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Archives: August 5, 2005

Marines Have One Of Roughest Jobs in Iraq

Republican Leaders get No Free Lunch

Hear No Evil...(on troop deaths and the media)

The Swift Boats of Science (ugly things going in the US)

The Message Thing - Jim Wallis

Al-Qaida is now an idea, not an organisation

Juan Cole (Salon): What Moore and neocons don't know about Saudi Arabia

Sidney Blumenthal (Guardian Utd): Above the rule of law

Krugman: Design for Confusion (Intelligent Design)

Alex Bennett

Map of Earth in the future?

Iraqi logistics are in a grim shape, US commander reports

Old enemies' wargames send a powerful message to the US

Darker, do Rita Fan, James Soong, Tung Chee-hwa, and Lien Chan...

The CIA's Internet Fakes

Crocheted Blanket to be on EBay for Sherole Eaton

Diebold's Problems Worse Than Reported, Tests Find.

Will judges in Minnesota become corrupt?

Coleman is tap dancing for Roberts now.

question about Air America Minnesota

Who is Steve Kelly who wants to be governor

leaving laptop in trunk in 95 degree heat - is it a problem?

Novak Suspended for Walking off Set

So, is CNN automatically fined thanks to novak's "vocabulary malfunction"?

AP/Yahoo: CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set

Cool bedtime story

Novak Apologizes To CNN and They To Us?

Exactly which swear word did the D-Bag of Liberty use?

Why are there breaks in the KGO streaming audio ?

bush quote ...... caution head exploder

Cheney: F-bomb at Senate, Shrub: A-bomb, Novak: BS-bomb on CNN

TAKE ACTION: Help Find the Missing Democrats

If Bob Novak pulled a 'Bud Dwyer' on the air...

Novak versus Oliver North.

Which factor divides Americans the most?

I posted this one hit on it....I think it's pretty good...

Federal Grand Jury Indicts AIPAC's Rosen, Weissman (Niger doc related?)


if anyone's got a minute, perhaps you could look at my column...

Roberts the lawyer questioned lifetime appointments to high court

Nothing Without Hope posted this yesterday

Christians Code Heavenly Games (we need good liberal game titles :)

Help with a book title/author

Hurricane Ivan generated giant waves, study finds

Do you cook that in a pot?

Know the Enemy

Jon Stewart 2 CNN 0

Novak Suspended by CNN

Now that Kansas has adopted the DASS (Dark Ages Science Standards) will

FAMILY PHOTO: Rove and Novak together if you can stomach it.

Pentagon Poised to Resume Production of Antipersonnel Mines

Anyone got Olbermann's Phone Contact #? I have a scoop for him

18 dead in 1 day

Larry King Live

Is There No Longer A Whitehouse "Taping" System?

Robert Novak's email

i don't think novak "walked" off the set

Quick FYI: AP-Ipsos Poll shows 38% approve of *'s handling of the war.

Coulter v. O'lielly on Faux

Is a confidentiality agreement part of the WTC settlements?

WH Press names most frequently used "SCTTWH"

Who is the current #2-al-Zarqawi or al-Zawahiri?

Al-Zawahiri speaks the truth about Prez GW Bush

Bob Barr: "When the president does it, that means it is not illegal"

Is AAA unionized?

Elvis Novak has left the building!!

My computers at work haven't been updated in 5 years...

What if Natalee Holloway disappeared in Greenland?

Heaven and hell are just 2 sides of the same coin

I think Novak was drunk. Seriously.

What does everyone think about this new FX show "Starved"?

What's the main reason * chose John Roberts?

Who would be the most dangerous U.S. President?

Hannity: 1 hour on Aruba, VanSusteren: from Aruba AGAIN

HBO: Soldiers in the Army of God...Operation Rescue

Holy Crap! Again I Have To Thank Karl Rove? Who Expected That?

Dov Hikind, Dem, NY, on CNN now....for 'Terrorist Profiling'

Windows Vista offers new vistas in spending

Aruba, Honeymoon murder, teacher having sex w/ student, and

Think Novak knows that he will be responsible for bringing down *

A Question Regarding Sibel Edmonds and Plamegate

Should CNN be fined?

If I buy a DU shirt ..

DU'ers, give me and others a nickname primer here

Ann Coulter ....From Uncyclopedia...this is funny stuff

Federalist Society: A judicial think tank - or a plot?

So NBC wants nuclear war.

deleted, someone beat me to it

OK DLC whores your base will not vote for Hillary, Biden, Richardson, or

Welcome to Waco and 98F, Bush on his long retreat

America move over.....there's two new superpowers on the world stage!!

Bar charts say things are BETTER? Count the caskets, general.

O'LOOFAH in 2nd Place Ratings. Tweety Off the Scale. K.O. in Sight

Interesting freeper post

DU this poll (Do you favor naming 16th St NW in DC after Reagan?)

Faux: Olielly "Is the ACLU Usama bin Laden's best ally?

Do your Repub acquaintances ever say 'I'm TIRED of hearing about ARUBA.'?

WSJ news report tonight..even though the housing market is "hot"

Woo hoo!! Jon Stewart is talking about Novak!!

Bush sure works hard on his folksy down to earth image GEEZ LOUISE

OK, it's time to compare notes: Neocon Debating Tactics

NARAL hosts 'Screw Abstinence Party'

D.C. street shouldn't be renamed for Reagan, Republican says

watching baseball game on tv with corporate logos in background

i have vacation time coming. when is this protest in dc?

Time to educate the masses about partial birth abortion

Novak Recycles Gannon on 'Plame-gate'

Thank the powers that be!

Ever notice that Conservative Warmongers don't have lips?

This just in... Aruban Gov is pissed.....

If you'd like to help with my call in show tonight's topic is The Courts

When Jenna and Barbara go jet-setting around the world, who pays for that?

If we complain about Novak swearing on cable

Krugman: Design for Confusion (buying the "research" the RW wants)

What is the 'base' of the Democratic Party?

Honest, I have never had so much fun as I have these last two months

Is America really this stupid?

CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set

George W. Bush Fires Karl Rove Over Plame Affair>>>Satire

Randi Rhodes said yesterday that Howard Dean would be on...

That al-Qaeda video-- sure is strange

Here's a link to the Franklin indictments

Okay! This is what I'm talking about

Holy crap! Jon Stewart just talked about the torture pics, the ACLU, and

Jon Stewart is ON FIRE tonight.....he is kicking ass!!!

Randi has some CLEVER writers on her show...

I saw something on MSNBC yesterday, that just annoyed

Thursday Truthseekers check in, Novak meltdown time

What do you think of Bernard Goldberg's book about 100 people who

I was at the Ohio State Fair today

It's Helen Thomas' birthday today!

Radical Cleric James Dobson likens stem cell research to Nazi experiments

bush approval sucking like a really powerful sucking thing.

We need to offer a sharp contrast to the Republicans...

O'Leilly and Mann Coulter are goin' at it!

A tiny round of applause, for me please?....

The televised novak hissyfit is Yahoo's #2 most emailed news story.

Leno: Bush is going to run for a second term

Can Novak get busted for saying "Bullshit" on TV?


Biden better not get the Dem Nom! Do you have any idea of how many

Post your favorite Novak nickname here:

Isn't this Rove/Cheney smearing tactic getting a wee-bit old?

Poll: Does Bush spend too much time on vacation?

An early report from the Veterans for Peace National Convention. Dallas

What is the latest on the Abu Ghraib photos? Have the courts responded Blogs on Synthetic Terror.

Can we please talk about Opus Dei? Is it true Novak is a member? >

5 Ways the Republican Party is destroying America

Sen. Specter is mad at Novak, too.

I know why Novak did it

Are 'liberals' who favor more laws regulating each individual's life

Was Novak Running from ... a Book?

The Test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children

Controversy Surrounds Dove's "Real Women" Ads

Whats with all the neoliberalism?

Bush LOST the Freepers BIG TIME with Palmeiro comments

Alex Jones just called Bush a devil worshiping drug addict.

I just got a look at Canada's new Governor General. DAYUMMM!!

It's Unravelling! >>>

Worldwide Terror Alert

Hats off to that James Carville!

DU This Poll: Do you support President Bush's handling of Iraq? (MSNBC)

Rummy heckled and called a liar (twice at the same event!)

I'm on board with Intelligent Design.

Daily Show tonight

Bluebear's Handy Dandy 365 Day Larry King Live Guide filed Assault charges on Novak Jan 27th Here's Video


Rove, Novak, the WHIGers and others got some really bad news today

Anthony Bourdain

The difference between British and American English, explained

Chief Justice Rehnquist taken to hospital ...agian

Two More Charged in Pentagon Leak--WaPo (AIPAC)

Former officials with pro-Israel group indicted

Anti-government extremist executed in Alabama

Police group OKs shooting suicide bombers in head

Oil-for-Food Probe To Charge Director

China and US 'unite' over UN bid

Exercise Guidelines for Women Established (progress for women, 2005)

Roberts Failed to Disclose Lobbyist Work

‘Withdraw from Iraq to protect Britain’

Roberts Donated Help to Gay Rights Case

Teacher Reprimanded for Licking Wounds

Baby Elephant Dies After Pool Mishap

Ohio Families Reel After 9 Killed in Iraq

Bursting bubbles kill water bugs

Welcome to Waco and 98F, Bush on his long retreat

Al-Qaida is now an idea, not an organisation

Swastikas sprayed on churches

Habitat for Humanity Picks New Leader Amid Turmoil

Pentagon Web Site Bans Politics

Pentagon Troop-Morale Site Cuts Political Messages -WP

Magazine Article Claims Hastert Took Bribes (his office responds)

Venezuela 'destabilising neighbours'

Military to transfer hundreds of Afghan prisoners

Galloway pours petrol on the flames

Sinclair Scales Back (seven) WB Affil's Newscasts

Cash crunch forces Army base to send contract workers home

Deadly attacks put new pressure on Bush

Bush dismisses al-Qaeda warning

Bush's loyalty raises doubts about his political judgment

Offer by Europe Would Give Iran Nuclear Future

Reporters Committee urges court to order Abu Ghraib photo release

WP: In Private Practice, Roberts's Record Is Mixed

Iran sends in troops to crush border unrest

Lawsuit Forces Release of More Casualty Images

Qaeda says Islamic sharia must be only law in Iraq

Cuba willing to cooperate with UN against chemical weapons

Hurricane Ivan generated monster waves (90 ft+) - study (Reuters)

Army: Back From Iraq, Colorado Soldier Kills Himself, Wife

Homeland Security to conduct gas tests in Midtown, subways

There is a "Is Katherine Harris HOT" poll over in GD....

"Y'all see, the global war on terra is like these two microphones here..."

I cant be the only one who gets pissed at those Enzyte commercials

Today, I had the best day...


Are Pigs Men?

"Captain Feathersword fell asleep on his pirate ship...

Do you think Rehnquist will get any of this in the

Has Jon Stewart been new this week?

The next person to post a thread with the word "panda" will be put on igno

Which is the cutest baby panda of 2005

Do men and women cheat for different reasons?

Weasels Ripped My Flesh!!!

Google Earth Question

whats the name of the slot that your wifi card goes in on a laptop?

A rolling panda gathers no moss.

A different Panda page...

I have a Panda in my pants

Go ahead. Put me on ignore. Pandas are awake. Clear picture of baby.

Every time a bell rings a panda gets its wings...

A panda in the pants is worth two in the bush...

commuter in trunk - is there a problem with heat?

What's with all the anti-panda bias? that a panda in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Medieval taser fight?

Do you believe "The Prisoner" is dated?

Commuter in heat with a computer in my trunk; is there a problem with that

Medieval Panda Fight?

computer in trunk - is there a problem with heat?

Why did the Panda cross the road?

OK. The next person to post the link for panda-cam will be put on "ignore"

Name a panda and their obsession.

Vague song description...need help.

Living in a college town means

Does anyone use Panda Antivirus or Firewall?

In this thread you can post your opinion of pandas.

Banana fanna fo fanda, fee fi mo manna....

Can anyone change pandas so this is in it?

What can I do with "catnip".

I need something good to throw back in a pandas face.

The bottome has finally fallen out of the panda market.

Pandas is Wuv

Isn't it weird when your panda becomes your friend?

Pandamonium is breaking out!

I love my ball!

If I out a C.I.A operative and cuz on T.V.....

Found a great anti-war merchandise website!! You can order

System Of A Down / Mars Volta show: t-minus 1 hour

If you had the power to turn yourself into one animal, what would it be?

Does anyone here have XM radio?

Tagamet is a T-supressor cell agonist.... good for cold sores,

Name a DUer and their Obsession (Bizzarro Stylee)

I got a ticket today. Pulled over by the State Troopers.

This is the REAL ultimate hostess!

Panda Beer!

Big Brother Poll (West Coast spoilers)!!!

Can anyone change this so Pandas are in it?

spontaneous panda combustion....

Sometimes I have to laugh at the news

panda distraction

OMG! What have I wrought??? What have I done???

Is Cormac McCarthy worthy of all the praise?

Ok, I'm sorry, but what about a large unattended dog in a populated area?

So, earlier today, when I was watching the Pandas, the zookeeper

Kim Novak, or Robert Novak?

panda meat

I believe we need to do an intervention on MrsGrumpy

i still have my roller disco championship trophy

Seriously. Do a GIS* for "fucking pandas". HAHAHA

Post a picture of your mod. (This one will stink like a prawn)

A Panda Planned a Visit But They Told Him Not to Come...

What can I do with catnip?

BREAKING-- Japanese researchers create couch panda/seal chimeras...

G Gordon Liddy: Agent of C.R.E.E.P.!

What does everyone think about this new FX show "Starved"?

Why do some folks post "hit and run" questions?

There's nothing about Pandas in the Bible (Trust me, I looked)

and finally, the ultimate Lounge thread: PANDA KITTY PICTURE....


"I want a girl, just like the girl, that married dear old . . .

GOP is the margarine of Evil.

What's with the pandemic of Panda threads?


Has the X-Games jumped the shark?

Hiroshima's sixtieth Pab gets tasteless.

Al Gore gave us the Internet so we could watch baby pandas all day.

Mourning the kittens. (Not for the faint of heart.)

so i finally bought the "pure moods" c.d. from t.v.

In this thread you can post your opinion of Oasis.

Tired, I have become.

GOP is the manganese of Evil.

Shit stirring, or an actual discussion...

If you could avoid ANY University in the world, which one it would be?

Homebrew rocks.

Best Republican Jokes

If you could attend ANY University in the world, which one it would be?

What RSS reader do you use?

Tired, I have become.

Hasidic reggae, mon!

Ah, old compilation tapes

More Pandabell!

Middle age is many splendored: Acne AND Wrinkles

Favorite David Bowie Album?

List some foods you swear are manna from heaven

Daily Show time!

The bottom has finally fallen out of the thong market.

I'm packing up- moving to my new (AC!!!) place tomorrow!

Daily Show doing Novak

Jean Schimdt

Has anyone here seen the movie "If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?"

Humor: Versioning Chart

Whad'ya think Floogeldy smells like, in person?

Yoga stirs tempers in Norway prison

So how do I add a small picture to my signature line?

Step away from the panda and noone gets hurt

I poisoned my husband (Florence Cubsfan)

I need a cigarette.

Hello again! It's been a while, but I'm back.....

Okay Podcast Aficionados...

Whad'ya think Angelina Jolie smells like, in person?

I feel like posting some fractal art, so I will.

Kleeb is DU's anti-panda

Kleeb is Satan's pet

Babes of the United States Senate: Olympia Snowe


Jochen Rindt was Formula One champion AFTER he got killed.

Post a picture of your mood. (This one will sink like a stone)

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

John Lofton may be an evil, ignorant fuckwad douchebag, BUT

Robert Novak and Frank Zappa

cubsfan's girlfriend

I fucking hate John Lofton. Evil, ignorant fuckwad douchebag.

Who's Michael Penn?

Reverend_Smitty wears Doc Martens

I am not anti-pants.


I'm kickin' butt and taking names in GD --

OK, so we got a trooper pulls someone over, we got a shooting,

I want some uncut plasma

kleeb's girlfriend

Why is 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' on HBO FAMILY CHANNEL?

Seriously, does ANYBODY remember when MTV was actually cool?

where has this website been all my life?

The Onion: White House Denies Existence Of Karl Rove

CubsFan1982 refuses to wear pants

can we focus on someone new for a change

Replace a word in a movie title with "panda".

Might as well Jump JUMP!!!

Simply brilliant...from CA Pocho.Com

HaHa... that RevSmitty can't make a thread for beans

What is your favorite Chinese fast-food stand?

Destroy this thread.

Another Intelligent Design?

Yankee Rose.

Rock'em/Sock'em Robots, or 'Operation'?

Bach this thread.

9-1/2 hours since I pissed someone off (that I'm aware of)...WA-HOO!

Rock this thread!!

Roth this thread.

Fox News Reporter Becomes Daisy Duke. YOUR Verdict?

In my spare time, I am more likely to:

My other cat is watching Everwood

Damn enemy threads. I need a group of ninjas to help me here.

For this thread, I want someone to attack it with numchucks.

I think Alton Brown of FoodTV is a liberal.


Lock this thread.


Midnight on the Baby Panda Webcam Watch and alllll's well!

does anyone else ever google old friends, acquaintances, etc..

separated at birth?

Hit this thread over the head with a frying pan.

Deleting....This Thread turned into a Headache

Looking forward to the next two days in Vancouver.

They made a sequel to the only movie I have ever walked out of

It's now time to talk about FAS

Might as well Jump JUMP!!!

I'm listening to some old recordings of Paul Robeson singing

Mock this thread

I have just realized that I haven't been to many parties in my life.

Yum - Jack Johnson on Jimmy Kimmel Show now.

Baby Elephant Dies After Pool Mishap

June 1971: Freda Payne's anti-war song "Bring The Boys Home"

Please do not lock this thread!

Who did you first post to in the lounge? Who first responded to you?

I lost one of my dearest friends in the world today...

Who loves it? Tell me! Tool and RATM: Revolution!

Too bad that people with narrow minds seem to always get them stuck in

What are you willing to do for extra credit?

My computers at work haven't been updated in 5 years...

Well? What should I have for dinner?

Hummer Hell at a Car show

DU Guys - Halp!

The Daily Show is taking no prisoners tonight

Kill this motherfucking Thread.

All of y'all need to stop panda-ring

Hollywood films of classic novels that really, really cry for sequels!

CONFESS!!! If we had a pandacam on you for 24 hours - would would we see

Preliminary Report: My neck is fusing just fine. :)

This is my 59,000th post... ask me anything

Robb's long, long grudge came due today... Suggestions?

I took some pix of a guy doing "fire spinning" tonight.

ATTN Hetero Men/Gay Women: Is Katherine Harris HOT?

To whomever donated a star to me: Thanks, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude!

What movie cliches must stop?

In my house right now

Tell the cat to leave my popcorn alone!

Favourite misheard lyrics?

Which of these 2 anchors are hotter?

Teacher Reprimanded for Licking Wounds

FILL IN: The WORST rock band ever has to be ______________. nt

How do you prove to someone who is terminally depressed that you love them

Is Bill Maher a vegetarian/vegan?

Baby elephant story in Lounge

Gothic Sponge is not feeling good...send well wishes!

The Flood: What did God know and when did he know it?

Exercise Guidelines for Women Established (progress for women, 2005)

Fighter jet "chaff" may be killing Valley lightening (Phoenix)

A new cyclic cyclohexylcarbodiimide mediated route to DMC discovered.

Bursting bubbles kill water bugs

Question about a weird thing I saw tonight

Question about gender discrimination

Hate crimes against gays and their neighbors

I think Huntington is dying

I smudged!

Anyone watching Countdown?

SMART Security

Excuse the snarkiness

If Kerry Decides not to Run in 2008 do you have a Backup Candidate?

Check this out Novak's been indefinitely suspended

Well, I guess they've run out of missing white women

Oh Rev?

Palmeiro lies to Congress: Jail? Bolton lies to Congress: Promotion!

An awesome website by Veterans for Peace....

When Novak walked off, did he take his eyebrows with him?

Lesson from Bernie

Framing the Patriot Act

Raw Story: link to Novak's "That's bullshit...I HATE that" video clip

Anyone got Olbermann's Phone Contact #? I have a scoop for him

Are the fundies going to go after Novak for swearing?

Jim Davis, FL, at DFA event, says he disagrees with Dean on most things.

Marines Die - Bush Goes on Vacation . . .

Where can I complain about the Novak BS utterance?

Why We Need Evan Bayh In 2008

I Have A Novak Theory

Specter attacks Novak for libel

Help for LTTE! I want to rebut Limbaugh's

Howard Dean AND Wyldwolf speak for me

And I was just thinking how right Novak was

Diane Rehm NPR discussion of "Intelligent Design"

None Dare Call It Treason, Cause They're Too Stupid (Novak)

Bayh and the whole DLC 'get tough on National Security' bullshit

Can someone please: 1-explain Social Darwinism to me and 2- rebut it...

Anyone have any pictures of "nice" things happening in Iraq?

Is the NYT looking into the adoption by the Roberts?

Call Bush with this helpful hint

"It's a war"

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly

What would you do if the DNC and the True Republicans joined forces?

Limbaugh on Hackett: "liberal Democrat" who served in Iraq "to pad resume"

Freepers bemoan press focus on "each minor thing like Gitmo & Abu Ghraib"

Sensible, Multilateral, American Response to Terrorism

Why are Democrats afraid of their own shadows?

Gay "Clarkie" running for Lt. Governor in Arkansas!

Expert states that 60-80% embryos lost naturally w/o mother's knowledge

Sounds like Dean might have a prayer meeting with the CAFTA 14.

Only 20% of people in poll consider themselves "liberal" ?

Comparative Presidential vacation charts? filed Assault charges on Novak Jan 27th Here's Video

Been thinking that John Edwards might be our best choice

Digby Nails DLC'ers like Evan Bayh....Calls them "Bedwetters!"

We need John Kerry in 2008!!

Libya Reforms Exceed Expectations

Afghanistan Agrees To Accept Detainees

NYT: Gulf Hurricanes Are Latest Kink in the Oil Chain

Ignorance Is Bliss; Sometimes It's Policy

Excellent LTTE in the NYT this morning

Basic questions about bases (US in Iraq for a long time )

The Bombs of August: In Remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima Spirits, Nagasaki Voices:

Ignorance Is Bliss; Sometimes It's Policy

CSM: US military to increase domestic surveillance

Asia Times: Basic questions about bases

Hiroshima Cover-up: Stripping the War Department's Timesmanof His Pulitzer

Bush vs. Darwin

Arrogance is essential to Bush's success

Tom Friedman:Too Much Pork and Too Little Sugar

Deficit cartoon

Reinhardt: "Who's Paying for Our Patriotism?"

Anne Penketh (London Independent): Iraq war spurs new nuclear arms race

The Nation: "Energy's on the Anti-Iraq Side"

"It's That Pesky Prisoner Abuse Scandal Again..."(IPS) Wm. Fisher

Iraq's insurgents rewriting the rules of warfare

Church Targets Five Firms Aiding Israeli Occupation(IPS)by Emad Mekay

The Last Chance Democracy Café Episode 39: When a Bush Falls...BuzzFlash

Clift: Fighting Back (Dems harnessing Blogosphere Hackett is Proof)

Nothing is ever the president's fault (excellent column)

AIPAC Spy Nest Exposed by Justin Raimondo

Globalisation is an Anomaly and Its Time is Running Out

The Hiroshima Cover-up

Request for help in Ohio: Help pass the Reform Ohio Now Act!

Get Ready: Social Security Privatization Push is Coming in September

Midwest DUers: Bush will be in the Chicago area on Wednesday!


Impeach Bush Update: Crawford Media Alert

Proposal for DU Activist Corps: hunger in Niger

Cindy Sheehan going to Crawford. Sign her petition to get out of Iraq!

So, has the FCC fined CNN for allowing "bull----" to go over the air?

What Randi just said about Willie Nelson

Why do conservatives expect everything for nothing?

Exploration on Georges Bank OK'd

NEC develops organic battery for IT use

Typhoon Matsa

Dead Zone LIkely To Return To Oregon Coast For Third Year Out Of Four

Forecast For Portugal - 113F, Plenty Of Forest Fires- ENN

Over 200,000 Evacuated In W. India As Flooding Continues - 1,000+ Dead

BC Bears Grow Fat On Salmon Rich In Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

Even Portugal's Famous Hot Springs Drying Up - Reuters

Spain's Grain Harvest Projected Down 61% From Last Year - Reuters

Nature Conservancy Plans Tree-Girdling To Boost Ivory-Billed Numbers

Study Sees Complete Deglaciation Of Entire Mountain Ranges As Possible

Bad fuck up

World Carrying Capacity

Solar panels in short supply as demand surges: NY Times.

Vanadium Redox Batteries

HK mesmerized by tale of drugs, sex and murder

Rail project benefits few Tibetans

Passerby hailed as hero in Air France crash

End of CNOOC bid won't end Sino-US tensions

China cracks down on evils of `foreign culture' on TV

Hitler's sister's diary reveals dysfunctional youth

Russian TV takes Soviet-era turn

'Colombia 3' back in Ireland - Irish state radio

US, China will work together to block plan for revised UN

U.S. to announce new charges in Pentagon probe

Al Qaida announces presence in the Gaza Strip

Art prankster sprays Israeli wall

9/11 conspiracy DVD sent to French media

Indira Singh re WTC 7

Indira Singh re Flight 93

Does any one remember seeing a clip shot from a helicopter of the


Confiscated Pentagon videos-- FOIA result

Recent History-Registration, Clermont Co. OH, -- Where Hackett Lost

Hackett: I have a huge packet of letters, precinct turn out data...

HELP! Please -- Southwestern Ohio Voter Registration/Precinct Info.

Also ran into Bill Woods an Arnebeck protoge today...

Charges against Jim March dropped; he plans to sue

Exit polls in the Hackett race? Were there any? N/T

Here's how you know we're getting through... Their PR machine at work:

Bob Fritakis: Did the GOP steal another Ohio Election?

Spot the trend: Clermont Precinct Turnout vs. Vote


Skate park wins political backing

Police Officer Shot During Marijuana Bust

Evan Bayh makes Iowa appearance - QC Times

Free Frisbees and Beachballs! Yeah that will help recruitment!

Need college help in Boston area

Shout out to all Bostonians!

Smoking ban.

Help on power source

Best Host for Travel Photos

Trying to Reduce Size on Digital Camera Pics

Lawsuit filed to keep Reform Ohio Now amendments off the ballot

Howard Dean in Texas this weekend

Where to see your Democratic candidates (8/5 -- 14)

Nuts in the Park

ATTN Hetero Men/Gay Women: Is Katherine Harris HOT?

Another Kuwait war?

Bush will be "clearing brush" while on vacation at the Crawford ranch!

Hmmm... Asia\Pacific Markets Goin Red For the Weekend !!!

Rumsfeld and cause and effect

Have you ever said "I hate that" when you've been insulted?

All Yahoo Message Boards Go Down With Novak Story

More thoughts on the dog issue

Novakula repelled by the power of...

Lawsuit Forces Release of More Casualty Images

NYT: Novak Walks Off Live CNN Program

Was Novak Running from ... a Book?

Biden wrote Violence against Women Act in 1994

LIST: Occupations from which one can be suspended:

HEHE...NOVAK suspended treated like a child...hehehe

My Take on Novak walkoff

I know the rules but this time I hope I'm forgiven.

While G.I.'s fight & die, politicians worry about the upcoming elections

For the first time EVER, I just e-mailed a neo-con scumbag (Novak)

Presidential Candidates for 08'. Who would you support AND who


Breaking: U.K. to Institute New Deportation Measures (from news conf)

What is the deal with the Air America "scandal"?

Did ya hear Barnicle on IMUSNBC?

good morning everyone!

Eerie Photo

Don't look, Don't See (an original poem by Bob Silverberg)

'Dateline' Visits Missing-Persons Coverage

Novak speaks to the NY DAILY NEWS

Rumsfeld: Britain Attacks Not Tied To U.S. Alliance (CNN)

Novak is suspended from CNN

"Novak...has shown he can keep his lip buttoned when he wants to"

Radio ratings. Where do I find them? (for my dissertation)

Fitzgerald responds when asked if he wants to stay on the job

Deadly attacks increase pressure on Bush

More casualty pix to be released due to lawsuit

*Slow news month* RW radio on MSM

NC G.O.P. candidate revealed as white supremacist.

Barnicle on IMus now.. rerun.

What pissed off Nofacts, It was The Who's Who book laying on the table

TX school loses personal data on kindergartners(SS#, birth certif. copies)

CNN Admin responding to Novak emails

WTF??? Rumsfeld: London attacks not tied to U.S.

Need signatures

reich wing Friday on C-Span

Novak on MSNBC's Weekly News Quiz

Why should anyone believe in the government after the last 2 elections

Military trials in Gitmo .... trouble in paradise

Novak didn't walk, he was thrown off the set.

Why should anyone believe in the government after the last 2 elections

US at war. Bush on vacation.

Friday news dump: Bush** still an asshole that should be impeached! nt

Will the famines in Africa ever end?

ACLU: Supremes must review Edmonds whistleblower case

Tonight on Dateline....don't miss it!!

We need to vote this yahoo news story up

59% of Americans disapprove

Mail from CNN

bigtree has left the building

So, did Novak pull a Reverse O'Reilly?

IF liberal Boston = priest abuse, THEN Bush's Iraq = Abu Ghraib

Fraudulent Voter vs. Disenfranchised Voter

CBS news last night

Hey! I just thought of a simple way to fix the Shuttles "Foam Problem"

Remember the greatest line from Jerry McGuire?

dupe, delete

Judith Miller

Novak video?

Have we all filed complaints to the FCC about Novak's 'shit' comment

Caption this Cheney pic...

I s Rush REALLY in recovery?

Fundamentalist Christian Liberals - "Is there anybody out the there?"

A pat answer when Mepublicans resort to "But Bill Clinton..."

This "conservatives wary of Roberts re gay rights case" is SO transparent.

Novak thread #49-What did Carville say to/about him?

Heightened security alerts no longer saving *'s poll numbers

Did I hear Tucker Carlson correctly?

Can there be any doubt that Dick Cheney slaughters goats?

Priceless Freeper-Style Logic

Podhoretz asks, "What else can we do?", regarding war on terror

What are "conservatives" conserving?

In Crawford they're now planning ways to strengthen our resolve for war

New poll - Iraq approval rating 38%! And dropping!!!

Oil within $1 of record-peak on refinery snags

So what do you think they are talking about?

I wonder if Brent Bozell will complain about Novak?

MSNBC: New Survey Shows Lowest Approval Yet For Bush's Handling Of War

Another back handed comment by CNN...

Marine Injured In Iraq Dies After Feeding Tube Removed

The US is 5% of the worlds population BUT 25% of daily OIL use... .

Spot-on cartoon in allhatnocattle about lying liars

Email with virus spreading with fake report of death of 140 US Marines

Sometimes people are just ugly. Inside and out. Don't blame color photos

blogging live from national young dem platform work... celebrates "Sexy Broads of the Big Screen"

Juan Cole absolutely nails the "shaped charges from Iran" news!

Niger is starving, the children are dying--please help

Must See Film! "The Corporation"

Easy military job?

Gas jumped 12 cents yesterday in KC.

Data shows UK, U.S. lied about justification for pre-war Iraq air strikes

Feed the poor, tax the rich, shelter the homeless, punish the corrupt and

"A new kind of conservative, the religious right, crawled out of the sewer

Help please...working on "Intelligent Design" angle

Jon beamed over Novak, but more importantly he mentioned the torture pics

"We regret to inform you...."

We hate Bush way more than they hated Clinton

“Elusive sniper saps US morale in Baghdad”

Evolution dispute now set to split Catholic hierarchy

Did anyone post the Barnicle video?

Stupid question: a safe assumption about Novak?

Vote up the Yahoo article on sucky-Bush-approval-ratings

Let Freedom Reign! ...Reporter killed for telling the truth.

Question of the day: Is Plame listed under Wilson in 2003's Who's Who...

Rush Limbaugh on Homosexuality

my mother is taking the nephews to see 'ground zero'

Blair about deportation :

Specter: Novak ‘Libeled’ Senate Staffer

Former WorldCom accountant: 5 months in prison, 5 months house arrest

Novak was about to be confronted with "Who's Who"-- Sun-Times reports

Does this mean Blair will shut down Fundie Christian Churches?

Mike Barnicle just on Imus: smacked down the blivet and media

The Obnoxious Little Parasite that's Filling in for Olbermann

OMFG Just watched the daily show from last night........

Is KKKarl Rove still collecting a paycheck from the American people?

My Final 08' Presidential Poll. Who will get the DU nomination?

what should I do with it? the 2005 Ask america Survey

The Obnoxious Little Parasite that's Filling in for......

Jon Stewart also talking about the Abu Gharib Torture Pictures last night

Blair announces plans to deport extremists

while I was writing a letter to the editor about the KKKarl crime

One Million Reasons To End The War Going To Bush! Add Yours!

Just when did the wealthy/ruling elite stop fighting in the military?

Just sent this info to the some local and national media, hope

Voter ID is the modern day Poll tax.

Americans nned to learn about other countries.

Geoffrey Etnyre, asst. man. dir. WaPo is terribly upset over a pic of him


British MP George Galloway is Writing a Book!

Lyrics for the Atheist

Need info HELP! Re: The Sierra Times and it's parent company

Why hasn't there been a movie made about Fiorello La Guardia?

Do you think Roberts might be another Souter?

Rumsfeld Praises Actor Sinise for Troop Support

Last Night CNN Aired a Lengthy Segment on the Danger of Trampolines

Convoluting Idiot on Thom Hartmann's Show

Why We Should Care About Roberts's Lie About Cosmetics Lobbying

"Hopefully This Will Finally Give CNN An Excuse To Dump Him"

Is Rush Limpdick still an anal cyst?

Nineteen Dead Smile! I knew my little schizophrenic would crack!

CNN Email -- Lame, Novak to take time off.

Where's The Sneer? He finally looks a little at ease around someone...

Mehlman re Dems: "a judicial confirmation into a political campaign"

British General: Iran Influence Only Speculation

John Podhoretz just mentioned Democratic Underground on C-Span

CNN doesn't seem to know the Russian sub is already towed into shallower

Congress Considers Renaming 16th St. In Northwest DC 'Ronald Reagan Blvd'

Is Roberts gay?

Religion sues Utah town to display "7 Aphorisms" near 10 Commandments

Caption this photo of the Chimp

Why the HELL don't these "young conservatives" have their asses in Iraq??

Imagine a country...

Mann Coulter is not a phony at least........

DSM scenario redux, this time targeting Iran

Novak Criticized Carville For Foul Mouth, Said He Was “Poisoning America"

the religiously insane's brokers

Robert D. Novak (A Closer Look)

Anybody get a response from CNN? I did.

HBO documentary "The Army of God"

Is It time For Robert Novak To Go On The Dr. Phil Show. "I'm So Sorry!"

Do You Think More Freeper Trolls Come From The North Or The South?

How much power does Bush really have?

Has anyone tried to summarize the Rove/Cooper/Novak version of the Plame..

The timeless words of a true Progressive.

lest we forget CNNs priorities: novak was suspended for a tantrum

What did Novak mean by "Just let it go"?

This happened at the White House talent show.

The new AP poll... Fascinating isn't it?

Iraq War has many similarities to The Crusades of the Middle Ages

Social Security Privatization Push is Coming in September - H.R. 3304

What do these guys talk about when they're alone? >>>

What problem are you most worried about?

I was very offended & insulted with Robert Novak's use of profanity on

Marc Emery's no outlaw

Peace Quotes...

Wildfires blazing in Montana; Pentagon refused Gov's request for Guard

Post your local newspaper's weblog address here.

There is a God ! CNN Suspends Robert Novak

I just talked to my Dad

Do you know this person?

Ansar Al Sunnah Army Claimed Responsibility for Killing Six Marines

"Control Room" on Sundance West starts at 3:45 EST

Revealed, the agony of the witches of Sicily

*ALERT* Click link at your own risk!

A question about *'s "funding" of stem-cell research.

Shout out to all Bostonians!

"Who's Who" Am I Missing Something?

How does the idea of stretching August vacation to five weeks come up?

It's that time again... What's the new Friday Newsdump gonna be?

Dallas to Houston flight Southwest threatened

LIAR! >>>

Using the Iraq body count as a political tool

Florida sports fan sentenced to death (killed wife after sex)

How would you like to be speeding down a bumpy Iraq road with this guy?

When one voice rules the nation

CNN's Political Play of the Week - the Liberal Blogosphere in Hackett's

Southwest Flight #21 diverted from Dallas to Houston via San Antonio

DHMO: Highly toxic, corrosive to metal and could be in your home!

Tin foil hat anyone?

Freepers Missing The Fucking Point AGAIN! It Is All About Carville?

Sharon Bush threatens to blow up Florida courthouse

Limbaugh attacked "American media" for tracking Iraq fatalities, but Penta

Republican drops out of race in N.C when racist writings were found

U.S. military and intelligence officials tell NBC News ....

A question about Iraq.

Laugh all you want chimperor**. More folks see you have no clothes..

Alert: Sunbeltblog-Massive Identity Theft Ring Discovered

Right Wing Cartoons ride again

Yeah! Air America Radio Bumper Sticker Contest! Come on DUers!

Thought ya'll would like to see CNN's reply to my bullshiite email

UFOs anyone?

So tomorrow is August 6, which PDB is Bush going to ignore?

Freeps PO' at Lance Armstrong (Code Pink) (WARNING: Link to Freaker Site)

Is it Time for Compulsory Military Service?

Free Frisbees and Beach balls! Yeah that will help recruitment!

Do you think * will take a day off his vacation to go to Ohio?

Carville is right,if you pull out 50,000,the rest are hung out to dry.

1828 Reasons why the DSM is Important

2004 polls of Iraqis contradict GOP lies

BIPARTISAN IRAQ LIE: can't leave because we're "training" them

Local NBC affiliate in DC polls Reagan legacy (Poll!)

Hannity on radio today...

The new motivational poster going up in my office...

Podhoretz mentions Daily Kos and DU on Washington Journal..

Did Bush ever clear Brush before he bought his Faux Ranch?

26600 People have signed the petition

Form of protest that really tickled me.

America Supports You: It's 'HOT' to Help the Troops

Anyone ever heard of an indictment being supressed in the

What are the rebuttals for the RW flat tax idea ?

I wanna kill kittens!

I just won an autographed copy of "My Life" from the BC Library

How about this for tinfoil? Novaks 'crack-up', setup for SUICIDE?

This guy Johnny Wendell subbing for Stephanie Miller today is great!

where the hell are all the moderators today???

JFHC – Now I am Ticked

Web's Wikipedia to tighten editorial rules-founder

conyers Jr Blog hasnt been updated

Help! "Your password is now StK4quV"

Judge John Roberts - "Straight Judges Don't Wear Plaid"

LOL... The Wikipedia article about Novak is already updated

Those guns, those guns, those guns and more guns!

Capacity Crowds at Downing Street Forums Call for Impeachment

Sign this petition telling Bush to start supporting science for a change

Is genocide a more serious crime than mass murder?

Hillary Clinton - boogey (wo)man!

That same CNN lady whispered "that's bullshit" in Novak's earpiece.

Is someone going to post the Imus/Barnicle video...

Tweety has got a neocon on - Jason Mattera - supports Chimpy

CNN trolling for bad news

Army: Colo. soldier back from Iraq killed wife, self

Deadly attacks increase pressure on Bush

Winger on Majority Report with Sam

Are Robert Novak And James Carville Friends Off Set?

The disabled are so screwed

Fight Over Iraq War Prompts Fatal Shooting

Eminent Domain...

Things that make you think

Dateline NBC Fri 8pm: Missing minorities in missing persons stories

AP: GOP Leaders Have Misgivings About Harris

If you liked Zappa on Crossfire, you'll love this

Cost of Iraq War August 5th- $185,515,500,400

The most pathetic Fox News video clip you'll ever see

Scary speculation about nukes and war with Iran:

Falwell and Santorum on Tucker tonight

Will They Really Do This With Taxes??...there goes Yuppie-ville!!!

So, anyone catch The Boy King in his truck today?

Four DMV workers charged in bribery scheme

Homebuilders Encase Bible In Every House's Foundation

Gas Prices here in The Dump (Tucson, AZ) 2.42 (Regular Unleaded)

A Graceful Gesture From Harry Reid

If a 12th Century person was introduced to your computer with internet...

a definition of quagmire

Rawstory: Data Shows UK, US Lied Re Justification for Pre-War Airstrikes

I AM NOT A CHILD OF GOD! I Wish People Would Stop Saying That.

hypothetical question: could this happen?

The words of a true Progressive

Hey, Midwest DUers: Bush to visit city near Chicago for bill signing

The Nation: Anonymous Lies From Anonymous Sources

Important question about the media (please keep kicked!)

LMAO: CIA fakes on the Net...

Rep Ron Paul said it "cost us" $50B in promises for CAFTA Votes.......WTF

Hey - let's teach evolution in Church. Fair is fair. nt

is this what the fundies think?

US$$$$$ and 1800+ soldiers to set up an Islamic nation

Sign Cindy Sheehan Petition and tell G* to get out of Iraq!

TPM: Carville speaks to Josh Marshall about the Novak meltdown

Novak on the Plame leak: a pattern of contradictions

Social Security Chain Email Circulating And A Response

No Bravery by James Blunt (pic heavy)

Is it just me, or are corporate memes the most stupid and inane things

The System that Bush Built

Check out this memo passed around my office...

Are people who disagree with my point of view idiots?

The Hiroshima Cover-Up

Prediction: New Meme "Extremist Ideology" means Liberals in the end

DU Historians, etc.: Why did Hitler invade Russia...

Good Morning DU! Lets go, lets rock and ROLL!


You'll ENJOY this....I promise.

DU is the most amazing forum on the NET., IMVHO!

Art prankster Banksy sprays Israeli wall

Heads Up - Seattle to LA -- Earthquake Warning (2- 8 week notice)

From Red (Rube) State.Org: Robert Novak stands up for himself

How Bush Thinks: Intuition over Intellect

CNBC poll on how * is handling the economy. Please vote.

Why Is Sex Taboo? We all do it. We all like it. So what's the problem?

Big double-whammy looming for potential homesellers


Hardball has on young republican and Tweety ask him about war

ATTENTION: I am a covert CIA operative

Well, that's just lovely

Cheney, Former President Bush Pay Respects to New Saudi King

Reporters: Court must order release of Ghraib photos

I don't cry very often, but....jesus

Charges dismissed against Jim March of Black Box Voting

NEWS: Approval of Bush's Handling of Iraq Drops to 38%

"It would be two hits - me hitting him and him hitting the floor."

In what case is religion more important than government?

ROFLMAO !!! - Freeper Response To Shuttle\Environment Story !!!

Action Alert for Cindy Sheehan--PLEASE DO this for Cindy!

Something to ponder on ...

Here's a link to the Franklin, etal. indictments

A better way to measure unemployment-Put an ad in the paper for a $15...

What is Karl Rove?

Bill Snyder's Political Play of the Week. It's a good one!

Novak and Zappa

Must read: Best article on choice that I have ever read

What kinds of threads should be banished to Inferno?

PHOTO: A peek inside the Presidential closet; Crawford, Texas

GOP pays tribute to Pat Robertson

So all these internet sites are CIA fakes according to Fintan Dunne!

Did John Stewart cover the Novak meltdown?

Which do you think exemplifies the worst hyprocrisy of "moral values"?

Looted history: Worst world cultural dissaster of the past 500 years

Conservatives plan "sneak attack" on AAR

No US Government conspiracies, huh? Is ANYONE Apologizing to Gary Webb?


Oil at $62. They predicted serious economic problems at $70

Kitten killed to avoid paying vet's bill

BOOK TV Schedule August 6-8

Do all these DU polls on the 08 nominee mean we need a tough guy nominee?

The Bob Novak Appreciation Thread

Sibel bigger than Plame, DSM

DU: Leonard Peltier needs YOU

Iraq Is Bringing Bush DOWN >>>

If you drop an apple, it will hit the ground. Over and over again.

Stephen Harper is a sharp looking cowboy.

Hello all. I'm going to lovely Vancouver August 13.

Hanif Kureishi on Islamic Fundamentalists - Excellent!

Blair vows hard line on fanatics

Good morning, my transatlantic friends!

House of Cards

WP: Rehnquist Has Brief Hospital Stay (he's been released from hosp.)

Libya Reforms Exceed Expectations

Australia/Military prepares for future Iraq deployments

Charges dismissed against Jim March of Black Box Voting

Yahoo/AP: 40 Police Injured During Protestant Riot

Camp Humphreys soldier found guilty of beating S. Korean woman

I know the rules but this time I hope I'm forgiven.


U.S.: Iraq Operations Reducing Insurgency [military spokesman says]

Cussing, walking off show gets Novak suspended by CNN

AP - U.K. to Institute New Deportation Measures

Republicans ask high court to block vote on reform issues

Oregon House Republicans Deflate Riley's Effort To Stop "Golden Parachutes

Oregon Republicans Squash Dems Effort To Regulate Payday Loans

Army battling decline in black recruits

Offer by Europe Would Give Iran Nuclear Future

CNN: Blair in anti-hatred crackdown

40 Police Injured as Protestant Militants Riot in Belfast

Ricketts' millions could fuel Senate bid

Vitamins May Not Prevent Infections in Elderly

Trial lawyers tied to Perry donation

NYT: Gulf Hurricanes Are Latest Kink in the Oil Chain

NYT: U.S. Contends Campaign Has Cut Suicide Attacks

Homeland Security to conduct gas tests in Midtown, subways

Iran can continue nuclear programme for civilian use - EU

Iraqi Troops Call in U.S. Air Strike to Root Out Insurgents

Venezuela plans to refine Ecuadorean oil, official says

Press outlets demand Abu Ghraib photos

South China faces petrol shortage

Basic questions about bases (US in Iraq for a long time )

US Makes Drilling Compensation Voluntary

U.S. military launches attacks in western Iraq in bid to disrupt insurgent

US military sends scientists to film school

Roberts' Confirmation Debate Focuses on Fraction of Cases He Worked On

NYT: U.N. Urges China to Do More Tests on Pig Disease in Humans

Possible informants viewed in Iraq deaths (among Iraqi police ranks)

Marine Injured In Iraq Dies After Feeding Tube Removed (#1828)

Blair vows hard line on fanatics

US jobs growth at five-month high

Hiroshima Cover-up: Stripping the War Department's Timesmanof His Pulitzer

Religion sues Utah town to display '7 Aphorisms'


Plane crash risks left out of Yucca Mountain plan, NRC staff says

Spying probe gets boost (Arnold backs down from withholding e-mail)

Approval of Bush's Handling of Iraq Drops

Institute Helps Gays Win Political Office

Connecticut Police Opt Out of Random Searches

Army: Soldier Just Back From Iraq Kills Wife, Self

WP: Afghanistan Agrees To Accept Gitmo Detainees

Police Officer Shot During Marijuana Bust

Two U.S. service members drown in eastern Afghanistan

Reagan Roadblock: Proposal to Rename D.C.'s 16th St. Runs Into Objections

Dad: Marine felt mission 'a bit fruitless' (insurgents always returned)

Expert: Terror Tape Shows Progress

22 Miami-Dade school workers face charges for selling pain killers

British, U.S. lied about justification for pre-war Iraq airstrikes

Congress' spending draws fire

Kenya demands UK apology over ban

9/11 conspiracy DVD sent to French media

Disabled Russian sub towed to shallower waters

Girl dies after collapsing at Disney water park

AP: Hundreds Attend Vigil for Marine Families

Dutton contradicts U.S. on Iran-Iraq ties

Homebuilders Encase Bible In Every House's Foundation

Most U.S. Residents Support Abortion Rights With Some Restrictions

Plane lands in Houston, threat reported

Cheney, elder Bush call on new Saudi king

Al-Jazeera airs video of Chinook shoot down.

U.S. Make Drilling Compensation Voluntary

U-M prof insists wrong man executed for 1980 murder

Agence France-Presse "Iran Rejects 'Unacceptable' EU Nuclear Offer'

Kyrgyzstan may ask U.S. to close its air base - expert

Over 50 LA Soldiers Prosecuted in Iraq (Mostly Drug Charges)

Cheney, Ex-President Bush Visit Saudi King

U.S. Military Pounds Insurgents in Iraq

2 U.S. service members drown in Afghan river

The Nation: "Energy's on the Anti-Iraq Side"

Blair Proposes Strict Anti-Terror Measures (AP)

General Motors to buy Indian auto parts worth $1 billion by 2008

Poll: Fewer Americans think Bush is honest

Woman with knife subdued with Taser in congresswoman's office

Chief: Handcuffing Girl (age 5) Not a Violation


Iraqi minister incensed by airport display bans alcohol

Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Weapons Plot

AP: UK General Says Talk Of Iranian Influence In Iraq Mostly Speculation

Army: Colo. soldier back from Iraq killed wife, self

International mission to save Russian submarine

River flowing with cocaine indicates 'vast' drug use

DNC (releases strong statement) on the Robert Novak Incident

Note shows Saddam grabbed $1 billion ($100 bills)

14 killed in fresh wave of violence

Cleric hopes Islam basis for law in Iraq

Canada gets its own no-fly list

LAT: Hunger Reaches Crisis Level in Niger

LAT: Partisans Unsure About Roberts Work on Gays' Case(work was voluntary)

Spokane-FBI agents search West's house

Elusive sniper saps US morale in Baghdad

Sweden stops deporting gays to Iran

Option to Stem Cells Found

Oil Prices Close At Record High - AP\MSNBC

Coroner's Call Leaves More Questions For Killed Soldier's Family

US News & World Report - FBI whistle-blower petitions high court

Lodi Pakistani community secretly taped for three years

Blair says Al-Qaeda logic 'complete obscenity'

(Bill) Clinton rips Georgia's voter ID bill

Bush administration supports European suggestions about Iran's nuclear act

U.S. Sends Guns to Haiti,an Exception to Embargo Ahead of Elections

Galloway defends 'martyrs' remark

Mercedes under investigation for bribery

Experts question cause of Chinese outbreak

In Private Practice, Roberts's Record Is Mixed--WaPo

Roberts Questioned Lifetime Appointments

Israeli Businessman Sentenced in Plot to Ship Nuclear Detonation Devices

Phone companies get favorable DSL ruling

Texan gets 25 years on marijuana conviction

Novak Apologizes for Swearing on CNN Air

Wal-Mart sets sights on Target

Argument over Iraq war prompts fatal shooting

Tasered man dies 2nd (SF) Bay Area stun gun fatality in week

Women Senators Call on Bush to Push for Women's Rights in Iraqi Constituti

Dean Woos Hispanics In South Texas ("Si, se puede,")

AP Poll: Bush's Numbers at All Time Low

NCAA bans Indian mascots, nicknames from postseason

US job growth unexpectedly strong in July (+207,000 jobs; 5.0% UE Rate )

Who are you going to nominate for teacher of the year?

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea...

Good grief! I've only been in the country a few hours...

Pop a cap in this thread's ass

How could one NOT have sweet dreams after reading this one!!!

The Daily Show is a classic tonight.

Anyone with lame stuff in their sig line post here so Shell Beau can see

Official TeddyKGB's Landlord Finally Replaced The A/C Celebration Thread

I'm going to Moon you.

Single DUers: How many of your ex's have come out of the woodwork lately?

Single DUers: How many of your ex's have come out of the closet lately?

I'm probably one of the few, but the BK ads are consistently brilliant!

The WORST Bush suck-up photo caption in the HISTORY of Reuters. Period.

Have you ever said "I hate that" when you've been insulted?

What's your Freeper sigline?

I love airports

Since I can't put myself on ignore, I'm putting ALL OF YOU on ignore!

My 1000th post

Fingernails on the chalkboard..

My friend bought his 19 yr old daughter a car, but

You know...I actually have to WORK tomorrow?

the brothers grimm ~


a riddle: what is fundamentally wrong with HEyHEY's sig pic?

Are there any cats out there that don't like catsup?

Just checkin' somethin' out here... please go about your business...

A man walks down the street

It's 6 am, and I just saved the life of a seagull

I'll only have one day off between now and September

All the nudes that's fit to print

Nude Man Wanders Into Sandwich Shop Wearing Ski Mask


snoop dogg keeps sending me emails

good morning everyone!

Now that I have had my adrenaline rush for the day

Awh, geez. Presidency is such a bitch (rant)

It's time to talk about FAS

thinking of officially opening a bed/breakfast place

Hey Sniffa - I found your smlie

Nassau blames spam on Wang

One more reason not to see The Dukes of Hazard

Soy milk + coffee = bleh

Let's talk about sects, Baby

Denny’s maggot milk accuser made to settle case for $12,500

What the fuck is that necklace on Pickles MADE of...LIMES?

Toora loora toora loo rye aye

Are there going to be any installments of the matcom news today!

End the controversy for once and all

I woke today...

Hey Sniffa!! How was the BAR?

Anyone esle watching "American Morning"?

Lounge/GD synergy thanks to Crankie Avalon

Which happens first?

I love my new free buddha screensaver..... if you want one too....

Caught the end of Horns and Halos this morning.

What are you afraid of?

The Aristocrats Conquer South Park!!!!

Dave Barry weighs in on advice for the Underpants family

I'm pretty laissez faire with my threads

Awh, geez. Pregnancy is such a bitch (rant)

Grrr. . . . I need to calm down . . . still stressing over new apartment

Are there any cats out there that don't like catnip?

Saw 'Hitch' last night. Cute movie.

I think that's bullshit.


It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!

Nobody loves me

Well my bags are packed and I'm ready to go

Chimpy McChimp Chimp is a tool and Dick Mc Sleaze is a douchbag! nt

nothing like a glass of Windex in the morning

Should I get out of my lease and move to a bigger apt. that has...

Kidnapped Nun Found at Different Convent

Bluesman "Little Milton" Campbell died of a stroke.

President bush's Mother Barbara goes Swimming...(warning-graphic)

Anybody know where I can get some panda skin pants?

My fusion is completed and coincidentally my lease will soon be up too.

Can anybody explain the Monty Hall effect?

Caption this pic: our lovely new Deputy Secretary of State, Karen Hughes.

Smart people! Please answer a dumb computer question. Thanks!

Panda.....Not a Panda

Hypothetical: You take over a for a person who quits.


Anybody every gag on a lolly?

I'm torn up, but I've got to do this. This is my swan song. Don't care?

Anymore fuckin' pandas and somebody's gettin' hurt!

Check out this Panda

The dream has come back again.....

Would you take a class that used a Neocon written textbook?

For the record, a lot of my problems have been because of makeup too

Check out my new avatar!

Novak T-Shirts & Mousepads

Panda Underground - All Pandas, All Day

Man. Don't you get enough Panda posts?

Should panda owners and their pandas be registered like sex offenders?

OMG! The pander scam is not showing the chimpy's disgrace!

OMG!! The panda cam is showing a closeup of the baby's face!!

It's Panda-monium on DU

Pandas Rock!

email fom CNN regarding Novak

There's a Novak-cam

Lake County victim identified as Hollywood producer

It's all Mrs. Grumpy's fault!

Hey, DU'ers; Any of you ever look FORWARD to in-laws visiting?

Put the panda down and slowly back away.

How many doughnuts can I eat?

So when will underpants put a pandacam on his newborn infant

I am almost at 6000 posts!

Anymore fuckin' double posts and somebody's gettin' hurt!

A Paynduh ett mah baybeee

What's this? Novak meltdown?

I'm leaving for school now. Good reason to leave GD.

Has anyone noticed that Principal Skinner himself is the Lounge Mod?

Gratuitous baby picture of Socrates

Anymore fuckin' pandas and somebody's gettin' hurt!

Needed a Signature

Thanks to the Lounge, I now hate pandas.

How do I upload an avatar?


IF there was still an ATA forum, I would ask for a Panda discussion group

>>>>>>> Progpanda <<<<<<<<<

Woman lifts 20 times body weight

Damn, I just passed 3000 and I missed it

Everybody needs a little time away

The Panda-holics Official Panda Cam Song

Well, I may already have found someone to take over the lease on my old

Seven years later, I plan on finishing "The Hidden Fortress" tonight!

Tshirt idea for september meetup

Tara Reid gets hammered with Paris Hilton: the rich ARE more glamorous.

So you think you don't look that old.

The grey goose fly's west when the black swallow rises at dawn

he kept dreaming that someday he'd be a star

legally speaking...what does prima facie mean?

Things that underpants (and any new parents) need, but they don't know it.

Homebuilders Encase Bible In Every House's Foundation (TEXAS)

Fuck! I should have gone with my buddy to the bachelor party in KS City

Is there a "Sexual Harassment Panda" thread yet?

Star Wars fans lookie here at what I found on another site!!

Has Novak been hitting the cooking sherry again?

Could someone please hem my pants?

Do you believe in colonic balance?

Snoop Dog To Pimp Chrysler With Iacocca (Actual Headline)

Mom Threatens To Blow Up Courthouse After Daughter's Sentencing

87 Year Old Drives Off In Wrong Chrysler New Yorker

I am bleeding from the ears!

Can someone please watch the Panda for me....

Which of these names do you prefer?

Today's official smilie!

Has anyone ever lolly gagged....


They have pre-wrapped sausages but not pre-wrapped bacon

14 more posts....

Taking kid to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today.

When the next stupid flamewar breaks out

Summer lovin'.. had me a blast. Met a panda .. cute as could be

Remember when Vanilla Ice went bonkers on that MTV special

Quick question about the use of semi-colons:

Is there a generate your own pissing Calvin website?

Your preference?

It's a fine, fine line between deliciousness and sadness

What would you do?

Thousands in Cookie Money Stolen From Va. Scout Troop

Inadvertently funny hypo-christian film reviews

This thread will not contain the word "Panda"

CNN LBN: Missing Panda (black&white) Media can't decide whether to cover

Now they want to name a street after that dip-shit bozo idiot!!!

Sex Writer Authoring How-To Book On 'Three-Ways'

What do the letters "ILbiUL" mean to you?

Lost in Translation... what an amazing film.

Are you a Furrie or a Plushie?

Is GD a clique?

Actor Don Knotts too ill for homecoming tribute

Got this in my work email!

McSweeney's: How many telemarketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I met a really cool vet last night

Is CNN now all just Bush Progapanda?

We must thank * for saving the children

Deuce Bigelow -- European Gigolo. I smell Oscar!

Where have I been, you ask?

I just dropped egg salad into my shirt pocket.

It's 1PM, I'm waiting for UPS, and I'm exhausted... what should I do?

Project for a New American Mordor (in 3D!)

Best movie of the year

Hi everybody! Care to join me in waiting ALL FUCKING DAY for UPS?

Can someone direct me to a message board for older democrats

Why no media on Jennifer Wilbanks(Runaway Bride) Wedding 8/12?

All DVDs should have commentaries!!!

Anyone know if CNN suspended Novak for walking off the set?

Good earworm. Post it.


Awesome Bush animation

I love the Orkin ad on AAR

I cannot believe how wonderful I am!

LOLLY! LOLLY! LOLLY! Get your adverbs here!


testing, testing, 1-2-3

Sad news ... Jim Kelley's son passed away

"What if God Smoked Cannabis"

little to long in the sun?

Damn, I lost my credit card last night

My friends want to watch Planet of the Apes movies and get hammered.

Cartoon: Unsuccessful Al Qaeda Girl Scout

Did you see one of these Sony Movies - then you can claim your $5

I am now ready to dispense my wisdom. Ask JVS what you should do.

Favorite 2005 Movie Release, so far.....

So, judging by the activity on the board already....

Ron Jeremy as Kotter in "Welcome Back Kotter"

True or false: Willie Nelson is married to Randi Rhodes?

Can I get a moment of silence for Sammy the Squid?

DIY man shoots 2in squid into his own heart


Name a great moment about a squid here...

Can somebody (no, I am not kidding) post the URL for the pandacam?

Kittiwake Cam!

Killer Flip Flops (N'Western Lacrosse Team domestic terrorists?)

Who broke my window????

It's Friday - any plans tonight?

yes well, i'm watching: salmon-cam ~

I had to stop bringing the kitchen to the computer,

DIY man shoots 2in nail into his own heart

cars as displays of drivers' ignorance

Q: Why did Novak drop the BS-bomb on CNN in the late afternoon?

Olbermann is on ESPN Radio with Dan Patrick

HEyHEY has outdone himself on his latest polar bear sig:

Who's been completely ditched this weekend?

We are the world.

Nessie on the 'Net! Loch Ness--report your findings!

Does anyone have "Don't Blame Me I Voted For Kerry over the

The tavern across the street has been way too quiet lately..

DIY man shoots 2in squid into his own hissing cockroach..

Has a single moment or line of dialog in a movie trailer...

Well I went to a garden party

ZombyCoffee for all you Lounge Sweethearts!

I adopted two Furrbabies today

Can I sue Sundog, he has permamently traumatized me with his dead squidcam

Get ready to bounce!!

SCREW your Panda AND Squid Cams - I Have LIVE Hissing Cockroach Cam!

I'm cooking! Anyone up for a big juicy steak (or tofu burger)?

Does anyone know how to modify normal pants into breakaway pants?

Exxon Mobile CEO Will Retire & POCKET 1/2 BILLION

Shell Beau cam!

HeyHey - - here's a polar bear cam for you!

A toast...

I'm watching Delaware TrafficCam

Nothing cam!!!!

"I am not comfortable with people trying to blow up my daughters"

Why are DU'ers watching all these animal cams when you can watch raw sex?

You're still the one

Dear NSMA, please do the world and all of us at DU a favor pretty please!!

i don't what you guys are yammering about.. i'm watching camstar

Is this the real life?

nosey peopLe

The Lounge Gourmet Choice of today can't be any other than...

9 Novak Threads on the Greatest front page

Neo-Cons Await Their Doom! (Satire)

hey, rain!

Setting up scholarships?

The Malloy Show. What is the *big* with the communications

Mrs Grumpy, Misunderestimator...are you watching the panda??

wash your fucking hands after you pee!

Jimi Hendrix faked gayness to get out of army. Reuters.

My blood sugar level suggests I am prediabetic... And M&Ms are on sale.

The ultimate cam thread to end all cam threads

Kashka Threatens To Blow Up Courthouse After Sundog's Sentencing

That's why I'm easy

LynneSin thinks progmom and I are REPUBLICANS!!!!

It is hotter than a blast furnace today

I'm da Barbah ob Dabil

Going to a wedding tomorrow!

My Pants, '08

Have you ever regretted saying something for shock value

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

What's your height?

Just two good old boys.

Which upcoming movie would you rather see?

How many have actually heard a 100 foot tall tree fall and hit the ground?'s getting dark in downtown Boston...

SATCHMO Fest in the Big Easy this weekend

Message board about perimenopause?

Freepers panties in a bunch over 6 feet Under!

Who would win in *this* fight?

"Crash" with Sandra Bullock and Don Cheadle et al

How many are kind of freaked out to post their pic?

Rumor has it Shell Beau is an extra in "The Dukes" Confirm or deny....

Check it out.

Billy Bush is Dubya's cousin...

Faith No More - one of the greatest forgotten bands ever

I'm like a Neanderthal in an eclipse.

In appreciation of baseball and Tylenol 3

Rickie Lee Jones in town tonight

Who would have thunk it...

Air America Bumper Sticker Contest!

What movie would you like to see a sequel to?

I've just been beaten to death by rhesus monkeys

Randi Rhodes Show Thread.

( :

So...who shall I corrupt tonight?

L. Ron Hubbard's non-existent "Two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star"

Who would win in this fight?

Randi says people "not from the bayou" don't understand Carville

Ever seen "Citizen Ruth?" Watched it last night and all I can say is

Old TV Shows that were made into GOOD movies

Tulane University study classifies chivalry as "benevolent sexism."

Someone please tell me, who dies in Harry Potter book?

Today is a bad hair day!

Sad - QB Jim Kelly's son dies at 8

fuck you all - i'm watching SQUIDCAM

Do you wear a patch?

Do 'friends with benefits' ever become more?

Okay y'all, I'm gone for the weekend!

43 years today ago Marilyn Monroe died...

Let's settle this once and for all

sit on a potato pan, Otis.

Common People

Oooohhh big mistake... my tummy

Do you wear a watch?

South East Virginia DUers PM Me

Can someone direct me to a message board for moldier democrats

Beautiful Except from America - The Book (Daily Show)

Any King's Schilling

Greatest most underrated rock songs of all time

This just in from National Security Advisor Randy Newman:

My baby is a Shriner!

Worst hype to quality ratio EVER in a movie?

My baby has a shiner!

Well this is just disgusting...

The cops are scanning the crack

Guess who wants to see TREK scrapped? (not me!!)

You got a fast car.

A Novak Mash-up that Jimmy Jazz will enjoy.

There's a praying mantis on my window ledge

They're gonna show Bob Novak's blow up on Pardon The Interuption

Bob Boudelang's Hate Mailbag

size does matter

Tell me to go home!

Sadly, I must say goodbye....

What do you watch/listen to when trying to nap?

Randi just said that people who are into pandas are losers

Evil Dick 'n' Pappy's photo op with Saudi King Abdullah

MSNBC: "Bush Under Pressure" ASS. Look at the pic. No pressure.

Just went crazy at Linens n Things - ask me anything before I am killed!

I do not want to kill bunnies

Where in the hell do you buy sheets that will fit a 17" mattress?

What are your humans' nicknames?

I had the most awesomest night last night.

Mom Threatens To Blow Up Courthouse After Daughter's Sentencing

2 side-of-bus ads that befuddle me

So a panda and a marsupial walk into a bar....

Have you seen VENGANZA?! Convert to Spaghetti-monster-ism TODAY!

Hey East Coasters ---- Cindy Alexander is coming your way!

Marsupials-Yesterday's news..Giraffes are what's hot in the lounge

Gary Sheffield: 'I know who the leader is on the team'

"Oh I hated that Colonial, 'OH YOU GONNA BUY MY CHICKEN OH!'"

Christopher Walken Interviews Bush...

Just crossed the 1000 mark!

You're Karl Rove's damage control chief.

I am going to get very very very drunk tonight.

My House's VALUE HAS GONE UP!!!!

College mascots

The Dukes of Hazzard getting dismal reviews...

Weekly World News: "Bush got his shocking tattoo in 1972 while AWOL"

What are your enemies' nicknames?

1000 posts- ask me anything!

POLL - Radiohead fans - Best Album

Any Monty Python & the Holy Grail fans

So should I worry about the future of the company I work for?

Any special plans for the weekend? "Jessica is proud of her blondness and her backside"

Green Acres: The Political Thriller

The latest animal craze at The Lounge! Marsupials!

Jessica Simpson is an idiot...

The guy you would LEAST like to see fronting Black Sabbath

Attention: My VD is back

Has anyone else heard the new Sigur Rós???

Dr. GrumpyKitten will take your calls now.......

i need a friday afternoon earworm

Marsupials are smarter than Jessica Simpson!

I would kill right now for some chocolate bunnies...

wash your fucking hands after you peel

YAY! My eBay iPod just arrived!

Hold that tiger!

In honor of the march tomorrow: The way it is

Help I need a generic wreath I can use in a newsletter....

I just found an IPOD. Do you think I should keep it?

What's up with all this pre-(verb) bullshit lately? ARGH!!

wash your hands after you pee!

"Are you saying Queen latifah is a lesbian?"

Questions for DUers whose long relationship ended

Which Harry Potter Character are you like? game

Grits ain't groceries, eggs ain't poultry, Mona Lisa was a man.

My IPOD is missing.

Don't wash your hands after you pee.

Do roosters ever sleep?

Vonage or Lingo?

Perogies are smarter than Jessica Simpson

It's the Blinking Chicken Thread!!!

DK: If it's impossible for women to have career/children, shouldn' t......

Freepers: simple definition

Ruminations of an "Old" Mom (for the new parents here)

Most Useless Products You've Bought (or didnt)

Anyone remember the German guy who had a painting show on PBS?

Realtor showed our house today.

Question for anyone who works for an Internet company

Mommagodogface middlebananapatch

I want the abilty to shoot lightning from my fingertips, like Palpatine

hey cat lovers: anything smaller than an ocelot or jaguarundi.....

This is NOT an election 2008 thread.


MrsGrumpy is tired. MrsGrumpy has a pile of work to do. MrsGrumpy

if you have read my posts today . . .

is limewire not working for anyone else?

What mixture of colors make you queasy?

Freeperize your DU screenname

Does anyone know where Not_Giving_Up is?

Here's my rant today. Parents, teach your children elevator etiquette!

Cake or Pie?

"The Majority Report" with Sam Seder. Check in here!

Newsweek: How to survive a bear attack. 1. Never surprise a bear. 2...

Anyone see Kathy Griffin's special on Bravo?

I'm one step closer to being a daddy!

Restaurant choices

my latest cake

"Street Smarts" participant tells who she thought FDR was

Daily baby thread #2-Do I HAVE to garden with the baby monitor on?

Giraffes? Or decide...

A Saltine Cracker > Jessica Simpson

Elvis Costello wrote this song about Thatcher, but it could be about W.

What are your pets' nicknames?

I go in for perio scaling and root planing tomorrow! egad

The Bar is Finally OPEN!!!


Damn. I am so pissed off. I had a great question the other day, and forgot

Panda Cam: Anyone else feel a little voyeuristic watching it?

If Jessica Simpson is so dumb, why is she rich?


Scariest New Vehicle Trend: Stick Family Window Decals

Am I the only person who doesn't like the sound of

See Wedding Crashers

Are you more annoyed when TV ads use songs you like or songs you hate?

Help! DMV anxiety here.

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,


Randi just said that when Prince enters a room...

I'm smiling next to Silent Lucidity.......

I am pissed..... My disability has to do with breathing....

Favorite Simpsons supporting character?

I must know! What's your "high hog" dish, what you eat when you're flush!

I Saw Napoleon Dynamite, and I Don't Get It

What song has the finest lyrics ever?

Your pets - are they 'givers' or 'takers'

Pee on your hands after you wash!

poor Lindsey Wagner....

The cops are cracking up on the scanner

Cop Busted For Standing Nude In Front Of His Hotel Room Window

Legal clearinghouse for injury claims against sundog for "Squidy Incident"

Why didn't the Death Star just blow up the planet and THEN the moon

Keep the title, change the motion picture story.

Holiday Road....Oooh....Oooh Oooh *clap clap clap*

Tell a funny story about yourself or a friend.....

here's another msn paint sketch

I got a cobra-snake for a necktie

Who's your favorite contemporary artist?

is Zuni's squid obscene?


Let's play Survival Kit!

JLO: It's Impossible To Be A Successful Mother and Have a Career

I must know! What's your "poverty dish" you ate when broke?

Penguin cam!

Need help finding a great college in Boston

Queer As Folk fans: Let talk about the finale!

Speak up, kids!

Foie gras action needed

Thread in GD about kitten killed to avoid paying vet bills.

That's it, I'm out of here.

Evolution dispute now set to split Catholic hierarchy

"I...demand simply and directly that I be destroyed."

The Problem of Suffering: Doubts from a Seeker

Vitamins May Not Prevent Infections in Elderly

Wet Combing Best to Rid Head Lice

How much weight did NASA "save" by not painting the Shuttles Ext.Tank?

Scientists find flexible stem cells in placenta

Drive by houses near the speed of light...

Apollo 15 Landing Site Viewed by Moon Probe

Mars Express Radar Collects First Data


vaccine ?

Italian river 'full of cocaine'

Italian river 'full of cocaine'

Californian beach boasts world’s pickiest females

NGLTF to host Audio Press Conference on Social Security Privatization

Homophobia at DU?

Oregon Civil Unions Bill Officially Dead

Salt Lake Lawmakers Seek Gay Partner Benefits

Right-wing upset with Roberts' pro-gay pro-bono work

Phoenix Diocese bans politicians who support abortion, gay rights

Conservatives 'Concerned' Over Judge Roberts Gay Past

Just how gay IS Judge Roberts?

Sex Toy Battle Relies On Gay Rights Ruling

Gary Sheffield, ultimate clubhouse cancer.

NHL Free Agent Season - Day 5

The Giambino!

Eagles' Pinkston ruptures achilles, gone for the season

Jim Kelly's son Hunter dies of Krabbe disease at age 8

Steroids: What's your solution?

Great pet column (Gina Spadafori)

This thread in GD . . .

For the spoiled glamour dog

Anyone in SE Texas looking for an older dog...

more cat advice needed

30 new cases of rabies in our county

I just want some validation from fellow pet-lovers

Words of wisdom about Dogs

UFO Discussion in GD

Who's read God Emperor of Dune?


Kerry: Let's Keep the Vote Alive In America

Kerry to Ride in Pan-Massachusetts Challenge This Weekend

On a lighter note, see wedding crashers

Why can't Hillary win? (Kerry related)

Feeling safe yet? This won't help.

**********PIC THREAD!!!!!!!************

Well, folks, I'm back from NYC and just about everything that could go

Off Topic - my goofy job hunt story!

How many American servicemen have died as George W Bush vacations?

Gold Star Families for Peace headed to Crawford to visit Bush

Who speaks for you?

Stephanopoulos Hangs Santorum On His Own Words

self delete

Freeps on Novak: "Now CNN has no conservatives or Republicans"

Holy shit! The Daily Show played the uncensored Novak clip!

As more and more Americans oppose the war, will leading Dems join them

What was the WSJ piece about that made novakula walk?

Tracking the Progress of the Planned World War Three

Imus is replaying the Mike Barnicle rant about Irag.

Unbelievable Novak-spin by Imus and his RW cronies.

Cheney, Ex-President Bush Visit Saudi King - like in F-9-11

The accidental execution of an innocent man

My local RW station goes Exxxtreme Right!

Briton accused of 'war cult' redesign at Berlin museum

U.S.: Iraq operations reducing insurgency

I sent a filled out questionnaire to my congressman today

Paul Hackett for President in 2008

Very interesting LTTE from NYTimes ...

Paul Hackett coming up on Lynn Cullen

The Pentagon's new War Casualty Honor Guard / flag-draped casket photos

FBI’s "National Security Letters" Threaten Online Speech & Privacy

An apt analogy to compare to today's Republican "Patriot"

USA Today opinion (letter): "Bolton's strong voice is needed at U.N."

Remember the greatest line from Jerry McGuire?

So, IS Roberts another Souter?

MSNBC: "Payrolls PUMPED...the most jobs added in 5 months" (McJobs)

What happened to the script?

Rumsfeld: London attacks retaliation for Iraq? "That is nonsense."

Anyone know what happened with the Hackett Ohio hand count?

Help Vote a Democrat onto a Clearchannel Station

Military calling in airstrikes on those that killed the Marines...

Franken talking about NoFacts hypocrisy now!

MMFA: Dobson likens stem cell research to Nazi experiments...

Chimpy and Intelligent Design

"God Blew Up The Troops"...Westboro Baptist protest at soldier's funeral

Contradiction: random "natural selection," from Reuters

in this photo isn't the man on the right Chalabi?

"Intelligent Design" backers just might not...

photos of fallen soldiers released by FOIA lawsuit.

Anyone have a link for this AM's show with Mike Barnacle?

another August ... all that's changed is the body count ...

possible santorum; nursing home scandal

Pat Robertson gets his payback from smirk

Craig Crawford: "Don't Go Away Mad, Bob Novak. JUST GO AWAY!"

Does anyone have the "Don't Blame Me

PNAC info needed, re. Iran.

Request for help from Ohio: Help pass Reform Ohio Now Act.


Why is it that Dems only believe in one-shot chances for president ?

From World(NUT)Daily: Muslims and Skinheads form unholy alliance

Check this shit out! The book is in front of Novak -"Who's Who in America"

"Control Room" on Sundance West starts at 3:45 EST

DU this Poll!

Per limbaugh, Paul Hackett and I have something in common

"Iraq War Coalition Fatalities"...New Shockwave animated timeline site

SMEAR ALERT: RW media trying to discredit Air America Radio

Look at Sensenbrenner's opponent's fundraising!

Reframing the debate: Right back at ya neo-cons

Probably made the rounds already, but... Shox News billboard

The Future of the Democratic Party - NPR Monday 11-12PDT

Let's compare these 2 candidates and see what we can learn...

the eventual self-immolation of Neocon reality

Why didn't our people with TV/radio time use the word "deserter"

Bush: "We're strengthening our economy so people can realize their dreams"

General Shinseki

A Goldwater (yes, those Goldwaters) are targeting popular Dem Gov. in AZ

Iranian oil bourse to trade oil in euros

So shoot me. I like Springer's fill in, Jay Marvin, better than Springer

Can we please put 2008 on the back burner?

Candy Crowley: There's gaining ground & there's overtaking the Republicans

Mike Barnicle on Imus-What a Rant!

Video 1946..The War Department presents "A Tale of Two Cities" A MUST SEE

Timing of prosecutor's report/indictments in outing CIA operative Plame.

Want some REAL GOOD news: Congress 2006

Bush dismisses al-Qaeda warning

Good News! 8:00pm EDT replay! Novak Meltdown "Daily Show" coming up!

Anyone else doing the State Fair Dem Party Booth this year

Did anyone else hear Mike Barnacle explode on Imus today?

Freeper: "I'm Loosing (sic) Respect For Our President..."

Novak on the Plame leak: a pattern of contradictions (

On the difference between progressive and radical.

What will the historians say about the chimp 50 years from now?

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children

AL GORE in 2008!

Dean goes after Bush, Mehlman, Arnie in TX today over immigration

Upcoming German Elections...

Roberts' kids were born in Ireland

Wes Clark to WSJ: 'Resolve' on Iraq Is Fine, but We Also Need A Plan


Another Important Lesson From the Hackett Race

ALRIGHT! Lawsuit over unreleased abuse photos! RAW STORY!

Embryonic Stem Cells

Electability? Gore & Kerry Beat the 1992 Clinton

I just donated to Robert Byrds campaign

We need to emulate the Jehovah Witnesses

Time to Get Off of Your Asses

DU 2008 Preliminary Elimination Primary Project

Wes Clark will be interviewed on LA's NPR affiliate 8/8/05

What about the candidates who seriously could be POTUS?

Please knock off the electability arguements

The Lone Reason: A Dangerous Trap