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Archives: August 25, 2005

AlterNet: Last in the "A Soldier Speaks" series.

DoD Has Enough Petroleum Products for Anti-Terror War

Civil liberties go by wayside in bid to curb terrorism


Terrorists Posing as Vagrants?

S. Blumenthal: Questioning the President

Bush, in Check very good read!

(PINR)Intelligence Brief: French Energy Policy

Peter Galbraith - who to believe

The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism

Greg Palast: Pat and Hugo: The Real Story - Part 1

David Sirota: DLC helps spread claim that 'progressives destroyed America"

The "Nation:" "The Strategic Class" (How they Control all of us) Must Read

Robert Scheer (The Nation): Judith Miller: Embedded Over Her Head

Tell NBC, CBS and ABC to Air this Ad -- Genocide IS News

Transportation to Sept. 24 National Mass March in DC & regional actions

RW talk radio shows & rethug talking points - make a host's head explode

Seniors Protest Target Stores For Campaign Money (CA)

Buy Sept. 24 Bus Tickets on-line: NYC to DC

Sweet, light crude closes at $67.32 on inventory report.

Forest Service admits "serious" mistake in logging reserve (Babyfoot)

Power generation technology's impact on water supplies.

SoCal Stirling dish plant nears approval.

Manila's Arroyo boosted by opposition defection

Mothers of Iraq soldiers join Idaho protest at Bush speech

Poll: 47% of Likud members would back Netanyahu, 30.5% prefer PM under attack and threat of violence from thugs

What type plane hit WTC1 & why was it strewn over such a large area?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News , THURSDAY 8/25/05

about those white stickers......

OK - 9/24 - Is there a protest planned in SF?

Congressman Jim Leach (R, Iowa) 1st (R) to help out on DSM

Entenza-Hatch rumor mill

Want a serious tv news channel?

My Crawford report. Some disappointment and an experience.

Buses from TX metro-cities to Crawford on Saturday 8/27

Ammo coding idea shelved in CA

How to Shut-up an Illiterate Design Pusher

Don't get me wrong

Firefight in Baghdad


How the hell can * get up infront of Guard units? He went AWOL from .....

Able Danger II

A letter to my senator, Barack Obama

Olbermann on Robertsons denial

Vicious Attack Hate Radio Mark Williams Against Colleen Rowley MSNBC

Olbermann's show introduction promo was awesome n/t

A letter to the editor I came across in my local paper that disgusted me.

The Phony King of England

If the Clerics declaring Fahtwas (SP?) apologized

Limbaugh Pigman not only do I question your patriotism I ? your manhood

best thing about the pat robertson situation?

The real reason Bush's suits don't fit and his haircut's ugly

I just saw Qualls on a Cindy-copycat ad

Teacher Appreciation Thread

Is it true Senator Feinstein wasted 3 million dollars to bring .....

I spoke in frustration that we should accommodate the man who thinks.....

Energy bill offers tax breaks - with complications

As the M$M Whips America into a Frenzy almost inciting Civil War

Please explain the media's fascination with missing persons.


Q2: Anyone know of an UNINJURED active duty soldier coming home recently?

Hmmm... Caption THIS !!!

Where do you stand on illegal immigration?

Bill O' Liely's poll numbers.

Study Sees Race Disparity in Traffic Stops

I think Pat Robertson can be arrested in Canada....

How could anyone concerned about the security of the United States

Was it our strategy to lure all the terrorists into Iraq & smoke 'em out?

If you like looking at DU for 3 or 4 hours a day-what type of employment..

How many troops do we have on the ready here on our soil?

Request from "Liberals Like Christ" concerning Pat Robertson:


Do you know any RWers now demanding 'respect for the prez' who were

Two Returning Iraq Soldiers Beaten in Seattle

Ed Schultz appreciation thread

This pic is priceless ...

The Pruitts haven't greeted any body bags yet. No moral authority.

They Are Invoking 9/11 Already -PIX->>>

If P.Robertson was applying for citizenship his application would be denie

Who is streaming the Brad Show?

This pic is priceless ...

Thomas Jefferson - The highest form of Patriotism is dissent

Rumsfailed murdered American troops.

First we had the Runaway Bride

AGAIN TONIGHT! - Joan Baez Concert from Camp Casey LIVE!!! 9PM CDT

Does Bush love his wars?

America's just letting it all hang out now, isn't it?

Robertson apologized but he did not repent.

OK, Greta's blog reply to Bob Costas's refusal on Larry King's bugging me.

"Greenday" has anti-war song. Video was number one on mtv's trl...anyone

Sperm donor reality show?

"We will win this war, as long as I am president..."

Doctor gave my son promethazine for nausea and vomiting.....

Fuck Faux News

Ed Schultz caller: "Bushco should take out Castro". Ed Shultz: "I agree".

Website owner can bash Falwell all he wants@

Does anyone know why Randi is complaining so openly about

Savage attacked JBaez for singing at CampCrawford

anyone have a picture of *'s daughter sticking tongue out at Cindy?

To all DU lawyers, I need some advice on a labour-related issue

Petition To Tell Robertson He Was Wrong-Thou Shalt No Kill

Terrorist Threats from Radical Cleric Robertson Should NOT be Tolerated

Ok everybody, all together. Awwwwwwww

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

While patriots at Camp Casey swelter, *'s vacation in Idaho goes upscale

I want to check out how a controversial author voted. What's that website?

LIVE NOW! NOW! NOW! from Camp Casey!

i saw the stupidest political book ever today

Lord & Lady Macbeth >>>

George W Bush is a coward. Discuss.

Jim Leach (R-IA) is a member of the Ripon Society of the Republican Party

On XM Ed Shultz is moving from AAR to ASK...any idea who will

If anybody else recorded the Bradshow from Camp Casey contact me!

Thanks, Bushco. America is now officially fucked.

any texas du'ers

Latest Radar Photo of Katrina out of Miami

This Hits Home-- A Picture of A Soldier Leaving His Family To Head to Iraq

NEWSMAKER-Firebrand Iraqi cleric hits centre stage again

Has the Shrub returned to Crawford yet?

I Need Help Finding A Way To and From DC for Sep 24

Man this sucks, a hurricane with no notice....

Intelligent Design proves that

Is this the next right wing attack on the anti-war movment?

How Pat Robertson’s remarks helped BushCo (Important!)

Intelligent Falling

I don't normally post from Drudge, but get this:

Alright, who'd vote for an anti-war (R) over a hawkish (D)?

The drink-soaked former Trotskyite popinjay speaks (does he ever stop?)

A Pic of Casey Sheehan's portrait at Camp Casey.

the American people WILL rise up against you bush, brace yourself

Welcome Back Home, Cindy!

Mandatory Jon Stewart "Go Fighting Seagulls" Thread.

Question for Rush watchers (those who can stomach him, at least)

I'm going try to go to Crawford tomorrow and Friday

Badr Corps now acting in Bush's name but for Iran's benefit

what right wing interest groups should I select for my report?

Who honestly believes we will see a democracy in Iraq ?

Tough decision here

TV Ratings: The 700 Club, Should Be TV-14

Just an FYI post about "Echelon"

Song about Cindy tops country charts

The Lone Star Iconoclast has some amazing pictures & reports from today

Weird Poll.

Bush's supporters against Cindy aren't as grassroots as he claims

What jobs would you want Bush and Co. to be forced to have?

Email Thomas Cadmus, head of the American Legion:

American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next?

The Northwest strike: the end of the AFL-CIO and the political lessons

Why Pat Robertson isn't treated as a terrorist

Sadr says if the US puppets push through a constitution he is going postal

you fuck with we the people mr. bush, & we will fuck you back in spades


Michael Savage was slobbering mad tonight....

If you watched Nightline tonight you know why we can't win this war

Any military family have a vet with leave approved after 9/7/2005?

Wow! Nightline tonight (Wed) looks revealing and bad for BushCo...

Randi on AAR said we are now just two votes shy of a vote in the house

Medical staff volunteers urgently needed at Camp Casey

Video (C&L): Olbermann exposes Move America Forward (Anti-Sheehan tour)

Robertson's support of dictators: Got links?

Protests at military hospital???

We knew it was coming ... the fundies are going after divorce!

SERIOUS QUESTION: How to give to Dems NOT DLC?

Intercepted Email: Newly discovered Talking Points from WH

Okay, which one of you taunted wounded soldiers?

Soldier who captured Saddam says "Pull Troops Out Now."

Seymour Hersch on CNBC right now: torture, black ops and the Bush admin.

Anti-Sheehan caravan nothing but a bunch of "press availablities"

For a great insight into Pat Robertson

follow the link to a great smile!!! I PROMISE

GREAT AOL POLL! Should He Be On Vacation? Please DU It!!!!

I Just Heard the Most Amazing Antiwar Song - Anybody heard this?

"Listen To Cindy" a letter from Elizabeth Edwards. Very touching.

Okay, so don't sign the petition to tell Robertson he was wrong.

My response to RW cousin

Some Camp Casey photos

Lurking on a Military wives board and I was shocked!

Latino/Hispanic forum second try


What's the ulterior motive in closing these specific bases?

All I can do is report what happened.

Politics for Canadians

Bus bomber had intended to hit train.

In case you missed it...

Experts criticise Iraq's draft constitution

Iraqi deputy justice minister escapes assassination bid again

US States Bypass Bush to Tackle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Pentagon to review Tillman investigation

Robertson denies Chavez assassination call

Poll: 47% of Likud members would back Netanyahu, 30.5% prefer PM

Drug helps expel remains after failed pregnancy

"Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans" (AP)

General Freakely takes over 10th Mountain Division

Ecuador Oil Protesters Threaten Hunger Strike

Reuters calls on U.S. to release cameraman

Firebrand Iraqi cleric hits centre stage again

Saddam's Political Party Makes a Comeback

Bush: We will complete the mission

Europeans join campaign to free jailed US journalist (Judith Miller)

Expulsions illegal, UN tells Clarke

Hawaii Sets Caps on Wholesale Gas Prices

WP: Democrats Seeking Release of Withheld Roberts Documents (Iran-Contra)

U.S. approves full new warhead production

President Bush Job Approval (Rasmussen: 45% approve/54% disapprove)

US General Sees Significant Withdrawal in Iraq

Painkillers can cause fatal stomach bleeding

WaPo: U.S. Wants Changes in U.N. Agreement

Coin dealer releases documents to rebut Taft (Ohio Coingate)

Sheehan returns to Crawford

‘US combat troops returning from Iraq face major health peril’

GALLUP: Iraq more unpopular than Vietnam War at same point

Poll shows Schwarzenegger's popularity at all-time low

Republican PR Firm behind anti Sheehan bus tour

What price, politics?

The Phony King of England


"Who Would Jesus Bomb?" - Best Bumper Sticker I've seen in a long time.

Matcom throwin' down to Oxycyst Limbaugh--be there or be square.

This never happened to me before:The location for the Friday DC Party.....

A serious question for designers, artists, architects, and otherwise

Wow, a blast from the past.

If GW Bush were President in 1941, which country would he have invaded?

Favorite song off American Idiot?

Peep what my son brought home from the dollar store!

Anyone in DC hiring a web developer?

Does anyone else feel like we're at a crossroads?

Anybody ever own a Saab?

Deadheads and friends

Ever get the feeling you done fucked up?

Well, I, for one, am not questioning Rush Limbaugh's patriotism.

Funny thing heard during tonights Twins telecast.


Finally made it home

SF up tonight!!!!

Is LP (album) cover art available on the internet?

We disrupt this forum for an unimportant announcement...

Wilford Brimley is the hottest man on the planet!

How many Venezuelans are watching "The 700 Club" tonight?

It's official. I'm an Ohioan

Equal time: Iron Maiden gives ITS version of the Ozzfest incident

How I Spent My Last 2 Hours At Work Today

Just because I disagree with you is no reason to call

Gap uses a Costello line to sell Jeans

Daaaaaamn. Is this John Kerry or what?

Choose my snack while I watch the Mets sweep the Diamondbacks

Mike Judge and King of the Hill...?

The funniest thing I have ever heard on the News.

I've been thinking about my doorbell,

I need to be sleeping but I'm stressed to the hilt

Guinness or elliptical. You make the call.

Wow. This is really mindless and vapid...

Is there some rally in DC on 9/24?

Tom Cruise isn't the only one--In my past life I was an agrarian serf

I'm following my dream.

I spent part of my morning with two hard-core DINO's

MIKE JACOBS!!!!! Does it again!

How does one learn to ride motorcycles?

Dear Forum: I'm a Freshman at a Small Midwestern College and I never

I need help...I'm hopelessly addicted

Although Adam Corolla sucks, his show is still better than "Tough Crowd"-

It's still August, but it's 60 degrees outside tonight and only

Orapred is pure liquid evil

Yesterday was my DU anniversary.

No rants tonight

Oooh....I was looking out my window and saw a hummer crash into a pole

Caption this Gender Check

Geeks are Sexy!

Ode to Admin: If something's rotten in Denmark then:

western NC - anyone just feel a small earthquake?

Ever get involved in an intense email/PM exchange that lasted 1-2hrs,

Which Neocon is the Anti-Christ as predicted in the New Testament?

The Good News...My drink didn't EXPLODE

Moment of Zen on Daily Show (spoiler alert)...

Why in the HELL do I watch this show? (Over There)

Too Much Joy - My Past Lives

"He's big, he's strong, he's active...ALABAMA MAN!"

Earthquake 4.2 in Northern Cal

*sigh* Jessica Lange re-run on Charlie Rose now

Exorcism is stalking me!

Whoa...what happened to T & A?

What should I expect at the Sept protests?

What should I expect at the Sex protests?

Mooninites are on Cartoon Network

Whoa. What happened to TIA?

What's the scariest thing you've seen on television...?

I'm looking for a popular political joke/cartoon/image...

What is the funniest thing you heard today?

What should I expect of the Sex Pistols?

Whoa. What happened to ATA?

What do you LOVE about DU?

Shhhhh! Don't wake the children!

Anything with Ashton Kutcher in it that did not suck?

Latino/Hispanic forum second try

It has been years since I have been to a rock concert

Grooming "Down There." Is this an evil repercussion of internet porno?

My Political Ideas Professor is a dead-ringer for CaliforniaPeggy....

6000 ... Now what.... Do I get an Apple Martini...

"She said I'll turn you on sonny to something strong..." (awesome song)

Think up weird plots for films

My dogs smells like death

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce a new member of DU.

Are there shows you watch just to yell at the TV?

al-kohl - a post about booze and slutty make up

For DU full figured women: Have you had a breast reduction?

Maybe you smart folks can help me out with this.

What's your favourite anti-war song?

With my 7000 post I just want to declare my love for......

It's fricking °100 with the humidity 49%, that makes it °105 .(rant)

Dammit, I want to email People mag but I don't have aol.

DU - what is the most fun you can have with your shoes on?

Help name the Baby Panda and also win a chance for personal Panda time!

OK, Sirius' coughing and gagging is getting heart wrenching.

So, tonight is my last post on DU. Yes, I've gotten a TV show.

A revised "Who's on First"

Sirius just started coughing up copius bright red blood.

Does anyone here confess to watching 'Rita Cosby' or that wimp

Do I put confetti in the invitation envelopes?

Snoogy Woogums!

They stole my sunflowers; now I have to become a Republican

Some questions for you to answer:

Any of you cats like "Reno 911"?

What is the single greatest VIDEO GAME ever made?

This photo just fills me with joy.

Carl Hiaasen is damned nearly the last man standing

DU loves hats - but which are their favorites? (pic heavy)

For no reason, and no segue worth a shit, I just wanna dis Oprah

I would like people to welcome my wife to DU.

Jesus .. earthquake here in Transylvania County!

An Ashton Kutcher movie that didn't suck...

DU friends....I'm taking a break from DU for a couple of months.

President Bush Agrees to Meet with 40-Year-Old Virgin

Post a DU pet peeve

Tom Cruise is BATSHIT CRAZY!

What are you listening to right now?

Didya hear the one about the guy who couldn't afford personalized plates?

I am home. The Jacuzzi is OPEN! You'll come! Ya hear ...

anyone up for a Free Association Thread?

Pat Robertson...

US Gets Fatter- and Faster than Ever

Drug helps expel remains after failed pregnancy

Scientists to place radio transmitter on giant asteroid which endangers li

Redheads feel less pain.

Hetero's rights are also infringed by anti-GLBT legislation

Falwell hints gay rights support (and hell must be freezing over!)

The Mets are currently winning 13-0

Any interest in doing another simultaneous reading?

Pay to Pray (Pass the basket to the public, Father)

is it ok to boycott advertisers

Kerry was right ! Example # 4,500,675: North Korean talks

The tale of the vanishing Vektor.

Hey, check out this Iraq War Quote I found from 9/25/04 (Post 1)

Help me pick a reflection pic

I must now post floaties

Help need photo of Lietta Ruger, MFSO, posted by DUer funkybutt

DNC: Bush Administration Buries Negative Racial Profiling Report

Ohio Rep. and Minority Leader, Chris Redfern looks at a Taft Impeachment.

While fighting for democracy in Iraq, we'll need to suspend it here.

I HAD to vent.

The Hollywood Liberal Meets Russ Feingold (w/video)

Just found out that Harris poll is actually older than the ARG poll

President faces a new insurgency

Could Kenneth Lay's Enron trial dish Bush dirt?

Quiz time! Identify the Right-Wing Talking Point™! It’s easy & it’s fun!

HELP DU: I Want To Go To the Anti War Rally on Sept 24??????????

Ted Kennedy: More than "photo-ops and spin" are needed to win the Iraq war

Is the Majority Report Blog being hacked?

Reports: Radler To Plead Guilty Sept. 15 (Fitzgerald Hollinger indictment)

White House, Religious Right Fail to Condemn Robertson

Bush legacy: "The Great Divider"

If an American Islamic Cleric...

Is It ** Stalin** Yet??? (In honor of Sec. Rumsfeld's statement today!)

Robertson's excuse - "I squeezed my eyes too hard"

Bush will be visiting AZ....PROTEST IDEA

Diebold Elections Division Jolted by Security Concerns

Eminent domain plaintiffs in SC case being charged RENT!

Robertson (Kind Of, Sort Of) Apologizes For Fatwa

Labor Day gas-out will be our 3rd success... Thanks all!!!

What to do if BushCo won't go & elected officials do nothing.

Schwarzenegger Illegally Scalping Rolling Stones Tickets in Massachusetts

While patriots at Camp Casey swelter, *'s vacation in Idaho goes upscale

"mortgaged to the house of saud"

Drudge's siren is on

Gen. Myers to recieve Architect of Peace Award

Hey Prospect Park, NJ, The Daily Show just gave your Mayor "the treatment"

How to light the fire under our elected officials.

Newsweek: "He's going to find a Cindy in every community across the US."

A political Science Question, any opinion welcome...

Would you be willing to "declare victory" in Iraq to get our soldiers out?

I'm sort of freaking out. I got this e-mail this morning about Cindy.

Iraq: The Unseen War

Google "September 24" protest iraq

Iraq Versus Vietnam: A Comparison of Public Opinion

I think McCain has become demented

Things Republicans said about Clinton during the Bosnia action.

Fox front page has a photo of Bush being hugged by the jubilant "Iraq Mom"

So is it the shame/guilt or the whiskey that's taking its toll?

RW talk radio shows and rethug talking points - make a host's head explode

Dr. Dean if you are listening = Please Send Talking Points !!!

Pentagon issues gag order on BRAC

Looking back: Gore was acted like real mother in King Solomon story

Where are the Dems refuting Bush's "We need to fight them over there"?

Any photos of Pat Robertson with prominent Republicans?

Centrists and conservative Democrats deserve a seat at the table.

Conyers: Is Rush Losing It?

*'s "Comprehensive Strategy To Win The War On Terror"

ONLY HUMAN: Prostituting the Constitution

Judgment Malfunction (Robertson=garden variety crackpot)

President Bush Encounters the Parent Problem

Four Amendments & a Funeral

the United States is now Vietnam on a bad LSD trip

Venezuela: revolutionaries and a country on the edge

Herbert in NYT "Truth-Telling on Race? Not in Bush's Fantasyland"

Addiction, Brain Damage and the President

Why Pat Robertson isn’t treated as a terrorist?

"Upping the Vigil Ante" -- Who the hell does Cindy Sheehan think she is...

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed -LAT, Wilson/Plame in *depth*

American Fatwa (Editorial in Dallas Morning News. Wow.)


Democrats Fumble Iraq Policy

Anti-War Protests Target Wounded at Army Hospital

Petrodollar Warfare Explained.

Waging the Trillion Dollar War

How liberal is your burg?

Patriot Act against religious fanatics like Pat Robertson

Bush Proposes Moving Nation's Capital to Idaho

Mother Jones: "Is Iraq Vietnam on Crack Cocaine?"

Separation is the goal, federalism the means

Karen Houppert (The Nation): Who's Next? Military Recruiting in Schools

Pat Robertson: An embarrassment to the church by Jim Wallis

Iran's Anti-Gay Purge Grows--Reports of new gay executions

Greg Palast: 'I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist'

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed

How Not to Mention the War

Our reckless chemical dependence

Bolton already undermining UN-who's paying attention? Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Clintons' Hobnobbing With GOP Calculated

OBSESSION! Still can't get that Bill off their mind...

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed ...(Plame/Wilson BIG story)

I just sent a letter to MSNBC

"Blue" companies near Crawford that we can ask to donate for Cindy?

Take Action Now! Only 3 weeks till the Constiutional Convention!

Send a Rose to Cindy Sheehan

Los Angeles Rally in Solidarity With Cindy

Emergency Action! Stop September 14th execution, INNOCENT WOMAN

Legionnaires Condemn War Protests

"Seeing a murder on television can help work off one's antagonisms.

Amy Goodman on Hardball tonight

Federal Judge OKs Global Warming Lawsuit

More proof of global warming.

Progress on wind power in Spain.

Chinese Farmers' Protests On Lead Poisoning Supported By Test Results

Former Wall Street Biotech Stock Tout Now Holds #2 Position At FDA

All Peruvian Glaciers Below 18,000 Feet Gone By 2015 - BBC

The Blob threatens Nova Scotia

Synthetic liquid fuels from coal (dKos frontpage)

Floods Spread Through Alpine, Balkan Nations - 42 Reported Dead So Far

Latest technological developments in.... Hamster power!

41% Of Chesapeake Bay Now Covered By Dead Zone - Baltimore Sun

Land Value Tax as a panacea

Italy Eyes Concept of Selling Sun's Energy

10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

"Google satellite imaging software raises terrorism concerns"

Help with Barbara Lee's House resolution 375?

The remaining 99.5 percent (Amira Hass)

Secular Jews v religious Jews. A lot depends on outcome (Amos Oz)

Militants Threaten to Renew Israel Attacks

Report: Abbas says Hamas is a legitimate party

Jesse Jackson: After pullout, onus for next step on PA

Israel continues to threaten peace process.

Five Militants, Jew Killed in West Bank

How fast were the planes going?

Such a joke -- everyone knows Shrub and Cheney involved, even google

NIST's Cases

Ahoy ERD, lets RECOMMEND THIS PUPPY, Keep it around...

From the Eye of Hurricane Katrina (literally)... Where is TIA?

John Roberts involved in Ohio gerrymandering?

TN "paperless voting is illegal" lawsuit filed; link on

The Ohio Election Fraud Blog and its Website, "Ohio Election 2004"

Poll: Location & Date for the Greater Phoenix Gathering

Who here would vote third party before voting for Feinstein?

Gov. Dean to be in San Jose Oct. 15th.

Who should be the Senate nominee in 2006?

Base closing commission keeps open Monterey military schools

Los Angeles Rally in Solidarity With Cindy

CA-Gov: polls and special interests dog Ahnold

Governor's numbers fall even lower in poll

CA Senate Votes to Ban Body Piercing Without Parental Consent

Court sides with Bush administration against endangered species.

Heard the Greens were putting together a Camp Casey in Hunt ington Beach

Take Action Now! Only 3 weeks till the Constiutional Convention!

Man, 19, accused of desecrating Civil War corpse

my screen has taken on a green tint...

Is there any way to transfer your Internet links

Scrapbook extension for Firefox.

Strickland running for Governor

Sept 3-5, Cleveland Ohio - Air Show - a thought

Interesting book finds at Cleveland 2nd-hand store - this means something

DFT Candidate Training Is Here!

Cheney stumps for DeLay in Sept. in Houston:

Texas found in violation of Medicaid agreement

someone at Camp Casey

Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! OMG! Carolyn Wonderland goes to Crawford!

Lets mess with Texas -- Toronto Star piece on Kinky Friedman

Heard on WPR "Tommy Thompson" and "Presidential Candidate" used in the

We'll miss ya, Joe.

I've got one thing to say to Stevens Point School administrators...

Looks like Costco is coming to Milwaukee area

Anyone from Wisco going to the Sept. 24th march?

ABC News can bite me...

The DNC needs to ready their anti-war memes to counter RW propaganda

February 7, 2003 - VIPS: "consequences are likely to be catastrophic" "Bush Vs. The Mother"

An UNFIT mother wouldn't care if Bush lies her sons to their deaths.

Why Did We Go to Iraq? VIDEO

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce a new member of DU.

America West gate agent declares Texas a republic

What is with the Cons overusing the word "choice"?

how hard must this anti-Michael-Moore movie suck?

"A president lied to his people, he ran when it was his turn to fight"

The countdown to 9/11 - 1624 events that led up to it.

I can't sleep so I'm watching

Camp Casey Central Phoenix AZ Report

Why Casey Sheehan Was Killed

Proposal: DU Paper

can I claim bankruptcy even if I can pay my bills right now

He's not really on vacation at all.

where can I find any Bush speech made right when we started the Iraq war??

I'm looking for RB Ham, PunPirate and Jackson Thoreau.


bush is a coward. During this critical time, look where he visits.

US General says Al-Qaida will retreat to Africa

Six Iraqis killed as gunmen open fire in cafe

What an OxyMORAN ?!?

How much money do we taxpayers spend on Bush's gasoline?

Don't shop J.C. Penney for school clothes -- a rant

most folks still don't realize the bush & bin laden families go WAY back

"Mr. Galloway goes to Washington"

His mama sure was proud of him!

Get ready SE Florida, here comes Katrina (latest radar photo)

TREASONGATE: Prior High Profile Convictions Under 18 USC 794

Why isn't the phrase "Corporate Welfare" in more headlines?

Are you listening to this Freeper calling in to Mike Webb's show???

serious, non-inflammatory concern about effective opposition

Q: Seriously... why are gas prices skyrocketing?

Where is RB and where is Jackson T.?

Karl Rove ...

Arkansas Times: "A Pilgrimage To Crawford" ('I knew Bush was trouble...')

"Four years [after 9/11] it's starting to dwindle down .... still a war.."

Possible Cheap Airfare (For Sep 24 Rally Folks)


Gee, you could really cost Pat Robertson a few bucks...

AP: Robertson Assassinations Remarks Not New

PFAW: Reject Roberts

you know bush is BIG trouble when this cartoon


"The Russo Marsh & Rogers Pro-War Caravan"

Complaints about the news? Tell NBC's Brian Williams, The Nightly Blogger

"Enlistments are down because Cowardice is UP!" - Crazy Republican talk

10 Reasons not to go to war in Iraq in 1998- funny

Must be a North Carolina thing, or news articles you hope never to

My LTTE to the New York Times

Polls on number of deaths the Am. people would tolerate

Do with this what you will. I've not the time nor the inclination, but

The Great Lakes loophole

On CNN: Army rep. explains that recent Iraqi violence shows progress

It's hush-hush, but Cheney's coming to stump for DeLay

For your Hugo dossier (now that he's in the spotlight)

EXCLUSIVE-Inside *THE* actual prison (video and text)

Someone please call C-Span and ask miss rice...

Pics of counter-protesters

ARGH! NBC's Today Show Top 3 Stories: TS Katrina; Aruba; ONJ's b/f

Ashcroft's Perjury in front of the 9/11 Commission and Able Danger


Latest UPDATE-no shortage of volunteers

Inequitable wealth distribution is key to marketing consumer goods

Any knowledge of New Paradigm Institute or Earth Ways Institute?

I had a kid tell me this afternoon that this is "not his war". I've been

Did an interview with a band who has an Iraq war veteran in it

From the Mouth of Pat Robertson

8 months into 2nd term, Bush Running FROM the Presidency

These conservative chickenhawks didn't want to go to war


Some 'Activist' Judges Wear Republican Robes

Chicken George AOL Poll- "War Time Vacation President" Update

Support the Vets; close Walter Reed-way to go.

Bush Secretly Undermines State Efforts to Curb Global Warming

Joe Klein's 8-29-05 Time Essay.....

CBS: Senators Want Roberts To Reply Now

Is there something the matter with the DU search function?

Cindy Sheehan’s vigil mobilizes Catholics against the war in Iraq

National Review: Pics of Camp Casey counter protest

Here is what Bush does not want to have to explain to Cindy Sheehan

BUsh at 40% Approval, Finally has much-touted "Mandate"; To QUIT.

Search on for Missing Teen Actress

Imagine the logic of the anti-Cindy Sheehan forces

Cindy Returns to Crawford!

This complete contempt for basic editing offends me.

poor bethany berry

Status of Jeb Bush & Scandal Involvement: What's the score?

Who do you blame for high gas prices? (poll)

Cnn has been running a story of Cindy's return to Crawford this morning.

Anti-war protesters defied by supporters

Drudge deceptive headline about antiwar protestors

Wish I had neighbours like these....

If you voted for Deadbeat Dumbya...DON'T... Piss and Moan!

did anyone watch Aaron Brown last night?

A brief history of Ittitation in the United States


"Jesus Christ Super Star"

Live from Camp Casey. Day 7. I saw Cindy arrive at the Waco airport.

Cindy: The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

Afghanistan and Vietnam

Another Republican perv!

Car checks indicate Diana death an accident

God wants spiritual fruit not Religious nuts...

The Janet Karpinski interview that Randi Rhodes is reading...

Offense vs. Defense. -- A lesson from Cindy Sheehan

Democracy and Religion are Incompatible: Here's why.

I wonder if Jesus had a sense of humor

"We're at war. And so this is a hopeful moment"

Judge sets bail for 12-year-old at $250K

Breaking point in the heartland

Scott Sforza's Most Elaborate Campaign Backdrop Ever >>>

Some say Fox's coverage of Pat Robertson is a bit odd

Bradblog AUDIO of Cindy's speech last night: War undoes a mother's work

Is Bush to blame for closing of historic Walter Reed Hospital?

Good morning all. I need to hear from Binka, flyarm and oh so many others

Sperm donor reality show?

Are We There Yet? Fascism in America

Credit Card Letter Addressed 'Dear Palestinian Bomber'

CNN - Tracking Terror question of the day

Hugo, Uncle Ho and Uncle Sam

60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get it aired!

Intel, Panasonic develop battery which will run laptop 12 hours!

Protest Scholar Sees Anti-Iraq-War Protests Approaching Historic Turning..

BRAD SHOW: Sheehan's Late-Night Camp Casey Comments to Supporters

"America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruitts"

Haggard will offer apology to Chavez (Pastor of New Life Church)

Last call for the September Book Club Runoff Poll

Scientist on list of those supporting intelligent design recants

"... It would have been disastrous" 2/18/98

Is there any OBJECTIVE analysis of Chavez available?

Have We Forgotten The Traitors

Most disgusting thing about Bush is his dependency on divisiveness...?

Barf Alert***Christopher Hitchens on The Daily Show tonight

Is Cindy Sheehan going to Washington next?

The reddest red states.

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Is Tammy Pruett the new "Anti-Cindy?"

Closing Walter Reed Army Medical????

Jeezuz, some Christians are so easily offended!

Bush PR is in overdrive to counter Cindy...

San Pedro (CA) men arrested in dumping of reptile at lake

Reality-TV writers sue Fox

Iron Maiden manager: Ozzfest group 'vile'

This Christian/Non-Christian Thread really ittitates me

OMG! Did You See That Pic of Naked rush Oogling daryn on Buzzflash!

My cosmological belief system is better than yours.

Amarillo Area Military Recruiters: Fresh Meat today @ 5:00

Need help here. Looking for a way to shut up righties when they say

Rupert Murdoch's net worth? According to Forbes, $7.8 billion.

DU this poll

"Can you imagine who made ... Grandparents Day on September 11?" Answer:

How about a gas tax holiday?

Talking points : The pro-war MINORITY

Brad Show: Congressman Conyers & Arianna Huffington; 1pm EDT

what is a Federal Scientist?

Anyone else getting C-SPAN2 channel moved?

Medical comeback of maggots, leeches has feds eyeing regulation

DIYers, handy instructions on how to make Bullshit Protectors

LIVE NOW! NOW! NOW! from The Crawford Peace House!

Who vandalized the pro-Bush sign at the Yellow Rose? (Crawford)

Alert Dallas, FW, Cindy, the owner of "RainFresh" Water supports Bush.

BUSH: "We will finish the task that they gave their lives for."

Sheehan's return speech: 'Casey will never die...'

"They Hate Cindy for her Freedom"

Why did Bush spend over 3 hours with the families yesterday?

Photos from first ever joint Russian-Chinese military exercise,

EPA Unions Call for Nationwide Moratorium on Fluoridation (Youth Cancer)

revisionist history maven Francis Rice of the NBRA

Howard Dean on Bush vs. The Facts

Is It An Insurgency Or A Civil War? Or Both?

Work on the W Bush Presidential Library or quit?

The 'culture of death'

BRADBLOG live at Crawford Peace House now!


Nominating Cindy and Peace House for a Nobel Peace Prize?

LTTE regarding NWA Strike

White House Denies Bush is on Vacation (WH Renovation Blamed)

Pressure, pressure pressure: Deadly attacks increase pressure on Bush

ACTION ITEM: '60 Minutes' Niger story that never aired

Domestic terror: Who's most dangerous? (CNN wants to know)

Police Attack Kids in Utah

Peace movement goes high tech

View the rib-crushing mosh pit at the Pro-Bush camp in Crawford....

Shrub's Speech in Idaho

NWA's case is just the latest proof that unions are increasingly powerless

A question about polls (and Google hasn't helped).

Demand an Audit in Iraq!

In the Garden of Armageddon

Karl Rove's War Against Cindy Sheehan (This is a really good article)...

Note to the Press: Tammy Pruett's Sons Are ALIVE -->>>

Stones whimp out still making news (and bucks)

DU this story on yahoo

Greta is blogging. Aiyiyi...

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL coward frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

I need to know really fast. How many here would like to sport wearing


Clintons' hobnobbing with GOP calculated

a perfect poster to counter freeper counter-protesters

Where has the outrage gone?

Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons would like to thank the terrorists for 9/11

Your Free Now!!!

cnn to have Cindy news conference --coming up. they will carry it live

"Return to Sender" an action mail idea?

Truth and the Temporal Lobe?

Phoenix building permits plummet. Az bankruptcy up 15%

How is "Wu Zetian" pronounced?

So there's this picture on my wall...

Those Wacky College Repukes wrote a song about us

Bush on Iraq: can't let terrorists "establish...refuge in failed states"

145,000 reservists/National Guard are on active duty

The Bush regime puts out more energy than they consume.

did anyone read jeff jacoby's piece today?

I'm very relieved that Cindy is back in Crawford safely

A right to Life Group tried to force balloons into my children's hands.

How many people are they expecting for the Washington protest in Sept?

Republican may be "forced" to vote Democrat

Good... Federal Judge OKs Global Warming Lawsuit


Has Bush made this a personal thing between himself and Cindy Sheehan?

Reliving the peace rally from 2003.. Fantastic signs

If a republican lost a son in the war, "I" wouldn't call her Tragedy Slut

Bizarro is good today

Damn the Iraqi Constitution, now the fundies won't get to Rapture

I just saw a "Move America Forward" ad on Faux news

Did I just see the Cindy commercial on CNN

Must see Robertson Cartoon!

Conyers calls for Investigation of DOJ Suppression of Racial Profiling

Caution: Weak stomachs do not enter

What is "Brad" talking about...what happened?

Human Rights Campaign (GLBT) Announces Opposition to Roberts

D.C. protest --- Camping at Greenbelt Park and Hostels

FLASHBACK : Reeps complain about Bill Clinton's (Foreign!) Travel :

A post for Mr. Robertson.

"talking truth to power"

National Review confesses: Pat Robertson an influential figure

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #7: Kirk Cameron

Prince Charles wants the UK to use alternative medicine to save money

Focus being turned from Osama to Cindy

Perfect Sign for Camp Casey Supports to have

American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next?

"Fight them at Home" - how does that work, anyway?

Question about hybrid/electric

Looks like some chickens are preparing to roost

CNN breaking... SHAAAAAAAAARK Attaaaaaaack

PIX of Crawford Counter-Protest >>> WAR = We Are Right

Can We Bury The "9/11 Changed Everything" Mantra Now?

*** TOONS: Pat Robertson, Extreme Wacko - PART II***

I Don't Feel Rich "High-End" Or "Affluent" Enough To Watch This Show

After months of hesitating--I just sent a donation to Chuck Pennacchio

US Air Force at risk from identity fraud

John Conyers is up next on "The Brad Show"....from Crawford

Grooming Politicians for Christ -- Your Comments or Observations?

Choose a mate for Mr. Moran

I doubt Bin Laden did 9/11 or they'd be after him with a vengeance

Orrin Hatch calls me a nutcake...

"Casey" by Cindy Sheehan (Day 18)

U.S. House congressman describes his elected office as a MINISTRY

The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Wobblies

More signs than people on the Pro-War side in Crawford

Among Influential American Evangelicals, a Continuing Sense of Persecution

No, morans. He said "Venezuela". Not "Ingushetia"

American Legion contradiction: they did not support troops under Clinton

Die Die SUVs Please Die

A moving pic from Camp Casey.

Rev. Jesse Jackson jumps into the Kerry/Ohio Lawsuit Stuff...

WOW Cindy on CNN

"destructive and violent acts as the hand of God."

Picture of the Year: Little Boots >>>

WOW! Just saw the Cindy

White House Briefing: Why President Embraces 9/11, Shuns Sheehan

A New Bumper Sticker Based On A Slogan An Old Friend Suggested.

Hurricane Katrina drenches Florida, floods feared

Know-Nothings, the more things change, etc.

CNN Presents: Dead Wrong - Download Link

Shark found in freshwater lake in Texas

The beauty of religion

Pat Robertson's influence is "dwindling"

Question: If Texas is "Bush Country" why are they having to bus protesters

Couple Mistaken for Radical Faces Backlash

Asking Questions

Cindy Sheehan was lead news story on local NBC affiliate...

Robertson: I apologized now let's just drop it.

Bolton is sticking it to the world. . .hard and nasty

Sharpton to join Crawford Peace Protest for Sunday Services

Just saw the new Cindy Sheehan commercial on CNN!! (Link to video)

Today I protested at our local Camp Sheehan

Best advice I've found all day. Please pay attention.

Need info on Sep. of Church and State

Question for Randi listeners . . .

Bush Iraqi Guest at SOU slams loss of rights under draft constitution

A question for good DU Christians.

I'm at the Sheehan press conference right now.

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed

For those of you wanting to help Camp Casey on food issues here is the

Bush has done more to harm the US readiness and security for years to

I'm offended by the tombstone labels for a different reason

Instead of trying to Reason with Repub assholes, Just Go for the Jugular

Pat Boone?? Fucking Pat Boone? Is that all the RNC has?

1874 Reasons why the DSM is Important

What's the difference between VFW and American Legion,

Perfect picture of Bush just waiting to be Photoshopped

Drop the Christian bashing. NOW

"Anti-War Activists Are Frauds"

Tell Congress: Don't Privatize Social Security

Any Proof of Bushy's quote about Cindy?

Crap To Add To "We Don't Care!" - New Freep Slogan "Enough IS Enough!"

What are the best Bush graphics you've found online?

Hello repugs and freepers. It must hurt to know that the Dixie Chicks, ..

DUers in Crawford

Some good political cartoons on Pat Robertson

Is "George" a blighted choice of name?

london bombing train times dont add up

Mayor Bloomberg - opinions?

Conservative blogger wants Bush to explain why the US is in Iraq

Calling Lynnthedem, where are you????? Has anyone heard anything??

GOP's next secret weapon: DON HO !!

Does Anyone have a link to Chavez saying he wants to help the USA's poor?

So is John Thune about to get his legs cut out from under him by BushCo.?

Tim Robbins' "Embedded" on Sundance tonight at 9pmET.

Why Pat Robertston's apology is bogus.

I have a dream.............

You may have missed this, what with all the missing persons in the news>>>

Santorum claims he questioned Iraq war.. but he can't prove it

This is the response I received from the Whitehouse

Eric Blumrich's (Bushflash political animation) - tribute to Cindy Sheehan

Saw a nice surprise today...Ford F-150 with all kinds of Anti-* Stickers!

I spoke with a man who works in the oil fields sort of... he is doing

Ultimate in Freeper lunacy

Liberals Under My Bed!

Italy Red Cross May Have Hidden Insurgents

Protesters at Bush ranch plan road trip to Washington

Fuck! I'll miss the American Legion.

steaming crap! Counter Protesters in Phoenix Arriba's Mexican Food site

Getting some serious squalls in Miami-Dade right now

How will historians rank Dumbya?

what ever happened to youngstown, ohio aar station?

Residents claimed traffic stop was based on religion

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #7: Kirk Cameron (take 2)

For those wondering why Rumsfeld is closing all those military bases,

Now it all started two Thanksgivings ago,

pro-Bush campsite missing one thing: people

Another message for Mr. Bush from an Alaskan...

Hagel to form third party ? Rumor on Ray Taliafero this morning

Listening to Ron Connelly of American Legion

Hey guys, I wanna take a vacation. Would ya'll chip in for a private jet,

What is the WORST Part of Fox News?

B*sh Created an Islamic Fundimentalist State (Iraq)

Singapore locks up U.S. man for possessing porn

Video of Cindy Sheehan Statement 8/25

Heard today on NPR

CNN reporter just now: "Locals are 'laxadaisical' about Hurricane Katrina"

Heads-up: Paul Hackett to be on Hardball tonight.

What do neocon slugs say about giving the morning after pill to cops?

Did everyone see the letter The Am Legion sent Clinton re Bosnia?

Get ready for an invasion of the whack jobs

If any of you seriously cant understand *'s way of thinking...

Please Answer This Question

INFORMAL POLL: How many DU'ers are going to DC protest????

Paul Hackett on Hardball

"Noble Cause" -- Liberation of the Iraqi people?

Is this why/when Cheney was visiting the CIA so often?

What % of Americans have a net benefit from *co's policies?

Hardball has a Rev. Sutton on who says

It says a lot for the anti-war folks

Prez is going Cuckoo, Flipped his noodle

John Roberts and the Shoreham Nuke Plant Controversy

Funny video, and oh, so true.

"Pro-Life" Group Harasses Grieving Military Widow

Anyone up for a pizza run to Crawford?

'I Can't Afford My Gasoline' - Video

Apparently, *some* Gold-Star Families will see Bush on Saturday.

A Letter sent via EMail to the American Legion

Right now, I need to hear from everyone that wants' to help in Crawford.

OOP"S "Bear Get's DRILLED" as ad on DU made me think: Video Game!

Is it me or is the media more dangerous than the Bush Crime Family?

Our Taxdollars payed for 100 Rooms at Tamarack for WH Security& Staff!

"Christian" video games

Michael Smith on DSM - Exclusive for Raw Story

DU this poll

Biggest. Moran. Ever. (Didja know Lincoln was a B.C.-era Quaker Pilgrim?)

Gas Prices

$92.5 Billion and counting down the "Missile Defense" Rathole

*** Thursday TOONs: Mostly-Not-Pat-Robertson Edition ***

We're replacing our SUV. What kind of vehicle should we buy?

American Tune

You know what ittitates me?

PHOTO: For Bush, elderly vet in BULLSH*T PROTECTORs

Where does your state rank for "smarts"?

Pat Robertson may have just saved Chavez's life

Which of the following is the greater act of treason?

OMG! 81% AGAINST THE CHIMP in latest MSNBC Poll on Iraq!

My LTTE made letter of the day in the Tampa Tribune.

Military Recruiters to Troll Counterprotest in Crawford?

WHERE'S GEORGE? He's AWOL again today. >>>

About the Pruett kids - they've been profiled before, seemed like

classic guerilla warfare in Iraq

Anybody listening to Randi Rhodes and the interview of Janis Karpinski

Democratic leaders support Bush's war

Parents find out cause of Madison soldier's death from the Washington Post

LETTER TO CONGRESS: stop LYING about Iraq War causes

How exactly would "Intelligent Design" be taught in a Biology class?

It's going to be awfully warm down there

Iraqi Constitution Talks Falter; Shiites Threaten to Bypass Sunnis

* not on vacation...White House is being "renovated"

Here's a guy commuting 28 miles on less than a penny a day

Bad Language on DU

Sign #73 that liberals have landed a good punch:

Official Thread for Iraq Vets & Families Group

8/25 ALL Cindy threads DAY 19

A sampling of the Walrus Man's edits of UN Self-Reform document

So now it's okay to spit on Jane Fonda

Rowley Responds to Criticism of Her Recent Trip to Crawford, Texas

"those in attendance might surprise you"

Anyone have any Redrum Rover pooh flags they could p.m. me!

Do you drink "rainfresh" water? Do you get it at Whole Foods?

Conason: Law of Unintended Consequences is strictly obeyed in Iraq

Tom Hayden: Is Feingold the next Dean or Wellstone?

An Argument Against Direct Democracy

Hey God, could you clear a few things up for us down here?

I quit the American Legion this morning

DLC Helps Spread Claim That "Progressives Destroyed America"

Help put the ALL Cindy thread on the greatest page

How many here believe that GW is the third anti-Christ?

Breaking! Army and Marine Recruiters Head to Counter Protest!

Congressman Curt Weldon Fox - Able Danger now

George Bush has fallen off a statistical cliff.

I've been on the phone all morning/day long with Kay and Johnny from

If you found out a friend or coworker was a neocon

Apparently it's in vogue to post a Christianity thread, so here's mine

Alternative Heating??

Amy Goodman is on Hardball now

USA Today poll on Cindy Sheehan needs help

An awesome video!

"She didn't speak for me. Now she does"

REVISED VERSION (Your thoughts?)

LA Times: Time Inc may have kept Plame info quiet so as not to harm Bush

Needed To Put On Some Swamp Rat Glasses And Give It To Pat Robertson...

OK, Mississippi has the most liberal youth, of all red states!

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Everyone send this to their congressmen!!! --> RE: DSM

"Anti-Sheehan Family Sees Light"

NYT: A Perilous Journey From Delivery Room to Bedroom

"Northwest Airlines has conspired with the Bush Administration"

Honestly not trying to start trouble, but...

Now Pat Boone is attacking Ms Sheehan

Does MT Gov. Schweitzer Have The ANSWER TO THE OIL CRISIS?????

I watched "Contact" last night.

Stop the execution of Innocent woman,


caramelized onions?

Who the fuck does Wally Oppal think he is?

Does anybody know why we have Bank Holidays? I've forgotten.

So who do you think will be the next Conservative leader?

It really is that bad

Confirmed: K9 returns to 'Doctor Who'

Govt. to give up 40% off homes, but only if you're rich enough to buy 2

Expulsions illegal, UN tells Clarke

Civil liberties go by wayside in bid to curb terrorism

Scientists to place radio transmitter on giant asteroid which endangers li

Ecuador Oil Protesters Threaten Hunger Strike

US Gets Fatter- and Faster than Ever

Korea nuclear talks unlikely next week-Interfax

More than 3 Million Face Hunger in Ethiopia - UN

Afghan abuse sentence 'lenient'

Police Attack Kids in Utah

Hawaii Sets Caps on Wholesale Gas Prices

Judge rules rap's lyrics not enough to expel teen

Ex-Bush aide named to state high court

U.S. Embassy: Ex-Nicaraguan president to be tried in Florida

Pentagon Orders 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

Man charged with threatening Florida governor

India to hire new US lobbying firm (Former Bush admin employee's firm)

Militants burn down another Afghan school

Justice Weighs Desire v. Duty (Duty Prevails)--NYTimes

Radical Cleric Calls for End to Clashes Between Rival Shiite...

Indian sacked by McDonald's heads credit card giant in US

Anti-War Protests Target Wounded at Army Hospital

Video shows Aqaba attack aftermath

WaPo: (Justice Dept.) Official in Racial Profiling Study Demoted

Two dead in fresh Egyptian blasts

Iraq police find 36 bodies of shooting victims dumped in a shallow river

Court clears way for suit on energy projects abroad

Sunnis demand new polls in Iraq constitution row

A 'reverse Robin Hood' - Ryan stole from poor to give to friends

"Abu Ghraib General Lambastes Bush Administration"

NYT: Rents Head Up as Home Prices Put Off Buyers

Iraq police say find 36 bodies of dumped shooting victims

Mobil, CIA Secrets May Come Out in Bribery Trial of Oil Adviser

Algeria calls on France to admit colonial crimes

Anti-war protesters defied by supporters

U.S. seeks common ground in Berlin

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed ...(Plame/Wilson BIG story)

Walter Reed Medical Center to Be Closed

Threat to Vatican in Arabic fax is investigated

Iraq Lawmakers Won't Meet on Constitution

Oil hits new record $68

Vigil generates support for dead soldier's mother

Gunmen kill two bodyguards of Iraqi president

LA Daily News: Lighters catch fire at Bob Hope Airport

NYT: Race Is on for Cellular Providers in Plan for Service in NYC Subway

NYT: Bolton Pushes U.N. on Change as U.S. Objects to Draft Plan

LAT: Organic Beauty Products Get a Lift With USDA About-Face

Sheehan's return speech: 'Casey will never die...'

Danger rises for Reserves (expected to miss recruiting goal by 5,000)

WHO Speeding Up Flu Pandemic Preparations

Dairy farmers warned over GM feed (Ireland, EU)

Sullivan calls on Bradley, Henderson to Renounce Robertson

Rice's Mission to Foggy Bottom ( a fluffy article)

Red Cross helped Iraqi rebels in 'hostage deal' (also poll on website)

Iraq govt says constitution complete, will be passed (despite Sunni)

Santorum's office can't find record of his questioning war

Italy 'Did Deal' to Free Hostages

RAWSTORY: Democrat calls for racial profiling inquiry

UK PRESS: Merck Lawyer: No Plans To Settle Vioxx Suits

Iraq misses third constitutioin deadline 14 mins ago at Yahoo

A Madison soldier's family grieves while seething at military brass


(Rep) Hoekstra concerned about possibility of civil war in Iraq

Singapore locks up U.S. man for possessing porn

Bush spotlights mom of troops who backs Iraq war

Walter Reed Medical Center to be Closed

Pope meets with Iraqi foreign minister

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 25 August

'We will stay, we will fight and we will win'

Man, 19, accused of desecrating Civil War corpse

General Disputes Recruiting Woes (Schoomaker)

WP: 9/11 Families Criticize TSA Plan (allowing knives, ice picks, etc.)

LAT: Islamic Slant in Iraq Charter Decried

Peace Mom Doesn't Claim To Speak For Others


Couple mistaken for radical faces backlash (FOX 'News' gave out address)

Insurgents kill 5 to bait trap for police (40+ killed)

U.S. Ports Begin New Catastrophic Terrorist Attack Drills

london bombing train times dont add up

A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed

Weld Gets Big Wallop in Gov Poll

Pope To Meet With Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari

Major Gay Rights Groups Announce Opposition To Roberts

US rejects media concerns about Iraq detentions

Air Force Scandal Results in Reforms

U.S., insurgents locked in stalemate in Anbar

Purported Pentagon (9-11) flag burned to end controversy

Clintons' Hobnobbing With GOP Calculated

Iran's Anti-Gay Purge Grows--Reports of new gay executions

Iraq rebels treated in hostage deal-Italy Red Cross

NIH Set to Revise Ethics Policy (to be less restrictive)

Brazilians end UK visit (re killing of De Menezes)

China launching constant attacks on military networks (early drumbeats??)

NYT: Fuel Economy Plan Bypasses CA (& other blue sts?) to Help Out Detroit

Frist Subject of Anti-Stem Cell TV Ads (evangelical group)

MSNBC LBN: Iraq lawmakers delay vote on constitution; no date set.

Jesse Jackson: After pullout, onus for next step on PA

After Cinnamon's calls, Gov. Taft's top guard is toast (call girls and...)

GOP Fears Gas Price Anger May Spill Over

Montana's governor eyes coal to solve U.S. fuel costs

Mayor Asks Sen. Hatch to Apologize (Bush protesters "nutcakes.")

Iraq watching U.S. anti-war feeling closely -Zebari (don't give up yet...)

AP: 7 Police Officers Sue Over Hair Drug Test (Crybabies!)

Bush Supporters Turn To TV To Challenge Sheehan To Debate

Iran seeking nuclear bomb "booster," say exiles

WP: New Data, New Record In a Housing Market That Defies Predictions

Alameda County looking at e-vote system other than Diebold

NYT: JAMA Gets Angry E-Mails From Abortion Foes

'Patriot pastors' hold first meeting

Gas busting budgets across USA (Local Govts)

Walter Reed Medical Center To Be Closed

U.S., insurgents locked in stalemate in Anbar

Cindy Sheehan Planning Anti-War Bus Tour


Oregon poised for unlikely military draft

FBI Uses Patriot Act...Demand Info. w/No Judicial Approval...Library Rec's

Battle lines drawn over C-sections (Women's choice vs Doctors' liability)

S&P Junks GM, Ford

Soldier's mother gains support of high-profile war critic

Grand jury to reconvene in phone-jamming case

(CA) State to add drug firms to lawsuit

Less CIA in Bush's intelligence briefings

Estate Tax May Not Be Repealed for Good (Faux)

(Huffington) Bolton edits to UN document revealed

Sharpton plans to join Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan

Couple Mistaken for Radical Faces Backlash


Congresman likens divorce to gay nuptials

Senate May Hold Hearings on Able Danger, Info Sharing

I just made a mistake during sending an alert on a post

You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin'

Meat the Beetles (pic)

m4a to mp3 or ogg conversion?

Block Party!!!!!

I'm out of chips

12:27...There seems to be a party in my vicinity

ok its 2:15 i should be sleepy...entertain me

Lounge: you confuse me sometimes

Iraqi Constitution


No nighthawks thread?

Here is one for the Mac people...

The Geo. W. Bush Speechwriter Machine--Create your own

Perhaps Bill just misses having a dad in his life?...

"What's Going On"- Marvin Gaye

Anyone know how I might track down a long lost friend in Israel?

I know you've had some rough times, and I want to do something that will..

This Should Wake You Up In the Morning

Tonight's episode of DU is brought to you by....

Lounge Lizards and Nighthawks, please nominate the following page

I'm going to be sick.

Moon, when you get here, check in on this thread!

My freind is dead of booze and my uncle is dying of cancer so I'm drunk

You ultra-right flunkey, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves

Good Morning, Everybody!

Yet another thing to blame on the Clenis

Good Morning D.U.!


Daryl (The Peacock) Had A Wild Summer Adventure - Captured

FINALLY! Sperm Donor Reality TV About To Air

Arnold is Numero Uno

England 129-1 at lunch

The pandas are kissing

Isn't this a thing of beauty?!

Ronald McDonald Kidnapped By Thieves

God I hate it when I take a sleeping pill and wake up

Has anyone heard from DemoTex/Mac this morning?

A good way to start the day

San Francisco Postpones Plan For Ski Jump

I have reached the end of my rope with an acquaintance of mine.

You know... that Michelle Malkin makes a lot of sense...

time to go to the fair

Falwell has a tattoo????

Police Arrest Bear - For Begging

Judge Orders Ex-Girlfriend To Return $53k Ring To Man

No need to live in pain when there are drugs in the desk drawer

Garfield is a Republican (as if there was ever any doubt!)

SURE FIRE way to kill boredom today - Go over to GD, type: "JESUS"

Ralph Nader, Jesus Christ, or Chicken?

let's go gobblin'...

Fuck. I am so nervous about today

Forest Service Admits 'Serious' Mistake In Logging Rare Tree Preserve

Well time to head for the liquor store.

Two Charged With Castrating Man & Cutting Off His Ears

Penis Enlargement Hurting Reputation Of Thailand Government

Want to confuse your cat?

Region 8 Sheriff Explores Link Between Meth and Arrowheads

what's happened to the radfringe. last posted toon was 8/11/05

Owner Teaches His Dog To Kickbox Instead Of Bite (Pic too!)

Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done At Work?

You know what I love?

ARGH! I just busted open my lip on a box

Man Has Heart Attack & Dies - Falls On Daughter - Suffocates Her To Death

You know, I hate country - but Getchen Wilson has good stuff

What a hungover NYer99 post might look like:

Police are tipped off, but can't find owner of finger found on fence

Good night to all my dear Lounge Lizards and Nighthawks!

Nun's wild dancing earns her a reprimand

anyone see this weird show on comedy central called "stella"?

Thankfully, this post is now moot.

Playboy Launching Online Edition Of Magazine

The Parable of Jesus and the Rubber Chicken

Good Morning DU

N.Y. Man in Record Book for Eyebrow Hair

Jimmy Carter says he opposes moving Habitat headquarters

Glass-Bottomed Walkway Planned Over Grand Canyon

Jelly-Like Creatures Are Scaring East Texas Campers

I'm deliriously SNAPPY!

And now, for no reason --- it's fish wearing hats!

Post here if you think StoptheMorans was not cool enough


EEEE UUUU Hate those nasty subway handles?

SWAT Team Apologizes For Raiding Wrong Home

all this talk about texas......

Mechanic Allegedly Taints Co-Workers' Coffee With Urine

I value women who loan me $50 any time at all

The honeymoon horse race

So... Who's going to Burning Man?

Some answers for you to question:

Does anyone remember a song from the 80s that went: "China, Chiiiina ..."

Post here to line up for your swirlie if you were in chorus in high school


"Feeling Existential" (lyrics warning)

Haunted cigarette lighter?

Thail Leader On Quest To Find Who Got Penis Enlargement

PIC: So THAT's where they get them!


Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity with new 'Intelligent Falling' Theor

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the Day #89

more about the bruise from hell (kinda gross, warning)/more bruise tales?

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello!

Good PC data/programs migration software out there?

I think all stories about Republicans should be followed by this smilie.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sean Connery! (August 25, 1930)

It's the Toothy Tigress, followed by Mrs. Bandaid, with Boobalicious next.

I've dusted off my magnetized Kerry sticker and put it back on my car

Man Allegedly Twists Off Civil War-Era Corpse's Spine, Skull

Mark Twain tells you everything you need to know about George W. Bush.

I'm back...

why didn`t someone tell me it was lunchtime?

FUNHOUSE -- One of the Greatest Proto-Punk Albums Ever

FUNHOUSE--One of the Greatest Pinball Machines Ever...

Help me! I can't get my kids to go to bed! They were up until 10:00 p.m.

Polly the parrot...

moody blues

Ode to matcom's Climbing Ass Smiley

The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire

Stuck In The Middle

I value men who are over 50 feet tall.

Hooray! It's NORMA SHEARER Day On TCM.

Donuts. Whadda ya want?

Separated at birth--a two-fer

THIS JUST IN: God Smites All GD Posts in a Single Hew

Coming Soon: 'Battle of the Network Stars: The Movie'

I value women who are over 50 most of all

Dana Carvey's SNL skit (Pappy Bush repeats "Desert Storm" for applause)

I'm going to coach my son's pee-wee soccer team!

Man lifts 14 bricks with his 'horn'

Give me an answer and I will give you a question

Mechanic Allegedly Taints Co-Workers' Coffee With Urine

I am going to have some oatmeal. Anyone else love oatmeal?


I had to miss West Wing today...

*sigh* another stupid e-mail

Do you wear a sansabelt?

Mrs. Grumpy and all those panda baby lovers...

Happy Birthday Sean Connery!

Ad dropped featuring nun holding condom

For your insolence you must....KNARFLE THE GARTHOK!!!!!!

NPR Broadcast on the 25th Anniversary of Dischord Records

My cosmological belief system is better than yours.

My eyes are shot,.CA suing drug dealers over inflated prices

Name the new Giant Panda cub at the National Zoo!

"Human Cam"???New exhibit at London Zoo - humans ("plague species")

I'm getting telemarketing calls on my cell phone...

For no reason, and no segue worth a shit, I just wanna dis Orca

Why women cry:

I predict progmom is going to post a poll about her avatar

For HEyHEY ===

Soldiers depending on Freepers to confront Cindy!

Who likes Harmony?

What do you do about bong resin?

Post your pick!

What do roaches do about you?

Okay..who scheduled the Holy War in GD?

What do you do about roaches?

What's with this caterpillar?

Great unused band name? "Megafauna"

Who likes homophony?

Hey Lizards!!! Check this out.

Is it me or does Diet Coke w/lime taste like Lemon 409?

something I posted in GD... I'm Pissed at the AmLegion

You can't spell L-O-U-S-E without 4 letters that make up Lounge!

Newsweek on CEOs: "Difference between visionaries and psychos not big"

You can't spell L-O-V-E without three of the letters that make up Lounge.

Can I just go home, get stoned and watch the Fraggles?

Okay..who's ready for a Lounge Holy War against GD?

Who likes Homey?

Ok...who's ready for a Chaise Lounge war against GD?

Ohhhh...warm chocolate chip cookies from the oven....

Three hours of Stevie Wonder this afternoon

Very obscure question about very obscure band: Too Much Joy...

You can't spell H-U-E-Y L-O-N-G without using all the letters in Lounge.

What the Hell Happend to KORN?

Choose a mate for Mr. Moran

I hear school buses

deleted by delete-bot

Are there any updates from DemoTex regarding Sirius today?

Do I need to take life more seriously?

An Aaaaaawwwww moment

Who likes Hoppin John?

You can't spell L-O-N-G T-O-N-G-U-E without 6 letters that make up Lounge!

What the Hell happened to CORN?

You talkin' to me?

Who likes hominy?

Ever wonder what the Cryptkeeper's dog looks like?

Thrown like a star in my vast sleep

Heavy metal band Slipknot sues fake Burger King band Coq Roq

Cool women. Have any of you had a girlfriend this cool?

I cannot spell the word LOUNGE...

South Floridians are gonna get wet!

Have you voted this thread for the "Greatest" page?

Check out the small houses

WOW Katrina has really intensified today.

BIG BROTHER thread is now started!!!

Mother-in-law coming to town-rant

Any cat rodeos happening tonight?

Announcing.. The Lounge Police

Urban grizzly attacks man and dog

Sniffa's menu for tonight...

Watching "Gacy". Takes place in Chicago. Palm trees in background!

BRAC spelled backwards is "carb".

I need a new avatar!

The new DU vocab word of the week "Patwah"

Hannity's apoplectic

Holy shit! I used to scuba with these things in Hood Canal...

I have chosen new avatars for Shell Beau and SouthlandShari

Masters Of War by Bob Dylan

I value women who are over 50 feet tall

ARGH! Can't figure out the voicings in Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison"! HELP!!!

Question about ABS brakes, regular brakes....

What kind of superpowers come with the '+' in 1000+?

Get out of the rain, you moron!

Positive thoughts for DemoTex today......

Katrina: Cat 1. Pish tosh.

Shell Beau keeps picking on me

HA! Take THAT Mrs Matcom! *I* Just Put A Fresh TP Roll On BACKWARDS!

I know it's stupid, but I'm still sad about it

Has everyone voted for the baby panda's name?

Is nothing private anymore?

The boyfriend of my drunk ass neighbor drove his car thru an apt tonight.

Locked before I could reply

Site that identifies who owns websites!!??

Coupon codes

there about to show miLitary famiLies against sheehan

It's SO hard to deal with dimwits.

The LifeStraw – the invention of the century?

In S.FLorida, getting hit by Hurricane Katrina, OBJECTS ARE FLYING...


I had the stupidest fight with my boyfriend this morning

How should I celebrate my 1000th post?

Hey computer geniuses:

If you could put any slogan on a t-shirt, what would it be?

I'm moving to Turkmenistan

"Help me find a good looking man who likes to ___ fat christian girls"

you can't spell SEX without using one of the letters in the Lounge

Isn't this one of the classiest college sports logos ever?

Congratulations BikeWriter!! 10,000 posts

"I already made like an infinity of those at scout camp."

You know what really pisses me off.....

Photo: 7 out of 10 cats surveyed prefer Vornado brand fans.

my avatar....

For no reason, and no segue worth a shit, I just wanna dis okra

Hi, my name is Skygazer

So it seems I have a major artery in my middle finger

so whats everyone doing tonite??

I'm deliriously happy

This is just too funny to keep to myself, Weigh Watchers Cards from 1974

I was intending to keep my Sirius account.

For no reason, and no segue worth a s*it, I just wanna dis Oprah

Who likes homily?

Funniest joke I ever wrote.

contest is over, go away

Hey computer super geniuses:

Been a long day, DU. Good to see you all.

Slimy weasels at my work!

Post 9995 and counting!

What's your favorite non swearing insult?

Miller Genuine Draft?

Hey Guys

Favorite synonym for the word "gross"

My turn: I don't like cilantro.

I just went for a long walk to clear my head...

A question

Anyone else deal with dipshits all day in a customer service type job?

Texas Farmer Claims He Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'

A Sign in the middle of nowhere ...

My friend Billy just had a stroke and died.

I’m sitting here watching a Ruby-throated hummingbird

working on a trivia needed!

my daughter passes along her thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...

let me tell you a little about Tina...

Dammit! They got my sandwich order wrong!

Tonight's "The Daily Show" Was Better Than Porn

Anybody ever used a solar cooker?

last year, when I was in the hospital and

Anyone know if black widow spiders are native to Michigan?

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Mellifluous (Please use in a sentence)

You who are on the road

west coast delay... BEST BIT EVA! (daily show)

Mr. Scorpio's show on Radio Enigma

Hug, Please! An UGLY Troll was being mean about my friend Andy!

Who in the Lounge comes up with the best smileys?

This gets me all randy every time I drive by it...

CAPTION this pic of Little Lord Fuckstick and his mommy

Where the hell is datasuspect?

A Bible Verse for Dubya: Rev 6:8


How many forums do you actually read or post to?

Real Player, now Windows Media Player keep popping up

Arrgghh! Once you've signed off on a project, and said "we're done"...

Please vote in this poll

Newsclippers, this is for you...

What is the hapax legomenon phrase in Rabrrrrrr's lexicon?

Dear sweet Sirius died in my arms at 12:17 this afternoon.


Pity Party in THIS Thread! I keep seeing DEAD PEOPLE!!!

Protest Sign Generator

Win $1000 for yourself and $300 for DU -- Design a new logo for BlogAds

Gorgonzola mac & cheese

I don't feel like getting my wife a card for her birthday

Obnoxious customers one deals with working retail

PleasePleasePlease DU this Poll at about Cindy

Do you wear a seatbelt?

Time again for "10 Random Questions"

Post your university logo here.

ATTN: September/October babies!!

Bobby Lee, 1995-2005

The Most Used Word in the English language.

Why do so many people take life so serious?

Does anyone here have a very great friend in Rome?

Are you a nerd, a geek or a dork? (a quiz!)

What are the gizmos on some Jews' foreheads?

Xians, help me out with Rom. 13:1-5.....Is Bush "ordained by God"........

The mind and the out-of-body

Texas discredits textbook

Climate Model Links Higher Temperatures to Prehistoric Extinction

Placebos trigger an opioid hit in the brain


Gambling Monkeys Give Insight Into Neural Machinery Of Risk

Embattled Ft Lauderdale Diversity Committee Gets Reprieve

'Gay Chat Mayor' Recall Vote Approved By Washington Supreme Court

U.S. Rep. Hostettler rips gays, yet AGAIN . . .

Salt Lake Mayor believes he can extend benefits to domestic partners

Take Action Now! Only 3 weeks till the Constiutional Convention!

Court Thwarts Falwell Bid To Shut Gay Positive Web Site

Iran's Anti-Gay Purge Grows--Reports of new gay executions

Want to save American Legion Baseball? Not me

Orioles' Ponson arrested for drunken driving

US Cyclist Leipheimer locks up Tour of Germany title

If you haven't got a fan base by ain't getting one!!!

My 2nd Annual NFL Predictions!

My cats still hate each other

Calypso (new kitty) ambushes DOG :)

It's a Peace Party

Excellent language describing why these claims of "christian-bashing"...

A fun analogy from Asimov

Sexual/gender diversity and religious skepticism

Watch Nightline tonight--part two of a riveting program

So, did you hear the rumor that Kerry is going to visit Iraq

Apologizing in advance - the Daily Bolton's back

Excellent email by Clark on Iraq

Not ready for Prime Time "Reflections" (post your others)

Dead flowers shoved through Photoshop

New Photography Book (parking structures)

Just saw the newsletter...Apology Hall of Fame tonight!

SABOTAGED AGAIN!!!!!! 8/25/05

Do you think The Machine will make an example of this guy?

So how do the Freepers handle this one?

Idaho- Maybe if it starts with mothers, the rest of the world

I wish Robertson's call for Chavez' assassination was like the defining

dupe, delete

Ooooo - Ask Judge Roberts a question at the Confirmation Hearings!!!!

We have to honor those who died in Iraq


Bush at Nuremberg?

Camp Qualls pictures (where's the people

LTTE in The Day: It Won't Hurt To Show A Little Gratitude (to Bush)

Impeachment news, what do you know?

So Even the Wall Street Journal has an article About Polls

DFA: Remind Pat Robertson about "Thou Shall Not Kill"

The most important poll you will ever take !

Bush's "Private Idaho"

The Selling of Iraq: Intelligent Design, Intelligence Refined

Bush is like 1: Bevis; 2: Butthead???

An interesting and undeniable contrast....

What the Right Wingers should have to encounter

Sullivan calls on Bradley, Henderson to Renounce Robertson


Question for Pat Robertson

Michigan GOP and Nader

Kevin Drum Points Out What Democrats Need to Do

More must be slaughtered in Iraq to honor those already slaughtered

political underwear

36% - Pretty CONSERVATIVE for a mandate huh??

*sigh* Who else misses the Santorum press junket juggernaut?

Let's not mince words - they are devious sons of bitches...

Bush not in vacation - West wing being restored

We need a "What they say"/What they've done"

If you want to support the troops, join them!

Bush going to Idaho is analogous to Bush going to Nebraska ?

Armed Forces Medical Plan Limits Abortions

Does anyone know which corporations are supporting Hillary?

Everything we need to know about what we are dealing with...

It doesnt get any more ironic than this re: Iraq

Joe 'the idiot' Farah says

Should Judge Roberts be impeached?

Thou shall not bear false witness(LIE) Pat Robinson LIES...He sez he did

"Mother-hugger" from Bush's SOTU on "a major setback for Iraqi women"

In 2004, wasn't there a movement to make 9/11 a national holiday?

"Taxpayers still foot the bill" for Bush's motorcade as gas prices rise

AP: Traveling president uses a lot of fuel

The Ultimate Right Wingnut Explanation For Bush's Collapsing Poll Numbers

Proposal for a New Law: The Government Efficiency Act

War Sucks! (unless you are a Republican)

The next military recruitment target

Sheehan is shining spotlight on the elephant in the room

Francis Rice-African Americans and GOP - WJ (CSPAN)

Novak's $595 scam

Bill Clinton, Leadership and Dead Soldiers

my favorite silly freep arguments

After vacation will dems be hornets or hapless.

Shop at your own risk

And Chavez is a 'dictator' and 'ruining' Venezuala?

Update thread: Memphis lawsuit filed, link soon on

Conservatives support the troops better than we do!

A conservative just wants to serve in the Army so bad

Compulsive Lying Defined

What type of Democrat will it take to clean up the mess in Iraq?

Gold Star Dog..

The number of Americans killed due to hostile action

Misinterpreted Misogynistic Misanthrope's Malapropism? Mmmm...

Sen. Boxer stepping up to the plate w/Feingold! Pls. sign!

Who's happy Saddam (who gave women equal rights) is being replaced by

In History the year 2005

Providence Phoenix article on Buying Blue

I hate to admit this but... 9/11 and Iraq - there is a connection

Conservatives talking, not walking

Debunking voter fraud (as the Repuges called it)in WI

Under the flag amendment , we can still burn confederate flags

Comparison of John Roberts to Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘Outrageous'

LA Daily News: Arnold's approval rating nears Davis' depths

This Trumps Everything, George

"450 major strategic targets" in Iran would require "the nuclear option"

Corporate Welfare for Drug Companies

As BRAC deliberates, think about our once great country's history .....

A Christian Speaks out AGAINST 'his own'

two servicemen beaten in Seattle...."by liberals"?

Cuba war on Israel

If this doesn't chill your blood nothing will.

David Sirota writing in The Nation: "The Resurgence of Movement Politics"

how likey do you think the sedition act will come back?

Outrageous article from the BBC News re: Camp Casey

Transcript Up: Larry King Live Intell Design Show from Tues 8/23

Now that Bush's Poll Numbers Are Lodged Firmly in the Crapper, He'll

Should Robertson be prosecuted for solicitation of murder

As evidenced by the election results the military supports Bush.

I Need HELP!!!!

Once again, Fox News can't get a show in the top 40....

Nine States Join in Plan to Cut Emissions by Power Plants

Pat Robertson: : 'I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist'

Anybody else catch the Time article on Hillary and John McCain?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pathetic is this?

The trouble is conservative Dems have the table & exclude real people

White House Briefing: Why President Embraces 9/11, Shuns Sheehan

PDA urges to keep writing Kerry asking him not to withdraw Ohio Lawsuits

Bolton is going into his new job with a BANG!

Does our party need new ideas? Do you have any?

Did you like Kerry more or less before the 2004 campaign?

Hackett now on HARDBALL, 7:44EST!

Democrats Fumble Iraq Policy : Common Dreams

My LTTE Re: Robertson

"When I left, it didn't end. When I left, it thrived, it grew."

Hannity LIES again (Surprise!) about attack on Seattle servicemen

Had Clinton pushed hard for partial privitization of Social Security...

Hannity has Melanie Morgan & Arianna on DU was brought up

"We at the DLC didn't want Dean as chair, or Internet activists."

Kerry Said it Best, and we need to repeat it over and over.

I supponse that jerk Hannity will show up in TX sooner or later

Kissinger on Lou Dobbs in a moment to discuss "Iraq Exit Strategy" (CNN)

Thank you, Cindy!

Congressman: Divorce as "dangerous" as gay marriage!

GOP Comments Point To Political Capital to Be Found In Energy Problems

Surprise Surprise John Bolton is being a POS

Congratulations, progressives! You've been talking-point-ized!

If Hagel runs Third Party, how well would he do with Democrats?

"Go Massive. Sweep it all up" - more powerful than Downing Street?

ROVE... the fucking rat & the party that continues to lie for him.

I'm sick and tired of Bush using the military in front of the camera to

bush, in full campaign mode takes a swipe at cindy sheehan

How long are we going to put up with wussy dem pols?

Santorum's Iraq non-remarks: "Reporters don't write everything I say"

Cindy Sheehan Planning Anti-War Bus Tour

The Iraqi and Afghani Children's War Memorial

Patrick Henry Democratic Club regognizes Cindy Sheehan as American Hero

DNC: Bush White House Afraid of the Truth

ACTION ITEM: '60 Minutes' Niger story that never aired

Question about the legality of the war in Iraq

Bolton wreaks havok on the UN....

Robertson: I apologized now let's just drop it.

This is gonna make your day!!

How Iran's Oil Bourse Could Kill the Dollar/ Asia Times

The DLC is still going after "Dean's folks". "Negative" "rarified"

RATE this photo: Pruett "wipes away tears as she is acknowledged by Bush"

Look at the photos Drudge used to portray Cindy & other military mom.

Tonight on Paula Zahn...

Caption this photo

Greg Palast on Chavez and why Cheney and Robertson hate him

How did "Save Walter Reed" protest get hijacked?

Confused about why Begala did not approve of seeking documents on Roberts.

Wes Clark says,.. "Clock is Ticking..."

we need a new American Revolution

DLC == PNAC light!

Sirotablog: DLC helps spread claim that 'progressives destroyed America'

Ted Strickland running for Ohio Governor

Wage Decline Continues

Mike Huckabee is going to run for President. He will be very tough.

Got me some prime dirt

WaPo reports Pat Robertson has apologized for his fatwa on Chavez - BUT

Lower voting age, Thread Two