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Archives: January 27, 2005

To challenge Pelosi

The Bush Doctrine of False Imminence Domain

James Wolcott: Dubya's Zippity Do-Dah Day

Bush’s inauguration speech was a declaration of holy war

Seumas Milne (Guardian Utd): Barbarity is the consequence of foreign rule

Group wants closure of Guantanamo Bay

Environment Ignored in New Democratic Agenda: Liberty Belle Log

US Dollar Having Serious Problems - 2 articles

What do we progressives want ... purity or a winner

Blumenthal: This Pollyanna army

From Holocaust to Hyperpower / Jim Lobe

US media won't show BBC's POWER OF NIGHTMARES

Universal: Why We're Keeping Maggie Gallagher

Poetic And Psychotic - Iraq As Disneyland

War in Iran?

Veterans' Benefits "hurtful" to National Security, says Pentagon

activism in germany

A Must Read: Seymour Hersh "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

Today I phoned the Bakersfield Humane Society...

CNN: Their Website did not cover helicopter crash much.

Why does media ignore deficit growth next 10 yrs for each Bush policy?

Can you identify these assault weapons?

I would be interested in 109th Congress forum....

A rebuttal to the video "9/11 - In Plane Site" (Part One)

The use of pepper spray on 9/11 flight - is that new?

Russ Stewart: House of Sutker looks strong in 2005 elections

It's true that Chicago only has one Republican alderman, right?

My 2004 Election fraud Investigation -more help

Loopholes in voting system a symptom of its openness (??)

The Nashua Advocate: AG Jim Petro, The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us

Kenneth Blackwell: the most loathsome person in America 2004


"The Democrat's new tone"

"Does America have an apartheid vote-counting system?"

URGENT! Free the Fraud-Buster Four -- LEGAL FUND NEEDS HELP NOW!

And, it's 1,2,3,,....What Are We Fighting For?

Developing story from Raw Story..Ohio recount and fraud?

USCVprogs goes live. Coders, websurfers, spreadsheet jockeys needed.

Waxman has posted a pdf file "Summaries of State Election Procedures"

This is what is called a smear campaign

1/26 New Fraud Suit filed in OH: Stickers on ballots!

ALL eight Democrats on the panel voted against the pig, Gonzales:. sneak preview, feedback and submissions needed

Michael Moore wants to hear from us!

Join me! Spread the usage of the correct term: ELECTION FRAUD

(Arnold) Nurse: Can I Have a Socket Wrench

Letter from Kerry: Make a Difference for Massachusetts


Email the Star Tribune to reply to this letter.

DFL calls for mass action acgainst *'s SS scheme

Coleman to support Republican plan to curb filibusters

60M ballots sent to Iraq for 14M voters? How many of them are already

Don't miss the Daily Show re-run later tonight (10 CST) Sy Hersh is on

36 Americans reported dead in Iraq.... Reminds me to read this again.

AOL POLL "Bush Holds steadfast on the Bloodiest Day in Iraq"

Prosecutors Drop Charges Vs. Hawk Activist (Paula Zahn Stalking case)

Bush to Blacks: Y'all folks die earlier, let me steal yo' money

Big, Complicated Question

N.C. Senate bans smoking by members in chamber

Email I received from a repuke today:

Hate Rock and intentional recruitment of kids for white supremacist

This day sucked.

What species is Bay Buchanan?

"Personal Accounts" vs "Mandatory Gambling" = "Privatization"

Dubya for President in 2008?

bush*: "I swear, it really is this big . . ."

Join the new SEIU Wal-mart campaign

Personal Thoughts re: Will Pitt's Speech at PDA

Another way to look at red states vs blue states

This Morning's Press Conference - The Smirk

GOP lobbying group president admits he doesn't believe in Social Security

Have you ever wondered about this? Why do people forward jokes?

"F*CK BUSH" sticker drives cop over edge.

Hummer driver scalds meter maid for writing him a ticket (illegally parked

BIG NEWS: Briton's Death Sentence Quashed!

My Message to "Boxer's Bunch" who voted against Rice today:

A great quote on conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson

US Economy-House of Cards-Local currency is legal here's how and why

Racist Tsunami Song From NYC Radio Station

I'ts almost spooky that "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" is on PBS now.

Best freeper's bumper sticker EVER!

Costco Given Props For Helping In Train Disaster

Would you let your daughter wear this dress to prom?

rummy on Iraq on Cspan from today - Good Lord

Across Baghdad, Security Is Only an Ideal

KOEB Meeting

With new panic and paranoia, **** admin will give troops dangerous orders

The gay-hating is cranking up... ("Traditional Marriage" plates in VA)

Iran = Nuclear War

Can This White House Memo Be Verified?

Can you register as a democrat in Michigan?

The White Washing of America!!!

Mandatory Malloy: HumpDay Truthseeker Meet Up

Progressive Policy Institute

What is the price of Gas where you live?

Nuke-Ya-Ler News: all of my photo satires collected in one place...

How long can the U.S. continue to live on borrowed money?

Game: Can you spot the smiling murderer?

West Wing made me want to vote for a Republican tonight.

"Far too many Americans want a King,not a president" Phil Donahue.

Has Bush made you less sympathetic to Israel?

With no Democrats to blame, are Hate Radio blowhards eating their own?

"Aren't You Embarrassed?" - My Latest Reply To * Supporters

Hitler Used Christianity to further his agenda--Sound familiar?

How does Bush get away all this crap?

They had thirty day free trial of Fox News up here.

Postcards from Buster.

Train Wreck

America's Puppet Regime Returns to Torture-Filling Saddam's Shoes

Jury duty sucks

The irony of the rat race explained...

Graph shows anywhere from 1 to 4 trillion dollar deficit by 2015

Am I the only person here that doesn't think outsourcing is evil?

Do you buy the "pick your battle" argument?

Fun With The Heritage Foundation Social Security Calculator

Freeper Repulsive wants us in concentration camps...

Did your Democratic Senator vote for Condi Rice?

I was watching this hunting show and I am really disturbed

Anyone else watching Katie Couric's special-The 411: Teens & Sex?

"The Face of Freedom and Liberty" (photo from Inauguration)

RNC seeks $$ to push agenda "past liberal media filter" LMAO!

Aussie Press: Bush the dumbest, nastiest President since Harding

Are women not really people but only walking wombs?

Feingold's comments, in voting against Gonzales

Prosecutors Drop Charges Vs. Hawk Activist (Paula Zahn Stalking case)

Judge Bars Terror Evidence Against Sheik

Costco Given Props For Helping In Train Disaster

UN Mediator to Leave Colombia After Failed Talks

Two Boys Arrested For Violent Stick Figure Drawings

Soldier Detained for Making Bomb Threat Against Unit

Test-Prep Firms Bribing Students Just To Show Up

Six Election Workers Shot in Mosul

Three US hostages held in Iraq: officials (More are unaccounted for)

Guardian Utd (Thursday): Freed Britons sent home

NYT: Communicator in Chief Keeps the Focus Positive in Iraq

Gunman shoots three Jeep plant workers, then kills self

China replaces United States as Japan's top trade partner

WP: Bush Caught Off-Guard by Case of Jailed Jordanian

WP: Limits May Be Imposed on Honor Medals

AP: GOP: Felons, Dead People Voted in Wash.

UN backs Arab report despite US objections

"Federal Propaganda Prohibition Act" intro'd by Pelosi

Clinton, Elder Bush to Attend Super Bowl

Warehouse fire forces evacuation of Grandview schools, homes

Top Iraqi candidates won't press for withdrawal of U.S. troops

AP: Colo. Mortuary Apologizes Over Fetuses

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran

Sheriff Removes Gay Hate Remarks From County Website

RNC Seeks Donations to Push Bush Agenda

Choose Death? 'SC' Lawmakers Propose Alternatives to 'Choose Life' Plates.

AP: Man Accused of Nazi Ties Loses Citizenship

Meek wants Haiti to let its overseas citizens vote

US undersecretary Douglas Feith to resign

Inaugural run-in for Reid aide (arrested) -The Hill

U.S. Senate Confirms Rice as Secretary of State

Bush Asks Patience From U.S. on Iraq War

U.S. military too eager to help Iraqis vote -UN

Schwarzenegger strengthens calls for special election

President says, 'I firmly planted the flag of liberty'

Study finds Earth temperature 'skyrocketing'

Low score for US in environmental sustainability rating

Ten Commandments Monument In Tatum (Alabama 'Monument' on tour)

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

USA Today: Strom Thurmond's biracial daughter sheds life of secrecy

Describe your williwacks.

Does your car have a virus?

Now let us recall Chilliwack

Describe The Stuff Growing On Your Shower Curtain.

I love facebook!

While we are asking for help with the household

KMOV channel 4 in St Louis doing a report on a Hardees

Ugh, I owe some good fortune to Wal-mart

Favorite Oingo Boingo album (studio)?

Is LOST on tonight and is it a rerun?

When Did You Fall in Love with............. ME?

Free pizza!

Oh Dear God, NO...former Pop Diva Debbie Gibson is gonna do Playboy.

I am Archie Bunker, ask my anything

I am Simba the Cat. Ask me anything or get bitten!

My mailman thinks i'm a commie

Today I have participated in two threads that are no longer there

Oh! I say mama. A little ain't enough for me. No it ain't baby!

Do you have any "ex-wives tales"?

The people at this website will personally answer your e-mail

The Spin Doctors are the best Rock band ever. Discuss

who's ready for "Lost"?

When did you fall in love with Japanese culture?

I am not the best rock band ever. Discuss.

Gratuitous Chicken thread

Paula Zahn just played an old Edward R. Murrow tape

When did you fall in love with....the one you're in love with?

It's early 1976, and Sweet is on the jukebox

edgars: the friendly facist

King's Hawaiian Bread. MMMMM...

Hey, has anyone talked to Momma Kef lately? How's she doing?

I have decided I want to be rich - CAN YOU HELP????

I am seeing Jimmy Cliff next month...Who wants to touch me?

Peng! (Stereolab)

The Banana Splits are the best Rock band ever. Discuss.

Is my conservative blog liberal enough?

Can someone tell how to find out how much of a memory upgrade I can do ...

Dishwalla is the greatest Rock band ever. Discuss.

Toad the Wet Sprocket are the best Rock band ever. Discuss.

Man or Beast

Triple Dip Banana Split, or Nine Inch Nails in your eyes?

Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" (promise not to spoil it)

When did Evil Knievel jump the shark?

When did the shark jump the beetle?

When did the Quint jump the shark?

Do you know any "old wives tales"?

Anyone else creeped out by how popular Michael Jackson used to be?

When did the Beatles jump the shark?

Hubert Sumlin or Muddy Waters?

Enough with the movie remakes already.

Is it just me or are Advil really delicious?

I want you to recommend home recording software to me.


Anyone seen Bright Eyes before Conor Oberst became a

Will Smith is the best rapper on earth... post

I just saw 'Million Dollar Baby' - OMG, awesome movie!!!

Applebee's yeehaw 'Pick-up man' jingle.....

PC Humor

I had a pretty good day today.

Is Short Bus at the Duke game tonight

When did Fonzie jump the shark?


Need a laugh? Visit my page of satire photos....

What is a rupturing Appendix supposed to feel like?

Jury duty sucks

Poetry corner.....from "Snow" -- Robert Frost

Computer Gamers: Do you play characters that are opposite gender to you?

Did anyone here get to see The Jeffersons in the seventies?

Did anyone here get to see the Jetsons in the seventies?

Peach buffalo in squirming tub visiting hollow beverage.

I have all natural home-made face mask on. Ask me anything.

what is the best product to remove pet odors?

This can only be in the lounge. Too fukin' funny:

Baby I’m yours

Would you rather go to the Taverner the dance club? nt

What is a Rapturing appendix supposed to feel like?

It ain't easy being a nipple

Did anyone here get to see the Jets in the 80s?

EGAD!!! 6 months from today!!!

Anyone else creeped out by how popular REO Speedwagon used to be?

If you have Adobe Premiere Elements.. please post

DId anyone here get to see The Jefferson Memorial in the 80's?

Winter Weather Rants...Post them here!

It ain't easy being a pickle

Jeff, it's Prince man, Jeff, wake up Jeff, wake up!

It ain't easy being a nickle (sic)

I feel love

It's So Easy

So, I found this old photo of Barbara Bush....

Tonite, I will post as JimmyJazz and be extra nice to everyone....

My dog just got sprayed by a skunk

Anyone seen this? ("Bill Clinton"'s blog?)

It just ain't easy

I just watched "The Kumars @ No. 42" on is a very

Sex, Church and Pancakes

Where can I find video of Bush's press conference from today?

I want to thank every one who help me Monday night with my Teen

What DVDs have you purchased recently?

I'm sick, bored and only 30 posts from 1000, ask me anything.

Suddenly, my daughter was run over by a truck

Mmmmm... Prusser's British Navy Rum and Hi-C.

Here is an idea

Installing Java

The French woman on "Lost" used to play D'len on Babylon 5?

Does Mac Davis need a firewall?

The only thing greater than disco is country.

Did anyone here get to see Jefferson Airplane in the sixties?

Did you just see the Daily Show with Bitch McConnell?

How does one search the Lounge Archives?

how old were you when you had your first diss?

"We Can Be Together" Jefferson Airplane

You Are Not Prepared For ---- "KING KONG" Coming In December!!!!

How many pages is the current book you're reading?


Good Dubya Joke

What music have you listened to lately?

Yah! The DU Gallery is back up again!

Its official, my family is dysfunctional

I just ate my first Boca burger

Does a Mac need a firewall?

It ain't easy being a ninja

HTML help? How can I put a box around text like

How do you know that your job sucks?

What's your guilty pleasure?

Disco Sucked.

I walked out of "Igby Goes Down"...

how many conservative friends do you have?

Pity party for Finnfan

Heard on CNN during inaug: "Fuck Bush" gotta love this clip here

Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode

I like the Beatles. A lot. What's it to ya, punk?

I'm a bad Mama-Jamma. Tell me who you want jacked.

Tonight I did not watch "West Wing" for the first time in 4 years

Best Name of a Band You've Been In

guess what! 12% of HS kids are having Oral Sex!

OKay DUERS whats the word on the draft

Okay, Loungers...hump day is over. Whatcha drinking?

If you think America's preoccupation with pop culture is a new thing,

Were you one of those "Disco Duck" people

The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005

The Wit and Wisdom of Archie Bunker

how old were you when you had your first kiss?

***Spoiler alert*** Limbaugh and Medved blast Eastwood film

I'll be - there ARE Dems in Texas!

A-Schwarzenegger was the winner of the FUNNIEST POST EVER

Greatest British Sitcom.

Use a DU username in a sentence

NYT: Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus?

Woman on CNN, wife of senator of N.J. had postpartum depression....

Study finds Earth temperature 'skyrocketing'

Meteorite hits Cambodia, sparks fires.......omen of peace?

New prehistoric rock carvings discovered in Northern England

Researchers Construct Tiny, Floating 'Eyeballs,' On Microchip

Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found in Iraq (archaeology)

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Biology book says homosexuality is natural - many biologists covered it up

Yo Superbowl bettors!

New kitty pics of Boots!

Sassy Girl's a boy.

Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology...a history lesson.

Astrologically, when is the best time to begin a weight loss program?

Are you an Indigo Adult?

Anyone hear the woman congressperson asking for additional $2 Billion

John Kerry on Meet the Press

Get John Kerry's Back

I just got a STAR.

C-Span coverage of Kerry Health Care speech 1/27 1:00 pm

Bush Sends No-one to important World Economic Forum at Davos

"Freedom" discussion -

Boxer's PAC accepting donations online (web form now working).

The Poodle, at Davos Econ Conf, made some good points re: US role

Here's what ticks me off MOST about the Social Security "crisis."

Iran vows 'astonishing' response to any US, Israeli attack

Mame Reiley, Chair of the DNC Women's Caucus, Endorses Dean

"Election refugees" are voting with their feet and FLEEING BAGHDAD.

207 weeks to go, folks

OK, when does the exodus begin at the State Department?

Sens. Leahy and Spector -on Gonzalas PBS now

Dear Karl Rove: Is staying on message the role of an American President?

Attorney General nominee

Job Description needed for National Security Advisor...

AOL poll: 74% say * doing a poor job in Iraq

No nominee for secretary of state has been defeated in the Senate

We voted these men and women into office, we pinned our hopes upon

What did Chimp do to his skin?

Idiotic democratic Senators don't stick together

A book recommended by David Cobb that we ALL should read:

Purity vs. Victory is a false dichotomy.

Nurse: Can I Have a Socket Wrench? (Dumbest Arnold Proposal Yet!)

Police officer threatens to arrest Colorado woman if she doesn't

One Aussie's View of the Inauguration

the fifty most loathsome people in America 2004

Get On Those Weenie Democratic Senators That Voted for Condi

Second Conservative pundit payed off by White House

Do you get "Trickie Dickie" vibes from Condi?

Presidental Term Limits to be repeal?

The Purge Mentality Is Self Defeating...

'No' is not an opposition strategy.

I have had a mental epiphany (or a brain fart) deciding on how you

I received John Kerry's e-mail

Interesting words from Gore Vidal...

Let's Thank Them NOW--Our Senators

Berkshire Eagle on Kerry

What's wrong with smirky?

You know, right about now I am missing Karen Hughes in the WH

When we win in '08, our candidate should get the Cabinet he/she wants.

John Kerry to be on Meet The Press on Sunday 1/30/05

Are we willing to challenge the liberal/Moderate Republicans HARD in

36 soldiers killed today. It's time to hold Bush VOTERS accountable.

The Twilight of American Power

Question re Chimp and his determination to destroy SS

1st. Bush Visit After State of the Union To Be In Nebraska. Come Protest!

We’ve Got Your Back John Kerry! Urge your Senators to Co-sponsor JK's Bill

I believe Clark and Dean supporters tend to be from the same mold

OMG Can You Believe The Nerve Of Repubs?

Why Not Filibuster Alberto "Ashcroft II" Gonzalez?

Hillary Clinton votes "yes" for Rice

Any Republicans you like?

Seedy Gonzales

Tainted justice (Sacramento Bee)

Opposition to Gonzales Confirmation Comes From an Unexpected Corner

Don't be fooled by occupation in democracy's clothing

Rationale sound familiar? We've heard it before

Guardian: Troops in Iraq Exhausted

Vet Journalist: Declare Victory in Iraq, and then Exit

India's US-Pakistan suspicions deepen

Bush Portrays Iraq Vote as Step in a Global March to Freedom

Globe: Senator Boxer packs a mean, partisan punch

Is the Christian Coalition Actually FOR TORTURE?

Alberto Gonzales Lacks Respect for the Rule of Law (Feingold)

Goodbye New Deal; Hello Raw Deal

Christie Whitman - The Moderate Who Wasn't There (Salon)

FEMA's Miami vice

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

Bush Caught Off Guard by Case of Jailed Jordanian

Molly Ivins: Bush revises history in inaugural address, is delusional

Insult to injury (Some soldiers pay for meals at Walter Reed)

Was the copter brought down by SAM

Ray McGovern writing for Truthout: "Reining in Cheney"

Molly Ivins: Team Bush flip-flops on Social Security linguistics

Dumbass cop who hates the First Amendment under investigation

Reining in Cheney

Chile's Retirees Find Shortfall in Private Plan

SpongeBob, Evil Gay Heathen

Check this Title: Bush Among the Morans

Cannibalistic tendency of the left blogosphere?

Social Security crisis? Not if wealthy pay their way

"ultimate antidote" is the "freedom deficit,"

Maureen Dowd: Love for Sale

Dems - "Winning Cases, Losing Voters"

Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico's Zapatista Country

Return of the Draft

White House Drops Effort to Relax Media Ownership Rules! FCC!

AOL Headline : Liberal Talkers Gain Listeners

Let Granny Eat Grass

How America Became the World's Dispensable Nation

Boxer's Spine Gets Her Cut Off at the Knees

Gone South: Talibama dreaming A Must Read!

The Power of Nightmares

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult" (DemNow!)

Forget Armor. All You Need Is Love : Frank Rich NYTimes

"Criminals the lot of us " Scott Ritter, The Guardian

Bush Loves Pinochet's Crappy Pension Reform.

Iran's Youth Push Islamic Limits

January 31. Declare victory in Iraq and start bringing the troops home.

How to find 2 Reaganomic deep causes in news of tragedy on 6pm News

The wartime media taboo: withdrawal from Iraq

Hypocrisy alert - WTAM vs the SpongeBob bashers


Will media treat lies from Club for Growth as worthy of "he said/she said"

Does anyone know when Fox News' FCC license is up for renewal?

Will media cave? - Bush demands use of new phrase for "private accounts"

Bush administration has spent $250 million on PR contracts

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

IMPORTANT: about the obsequeous reporter at the Bush press conf.

There's a new nonprofit, progressive ISP supporting independent media...

Shaking Up Trade Theory, Business Week

AFLCIOmembers:get word to Sweny:his emails take 75secnd dnload:been so 4

Internet project forecasts global warming

Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico's Zapatista Country

Many people use "n/t" in a post. What does it mean?

just wondering what I did wrong?

google search results from DU

Why this was locked?

Blog Link

Duplicate threads

Spell check feature question...

What is wrong w/ this? I didn't use the individual's screen name.

Some guidance on number of posts and

My thread disappeared...

Thread which did not violate rules, disappeared from gen discussion...

wasn't there a Unitarian avitar

An admin locked my thread on jury duty

Can we please get a Jon Stewart / Daily Show group? eom

Profile idea

Demopedia and Quoted Material with Link

Israeli Seizure of East Jerusalem Land

AG Mazuz rules JNF land can now be sold to Arabs

Jerusalem-born youth wants 'Israel' on passport

CU prof's essay sparks dispute (9-11 victims not innocent)

Lt. Col AbuBakr Marzouk- deep black pathologist?

Pantagraph: Governor, 1 guard head to California

Belleville News Democrat: Few surprises in election petition

Illinois-Times: What setup? Why cynics are ready to believe anything...

Chicago Sun-Times: Alderman backs Cubs' expansion

What's your favorite radio station in the state?

Please give me the link to Will Pitt's recent speech regarding

"Eyes on the Prize", Civil Rights Documentary, To Be Released . . .

Six switched votes per precinct was all Bush needed in Ohio

Letter to Senators and Representatives

this looks like a good new movie

Rate B*sh----- POOR-73% -- Handling if Iraq--The Idiot Son of an Asshole.

Open Voting Consortium - Santa Cruz Friday, February 4th

Toll-free capitol line disconnected (800-839-5276)?

Well Today is the day..........

I Hate Rush

A letter from the Republican National Committee

Friedman has a paragraph that I want to share with everyone here.

Diebold 4Q Earnings Rise 7.4 Percent

Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution - Video

What's up with the LANGUAGE, Senators?

Support for the Fraud-buster Four

How is it that the GOP gets into the MSM so easily?

GOP: Felons, Dead People Voted in Wash.

Presidential Election Politicians Flouting 'No Work, No Pay' Rule,

Will Pitt on right now on C-Span3! 1:06 PM Central

Beasties Dedicate Sabotage to Bush at Big Day Out

Today is the deadline that Rep. Conyers gave the Ohio AG...

Curious of what actually happens, when the recount sticker story proves

Can anyone post links to Editorial Cartoons that deal with Election Fraud?

TROLL Alert: need help

An e-mail response from Senator Saxby Chambliss re: Ohio

Texas Court Orders Voting Examiners' Meetings Opened to Public

Could this be true?

Thank you letter from Boxer.

Kerry @ C-SPAN - 1:00 PM Eastern

Rep. Pelosi on Kevin Shelley (SoS, CA) - "He's a person of integrity."

Partisanship was record high in 2004, with 2000 2nd highest

Conyers asking for FBI investigation/Ohio

Interesting response from my Repub Rep.

new doc on Diebold in Georgia posted on Solar Bus

lala_raw raw was not referring to threads on DU

LePore working on tell-all book that includes 2000 election debacle

Ted Turner tells the truth about the regime and its propaganda arm, FOX TV

Dodd's bill focuses on the REAL problems

Let's compare - Dem/Repub, 'voter fraud'/'election fraud' - it IS Rovian!!

New DCCC chair wants to know what issues most important to you!

1/27 UPDATE - Ohio "Fraud-Buster Four" Legal Defense Fund - HELP NEEDED

can anyone point me to any numbers on the Military Vote?

DU the Common Cause Agenda Poll - VOTE FOR ELECTION REFORM

Did anyone here get an e-mail from Katrina Sumner asking for $?

Iraq recount! Stay tune!

Diebold election unit submits voting printer to U.S. (DBD)

How rampant was "payola" in the 2004 election. Let me ask you this:

Remember these threads? More votes than voters?

Need Programmer

The Nashua Advocate: GOP Claims Bush Won WI, Attempts to Divert Talk of OH


Decertify Diebold - lose your job to an election rigger

Discussion Worthy Article: Should The Left Ignore The 'Stolen Election'

More Bush Lies Iraqis To Bush - What Have We Done To Deserve This?

Poo Protesters --pranksters sticking miniature US flags into doggie dooo.

Urge your Senator to VOTE NO on Gonzales!

DU Action...BUT you have to be nice. It's imperative to be nice

Myth Breakers: EXCELLENT new improved edition available

Profile on Mayor Gavin Newsom

Feds will audit Shelley's use of election reform money

Schwarzenegger, Núñez trade barbs over reform plans

Poll: Schwarzenegger Losing Appeal Among Dems, Independents

California cities woo stem cell HQ

Son of Shelley donor was promoted after test score was altered

If Shelley quits, we'll lose CA: GUARANTEED

Which Democrat should challenge Feinstein?

Please, Call Harkin's office and thank him for voting against Condi

Kennedy Calls for Troop Withdrawal in Iraq

Text of Kerry's 1/27/05 "Kids First" speech

Need some help here contacting Senators


After years and years of windows machines, from 3.0 to xp, I did it...iMac

Republican activist indicted for shooting at workers

Heard something puzzling about TABOR today

Did everyone see the headline in the Journal Sentinel today?Voter fraud

I don't understand why none of the Democrats that were around

Fun With Weapons-Microwaving Iraq

R.A.W. Rightists against "W".

Who writes *'s speeches? The bit 'untamed fire of freedom' is a doozy.

Who is listening to Malloy RIGHT NOW!?

Update 3: Diebold 4Q Earnings Rise 7.4 Percent

Why Dubya's foreign policy doesn't have a chance...

Iraq,25 million, no weapons or military. Iran 80 million with weapons and

I wondered if Bush would also go far as to do this or piss all over the


Republicans playing the Race card...

The Bush Family death toll is now in the millions

Send Bush an email to withdraw troops from IRAN

What will the world do to us if/when we start a Nuclear War?

Can someone help me with "know your neighbor" and the "Patriot Act"

Doctors see mistakes, don't speak up

Walmart - the bank? cnn/money

Will pimp GOP issues for taxpayer cash. See our website

What A Waste ...All For dumbow**s Stupid F***King War....

Woman on CNN, wife of senator of N.J. had postpartum depression....

US investors may soon begin to own chunks of Iraq's national oil co

Statute of Limitations

Few Americans support Bush's empty ideals

Anyone tried Google's new TV search?

So when does the Kool-Aid wear off? Or run out?

Has anyone seen the HBO movie "The Hamburg Cell"?

Add your own caption to this photo of Rice and Feinstein.

Yet another 100% proven LIE by O'Reilly & bet the freepo-fascists won't

Maxine Waters just said she doesn't know about PNAC!

Questions for those who watched Frontline's terrorism report

Juan Cole on C-SPAN 1/27 9:00am

The Right And Willfull Stupidity.

Maxine Waters on C-Span NOW...she just came from breakfast at the WH

CNN about to give Maggie free air time to lie in a few mins.

Who does your thinking for you?

Did Bush's paid pundits report the payments on their TAXES?

Man sent to morgue by mistake, (don't get injured in NC!)

I wonder what Iran would actually DO if Bushie started anything with them

Just used "personal options", turned off lounge fm "latest disc. threads"

U/Michigan Professor Juan Cole on Washington Journal (CSPAN)

CNN Poll: Would you be willing to sacrifice your own life ...

Who is the Independent Women's Forum and Michelle Bernard...

Stop the War - Bring the Troops Home...

Common Factors in Death Cults

700+ blocked attemps -

bush Cultists FEAR us more than they hate us

Armstrong Williams/Maggie many more?

Why do you think that small cities are more likely to vote republicans and

The Top 25 jobs for 2005

Why does DU moderator Lock discussion?

where can I get a list of democrats who voted against Rice nomination

AAR ad: LOL--too funny-- Wendi from,

Returning Iraq Veterans Paint Grim Picture of War's Toll

Iraq Elections Worse Case Scenario (is Saddam on the ballot?)

Houston Metro is expected to ease gun ban on buses, trains

LOL, AP story on Feith resigning includes Franks quote

How many definations can you think of for UNCIVILIZED?


How religious males can embrace their wild side

Fat Nazi president cheney representing US at Auschwitz?

"precision research" has anyone heard of this place

Do you want Fascism on a plain or sugar cone?

New Meme: Christian Supremist

Iraqis To Bush - What Have We Done To Deserve This?

Pope condemns euthanasia, calls elderly a resource

The ultimate war crime: breaking the ag cycle

“Fallujah is fine, now go back to sleep.”

“Fallujah is fine, now go back to sleep.”

Alliance for Retired Americans takes exception to Bush remark

Latest Opera browser gets vocal

Please support this new national, progressive, nonprofit ISP - IndyLink

Who would like a new board devoted to the 109th Congress??

Christine Todd Whitman on The Daily Show tonight

Arrrrrgh - I am so sick of seeing Clinton and GHWB begging

'Doris Day' film..a rude shock to churchgoing Britons (Breasts of Passion)

Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed being Charged for MEALS (insult to injury)

Positive aspects of humanity's looming "death spiral"...

I just bought something in Europe that was made in USA!!

bush thinks he's Johnny Frikkin' Carson laughing through his conference

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

Wow! Check out the new newsletter about "Spreading Freedom" (photo ->)

Wedge Alert: Race card threat by RW.

I hate to ask about *'s face...

One silver lining in this True Hell even the RWs are starting to see...

Hey hey! Look what I found!

Even caked in make-up, he looks florid >

Photo of USS San Francisco (sub that ran aground)

Skinner's consolidated Gonsalez thread

John Kerry on C-Span at 1PM - Please take ACTION sign his petition.....

Who is being more partisan during the confirmation battles


Why the finest vineyards in France are tipping away 266 million bottles

Excellent video of Cognitive Dissonance from Truthout.

So, who else was * Paying?????!?!?!?!?!

Wimpish Christians urged to fight their way into Heaven

Univ. Oregon denies rumors of `troops' sticker ban

FEATURE: How we won the war in Iraq

PBS Pulls Kid's Show Episode which contained lesbian Couples

Pres. Clinton on C-Span 2. n/t

Getting inundated with military leaves - Things heating up in Iraq?

neo-cons attacking Clinton on "hired journalists" issue

Too much exercise is bad for you!

Finish this Condi Rice statement! -- -- -- "History is calling us..."

Ok which C-span do I watch...

Bush is descended from a notorious Barbarian

Bush inauguration speech "informed by Leo Strauss"

Where's DU?


Rush Limbaugh on Clint Eastwoods S&#T list. Spoils Clint's movie!

"the President felt the need to buck up the country"

What role, if any, should religion play in public American life?

Dems attacked for begin racist is hilarious...

Stock Question

What did Biden whisper in Condi's ear?

Chile's Retirees Find Shortfall in Private Plan

The Radical RW: the Talibornagains from Dumbfuckistan

No wonder this kid failed. Jeeze

Call for Contributions to "Reality-Based" vs. "Delusion-Based."

Power was officially handed back on 28 June 2004????

Bush does it again...

Lawsuit against Rummy discussed in Stars and Stripes letters section

George W Bush and Richard Mellon Scaife: separated at birth?

Happy Birthday Amadeus Mozart!

Ever listen to Rhodes & Malloy at the same time?

Heads Up John McIntire fans! John's subbing for Lynn Cullen

Best Supporting Actress: Lynne Cheney in "This is NOT a Good Man" (more >)

Support the Troops; Bring them home, says veteran...

? about VA cuts...

Amy Goodman on C-Span now

Roy Moore's 'Talibama'

More pictures from the protests!

The Agency's family jewels (CIA)

Living in the Looking Glass

New scumbag front group

5000 years???

Tapestry artist reveals ancestors of US president as murderous bunch

A lot of people on the left live in as simplistic a world as Bush does

Does anybody have a quick link to a list of those senators and..

Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation

Headline of the Day

Check out question from Jeff Gannon to bush* yesterday....

Why is it when some one from the Black Community tries to really

Entire Ramadi police force resigns

If there was one tree in the world left

Mormons love Bush...90% of them!

Freedom Fighters vs Insurgents

How soon will we the U.S. be out of Iraq?

Nomination of Gonzales: Insanity.

I saw Will Pitt on C-Span 3 today..

Is anything to be gained by organising

"hollywood liberals"--it's just a remake

I Just saw USN released photos of the USS San Francisco


3rd-Graders Arrested for Their Drawings

Hey, Rice apologizers!!!! Where the fuck where you when the GOP

In light of the attempted character assassination of Ward Churchill today

Guy On Crossfire: "92% Of Iraqi's See The U.S. As Military Occupiers"

Iraq's future is in BALLOTMAN's hands!

600,000 Soviet soldiers died liberating Poland.

Tourism, Geopolitics, Cuba and the New Airbus Airliner

What's up with all these nicknames?

When do we all protest?

Bush didn't start war against BoR: This needs to be shot out of the sky.

Does anyone have the Goebbels/Nazi qoutes.......

MSNBC's "Question of the Day" makes me want to hurl.

The White Trash House Party! (photo ->)

POS Bush's legitimacy as "President"

The Black Commentator: Rice showed herself as bellicose as her master

What would a Freeper do?

Pics of USS Sanfranciso released

The freeper thread on the gobal warming news

O'Reillys' show removed from radio station's line-up.

We'd be better off with Saddam because thousands would still be alive

What's the "Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)" all about?

the shittiest corporations 2005 Awards

ABC News: PBS Cartoon pulled because of "Lesbian Mothers" in episode

Pat OLIPHANT | TOON genius!

col. klink getting trounced right now on cnn by old lion

Webchat with Michael Moore

Was this really on TV once?

No War In Iran Petition at 3,794

This is what war breeds.......-----graphic photos-----

flying the flag

11,000,000 Russian Soldiers were killed in combat in WWII  

Remember when we we proud to be Americans?

I though Hillary's Abortion Speech was EXCELLENT (plus EXCERPT)

Bush's abuse of the word "freedom"

Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico's Zapatista Country

Did ya'll know that the Hispanic Caucus withdrew support for Gonzales?

Do you think Condi will end up doing jail time?

Poll being Freeped...Picking Limpballs over Randi

Banking question

{{{satire}}} Virulent disease alert {{{satire}}}

Israeli Spy Exits White House through Back Door – DOUG FEITH

Why doesn't David Brock (media matters) have his own show?

"Red State Road Trip" Videos... Funny!

shocking video of Fox talking about Canada

Uh oh...have you guys read how many SHIA are boycotting?????!

"Criminals the lot of us"

Ever wonder why repubs are so, so, so very afraid of gay men?

The Graph...

Has the "Get a brain, Morans!" guy ever been identified?

We can thank the Bush administration and their neocon-PNAC puppet-

C-Span 2: Great interview with Clinton from Davos! "Clinton Unplugged!"

If PBS has to refund funding for the Buster cartoon

Scumbag Colo. Prof: Implies 9-11 Victims Deserved Their Fate

There is lots of money for Social Security AND Health Care for EVERYBODY

Black Republican Senators and House Members Outraged

Recently, and for the first time, I'm truly spooked by Islamic terrorism

The anti-DLC backlash is already starting

Has anyone read David Icke? ro

Is Randi Rhodes being Freeped?

The Power of Nightmares

Washington Post's new RW comic strip

Is this a woman?

The very definition of IRONY

The Cheney's Seem to be Enjoying Their Visit to Auschwitz >

A moral qeustion: Are the people who help manufacture the bombs

Please ask your Senators for a filibuster against Alberto Gonzales,

CBC exposes O'Reilly, Coulter, Foxnews and more -- MUST SEE -- 5 stars

Veteran Needs Help

bush says Iraqis are 'voting for a president'; is he lying or stupid?

"Just don't get sick!" Overheard in a doctor's office this morning.

This is an incredibly sad story.

17 cents per grocery bag tax - what do you think?

MUST SEE!-They are replacing the silicon chip (LOL)

Weyco FORCING employees to quit smoking

Whats really going on in Iraq.....from the veterans who have come home

the Family Research Council has a "homosexuality detection expert"

Dominionism, Reconstructionist Christians, Harold Ahmanson

Dick Cheney Gets a Sneak Preview of Hell >

Leftovers tonight

I just made perfect hash browns for our "breakfast dinner"

Anyone here working on fitness and nutrition?

Somebody should post this

Grandchild of the Holocaust - BBC 1

Vote machine maker settles over her whistle-blower suit

Bush, Kerry aides (Mehlman & Cahill) reflect on '04 election

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Expresses Concern About Border Violence

Worldcom Trial: Ebbers says "not an economist."

Talks deadlock over Iran’s nuclear intent

***Spoiler alert*** Limbaugh and Medved blast Eastwood film

Bush: Pundit payments will stop

Habib lawyer to 'gather proof'

A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Bush, Kerry aides reflect on '04 election

Blair hopes Iraq elections will give British exit strategy

Bush Union Busting

Woman Convicted of Drunken Driving After Having Three Glasses of Listerine


Brown-Waite targeted in Social Security phone campaign

USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran

Six Australian soldiers injured in Baghdad blast

NYT: William A. Bootle, Judge in Desegregation Case, Dies at 102

Syria-Russia Relations Important to Both

US radio staff suspended over tsunami song

In Iraqi slum, survival comes before democracy

Quit smoking or quit your job, company says

Insurgents destroy two voting centers near Fallujah

This Pollyanna army

Guardian: Troops in Iraq Exhausted

NYT: Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus?

Riggs Bank Plea Expected in Suspicious Transactions Case

FBI called in as 'ghost' scouts boost numbers - and funds

Fraud trial set for two former terror suspects

Homeland Security May Not See More Money

Bush makes first trip to Ohio since re-election

Banco Santander chief makes light of litigation

Senator wants boxing gloves on chickens

Medical School Refuses to Reconsider Anti-Gay Policy

NYTimes -- Across Baghdad, Security Is Only an Ideal

Putin tries to buy peace with 50% pay rise for the police

Strom Thurmond's biracial daughter sheds life of secrecy

Rice Replaces Powell As Top U.S. Diplomat(most NO votes since H Clay 1825)

Gay marriage fight shifts to Southern California

Iraqi police officer assassinated in Mosul

7 Killed in Pre-Election Violence in Iraq

UK sends 220 more troops to Iraq

Ex-Enron exec's widow gets apology (lost pics of "suicide" investigation)

Authorities Arrest Suspect in Deaths of Women in Rural Illinois

BAE SYSTEMS Designs Precision Seeker for Mortar Rounds

Vatican ups ante in dispute with Spain

Vote Tally May Take Awhile in Iraq

Britain to send more troops to Iraq

Funeral Planned for WWII Soldier

Iran defends nuclear programme

Britain to send more troops to Iraq (220)

Pinochet's defense files complaint against judge

NYT: Controversial Pentagon Official Is Stepping Down (Douglas Feith)

Vice President Cheney Remembers Holocaust

Homeless Count or Are Counted -LAT

Future Uncertain for Students Seeking Aid

Guantánamo four still a threat, says US

Global Warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought'

Afghans, Iran linked by new road, divided by U.S.

Guardian: University gender gap widens as women increase their lead

Kennedy Calls for Troop Withdrawal in Iraq

Indiana GOP Governor (Mitch Daniels) Proposes Tax Hike

Initial unemployment claims up 7000 to 325000, 4 wk ave up 1000 to 341k

Global Warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought'

Rabbi At NYC Gay Synagogue Censured

On resort island, detained illegal migrants complain of abuse

Begg father rejects risk claims

Italian 'Unabomber' uses child's chocolate egg to hide explosive

Video Shows Allawi Aide Killing

No surge of expats in Iraq vote (registraion of Iraqis)

Bush Promotes Computerized Medical Records

U.S. Troops Step Up Operations in Baghdad

Appeals court skeptical groups can obtain documents from Cheney energy tas

Afghan soldier opens fire on fellow troops, killing five

Appeals court skeptical that groups can obtain documents from Cheney energ

Call for New 'Manhattan Project' to Fight Bioterror

Kerry battling Bush on health care

2,000 jobs to go at BAE Systems

Afghan soldier on shooting spree

Judges grapple with backlog, confusion after (manditory) sentencing ruling

Clinic offers embryonic stem cells to public (despite federal limitations)

Worst loss of Hawaii-based troops since Pearl Harbor

LePore working on tell-all book that includes 2000 election debacle

Baath Backers, Extremists Slip Into Iraq

Colleagues rarely point out errors on patients

CU prof's essay sparks dispute (9-11 victims not innocent)

Cap shifts costs onto hospitals, legislators say (Jeb Bush)

DAVOS-Gaddafi son says Iraqi resistance is legitimate

Richard Mellon Scaife's sister dies. Read. Vince Foster parallels.

As students join Russian protests, concerns over stability rise

Lawmakers look to tax facelifts; the fabulous cry foul

Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Base in Iraq's Ramadi

sex abuse at gitmo

Truckers recruited in war on terror

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties

AP: Senator Wants Boxing Gloves on Chickens

Iran Rejects `Discriminatory' Curbs on Nuclear Work

US Senate leader urges research push against bio-terrorism

The secret list of ID theft victims

Mexico Angered by U.S. Travel Alert

"Man declared dead found breathing in morgue."

China rounds up, beats mourners for deposed leader Zhao: witnesses

Poll: Schwarzenegger's Support Still High (good news for Dems)

Submarines Photo Gallery (Photos of the USS San Fransisco)

No Oscar battle for 'Passion' partisans

IL Girl Charged In Dismembering Death Of Girl

The case of the missing crisis

Bodies of four dead Iraqi soldiers discovered in Ramadi: witnesses

Gay Marriage Becomes Transsexual Issue

Exclusive! Senator John Kerry (to be on Meet The Press Jan. 30th)

Rich Countries Poach Doctors, Nurses That Poor Nations Spent Hundr

NYT: Rice Begins New Post at State Dept. Promising a 'Bold Agenda'

AP: Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

U.S. seeking any sign of success in Iraq poll

Congresswoman Tubbs Jones Urges Bush to Address Issue of Uninsured...

China rounds up, beats mourners for deposed leader Zhao: witnesses

Wal-Mart, Your New Banker? (Business Week)

60 Companies Plan to Sponsor Health Coverage for Uninsured

Appeals Court to Revisit Lawsuit Over Cheney Energy Meetings

Lawyer: GI to Plead in Iraq Abuse Case

'Scare' launches fight on Social Security (Florida)

Gregoire takes reins with aggressive start

AP: (Texas) forced to release hundreds of inmates early

Texas Supreme Court Refuses Gay Adoption Case

Kennedy Lays Out Plan for Withdrawal from Iraq

Right-wing pundits: We're not on the Bush payroll (Salon)

Two More Sentenced After Protesting School for Latin American Soldiers

Report: PR spending doubled under Bush

3 SLOW TO GO (CBS News execs haven't quit, they've hired Lawyers)

Reports: SBC in talks to buy telecommunications rival AT&T

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 27 January

Snow Says He Will Press G7 for Faster Economic Growth

Iraqi Election Candidates Finally Revealed (Paper publishes 7,000 names)

Blasts hit multiple targets in Iraq

Air raid in Darfur kills 100: African Union

Wal-Mart Recognizes Gay Families

U.S. Law Still May Authorize Seizure of Gold And Silver

Baghdad is not under control

Santorum Pulls Hat From Presidential Ring

China now top trader with Japan - BBC

Report: VW to sue makers of bomb ad(muslim stereotype)

Evolution Debate Committee (Kansas rejects new criticism standards)

Drug case dismissed against teacher (pot in garage "botany experiment")

Gallagher Criticizes 'WP' Article (denies charges); Kurtz Rebuts

Sexual Tactics Used On Guantanamo Detainees, Insider Says

Woolsey leads call to bring soldiers home

Cantwell To Oppose U.S. Attorney General Nominee Alberto Gonzales

Cantwell to vote against Alberto Gonzales (torture and Enron)

Health Savings Accounts Hurt Poor, Care - Report

Kennedy: Bring Our Troops Home

N.Korea Has Bought Complete Nuclear Bomb - Report

Bush: Tyranny's end is major commitment

White House Drops Effort to Relax Media Ownership Rules

WA: GOP says 300 voted illegally (1/27/2005)

Chavez foe accused of treason with U.S. aid

The Guardian: Oil firms fund climate change 'denial'

Republican activist accused of shooting at tree trimmers

'Stop Government Propaganda Act' to be Introduced in Senate (by Kennedy)

Bush's Stake Is Huge in Iraqi Elections

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

I went down to "Igby Walks Out"

You've Got me Captured. I'm under your spell. I guess I'll never learn.

how old were you when you had your first piss?

How old were you when you had your first hiss?

How much is a stone?

Am I the only one who attempts to post on threads that are "LOCKED"

How old were you when you GAVE your first dis?

What the hell happened to the virginity poll I posted?

Should I add this pic to my sig line?

What is this......Sigmund Freud night on DU?

Who here just heard Malloy smack down that Freeper?

The eyes of the Ranger are upon you.

Has DU ever done strange things you can't figure out?

Best Cure album

Notice "The Devil's Advocate" is a creative extension of "The Firm?"

Take us to your leader.........

I'm going to a "Reading" in a few weeks.............


Fork tines?

It's time to play I'M OFF TO BED

I have a bone to pick...

I get up. And nothing gets me down.

QUICK! What song is playing right now!


How old were you when you first used a certain green thingie

Best Remake that hasn't been remade yet.

Hey, So I stayed up late getting over 500..So where's my **milestone**?

resizing avatars

Scared of Clowns?

Jeez Louise!

Ok, worst Remake that hasn't been remade yet.

Best Sporting Moment?

Do you have ISHOOS?

Do you have SUSHI?

Share your retarded repuke story!

Anyone know how I can stop this problem in Outlook?

Do you have ESCHEWS?

I have 4 Gmail accounts to give away!

Over Three Hundred Proofs of God’s Existence (the Arguments)

Sweet jumpin' jesus - Brigitte Nielsen!

I have to be up by 9am. So I'm asking one of you to do a favor for me:

Pork rinds?

"For a fun second-term drinking game, chug a beer every time

Was there a worse show in the late 1980s and early 1990s than...

1000 posts... Now What.........

Anyone here who's NEVER taken illegal drugs?

(I Love it When You) Call Me Names

Ok now I am confused

"Spread Freedom"

Just a few "dead enders"

It's time to play GUESS THE ELECTION.

Unedited clip of Bush and family at Parade

Is it me or does Modest Mouse sound just like the Talking HEads...

Woman Upset To Find Cow Near Her Clothesline

What's the longest stretch of time you've spent on DU?

Is it snowing where you live?

Men Helpless Against New Perfume

Citizens Upset Over Town's "Whorehouse" Festival

Brown Sugar or White Sugar?

I'm thinking about getting an apartment

I need some info

Anyone like The Mountain Goats/John Darnielle?

At what point is it morally licit to kill?

Greatest British Matcom.

Sad - Philip Johnson has died at his home in CT. Age 98.

I need some info on Gettysburg Pa

Was there a worse show in the late 1970s than...

What was the best game show?

Woman, 87, Loves To Shovel Snow For Busy Neighbors

I hope this makes it on the Latest Discussion Threads!

You say I' raq, I say I raq' say I' ran, I say I ran'...

Vegans & Vegetarians: Your food, beer, cider and wine

Why can't I just get off the couch?

Brown Eggs or White Eggs?

Quick! Turn on the TV!

Do you have a really good friend?

What in HELL was so unclear about this Doris Day cover???

just used "personaL options" turned off GD fm "Latest disc. threads"

Will I?

My daughter found a Democrat to date in high school!

What Ever Happened To Salt N Pepa?

sharks patrol these waters

Happy Birthday! Mimi Rogers, Bridgett Fonda, Nick Mason, Baryshnikov

Just wondering....

Thanks again ArtV28 for driving to DC - btw, here's a pic of his car!!!

Chicken 'fingers,' chicken 'breasts' -- Semantic cannibalism?

Hey! Maryland beat Duke at home! Sweet.

Senator wants boxing gloves on chickens

Need Firefox bookmarks help.

Does your dog growl at you from time to time?

The sun is out and it's snowing these big huge lazy snowflakes

What are your favorite parting cracks?

I am giving up my last vestiage of manliness

Update on my identity theft

Truck Driver Survives 70-Foot Plunge Off OVerpass

Student Sues Teacher Over Summer Homework - Loses In Court

I give you - The Prime Time Schedule for 1987....... *wipes tear from eye*

Denzel Washington's 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG

I just bought a dvr tivo unit for my directtv dish!

Port commissioner fears "no-bomb" symbol will scare tourists

What the hell is wrong with me???

Holy Cow!! I just googled my brother's name.

"Egg shaped" egg or Square egg?

Magazine Includes Free Marijuana Seeds With New Issue

I saw "The Magdalene Sisters" last night



Only 1 week left until "Happy Days" 30th Anniversary reunion!!!

Help me get out of the 700 Club, ask me anything!

Create a sentence/phrase that includes 3 or more DUers handles

awesome .gif movie!

Woman Convicted of Drunken Driving After Having Three Glasses of Listerine

Am I getting hard of hearing or do they mumble too much..

Violent sex 'is killing the Tasmanian devil'

My LTTE published regarding Rather & 60 Minutes

Eddy Grant rocks down to Electric Avenue to help flood victims

695 posts, have to decide if I want to be in 700 club

Do you own one of these large logs?

Sex movie mix-up shocks couple

Paging Sniffa, would Sniffa please pick up the white courtesy phone...

Do you own one of these large cogs?

Pope opposes a boar shun....

Bruce Cockburn...I'm going out tomorrow to find the CD's I don't own

I made Easy Mac.

Radar speed traps are everywhere!

Do you own one of these lard hogs?

Diana crash fears hound Nicole

I'm going to go eat now. Don't miss me too much.

I have an idea for a TV show, how do i sell it?

OH MAN...they locked the sex movie topic? LOL!

Songs you would like to see Leroy Wells cover

With all these "journalists" coming out of the closet

What is it about a certain thread that makes it immortal? Kitties/Birds?

Pope condemns youth in Asia

What you didn't see in

Boy Tried To Poison His Family - Put d-Con (Rat Poison) In Coffee Grounds

Question for Mac heads -- advice on buying laptop for video/audio editing

The newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

The Shrunken Head of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Well They Blew the Horns...

The Better Living Through Taxidermy of all CAPTIONS!!!

Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go

I need HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Lavender Brown! As promised, here is your cake:

Tuesday, bloody Tuesday (U2 ticket scam story makes chicago sun-times)

Zombo.Com, Welcome!

WEEI Sports Radio: I almost fell off my chair this morning

Any other DU'ers who still watch The Simpsons regularly besides me?

Hows your morning?

So who wants to caption Cheney?

oh my eyes - part deux

Some obvious piece of crap was the greatest (whatever) of all time.

XP startup. How do I tell what loads at startup on XP?


The End-Zone Demonstration of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Can you study things you aren't really that interested in?

The Fall Guy is the greatest TV show of all time!

If you could build your 'Dream Home' - all the square footage in

The Nerf-Mortal Sin of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Hell-an'-Brimstone of all CAPTIONS!!!


TJ Hooker is the greatest TV show of all time!

My body is falling apart: Geographic Tongue

(LOL) Doctor Doctor give me the news I got a bad case of CAPTIONs

eBay auction: Lucifer's hotpocket

Elton John's hair - or lack thereof.

Now Forum........... Divorce Survivors

My job is going to Argentina and I'm 70 posts away from 2000...

Your first word?

Google Alert - "President Bush" AND "declared martial law"

Time to plant a song in your head:

Alcoholic Beverages Poll: Version 2.0, Now with Retsin.

Name a popular TV show you have never watched.

Redneck Rollercoaster Ride!!!

Elderly couple so shocked by porno they sit through the whole thing

New Car With 200 Miles On It Catches Fire, Burns In Car Wash

Seriously, if ended up getting a porno by accident...

Persian Incursion

My street is losing TWO Democratic families! TWO!

DU Music Trivia: Who did the 70's tune 'Moonlight (feels right)'?

More protest pictures

Love is good.

Love is goat

Xtremely Awesomely Cool Skydiving Vid!

Freeper: Gregoire a 'mad dictator'

Just made my 300th post

Prayer of St. Francis

blech! aWol is on TV all the time these days.

The Ritual of all CAPTIONS!!!

Artist Hopes To Sell Car For $200,000 - It Has 5,000 Springs Attached

Dilemma: Should I get a new doctor?

They really are breeding Oscars.

Examiner Finds Man Breathing in Morgue

I LOVE Giovanni Ribisi. LOVE HIM!!!!

Is It Lame to Criticize Other DU-ers' Choice of Avatars?

I have job interview today.

Happy Birthday Amadeus Mozart!

brown eggs are LocaL eggs & LocaL eggs are fresh

Really obscure music trivia: who was the leader of The Heifer's Dream?

The "Getting to Know You" CAPTION

My avatar is Abbie Hoffman - got a problem with that?

'Doris Day' film proves a rude shock to churchgoing couple

I just booked a BLUE STATE vacation!!

There is no I in TEAM!

Is perfection ever attainable?

Once agian, Bartcop uses one of my cartoons

I'm typing on an actual (detached) keyboard.

Cake vs. Pi....

There's no I in MEAT!

Cake vs. Pie.

Should I straighten up and fly right?

Since we're obsessed with TV shows, am I the only one here who HATES


There's no MEAT in McDonalds!

There IS an I in I-Team

Did John Lennon have a musician brother?

Do you own one of these large dogs?

2999/ Approximately 22 percent of Americans, the truly hard-core,

Inoculated City-The Clash

So What Happens With The Draught?

SpongeBob is welcome here...

Today, after 5 years and £5000+, I paid off my student loan. Hooray!

Number of times I've pissed you off since joining DU a year ago

How do you know that a potential new job sucks?

So what happens with the (NFL) draft?

Study: If it's unfair, chimps will forgive a friend

How about another thread dealing with the draft?

OK Fla DUers - Tell Me About Tamp...

Eternal Single gal Cathy is getting married?

Need some help!

Dr. Matcom here with a PERMANENT Earworm remedy!!

RoboDump 1.0

Who likes draft

I'd like to volunteer to assist in the suicide of the California guy

Juggling on ESPN2 tonight and tomorrow

I'm off to get a hot corned beef sandwich

Kill the dog


For terrya's listening pleasure: the oompa loompa song!

When The President Talks To God

If you posted in the middle of the woods, would anyone reply?

Should I clean up my house?

There's no I in team, but there is a ME!

There. Now my avatar will kick your ass.

Oh goody. The Swedish Bikini Team is coming back.

Well, after checking the "Oompa-Loompa" v "Chitty-Chittty Bang Bang" poll.

I'm gonna party like it's my 1999th post!

Is it lame to have a cartoon dog from the future as your avatar?

Will you vote 'No' in this poll?

I give you - The Prime Time Schedule for 1927....... *wipes tear from eye*


impuLse buy

I give you - The Prime Time Schedule for 1977....... *wipes tear from eye*

Should I clean up my act?

60 Years Since the Nightmare's End

My dog is so cute he's a traffic hazard

Is It Lame to Criticize the Criticism of Other DU-ers' Choice of Avatars?

My avatar can whup your avatar.

Jury Service (Should I?)


This puts Jerry Springer to shame.

Did anyone receive the "Genius loves company" CD for Xmas?

LOST fans: Rolling Stone interview with "Charlie"

The city hasn't been this covered in white since the RNC

Income Tax Filing

3000/ Men who consume a moderate (note that word - moderate) amount

Crybaby Tommy Thompson Dons Dress

duntda duntdaaAAAAH duntdadaa duntda duntdaAAAH duntdaduntduntdunt

I really don't give a shit if you like my avatar or not.

Whatever happened to "virtual reality?"

Can you tell this is SpongeBob?

Woman Walks Into Police Station, Places Live Grenade On The Counter

OK Fla DUers - Tell Me About Tarpon Springs

Do you participate in online polls?

I hope those who have scaled K2 don't visit DU

who here has no pets or

Mama said:

"The Ref" is on now on Comedy Central

Latest Opera browser gets vocal

More awesome Beatles bass line

Even Hamsters have their own blogs these days

How long would we survive playing the Iron Chef Drinking game

Its the George Bush is so stupid thread!!!!!

My avatar can eat more bananas than your avatar.

I give you - The Prime Time Schedule for 1967....... *wipes tear from eye*

Pornography question.

Which tax program is good?

If Porter Goss weren't in politics or CIA director,

George W. Bush Flip Flops, Supports Abortion!

so what happens with the draft?

Has anyone here ever be Tasered, and what does it feel like?

Prior to Bush, who was our dumbest president?

"Man declared dead found breathing in morgue."

Randi just ripped some freeper ass!

Would you let your daughter wear this dress to porn?

How to give a cat a pill!

Favorite naughty part?

OK Fla DUers - Tell Me About Tampon Strings

On CNN website: " Study: Chimps will forgive friends"

Pocketful of porn - "moantones" for your cell phone.

I hope the inventor of the V8 doesn't visit DU.

I'm Vice President Levi Morton. Ask Me Anything.

A SO and smoking poll.

Now You Can Get Porn Star "Moan Tones" For Your Cell Phone

HOLY CRAP!!!! Experts agree:

The Ultimate Barney Poll: We Poll - You Decide

Favorite chicken part?

why is robb a dingbat?

Report: US children still traumatized by Janet Jackson's breast exposure

Best Beatles Baby Body Part?

Another shockingly ignorant repuke, well maybe not shocking...

Okay, I'm bored and at work, ask me anything...

Need help making up job title

Funny but frightening- Pizza call

Who belongs to a DU Meetup group?

The next can't-live-without-it thing -- a cell phone for your pets.

I got screwed ordering something over the net....

Why does my life generate so much paper?

i'm going to see Steve Earle live tonite, and you're not!

Oh, joy! I get to watch a video on abortion in school...

My trifecta of computer geekdom is complete...

this thread merging thang is FREAKING ME OUT!

I'd like to see Johnny Depp in a remake of...

Ewwww. I just an offer in the mail to join...the Conservative Book Club!!!

Favorite auto part?

Best Smiths bass line?

Oh Ladies! Look who is available again!!

Is this SpongeBob better?

Wanna REALLY weep? Here's the 1963-64 TV schedule

Best Smith's Bass Lures.

Would you let your son wear a dress like this to the prom?

I saw "Stomp" last night

Freedom of Religion on DU: This would be sad if it weren't so funny!

Has anyone seen the new show, Johnny Zero? Any feedback?

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

OMG-Buster the Rabbit makes CNN.


No Oscar battle for 'Passion' partisans

If I already posted this once, forgive me for having a senior...

Woman Settles Botched Surgery Suit (oh crap!)

What are your favorite human parts?

DU, theology school establish interfaith center

blatant request for good luck vibes....

How old were you when you first imbibed an alcoholic beverage?

Anyone else suffering from "single-itis"?

Doctors try to insert brain in Bush - operation unsuccessful!!

Wish me luck for my job interview.

I hope the singer of U2 doesn't visit DU.

Stupendous Seinfeld on TBS now!

Buenas noches muchachos grandes!

Best Beatles drum part?

OK, just how anal are ya?

what is the life of a cheap carpet? (any landlords out there?)

Any Electricians out there?

If you could have anything up your nose right now, what would it be?

(Fox News Poll) What Did You Think of the President’s Inauguration Party

Home Depot Death Race 2005: Today's Customer from Hell

Just got back from Office Max

I talked to a girl from India today-reactivating M/S xp!

things NOT to say while watching a video on abortion at Catholic School

I'd like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast....

Ladies: the stupidest thing you've ever done to impress a man

What's the first thing Satan says to Bush* when he arrives?

DU Handymen/women: My dishwasher isn't working properly

If you started a DU Group, ended up with a LOT of members....

so I'm thinking about starting a bog

The gratuitous "I love so and so" thread.

Now in the streets there is violence and lots of work to be done.

I'm thinking about starting a Hog

I hope the inventor of the V2 doesn't visit DU.

Just because we haven't had one in a while . . . DANDELION BREAK!!!!

so I'm thinking about starting a blog

Why the fuck would someone PAY over $2.5 Mil for a car?

If I was to start a small business... what should I do first?


Post your favorite Cheech n Chong bit here!!!

So, is it time for this bumpersticker "Don't blame ME, I voted for ...

List which DUers will be raptured.

Holy Shit!!! Name removed has been tombstoned.

Movie thread - haven't done one in a loooong time

Guys. What's the stupidest thing you ever did to impress a woman?

Why do Republicans make such a big deal of opposition to Rice

Beware! Animal Abuser in your Neighborhood!

Today's DVD purchases in prose form

SpongeBob goes to church

Van Morrison kicks all your asses and you just better deal with it.

Link for the "Not Me!" bracelets

If you don't like Portishead...

Sweet! Look what's going to replace the "thong hanging out of pants" look

Speaking of tombstoned DUer's...

Heheh Check out the note a freeper left in my guestbook, and my reply.

Deathrace 2000

Freeper calls my co-worker a fornicator

Guilty Pleasure - Admit it you like to watch

I defiled my son's Weekly Reader pamphlet on Pres. Bush.

Every time my husband goes out of town, something bad happens.

Are these the only people of conscious in the US Senate?

A fight: Oompa Loompas vs. the cast of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

What happened to the original Boy Genius, Dan Quayl?

Help. I cannot stop reading DU long enough to WORK.

Love is like oxygen

Have you guys seen this site yet? Put up by DU members!!!

OH NOoooooo! Nickelback lost their drummer!!!!

Best Beatles guitar part?

Hey HEyHEY -- this is for you!

All work and no play makes Dubya a dull boy

Does my new avatar suck?

Whiskey Bottles, and Brand New Cars,Oak Tree You're In My Way..

Coffee or RedBull?

Finally - a good use for a magnetic ribbon

Question for Manhattanites: Taxi ride from Manhattan across the river

Alright, I'm feeling REALLY left out here!

Dove is good.

I want to plant a music earworm in someones head. What song is best?

I just ate my seventh Boca burger

True Majority is organizing e-mail campaign against Gonzales

I can't understand why Freepers don't LOVE Dead Kennedys

Debbie (Gibson) Does "Playboy"

100 years ago we didn't have TV, instant coffee, or even corn flakes

Ohhhh...Boy... Here we go.... Dobson and Sponge Bob meet

Combine two movie titles to make a title for a movie you'd like to see

F911 has just aired on British network television.

For anyone who doubts Freepers are totally vile

What show's cancellation pissed you off?

Jon Stewart would kick Joe Trippi's ass....and he should!!


ClimaxGentleman'sClub- world's only drive thru strip club- FOR SALE ebay

My tale of finding DU.

What are your favorite party snacks?

Is your navel an "Inner" or an "Outer?"

on being a "private contractor"?


okay, should I take my lil doggie to Venice with me next week?

They're starting on cats now!:" Are cats for true Christians?"

Is it lame to have a picture of yourself in your avatar?

Really cool freeper encounter......

It's a girl!!!!!

My threads are sinking 20,000 leagues under the sea today

Any tips on sustaining a long term relationship?

Have you ever done acid?

Babyboomers. Did you have toy guns as a kid?

I'm a Beatles geek. Ask me anything.

Boy, did I speak too soon!

Is your beer/wine/cider vegan/vegetarian friendly?

Please help save the wild horses and burros!

Cats: The Indoor/Outdoor debate.

Shroud of Turin: Old as Jesus? - new dating says yes!

Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico's Zapatista Country

Open on Sunday? 84% of major Utah stores do business on the Sabbath

Archeologist unearths biblical controversy

There is no God.

Kerry Battling Bush on Health Care Plan

The Scent of a any age.

Titan's methane unlikely to stem from living organisms

Mechanism of Venus Flytrap closure described.

Life on our planet earth most likely is the result of a panspermic event

How the Venus flytrap snaps up its prey

Sheriff Removes Gay Hate Remarks From County Website

Calif. Gay Marriage Heads To Federal Court

Sheriff Removes Gay Hate Remarks From County Website

South Africa Halts Mile-High Gay Discrimination Suit

PBS Decides Not to Distribute Episode with lesbian couples

Horrible Opinion Piece in my local paper... (viciously anti-gay)

Brazilian soccer phenom, 9 yrs old, catching attention of pro teams

australian open

Super Bowl Prediction Thread!!!

new foster greyhound arriving this weekend

testing to see if it works

Getting a read on the Pluto/Mars conjunction.

Atheism as a belief and religion...

Godspell and Daughter

The atheist as asshole

Elizabeth J. Holtzman One of My Favorite Democrats of All time

Hey Wildeyed, check your PM, Re: March 19th and the anti war protest

Conyers to call on FBI to investigate ballot tampering allegations

From deep in the heart of Blue America, Inauguration Day lamentations

The speech, blog away

Hey, Whome...did you get this e-mail?

Thanks for being there tonight...

Spongebob and Health Care

My favorite band toured for Kerry "Hexum brothers Rock for Kerry tour".

McCain, did Bush poison your brain?

FRAUD is not over - New Raw Story article

Pink Photos (tech question)

MSNBC: Gonzales "complicit" in torture & abuse but not enough Dem votes

Mom targets N.J. drug laws

Indymedia video trailer "Mandate?: Confronting the Coronation"

Confession Thread. For redemption of past angry and negative posts.

Why ?

I once knew a soldier....

Contestants On The Ballot For Iraq's Transitional National Assembly

I just got home after a looong day at work.........who voted no today?

Can someone tell me which Dems voted against Rice?

Reservist unexpectedly called to duty

When is this gonna stop? How much more can we take

stolen election webpage

AOL Interactive Polls Show a Falling Confidence in the War on Iraq

Opportunity/Destiny......While the Pugs preach/embrace a brand of Destiny,

Multinational Companies Unite to Fight Bribery

Progressive Person-of-the-Week at my blog is...

LMAO..Captain W

Barbara Boxer SUCKS!

Veterans' Benefits "hurtful" to National Security, says Pentagon

I am considering a run at the House

How the U.S. Became the World's Dispensable Nation

How can we help these children????

Who else has absolutely no confidence for '06?

Excerpt of Sy Hersch on Democracy Now

Okay am I being way too Cynical ...

Should Universal Fire Maggie Gallagher?

Headline News Quote

Hotline Post-Inaugural Comedy Show (01/20/2005)

Another Triumph! '05 Bush Defecit $400 Billion!

"first black women as SOS; first Hispanic AT--I have hearing this

CNN: * - Pundit payments will stop

Does Bush have a Teflon coat of lies?

NH Democrats form panel to keep primary first in nation

Democrats have only themselves to blame over the Rice/Gonzales fiasco

Freep and Propaganda

"I firmly planted the flag of liberty" - George W. Bush

John Kerry on C-Span at 1 PM EST

Bush was definitely being fed lines via ear bug yesterday -

Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links

Oil firms fund climate change 'denial'

"Oaf of Office" by Greg Palast

Chimpy exhibiting effects of long-term cocaine abuse?

I have a cafepress store with some Paperclip stickers...

Blair's inner circle

Senate Campaign Takes Shape, Lieberman hires fund-raisers

CNN founder repeats Hitler jibe over Fox's rise to the top

Is there an issue that could make or break your vote?

Democrats divided over rethink on abortion

CSPAN2 rebroadcast of yesterday's SJC Gonzalez vote

Heads-up - Obama on Cspan2

"you have to feel good about Condi being sworn in"

US radio staff suspended over tsunami song

The Ted Turner Fox News Hitler line -The line of the year. IMHO.

Le Pens at war over father's defence of Vichy regime

Toll-free capitol line disconnected (800-839-5276)?

It's too much, really - just too, too coincidental

Rebel in the Ranks (from Time magazine) re: Social Security

Bush administration paying independent commentators

Should Rice & Gonzales Be Confirmed Merely Due To Their Race?

End of the American Dream

Republicans more spineless than even our worst dems...

watch Bush speak live at Cleveland Clinic now,(I know you're all excited):

Who thinks wide spread concentration camps are the next step

The facade within a civil war....

Bush's "freedom" speech revealed as usual Bushie rank hypocrisy

Dubya's Zippity Do-Dah Day

Rice tells State Dept. employees she'll carry out Bush's "bold agenda"

Is Russ Feingold a sellout?

NPR and Walmart go hand in hand…

Is Jim Rome One Of Us?

Whitman on Al Franken next

Communicator in Chief Keeps the Focus on Iraq Positive(but success not def

Kennedy Calls for Troop Withdrawal in Iraq

Is anyone minding the store?

New (Iraq) Election Issues: Electricity and Water

Republican Congress = Sheep

" The dollar was hit Wednesday."

Dean leads DNC chair race

Consider Hillary in 2008 and Arnold in 2012

Democratic Underground to Canada? falling dollar woes.

Kent Conrad (D, ND) says privatization worth a look...

Are you a proud "BlueNeck?" See this...

Just heard on CNN: 13 million of 14 million eligible Iraqis registered?

Condi pleads for help--just heard on AAR

Cover of the day Bloodiest day in Iraq: W: "This hurts -It's worth it!"

Bubba at the World Economic Forum

Send 83 pics of Rumsfield/Saddam to Sen. Warner

C-Span 1 cut Clinton because Kerry on C-Span 2? Must be Fair and balanced

Who voted "Nay" for Rice's nomination as Secy of State

In preparations for Bush's plan to bring democracy to Iran, I wanted to

I just sent a thank you to these 13 Senators - how bout you?

Great link from Truthout

Non-stop Iraq election propaganda on FOX and others...

Are the RW wackos pulling a fast one on the Filibuster Rule?

GOP Seeks Donations to Get Bush Plans 'Past the Liberal Media'

Maggie Gallagher says "lots of columnists on the payroll...MOST DEMS."

William Rivers Pitt on C-Span 3

Limbaugh could sell new Mac

John Kerry’s "Kids First" Address & the "We've Got Your Back " Campaign

Rawstory: "Democrats plan aggressive policy investigations"

HCON 2 IH 108th Congress

'thanks for the support' email from Boxer - "This is just the beginning"

Volunteer opportunities in DC?

Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith? Washington Is Calling!

My Non-response from Sen. John Cornyn on Iran

Bush & Company buys the Media and P.R.

Anybody else watching Clinton on CSPAN2 @ World Economic Forum?

The Secret List of ID Theft Victims [Gov't isn't Talking]

What's wrong with Democrats approving Rice and Gonzalez...

Are we willing to comprise to win?

What if no one shows up at the polls on Sunday

condi begins at State - - chimpy remains delusional

Letter to elected officials

When is the liberal TV network coming?

mother sent this to me and I am FURIOUS

Typical conservative idiots from Indiana...

B*sh ancestor blamed for 800 years of misery!

Has anyone noticed the news media talking about our email campaigns?

Why rubber-stamping Shrub's nominees is the right thing to do

(Robert Redford You gotta love him! ) His statement on the 04 election.

Douglas Feith Resigning!

Blair 'fails to grasp alcohol problems'

Is Social Security just a warm up for the real sucker punch?

I think the '08 nominee may very well be Evan Bayh

My Gonzales Prediction:

People, people, people, do you know how many freakin' years

Anybody notice Imus this AM?

“The mission of the Christian Coalition is simple,”

ted k. give Wolfe a good talking to on CNN now

Who just saw Blizter kissing Safire's ass?

True Majority is organizing e-mail campaign against Gonzales

Iraq exit, bipartisanship, "the region" issue and all that stuff.

Support our Troops!!

A thank you letter from Sen. Barbara Boxer

If the DNC were to write to me for a donation to advertise AGAINST

So, What About Bobby Kennedy Jr.?

What Would Make A Good THEME SONG for GONZALEZ?

Standing for the Founding Principles of the Republic, Sen. RC Byrd

War Powers Act '73 requires truthful 'circumstances'

Alberto Gonzales Factsheet

Exclusive! Senator John Kerry, D-MA (Meet the press Sunday)

Could the privatization of SS allow the gov't to nationalize industries?

Republicans will choose the cabinet administration in 2008?

Write HBO and PBS to request they air this documentary!

Clinton on C-Span2: "I like GWB, I get him."

HHS Releases New Tribal Consultation Policy

Employee relocation costs estimated at more than $4 billion-Defense Dept

FDA Grants Tentative Approval to Generic AIDS Drug Regimen

Bush administration plan to reform civil service draws union ire

Former FBI officials decry bureau management- covering up mistakes-more

I Just Made My Donation To The Florida Democratic Party To Preserve Social

ACLU Calls for Hearings on the DOJ's Handling of Sibel Edmonds

Claims About “Judicial Hellholes” for Class Action Suits Are Fraudulent

Resignations leave void in top Homeland Security management ranks

Hispanic Caucus OPPOSES Gonzales!!!!

Condeleezza Rice, only 45% favor her appointment as Sec of State

Before we kill each other over Gonzalez, take a look at the big picture

"Iraq Elections Overwhelming Success!"

Winning the hearts and minds of the bachelor board

'Stop Government Propaganda Act' to be Introduced in Senate

Rethug values: No abortions. But if you're born, sick and poor, go die.

Vote this poll up! Withrdrawal from Iraq!

Terry McAuliffe: Scumbag

I hope there are lots of Bush voters watching Kerry on CSPAN

In your perfect world, who would be President and VP now?

Let your Senator know we're serious about Gonzales

War Room: E-mail CNN/MSNBC re: Iraq election

Vote for Randi Rhodes on this poll on aol

Yucca Mountain on fast track, with new "less strict" EPA standards?

'Fess up!! Have you ever voted Republican?

Do you feel our Democratic Representatives and Senators are informed?

U.S. citizens allowed to vote in Iraqi elections???

Senator Bill Nelson NEEDS PNAC information.

Not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character

I get it now. The real reason why Clinton is so chummy with Bush now

Why is Kerry still all over the news and sending e-mails?

What are the most important issues facing us today...

Clark/Bayh or Clark/Boxer?

Barbara Boxer creates dailyKos diary

I think the Democratic Party should focus on establishing common ground w/

Is Dean right for the DNC Chair?

Democratic Presidential Ticket 2008

Christine Todd Whitman is on Today Show speaking out against

Big Suprise: Freepers say Warren Buffett is wrong about falling Dollar

If EVERYONE in America looked at this website, the war would end quickly

DU this Fox News poll, please

Democrats: either lead the opposition against Bush or get out of the way

Gonzales is a torturer. If Reid fails to filibuster, he needs to resign

Vermont Guardian: Dean and the Dems

"Clinton has never masked that he personally likes W" Lies Told On DU

Senator John Kerry "Kids First" , 1/27/05