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Archives: September 1, 2005

BBC (Wednesday): Iraq war 'costlier than Vietnam'

This week in Petroleum - Energy Information Admistration

Timothy Garton Ash (The Guardian): Europe for revolution

Adam Nossiter (Salon): After the deluge

Phyllis Bennis (Tom Paine): A Declaration of War on the UN

Religious Right Blames Gays, Abortion for Hurricane

Scientists Complete Genetic Map of the Chimpanzee


ACTIVISM TOOLKIT: Tips to Write Good Letters to the Editors

Saw a news report on Peak Oil

If you wondered: The status of the Waterford Nuclear Plant, Taft, LA

Apes 'Extinct In a Generation'

BBC (Sept 1): US remodels Guantanamo hearings

Jewish gunman was no terrorist, Israel rules

A review of latest & past wargames findings

14-part update at

The New York march is going to be massive

Email from PDA about election recount cases in Ohio

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY, 9/1/05

"Nash-ional" Conference OH Election Theft Panel: now on Velvet Revolution

Prop 78 or Prop 79 in CA?

I'm back in Minneapolis

Cindy Sheehan Crowd Size

My son and I want to start a toy drive for the Katrina refugees in Texas.

They keep talking about using sandbags FOR DAYS, but haven't done it yet!

Any volunteer opps for the long weekend??

I heard there are hundreds if not thousands dead in Miss.

UGH!!! Asa Hutchinson just said the Hurricane was down graded before

I just heard that 3 of Aaron Neville's nieces are missing?

one for Ann Coulter

Chris Matthews: No one ever predicted this

Will this hurricane disaster wake up the pretty face reporters?

On C-Span Now! McKinney 9/11 Hearings! 8PM

Do Bush/PNAC/NEO-CONS/M$M..look on Americans & Iraqi's as the Same?

Cant they air drop food, water to people in NO ???

Looks like DU being invaded by freeps today

Know of Any Companies Offering Food/Water?

Blumenthal lays out a case against Bush* RE: Katrina

Who will pump, who will supply the pumps... my predictions.

With Gas prices rising, what are you cutting out/down???

From the "out of the mouths of babes" file...

Bill O'Reilly makes sense for once

oddball, Olbermann showing some good pics of poor families trying

FYI--Army Field Manual-Civil Disturbance Operations, 18 April 2005

$5.25 a gallon Alpharetta, Atlanta BP

Before Katrina hit I heard SEVERAL reports predicting this EXACT scenario!

Anyone listening to the nurse crying on Paula Zahn's show. . .

Nurse from New Orleans hospital was heart breaking too hear. Too

I hope that brazen photo-op trip to San Diego was worth it, Chimpy

"Their planning hasn't proven to be very effective... or anything else

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Meet Katrina

The Patriots' Pledge

First, we come for the oil execs

Never Fear! chimperor* , rummy and all of the PNACers are at Work!

Going to Mississippi tomorrow

Nobody remembers Rummy's remark equating looting with freedom?

I don't know how much longer republicans will continue to excuse

Big corps like food stores...send trucks down

The Democrats need a petition to call for Bush's resignation.

My repub coworker finally sees the this what it takes?

Wanna bet KKKarl is spinning the disaster now?

If we don't focus blame where it belongs, Bush Admin will blame NO's mayor

It's been said that it will take a massive disaster to wake up the media.

Shouldn't I be seeing hundreds of Military planes

Gas pump blogging!

Gas price survey: Gas prices have gone completely insane

Several DU'ers have made the call for Bush's Resignation

prices ridiculous

Does it make sense to send NO folks to Houston?

What states have a price gouging statute?

Advice on Volunteering....

Atlantis, song and lyrics by Donovan

Okay, lay off Nero. You're making him look as bad as Bush.

KO coverage is busting cops for looting! OMG! nt

What a theocracy means to the women of Iraq!

self delete-dupe

What RW pundit said that the liberals weren't helping out in this

Chicago regressive radio--how they are deflecting blame for NOLA

Gas stations closing in Atlanta "out of fuel"

Need help on a memory dredging operation...

LOL!!! Cops looting Wal-mart on Countdown

What if Katrina had been a terrorist attack instead....

So, they are now talking of thousands of dead in NO.

okay if you were allowed to "take care" of one of the mouths on radio whic

I swear I am gonna shake the hand of the man who has a readerboard


Faux: Cindy Blames Bush for Katrina

Bush Should Declare A Federal Holiday Tomorrow

Bush Complaint: "Another Ruined Vacation"

Flyover part deux

Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon to Appeal for Hurricane Relief

Red Cross..................... Shrub

Faux News said gangs w/AK47s are roaming the streets of NO

What will happen next?

Mayor of NO declares Martial Law

Bush cut Fed flood prevention funding for Louisiana 44%

I am filled with RAGE!!!!!

Yes it is Bush's

Rescue efforts called off to deal with looters?

Freepers reaction to price gouging?

Remember the gas price wars of the old days?

A sobering thought just came to me

$5.25 a Gallon in Atlanta

I was in the epicenter area of the Northridge quake. Clinton acted SWIFTLY

Screaming for water .... in a "refugee city"

C/O the MSM: More than enough National Guard, and looting is rampant!

LOL guy on TV was asked why he didn't get out: "I'm as stupid as I look"

Gas rationing and rapid price rising in Florida has begun.u

delete. dup post

Blame media, too. Cable news still in Aruba knowing Katrina was on the way

Wes Clark on AAR Now

FYI: For the next day or two, they will actually open more levee breaks...

We need a gas prices group or forum

DUers with RVs and campers?

President Bush responded quickly to the New Orleans crisis !

Any News on the Overpass People?

Is Katrina as important as Terri Schiavo?

FAUX NEWS just reported that NO cops carjacked a car from the looters. . .

Sean Hannity is a P.O.S

So all of our choppers, money, and the nat'l guard are in Iraq.

NBC to air hurricane relief telethon

Electoral Votes by state: Louisiana>>9. Mississippi>>>6

There should be an emergency meeting of the Senate!

Mayor says there could be thousands dead - who will US invade next?

NBC Dateline on now a survivors of Katrina special

How many Army recruiters have they sent to the Superdome?

goin' robertson on y'all

West Virgina County Police running out of gas

Fundies see fetus in hurricane, call Katrina a punishment for abortion!

Just Curious - Where Do You Dump That Much Rubble?

Where is the TOWN SQUARE???!!!!!

Wouldn't it be nice of the President to donate his ranch

A freepers idea of some good news in this time of disaster!

We've all seen those "don't buy gas on September 1st" e-mails

meanwhile, the flood waters rise in ohio...

Are there any reports of oil spills out in the gulf?

Why does the media have satellite phones but not local police?

Are the rising gas prices to blame for lack of public support for NO?

God diverted the hurricane from the gays and then the man-made

Going through old notes, found this gem from Tony Blair...

Senator Landrieu regarding failures: "The truth will speak for itself."

any word on whether the Pentagon is going ahead with its 9/11 party?


Let's see if Tx gov tells Larry King he though of Astrodome FIRST

Where Will They Put The Prisoners??? They Are Stranded Too!

Is he toast yet?

A Yahoo group for Katrina refugees to exchange info

Do freeptards rant against million $ home owners in Slidell who stayed

Are food stores/supermarkets still open for business in New Orleans?

North Carolina gas stations running dry

Donald Rumsfeld to Appear on 'Letterman'

If Clinton or Gore..(Or any of the Democratic hopefuls)...

Tweety LIED - Bush received Hurricane Disaster Plan in June 2004 ($500k)

More than 95 percent of Gulf oil production lost

jack hannah with larry king

Didnt crashcart say high gasoline was a sign of a failed Presidency?

Should we try to add new checks and balances to the constitution?

I'm officially changing my sig line.

Rita Crosby reporting on New Orleans from Aruba..WTF?

Read it and weep folks. I was told it is like this all over town.

Has anyone done a timeline of Bush's response to Katrina?

Is there some way DU can foster pets from this disaster?

They Are Going to Use Gas Prices

On Saturday and Sunday

Will Jon Stewart contrapose video from the NOLA overpasses

With all the gripes, here's a suggestion for FEMA

41 cents in an afternoon

Where are the news reporters getting food and shelter from?

Res Ipsa Loquitur: 'The Thing Speaks for Itself'.

Communication systems are FAILING! AGAIN!

Fire Michael Brown

If Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, what would gas prices be right now?

DNC: did WHIG target Valerie Plame?

WDSU in NO is showing commercials...

FIve of top 20 posts "Faux", "Bill O", "Freepers"

Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon

I'm handing out Mardi Gras beads in support of NOLA

Nice recovery by Aaron Brown, saving Larry King.

And Bush says we'll be safe in the event of a terrorist attack???

Does The Phrase "I'm As Mad As Hell, And I Won't Take It Anymore...

No Autopsies and Mass Graves?

"Cat 5 hurricane determined to strike in US"

What will tomorrow be like?

There... Now Does That Make Everybody Feel Better ???

Update: New Satellite Photo from today's pass, It shows areas...


Ebay is offering relief sales and purchasing--

I Really Needed a dose of Mike Malloy Tonight

Would Florida wait this long for help in a JEB election year?

So why are the troops still over there in Iraq and Afghan.?

So, how do we like the exxon pResident now?

Savage is trashing bush

The BushCO/neoCON cabal profit off intentionally imposed chaos.

Has anyone watched this Iraq War show on FX?

South Africa anti-rape condom aims to stop attacks

Are they still piping that "Proud to be an American" shit into Superdome

Leave My Child Alone

"Looks like a scene from Baghdad after Saddam fell"

Bush cut funding to NOLA levee projects...but NOT to fund the war in Iraq

"We'll Do All in Our Power to Help You" -Bush

That's it, Terrorists did it! They prayed for it to happen.

Encyclopedia Britannica, circa 2105 AD

ACTIVISM TOOLKIT: Tips to Write Good Letters to the Editors

DU's Paul Thompson coming up on CSPAN

Holy Smoke! Even Scarborough is asking, Where is the help?

General Observations from a Red State Red Veined Pub re Katrina

We are entering a cycle of high hurricane activity in the Atlantic.

Aaron Brown: "Apparently not quickly enough"...

The Three Disaster of The bush administration

What percentage of donation to Red Cross goes for relief, and how much

2.85 is the cheapest in Dallas..

While George W. Bush sleeps in his comfortable bed tonight

Rush happy: announces EPA has lowered gasoline emission standards

You know what?

So much for the "security" of domestic oil drilling

76,005 user registrations

AAR XM Radio Update

George Bush Live In Biloxi! Do Not Miss the Show/Photo-Op Of the Century!

some pics to print

Every single thing I did today, I felt the presence of other Americans

Fats Domino is among the missing?

Report from Louisiana

Robertson's not alone in his dislike of Chavez

Bad Things Have Happend Everytime G.W. Asshole Goes On Vacation

Free Mass Transit for Hurricane Evacuations?

Meanwhile, over at LBN Ten Airports to Close for lack of jet fuel

Good night George Fucking Asshole Bush. I suppose you sleep

Savage thinks govt should do 3 things right now

economist ? on Boortz said economy is great....on show today

Scummiest dog dealer in the country pleads guilty

Murphy Foster Jr.. How much responsibility does this asshole have?

Now that it's obvious that the Petrol-Economy is BS: Clusterfuck Nation!

I swear they just show the same helicopter over and over

Discussion at our local Piggly Wiggly

Will We Really Get A True Death Count

Always hated the acronyms LIHOP and MIHOP and refuse to use them

Atlanta BP gas at $5.87!!!

Gas shortages?

Where was Cheney?

There Needs To Be A Central FEMA Info Website!!

For those who read FreeRepublic

OMG Vargas is blasting the FEMA guy

I am wearing all of my Mardi Gras beads in support of NOLA.

OK, dunce cap time, why do people spell Bush's name as an asterisk?

Two Ohio election officials indicted over 2004 recount

People from NO that drove themselves to Astro Dome are turned away.

Does anyone know the name or link to the Catholic organization

NBC just reported that the evacuation plans go like this -

People are not going to take these high gas prices much longer!

I know the Canadian government has offered help

NBC Brian Williams just said, "Hastily Arranged Fly-Over!"

Anybody else been told about the gasoline boycott for Sept 1?

found this hurricane photos....

Atlanta is now $6.07/gallon for regular?

We need the Iraqi 'insurgents' here, at the oil company offices.

Does anyone know if Tulane University Hospital had been evacuated yet?

Is Osama winning?

Check this picture on how AFP reports looting

Are Minorities getting the short end of the stick in NO

What is the definition of price gouging?

Homework help for my son who had a soccer match tonight and then

new poll with new wording...who do you want off the radio in the worst way

Please help - looking for an article about one of the levee breaches

Something "funny" about these gas prices...

Is There a Link Between Iraq and New Orleans?

New Orleans police: We serve.... ourselves!

Drivers Report $3 (And Higher) Gas, Shortages

MODEST PROPOSAL: Tax oil companies for military in Middle East

"I have seen the horror and it is us"

How high is gas in Maryland?

Shall I tell you a story about my Repug neighbor (with pics) very long

I don't think Bush "should have" landed in NO for a visit.

Home Land Security, uh what the hell happened there??

FEMA director saying no one predicted Katrina would be so bad

McCain, in stern tone: 'Elections have CONSEQUENCES.'

CBS Evening News tonight was not so bad...

Ok, I just passed by Faux and they said...

Live Police Scanner in NO

Please, what issue of National Geographic talked about the levees?

More Bad News

Why does Scarborough only allow Repubs to talk about hurricane? n/t

Racist captions on Yahoo?

Recent Earthquake Activity in the USA.

Columnist belittles ‘peace mom’

So did Idiot Son "find" the election in 2000?

Lots Of Hopelessness ... Can Anyone Offer Hope?

Q: Is there a website where I can search for a gas station that is...

NYT op-ed trounces Bush's belated response to the hurricane

Since they are going to close a bunch of army bases,

80K-100K Dead in New Orleans? Stunning quote on CNN

Shocked in NC tonight....this is madness....I went out at 8 PM

A description of what's going on in Baton Rouge...

Price gouging is bad, but what if prices stayed at $1.79/gal?


OK, I can't sleep, got a NOLA question

Good grief. This used to be a golf course in New Orleans.

Brett Favre having a press conference on Faux

I can't *wait* to see ExxonMobil's next quarterly profit statement!

They detonated a suspicious package in the Delta Dash area at

Is the shooting the reason there aren't any F'ING BOATS in NOLA?

Our Competent Federal Agency Leaders Have Been Replaced W/ Bush Cronies

"No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming"

Hailluburton is up over $4 since the Hurricane

The Freepers are Planning a counter protest in Missouri (Cindy)

If only New Orleans had a Terry Schiavo, Bush/Congress would have helped!

We heard from a lawyer from NOLA. Many, many records regarding

"No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming"

Question: Are we (people who are left of center) the only ones annoyed

From Merh: Please do not try to make phone calls to missing DUers during

Question about Katrina

Apparently the news isn't verifying the guest they put on. So don't

How much in net profits have the big, major oil companies made recently?

Gas out in some places in NC

Women are getting RAPED in the Superdome?????

Useful Info: Website to Compare Gas Prices by Each State

The Bush budget cuts re: FEMA and the Army Corps of Eng. plans....

Why is Bush LENDING oil from the emergency reserves? Gouging at its worst:

Look at the faces of the poor people suffering from this tradgedy

Buses arrive at the Astro Dome CNN

AAR Flanders for Malloy addressing race/class aspects of NOLA tragedy now

Nero and ****, some similarities and differences

Katrina Prompts Global Support for Victims

Ohhhh we caught a freeper--he admitted it--see him before he is gone

Next time a presidential rating comes out....

Another small sign of a turn in the tide

O'Lielly just aksed a reporter "Shouldn't police have guarded Walmart

Not So Fast on the Strategic Petrol Reserves

My mother is a conservative...

We're rounding up the runaway slaves?

Is Hurricane Katrina Some Kind Of Signal?

Hero to receive 2 years for freeing mink

List of 10-codes for those listening to NOLA scanner

Have we found Cheney yet, head of the Office of National Preparedness?

A friend flew on one of the first humanitarian flights into NOLA.

Doonesbury about Cindy

Some evacuees may be forced to leave hotel rooms because of football

Satellite picture of New Orleans (warning: very large image)

A Letter to the Corporate Media

Goodbye ANWR?

The Mayor ordered troops to be diverted to catching looters

A Freeper explains it all for you ...

How are the New Orleans suburbs?

Not One Dollar to Halliburton

Mayor Nagin says the city will be abandoned for 2-3 months

How to volunteer for health/emergency professionals

List Your Gas Prices Here...

FEMA Cuts 9/28/04 !!!Boy Did These People Have It Right!!!

I just donated to Red Cross. Care to join me?

The worst terrorist attack AND the worst natural disaster in US history.

Smirky wasted no time going to WTC ground zero for a photo-op

At Least 74 Americans Killed in Iraq in August

I don't think much of Hugo Chavez anymore....

The Jawbone of an Ass.

Orange County School District Running Out Of Gas

Bush looked for 35 minutes

What is a permalink?

This is what NOLA has sunk to - do it yourself law enforcement


Protest Pictures (only 3 favorites) Phoenix AIR America We love you!


I think Bush should house some of the refugees from NO at his ranch

Keep the "Private Sector" out of this game

The Republicans are finished.

At Least Ten U.S. Airports Face Closure Due to Jet Fuel Shortages

Has anybody got some screengrabs of New Orleans from

What a LEADER Would Do (Alternative Energy NOW!!!)

Aren't you glad the National Guard is building a new Islamic Theocracy,

My sister (an RN) is going to LA

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

Where is President Kerry?

Has the shit finally hit the fan?

Fright on the Right

Where is/has been homeland security?

Q- Fuel & Resources: After all these years, has no one invented some...

I can't freakin' shake it: that feeling of an unraveling.

Why the hell do we even have a Homeland Safety Dept?

After a while, watching footage of the destruction feels self-defeating.

They lied to us, We are NOT prepared for a terrorist attack

More Bush Incompetence: Coast Guard Preparedness

Satellite image of downtown New Orleans - before and after

Georgie's terrible, no-good, awful month of August. Poor Georgie!

Why don't we just call him the disaster (p)resident?

* tells americans to call 1-800 to help him?!? where the fuck r our TROOPS

Twenty-eight years ago, when Jimmy Carter was President....

Should we NATIONALIZE the oil refineries?

Most in Miami-Dade have power restored but face no help from FEMA

The tragedy in NO is the price we pay for ignoring the urban poor

The same bullshit goes down every time..."Republicans are going down"

I'm certain I'm wrong, but with all that is going on

CNN - help can't get in because of the water. Has anyone heard of boats?

New "Liberty News TV" edition to watch online.

First radio communications feed out of New Orleans

I just emailed my senators and my representative about help for victims

Which Republicans in Congress actually have a conscience ?

While watching news from NO I had the thought that

Anyone else get the feeling all hell is about to break loose?

Its about to get a whole lot bigger

CNN: The first bus just arrived in Houston


What happened to the people on the overpass (Show on Fox)?

When are the Republicans going to help us throw this bastard out ?

Mayor calling off search and rescues to deal with looters???

Bumpersticker makers? - 'Hey Bush voters! Thanks for the gas prices!'

Is it just me? How can a group like A N S W E R shuttle 500000+ people

Why doesn't law enforcement just open stores and hand the stuff out?

Rebuild NO? No

I think Bush just handed the South to the Democrats for many years to come

Condi Rice: I don't think anybody could have predicted that these (9/11)

"Persons with low post counts": Welcome to DU ! Honest ! :-)

Are you ready for a MAJOR disaster?

Are European cars a possibility and what needs to be done to them?

The first time the Repubilcans controlled the White House, Congress

Should the Democrats write a list of grievances and call for Bush's

The True Ramifications of Katrina on New Orleans

Anyone else having a "Dude, Where's My Country?" moment?

Within 45 Minutes FOX Does a 180 on Looting Coverage

NO WDSU: Great On Scene Downtown Report 'LIVE' ------- -------- > MP3

white evacuees/black refugees

since when did it become a bad thing to become a "bleeding heart liberal?"

What scares me...Insurgency tactics...

Any News Concerning Abu Gharaib Photos being Released

How many miles per year do you have to drive for work or your occupation?

Should Cindy Sheehan cancel the bus tour?

If Bush Never Lays Eyes On Another Piece Of My Work, Let Him See This SOON

Update on Hardy Jackson and his wife Tonette out of MS from tragic video!

Need any further proof that Rick Santorum is a total asshole?

Have mobs overrun the Tulane Medical Center?

Willl the corporate media do shows on "Katrina: What went wrong?"

I gotta go get fingerprinted

Gas Price Gouging Check: How big an increase in your area since 8/29?

Horses for sale at a car lot: what could it mean?

Abu Ghraib photos: judge implies commanders knew about abuse

Just filled up. $62 and change. (how about telecommuting??)

People are dumping sick people out of boats in NOLA!

OK, hell JUST froze over. I actually agreed with Michael Savage today

Veterans for Peace (VFP) Impeachment Tour needs your $ to stay on the road

Trillions For The Military, Three Days Without Water?

'It's Like a War Zone Here.'

REFUGEES in America ---PIX->>>

Bush should be "impeached" - New Orleans is underwater -- 80% budget cut

*** Katrina TOONs: Round II ***

What should we be doing to prepare for hard times ahead...

I work in the transportation (trucking, 18-wheeler) industry.

Merh has called again! She says she is okay. Her main needs are ice and

I'm scared.

Dumbest Bush Quote About Katrina Disaster So Far

Helping the people of New Orleans - Please Read

Guardian: Clarke's campaign speech today to set out his anti-Iraq platform

New Cache of Roberts Documents Found

$5.25 a Gallon in Atlanta

Boeing, Machinists Brace For Strike

Mayor of NO declares Martial law

WWL: New Orleans Mayor Declares Martial Law

Four Soldiers Killed, Four Wounded in Five Days

Lawsuit seeks release of U.S. resident imprisoned in Iraq


'Cowboy' Bush failed in Katrina evacuation - Chavez

Pentagon Coordinating Katrina Response

Case Closed in Navy SEAL Lawsuit Vs. AP

ACLU wants gag order lifted for clients seeking to block FBI access to li

Orange County School District Running Out Of Gas

Government is working to help Katrina victims, but not everyone...

Afghan, U.S. Forces Raid Taliban Hideout

Drivers Report $3 (And Higher) Gas, Shortages

U.S. oil group says no need to ration gasoline yet (* asked tell conserve)

'It's Like a War Zone Here.'

Perdue signs order allowing sanctions against gas gougers

Bolton opposes efforts to limit U.S. military abroad (Raw Story)

TV telethons announced for Katrina victims

NYT: Mississippi - Searching for the Living, but Mostly Finding the Dead

20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico: US Coast Guard

NYT: The Superdome - At Stadium, a Haven Quickly Becomes an Ordeal

Venezuela Offers Hurricane Aid; Chavez Criticizes US Response to Katrina

Most in Miami-Dade have power restored but face no help from FEMA

Anger rises among Mississippi's poor after Katrina

Biloxi fires company contracted to remove debris (FEMA certified)

Canadian leaders, relief agencies stand by to help U.S. after Katrina

Famously Conservative New Hampshire 'Union Leader' Rips Bush Response

Zimbabwe tightens Mugabe's grip

At Least Ten U.S. Airports Face Closure Due to Jet Fuel Shortages

Utah May House 1,000 Hurricane Refugees

Gays 'Responsible' For New Orleans Devastation Group Claims

Disaster experts: Federal government wasn't ready for Katrina

Sheehan marches in Austin

Biloxi Newspaper Slams Relief Effort, Begs for Help

Charlotte - Gas shortages possible this weekend

I'm sick of: "We told you to get out"

So did Commander Cuckoobananas say anything about high gas prices today?

ZombyMood: Calm Like A Bomb

Gas is jumping 20 cents a litre here in Edmonton tomorrow

Jewish DU'ers.. tell me the name of your synagogue (or temple)

Oh, man! The British judge on "Dance" finally spoke some truth!

Wes Clark up on Air America after the break...

I sense tension and anger tonight.

Anyone else having a smoke and

Most failed Euphemism for that shithead living in the Whitehouse

How the hell did Joan_Alpern's bedroom get wrapped around my tree frog?

The Patriots' Pledge

Joplin,MO $2.99 !!!!!!

Welcome 76,001st person to sign up to DU...

Crescent City

76,000 Posters!! Congratulations, Democratic Underground!!

76,000 Registered EvilDUers!

When gas is $10/gallon and civilization collapses (picture poll)

I got E-85 for $2.399 today

Cube Dwellers: Make sure you check your company when making donations!

I want oneof these baby's for the gas crunch!!!!

What threads are you hiding tonight?

If I were president, And I was really really really rich, like *

Anyone know what the thingy is...


INXS just said live they made a donation to the Red Cross

Just Paid $3.30 A Gallon For Gas! (Indianapolis)

Gas jumped 60 cents here overnight

I love my mom!

So I was drivin'..... (yet another gas story)

Anyone know about the Intl' Property Code Amendments??

Hurricane Katrina Coverage Rant

Jeremy Hermida hits a Grand Slam in his first Major League at bat!

Looking for a good, cheap, dial-up(not DSL) ISP for my daughter

Where is GOPisEvil?

I never thought that I would be...

If my child had an allergic reaction and stopped breathing...

Should we all get Segways?

the world has become my alcoholic father

does bush wear presidential pink panties

Allergy FREE makeup?

Bush's ACTUAL summer reading list revealed

Where's Plaid Adder?

people act like gas was free one year ago

Bogart night on TCM...

My cat would make a better president than George Bush

My cat would make a better president than George Bush

Encyclopedia Brittanica, circa 2105 AD

Entertainers who have illed?

I just sprinkled my pan of homemade cinnamon rolls with crack

Post your anti-Rabrrrrrr Bush-style rant HERE

commuting to school? starting to look like a bad idea...

One of my best rants in the last couple days

Does your pet hate closed doors?

Do filled, un-vented gas cans, left out in the summer sun explode??

If you built an Itchy&ScratchyLand, you'd ask me and DS1 to design it

I'll have you all know

Those DUers from the N'awlins area, Mississippi, and Alabama area?

I'm tryin' to drink away the part of the day...

My Best Friend "Sliver" Passed Away Today

"Peaches and cream" from MRE dehydrated peaches

Best Gifs on the Net?

On a lighter note, anybody know how to get rid of a zit?

kitty cat rescue!

DU smokers-Do you like kissing a heavy smoker?

I have a terminal earworm..."Fly To The Angels" by Slaughter

Meanwhile, my life keeps happening all around me without my permission

How dumb is celebrity justice?

Speaking of outrageous prices, what the fuck's with butter?

What was life like five years ago?

Why is it everytime I see, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels...I wanna

I'm so desperate for a laugh, I'm listening to all the old Bill Cosby

Where Do You Find Hope?

I AM THE PEOPLE, THE MOB - to Bush and other soul-dead fucks

Merh has called again! Please see my post in GD!

I just got word that my nephew is on his way home from Iraq!!!!

I have to brag...

*POP* did you just hear that?

I just sprinkled my pan of homemade cinnamon rolls with cayenne pepper

I talked to Merh - I have a post in GD, but I have a request based on my

Bob Cole is the greatest sportscaster of our time

Our sig lines are back!

Trevor Linden is the classiest guy in pro-sports

...Bush cut the NOLA Levy Corps Budget by 80%...

So I finally clicked on the mysterious "Permalink"

When does the revolution start?

a breakdown, days of stress and tears, why the fuck?

The night time is the right time

I forgot to mention... my station will now suck ass

Lunch-meat prices are outrageously insane and I think there will be riots

I feel selfish for asking this but...


Non smokers - do you like kissing a heavy smoker?

You go to a restaurant, love the food, service is great. Your tip?

Cost of commuting vs driving

Anyone watching and following Rock Star: INXS show?


I just found out a manager of Denny's, making $10/hr, is a Republican.

1 of my cats was just hit by a car. Should I show the other cat his body?


Natalie Holloway thread....any takers?

"The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"

DUers, what do you do to escape?

Smokers (a rant)

A tribute to Cookie for post 15,000

"Sudden and light as that, the bonds gave

I just need to say re: Katrina

It is now time to give praise to that wonderful band: YES

Has anyone heard from Maddy?

Yours Is No Disgrace

I drive a Toyota Tercel... tomorrow it will cost me $50 to fill the tank

It's weird, but I haven't felt this hopeless since 9-11

Post your anti-Bush Rabrrrrrr-style rant HERE


times are so tense - need a "take me away" thread Free Association style

How the heck did a Tree Frog get into my bedroom ...

Are their sex offenders living next door to you? Check it out.

Entertainers who have killed?

Scientists Map Chimp DNA

Bravo and well done! A tribute to the Yankees

Scientists Complete Genetic Map of the Chimpanzee

Damn! My turn for bad news.

fellow teacher's thought's on Katrina: "well what'd thepeople in NOLA


I posted Ray of Lights info on Kos re: Kerry and lawsuits

Scenes from the Fair

I know I said I will keep the first round up until Friday at 6 p.m.

White House transcript of today's scripted remarks from Bush lurkers: prepare to cover the no-bid contracts to Haliburton

Still pissed after filling up tonight........

Remember that "Oil Storm" movie a couple months ago?

Best way to combat these insane gas prices? Simple:

Common sense questions about gas prices

Note the differences in Bush's response to Katrina this year compared

Gonna to take MONTHS for the MSM to get the sheeple bonded again

Wouldn't it be nice of the President to donate his ranch

Paul Mulshine: A trifecta of terrible prospects for the GOP/NewhouseNews

Apparently the US military is waiting for bush for orders

Live on Nancy Grace : Day 94 in ARUBA!!

Fox is playing Bush's speech over picture of the disaster - I think I am

Women's Health Chief resigns to protest over FDA delay on Plan B

Republicans have had the White House the Senate and the House:

Bayh will co-introduce John Roberts at the hearings.

Evidence of Dereliction, #1: Bush's response to Hurricane Charley

Newsweek: Rove spent August "living in a trailer" near Bush's pig farm

485? the good old days ??? - take a look back ...

Orlandoans going to September Mobilization?

My cat would make a better president than George Bush

If you were a U.S. Senator would you vote to confirm Roberts?

I wonder if our Bubble Boy pResident is having a restful sleep tonight?

DU's Paul Thompson on CSPAN now

Appropriate Katrina Response


U.S. Attorney's Porn Fight Gets Bad Review

Gen Clark on AAR Majority Report soon

Poll: What did Iran have to do with Hurricane Katrina?

found something disgusting.....

Ok, so what reporters are on OUR side???

The politics of drowning

The 'Old River Control' and Atchafalaya another disaster in making

Where's CHENEY?

I am asking once again. Where the hell is the US Public Health Service? n

Katrina: Yes, you can blame Bush

Is the only NO damage * has seen from AF1? I'm willing to bet...

Bush Bashing in NYT over pulling funding for levees in NO...

So how long will it be when we start hearing THIS from the head of FEMA?

Al Gore

I thought Homeland Security was supposed to address police communications?

Maybe We Should Just Get Rid Of Political Parties??

I Want A Democrat Who Will Stand Up And FIGHT!

John Kerry Appeals for Help for Katrina Victims

Bush won't use military to restore order in New Orleans

How the Bush administration failed (again)

Repug friend said no foreign countries have aided US with H. Katrina. BZZT

we gotta help the story from dying

Oooh, this is a good interview with Wes Clark and Alan Colmes...

2001: Bush cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44% to pay for Iraq

Manchester Union Leader rips Bush as 'aloof' over hurricane

The next president will be a Democrat

Is He Going to Stand On the Roof of the Superdome With a Bullhorn

Rep. Conyers interview on KPFA (Downing Street Minutes).

Bush "Rushed" back for Schiavo - he Sauntered back for NOLA

Is There a Link Between Iraq and New Orleans?

NY TIMES: Mayor takes cops off rescue to stop looting...

bush has the perfect excuse to bring troops home from iraq NOW

Shrub is a modern day Hoover; who will be our Roosevelt

GW and his Noble Cause Dartboard

DAMN!!! The McKinney hearing is revealing some horrifying information.

Two election workers indicted in presidential recount

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry". The buttons and bumper


Rep. Conyers: More Patriot Act Abuses – In My Home State

Redux: "Where in the hell is the cavalry on this one?''

You realize that all the Bush bashing is political suicide right now

2008 -- Why not Al Gore?

Sad but true: Democrats and the War

NYT: Hard New Test for President

Origins of the Species Neo-Con

South Africa anti-rape condom aims to stop attacks

Even You, My Sweden

Rude Pundit - The Hurricane Exit Strategy

David Brooks: The Storm After the Storm (worth a read)

How the US got its neoliberal way in Iraq

Destroying FEMA

We should rebuild New Orleans

Touched by right-wing love and compassion

Wrong Wing revs up it's smear machine

The day Arizona was in the eye of Hurricane George (Rips *)

Scapegoat selected...Homeland Security will be at fault for the non-relief

Condi Rice's Shoes

Starring in the theater of obsurd

descent into hell

Inside New Orleans (not everyone starving)

OMG---Dennis Hastert on't rebuild NO

The rightwing hurricane

Times-Picayine Blog/Forum Reveals True Horror of Disaster

"It's Time" (another homer by Digby)

SALON.COM Discovers the Anti-war Movement's 'Problem': Opposing the War!

K Halpern: Bush Critics Are The Lowest Form Of Life

The National Guard Belongs in New Orleans and Biloxi Not Baghdad

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war, Boston Globe, August 31, 2005

Wolcott: New Orleans Died for Bush's Sins

New Orleans police ordered to stop saving lives and start saving property

Bern changes all busses to bio-gas busses

One side can be wrong (Intelligent Design)

Letter to my senators

'I'm just glad I saw it' (Howell Raines)

Bolton off to a reckless start

CON-di Rice caught buying several thousand $ pair of shoes...

Katrina could tip U.S. toward Recession (Star Trib)

Rep. John Conyers: Public Policy and Katrina

Disaster Forecast in 2001: "Drowning New Orleans" - Scientific American.

Salon: Is Katrina God's punishment for abortion?

We need to do a LTTE campaign, re: federal budget cuts to NO levees

DU activist proposal: Bring Camp Casey to YOUR Congressperson

Here's an idea.

Suggested Media Blaster -WP Editorial

Call the WhiteHouse NOW, here's numbers, use redial

Relief Suggestions

National Preparedness Month: LTTEs


Please email this clip to everyone you know! Please.

LTTE re: Katrina

Skinner can you put the corp on letter writing

Yep. Compassion. That's what ed. cartoonist Chip Bok is all about

Rachel Maddow tearing Bush a new one

Effed up Triv in Cleveland (Clear Channel WTAM 1100)

Rachel on Majority Report next week

Comedian Richard Belzer joins IWT News advisors

Katrina May Spark $100 Oil (Bloomberg)

Unions are terrorist fronts

Tell Elected Officials: Stop Playing Politics with Science!

Is anybody discussing upgraded "cat-5" construction standards?

Kerr-McGee Commercial On CNN

How Katrina Turned Off the Oil

Unconfirmed report on status of Gulf of Mexico oil infrastructure

Reconstruction is an opportunity for more efficient housing designs.

6 out 71 of the most intense hurricanes recorded (154 yrs) were in 2004-5

Email sig prompts visit from Anti-Terrorist Task Force

Palestinians agree to Israeli monitoring of goods entering Gaza

Israel reaps diplomatic dividends of Gaza pullout

A convergence of investigations: AIPAC and ATC (Wayne Madsen)

NYTimes editorial: Banished Whistle-Blowers

PROOF THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT 9/11 is how they're handling N.O.!

Well-built towers simply do not undergo straight down global collapse--

Judge recommends fine for former Broward elections chief

OH AG Petro (R candiate for Gov) seeks to undermine RON Initiatives

did you see this email from MoveOn? ...disturbing...

Why Do You Believe that the 2004 Presidential Election Was Stolen?

Kepler's Bookstore Closed for Good

CA Rules Committee rejects air board nominee

Governor to skip UC Merced kickoff

Call Arnold's office today. Voting rights at stake.

Bikes not Bombs looking for a new home

The NYT Korporation (inc Boston Globe and Worcester T&G) piss me off!

Letter from Vicki Kennedy asking for help. (LA native)

Is this our very own DPBrown's LTTE in the Star Tribune?


Is this our very own DPBrown's LTTE in the Star Tribune?

heres a sign for you all to print post...

Any Minnesota DUers going to be at the Fair tonight

Sen Dayton getting calls from people in NO begging for help

Bring Them Home Now Tour here Friday and Saturday!

X-Country PEACE bicycle ride crossing Southern Minn ???

Any Galveston area posters/lurkers please read!

Katrina goods donation (HOU) from

btw, we received free radio time from cummulus.

are we backing red cross. what non religious org is dem

Dial up warning! Hopefully Austin Peace Bus Pix

UU church. someone gave me info on them. i called: result

san antonio now. i can get elspaso dems into donation for there.

Please read if you plan to donate items to hurricane victims

Cindy Sheehan to visit DeLay's office in Houston

AAS article detailing Texas's help efforts

Harris County (Houston) calling for volunteers!

The company I work for is matching donations to the American Red Cross

UT Austin opens it doors to college students in Katrina's path

Walgreen's in my area: sign on billboard outside

Wisconsinites to the Gulf Coast!

Can You Take In a Katrina Victim?

1 of my cats was just hit by a car. Should I show the other cat his body?

Are we vulnerable to a terrorist attack right now?

A 'Pro-Life' Message About The NOLA Disaster

Need a link - Levee funding

It's going to be hard to justify "fixing" Iraq

Message From Cindy

CNN says that at least 2 "renegade busses" have shown up in Houston

It must be nice not to have a conscience. /rant

YARD SALES!!!! DUers, let's start a YARD SALE HUNT BRIGADE for relief

Information About Donating Blood from Blood Centers of the Pacific

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness

The babies wiithout milk .

More On-Line Radio From Louisiana !!!

just saw this - DUer havocmom's signature

Mississippi River Levees

Anybody listening to Bernie Ward

Radio Communications Feed out of New Orleans, thread 2

"Rebuild" NOLA? Not much easier than rebuilding Atlantis.

Where's the SURPLUS when we need it...

Chimp and Humans share 96% of DNA... Bush shares 100%.

FR: "Anybody Noticed The Demographics Of The 'Refugees?'"

just listened to george noory -----

Is it OK to loot a Wal-Mart?

survival links

Desperation, death on road to safety

New Orleans Aquarium, Zoo escape Hurricane Katrina

When do the next approval ratings come out?

Any word from Conyers?

Bush had damn well better start talking "supplemental"

Can we send these people clothes and/or towels,etc.?

Sheesh - maybe it is up to us to take in families from N.O., et al

The check is in the mail. How does it get delivered in MS & LA?

We're the richest country in the world, and yet we're always just ...

MSNBC reporter: three buses being held for NO cops and their

Perhaps NO needs to declare itself a "Terrorist State"

did anyone listen to the gov of louisiana rip the tv pictures

If anyone wants to come stay in NW WA for a bit, you're welcome

Our soft underbelly has finally been exposed for the whole world to see

Lack of BushCo Funding for Corps and Gas Prices Breaks USA?

Why do Democrats have to clean up Republican messes ?

Conversation I overheard at dinner last night:

Gas prices hit $6 in Atlanta area!

NOPD Scanner: No buses for Dome evac, "hitting critical mass"

Is Oil refined and distributed in REAL TIME? WTF is up with shortages?

Welcome to NO-man's Land

How to Identify Misinformation - State Deptment

2 out of 3 gas stations down the street

How about opening up some open/closed military bases for these people?

Biological speculation.

An Hour? They are Giving an Hour? Damn Them!

My take on looting is this - yours is?

Since January, how has your attitude towards Peak Oil changed?


Students and Educators to Stop the War (SESW)

Soldier shot at Superdome

I don't think I have ever been more repulsed by Free Republic before

Trapped in an Arena of Suffering

What's not being said: People are DYING

Bring Camp Casey to YOUR Congressperson

Here's something to be pissed about....corporate America turns a blind eye

Is anyone else getting the impression that when the Superdome and the

Wall Street Journal, f'chrissakes: Paper's '02 flood series prophetic

It's like a science fiction movie . . .

From Clinton Administration 'Napping' allowing high gas prices

Neville Brothers, etc.

NY Times: Bush Gave "Worst Speech of His Life"

Why aren't bottled water companies & food chains handing out free

What if la Jolla CA suffered a disaster and people were homeless...

3 Televised Benefit Concerts for Victims Are Announced - LA Times

R B Ham and Jackson Thoreau, please check in with me.

Would the Global ELITE, enjoy watching the lower American classes

Martial Law

In 2000 the energy industry gave 10 times more money to Bush than Gore

has any news media reported on the soldier that was shot at the superdome?

Outrageous letter from NOLA -would be rescuers on boats pushed away

Okay, seriously, is Cheney dead? Or just hiding out with his shadow gov?

Where are the heroes?

msm not updating

Gretna Hospital must evacuate -- "Looters"

New Orleans (Before and After pics)

Collected Gas-Crisis Threads care of Americablog (Disturbing)

Out of curiosity, I checked airline fares

NO DUers: Are you (or relatives/friends) going to live in NO again?

Savage blames Boxer for gas prices...'came into office vs off-shore drilli

US' 2004 Gini coefficient lower than Cote d'Ivoire's in 2000

FYI: GAS - Find cheapest gas in your area

help needed for reply to an a pic made by a DU'er yesterday

My question is this, why is everybody demanding an explanation

Compared to us, Big Easy is in hurricane hell

Survivors evacuate New Orleans as looting rages

Pathologist's report from New Orleans

the looting would never have happened if proper procedures

Levee warnings grimly true

A List of Conservative Radio Talk show Phone Numbers.

Can we turn Miss. ALA and LA blue?

One way to help New Orleans - Plan a vacation there

When the Rhine flooded--

Have you written to your senators and congressman to demand

"Thousands" in NO convention centre - "no one in charge"

11 million for nonlethal weapons, 40 million for microwave cannon

Now that's Irony

Pain at the Pump -- Poll -- Bush 73% DISAPPROVAL

Now is the time to enact the Gas Price Spike Act

Photo of a BP Gas Station in Stockbridge, GA, 8/31: SIX dollars a gallon.

If you took the engine out, 4 mules could pull a Humvee seating 6

New Orleans - Audubon Zoo?

self delete nt

CNN is intentionally slandering many blacks as "Looters"

Saving people's lives would certainly be a Noble Cause for our Soldiers

I Demand the Immediate Resignation of George W. Bush & Dick Cheney

Cheer-Up. We're about to get our country back.

Ray Taliafero just read my email on the air !

how feasable would it be to "fill in" the city and rebuild it up

Emperor Nero Croons, "Before the Deluge"

Dolphins moved from hotel swimming pools to Panhandle marine park

Oliphant's cartoon today is poignant and powerful (also subtle)

How patient would you be if you had no food or water and no way of knowing

George Bush is a bona fide racist

The ANIMALS need help too: Here are a few URLs to give to:

Only 3 more bush Vacations to go!

Let's post ideas on ways to save gas since it's now officially sky high

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

Somebody in government better start talking energy price controls!

Gas prices seem to be going up more slowly in (parts of) So Cal

Amid Flood, Big Easy Paper Turns to Web

I had the WORST night last night.

**** Tropical Storm Lee has formed ****

Question: Where are the Oil Reserves stored?

Why haven't we heard the $ donated so far

America Programmed for War: Strike A Match for Cindy Sheehan

Lets face it, the poor will NEVER be able to return to NO.

Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins to rake in Federal Relief $$$ ?? (Katrina)

CampUS Strike for Peace Campaign: Why I will strike on my campus this year

Americans Send Donations for Storm Victims

The Guardian - Why did President Bush do so little in response?

"We do know that the storm has shut down arteries and cellphones"

Why? Why? Why? Why?

CampUS Strike for Peace Campaign List of PentaVersities

Today's ZINGS!

Shots fired at helicopter

Bush Refuses To Demand Oil Corps To Forgo Some Profits During Emergency

right now karl rove is plotting the best way to exploit the misery & chaos

How New Orleans Was Lost

First radio communications feed out of New Orleans- Thread #2

8 billion in cash went missing in Iraq, This time they are begging

My email to CNN about the bus story

Planning to go to DC for the Antiwar Rally?

Relax. We have a HUGE rich country with only a few hurricane prone areas

This song just came up on my yahoo messenger

Why doesn't * open up his Crawford ranch to the Superdome refugees?

Putin to meet angry mothers

NYT Editorial: "Waiting for a Leader" (Must-Read)

Rumsfeld on Letterman next week. Good grief!

Nancy Grace and Anderson Cooper going house on CNN Headline News now!

George Bush is the modern day equivalent of Marie Antoinette !

He Never Made It to the Ground....

No One anticipated these levees breaking

Americans Send Donations for Storm Victims

"Just three C-130s..."

Fire in the Superdome

Where's Dick Cheney?

there's a small fire in the superdome

Hurricane Katrina: Missing people - have you news of any of these?

What the hell is up with this "Renegade Bus" nonsense?

Bus evacuations being suspended right now

Chertoff trying to cover Bu$h's ass on CNN now. LIVE.

Nero=Bush Playing with himself while New Orleans drowns

while those of us listening to the scanners realize how bad

Can someone please give me a good scanner link? eom

Life at the Superdome : urine and rape

Boston Globe reporting that LA rebuffed for aid THIS SUMMER

OMG! the rims are scratched

GMA-Bush gives LIVE "exclusive" interview with Diane Sawyer

The floods show that our nation's infrastructure is that of a third world

Haley (WHORE) Barbour fighting with Miles O'Brien on CNN NOW!!!

The Business Looting Focus by Aaron Brown (CNN)

The Weather Channel pre-storm coverage predicted all that happened...

Benefit Concerts for hurricane victims: Mellencamp, Green Day, more

(Police Scanner) 10 MP's needed ASAP at Superdome Gate

Why the Levee Broke

Adopt a Refugee Town?

When Bush says that no one could imagine

FEMA is STILL not there????

The Situation at The Superdome is turning into a Meltdown

they're sending armed guards into the superdome asap

Homeland Security fails its first test

Is the dehumanization of the New Orleans victims by the media working?

Check out these photos

Has anyone heard from HeeBGz??

Good day to blast the media with emails...tell them to push hard -

I had a vision that Wes Clark was the president

Anderson Cooper interviews FEMA Dir, Mike Brown... transcript

Does anyone remember what it was like under Bill Clinton's presidency?

Dear Mr. Bush, your free pass has expired.

Gibson Whines: Looters Not Being Shot on Sight

Memories of the ‘70s gas shortages

I need a question answered.

NO and MS have bigger problems right now than looters...

Shame on them - Super 8 Motel in Houston kick out NOLA survivors

How different would the response be if the Nat.Guard wasn't in Iran Jr

CNN Anchor: "No need to panic yet."

At the risk of sounding naive, can't * put a cap on gas prices?

Breaking: FEMA cancels $$$ help for S. Florida Katrina victims..... WTF?

Can the USA Patriot Act be used to silence Fred Phelps and his "church"?

What kind of board is this? I'm sick of seeing criminals

So now will B**h be starting up a "War on Nature?"

In the days ahead, may I make a small request?

if we rebuild NO, in 10 years when sea level raises,will this happen again

CNN really defending the "renagade bus"

What are your gas prices this morning?

It's Only Sept. 1 -- What If NO Gets Whacked Again?


Why do you need to watch Fox News? Because you need the motivation.

READ: In 2001, FEMA shared hurricane strike on New Orleans --- they knew

A call from a DUer in Gulfport--HeeBGBz is ok.!!!

Will the media show...

Who is running out of gasoline, and where?

the war comes first, then the hurricane victims, bush on t.v. just now

Cost of bush's Iraqi war to be paid by the City of New Orleans

Why are there still people in the Superdome?

Look at NO & understand why Iraq's so F'ed up.

The corporations have been looting us for years, as has * and crew

Food Water and Medicine vs the word "Looting"

OMG Shots fired at Children's Hospital

New Orleans bus operation suspended after shots (fired at helicopters)

A NG Has Been Shot?? Just on CNN!

Fire at the Superdome

From the Superdome to the Astrodome - Racism!!!

Times Picayune: Catastrophe could have been avoided...

WTF? NO Police evacuating?

We're sending $250.00. Looking for 250 fellow DU'ers to match us!

Bush - I got High parody

Crisis at superdome

Every fundie I know (and that's quite a few) are hailing Katrina as

"So, LA can't take care of itself?"

Why can't they airlift water, food, blankets, etc. ....

Bernie Ward lobs the bomb

CNN has seen the light!!!

CNN: FEMA says typically it can take 6 days for food to reach localities.

US won't let Canada aid hurricane victims.

We need a petition to support Nigel Griffiths' Idea to ban Pat Robertson..

Can you RECORD this scanner feed?

Video of "Protest Chickenhawks" being attacked by Freepers.

Why is Hugo Chavez quicker with the desperately needed

FACTS: Bush was told about NO , he funded a study to confirm & then CUT $$

Hey bu$h, that view of FLOODED New Orleans is 100% your fault.

France just announced ready to send civil and military help to the US

they just told the firefighters to turn around and leave

Is Jeb Bush Going To Gulf Coast

Dear God, Is No One in Charge in This Country? Look At This...

CNN: New Orleans Bus Convoys to Houston Suspended

Bush fired Republican who criticized hurricane funding cuts

Donna Brazille can't find her Dad or two sisters

Lovely posts on the Yahoo message boards

Scam vultures already at work

All the cute little pre-practiced live interviews in the World won't save

I hope Katrina makes the South realize what Repukes are made of

We are seeing the best and worst of humanity.

Hey Bush F&*K YOU on zero tolerance of looters, F&*K YOU

***** Official Scanner Feed Thread *******

I'm sure this has been asked but...

Dean on Bill Press saying some stuff,it's over

fire at superdome is under control


Katrina has exposed America's somber little secret & Bushco doesnt like it

when asked if the oil company's might take a slight cut in profits, bush..

right now, America's Pants are DOWN

NPR guest today advocates Tibet take a "confrontational" stance viz China

Fats Domino -- Unable to evacuate, whereabouts unknown.

Democracy Now! Amy Goodman on NO catastrophe on now

New storm "Lee" in the Atlantic, 18 - 20 tropical storms excepted.

Wynton Marsalis -- "It's a result of our society today"

Fox Breaking News: Shots Fired at Chopper: Superdome Evacuation Halted

REPENT AMERICA...the real reason Katrina happened (AN UNBELIEVABLE READ)

Bush: Compassion? Homey don't play dat!

Can we put a freaking MORATORIUM on car racing now?

Is Katrina THE BIG ONE For Bushco?

Actually, what WOULD you do? Seriously.

In the Matter of the Hurricane Relief Telethon:

Dutch Engineers and US Army Engineers clenched hands...

I tried to donate at Red Cross website

watch bush smirk & laugh on G.M.A. this morning...go ahead, i dare ya

Terrible thought: Katrina survivors could end up in Iraq

"coordination of tsunami relief was better than NO"

A Preemptive FU to the First Freeper Who Calls for Drilling in ANWR

Scanner feeds

Carville on CNN just reported that Donna Brazille can't find her family. .

Where's Rumsferatu? Shuldn't he be marshalling his mighty Armies...

The SLCM won't do it, ask every warmonger you know if it was worth it

What the HELL am I paying this man for?

The New Feudalism: A million more Americans living in poverty

I just wanted to say thank you to all DUers.

That damn Will Pitt did it again!

The real lesson of Katrina

Look Phuck Wad...get out of the way and let

They've Had Since 9/11 To Deal With Communication Issues In Disasters

Chimp on GMA --PIX->>>

How long til a commission on Katrina and the failure of

A question regarding the levees in New Orleans?

He can't admit a mistake, he can't accept help,he can't be questioned

America is starting to get REEEEAL pissed at you george....

To the Wackos who think Katrina hit because of Gays or Abortion

Carnival to resume Mobile, Ala., cruises

NOLA "temporary" evacuation can be turned into permanent abandonment.

Does the president have the power to put a cap on gas prices?

People offering housing to Katrina victims on Craigslist

Dear Mr. Jensen:

Robert F.Kennedy Jr.:“For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind"

There would be dancing in the streets around the world, if Bush were

May I respectfully say?

On MSNBC: Donald Basham of the US Corps of Engineers....

Are Jeanne Meserve's reports from NO responsible for the sea change?

"Gas Rumors Cause Panic"

Where the fuck is the WATER ????????????

Detroit and Gasoline Shortages

Prescription for Injustice - NYT

Bu$h on Goodmorning America WTF:

Outside help that's been offered: does anyone know

Seriously, could this be the end for the Chimp?

BA outsources Hurricaine Aid to general public, forgets to notify them...

Gov. Blanco has been in office for less then a year

FReepers: we need to drill more oil off coast, take away environmental

Forget gas. I'd start stockpiling FOOD now.

10-15,000 people at convention center, & NO relief at all

Thursday Morning Gas Price check.

this is the shock and awe for me

The Perfect Storm (Chris Floyd)

Sorry, which ones were the looters again?

Biloxi: Don't drink the water when it's back on

Pentagon response " we didn't get specific local requests for help"

I'm sick of people giving effing SPEECHES what is with Chertoff?

I wish we could directly appeal to other countries to help us!

Whatever happened to the Russian rescue specialists who offered to help???

"Freemasons in Space" cites Vannever Bush as a luminary

Situation STILL Critical at Charity hospital!

9/11 did not change ONE SORRYASS THING

on junior's watch we have experienced both

Did you know this is "national prepardness month"?

Hattiesburg, Miss. Man Fatally Shoots Sister Over Bag of Ice

911 changed everything? Where were the Emergency Communication Services

My City of Ruins


Seeing those people on the roofs and overpasses has re-ignited

lets connect the dots..

Lawsuit Says Ancient Hawaiian Artifacts Hidden in Cave

The Homeland Security guy on CNN now is a jerk

New Orleans: The Treasure

WWLTV: Companies give millions in relief

Opportunity knocks for Bush?...

Read these, Boortz, Read these!!!

Neal Boortz Fans visiting DU

Support for Darwin

Gunman hijack supply truck headed to N.O hospital

Soledad just said the Tsnami rescue was more coordinated than Katrina. . .

BA's NON RESPONSE to Homeland Disaster will affect Troop morale.

Does the right wing have a plantation mentality?

Price gouging at the pumps...

Where is the call for a gas price gouging investigation?

CNN - pResident has asked Daddy

Can anyone get through to Red Cross's website?

Suppose Katrina had been a terrorist attack

Where is the "relief" for these people and why the hell isn't anything

If Anyone Needs a Place to Stay

Why would anyone want to shoot at a military helicopter?

So let me get this straight

First Bus To Arrive At Astrodome Not From Superdome

Collaborative folk song? New Orleans

WP: Not enough money in U.S. GNP to dispose of hazardous material in N.O.

Oil crisis, anyone?

CNN interviewing Haley Barbour now

Here is a big THANK YOU...

a key problem in New Orleans seems to be that no one is in charge . . .

Need help in finding a news photo.

E-ltr to Radio Wingnut over His Not-Shrub's-fault Reaction

If Katrina doesn't send gun sales through the roof nothing will

CNN: Reporter asked Gov. Haley Barbour questions about lack of....

Why isn't the US gov accepting foreign aid?!?

Why can't God make up his damn mind?

Somebody please slap some sense into Haley Barbour

Deleted by poster (mistake)

Foreign aid not permitted due to "mass confusion"at the U.S. federal level

what the fuck is CNN doing?! The top five safety tips for NO??

In light of recent (and past events) how far should we take it?

Why aren't choppers dropping hand crank radios?

Is it just me or are most of the displaced people from ' Katrina' black?

A tale of two cities

What bush doesn't want you to know : 911 and Katrina are similar

During the great depression they had Hoovervilles....Bushvilles anyone?

NO: potential for an outbreak?

Shame on the Red Cross

Waiting for a Leader, harsh review of Bush perf, is #1 e-mailed article

Picture Showing Toxic Soup

New Orleans is not Baghdad, it's Mogadishu.

What about the nursing home patients in NO and Biloxi?

How can we get their attention????

These Freepers must F****** D**. READ THIS.

Chrysler calls case new 'poster child' for lawsuit reform

I must be some kind of masochist.

...the president rushing from his ranch to sign emergency legislation... !

Bush: No One Anticipated the Levee Breaking

Thousands more lives will be lost because of Bush's INCOMPETENCE!!!

Are MC/VISA cutting off credit to low income NO refugees?

Repub Talking point du jour: "Nobody knew this storm was going to be bad"

Harry Connick Jr. on 'looting' in NO

"No Child Left Un-drugged"

The picture of all pictures

Uncle Rummy says, "You do hurricane relief with the Nat. Guard you have,

Most important question being asked in WH

I have some kitten questions

The Handin' It to Halliburton Blues

Have all our DUers checked in post storm?

Freepers focus on what's really needed in New Orleans...

Barbara Bush quote is not a hoax. (jeeez)

Bush Admin declares "War on Mother Nature;" invades France

MSNBC showing INCREDIBLE video of Kat

MonkeyBoy cut his ranch stay short by two days.

Our Gov't is a disgrace

Call and E-mail your Senator / Congressperson..complete list inside.

Why police SHOULD be dealing with "looters"...(edited for clarity)

Do we know of missing people in our DU family??

The Chimperor** Is Going To TOUR By Helo The Katrina Damage

Just reported on AAR: US wants UN to impose sanctions on Iran.

Gas $3.35/gal in Baltimore MD - Check in


Ottawa, CN offers troops

Is it finally time to have a discussion about gun control?

10 - 15 thousand at Convention Center . . . NO FEMA or NG presence . . .

My fellow Americans.....

Today's Doonesbury

Should Halliburton get a "No-Bid contract" to rebuild the South?

Are New York and other cities vulnerable to NO-type of flooding?

Freeper Hurricane Relief Idea --- (Holy Moley!)

Molly Ivins nails it.

I feel soooo badly for the people of the Delta that Bush is in the WH now.

Was Pensacola, Florida hit by Katrina?

I do not believe I will live to see the United States return to its past

Why aren't they reporting the good things in NOLA? Friggin liberal media..

FEMA head or rep on Diane Rehm saying NO Mayor "could"

just seen the gov of mississippi

This tragedy is showing us the ugly side of what our country has created..

Bush* RUSHED to DC , cutting his vacation short to sign "Terri's Law"

Why not mandate a national 55 mph speed limit immediately?

Bush begging for international aid

WalMart has donated $1million to relief! WTF?? Pocket change.


What if this was a Terrorist Attack?

Has anybody noticed what the job of the "task force" is?

rescue boats

I have to post this somewhere

Bush to visit Friday

Bush : Donate all that $$$ You Raised (while people died).

We have a couple of New Orleans locations- I saw looting footage

Are these the eyes of a compassionate man?

The "I can't believe the looting" threads may very well be INTENTIONAL

NEW! Hi-Res (1 meter resolution) Satellite photos of N.O. & Biloxi, Miss.!

CNN is playing yesterdays scenes over and over and over today

Ugghh - this disaster is totally depressing

Corporate Media Watch: Katrina reporting

Isn't denying International help a sign of genocide when people are dieing

CNN Breaking- FEMA suspends boat rescue operations in New Orleans

The Tragedy of St. Bernard

I have a NeoCon friend who is totally happy with the response


Amy Goodman announced that Columbia University will accept

The Chimp is getting ready to invade Venezuela !

‘”Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river…”

What are we going to do with the Democratic Party?

doesn't it bother people that most people seem to be African American

As far as cutting money for natural disasters let's place the blame where

What to do about the tons of trash?

Freepers are the scum of the earth!

No one anticipated

No "Miracle at Dunkirk" for New Orleans?

"Reuters cameraman ordered held in Abu Ghraib" - Want to know why?

All chain stores should be opened and everything given for free

Pictures of Gas Madness on Long Island (pic heavy)

They understand the "Frustration" ? It is called DYING!!

It HAS to be said. Skirting the issue isn't working. When will the

The Weather Channel has the solution to all the problems

The gas siphoners are back... time to get a locking gas cap....

Will New Orleans be rebuilt in another location?

If there is a Purgatory, GWB is going to spend a long time there n/t

A person who *usually* gives bu$hit the benefit of the doubt...

Even Freepers are waking up

My e-mail to our local (Baltimore) teevee stations re: Katrina Lies

Freep said he didn't trust Kerry. I said 'Then you know ZERO about BCCI

any interest in a Katrina forumwhere case against Bush could be built?

Is it going to require a United Nations Resolution?

How long did it take for Tsunami victims to get drinking water?

NOLA flood prediction at simpler level than "My Pet Goat."

Tomorrow the King will uplift the peasants

Bush fired ACOE Chief in 2002 for criticizing NOLA levee cuts

DirectNIC still providing internet access from New Orleans...has blog


Relief supplies

Crisis 2005

Oil Storm: "Americans didn't realize how fragile their existence was"

Coast Guard 1-800-DAD-SAFE

The scavenging is being used to cover up the tragic FAILURES of the WH

14 year old boy saving lives

Victims begging their families to contact them on CNN.

NEVER FORGET: George Bush's Non-Response to Hurricane Katrina ---PIX->>>

The NYT korporation pisses me off

Update on Relief Effort:

Bush may attack the Bahamas

Ten Months Later, Could This Be Any More Relevant????

When gas hits $5.00 a gallon

Gas retailers in the Southeast and Midwest may simply turn off their pumps

The hospital ship the Comfort hasn't left port yet!!!

Post the number and email address for FEMA in Washinton DC....

Our men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan, how must

B* has really met his "Water"-loo in NO!

Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims

Where is the Fresh WATER YOU BASTARD? You are NOT HUMAN.

As oil prices rise, Dems have a chance to make big oil albatross for GOP

Will we see refugee camps in the US?

I'm starting to think that this relief disaster

48 hours and 3 meals

It's day three. We are approaching the human limit of endurance.

Have I mentioned lately that cartoonist Henry Payne is an asshole?

OMG! A baby died at the Convention Center

I heard on the tv this morning about Katrina in Florida

Sorry fundy idiots

Why haven't churches and religious organizations

The people in NO have been abandoned and are begging for help

Blaming blacks for their own deaths

FEMA finds excuse for its utter failure! I can hear it now.

A levee break was predicted. And Bush saying a levee break was

The beautiful sight of Air Force One...

Tinfoil Alert : This is taking on all the "elements of 911"....maybe worse

A few weeks ago Jon Stewart had a segment

IMPORTANT: official forecasts predicted what happened 3+ days earlier

Just had a horrible realization about financial situation of NO refugees.

Where are all the HAMs?

All this criticism of Bush is demoralizing New Orleans

Where is the Federal Government?

POST TO CON BOARDS: Who does Bush take care of, you or big oil?

Where are the pictures of the white people in NO? I'm not trying to be

Could people "put up" displaced people in RV's, campers?

Has technology replaced action ?

There are armed insurgents roaming the streets of a US city

So how did Cons react to Looters in Iraq?

I guess Jesus didn't tell Bush to save the South.

At this point the federal response is nothing less than genocide

A levee break was predicted. And Bush saying a levee break was

Over 10k signatures to Iraq Exit Plan in under a week...

Does anyone know who to contact to find missing family?

Shrub Plays The Gee-tar

Heard at a shelter

Gas up a buck per gallon in one month-never this bad in the 70's.

self delete

How the US got its neoliberal way in Iraq

Once a deserter always a deserter

Slidell--people are scavenging--it is not looting, they are trying to

Self delete, dupe

anybody listening to Haley Barbour revise katrina's history...

CNN breaking: FEMA suspending rescue operations

What's the URL for NOLA police radio? / eom

bush's "Good, Crisp Decisions"...

Netherlands offers US help with Katrina floods

CNN: FEMA suspends rescue operations!

He never wavers!

WWLTV: National Media has OVEREXAGGERATED the looting problem

"We will recapture New Orleans!"

FEMA most assuredly WAS NOT READY for this!!!

America's "FORGOTTEN" NO and MS

Folks it has been 4 days!!!

I just got off the phone , ordering propane for my house

A Libertarian's Take on Bush's Katrina Debacle (Paul Craig Roberts)

Did anyone listen to AM Coast to Coast last night?

Bring hurricane victims to military bases for shelter

MSNBC reporter: "We're forming an escape plan."

Social Change and the hell of New Orleans

Astrodome ---people coming on foot or car were not allowed in. No

Neil Boortz to read post from DU

Scotty M. from WH now on CNN

LIWOP? Let It Worsen On Purpose? Can Incompetence Account For All This

Scott McClellan says Bush to tour and give comfort--WTF?

Please use this thread to list all media contacts to stop this genocide

In Diane Sawyer's interview Bush MISLED re foreign aid to Katrina victims

PHOTOS- Biloxi coffins and the postal truck (must see)

Tune in Rachel Maddow NOW

The order to "stand down" is an unlawful...

My husband & I have decided that for this 3 day weekend

WWLTV: Chavez HAS offered aid, as have some others

How can you not hate the bastard after this?

Is the suspension of rescue efforts because of racism in the South??

before and after satelite pictures of the dome (warning dial up)

Dept. of Homeland Security

Gas Risng

Why isn't anyone talking about this? This is HUGE!

Heard on tv "we are winning the war on terror, we must win the war on ter"

Eye-opening story about food relief in NO.

It's sad that it takes something like this to open people's eyes....

Waveland, Mississippi is gone...

The Power of Sharing.....

Isn't It Time To Send The Riding Lawnmowers of Converse, TX to NOLA?

People are dying in the streets!!!

Sorry to say this: The Football games need to be cancelled

I have to logoff. I'm so stunned and angry at the 'Do Nothings'.

"Right now the President is having lunch with Chairman Greenspan..."

Please use this thread to list all media contacts to stop this genocide

Is the governor of Mississippi a Republican? He seems to be...

MPR expert: huge NOLA mosquito hatch to make life 'almost unbearable.'

Scanner: "We got a lady here ready to go into labor"

Its time to start E-mailing all media outlets and ask

He's having Lunch with Greenspan????

International offers of help: Please consolidate links.

UU church. someone gave me info on them. i called: result

Bush should ask for International help

"I hope, before $5.00, the president say 'Goodbye, I resign.'"

WTF do you mean "too dangerous?" We're fighting in Iraq insurgents

Do you think Bush wants the MEDIA reporting .....truth is not kind

Baton Rouge starting to see some problems...

Ladies and Gentlemen....

Ten Months Later, Could This Image Be Any More Relevant????

I've been noticing more and more freepers on this board lately. Don't let

One presidential order on Saturday would have alleviated 90% of....

Imagine this ....." Gulf Shores National Park"

New Orleans has officially become "Little Baghdad"

George Bush is no different now that he has been for last 5 years...

CNN's Spellman report -"Poor cannot get on the buses(superdome)"

Satellite Images Of The Flooding Animated With A Map To ORIENT You.

Where are the helicopters?

New Orleans: "In Our Thoughts and Prayers", by Wes Clark

CNN's Chris Lawrence: "People are like animals"

Even on DU you have to argue about the effects of global warming

Clerk at gas station, "we're almost out, no more is coming"

Bush is having lunch with Greenspan right now to discuss economic affects

Helicopters get shot at every day in Iraq. I can't believe they

Can we bus/train/fly all the homeless from New Orleans to DC

There's a BIG difference between looting and scavenging

Look at what the thugs and bigots at FreeRepublic are saying

WTF, people, you'd rather argue about looters than give to the Red Cross?


Katrina Refugees...Does the Government Have A Clue??

This is a Huge Tipping Point.

Are American citizens about to be SHOT AND MURDERED by a GOVERNMENT?


Bush Will Not Ask People Drive 55mph and Conserve Gas! Why??

Katrina was an acid test for FEMA and the OHS...

Atrios: Spellman says Baby Dies at NO Convention Center


according to the scanners the guard will be there for

11,000 National Guard for FOUR States? THEY ARE WAITING TO DEPLOY MORE!

disaster relief is now as big a disaster as the disaster . . .

MSNBC Reporting that there have been no supplies.

Poor, poor Scotty.

Thom Hartmann is ripping W a new asshole. nt

My blog on hurrican relief.

What Bold New Initiative Will Bush Announce As a Response to Katrina?

My Hybrid and other gas observations

The Patriots' Pledge (repost)


President Pelosi

LTTE draft. Help me tighten.

Americans Are Doing Their Part, Time for Bush's Oil Cronies to Do Their

My husband & I have decided to change our plans for this

Write to your Senators

George Bush has made our country safer!!

A Prayer that ** gets his

Do Poor People Count In This Country?

Watching a clip of bush(puke) on GMA just now and


BRACE YOURSELF--Huge # Begin Dying today--Then Rise of Disease!

Kathleen Blanco just say something!

white house briefing live

Action : We should be "demanding" Gas Price Caps - Nixon did this in 1973

More articles on Katrina and what went wrong

Buckle Up and The Ride Is Going to Be REAL BUMPY

As far as communicating to the people on the ground...where are all

Gov Doyle Orders 500 WI Natl Guard Troops to Assist w/ Hurricane Relief

Halliburton closes at 52-week high thanks to Katrina

I am angrier today than I have ever been in my life.

A sinister explanation for what we're seeing in NO?

What about the cemeteries?

No one could be this guessing its deliberate

Listen to BBC radio today

Need quote where Idiot Son said he didn't "do" comforting victims

Live WH Press Conference w/ Scott McLellan on now

"Are you requesting international aid?"

McClellan is a lying son of a bitch.Said flood control was a top priority

PA Gov considering "gas rationing"

Should we be taking this to the streets? We need to demand action

Dean: "Now it's time for the President to step up".put people ahead of oil

are the media actually doing their jobs with Katrina?


Vicki Kennedy (on behalf of Ted): Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

My e-mail to the Whitehouse

The game of hot potato has begun

scotty mcclelland on MSNBC coming up n/t

Violent Chaos Worsens At Superdome

Why wouldn't the administration ask for help?

Nothing is unimaginable.. They are conducting ethnic cleansing

Why is it that this pResident has to rely on 'Pops' and 'Clinton'

if they gave out worse Governor awards, Blanco would win one

Oh no, Rick Sanchez is in NO

Vicki Kennedy (for Ted): Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Bring In The Marines, they like water!!

Worst. President. Ever.

Hell on earth

RawStory Developing: Rove caught at Crawford protest site

Where is the love?

"We are out here like pure animals. We don't have any help."

Good news from Gulfport:

The "looter problem" is a subtrafuge to divert attention from the

shocked at what Carville said on CNN this a.m.

Bush would've called 1000s of troops back from Iraq if Miami was underwater


No gas in St. Tammany Parish

LTTE: God did Katrina because of Liberals in the United States

request coast guard liazon at SD NO DANGER

Freepers willing to throw NO away.

Great! The Navy Ships Will Arrive on Monday!!!

Caller on AAR says her relative is the civil sheriff of NOLA--

With the current gas shortage/crisis, wouldn't it make sense to suspend...

United States looks like a third world nation. A nation that allows

NO, MS, AL ...brought to you by the same people who brought you

Didn't Bush blame Clinton for 9/11 a few days ago?

Scottie Press Conf-"Zero tolerance looting/there're ways to get food/water

Bush won't stand for (Gasoline) Price Gouging

The Perfect Storm (Chris Floyd) - brilliant.

Scanner tells tale of no resources..

Spinning Bush's Weak Response - FOREWARNING!

giving to the relief effort, my dilemma

Bush Admin Logic -----> Looting Food = BAD. Looting The Treasury = GOOD.

This isn't a time for finger-pointing

Help get solar water distillers for trapped residents - please help

I am AGAIN reduced to tears by what I am seeing

Our troops in Iraq are demoralized, not by a heartbroken mom in a ditch

Why doesn't CNN truck in water?? They got there. I know

Please pardon my bleeding-heart white-guilt, but I can't imagine....

Will we ever be able to live with ourselves after this scandalous

Somebody send bankruptcy lawyers to Houston Astrodome


Just received from a friend: Houston Food Pantry needs help

Where are the giant evacuation helicopters used for emergencies??

offers from other countries

A follow up on the racism and classism around Katrina Disaster...


Fats Domino missing since Monday.

America, it's time to take a REAL GOOD LOOK!

A baby just died at the convention center (this is not the super dome).

Who was the fool reporter that asked if * was going to have

Governor of Georgia Declares State of Emergency. (NPR)

Anyone here ever going to take another FUCKING CRUISE in your life?


Support H.R. 3037...

This morning, I had a bite to eat, water to drink

Is that poor baby in the carseat dead or just asleep?

Rescue of animals in Hurricane ravaged areas is also underway

Ugh! Little chance of rain in NO after today

Stay the Course in Iraq. Cut and Run in New Orleans,

Has Anyone Heard a Single Mention on TeeVee of These Stories?

McClellan says emphatic "NO" when asked if U.S. is requesting foreign aid

How is Junior going to tour NO tomorrow if the shooting is so bad that

Bush Insists Help Is On The Way - BBC article:

Too Bad the people we really need right now are in Fucking Iraq

NOLA Blogger: Anyone on the streets is in immediate danger of being killed

How can they get the NG in to stop looting but can't get food or water to

Our government has collapsed.

CNN just blew an excellent opportunity.

The Fall of an American City

GOP: Pre-emptive war GOOD; pre-emptive emergency management BAD.

I don't get it, I know it is dangerous, but we send our troops into Fallu

"You work with the budget you have"

An interesting live blog from a high rise in NO

Can we do a DU activist alert?

Bush is letting New Orleans die..from what I have heard on Rachel Maddow's

Have the military ships arrived yet?

Risk lives for Iraq, not for our own people???

Someone explain to me why we can't drop supplies

Breaking. Huge thunderstorms over NO now

IRAQ is one again the big ELEPHANT in the room the MSM won't discuss

Is there any way that US citizens can directly ask for help from the UN?

I just called the White House....

"You can't help people if they are shooting at you" - CNN Reporter

The country is sutting down and they are still pushing for Iran at the UN

why can't the media show the positive side of the NO disaster?

Scanner Activity...Evac underway still

This photo just about says it all...

Are we being realistic about New Orleans? (Keith Olbermann)

President Death

Question about the Convention Center...



*Bush* is the disaster!

The question no one dares ask: Did Bush want this to happen?


If I were the Governor of Louisiana today I'd invite the other countries

Does anyone have the link for the "Let them eat cake" graphics?

If Bush is lost about what to do for N.O...he needs to ask WWCD!!!

Time to face facts: Bush has declared a silent war on urban poor.

We're getting a good look...

Texas waives all state taxes on motel hotel stays of 30 days or more.

N.O. Survivor says "President Bush shouldn't be the president no more."

James Howard Kunstler's "The Long Emergency" is coming true, but faster.

CNN-"Main Goal to Restore Order-Not Rescue" OUTRAGEOUS

The Honorable Deborah Pryce (R)

Moving "Heaven and Earth"


This is America??????

Contact the White House Now, Here's links.

What about the next one??

Is there no procedure by which to recall a President??

Republican AND Democrat, BOTH SIDES have a share of fault here.

NO!!!!!!! Is that a dead baby on CNN?

IMPRISON bU$H-impeachment is not enough!

Where is Lott, Cochran, Sessions, Shebly, Vitter and Landrieu

Both Rescue Operations Have Been Suspended

Imagine if a dirty bomb or damn bombed..

"I'm gonna go fill up the's only $3.05 on the corner"

America, it's time to take a REAL GOOD LOOK!

Tone Deaf Republicans; Is Rove "dead"?

The societal engineering of the last 25 years has paid off, hasn't it?

CNN: Major buildings "pancaking" in Mississippi (Any Info?)

Michael "of the devil" Chertoff to give press conference.

Is it a prerequisite that you have to be stupid to be an anchor on CNN

Chertoff, "understands" (on now) eom

Kyra Philips reporting with urgency

"Help us, please. Help us!" The little girl (7yo) standing in the water

Anybody just see the report on MSNBC

Is there any way that US citizens can directly ask for help from the UN?

Post links to articles etc. predicting the devestation in New Orleans here

Well, there it is:

Welcome to LAKE GEORGE (from *** MUST READ ***

We need not invade anymore countries!

Bill Gates has done a few humanitarian acts before .....

The fat gasbag blaming liberalism for the disaster in the south

Ellen DeGeneres's aunt loses everything in Katrina

Kyra just asked Brig. Marks, "WHERE ARE ALL THE FORCES

There is ZERO hurricane coverage on the networks right now

WATER WATER WATER - why don't they get this

This administration will never recover

Jeff Spellman CNN Producer in NO just reported people dying

Quotes that tell...

* is going to "do lunch" today.

Where Is The 101st Airborne? Where Is The 82nd Airborne?

Donald Rumsfeld Going On David Letterman Show. Seriously.

Out of the mouth of Mama's boy

Is Chertoff in the same New Orleans???

Will the "pictures" stop?

Should the press take in active roll in helping people

Common theme - "Zero Accountability" .... the FEMA director

FEMA standing down all boat rescue operations - CNN live

Focus on the Family's Hurricane Katrina "Rescue Resources" :

Chertoff mentioned for NO sounded like same plan for Iraq

I have called both my Senators and my Congressman

"Security is a priority" - Alberto Gonzales

Delete, please, dupe (n/t)


I called our city manager Tuesday (coastal Alabama)

Just announced on local news here in Northeast Louisiana.......

Key words from the press & order..effective

MSNBC VIDEO: Struggle to survive (*Caution* emotional stuff)

Good lord. Chertoff is downplaying the tragedy...

The storm is OVER. What's killing people now is THIRST AND HUNGER

Are they using "security" as an excuse for their incompetence ?

Bush hands out water:

For people who visit Freeperland, are there any Freepers who live/d in NO?

"fighting the terrorists over there..."


"What you see on TV are isolated pockets" - CNN Asswipe

Stupidest. Email. Ever.

A GIANT MIDDLE FINGER For Exxon-Mobil And The Rest Of Them!!

Need Democratic Press Conference - Emergency DC return

Where are all the Christian "compassionate conservtives" helping?

Please call everyone to restart the rescue!

Are you confident that the Federal government will keep your city safe?

Patrick Rhode (deputy director of FEMA).."Little bumps in the road"

Gonzalas-"We will have situation under control in reasonable amt of time"

superdome evacuation stopped because of gunfire, breaking news

The only reason gasoline is not going up quicker is to prevent a panic...

So THIS is compassionate conservatism?

Calling all compassionate liberals and hollywood "elitists"

Thousands die while the Feds focus on accountability and CYA

When Will Bush Resign?

Okay -- I get it now! (Listening to USN Admiral on CNN)

Welcome to the Third World (A Rant)

OK I see, It is the lack of Media Coverage of all they are doing ....

Steve Dahl is a PIECE OF CRAP!

Today it's New Orleans...tomorrow it'll be YOUR TOWN!

Next Repubs will say"NO folks eat better than the rest of us" like Gitmo

Drudge posts note regarding Condi Laughing it up Last Night at a Theatre

Is this the America we're trying to force on to other countries?

Category 4 Hurricane Determined to Strike U.S

junior asked Clinton and papa to lead an effort to gather

If Bush poll numbers go up, so help me, am going to

The Perfect Storm

Pope Benedict wants you to get your groove on

Rev. Sharpton and Jackson NEED TO GO ON TV!!!

"And good luck to the people trying to survive"--perky Chertoff.

Uh-Oh angry white men walking aimlessly with large rifles on FOX NEWS

Hurricane Katrina Timeline

This "press conference" is nothing but a Dog and Pony Show

Donald Rumsfeld Going On David Letterman Show. Seriously.

Armed civilians surrounding police officers on Canal Street

* up on CNN in about ten minutes

Bush is mentally incapacitated: We need to remove him from office

did this idiot actually just say that this

What special "skills" does one need to help NO

With Martial Declared, Expect The Media To Get Pulled Out

"Huricaine President' action photos of bush

Who wants to govern this country? It appears there's currently a vacancy.

It's irresponsible and immoral.

We cannot seem to locate one of our columnists

Good News. Trop Storm Lee heading north, not west

(202) 456-1111 Call the White House & Demand His Resignation

Politicizing Katrina

Need help me with How Republicans don't learn from history

MSNBC breaking--Congress coming back to session tonight

Who are the insurgents in NO?

Will America ever wake up as to everything sacrificed so a RW

call from marriot on canal...armed civilians surrounding police officers

2 songs to express the truth..

What is the process to shut down the executive branch?

DNC: Chertoff Blames Refugees and the Dead for Their Fate

ORE BOATS! Why the fuck didn't someone think of that?

Heartbreaking photo, but it also shows humanity. . .

So, if you were running for president, what would be your platform?

"She said that New Orleans ordered 100,000 body bags."

Why doesn't McHale send in the Navy?

Silly me, I thought God himself annointed the shrub.

Anyone have a crop duster?

A Tale Of Two Choppers: DC And NOLA - Three Days Into The Disaster!

A moment to remember the most beautiful of all human reactions: hope

The Lesson of the Storms - A great read by a Moderate


Where is rich Hollywood? Harrison Ford's plane?

Are the shootings and some violence myths?

Chertoff has "tremendous pride" to work with the people who have

For Charlotte-Area cube rats

I think it's time for truth in reporting...

FEMA National Hurricane Preparedness Week...

"President Bush ain't doing his job" (video)

why aren't all eyes on the devastation?

RW Media: "There is a Muslim/Liberal Alliance"

Army Corps of Engineers budget for levee construction in NO. is slashed!

Why is the White House deliberately stalling from saving the people of NO?

Statement from Mayor of NOLA

"They are out of resources they are out of Buses" - CNN

Oh goodie. Another press conference from our "leaders". I love PR.

When are we going to ask for help from other Nations?

Category 4 Hurricane Determined to Strike U.S.

dupe, please delete

The Gummint hot air session won't take with the average person...

WWLTV Anchor: FEMA bugged out.

Need to find a website to check on gas availability between OK and FL

take a moment a check these two sites

BREAKING:NOLA Emergency head said FEMA has "bugged out of NO"

WDSU now giving walking directions for people to leave Nola

Another Dog & Pony Show Coming up, Clinton, Bush I and Bush II

Student and Educators to Stop the War (SESW)

3 min ago : De Villepin : "All available means are ready"

ALERT CNN: " DESPERATE SOS!" Mayor Says Supplies At Center Are Exhausted!

WDSU now reporting on Convention Center

Looters can be "shot"....but Gas Stations can steal from us at $6 gallon ?

Bu$h working hard to save his ass

VIDEO: Define Irony

CNN Reporter: "Not allowed to talk to the refugees" in the Dome.

directions to drive out of NO from some people who did

'Who opened the New orleans flood gates"?

So when do the recruiters start sniffing around the refugees?

BREAKING FROM CNN: Mayor of NO: Desperate SOS for those at CC

pelosi from calif yest said call congress in to keep fema going

Chertoff has no experience qualifiying

International Aide

If tens of thousands of Americans are starving to death in plain sight..

Just how much aid has Bush rejected?

NO: Many Thousands Trapped in 2 Hospitals, Convention Center and Superdome

Congress may come back early to re-instate FEMA funds

Mayor of NO just made an SOS statement to CNN saying they are desperate

Kyra on CNN: Mayer of N.O. sends them S.O.S. message.


So this boils down to NO MONEY for FEMA?

They don't need security you white pompous assholes....

White house only requesting $10 billion for FEMA just now???

BushCo on TV now...MSNBC...running his mouth

Question about donating to the Red Cross

Whatever happened to "trains"?

Tom Oliphant making way too much sense on Air America

liberals love the disaster so you can blame the weather on Bush

Calling Clinton and his daddy, in response to the tsunami....

What a great Secretary of State we have

Anything new on the people stranded on the overpass??

Kyra on CNN is blunt nt

So ** calls on Clinton to raise funds and tells NOLA citizens to wait

Racism - if it was white people on the roofs...........

Maybe he said "Stay the corpse"

Tom Oliphant making way too much sense on Air America

I can't believe our government is so incompetent

The Bushists turned away Canadian emergency help?!

My heart is truly breaking.

this is such fucking bullshit!

Bush: "Guardsfolks"


I find it sad that it took a national disaster of Katrina's size

I Have No Doubt Bush Will Be More Reviled Than Nixon In His Own Lifetime!

Did anyone hear that Congress would return early!

Little Lord Pissypants flanked by Daddy and Unka Beel

Question: Can the Gov of LA ACCEPT the aid offered by Canada,


Bush really smirks at the most inappropriate times

Emailing Chavez....

Letter Sent to Priest who said Homosexuals caused Katrina

Coward: "this is a temporary disruption"

cnn cut Gov of LA off to cut to Bush!


Interdictor blog: "THE REAL MILITARY IS NOW FLOWING IN. National Guard

Just Watched a Military Helicopter land on a highway in NO and

There are people dying and that asshole is talking about GAS PRICES??

OMG WSDU intercutting * speech about gas w/vid from chanting

If I was President I would fly airforce 1 and parachute supplies in.

"Unca Bill, this is Dubya, can you please come to the White House?"

Why don't we ask the professional "brush clearer" to go and help in NO?

So......when are we going to take it to the streets

I saw the cud chewing jaw thing!

Musician "Fats" Domino Among The Missing In NOLA

Sorry, Dubya, someone else needs this more than you....

Another casualty of the Iraq War: NOLA

Bush on. Would love to see Bill Clinton turn and....

2 years ago, freepers blamed the deaths of thousands...

Limbaugh is hitting on all cylinders in attempt to save Repubs.....

condi at a play?

Hey's a good place to start...(funds!)

When idiot boy goes to NO tomorrow, can someone lock him in

Help out at

f*in bush boy needs daddy and clinton again. such full of crap this boy

Lt. Kerry pulled people out of water on a swift boat during combat

New MEMES to start hitting the 'pugs/media/politicians with..

I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now. Re: Rescue efforts stopped.

State EOC continuing with search and rescue!

Today's "Bushism" (O the irony)

Bush could kill a baby on national TV and get away with it

"My Lunch With Greenspan". Imagine that scene.

I just heard shrub tell us to be "prudent" with gas use

I'm just going to pretend Gore became President in 2000

What do you think of Bush's lowering of gas standards in the US?

Legendary Musican "Fats" Domino Among The Missing in NOLA

Long range: Is NO even rebuildable?

They should drive the Faux News crew away from the SuperDome

Are they going to arrest the dead bodies in the streets??

Does Bush Have New Dentures? What's Wrong With Him?

* needs daddy and Clinton to help him out!

private sector has to do their part as well. wtf..... this pisses me off

Photo From Yahoo of the "Looters"...

Katrina sets big test for US - BBC News

Spike Lee directed Prince video is very today.

No water/food/medicine drops because THERE AREN'T ANY?

The mainstream media is desperately shielding Bush from accountability..

Bush is sending in "guardfolks." Exact word he used.

Roll back credit interest rates, roll back tax breaks to the wealthy,

Anatomy of a Disaster: FEMA is a victim of Bushist "war on terror"

What is really going on here? Do they want people to die?

What kind of reception does the jerk think he is going to get tomorrow?

Can we house NOLA refugees in mothballed military bases?

Let me get this straight...

Brett Favre, Steve McNair and Serena Williams contributing to relief.

Bush up now with Poppy and Bubba

sniping at a hospital?

Sadly, we predicted it...

Scotty, we need more power!! Skinner, that did it!

While people die, Condi is spotted shopping for shoes

How's this for a twisted conspiracy theory?

Bush - Don't buy gas if you don't need it....

Bush hires a real President to assist in New Orleans disaster.

WE are the government, not the Bush administration.

New footage on CNN, guy picked up American flag.

Chertoff lies about the Superdome and everything else


NIXON had the courage to impose PRICE CAPS ON GAS when the US under

Why are they not letting Canada help!!!?!?!?!!

I guess if the world wasn't willing to help us with Iraq, then...

If you listened to Chertoff you'd think everything was going great.

Before ANYONE get's SAVED...

My car is loaded with donation items

100's of bodies found in Biloxi

You do realize it's not just gasoline, don't you?

"Bush has hit the ground running!" Foxnews 9/1/05 @ 2:54 p.m. EDT

US not accepting foreign aid????!!!!!!

Right now the people in NO are victims of their government, victims of

Question for those of you who have faxed the White House....

What about these looters?

Bush's speech - anyone else think it was more of speech to...

Were the Rescue-Halting Gunshots Related to Threats Against Looters?

I suddenly want to blast raucus Dixieland Jazz out my windows

Some food airlifted and dropped to the people at the Convention Center.

If there really WAS an Al Qaeda...

YahooNews: Blacks "loot," whites "find"...

Time for * to declare War on .... Water. Kinda rhymes with 'terra'. n/t

Ferry boat pilot shot - with NG soldiers on board

ok, I just figured it out: Wolf Blitzer is a Bushbot on remote control

Live now: reporter telling NG and LA EOC heads that there are dead bodies

Two minutes on GASOLINE DISTRIBUTION out of a 5 minute speech?

CNN: it's been raining for the last two hours.

Just heard on the scanner that the pilot of a ferry boat has been shot.

apparently you need to be in a persistent vegetative state for Bush to

CNN: Small Amount of Food/Water dropped at convention cntr-not enuf

What About President Carter?????

It's Too bad NOLA is not a brain dead woman

did anyone else lose Randi's feed?

Texas has announced a program for Louisiana evacuees

some food dropped by helicoptter to Convention center, cnn

call from marriot on canal...armed civilians surrounding police officers

Peace, Prosperity, Competence = Impeachment; One Disaster After Another

the Matrix

Spellman Reporting NG Dropping MREs at the Convention Center

KEEP IT UP - WE DID IT, WE DID IT- they dropped a small amnt of food/water

Dr from Charity Hospital says there have been NO security incidents

world reaction to hurricane kristina

1000's of dead Governor of LA

Now that a lot of people are suddenly way, way angrier...

What are gas taxes in your area?

And when the levee breaks, spend it on pork barrel Homeland Security

The Matrix

Cafferty Tearing into the Administration


And now sniper fire directed at a hospital in New Orleans.!!!!

Iraq or New Orleans?

15 to 20, 000 People trapped in NO Convention Center. Mayor urges March

A Letter To Letterman

Screen Shots Of Bush Discussing Damage To The Oil Infrastructure In Gulf

See the look on clintons face.... oh they just zoomed in HAHA!

Jack Cafferty is kicking ass on CNN

Hospitals cannot find parents of preemies they evacuated..

Oh Cafferty, I now love you.

Help - need a link to the three things that were named as disasters

Anyone having du tech problems?

Cafferty asked viewers to email with their opinions about the federal govt

Has Bush actually DONE anything?

Freepers head on my email list exploded!

Prolifers and Bush - how he has let you down.

My Fax to the White House:

Quote from an extremely conservative news paper in New Hampshire

You should all be on guard

The Calvery is HERE (USMC)

What just happened that pushed DU to Level 3?

Randi: Why did you not use the buses to evacuate Sunday??!?!?!

LA Times: Trapped in a Arena of Suffering (Superdome Horrors)

This is Bush's BLOW JOB -- Katrina should blow him away

1,100 Patients still left in Charity Hosptial/300 People in Ritz Carlton


They say we want "big government", now we see they want "weak government".

more NO satelitte images

Help Is On The Way! Help is on the way? help!

New bankruptcy law a problem for Katrina victims

Their shills pretending to be lifelong Dems are leaving Party over this.

Watching Resident Asshole on WWL now. More interested in oil

Just called Henry Hyde's office

Satellite Photos - New Orleans Flooding (high bandwidth)

Is Dick Cheney Alive?

Why would they shoot at helicopters and boats?

"A man covers the body of a man who died Thursday outside the convention "

"A fly-by aboard Air Force One is NOT leadership."

What a difference a dozen years makes.

Not a freaking word from Liddy "I love the South" Dole...past Pres. of

The only question is now

Clinton and Bush 1 have shown up in an apparent attempt ...


Someone MUST take control of New Orleans Rescue

NG Scanner has been dead since the report of Ferry boat pilot...

Can we call our senators and demand Fresh Water be airlifted?

Can we take * back to Walmart and ask for a refund?

insane, won't rescue Charity Hospital

We should rebuild New Orleans

Democratic Proposal - Bankruptcy Relief

The "Most Powerful Country on Earth" can't get water to people in 4 days ?

Hey has anyone heard of Bush cutting off the pumps this weekend?

Clothing donations?

What did Bush's 2 extra days of vacation cost New Orleans?

Is the situation in NO a setup for martial law?

Is Walmart doing anything for the hurricane victims? n/t

"pushing out pallets of water and juice "

Who's telling the truth, Reporters on ground in NOLA or Gov.Officials

Cafferty: "...never seen anything as badly bungled as (hurricane relief)"

Which happened first - Bush strumming or the levee break?

The MSNBC Guy Yesterday?????

Did I hear right? A child was raped in the dome? WHAT????

I see CNN is still talking about looting...

Bush in first 2000 debate with Gore re: disasters and FEMA

The difference between Iraq war coverage, and Katrina coverage, is.....

Is Mayor Nagin a democrat?

Anyone see this link from August 7th

Will someone please explain to me ...

Cafferty is my new Hero,

Are regular armed forces in NO? If so, forbidden by Posse Comitatus Act.

i'm looking for a dick cheney quote re: gas prices/failed presidency

here comes another cafferty RANT...........

"Make no mistake,the world is watching this governement's failure

Clinton/Bush 41 on CNN NOW!

My co-worker and I are thinking about going to help

Bush knew this disaster was coming, and he did NOTHING.

Bush has unlimited money for Iraq and destruction. Our money.

House Speaker: Rebuilding N.O. doesn't make sense

Anyone know what happened to the Scanner Feed I had been listening to?

Donate your Frequent Flyer Miles to the Red Cross!!

abc cut W 's saying 'no one could anticipate levee break' out of video

Times-Picayune NO blog: People shot dead in the streets

Hoard and Gather

Can we reinstate Clinton as President?

When donating, don't forget about the animals left behind...

really, i'm gonna puke.

So where are the "faith-based" organizations?

Democratic leadership should be going Apeshit!

NO Craigslist lost and found.....unbelievable and sad.

Is the American Red Cross Reputable?

Come on Big Dog/Poppy....get up to speed!!!!

All the right steps? They have taken all the right steps?

CNN-Cafferty on "elephant in the room" Up Next(minorities/poor)

We must demand someone in Dem Party stands up for immediate action! NOW

Woman Stuck in Hotel in the FQ: "No Police, No NG, NO FEMA Nothing!"

Plan for national security: Run for your lives!!!!!

Now I am convinced that homeland security's plan was........

U.S. home prices rose 13% over year, Feds see no sign of real estate peak

41 is noticeably soft-spoken today.

7000 NG expected next time to bury the dead. WTF?!!!

A New Orleans Airlift? Any air dropping of supplies in N.O.?

Things you never thought you'd say: "Where's Al Haig when we need him?"

"We failed to look at the worse case scenario." Same old story.....

Folks, Katrina has proved one thing. WE ARE ON OUR OWN!

Doesn't Bush at least care how this looks to the rest of the world?


ok---FEMA suspended operations due to danger

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, its Strategy of Tension, got it.

Well Bush finally did it. Compared Katrina to 9/11. what a TOOL!!!

here comes the rant about racism.....classism..

Is GOP using the hurricane to promote the repeal of the inheritance tax?

Grover Norquist got his way. Govt's been drowned in the bathtub.

Is there something that the DU Activist Corps can do?

Bush's Contempt for Government

bring them home now!

Live on CNN...

Storyline: President braves sniper attacks to personally deliver

FR: "Why Don't The Just Walk Out Of NoLA?"

Bravo Jack Cafferty!!!

30 years ago, we were flying 500+ people at a time in L-1011 freighters

Do you feel safe now? If a disaster or attack happens to you, you're on

Thank you Jack Cafferty. Freeper email praising pres for calling Congress.

Wolf says,

MSNBC tape of the Superdome.

NPR reporter : very few people are condemning the looters


Is it time to storm the Bastille yet?

There's a blog updating on the conditions in New Orleans

Question: why aren't we mad at the mayor and the governor?

[Audio] Scotty "Too Snotty" Mcclellan - 9012005 Press Conference

9/11 was a time to not play politics, but they sure did anyway

Katrina: The house guest you knew was coming but didn't prepare

This is war.

It's pretty clear to me: We really don't have the troops in number or

READ UP on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

"Bad management... bad leadership"

Wolf is getting it....Jack is getting it....we KNEW this was going to

More lies from FEMA.

It appears as if it took a disaster of this magnitude to finally have the

Gov condemns rumors about violence..Says there "Are no Riots!"

Pre-positioned my ass, another LIE slips by the MSM

Blitzer/Cafferty on fire. Pointing out the racist/classist implications.

This is the reply I received from the White House to my e-mail of earlier

Shaquille O'Neal Donated $500,000.00 To Katrina Victims

Times Picayune forum reveals true horror that is NOLA...

I don't care what you say, screw Bill Clinton!

Help! My daughter needs a G-mail account, Tulane student .......

Show us the National Guards! Where are they?

NOLA Needs "Operation Vittles"

This country has been pillaged and plundered by Bush & the neocons.

Does anyone have a spare g-mail account, Tulane student needs one.....

FEMA is a fricking Joke - do you feel safer ? This whole thing is a con.

Dangit.....I want "My Posts" back...everybody stop posting! :-)

European people and media scratching their heads

CNN started to wake up today, will they keep the fire on chimp

Senate to return tonight

even Pentagon-shill Jamie McIntyre (CNN) is railing against...

Should Bush, Cheney and Co., be arrested for criminal negligence?

The American People should DEMAND resignations...

think I blew it--called OK rep John Sullivan about little or no action in

Bush Policy - Reduced to six words...

CNN Spellman report now --People dying right in front of me--horrible

Rove Vists Camp Casey

Suzanne Malveux: asking bush 41 a question...

Screw the Bushes ... bring Clinton into the Gulf States by HIMSELF!

How to survive several days without water

Cafferty is ripping Bush a new asshole YAHOOOOOOOOO nt

When will the Kerry attacks begin???

What does this response by our government do to the Psyche of

Poppy is still an idiot.

We need to start a website entitled "Famous Lasting Sayings"

Bush's Abstinence Only- Ohio High School Has 64 Pregnant Students

Clinton makes Bush 43 look like a complete imbecile

My freeper husband just slammed me because

Outside of the civil war and the great depression 3 of the biggest screw..

"What It's Like" Walk a mile in their shoes

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take

Please, could someone post Jack Cafferty's email?

Maybe Jack Cafferty read DU before he went on the air ?

Wealthy people own a lot of land in this nation that could be used

Brown Lying & Claims Feds Had People Positioned For Deployment

People commit violence every day, flood or no flood -- why do some people

Freepers are the worst human beings in the world (See how they hate)

Why doesn't W use his fund-raising abilities...

FEMA is directing Katrina donations to the Rev. Pat Robertson

Surprise Surprise... another Al Qaeda #2 tape pops up today...

Bushy snr and Clinton on Cnn International

So when will we hear "Operation (insert noble-sounding name here)"

Show of hands ... who thinks we should get President Carter involved?

Jack Cafferty is on fire!

People in Cali. better hope

The president has the answer to our oil crisis


Impeachment is an insufficient solution.

just heard on scanner

trent lott whining on hannity about losing his house

Conundrum: FEMA management is clearly incompetent.

These Press Conferences are designed to snowball

Those yet to be resuced

Harold Ford "Bush weak and uncertain" Freepers calling him a RINO....

FEMA Dir Brown just blamed media again for highlighting troublemakers

"i don't thiink.." An email I just sent to my whole address book

condi rice buys expensive shoes while people die!

Somebody needs to take this FEMA guy outside and beat him

Fire Liar Mike Brown of FEMA

I think we should "stay the course" in New Orleans

Why it is so important to HAMMER on this mismanagement....nt

They are just shoveling a deeper and deeper hole for themselves...

What's up with the ribbon on google?

window sign for all to print ? WHERE WAS BUSH

Guess they can shelve those recruiting ads that show the NG helping

You won't believe what some of the repukes are telling me

Finally - signs of life from Howard Dean

"...this is a security issue for us."

FEMA Director is impressed by the "fascinating dynamic" ....

Could Katerina lead to bringing the troops home?

LIES from FEMA!!!

So which administration official will

Cafferty on CNN compares Congress Return for Katrina w/ Terri Schiavo

It's Not Rocket Science !!!!!!

Bush bypasses Senate to install Justice Dept. official

To all you liberals that are sick of our Democratic leaders.

FEMA director implying that MSM is lying

Maybe the silver lining is the awaking of the masses

Priority #1 Massive Air Drops Of Food And Water Now......

Corp of Engineers- Assessment of levee problem

Pump prices stun gas-guzzling Americans

Fats Domino missing in N.O. floods

ALERT - It may be wise to buy groceries NOW! Trucks may stop moving.

Kerry, Gore, Clark, Dean should setup an alt. govt. HQ, offering up SOUND

Fema Director sounds too much like Super Dave Osborne

The Heinz Corp has donated $500,000 worth of money and goods, and promises

Feds Commandeer Hotel buses

Just in from Yahoo- Black people "looting", white people "finding"

"It is absolutely a fascinating dynamic"...watching people suffer?!

Dennis Hastert has a lot of explaining to do!!!!!

I don't believe these reports of gunshots at hospitals and helicopters...

The Roots of Looting

"I don't have total disability on that"...WTF??? FEMA ignoramus...

Katrina Gone, Lee Weakens, T.D. 14 Forms (Map)

The convoy of buses on CNN is such a sight to see!

Whoa! Fema guy just disreguarded bodies in the street?!?!?

Which is most important at this time? Food and water or money ?

DUers anyone experiencing lines at the gas stations other than

FEMA Head Brown: Sociopathic Scumbag

The Wizard's Electric Campfire. Come Children Gather Round.

5:10 PM - What footage is WWL showing?

Republicans push "Death Tax Repeal" bill...their answer to NOLA crisis

Nurse from Charity hospital on Ed's show now nt

Someone PLEASE post a link to Clinton's comments NOW

FEMA to Russia: Don't send aid!

????volunteers to help in the astrodome told to take course on 9-7???

Are they SHOWING on TV the dying and dead in Convention Center and

CARTOON: Fear Not, Superhero Bush To Save The Day!

Mike Brown of FEMA = Baghdad Bob. Whatcha think ? nt

Well that was helpful! NOT! When did Clinton become a repuke?

If Clinton were still president...

I HAD a picture of me and Clinton in New Orleans on Decatur St.

somebody tell me I'm misreading this (FEMA)

" The Superdome looks like the Jenin refugee camp. "

Are there any National Guard/Reservists Here?

MSNBC - replay the interview with the camera man from the Convention Ctr.

"The city is unsafe, we've lost control"

Reporter on CNN comparing the situation in New Orleans to Iraq

VIACOM just donated a $1,000,000 cash for Katrina victims

Venezuela’s Citgo Petroleum Corp. pledged a $1 million !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tax investments fund public safety.

Gas here in WV (Eastern Panhandle) went up three times just today

I am going to thank CNN and their reporters for their great job

Chris Lawrence, cnn--police in their stations. it is not safe to be in the

How can America,

AOL Online Poll - Bush Response 51% Poor

So where are the TV Preachers (Robertson, Falwell, etc) with DONATIONS?

The media perspective on New Orleans

L.A. Attorney General: "We will Prosecute these people in the District Ct"

HUGE Caravan of Buses Headed for the Superdome!

Survivor "The Government did nothing"

Will the A.D.D. voters forget this

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

Medical DUers. If you have contact info re: medical support for

Rapes, Beatings at Convention Center, Police Can't Get In

Report from on the ground in New Orleans. Armored personnel

Does America now see the change needed at the polls?

"I think the story you need to report is..." admitting propaganda!

Has any reporter actually shown NG troops in NOLA?

Sweet Jesus, I can`t believe what I just saw on MSNBC.

Great blog from NOLA with live video feed

Nothing speaks so loud as that deafening silence I hear right now...

North America needs a comprehensive, combined disaster plan

FEMA A National Disgrace says NO Head Emergency Operations


U.S. Border Patrol Moved to Katrina Area, Border Vulnerable (newsmax)

Congress and Senate reconvening

NPR Reporter at the NO Conv. Ctr - 2,000 people w/no food, no water

Fill me in on why everyone hates the FIMA director?

Media/ who is giving accurate coverage? Who's fueling unecessary fear?

Why in the hell are Bush supporters so scared to criticize him?

U.S. welcomes aid from abroad ???

Thenardier would be pleased

Too bad. We told them to get out.

New Orleans City Council President: "Maybe God's Going To Cleanse Us"

Cafferty is back

I was stuck in Garden City army building during a blizzard...for 5 days

Inmates have taken control of the Jail.....

Just in from AP New Orleans Mayor SOS!!!!

This post from freepers...All about the shadow gov't and FEMA

Good morning, America, how are you?

I want to see a major caravan led by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,

Jesse Jackson just thanked Citgo and Chavez!!

shep smith slams hannity

The Film Of Dead People in The Convention Center on CNN

The National Guard brought guns and ammo - not food or water.



Baghdad Bob says, "Don't worry mon, be happy. No problem, mon"

Grassley: We Need To Tell OPEC To Lower Their Oil Prices

So how many deaths in NO will it take..

Bush's idea of helping: telling people to donate

How's Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS doing?

This brings tears to my eyes - people opening their homes to refugees


Brown of Fema just said he first heard of Convention Center 4/5 hours ago

FEMA sez give money to Pat Robertson to help hurricane victims

Dean isn't calling for Bush* to resign either.

On Shultz....the Speaker Of the House Said

Wow -- Newsweek And MSNBC Are Creaming -- "Fear And Fury"

So, the Department of Homeland Security, sitting on loads of cash

WHERE the FUCK are our TROOPS!!! - FUCK CLINTON ---- WDSU, NO: -> MP3

"There's no police, no authority" in Convention Center

This is it. This is Bush's "Waterloo"

This FEMA guy is a trip.."Things are going relativly well".

Stranded Spain MP describes Katrina chaos (Convention Center)

Front Pages Across America - 9/1/05

Rep from Citgo offering help from Venisuela. Jackson just saying

How did CLINTON Handle Hurricanes?

and WHO is going to get the $10B for reconstruction? Hm? Haliburton maybe?


September 24th

Cafferty's on again ...

The Dittoheads Are Circling The Drain

FEMA douchebag on CNN now....

FEMA Michael Brown still using the word"choice"

Message to Pres. Clinton: Run, don't walk away!!!

Govenor's update on now on WWLTV

Time to revive the New Deal for the Gulf Coast

Someone my Sister-In-Law knows is renting a refrigerated truck & bringing

called OK sen Inhofe's Tulsa to demand he push total defense

Hillary Clinton is officially off my "potentials" list. No vote. Not now.

Mall on fire per WWL. EOM

I'm telling Mr. kt about the right wing hatred bits at a time.

Raymond Cooper, victim inside Conv. Center, warns Nat'l Guard...

Message to the 99% of America that aren't in the elite class

Should gov't have set up methadone clinic in NOLA in advance . . .

Repuke Gov gives aid to displaced citizens arriving in TX?

Clinton is no patriot, he is a shill for them.

FEMA said the request come in 4-5 hours ago--for Converntion Center

Live Jesse JAckson News Conf. NOW:

To all the Clinton-bashers, I have a few questions.

guy inside the Convention Center

in my home town in north florida

where is the food and water?

A weird decision by FEMA (from WWLTV.COM)

Time to put Hastert's feet to the fire

Prediction: MSM Will Report *'s Poll Numbers "Soaring" Soon

Join CLG's Revolution Tactics.

bush: "Don't buy gas if you don't need it. " as he boards Air Force One

Maybe tomorrow the Pentagon will quietly release the Abu Grahib photos

Someone Invoked Soviet's Response To Chernobyl

Video:7 children from 4 months to age 7 found on rooftop. Mother missing

"The big elephant in the room"

If I hear one more journalist say, "Have you ever seen anything like this"

Ron Reagan just said, "If reporters can get to the Convention Center ...

Are your U.S. senators and reps on overseas trips?

INVESTIGATION of the LEVEE BREACH? How did this happen?

Dear France:...Dear Venezuela:...Dear: (insert country here)

I've figured it out. DO NOTHING is the PLAN!

Where are the local demonstrations in all of our cities?

WWL reporting a fire...Westbank, perhaps? (Oakwood Mall on fire)

" This is no time for finger pointing" McClellan


I'm ready to start the REVOLUTION!! Who's with me!!!!!??????

How will Katrina catastrophe affect nature of Sept. 24 D.C. protest?

BBC World In New Orelans "Help us, why arent they helping us"

The FEMA Director - AKA Nazi Fucktard

My God but the Times Picayune news round up is disturbing..

"My lord, the guy heading FEMA has no qualifications."

WWL-TV: The Oakwood Mall is on fire.


Katrina question: Where the F##K is wall-mart?

remember Schiavo?

Reporter on WWL-TV "Same amount of choppers in the air....

why don't they use barges and flooded cars to fill dike breaks.

Randi Rhodes just now discussed what I discussed on this board days ago

I hope an organized group of NO refugees..

Criminally negligent homicide.

Have there been food drops?

I just went to buy a bottle of wine........ drinking my sorrows!

Bob Schieffer says "A national disgrace." He's quoting local leaders.

Why all the focus on military efforts and NONE on Red Cross/humanitarian?

Where can I get a copy of this article Randi Rhodes is talking about

My company just offered to match our donations to Katrina relief

Jamie McIntyre: "Military response not up to the level that is needed"

Is anyone else still listening to the NG Scanner frequency?

Fuck Clinton-FUCK EVERY person in Congress who doesn't stand up NOW

Very quick...Maddy Mcall??

Anyone else notice, * keeps ignoring real threasts for fake ones?

I have the exact same feeling I had before the LA riots. It's a powderkeg

Those of you who lived through the 70's energy crisis, please educate me : just found this LGBTQ resource for Katrina

CNN International: Citizens are to Blame for not supporting the bond issue

Recap of Tony Zumbado on MSNBC:


I just e-mailed Olbermann about the camerman's report

Biloxi Newspaper Rips Relief Effort, Begs for Help

Bush realizes he can't play "dress up as prez" anymore

So, FEMA stands for....

Turkey guts to Oil. Why the hell aren't we doing this?

Dallas gas will be $4.00/gallon tomorrow, at least at Tom Thumb

If you criticize Bush now, you are just being political!

'watch FOX and you'll get a different view' Inhofe's Tulsa office response

Why did it seem like a lightbulb came on in the FEMA guy's head when

Just heard on a NOLA police scanner


DU'ers: do you know if Wyoming, Montana, or Kansas have high gas prices?

I cannot get to the donate page on the Red cross website.

Worst FEMA director ever!!!!

The Media is Being Subliminal With NOLA

Remember Bush's base: "The Have's and the Have Mores." Is this "culling"

Dear Congressman Schwarz,

Clinton defending Bush.


What's happening with the media in NOLA right now...

Is anyone watching MSNBC? This is an OUTRAGE

TCS, Powerline ignorantly misread huricane data


WWLTV reporter says media is not allowed into NOLA anymore!!

I want people to watch CNN and then flip

We NEED the Big Dog!!!!

The Reason the airport was shut down

ABC doing report on foreknowledge of LA levee problems

Colonial Pipeline

Keep in mind that this is 90,000 square miles of destruction

Prediction: Bush administration won't survive the Fall

Why did all the news sites' articles on * begging the world for $ vanish?

Please post what the Democrats are doing

FEMA pimping Pat Robertson...your tax $$$ at work

Anyone watching the MSNBC camera guy right now?

Suggestion for hurricane fund raising

Maybe chimp will give halliburtin a no-bid contract to rebuild NO

Coulter: NY Firefighters (who want to help) aren't really NYers

In the days before Katrina hit, wasn't DU one of the few sites on Net...

The next time you meet a so-called "Anarchist..."

Welcome to NO-man's Land

Hey FEMA Mike get off the fucking TV and get those people some water!

I've never asked for DU help before.... I have a Friend who just lost

Black and White....ALL are Devastated with Katrina!

MSNBC Poll: Is Federal Help Arriving Quickly Enough?

Anybody have any ideas? How do we get water dropped?

Angry at how LA officials mishandled Katrina evacuations?

new bbc video...

Tell me this isn't a ridiculous picture...........

Emergency Congress meeting? Ask them to demand Bush's resignation!

How much more can this deteriorate ?

Thousands of children "chose" to say.

Dr. Simeone at Charity Hosp saying that the rumors of shooting

the 'situation in Iraq' in no way affects the Rescue Efforts---really?

Yahoo! issues statement on photo controversy

FEMA Mike = Baghdad Bob

God damn it, just put ME in charge!

WOW we just got power back on

"Don't buy food if you don't need it" - and other idiot quotes.


OMG....CNN just showed people picking through garbage for food....

Shouldn't Brown be doing something....

I thought everyone was screened for 'weapons' before entering convention?

"Rice says all hurricane aid offers from other countries will be accepted"

Natalee Holloway: Joran van der Sloot to be released!

On CAFE Standards and assholes...

CORRECTION: talking convention center, thought super dome

Two Disasters Converge: Katrina and bush. The Union May Not Hold

Where is the Culure of LIFE now??

CNN/HLN just showed video of a BP selling Gas for $5.89- $6.09 per gallon!

Call Senators and Reps tomorrow demand that water and food


I'm getting worried about our troops...

Bush family arrogance

My daughter wants to start a food drive at her high school!

Does the average American only care about gas... really?

Have you heard any rumors about bank panics?

Victims of the hurricane are being spread out. Check your area to help.

You know what? This is going to leave scars on our nation..

Just donated $100 to the American Red Cross for Katrina

Hastert: Looks Like NO Should Be Bulldozed

Must read! Jack Cafferty earlier today on the Situation Room!

I cannot fucking believe what I'm seeing

Why gas prices differ so much in same place

Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath: I'd Bet That The Repugs Wish Kerry Had Won

Why can't you Americans take care of your refugees...

We didn't shoot the looters in Baghdad....

A simple request. Some of us don't get as much coverage as others

FEMA... email address here

Kessler AFB

NBC: Law abiding citizens who have been left behind.

Ok. I think this has topped it. Well, not quite but this astonishes me.

Anderson Cooper just asked THE question.

if there was another storm or an earthquake, what would happen? ...

WTF happened to FEMA in the last year?

They TOLD people to go to the Superdome!!! Why were they abandoned????

Answer me a question, DUers. Let's say that

Fats Domino missing in flood

I am donating my next check to the relief effort.

Not kidding - will the fuel price have any effect on NASCAR?

For once and for all, the world IS responding!

Hastert says NO should not be rebuilt

Tell Cindy, et al. to go to the south and donate their buses and cars

Meanwhile in Iraq .... Sept 1 2005.

Just received a phone call from my daughter

Another $.40 today

FEMA Michael Brown....they have been fed this morn, they have been fed

Clinton: Nobody thought this was going to happen


" Apocalypse N.O. "

100,000 HOUSEHOLDS in New Orleans did not have cars

Aug 1, 2005: National Guard Wants Equipment to Come Back From Iraq

Bush***Biggest Looter of Them All...

"All in all it's been a good year for Laura and me"

Vancouver's Urban Search and Rescue reports horror in Louisiana

craigslist new orleans has a post...

WDW to Atlanta Gas report

My Plan for Sacrifice - from dKos

Mayor Ray Nagin, Senator Landrieu, Governor Blanco

Times-Picayune trying to publish tonight!

Could somebody explain bio-diesel to me.

Did anyone just hear on WWL - No new media allowed into NO??!!

Am I alone here

Just how Useless IS bush's Glorious Deptartment of Homeland Security?

The head of CNN must have told Rove: Go F**** yourself, this is unreal

All those military bases that this f-ing admin wants to close could be use

WHY is this being allowed to happen?

I have a question about the water removal issue

Any delivery DUers out there? How will you make it with gas so expensive??

I see now why the journalists are being shot in Iraq. I'm watching

My Guess Is That NO Will Be Rebuilt As A Petroleum Center...

Looks like Cheney has been playing dress up again...

My husband and I are thinking of driving to the Astrodome...

I just cried my eyes out after watching the convention center video

Olbermann to broadcast pleas for help tonight on MSNBC--8 ET

Report from Charity Hospital: "trash cans being used for human waste"

Outrage. Total Outrage.

BushCo looted FEMA to give rich guys tax breaks

Anderson Cooper lost it when he saw the ragged American flag

Sadly This Is One Of The Grimmest Graphics I Have Ever Produced...

So this is the best America can do

a call to those LEFT BEHIND

molly ivins' take on this disaster

I realize some are offended by the term "refugee" BUT

I can't believe what I just heard Tweety Turd say

Looking for a specific thread (about dem nonresponsiveness)

Time to boycott NASCAR?

freeper idiot on majority report...sam's going off.

“We need an energy bill that encourages consumption.”

Message to my CONgress folks w/ NARAL thingy re: Roberts, JOIN ME!

Totally slamming Bush on CNN....

Here is an ROWPU, on edit, fixed links

How many deaths will it take

Bush* makes us the laughing stock of the world again.

Anderson Cooper isn't acting like a journalist... heh..

FEMA pulled boats - they are punishing thousands for the actions of a few

What Do Refinerys Do

Did you hear? Rick Sanchez on And Cooper-Fema not going out to rescue beca

What if there's another hurricane with all these homeless people

How much will the government spend on the celebration of 9/11?

Even the deepest depths of incompetence couldn't result in such a fuck up

Guess What Bush Was Doing On Tuesday?

Video of Anderson Cooper laying into Landrieu will be up soon.

homeland security

Anderson Cooper of CNN just nailed Senator Mary Landrieux on live TV

Why is it a priority to stop looting rather than saving lives?

Katrina-Blessing for Bush?

Middle of the night emergency Congressional session, bush flying in from

Even Bob Schieffer's CBS Evening News has turned on Bush

Tense Crowds Fill Buses From Superdome to Texas

Does Senator Mary Landrieu really care about New Orleans ? Serious query

I've never said we've reached the tipping point, I'm saying it now.....

Oh Aren't They Just So Noble?

Children's Hospital of Alabama RN Reports from NOLA

MoveOn Appeal to Share your home

The reporters are getting there! Why can't emergency water and food ???

Why Katrina Is Likely to Be a Disaster for President Bush, too

I am a poor person...

Watching CNN bush* is going down

Unprecedented - THREE times I've written CNN to praise

Goddamit! We're all Americans!

Darn It -- What Drugs Is Bushco On?

Mike Malloy will be back on tonight....I bet he will be hot, can't wait...

Call Mary Landrieu at this number and tell her Anderson Cooper

Gangs are looting the Children's Hospital for drugs.

Can we use moral suasion to convince the major hotels to drastically

Have any reporters on the ground reported these shootings?

Democrats Should call for UN to take over in Iraq, US to Concentrate Here

Tell Poppy and Big Dawg two words: FUCK OFF

Holy Shit the press has grown balls

Well well well well well, would you look what made it to Snopes!

Hurricane Katrina: The People Did Not Have to Die

Emergency housing drive at Pass it on. (MoveOn)

Hey lurking freepers!! Enlighten me about something, would you?

Where are our Dem Voices???

Made some video clips from news today

Please DU this RW Poll

It's time to rise. Politicians take note: You are not doing your jobs.

Maybe this is silly

"Babies Die Right in Front of My Eyes" - NBC Cameraman

CNN- FEMA director just blamed the people who "chose" to stay in NO

Must Read....Ken Schram Commentary: It's A Razor-Thin Line

White House Backpedals on Flood Control

FEMA, natural disaters and terrorism - do you feel more secure now?

Maybe Landreau doesn't want her state cut off by Little Lord Pissypants

Inside Edition subtly equated poverty with criminality.

I don't think Anderson Cooper is going to make through this broadcast

Why are we posting threads discouraging charity work? (Bill & Sr.)

Lots of SUV posts lately. Lots of discussion about the need to haul stuff

I just called Harry Reid's office and UNLOADED....

WA Senator Murray Speaks on Katrina

Video of Biloxi mechanic: "Bush shouldn't be the president no more"

SUV (Simply Unsellable Vehicle) BLUES

On September 11, 2001, NYC had a Republican mayor and ...

I lose friends, while others lose families

Anderson is now crying

"it is worse than third world" said an MSNBC cameraman

FEMA Director = Baghdad Bob

Should We Stop Calling * an A-hole?

ATLANTANS - Refugee Aid Request from big Shirl.....

Award-Winning Report "Major Hurricane Will Hit New Orleans" Was Ignored

Bush failing at going jingoist on this one. Nobody to blame, no "enemy"

Telethon Nation

BRAD BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Karl Rove Makes Surprise Visit to Camp Casey!

Hell froze over today

WTF! FEMA is directing donations to Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing

Randi: "I am starting to believe that this is what they wanted" n/t

A good news thread

Very first & only message from the rw about this: Don't politicize this!

Why no 24/7 network coverage?

You ROCK, Anderson Cooper!

FEMA Director - I don't know Why these people didn't evacuate."

Scott McClellan: "We are NOT requesting international aid."

An easy, quiet protest - Put your Kerry/Edwards lawn signs back up

Am I the only one who gets a chill up their spine

What we can blame Bush for and what we can't

Tragedy strikes close to home: why would looters do this?an appeal

Condi watch! She's SHOPPING in NYC!!!

HuffPo: "scene of so many people abandoned by all legally constituted ...

Was Katrina BushCo's experiment in Straussian social Darwinism?

Not Waving, but Drowning--A letter to George


Sign Up for Emergency Housing Drive: (MoveOn)

Vital information for those going in to the affected area.

Why are people shooting? I understand the looting, if you want to

My nephew is going to NO!

I am still in Shock.

Our Country is guilty of Genocide

Did the head of FEMA say

Not Time to Point Fingers???

what the aircraft carrier will really do

What's worth considering, re: New Orleans

Aid offers pour in from around the globe

The word from Landreau's office (202-224-5824):

Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims

We should invite the millions in NOLA to March and camp on WH lawn!

Fed response to Katrina PROOF that we're NOTsafer or better prepared to

What's happening in N.O. is republicanism at its core

FEMA Michael D. Brown

A mother gave her baby to a stranger...

Freepers freaking out over AOL poll results on Bush's handling of

I just called the White House....

Dead Bodies Floating By. OMG!

Is there a phone call service DUers can provide?

Utter incompetence


Can't some of you understand two things are happening?

Damn the repub on Randi wishing that he didn't vote for Bush

Bill Clinton: Patriot, Patsy or........

Is America third world country?

Latest Political strip on Bush's inspection of New Orleans

Clinton is a Patriot...

Video of Conditions inside NO Convention center so Shocking/Can't be Aired

FRESH WATER SOURCE in NO & other cities... PLEASE pass


"This is a national disgrace,”, head of New Orleans’ emergency operations

Anderson Cooper is going for the jugular vein!

Fuck it -- I'm leaving

Wake of the Flood

I want a flyer. For my car.

CNN: Press Not Allowed to Talk to the "Refugees"

OK - About this "ONLY 40% of the NG are in Iraq" stuff...

What Was the Role of Fraud in the 2004 Presidential Election?

Fuck It! Here Is The List Of ALL Freeper Trolls I Have Seen Here Lately!

Shock Is Wearing Off And Anger Is Rolling In: Why Didn't You Do Something?

Survivor: New Orleans - The New Reality TV Show

President Death

Should San Francisco be worried?

New Orleans: We are on our own (an atheist rant)

McClellan Refuses To Answer Questions About Levee Funding

McClellan accuses press of "finger-pointing". Won't answer question.


LATEST UPDATES on DUers in the path of Katrina: Lost and Found!

Aerial MAP of Convention Center..can't they run supply ships up the river?


Don't forget why -- It's their BEAUTIFUL MINDS (some graphic pics)

Today I pulled into a gas station just to taunt the people driving SUVs

Kevin Drum explains why Katrina will be the end of Bush.

This is what happens when the controlling party's policy is FUCK THE POOR

Furious response to DISTANT cousin regarding bush & gas prices...


OXFAM: we’re concerned that resources may bypass the poor

I spoke with my mother tonight... she made it to Baton Rouge!

THIS is wonderful. Check out CraigsList New Orleans.

Rumsfeld: Looting is transition to freedom (April 4, 2003)

Off topic display of personal ignorance

Is "DART" still in Sri Lanka?

Jazeera say they have Qaeda tape claiming London bombs

Families 'to have voice in court'

Labour Peer admits starting fire at hotel

More on Paddy Ashdown MI6 claim

Asians becoming more isolated as urban ghettoes grow

Fuel shortages could affect W.Va. emergency vehicles

Apes 'Extinct In a Generation'

He Never Made It to the Ground....

British engineer kidnapped in western Afghanistan

U.S. Envoy Says Venezuela Drug Talks Start

Engineers: Draining New Orleans Could Take 3 to 6 Months

20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico: US Coast Guard

Hundreds killed in Baghdad stampede - (death toll is now nearly 1000)

Colonial Pipeline Restarts System

Venezuela's Chavez slams Bush for cutting vacation after hurricane

Salon: Is Katrina God's punishment for abortion?

Judge: Fine Former Fla. Elections Chief

US Govt waives clean air rules for gasoline, diesel

LA church sex probe may go public

Roberts Poked at Congress As Reagan Lawyer

Judges fines lawyers for Ringling Bros. circus owner $51K, payable to PETA

US lifts nuclear curbs on India

New Orleans police ordered to stop saving lives and start saving property

Times-Picayune: New Orleans glimpses possible turning point

Congressman Announces 2006 Nev. Gov. Bid

CNN: New Orleans Bus Convoys to Houston Suspended

Katrina May Spark $100 Oil (Bloomberg)

New Orleans bus operation suspended after shots (fired at helicopters)

Gas shortage possible (Charlotte,NC) (No immediate replacement??)

Fire at the Superdome

Airlines Cancel More Flights, Prepare for Possible Fuel Shortages

Judge recommends fine for former Broward elections chief

Strayhorn ads attack Perry on child abuse issue

Bush warns against price gouging on gasoline prices

Poll Shows 40% Back Iraq Troop Pullout (29% finish what it started)

(Superdome) Evacuation Halted As Order Breaks Down

Amy Goodman announced that Columbia University will accept

dupe - sorry

Guantanamo teen (from Canada) on hunger strike, lawyers say

B.C. urban rescue team headed to Louisiana

U.S. Pushing for U.N. Sanctions on Iran

White House: Gas costs to rise further (Reuters)

Feds ask cruise lines to house the displaced

Bush Taps Father, Clinton for Relief Help

How the US got its neoliberal way in Iraq

Reuters: Senator Mary Landrieu "thousands dead"

FEMA standing down all boat rescue operations - CNN live

The displaced find a home in Katy

Gasoline Futures Surge as Concerns Shift to Storm-Battered Refineries

U.S. Won´t Relocate Soldiers for Katrina (from quagmire zones)

Potential Bush-CIA crisis

Texas schools get ready for temporary students

Governor of Georgia Declares State of Emergency. (NPR)

Gov Doyle Orders 500 WI Natl Guard Troops to Assist w/ Hurricane Relief

" This is no time for finger pointing" McClellan

SpectraLink "market outperform," estimates raised - FEMA sales up

Chaos engulfs New Orleans shelters (Desperation at Superdome)

Pentagon still investigating prison abuses-Schmitz

US jets destroy insurgent target near Syrian border in third day of strike

NO Mayor Orders Police Back to Streets Amid Increasingly Violent Looting

New Gas Arrives for Some Stations (in Atlanta)

Bush, Greenspan talk scheduled (lunch date)

Health Threats Grow in New Orleans

Bolton off to a reckless start

McClellan Refuses To Answer Questions About Levee Funding

U.S. savings rate falls below zero (lowest in 46 years)

FEMA denies some storm help -Fla. ("essentially a political organization")

Fats Domino missing in N.O. floods

Homeland Security secretary says police force being quadrupled in New Orle

condi at a play?

Calif. Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Jazeera says has Qaeda tape claiming London bombs

'A scene of anarchy'

CNN: Small Amount of Food/Water dropped at convention cntr-not enuf

Congress in session this evening

US remodels Guantanamo hearings

Bush Taps Father, Clinton for Relief Help

Private US aid pours in to help cope with Katrina (over $90 million)

US remodels Guantanamo hearings

SUV (Simply Unsellable Vehicle) BLUES

Colombia: Medellín exposes fatal flaws in government's paramilitary demobi

NO Mayor issues SOS

"A lot of help (is ) coming" - Bush. (CNN) (Asks #41 and Clinton to help)

Congress to Vote on $10B Katrina Package

Questions Arising about Bridge Stampede in Baghdad (VOA)

Did the head of FEMA say

Breaking BBC: 'London bomber' video aired on TV (al jazeera)


Qaeda's Zawahri warns of more attacks on West - TV

Saudis said issued terror threat warning (London 7.7 attack)

Canada's Martin calls Bush, offers Katrina help

Rep. John Conyers: Public Policy and Katrina

Pump prices stun gas-guzzling Americans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 1 September

California Senate rejects Schwarzenegger's air board chair

Fights and gunfire break out as New Orleans slips into anarchy; mayor issu

German conservative links Katrina to US CO2 policy

Police Chief Says Thousands Trapped in New Orleans Convention Center

new bbc video...

Katrina News Email Scam

Unrest Intensifies at Superdome Shelter

LAT: Trapped in an Arena of Suffering

Judiciary Democrats call for inquiry into gas price gouging

Police: Miss. Man Kills Sister Over Bag Of Ice

Moveon Launches Website for free housing for refugees.

France offers aid to hurricane-hit US

Fats Domino is Missing in New Orleaans

Troops to Quadruple New Orleans Police

Katrina: NBC News Hires Private Security For New Orleans Crews;

BBC: Shots fired at NG helicopter evacuating Superdome.

Papers hail heroes but blast Bush

Canada Read to Help (ok, LET them!)

Katrina virtually wipes Miss. town off map

WRAPUP 2-Bodies, gunfire and chaos in New Orleans' streets

Australians tell of panic and squalor among refugees

'Fats' Domino Missing in New Orleans

Dozens of Vietnamese Americans Stranded in Versailles, Outside New Orleans

Bush Insists Help Is On The Way

Calif. Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill

U.S. won't relocate soldiers for Katrina

Thousands Feared Drowned in New Orleans

Poll shows tight GOP gubernatorial race; Sen. Nelson widens lead (Florida)

please help - Baton Rouge area

Two New Orleans hospitals begging AP for help!

Some refugees turned away at the Astrodome gates

BREAKING NEWS: President Bush Will Visit Gulf Coast Tomorrow

George Bush`s public approval rating down in second poll

White House Backpedals on Flood Control

BREAKING CNN: Boat rescue operation suspended

Bush vows zero tolerance on looting

Hotels to evacuees: Go before big game (football comes first)

Gunmen target medical convoy (mayor issues 'desperate SOS')

Bush warns looters, urges Americans conserve gas

Reuters: (Bush) Budget cuts delayed New Orleans flood control work

Van Susteren Enters U.S. Senate Race (in Maryland - for Sarbanes' seat)

Bush Bypasses Senate to Install Official

US confirms its troops killed Reuters journalist in Iraq

Hastert: rebuilding New Orleans "doesn't make sense"

Iraq carries out first 3 post-Saddam hangings

Bush compares, contrasts Katrina and Nine-Eleven

Bush sees temporary hit to economy from storm

Pro-impeachment congressmen still 30 votes shy

Aid offers pour in from around the globe (Bush rejects it)

Drudge report just sank even FURTHER in my estimation

Renegade Bus! Sounds like a movie about one hell of a road-trip.


Peace, love, dope!

30 bucks to fill the Sebring...

Listening To The New Death Cab

Oh hell...Fred Phelps has been hit by a car and has died.

Bush Hurricane Picture

Fred Phelps is one seriously sick fuck

"Poor people gonna rise up and take what's theirs....."

Botox: Not just for humans anymore. (pic)

MYcat died and was killed by the Lounge

OK - the senator from Louisiana is cute

My neighbor that gave me an airmattress to sleep on said

hell has frozen over, a pig flew past my window, and I am stunned silent.

Onion archives are once again free

Help him! Help him!

I think one of the unreported (I hope) losses associated with NOLA

Stars Sign Up for Hurricane Relief Concert

FYI Gas Buddy .com

oops ...

404 error

73 Year Old Woman Shoots Husband Over Venereal Disease

Separated at birth?

I Suppose This Is a Scam, Hope It's Not a Virus Vehicle

Handcuffed Woman Manages To Shoot Officer's Gun

After 10 Years, Woman Finally Finishes Carving Her Totem Pole

Good Morning, DU.

Major League Baseball Rookie Hits Grand Slam In First Ever At Bat

Man Kisses Woman Against Her Will, Woman Goes Blind

There Is No Such Thing As Gay Adultery In Canada According To Judge

My brother just got fired

Public says having to hear about Brittney and fetus is a burden.

Just got taken to task by a co worker.

My mother and step-father have been adopted by a cat

An appeal to all you folks with Yellow Ribbon magnets on your car

Python Bites Boy Sleeping In Bed

Airline Passengers Use Tape To Hold Plane Together During Flight

Hm. This song has TOO much lyrics.

My youth is truly over. Donny Osmond is a grandfather.

I'm coming up

There's a Fire-engine outside.

As insignificant as this may sound, I'm psyched because in November

9:58am Eastern, Baby Panda so cute!

The Official DU Word Of The Day: Pusillanimous (Please use in a sentence)

Pie Charts Or Flow Charts?

What band from the 80s would you like to see do a comeback!!!

Michaelangelo's 'David' is mutilated to save Italy's cltural icons

This is funny as hell...

Time for a new NCAA Football Coach's Poll?

2hrs to Friend of the Court.

lawsuit of the day

FReeper: Liberals do not appreciate Wal-Mart generosity

The newest additions to the Beast Family.

Pizza cooking in GD.

Where's that photoshopped pic of w* playin' geetar in NOLA?

No volunteers for orgasm implant

Total vanity, I know but I got great news today

Oh my god...... I'm freakin out

I can tie shoes...

Fats Domino is missing.

'Spiritual' DUers, tell me why I should believe in anything.

Just to share...there are no more locking gas caps

Anheuser-Busch Donates Canned Water

it's Lunch time

Harry Conick Jr. Flying Into NOLA To Survey Damage

Thank God for liberal mothers!

A woman at work just now learned about Katrina in the break room

If you malloc() somebody, set them free().

Car people - Need advice

Hello, Republican lurkers!

I HATE Bank of America

A friendly challenge.

Chavez skewers Bush "the King of Vacations" in this post/thread.///

* Wants To Outlaw The Last 2 Weeks in August & the First 2 in September

George comments on the hurricane (cartoon)

Is there some sort of "headlights on" campaign going on?

Spider extermination goes horribly wrong

Articles on what went wrong during Katrina

So, I just got laid off. now, how can I help?

Bush is the Bizarro World King Midas

Creepy Bush Photoshop

STUDY: Ordinary humans share 96% of DNA with Chimpanzees, Bush shares 99%

Big Bro. & The Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family- Bowie


Will Shepard Smith be Born Again?

DU Alert Messages That Elad, Skinner, And EarlG Threw Out

The VA Hospital in Michigan - A Pit of Hell

scientific explanation of the chimp

Another reason the hurricane happened....

computer question--help seriously needed


The worst of FR on the current crisis 9/1/05

Hey, where'd the Sig Lines go?


*HEAD ON-Apply directly to forehead* headache medicine????

If you use gas, here is how to save some:

Looking for fetus/hurricane photo Randi was talking about

Has anyone heard from HeeBGz??

THIS JUST IN: New Pro-W Bumper Sticker Proudly Released

How do I get rid of an Adobe - Yahoo toolbar at the top of my browser ?

Smirky took my avatar.

America says Britney is a burden!


Don't Dream Its Over

I'm cruising for a sexual harrassment suit. Typos will be the death of me.

Cool science news of the day

Where's Ignatius J. Reilly when we really need him?

Wal-Mart has the best ammo prices around!

For my dying country

What shall we say, shall we call it by a name?

DU help me...I thought I was over my fury at those who voted Bush*.

I just sent this to my senators - think I will be on a black list?

I'm going to go find gas

Something to maybe make you smile...

Happy Birthday, former Texas Governor Ann Richards (9/1/33)

If GD is going bonkers...

The Chimperor will not save New Orleans it's time for drastic measures

Job situation update

*******NEW NOTE FROM ADMINS********

My Cabbage Patch Kid is 22 years old today.

Is bush cutting off the gas pumps nationwide this weekend?

I'm about to head to the gas station

Part 3 of the Hottest Sounds is gonna kill

Look what I found crawling around out back!!!!

Should I refuel now at $3/gal or wait 2 weeks and hope?

"Did he sound anything like that?!?"

Level 3 - We got nada!

Where did Hurricane Katarina hit?

What will the world's last headline be?

McHale sends Navy to NO; does that mean Bush is Ensign Parker?

Who'd you rather have in charge right now: Bush or Diamond Joe Quimby?

Tokers (a rant)

Thursday afternoon/evening question - what book would you be?

Involuntarily Exiled from DU for 10 weeks....What did I miss?

Britney says pregnancy is a burden

I can't take it anymore. I think I'm going to have a stroke.

It's all about gasoline.

I just ordered "Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 4" for $2.99!!


Bush after Charley and after Katrina, what a difference an election year

"Panic" (I always seem to post this, but why do I always HAVE to?)

I made sure I had my flak jacket on before logging into DU today

OMG!!! did you see that??? WTF??? I'M HOPPING MAD NOW!!!

The company I work for is matching donations to the American Red Cross

How can I watch a DVD with downloaded subtitles?

Post here if you need a snark transplant

Fats Domino missing in New Orleans floods

Best recent new username...

What kind of mileage do Snowmobiles get?

So what is the scoop with this "The 4400" show?


Why I Fired My Secretary

Dear God, the my posts feature is off! It was so convenient!


NO-based webhost is still up and running!

If anybody needs to calm themselves

Why aren't sports being delayed like on 9/11?

I am calling all of my senators and congresspeople.

Finders and Looters:

For three plus years, my cat named Sylvia....

New foster kitties

Is it just me, or do Louisianans always say "yes sir" and "yes mamn"?

Folks, I think the tide is starting to turn. Just talked to my dear repug

I am going to bid DU adieux for now

Dammit I hate..

About to call the red cross

I've never seen so many new posters.............

Katrina Gone, Lee Weakens, T.D. 14 Forms (Map)

link to the yahoo bias photos , was greatest,, please

Lord Hear Our Prayer

Fats Domino is missing in Nawlins

Shrub's answer to those questioning oil cartel price gouging...

Self-delete (why give that fuckwit any more attention?)

Scream in this thread:

"Spirit-guides come in many forms. Your spirit-guide...

Breasts may be grown in lab thanks to gene find

NBC Nightly News: Where is the Help? on NOW

Can you see the cartoon on my site?

Larry King Shilling For Diet Suppliments On AAR For Is Just Strange

Any word from Maddy McCall yet?

RL Burnside is dead...

Flak jacket - check, tinfoil hat - check, popcorn - check!

Congratulate me-- I haven't had a sig. in 2 hours.

FReeper moonbat: Blacks are the looters

I just went to buy a bottle of wine........ drinking my sorrows!

Entertainers you have killed? lists "bush" in entry for "incompetent" - Link to prove it

Man if only everyone on the Gulf Coast

Our Great Leader strikes again--says "Gulf Coach"

I guess I need a favorite D-IA football team to be in the "cool group"....

They may hate *, but don't forget they'll still likely vote repub in 06/08

Should we have a College football thread tonight?

Hotels to evacuees: Go before big game (TallahASSee Fla.)

Please join us for tonight's DUDQ performance!

My life is complete now.

In search of original * playing guitar pic

What's up with the high traffic today?

Are you mad about how the US government is handling the Katrina disaster?

I know we all hate Bill O'Reilly...

Congratulate me--I haven't had a cig. in 2 weeks

Party Politics - a bit of funny for a bad day

BoSox Have The Most Born Agains In MLB


I'm joing the group that prays for Bush...

Let's hear it for the Mods and Admins

Wondering about Dennis Miller tonight....he said 9/11 'changed' him....

teddy bears

hilarious theory says everyone named Tony is a giant bag of douche

Tonight the soundproofing on the new apartment gets tested . . .

Worthless fratboy fuck in charge of your world. Howzat make ya feel?

Times Picayune forum reveals true horror of NOLA...

You don't know what you got, until it's gone

Harris County (Houston) calling for volunteers!

a friend of mine in Alabama has 4 people from New Orleans at her place

Does it annoy you

ITS TIME!! Central Florida vs South Carolina college football time baby!!

Does anyone else want to do something besides give money??


My megacapitalist coworker never bothered to look at his SUV's gas mileage


Anti-rape condom unveiled

Eugh. When "My Post" comes back...

Can health care providers run up charges without telling you???

So how many people have you put on ignore today?


Morrissey is very attracted to my lip balm

Anyone ever "made" themself into a morning person??

opinion: where has hubby gone wrong w/Betsy if at all...

All my protection just fell away :(

Does anybody still think I was panic-mongering?

Is DU fucked today or does everyone have me on ignore?

Should Paul McHale send in the Navy?

This is the official one year anniversary thread of ....

Bush: "Don't buy gas if you don't need it. "

What's a good age for Marrying?


Where is your "W" sticker now? Dumbass.

FReeper---I wouldn't care if they shot most left in New orleans

Dumbass LTTE of the day: re: SUVs

Which Dylan song are you?

Men, answer this question for me

Movies that are set in New Orleans

Fetus says having Britney for a mother is a burden

Bush quote... "No one foresaw the levees breaking" ??? WTF?

I can't take it anymore. I think I'm going to have a streak.

MOB RULES ~ BLACK SABBATH..dedicated to the looter haters....

Just got the letter. Last year our home heating oil: $1.70 THIS year $2.48

Books set in New Orleans

Why on earth did they have to turn off the ONE THING

GD Threads are being posted and sinking out of sight

I hate to say it, but I'm proud of some Freepers (really)

INXS sucks rotten eggs

I just got back from donating some stuff to the shelter here.....

What are you thankful for?

Is there any way I can get my 50k generator down to the gulf coast?

Help me with a NEW LOOK

I MUST share my kitty pictures!!!

Would/Did you ever name a child after a literary/cinematic character?

Dr. sets out to test ID by studying NASCAR drivers

A point to ponder; Regarding the devastation in NO, will the righties

Parasites brainwash grasshoppers into death dive

Irish Gays To Be Allowed To Adopt

Gay New Orleans devastated

Variety: Lesbian Action Hero Is Here!

We won

Expected Vatican ban on gay clergy may be shelved

Mean Girls: Why Can’t Lesbians All Just Get Along?

Passing along message re: help for LGBT hurricane victims evacuees

Tempest brews over quotes on Starbucks cups

Yanks donate $1 million to Katrina relief

Post your college football upset picks here!

(Terrell) Owens Jumps into the Music Industry....

Nat'l Geographic Photo gallery- New Orleans People, Pets flee flood

Temporary homes needed for pets in New Orleans

New Orleans Aquarium, Zoo escape Hurricane Katrina

Animal Shelter now open next to the Cajundome!

Would like advice regarding a cat lurking in our yard...

Kittens in the Lounge!!!

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

We're taking donations for Katrina's animal victims at our adoptathon

Matthew Message on Katrina...some positive things....

‘”Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river…”

So if prayers are so effective,

Katrina- Local resources

So, who said this in July?

Warning, another rant!

Anyone have Kerry's local MA office number please?

Everyone knows that they will be back in the Senate tonite? (TH)

This will make you smile

Does anyone think Kerry needs to call Bush out on the handling of Katrina?

They've closed all of the gas pumps in my county.

Went camping at ScottLake in the Three Sisters area in Oregon - some pix

So, what happens now with the contest?

Decent name for this snapshot?

KOEB 9/1/05: Pleas for help, and the debut of "I'm OK."

new blog: Are we being realistic about New Orleans?

And while Katrina hit...Dubya played the Gee-Tar.

And a second, brief blog for the day: Please spread the word on this!

Seymour Hersh - quotes from his Daily Show appearance ...

One million homeless and unemployed people...

WSJ: White House Panel Seeks Simpler Tax Code

[PDA] Ohio Recount Case Update - TRIAL SET FOR AUGUST, 2006

Didn't we drop MREs into Afghanistan after we bombed the shit out of it?

Correct me if I am wrong.

Katrina disaster victims are about to crack - you can tell by listening...

Caption this

What benefits will the Katrina refugees have?

George W. Bush is "excuse boy"

Human suffering is grist for the media mill...

Bush better rethink "not sending in Military" or we will make him

The Lesson of the Storms

Crawford to DC, The "Bring Them Home NOW Tour" Web Site & Schedule

Katrina/Levee underfunding: First issue ever not blamed on Clinton

A reminder: Bush "Tax Advisory Panel" turns in recommendations Sept. 30th

Col. Michael Pheneger, Ret. - Release the Rest of the Abu Ghraib Photos.

Something else to think about.....the insurance industry

MUST READ commentary re: Bush/NOLA

Can Congress call for a vote of "No Confidence"? in Bush?


Just received a disgusting fax

Why Europe Hasn't Jumped to Help Katrina's Victims

My company just came through with the matching funds offer

The pResidunce could have...

MSNBC says Red Cross has 20 Mil -- WHAT'S THE PER DAY IN IRAQ?!?

Even The Savage Weiner said Bush's speech sucked.

140 MD National Guard volunteers (2 weeks of relief work)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush "a headless horseman with stuffed pockets"

Who would say such a thing?

I ask myself: what if NOLA was a terrorist attack?

NYT: "Waiting for a Leader" (Bush's New Orleans speech SLAMMED)

Bush_Needs_Boost: "Four Indicted in Alleged U.S. Terror Plot"


Thousands dead in the South. Will we spend as much on this as we

The U.S. Declares War on the United Nations

That fucking guitar photo is the My Pet Goat moment of Bush's second term.

New Orleans or Baghdad?

New Orleans Looters Tied to Niger Yellowcake Purchase...

Political economics lesson needed

"Year 2010 --Looking Back on Past 10 Years", Where Will We Be???

Katrina Conspiracy Theory

(Orange County, CA) Supervisor vows no voting on religious holidays

CIA Planted Fake Lockerbie Evidence

Freeper on Bush: "We've got to shake up this man and make him lead"

Shouldn't Congress be back in session, trying to do something

Katrina : The Discrediting of a Political Party ?

Grover Norquist gets his wish: Government small enough to drown in a tub

U.S. Won't Relocate Soldiers for Katrina

GOP politicizes the tragedy

Donna Brazile's family is missing (and does it matter if Soledad is hot?)

ABC Good Morning America - * says ZERO TOLERANCE re: Looters!

Waiting for a Leader

Mary Landrieu: We’ll Need Your Help

Mr. Bush, Go Cheney Yourself! - Must Read!

Hurricane W has left a wide swath of destruction in its wake.

Gas Prices for Dummies: can someone explain it to me?

Well the RNC home page finally has mention of the hurricane.

I think there ought to be zero tolerance of people breaking the law

We Need Emergency Impeachment Proceedings

As Louisiana Guard bogged down in Iraq. ¨¨Nobody in charge¨ in New Orleans

Bush Insists Help Is On The Way - BBC article:

Phone # for Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein

Haley Barbour whining on CNN

Celebrity/Millionaires -Which Choice Are You Making?

CIA banned from Danish air space

spread the word

Cutting 72 million from Army Corps of Engineer's budget for a *TAX CUT*...

As Louisiana Guard bogged down in Iraq. ¨¨Nobody in charge¨ in New Orleans

When does the Congress get back into Session?

Judy Miller Joke from Gawker- They Probably Got the Address from Chalabi

Repeal Wealthy Tax Cuts NOW


13 year old rescues 12 family members in Biloxi during storm

Ben Bernanke thinks it's just fine that oil/gas barons are making profits

Talking point.

Articles on what went wrong with Katrina...

Did Bushturd really say "ZERO TOLERANCE" to looters

Bush will tour NO by air Friday. What? Not a drop-in at the Superdome?

Boston has got a whole fleet of amphibious ducks.



Will George Jr.'s approval rating climb as a result of the tragedy in NO?

For the safety of our country, Bush needs to be rendered incompetent

President Bunnypants' Biggest Blunder

Do you suppose Bush's Evangelicals wonder why God would doom

Rush Limbaugh claims to care so much, he should adopt a family until

My newspaper column for this week: Bush's failure on Katrina

The Bushco's punish federal workers who object to doctoring of facts

Bush - "I hope Americans conserve [gasoline] if given a choice,"

Unions and Emanuel Cleaver and UAW at Ilus Davis Park K.C. Mo.

Miss.has 3,800 National Guard troops in Iraq, and La. has about 3,000

Just remember Record Oil Profits = Record campaign contributions for GOP

TPMCafe Day 4, Wes Clark: Where is the leadership?

Limpballs says the Dems are racist and are politicizing this disaster.

Bush: Zero Tolerance for Profiteers, Price Gougers in N.O.

Could we just go ahead and actually have 2 Americas?

Bush Staffers going Bananas/Desperate/for the Bottle/Prozac as

WaPo columnists asks White House to respond to Buzzflash petition --sign

So Congress is going back into session tomorrow.


International Aide

Army Corps of Engineers budget for levee construction in NO. is slashed!

Wes Clark: Economic Basis for Alternative Energy Technologies (TPMCafe)


McClellan: "This is not a time to point fingers."

Will Katrina Put the Brakes on the Pentagon's 9/11 Celebration?

CINDY 2008

I went to donate online to Red Cross and got a pop up saying

Waterloo W has already started out speaking and lying within the first

Will corporate media stop reporting on Katrina as they did Iraq?

so, there it is: its about the OIL, people be damned...

OMG! bush* has Nixon's 5 O'Clock shadow!

Condi's summer vacation

Governor Goodhair, who's your daddy?

Give Us BioDiesel Now!

Rove shows up at the Pro War camp

We are witnissing the first American holocaust. If we don't get these

A Handful Of "Gunmen" In NoLA Stronger Than Our Military

Two or three thousand National Guard is not even close to what we need

America's Racism and Racist President are now On Display To The World

We're spending about $200 million a day in Iraq

It's not just Bush

CAGW Issues 'No Pork' Challenge to Congress on Hurricane Relief

"We need to get people to food, water and shelter."

Randi going off on Chimp

Question about McKinney 9/11 hearings

There is NO excuse for not dropping water by air...


The comparison we knew he wouldn't be able to resist:

WH Transcript: Today's McClellan Press Conference

Were you wondering if Bush would still have his Sept 11th Party?

Jack Cafferty with guns BLAZING on CNN right now

At least 9 articles in Times-Picayune since '04 cite Iraq as reason...

Freepers STILL have no links to donate to Katrina relief...

US remodels Guantanamo hearings - military officers w/preside as judges

"Taking it out on the guy in charge, whether he's responsible or not"

Congressman disappointed at lack of foreign aid for Katrina victims

Conyers, others plan legislation to financially protect Katrina victims

WalMart low on food, no Ice. (coastal Alabama)

Stop whining. Real Americans don`t need rescuing.

Newsweek: Bush's return "a chance for him to look presidential"

bush has the perfect excuse to bring troops home from iraq NOW

Steny Hoyer (D-MD) comments on Bush's "Tax Advisory Panel"

Why aren't our leaders calling for Bush's resignation??? People

It is dangerous, no kidding!

America's Second Harvest - an alternative to the Red Cross

GOV. HALEY BARBOUR apologist for Dubya to CNN's Miles O'Brien

Refuting Ralph Nader

9/11 and Katrina: Katrina far, far worse ......

Did you see Clinton & Bush Sr yucking it up

Republicans respond to Katrina disaster: Eliminate the death tax.

This email just in from the RNC:

Bush asks Father and Clinton for help

NO vs Iraq - so if you are wondering what it really is like in iraq

Wolf Blitzer pointing out cat 5 days ahead

What is up with George H.W. Bush and Clinton? That is the second time

Squandered blood and treasure: Katrina our Iraq "exit strategy"

Conversation I just had with ex -FEMA (type) employee

UberConserv Jack Cafferty going ballistic on Bush Admin

Mayor Ray Nagin: $1,000 donation to GWB in 2000

Boffo, Cafferty recalls that congress came back to town...

The Third Gulf War - the Gulf of Mexico

Brad Blog: Karl Rove Makes Surprise Visit to Camp Casey

Any word from Jesse Jackson on NOLA?

So is this the new model? Aide for US disasters provided by private

Hastert: why rebuild NOLA? It's just gonna get flooded again.

So what are the Neo/TheoCon priorities this week? A quick check here

dont rebuild New Oreans but rebuild Iraq?

DNC fundraising letter - they just don't have a clue !!

I'm sorry, emails from Dems ain't gonna cut it for me today...

Stirring up trouble.

Thanks DU, my decal arrived today

Limpballs says the following Dem websites are racist and have

Harold Ford Jr. Showing The Leadership Worthy Of A U.S. Senator

Is President Bush spending his political captial now?

Potential Bush-CIA crisis

Food Is Politics... Time For Democratic Victory Gardens?... Food is Fuel

Michael Brown proves once again that the vetting process

We are looking like a third world country. This is unreal.

Repugs in my office sound off about Katrina. Listen and learn!

has anyone heard from either of the two louisiana senators?

Wolf gets some balls!

"Don't buy gas if you don't need it."

Call your Dem. US Sen. and Rep and ask them to show some

Voting rights at stake. Everyone call now

Homeland Insecurity

Michael Chertoff: people stranded in NOLA chose to stay; it's their fault

Visualization for survivors, aid workers and all involved...

War on the Mississippi (Howard Fineman)

Oil, oil, oil, profits, oil, gouging

McCafferty on CNN screaming for water and food drops!

How much of the wealthiest 1 % will be contributing to Katrina??

Must Hear Radio Interview with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff !

Awesome images: Nero2 - Bush plays guitar while NO drowns

Call Your Senators--Have Them Demand To Know Why We Aren't

Hey, FEMA: Your boss is a fucking lame duck--screw him. DO SOMETHING.

There is only ONE political issue worthy of discussion this week.

If I hear "chose not to evacuate" one more time

What will politics look like in 2010?

Bush' Forgotten 2000 Campaign Promises about Oil!

Pictures from Austin's rally yesterday

Katrina's only silver lining that I can see...

FEMA says send money to Pat Robertson's charity...

We should invite the millions in NOLA to March and camp on WH lawn!

Reid to Frist: Drop estate tax push, focus on helping suffering families

C-SPAN2 ALERT: Live Senate Session for 10pm EST

Asshole Poppy Bush just talked about criticizing the "team" on

Mr. McClellan, you are wrong. Now start answering the questions.

9/14/2004 Washington Post - here's about the call for NO & Bush's cuts

'Begging them to leave is NOT the same as HELPING them to leave'

I've never seen anything like this

Zombie fuckstick Chertoff is "well aware of the desperate cries for help"

Bush:“I just can’t imagine waving a sign that says ‘Come and get me now.’”

I'm SO pissed at our federal government right now!

Anderson Cooper, dead body in street being eaten by rats.

Bush: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees"

Here's who contracted for New Orleans emergency management.

It’s not just a gulf coast disaster, it’s a Gulf Of Mexico Disaster.

The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!

FEMA director won't second guess why so many in NO did not evacuate!

"Shit" Brown is on again. FEMA director.

Interesting statement from La. Gov. Blanco in July re:Bush and coastline

Dean: "It's time for the President to step up" call on his oil cronies.

Did you see ChickenBoy FLEE the press conference ?

"the Three Presidents ask the country to give cash" - why doesn't

My bumpersticker is illegal

You don't bring the victims to relief. You bring relief to the victims.

Trent Lott was cryin in his beer on Hannity today about losing his house

Pat Buchanan : Impeach Bush!!

Condoleezza Rice Spotted At Broadway Show (Wednesday Night)

Dean cancels Phoenix fall meeting and all fundraisers next week.

I AM SO DAMN ANGRY ...bush 41 sits in high regalia next to clinton 42

The Failure Of Neoconservatism And Collapse Of The Bush Administration

Is this as bad as it gets, or can it get worse?

I just called Harry Reid's office and UNLOADED....

Bush Asks Not

Hugo Chavez offered to send food and fuel

Are the CABLE CORP. NEWS MEDIA reporting "WHY" Katrina is such a disaster?


"From where will the money come?" asks the CNN anchor

Bush GMA video clip. The UNCUT "I don't think anybody anticipated" clip.

Anderson Cooper...if we knew 2 days in advance that there was

It appears that the money has been moved ...

The September 24 anti-war DC protests should ...

There Will Be Hell To Pay for New Orleans is all FINALLY worse than I EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE

Where are the Democrats?

When the Going Gets Tough: "These People Need an Enemy!"

Home Construction Lies

Who would be better at handling the aftermath of Katrina?

Question. Why didn't we have the NG mobilized before the hurricane?

As events unfold, does Kerry regret conceding so quickly?

McHale sends in the Navy! Only two ships?

OMG! WES CLARK calling out BUSH'S handling of KATRINA!

{Read me!!} Katrina, Funding Cuts, Iraq War & political aftermath

Ten Good Reasons to Believe that the 2004 Presidential Election Was Stolen