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Archives: September 17, 2005

UK Detention Plan Amounts to Punishment Without Trial (HRW)

Media compliment emperor's new clothes

Rethinking Superiority:Reflections on 'Whiteness' and the Cult of Progress

State of Marriage Took Precedence over State of Louisiana

Meanwhile, in Iraq (Dahr Jamail)

Chavez Stirs Things Up at the U.N.

Dowd: Disney on Parade (MoDo's Scathing Review of Speech)

While You Were Watching Katrina (Village Voice Re: Plame / Congress)

Leader with no rearview mirror (cohen / WP)

Tierney: Going (Down) by the Book (FEMA's Miserable Failure)

WP: FEMA's City of Anxiety in Florida (Hurricane Charley Victims)

Doctor: Officials gave hospital staffers mops as people died

Support the St. Patrick's Day Four

Roberts alert from PFAW: Call your Senator ASAP

Jailed Reporter Is Distanced From News, Not Elite Visitors

U.S. Economy: Consumer Sentiment Drops After Katrina (Update3)

A mosque once stood here

Okay, I'm rethinking the whole Katrina/BushCo disaster...LIHOP

Fitrakis and Rosenfeld in Seattle 9/17

For those going to Big Basin, some Citgo Gasoline Stations

anybody coming to the political thing on 34th street tonight? (SD)

Senate District 63 4th annual bean feed Sunday, Sept 18

Any news about Dean Zimmerman? Was he re-elected? (nt)

DFL US Senate Debate Sunday 9-18

Running a project Tor router. - totally anonymous network access!

Austin American-Statesman re: Katrina & education

CNN Hires DeLay Chief Lobbyist

Will You Be Going to the Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq? Sept. 18th-23rd

Jeb's press secretary Alia Faraj...Her dad was an ambassador for 28 yrs?

Who Else Thinks Dick Cheney Will...

"Rebuilding New Orleans" - cool Interactive Maps on NYT web site.

Bill Maher/ Real Time thread


Had a strange conversation with the IRS ...

I think this Anderson Cooper guy really does care about people

You don't hear endorsements like this very often

Operation Balboa - Bush's Plan to Invade Venezuela (according to Chavez)

N.O. death toll: "2000"

Lame-Ass, Neo-imperialist, Bible-Thumping Freeps Hate Us For Our Freedom!

George, stop lying about what you knew before Katrina hit --->>>

CSPAN Schedule Saturday September 17

Jon Stewart is playing West Point tonight

"My Job is to Make Their Lives Hopeless as Possible so They'll Leave"

Uh, WHY aren't we filibustering Roberts?

if Hugo Chavez could run for US president in 2008, could he win?

I know how this sounds, but I feel something big is coming. Gut feeling...

Running a project Tor router. - totally anonymous network access!

Holy Sh*t! This story about FEMA and the ice is INCREDIBLE!

Anyone want to share a ride to DC? list city and states

Hugo Chavez eviscerates Bush at the UN, gets cheering and applause from

Q for Chicago area DU'ers about the heatwave & the death count

Whats with the Bush offspring and public intoxication?

Overtime. A rethink which will never happen.

Was PJ Rourke Drunk on Maher?

Police Chief Says Race Played No Role in Blockade of Bridge to New Orleans

Leo Bosner, FEMA union official

Katrina man, 74, rescued after 16 days

On Roberts, let him on, but NOT as chief justice

This is good! This is really, really good!

Oil at $30 when we invaded Iraq. Now at $65. Iraq's income doubled.

"To be, or not to be: that is the question..."

Friday Truthseekers Aneurysm Hoedown

Robert F. Kennedy, Those of Us Who Know That America’s Worth Fighting for

Chavez Says He Has Documentary Evidence U.S. Planning Invasion

What could Andy Jackson be whispering in *'s ear?

A Bright Spot in Bush World - Words from Cindy

nightline starting now - Hugo Chavez his guest

Chertoff's priorities

Security Incidents in Iraq, Sept 16

Anyone watching PBS in Boston?

1899 Reasons why the DSM is Important


Democrats' Hearing Calls for Bringing Troops Home from Iraq

On This Day September 16th, 1810- Mexican Independence Day

US Military: 200 deaths "PREDICTABLE", highlight progress!

"This is America. We All Have a Right to Make a Living."

DU program reminder - Venezuelan Prez Hugo Chavez on Nightline tonite

Thank GAWD the Shrub Dynasty Is OVER!!!!!!!!! HALL-lejeuhah!

Bush responds to question on Roe vs Wade

So tonight my spouse and I were talking about the current state

DC Free Concert Schedule-Sept. 24- Joan Baez is singing!

Catholic Group calls for CA teachers to break law and recite full pledge

"Unneccessary Spending"? Isn't This What Caused The Flood?

Not wanted, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Watching Bill Clinton on Larry King. I am struck with the thought that

Why... Those crazy Swedish socialists!!


Zarqawi is dead! For only the third time!!

Ted Turner on Letterman

Malloy plugging for tonight's Nightline (Koppel and Hugo Chavez)


Does anyone have the link...

Canada official: Torture can be tolerated

THE RED CROSS - A view from the scene

Great article on the Jeb Bush Jr. arrest, more details...or not...

HILARIOUS * Video!! A Must See!!!

aaron brown says feds say louisiana death toll shouldn't pass...

When will Jr. nominate his nephew to head ATF?

John Ellis Bush's rehab should be sending him to Iraq!

Katrina aid arrives from around the world

Jeb's son follows in Uncle's footsteps!

WSJ: After Katrina, Republicans Back a Sea of Conservative Ideas

DU this Vote for Ruben Zamora at DFA! Progressive Democrat!

I'd like to call a truce on this Pledge of Allegiance issue

Keith olbermann call Bill O'Lielly the Worst person in the world

Leaving for NO in 6 hours

Is Bush being brought down by his own party?

WSJ: Conservatives Balk As Spending Soars In Katrina's Wake

"Muddy waters cannot quench love. Neither can the floods *drowned* it. " >

AARRGGHH! It's raining in New Orleans...but...

A little humor from Hurricane Katrina Country

Republicans Seek Strategy to Abandon Social Security Overhaul

Ophelia headed toward New England, where's FEMA?

Bush expects all to be well again and Katrina response to go away

Who is the MSM kidding?

House Republicans derail probes of Plame affair

When the POUTS left NO last night, so did the lights!

Gallup Bucks Trend, has Bush approval rising

Does anybody have a latest poll Schroder vs Merkel (German election)

Most Americans Want Timetable for Withdrawal From Iraq: Survey

clinton on larry king now

Meanwhile, in Iraq

Clinton said he would have met with Cindy Sheehan

Katrina on an upbeat

Bill Clinton said he "owed it" to the father of a soldier who died

Bill Maher up now - for those with HBO n/t

Xmas shopping sabotage?

Please predict what the next 3 years have in store.

Howard Dean Tears Roberts a new one! Sneak peek at tomorrow's OP ED

america has changed so drastically in 4 short years, it's unbelievable

on the Yahoo News front page - another Bush Nazi salute photo

Red cross or salvation army


[Sheriff's dept.] "encouraged the Guard to shoot people"

If Jesus was a Jew, why don't Jews believe in Jesus

PHOTO: BUSH......well, I'm not sure what the hell he is doing.

If you missed last week's "This American Life," well worth the listen...

1899 U.S. casualties

Vickers: "Hey dumbass, do you get the fucking Weather Channel?"

Whose political ad is that Keith is running?

This is a hard one. A few days ago, on one of the major news

wow... paula zahn now going after fema

Gov. Bush's son arrested

Katrina , Misery , Media Spin , Get Real

Gas price acceptance.

History is now being written for George W. Bush*

Protesters on Bus Tour Make Fayetteville Stop (Video)

wonder if Cheney's insurance will cover his procedure or has he

This here is my 500 th post...

The ultimate whistle blower.

For Family Survival, Penguins Play a Game Of 'Name That Tune'

volunteering after Katrina

September Lodging Shortage for D.C. Protests?

Bill Corgen's Mina Loy...

America's Next Big Challenge

A picture of a drunk, a druggie and and destructer of property

NOAA - 2 new tropical storms in 36 hours?

Katrina: Were all these bureaucrats necessary? Did some unintentionally

Tomorrow I'm gonna get up and remove more downed trees from our property

Chuck D and Public Enemy's new song about NOLA

What are the names of some famous liberal Christians?

Watch George Fall, (sorry if this is a dupe)

Did Laura Bush kill someone????

Stuff and Nonsense

i had an interesting interaction wednesday

Male Veterinarian Appointed Acting Director of Women's Health, FDA

Please Check In If You Are Still Going To DC Next Weekend!

WH Love Shack ---pix->>>

The Fix is In: Corporate Media and the WH (a must read!)

Can anybody find out about the Landrieu family and Bechtel (Relations)

Michael Moore's updates from Covington

Tonight on News Hour a Houston reverend said:

Hesitant Bush Is Unsure. Are You???

Alton Brown made me buy a duck.

Dinner out

Canadians warned they will pay for Supreme Court's medicare decision

The story of Lazarus, revisited

Judge blocks Missouri abortion law

Chavez flags US invasion plans

Higher-than-expected death toll seen in clustered New Orleans corpses

Gold Hits 17-Year High Amid Inflation Concerns

China Abortion Cited in U.N. Funds Denial

Former FEMA Director Blames Governor

Mayor of southern Iraqi district killed

China Will Soon be World's Biggest Exporter

Nepalese police, military and rebels practise torture says UN expert

Prosecutors Appeal Patriot Act Gag Ruling

Bush Proposes Private School Relief Plan

Venezuela sends cargo of 300,000 barrels of gasoline direct to Louisiana

Report: $87 billion deficit looms for pension agency

Blanco to thank first responders, Bush in Saturday address

Firms linked with Bush get Katrina clean-up work

US to slap sanctions on Mugabe

"Bush Plans Meeting on O'Connor Replacement"

Norway to Withdraw Soldiers From Iraq

Bomb rocks Christian area of Beirut, killing at least one, wounding 23

NYT: FEMA, Slow to the Rescue, Now Stumbles in Aid Effort

Key military help for victims of Hurricane Katrina was delayed

Blair ‘shocked’ over BBC Katrina coverage

Haiti vote attracts 30 candidates

Venezuela Denies Drug Smuggling Charge

Bush to Meet With Senators Over Second Vacancy on Court

Delta can pay Giuliani firm but not pilots' pensions

EPA Contemplates Measure Suspending Rules (NPR)

Pakistan president slammed for rape quote

AP: Police Chief Says Race No Role in Blockade of Bridge to New Orleans

Poll: Katrina showed Canada U.S. poverty

Evidence Grows-Canada Aided in...Terrorism Suspects (Rendition to) Syria

Remember the game Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

I'm meeting up with two DUers tonight!


FUCK. AOL took down their live LIVE 8 Footage

I think I have swollen glands.

When KKKarl is too busy taking care of the $$ bidness in and

Boobs for Bourbon Street

Well, this is interesting.

NO ideas for European vacations ?

mmmm, telephone polling...

Kenny Chesney is Gay - So What?

From The Onion

Neil Young on NPR tomorrow

Probably a repeat

Dang, you want to hear some REAL tinfoil-hat whacknuts?

I just got back from seeing Sen.Obama give a speech at BC

What country makes the bestest of the best beer?

My mom quit smoking 3 days ago!

Added a new entry to "Who's Really Screwing Up America?"

You guys forgot what day it is today!

Hey! What happened to the White Sox's 15 game lead?

Man's static jacket sparks alert -- sets fires! No joke!

Turn on VH1!!! Dr. O. on best week ever! Coming up!

I would like to apologize to all the Tribe fans

What's all this fuss I keep hearing about violins on television???

HBO's show "Carnivale,"

Four hours at the ER today. Don't try this at home.

So. I've been temporarily banned from my (other) favorite website.

Take the "Are you a Sleestak?" test

ROTFL! Saw "Wedding Crashers" tonight - fucking hilarious and brilliant!

I Pledge Allegiance

OMG. Just when I thought Jack Chick comic books were the worst...

Wisconsin motorcycle!

A Good Evening Friday Thread from your Uncle Zomby

Construction zones-why can't they tell you what lane is closed

Unexplained Mysteries of the Universe!

Everytime I think of you it always turns out good

Forum of Doom graphic.. which one does it fit best?

About the Sept. 24th Washington D.C. gathering & protest

Another dolphin safe and warm

I'm getting nervous about DC on the 24th

Mrs. OR is 1.5 weeks post-hyst. What to expect now?

Bill Maher!!!!!!

I wanna dance!

fight songs

Does Anyone Know the Name of the Geico Theme Song...


A joke I heard at work (pardon if it's a repeat):

For my 3000th post... Some engrish!

Clinton Got A BlowJob. Bush Did Not.

My name is YVR Girl - I'm new to the lounge

If/when Bushco is removed from office, how will you celebrate?

Sigh-how can I get my Flying Spaghetti Guy looking better?

Did anyone watch Threshold?

Do you have weird neighbors?

Big Brother final HOH on now.

So who would like to become the third leg of MisU and I?

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test

Anyone want to talk about Northern Exposure?

Friday Night Free Association Thread: "Spin"

Study Says Cheese Doesn't Cause Bad Dreams first Lounge post...

Badger badger badger badger

You KNOW you want to bid on this. Don't resist it.


Forgetting Reinhold Niebuhr

Cassini radar show dramatic shoreline on Titan

Teamsters local extends health coverage to spouse of lesbian

Study finds big rise in female gay sex

'Ex-Gay' Richard Cohen Makes Ass Of Himself On Howard Stern

The Red Sox are playing in a tropical storm???

Astrologers: A Second Saturn Return

Kerry on CNBC, The Big Idea Town Hall

Whome, Mass, Rox, talk me down. I'm watching the Sawx

So, what do you think the 'Major Address' will be about on 9/19

Busy Week for Commerce Comm.

WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Bought two raffle tickets for a chance to...


Help B*** Take No CHIMP Pledge

PLEASE lighten your spirits..

upcoming interviews....did Michael Medved today

Reinstate wage protection in Gulf Coast

Bush Picture

This is the RW site Keith mentioned tonight an FYI

Question about Roberts dodging questions

Heads up! "New Money" is the new "Old Money". Non "New Money",

How do I get in touch with....

Dubya And Light Bulbs

Did you guys see that terrific AD by on Keith's

Okay who's talkin about repealing the Richie Rich tax cuts?

TX: Lawyer was fired after Rove called

So how much money is Karl Rove handling?

PFAW: Stand up or Step Down: Make Roberts the Line in the Sand!

Well-I'll Be Watching The Big Dog On Larry King Tonight

You don't hear endorsements like this very often

Freepers and a Psychological Study of Liberals and Conservatives...

DU this CNN poll! Should the govt. raise taxes to pay for rebuilding NO?

CNN-Gov Jeb Bush's son arrested

LOL @ this NEWSWEEK article

Buchanan: "There will be a backlash for banging Bush"

Jeb Bush kid arrested for resisting arrest & drunkeness.

CSPAN Schedule Saturday September 17

Bushco really does want to control the world!

Ted Turner Kicking Ass on Letterman!

Veterinarian named AD of Women's Health at FDA

what should the Dems do to attract conservative voters?

Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) wants to "follow dangerous teachings in mosques"

Anderson Cooper is talking about pet rescues on CNN now

Uh-Oh... Bush lied to Congress. Fitzgerald asked to expand inquiry.

Every Dem who fails to filibuster must be defeated in primaries.

the REAL reason the dems keep losing...

The PR campaign for Brand America

It is national sovereignty that has given China and India their edge

LTTE - Song Lyrics for our Guitar Strumming Leader

The buck stops somewhere else

The PR campaign for Brand America

Governor's task: repairing image

Pro-life group's ads blast senators

Craig Crawford‘s 1600: Wreckage and Responsibility

Congressional Coalition Calls For Expansion Of Plame Investigation to Bush

Newsview: Crisis Overtakes Bush's Agenda

Tenet's Troubles Only Deepen

Recovering New Orleans’ dead subordinated to profit and politics

Donna Brazile: I Will Rebuild With You, Mr. President

"No light of humanity in the eyes, no gravitas on the face"...

Coup Attempt in Bolivia?

Jailed Reporter Is Distanced From News, Not Elite Visitors (Miller-Bolton)

Newsweek's Cover: The Other America (An Enduring Shame) by Jonathan Alter

Deja vu All Over Again...

Globe and Mail: "30 years of Negro rule in this city"

Austin, Texas columnist John Kelso on the location of Bush's Library

"we may never know exactly how many people we have lost ...

Bush's Taxing Stupidity

Bush: Blame God, Not Me.

"I want all Arabs to be stripped naked and cavity-searched..."

The Independent: Global Warming 'Past the Point of No Return'

What To Do in a Failing Civilization

I had two successful days of leafleting! 250 copies distributed

Real Time With Bill Maher (Audio)

US National media ignores no logic in new paper trailvoting machine ruling

Fox's Hannity Lies-again-says Reagan Tax cuts"doubled revenues from 0.5 T

My feeling on why China doesn't kick the door in on our "free lunches."

MMS says onshore damage 'major hindrance' to Gulf oil recovery

Americans Blame Major Oil Companies for Gas Prices

German solar roofs initiative increases web site visits.

Lawsuit Filed Against Oil Companies

Did lawsuits stall levee upgrades?


Next U.S. nuclear reactors won't be made in USA

Very slowly, Palestinians start repairing damaged homes

Life After Gaza

Sharon fears arrest if he visits London

FEMA: perfect preparation

77 questions concering 7/7: Update II

Diebold stock price shows weakness, approaches two year low: more bad news

NVRI: Federal Judge Sets Expedited Schedule for Lawsuit

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 9/17/05

Breaking! (Well Sept 8 anyway.) EAC Requires VVPATs!

George Galloway in LA Thursday, Sept. 22

If FEINSTEIN votes for Judge Roberts, are you still voting for her??

Arnold's Fantastic Meal

WHDH (NBC) News is doing a story on NCLB and military recruiters

I had two successful days of leafleting! 250 copies distributed

Anyone going to the International Festival

Crescent City Shakedown Lineup and Set Times

Looking for a reliable web host...

i reloaded XP and cant get the "List" back on the search windows box..

i cant connect to links but can go direct.. what setting is that.?

A plea from someone in NC ...

Anyone going to DC on 09-24?

Anyone going to DC 9/24 from Houston? I am interested in going.

It's time we got together again. (Austin gathering thread)

Lord of War has a liberal message and rips on 2k SC selection!

Clinton: FEMA chief should be experienced

How big of a problem is "gang violence"?

The Big "Pro-Life" Scam

Who said?

Baghdad Attacks Shows Militants Are Desperate, Military Says

'Home' in a crisis (introduction)

Question: Would anyone know if Judy Miller is allowed a computer in jail?

"Look Martha! Gas is only $2.75 today!"

Hey, Smirky. Remember the line from the movie...

When the Feds took over

Iraq's Costs Worry Americans, Poll Indicates

* : "I am a Democrat."

Ever get those RW emails that are anti government

How High's the Water, Smirky? (photo)

Senate Fails in Bid to Block Bush Mercury Plan

drunkenness /resisting arrest ....compared to ....dehydrated man in LA

NYT's Maureen Dowd: "Disney On Parade"

No Gas Purchased - Month of September..

Bush even screws up insignificant shit

is there no room for Good-bye? or any place for those who

Larry the Cable Guy on guns

'a new vocabulary' for the WH" (persistant poverty, minority owned

sign on roof of house in Mississippi......hope he saw it on his flyover

Insert Optimism Here:

U.S. Soldier Fighting 'War On Drugs' Smuggles Cocaine In Military Planes

A tired old issue but one that still sticks in my craw, help me out please

It it just me, or if Washington D.C. were a playground

The odd logic of my Conservative friend

Right-Wingers get a little testy when you argue back about the gas prices.

Bush worshipper on Washington Journal...

L. Bush in touch with the victims along the Gulf South.

LTTE in this morning in the local rag.

One year from now, will New Orleans be known as FEMA City ?

So when will the flags go back to full mast?

* doesn't have a clue what the word "democracy" means.

From today's "Just Because You Can" column...

kkkarl rover to rebuild new orleans? you've GOT to be kidding me

the stink of death surrounds the ape wherever he goes

Our Employee, the president, has fucked up royally, so let's fire him

Pin the stripes on the Chief Justice Robe..(new parlor game)

New Orleans native Ellen Degeneres & her show pledge $1.5 Million

Internets Problem?.........

1 more reason to defeat Roberts 4 Chief Justice...Robin Yount!

Katrina's effect on the will this whole thing change our

Cindy Sheehan in NYC this weekend!

Will there be bipartisan agreement to revise posse comitatus?!?!

An entertaining Roberts scenario, if we can get the Dems to work with us

NEW TOON - 9/16 -- Invoking September 11

Three reasons why Roberts is a bad pick?

I'm leaving DU....

Good E. Clift column this morning

Republicans you actually like?

Have there been any projections on what the New Orleans damage

'The Beltway Nazis' on Faux - on the Sept. 24 protesters in D.C.:

38% of Americans are Racist and GOP

CNN - FEMA exec directs blame to current administration

Santorum into screwing turtles. O'Reilly into marrying ducks.

POLL: How seriously do you take any Al Qaeda story in the MSM?

Don't miss these THREADS of IMPORT on dailykos

Please stop referring to bu$h as an ape or a chimp!

Is it unhealthy to be "too informed" ?

Grover Norquist knew something about the Ohio GOP's Evil Deeds

YOU GO H2OMan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, "I'm goin' to Dieseland"..(formerly known as N'Awlins)

American support for Iraq war at all-time low- poll

We need revolutionary ideas and we need revolutionary politicians.

Lucky Ducky's

Subliminal ABC Messaging? "Chief Justice John Roberts" on their website.

Bush Vacation Pic

Worth watching for:

Hitler and Windows

What would Jesus say about Bush?

Freeper reaction to Jeb's son getting busted: IT'S THE LIBERAL'S FAULT!!!

Lawmaker: Gas price gouging evident

Cindy Sheehan on CNBC

Cindy Sheehan on Donny Deutch CNBC right now - nt

Okay, I'm rethinking the whole Katrina/BushCo disaster...LIHOP

My son's teacher made him do Bible research at a public school -WTF

DU THIS! : Ask Lynn Cheney:

Beware America. Beware -- Michael Ruppert

I feel so angry about the pledge of alliegence and I am a Christian

Rut roh guys -- we (AKA the Looney Left) are being STOCKED!!!

George H W Bush: "Proud to be an Aggie"

Galloway fans: Iraq debate replay 5pm pst on C-Span 2

Who is the U.S. equivalent of Hugo Chavez, and why isn't he/she President?

Voting vs not voting -- a poll

I haven't been posting as much as I usually do lately. The sadness

Help and/or suggestions needed for talking to b-n-law in Iraq

The "Handled" pResident, the Low Bar, and the Fooled Media...

NOLA Deja Vu

What phrase will commemorate the Bush Administration?

The stupidest statement RUSH ever said

School's no-flag policy angers some

UK firm closes Baghdad airport in row over unpaid bills

After speech poll by SurveyUSA

Is the United States turning into another "Enron".

Bush Cut Wages Illegally

Op-ed from Donna Brazile - draw your own conclusions

widdle bitty baby bushie

New Orleans sheriff dept. told Vemont NG to shoot, they would cover it up.

Does anyone have information on ANY possible inquiry to Halliburton?

How's Cheney? Any news?

Reconstruction: What is * really up to?

I hate that the RW has brainwashed us into believing that South America

A lot of the evacuees have missing teeth

What do you do during the Pledge of Allegiance?

Toxic sludge is good for you. Would you like fries with that?

Do some right wingers almost worship Bush as a God?

PJ o'rourke is a f(*&ing idiot

Is it a requirement for W and Jeb!'s kids to get arrested?

What is to happen to the land in New Orleans?

The most incompetent administration I have seen in my 78 years

Clinton, Blair slap BBC for Katrina coverage...

My Aha moment

This Day September 17,1787 US Constitution Adopted by Convention of States

John Ellis Bush mug shot in case you haven't seen it

An ominous new phrase being used by MSM: "When the Military..."

Ahhh, so NOW it makes sense!!! (Katrina Insurance Follow-up)

Had an interesting observation at the local Professional Rodeo last night.

Dear George by Bill Maher

IBM begins program to encourage teachers

'no one is ever ..beyond God's care'............but FEMA, fed govt?? forge

what the fuck america? what the fuck?

Guiliani Partners keeps priest pedophile on payroll

This Could Be Our New Theme Song....Good for a laugh.

Why is there a football game on Sirius Left?

Who Swears In The Chief Justice

Duya hates Americans poor, black, red, yellow, white.... hates all of us.

"You're not federalized."

I pledge allegiance

Sick of farewell posts.

Farewell??...Being a new DUer, why in the world would anyone join

Pls Don't Say "Hopeless"; Take Action! E.g., MEDIA REFORM

Republican Social Security reform was defeated

What has happened to Informed Comment has been

This isn't just about poor black folks,it's about all of us. Poor or not.

I have about 20 2.5" round Kucinich buttons here. Who wants them?

Ballot for the German Election tomorrow

Question re: Posse Comitatus Act

Why don't we hear about UFO sightings very much since GWB took office?

Where are DUers on the Kinsey scale?

Court Files are gone in NO!

Just heard on NPR: Venezuala suspending oil shipments to U.S.

Has Bush done anything good while in office?


Nowhere to Go- Hurricane Katrina (A Picture Says a Thousand Words)

"The Guy James Show" will ROCK tonight...starting at 6pm est

New energy bill opens up unrestricted private ownership of utilities

latenight lame laugh: What's Duya's opinion of Roe v. Wade?

Habitat for Horses/Lone Star Equine Rescue

And you wonder how Arnold got elected?

Republicans Join in Call for Release of Report on C.I.A.

My Hero, Byrd, is on CSPAN.

Vid Clip-Selected Bits from Bush-Putin Conference

Suppose an american wanted to write hugo chavez a letter...

Parachuting into Baghdad? What is the next grand PR stunt!

Russia's request for pilot's return denied

The Bush Family Values Center

What would it finally take to get a RWer/Freeper to give up on the (R)s??

John Roberts is NOT gay - he is a probable "RoyCohn"

"Muddy waters can't quench a love or drowned a thirst and I need a break"

Here's a Bumper Sticker Design:

Here you go my darlings, the transcript of Hugo Chavez on Nightline

NEW Grandtheftelectionohio :"We Shut Down the Bridge" Gretna La-NOLA

Fairy Tale Wedding destroyed by Katrina, put back together again

Clinton (Bill) Says Repeal The Bush Tax Cuts Now

NYT: A Frustrating Week at the U.N. for the White House Team

If, and I say IF, Roberts is gay

"He's Going To Bring Us Back" Lady on MSNBC

Judy Baby Gets High Profile Visitors- Bolton for one

Duya hates Irish people!

"This is Hell" lineup: Galloway, Finkelstein, Ehrenreich, more -- stream

I am about over LIBERAL being a bad word.

The Way I See IRAQ

Son of Florida Gov. Bush Arrested

Does New Orleans matter as a city? Read this:

Blog from getyouracton: Below ground zero.

'Playboy' priest in fraud inquiry

Russia withholds support from Bush

Young Marines Are An Outrage

Co-chair of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Chavez was brilliant on Nightline.

Surely There Is a Dem in the Great State of CA to Beat Ahhnuld--WHO?

Anthrax Investigation Stymied and Agents Sued

I Really Like Galloway

Repeat after me --- PAPER BALLOTS

FEMA also stonewalled veterinarians after Katrina

Magic Circle in mystery re expulsion of outspoken 'mindreader'

What happens to us when the next disaster hits?

Sitting in an empty Apartment.

I didn’t know Wikipedia had a page on Jeff Guckert/Gannon

Katrina States (among the poorest) Gave the Most to Charity in 2004

George Bush doesn't care about Indians either!

Dying to know.... what are the freepers saying about the 9/24 march?

What percentage of the U.S. is "corporate?"

Bush said he would cut unnecessary spending so he wouldn't

What Oil Companies to Stay Away from:

Had a nightmare last night about * taking my home

Budgeting for Poverty

Are political conditions now right for a Popular Front?

George Bush is a weapon of mass destruction!

Want to start a betting pool for John Roberts?

Lessons from the past? The '06 San Francisco earthquake rebuilding.

New NBY 'Toon Posted -- "BushCo's New Deal"

Arkansas Has Taken In MORE Katrina Refugees Per Capita Than

We NEED another

Is Bush Out of Control?

What I hate most about BushCo and all the rest of the wingnuts

The Netherlands vs Florida

Is the Right to Privacy Implied in the Constitution?

A C-SPAN caller made a thought-provoking comment....

Bittersweet conversation with my sister in-law

New Orleans as a new Baghdad

New Fox show-When Democrats attack-canceled-unbelievable concept

Coast Guard rescued 6500

(PIC) Maher last night on John Roberts "Straight men don't pose with food"

what's the deal on NO health care?

Vids of Naomi Klein talking about the Iraq Elections and the purple finger

Some citizens of NO have never been out of their city

Anybody else hear Al Franken and the phone sex worker on his Friday show?

RFK Jr: 'America's Worth Fighting For...'

2 BUNKS for 9/24,25 available

Palast delivers another scathing review of Galloway, anti-abortionist

Is the Red Cross giving $2,000 to hurricane victims?

What does home mean?

CNN Reporting - Train derailment in Chicago

Dallas columnist: Grateful or not, these people need our help.

Anyone think racism doesn't exist among bu$h supporters?

Video of Chavez's speech at UN?

Wealth Inequality in America

Why It's OK to Tax the Rich.

If I sell my gas-guzzler won't someone else be driving it?

When they talk about reducing tax rates on the rich, does that

What does Jeb Bush Jr. actually do?

Probably the most tasteless rant I have been emailed regarding Katrina

TX:Priest sticks 15 kids with (unsterile) pin:"suffering a part of life"

I visisted Camp Casey in NYC yesterday...

AP: Paige, Former Aides Join Consulting Firm

Top Democrat Call For Repeal of Bush Taxcuts

Don't raise taxes. Just cut costs. So, what costs do YOU wish to have cut?

Freeper Debating Skills

In an Interview with the President of Colombia, Cavuto Resurrects Pat Robe

Wait, wait -- FEMA was not wrong; the predictions were too DIRE!!

Vid Clips from Maher last night-Bush taking responsbility and Roberts

Fla. company--donated $25,000 to GOP, gets Gulf cleanup contract

Vid Clip of Bush saying some of the Clinton/Bush Money to go to churches

Missing lab mice infected with plague (2 wks. ago in N.J.)

Does anyone know a site where I can find...

Misfortune upon scanning through AM radio...

Sex to sell coal

NRA response to N.O. gun confiscations

Winners of eminent domain case order residents out

I have a feeling that Cheney is sicker than they are letting on

interesting article about Chertoff's appointment to head DHS . . .

Flat tax vs. progressive tax question

Why would anyone listen to Steve Forbes?

Help me DU this poll?

Race, Bush, and New Orleans: Darryl Pinckney in the NYRB

The money for Katrina will be coming from the Medicare prescription drug l

What about Arianna Huffington for Governor?

how many people expected in DC next weekend?

WSJ: A GOP Caucus met at Heritage Foundation to map N.O. strategy

Well DU...

Take heart: Awakening the moderates is important work, too.

Breaking News: Bush appoints new mayor of New Orleans--Ahmed Allawi.

NO....I'm confused about the "poor"??

Failure to render aid...

Harper's Index ...

Would "fuck oil companies" be a winning campaign position?

Bush, President? Don't think so.

What most of us really hear when Bush speaks. Great VIDEO!

Weekend TOONs


Bush falls. And no I don't mean the polls.

Christopher Walken 2008? For real? Anyone know?

Burt Bacharach: "Bush had adequate warning of Katrina...worst Prez ever."

(VIDEO) Bill Maher: Best. New Rule. Ever

My Friend Called Me to Tell Me He Can No Longer be a Democrat

Houstonian stirs a ruckus in Australia

!!!DU GRAPHIC GENIUSES!! Post protest graphics HERE for Sept 24!!!

2001 anthrax case still a mystery

Scarborough may have unintentionally spilled some beans on MSNBC this AM

If Katrina had come during Clinton's admin., what would the RW be saying?

Another fab Repub idea: Put Reagan on the $50 Bill

Is anyone here that experienced Vietnam era and

John Bolton visited Judith Miller in Prison - even WP says H'mmm

Forget Bush. Our side can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

NOLA- premeditated not criminal negligence

Wow I just had end a friendship of over 12 years via e-mail

Chavez is the left's greatest leader, if you don't agree, you just don't

If I can get a paper trail at the ATM, why can't I vote at the Bank?

Chavez: U.S. Plans to Invade Venezuela

Christian Children's Fund...

information request for Calphalon owners....

The holes in Blair's arguments, and how he sidesteps key issues

Council tax revaluation 'delay'

Cassini radar show dramatic shoreline on Titan

NYT: A Frustrating Week at the U.N. for the White House Team

Jailed Reporter Is Distanced From News, Not Elite Visitors (Miller-Bolton)

Lawmaker: Gas price gouging evident

Justice Dept looks at lawsuits, levees (to blame environmental groups)

Iraq's Costs Worry Americans, Poll Indicates

Houstonian stirs a ruckus in Australia

2001 anthrax case still a mystery

Former wife of comedian Lenny Bruce has died

Police Chief Denies Race Role in Blockade

Bush: Blame God, Not Me.

Fighting Ensues on Eve of Afghan Elections

Hello and farewell from Bush

Premium for Basic Medicare Increasing 13% Next Year (Fri news dump)

Why Rove can't go ... to meetings

U.S.: 2 al-Qaida Leaders Captured in Mosul

US conservatives round on Bush over Katrina aid pledges

Just heard on NPR: Venezuala suspending oil shipments to U.S.

Cheney to Have Surgery Next Weekend

The hurricane forecasters were remarkably accurate (Bush knew)

'Playboy' priest in fraud inquiry

Sharon fears arrest if he visits London

Gadafy's son sets up human rights hotline

Bush sees 'bright dawn' emerging in Gulf

Suicide car bomb hits joint US-Iraqi convoy (Fallujah)

Governor's task: repairing image

Poll shows Fletcher's approval rating drops (Kentucky)

In an Interview with the President of Colombia, Cavuto Resurrects Pat Robe

One dead, dozens hurt in Chicago train crash

Donna Brazile: I Will Rebuild With You, Mr. President

Agency's investing faulted (Ohio - BWC)

Military May Do More Domestic Disaster Work

Insurgents attack around Abu Ghraib jail

Newsview: Crisis Overtakes Bush's Agenda

Police start inquiry into archives forgery

Journalists arrested at Nepal press protest

As e-mail touts progress, reality check finds it's not all black and white

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's son arrested

Rice urges U.N. to be tough on Iran

US Support for Iraq War at all time low (New York Times/CBS poll)

Residents flee Iraq`s Samara city (fear of a massive military campaign)

Residents flee Iraq's Samara city (fearing new US attack)

Speakers touch on issues of poverty, religion at Clinton Global Initiative

Rice urges 'revolution of reform' at U.N.

Activists link Katrina crisis, Iraq war (Cindy Sheehan)

Money Earmarked for Evacuation Redirected

44 oil spills found in southeast Louisiana

LAT: (CA) Southland Not Ready for Disaster

Early warnings raised doubt on Bush disaster plans

Bush Calls for Cuts to Offset Relief Plan

Mayor celebrates hard-earned win Republicans wait 4 months to allow wounds

UK forced to scrap Iraq withdrawal plans -- paper

FayObs: Iraq War Divides Protesters at Market House

Saudi backs OPEC increase despite crude surplus

Iraqi market bombing kills many

McDonald's Feels Petrol Pain

Clinton global aid meeting gathers $1.25 bln

'Narrow win' for NZ ruling party (Labour)

CIA weighs requests for release of Sept 11 report

Q&A: US abuses in Afghan jails

Bush underscores pledge on Katrina rebuilding

Democrats Lead Republicans in 2006 Congress Race

Mythbuster doctor chases down Katrina rumors

Early warnings raised doubt on Bush disaster plans

New Zealand's indigenous Maori divided over opposition plan to abolish pri

Holocaust lawyer in Austrian sex scandal

Chavez Criticizes U.N. Reforms in Speech

A disturbing view from inside FEMA(Brown and Chertoff were given warnings)

Iran Throws Down Gauntlet in Nuclear Row

Even in Iraqi City Cited as Model, Rebuilding Efforts Are Hobbled

No Rice at U.N. dinner on women's rights

American support for Iraq war at all-time low- poll

Coast Guard Questions Big Easy Timeline

WaPo Confirms: Bolton visited Judy Miller in Jail

(Lever?)Voting machines may be history (need paper trail)

Chip makers brace for slower pace in Moore's Law

Lawyer's firing came after call from Rove

U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares To “Spread Democracy”

Doctor Pushes for First Face Transplant

Katrina shows effect of climate change, says Gore

Military May Play Bigger Relief Role (Pay Attention Here)

National Guard chief: Overseas missions left forces short much-needed gear

Hallowed are the Ori

I am having so much fun...

Betty or Wilma?

Blech! Burnt popcorn!

I just bought my first bag Holloween candy. Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins!

Noting like rolling into your hometown, gagging on smoke from a bog fire


Midnight snack!


Is CaliforniaPeggy still up?


I just bought my first bag of chistmas candy.....

What's everyone drinking tonight?

Alright.... I gotta get some sleep.....

Betty or Bette?

If anyone is interested "The Celluloid Closet" will be on the ITF

I like corn.

Who remembers this fun couple from television's golden years?

Bush Nominates First-Trimester Fetus To Supreme Court

I like porn.

This is what I thought on Dec 2nd. I still feel better when I read it.

I'm so freakin' tired, why can't I go to bed?

I got Ike Quebec's Soul Samba CD and I just love it

That was odd (my run-in with a dumb fuck)..

Music thread for my late night friends....What are U listening to?

I ain't happy

Okay I downloaded some music for a friends wedding...

WOW! Topless Nazi girls on TCM.

TWO spiders in my sink!!!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

These guys don't get it

Don't know if this is the right forum

Read my palm!

I need lounge support!!!! now

Betty or Veronica?

Before there was cool, there was Pat Boone

I was sitting in a cafeteria recently,

Does Post Modernism mean nothing new or original is

Workplace problem(for me): People talking about their diets

What? No "macbuttface" in the DU spellcheck?

Question for Pastafarians.

Gratuitous Howard Dean drooling post.

Is "cool" still cool?

Hannibal Lecter's Favorite Meat

So how much prayin did you get done......

Con scams ailing girl

Little Big Town -Boondocks

Dear Lizzards, Need help posting picture from my computer to internet and

News (I hope) about a move at work (remember "dormitory" post?)

Good Morning, Folks!

Saint Jeb's Son Arrested!

advice for the sick.....

Former wife of comedian Lenny Bruce has died

It's time to Retire "Commander Cuckoo Bananas"

Okay, I think I fixed the level thing here at DU....

1 Ticket - $250MILLION - Sold In NJ

HILARIOUS! The ABC After School Special (For those of us who remember)

I wanna have a Halloween party!

I'm a hot pastramifarian

Does Simply Orange have crack in it?

You know what,,,,, Hallmark Movies make me cry....

Barry Cowsill is still missing (was in NOLA during Katrina)

Not a fuckin' red bean to be found.

"Oil Prices Drop on Signs of Falling Prices" - Eh?

No progmom jazz show today.

Can anyone tell me why Laura Bush is called "Pickles"

Is it just me, or are there a lot of posters sounding like trolls?

All is not bad in the World. Tony is on the pole tomorrow and TONIGHT

True or false: Real men don't run in the rain

German fun parties campaigning for tomorrow's election

Leslie West.

I have a new "do"

Is there any chance that my aching back and legs, chills and nausea

Some fantastic fractal-y things here..

Repost : European vacations since I didn't get any answers...

Hey! for canadian Degrassi fans......

Would you be a real sweetheart and run and get me a cup of coffee?

Nini's hands are COLD!

Why didn't I buy head lettuce before?

Good Morning All of You Lounge Sweethearts!

In Memorium: my Gilligan story

James Bond reinvented for next film!

"Choosey Beggars" in NOLA?

Why do some people need so much more sleep than others?

Okay, I feel really embarrassed and stupid

How long after a rock concert do one's ears stop ringing?

I am an Averagely Proportioned Liberal!!!

HTML Question....

Elton John's Madman Across the Water

Miner's Bowl Tonight! Go MSSU!!!

Anyone here working this weekend?

Baby Boomers ...

Misunderestimator is leaving DU

Ohio State vs San Diego State. This game will get ugly for the Aztecs.

Go Cards GO!!!

So today is going to be a pillage fest in Troy. . . ask me anything.

12,000 posts. milestone or millstone?

The 10 most important books everyone should read (according to you)

Questions about leaving DU..

I'm leaving DU....

Time to Play "The Six Degrees of Progmom" Game!

Happy Birthday, Hank Williams

The Renee Zellwegger Support/Fan club...

Could we start a separate "I'm leaving DU" forum?

I have decided

Just finished reading Don Quixote - Ask me anything

I can't wait to see "Capote"!!!

Zoot Suit

Ok Tribe...Santana gave you an opening today!!!

Why don't we hear about UFO sightings very much any more?

Minneapolis Man Cited For Dancing In The Streets

Holy Crap!!!! A UFO just zoomed past my window

Anybody who has a room at the Cap Hill Suites for the protest

I just saw Lord of War, ask me anything.

Imagine your head inside a snare drum for 1 1/4 hrs.

Why didn't they lettuce have head before?

OMFG! I haven't taken a nap today!


KPIG - a very cool radio station. northern californians are lucky.


I'm going to bed

Watching THE FESTIVAL on IFC right now...

Not to sound like a whiner, but you know sometimes us unknown guys need

Who's with me?

Remember Squink?

I just received spam from "Consecrated T. Puked"


Rate your anxiety level

Let's climb into the DU "Wayback" Machine...shall we?

I got checked out today...

In what instances would your web site host provider ask for your password?

I saw Son Volt last night.

How old do I look?

Sports suck! Or do they?

Man starts trail of fire with static filled clothes. Funny article.

Hitler and Windows

I introduce to you, the most progressive shoe out there.

Pics of my new kitty

I love corn!

Post in this thread and I will respond with a line from Hamlet.

Hello, from the iMac

Animal pic thread. I need an animal break. (sigh)

Why are Fweepers so Fat?

I just downloaded the 4/30/77 Grateful Dead from

Mick Jagger and David Bowie fined for "Dancing in the Street"

A young coworker was complaining of pain in his kidneys a month

Do we all work with that one person we can't stand?

Post Sign Making Tips Here / Or, How Have You Made Your Protest Signs?

"Generation Y" -- I found the definition!

I am a Chubby Liberal!!!

the most misogynist comic book ever.....ever...

Is this monday a Pastafarian holiday? (national talk like a pirate day)

I love Zorn!

Harry Pottter

Shoot. I'm worried my dog may be in "pre-seizure" state.

I need more lesbian friends.

first Google Images Picture for your username:

My conversation with my friend, Bill O'Reilly.

I Don't Hate Anyone Club!

just finished stacking 2 cords of wood -- ask me anything

Here, for your viewing pleasure...and to get me to 8000 posts:

Now taking bets: how long will the Heather vs JLo thread last?

Bob Boudelang explains Our Great President's Repsonsibility....

Cindy Sheehan Comes to NYC: Bklyn Sunday, Manhattan Monday !!!!

How do you think Matcom's butt would look in ...


"18 Minutes of Hardcore"

I need a $20,000 grant to translate a bunch of foreign magazines

Anime pic thread. I need an anime break (pics)

Sunday night Football! Chiefs vs. Raiders...

Heads up. Monday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

To those complaining about obnoxious children in public...

*** Vote on the Final Round of the DU Photo Contest ***

Is it Hedges Time yet?

Any social workers out there?

U.S. Buys $100 Million of Bird Flu Vaccine (AP)

Questions arise over seminary inspections

Reply to Conservatives who fear gay marriage

"If you think stopping gays from doing it is more important then stopping

Survey shows more and more women experimenting with bisexuality

Homophobia is not a neutral position: it is harmful to gays

(CDC) Survey Finds More Women Try Bisexuality (AP)

Homophobe du jour:'s comment on the Texas/Rice "game" today.

Favorite #12?

racism in du

Red light ,green light? Rustle

A Failure to Communicate

So, Kerry's b-day isn't until december,

I am ***SO*** po'd

OfficeMax has 2GB Toshiba CF cards for $119 + $20 rebate. Ends today.

Restoration challenge. My mother took this photo

The Final Round is up and running!

And round one of the photo contest is over.

Hey Rev

Out of touch with reality, Incompetent, Not Accountable for

Rove's Role in Rebuilding NOLA

Truman : Profiles of Courage

Self delete - photo link not working!

Mike Allen is on Time's payroll?

"Political Grandstanding"

WHDH (NBC) News Boston is doing a story on NCLB and military recruiters

Liberian leader busts UN record in treaty-signing marathon

US conservatives round on Bush over Katrina aid pledges

2 critical points in Katrina history

Hugo Chavez:U.S. Plans to invade Venezuela Fox News

Survey USA does daily "breaking news polls" and Friday's shows B* speech

KGB records show how spies penetrated the heart of India

Salon: Bush blames the biggest scapegoat of all: God.

If y'all think that the poor were screwed before...... wait until...

Who are you and what have you done with George W. Bush?

are Mike Allen and Donna Brazil a couple?

Bush economic advisor: He'll STILL "cut the deficit in half by 2009"

Katha Pollitt in The Nation -- Intelligible Design--Accommodating

The FEMA Ice Follies — “Millions of Dollars are Being Wasted”

Is it true? Leveled gulf land will be tapped for oil?

Photo: "President Bush ducks" (under sagging N.O. power line)

Americans should emulate the beloved corporations - stop paying taxes!

Never mind the Pollocks as Clinton homes in on that legacy

have you checked the weather station lately to see what's coming?

John McWhorter looks at life between half closed venetian blinds

Must of been really hard for him to say that...

Georgie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job!

President Satan's Radio Address: "YOU ARE NOT ALONE."

Alexander Baldwin for California Gov??? Is it possible? Could he do it??

Could this "diaspora" change the political landscape of several states?

Louisiana Campaign Contributions Put (Insured) Katrina Survivors at Risk

If Cheney Knew About His Aneurysm For A Long Time - Why ...

What will happen when George "AWOL" Bush runs out of Guardsmen to draft?

Can anyone tell me if

Subject: Bush Lied About Charity

Citizen's Petition to Protect Our Roadless Areas

Anyone know anything about Cheney's anuerism, saw a

E-mail suggests govt seeks to blame N. O. flood on environmental groups

(Chimp's) Former Education Department leaders reunite as consultants

700+ women are abused or sexually assaulted every day in US

What we can stop/are stopping because of Katrina

If an idiot like Ah-nold can be a governor, can we please...

Louisiana trying to find 500 foster children

Bush admin may appeal Sequoia Monument logging ruling

Fortune favors the bold. - Virgil

Are we going to have to have a new boston tea party, only for BBV

I'm confused about Monkey-Boy's "No tax hike to pay for Katrina"

Newsday: "Newsview: Crisis Overtakes Bush's Agenda"

No, REALLY?..."Iraq's Costs Worry Americans, Poll Indicates"...REALLY?

Lest we forget ....... 1899

David Dreier used to be on TV a lot but

FUCK YOU Bill Clinton

Conservatives and Cronyism

Galloway/Christopher Debate today 5pm pst C-Span-2

George W. Bush's political philosophy: Right from the horse's mouth,

Here is a happy thought. So Rove is Tsar of Katrina. .... wait.... does

Unwanted Intercourse Be Upon Bill Clinton (Constructively Speaking)

Are you familiar with Plato's "fatal cycle"...

Democrats Lead Republicans in 2006 Congress Race

I'm really depressed

GOP on Bush: "We are not sure he knows what he is getting into"

I don't think New Orleans should be rebuilt

How the NeoCons murdered New Orleans

Barbara Boxer to Bush: "Instead of pathetic attempts to pass the buck..."

Lame DBB (Don't Blame *) letter in my local paper today. Need help.

I'm Swiss!

A million dollar contest. Very important, please read!

And it is all about destroying the government. (apology to Catwoman)

This put me finally over the edge.....I've had it! I need DU love....

The Feint Saint of New Orleans, Hidden Images at the Haunted Mansion

Donna Brazile: I Will Rebuild With You, Mr. President

It's up to us, DUers!! We can stop John Roberts! Here's how...

A hypothetical message for any Democratic candidate-critique

Need best stupid Bush quote on Iraq for flyer, so far I have...

Cindy Sheehan: "Come to DC Sept. 24!"

The Echo Generation - A Bad Sign for the Future?

George Bush is the worst President in history with a BULLET, so why

the note Chavez threw on the floor of the UN

Edwards to focus on poverty during Iowa visit

Lights Go On In N.O. for Bush Photo-Op and then Off?

Bush Narcissist test,passes with flying colors....

Monday, Sept. 19th: YOU can "Ask Lynne Cheney" about Katrina relief.

I just got this email re: NOLA from my RW relative...

Gore: Katrina response shouldn't be to cut taxes & environmental safegards

call for an end to the lame non-winnable 'WAR ON DRUGS'