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Archives: August 17, 2005

Venezuelan President Threatens U.S. with an Oil Embargo

"The U.S. Has Lost the Iraq War" -- Immanuel Wallerstein-

A life with no purpose

RP: The Death of the Empire

Cracks in the fortress? (NYT & Judith Miller)

Press Enterprise: Political grief

Why the Corporate Rich Oppose Environmentalism

Bush a Coward (short Ed. from Niagra Falls Reporter)

Dowd: Biking Toward Nowhere

"The president always knows"

Is Bush Out of Control? (Calls Frist a “god-damned traitor” )

March permits in front of the White House secured for Sept. 24


Ticket (for honking-in-support) dismissed (CA)

Solar-Power-Augmented Prius Takes the Grid Out of “Plug-in”

Saudi: No Need to Boost Oil Output for 'Foreseeable Future'

UN refugee agency reports harrowing accounts from Uzbeks who fled violence

Haaretz (Wednesday): First evacuating forces head for Gaza settlements

Sakra, al-Qaeda's Nr. 5 in the hands of Turkish Justice (August 14)

Video's of Sept 11th Pentagon crash

Just how profetic was Tommy Franks regarding 911?

Karen Hughes to be awarded Woman of the Year

KLSD radio host Stacy Taylor broadcasting from Camp Casey on friday -

The California Air Resources Board's CO2 regulations for cars.

Heads up. I'm going to be on the local Fox channel tonight!

? about installing new OS and keeping previously installed programs

Waukesha Dems holding vigil in Waukesha by library

More "Terror Drills" planned - this time nuclear. Coincidental attacks 2?

Overheard at a convenience store today

Local Political Leader Joins 'Peace Mom' (State Sen. Jim Ferlo)

"Summer storm named Cindy" (Olberman)

The Grave

Look! They are eating their own again!

HA! Freeprers Petitition GWB To NOT Meet With Cindy

Mistaken Bomb Suspect Tackled Before Shot (London)

Video's of Sept 11th Pentagon crash

Ithaca Mothers in Crawford/ Report #2

Wouldn't you think that Condi Rice would be in agony working for Chimp ?

US right targets anti-war mother

Local pundit tries to explain away oil prices

Nebraska Woman Will Join Texas Peace Protest-- " I hear a call"

Freeper Counter - Protest, August 27

Help or Hurt?

Leader? What leader?

My mom just told me to stop drinking Pepsi

Where's the Vassar Clements Thread?

Anderson Cooper to broadcast 360 from Camp Casey tomorrow

What happened to the Bush** supporter who ran over the crosses in

Head off some problems at the future site for Camp Casey

DailyKos gets 3.8 million visitors a week?

The Iraqi woman they used to counteract Cindy upset my local DJ

US General: Don't release any more prisoners, even if they are innocent

the "Lionel Show" is on...

The August news cycle vs. the September news cycle

Who knew Greta would stoop this low?

Look what a FReeper did to my post, LOL...

Looks like Randii Rhodes will get her full time slot in the fall

When Will Campaign Underground Be Updated?

VIDEO: Cindy Sheehan Lightning Rod For Left (KCRA NBC 3 TV Sacramento)

VIDEO: Crosses Vandalized at Campsite (Reuters Television)

Why don't we exploit the hell out of the stupidty of the freeper type?

I can't tell you how sick I am of my threads being moved to the 911 forum

Got Back from a Gas station

Anyone catch the Ice Queen Paula Zahn sneering at and smearing Cindy

We ought not to forget this song.

Sign for Vigil tomorrow, any ideas of what it should say?

A traitor, a deserter and a war profiteer all walk into a bar,

Larry Northern, the TexASS who destroyed the crosses, is out of jail.

"I think it's...important for me to go on with my life."

Iran is next

Local Sinclair station 10pm news

Brainstorming time! I've had enough of Rush!

"Lionel" to describe how a "draft" is going to happen...

Freeper Welcome Center

WP, pg AO1: U.S. Policy Against 'Axis of Evil' Foundering

Lundberg:Gasoline Prices Reflect Peak Oil, Not Merely Oil Pricing

Israel is the accuser against Iran, asserting Iran's nuclear program

Powerful Earthquake Hits Northern Japan; 60 Injured

Remembering a great Billy Joel song....just as meaningful in 2005

"We're moving in the next few days" - Cindy Sheehan

My little town may scare up a posse for Crawford. :)

do you support public education?

What Country Fans are saying about Cindy

Half-baked idea: Cindy to keep George company in Idaho ?

What's the craziest thing you've heard a Bush lover say?

Cindy Sheehan's Spirit infecting many across the Nation......

repost for the night shift: diary of our trip to Crawford

My Vietnam era vet husband asked me to post the lyrics to "The Box"

The end of the world

Possible Daily Show Spoiler

Bush to exempt SUV's from New Standards

Reminder: Seymour Hersh on the Daily Show tonight to talk Abu Ghraib

Camp Casey Special Event Ham Station

Don't you love it when Yahoo News seems to slip in an editorial comment?

Government spends over 85k a month to feed, give gifts to the media

Cindy Sheehan, and thoughts on transformation


I can't afford to go to Crawford, but can go to the vigil in Oxford, MS

OK Where's the torture photo update? Weren't they supposed to be

Check Out Move On: Wednesday Night Candlelight Vigil

Saudi: No Need to Boost Oil Output for 'Foreseeable Future'

Guns surrendered at airports

Wow CNN Sucks

Seriously..Are they still selling Kerry Bumper stickers somewhere?

I don't know what to think of this.

I have found the cancer

Did anyone hear the wacko that threataned Ed Schultz today?

Rationally, I believe eventually the pendulum will swing back to sanity...

No matches for "Fred Mattlage" in FreakRepublik as of now

Dear Zell Miller.......

Americans should Connect the dots.

If Bush goes to Idaho, will Cindy leave?

Unacceptable from WP: snarky article, brief cross-mowing mention near end

Supporting those who are making it happen in Crawford

To LAT, Larry is just another local who's irked at the Crawford vigil

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

From where did the Terri Schiavo/Cindy Sheehan comparisons come?

W. "shoulda listened to his Daddy"

North Dakota's Open Letter to NCAA about use of Native Names

Larry Northern looks to be going to jail... :)

WP: Sheehan Feeling the Glare of the Spotlight

Come on people donate and get bushitler's face off this page!

Bush in a pickle, How do you start a draft?

HALLIBURTON employee: "I LOVE these gas prices! Higher the better!"

Get every Repub Congressperson on record re: flag/cross desecration

The virus and the simulation?

Torture Story... Iraq

Find a Vigil near you for 8/17

Google Map of the new Camp Casey?

This Country is insane!

The Dems have a PROB....Their message is lost to approx 45% of the

Attn anbody @ Camp Casey or with knowledge of it ..... CNN just said .....

Leno really trashing B* tonight!

Keith about to do segment on that nut in Texas

Baghdad 2005 = 1100 Dead - - - - Baghdad 1999 = under 200 Dead

Imagine if these true patriots gave a JOINT press conference?

Americans in New Zealand support Bush anti-war camper


A Long Long time ago

Bush in Idaho, and his people don't know why

LA Protesters ..... be on the look out for this:

Great Job, DUers... 500 Donations in two days!

Ed Shultz will be at Camp Casey tomorrow

Center For Faith-Based Reasoning offers alternative to Newtonian Physics

What The Hell??????????????

What happened to Air America Place?

Beautiful Email from Elizabeth Edwards Today, re: Cindy Sheehan

CBS reports bright spot on gas prices affecting the nation's economy

Joan Baez to play concert for Cindy

Tomorrow is nuclear war simulation day

NBC Nightly News showed Cindy and me hugging and talking. Wow.

NYT - MAUREEN DOWD: Biking Toward Nowhere

What do these people believe they even know themselves?

Hmm. bush is going biking with Lance Armstrong tomorrow.

Seymore Hersh on the Daily Show NOW!

Why are RW comic strips`

POLL: Should crosses for dead soldiers be at every Bush appearance?

2006 election: how to keep Dems from hiring Shrum-bum consultants?

Those looking for Cindy Vigils there are a bunch out there!

LOL! Leno says the Wizard of Oz is like Washington today

Is there a Democratic position on Iraq?

I'm proud of my NC city--we have 234 signed up for the vigil!

Part 2: "the Karl Rove of AIPAC"

Leonard Peltier transferred to USP Lewisburg

Millions of Americans get by on Social Security alone

Living With The Big Lie (warning: graphic intensive)

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush. (please rate)

"Clinton had Bin Laden on a silver platter, but....."

Support Cindy Sheehan: Candle Light Vigil Across the US

I remember reading about a group of German women...


apparently if you besmirch certain guys masculinity

"And now he is not safe even inside his own closed circle." re: Bush

I Just Paid $47.60 For Gas-- Thanks Dubya!

Christopher Walken

Just surfing the net about nuclear simulation day and found this...

Hawaii Supports Camp Casey and Cindy Sheehan (Photos)

Anyone been through Navy OIS?

Russia and China to participate in joint military excercises

I know this is a stretch, but does Cindy Sheehan remind anyone else of


So Oxycotin boy says Cindy's son didn't really die in Iraq?

How bad does the illegal immigrant situation have to get...

Hey-- Help out Sgt. Roberts in Iraq

***FRED*** Mattlage offers his private land for Camp Casey!


DU's Candlelight Vigil: Light a Virtual candle here!

Any good salad dressing recipes?

Anger at cricket's move from free TV channel

3,000 protest against Nepal king

Teachers Protest Governor at Stockton School Bus Event

Officer Says Military Blocked Sharing of Files on Terrorists

Aurora Dad Tasered Over Salad Bar Dispute Reaches Settlement

$7.5M Awarded to Study Electronic Voting

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush

White House confident on Iraq constitution

Army Names New Recruiting Head

Countryside People Desist From Buying Cooking Gas (Yemen)

Rumsfeld calls Iraqi political delay 'not helpful'

AIPAC lobbyists, US analyst plead not guilty of disclosing classified data

Fuel Economy Plan Seen Omitting Rule for Big S.U.V.'s

Madrassa reforms make little headway

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush

DoD Identifies Army Casualties ("Official" # listed is 1856, younguns)

UK director to make 9/11 hijack film

Bush names two for top Navy, Air Force posts

North Korean communists on rare visit to South Korean leader

U.S. anti-war group won't pay Iraq sanctions fine

WPp1:Dems Feel Heat From Left on Roberts:Grps Say Fight Should Be Stronger

19 Soldiers Struck by Lightning in Georgia

Bush's Neighbor Lets Protesters Camp on His Land (The dove hunters cousin)

U.S. Seeks to Replace Judge In Long Case of Indian Trusts

U.S. sees foreign hands behind Bolivian unrest (Rumsfeld spews)

WP,pg1: U.S. Policy Against 'Axis of Evil' Foundering

Police Seize Russian Uranium In Istanbul

For drivers, shock to subtle shifts (3dollar gas arrives)

Pakistani faces danger after blasphemy sentence

Many dead, wounded in Baghdad car bombs -- police

NYT: Economy Shows Signs of Strain From Oil Prices

House Dems ask DOJ InspectorGen to investigate Ashcroft role in Plame case

LAT: Crawford Protesters Don't Find Many Welcome Mats

LAT: Alleged Plot to Attack So. Cal. Targets Probed: Focus on St. Prisons

Antiwar protester Sheehan to move campsite

Leahy Lambastes Roberts' 'Radical' Stands

WP: Roberts Heard Terrorism Case as He Interviewed for Seat

Catholic watchdog group urges purging of 'pro-death' professors

US rightwing targets anti-war mother

Expectations for Iraq downshifting (C.S. Monitor)

(Calif.) Governor backs electronic tracking (for life) for sex offenders

U.S. media outlets report computer outages (report from Reuters)

Is Oil Heading for $100 a Barrel?

Anti-terror laws are tyrannical: Fraser

A file of Roberts' papers missing at Reagan Library

Computer virus hits Canadian banks

Killeen shootings leave four dead, one injured (soldier involved)

Officer Says Military Blocked Sharing of Files on Terrorists -NYT

Iraq morgue 'receives 1100 dead' (Baghdad - July)

March permits in front of the White House secured for Sept. 24

Report: Fla. GOP Courts Joe Scarborough (to replace Harris)

Salon: Cracks in the Fortress? (judy and nyt)

NYT: Many Going to College Aren't Ready, Report Finds

NYT: State Dept. Says It Warned About bin Laden in 1996

Update in ACLU Torture FOIA Lawsuit (ACLU)

NYT/AP: Oregon to Require Prescriptions for Medications Linked to Meth

Lawyers for pope seek immunity in Texas sex abuse lawsuit naming Ratzinger

Avoid the Chicken of the Sea Shrimp...

OMG! Check this out!

Worst possible song to play over the sound system of an all-you-can-eat

Does this website have a chatroom?

Who wants to see my new wallpaper?

The "the word 'meme' is overused" meme is overused.

Who wants to see my new password?

who wants to see my new avatar?

So Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore want to kill Kevin Bacon?

I finally get to be involved!

the american ruse

Christopher Walken, 2008

Sgt. Head goes recruiting in the Dingbat household: an opening act

L'enfant - That French guy who built D.C.

This gave me a chuckle

Woohoo - almost half way to punching chimpy!

the magic of peter cetera: turning 1 syllable words into 2 syllable words

once again the word that dare not be spoken has been spoken to death

john bonham

The price of Mad is giving me gas!

what's your favorite cat breed?

I am listening to Johnny Cash


Say "hello" to your new alien overlords!


"This store is the cats ass"

Post your driver's license photo! ... Thread!

Taking a little break from packing

i shit you not

Next stop....10,000!

the price of halibut is making me mad!

The price of gas is making me mad!

Boondoggling angers me.

The "P" was getting between me and my fans

North Dakota's Open Letter to NCAA about use of Native Names

Hal Butt Drives Me Mad

I bet Republicans think The Chimp is like Jack Bauer.....

The Florida panhandle angers me!


panda camming angers me

There's a reason I never lie down in the middle of the day

i'm listening to the blue cheer

people with physical addresses, jobs, and hygienic facilities anger me

Pan Seared Halibut angers me!

Halle's butt drives me mad!

if you could remove panhandling and halibut from the world . . .


Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Crank-Wrangling satiates me

All this anger,

Cindy on Malloy now.....and back after the break......

I just thought I'd post this for no reason at all

Question: Is pandahandling okay?

This post is a copycat.

This coast is NOT a poppycat!

let us not forget the yak....

this host is not a poopy hat....

panhandling poor yaks who pick their asses with banjos anger me


Interesting editorial on being homeless

The price is right is making me mad!

i surrender my anus for your probes and inspection

esperanto angers me

Check out this egg separator

Not to be criticaller, but I think I'll trot over to GD for a while,

let's put the homeless in prison

*ahem* *ahemmmm* *hmmMMMMMmmmmmm (hokch, spit)*

I love you.

Panhandling your favorite breed of halibut angers me.

Mitch Hedberg quotes!


Theodore Roosevelt angers me.

Who is it here who has the Kerry Blue Terriers?

a man, a pLan, a canaL, panama.. angers me

This post is not a copycat

That's it! I'm leaving DU!

I'll admit it - I'm watching Tommy Lee Goes to College

hatred of the poor angers me.

No offense but....

Not to be critical, but I think I'll trot over to GD for a while,


WTF just happened?!

Grape smugglers anger me.

Enough about Cindy!!! MADONNA WAS NEARLY KILLED!!!

The REAL meaning of that Leviticus quote!

Anyone watch SVU tonight on NBC? (spoiler)

I am coming down with a bad case of tsetummelt

Are Sean Reynolds and Dave Reynolds related?

Kill, kill, kill, kill the poor

Turkish olive oil left out wont spoil

Has anyone called the number for the simpsons case?

Tuesday night flame fight!!

Let us not forget the Knack

Pan-american games anger me.

Damnit, I got a low draft pick


Blessed are the cheesesteaks.

mel brooks and super dave brothers?

This thread is not about halibut, panhandling or your favorite breed

What have you listened to today?

Anyone got any spare change?

Blessed are the cupcakes.

Blessed are the cheesemakers

hummus left out won't spoil

"My name is Plenty. Plenty O'Toole."

Jesus angers me

you mean i need a sign? uh-oh...

Let's face it....Anger angers me.

Can you remember where you were when Madonna fell?

Mimes anger me.

Can I say the "chic" panhandlers bother me?

Oh crap! I open my opening season game against GopIsEvil

Adam Carolla is not funny.

All you angry people anger me!

honestly? I don't care what you think of the poor.

I spent the day Kayaking on Mission Bay (San Diego),with a pretty Lady.

Sports hotshots intensely disliked by their own countrymen

I am too prevented for my own good.

I really don't get this STELLA show.. but it's cool to see

Hunter stands up as guide shoots at wounded bee.

The poor will always be with us

A Message from Reverend Belling...

There you have it.

Ya gotta check out the trailer for Lord of War

Question for all the DU men

Because it's been way too long- "The battle For America"

Blessed are the Chessmen makers.

Treacle Time! Time to get you treacle on

Turkish olive oil wrestling

Cheezits. Baked yummy goodness.

Zell! Zell! Zell!

Gold panning angers me... wait a sec...

I'm, like, angry at numbers...

Ok, that's it. The Vonage "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh" song

"Poser Mobile says you're outta pre-paid minutes, Yo!"

Arsenio Hall - was he as much of a dumbfuck assclown as I thought he was?

I need some help finding a song.

Jonathan Swift had it all wrong


Leno: "The only thing Bush checked out of a library is Laura"

I think why I hate mimes so much is that they are a lower art form,

You think you've got it tough?

im angry and I have a real reason

Damn! I have a bad headache and nothing's helping!

Well, DU, been here for over 2 years


is jpgray the next peter cetera?



Panhandling angers me.

so... any word on how madonna's doing?

For those of you who aren't fond of the packaging for the new Simpsons dvd

Wow...progdad is a really really loud breather.

Who did the "doot doot" song? On Edit: Freur.


GD, I am pissed and going to trot somewhere to panhandle

Ever post a thread, edit it, and then blame the edit when it sinks?

Blessed are the cheesecakes

Please take my cheazy little survey (for my marketing class)

Mummy smuggling angers me

Is me sign "too gay"???

kitten action photos: Ginger (***dialup warning***) I am angry.

For my 4000th post - some love for Cindy and everyone at Camp Casey!

Any good advice on getting over an ex?

If you could remove religion from the world....

I'm coming down with a bad case of OY, VEY!

"Stealth" looks like a total piece of pedestrian shit

Yeah I'm hooked on,"Gilmore Girls"....if my rugby buddies ever found out..

I'm an appliance repairman!

My mom just told me to stop drinking Pepsi

Name the greatest "New Baby," "New Parent," "Birth" songs of all time...

Post spoilers for movies that are at least thirty years old

Banjo picking angers me!

Grovelbot won't answer my question so I'm going down to Skinner's

Tonight!! The show "Dirty Jobs" has an episode called "Chick Sexer"

PCRM has a commercial!

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Condemns Teen Hangings

Think Schill can hold a five run lead?

Is Remlinger trying to outdo schill for throwing late game leads-Damn

Attention to awl Kats...this is Razputin posting..

For My 1,000th Post - I had to say hello to my fav forum on DU

Jesse Helms (hard to believe he is still alive) spews about Kerry in book

Is the Boston Globe Biography of Kerry any good?

So about this withdrawal argument? What do you think?

My Reflections photo, and other airshow snaps

Macho Democrats

AP: Senator Leahy Lambastes Robert's Radical Stands

So who was the guy that ran over the crosses...?

Anybody remember the Gold Star Mom who disrupted Laura's speech?

CNN: Crawford troop memorial desecrated (Asshole arrested changing tire!)

WMD: they sure as hell didn't exist anywhere else ... (cartoon)

USA Today--Will Roberts Leave You Alone? (HOLY MOLY!)

WTF? We are getting deep in the propaganda here

An Iraqi Taxi driver's perspective of the war

Howard Dean has clearly beat the everloving shit out of Bob Shrum

“Mean Jean” Schmidt vs. Blogs

Vietnam and Iraq: A Tale Of Two Wars.

Millions of Americans get by on Social Security alone

I am a long-time V.V.A.W. member ( Vietnam Veterans Against the War).

Anybody check into debkafile regularly?

Seymour Hersh on The Daily Show...

Will Novak Go Out like Woody Hayes or Jim Bakker?

An apology to Barbara Boxer.

Harkin Taps Edwards to Headline Fundraiser

Cindy mentioned she had death threats on Malloy tonight

Does anyone know any "independents" who are really liberals?

Mother's Protest Puts Pressure on Democrats

One Iraqi's point of view

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

Post your Cindy vigil here

G. Gordon Liddy = Stupid Xenophobe

Rich Lowry says Iraqi women better off with Uday and Qusay gone.

Anyone attending a vigil tomorrow night? I just found one in Key West

More Santorum crap/wus extraordinaire

Bush leaving Ranch to Vacation In Idaho.LOL

More Trails Lead to Rove; Aschroft's Involvement Again Comes into Question

Mattlage's COUSIN: "I’m a veteran, and I want to offer you my land"

Lachlan was unhappy, says Rupert Murdoch's mother

Cindy Sheehan: On the Road to Jericho—On the Road to Crawford

Sargent slams Bush's need to "go on with life" into perspective today

self delete~double post

Bomb blasts shake Bangladesh

Women of the New Iraq

An Army of One

Biking Toward Nowhere - Maureen Dowd

Asia Times: Star Wars: Empires strike back

Gene Lyons

Questions For John Roberts--WashPost

Asia Times: Deadly avian flu on the wing

An Army of One

Blair's holiday mystery tour leaves Britons ungoverned but unconcerned

Church scandals come cloaked in many colors

Chavez Warns Bush to Back Off, or Face 10$ Per Gallon Gasoline

$7.5 million going to investigate e-voting...From FindLaw:

Justin Frank: Why Bush Believes His Lies

Let's Start Talking Impeachment:

The Weekly Spin (8-17-05)

Monty Python and the Peace Movement

Sac Bee editorial cartoon

Cindy Sheehan (The Huffington Post): Camp Casey, Day 11

One Happy Big-Box Wasteland

Willing to Be Lied To


Bush=FDR? "The Hollow Man" (Bush v. Lyndon Johnson casualties reactions)

Dead soldier's mom makes admirable stand

NYT OpEd: Conservative Compassion (puke alert)

This and That (scandals in Niagara Falls, NY)

John Nichols (The Nation): Cindy Sheehan's Tragic Critics

Show support for John Conyers - sign the "DU Activists for Conyers" pledge

I am writing my senators today to urge the establishment of

Where is the address to send cards to Cindy? Someone on the

Dogs being used as shark bait!! Please sign the petition.

Help! I need to print up some kind of sign for tonight's vigil!

Elizabeth Edwards' "Let Cindy Speak Out" Petition

Election Fraud: Get Active.


Kim Jong Il Receives President of Washington Times

How should I take this exchange with the Akron Beacon Journal VOP (LTTE)

Mike Malloy down with virus; Tonight 8/17, will be "Best Of" show.

Randi's full show on XM 167 starting 9/1

Georges Bank cod drop by 25 percent

"Uncontrollable" Fires Rage Across Portugal - Villages Evacuated - AFP

We Would NEVER Do That! - Malaysian Plantations Deny Burning In Indonesia

Water-borne Disease Death Toll In Mumbai Now 251 - Thousands Sick - AFP

Kenya Expands Legal Protection For Forests (and it only took 10 years!)

Pacific Coast Winds, Cooler Temps Return - Too Late For Bird, Fish Pops.


So, this is what General Motors has to say for themselves...

Wahoo! We cut our electric usage by 20% over last year!

The Ice Meth Cometh - Chemical & Engineering News

Ecuador Petroecuador Crude Output -68% Wed Due To Protests

US sets last-minute drive to scrap UN reform plan

First Air Force Stryker Unit Deploys to Iraq

The Hypocrisy of the settlers

The Hypocrisy of the settlers

Now it's up to the Palestinians

Wide-spread condemnation for attack

Shin Bet foils pullout bomb plot

CNN- Jewish settler opens fire on Palestinians/ Kills 3

BBC (Tuesday): Can Gaza's economy be revived?

Jewish settler guns down three Palestinians near Shilo

CNN Breaking News: Jewish settler opens fire on Palestinians

Woman sets herself ablaze during protest in Netivot

The Hypocrisy of the settlers

I need some info

Twin Towers Steel Used In Construction of USS New York

Hey tin-foil hatters.....

MIHOP, LIHOP, Incompetence: I pick curtain #3, Monty

Able Danger exposes 9/11 Coverup Commission

Thompson’s Timeline (my 9/11 research)

Why Old Election Numbers No Longer Matter

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8/17/05

Cindy Candlelight Vigil at Moonlight Beach, CA

(Orange) County braces for costly round of polls

S.F. Supervisors Denounce Iranian Attacks On Gays

Any DUers from the Riverside / San Bernadino area going to Crawford ?

Last night on Local News/LA vet anchor

Attn: SAN DIEGO DUers! There is a Clean Money Campaign

Orange County Cindy vigil - Anton and Bristol

OK, one week from tonight, I want to get together in San Francisco

Governor backs tougher laws on sex offenders

Harkin picks Edwards to headline fund-raiser - AP

wes'side vigils for Cindy Sheehan

I'm going down to Park Street Station tonight

Club Passim's Labor Day Weekend "CUTTING EDGE OF THE CAMPFIRE"

Minnesotans -- call AAR950 about the Sheehan Solidarity Vigil

Philly thieves detour Minnesota cycles

Karl Rove is still a traitor. Bush and oil.

Article about Air America MN and Nick Coleman in today's Strib

Out of warranty Dell Inspiron 600m won't take charge

Win98SE Explorer running painfully slow

printer won't grab the paper

Governor Taft To Be Criminally Charged

Any DU'ers from the Zanesville area want to go to the sept 24 protest?

Any candlelight vigils near Medina/Brunswick??

Anyone know of any vigils tonight (Wed) for Cindy in Cincinnait area?

parents of Marine accuse Bush of killing their son and 1,851 other troops

For those of you in Williamson County...

There are 172 people signed up to attend the vigil in Plano!

Here is my rant to the Dallas Morning News

TDP 2006 Convention

Any vigils planned for Appleton tonight??

If you can't make it to a vigil tonight...

"Arlington North" in Ashland

I want to run an idea by you....

Matt Tiabbi really nailed Sensenbrenner

More than 11,000 "missed predictions" on the Iraqi war - Jon Stewart

PHOTO: President is in dainty form throwing out first pitch

New political strip on the run down crosses at Crawford

Flight suit needed here

14 page diversity policy for local school district,

playing around with irony, courtesy of Charlie Daniels . . .

There's a Bush-lover on the Bernie Ward show

Email: Hypocrisy of the Cross Runner

The Pentagon's Bid to Militarize Space . . .

The Ironies of Conquest: The Bush Administration's Iranian Nightmares . .

Rowley, FBI whistleblower, heading for Crawford

31 died in bus bomb in Iraq

One US Soldier killed In Baghdad

RW people are just tools to Bush/Cheney/...

Bernie - Interview

How big a "War Chest" do you want to see Crawford Peace House accumulate?

(VIDEO) Indecision 2006: Pirro and Harris

Six Iraqi soldiers killed

article by RW columnist, read at your own risk, it's anti-cindy

Let's clarify who's anti-american

I want to send Wes Clark to see Cindy, I think he is the best choice

Study finds gay rams refuse to mate with ewes

Cancer Patient Losing Medicaid in MO

Little Benji Shapiro must be agitated by all of the e-mail sent to him

The more the merrier.

Don't Swallow Just Anything! A New Take On News Media

Global Oil Use increases 2.7% / yr = 2.5 times incr. for gas over 4 yrs

World Nut Daily: Roberts Subverted Reagan

When “Old News” Has Never Been Told

"Mr Housing Bubble" shirts strike chord, draw ire

Air America website down for second day...

WTG DUers!!!! Fundraiser 52% done!!!

Wash. Post drops sponsorship of Pentagon event

More Trails Lead to Rove

Military Industrial Complex keeps on rollin'

Parents of fallen marine make plea to Bush, praise Cindy Sheehan

Cute satire news: Bush bolsters Iraq security with Salvation Army

Hey tin-foil hatters.....

Cindy Sheehan on AAR right now!!!

Why is CBS tickling "able danger" story?

Ray just got another freeper.

Rupert Murdoch seeks dysfunctional search engine

Tinfoil - CNN has "Situation Room" at Northcom days before "nuke drills"

Roberts, the Right to Privacy, and a Call to Action

Communist party helping Cindy ? Anyone else hear this?????

To hell with Richard Cohen (re: Plame outing)

Class warfare and we're (the vast majority) losing! The deck is stacked

36 Years ago today - Hurricane Camille

Two words to help you "get on with your life" George

LTTE's in the NY Times in regards to Cindy Sheehan

London Police accounts of subway killing 100% lies

Support-O-Mania: A Crackpot Theory

I just gave my $upport to DU!

"Their War Too" The War Pundits Are Called on Their LIES for War.

NYT - Maureen Dowd: "W's mission backfires on Iraqi women "

I'm having a Cassandra moment, so I'm putting it in writing.

Hard copy of Miami Herald has 2 or more strong anti-war LTE's while

Where can I find O'Lielly quote?

Did Clinton do anything about the oil crisis?

ON CNN: Camp Casey smeared with "Crawford Standoff" label as if...

ACTION: DUer's with temp available webspace for uploading Camp photos

Mike Davis: Monster at Our Door, the Global Threat of Avian Flu

Hollywood tackles 9/11 with third feature

Get Your Thank You Card Ready For Cindy's New Campsite Owner

This guy USED TO have a "So Glad I Voted for Bush" sticker on his car...

"It was for us, too"

troops held five children as hostages to demand handover of insurgents

"Guilt" By association.

Is the September 24 march on DC getting much publicity?

The America Supports You Penguin March

RW hatemongering mouthpiece encourages, "Blow them all away!"

Oh my... Oh no.... Oh, Sweet, merciful Jesus, no!

After Being Snookered, Press Helps Bring Down Fake General

Even the Soviets wouldn't treat a soldiers mother the way Republicans do

MoDo is making me love her again

Will cable news televise these state-endorsed hangings in US occupied Iraq?

Five principles essential to ending the quagmire in Iraq: Sign petition

bush blows yet another chance to appear halfway human.

Republican Death Eaters!

1,100 in Baghdad Morgue .... How will histroy judge us?

Proof my LTTE on Bush's pledge to fire the Plame leaker

I want a full-time job

What happened with the Hastert taking bribes from Turkey story?

How do you go about getting AAR to broadcast in your city???

Does Jerry Springer sometimes make your head spin?

How the right-wing sees us

this afternoon i am going to come in and donate. giving away 3*'s

Has anyone heard anything about an anonymous white house email?

A boy not yet a man seeks something more by joining the army

What Cindy wants us to do

Sorry if already posted. Roberts papers on Affirmative Action Disappeared

Photo juxtaposition on Yahoo Able Danger page.

Ex-FBI Whistleblower and Senator to Join 'Peace Mom'

Troops visit Cindy at Camp Casey!

I'm here to say good night to you all and thank you on behalf of the Peace

Let the fundies hang themselves

My letter to CNN inre: Paula Zahn

2005--Unpopular president&unpopular Congress pass unpopular legislation.

Vigils and

GOP's Shame - The Party of Chickenhawks and Robber Barons

When the Patriot act passed. 98 - 1

Brilliant article - sums up * to a T!

BUSH: "I've hit my head two or three times."

Wholesale inflation makes biggest jump in 9 months. Thanks GW.

Reality,cold hard facks about where we stand. It don't look good

Bush Bicycles While Baghdad Burns >>>

"Leahy Lambastes Roberts''Radical' Stands"

Sign for Vigil tonight, any ideas of what it should say?

Bob Franken reporting live on CNN from Camp Casey; Anderson will anchor...

Hey Mister, can you spare a gallon of gas ?

Unfreep this Poll - Should teachers boycott Wal-Mart

Great poster design to shame & embarrass the gutless chickenhawk Bushbots.

Whatever happened to the new Abu Ghraib photos?

Test post ...N/T

"Mr Housing Bubble" shirts strike chord, draw ire

Can someone tell me?

You can help DESTROY the GOP! Read how here!

CNN Covering Crawford press conference Live!

Ashcroft's manboobs are in the wringer

MSNBC just played excerpts of an animation "We Can't Afford Our Gasoline"

Can You Imagine Woodstein Biking With Nixon?

It takes an IDIOT to believe the "They Hate us for our Freedom" slogan

If someone tried to murder your dad...

I can not access, Cindy Sheehan info. Is it possible

Parents Of Killed Soldier Support Troops, Not War

Let's not forget Bush interrupted a vacation for Terry Schiavo

Attention: Judge Roberts and Terror Case

"Public Remains Anxious Over Economy, War"

Another huge blast in Baghdad - 43 killed - 70 wounded

'Peace Vigil Mom' Gets Local Support - Northeast Ohio

Sy Hersch predicts insurgents to mount a "Tet offensive."

Caller on Springer show

Where should I send my thank you card?

Time for Democrats to mount a Tet offensive....

Cindy Sheehan PRESS CONF on CNN now!

Show support for John Conyers - sign the "DU Activists for Conyers" pledge

Republican "values" at work

does anyone have a link to all the 1990's quotes of various Repugs

Dems should push for national gasoline formulation to lower prices.

Sadr City now a success story

AOL: Bush Neighbor Lets Anti-War Protesters Use Land

George W FraWD! Coward rich little frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

So when are we supposed to die in the nuclear attacks?

Long overdue

Idea!!!! --- > DSM Posters for Camp Casey...

Monty Python and the Peace Movement

Democrats talking about Sheehan on the talking head shows need to use

Fox's Gibson: Nothing wrong with Bush "picking" WMD as excuse for Iraq war

Stephanie Miller: "Bolton visited Judy Miller in Jail"

NYTimes:Antiwar Protester Vows to Continue Vigil Despite Vandalism at Texa

If Idiot Son goes FIVE WEEKS without talking to Cindy he will be

Open email to Karen Hughes

A word about "False Flag Attack" predictions...

Liberalism vs. fundamentalism...

DU: 75,080 user registrations as of now

Supporting the Troops Means Respecting Their Mothers

* poll numbers finally falling at Rasmussen. 55% Disapprove!

A must read LTTE from Central Ky

If you are winning...

CNN letter: "Cindy should visit a girl's school in Iraq"

Cindy is smart as hell and she's winning.


CNN about to be towed out of Crawford

Fred Mattlage is an incredibly brave soul

Just a thought on "littering" at Camp Casey..

"You suck, you lying loser liberal"

Protests "Encouraging and Aiding the Enemy" -- what a crock!!

RW brings out their big anti-Cindy-Sheehan gun: antisemitism

The War Pundits Are Called on Their LIES for War CSPAN now

I just donated to DU and you should too...

DNC: Who's Dopey: George Bush and the Seven Crooked Donors

Round the clock, everywhere, protest.

RW talk radio: Tues GBeck said Cindy's husband filed for divorce

a dream? last nite CNN was hysterical about a virus taking down p.c.s

once again the rude one tells it like it is....

Matthew Rothschild of Progressive Magazine wants Freeper quotes

Because Freaker Idiocy Needs to Be Exposed (WARNING: Freep Idiocy)

CNN asking for our views on Cindy/plus new poll

Please be tolerant of other's differences, talking Crawford here

Breathe everyone--Coretta Scott King is in the hospital

Bin Laden explains why the price of oil should be $100 a barrel.

deleted by originator

Higher gas prices = More money to fund terrorism

Adelphia supressing the Franken show.

"Gorelick Wall" being blamed for lack of "Able Danger" action

What would your best analogy be, for the invading of Iraq and the lies....

"Instead of Saddam we now have thousands of Saddams"

Isn't it fun to predict Republican spin?

My Long Overdue DXSTONE APPRECIATION THREAD! Killer Graphics From The Dark

IBM helps Firefox reach disabled

Chinese Cryptologists Get Invitations to a U.S. Conference, but No Visas

Ugly story on Cindy Sheehan on Pg. 3 of one of Canada's national papers


Can we fire Bill Keller?

Thousands apply for 400 jobs at Oakland's first Wal-Mart

Michael Scheuer (Anonymous) on why he left the CIA.

Cindy interview coming up on our local pub station

Going to a vigil to support Cindy tonight? Sign in here

What is the definition of 'chickenhawk' to DUers.

Banging your heart against some mad buggers wall.

my LTTE to NYT re Edmund Morris op/ed today

Rush Limbaugh: Cindy Sheehan's story is not real.

What are these Cindy vigils going to be like?

George finally finds himself a safe hideout.

New Cindy Graphic for your websites...

Salon: Cracks over Miller at NY Times. (And a visit to Judy from Bolton?)

"Ex-FBI Whistleblower to Join 'Peace Mom'"

Arianna vs Liddy: "Ethnic attack on Arianna" (Video)

"I have to get on with my life." = "Let them eat cake."

Founder of Renowned Ecumenical Community Stabbed to Death at Evening

GW Bush is a Sociopath

G. Gordon Liddy attacks Arrianna Huffington's "Greekness" (video)

Muserider and DancingBear on Ed Shultz today

Can someone fill me in? Was the guy who mowed down the crosses...

Recent history provides a lesson in Crawford justice. Beware, protesters!

Limbaugh's lawyers win ruling to fight questioning of doctor

Listen to recorded

PHOTO: casualties per gallon

"Instead of Saddam we now have thousands of Saddams"

DU This Cindy Poll In The Waco Paper!!

Who is worse? Rush or Hannity?

Confession: I Had Never Heard of the BTK Killer Before This Year

oxyRUSHitler STILL won't shut up about gov't "persecution" of SUVs!

"the old rules no longer applied because this was a different world. "

New Study: Does economic growth really promote democracy?

PHOTO: Imagine! A press that speaks the TRUTH! (re: London police LIES)

Rumsfeld in Paraguay to spread lie of Cuban-Venezuelan threat to democracy

Because of Citizens' Loss, All Property Owners Facing Increase

Sheehan discussion with my boss

Taft Facing Four Criminal Charges For Failing To Report Gifts

Stop publishing letters criticizing Bush

This Crawford resident's quote baffled me...

Polar Packs being sent to Camp Casey C/O yours truly

Move-on: Last minute details for those holding Cindy vigils!

American Workers should also demand a FIVE WEEK VACATION

You know, she's not just "a mom who lost her son in Iraq."

Are WE going to do anything about gas prices, or have WE given up?

Please answer one more question for me. Is Camp Casey now located...

Video : Iraqi woman attacking Cindy Shehaan

Sign here if you think it's disgusting how the media is treating Sheehan

**XM Satellite Radio to carry Randi Rhodes in full this fall**

a few civilians were killed,a price we have to pay,to win the war on TERRA

What's wrong with AAR streaming ?

September Book Club Poll

How much did gas cost in the 80's?

From The Files Of MINDBOGGLING INSANE HYPOCRISY! (Courtesy of Kos)

Anybody know where I can find a written transcript of Rush shows? n/t

If you're having problem listening to Randi... here are the links you can

FReeptarded Brown Shirts are heading to Crawford

Arizona Tribune reporter looking for Scottsdale that you?

What great stories have gone uncovered by MSM?

"Study: Most Wild Chimps Are Southpaws"

Feingold: We need an exit plan and date for Iraq War

How's That Nuke War Drill Game Coming in S.C. Today?

School bags for Iraq

Have you all seen this website?

Anderson Cooper at Camp Casey

Two days in a row can't get Randi Rhodes show to stream!!

Christian Wire Services: **EVERYONE** is born STRAIGHT!

Did any left wingers or any liberals ever defile the Vietnam War Memorial?

I say lets negotiate peace with the sunnis - who's with me?

Please recommend the All Cindy thread page for greatest

The $15K Netroots Challenge!

Placards to download for tonight's vigils!

POLL: meaning of ABLE DANGER & possible impeachment?

OK, I've had enough of Florida bashing

A good way to remove offensive bumper stickers

RUSH still spreading Wellstone funeral LIE - to SMEAR Cindy

Online bookies are giving 20 to 1 odds for Cheney in 2008.

Blue, Red State Broadband Penetration Mirrors Election Results

Cindy articles

Hurricane Camille - 36 years ago today

Looks like Arlington West will be moved with the camp

"3 Set to Hang as Executions Return to Iraq"

Cindy Sheehan will be interviewed via satellite on Real Time - Bill Maher

Fellow Cindy vigilers - the Irish are talking about us!

DSM to Cindy to Resolution of Inquiry...

Clarence Thomas never made list of 100 most influential black Americans

Bill O'Reilly poll question ...

BREAKING NEWS: On "The Situation Room"!!!!

Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly wants your opinion

Operation Yellow Elephant

MIA: MSM call to Bush that he HAS NOT commented on Northern/Camp Casey

Talking Points - Republican Quotes on Committing Troops

Is this over the line ( - sattire site)?

RWer on Abu Ghraib photos

Anderson Cooper on NOW! 1:21 PST

This FReeper quote CAN'T be right. What's the real story here.

gov. taft being brought up on criminal charges in ohio

A friend of mine is moving and ran across some old issues of Newsweek

Signs and Flyers to Print for tonight's Peace Vigils

"Family Council" thanks Bush for calling a HALT to XXX internets

Abu Ghraib photos/video and August 15-did I miss

Lunatic radical left

Rove/Plame,the DSM, Abu Ghraib, and Cindy Sheehan: they are all connected

Two Republican views of presidential criticism during war.

new location of Camp Casey here (map)

Who's Afraid of the Gold Star Mother? BUSH in HIDING for FOUR DAYS NOW >>

Anyone else having trouble accessing Air America??

I will do it. Will you?

OMG What happened?

OHIO governor to face criminal charges, will NOT resign

How do you read DU?

What THIS country really needs :

Fuck Rush.

Is there a consensus of opinion....

Little Georgie Bush** RUNS from a WOMAN!

(VIDEO) Seymour Hersh on the Daily Show

One thing I can't stand...

British Scientist Create Nerve Stem Cells Worry Pro Lifers

Israel and "Palestine" SUCK

Elvis Costello adds anti-war lyrics to song


DU This Poll

Rummy's take on *'s "All options are on the table." remark on Iran

Could some big a** speakers smoke W out ala Noriega (Koresh)?

Pentagon's plans to militarize space have definitely emerged

New Numbers in Survey USA's 50 state Bush Approval poll

Alert your local media before you go to a peace vigil tonight!

Georgie Porgy

A wee 1 minute video ; ) ......for Cindy Sheehan' camp

Marine Moms v. the cretins at Move America Forward

Randi/Cindy worship thread

Will Idaho unveil the quarter design for him when he's there?

Temple Guard unit mobilizes for first time since WWII

Sign up for Cindy Sheehan Vigil!

Neal Boortz says we found evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq

What did you guys think of the article in Time on Cindy?

Hilarious frothing "conservative" rant! (Is it a hoax?)

materials, etc., for those going to Cindy vigils

Chickenhawk, as defined by FR.

Cindy is now the "Peace Mom"!.. .. I Love It!

(Sorry but a rant) The tragedy is that a volunteer can die nobly

At first I thought all freepers were just I know they are

The CEO Salary Bell Curve

A Friendly Request Of The ANTI-SHEEHAN Protesters Around The Country.

The books Junior is reading on his vacation.

I'm thinking Bush** comes out to the prayer event tonight to show "that

Run Away! Run Away to Idaho!!!!!

Apologies if this has been posted.

Just a thought: Could the "price of oil" help Repubs in '06?

Interesting- Bush made time for Israeli TV Interview....too busy for Cindy

I just got the most offensive phone call...

How Rediculous Do You Think It Would Be...


Toon of Cindy standing in front of a tank

Where can I debate with conservatives online?

Randi Rhodes: Navy Medic says 60% Iraqis have no water

Democrats Closer To Independents In All Fifty States

If LIHOP or MIHOP is real, is the end game to blame it on Clinton?

Interesting new Zogby survey out for DUers that participate

Limbaugh-Hannity can't keep Bush's numbers from Falling

1600+ vigils tonight~ amazing and growing every hour

Donations Can Help Bring Marines' Dog To U.S.

Earliest Documentation on Iraq Planning?

Freepers discuss gay teachers (get me a barf bag)

New DUers who found DU because of Cindy Sheehan, please post here.

Join Me in Writing 1,000 Letters to Local Papers Supporting Cindy(conyers)

Saddam and WMDs... how to respond?

1858 Reasons why the DSM is Important


Didn't someone say Big Ed was to broadcast from Camp Casey today?

Victory means exit strategy

Al Franken is an idiot - who is with me?

Able Danger

What's Malkin's response to the London subway shooting mistake?

Ok. I'm assuming traffic on this site stops in about 30-45 minutes.

off to vigil! this is for you CIndy and all who support you!! yay DU! eom

Some one on Randi said she was calling from a port-a-pottie in Crawford

time zones are stupid.

The Sheehan Spectacle reveals the utter incompetence of Karl Rove.

How much do China and India spend on alternative energy research?

August 17th was not a good day for the people of Iraq

Going to my first-ever anti-war protest tonight!

Ever heard of this reporter?

Why do they have a maximum at the vigils?

can any american imagine the horror and terrorism of occupation?

MIHOP, LIHOP, Incompetence: I pick curtain #3, Monty

Arizona Republic Editorial Cartoon

I would love to share a story about a rw-family member conversion

on our way to the vigil.....

Sub-40% approval ratings, the point of no return


Does anyone know what happened to that Mayor in Spokane Wa.

CNN to air special about the "dead wrong" intel on Iraq


Prisoner killed in Abu Ghraib (new one)

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC

Editor of the Nation on the News Hour

Underminingly. Bush supporters have adopted his vocabulary.

Pat Buccanhan is being sympathetic to Cindy -msnbc NOW

New cover art for upcoming Bush Bio DVD (Graphics)

What the right apparently thinks

LMAO. Obnoxious Repuke buffoon radio host (anti-Sheehan) on CNN

So, what would happen if Bush met with Cindy Sheehan and told the truth?

A tactic overlooked?

the radio host on cooper

A female forest ranger--take that, Michelle Malkin!

Upon sending troops to war, Poppy went on vacation, saying "life goes on"

Specially Equipped Vehicles to Improve comm/response during emergencies

Rush goes off the deep end!

Do you think Bush is the most dangerous person ever to walk the earth?

Gonna be on TV tomorrow! Need "homework" Help!

MOGAMBO GURU: Oil. Gold. Silver -- The Sound Of Cosmic Salvation

Is it time for anotherLimbaugh sponsor boycott?

Why, I think, some families continue to support Bush after their children

Bush doesn't care what his approval rating is

Woo hoo! Catholic Church being used tonight for Cindy vigil!

CNN's Anderson Cooper to anchor his show from Crwford tonite

Cooper FAILS to identify Ankarlo as the RW radio hack who,...

Woohoo !!!! I got into the Top Reader Blogs at

Conservative local asshat says Cindy is the only parent who feels this way

the skank on CNN

Are things this bad for the movies/WTF

Keep this bumped: Bill Maher on The O'Liely factor tonight

Freeper logic.... We hate Bush, they hate FDR, therefore Bush = FDR

Why shouldn't corporations be responsible for paying for the military?

So I've never read any Chomsky, with what book should I start?

The father of the soldier serving in Iraq on 360 right now is none other..

For those who believe Republicans are so skilled "at message".

52 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

Why are oil prices so high when US stockpiles are growing?

Hitchens---Cindy is a Michael Moore and David Duke

Justice Sunday II - Dominionism has been Revealed

What would be a good movie?

Hitchens: "Camp Nuthouse"

The Crawford Bunker

Help support the San Diego recount!

RW attack on Cindy-- she's a 'tragedy pimp' NOT a 'tragedy slut'

Permanent Vacation

I knew it! US Oil corps, not OPEC, reaping "benefits" of oil prices!

So, where are all the ARTISTS?

Protecting Biodiversity? Smart Policy, or BULLSHIT (show on Showtime)

Cheerio! Christopher Hitchens is certainly one disagreeable chap. What?

The Flying Spaghetti Monster theory of Intelligent Design

Fish or Cut Bait! - Send more TROOPS and then we will win.

Last night my friend said she'd be glad when the "gas shortage" was over

Today a guy gave me a $100 bill to give to Cindy

A bit of concern and conjecture about the Sheehan situation

President Bush Job Approval at Lowest Level Ever Recorded by Rasmussen

George Bush Has Not Appeared in Public Since SATURDAY >

I'm heading to Crawford in a little while.

Some nice PIX from today of Cindy & supporters --->>>

This morning's update from Kay at the Peace House.

CNN Poll about Cindy starting to be Freeped

Why does Anderson keep relentlessly saying we're covering all sides?

SORRY-- I haven't seen this before. I don't spend all my time on the


Japanese automakers playing the "Made in America" card

Was de Menezes killed in cold blood?

``There's an expansion in the detention operations going on,'' ...

It's so obvious! It just hit me like a lightening bolt...

Newsweek: Bush cries when talking to families

via Kos: Quotes from when Clinton committed troops to Bosnia

The True Number of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Essay by a new DUer. Casey Sheehan volunteered to serve America, not Bush

Senate Democrats have "sharply escalated their resistance" to Roberts

Dumb question - how many other gold star mothers are with Cindy?

Did Dana Bash say you can see Shrub on his bike from new Camp Casey site?

Anderson Cooper from Crawford Now

Is It Wrong to Feel Bad for All of Us?

Reuters is Reporting a Bunch of Mysterious Blast in

Golden Photoshop Op....

The Vanishing pResident

If someone came into your home and slaughtered your children

Map To *new* Camp Casey - They Couldn't Be Closer!!!

London Police Story on Shooting Man From Brazil All LIES

Gas Prices

CNN is doing their best to kill the Cindy story..

Dems Need To Start Referring To Chimpy as "THIS UNPOPULAR PRESIDENT"

My friend the singer Marcia Ball is going to Crawford today!

Able Danger has nothing to do with blaming 9/11 on Clinton

I post this every so often when they attempt to blame Clinton

PHOTO: casualties per gallon (use on gas pumps)

Eric Folkerth: A new song, inspired by Camp Casey and Cindy Sheehan

Right Wing Media Whores Go To Border To Sell "Guest Worker" Scam

**Soldier Gets 15 Months in Prison for Refusing Iraq Duty!

We have to get out of Iraq, and apparently...

Can we stop calling the Neanderthals Conservative.

BREAKING - Earliest Documentation on Iraq Planning? 10/2001

8/16 All DU Cindy threads DAY 11

Corporate values should not be American values. Freepers take note.

Just in: Trouble ahead for Cindy and Camp Casey?

Pat Buchanan: Cindy may be the catalyst of crisis for the Bush presidency

Rush Limbaugh: Cindy Sheehan's story is not real.

delicious tallahassee rumor bout Jeb

On Judge Roberts: We May Have Found the Silver Bullet!

Wow my dad just hugged me and thanked me for goin to the Vigil tonite

N.J. Eatery Writes 'Jew Couple' on Check

An Essay on the Colonizing of Iraq -- La Plus Ca Change

Current DU stance on Iraq

My Hero ~ My Son

"The largest one-time cash transfer in the history of the New York Fed"

Need your opinion on my Nov. 2 protest sign!

* * * More Cindy TOONS* * *

Business Week - U.S. is heading toward becoming a "Third World country

To Ex-Freepers on DU: Tell of your transition

What is Cheney hiding behind those wacky coats?

WOW -- the final insult - how true but sad -- this chilled me to the bone

from a $3 balance to $90,000 Crawford Peace House

Iraq War Veteran Responds to Larry Northern (guy who mowed down crosses)

Should liberals reach out to Christian fundamentalists?

Why the Hell Not? Release Oil from Strategic Reserve Bush!

Help a wannabe cook please....

A little in-season reminder (of a salad that's pure heaven)

CBC Rumor: CBC without boundries

So Who Is This Demonstrating?

Gov. Gen. designate 'fully committed to Canada'

New claims emerge over Menezes death

UK-trained Iraq soldiers graduate

WP: Sheehan Feeling the Glare of the Spotlight

Leak disputes Menezes death story

Report: Pensacola Republicans say Scarborough courted for Senate

Police admit to more misplaced evidence

Officer says he violated policy by not taping arrest

Man killed on London Subway last month was 'acting normally' - ITV News

Ex-FBI Whistleblower to Join 'Peace Mom'

Insurgents shoot dead six Iraqi soldiers (Kirkuk, Kurdistan). nt

Italy to extradite bomb suspect

DeLay presence shouldn't hurt Rep. Wilson

Millions of Americans get by on Social Security alone

Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush

Lourey, Rowley to join vigil at Bush ranch

CNN: Crawford protest moves nearer to Bush

PPI raises inflation fears (wholesale inflation up 1.0% in one month)

AirAmerica down??

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq launches bid for war legality inquiry(UK)

FBI Investigating Local Homeland Security Agents (for assault, torture)

Fuel smuggling stymies Iraq's ability to build

Limbaugh's lawyers win ruling that may imperil case

NYT: Citing Violence, 2 Border States Declare a Crisis

Man (not chimp) charged with desertion during Vietnam

Iraqis vent rage on call-in TV after bombs kill 43

CNN Breaking News: Jewish settler opens fire on Palestinians

NYT: Chinese Cryptologists Get Invitations to US Conference, but No Visas

Dems to file request for immediate investigation of former US Attorney Gen

Footage Contradicts London Police Reports

Feds suspect terrorist link to L.A. robberies

Blair's holiday mystery tour leaves Britons ungoverned but unconcerned

Bombs explode across Bangladesh

WP: Goss, 8 Ex-Chiefs of CIA Mark Old Post's Passing(Negroponte's job now)

Five US soldiers killed in Iraq (1858)

Library Missing Roberts File

Leahy Lambasts Roberts' 'Radical' Stands

Decision today on Taft charges(1st Oh. Gov. criminally charged in office?)

Calif. Firm Tied to Congressman (Cunningham) Searched

Judge Heard Terrorism Case As He Interviewed for Seat (Roberts-WA Post)

LA Daily News: Air traffic dicey, union says

Bali conspirators' jail terms cut

FBI Whistleblower and Another Mother to Join Vigil in Texas

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Expectations Not Lowered in Iraq (Myers turn)

Russia opposes use of force against Iran

Time editor: Info given to reporter wasn't worth a promise of confidential

(Ohio Gov) Taft Facing Four Criminal Charges For Failing To Report Gifts

Cures for humans in crocodile blood? (CNN)

U.K. Police Arrest Soldier Under Terrorism Laws, Sky Says

Founder of Renowned Ecumenical Community Stabbed to Death at Evening

WP: Consumer Prices Increase, Outstrip Wages

CNN- Jewish settler opens fire on Palestinians/ Kills 3

Muslims warn Blair of 'mark of dictatorship'

Fourth Georgia guardsman dies in Iraq this week

Iraq: Women Oppose an Islamic Constitution

11,000 apply for 400 openings at (Wal-Mart's) new Oakland store

Big tax hikes in 'broke' Zimbabwe (BBC News)

Howard Dean attends conference on human rights in Sarajevo

GIs who tore off rapist’s chevrons could be punished

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 17 August

Coretta Scott King Said to Suffer Stroke

U.S. vigils planned in support of anti-war mom

Casey Predicts Success in Iraq, Calls Mission 'Realistic'

Iraqi convicts bound for gallows

NYT: Protester Vows to Continue Her Vigil Near Bush Ranch

Thompson’s Timeline (my 9/11 research)

Iran, China discuss defense cooperation

Prosecutor: Ohio Governor Bob Taft to Be Charged and Sentenced

BREAKING - Earliest Documentation on Iraq Planning? 10/2001

Prosecutor: Ohio Governor to Be Charged

Vassar Clements (1928-2005)

Iraq Leader Paves Way for Legal Hangings

Taiwan holds military drill ahead of China-Russia wargames

Nationwide vigils planned in support of Texas protest

Scientists Suggest Relocating Africa's Poster Species to North America

N.Y. Governor Vetoes DWI Driver Coverage

Slain soldiers’ families urge London court for Iraq war inquiry

WP: Health Care for Blacks Continues to Lag, Studies Show

WP: Latest Worms Duke It Out ("online crime groups")

Bomb blasts Shake Bangladesh

WP: Abortion Rights Group in Va. Skips Gubernatorial Endorsement

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq ( 1860 Dead, 14,021 Wounded )

US anti-war protests mushroom (BBC)

Ancient Bulgarian treasure found

Putin Sees Successful Missile Launch

(Cupertino) Teacher resigns after settling dispute over religious material

Rumsfeld in Peru just days after shake up rocks its government

Taft facing four criminal charges for failing to report gifts

U.S. soldier chronicles abuse, hard times in Iraq

Mother of slain Marine urges mourners to keep supporting troops

Roberts' Ind. Hometown Draws Scrutiny

Bombs explode across Bangladesh

Texas Coast To Be Patrolled By Unmanned Predator Aircraft

Blagojevich To Bush: Release Reserve Oil / Dems rally behind governor

Gov (Arnold) to Launch Fundraising Tour (donors have stake in legislation)

Politics of War Could Pivot on Mother's Vigil - latimes

AP: Roberts Gets 'Well Qualified' From ABA (highest rating)

Iraq Enjoys Some of World's Cheapest Gas (5 Cents a Gallon)

President Bush Job Approval - Lowest Ever by Rasmussen

Official: CAFTA would hurt Mexico industry

Battalion to Secure Iraq Prison Population

Rare-coin deal buys scandal for Ohio governor (USA TODAY)

Powerful New Bombs Being Made in Iraq

Trade group: Pull soda from elementary schools

Court limit on parents’ faith overruled (Wicca case)

On Anniversary of Lynching, Jewish Congregations Hold Remembrance

WP/AP: Tort Trials Fall by Nearly 80 Percent

43 die in blasts at Baghdad bus station

'Many drown' in Ecuador shipwreck

Lawsuit accuses Tomball of racism

Lawyer could challenge U.S. recognition of Vatican

'Able Danger' Stopped From Informing FBI (Now it is on AP)

U.S. author forecasts $5 gas by next year

Venezuela Oil Min: Global Oil Capacity At Its Limit

Texas Marine told he's not state resident, must pay higher tuition

The movie "Liam" is coming on IFC

I got bored again.

Where's zuni at?





some Karl Rove factoids

I am The Blob!!

Okay, now what?

Happy dance time

Where are you at? Where did you put that at? Tell the truth at.

Why can't you continue a dream from a previous night?

Help! I'm being bombarded, the siege began two weeks ago

Jobycom says I'm something else

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


Why is this particular pop up popping up?


so I am watching this movie

I'm going to bed.....


You know, I'd take a pay cut if it would ensure getting Mr. Smithers


oh oh oh oh oh... oh oh oh oh... oh oh oh oh oh....

What should we play on "Spoken Word Sunday"?

I know it's late but there's something we need to get straightened out.

I hope that you guys are having fun

A relatively new DUer needs some help

I'm outta here. See ya tomorrow.

You know I have posted some really thoughtful stuff over on GD

Has anyone heard from Maddy McCall since her post on Monday?

Missing in action tonight.... Until now


What AM I going to do with those Butterfinger candy bars downstairs?

Gotta do some programming

I'm in a pickle

I'm so lonely

Go to GD and click

Would you be comfortable working at a defense contractor?

Tuesday Was Our 13th Anniversary

Men Steal Gas But Put Off-Road Diesel In Car Instead

In 40 short hours I will be back in 'murika! w00t!

Researchers Prove Porn Can Make You Go Blind

Burglar Breaks Into Home - Calls Mom For A Ride From Home Phone - Arrested

How many here consider themselves ascetic?

Neighbors Have Had Enough Of Naked Man Blowing Bubbles In Their Pool

What brand is your computer?

Urine-Powered Battery Invented

Row over bank's 'humiliating' vegetable incidents

Russia stones the cows

Fish Catches Man - Man Dies

Viking ship made of MILLIONS of ice cream sticks

Library Launches 'Borrow A Person' - You Can Even Borrow A Lesbian!

Viking lollystick longboat sails

Police Set Up Roadblock To Find Girl's Missing Stuffed Animal

Satire: Bush Suffering from New Strain of STD?

Pit Bulls Kill 3 Animals At Children's Zoo

Chk out the monthy architct. eyesores w/commentary at Kunstler/Clusterfuck

Wow... Matcom's ass-crack smiley is really speedy today.

"Unprecendented Opposition" Delays Approval of .xxx Domain Names

Okay you guys...check out the Mama Panda...this is absolutely

The latest Zogby Poll is making me THIRSTY!

Did you have Grimm's Fairy Tales when you were a child?

Just testing my Avitar.... Waddayathink?

did madonna fall off the horse because the kablammah is black magic?

Have you all seen Martha Stewart lately?

Shit! HALF of the power in my condo went out!

Teens Attack Homless With Bats - Blame It On Video "Bumfights"

Who misses BIG Barry?

Did I miss a freep hit-n-run?

Was JUST about to email Skinner to ask when my donor star expires...

Three Very Important Articles. Please take the time to read them


Experts agree: the phone company SUCKS!

Study: Chimps show hand preference

"Mr. Housing Bubble" t-shirt "If I popped, you're screwed"

Oil workers trade in marriages for a job

LOOK at this mug shot!

Have you come out to your parents about your baby panda addiction?

Ever taken a shower while chewing gum?

Marilyn Monroe's First Husband Dies

Woman Wakes After 20 Years in Coma

only in my hometown-shameful Henrico County

Bush's Scariest Bike Ride ever...with Picture

my feLLow americans...

I had a weird dream that Charles DeGaulle was kissing bicentennial baby's

anyone else think cotton candy is absolutely disgusting shit?

It's 11:30, and it time for me to say again...

Can you believe the Freeps are actually DEFENDING Northern?

I can't find my belt!!! (first day back at work)

Children: Gift of God or Spawn of Satan?

couLd you reccomend a good song Lyrics site(s)?

Underpants' posts that don't have the floating underpants don't count

Don't spoil, but should I go see "Skeleton Key" today?

Priorities, priorities

I'm in a foul mood - can anybody cheer me up?

What is your DU mush?

Trying to decide on a sign for tonight

Why did the Iraqi chicken cross the road?

Where can I download/buy the song "One Tin Soldier?"

Anybody here been to Mongolia?

the network is down at my work today...from the latest worm

just returned from coping my newest addiction gas prices are skyrocketing

Which DUer do you wish you could crush?

If you were sentenced to life in prison for something you did

"Streets in Big Sandy MT are slick from tiny, smashed toads"

Free Heroin Makes 7 People Sick

Here's an oldie....

Customers crush stroller during stampede at computer sale.

Jack, who ran over the crosses

Holmes Hits Back at Cruise Critics

What's the one snack missing from your vending machine?

You guys should hang out with the Nighthawks, during the wee hours

This just in - The Lazy Chimp popular in 10 states only

Watching the movie "Downfall" during times like these is scary

A poem about Larry Norton, Cross Crusher

Oh, good. The (p)resident is coming to Idaho.

..and that's all I got to say 'bout that

The pandas are so cute right now... how can I

finially, im done formatting all my music.

George W. Bush's Fondness for Bald Heads

Can I not even escape them at a Gaming site???

Reposted for my Lounge-mates: The one sentence reply to the RW red herring

It's the real thing.

A very sweet story about honesty!

GOPisEvil is an excellent tour guide!

It's okay to admit your *crush* on Grovelbot

Power of Pee Runs a Battery

Crushes are overrated....

Pityfest: I am about 1 interview away from fleeing secondary ed after 1 yr

Iconoclast reporting on opening of new Camp Casey at Fred's place.

Don't mind me, I'm just a figment of your imagination

I snorted Coke.

Is anybody without a star who would like one?

You might be a Republican if...

Vests, Backpacks Fix Overalls n/t

A beautiful lake you've probably never heard of

Ever talk to someone on the phone and have no idea what their gender is?

DAMMIT!!!! AirAmerica's streaming audio has been crappy...

are crushes the new tom cruise?

So nini and I escaped the cats by staying at a motel last night

On AMC tonight: Live And Let Die

"It's the era of Dopey."

What's your corn name?

Grey Seal - What does it mean?

What to do about a perpetually late friend?

What crush do you wish had a crush on your crush?

Post here to support temporarily unhitching the Lounge from the DU barge.

TNG: Darmok episode is on Spike TV......

What DUer do you think you wish had a wish to have a crush on you?

If you invest...

Do you have a secret Cindy thread you have not told us about yet?

Johan Santana v. Mark Buehrle TONIGHT!!!

U.S. Intelligence: Nukehavistan May Have Nuclear Weapons

Grey Poupon - What does it mean?

Show me your drawers!

list books that influenced you in each decade of your life

Who do you think used to have a crush on you but may or may not still?

Which of the senses could you most do without?

Which Panda has a *crush* on you?

What DUer do you wish had a crush on you?


Has anyone seen the crushed ice?

MSNBC: "Why you should avoid having a weekend heart attack"

OK, OK - I have a CRUSH on Matcom - I admit it

Is "Red Eye" worth seeing?

Transparent Screens

I have a crush on Orange Crush

I just don't know what to say about this one

Dog + Porcupine = Vacation Woes

Does anybody here watch "Rescue Me"?

I failed the sleaze test

Is your crush lust or love? Take this stupid-ass quiz and find out!

Pssssst...are those YOUR thumbs next to the Greatest Discussion Threads?

I've got a Crush!!

Found this poem stuck on the supermarket bulletin board...

Things getting crushed

The Panhandling Panda has a crush on Progmom

From an online fweeper publication: James Woods Dissects Hollywood

Best Brat Pack Flick overall

So, what's the earliest a fund drive got to 1,000?

Try not to click on this thread

I'd like Sean Connery to come back as Bond one more time...

Elton John's "Leavon"

I finally finished reading the internet. I thought the ending was weak.

Anyone read "Opus"? Have any old Bloom County characters appeared?

Sean Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy...what's next? Just "Diddy'

I don't want to do it...honestly, I don't. I have no choice!

Any Electricians or Electric Knowledgeable People Here?

Are pandas the new Smurfs?


The ultimate Freeper anathema photo

Know anything about 1954 Fjords?

Its a hippo cam.

Caption this photo of * and Condiloser Rice.

*Are* 'Yoiksy' or 'Mr. Hide' the new 'Shruggy'?

the baby panda is very sqeaky today

Shruggy is Jealous!!!

Sniffa is cooking me dinner...

I am going camping until Sunday. If I'm not back by Monday, I am

one of the best things about the football season is back! TMQ!!!

Cindy Panda Crush Cindy Panda Crush

Question about driving from Illinois to California

Nobody has a crush on me...

am I missing out not jumping on this panda train...

DS1 is going to CRUSH the baby Panda


Am I the only one who still juices his own pandas?

Am I the only one who still cares about the pandas??

Pray for me. I'm about to get on my son's Yamaha 80 to go to the mailbox.

I would like to appologize about last night.

This is post #9976.

Homework sucks

Comcast Bills Name Complaining Customers As "Bitch Dog" & "Scrotum Bag"

Do you have a secret DU crush who you have not told us about yet?

Great Optical Illusion!

someone cheer me up.

harry potter 6.


My mom just told me to stop dropping Acid!

never trust a jpgray poll

does this picture make you want to laugh or cry or run screaming?

Sighted in Glendale CA - - unleaded $2.89/gallon

Several hurt in rush for cheap iBook laptops (Video)

I saw the White Stripes in concert last night, ask me anything..

I need the Barry White pic


The Bartender Bot

How do you get reptiles in the Lounge?

do you have a crush on crushed velvet...

We are on our way to a Cindy vigil...

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffin glue!

Hey sports fans!!! Look at this treasure!!

the lies of progmom AKA progmom lies (august edition)

Are Progmom and Sundog going to rumble?

Protest Warriors...come out and plaaaaaaa-y.....

OOOO! I gots an idea! Panda Diddy!

Protecto Toilet Seat Sheets: Do You Use Them in Public Restrooms?

Who is your favorite playa?

Who is your faverite player?

Okay (seriously) why didn't you people tell me about "Gilmore Girls"?

I'm no photoshop artist, but I did this, and I think it's funny!

name a song that you like done by a group/artist you usually dislike

Esther "Madame" Wong has passed....

don't believe the hype: sundog is cruel. n/t

I just ate a salad!!!

Are Progmom and Sundog going to rumba?

I'm home alone

Substitute 'dagnabbit' for the song lyric of your choice

progmom sells bootlegged jazz on the black market.

I am Chiefs fan, love of life is Raiders fan...( advice?)

progmom keyed my car!

Has Skinner ever had a thread that dropped like a rock

If I Had A Boat

Mr. Wong out on DVD!

Great musical jpgray

Hump day Hump-O-Rama!

even for a 'progessive' it's not possible to be...

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

GREATEST Americans whose last name is Bush

Guys who should have had the chance to play James Bond

I can't seem to face up to the facts....

You can do something USEFUL to support troops.

Being a Computer "Geek", people come up to me for suggestions in

Stop Making Sense and ask me anything.

The real and disgusting truth about progmom: she doesn't watch pandacam...

why do people think it's ok to call me when i'm on DU?

When you hear of a classic actor/actress who has just passed away.....

Cheerleaders poll. Chiefs Cheerleaders, Raiderettes, Charger Girls

What's a good way to end an upset stomach?

Does anyone else use their cell phone - only? (no home land line)

Ever watch "Behind the Music"? What was your favorite episode?

Football around the corner!!! Time to stock up and shop!!!

Great musical siblings

Cops showed up looking for "Mr. Beasley" again!

So I nicknamed the Baby Panda Rabrrrrrr. He was apparently having

$2.75/Gallon. YEAH BABY!! up, up and awaaaaaayyyyyyy

progmom watches reality TV for hours on end.

I go under the knife tomorrow.

Having a lousy day? Check in here

How do you get replies in the Lounge?

awesome reaLization just now about tonight's vigiL

i haven't had a crush in the last 15 minutes

Vassar Clements (1928-2005)

Charles DeGaulle Airport can kiss my booty...grrrrr

Know anything about 1954 Fords?

Doesn't this man look like a half witted product of incest?

Ever been caught posting at work?

Finally! A reason to watch O'Lielly!

The Mayor of Kittenopolis (dialup warning)

What DUer do you think has a crush on you?

Small world stories - post here

Our gas prices went up another .10 overnite

Put my mother in a nursing home today.

To blog or not to blog?



Yo peeps, where's Zuni???

My boyfriend said "So I've been reading the Bible.."

As the term "retarded" is retired from polite conversation...

What's your porn name?

Favorite Star Trek (or TNG) episodes,

My 999th POST and MY FIRST POLL! What should I do with post #1000?

Where to go backpacking in October

Should I ask my girlfriend to marry me?

BREAKING NEWS: On "The Situation Room"!!!!

Patrick Swayze made Scarlett Johannson Cry - Let's go kick his ass!

Decision delayed for '.xxx' domain - do the idiots opposing this


Which Brat Pack Character are you?

Woman Charged With Leaving Newborn In Wal-Mart Toilet

"It's the era of Diddy."

Ex-Bond Brosnan "loathed" the "stupid one-liners," "felt phony doing them"

Who has a crush on ME?

Today is my mother's birthday. And I feel like shit.

I crushed a can of Orange Crush.

Another great veggie site.

Help me name my religion!

Shock, sadness follow murder of Taizé founder Brother Roger

Group Wants to Transplant African Animals (to North America)

i have a science/religion question: what's the best arugment for

Scientists Suggest Relocating Africa's Poster Species to North America

IN activist blatantly, shamelessly lies about creationists' motives

Iapetus: Moon of mystery

Cosmological iconoclasts offer new ideas

Ships Bring Alien Jellyfish Invaders To Our Shores

Plants Discriminate Between Self and Non Self

Strange fossil defies grouping

Domestic partnership benefits in Michigan

State Fights Appeal By Matthew Shepard's Killer

Anti-gay group targets military funerals

Some nice news about a great gay journalist

Advance on Elizabeth Birch Interview

Gay Friendly Campaign Reaps Big Reward For Philadelphia

That Dell guy is back! ... "Dude ... you're wearin' a dress!"

Killer Wants 40-Year Sentence Reduced

Broward School Board may suspend Diversity Committee over anti-gay remarks

Gay leaders seek to bridge racial divide

D.C. Dumps AIDS Administrator

Gay Former Tempe Mayor Tapped As New GLAAD Pres.

What Makes People Gay? - Boston Globe

Gay Man Fired By Company Tied To Coldwell Banker

Library Launches Rent-A-Gay

Republican former mayor named GLAAD president

Pop Warner Kick-Off

oh oh-Olde Towne Team down five in the first- Come on boy's, get your bat'

Twins beat White Sox in 16 inning marathon

I've been adopted!

The mayor of Kittenopolis (dialup warning)

Something I'm wondering with you guys

Cindy Sheehan Online Vigil Thread

my energy is all out of whack

Please send protection for my daughter...

Silvia Browne.

Bali conspirators' jail terms cut

"Everyone is born straight!"

Let's start an urban myth

Shouldn't Bush be asked to denounce the guy who mowed down

Did I ever show you this by a guy who was in VVAW with John?

Kerry and the TV Personality Gap

I'm not going to bother posting this elsewhere, but it should hearten you

Rude Pundit nailes it: It's not about you, Georgie

Who's all going to a vigil tonight ?

It's my birthday, and all I really want is ...

First time Photo Group post, Reflections submission and pics from Crawford

So Anderson Cooper's doing his entire show from Camp Casey.

"Worst Person in the World" nominee :)

If Rosa Parks Were Covered on Fox

guess who's gonna be on tee vee????

KOEB 8/17/05: Will it be two days in a row??? Dare we hope???

Say, Rev! Do you hear confessions?

Noise Machine wants you to believe that Dems will roll over for Roberts!

On record, here if not anywhere else.

WTF??? Since when attacking Grieving Mothers of soldiers is permitted?

Photo: Now Bush's motorcade can speed by flag-draped coffins, too.

The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 11); Putting out fires

For us too...

The Iraq War and Oil Prices - Redux

where is my standard bearer?

Candlelight vigil in Orlando tonight

Bush & Cheney Indictments - is it a hoax ?

Boston Globe Editorial: Talk to Cindy

NBC news smearing Sheehan?

The Hypocrisy of the settlers

Bookworm Bush's holiday reading

Rasmussen: Bush Approval Hits 43%. Lowest Ever For This Poll

Help me raise $2,000 today! Working for an America we all love!

The worthless, fear-mongering mainstream-media; GOP cheerleaders

DU This Poll: Is CAFTA good for America's Economy?

I've been against leading Dems in general visiting Cindy BUT

Ex-FBI Whistleblower and Senator to Join 'Peace Mom'

New GOP talking points in the Oven

Are you sick and tired of the pro-war Pundit Journalists of the MSM?

E mail from Congresswoman Diana DeGette Re: Stem Cell Research

The Republican Party are the "terrorists" of America...

1,858 Americans killed.13,877 Wounded.26,705 civilians dead.Gas $2.589/gal

AP: Report Republicans Courting Joe Scarborough for Senate Run in Florida

Which nuclear threat is most dangerous : Iran or Pakistan ?

Advice needed reSpam--"Thank you for signing up at"

Calling them on their bluff.

SO DAMNED COOL...The BBC is covering today's "Support Cindy" vigils!

Lautenberg Asks Bush Administration To Condemn Dobson Comments

Lest we start believing the MSM PR(opaganda) and give up; He:

Vigils and

Journalist points out Krauthammer, Kristol, and Friedman as "pushers"..

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of Idaho

Study shows 'Masculinity Challenged Men' Prefer War and SUVs

Why has the corporate media always gone so easy on Bush?

Now their accusing Cindy Sheehan of being anti-semitic

Let's clog Mike Gallaghers inbox

Bush's approval "tumbled five points" " lowest level ever"

Missy Comley Beattie: 'My nephew did not die for your freedom'


Who saw Dana Milbanks on the Dailey Show last night?

Hey, somebody at Camp Casey...

Clinton fans make 'Billgrimage' to Arkansas

Turnabout -- Vietnam seems to be the new RW talking point

Jersey Girls win the BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award!

What were Truman's Approval ratings in his last year in office?

Who has the exact local of the land offered to Camp Casey?....

"Swiftboating" Cindy Sheehan

Seymore Hersh (sp?) is the Guest on The Daily Show! 1:00am Replay on Now!

SurveyUSA: * 8/16 approval rating at 41%

Sept. Vanity Fair has great story about Rove

I just donated to DU and you should too...

"Cindy is emboldening the enemy"

Wouldn't it be great if conservatives really valued life and honesty

I need to print a sign for tonights vigil,

Bush's Approval Rating has tumbled the lowest level ever!!

Conservatives want more Dead American Soldiers

Operation Yellow Elephant

DNC to fund 4 organizers in Maine

aren't there laws against war profiteering and price gouging during war?

DU this Poll....

Katherine Harris's Congress Seat

Is everything secret to Repubs? Torture pics and govt arguments to hide

NewsMax (reich-wing) doesn't mention the ACLU helped Rush win

"A Presidency under siege" "Surrounded and afraid to face the music"

Judge rules Bush's logging plan is illegal

Pigboy Limbaugh: "Her story is nothing more than forged documents"

Who am I? ( no cheating)

I *finally* thought of a one sentence reply to the RW red herring:

Who was it that said "we need a new Pearl Harbor"?

Limbaugh-Hannity can't keep Bush's numbers from Falling

Like W*, I'm cycling today. Unlike W*, its to a Cindy vigil in Miami

Randy Rhodes: Ex Navy medic said 60% of Iraqis have NO water and those

Breaking - 700 82nd Airborne Troops going to Iraq. WHY??

Group seeks FEC investigation of Hastert fund

Conyers & Hinchey to file request for immediate investigation of Ashcroft

On the topic of nationalizing America's domestic oil production:

Sheehan #2 CBS Story...Coming up

Chavez warns bush about $10/gallon gasoline

Dick Cheney and the American Likudniks

New Mexico. Arkansas. Nevada. Missouri. Ohio.

Even if you don't like Anderson Cooper or CNN, WATCH TONIGHT!

Is anyone watching Anderson Cooper?

Feingold calls for troops to be out of Iraq by end of 2006

Ohio's Governor Bob Taft to be arraigned tomorrow.

Malloy says that the Washington Post pulled out of ReichMarch 2005

Theft of the 2004 Election by Dr. Dennis Loo @ Cal Poly

Robertson "absolutely appalled" by comments Boxer NEVER MADE.

Found this on Kos: Is Bush Out Of Control?

Cindy Sheehan Lifts Hopes across America......

PHOTO mugshot the man who plowed down memorial crosses of US dead soldiers

BOYCOTT ABC !!!!!! Melanie Morgan is paid by ABC.

Dean in Sarajevo... "things no country should do" (Abu Ghraib)

Who saw Sy Hersh on The Daily Show last night?

how convenient: roberts file missing after being reviewed by White House

Bush Ranch: "to make a millionaire from Yale look like a workaday cowpoke"

Remembering the Dem National Convention, whose was your favorite speech?

A conservative friend comes over to our side.

it's gas prices, stupid!

House Dems are supporting challenger of pro-CAFTA Cuellar

So How Come the Brave One cannot comeout against the dufus who

Bush adminsitration moves to end most salmon habitat protections

You Might Be a Freeper If....

Fweepers Being Conned Into Supporting "Guest Worker" Immigration Bill

If You Voted Repub Last 2 Elections, How You Liking Things So Far?

Roberts Papers Missing after White House Review

Hope this horrendous picture shows up the right size

Kick some freeper ass! DU this Cindy poll!

Nashua Advocate is back!!!!!!

The Circle of Oil will Exclude US. Look at what's happening:

RI Sen: Matt Brown calls on Bush to start bringing troops home in 6 mos

here we go again: newly declassified documents; clinton did it...

DUer Editorial in the Dallas Morning News - conservative "family values"

let's nationalize "Big Oil"

Ed Schultz calling Rush Out!

SENATOR Joe Scarborough?

If US attacks Iran, where do US ground troops come from? Draft?

A new BCCI scandal brewing?

Kucinich video postcard: House Joint Resolution 55

DU This CNN Cindy Sheehan Poll!

Bush to Vacation at Tamarack Lodge (Idaho) testing his Biking Skills?

Bush Approval Continues to Fall