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Archives: January 19, 2005

Brookings Think Tank reviews minor chgs that "fix Social Security easily"

Editorial touching on possible Pakistan connection in Hersh/Iran Story

Bush's popularity increases after terror threats announced

Paying for Politics. NOW takes a hard look at campaign finance.

The Nuclear Option — Nuclear plant safety after 9/11.

David Corn:Feinstein Takes A Dive For Rice

Prozac: The Class Action Suits Begin

John Kerry Announces new PAC working up to 2008 Run for Presidency!

Marjorie Cohn (TruthOut): The Gonzales Indictment petition of support for Senator Boxer

MediaMatters documents NBC Russert Meet The Press Soc Sec lies

Boxer and Rice on C-SPAN - Video

US Coastal Regions "Fair To Poor" In Annual Report - ENS

US December Warmer Than Average, Fifth-Warmest Worldwide On Record

Bush Budget Will Cut NOAA Climate, Weather, Fishery R&D By 11.7%

So, how much stock do you put in the most "pessimistic" peak oil theories?

Thank CNN for their coverage of Boxer grilling ricecake

CNN quick poll on ricecake!

Do you have a clue why the word "proven" comes up a mis-spelling...

Couldn't find this in the "FAQ"

Request ( a wee time-sensitive)


Question about the 'search' function

i have some replies from a post that i can not access


Hey guys!

Palestinian Insiders

Montrealer gets 40 months for firebombing

Abbas takes truce case to Hamas

Any other stone Deaniacs out there in Illinois? Were you a ...."Stormer"?

No Mylar Balloons at the Inauguration, could be bad...

democracy in a box .... cartoon from Palast's site

is kerry jsut buying time until another senator comes back

Asian backlash for Rice's stupid remarks has already started

Full Rice transcript

Machine Failure rate contributes heavily to disenfranchisement.

Ah! That's how Condi learned about voter suppression

"Lies and the lying liars..."(exit polls in the USA)

Very easy for the media if this was the "truth" on November 2nd


The Nashua Advocate: Bush Blames His Failed Presidency on American Voters

Video - Kerry speaks out about suppression at MLK breakfast on Jan. 17

List of Cities Organizing Bus Trips to DC on J 20.....


AP does it again!

Ha! Look at the numbers -- we're as polarized as we were on Nov. 2nd.

CNN poll is Rice a good choice? No 55% out of 221868 votes

Ohio:Delays at polls weren't a scheme [Voting machines distributed evenly]

Guess whom...

letter from boxer tonight.............she isnt going to back down

Check out the headline on CNN's front page

With pride, I answered Kerry's call tonight...

Can I get some feedback on this poll?

Poll: The Voter's Dilemma

What Ever Happened To Clint Curtis And Florida Its Like It Never Happened

Dear Kerry Bashers

V.O.T.E: A progress report

With sadness, I took myself off the John Kerry mailing list

DU Kerry bashing, thread links compendium! (NOT)

Arnold the terminator has just signed the paperwork

24 hour fitness, whatup?

L.A. watch more and more Bush stickers.

Timmy No-Tool is at it again...

Michiganders: Any word on how the Arab vote went down in November?

A quick FYI regarding SP2 and CD-burning...

Gov. Kinky -- the next leader of Texas?

and the day after...tomorrow..

The Real Iraq Exit Strategy- From The Nation-Daily Outrage

Kerry quoting Hersh article to Condi

Creationist Files Frivilous Lawsuit

Condi and the mysterious "we"...

Wouldn't It Be Great If This Hearing Never Ended....

self deleted.

6000 Cops, 7000 Troops to Guard Chimp in Most Expensive Inaug. in History

Tweety wetting himself over the inauguration coverage

Bob Herbert's NYT article "Scent of Fear" required reading DUers

Any Senator ask about Negroponte's death squads in Iraq?

Interesting article on Slate

From FreePress, RE: Armstrong Williams &payola

CNN (no surprise) edits clips to make Condi look better than she was.

World News Trust Chatroom Meeting At 9 P.M. EST

They can't explain a cartoon butt, why do they think they can explain sex?

WH standoff continues....bush* is inside WH.....(PHOTOS)

Email from Kerry saying Hold Bush and Rumsfeld Accountable

We just received an email from Stabenow...

Brain study shows difference between Dems and Repubs are minor

I think Ryan Secrest should be DNC Chair. I been watching American Idol

I agree with CNN ...

Look....a GOOD thing...a not-for-profit pharmacuetical company that

Maj. Benjamin Busch & Tweety.

Audio of Mike Signorile making a fool of anti-gay Sheriff Holcomb

DOCTOR Rice: Tsunami presented OPPORTUNITY which is paying DIVIDENDS!

Thanks DU, for helping on my final exam

Please tell me this isn't true.

Special Report on Inaugural Balloons

Pulp. What's Up.

Caption Condi!!!

Secretary of State as Implementor of Nation-Building


Iraqi blogger are provoking intrigue and outrage

A chilling animation narrated by Mike Malloy

Why was Bush Sr in Ecuador? No story, only a picture

Is Sec of State Designee Olive Oyl's "Dr" real or a "wink wink" "Dr"?

Boxer, Round 1-- replay on Cspan Now--the Main Event

"Condoleeza" (sung to the tune of "Mona Lisa" by Nat King Cole)

Letter from Barbara Boxer's PAC

Do you think "time travel" will be possible one day?

I want Barbara Boxer's baby

new website from the people who brought you electroniciraq....

Just got this from Boxer-She is great.

Is there some way I can STOP telemarketers??

"Saluting Those Who Serve" event: solemn dedications and Clinton jokes?

BUSH: Better human intelligence needed

I heard Kerry and Boxer grill Rice at the hearing today, you guys would

Help with this Poll Concerning Rice

Canadian TV alert: "Stupidity The Movie"

"IF confirmed." CBS


I'm SO TIRED of hearing U.S.A is teaching the world how to be a democracy!

Discussion on Jim Wallis on The Daily Show?

I heard Kerry and Boxer grill Rice at the hearing today, you guys would

WTF!!!!!!!!!! is up with this Kerry email saying Rummy has to go???????

FOX NEWS: Inauguration Boycott & What Protestors Have In Common

Can someone explain to me why its important to have a VP candidate who

Humans are to be SPENT, like capital.

Drudge's headline says it all. ("Freedom's Capital in Lockdown")

The end of Social security is a fundamental disruption of the social order

I just wrote a nice note to Sen. Barbara Boxer

Mike Malloy thread..... where's Lincoln?

My fundie Christian nutjob acquaintance, who is strictly GOP,

Email from Senator Boxer

Add "On Titan" at the end of each sentence

Must Read: The Gonzales Indictment

O'Reilly claims he was "in combat", caller & Franken call him on it

PHOTO: "Hi, Hilary Duff! You like cowboys? How 'bout one lil kiss?"

That gap-toothed, pug looking, piece of shit just told Senator Dodd

US official confirms Allawi shot six dead

What are the most profound words you have heard

Caption Anybody in This Photo!!

Once again: Will the chimp bomb Iran in a preemptive strike?

Military Mascots/pet page

The Scandal Sheet

The FBI Is Now Asking ISPs To Become One of Their Paid Informants

Does anyone know if Alberto Gonzales

WHY does Hutchinson keep calling 9/11 "Nine One One"?


The $64,000 question

What do *you* believe?

Calling Erin Brockevich !

"God's Politics"

About that professor and the Kuwait student

KOEB Meeting

What are the most profound words you heard from a foreign leader?

I'm afraid the Bush administration found something...

All the Cake Eaters:

As a Christian, I'm SICK of Christians WHINING about persecution!

Greatest FIRST LADY in United States History?

What does $40 million buy?

Teach the police.

Tune in to Ed Schultz on the internet

Republican Websites Hacked in Protest of Inaugurations

Why would Feinstein kiss Condi's ass? War profiteering

Does anyone realize how incredibly stupid Americans are?


Hi-tech center links inaugural security

EPA charges DuPont hid Teflon's risks

Man Threatens to Blow Up Van Near White House

Republican Websites Hacked in Protest of Inaugurations

U.N. Election Chief Says Only Increased Violence or Mass Resignations...

US official confirms Allawi shot six dead

Fears Increase that Kuwait May Face Saudi-Style Violence after Clashes...

Karachi opens door to US forces-commando operations by UK & US in Pakistan

U.S. Returns Stolen Mesopotamian Artifacts to Iraq

DNC Head Candidates Campaign Among Mayors

Karachi Opens Door to US Forces--ATimes (Iran related)

Mormons saddle up for Bush's second coming but hope for a little humility

A catalogue of British abuse

Rice: U.S. Was Prepared for War in Iraq

NBC: Iraq recalls 2,000 from Saddam’s army

U.S. Intelligence Says Iraqis Will Press for Withdrawal -NYT

Biden to Europe: 'get over' Bush election

Driver's Surrender Ends Standoff Near White House,Threatened Explosion WP

Shelters Prepared In Case Of Inaugural Emergency

Saudi Arabia Dismissed As 9/11 Defendant

Former homeland security nominee Kerik to attend Bush inauguration

Minsk Criticizes Condoleezza Rice Remark on

AP: (Jeb) Bush speechwriter resigns amid allegations of plagiarism

U.S. Air Force Excited About Near-Space Prospects

Odd Happenings in Fallujah (Dahr Jamail: chemical weapons cleanup?)

FBI Abandons Web Surveillance Technology

Homeless Services Adjust to Closings -WP (meals cancelled dtwn DC)

New doubts on Social Security plan

Rice Stands Firm in Senate Questioning (mentions Boxer, & Kerry's vote)

Singer Curses (f-bomb) at Inaugural Youth Concert (Jenna & Barbara Host!)

Texas lawmaker (D) seeks to put body mass index on students' report cards

Parental Notification For Birth Control Could Prompt Unsafe Sex

Global poll slams Bush leadership

Bush Tells Troops 'Much More Will Be Asked of You'

Send E-mails or telephone Boxer, Dodd and Obama to vote against Rice.

Who's got tickets to the Cream Concerts?

Feature request: Should you be able to put yourself on ignore?

I may or may not exist. Keep your damn questions to yourself.

I wonder who is on the most ignore lists?

I wonder who is on the most buddies lists?

I'm sick, the wife is sick, the baby's well

HAHA check out this "no mylar balloons at inaguration" over in GD

Phheeew I heard a rumour my local coffee haunt was purchased

A Spoonful of sugar...

Tool vs A Perfect Circle

Please explain this to me.

I just saw a guy with shorts on walk down the street ,its 22 DEGREES OUT

I'm a typical Republican. Ask me anything. (My 2nd thread of this)

Do I know when to fold them?

I'm in a horrible mood, please cheer me up

Yoda I am! Anything, ask me.

Why are TV wives so much hotter than their TV husbands?

Thank goodness - no panic attacks today!

Who am I? I don't know. Ask me nothing.

LOL LOL the headline on right now

Are sports fans more Democrats, Republicans, split even, or in between?

Affleck was the bomb in "Phantoms", yo.

Let the cat strangling begin!

RE : The commericial with President Bush I and President Clinton ...

I'm with the Matress Police. There are no tags on this matress.


Very, very, very, very, very, very disturbing photo of Bill Gates. VERY.

Holy Sh*t I actually posted something in GD...

I'm ticked....the maintenance people came into my apartment

A DUer needs help with a freeper....

I feel like getting on a straitjacket

Which city is more the Democrat city? Boston or NYC?

How are you planning to get through this week?


I have never seen pulp fiction.

Cheesehead lovers check in

What is Mark McGrath doing on American Idol?

I am really CRAVING a RARE Porterhouse

What's a lousy motto by which to live your life?

Why Floridians Lock Their Doors...

My neighbors from hell

Dr. Doom vs. Darth Vader in dealth-match. Who wins?

Special Report on Inaugural Balloons

The Facebook

Head-Cheese Lovers check in...

Whats a good motto by which to live your life?

Do insulated garage doors make a difference?

This is a physics (optics/light) thread ... not a sex thread.

First trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR online

The Book W will write

Your God is dead, and you are living a lie!

iTunes is evil I tells you, EVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL!

Let's go

I've had enough.

This is what is clobbering me right now.

Redneck Jedis!

What foreign films have you seen lately?

I'm ignoring posts containing profanity...

Amazing Radio Controlled toy!

I can't believe I've never seen this episode of Seinfeld . . .

poo ass shit bum HEyHEY poo poo ass fart shit shit poo


Former champion heavyweight Jack Johnson autobiography is on PBS

Bush: Better human intelligence needed


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

Since Garden State - I've been checking out "The Shins"

All Artis Gilmore fans: In the House!!

Anyone else playing "Mercenaries" on PS2?

What the heck is going on with this van near the whitehouse?

Four Movies. What to watch first?

I just went to Disneyland! Plus, any advice for meeting the SO's parents?

How long does it take to get over a bad sinus infection?

Who is your favorite American Idol?


Any cryptic crossword aficionados out there?

I was so angry

If they're going to phish...

I am truly sorry to all who read my posts

Should I try to sell a dog turd that holds the likeness of ...

"There is nothing wrong with your television set .....

Name a really bad action movie that came out in the last 3 years

Favorite Crock-Pot recipe

Post your addition to the "banished words or phrases" for the year.

In case you missed it....

How come the God(s) and/or Goddess(es) never do anything fun anymore?

What's up with Condi's hair?

Can I call Condi an evil pile of dog poop? Or is this not allowed?

What movie did you hate, that everyone else you know liked?

I don't understand


Distraction is on



Attitude towards the French and Indian War

The new cat poops toxic waste.

Mini-Sausalitos: DUMB IDEA

A formal request to strike " him a new one" from English discourse


Official AMERICAN IDOL thread. Post comments about the suckers here

I WISH WE HAD BLOW! (NOT a sex thread)

Bought Van Halen's Diver Down today. Ask me anything.

Is anyone going to watch Point Pleasant?

Question about Craigslist?

Your body may be gone, I'm gonna carry you in.

What state are you living where you were not born?

"Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty....

Anyone watching Alabama destroy MSU?

Amazing Race about who was eliminated tonight. (spoiler)

Anyone else here besides me NEVER watched American Idol?

Are you a graphic artist/designer

I am freezing my ass off.

FDA approves new GOP birth control barrier device

The letter screamed "Final Notice!"

local news giong to talk about Satan's face on a buffet table. ON EBAY!

West Coast American Idol Thread!

I admit it: I like bologna!

I have an odd feeling of doom...

I'm as sick as a

There is nothing softer than Monty's paws

Do you think "time travel" will be possible one day?

Questions for nutcase fundies:

I drink alone...

I Don't Mean to be a Whiner, buuuut... has been updated.

Another great Seinfeld is on

Splenda (sucralose) sucks!

I can't get the theme to Arthur out of my head.

One ad on TV I totally hate!

Daily Show on NOW!!!!

the wicked witch supports torture and lies - she said so during the

"God's Politics"

"Why, you're looking all cute and innocent

People who are going to DC, please check in one last time, I need help

Should I blow off school tomorrow?

How People Dressed for My Job in the Early '60s

Favorite Crack-Pipe recipes

I think alone.

Question for computer tekkies

I am the soup Nazi. Ask me anything.

army of darkness just started on sci-fi

man, what a storm

Need 16 posts to get to 2000 - ask me anything.

"we are the ones we've been waiting for."

Who has pie?

Who else likes "The Killers?"

Don't wanna be an American Idiot

Try not to miss me too much, everyone.

Anyone ever do voice chat rooms?

I just got a letter from my congressman

Holy crap this video is cool!

MOVELEFT.COM, the latest.

Thinking of getting back in school (venting & searching for ideas)

Senorita, I'm in trouble again and I can't get free.

This episode of Seinfeld is awesome!

My fish are brine shrimp pigs!

Attitude towards the Civil War

Who else will be watching American Idol tonight besides me?

I am the AntiSoupNazi - I have SOUP for YOU!

POLL: Butterick? Simplicity?

Have I mentioned today how much I hate this woman?

What are the dumbest things anyone ever said to you.

Alright everyone...what's your favorite musical...

Yippee, American Idol is on tonight!

What's your theme song?

They just premiered the new "JibJab" cartoon on Leno. Of course, it sucks.

What large businesses have closed down or pulled out of your town?

Where is the best place to park near Wrigley field?

How much of the time do you smile/ are you smiling?

I can handle the snow. Just make it warmer!!!!!!!!

The Top 40 Songs on this date in 1964...

Just finished a painting....(thought I'd share)

Should I risk driving my own POS car to D.C. tomorrow?

My disc will not de-frag. What shall I do?

Scared, so scared...

Has anyone ever said anything more stupid than this?

I'm ready for next Semester!


What should that traitor Ronald Reagan's face be put on?

What was your favorite (not animated) show when you were a kid?


petition to stop Ashley Simpson from singing

Question about Vegetarians/Vegans/Non-Veggies

My fellow veggies, please read this. It's long...

I'm watching the second half of the PBS program

Disclosure of High Knowledge through Perennialist Art

The real Macaw, January 23 on PBS

OK, so it's all kicked off in GD.

Agh fuckin news

Man, we are lashing back out there!

Thought you all might like this...

Nice thread (at the moment) going on in GD:Politics

Where is the Anti-Rummy petition that

more Kerry pics from Condi Senate hearing and lucky Joe

genius thread

Hey everybody, check your email. Kerry sent me an

Kerry does good and the purists still yap and yap, I hate purism!

Kerry asking about Iran (eom)

How About If "Conscience Of A Liberal" Were Made Into A Movie?

Kerry after Condi about Sy Hersh's article, now!

Kerry is on about sy hersch article

Enraged, but proud

From LBN Shelters Prepared In Case Of Inaugural Emergency

I'm sitting here watching Kerry, thinking what a better Secretary of State

I think the Democrats are doing a Great Job in the SOS Hearings

Based on her responses today, Condi should not be confirmed as SOS

Did anybody see Kiss#%@(er on tweety?

Condi Will be Confirmed...but I'm PROUD OF OUR DEMS...BOXER, Sarbanes,

Iraqi elections:no automobile traffic-Canadians will monitor(from Jordan)

This administration makes Richard M. Nixon seem saintly.

Iraqi Vote

If you fail miserably at one high level job, you can be booted up to a

Report of the National Intelligence Council-Mapping the Global Future

Is Condi part Puerto Rican? She sure looks it....n/t

Statements of Lugar and Rice

Here's why the Beltway hacks and DLC will lose

Anyone just catch Kerry's slip of the tounge?

Why have NO questions about Condi's role in 9-11 been asked?

What job would you most like at the Presidential Inaugural Ball?

Which describes Bush best?

Do you need 60 votes to confirm a cabinet member.

Congressional CAFTA boondoggle

Kos: Piling on Frost

How many times GW Bush has smirk laughed in the last week

Just got an email from Kerry asking me to sign a petition

WTF...on the replay they are not going to show Boxer???

Excellent info on Soc. Sec. at the AFL-CIO site.....

"We will work together on a myriad of issues"

I signed the petition calling for Rumsfelds' resignation

Boxer/Rice replay on Cspan now!

Saw a book in a half-price bookstore about Dean

Boxer after the Break - the 2:30 continuim... input Please.

Why is it so hard to use the word 'liar'?

Social Security

This is fascinating. News headlines on Condi's hearing from....

Stinger missiles in DC?

Transcript of Boxer-Condi exchange

"He's plain spoken, he's simple"

Oh girl, Miss Boxer SERVED Ms. Rice honey!

Face facts: It was a GOOD day (so take that..)

Senate Dems might delay Judiciary Committee Vote of Gonzales

An email from Barabra...

Inauguration Day music suggestions (political to the core)

NY Atty General race - Kennedy vs. Cuomo?

Sorry Kerry "lost". Didn't see the hearings. Not surprised if he caved.

new website from the people who brought you electroniciraq....

Good grief - Do ANY senators have the guts to call Rice on 9/11?

CNN is George Bush's Bitch

Chimp honoring Armed Services today

Looking for article on McCain Lieberman bill on prisoners

Letter from Josh Silver, Free Press FCC investigation A. Williams

Progressive 527

I'm so proud of Kerry

Do you think Rice will be confirmed and by how much?

How do I contact the 'Not Me' Campaign?

Boxer vs Condahleeeezah - freeper take

Tavis Smiley slams Kerry for his treatment of Blacks on MLK day

Barbara Boxer "I am not going to back down!"

How do you think the Democrats did in Todays SOS Rice Hearing

A very nice letter of thanks from Harry Reid

Why is Kerry doing "chatty chat" with's like gross....

Wayne Newton on Larry King.

Mormons saddle up for Bush's second coming but hope for a little humility

What is this with Kerry and Condi, a filibuster?

What's your fantasy for the inaugural Thursday?

As Condi defends her "integrity", a list of some of her LIES;

52% of our inbred backwoods nation thinks Bush II will be "OUTSTANDING"

letter from boxer tonight.............she isnt going to back down

Ridge sez we don't NEED to be VERY AFRAID on 1/20!!!

Kerry just pissed me off. He ruined the entire butt-kicking that Condi

Will your feelings about Kerry change if he votes to confirm Condi?

John Kerry Announces new PAC /Voting Rights & 2008 Run for Presidency!

Folks, ALL of the Dems were good today

wtf... Are Bill Clinton and Bush I best friends now?

Barbra Boxer for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry is in an unenviable situation

Time for a socialist in the house or senate. Who agrees?

for those who fret about Dems being taken to task on DU,

Okay - Is Bashing John Kerry a full-time job for some people?

Why didn't Kerry get out of his chair and punch Condi in the face?

The real problem with progressives...


BBC: Global poll slams Bush leadership (they dislike Americans now, too)

Iraq Elections: Farce of the Century

Iraq Invasion Proponent Condoleezza Rice To Testify At Senate Confirmation

U.S. Army Specialist David Beals: Why I went AWOL

Pomp and Improper Circumstance (LA Times R. Scheer)

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Who is Bush take two?

Gene Lyons

Should Dems Pretend Social Security Is Broken? (David Swanson)

The Dei today: Peter Stanford interviews Opus Dei's Jack Valero

Ukraine: Oil politics and a mockery of democracy

Inaugural Verse/us

Town awaits return of Guard unit that suffered heavy losses(Paris, Ill)

Bush's promises? Oh, never mind...

Exclusive: Advance Copy of Bush Inaugural Speech ( - haha!

The Fog of Phony War

No More Mañana (re: immigration reform)



Let's Attack Iran!

Texas to get Kinky?

Ad for a Bible doesn't fit

Milloy: If I Hear Bush, Then I Don't Believe Him

Trouble in America’s Backyard: Democracy Faltering in Latin America

The Future of the Republicans

Joe Conason: Another fake crisis from Bush's minions

Fast-food charity becomes home to eating disorders

A televisual fairyland

We went to war because Iraq had a "bad attitude" so says Condi.

Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations

Yeah, this is all we need to cure healthcare woes....

Ho Hum, More War And Death --Mark Morford

WP: A Tale of Two Texans

Judy Bachrach of Vanity Fair Ripped Apart Bush on Fox News

More about life in Iraq from Riverbend

Freewayblog the Inaugural!

SF Duers: Do you have literature to table?

Post your thoughts about Bush on the BBC for the World to see . . .

"A Televisual Fairyland" U.K Guardian

Did anyone hear CNN's Daryn Kagan (sp.?) say

I just referred to the Washington Times as a fascist newspaper

New DNC ad "Ready" on Cable CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

Free trade and the high price of Decadence

FREE TurboTax preparation and e-filing via IRS - Everyone qualifies

Foreign Investors Undaunted by Prolonged Dollar Weakness(US assets on sale

CPI posts biggest rise in 4 years - 3.3%

National Sales tax

David Clay Johnston on Franken: interesting note about SS "reform"

Schwarzenegger makes Outside's top 25 coolest people...

Gov. Huntsman Vows No Hotter Nuke Waste In Utah

13 Of 16 Key Marine Species In Rapid Decline Near UK - Common Skate MIA

US Trying To Remove Climate References In UN Disaster Talks

Mexican Populations Of Hawksbill Turtles In Rapid Decline

NASA's Hansen - "Never Seen Anything" Like Bush Interference On Climate

Exploding US Deer Numbers Will Drastically Alter Future Forests

Annan: I am concerned to establish the whereabouts of an estimated 60,000

New Pentagon Vision Transforms War Agenda by Bruce K. Gagnon

Chilean Central Bank Boosts 2005 Growth Forecast to Up to 6.25%

Kirchner to talk utilities in France.

(India) Chilean prez arrives on a 5-day visit

Preempt preemptive War in Iran

Iran, Brazil explore avenues for agricultural cooperation

Canada gives African island a break (Madagascar)

NYC Passes Gun Lawsuit Bill

Meet Assault Weapons' Ban supporter - Alberto Gonzales

Meet your NRA Board of Directors Nominees!

If you were starting DU over.......

Having trouble accessing Demopedia

can someone take off Senator Boxer petition link from this post?

Hi, I got a message from a member of the Du panic room

Would it be possible for someone to add political figures' names

Do you think the appearance of the Bush Twins are appropriate subjects

how do i access Demopedia?

Should there be a limit on song lyrics posted in DU?

FYI about those error messages DUers sometimes get

Some people having trouble accessing DU.

Can you add a link to Jerry Springer's Show at the top of page?

Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations

Rebuilding a House and Building a Common Future

Sharon to resume contacts with Abbas

Palestinians Promise Quick Action Against Militants After Suicide Bombing

This is our (Jews) land (West Bank & Gaza)

East Jerusalem's Chehade Brothers Nominated for Music Award

After 4 yrs of fighting, Palestinian security forces capabilities limited

The 9/11 Commission

Is this really what we are faced with for another 4 years?

The 9/11 Commission

9/11 was an inside job

Pantagraph: Program to put older farmers in mentoring role

People's Inaugural w/ Cong. Schakowsky

Chicago Tribune: Job freeze not so frozen

Anyone from Richmond County, New York?

JibJab does it again!

The new "fairy tale" pushed by some: machines "evenly" distributed in OHIO

After 3 months without TV...

Help - does anyone have a link to that list of how many respondents...

Arnebeck rumors?

ImpeachBush movement at Jan. 20 inauguration

Exit pollsters to release election report to media

Is this really what we are faced with for another 4 years?

More exit polls from - from the DNC

Letter from Boxer...Sorry if already posted..

Reminder! Rice confirmation hearing begins at 9AM on C-Span 1. If you

NYTimes chastises Senators for ineffectual scrutiny of Rice

Progressive Democrats of America/ Conference 1/21-23 DC

Metro for the inauguration

PLS contact Sen Biden to vote NO on Rice

start calling these senators!!

TBO Urgent action: email / fax a similar note to Dems on FR comittee

• Report suggests changes in exit poll methodology Nothing To See here...

Confirmation of Rice = A dog and pony show

E-mail Others: How to Replace Your Homepage Jan. 20

Please DU this poll! ......

ABC "The Note" announces "exit poll data gets released" - HUH???

It's Not A Theory, It's A Fact.

Boxer is up again!!!

Vote against Condi in CNN poll

idea for tomorrow - a national Primal Scream!?!

i dont get why people have issue with biden

Today would have been the last day...

Reply from my congressman, Bill Pascrell

Snowing in DC. Travel safely

Demopedia is back!

Poll: Do you think * will achieve most of his goals in his second term?

Dems are nice guys...We finish last.

anyone have linkys for Boxer-Rice? needs 'em.

What this says about Government - Democrats & Republicans...

Boxer LIVE on the Ed Schultz Show Right Now!

I cannot believe it....CNN is giving us some coverage

Blackout Tomorrow

Texas lawsuit: Lawsuit Pushes for Public Access to Meetings re: E-voting

Nine House Dems call on Sensenbrenner for vote hearings...

Slowly rescinding my negative opinion of Kerry

So many people post PROOF OF FRAUD here -


Help! Did I miss a day or what????????

CNN official exit poll rationale -- Has this been posted yet?

"More Kerry voters participated" DUH! There WERE more Kerry voters.

Now...An Inauguration Day Clouded by Doubt...Once Again!

VOTE 2004: FAIR OR FRAUD? Nightline tonight


Something very Important to remember before tomorrow's carnival!

Ask Conyers to add paper ballots/hand counted to survey

Rossi appears before Judge in WA; claims FRAUD in election


Pepper the Limo with Gideon's Bibles

Boxer for PRESIDENT in 2008!

Send Joe Biden a Thank you too!!

An article that is mostly fair for a change

Better Late Than Never! Ted Koppel Covering Ohio Election Fraud Tonight!


BREAKING: Democrats make plans to delay Rice confirmation

I'm not sure I can handle tomorrow


Please watch your Mylar balloons, people!!!!

I need an expert to verify/debunk/ammend this 'stunning' report

Independents and the 2004 election.

Diebold e-mail discusses price gouging Maryland (12/03)

Looking for DUer who was Spanish translator in Cuyahoga polling place

THIS IS GOOD Bush Administration Lies Archives

Breaking - now has all 50 states original exit polls!

What a flipping useless report. (and article!)

Need a name to call those who obstruct Verified Voting Legislation


Kennedy slams Gonzales: hearings delayed

BRAD BLOG: House JC Dems Request Hearings on Election Irregularities!

CNN "explanation" of exit polls

Some Inspiration for my Fellow DUers on the Eve of Inauguration

You Under 34 year olds Ruined our Election of Kerry

Let's Email Ted Koppel NOW!

Question About Ohio Election Law

Red Shift Updated: Electoral Vote Weighted Exit Poll Deviations

ARNEBECK ::"Their cage has been rattled and they popped their cork,"

DU needs Dems who don’t believe in Fraud

Voting Machines Being Cleared in New Mexico

It's Time to Cut to the Chase.

too premature to caption this one?


First there was one....Please thank KERRY and BOXER!

For the love of ________ (insert diety)

An Inauguration song - Didn't know I was UnAmerican - Now I need a hug! :(

Wexler reminds elections chief of paper trail challenge

Myth Breakers: Facts About Electronic Elections

LA Mayoral Endosement by Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP)

Unions Protest Governor's Proposals (nurses fight cuts)

Johnson will not take on Matsui

E- from Boxer--Not backing down & petition to show support!

What is WRONG with our youth?

2 Californians in Town for Very Different Reasons

Bank / Credit Union Choices

Who are you supporting for DNC Chair?

Feds to sue Ma. over oil spill law???

Public meetings with our Reps and Senators

Curt Schilling: "I'm a Steelers fan."

Boston dirty bomb scare - Link for Mass. members

It's time to notify your MA senator and representative . . .

Timmy No-Tool wants the public to have the say to stop local tax hikes.

Coronation Protest in Twin Cities???

Donkeys braying on the radio!

think you know how many browsers there are/were?

Regulator failure???

Can someone capture this video, make it loop, and...

Scaife shakes up the Tribune Review.

Hey, PA! What is happening on J20? Tell us here!

Close ally of Knoll may switch parties

Byron Miller for Congress

January 29 meeting/workshop not just for SD 25ers

The long-term plot begins....

Flags upside down tomorrow

Info on District 121 special election

Meee - OW! Strayhorn not invited to GOP gala.

East Dallas House Concerts

Question for Wisconsin DU'ers

on the FOX 11 News, I just heard the Don Majkowski is being inducted

A televisual fairyland

Mike Rogers sends great (snarky) letter to Ken Mehlman

How pervasive is the Psy Ops on DU these day's? I think they're paying

"A moment of resistance, a lifetime of capitulation" . . .

Repukes are still wallowing like filthy pigs in post 9-11 fear and hate

My response to Kerry's request for Rumsfeld resignation sigs

Iraq War Q: Where on the net can I find some good articles explaining...

China says US sanctions on seven companies unwise

I Need A Few People To Help Test A Collaborative Workplace Website

After 3 months without TV...

PHOTO: Ryan Cabrera pays homage to Cheney at concert

Questions about Iraq war, weapons of mass destruction, Saddam, etc...

PHOTO: mrs. bush* SHOCKS the world with her new outfit (needs caption)

What would it take to get you to

Multi-Tasking - excellent editorial on our digital age and news

Are you afraid of God?

Everyone who is in over their head, raise your hand

White Supremacy can't last forever can it?

Thoughts on the Civil War by Race

C-span callers want Condi For President

Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers ..(Crib notes for all)

Religious Freedom, White Declears A Day for it

We DUers are hopelessy out of the US mainstream - fringe even!

This * Inauguration is Worse than 2000 because... (list your reason(s))

Progressive Democrats of America newsletter out today

PHOTO: bush* demands MORE of our troops...hitleresque..needs caption

someone just posted this on a local webboard I post on

Confirmation Hearings Cont'd Schedule?

Are you afraid of giving in to the insanity?

I just found a really scary religious site.

Am heading off to the Jazz Funeral for Democracy

It's Tuesday.Who killed Bobby Kennedy? New evidence has emerged..

Fox News up in arms over Dan Rather, CBS

I see the Rev. Moon will be at the inauguration

Only 38% approve of Bush's work on Social Security...

WOW, Rightwingers Sure Do Love Their Pomp and Pageantry, Don't They?

WP: Homeless Services Adjust to Closings

Could somebody in California PLEASE run against Feinstein.

Sibel Edmonds on AAR right now 9/48 am n/t

"The people must see a peaceful transition" : Bush on own Inauguration!

To Protest the Inauguration We should all...

The Real Boxer Has The Only Balls

what/who cheney spends all of his time reading ..Victor Davis Hanson

Perfect picture of 'RED STATE' America, and explains the Bush election

Dr. Rice, Here is your ass. Go Barbara!

photo of bush* & quote "God wants me to run for president"..duped fundies

CBS Early Show glosses over Boxer's examination of Rice

Schwarzenegger makes Outside's top 25 coolest people...

does anyone know if Cheney is going to be at the inaug?

Idea I Had Last Night....Derailing Condi's Nomination

If beating his son and his snotty book weren't bad enough, Survivor winner

Speaking of Lawrence Summers, a long history of ignorance and foolishness

Boxer closing statements re:C Rice SOS on CSPAN1 now

Raising the retirement age for women since they live longer. Hmmm.

Boxer says NO, Kerry does TOO !!!

Do the Dems need Evolution or "Creative Destruction"?

Dean gets endorsements from a few more states!

Will Kerry support her nomination?

KKKarl Stiffed C.O.R.E. on MLK Day???!!!!!

Please e-mail your thanks to Senator Kerry for his stand on Rice

WND Watch: WorldNutDaily fails to tell the truth about Berger

The real President-elect won't support Rice's nomination, either.

How many dems do you think will say no to condi?

I guess after we attack Iran...

Love match to needle match: a brother plots political revenge

Besides OIF, what's the dumbest conflict in the world today?

Did anyone see Jim Wallis on the Daily Show last night?

I am LOVING Barbara Boxer!

CBS considering Jon Stewart for Evening News

Update 7: Ebbers Judge Blocks Enron Testimony

Yes Kerry Says NO!

Kerry: While I expect Dr. Rice will be overwhelmingly confirmed

Chris Dodd up now...will he vote no?

AACCKKK.... they are doing a "test" right now and I'm missing Biden speech

Is it 1970 again already?

WHJHD? | What Has Jenna Had Done?

Biden is voting yes as well

D*mn Feingold voted yes. eom

What were Nixon's inagurations like?

bullies love weakness

It's a quandary to be sure...all the Dems I've seen are voting for her

``The inauguration of a president is a great moment...

everyone of them that vote yes...are just as GUILTY as bush & condi!!!!

You are a do you vote?

A good Democrat joke!!

Can we talk about censorship?

Well, Biden must be gonna tell us to "get over it," too.

Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

But... how can a "Commander in Chief" party, while his troops are dying?

shrubs medicare overhaul working great

Unless you agree with the Democrats who voted yes

Let it snow!!! The "Welcoming Committee" starts to assemble

Knowing what we know about C. Rice, isn't it sick that we feel

Jesus=Union Buster? Coll. claims Union would disrupt Christian mission

Ha Ha Ha! Yahoo has a new President Dumbass photo series >>

Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi?

Opposing Anti-Gay Amendments Had Little Effect On Incumbents

Who would jump ship for a Boxer indy run in '08?

Outposts of Tyranny??? Huh? /eom


BOXER WONT SUPPORT CONDI! - KERRY, says NO as well!! wooHoo!!!

con man Bishop Sedgwick Daniels gets 1.5 mil from smirk

Peter "War opponents are Un-Patriotic" Beinhart will be on Franken next.

It's up to the world to not accept more lies from Sec of S

The problem with God-based morality

Reminder to wear black tomorrow...

Who is Derek Kieper?

Connerly retiring as UC regent -- leaves controversial legacy

Will * be * * after tomorrow?

Thanks to all for the WalMart info last night, A little more help please

Diebold hands surprise victories to...

New Jib Jab cartoon. Funny.

Exclusive! Photos of B**h before and after the coronation... (photos)

Osama would be a RW'er

F 9/11 to be broadcast on Channel 4 (UK)

"Laura's very voice is fingernails on a chalkboard to me"

Odd Happenings in Fallujah (WMD coverup)

Focus on the canine

My new name for *

Bab's diary -- today's entry

Saudis cleared from 9/11 lawsuits

Monsanto bribed 140+ people in Indonesia

Mike Malloy is right

We got snow just a day early

Social Security: There is no crisis (website)

Veneman to take over top post at UNICEF

Nov 5 Exit Poll Report

How Would You Caption This Picture?

"Inflation on Fastest Pace Since 2000"

A leap into the future...

How can any Christian support the death penalty?

Youth for Bush

what kind of a god is this?

I don't believe this. They want more money from me, yet only TWO

DUeling Media Lists With Swift Boat Vets for truth . . .

Condi "wonderful opportunity" quote: worst ever?

I taught my 21 month old to say

The incomparable aroma of a lemon tree in full bloom is right now....

Death Row Prisoners Last Moments Live on the Net (SICK!!!)

*SNOW ALERT* Richmond Va-for anyone going to DC

Anti-apartheid economic protests...Let's share our experiences


How Republicans Pandered to the Bigotry of the 'Moral Majority'

Iraq Elections: Farce of the Century

A pattern among the Bushies: "I never said..."

Karl Rove is a no-show for the C.O.R.E. event he SWORE up & down he'd

I want a list of the republican think tanks please.

a screen shot for our times

Why do the Dems and media allow Rice to continue to put forth the lie

If it's below 32 and you piss from the grandstand, do you get ice bullets?

Anti-Bush movement needs a new Martin Luther King

U.S. Military Personnel Growing Critical of the War in Iraq

Okay, So Bush Tells the Troops that Much More Will Be Asked Of Them

Film captures suicides on Golden Gate Bridge

Ohhhhhh the Bitter, Bitter Irony >

Darth Tater: The dark side of Mr. Potato Head

Well, I got my first deleted post and I'm wondering..

Before you give up on Obama remember that Feingold voted for Ashcroft

barack coming on oprah now in cincinnati!

Good comic today in AZ Republic...

Does anyone have a link to video of Condi calling Dubya her husband?

Barack Obama on Oprah

Whats up with Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)?

Family shot in Iraq (parents killed by soldiers)

Why should they party and we mourn? We are the ones who deserve a party.

Move on to restrict sex ed in schools

Iraqi voter turnout in U.S.

Someone Explain "MSM" To Me...

Souvenir inauguration poster... (disturbing photos)

I can't read about Columbus without having fits of apoplectic rage

"Inflation on Fastest Pace Since 2000' ain't seen nothing yet!

what does the term "underground" mean to you ??

What do you think of this car idea for tomorrow?

Did Clinton's 2 Inaugrations call for as much Security as this one is?

PHOTO: Bush looks at sacred American documents

Please! DON'T Caption This! >

John Stewart last night

BMI - Helpful or Bullsh*t?

The last acceptable prejudice

PHOTOS: ICE COLD seats await wealthy reTHUGlicans in DC

Saluting Those Who Serve

Romans hail discovery of their 'new Pompeii'

On "Not One Damn Dime Day" what about Blue?

Here's Condi talking about George again.....

BREAKING: Source of Condi's hairstyle revealed (photo)

An odd way to pay off a debt.

I am proud of our democrats - including Biden

a few new Hannity advertisers

Since we need a little levity...

Boston terra! Booga booga booga!

Damn Randi holds her own

Leave Sen. Obama alone, do you forsake Al Gore b/c he gave his vote to

All Seattle Area folks take Note for tomorrow!

Prevent more War

LINK to all info for the, rides, rooms

Bill Clintons health

Les Moonves (CBS head honcho)

A Nationwide Quit India Campaign Against Coke and Pepsi

Should a Recovering Republican or person

Our parole was denied

Bush on accountability.

Rhandi is now covering the dirty bomb threat

OK DU'ers

iraqi farmer video...hate to bring it up again

New anti-Bush song!

The Real Deal w/the Patriot Act, 'FREE ENERGY' is their biggest threat

Email reply from Senator Levin about Gonzales

Someone is singing in a foreign language at the Coronation! Arrest him!

I have a new grandson!

Freeper Online Chat:

ABC looking for Iraq War funerals Thursday

Cal Thomas recommends "24" on Fox and vigilance of Muslims...

Randhi to Break for the Mayor of boston

9/11 was an inside job

'Celebration of Freedom' you gotta be kidding me.

Okay. I can understand welding shut manhole covers.

DU THIS CNN POLL!! Do you think Condoleezza Rice is the right choice...?

BWAHAHAA-HAAA-HAAA from the mouth of a GOPer...

New Iraq rape torture photos (warning: disturbing and graphic)

Why don't the police ever beat people who block abortion clinics?

Propaganda: Nobody Does It Better Than America

WTF is up with Obama??? n/t

Juan Cole nails it; Iraq and American Fantasy

O.K. with all the people defending Kos in this non-scandal..

Lou Dobbs cnn-poll on Social Security

AAR has broken to ABC feed

Am I the only person who sees this as sociopathic narcicism?

Rand Corp commissioned to find way to avoid Draft - Daily Kos

If it hasn't been posted...

The democrats are WORSE than the republicans

Support the Troops -- not these bastards.

PHOTO: An Inaugural equation

Anyone have a link to the Story of CNN's fake Falluja invasion coverage?

Bush family photo at today's luncheon! Who's paying for this lunch?

Are you waiting for SuperDemocratPerson to fly out of the sky and save us

Cheers to Oprah for featuring Barack Obama today!

For those who have this week's NEWSWEEK (with * on the cover)

Rethinking the police

Why, oh Why Senator Kerry?

I am LOVING President Kerry right now!!!!

PHOTOS: abusing women on the Ellipse today....for bush* entertainment

Second Canadian Wal-Mart store gets union.

I will not wear black tommorow because people will think my Grandma died.

Markets & Data Suggest That US Econ Recovery Is ARTIFICIAL

Wal-Mart wine....

JibJab's newest ... "Second Term"

PHOTOS (graphic): Brit soldiers get in on the fun of "blowing off steam"

WTF is this Celebration of FREEDOM??? Didn't we cut back a whole lot

Nightline 1/19: Election 2004 -- Fair or Fraud?

Nation divided as to whether Bush is "a uniter or a divider". WTF

it's SNOWING here in OUR Nation's Capital, ice, cold, more coming

Are we still fighting the Hippies versus Rednecks war of the 60's?

When Monkey Mail Backfires! takes on a troll -- and runs a contest!

The Pubs say they have the answers to our problems......but where is

My personal experience with Social Security

Basketball Star Reads The Communist Manifesto...

Is there a scientific theory of 'intelligent design'?

"Not One Damn Dime Day" (the 20th of course)

Oj Simpson's Daughter on Disorder Charge

Time to whip out my brush and paint one stroke.

Bumper Sticker: Mall-Wart: Your source for cheap plastic crap.

BREAKING: Democrats make plans to delay Rice confirmation

How Can Any Christian Support the Iraq War?

This past election has changed me.

Need an web designer/artist help with a logo for

Not a flame. Not unpatriotic. Not a wish. Just a question.

Can we stop stereotyping people for goodness sake?

putting the AMEN in Amendment | Tom Toles gem!

Demopedia is back!

Hindus launch bid to reclaim swastika

stupid Ga. parents want their children to be stupid too

Torture pics from court martial trial in England

HELP! Some No Spending Advice For Tomorrow Needed!

The Bush Administration's Ten Most Outrageous Scandals -

Did you ask both your Senators to filibuster against Alberto Gonzales?

Anecdotal Evidence: Dems Abandoning MSM In Droves.

"An Iraqi girl screamed..."

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intelligent Design

All things are temporary, even Mt. Everest. This is just a momentary blip.

DU women - please explain to me what Paternalism feels like.

Review of FBI's Actions in Connection With Allegations by Sibel Edmonds

I have a bad feeling about tomorrow...

Ironic Headline Alert: Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

My dream is to have an outdoor wood fired pizza oven ......

How to make your own butter?

McKenna's appointment as Ambassador to the US....

Gregoire: 'Work to do' on Puget Sound pollution | Seattle P-I

Gays' Rising Meth Use Tied to New HIV Cases | LA Times

Back in Senate, Kerry Resumes His Criticism of Iraq Policy

Governor Schweitzer drops appeal in dispute over federal school aid law

PM (Martin) runs into same-sex debate in India | Globe and Mail

Former School Admin charged for Allegedly Stealing Retirement Funds

Second Man Gets a 2 1/2-Year Sentence for Setting Fire at Brigham Young Un

Suicide bomber attacks Australian embassy

Fetal homicide bill sparks abortion debate (Montana HoR) | Missoulian

NYT: Meaning of 'Proficient' Varies for Schools Across Country (NCLB)

Mormons saddle up for Bush's second coming but hope for a little humility

Plan to Allow Canadian Cattle Into U.S. Worries Ranchers

Japan now under tsunami warning due to 6.3 quake .....

The Army's Shame (Pictures of abuse in Iraq stun court martial) UK.

U.S. Army Specialist David Beals: Why I went AWOL

Blair and his ministers accused of walking away from war wounded

Bush Tells Troops 'Much More Will Be Asked Of You'

Rice Vows Prompt Review of Iraq Policy

Woman who accused Russia of bomb plot wins asylum

FBI stops use of Carnivore spy software ( using a new one)

NY Budget bombshell

Palestinians Promise Quick Action Against Militants After Suicide Bombing

Man Steals Tour Van in Hawaii With Four Aboard; No Injuries Reported

Local Soldier Who Lost Arm and Leg in Iraq Doing "Really, Really Great"

California executes double murderer

Insurgent attack sparks Ramadi fighting

Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline seen shut for 15-20 days

four car bombs exploded in Baghdad

Venezuela Seeks Pacts With Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Others

U.S. Companies Eye Trans-Afghan Pipeline

Rebels kill security company workers (UK mercs)


CNN International- Tsunami warning to Japan after 6.8 quake

BBC: 'World's oldest mum' raps critics

LAT: Annan Chooses Veneman to Be UNICEF Chief

British soldier in Iraq case followed orders-lawyer

Reconciliation effort with Taliban picks up pace in Kabul

Gonzales Says '02 Policy on Detainees Doesn't Bind C.I.A.

Some Nebraska Veterans Could Lose Benefits

Enron's turnaround leader in bankruptcy to take over as troubled

Leading Democrat questions Bush administration on Yucca funding

Straw: Iraq election will be imperfect

Optimism has fallen, divisions increased

Tsunami death toll rises to 225,000

US keeps locations of Iraqi voting booths secret

Government failing on ethnic poverty

Chelsea owner in court battle

Defrocked Catholic Priest Faces Accuser

Nine wounded Nevada National Guard soldiers denied Purple Hearts

Oil-for-food plotter faces 28 years' jail

Zarqawi's Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Australian Embassy Bl

Rare admission of error by Iran's judiciary is a step in the right directi

Exit polls say Bush won fair and square

Guantanamo Prepares for Renovations

Report: Exit polls overpolled Democrats

Inquiry Into Use of Riggs Plane Expands

US, Vietnam build on blossoming trade relations

Tsunami deaths soar past 212,000


'How the IRA forced me to steal £26m'

City Investigator Will Not Help With Kerik Probe

Rice Faces Second Day of Questioning

U.S. Troops Kill Two Civilians in Iraq

Exit polls say Bush won fair and square

Senate Panel Gives Rice Confirmation Nod

World Trade Center Restaurant Reopens

Global Poll Shows Negative Reaction to Bush Win

115-pound girl eats 11-pound monster

WP: New Doubts On Plan For Social Security (Bush Plan Is Doomed)

High Court Asked to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Car Bombs (Dahr Jamail on the scene in Baghdad, photos)

Stripes: Wuerzburg hospital team is home from Iraq

Reuters: Four More Years of Bush Makes the World Anxious

Suspected Nazi Strikes Deal to Remain

State GOP gets specific about election charges (vs Gregoire) | Seattle P-I

Iraq war veteran eager to help others with disorder

Pfizer Profit Quadruples but Misses Views

WA State GOP gets specific about election charges

Kerry Votes NO on Rice confirmation

IRA (officially) Denies Carrying Out Belfast Bank Job

Mexico offers to help end Colombia, Venezuela rift

Americans Remain Polarized Over Bush

Stripes headline: 1st AD gets notice of likely return to Iraq

Fuel Helps Push Consumer Prices Up in 2004

W.Va. in race for clean coal

Suspected fighters vent frustrations (won't lay down arms)

Ailing Chief Justice in No Rush to Go (Rehnquist staying through June?)

WP: Putting Some Heat on Bush

U.S.'s Rice acknowledges some bad Iraq decisions

Slates Still Blank for Iraqi Voters


Nazis gassed Hitler's relative

Millions of dollars in voting equipment arrives in Iraq

Harvard women's group rips Summers

Special Defense Department Briefing On Iraq Reconstruction

Governor Bush's Speechwriter Resigns – plagiarism/sexual harassment.

Insurgents unleash deadly wave of car bombs in Baghdad ahead of elections

LAT: Support for War in Iraq Hits New Low (39% Worth Going)

Man who exposed Clinton's draft dodging is buried (Col. Holmes)

NYT: Plan to Allow Canadian Cattle Into U.S. Worries Ranchers

Jenna herself becomes a child left behind (funny as hell...)

"Media Whore" Alert*

Archbishop says treated well by Iraqi kidnappers - STimes

Snow Causes Traffic Problems Across (DC) Region....(WP)

AP: Health cuts loom; Florida desperately seeks to slow budget growth

Top Saudi Cleric Blasts Attacks on Nation

Qaeda Case Undermined by F.B.I. Informant

Florida Board of Education Wants to End 'social Promotion'

San Antonio Lawmaker Wants to Grade Children on Weight

WP: The Barriers Between President and People

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 January

Spanish church accepts condoms as part of anti-AIDS strategy

At Least 26 Killed in Baghdad Car Bombs - U.S. Army

RNC Chair(Ken Mehlman) Unveils 'Durable Majority' Plan

Budget balancing act: 1-year TAX INCREASE (Indiana - Mitch Daniels)

Court clears way for priest lawsuit

Louisiana Supreme Court reinstates anti-gay marriage amendment

Gender-adjusted Social Security being considered?

Iran denies infiltration by US commandos

(WA Gov Race) Auditor opposes Rossi's lawsuit

Senate Panel Gives Rice Confirmation Nod

Mechanics giving C-130s new life (ban on Indonesian military parts lifted)

Variety: Congress likely to repeal tax break for indie films

Back in Senate, Kerry still opposing Bush

Foreign investors undaunted by weak dollar

Homeless Vietnam veteran freezes under bridge

Police unarm toddler with loaded gun

Ohio Attorney General Seeks To Sanction Vote Challenge Attorneys

A Nationwide Quit India Campaign Against Coke and Pepsi

Atheist loses bid to ban prayer at Bush's inauguration

Missiles deployed for inauguration

Cuba Tells US to Stop Guantanamo Bay Prisoners 'Abuse'

Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

Britain expects second Bush administration to listen more to world

NYT: No Break in Storm over Harvard Pres's Words ("intellectual tsunami")

Film captures suicides on Golden Gate Bridge Angry officials misled

India, Israel to further strengthen military ties

U.S. Troops Fire on Car in Northern Iraq, Killing 2 Civilians in Checkpoint

Moscow Plans First Stalin Monument Since 1960s

Committee delays vote on AG nominee (Dems with Spines!)

U.S. Military Personnel Growing Critical of the War in Iraq

Democrats to Delay Rice Confirmation Vote

Report: Heavy response by Kerry voters tilted exit polls

Venezuela Says Will Not Tolerate U.S. Meddling

Is the FBI covering up its spies? Sibel Edmonds case

"FBI search for dirty bomb in Boston" (Drudge); Boston Globe has story

High Court Asked to Overturn Roe V. Wade

My shrimp are brine pig fish!

I stink alone.

A very shallow (jury) pool.

Life on Mars

Do you have Angoraphobia?

"For some reason I thought all the 808's were silver"

My guns were hurting so I left my bullets at home!

I just saw the footage of Pappy puking at the banquet!

My gums were hurting, so I left my dentures at home

If you're not reading James Wolcott, you should

When are they showing Boxer's first round of questions again?

Who has seen Love in the Heir on E! and isn't afraid to admit it?

One Girl Revolution.

Is a bad childhood good for the adult?

Matthew Lesko's Free Money

Funny Price Is Right clip.

When did Lynyrd Skynyrd go way right?

minus fucking three in Boston

Steve the freeper is on Bernie Ward now

Should I Drive Faye to DC Tommorrow and do the Inaugural?

Alright, no one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle.

I have an 8ft. DU banner in my kitchen. Ask me anything!

Anybody watch the History Channel's special on the French Revolution?

As a Whiner, I'm Sick of People Being Sick of Whiners.

Hey you guys..anybody heard of =JANET= airways ?

Whats the Good news of the day?

No Room at the inn - check this out

Our found kitty has a home!

Please forgive this thank you spam post

G'nite (picture)

If you were auditioning for American Idol,

Terrell Owens prank calls Falcons

Man wanted to eat dinner, friend convinces him to hit the slots, wins 1.3M

Links to full "Fantastic Four" teaser trailer

Mysterious Fan Marks Poe's Birthday

Aerosmith: "Rocks" Awesome album.

If you are able,

Thai elephants get potty training: report *PIC*

I'm President Santorum. Ask me anything.

I'm wearing red, white, and blue to mark the last day of democracy

DA confronts Jury Pool from Hell

ConWebWatch blasts NewsMax and WND to pieces!

Anyone know shrubya voters who watch or like The Daily Show/Jon Stewart?

Good Morning, DU

Kang or Kodos....who's your fave?

Anybody check our Google's Picasa2?

Good Samaritan pays off 'payday loan' for 68 year-old disabled man

I just shoveled eight inches of snow , ask me anything.

I just had the weirdest dream

Album or CD that is fairly old - you never tire of and play constantly

Damn it!!!! Fuel played at the Bush twin's Inaugural shindig.

Help me come up with a cool stage name

Caged Saddam To Be Highlight Of Inaugural Ball

Help with a BF who's started to parrot RW radio

Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe, born in Boston, Jan. 19, 1809

What's for breakfast?

Just reported on ABC radio news

OK - so DU is The Great Escape - which escaper are you?

I'm sick of people being sick of people being sick of whiners.

NYC Du'ers....Does anyone want to have a DU Meet Up


The 'What, Me Warty?' of all CAPTIONS!!! (A dupe, sorry, but had a reply.)

Freepers and Open Source? Huh?

Blasting a snowblower at traffic. Rude or what?

Is this for real????

Great typos of the 21st dolo amber

Do you have Anglophobia?

Amazing Race watchers (spoiler)...

Caged Saddam to be Highlight of Inaugural Ball

Get yer monkey on and CAPTION

Biracial DUers check in here!!

Terry Gilliam: This Python bites

It's actually snowing here in DC!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!

Dear Abby

The "Full Dignity of the Occasion" CAPTION

Slint reunion shows...

I am the sun of god. Ask me anything

The Amazing Race finally became watchable again

Moscow, parrot eats telephone cables on the sly for 2 months

Search giants hook up to cut blog spam

Bush Administration and using "size" analogies with their fingers?

2 Fun Questions for My 1000th post!

The Lil' Hot Tamale of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ok - I'm a moron (Question about using DU)

They're playing donkeys braying on the radio...

Humans with fish-like faces discovered in North Koi-rea.

Blog website opinions?

Very obscure 60's song. Can you identify it?

Condi tells all

Who wants to loan me $750,000? I wanna buy the Scabby Islands...

I am the run of cod. Ask me anything.

My daughter just told me to stay off DU........

So what should I post for my 2000th post?

My 200th Post.......

How are you?

Although I am only 31 posts from 2000, I refuse to post an ask me anything


My 11,206th post - should it be a copycat?

Favorite animated dog?

modern mirth mag / january

The wind is blowing so hard, and the lights just flickered.

I drove past a Dairy Queen today and the sign said

Snow! In Raleigh, NC! Where last week it was approaching 80 degrees...

Demopedia is back!

Question about the shelf life of liquor....

Damn hairy mice

Listening to Ozzy Osbourne's "No Rest For The Wicked". Ask me anything.

Divorce attorneys: Advice please.

Has anybody been to....

I have TMI. Ask me anything!

Who else enjoys watching The Prime Minister's questions on cspan

Pools, I'll drown you all!!!

I have SMP. Ask me anything.

My sig on another board got vetoed as too political - need a new one

Who else is still having Sirius reception problems?

What kind of drink do you water?

I have OPP. Ask me nothing.

Hey... It's Snowing In MD!! We're Supposed To Get one whole INCH...

Best Dallas Cowboy Quarterback.

Chicken Tantrum: I hate my rooster. Should I turn him into broth?

Canadian version of Free Republic hacked (Free Dominion)

Can someone explain this weird virus to me?

Right wing Boston Herald paper have their little panties in a twist...

Jury pool: the shallow end of it, anyway.

The unfunny joke thread!

Who here had Sea Monkeys?

I have PMs. Ask me anything.

Chicken Tandoori: I Ate My Rooster!

Fish with human-like faces discovered in South Korea

State history in school?

is it just me or does "Bogeyman" look incredibly scary?

I'm 12 posts from 2000. Ask me anything!

For my 700th post

Is this offensive? A liability? "Unemployed" computer in lunchroom

Best classic southern rock groups

Listening WTOP's Washington Area Weather Forecast...

Freeway Blogger Inauguration Festivities!

What kind of water do you drink?

A VW Car Commercial that won't be shown in the States ...

Why did I get a soft-core porn magazine in my mailbox?

What Supplements do you take?

I used to have a GTI and a TDI. Ask me anything

Has Laura's Face Had a Bush-Lift?

Ladies: Wanna write your initials in the snow?

Who's the best MC from Chicago?

If you were playing the Bush Youth concert...

Caption this!

I have the plague in Prague...and plaque on my teeth..ask me anything!

Best Morris Day & The Time Song

Since an illlegal war barely caused a stir, maybe a good sex scandal

Dean Gaining Early Momentum in DNC Race

I have STP...ask me anything...

Does anyone here use Furl?

I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat! I Did! I Did!

Ay son- I keep planets in orbit!

Bush Twin on American Idol?

I'd like to thank Canada for the niege in Virginia Beach

I have Plague. ask me anything!

Well, I lost my job

Great website (link within):

I thawt I saw Bob Dylan

DAMMIT!!! The weatherman got it SO wrong.

"Dump" Bush

Condi confirms what you've known all along about the Emperor

Bush Inauguration to be paid for with Social Security Money

Will I go to hell for buying fur boots?

Wouldn't it be AWFUL if hundreds of cars broke down tomorrow all over DC?

Bush admits he needs more human intelligence

Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska

Can someone explain something about "Minority Report?"

you know you have a stinking problem if you buy this

Does anyone have a link to the picture of the La Conchita mudslide?

Barry Manilow vs Josh Groban

DU Group proposal: Rabid Republicans

Anagram fun!! Re-arrange "God Bless America" and you get:

Are you a total geek who spends too much time here?

Who are your favorite up-and-coming female music artists?

I went go-carting with some friends today, and did NOT come in last! Yeay!

I'm Runnin' With The Devil.

most boneheaded move in a movie

Since we need a little levity...

Hillary Duff vs. a moose on fire

You know you have a pinking problem if you buy these

you know you're a freeper if you buy your kids this

Just caught Jerry Springer

You know you have a thinking problem if you buy this.

Let's rekindle the 1990's hip hop war - West Coast vs East Coast

Is there a specific name for the Chinese-esqe, candy apple red type color?

new efficiency measures for office staff

What alcoholic beverage should I buy for tomorrow?

Favorite animated cat?

BREAKING: Source of Condi's hairstyle revealed (photo)

You know you have a Frinking problem if you buy this:

Ape and 1st Lady + Cheneys don't look too happy...

I love DiGiorno Pizza

Is DU loading slowly today or is it me?

AP: 100 lb woman eats 6 pound hamburger

I'd like to hear from DUers who suffered from "pinkeye"

OMG I got out of Garage Queen's PMS thread in one piece!!!

Oh dear God help a brutha out DU




115-pound girl eats 11-pound monster

Emergency Broadcast Question



any bikers on DU?

Et tu, Martin Short? The Horrors of Plastic Surgery...

A sad sight - who's seen Roy Clark's facelift?

Why to people pretend they know all about issues they know

Recommendations for decent CD burning software?



a really great replacement for the beat bush mobile

Bill Gates.. the Teen Idol years.. (not shopped)

I Choose to Think of Myself as "Lucky"

Shit @#$%^&*@#$%^& FUEL played?


It's almost time....


These two incompetent war criminals are trying to crack "jokes"



New Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bush practicing for inauguration.

I'm feeling sad and low...

Got a match?


The robbers who call themselves plumbers thawed my pipes

hahahaha PHOTO: NEW angle of George W. Capote found!

Nina Sharpe is sending me "coded" messages...Eeeeek

Sheriff's deputies to carry defibrillators


Sand Painting

Double Dare! is NOT back...

Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe!

Shrieking frogs have mayor hopping mad

Can you identify this odd, obscure late 60's tune?

I won't be able to make it up to DC for any protests tomorrow,

ARGH! Wrong trim size!

Help with stray cat behavior - ?

American Werewolf in London is on right now

My nose is minty fresh! Ask me anything.



Mr. Potato Head Goes to the Dark Side

Will you spend a dime tomorrow?

You can't put Skinner on ignore.

I have a new grandson!

I'm baking a pan of chicken free chicken and dumplings!

"Hey Grandpa! What's for supper?"

Laugh. Smile. Do something.

My live-journal blog is lonely... any DU LJers care to post in it? :^)

Stan Lee to be awarded "tens of millions" in Spider-Man movie royalties

How long before there is a manufactured Boxer controversy

Real coffee makes a happy little me.

I'm saying a prayer for all of you.


Who is going to the inauguration protest tomorrow

Name the Wizard of Oz characters

rtsp is not a registered protocol

Was anyone else on their speech/debate team in High School?

I love the old Battlestar Galactica.

I love the new Battlestar Galactica!

don't forget "not one damn dime tomorrow" n/t

So, that FANTASTIC FOUR trailer is now up in glorious Quicktime!

It is an important and popular fact

THIS JUST IN- photos prove Mrs.Brady is Condi's "Stylist"

Anyone here ever have a bunionectomy?

Can I have permission to eat junk food for a few days?

TWIRLING! Twirling toward TITAN!

Do you understand what all these tie threads are about?

Well, I'm off to the beach to get some sun and finish Franken's book.

I wanted to update you nice people on my brother-in-law

I'm being robbed right this very moment

What's for supper?

Holy shit, I just hit 3000 posts.

Has Laura Bush Had A Face-Lift?

What are your favorite late-night activities?

Do you ever watch someone's posts just to see how long it takes

Prescription paranoia: to fill it, or not to fill it.

Fu*king Bush Youth "Rock" !

What's with Lost going until 9:03 tonight

New Fantastic Four Trailer

Visit my blog. List of latest articles...

I am so fed up!

Who are the Biggest Poseurs in Music Today?

You know you have a drinking problem if you buy this.


How high does this rate on the bass scale?

How high does this rate on the bastard scale?

Do you ever feel ugly?

Darth_Kitten, Meet

Ash or Frodo,? Klatu Veratu N-*cough* Sword and Sorcery movie contest.

What is this?

Dub Dub Dub Dub

one inch of snow and Richmond VA is paralyzed!!!!

My dog got a soup bone off the counter - do I need to be worried?

Official photos from - add your own caption.

The "Relating to that Youth Generation" CAPTION

what's the difference between offline/online editing?

The "Youth Concert Karaoke Sing-along" CAPTION

The "Pickles Is Looking Awfully Nervous" CAPTION

What is the worst meal you have ever been served?

How do you pop a knee cap in place?

I've got 1.5 pounds of Char-Siu pork marinating in my fridge right now

Firefox "Nightmare" for Microsoft

you can have any car. what do you pick?


I have PMS. Ask me anything.

I'm Baking A Pan Of Fat-Free Brownies...

Petition to stop O.J. Simpson from slaying.

KOEB New Tie Thread

what's become of your hand-writing since email/pc's took over?

Truth or Dare! is back....

My 11,346th post - should it be a copycat?

Pick-up lines: Best, worst, funniest?


A pre-inaugural prayer for Our Great President!


Is anyone else an Anglophile?

What phrases can you make with the letters in "God Bless America"

I'm leaving for Iraq in less than 48 hours

Fools, I'll kill you all!!

Dumbest things said to you on a date - I'll go first

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Baby, it's cold outside!

Mormons saddle up for Bush's second coming but hope for a little humility

Woohoo! Finally got

Eid Mubarak!

Pope urges stronger dialogue with Jews

Here's one for you....demon possession!

Are you afraid of God?

Thick Blood and Autoimmune Issues?

Gene Mutation Linked to Cause of Parkinson's Disease

Infrared space telescope reveals "greedy stellar babies"

1960s drug 'alcoholism cure hope'

150 sq. mile asteroid to hit earth in 65 years

Honduras Measure to Ban Same-Sex Marriage Mobilizes Rights Groups

PFLAG Names New National Leader

Gay Survivor Winner Guilty OF Tax Evasion

'I'm Not Gay' Florida Attorney General Declares

Jerusalem Mayor Accused Of Undermining World Pride Celebration

Virginia on the Move

Photos from anti-gay fundie web site. Please, enjoy their bandwidth.

What happens next to MA "gay marriage?"

Question for ESPN "Insider" NFL fans

anyone watch the Bama-Mississippi State game tonight?

OK. So Wake breaks the team record for consecutive FT made

Terrell Owens prank calls Falcons

Joe Theismann is picking a Pats-Falcons Super Bowl...

Every team I pick loses. So I'm going with the Pats.

Final four QBs at top of the class

So, I heard an idea today RE: Stanley Cup

Big Ben

Jets Offensive Coordinator Resigns

Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics

Tibetan-Mongolian Astrology and Karma

Esoteric Astrology & The Seven Rays in the age of Aquarius

Where does one turn to develop psychic sensitivity?

This is rather bemusing

What about the veterans of the domestic political supression during the

Ya know its funny that these folk assume that there will be dems

Somebody just accused me of wanting to work with Bush

Kerry was sucking up?

I thought the exchange at the beginning of the hearing was cute

There is another hearing today

Ugh, how lame

Is it just me, or do we now have a group of people who think Boxer

Kerry votes no on Rice confirmation

What did Kerry say after he voted Nay?

Everybody has been busy, I see!

What is up with outright lying about people's record

Who Is Watching The Hearings Today

I've been mouthing off a little too much lately

Fun thread, what will it take for purists to like Kerry

yet another Kerry bashing thread

Ok Kerry warriors--take a break--rest--refresh:

The problem with GD often is they try to make you feel guilty for liking

Now they're victims lol

Who here works with/lives with Kerry bashers?

Nice article in Slate

Rice, Obama meet at historic crossroads

Everyone write your Senators and tell them to vote against Rice

Here's a list that tells me the energy bill will be passed soon

Civil Rights in Florida?

Bush on CNN international- this inauguration i'll take in sights & sounds

WIll Body Bag do "the walk" on inauguration day?

My letter to Senator Biden

Wow!....Great coverage of Boxer/spanking/Condi on local news!

Bombed Jerusalem Bus Exhibit Sparks Heated Exchange (Berkeley)

Bombed Jerusalem Bus Exhibit Sparks Heated Exchange (Berkeley)

Malloy says Washington Post contributed $100,000

U.S. Army Specialist David Beals: Why I went AWOL

"poo protesters" in Germany

Who has the **** Scandal Sheet?

Why would George Bush ever give up the spoils of war...

Condi on Torture (in a nutshell)

Feinstein Takes A Dive For Rice

Judiciary Committee considers Gonzales nomination Wed 9:30am


More Rice hearings this morning?

Write Dianne Feinstein and tell her how disappointed you are in her

One of my co-workers has a damn calendar from the GOP

Barack Obama on Oprah today

in the following exchange between barbara boxer and codoleezza rice,to-wit

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: required by statute at schools & public meetings?

B*S* Tells Troops 'Much More Will Be Asked Of You'

Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration (with 1000 coffins)

Ten to Watch As New Congress Revs Up (Cantor?)

CNN: Con Rice swatted away a lot of objections.

Will the Rice questioning this morning be covered?

Bill Thomas on C-SPAN

"Refrain from impugning my integrity"? Is this beyotch for real?

What The Hell Is With Washington Journal's Faux Impersonation Today?


Cafferty attacking Boxer on CNN.

A United States Senator has just acknowledged Rummy w/ Saddam

Who backed Bush? Martin Frost.

"I'm going to vote for you, but...."

When you have to turn to Fox to see a challenge to Bush's bullshit


"He refused to account for them"

FAUX & CNN are showing the hearings, Boxer just handed Condi her lies

Self-Delete, DUPE, (Sorry)

Boxer: "You'll Have To Forgive Me If I Go ALong The Lines Of Yesterday."

Biden Just Said He's Voting To Confirm Condi?!

PLS contact Bidens office to urge NO vote on Rice!

Boxer delivers a SMACKDOWN!!!

regarding the"not one dime day" I think we might have to rethink this.

Self Delete- Dupe!

Should All Dem Senators Vote Against All bush Apointees?

Friendly Reminder

President Bush Schmoozing with donors

Kerry about to reject Rice?

What's the next step with the Gonzales nomination?

The 9/11 Commission

OMG Kerry voted NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrat attacks Rice over claims of 'mushroom cloud'

Dodd whimps out!

Boxer is back!!!! nt

Supremes asked to overturn Roe

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on them

How many Senators are still left to vote?

What's that lady is red thinking? Subtitle it....

Global poll slams Bush leadership

Dodd--Biden--everyone else?

We need to let these senators know that we hold THEM accountable

I agree with Condi Rice on ONE statement (ironic truth follows):

transcript of the condi hearing??? where can i find a copy???

Biden: "Well, maybe she IS a neoconservative, I don't know."

Is this the first time a nominee for SOS has received NO votes?

Does the rest of the senate vote now?

An FCC investigation into payola is on. E-mail.

OMG-Is Kerry voting no??????nt

Biden, as expected

Social Security Crisis? Hey, what about the coming Oil Crisis?

Biden: About Condi: I hope you are not a neo-con!

My critique of the DCCC at the Stakeholder blog

LOL!-Va. Sen. George Allen "Sweet nectar of liberty" -4 times over 7 years


Gonzales Vote Delayed… Kerry, Boxer Vote No on Condi

Event: Counter-Inagural "Bawl" -Rochester, NY

Congratulations George Bush

Senators Kerry and Boxer

Rice is a Lyer

I think I figured it out!

Our new slogan: PAY UP ON "THE FREEDOM DEFICIT" Condi referred to.

E-mail your Dem Senators now to deny Rice's confirmation, it ain't over!

Asking Condi about Yellowcake from Niger - FORGED DOCUMENTS

PACIFICA Radio coverage of inauguration & protests - info

OK, don't flame me. Stone me!! I am sorry for what I said about Kerry

Lot's of confusion on the vote...

I actually liked a lot of what Biden had to say...

NPR: Some think Dean wrong for DNC because identified with anti-war left

"For God's sake, don't listen to Rumsfeld, he doesn't know what the hell

was there ever a counter-inaugural or protest at an inaugural before

Joining The Boxer Rebellion Within the Democratic Party..........!

Boxer and Kerry will not vote for Rice..Just in...

Senate cabinet confirmation votes for Clinton's cabinet...

I am a practicing Catholic and for a democrat that's getting harder to do

did someone beat up Norm Coleman ?

Would you confirm Condi for SoS.. Yea or Nay?

Concentration of wealth in US at an unspoken crisis point, yet

Create "select committee" to investigate voter disenfranchisement in 2004.


An open letter To George Dubya Bush on his Renaugeration

WHen will we have a real Dem. party again?

My letter to ABC news (re: ABC insulting DEMs ads)

Store today? Gas? Reminder- NOT ONE DAMN DIME DAY tomorrow

Wow--Check out these anti-Bush messages!

Has anyone seen the ACLU-Pizza?

I need help finding ads that were posted here...

Question, can the Dems who voter "yea" in the Committee change their

*SNOW ALERT* Richmond Va-for anyone going to DC

Local paper prints my LTTE (Iraq elections)

Support the Democrats to protest Bush coronation.

If I put 40 cents in the soda machine tomorrow, am I still boycotting?

9/11 Commission Report

DU this CNN poll: Should Condi be Secretary of State?

Thousands died because of my oversights and misjudgements

Prog Dem think tank reviewing cands to find most progressive DNC Chair


Obama: "All of us are rooting for your success" - the admin success"

Mehlman's Remarks to RNC Winter Meeting

A look back at **'s 2001 Inaugural Address.

Question: Is it about the oil?

Was Randi talking about any specific event or...

Exit polling contradictions.

Boxer leaning "No" on Gonzalez for AG

When can Barbara Boxer expect some reprisals?

I like to present "THE GOLDEN NUTS" award to John F. Kerry.

"Local Currencies" a way to defeat Globalized corporations and

Once and for all: Kerry didn't lose.

Exit polls say Bush won fair and square- here is MSNBC article

The Other Armstrong Williams Scandal

DU this poll. Will Bush achieve his agenda.

It's funnny how MSNBC tries to make it sound like * is writing

Two cheers for Kerry

Heritage Fdn LIAR on CSPAN says top 5% pays 70% of taxes

Bob Kerrey turns down "stop Dean" role . Good for him.

question: those angry at dem senators that voted yea

Kerry: Rice a "principal architect" of a less-secure U.S.A.

Confirmation of Rice postponed until next week!

Reid calls *'s Social Security plan a "dead horse"

Who else plans to tell Feinstein not to run for re-election?

Emailing the Democratic Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee

Demopedia is back!

CNN Reports Inagural Like It's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

What do you make of this picture of Boxer and Rice?

Bush is not the agenda.

“Jobloss” Recovery Cited at U.S. Hearings on Trade with China,

Jenna "not qualified" to teach based on No Child Left Behind rules..


When you talk with God, Mr. President .....

Missiles Deployed for Inauguration!

I want this on a bumper sticker! "WHO PROFITS - WHO DIES?"

My live-journal blog is lonely... any DU LJers care to post in it? :^)

Which Senators other than Byrd will vote against Rice

Fox: "Washington Ready to Party," Rove says Bush is "focused"

"Media Whore" Alert*

What are their main vulnerabilities?

Obama on OPRAH today -- NOW in my area

Email from a Rebulican friend. Can anyone help me respond to this guy?

When the country is an ever bigger mess in '08, who will the GOP blame?

Oh, wow...a terralert for the day before the coronation

Biden on Iraq: I'll vote for $100 billion ... I'll vote for $200 billion .

Caller on NPR asks about Bu$h and Fascism

Why Dean for DNC Chair? Because Bill O'Reilly thinks he's an SOB

Is there a C-Span Repeat of Boxer DAY II...where she ripped Condi?

Poor Sean Hannity

All senators voted yes except for Kerry and Boxer

Ed Schultz said he doesn't think that

Friends in high places, Rev Moon gives $250,000 to Bush...


Who would you have nominated for SECRETARY OF STATE?

Why is John Kerry still selling K/E Gear at his website?

The Rice vote is explained as "The president has privelege in his cabinet"

Must-Spam Article Slamming the NYT for Burying the No WMD Report

It's not the votes on Bush's cabinet that I'm worried about...

Who were the traitors on the Rice confirmation hearing?

What was the exact quote from Rice about the tsunami?

RI Senate Dem Langevin defeats Rep Chafee 52-32


Inaugural events in our city tomorrow. Busy day. Central Florida welcome

George Bush--Uniter or Divider

Kerry Votes NO on Rice confirmation

Do we need multiple, independent exit polls?

Why did BIDEN vote for Condi?

Once and for all - why Kerry lost!

The President had a right ?

Petition: No War in Iran

Bush is right!! No one should be allowed to protest Inaugural!!

CNN reporting that Dems planning to filibuster debate on Condi tomorrow

It's the first anniversary of Dean's scream.

Russ Feingold and Barack Obama Voted FOR CondoLIEsa

JK's 3rd call for Rumsfeld ouster + NO vote on Rice = Increased antiKerry

Are you going to watch Chimp's oath and speech tomorrow?

It's 20 January 2009. Who do you want to see taking the Oath?

Bloggers taking on Social Security fight

Dean for DNC Chair, Clark for Prez in 2008, Boxer as VP.

I Really Don't Care If Most Democrats Voted for Rice

Who's planning to wear black tomorrow?

Is this KerryUnderground or DemocraticUnderground?

Rumor Confirmed: Rangel IS planning to reintroduce draft legislation

Heard from a friend in Washington DC that Clark WAS who they feared most.

Books on running a campaign

Does Kerry's vote against Condi affect your opinion of him?

Wanted: A Dean Primer