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Archives: January 23, 2005

We must challenge Bush over schools (Progressives in Madison, WI)

Mike Rupert "moves on" from 9/11 activism

Why America loves its First Lady: she’s meek, ever-smiling…

Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home

Some in black tie; others, body bags

Weasels......Trying to say the Plame case is not a crime...

Relations Between U.S. Government And Latin America Have Little Hope ...

'Protesters make waves at Bush coronation tea party'

AAR has a picture of Mike Malloy that looks like Frankenstein. N/T

CNN Loses 63% of Audience Over Inauguration 2001

REAL CRISIS: 450 Billion in Underfunded Pension Programs

dismantling social programs is to free up money for congress

Next Generation May Be Doomed To 'Global Somalia'

The horror of Depleted Uranium is not limited to Iraq

Hey Skinner, I asked you about this awhile ago

The Activism & Events forum

Illinois Picture Thread

Announcing my radio show: Tweed & Thompson (On Sundays from 12-2)

I don't know if anyone came up with this yet. A new idea for a poster:

Was Kerry bought off?

B L I Z Z A R D !

The Nashua Advocate: The Three Letters That Launched a Thousand Hopes

Houston Texas Bush protestors stage march to City Hall

Condi spoof on SNL now

Gore v. Bush Florida Recount via Newspaper...

THE BUSH OPPOSITION; 24/7 ->> ActionItem: Which traitor exposed Ms Plame?

Rebroadcast of Greg Palast et al on CSPAN--keep kicked

This discussion group is for ELECTION RESULTS & Discussion...

Does anyone know of organizations working with (within?) the EAC?

Documentation: widespread vote machine fraud and dirty tricks in 15 states

I had a personal realization about JFKerry today. I will not abandon him

Would you bet YOUR LIFE that this election was stolen?

I wrote to Art Torres, what other Cal Dems

Where are the most liberal parts of California?

Please call your Representatives to restore the funds to KBEM

Looking for a new ISP -- any recommendations?

Is there an anti war protest scheduled for Houston in March?

I really hate it when the legislature is in session

battle of the bible fizzles at the capitol

There's a lot of energy...

World's Greatest Thread Do not open and or continue this thread

What is your favorite Air America show

From NYT on this day

What do you do with Turncoats


I wonder when they'll start putting right-wing idiots on coins and dollars

Woody Guthrie

Talking Points

when will we learn..

Official COPS thread

Interview with Thomas Frank, author of What's The Matter with Kansas

beginning of the end for King Boy George?

Christopher Hitchens?

MTV plans to create Gay/Lesbian TV network

Russia Slams U.S. for Accusing Syria of Terrorism

What is it that the Rs eat that makes them so pasty, white and round? They

apply Karl Jaspers' The Question of German Guilt to US and

I felt hope last night.

Elite Iranian agent arrested in Iraq

Great moment on CNN

Question: do you have hard, solid evidence that the election was stolen?

What can we do about this war ? (warning graphic photo)

Letter to Rumsfeld

There is no excuse

Why have they shipped 60 million ballots to Iraq? (just on NBC news)

In Autoweek forums, they're discussing $9000 Chinese cars. Would you buy?

You're fired.

Just got home from the Jazz Funeral for Democracy.

Is there such a thing as political bulimia?

How about Karl Marx and a pro America meeting or was it a peace meeting?

SNL is great-Bush twins for first skit

Nice blog by soldier about birding in Iraq

The current Repug response to the war: *&^% the soldiers.

How little has changed! Remember this from Pat Buchanan's 1992 speech...

Is Scalia gay?

Should I be prejudiced about tomatoes from Mexico?

Thoughts on God from Juniors at the University of NC

This is funny.......or maybe offensive.......

Okay, did anyone see Tim Russert's program this weekend?

Bumpersticker: FDR = New Deal GWB = Raw Deal

Why don't DUers put at least their Gender and State in their Profile?

we're not sorry

U.S. to withdraw out of tsunami relief efforts

Watching "Good Morning, Vietnam"

Does Saddam Hussein Have A Defense Of Illegal Invasion Of His Country

Howard Zinn visits Bob McChesney on Sun at 2pm ET

Im 16. I'm pissed. What should I do?

The issue I agree with dubya on (at least in premise)

A Karl Marx editorial in 1861 about the American Civil War

If the Blue States were all united, Where would the Capitol be?

Want to tweak the Conservitves and religius right this Superbowl day?

State your opinion on ** in one sentence

Proof Laura is holographic:

Who is on a medical program that offers better than $1600.00 deductible?

Babcano is FURIOUS!!!! Sends Poppy out to bail W out again!

Inauguration Protests Dubbed Out By TV Networks?

Slate defends Harvard's Summers on female inferiority in mathematics

The 34 scandals of Bush - all worse than Whitewater

MoveOn PAC Plan to Win Back Congress

Branding bush suggestions needed.

Is America Oversexed?

Polygamy/Polyandry: Why not?

Those "Support our Troops" ribbons, placed sideways, look like Jesus fish

Condi spoof on SNL now


A divine sandwich...

Copper cake and similar molds??

I cheated on Mrs bearfan

I got my venison back from the butcher in Pflugerville

Needed: Alfredo sauce and Veggie Lasagne recipes

Gay unions about to increase in Scotland and the UK

Army Prepares 'Robo-Soldier' for Iraq

"Few but Organized, Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics"

Tip about "dirty bomb" in Boston likely a hoax

Elite Iranian agent arrested in Iraq

General Seeking Faster Training of Iraq Soldiers

Britain 'argues against Iran attack'

U.S. Soldier Sentenced in Iraqi's Killing

Army faces new claims over Iraq brutality:British soldiers

NYT: Few but Organized, Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

Lowering Old Glory in South Korea

Retiree Doggedly Pursues Legal Challenge of Iraq War

Missing Money: Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad

War on Words Shapes Debate, Semantics Is Key To Social Security -WP

Iraqi Interior Minister Refuses to Say Whether Terror Chief Is in Custody

Sexual Behavior Not Influenced By ... 'Morning After Pill,'

Powder, packages frighten Oldsmar, FL (fugitive still on the loose)

FBI: Boston Terror Suspect Was Already In Custody (Since November)

President's father says inaugural address didn't signal foreign policy shi

No Foreign Observers to Monitor Iraq Vote

Western State Democrats Interview Dean

Go home Yanks, says PM in waiting

Straw snubs US hawks on Iran

WP: Bush Doctrine Is Expected to Get Chilly Reception

NYT: Deficits May Be Wearing Thin at the Fed

WP: Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain

A message from the Department of Homeland Security.

A relevant poem by Rudyard Kipling

Your daddy must have been a terrorist

Settle something for myself and my date. (Movie)

The (not so) Merry Minuet

Good Clean Funny Movie Alert!

Should I call in "snowbound" tommorow as well?

I am some # of posts to 1000

You know what it so yummy?

Tears for Fears fans - Check in

Shannon Elizabeth - yay or nay?

I suggest a new group: Barbara Boxer for President '08

I suggest a new group: Cowbell Enthusiasts Group

New England....batten down the hatches and STAY PUT tonight!

anyone else ticked "I love the 90's 1999" won't mention the west wing?

"Aladdin" is on ABC right now.

I just got into it with a freeper and gave him a bloody mouth!

For my 1,000th post, I bring you...

World's Greatest Thread Do not open and or continue this thread

Should I buy the Red Sox Nation membership?

Gorgar will eat you

which is the hotter singer/songwriter sister?

Name that movie

Norm Coleman's teeth - link for all the lounge lizzards

She's a femme fatale

I am afraid of clowns, fucking assholes

I'm Sammy Hagar, ask me anything

nearly good night time. Have a poem on the human condition


You all taste so much better when you're afraid!

Norah Jones...yay or nay?

Only 304 posts until 2000, ask me anything

bushie JERK in a pick up running down resting sea gulls at work today

What's Up?

Snow Pic # 9

There's not one piece of Oprah I can tolerate

Michelle Kwan skating to "Sting's Fields of Gold" in Winter Olympics....

The most beautiful car ever

OMG Most Embarassingly bad Weatherman EVER!! Very FUNNY

Rich man's war

Check out this picture of a woman and her horse

Anyone remember that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue houses THE JERK?

Seeking advice RE: chronic car break-ins

I'm Gary Cherone, please kill me before I sing again.

All right, I've set it. Now what?

Anyone remember the 1979 movie called THE JERK?

Snow Pic #1

OK....Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Suvari or Tara Reid?

I'm David Lee Roth. Ask me anything.

To all the sun-basking DUers...

So who else is partying tonight?

Legalize it- Peter Tosh

What might be a good substitute for a serrano chile?

How many pillows do you use?

Snow Pic #2

Looking for freakish picture of Chimpy


This mime is PARKING SPACE

No car will EVER beat this one:

I am NPUI, ask me anything

I want this hat!

Who's drinking tonight?

Anyone play pinochle or Canasta on Yahoo Games?

A Normally 1Hr Drive Took 6Hrs (+ BIG Pics)

What ever happened to....

The Onion: "Caged Saddam To Be Highlight Of Inaugural Ball"

Mmm-mmm! This looks delicious.

Fuck. A thousand times fuck. Now a Brazilian has been kidnapped in Iraq.

Ugliest. Car. Ever.

I'll stop the world and melt with you...

anarchy and chaos reign or an army invades, where do you go?

You know you're obsessed with politics when...

feet: out or under?

Can't stop.... Hammer Time! (music thread)

So what plans DID you have tonight before you got snowed in?

So who is "Aya" anyhow?

Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know / She's been to Paris, France...

is there such a thing as chocolate gravy??

It's Jan. 23 2008

Who likes or loves "TV on the Radio" (it's a band)

I just stepped in a foot of snow.

Best version of "Sympathy for the Devil"

Help me pick a movie at the dollar theater

Will someone dance with me?

Hey Sports Fans...There are only four football games left!!!

Would you date this man?

McDonald's advertising. Is it me or...

I just killed my win2k, ask me anything

I'm drunk, Its time for Haiku.

Guess which Division I women's basketball team has the best record???

How many roads must a man walk?

Is bottled water healthier than tap water?

Hug me, I've been to GD tonight and now I'm traumatized

Click this you liberals!!!


Best Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry Tune

I'm a sexist pig. Ask me anything!

Tell me the Ending of Wicker Park

Thread titles that will get you banned

Disposable diapers and training pants. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Is this our song for the current administration???

Hey! Check out this cool new JibJab video.

Both 3 wks old---Same father, different mothers . . .

I'm CSI - and I'll figure out who dun it

Singin in the rain,


Describe a cheesy B-movie from your childhood in two sentences or less.

McGuyver me out

What's Your Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie?

I'm PUI - Any Questions?

Do you feel Alive?

Large Marge sent me.

I'm Spartacus. Ask me anything.

I'm going to bed. Say good night to me.

Not a bad night to be snowed in: Paul Giamatti to host SNL.

I finally rented Run Lola Run.

Bonnaroo, anyone coming?

Has Anyone Seen "The Human Stain?"

Does anyone else watch their fireplace more than their TV?

Anyone remember the 1964 dance craze called THE JERK?

So who is going to win the Super Bowl?

Bum. Bop. Boop. Oop. BOOP.

To the ad agency that created the roommate with the electro-shock collar

MOVIE ALERT! "Charade" coming up on TCM at midnight EST.

DU Women who Lust (and gays)-post some Male eye candy polls and threads

Anyone hear this song ? I think it's William Shatner ...

I have a rotten toothache...

Sent Olbermann a birthday card.

Where are the cat threads?

This sardine salad looks like...well, let's just say I'll pass.

New thread...since I can't seem to keep up with you all...

I have a HORRIBLE backache, and I don't know what to do.

Hey Ya'll

Inventive Drunks Post Here...I made a new cocktail tonight...

A+ Snowstorm!

Official SNL thread

WE're Stoned and you can't find us.....


I haven't showered today, ask me anything

I am not old, and your music does suck

Have you had the flu yet this season?

What's the nicest thing a stranger ever did for you?

Favorite American artist?


It's Jan 23, 2008 & I'm president, tell me which cabinet pos. you want...

"Prince of Tides"Streisand/Nolte...watching an old tape I recorded

Anybody hungry? What's your favourite sandwich?


What room is your computer located?

Is Lando Calrisian a Shakespearian "Moor"?

What countries did you fly over but never landed on?

Does Ravel's "Bolero"

Announcing my radio show: Tweed & Thompson (On Sundays from 12-2)

My $$$'s on the Falcons - ALL . . . THE . . . WAY

movies with the best casts

Would you kill and eat a pet if you were stranded and starving

Switch a famous movie role with a wholly inappropriate actor

Is this Tim Curry day or what?

Why did it take 27 minutes to cancel AOL?

A question for wives only

Just got FireFox - couldn't be happier with it. Get it now! nt

Toilet Paper Roll: Over or Under?

So, now I find out I have both arthritis AND fibromyalgia!

This parking space is MINE

MrScorpio Goes (Back) To Washington - Part One

I saw a guy with a Bush sticker stuck on the parkway and I didn't help.

Christians.... Are We Really Christlike?

Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish Design Successful Mating Strategy

great game on espn: U Conn v. Pitt

Guess which Division I women's basketball team has the best record???

Does this look like a winner to you?

Clemens re-signs with 'Stros for 18 million

It's a blizzard! How much fun are your dogs having????

My husband died a month ago and I just get sadder every day.

I'm off to Indiana for a deathwatch.... Please don't pray for me.

Anyone here?

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

did you all see this poll?

Around the sun from going upriver lyircs

Both parties still think John Kerry will run in 2008

Charles KKK claims Palestinians want Democracy because of Bush...

50 Most Loathsome People of 2004

Bush's Democracy Crusade Defies Public Opinion

Democrats can win the gay marriage and abortion debates

Moderate Dems are not DINOS, cuz they only concede a few issues...

thinking big-how can I go about getting an initiative considered?

Novak, cnn just talked about the excessive secuity at the coronation. He

What have the democrats done for us/you/america since 2000?

$300 Million in American money slated for tanks and equip. missing in Iraq

I'm a non-collectivist leftist

DU this poll. It needs help

OK National Guard Ups Incentives For New Enlistees/ Re-enlistments

Journalists in Kenya and Ireland weigh in on Bush inauguration speech

Signs that you're a brainwashed Repubican!

(((audio))) CKUT Radio: Resisting the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

ALERT! Freepers hacking this poll!!! poll: What is your assessment of Bush's inauguration speech?

I didn't think the pictures could get any worse from Iraq (WARNING on pic)

Just back from listening the men running for DNC chair

Remember allt he times rightwingnuts chanted how we progressives would

Why do progressives not use the 'Founders' more to frame their thoughts?

Great slogans on T-Shirts and stickers

A Rant: Three Fairy Tales from the new So-Called Left, as seen on DU

Ed Rendel on Capital Gang was shockingly awful!

Families of servicemembers killed in Iraq turned away at Pentagon

The Robber Baron's Party: Let's Bring Tea!

Utah State Lawmaker Defends Polygamy

Democracy Doesn’t Exist – It Is Made (obligatory reading)

Ukraine: Oil politics and a mockery of democracy

The biggest accounting fraud? -- Social Security

Families of servicemembers killed in Iraq turned away at Pentagon

Dubya and the Amazing, Spreadable...Democracy Technicolor Dreamcoat

TP: The Crisis in the US Media and the 2004 Election

Who's in Line to Replace Michael Powell? (FCC)

Survey Finds Church-Going Americans Less Tolerant

Joe Scarborough doesn't understand why WhatsHisFace is unpopular.

Newsweek/Isikoff: Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?

Torture Becomes a Matter of Definition

In war, language is deliberately distorted

A few questions about torture

We should stay away from the Bush bandwagon (McQuaig / Toronto Star)

A Certain Outcome

When faith meets reality: the obstacles ahead for a president in a hurry

Media, Murder and American Morality - Teaching us to Enjoy the Kill


The War Against World War IV by Neocon Norman Podhoretz

Spreading liberty (Philippine Star)

Dowd: SpongeBush SquarePants!

The Pepper-Spray President

Now Playing: 'Anybody But Dean, Part 2' - Newsweek (Fineman)

Bush’s Watergate: If it happens, keep your eye on Texas

Wolcott: Siege Mentality

Bush Makes False Claims About Social Security: John M. Berry

Meet The Press - Transcript for Jan. 23, 2005

Good letter in response to black pastors taking faith-based monies

Scarborough accused Buchanan of sounding like Susan Sontag

Dream On, America - The "American Model" Loses Favor - MUST READ

W and Dostoevsky - George W. Bush is a man possessed

Stay current on how your senators and reps vote. Here are the links:

Who is working to pre-empt the aggression against Iran?

Did Anyone See the Fox News LA Affiliate Disruption 1/21

Frightened for the future of Ohio, and my own.

Rocky Flats: The bait-and-switch cleanup

Global warming approaching point of no return warns leading climate expert

House report proposes troop withdrawal plan

(Aceh) Cease-Fire Talks to Be Held in Indonesia

Bush names Schieffer as ambassador to Japan

Cheney firm's £40m MoD deal

Two Tenured Professors Resign From UCLA


Is the "ignore" function working?

I'd like to propose a DU Freecycle.

Lone Star Iconoclast still needs help

Are we now allowed to post snips from RW Websites who diss Dems?

Regarding donations to all the Dem causes

Is the "check spelling" button not working. "preview" and post" work

What happened to the thread about Bush losing in Iraq?

Abbas wins ceasefire promise from Hamas: Israel

Palestinian gunmen fire at central Gaza IDF post

State Journal Register: Governor a causualty of flap over WWII memorial...

Pantagraph: "Abortion authorties: Change will take time"

Chicago Tribune: Battle for the skies

Peoria Journal Star: Peoria's vision hinges on coordination

Chicago Sun-Times: City and suburbs dig out

Senator Steven J. Rauschenberger's Mardi Gras Event

Now The MSM Weights In This From CBS News

Does anybody know

DUers let's brainstorm: a certain URL belongs to a DUer

Has anyone heard from Andy Stephenson lately?

Rumsfeld has death squad brownshirts

Should DU Fraud Folk Now Focus on 9/11 Fraud to Bring Bush Down ?


Bush wanted Blackwell as his Assisatant SOS in 2001...Blackwell Declined.

Turn on CNN NOW!!....BARBARA BOXER INTERVIEW!....(W. Blitzer)

The Nashua Advocate: An Election Reform Issue Everyone Can Agree On

The sad part is this: Kerry would have won if he made BBV an issue.

Just Wondering-- Does Anyone Think Gore might have beat Bush in 2004?

JOIN HANDS! We all need to help Conyers get Dean elected as DNC chair!!!

Is this an impeachable offence?

The Nashua Advocate: Bush's Inaugural Balls, Examined (And More)

Tell Sennsenbrenner Blackwell broke FEDERAL laws!

LEONARD PITTS: It's too late for a replay on the Ohio vote

John Kerry will give his first post-election interview


DONT LOOK unless you have a strong stomach, Repugs

Weird question about contacting Kerry...

The Dream Team for 2008 - Let me wake up to this REALITY!!!!!

Richard Hayes Phillips 1 hour radio interview Monday 1/24

We must not give up on trying to convince key people of election fraud

Anybody wanna help Boxer by e-mailing Blitzer??

VOTE; CNN POLL..How did B*sh inaug. address make U feel? 74% LESS HOPEFUL!


State Exit Poll/Vote Statistical Update

fishy 2004 election results in Baltimore, MD

Conyers endorses Dean for DNC chair; says ELECTION REFORM foremost issue!

Governor is no Austrian, Official Says

Meehan: Pull troops from Iraq, but slowly

Romney gaffe on channel 5 this morning.


Topics on my blog, by day of the week.

XP Pro USB 2.0 Driver Update W/O MS SPs

Firewall secure? Test it here>>>

freeware . . .

Fishing for a solution I like.

Apologies for an oft asked question:

Bloggers and Readers... What colors do you prefer to diplay your text?

If you use M$'s spyware tool read this

Programmers, need you to 'save our world' from Insipid 'Net Polls

Frightened for the future of Ohio, and my own.

OK JAN-20-2005-1630 Human Remains Found website

Car crashes into Plano restaurant

Any clubs or organizations endorsing a candidate for DNC chair?

Texas DU's endorsement for DNC Chair: I nominate Howard Dean.

Just a question for all

TX JAN-22-2005 Human Remains Found In Levee

TX JAN-21-2005-1236 Human Remains Found In SW Bexar County

What happens to a soldier who joins now?

Whats the difference between Progressive and Liberal?

I Just got back from Monster Truck Jam...Ask me anything

This site is full of freepers

This video is frickin hilarious!

Katherine Harris: The Final Years (photo)

Donald Trumps Wedding

Pokémon causes cancer

dupe ... please delete

What was wrong with the L.A. protest thursday.

NYT: Lawrence Summers, Provocateur

Old.....But Good...................


The Republican Commandments (in .jpg form for easy printing & emailing)

Flashback to 2000: How B**h stole it fair and square. (photo)

What makes the fundies think they will be taken in the Rapture?

Dear Poppa Bush; A little update for your beautiful mind.

Coalition of Willing NOW the Coalition of the Dwindling

Is the elephant the symbol of the GOP because

Self Delete

GE sees 'excellent' world economy! Why not? For them it's GREAT!

How many of us buy/invest ethically?


Iraqi Elections: "Farce of the Century "

HELLLLLP with a quote

Who do the neocons think that our country is not a society but a gigantic

Germany to Deport Hundreds of Islamists - Magazine

Report: U.S. can't win Iraq war

On cnn "People" they just said of crashcart...

Two websites that give a snapshot of the War's cost in blood and tribute

Seven reasons why employees leave their jobs:

Does every country have an oath-of-office for head-of-state?

WARNING re Wikipedia!!!!!

Why is this in the Demopedia?

Just got FireFox - couldn't be happier with it. Get it now! nt

What would happen to Florida if retirees decided not to move here



The Meaning of SpongeBob

Disabled groups condemn Eastwood euthanasia film

Sex cult's messiah turns killer

The search for the lost library of Rome

How can shrubco pimp privatization of Social Security with a negative DOW

A simple progressive meme for the Social Security debate…

Trust advertises 'Catholics-only' holiday cottage

If President Cheney wants to invade Iran, no one will stop him.

A quote by Twain I think applys to some so called Christian leaders

Talking Point: "We cannot defeat terror while allied to tyranny."

A little song I wrote in October... well it's a parody of a song...

What is the beef conservatives have with Sponge Bob?

So who started the Boston Terror Scare last week?

CNN and "Blitzy" will be interviewing Lugar and Boxer RE: Rice

Author Max Lucado does not support my values!

DU CHALLENGE: What are YOUR values?

more bush* slams lately in the news?

That new military robot is a CARLYLE GROUP product.

US Army recruiter chased off campus.

Why doesn't DU start a Freecycle???

Help Please...Mac Question...How do you make bookmark folders list alpha..

Barbara Boxer is on Blitzer NOW!

Letter from moveon

My favorite new nickname for Neocons

T. Loeffler wore shower caps on his feet in S.F. (didn't want to get AIDs)

"France and Russia military-technical cooperation"

Man on a mission: not finished outing conservative gays

DU posters needed at this website on Social Security

Themes/bumperstickers for '06:

Ultra-secret troops poised at inaugural - code named Power Geyser

My Interview with George W. Bush

here is where the troops are going to come from - S. Korea

Johnny Carson has died!

God created Adam and Eve

Anybody else HATE HATE HATE Windows XP SP2

Whenever Blue State/Red State Discussion Arises

Palast, and a few others, on C-SPAN2 at 1pm EST

My First Favorite Blogger Has Become a Bore

Dating of wreck's timbers puts wind in sails of the 'Mary Celeste' mystery

Howard Zinn on Media Matters in 5 minutes!!!!

If you want to end tyranny, why not start here.......... (photo)

Rose Mary "18 1/2 minute Gap" Woods is dead

Did Anyone Else Catch "The French Revolution" on THC?

Iraq Vets Turn War Critics: a whisper in a swarm of propaganda

Senator Nelson stating on CSPAN that we need to keep an eye on

How upset are you about Bush dumping the Hubbell satellite?

No shit!!!!

Leader of Ukraine giving speech on CSPAN eom

FOX NEWS: Johnny Carson had middle America magic!

If you missed the Scott Ritter/Sibel Edmonds interviews

How afraid should DU be that the MSM and RW are reading our posts?

Iraq war climbing up the record charts of American wars

Things to do on a snowy night...

The Document Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You To Read

Bush, 1999: "Let us not dominate others with our power!"

The Mystery of 18,181

Johnny Carson donated $10,000 to DNC in 1996

Emmett J Burnett...Dead at Age 87

Any Democrat who votes for Gonzales' confirmation should

Molly Ivins: "Just when you thought it couldn't get worse"

PHOTO: Bush leaves for Camp David "retreat"

Chris Matthews 2004 vote?

The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

Why do Creationists not have a problem with astronomy and physics?

Nominate Barbara Boxer for The Backbone Campaign Award

Uh oh. I hope I don't get a knock on the door.

Great legal question?

thoughts on Seymour Hersh's New Yorker article "The Coming Wars"

"CNN People" Featuring Laura Welsh...aka Laura Bush

"U.S. in danger of losing the war " -- headline in two major dailies

Recall vote/GOP crowd runs anti-United Nations ad.

Movie reviews with a difference.

Don't buy into the myth...

The Most Influential Piece of Advice You've..

"There's a Rigidity, there." Boxer Said to Condi...

I couldn't avoid FUX news this past weekend

McAuliffe in bed with Providian!

The Inauguration: Jon Stewart and more.

How does BushCo plan on securing oil interests with a popular Shiite gov.?

Moonie Front Organizations (breathtaking)

Anyone here know how to start a church?

Did anyone else see Michael Moore this AM on AMC's Shootout?

Paul McCartney Superbowl Halftime Show

Anyone watching MTP? Seems the new Iraq gov't can't order us out.

Who's met Schimpanski face-to-face?

Johnny Carson has effectively hijacked the 3 major news channels

The road to a draft goes through an unwilling Army

Is God an Anti-Depressant?

A dumb economic question

Survey Finds Church-Going Americans Less Tolerant

A Bold Move Toward Dictatorship IS Afoot(Part Two)

Overlooked phrase in coronation address that scares me the most:

dulce et decorem est. Please read this poem if you haven't read it lately

MoveOn....a viable third party?? The idea is out there

=New name for GOP - POcG - The Party of Corporate Greed=

"The Bible is my Authority" shut up

If the Blue States were united, where would the capital be?

Despite over 12" of snow, the parking lot is full at a local Iraqi Elect..

DU Activism idea - Add this to your signature

Why does the Right villify anything having to do w/sex?

The Democratic Underground and the ideology of its members

Johnny Carson has died.

Michael is coming home from Iraq in 2 weeks, hes in Kuwait now

Jesus preached tolerence. Does that mean

Christianity & War--a discussion at work.

DU this Social Security Poll: Should it be privatized?

What would be your reaction to a e-mail prayer request for our troops?

Bush inaugural made me sick, literally

3----------Amazing Sunday Morning Quotes--------3

Tsunami Condi: her quote memorialized (photo)

Lone Star Iconoclast still needs help

A Tale of Two Sweeteners: Aspartame and Stevia

1984-1994: U.S. govt supplied Afghanistan with militant Islamic textbooks

How can anyone love Christ AND bush at the same time?

Union Members for Bush

If I was to get an online ordination, would it get me out of a draft?

Maureen Dowd: SpongeBush SquarePants!

How you know CNN is screwed up...

Lack of civil discourse on DU?

pics/report: SF march for (and the march against) women's right to choose

those nice Monsanto people at it again

Wikipedia - update on DU article

Dole Pineapple staging bloody massacre of Filipino workers

A fundies home schooled children cannot Read or Write.

I won't see Mrs bearfan for most of this week again

Any early morning cooks awake right now ? n/t

Question about split pea soup

Enchilada-ed Burritos

What's for Game Day? I'm only feeding four, but cooked for an army

Anyone know about AGA cookers?

Stuffed cabbage recipe?

That's it. I Give Up. I'm Quitting.

Papadeaux's Crawfish Bisque

Conservatives want to limit asylum in the UK

What happens to a soldier who joins now?

Russian space base ‘poisoning children’

Anti-Bush protestors march downtown (Houston)

NYT,pg1: Rapid Rise and Fall for Body-Scanning Clinics

NYT: Birth of an Industry: IPod Loading

WP: Religious Surge Alarms Secular Syrians


Times: British Foreign Secretary Straw snubs US hawks on Iran

Salon: Pentagon to Send Robot Soldiers to Iraq

Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain

Schwarzenegger 'damages Austria' (end his citizenship there)

Militant logistics coordinator may link 9/11, Madrid attacks

Pakistan joins US in attacking Iran over support for terror

At least a dozen killed, nearly 100 injured in hospital fire in Iraq

Cheney firm's £40m MoD deal

John Kerry will be on Meet the Press next Sunday, Russert says

Bible Breaks at Public Schools Face Challenges in Rural Virginia

1984-1994: U.S. govt supplied Afghanistan with militant Islamic textbooks

WP: US Hurricane Scientist Leaves UN Team (global warming connect protest)

NYT: For Kerry, a Strategic Return to the Limelight

Rape charges dropped against man whose alleged victims ruled incompetent t

Santander's Botin in dock over fraud charges

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower 23.01.05

Fidelity will halt AIDS, says Pope

New York publisher faces fierce opposition to al-Qa'eda tome

Go home Yanks, says the Shi�ite Muslim cleric PM in waiting

NYT: Florida Offers a Bold Stroke to Fight Medicaid Cost (Jeb privatizing)

Rumsfeld controls his own intel unit

(US Appointed) Iraqi PM Says Talk of Coalition Withdrawal Is Premature

U,S. Should Mend Relations with Venezuela -Senators

New curfew after 15 Iraqi soldiers are shot dead

Few but Organized, Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics

IRA arrests ‘soon’ on robbery

Iraqi voters get extra time to register

Jeb`s tax cuts not for everyone.

Newspaper Shuttered, Editor Held In Baghdad

Secret gas was issued for IRA prison riots

Now Playing: 'Anybody But Dean, Part 2' - Newsweek (Fineman)

Newsweek/Isikoff: Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?

Iraq Election Big Test for Bush Mission

French lawyers to defend Bulgarian HIV nurses

At least 20 soldiers implicated in further Iraqi abuse claims

LAT: Borders, Priorities Blur Along the 'Wild Frontier' (New Mexico)

German far right condemned for ignoring Nazi role

N.C. native has inside track to be FCC chair

Germany arrests two suspected Iraq bomb plotters

Iraq campaign season becomes a test of faith

Specter in New Trouble

Howard (UK tory leader) calls for immigration quotas

New York Times: Commandos Get Duty on U.S. Soil

Feds probe allegations of 'ghost units' in Alabama Boy Scouts

Web video shows public slaying of Egyptian in Iraq

Charles and love to tour US together... and meet Bush

Cuba praises Viet Nam's assistance in agriculture

Feds probe allegations of 'ghost units' in Alabama Boy Scouts

Reckless post-war spending causes corruption-report

British Guantanamo prisoners said due home

Nixon secretary Rose Mary Woods dies at 87

Two US soldiers sentenced in killing of Iraqi interpreter

The new grapes of wrath

WP: Some Question Background of (Rummy's intel) Unit's Leader

U.S. Promises 'Elaborate Security' for Iraq Vote (Negroponte)

Revealed: half of RAF women are victims of sex harassment

Sen. Byron Dorgan - D-North Dakota on CNN fighting for Soc. Security

Southern Iraq's oil exports shut down by weather, power

NY Times: Johnny Carson, America's Late-Night Host for Decades, Dies

Afghan women still in chains under Karzai

Post-9/11 arrests dog Chertoff

US soldier killed in Mosul

US TV legend Johnny Carson dies

Schwarzenegger 'damages Austria'

'Robot soldiers' bound for Iraq

Italy to send attack helicopters to Iraq

WHO Raises Specter of Human Bird Flu Transmission

Afghan women still in chains under Karzai

Zarqawi declares "bitter war" on election

Soldiers ordered to hand in all photos

Religion a potent force in Iraq election

Biden Says He Is Leaning Against Gonzales Confirmation

US likely 'to double bin Laden bounty'

Killings in Mosul have taken a huge toll

Russian icebreaker heading to U.S. Antarctic researchers' aid

Israel to U.S.: Step up pressure on Syria, to aid Abbas

In One Night, Iraqi Turns From Friend to Foe

Man learns his votes were illegal for years (Seattle Times)

Insight: Coup plotters wanted colony of their own

Second UN official 'linked to Saddam pay-off'

Deficit-Minded Republicans Eyeing Entitlements

(CA) Governor backs bill calling for changes before '06 vote

Fired reporters challenge Fox TV license

Damonte Ranch High students free wild horses from temporary corral

Germans arrest 'al-Qaeda members'

Social Security a problem, not crisis, lawmaker says

Wash. GOP Files Governor's Race Challenge

Iran slams Bush's 'psychological warfare'

U.S. Plans New Tack After Iraq Elections

Loyal Nixon Secretary Rose Mary Woods Dead at 87

Japan may adopt heir

Bolivia's crafty opposition leader building popular support

AP: U.S. Foresaw Terror Threats in 1970s

Dean blasts GOP in bid to chair

Seattle Times: Scores of felons voted illegally

NYT: Schwarzenegger Aims at State Pension System (Arnold privatizing)

WP,pg1: Bible Breaks at Public Schools Face Challenges in Rural Virginia

TX Billboards encourage questioning of homosexuality

Scalia: Faithful Live for Christ

Author airs conspiracy theory on Im’s death

Johnny Carson dead

Ultra-secret troops poised at inaugural

"Officer, Put Your Big Tom of Finland Ass on Your Gay Bike..."

I'm a little drunk and I need some crack...

Do you like to watch drunks?

kissing a king cobra: stupid, crazy, or cool?

OK...Fess up! What practices do you do that might be deemed as vain?

another one sinks like a stone.

I'm a little drunk and I need a snack...

How many of you are able to follow

Wish me luck

Rammstein Question....

I've just discovered I like vegetables better than sweets

I Just got back from Monster Truck Jam...Ask me anything

Who is the cutest bald guy?

It's times like this when I'm glad to have a NOAA weather radio.

We're having a heat wave...a tropical heat wave...

More Jesus?

Movie that got great reviews that you hated.


That's it.

Are there any specific laws against world domination?

My God, the wind!!!!!!

44 posts to 2000, ask me anything!

Is Showtime at the Appollo the worst show ever or what?

Ok: This is an example of America sucking...Something....Ass?

Terrorist Training Video

I bring you...Wynonna

hillarious video on dangers of chatrooms

I've been gone for most of the last week. What did I miss?

Should i try a dating site?

Painting sous-verre....under glass

There's a circle around the moon tonight.

McDonald's invites you to celebrate Black history....

More importantly: Dr. Who?

Its like I'm drunk

What house is located are you?

it's like funk!

Bilbo! Bilbo baggins! the bravest little hobbit of them all!

The Man, the Horse, the Ox, and the Dog

Look at this guy.

She packed my bags last night...... Preflight.

Watching Raging Bull and I have a question...

Lee Greenwood at Steelers/Pats halftime.

Poll: Pasta or Pizza. Which is your favourite?

HELP looking for a quote

Tell us something you REFUSE to eat- & why

Thank you, God, for this good life and forgive us...

If You Choose Not To Decide...

There's a Chuck Norris fitness infomercial on right now.

At the beep please leave your name, number and...

My dog barks some.

Those dancing to "Lucky star in my solarium must perish

Switch the vocalist of a famous song with the worst possible alternative

Please do not impugn my integrity!

Tell me, Harold, how many of these, eh, *suicides* have you performed?


Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

I wore my DU shirt for the first time today

I do have a test today. that wasn't bull. It's on European socialism.

I just downloaded Firefox...need a little help

I bring you...Winona...

Just had a shifty at the creepers' site

I HATE insomnia,...I really do.

Wir wohnen alle in Amerika.

Am I wasting my time?

Proposed Sports For The 2008 Olympics

You remind of a man.

It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl....

I'm just a crazy, beer-drinking wrestler.

OH - thb- MY -thb- Gimme a Piece 'o PIE - thb


Speaking of the Inauguration:

I woke up with Janis in my head. Everybody ...

We were just without power for about 45 minutes .

Favorite Blizzard '05 Reporter Quotes....

You may think you know what you're dealing with, but, believe me, you don'

Jesus loves you and buddha wants you to be happy!

I'm sorry Repugs. I take back all those rude things I said about you.

Little Orphant Annie's come to our house to stay

Were the Beatles more popular than Jesus in 1966?

Just when you thought you have seen it all

Are any of you regular swimmers?

Less than fifty away from 3000!

- - - - SNOW! - - - -

I, for one, do not think the problem was that the band was down.

10 degrees out and my furnace is dead

The weather outside is frightful

Spot the difference

IT'S SNOWING! ... wait, it stopped. IT'S SNOWING AGAIN! Crap, never mind.

Are any of you regular swingers?

Remember the good old days?

I fell in love with a Mexian

Hope you all a great day!

"Send this thing back to Baltimore" Favorit line from Silence of the Lambs

So, how accurate are home-pregnancy tests?

I had a dream....

Who's Also a Garlic Addict?

Hearing what sounds to be shots

I wanted to thank DU today

Could some of the people we are bombing in Iraq

Vick vs. McNabb, Part II, for NFC championship

Giuliani, Walters, Couric and Lauer guests at Trump wedding

Soon the world will love you Sweet Leaf.

Recipes unavailable on the web:

We need an old people's forum you like it?

If the F15 is the Eagle, the F-104 was

Have you posted in a weather thread yet?

Snow rant? Post it here

Is everyone able to taste their beer?

How much snow is there on the ground where you live?

Pat me on the back, I'm the last DUer to see F-9/11!

Donald Trump tops my list of most revolting celebrities

The sky is on fire!

They got 24 inches of snow in Crown point, Indiana

Poll - Best Guitar Magazine

Jackass next door - yes, YOU! Crank it up more - I can't hear the words!

Rufus Wainwright vs Loudon Wainwright III ?

"Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" bunny video

Who would you vote for in the January 30 Iraq election?

Listening to Led Zeppelin II. Ask me anything.

There Has Been A Tsunami of People Using the Word Tsunami To

My conservative work friend has sent me an email entitled

What was I thinking? What really was I thinking?

Bring Forth Your Best Neocon Forum IDs

I had my very first jello-shot ever...

Have you had enough snow?

I live way out in the boondocks, any suggestions

Just a Pic but I could watch it all day !!

Colin Farrell on "Scrubs" Tuesday night.

coming up on FOX TV: Vick's top 10 plays of all time

I have a disc bulge

"I was down in Savannah........

In and out

Most worthless Planeteer

I pissed a lot of people off at work on Friday

Help Please...Mac Question...How do you make bookmark folders list alpha..

Which Seinfeld character do you most resemble?

Damn noisy neighbor

It's stupid riddle time!

LOUNGE is to GD as (_______) is to( _________).

Jerome Bettis is a repuke. Go Patriots!

seen this from Will Pitt's blog?

Amarula: I'm becoming an addict....

I'm back in Stevens Point.

Sign in Stranger

Fans of "American Dreams" series: Tonight's JJ's and Beth's wedding

Remembering Nell Carter

I just ate half a German chocolate cake... ask me anything **burp**

Who the hell is this kid???

Toncilitis, adnoiditis is nothing more than an invasion of heat and wind.

Weather in Cambridge, MA?

Rose Mary "18 1/2 minutes" Woods has died

I was down at the New Amsterdam

Bad Day to go surfing....

My CRAZY dream

I haven't seen the sun in three weeks.

"...It's blowing peace and freedom. It's blowing you and me."

This snow would have been better exactly 1 month ago!

Why the hell is it illegal to distill my own hard alcohol?

MP3 tags? Software to fix these?

Snow pictures!

No work tomorrow! (SNOW)

Disinfect Me!

Man arrested for breaking into bar and hooking beer tap up to mouth

15 posts to 2000, ask me anything!

Erin from the Apprentice & Ashlee Simpson (Long-Lost Twins?)

9 HP Snowblower + Sunday paper =

[DOUBLE CAPTION!] Poopy Bush & The Weed

This is Post #6,999--Taking suggestions for #7,000!


Why do infomercials have annoying Australian guys?

here's a fun one: Kerry is to bush as (_________) is to (_________)

favorite Musketeer

Funny way our local paper covered the storm.

"West Wing" spoiler (don't read if you want to be surprised)

Call me silly, but somehow I think Chris Collinsworth is sexy.

Go Eagles!

A Sign That You're a Huge Political Junkie

Poll: Are the Lounge Lizards all insane?

993,250 away from ONE MILLION POSTS!

The Buffalo Beast "50 Most Loathesome People in America 2004"

what would your estimate be on the % of christians who have read harry pot

Laugh-a while you can monkey boy!

Things to do on a snowy night...

Rat Family. Jime Rome's Famous people that look like rats.

I only watch Football during the playoffs

Logan Airport (Boston) is STILL closed!

How long are your cat(s)' whiskers?

I just dug a car out of the was hard...

My leg pain also disappeared.

WHich of these two guitarists is better?

Guess how many shots of Jack Daniels

Note to self:

Obligatory puppy pics

Attention PhotoShop users! Quick question.

BTW - my sig line sums up my feelings since the "election"

Apparently my back pain went away this morning.

God's head will explode! Both the Falcons & the Eagles are attributing


This is my 1501 post

I wanna see the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Congrats to all Eagle fans...

Steelers loss = Increased domestic violence

Wish my butt pain would disappear

I just made some nasty ass tabouli

A new day another morning after

Hey! What Happened to the 80º Weather In Vegas?

Oh my god, I can't stop shaking: WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL

After tracking in enough rock salt to defrost the PA Turnpike

Lotus Notes users: HELP!!!

If the Steelers win today, we will witness

Donovan Mcnabb in the Super Bowl. Where art thou o Rush Limbaugh


So - how does everybody like the Steelers?

That little girl gave me goosebumps!

Farewell to Johnny Carson

Freeptard Stupid Remark of the Day

I'm looking for some good GIF animation software if anyone has any.

My photoreport of the snow storm (Queens, NY)

" Singing In The Rain " is on again on TCM right now :)

Found this on top of my fridge.

Congratulations Eagles. A totally Blue State Super Bowl!

The Freeper Anthem by Doug From Upland (he really wrote this)

How did I know the Falcons would choke?

Eagles win chance to be bitch-slapped in upcoming Super Bowl...

Cigarettes up 50% since January 1st

Why doesn't DU start a Freecycle???



Yessssss! Just got tickets to the Styx/REO concert!

freeware for your PC . . .

Would there be a problem with writing bush sucks on my checks?

You know what I REALLY hate?

Why can't the Vikings ever play in the Super Bowl???

Do you let your pet kiss you on the face/mouth?

Freepers call us DUmmies on freerepublic. clever!

78 posts away from 10,000! Ask me something!

For anyone having trouble streaming Ike Newkirk...

In the words of Thomas Jefferson...

"Dogma" is on Comedy Central now.if you want to see it for the 200th time.

Mmmmm Chinese food



semi-Official Falcons-Eagles thread.

If you were dead in your house, should your starving pet eat you...

Semi-official Blizzard of 2005 thread

My dog is a terrible watch dog, but he watches my every move

This is Post #7,000! And thanks to thousands of you who responded to

I hear last night's SNL was a riot. Anyone got video?

POLL: Who is the most ignoble scoundrel in U.S. history?

30 posts away from 3000


Christopher Robin and I walked along,

My memories of Johnny...

Private jets was just on Travel channel - impressive - no security cks

Woo Hoo! I found a copy of "Towing Jehovah"!

Who is planning on watching PBS Masterpiece Theatre tonite?

Steelers vs.Patriots

Windows XP system restore

Hairy legs

65 degrees in Billings Montana (pet pic!)

Do you pay to have your driveway plowed? If so, how much?

Tom Brady....HOT or not?

the newest articles at

What will you look like when you get old? If you were another race?

Charles and love to tour US together... and meet Bush

Go Steelers!

Movies that disturbed you...

Annanova: Police hunt poo protesters

What's your personal catch-phrase?

Do you add hotdogs to Macaroni and Cheese

If you think Kid Rock is a badass, think again.

Lifelong smoker???

So get this - we're having our wedding reception in a working theater!

So what's on your list of things to do before you die?

OMG! I Just Watched "Desperate Housewives" For The First Time...

Because I could not stop for Death --

Today's my birthday!

Good people.


Anybody else HATE HATE HATE Windows XP SP2

Siss, Boom, Bah!

Anybody got links to the quotes by Johnny Carson bashing Bush?

Do you have stairs in your house?

How cold is it where you live right now?


My wrist pain is gone now too

This is how one of my roommate's dogs watches TV... (pic)

From vegetarian to vegan. (basically giving up cheese)... HOW?

Scuffle at church leads to 7 assault charges, claim of demonic possesion

God created Adam and Eve

United Methodists Calling for Accountable Leadership

Tell me about Heaven

How to reduce health care costs

Need some help!

The Gay Gene -- if it's found what does it mean for us?

An interesting and poignant quote...

Barbara Boxer for President 2008

Who's staying up for late night live Australian Open coverage?

It's 3 am - I can't sleep

Gotta Love It

Anyone coming down with "skier-itis" on Monday?

Oh My God! It's Game Day!

Hypothetical - Which would be more disappointing?

Eagles/Falcons Game Thread

Patriots/Steelers Game Thread.....

Congrats, Iggles

Blue States On A Sports Roll

Hey Rush Limbaugh how about NcNabb and those Eagles?

So... What's with the national anthem kid?

You can give a cat Benedryl - can someone please read my story?

how many dogs it too many?

Clumping/scoopable cat litter query

great article

Poll: Churchgoers more rigid

Hajj Pilgrims Stone "Devil" Bu$h

Tough question.

For me, i think it's a matter of life experience whether you believe

Just thought I'd let you guy's respond to a GOOD thread regarding Kerry

Ok you freaks, who has AIM, were having our first ever chat tonight

Who's hanging around?

C-Span to rerun the Condi Rice hearing again soon

Time for a new picture thread!

Passing a tv at the pub, tuned to Fox, with a picture of Kerry

I got a Kodak Easyshare DX6340 Zoom Digital Camera as a gift...

Cable news dismissed and ridiculed inauguration protesters

So What Are We Progressives Going To Do About Plastic?

PLEASE READ U.S. Commends Azerbaijan's Action Against Election Officials

Whatever became of Senator Reid's "war room"?

History Channel Shows - "The Presidents," "Inside the Presidency"

Aside from Lincoln Chaffee,

America is at war with itself

The Emperor's Bold Agenda / Organ Dreams

CNN Bush to speak to an anti abortion ralley

Bloody insipid informal 'net polls on news sites.

Interesting front page on the Asia Times

Smith Point--I would like to be a mouse here and listen in on the

Dem FCC Commish Adelstein says Powell Tenure, Destructive!

Frightened for the future of Ohio, and my own.

Iran Says Any U.S. Attack Would Be Big Mistake

Now is the Era of Ill Will. Clinton's term was the good ole days when we

Replay of Condi's Hearings on C-span now

Families of servicemembers killed in Iraq turned away at Pentagon

RNC trying to "reframe" privatization as "personal savings accounts"

Newspeak Memo - Terror/Terrorism OUT - Tyrants/Tryanny IN

Bush's speech recalls another one delivered in Gettysburg, Nov 19, 1863...

Now Bill Thomas on MTP saying race should be looked at also

If Social Security is privatized....

Ukraine: Oil politics and a mockery of democracy

Blair’s loyalty tested as Bush menaces Iran

Supreme Court is key to new Bush term

Hillary Clinton would get 35% of the vote

No War in Iran Petition reaches passes 15% mark

Biden is on This Week w/ G. Steph., says he may well vote against Gonzales

We need to make Bushco unAmerican not us.

Israel to U.S.: Step up pressure on Syria, to aid Abbas

Leonard Pitts article in paper...Want to give him a piece of my

Boxer on CNN now

"Bush's promises? Oh, never mind" /Clarence Page

With all the tsunami aid talk

How to get freeper??

Howard Zinn: Bring the troops home

Rummy's new "Extra-Legal" and no oversight Intel ops, History repeats

scathing anti-** article

Was this the fastest ride ever for an inauguration? Can we find out?

He is not my president!!!

Have you all heard about the Backbone Campaign

I wanna be a realist, too!

Hey You Republican!

" $65 million every single day of the year."

President For Life?

Reality vs. Hype: The Real Terrorism Threat

Who remembers the protests during Clintons' inaugurations?


Heads up - Wacko on the loose in FL

what's Bob Jones going to be doing now?

What does "democracy" need in order to work in Iraq??

On behalf of Hillary Clinton

Norm Coleman used to be a Dem. When did he turn into such an a$$hole?

‘God-drenched’ pledges of the president split Republicans

Howard Dean on now on ABC

Specter in New Trouble

Hell Frozen Solid With News Of Second Bush Term!!!

Sen. Byron Dorgan - D-North Dakota on CNN fighting for Soc. Security

Straw snubs US hawks on Iran

Did you see this on Alberto?

The Nation's inside look at Bush's "Rangers, Pioneers & Mavericks"

Guess how many shots of Jack Daniels

* looks like he had a late night.

"They Protest Too Little"....and "Conspiracy Theorists" Most Always Right!

The Bush twins' "Cheers"

Nominate BARBARA BOXER for Moyer's Backbone Award

The Day George McGovern Bombed Auschwitz

Let's put aside this center vs. left shit and look to the future

Question regarding one of the Reservations I have on Dean for DNC Chair

Elected right wing nut stands by polygamists

Caption - Poppy saves the day

Condoleeza Rice should NOT be confirmed. Do people get promototions

Did the neocons push M. Powell out of his job??

Why all this talk about "democracy" in Iraq from war opponents?

The Ramsey Clark/ANSWER link to totalitarianism and fascism

War Room: Help Boxer by sending e-mails to Wolf Blitzer

How do you identify yourself as a Democrat?

Boxer vs. Blitzer this morning...transcript's up for those who missed it!

Hey, how about Martha Stewart in 2008?

CSpan2 to broadcast some of the PDA Summit Monday AM

Bush renews amnesty debate, but idea gets little support among locals

What are your thoughts on Bill Richardson for president?

It is my feeling that the 2008 Republican nomination is

Martial Law: It's already here and Repubs in DoD are spying on DUers

The Shadow President

OMFG. NYT transcript of Rice hearings OMITS her "tsunami helped US image"

Why are we socially so damn primitive???

OMG! How Did I Miss This Quote? (Dean)

What is the range of political views on this board?

Drinking the Koolaide?

Shocked: I didn't realize churches were calling us "Nazis"

Terrorism not mentioned in Inaugural Address

Do you really support Sen. Boxer? Election reform? read this please

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Now Playing: 'Anybody But Dean, Part 2'

New Dems and Republicans: joining forces to wage war against the Left

Will the 60's and 70's repeat itself?

Kerry et al Excommunication status press conference 9AM Monday/DC

Left and Republicans: joining forces to wage war against the Democrats

Is ANSWER controlled by some fucked up people?

The "War on Drugs" Only Benefits Our Enemies!!!

Newsweek: "Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?"