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Archives: January 7, 2005

Editorial: Alberto Gonzales has blood on his hands

Torturing the image of God

What Kind of People Have We Become?

Summary: Prisoner Abuse Timeline

A Window on a Man's Morality

Nation's Leading Pro-Choice Advocate Raises Concerns Over Gonzales ...

Bush A.G. Nominee Linked To Anti-Gay Amendment

Summary of Electorial Debate-Union view on "What Election Challenge Means"

U.S. Expert (Scowcroft) Says Iraqi Election Could Trigger Civil War

AGS Statement on Gonzales Confirmation Hearings

"Democrats Ought to Fight Like Hell" Against Gonzales Nomination

full text of Wehner Social Security memo to GOP (N.B. "Carpe diem!"?)

Dowd: Don't Torture Yourself (That's His Job)

An American gulag

Coulter 2005, This woman has problems.

Pooh-poohing global warming off base

US client Yushchenko to assume Ukraine presidency

TomPaine suggestions on saving Soc Security - reduce National Debt! :-)

"Not With a Bang But a Whimper"

USAToday- Gonzales...more than a 'yes man'-Media expects folks to believe?

Why is media afraid to print Electorial Debate discussion like one below?

Has RW radio jumped the shark?

Privatization of social security is not the answer...

I third the agreement with NSMA.


Question for a moderator

Fuck Obama? Here's An Outrageous Post.One Of Many Slamming Dems

I find this reply , actually a series of replies

If democracy is pretty much over, and discussions advocating...

Why haven't I gotten an answer for my Q for a fun for Boxer and Tubbs-Jone

Palestinians Using More Children, Women for Terrorism

Daily Herald: "Batavia woman makes appeal to Bush"

Shumer does not see enough evidence:

The Congressional debate and media coverage served two purposes

Not a thing about it on CBS News

Conyers statement online

Comments to articles online re: Boxer are all in favor of her objection.

The crowd was smaller today than I expected, but it was worth it.

Please post today's Protest/demonstration reports here...

We WON This Round!

Some of us are featured on this headline site related to election fraud

The "FraudFuckers" Win Again...America loses again

Since the majority feels it's a good day : on to the 20th

I Bet Kerrys Ear Is Burning Off


Time for a little-lets pat each other on the back--

As a DUDQ, I promise not to criticize or say I told you so...

Ask The Thousands Of People Who Didn't Get To Vote Who Won

At least Olbermann's going to talk about the electoral vote challenge.

deleted message

Does anyone know if CSPAN is rebroadcasting the hearings tonight?

Barbara Boxer on C-Span 2 right now ! nt


Stephanie Tubbs-Jones on right now on C-Span 2 nt

Some of you might not like it but....


What did you expect.

We are used to instant gratification. This is history we are dealing..

C-Span 2: Joint Session of Congress nt

They knew the challenge was a very real possibility----So they did this

In order to truly endorse what happened today

Are tapes/DVDs of the hearings available anywhere?

Love the Kerry bashing

Email from ActionSpeaks Portland saying thank you!

anyone watching Keith O?

What do you think could/should have been accomplished today

C-Span rebroadcast of joint session electoral vote

Challenge to be replayed on cspan-2 tonight

C-Span 2: House Debate on Now nt

Did Congress action change anything? Still don't know who will be Pres?

A common political leader is like a boss.

AFP: Senator defies party to make election protest

My hate mail page has generated this comment

So, the next time, do we attempt to stop 'em for 4 Hours?

KOEB Relocation Thread

History books and graduate students

Did the democratic party become the Uncle Tom party?

CSPAN Tonight and Tomorrow (sorry I'm late but here's the rest)

Tin Soldiers and Bush's coming

NOW WHAT? What happens with the lawsuits, & investigations....

Tell me again the down side of voting YEA ??????????

Kerry: "These are the most crooked bunch of..."

What happened at the D U party in DC last night?

We made it happen! A revised view of 1/6. Idea: A Peoples Investigation?

Oh lord this article is horrid. Calls Democrats bullies???

Anyone know of a video stream of Boxer's statement.....

Joe Scarborough: Contender for Best Douchebag of Liberty?

Toward a new Federal Elections Standards Act

What Will Jon Stewart Report Tonight?

What letter arrived from the President?

I just listened to Nancy Pelosi on CSPAN

Mike Malloy's taking the words from my mouth...

Boxer Has No Regrets About Electoral Challenge

History/law people: Please correct me if I'm wrong, but...

Lynn Woolsey - CA - you go, great speech !!!!! nt

What Election Challenge Means

Remember this thread?

DFA blog: Cong. Pallone posts about challenging the election.

The end of the Republican majority

I heard the news today. Oh Boy.

Audit of OR Lottery finds computer security flaws

In light of what happened today, what will become of the............

Every other Repuke: "The Plain Dealer says you're beating a dead horse"

Contest The House Vote

Hey everyone - give CNN strokes

This is the United States of America! Why have we set the bar so low

Part of Me is Happy - I Want Bush to Be Responsible

Sign this and join more than 72,000 Americans....

Frog. March. Plame. 9/11. Report. Saudi. Connection. Waiting.

Please don't forget that there are still lawsuits pending!

Hey all you Greens out there, convince me!!

Did you expect the republicans to all say yes he cheated?

Video Clip - Countdown: Olbermann reports on Electoral Challenge

Do you think most Americans even know what happened today?

What do we do to make sure Election Reform isn't yesterday's news?

Bring BOXER shorts to the 1/20 protest

Boxer on today:"It's the opening round in the battle for election reform."

I want to hear a debate: Will Pitt calling in to Mike Malloy.

Is it me or does John Larson (D-CT)

SF Chron Op Ed by Steven Freeman

I'm kinda new so forgive my possible redundancy...

I'm listening to local CBS 10 o'clock news waiting to hear a blip on the

Democrats seek to upset Bush's re-election rubber stamp

Hey screw em... anything new in the investigation?

Jesse Jackson and Howard Dean will not let us down!

Alcee Hastings (FL) is our hero, NOT Doc Hastings (WA-R).

Just listening to the House of Representative debate

List of who voted against certification in the House?

Vote with dollars

We must work to restore the credibility of exit polls

Today was just a Shot across their Bow!

Tasty article by David Swanson, ILCA. "What Election Challenge Means"

Still looking for ANY mention in the MSM

Email Reid and Pelosi in support of Barbara Boxer

Washington State Fraud Definitive Proof...

***TIVO copies update***LOOK


"Selection 2004" effect: Evan Bayh the front-runner for the DNC in 2008

Fear won this election...and fear lost it

I listened for certication news on NPR today...

A new and important political term. (defectors)

Wow! NBC Nightly News covered it, and not once did I hear the words

What is Conyers doing? Paving the way for Arnold in 2008?

Think how bad would you feel if no Senator had signed....

I just can't understand why everyone is ok with settling for this...

Heads up folks! It is being reported all around the globe.

Today the GOP proved they are the ANTI-VOTING party.

Anyone else feel let down?

Bush has another stain on his record.

Reposting why Kerry gave a gift to me today, not the Republicans

Where are those who said no senator would challenge?

Well, ABC News gave today's events 10 seconds...

The Repugs accused there was "no evidence presented," but...

Why I think DU is getting a bad rap

Did Jon Stewart not cover the election stuff? Think we'll see it tomorrow

Randi Rhodes: 'Today is the Death of Democracy' n/t

I LOVE Barbara Boxer.

Boxer would not have stood without the consent of the leadership

Husband heard on AA that Dems cut a deal re: filabusters and OH cert.

John Kerry and the price of tomatoes

"Congress rejects election challenge" Posted on MSNBC

Kerry is not at home sipping tea - HE IS IN IRAQ!!!

Repug talking point about Dem. canvassing board members...

Read My Fucking Post!!!

I'm granting Kerry one month.

Please remember to talk to your children about today

The ReDefeat Bush Rally -- I showed up.

DU Proposal: We buy billboard time collectively to speak the truth to mass

Du this poll Is Gonzales good for AG?

What issues were brought up and what evidence given in the challenge?

I wish I could feel good about today - but I can't

Look at all you have accomplished since Nov. 2...

I am a Green Party member, and this is why I vote for the Green Party.

The Nashua Advocate: Election Challenge Recap and a Salute to Activists

Help, DU Oldtimers and friends, I am looking for input here

Asshats of Democracy

How about a full page ad in the Washington Post, folks?

This was a great opportunity for bipartisan support BECAUSE it couldn't

Help Please! Data needed....

2000. Gore. Stolen. 2002. Cleland. Stolen. 2004. Kerry. Stolen. 2006....

My Reasons Why Today Was or Can Be Wildly Successful

Not enough emphasis on Software & Machine Manipulation

Jub Bush 2008

HONESTLY, by your Nov 3rd standards, are you happy with the results?

Photos from DC - Lafayette Park 1/6

Today's corporate media response proves my point: Media....

Conyers: "But I hasten to add that until we complete our investigation, ..

Please contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Was Susan Davis a NO, or was she absent?

I'm from Wisconsin. I took an oath to support anyone who stood with

Arnold: Back To The Days Of The Hapsburg Dynasty

Proposition 13.... Why California is too damned expensive to live in

WCCO at 10 tonight (Thursday) Interview with Dayton

The amendment that wouldn't die: SSM ban returns to the House

Dayton "strongly inclined" to vote against Gonzales

How do you remove "write protected"

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

How did Texas Dems Vote on 1/6/05

MoveOn email requesting help airing ad on Gonzales

Reptile dysfunction.....

Had a stroke Sunday, been in the hospital. I'm too tired to weed through

Should folks who join a third party leave DU?

Zero mention of today's Congressional debate on CBS evening news

Two Dead, Hundreds Treated After Aiken County (SC) Train Derailment

Children & Disasters/Wars & the News Media

Jan 20th ----Wear black for mourning

An email sent to me today

Why are you a law abiding citizen?

Government's Shell Game

What will it take?

Here is the big picture

Why do Freepers rate stories about dead soldiers so low?

Someone, somewhere, is documenting cases of war crimes committed by the US

Maybe DU'ers should research Sean Hannity

Democrats grill Gonzolez.

I'm Not Sure How Many More Corners We Can Stand To Turn

WP: jeb & colin DELAY rescue efforts...jeb quote: "That was.....oh man"


Greatest song ever, Us and Them, Pink Floyd

I found the wackiest wingnut forum ever!!

Surprising feature on Jim Lehrer tonight.

IRS will allow you to deduct as donations to tsunami victims 'til Jan 31st

Between Jan 6 and Jan 19...What happens IF

PA CHRISTIANS FACE 47 YEARS IN I received from freeper...

"Air America Radio" and "Public Service Announcements"

why Democrats lose: the "DEAD" Center

I need some help

WHAT WORKS: Starve the beast (boycott right wing propaganda sponsors)

Mr. Yates (On Larry King)

In Honor of the ReverendDeuce, DU artists show your stuff!

Putting the blame where it belongs. What is the worse blow to democracy

Did I just hear Tweety tell Barbara Comstock she's "right on everything??"

Displaced children MUST be protected...NOT adopted.

Letter to Scarborough on god and the tsunami

Wonder if Haliburton will get the rebuilding contract in Sri Lanka

Why do even liberals call the president "commander-in-chief?"

Precedent setting liability settlement in WorldCom shareholder action


So... what do we do, become anarchists?

The Madness of George Bush: Reflection of Collective Psychosis

Wow...O'Reilly just had quite a rant about the "Left Wing Media"...Huh?

Moved forum.....please forgive my redundancy

The RW Flip-Flops on Terrorism

Poppy and Barb anniversary bash tonite at the WH

Excuse I'm having a difficult time with DU today

Don't patronize Staples if you think they've ditched Sinclair.


I may finally get fundies. They are weak and need the government's help.

A special request for Gola Wolf Richards.

Will John Stewart show a clip from today?

More on Gen. Gary Luck, who is going to "assess' Iraq.....

GOP! Forget tsunami aid! Get your $3000.00 Bush inaugural hat here!

Tired of "W" stickers? Get a load of this... (pic)

Some Freeper Vandalized my Bumper Sticker!

Who thought the election would be overturned today?

Mike's just reading a letter from a "former listner"

Truthseekers Thursday Gathering: Election Challenge Special

Joe Scarborough questions how God could kill 150,000 people

Nightline 1/6: Torture and the next attorney general

KOEB Meeting

The Democratic Party is comatose.

I am feeling FIRED UP! Bring it on you wasteful, hateful Repubs!

Wow, Hannity is interviewing Amber Frye.......

Howard Zinn on Jon Stewart Tonight n/t

ADM donates 135 tons of high-protein meal; opens 'line of credit'

Anybody Notice: Since the Election We've Had Not One Terror Alert?

Anyone know what BUSHCO's response was to the events in congress today

Tucker Carlson gets SHIT-CANNED!!!!

I am tired of feeling so much hate.

Are you considering changing parties?

Even for the Whore Media, This is a New Low..

Why did alberto gonzales DROP OUT of the U.S. Air Force Academy? (link)

The Republic is dead. The Empire has begun. Long live the Republic!

Misguided Dem Leadership want Terry McAuliffe to stay

I want to commend Skinner and the DU Moderators and participants!

After today's PATHETIC display, has the democratic party EARNED your vote?

PHOTOS: Happy 60th Anniversary Babs and Poppy!!

Does Anyone Else Feel Abandoned By Their Party?


Request for Comments on Rev. Franklin Graham

'Conspiracy Theory' is what the ignorant use to smear those who know.

I am fed up with NC!

Four more years. Has the reality set in for you yet?

01/06/05-The Day the Democratic Party & Democracy Died in America

Baking site I discovered recently

Democrats interrupt electoral vote count, force debate on Ohio elections

Senate Boosts Spending on Its Own Committees

TSA: Tests Going Well for Secure Flight

Radical Islamic Group Aiding Relief Cause

Alarcón defends the Cuban electoral system (as opposed to US system)

18 Iraqis seeking jobs at US base found dead

New Guantanamo abuse cases surface

Staples backs off Sinclair boycott

Tucker Carlson gets SHIT-CANNED!!!!

WP: No Decision On Ethics Chairman

China Ready to Take on More Active Role in Mideast Politics/Jordan Times

Mexico's Fox Vows Free Cancer Treatment

Aussie official saw abuse: Habib:

9 more troops killed in Iraq today.

Bush expected to seek near-freeze in spending

Used Body Armor Is Sought for U.S. Vehicles in Iraq - the real abomination

Retired General Is Going to Iraq for Full Review

Venezuela says inquiry indicates Colombian rebel was abducted

Gonzales Pledges to Preserve Civil Liberties (WP, Thurs. Jan. 6)

Reputed Klansman arrested in 1964 slayings

U.S. trade gap will reverse itself-Fed economist

C.I.A. Report Finds Its Officials Failed in Pre-9/11 Efforts -NYT

85-Year-Old Veteran Says Police Beat Him

Federal judge drops FBI agent spy case (Fundraiser for Republican party)

Bush Loses a Key Democrat on Social Security -NYT

Tsunami story: Baby hippo seeks solace in tortoise

Malpractice Costs Up 150% Since 1999, Hospitals Say

Army wants reservists for longer tours

Reptile dysfunction.....

Pommy Bastard!

I bought $200.00 in textbooks, sold them back for $8.75!!!!! •RANT•

My wife Baja Margie was banned from the DU

Don't touch that Dali!

I bought fabric for curtains today-- ask me anything....

A co-worker told me "I probably wouldn't like Cats. I don't like cats and

Jesus H. Christ

If KG were a donut, what kind of donut would he be?

Eggs, sunny-side-up, has been banned from the Lounge.

What kind of food will get you banned from DU?

Cooking is the 3rd busiest DU groups.

Had a stroke Sunday, been in the hospital. I'm too tired to weed through

What's the coolest thing you have done with tapioca?

why does the sun go on shining

Let's review: Where should questions and comments regarding DU rules

We love the elderly, really. Great on toast

Bacon has been banned from the Lounge

You're all druggies and dirty hippies.

My family has avoided fast food for 3 1/2 weeks

Kate "Blue Crush" Bosworth is Lois Lane in "Superman Returns" (2006)

So, Mr. Griffin, where do you see yourself in 5 years???

Should the elderly be banned from the lounge at peak times?

How good a Darth Vader would you make?

I'm cold!

Excel Help

One year from today...


Three King's Day and Epiphany today

I know

Will somebody peak me during off times?

Best Paul McCartney album "Ram"

heh - check out thread from another board i found whilst googling

Still thinking about a job or paid internship in politics.

Don't cyber if you can't type

Anyone ever listen to Ken Nordine's WordJazz?

Should the young be banned at peak times?


Latest kitty photos

Peanut butter cake. Remote control trucks. Noisy talking cars.

Song lyrics game! (Rebellious, angry, songs)

Hartford Advocate's film critic on BEYOND THE SEA.

My employer's GRAND PRIZE drawing for the company party

If I do a copycat post of a thread that got locked

Favorite Son

Miss Kitty is missing! I fear the worst.

interesting link - fat celebs

Laura Bush's new puppy is a fucking idiot!!

Jesus H. Christ

My daughter and I are going to a movie tomorrow

I found a yuppie today

Thursday night movie review

Listening to Sevendust: Animosity. Ask me anything.

Grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebbles from my open hand

Greatest song ever, Pinhead, The Ramones

Call out the instigators, because there's something in the air

I wish we had the ability to hide threads again..

I found a puppy thread

I just spent time in the 2004 Election Results forum and GD. Hold me.

Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Moors?

Newton should have tested the theory of gravity with my threads

Everybody hates me. Nobody likes me. Guess I'll go eat wu-ur-rms.

My son John Kleeb was banned from the DU

Does Babs Have The Crabs?


Would The Doors have been any better had they a Bass player?

Zip Zap cars...

"All's well with the world".. Kobe had a GREAT Christmas.(Larry King show)

I just spent time in the Election 2004 Results and GD. Blow me.

Arby's farts are the worst.



Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Doors?

Is someone going to post "Patience, Grasshopper..." or do we give

Earth - The only place where people that don't use condoms...

Bought Hasidic reggae album by Matisyahu

Radiohead speaks to me in a way that no other band has

Should I call my counselor tomorrow and drop her a message?

Are you addicted to the DU Lounge? Answer these questions

I'm bored....

Oh Mizz JimmyJazz...

Can someone post hi res pictures of the Chamber

I just spent time in the 2004 Election Results forum and GD. Hit me.

Why is the Lounge obsessed with the Bores?

How many junk mails do you get each day?

Jars and Jars of greasy grimey gopher guts

Go Fug Yourself. Fashion Faux Pas Of The Rich And Famous

I am petting my bird.

Is it just me, or was Ray Manzarek the most talented of the Doors?

Its almost "that time" again! woo hoo!

I'm going to the State Capital Building tomorrow! Ask me anything.

Has anyone ever visited Jim Morrison's grave in Paris?

Who else besides me still has their Christmas tree up?

An inch of ice then an inch of sleet, I have been gone for

And now... Tonight's Very Special Message to Right-Wing Lurkers!!!

Nerdy Lounge Geography Quiz.

after watching both the debates today and Gonzales' hearing

Does anyone else,

A twizzlwer anyone?

Anyone up for grabbing a puppy?

Is it just me, or was Michael Nesmith the most talented of The Monkees?

Holy crap, am I stoned!

Should the elderly be banned from public places at peak times?

Life's a drag!

I just took an Ambien and I know I am going to fall asleep soon

Look At These Singing Horses, Dagnabit!!!

Is is just me, or was Kool Rock Ski the fattest of The Fat Boys?

I just drank two shots of vodka and smoked a joint; I"ll be asleep soo...

From Michael Moore's Website:

Is it just me, or was Mike Score the most talented one of A Flock Of

Before anyone posts this...

Your DU name sounds better with "yummybutt" added to it

Serious question for Trof and other University of Alabama people.

I have no idea what you're talking about, Jon.

A 60's band you should look into (if you're a Beatles, Beach Boys fan)

Help Me To Think Of A Clever Subject For This Thread. Any Ideas?


Is it just me, or was Rob Pilatus the most talented one of Milli Vanilli

What is your favorite type of pickle?

Strange how songs bring back a stae of mind..

Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story!!


People KNOW you're cool when you say that you listen to...

Should I post a poll?

I'm in the mood for some cute baby pics, dammit!

What particular band, group, or singer that you absolutely *LOVE*

Is it just me, or am I a wicked suckbag?

To what degree do you admire Howard Zinn

White Horse :)

i feel so unclean,

I have a personal dilemma, cat lovers please help!

Positive Energy and prayers needed...

i dont know,dont know why,

Does anyone remember the thread about Bush and the marks on his face?

Dumbest thing you've done to impress a crush?

What are you doing now?


Do you give beef bones to dogs?

Anyone here make recordings?

Your Momma is so tremendous that when she hauls ass...

i feel so unwanted,


Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers!

Have you ever been called out by name on DU?

You know your getting old when...

what are you addicted to besides DU?

We owe Barbra Boxer a "Thank You" email


Please contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund

Did you hear the one about HEyHEY and the girl with the

I hit 1,000 posts today.

If you're a Lounge Lizard...why?

"Holding Back the Years ...Holding Back the Tears...I've wasted all

Is it just me, or is Kid Rock a misogynistic, neo-fascist fuckface?

How do you not snore?

OK, this is odd. I went to sleep 4 hours ago, and now I'm wide awake

The Working Girl you'd LEAST like to encounter at Moonlight Bunny Ranch

The Dance Thread

Greatest song ever, Us and Them, Pink Floyd

Should people learn to voluntarily take a timeout from DU at pique times?

My 600th Post - Your Biggest Celebrity Crush of ALL Time?

In need of a pick me up...

Ok - I have 4 of my songs for you to hear.

Check Out Some Of My Music (Buncha covers)

Jesus H. Christ

Art! Finally, I had enough time to make art!

How do you fall asleep?

Dogbowl or Kramer?

What's your genus?

[View all]

I found a puppy today

Ribbon Colors...

A South Park episode just happened in real life and it was in LBN

Aaaiiiiii! SCAREY cat breed!!!

Best album of 2004: Round 2

Favorite condiment to use when eating your computer keyboard?

The cutie at work came over and chatted with me today. I'm psyched!

Napoleon Dynamite?

Irish group

It's the Daughter of The *~*Stream of Consciousness*~* Thread!

Military Lab Proposed 'Gay-Aphrodisiac Chemical Weapon' in 1994

If you grew up religious: What was the first item of faith you questioned?

Kerry Visits Iraq for 'Firsthand' View; Car Bombs Kill 15

Hi!! The Kerry bashing is getting SO old. Can I get some love in here?

Someone needs to get laid! Look at this stiff!

Holiday Tree and Kid Rock

Corzine removes E-Mail page!

Day after election, Sam Waterston donates $20k to DNC

Love all this Kerry bashing

Making Waves Nothing New for Sen. Boxer

Countdown is on

Now Democrats need to take the focus OFF Barbara Boxer...

Counter-Inauguration: An Alternatives Vision

Sick of the status quo?

we've been relegated to

The foresight of Steven Colbert.....last night he said this on the

So which senators joined the CBC today?

New Draft _______ for President in 2008! Web Site...

After today, we should subtitle our party "The Boxer Party"

I'm so proud of my senator today

I Called Frist today

I still can't believe that incompetent POS will still be "president"

Black Point Man for the Right (Ouch)

What I think has to happen before we start winning for real....

Maxine, become an independent please!

Who else cried today

Maybe it would be easier to list who we like in the Party....

Mark Dayton spoke against today's vote fraud action. That is it for me.

Tom Delay insinuates Tsunami victims died because they are not Christians

Hey all you Greens out there, convince me!!

10 year anniversary of the "Contract With America"

What do you think of the suggestion about infiltrating the GOP

Many of you won't like this...BUT, only Three People were

Alberto "Abu" Gonzalez rant

Ed Schultz just now

Meet Boxer's antecedent: (1st Female) Representative Jeanette Rankin

Help me convince my mom to let me protest Jan. 20!!

Contribute to the Boxer, Stubbs-Jones flowers fund, PLEASE

well, lefties ... I think I'm finally coming over to your side. (R)

SS Privatization

Somebody help me make an open letter to Russ Feingold

Interview w/ Kevin Knobloch, pres. of the Union of Concerned Scientists

[PINR] China's Geostrategy: Playing a Waiting Game

Death in Fallujah rising, doctors say (women and children)

Illusions in Iraq

"Hit's the nail,on the head ," so to speak (insightful article)

Tougher laws eyed for alien workers

Brown's Marshall plan for world poor

Irrelevance of the Democratic Party

Today's Analysis: China's Unocal Gambit And Washington's Silent Fear

Bush Admin. Paid Reporter to Promote NCLB (USA Today)

Worse Than Fiction - by Paul Krugman

This message form Jesse Jackson Jr., states unequivocally

Is it legal for a journalist to accept money from the Government . . .

Wolcott: Kind of a Shame (US soldiers shooting Iraqi civilians)

Constitutional right to vote by Ron Walters Fox News gets blown away

Today's papers -Gonzalas hearings recap

Promoting Torture's Promoter

No Child Left Behind Scandal Breaking

SLC Trib: Probe Dugway plans

Crawford, TX's 'Iconoclast': Did Money From Indian Casinos.....

Not Your Grandma's Religious Right - Republican Strategy Insights - Media Diversity Project

Fliers on Election 2004 & Social Security

On 1/7 NBC Today Show GE blocked any mention of Electorial Debate

CIA report says top officials failed to prepare for 9/11

GAO busts government twice in one week for illegal propaganda

Funny of video of Coulter and Carson's idea of quality debate on Canada

New York Times Mulls Charging Web Readers - Media Diversity Project

Lawmakers Demand President Bush STOP Paying Journalists to Promote Adminis

Do all media types get 1/4 mil a year from GOP like Armstrong Williams?


"Any Willing Worker"

Coal keeps cruising

China To Fill Oil Reserves In 2006 - Demand Growth Seen At 8%+

Indian Island Abandoned To Dogs And Pigs

Bjorn Lomborg - Tsunami Warning System Bad Idea - Reuters

Volkswagen Chairman: Diesel is the Best Hope for the Future

Genetically modified trees are on their way

Outside the Box

Zapatero in crisis over separatists (Spain)

An interesting board for gay RKBA and their supporters

Bush Lawyers Target Gun Control's Legal Rationale (WSt.Journal)

I'd like to offer...

I would like to thank the Moderators!

what's with all the posts in LBN by Martin Finkle 1974????????????

I'm afraid to click on threads over 200 or so...

You deserve a laugh; here's a good one for you.

On dupes. How about a little slack?

Just want to apologize

Is "You are a charlatan" a violation of DU rules?

A Q. Concerning the Tsunami Conspiracy Ban

Is it possible to have a separate forum for ACTION?


Any reason this news story was moved from LBN?

Is it OK if I post here to make sure my new signature line works?

I propose DU officially support Kerry's request on voter reform

Cocoa made a wonderful suggestion I second it AND

Can we have a new stream for Election Reform Activism?


If we make a tsunami relief donation through a link on DU...

This does not conform to DU rules, and belongs in the Lounge.

Impeachment Forum

Another question about post volume

LBN post is locked that has a different title and author from older post

Here's an idea: An "Ask the Moderators if it is Stupid" Forum

"Touch it and die"; Washington & the I/P Conflict.....

Abbas admits getting carried away over 'Zionist enemy' remarks

A World Without Israel

No heroic passengers on Flight 93?

Peoria Journal Star: New Illinois Laws

Best Chicago Delicacy

Tell em' they can watch it on C-Span!!

cnn headline news is carrying a 2 minute piece

County Auditor “Screw the loonies who think hackers will steal your votes"

Did anyone even mention the exit polls?

Question for the TRUE Kerry supporters only?

Good day but disappointed in Feingold.

Time for LTTEs & calls to Cspan supporting protest (samples)

List of all Congresspersons who spoke for reform today?


G'nite folks. Keep the faith. We can still rescue this nation.

Which senators joined Boxer in Objecting?

It's more fun to lose...

Watching Conyers again.

Where was McDermott?

Remember the world is with us tonight. They know there are good guys here

Can a kind soul point me to a link re: all the glitches favoring *

As long as we're applauding good guys,has anyone noticed Filner

A 48 hour push got 11 senators to speak out...

Did you all read: "The Crime of November 2?"

Photos, etc. at from today!

An unfortunate prediction...

DU and activism is the act of water on rock (an analogy)

If you noticed today, the Dems framed the

Those Insulting Bastards!

Did any Reps/Senators who were present abstain from voting today?

My good feeling turned into a great feeling

A message to "The X-Files Wing of the Democratic Party"

Re- Thanking the Stand-Up Congressional Dems

Did I Hear Senator Boxer say this or not?

Hillary asked me for money today ...

I am NOT over 2000

"it was a mistake not to object four years ago."

Can someone post John Kerry's letter

Hey! 1/6 is the Feast of the 3 Wise Men. If they had been 3 Wise Women--

before i go to sleep one more positive from the day...NO MORE CROSSFIRE

cnn's Jack Cafferty this morning

article in USA Today about challenge

Liberal Lunacy == from the GOP USA

We must use the Objection Debate!

About Kerry's chess game....

My thoughts...

What were Kerry's exact comments about the challenge?

Senator Coward? Bull!

what will your one-point be to people who start bashing what happened

PICS: BARBARA'S TEARS FOR DEMOCRACY ...also.. Audio Highlights now online

Why my republican congressman is AGAINST a paper trail...

Letter from Contest the Vote -- Thank Senator Boxer

Repukes are in control, why would they change the election process?

What did Al Franken say about the Ohio Electoral vote challenge?

Congratulations President John Kerry

OMG This has to be our Andy making it to the big time in the

It was a mistake to object yesterday

The worst president of the 21st century has to be John Kerry.

My letter to my Democratic Senator

Here's why we should be v. happy tonite

Boxer and Jones Deserve Credit, Not Scorn

A simple reason why the vote in Ohio had to be challenged.

Michael Moore on Jay Leno tonight! Check out his thank you on his site

Dems: "The election system is broken" but the result can't be challenged.

Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of "Loony Leftists"

Jan. 6, 2005 Democracy Day in America!

Rate up this Boxer pic, and keep kicked


-20 Voting Facts You Should Know

Please take the time...

Lucas County OH Democratic Headquarters Burglary

Please help me bombard Neil Boortz

Dupe Please Delete

Trying to feel good about yesterday...


Remember NCPAC? I think the Urosevich/Computer Voting/Fundamentalist...

Those who stood for justice, Jan. 6

not one damn dime day (sorry if this is already here)

NBC News First Read acknowledges protest for election reform

You might want to tune into AAR Franken today(now)

For Letters to the Editor and the media from Benjamin Franklin:

I Hope Were Not The Laughingstock Of The Whole Rest Of The World

My letter to the editors of various Wisconsin papers

“What did you do this week to assure fair and transparent elections...

Video of Boxer news conference yesterday

CNN Exit poll(s)

If you truly believe that Kerry won Ohio, like I do.....

Now that the recount is over can journalists do a hand recount of

Can someone explain to me in plain english about the Diebold software?

For those interested in a site for Boxer/Conyers/Tubbs-Jones...

Even for Drudge this is low..."As Bush Certified"..."Boxer Cries"...

MY letter to my Congressman -- PLEASE do the same.

Systematic suppression of hundred of thousands of minority voters in seve

"The Ohio objection"SF gate. editorial

Some of These Posts Are Getting Pretty Obvious In Their Attempt to Divide

"Fight Every Day" - By Steve Gilliard

A new activism from VotersUnite: MYTHBREAKERS

If Dems in Congress can't get legislation passed then...

WOW -- Ohio Finally Made Front Page of Google News

the battle is not over in the state of washington

"Notice of Revocation of Independence"

I really wish the mods would use their tombstone

Obama: As a person of colour, I felt let down

Remember to thank Boxer and Tubbs Jones staff

The Ying and the Yang. To fight within the system or fight in the streets

Was Jesus Tortured? Not according to Gonzales. (The Webpage -- NEED HELP)

Scarborough--I thought my head would explode!

Arnebeck wins case against PAC in Ohio

Has it been established that Triad and ES&S both have Republican ties?

Did Michael Moore inadvertently set us up for a fall?

We must stay UNITED to accomplish our goals. Keep criticism to a minimum


list of YEA voters

We won a huge victory - From IAMREALITY

This email from, says it all!

Turn your back on bush

New kind of protest?

My letter to Senator Kerry

Need Help Looking for links to all of the Wayne Madsen updates/articles

What about Conyers?

Will you help create a more diverse media in the USA ?

Inspiring words from the Brad Blog just made my day

Resources, Material, Contacts.

Are you guys done mourning the "death of democracy" yet?

Kerry's Last Flip-Flop

Where is the Official Transcript? I can't find at Cong. Record >

Tell the Legislature to follow the law

Yesterday illustrated that the problem runs deeper

Email from

Why did so many speak about the problems and then vote NAY?

To those who pledged to support whoever voted with Conyers

A crucial GOP frame that we can, and must, co-opt. It's easy...!

"Got a Black Magic Marker" campaign of silent protest

Will You Ever Vote Again if Zilch is Done about Paperless Voting Machines?

My apologies to all of you too!

Bernie Sanders on Hartmann right now talking about yesterday!

Those freakin' dirty PUGS!

Uh Oh! My tripod site has been removed for violating deep doo doo...

Arnebeck's Letter to Congress Yesterday

Who is Russ Baker? This coming from Tom Paine?

If MSM coverage is any indication...

MSM- KDKA Pittsburgh Talk Show 2 hrs on Election Fraud

Let's not waste any time - while the iron is hot spread the word on the

Is there a post around here for emailing all the Senators and Reps

Please support Re Boxer's Challenge and contact media

I replaced my Kerry yard sign today

NC Committee to Improve Voting Laws/Machines now

DU we need to help Tracy Wallach...

"The Democrats have willingly become the Washington Generals...

Wait a second here, "Dino-boy",

Who are our hero's (at this moment)

My 3 nominations for "ASS-RETHUG" award go to...

200 Protesters in DC on Jan 6th?

Nailing Ken Blackwell: FOLLOW THE MONEY!


Boxer for President in 2008?

If ALL Dem. Senators & Reps voted "yes" would it have made any difference?

I still support Kerry. I admire the man...

Inaugural donor list: Every contribution tells a story!

New York Times: Is this sentence true at all ?

Grassroots? Is there a way WE can draft vote reform with grassroots effort

Mike Malloy Last Night "I am no longer a Democrat"

Kucinich on Ohio Electoral College Vote Challenge


How can we talk some sense to people, who can not see the facts:

Well, here's what I learned today....

Why did they accuse us of saying Rove hacked the election from the WH?

Friday 1/7/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

You guys got the most powerful weapon now

Many Americans wept yesterday!

My Emotions /Rage-oh boy

I'm so sorry Howard Dean

Eleanor Cliff Gives Rave Review of Yesterday's Dem Action

Do we need Republicans to reform the electoral system?

What Byrd said the Senate yesterday

Withdraw my vote

Can someone please provide me with a list of all the people who stood up?

Did Blackwell get paid to head up the

Ring Ring....Reality Calling....

Dr. Freeman's article in the SFTimes...

Tom DeLay's Amazing Remarks Yesterday - transcript >

L.A. Times National Exit Poll: Bush 51, Kerry 48. Read and weep - I did.

Be glad! The Repukes missed a GOLDEN opportunity!!!!

Use of the phrase "conspiracy theorists" in the House Debate >

My prediction for 2006

Does anyone have a link to Voinovich comments

If Dean won the primaries we would never have lost or had these problems

Congressional Record search site HERE

Being called an anti-democratic kook by Tom DeLay is like...

I say we split the party

Cockeyed logic...a review

This message from Jesse Jackson Jr. States in unequivocal terms

United Against Bush

I'm getting scared - the hate mail has elevated re: my fraud site

What arguements and facts did the Republicans present?

Just got back to Ohio from D.C.

Voter Turnout Estimate for Baker County!! WTF!! 332%!!

Blackwell.... is he going to get away with all this?

Nomination for the Biggest Idiot Award - KELLER of FL >

It's the media stupid!

Who was the "Lone Protestor" in the Gallery?

Whether we officially split the party or not, it's clear that we are split

Anyone see this report before -- it's from the Election Data Services

Randi said the most likely reason...

To the Apologists and the Despairing

More exit poll evidence

Democrats are the new "Negroes"

What do you think of Bush?

Does anyone know if Conyers will be able to continue

Kerry's chess game analogy is still valid

My final take on the election and fraud... bought for Conyers, Tubbs Jones, Boxer and


Gonzales must never be confirmed or this will be Nazi Germany

"DU... I Am Soooooooooo Sorry..."


Lets get back to work...ideas?

My Senate "Thank You" List...

Where can I buy a "member of the Boxer Rebellion" bumper

BEST EVIDENCE: WP/Mitofsky/NEP (13,047 Random; MOE 1%): 547 million to 1.

Inaugration Protest: Not One Red Cent Day -- Pass this on...

There are a BILLION new people posting here tonight...

Bush's psychiatric diagnosis, anyone ?

The Pryce is Wrong!

Where do we go from here? Impeachment

Contact list of everyone who stood for democracy yesterday

Kerry reports for duty in Iraq to cheering troops - rips the Shrub

How can we inform the other 75% about the Bush fraud machine.

Washington State Governor Mess-Rossi Contests!

Could this be Y DEMS who spoke in support of BOXER then voted "NO"

Report on HAVA and ITA

A final rant. WARNING...

Did you guys see this? Kerry's statement read into the Cong Record >

Dominionist set to take over DNC Chair, is member of Right-Wing Think Tank


No Confidence Movement Update - Vets For Peace 56 Endorses Resolution

An Apology

Tell the Republicans They Brought it on Themselves!

Videos from January 6, 2005 - Any requests?

Do this TODAY to get Republicans in your town to wake up

Are EXIT POLL RESULTS really just elaborate FAKES?

GOP expected to file suit over Gregoire win. (puke alert)

Why not protest the MSM at the inauguration?

Official Thread: Election Reform Awareness - Educating Elected Officials

Vote in this NBC poll on the ohio challange and KEEP THIS ON TOP.

2005-2007 Assembly District Committee Reorganization

California to Secede

moving to cali(san jose) help!

Rep. Markey voted "YEA" to contest the Ohio Electoral Votes.

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Dayton says Congress is being deceived on Iraq

Help support a local blog and give Powerline some competition

Here's another bill that needs to get shot down: "Ronald Reagan...

Granholm backs Mark Brewer for Democratic Party chairman

Friends or enemies? Jackson MI

MI teachers - opinions on Michigan Merit Exam?

i am getting ready to switch some stuff out on my computer-but I'm

Zone alarm & Sygate info new to me

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Emergency information ...

In search of Ohio volunteers for door to door canvassing

Santorum calls the challenge of the Ohio Electoral Vote "a travesty."

Cuellar makes splash in White House kitchen

TX Lege plans to seat Heflin next week: anon. senator

Republican lawmakers in favor of paper trail for voting.

I'm Proud to be Liberal and I am sick of Being Nice to Conservatives

Raise the Minimum Wage - Go Tom Barrett

any one got the full list of the33 house members who..

anyone got the list??

Has anyone got a link proving that T. Carlson is going to work at MSNBC?

(Tsunami Aid) - Rampant Corruption in Aceh

Ya say you want a revolution....

Ken Salazar introduces and endorses Alberto Gonzales during

What did you expect to happen?

Who said this, and where was it said? In what context?

Thank you all, but I've had it...

Don Knotts as Dubya

LOST gives props to HALIBURTON? lol, that's funny

Three cheers for C-Span.

Kerry's got some 'splaining to do.

letter to my senators about the election challenge

I've never been prouder to be represented by Senator Barbara Boxer

Q. Who said, "Tear down this wall!"

Tim Roemer for DNC Chair? More of the same (or worse)?

Grab your ankles and repeat ad nauseum:

Keep the anger...

If Rehnquist is kaput, will Judge Judy do the inauguration and slap Bush?

Thank you, Mods!!!!!

Do you think....

For those of you who haven't heard of Leo Strauss

Bush and his boots (a typically macabre DS1 cartoon thread)

Am I the ONLY one who missed this "paragon of republican values"?

2004 is The first presidential election democrats lost in 12 years

What's going on over in Latest breaking News -- Who is MartinFinkle and

Sigh..the freeps...come whining in..

Concern over radical relief group

All our institutions have become rich people's playgrounds.

"Atheists aren't perfect, just perceptive."

Why is Hannity such a whiny little bitch?

"W" stands for...

Bush/Repubs push for 100% privatization SSI/benefits cuts

Kid Rock at the White House?

CNN's Bill Hemmer - "74% of Americans Said They Have Prayed For Victims"

Help vets at Walter Reed Hospital....

So, when they steal the next election, and the next, and the next...

Off with their heads! Who sent us to war? by John Cobarruvias

Kid Rock Upsets Some Washington Pimps

3 separate, conflicting Dec. job headlines on Fox, CNN, MSNBC

Why is Charles Schumer on Fox extolling the virtues of Gonzales?

Draft Exemptions?

Will there be violence at the Inauguration?

Gonzales evades the open secret

"I rob banks because that's where the money is." . . . Willie Sutton . . .

Babs Boxer

CSPAN Friday morning — Torture apologist on now

Kid Rock is a Bush supporter. 90 second pop cnn

The Forbidden Library: More on Banned Books

Jan. 6 and Dems - not all good, not all bad

Rumsfeld Calls Tsunami Survivors "Selfish"

I guess I'm for Bush's tax code reform....

I'm Sick of it wasn't enough...It just wasn't. I think our Dems

(SLAP SLAP) Snap OUT of it... Democracy LIVES!

Have some faith.

Yesterday's Result: Bipartisan Paper-Trail Legislation Introduced

1/6/05-Bush family photo at GHWB and Bar's 60th Wedding Anniversary

I Know... You NEVER Watch Cable News. But... For Breaking News Stories...

Hey Gonzalez? Remember the part where Jesus said

Old Fashioned Boycott - tell me what you think

Editorial on Gary Webb in the Chicago trib

Bush Paid Pundit (USA Today), to promote "No Child Left Behind"

Falwell's version of Intelligent Design?

In two minds about therapy

Well, we know this...military leadership is the same now,

Big jump in registered DU members since yesterday AM

Consumers are rejecting American brands in foreign markets

Anyone else hear of this??

GW's Newest Boots

Diebold has receipts for ATM Machines, but not Voting Machines

How did the media react to the Ohio vote?

Say hello to the NEW and......... well new US Foreign Policy team

Frightening words from alberto gonzales (-snip- from transcript - NYT)

TV Appeal by Richard Gere Perplexes Palestinians

Texas Co. Using Illegal Aliens to Manufacture Troops MRE's

We are SO desparate

DUPLICATE Portrait of Evil

OK when they try to outlaw abortion do you think we will see

What is YOUR political plan of action for 2005? What will you do to

My Spin on What Tsunami Shows Us

MRE's Cost $47.00 EACH to manufacture?

OMG!! DU'ed upside the head!!

Where's The Magic In "Paper Trails"?

Memo to I-376 road builders - it's called a storm sewer. Use it.

Yeah, things are getting better here in these here United States!

What's WORSE For Kids To See On TV?

Nawww---Shrubbites Pay for News Coverage and Fake Stories

HB 1677, "Report of fetal death by mother, penalty"

Why the silence on US fatalities from the tsunami? Coverup?

Anybody have anything on this torture memo signed by Bush?

Accused spy (and bigtime GOP donor/fundraiser/adulteress) gets off

Who was yesterday's most contemptuous villain?

US doctors accused over Guantánamo abuse

Anyone else suspect the timing of the 1964 civ. rights murder suspect?

Only Half A President: Bush approval ratings at 49% at end of first term

So what will this country be known as now?

The "war on terror"

Props to the Mods!!! Everyone post and say thanks!!!

Jan. 7, 2005 and 17 soldiers DEAD.....

When fundi kids are shot by tasers, will this end the fundy R love affair

Who is Bush talking about here?

Good news about Iraq elections

So here it is, the darkest time of the year...

Do you believe death penalty brings closure to victims' familes, friends?

The Rev. Bernard Smith, Largo, Florida...kooky tsunami theory


This needs to be said. Debbie Schussel is an ass!

Where is the story for...

thief Darleen Druyun biggest Pentagon scandal in 20 yrs.

Why many Democratic Politicians are afraid to oppose the RW

Send a Crayon to W

Does anyone know how to reduce the size of a pdf file?

Where in the Gonzales memo does it openly endorse torture?

The Democratic Party collborates in the perpetuation of myths.

Nelson Mandela breaks taboo, reveals that his son...

Not in Your Wildest Photo-Op Dreams, Rove >>>

Canada opens borders to orphaned Tsunami victims

Paul KRUGMAN's "Bad Novel" (IOKIYAR)

Was Jesus Tortured? Not according to Gonzales. (The Webpage -- NEED HELP)

"One Tentative step"

torture island Diego Garcia, torture, and the tsunami (Camp Justice)

Who said these things?

Do NOT allow Tim Roemer become DNC chairman!

You're on the list Limbaugh!

Don't know if this has been talked about, 40 years ago the 3 civil rights

PART 2: The center of the doughnut (our empty coffers)

feel lucky if you don't live near super toxic Rocky Flats

What happened on Franken with Rich Lowry?

Who might be keeping track of where you drive?

Is the Sea our enemy now?

Employer uses employee's personal emails against them in lawsuit

We need to keep a list of Dems who sell us out on Social Security

BBC's musical Jesus sows discord

Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of 'Loony Leftists

the CDC report....widespread FLU..bush* does NOTHING (links)

National Geographic Society changes name of Persian Gulf - Arabian Gulf

Morally speaking..Is it ever OK to kill? To steal?

Anyone read "Planet Simpson?" (It's not really about the Simpsons)


ElDumbo is such a fat, holier than though, blowhard

Williams on the carpet right now on cnn about being paid by *

Was Jesus Tortured? Not according to Gonzales.

I just gave Hannity the bird....

Coulter: "Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole"

Tortes are delicious. They don't need "reform"

Is it me or is the DNC really a GOP front?

Saw a photo of Cheney and Dennis Hastert shaking hands. Isn't that

The economics of discounting distance and transport

Seriously what did a lawsuit ever do for him?

So how're you feeling after the big anniversary party, George?

Goodman, Schwerner murders caught after 40+ years...

Concern Over Radical Relief Group

Caption this photo of Bush with Drink in Hand

Where's Randi?

Jeb hires as staff writer a fired edtor accused of plagiarism, porn....

Michael Newdow. Great! Now they can use him to define us

Media Commentator paid $240,000 by Bushco to promote No Child Left Behind

Social Security is in CRISIS!!! Its assets are just IOUs!!!

How many other RW nuts on "Paid endorsers" for Bush

Michael Moore Democrat

The Reality of Red-State Fascism . . . by Lew Rockwell . . .

In 1980 in Phildelphia MS some 17 miles and 17 years removed

Are you happy you paid Armstrong Williams to promote Idiot Son's policy?

Look at this angel face

A victim of the Patriot Act?

Many Leaders of the RW are mentally ill

Miracle boy Hannes,1, back home again, tells of ordeal

Congress on the Armstron Williams Deal - EMAIL NOW

Irrelevance of the Democratic Party

E-mail Armstrong Williams and ask him how much to promote DU!

Republicans - Proving being mean is the best way to get people

Anyone find it odd that all ex-advisors from previous presidents say...

I need a transcript of the Ohio electors challenge debate! Where to find?!

My letter to my DNC representatives

Democrats are quick to say: investigating Ohio won't change outcome

Democrats introduce bill to restore Pell Grants

Remember when liberal/progressive politicians would yell and scream

Fred Phelps Daughter said Hitler was doing God's work.

What's wrong with fixing Social Security?

Paul Begala is a TOOL

How much did Judith Miller get?

To the Idiots (none are DU'ers) who say the Tsunami is payback for 9/11

Kid Rock to perform for Bush = Our Chance to Strike Back

How much did the WH pay Michele Malkin?

How many other Media Whores are on the Bushco Payroll?

Frist at tsunami photo op: "get some devastation in the back of us"

How many here think Chris Hitchens was paid off to promote...

The tribes, republicans and christians: investigations ongoing?

Tell Barbara Boxer "Thank You!" Courtesy of True Majority

Armstrong Williams coming up on Crossfire

Is Alberto Gonzales a flip-flopper?

It's a good day to write letters to editors

What America Spends...

I'll bet Novak was paid.

Letter from Sarah Brady

Rumsfeld made some more money

Maria Shriver (in Vanity Fair)

Why does Howard Zinn go on about Columbus so much?

Article beautifully sums up future of Dem Party debate

Is there any chance of a Watergate-type scandal breaking out?

Am I being Paranoid?

With the news that Rehnquist not returning on Monday who will be

So now what?

Liberty's century... A reality check.

The Boycott of Sinclair must continue

Ratio of your tsunami to Kerry donations?

Why is CNN bad?

Tim Roemer, Mercatus,Koch family, Richard Mellon Scaife..DNC chair?

Should Armstrong Williams go to jail?

Check out Bill Gates' electronic image company - a suite of Saddam pics:

Who will be fired from the Department of Education over Williams' $240K?

Do you support the death penalty for the mentally ill?

June 6 2004 Time Mag - special issue... pic of Saddam...

The Black Commentator: Armstrong Williams (Strom Thurmond's fav. negro)

Apple sued by iTunes user

Girl Power....

Don't blame Armstrong Williams blame this SCUMBAG administration

Top ten liberal groups?

Have Fred Phelps' "" sites been shut down?

"The Hamburg Cell" on HBO.

One More Example the Fox News Ratings line is Bogus

Osama bin Laden is unable to recite certain parts of the Quran

Why George W. Bush has no style.

I am a democrat and always will be

Should the left boot out over-sensitive, politically correct whiners?

Leadership IS needed in the Democratic party.

US troops 'laughed as Iraqi died'

Should the Gov't Regulate Fast Food/Restaurant Commercials on TV?

DU this poll, please! re: Gonzalez

Another reason to LOVE Armstrong Williams

CNN backing away from Armstrong "Paid endorser" Williams

BREAKING: Sinclair corp (huge Bush supporter) threatens frivolous lawsuit

Why are the deaths of black people not as moving as others?

deLay's response to the Ohio challenge

I am a democrat and i like Michael Moore

Is it time for a total boycott of the Mainstream Media?

Haha----Just Tried Calling-in to the LIMBOsevic Show

NO VOTES in 2006! BOYCOTT 2006 - Send a MESSAGE!

PHOTO: Bush urges Congress to "change" asbestos disease compensation

CNN Headline, "Gonzalez admits he made mistakes."

I wonder how much the WH is paying the atheist to go around

"Fundamentalists United Caring Kingdom, Yahweh Or Unsaved"...The Crusade

How many of you believe

Sign the Petition: Stop the Separation of Church and State

Why are folks shocked? Doesn't anyone remember "Karen Ryan"?

Who else has heard a Fundie say "the Tsunami is God's payback for 9/11?"

Cartoon by Scott Bateman About Social Security

Let me see if I can get this straight........

John Stewart sold us out!

Sen. Kennedy to address 'progressive vision' for future of Dem party

american pro-torture women

I'm Not A Michael Moore Democrat

Have Miscarriage, Go to Jail?

Anyone else listening to Randi Rhodes?

I Switched Party Affiliation Independent

Help me out, will ya? (Miscarriage bill in VA)

John Kerry asking for your help to get election reform.

Atheist sues to prevent prayer at Bush inauguration

Mike Malloy 01/06/2005 "I am no longer a democrat."

Meritocracy in America

Have Miscarriage, Go to Jail?

If your newspaper carries Armstrong Williams' columns CALL THEM TODAY

Franken is a moderate

Sen Schumer is in the bullseye (is he really a republican?)

Fred Phelps of is coming to Tucson, AZ

Negativity is not needed in the Democratic party!

Kucinich: "Mr. Speaker, call the cops!"

Not One Damn Dime Day

Constitutional Amendments should never, ever, ever, ever

Alllllrighty DU, ENUF ALREADY...all apologies are accepted...

How we can become the majority party again?

We have massive numbers and need to organize, any ideas?

Do you support the death penalty for juveniles?

Hot topic! My daughter has to write about the difference between Repub.

Spy chief linked to Kohl scandal faces trial

Depressing email....

"Americans who are prepared to kill anyone for George Bush."

Spongebob Cheap Pants' "Donut On A Rope" | emergency TOON aid

I'm Starting to Just Not Care Anymore - I'm Just All Cared Out

Is this forum appropriate for discussing homebrewing?

Help! My husband is a pothead!!!

Alberta's lieutenant-governor dies

What are some good left-leaning Canadian message boards?

Brown's Marshall plan for world poor

Any views on Jerry Springer the Opera? Coming to BBC2 on Sat...


US seeks to buy ammunition from Taiwan as stocks run low after Iraq:

Bird Flu in Asymptomatic Ducks in Vietnam

"Charges Dropped in FBI Spy Case" -- Republican fundraiser, of course

Republican Leaders Remove Congressman Chris Smith as Chairman

North Korea Issues Wartime Guidelines

Officer: Army May Change Reserves Policy

France concerned for journalist (female went missing in Iraq)

U.S. Leads the World in File Swapping

US falls off top free economies' list

Bison hunt opponents putting names in drawing for tags

NYT: All Charges Are Dismissed in Spy Case Tied to F.B.I.

Roadside bomb kills seven U.S. soldiers in Baghdad, two Marines die in Anb

'KKK man' held for 1964 murders (Mississipi Burning case)

Reservists May Face Longer Tours of Duty

Chlorine-filled train crashes in US

Navy SEAL lieutenant faces hearing in prisoner abuse case

Congress OKs bill to extend date for 2004 tsunami relief tax deductions

USA: Guantánamo detentions enter fourth year as torture allegations mount

Census Lists Renamed Lake As 'Butthead'

Two charges dropped against Abu Ghraib abuse 'ringleader'; trial to begin

Poll: Americans sharply divided about Bush as begins ambitious 2nd term

Judge searches Pinochet's office

Doctors implicated in Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib abuse

Have Miscarriage, Go to Jail?

Jordan Calls on Iraqis to Go to Polls

General Sees Permanent 30,000 Increase in U.S. Army

CIA report slams top officials over terrorism readiness

HAHA...Prostitute turns in child-porn having "John"

Old Fashioned Boycott - tell me what you think

Congress Ratifies Bush Victory After Challenge (Media non reporting)

Belfast heist being used to wreck peace process

Transition sparks group firing

Privations weigh down Iraqi housewives

Employment firm pleads guilty to fraud charges (makes MRE's for war)

IRA blamed for £22m Belfast bank raid (Latest)

Judge searches Pinochet's office

7,000 More Bodies Discovered in Indonesia

Bush names top diplomat's deputy

Bush Taps Zoellick as Deputy Secretary of State

AP Poll: Americans Ambivalent About Bush

'KKK man' held for 1964 murders

After Leveling City, U.S. Tries to Build Trust

Seminole Co (FL) Election Supervisor Resigns; Cites Health Reasons

Warner investigation sought (WV GOP chair)

Ex-WorldCom directors to pay investors $18m

Dec. DOL Payroll new jobs Jobs only 157,000 - below expectations

Police Charge Students With Internet Scam

Apple sued by iTunes user

Insurgents sabotage gas pipeline near Tikrit

BBC's musical Jesus sows discord

Spying Case Tossed Out

Yates Lawyers Won't Seek Her Freedom

Cutbacks hit Mississippi shipyard workers

Bush's Drug Videos Broke Law, Accountability Office Decides

Congress Makes Reelection Official

McAuliffe asked to be DNC chairman

Jews attack German immigration curbs


Scowcroft Skeptical Vote Will Stabilize Iraq

WP: Bush Rejects Growing Pessimism on U.S. Foreign Policy

Bush team scolded for disguised TV report

UNICEF Confirms Tsunami Child Trafficking Case

GOP expected to file suit over Gregoire's win

Al-Qaida's "Minister of Finance" Goes on Trial

Workers told of layoffs at Pascagoula shipyard (2500 in next 3 yrs)

Crawford, TX's 'Iconoclast': Did Money From Indian Casinos.....


Education Dept. paid commentator to promote law

Florida To Equip Schools With Tasers

India's untouchables forced out of relief camps

Officer: Army May Change Reserves Policy

G7 supports tsunami debt freeze

Police Chief Links IRA to Huge N.Irish Bank Heist

GOP expected to file suit today over Gregoire win.

S.E.C. Is Investigating Taser's Safety Claims

W. House paid commentator to promote law AP

Memo reveals Bush OKd torture

Two court challenges filed in WA governor's race

CIA report faults top officials for pre-9/11 lapses

Monsanto fined $1.5m for bribery

Iraqi exiles to vote in 14 states

Miracle boy Hannes,1, back home again, tells of ordeal

Detroit Hosts Auto Show Amid Bleak Outlook

Italian train collision kills 18

Capuano says he won't be running for governor in 2006

dupe -- please delete

deLay's response to the Ohio challenge

4 years of Bush loses 1,208,000 private sector jobs-208k seas adj overall

Lawmakers Demand President Bush STOP Paying Journalists to Promote Adminis

Miami Herald Co. ceases publication of Street Weekly

Memo reveals Bush OKd torture

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1351)

Illinois Senate May Vote On Gay Rights Law

Cohort of Canadian BSE cow was shipped to U.S.

Fears of tsunami child abductions mount

Bipartisan Workshop Aims to End Gridlock

Americans Get Early Tax Break for Tsunami Donations

Snow: People Need Better Grasp on Social Security Issue

General Fears 'Spectacular' Iraq Attacks

Sinclair vows legal action against anyone engaging in "trade defamation"

Frist visits Sri Lanka, pledges aid

Troops Establish New Baghdad Base (Haifa Street )

Detainee Dies of Apparent Natural Causes (Camp Bucca)

Sen. Clinton's Finance Director Indicted

Police take prints with citations (Green Bay)

Powell Makes Final Stop in Tour of Tsunami Destruction (jeb left: WH party

Halliburton: Missing Truck Driver From Galveston Died In Iraq

Iran'll respond strongly to hostile action in Persian Gulf: Navy commander

Rossi Announcing Decision On Whether He'll Contest Election

Duval County to equip school officers with Tasers (Florida, of course)

Bush Says Four Iraqi Areas Pose Voting Challenges

Scowcroft Skeptical Vote Will Stabilize Iraq -WaPo

Police: Prostitute reports client in child porn case

Psychic security department protects Russian presidents from external psyc

Gonzales gets mixed reviews - Nominee's torture memos concern lawyers

Kerry visits troops in Mosul

Oil prices shoot above US$ 45.

Retail Falls Short of Projections

Insurgent Admits Iran, Syria Links on Tape

Swedish pastor disowns US hate site

U.S. troops have one in 11 chance of being wounded or killed in Iraq

George Wackenhut Dies; Security Pioneer

Rice is Said to Pick Trade Negotiator as Deputy

Rap Kid Rock inaugural pick (Wildmon "Slap in the Face" Consv Christians)

Cops Investigate School Strip Search Case

Bush Takes Aim at Asbestos Lawsuits

Five Embeds Booted Out of Iraq in Recent Months

Geneva Convention Overhaul Considered (Bush wanted more Torture allowed)

Gov. Bush hires writer accused of plagiarism

New York Times Mulls Charging Web Readers

US island base given warning (warning bulletins sent to Diego Garcia)

UK Christians Burn TV Licenses Over Springer Opera

U.S. says undeterred in Iraq

Democrats try to alter Social Security debate

Chief Justice Rehnquist Won't Return on Monday

ElBaradei demands world powers to freeze nuclear activities

China to outlaw aborting female fetuses

Iraqis to Testify in Trial of G.I. Accused of Abusing Them

Chirac cautions reporters to stay out of Iraq

Chicago Sun-Times Top Editor Heads to Daily News

Bush Calls for Streamlining Tax Code

Annan Wonders Where Are the People?

Obama, Durbin visit Veterans' Affairs office

Sen. McCain Does Jury Duty in Phoenix (wasn't picked)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 7 January

White House paid commentator to promote law

AP Poll Finds Americans Split About Bush

Bush Dismisses Growing Concerns Over Elections in Iraq

Pentagon's Wolfowitz Says He Staying in Bush Team

Proposal for an Irish Affairs Group

Goodnight, DU!

Dollar Bill Paintings

Does anyone own a tapestry or want one?

Slickers or Dumplings?

It started with a challenge,a call to action...

Jeddy C. 1918-2005

There's some really old dope in the kitchen

I wish...

Stupid Comment I heard today.

I am on the 4th day of a Chemical Vaccation.... ask me what is

Lawsuit claims Apple violates law with iTunes

What' band is better?


seriously, who gets hurt on vacation?

I for one, am NEVER voting democratic AGAIN, UNLESS...

I'm the type of guy...

Well it's been ten years and a thousand tears

freaking ice-coated snow.

Everytime we say goodbye, I die a little...

Has anyone here seen the movie, They?

Want a fucked - up perception?

You guys should watch this video.....

Best "Easy Like Sunday Morning"

Lots of 'suicide posters' at DU today....

How does your snot snore?

Congratulations! we are all now perpetual losers!

No one likes lamp

Fuck rock! and paper! And scissors! And Dunken donuts!

Does anyone know of a station streaming Coast to Coast?

Liberal Fascism? WTF?

I am considering doing work for NORML perhaps this summer

Christ on crutches!! Some people in GD need a fucking scrip for...

"Me and you tike, we're gonna make some cash"

What the hell happened to Hillary Duff?

Stolen 2000 election turns up on eBay, seller "krove" questioned

Let's Build Words

Should I have a couple beers? What kind

Ribs and stuffing are a good leftover combo

Get yer salivary glands flowing...decadent post.

Tortoise Adopts Stray Hippo at Sanctuary....

Firefox users


normal disorder

Freeper vomitting in LBN

You know, I'll just never understand (trolls)

Almanac's and terrorism???

Fuck Slurpees. And Big Gulps. And Route 44s. And Fuck Icees too.

Just got home from work and Randy Newman's on is good.

Wow it really slows down at night!

About to be in the 700 Club, any questions?

I'm awake because it's 10:30 in the morning over here. What's YOUR excuse?

I think I'm the only one left here.... TIME TO GET NAKED!!!!

Man Charged For Biting Policeman

New Sunglasses Have Built-In TV

Man Stung By Scorpion At Airport Check-In Counter

Has anyone ever been to Cologne, MN?

Morans Capture Undefeated Family Feud Championship

Fred Phelps daughter on Stern now

"Hotel Rwanda" Sounds Like It's Going to Be a Hell of a Movie

CNN breaking: More than 30% of Americans have prayed for matcom!

So I made my first trip to Costco a few days ago...

A Polarized Nation

I awoke to a beautiful sound this morning

Lets spell dirty words using the periodic table

I need some emergency information (for Ohio)

Campus Statue Replaced By Bird Bath - Statue Had A BARE BREAST!!!

Has anyone else gotten real trigger happy on the ignore button?

Which would make the cooler summer road trip?

Hello, grief bird.

Before I leave for work, here's a heartfelt message to right-wing lurkers.

This is a test.

Thank you from nearby the bottom of my heart to Nate and Chest for showing

Census Lists Renamed Lake As 'Butthead'

didja hear? kerry's a "bad Loser"

i reaLLy hate name-droppers

Dad Banned From Youth Hockey Games - Grabbed 8 Y.O. Around Neck

Parents Take Blame For Child's Tardiness - Spend Detention With Her

Spamming Phillies Fan Headed To Prison - Clogged Team's Computers

15,000 Brits complain BEFORE BBC shows Jerry Springer the Opera

How do I get to the updated DU Gallery????


Julia Roberts buys 32 acres of land in Taos NM from Rumsfeld

What if they went to inaugurate Bush, but the machine printed out "Kerry"?

Favorite version of "Lay Lady Lay?"

Hooker Turned Customer In To Police After Seeing Kiddie Porn In His Home

Verne Troyer ("Mini-Me") gets naked and drunk on "Surreal Life" set

Funnies? People like to dress up in Three Stooges costumes & have sex?

Nibbler game?

Furries? People like to dress up in furry character costumes & have sex?

Sniffies? People who like to dress up as sniffa and have sex?

Skivvies, people who like to dress up in underwear and have sex

Millies! People who like to dress up like MissMillie and have sex

WTF why did my copycat dress up thread get locked

I propose a new group : the Yellow Ribbon Group


Dillies - Bill O'Reilly

Today is Fuck You Friday

I am SOOO into YOU...I can't think of nuthin' else....

Lockies? Threads that like to dress up like other threads and get locked?

Who watched the "chicken show" on PBS last night?

There's enough locks in the lounge to open a storage company n/t

Jackies? Lumberjacks who dress in women's clothing

Favorite PE Song

"Bevis" Lake Misnamed "Butthead" Lake In Census Bureau Records

Who watched Wickedly Perfect last night?

Bevis Lake Renamed "Butthead" Lake in Census Bureau Records

Hey Southern California

Just call me poster #13

I'm on the 4th day of a Chemical Peel - Ask me how much it itches!

Honk If You Love Halitosis!

Honk if you love Haliburton....oh never mind!

Funkadelic Appreciation Thread

i'm so proud by proxy

There's something seductive about me when I shoot crap

Use "isthmus" in a sentence

Mah Dingaling, Mah Dingaling

Why does the DU Spellchecker flag "Repuke"? Mods, please

Nearly famous has "near-death experience" with mattress

Honk If You Love Jalapenos!

Don't mind me I have nothing to talk about .

Check out my "George & tort reform" cartoon

Just got an e-mail from my brother (deployed)

Is it possible to pull a chest muscle?

Aw phook

Is anyone familiar with the haunted house at 50 Berkeley Square in London?

Check in, blues fans! Mojo Magazine's "Roots of..." CDs. How great?

MaddyMcCall, XanaDUer, Pres2032 have all won the lounge MOH

What are you having for breakfast?

Bite Me!

No, goddammit, I don't want to play online casino games...

Hey...Who won DU's Fantasy Football League??

Death Challenged me to a game and I beat him back.,.. For now...

Well, that was quite a hell night

I am addicted to literary blogs. I have stuck one little pinky toe in the

Worst Album you Purchased in 2004.

Honk if you love rocket propelled farts!

[View all] [View all] [View all] [View all] [View all] [View all]

Would it be so terrible?

Can you say....

Here's a question for you runners out there...

Here kitty kitty

Do you believe in EVP?

So are those little things moving around in my old box of pancake mix...

The "Grrrrrrrr...Uncle, Uncle!" CAPTION

the FR quote of the year: US should give money to halliburton, not Tsunami

Who here has ever been crapped on by a bird?

I guess I'll go to work

A Polarized Nation-What do you think?

Will JVS be raised from the dead?

Merry Christmas Russia - January 7

Do you believe in EVA?

Brain Transplant Fees are Subject to Change without Notice

favorite P.E. song?

Would you say that a $5 digital thermometer would be accurate?

DU Astrologers, when does official AGE OF AQUARIUS begin?>

Bush** speaks out on Asian tragedy

Techies -- what do yu think of this use anywhere wifi-/vonage phone?

In honor of underpants's recent success at lifestyle improvement,

Does anyone know how to reduce the size of a pdf file?

Do you believe in EVITA?

That's my girl - eyes front punk!


So what's the deal with SRS?

"Fearless Leader"/Schumaker

BTBM's music picks: Sunn O))) and Jello Biafra and the Melvins

Did anyone see "The natural history of chickens" last night on PBS?

The Bedford Incident

I feel so guilty. I killed Placebos build a word thread

OK, seriously - Snowflakes the size of sheets of paper


Is a pot-belly really that bad?

meat curtains

Do you believe meth manatees bring siezures to family, friends?

The "Waxing Philosophical" CAPTION

what is everyone currently breeding?

It's official-I have nothing left to say

Oi!! Who's been drinking my vodka??

I got ANOTHER Capital One application in the mail today!

No one gave me a 2005 calendar for Christmas this year!

Three sniffa threads that I know of

Worst cover of a classic song

I wish I could remember it was 2005!

Ever seen the Harlem Globetrotters?

[67 Replies]

how many sniffa threads in a day?

A game: The owner of a user/screen name is gone, but you have to

Watch the first 5 minutes of crappy exposition in "Elektra"

how do you feel about dead people?

Hooray, Hallmark Saturday Afternoons: The Westerns Are Back!

HOLY SHIT!!!! I died last night!!!!

Otto Kleeb-discuss


Suggestions for best route to take from DC to Hartford?

You all are Kleeblovers

You are all Kleeblowers.

What do you use as your browser home page?

Help! I'm Addicted To...

Who is this guy Sniffa people keep talking about?

Viewer Vomits - Sues "Fear Factor"

Do you consider yourself good looking in Underoos?

Hey! YOU! Pull my finger!

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand caused the Tsunamis.

The plight of the Kleebs!

Does Jenna Bush want Kid Rock's balls in her mouth?

First Graders Caught Trying To Have Sex At School

I was just investigated by the billing dept. of NICOR natural gas company

As the rhythm's designed to bounce

Ocean's 11 or Ocean's 12?

A friend of mine just got married on New Years...

She comes in colors ev'rywhere;

i feeL bad - i've been having an affair

who do you own?

Best album you bought in 2004

Any Blue Credit Card Companies?

Do you think you're funny?

It's Friday, ya bastids

Do you think you're sexy?

International Federation of Competitive Eating!

Actual Court Recordings

Skol Vikings, let's win this game!!!!

I'm having minor chest pains...

Linux comes down with security flu

Public Enemy. Sheeeeit. "Fight the Power" = Isley Brothers, baby!

The "Deja Vu All Over Again" CAPTION

A Queen beats some starlet any day in my book

WalMart employee greets with semi-nude photo - Fired

Kleeb's got a BAND!

It's raining Cats & Dogs in So. Cal!!!!!!

Do you think Lindsay Lohan would make a good Veep candidate?

God Hates Rags

Lindsay Lohan will be the next Meryl Streep!

I just cut my head off...

At this moment, my job requires that I download pics of Biko's Case.

Chinese men hiring girlfriends to stop family nagging

Um......YeAH.....what's say we all welcome Bill Lumbergh to the Lounge


Anybody familiar with

Anyone up for some "Lounge vs. GD" football?

Lounge 101: If you don't want something posted ad nauseam in the Lounge

banana hammock

Soapbox! Soapbox! Get ya Soapbox here!

****BREAKING***** Lindsay Lohan engaged to Woody Allen!

I just spontaneously combusted (minor) should I....

How many Lindsay Lohan threads constitute TOO MANY Lindsay Lohan threads?

choking the chicken

Crazy Horses

Hold me! I've ventured out of the safety of the Lounge

!CONTEST!-Toughest name to have in 2005

Oh my god! Freepers are obsessed with me!

sniffa Loves Lindsay Lohan

When a copycat thread dies

Post your end of the week random thoughts and summaries here

Abortions are the sacraments of the left: from FR

Kookie Did It Tsunami Theory

I'm going to beach myself tonight!

31 years ago tomorrow, a DU legend was born.

Dad's going to India - to an area that was hit, but not too hard

It's just Reptilicus!

Phishers catch out Firefox

Job Interview

Do you think you are funny looking?

Chris Guest movies

Pol Won't Be Charged For Kevorkian 'Joke'

Enough with Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsey Lohan should sing Pink Floyd tunes

Forget Lindsay Lohan...what about Lindsay Wagner?

Wonder when Fox news will

Y'know..the more I think about the Kid Rock playing the inauguration thing

Muscatine, Iowa Wal-Mart cans 65-yr-old greeter

It's just rediculous

Worst Lindsay ever

Lindsay Nelson vs Lindsey Nelson

Freeper wisdom of the day:

I LOVE Midwest Airlines

*This* Lindsay will kick any other Lindsay's ass...

So, I'm Playing With The Dog, And . . .

Question for computer hardware experts

Britney Spears Was Lindsay Lohan

Wow so many Lindsay threads...

Burn 'em! Burn the witches!

Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Wagner. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm going to see Was (Not Was) tonight!!!

Right Wing class versus Free Speech-need DUers help

I LOVE Southwest Airlines

The temp. of the sun can reach 15 million degrees F.

Why does sniffa always capitalise L's and no other letter?

Five days without a cigarette! Ask me anything.

Watching a show on chimps on the Nat'l Geographic channel...

How about George Lindsey (Goober Pyle)?

Totally gross, but GUT-BUSTINGLY FUNNY story.

Lesser Known Celebrity Trials

At this moment, my job requires that I download pics of Neko Case.

Listening to R.E.M. Ask me anything.

Who has seen the new King Arthur? What did you think?

There was a white Harlem Globetrotter?

My new press photo

It is snowing in Las Vegas. Watching it come down now from my office

Some words of wisdom for us all - I bring you George

Five days without a Minaret! Ask me anything!

Forget Lindsay Lohan...what about Lindsay Buckingham?

What's the strangest thing you consistently say to other people?

Here's my take on recent holidays...and upcoming ones.

Former Country Music Singer Tries Poison

Brandon Routh has been selected as the next big-screen Superman

The snow has let up a bit...I'm dashing to the airport....Bora Bora

The "Good Shepherd" CAPTION

I suppose I have to see Office Space now...

Kleeb vs. Sniffa

Hey Fellas! Don't drink the Coffee!

This is lovable…

Should there be a 10,000 post limit?

We rapped a xhiu tune last night....

What's for supper? Comfort carbs, of course!

What's for supper? Comfort crabs, of course!

Where is Cyndee_Lou_Who?

We trapped a sow coon last night.


I was refused treatment by my doctor today


We got TIVO, and now my husband

Who is the worst wingnut "musician".

We trapped a Salchow last night!

What's the deal with catechism of women's bodies here?

Computer geeks - did my PC just die?

Forget Lindsay Lohan... what about Lindsey Graham?

I realize that when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, I have become an "enabler."

Do you consider yourself good looking, overall?

Nah, I broke up with her. She was jealous. Said I was stuck in 1982.

soliciting suggestions to replace my Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers

Weird Weather.

What /who is(are) your cat(s) reincarnations of?

I survived the Ice Cream!

I survived the Ice Storm!

What beer should I brew next? (brewers, please chime in!)


Do you own more books or CD's?

Microsoft Spyware Remover

Eeeekkkk-a whole Kleeb community!

Do you like throwing cheerleaders?

Stay home and eat all the freakin' chips, Kip.

about 150 people raised over $6,000 for Relief today

A repub coworker today shocked me...

Caption the uber-coward!!!

Need Help with Outlook

New T-shirt making its way to Norman, Oklahoma

Wouldn't you just LOVE to make Donald Trump cry?

Movies that suck that you like anyway?

I'm going to the Beach tonight!

Cats are incapable of fecal expulsion

In the oven now . . .

Costco rocks - and not only cause they're blue

A picture of my fat feral kitty visitor...

DU is full of homo's.

List of articles at MOVELEFT.COM, Jan. 7, 2005

One of my favorite movies is finally on DVD!

I can't stop watching Little House on the Prairie...

Do you consider yourself good looking in overalls?

How many times will I have to explain The Matrix to my mother?

Looking at at jobs.

I need to gain10-15 pounds. Any ideas?

Is wearing fur fashionable again?

Houston voted "fattest city in America" for the fourth year in a row!

Who is the hottest national politician, male and female?


"A Scanner Darkly"



What are your quirks?

Hi, I'm Scampy Honeynuts, what's your squirrel name?

You are all Kerrylovers

Damned senior delinquents!

Voter fraud! Voter fraud! Voter fraud!

Does "Chicken Fat" bring back horrible memories of gym class?

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey...all my friends are junkies

People are just damn rude.

Fred Phelps daughter on Stern now

My doggie is hoarding poop nuggets like they are tastey snacks!

Let us praise the iPod- for it is divinity in machine form

Just call me "Repo-woman".. What an adventure..

What the hell happened to Lindsay Lohan?

So, has anyone bought anything off an infomerical?

What would happen if everyone started posting Like Sniffa?

I Have Plantar Fasciitis-Ask Me Anything...

What do you think of Scott Petersons' co-creep Amber Frey

Question about ferral cats

Woke up quick at about noon - thought that I had to be in compton soon

Tea drinkers i have a question

GQ: Winter style guide for men. Oh yeah, and Lindsay Lohan on the cover.

After a full month of working out-running, ~200 situps a day, pushups...

Cats are incapable of facial expression. >

Cats are incapable of facial expressions?

Chargers or Jets?

I got this Ration Pack from my brother as late Christmas Gift

Hey comedy pros and fans!

seriously freaked! my house was just rocked by something!

What's the deal with criticism of women's bodies here?

Kooky tsunami conspiracy theory

If this music video doesn't raise your consciousness, nothing will!


Former Poison Singer Tries Country Music

Sins of the Fathers

Can you be physically attracted to someone when you know

SUV drivers -> Eat this!

I'm Moving to Maui !!!

can someone help clarify glycerine?

Anyone listen to Gary Null?

Singer James Brown Sued for Alleged 1988 Rape

'Star Wars' Sequel Violates Actor's Union Rules

Link to an interesting and wise blog on Jesus' teachings:

Conscientious Objection

Speaking in tongues

"Is Religion Losing its Grip?"

More trouble for atheism?

What does Second Hand Solvent Exposure Look Like?

Sri Lankan Gay Group Provides Disaster Relief

Nepal's Gays Find New Voice

Gay Attacks In Media Rise

Appearing on Christian sites

Judge limits involvement of antigay groups in Georgia marriage ban case

Did anyone see the new show on NBC - The Medium

Oklahoma commisioner seeks to repeal pro-gay law

I don't get it. What is The Onion trying to say with this article?

Come on, homos!

Detroit Pistons set a dubious record

Anyone hear about Ben Rothlisberger's new squeeze?

the greed of baseball: Mientkiewicz ransoming Series ball

Vijay is at it again

My daughter wants a kitten

Help Help! Cat with possible kidney stones....

Hi DU pet lovers!! babies!!

Pack dynamics.

need some help here

Has The Age Of Aquarius Arrived ? - really interesting article

Feng Shui: Where to hang a crystal

Malignant Egophrenia -- BEST psychological profile of Bush yet

Card of the Day: The Tower

Michael Lutin: the first quarter of 2005

For Astrologers - chart of the Tsunami

Fun quotes from Penn and Teller


Anyone here a teacher in Texas? Or know one?

Vektor? TayTay? Seito? Angrydem? Anyone in the LLL?

Ok you all have to keep me out of GD for good

Slow night eh? I want a big night

self delete

Listened to the election debate on CSPAN last night

We're all perptual losers!, read inside its such bs

Good article

Kerry visits Mosul

I almost answered a naysayer, but stopped

The November 11 interview in Newsweek--introspection

With friends like you, who needs SBV liars?

Lefty freepers (Thanks, WildEyedLiberal!)

I'm hoping to get some feedback from you all. In the last couple of

Question for TRUE Kerry supporters only?

Don't buy the show of questions. The proof is in the filibuster

Are there any who are dividing/destroying our country like the Busholinis?

US doctors accused over Guant‡namo abuse

Kerry likes nobody

No one likes lamp

Redraft Clark 2008

Nobody likes Kerry

Good LTTE in the Chicago SunTimes on Thursday.

I Was Out of Town on Business Today (Jan 6th) and........

According to Gonzales, all people in new countries can be tortured.

The real test is going to see how many

Building the perfect Beast

CBS, NBC, ABC news coverage of Presidential certification

Jeffords 2006

Would you approve of Democrats voting down party lines?

Did the networks cover the electoral challenge?

Atheist / Humanists organizing on un-precedented scale

Biden to Gonzales: "I love you, but you're not very candid so far." WTF?

Something else no one in the entire world believes...except the bushbots.

political scientists please check in (local election issue)

The "real" reason NYTimes and FOX are dissing DU.....

So, freshman Sen. Ken Salazer said that Gonzalez was

Who was the House Repuke who kept bashing Michael Moore?

TX terror funds going towards lawn mower drag racing!

Bob Fertik of congratuates folks on getting a Debate

Profits over People as usual: Chimp goes back to Asbestos Lawsuits

Dayton says Congress is being deceived

Today's (semi-facetious) kooky conspiracy theory du jour

Do Dems want to win?

Just got on a RW talkshow discussing privatizing SS

What I learned from just peeking into GD today...

From Virginia: Have a miscarriage, go to jail?

Am I the only one noticing How only Dems got interrupted and told

When writing to Republicans, sound like a Republican

Bush's approval rating at a 50-year low

Opportunity for framing: Yesterday's challenge & '64 Miss. murder arrest

If Washington GOP sues for re-vote, and wins, we get to re-vote OHIO

Charlie Cook is saying 06 Senate has only 3 GOP at risk, but 6 DEM at risk

The history-making event in Congress yesterday was merely a minor blip in

Jazz Funeral For Democracy in New Orleans January 20

How many Dems ended up voting NO yesterday?

Ewwww! I got a "Thank You" letter from GWB

Seems to me

How will SS Privatization affect my SSI benefits?

"it was a mistake not to object four years ago."

Place your bets: Which dems will vote to confirm Gonzales?

Cuyahoga GOP Chairman to step down to run for State office -

Right wingnut propaganda machine--renewed interest in Dean

General Thoughts, Things to Keep in Mind, Long Term Strategy

Hastert promotes Linder, advances mutual National Sales Tax agenda

"Stand Up Democrats" site: submit ideas & vote for DNC chair - the Diverse Media blog

Snow: National Sales Tax still not ruled out: "everything is on the table"

Everybody get out their kleenex - Poor Jebbie has lost $$ being Gov

Cleveland Plain Dealer about to dump columnist, wife of Dem. U.S. Cong-

Don't let ANY Republican push you out of YOUR country.

Shaw Group CEO seeks Demo post - (state Dem Chair Louisiana)

White House paid commentator to promote NCLB

Ted Kennedy,Byrd, Feingold and Durbin are all NeoCon Stooges

Congressional ethics rules are too stringent!?

say what??? (my local paper)

The Regressive Party

Republican Political Insanity

The importance of the 2006 midterm elections. The truth will be shown.

Bush tallking on CNN--about freedom, democracy etc.

The Other Shoe Drops re ethics and Tom Delay

Gonzales, and challenging the Ohio vote. What are the senate Dems doing?

Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of "Loony Leftists"

armstrong jones and YOUR TAXPAYER money

Tucker Carlson sacked by CNN

What's going to happen when the 60% of bush supporters learn the truth?

Bush's USSR-style, criminal "moral values"

Who is in favor or mounting a campaign against Hillary in 2006?

DeLay said the Democratic party is all but dead, & by the sounds of you,

Black Point Man for the Right: Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.

Dem Issues/Dem Personalities; which are you more concerned about?

What is so GREAT about Wesley Clark?

When Gonzales is confirmed as attorney general, exactly what

I think we are tired of the double talk and lies ro..

Bush plans to limit liability in asbestos cases

How about a Boxer-Tubbs ticket?

Can you give me some input on selling election reform??

Buzzwords and bows: Single, cohesive voices w/ style

Staples pulls ads from Sinclair


The Wafting Scent of an On Coming Political Defeat

Help a local Twin Cities blog to compete with Time's Blog of the Year

Head out of sand: a cold hard look at the facts.

Please support Re Boxer's Challenge

Better Democracy To Be Had In The Ex-Soviet Union

In order for the US to beat THEM...we must become them....

Time to take a stand for God (pukes)

UN pushing for one world order (double pukes)

Did Biden REALLY say these things to Gonzales?

Why did the Bush Administration invade Iraq again?

New Frame: John Snow is pushing the Social Security Debacle

AP Poll: Americans Ambivalent About Bush

Ohio (R) writes letter to Runner's World about John Edwards

Which Bumpersticker Reference to Bush?

Armstrong Williams on CNN now. n/t

"The people will believe a big lie, but not a small lie." - Adolf Hitler

ACLU Complete Report on Alberto Gonzales submitted to congress

Please DU this poll

We need to act like Republicans if we're going to win.

Join the Boxer Rebellion

This email from, says it all!

MUST SEE!: A Perfect Circle Video

Do not give up! GET NASTY

Only real solution: a new, progressive party, not tied to corporate money

political scientist please check in (national issue)

Sinclair threatens to sue Media Matters, including their e-mail list

Which DNC candidate spoke out against vote machine fraud yesterday?

China to buy Union Oil of California

Bush and Repubs to push catfood as a healthy alternative for seniors

Hillary Clinton led Jesse Jackson to believe she would vote YES according

O'Reilly accepts Media Matters' "Misinformer of the Year" award

Has U.S. threatened to vaporize Mecca?

Worse Than Fiction (IOKIYAR)

Want to support Senator Boxer?

"Too Nice For Our Own Good" or "We Are All Torturers Now"

I like Kerry.

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