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Archives: August 12, 2005

Cheney Boosts China's Nuke Capability; Paul Craig Roberts

Tracking a lie through the conservative media (re Cindy Sheehan)

Ten Worst Places To Be Black

It is not only Iraq that is occupied. America is too

Dean and the NH Union Leader get their digs each other.

Paul Krugman (NYT): Safe as Houses

Simon Tisdall (The Guardian): Germany's new left upsets the applecart

AP: Probe Accents Issue of What Rove Told Bush

WP: The New Ernie Pyles: Cbftw and Sgtlizzie

Cindy Sheehan (Huff Post): This is George Bush’s Accountability Moment

Privatization Foes Use Email Birthday Cards...To Celebrate SS 70 b'day

MassEquality needs stories from gay couples and straight allies

"Reporters"......HA !

Tiny Uruguay Pressed by Neighbour to Halt Pulp Mills

Spectre of rising violence haunts Peruvian mining

Info regarding this mystery flight?

Right Wing likes theories about exit polls and voting machines multimedia election fraud CD Info and Download page!


Bakersfield and Kern County DU'ers

Support the films tells us are "Anti-American"

Saturday: Caravan from Denton to Crawford

53 yard field goal, in the rain. I cannot believe it!

Is the Crawford Coward Wearing Kevlar Under His Shirt? >>>

Cindy in TIME

nzl media US Death toll 1846 wounded 13877

Gynophobia. Is This What Ails George Bush?

Did you know wer'e winning the war in Iraq?

A Bereaved Mother's Crawford Vigil

So the freepers think they are gonna parade around crawford saturday..

Some good news for a change: Possible HIV breakthrough

Monica Crowley could star in a remake of "THE BAD SEED"

After all my research, this is the problem that I have with Hillary

I just LOVE Cindy's meme "these people think I'm stupid"

How bad will it have to get for America to wake up?

I just don't get the price of milk.

News of the weird

Cindy Sheehan for President

Work & Life: Executives insulated from airline pension fears

MSM Refuses To Mention Cindy's Name:

Rove's manboobs are stuck in a wringer

Is that the only thing americans do, shop?

Since the administration is the master of illusion and delusion, I wonder:

The Factor is going to play Cindy Sheehan's response to O'Reilly!

I am confused, O'riellys documentation on Sheean

DNC: Culture of Corruption Grows: Sixth Bush Fundraiser In Trouble,

Cindy on Olbermann

Sheehan leads on Olbermann

"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

I love Cindy Sheehan...

WaPo: Man who brought bomb onto plane had "no link to terrorist activity"

Dan Grech, NPR's Marketplace.....Otto Reich's stooge? or what?

Will Pitt....705 at Camp Casey today!!!!

anyone having problems streaming AAR?

Compassionate Conservatives

1845 Reasons why the DSM is Important

That photo of Cindy about to cry BREAKS MY HEART

Sirota, DCCC, and Zogby on NPR about the war.

Hannity and Colmes seem to be giving up on politics

Lars Larson now calling Cindy Crazy and obsessed

Have you ever sent someone to jail?

Sounds about right...

Jesus! Will Pitt's interview with Cindy Sheehan is one powerful interview.

Some help PLEASE anyone know

When talking heads spout that "we haven't been attacked since 9/11" line

Don't like Franken? Try Thom Hartmann

Bush SHOULD be in Ohio

Any Virginia/East Coast folks heading to Crawford?

Leaving Crawford without seeing Cindy is ludicrous for Bush


Just curious- why can't freepers admit to BushCo malfeasance?

Watched "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" tonight. (Penn)

Counter Clinton Library Folds

Cindy Sheehan in Crawford

In all honesty...does DU "tombstone" strictly on ideology?

The in-laws.

are there ANY right wingers in the socalled MSM who support Cindy?

Carly Sheehan "A Nation Rocked to Sleep "

ok - what's the final word on Cindy's family?

FreeRepublic to hold anti-Cindy rally in Crawford

Our local Bakersfield paper won't put Cindy's story in the paper so I

George W. Bush would have us believe that September 11

Support the troops

Kansas Moves to Stem Role of Evolution in Teaching

bill mahar on cnn now LKL

Educate me.Why doesn't Mr.bush simply meet with Cindy for 1 hour?

* just needs to step up and be a man. Just talk to the lady!

Tucker Carlson supports terrorism

God damn, Cindy just called * out on KO!

Occupation is a progressive disease.

The Huffington Post - Every Single Post Is About Cindy Sheehan

Bill Mahar on Larry King

Clint Black and his stupid song "I Raq and Roll"

Attn photoshoppers & captioners - * at work - what's on his mind?

That website is back up

Remember Roger Stone?

Reagan Library to Open Additional Records Relating to Judge John Roberts

Vanity Fair Writer Rips Media for Plame Cover-Up

Free Images to Link to Cindy Sheehan's Website

David Cross on HBO Comedy channel

Oil compaines make record profits

Help! A post about a magazine article re: Current shutting out of Dems


Joey and Chandler Are the Leaders of the Free World >>>

NYT: Racial and Ethnic Minorities Gaining in Nation as a Whole

Explosion at Von Roll WTI Hazardous Waste Incinerator, East Liverpool OH

Does Cherie Quartarolo speak for Casey Sheehan?

Has anyone posted pics of the crosses on the road to the ranch?

Why don't we burn and distribute our own news DVDs?

Support the troops that refuse

16 hours and 15 minutes and counting.....

Lead photo on "My Yahoo" is yellow rose, blue coated Cindy hand

Does you local daily paper have Cindy's story, front page?

Anybody listening to AA right now? God, * sounds like a fool.

Rove/Plame DSM Sibel Edmunds Cindy, keep track of events

Today's Headlines...see any connections?

Observe, John Kerry, and see how to hold a president accountable

So, I guess Scottie M is on vacation, too, huh?

Where would one go to have a legitimate discourse of the issues?

How long before Bushco decamps for a "planned" change of venue?

bush likes this sheehan talk!

Daily Show - can somebody tell me

The "Counter Clinton" Library Flips................Flops

BBC: Africa hunger 'likely to worsen'

Can you spot the irony?

Chavez Supporters Won 80% of Local Offices in Venezuela

More (quick) news from Crawford.

Anyone hear the interview Randi played on her second hour?

Great post by Christine Lahti !!!!

Really-- Shouldn't the Loners Group have its OWN folder?

whats the world coming to?

I thought rummy and condi were supposed to arrive at the "ranch" today

What societal need does religion fill?

WTF??? I support Bush and War... But I won't send my kid to WAR!!!

Everyone put a sign on your car tomorrow: "I SUPPORT CINDY" !

Let's DU this AFA poll...

Liberal Religious Leaders plan to fight Justice Sunday

checking out letters to the prez....


Gawd... Another Freeper Claptrap Classic !!!

Some profound thoughts by Howard Zinn about the state of the USA

Please people, no more drunken posting unless it's a lounge thread

"If they want to protest, let them go to Washington."

I went to "that" site and saw alleged pics of a Sheehan counter-protest


Bill Maher on Larry King tonight

Speaking of Paul Thompson.... check his updated timeline.

Operation Truth re: Cindy Sheehan

Can we give Generic Other a huge thumbs up for collecting Cindy threads?

O'Reilly claims he and Malkin were 'respectful' to Cindy Sheehan

Is this Crawford policeman sending the message that he's on our side?

false alarm

Lincoln met with mothers during the Civl War

Just found this hilarious article about Fed-Ex boxes.....

So some dope just sent me an email

Is there a one-stop website for going to Crawford?

bwaahhaa, bill maher just said * is stuck between "Iraq and a hard place"

3 years ago this week at DU....a couple of prescient threads.

I wonder if KO is going to get yelled at again tonight

I'm a 6:2 --230, vet--- and the new Green Day video made me cry big time!

OMG....Gretta Van Facelift is talking about Natalee Holloway on LENO????

For Sale - My gorgeous kayak- I NEED to get to Crawford

soldier declines Bush photo-op

the triangle of land

My uber loyalist Mother in Law came to visit

A stone into the water that makes ripples

Leaving Iraq is more Ludicrous than staying.

headed for crawford?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Group Hug

This is only the beginning....

An observation about Beth Holloway Twitty (the mother)

Cindy responded to the "so-called" family letter attacking her (w/ updates

That 'ol, "We live in a republic" catch all "stfu" freeper response

"A Nation Rocked to Sleep" by Carly Sheehan

I lift my neck up to my dog....

The Taliban is regrouping

I have a favor to ask of you all. GD is flying as in the past with

(photo) "I grieve...

WOMEN Are Steering This Country Back to a Moral Path >

Sounds like a DUer calling in on Larry King regarding election fraud.

You want a slogan? "I come to cleanse the American flag, not burn it."

Pics from Peace House_Crawford tonight

What's wrong with these photos?


No more saying we should stay unless YOU are willing to go! mmm-K?

Bush talking about Ms. Sheehan outside her presence ...

AOL poll; PLEASE DU. Front page news 58% think * should meet with

ok, how do we get CSPAN to cover the rally Saturday in Crawford??

Need a slogan for a t-shirt - Please pick one?

DU This POLL: Cindy Sheehan on AOL Main Page (as in Time Inc.)

US DoJ: Kidan & Abramoff Indicted on Charges of Conspiracy and Wire Fraud


Will "the amazing" Rivers Pitt

Why don't (some) intelligent people vote?

White House responds to Shiite militia takeover of Baghdad

Will Pitt mentions something important that concerns him.....?

My God...Didn 't think it possible but Cable News is getting worse!

When oil was $28/barrel in 2000, Bush attacked the Clinton Administration

Whatever happened to the other bereaved Iraq mom, who was arrested

Breaking "Terror Alert" on local 11 P.M. newscast (Grand Rapids, MI)

King Aragorn has arrived at the Black Gates

This is a chance for Colin Powell to redeem himself

OK naysayers! Current TV is really really informative & it rocks!

We are going to have to shoot our way out of Iraq.

anti-war handout... in the dining facility here in iraq?

The Guy James Show will come to you live from Crawford Texas on Saturday

I never thought Jack Abramoff would make me laugh, but his bio...

You've GOT to read this poem by Casey's sister Carly

What the Repubs don't get about Cindy Sheehan.

Why the Crawford moment is so important.

Paging Will Pitt: You MUST send your interview with Cindy to Current TV!

"Cindy" video with footage from Crawford

Stewart's making fun of NARAL's ad.

Do I smell Revolution?

A poll for DU males under the age of 35 (or is it 42 now?).

JESUS! We Have Lost Baghdad And It Was Barely Reported! WTF???

Lurking freepers and other creepers, here's a poll for you:

Myers: release of photos would cause violence

I'm tired of being an Athiest. Which religion gets me the best shit?


Why I won't be saying the pledge tommorow...

Abu Ghraib: ACLU Press Release Re Torture Documents, FOIA, Aug. 15 Hearing

Grand Rapids, MI radio show hosts plan to drown dog on Friday

I put together a political cartoon of Cindy's fight in Crawford

CBC files 72-hour lockout notice

Shootings surge prompted by Canadians smuggling guns, U.S. ambassador says

Life in prison proposed for distributing meth.

The bomb was underneath the train

truthouts video with cindy sheehan....great and kick

LAT: Watts Riots, 40 Years Later

I'm not budging says soldier's mother camped at bush's door

Washington Lobbyist Abramoff Charged

CNN Breaking: BA cancels all flights out of Heathrow until tomorrow.

Chavez Allies Win More Posts Than Opposition in Local Elections

Oil hits $66 a barrel

Australia hunts for militant “Oz Qaeda” broadcaster

Ed Gillespie On Fox News Radio's 'The Tony Snow Show,' 8/11/05

NYT: Racial and Ethnic Minorities Gaining in Nation as a Whole

(Pakistan) Cruise missile is tested without warning

NYT: NYC Officials Defend Actions to Keep Goldman, Sachs Downtown

AP: Probe Accents Issue of What Rove Told Bush

WP: Arlington Burial for Iraqi, 4 U.S. Comrades

Oil prices next Arroyo crisis (Philippines)

GOP pays $722,000 to defend New Hampshire vote-tamperer

Protesters Outside, Bush Toes Iraq Line (Headline on Yahoo!)

Neil Sullivan -- led efforts to integrate Berkeley schools, dead at 90

WP: In Iraq, No Clear Finish Line

Niger's Proud Tuareg People Are Walking the Road to Oblivion

Lawyer tips more delays for Hicks

U.S. Conducts Military Exercise Off Japan

Louisville Council Bans Smoking In Most Workplaces

Robin Cook Laid to Rest

Death toll among part-time troops in Iraq soars.

Iran leader to be granted US visa

U.S. poised for trade war

"Quick Strike" causes civilian casualties in western Iraq

FDNY Releasing Sept. 11 Papers, Recordings

Abortion Rights Group Withdraws Ad

FBI Warned Police of Possible Terrorist Attacks in LA, NY, Chicago

Divers In Gulf Report "Zero Things" Alive

Tyson in Alabama Sued for Maintaining Segregated Work Areas many magazine covers do YOU think Jennifer Anniston can be on...

Post here to join the mutal poster admiration society

LeBlanc Apologizes for Stripper Romp

Want to keep people from certain sites off your web page?

undeterred has two managers

Why does Caller ID not exist on TV?

Lesson learned from local crime reports

You can STILL.... ROCK... in America...

Did anyone see this collision that happened today?

Have you seen the new Green Day video, Wake Me Up When September Ends?

Who else is having BIG TIME trouble with the AAR stream tonight????

Some pictures I just never get tired of:

LOL: For sale on Ebay: "Collection of Chinese fakes purchased on eBay"

DU legal eagles: email question

So I turned on the news for 5 minutes: what the hell is with Aruba

Should I change my user name from cssmall to. . .

Have you ever been in a bar fight?

Sweet Jesus! My Basset Hound Stinks!

I might have to end my friendship with LynneSin...

MSNBC's raspy-voiced diva Rita Cosby or RuPaul?

Quick! I need advice on cooking Asparagus!

"I'm Roger Lodge..."

There are times when these would really come in handy over here

I get mean if you mess with my green.

I might have to end my friendship with JimmyJazz and LynneSin

Do you read the obits in your newspaper, even though...

The Oakland A's are back in first place

Ok, fight between Jimmy Jazz and myself is now overwith

Anybody had a torn meniscus in their knee? I have a question.

Hey, Red States! We're LEAVING!!!

Sometimes a PB & J really hits the spot!!!

Why didn't you remind me the Packers are playing tonight?

Eric Lindros to Toronto?!?

I'm 45 and was carded tonight!!!!

Anyone know of an Internet anagram server that can output names?

is it possible to overproduce mucus?

clavinet. meet fender rhodes

Holy Dooo. Any one ever drink this beer called GOLDEN MONKEY

groovy clavinet samples

If you'd like to help with my call in show tonight's topic is The Economy

what's up with smiley boy here? or hastert?

What do you use to clean your camera lens?

theme from "medical center"

george bush was a nazi

can you dig it?

attaque des robots

G'nite gang. I apologize for living in GD and GDP lately. I promise

progdad wants to go swimming. it's late. and dark.

Matthew McGrory, 'Big Fish' giant, dead at 32

anyone know of a good place that will provide smoking cessation aids?

all we are saying

DU bartenders: I need drink recipes!

back in the 90s

Need help viewing videos

I Must Go Down to the Sea

I am back from Crawford.

Woman says 'McDonald's diet' took off weight

Woohoo... 3 million Euros

Mr. Pitt was awesome on Air America

i really admire the cockroach

Another kitten has shown up

i'm up to two packs a day

New film to be released in February portray's Bush in a positive light

hush puppies

"Talkin' About A Revolution"- Tracy Chapman

Does anyone have a myspace account?

I'm obsessed with the song "Bucky Done Gun" by MIA

Dear God WHY do people eat popcorn in theaters with their mouth open?

Best. Lock. Ever.

Who just saw that guy on the sidewalk on Letterman?

Okay, what the fark is this about?

Just wanted to mention

Any Star Trek fans?

Anybody watching Letterman with Rosie Perez?

Perseid Meteor Showers tonight. Walk outside and take a look.

"i told you i don't wear no fucking cotton drawers!"

SHE BIT ME!!!!!!!

Who volunteers to ride the "mare of steel"?

Tonight's flamebait debate: The Million Man March

Noooo!!!! Dear God, NOOOOO!!!!

Another Bush video post

Point of clarification: No one is actually "allergic to cigarette smoke"

Alright. I'm ready for Christmas.

Tropical Storm Irene looks like it could head right up the Chesapeake...

Now what is Pauly Shore again?

foods that wreak havoc with your stomach

i take it progmom still hasn't gotten to the pool

Gary Hogeboom: Former Dallas QB and now a Survivor

I haven't had a cigarette in a forty-sumptin years

I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capital Hill

Man Wearing Woman's Bikini Attacks Female Lifeguard With Stun Gun

I bought my baby the biggest beer you ever seen

I haven't had a cigarette in a week

Hey, I finally posted a poll. Check it out:

Don't you just love James Bond music

Ann Coulter's Beauty Secret

I need some virtual drive software to store CDs on the hard drive

The great "Songs with Mellotron Parts" thread.

I might have to end my friendship with Jimmy Jazz.....

I got my new Nikon D-70 digital SLR today! Whooo hooo!

One thing I love about Texas: Frozen daiquiris brought to your car

Is there a big fucking problem with drinking distilled water?

It's the motherlode of kitten cuteness!

an open letter to rw bloggers, freepers, and other mixed nuts

What silly expressions do you like to utter?

Who's your favorite member of the Suzaku Seven?

when people ask you:

*gasp* My Posts is devoid of flirtation with Matcom.

Sure Batista is a monster, but JBL just smoked him with a chair.....

Charcoal or gas

Sometimes a P and a B J really hits the -- oh never mind.

Animal lovers! We could use your help ASAP!!

Post here to join in the mutual sig line admiration society.

Over on GD. Radio host in Michigan plans to drown dog on Friday...

Bill Maher not a vegetarian!?

Prison Kitties.

What societal need does religion fill?

Frightening collision. Mets Beltran and Cameron. Video.

BamaLefty's Preseason College Football Top 25

Bill Maher on Larry King.....

"Going on vacation? TAKE CHICK TRACTS!"

Double standard

I know that GD has become a scary place lately, but this is one post

Why do people have such a problem with history?

Daughter's first trip to the beach

Two articles about Bernie Sanders in Rolling Stone & Huffington Post

Does anyone have an address for Cindy Sheehan's website?

Freeper on AAR now

I have to see the Abramoff Perp Walk/Frog March!

Cindy Sheehan on Oberman now

Hey, would someone in or around Crawford Texas give these guys a call?

Cindy should follow in Alice Paul's footsteps.

Late-breaking news

I hope the "Looney Left" doesn't muddy Cindy and her cause.

Ed Gillespie On Fox News Radio's 'The Tony Snow Show,' 8/11/05

At least one Repub moderate getting scared.

Bush, Cheney and Hastert go down in scandal...

Kudos to

The Republicans and (versus??) the Right Wing Religious Extremists

"A Nation Rocked to Sleep" by Carly Sheehan

Bush still pushing idiotic Flypaper Theory, and the media lets it fly.

Tom DeLay: Phantom of the Opera

"" worried about Ohio (and for good reason)

2005--Chimp meltdown. Dems still scared of their own shadow.

Cindy Sheehan video from Keith Olbermann interview now available

FUCK the fantasies...what do you HONESTLY believe lies ahead for Bush?

TV ad against roberts sparks furor

Democrat Problem....

Arianna Huffington FUCKING NAILS IT..."the Leadership Void" and Cindy

Are you a member of your local party?

Do these people look confident to you?

The most liberal and most conservative cities in the country

Jeb Bush blasts NCAA

Pakistan Fires It's First Cruise Missile - Don't you feel Safer

Democrats have to develop an Iraq exit strategy

DNC: Culture of Corruption Grows: 6th Bush Fundraiser In Trouble

DNC: Mehlman's Get out of Jail Free Card

I wonder if Dick Cheney sighs in relief while the heat is on George Bush?

Clinton casts doubt on Hillary 2008 White House bid

Conyers: PATRIOT Act Abuses - Let me know your thoughts

AOL Poll Re: Ms. Sheehan...How should I answer?

We Attacked Japan.

In honor of Andy, as things keep unfolding

Listen to Sirota and Zogby Debate the Iraq War with the DCCC on NPR

Editorial: A mother's vigil / The president owes military families an answ

The Iranian nightmare

End this chorus of intolerance against Muslims

Dobbs: Lobbying against America

Iraq war: tragedy of errors

Aug. Death Toll for Reserves in Iraq Soars

Houston Chronicle 8/12/05 editorial on Cindy Sheehan

America Supports You Freedom Walk: why are news orgs participating?

What Fox News Channel Would Have Done to Rosa Parks - Cenk Uygur

Another whitewash won't do

Fort Bragg Soldiers Star In Comic About Iraq War

Cable Can't Get Beyond the Pale

Matthew Rothschild (The Progressive): The savaging of Cindy Sheehan

From the Orange Punch Blog: Defining Conservatism Down

WAPO: Glitch on Verizon Wireless Web Site Left Data at Risk

Washington Post on Kevin P. Byrnes

Exposing the (media's) Plame case mistake (proof under law much easier )

"Dead soldier's mom aids foe with protest " says the Atlanta J-C

Anything but the truth: Official spin, unnamed sources, and the art of man

Krugman: Safe as Houses (little of jobs growth due to tax cuts)

An Open Letter from Ralph Nader to Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan (HuffPost): Day 6

Rolling Stones getting Dixie Chicked?

The Nation-The Strategic Class(Dem hawks)

"Big Star-Spangled Lies for War" - Worth the read.

Iranian nuclear crisis report disguises malicious Trojan horse attack

Grease Monkeys, by Chris Floyd

Bush Appointee Obstructed, Sabotaged 9/11 Report

Cindy Sheehan: The Human Face of A Nation at War

It is not only Iraq that is occupied. America is too. By Howard Zinn

Bush Vows to Eliminate US Dependence On Oil by 4920 (The Onion)

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez (Democracy Now!): Protest on the Range

Click on the Window Media links to the left of the page.

Petroleum Bourse to become Reality

Never Again? How the War in Iraq Spurred a New Nuclear Arms Race

Kissinger argues against early US pullout from Iraq

Neocon 101

My response to Peggy Noonan's recent column in

San Franciscans Oppose the War. Why Don't Their Representatives?

There's good news, too, to be had in Iraq (enough for a few column inches)

Coleen Rowley: Get past Bush's war rhetoric . . .

"President Bush . . . Shameful" (Steve Clemons)

Asia Times: The Iranian nightmare

The next RW attack: Cindy Sheehan's anti-Isarel rhetoric

Elizabeth de la Vega (Common Dreams): How to Prosecute the Plame Case

Backlash Builds Against Cheney's 'Guns of August'

I made the paper again

Letters/Emails about gas prices?

Giant NYC Truth March from NY Times to UN on 9/11/05!

MSNBC Question of the Day: Should Cindy Go Home?

everyone email CSPAN to get coverage of Crawford on Saturday

Print these handbills/grocery lists and go shopping

Center for American Progress site tracks updates on the 21 Plame leakers

DU my hometown paper's Sheehan poll...

Buy pens from

I need a new sign to support Cindy - I protest today at 4

US Media fails to say "wall" re Atta info is a Reagan/Bush/Bush Wall

Talk Show Alert; Larissa Alexandrovna of Raw Story talking about Roberts

Special Report hosted author of debunked radiation study to discuss Yucca

Are Daryn's Days Numbered At CNN?

PV cells specialized for concenrated sunlight

Giant Waterfall Discovered in Calif. Park

Key Temperature Claim Against Global Warming Evaporates - MSNBC

Australian Environment Minister Denies That Burning Coal Produces GHGs

Scotland's Average Temperatures Up 0.7C In Ten Years - Glascow Herald

Gas Price Spike Act Will Lower Gas Prices

Actual Headline - "Haze Not Choking The Stock Market" - (Malaysia)

Patients Overwhelm Mumbai Hospitals As Water-Borne Diseases Spread

Oops! Dairy Farm Spills 3M Gallons Manure Into Upstate NY's Black River

Actual Headline - "Global Warming May Take Economic Toll"

Tucker Carlson Praises France For Sinking The Rainbow Warrior

Ontario Power Generation Won't Restart Two Nuclear Reactors

Indonesia Plans Palm Monoculture Half Holland's Size In Heart Of Borneo

Unknown "Bloody Diarrhea" In Congo Kills 23, Sickens 997 - AFP

Nuclear death probe - but family in the dark (South Africa)

Team is now #640 on the top teams

Honda Motors, the fuel economy "leader"?

Visionary Chrysler Introduces Dodge Ram Mega Cab - Seats Six Adults

Plug in retrofit for Prius

Peru president sacks government

Pilot Indicted For Allegedly Smuggling Radioactive Material Into Bahamas

Text of IAEA resolution on Iranian nuclear program

U.S. Conducts Major Military Exercise Off Okinawa

John Conyers seeks your opinion on the patriot act

Yoffie addresses evangelicals

Mofaz upbeat on evacuation

The Sebastia syndrome (Ha'aretz editorial)

Sharon Suggests More Settlements Could Go

Americans Raise $14 Million to Aid Uprooted Gaza Settlers

Tens of thousands protest Israel's pull-out plan

DU this Poll: Do you support Israel's disengagement plan?


Video of 2nd Hit

Messages of fear in hi-tech invisible ink

Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons?

Justin Raimondo on Antiwar.Com is getting awfully close to LIHOP..

Tin Foil Experts Please -- 35,000 lbs of explosives and a crater in Utah

Israel, 9-11, Mohammed Atta, Tom DeLay, and Jack Abramoff...all connected

A Simple Proof that the Official Story of the Flight 93 Crash is Wrong

Let's say you WANTED to do controlled demolition of the WTC towers:

How come WTC 1 & 2 fell faster than WTC7?

Is your head still in the sand?

Citizens Audit in San Diego: "Statistically Signficant Differences"

CA: Recount sought in San Diego mayoral race; citizens' audit finds..

Google News on Sheehan story

du this poll its dropping ..say "no" !

Administration Fails to Meet Nazi Benchmark

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 8/11/05

George McGovern on Imus (MSNBC) says FL in 2000 and OHIO in 2004

Canada is singing our song: "Election Fraud Continues in the US"

Embattled home lender gives heavily to politicians

Recount sought in San Diego mayoral race; citizens' audit finds anomalies

Rallies in Iowa in support of Cindy

"The Connection" cancelled on WBUR

Wasserman: Bring 'em on! (except for mothers of war dead)

Coleen Rowley: Get past Bush's war rhetoric . . .

Newest Protest Information from Recall Randy!

Team is now #640 on the top teams

Verizon Web Site Flaw Allowed Record Access

New Virus Out. Attachment has tax in the name

Rep. Sherrod Brown: Paul Hackett should run for Senate if I don't

4,000 lined funeral procession route for Lance Cpl. Michael Cifuentes...

Update. Please let me be first to thank D and Gin for taking over on

Bay Area New Democrats event Sept 15 in South Houston

Austinites...who all is going to Crawford for the rally Saturday?

Carpool to Crawford today from Austin

Fort Worth Caravan to Crawford

I've written out one card for each Texas soldier

If you're going to Crawford on Saturday check in here...

Chris Bell rally goers: meetup before/after?

Austin lags Big D in liberal rankings

San Antonio to Crawford Saturday, have a few spaces.

My email to Milwaukee's TV Station TMJ4 this morning

Freeper on WPR....NOW

Gov. vetoes Voter ID for third time - Pukes whine and amend constitution

Whooly S#$#T Gas has hit $2.60 a gallon.

Petition to bring "Air America Radio" to Milwaukee

Fudge Alert! Visiting in November....

Plans for August 17th -- Terrorist Drill -- Gen. Byrnes, Tell us More!

Listen to Sirota and Zogby Debate the Iraq War with the DCCC on NPR

New Idea...what about a "guest book" for Camp Casey?

listening to Bernie Ward

Speech from Teddy Roosevelt

Seems as though all the talk of leaving Iraq has been canceled

George Bush has made America safer

get to work......O'Lielly Poll

Why support a president that opposes the American people?

Ratbastard Republicans and Cindy Sheehan

Repost of an earlier thread-mods said too much info on sig pic

Iraqis Thirst for Water and Power

Powerful new blog from Camp Casey!

PHOTO: Condolences to Mr. and Mrs. DeYarmin and Erica

Oh bernie is mentioning the fact we have lost control of

Here's to all the Dems who are fed up..

California tackles the "drug problem" ......COST of drugs

Truth March 9/11 2005

a good conservative

wow, on bernie

Lots of new pics from AP of the Compound W protest.

Do those working against us actually...FEEL it?

OPERATION TRUTH: We need to plug for these people as often as possible

Robin Cook funeral on BBC Live video

Lest we forget: BRING. THEM. ON.

4,000 troops from Fort Drum leaving for Iraq this week

Ray has a 18 year old who drives a truck that gets 10 mpg and the

Where is LynnTheDem?

Anybody hear this chickenhawk on Ray Taliaferro?

Cindy Sheehan: This is George Bush’s Accountability Moment

...don't pay attention.... new toon 8/12

Blogs, Pics & Misc From Camp Casey

The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq (Day 6) - a message from Cindy Sheehan

I want his income.

Could we put out a cross at Camp Casey for Andy?

Cindy makes the cover of Newsday

Ray Taliaferro is my idol

Former Negro Leagues star 'Double Duty' Radcliffe dies at 103

Bush could have avoided lots of trouble & bad p.r...

WJ not splitting the calls this AM to get a true idea of who supports the

* is in the driver's seat and can end the Cindy Sheehan movement today

Gas tops US$6.38/gal in Norway. Apparently locals are out of arms and legs

From WeBeBlue in Texas: Tired, Exhausted but happy.

If you need a giggle . . . and don't we all . . .

Stephan Smith The Bell Protest Video (Must See)

While You Were Sleeping: The Hemp Bill (hmmmmm..what are your thoughts?)

LOL...brian lamb asking for pro-war callers...

Cindy on Sedition now.

"How low can these frustrated liberals sink?"

It is about 75% against the chimp's handling of the war...

the 'president's' motorcade has to pass by Cindy on his way to a bbq

Will the war preznit talk to Cindy, today?

"Cindy Sheehan" is #4 of 5 on front page...

What's so 'untrue' about NARAL's Anti-Roberts Ads?

I was browsing thru my photos and noticed this

Help out the uninformed...why wasn't she arrested?

Gas just jumped 14 cents here overnight in KC.

ABC News Radio is reporting that the latest terrorist scare

Cindy coverage on GMA

U.S. June trade gap up to $58.8 bln (we don't make anything to export)

NBC, CBS morning shows misreport numbers in Crawford.

If you don't generally read the Candian forum

CNN on NARAL ad: "Hasn't the damage already been done?"

Cindy's touching the hearts of (moderate) Republicans...

msnbc covering Cindy S. now

Peace Corps and the Military-WTF????

New Noe News (Coingate in Ohio)

Faux news...We Report...We decide.

Frontpage, NYT: Rummy, Condi, and Junior at the Ranch

So George, in that other war, why didn't you go and honor

Non-Opec nations fail to pump more oil

NARAL ad vs. Swift Boat Liar ads...

Caption the Chimp and Condi

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Republicans Kick Ass. Democrats Whine. Tell Me I'm Wrong

Did anyone already post about Jack Abramoff?

Cindy - 1 visit / Gannon - 200+ visits

that Letter writer (signed numerous cousins, etc) is a criminaL?

Does the Stink Monkey sincerely and

Shhh! Don't let this get out- My Kid is Proud of ME!

Just heard there will be an interview with Cindy Sheehan on NPR

Question About Sheehan's Marriage

Seattle DUers...why no rally in support of Cindy Sheehan???

If Bushs comes out today, the question he can't answer

I confess. I miss the Howard Dean presidential campaign.

there are 14,000 Grievously Wounded G.I.'s. Are they Invisible?

Tropical Storm Irene


Plame: Pundits are wrong on the Intelligence Identities Protection Act

I must say, things have changed greatly since I last visited America.

Pharmacistss’ Rights” Ain't it funny?

Theme Park/WTF

Sheehan supporters stage rally in Benicia (nationwide movement?)

August death toll for reserves in iraq soars

Suzanne Malveaux on CNN said there were maybe 100 protestors

7 years Later

Accusations of Tin-Foil Hat

Victory for 9/11 families

Front Page of my local paper today

some jerk on stephanie miller said drudge indicated

Since when has "having an agenda" been a bad thing? (re Cindy)

RW'ers are turning against Roberts

Guess Who has to clean up bush's bloody mess? We do.


Another post by a freeptard you must see to believe. AHHHHHHHHH

Who's had blackouts?

Cindy hits the front page of Newsday

does anyone remember a post yesterday that included a link

It's not only Iraq that's occupied. America is too.


People who believe that bush is part of Biblical Prophecy are DANGEROUS!

Republican shame

Protesting the Bush fundraiser????

Who made the crosses???


Read this poem from Casey Sheehan's sister

What Robin Cook said about Al Qaeda this July

c-span: bush did not do well @ war on an 'open call' basis...

Picketers protest at governor's residence

Our only hope

The Message is Getting Out!!!

Pundits WRONG the Plame Outing Won't Put Somebody Away

Why are we Underground?

Do you have a strategy when you visit DU?

'Two fer' TOON from the Houston (!) Chronicle: slams Bush *and* Hughes

"When the people lead the leaders will follow" is my favorite quote

History does repeat itself, sometimes the CIA is actually RIGHT

There's Something in the Air but it's Not on the Airwaves!! (MUST see vid)

omg... US Troops Raid a house in Baghdad and torch the car....

Think like a NeoCon for a minute: "How can we get America back on track"?

Awesome LTTE in the Indianapolis Star today! woooo hoooo

Experts 'decipher' Inca strings

Do you think anyone 'invading' us in our country could beat us?

Tucker Carlson - Terrorist Cheerleader

Bill Maher on Larry King last night.

Anyone have a pic of the infamous Freeper rally...

One more reason to REALLY like Hackett: Rush is a "fatass drug addict"

Cindy story on MSNBC right now! n/t

OK so who is going to stand trial for the unreleased photos?

How Crazy & Desperate ARE the NeocoNazis? Just How Low WILL they go?

Oil futures cross $67

Cindy Crawford going to Crawford to see Cindy?

Cheney Does Not Look Good

Truthout still reporting from Crawford

Unintelligent design.

Where can I find the Cindy Ad

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Oil at $66 a barrel...I thought it was "Kick their ass, take their gas"???

Help - motels near Crawford?

More Death in Iraq: A Reluctant Soldier's Story

I'm sick of these people My letter to Michelle Malkin

If Bu$h had not gone into politics...what would he

Cindy Sheehan at top of Google News

Wanna start a recall movement in Kansas for Rove accomplice, Sen. Roberts?

Obstructionism in the Senate

does anyone have details about the Crawford rally tomorrow??

Sad/Beautiful >>>

What forum or group is best for posting patriot act information?

The next RW attack: Cindy Sheehan's anti-Isarel rhetoric

Hey DUers, kick and nominate this so that Will Pitt will see it.

Bush to use the young people to push for privatization of Social Security?

Military service "not for our kind of people"

Jeff Greenfield on Sheehan: Questions, smeshtons, nothing to see here.

This whole notion of "Freedom" is bullshit!

One Tin Soldier Stands Alone >>>

OMG! There really is no help for these morons!!

A conservative's view on Cindy Sheehan's protest

Aren't current oil prices an unintended consequences of Bush's

My e-mail to the Boston Herald in response to their slanderous attack on

Don't let the Abramoff indictment go unnoticed.

I think the weekend is going to cause a HUGE crowd surge at Camp Casey.

Mexed Missages

Gary Hart : A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

I went to Alexa/Amazon to review Meet With Cindy and leave

"Don't you liberals know anything?"

Cindy Sheehan's fallen off the Netscape page, after one day of

Photo of evil leftist manipulating Cindy Sheehan


Here's to Jay Marvin and Air America substitute hosts.

I AM...a self-congratulatory Republican

Crawford's "Camp Casey" Still Growing

The self delusion of conservative market analysts

Per truthout, Bush motorcade to pass Cindy at 12 Noon CDT

U.S. citizen accused of ties to Osama bin Laden now works 4 new Iraqi Gov

MSNBC Question of the Day & my response

You gotta check out the comments on the Phillie MetroBlog

Need help finding quote re: Cindy Sheehan

Trivial question about Saudi Arabian male behavior

scummy Arnold also has a shoe fetish

8/12 LoneStar Iconoclast, Report on Camp Casey

Is there a thread on today's USA Today * story?

Friday Afternoon Toons

How to stop your kid from joining the armed forces on Bush's watch

Pro-Iraq war American kills his anti-Iraq war American friend

I saw a US Army convoy headed south...

Is Ohio Turning Blue? (Human Events (puke) Alert)

Bush's motorcade went directly past us at 11:15

Major wingnut website calls Sheehan a "whore" "using her son's body"

Poodle Blair snubs Robin Cook's funeral

How come no one points out that the people accusing Cindy Sheehan...

Another (perhaps dissenting) perspective on Al Franken

AZ Radio stated * is coming to meet Cindy!

Why Cindy Sheehan's protest is effective despite Repuke bedwetters

Cindy Sheehan will have no effect

Cindy Sheehan is USING the MSM

Rhandi R and Barry are not able to help on transportations issues in Waco.

Meme du jour: the "Birth Tax"

What, if any, will be the psychological effects on America of 2K dead?

I think the scariest thing for Bush is that THIS WAS STARTED ON A WHIM

Crawford COWARD costing us $5,000+ per hour by using helicopter!!!!

truthout: Bush's motorcade went directly past us at 11:15

Hummer alert! Unleaded trading @ $2.00gal on NY Merc

Robin Cook, Foreign Minister who resigned to protest Iraq war, is dead

We know the Bushists aren't thinking clearly about Iraq. Is anybody?

Anyone know of a "Support Cindy Rally" in NYC?

Dear Barry C, you are an AH! God help you and randi! I'm sorry Will

I Am An Unabashed Supporter Of Cindy Sheehan And Here's Why.

Next terror attack-gas tankers: LIHOP or MIHOP??

Does anyone know how many people are in Crawford?

You have to wonder sometimes

How close is the closest Republican to you?

Are there any websites that have a timetable history of Terror Alerts?

Nice article in local online paper on Sheehan

Cindy: 'Why do you make time for donors and not for me?' --PIX->>>

Shuttle information if it helps

Whose got that "Santorum finest mind of13th century" image?

The pipe bomber that was caught in Oklahoma?

but judge, the boy just likes to make bombs

Mental Picture * on a quater horse roping a steer @ the Lazy W Ranch

What the HELL does this man mean by "drop in the bucket" ?

Need help responding to LTTE

Help me here, If the "Right" doesn't like dissent,

AOL Poll Almost Two-Thirds Now Fear Gas Prices

Repuke responses to Sheehan question...

George W Chickenshit ! Frawd, POS! Impeach him NOW!

truthout: Bush motercade is expected to pass Camp Casey at noon

Kennedy & Kerry Pressure Bush To Meet Cindy

A Simple Proof that the Official Story of the Flight 93 Crash is Wrong

The Savaging of Cindy Sheehan

I need a link to the Dobson "Shake your weinie at him" site

So we have some nay sayers saying this will do nothing

Number 5

Do you buy this Truck story

Texas DUers - who would I call in Texas to get information on

Cindy in People - link

Carpool to Crawford info

Recent yahoo photos

"Sadistic" duck killer runs down 10 in Campbell, CA !!!

The new official name of *'s ranch is The Lazy W.

This isn't a good year to visit a Boyscout camp!

Boston DUers: Vigil on Boston Common tomorrow night for Cindy Sheehan

Christine Lahti: Cindy Sheehan is my hero.

Reuters Wire: Bush gets first look at anti-war protest near ranch

Cindy Picture on Newsday - See picture below

Interesting transaction outside my kitchen window

What Fox News Channel Would Have Done to Rosa Parks

POLL: Predict outcome of Cindy Sheehan vigil

A historical moment. The right time, place and cause all converge.

What no politician will ever say: "Our way of life must end."

Franken COMPLETELY misses point on NARAL ad....just on

I need Cindy flyers

There's no way for Bush to win in the Cindy Sheehan thing

Time for Randi Rhodes

He could have stopped, even for just a few minutes!

Lots and lots of Cindy pics

"Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?" . . .

Air America makes me very nervous...

CNN: Low income workers, unemployed "most likely" to worry about gas price

Just remember, the same people who have no respect for Cindy's loss

3pm, Friday Ed Schultz show

Thom Hartmann's show today - need help from someone who listened. page...

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Mother begs for end to killing (another mother's grief)--may join Cindy

Is * going to hold a press conference to talk about the

Did My DU Sticker Help Me Get Out Of A Ticket?

If anyone from Crawford is reading this tell Cindy we are on

1 Gallon of Regular gas in Bridgeport, CA: $3.39 (highest in U.S.)

Anti-Sheehan editorial in Atlanta gets 50 responses, all pro-Sheehan!

Bush moons the protestors

MInuteman Nazi/skinhead ties thread

"Coward Democrats are threatening our freedom"

What's with Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty in The Situation Room?

I will answer all your calls tomorrow.

Great Broadcast Programming Looking for a Television Near You

Cindy on Radio Left as I type....see link>>>>

FYI-Jan. 19, 2001 market closing values (last day before *'s inauguration)

Anyone Having Problems With Media Matters & Firefox

SLUG: Iraq: Grieving Families (Sheehan)

anti protest by freeps, let me go throw up now

Will Israel Attack Iran??!!

So when freepers say we can't support the troops and not the war

Gag alert

truthout: At 1:25 the motorcade returned from the fundraiser

freeptard here at work said that Cindy is using the media

Losing patience

Yahoo pictures tell the truth of a president and his soldiers

Ever wonder if there's a genius behind the stupidity?

The economy's prospects look rather good. George Bush's don't yet

Barry on Rhandi now talking about Crawford n/t

British Airways Strike Proves Worth of Organized Labor, Protest.

'Crawford 5' Lawyer Aids Sheehan's Legal Defense

Cation Head Exploder ... Do not enter if you are eating or drinking

What is the website for that Nazi radio station in Waco

France says nuclear talks with Iran still possible

Official Randi Rhodes explanation thread

Does anyone have a link to the Florida truck blockade story? I can't

Just finished the latest Zogby

Get me caught up on the news

How long before they start attacking CASEY Sheehan too?

Okay on yahoo chat the gopnazis are peddling the WILDEST rumors about

Jagger wimped out

Pepsico Contact info

Hear this idiot on Ed?

1846 Reasons why the DSM is Important

A Scandal Tracking Experiment..

If they call us Communists, why can't we call them

Cindy making rounds on the this a Friday dump?

video of Cindy on Olberman last night

Cindy coming up on Wolfie shortly if you can stomach him...

Belgian television picks up on Mrs Sheehan

Bush refuses to rule out force against Iran

A sunburned woman in a ditch frightens Bush and the Freepers.


Camp Casey (Crawford) photo album version THREE just posted

If you need to meet your anger quota for the day, read this article

Support Cindy! Write your Local Congressmen!

What Happened to the Stock Market Today - Really Off

CINDY all over French media, twice on headnews today

note the wording of MSRNC's poll?

Jeff Gannon calls us "anti-American radicals" and "useful idiots" and

Two U.S Soldiers Detained in Germany

Iraq Constitution based on Islamic Law on 8/15 ? (less rights for WOMEN)

* has just exited the Lazy "W" Ranch

WashPost's Faces of The Fallen is not updated

(VIDEO) Daily Show: The Judge Report

Gold Star Families/Cindy Sheehan ad to Air on Crawford Cable TV

Just got off the phone with Anarchy1999 RE: AA radio debacle

Everyone has probably heard the game "six degrees of

How would Faux "news" have handled Rosa Parks?

A Sheehan LTTE...from a moran.

Is Bush a moron or a moran?

Three Airlines Just Raised Rates

A Message From God: Grow Up

drudge canned outrage of the day - re:dean

anywhere i can donate $ to buy food or supplies for cindy & friends?

WP: Trade Deficit Up (Sharply) As Oil Imports Hit High

Yahoo about Casey : gentleness and quiet

Cindy Sheehan is on Wolf Blitzers Show now.

Blitzed out

Question about Blitzer: Heard someone on NPR interviewing him a week

Ray is talking about Gatorboy's Cindy/Tank cartoon.

Do you know anyone who actually favors a war with Iran?

Would Congress have to approve an attack of Iran ?

yahoo claims only 100 protesters

My new car window sign!

Leslie presenting "balanced" story on Cindy.

why is randi rhodes often spelled rhandi rhodes on DU?

+1000 points for howard zinn

The 'co-workers can often suck' thread

REMINDER: There is a signed document that explains Bush policy

Cindy is on the phone with Randi right now. n/t

Why Iran Will Lead to World War 3

Wolf Blitzer: "That's what I try to do, make news."

Cindy On Wolf Blitzer NOW.

EMERGENCY: Montana wildfires overrunning firefighters; Guard in Iraq

Police: Girl Shot With Taser After Taunting Deputy With Butcher Knife

Thomas Lindaman insults Cindy, send a comment to him.

Just got a new blue band, and found a new website

Pessimism aside - Bush *has* lost one big thing

Newly-released 9/11 tapes

How do you argue with a Republican?

It's very hard to face the fact the government killed your kid for nothing

Fox is demand that Jamie who sat on the 9/11 commission and Clinton

Anybody else notice the labelling changes on meat at groceries?

I have written out one card for each TX soldier killed

Randi did a good job with that freeper, deflecting

Fox is actually showing the crosses in Crawford.

Police arrest armed man at U.N. garage

The "Average Joe/Jane" - what is making them turn?

UK Article on Highway Blogging " American Graffiti: Signs of the Times"

Remember one thing

Oklahoma bomb suspect is out on $10,000 bail.

Can someone please tell me about any counter-protest(s) to Cindy?

Was George Bush's Mom a drunk when she was carrying him?

DU is the best!

Swimmerfilms has video production of Cindy/Crawford

Of Big Oil gouging us and a general strike in response

Breaking Ky Gov, Ernie Fletcher (R) subpoenaed today

Motel-hopping Monsignor once spoke out against liberals, gays

Much like their leader, The Conservative Voice understands Cindy:

My inside look into homeland security [from working with them] (reposted)

Rasmussen-38% Say U.S. Winning WOT - most pessimistic #'s ever recorded

Who Remembers Truman Capote Bush?

Fox --- "Now it's a circus"

President Par-Tay -PIX->>>

How the blogosphere forced the media to do their job

everything is local..remember that! Take Cindy to your town!

ARNOLD: Some people are saying he had an affair & woman was paid off

Remember When High Gas Prices Were "Hurting Carter's Presidency?"

Right-Wing Mike Gallagher Stages Counter-Protest against Sheehan

Interview of President Bush by Yaron Deckel, Israeli Television Channel 1

8/12 All DU Cindy Sheehan threads here Part 4

Laura Flanders is on a roll!!! AAR!

MSM In A Tizzy! It's OK To Use Burning WTC Shots Again!!

WHY are Religious Pro-Lifers Ok with using Fertility Drugs?

This is one of the reasons why Bush has "plans to attack IRAN"- Must Read

Ask Dr. Dean to connect the dots on MTP Sunday.

Visit SpeakSpeak News.

No amount of whining will stop what's coming at us in the next 3 years

Keeping a son out of the Marines - a mom's post

My mail is flashing but I have to let all of you know here We need Help!

Has that monkey, ted nut-gent, ever played in Iraq?

Who is Rita Cosby and why are her Collagen Lips all over my TV?

Bush meets a steamroller in Texas; he's about to become pavement.

Local news in Houston is taking note of Sheehan, but portraying it poorly.

ABC had a pretty decent segment on Cindy.


Bet! The picture floating about of Bush kissing Cindy Sheehan

Bloggin' outta Crawford

Sorry if dupe... but Rummy has some explaining to do... oh, it was

Mike Gallagher/Darrel Ankarlo are traitors

My 7-year old nephew told me that homosexuals are sick!!!

How long will you buy the "naturally occurring" line?

Robot army ready for duty in Iraq

W.Blitzer showed a short clip this after of Bush in a white truck with his

BOYCOTT Coca-Cola!

Why are people so fucking stupid?

Can I please make a request. Please. This protest is about Cindy.

To stop the March in DC. Sept. 24-26..

If you're going to Crawford on Saturday check in here...

Are we forcing Iraq to draw up a slapdash McConstitution?

The Nauseater of the Day: Katherine Harris by Wayne Madsen.....

THE ORIGIN OF SPECIOUS: National Mutation Through Unnatural Selection

WUKY cancels (Garrison Keillor!?) radio program over offensive content

Pickles has her own chimp** matching pickup Truck??

please DU this poll msnbc! say "no"

"They say there's going to be a terrorist attack by september 19th"

Video From Camp Casey -Impressions from Thursday, Aug 11th

A quick thought about General Byrnes' firing

On Van Ness in San Francisco cheap unleaded is at $3.09 per gal.

Post the lyrics to your favorite protest songs here.

How about a Plamegate thread, folks? :^)

WP: The 1% Split Over Estate Taxes ("very rich" v. "merely rich")

Oil companies' worst nightmare!

George Will Does a Novak Calls Jimmy Carter a Liar Over Stolen Notes

My message to our troops: (feel free to add your own)

Does Bush Really ''Grieve For Every Death''?

Why American politics no longer "stops at the water's edge".

REVAMP: Time to go after Phil Hendrie....

Its Official: I'm Psychic! (Not a Lounge Post)

Would Bush use nuclear weapons?

Abstinence only = "no nookie for the repukes"

Cindy Sheehan -- classic cult victim (BARF time, right loses it's mind)

HAHA! GREAT Coverage for Cindy on Lou Dobbs. Kitty is in!

What will you do this weekend to take America back?

Some Camp Casey pics from 8-11 Thurs.

There should be NO RECORD OIL PROFITS at a time when Americans

Coming up on Hardball: Crosby and Nash vs Ted Nugent

A Love Letter To Cindy Sheehan- Update One.

Late-Nite Political Jokes

Bush is NOT the President or Emperor of the World

What the hell is wrong with people? (warning rant)

I want to go to Crawford but need help

Cindy Sheehan is on CTV National News (Canada)

blitzer just said Cindy has drawn world-wide attention (cnn)--and will

Let's just say Bush decided to end the Iraq War

Buh Bye, Daryn Kagan (being "let go" by CNN)

If the "family" of Casey Sheehan are going to make a political statement.

there's something wrong with christianity in america when so-called....

Carter Takes Dive in Namesake Submarine

Did anyone notice this morning the amount of time Kaagan/rush spent on

Philip Klass, UFO Debunker and Aviation Journalist, has died

are we playing into the hands of these felons by focussing

Anyone heard from Lila Lipscomb lately?

Why are there NO politicians talking about GAS PRICES?

This is about far more than a conversation with George Bush

Here it is - What do you all think?

President Clinton is Losing this war in Iraq, how SHALL we deal with him?

Who is David Margolis? <---- He's got oversight on Fitz (TREASONGATE)

Many see bush's War as a Mistake. It was NOT a Mistake.

The Arlington West Crosses at Camp Casey Mean a Lot to Many Folks

My Time in Crawford - An Essay in Pictures (dialup warning)

On the road to nowhere (CAPTION)

What's *'s next move? You know the neocons aren't going to give up

Cindy coming up on Situation Room...CNN

Boston Herald editorial smears Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Solidarity Vigil Pics (Check out Grandpa for Peace)

Cindy is my hero! She just did what our Dem leaders don't hav the balls to

I spent the day in Crawford, we yelled at gwb!!!!

I think Andy Stephenson's spirit must be watching over Cindy Sheehan

'Someone's ' - A POWERFUL new (8/12/05) video from 'Peace Takes Courage'

Christian Wire Service touts Crawford counterprotest: "support our troops"

After months of hate mail, no choice but to move

Search the published opinions of John Roberts here...

DU MSNBC poll: Should Cindy Sheehan accept Pres. Bush's response & Go Home

Blame it on a Full Moon, the Devil or Whiskey....

Will Bush attack Iran?

Is there a simple poster that someone has designed o support

So we picked a fight with the Moslem world. Why?

Senators Kennedy & Kerry push * to meet with Cindy

How to Prosecute the Plame Case

Bush is going to attack Iran!!!

Finest Bronze Bust of George W. Bush in the United States

EVERYBODY GOES TO GITMO! Bush Orders ALL Senior Staff To Be Tortured!

ABC News last night: dinosaurs on Noah's ark

Did he even bother to look out the window? -PIX->>>

8/12 All DU Cindy Sheehan threads Part 5

I called the Crawford Peacehouse and talked with a volunteer

40 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations


Does science take a position on the god question?

TOONS to end my week

Was this a stupid thing to do?

Guy James is a true Hero in every sense of the word

Picture of Nathaniel DeTample, 19 yrs old, KIA 8/9/05 Iraq

Great idea from - got after * donors

Bush: "I GRIEVE for every death....It breaks my heart!"

Government: release of Abu Ghraib prison photos could cause riots

ACTION ALERT: Mary Ann MacCombie (Goldstar Mom) would like our assistance

Great film done by a DUer in Crawford. A Day in Crawford!!

BOOK TV Schedule Aug 13-15

MSNBC has the unedited 9/11 tapes from the New York Fire Department

Rosa Parks And This Whole Bus Boycott Aren't Going To Change Anything!

Andy's mom called Bush a "peckerhead" and said she's coming to Crawford!

I'm curious. If Bill Clinton is so great at political manurevering.....

"All the coral, all the sponges, all the crabs...everything's dead"

Thoughts on Martial Law

Gasoline!! $2.40 last night, $2.44 this morning, $2.48 this afternoon!!

I just got off the phone with Coca Cola in Waco

We're changing the way we treat member signature lines.

CHIMPKENHAWK -- Bush One Part Chimp, One Part Chickenhawk

So I didn't stand for the pledge today...

French fried sweet potatoes?

'Sick people' set boy, 11, alight

Unhelpful of McCririck to sound that bitter note in his eulogy for Robin.

McCririck slams PM at Cook funeral: London Evening Standard

Police chief launches 'solidarity' ribbon

Mysterious goings-on in the Filey Triangle

WP: The New Ernie Pyles: Cbftw and Sgtlizzie

Ontario's schools moving towards privatization: teachers' federation

S. Korea Backs Civilian N-Programme for DPRK--

Bush Cites Gains but Sees No Cuts in Troops in Iraq

Clinton: Hillary hasn't decided on 2008 (CNN)

WP: Abramoff Arrested


The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq (Day 6) - a message from Cindy Sheehan

Families Brace for Release of 9/11 Papers

Protesters cut fence, walk unchallenged through Stuttgart's Patch Barracks

£56bn bill on the cards for getting rid of nuclear waste

Lawyer: Nuke Waste Put Community at Risk

US ‘geniuses’ going berserk with ‘homeland security’

Blair is accused of Cook 'snub'

U.S. abortion rights group pulls anti-Roberts ad


Probe Accents Issue of What Rove Told Bush

NYT/AP: Trade Deficit Rose in June as Oil Imports Hit Record High

Fort Bragg Soldiers Star In Comic About Iraq War

US soldier killed, two others wounded in central Afghanistan

CNN/AP: NASA launches Mars orbiter

WP,pg1: U.S. Targets Sex Abuse Of Exchange Students

Cleric Bakri barred from Britain

NYT: Latest study supports global warming

Iran's nuclear decision 'irreversible' - Rafsanjani

New York to release 9/11 records (BBC)

Hummer alert! Unleaded trading @ $2.00gal on NY Merc

Key Figure in DeLay Probe Is Indicted

An Open Letter from Ralph Nader to Cindy Sheehan

Egyptian censors block magazine

Mexican border town hit by truck crash

Ousted Baghdad mayor says gun, not vote, rules Iraq

National GOP paid more than $700K in accused conspirator's legal bills

Extremists using national parks

Man Arrested on Weapons Charge Near U.N.

Consumers less upbeat than expected (Michigan survey drops to 92.7 from 96

Venezuela's Chavez Blames Right for Brazil Scandal (Update1)

Radio stunt involving drowning dog causes public panic (didn't do it)

Bush motercade passes cindy @11:15

Bush pressed to meet protester mom (by Mass Senators Kennedy & Kerry)

Ousted Baghdad mayor says gun, not vote, rules Iraq

CBS: Ranks Swelling At Camp Crawford

Police: Girl Shot With Taser After Taunting Deputy With Butcher Knife

Mo Mowlam transferred to hospice : BBC

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier; Helicopter Comes Down

Fake News Abounds, but Vigilance on the Rise! (gee, ya think!)

Brazil's Lula 'sorry' for scandal

RNC member, NH GOP chairman surprised by legal spending

Iraq war boosted Islamic extremist threat- (Jimmy) Carter

Justice Dept. Argues for Pentagon Moves

Roberts advised O'Connor to be discreet at hearing (middle name Hubris?)

Relatives: Mom's vigil just hurtful

Pepsico Contact info

Green group accuses Schweitzer (D-MT) of betraying the environment

Bush Motorcade Passes War Protesters

Putin 'must end attacks on Poles'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 12 August

Two U.S Soldiers Detained in Germany

U.S. Fighter Jet Bombs Australia Building

September 11 walk stirs ire of anti-Iraq war protestors


Mother of fallen soldier protesting in Iraq launches ad campaign

Figure in DeLay Probe Appears in Court

Iraq Constitution Compromise Offered

Protests against Iran hangings spread to USA

Roadside bombings in Iraq are increasing (doubled in the past year)

Roberts joined effort to limit voting protections in '80s

Yahoo News: "Idaho probes outbreak of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease"

Interview of President Bush by Yaron Deckel, Israeli Television Channel 1

Malaysia Declares Haze Emergency

WP: The 1% Split Over Estate Taxes ("very rich" v. "merely rich")

Scientist's son-in-law is arrested (AQ Khan relative)

LAT/AP: Lutherans Reject Easing Gay Clergy Rules

WP/AP: British Airways Back in Air After Strike

FDA Places Restrictions on Accutane

N.C. House approves new voting machine restrictions (paper REQUIRED!)

Cupertino teacher, district officials settle school religion lawsuit

Carter takes dive in namesake submarine

Trespassing Dismissed Against Immigrants

Venezuela says Americans could be denied visas in response to U.S. .......

Silent Bush drives past anti-war protesters

Haiti Releases Paramilitary Group Leader

U.S. Fighter Jet Bombs Australia Building

Sunnis reject Shiite proposal for federal Iraq

60 billion pounds required to destroy UK's nuclear waste

LAT: Stocks Decline on Soaring Energy Prices

State: No more fenced hunting (Indiana "canned hunts")

Klansman in Civil Rights Case (Edgar Ray Killen) Gets Bond

Iraq Shiite leader al-Sadr's group says it freed 4 hostages in Baghdad

Top Sri Lankan minister shot dead

No Smoking Gun in U.S. Look at Iran Leader

LAT: California Limits Hybrids in Fast Lanes

Anti-War Protester Appears In Television Ad

Giant Waterfall Discovered in Calif. Park (COOL!)

Mass transit threat alert to be lowered

Bush pressed to meet protestor mom

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Blast Near Iraq Mosque Kills 4, 3 Children (U.S. forces blamed)

Metro Mothers Take Stand Against Iraq War ("stand with Cindy Sheehan")

Iraqis thirst for water and power (Christian Science Monitor)

Bush gets first look at anti-war protest near ranch

Richardson declares border emergency to free up funds

Anti-Illegal Immigration Group's Forum Plan Foiled

VA to review stress cases to ensure pay was justified

Oregon Mother (of fallen Soldier) to Join Sheehan Vigil

News fairness debate focuses on Iraq war

Lancet: Depletion of latent HIV-1 infection in vivo... (Cure for AIDS)

Ford fires salaried employees

Jail For Teacher In Sex Case (Tennessee, CBSnews)

Worst Midwest Drought in Years is Wilting Crops

Aug. Death Toll for Reserves in Iraq Soars

'Wash Post' Will Drop Sponsorship Of 'Freedom' March (not)

Tabloid's Deal With Woman Shields Governor

Venezuela May Deny Americans Visas

Bush refuses to rule out force against Iran

Tennessee to slash state health benefits for the needy

NYT: Officials See Risk in the Release of Images of Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Pressure grows on Chicago's Teflon mayor

Poll: Many Fear Financial Hit of Gas Prices (64 percent)

Career Lawyer Gets Oversight of CIA Probe

(Bill) Clinton casts doubt on Hillary 2008 White House bid

In case you're bored with Zuma or Freecell

Worst lip-synch job of all time?

Okay, who's got Madden 06?

Intelligent Design debate on Mike Webb's Show

a couple of PRICKS......

I just ate the biggest-ass dill pickle you've ever seen

could this guy be Michael Moore's evil freeper twin?

It was about time for a new signature quote

Aww... gross...

Three weeks and no bad stuff

My parents abused me

We have troll sign!

Stripes and Dots DO go together

I am a Ramist

Insomnia. Who suffers from it, and what helps you?

Adam Corolla "Too Late". Anyone else think it sucks?

So I'm watching Iron Chef...

Good night, DU. I love you. :)

The saga continues...

I haven't had a cigarette in about seven minutes...

I'm crashing

I just cut off 18 inches of hair

I'm Henry Cabot Lodge

Where is Heddi? I wanna play "I'm Roger Lodge...", dammit

Hot Jeezus H. Christ on a jiminey stick!

"I'm Roger Lodge"

I'm Cabot Lodge

The movie 'Downfall' is now out in DVD

My wife just started smoking again

Beer is really good for you, scientists say

Screaming fit

I hate sore noses!

Good Adlai Stevenson Quote. Thought DU'ers would like it.


I'd like to encourage everyone to visit the DU Groups...

KLEEB WANTS YOU... to chat on aim

"...don't pay attention...." new toon 8/12

This is a poll just for the Freeper/Lurkers: Cindy Sheehan

Tom Joad got out of the old McAlester Pen;

Vermeer anyone?

JimmyJazz - don't you have a DVD player in your car

I am tiring of taunting Delaware about toll roads. What else can I use?

The movie Cool Hand Luke seems very apt to me lately...

the Panda cub is wide awake and raising hell. This is the first time I

Silica gel! Do not eat!

Tax free weekend in Massachusetts. You are all invited.

Link to shiningbush picture please!?!?

In the "From Russia With Love" upcoming video game, Bond's car.

DON'T get Mr. Scorpio angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Barking Man Bites Mail Carrier

Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric?

Is there a power outage in Cleveland?

I heard a rumor

Yesterday was stlsaxman's birthday!

Driving Directions

Online test: "How American Are You?"

It's nap time!

Answer to Kansas ID proponents

Have a nice vacation Misshoneychurch!

Crawford Picture link for the lounge

Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig

Here's a joke

Were you aware there is a Lifetime movie channel?

Freepers. Hateful, hateful, freepers

I'm hereby starting a FReeper fundraiser for me to be killed

Just had wonderful DU moment

2 1/2 hours ...

Washington DC check out thread Sept. 2005

Let's face it, there was only one James Bond.

WTF!!! "You do not have any entries in your inbox."

You want one hell of a show - Try Mettalagher

Barking man bites letter carrier (Is it time to ban humans?)

Anybody here use Muzzy?

What's your favorite Sean Connery "Bond" film

The Drudge Family Disowns Matt Drudge!

Nicole Richie's bug eyes

I still have the Zuni week banner in my photobucket account

Awright, Everybody! Cut Off!

We've organized the DU Lounge Threats into folders! NEW!

Irene may become Hurricane could hit from SC to NJ

I need HELP ... somebody, anybody ~ please explain the DU football thingie

Mysterious object seen flying over Manitoba

What ever happened to the Spin Doctors?

All time favorite band names...

Well, OK then. What shall we do now?

30 years ago today I had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life

Flaming Supercuts Sued by Screwy Spanish Spin Doctors


Driver Thought His Video Game Skills Would Help Him Run From Police

"Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?"

Jimmy Jazz is mad with power

Dumbest looking pic of Chimpy ever?

Okay, if I push this button marked "Infinite Improbability Drive", what's

Cool obscure band of the week: Simply Saucer

Jimmy Jazz: The flamewar Does she taste great or is she less filling

For JimmyJazz: This is the only allowed flamewar in the Lounge today

Awright, everybody! Count off!

For Blue-Jay: This is the only allowed food in the Lounge today

If we can't have a flamewar can we at least post Journey lyrics?

I have a 14-lb. growth on my chest

Can we organize the lounge by furniture styles?

Please don't start lawnmowers in the lounge on Friday's

Thread about Thread

Stop using sex as a weapon!

Flame Poll

First we complain about them

George W. Bush has turned me toward Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior...

Thread about Mindy!

the hegelian dialectic

thread about thread about thread about Cindy!!!!

Thread about Thread About Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say....It appears I have missed something here in the Lounge

Sometimes even the best among us can't catch a break

I just got a phone call from someone in Liverpool

My 20,000th Post Opus:


got myself into a flamewar with myself

Thread about Cindy!!!!!!

Looking for Cindy threads

famed swan coupLe, actuaLLy same sex coupLe

Got myself in a Flame war with Neocons

Anyone taking bets on when Shrub caves and meets with Cindy?

Wait, North Carolina has a N.C. Turnpike Authority??? Does this mean...

What DOES Bush really care about?

The dandy cabbage appreciation thread

I passed of going to lunch over politics!

Friday afternoon earworm needed

And now...I get sick...

Why is your onion on logs?

The Kennewick Man

Where's BouncyBall?

How is the sanctity of everyone's marriage today?

I misplaced my gay agenda

"Die you miserable bitch"

I misplaced my left wing liberal agenda

300 posts!!! For real this time !!!!

For post #3,000, I'd like to show you something.

The real Cindy thread.....

Supercuts Sued For Not Letting Workers Speak Spanish

Do you really want to hurt me?

Going to see Solomon Burke this Sunday!

Who needs a PM?

Lighten up! This is the Lounge

The Kennebunkport Man

do you remember that one thread, about that one thread

More Than 11,000 Chickens Killed in Panhandle Fire

Going to see Solomon Burke this Sunday!

Who needs a BM

I am absolutely shaking with anger

Mama Panda showing off her baby ..

They have the water shut off at my office this morning.

I'm getting off sugar again.

I want a vacation. I never get to go anywhere.

Does anyone know going rates for babysitting?

For earworm lovers

Radio stunt involving drowning dog causes public panic (didn't do it)

I am deceiving DU

Has anyone seen "Cathouse, the Series" on HBO

Should I use my student loans to buy this?

I have no student loans

I have a hangover (follow up to last night's thread)

Do you still celebrate your birthday?

Hershey bar made in MEXICO?? You have GOT to be shitting me.

For $100,000 per ticket, watch Aug. 21 Stones concert with Schwarzenegger

I'm 21,649 posts from 22,000. Ask me anything about threads about threads

I think the Lord put hardwood floors under my carpet to test my faith...

Listening to David Sedaris on my walkman in Paris is hilarious!!

Best Girl Bond?

Here there be monsters

140 posts to 5000 - ask me a few things!

Techie question.

Crapola - the cousins are on their way

JESUS Comes to Crawford

ah, it just wouldn't be a complete day without a Al Franken flamewar in GD

Ask me a Question, and I'll answer you like Ralph Wiggum.

I hate my job

There was this one time, in Band Camp

Which is a better description of you?

New "Survivor" cast revealed - 2 Kansans!

If BushCo. were evil comic book supervillians what would you name them?

I will be getting my kitty tomorrow or Sunday

KGs computer question of the week

Some days it just doesn't seem worth the bother

Are you high maintenance or low maintenance?

Have you seen this before?

I'm babysitting, ask me anything

Matcom - who goes - your hippo or your walking smilie buttcrack?



when people frisk you:

I finally saw the Panda video cam

Please don't start flamewars in the lounge on Fridays -

We're changing the way we treat musician signature songs

Okay, do YOU belive in the supernatural?

Can I have my neighbors locked up.....

? would you ever take a cell phone call in the restroom

please could some savvy DUer make my speedboat baby sigline comply?....

Forgive me, Lynnesin!!

It's "WINDY" in my office today.

Need Freeware/Shareware to size and print photos.

That's it! I'm gonna buy me a cowbell for the Sept 24th protest

I don't know anything about anything. Post here to ask me anything.

Anyone read these books?

Going to Denver. What should I do

I gotta have more cowbell!

Is matcom aware that many of us will rejoice to see that oversexed purple

ask me a question? any question

World peace would be found if we just gave everyone unlimited choc. puddin

Can I have some drugs?

I had to get rid of my woodchipper smiley.

She's got a way about her

Heh. Check it out. Director of Fundy Publishing Company a pedophile.

"Lutherans Reject Sex - Same Blessing Push"

Anyone Seen Broken Flowers with Bill Murray?

Is Catwoman Aware That Her Kitties Are About To Be Assimilated?

Dammit!!! I never got to abuse the sigline there's nothing for

I will never say "how much worse can it get?" EVER again

Does anyone here own a pellet stove?

what's the best way to deal with . . .

My signature feels naked now

How do I know if my sigfile is oversized?

does anyone like pretzels with ketchup flavored with hot sause

What would it take for Mrs. Grumpy not to be grumpy?

I'm not a vegetarian, but I eat animals that are

"Mom, is our bathroom door ax-proof?"

War Pigs

Is Socks Going To Be Sent Away? HE AIN'T HURT NOBODY!

I just saw a picture of my nephew...

anyone here a fan of the Transformers?

You never know who you can and can't trust

Best Bond Girl?

Redstone is da bomb!

Pandora : Your own Private Radio (not about pandas!)

YEARS ago, some poster figured out how many stairs my smiley did in a year

Want fries with that??

Who's scarier - George W Bush or Henry Spencer?

Need movie rental ideas please

Leave it to the Dutch: putting Reagan's SDI to good use

199 for 7! Holy shit!!

Can someone get me the link to the Minutemen pictures?

Just went to Barnes and Noble: here are my purchases!

Do I "dare" hope? Matcom will finally get rid of that stoopid hippo??

I just got a ton of mail from various grad schools today

Let's have fun with politicians' names!

I just found my newest guilty pleasure: Filthy Rich/Cattle Drive on E!

It's 3:33 AM and here I am folks, AWAKE....

Down here in South Mississippi, there are no blue car service centers.

I just passed 7,000 posts!

Teens operate on dead cat, saving kittens

Psychic's crystal ball burns down his flat in unforeseen blaze

Saw The Forgotten last night *minor spoiler*

Our favorite Freeper pick-up lines.

Deuce Bigalow drawing critical raves...

Certain 'wingers seem to hang on my every word. Why?

Good god now I really want to smoke again

El Nino Pandito

Do English people refer to cigarettes as fags?

Correct pronunciations

Need some opinions...

Yo: Super-Size THIS, Spurlock

Are you sick of my copycats?

It is all YOUR fault!!!

The movie "Ray" premiers on HBO tomorrow night

Random pictures from the ET Awful saved pictures collection

Rafael Palmeiro sits out again tonight.

It is hotter than a Tijuana Cathouse outside

What's a good program to covert .art files to .jpg files?

Time for a mass dandelion break. Am taking my guys outside and taking

Cool Whip and Peanut Butter.......


My 7 year old just told me he wants a "Bratz" game for Xmas

How hot is Zain Verjee??

Really good CGI short. (56K warning)

Archae - Morrissey is biting his tail!

Looks like we have an infestation coming next week to south

Is this signature acceptable according to the new DU rules?

kitty vices

After eating "normally" for around 2 months, I weigh the same

How to screw up an Interview..

Oh no! My boyfriend is a redneck!

I just saw a really stupid TV ad.

That's Globalization:

Colors of the Liberal/Left

Dallas More Liberal Than Austin? That's Weird

CBS news teaser: Schwarzenegger has new problems.

Bidding on Jesus Pierogi Now Over $1,000

trekkie question.

and while I'm on the topic of the insignificant

I love Fry's!

No sex please .. we're radioactive

I love Al Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weatherman.

Dueling Banjos - Video

87 posts from 5,000!!

Please check in on this thread. IMPORTANT help a Gold Star Mom

Cool Whip doesn't taste so good with COSTCO low fat Ham..

Cool Whip is pretty tasty in coffee......

What should I name my dog?

Green Day gives permission to host their anti-war video commercial on Air America...

osama Loves cindy sheehan

Have you noticed how many new TV shows this fall deal with sci-fi

I Love Fry!

Anybody catch "Paths of Glory" on TCM last night? Fabulous Kubrick..

It does NOT say "Blessed are the warmongers."



Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts

There's something I've got to say

. . . and now a Red Wasp Sting!

Dipping Green Grapes in Cool Whip....

International World Television just called me...

I love this kitty story about Abraham Lincoln

13 posts to 1,000: Help me get there.

A knife, a fork, a bottle, and a cork

I am not a "Male Ho"

What is to be done about WCGreen's Cool Whip fetish?

Why does 19.91 KB equal 20391 bytes?

Nobody EVER comments on my picture.

Best ice cream slogan EVER.

My 8yo has been wearing a peace bracelet to school

yay! Frankfurt is back.

LF Magic 8 ball tread ( ask a yes no question)

What the hell is Cool Whip?

Queerduck Or Nose-Twitching Samantha

matcom hotlinked the hippo and ass to my photobucket acount - should I be

How do you connect to DU?

So, what's for dinner?

Does anybody know why flights into and out of Atlanta....

Current TV Ads you Absolutely HATE!

Keith Richards as Capt. Sparrow's (Johnny Depp) Father?

I am leaving DU

Strange, strange woman

What is your opinion on blogs?

My sig is just right!

Can someone please tell me what happened?

Do car dealerships purposely try to screw women???

In fifteen minutes, I spring into action!

Just how many showers a day are too many?

My Cousin Vinny - Recommend it?

Okay, so my FIL, who I am SUPPORTING by the way,

What's your guilty pleasure?

Cindy for President!

Post here and I will say something nice AND give you a smiley!

Para bailar la bamba

Time for me to post another work of fractal art for your enjoyment.

Google up a pic of your favorite childhood toy or pastime

Do you know what I wish we had?

Nighthawks hug fest. Get 'em while they're hot, folks!

1,000 POSTS! YAY! Ask me anything.

I need your prayers, hugs, karma, and good wishes right now.


Can I have some hugs?

I have a confession: I'm intrigued by Condi!!!!

Someone please come over and taste this for me


Flamingyouth and I have a new addition to our family! (PIC HEAVY)

"Go Cindy!" is the sign I'm going to put in our car window right now!

Who is the prettiest of these Indian actresses?

What are the best Rolling Stones albums to start with?

We've organized the DU Lounge Threads into folders! NEW!

New improved leaner penguin about to wake up polar bear

Anyone lost a shitload of music before?

what film(s) had the deepest affect on your life?

What Do You Call The Parents Of Your Spouse/Partner/SO?

Morrissey is on my bed.

My Fur Coat. Sure I miss it. Flame away

And just to be a jerk....POST YOUR PICTURE!!!

my entire family is dead

I'm sorry but this radio stunt was SICK.

Am I missing something here?

Study: Strict diet (vegetarian) may stop prostate cancer (

I just found the Vegetarian Channel

Suit: Residents harassed into Bible study

Ads for drug company discounts for low-income persons

'Bizarre' lightning strike to be studied

Polar bear makes huge 74 km one-day Arctic swim

Triple Asteroid System Found

Protests against Iran hangings spread to USA

Threat To Ban Gay Adoptions In Kansas Nixed - For Now

Emotional Debate As Lutherans Prepare For Gay Vote

Maryland Gays Enlist Church Support In Marriage Suit

Gay adoptions left off agenda

Boston's most famous pair of swans are gay

Salt Lake Mayor Proposes Gay Partner Registry

Even at DU :(


Will the Mets step it up in the face of adversity?

battle of the SOX this weekend

PETA Has Feathers Ruffled Over South Carolina Mascot

Can anyone here give some advice about running an animal rescue?

Some (hard-earned) advice for city dogs

Before I go to the vets-------- My cat sits funny.

How do I find an astrocartography map?

Doesn't Mayan calendar end in 2012?

Experiment in divination

Anybody do a reading on Cindy Sheehan?

Kennedy & Kerry Pressure Bush To Meet Cindy

over in LBN: Kerry and Kennedy pressure Bush to meet w Cindy Sheenan

The DemocraticDaily will have Kerry's Radio Address tomorrow morning

Kerry Travels to Seattle to Address Democratic Legislators at DLCC

I didn't know there was a 'Listening Tour' going on?

Anyone submit to the stock photography sites?

Twin Falls State Park

A different perspective -- mushrooms

Yo Crispy, re: Cindy Sheehan

KOEB 8/12

Swift U.N. Action Unlikely on Iran Nukes--IPS

Madness Abounds No End....When the Madness results in a Mad Leader

Can anyone tell me what this Arabic News article is talking about?

Sunday, September 11, 2005; March for Truth in NYC!!!

National Guard: More deaths in first 10 days of Aug. than any MONTH in war

Update on CAMP CASEY video from 8-10-05

Empty podium, empty president.

Austin atty may file lawsuit to allow protesters to move closer to Bush

Eligible to serve when military accepts up to age 42.

Jeff Greenfield,on CNN, just compared WWII to Iraq

disgraced Monsignor Eugene Clark donated $$ to Bush "Dinner Committee"

WTF...Media is giving Bush credit for "responding" to Cindy Sheehan?

Photo: Bush channels Tony Soprano. "Fugeddaboudit!"

Maybe we don't want W driving his truck down to meet with Cindy

I just have to post this, it's all Clintons fault LOL

Bush is ready to attack Social Security again !

Is it legal to use the military for that Pentagon Concert on 9/11?

More Death in Iraq: A Reluctant Soldier's Story

The Muslims are fighting us in Iraq to keep from fighting us in their

Highway bill= socialism & sprawl

Is there any evidence to support Rumsfeld's claim

This is Casey Sheehan

"Cindy's put Bush between Iraq and a hard place"

oil expected to hit $70 a barrel this month....get wood stoves now

So what did it cost us by leaving Viet Nam? Nada!

'Justice Sunday' How does this NOT violate CHURCH & STATE regs?

Lars Larson is hitting the pond scum level

O'Reilly Factor last night...

A pal just told me Clinton in the 90's

You should be checking everyday.

CNN speculating that shrub may meet Cindy today

The GOP beat up Jimmy Carter in 1980. How about Bush now? Dems.

"If Cindy Sheehan had $100,000 to donate to George W. Bush,

Cindy needs a headset for her phone to help offset fatigue/muscle problems

"Mr. President, my name is Cindy Sheehan" video airs on CRAWFORD CABLE TV

Radio Free Europe: Bush Huddles With Aides On Iraq As Poll Numbers Drop

"Military service isn't for our son. It isn't for our kind of people,"

Has anyone talked with Paul Hackett about visiting Camp Casey?

Counter Clinton Library group folds

Veterans Protest Westboro Baptist Military Funeral Protestors

Troop Morale

When Will it End?

Let's start explaining to the dimwits that our FREEDOM was the result

Freedom and Faith Rally, August 14

Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence

Olbermann allows Cindy Sheehan to rebut right-wing attacks

Bush motercade passes cindy @11:15

From the Orange Punch Blog: Defining Conservatism Down

Possible Anti-Pentagon 911 Country Music Festival Activities

So what kind of fundraiser is more important than a dead soldiers Mom.

A Month Inside the House of Horrors That is Congress..

US Representatives for Vacaville, CA & Crawford, TX

W.H. transcript: Yesterday's "I'm not meeting with Cindy" Bush press conf.

MSNBC Connected's Monica sprouting more neocon bullcrap!

What Neocons are saying about Cindy

Phillies Phans! August 16th is Young Republican Night!-Call Recruiters

Limbaugh says Cindy Sheehan is being manipulated by the left

Best Democratic Party Official to go to Crawford in Support of Cindy

One reason to choose a solidly BLUE state for the first primary

NYC Council member Margarita Lopez receives Scientology contributions

A Question MSM doesn't dare ask Bush

I have george dubya bush's legacy in the back of my truck

Cincinnati Post: Bush Following LBJ's Path (plummeting below 40% approval)

Cindy's message is HER'S! It doesn't matter who disagrees or agrees

"Support Cindy" CA Rallies TODAY, 5 PM, San Francisco & San Jose

You know how the Free-Marketeers always make fun of the French?

poll-watching, flip-flopping, nation builder. IT'S BUSH! but he said never

Bush, on avoiding use of force in Iran: "As you know I'm skeptical"

Cindy, please mention Conyers May 5 letter and the 500,000+ that signed

Cindy finally made the infamous Las Cruces Sun-News, down

WTF-Our embassies in Saudia Arabia have shut down?????

The Commercial I Want to See


Anyone else finding themselves in a constant bad mood

The Most Powerful Person In The World Can't Answer Questions....

Cindy Sheehan's pre-association (meditation) with Michael Moore IS BUNK:

Very informative website.

Isn't ticket scalping illegal?

Why I do not support the calls for Cindy Sheehan to run for office

The very best radio broadcast from Crawford Texas:

Still Hiding the Bush Bulge Spiking of story an “internal matter,” Pasaden

DELAY FACES MORE PROBLEMS!!!!! (posted on AOL) 21 Bush Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

McKinney 7/22 911 Briefing to Air on CSpan in its entirety...

Cindy Sheehan holds sign as presidential motorcade passes...but not shown

Why Won't The White House Condemn Anti-Immigrant Vigilantism? (DNC)

DeLay's Press Release in response to Pelosi: "pure nonsense, irrational"

12 new Yahoo News Crawford photos, including Bush's motorcade

Here is something we can all do (if we have cars or very visible window)


Rep. George Miller (HP): A Meeting is Not Too Much to Ask (Cindy's rep.)

Pentagon dismisses claims 9/11 walk & concert is "sinister stunt"

Here is the letter that helped get CDP to call for lowering of voting age

Israel, 9-11, Mohammed Atta, Tom DeLay, and Jack Abramoff...all connected

Latest RNC emailing (Roberts)

Will judge cave in to government's latest attempt to block torture images?

Another blown chance: Bush blows off Cindy... again.

We need a "trickle up" policy to frame the whole ball of wax

Coleen Rowley: Get past Bush's war rhetoric

'I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier' WWI Moms' anti-war song ->

Will the Camp Casey be...

What is the democratic party's alternative to Bushes Iraq policy?

On air now Joel Riley - next hour to discuss Cindy Sheehan (slamming her)

Team Kucinich In Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan

bible thumpers bashing bush

"Mean Jean" Schmidt's(R-OH-2) first piece of legislation?

How Low Will Smirky's Poll Numbers Have To Go Before They Produce Osama?

Three GOP governors attacking unions! Amazing.

Democratic Politicians need to become "Hackett" men!

Viggo Mortenson gave Cindy 'a raft of gifts!'

Editorial supporting Cindy Sheehan in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

MSNBC Question of the Day: (Cindy Sheehan question)

Sibel Edmonds on Democracy Now....

Another Mother begs for end to killing: "It's too late for my son"

Pull out now or pull out later?

"Cindy Sheehan is standing alone"

Its time to take the gloves off..........

Geez, what the f*%k happened to Cheney?

New Anti-war Video by Green Day - WOW!!

Boy NARAL looks stupid...

We are falling for the "correctness" meme again.

A child runs between rows of Crawford crosses: 18 new photos (Yahoo News)

Conyers is for the people, not the pigs. In the just-signed Transportation

Rep. Miller Urges * to Meet With Gold Star Mom and Ensure Fair Treatment

Thinking of pulling the plug on my John Conyers postings

When compoared with evil bad leaders in our Human history..where

Cindy Sheehan should change her message: away from unilateral pullout

Is Bush at such a Level that he acts and talks like a guy but with a kid

We can send kids off to war so why can't they vote and drink?

We're Numbah 3! We're Numbah 3! We're Numbah 3! (shit!)

US loses spy drone as Iraqis make off with wreck

DNC Chair Howard Dean to be Schiefer's guest Sunday on Face The Nation.

Home of the 9-11 TImeline going broke. Please help this media alternative!

MSNBC Poll: Should Cindy Sheehan accept Pres. Bush's response and go home?

Vanity Fair article on Speaker of the House Hastert's treason found here!

A difference between heroes: Sheean and Delay

This is who will lead the protest against Cindy

GOP Voter Fraud in NH - The Tobin Case: “How High Does This Go”

The perfect comeback to any RWingnut who wants to make

Should Oil Become A Publicly Regulated Utility?