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Archives: August 3, 2005

Editorial: Congress should prohibit cruelty, torture

Attack Now!

"Blowin’ in the wind" ( is the US testing DU weapons in Australia ?)

New US energy bill leaves no one happy

Debunking the Debate Over "Free" Trade & Low Prices by David Sirota

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The identity vacuum

Syrian-border combat deadly

Judge China by those it befriends

Only the names change as U.S. policy blunders on

Robert Borosage (The Nation): Republican Wilding

FBI called balky in terror fight

'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony' WTF, WTF,WTF!

Look at what we did

How about a Voter Fraud Day? - - Nov. 2, 2005


Sen Boxer: Protest * foolish decision to recess appoint John Bolton

Flat Tax: what %? help me answer "fairtax" tricks

NAS - Increased GHG Emissions May Limit Earth's Ability To Store Carbon

Indonesia: Draft Intelligence Law Threatens Basic Rights

U.S. Criticizes Draft of U.N. Reforms

China's naval exploits trouble Japan

Human Rights Watch (8/3): Harassment of Rights Defenders Escalates in Iran

China, Russia set to begin their first joint military exercises on Aug. 18

London Underground Exercises and the Magically Exploding Terrorists: Impor

Russia bars ABC over interview

Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans

Israeli 'helped suicide bomber'

Alex Jones will be on Coast To Coast AM tonight. To either find a local

Indira Singh Interview-- Amazing info about 9/11

Still no Matt Taibbai article?

We are getting different final numbersfor the Hackett -Schmidt race.

TIA, they're playing your song...

Am. Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund-top 5 election fraud cities?


Paper trail

Hackett Ahead 52-48!

Watchdog Group Challenges Election Results (San Diego)

Diebold and ES&S warn Volusia not to use Automark -

Ohio Undervotes in 2nd Cong Dist??

DAMMIT. I'm SICK of this same old story over and over and over.

Very, very sad news: Rev. Bill Moss has died

Challenge filed to San Diego Election

Drove on U of M campus earlier this afternoon

does anyone know how to analyze hijack this logs?

Brown, Adams, Pike and Scioto Counties Demand Secession!

My Closing remark ( Hackett election )

I've started a "Thank You, Paul" blogspot for Paul Hackett. Please submit

What Were The Results for Warren County?

History Buffs: Does Anyone Know when...

OK... Fess Up... How Many Of You Thought Bolton Was Tossed Overboard ???

self delete

Hackett Wins Brown County

Bush's Brain author on Majority Report!

How does *'s creationism fit in with oil exploration/geology?

Isn't Paul leading in Ohio? nt

Hackett wins Brown county- final results

So far 56 out of 753 precincts. Hackett 51% Schmidt 49%!

Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Is Threatened

found my answer

Hey Jean Schmidt !... You just lost Brown County......But wait......

Our New UN Ambassador-----Angrybot!

Update! 175 out of 753 precincts! Hackett 51% Schmidt 49% n/t

Wait, isn't the bottom of Ohio very very Red?

Republicans Republicans don't like (con blog poll)

Fun with Shrub

Hackett v. Schmidt: Hamilton County BOE website is "offline"?

Wohoo! Franking Schools levy winning by 55%!

First CNN's Blitzer won't give the Toronto EMS crew it's due....

New Update. 406 precincts out of 753 in.. Hackett 50% Schmidt 50%

New update Schmidt 52%, Hackett 48% 580 precincts reporting

Mark My Words: Recount.

Which is better: a "liberal" republican or a conservative democrat?

How Can They Do Anything To Palmeiro For His Testimony

What is a forum feature (level 2)?

It was a victory for Paul and for us the minute the TV stations couldn't

Scientific advancement.....same as it ever was

It's 50/50!!! (Hackett)

Hacket back up Schmidtshit still slightly ahead.

Anyone know the economic demographics of the 2nd District in Ohio?

Hackett 50% Schmidt 50% 662 precincts out of 753 in.

I thought the polls updated automatically?

What is Bolton's connection to Valerie Wilson?

I just got banned from a local supermarket (PTSD is such a trip)

Not one word about the Ohio election on the msm...

Come on Hackett! 2 questions that need to be looked @.

AAR doing a great job analyzing this race( P. Hackett's) with updates n/t

2004 Electoral Map of Hackett/Schmidt Counties & Current Results

cnn just reported on Hackett race gave no results just said it was

If Bush is walking down the street...

Malloy just reported that there were reports of irregularities in Clermont

Malloy just reported that there were reports of irregularities in Clermont

So Kos is reporting that Clermont is the only county left to be counted.

CNN's Air France coverage continues to, as Jon Stewart would say.....

I'm sure Freeps were excited that an AIR FRANCE plane crashed

14 minutes and no new results?

complaints being called into aar about precincts being closed...precints

Tom Flocco: "Bush & Cheney Indicted (Developing...)"

Brave Americans go to Cuba in Opposition of Travel Ban!

Warning: Biden on The Daily Show

Schmidthead is leading 52-48 after a "lengthy" count

Clermont election site is down but it is cached on google

Who sent Wilson to Niger?

Fat lady is singing...all precincts report-Schmidt wins

What a wierd coincidence

50 trips to Crawford in 4 1/2 years

MSNBC called it for Schmidt

we lose

Keep fighting for election reform at the local and state level wherever

Rush Limbaugh can kiss my lily white ass

I want the theory of gravity banned from schools; it's just a theory

FBI Checking Clermont County (OH) Voting February 9, 2005

Let's put this in perspective (Hackett Loss)

HA! baned from FR, idiots took 2 weeks to do it

They are trying to STEAL it again!

Thank you DU admins. Job well done.

ow convienient!

Take a break - Daily Show riff on Bolton was a riot!

In The OH-2 Race... Can We Say "Look At All That Blue?" LOL

GREAT BUSH flash video!! Leave it to Bush!

I just can't win

A credit card account of mine has been hacked. Over $17,000!

A Question About Automatic Recounts in Ohio

Hackett's showing was a tremendous victory for the 50 state strategy

Jean Schmidt is getting AWFULLY mad at you guys!

Who's this twit on Franken?

Cheney begs reporters to cover Saudi trip but won't let them cover anythin

How long does it take to steal an election?

I Smell a Rat !

If OH election is clean it's likely GOPs are nervous about getting caught

Something my mother told me about Bush

Now that the election is over, isn't Hackett going to do another tour?

Why Do Republicans,OK NeoCons If You Prefer, Hate The Military So Much?

I hope the Bengals have a shitty season, same goes for the Reds

Ohio's Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell Back In The News

Well done, Paul Hackett, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

Just emailed the DNC

Paging TruthIsAll- please pick up the courtesy phone and let me know

Phuck Schmidt.....

THANK YOU DU!! I know that WE did this--thanks for responding to the call

Hackett vs. Schmidt:.... Death knell for the DLC?

Every day we get pissed on and told it's raining- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

What did Ohio vote on in Hackett race and what were the exit polls?

WP: Documents tell of brutal tactics by U.S. military interrogators

RW stooge Charlie Cook gives up the game

Congresswoman Jean "Humidity" Schmidt

I know this is stupid,but.........

Hackett vs. Schmidt: LOW TURNOUT

Tuesday Night Truthseekers please check in

Impeach Bush Update: Meetup Tomorrow (Wednesday 8/3/05)

Republicans vs. Veterans 3-0 (rant)

It's time for us to get some cigars, dammit.

Juan Cole: "Fisking the 'War on Terror'"

I would like to apologize for the state of Ohio.

About machines/humidity....isn't there something called air conditioning?

okay so how many votes did he lose by?

Unbelievable - woman cheats death and complains.

When is enough…enough?

Okay, 51%-49% sounds WAY TO familiar and WAY TO...

305 Precincts of 753 Hackett 51% Schmidt 49%

OK - Is DNC ready to demand the vote machines be examined IMMEDIATELY?

Trying (and sentencing) children as adults.

The upside of Hackett's loss.

Clermont does it again, bastards...

I've started a "Thank You, Paul" blogspot for Paul Hackett. Please submit

Coingate: Special Counsel Request

580 Precincts, Schmidt 52% Hackett 48%

main reason it was classified was because of the horror, the devastation

uninsured children

Jean Schmidt blatantly violating election law

What are the MOST IMPORTANT facts, issues, arguments, realizations????

Bush gives pep talk to disaster-hit Scout jamboree

Hackett improved by 32% to 55% in 6 counties but only 3% in Hamilton?

Um, wtf - again with the intrusion attempts non-stop???

Bolton Appointment -- Sumthin' to think about

Hey DUers, Does The Notion Of Karma Give You Any Solace These Days?

Bad Girl Jenna

WP: Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record

Another subject: How telling. Biden on the Daily Show says to Jon

'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony'

Source Codes ..... let us see the source codes!

Bush Endorses 'Intelligent Design'...

Dr. Atkins weighed 258lbs when he died?


I do not believe the United Nations should be in New York

Analysis: Closeness of race a surprise(Few expected Hackett's performance)

Is Tesco coming to town a bad thing?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The identity vacuum

Masculinity Challenged Men Prefer War and SUVs

Oxfam warns of Mali food crisis

WP 8/2/05 9:17pm: frist not invited to evangelical "justice sundayII"...

Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth

Frist not invited to evangelical meeting


Roberts Insists He'll Respect Precedent

WP: Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record

Guardian Utd (August 3): EU warns Iran: no talks if nuclear freeze ends

Detroit mayor Kilpatrick to face Freman Hendrix in November

WP: Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs

Cheney begs reporters to cover Saudi trip but wont let them cover meetings

WP: Brain-Dead Va. Woman Gives Birth

Gay-marriage ban group sues California (Dem) Attorney General (Lockyer)

Bush reiterates opposition to expanded stem cell research

Gay former Rove aide testifies in Valerie Plame case (Advocate)

NYT/AP: Auto Sales Jump Dramatically in July (discounts)

Food Poisoning Sickens More Than 100 Iraqi Soldiers

PM 'should press for Hicks release'

Pot activist granted bail in U.S. extradition case(Vancouver)

Comcast Profit Rises 64% on Digital TV and Internet Services

Reverberations from CAFTA vote are still being felt on Hill

Another grand jury is convened in Noe investigation (Coingate)

Hackett loses: Ex-Lawmaker (Schmidt)Wins Ohio Congressional Race

LAT: Gov. Schwarzenegger's Rules to Protect Workers from Intense Heat

NYT: DeLay to Be on Christian Telecast on Courts (Justice Sunday II)

Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs -WP

NYT: Bush Remarks Roil Debate Over Teaching of Evolution

Court strikes down Hawaiians-only schools

NYT: 2 Aides to Rove Testify ("last Friday") in C.I.A. Leak Inquiry

Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained a Team of Iraqis to Aid U.S. -WP

IPC Co-chair Comments on Leaked U.S. NIE on Iran

House Democratic Leader Pelosi's Statement on Ohio Second District Race

Watchdog Group Challenges Election Results (San Diego)

Former Alaska Gov. Jay Hammond dies at 83

CNN: The zero-savings problem ("saving rate at zero - that's right, nada")

Cute Dog Video! Amazing 'bark'

i've watched the movie, SUNSHINE STATE, for the umpteenth was on


There are unused icons on your desktop

Tonight is National Night Out in my neighborhood.

Torii Hunter out for the rest of the season

Sorry about my sig line!

I did it. I finally bought a camera phone!

Am I the only one that hates these Baby Safe Haven commercials?

Another "Law & Order" Poll!

My 1800th Post! A "Law & Order" Poll !


Has Tucker's sinking ship already dumped Rachel Maddow??

Teen Poverty in America

What's your pet's favorite threat?

i just kinda squeaLed with excitement

Why is it not "anti-social"?

Sox win again...

Scary ghost video

For DS1: A weather report

Oh god....When naming children...THINK!!!

does anyone know how to analyze "hijack this" logs?

'roid Rage: The battle of the Stallone and Gropinator movie quotes

Have You Gotten LOTS Of Credit Card Offers With Bad Credit Lately?

Why Are We At "Level 2"? -- The Ohio Election Results?

I watched "Vera Drake" tonight. All I can say is

ACK! "My Posts" doesn't work!

Anybody see Sordid Lives?

Who's more Presidential...George W. Bush or the kid from Deliverance?

How the HELL do you make a "Greatest Hits" CD out of TWO ALBUMS?

Why do I think I'm the best rapper on DU?

Does anyone here watch Stargate Atlantis?


I feel nakid without my duck

Why is DU so busy tonight that we're losing features?

Where is Bridgewater, Mass?

Why do some mothers think their sons are god?

(Onion-style satire) "Bush & Cheney Indicted..." (by Tom Flocco)

How much does a pair of contact lens cost?

im back

My Posts is back



I took another Schmidt tonight. Ask me anything.

I just burned "The Best of Gamma".

I LOVE Coltrane's "Favorite Things" from the Japan CD, *except*

Goodnight, DU

Why do some fathers think their daughters are goddesses?

How do I delete the Windows directory from jimmyjazz's PC?

Yet Another L&O Poll!

Good bye, DU

SCHMOMENTUM!!! The Daily Show is a Hoot!

So, the age old question.. Why are girls attracted to asses?

Breaking: Masculinity Challenged Men Prefer War and SUVs

"The stuff you learn AFTER you've learned everything

How do I download a photograph I have into the computer?

Turkish Taffy

Why don't I keep Advil in my office

Why do some daughters think their fathers are goddesses?

Some asshole stole my car.

DAD-GUM my hand hurts.

Anyone know where I can get the video clip of Peter Gammons' speech

so, the age old question, why are girls attracted to WMliberal's ass?

My ass has finally decided to eat... MY HAND!

What's your pet's favorite treat?

The Spoof: Bolton working with 190 diplomats in place he called irrelevant

How many anti-choicers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Has anyone else been getting a lot of alerts from ZoneAlarm tonight?


A backstage pass . . .

Copycat thread, by popular request: "I want a hummer and pita bread"

i want humans and peta bread

Your love is like bad medicine.

At least the Mets win!

Man they are going crazy over at GD and GDP

Thoreau is like Ralph Emerson!

Well, tomorrow, I have my huge interview at CU Health Sciences.

Iron Maiden fans: Here's the artwork for their new CD

Don't hate me for who I am

Post here and I will be obsequious, purple and clairvoyant

When you undress someone with your eyes.....

Can anyone show me the thread about Military mom being told

I rescued a kitten a few weeks back

I cut my finger on a sharp knife

I've got knuckle sandwiches for all that need them

***Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy: 5,000 Posts!!!***

Ok. It's time for all the good children to listen to a bedtime story.

I went through the drive through Pharmacy tonight....

Middle aged woman wants happening music recommendations

With all due respect for Mr. Scorpio

It's that time again!!! Post here and I will be nice to you.

Salad bars in grocery stores

I cannot believe this FReeper thread

What ELSE does George W Bush think should be taught in public schools?

I want hummas and pita bread

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a football group now.

Music Programs for pay

A transcript of The Daily Show?

How do I delete "temporary internet files" from my pc?

What books are you reading now?

quick question - how to fix grainy photos in Photoshop Elements 3.0?

I just got banned from a local supermarket (PTSD is such a trip)

The 47,923,547,861 things that piss ME off:

Three things that PISS ME OFF:

Ever seen "Shirley Valentine?" (I swear this is my last post, and then

Any Gay Rights Savvy DUer

Why do some freepers think Ronald Reagan is God?

Would you rather be smarter or better looking?

"Blow" is on. I just did some reading on the main character, George Jung

I've got hugs for all who need them.

The Revealing Movie Endings Thread

God, how do you deal with it? (long rant)

Was Jesus a Christian?

New cleaning process reduces hospital risk of vCJD

Cognitive Therapy Halves Risk of Second Suicide Attempt

Black Ministers, Politicians Meet to Counter Surge in Anti-Gay Sermons

Potent Steroid


Yankees decline $15 million option on veteran

Need good vibes

A dream I had this weekend

Question re: Rove and Bush

My Discussion on Intelligent Design

Whew- I just went 5 minutes there after my star expired!

I shouldn't resent the response to Hackett losing, but I do

I just signed up for a different photo host than photobucket

Steamboat Springs, CO around 1910-1914

Stupid question...


Message to the RNC: There are no Safe Seats

Claremont finally reporting - it's not *terrible*

O FFS! Is there an election going on ? Because by the looks of the

81% returned - less than 50 vote difference (Great site from


6 Marine snipers killed today all from Ohio

580 pcts of 753 SCHMIDT 52% - Hackett 48%

Bush: It's my war and I'll cry if I want to!

How do we read these results? (Hackett)

Cheney begs reporters to cover Saudi trip, won't allow meeting coverage

What I don't want to hear...

Revised Paul Hackett phenomenon thread. I meant DLC


Hackett hanging on to lead.


We should accustom people to long waits on Election Nights

259 precincts of 753 -- Paul Hackett 52.18% to 47.81%

But what about "gerry-mandering"?

Reminds me of another "Paul"...


Hackett has 52%!

305 of 753 pcts - Hackett 51% to 49%

Help! Are there any experts on the Clermont County voting machines?

it IS can we be sure the votes are counted accurately

662 of 753 - Hackett 50%-50%

Uh oh, Hackett is behind now with 75% of precincts reporting.


Hackett won Brown County, is winning in others, he has Kerry beat



sorry...accidental dupe.

What is taking the last precincts so long? It hasn't upated in 15 minutes!

this is something different for NBC Nightly News--

All that's left is Clermont County...

Race Within Automatic Recount Margin?

Win or Lose..Hackett Fires First Shot in the Revolution of 05

AMERICAblog: Claremont County Has Two UAW Plants!

Have they stated what kind of turnout there was

Clermont county results website now DOWN - what a surprise!

Do you want to chat live about the battle in Ohio?

Schmidt holds precarious lead; race may be close enough to trigger recount

Is Clermont where the 'terror' lockdown in 2004 election was?

Irregularities in Clermont; Votes now being counted by HAND!

What are they thinking at RNC headquarters right this moment?

Call Fidel Castro and take him up on his offer to monitor our

Clermont County went 71% to Bush in '04.

Malloy email: Many regular Hamilton Polling Places closed today

I had to be away for a while -- did Hackett win, and they're fixing it?

Could Hackett's win be just a matter of NEW CHIPS in cheating machines?

American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund

Hackett Loss (Victory), does it trigger an automatic reccount?

See why Election Day is in NOVEMBER?



i don't want to hear any more crap

Hackett Lost 52/48, 100% reporting

Robin Hayes (R-NC) is toast.

Reality check: If Hackett wins, the DLC will claim it proves they're right

Even if Hackett doesn't win tonight (and I hope he does, of course)

Anyone remember 2001 Special election?


NO MORE MACHINES...If Hackett wins OR loses...(and Gawd, I hope


Earlier tonight, Sam Seder said (re: Hackett)

Ldotters: Schmidt = another win for W (puke!)

Aww...Bush doesn't like "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism"

Biden just made a campaign appearance on the Daily Show.

And I thought Kerry vs. Bush was a lopsided contrast in character

I think we should encourage Hackett to run again in 2006.

Lance Armstrong. Texas Governor?

I call Bullshit-another statistical impossibility-FraWd, FraWd, FraWd

The said they would "bury" us- but all the did was throw some dirt!

May those who voted against Major Hackett wallow in their own Schmidt..

an uber conservative area (almost) elected someone who called * SOB

Suddenly Claremont is back - with complete results no less

Cincinnati Enquirer Says Race Too Close to Call at 9:11PM-Unprecedented!

last 13883 votes reported 59/41


Bush's Roland Arnall... "should be headed to the pen.."

OHIO 02 candidate comparison tells me some americans don't give a shit

The mistake our national party made here

Scarborough: Bush knows what he wants, that's why he needs his man at U.N.

Repubs looking for someone to run against Ben Nelson (D*)

GOP wants chickenhawks & Liars. Dems choose men who fought for America.

Video of Paul and his concession speech

Call for screen shots! What were nos. before Clermont got all wet?

A sober note to my fellow Clarkies

CAFTA Will Help U.S. Economy

The Repunk Spin Has Evolved Just This Hour

Hackett showing should strike fear in the hearts of GOP2006


Hackett shows us the way for a 06 victory

Tonight, Our War begins.

OH-02 Comment by Hamilton County BOE Chair re: Clermont County


Win or lose, is the Dem establishment taking notes?

We are getting two DIFFERENT sets of numbers!

Bayh tests Iowa

I know that just the fact that Hackett came close is a victory for us but.

Please add your thanks to Paul Hackett to the "Thanks Paul" blog

U.S. military to allow recruits to partly serve obligation in peace corps

The DLC is probably praying that Hackett loses tonight.


This *is* a victory.

Temporary Escape Poll/Thread: How Would You Do In A Debate Against bu$h?

The Daily Show IS BACK LIVE! and Jon's got a few things to Say...

the bush administration don't even trust bolton

Biden quotes (from the Daily Show)

Paul Hackett for Senate in '06!

Biden-McCain 08 This is HUGH!1!!1!11

Leader Pelosi's Statement on Ohio Second District Race

Hackett showing in OH bodes well for Clark in 2008

Little hesitation in screaming foul

Thank you, Paul.

Last 91 precincts in OH-2 are being hand-counted.

The true scope of Hackett's victory

Another Republican upset 'win' at 52-48?

Before everybody screams "Foul"

The Energy Debacle: John Kerry Was Right Last Year


Just switch parties

Why the US won't admit it was jilted (Uzbekistan)

Straw Admits Coalition Troops a Problem : Juan Cole

Juan Cole: Fisking the "War on Terror"

Bush did not support the anti-torture amendment offered by McCain--in

My letter to editor

Shaping politics from the pulpits (Ohio Patriot Pastors Christocrats)

Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal.

Roberts' iffy support for voting rights

The Iraq Infection

Bush: Schools Should Teach 'Intelligent Design' Theory Alongside Evolution

ecomomical statistical disaster called "Bush-Boom"

Gene Lyons

The Stakes in Roberts's Nomination (The Nation)

Who Loves Creepy Megachurches? - Mark Morford

Writing Agenda A Major Test of Clinton's Skill At Navigation

NYT: S. Korean scientists clone Snuppy

The flag won't protect you; it's in the wrong hands

Soros-Backed Activist Group(ACT) Disbands as Interest Fades

Wild Horses Survived World War I, But They May Not Get Past Bushco

More War Crimes by the United States...

My money for the GOP? Give it back (Denver Soc Sec forum)

The Fall of the House of Saud

David Enders (Mother Jones): Many Things to Discuss on Iraq Constitution

OPED writer snuffed by ...? (Steven Vincent in Basra)

Why does this article piss me off so much?

A Young Man's Death: What Have We Come (MoJo)

Of Karl Rove,

Soul of Republican Party at stake in prison-abuse scandal debate

White House Denies Existence of Karl Rove--Onion

Put on a Hippy Face

we were SLAVES in BUSH's OIL WAR

Thimerosal Doesn't Cause Autism. Period.

George Lakoff on dropping "War on Terror" for "Global Struggle..."

I think our next action should be LTTEs concerning Boltons appt

I'd like to have thank-yous to the "Thanks Paul Blog" be our next action

Send an Email - Help Reward Farmers for Conservation

Invest in your future... buy a DEMOCRACY BOND

Think that there is little that ONE can do to end global poverty?

Rep. Lee's Resolution of Inquiry into Iraq War Planning has 40 Co-sponsors

S 114 - Kids Come First Act of 2005 & HR 1668 - Kids First Act of 2005

Demand White House Comply With Information Requests

Dean on Randi now

Where can I find exchange rates from the past?

Savings Rate Falls (June 0.2% 2nd lowest since Great Depression)

audio interview with Walter J. Williams on Government statistics

housing prices down - a post from GD area

Kuala Lumpur Swathed In Choking Haze - Visibility 150 Yards

Tropical Storm Harvey is christened

Snowfall in Somalia reported

EU Drought, Fires Will Free 500M Tons CO2 - Ecosystems Net Carbon Sources

Oz Businesses Urged To Join Double Secret Probation Climate Pact

Introducing... the Twike

Literally Tons Of Pollutants Not Logged In TX Companies' Voluntary Records

Heron Chicks' Legs & Wings Snap At UK Nesting Site - Toxin Probe Begins

The Scoop on Diesel - New Low Sulfur Diesel Available in 2006

Copyright lobbyists strike again (CAFTA)

Mauritanian troops 'seize media'

The American Dream in Denmark

Bush wants 'fair poll' in Kazakhstan

Islamic Jihad head: We may recognize the State of Israel

Removing the Accidental Protection


We Still Don't Know What Happened On 9-11 & Can't Agree

Running for office

Reverend Bill Moss, a patriot, a man of courage, a hero has passed.

House party in Washington

Clermont county has a history of corrupting optiscans

DUers call Howard Wilkinison with you Hackett suspicions...

Need Clermont Cty Green Party recount witnesses affidavits...

VVPB, precinct totals posted, hand counted precinct level random....

Hackett-Claremont: Oh boy, here we go again. Billmon-Whiskey Bar

I'm going to drop into Hackett's law office tomorrow give me your best...

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Staff Piece - Look at Diebold Again!

Diebold worse than reported

Pacific Lumber seeks deal to cut debt

Vilsack raises $635,000 to help elect Democratic governors

Help, I need info on Vander Plaats

Salem, Mass: Kids' Lemonade Stand Shut Down After Competitor Complains

Ask Democracy for America to endorse Jass Stewart for Mayor of Brockton!

Bring rent control back to Boston

Excellent City Pages article on the bane of MN: ATVs

I need Firefox help.

14 More Ohio Marines killed Wednesday

Brown and Blackwell on Hardball tonight

Scioto County turnout higher than expected

Dirty Tricks in Akron Fundraising Campaign

Will Hackett run again?

Glad to see that there's no mourning or whining going on here.

Blackwell and the Religious Right's Plans to Take Ohio in 2006

Hackett & Schmidt post election speeches

Thank you DU Hackett staffers

Let's talk redistricting Ohio!


Hightower is on Glenn Mitchell today! KERA 90.1,

Barbara Ann Radnofsky at Austin DFT Meetup tonight

Hensarling Town Hall in Mesquite

Latest HDGE News

Shhhh! Don;t tell anyone! But my good friend is........

Quick get your tank filled up 17 cents in one

Wow, that did not take long!

Kay Griggs interview

NYT: Worry Grows as Iraq's Defense Ministry Falls Short of Expectations

Bush is taking a month off. How many here actually get time off at all?

Woman who questioned first lady now is activist against the war

Current TV - WTF???

Ambushed Marines might have been set up


Money vs. volunteer labor in campaigns: What's more vital ?

Heads up everyone, Jim Hightower will be on the Glenn Mitchell show on

I ran across a thread from Vets. I enlist you all in a partnership.

(Iraqi) Charter framers avoid fractious issues

Once again the Westboro Baptist haters don't show up but...

where is the ask the mods section???

So, Buxh believes Rafael Palmeiro would never fib to congress....

OK...Biden coming up momentarily on DS rerun

avoid Math Mastery DVD's

WTF!?!?! Schmidt accuses Hackett of 'name calling'????

"rude" and crude - but it gets to the point -- new toon (8/3)

WBZ -TV News: "President Bush is leaving for a WORKING vacation."

To all of you that want to be in Dallas for the Vets For Peace National

Palmeiro tested positive for non-supplement steroid. Bush stands by him.

Peace to each and everyone of you. We can make a difference.

Officers and Veterans Defy Bush's Neocons

is miami herald's tom fiedler talking out of both sides of his mouth?

Veterans for Peace, National Convention. Dallas Tx. 8/04-8/07

Shaping politics from the pulpits

Jim Hightower on KERA, 90.1, Wednesday. First time since 2002!

It is the 60th anniversary for dropping the bombs in Japan.

I saw a thread about Vets here at DU, it seemed to be many 100's long.

"Little Prince" on PBS- symphony of emotions of Liberals


Ohio's Heart is Democrat, the key is finding it

Wake up! We are the progressive, populists!

Worries concerning the September protest

need a quote re: jobs Amercans won't do

14 Marines/Interpreter die in Iraq ..Have a nice vacation Georgie.

NPR Covering J. Miller Now >

NYT Just In: WH Phone Logs Missing on L'Affaire Plame

Is Bush talking about his administration?

Looking for media contact list

BREAKING: 14 Marines killed at once in Haditha

i just seen on the local news,

Americans anxious about U.S. foreign policy - poll

Question about voting machines for us furriners

One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty (1,820)

A Draft Dodger Deserter Makes War while Real Vets make PEACE

"The political center" defined

I sure hope that motherfucker is enjoying his vacation

Is there anyone that can help me reach 910am, airameica in Dallas?

bush* lied again monday.

Wanna see a shock and awe attack on creationists at Free Republic?

The Conflict in Darfur Through Children's Eyes

Wish good luck my way.....Applying for loan

guess we'll NEVER see those pics of kids being raped & tortured

Lesson plan No. 1


Jon Stewart's reprise of Bolton show on now.

"bush praying for safe return" of astronauts...just now on cnn's blurb

Thank you, CNN, for carrying the shuttle mission live

'Last Throes' insurgency kills FOURTEEN marines

Send GW a card...

This is just crazy: Traffic altercation, man hunts and kills other guy

Hey guys and gals...

Brush Clearing Photo Contest!

The WTI in Istanbul in June...

Gap fillers ?

Vietnam Vet on local Fox affiliate with 2 soldiers just back from Iraq

In Blackhawk Down we lost 18 soldiers, in the last 24 hours we lost 22.

Resident *'s old unit deploys to Iraq

Vacation at the Surly Sphincter pig farm: What memos will go unread?

I LOVE Jay Marvin (sitting in for Jerry Springer) !!!

Air America SUCKS and then Some! VETS FOR PEACE.ORG

And they say Democrats are big spenders? Check this out.

Ohio-Based Unit Loses 20 Marines This Week (And it's only Wednesday)

14 Marines killed in Wed. attack. Our tactics put them at greater risk

Need Help w/Neocon Coworker re: UN Control of the Internet

Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North: comic book heroes

Faith of the Faithless: Why fundamentalists push for Intelligent Design

Last Images of bush leaving for his royal vacation--WARNING-GRAPHIC

I had to change my avatar. In dedication for the 21 Marines

Aaron Glantz "How America Lost Iraq" on C-Span Now...

How about Paul Hackett for the Senate?

Ruling threatens stings in child-sex cases

4 yrs. ago this month, bush went on vacation & ALLOWED 9/11 to happen

Remember when the rw meme was "we can't legislate morality" ?

Hannity does an infomercial.

WTF!?? BBC website...any ideas what this is?

All you have to do is call. Call out...........

Question about the "death gratuity"

Motorist Comes to Rescue (Hero in the Toronto crash)

Democracy Now, Ch. 375, DirectTV, Paul Hackett on live!

To say Chimpy's "awkward" would be an understatement. (photo)

Remember when we were told that the troops would be greeted with flowers?

Send your passion for our vets here and I will copy and give to them all

The Economist: How China runs the world economy

Free Barney! >>>

Global SAVE - Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism

Socialist Wal-Marts

I need a number or a contact to AirAmerica right now. Is there anyone

19 US Marines massacred this week in Idiot Son's war. Do u feel safer?

Do astronauts count more than soldiers?

Oscar Schindler saved 1200 lives....over 6000 descendants -> Bush

Military wants to include Peace Corps in enlistment numbers?

Rate My Teachers Website

I'm confused regarding Hackett

Where the white women at?

How does this sound: Paul Hackett, Governor of Ohio

14 Marines died. Do you feel more free?

Vice president vacationing, fishing in Montana

Calif. Girl, 11, to Be Tried for Felony(threw 2 pound rock in water fight)

Bush unswayed (by Frist) in position on stem cell research

Bush's Palmero friendship VS Bush's 2004 State of the Union

Modern Perspective on Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

Bill O'Reilly Loves Intelligent Design (Video)

Is infiltration of Iraqi Security forces an epidemic?

Little Lord Pissypants needs 5 weeks of vacation

"Leave it to Bush" -- Bush meets Samuel L Jackson, than appears on

Will promised to help the Vets for Peace.

Paul Hackett on Franken Show in 15 minutes

Repuke morons had the chance to "support a soldier" 2 of 3 didn't.

Anyone have experience with Working Assets Wireless?

Why all the fighting in Haditha?

43 U.S. troops in the last 10 days...DEAD

''The 'Great Game' Heats Up in Central Asia''

"Prayer chain and FAST for a fair up-or-down vote for Judge Roberts"

(VIDEO) Daily Show rips the Bolton appointment

So if God created us, as is, who was Lucy?

Wow, that did not take long!

It's not Man vs Monkey its' the Donkey vs the Elephants

Do fundies actually believe God wrote the Bible?

What is there to teach? If Bush* actually gets his way and ID is taught

Callers Lambasting Canadian Senate/Larry Campbell

Honor, Integrity and Truth.

Reebok -- More Corporate Monopolization AND Selling Out USA.

Don't stem cells deserve a straight up or down vote????

What is relationship between UN and World Court?

Google IS NOT showing blogs that report truth in google search results

Cornell Study: Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Is Threatened

The Price Is Right

Given that Paul hackett is now officially an enemy of the BFEE

Frist not invited to evangelical rally

Where can I find exchange rates from the past?

Is Air America available in Southern Ohio?

Who is this idiot on with Al Franken?

So, 60% of Americans support teaching creationism...

Girly-Men Like War, SUV's

Journalist abducted, murdered in Iraq

Just got a call from "The clean family entertainment council"

Help please - faces of middle east...

Too many fought & died to prevent America from ending up like this

Baby Giant Panda born at San Diego Zoo

Our allies in the war on Terror: Pakistan

ATTACK heart of failed GOP economic faith

How do you try to reason with this pro Iraq war logic?

Please recommend story on 14 dead marines.

Will my mother be safe if I do this?

Joe Biden can bite me

Americans Are Warned About Overseas Travel

Focus(J. Dobson)Pleased by Retraction of False Statements by Evolution

Can you imagine being related to George W. Bush?

I hate... hate... HATE the word "likeable"

Anti-Choice = Neo-Nazi?

More Mercenary Muscle for The US "Ambassador" to Iraq.....

Dean: Hackett Race Highlights Success of Fifty-State Strategy

help finding a picture....

WSJ: 'Back to School' Comes Earlier

bush said the marines who died 'Died for a Noble Cause'

I support teaching Intelligent Design in science class

if I were president during wartime, i'd be ASHAMED to take a month off.

Fundie Academy General Off Promotions List

Caption this photo - Bush and Jefferson

Anyone hear any news on a bomb scare in midtown NYC?

Holocaust Museum - Deadly Medicine (RW Loons create own "science")

Mother of Ohio Soldier interviewd on NPR -- MUST LISTEN

The limits of evolution: the origin of life itself is still a mystery

Hackett teaches us how to win in '06 and '08

Jeff Gannon is up for sale again! This time on Ebay!

Kids' Lemonade Stand Shut Down After Competitor Complains

SCOTUS Website wins crappiest gov website award

"King Abdullah receives loyalty oath from top Islamic clerics"

"It's the kind of thing that shows the desperation of the adversary,"

Slain Marine's son turns one today

Is "Intelligent Design" just another way of saying "I dunno"?

Group Won't Give Judith Miller 'Conscience in Media' Award After All

3 days... 22 Americans killed... I'm going on vacation! - Junior

Anyone ever hear of King's Kids?

Bush re Pickles:"I got to tell you, I country -- she's a great First Lady"

If I'm supposed to be looking for a job,

A Call to Action-- Reopen 9/11

"Switched off in Basra" NYT OpEd author abducted and killed

I love David Podvin's use of the language

Milestone: Iraq and Afghanistan War Casualties Hit 2,007

Shame on AARP! this months magazine has Condi on their cover

1822 Reasons why the DSM is Important

What is your "just war theory"?

could a voter refuse to use an electronic box & submit a paper ballot?

* to cancel 5-week vacation in reverence of dead soldiers

bush gives one finger salute to the USA

How about a new (old) phrase.. The Ugly Republican

14 Marines Killed today

President Clinton Says Judge Roberts `Very Impressive'

Red State Preist gets flack for apologizing for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Basic concepts about militarism, that appear to not be understood

Aaron Glantz on C-SPAN - NOW!

Man Found Dead at Midtown Park (KC)

BRAD BLOG: Wingnuts, 'News' Sites Fall Hook, Line & Sinker for ACVR Scam!

Not great news for Detroit Free Press readers - Gannett buying it

Vanity Fair to Reveal More on Sibel Edmonds' Case

Tom Flocco is a weird dude.

Meanwhile in the alternate universe that we now live in...

Proof that conservatives (at least one) don't support the troops

Medal of Freedom Winners Who Should Have Stayed Retired

20 marines KIA from same suburb in Ohio.

Quotes from GOP and RW on Clinton Attacks on Al Qaeda?

What will be the MSM next fluff story?

Helen Thomas: Lame Duck Bush Has Swagger, Not Waddle

General Myers Terrorism Terrorism Terrorism

FYI - Howard Dean will be on Randi Rhodes today at 5:30 eastern time.

MM: CNN's "John Bolton: Behind the Mustache" attacked Democrats

Comedy or Tragedy? -PIX->>>

Silly Question I know..

The Lounge Rules!

NJ Teacher Sex Scandal....

Enough of this "we came close" shit

Just for fun... in case you haven't seen it: Thinkers Anonymous:

PHOTO: This is how our President "laments" death

Hooray! Shuttle Crew Removed "Gap Filler" Material... Now There's A GAP!!

12 year old girl is molested and murdered, Repug blames it on CHOICE!

Oh yes, and by the way, the Vets for Peace are having their National,

Another PATHETIC statement by dubya on Palmeiro

Self-confirmation for voting: it would work like this...

I see a lot of DUers using the term "PC" - what exactly is that?

The BSA discriminates against gays and athiests.

Bush & Cheney Both Took Month-Long Vacations in August 2001 Too >

Real issues the news is barely touching on

Bush has empathy burnout

Two questions I would ask Bush*t

CHALLENGE: Name ONE King, Leader, Tribal Elder, etc., EVER to....

"Google Current" on Al Gore TV

I'm looking for a cartoon

The Holocaust Never Happened

What do you think of extending Daylight Savings time?

Anyone know if XM will broadcast AAR uninterrupted?

Ex-agent says CIA wanted false data

The 'Creation Science Assn.' Explains those pesky neanderthals, fossils...

If you have free Lexis-Nexis access...

Reform - Bush Style!

Bush and Cheney indicted by Chicago Grand Jury?

Marine vehicle in which 14 died is 'one of the more vulnerable'

Wow! The CONSTITUTION was based on the SCRIPTURES?

Was Timothy McVeigh an Arab Muslim?

The great irony: Homophobic conservatives who love the musical 'RENT'

Washington Post: CIA Uses Iraqi Paramilitaries To Torture Detainees.

Anyone here ever a moderator? I'm thinking of applying next time.

Martha Stewart's Home Confinement Release Delayed

Cost of Iraq War August 3rd- $185,077,990,676

More marines killed today

CIA analyst preempts Cheney's Iran Nuclear Threat

An attempt to explain why some jokes are never funny when pols make them

Fraudwell is on the Tweety Show

Christianity under "attack", "Zealot" Senators blocking Roberts vote!

You Make a Grown Man Cry

Not my fault Republicans: K. Harris blames doctored photos for bad image

"Insurgents" - fucking media

Profiles in Absurdity:

Yahoo:Why does a list of names of soldiers killed in Iraq get one star?

1822, that is 12 more than yesterday. UNACCEPTABLE!!


I wrote an email about torture last night.

"New Book Unmasks Homosexual Agenda" (Sheldon press release)

The vacationing war president.

PHOTO: What statues are thinking.

RAW: Lautenberg: Don't grant immunity to witnesses over CIA leak

Caption this * and crew pic....

Wow... Looks Like Amateurs Can Learn From Rove Too !!!

Who the hell is Nancy Grace? Where did she come from?

The 'laws' of thermodynamics are baloney...

"We are never going to win this thing militarily, that is the bottom line,

Question: What caused housing prices in CA to shoot through the roof?

America's Being Prepped For Lowered Expectations & Disaster

Did You See This New Website on Cable News Bias

"Light at the end of the tunnel..." CBS eve. news reporting military in

DOD files it's "secret arguments" to suppress Abu Ghraib Photos -

Howard on Randi... Democracy Bonds..

Why do they hate us?

Voting Process Corruption: Your View?

Inspired by demgirl I wrote to my Congressman

PM me for a link to conservatives deriding noncombat troops and veterans!

34%, 58%, 79% "the frightening numbers"

Let's suppose for one attosecond that * nukes Iran...

Fairtax crap

Who Is More Your Enemy? Who Is A Greater Threat To America?

Just tell me again, how many died today? 14? + an interpreter?

New Book/Author interview--John Crawford: An Accidental Soldier's Account

Michaelle Jean reported to be new Governor General of Canada

Anti-Iraq-war/anti-Bush music video

Three extremely important threads on Iran nukes & the Bush agenda

I am sick to death of hearing about Congresswoman Schmidt's looks

What is the one issue that you will not budge from your position?

Since the paper ballot is going the way of the Dodo bird, I say EBAY!

Shrub's status as a Born-Again Christian

Another Iraqi Torture Story

Faux Newsette says, "Tough day of headlines for the B*sh administration."

Cincy Enquirer: Closeness of race a surprise

TOONS: Groundhog Day Edition 8/3

Another spacewalk required: potential "grave damage" needs repair

U.S. fundamentalist groups have a foot in Canada's political door

John Bolton:Warning that Iran "deception" mustn't be allowed to continue

For sale: Trailer w/ocean vu, $1 million obo

I am having hard time accepting the use of a woman's dead body as a baby

All I want is for Vets to weigh in and I will print down and share with

MSNBC had the most arrogant segment just now...two military guys.

Now just wait a darned second!

Army punishes soldier for blog posts

UFO's spotted over New Hampshire--Holy God, let it be a pre-emptive strike

Republican Ass soundly kicked in Northern Michigan.

The formula is simple: DON'T APOLOGIZE, DON'T HOLD BACK.

Why are you pro-capital punishment?

What song title do you think sums up BushCo?

Had lunch with republicans. I had to bite my lip!

NEWAl Franken book on the way this fall!


A Feast of Death

I usually laugh at this stuff, but this pisses me off...

The Liberal Fox News?

Neocons itching to invade Iran

"Improvised" Explosive Device...

Essay - A Rapist -- People get fooled even when they know better

Bush's ranch serves down-home diplomacy

I don't remember "learning" evolution in school.

60% of the people think creationism should be taught in public schools

Job Interviews: Something that just burns me up...

To Howard Dean (if you are reading)

Dave Chappelle Show ( Done)

Russia, China to practice fighting foreign war together

I've figured out why Bush hasn't caught bin Laden yet!

1,422 days of HARD WORK and Bin Laden still a free man....

Thimerosol doesn't cause Autism. Period.

How long has Rush Limbaugh been pro-life?

What is your employment situation?

Bill O'Reilly casually says he would committ cold blooded mass murder

Ray McGovern on foiling Cheney: "Timing makes all the difference."

Girl tried for felony over thrown rock

Why no exit polls in Oh2? Where was the DNC support to fund exit polls?

As a father, this picture brings a tear to my eye

Most batshit insane Freeper posts ever

Question for Vietnam vets: did the Marines see a lot of action there too?

Why should anyone listen to the Catholic Church after this?

An Essay on Death and President Bush by E.L Doctorow (E-mail)

Gotta love those lyin' collection agencies

Question for all religious folks...

Your Thoughts On This: Teacher Having Sex With 17 Y/O:

Why don't "we" build an 'open source' voting machine company??

Kenora eyes joining Manitoba

Mo Mowlam 'critically ill'

FBI called balky in terror fight

Syrian-border combat deadly

Cognitive Therapy Halves Risk of Second Suicide Attempt

(Iraqi) Charter framers avoid fractious issues

Cleaning method may stop CJD spread

Iran delays breaking U.N. seals

(RS:) Adidas seen close to buying Reebok

NASA set for delicate shuttle heat shield repair - (New potential problem)


Baptists deem flock guilty by association

Pakistan called lax in bin Laden hunt

MSNBC BREAKING: Astronaut successfully pulls 1st piece of dangling materia

Hate crimes jump by 600% since 7/7 (UK)

China, Russia set to begin their first joint military exercises on Aug. 18

Briton held over fake passports

Venezuela: Harvest is a longtime tax evader

8 U.S. troops killed in Iraq as fighting intensifies at Syria border

Americans anxious about U.S. foreign policy - poll

£11,000 for London bomb victims

Schmidt wins in a squeaker

(California's) Insurance Chief Criticizes Health Savings Accounts

13-year-old accused of murdering DEA agent in Honduras boasts he'll flee ja

Hil's foes hit a cash problem

WP: Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained Team of Iraqis to Aid US (new!)

Proselytizing to cadets carries price

WP: National Oil Firms Take Bigger Role(challenge international companies)

State seeks to halt farmworker deaths

Washington opposition forces Chinese to withdraw oil offer

Petroecuador demands end to Occidental contract

Pfizer, Lilly vow not to promote impotence drugs on Super Bowl

Spendthrift nation

Strangers may not be kids' biggest danger

WP: Exam Finds Thriving National Zoo Panda Cub (pic!)

"It's the kind of thing that shows the desperation of the adversary,"

Sheriff's Office Sues To ID Deputies Behind Web Posts (Florida)

For sale: Trailer w/ocean vu, $1 million obo

Byrd fires back at GOP with TV ads

Oil installation guards attacked in Iraq

American (NYTimes) Journalist Found Dead in Iraq

Incumbents lead Detroit City Council primaries (Mrs. Conyers moves on too)

Italy: Islamic militants from Iraq redeploying in Europe

Files refute reservist's Iraq story

Girl tried for felony over thrown rock

NYT: Drug Makers to Police Ad Campaigns (Super Bowl ED ads over?)

Cornell Study: Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Is Threatened

Bush says closures won't be political

Legislator questions rejection of donation request

ABCNews: Third prosecutor critical of Guantanamo trials

NYT: Worry Grows as Iraq's Defense Ministry Falls Short of Expectations

Via telephone, Rumsfeld reaffirms war on terror

Festive inauguration for new Saudi king (Cheney, Poppy, Chirac)

NYT/AP: (proselytizing) Air Force Cadet Leader Passed over for Promotion

NYT: G.M. Ads Return to Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court nominee says judges need restraint

Focus(J. Dobson)Pleased by Retraction of False Statements by Evolution

Uzbek President to Abolish Death Penalty After Building More Prisons

Slain Marines tried to root out insurgents

Saudi frustrated at U.S. doubts on militant policy

WP: Americans Warned About Overseas Travel (Iraq "spillover" is a concern)

Poland apologizes for damage troops inflicted on Babylon

Lightning Kills Boy Scout at Utah Camp

Insurgents using more powerful roadside bombs, military panel says

Iraq veteran arrested in killing

Former HealthSouth exec gets probation in Saudi bribery scheme

Zambia to deport terror suspect

IRAQ: Housing problems increase as conflict hits hearth and home

U.S. Laying Groundwork for Iraq Pullout

U.S. certifies Colombia on rights

Bush vows to fight on in Iraq, rejects pullout date

U.S. set up new military base at Iraq-Syria border

(John) Roberts Puts Net Worth at $5.3 Million (USSC nominee)

Judge overrules Jury in Greenpeace Case

Sony to Pay $1.5M Over Fake Movie Critic

Gannett acquires Detroit Free Press

MSNBC BREAKING: Suspect in Groene kidnap case linked to 1997 murder in Cal

Props to Alabama: No eminent domain for private development

Iraq Airline Inaugurates Iraq-Turkey Route

IMF, U.S. squabble over tackling twin deficits

Bank of NY may settle in (Russian) money laundering case

Peru mine protesters say 7 dead; police deny story

Elected officials call for racial profiling in New York subway terror chec

CONGATE: Records track flow of state cash to Noe. (LAUNDERING)

Kyrgyz protesters block road to gold mine

Zhirinovsky wants Putin to run for 3rd term

Treasury Says 30-Year Bond Is Returning....Move to Help Finance National D

Tancredo: Justice Differs for Immigrants

First legal same-sex marriage in Oklahoma

Writers Group Won't Give Judith Miller 'Conscience in Media' Award After A

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 3 August

Marine Group in Iraq Issues Statement Blasting Images (of Dead Marine?)

CNN/AP: Martha Stewart's confinement extended

Faithful Furious Over Tactic(Church Lawsuit defense=should've used thePill

Stripes: 1,400 from Pacific Air Forces preparing to deploy

Military Losses Hit Town Hard (Cleveland suburb of 21,000 people)

Researchers: Higher levels of arsenic in U.S. rice

Iraqi women demand rights in country's new constitution

New York police officer killed in Iraq (#1822)

Bush: recent attacks in Iraq "grim reminder of the enemies we face"

UK helped Israel get nuclear bomb

Hicks trial 'abuse of rule of law'

Kim Jong-il hailed as superbrain

Iraq is `latest battleground' in war on terror, Bush says in speech

American journalist found shot dead in Basra

Former President Clinton Says Judge Roberts `Very Impressive'

Bush poised to set vacationing record

26 Years Later, DNA Clears Man of Rapes (Florida he will not see a dime

NYT: South Korean Scientists Clone Man's Best Friend, a First

Porter says U.S.-run Guantanamo camp better than Nevada prisons

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Peaceful Protesters in Colorado ..

US Marine captured in Iraq

25% of Toyota's U.S. sales will be hybrids

Palmeiro to provide information to Congress

(King County / Seattle) gets no takers for elections job

Intelligent Design: Science Teachers Stunned by Bush

BREAKING: CNN\MSNBC 14 Marines And Civilian Interpreter Killed In Iraq

Firing heard after Mauritanian army troops launch coup

Harris Says Newspapers `Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup

Jessica Lynch to be Honored

CNN/AP: Brain-dead woman dies after childbirth

Poll Shows Spitzer Leading All Potential Rivals But Giuliani (NY Gov)

Vanity Fair: Turks Boasted of Payments to Hastert

Our little girl turned three years old today....

Any Ronnie Montrose fans on DU?

Do something about your long filthy hair.

Listening to Sandy Denny right now...

I am going to the YDA Convention tomorrow! Ask Me Anything!

i swear...

*beatboxing* Tikrit! Tikrit! Tikrit is on fire!

Why do people smoke?

Thank you southlandshari

List of useful, free software

Must spank LastKnight!

Well it's time for us cowboys to go to sleep. So long fellow

OK wife wants me to get an EAR piercing...I'm 56.. and

It's free? It must be good...

Vice president vacationing, fishing in Montana

Squirrel Fishing

Hey, I missed WCGreen's 3:33 am post

kinda crude - but effective -- new toon (8/3)

Ginkgo biloba

Ok, so where the fuck is sundog anyway? Anybody know?

here i am thinking my vacation would help reset my sleep patterns

Question for people who know something about computers

"White House Denies Existence of Karl Rove".....ho ho ho


What was the best History Channel Hitler show?

I have a really long buddy list on DU.

Ok, so what are you listening to?

Mr McCaffrey (Teacher) Returns To School As Ms McCaffrey

Anyone watch the last episode of QAF?

Metallica To Open For Rolling Stones On New Tour (San Fran Only)

Newspaper Publishes Wrong Address - Woman's Belongings Stolen as Result

Man Fabricated Murder Story To Make Wife Leave Him

to your information

Sic hoc adfixum in obice legere potes, et liberaliter educatus

be alert.

I'm off to Tennessee for a business trip. (Knoxville)

Wish good luck my way.....Applying for loan

Scavenger hunt using Google Maps.

I am blonde, so no offense....

When is an attention span too short?

What Do Microsoft, eBay & The Carlyle Group Have In Common? - PHONE SEX

Smelly fungus sparks police hunt for corpse

I'm trying not to be a pain in the a$$, but why, oh why does my daughter

17,020,406 posts since January 2001

What's with effin "ROCK STAR INXS"

Name a totally anachronistic character in a historical film

Just got a PM from Sugar Smack.

I get to have lunch with StopTheMorans today!!!

Nudist's naked burial wish denied

Let's start an exhaustive list of events/problems that the Clenis caused

Television Without Pity...

Joke time!

Smoking kills...


WP: Exam Finds Thriving National Zoo Panda Cub (pic!)

Animals of the London Underground. This is cool.

I get to have lunch with progmom today!!!

Saw my first Thinkpad ad the other day with the word "Lenovo" in it

Island of Souls

Anyone aware that the IMF is meeting in DC the same weekend as the protest

Good vacation spot to get away from homogeneous consumer culture?


When first I come to Liverpool

Man On Bike Struck By Pickup Truck - Police Issue Cyclist Ticket

Hey! Why isn't anyone paying attention to this thread? ==>

DUers, I'm sick of the "suicide threats" on DU.

Holy heck! No one died in that plane crash yesterday!

Can someone help me with a quote?

Well, the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled

Rate My Teachers Website

Holy crap - 3 of my submitted headlines are on Fark today.....

This song gets me every time.

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

The FBI has finally determined my wife is not a terrorist or a spy!

Love is:

If we believed everything in the movies...

Is there such a thing as "shaken teenager syndrome"?

If the draft does end up coming back...

Matcom Pleads Guilty To Chasing Neighbors With A Sword While Naked

Well. I am about to leave for my long interview.


Greatest Film in American Cinema History...FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!

Police Find Monkeys At Home While Making Drug Bust


Who wants to come over and clean my apartment?

I am so pissed off at how quickly medical bills are going to collections

All this nonsense over on GD and GDP about rigged elections

Stung 6 Times Last Night by Yellow Jackets!

I am a Fig Newton of JimmyJazz's imagination.

I am Juice Newton in JimmyJazz's imagination

I am a figment of Jazzy Jeff's imagination!

I am a figment of the Lounge's collective imagination

I am a figment of JimmyJazz's imagination.

Panerra Shortbread Cookie - a little bit of Heaven!

I am imagining a figment of JimmyJazz.

When is a post to long?

Your Preference (diet version)

Prove to me that Bush isn't banging Condi!

Man Pleads Guilty To Chasing Neighbors With A Sword While Naked


Update on my friend.

How might one obtain

D.U. thanks for your great work last night!

Just to get a somewhat vague headcount - who is going to be in DC...

I just received my....

Put my 2 week notice in today

I Am A Fig

I just slept 12 hours

I just had a great get-rich-quick scheme!

I'd like to tell you all about Maxwell Edison

I have these weird red splotches on my back, chest & stomach.

I'm going to go get a sandwich...anyone want anything?

I'd like to tell you all about Maxwell Smart

WOW! Quinoa is REALLY good!

Who was the 17 millionth poster?

It's not Monday, so it's almost the weekend!

The Smilie they said could never be done! Introducing.....

Is it strange to have a croupy cough at age 18?

I am a fig leaf

Moto Excalibur!

I'm tired and I'm pissed...

10 Crazy Bastards I want to give TV shows to

It seems Hendrix didn't use a "gay ruse" to get him out of the service

I am a flag

Help me brainwash Republicans so that they will send money to DU!!

Golf Tournament Featured Strippers & Lap Dances In Golf Carts

Mark Morford , "Who Loves Creepy Megachurches?"

i was ALMOST on The Daily Show!

Amazon reviewers pulling a "My Pet Goat" on Rick Sant-WHORE-um

Bar Sells $135 Cocktail

Mini Pop Artist Quiz

Help me brainwash the rich so they'll send a ton of money to DU!

I am a figment of your imagination.

Yay my LTTE is in the paper!

I swear my house is haunted

This is absolutely positively ridicious.

Attention left wing wackos: ethical dilemma

MST3K Fans: Wasn't an earlier version of "The Island" on the show?

Have you ever heard of/been to the NJ Pine Barrens?

Please let him get this job..

All right all you Panda cam watchers...Another New Baby Panda to watch!

Are apples bad for dogs?

Baby Giant Panda Born at San Diego Zoo

11-year-old Fresno girl who threw rock spared felony trial

i was ALMOST on The Daily Show!

I haven't been on DU in maybe a year or so. Did I miss anything?

Help me brainstorm ways to get rich so I can send a ton of money to DU!

Panda! I just saw the baby pick MrsGrumpy up with its mouth!

******* CONGRATS ralps!! 5,000 posts!!! *******

Line forms here for Yavin4's ass kicking

Lightning Kills Boy Scout at Utah Camp

"Rebels are we....born to be free....just like the fish in the sea!"

Punchlines for sale

These laws seem weird.

Why does Fresno suck so bad?


Am I cold hearted?

Has anyone watched the movie - The Island ?

For dancing bananas everywhere!

Favorite Childhood Summertime Memories

Anyone else having trouble accessing the Netflix site?

Twenty Words

I got my absynthe today!!!!

Good idea for a Photoshop project

I finally did it

Name something you would never do even if someone paid you 100K to do it

Foooooooood Fiiiiiiiight!

Startling revelation about myself while playing Sim City 4.

Is any one else's internets running slow?

Question for any filmmakers here

So could whoever stole my voice please give it back?

Someone debarked eyesroll!!!!!

happy backscratch dance!

I watched this fascinating doc last night on PBS: The Journey of Man

Are dog de-barkers cruel?

Are Bob de-Barkers Cruel?

Are voyage de-barkers cruel?

Watch Weird Al Yankovic tear Eminem to pieces

Fighting Foo for ten years.

Kitty thread!!!!

Are tree de-barkers cruel?

Some good reading

Last Wednesday my computer crashed

Are Bob de-Barkers cruel?

Footprints on Mars!

Rick Santorum Is 100% Correct. You DU Women Need to Get Off This Board

What's it like to have a job you enjoy?


"I have never used steroids.Period."-Rafael Palmeiro

Climbing Youngster Breaks 16th Century Statue In Italy

I have a smell to confess to...

Semi-Annual Coors Lite: Rocky Mountain Smooth or Mouse Whiz Thread


I thought this pic was fake...

Raphy keeps on lying. What a dufus.

Bumper Sticker: "I support meaningless jingoistic cliches'".

11 Year Old Girl Threw Rock - She Will Be Tried For A Felony

What Were The War Slogans, Buttons, Bumper Stickers, Of The WWII Era?

I called the guy who interviewed me this morning...

Joe Jackson Celebrity edition of the Daily Why Do Women Like Jerks Thread

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

Do you like Phil Collins?

Post lyrics to your favorite Anne Murray song here!

Baby Panda Stroganoff.

Could being on DU too much make you literally paranoid?


Hail Satan! [Not for the squeamish. But it's cool.]

It appears that Underpants and Geraldo are having a very good month

Post here and I will give you a unique smelt all your own

Who can blame the kid?

The dirtiest thing ever said on Television

Art Attack

Baby Panda Fricassee

Baby Panda a la Marseilles

Do you like Tom Collins?

Korean style Fried Baby Panda Hot Pot

A yummy taste treat for your dog.... Kittens!


Joyce Riley of the Gulf War Vets Assn. talks about Gulf War Synd

Post here and I will give you a unique smell all your own

MP Sex Romp With Fash Mag Slag!

Have you ever just wanted to be with someone so bad...

4 down, 1 to go. Interviews that is.

You know, Kielbasa can be substituted for Baby Panda in a pinch

Now that pandas have jumped the shark, I say to hell with 'em

Please don't put your life in the hands, of a rock and roll band...

Jen & Ben Plan 'Daredevil 2'. Rosemary's Baby already in development

Smothered Baby Panda Chops with Potatoes


10th planet named Xena?

What's wrong with you people!

Found a kitty - thaks for your advice, loungers

! Would you believe she is 77?!

What not sad song makes you cry?

Holy Crap I need to get a life......

Netflix sent me "The Director's Cut" of "Alexander". What got cut out?

Anne Murray could sing Laura Brannigan under the table!

How can puppies be so damn cute?

Why does my dog walk up and down a sidewalk about ten times right before

Are these repeated Boy Scout electrocution threads reVolting ?

I have a confession...

Why do some people seem to feel the need to stir up trouble? not disturb, I'm going to take me a nap

Does anyone else find it interesting that the Space Shuttle is so fragile

File this under "No KIdding": Internet Broadband Users Shunning TV

Best Kitten Pasta Salad

For those itching for a flamewar, developing in GD/P:

Speaking of Haikus

Anyone who can't appreciate the artwork of Thomas Kincaid sux eggs

If Bush is on VACATION, why don't we get a VACATION from Bush?

Long Distance Relationships

Wanna see what happens at a Promise Keepers protest?

So...Fergie from Black Eyed Peas...

I'm addicted to DU, ask me anything!!

What the fuck is this?

A nice day for a white wedding? A nice day to start again?

If you prick me?

What's with the lounge-bashing in GD?

Songs that sound better on the live album than the studio cut:

The Gopher in Caddyshack Played Flipper in the TV Series

What's your theme song?

Where is Left is Write?

Time to pop the popcorn!

That cat and dog have company...

Denverites.. What's all this wet stuff falling from the sky?

Homosexual Related Question.....or (HRQ)

Misunderstanding song lyrics: What are your "problem songs?"

Good Morning/Afternoon, slackers!

Rover wants to play

I need 5 more posts to reach 5000, so ask me something

Suggest an American thing for my friend to do before she leaves for Europe

I'm from the (313)

What do you do when you're mad?

Rove goes free and Martha Stewart gets 3 more weeks of house arrest.


Summer Breeze

To all my dear friends here on DU, in the Lounge!

Finish This Sentence: "When I Drink A Few Adult Beverages, I get _____ ."

got me a movie

Letter to the NYTimes: Re ID/Evolution in schools

The real State of the Union Address...

Why can't the U.S. have trademark agents, like other countries?

I have a job assignment until the end of August!

SOS - how do you get rid of an unwanted tool bar?

I had a dream that I posted this thread and Dennis Kucinich responded.

Green Tea + Twinnings English Black Tea = delicious

Do bunnies eat herbs?

The Gigantic Kitty/Poochy Love Thread (Lot's of pics)

I'm back home.


What the world needs now

What superpowers do you wish you had?

Hey big guy!

I am so sick of working my ass off, finally being happy...


So, maybe I should call Bush an SOB in a very public way too

Atlanta / Asheville DUers - can you recommend a good jewelry appraiser?

Stand by to Hurl.

It's astounding;

Post your personal best


I'm so proud of her, I just have to share this

Are pretzels bad for chimps?

Those who won't take it from "the man" anymore check in here!

A haiku for my kitty

The dirties song ever.... How deep is your love.....

kitty update (with NEW pics!!!)

I have returned......

What exactly *is* a "fitness celebrity"?

Your favorite Beatle

Your Preference (revisited)

Did I miss the "how was progmom and Mrs. Grumpy's lunch?" Thread?

I just donated.........

Need input on changing my sig line and avatar

Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

I am desperate for some computer help! I have run

Where is Mark_414?

DU Unity Exercise: Pick Your Favorite "Strangers With Candy" Quote!

Derivative play over-and-over MP3 of the afternoon

Need a list of movies with the rousing-speech-on-horseback cliche

Chimpanzees For Change Stage White House Protest. Things Get Out Of Hand!

Andrew Vachss has a new novel out. Any fans?

Help me decide what this expression means.

I'm sick and Tired of the Lazy DU'ers in California.

This cell phone thing is getting out of hand.

So, is Zombywoof just totally blissed out in California???

fortunately unfortunately

I love being in love...

Has anyone canceled their regular phone in favor of their

why are some people such insensitive jerks?

Charlie Murphy tells TV Guide "Chappelle's Show" is "over, man. Done."

Which animal would you rather eat?

Update on kitty . . .

Do you ever smell Marajuana on people in public places?

Post here and I will give you a unique similie all your own.

Teenager (15) Throws Egg At Man's Truck - Man Kills Teenager

What's the worst local television commercial you've ever seen?

Northwest DUers - Thanks

Bartcop made my day

Why has Arrested Development had a hard time getting an audience

Would I be liable for damage to a hotel ballroom if I did this?

Republican Ass properly kicked in Northern Michigan

VACATION...a photo essay on how much I loath Bush

'Chappelle's Show' Actor Says Series Is Over

MrsGrumpy! I just saw the panda pick its baby up with its mouth!


It's the exploding whale--greatest film in American cinematic history!

I love San Francisco! happy post vacation babble

How 'bout the first ever DU Haiku Poetry Slam?

Eating _______ is like punishment. I hate it!

Cats vs Songbirds: the Final Showdown!

One of my guilty pleasures:

Okay Panda Fanatics - now that you have hooked me

Your pet peeves...

God damn, this place is full of republicans

Anyone who can't appreciate the artwork of Bob Ross sux eggs

HELLO - I've been gone for a week and only one person responds to my post

I was an investigator for child protective services I ask PLEASE DU this

Auction for animals

Is there anything I need to be taking for a supplement besides

Latest Bizzaro cartoon (dog hunt anyone?)

Awww...just look at my beautiful babies!

Yikes-has anyone been in the lounge today?

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

Globalised Religions for a Globalised World

Is The Christian Creation Myth Similar To The Ones Of Other Religions?

Cleaning method may stop CJD spread

Pushing Drugs How medical marketing influences doctors and patients

It's official! Listening to women pays off

Spy-tech brainstorm.

How lowly bacteria froze Earth solid

So, why DO men have nipples?

August 11-12 : Perseid Meteor Shower

Masculinity Challenged, Men Prefer War and SUVs

Physicist won't backpedal; says time travel possible

'Eternal planes' to watch over us (Unmanned Aerial Surveillance)

Defining 'Planet': Newfound World Forces Action

Tooth Study Reveals Diets of Early Humans

New X-ray machine reveals ancient wisdom

Study: Women Should Keep Their Ovaries

NASA's New CEV Launcher To Maximize Use Of Space Shuttle Components

Gay Democrat Runs For Arkansas Lt. Gov.

Oregon Civil Unions Bill Caught In New Dispute

Virginian on Marrs

Nebraska Ordered To Pay Gay Couples' Lawyers

Ask Democracy for America to endorse Jass Stewart for Mayor of Brockton!

Union Sued For Supporting Gays

5-team, 13-player trade in the NBA (Antoine Walker to Heat!)

Bizarre internet column on Dusty Baker / Cubs?

Report: Palmeiro tested positive for stanozolol.

The Steroid Scandal

Funny. I saw Gabe Kapler today.

Raphy's 3000th Hit Was After His Failed Sterroid Test


NHL Free Agent Season - Day 3

Mike Peca traded!! Yup, the end of the Islanders!!

Favre Says He's Been Cheating Himself

Since we all love animals- how about a baby panda?

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

Astroworld, anyone


Piece from one of my favorite atheists/freethinkers

Touched By His Noodly Appendage

Here it is - that article I was asked to write. (Warning: long)

LOL! Had To Share This Quote From A Book I'm Reading:

Kay Griggs talks about S&B

Kerry's statement on Hackett

My anti-war music video - thanks to Noisy Democrat :-)

Sex or Sexually suggestive???

For F. Gordon (and others into esoterica)

Orchid explosion

MSNBC just showed an ad saying Keith would tell me about the

Viewer Services Contact Numbers

Media silence about Hackett is a good omen.

Hackett's performance: does it come down to charm?

Living on the air in Cincinnati!!!

What are the chances that most people on OH-02 were not paying attn

so what do we have to loose if we fight fraud hard???

If there was suspected foul play in the Ohio election

What do I do if I may have FRAUD PROOF in Hackett loss in Ohio?

So, Repukes...did you "bury" him?


ACSBlog: Laurence Tribe expresses deep concerns about John Roberts (video)

Pro-Republican spin on Ohio election on my CT radio - Schmidt first woman

Daily Show Scores Again, With Unique Take On Bolton Appointment

BREAKING NEWS Fourteen U.S. Marines and a civilian interpreter killed toda

Overextended, overexposed and surrounded (mentions Yellow Elephant)

Is there any other special election this year?

Great Tony Auth 'toon re: B*sh/Bolton's intentions towards UN

What's Hackett going to do now? I hope he's planning a future in


"...workin' hard to put food on my family"

No fallout for Delay's CAFTA behavior. Why?

* Doesn't Have To Physically Give Anyone The 'Finger'......

The Dangers of Handicapping (Liberal oasis about the lessons of OH-2)

DOJ w/hold Voting Integrity Symposium - Focus on Election Fraud!!

Schmidt wins by far less than anticipated, closest election since 1974!

Biden discussed a possible run last night on the Daily Show

We have to make an example a Clermont County!

Regarding Schimpanski's comments on "Intelligent Design . . ."


Thatcher still holds iron grip on Downing Street

I just left comments on Schmidt SewerBoat wannabee Minamyer's blog

Daily Kos: Is Karl Rove having an affair? (with a woman?)

On Sunday I'm Visiting A Repug Friend That Is Teetering On His Support ...

Our troops are like sitting ducks...

Saluting all those who worked for the cause in Ohio!

Call me a pessimist, but Hackett's loss is a sad statement on this country

Boxer: Can't the * Administration ever admit they made a mistake?

Board may let Janklow regain law license

In the Hackett fight, public education in Ohio won!

Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record---This about sums it up!

Salon: Why were Karl Rove's aides called before the grand jury?

bin Laden's change their name to bin Talal?

Bush: "Schools should teach intelligent design"

Me: society shouldn't tolerate santorum outside of an iron maiden

DNC? Dean? re: Hackett

Pentagon briefing on cnn right now (death of 14 marines)

Bush Administration Indictments... Has Anyone Seen This??

Twenty-one Marines killed in three days; U.S. journalist slain

Connected, on msnbc now reporting on 14 dead troops

Good cartoon in my paper today

Has the blustery Pig Boy commented on the Hackett race?

Federal Judge Says: Bush Administration Broke Environmental Laws

I PROMISE you this is true

bushgang raking in the money selling our military stuff

Who values life? This message brought to you from the enemies of life.

CAFTA Treaty Exports DMCA

You should all go to Daily Kos and see Dems fighting over Hackett.

I confess I awoke disappointed.

Tinfoil hat question re: Marines killed all from Ohio

Dean 04: "Never let a race go uncontested" Ohio gave credence to that.

Editor & Publisher: U.S. covered up Hiroshima footage

Bipartisan think tank formed - The Hill (lots of powerful names involved)

A Reminder: As Per Ohio's "Bipartisan" Election Boards...

questions about repub PA congressman & police report ; parts missing

CinciEnq: Closeness of race "nothing short of astounding"

NLRB allows employers to ban off-duty fraternizing

Can we start our own Party?

Call them what they are...Neocons

This past week's Bad Legislation. They have been busy!!

The amazing similarities between Spanish-American war in Cuba and Iraq:

Has anybody looked at turnout numbers for the Hackett race?

Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV) Gitmo inmates are "happy to be there"

WSJ' s Alan Murray: Business Presses for Government Activism

The Hackett situation is good news for Dems...He made an incredible

Poll: Clinton Leads Pirro in Possible Race

Harris Says Newspapers `Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup

More WH investigations allowed by Congress?

Bush's Ranch Serves Down-Home Diplomacy -- AP

Former President Bill Clinton to speak in ATLANTA today at NABJ

6 post OH-2 questions

Hackett on Lou Dobbs

Hackett will be on Franken

Call the President an "SOB," Win Votes (The Nation)

I support the teaching of Intelligent Design in public schools.

Just had to turn off the Ed Shultz show today - too pro-gun

OH: Repub. State Senator urges Taft's former aide to quit trustees

Behind the Bolton Appointment: A NEW 'TOON

More lies from Bush on Social Security

Radar Online: "The Republicans want November to be about Roe v. Wade"

Diane Fienstein has a!

Who does political commercials?

"The plot against Wilson" (Judge in Plame case.)

Howard Dean and Randi are discussing voter fraud!!!

Reagan funded terrorists: Prof. Juan Cole

'The angry left' thug memme - however shall we refer to them in kind?

Paul Hackett Thanks DFA for Support and launches a new bat

So which rock has Wolfowitz been hiding under lately?

Schmidt thinks Hackett was running with the President?

Chris Matthews IS an Idiot!

I want to see sisters, moms and daughters kick it into high gear and

John Bolton:Warning that Iran "deception" mustn't be allowed to continue

NRCC Memo Email: "Hackett Ran as a Republican" Uh, yeah.

"President will be Awarded the Augusto Pinochet Freedom Award"

2-second lesson in morality for Republicans:

After Hackett, shouldn't the "netroots" focus on CA-48???

The debate over Roberts is over: Worst SC nominee in a generation

U.S. Senate Candidate Challenges Jane Fonda To A Debate

"Bush: Iraq Attack a Grim Reminder of War"

Booby Trap, Body Count, Kill Ratio.....

The Democratic candidate litmus test?

Hackett's showing: A Democratic win or loss?

Katherine Harris blaming others for her clown-like appearance

Heritage Foundation: Bolton recess appt "should be applauded by all"

Bill Clinton shows us how it's done regarding John Roberts

"President will be awarded the Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award."

Dean yesterday in Birmingham: "The SCLC is an icon for people of my age."

Another Fred update on the DNC travels with Dean, AL and GA

Ex-agent says CIA wanted false data

Salon: 4 year anniversary of Bush receiving a warning while on vacation

Request from John Edwards daughter Cate

Good BBC graphics on social welfare, comparing US with other countries

is it true that laura ingraham has cancer?

IPC Comments on Leaked U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Iran

Ohio: Were the votes counted accurately?

United Nations credentialing committee can reject Bolton

Meet the DLC

a memo from Paul Hackett

Evolution should be taught in Sunday Schools

It's the FIGHTING SPIRIT stupid.

The Clinton Record!!

Bush's Curious Choice of Words In Introducing Bolton ...

How historically & specifically have dems been better for gays than pukes?

The Daily Outrage ....Prison Industrial Complex

Why didn't Clark do better in 2004?

Dust yourselves off!!! The battle for 06 starts now!!!!!

WaPo: National Intelligence Estimate says IRAN AT LEAST 10 YEARS FROM BOMB

So Hackett's the DU hero---but not because he's liberal.

NPR just did a very good Report on the Hackket Election results

Is Diebold going to be our standard excuse for every loss?

Bush's Ranch Serves Down-Home Diplomacy

The RW/GOP has successfully knocked several issues off Page 1

Why does Hillary Clinton have to bow down and repent?

What about this as a winning theme? "LETS GET THINGS BACK TO NORMAL"