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Archives: May 17, 2005

Cheese has nothing to do with it (Heather Mallick column)

Juan Cole: Guantanamo Controversies - The Bible and the Koran

An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton

Marathon Filibusters a Thing of the Past

James Wolcott: Permanent war for permanent fuckwits

Alien American Dream Changes the Earth as Some of Us Awaken

Hitchens: History and Mystery (NYT calls jihadists "insurgents")

Bill Moyers Fights Back (Thought I'd honor Bill for my 1000th post!)

Colorado Springs is the "New Nuremberg" for The Religious Right (pre 1945)

Nuclear campaigners elect 'mayor' (UK)

Is MoveOn still planning a tv show?

ZNet: (Salim Lamrani): The Reporters Without Borders Fraud

Report: NY Times to charge for online access to Op Ed

Since when is Newsweek a publication of record?

Greenpeace target Land Rover in climate protest (UK)

Bush endorses biodiesel and ethanol.

Zionism vs. Intellectual Freedoms on American College Campuses

What if Hamas wins the election in Palestine?

Has USCOUNTVOTES responded/made a statement re: ESI?

Is the threat of an Anthrax letter the reason for MSM silence?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Tuesday

ALERT! reluctant Bush responder scam "invented" by Mitofsky in 2000!

Flooding closes Yosemite Valley to traffic

Dennis Kucinich scheduled to visit Iowa...

Mass-related post more suitable to the lounge.....

We shut down 4th street and 3rd Ave in Minneapolis today

The secret way to war - good summary of memo and lead-up to war

Olbermann covering Blair memo: MSRNC NOW! (nt)

The timing of this Newsweek "incident" vis-a-vis US coverage of

Hardliners reject Koran apology

How many did China slaughter at Tiananmen Square?

nobody else on the planet believes the BS, why are they spinning so hard

Isn't this great...just on MSNBC

Ken Starr on Abrams - MSRNC

The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War

Program Gives Kids Intense View of Slavery

This used to be a death wish

Why are Republicans such whiny bitches?

"No attacks on US soil since September 11th", eh?

Was Newsweek set up?

NYT to charge to read op-eds

KKKarl Rove meets the Supremes!


Penn. papers not sure if they should report on Repug choking his girlfriend

My GOP Rep advocated for renewable energy (another talked Peak Oil!)

Antsy Editors, take 2

Rush Limbaugh, you sactimonious pig!

Do you think the "shit is going to hit the fan"?

Did I hear this right? (Louise Slaughter on KO)

nice to see a CEO downsizing

IT'S GONNA' BE HOT www dot eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch dot com

Dave Chapelle not crazy or on drugs, thank goodness.

"Congress predicts $9 billion taken from Social Security"

Why did "they" attack us? Its not what Bushco do, its the LIBERAL media.

Bush FDA advisor/Womens Health is a rapist wife abuser.

Maybe when 10,000 American troops die, people will pay attention.

I saw a headline today about bush attending a service for the fallen

The dam has all but busted.......

Was Scarborough ever a suspect for the death of Lori Klausutis?

Question - Just who got killed in the Afghanistan riots?

The Bilderbergers arrive.

Ajai Raj faces a justice of the peace on Friday. Where's the ACLU?


Is anyone watching Hercules?

State department propaganda front exposed

Wasserman - Victims of liberial media bias

Oliver North on Fox now--troop reaction to Newsweek article

The end is near .... a contrarian view

"This is how liberty dies -- with thunderous applause."

Roscoe Bartlett (R)-MD discussing Peak Oil on Cspan!

Yahoo: Then they came for the children

Fox Alan Colmes actually talking of Bush-Blair memo-now.

Did anybody notice the trailer

Howard Zinn: The Scourge of Nationalism

Hey, ann coulter: "How do you feel about marriages where the man...

MOYERS: Radical Repukes Loathe Truth

Charlie Rose 5/16: Newsweek affair, Roger Cohen, & Arianna Huffington

Hardliners reject Koran apology

Yahoo Message Board Wingnut Quote Of The Month:

Bush to speak at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast 5/20/05


Folks, please don't give into cynicism and despair

Question dealing with Bush/United Nation's

The spraypaint "IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!" campaign: Now there's a clique

The Real Catastrophe

Best MSM TV Report on Newsweek's Retraction: Countdown at 12.....

Negotiated Commitment vs. Inherited Obligation.

So let me get this straight:

Come on People... I want the bushitler to see stars before I go to bed!

Why use placebo for cancer drug testing?

PNAC for those still not familiar with it.

Lou Dobbs poll on filibuster left hand side of page.

Shining some light into the "shadow government's" operations and lies.

Scotty wants Newsweek to spread the word how wonderful Bush is

I'm not sure what to think of this. (games kids in N. Korea play)

I'm just curious: Has any gasbag on cable suggested Newsweek was right?

OPERATION: BACKFIRE-make the Newsweek story backfire on the WhiteHouse

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Group Therapy

Newsweek (and media's) problem: Too timid

My take on the Newsweek flack - "anonymous sources"

Invite from DU to Marge on Malloy! Get that computer!

Bill Moyers speech is re-playing on c-span2


What happened to the Gannon/Guckert/Gosch story?

Legalization of Gay Marriage Celebrates Anniversary (HAPPY MAY 17th!)

Who wants to replace with our own "free" site?

Nightline doing Newsweek.

BushCo is planning something big

Heads Up! Olbermann to talk about 'The Blair Memo' Next!

Why did the neoCON, corporacrat imperialists ATTACK Newsweek?

Does anyone else start to feel sick when they think about the War in Iraq?

If you don't have the Grovelbot Avatar, you are NOT cool!

Olbermann: Memo shows "Fixed Intel" and "pre-war plots" - (VIDEO)

NUL Pres. Morial Criticizes Vincente Fox re African American Workers

Olbermann: an honest report on the Newsweek retraction - (VIDEO)

United Employees Prepare To Strike...Bad News

NYT: Research Finds a High Rate of Expulsions in Preschool

Global Warming AD Ran In Todays Washington Post-Check It Out

THE strategy that we need to adopt for 2006, and especially 2008-

White House ADMITS to War Crimes at Gitmo!!!

To be hopeful in bad times .........

Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

New idea for a magnetic car ribbon.

Without Media Reform, the Bush Thugs Will Stay in Power. It's That Simple.

Olbermann's blog calls for Scott McClellan's resignation

Treason... n/t

IDEA: After-school Constitution Study classes

Parents who bring their kids into the smoking section at restaurants

Wellbutrin treats Depression with NO sexual side effects, but...

Anyone know of a free IP address tracking program?

Talk about hypocrisy, the Bush White House is outraged over

Chimp's approval rating down to 43% !!!

Massive Disinformation...Can I Get an Amen?

Its a shame when the President of Mexico reaches out to US Civil Rights. .

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday May 17

Importance Of Downing St Memo Lies In Fact THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN

From this day on, every single news story printed about this war

Newsweek and the Bushco. News Media ENDGAME STRATEGY

Adjusted for inflation, Project Apollo (moon landings) cost $143 billion.

Is it just me, or does this feel like a tide that's turning?

Stories of Korans tossed into Gitmo toilets as early as **March 2003**

Did anyone see Chris Mathews yesterday...OMG

Apology, why? Why would Bu$h ever apologize?

Fund drive for ONE billboard re: Downing Street Memo ??????

Genoise: a rant

Canadian teens triumph at world-class science fair

proof that I am too unbalanced to be allowed near a polling station

Queens Speech: Legislation to make it criminal to glorify/condone Terror

Queens speech: Compulsory Biometric Identity Cards and Citizens databse

Prosecutor in Detroit Terror Case Quits

S.Africa to charge 64 under anti-mercenary law

Coach Beaten Unconscious In Fight During Girls Rugby Match In N California

Rice: U.S. to Put More Pressure on Syria

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized

The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces

FBI questions four reporters in AIPAC case

Rove Guided Career of Judicial Nominee in Filibuster Fight

White House refutes UK Iraq memo

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals' (Guardian)

Iran sanctions no sure bet in UN Security Council

US approves Iraq trade by man named as Galloway middleman

U.N. head urges grads to work for "larger freedom" around globe

U.S. Places Large Bet On Pipeline

WP: Fight Is On at the Grass Roots ("The war room is ready for battle")

NYT: Iraq Government Calls for an End to Mosque Raids

NYT: Harvard Will Spend $50 Million to Make Faculty More Diverse

Group Loses Bid for More Westar Data (DeLay contribution)

NYT: A.F.L.-C.I.O. Is Urged to Oust Its Leader

UPI: Kansans Seek To Ban Atwood Story

Anti-aircraft fire blamed for Iraq plane downing: report (RAF C-130)

45 in police face charges of abuse of protesters (G-8 Italy 2001)

US court rules for UN on papers in oil, food probe

Army Charges 3 More Soldiers With Assault at Afghanistan Detention Facility

Castro Wages Campaign to Demand U.S. Arrest Suspect in Airliner Bombing

ACLU Launches National Gay Marriage Campaign

U.S. Long Had Memo on Handling of Koran

Minister: Ecuador to review oil contracts

WP: Wal-Mart Drops Plan for Side-by-Side Calvert, MD, Stores

Army secretary Harvey: Families will move from Europe to U.S. together

Civilians bear brunt as two-week toll nears 500

Report: North Korea asks China to arrange Rice visit-report

Maryland Inmate Dies After Fight With Guards

Arnold Directs Staff to Prepare for Sp. Election Campaign(targets unions)

Mexico's Fox Apologizes for Black Comment (Sherpton ,Jackson to visit)

Middle School Girl gets detention for... (gasp) HUGGING!!

Landless Peasants Head to Brazil's Capital

Chavez Promises New Education Model to Combat Imperialist Values

Reservist found guilty of Abu Ghraib abuses

WP: ACLU Sues HHS Over Abstinence Aid (vehicle for Christian conversion)

WP: Two Fronts in the War on Poverty

The song "White Flag" by Dido



What's your opinion of the Star Wars Special Edition?

Tink...Tink...Tink... Ladies and Gents may I have your attention...

Help Me. I have to confess a terrible thing. I watched My Children

WTF moment from GD--Can someone explain this logic to the poor blonde?

Ringo/Nixon 2008: With a name like

Question for Lounge Cliques: Are you wearing any . . .

24 is coming on!

Trillian ROCKS

Friendly East Coast 24 reminder

If you have time to kill and want some belly-laughs

Have you been tapped by any cliques lately?

Back from the Outer Banks and I have one photo to share before


Cuidado: Vomito de Gato

Are there too many Veuve Clicquots in the lounge?

Click . . . click . . . click

new oasis cd

"I have a good mind to go home."

Case closed on the great condom cleanup caper.

Emergency help needed

I have just discovered Iron City Beer

Speed Stick Now Available In Neapolitan

Oh man I may need to take a breather for a while

Finally got my star ask me anything about sex

Aurora pictures from the geomagnetic storm over the weekend

Army gets new recruiting slogan: "Clique of one"

24 is on RIGHT NOW!

Who wants to join my clique?

Hey, where'd the "Ok, the fun's over" post go?

Is anyone else having trouble with their Yahoo! email?

Clique is a french word...Just like John Kerry!

Saw a Bumpersticker on the back of an SUV with a "W" decal:

my pic!!!!

clique-free jokes for you..........especially cat lovers

can i join a clique?

Good poem I just got in my e-mail.

Which picture is best? (rated PG-13 for coolness)

Blockbuster or Netflix?

Are Lounge cliques the new Schiavo?

What if a kid named "Pedro" really does run for class President somewhere?

I'm feeling left out- who wants to join my clique?

So I changed the cats' food to Innova Evo from the lite Formula sucks!

RIP Jimmy Martin 1928 - 2005

Post here and I won't reply to you (nt)

it will hurt for 99cents...

Scarborough is a suck ass whiney little bitch

dont make any plans..........

I am totally weirded out by the CitiBank commercial with the family in the

Repug mediawhores and their bullshit pisses me off to no end

Help Me. I have to confess a terrible thing. I watch All My Children

AAR - Morning Sedition - What happened to the daily fax

This thread will be locked also

Dammit, I wish my roomate would at least warn me

so there's a burgler loose in my village

Quiz! Kid + antiobiotics + empty stomach = what?

Post in this thread and I will slap the sh*t out of you!

I'm no longer in prime drinking shape.

Amazing! A Republican talking about Peak Oil on CSPAN

The Batchelor...Is anybody watching this crap?

Threadjack this!

Come clean: admit your (TV) "trainwrecks" here!

I want a new click.

RAWWWWWWWWR!!! 3,000!!!!!

Shhhhh...I'm stalking Bok_Tukalo

Darth Vader and George Bush

24 - anyone else catch that little joke just now?

I need a new clique.

Sock it to me!

Screaming Lord Byron

This is the day I dreaded

Seems a wingnut board on the other side is preoccupied with the DU

Goodnight DU!

Itunes Party Shuffle

Oh thank the lord Tom Cruise has a new beard ....

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

What was the worst lie you told as a child?

The Funniest Show You've Never Seen ... YET. SEE IT TONIGHT!

I just renewed my donation...

Ebay's doing ten cent auctions tomorrow

Hey don't they give out more than one star any more? I want a bunch of

What would make the grooviest paper weight?

AARGH! I can't wait for Thursday! START THE MOVIE!

Devo Live DVD coming soon. Here's a preview.

Time for you to leave, Grasshopper.

pity me....

OMG I just came up with a new nickname for Bushie or *

was the Daily Show a re-run tonight?

What was you first job as an adult.

Mmmmmm... late dinner. *pic!!!!*

Website registrations?

I haven't watched this "The Bachelor" show....

I wish I had something interesting to post...

Dr. Belfry Sr. Has a Brain Tumor

I'm happy to see "dammit" used more often in the Lounge.

Is anyone here revved-up for the 2005 Electronics Entertainment Expo?


This year's Six Feet Under will be the final season of the show!!!

I have 12:01 AM tickets for the first viewing of Star Wars.

I've been surviving on caffeine all day today.

Cliquety-clack .... cliquety-clack.

Simpson Quote generator

A confession:

Got a call from the cabbie's I worked with

Well I'll be damned. Not one damn grape in my Grape Nuts!

Godfather 3. An undeserved bad rap, or Sofia's acting REALLY sucked?

Anyone eaten at Wendy's since the chili scandal started?

What kind of keychain do you carry?

i didn't know they grind up cremains.....

Popular shows (movies) you have NEVER seen..

I'm frying liver tonight...

A question for all the old computer fogies

Any "All My Children" watchers here?

I never really took to "Star Wars"

Coming home from a wake tonight

Star Wars Characters Kick Star Trek Butt

Star Trek Characters Kick Star Wars Butt

Cholesterol 900 plus

The time Wolfman Jack, THE Wolfman Jack cleaned my gutters


24 is over. What did you think of it? Why Atlanta?

Court rules woman isn't liable for injuring boyfriend during sex

Is there an addiction/recovery group on DU

Coming Into Los Angeles

Clique-free Picture thread! Newbies most welcome

Regarding all this clique nonsense

Gearheads, were cars in the 40's and early 50's mostly stickshift? And if

Post here and I will give you an appropriate smilie - like a nickname

The Great American Cuckoobananas Googlebomb has begun

explain this flood story much older then the Hebrew story of the flood...

A very precient article in Charlotte's LGBT paper

My auctions for PFLAG are going to be mentioned w/DU in Washington Blade

Interview with gay man who's against gay marriage.

padres are making mincemeat out of the nl east..

Ugh.. come the hell on, Mariners...

Ahm, I forgot about Gay Marriage at the Con, sorry

Wingnuts are stupid

Is Elshiva in here?

Even when McCain is doing something good

Some seagulls, NOT pigeons...

KOEB monday the 16th

Whoa KOEB heads-up.

Did anyone else see Charles Pickering (Picklefinger) on

Army to suspend recruiting for one day

RE: Newsweek - We don't know what we don't know

Two points on the Newsweek story

Reid was right, Bush is a LOSER!!!

Shocking and Awful: Erasing Memory: The Cultural Destruction of Iraq .....

Countdown chatting of Koran story and Downing street memo now

We need Boxer on the Memo - Phone Protest!

Let's all email Louise Slaughter

I'm fuming mad tonight about the "presence" of the Democrats...

"The party of No" embrace it!

Is Newsweek to be a scapegoat for the Afghanistan insurgency?

Olbermann: Memo shows "Fixed Intel" and "pre-war plots" - (VIDEO)

Early Prediction Time: Who Will Be On C-Span For RW Friday This Week?

and once we've become the "junior badass" party,

Is the 'nuclear option' going to happen in the next day or two?

Olbermann: an honest report on the Newsweek retraction - (VIDEO)

is anyone watching Scarborough...?

Why would Newsweek apologize? FOR WHAT?!?

Demand "sr admin official" clarify the facts of Koran desecration.

An email to CNN, demanding Novak's removal

Shrub's 2006 budget: 300,000 may lose food stamps

How Orwellian is "retracting" a news story because it caused problems for

Is the Downing St "memo" and the Newsweek story connected???

Why is Janice Brown even up for consideration?

Zionism vs. Intellectual Freedoms on American College Campuses

Who's domestic policies were worse? (Reagan vs Bush)

War profiteers: Ongoing Investigations Into Haliburton as of April 2005

HOLD EVERYTHING! Stop The Presses! This "Retraction" is 100% SPIN!

For all who cannot afford health insurance you should be glad to know

Dems seek new tough-guy image - The Hill 5/17/05

The British fought the terrorists of the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya

Time for Operation: Backfire-make the Newsweek story backfire on WH

Greenspan:'Be honest.' Does this advice apply to himself, or to his likely

Bush Bolton Agenda (good read)

IDEA: After-school Constitution study classes

Keith Olbermann calls for little Scotty McClellan's resignation

Fund drive for ONE billboard re: Downing Street Memo ??????

Slaughter in Uzbekistan

U.S. misreading China's stand on North Korea

Marine-led campaign killed friends and foes, Iraqi leaders say -KRN

Orange County register: Too many secrets

Reporter on Retracted Newsweek Article Put Monica on the Map Our Homes Destroyed By U.S. Firepower,

Flushing Credibility Down the Toilet - The Rude Pundit

Rightwing laments the victims of Newsweek's foul lies!

Here's my LTTE to the Boston Globe

Newsweek Got Gitmo Right

Selective Outrage (by WH="butterfly effect/newsweek effect")

Building a Theocracy: the Ohio Model (Ohio Restoration Project)

Home From Iraq, Journalist Urges Americans to Search for Truth

Lord help us all if a vote for Dems is a ticket to hell

Some good news. Gay marriage gaining acceptance in Massachusetts

James Wolcott: Empty Suit Politician (Coleman) Walks into Propellor

An Open Letter to the New York Times - Media Matters

Molly says, "Don't Blame Newsweek"

Today In History: Esperanto Outlawed by Nazis, 1935

Europe unites in hatred of French

Prospect of filibuster guides presidents who nominate judges (Excellent!)

"…John Bolton's job is to destroy the UN..."

Recycling anti-gay trash into a donation for PFLAG (Mentions DU!)crosspost

For meet-ups and rallies, wear one of these!

Is a Galloway video available? C-Span is acting like they did not tape

Why isn't O'Lielly calling for his own resignation over the Houston

Heads Up

Turning Around

Total of US personal incomes? and, are dividends inside GDP?

inflation and the yield curve

Bush's Biking an Effort in Effrontery

China's Boom Will Be The World's Environmental Headache

Melting Of Tibetan Glaciers Speeds Up - Reuters

Oil Spill Cleanup Funds Due To Evaporate By 2009 - AP

Citing 9/11, US Rejects Emission Tax Proposal For Airlines

Post-Kyoto Talks Open In Bonn With Huge Differences Between Blocs

Freak Blizzard/Sandstorm Kills 15 Members Of Chinese Oil Exploration Crew

Oceanic Dead Zones: How Bad?

Warner (R-VA) Alexander (R-TN) Propose Cuts To Wind Power Tax Credit

Storing Water In Underground Aquifers Becoming Hot SoCal Issue - LA Times

Study examines motives for office sabotage

9 Israelis in plot vs. mosque

BBC News - 'Superpower behind' Burma blasts

New details on the flight 93 hijacking-- does this make any sense?

Is there an annotated bibliography of writings re: election fraud/reform?


State election reformers: county-by-county list of voting systems

Voting Machine Rulemakers Poised to Violate Their Public Interest Mandate

rBr RIP: Rejected Biased Rationale

I need help. I can't find news articles related to Al Gore winning the

They're confident on the filibuster because they're stealing elections

do this every day

was anyone just listening to Morning Sedition????

15 minutes on VVPB before the Tennessee legislature: Here's what was said.

Former WSJ & NR editor & Reagan Asst. Treas.: IMPEACH BUSH!

Hey Exit Poll Geeks: In Mitofsky's Original Report...

DU Poll: How do you spend your time working for fair elections?

Anyone got updated election check stats on these late 37 OH counties?

Los Angeles Times (May 17): Gov. Readies Special Election

Progressive Democrats of San Diego monthly meeting

Iowa bankruptcy filings spike

Boston ACLU sues Silver Ring Thing / John Guest Evangelistic Team

apparently Coleman gets waxed by George Galloway this a.m. ....

Censorship--it can and is happening here

Sande DFL for SOS

Trying to decide between computers

Gay marriage ban hits stumbling block in Senate

HB2 / HB3: The men at Enron would be impressed.

Anorexic student denied valedictorian title

HELP for Julian Castro, Progressive Young Latino in SA Mayoral Runoff

A reminder to sign up to ask questions of Sen Reid

Leftist Latino set to become L.A. mayor -- vote today

It's official!!! Everything but everything is the fault of Newsweak!!!

Bernie Ward is loving that Isikoff is finally getting his ass filleted,

COOL Video: How to make Biodiesel

Rummy: People "need to be very careful about what they say."

Fran Lebowitz kicked ass Saturday night in St. Paul!

AP: Massachusetts acceptance for married gays GROWS

NASCAR fans' opinions of Bill Frist

"Neo-Nazis use computer spam to spread propaganda"

God I love Bill Moyers!

God Bless you Bill Moyers and Keith Olbermann

U.S. a Laughing Stock

Some hindsight on John Bolton's public statements and...

Int'l Space Station oxygen generator fails: "140 days of air on board"


If the go nuclear tomorrow---what is your opinion on what the Dem's should

What's in a name - (Nuclear/ Constitutional/ Byrd/ Majority Rules) Option

Where was Geroge? (new toon 5/17)

"Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed"

Americablogger Email Exchange with Fox's Colmes (Suggests He Quit)

Uzbek Ruler: New Saddam? ("US Ally Makes Saddam Look Like Choir Boy")


Guardian UK: "The White House is not America!"

"Downing Street War Memo Gains Traction in U.S. Press"

"Newsweek Urged to Do MORE to Repair Damage"

Britons allege they saw US guards desecrate Quran

Brutal murder of a homeless person in Berkeley. I'm so angry!

ANOTHER case of Hypocrisy from Focus on the Family and the FRC

Bush** standing on piles of skulls complaining about Newsweek!

Downing St. memo is a dead issue now.

AAR: Seems like they're trying to dilute it, it's too successful

Newsweek issue - The parallels with CBS are obvious

Lies by the Government...

Oh yes. It's coming. You can just feel it.

Newsweek: Sometimes, I don't understand you guys.

What they have stolen from us is our hope for the future.

A Faux blocker that you can buy at Target!!!!

From ACORN - Pass a Real Predatory Lending Law - HR 1182

"Forsake The Troops" Webmaster Beaten to Death

Whenever BushCo fall it's going to be hard and sudden

Olbermann Blasts McClellan and the White House! Must Read!!!

Sam Malone.....Poor family values, or political lynching?

Alert: Springer on AAR covering Newsweek Debacle

Pat Buchanan sees 'war' within conservatism

New Scientist: Biases Revealed in House of Reps

I went to FreeRepublic and

Antiwar webmaster asssasinated

Sing, damn you, SING! (Qu'ran at Gitmo)

Anti-gay group plans picket in Mass.

Things are not always as they seem...

u.s. liberal and the world team up

How do "hot" posts suddenly go "cold"?

Whoa! Hard-hitting journalism this morning -- NOT

Did Newsweek open the door to Gov't censorship of news?

Anybody watching/listening to C-Span's Washington Journal?

Radio Effing Disney?

Downing St, Memo - Chicago Trib - today!

Cancelled my Newsweek this morning...

Any suggestions on how to survive Bushonomics?

Ajai Raj faces a justice of the peace on Friday...

Can't use credit cards to buy tobacco online? (And other bullshit)

Newsweek Koran story has been reported before - nothing new.

Insurgents, belligerents, and jihadists...what's in a name?

Has the party of Tom Delay lost its way? - Red State.Org

HOLY SHIITE (This is actually the headline of the NY Post today)

2 Sunni clerics shot dead...taken away by men wearing Iraqi army uniforms

Earlier Allegations Guards Threw Koran in Toilet

Racial Disproportion Seen In Applying 'Kendra's Law'

HEADS UP! Harry Reid is on the Senate floor! Nuclear Option. n/t

Rep. Louise Slaughter: "We can hold our own hearings...

They are even talking about Newsweek on one of KC's local

"Walter Cronkite is a LIBERAL"

Our Senators are afraid it will harm our troops if we went to war on Lie..

""People need to be very careful about what they say..." Rumsfeld

Poor Michael Isikoff

Reality Check: Could a tiny item in Newsweek have caused Afghan rioting?

Amendment to Highway Bill Targets Public Transit, Environment

Is anyone signed up,,,,

right now on the History Channel,plot to kill Nixon crashing plane into WH

UK Guardian: US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'

Man Fired By Bud Distributor For Drinking Coors

It's time to crank it up a notch.. Impeach Bush .org calls for letters.

Australia soon to build world's largest Solar Tower

I wonder what the Fristians think of the fact that

I have some questions about Asia, Europe, and American Education...

Catholic church refuses to marry paraplegics????

The Evolution of Creationism

Bad Bad NewsWeek article is a PreSpin to invalidate upComming MEMOGATE!!

We need to hear from Ann Coulter on flushing the Koran

Afghan violence linked to Hizbut Tehrir (students behind protests)

Craig Crawford's new book.....

Venezuela Demands Bush Government Extradite Terrorist Bomber

"Spikey" Isikoff twisting in the wind! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

UN Perm. Forum on Indigenous Issues: Exhibit opening and reception

"Investigate Jerry Falwell for having sex with his mother."

White House says Newsweek Koran story has HURT America's Image

Galloway testifies -- Flight diverted to Bangor, Maine.

Guess what I'm hearing at the office today?

Why are we still talking about the Iraq war?

The 3 ways Newsweek fucked up

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues meets in NY

So when will Newsweek be receiving its Congressional Medal of Freedom?

At least Homer Simpson has the balls to say it: bush is Insane

Has the US insisted that the Muslim captives receive a Koran like they

WMD Intelligence Report

The Vegetarian Steakhouse, The Slippery Slope, and Wisconsin SB 155

Hamilton Mc Whorter re.Hillary Clinton

Wonkette asks: Why was Bush carrying "Charlotte Simmons?"

What about Enron, Levin...

Galloway hearings now on Faux, of all places!

Bush Protects Nation From Unidentified Bicyclist

another President show,ABC,fall(President Geena)


Galloway hearings audio are at this site.....

Newsweek did NOT say it didn't occur. Look at what they say

People who have been abused (persecuted) turn out to be abusers or

We need to send George Galloway roses!!

craig Crawfor on msnbc saying it is the politicians rhetoric--not necessar

Galloway for Prime minister

"Death Threats" a tried and true republican tactic

Lone protester still takes a stand for Terri Schiavo

Fidel Castro Leads Mass March Against Terrorism

has anyone ever been so tired

Documentary Spotlights Catholic Denial of Paraplegic Weddings

The "sensitive" insurgent/anti-American middle easterner.

On CNN right now


"People are dying! People are DEAD!" : Rummy spanking Newsweek

Galloway spins begins .. AP story posted

lawmakers want to make Newsweek "pay"--story on fox coming up. Also

By far the best Op/Ed I've read

the hell with them Iraqians, they attacked us, so screw their Quran!

Question with Galloway

That jet just made it's 3rd pass over my house on final approach.

I posted a comment abut a poll regarding the French in the Guardian.

Counterfeit badges pose ‘serious’ security risk--Russian arrested

Larry (asshole) Di Rita Live on C-Span2

Arnheim's unofficial economic indicators: Play along with me!

DU in Salon today

This should be required reading for every American right now

Canadian Federal Politics going psycho

It took 5 minutes for the Freepers to threaten Galloway with DEATH

Al Franken's new name for Novakula: Bob "No Sack"

Galloway v the US Senate/Blog

Line up behind me if you wanna have Galloway's baby!

The Sedition Act (lest we forget)

Is Myron Thompson an American?

WP Froomkin: "The Memo That Won't Quit" (It's getting some legs)


Galloway hearings ADJOURNED--Coleman just said he and

Carl Levin is not a Republican lickspittle

Move On or some other 527 should pay for a commercial of Galloway's

senate Dems news conference on cspan2 NOW -fillibuster

"Is new ‘Star Wars’ an anti-Bush flick?"

I just saw a TV commercial promoting the nomination of Priscilla Owens

Mr Galloway is this Century's Mr Welch

Why They Didn't See Galloway Coming

British Lawmaker Denies Oil-For-Food Claim

Three State Democratic Parties Demand End to Occupation of Iraq

Norm Coleman makes me physically ill.

If the Freepers threaten Galloway w. death, why can't the Left...

Our Constitution has been in the toilet since 2001

Full Galloway Testimony here

(Bay Area) radio station premieres fresh format: podcasting

Is it just me, or is...

San Fran interviewer drives through Red State Texas

Coming Sooner Than You Think - The Economic Tsunami

Save our country! Stop the PNAC now! Go here to find out how...

Letter rec'd from Editor of Arkansas Paper. Have to see to believe.

Why the whole Newsweek fiasco??

Will our "Wall of Fear" Ultimately Destroy Tourism?

Valero (petrol) ads on AAR

Pat Buchanan: Conservatives Have Lost Cultural War

NPR Selling the "Death By Newsweek" story

What Time is The Galloway Hearing Replay ?

Turn on CNN......George Galloway testifying on the Hill....WOW!!!

Help, I've looked but not very far. Is there a transcipt for Moyer's

U.S. Spreads Word on Newsweek Retraction

I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation

'Need an explanation' Thread II

Here's the Whipple Procedure survival rates for a Seattle Hospital.

It's a Bloody Shame that a Scot has the guts to confront G.O.P. assholes,

Hot off the presses!!!! PBS new broadcast schedule

Getting pissed over the Koran Story and Con OUTRAGE!!!

msnbc JUST ANNOUNCED...Who is G Galloway.....they are focusing on him

Today's nasty Downing Street memo LTTEs

Presidential Prayer Team

Anyone else see the tie between Chalabi and Galloway as cause to impeach?

Schools expel more (low-income/ non-English) pre-K students than K-12

I haven't posted about the Andy issue, but what about a "DU Crisis Fund"?

Grovelbot ate my avatar!!! n/t

Has anyone received a "Freedom Team Salute" packet from the Army?


Scotch the Bush Administration!

After seeing George Galloway take Norm Coleman to the woodshed

Newsweek retracts story on dinosaurs.

Is AAR down on the net?

So, every time the media reports how many militants were killed I get

FAIR Alert: CPB Turns to NPR as Latest "Bias" Target

So will the Galloway fireworks make the network nightly news?


Bill Moyers brilliant comment on American flag lapel pins (MUST READ)

Is CSpan showing the Galloway hearing and at what time?

Get the lastest on the nuclear option - Harry Reid's teleconference Wed am

WH: Newsweek must "do more" to make up for Issikoff story

Demonize, Disguise, Divert: Pinning The Blame On Newsweek

Fidel Castro and a million Cubans demand U.S. arrest accused bomber

I just saw the the most disgusting Army advert...

Does the word "protocols" actually mean "Dick Cheney's orders"?

"So where's all the freedom?"

George Galloway coming up on CNN

Bushists are OUTRAGED over Newsweek Story. Compare to Abu Ghraib

Let George Galloway

So where's George?

I wrote a letter to Kay Bailey Hutchison

The Lies That Kill .... Why Isn't George Bush On Trial?

How much does Daycare cost in your area?

Galloway rises to Senate challenge

The Bankruptcy Bill and doubling of credit card payments: a giant "margin

Sec. to Pope John Paul II was on the same oil for food list as Galloway

Fallen Brothers

Tell Harry Reid why the filibuster is important

Hannity on the Newsweek issue

How can we swamp the Dems with "See how it's done?" e-mails

Screw the Scots! I'm Drinking 'Freedom Whiskey' tonight!

Boston ACLU sues Silver Ring Thing / John Guest Evangelistic Team

Twin Towers II Design

Hubris: Mega Debtor * Tells His Main Lender (China) To Shape Up Or Else!

Forgeries -- a pattern suggesting a common source?

States working to block Real ID Act


Should the ignore feature be eliminated?

As * gets his rocks off by bombing the middle east back to the stone age,

got this short memo from nbc whom I had written a short memo about

I'm *still* mad as hell about Tiananmen Square!

POLL: Flushing the Q'ran down a toilet-- did it happen?

Air America stream?

Attention GOPers! If you support Bush so much, why are we behind

My father just called me an extremist

Have some fun as "anonymous"

"As long as you keep people angry and give them someone to blame...

So.... If A Flight's Final Destination Was *Actually* Bangor, Maine...

Do you know when there is a Terrror Alert? Don't be caught off guard

Just shaking my head...

Galloway question: Is there a transcript which shows what EVERYONE said,

UK Memo story is #1 Reader Rated story on Yahoo right now!

This Galloway video is awesome

For God Sakes, can't somebody drive to John Hopkins and investigate

My letter to Sen. Coleman

"senior Iragi officicals' says Colman--on Lou Dobbs NOW


Neo-Nazi E-Mail Spam Virus

From BBC News - 'Superpower behind' Burma blasts

The Galloway and Saddam meeting. So when is this going to

SHAME On Those Who Are DEMANDING I Should Walk In Lock Step's a start...."I voted for a Nazi fuck"

Foreign investors sell U.S. assets - HERE WE GO FOLKS

Now, Today: DU'ers Can Make A Big Difference Today With the Galloway Story

Edison Awarded 2 More Philadelphia Schools

Anyone get the feeling the MSM is trying to make Galloway crazy cackpot

Galloway, how can I smear thee.. Let me count the ways...

Keep your repuke hands off of Public Broadcasting and NPR

Air America's Majority Report

Galloway to senator: 'Show me the money' - CNN

FBI says diverted Alitalia flight was "false alarm"

Enlist for 15 months? Contradictory, isn't it?

360-Degree Panoramic View From The Top Of Mt. Everest

'Evil Twins' and 'Pharming'

Quick question: Why is the US Senate investigating a UN matter?


Whooooooooa Cnn Just showed film of Rumsfield shaking Sadams hand ......

One author of Newsweek story on As It Happens right now.

US soldier investigated for taunting a Muslim detainee with a Star of David

I voted today - this is how elections should be done

Fill in blank: Compared to Galloway, our Representatives are ___________.

Canada: Stronach crosses the floor, joins Liberal cabinet...

Jim Lampley nails another one!

Jerry Springer is very, very good! Sounds like what a good ol Democratic

AirAmerica: NewsSqueek article was sent to President for approval before

The Right Response to the Bush/Newsweek Story

What's Don King doing on the stage at a Republican Committee

No biz wonk I, but why don't stockholders force dimwits like Tilton

Will there be Republicans on YOUR jury? Would you mind?

I think it's time to say "Fuck Moderation."

Craig Crawford; A White House Corespondent Speaks Out

maybe, eventually, someone will stand up to these lying, murdering pigs

Malloy Show Needs Your Help

Still freaked out about Galloway kicking Coleman's ass today...


Who thinks Olberman will have Galloway on tonight?

"Two Fronts On The War On Poverty" Washington Post

Lickspittle, n.

Galloway vs. The US Senate: Download the full 47mins...

I could select a DU hero of the week, it would be Brit MP George Galloway

They're after your children.....again

Shout out to England.

The Senate must pass the 1993 Clinton economic stimulus package NOW

Any Americans know what is happening in Canada on Thrusday?

Can anyone recommend a good book on the rise of Hitler?

Another Bob Ney outrage~And I need the help of DUers.

Without discussing the actual topic, I would like to apologize.

If nothing else, Galloway demonstrated how beautiful English

The Constitution Restoration Act of 2005

Should the U.S. send Rice to North Korea?

from Paul Wellstone to Norm Coleman

Contributors to Andy's cause, watch out for fraudulent Paypal e-mails.

On a night like tonight

Did Newsweek do THIS?

A PACK OF LIES - Galloway on PBS Newshour now - 7:15 EDT >

Something good about insurance companies

Please help me locate info on the mental health law

Rate up Galloway story on Yahoo!

Galloway on Hardball live right NOW ........

Where are all the hippies?!!

An Open Letter To The Mainstream Media

cnn to chat with Gallaway and Levin NOW

Chicago DUers/WesWingers, Clark is coming this week! KEEP THIS KICKED

What Newsweek Could Have Said

State Dept. Asks Embassies to Get Out Word Bushists Cracked Down on NW

BBC, 20th March 2005: "Iraq, Tony and the Truth"

Mass. dad says he is in an "ultraliberal twighlight zone"

Note: RFK Sr special on tonight:

Why I don't have a problem with the Qur'an being thrown in a toilet

Full Galloway Hearing. 12MB. Real Media

Downing Street memo as a full page ad in the New York Times?

Trump to spearhead Twin Tower effort

Should I send this letter to Coleman? (almost final draft)

"if a Muslim Captor flushed the Bible, nothing would happen" Bullshit


Okay, once and for all. The Qur'an is NOT the equivalent of the Bible

How much for doctors visit to General Practitioner in your area?

TX: Feds not following $$ trail of Middle East crime family

Lou Dobbs is interviewing Rep Coleman (Brit Galloway ripped him a new one)

NBC & BBC MSNBC Video clip - Angry Galloway reads Senators the Riot Act

Anorexic student denied valedictorian title

Is your job/career consistent with your political beliefs and values?

If you have only one living son can he be drafted?

Anti-war, educational flyer

A look back - Falwell's Remarks Prompt Riots in India

Please, people, stop a moment, breathe deeply, and think

Personal Matters overtaking DU's Purpose.

I'm a healthcare attorney....

"Iraq's al Qaeda" calls DR. Condi the "Crusader's hag"

Poll: Do the American people really want the truth?

What kind of liberal/progressive do you see yourself as?

Galloway story on NBC Nightly News NOW! 6:49pm

Out the source, Newsweek!

E-mail Action Needed! Please send this e-mail to you favorite MSM source

Who here has called Bill frist's office today? re: nuclear option

This poll needs a little DU luv

Very, very chilling...

Galloway to Hitchens: you're a drink-soaked former-Trotskyite popinjay

Dems Throw it Down.....Pelosi today

Lagging Behind the Wealthy, Many Use Debt to Catch Up


I would like to start an addiction/recovery group on DU


Just some fun little pics I found online today!

N.C.: the state that hates women - especially brown women

what sort of insult to your religion would really get to you deeply?

USA Today: Reps. Abercrombie, Kucinich to introduce Iraq withdrawal

What will happen to Iran this summer?

General Myers said that the riots were about the political situation

Article on the current Cabal in Sudan. Read up and download

How they attempted to frame Galloway.

"Power of Nightmares" Cannes film better&scarrier than F 911 watch it here

have you been denied health insurance?

MSNBC: UK's Galloway blisters US policy on Iraq - (VIDEO and AUDIO)

Recipe Contest - Pasta Casserole - win $500!

Anyone ever tried spicy chocolates?

An old country recipe for Veal Breast-lots of work-but good.

Hmmm, not much on Belinda's website

How many times could you have voted today?

CTV is saying Stronach is moving over to the Liberals!

Brits: How can George Galloway be contacted?

Hell, have you seen Galloway's testimony in the US!?

NYT: Research Finds a High Rate of Expulsions in Preschool

Lawyers win right to seize Saudi assets

US activist banned from Singapore for political interference

Reuters: Insurgents Kill Four Iraqi Soldiers at Power Plant

North Korea asks China to arrange Rice visit-report

Brazil's Lula to Visit Japan Amid Bid for Security Council Seat

Prospect of filibuster guides presidents who nominate judges

Cuban militant denies role in airliner attack

Italian Aid Worker Abducted in Afghanistan

Rice: Syria isn't doing its part to stop terror

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals' (52% of kickbacks)

Feds to grant passing grades to more Florida schools

Antiwar webmaster asssasinated

Newsweek Retracts Quran Desecration Story

Arrests Follow Uprising At O'burg School (Ogdensburg, NY)

"Forsake The Troops" Webmaster Beaten to Death

Shiite, Sunni Clerics Shot Dead in Iraq

U.S. troops, insurgents clash in Mosul

US chastity ring funding attacked

Europe unites in hatred of French

Reuters: Rather and Mapes accept Peabody Awards

Afghan Police: Criminals Kidnapped Italian Aid Worker

Backers: We have stem cell votes - Bush veto expected

Uzbek opposition leader says 745 killed by troops (Mass grave)

Maybe Lefkow's story will teach lawmakers (Re: Tom DeLay threats)

China Opposes 4 Countries in UN Security Council Enlargement

9 Israelis in plot vs. mosque

Pakistan's Musharraf staying beyond 2007

CNN: Atlanta courthouse shootings defendant pleads not guilty

Latino bidding for history in L.A. mayor's race

Galloway up now

Atlanta courthouse shootings defendant pleads not guilty

British judge OKs sending terror suspect to U.S.

Iranian Diplomat in Iraq for Talks, as Rebels Battle U.S. Gunships

US soldier killed in roadside bomb attack (#1623)

British lawmaker in U.S. to deny Iraq payments

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'

Cubans March, Demand Arrest of Exile (US possibly harboring terrorist)

Blair Introduces National ID Card Plan

Kilpatrick's expenses exposed

Jet From Italy to Boston Diverted to Maine

Democrats tie BayOil to Iraq's purchase of bombs

Conservative Stronach joins Liberals

US soldier killed, another injured in Baghdad

At college commencement, Hersh describes U.S. soldiers as 'victims'

Refugees Put Uzbek Dead in Thousands

CHP Officers Shoot Suspected Drunken Driver In San Pedro

CBSNews: McCain will break ranks. Frist moves vote to next week.

Galloway Oil Claims 'Based on Forgery'

"Colombian Rebels Expanding Activities"

Wal-Mart to open 15 stores in China and export 18 bln usd of goods

Liquor chief calls for law against all wine shipments

Gates doubles health vow

Another Sign Inflation Is Back

Canada defection boosts coalition (Conservative defects to Liberals)

Uzbek authorities deny troops killed civilians

Jacksonville deputy suspended after using stun gun on girl

Bush administration calls on Newsweek to do more to repair damage from ret

Democrats accuse GOP of withholding documents in phone jamming

Coalition ready to support date palm spraying (Iraq Min. of Agriculture)

U.S. Senators Try to Head Off Showdown Over Judges

Fletcher aide up for court seat (Repubs packing KY courts)

Burundi-Rwanda: Asylum seekers intimidated to return home, UN agency says

Senate Ready to Defy Bush on Highway Bill


Showdown Over Filibusters Appears Imminent (AP)

Mafia's boss may dress as bishop

Stronach crosses the floor to become Liberal MP (Whoo Hoo!!)

NBC & BBC MSNBC Video clip - Angry Galloway reads Senators the Riot Act

Venezuela's Interior Minister Says US Must Extradite Cuban Militant

Toyota Investigating Complaints About Hybrid Prius Stalling for US Drivers

Jury: Oswald Sane During Infamous Crime Sprees

One author of Newsweek story on As It Happens right now.

Video clip of Galloway's entire hearing on BBC link - A must hear!

US approves Iraq trade by man named as Galloway middleman

Marine-led campaign killed friends and foes, Iraqi leaders say

Rev. Jackson: Shooting by cops was a hate crime

Preschool Kids Expelled Far More Often Than Older Students

Priest plans to admit guilt in child porn case

Al Qaida Hits out at Condi the "hag"

Two Army Officers Staged Mock Executions of Iraqi Prisoners

Laura Bush to Make Solo Middle East Trip

Three Islamic Clerics Killed in Baghdad

The 'Newsweek' Scandal: Harm and Hypocrisy

Iraqi Insurgent Sniper Training Manual found on website (Now with Link)

Marches On in Bolivia (Mesa signed the oil bill !!)

Fallujah Holds Its First City Council Meeting

Outlawed party says it won't attend Havana dissident assembly

U.S. Troops Clash With Militants in Mosul; Shiite, Sunni Clerics Shot Dead

Nixon Son-In-Law May Take on Sen. Clinton

Catholic Congressman Cancels Graduation Speech After Catholic Bishop Object

German intelligence says neo-Nazis gain ground.

Latest computer bug has right-wing tint (neo-Nazi)

Forget buying -- low-wage workers can barely afford rent (Seattle PI)

Vatican Cardinal Meets With Family Of Terri Schiavo

The Terrorist Posada Is In Custody!

Posada speaks out in Miami

U.S. removes ban on unfilled lighters

MSNBC Reporting ALITALIA FLIGHT diverted to Bangor ME

20 Iraqi Militants Killed in Mosul Clash

Warner slipped away to Germany (Bilderberg Meeting)

White House challenges UK Iraq memo

Lone protester still takes a stand for Terri Schiavo

Anti-Tax Group to Run Pro-DeLay Ads

Galloway: 'I'm the accuser, not the accused'

Biases revealed in US House of Representatives (Mathematical Proofs!)

Inmate wants execution delayed so he can donate liver to sister

N Korea 'in urgent need of food'

College ad to protest Bush visit

British lawmaker: GOP 'lynch mob' after me (LIVE ON TV)

Galloway vs. The US Senate: Transcript of Statement

WP:The Memo That Won't Quit -less a dud than a bomb with a long, slow fuse

I feel so androgynous.

I hate DU . . .

I Love DU......No If, Ands or Buts!

check your avatar!

I don't know what to think anymore

Why are we on Level 1?

the bush white house is currently stacking jars of

I apologize for the cryptocity today

Codger Quiz -- Are you over the hill?

So, who got me sick?

And now for a real insurance dilemma.

How adorable!

My phantom thread now has 848 replies

This Thread Does Not Have A Catchy Title


This thread sucks...

The nickname for * thread

I demand a redaction

The pen is mightier than the sword

Why I like Star Wars

The good news... I have pussy in my bed tonight.

That's My Bush is on Comedy Central

Life's not the French Riviera...

Must see this video: StoreWars! cute.

Get you CLICKer here.........

*Speaks in code sparking the new revolution* "John has a long mustache"

Gross. My kid's best friend is spending the night...

R U l337? D0 u r00l?

Padres come from behind again! Beat Braves 5-3. In 1st place now!

It buuuuuuuurns!

when will Jared's 15 minutes be up?

I'm going to bed!!!

My Osama Bin Laden limerick

For a change of pace Lawyer and Foreign Service officer jokes

Beware of Darkness


Photos of Piles.

the Beautiful side of Somewhere


How much do you love Anita Baker?

After posting here for nearly 2 years , let me introduce myself :)

I can't get into the archives.

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY antigone382!!!!!!!!

I wonder if the concept of a reverse guru

I swear the cops use our neighborhood to train new helicopter pilots...

Bush and Satan.

It's my birthday!

Just in case you were wondering... I still hate Republicans

Remember when Sargent Carter used to yell all of the time at Gomer Pyle?

Do I have a dirty mind or is this song about...

Where's George (toon 5/17)

What's wrong with this picture?

giant_robot wants you to post about yourself in the third person

Big melons.

Gonna do cardio for first time in months.. need advice

I will be away from DU w/ my Fundie parents till Sunday; please pray 4 me!

I'm tired

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.1 Update

"Your Deputy's name is Barney?"


I wish I were a mod so I could go Barney Fife on a freep I just found.

LORD, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?

Purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr PURR PURR

Heck even Mutts scores one with today's comic strip

Recording Industry Sues Father For Daughter's Music Downloads

If you woke up being a vampire, what would you do?

Fund drive for ONE billboard re: Downing Street Memo ??????

Little Scottie McClellan, or a blister on your ass that hurts when you sit

Rush Limbaugh, You Sanctimonious PIG!

I might as well go home

Baby Site Bush lickers are the most childish scumbags on the planet

I'm officially 21 years and 30 minutes old.

MUST READ: Funky WInkerbean, Landmines: Like Terrorism in Slow Motion

was it Commander or Mr cuckoobananas

I have little patience for prevaricating scumsuckers who mistake

Sing, damn you, SING! (NEWSWEEK'S Gitmo story)

I love this song

Kylie Minogue diagnosed with breast cancer.

For meet-ups and rallies, wear one of these!

I really love this song.

Credit Card Purchase Finance Charges

This is the story of the Bluth Family...

A Faux blocker you can buy at Target!!!

I love this song

Ready to LOL? *WARNING* Lynne Cheney remarks at Chicago underpass

Which James Bond car are you

Weekly World News: Minister starts "Church of George W. Bush" (satire)

Woman Killed By Falling Tree Limb

When I look at this ink blot, I swear I see the Jesus, Mary & Jim Morrison

It is time for me to cause you all a food craving

OK, fractious penis-people, I really wanna know...

The Penis Splint- very useful with fractures and sprains

OK, fractured-pelvis people, I really wanna know...

Vichyssoise is dish best served cold

Today is a good day to fry

Preschool Children Being Expelled At An Alarming Rate

Just for JimmyJazz: Post the smilie you think of when you think of her

Who's Behind The Door?

Making its DVD debut today: The Sex Pistols' "Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle"

2 more days!

Holy Jesus! Infested With Fleas Of One Thousand Camels! Creepy!!!

Risotto is futile

Sift long and prosper

Which M*A*S*H character are you?

I like Jerry Springer's show, but I find Stephanie Miller more "glitzy"

I'm 21 today. Now buy me a drink!

Warp factor Four... En Glaze

Where the heck is grovelbot???? I want my grovelbot!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (pic heavy)

AHA!! We finally tracked down where Skinner has DU hosted!

Christopher Walken appreciation thread

I spent last night with a Mule. Ask me anything.

I spent last night with a woman, wouldn't you rather ask me?

I don't like clicks, I like double-clicks


Refreshments anyone?

One man's fractured penis clique is another man's broken arrow cult

Oh BOY! A NEW Toby Keith CD...for me to POOP on!


My deadliest earworm yet.

Kitten Emergency Question

Cool site of Japanese modern-day ruins "Haikyo Deflation Spiral" !

uh huh. okay, so who's buying that she eats Carls Jr?

The babysite bushwhores are calling me

I spent last night as a woman, don't ask me a damn thing.

What a strange word... ignore.

Edited for a chance to re-group my thoughts


If your boyfriend voted for Bush....

Kylie Minogue Battling Breast Cancer

Today is my day off. Tell me what to do!*

Paging my eugenics friendly!

maybe i missed something

paging cassandra uprising!!!!!! where art thou?

You know what I pity more than your average "Morans"?

MrScorpio is making me hungry!

BREAKING: Neil Bush receipt from "business" trip to Singapore

Oh dear, have I poisoned the well?

Woman NOT Liable For Fractured Penis During Consensual Sex

Newsweek retracts George Galloway's statements

What a strange word... penis.

I want one of these monitors.

Why is Air America website down?

There is a very big spider crawling on the wall next to my desk

Caption this photo:

BREAKING-Runaway Bride was fallen in a well

I fractured Matcom's penis!!!


A RWer sent me this pic - think he knows it's a smackdown on Idiot Boy?

When you bite into a York Peppermint Patty

What if there are no turkey sandwiches in heaven?

Ask Adam Sandler a question! Really!

I'm watching the episode of "24" that I taped last night.

OKAY OKAY I donated

Time to gavoreet in nadsat, my droogies

Come to the Penalty Box

"I tried calling you a few times." - "Did you leave a message?" - "No."

Because you don't have enough pain and suffering in life

"If all the girls at the Yale prom were laid end to end...

So, You Won't Pay $900 To See The Stones? How About $5,000.00!!!

Newsweek Retracts Its Name. Will Now Be Called "News 5 Days Only"

Those Boston elites strike again

Newsweek Retracts Story on Rag Tops

No, I don't need to enlarge my penis.

I just watched "Unprecedented: The 2000 Election"

KitchenWitch needs a med adjustment: which drug(s)

Now that my head is on straight, a Serious matter to attend to.

And this is my 200th post

Should I go back to work?

Where can I find a driver for an HP Laserjet4L?

British folk-a question

Breaking: Newsweek Retracts Moon Landing story......

Have you ever gone out "Gallavanting", or when driving, "Barrelassing"?

Cliques are the surgical strike force capability of the oppressed.

I am going to make you all lose IQ points right now.

Any Brits out there in DU land?

Newsweak does a Jeff Gannon, spreads their buttcheeks...

I think the fractured penis clique is being exclusionary

"everybody hates me"

Get yer Jedi Name here: I'm am SINLY RIMAR of the planet Ambien!

I'm getting those pesky German E-mails at the rate of 10 an hour.

I never got my nickname yesterday. Anyone care to give it a shot?

Guess what? I'm a Liberal.

OK, fractured-penis people, I really wanna know...

Quick question:

Help. My dog just caught a baby chipmunk. Said chipmunk is now

delete, imminent deletion, delete delete

Jesus will allow you to ask him 5 questions - what do you ask him

Impatient Kitty


I was wondering, Is the new "Chocolate Factory" movie a remake?

He was so little

I want to go on a cruise, how do I convince my wife it's a good idea?

Monty Python or Benny Hill?

Respond to this thread, and you get nothing.

I had more sex from ages 16 to 23, than in all the years since

OK for you Miami Lounge Lizards---- Tonight see Dan the Nekkie Handyman

The wind-or something else?

Am I the only one who doesn't see much difference in here?

Peek-a-boo...............I see you..............

I need a new printer. Any suggestions?

WooHoo!!! I got a response to my on-line dating profile!!!

Buzzcut or Haircut?

Grovelbot stole my avatar!!!!

I apologize for the reciprocity today.

Super 8 film on Amazon?

Headlines We'd Like To See, May 17, 2005

What's this I keep hear ing about Clinique........

OK I love DU and all But

I can't concentrate

I thought Grovelbot was retired...

This Lords of Dogtown movie...

You know, The Lounge really isn't the same anymore.

My new breakfast cereal:

WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! If I donate will you give me my Robert Plant back

Avatar solution

I Hate The Phone Company: How I Dodged A Bullet (Horror Story)

What is your favorite Simon & Garfunkel song?

smoking gun hacked?

Does anything else think the admins are trying to tell us something?

Happy 17th of May!

Am I the only one who thought Gene Wilder was creepy as Willy Wonka?

Flame me if you must, but

This is my happening...

"You want to make love to me because....

I love DU's butt.

Is Grovelbot some sort of freeper?!!

I feel so anhydrous!

You know Grovelbot is saying...

Yet another avatar thread (oh, not again)

This picture cracks me up to no end

While Driving In Waldorf, MD Today, Some Teen Boys Shouted "FAG!" At Me...

Hey! check out my new avatar!!!!

Need software for phone calls over Internet

woo hoo! Avatars are back!

Who came up w/ "My parents voted republican ...

I am now a first-time uncle

Name that tune.

God didn't make little green apples? Well, SOMEONE did...was it YOU? NO?

OK I really, really love DU and all... But

I'm convinced that Germany is planning the next World War.

I feel so androgynous

Hahaha... dammit.

Thank you guardian angels!

Why is today a good day?

I apologize for the cartography today

To lighten the mood up a little...Laugh at me!

When NOT to hypenate your name......

Have I missed anything?

Should someone have killed George Lucas off?

What it is

Who else will be watching this tonight?

Ahh the good old days - my first post on a political msg board


I would like to start an addiction/recovery group on DU

Why did NBC cancel American Dreams?

The Avatars are coming! The Avatars are coming All HAIL the Avatars!

Hotel Rwanda made me bawl like a little baby

I spent last night with a woman. Ask me anything.

Is it Jesus or ZZTop? (MatcomNews Texas Bureau) do you relax?

ABC revives 'Kolchak,'

Sit on my shoulder-fine, but keep your claws out of my back!!

Should Jar-Jar Binks have killed off David Sedaris?

Misunderestimator is so cool!

Should George Lucas have killed off Jar Jar Binks?

chickenscratching is on...

Post something here and I will...uh...I don't know. I won't spit on you.


Wow! I'm officially in love with Mary Gauthier now.

Kurt Russell

My 2 cents about Andy

Ahhhh..I got my Gold Star back.

I just finished Employee Harassment Policy Training...ask me anything!

Randi said that she (STILL) doesn't listen to the bits before they go on

Take care everyone....

DU Updates: What the heck is going on?

Man Parachutes Off Eiffel Tower - Parachute Gets Stuck - Man Dead

I'm kinda embarrassed to ask.... (and for those who are embarrassed to ask

I got an email from Skinner!

My little boy is so darn good!

Should I declare bankruptcy?

Lettering on door of pick-up truck in Greenville, SC, yesterday:

Herb Helps Curb Binge Drinking - Kudzu

I used Grovelbot

Does the smilie in my sig look like a dancing banana?

A question for those who post on boards other than DU....

Should Bangor, Maine open a Terrorist Visitor Center ?

I got called by the Army this morning.

Advice from Dr. Phil, or a swift kick in the nuts?

Just to clarify: I'm not a troll.

For the final time: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is NOT a remake..

Pirouline anyone?

If you had a stop watch that could stop time, what would you do?


Well, la tee freakin' da...

So, how many people now want to put this username on "ignore"?

I want a job, I want a job

S.O.S. anyone?

San Diego Padres in 1st place! Well they're tied with AZ.

How many of you have met someone else from DU? (edited for message)

Anyone know what topic has gotten the most threads in the

Remember that one time Nirvana had a song that was really depressing?

Would you rent an apartment from a person who would not allow

Eh, if you're into laughing. Or at least chuckling. Or smiling.

Our old IMac died this weekend...

I Found A Pic Of Jordan's Queen Noor & Angelina Jolie Kissing

I just got my eyelid smoked and my cigarette punched - ask me anything!

Wow.....just wow.

Man Drank Coors So Budweiser Fired Him

Hot Scots--in honor of Mr. Galloway.

Bush Cartoon Du Jour

My 2000th post.... ask me anything

This is Daniel

Is there a way to get a free copy of Photoshop?

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.

Ah! Belinda Stronach is Paris Hilton's Mom!

I'm sorry people, I cannot resist. Gratuitous dog and garden pics.

Sirius had chemotherapy #5 yesterday.


How does firing up the grill sound for dinner tonight?

Ok, you guys in the Grovelbot avatar clique are really pissing me off

Honecker's bulletproof yacht up for sale

There was a time....

Single Moms:

Should the ignore feature be eliminated?

tell me something good!!

Pix of Sacre Couer in Brussels--in case you jaded folks are interested

Interview & pics! cassandra uprising ALERT!

Shopping List: Milk, Bread, and Republicans Refuse To Support

Everyone looks weird without their avatar

Hey. I found a pre-paid credit card, and I'm ready to donate! (Poor DUers)

Bush on Animal Planet.... coming up next!

OMG - Does Anyone Know A Fundie Mechanic??? My Car Is Possessed!!!

Can I have my avatar back???

To clarify: It's COMMANDER Cuckoobananas, not Mr. Cuckoobananas

Update on Andy

My "modern ruins" pics.

One totally worn out pussy.

I have a half inch of cooking oil in my skillet. What should I fry?

Do you teach your children to question authority?

JarJar was no more annoying than C-3PO or the ewoks

Hah looks like i am not the only one who chickened out of breaking

Once again, Post your "My Forums"...

DU EXCLUSIVE Get your Mr. Cuckoobanana Terror Alert Clock

I want to be a Nielsen ratings household (rant)

How do you feel when you get carded?

Those words, Us and We. I don't think they mean what you think they mean.

Im 8 posts from 1000, Ask me anything.

I love DU...but

Radiohead fans - MUST SEE concert on Showtime 5/18 (6:40am EST)

Lounge gotcha down? The Doctor Is IN (picture heavy)

I think trolls are the lowest life form on the planet.

I thought to myself this morning, "I should probably take a break from du"

Looks like I'll be taking a road trip in August

Wearing the Flag Pin: Bill Moyer's Comment

I believe that I have hernia . My navel is bulging and is...

Who's watching American Idol tonight?

5/17/98: I married my hubby. Ask me (almost) anything.

I just got my eyebrow pierced- ask me anything!

Toby Keith....Ass clown or a Legitimate Performer?

Cdr. Cuckoo Bananas is thread-jacking in the Lounge!

Anyone playing Guild Wars?

XBOX 360 now (relatively) or Playstation 3 later (relatively)

Red Rover, Red Rover , let......Richardo come over!

This is for Rabrrrrrr or anyone else who agrees.

Who is your favorite fictional amateur sleuth/detective?

Any David Sedaris fans out there?


Did you see "Monster-in-Law" this week or do you plan to see it?

To all you Florida haters out there ....

I feel so anonymous

Favorite song ever: Big hit single division

nothing like a bug on your pet to give a city girl the willies

Sea Shepherd's "Seal of Approval"

PETA stays tax-exempt

The Evolution of Creationism

Good-Bye, Dr. Bob

Catholics, Anglicans reach accord on Mary

Wisconsin Lutherans Oppose Gay Marriage Amendment

Texas Same-Sex Marriage Ban Stalls

RI Senate committee to consider opposing gay marriage bills

Recycling anti-gay trash into a donation for PFLAG (Mentions DU!)

Group Protests Pro-Gay Speakers At Catholic College Commencements

Report reveals Rep. Studds's gay marriage

Frank Rich of the New York Times has it exactly right.

Stronach Defects & Gives Canadian Gay Marriage Bill New Hope

Happy anniversary all married in Massachusetts 5/17/04

'enforced homosexualization'

Wow, 9 Straight Wins By The Yankees And This Forum Shuts Down

If You Teach Your Bird To Talk Dirty... Or To Insult People...

what song would you teach your bird?

update on my rescues.

Plainfield Greyhounds are coming

Apparently, it's fashionable to DU other DU polls now.

Hey Y'all

During all those "Pro-War" pep rallies held by Clear Channel & Beck,

Election Analysis By NICK

Getting myself in trouble again at Kos

I just realized that have an audio clip that someone wanted...

Anyone with questions or comments for Dean?

John Kerry on 51st Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Kerry Events Thread: May 16, 2005

June Theme Suggestion

News Flash: WH Kool-Aid Stand Runs Out, Has to Go Get More!

What if Hamas wins the election in Palestine?

The Newsweek Story...Reagan DeJaVu

My Primary Schedule Proposal, slightly reworked

OMG! Tom Delay is wonderful (barf alert)

The Administration should heed Rumsfelds words

Media now officially TERRIFIED

MSNBC: Funds for faith-based groups, deep cuts for anti-poverty programs

Newsweek = distraction from British memo of bush making intel fit policy

Afghan Riots Not Tied to Report on Quran Handling, per General

email CNN: Should the Senate end the filibuster for judicial nominees?

Activist Judge

Congress approves Boxer's $60 million provision for roadside bomb jammers

Vicente Fox "regrets if he offended the African-American community"

Judge Not...The Bench Is in the Hot Seat...can you say Schiavo!.....

One Year Later in Massachusetts:

DU this "Flat Tax" poll

Newsweek: Think happy thoughts

Corrente nails published Koran dissing refs back to 2003

Stephanie Miller!

Salon NAILS FreeRepublic: "I would have flushed it one page at a time"

Which Dem senator you think can break ranks on the fillibuster?

Senator Roberts falls into line with the GOP on the filibuster

Anyone think that the Newsweek Retraction and the UK Memo

T Bills

“God bless America is a prayer, and I believe that George Bush ..."

When is Bush going to

Are there any numbers out there

3 LTE calling for Impeachment

Koran desecration and flag burning.

The Ironies of the Newsweek Story and the British Memo

Santorium on Imus saying that 'these' people are willing to do anything

Rice visit highlights US resolve and problems in Iraq

Lieberman now on CSpan talking about filibuster

13 words vs 16 words

Explain to me what just happened to Obama while speaking

Senate repugs using a form of filibuster in Senate right now to

Does anyone remember if Newsweek has had to retract a story before?

George Allen (R-reptile) question.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY-28) and encouragement.

Robert Wexler?

Galloway is not letting them put words into his mouth.

I just emailed George Galloway

"Flush the Qu'ran? Nah, we'd never do that!"

Suggest we make signs and

craig crawford on Imus on the newsweek story retraction

Purported al-Qaida Statement Blasts Rice (called her a Hag)

Anybody else having this flashback re: Koran in the toilet - American Tal

Well Newsweek...... this is a fine mess you've gotten us into....

WOW... Galloway Giving Senate Hell Right Now!

is it "a plane diversion" or "a plain diversion"?

SPREADING THE DISEASE: Rove Tours Battleground States (Vomit Alert!)

Energizing new wars (oil wars)

Foreign Investors Sell US Assets

Galloway Contact Info

British MP: Charges 'a pack of lies'

Societas Proud member of the reality-based community Thom Haslam, Editor societas writes about the Koran debacle.

Why isn't the MSM all over McClellan's *ss on this one?

Its Secret Deal with Otto Reich to Wreck Cuba's Economy

Looking For White House Accountability (and looking, and looking...)

When the majority is not really the "majority"...

Who in the Bush administration in coming years will turn against Iraq war?

To the Dem Party: Would you please start campaigning NOW for our IMAGE?

Barack Obama is possibly the MOST ASTUTE politician I've ever watched

The New Image

Commentary about Newsweek on Lou Dobbs Last Night.

Need new article on how it's getting easier in to get ahead in Europe.

Sami Al_Arian (FL) jury being chosen..."bush/rove connection

Today's favorite Jerry Springer message on Air America :-)

Live report on Galloway testimony at 3 pm EST, CNN

Could the "nuclear" option be the best thing to happen in 4 years???

Silly Chimp goofs around sniffing Bio-Deisel hankie / WaPo/Froomkin

Will Senators have to vote on the Nuclear Option from their desks?

Scenes We'd Like To See>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I just called Senator McCain's office in Phoenix...

I am circumventing my Republican Congressman.

I wrote a letter to Kay Bailey Hutchison

I would like to start an addiction/recovery group on DU

Are you sensing a rift between U.S.-U.K. relations?

boxer on cspan2

Link request: records of federal appellate court nominees by President?

Got this chain email today (conservative propaganda)

Breaking News: CBC will be interviewing the Newsweek reporter

Feel "Clueless/Left Out" Missed "Explosive Galloway?" See here:

Waxman Calls for Hearings on the Successor to Oil for Food Program

CNN calling Gallaway testimony "explosive"

Is there anyone left....?

Cornyn On The Court?

Mafia's boss may dress as bishop

Luis Posada Carriles taken by BlackHawks helicopters

What's that riping sound?

Anyone who is not outraged by the faked intel on Iraq and was pro-war



just how many people in Afghanistan read Newsweek? do they buy it at

Chairman Dean's Statement On Brown v. Board of Education Anniversary

Ok. Senator Levin is losing me very quickly-Refuting Galloway

Galloway on MSNBC now-6:25CT. nt

Your Credit Card Payment Just Doubled

Is Bangor, Maine Expendable........

So, if the American and British governments FABRICATED evidence...

Sample of Afghan cancelling Newsweek subscription

Bernie Sanders in '08 or '12

How Do We Get C-SPAN to Televise the Galloway Testimony?

Hope you don't mind one more Galloway question....

How will Democrats respond to the Galloway testimony?

Handbills- Print At Home And Leave in the Shopping Cart

FYI Galloway piece coming up on CNN

John Kerry on 51st Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Yet another frivolous law a Republican (Aide to Ohio Senator)

Are the Galloway hearings now cancelled

Conyers letter smacks down the slimy McClellan (again)

Howard Dean to be on Meet the Press, this Sunday, May 22, 2005

White House "backed illegal oil deals

Did the CIA make the Afghani-Newsweek protest signs?

Why Scott McClellan must resign

Reporter asks Scotty: who made you

* demonstrates how detached he is from the plight of the average worker

Senator Boxer on C-SPAN now

Molly Ivins: “Let's Drop the "Lynch Newsweek" Bull”

Poor little Normie Coleman got Gallowayed.

If the draft were reinstated tomorrow it might be a good thing

Franken does it again, 'Clearly Newsweek was wrong'...

Just when the f**k will there be MASSIVE protest and fighting in the

The irreducible, nutbag, theocratic core = 33% of voters.

I am a Conspiracy Theorist!

From Sen. Harry Reid-he needs everyone's help!

Bit of history: Bill Mandel chewing out HUAC in 1960

Going to meet Howard Dean tomorrow.

China holds six-year old boy in jail for ten years over politics

MSNBC: UK's Galloway blisters US policy on Iraq - (VIDEO and AUDIO)

Of these 23 Brainwashing & Mind Control Techniques

Looks like entire Galloway testimony is posted (Video)