is this?

Ok. Here's the plan, we need someone to hack the Nielsen system

I'm Dianne Feinstein, ask me anything

Foo Fighters

Something scary happened at my old job

There's a hole in the bucket. Dear Liza, dear Liza.

Here in this place lies the key to your death

Hey, Johnny Park!

Dean! Dean! Dean!

Bush and Skulls

This is a pointless thread

"Pounding the marbles"

Bela Fleck---a modern-day genius or the reincarnation of...

Yo Middle Eastern People with brown skin....

A Hero and a Zero...Bush basks in a legacy he could never understand

I'm on my way up north

The LOOK...of IN...her EYES...

Good morning, DU!

Help finding old message post

NEVER drink another man's Tobacco Spit.....

Death By 1000 Cuts or photo after photo of Condi, all day today

Have you ever wanted to paint your home walls, but were too afraid to?

Did anyone else go through serious withdrawal last night?

Post an outrageous lie about another DUer!

A Hitchhiking Poll

there are some nasty viruses this year

I wish I had some Oreos right now.

Do you all know about the amazing things at. ?

poor little Dachshund for adoption

First morning back to work after a holiday:

Mary, mother of god, rockin' Jesus in the cradle.... it's cold!

NODD and other coronation diversions.

Leader of the Band

Hey I made it to 1,000 posts

Christ On A Cracker - It's Chilly!!!

You eeeeediot!

Do not chop wood naked in this weather

Now why wood MOCatt be fascinated by a humidifier?

Ruth Warrick (89) Died Last Weekend


Let America be America again.

Man recovers from nail gun accident

"I'm having a nightmare..."

Inauguration Day TV Marathons

Very strange problem. HELP!

It's so cold at my desk, I can barely type!

Check engine light on-Damn Squirrel's!

What's your take on "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"?

For soap opera fans, sad news.

Talk about a tight fit!

Bush, FDR & Churchill cartoon

BMW owners- question about Inspection Light

I Got My First Deleted Reply Yesterday!

I just realized I'll be 20 in three months. Ask me anything.

BurtWorm is neither a Burt, nor a Worm. Discuss.

Hong Kong nudists apply for their own colony

Management science: threat or menace?

poor nephew- hit with double viral pneumonia

"He's delusional"

I dreamed I was the new, female John Denver. How's that for weird?

Picking up laundry from the floor, good; grabbing dead mouse with it, BAD!

Explorer achieves dream then dies in crevasse fall

We just don't talk enough about cats in here.


Killer Klowns from Outer Space is on

I dreamed that I was the new Denver Omelet. How's that for huevos?

Remember Goofus and Gallant?

Somebody broke into my house - ask me anything

What exactly is a real-estate novelist

Any other cat parents here who "purr" to their kitties?


Dammit, another cat

Amazing premonition:

I hear the drizzle of the rain

Hijane this thread.

It's the 1500's and you're a cat. What's in your CD Player?

It's Maine, and it's Autumn, the birches have just begun turning

Transcript of Bush's Remarks at MLK "Let Freedom Ring" Event

Many's the time I've been mistaken...

Rice Hearings Transcripted verbatim right here for you Cube Rats

HAHA! - I get to work today

Saw the Eye Doc yesterday, and guess what?!

I'm leaving ...

Post here to discuss anything BUT kittens/cats

A mime challenges you to a fist fight. What do you do?

Now that we've put this cat thing to rest it's time for a real pet

Using statistical analysis to predict pop hits

Programming Alert: Sgt. Bill O'Reilly - Tales of Combat,


2003-2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4

Haiku This Thread


Number of posts over 1000

The Carpe Diem of all CAPTIONS!!!

Okay... This segment of Franken right now is funny...

Is REP Bill Thomas channeling PAUL LYNDE????

The "Ain't She a Pip?" CAPTION


Is there going to be an "unofficial" archive for Springer's radio show?

I want a Tanuki statue



Well, here's certainly a 2005 nominee for the Darwin Award.

It is all DU's fault

I just had lunch...err dinner....well maybe supper....

Have the Simpsons become more mean-spirited this year?

I've been posting in Election 04 all afternoon--ask me anything.

Michael Walden on Al Franken right now!

I have an appointment in an hour! Get me off this computer!

This just in: Colts just turned the ball over AGAIN!

Just received photos from matcom of his vacation in "Mexico"

There's something on the bottom of my shoe...

Too much coffee?

Jenna herself becomes a child left behind

mmm... insourced brains...

Stephen King endorses Not One Damn Dime Day

CNN's "Grilled Condi" headline photo looks more like "Scared Worf"

'Survivor' winner faces tax charges

This morning energized me!

I want Chocolate!

How many of you would be more interested in supporting a candidate

Is it true that "24" is portraying the Turks as terrorists???

what new ruLe change shouLd the indy coLts cry for?

Question for car experts

I think most of the people on are liberals.

In light of the fact that the mods are watching, I just want to say

Who is Regina Spektor?

Cats, Kittys, Felines, kittycats, little furry babies

No rules Cage Match: Boxer vs. Condi Who wins?

"Um, would you believe we thought they were nuclear aluminum pea shooters?

I would like to change Condelezza Rice's name to....

Is anyone driving slow on Sunday mornings?

Anyone ever do the Ollie North thing.........?

nasty cow-irker rant, feel free to ignore

Here's my candidate for "stupid idea of the day."

Another "Do you remember?" this thread:

The Gospel according to ....the Simpsons ?!

Et Homo Factus Est (And was made man)

uniformitarianism and other 50 cent words

David Hasselhoff all the time! (*warning - a bit graphic*)

Are these scapula bones I'm looking at in this photo?


Another parrot joke

Hijack this thread.

That Boxer Bitch Better Watch Her Back!

Look into my eyes. (picture)

Too Much Rock for One Hand


Far out in the uncharted backwaters

I Really, Really, Really LOVE MY WIFE

I'd give "My Left Foot" to "The Man With One Red Shoe"

Local theater & Dems to show "Chase the Blues Away" 1/20/05 double feature

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

We all know it's cold, who do you want to be snuggling with?

Okay, my piss is irritating me.

my BVDs are in!!! my BVDs are in!!!

George Soros and Martha Stewart charged with oil for food scandal!

Okay, I'm irritated and I can't piss.

I live my life like there's no tomorrow. All I got I had to steal.


Kerry criticizes election outcome ( ahhhhhh you are a little late Kerry)

Just had yet another "small world" situation happen

This Just In - Condi says we are judiciously trying those who are

My OPP is in!!! My OPP is in!!!

How cold it was this morning, standing at his grave...

I got my blue band for truth today

Anyone watching Kerry & Rice go at it?

Plastic Fantastic Lover

I ordered my Black Wristband today!

Dan Rather came to speak at my school today/ Tsunami Discussion

3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds

My oral surgeon's billing people suck!

Name a book or movie charactor you swear was modeled after you

My VD is gone! My VD is gone!

How did white and red come to mean left and right on audio equipment?

my BVDs are inside-out!!! my BVDs are inside-out!!!

I'm watching the movie Gandhi for the first time ever.

mwahahahaaa...666...the number of the...

I'm loving the new season of "24". Does that make me a racist?

Flame ON!!

SACD player

If going to church makes you a Christian ....

Stupidest new reality show

i have a nasty f'n head coLd

I'd give my left arm to be able to play that one Chopin Polonaise

It's that time again! Say something neutral about another DUer/DU

Did anyone watch "Law & Order" last Wednesday? (SPOILER ALERT!)

I should have named my cat Twinkie

Advice: How do I pay for college?

Now what do I do?

Brand spankin' new and scary Evil Dick Cheney scowling pic, 1/13/05

Okay, I'm in an irritated, pissy mood

Quick shoot it!!!

I just ordered one-fee-per-month cable phone service. Ask me anything.

Google has no recent pictures of Yushchenko

So, basically, freeps don't understand what hearings are actually for?

Driver in grisly suicide

Why do republicans always forget to turn off the TV when they call CSPAN?


Going home now...

As of today, only 1460 days left of the GWB presidency!


This post makes me sick.

pray that * and admin get the jobs they are qualified for and will

I admit that I'm immature but

Oh, Shit!! It's after 5 pm and I don't have a Martini in my hand!!

Barbara Boxer - YOU ROCK!!

I have to restore my system to factory settings. Wish me luck.

Nate Berkus is my new hero

which presidents have their faces on stamps?

Okay...who else was a dungeons and dragons geek?

anybody else lose the Sirius satellite feed?

"I read the news today, oh boy........."

This goes out to all you lounge lizards out there, whereever you are...

How often do you keep people on Ignore?

I attended Jimmy Carter's Inauguration

I haven't looked at a fashion magazine in five months before today.

this thread just cracks me up

I used the ignore option for the first time. I like it!

The new face of Greed: Richard Hatch.

Anti-Bush book supposed to be in a scene in CBS' Judging Amy

I'm going to take this oppurtunity to say something nice about Florida

I just got the new razor phone...ask me anything!

This song goes out to Rabrrrrr......

I'm Ronald Reagan, ask me anything

I'm Condoleezza Rice, Ask me anything

I met up with someone who personifies what has happened to our economy

I just made my first home-made batch of frosted cinnamon rolls. Ask me

If I switch from Cingular to Verizon, can I keep my actual phone?

I'm getting a new dog on Saturday!

Anyone Getting Together in DC Wednesday Night?

D&D Geeks, did it piss you off....

OMG, Barack Obama is practically a republican.

I'm getting ticked

Anyone know when the number of posts for a flame went up from 30 to 50?

It'sTime to Play . . Naaaaame That Theme Song


Right, ya'll.. I'm losin' it here. Am I going finally going nuts?

my DVDs are in! My DVDs are in!!!

Real life Mr. Ed

Anyone have experience building radio-controlled planes?

OKAY! I read "Catcher in the Rye". Now tell me this!

Siberian cats.. dang these cats are beautiful

2 straight years of disappointment for me.

Anyone know of a good website for downloading free music

What do you think of Kenny Wayne Shepherd?

So how bad would it have to be before you asked Mom and Dad for $$

Who's your favorite to win the Super Bowl?

MAN the British sure were some mean SOBs, weren't they?

Need suggestions on Children's Music...

Hollywood star Virginia Mayo dies

Anyone here use VOIP/Internet Phoning?

Who or what was "Spring Heeled Jack", The Terror of London ?

Today is Betty White's 83rd birthday

Who saw 'Boston Legal' sunday?

Fog's rolling in off the East River bank

It's Senior Year of High School: What's in your CD Changer?

Combine two DUers handles to make up a new handle

I am the son of God. Ask me anything

Should I try to catch a kitten?

"What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?"

OK, the Cat fun's over.

I am glad I did not live in the 1500's

Which do you prefer?

Psssst... hey you! Yeah, you.... over here......

Is this really Bill Gates???

the human clock....


Resistance is futile. I gotta get a cell phone.

High End Cutlery: What Should I Buy?


Another "Do you remember?" thread:

If you could change one historical event, what would it be and how would

Tie Dye: good or bad idea?

Caption this


More questions from a soon-to-be-vegetarian!

More chaos

Vegan=sickly in The Lounge

Funny meat-eater talking points.

This is where I will draw the line!

Another reason I dislike Christianity

Cut in Medicare Payments to Hospitals Is Advised

Tenn.'s Retreat On Medicaid Points toStruggle-Cuts May Signal Nat'l Trend

Harvard row over sex and science

What's green, has two tails and comes from outer space?

Spacecraft landed in mud on Saturn's moon

Fatherhood by a New Formula

Montana Considers Civil Unions & Civil Rights Protections

White House In Damage Control After Bush Gay Amendment Remark

Gay Straight Society Could Incite Violence Parents Claim college is undefeated, in the top ten

Did anyone else know that when Herm Edwards

Anna Benson pitches her own series (Great interview)

Were The Following Great Quarterbacks? -They All Have One Thing In Common

Mike Nolan Or Nick Saban

Which coach would you rather have if say, you were in the AFC Champ game?

49ers hire Mike Nolan (Ravens Def. Cord.) as new coach

"Straight cash homie..."

I'm betting on the Steelers this weekend!

How about that Illinois basketball team?

Dachshund for adoption with heartbreaking story

Cat owners--need some advice!

Any exotic pets or other non cat/dog pics?

Is this cat sick??

Coyotes and pets

Let's shamelessly brag about our pets and post pictures!!!

When I have a bad day, I look to OBERON

U.S. Policy Concerning War:

Nuclear War Intervention... Aluna Joy

Lowe Cartoon - Solidarity with troops at inauguration bash?

Expanded B Globe story about MLK Breakfast

Condi Cartoon by Oliphant

New Kerry email (with petition)

Kerry vs. Condi: Live & Uncut

on the afternoon hearing--

time for some Kerry pics from Senate hearing on Condi Rice

And now a moment of zen.

One-Room School Faces $10,000 IRS Fine

Inauguration Priceless.........almost

Bush agenda faces some GOP resistance

Rush Limbaugh Is The Worst American In History

How can Jeb Bush be preempted?

Former Senator John Breaux's New Job

DNC Leadership Hearings (((audio)))

Boston Globe - Liberal Lion needs a tiger

Bush's Catch-22: Americans didn't "fire me"; but we can't protest?

The FCC's tit for tat? -- a CE exclusive

53 companies, $250K each to crown the Boy King and screw the world

WP-Discuss the Inauguration with DC freeptoid

Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops (Green Bay)..stopped after public pressure

Call brings agent to home of woman with anti-Bush signs

World awaits Rice in battle for Bush's ear

Reich-Wing Press: Democrats embrace sex and lies

If IAEA says no Iran weapons program, what does world do upon US invasion?

Will any Democrat call Con Rice on her lies?

1,000,000 votes for US candidates ???

TRUE BLUE Project: Not Just Another Blue Wristband

Time for diplomacy is now? Then why are we looking to invade Iran????

Biden sux!

Kissing the Condi...

Has Boxer come up yet? I don't get c-span.

Newsview: Bush Legacy a Work in Progress (read and post your fave parts)

DU this Condi Poll

Iraq elections...questions...

CBS should investigate the Armstrong Williams payola scandal

For the record here's what Bush & co said about WMD's

Kings in the White House

Howard Dean for 2008! Why? Lemme tell ya...

NPR speaks with Doyle McManus about inauguration (Media Whore alert!)

Deja vu?

DU this poll. Are you willing to give Bush policies a second chance?

Bush's 23 War Rationales

REAL questions for condi

Selective Service visits church to talk about draft alternative (!!!!)


Tenn.'s Retreat On Medicaid Points toStruggle-Cuts May Signal Nat'l Trend

So, Condi. Next time we want the UN or "allies" to follow the US lead

Contact Feinstein and tell her she just lost your Vote!

Can someone explain this Zephyr Teachout thing to me?

Bush agenda faces some GOP resistance

Colin Powell running for gov of NY?

Bush Administration Nominations by Name

Lesson of MLK Day

Condi: "The goal is to get the mission accomplished"

MAJOR EDIT: FEINGOLD!!!!! and Boxer for 2008!

Please delete

2008 Presidential Election prediction:BOOKMARK THIS THREAD

Let the Inaugural Festivities begin.......

The Gingrich Democrats

Which is there more of??? Who has more???

Lying and Crying

Don't you love how the Bushies create a "crisis", then


Geez--does anybody recall this hot a campaign for DNC chair?

Special Report on Inaugural Balloons

Clinton and bus* the odd couple , or is it?

DNC to choose whether Dean is past or future

Rice Hearings: Boxer Promises to Hold Her To Account/Kos

Ashcroft to announce "1st charges in "oil for food" scandal..bye Boxer...

Neo-cons Can't Have It Both Ways

Bush Photo of the Day

Ashcroft on C-SPAN2 Right Now--Non-Halliburton Oil for Food Scammers

Biden pimped himself again for Bush today

More red state values

Bush: US is going to transfer Hunh?

Our Democrats are living in the past....

Does anyone read the "Bull Moose" Blog?

Gold Star Families Seek Meeting with Rumsfeld

Well, the field of candidates in Iraq just got narrower

What? There's no yo-yo trade show today? (CNN MSNBC show Condi)

Bush put his "accountability moment" behind him.

Ten, fifteen, or twenty years from now....

Kerry's Intro was BEAUTIFUL! n/t

Sure thing Condi, and I have this bridge for sale...


Best politcal rag?

VOTE NO on MSN - Are You Willing to Give Bush a 2nd Chance???

Interesting video at report on Frost's campaign.

Barack Obama at bat on C-SPAN nt

Political Divisions Persist After Election

If they manage to pour the SS fund into the market, and we have an

The problem with being the only one (Boxer or Dean)

More credibility: Seymour Hersh or Pentagon?

Democrats should take on the issue of Social Security and be honest

37 years after TET, "Vietnamization" has turned into "Arabification"

All right Senator Biden! Brought up the Seymour Hersh article

Bush's 34 scandals

Boxer 2008

Great news: RFK jr may be running for elected office

Here is the MSNBC Poll for today, link to it at bottom if you care to vote

*OFFICIAL* Condi Rice Hearings, NOW on CSPAN 9am east.

Senator Dodd.....Rocks....keep up the pressure....

Who do you think will be elected DNC Chair (not who you want to be)?

Bush to CBS: "The good news is I'm not running again"

Is the Republican Party a "cult" ?

Exploit Our Troops! AWOL yuks it up with them in DC (not Bagdad) >>>

MLK, Jr. was right. He asked us to not judge people on the

Condi's "tell"

Josh Marshall asks if Bush financially broke-* financial disclosure on web

FCC Denies complaint against Televangelists

This is a f*cking outrage and cannot be allowed to stand!

LOL! A fine shot at Joe Lieberman in Trib op-ed

Condi waffling on torture

US citizen charged in oil-for-food scandal is a republican

Hannity's panties are in a bunch because Boxer tells the truth

Rice makes it possible for white racists to congratulate themselves

The major problem I have with the Republicans.

Is it a good thing for a Dem to be featured on Rush?

Hey, Reuters paints a nice little one-sided view of Boxer VS. Rice

I'd like to know why they are having

I just got an email from Kerry

Is Condi as defensive and self-righteous as the boy king?

Wow is a Republican asking difficult questions?

SEYMOUR HERSH on Lou Dobbs CNN next

Rice Impugned By Her Own Words

Yahoo Article: Rice Defends Her Integrity as Hearing Turns Testy

The Bogus Social Security 'Crisis' Continues...

"I don't think you're talking about a vague link."

AWESOME environmental website--Freedom from Petrolium!

Bush Rewarded by Black Pastors' Faith

South Park Republicans

DU this poll: Is Condi a good choice for Sec State?

Biden lectures Europe in confirmation hearings.

Condi just said that the Geneva Conventions don't apply to those who don't

national news on now....what will they say about condi?

A pre-inaugural prayer for our nation

Do we have a Don Quixote as president? Scary article!

Obama is a badass

SS Reform - tide-turner for 2006?

Barbara Boxer smacks Condi down right out of the gate!!!

Clinton/Boxer v. Gingrich/Lott - 2008

New Petition from Kerry: Mr. President, Stop Rewarding Incompetence

Help Barbara Boxer: E-mail links to CNN, MSNBC

DNC Head

Does anyone still have Kerry-Edwards yard signs? An idea...

Anybody have a link to Condi vs Barbara?

Dodd's speech was very moving.

Norm coleman STFU!!!!!

Condi and Gonzales are going to be confirmed no matter what,

If the republicans are pissed off today...

Please Help Start An Independent Television News Network

President Thanks Armed Forces at 'Saluting Those Who Serve' Event

A couple more Southern endorsements for Utah state chair

Hearing is back from it's break

US Commandos in Iran-- A BIG News Item in Middle East

DailyKos: Armando talked to Barbara Boxer

Condi is really, really mifted at Senator Boxer

OK, MS, and UT join FL in endorsing DEAN for Chair

We need a primary opponent to Feinstein in 2006

Uh oh...Rice names SEVEN "Outposts of Tyrrany"...shock & awe time?


NY Times: Where's the Rest of Him (John Kerry)?

Condi Photos

Are Kerry defenders saying we have no right to question...

Condi has a real bug up her ass about Chavez

How Bad Will It REALLY Get In The Next 4 Years?

Just watch. We're being primed for an Iran invasion.

Executive order continuing national emergency extended

Who else is hoping for crappy weather Thursday in DC?

John Kerry is asking Condiliar questions now

The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf

Support Barbara Boxer's PAC

Do sperm have rights ?

Florida delegation to DNC unanimously backs Dean....

DU This Poll: Should Montana legalize civil unions?


reflections on election politics (late one I'm afraid, really long too :)

Anti-Bush Bracelets "Truth!" support DU.