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Archives: September 16, 2005

Half century later, US soldier gets his due

In Syria, Regime Change by Other Means--A Times

Expulsion is Transfer:The Colonial Logic of Bush's Response to New Orleans

brian willians on scarbourough.

Katrina: Contemporary Screams of Agony

Looting By Any Other Name

Poll shows Americans want troops brought home; Top Dems ignore the public

Restore New Orleans, Bulldoze Peoria

What’s Going On At Gitmo?

Not the New Deal

'Baffled' peace activist gets $11,700 bill

Thanks Again, Mr. Clinton (blamed again for teen oral sex)

My letter to Congress re bush*s speech on Katrina


Gaza fighters breach Egypt border wall

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

Physics Professor Thinks the WTCs Were Cases of Controlled Demolition


HELP! I'm on hold with Thom Hartmann (AAR) -

Mac PowerBook question (2003-2004 TiBook):

RAM Optimizer/Booster

Need webcast software for streaming audio on a remote host

iTunes users on Windows machines... DO NOT UPGRADE TO 5.0


John Roberts has a twin!

Kerry's retort to Bush: Leadership isn't a toll-free number

Highlights of Bush's Speech

Need help with Jesus liberal teaching

Insane conservative spending priorities simplified.

Nope, sorry. The "Haunted Mansion" speech ain't bouncing.

Bush's Jaw

Do I have it Right? - George Bush let you sit on a roof for four days



CIA leak investigator warns against document release

Can We Sue Bush and the Corporations Ripping Off America?

So they turned the power on for Bush's speech then turned it off in N.O.??

Never Let 'Em See You Sweat --pix->>>

Pottygate could be the #1 or #2 biggest scandal

All that money going out to the Gulf Coast is gonna be a huge thorn

I AM the 4th ID....

What time does the asshat chimpresident lie to the nation?

Will there be a Democratic Response to the Chimp's speech?

Drudge may change his mind on the Times' columnists...

Britain Proposes Detaining "Terrorist Suspects" for 3 Months w/out Charges

Let Chimpy eat cake......again.

Who's in Charge? Karl Rove!

Pope blesses statue of Opus Dei founder

I think I'll try this "Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage 15-35%"

Heh!! CNN has a friggin' countdown clock for the Presidential address

Sorry for another post...but has anyone read this??!!

Hve Shrub's numbers EVER gone up

Tonight's Speech: translation

Get ready to DU the Polls

Thom Hartman says that Chimpy will announce that Congress will

No one here hates HIM more than I !!!!

Interesting Poll Numbers on AOL for Bush (Looks pretty bad!)

a bit from Brecht's A German War Primer

Bush should have spoken to the nation either the night of the hurricane...

We Know Your MASTER, Bush. Nothing You Say Will Change That!!!

Can he wipe the smirk off his face for the speech tonight? I sincerely

Everyone is puking their guts out on Survivor

Wll Bush ever have another prime time press conference?

I will be seeing this in my head during Bush's speech:

Caption arnie

So did anyone do a bingo card for tonight's speech??

US vows to maintain strong presence in Afghan, allies reject combat role

‘Bin Laden not in Afghanistan’

Olbermann slamming Cheney and Bush tonight


This jackoff is blowing it big time

So How Many Are STILL Missing From NOLA?

Some of the Right Wing Crap Being Disseminated on the Internet.

I hope he's wearing a depends tonight

Someone explain to me why they were forcibly evacuating the rest of NO

Re tonight's speech: I am taking bets now

Countdown Kicking Butt tonight


$2000 you never see? No? How about $5000 you'll never get?

someone needs to point out, if you can to MSM... this meme

OK George, shut up and eat some pretzels!

Monkeyboy is on...I'm headed to the toilet bowl for a puke

This is why Kerry would have been better, we must never let them forget!

The adventures of Bush : Episode 20 - Nighfall in Orleans

More "Armies of Compassion" Bullshit...

Two infamous American Killers on my screen.....

So Bush Is Now A Fan Of Big Government


He using doublespeak!!!!

Who wrote this speach? It sounds like Clinton.

If everybody thinks OBL is in Pakistan, why isn't * bombing that country?

"Comin' through the dirge!" n/t

his kid speech writers were bad he did not get it.

What Do You Think Of The FX Show "Over There"?

Breaking: President makes 800 promises - - new speech record

And Let the Tweety Fellating Begin

'not a normal hurricane'

Anyone watching CSPAN? A bunch of repukes in a congressional meeting

I called CNN and they hung up on me before I got to say anything

Low Bandwidth Poll Here...

Let the Mainstream Media Bush Ass Kissing Begin!!

Is * standing in front of a green screen?

P. Zahn to Dean: "People in LA were poor when Clinton was president, too!"

Prediction: M$M will fall over themselves praising this speech

He wants in investigation. Congress is preparing it. First lie I caught.


You are all confusing me

democratic response...

Ok the lady on ABC being questioned doesn't even seem to know.

the left will rise again even out of total corpo rightwing bs.

Remeber to DU the Polls

he made it all the way through without asking to urinate believable

548 dead...? It was about 158 yesterday. And then * talks about Zydeco

Was that a kevlar vest under his shirt?

More promises

What could have been.

gergin being critical on LK

Uh, George, the horses have already left the barn (but not the ass)

Translation: Here's a bunch of money - let me investigate myself...

How are the freepers taking *'s alledged liberalism?

Um...and just what are the rest of the poor supposed to live on?

CNN Newsweek guy is telling it straight - NOT a bullhorn moment.

Would somebody teach him how to say "Biloxi" (not "Bulloxi)?nt

Freepers must be going "apeshit" with all the "$$$ plans" - - incr deficit

What I NEVER understand - why do the talking heads speak as if

Well...NOLA's on lockdown, the news about the dead is being controlled

Bush sounds like he is trying to channel FDR or LBJ


Tweety really wants people to praise Bush

I'd rather have a kabob skewer shoved into my eyeball than watch *

The Military will have an increased roll @ home?

Yankee moneys cool, but not Yankee candidates?

Hastert talking about the "Relief Act" on C-Span live now

Put the money in there and the pugs will turn faster than you can flip a

sounds very left.

All I can say is "where's the beef"?

"Pay as you go"

Joe Scarborough: "This is the WPA on steroids"

Well, folks, it wasn't a home run moment....listening to the talking heads

I will be watching Bush on ABC tonight >


It's baaaaaack!

Picture of Bush and funny ironic TV caption

Dana Bash report on CNN is disgusting!!


Bush Says, "Suck On It Grover Norquist! Big Government Is NEEDED!"

Bush Lies Again(Paraphrased)

Larry King Live panel judgment: "Not a bullhorn moment."

My god, I never knew Bush was a socialist

Best example of a promises, promises political speech I've ever heard.

BBC World just *cut off* the president in mid-sentence

All I saw was...

George W. Bush is COMING TO THE LIGHT!!!!!

Freepers shouldn't be freakin'. BushCO ALWAYS lies.

Bush's "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" moment

Read my lips !

You know what? I think that speech was a bunch of hot gas.

INVESTIGATIONS. Not only did he say HIS CABINET w/do it -


Right-Wing Talking Points on Katrina Speech

democratic response...

I think those people were paid!(or worse!)

harry reid on c-span with response

Did Bush just Flip-Flop?

the * jaw thing....

Essentially Bush Just Pissed All Over Conservatism

what just happened.

Isn't Bush's plan actually Kerry's plan that he introduced today?

Why was Bush talking in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World?

LOL - Vitter (R - La) saying "no accountability in place", "spending $$$$"

Gov. Barbour: "We don't need the military to come in"

I dunno....Reminded me of his "Rebuild Iraq for the Iraqi People & Bring

uh, oh--NOLA police officials poking holes in Chimpy's speech!

The freepers will grin and bear it

$5000 accounts for the dislocated???

Does the Bush plan to fight poverty come before or after the Bush plan to

It was a bullshit moment, not a bullhorn moment...

Law enforcement and locals on MSNBC TRASHING Bush speech

they will say anything for poll numbers and to keep the fascade.

Full Speech Transcript - Bush on Katrina Relief

Post Speech Analysis - - Its Amusing

Time for us to put our heads together & get to the activist forum

Stella! Stella! Stella!

Hey, let's get Paul Bremer to be the Relief Czar -- put all that

elehhhhna figures out why Mr. (pResident) Ed looks like a tweaker ticqueur

My letter to Tweety, tell me.....

For those of us who didn't watch - can someone give me the gist

Prediction: DUers will get a LOT of use out of the term "flip-flop"

incredibly presidential, a breathtaking speech, absolutely inspiring....

Aaron Brown not even leading with Chimpy's speech

Bush Is a Socialist

Look, folks, I know you're thrilled with the speech, but his base isn't

I bet the Free government land is killing the rightwing sheep

I halfway dozed through the speech

I am loving Brian Williams right now

i'm so fucking impressed with the speech the man just read

Brian Williams, you so rock.

New Orleans Is Now Safer

Stick a fork in Bush's ass, he is so fucking done...

How much $$$ will Cindy Sheehan make on the lecture circuit??

Let's keep tabs - NO to be rebuilt by the people who lived there -- LIE #1

Larry King finally asked a good question after 30 years

Is there a Democratic response? Who and when? n/t

An aside about the "stage" lighting for the speech

Halley Barber needs someone to flick him between the brows.

Tonight’s Bingo Results - Not Bad

Bill Maher Letter....Mike Malloy

Anderson Cooper & Aaron Brown on CNN now.

Damn, I must have missed the speech!

Screw It...

AOL Poll

Was Katrina (or is it Corrina?) responsible for 9/11?

What's with the pic on MSNBC's homepage?

What is the Democratic Response??????

Ok Folks!! Grade Chimpy's Speech

Email from Jean Carnahan

September 14 Iraq photo: What do you think this man is thinking? (graphic)


Well, that speech went over like a lead safe.

One big diff-9/11 to tonight-NO PEOPLE

What Are the Duties of a Government in a Democracy?

What a wimp I am...

Tucker's having a fit! n/t

Greater federal authority and a broader role for the armed forces...

NO gets liberal solution. The rest of America can go F**** yourselves

Wazzat * or LBJ making that speech?

Scarborough panel coming up next:

greg palast will speaking in dc on the 24th

Try this search at Google Search on - FAILURE

In theory, I agree with about of 75% of Bush's New Deal style plan

The Army of Compassion PICS

Heh! So much for Fox's great leader!

well, i see you all gave in to watching the bastard



Shrub just got his bullhorn moment.... msnbc showed 9/11 bullhorn

Where are all the MSM Polls on Bush*t's speech?

Remember, Rove is heading up the reconstruction.


who's speaking at the UFP rally on the 24th?

Level 4?

More hints this speech was bad for Bush: Fox is covering another MISSING

Rove Blew it - Again.

CNN treating the "speech" as if it did not happen...ignoring it totally!

Bush is so full of shit

"My fellow Americans, I'm going to do what I do best...."

HAHAHA! The positioning of bush was hilariously bad! The building dwarfs

LOOK! An Arabian horse is kicking Bush in the head!

I Cannot Stand. To Listen To Bush. Read His Speeches.

Give this guy a warm welcome to the Liberal Club

Hold The 2008 Dem National Convention in NOLA!

Electricity came on in the blocks around Bush's motorcade...

I counted 15 jaw ticks

One of the most terrifing pictures ever

Standard Bush operation

Lyndon Baines Bush..."The Great Bag O' Cash Society"

You only hear about the gov't failures

Here's why the RW'ers are going ballistic

And as Scarborough mentions '$200 billion' for the 307th time,

Needed; comparison of Bush 9/11 promises made vs promises kept

Bush in NO.... CAPTION

CNN Poll - Being Freeped

Freepers Loosing It Over Their New Socialist Prez!

I get nervous when Republicans want to start using Federal money

Freepers! How messed up can you be??

Rove Gate part 2

Malloy is kicking ass tonight! I am Mike Malloy! Malloy speaks

Is the Daily show going to cover Bush's Speech.

did * lie about what he is going to do??

Who will be Kristin Breitweiser for Katrina survivors in NOLA?

Turkeys UP! Zit! Ping! (here's some Freeper talk for ya)

Freeper meltdown

Bush is going to get a bounce in the polls

What's Rove in charge of 'reconstructing'? Bush's reputation?

Action Alert. My letter to Congress re bush*s speech tonight

A note about socialism re: Bush's speech.

87 Billion for Iraq Here, 200 Billion for Katrina there... Pretty soon,

Compassionate Conservatism?

Bird Flu / Avian Flu (H5N1)..Tamiflu Vs Vira-38 Any Idea which is better?

On Kenyon International...

How will Bush's racisim quote play in the south?

ThinkProgress provides extensive debunking of Bush speech

TDS on Bush's UN speech

It's time for a... pre/post-speech BATHroom break! (new, pics)



new poster idea...creative people I am begging you !!!

WSJ: Corporate vultures already feasting on Katrina funding

Is Bush now supporting Affirmative Action?

Comic Relief.....Bushes Speech....

He's like an alcoholic who keeps apologizing to his abused wife

how long had * been in the UN meeting before he wrote the

Bush, The Socialist Liberal President: Live From The Magic Kingdom failed.

Is he still singing this tune?


Vid Clips from last night's Black Caucus Special Order on Poverty

Some major Paula Zahn snarkiness tonight...

AOL Poll needs help

So the part about identifying govt property and holding "raffles"

Are you never satisfied? ** has taken responsibility

Some freeper gems:

Need a song for Bush's speech.

Gulf Opportunity Zone = domestic maquiladora

Is anyone watching Ted Koppel's ABC special on Katrina - what went wrong?

TDS on the Bush potty note!!

So are they just shipping off black residents to the reservation?

Reaction to Bush's New Orleans Address

Text of Mr. Bush's speech - NOLA Sept. 15

Everytime Bush Makes a Public Appearance...

It seems that MSNBC has become the Bushpropaganda Bureau again.

Chavez Says U.N. to Move to Jerusalem

Impeachment Movement Responds to Bush's Speech

Army Kept Truth of GI's Death From Family

Now is not the time to play the "blame game"

FOX going back to Natalie Holloway coverage yet?

(Photo) I must not judge on appearance...

He looks like a BOBBLEHEAD!

Shut the fuck up you whining baby pessimistic fools.


Richard Clarke on Nightline! n/t

So, we are a tyranny of the minority in this country

Building The New Reservations

Reuters Says Bush Photo Not 'Malicious,' Reports Wide Interest

The Bush optimist's at DU sicken me! You'll be sorry!!!

The Animatronic President --pix->>>

NOLA too dangerous for Talabani

Potential Republican presidential candidates...

I can't believe I am saying this our government has become a bad soap

Real Time with Bill Maher...HBO -- Tomorrow night...8:00 & 11:00 Pacific.

Fool me once, call me a.... Same Bushit after 9/11

Hey, I have a liberal bumper sticker now the Freepers will love!

Stripes letter: Iraq as "Terrorism U" (and Rush and Fox get bashed, too)

Anybody watching Primetime tonight about NO (w/Ted Koppel)?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Group Therapy

more ---pix->>>

We need some good speech writers....

I Heard B*sh Was Going to Step Down

Bush was a media creation in the first place

Anyone watching Jimmy Kimmel?

CNN is gagging over Bush's speech

Bush--not liberal, Bush is an oppurtunist trying to buy back better poll #

This says it all...Freep: Bush is toast

NBC "Daily Nightly" instant reaction (Brian Williams blog)

I hate to say this, but Rove will beat the Democrats again

Bush brags about helicopters for the rich in speech from New Orleans

Liberalism is socialism says local wingnut, help me refute this...

Bush made the same promises after 9/11...

All you that say this will just 'brush over' are wrong - this is bigger

Nightline doing Lessons Learned, Are we ready for the inevitable?

Never been to the "DU lounge" before. Wow....

BTW, Condi did say yes...

Friend upset over Pledge of Allegiance and wants me to sign a petition.

Snafulapulis: on PBS...guests say Bush looked too staged

WTG Bush! We don't believe your lies AND you pissed off your BASE!

Evacuees using their money to take trips to the Bahamas and buying

Born-again Freeper on TDS!

What the hell are "conservative principles"

Good God! What about these evacuees being intvd on ABC???!!!

LOL! MSNBC to Bush's rescue, again!

Singing On the Bayou

Poll............. Need Help!

Lights on in Jackson Square New Orleans

"A Gulf Opportunity Zone!" Wowie-Zowie! That's the ticket, Georgie!


The NEW New Orleans

Katrina Shakes Faith in U.S. Around the World

Kinda like a Rich Man giving money to the mother of a child he killed...

Take this poll on your political view re: *

Well it's official

Photoshoppers.. I'm begging..

'Has the place blown up?' Bush's attempt at being funny

Does anyone believe that MSM might no longer let

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen!!!

This show Ted Koppel is hosting on NOLA is excellent >


The NOLA baby being held by the Mom is NOT DEAD...

Sign in if you think Bush is #1 superstar president for being liberal now!

Try to argue that marijuana is 1)bad and 2) should remain illegal

Anybody worried about Avian Flu Pandemic?

Guess who's on with Ted Koppel tomorrow night?

Tomorrow. I fly the Mexican Flag

Bush: Massive Deficit, Big Profits for Contractors

After being sickened by *, this article made my whole darn day worthwhile!


Was it a Good Speech?

AOL Poll Please DU! 37% Poor Speech; 32% Excellent...several questions

What is a "wasteful storm", as Bush called Katrina?

Any one else notice how often * talked about churches,

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 16

Horribly desolate backdrop and eerie blue lighting.

Anderson Cooper et al: what've they been like since returning?

DAMN Why The HELL Don't DU'ers Cite Clinton's Response To Miss. Floods?

New Orleans schools out of cash to pay teachers

Wow. Asshole Howard Fineman is dumping all over Bush on

Canadian sailors expected to return early

I hate to say this but, "shut up" pessimists, just for a minute

Legalize Marijuana Now To Pay For The Reconstruction Of The Gulf Coast!

Well, Thank God We Have That Clinton 233 Billion Dollar Budget Surplus!

is there a vegetarian/vegan forum here?

Tahltan nation prepare for arrest at blockade against miners in northern B

Anybody near La Patrie, Quebec?

Ivanov: US to use nuclear weapons against suspected Qaeda bases

Al-Zarqawi's dark forces riding high on a tide of blood

Feinstein and Schumer may vote against Roberts!

In Syria, Regime Change by Other Means--A Times

shrubs address

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

Who wrote this speach? It sounds like Clinton.

Bush brags about helicopters for the rich in speech from New Orleans

Bush vows 'biggest relief effort'

HHS Buys Vaccine, Antiviral to Combat Potential Flu Pandemic

AP: Grandmother, 73, held as sausage looter

Viewers listen with hope, skepticism (Bush Speech)

Mental Health Needs of Blacks Acute After Katrina

ACLU releases Iraq prisoner abuse report documents

(Danish) Parliament demands Afghanistan torture truth

USDA Plan Would Close 665 Local Offices

NYT: G.O.P. Split Over Big Plans for Storm Spending

Mo. Governor Signs Abortion-Limiting Bill

NBC, CNN Say They're Opening Full-Time News Bureaus in New Orleans

Katrina Ushers in Return of Big Government (fundies taking advantage)

Iraqis' right to life no longer protected -Annan

More Iraqis Joining Zarqawi's Cause

Venezuela to Buy Up to $1 Billion in Argentine Bonds, Bush a threat

Banned Stun Guns and Leg Irons Advertised at Arms Fair

Kerry's retort to Bush: Leadership isn't a toll-free number

Pennsylvania Voter Poll Shows President Slipping, Senate Race Heating Up

CIA Leak Investigator Warns Against Document Release

Mass. lawmakers override veto of emergency contraception bill

US Takes the War on Drugs to Canada's Prince of Pot

Venezuela's Chavez wants UN out of United States

Norwegian troops to quit Iraq, Bush told

Global Meltdown

Conservatives Balk As Spending Soars In Katrina's Wake

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain

What time does georgie read his bullshit?

Will Bush appear naked for his speech?

Seriously..this place is a zoo.

a little lark and the machete-wielding lunatic.....

There has been a marked improvement in lounge threads lately

Even Jesus is giving Bush the finger...

Survey Finds More Women Try Bisexuality

I love BMcLH, but kudos to this lock!

18 posts from 5,000. Tell me your driving pet peeve here!


Starsky & Hutch on HBO at the top of the hour.

What's the best way to cook apes?


Zomby Goes To Hollywood

Do you believe in dog?

a little lark and the spaghetti-wielding lunatic.....

Survivor Spoiler

When is the Big One going to hit Los Angeles?

I like to think I have morals...

Do You Care What Other People Think Of You?

That guy who lives in our White House is

His sleeves are rolled up.

Bush sounds nervous as hell

Wow, that's quite a stoner.

So, which way down will Chimpy's polls go?

I like to think I have morels...

Here is * arriving at NO airport a while ago... CAPTION

Wouldn't it be funny if the greenscreen messed up?

I am stacked! Simply STACKED, I say!

I like to think I have Moyls.....

Def Con 4..........

I didn't think it was possible, but he really IS dumber than he looks!

Level 4. Is sumptin' happening?

Now this is just plain funny

I like to think I have boils...

Tonight's English-language oddity:

Oh, no, the "my posts" function is off again, and I'm lost

I feel safer now that I heard Bush give a speech....

Gumby goes to Dollywood

Relax everyone... Out Grand and Glorious Leader is back in charge...

I am Spocked! Simply SPOCKED, I say!

Bush's Swiv-O-Mandible™ on the wane, but another tic emerges

I am Sharked! Simply SHARKED, I say!

Def Jam 4..........

I am Sporked! Simply SPORKED, I say!

s.o.b. no "My Posts"...

Can I play the songs on my iPod through my car stereo?

OK, am I the only one who never knew or forgot there was

btw .. What IS a "warmful dirge" ?

We made it to LEVEL 4 - what's the final level

Who do we kick out of the life boat to get My Posts back......

My Professor told me one of my essays is being taught to doctoral students

Great BBC picture of W during his speech...

Yay, this is my 5,000th post!

As of 7:05 PST I find no thread in the lounge requiring my input.

To everybody who has me on ignore:

Bellydancers check in!

Light up her life *a candle for Peggy*

Why is it Cats think you WANT them to stick their ass in your face?

Was bush doing an infomercial?


For my 666th post, let me just say....

Why I think the "bathroom note" is a fake. Hear me out please.

Wow, that's quite a boner.

Jesus Christ! I didn't know there WAS a Level 4!

Anyone see Dick Morris gushing over Bush on Fox?

Bonnie Raitt on Leno & Smiley

Who wants to see my cats' panties? (Large images)

There's a young, hot stud in my bedroom!!

Hello! Hello! Is this thing on?

i hate it when a fLame war erupts

LEVEL 4 - this is HUGH!!!!!11111

I like to think I have murals.

Bush to host approval-relief telethon from NO

What's the best way to cook grapes?

Dixie Chicks on Shelter from the Storm. Here's the song "I Hope"

Dudes! (And dudettes!) Hugh Moran is a cyclist!

Get OUT, the "pee note" on Jon Stewart!

Thanks everyone for answering my Quaker question

is there a way i can get the music off of a video?

Who else loves to hear Ed Helms sing on TDS?

Does the Vatican update the Latin language to keep it modern?

How can I get a date with Britney Spears?

Momma panda wants to snooze & Baby wants to play

Are you guys listening to the show?

Flame me if you want, but Paul McCartney's new album is fantastic.

Don't go dissing my lounge!

Am I the only one that hopes there is no heaven?

As if the people of New Orleans havent already been through enough...

If it's close to 11:00 and I'm here, please remind me to watch Jon Stewart

Get a load of this!! Someone is doesn't like The Lounge cat-lovers!!

I found this .gif, it made me think of sundog...

Flags! Flags! I have new flags here!

I did not watch *'s speech

My Cholesterol is at 217

Male KWspawn may move to Canada when he is 18

Tonight's obscure lyrics... name that artist/song...

Big Problem, Guys

Feeling moody, cranky, stressed? Click here:

Anyone rehab an MCL knee injury?

Anyone else getting this..

Join the Coast Guard?

Hi and stuff.

CaliforniaPeggy appreciation thread

In Which Corner will you find Mr. Horner.........

I may be gone for a while

What's your most under appreciated album.

Lounge Bashing in GD????

I'm designing a letterhead for a non-profit agency. Someone kill me now.

Everybody with bad news, post here

"It's the end of the world as we know it - I feel fine" - why REM should

How many colleges/university call themselves "Concordia"

Renee and Kenny are splits? What!!??

Wow...the White Sox are chokin like a dog!!!

DU group proposal: DU heavy metal vomit party


I'm fairly drunk at the moment. Ask me anything.

I went to a Lily Tomlin show tonight! My report . . .

I'm in a bad fucking mood...

Looking for some feed back on discrimination in the work place.

Does anyone know anything about the Quakers

To all my Lounge friends...Today I come to you to ask for your help......

MMjr. wants retribution against Bush.

we had a scare with Mr. Kitty tonight...

I have a new rule about stores and kids....

Wetzelbill said "get rid of Joani"

What does you underwear say about you?

A quantum metaphysical conundrum:

One Find, Two Astronomers: An Ethical Brawl

Hurricane Intensity Linked to Climate Change

"Southern Vancouver Island is sort of sliding towards the west right now.

‘Molecular gastronomy’ uses liquid nitrogen, magnetic resonance


The Yanks are coming

About to move cross country with two elderly cats -- Help!

The Fool * Tarot Key 0 * Hebrew Letter Aleph *

Oh dear undergod -- it's on again

Has anyone assembled a compilation of Katrina as retribution comments?

Well hello, Dalai, yes, hello Dalai...

Anyone just watch the smarmy repuke

cspan - hurry!

The only cure for Bushshit.

I'm on the recommended list! I'm on the recommended list!!

And another...

You know what I found myself thinking about tonight?

I think Kerry needs some attention - he deserves a big thank you!

check this out!!!! Someone beat us to the Kerry news!

OK, I have to ask, all the JK lust, where is it coming from?

which KOEBers are going to DC?

Preview of tomorrow night's Countdown...take a look!!!!

Hey! Fresh Countdown on now!

Keith Olbermann--saying photo op Jr talking to big oil people. WHO was

On "Countdown"...Fineman just said Bush needs to be "Clinton-like" tonight

Live webcast

KO cover's Cheney's "Pipeline Priority" on Countdown...

Dear God, Please fuck with Chimpy's TelePrompter tonight

He looks like his head is in one of those fake body photo props

Michael Brown's resignation letter

Here we go. Tax relief for new business. Disney needs tax relief.

All over the country....

Ted Koppel is a shameless * shill

Oh God he's ALL over this racial thing

Well, the stupid monkey finally said it.(9-11)

Who wrote this speach? It sounds like Clinton.

Anyone who can stomach hearing about the Bush Revival Tour

CNN - what took so long, why 3 weeks later

Instead of listening to that asshole tonight

Nagin's Not Impressed & Pre-Speech Criticism of Bush Speech

"this Government will learn the lessons of Hurricane Katrina..."

BBC Global Poll: Americans 'back church leaders' (& more crap)

So, What's Bill Clinton up to on Larry King, is it tonight or tomorrow??

Repug Talking Point - Watch For It - A New Beginning.....


Really, does someone know who wrote that speech?

So Roberts won't answer questions and the WH won't release his documents?

Who wrote that speech? Where do they come up with that? Wal Mart?

You have to know that * is actually delighted to talk about the feds

Interesting Letter to the Editor

From the Jetsons to the Flintstones in one week.

So you only make $6 an hour. You can build a house!

Koppel is a dick

Atta Papers

They're hacking Diebold votes on AAR now

OK-get the popcorn ready Bullsh*t uh, Bullhorn moment

LA contractor...this is about the color green. They want the contracts

The freepers were mostly worshiping Bush when I looked

I was just surfing for polls

* Announces He Will Not To Run For President Again In 2008..n/t

A few things.

Anybody Else Here Feel That * Has Been Being Set Up To.....

* Just Edited His Speech - He Meant Iraq Not New Orleans ...n/t

Why do wingnuts think they are winning??

Well the Mayor of Slidell, LA is pissed now. Arron Brown coming up

Which Bumpersticker do you like the most?

Bush discovers the poor

* More Prepared For The Aftermath Of 911 Than For The......

Jesse Jackson Quote On Fox, "The Poor Get A Hurricane And....

Scarborough is about to get nasty

Is there any positive coverage of Bush's speech? Every channel I click

Salon "I take responsibility" piece: First you laugh, then outrage sets in

Conyers: HRC press release & video of floor speech re exp hate crimes law

People, we have just witnessed a Presidential Crash and Burn...

Rove is in charge of the reconstruction!

A Few things - repost

ABC is telling us how the Feds can protect us from a nuclear bomb

CNN Poll: What do you think of Bush's Katrina recovery plan?

Anyone Notice The Clock....

Tweety: " Lyndon Johnson or FDR."

I'm going to tell Kerry "thank-you" to let him know that he ROCKED tonite

David Bonior Prior to Bush's Speech -- worth reading

People who enter a "house lottery" and DON'T win WILL be "sore losers"...

LA Times said that BushCo rescinded the clean air act until today

His head looks like it's in a fake cardboard photo prop at a carnival

Have you heard that Rove is in charge of recovery operations in the South

Democrats need to call for energy independance by 2025

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the stupidity....

When you are used up where do you go?

Was Katrina just what this country needed?

I think Bush treats a speech like a quarterback at the big game

DU this poll. He's not doing well so far:

W admitted racial inequality and poverty exists in the U.S.!

* said he knows what it's like to sleep on the curb, hungry

Think Progress has the GOP talking points for the speech

Dubya Gump aka the most famous cheerleader of all time

Media Reaction to *'s Speech?

DU This AOL Poll - How confident are you in Bush?

The sign I will carry in DC on the 24th:


Joe Scarborough AND Tucker Carlson thought the speech sucked..

Is focusing on Bush a waste of our time at this point?

HERE'S The Argument To Beat Rove (If The Dems Want It)

Trust = Words + Actions Match, This is a point that should be

Sheriff of St. Benard Parish blows holes in Bush speech on MSNBC

Who exactly are the people who will vote on Roberts? How

Bush forgot to mention all these new-hires will be working for lowest wage

Bush's speech..he's wearing a bullet-proof vest...

Dick "Toe-sucker" Morris says Bush's speech was brilliant....

Women of DU---SLUR Could Cost Merkel Winning Margin (wife of Chancellor)

DSM Resolutions of Inquiry Defeated

Audio clips of Rep. Conyers on Joe Madison & Ed Schultz shows

House Intelligence committee votes down Plame "resolution of inquiry"

I haven't read all threads, but this speech was AWESOME

Conyers support's PDA's People's Petition for an Iraq Peace Process

Chimpy was factually incorrect with his reference about jazz funerals

Get ready for massive inflation.

Ted Kennedy should publicly applaud the President's speech.

At 1st I was almost buying it .......

How do we take back the Democratic Party? There have been numerous

What's Chimpy got under his shirt? Check out the bulging back...

Dean say bankruptcy bill needs to be put off, FEMA must be independent.

Bush* can't button his shirt?

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 16

Rep Tim Ryan D-Ohio on House Floor: You don't get into elective Wars...

what is happening in Washington on the 24th??

Kerrys rebuttal to George

"Fox Fans" speak out: "I thought it was as good as the 9/11 speech"

"It's all they need"...Her blog is called Baghdad Burning

hurricane katrina: black republicans reality check

From the "Tancredo for President" blog, a backhanded compliment.

The Shame of Blaming the Victims - MUST READ!

Asia Times: Epiphany for a president

FEMA: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Amid the Ruins, a President Tries to Reconstruct His Image, Too

The Enablers

Music That Bush Clearly Doesn't Hear

Sugar for Sugar, Salt For Salt

An open letter from your Precedent, George W. Bush

No point to the (UN) summit(w/no council expansion/terrorism/nuc. control)

Scandals, Corruption, & Lies. Oh My!

Bungle in the Bayou

Katrina-Coverage, American-style

My newspaper column for this week: tipping!

Bugatti: 1,001 horsepower, $1.24 million

Bad bombings but less troops dead in Iraq

If you want to see what the rest of the world is saying about us

Wallerstein, "Katrina: The Politics of Incompetence and Decline"

A Bid to Repair a Presidency (maintext and SUBTEXT of speech)

Chavez takes Bush to task over Iraq, from PDN, Guam:

Bill Moyers: 9/11 and the Sport of God

The City of New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina Version)

Some loving Christian e-mails

Amid the Miserable Failures on the Same Planet: A Message from C. Sheehan

Poker party (Bush/GOP fail, but Dems get political gain only if brave)

FEMA 'doctors were handed mops' - admidst sick & dying

Early Warning -----A broader role for the armed forces?

WaPo: A Bid to Repair a Presidency

Those of Us Who Know - by RFK Jr.


Every Day, We Ignore the Everyday Poor

After Blocking the Bridge, Gretna Circles the Wagons

US tempers its view of victory in Iraq ("war is not winnable short term")

America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup (Paul Craig Roberts)

The Big Con

HELP! Desperate Housing Shortage for Sept. anti-war/global justice mobe

San Diego Action Alert: Protest Arnold's re-election announcement today!

DCCC king making. Contact them.

Humane Society begs for callers to the President, Gov, for help

A Radio Show I cannot recommend enough! PLEASE READ.

Censorship Bill Takes Aim at the American Public

80% of Amercians hate SUVs. At least, other people's SUVs.

BLM unable to adequately protect land, report says

Basking Sharks Follow Food, Rising Temps North From Britain To Scotland

Climate Breakdown Could Make For A Wetter Sahara - Guardian

Oregon lawmakers quadruple state's credits for residential solar projects

Climate change could bankrupt the global economy in 65 years

Global warming 'past the point of no return'

Judge dismisses states' global warming suit

New Jersey Approves Increase to Renewable Energy Standards

LiftPort Nanotech will be located in Millville, New Jersey

Hurricane Severity Increasing Thanks To Water Temps - Science

Sharon: Palestinians deserve a state

Interview - Uri Avnery interviewed by Tikkun

Israeli ex-military chief cancels trip to UK over threat of war crimes arr

Israeli ex-military chief cancels trip to UK {edit}

where does incompetence end and where does intent begin?

Keep spreading the truth!

Blackwell lying about Jerry Springer candidacy to raise campaign cash

Diebold threatened violators with immediate dismissal

Election reformers snap up opponents' likely Web sites

south dakota has dropped Diebold and its touchscreens.

Freepers on Voter Fraud, suprising

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 9/16/05

Diebold GEMS tabulator software--does it violate HAVA?

Carter-Baker Commission Report

Foreign government accesses Diebold tabulator.

You know you're from So-Cal if.......

Didn't Gov Schwhatsever, at one time say he was a Democrat?

California bans school junk food

Emergency Rally Allert! Schwarzenegger to announce re-election this AM!

DU this contest

Thinking about Minnesota: Potential migrants want opinions

DCCC king making. Contact them.

Firefox install question.

Sony vaio power cord/battery questions

Subodh Chandra has a big problem

B*sh disapproval on Katrina high in TX

Is anyone going to the Mexican Ind. Day march/parade on 9/17?

Jim Wallis ("God's Politics") in Austin 9/21

A Report on Bay Area New Democrats event last night.

President's nephew arrested on Sixth St

BAND Fun-Raiser was fantastic!!!

Thinking about Wisconsin: Potential migrants want opinions

Jay Rosen: "People of CBS News, the Net knows more than you."

Who, based on this week's events, would you like to say "F**K YOU!" to?

From Salon: After Katrina, country no longer believes in Bush

Can bush dress himself? (pic)

A question for our conservative perusers.

Why Rove can't go ... to meetings

Anyone have the picture of Bush holding the phone upside down?

uh-oh, rush limbaugh....

B*sh gave out phone sex number

Oral sex can transmit virtually any sexually transmitted disease.

Why are they having these confirmation hearings for John Roberts?

A note on "activist judges"

FEMA Flood Response...Clinton vs. Bush

Gallup Poll, Does this group favor Republicans, YES!

Bush obviously didn't have Condi dress him

Molly Ivins: "DAMMIT ALL TO HELL I told you so!!!"

Start your phone calls, emails & snail mails - Demand Jimmy Carter oversee

What a big boy! He wrote a letter to Disneyland, all by himself!

So if they dismantle Roe v. Wade, then what?

OMG This has to be the saddest thing on a red Friday! Warning

Congresswoman Davis: "Talk about hitting someone when they're down,"

Lessons Americans SHOULD learn from Katrina

The TRUE story of the Exorcism of Emily Rose

I see Cheney is sick again, and needs hospitalization

Bush: Katrina recovery requires spending cuts

Tax the Rich!

I bust Anderson Coopers chops, but his show tonight is awesome.

Jeb Bush's son arrested for public drunkenness per NPR

Just got word: Crawford sheriffs found the stolen items from Camp Casey

The Delusions of George W Bush

Who has the best hurricane Katrina coverage?

Bush had all the power he needed to mount an effective response

uhhh, mr. bush, people are starting to talk about your 'Coke Jaw'

Bush Admin to release video advertising FEMA toll-free phone number

National Review In A Snit Over Bush's Latest New Orleans Speech

Fitzgerald warns against document release...

Help for Katrina's PET victims

Secret of Delphi Found in Ancient Text

Little early morning from a freeway blogger who will never surrender

Tonights lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher

One Answer to: What Traditional Conservatives Admire about Shrub

Why did gas go up so quickly - yet the prices fall so slowly

Is There Some Kind Of News Blackout Re: NOLA Or What

So THIS is how freepers react when Dems get near enough for debate.

Breaking! Rehnquist In Hell. Reason?

Senate Dem computer system hacked in April 04?

Bill Clinton on Larry King tonight

Vid Clip-Douglas Brinkley from last night talking about speech

Am Desperately Seeking Missing NOLA Friend, Please Help --

Brian Williams reports: Power ON for Bush's speach, DARKNESS 1 hour later

Galloway - Hitchens Debate - C-span2 - Sat. 9/17 @ 9 pm

Everybody gets a pony and a lifetime supply of ice cream

Bush's Latest Strategy re: New Orleans

Anderson Cooper 360 - sheriff mad

LA: Displaced oil workers get new homes

NO: Times-Picayune death toll (not sure where they get their number from)

LOL! Local news (CBS Tulsa) covering W's "may I potty" note!

AEI Whore Bill Schneider says GOP HAS NO ANSWERS, Dems DO!

Bush's "Back Pack" Springs Big Leak after Last Night's Speech!

TURN ON CNN! Kenyon working hard in NO!

Urgent help request by President Humane Society

So Il Douche has said "Uh, My Fault..." NOW what?

Why does Thomas Friedman want us to look at Singapore?

Not a country at all, but atomised, segmented individuals

"When he finally stopped, he got ... the loudest applause of the summit."

Official Moonbat Check In Thread! Moonbats Unite For Fight AND Flight!

Storm-relief money spent at strip clubs

Ladies..someone needs to grab this guy up

Have you looked at the Bush- Katrina poll at cnn?

Too good to be true - BWAAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Blacks bamboozled by Bush speech, Whites afraid of the Affirmative Action

I say take the $25 million reward for Bin Laden

George, The Tribe Has Spoken. Give Us Your Torch. It’s Time For You To Go.

Mice infected with plague missing from lab....

Should we confiscate "excess" wealth to rebuild America?

Imagine yourself being a millionaire, how would you lead your life....

Can someone explain the Spectrum Communication bill

What's the number of people reported missing b/c of Katrina?

The Answer to 'When?'

At this rate, Bush will Never get re-elected

Could someone give me the bu$h speech in a nutshell? I missed it.

A most unexpected reaction to the speech tonight (TX)

AMERICAN SHAME: The Edgar Hollingsworth Story

Bernie is asking Bush voters to call and REPENT

Vae Victus: A Memorandum to Ideological Shifts. (Please, discuss)

Rebuild Trent's House

Does anyone have updated information on Bush/Cheney detainment camps?

true disabled got their social security cut off?

chimp & co must be worried about a revolution, why else would they

Some hints - if you don't trust the Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army

The Latest On Bush's Speech

Dick Morris: "Bush is a master at handling disasters."

"God patterns her activity after Ray Taliafero and other great thinkers"

The Social Contract

What the hell is that under his jacket?

" 'Warming link' to big hurricanes"

The second flood -- unsorted clothing piling up in the Gulf area

60-40% say bring the troops home to rebuild New Orleans

HALLIBURTON to receive contract to pry gold fillings from mouths of victim

PEMA will replace FEMA

Response from your local evacuees to speech?

when bush tries to look sincere, he comes off looking constipated

Shaq Assists Police in Arresting Man

The "whiteness" of Chimpy's speech tonight...


Bettern Ah Nother New Nixon

Why China's Not Backing Bush on Iran (Hint: Its about oil)

Norway is calling back troops from Iraq

Bush reversed more environ progress in eight months than Reagan in 8 years

'they' are more worried about bush's image than helping the poor

HILARIOUS ** Letterman Top Ten FEMA Application Questions

U-S Marine killed as war toll nears 19-hundred

Yo, lurking neocons, dominionists, and * apologists, over here....

Bush’s vision for New Orleans: a profiteer’s paradise

(VIDEO) Daily Show: What, Me Sorry?

NPR/ME: "nothing going on in FEMA control center"

Iraq Deployment Impaired Katrina Relief, Say Americans

How Bush is spinning Katrina

Blast from the past, a quote to sum up Bush

why can't all you poor black folks be more like Condi?

question on CSPAN about "Constitution Day"

AOL Poll on brush's speech

My Ltte

That Potty Note picture

Primetime: Another screwup - U.S. not prepared for Asian flu pandemic

With U.S. allies like these, women don't need enemies!

Where is that fun game with the bubbles? The thing that was put

Question: Does this mean "no investigation" for Katrina ???????

is there a transcript of the speech i can read and print for my 'friends'?

B*sh disapproval on Katrina high in TX

Blanche DuBush: I have always relied on the kindness of strangers"

Lmao, this toon is so true

The "D'oh!" Apocalypse: Is this country over?

Lottery? What was that lottery stuff in the speech?

tell us mr. bush why we the people shouldn't FIRE YOU for incompetence?

The George Dumbya Boosh Residential Library

FEMA Employees "assisting" Private Contractors? Sounds familiar.

Clinton is disappointing, but his "I've experienced 4 tax cuts" hit home.

C-span 2 - Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on Halliburton Contracts

Able Danger: When Was Atta's DIA File Purged ?

Question: were stray dogs wandering around Katrina Rant

$200, 300, 400 billion in 'federal money' to resurrect Bush and Cheney...

My husband turned the corner tonight

Check out Doonesbury and Non Sequitur 9-16-05

Over 200 dead in Mississippi! Where's the accountability for Barbour?

Iraqi insurgents hit back hard despite US attacks

The Saddest Stranded Dog Photo Yet! With a Happy Ending....

Local news priorities are twisted

In future disasters we can expect admitted responsibility-plan to rebuild

The GOP is finished after they "win" the abortion fight.

Where are the millionaires?

Forget the spin. B* was supposed to make us safer after 9/11. He failed.

Some incredibly beautiful pictures from Action Aid, etc

"all White House decisions and pronouncements regarding the recovery . . "

Who funds the CATO Institute?

Did anyone else hear Joe Biden on Imus this Morning? What did you think?

"Red Fridays" - and a daughter's response

Act of courage that, many that did not need to be:

Bunny Greenhouse and Dem Committee investigation on C-SPAN 2

Red Cross Shelter like a prison!

Starve starve starve the beast gently as we know...

Church leaders say Bush is a little late for a National Prayer for victims

Bartcop cartoon says it all.

Venezuela's Chavez wants UN out of United States

Rice defends Iraq using coffee as a simile on O'Reilly.

Housing Expedited for Storm Survivors

Did anyone else start screaming at the radio/tv when Bush re-hashed...

So how much has the Bush Family Donated?

My letter to Sen. Landrieu

Is it our "choice" to be equal?

more than 2,000 children still unaccounted for?!

I didn't watch the chimperor* last night someone give me the highlights

Reconciling the impossibly low death toll

Why did he raise his hand?

Pledge of Allegiance is a non-issue...

I've figured out the 'SCAM' Bush&co. ran here in Arkansas!

How Rove's passing kidney stones (i hope it hurts) affect Bush

Don't worry New Orleans, "we'll make more!"

Oppps--One Big Hole in Bush's Plan!

Democracy Now on; I'm hearing Galloway and Hitchens;

Who pays for Grover Norquist?

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

freedom isn't free

Bunnitine Greenhouse - Halliburton whistleblower - on CSPAN2 now

On C-Span 2 now, Iraq Halliburton contracts

Why is federal money going to New Orleans and victims of the 'cane?

And now it is the Iraq-namization of NOLA.

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Evolution Schmevolution Final Day

How does a document of the importance of the Magna Charta

The Sting

Grapple in the Apple video - Hitch Vs. Gall

today is bush's national day of prayer, so GIT BUSY PRAYING

Remaining Poor in America Pray for a Natural Disaster

Tom Coburn's judiciary coach: "I'm a radical! I'm a real extremist."


The South will rise again.

MS Attorney General to Sue Insurance Companies

If you missed it yesterday "Iraq Congressional Hearing" on CSPAN TODAY!

Check out this headline about Bush

Not even once did Bush call on people to sacrifice.

DU this MSNBC poll!

"You're doing a heck of a job, Rovie." >

bush admin is looking to blame environmentalists for the flood.

Will Congress approve Bush's plan for $200 billion dollars ?

"Will you return to the New Orleans area?" (Online Poll)

ABC news exec cheers Hitchens at Galloway debate

Why Chavez must die.

Did Anyone Ask John Roberts What He Thought of Gore v. Bush (S Ct 2000)?

How does this National Day of prayer

Only 30% of victims in New Orleans owned their homes...?

Morality test


Here it is, the Draft of the Petition to the UN

g.o.p. angered at having to help so many poor black folks all at once

Great pic on front page - looks like our misleader is

Satan calls for National Day of Prayer - I can't watch this evil

Email Suggests Gov't Seeking to Blame Environmental Groups

"W" Doesn't Care About Black People!

My fellow Americans dont use gas unless you need to.

Are we have being SCROOGED?

We Do NOT Need Bill Clinton to come and Prop

Did you hear?

A Radio Show I cannot recommend enough! PLEASE READ.

The irony; Repukes name their journal after a disaster!

40 acres and a mule

Steph Miller on Rove and Bush

"Warning: be aware of the symptoms of this epidemic!

Program: City Under Siege

DOJ watchdog: FBI violates rules for confidential informants

Pastor's sign rubs salt in the wounds of the downtrodden (Katrina)

Newport's War on Sea Lions

may have one bunk left! 9/23,24.25

a Poll in the local paper...

Are we seeing a "Scorched Earth" engame playing out???

Tulane Prof. Studying Katrina Response on Terry Gross Fresh Air Right NOW

Poppy will flip the coin at Giants Stadium Monday vs the Saints

Wow, not one mention of 9/11. I skimmed but didn't read the transcript

Bush's Speech? - A bid to Repair a Presidency

Arkansas GOP attemping to supress vote

I actually agreed with something Tucker Carlson said last night on MSNBC

Check out three links in Gulf Coast region to see how Bush's speech did

GOP and America have a conflict of interest.

On CNN just now, the prayer service, right at the beginning of a

Yesterday's stealth R/W talking point...

Enabling Act: Bush Cashes his Blank Check for Tyranny - Chris Floyd

So, did anyone get wasted playing the drinking game during the speech

Where does laura* fit in all this.

Conservative mantra -- "Be self-reliant until you actually need something"

Was Armenian Genocide Res. attempt to get Hastert off the hook?

Bush-Be-Gone Index -- Down 21.0% from yesterday

*Halliburton* gets ANOTHER Contract in NOLA- 9/15/05

From the 'what will it take to wake up the freepers' file:

Bush voters must wear scarlet 'B'

"Sharing God's word can now be considered Hate Speech"

Laura is buzzflash's Hypocrite of the Week

The Independent UK: Global warming 'past the point of no return'

a Constitutional question

Uninformed question - A better nation for women where??

This "Prayer Service" is phony.

is he feeling the heat ? * better get use to it

Hocus Pocus Bogus POTUS

Got Sweaty Back?

"No more money, no more time. I'm done."

Remember the anthrax terrorist?

Poker party By David Mamet (Dems must take risks)

John Roberts gave a "Lawyer's Answer" to every important question

Will msm ever show real stories of the horror of NOLA and the

I am listening to Clinton on CNN talk about poverty. God, how I miss...

We're bemused in Arkansas...

You know you are a Red Neck when...

AOL Poll on Roberts

LOL! RW Rasmussen poll - B* approval DROPS after speech!

Do you really, really trust Republicans to spend tax dollars wisely ?

Listen to Thom Hartmann right now! He is talking to a Neo-Con

Why does * look angry every time he's photographed?

Bush: Rebuilding Must Address Inequality

Subject: Do No Harm

Why has Bush been given a free pass on the National debt?

The difference is so Black & White

Federal assistance rebuilding NO is a contradiction.

I expect donations to KAtrina Relief organizations to drop off

Washington Post: Bush is MR. BIG GOVERNMENT

End the damn war, for crying out loud....

Have you heard of this Constitution Day thing?

Can Somebody Explain The "Lottery" Thing?

It was this kind of BS that Rove was hoping would come out of *'s speech:

Chavez kicks ass at UN Summit

Pre-9/11 Intelligence on Al Qaeda Curt Weldon CSPAN2 now

Portion of Clinton/Bush Katrina fund "sent to local houses of worship"

Re: missing children of Katrina, WHY were the children and parents

Brdblog on HArtmann's show NOW re: Dieb's Throat!

Froomkin: "Will the real George W. Bush please stand up?"

For Kyra Phillips (CNN) fans...

Is the Halliburton contract for gold fillings story real?

Anybody have video of last night's Leno show with the Trump?

Some thoughts on the McLennan County (Crawford) road workers

It is all Ellen Degeneres fault

Anyone see a resemblance?

BREAKING: Bush sells Louisiana to France

Where were these Repukes when Shrub wanted billions for Iraq?

President Clinton never met with Richard Clarke.

Firing victims — sometimes, there are reasons

Is anyone else worried about the missing Katrina children & pedophiles?

The smoking gun- Gev Ernie Fletcher (R) Ky

What is it with Fundies "Praying ON" things?

How come no one here is reporting what hate radio is saying re: speech?

Listened to part of Shrub's speech on NPR this AM - he sounded drunk!

where does incompetence end and where does intent begin?

Bush did go to the can after the infamous note was written....

How many dead in NO?

What in the world was that on Franken?

(Video) Bill Clinton wants to Repeal High-Income Tax Cuts

This is racist, I change my mind

If Dems in power - paying for Katrina...

CNN online poll: raising taxes to pay for Gulf reconstruction

OMG: Bush Admin Tries to Blame Environmental Groups for Flooding

Author of Bush's "New Democrat" rhetoric last night is a WSJ editorialist

Did * mention that he put Rove in charge of NO rebuilding?

Meet the Press - Sunday, Sept. 18 - The Big Dog will be on!

Cmon people, there are NO accidents

100+ rescue tractor trailors paid $600 a day not to move

Comapssion right?

Have you noticed a dramatic decrease in W stickers?

On the idiocy of all sorts of "MATERIAL wealth."

Is it me, or did * look like a first grade moran in that open neck shirt?

Bush tells his most ardent supporters to "go fuck yourself"

New name for "Chimpy" that'll really toast the rights' chestnuts...

Latest from NOAA..heads up!

Reminder - Laura Flanders coming up on Randi

One of the BEST articles I have ever read

OMG! The (p)residential jaw is clicking and jerking like a mofo!

Big Dog: "Repeal The Tax Cuts Now"

I'm looking for a quote, or an article...

I get the feeling that all Bush has left are the sychophants

Stripes: Would extending Tricare coverage take guns out of troops' hands?

Has anyone seen any post-speech polls? We usually get

Who would have access to the volunteer Houston roster?

Life in the Red States

Schwab Market Outlook--it's 1995's slowdown again......

bush and putin on c-span

Don't leave mad, George....

Vid Clip-Al Hasani (Iraq) on Women's Rights and the Constitution

Hit these polls

Personally, I'd rather hear a little Less from "the Church" about Gays and

1898 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Anybody--what federal land was Bush referring to in his speech

Federal Land Ownership - What they may plan on using in the Lottery

Anyone just listen to Fresh Air? Who was that guy talking of FEMA denying

Catholic church is recruiting exorcists! (Uncle Benedict wants YOU!)

Why is the institutionalized racism such a shock to people?

What have we learned this week?

Wiretap mosques, Romney suggests

Correct me if I'm in error... but as far as Chimpy's Judges go...

Plan 9 from Louisiana...BUSHWELL PREDICTS!

A question about Louisiana and phone sex:

VIDEO- Bush assists in pet clean up effort

Bush and Putin press conference on now.

laura bush has inspiring words coming-up on blitzer...

Playing God???

Chavez blasts Bush

Regarding Conservatives turning on Bush

Franken wants 1877-katrina for US gov but it's a SEX line!!!

RWer's seem to forget Reagan funded the Contra terrorists

Damn I'm ready for honor, integrity, values and decency to return

Is anyone listening to the preacher giving the homily at the National

This Times Online Article is very funny and entertaining:

WP: The Costly Price of Facing a Grand Jury (W.H. staffers suffer stress)

Sen. Byrd speechifying on CSPAN now, 3:15pmCT. nt

Last night our president was downright Sasquatchian

Why do we pledge allegiance to the flag and not to the Constitution.

FEMA and military induced chaos in NO (medical care)

Is George Bush a liberal at heart?

"We are not sure he knows what he is getting into."

Do I have it right? Brown Honore Paulison Cheney Allen Rove

Post-Katrina NOLA - another experiment?

Remember this line?

About B*sh buttoning his freaking shirt all crookedy:

is ah-nold nuts?

PHOTO: Is this an E-ticket ride?

Ken Schram is "a big, freaking lefty crybaby."

DU This Fox News Poll: How Did Chimpy Do On His Speech?

Did Putin Just Give Bush the Finger?

Stinking Yahoo!

S.S. Diebold scraping the bottom...

So who else believes in the magic money fairy

Guess who received the loudest applause at the UN summit Thursday?

Cliff Notes version of tonight's speech--anyone?

Bush rubbing the head of a black man

Shaq Assists Police in Arresting Man (gay basher)

Pat Robertson: Hurricane Katrina is Ellen Degeneres' fault. (no joke).

Brian Williams

Media should poll JUST wealthiest 2% asking if they'd give up their taxcut

RUMSFELD IN NEW ORLEANS: "Come On In! The Water's Fine!"

You know what the problem is with this country?

The hurricane relief program

I'm often a pessimist and a skeptic,

Mississippi ranked most corrupt state- let the looting begin!

Bushco Pic: What is each one thinking about?

Durbin writes DOJ, Paris Hilton thief caught Dem HQ break-in unsolved

Now it's proven, Bush doesn't know how to behave


RANT ON regarding this country

I just figured out why the liberal SCOTUS voted in favor of Eminent Domain

Wolfie going to talk about bloggers who hate * - including Conservatives

Is the U.S.A. a Corporacratic Socialism?

Conservative friend talked me into using Drudge as a links page

Hurricane cleanup costs worry U.S. conservatives

Does anyone miss Bob Novak?

First the 'bathroom break' photo and now this. M$M not helping Jr.'s image

responsibility (n)

Kartrina "Repopulation Fund"...

Rove now has $200,000,000,000.00 of our money to spend as he likes?

Photos of Sept. 15th Rally @ the White House

Katrina oil spill bigger then Exxon Valdez

Has DU compiled a list of *'s fake photo-ops?

Did anyone else hear the phone call Springer got about how

Letter i sent to Sac Bee. on Bush plan

Interesting DU forum web stats:

Wandered over to Rosie O'Donnell's site

So, while Wolf indulges his affection for helicopter pictures.....

I'm Mr. Blue

Tom Hayden: Rep Woolsey's Iraq Exit Strategy Hearning Successful

GOP split over plan for big spending.

Would it be a stretch to liken DLCers to the Sadducees?

Jeff Gannon has gone missing...

Schwarzenegger says WILL Seek Re-Election

So, my American Govt. teacher just went over the 50's...

73 year old Granny who spent 16 days in jail

George W. Bush is a God Damned Fascist.

Caption this * picture

Civil war: For Iraqis, it's now official

Lunatics and Criminal negligence

If America were filled with smart people w/ great critical thinking skills

There is a something good already coming from the Hurricane Katrina

Cheney to have surgery for aneurism?

Finally, THIS is what we need to MASS MAIL to ALL Democrat leaders!

Camp Casey completely STOLEN Thursday night!!!

The lounge is really hopping tonight

How Come Gas Prices Fell Big Time Overnight?

US coffins in German election campaign

If Bush & his cronies hadn't been in the White House.....

Sure you will Arnold

Blitzer: "Bloggers bashing President Bush...why is that no surprise?"

Picture of Bush at Katrina clean up planning meeting....

Forget Man on Horse or Dog.....Here's O'Lielly on Duck.....really.

Cannibal Cheney in Secret New Orleans Underground Bunker!

Our (so-called) economic recovery

Why do some of us go GA-GA over Hugo Chávez?

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) says Bush should resign

Clinton Echoes Call to Repeal the Bush Tax Cuts Now

You want to attack Hugo Chavez?

Cremation and Catholicism

Caption this Dumbya photo: "I'm not looking...I'm not looking..."

Would you want armed Minutemen in YOUR community looking for illegals?

DU SInking Into Sump??

Dick Morris on Bush: "Man is he fortunate!"

Bush is an Errorist

Iraq: Iraqi Red Crescent and Red Cross help refugees in Tal-Afar

Does Hugo Chavez make our "liberal" Dem's look not so "liberal" after all?

Family Values Jeb's three delinquent kids and wife are CRIMINALS

Brian Williams just reported about the lights coming on temporarily

You have to wonder if this may have happened more than once

The Other Side of Charity's Coin

My LTTE was published today

Will George Jr. fund NO rebuilding before or after the maned trip to mars?

Didn't arrested Jeb son get busted for lewd and lascivious before?

Anderson Cooper's done a good job in New Orleans

Back to the kool aid - odd statements by Brooks and Oliphant on PBS

Cheney to go to hospital

How many know that the "Pledge" was created by a SOCIALIST....

Some more gifts to the Uberloards

China's Economy Roars Ahead--Bearing down on Western economies....BIG TIME

Talking to a friend of mine

Why aren't the media asking over and over: "HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY?"

Who's Rich and Who Isn't?

MO grandma fired by Positronic rehired...

Franklin Delano John Fitzgerald Martin Luther Bush --->>>

Report: Global Warming "Past the Point of No Return"

Coulter wannabe taken down

Dems Using Their Iraq Investigation To Begin Exposing Katrina Corruption

If we're at war then where are the defense contracts? Mainly ship repair.

Anything more about the fuckers who robbed Camp Casey?

Vid Clip-My Take on Bush's Jackson Square Speech

Has anybody seen the 1971 film "Punishment Park"?

Crisis Pictures (must see website)

Can We Have A DU Activism On Media Ignoring The Missing?

Jay Severin and the Phony Pulitizer!

MSNBC correcting its report re the baby ("trouble waking up") He is alive.

My Prediction - WARNING - Tinfoil Hat Required

Huge tax increase for 50+ workers from AARP.

Condoleeza Rice, Chevron Executive 1991-2001

Are conservatives as wise as they think they are?

Widow wants access to "fragging" trial in Iraq

The bush families really are the Aristocrats!

DEBIT CARD HOLDERS: Gas sellers put hold (up to $75) on debit cards

Know this about Justice Roberts: He won't overturn Roe and ...

When we get back our government we're gonna need Prosecutors

How many here are protesting the suspension of Davis-Bacon?

Katrina talking point I need debunked

Starting public meetings with the pledge... and invocation

How long until we invade Canada?

What corporate welfare programs would you advise Bush to cut to pay for

We need to get over *...seriously - what is the point now?

Lofty Goal: "a team of inspectors general reviewing all expenditures"

Freepers are always worried about someone taking their money

Chavez Gives Land Titles to the Indigenous

Blame Game cont.. "Justice Dept. Looks at Lawsuits, Levees"

Ready to switch parties?

YO: Cheney to undergo surgery for an aneurysm

If Cheney dies, or has to resign, who would W tap to be new VP?

Was Barbara Bush Missing at the National Cathedral Today?

Evacuee: "Because he ignored Louisiana, I ignored his speech,"


ROFLMFAO - Shrub can't even button his own shirt

MUGSHOT: John Bush, public intoxication & RESISTING ARREST

Ok, my first real FREEPER encounter to share

Bush Power Grab

Could New Orleans be rebuilt as a "green city"?

FEMA's response at our town hall meeting

CAMP CASEY VANDALS - If you're out there, take a damn good look at this...

How many in Congress right now appreciate how many People feel

Did Chelsea Clinton ever get busted for drugs or booze or resisting arrest

First Pic of my Hurricaine Hit Home (New Orleans)

A balanced view on Hugo Chavez. (warning: long)

Why is Greg Palast suddenly attacking George Galloway?

South African anti-rape condom latches on to attackers

NPR follow-up story-DC FEMA Official Says Chertoff& Brown Ignored Warnings

BOOK TV Schedule September 17-19

Jerry Springer -- Stupid enough to believe Bush.

It's time to tax religion

TOONs to end my week

Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims

Day Of Prayer? Are You Kidding me? The Government Has No Business

PLEASE HELP !!! *** NOLA Pet Rescue *** ACTION UPDATE *** 9/15

Did anyone else watch Nancy Grace last night? (9/15 transcript)

George Bush is a MISERABLE FAILURE --pix->>>

War protestors denied right to defense! Please read!

WHAT is the deal with Able Danger and Curt Weldon?

My son's 7th grade class was given a lecture on how to say the Pledge

Buy clothing at my E-Bay store - 25% of profits to go to Katrina relief


Thai dinner tonight!

Police search homes in bomb probe

Christie's appraises Marcos jewels

Eight jailed for Heathrow raid bid

Do you have digital television

LibDems' Kennedy slams Pinochet's BAe slush fund $$$$$$$$s

OK, now, this shirt...

Slip shows Clarke's doubts on terror bill

To the Anglo-American freepers, the statue of a disabled woman is "nasty".

Hurricane Intensity Linked to Climate Change

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen!!!

Amid the Ruins, a President Tries to Reconstruct His Image, Too


GOP lawmaker on Social Security reform: 'It's Over'

The Latest On Bush's Speech

AMERICAN SHAME: The Edgar Hollingsworth Story

Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders

At least two dead, 13 wounded as gunmen attack day labourers in Baghdad

Some of the Uprooted Won't Go Home Again

Chavez Takes Bush to Task Over Iraq War

Shaq Assists Police in Arresting Man

Nuclear Disputes Top Bush-Putin Meeting

Katrina Oil Spills May Be Among Worst on Record

Mosque bomb kills eight

Bush orders DCF to resume visits (Jeb)

Israeli ex-military chief cancels trip to UK over threat of war crimes arr

Newport's War on Sea Lions

Venezuela’s Chavez Says UN Needs a Revolution

Rebels Murder Afghan Election Candidate

Serious Fraud Office to look into BAE link with Pinochet

U.S. says Venezuela no longer ally in war on drugs

Bush rules out tax increase to fund recovery

Lawmakers Ask CIA to Open Sept. 11 Report (AP)

Czechs to stay only at one base in Iraq for safety reasons

Turkish leader demands crackdown in N. Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 16 September

Judge Orders Release of Jailed Grandmother

CNN: Displaced oil workers get new homes (from FEMA - OMG, Priorities)

Katrina forecasters were remarkably accurate

Hurricane Katrina refugees feel slighted by president (post-speech)

Restructuring of Iraq Debt 'On Track'

Hurricane Victims With Mental Problems Parted From Health Care

Pat Roberston: Hurricane Katrina due to Ellen Degeneres (no joke).

Iraqi Cleric Urges Unity Against Violence

Bloomberg opposes Bush high-court pick (first noted Republican to break)

73 year old Granny who spent 16 days in jail

Many, but not all churches heed Bush's call for national prayer

WP: The Costly Price of Facing a Grand Jury (W.H. staffers suffer stress)

US urges Americans to avoid Afghanistan over vote

They scoff at Bush's promises (Evacuated Residents)

Nobel Laureates Frown on Science Standards

Bad bombings but less troops dead in Iraq

First Lady Discusses African AIDS Crisis

2 Terror Suspects Ordered Kept in Solitary

Hinchey Leads Broad Congressional Coalition Calling For Expansion Of Plame

Could New Orleans be rebuilt as a "green city"?

GOP Leaders Asked to Stall Soc. Sec. Bill (Hastert opposed)

CIA leak investigator warns against document release (to Congress)

Jeb Bush son arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest

Bloomberg opposes Roberts' nomination

Consumer confidence in the US slumps to its lowest since 1992! (not since

Probe targets Miami-Dade police misuse of consumer data (ChoicePoint)

Blame Game cont.. "Justice Dept. Looks at Lawsuits, Levees"

Insurers sued to force them to pay storm-surge coverage

French, U.S. companies to build nuke power plant

(Voodoo) Bush: Spending Cuts, No Tax Hikes, For Katrina

E-mail suggests government seeking to blame groups (environmental groups)

4 Ukrainian Peacekeepers Leave Iraq for Drunkenness

U.S. Michigan September Consumer Sentiment Falls to 76.9 (below expected)

Japan, India, Brazil, Germany vow new UN council bid

U.S. threatens North Korea with assets freeze

John Kerry Responds to President Bush's Speech to the Nation

AP: Smart & Final settles class-action suit over wages

REUTERS: "Has the place blown up?" Bush to Annan at UN

Rupert Murdoch, Bending With the Wind

Mayor Nagin rented, not bought, in Dallas

Katrina costs will be borrowed, raise deficit (Bush still wants tax cuts)

Rice predicts political backlash against Iraq insurgency

For reservists from New Orleans, a bittersweet homecoming

Mom fights for pledge exemption (pledge to USA is sacrilegious)

Bush Talks Katrina Relief At Prayer Service

Widows Frustrated Over Iraq Hearing (on fragging)

Musharraf-U.S. can't just pack up and leave Iraq

Bush Confident on Iran After Putin Meeting

First Lady: Prepare Kids for Disasters

Sex Offenders Rally For Rights

(Alberto) Gonzales vows fight for Pledge of Allegiance

Casey puts heat on Santorum

Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Say President Bush Has Done a Poor Job Handling

Democrats warn of potential Katrina contract abuse

U.S. Marine Killed in Explosion in Iraq

Aide: Schwarzenegger to Seek Re-Election

U.S. rejects Syrian statement, threatens "serious consequences"

Scottish tycoon teams up with Clinton to combat poverty


Disaster Costs to Swell U.S. Deficit (AP)

E-mail suggests government seeking to blame groups (for flood of NO)

Zarqawi is dead, claims Baghdad imam (Washington's bogeyman)

Evacuees Find Comfort and Encouragement in Speech

Christian Democrat MP: German troops should leave Afghanistan

Gov't Raises Medicare Premiums Again (AP)

Pinochet acquitted in rights case

U.S. soldier pleads guilty to smuggling drugs from Colombia

Italy declares mission in Iraq a success

Bush confident budget can handle Katrina recovery

Galloway v Hitchens debate on Iraq fails to rise above insults

US poultry giant under fire after segregation scandal is revealed

Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims

Mississippi Sues to Force Insurers to Pay All Hurricane Damage

Today's "Doonsbury": Agency?????

that was the FIRST time

I love smoking. Especially Drum Halfzware Shag. It's great.

Arkansas Razorback fans in the Lounge need to read this shocking...

DJ Fanboy is great!!!

Nighthawks thread??

My grandson is on the way! Son and DIL at hospital

Oh. My. God.

MAJOR UPDATE! Baby due within the hour!

So--what did I miss? How bad was tonight's speech?

I need book suggestions...

I slept while it was dark

a few bush* jokes....

What is that on the left hand side of my post?

Legolas, Frodo, Aragorn and Boromir have dressed up!

Started a full virus scan - 2 hours and still not done

HALLIBURTON to receive contract to pry gold fillings from mouths of victim

Someone please post a picture of Grovelbot

Critter Poll on bush* katrina speech

Welcome, Nathaniel! Born 12:30 AM PDT

How do you feel about depressing movies?

My landlords are assholes

81 Year Old Man Arrested For Picking Pockets

85 Year Old Grandmother Keeps Her Skydiving Promise

Do you VOODOO?

See you Sunday, my Lounge darlings!!

Food of the gods... fresh, hand made goat cheese, room temperature with

"I Want To Take You To A Gay Bar." Funny video!

How is it, that every time I take a sleeping pill....

Man Will Sell His Kidney To Buy A Home

Stupidest expletive ever.


A little Friday morning humor!

Thanks progmom! Hide Thread worked!n

This Non Sequitur strip made me smile

This Bush bashing over NOLA is getting very old. He did what he could...

What Bush* was REALLY doing during his visit to New Orleans

You know you've been on DU too long when:

Today's ZINGS!

Court Considers Russian Astrologer’s Case Against NASA

Good Morning, Everyone!

How do you know your Liberal neighbor is pissed-off at you?

Mice, Infected With Bubonic Plague Missing From New Jersey Lab

Refreshing thing I read

As usual, British TV says what we're all thinking...

Jury Duty!

Question regarding pre-ordering software, and Best Buy

Transdimensional deer materialises on power lines

One step shy of spontaneous combustion.....

Lightning strikes man on dirt bike, melts gold chain

Glox News: Upper caste female of prime egg-laying age still missing!

An important history lesson in these trying times.

What a disappointment. Don't you hate it when

LOST fans check in. 5 days till season 2. Who is your fav character?

School Official Calls Hurricane Evacuees "Yard Apes" - Fired

I have a suggestion.

No .xxx internet domain just yet

Is his tractor sexy? Sexy tractor?

Are you democrat, repuke or a southern repuke?

Happy 80th Birthday, B B King - and thanks for the great music! :-)


Case of château despair for US winemakers

Analyst Says Phone headsets make you look like "a half-assimilated Borg"

Happy 81st Birthday Lauren Bacall!

Ugh, I wish it was still summer and I wasn't back in school.

FReeper Quote of the day

I am boring

I'm listening to GOOD Christian music (w/ Mike Portnoy)!

Has your sense of humor suffered during the * years?

My parents' anniversary

Police Blow Up Stranded Whale

Let me spend the next 15 threads vaguely describing my sex life.

there is only so much merde a toilet can take before it overflows.

Warning: be aware of the signs of this epidemic!

If Bigfoot had a tractor

so last night im in the store and this crazy guy comes up to me and

People who shave their forehead, check in here

Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings ..............

anyone else here like the geraldine fibbers/carla bozulich?

My school (workplace) is raising money for homeless pets from Katrina!

I have a new rule: Everyone must act exactly like me

Used to have a town but the factory moved away

i don't care what anyone says...

FEMA insider spilling his guts to NPR? anyone? bueller?

Windows Users: Where do you keep your toolbar?

Grrrr....I hate my commute

DAMN...them Czechoslovakian squirrels got some BIG ol' ears, hoss...

Huge black guy in the elevator

Say it ain't so Renee!!!

Woo hoo!

How are you this fine morning?

Bill Maher's line-up tonight

Alex Witt should remain seated

Only at Wal-Mart........

3 little boys .. and baptism. (funny)

I don't like the term "slut" - I prefer "user friendly"

DU Deadheads: 2.26.77 Welcome to 1977, BUCKLE UP!

12 hours and counting down

Man Starts Beating His Dog - His Dog Then Shoots Him

Bigfoot(s) in Oklahoma - Have you ever encountered one?

I take it Fuckstick didn't take the path of honor and resign last night?

You know you are a Red Neck when...

Am I a bad person because I like hearing about hunting accidents?

Hurrah for Arvo Pärt - plus what are you listening to?

Funny story about a girl who is completely inept in the kitchen....

Who spiked the Lounge water today?

Replace a verb in a movie title with "Misunderestimate"

When is Talk Like A Pirate Day?

PHOTO: BUSH......well, I'm not sure what the hell he is doing.

Who was the best Shakespeare film director?

Did anyone see Oprah today?

My new title: Beware the Beast Man- Killer of Fish.

I love tea

Anyone want a free ride to be Governor of California?

Bill Curtis (American Justice) a hot piece of ass?

I got my check for my OpEd piece of three weeks ago...

Do you think anyone from the future posts here?

I just stop by for a sec to say hi

Who played the best Hambone?

Dammit. I miss Misunderestimator.

"it's probably the best drawing I've ever done"

Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute

My computer was down all afternoon. I missed all the lounge fun.

Youppi! found a job!


Move over.

Hannibal Lechter's chili

Resident Bush loses prosthetic conscience after row with J-Lo's butt

Does this count as a hostile work environment:

Friday screams ZombyCoffee!

Maybe Bush thought they were saying Eugene Levy, and couldn't

Did you hear what Bush said regarding 'Roe vs Wade'?

Some New Orleans music tonight

Self delete...

Before the UN note, George's mom taught him to "whisper." Whisper joke

Paul McCartney loses prosthetic songwriting ability after row w/JLo's mink

For that special... err....

See you guys later!


I got this sticker two years or so ago, and didn't know where to put it.

If you WERE gonna set up an alternative DU identity, what would you use?

Here's a song about a bodily function!!!!


Air Force One Crash

What's the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb?

Hey Barkeep...

Goodnight all!

Qui a la Maison?!

I'm gonna have fun tonight!

More Women Trying Bisexuality…

I'm out guys! Have a great weekend! See ya Monday!

Pat Roberston: Hurricane Katrina due to Ellen Degeneres (no joke).

Okay, just had a first-time Uncle moment

I spent too much money on a pair of jeans

The lounge has not been on its best behavior today!!!

Going camping this weekend


remember the Davis study?

pandababy taking a nap right has he gotten big!

Guess what, everyone! We're "Moonbat Central!"

A new low, even for Wal-Mart...

anyone here gnipgnop?

bi_baby is coming to visit again...

just went out to the DOLLAR STORE & bought a CD, 'FOREVER LOVE"

Some of you have yet to pay club dues.

So I got my Wendy's chili - wheres my finger?

Can I share something?

With all apologies to Bernard Pivot, what's your favorite FAKE swear word?

If hollywood movie studios were ever called on in a Nat'l. emergency,

San Fransico here I come!!!

VW that costs 1.24 million

Where do YOU like to "Face-Stretch"?

The Creation Science Museum presents "Creation for Kids!"

This song really hits home today

I need prayers and good thoughts...

I don't need no instructions to know how to ROCK!

I'm in a real bad mood today.

Time to start the weekend

Magick is afoot!! Katrina: The Gathering

9 passenger 63 Merc wagon for sale in paper. Check out this car. Dope.

Anyone here scuba?

I post this poem for 2 DUers who are in hard times...

my wife got a job at a liberal think tank!


Bush on vacation again

Wendy's on the windowcill, waiting to be let in

The gift that keeps on giving.

The LIPS LIKE SUGAR Thread by the Numbers


I just drank some water.

Shafts: do you prefer straight; or bent?

Oh, Those Russian Miners!

What DU week would be complete without...

someone at work sends me this email

Woohooo it's payday.

Man's static jacket sparks alert

Ahhh It is SOOOO Fun Being In IT!

The reason Bush has placed Rove in charge of N.O. rebuilding.

Re-Creating an Ansel Adams Masterpiece, Moon

Shocking! Electrifying! This guy is on fire!!

Is anyone listening to The Randi Rhodes Show on AAR? Laura Flanders sub.

Stop trying to corrupt me. And, don't play innocent with me, either!

So, have you all got down on your knees for National Prayer Day


"Tell us how you really feel!"

Post here if you 're a slave to love

I am nearing 5500 posts

Happy Step Family Day!!! any step_______ s here?

Tongue-eating bug found in fish

Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court

Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings From New Orleans Corpses' T

Oh, this is hilarious. I just saw the word "pescatarian" for the

Bumper stickers!

My god what's happening it's 12:50 here and we're not past level one

Word Association thread.

What pictures come to your mind when you think of a certain DUer?

need helpful advice for my son

I had forgotten what a bunch of vile brood of vipers

Another reason husbands die young.


Bigfoot vs. Wookie

Need an MP3-player/music-service afictionado ..

This will make you smile - I sold 3 of these stickers today!!

Looking for two old funny English-language-based funny emails

Quick!!! we need a locksmith in GD!!!!

a peek at my new Bush Gallery..

I have to leave for a little while.

Look at this cute dog rescued in New Orleans.

Many households have "laundry day" (or whatever) a specific day each week.

Question: Why don't fish sticks and tater tots have the same

Any specialists with wallpaper here? I have a question.

Hey - post what you want. Don't let me stop you.

Do other countries pledge allegiance to their flags?

I hate assholes

JimmyJazz. Have I told you lately that I admire the hell out of you?

I spent too little money on a pair of jeans

Are Smoking Joe & Sarah Nelson the new Black Ruby & Taz?

A ghost, an angel, or a hallucination?


Are you happy?

I'm confused-What are we again (DU)?

DU SInking Into Sump??

"Despotism" (video from 1946)

Amazing dog video!

Post your lame-ass inanities here,

What is the most expensive piece of clothing you own?

Matcom's FIRST Scooter Ride!! (Pic)

Are you curvy like a cello, or more like a mandolin?

Burt Reynolds loses prosthetic hair after row with J-Lo's guards

Excellent tribute video here:

Want to buy a new laptop. Tips needed.

Join the I Hate Jennifer Lopez Club!

Parents of kids who play sports

I'm Buying Fur Coats For The Kids So They Look Good In Fancy Restaurants


Vote on the DU Photo Contest. The theme is reflections. (Take 2)

What are you listening to right now?

It's time for anabukin. It's been a while and we have new people

This is why I like Live... Peace is now

jpgray's Amnesty Thread

Is it unhealthy to freeze your commercial bottles of water?

Take the "Slut Test"

So, will the TV show "Threshold" suck, or will it be good?

Heather Mills McCartney loses prosthetic leg after row with J-Lo's guards

14 hours and 45 minutes until Oktoberfest begins

Do you have a flat butt or a round one?

Anyone interested in a Hockey Group?

I have been inspired to post something of substance today

Apparently I am a thread killer today

post here if you have a personality, and you'd like to join my cult

kick-ass-bob kicked my ass! now its flat

If Jesus was a Jew, why don't Jews believe in Jesus

More than 1 million U.S. children are caregivers

Global warming 'past the point of no return'

Rare white giraffe spotted in Africa

Giant Earthquake Predictions Aided by Historical Data

Sexism May Shorten Men's Lives

Benedict Arnold is only the latest

Transgender killings an investigative quagmire

'I bleed red, white and blue'

Gay Holocaust Fund Request Denied

Trans, gay evacuees face harassment as waters recede

Is there hope for the GOP?

Sexuality: Your Telltale Fingertips

St. Louis seminary to be among first evaluated in gay inquiry

Psychiatry and Legal Recognition Of Same-Sex Civil Marriage

Two guilty in beating of gay man

What the hell? Horned Frogs rant

WaPo: Bruised Knee May Put Roethlisberger on Bench

The puck drops tonight!

Current Zogby Online poll is asking abt treatment of animals in disasters.

Mississippi update from Dr. Scholl (flood victim pets)

NPR has some stories about

Kitties love to ''help.''

Update from a rescuer in New Orleans

Do any of you know of

I have just become flame bait...

Newsflash! James Randi bows to FSM!

That blasted National Cathedral

Something Bush said last night....

Now can we all have a National Day Without Prayer???

Tax religion

I think people are finally getting sick of the Republican slurs

Yet another pro-Kerry thread, and

Hey, Teddy got an opponent. Wow!

FL, MN, CA Win Katrina Contracts

OK, so I'm listening to Ed Schultz on the way home from work,

Kerry appearance Tuesday at AA Prostrate Awareness Conf.

Photo contest is up and running in the lounge - again

Anyone have any weird, trippy night photos?

Digital ???? How do I shrink a pic for posting online?

KOEB 9/16/05 (TGIF)

Say, gang...anyone listening to Keith on ESPN today?

I love reading advice columns and--hooray!-I got part of a letter

Bubba on Larry King Tonight!

Sent KO an e-mail about Positronic (Worst Person in the World)...

Is Keith on tonight, and a video question!

EDVs Gone Wild! Not a pretty sight.

Interview with George Clooney re: "Good Night, and Good Luck"

But I've Really Gotta Go, or * Asks Condi for Potty Break

Romancing the (kidney) stone, or why Karl Rove's Not Around

Dubya's Hurricane Diary!

Suspension of Davis-Bacon only the beginning of new attack on labor

New Bridge Strategies: Neil Bush, Allbaugh & NOLA/Iraq

What is Sen. Reid's plan for investigative hearings?

Does anyone have a link to the pic of *'s sweaty shirt from his speech?

Are DUers gullible?

The Daily Show DID do a bit on the * UN Potty note!

can the NO hurricane survivors sue BUSH personally for his criminal

Gergen: "reckless in the extreme" to borrow our way out of this

Bush History tells us that they say whatever is convenient for them at the

Are we ready for the flood of refugees?

Call the Senate. Ask the GOP Senators why they hate America!

Today's Boondocks!

Today's Doonesbury on Brownie, Cherry and C ondi.... :)

has ayone invited novak to comment on the speech?

So please tell me there is someon in "Caleeeforneea" who can take on...

Did anyone watch Newsnight after the speech: 1700 kids separated from

Rep. Louise Slaughter: End of the Bush Era?

Right-wing suicide e-mail bombers?

Did I hear this correctly? (Possible dupe)

Anyone see Robert Reich at the hearings?

OMG! Chambliss quotes Biden on John Roberts!

Why should Freepers be upset with Bush*'s raid on the US Treasury?

MSNBC Poll 69% (of 18697): Bush did NOT "regain political ground" tonight

Republican Reynolds says Social Security reform is shelved...

Bernie Ward: Real estate "speculators" frenzy-buying flooded N.O. houses

Bush getting an ass whipping in AOL poll

Please Miss, may the US President be excused from the room?

Dem leaders SPEAK UP! It's to SLAM tax cuts

Iraqi National Foundation Congress: "withdraw from Iraq ASAP"

W must have met with reconstruction contractors after the speech

Bob Kur (MSNBC): "The American taxpayer is going to pay for every penny"

Sometimes you eat your words, sometimes your words eat you

E-mail Suggests Government Seeking to Blame Environmental Groups for NO

Sure President Mengele wants to rebuild New Orleans. It's easy to see why.

I've Heard That * Appointed Rove To Oversee NO Reconstruction....

Bunnitine Greenhouse - Halliburton whistleblower - on CSPAN2 now

Jack Cafferty: he seems somewhat popular at DU now, but...

Was This National Day Of Prayer Planned Before Katrina or....

Who is the Court Jester of the US Senate?

Have we forgotten what the executive branch is?

Is there a steeple on the roof of the White House?

Shrub prayer: The Mystery of undeserved suffering

"Will the speech help the disaster recovery...Bush's, not Katrina?"


Bush nominates anti-science scientist/Bolton-ite for Fish&Wildlife Service

Bush speech: Lots for both parties, ideologies of all stripes to hate

As Long As Gas Prices Come Down To $2.00 * Can Do What ....

Looks like the GOP is none too happy with the Bush right now

Bush Comic: Bathroom Break

MSNBC poll....scroll down a bit a click on the link.......

Don't leave home without it (printable version)

We should all be showing our approval of the things Bush said right.

RAWSTORY: Feds try to blame Environmental Groups for Levee

I am sober now. Did * really say something about homesteading last night?

rove given $200,000,000,000!

Does anyone have the text/transcript of Bush's speech last night


Did any of you guys watch that speech last night?

Caring liberals are consistent , cons are foul weather friends.

Wow - Now The Politics Kick In - Frist & Reid and Company in NO......

Gallup gives Bush 58% approval rating for handling Katrina, Fox disagrees

defeated, damp, Bush and his bulge

In light of Katrina, how do we appeal to Minorities for their vote?

Does anyone have a link to a transcript of the President's speech last

The MYTH of "Fiscal Conservatives"

"Congressman: Atta papers destroyed on orders" - pegging weirdness

First Family Values

Christopher Hitchens

Henry C K Liu kisses smirk on both cheeks & writes a precious article

What every insider Dem consultant should be telling media big shots...

Rove's Gulf wealth re-distribution plan

The Onion: Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court

Bush speech was part Franklin Roosevelt, part Lyndon Johnson

Does it seem the media has spun back and Bush is to be forgiven for

Senator Byrd's lecture on the Constitution, CSPAN 4pm ET

Google doesn't lie...

Next time a repug talks about supporting the troops, show them this!

Was there an official Democratic response to * 9/15/05 Katrina speech?

Conservative buzz words: "why something matters"

I found this little gem at a progressive Colorado site. Labor vs capitol

David Mamet: Poker Party (Dems have given away the store) MUST READ

Call the Senate. Join Americablog in demanding accountability!

Call the Senate. Ask the GOP Senators why they hate America.

These are times that try mens souls---

Did * just say he will pay for the NO reconstruct. by CUTTING other progs?

RANT WARNING: meanwhile, in Iraq ...

Pat Robertson: Hurricane Katrina is Ellen Degeneres' fault (no joke).

Repugs are screwed. They can't raise taxes, they can't call off Iraq


"New Orleans: All Rich, All White"

"...mixing inefficiency with authoritarian tendencies."

DU a Katrina Poll: Did President Bush regain the political ground he lost

Hardly anyone believes Bush anymore....His credibility/respect pooof

Just Heard That The Superdome May Have To Be Torn Down....

Bill O'Liely -- "The poor are always going to get it..."

I just heard that idiot-in-chief is going back to NO next week,

Did that rat bastard just say BIPARTISAN COMMISSION?


What is your opinion of "Democrats For Life?"

*'s "iniquality" at home is the analogue of "freedom" abroad.

Condi Rice and her teeth

Dean on National Day of Prayer and Remembrance

Dean: Bush Should Not Use Tragedy to Advance an Ideological Agenda

Statement by DNC Chairman Howard Dean on Constitution Day

16,637 kids lost due to Katrina!!!

Bush, Like Chertoff, Tries To Spin Surprise That Levees Broke

Someone should ask Lisa Murkowski to skip that bridge in Alaska

My 382 word LTTE on Bush, Responsibility and Accountability

A request for DNC and other party leaders - aplan to make aREAL difference

Republican Backlash?

Just put this together on my lunch hour, please feel free to steal:

A letter to Eliot Spitzer:

If Bush "rules out a tax hike," and pushes for an N.S.T., THAT'S a HIKE.

Senators save breath for next court debate (but Clinton rejects inaction)

Gold Costs More, Or Cash Worth Less?

Did * Just Have A "Read My Lips Moment"?

All of the sudden Conservative Journalists are all over the hate

MSM painting Bush to be a liar?

The Next Inaugural Speech - Stirling Newberry

Bush's Speech? - A bid to Repair a Presidency...

Smoking Gun has the details on Jeb's Son arrest :)

President Bill Clinton on Meet the Press Sunday 9/18

The Bush is a sick JOKE...Rebuild??? The Sea levels are RISING???

A good day Iraq - only 30 or so dead in bombings

The Hegelian roots of Bush's Katrina recovery -- discuss?

I just spit up on my keyboard

W's bathroom problems: Jokes

Two pithy comments on Bush's speech in NYT article

Anyone know when Byrd speech today on the Constitution will

He can't even talk...he just found out that 3 years is a long time

Need some help - refuting "welfare queens" crap

* live on CNN; just got asked where the money is coming from

2000 missing U.S. Postal Workers? 1700+ children missing?

Giant Cocaine Shipment Bound for IRAQ seized-5 TONS!


Is Chris Matthews shilling against Dem Landrieu by promoting Cleo Fields?

How high is a "high" crime" and of course, a misdemeanor and

Conservatives have lost their way.

If Heaven Is to Hold George W Bush, His Pop, and His Cronies;

24 hours later, Tweety is calling last night's speech "STUNNING."

Need Wes Clark transcript for antiwar flyer from "Terrorism, Security &

Atta documents destroyed.

I'm just back from the National Cathedral

"Those of Us Who Know" - by RFK Jr.

Shrub Looked Weird(er than usual)

The 2.5 terabytes seems kinda over the top?

Douglas Brinkley: Chronicling 'The Great Deluge' (saw FEMA deny aid)

Arnold Schwarzennegger ran on "I will TERMINATE the deficit"

I'm writing a paper....

UN Chimpy bathroom photo WAS photoshop tweaked...

Are there enough jobs in the US to ever be rid of poverty?

Krugman Pegs Bush’s Speech

I have created a new word! Please Read!!!

How many people here have had bumper stickers destroyed?

The Democratic Party needs conservatives.

Re-districting LA, MS and Al *IS* Rove's plan

Phil Donahue interviewed by "Independent World Television"

Which of the following is the SECOND most important political issue?

Wes Clark 10:58 pm 9/15--Smells the rat in Bush's speech...

Bush can't even button his freakin' shirt right. We're SO screwed.

Separation of Church and State anyone?

PETA to run full-page ad in tomorrow's WP: "Betrayed by our Government"

Strategists say Democrats set to make gains in House (WashTimes)