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Archives: January 20, 2005

Bush's Democracy Project

On Television, Torture Takes a Holiday (Frank Rich, smokin')

The Stategy of Fear

SPINSANITY is calling it quits.....

A look at this week's festivities by the numbers

The Bush Administration’s decision to exploit the tsunami tragedy ...

Inaugural costs decried on LI

So Much Liberal Media, So Few Libs

"We Live in a World Where the Rich May No Longer Ignore the Poor"

Some in black tie; others, body bags - Susan Lenfestey

NY Daily News columnist sends me a nasty email. Help me respond

The Future of Republicans (a Libertarian perspective)

Seattle counter-inaugural demonstrations - DU meetup

Want REAL news? Free Speech TV and Link TV

Low Media Trust In The United States

Where should you have your money now?

How is this carbine worthy of being banned?


Kinda Urgently.... need your help. please...

file sharing

Just got shut out of DU

Picked up a virus here tonight, trojan horse

Just have to say

My star is gone again....

How do I post an image in my signature? n/t

Maybe a new political forum.

Error when responding to some posts

Ministers okay, in principle, army operation in Lebanon

Russ Stewart: Blagojevich must combat "appearance of impropriety"

Anyone get caught near that barge fire?

Did you see Neil Steinberg in the Sun Times called Obama.."Eddie Haskell"?

Okay everybody...

New disease "gonorrhea lectim"

Is there a DU meet up plan for tomorrow? Anybody? Anybody?

My out-of-office message for January 20, 2005

You guys have read CNN's CYA BS

Do you think Pres. Bush will achieve most of his goals.... Poll

Muting the Repuglicans

Wear black tomorrow!

This CNN line is just outrageous!

Whistleblowrs could appear any time, tossing GOP out:be cheerful, u will

DNC Releases New TV Ad on Eve of Inauguration: "Ready"

More of the alleged "*" voters who want nothing to do with him

Cheney to Become Human Billboard at Inaugural

I choose to vote my GUT.......not custom!! Great line Sen Kerry!

Repugs are scared of the truth

Help, the Repukes have invaded DC !!!!

Let us hereby proclaim January 20,2005 as "Black Thursday"

Wednesday 1/19/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

They Freaking TITLE IT "Conspiracy Theory"!!!

RED SHIFT: 2.5 million votes lost by Kerry

Let's have an E-Nauguration! Boxer-Virtual Prez / Kerry- Virtual VP

Community grassroot progressive groups meet to form an umbrella Alliance

TONIGHT: Nightline to cover OH election "irregularities" (ABC)

Are there widespread anti-coronation things beyond DC?

Nightline: Conspiracy Theory Did * Steal The Election?

Coronation Isn't Only Thing Happening Tomorrow!

Everyone needs to view this - - -

After Reading The MITOFSKY Report Some Discussion Is Needed

The Mourning After

Just got back: look what I did...

Barbara Boxer Told DU - You're doing the right thing

I Believe.

I plan on attending the Jan. 28 DNC listening session in Cloquet.

The DNC Wants to Hear From You! - Listening Tour Remaining Dates

Who has a Suburban with a DU sticker on it?

I agree with Bill O'Reilly! " It’s pinheads like me that cause trouble"

Andrew M. Greeley: Hatred for illegal entrants is a sin

Did you sign John Kerry's petition to provide health care

No night is too cold to celebrate freedom

Congrats to Condom Rice!

PHOTOS: firecrackers entertain the 'boy king' as darkness falls on DC

Soliders in Iraq trained to lie to media

Poll: World more dangerous with Bush

BREAKING NEWS: Brave Protestors moving through DC....(links)

Somewhere I can hear Sam Kinison screaming.....

Which Group of People do you benefit from by them being Oppressed?

Seattle counter-inagural demonstrations

My home town sherriff and every one's friend shot and killed today...

Ummm. . . all you people fretting over the "dirty bomb" please read this.

The latest BS RW email "What's wrong with this picture?"

Liberals will come back into power. (Not necessarily Democrats. Liberals.)

Dick and George look THRILLED to be "Celebrating Freedom"

I Need a Mods Help PLease

I loved Jon Stewart's new slogan for the Democrats

Ummm. . . all you people fretting over the "dirty bomb" please read this.

Biden to Rice: "For God's sake don't listen to Rumsfeld, he doesn't know..

R.s can tolerate freezing inauguration, because they are bags of hot air.

New term! PPP: People in Power Profiting

So, who are the Minstrels slated to juggle for the Boy King?

Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser NTB

Bush to unveil plan to privatize money during inaugural speech

It's Wednesday.Who killed Bobby Kennedy? New evidence has emerged..

Stop DU-ing CNN Polls. It Enables the * Media Lapdogs.

Could the Bush Admin. unite Iraqis with a war against Iran?

Caption this photo (front page of

Im off to DC, what would you like me to say to *?

Abortion rate rising under *. Anyone have a link? PLEASE??

Auschwitz, Inside the Nazi State showing on PBS

Well, He Needs It!

A Kerry petition to have Rummy replaced

Um. Do they really think it's "prudent" to take on Iran? Or risky at all?

AAR Bumps Rush L.

I just got this a few minutes ago-John Kerry letter

Please, PLEASE read this article

Don't tell me she's giving the Long Horn sign too.

Duh, Duh, Duh ask me anything

Read this article-"Coronation of Corruption" by Manuel Valenzuela

God forbids us to watch FOX - but did anyone hear Bill O'Reilly

Vote in the AAR Poll

Nightline, supposedly about election fraud, coming up.

On the eve of the coronation...thank you DU, Kos, talkingpoints,

Condi will be a good poster gal for Bush's duplicitous foreign policy

Acknowledge this thread

Very strange. Will Pitt is in DC tonight watching the troops and

My Gawd! It really is a Coronation!

Dr. Condi Rice's entry in the "A picture is worth 1000 words" contest

so Boxer and Kerry BOTH said "NO, FUCK NO" to Condi

Mike Malloy is hilarious. He said reporters have to get stoned to

What is reason that performers cant look at bu$h during the inauguration?

Hump Day Truthseeker Group Hug: WedNiteMalloyShow

Terror Warning: Pretext for Fascist US military crackdown on civil rights

LOL! Is anyone watching Ron Reagan correspond from the festivities ?

Quiz! Who said this about whom:

KOEB meeting

As I Watched Dem Senators Re: Rice... I Began To Wonder About Wellstone !!

OMG it's the night hostess at Cracker Barrel!

Tsunami photos/videos ****Warning**** Some are graphic

Tomorrow, please, let's spend.

I Was 100% Behind Rice's Confirmation as SoS...

Sojourner's Newsletter - Received Tuesday

I'm worried about the poor quality of education for the wealthy

Who's gonna watch?

Was Nightline worth watching?

Don't drink too heavily, or this could happen to you......

Where are all the orange and red terra 'lerts?

A New Economic Elite

Terra! Terra! Terra Lert!

Exit Polls say Bush Won Fair & Square

DU this poll, AAR has been FREEP'ED...

"FBI Alerts Boston of Four Terror Suspects!!!!"

How about a "Gideons" type org to put "The Age of Reason" in hotels, etc.

Jihad ....... what does it means

Should citizens start smacking "journalists" upside the head?

Religious right: Pathetic tools for cheap labor conservatives

The big picture: Dem Strategy vs. Repub Strategy 2004

I don't watch TV...does Condi Rice always have that sour look on her face?

"The Salvador Option" is Not an Option! - Join Sojourners Campaign

Bush and the Starman

Good Morning, Four MORAN Years! n/t

Idiot host on Fox gets Outfoxed!

OMG, laura bush* arrives at ball tonight in ANOTHER fashion flop (PHOTO)

What can we do here, to tell the Iraqi People, "Sorry, We tried..."

Which Persecuted Group to you belong to?

Dipping oil.

Media Training Now Required for Iraq-Bound Soldiers

Half of IRR call-ups seek delays, deferments; hundreds are no-shows

Probe of Madigan's office ends with no charges

Britain rocked by pictures of apparent Iraq abuse

Blair calls prisoner abuse photos 'appalling'

US tries to remove climate change references in UN disaster talks

2 women deny rape charges

New York Times link of Iraqi Toddler orphan: Email it to everyone:

U.S. Senate Dems want to delay approving Rice

Ukrainian President-elect Viktor Yushchenko

Moscow rejects US criticism of democracy decline

Chile offers experience in risks, benefits of privatizing Social Security

Cuba, Russia promote aeronautical cooperation

San Diego Reacts To Bishop's New Condom Policy

3 British Soldiers Court-Martialed on Charges of Iraq Prisoner Abuse Simil

Harvest Suspends Venezuelan Drilling Program

DoD Identifies 5 Casualties - Jan.19

WSJ: Jobs Outlook May Stay Volatile

Some Dems Plan to Avoid Bush Inauguration

Lawyers Describe Guantanamo Detainees

Leavitt Won't Rule Out Medicaid Budget Cuts

WP: Bush Talks of Setting New Tone

US official confirms Allawi shot six dead

Defiant Iran says it will resist US

Text Messages to Mobilize Inauguration Protesters

Judge Throws Out Same-Sex Marriage Suit

World fears new Bush era

Spain's Catholic Church reverses statement in support of condom use

EU misses point on China arms, says US

Public Voicing Doubts on Iraq and the Economy, Poll Finds

Britain urges Bush to set out Iraq withdrawal timetable

Armitage's disappointments - Reflections of a straight shooter?

No Second Honeymoon (CBS/NYT Poll)

Powell says goodbye

WP: Cheney Upholds Power of the Presidency

What will Democrats offer on Social Security?

Russia calls on West to give up 'double standards' against terror

Contamination of airplane water has worsened, EPA says

Bush Pledges to Seek Unity in Second Term

Barge Carrying Petroleum Byproduct Explodes, Sinks in Chicago Canal

Judge rejects Guantanamo cases

Dayton to vote against Rice for Secretary of State

Schwarzenegger Takes Heat Over 'Three Stooges' Comment

Rolling Stone Magazine Refuses to Run Ad for Bible

W & Bubba listen to Bono (or not)

Did anyone see The Killers on SNL this weekend?

For Those Coming to DC tomorrow....

"buy nothing day"

Everyone says I'll amount to nothing by posting on DU

ZombyWoof and nini - Part II

did I mention I LOVE TIVO

Confession of a secret crush....

Separated at Birth (Photos)

I triple dog dare you.....

Just Discovered the Sopranos

Lost or SI swimsuit models playing volley ball

Do you ever eat Cool Whip right out of the tub?

Tomorrow I am buying nothing. But I will be returning what I bought today.

New disease "gonorrhea lectim"

Seattle demonstrations

Caption this

I saw two neat bumper stickers today.

Poll of polls

Poll or pole?

Help! Somebody explain "pilates" to me.

what "popular" foods can you do without?

Wow, it really was a missing person.

hometown sherriff and friend shot and killed today

Pickest thou a number twixt twelve and twenty, 'ere I destroy thy crops.

I don't know who came up with the idea of striped pants...

Let's play fetch the cork!

I love yogurt dipped pretzels.

Hilarious email.

Anybody else see "Fly Jefferson Airplane" on DVD?

Psssst. Are you all noticing how this place is clearing out?

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, Your money will be worthless by June!

I broke my tit.

Visit my new blog, and the cool list of articles there...

Can I get iTunes to give me MP3s instead of their AA4 deals?

How to Detect Lies

Help me out please....

Atlantis show on National Geographic Channel NOW!!!

Was anyone else here born

aar is getting freeped...


Extremely Exciting!

What band would you like to see play the counter inaugural?

"Dey took errrrr jrrrrbs!!!!" on South Park now

There's a hole in my soul-------

Albums (OK, "CDs") you've bought for just one track?

all you Lounge lizards get over to GD and read...

Apple repeats history again.


Anybody else like collective soul?

I'm going to wear all black tommorow, who is with me?

I looooove freshly fallen snow at night!

I love eggs!

Who likes Asian Food?

Egads! What a discovery! How could I be so stupid?

I may need to take my neighbor to small claims court.

Watching BASEKETBALL; ask me anything!

Does bus fare count as a "damn dime" spending measure tomorrow?

I just LOVE these new phones that take pictures.

I can quite believe I'm the only Dovers fan on the board

Frat Pranks

New Jib Jab Video - Bush's 2nd Term

Kleeb is a miner

Somebody say Fair Warning!!!! Lord, Strike that poor boy Down!!!!

Nervous eating-Comfort Foods. What's your choice?

But I don't WANNA be a pirate!

It's time to play... ~*~NAME THAT TUNE~*~!!!

bobbobbins has joined the 700 club.

Okay everybody...What DU Groups do you post at?

We could have been partying tonite ....

For the DU Johnny Depp fans: He's TV Guide's #4 TV Teen Idol

Quaint Hobbies and Collections?

Ok so I won't be here till saturday starting tommorow

I'm so depressed.

Separated at birth?

Tomorrow I will boycott the inaugural and not log on to DU

Sitting in a motel, under the flight path of >

the fiery furnaces - anyone ever hear them?

Where does serenity come from? >

What Is The Best Symbolic Car Magnet To Show Dissent For BushCo?

Late-night diversion: Super Mario Rampage!

Who's ready to hibernate?

Daily Show Fans: Shakespeare's Sonnet 141 !!!!!

Protest Sign picture...taken in Dublin, March 2003

Celebrity math: Condi Rice

Flaws in Mac OS X's Darwin

If anyone is sad let me know

This is a must see, fox news gets outfoxed clip.

Caption this please:


for discussion: "American Idol" is a knife in the heart of civil society.

Having trouble "cutting and pasting" Help please...

The Comsat Angels -- I bet I'm the only fan here

WTF is going on with Florida

What is the key to being happy in life?

"Lovely...What I am is lovely..."

In today's market, which auto group builds the world's best looking cars?

I'm wearing black Tomorrow

Best side dish for pizza

What caption befits this photo?

What's your favorite Kinks tune?

anyone good with japaneese coins?

What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

what games do you like to play?

When was your state admitted to the Union?

Does DU have any plans for the coronation?

Who's your daddy?

Is it time for Lost yet?

What are the odds on Pickles wearing thong underwear to the ball?

Just got my full version of office XP in the mail-21 bucks!

Will your game work on your PC? Another M$ patent and we're all dumb.

Lets Active - Am I the only Fan here?

The Stone Roses - I can't be the only fan

I can quite believe I'm the only Go-Betweens fan on the board.

My dog hates it when I dance. How do you annoy your pets?

Favorite comic strip/comic book cat?

I would like your opinions on my possible sig line image.

Great Moments in Inaugural History.

Putting pictures online while travelling.

shome mishtake shorely?

I just had the best day of my career - and I'm gonna tell you about it.

Funniest Bumper Snickers ever seen? Here's mine.......

Maybe Catwoman can adopt Sydney Simpson...?

Favorite Sesame Street Character

Now Rush the Pillhead is slamming another group he knows nothing about.

Point Pleasant...or, Stephen King writes The OC

Caption this photo!

If someone is terrible at art, music, &c--do you tell him or her?

Which generation do you belong too...

I got a $25 gift certificate to Borders and I'm letting DU pick what I buy

Name an experience you've had few others have had.

What about a Comic Book DU group?

Scientist Proves 1988 Dating of the Shroud of Turin Was Invalid

What is your favorite Bible verse? Mine is "IF God be for us, who can be

Amazing hominid haul in Ethiopia (Ardipithecus ramidus)

Odd couple make friends in Kenya

WaPo: Cowher Set to Roll With Bettis

This may be first AFC Championship game in Pgh with bad weather since 70's

My Heart Says Steelers, But My Head Says Pats

Belichick, Brady, and The Pats ARE NOT Great

Another surge of IDiocy in GD.

Kennedy also to vote against Rice's confirmation

Daily Kos thread about Condi hearing, some good analysis here

Kerry's letter about Rice

Note re John Kerry's mailing list

Pacifica Radio's "Fight for Democracy" - Counter-Inaugural

Stupidest headline of the day

I think Iran is next....

Is America a Banana Republic?

Great Ben Sargent cartoon on the tasteful, restrained b** Inauguration

Michael Moore has Rice's "Wonderful Tsunami" quote front and center

Program is Set for Activities -- go David Lytel!!!

NOTHING makes Cheney smile that evil smile more than

Is this a 'Doh' moment, or what?

More In U.S. Think Iraq War A Mistake

IMisinformation Alert: You CAN take protest signs on Inaug. Parade Route

Rove's Social Security "campaign" ?

Karl Rove just said on Hardball that Bush was the most or one of

Boxer REAPEAT UP NOW...C-Span-I...est...on now...don't miss it it's great!

I *do* care that they voted for Rice.

Health care is a right not a privilege-Health democracy movement in.....

New York Times link of Iraqi Toddler orphan: Email it to everyone:

Iran is next; Rice as much as said it today

Democracy Now Plans Coverage of Inaugural Demonstrations!

I am Democrat because . . . excerts from a Gov. Warner speech

I had a LTE Published in my local paper

AP Says We're "In Denial"

Senator Lugar-- what's he like?

Sen Feinstein's hubby has huge Defense Contract in Iraq?...

Is this rogue breed of Repug here to stay???

Can we go to war with Iran without a draft first?

Is Dem platform critical in electoral success (or is it pure marketing)

I just spoke with Julie at Social Security

New term for conservatism. PPP: People in Power Profiting

Dems Force Delay in Gonzales Vote

Two CA congresswomen support Roemer to prove party inclusivity.

I think that I am going to keep my TV black tomorrow

OK. I'm putting Bush on ignore. Who's with me?

Kerry mailing: "My vote against the Rice nomination"

Who's ready....

Minimum wage issue a winner for Democrats

I almost forgot to tell you about the freudian slip Rush had today

What was Sarbanes doing on January 18 when

I bought a flag today

What I think about Feingold.

What i am doing tomorrow...

GREAT news, boys & girls! MSNBC said the country is NOT divided!

Bush attends funeral, solemn photos.

My Bloody Inauguration Card To President Bush........

Bush reiterates his mandate from God

Florida state chair, Maddox, posts at the blog tonight.

Well. We're halfway through the national nightmare

"All the Cake Eaters:"

why didn't the Republican Senators have any questions for Rice ?

Biden was the one who let Clarence Thomas on the Court. F Him.

I'm listening to Mike Malloy on AAR and I feel sick!

WHY did all but two Dem senators vote for Rice????

Don't Let Them Steal Social Security - THERE IS NO CRISIS!

Caption Condi!

Democrats Could Delay Rice Confirmation in Full Floor Debate

So What's Gotten Into The Democrat's Water In DC?

Why in the World would W nominate Condi after her failures??

Need help re taking and downloading pictures

If you want to challenge DOMA, don't argue equal protection

Does Bush need a cogressional vote to go into Iran?

MikeG has a "New Tone": F you Bush.

Tomorrow, I need to protest. But how?

It was always about the messenger, not the message

Cheney calls Boxer's questioning of Rice "fundamentally unfair"

So when was the last time "Privatization" worked ? Energy in CA

Why is Joe Lieberman so hated?

Not a Damn Dime Day tomorrow!! Reminder

The McLaughlin Group - January 14, 2005 - Video/transcript

Condi won the image war against Boxer

So Now Feingold and Obama are on the DU Sh*tlist?

BoingBoing Headline: Child appears unhappy after parents slain in Iraq

An oddity: Moscow Plans First Stalin Monument Since 1960s

Inauguration Day 2005: imperial delusions and political reality

Not content to control 3 branches of gov't, AEI bitches about Libs more

Arianna Huffington Dems need to get their * together

The Fog Of Phony War

Good Bloomberg article on SS: Gingrich off the reservation for a sec

WSJ has Treas. Sec Snow op-ed lie - "One Thing We Can All Agree On"

What I'll do for $241,000 | Crispin Sartwell

A New “Citizens Oath of Office” for Inauguration 2005: Robert Jensen

The Eve of Destruction

Ret, Lt .Col. Kwiatkowski's scathing critic of today's festivities

WP: "Fool's Gold", and more

Opinion: A New Republican Era?

A Time for Leaving (Iraq)

Molly Ivins: Henhouses overstaffed with foxes

Where does the buck stop? Anywhere BUT the White House

Robber Baron's

The Bush legacy: is Jeb next?

Jihad ....... what does it means

Hard Observation on Todays Inauguration lacked Applause

"God of our Farther" being played by the military band following the

Greg Palast -- Oaf of Office

American Hitler - The Quiz (fun little agitprop)

Don't Be a Stranger! Be a Resident, Mr. President

Don't Know Much About Algebra: Maureen Dowd, NYT

Our Own Ownership Society: Robert B. Reich

A New Deal to scupper a presidency (Blumenthal has Rubin on SS)

What happened to the women held at Abu Ghraib?

Inaugural II: Bush Doctrine

Condi Rice/Steady on, toward disaster (Star Tribune)

Richard Clarke - Ten Years Later after 2nd Wave of Terror Hits U.S.

Inaugural speech, annotated - Activism Opportunity from phone to help save Social Security

Protest at Rove's House!


WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site!

Who is going to the L.A. protest?

Is there an SF action on 1/22?

Update on BBV and Agent Mike

a Note from KERRY petition to fire Rumsfeld May 1st, protest coordinators needed

Mainstream Media reports exit poll errors-some actually buy a look at data

"Air America is Back in Fighting Form"

I knew this was coming...Sponge Bob is Gay...

Who makes our pharmaceuticals?

"There's is no crisis".....good web site regarding Social Security

Is the goal of capitalism to be able to afford Communism - Nanjie Village

Indians in Peru regain potato rights

World, Bolivia's Mesa bows to protesters' demands again

Evil of Holocaust still threatens world, Annan says

BATF needs improvement...

Should suppressors be taken off the NFA list?

I'm going to buy a gun.

It seems like there's a dedicated infiltration in the works

Hello Skinner, are you there?

This is the biggest flamebait thread I've ever seen

I'm getting all kinds of bug error messages

You are cruel, cruel men.

Great homepage montage -- thanks! eom

Happy 4th Birthday, DU!!!!!

This is on the homepage and has turned very, very snarky.

I had a thread deleted from the Lounge

Self-deleted, figured out the answer

At your convenience (follow up to Ricardo)

Mr 30000 Post Man

Apologies and kudos

Can't get into

inaugural comments getting out of hand

Can this thread be put out of it's misery, now?

He admins! Mr Scorpio and I want to buy you a drink!

When it is enabled; how will the RSS feed keep up w/ insane pace of LBN?

I Hesitate to Ask This...

I have received a personal threat as PM:

"View all"

Skinner, sent you a PM

Just a liittle suggestion about photos of Chimp

Just a friendly inquiry here...

This has got to go.

the madness

I really feel idiotic asking this.

After 1/20, is there any possibility....

FYI - Ted Koppel quoted a DU post re election, apparently derisively

Danish leader of Palestinian aid organization lost his job in UN shake-up

Gov't decision strips Palestinians of their East J'lem property

Southern Illinoisan: "A spin through the region" (Blago article)

Chicago Sun-Times: "Jackson slam Daley for scandals"

Anybody up for a Flash Meet up/Thurs J20 @2pm?

State Journal-Register: Madigan investigation ends

State Journal-Register: Springfield getting new TV news

Peoria Journal-Star: "Some gays yearn for infection"

Taking Thursday 1/20 Off


Gov. Blunt proposes making absentee voting easier

are there transcripts from Rice hearings -

Republican State Senator Calls for Election Investigation in Milwaukee

Surprised about your "surprised" reaction on the ABC "report"

NYT: "Study Cites Human Failings in Election Day Poll System"

Excellent point by Nothing Without Hope

You may be unaware of this "order"

Not in Our Name Ad Hits NY TIMES on Friday! This is good news!

Ohio GOP Attorney General launches attack on Election protection.

Wednesday 1/19/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

A Poem for the inauguration by T.S. Eliot

Do you realize that we are the majority? --and that the protesters...

Humor: Some Diebold ads

Re: Today's Infrauduration

The Solar Bus is draped with an upside-down flag today

Participate in counter activities around the country and check this link

David Lytel Interviewed on MSM - Dave Ross of KCBS!!!

2 predictions for the next 4 years

PLEASE!!! Don't Let the Recount Fight Die! - From RECOUNTOHIO.ORG

Darth is being sworn in....

Koppel on C-SPAN2: "I am a total idiot when it comes to the Internet"

Nobel Peace Prize nominee: Bush re-election may end the human race

faces of folks in Bush stands not smiling when not on camera.

it the head of capitalism.

Why aren't the protesters on Cspan 2 NOT TALKING ABOUT THE STOLEN ELECTION

it is in the faces. never seen such a down crowd. and they

anybody counting how many times he says free and freedom?

Blackwell on Nightline failed to mention....

faces. faces...they are just just down. and it is 34 degrees there

support line for dems on cspan busy 202 7370002


Exclusive Interview: Conyers on vote reform, Bush nominees, Soc. Security

CSPAN Calls Coming In Now...

"nightline" -- RIGHT NOW!!! "They said John Kerry WON the election and

cspan...lots of clinton time on camera

The Exit Pollsters were too young, because the avg. age was 34?

good gosh they are praying again.

Need help with a flyer...

Video - Daily Show exposes the comedy behind today's neocon festival

how dare they have a Turner painting behind them.

And while you're at it....

10 freedoms, 4 liberty, 1 free

Sister Brenda Stokely: ORGANIZE! N/T

About the protests....

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney trying to get to TYBOB protest

Go and buy a bunch of black underwear!

RAWSTORY: Conyers discusses vote reform, Bush nominees

NBC showing protesters Now!

Wearing black, at DU with friends, not watching the circus, not spending,

Hay Bush what do you say, how many children did you kill today?

If b&c impeached, who is president?

Is anyone mentioning the wrong person is being inaugurated?

Help please...

Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration - article and photos here

Ron Reagan on MSNBC: "We've killed more children in Iraq than died here

Is that the press on the podium behind the speakers?

DU this MSNBC Poll: Do you feel confident about * second term?

presenting folks dressed in 1700 miliary garb?

Will any other channels cover the parade?

ABC showing police moving in on protestors

If i cannot be there in body, I'm sure as Hell gonna join in spirit

For a change, MSM is doing okay....

CSPAN2 showing protests

CBS Just showed shots of the protesters! (not at the ANSWER site)

He's off!!!

Email Reply from John Kerry

Uh oh


This is the opposite of Bill Clinton's parade

LMAO! "whoops!" There's a mic behind us, Shhh!

Will * get out and do the traditional walk?

Bless you C-span for the split screen with protesters and bush family!!

Jennings: "This looks like a military operation. . ."

Don't forget WIll's blog

Georgie probably wanted to wear body armor...

C-SPAN2: Coverage of Inaugural Protest

Did he hire cheerleaders for when he gets out?

Turn Your Back on Bush ON NOW!! Whoo Hoo! God bless you patriots! nt

We rememebr you have a good arm!

Yes! Watch this video and remember the protests!!

George Will: "A military operation more befitting of a banana republic..."

wolf saying frui being thrown. whole motorcade is creepy.

Get Ready - Turn your back on Bush happening in the next minutes!!

Cheney's using children as human shield

will pitt fyi: check it out - a push on the parade might occur!

** & Pickles walking now! (In their "safe" zone, away from those...

"unimaginable that the protesters outnumber supporters" - cnn

Needed: LTTE Campaign to the NYT

Oh holy many times are they going to pray???

CNN reports real news...go figure

He Came So Close...So Close...

NBC mentioned somewhere there were some protesters down, is

Bush wearing "Depends"?

Rep. Conyers' Letter to Ohio Attorney General:

Students march in Seattle right now!

Letter of the week benefits...!

"Ownership Society" = "Inheritance Society"

This is Bush's "freedom", check out Break for News

Mitofsky report "debunks" fraud hypothis but provides no evidence

Will Pitt has signed off for now... THANK YOU, Will!

Henhouses overstaffed with foxes

Happy Birthday, DU!

Here *IT* comes....

The US media and 14 common characteristics of fascist regimes

Perhaps letters of thanks and encouragement to ABC are in order

Just left the protest, It was great ! The best thing was the

AP: Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration


"Get the f*ck out!" just heard on c-span 2

Can anyone hear protesters on c-span?

Do we still have time to influence the vote on Rice?

This is historic and amazing!

Rep. John Conyers Election Reform

Weird juxtaposition on the "exit polls" situation

Bill Moyers reminds us: "Not One Damn Dime Day"

A Wreck of A Speech by George Walker Bushitler

KEYBOARD WARRIORS: Go get some eggs or signs or signatures or something

Fox News Meltdown - Vanity Fair Blasts the $40m Inauguration in Wartime.

I *LOVE* this quote from Boxer. It may soothe you too.

Let's track all the ways Boxer is treated as a crazylady in the MSM

Kerry photo to rate up please

Another Kerry Email: "My vote against the Rice nomination"

The Republican challenge of Gov. Christine Gregoire delayed

Front page Guardian "World Fears New Bush Era"

??? How in the Hell can this be attributed to people wanting * for prez

Proof of Vote fraud has happened in Ohio before

The Daily Buzz wants to know what we think about the party today

Coincidence?100% paper-ballot OR is MOST accurate (within 0.40%) Exit Poll

Is it true that Kerry got BOOED at the inuaguration?

CNN F-Bush Video:

I thought this was going to be a bad day...

Thursday 1/20/05 Election/Fraud/Recount/Protest Thread

Conyers Office would like his letters blasted to the media. Pls help!

Go back to CSpan 1

Rate up the Protest Photos!

Protester Pictures!

Do you hear more boos than cheers?

Just got back from the inauguration

AFP confirms: Two days of Senate debate planned for Rice

KFMB: Barbara Boxer represents the WORST this country has to offer.

Exit poll study

I took a vacation day for the unnaugaration

This is getting a bit ridiculous...


A.N.S.W.E.R. is losing me...

You Think Kerry Isn't Already Getting Under The Repukes Skin?

ABC News shows protestors trying to break down fence

FACING SOUTH: A progressive Southern news report on minority voting

Conyers Letter to Petro (OH Attorney Gen)

1966,grad school,Cheney chose computerized regression analysis of

The Nashua Advocate: The Most Savage Editorial/Satire We've Ever Published

Ted Koppel READ MY POST TO DU opening the show - re FOCUS FOCUS etc.

BLAST! LETTER OF THE WEEK #1: The Media and the Protests URGENT!

Why doesn't Bush look happy?

MSM is digging its own grave. We need to help it along.

ACTION! LETTER OF THE WEEK #2: To Senators on Condoleeza Rice

Mitofsky on Nightline:"26 of 30 deviations to Bush" Wrong. It was 30 of 30

WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site! - Chuck The Fundraiser

Are These Statements True

Boxer must be doing something right

Villaraigosa's Campaign Tries to Recapture Spark

Okay, so now it looks like liberal talk radio is coming to Los Angeles

Kuehl Pushes for State-Run Health Plan (Single Payer State System)

Iowa domestic issue groups are terrorists

Any other Minnesota blogs running the "No Crisis" soc. sec. ads?

One more counter-inaugural event tonight

Okay. With great trepidation I ask . . .

Singel Wants to Run for Senate or Lt. Governor

Pittsburgh Radio - we'll have Thom Hartmann and John McIntyre

Wesely Clark to speak in Erie

Hello to All Lone Star State DU-ers From Beautiful Hillsboro!!!!

DALLAS MOURNS (anti-Bush protest in Big D)

Laredo Dem Henry Cuellar has "heavy baggage" on the Hill

Beer kegs would be registered under new bill

March 19 protests planned in Texas? Where? How about Crawford?

Yeeehaaaa!! Wisconsin Vet at protest

China's move toward oil diplomacy

What's with Republicans and Dumb Presidents?

Will we see this tomorrow???

Cheney shows off his cowboy boots. Ha ha, what a folksy guy

I'm just one the wild haired loonies who can't "get over it"

Don't consume/spend anything tomorrow

Malloy thought

great blog coming out of iran at present

Koppel gave a phony reason for why the exit polls didn't match the vote!

Caption this please, quick, we're freezing.

I received a literature package from EIR. Lyndon Larouche.

Yeehaw...And you thought Repukes didn't know how to party.

good night ,,,,good luck to all of you tomorrow!

its 1/20/04- Let's each take a moment to reflect back 4 years...

Reality Check to Anyone Who Thinks You're Gonna See Protestors on TV

Black armband?

Air America Radio in Chicago

"Osama bin Laden, Tear Down That Tent"! Jon Stewart tonight.

Condicaption time!

Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Bush

Anyone planning to watch the A&E Arnie biopic?

Charlie Rose. Is Perle delusional? nt

How is it possible that the Bushes are so ugly, yet Jenna is such a, well,

Chapter Six : A Diverse Educational System (Portrait of the USA)

My Take on Senate Dems and Rice Vote

The Inauguration and the media

I just figured out where Dan Rather went wrong.

Anyone else watching the PBS series on Auschwitz?

Franken/Springer radio duo called "twisted fantasy..." but now reality

What we need to do

WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site!

Anyone else having problems pulling up threads on the

Nominate Barbara Boxer 4 Veep in 08

I have no plans on watching TV today...but I still feel almost suffocated!

"Democrats are putting National Security AHEAD

Call the Social Security Administration ... toll free

Clear Channel Rolls Out More Liberal Talk Radio

CNN Headline (LOL) - Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

So, are we recruiting for the military in US prisons yet?

Threads Unravel in Iraqi's Tale - Wash Post Admits Being Dupes

Top GOoPer says Bush's plan is dead

Support John Kerry, who voted against Condi Rice!

Bilbo Catkiller on Today Show

It's Dufus Day in Dogtown.

So does this mean Laura bush is a *gasp* LIBERAL?????!!

Inauguration rhetoric

When will the madness of king George end? And how?

Holocaust lessons meet Muslim rebuff in France

Mega props to whoever made the collage on the front page

On this day.....

On this day.....

MUST HEAR: Preview of Bush's inagauration address .

'Evil twin' fear for wireless net

Control v Harmony

The Inauguration, oh cursed day, is my birthday. How do I Celebrate?

'Moors' seek royal apology 500 years after their exile


MUST READ for Coronation Day!!!

My Eyes!! My Eyes!! What is that huge pic of GW doing on the homepage!

Boston U delayed reporting possibly lethal bacteria exposure


Did anyone catch Andrew Card's BS this morning?

What TV station would be the most likely to show the protesters?

DC street cams

Wall of names for museum

Well, at least I've still got a sense of humor...

My plan for the day...

Stupid Question Time: How do Dems Do the Inauguration?

Riverbend: Kerosene Shortages worse than Gulf War 1

Barack Obama.....What The H&$$

So now he's president of the planet?

What would memorable line from Bush's speech be if.....

Why I feel a little better lately

Not One Damn Dime people- Don't forget

cspan-2 10:30am est - coverage of protest at dupont circle

self delete

Roe asks court to ban abortion

ANSWER coalition has 210 ft long stretch of bleachers along route

FBI grills Jack Kemp about Iraq contract ****oil for food*****

Who else isn't watching any of 'The Coronation'?

DC STreet Cams url listed below brought one thing to my mind . . .

To the supporters of the party and president of "moral values".

testing. do not click

Why is there a Confederate flag in these "inauguration" photos?

It's BONE-CHILLING COLD here in OUR Nation's Capital (link/photo)

Flag designs and colors...

Caption this picture

Saw something this morning, need help...

Rate the despicability factor of these four

so who is wearing black today? i also canceled my morning

An Inauguration Day Message:

Whose is the most tragic American life?

Even my pets are depressed today

Why our Press and Visual Media fail.

I need a catchy saying

"I don't see how you can be President without a relationship with the Lord

How does one paste pictures in a thread?

How much of the Coronation will you watch?

Just got this in an email...

Stamp honours Jewish 'moon boy'

DU opening page scared the sh*t out of me.

Individual Ready Reserve refusing to be called back (article)

Wow! GREAT interview with Boxer in Salon!

Return of God - war and peace according to a fundie...

In previous inaugs, did they call out the attendees this way?

I'm trying out a new nickname for *

Good Morning, Washington DC! We've got AAR!

I sure hope they're good and cold

remembering the LAST inaugural....

Brian WIlliams just compared *'s protection with

Drink it. DRINK IT!

The Parlock-ing of Michael Moore? Bodyguard story bogus?

So was it Biden that told Condi yesterday

One day I admire Christopher Dodds for his exam on Condi-today I

"Honorable Trent Lott..."

George W Frawd: a puppet without a brain George W FraWd nt

So Chief InJustice Rehnquist actually showed.

Dick Cheney is swearing...

Pickles just told a whopper

Get mad watching this, DUers. Get angry.

Watching Dodd introduce the "honorable" Dennis Hastert it occurred to me.

Protests on the WEB and on all PACIFICA radio stations (links)

Is it an Inauguration or a Las Vegas Girlie Show?

remember the vietnamese girl running from the napalm attack?

Will Bush Pull a Napoleon?

Oh, so THAT'S who the token black woman was in the crowd

Take The Bush Wave Challenge!

Trent Lott...MC for the Academy Awards

Time to Mute the TV-* Speaking-and don't need any more hot air in the room

you ever get the sense that one day the religious righties are just going

Don't Watch The Anointing - Watch CSPAN2 Coverage of Protestors

Caption This.....Bush Family Photo

Does this Mean BushII To Will Resign

The Washington Post donated $100,000 to **'s unauguration.

No difference if Kerry had his hand on the bible today. Right, Nader?

"Prone to ideologies that feed hatred and excuse killing...."

Time To Party!

Sign at protest: Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution!

"The Ideology of Hatred and Murder"

I hope a few of the Turn Your Back on Bush people moon him.

I want our house back

drove to san francisco protest?

Our Country's Karma is in the toilet

Chimp; Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. Molly Ivins was

Dele Regnum Ignus.....God Bless Earth....We will need it now more...

Air America welcomes...DETROIT!!!

Why was Bush introduced by Trent Lott?

Don't these Inaugural Balls look a bit obscene and inappropriate?

America the Father

Am watching people being removed from the chimp's area

I feel like throwing up and crying-the ceremony had begun

Tsunami picture: is this real?

military using 1940s training manual "mixed-race" companies"

We need a "Penguin Relief Movement!" this is really, really tragic,

Mourning in America and Maya Angelou

City attorney tries to squrim out of bogus issuing of obscenty charge

Well, a sad day...

the WORST inaugural speech EVER.....

Has he been crowned yet?

Is it normal for God to have such a focus in an inauguration?

You know when the MSM

CNN called it his "vision for the future"....I call it his HALLUCINATION!

Marriott is a freep hotel?

I'm going to play ostrich, now.

The single word that best sums up Bush's legacy?

Inaugural Update or Pre Nazi Germany? The tone is such that of Nationalism

did you see the cross imagery after * spoke

Some goomer sang "Let the Eagle Soar" By John AssKKKraft.

ABC's Martha Raddatz says when you go to Iraq you feel "more hopeful"

"He loved Big Brother"

DU this Poll!

How do you rate the television coverage of this inaugural?

The only way we can prevent this from happening again is Paper Ballots and

CNN Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider (Once again)

Michael Moore nominated for Directors Guild award for Fahrenheit 9/11

Bush rebuked by Coalition for Traditional Values for daughters' clothes

God votes: DC, 10:23 am: 34 degrees, 14 mph wind, feels like 25, cloudy

A note from a Hippy on Pot

150 car bombings and 250 suicide attacks are planned...

ABC's Martha Raddatz says when you go to Iraq you feel "more hopeful"

The New Enemy of the Faith - Spongebob Squarepants

Moron Alert! Possible new RW Talking Point!. Kinda Long (Sorry)

Funniest (Real) Headline Ever: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

Wow, KNX radio (1070 AM) in LA isn't letting Bush off easy! NOT fawning.

Giving credit to the Bush Administration.

'Jane Roe' asks High Court to Overturn Roe V. Wade

Don't forget the InaugBlog

My Friend should be congratulated for watching the Corronation

"Stupidity Will Come To Those Who Love It"

The "Young, Hip Bible" That Rolling Stone Rejected an Ad For

"Thank you, Lord, that we have a president who knows you"

The Coronation of Dulness

My Freedom does not come from God

Interesting polling numbers from last few days...

DC Indymedia down

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

Here are 5 places where Bush can start the "freedom" thing

A worse day than the day Lennon was killed

The company I work for is piping this in to our TVs...

January 20, 1977: Jimmy Carter is inaugurated

FWIW, DU this poll..

Inagural accountability-......

Worst President Ever!!! Bush WarMongers!!! Greed is not a Moral Value

Channel flipping had Elmo on Pres.Inaug. on local PBS

Vote in the CNN poll on how inspiring Bush's address was....

"Those Soaring Words"

What is the address of the website for Mr. Pitts synopsis of the

McKinney made it to the rally... CSPAN2 nt

Well, investers don't seem very excited

Bush said "Freedom must be chosen...and realized through the rule of law"

Why Democrats ARE a JOKE.

I don't think Bush's second term will last four years.

Sounds Like Victory -Billmon on LTC Ryan's media diatribe

Everybody Else got Warm up Tents But AntiProtestors Nothing

Whoa...I was just out at two stores...

Big surprise: B**h did not mention the word "Iraq" during speech

End Occupation of USA NOW!!!

I can't believe all the police and security

NPR covering the Inauguration like it was the Rose Bowl parade...

210,000 protest in France over wages/benefits

inauguration protesters looks like big success

I Could NOT!!!!....Bare To Watch

Has anyone seen any mention of "Not one Dime" in MSM?

E-mail from Terry McAuiffe: "We Won't Stop Fighting!"

I spotted the below editorial cartoon

They booed Kerry at the inaugural!!!

63 neglected cats discovered during traffic stop

Answer: March 19th Protests around country- anny of *Shock & Awe*

AP story - Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration

did bush just cry?

"Vote Republican!"

Just got a call from a friend -- "Bush and his friends must have a woody

Pro Life Don't kill them at Twenty!!!

Dang that Shrub!! Just got my W-2s

not many protests showed up

PHOTOS: The world celebrates with the USA over Bush 2!

Has the Word "Freedom" Ever Been So Debased?

Quilts of Valor

Now That Bush Has Been Sworn In, The Time for Democratic Unity Has Passed

Remember: The Good Lord, in His Infinite Wisdom...

My Hero >

Vegas Weatherman Loses Job Over On-Air "Martin Luther Coon" Remark

The motorcade is leaving and will soon pass through the gauntlet...

CNN's "presidential historian" disses Europe

"No Place to Hide" a must watch tonight!!!

C-SPAN2 cuts away from protests...more tonight at 8pm

I was just watching the protestors on C-span 2

Jeez, they even make Powell carry his own bags.

If C-SPAN 2 cuts away from the protest at 3pm...

Asshole Brian Williams just said that "the important thing is that

Is Chimp really in that limo?

It looks like the Soviet Union went to the future!

Motorcade is Leaving

Yahoo! News Slideshow: Bush Inauguration Protests

Take comfort - the truth is our ally.

Is he having some kind of spasm? D.T.'s? Asleep?

OK - Is there a housing bubble? Will it burst? Will we have deflation?

BBC Reports: US Slaughter of Iraqis at Checkpoint Photo Sequence*graphic*

Interesting...BUSH SITS on the Right



Will the Chimp get out of the limo?

Welcome to the Age of Stupidity

CNN coverage hilarity

Well, it sure looks like a funeral procession

Did you see when they booed Kerry?

Listen on CSPAN.."booooooooo!", the cheers are outnumbered

I missed Busholini's speech---how did it compare with this one?

Washington Journal - Dem Strategy

KKKarl Rove chatting with Ah-Nold!

Terry Moran on ABC reported "things are being thrown at the motorcade"

Can anyone understand that guy on the loudspeaker? -nt-

Yeah-protestors turning their backs on Bush with *Liar* signs

SKYBOX Republicans.

The PA is creepy.

OMG. It's a Potemkin Inauguration.

Idiot Wind

why is a bus leading the motocade?

shrub's motorcade speeds past protestors..

Beautiful Sounds from the B*sh (Counter-)Inagural

I hope the rest of the world sees the protests.

My God this is SO HITLER LIKE....God I'm ashamed to have this

3 words come to mind.

It looks like Darth Vader's car. You can't see insid. OMG! getting out!


US Army Negligence: 38 Rangers from Afghanistan Have Malaria!

he's gonna walk! hah. dumbass.

Did I just see one of the Secret Service agents wearing a red armband?

Doesn't anyone have an egg?!? -nt-

Bush celebrates "peaceful transfer of power" ??????

No protesters near where * gets out? Was it *cleansed*?

Chimpy out of the car to, as Tweety says, "to show confidence

right time a bucket of blood

Secret Service Jump on Bush's car Fruit hit Bush's car

Bush out of the car with staged Cheerleaders and he is walking

Run! Drive Faster, you little monkey! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This is SO GREAT! A big hand to all the people who made

"Wave to them. Let them know you love America."

"Hey bu$h we know you, your daddy was a killer too"!

inoggerel: There is a new word for peace: "sabbatical"

If you go to

Is GWB gaming Congress with the Gonzales & Chertoff nominatins?

Good job, DU-ers!!! FCC Powell to launch investigation - Armstrong!!!

David Brooks ABC: "Like an orwell novel..."

CNN assures us - bush has many supporters here, don't worry

The Protestors outsmarted Police their all over

Did you catch that shot of Pickles on CSPAN?

Questions about Bush's Inaugural Parade:

I just heard on Faux news: The parade went as expected...not too

PA Announcer reminds me of the circus-introducing the acts

Bush: Armed Forces Recruiter

all these posts could be on one post

Whats the news update on the 14th street group?

They're using the PA...

I spent the morning at the VA hospital, surrounded by

You guys will not believe this email I just received!

Snopes, how dare they point out

The parade is on CSPAN...wonder if we'll see the protestors there.


Wall Street LOVES *

The need something to hate and fear .....Now Sponge Bob

whispering in the stands

Chocolate covered dog shit

Marching band displays "hook em" horn sign in unison when passing

Scary report from Will Pitt

He married a 10-year-old, but he thinks same-sex marriage is wrong . . .

was that Bush's voice I heard as he got out of the car? (CSPAN)

It hit me - the security it to protect Bush from his OWN people!!!

CBS/Mika Brezinski: "Protestors are few and far between"

The call for working and purchasing abstinence....did anything happen?


Next up-the dolls old ladies put on top of the toilet tank to hide TP

Swearing In The Beast

"Freedom" has joined "States Rights" as a Right Wing code word

A view (of the coronation) from abroad

Mobile Azalea Trail Maidens: Humans or coconut-covered cupcakes?

ABC is slamming the parade, called it Banana Republic like

Has any forum congratulated DU on the superb front page today?

UGGH! DO they ALWAYs have to show the whacked out hippy lookin' kid?

Happy Birthday DU

Whose the woman on CNN?

Is there a cause worth dying for?

Please post for the cube rats in this thread - what is happening?

DINO ROSSI Sits with Govenors at Inaugral

How they must laugh amongst themselves,

Sen. Hillary Clinton (R - NY) Carries Bush's water, yet again...

Rev. Wallis just cut right through all of the bull about Gay Marriage

I scheduled my gum surgery for Inauguration Day..ask me anything..

Let's just have a "P.A. guy" thread

What Is This CNN "Kitchen Table Discussion" Bush Squad?

The only way to beat tyrants is to become one

Wow! Just got an email from Vanity Fair re: my email for Judy B.

Tweety: no articulate anti-war spokesperson for the Dems

Now THIS is a chant I could get into.

The seat near the president's reviewing stand emptying out

what happened to Turn Your Back On Bush?

These are the Puppet Masters showering their boy with love today

My name is Michael Camann, and G. W. Bush is not my president.

OMG- the swearing in just happened. now I am going to cry

I think I see far more protesters than supporters.

P.A.: 13th Street!! Clap to let them know you love America!!!!!!!

"A small but spirited group of hecklers began shouting as Bush......."

Big victory in War on Terra

From the BSGOP coverage: It's clear that "Joey Pants" LOVES GWB.

The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

What happened....

Jenna Bush thanks her dad's biggest supporter. Satan.

MoDowd: Summers may be right about women:Condi no good at math(good one!)

Why I support economic boycotts

Man Holds Up Sex Shop, Steals Inflatable Doll

Protest Pics

Yahoo Slideshow-63 Protest Pics (and counting)

W. post film clip of protest march(link)

f2f report from inauguration: D.C.

I am a member of the ACLU..I wonder if I am on the no fly list? NT

TWEETY: "We (the American People) don't like these Hollywood types..."

Who remembers this?

The PNAC doctrine will come true.

Arrest these RW'ers under terrorism charges

What I saw at the inauguration

Is that big brother on the PA?

Oh crap. * looked like he was going to start crying.

"From the day of our Founding, we have proclaimed..."

Martin Luther King Supported a Guaranteed Income

Remember this day...

Help finding Founding Father quotes re: Separation of

who, that is quite an elaborate viewing stand for Bush!! Has there

The silver lining.... (my take)

When will they bring out the tanks and missiles?

"Bush vows to spread democracy"... (cnn) (pic of bush included)

Defense Intelligence Agency Refuses to Declassify Info on Project Bojinka

Fasting today and so damn hungry....

While George Bush wines & dines his donor base tonight:

Vignettes from DC on Inauseation Day, 2005

good job, pickles!

I just can't even look at the madmonkeyking

Tulsa bus mfgr lays off 120 employees

Interesting take on the Bush/Hitler comparison


Micheal moore got arrested?

The bias in the media is...

Thank you MSNBC we already know the Apprentice

Bush taking the Oath w/ Rick Santorum looking on right behind him...

Did anyone watch the circus parade on CNN this morning?

WTF?!--Eliminate racism and bigotry? Is he high?


Oh now thats a good arm!

Anybody notice Bush looked unusually barrel-chested...

Joe Lieberman on The Daily Show tonight

Montana reeks of racism

Protestors disrupted bush* FIVE TIMES !!!....American HEROES !!! (PHOTOS)

American culture is NOT greed and individualism - it is communalism.

Air America reporting Bush was heavily booed

A HUGE Thanks to WillPitt!!!

ATTN: SAN FRANCISCO Working Families Earning less than $36K/YR!

Mock Coffins and Anti-War Chants as Bush Sworn In (Reuters)

Rush's Racist Comments

How appropriate - a tiara at the coronation

David Aikman (religious Bush cronie) admits Jefferson was not a Christian

Half the town of Crawford just rolled by.....

All DUers who support Dean for DNC Chair...

Anybody see puffy Jeb looked today?

Today sucked but........

Chew on this instead of eating your hearts out (longish rant)

Freepers bitch about Bush citing Qu'ran

MSNBC's Monica Crowley said there were all of 1500 protesters

Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression Too -- Just FRIGGIN' Great!

"Terra" is Endothermic.

This is just getting RIDICULOUS! (Texas-sized excess while troops die)


What Fruit hit Bush's car???

Money for Books & education Not for War and Occupation!!!

MSNBC Protestors on 14th Broke through the fence

Traditional American values are unethical

Letting the climate change on purpose?

Do the troops overseas really know about the Inauguration excesses?

a republican.......... WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE

The kind of fun only a $1,000 ticket can buy (photo)

So far (4:57PM EST), I have made no purchases of any kind...

I'm at the inaugural, check out these pics

Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough gets 3 hour radio show.....

Three liberals on Dennis Miller tonight?

I wish the protestors wouldn't chant.

Eerie scene at 9th and Pennsylvania Ave., 2:30 p.m. EST

Press Release -

Bill O' Reilly's Military Career

Gawd. I woke up to the radio alarm. What is the FIRST THING I hear?

How'd Condi Get a Ph.D.?

Michael Moore Bodyguard Story untrue...from anti-Moore blog

What wingnut slogan makes you want to blow chow?

Are Americans perpetually stupid?

DOD Has Not Released Any Deaths in Iraq in 2 Days. I wonder...

"Untamed Fires of Freedom"? WTF is that supposed to mean?

The Eve Of Destruction

Who would I contact re: Rice/Gonzales hearings?

CSPAN-2 covering protests now (nt)

* and his 'base.'

The bulge on Dumbass's Jacket - YOUR final verdict.

I live in Syracuse New York, and Barbara Boxer is my Senator


Doing the Chimp Walk - PIX >>>

US Attorney General isn't just a cabinet position.

They hit DICK's car with snowballs! >>>

Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault

WTF??? We're already in Iran???

Just remember folks four years from today we will be watching a democrat

Um, why is Jenna flashing the devil sign?

Jimmy Carter has been vilified in this WND filth---attacked as a traitor

Of course I wore black today, it is the color of mourning.

Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge

Installation in a Cold Gray Place : A View from California

WTF? Protesters(behind 10 ft. fence) pepper sprayed

What happens next to "gay marriage" in Massachusetts?

It Just Pisses Me Off Rant

Remember America: Like Poppy, Bush is a CROOK!

WTF - FEMA has online Tsunami Game for Kids - Win the Prize

"If You're Like Me: What You Know About 9/11"

Pasta makers in the San Leandro, CA area

Using a dough hook

the "Bearfan is on the road" what's for dinner thread

I am getting ready to bake my son's birthday cake.

Let's give some solidarity to our friends in distress

Death certificates for UK missing - England (Tsunami)

Let's give some solidarity to our friends in distress

Kilroy-Silk set to quit the UKIP

All teenagers face citizen pledge at 18

Don't Be a Stranger! Be a Resident, Mr. President

In 2nd Term, No Doubt About It

Chinese Ties to a Suspected Terror Plot in Boston Are Pursued

Bush thanks military and supporters

After Scandals, Someone Must Pay/Regulators Examine Bonuses at Fannie

NYT,pg1: Talk of Changing Pension Math Raises Concern on Benefit Cuts

NYT: Medicare to Expand Coverage of Heart Devices (like Cheney's)

NYT/AP: Cancer Passes Heart Disease as Top Killer (but both decline)

NYT: (Space) Shuttle Surface More Vulnerable Than Suspected

World fears new Bush era

Britain urging US to come up with Iraq withdrawal timetable: report

China races to rescue hostages as suicide bombing rocks Iraq

Georgia court bans biology textbook stickers

Salman Rushdie Fatwa Reaffirmed

No Disciplinary Action Against (UK) Army Officers

Thatcher 'directly involved in coup'

Terror Alert In Boston

Mysterious Object Seen Over East Texas

Iran and Palestine differ on Rice

NYT: Conservatives Pick Soft Target: A Cartoon Sponge

ousted Taliban government attacks Dostum

Double murderer's execution draws scant attention (CA)

LAT: GOP Sees Outreach Potential in Agenda (Mehlman tells party leaders)

LAT: U.S. Contractor Slain in Iraq Had Alleged Graft

Tight security as crowds gather for Bush's inauguration

Britain offers to ensure safety of Japanese troops in Iraq: Koizumi

Wolfowitz says reducing US casualties in Iraq more important.....

NYT: As Martha Stewart Does Time, Flush Times for Her Company

NI raid 'suspects' on police list

Blair sees greater Bush consensus

Medical errors linked to 20 Minn. deaths

FBI Grills Jack Kemp About Iraqi Contact (oil for food)

Stamp honours Jewish 'moon boy'

US right attacks SpongeBob video

FBI probes killing of U.S. contractor

Ayatollah revives the death fatwa on Salman Rushdie

Several Philadelphia Libraries To Cut Service

Spanish bishops defy Vatican over anti-Aids condoms

Radio's Bush-Bashing Air America Is Back in Fighting Form

British judge rules Schwarzenegger libel case will go ahead

Bush forces UN refugee chief to go

Zarqawi Tape Vows Lengthy War in Iraq

British troops wounded in Basra blast

Gala's snub is no obstacle (CANF shows up anyway + the Miami Herald lies)

Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge

Michael Moore nominated for Directors Guild award for Fahrenheit 9/11

Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby

Copy of the Kennebunkport Corleone rich WASP's Speech today

Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration

CSPAN-2 covering protests now (nt)

Appeals Court Upholds Indiana Gay Marriage Ban

NEP report on their exit polls - the real story

Thatcher 'directly involved in coup' (and former spanish government)

Blair's champion draws angry response ... (debate vs Fisk)

Iraq Election Group Told to Leave in Illinois

Europe Must Work with Bush, Says Ex-Envoy

CIA gives grim warning on European prospects

WP,pg1: Daily Drink Helps Keep Brain Sharp, Data Suggest (new study)

Secrets of who pays what to Sicilian Mafia revealed for first time

63 neglected cats discovered during traffic stop

Washington's Streets Deserted at Bush Inauguration

Michigan loses jobs; rate worst in nation

Yahoo! News Slideshow: Bush Inauguration Protests

Canada's role in terror case is questioned

(CA) Governor calls 3 critics '3 Stooges'

Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald argues for leak sources - Judith Miller

Controversy over Villanova memorial

Russian Rockets to Fly From Equator

Not Exactly the Welcome Wagon

Volcanic Warming Eyed in 'Great Dying'

CNN: 'Hundreds' of Iraq attacks planned

Calif. residents spend most on inauguration

Cheney voices concern that Israel may attack Iran

Court Hears Appeal on Government Access to Times Reporters' Phone Records

Mass. Gov. flies home amid terror threats

(Australian) Funeral louts told the end has come

Anti-nuclear groups may bid for Los Alamos contract

(R.F.) Kennedy for the green

Thousands March in Growing French Protests

Anti-war protesters mourn those killed in Iraq (great title)

(Canadian) Tory anti-gay marriage campaign targets ethnic groups

Judge Demands Comment Cease on Iraqi Abuse Trial

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 20 January

f2f report from inauguration: D.C.

Exit polls most inaccurate since 1988

Ohioans swarm Washington to celebrate, protest inauguration

NYT: Senate Panel Delays Vote on Gonzales (Dems say evaded questions)

Fish Discovered With Human Face Pattern

Michigan unemployment rate goes up

Emergency Court Order Halts Girls' Deportation

Loophole Allows Inaugural Spending Binge

Yushchenko's 'Orange' inauguration gets go-ahead from Ukraine's parliament

Monster iceberg wreaks havoc in Antarctic

Judge Demands Comment Cease on Iraqi Abuse Trial

U.S. Military Pulling Out of Tsnuami Relief Efforts

Bush Inaugural Message Marked byHope of Freedom's Advance Around the World

Aust to send nuclear waste to US

Americans React to Inaugural Speech (a good Repub quote)

Iraq Militants Promise Long War as bush** Takes Vow (Years)

Suicide Bomber Kills Himself in Attack on Afghan Warlord

Inaugural Address by President George W. Bush

Judge in dispute over Washington governor's race turns down request for sp

Bush Avoids Iraq in Inaugural Speech (The Scotsman)

Habib's return delayed by US demand for shackles

BBC:Officer who beat boy gets $1.6m (reverse discrimination)

China Is Now Iran's Biggest Energy Buyer, Europe Steps Up Oil Activity

U.S. troops launch fresh raids around Mosul, killing five suspected insurg

Rush Limbaugh Asks High Court To Give Medical Records Back

Iran prepared to defend interests if US attacks

Ireland ends speed quirk (new metric speed limits)

For Democrats, abortion revisited

Speaker at anti-Bush rally draws on Marine experience

Shakeup at the Tribune-Review; layoffs expected (Scaife's Newspapers)

Baghdad’s Checkpoint Madness

Army charges soldier for refusing second Iraq deployment

WP,pg1: In Age of Security, ChoicePoint Mines Personal Data (for DOJ, CIA)

Mock Coffins and Jeers as Bush Sworn In (dick's limo hit w/ snowball)

US troops launch more raids in northern Iraq (Mosul)

Republicans Urge the White House to Consider Tax Increases for Social Secu

U.S. to Scale Back Tsunami Relief Efforts

Clear Channel Converts 3 Stations to Liberal Talk

Flag politics (Georgians boycott Coke over Dixie Flag)

Threads Unravel in Iraqi's Tale

GOP asks Washington judge for speedy hearing

Boxer Is Loudest Voice of Opposition to Rice Nomination

FBI agent: Domestic-issue groups the biggest terrorism threat in Iowa

Bush Vows to End 'Tyranny in Our World' (puke alert)

protestors (Code Pink) disrupts *'s inaugural address

Jazz funeral in New Orleans for 'death of democracy' under Bush

Cheney Thought Iraq Would Recover Quickly

Sen. Clinton urges use of faith-based initiatives

NYT: Harvard President Apologizes Again for Remarks on Gender

NYT/AP: Ancient Hominid Found in Ethiopia Is Yielding Teeth Like the Apes'

Woman's torture (by Saddam) in Iraq prison questioned

Cheney Says Iran Tops U.S. List, Warns Israel

Indiana Workers Lack Basic Skills

US to be Aussie nuclear dump

Merck to stop supplying Canadian pharmacies that sell to U.S. customers

NYT: Conservatives Pick Soft Target: A Cartoon Sponge (Bob SquarePants)

Security Risk? (Chertoff has links to 9-11 financiers-Homeland Sec)


What about a Chick Tract DU group?

I'm Not Eric Cartman, Ask Me Nothing

Is 10:10 MST too early to declare insomnia? >

I'm Eric Cartman, ask me anything

Let's create a George W. Bush random insult generator for DU.

Rock and Roll! Letterman w/o Letterman tonight

"They took our jerrrrbs!"

I have a dirty confession

How Big Is Your Queue 2: Electric Boogaloo

Which do you prefer?

After seeing tonight's shameful "Nightline", I wish they would....

I'm Eric Idle, ask me anything!

I am the only fan of Altered Images.

Who's the biggiest Marky Mark and the Funky bunch fan on DU?

Simon Cowell from American Idol says Beyonce isn't sexy

I learned a very valuable lesson the other day...

Foods you love now that you hated then?

Fan - am I the only fan here?

Caged Saddam To Be Highlight Of Inaugural Ball

Anyone check out ATA lately?

Ich bin Donald Duck, Aks mich anyting

Energie des Todes

Just watched Coffee and Cigarettes

My dog is snoring

Cool cat toy

DU didn't work for me for two-three days

Biography on A&E is doing a profile of Charlie Manson.

"I had these here made from the 'extras' left over from my last facelift."


Let's make a "Celebrating Douchebaggery" seal for the Coronation!

Name an experience you wish you never had?

Last night there was a "coke" thread...

tukihëla: ngatupwi, mili kàpi

I'm drinking Vodka

Jenna and Butthead.

My Star is gone! :(

Quick! I need the Bush threesome photo!

Worst news ever....non-alcoholic beer good for you

Hello, Skinner, are you there?

Hate your next door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace.


Day after day, alone on the Hill........

Time seems to stand quite still... post the song lyrics stuck in your head

Bechloss on the Daily Show: What's up with that tie?

One More Life Taken, and that's one more than God allows.

ARGH! I had to reinstall Windows a couple of days ago ...

A Review of "Assualt on Precient 13" written by me

It's black for me tomorrow.

Wear black tomorrow and don't buy anything. Inauguration protest.

How is it possible that the Bushes are so ugly, yet Jenna is such a, well,

Good night, everyone

Foods you loved as a kid and HATE now

question about online solitaire gaming

hey what's the american slang for TRAITOR?

Oh yeah, sure they'll let Charlie out someday

What do you suppose they're saying?

Caption this...

WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site!

I am Ling Ling, ask me anything

Freeper porn:

How is it possible that the Bushes are so ugly, yet Jenna is such a, well,

Funny Thing About The White House....

Is anyone attending the Un-inauguration tonight in Burlington?

I'm Dressed In Black Today-How About You?

The front page! Eeeeaaaaahhhh! My EYES! They BLEED!

crap... a dupe...

I'm such a geek

Happy Anniversary Democratic Underground!

ode to sniffa

What's your morning routine like?

I Am Drinking Kool-Aid Today - How About You?

have my anti-W shirt on and wearing a black arm band

Facts about Bush and his drinking problem (WARNING: Can cause giggles):

oh, wow !!!

What drug is Pickles on?

How many of you ever checked out Marketplace: Stuff for Sale

Favorite Smiths song?

Why did I even bother posting in GD?

Does anyone elses Opera 7.XX ever appear crazy like this?

The imperial coronation is on the same day

Goooood Bad Morning DU!

The Smiths -"Ask"

All-mom bands rock housewife stereotype

The "Music Lover" CAPTION

In my effort to NOT watch TV, I am watching...

The "WHEEEEE, I'm a Cowboy, Too" CAPTION

It's my anniversary!!!

Computer graphics question - what's a "*.cit" file?

Bush throws the 'devil horns'

Caption: will it be a Wonderbra night tonight?

Remember.."He's *YOUR* president."

I want a Boxer avatar !!!!!!!

Your favorite similes/metaphors for Chimpy

Garlic, lemon, almond alert: "Jumbo squid wash up on SoCal beaches"

9 Servings of Fruit & Veg?! -- but Sugar is a Vegetable so... long till defcon 5?

Woman gives birth to 'giant baby'

A funny for a sad, sad day... A day which will live in infamy

"Savoy Sides presents a new saxophone sensation...

Cartoon: Steve Bell, Guardian

Is anyone else just incredibly depressed today?

Caption: Shrub invites Harry to DC tonight?

Favorite version of "Hallelujah?"

Oh, my! Darth Tater - the Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head

Protest His Inauguration (apologies to The Temptations)

UGH! Non-Stop Television.......

Level 2, kids

The "Music Lover, Part II" CAPTION

"Not a damn dime day" for me...

Beer fights cancer!

Dumb can I get a screen shot from a DVD?

Due date 7/31/05- 12 weeks 5 days in -150 beats

A coworker just gave me a button to make me feel better

Bush looks like Joe Dirt in this Fox pic

I'm giving up alcohol as of today.

I Am Fasting Today-How About You?

2005 Inaugural Drinking Game

*'s coronation or U2?

Oranges or Grapefruits?

The Death of a Disco Dancer

"Not One Damn Breath" Day.

Even my pets are depressed today

favorite 3 albums- that nobody's heard of.


Raleigh DUers: WTF happened here?!?!?!? (inch of snow cripples city)

Has anyone else read 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' by Chuck Barris?


itunes is smart

Trust me. You will LOVE this photo of the president at the Inauguration.

Lynne Cheney. Inspirational role model or horrid, sarcastic little troll?

Just another rainy day in Arabia

Not One Damn Dime Day aside, this is my Chinese buffet day

We used to call these "shitkickers" back where I grew up.


If someone gave you an inauguration invitation, what would you do?

If it were YOUR inauguration...

Jelly Bellies have made me what I am today


Dude, I need to get to work

Ladies and Gentlemen... wecolme to Ignoreland

The "Fashion Plate" CAPTION

Stress relief exercise...

The monkey has taken his banana throne :(

Pretender to the Throne (art for your protest sign or desktop)

Air America welcomes...DETROIT!!!

Towering Inferno on AMC

cleaning da house

How the Handmaid Got Her Tale Back

Check out today's cartoon

Does posting to DU create links to snopes. com?

What is up w/the Fox weatherman in Charlotte?

Asshole in the next cube is blasting the Coronation!

The Coronation, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Our Leader

Let the drinking begin...

sick, hurt, rowdy, and snow cats

I'm Not Spending One Thin Dime Today...

I must give Nichole Ritchie some credit

Mmm mmm GOOD!

The Franken "commentary" on the parade is funny!!!

Does anyone have a profile at MySpace?

I'm Eric Clapton, ask me anything.

Anyone seen "Garden State"?


Who has GOPisEvil tied up in their basement?

Jenna and Barbara...


Did LINK have coverage of the protests?

what happened to my teLevision?



Holy crap is it snowing here!

How did you feel when you launched DU and saw Bush on the homepage

Can you get Moon Pies in Los Angeles?


Everything is quiet here today

I was hoping Kerry would pull an ODB * and bumrush the podium ...

War protest today in Port Orange FL

I am SOOOO ready for Sunday's game

I want to go to a movie tonight ... which one ?

Amateur meteorologists: how much snow will SE PA REALLY get this weekend?

"'Scuse me, but I gotta mark some territory."

I just got an email saying I can increase my sperm by 500%

I need help finding the name of a song...

Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby


LynneSin!!! James Dobson is after SquareBob SpongePants!!!!

favorite number

Zoo Tycoon and disturbing animal behavior

Happy 4th Birthday, DU!!!

Boy Sues Math Teacher Who Assigned Summer Homework

how's your gator

Look at the bright side.

Days like today make me truly appreciate video games.

"LOST" Last night's episode!!

Univ of Phoenix

Digital camera question

Republicans: R is for Rude

And the silver lining to MY day is.............

How's your Rae-dar?

Seeing the Clintons all smiling happily at the Defamation ...

Do you have a set of encyclopedias at home? A real set?

Bush is STUPID, Bush is UGLY, Bush is the DEVIL, Bush is CRAP I

Who wishes they were at the protest in D.C.?


"Happy" Coronation Day everyone!

I feel like Mojo, Homer's monkey today.

I want a cookie (on edit: I GOT ONE!)

Republicans: E is for Egregious

Abu Graeb Fraternity.....DC Protestors.

To celebrate GWB's inauguration, I would refer you...

Want a cigarette?

Does this make me a freak?

Most satisfying BREAKING NEWS wish

When the motorcade drives by the protesters it would be cool if,

Thread for those who don't want to hear about coronation.

"He takes all my money...

Any Kaiser Chiefs fans?

You know when you buy frozen cookie dough from kids

LIke to see a Limbaugh fan slamming Rush?

A rare instance of great customer service....

Today is like having a root canal, a pap smear, and diarhea...

Where are the polls?

My salute to the inauguration:

I draped black on my front long will it be before my

LA LA LA LA LA LA I'm not listening that's why I'm in the Lounge LA LA LA

Where are the polls?

Republicans: R is for Stupid

Any Kaiser Roll fans?

I gotta blame bush for this

Ich Ein Bin Berliner, Ask me anything

Is it possible to have panic attacks over diving?


Haha! NBC just showed a girl giving the bird!

How are you protesting the coronation?

Ya know what I like?

Bush CNN online poll on Was President Bush’s inaugural address inspiring?

Can someone explain "Mt. Moran" to me.

Can somebody explain "Moran" to me?

Are there times you read about a guy in the newspaper...

B, A! B, Y! M , A! M, A!

That's it! I had to turn off the TV before it even got warmed up…

10 more things Bush "vowed" today in addition to ending tyranny

The boos/jeers seem to be as loud as any cheering for Bush..ABC.

I'm awol from work, anyone else?

Hah! AAR calls coronation "The Teabagging of America"

What's with that loudspeaker saying "God Bless Bush" etc etc

Let me pull a Nighttrain here - HEY, FREPPER LURKER! YEAH, YOU!

Ouch! This just had to hurt.

America You've been Punked...anyone else keep hoping Ashton K will step

Republicans: P is for Poopieheads

Whose is the most tragic American life?

Can someone explain "No Rain" to me?

Paul Simon singing to us from 1973:

More Paul Simon.... seems like it is a PS kind of day


Please don't dominate the rap Jack

They only walk amongst their "real" friends and supporters...

Question about Roe vs. Wade -- just historical curiosity

Barbara Walters just said, "The twins are going to look very sexy,

Uh oh up to level 3...

Let's leave it at a nice, round number left to 10,000

Airplane Glue + Night Train

ARRRGGG 4 more years of being reminded I share the same Bday as *.

Ooo!! Live webcam of protesters and the parade!

Can Someone explain "Moran" To Me.

Smileys that should be combined

Just saw Cheney's 4 grandchildren but where was his lesbian daughter??

how addicted are you to the internet?

So she cheated on me.

Anyone listening to Randi today...

Best EVER signs of the inaugural protests..

Funny as He&% Sgt Bill Oreilly gig

Funny Street Name

Need a laugh? Live, courtesy Will Pitt and a typical Freeper..

The One That Got Away...And Thank Goodness!

Geez...what happened to the Phoenix sun?

Are the internets being slow for anyone else?

Hey, what do you know? Avacor is medically proven!

Oh, God, my EYES, my BEAUTIFUL have been warned...

"We're pissed, and we're not getting un-pissed"

Anybody else a mixed bag of emotions right now?

This Coronation Sucks! This should have been Kerry being INaugurated

Attention WillPitt, Skinner, Elad, BerthaVenation, and Other DC folks!

Things that made me happy today

Can Someone explain "Morass" To Me.

For those of you in need of medication, Dr Lowell George is Willin'...

new toon for the CORONATION

Jenna is HOT! I can't stand it, she's just smokin' hot!

It sounds like W's limo was pelted by fruit?

Remember kids - insult in public, apologize in private.

In GDP, but you've GOTTA see this pic:

George W. Bush: Every Bad Stereotype of the South rolled into one man

I scheduled my gum surgery for Inauguration Day..ask me anything..

Pointless poll #2: What are you listening to?

my wife just left for 2 1/2 days. What should I do?

In praise of the meidocre.

Shit. Finally kicked off Free Republic.

Quick Picker Uppers

Geez...what happened to the Phoenix Suns?

Sweeeeeeeeet Emooooooootionnnnnnnnn!!!!!

HeeHee Dance...Just got my first post Ba-leted!

Man Holds Up Sex Shop, Steals Inflatable Doll

Wm. Pitt's Reports from DC today were Incredible!

damn cow licks!

Lewis Black will be on Randi Rhodes at 5:30!!

Lewis Black on Randi Rhodes now.

Got high speed internet? READ THIS...This a find like no other...

Can Someone explain "Mulan" To Me.

BREAKING: The Rapture has begun in Washington DC.

I am NOT happy with Sirius today!

Any word on the success or lack thereof of the "not 1 damn dime"

Republicans: R is for Rude

Who does Bunnypants and Pickles keep waving to???

Leper Messiah

And if you say the magic word, you win an extra $500.

Is It Moving

Let's Out All Cartoon Characters Once and For All

Has the Internet given you a shorter temper?

Does anyone else here get freeped on their cell phone message groups?

Anyone catch KKKatie Couric this morning?

Some of George Bush's "Funny Jokes" (link +movie)

I just cant fucking take this anymore

Anti-Bush Tatoo

Did anyone else notice Bush's weak attempt at headbanging today?

Oh oh!! As if watching the inauguration wasn't fun enough!

Using Mappoint to plan a trip in Norway ...

Thoughts after Episode #2 of "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl"

I'm going home.

Hey Coltrane fans, got a million bucks?

I got fifteen minutes and about thirty-four seconds...


Randi Rhodes playing the Stones' Gimme Shelter....

Damn dimes!

Ew the black mouth is speaking....

would you have let him out?

63 neglected cats discovered during traffic stop

We're supposed to get a big amount of snow this weekend

Who saw the West Wing last night?

Would you have figured this out ?? (cute joke)

I'm in DC. Where is everyone from DU Meeting?

Pssst. Wanna read a snarky response I gave in a RW forum?

Insert Generic Inflammatory Subject Line Here

Name an experience you've wished you have had.

When you hear an accent a lot, do you ever start to parrot it?

Who made the mistake of watching today's events?

I just spoke to Estimated Prophet and MrScorpio - they

i'm unmarried, and i dont have kids.. do i somehow not count as much?

Scenario-you are given absolute power over America. What would you do with

just saw The Dreamers.... I don't know what to say.

Can Someone explain "Moran" To Me.

Alas, after two years of indolent joy, I'm employed again...

I cried watching 50 First Dates......Am i a wuss?

We need some good vibes, people. Share anything that will give warm

Who else got the sh*t scared out of you opening DU today...

A Dose of Gratitude

What's that music ABC news keeps playing

Seriously, what is there to like about cottage cheese?

The Newest MOVELEFT.COM articles are listed below.


How many nicotine patches is pickles wearing right now?

I really don't care who I piss off with this rant!


Will you forever judge people based on how they voted in '04?

Happy Birthday Bill Maher!!!!!!!!

Did someone throw teargas?????? (nt)

Laura's "first-choice" dress.. (too bad it was already sold)


That's it, I'm going to the movies.

Sorry, Not-A-Damn-Dime'ers, I just nullified seven hundred eighty of you


Shirt tag rant:

How do you peel a banana?

Bush Daughter Putting on Lipstick in Viewing Stand!!

The "May We Have the Envelope, Please" CAPTION

Caption this.

how's your gaydar

favorite color


WEIRD-ASS political doin's at my daughter's elementary school today

Great movie villains

Who's your favorite character on LOST ?

Peanut Butter and ......

I'm a student at City College in San Francisco. Ask me anything.

Jenna (Bush) vs. Jenna (Jameson)

Going on a date tonight

My kid had to watch some of the inauguration in school. Eww.

post your favorite dipping oil recipes

Anyone know if the Lounge patron saint Kleeb was okay in DC?

Get well soon , Amaya!!

Kristinn, Leader of FR did an interview on line with WP---here is a link

Post your bullshit Republican spin!

Personal website of a Freeper - warning, Onanism Alert!

This day is coming.

Is it possible to have panic attacks over driving?

What was your worst job?

Codine + Vicodin

The GOOOOOD MOOOORNING from sunny Norway thread returns

My condolences to the United States of America at its darkest hour

You have three wishes. What are they?

Puppy Mill Dealers

Try telling these guys that vegans don't get enough protein

Pols ignore liberal Christians' efforts to show reality of poverty

What is the non-negotiable element of being a "Christian?"

Ancient ( 4.5 million yrs old) Hominid Found in Ethiopia

Ape remains take science step closer to first humans

Need some science project help please

X 7 class solar flare from sunspot 720

Fish Discovered With Human Face Pattern

Cross-dressing cuttlefish is Casanova of the reef

'Redheads are Neanderthals'

DoMA upheld by Florida Federal Trial Court . . .

Prosecutor seeks same-sex marriages in Brazil

DU This poll: Should Montana legalize same-sex civil unions

Pats/Eagles. Goin' to the show.

SI jinx has been put on Teddy Bruschi. BOOGA. BOOGA.

Best QB

Bellichek And Cowher...

Venus at the OZ Open in ABA-style hot pants. Yessssssss!!!

Who will play in the Super-Bowl?

If the NHL strike is settled - just do a playoff with all the teams.

Our family cat died yesterday

Chart on the Inagural ?

The specious vicissitudes of God

An odd poll, humor me

Ah, crap

Kudos to all you who stood up to that bullshit thread today

it's better to ignore some of them

I am gonna miss you guys for the next few days

Whiny, self-absorbed shit, and my response

Barack Obama on Oprah

WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site!

Cspan 2 is covering the protesters!

It's not all bad

We need some kind of name for our group.

I believe

WHY THE FUCK?!?!?!!?

What to name the group

JK at the ceremony

Ladies Only

Hey .guys ! I haven'teen avoiding everyone, but my city cut our cable line

We need to sic underage Dem girls on Repugs in the Senate

Baltimore Sun column: "Bush's inauguration nothing to celebrate"

Remember, tomorrow is "Not One Damn Dime Day"!

Air America poll - heavily freeped

biden,hersch and perle on charlie rose , eom.

January 20, 2005. Happy Fucked Day, everyone.

i see that byrd and boxer are going to lead

Inaugural Protest Rally on C-Span2, Thurs 10:30 am et

DailyKos: Time to Fight

Don't be eye-balling the president!

John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech on C-Span3, Thurs 11:13am et

WakeUpUSA! Check out our new site!

DailyKos: Open Letter to Terry McAuliffe

"Democrats are putting National Security AHEAD

Look guys: It is, what it is. Let's stop making excuses for them

My letter in reply, to one John Kerry.

Ginsberg: Nothing to subpoena in this administration?

It's true - Tony Bliar is a dickhead:

Leaked GOP Memo: Privatizing Social Security--Dick Cheney lies

I'm worried about the protesters today in DC

Fight GOP's "choose between victory and vacillation"


It may be private donations for the inauguration but you will pay

World fears new Bush era

Arrogance of Power

Help Needed: Iran

Predict Stars & Stripes headline on Inauguration Day (answer inside)

VOTE...not one damned dime

Memo to Bush: brevity and the Bible

CSPAN 2 Now - Politics & Media

What do you secretly hope will go wrong at tomorrow's coronation of 'W'?

House of Bush turns inauguration day into a crowning moment for reign of K

Blogging Dem Legislators

At-a-glance: 'Outposts of tyranny'

Favorite Reid filibuster story:No call of nature interrupts filibuster

C-Span 2 Anti-Bush

MSNBC: Bush "more confident," has shed some of his "frat-boy style"

One quick look at the Capitol Building

I understand that *'s speech will highlight "freedom" and "security"


Will there be more protests in the summer?

Shall I Despair Today?

"You have nothing to fear but four more years of my ......

Protestor clip on CNN Headline News

WA Post: Bush's "greatness" to be revealed in Inaugural speech?

New slant on a Teflon presidency, by Ellen Goodman

Are Democrats and the media intimidated by the Bush regime?

Someone take a sceen capture of the protest for us at work today.

Someone play the Darth Vader theme now--Cheney on

World fears new Bush era

Look...they dragged mary cheny out of the closet...


Why is Jimmy Carter at the coronation?

U.S. Contractor Slain in Iraq Had Alleged Graft (by Neo-cons?)

Where is Reid--why is Dodd with BUsh??

Here he comes...blinking all the way n/t

Bush outlines how he "intends to use Cheney" in second term

How to become a millionaire

Doesn't Bill Frist's scaft look scary at first?

A pledge, advice and a call for $$$ from Nancy Pelosi

WTF: "The notion that a President can govern without a strong

Cheney says Iraq is a disaster because of Saddam

Ramsey Clark calling for impeachment

Amy Goodman is on LINK-TV....

The Struggle Continues.....

Kerry votes against Rice - Boston gets terror alert LOL

* pecks Pickles on cheek. Ignores daughters.

they are going to let mary cheney touch the bible!!!

Here, this will make you smile

How fitting for William "Vote Suppressor" Rehnquist to swear in Dubya!

who is the weeble wobble in the lead?

About the Coronation...

Since when is the pledge of allegiance a prayer??

I am throwing up.

Bush DOES have a mandate.....

Transcript of Cheney's oath of office:

a song for all DU'ers on this sad day

Why no threats? The terrorists work FOR the administration.

OH NO, its happening...

Sieg Heil!

Shrub just broke Fundie Law, will they start their campaigns

Are John Kerry and John Edwards inwardly seething today? I hope so.

It doesn't matter if Bush got the most votes or not....

DU Fundie Watchers: Prepare to catch Mumbly Jumbly Code Speak!

The global appeal of liberty?

Why are you people watching this crap?


Whoa: "untamed FIRE OF FREEDOM

"Freedom must be chosen..." The Emperor's speech is against himself.

Will this country remain chronically divided for at least 4 more years?

If you don't have anything to say, say you're for FREEDOM!!!


NOT ONE person of color in the cam scan of the crowd...

Tom Toles sadly nails it today in his cartoon in the Washington Post...

Anyone else notice the lack of clapping ??? At least the hesitancy of

So now I will have to boycott this site, too?

"Even the unwanted have worth? ?? WTF

A pastor is delivering the "Benediction" nothing secular about this

Link to Bush coronation speech for anyone interested

“Self Governing starts with Governing of self.”

King George

Pickles speaks: "money spent on inaugural is not government money"

Why is it wrong for the Democratic Party to refuse lobbyist money?

Uneasy Rider: Dennis Hopper disinvited to inauguration

NPR people certainly are working towards their xmas bonuses for 2005.

Bush, The pain of it all, speaking world Domination again

C-Span Callers: Grab your puke bag...

richard clark on abc now-sorry, over

what's with the different US flags hanging on the capital?

the weapon of choice by the protester was snow--so says MSNBC-

BBC - Global poll slams Bush leadership

Which of our enemies does the Bush administration most resemble?

Irony: Bush spoke of freedom while protestors were hauled away

"the force of freedom" is the only power that can defeat "hatred and ...

Where is Harry Reid? Dodd is there in his place but where is he?

protesters on MSNBC.....ooops it's over! n.t

Fascism alwasy feels like the fascists.

Maybe if I become a repug, I'll get that promotion and raise

My cat participated

Link to full transcript of Rice's hearing?

I hope Pelosi keeps her promise. I'm ready to see her walk the walk.

Michael Berg on CSPAN2 protest right now

"He's a man-and-wife person" - referring to smirk

I am crying

Protest: an hour and a half before the motorcade passes ANSWER

Rep. John Conyers Election Reform

What is your duty and responsibility ?

CBS reporting protesters are threatening to throw rocks and golf balls

Coveraging interrupted for coverage of fake dirty bomb "threat"

Bush the Plutocrat!

Cheney blames Saddam for US failure in Iraq

Ahhh... Bush feels GoOOOoOOoooD

How will * be portrayed in history books?

What is that weird sound during the Senate luncheon? Boxer tied up gagged?

I ain't been watching nor will I be watching any of the bullshit today.

Once the President’s Day is Over, The Battle Will Begin Anew

Ford Motors' Mike Moran explains what a $250K Bush donation buys

Stomp out Bush

heard on MSNBC.."speech was radical and aggressive"

NEWT GINGRICH on The Charlie Rose Show 1/20

Asleep on the job already?

The disconnect....

Disgusted and Sick

If I don't watch it .... it can not happen

Help me make a test for Republicans

Bush thanks distinguished and "not so distinguished" congressmen

U.S. Building Forts On Iraq Border 350 plus

Did anyone else spot the howitzer drive past the protesters?

I love you Michael Berg and I hear you!

CNN Poll: Did you find President Bush’s inaugural address inspiring?

Once again, no real domestc policy.

Can You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong

PIX >>>

Is democracy dependent on a free and open press ?

Protests across the US today (from 'A Logical Voice')

Bush just used a "gay" word --- FABULOUS. He described Cheney.

"The Conceited Empire"

Noam Chomsky is going to have reams of material for new books

What ever happened to the Plame case?

This should be "Gen Smedley D. Butler Day" instead of Inauguration Day

Cheney Says Iran Tops U.S. List, Warns Israel

* "Disinguished senators and some who aren't quite so distinguished..."

Terry Moran on ABC news IS a MORAN!!!

C-Span 2 leaving protest at 3:00p.m. eastern

ABC News showing the demonstrators right now



MSNBC: "Bush ratings highest in months" (50%...nice job, Dubya)

****** RAMSEY CLARK, AG ******* On CSPAN2 now

Don't You Wish It Was Like "Ground Hog Day!"

Why is Stepford Wife dressed as Nurse Ratchett ?

How Does 2004 Compare To 2000?

they hated us over a blowjob, we hate them over murder, lies, corrruption

Was any other President protested this demonstrably at inauguration?

* & Pickles out of car! n/t

Live traffic Cams have good views of protests now. AMAZING!!

Breaking from FCC Powell on Armstrong .. investigation!!!!!!!!!

What I saw at the parade:

Way too funny - At the Parade

I, George Walker Bush, do solemnly swear...

Bush is now walking along outside the limo.

"The country is divided" is mind control propaganda, framing.

great comments on ABC

CNN & the media sucks

oops...delete me

The Daily Show should have a field day with this parade, PA,

Change Inauguration Day to Gen Smedley D. Butler Day...

Let Freedom Reign: "Official: Hundreds of Iraq attacks planned" (CNN)

kudos to ABC

Pro-Choice Congresswomen endorse Roemer for DNC Chairmanship

How about CSPAN does a split screen with the

FSTV or Link Covering TheCoronation Today?

We had the TV on to look at weather, and hit ABC and CBS for 30 sec.

C-SPAN-What or WHO is that on the P.A. system?

King Saul and President Bush

For the cube rats--unofficial parade thread.

Ohio State U Marching Band? WTF?

Great! just GREAT! they always show the whackos in the crowd

So, uh, about the Coronation...

LOL- Iaugural attendee displays "Distress" flag (Pic)

Tell the DNC who you want for Chairman

I had almost hoped "four more wars" was just rhetorical...

OMG--it's the southern belle brigade!!!!

Did U see this? Clark asked to technically advise sitcom...

Why did msnbc just show a second of people with their noses

Excellent Article: "Our Troops Are Dying for Sycophants"

Why are those people chanting USA! USA! at OJ?

"Happy Days Are Here Again"? WTF?

Bush is about to take the oath of office. And this time HE MEANS IT! :P

Cnn jsut had a great clip of the protesters along the parade

The president's speech...frightening. I'm terrified.

What a difference. The text of Clinton's 2nd Inaugural Speech.

Media won't call GOP booers out for their LACK OF CLASS.

Why has Dick Cheney been so low key lately, barely heard anything out

You know what I hate the most...

What the F**K is HUMAN FREEDOM?

About the 2001 Inaug - Bush did not lie when he said that he would

Next time some lobotomized R tells you that "God put * in office"

Two Term Douchebag! Four More Years To Fight!

Howard Dean With Stephanopoulos on ABC Sunday

Must we have shrub's face so prominently

CNN said that the stands cleared out early and was surprized

did I hear this correctly? He is praying for 'clean financial statements'

Why do TV news "journalists" insist on interjecting . . .

It's midnight in America

Dems Abroad-Canada Founder Endorses Dean

This may be of interest to Deaniacs...

Israel, Iran and possible pre-emptive strikes

Did the DLC advise Kerry to bring a Wet Noodle to a Gunfight?

ABC News piece slamming the Inaugural Parade - Banana Republic

Matthews is gushing

Look Here - maybe this is why the rest of the world think the U.S. is...

Do not bring mylar balloons to the innaugural

Did you find President Bush’s inaugural address inspiring? 69% said NO

Protest sign "50.8%! WHAT MANDATE? YOU NITWIT!" hope * saw it!

C-Span Alert Kennedy Inaugural Speech on NOW

How could people vote for this POS???

3 videos from DC J20

When did NPR start pimping for El Presidente??

LATimes: Democrat Lanny Davis confesses he likes Bush

Who is your favorite living ex-president?

"there can be no human rights without human liberty"

What a fitting day for my 300th post...I've taken a xanax, ask me anything

Inauguration: Lifestyles of the Rich and The Heartless

Is it just me, or do some of you feel the same way about this upcoming . .

The Washington Times IS a Moon tool - don't let'em tell ya different!

For all you who think Spongebob's aiding of Homisexurals is new,

From what little I saw on C-Span 2, ANSWER needs unity

Any messages for Russ Feingold

Some Guy On The CBS Evening News Just Said The Baricades Were

Protest pics (Yahoo slideshow with story)

Is there an "underground" at Democratic Underground ?

And, the arrests begin

Did Ramsey Clark convict Clinton of War Crimes with a Kangaroo Court?

Barbara Boxer bumper sticker

Sen. Clinton urges use of faith-based initiatives

Business as usual... "correct" good news downward after the fact.

Will Cheney resign? If so, when?

Sorry, I think 'Not One Damned Dime Day' is

Understanding the Bush Doctrine

My Inauguration Blog

Fox Newcaster gets the truth straight up - Check out the video!

Hey, you older DUers...How does Bush compare to Nixon?

Homegrown Democrat - Garrison Keillor

triad Suadis, 9-11, airplanes, herion

B*sh back in stock market down.

What is Hillary up to here?

Most Detested President? - Activism Opportunity from phone to help save Social Security

Will Pitt: His limo was pelted with fruit...

Message from ABC: Nightline Senior Producer

Coronation of King George: Shame on Republicans AND Democrats


Howard Fineman makes "Sermon On The Mount" analogy re: Bush speech

What country is next on the 'Bush Doctrine' invasion list?

Coverage of Protests? Any links/feeds to share?

CNN - can hear "Fuck Bush" over Bob Franken - repeatedly LOL

Hahahah PIC OF THE DAY Hahahahaha