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Today's Conservatives are Fascists

I Never Thought I Did, But I Guess I Hate America

What Became Of American Conservatives? Paul Craig Roberts Nov 30

The 2004 Falsies Awards

"Do Ka-Ka!": ...3rd of 20 Buzzflash Editorials this month leading up

National Endowment for Death Squads? The AFL-CIO and the NED

Counterfeit Foe - The Ultimate Hegelian Dialectic

"US Should Not Help Tsunami Victims"

Unions will try to help re vote fraud)Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

Is it fair to compare Nazi media (Shirer's book)and current US media?

JP Morgan, HSBC See Victory on Personal-Bankruptcy Law Changes

In South Africa, Licensing Law Poses Hurdles for Gun Buyers

Is it against the rules to post snips of Locked threads?

Not a duplicate

Why was my thread locked?

Why is 'Name removed' a male?

You gotta be kidding me!


Israeli soldier 'urged revolt'

Can someone explain to me what's going to happen Jan 6th?

self delete

Depends on What You Mean by Winning

Kucinich Campaign Workers Singing for Democracy!

Is "My Buddy" Olberman focused on the Ohio Recount and Jan 6th?


Senate hotline number right here, folks!

Is this where you thought we'd be 2 months after the election?

Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall

This just in -- Bush asks Judge to throw out Ohio lawsuit!


Randi FINALLY talking about the election

Will Pitt on MLK

Good Vote Fraud Jokes

Anyone know of a link between OH Judge James Rapp & Triad Rapps?

Will Pitt

The Free Press Rocks The Vote

Gore won the 00 vote, lost the election. JK won the 04 vote, lost the

KOS, the "God of the bloggers" call us crazy "fraudsters", uh?

Hartmann: What the pukes have planned for Thursday

Question for the "Non-Believers"

Sorry if this is a re-post, but Another great article from Free Press

Before You Get To Court YOU GET SEARCH WARRANTS!!!

read what's going on in redefeat bush

Good Article from Ohio's Plain Dealer ....

Promise you wont give up trying to remove this president from this office

The best argument I've found for a Senator to stand up.

I just had a thought

Mods - Could you post a 'sticky' topic here - with our Senators' phone #s?

A Very Good Article Gives You Hope

Mike Malloy talking about Bush wanting to throw out lawsuit and Jan 6th

Let's take a cue from Pavlov's dog and keep our wits re: Boxer.

Another Cool Article From Congressman Conyers And Jesse Jackson 1 4, 2005

over 1700 OH precincts lost since 1998 - ineptitude or maliciousness?

I Hope History Treats The Senators That Do Not Object Very Harshly

Yahoo :Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

Short video shot of crowd at today's Columbus rally

Senator Nelson and 3/4th's of the Senate are NOT going to tell US WHAT

Unofficial insider information/rumor: Boxer will challenge

For DU'ers meeting up in D.C. on Jan 5th/6th: Which night is best for you?

Bush & Clinton both on Larry King tonight? Why?

What is wrong with Al? He never seems to do his homework

C-span discussion regarding the ethics committee and Tom Delay is making

Republican Reed faces GOP wrath over recount decisions

Malloy Talking Election Fraud - Caution Most Cynical

Folks, January 6th is a win/win situation for us

Nightly Olbermann Estrogen Brigade Thread...

HEY! Found someone in MSM to listen! Talked Fraud in AUGUST!

Re-post - - Election Fraud Activists, please read - RE: Freepers

Ha! Ha! I worked election fraud into my online class intro!

I got a response from my libertarian congressman

AP: Politically passionate voters chose to challenge election results


Reminder: The GAO is still investigating "irregularities" regardless what

Markos (from Daily Kos) bitch-slapped

What would constitute LEGITIMATE evidence for election fraud?

Roll call: If --***IF***-- Barbara stands with the Black Caucus

Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

Tennessee DUers: Let's rally at all of our Senators' local offices on 1/5

Ok the question is.. IF Boxer and Dayton do object...

Question for the "Believers"


A Bird's Eye View of the King County Canvass

Faneuil Hall: Sen. Boxer on board!!!! :-)


News from the Columbus OHIO Rally this afternoon

Has anyone heard anything about fraud in Pennsylvania?

Steven Freeman message to DU

Attention Westmoreland County DUers...

Vo Unlikely Journey: From Saigon Chaos To Texas House

It came to me while I was at work...

Any experts on 527 law here?


Eccch. Man sends phony emails to missing tsunami victim's families

Has anyone ever had a PET scan?

Anyone else bugged by MSM hypocrisy of the tsunami vs. Iraq victims?

(embryonic) Stem Cells Reverse Parkinson's in Monkeys

Anyone hear Hartmann today?

I see Christamas survive another LIberal attack last year...

Freepers celebrate Confederacy

Dubya's Caring Military & The Evil Tsunami

Here's A Really Nice Place In Chile For A Remote Rural Collective

US majority didn't support invasion of Iraq ("librul media" in action)

So what do you think is really going on with the REPUG meeting tonight?

Any good Dem chat rooms on IRC?

Got a website? "Dean for DNC Chair" logo you can put on your website.

Clinton is walking behind Idiot Son with a shovel (tsunami effort)

Shell Game With Human Rights? 2004 falsies awards - Disinformation

I read an interesting letter in a local paper

Newest Bush reality: "Politics is the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!"

Please sign Tom Delay petition

Why is Vanessa Williams on the FP with Smirk?

"Baghdad Burning" blog has a new post

Instead of taking all the aid to the injured and homeless,

Good job DUers! House ethics rules to be reinstated, to stay in place!

5,000 Americans missing - concern seems low

Bullock Gave One Million--------How Much Did Matt PUDGE Give?

Please help- Question about Tsunami aid

Anyone surprised at this?

Bush Declares War on Nature

Hey America ,wheres your Dick?

pol on CNN , Lu Dobs.. i cant find it..please DU it for job/outsourcing

If you want to understand fundies, start here:

FoxNews back to the tsunami-supermodel story.

This Video Slays Me Totally !!! (Tsunami Survivor - Little Girl)

Where is Wes Clark on Hardball folks?

If I were independently wealthy...

Last 2 Elected US Presidents to Appear on Larry Kling Live (sic) Tonight!

Where on is the best place to post?

Monday Malloy Gathering: Truthseekers Get your Malloy Here

Why don't they call the tsunami a tidal wave?

Hey scumbag AARP.............. Proud of yourselves?

How much hurricane aid did George Bush grant to Florida?

Eleven pairs of before/after tsunami pics in flash format..stunning

Fuck CNN!

Parental Rights?

Anecdotal reports of stomach flu/food poisoning? What's up?

We've hit the TV News!

8 Kuwait soldiers detained for plotting attacks on US troops.

Bush to Nation' Youth: Turn all the churches into strip clubs

Needs photos of police violence used against peaceful demonstrators

Right Wing Dictator George Bush Enlists Bill Clinton in Disaster Shakedown

For those who complain about NPR...maybe you are listening to wrong

Hastert cautious on tsunami aid, "We need to look at the issue first."

Bhopal disaster expert -Background on the HAARP Project

George Bush and his Facial Injuries. Is the Press Protecting Him?

I have joined the Democratic Socialists of America this past week.

Best Gluten Free Treat / Cookie ??

US conducts biometric tests at 50 border points

Ex President Clinton and Bush sr escort president Bush

US military hints at staying in Afghanistan for decades

Group Warns of Possible Rape of Survivors [Tsunami]

Clear Channel ad partner with tsunami telethon

2 Navy SEALs Face Hearings in Abuse Case

Bullock Donates $1M for Tsunami Relief

Pentagon plans $30 billion in cuts

Iran’s elections: conservatives and hardliners dominate

Soldier helps in Operation: Doggy Freedom

I survived on attap chee (tsunami survivor found 100 miles from shore)

Bush Calls for 'Big Things' From Congress

Message from Steven Freeman to D U

Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 16 (1/3/05)

Cuba Renews Contact With European Nations

U.S. oil companies line up for new Libya licenses

Defeated (TX repug) lawmakers get election challenge hearings

Files show extent of Murdoch lobbying

Indonesian Woman found alive 100 nautical miles

Israel releases first reactor video ("atomic school" for disadvantaged)

WP: Social Security Formula Weighed: Bush Plan to Cut Promised Benefits

Stem Cells Reverse Parkinson's in Monkeys

U.S. May Add Advisers to Aid Iraq's Military -NYT

Objection sustained

Social Security Formula Weighed

Republicans reverse themselves on ethics rules

WP: More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds

Bush Asks Judge to Toss Ohio Election Suit

My 70lb dog is currently hunting a fly in the living room.

Did you have to return any of your Christmas gifts?

How can you get a dog to gain weight?

my new year's resolution

Uh Oh! E-Bay Listing for Image of Lucifer on a HotPocket!

The F-Word Song

My 70 lb dog thinks his rear end is the center of the universe

"An Injury To One", (the IWW in 1900's Montana)

I used to love falafel; but goddamned O'Reilly had to ruin it for me!

If I don't stop this, I'll go blind!

In my mind, I've got them tied to a chair in a soundproof room and

Okay, dream interpreters, I dreamed....

Jar of squirrel heads

What's the best way to market a Democratic website?

THREE... TWO... ONE... HAPPY 2006!!!

any other dandy fiends here?

while we are fattening up our pets...

I resigned my job today

How do you pronounce Uranus?

How do you know when a baby is a dead baby?

The ATA forum cracks me up.

I wish my cat was fat.

I have the flu right now and a neurosurgeon appt tomorrow am, just ask me!

Two CD's I just ordered with a gift certificate.

David Spade annoys me to no end.

any other candy fiends here?

7 Days Left - SEVEN DAMNED DAYS!!!

I'm on the radio tonight (Monday) from 8:00-10:00 p.m. EST.

Dumb newbie question...

The Hindenburg was the greatest zeppelin ever to crash and burn in Jersey.

Freeper Sex Manual

The Hindenburg was the greatest zeppelin ever to float the earth.

I am holding a live baby on a leash as I type

O.K. so what is the best (free or cheap) photo editing software?

I was at the mall and PUT a kid on a leash

If you get Discovery Time channel, you have to watch

What has 184 Arms, 184 legs, and 32 teeth?

I'm posting from my new home

I hate Bu$h. My 84-YO daddy says I shouldn't hate the PRES! ...

I now have two DU bumper-stickers, what should I do with the new one?

I'm thinking of going over to GD...

I'll Say anything you want to hear. I'll see everything through.

let's make it I have the flu???

I just ordered Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia".

The first of 2005... It's time for a POST a PIC OF YOUR thread!!

Have you ever turned in or retrieved something at

My dog is not on a leash

Which ex-president's death will sadden you most?

Red Sox fans!!! Watch all of the Red Sox World Series Games Since 1975

Snowing to beat all hell in AZ - 16 inches predicted!

Casey Kasem spewing obcenities

Is the Lounge too silly?

Hey you Loungies - I fuckin love you all - don't change for a second!

Just wondering if Mike Malloy surfs this site while he is on the radio?

Puppy Love (picture)

Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever to walk the earth.

This is the young man that moved in with us

Actors Who Thought They Could Sing - Who Sucked The Most?

2 more days until a new Lost!

Lactose intolerance + large milk shake =

"Hey, I am no longer illitterate!"

If thinking certain pokes are funny

Guess the topic of the TV show that HEyHEY's room-mates are watching!


What are the benefits of green tea?

Which do you drink?

Daily Show on soon!

Seven Signs You Might Be Suffering From FREEPERphobia

Spoiled Brat!


I just now realized that

Elephant Bar & Restaurant.

How the heck did the "Y" Yahoo icon hijack 2 of my other toolbar icons?

Who has the best tsunami logo/theme music?

If thinking certain jokes are funny

Maya Angelou is black?!?

The very greatest rock bands, British and American, by time period

Someone help me out with this Trudeau strip?

What CRAZY Language Is This?

What's black and white, black and white, black and white, etc.?

Anyone wanna help me think of an article topic, I cant think right now

What Do You Get When You Cross Helen Keller & A Dead Baby?

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple freeper eater....

You know what is truly the most frightening thing?

Boy, the little locks make the controversial threads way easier to find.

On behalf of the American Tourists in Phuket some FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER

What's a good FREE Spyware/Virus program?

What I Learned on DU: Classification of Freepers

Merger Mania in My Workplace

All right DU'ers - post your low carb recipes.

Do all dogs like to sleep on your legs?

"Let the battle cry go forth which is 'give the people what they want'...

THAT was Auburn's argument for No. 1?

Y'all are both wrong, Jamaica produces better music than US/Europe

Is "Who's Your Daddy" the show the Fundies are upset about?

Has anyone gone ice fishing yet?

Anyone know where I can get a really good sports bra?

Find the secret buttons to animate the frog

Like it or not, you are on Zomby's Sweet List!

jellybelly needs to get out of the 700 club! Ask me anything....

Wellll I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key

I just heard Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Bill Shatner....

Volunteering overseas

Why are some people down on Coffee?

Least favorite type of cardiac arrhythmia?

its cold, my car wont start, any suggestions?

Can you stump the computer ?

At the end of Return of the King, is that chubby older hobbit a male or ..

OK.. I'm heading out to the local bar...

Anyone Seen The Trailer For The New PIXAR Film?

I was at the mall and saw a kid on a leash

Has the male freeper in the middle been somehow shrunk?

Bit Torrents?

Older DUers - did rednecks think they were cool years ago?

Latin America is the King of Music

What the hell is nougat?

I'm going to take the FSO exam in April

Who's watching Patricia Arquette in The Medium? It's kind of lame

I am holding a live baby as I type.

Songs to dedicate to freepers.

Listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall. Ask me anything.

puppy up for grabs


Which is worse - New Country or Progressive Rock?

God put a smile on my face?

Europe Produces FAR BETTER Music Than America Does

Singers who thought they could act but sucked the most?

CANADA is the music capital of the world...

Funniest American Comedians of the last 50 years - nominations please!

I have listened to Yes: Close to the Edge again.

This is the young man that moved in with us

What equipment do I need to connect my newish TV w/o cable??

Favorite Futurama episode?

Yikes! My car's front wheel fell off today while I was driving.

BEHOLD! My beloved Skittles

**~~**New Year's Health Tips**~**

Carly Fiorina - Love her or hate her?

An ethnically non-identifiable person of indeterminate gender...

Fiona Apple, love her or not?

What's your local news guy's name?

What differentiates you from most of DU?

Just Watched a Depressing But Necessary Documentary on Sundance Channel

has anyone else seen Take Me Out

Trimming Nails - I just found a battery operated Dremmel for $20

Tarot workers: Do you read for yourself?

Just what is EFT and energy healing?

When does John go to Iraq

Ahm, did anyone else get the Christmas card?

Houston Chronicle Editorial has the balls to condemn DeLay tactics

Thou Shalt Not Discipline Swine

Help! Need link to Poppy endorsing the Washington Times

What should the Dems fillibuster over the next two years?

The year Bill O'Reilly stole Christmas

Ex President Clinton and Bush sr escort president Bush

Arson's now a federal crime -- if you give lots of Bush $$$

Video Shows NYPD Cop Gave False Testimony In RNC Arrest

I have three words for you, Rove >>>

Democratic caucus looks ready for a fight regarding ethics rules

Bush: "Scowcroft has become a pain in the ass..."

Those Iraqi Blogs

GOP Backing Away From Making DeLay Above The Law

chimp on cspan now

White House refuses to release Gonzales torture memos

My 1000th post- Should I run again in 2006?

Conyers needs senator to sign on to Ohio Vote investigation...Can it be..?

Scary in Sept., Scarier Now....Norquist on the Republican vision

Do you think that if DU exsisted before the 2000 selection...

Indymedia: The Myth of a Divided America (very cool video)

Tsunami tragedy is perfect made to order distraction for butthead. Scott

The Bush Sr/Clinton combination.

What kills me is how many embrace the phony facade, the hollow gestures,

BIG WHAT IF... someone stands with Coyers and a Senator gets some

What the hell happened to Tweety? Is he actually going to go after

Newbies of 2004: Where are you politically?

2006 Issue to kick Repug ass: Social Security cutbacks

(M)Ann Coulter would like to bomb the sh*t out of the UN

Confession time: Have you ever said anything nice about Bush?

Question: Why is it when there are two lack luster candidates,

Diana West: Clarifying the message on the Iraq mission

"Seoul's double-talk on reunification"

Insight 31 December 2004

Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Nuclear Testing

Ugly Truths About Guantanamo (Washington Post)

AlterNet: Facing the Pain

"cut social security benefits in the coming decades."

Consider A Way To Help (Bush's brilliant decision to use Clinton

The truth about Camp David

Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute, and why....

delete: wrong forum

Stopping the Bum's Rush

Privatizers, Balancers and Tinkerers Offer Competing Plans

Keeping Ethics in the House

Bush to -request to Congress for $100 billion

Stopping the Bum's Rush (Krugman on SS Privatization)

Proud of What?

AIM Report: How the Liberal Media Plan to Bring Down Bush

Backing Gonzales Is Backing Torture (Robert Scheer)

Congressional Enthusiasm for Bush Agenda Tempered by Deficit

Molly Ivins: Three days down, 362 to go

Common Dreams: Senators Should Object to Ohio Vote

Here’s what Theodore Roosevelt said less than 100 years ago:

Robert Fisk with the real story.

Some see Dow setting new high in 2005

Bush raid on Social Security stirs alarm

Pics from Boxer rally........

Counter-Inaugural Demonstration in LA & SF and ... , Jan. 20

origin of "the internets"

Journalists petition FCC to challenge Fox-13 license renewal (Tampa)

1/3/05: It's Two Months Since I Watched Cable or Network News

Bush media blitz to change social security (now, considering)

Two more ''Ghost Fleet'' ships will be scrapped

Matsushita/Panasonic Oxyride batteries - where to buy?

Researchers Alarmed by Bat Deaths from Wind Turbines

The knuckle-draggers of the Idaho anti-wolf coalition

Democracy in Cuba

Press Image of Gun Owner Not Far Off, Except for All Those Women

Likely NRA Chief Aims To Boost Image (Cincy/NKY Enquirer/AZ Republic)

Serious question to those who oppose individual gun ownership...

Is there a way to get the troop deaths to date on DU?

Syndication of LBN headlines for websites?

Why was this thread locked?

How do I remove a forum from My Forums list?

No question. Keep the groups for paying members.

I donated, but still haven't been "ordained" with my star...

What happened to my "paid" star? Does it run for a year from payment or

I love the "my Forum" option

How about a Hate Mailbag update?

Gee. those copycat threads from DU Lounge is making DU Lounge unreadable..

I second the copycat thread complaint about the lounge

Just a thought.

hey, since you jokers are slacking off

Why? Why are the "DU Groups" for paying DUers, only?

Israeli's blow apart farmers with tank shell

if you care to know more on the: Palestinian Elections

IDF Officer & Soldier Abducted by Terrorists

Turkey: Syria is serious about peace with Israel

IDF urges crackdown on settler violence

Abbas calls Israel 'the Zionist enemy'

Where are Pentagon's $ 2.3 trillion unaccounted for?

The election and 9/11

Nice profile piece about Obama's first day in the Senate

Did anyone see Congressman Christopher Shays

Vote machine fraud & voter suppression of Dems in Mercer Co., Pennsylvania

Will John Kerry Report for Duty?

President Clinton on Larry King: "Bush won fair and square"

Vote machine fraud in Snohomish Co. Washington: Default to Bush

And, they don't even see the irony (Wash. Repubs calling for revote)

Did Dem. Strategist ever reveal his/herself like they said they would?

AP article on

Is it normal to hate freepers so much?

Here's a true story.

Be funny if shit hits the fan here (1/6) and all newspeople are in Asia

Vote machine fraud in Texas; default to Bush

***Need screen shots***

Ohio a dead heat based on 'fixed' exit poll?

10 counts of vote fraud

Late night conspiracy movies tonight

Anyone notice that those who are against Senators standing up are a lot

My mother talked to Ken Salazar about election fraud!!

Proof of fraud: the turtle on the fence-post

YO HEADS UP HEY re: Tubbs-Jones and Boxer

Why is Kerry in Iraq this week?

We made the MSM!

REFRAME: what would you expect criminals to say?

Doing what we can in New York

UNBELIEVABLE GOP questions vote discrepancies: 8,500 and counting


Corporate media will never cover Election Fraud Jan 6 now

CSPAN2 - Black Caucus swearing in ceremony...LIVE

The smoking gun indicting the official Mitofsky/Lenski exit poll

Kick Me!

Does Rove control the weather?

The People Spoke

We are in a holding pattern until the 6th

"Message in a Battle"

by Thom Hartmann

Gop Tactic DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Tsunami Relief vs. Election Theft

Repubs get thier day in court,Why not Us ?

Who can get this into Conyers and the Senators hands' first?

The election and 9/11

Ohio Ralley on Radio Left now -

Call AAR 862-303-2270 tell them CBS protest 4th-5th & 6th of jan.

Refuse to Surrender Your Freedom

Bush asks Judge to toss Ohio election suit

This is How you get vote Fraud covered widely...

Interesting poll results from a Sinclair owned station

Hartmann talking election fraud and kicking butt!

Press Release: March 12th, 44 BC...

What Mandate? ORANGE bumper stickers and yard signs available from AAR!

Conyers and company will send packet to Senators detailing fraud

If Senator Paul Wellstone was alive, would he stand up on the

Words of inspiriation from Jimmy Cliff

Dialing In For Democracy - Now Is Critical

The DNC: Call me naive, but wouldn't the DNC be crying bloody

Fl senator backs down from contesting election

"Protesters try last hurrah" (Washington Times article)


Are These Mitofsky's Raw Numbers?

Need Help An Important Question About The Challenge

clinton says fair and square, bush says ohio judge, drop the suit

When is the rally in D.C.? I mean, what time?

"Senators Should Object..."--Jesse Jackson article today

Article: Will John Kerry Report for Duty?

True Majority!!! Finally!!! Take Action On Honest Elections!!!

Senators should object to Ohio vote

What would the electoral vote be if all states divided them proportionally

Help. Does anyone remember what Kerry said...

THE smoking gun?

For those that can't get to DC on the 6th: "Blackout Protest 1/6 9pm est!"

There is no next time

when the Repukes cry fraud the MSM listens

Where are those graphs that show # of voting machines vs. party in ohio

Sickening Columbus Dispatch Editorial ...Ohio’s validation

A message to Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Al Franken and...

Pics from Rally at Boxer’s office......DU'ers were there!

A letter from Senator Reid about voting issues

They Just Announced On Crossfire John Edwards Will Run For President

Update (of sorts) on the Tubbs-Jones-Boxer statement by Lytel

It would be fun if the Kerry daughters posted here

Castaneda applied to Cuyahoga

Kerry bashing is alive and well today

Randi Rhodes now talking Election Fraud

Earth to Kerry...

Which Senators are the most likely to contest the vote?

Where is the thread with MSM coverage of the election fraud?

Yea, Staples dumps Sinclair

If your senator does not stand up on the 6th, who will you vote for next?

The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun Volusia County Memos.....

Where can I find reliable data on what % registered repubs and dems (cont)

Clubs and AD's are taking action. CA voters want election contested

so did we decide where to meet up in DC on the 6th?

OK, so what STINKS the most?

Shine a Light On Election Problems- RALLY/WALK

Excellent website summarizing the evidence

What about the truth?

True Majority On Board--Email Your Senators Action Sent

Kerry: "We are going to make history"

Self-Delete (Duplicate)

What happened to the Arnebeck case?

Kerry getting ready to run again in 2008 (according to Newsweek)

Countdown Newsletter - 1/4/05

David Lytel yesterday announced a story to break today.

Need Senatorial free fax resource & email faxing help for .pdf file

late election nite....wasn't there a DU let's go demonstrate in OH call??

About the Warren co. lockdown....

Late tonight: New controversy swirls around Republican Ohio Secretary

If voter disenfranchisement is systemic rather than motivated by

My letter to Plain Dealer re: Tubbs and Jackson to please let it go

Avi Rubin said it best in op-ed in Baltimore Sun right before the election

A simple question about the Ohio county that lied about the warning.

Exit Poll Smoking Gun - From

"FraWd Blackout Protest" Jan. 6 @ 9pm est. People power to shine a light

Just a quick post..EVERYONE should be watching C-Span right now!

Ten Preliminary Reasons Why the Bush Vote Does Not Compute (part I)

Memme: Computers count votes so no one can see, They claim Bush won...

Rawstory. Anyone have a clue what this is about?


Pic from today's action outside Barbara Boxers office in CA

What we do know about JFK...

Is anyone a little concerned...


Do the KOlbermann Ladies meet here every night !!??!!

Electronic fraud in a paper-based system: Request for feedback

The 2004 Election Is Unconstitutional

1/4/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

BRAD BLOG: Clint Curtis to Appear Wed. Night on FOX NEWS Radio!

Randi Rhodes discussing Ohio, Blackwell, etc now 4:05 EST. /eom

Barack Obama's new Senate email address...

Cleveland Plain Dealer to Jackson, Tubbs-Jones: "Please, let it go"

Election Fraud: Spooks, Saudis & Florida

Keep your heads

Warren County,'s not pretty.

Other people noticed that "mainstream bloggers" are talking "rethug-like"

Senators should object to Ohio vote: Editorial today by Jesse Jackson

If we get a Senate/House debate going....Who makes the case...

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fl.) WON'T stand

What happens if one or more Senators DO stand up?

Maybe Kerry conceded because he wanted to live ...

I'm seeing a tsunami of threads that seem intentionally divisive

Anyone notice this one interesting thing?

WE can BE THE MEDIA (with a little help from Kinkos) here's how

What will convince me that there was fraud in the 2004 election

Fellow DUers, regardless of what happens on Jan. 6, know this...

Invite for Dc protesters--from 51

we've got the power -- we are a MOVEMENT -- here's why (and how)

Need Help. Writing to Radio Host in WA about OH problems

post your fave fantasy about who will contest

Move on and bend over because the electoral process in the US died in 2000

Stand Up, Senator

In Ukraine,bad exit polls signify fraud, in US bad exit polls signify...

Letter from Senator Leahy: "I have no intention of contesting..."

Okay, DU, I've had enough!!! Sit down and listen up! re: election fraud

Do Long Lines Prove Election Fraud?

Madsen's 12/31 article. Was it posted already?

Boston Herald: On Iraq trip, Kerry to skip election finale

Kennedy won't challenge

Anyone going to The Rally for the Republic in SF Jan 4?

I would love your recommendations for Central Coast lodging and activities

Need screen shots

Would an anti-affirmative action ballot issue pass?

Rogue files

A computer problem I guarentee you won't be able to solve

Top Austin acts to play benefit (Tsunami Relief)

Just got this from Richard Morrison (he is starting now to unseat Delay

One more dumb question regarding the earthquake in Asia...

Thursday, 7pm, "Turning the Tide", evil Mass. liberal telethon for tsunami

Time for Pentagoon.

Dumb question? Can't we just quit the war and rebuild So. Asia instead?

They can't hack this vote!!!

I had to turn off Larry King (repeat) with Bush and Clinton...

"Bush had not yet made a personal donation to the relief effort"

So I got my SSDI today..

Not One Damn Dime Day (January 20th protest)

Bad Equipment Hurt Tsunami Warning Efforts

Dumb question #2. At what point will the U.S. government be forced to...

I have to face reality. Mediawhoresonline is gone for good

Things that make you say hmmmmmm

Things to Come: the "Merlin Project"

Fred Phelps Gloats Over Swedish Tsunami Dead

Next election, I'm voting a straight Green ticket.

Boondocks Coming to Cartoon Network

No doubt the Tsunami will whip the fundies into an End Times frenzy

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Bernie Ward's got some serious 'morans' calling in this evening.

Eugenics Captures Feminism

Success in reframing, at another board

Good protest sign ideas?

Fanboy Lyric War!

The Reality in Iraq and How the US Leaves!

The Power of Wonk's W00t.

GE unit in Japan targeted in tax investigation

ameriKa - the promised land

News from Sumatra.

Piece of crap New York Times says tsunamis hit immoral people

If you lurk at freeperville please send me a PM. I have a game plan


dON'T YOU JUST LOVE THE trooops!!!

Israeli's blow apart farmers with tank shell

I love seeing the US military actually helping people

Money in the hands of the wealthy is good;money in the hands of the poor

Make them divide the wealth-

Elephants Saved Tourists from Tsunami

The VRWC = Al Qaeda and the Republican Party

Note to DU Mothers --- Tattoos above the collar line disqualifies you

US had advance warning of tsunami: Canadian professor

puppy up for grabs

Is America the most Mentally ill nation on Earth?

Does Bush* Still Not Care About The Tsunami Victims?

Stories from 2004 that MSM misreported or ignored or outright lied about


what is it with old man bush?

Airplane laser "attacks" the result of MEDIA, not terrorism

So how much has Fawell and Robinson's org. given for Tsumani

Social security Enronized - welching on loans- TPM

BA's early comment ' We won't release a fake "we feel your pain" statement

GWB, Lyndon LaRouche, and Social Security

Bullock, DiCaprio, NBC to aid tsunami victims

Anaheim plans to sue Angels

Senator Graham, we need the truth

Boy the echo chamber got that Osama shirt thing out fast...

MoD wanted nuclear bomb for Channel Tunnel (UK Archives)

the octopuses' garden

At what point did the Democrats sell out to corporations and why?

The Biblical Astronomer -- An Extension of Creation Science

Lieberman was just on CNNI--says the Iraqis feel safe to vote

I just had a wonderful thought

He remembered Poland, but Bush must've forgotten Brussels

Tax Law Updates for the new taxable year from my accountant...

Kerry hired a Republican attorney in Ohio!

Shut Up and Drink the Koolaid! (funny pic)

Hail to the Chief Jack-in-the-Box

How 'bout a Little Humor

Is it too early for wingnuts to start denying the Tsunami?

Anyone catch Powells lies on Meet the Press?

Not feeling patriotic enough? Adopt your own SNIPER! Woohoo!

Has ANYbody in the MSM criticized Chimp's "ultimate sacrifice" remark?

A "great Christian leader chosen by God" (Bush and Hitler)

WTF? Look at this damn email offer I got from travelocity!

Clinton shamed them into it : "Doing it with or without you..."

Can someone explain the whole kool-aid thing to me?

DU needs a newspaper!

The importance of GNU (free software and freedom)

Just some food for though in what we are dealing with the right

Reid suggests that there be a "Tsunami aid" tax write-off

will campuses erupt with anti-war/anti-bush actions this spring?

Enrollment of gay couple's children in Catholic school causes uproar

Smart Idea? US Soldiers Buy Food From Iraqi Vendors in Baghdad

Bill CLinton is a piece of work

Look EVERYONE knows Idiot Son dropped the ball. EVERYONE knows Clinton....

It was twenty years ago today.

Bush* Clearly Stated That There Would Not Be A Draft...

Rummy "didn't even let us go to war with the Army we had"

What will they call it?

Hubby asked me last night - So where was Carter?

my question is, how much does the luva' dubya

Tsunami Relief an Opportunity for the U.S. Government to Do Right Thin

What is the real reason Bush is messing with Social Security?

Re: Al Franken 'SHOW' - What if they ain't 'MAYBES"? then what?

Yep, The Campaign's Over: Feds say no to aid for Texas flood victims

Ashcroft sings

Requesting any information on....

From the world's poorest (giving to tsunami victims)

What's the latest tsunami death toll???

Why Isnt Any of the OPEC Nations Donating for Tsunami Relief?

Where is Condi Rice?

How many U.S. military casualties are able to return to combat?

Foreign Currency Denominated Mutual Funds?

List of "compassionate conservatist" donations to Tsunami?

Halliburton to build prisons in US for people smirk doesn't like

Bush's "Faith-Based Parks" agenda . . .

Where is Cheney?

Two soldiers a day

is public office now just a stepping stone for private sector jobs?

So....did * have a nose job?

DU online gathering place for people who hate the Bush administration?

"Man Made" Disaster vs. Natural Disaster

Atrios-Andrew Sullivan: Sociopath of the day

crazy tsunami pictures

Rossi given fresh hope as 'mystery voters' grow, (WA state gov. race)

One of the top donors...

DU should punch the MSM bubble by naming a spokesperson(?)

Yet ANOTHER new Air America station!!!!

Find me a Christian Church doing this

If The Pukes Go Nuclear On The Filibuster Rules...

Its Going To Snow In Seattle

La. din. party wants no aid to go to tsunami cause they have wrong god

Why do freepers hate the UN?

Who do you to be the real leaders

A chance to win hearts and minds (in Indonesia)

How many people here believe humans are the highest form of intelligence

Is RadioPower out for everyone?

Pictures of Bush's Mass Graves in Fallujah

US says Taleban may be freed soon

How are 150,000 dead people counted so quickly?

Spooks, Saudis, Florida

Cool, these assholes will take care of themselves

General Clark is going to be on TV twice tonight

"Nazi America" on the History Channel.

I was thinking of strangling this puppy, but Tom Delay inspired me.

A Dark Anniversary in Afghanistan

Not listening to Conservative Radio has cleared my brain

Why does this really annoy me...

Looks like that "Al Zarqawi captured" story was a hoax.

An Afghan Quandary for the U.S.

* doesn't even know when the tsunami hit

Which DU Posters Blog Too?

If you haven't noticed NO aid was getting to South Asia until W acted

Just heard Jeb'08 in Thailand comparing tsunami to 911....

Is it true that "My Pet Goat" is, ironically, about ...

Got Electile Dysfuntion ??? - Try VERIFYGRA !!!

For your viewing enjoyment...

Who benefits most from the Iraqi election proceeding as scheduled?

"I keep having to remind people that religion in and of itself is morally


Kerry Mideast trip prayer thread

Powell on US disaster relief: "We're providing body bags."

Has the M$M mentioned that the Mess Hall Bomber was a Saudi Student?

Okay, with all that's happening in Iraq,

America's wacky political agenda and foreign policy

Kansas church thanks God for tsunami, prays for more deaths

Has Gas Jumped Big Time In Your Area Or State?????

Fun with Hate Radio

Al Zarqawi Arrested?

What will finally make Bush look worse than nixon?


A sick world gets sicker: "U.N. Warns on Child Traffickers After Tsunami"

My application for a position on my local draft board...

Media Matters acknowledges Staples

Will the world notice the difference between 'official' US aid for tsunami

Social Security toon -- Don't go near the water!

Why do some people get so upset when DUers talk about leaving the US?

Anber Frye - Why Is The Right So Supportive Of Her. Would not

"It gets to the point where you don't mind the bad stuff you do"

Could Tucker Carlson be more of an idiot?

Let's have a Re-Vote in Washington and Ohio

Highest minimum wage.

INHOFE using Michael Crichton's fiction book as fact on the Senate floor

Chimp gives federal workers a raise, and my fucking SSDI raise is $18

My fellow Americans: our tax dollars at work! (WARNING: Graphic image!)

Were missing Americans in Thailand seeking hookers like Neil Bush?

DEMOCRATIC CRAZIES plan trouble for BUSH nominees (Report from Freepland)

Conspicuously Absent From Talk Radio Today:

Anybody See This ??? - Apply Frist Test To Social Security

Will Jeb/Clinton/Poppy /Powell be setting up a military base in Indonesia?

PHOTO: Bush in compassionate deep thought for tsunami victims

Ruh-roh, Casio watches on TSA ...uh, "watch" list...(just on local news)

Did Bush get someone (besides his wife) pregnant?

So why did George send Jeb to Thailand instead of Neil?

Donors to ShrubCo's January 20th Party

HAHAHAHA!! Oh, those silly little freepers!

Faith-based groups given $1 billion in 2003

Is there a roll call of the Ethics vote today which

You've lost family, you want to see Jeb and Colin?


Okay, so I was wrong

Yikes! Significant increase in women going without birth control

Post Tsunami Pictures for Awareness

DO NOT KILL ME when I ask this question....


Is Your Democrat US Senator A Chicken$hit

In regards to the NYT story slamming DU

If you can't read this - YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

Clear Channel's version of moral values.

Powell: Tsunami may be good for US image..

Show this to Bush, Inc...Lovers...

More Americans Missing After Tsunami Than Killed on 9/11? Where Was Bush?

Comments on Torture - Please do not Ban Me

A plea to DUers, old, new and lurkers -

Is Bush a Sociopath?

Airport CLOSED for day...jeb/colin dog & pony show arrives (PHOTOS/news)

"Daily Howler's" reply to NYT's calling DU'ers Tsunami Conpiracy Theorists

I need to know how these people got to where they are.

If you were the governor of a state...

Why are other scientists so sure Michael Crichton is wrong?

President GORE's INdTV Set to Launch

is anyone watching the history channel?

Pat Oliphant tells it like it is eloquently in only four frames

Coalition with libertarians?

Donate Frequent Flier Miles...

finally..US NAVY KICKS ASS: clean drinking water to tsunami victims (PHOTO

I'm dieting - any recipe's for lean steak?

Mrs bearfan has a cold. I made homemade chicken noodle soup for her.

Biscotti - the perfect accompaniment to my coffee addiction

Any Scotsmen around?

Official: No laser, terrorism link (CNN)

US plans detention for life

Saudi Medical Student Was Mess Tent Suicide Bomber in Iraq -

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi arrested in Baakuba Iraq

GOP Backs Off on Ethics Changes

Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief

British security personnel killed by car bomb in Iraq (mercs)

US had advance warning of tsunami: Canadian professor

Paedophile fears in tsunami affected areas

House G.O.P. Voids Rule It Adopted Shielding Leader

Detained Kuwaiti soldiers linked to Al Qaeda: report

Nevada official won't review opinion on petitions

Baghdad Suicide Car Bomb Kills at Least 6 -- Police

NYT: Advisory Panel Lists Drugs It Wants New (Medicare) Law to Cover

Al-Zarqawi arrested?

Parents protest kids of gay pair

TARGET #1: Al-Zarqawi Reportedly Arrested in Iraq

Relief plane hits herd of cows; airport closed

Powell, Gov. Bush lead support delegation to Thailand(USATODAY on arrival)

Former Presidents Heartened by Generosity

Bush's law chief facing test on human rights

Study Offers Grim Look at Schools-LAT

Iraq president urges UN to review poll date

U.S. looks at adding more Americans to Iraqi units

Bush and Allawi discussed obstacles to Iraqi vote: report

Father and Son Marines to Go to Iraq

109th House of Reps. just gaveled in cpan -must be family day--lots of

Social Security benefits may change

U.S. Marine Killed in Action in Iraq

'Aging' crisis looms for Utah

Security Blanket (UN-auguration security, events - CLG mentioned)

Calls to Postpone Iraqi Elections Grow

Tribe shoots arrows at aid flight

U.S. weighs plan to aid Iraqi forces

Iraqi minister says poll may be delayed

What if they ain't 'MAYBES"

Swedish tsunami dead flown home

Blog reading explodes in America

Three more US troops killed in Iraq

Lockheed, Northrup Face Big Defense Cuts

IAEA Finds Egypt Secret Nuclear Program

Iraqi insurgents threaten attack inside United States

Powell: Tsunami Aid May Help Fight Terror

Some see Dow setting new high in 2005

WP: Long Arm of the Dollar: Weakness Has Far-Reaching Ramifications

Shiite resurgence fuels concerns of civil war

Travel Agents Cautious About US Airways

Court OKs Wis. Ten Commandments Monument

Court asked to block Ariz. immigration law

al-Zarqawi Arrested?

U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Tops 10,000

Haitian émigrés' son killed in Iraq

Specialist 'Hate Case' Courts Start Work (UK)

Indian tribespeople fire on aid chopper

U.S. panel urged to open audit of Shelley (CA Sec of State)

Durbin rips White House for withholding nominee's memos

Army to send older armored personnel carriers to Iraq after upgrading armo

56 journos killed in 2004

Dupe, sorry please delete

Church thanks God for American dead (Kansas--Phelps warning)

Al Zarqawi Arrested?

U.S. House Approves Republican Measure to Change Ethics Rules

U.S. military prefers Indonesian aid to Iraq war

Furore as Berlusconi compared to Italy's Fascist dictator Mussolini

Remote viewing Andaman-Nicobar tribals refuse to come out from jungles

Iraqis in U.S. Face Big Hurdles to Voting

Baghdad Governor Slain, 5 US Troops Killed in Another Bloody Day in Iraq

Mother contests 'slave auction'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 4 January

Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, is dead

NYT: Shopping Spree That Wasn't as Markdowns Hurt Retailers

Fed: Interest rates too low to curb inflation

Rossi given fresh hope as 'mystery voters' grow

Scalia: Church-state separation didn't protect Jews in Holocaust

U.S. Hopes Tsunami Aid Will Help Anti-Terror Drive (colin powell)

Whistleblower: Uganda AIDS Study Bungled (Africans don't matter)

Boston Globe: Kerry's skills on display in Mideast trip

Baghdad Governor assassinated

Abraham: Alaska Drilling, Energy Policy to Clear Senate

Cuba claims Latin America's lowest infant mortality rate

War tests recruiters' pitch ("I had a mom laugh at me and hang up")

Governor to renew his push to shape California

Mad Magazine illustrator Kelly Freas dies age at 82

Torch, map found in Md. arson probe

Test detects pregnancy complication - US study

Germany plans massive boost to tsunami aid - Schroeder

Court backs Pinochet murder trial : BBC breaking

Iraqis to challenge placement of Aust polling booths

Over 80% of Ukrainians approve of Russia

Orange County Diocese Settles Priest Abuse Cases

Schumacher gives $10 million to tsunami aid

Anti-Semitism Rising, State Dept. Says

WP: Gonzales Nomination Draws Military Criticism

Bush Soc. Sec. Plan to Allow Investment

IRAQ: Death in Fallujah rising, doctors say

Enron bankruptcy was most spectacular

Iraq prisoner abuse went on until July-US magazine

White House may want $100 billion more for war

Press Image of Gun Owner Not Far Off, Except for All Those Women

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq

New Jersey man charged in alleged aircraft laser incident

Georgia Sheriff Deploys Snipers After Firing 27 Employees

Band’s version of ‘Dixie’ in state Senate hits sour note with some

A three-part freeper joke that I post every few months.

Goddammit, I wish I were independently wealthy!

Did you know there was AN AFFLICTION only a FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER would

Is everyone avoiding me because I just posted #666??????

you find out you're gonna die in a week, who do you tell first?

Bet this would do the trick in raising money for tsunami victims

Good news.

I'm so disappointed

To blog or not to blog

seperated at birth babies inside

WOOHOOOOOO!! I'm seeing George Carlin in concert next

OK, right-wingers. You've been waiting for tonight's message to y'all...'s a sex thread

Finally, I fixed my computer. It had gotten a virus.

OK, I've got a cold and I need to get to bed. Get me to 900 and then let

My husband is driving me crazy

shhhhh --- it's a hexhead thread

shhh ---- it's a T-Rex thread

So this carbon-based life-form walkes into a nondescript place of business

I've reached some kind of a kidneystone...

Anyone else find slim jim commericals mildly disturbing

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

shhhhhhh its a hex thread

So Nicole Sullivan walks into a Klondike bar...

Does your turtle have a kittyneck?

Shhhhhhhhh... it's an SSX thread.

Saturday Night Live or MadTV?

"A cosmetologist? must be tough handling weightlessness!"

Fiona IBM - love her or not?

The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz

Does your husband/boyfriend have a dickie?

Shakira is a BELLYDANCER!

What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?

So, apparently Disney was supposed to play 'Johnny Tsunami', but

I have a account

Craig Fergosun As Host Of The Late, Late Show

Why the f*^# am I still on DU?

Food poisoning really sucks

Should I go post a joke thread in GD

Should I change my avatar?

Ok all you techies! Can I have digital broadband internet and

Andy Dick is on David Letterman,

I'm going to go make some popcorn

What's your favorite YOGURT?

Good morning DU!

New bumper sticker idea: we have a new bumper statement on our truck:

Funniest movie of 2004

I Need Some DU Support...I Am So Sad Tonight

Friends, I need some advice

Any puffer experts in the lounge? Need help with a sick little fishie

Freudian slip of the day: "Condi Rice 08: Put A Woman In The Big House!"

Shhhhh... It's a hyperthread

Does anyone like to eat Cannibal's Split Lee and Pam soup?

I think I have

How many movies are in your Netflix queue?

Being a fluffer. That's got to be an interesting job.

It's day two of -5 C weather - I am so over winter

Maine Coon owners, is this normal?

military eye for the straight guy

Do you wear a mock turtleneck?

I don't like Spam!

just swished my boiling sausages.

Does anyone like to eat Campbell's Split Pea & Ham Soup's a tex-mex thread

reagan is the prez but i voted for shirLey chishoLm

Clear Channel Under Fire For 'Breast Christmas Ever' Contest

History Channel Spinoff Set for Launch

'Naughty Nurse' Outfit Has Real Life Nurses Fuming

If This Weather Keeps Up I'm Playing Hookie From Work And Going To The

Will the blogger of Blah3 please identify themselves to me?

This morning I am proud of my username

What's your favorite "FUCK YOU!" breakup song?

Ugly Cats!!!

The 24-hours forecast sounds like 100 miles of bad road

Look at my pretty star!!

Family Has First Baby Of New Year - 2 Years In A Row

What was that game we used to play in 7th grade?

Turkey Woman Found Frozen Inside Christmas Rodent

Is stream ripping legal?

City Loses Entire Fleet Of Salt Trucks In One Accident

Is Ripping Legal Stream?

Fire Truck Used To Pull 400 Pound Alligator From Florida Creek

Is stream p*ssing legal?

World's Oldest Mother Is 67

Woman Found Frozen Rodent Inside Christmas Turkey

Woman found frozen by rodent in Christmas, Turkey

Woman Killed In Car Crash Was "Wearing" Live Snake

Air to 'guard Michelangelo David'

I loathe dishonest advertising

MEN: Always stand by your woman

Talk about irony

how many times do you hit the "refresh" button a minute?

Free Breaking News Links with Images For Your Website or Blog

I hate all advertising

Listening to Dream Theater's Train of Thought. Ask me anything.

Not feeling sci-fi enough? Adopt your own SPINER! Woohoo!

Stave off disease for cancer later on...

which Nyquil tastes worse?

Where do you buy your contact lenses online?

2004 my year in review...

Whoohoo! Today is THE day I get to use my Barnes&Nobles gift card!!!!!

American Idol

Warm and fuzzy Holiday story...

Prostitutes Just Don't Want To Leave Tijuana Streets Authorities Say

Does Rove control the weather?

It was an awful holiday until

I love advertising.

one year ago I introduced Sebastian Cattbutt to The Great Spirit

sorry to raginginmiami

Contents of the cat litter box or Motley Crue's Vince Neil?

I'd say that, per capita, Iceland contends as producing the best music

I have a crush on Nicole Sullivan

My last day on the job.

The Great Bounty Hunter Poll (sans Boba Fett)


Techie Help needed: Computer freezes up

Standoff At Bar Ends When Drunk Gunman Passes Out

Is Rove is getting sloppy?

Man Locks Keys In Car, Calls Fire Dept, Tells Them Car On Fire - Jailed

What are you most anticipating in 2005?

C+C Music Factory vs. the clammy hand of death

Thanks to jellybelly for the star

Post your low carb recipe here!

Whew! SI Swimsuit Model Search is on BEFORE Alias 2 hour season premiere

hitler, love him or hate him?



How 'bout a Little Humor

Who has colored or dyed their hair?

Actress Aishwarya Rai has never kissed on screen. Should she?


Oh Ladies!!! Look who is available (turn up speakers too)

I'm giving up. Where's the best place to post outside the lounge?

Pound for pound - Perth Amboy, New Jersey produces the best music

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ZombyBar is OPEN!)

Laura Bush: Devil Worshipper.

Woman Wants To Open 'Colon Clensing' Business - Town Won't Let Her

Did anyone watch Medium last night?

For all Red Sox fans

So in a fit of rage last night, I ....

Silly shoe question

what's this I hear about an out-of-control kangaroo in the lounge?

Are there any good progressive radio talk shows in central NJ

They updated the Senate page.

Dissent + commentary = dysentery

Hi, boys and girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black

OMG! Michael Stipe is 45 today (gasp) ----BIRTHDAYS!!!

Do You Have a Party Mouth?

It's POURING rain again

"I love the feel of cold nylon on my BIG BUTT!!!..."

Need bread machine recommendation

Per capita, seriously - New Zealand produces the best music.

How come none of you told me I had melted chocolate on my ass?

"Put'em on da glass" or "Baby got back"?

Ooooooh... this is good... review of Good Charlotte's latest album.

Favorite Van Morrison Song?

It was twenty years ago today.

Brr! It's cold outside in Denver!

I just ate nini's burro!

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz!

Record-breaking Christmas letter--top this one!

Where Are They Now?----The Great Gazoo

Is there some sorta animosity thing between the lounge & ER&D?

Tribe shoots arrow at aid flight

Do you have a purty mouth?

Make A List of Republicans and Send it to your Local Military Recruiter


Apparently, I am the seventh most powerful person in jazz.

Any "Splashdown" fans?

Man Goes Ballistic After Burger King Runs Out Of Fries

How will the Lounge jump the shark?

Actors who thought they could sing but sucked the most?

NPR occasionally gets it right: They feature Alison Krauss+Union Station

Is it nap time yet?

Oil-rich states should offer more aid, critics say

American-friendly Japanese electronics shops? (Akihabara, etc.)

What Is The Utne Reader?

You know what's got me down?

ATA has become an out of controL zoo

Is this funny?

Where in the World are XNASA & Son?

Though I dig his politics, Moby strikes me as a boring, overexposed, self

Sample Clearance sucks!

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW? QUICK!!!

You know who's got my down?

You know what's got me down?

You know...I can't do a copycat thread!

Your Opinion Needed Please

Where in the World are XNASA & Son? - Pt II

Do you have a pretty mouth?

Cigarette smuggling

Physicists, what is the "Hall effect"

Why don't they use 'windchill' in summer? or 'humidity' in winter?

DUTV is casting for their new reality show.

What is Demopedia?

Hang loose and CAPTION

A few more interesting LTTEs

Just can't believe our weather

The greatest rock bands, by time period

i'm going down to the store for some smokes. can i get you anything?

Carrots as catnip

Doesn't anyone have any "Yo MaMa" jokes?

Randi Rhodes is reading Kid Rock lyrics...

All My Socks have Holes on my Right Ankle...How Odd Am I?

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 3-okay CAPTION it while we wait

The "Swearing In" CAPTION

yesterday I shamelessly whored myself out for a cigarrette...

Where in the World are XNASA & Son? - Pt III

What a nice looking family!

Doesn't anyone have any "Yo Yo Ma" jokes?

Sarah Michelle Gellar a Repub? That explains the lack of Buffy threads...

Help me turn this into an avatar

The Power of Wonk's W00t.

Self Delete.

48 degrees today and a cold windy rain. In San Diego!

i'm really p'od with Clinton over this

Can I get legionnaires disease from my homies?

Congratulations Wade Boggs & Ryne Sandberg!

Dr. Phool. Why does everybody love him?

Holy cow! Talk about a flight delay!

Have you ever wondered why it takes everyone else

3 copy cats from my post

Can I get legionnaires disease from my homosexuals?

now four

Can I get legionnaires disease from my home fries?

Can I get Legionnaires disease from my house flies?

Can I get legionnaires disease from my hemophiliacs?

If I put onions in my home fries, will i get Lyonaisse Disease?

Can you get a receipt for parking at meters?

Can I get a disease from dijonnaise on home fries?

now 7 copy cats

Fooking ice storm coming

Can I get Eggo waffles from a homosexual?

Illinois Residents & Illinoisans at Heart: Have you checked out your forum



*the* DU or just DU?

Can I get legionaire's disease from my homework if I am studying to be an

"Lending Tree" - Is it Legit?

"While you're peeing on your shoes, I'm learning something!"

Can an OpenMRI be blurry or less detailed?!

This thread may just be the funniest one since "The Passion" thread

Can I get Jordanaires Disease from a peanut-butter and banana sandwich?

Who thinks Joel and Ethan Coen are sexy?

Its Going To Snow In Seattle

It is 72-degrees (F) here in the NC mountains (warmer in the sun)!

My dog smells like Blue Plains


I'm going to be at a party with Joni Mitchell tomorrow - ask me anything!

Where is the DU gallery?

Can I get home fries from a diseased legionnaire?

Only 122 more days...

Can I get Legionnaires disease from my home fries?

Who thinks Cat Cones are sexy?

Hilarious new usernames on DU!!

What is with guys singing about killing their girlfriends / wives?

Who thinks James Caan is sexy?

How much is a pack of smokes in your area? (Location, price)

Will Eisner, creator of "The Spirit", passed away.

Duck, duck, duck

Viva La Copycat thread!

I just ate nini's burrito!

Who else here thinks Virtucon is sexy?

Hey y'all...I'm still alive :)

Homocysteine - what is it?

Seriously, folks. Do I speak in riddles?

Who thinks Genghis Khan is sexy?

UH-OH, I think the people in my race think I'm classist


Researchers conclude that alcohol hampers depth perception.

Should the Steeler Polka be updated?

For your viewing enjoyment...

Does Your Kitty Have a Turtleneck?

star wars fans-check out vanity fair's upcoming cover!


Wolf Blitzer & CNN Decide to 'Laci Petersonize" Tsunami Coverage

Last night I made....

How about

Comics Legend Will Eisner Dies at 87

If you had to spend 2 weeks in Quebec next September

My cousin's havin a baby!

Does your husband/boyfriend have a turtleneck?

Whee! I won! I won!

UH-OH. I think the people in my class think I'm a racist.

Who else thinks Mindy Cohn is sexy?



"Does your Penis look like Jesus' penis?" Landover Babtist Church

This is a test, please ignore. :)



Who else here thinks Didi Conn is sexy?

Why the Chicago Bears stink so badly...


What is that I see?

DU women. Would you marry this man?


Here's the scoop you guys

DU women. Would you marry this man?

Why can't I smell an area a cat has just marked with with his paws?

Linkin Park haters unite

And the fuuny thing is, BurtWorm has no clue

Humble Mumble wit Erykah Badu

Who thinks Roy Cohn is sexy?



The New Citroen (a French Car) is Boss!

Legendary cartoonist Will Eisner dies at 87

You frabjabblin' wangdoodlin' songs of business! Cinnamon dish!


Gawd help me, I am a Weather Channel JUNKIE

Crap, first day back to school and my 5 year old as a fever of

Why is Senator Levin Benjamin Franklin?

DU women. Would you marry this man?

Where the hell is PagerBear?

Three days without cigarettes! Wish me luck!

Which of you suave gents is always going off about Monica Belucci?

Do the Chicago Bears stink in the woods?


Thurston Moore(Sonic Youth) & Andrew WKwill play a counter inaugural event


microsoft word subsitute?

Ryne Sandberg - Ryne Sandberg - Ryne Sandberg

Koalas and humans are the only animals with unique fingerprints

Everyone should believe in something. I believe...

Vince Neil (Motley Crue) Drops F-Bomb On Live New Years Eve Show (Leno)

Who here likes Dungeons and Dragons?

NJ, PA and DE Eagles Fans, DU This

I've come to the conclusion that life is filled with misery and sadness.


It was twenty years ago today.

The ***OFFICIAL*** 'We Miss MrsGrumpy' thread

If I wanted to verbally assault someone, what would I call them?

Has anyone thought of setting up an automobile group

Yet another Cat thread, but with a question...


Lyle Lovett's a wingnut??

GO CANADA! Official thread

Checked Snopes already and found nothing.

More fun with LTTE:

What commercial do you hate more than words can describe?

The official "I love cheese!" thread...

Did anybody else see Sideways?

Dental Issues and Questions

Can I get legionaires disease from my home humidifiers?

OFFICIAL-BCS Championship thread-USC vs. Oklahoma

My dad died over the holidays

84 posts away from 9,000! Ask me something!

Got a gig tomorrow night (setlist)

Dr Phil: Why do people like him?

Another Diplomat joke

What Kind of Girl Are You?

The Average American Owns 1.7 Guns - How Many Do You Own?

10 year loan; prime + .25 or 7.75 fixed, What would you choose?

I don't like Wham!

What are you, Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat or other?

do you have a potty mouth?

Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem

Asshole/bitch test

I'm worried about my father-in-law

White Trash test

Take the hippie test!

Attention Sweaty iPod Users -- Case recommendation?



Who else thinks Linda Cohn is sexy?

The official welcome me back thread

My blog by Day-of-the-Week


Christo gives Central Park an Art Attack

If I ate Matcom, will I get LynnSin's disease?

at the risk of alienating everyone in the lounge (dialup warning)

cheap food and sights in san francisco?

What Is It About Southern Accents?

Only 14 posts to go, I need some good ideas to get past 700!

Truth or Dare?

Opinions on IKEA? Had a 1st time visit yesterday

In true Southern fashion, today I am seceding from North Carolina.

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

What's your "WTF moment" of 2004?

Ok. Who wants to set up RPG (Role Playing Games) forum?

Who thinks Khan Noonien Singh is sexy?

What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

Plastic surgery and teens.

This is even better - worst songs of 2004

Who was the better keyboardist,

Movie locations made famous by the movie in which they appeared

I've reached some kind of a milestone...

I am tempted to go to Walmart right now and buy some Jerky

somersaulting poodle, skydiving cat, and other pet clips

Dutch stereotypes

Michael Schumacher just donated 10,000,000 to the Tsunami relief effort

I'm Sen. Alan Keyes. Ask me anything.

I'm giving up. Where is the best place to move outside the U.S.?

Animation fans:Why did the quality of Disney's productions dip post-WWII?

Can I get an explanation of "The Rapture".

What would best promote Christianity?

The ugly FAITH thread

Self delete

Experts from around the world join largest ever forensic investigation

A look back at astronomy in 2004

US had advance warning of tsunami: Canadian professor

Even Einstein Had His Off Days

Virginia Considers Issuing Anti-Gay License Plates

BCS will consider using selection committee

What rules would you change in the NBA?

That was the weakest goal I've ever seen to win a medal

NFL Wildcard game: STL at SEA

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?

Anaheim plans to sue Angels

who will win

Quick message to Red Sox fans

Ughhhhh - O.J. to Cheer for Trojans at Orange Bowl

Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg -- Congratulations!!

Good ball to night, Tri Staters.... Knicks vs. Kings, Nets vs. Wizards

best state for Pro-Sports

NFL Wildcard game: NYJ at SD

NFL Wildcard game: DEN at IND

NFL Wildcard game: MIN at GB

somersaulting poodle, skydiving cat, and other pet clips

Is he cute or what?

A Homemade Cat Toy!

Thinking of adopting a kitten? (PICTURES)

White Buffalo Ranch for sale in AZ....

How do I remove another person's energy from fabric?

1000+ Drums for Peace .....Jan 20th when * is inaugurated....


Tell me your dreams

BBC "An Act of God?"

I may take some flak for this.

Veterans, your opinions on

Kerry went to the Middle East yesterday for a 13 day "fact-finding" trip.

Oh no, a Dem with a Smear vet minded hubby

On today's Middle East agenda:

Seven Signs You Might Be Suffering From FREEPERphobia

Wingnut calls for Draft (funny)


Dylan Malone on MSNBC Now

Creepy freepy family member sent a gift subscription to National Review

Found a Democratic Underground mention in Greensboro, NC.

The Question of Torture: Open letter to Alberto Gonzales

Isay Hamburgler for DNC chair, or Bozo the Clown! Is his friend Cookie?

Serious Question

Searching For Member: VolcanoJen?

Bush campaign: Throw out Ohio challenge

FindLaw's Writ - John Dean: Hiding Past And Present Presidencies

Help in emailing senators

Economists might want to offer their help to dems with Matsui dead

More knuckle draggers

USA Freedom Corps--trying to find out how it came into existance

Sign the Declaration Against Torture

GOP says no Ethics complaint allowed without a GOP Sponsor

Today on Fresh Air: The State of the American Worker

What will it take for the U.S. to reach "closure" on 9/11 and move on?

Dems "will simply nitpick & criticize on an adhoc basis-carping/themeless?

Let's start referring to Radical Right Reps + Sens as insurgents.

109th House of Reps. just gaveled in cpan -must be family day--lots of

Isn't it GREAT! When Hillary is President...

"Bush Gets Sullied": Andrew Sullivan on Bush's "Moral Values"

NYT LTTEs on What's Wrong with Democrats Lately?

Blatant Clear Channeling

A reason fro our Senators to stand with the challenge.

No help from Okla.

You are nothing but a burr under the saddle of the MSM....

wussy email from moveon

Let's re-write Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA"!!!

Google News Seems to Be CENSORING it's News Search Results

Durbin's new digs

House Rules Debate On Now !!! (3:45 EST 1/4/05)

JJ: Senators should object to Ohio vote (includes a challenge to JFK)

Howard Dean on what the party needs to do

US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes in "lowered thresholds"

what no randi post, she's talking about election fraud. man you

"Does your Penis look like Jesus' penis?" Landover Babtist Church

Where can I find the "moran" photo?

225 "Religious leaders" ask Gonzales to "denounce torture" quaint

Bush to cut SS benefits? We're gonna shred him.

We need a current list of all fax numbers for all Democratic Senators

Email to my Republican Virginia Senators

Kos post on Whitman's book...takes on Rove, among other things

The House Rules passed so...

I'm SICK of being slapped around like a red-headed stepchild

It's the President's Party -The woman in charge...

Alternet interview with Howard Dean on the DLC/DNC - Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?

Anybody watching C-Span - the Democrats are showing a little spunk!

Laser Beams at Cockpits: Geeks or Terrorists?

Would Kerry follow Gore and ask the Senators not to "Protest the Count?"

Donnie Fowlers response to my email

Howard Dean discusses change in new book

Kerry Charts Own Course on Middle East Tour

Are there any people left on this Earth who still think that....

Frist said he's going to the tsunami area

Robert Parry: Will John Kerry Report for Duty?

Scalia says sep of church & state "didn't protect Jews in WWII"

How much did fraud impact the 2004 election?

What if there were WMD's in Iraq? Hat's on!

"Just jerking your chain" - encounter with freepish co-worker

Bush hopes SS guar. benefit+SS per. accts.inv earnings will exceed cur SS

A Comfort Thought; we ARE the MAJORITY.

Why hasn't the bush administration made our ports secure????

Focus on the issues - not the person.

So, celebrities are contributing $$ to the tsunami relief fund

Democrats: Bush intends to destroy your party and legacy.

Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois)

Media Diversity: Just as Important as Election Reform

I'm worried about the 2006 election because of burn-outs like me

For those who lived through Nixon:

Jesusland - (Almost done)

We are not the "Majority"...

How to baffle a Conservative:

Anyone notice how the Administration is handling this al-Zarqawi arrest?

Bushism of the Day

Don't you just LOVE the "dubyaD40 HATE MAIL! site

Team Bush plans to party on

Harold Ford, Jr. not in favor of president's SS reform plan

Interested in a Democratic Party forum?