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Mobil, CIA secrets may come out in bribery trial of oil adviser



How the Facts Came to Hate America

Meant to post this in other forum - sorry

Orange County Weekly's Washburn: Stop the War

Blaming the Victim

Conason: Remain Silent!

Questioning Bush's Sacrifice for a 'Noble Cause: Buzzflash question

Krugman: A Can't-Do Government (Nails Bush and FEMA)

Homes with 9 or more rooms make up bulk of NJ's growth

New U.S. textile curbs on China may sour Hu trip

Mr. Abbas' next test

Sharon to 'set out dovish vision'

Five People Now Recall The Existence of Chart Identifying Atta

Toledo court sets trial date (8/06) in recount lawsuit

Minnesota probably won't be asked to send any National Guard to Louisiana

COOL!!! St Paul Firemen for Coleman!!!

Hacking advice for a Win2003 server

Police Shoot Teen While Serving Search Warrant (15 year old shot 12 times)

Report: Sheehan at DeLay's office in Houston

Pics from Sheehan at DeLays office.

FYI Austin: Costco has donation bins for victims of hurricane Katrina

Is Austin, TX taking in any refugees?

Camp Casey: Help needed for clean-up

Looking for housing for 2 wks while I volunteer at the Astrodome.

support needed for the Arctic national wildlife refuge!

Count the ways Eva Zahn will cover for Bush - her hero.

Wiki page: Lake George

A sincere political question

I can't watch but I'd love to know if she disses Bush as much as

While New Orleans is drowning

Nobody singing "God Bless America", No flags, No candle light

Thousands Complain to Government Hotline About Gas Price Gouging

I witness some real ugliness at the gas station today.

Please send all donations to OPERATION BLESSING.

Everyone switch from CNN to MSNBC. Zahn is a schill KO Countdown is on!

*: "The world's a safer place...."

NOLA Disaster - Who needs help? News and Information

I may be sent to NOLA or MS to help

Why New Orleans Is in Deep Water - Molly Ivins

DNC Postpones Meeting in Phoenix

NPR Interview with Chertoff: U.S. Aid Effort Criticized in New Orleans

If a terrorist attack happens now, our government will make it worse

Mike Brown of FEMA = Baghdad Bob of 2005. Remember this meme nt

FEMA granted Miami 21 million bucks for a hurricane that didn't hit them

If it was rich white people

Finally, BUSES arriving at the Superdome

Don't they have FUCKING GRAVITY in NOLA? Where's the FOOD DROPS

Senator Landau got a talking to from someone. Brought up the

CNN: Federal Govt just found out

AP: New Orleans in Anarchy With Fights, Rapes >

the sun is going down again

It's A Riot-an outbreak of rage and despair making way for opportunism...

I like Mary Landrieu, my apologies

Fema just said that they didn't even KNOW about the

Looking for Image - Bush looking at camera over NO in AF1

Pizzarias pitching in

Tony Zumbado, NBC News Photojournalist, on Keith O/MSNBC NOW

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

Can we now put 9/11 in perspective ?

TVNZ: Bush to go to New Orleans Tomorrow

The govt. has probably put us between a rock and a hard place.

Reminder: Operation Blessing (on FEMA list) is Pat Robertson

FEMA director on CNN making excuses now

Did anyone hear the report re: Condi on Majority Report...!?

Its about damn time the press woke up

Operation YOYO

Conv Ctr - They had to be SHAMED into helicopter water drops.

Hastert: New Orleans should not be rebuilt?

Murder By Numbers

Al Sharpton on Olberman n/t

Who gets held accountable for the nine billion dollars missing in Iraq?

Too bad people can't eat numbers!

MSNBC comments on federal response for NOLA flooding.

WOO HOO I Got My Wish! Al Sharpton Is Going To The Victims!!!!

Vicarious/secondary trauma: a factoid

Did the DUers looking for their daughter find her?

I will never ever forgive the government that is allowing this to happen.

Anyone see that tasteless insurance commercial on MSNBC?

Freeper Bust

Just remember who is in charge now folks come Nov '06

Operation Clusterfuck

Top Ten Conservative Idiots of the Week (so far!!!)

Right wing libertarian wacko thinks price

Dear Gen. Clark: The system is broken. Go outside it!

I want to donate - but NOT to the Red Cross

aw shit, here comes BAGHDAD BOB ON CNN....

Is it time to bypass the government and established charities?

Could families NOLA victims sue * for the deaths of their loved ones?

New Republican "culture of life"

Administration has been watching Faux I guess!

Some guy stole a TV - so kill the other 80,000 by dehydration & starvation

Don't you wish we had a Parlamentary form of government?

Insurance Companies will take a huge hit on this do you think they will

Skinny Puppy DVD Available for Preorder - Contains Documentary About Iraq

Anyone interested in doing a Zogby poll?

Do you think they will ever use the term "Compassionate Conservative"

Has alleged plan to attack IRAN distracted our leaders both in Iraq & NO?

people arriving from Superdome

Guardsman said that NOLA is _worse_ than Iraq

Is there a way to find out how much Bush & Co has privately donated?

What Bush doesn't know about New Orleans

Anyone think that Bush*t won't accept help due to Iran plans?

Compassionate Conservative

Right Wing blog post questions * leadership

Received a response from FSU president re: hotels and football game:

On FEMA website, 3rd link to Pat Robertson's (90% Faith based)

Is there still going to be a war protest in September?

Frist "medical doctor" coming up on Larry King

There's a doc on Discovery Channel right now about NOLA and flooding

Please contact Anderson Cooper and tell him thank you.

MSNBC Just Now: Even Police have to loot their own food and water

why isn't there a caravan of concerned citizens

delete - dupe

Where can my physical body volunteer to help victims of Katrina?


Haley Barbour !!

"I'm Walkin' to New Orleans".....for Fats

Hang on, there's a concert for hurricane relief on TV TOMORROW NIGHT?

Haley Barbour on LKL-CNN

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war

Posted on my board

Chimpy: "I'm not expecting much from foreign nations" while offers pour i

Do you think the black people in New Orleans are being punished

still strong?

**** Official Scanner Thread part 2 ****

Oh my God, if I see one more elderly person in great distress....

Fat Foghorn Cosby Adandons Aruba for Houston

Hurricane Charlie - response during election year

And the spin begins, blame the victims

Iraq War Costs Now Exceed Vietnam's

I don't know if the footage of Waveland/Bay St. Louis has been posted yet.

CNN reporting on what went wrong and who to blame

I just saw Cindy's people on their way to D.C. at the gas station!!

ACTION ALERT: A simple message on Natural vs Man-Made

What is everyone reading on other forums about Katrina? Esp. NOLA

Please thank Clark for speaking out against Bush

We are worse than a 3rd world country

Katrina = Global Warming ?

LIVE on MSNBC--People on the freeway

Is anyone listening to the SCANNER anymore? Link?

OMG! The Irony in this Photo. Yes, Milvertha , Your Country Failed You.

Larry King: Barbour: "I begged people to leave"

Republicans. The occassional patriots

Molly Ivins - New Orleans: It's About Us (9-1-05)

Larry King: Our Guest..Senator Bill Frist, a medical Doctor

sent home for cussing out coworker for saying "help the looters!"

So will the fuckstick-in-chief fly in to NOLA and serve turkey?

Ah the sweet ....

"Don't buy gas if you don't need it."

Cafferty Video: "It's a disgrace and don't think the world isn't watching"

Given the Disgusting response by our Gov't

Need urgent transcription of Countdown for my blog

George W FraWD! Coward Inept Lying frat boy Douchebag with shit for brains

Hurricane Andrew - sounds like Katrina

Jack Cafferty CNN

So does Fristykins always bob his head like that or...

The Only Politicizing Or Politics Is The RW Afraid Of Criticism

To those in other countries that wish to help

Free Republic Post Encourages Donating Bibles for Refugees

South Africa in the 1980's would have done a better job in New Orleans.

What if Bush flies in with a plastic turkey ?

Check out this e-bay auction

NY Gas Gouging is Rampant: How I confronted One Gouger today

Frist - the politicizing/finger pointing is going to start....

Seen On a Sign In Beltsville, MD

Hannity and RW Radio: "Not the time for pollitics"

Okay everyone keep up with "talking points"

Bush threatened the looters but not the gas gougers

Bush: Don't Buy Gas If You Don't Need It

How Many National Guards were In NO

Where should Bush go in NO for a photo-op tomorrow?

Chertoff on CNN now.

We need a pilot, a plane and connections to food and water

Anderson Cooper on Larry King NOW

Why are these fuckers on TV?? Chertoff should be working his ass off.

"Fed govt didn't know about the people in the Conventiion Ctr until today"

Haley Barbour joins the ranks of the liars.

PHOTO: How do y'all play a G7 agin? Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!

Truckers were going broke a few weeks ago-how can they make it now?

The RW doesn't want any finger pointing until

The Myth of Republican Leadership has been shattered

POLL: How is President Bush doing regarding Katrina?

More than one city what about the coast

The longer they wait, the more desperate the people, the more dangerous

Jesus! Chimp says something sensible the first time in his damn life and

Aw...Chertoff is Frustrated

Who care's if it's racism or classism - it's still murder or manslaughter

Windfall Profit Tax

Getting out of NO by car is going to be like "The Road Warrior"

New title for the show - Larry King's Parade of Assholes.....

If African Americans want to know how the GOP REALLY feels about them

Evacuee on LKL right now n/t


It is happening already....

The airport was functional ON TUESDAY. Eff you, Chertoff

Set the record strait, Dim Son is not responsible for the hurricane

Softball set up from King to Chertoff - I know you couldn't have....

O'Reilly " A Lot of people who stayed WANTED to do this destruction"..

List of corporate contributors to disaster relief

Since * likes to start wars

Wynton Marsalis on MSNBC

I have heard that 'looting' is the least of the problem---rape and murder

Did KO say at the very end of the show that water in large quantities

Olbermann: ".....and WHERE is the federal government?"

This is the government that REPUKES WANT.

Rescind the bankruptcy law immediately!! And watch to see if

How can we be the same country that orchestrated the Berlin Airlift?

America should expand the Coast Guard and give them bigger choppers

The on location reporters are looking a little frayed.

STOP THE PRESSES! Late model car stopped containing clothes WITH TAGS

A diary on Kos quotes a Dr. in French Quarter -cholera is coming

Earth to George Bush


When will we start needing locks on our gas caps?

I just got this tonight -- frustration in New Orleans

Fats Domino Found in New Orleans

CEO of WAL-MART on LKL Now n/t

CNN's Baghdad International correspondent is in Louisiana

Welcome to America in 2005

WTF? The USS Comfort Hospital Ship in MD HAS NOT LEFT YET?

Mike Brown needs to be clapped in irons & thrown in jail when this is over

anyone notice the bushco #1 talking point starting this afternoon...

Locational Relationship between Conv. Center and Superdome *Graphic Heavy

C-Span 2 coverage of Senate will start at 10 pm EST

Does anyone have the video of the photo journalist on Countdown?

The Greatest Nation On Earth

I really really really need a dose of Mike Malloy tonight.

The Sad State of our Country and World

New York vs.. New Orleans, why the difference?

You can't trust America's TV news, says Clooney

Ever notice how Larry King is ALWAYS well-liked by ALL of his guests??

Can we present a case to the Hague yet?

Save Our Consumer Electronics!

Idiot FEMA director told Paula Zahn that the Feds "didn't know"

Maybe we can ask the UN to send in troops to NOLA

O'Reilly: "Shoot looters on site."

100 people from St. Bernard Parish dead from dehydration, exhaustion...

You can talk to a real person at the White House...

We spend 6 billion a week in Iraq.

OK, Bush. Since you don't know what to do, let me explain.

Who gives a shit who's on Larry King?

NO proves that, we are not seeing a smidgeon of reality in Iraq, anymore.

Where is Dr. Phil?

"This is what happens when you take God out of our schools"

Hurricaine Katrina: "My Heart Breaks"/"We Built It Too Strong"

Anyone know of any scanner feeds out of NOLA that are still functioning?

September 1, 2005, In George Bush's America --PIX->>>

Look at him. He's not waking up.

Why does the richest nation on earth need charity...

The march from the NO Convention center

Are you seeing this on LKL? Correspondent holed up in police station!

News outlets carried a story about a guy intending to ride out...

Who writes these goddamned headlines??? It is NOT "Anarchy" it's CHAOS!

goddamn those fucking looters

Hey FEMA's Baghdad Brown! There Are No Dead Bodies In NO??

Mayor in Chicago lost his job over a blizzard, what will happen to Boosh?

Hey Senators!!! Word to the WISE...Acting all mushy and enjoying

Old School (DEFCON 3 USAGE LEVELS) Text Poll: Better Mayor In A Crisis?

In America there is always enough money for Bombs and Bullets

Mike..... Malloy...... is....... PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will QUASH the insurgents in New Orleans, just as we did in

Am I insane or did the casualty list shrink?!

Poll: Has govt reacted as quickly as it could have?

Clinton and Papa Satan should tell the CORPORATIONS to STEP UP!

Anyone need a break?

Olberman and Sharpton telling Limbaugh to fuck off.

OVERNIGHT We Can Drop Thousands of Food & Water packages IN IRAQ...

I wish people would stop saying Bush is "incompetent"

Why should Idiot Son bother his beautiful mind by landing in New Orleans?

What is Oprah going to do? Give everyone makeovers?

AP controversy, part II: White people "shop"; black people "loot"

when america hurts, bush flies first class

Hey Unc!?!? (where is Uncle Dick??)

The MSM reporters on the scene seem to be 'getting it'

How can the news people get around NO and not the people

"We are out here like pure animals. We don't have help," Rev Isaac Clark

I'm gonna blow a gasket

Somehow, I Don't See The Chimp Getting A Boost In His Numbers...

"Never , never, ever,get off the goddamn boat..."

Stupid poll. I know it's no time to laugh...

question about moveon hurricane housing

Human remains in cattle feed may have caused mad cow epidemic

"Whatsoever you do to the least of these, my brothers and sisters......

If I hear one more politician say the word "assets" I'm gonna puke

WWL TV - 100 dead in St Beranrd parish from famine & dehydration

CNN Lite's Nancy Grace "the hardest hit are the poor and minorities"

Is anyone still getting the live WDSU feed from NO? It's been out

I love FATS.

10.5 billion supplemental

Is the SCANNER up?


Shoot to Kill: The Freepers Set Their Priorites

What could the reason be for holding back on the water & food?

How the hell can FEMA be too broke to handle an "anticipated" emergency?

" wound the autumnal city. So howled out..."

I'd like to dedicate this one to Little Boots...

Hey since Bush served honorably in the National Guard why won't he suit up

Aaron Brown on CNN Live: officers are walking

Ah Ha! I figured out how Iraq and Osama Bin Laden are related!

Who is this Rita Cosby person?

I agree, no finger-pointing. Let's just get rid of the whole bunch!

Landrieu being interviewed on ABC...

If Gore or Kerry were President right now...

Does anyone else suspect the RW trial markets their talking points...

Bush's solution to every major crisis

FEMA Directing Donations To Rev. Pat Robertson

Rove gets CNN, etc in line again---how fast?

CNN: Police Officers have deserted the Force.

CNN: 20% of NOLA police deserting. Idiot Son's NG example.

Homeland security chief sounded like an ass on NPR

we need an email blitz to our democratic senators, let them know

Tonight I talked with someone about what is going on.....

George Bush's vacation Ruined

WWL TV 100 died as of today in St Beranrd parish from famine & dehydration

Next Week Would Be Perfect Time For Fitzgerald To Hand Down Indictments

If something very drastic doesn't happen PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY

Where Is Jon Stewart In Our (meaning DU) Time Of Need!!

NOLA Mental Health thread - rant before you have a breakdown/heart attack

We need a new party

Trying to contact the WH by email

Saddam may have gassed his people but Bush let his people drown

This picture just doesn't settle right with me?

The Endless Hurricane Season

I made nearly a million dollars in the past week on a $200,000 investment.

Oh my God. Surfing here. I am 54, and have never seen anything like this

The satellite phone/comm wasn't working for FEMA & NG after

I am sick and FUCKING tired of all this "racism" talk.

"This is not the America I grew up in"

Senate just approved $10.5 billion.

Rove's talking points are now clear. Be aware. Sean has spoken!

FEMA telling public to give donations to Pat Robertson's organization

A list of charities NOT from the FEMA website.

Rate this Yahoo/Reuters story!!!

Old Bob Dylan song more relevant today ....

Disregard all RW TP that place the blame on others

Maybe I've finally figured out Bush's non-response to NO


How long does it take to start an ngo?

What do you think the rest of the world is thinking of us right now?

is the Republican wall cracking?

cut our commander and chief some slack

Fires [are being] started [by victims] to get attention and be rescued

What about risk planning? Contingency planning? ALL OF THIS...

Remember those 10,000 body bags NO was supposed to have?

The fact that the rest of the world (even Iran!) are offering help

The looting stories are a lie, PLEASE don't fall for it

Okay, I'll play along. They want to push this talking point, let's go!

Welp they just got enough dough to repair the levees!

Turn on Scarborough!!!

Scarborough calls Hastert out.

Is anyone watching ABC right now? (9:15PM) Primetime is on.

Listen to this audio -- it will break your heart

scanner: "i don't know, they have control over the city . . . "

I wonder how RW pundits will try to spin this.

Is Bush planning on firing Karl Rove ?

The end is near. Scarborough just slammed the Bush admin

Holy Crap! Anyone watching Primetime on ABC? Criminal negligence!

Does anybody else think that **'s more timely response

The perfect place to house all the Katrina refugees

I don't think even Diebold can save the GOP in 2006, 2008 - or -

How much of the record profits are the oil companies donating to NO ?

Someone who is good at photoshop

It could get worse

I feel more "patriotic" now than at any time in a long time...

Not MIHOP, not quite LIHOP, just plain

authorities scared to go to Convention center but things calmed down

We fight them Over There so can neglect our

Bush's help for hurricane Frances in Florida

ABC - anyone watching?

$300+ billion to profit off another country or to save our country?

Tucker Carlson (sans bow tie)

Turn on ABC's Primetime right now!


will Amercan NG troops sent to NO kill American citizens...

Wrap your heads around the Tlatelolco Massacre and then say "New Orleans"

How Come The Chimp Isn't Telling The Gangs To "Bring It On."

What happened to erring on the side of life?

There goes Nancy Grace with a Natalee Holloway segment....

This crappy 'chose to stay' talking point..

cops shoot/beat/kill

Bush and Co. didn't know about the threat of flooding...

A liberal is a conservative who's lived through a cat 5 (Scarborough)

MSNBC"9/11 pails in comparison to the natural disaster we see here today."

If ever there was a time

Dennis Hastert

I don't know what to say...

Gov. Allows shoot to kill for looters in NO. Does this sound like Iraq?

"They don't deserve your trust or your vote"

Chertoff LIES on NPR - denies thousands at Conv Ctr are w/o food & water


NBC Dateline

93 million dollars...

I get it...1st 'they were told to leave'---'NOT OUR FAULT '2nd' they're

Former FEMA Director Criticizes Current Management

Five People Now Recall The Existence of Chart Identifying Atta

Where is Bush's "zero tolerance" for $Billions looted in Iraq...... ??????

Sen Vitter (R) on response: We didn't get toops on the ground fast enough

"Everything changed after Hurricane Katrina"

More than 1/2 million refugees, without a home, without a job.

"The people who chose to stay ..."

The Mexican Goverment offers help....

Michael Savage criticizes victim's appearance.

On the Turning Away

McCellan - Do not loot food and water

I'm sick over this. I long for real leadership...

Serious question...anyone here ever emailed the White house from...

Should F-16's be called in to bomb the insurgents

bush gassed his own people

Tomorrow * will visit the stricken state of Alabama....

good news ..... Fats is found! "I found my freedom ....."

The start of the second Civil War?

The Sad State of our Country

Where is VP Cheney* when the Boy King needs him?

You want to hear truth?

ABC primetime is covering the racism issue.

Tomorrow Bush will arrive on the scene and turn on the tears and

When they finally cap the levee, Bush should stand on top

Bush Knew and did nothing

Do you think that what we are feeling is similar to the French in 1789?


Okay I'll be the first to say it...This is tough but I'm gonna say it


BULLETIN ITEM: Observers Are Seeing 1,000s Of Dead Bodies Along The Gulf

Shoot To Kill Orders - the master plan in fruition

Do you think terrorists see the futile, incompetent 'response' to Katrina?

A question about airdropping supplies...

Hey Du'ers... Lets refute this essay and write our own version...

If one more reporter tells us how hard it is to get into the disaster area

How can ANYONE now not see * as someone in WAY over his head?

Can anyone compare the response by FEMA to a Clinton-era disaster?

Paul! Paul Wellstone! Come back! We need you now!


help! I can't access my posts.

Cheney will help out by hosting a fundraiser..

Scarbourough interviewing BUSH SUPPORTERS..They are pissed

So, gwb looks like a pinhead in this pic. Is it deliberate?

Why won't the MSM

America is looking more and more F*ed up

Those people should have stored duct tape... it's their own fault

I know who the biggest looters in all this really are.

Well, I let them have it again - my reply to a sick repuke email chain:

How much longer are we gonna be at level 3?

Krugman absolutely nails the * (mis)Administration!

Katrina: > than 1900 Galveston Hurricane?

Gas pipeline and rebuilding?

I am hearing there is martial law

Are you with George W. Bush or are you with Katrina?

Larry King : "Why didn't they evacuate."

How can catastrophic 'INCOMPETENCE' go on a WEEK?!?

Think Bush's poll numbers are bad now? Just wait til next week.

Someone needs to load trucks with water and take them there

CNNQuickVote-How would you describe the response to Katrina's destruction?

Troopers on Scanner criticizing relief efforts...

Ray Nagin is a ex-Republican

CNN: Pentagon wondering why media more sympathetic to victims than to gov

A&E - Anatomy of 9/11

"Siding with the victims too much?"

Astrodome closed - told to go somewhere else

Can't get this thought out of my head

Defeated by 20 feet of water

At last, but why did this take so long?

Whooaa... Ted Koppel on Nightline tearing FEMA guy a new one...

EVERY STATION is ripping BushCo's response

Gee, White people doing well in Slidell with no gov't help!

What did Aaron Brown on CNN just ask before the commercial?

Somebody better awaken Gov. Goodhair from his sleep

Shoot to kill, troops told - Sydney Morning Herald

Is Idiot Son REALLY going to land in Miss. and AL but not New Orleans?

Over 1000 dead in Mississippi

Now they're turning the busses away from the Astrodome!!!! nt

Bernie Sanders calls for Federal Intervention on Energy Costs

What will happen when Bush shows up tomorrow

AUG 26th PDB "Katrina Determined To Attack NOLA USA"

Nightline (ABC) should be good tonight.

Some "looters" are feeding other people, while FEMA lets them starve

A.Brown just spoke with a...

They just learned about the Dome TODAY?

The parallels of New Orleans to Baghdad are striking

Turn on CNN NOW : Aaron Brown - what they KNEW before Katina Hit

CNN reporting buses of refugees being turned away from the Astrodome

***ATTN DUers: Fast on Monday?***

Blanco News Conf...right now...8:45 CST..local TV WBRZ, BR read this

Went out and got drunk tonight...

Put on MSNBC now! (midnight thurs/fri)

Tucker Carlson is Ragging on Bush

Just how high does price of gas have to get in order for YOU to speak out

Koppel to FEMA director: "Don't you guys watch television?"

Where are the U.N. and NATO

Remember all the false reports that were coming out on 9/11?

I glanced around at the FR site, giving them the benefit of the doubt to

I am so sick of right wingers comparing Katrina to 9/11

It looks like Al Gore was right about global warming eh?

People at the NO Hilton were snuck out of town in the dark of night.

per koppel: U.N. offered relief, money and expertise in

"spent the past 48 hours urging the Bush administration to send help"

I can NOT give the Clintons a pass,...any longer.

FEMA impersonators running the show in NOLA

Secular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE) for hurricane victims

Only 10 days until the 9/11 celebration

Bergstrom AFBase could be used to house some as

koppell is kicking ass


Wagers on when FEMA officials resign

I love DU; we're at Cat. 3 w/people who give a shit? Thank you!

Send them to Reese AFB

Quick lil george....find

New Orleans = Mogadishu

Ted Koppel just said the U.N. has offered aid To Hurricane Victims...

Does Democracy and Freedom sound hollow right now?

These folks need more than a roof over their heads. They need walls.

Salvation Army Captain on Larry King


What's more money, $27 million or $10.5 billion?

Olberman...showed video of refugees waiting for a way out

Anyone else hear Mayor Nagin today? Have a link?

Where are all the gasoline price threads?

It's now obvious how we would respond to an attack.

If only people in a disaster could survive on blame

just curious, are there any ham radio operators in/near NOLA?

CNN/ Astrodome in Houston, Texas, say the facility is full

OH CRAP did Ted Koppel hammer FEMA lackey. He was about to CRY

CNN Poll: How would you describe the response to Katrina's destruction?

Astrodome full. CRAWFORD OR BUST

Where to put the debrise from NO homes? How about where it lays. Add

The Government of the United States of American is MURDERING its own

George W Inept !!! Republicans and DINO's have GOT to GO NOW!

Countdown...probably a repeat from earlier....New Orleans may be....

Q: Is a Hybrid car worth it?

Can't wait to see who gets

Almost NONE of the people ** puts into positions of power are qualified

CNN reports that the Astrodome is full

Did Bushie Tell Other Countries

Loudon Co. VA Police Stopped at Border - No Formal Request!

locked inside

Can we start a non communist group?

What are Louisiana National Guardsmen in Iraq Thinking Right Now?

Our Houston local news just reported that a Red Cross volunteer

A bit of good news: Fats Domino is okay

Wastrel president. Its such a shame!

Austrian news on economic repercussions of Katrina

Remember the militia guys that wanted to "rescue" Terri Schiavo?

New Orleans is now terrorist proof! The US Government has so effed

Aaron Brown is PISST!!!!!!! OH MAN< he is HOT!!!!


Steve Bell: Bush's response to Katrina

Aaron Brown- 50-60% of NO police have deserted-Damn

Time to call hotels and straighten out their priorities!

No money to finish the levees, as we're too busy fighting in Iraq for oil

Fats Domino Is Missing in New Orleans

Kids in my area high school have more leadership than *

How Many Veterans think the Military has the ability to do more...


Wasn't it about a week ago that they held that private WH press dinner?


Astrodome in Houston: no more people being accepted.

Where is Donald Rumsfeld? He has been very quiet.


How many Wal-Marts have been effected by this?

Hate to say it, but for once in his miserable life, Hastert is right

Requests for Resignation to the White House and send them to the media

Black soldiers in Iraq

Does Bush have to reappoint Bolton now? The senate met and left...


koppel giving fema guy hell on!

Oh, boy. Reporter on CNN just said what to do with the "homeless" is

Oprah "should" donate, churches "should" open their doors...

Some Good News: Byrd To Run For Ninth Term!

FEMA Dir. insists remaining in NOLA was choice -- in face of contrary info

Condi Rice watching Spamalot in NY???

Hear that on CNN now - people in the Pentagon are "hurt"...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Group Hug

CNN: Houston Fire Marshall says no more evacuees

I have allowed this board to put me in a bad mood...

U.S. Customs' hurricane-relief Blackhawks pulling press duty

Regarding all these threads about removing Chimp from office

Oh my god -- a trooper on the scanner saying they really need help

EVERY CHURCH between NOLA and Houston should open wide

There are many nursing homes that the tri-state area has shut down

Where's Halliburton???

Where is Oprah?

What's going on with Rove and the Plame treason?

One chopper fired on...Food/water for tens of thousands of people stopped?

Here's New Bumper Sticker

Koppel: Why weren't there Nat'l Guard with GREYOUND BUSES before storm?

How long before the "looters" become "insurgents"?

Only Bush* could take a disaster of biblical proportions and make it WORSE

Mike Malloy

Inflation. Has its time finally come?

Could they put the refugees on cruise ships?

I can't stop crying. I'm a skinny white woman. This is racism. No doubt

5.0 Earthquake. SoCal. Very recent.

Who said a sniper fired at a helicopter? Where is the evidence?

FASHION ALERT -- What's The Chimp Wearing To The NO Party?

Holy Crap!! CNN finally tells it!--"The Bush Administration Cut Funding

How did FEMA do such a good job on 9-11 and such a mess in NO.

Mods/Skinner howabout a DU link for local NO papers and tv

When the first civilian

don't give to red cross - they have not done anything but

This has been a total and unquestionable failure by our government...

Bad behavior isn’t restricted to poor black people

This is WHAT votes 4 Democrats: rapists, looters & criminals -Freep Filth

Unbelievable Bill O'Riley....

Do you think Shrub actually told Mary Landrieu (sp?) 'You better say

One word talking point


Guys! You have to put things into perspective and look at the bright side!

A Pentagon with "hurt feelings"...a FEMA that is blaming the victims...

This is just plain old Racisim folks. - NOLA

That ranch in Crawford sure is big

I predict a medal of honor for the FEMA guy

Where's Rummy, you ask? ---PIX->>>

HELP I need more info breaking news CNN

MUST READ: Krugman on Bush's utter failure to save American lives

Michael Medved.."Only criminals did not evacuate."

UN offers to help overwhelmed US cope with Katrina

YES/NO "poll": If the refugees were white, would Bush have acted sooner?

Texas is a BIG state. We can take them all. Calm down, please.

MSNBC Reporting 10.5 billion for relief just passed

What are the realistic estimates of death toll?

ABC showing stills of Fats rescue n/t

The revolution WILL be televised! Like it or not. Please, let's DU

Okay I'll be the first to say it...This is tough but I'm gonna say it

Has your attitude toward a disaster kit changed?

Is This Really It . . . Is bu$h & co. Going Down?

How long can a person live without water and food? How about babies?

are they just begging for more misery at the Astrodome? . . .

Getting supplies to the NO Convention Center

Why don't DUers recognize racism when they see it?

Get ready to vomit.

Looters are distributing food to hungry at Superdome

Cuba evacuated millions many times, and in a few days

Dallas to take 25,000 (Reunion Arena), San Antonio: 23,000 to warehouse

I heard a chilling message on NOLA Police radio tonight

Anderson Cooper just gave it to Landrieu - video

I live in Houston and am watching what's going on:

Survivor on MSNBC tells Bush to get out of the White House and come help

Camp Casey: Help needed for clean-up

FEMA to resuers: Pay for your own damn gas

"The Interdictor" posts live from NO..

The Red Cross has its portable kitchens parked in Texas cause

The "we couldn't forsee this happening" line isn't going to make it

Night of 9/1/05 -- Radio Scanner from NOLA listening thread

Is george bush the antichrist?

How Fast Can You Identify A Source For Really Big Helicopters?

In the next 72 hours....(Atlantic forecast graphic)

Is this one of those people the RW'ers keep talking about?

A powerful article I read on LiveJournal just now re: people that stayed

As an Air Force Vet, I CANNOT believe the lack of response!!!


Idea For A GOOD Levee Break - Out Of The Mouths Of Moms !!!

Why did ** have to have Daddy and Clinton at his

Some refineries out of action for months?

Hey Freepers?

The Republican rank-and-file can go two ways in the next few days.

CINDY SHEEHAN ASKS: Adopt a Family in Houston

*** Katrina TOONS: Part III ***

Why are we not dropping MRE's and Water?

Wesley Clark: "It All Comes Back To Leadership", at TPM Cafe

No Catapult of Lies can hide this massive racial injustice in NOLA

Cheney Still On Vacation

Those who call looters criminals, should walk in their shoes first.

We will rise from these waters

Seriously, couldn't Bush just pick up the phone and get relief supplies...

FEMA Director Michael D. Brown's earlier scandal

I think *someone* wants a riot at the Convention Center...

New Orleans

100 Dead after being rescued from roof tops

DU this POLL: How is President Bush doing regarding Katrina?


DU this CNN poll..

Words Of Wisdom From Bouncy Ball. Bite On This Freep Troll Types!

NYS OFFICE OF CYBER SECURITY: Fraudulent Websites for Katrina Victims

BLACKWATER coming to NOLA to provide "security services"

Just reported on CNN....buses being turned away at the Astrodome....

FEMA chief: Victims bear some responsibility

Watched Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Aaron Brown, Anderson Cooper

CHINA just evacuated 790,000 in path of hurricane, "W"

"Weepin' and a wailing tonight...."

I want to make some comments, if that's okay? (UK Forum population)

O'Reilly: "Shoot looters on site."

24 Young La. Patients Flown to Kansas City

Administration has been watching Faux I guess!

Gambling lobbyist joined with anti-gambling congressman, derailed gambling

Sewage in Floodwaters Carries Disease

Bush bypasses Senate to install Justice Dept. official

Police Shoot Teen While Serving Search Warrant (15 year old shot 12 times)

ABC halts promotion of hurricane TV drama

Blaming the Victim

"Oil Majors Need Closer Ties with State-Owned Firms"--Daily Star

Foreign governments line up to help after Katrina

WWL TV - 100 dead in St Bernard parish from famine & dehydration

Robert C. Byrd to run for record ninth term in Senate (it's official now)

Aaron Brown- 50-60% of NO police have deserted-Damn

Phones, computers coming to Astrodome refugees

Sen Vitter (R) on response: We didn't get toops on the ground fast enough

U.S. Military Admits It Killed Reuters Journalist, Calls It 'Appropriate'

DU this POLL: How is President Bush doing regarding Katrina?

Venezuela's Chavez Offers Hurricane Aid

Hastert backtracks on New Orleans comments

Karl Rove Makes Surprise Visit to Camp Casey! (photographed)

WP: Planning, Response Are Faulted (Friday Page 1 )

Houston Astrodome: FULL

Guardian: Petrol to hit £1 a litre ($6.96gal.) after US buys up supplies

Local Officials Criticize Federal Government Over Response


Man of peace dies - scientist who turned back on A-bomb project

Delta bluesman R L Burnside dies (BBC News)

HELP I need more info breaking news CNN

Human remains in cattle feed may have caused mad cow epidemic

Fats Domino Found in New Orleans

Dallas to house 25,000 refugees (Reunion Arena and the convention center)

Librarian Speaks-Fear of Imprisonment Over Gov.Gag:Patriot Act Challenge

Congress Sending $10.5B in Relief Aid

New bankruptcy law a problem for Katrina victims

PG&E's household customers facing big electricity increase

Aid Offers Will Be Accepted From Countries

Byrd to Run for Ninth Term in US Senate

Journalists Begin to Fear for Their Own Safety in New Orleans

Miss. Struggles to Deal With Dead Bodies

Some stations out of gas; others charge $6 a gallon

Italian Troops Continue Withdrawal From Iraq

U.S. TV networks plan joint Katrina telethon

Anti-Muslim Writer, Pope Meet in Secret

FEMA Directing Donations To Rev. Pat Robertson

Levee Repairs in New Orleans Expected to Finish Soon

FOX Poll: Bush (approval rating at 45%), Iraq, Gas Prices and Roberts

China Evacuates 790,000 as Typhoon Slams Into Coast

DNC Cancels Fall Meeting

Wal-Mart Commits Additional $15 Million to Katrina Relief

FEMA Chief Brown: Victims bear responsibility for their own Fates: CNN

Federal response called `a national disgrace'

New Orleans in Anarchy with Fights, Rapes

Boeing workers vote to strike

Iraq-tested soldiers in New Orleans with shoot to kill orders

Three more assert Pentagon knew of 9/11 ringleader

DC Sept 23rd Pre-Protest Party: Now a fundraiser for the Red Cross

Lame Duck Residency begins. Enjoy the pond you made, bush.

oh this is just awfuL

Mmmmmmm . . . Oatmeal Cookie Chunk Ben & Jerry's . . .

Let America Be America Again

Divine intervention.

The inevitable bumper sticker that will begin showing up...

Hurricane Katrina - BeauSoleil and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

To quote the great and mighty Jada Pickett

Let's say, just as a hypothetical,

OK This disaster has got me looking inward.

My therapist thinks I should take a break from the NO coverage

You know.... Life would be so much easier if..

Anderson Cooper reports its not frustration

So We could have a Special Session of Congress and a Midnite Bill Signing

NEWS FLASH: Rational thought now banned from GD

Ah man. R.L. Burnside dead today.

So really, what news channel can I watch Katrina coverage without gagging

How's this for a golf hole?


Message to * from an artist friend

OK I need some relief

The rabid right doesn't want finger-pointing until...

A Bush that's actually helping.

Hey, there are posters getting "murdalized" in GD that can't be bothered

Is GD the reason we're at Level 3 in the DU traffic problems?

Is Bush the President of Iraq or America?

Get this. The woman on my local news said that bush is asking for our help

Church of Scientology attempts to get "Operation Clambake" webmaster fired

I am so fucking sick of every newspaper article that places such emphasis

Mel Gibson shows his acting range

New Orleans, home of one of America's greatest contributions to humanity:

Check out this e-Bay auction...

Link to Anderson Cooper coverage??

Hey, I'm getting murdalized in GD. I knew it would happen,

I really let the neighbors dogs have it

Human remains in cattle feed may have caused mad cow epidemic

Thanks Loungers, I needed a chuckle.

The funniest, most asinine Katrina related GD post yet

Is the Lounge page a lot longer because some of the functions

Have you gotten your free credit report yet?

To the Republican Party..What the fuck did you see in W?

Anyone want to join nini and me for some wine?

Don't you hate when you print something from your computer

Mike Malloy: "All that's left is for Condoleeza Rice ...

Hey Mac users! Anyone have a cheap notebook for sale?

JimmyJazz just confess - you have a secret crush on me!!!!

Movie Question... I need your help

Evening All.

How much longer are we gonna be at level 3?

Pic of Fats Domino being carried by cops on CNN - 20 min. ago.

What you looking at? (bandwidth heavy)

Which View is Better? Part II

Amazing the Rightwingers can say..........we dont need to point

Man of peace dies - scientist who turned back on A-bomb project

Is anyone else offended that baseball games and other sporting

Well, the one good thing about being at level 3 is...

"Why didn't they (those stuck in NO) get out? They knew it was coming."

Where's "MISS ROSS"???

Roger Ebert practices peaking thru your shower curtain

I saw an old black lady in a wheelchair on Larry King

Everyday Glory

My God, I recognize someone at the convention center!

Went to the MN State Fair this evening

Lyrics for today

Dumb question.

HELP! LYNNESIN is picking on me! Someone save me!


How much of the $3.00 a gallon gasoline can we blame on Bush?

I turned off the news and I'm now listening to Fats Domino's Greatest Hits

CONFESS!!! What celebrities have you sucked face with?

Bush's plan for disaster relief.

Geez, we are still on Level 3???

Can they FUCKING parachute some food in for those PEOPLE!

George Thorogood Fans check in here

So how many people have put you on ignore today?


Hey, I'm on NOW

The Republican response (pic)

This is the differance between Clinton and bush.

A message to Jenna and Barbara (first twins)

jesus do I need a drink....

I am going to go looting - anyone care to join me

Now THIS is MY kind of worship service!! (pic)

I guess we americans don't care about our elderly, sick, or poor...

I have some left over insulin syringes from when I was pregnant

Everyone say hi to the new lounge lizard, HuskerDU !

Roger Ebert helps a drunk Peter O'Toole down the street

Mrs. E's Birthday Tomorrow

Damn, Americans are beautiful fucking people

I just watched "Same Time Next Year" for the 80th time

My favorite abortion rights song

Why does the idiot looked so pissed?

Skinny Puppy DVD Available for Preorder - Contains Documentary About Iraq

Delta bluesman R L Burnside dies (BBC News)

Sometimes you know who your friends are

Best Nixon photo ever.

Secular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE) for hurricane victims

Moon in Virgo = Neat freak BlueIris.

Freethinkers—A History of American Secularism

Secular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE) for hurricane victims

Somebody posted on more indictments coming in Ohio

Firespirit says hi

I want my president :(


The Bridge and The Creek

Musical Blondes; Rita Cosby is the latest trophy in the cable-news game of

Anybody know the fastest way to get a transcript of tonight's show?

Ideas on how we can ALL help!

Haven't been feeling like posting.

Info on Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour (I'm sick of Freeper-types bashing Blanco

Lack of assistance planned?: real world test re: martial law

Tourist Hire Buses for Own Evacuation, Government Takes Buses!!

Clark's business is emergency preparedness and management...

This darned old disaster could cut into Bush's 9/11 whollopOganza..

Spike in Jobless Claims: "Economy is STRONG, gettin' STRONGER" my ASS.

Corrected for Clarity : Want to diminish Anderson or Cafferty?

If More People Die As A Result Of Katrina........

"Red Cross refuses to set up emergency storm shelters in New Orleans?"

Thanks to poor leadership and Bipartisanship, Bush blew it again!!!!!

24 Young La. Patients Flown to Kansas City - why was that not done Sunday

Dereliction of Duty: The Constitutional Record of ... Clinton

Head of FEMA said that he JUST found out TONIGHT that there was an

Larry King: "Are we LATE?"

Shit like this makes me SO ANGRY!

The Peter System and its Failures.. sooner or later Mrs Murphy will visit

Frist on Larry King-talking bout saving ppl at mention Convention even the Repubs are disgusted with *

Keep Politicizing Katrina.

People that don't believe in government have a tough time governing....

This is an EXPERIMENT to see how tolerante citizens r of martial law

How Would You Like To Be A GI or NG from NOLA Stationed...

DU Katrina/federal government response poll if you haven't! MSNBC

Gasbag Haley Barbour - too busy giving interviews to govern?

A boatload of quakes in So. Cal.

Heads up, Live Senate Session starting on C-Span 2

Bush's "performance" in the current crisis

So * could imagine mushroom clouds from Iraq, but not levees bursting?


Scarborough blasting Hassert...

Montana governor slams states oil firms for price gouging

The Failure of Leadership leads to American deaths


What About All The People That Actually Evacuated Before....

Bush says take civic responsibility as the people continue to die in NO

Bush Rejects Help from Nations -- How Stupid Is This? VERY

3 emails a day - every day - "impeach the administration"

Jesse Jackson in New Orleans tonite & staying all day tomorrow.

Chronology of Bush's FEMA Project Cuts in New Orleans

MR. McCLELLAN: Flood control has been a priority of this administration...

The Reason You Didn't See A Show of Force in NOLA......

Will the total chaos in NO strengthen the NRA?

Let's open a new Forum on the DU to give Pentagon Employees e-shelter!

What are the other countries saying about this debacle?

Did someone walk through the Pentagon with a Enormous Magnet

Hurricane Cindy ... did she just get blown out to sea ??

Pop Quiz

Will Bush's poll nos. go up when the troops start shooting to kill?

McClellan: Bush "wanted to visit," but "didn't want to be disruptive."

Bush is Against the Ropes, but are Democrats able to Put Him Away?

I am waaaaaaaaaay out on a limb here ........

Is his Party about to desert him like they did his Dad?

Can somebody stop Sen Landrieu from thanking every politician she knows?

A quote for this "Pic"

The issues in New Orleans, specifically, are NOT a local problem anymore

Castro is a totalitarian dictator asshole

A Dearth of Answers - NOT!!!

Who will be the 1st brave Dem to grab a mike & call Bush a LIAR on TV?

Scary thought, I wonder if Bin Laden is watching the mess in New Orleans


Write, Call, email your reps. They need to stand up & Get vocal.

How much spinning of the truth in this story from the Houston Chronicle?

Would it be illegal for me to contact leaders of other countries and ask

Pentagon makes a "pity play" and makes themselves into the victims.

CNN apologizing for being too harsh to politicians?

"Plame was not a covert agent" Joplin Globe

Hastert says rebuilding New Orleans under sea level makes no sense


Guess What Those Godless Commies Down in Cuba Did Today?

The Ugly Obvious: White Flight at it's worst

Bill Frist on CNN complaining about people "politicizing" the NO flood.

This reminds me of the Titanic

During the gwb years, we lost the Twin Towers, New Orleans, Biloxi

If the Freepers don't take in NO families will the liberals have won?

Why was Bush's priority Gas today? What about the people?

Senate Passes $10.5 million storm relief bill. Should it be more?

DEM Unity NOW. Fake it if you have to.

If Bush's poll numbers were sinking like a rock before.....

How the hell did they get the talking points coordinated so damn fast?

"Looting is transition to freedom" - guess who said this?

Thought comes that America's advances have always come thru black citizens

Bad Management is Killing People:


Attention Freepers: There are unborn babies in New Orleans!

Bush start packing your bags and go home!!!! Look at the kids

My Phone Call with my FEMA Friend. Some info I did not know. :(

Is Dick Cheney dead?

A delicate balance?

Caught Unprepared? (inexperienced federal leadership FEMAs Brown)

Typhoon hits coastal China, 600K evacuated

NYT Editorial: Man Made Disaster

UK Guardian: Katrina comes home to roost

WP: Looting Has Its Roots in the Chaos of Catastrophe

"We're just a bunch of rats. That's how they've been treating us."

From Michael Moore to my Inbox This Morning....

(Laguna Beach) Coastline Pilot: FEMA just plain wrong

NYT: Government Saw Flood Risk but Not Levee Failure

Flood Relief: How it should be done.

Foreign governments line up to help after Katrina

Orange Punch: The Stupid Party strikes again

Orange Punch: Where's our $2,600,000,000,000.00?

Michael Albert - a call to campus activism


Unfit to Lead

Conservation? It's Such a 70's Idea

A walk through hell ... with moments of grace

During disaster, Bush fiddled

"What I'm seeing on TV now is a third-world country with a government...

Left Behind

Bush Strafes New Orleans. Where is our Huey Long? (Greg Palast)

A Colossal Failure of Leadership - Clift

Is This Happening in America?

Tales of Woe Shame a Nation

Roy Blount, Jr.: Let's hope the good times roll again

Conservative magazine blames blacks, political correctness for chaos

New Orleans: laboratory of counter-insurgency (WW4 Report)

Hurricane Katrina – View From Asia

'New Orleans Disaster: The Sequel' Coming Oct. 17

Bush brothers hand out ice, hope in devastated area of Florida

New Orleans and the Death of the Common Good- By CHRIS FLOYD

Is there a phone service DU can provide to those affected by Katrina?

In the Aftermath of a Complete Governmental Failure; A few suggestions:

We need the DU media blaster to contact reporters and look into this

Can we start organizing our very own relief efforts right here


Yikes, who in the hell is the woman talking to Rachel Maddow on AAR?

Thank you Randi so much for setting the record straight!!!

Robert Novak's Bullshit

Major oil spill spotted on Mississippi River

Debunking gas boycott days (weekly and/or sporadic one-day events)

Forecast: Hurricane Season Far From Over

Official: Saddam's Trial to Begin in Oct.

Putin meets Beslan mothers

Jewish terror suspect attempts suicide

Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Druze man in upper Galilee village

Israeli minister calls Barenboim an 'anti-Semite' after army snub

Tommy Franks lets slip the Neo-Con's desire, martial law, police state...

On CNN - the chimp lands in Mobile on Air Force One

Hey 2004 ERD: Lets make a statement...Write now. IMPEACHMENT!

A plug for my employer - Whole Foods Market

Governor: Tax Hike Possible if Prop. 76 Fails

San Diego Breaking: Judge halts Mt Soledad cross transfer

One Democrat voted against the Same Sex Marriage Bill

Progressives to meet in NORTH COUNTY AREA

Enjoy...Mountain Lion paranoia in Atherton

check your local red cross for volunteer opportunites

A friend of mine has a cousin heading to TXtomorrow at 3 pm.

Romney opposes GOP House proposal to suspend gas tax

Shameless plug for my employer - Whole Foods Market

Anyone familiar with Holy Cross University in Worcester?

DU mentioned in Boston Globe

Steve Kelley on AAR right now

Shameless plug for my employer - Whole Foods Market

I know that it is 1700 miles from New Orleans to Minneapolis

Well, Norm's done his part (So he thinks)

Wanted: gizmo that will remotely restart my cable modem and router...


Dallas area relief efforts?

Burger Center becomes Austin's haven

Denton, TX Baptist campground to house 300 refugees

list of all Red Cross shelters in Houston

Central Texas Red Cross to post volunteer info soon

Volunteers Needed At Astrodome, Convention Center

Disgusted & pissed with my repuke representatives!!

Another need for Hurricane evacuees.... furniture.

Gas shortages in Austin

A plug for my employer - Whole Foods Market

New shelter opening in Texas City.

Friend in Amarillo is trying to set up shelter there.

Updated Hurricane Help info for Dallas: Info, Donations. Lotsa details.

Thank you Texas!

Stevens Point Journal calls for a return to 55.

No surprise - new "secret " concealed carry bill was vetted by NRA

Lautenschlager looking into gas price gouging

John Nichols/Cap Times blasts Suder in editorial

my letter re: N.O. to (R) Cong Sensenbrenner


New Orleans' Disaster Was Very Specifically Foretold, 2001 & 2002

From Sidney Paper

Eventually we need a Cindy Sheehan of NOLA to confront Bush

If I read or hear the phrase "...unprecedented low level flight"

What is La. Gov Blanco trying to prove?

I'm ready to see anarchy in every street of america

If there is a reason to commandeer private buses/supplies etc, it is now!

The protesters are only giving aid and comfort to the water


Pray to GOD you are never in a major disaster when the GOP is running

Has Florida opened up a stadium?

GMA just reporting that troops going into NO

America cannot survive more years of Bush and Neocons.

Gov. needs to prepare a massive "Resettlement Program" like it has done

Chris Floyd nails it (New Orleans)

Nah...there are no race issues involved in what's happening in New Orleans

This is what Economic Libertarianism looks like.....

Mike (Baghdad Bob) Brown on CNN now

If Chertoff and Brown are not replaced asap, it will only get worse.

Lawrence, KS, to adopt family of hurricane victims

Head of FEMA repeating that BS on CNN re: Con. Center.

I think we may have a Presidential candidate...Ray Nagin.

Mike Brown being butchered on CNN Intl

'bush wants to take over the whole world, but he can't even manage his own

I think the FEMA Director's going to be thrown over the side...

"I want a moratorium on press conferences"

Subject: FEMA guy lying on CNN. Lying about feeding people

Major Human Rights Violations! Let's contact the U.N.

His base, the "Have Mores" are safe

Take a Lesson, America

Where was George?

Katrina is Bush's ticket OUT OF IRAQ! I hope he takes it.

No Further Proof Needed; Bush is the Devil

"The relief effort has turned into a worse disaster than the hurricane!"

FEMA's Mike Brownn


Is Carol Costello going to cry?

Adminstration Put on Full Blast on Today Show

WTF? The FEMA guy was just on 3 channels at once

IMHO we need to keep thanking CNN over and over

Ridiculous NYT quote

Education is answer to wealth inequity

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

"He allowed his own people to die for lack of water"

The hurricane disaster: US capitalism stands disgraced

How do you know when FEMA Fred is lying?

Nagin nailed it -- "Did the Iraqis have to ask for help?"

Listen live now, BBC Radio leading on NO - will be talking to UN rep

Governor Blanco is going to have get tough with this bunch

Anyone know of any scanner feeds that are still active out of NOLA???

What will McClellan say about NO Mayor Nagin's comments?

Vacation is Over... an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Powerful Video clip: Modern Day Genocide

Politics as usual: Bush will meet with Repuke governors of MS and AL but

I know this is probably grasping at straws, but

NO cop to Michigan tourist: ``'Go to hell - it's every man for himself'''

"The White House called it pork. . ." WTF???

Are they stalling so chaos will spread and require Martial Law?

Poppy has to bail out his coke-head son once again

poor sleep, my brothers and sisters are suffering so

Michael Brown saying the lawlessness surprised FEMA?

What's *'s approval rating? Yesterday, on MSM, it was its lowest at 45%

Just What We Need - Sonic Lasers Coming to NOLA

Hurricane Pam. . .the DSM of Hurrican Catrina. . .

ooooh "The president is MAD"!

Bush Management: Iraq, Katrina. Same Team, Same Results

Is Mary Landrieu done kissing *'s ass yet?

Did anyone hear Michael Chertoff on NPR yesterday?

Fiddling while New Orleans burns

Grover Norquist

The Governor didn't say the MAGIC WORD--she didn't say troops.

It's not *'s fault...



The Mayor of NO suggested that the WH didn't want to give him authority.

whew! thank jesus that our president is safe!

New Orleans, Norquist's Bathtub

How many people can sit in the Astrodome and watch a sporting event?

I had to laugh this am (if you can believe that's possible). FOX "News"

The difference between Repugs and Dems

CSPAN WJ: Unfuckin' belikevable asshole John Fund saying * not to blame

Please if you live in Denny Hastert's district CALL HIM

Scanner links, NOLA News Video Links, NOLA Audio Links

Writing Letter, Need Help Re: NOLA Evacuation

A message from the French Quarter

AAAGGGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I agree with Bill O'Lielly

Why is Pat Robertson's Group on FEMA site?

"Those fucking ships that are coming? I don't see them."--Mayor of NO.

natalie hollaway trapped in New Orleans! quick!

Blog -

I'd love to see Bush's chopper forced to land in the middle of that mess.

the People need Symbolic Gestures & Hollow Platitudes RIGHT NOW!

"There was a breakdown in communications...

why is the guy on CNN Not blaming the funding cuts for levee inaction?

* to America: "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, SUCKERS!!"

where is the office of faith-based initiatives?

Cleanup profiteering -- pushing residents aside

"The citizens ought to be working together."

What's wrong with this picture?


Friday 9/2/05 - Gas price checkin

breakdowns in communications and poor coordination

What will happen as the situation gets worse?

At this point it matters not whether this was on purpose

Praying for God to Move Bush to Act? sorry cspan caller, not gunna happen

FEMA Knew! Hurricane Pam Exercise 2004


TRANSCRIPT: Ray Nagin Interview --- BLACK ON WHITE

Shrub to speak live in about 20 minutes (13:00 GMT)

It's absurd to be taking all those people directly to Texas

MORNING FUCK YOU GWB THREAD.... give it a scream

What is the name of this lady on CNN?

I have been thinking about our "President"

Mona Charen: Police (& Others) Should Shoot the looters....

Bush, what's more important? Black Gold or Black Amrerica?

About the gunfire in NO

WWLT (in NOLA) has discussion forums and live blog

Has America ever been more vulnerable?

The craziness of Louisiana

Baptist Hospital desperation from NOLA weblog: thirst and starvation

Jesse Jackson supposed to visit the people at the convention center-

Your average "Joe-six-pack" could run FEMA better than Moore

Halliburton Illegalities "But Bush Busts The Whistleblower"

Maybe the answer is...

Important Trivia on FEMA Brown!

Selfish question.,

NOLA does not need a MILITARY Response

am I crazy for...

Apparently the Administration and Republicans decided not to

"This is not the time to be playing the Blame Game" is code for what?

Who's going to take the fall for all this?

I Dare Chimpy to hold his Sept. 11th Celebration Now

I wonder if we'll see "resignation" op-eds and major blog posts soon

CNN: Rescuers:They turned us away telling us it was too dangerous to go in

CNN reporter in Biloxi: "People can smell the dead"

Looking for the Bush quote on never expected the levees to break

And now I suppose we're expected to believe...

The video on CNN of water being passed out of the chinook were so moving.

Lucrece Phillips -- first-person account

Do the Freepers only care about the death count of unborn children?

Superdome Refugees Leave Their Hell

It was against their moral values to let a brain dead woman

Katrina victims and a single quote:

Oh Good Lord, Lee Greenwood!

The USNS Comfort has not left yet!!!

CNN's Ed Henry... excellent summary of funding cuts...

A song I wrote for NOLA

"Mr. Brown, some of these people are dead"

Update International help

Senate to vote on estate tax next week, proceeds = cost of Iraq war

From French TV : Celine Dion donates $1M to the US Red Cross

The California fire district people have rescued over 2000 people

We should bus all the refugees to DC on Sept 24th for impeachment rally.

Watch Bush's approval ratings plummet from Katrina fiasco.

The Blivet and a massive hurricane named Katrina:

Report from a local team of firefighters who went to New Orleans

can someone please describe the possibility of walking out of NOLA?

the greatest military in the world can't get people here WATER? CALL today

GOP Ideology - Nightmare Government

Loundon County Assistance team turned back

Here's a story that will make you want to puke.

Junior's on

WOW! Walmart donated 50 MINUTES worth of profits to Flood Fund!

Well, there is one set of thin comforts we can gleen from all this:

Helter Skelter

It's the End Times....Headline on Faux News...

Bush to speak now!

* will not even touch down in NO

Washington Journal: Katrina Van Den Huevel

Anybody wonder what it would be like if...

"PEOPLE DYING IN THE STREETS" is this america?

"we're making progress"

"millions of gallons of water, millions of tons of food"?!

People doin lots of hard he drunk?

How many people was the Huston AstoroDome designed to hold?

The pResident is AWOL and morally and mentally bankrupt

We're making Progress

Where the hell is cheney???????

Hey Bush you Fuckwad. . .its Friday. . .not Monday. . .

What in hell did I just watch? Was that a press conference?

Bu$h is looking forward to his trip to the NOLA

More bush*t from Bush

Bush is "looking forward" to going to NOLA.

"those who have been effected"

HEY FREEPS - About that heroic Administration of yours

What we have learned: 911, Iraq & New Orleans - - Govt. LIES

I changed my avatar

NOLA Chemical fire LIHOP?

C-SPAN to Broadcast McKinney Congressional Briefing on 9/11

What is the deal with this helicopter ride Bush is going on over NO?

"a sort of Vigilante Justice" Anyone else hear this on CNN this morning?


It's Day 5

FEMA is more important than "Dept of Homeland Security"

NO -- live without government.

WHY DON'T THEY just bring A WHOLE BUNCH OF BIG BOATS up the river?????

From LBN/ Iraq-tested soldiers in New Orleans with shoot to kill orders?

Can * unilaterally refuse aid from other countries???

Something's bad. They're not showing the Convention Center.


CNN - Breaking News: The results are not acceptable says President . . .

Just watching WWLTV live stream over the web...

Will Bush give FEMA director Medal of Freedom (for big screw up)? nt

Notice how Bush prepared for Iraq; Notice how Bush prepared for NOLA

Why aren't CORPORATIONS moving massive amounts of food, water, and

Ted Koppell....WATCH now! ABC n/t

When will Georgie move "heaven and earth" to protect the citizens?

Which bill(s) were the FEMA and Army Corp budget cuts in?

Did I See Rove Board the Helicopter?

Katrina vanden Heuvel will be on C-Spans' Washington Journal

So, how'd the Reep courting of the African American Vote going?

Why the turn? Why is the MSM finally asking tough questions? Could it be

ABC Primetime is HAMMERING the Admin

A question from a Floridian to Louisiana;

BREAKING: Bush never anticipated a breach ===>

Can Katrina be compared to the dust bowl of the 30's ?

Rita Cosby....trying to shine her own shit.

ABC--Two elderly women in a boat!

aol homepage using pre-storm promo pic of white child actress

Is there Oil under the city of New Orleans?

totally floored. a friend says N.O. is being punished for being so sinful

Harding U turns down Ann Coulter. Whoda thunkit?

Boundless Ineptness: Best describes Bush & Co.?

In GeoBu's world--the "rescue" is the "relief"

Yeah he* is right

Was Bear Bryant speaking about *?

An urgent request from FEMA director Michael Brown

OMG- they just said Bush was faster getting there during the election!!

Shortage looms if jet-fuel disruption not fixed soon

If the terrorists are watching this they must be thrilled

Murrica is the GREATEST! we know how to bring FREEDOM

I'm So Upset I can not sleep

any thoughts on this subject.

Boeing IAM 751 machinist is going out on STRIKE as of midnight PST tonight could not be found.

THE HORROR: No medicine for Schizophrenics, think about it.

Thanks bush,

My letter to the NYT

Thank you, Texas

I'm resigned to the idea that it really is a dog-eat-dog world (sigh)

Read this. I got chills reading this personal essay on Katrina.

CNN crawler: Red Cross says 70,000 Katrina refugees now in shelters

CA Senate votes yes on gay marriage!!

Will More Americans Die In The South Than Iraqis That Have Died In The War

"people there wondered why all of us aren't driving

Who was the last American President to lose a major city

Why do the right wing nut jobs insist

Aerial views of New Orleans, other parts of LA, MS, AL...

An idea for September 24th protest... March from Louisiana to DC?...

The NOLA disaster is a BIG lump in the breast of society: a rant.

The Tragedy of St. Bernard

shit! Are the Doctors and Nurses at Charity going to Die too?

New Orleans will be back.

Could we add the NO flag as an avatar?

14,000 troops?????

OK guys, time to do something PRODUCTIVE!

DirectTV Channel 100: Posting text messages looking for NO loved ones

Congress's Hurricane Relief $$--Call NOW to Object More Corp. Giveaways?

My Saddened Rant On The State Of Things...

"Millions of Tons of Food"

how precious - newsmax: media bLame bush for katrina

how many of these fuckers will get a medal or promotion for

it's unfair to call the recent influx of freepers "disruptors"

Be scared: the other risks Bush is putting on us as he defunds safety

New Mogadishu according to FreeRepublic

Why is DART still not allowed in??

August 12, 2005

Help..... need a link

what's all the neocon commercials on CNN tonight?

I'd like to respond to a few comments on Freak re Katrina

RACE RELATIONS in this country will never be the same!

Chimp genome could reveal human secrets

Bush and Looters: Study of a Compassionate Conservative

"Civil society is being undermined." Haley Barbour

is there a justifiable reason not to let survivors out of the city?

How did this guy get DIESEL? And how did he get an answer from FEMA???

This is my first post ANYWHERE on the Flooded N.O. DAMMM!!!

The oil problem? It's YOUR fault. People dying in NO? Their fault.

How did this guy get DIESEL? And how did he get an answer from FEMA???


How did this guy get DIESEL? And how did he get an answer from FEMA???

"You can't face a reality you're not used to living in."

Be honest--how many expected a hero

Impeach, Indict, Imprison Put these monsters behind bars.

Sidney Blumenthal: millions of Americans ... scavenge for food and shelter

"You can't face a reality you're not used to living in."

Thank God the French are coming in to save Americans!

Elad rocks!

News media will NOT show the dead

The flooded States should declare Secession

Not Just Any Old "Bush Plays The Guitar" Thread!

Hey, what do you expect from Bush anyway?

The time has come...

Bush to America: "If you don't go shopping, the hurricanes win"

There is good news tonight--gotta take it where you can get it

"September is National Preparedness Month" Across the U.S.

for people in the midwest and the seattle area

We should ALSO use the N.O. experience to pound home--

The WWLTV blog--do you notice that all the stories are now from AP?

Was I the only one who heard Gov. Rick Perry

Bernie Ward to be taking calls for the full hour after the news

Am I right in feeling ashamed of, and embarrased by, my own country now?

N.O. is FUBAR,but it's treated like a SNAFU?

What happened today that pushed DU to level 3 for most of the Day?

WWL 870 AM Live Open Phones...

National Guard has shoot-to-kill orders (for "looters")

If so called snipers can stop aid to the innocent in the USA, then why

WWLTV--Cops turning in their badges in NOLA

"You Talk Too Much"

We're about to see an implosion.

Stadium hurricane refuge like a 'concentration camp'

Craigslist New Orleans: Dying @ University Hospital

If America Excuses *, How Will I Live in This Country?

CDC has been awfully quiet....

Remember New Orleans

Moderators! Call to arms!

Uhm...can we consolidate some threads?

PLease....I need EVERY ONE OF YOU to call the White House and DEMAND

The NOLA Disaster is the fundies idea

Even Jerry Springer is pissed!

New Study Finds Oil Company Profiteering Behind Gasoline Price Spikes

Democrats to the Rescue!

This Guy's Blogging been Blogging from a Downtown Building since

Let's see how the 2nd set of refugees are treated

This Bush LIE on NO is on the level of "WMD's in Iraq" .... enoy the read:

Could it be they exaggerated the looting problem to

Gas price regulation debate intensifies

Stark Differences in the Responses

Schools open their doors to evacuees (Houston area public schools)

Where is that "Bush Fiddles" picture

What the hell is going on in this picture?

Texas A&M taking displaced students

Why were the buses going into the Superdome empty with no food & supplies

TV keeps showing same guy with the same vase over and over

Must see TV!

NBC News in Brief: just in ...

Defensive FEMA director says response better than post-tsunami

NOLA Victims Awaiting Rescue Getting COLLECTION CALLS

I am horrified by the rapes that are occurring in NOLA.

Has it come down to racism?

"They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded"

Why do they keep saying that they're dealing with two disasters

Shepard Smith is now my new hero!


President Gas!

Okay, now that Katrina and NO have occupied the news...

Anti Stem cell legislation threatens to jail egg doners(texas)

People who can't get into Astrodome are going to Lackland and Kelly AFB

Steve Bell's (Guardian) take on Katerina / Bush (Toon)

about those snipers

Blunderwoman Strikes Again

KGO Radio: New Orleans Police turning in their badges: "I quit"

My e-mail to CNN in response to their newfound willingness to actually

I have altered my position somewhat on looting

Hurricane victims can call to leave info for deployed troops overseas.


If one more Faux news lead begins with "will officials be able to get

Nagin Interview Mirrors (bookmark this)

Bush said his favorite phrase...

Another "looters" caption courtesy AFP

To those of you coming here to disrupt: You don't have an argument

Mayor Nagin, Ex-Repub though he may be, has it right

Was looking at satellite photos of Katrina

What can WE do?

ack C-Span caller says pres. bush has done a stupendous job!

Question about other refugees and jobs

Does anyone know how Mobile is - travel-wise?

We are on our own if terrorists attack us again.

The 6000-lb gorilla

I'm sick of the news continually talking about rape and shooting

50 000 dead according to Taliaferro

As a nation - are we being trained to "heel"?

BBC Radio 4 "Today", 2 Sept 2005 : NO coverage/can the Presidency survive?

One of the things that I heard an official say yesterday

Great Quote from Harry Connick Jr.

ABC mentions the Yahoo photo captions! Whites, find--blacks, loot

Tommy Franks lets slip the Neo-Con's desire, martial law, police state...

suggestions for gas prices

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Al Qaeda guy #18's video is aired

MARCH TIME. When? Where? Who?

o, crap!

I Changed the subject but look at the words

The US dollar is dropping like a rock.

Ray Taliaferro is angry---even by his standards

Sirius after Air America

Bunnatine Greenhouse and the Kleptocrats

Have you ever been oppressed? Kept down?

DC Government warning note about scam charities (worth the read)

Yes, sometimes government agencies really are that clueless

Exalt yourself and you'll be humbled

I feel the need to apologize to those poor souls who are victims of Bush..

LIHOP Genocide. We're not wrong. Read this: "Gov't Has Left Us To Die"

NEW!!!! toons are back from "vacation"

Never forgive. Never forget.

Fires, explosions erupting in Southwest NO

Is the inept response deliberate to motivate privatizing FEMA?

Need that weather alert from Sunday

CNN: reporter on top of Police station in No.....getting shot at

WTF Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing receive Katrina funds

Listen to they are having people call in, most are stuck in NOLA

Red Cross track record

CNN: Breaking News- Fires erupting in southwest New Orleans.....

Can someone explain this to me?!

Do we need to blast Costella Nazi with emails or something!

Open letter to the world and all non-USA DU'ers

They wanted to drown government in a bathtub, they took New Orleans

Chemical plant explodes in NO

Why doesn't - say, Coca-Cola - move 1 million cases of water to N.O. now?

CNN now reporting explosions erupting in NO/ evacuee reports from center

Put the White House in NOLA's Boat

Here's how we fix this.

Chemical plant explosion was expected

America. America. God Shed His Grace On Thee...

Unable to Just Stand By, Thousands Sign Up to Help

When they start "shooting to kill"...

When the neoCONs start shooting the survivors what will the world say?

We've heard of crime...tell me what you've seen, we've heard of guns

What is the Pope doing?

The Canadians have finally arrived in LA!

Babies are still dying at the convention center! No water, no food STILL!!

Fifty thousand people dead?

My husband teaches at a Maritime Academy. Lots of military

Why go the movies anymore...

"A city under seige"

Cheney Remains In Hiding

Pay attention 40,000 troops needed to secure NO

Gov. Blanco says National Guard troops WILL shoot and kill

How did this guy get DIESEL? And how did he get an answer from FEMA???

All buses that have arrived at Astrodome are now being accepted.

From Salon Tabletalk from a Ham op quote from 1st Responder

Carol Costello cut away from the Mayor denouncing Bush...

Will there still be an Anti War Protest in Washington this month?

Who else things they closed the Astro Dome cuz they don't want

MSNBC right now...

Wake of the Flood (final)

Excellent flash from BushFlash on Cindy Sheehan

If Ronald Reagan instituted wage freezes against labor, then

"It's not if this will happen it's when"...and no one could have predicted

When was the last time such conditions existed in a Western nation?

President Bush ...."Don't buy gas if you don't need it,"

there's no silver lining here, but there is one very profound thing . . .

They found Fats

how long til someone makes mag ribbons for Katrina victims

I just broke down

What will be the political repercussions of this tragedy?

Libertarians are despicable

Even WSJ Poll gives Bush an F for the handling of the hurricane

I'm hereby thanking CNN

Man arrested for "stealing" a car in New Orleans.

New Orleans cops starting to turn in their badges.

Wow. Ray Nagin of NOLA is a hero. You Must hear him.

Alan Gould, refugee in Convention Center says" its genocide"

just STAY HOME bush, N.O. don't need your stupid Fucking Flyover

How many of us are just too pissed off to sleep?

Letter From Michael Moore to Pres. Bush:

Message from * to America: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN AS OF NOW

Mayor Ray Nagin Ripping Some ASS on CNN.

Landrieu makes me barf

Perhaps the AWOL police in NO are not able to report for duty because

No more excuses.

Rage against the dying of the light

What could Bush do or say that would convince you that he actually cares?

Carol Costello still BANGING the sniper and gunman BULLSHIT!!!!!

9/11 vs. Katrina....why George is fucked this time.

Here is man, "gathering supplies" not looting. . .guess his race!

What's up with the explosions at the Convention center?

Soledad earning her pay!

Live news coverage from New Orleans TV station.

daybreak, Day 5 . . . and there's STILL no help at the Convention Cntr. .

Can we make a group of citizens to hire trucks and buy food and water

Conservatives, Freepers, Neocons

Today's ZINGS!

Looters in Atlas Shrugged

"The rampup was not as rapid as we needed."

What possible motive could anyone have

Smirky, it is time to resign.

Massive Explosions rock New Orleans riverfront - Independent

Two great cities have been allowed to be ravaged under *'s govt.

How do we know that oil we buy really goes to the Strategic Reserve?

New Orleans Indy Media-

Anyone watching WWL-TV?

How much do you want to bet that Blanco will take the fall?

Repost: Katrina shows the neocons' brave new world.

CNN Intl now playing entire Nagin interview n/t

Thanking three CNN folks for doing their job (comment forms)

Why didn't they offer evacuation assistance for the poor BEFORE the storm?

If you voted for Bush, do remember this:

Did you hear what they said about the MPs coming in?

Fema Director Brown never dealt with an emergency in his life.

Ray Nagin: I like this guy and she should run for bigger offices

Open Letter from Michael Moore

9/2/05 NOLA Radio Scanner listening thread

Poll on CNN home page: How would you describe responce to Katrina

I remember on Monday a post saying Rummy had mobilized the Military

Dear God.

Anyone just see that Lockheed Martin commercial on CNN?

Any good link to WWLTV or any other streaming news? Thanks.

Things I'm tired of hearing from the MSM

The Original No Child Left Behind

Population of Baton Rouge has doubled?

Picture of the explosion in NO

"I don't want to see anybody do anymore goddamned press conferences"

"Looting started before the hurricane" Hammer->Nailhead

the mayor's right, goddamned crazy crack heads with guns gotta go

Did you honestly NOT expect a complete clusterfuck?

re bush: "I don't know how close they will let people come to him"!!

Some things we can do

Will the wealthy backers of Bush be held accountable eventually?

Who is in the DC area..We need PROTESTS this weekend!!

Bush's inaction in New Orleans smells of bigotry.

BOOK TV Schedule September 3-6

Busses - yes... food and water - no

Heartbreaking Photograph from

As The President's Club Is Fated In D.C. - People Will Be Dying In NO

This Is America's Chernobyl. The GOP Can't Survive This. They May Attempt

Question-re:Bush in Biloxi, will they make sure crowd the is friendly?

Possibly a crass question considering the circumstances...

Meanwhile, over in FOX world, O'Reilly blames Nagin...

They don't need another hero, George.

Political Fallout of Katrina -- Coming up next on CNN

Stem cells and Diabetes article - 11 year old leads charge against Bush

FEMA knew the "water impact" from a Cat 4/5 - and showed up "UNPREPARED"?

Oops. Laura to the rescue.

If Bush had served his country in war, he wouldn't be afraid of NO

Where the Hell is Cheney!


ROME on HBO - BushCo in togas

"No Tolerance" "Shoot to Kill"???? I SAY "TAKE BREAD"

You Know They Bombed Camps Close To Syria Right Before Katrina, Right?

Another looming "natural" disaster coming within months!

Just when I thought I couldn't be MORE ashamed of my country


There are 386,000 churches in the United States

bush has FAILED at everything in life. lets never forget

Hey Rightwingers, Comparing Katrina to 9/11 Is Illogical And Moronic

Gas Prices Jump, Deliveries Fail - Gasoline Boycott Day 3 -9/5/05 (News4U)

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

The baby DYING In this video is haunting me

FEMA is spending 500 million a day?

I'm not sure where this belongs. so if it's in the wrong place please

To those who say people should have evacuated...

One small point to make

never fear the mail will be delivered-someday


Not only did they not get aid to the area in a timely fashion,

I can't get that little baby from the convention center out of my mind

crap CNN about to go downhill now. The girlfriend of rush is in

Gannett/12KPNX blond at lake on tips saving gas for your boat

GOP: The party of incompetence

Bush has a funny jaw thing going on, nerves, drugs - anyone else notice?

Special Alert from the Rapid Response Network

Does the shear hypocrisy of the Terri Schiavo case hit anyone like a brick

How "Battle Hardened" Nation Guard are responding: gun point

Negligent Homicide

Oil cronyism ties the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf

CNBC - "Things are looking up"

How can we believe govt. that NO smoke is non-toxic after WTC?

so if we have a disaster doesn' t that mean the VP "stops vacationing" ???

Oil cronyism ties the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf

Please Please Please

CNN to air Mayor Nagin's interview

Texas plans to take more refugees (total # at least 75,000)

Every time Bush opens his mouth he's gonna dig the hole deeper.

We need to find a way for Halliburton to profit off disaster relief

FEMA just learned?

Mayor of NOLA on Springer, amazing!

So Where TF have Congress and the Senate been?

I beginning to believe a "September Surprise" was in..........

Those Who Truly Hate America, Still Love Bush

The TRUTH is coming out, first the Mayor, now the Governor

Buses, buses, buses, buses

Starve the beast anti-tax zealots are in charge

WHOA! MSNBC doing report on Bush's funding cutback for NOLA!

Has Katrina completely derailed the PNAC and it's plans???

wtf? are the police in NO treating reporters like they are in Iraq?

Is this a Rove quote?

Okay, the fires in New Orleans now. Is anyone moving tanker planes in?

Was DaShrub at a fun raiser in Ca on Tuesday ???

Was I crazy last night, or was "Fox Bill"

Baghdad.... strike that .... NEW ORLEANS is BURNING!

The Virtue of Selfishness Govt -Versus - It Takes a Village Govt

HEADS MUST ROLL: Chertoff and Brown for starters


Is the mil telling us their snipers aren't as good as Joe Dehydrated?

I hear that the New Orleans airport is open

Proof we need stronger government

The Real Looters

Baton Rouge truthful information

After 5 days, the question remains, "Who is in charge?"

Is it acceptable for American military to kill Americans?

Can CNN get rid of Kagen?

Rumors are just that

cnn reporter drilling Gov Blanco

FEMA was pillaged

"Ahm lookin' forward to ma trip down there' brainless fuck

When the Levee Breaks...with the American People

Friends alive! N.O. "a horror show"

Bush will NEVER be held accountable for his actions or inactions

Did FEMA 'retreat yesterday from rescue efforts?

Is there a website similar to "We're Sorry"...........

Intentionally crashing the system


Here's the smoking memo! "Cat 5 hurricane determined to strike US"

Stop saying the Bushistas are incompetent! PLEASE!

I love the little boy with the red shirt --- he's breaking my heart

Fed's basic responsibility is to protect its people! Not Happening at all

Is it possible to "Re-Call" Bush?

Katrina/ASH PSA for podcasters and broadcasters

They have M-16s and they're locked and loaded...shoot to kill...

BREAKING: Explosions Erupting in Southwest New Orleans

Condi went to a Broadway show Weds. night?????

Different refugees...different treatment

KSTP 1500 just said no one ever said the levees wouldn't break

WSJ: As U.S. Mobilizes Aid, Katrina Exposes Flaws in Preparation (part I)

FEMA's Mike Brown on FoxNews 6 AM

Wonder what WH response would have been if Bin Ladin family members

I know it's going to happen, but I swear

Our FR friends get to the heart of the problem in New Orleans...

"We'll get on top of this situation," Bush said

Watching Faux News contradict their own coverage.

Airlines to Fly Up to 25,000 Refugees Out of New Orleans!

Is there a time line?

the results are not acceptable

Our eyes and ears are on the ground thanks to CNN & MSNBC

Finally a Cheney comment -- "Katrina is in it's last throes"

Just watched the pig farmer bush* on cnn lying his ass off again.


Is there anyone from DU in a position to bring news

If this were an election year, would Bush have responded quicker?

anyone just hear the Mayor of NO interview on Springer???

Is anyone reporting about *

Letter from Michael Moore to Bush 9/2

Did we ever figure out who the snipers were in Washington D.C.?

*bush knows he's screwed

Emergency response today and on 9/11. What a difference four years

MAD MAX TIME: Finally time people "only care when it affects them"?

Not sure what to make of this

CONDI RICE JUST ANNOUNCED that the US will be launching

Is corporate media covering the statements being issued...

Turn Faux on they are going into

Will people finally understand

Walmlart won't take Fema vouchers


ARUBA SUSPECT RELEASED! Of course CNN reports on it

army asshole on MSNBC....missing the point totally! The KEY

Republican Friend

Fema Director should be replaced immediately!

IF you think the FEMA director is in charge -- guess again

I just realized something --- Bush doesn't run this country

Cindy Sheehan responsible for NOLA deaths!

Bush and Rove were busy smearing Cindy Sheehan when Katrina formed

"Gas and Buses"

msnbc just showed

The truth now, was any of the delay in responses to NO about

Wow! They cut that speaker off quick!!

REQUEST for CLARITY from posters. Please ID what you're watching

plane load of MRE's

Dave Matthews Band Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert

RW media is setting up Brown to place blame instead of Bush who hired

Just found out one of my friends is a looter in New Orleans.

WDSU: Crescent City Connection open for people leaving NO

Cable MSM cuts away from the CBC - CSPAN continues with it.

I would like to see a march on New Orleans

Religious groups link Hurricane to gay event

C-SPAN Congressional Black Caucus Angry About FEMA Response

Now I can understand how the people of Iraq felt

200 hundred still stranded at Charity hospital

Picture on FAUX news of hundreds of vehicles pulling boats....

This is the face of someone fighting the good fight for NOLA:

Asshole Phelps praising Katrina!

CNN slamming govt for taking money from levees

Congressional Black Causus Press Conference


Contact info on Congressional Black Caucus

incredible irony - subzero refigerator ad on CNN - this is how you...

That a member of Congress should have to invoke Jesus'

Fire in building in the CBD of NO on Poydras St.

Even RW radio is shouting; "where's the leadership?!!

Foreign press weighs in.. (many comments)

Just a need for response...

Under DHS guidelines, you should have 5 days worth of food and water.

Are there any armories in NO that could have been looted?

Bush just said the level of help being received is unacceptable!

Bush changes his mind - will actually tour New Orleans

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." BZZZZZT!!!

"I will get back to him" - Condi Refering to help from France

that fire is getting bigger in NO. pics on cnn

My guess is that Bush will land in a secured area for photo op

Sept. 24th MARCH ON does NOLA

we should start

where was all the indignation and outrage when babies died...

hold bush's feet to the fire! don't let him get away with any false

Email feature on the top of threads ?

what good is it for him to fly over again?

"his flying over on Air Force One does not do it justice."

Anybody else amazed at Air America today?

Clothing Drive - my church is doing something.

Anyone out there here any rich folk coming forward in outrage

Did CNN just say Bush is going to be on the ground in NO?

CNN headline: "Bush: Results not enough." f***in' duh, W. n/t

Scammers jump on Hurricane Katrina

Oh, the current report on CNN is beautiful to behold.

Will they be able to control the crowds where Bush visits today?

cspan: naacp showing bush how it is done. 1, 2, 3, 4,

Once again CBC are the only elected officials to tell it like it is

Blum: Royal asshat

Bush did not send help because he does not believe in government help...

chief of national guard

FEMA is spending $500million dollars a day?

I have some serious questions about the clean up

Want to do something, no matter how small?

Gen. Steven Blum, Chief of the US National Guard. Fire him, too.

Learn from 9/11. Play 'predict the future' game with me

Is the Rude Pundit heir to Hunter least in writing style?

Saving fuel- put your kid on the freaking school bus!!!!

I'm going to expand on something Jesse Jackson, Jr. said:

junior will meet only with GOP governors - not the LA dem

What a spectacle they are making of *'s visit

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE GENOCIDE IN NEW ORLEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well gee, it's REALLY nice that he has all those CG rescue choppers as

Another disaster just landed on the Gulf

So the SOB POS is going to be heading to crawford later today,

As usual bush is blaming everyone else.

Weasel words from the Army Corp. of Engineers?

There are helicopters just sitting everywhere Bush is now

Can Bush cite Blanco as the reason he did not respond sooner..

The shrub: "Response 'not acceptable'"

CNN jsut showed B*sh landing in Mobile..

HE JUST DOESN'T CARE!! - Let Everyone Know That

So how are race relations in our country these days?

I can't believe they cut off the Congressional Black Caucus for **

Commander Bunnypants' isn't going into NOLA. No, wait, he IS.

hear them roar. the black caucus speaks. they will teach us well

Flood protection money went to Halliburton ..??

how much fuel did bush WASTE on air force one last week?

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones on phone with Randi

If chimpy were to clock Brown right now...

What's with the TELEVISED BRIEFING of Bush by GOvernors & FEMA Director?

OK. So Fearless Leader has arrived. What EXACTLY is being done


I figured out the method to the madness of the FEMA response

Barbour puckering up and kissing ass now on MSNBC

is pickles in NO too? why ain't she serving hot food to those displaced

New Orleans on fire, FEMA expect to "learn" about it next Tuesday.

Investors bet on Katrina's winners and losers........

Bush now on C-Span

Hooray!!....Dumbya is on his way to New Orleans!!!

NOLA _ Street by street before and after comparison

OH, no! Aid efforts force cancellation of 'Idol' auditions...

wow, my husband just called me because he heard the mayor on

The Coward -in-Chief is now in Alabama...

Thinking of something my Dad once said...

GODDAMN IT! I switched to the Weather Channel because I thought

Moveon is asking us to offer spare housing to the folks displaced

BLUE checkered shirt.. (the formal one)

Is there any doubt that if Clinton were still President.........

I count 4 orange helicopters, why are they sitting behind fucktard idiot

President Bush to go on Bike Tour of NO with Lance Armstrong

The fuckers worried about rebuilding Trent Lott's house! UFB!

Watch the idiot misleader without sound - almost a comedy skit (but,

I wanna know if Chimp's speech is on monitors or cue cards around him?

Has Katrina's Aftermath Prevented A Syrian Invasion?

Are those actually BAGS underneath Bushie's eyes?

Front Pages Across America - 9/2/05

What about using an aircraft carrier to get people out?

Bush is saying NO to help from other countries? that's brilliant


Fema Mike's wig should be declared a disaster.

Trent Lotts house gone

God, I feel so much better now that Bush has showed up.

Coward's got his sleeves rolled up now. Strutting away from AF1.

All we get from Bush; "The relief is unacceptable" almost as unacceptable

"Now is the time to love your neigbor like you love yourself"?

New post from N.O. blogger

So we're the greatest country on earth

Wondering...Blanco's abscence from the Side Show "George"

"Brownie, you're doin' a heck of a job".

Where is the Louisiana governor?

People who HATE the government cannot RUN the government

CNN Calling it a Political opportunity

Are you watching this guy?

Running at the bottom of the screen on MSNBC....

Too bad The Three Stooges aren't around anymore

Five Days That Will Live In Infamy: Aug. 29 - Sept. 2, 2005

"The Federal Government's job is Big and it's Massive" - Huh??

Bravo, Black Caucus! Bravo!!!

Slamming Bush* on TV

Saddam may have gassed his own people, but Bush**...

CNN, William Schneider immediately call this shit out ...

Bush: ""I'm down here to comfort people"

CNN Poll: Has the president done enough to help the victims of Katrina?

Hurricane Housing, taking donations of rooms, beds, housing, pet care,etc

Are you watching the pretend "breifing" on CNN?


Daryn's in trouble with her boyfriend

Bush finally gets a briefing !

Since the victims could NOT WATCH THE IDIOT, of COUSE it is

We can fight “door to door” in Iraq … but we afraid to go into New Orleans

This little show of play planning is hilarious

Just when I thought the DISGRACE couldn't get any worse

Pictures of guard surrounding NO

When The Levee Breaks

Fuck you, Bush. With your phony cowboy accent and your big talk...

Where are the black people???? Bush address--the cameras


I just talked to a client who is living off disability.

this is freaking bullsht....!1!!!!!!!!!!

Now Bill Schneider is slamming Bush for this photo op - CNN

They're briefing the president NOW!

bush being slammed on cnn...saying briefing a waste of time.

Is Faux aware windows may have been broken during the Hurricane?

Bush remembers sitting on Trent Lott's porch

"now is the time to love a neighbor like you like to be loved yourself"

So was Blanco waiting for Bush to " be the leader"? n/t

Is New Orleans being punished for Nagin's switch from Repub to Democrat?

Were rescuers being fired at

A woman on CNN just said:

this photo-op is a joke

You know, instead of these speeches being given by some military

Trent Lott's House?!!

Wasn't there supposed to be a 5-9 foot storm surge on the Miss. today?

Thank God Trent Lotties home WILL BE REBUILT !

WTF is Bush doing?

If you are in a large city write your mayors.

First item on Bush's agenda: Rebuild Lott's house.

FIRE HIM. God damn it!! He can't handle the job. FIRE HIM!

Did anyone else just barf seeing Bush on TV?

Heart warming Freeper post

White House couldn't be reached by phone. Was it Nagin who said it?

He is unquestionably the biggest fraud in the history of TIME

There is NO excuse for this!

FEMA site links to Pat Robertson relief group

MSNB ....... He's Posing For Pics in Front Of Coast Guard Helicopter ....

Colleges and universities help students displaced by Katrina

CNN Reporters Now Embedded With Military. Barbara X Says-

Are you watching CNN? Bush's trip is just an opportunity to thank him!

If you can afford to donate, you have a duty to donate

World stunned as US struggles with Katrina

For those of you who were asking what I have done...

The poor Coast Guard Guy is trying.. He believes that

Imagine if this was a cat.5 at landfall

AAAARRRGGGHHH--I can't take this weasel's

Are they really pulling people to help Bush

Look at chimpies body language

Who has seen the "Trent Lott's house" comment from Bush repeated???

Thank GOD Trent Lott's house will be rebuilt!

just signed up with the Southern AZ Red Cross to go to La.!

BBC reports Idiot-in-Chief has arrived in Mobile, Alabama n/t

This man is mentally ill. If what he is saying about Lott's vacation home

Is Xavier University in New Orleans? I "Googled" it, and it looks like

Someon is blogging from some building inside NOLA on situation

DU's Own --lala_rawraw on HUFFINGTON BLOG--Kicks ASS---

How come it's CASH money to go to Red Cross... not on a CREDIT CARD

No necktie and his sleeves are rolled up.

Same 30 seconds of video for 3 days on CNN!

Is the truth finally dawning on the Little Chimperor? -PIX->>>


If those MS, AL, LA repuke reps turn on him, Shrub is toast

AAR Kevin Trudeau Ads

My auto mechanic has turned against the Coward.

These little children have been suffering since MONDAY, GEORGE

Blinking idiot on CNN now

Anyone remember old Johnny Horton song: Battle of N.O.?

Mr President - please - I am begging you - lead

WWL anchors are gushing over Bush's photo-op

NRO letter: "post 9/11 conservative - zero faith in the Republican Party"

Comfort people in that part of the world??? WTF!!!

So we impeached a President for a stain on a blue dress

Fox reporter: "It's like something out of Mad Max"

MSNBC puts up time clock from Katrina landfall

An aquaintance of mine said last night that NO countries had offered help.

It's called DERELICTION OF DUTY, Bush is GUILTY, add it to the list!!!!

bush's Photo Op ...... My rant

I called the Congressional Black Caucus for transcripts of their speeches

"Every life is precious," says President Incompetent

DU's Own --lala_rawraw on HUFFINGTON BLOG--KICKS ASS---

If 9/11 was handled this badly...

A photo from the WWL slideshow I don't understand

10,000 feared dead.Guardian uk says/CNN fires burning

CNN Poll; Has Bush done enough to help the victims of Katrina?

The ugliest truth !!!!

Anyone else in Manhattan? Hearing big scary helicopters?

Looks like Abstinence not working in this Ohio school 13% pregnant

FEMA blames the victims! WTF

Help from your own hometown!

20% of NOPD not showing up

Kurt Vonnegut and Timequake

As an Atheist I hope there is a hell...

New Orleans to define the Bush presidency

let's see if he has the guts to televise his meeting with the mayor

authorisation to shoot and kill "hoodlums",

Oh Irony: Will the W Hotel burn in downtown New Orleans?

FEMA Director was forced to resign from his last job for incompetence!

What's the status on the NO oil spill and the "11 lost offshore rigs"?

Michael Moore's Letter

Cafferty: What is YOUR Community Doing to Help?? Post Here!!

You notice the networks aren't showing anymore pleas of help?

"Flood protection money to Halliburton "

How can we stop this Halliburton bullshit? Is there anything we can do?

Shit bus flipped

Bus carrying Evacuees flips over

Hell has frozen over again! Kagan said this looked like a political photo

Conservative magazine blames blacks, political correctness for chaos

This photo op is going to damage him even more

The Death Toll


Haley Barbour's "people didn't leave" when talking to chimp

John Edwards was right. You are witnessing two Americas

Mayor of NO tells feds to 'GET OFF YOUR ASSES'

Hartmann Show not on CRN anymore? Any other links?

Dear Mr. pResident...You are a God Damn bad joke.

Please DU this new CNN poll

I have an empty bedroom.......

Everyone who voted for shithead in 2004 is complicit in the murder of

Bill of Impeachment-AAR

The whole "opportunity" is about equating Blacks to Animals

77230--new zipcode for Astrodome

Nagin Interview (N.O. Mayor speaks his mind)

How about a telethon to raise money to buy a new president?

Kid Bush

Why Are They STILL in The Convention center??

CSPAN U. S. Senate is in session Rerun from yesterday

gas is 3.48 in Michigan today , Indiana regular running out of gas

You know what's going on? social experiment. Remember Kissinger's words

I see eBay has contributed $250,000

President criticizes his own government's reaction to Katrina?

I hope everyone of those "hostages" sue the pants off bush & the feds

Shoot-to-kill orders for New Orleans

Can't believe--on D. Rehm just heard Katrina gave * a 10-pt rally nt

Bobby Jindal (R) - "the first thing we need to do is fix this, then worry

Mr Bush - how is this different from gassing Kurds?

FEMA comandeering supplies from hospitals that need them (long)

He is being slammed on CNN...calling it political oprotunity!

someone's freeped the CNN poll!


Bring MURDER charges up on Bush!!!!

I have access to cable

After that charade/photo-op, how can any reasonable person...

Nicholas Cage donated $1 million.

So has Katrina shut down the PNAC Empire Expansion Tour?

So how are we supposed to "win" in Iraq if we can't handle one US city?

The measure of compassion is how you treat people that do bad things

NO mayor on aar affiliate, scathing, heartbreaking

Private citizen gets boat people to do rescue work. Rescues

New CNN poll just up....go for it ...please

Somebody Call Schultz's Show NOW!!!! No Privatization!!!!

would freeps feel for these people if they were vets?

Andrew destroyed Bush the Elder

More evidence of Bush's Phrenophillia

Maybe Bush can use his brush-clearing skills to help with clean-up

Looking to the future...

WI state legislator to intro bill that would put speed limit back to 55.

Do you think Daryn can turn Rush?

Oxymoron of the day; "Republican Leadership"

I think I'm seeing fewer "W"astika stickers on the SUVs lately.

there won't be a mardi gras this year, not in dear old new orleans

Something to think about from the Cunning Realist

Bush has SHIT all over everything this country stands for

Cant get money out of the bank here in Houston

Where did they go?

Bush** should donate the proceeds of $10,000.00 plate fundraiser he was

Can anyone point me to the blog that's inside NO

For the Dying Babes - The Shortest Story by Harry Chapin

please ask CNN etc. to play the Congressional Black Causus Press Conf.

UGH! Karl Rove is traveling with Bush has a collection site up

"if he gets out of his limosine...." -- David Schuster

'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States'

Halliburton gets contract to rebuild NO

FEMA refusing to give reporter a death toll

Emergency Preparedness by PR Committee...

Jack Cafferty just on Air America

MSNBC is running a "delay" clock.

Have they rebuilt Trent Lott's house yet?

Thank you AAR for keeping live bodies on the air instead of "Best of" eom

Bush and The Quivering Chin

Splinterists: you realize you're partly responsible for the flood, right?

Cant get money out of the bank here in Houston

What's Next - B-52 Strikes?

There must be an investigation into Bush's activities

Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.

Fats Domino has been rescued! He's 77 years old.

Hastert can't attend the special session.

Uh Oh. Pat Robertsons Charity has dropped to #4 on Fema's list --

I'm glad MSNBC has put up the Katrina clock

I wonder if the people in Florida who got relief and money asap

WTF!!!!!!! Fox News

So CNN is saying that the federal government will be taking

Developers eventually to steal land? High rises on the Gulf?

So there is no doubt: "Aid offers pour in from around the globe"

Ritz hotel evacuee on cnn

Where's Dick?

Let me get this straight-Bush and Rove arrive and

Halliburton gest Katrina contract bastards


The delay, no pun intended, in responses to NO was due to

How do I volunteer for Red Cross effort in NOLA?

I want to be on Ray Nagin's jury

WWLTV and CNN reporting food/water convoy coming into NOLA

When the Levee Breaks: Devestating Photographs

I wish Rachael Maddow had a show in Franken's time slot

Protest this weekend in your town with signs demanding impeachment!

FOX New reports " a lot of happy people" getting new items" at shelter...

FEMA watches the news coverage and has NO ONE on the ground

AAR Voicemail for people to connect who have been separated by Katrina!

Ritz Carlton Hotel evacuated....


Jackson Jr. blames God for hurricane. What if Bush had said same...

Your preferred Charitable Organization ?

!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU Micheal Brown (FEMA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katrina is why GOVERNMENT is necessary

I LOVE NBC photojournalist Tony Zumbado in New Orleans!

A walking tour?


Ted Koppel tears up Micheal Brown (FEMA)

George "Antoinette" Bush

Shaking... so pissed I'm SHAKING

How do you think the LA National Guard and troops in Iraq feel right now?

NEVER did I think I'd see this day: LIMBAUGH callers have TURNED ON BU$H!!

Tom Delay on TV trying to repair his image

"Apocalypse Now" "Anarchy in the USA", World Stunned as U.S. Struggles

Well, at least no one is talking about the war anymore

Bush Delaying Response To Wait For Blackwater Merceneries?

CNN: Convoy of Relief Supplies Arrive at Convention Center!!

Has anyone heard from Hillary?

Congress in emergency session... Hastert at Fund Raiser.

Prophetic New Orleans article 2001 by Houston Chronicle

*: "Out of the rumble of Trent Lott's house will come a fantastic house"

Photoshoppers... Today's BSbreifing... plastic turkey...

I learned to hate Brian Lamb this morning

legal effects of Katrina

"Eliminate the Death Tax" commercial on NBC.

Must-see interview on Nightline

Bush has finally jumped the shark. No doubt about it.

Sent to my political address book today:

Suggestion for post replies.. Code 3

It is quite pathetic and disdainful

If you can't even blame Bush, wingers, what the fuck good is he?

FEMA Brown - An unmitigated, total fucking disaster (As head Horse Assoc)

Has there ever been a hurricane path like Katrina's

So Who is the Rudy Guillani of Katrina?

can we STOP with the Clinton attacks?!?!?1

Drop the bomb, Fitz!!!

Potential Bush-CIA crisis **** George Tenet Will Defend Himself

Relief coming...but aren't they bussing people out...?

A message from our FR friends...

Cons show their real feelings about Katrina victims. *outrage alert*

Shameful! The Vice President of the United States is still on Vacation???

There should be hundreds of buses lined up from all over the US into NOLA

Hastert: Emergency session for Terri; big F*U* to New Orleans...

Nagin quote...

What uniform should * wear rescuing N.O?

stupid John Fund opened his mouth on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Caravan of Buses reported in New Orleans near Superdome

The Mayor's comments:

House in session on C-SPAN now.

Mayor NO say's "where's the F*cking ships?!"

Suspicious fires - as food/supplies convoy in. tinfoil I guess

Anyone catch Barbara Starr on CNN earlier?

If the fucktard-in-chief didn't anticipate a levee breach then

Why Didn't Bush wear the Flight Suit again??

We are at a BREAKING POINT, people....

Someone good with photoshop

What is the point of these grandstanding politicians on C-Span 2?

What is going on with the search and rescue? Isn't time running out?

Will relief for NO speed up if Al-Jazeera shows up?

Why would the PRESIDENT say it isn't acceptiable and then say

My Email to my Senator, Tom Harkin

Now showing right before your eyes! - Iraq II Still no plan's the "schoolroom" syndroymn.......

Are they giving people oral rehydration?

Hey bush! The people at the convention center want to thank you.

Everyone should listen to Mayor Nagin

Jeeze look at those trucks!!! What timing.

I want to see junior and the mayor meet

To Dr. Dean and the DNC

This is despicable...

Hastert backtracks on suggestion to bulldoze New Orleans

They found Fats. CNN no link................n/t

Turns out the Freepers hate animals, too (See how they hate)

The President should step down

I Understand the looting for essentials

Europe to send emergency oil to U.S.

What this administration is telling me

I guess enough people have died

What a compassionate President!

Shrub hugging the mothers on CNN

so what has the HEAD of the Office for National Preparedness been doing?

Please consider this timing in re: "cya"

Bush using hurricane victims as set props/actors in infomercial

Bush gets his photo op with a devastated colored family in Biloxi...

bush has his arms around the hurrican victims. cnn

my German friend: why aren't you ALL helping?

WHY and HOW are reporters kept from people at Astrodome!!!!!

Jesse Jackson speaking on wwltv...

Cannot believe New Orleans is GONE!


Now we see how fucking evil this man is... photo op

Iraq and New Orleans - now a common people under Bush's incompetence

look at this bag of puke

Please read this


CNN Headline says it all: "Where's The Help?"

Nurses in hospitals giving each other IV fluids to keep

the Repubs have bankrupted our nation in every way imaginable..

On CNN- Marine guard (dress blues) at helo door Armed????

More Photo Opportunities. Replay the video and listen to the

What do you really think is going to happen to the government

NOLA Press Sec'y on MSNBC

Flashback: Bush's relection played big role in prior storm aid

dupe - rachel maddow/mr bill thread

Was William Golding right re: Lord of the Flies? Man is a savage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages its members to

NEVER FORGET!!! Actions speak LOUDER than Photo-OPS!!

Are the arriving trucks supposed to convey that things happen when George

Mayor NO say's "where's the F*cking ships?!"


Does this remind you of Sarajevo?

Rachel Maddow just ran a Mr. Bill PSA about a hurricane in NO...

Ads for Truth

I wonder if this is the same seat he sat in on 9-11

CSPAN.COM - live house debate

My God, I just puked on my TV.

Even Timmy Russert has awoken to reality

W needs to set an example and take a family home with him

On Scanner...Media being kept out...

"It must be comforting to know that the president has experienced

Party loyalty is important sometimes.

New Orleans Rescue = Jessica Lynch x 1000. THE HORROR

Does this finally seal Bush's legacy?

We need more than accountability

"Models predicted New Orleans disaster, experts say" Rate this one high!

does hugging two black girls make up for letting thousands of them die?

N.O mayor sends another SOS----right when chimp is doing photo op

another photo op takeing place right now...CNN

Wolf Blitzer is interviewing woman from Ritz Carlton hotel in NO

Bush is landing and getting ready to give a canned statement


CNN Poll: Has Bush done enough to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

Does anyone have that picture of the busses handy?

No equipment, no people , no plan....gee, where have we heard THAT before?

Two horrific first-hand accounts: It's much, much worse than we hear

Breaking news...Bus overturned carrying victims...

If the mayor is allowed to speak ... I hope he has not caved.

This is NOT the first time GWB LIHOP to Black people

These people in the Superdome are not just victims

bush on cnn now

bush on cnn right now

Bush says the response is unacceptable- CNN NOW

Nero on CNN live now

That fucker mispronounced Landrieu on purpose.

Bush speaking now...puke

My experience at a Louisiana shelter.


I know where Karl Rove is.

Look, Bush talking to those victims in Biloxi I have no problem with


Someone will be doing autopsies

A little comic relief go to re: impeachment!

Anyone watching CNN? Bush talking to victims.

Anyone have a link to the photojournalist Tony Shumbago's report?

Bush on the scene and the simultaneous massive relief action

How can this *sshole stand living with himself.

FCC to Investigage/Fine NO mayor for cursing on Air

Who is Idiot Son's video photographer today?

Did the Secret Service "approve" and frisk the photo op victims?

"People Died ...Until Bush arrived" ---- when does impeachment start?

Reality check: Supplies finally get to some in NO, but none in other towns

Wow Kagen just slammed Bush

100 dead after rescue

Just like on 9-11

A Member of Parliament (nation?) trapped in New Orleans,

Next up in the Rovian Smear Machine: Mr. NEWT GINGRICH

CNN covering Times-Picayune reporter re. lack of funding.

Guard moving into LA cnn NOW--lots

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

Fatass Haley Barbour in all his glo-ruh

I have a question.

of course he's hugging victims. he really wants to care

Republicans are people who don’t believe that government works and then

BushBot on MSNBC......

CNN Poll at 80% No - Has President Bush done enough to help the victims

Memo to FEMA head Michael Brown.......

The next storm

repost : Europe to send emergency oil to U.S.



CNN Poll finally up: vote now

"Want to thank the governor - he set some clear parameters"...WTF??

Hubby volunteered his truck to move supplies

Expect a barrage of attacks on Democrats

Black People Loot - White People Find

Bush tells victim to go to Salvation Army - Sal. Army says supplies low


They have NO SHAME whatsoever

What about the DEAD Mr. President????

People DIED while Bush & Rove organized their PR -- when is impeachment?

"Haley has made clear rules"...."key is security".....

"I'm not looking forward to this trip," Bush said

Here's your response when talking to a Bush supporter:

Can someone please teach * some new words?

Rovian coordination of events

They will SEPARATE Bush from the gray bureaucrats,

Breaking: Bush rolls up sleeves, looks at pretty map, tries not to twitch.

Vid Clip Bush's Trent Lott Fluff

THIS is Compassionate Conservatism at work (dailup warning - pics)

Mayor Ray Nagin is my hero.

So is this Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' moment?

"armies of compassion"??...

Anybody want to bet the recent Supreme Court decision on Eminent Domain ..

Jack Cafferty VIDEO from yesterday! Telling it as it is!!!!

"I got a good report about food and medicine not getting to the people."

NOLA and the gulf coast sets the stage for the next President to

LAT: Opportunity or Disaster for Battered Bush ("it gives us cover,")

The beating that Bill Clinton takes on this forum is absolutely PATHETIC

He has no idea what he's talking about--there is no leadership

Is this okay? Re: Letter to my congressman

He's repeating himself already

When they start counting the dead next week, all the photo-ops in the

MSNBC: Bu$h is satisfied with the response in NOLA

Bush: "We Have Enough Reserves"...2 seconds later.."Not Enough Security."


The damage is done-to NO and Bush

27 or 28% New Orleans live below the poverty line

Did he just call that reporter "Stretch"? Thought that was a joke. n/t

Ted Koppel asked the question last night and I'm asking it today

Aaaand curtain.

I have a question - who can help

Foamy the Squirrel cuts through the Bullsh*t re: Disaster Recovery

can we STOP with the Clinton attacks?!?!?1

"Camille was in 69"

Bush says what's unacceptable is there isn't enough SECURITY

Shot fired at rescuers...

Bush is speaking Now on Dobbs....

MSNBC just said that it must be a comfort to people

'I'm gonna delegate'

OMG- He's trying to send them to a center and there's no center there!


Pigs announce a Royal Feast on our Kaaaash Dollurs in the name of

This is -the- opportunity for the Democrats

BBC: Guantanamo hunger strike

Any way to watch CNN or MSNBC on the internet?

LOL "..getting power to the people..." DAMN RIGHT fuckface! n/t

Oxfam America: Will give with *poor communities* in mind

Why does * end every sentence

Has that amendment to the bankruptcy law been introduced yet?

WWL Charity Hospital - on air right now - evac called off again...

"Results are acceptable here in Miss.... not enough security in NO"

Idiot Son on response: "I'm Satisfied"

So Keira interrupts interview with Times Picyune Editor for the Chimp

Please America, don't forgive them for this!

Jerry Lewis (R-CA) concerned about how Congress will be seen

30 truck convey bring food and water to convetion center now.

"Senator Landrow" he can't even say her name correctly.

I would like to see Ray Nagin punch Bush in the jaw on TV.

Senator Lan-draw???? WTF???


With all happening now in N.O. at the time * got there

from cnn maybe this has been posted

The results are acceptable says Bush on CNN

Feed Cube Rats! What is Bush saying?

Asshole filling in for O'Reilly on the radio


I have clothes I can donate to people who need them, but they are up here

'The failed, tragic presidency of *'

Bushturd was supposed to meet with Mayor Nagin. Did he?

hate that freaking fuck.....


Some Perspective on the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Tweety will be orgasmic tonight - bet on it.

We had 75 employees at our New Orleans location

*they* may call it the worst storm. *I* call it ONE OF the worst storms

Bush taking questions....what a prick

NY/NJ area- please recommend a radio station

Andrea Mitchell: "Bu$h Hands on"

In honor of the 1st folks to lend a hand to local forces in N.O.


Warning - unpleasant subject - the risk of terror

All Fox talks about is the looting and violence....

Hey A-HOLE...Go to the Convention Center...

rename NO: Grover Nordquist's bathtub

Photo op with people of color on CNN right now

Keep track of all the things * does during emergency

Jonah Goldberg's head explodes while trying to understand Bushist failure

PREDICTION: Daryn Kagan and Rush Limbaugh are on the outs

A rural Texas bar - The Moonlight Cafe

Oh my! Everyone see this? Aired January 25,2005

My rant ...... on *'s Q. & A. his phrases

FEMA says *you* are responsible for 3 days

Coward, La Gov and NO Mayor on now.


Bush: Results ARE acceptable.

CNN - Bush at airport

Who is this asshole talking to Rachael Maddow?

Bush - "the water was sooo high relief helicopters couldn't fly earlier"

Tropical Depression #14 (Maria) east of Bahamas, #15 in center of MAP

House session watching.

Pelosi on CSPAN2 now.

Wait for the split screen image:

We're witnessing modern day version of Titanic's 'steerage'

Pelosi on CSPAN 2 now

THIS result is "acceptable"?

Aid has arrived in Nola - but the nightmare has only just begun!!

the legacy of Clinton

Having a sister who works at GEMA/Homeland security... Full Whore Mode

Dear God...

Chilling live blog from INSIDE NOLA: reports and pictures:

OMG. He makes no sense!!!

Why is the giggling murder monkey SMILING?????


Wexler just went ballistic on C-SPAN

Jackson MS: Local authorities commandeering people's homes and cars

Over 1000 at Charity DYING because they have to keep halting evac...

People should try to track the props Bush used in his photo op

President George W. Incompetent on the ground in Biloxi

Until today I only saw white people in Biloxi. hmmmmmmmmmmm

Gen Honore on cnn--he sounds very competant

Let's give Bush some credit. He's on his way to improving 2 crucial issues

VIDEO (UK CHANNEL 4): Anarchy Deepens (includes NBC, CNN footage)

Ku Klux Klan, Conservatives to Protest Methodists over gays

did any one else hear him say

MSNBC - Schuster reports Biloxi casualties will be over 1,000

I want a Coliseum where the people can demand

OMFG he paused while "hugging" victims to pose for the cameras!

Rep Tubbs

Homeland Security's first big test is an abyssmal failure

Iraq a mess for the same reason people in NOLA dying of thirst

CNN poll's timing.

Vid Clip- Bush Pandering to Cameras in Biloxi

I have extended my condolences to some Republican friends who

Does today seem like it's scripted climax of a classic disaster flick?

Survival from New Orleans blog:

I Thought It Would Take Thousands Of American Deaths To Get The R's Out

Message to Freepers

Will moron* take the heat for this? no, but his policy on national safety

i have just concluded that those of us who hate the smirky boy ...

CNN: The National Guard has arrived, thousands pouring in.

Dear Mainsttream Media

Andrea Mitchell on the cut hurricane funding

MSNBC: 87 percent say gov't does NOT have control of relief effort

Grade em in their respone to Katina, the flood, and the aftermath

Why is Bush* smiling while talking to reporters?

FEMA's budget - a rant and a general question

Shrub just dodged a direct question...

Spin control has begun - hold onto your seats

What I did this morning

* just said he's going to call on people that knows how to rebuild a city

Why aren't people SPITTING on that piece of shit???

Katrina could cost economy $100B

Oil spill in Mississippi river. n/t

CNN poll on Bush response to Katrina

OMFG they're pretending NEW ORLEANS doesn't exist!

Just like with Iraq

Who is this asshole on Al Franken?

OK, well, NOW we'll get somewhere. LAURA Bush is on the case.

Zoo Update.

He called his own dad "President Bush"!!

Conyers in da House (!!!)

a picture is worth a thousand turds

It's a BushCo media blitz!!

Propaganda from Maddow Caller

Gingrich, trashing Bush, proposes appointing Giuliani to relief effort

Major oil spill being reported - CNN

Holy Scheiss - did you see the lady in the striped shirt

You Can LIE But You Can't HIDE, George - We've Got You On Camera >

This big oil spill in Mississippi is downstream from New Orleans. OMG so

New bankruptcy law and Katrina victims

Gotta guy who will donate portable buildings to the Hurricane relief...

Laura: "NOLA is terrible and we see it on TV but response is great HERE"

WTF - I have to get this off my chest


The Media is bending over to * again

my e-mail to wolf blitzer

Major spin and BS taking place on MSNBC.

Florida calls for energy conservation. But will football go on?

Junior claims the levee broke Tuesday. Wasn't it Monday night when the

I knew it wouldn't last, all the cable news channels have been reeled in

Look for the CNN Mayor to be "non inetersting" == no more TV

Does Anybody Know Where The VP Is??N/T.

Now that the buses have arrived

FEMA not allowed to aid gay families. Donate 2 Hurricane Katrina LGBT Fund

We're going to see Pickes now instead of Bush

imagine being in the dome

New Orleans Levees Not Built for Worst Case Events

Folks the the nightmare has only just begun!!

People at work ...watched his stunt ...ALL of them saw it as shameful


Soon we will hear "Why aren't they reporting the GOOD things in NO?"

re: Bush....can we have an election Do-OVER?


Just in.. NOAA Detailed Imagery of Gulf Coast from space

I am listening to Mayor Nagin's radio interview.... Whew!

Pickles: "Bad things are not going on HERE" (at the "white" shelter)

Katrina awakening many conservatives. What will DU do?

Pickles in Lafayette on CNN now

will you look at the fucking security around bush?

Pickles on CNN now

Here is bush's rambling pathetic inadequate pointless uninspiring speech

Scanner listeners.. check in

The Bush Photo Op: Let the MEDIA KNOW!

Gotta say: If George was half as well-spoken as his wife...

now the msnbc dude is saying it wasn't so bad

Victim on CNN; blocked out from evacuation!

Les Miserables -

New Meme: It's the MAYOR'S Fault!

Bush on CNN "We are going to help rebuild Trent Lotts house. "

Has EVERYONE contacted their 2 senators and their Rep?

Why is Nagin...

Astrodome full, people sick, disable, no clothes, cafeteria on 4th florr

MSNBC poll: Do you think the govt has control of the relief effort?

Bush in NOLA - At airport in Kenner

"I'm not scared of al-Qaeda. I'm scared of Al Crackah." - Chris Rock

How many victims has he actually interacted with?

Bush arrives in NO with mayor and gov at his side?

Man your stations! The next wave of BUSHIT is about to be launched.

I'm going to try to post some good news - there are some amazing people

IMPORTANT--quotes to REPEAT...

Attention all PHILADELPHIA Residents!!!

Who Here Thinks We'll Ever Get an ACCURATE casualty number?

Okay, we need to get DU members elected.

Kucinich talking on CSPAN now

Maddy McColl

how come we have not seen the bug man for months

hey administrators

The admin's official line: Media not reporting the GOOD things happening

Remember Bush the Elder with Andrew...

Top 10 Reasons They Hate New Orleans

Veterans For Peace -- NOLA disaster relief camp -- need info!

* is not going to go to NOLA.

Pickles loses mega points. She sounds like a politician AND she's lying

Laura Bush live on CNN: "Some things are working very, very well...

900 people still at Charity hospital??? Evacuations stopped.

Photos from inside the Astrodome (and busses outside).

From FReeperland (I don't do this often, but... take a look)

I'm amazed at my capacity for anger, i thought i'd reached it

How the fuck do you get 18 buses to the Ritz Carlton and none to the

"And I want to thank the Mayor"

"This is a storm that is going to require immediate action now".....

"This is a storm, that needs immediate attention, now!"

MSNBC 2:04 p.m. -STILL NO WATER. I don't know why this

I'm not seeing new footage from NO, is there a media blackout?

Charity Hospital Update

A patron told me at work...

well, bush was certainly manly & presidential today i must say

My LTE to Tallahassee Democract

Pickles is on point.....Rove has done his work well......disgusting.

Woman begging for food, water, help; Bush hands her a trash bag.


Mr Bill for President

My friend in Mobile has electricity today

March on Washington. A lot of people are headed to D.C. 9/24-26

too late

Bush needs to stay away from New Orleans

Republicans urge Bush to ask Giuliani to guide relief effort

Big hand to House of Reps Dems

Reporters - 1 * PIckles - 0

FEMA donations being routed to Rev. Pat Robertson

tomorrow the media will cut way down on Katrina coverage

What the Hell does THAT mean?

S&P: Chances of Recession Have Doubled

Biloxi Mayor----"there has been no help"

Is it me...?...or has the MSM done a complete 180...?

Rep Markey of MA is slammin big oil

"These governors have compacts" WTF??

Is this slow response the rights way to do away with Fema?

DO YOU FEEL SAFE?? After this display of complete incompetence?

Are we going to see a Fallujah-like, block-by-block

Repent America site has lovely article on sin city deserving destruction

Stick to those guns Jack

No communications to the people? The reporters can get in and talk

Cafferty's Question: "Should the US bring the National Guard home...

We must ask Congress to rescind the Bush tax breaks


And where is Cheney??

How you can make a conservative angry

did pickles and shrub minimize the disaster?

Vidclip of CNN's Kagen and Schneider Post Bush Briefing

Biloxi mayor -- they should have brought the food and water sooner

Cafferty just called bullshit on photo-op-relief convoy timing.

Three soldiers killed in Iraq and one in Afghanistan today.

The House session may well be where we see the Repubs get mad enough

Cafferty just asked if the arrival of supplies and Bush were a COINCIDENCE

Don't you think that at least the many "chickenhawks" who support Bush

Dem Congressman from NJ just called out Bush on MSNBC

Evangelical Jack Van Impe calls Pat Robertson, Osama Bin laden

CNN: Jack Cafferty Coming Up

Governor's Island in NY Harbor is sitting there empty

In my corner of the world in Texas today

Keep dealing with the looting and lawlessness media, so you won't

DU-dome for Freeper refugees

Bernard Goldberg's newest book

war president to disaster president=*'s self-identification

Has Barbara Bush worried her beautiful mind yet?

Holy shit. Cafferty surmises that the Bush photo op and the convoy

CBC Press Conference: "Where are the airlines, where are the hotels?"

Is "Latest" dog-slow for everyone else?

Freepers you know who are stunned by the mess ** has wrought. Report here:

Jack Cafferty just ripped this administration about the Nat. Guard!

Rally against Gov Ernie Fletcher info please read and

Wolf asked Cafferty what he thought of today's situation

Transcripts: Yes, Bush did say we're gonna rebuild Trent Lott's home

Jack Cafferty: DU Hero for One Minute !

Let Katrina be a lesson to everybody living in a blue Urban area

OK DEms....Nancy Pelosi has got to go

Excuse me, WHAT fucking country is this again?

Fox showing Convention Center by phone video...mentioning

FYI everyone where I work sees this as a shameless PhotoOp...

CNN's Barbara Starr is embedded with the troops

Somebody was "Jamming Communcations in New Orleans".... Why?

There Could Be 10,000 Dead

Was that Andy Kaufman I just saw in Biloxi???

Cafferty - do you think those photo-ops going on in the gulf and the

People who tried to evacuate were prevented from doing so by police.

Cafferty's coming on

Vid Clips- Acceptable Results/National Guard-Compacts

Barbara Star (Pentagon) with National Guard in New Orleans

I hope everyone will stay the fuck home this holiday week-end. N/t

Duplicate: Barbara Starr just broke down in live CNN

UPS just shut down in Orlando, FL

I did not stop to help a * supporter today.

People have "got to understand"???????????????????

Bush Fires General Welfare to keep Major Help out of NOLA.

my daughter made me proud today...

Nero: "I believe that the great city of New Orleans will rise again..."

Gubment, working hard, hard work, gubment....WTF?

Why were these not put to use to evacuate NOLA?

I need cash (what has Bush paid out)?? n/t

Bumper Sticker: Katrina Blew, Bush Bloviated, People Died

Has FOX reverted back to cheerleading for the chimp?

How Bush's policies doomed New Orleans.

How is Bushco's FEMA Most Likely to Fail YOU?

Jack Cafferty has become one of my media heroes

Do you think they aren't accepting outside help cuz they don't want us to

Contact MSNBC about todays events...

CNN: What Brown said and what the truth really is (great article!)

"They call me mellow yellow...

Babies are dying in NOLA, Where's the Culture of Life???????

ACOE asked for $62 mill. for La. flood control. Bush offered $10 mill.

CNN poll needs help, under 80% no

Katrina Blankenship = HERO

May he always be remembered for the comment about Trent Lott's house

Anybody notice a huge difference in the media today??

MSNBC: DeLay refuses to acknowledge that this happened to poor blacks...

Nero: "Contribute cash to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross"

US Sen Vitter - R LA - Estimated 10,000 plus dead in LA

Here's Where Lady Pickles Was On Tuesday While NOLA Was Drowning -PIX->>>

I would've shown bush just enough respect due to his office...

Have any official estimates come out with a more accurate....

Gas station here in Illinois just ran out of the cheap ($3.18/Gal) gas

I wonder how things are in the Daryn Kagan / Limbaugh household ?


Ironically, Bush and some relief arrive at the same time.

The health of the residents of the Superdome

Bush to speak shortly from NOLA

Transcript of that interview with Mayor Nagin

So.. If there was a cataclysm threatening L.A., Washington D.C., etc.

Who is Jack Cafferty and why am I in love with this guy now?

Another view from Louisiana

Forecast: Hurricane Season Far From Over

Americablog Nails it - George Bush needs to step aside

America is going to be destroyed!

Connecticut DUer's (Local station took three calls praising Bush)

Ugly moments in Punditry as posted by Freepers


On Chicago Public Radio - Chicago Mayor Daley criticizes FEMA response...

As if he *cares*! That miserable, photo-opping, posturing son-of-a-bitch!

New Orleans and class warfare

Katrina: It's the Chimp's Chernobyl!

Doesn't Trent Lott have homeowner's insurance? I guess not,

I think a lot of people saw 'Nightline' Ted Koppel ROAST FEMA/Brown

After 9/11, the FEMA that responded was BILL CLINTON'S FEMA


CNN Reporters are carrying guns for protection,

When will the Mepubs start setting their SUV's afire for insurance

CNN keeps playing NO mayor's strong message ( transcript )

Just called DNC, guys said they are on top of the Julia Reed

What kind of nonsense argument is "no one man can stop a

DU this story it is getting freeped, Jackson calls Bush response incompeta

IEA taps emergency oil

Ahhhh. I see. This is what they call pulling yourself up by your

Please! Caption this picture!

THANK YOU Rachael Maddow!

Snopes does a post on Condoleezza Rice - Expensive Shoes Incident

Bush is meeting on Air Force One with local officials

MSNBC going after FEMA

Governors have to ask before the Army can come in???

If this isn't proof that this idiot is just a puppet for the PNAC gov't

Astrodome full? How about tent cities on Golf Courses?

I guess if your last name is Bush

Why not set up a tent city for refugees at the Pig Farm?

Is Wolf Blitzer afraid of getting fired and losing his CNN pension ?

its all over...BUSHCHRIST has entered the city with manna from heaven.

ALERT! All DC-Area Gas Stations Closed at 4PM Today! Will Reopen Tuesday!

ALERT! All DC-Area Gas Stations Closed at 4PM Today! Will Reopen Tuesday!

Condi Rice and Shoe Shopping - A Question...

Bush harkens back to his "good old days"

That noise I just heard was the wheels falling off Smirky's wagon.

Not letting Nagin speak?

Thank You Mr. President for showing that the american government cares...

They wrote Blanco's speech...

Did Bush just say that the Convention Center is secured? Are they fed?

Green Party Katrina Relief Link here.

CWA to donate 4 million dollars

DNC Chair's Office- just said Dems will speak out when everyone is safe

Why was Bush still on vacation during the first two days of Katrina?

C'mon Fitzy.. any time you're ready

Read it and weep (I did)

Tweety to Andrea Mitchell: why didn't a "real executive person" help?

Elijah Cummins on CNN


Perhaps some good news: commercial airlines in TX


I thought this might bring *Bush* down, but now I'm back to the reality

CNN Barbara Pentagon Starr reporting they're all

Diane Rehm had a great program today! Listen in if you can

I thought the Repugs didn't BELIEVE in natural selection?

bush* spending weekend in Texas?

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md on CNN now STOP CALLING THEM REFUGEES

our soldiers are stationed in the wrong Gulf

Perhaps some good news: commercial airlines in TX

CSPAN News Conference Black Caucus now


CNN: Big lines in Baltimore for gas

HEY! Let's take a guess as to what SPIN line ROVE will put on all this

Randi is going off about some guest on the Rachel Maddow

Heads Up - CNN: tune in something good coming up.....

Doesn't Cheney oversee FEMA?

Massive ASS COVERING OPERATION under way among politicians

Bush press conference NOLA on CNN live now - EDIT: Not yet.

Shouldn't the people trapped in NO be getting ANTIBIOTICS

Howard Fineman "Bush will be keel-hauled over this"

Vid Clip-Mayor Nagin Call Out

How many evacuees are there?

AP stop reframing people for Bush

So the feds left the locals out to dry.

Typical flippant response from Peter King's (R-Asshole) office

Slidell residents feel left out because more attention is being paid NOLA.

FEMA director Mike Brown, a “total fucking disaster”

Hey Gov. Blanco!!!!!

National Black Caucus speaking on CSPAN - Taped

I figure Blanco and Nagin were filled in on "reality" during the "tour"

Will Condi be wearing her fancy expensive shoes at press conf?

Bush doesn't like this being the "Disaster President" stuff

RePUKES trying to say SCHOOL BUSES instead of Nat'l Guard should have.....

FOX news - 8 more dead bodies inside Convention Center

Freeper Neighbor: I'm trading in my SUV (Cost her $25 for 1/4 tank)

by keeping reporters out of the city, they're depriving the people . . .

Randi is fighting back tears today...

Mr. Bush your admin. killed more ppl

There are other disasters just waiting to happen. Ticking time bombs.

buh - bye repukes

caller in Randi saying they are setting up the LA Governor for a fall

IMPORTANT POST --- Places are Running out of GAS....blaming Katrina

"What can I do?"


Sad the Congressional Black Caucus press conf. got so little attention

Plug the f*cking breeches, NOW!

MSNBC - Astrodome at capacity, turned away 3 dozen busses...

Prediction: We will never get an accurate NOLA death toll

AGAIN! Bush/Rove politics as usual..

Red Cross is refusing to feed refugees housed in homes.....

Do you want to COMMENT on the situation or CHANGE it??

Stop Beating Around the Bush

If Al Qaeda had another terrorist attack and blew up the levies..

Who is this dumb-ass no-talent on with Wolfie?

Want to know who wanted these people to perish in NO?

"Family Values" on Display in Freeptard-land..

NOLA Marigny - Bywater community forum here... Great place to check in!

Caption this Chertoff pic...

WTF is the deal with the six screen split on CNN???

Purge the Evil From Among You-News Media Control

Here is how WE spin this

What's going on at the Superdome ?

New Orleans has risen from near-total disaster before

So the feds left the locals out to dry.

Tweety: "Why didn't they yell at the president (Rove, Card)

The indignity is just beginning.

How many were evac'd from Saigon in the final days?


New Graphic - Hurricane George: History's Greatest National Disaster!

Large military column heading south on I-71...I-65

That was the DUMBEST, FLATTEST speech * has ever given

Republicans never would have allowed a multi-billion levee shoring

Congress calling for Investigation into Hurricane Aid (Including Frist!)

Anybody know Where Cheney Is?

Where's Baghdad Brown today ?

Michael Moore's Letter to Bush: Vacation is over

Who's on first? Chimpy channels Abbot and Costello

Randy is PISSED about that caller who was bashing NOLA Gov., Mayor

Vieux Carre, how we loved you.

And there is still the Plame case...

MSM is back to covering for BushCo...PNAC shill now analyzing NOLA

The entire Democratic Caucus

How much water has Bush had to drink today?

'Don't buy gas if you don't need it' - WTF?

Criminal Incompetence or worse?

MSNBC analsyst blaming New Orleans Mayor

Where are the crazies who camped outside Schiavo's Hospice?

The oil companies are holding back from local distributors to justify

Here's the Nasty Reason for Locking Down NOLA: Quarantine

Mississippi River has been OPENED for Commercial Traffic

LA Daily News: Noise may help fight crime

A FEMA Fucked up thread...

Ms. Rice - How Was Spamalot?

Floods and Water-borne Diseases - the Threat is NOW

Submit Stranded/Missing Persons report to Coast Guard web site

no matter how they spin it, the repukes lost a huge chunk of their base

Xavier University ...400 students sill trapped ... one dead

???? Death toll of 20,000 in New Orleans??????

A reminder - when the Senate gets back in business next

1885 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian) connects the dots.

Racism in America!!! America is a sham in...

Yes! Jesse Jackson uses the "R" word! (vote up the story)

MSNBC just posted: how to get in touch with loved ones - LINK

Would be interesting to find out (of course we won't)

NOLA proves to me; Republicans ARE the Klan.

CNN is absolutely SAVAGING the Feds on their website.

Somebody come help America get this monkey off our back.

Condi Rice - "Yes.....It's Because They're Poor & Black."

When in doubt, trot out all of the NeoCons to drown out the real news.

Local kids selling lemonade and brownies today

Can someone make CSPAN work for me? I don't have all night.

That Cockroach Hastert

Do you think the Nagin/Bush press conference will satisfy??

cnn Has Six Screens Of Depressing Stuff Not Worth Looking At! n/t

Has there been any word from the Carter Center, yet?

Oh, this is rich.

Tweety ponders, "Where is Cheney? He was all over 9/11. Why is he AWOL?"

Condi's on C-Span now.

Condi Rice talked now on MSNBC??

Subliminal messaging on CNN?

Will Wolfie read my email today?

Can we start organizing our very own relief efforts right here

Hastert? WTF? Back from his fundraiser? Was it for the hurricane victims?

She Forgot France!

CNN.COM: Is it just me?

CNN: Airport looks like Baghdad, not the Big Easy


African-American Democrats condemn slow Katrina relief.

I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend....

Pleas for Help can be seen written on the streets of Grand Isle, Louisiana

They are still waiting, George.

Anyone listening to Nagin on Randi's show?

Not NO related, but that stupid sexist Maytag commercial on AAR

Mayor Nagin took me to church this morning

Newt Gingrich criticizes administration!

Randi reading the LA Governor's letter to Bush for help

We need a good TIME-LINE of week long horror the neoCONs inflicted on GULF

Condi on the Congressional Black Caucus: those Negroes


anyone watching Condi on cnn?--says she is working with Intern. aid.

A web site given by a reporter on CNN

Crawford Peace House and Camp Casey vols could have done a better job -


CNN..Crawl 23,000 lbs of water delivered

WTF! 3 planes loaded with water just sitting on the runway

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) calls the Fed's response a failure !

If CNN doesn't stop showing the split screen of ** & those two girls,

Does this look familiar to anyone? It's a LIHOP too

Delay and Hastert trying for an extreme makeover

I have just figured what the MSM was doing the past few days

TRAGIC - has everyone seen the blog?

Any problem with donating to United Way?

The antiwar movement has a new argument:

Gas prices dropping in Louisville...from $3.19 -> $2.89 now.


Nobody saying today, that they are glad Bush is President instead of Kerry

Why does Nero ask us to send cash???

Rice we have received offers of help and we are now in the


Read what the world is saying about * and his incompetence.

Michael Parenti: How the Free Market Killed New Orleans

*Bush on the ground in NOLA - coming up on WWL-TV

Coining a new one: FUBAR - Fucked up by all Republicans.

Has ANYONE seen Cheney this week?

Master List for Emergency Preparedness Supplies.

How many Katrina funerals will the Criminal Bush attend?????


Hurricane Katrina - another outstanding video from 'Peace Takes Courage'

Is that Tom Delay on CNN? Is he using grecian formula?

Here is the REASON the Press is Finally AWAKE:

This is going to get bad, I mean really, really bad.

ALERT! All DC-Area Gas Stations Closed at 4PM Today! Will Reopen Tuesday!

National Guard not allowing aid into the city


DU Volunteer Check In. What are YOU doing????

A "failure of local government"? Uh, no. Responding to disaster is NOT...

"Lemonade for New Orleans"

Vid Clip-Cafferty- Embarrassing

"Americans are generous to each other." Condi Rice.

DU this poll, which is from a paper in a "red" area of NYS.

I just googled "Football fans hurricane"

So how many foreign countries have credibly offered to help?

Always remember: Bush response time

Vote (Republican) or Die

Fred Phelps: Thank God for Katrina


Michael Parenti hits the nail on the head about the 'free market' response

New DU Rule: * shall now be referred to as "Nero"

Dallas hospital(s) put on yellow alert....

Katrina images echo developing world disasters

LIHOP: Antibiotics withheld from Black men with syphillis

PBS to air NOW program tonight on levees

How are gas supplies in your area?

Security incidents in Iraq, Sept 2

I just called my reps

CNN Breaking: Huge, Major Oil Spill on Mississippi River...

Contact info. for NO Mayor, anyone?


Please Watch LOU DOBB right now!!!


We could learn from China how to evacuate people. Look at what

Bush has yet to "Formally accept any offers" for foreign aid for NO?

Politics be's REALITY in New Orleans....

I really hate to be cynical in the face of this Catastrophe.

"I am satisfied with the response. I am not satisfied with all the results

Workin' Hard. Makin' Progress

Even the evacuation got CLASSIST (or worse)

MSNBC: "people are disgusted with the lack of response"


All the airlines have volunteered to airlift people out of NO.

Photo caption exercise:

Hyatt Hotel Guests more Important than those at the Superdome

"if the reporters could get there how come the government couldn't"

More CNN Screen Shots For The CUBE RATS and Those Lacking Cable!

MSNBC now running a screen clock

Quick transcript of */Blanco Press. Conference just now:

Powering a new generation of cars

MCI chief's severance deal nears $40 million

"The Dead in NO Would Have Eventually Died Anyway"

CBS Kirtzman Editorial. Bush always seems to pop up eventually.

How much more of being treated like they don't matter do these people have

Bush should ask the 1% of the wealthiest first to contribute first!

So how many Americans have been displaced by the storm?

Friday 9/2/05 Scanner thread...

They're going to blame Mayor Nagin and his black admin of NOLA

Once Again, We Are Shown What America Really Thinks About Us.

We need to write this fake reporter

My beautiful SPIRITUAL city as sacrficed itself

Action : We CanTake Notes --> I can't let these people die in vain.

Need info on Army COE projects & budget cuts.

whatever happened to bush getting on with his life?

DU This Poll (Lou Dobbs)

Make the bastards pay for it!

So Halliburton will be paid to do what FEMA was equipped to do? hmmm

Words from a former president, for George

I just called my city Mayor's office and

MSM Coverage

Air America Public Voicemail

Send this article to anyone who says there was no way to know how

I have never been so pissed as I am at the govt over NO

Timeline for the storm and path predictions

The troops look like an army going after insurgents

The media is coming back under Rove's control.

Bus leaving NOLA flips over. On CNN. n/t

Suzanne Malveux on Lou Dobbs calls Bush photo-op "Well Orchestrated."

WTF??? Gas just dropped $.40 per gallon overnight

That fucking Black Power Structure! (TM)

don't forget Bill Mahar tonight on hbo...speak the truth Bill n/t.

Cheny is not dead. He was working on the Halliburton contract!! n/t

Bush: "I'm about to fly out of here....but New Orleans will rise again!"

State of emergency or not, look who’s STILL awol – Dick Cheney

Hurricane season is not over.

A word of advice for those of you caling your Senators and Representatives

Cindy chimes in on Katrina.....from HuffPo 9/02/05

Let's "Transport Refugees to DC" for Impeachment March

Europe Offers U.S. Hurricane Assistance

I just sent $50 to the Red Cross

Vid Clip- Matthews and Fineman Discuss Bush Failure

Listen: The mayor is saying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNN:Radio

"We're fighting them over there so we.....?

OH yea, the tide is turning. this guy is totally a bush lover and he is

This cartoon about DEMS says it all. (and I'm a confirmed Democrat)

"Mr. President: Bring Home the Southern Guardsmen Tonight"

I was watching FOX news, and George Jr. was out

Lou Dobbs,

Are there any reports from the convention center today? Is anyone showing

Can you say 'fuck' in a note to FAUX NEWS re: the word refugees?

Ex Army Corps of Eng fired by Shrub to be on MSNBC next

Where is the "Trent Lott's house" clip on tonight's nightly news casts??

Are LA, AL, & Miss "bluer "along their coasts?

This from the Washington SLIMES!!!

Still no drop zones for food water and medicine

nbc-10 people died on one freeway yesterday NOW

Hey Dobbs!!!!! Gotta newsflash for ya!!!

*Bush ineffective in times of crises, I think we need to drill this home

Notice something missing on the Cable News Whore Channels?

"Culture of life"?!

WaPo: Music Legend 'Fats' Domino Coping With Katrina

The displaced men from NO should get the contract for clean up!!

Mayor Hagin Radio Link

Rita! Rita! So much good news that you can hardly breath!

Any DUer that sings Lou Dobb's praise again, is going on ignore

self-delete: dupe

Halliburton gets contract to repair damage from Hurricane Katrina

National Guard rolling into NOLA

K.W. cable out last hr. - need some info please

"leaving wounded on the battlefield" - that should be our charge

"But Baghdad was on Bush's mind" - WMD - Friday Dump! Keep Kicked!

*** Air America Emergency Voicemail - 1-866-217-6255 ***

Fundie sister just trashed New Orleans and Slammed my church.

WWL-TV: Still no national guards in St Tammany Parish

"The results are not acceptable" Is Clinton prompting Bush on this?

Anybody else think all the black soldiers in Iraq should lay down

Anyone else watching NBC nightly news?

We need protests in the street! We need to scream at our own Governors

Detailed Satellite Image of Aftermath

*****Don't Blame Bush*/ Blame Compassionate Conservatism!

let lou know how you feel

Does anyone have fax numbers for Congressmen/Senators?

"the people in this part of the WORLD"!? * says:

If the MSM showed the dead, rotting, bloated rat-eaten corpses in NOLA

Christian Fundy Rips Pat Robertson a new one

shortly before our cable went out Hastert was doing a photo op

Today proves if you have money, move to the head of the line

Need links to picayune newspapers and tv shows and radio.

Now I gotta fly outta here...but I want to thank the good folks....

I like the GOP's old Southern Strategy better

Anderson Cooper slapping around Trent Lott

CNN during lunch today... lethal force against looters.

Public mailbox contacting family

Anderson Cooper I love u Man!!

Sam Seder is repeating the bush (no) response Timeline

"I want to shrink government to where I could drown it in a bathtub"


link audio of the mayor's interview

Bush is not qualified to hold ANY white collar job

I can't believe I am even capable of thinking this .............

Tulane Medical Center FINALLY evacuated!

even in photo-op mode BUSH and the Government still don’t get it

Watching BBC World on PBS...

Who is this woman on the CNN Headline news?

Cnn ....Anderson Cooper on Live

Evacuees at Cajundome wait for first lady, and for lunch

The Bush Presidents and their Hurricanes.

Drudge taking serious pot shot at Nagin. . .

*s cavalier attitude and casual response to the needs of poor black

Entire gulf coast deemed eminent domaine.

Such a long deep healing must happen with all the folks

Did the duck tape work?

Hyatt hotel guests move to the front of the superdome evacuation line!!!

How soon will Bush bestow a medal on Bumblin' Brown?

You Know, For Such A Huge Disaster, The God Talk Has Been At A Minimum

What lesson do you suppose terrorists will take from the Katrina aftermath

Lou Dobbs is a fucking asshole.

Is God A Terrorist?

ON C-SPAN 2 - Operations in Iraq briefing

Lt.Gen Carl Strock, army corp, seemed credilble on News Hour

Who is this Dan Goure from MSNBC?

cbs report blasting shrub...

Hey, Freeps saying "no one's trying ON THEIR OWN" -- (pic heavy)

ON C-SPAN 2 - Repukes are trying to cover their ass

What if a national cheerleading conference had been going on ..

Mike Brown, head of FEMA, is a dead man walking (with Bush to follow)

The Stock Market hasn't noticed Katrina.

Tweety--do you have a sence that Bush had been watching this

Is Bush's late respone to milk this to have another 911 poll boost?

The Galloway Report - Information about floodplain management

A message from someone born and raised in New Orleans....

This has gotten me thinking about worst case scenarios.


So I guess the GOP drive for Black membership

If the minimum wage had been allowed to be raised and

The March on Washington is September 24?

Dare I say it? Do we have an actual news media again?

Rename downtown NO Lake George until the water is gone.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOU DOBBS KISS MY BLACK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AL Gov. says FEMA has been GREAT and has given them everything

The most profound thought: What if this was a Terrorist attack??

Memphis Welcomes Storm Victims -- a GOOD NEWS story!

Conservation, think about it.

Listings like this make me want to scream or cry.

WDSU - Jefferson Parish reports over 200 dead so far

Jesse Jackson speaking truth on CNN NOW!!!!!!!!

The mark of a good leader is the ability to listen

Hey Gals/Guy's...Blow Back from Bush Selection is in Progress....

Imagine if James Buchanan were President during the Civil War, Or...

After you read Nagin's pleas, e-mail BUSH here:

OK Turn that shit off, the corporate media is back to its poison

Nagin and city officials are getting blamed for response!

Support for the Iraq War is about to plummet

No joke -- Mr. Bill DID know that the levees were in danger of failing.

Rhandi is crying on air

Okay, an ethical question about bus evacuation

What a pious, self-serving SOB

This guy needs volunteer info. He wants to drive into LA:

Bush played golf today?!

Trent Lott, You Son of a bitch! Tell me those lies to my face!

If just one American is killed by NG troops.

In NO, the "forgotten" were "left behind" but the "others" were

Why is death meaningless to Bush?

On Randi Rhodes, did she mention something about Halliburton

Remember Help Came TOO Late For THOUSANDS like this.*graphic*

CBS News shows that FEMA has totally screwed up in Mississippi also

DU this Lou Dobbs poll

Did anyone besides Cafferty point out the "coincidence" of the timing of

He Didn't MIHOP The Hurricane. But, He Sure As Hell LIHOPed The Fucker!

I think whoever first said "never attribute to malice

My friend from NO area just called--1st time since before Katrina

OPINION PLEASE: Would running this letter be insensitive??

NY Times Krugman nails it again: "A Can't-Do Government"

Why Tom Ridge Quit

A plan to give help is being formulated by ordinary citizens

My neighborhood is on fire

CNN slaps Shrub for the photo op!!!

Hmmm... Something Awful puts their two cents in....

**************TOONS: Katrina's Aftermath Edition**************

The suddenly tough press

ON CSPAN: Cong. Black Caucus on Superdome outrage

Anderson 360: ripping Trent Lott apart

I'm feeling vengeance rising up inside me.....and I don't like it.

20 Years Hence, How Will Bush Answer For His LEGACY???

Tulane University Medical Center evacuated (finally)


**Cost/Benefit Analysis. - The Truth**

DailyKos: Bipartisan investigation into Katrina failures

Raising State Revenue, Options to raising taxes, Ideas needed.

Anderson Cooper

Ashamed. Ashamed to be....what, an American??? White??? I dont quite know.


Report Gas Price Gouging


bush and Nagin to speechify ....coming up CNN

NYT: Bush Guitar Pics Circulated On Blogs Implying He Fiddled Like NERO!!!

Brooks ...outrageously spelling it out. on News Hour.


remarkable - David Brooks on PBS admitting that he is embarassed...

Air America Public Voicemail * 1-866-217-6255


Pelosi: "Failure of leadership a bit strong a term to use at this point"

On C-SPAN 2, 8PM Tonite! McKinney Hearing on 9/11 report. 1 yr later!

Oh dear.. my pastor's wife was parroting RW talking points

Does anyone find Blitzer's stuff sort of "canned and pre-planned?"

Julia Reed served up "anti-Democrat rhetoric" on Chris Matthews Show

Wes Clark: "it took President Bush days to get off his mountain bike"

Mayor to feds: 'Get off your asses'

Nero Bush: "I pray I never see a storm like this again" WHAT DID HE "SEE"?

Incorrigable House Republicans using Katrina to further their agenda

9/02/05 Scanner thread PM

Mayor Ray Nagin on sister station WWL as heard on Air America...

responsibilities of FEMA

EVERYONE Make A Sign For Your Car Today!!

CUBE RATS -The Bush Speech In Screen Shots From CNN. Check Out The Quotes!

N.O. Mayor Nagin: Gov't has left us to die

People crying right in Bush's face ... he's never had to deal with this b4

planes did NOT report being shot at

Toronto Star article "Tales of Woe Shame a Nation"

So what is the true situation in Baton Rouge?

David Brock on Jim Lehrer just said,

ACTIVISM REQUEST: Need email addies and Phone #s for Congress folk, esp

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

WES CLARK calls BUSH OUT in DesMoines Register

Nagin and the rest of the LA government are not without blame

I honestly had no idea Bush had made us so vulnerable!

Did Frustrated Lefty ever say what Hospital his wife was in?

A note to our friends in the Main Stream Media

DU'ers!!!! Send feedback form to JACK CAFFERTY and let him know KEEP AT IT

Is at all possible for us from NO to speak and dumb fucks to cool

The Absolute Best and Worst of Humanity On Display All At Once

New Orleans has a new name: LAKE GEORGE

Bush just now: "No one could have prepared for this destruction."

Legal definition of 'refugee' requires presence outside of own country

RW Radio: "Local gov't." is to blame

C-SPAN is showing the Pickles moment NOW n/t

Kudos to the GD moderators!

RED CROSS -- do we need to take another look?

first hand account of urban warfare and the NOLA situation

LIHOP? MIHOP? Come on folks. Take a breath and think.

Louisville DUers: Anyone interested in a spontaneous demonstration next..

Global Warming, Hurricane Connection

Gov Blanco's plea on 8/28 to Bush posted on Randi's website


Just talked to Dean's office, dems are going to call Bush out

Things in Houston going to hell..deaths on the buses, no toilets in Dome

Trent Lott is pleased with the Fed. Govt. Response.

Greg Gutfeld - soon to be "patron sainted"

Religious fundies celebrate the cleansing of NO!

Lone Star Steak House doing their part:

Bush: "Out of the rubble of Trent Lott's house, we'll build a fantastic...

YES! We're "adopting" a family!

Write your Congressmen...DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!!

Emails to CNN: Woman from UK calls NO situation "economic cleansing."

Is Bush finally toast now? Are people across the country waking up?

Halliburton gets contract to repair damage from Hurricane Katrina

Houston mayor is a real hero in this.

9/11 Changed Nothing

do the unions know that all their regulations will be out the window

4 NEW! Free 60cm Resolution Satellite CU's of Levee breaks PLUS

OK if this thread is true then they did withhold aid until Bush got there

OK, so which came first? "The Chicken or the Aid?"

Remember the horrible Bankruptcy Bill. I just got letters from MBNA today.

Read and Weep - FEMA "turned away Police and Doctors" at the stateline


American Family Association: “New Orleans now is abortion free."

I have had ENOUGH of the way Black people are treated in the USA

Imagine this. Just imagine.

Must Read - A "floatilla of aid" TURNED BACK from New Orleans...Explain!

Lake George, Louisiana!

michael savage calling for impeachment

When the Levees break: reported 11:15 a.m MONDAY MORNING on WSDU


This guy wants the truth out--amazing stories(from a conservative rescuer)

NOLA.COM - Personal Pleas for Help Being Posted - Many trapped

Katrina pic worth a thousand words

Set yer VCRs - I'm going to be on the BBC world news tonight

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, DU'ers, What have YOU done to help out?

German correspondent shocked about staged Biloxi events

America -- This Is US


Time to make friends North of the boarder.

Cheney to visit Alberta on 8 September?

CBC Online News Returning – Kind of

my email to one MP re hurricane relief

Is there a power-shift in Washington?

Hurricane Katrina events UK forum discussion thread

Why commuters are going the extra mile for their daily grind

Astrodome Declared Full; Refugees Sent to Other Shelters

Houston Chronicle: Stadium calls halt to taking refugees

Guantanamo hunger strike staged

Wal-Mart Commits Additional $15 Million to Katrina Relief

Fires, explosions erupting in Southwest NO

BREAKING: Explosions Erupting in Southwest New Orleans

IMPORTANT! Dems introduce bankruptcy relief bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 2 September

N.O. Mayor Nagin: Gov't has left us to die

Canadian Forces prepare provisions (STILL no ok from *ush)

FEMA's Mike Brown on FoxNews 6 AM


Casinos worried about impact of soaring gas prices

Hastert Questions Rebuilding New Orleans

More Nevada Guard members heading to the South

Spindly Bush Saves Police From Storm's Wrath

Bush says relief results 'not acceptable'

Blast Rocks NOLA!

Baton Rouge truthful information

New - unsettling - theory on BSE origins (They fed humans to the cattle!)

Bush to tour battered Gulf Coast towns

Evacuees adapt to Cenla (Rapides Parish Coliseum)

Officials Hold Talks on Iraq Constitution

Turn Faux on they are going into

Europe to send emergency oil to US

CBC Press Conference: "Where are the airlines, where are the hotels?"

Massachusetts colleges offer spots to Gulf Coast students

3 States Launch Gas Market Tampering Probe

La. officials STEP UP criticism of Federal Govt.

BBC reports Idiot-in-Chief has arrived in Mobile, Alabama n/t

Bush on CNN "We are going to help rebuild Trent Lotts house. "

Clinton and Bush Snr to lead aid appeal

Mayor to feds: 'Get off your asses'

Conservative magazine blames blacks, political correctness for chaos

Canadian Forces On Standby To Help Hurricane Katrina Effort

Oil prices fall as US facilities restart (though recession worries remain)

Caravan of Buses reported in New Orleans near Superdome

U.S. gov't to order general sale of emergency crude

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Joseph Rotblat Dies

(CA) Governor's approval rating continues to slide, poll shows (36%)

Administration to Release 30 Million Barrels of Crude Oil

Bush Bypasses Senate to Install Official

Bush's Footage is Canned

U.S. soldier, interpreter, killed in Afghan clash

GA Gov. Perdue suspends gasoline taxes thru Sept.

Models predicted New Orleans disaster, experts say

AG launches statewide investigation into skyrocketing fuel prices

U.N.: Iran Has Tone of Gas for Nuke Bomb

Corps: Lack of funds did not contribute to flooding

Iran hopes for "positive" UN nuclear report

People dying in New Orleans streets

August payrolls grew 169,000 pre-Katrina

Black Lawmakers Angry Over Relief Response

Rumors are just that

ALERT! All DC-Area Gas Stations Closed at 4PM Today! Will Reopen Tuesday!

Van Susteren Joins Senate Race

160 Law Professors Sign Letter Opposing Roberts Nomination

New Orleans Mayor Blasts Bush, Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina

*Bush on the ground in NOLA - coming up on WWL-TV

U.K.'s Straw Rules Out Military Action on Iran Nuclear Plan

FEMA Head: Lawlessness Not Anticipated

'America is overwhelmed' (the world's press reacted with disbelief)

Perdue Halts Gas Tax Collections (Georgia)

Explosions fill New Orleans sky with smoke

U.S. black leaders condemn slow Katrina relief

Toddler killed by SUV( run down by driver entering crowded gas station)

New Orleans orders evacuation

Evacuee bus flips over on highway near Lafayette.

U.S. accepts Russian Katrina aid

U.S. Salvation Army says food, supplies running out

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq

Tales of Woe Shame a Nation

Bus leaving NOLA flips over. On CNN. n/t

Bush: "I'm about to fly out of here....but New Orleans will rise again!"

Tony Blair calls for better parenting

U.N.: Iran Has Tons of Gas for Nuke Bomb

David Brock on Jim Lehrer just said,

Blair offers help for storm victims

Wyo Guard units head to New Orleans

Major oil spill spotted on Mississippi River

Guardsmen Greeted With Applause, Anger

WES CLARK DECLARES BUSH Mishandled Storm! - DesMoines Register article

Evacuees at Cajundome Wait for First Lady, and for Lunch (Lafayette, LA)

Airlines Begin Evacuation Flights

Young Republican creates bogus Web site as prank

Corps Officials Say New Orleans' Flood Walls Were in Good Condition

Katrina Response Angers Black Lawmakers

The Big disconnect on New Orleans

Europe Offers U.S. Hurricane Assistance

Unemployment Rate Slumps to 4-Year Low (4.9%)

Jackson Blasts Bush Over Katrina Aid

Bulgaria to withdraw its troops from Iraq

Bus traveling from Superdome crashes; 1 dead; at least 10 wounded

ACLU Alleges Ga. Hiked Voter ID Card Fee

Storm disaster fuels doubts over US terror plans

GOP big: Put Rudy in charge in Gulf! (Rep John Sweeney(R))

Congressman Can't Get Bush on the Line (300 yds. away bush won't answer)

US can handle Iraq, Katrina: Bush

Aussies 'loot to survive' (in NO)

Questions of racism in hurricane photo captions; Yahoo responds

Draining New Orleans Could Take a Month

US indicates willing to accept Venezuela's aid

Bush faces growing revolt over education policy

Gingrich critical of (Bush) hurricane response

Germany has 'duty' to aid hurricane victims: Schroeder

Big SUV sales take dive as gas costs soar

Death toll in Louisiana could be above 10,000: US Senator

Iraq civil war fears grow as sectarian violence spreads

Navy pilot says `a lot of people' still trapped

Marriott evacuates its remaining guests from New Orleans (09/02/2005)

Army Genl Stresses Military Law Enforcemt Aiding Civil Power After Katrina

First lady visits La. Center, says it's not like what you're seeing on T-V

Halliburton hired for storm cleanup

CNN: Bush: "Results are not acceptable"

Mystery unfolds over hunt for WMD in Iraq (Major Friday News Dump!)

Sonic 'Lasers' Head to Flood Zone (Here We Go!)

Bush warns of gasoline problem this holiday weekend

Evacuation delayed to accomodate more hotel guests

We All Need Some Light

I do not think there is a tinfoil hat big enough for GD tonight!

What a fucking awful day but it's over now -g'night.

This Nighthawk is semi-sober and just got back from watching boxing ...

Hey, we are back down to Level 2!

BREAKING: Bush never anticipated a breach ===>

"Be still. Do not speak. Try to sleep. Still your heart. And hope."

Post Show Thread

Hugo Chavez is my president!

I will not go there, but I wonder what is happening on Freak Repugnant

I have no one on ignore

You know, I've seen big engines before, but...

Love ya later, DU. Keep up the good fight. I'm going to bed.

Anyone know who has electricity along the Coast? Mobile? Hattiesburg?

Thinking of "Blue Bayou" tonight....

So tell many posts do I have to have before I'm immune to BS

OMIGOD....We have our 48 hour lists back...and it looks so fine!

I am going to bed...I will likely not be on again until Monday night

Bush the Slime Beetle (picture included)

Is it better to give to United Way?

Breaking (not really) - Bush's Crawford ranch on fire

DU Word of the Day: verisimilitude.

Officer they're looting the Food King!!!!!!!

I gotta crash

Happy 39th Birthday to Salma Hayek (9/2/66)

Radical Fringe toons are back -- NEW

A toast to the Mods and Admins of this fine site

the rich get richer....commentary from alaska

Fiction Becoming Truth - Oil Storm!

They're even looting the PetCo!

A man becomes preemiment, he is expected to have enthusiasms.

George W. Bush will most assuredly rot in the fiery pit of Hell

Just because I need some cute and fuzzy pictures to counteract

Today's ZINGS!

My fantasy

Actress Patricia Clarkson's mother is a NOLA city councilwoman

Level 1 - We have AVATARS!

Has Fats Domino or Irma Thomas been found yet?

Who is that woman who comes on after Olbermann?

Meet Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog

Who's subbing for Larry King tonight?!?

Soccer can be dangerous...

Be jealous. I'm headed to the sheep lead.

So what are the casaulties from the GD flamewars today?

Anybody heard from Shell Beau?

Red Cross donors: did any of you donate to a site that

Good Morning, Everybody!

Odd request here...

Photographer gets a candid pic of FEMA Director Mike Brown

My cartoon site is finally working again

Need a laugh??

Gas Prices: Truth in Advertising

So... I did it.

Blues legend R.L. Burnside dies

THIS JUST IN: President Declares New War on Candor

Thanksfully Lee and Maria have decided NOT to visit the United States

Presidential Picture

did bush reLease the kracken on the guLf coast?

What Is the Strange Texas "Chicken-Eater"?

*SIGH* Remember when...

Don't you hate it when you sabotage yourself

Paper contrite over Pope's beer and pretzel doctoring

My toes are cold

Todays "Real Life Adventure" comic strip

Given NOLA, I'm preparing my own emergency plans.

New Comic

Does Shrub ever NOT look like an imbicile with an idotic smirk...

Why are people accusing the WH of being slow!!!

Emergency worker appreciation thread

Britney checking in:

Submitting a resume to a giant impersonal company website

I have a painful hankering........

I am incredibly happy!

Any word from Shell Beau?

Hey Britt - that's it for Louisiana?????

Would someone who knows please PM me with Maddy's location?

Vote for Skeeter!!!

North Texas DU'ers: Please visit TEXAS forum to find out how you can help.

Fats Domino found.... ALIVE!

Creation- Evolution debate in Colorado Springs

"President Bush may yet be remembered as the greatest American of the

self delete

bush asks nola voodoo queens...

I propose one simple change to this h'line: Bush: Results 'not acceptable'

I've been asked to make some Impeach Bush t-shirts

Once again, Mike Luckovich sums it up pretty well

Throwing Stones.

Bush is noxious and causes allergic reactions

How long does it take for your computer to boot?

Dog and cat question.

Is there any way to watch MSNBC on the Internet?

Hooray!!....Dumbya is on his way to New Orleans!!!

Which real movie star is Vince in "Entourage" comparable to??

Oh my..oh my mama they got us living genocide

Relief now for the Gulf Region: Bush says we will rebuild Lott's house


I'm going to be out of town and away from DU this weekend.

My favorite local radio host is on a rant!

I read that Clinton cut his vacation short due to a disaster...

Now you all have to watch the NBC special and phone in pledges tonight!!

Is anybody else's "My Posts" feature not working?

One Click ! ! America's Second Harvest and Dannon working together

The Constant Gardener.........

Well, at least the spiders are gone..

Any Sufjan Stevens fans?

"Just shut up about saving people and gimme some more coke"- Shrub on TV

Can you drive in New hampshire with a Mass driving permit?

What are you listening to?

If I were to just think of buying a new Chrysler.....


My company is matching employees' donations for Katrina victims. owner turns down $500K sets up hurricane info site

I'm so enraged by all that is happening in NOLA and the gulf

Shot gun CHECK big dog CHECK ugly woman CHECK claw hammer CHECK

ACTIVISM REQUEST: Blast Homeland Security Committee and Congress for

Oh no the dreaded 404 error!

Randi's pissed about that guest on Rachel Maddow's show.

When lap dancers go bad!!!


So how much has DU traffic increased?

Pump checkin

"cackling" witch Laura thinks its "sweet" that foreign nations offer help

DU this poll. Actually, you may not have to.

I just HAD to make this t-shirt!

********* UPDATED MESSAGE FROM ADMINS ***********

Small Typo Forces Recall of War-Drum Banging Bumper Stickers

With no Top 10 Conservative Idiots this Mon. (holiday) let's make our own

Is level 3 on DU like going up to level orange?


Hello. Is there anybody in there?

I need help..

i'm addicted to hitting "my posts"... now i can't

What's "God" saying to * now on that private line

they just found Cheney

Top 10 Reasons They Hate New Orleans

Flavor Flav asks people to bow their heads for a moment of silence

Goodnight, DU. I love you. Better Tomorrow.

Cross post from GD: EarlG is going to be on BBC world news tonight

For My 1000th Post I would like to thank

I am so thankful I'm from the upper-midwest

Just *feel* the e-m-p-a-t-h-y . . .

Homicidal Rage: Starting NOW

What weather threat most endangers you?

An Open Letter To George W.

Mornin' *yawn*

Great News!

Why must I go out of my way to say that I care? Or need to at all?!

Please read if you want to get the attention of the US Gov.about Katrina

My Yahoo reminder told me today to start Christmas Shopping...

Anyone know what sort of bug this is

Why in perdition are we still at level 3?

A banner year for 'banned' books


My office mate wants to talk... I want to listen to Randi!!

National Geographic must be psychic. How else could they have

Why was Little George on vacation this time?

Say something nice about me.

Twice in the last 3 nights, HEyHEY has foiled my army of trained spiders

At times like this, I know there is no God - rant

I took the bus to work yesterday


W's week --- in smilies

Has anybody seen "Catholic Sensation"?

GD --- Four minutes separation from the top to the bottom of the page.

I have awesome kids....

I just had the worst fortune from a fortune cookie

What are your most "un-hip" music likes/loves?

A friend sent an e-mail to bush today

Has the Spirit of Paul Lynde Taken Possession of *?

It Is All Clinton's Fault

Something for everyone! It's Comedy tonight!

I'm drinking the first of many adult beverages...too much emotion

Oh dear... I have to like Hilary Duff a little bit...

MOTHRA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's huge!

KFOG in San Francisco is playing New Orleans music

My song got mentioned on! Ask me anything!

I don't like the way I'm feeling

I am just pissed off beyond belief....

This would be the ULTIMATE DU movie: Road House Showgirls

My office is matching all donations to hurricane victims 100%

Twice in the last three nights, I've killed a spider on me in bed

Katrina Vanden Heuvel - ooh la la!

T G I F ! ! !

I badly needed a laugh, so I'll share this one: HILARIOUS baiting of GOPs

What slick ad campaign scammed you as a child?

Obligatory I'm disappearing for a week thread.

Rural DUers--help my mom and I identify this mystery animal:

Post your favorite punchlines here

Has anyone heard from Brainshrub?

Success - Lunch with asthmaticeog.

overnight show request thread

Worst movie you've seen in the last month?

Fundie website watch...Chick and Phelps

Who's missing?

Just got back from the Grocery Store

Friday art. (Two photos)

So, "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior" are now instructional videos

Say something nice about a fellow DUer...

I have three trees down on my house, no power, no phone...

Say something nice about yourself

Is God A Terrorist?

Nice Windows trick to prevent browser from loading ads

Is There A White House Science Advisor?

Groundbreaking Research Sheds Light On Easter Island's Ancient Mystery

New - unsettling - theory on BSE origins (They fed humans to the cattle!)

I badly needed a laugh, so I'll share this one: HILARIOUS baiting of GOPs

Lawsuit alleges abuse at youth correctional facility

Gay groups deny ‘grand plan’ to derail Roberts

Florida Anti-Gay Amendment Goes To Supreme Court For Review

Milwaukee Mayor Calls Inquiry Into Gay Musical Bust

Forty-six percent and counting

KKK To Demonstrate At Gay Methodist Retreat

Reinstate Gay Marriage Amendment Nebraska A.G. Tells Judge

California gay marriage - Assembly?

Gay Houston Opens It Heart To Katrina Victims

Gays and lesbians look to help in hurricane relief effort

Gay Publications Under Attack Nationally

FEMA not allowed to aid gay families. Donate 2 Hurricane Katrina LGBT Fund

Study shows awareness of HIV status lowers risky behavior

North Carolina Gay Marriage Amendment Dies

San Antonio Makes Moves to Take Care of the Saints

Giants may host Saints in Week 2

so, NASCAR this weekend?

Those in Orlando that might know people that need help

CNN TVreport on 09/01:gulf coast : homes needed for 9 mini-horses

Will prayer help NOLA?

You favorite talismans and protective symbols?

So all I wanted was...

Anyone sick of Chimp Enablers?

A small rant

Did anyone else almost become unglued yesterday?

Kerry new statement on Katrina - collective anguish and frustration

JK has been in Iraq - He is on his way home

And now for something completely different...

Can people also post some good news about those who care

DG takes on ReMax

Oh, my GAWD! Unreal news, gang!

Alright, I'm done wigging out.

Good morning ladies.

Finally - some psychological threat to put the few criminals, who are

So, what was Chertoff thinking and why wasn't he prepared

Is the aftermath of Katrina the reason for the level three?

Full Media Attention Should be on *'s Cut of Levy Funding, other policies

Katrina’s Refugees: “There’s Nowhere to Go and No Way to Get There”

Republicans, have you souls?

Another site for people willing to share their homes

Pat Robinson has lost it, "tragedy on gulf coast benefits Judge Roberts"

zidzi pointed out that if bushco couldn't 'anticipate' a disaster THEN

Bush "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees"

Bush the sadist is more concerned with the looting

We still have Rove's indictment to look forward to

Let's all send "Thank You" notes to President Chavez.

The disaster was caused by Mother Nature

The Mormon Church was ready to help FRIDAY, but NOT THE GOV

Why is it OK to show bodies and people dying in NOLA, but not our soldiers

Early 2004: SNL's clay-animated "Mr. Bill" in LA Wetlands alert ad

Does NYT read DU?

The hurricane disaster: US capitalism stands disgraced

Video clip: Anderson Cooper tells Landrieu "Americans want answers"

Please don't think that Bush will EVER suffer for his actions or inactions

Mehlman (GOP Chair) Vs. Howard Dean

Emergency Housing Drive

"A fair Judge deserves a fair vote..."

Does the CNN reporter on now work for the White House?

Is that vulgar, ill-mannered miner deofol in the major-manor...

Astrodome rejects buses of refugees - fire marshal says full.

Do we really need the National Guard to maintain law and order ?

An open Admission of Incompetence when they say "We could not have known

Are any private citizens able to get in to New Orleans to render help?

The road to Bush goes thru our own people. Should we hold THEM accountable

Impeach President Bush for negligence and deriliction of duty

Is Republican hatred of Democrats causing the lack of response in NO?

FOX still trying to spin for Bush and the RW-neocon admin. n/t

It's not the war and its attendant pack of lies

Why Didn't Bush Discuss Hurricane Relief From The "Western White House"?

Definition of gas price gouging in Kansas,what a relief to Oil Barron's..

NOLA, MS, AL, "your government has failed you." Whatmore can be said?

Poetry from Evangeline

CNN Poll: "How would you describe the response to Katrina's destruction?"

Are they brain storming the problem? You bet they are!

Rep. Wexler called for Bush to fire FEMA's Mike Brown in January

Fox-Looting do to lack of God in schools - Hannity "whining...complaining"

Are ANY non-government charitable organizations functioning in NO?

Ready to kill

Once he figures out how his buddies in Texas and elsewhere can profit...

Breaking: Bush giving up Mountain Biking....

The Ignored FEMA Predictions.

CNN is not working and playing well with others...

Dear Scott McClellan, it IS a time for ANSWERS, it's beyond time.

Why Thousands May Die (The era of 'big government' is over)

Hastert on New Orleans: "A lot of that place could be bulldozed"

Why hasn't Brown been fired........

Red State DU-ers, How Are Your Local Democrats Doing?

Hm. FEMA blames White House?

Congress still off until Tuesday?

We need to rip the cover off the writhing, seething mass of 'puke maggots.

* Dressed For The Occasion, He's Ready To Pitch In And......

New Orleans' Disaster Specifically Foretold in 2001, 2002.

Scott McClellan: Bush administration "adequately" funded LA flood control

Cheney to visit Alberta for Big Oil (September 8)

Michael Chertoff: Government doing "a magnificent job" in New Orleans

If you think things are bad now--

That's a nice trick, George...

dont' think we'll need to DU this poll: cnn: has bush done enough?

Has anyone found the text of the Katrina relief bill?

ISO: Politician & Newpaper Email Lists

It's not going to work this time, Rove.

I am waiting for someone in the press to ask this question of *...

Bush needs to fire Michael Brown (FEMA head) and appoint Bill Clinton

pay attention, black people who vote republican

The Chimp was hyperventilating on live TV this morning

Bush's Gulf Coast photo op to counter "too-little, too-late" criticism

We're Going To Restore Law & Order in NO.......

Bush and Cronies in Blow fest...

"If you haven't seen it, the Gulf Coast looks like an it was

CBS Early Poll - Bush 54% Approve 12% Disapprove Katrina Handling

Michael Brown is probably the single most incompetent asshole

EXCELLENT news conference by the black Congress.

Pres schedule for wkend? Going to Crawford?

MSNBC has a clock in the lower right-hand corner: 4 days 4h 35m

There's duhbie-doo with his sleeves rolled up, striding across the tarmac

NYT: Bush: "Results Not Acceptable" Headline should be "National Disgrace"

A crime against humanity.

Beware the Idles of August, when our President takes time off.

Question: If Bush can get into NO, why can't FOOD, Med's

Woo Hoo! CNN NAILS "briefing" in Mobile.

The Senate is in session

Miami Herald cartoonist Jim Morin GETS IT RIGHT! re:Bush/Katrina

MSNBC showing Bush live in Mobile AL with lying zombie fuckhead Chertoff

Clark: "obvious lack of planning to deal with this catastrophe"

It's an ill wind that blows no good for Bush

Help find The Holy Grail of hurricane pictures!!!

Zogby: A "supreme test of Bush's leadership" (It's ALL ABOUT Bush)

Rachel Maddow just did the most inspired 20 mins. of radio...

The Admin will ultimately be judged based on the number of dead

Vacation is Over... an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Bush tells it like it is...add another stupid statement to the list!

Fox's front page photo of Bush from this morning's "briefing"

Bush is catapulting the fuck out of the propaganda

Message from Shrub to Bin Laden: Attack us in August.

Do you want photo ops, or do you want action?!

A Member of Parliament (nation?) is trapped in New Orleans

Nagin: "Get off your asses...and lets fix the biggest Goddamn crisis...

Bottom Line: If * Was Really Protecting Us, This Would Be a Shining Moment

Video of convoy arriving with relief supplies finally

And the photo ops begin...

Has the Pentagon's Sept. 11 Jamboree been cancelled yet?

Imelda Rice shoe spree. Anyone know the details?

bushgang says it was "appropriate" to murder Reuters journalist

Bush live again on MSNBC: "We're gon' HEP people rebuild, Stretch..."

DU this CNN poll

New Orleans will come back. bush will dissapear.

I was able to get matching contributions at the grocery store...

What's "unacceptable" about things in NOLA? Lack of order,

Freeper thread on Bush's "briefing" has 884 responses...they're not happy.

What's Happening in New Orleans, In the Words of People Who are There...

I have a question. I am off to buy bottled water for the NJ NAtional

Congress: Hold Bush Accountable on Failed Katrina Response

He Should Be Prosecuted for Murder

Possible RW excuse for Bush's incompetence

Is any major DEM

Why are people still suprised by Bush's Frat Boy act?

CNN shows split screen of Bush motorcade and huge bus and supplies convoy!

"I'm not looking forward to this trip," Bush said

New Oreans mayor losses it video/audio

Who would've thunk it? Laura is in LA b4 Waterloo W. They are making

New Orleans Mayor Angry ... And Surprisingly, Bush Agrees

You can map Bush's plans out if you can see Rove's pieces on the board

MSN: Hostile reception likely as Bush tours southern states

"Some things are working extremely well" -Laura Bush

I just heard an estimated death toll for LA alone of 10,000

We're being "framed" again - notice how all the Repukes are



Hmmm What happens when the LA Ntl Guard getes back...

New Legislation: Leave No Legislature Behind

cnn web page right now "CONVOY OF HOPE"

* on CNN talking about OIL. PIPELINES.

I agree with Scotty that "it's not time for finger pointing blame."

How much of their record profits has Halliburton offered LA/MS/AL?

Idiot Son is UNABLE to concentrate on the briefing he's getting in Miss.

A 4 pound jar of peanutbutter and a stackable box

Vacation is Over... an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Message I just got from a Bush supporter:

We need action on delaying

Pickles has managed to make it to Lafayette LA Red Cross-136 miles from NO

Bush's Footage is Canned

Nagin interview CNN right now

University Hospital evacuated

Dean cancels DNC meeting next week in Phoenix, and fundraisers.

Delay the supreme idiot is on with the "happy" news

Bush shows up and the NG is there! Food! Water! Poof! Its a miracle!

Newsweek: colossal failure of leadership

Republican starting their Patriotic response now

Audio of Mayor Nagin

Washington Times blasts Bush....

I need the side by side pic posted here a couple days ago

Is Dick Cheney Alive?

Breaking..Bush on CNN: "We are going to help rebuild Trent Lotts house."

Hispanics or whites only, please

With 40% of soldiers in Iraq being Nat Guard, is that essentially a Draft?

Rachel Maddow said on AAR that Bush took the time out from his

LA Daily News: Plenty of Katrina blame

It is now time for President Kerry to take action.

Ken Fucking Mehlman urging supporters to call senators TODAY on Estate Tax

I just called Hastert's office. They are denying he said New Orleans

A Letter To "President Bush"

Just blew up at Kerry's office & Nelson's office

France help proposal to the US

oil supplies will not be disrupted!

Bush is "satisfied" with the RESPONSE, "not satisfied" with "some results"

My co-worker just got the "looters" and "finders" email

Where is Senator David Vitter (R-LA) in all this?

Please stop yelling at the Democrats for a while.

Aside from the Katrina mess, Bush has to worry about gas fallout.

CNN: Bush visit political photo op

pretend black Rice has woman removed from her presence

What a Difference a Day Makes...

A Gutless President!!!

Holy Crap! Hillary Actually Has A Chance?!?!?

Bush Claims Recovery Efforts “Are Not Acceptable” - The Blame Lies on His

RWingnuts are blaming the Mayor of NO

Grover Norquist on Katrina-The GOP agenda in action

Exposing the Maggots Under the Log

They're not Refugee's - They're Americans dammit!!!

Huffington: "Bush Hits the Scene, Giving Hope to... Uh, Trent Lott"

John Edwards' email on flood: "Two Americas"

Comparison: vs.

Whatever you say about Junior, he has 'good' PR people in spite of himself

MUST READ -- First Hand Report from DUer MaddyMcCall

Sean Halfnutty already starting the spin. He sucks.

Bush "uplifted" by the spirit in Biloxi, acknowledges "sadness, of course"

Have they aired the meeting between the major and idiot son?

*****Don't Blame Bush*/ Blame Compassionate Conservatism!!!!!

"Immediate action now"....Chimp speaking again

Chris Matthews: "maybe mayor was too angry to speak"

Helms Compares Abortion to 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Faux gets informal interview time with the BushCo propaganda tour

The Most Disgusting, Cynical, Criminal Politics EVER! NOLA Relief DELAYED

Tweety: How would Bush handle a nuclear attack if he can't handle Katrina?

Cafferty, CNN: Relief convoys, Bush photo op simultaneously: Coincidence?

CNO directed US naval ships to gulf coast - ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE

Was disaster relief being privatized ? Faithbased groups doing FEMA jobs

I am reassured by Nero's statement.

Anyone hear from Cindy

Venezuela offers aid

Rebuild New Orleans and Mississippi with the WPA.

Do you think Junior's MEDIA EVENT today fooled most of America?

Last year's Exxon profits - Please tell me they are making a donation.

Hey Queers! You Gave Us Hurricane Katrina!!!

They got the people at the Ritz out immediately when they heard they were

Why is the Louisiana Governor kissing Bush's ass?

Cafferty to Wolf: Do you thing the arrival of the convoy and photo op

Has anyone heard about the kids trapped at Xavier University?

CNNs reality check

Uncovered story: Mississippi River as transport for food/water

Halliburton makes money coming & going.

DNC: Federal Response to Katrina Unacceptable

Report from the "camps" in New Orleans.

CNN Poll: Has President Bush done enough to help the victims of Katrina?

Who asked Laura Bush to explain a disaster to us?

CNN Poll: Do you think relief efforts seen Friday mark a turning point...

Newt Gingrich steps up to carve a slice of Bush's ass. GO NEWT.

When will a politician from the effected area "dis" Bush to his face?

Don't send money for "relief" of N.O. -- DEMAND Relief

This is the 5th most emailed photo on Yahoo-- it needs to be at least 4th

Question for Freepers.

Is Ted Turner running CNN again?

Oh the times they are a changing....

Are LA, AL, & Miss "bluer "along their coasts?

They are talking about "economic stimulus"....

They have found a scapegoat. LA governor Blanco (D)!

Here's why Democrats need to point fingers.

Words from Poem "Evangeline" by Longfellow: Repost

The New American Aristocracy

Katrina May Cut Payrolls by 500,000 This Month (worst decline in 30 years)

Report from NOLA evacuee. Names of survivors. It's long.

In case you missed it--SurveyUSA tracking poll via Kos

Russians take urgent measures to evacuate russians from N.O.

To put in all into perspective:

While New Orleans drowns, Ziggy played guitar

The Democrats have Bush by the balls on this one

Yet another FR Post..

Front Pages Across America, 9/2/05

They didn't LET Mayor Nagin speak !

Uh, I, I, I'm a hurricane Presunent!

Recipe for Disaster

Any Dem prez candidates besides Wes Clark speaking out?

"they laughed at me"

Here's the "President hugs crying kids" photo you KNEW was coming.

Somebody get Chertoff a TV (He Doesn't Have a Clue)

Poor Kathleen Blanco.

Find Grover Norquist and stick his ass in New Orleans

Report from a local team of firefighters who went to New Orleans

IMPORTANT! Dems introduce bankruptcy relief bill

Lynne Stewart trial news crawl - INTIMIDATION

*WOW* Lauer and Russert on the Today Show

If you have a DEM House Rep--Write NOW...DEMAND IMPEACHMENT

I just watched the Landrieu/Cooper video.

Rove is framing this perfectly for the Propagandist to be the hero.

Anderson Cooper ripped Trent Lott a new one on live interview

We need to stop thinking about 2008 and focus on helping the victims

Halliburton Hired for NO Storm Cleanup

Any MIHOP/LIHOPers rethinking after Bushco's Katrina clusterfuck?

Condi on MSNBC right now: "Everyone is very emotional"...

"The Worst President Ever", Helen Thomas


Rescue Teams showed up in Biloxi with Bush are totally fake

Kerry statement - inadequate response from the federal govt ....

The next time someone asks, "Where are the Democrats?"

Dan Wasserman cartoon: looting started before the hurricane

the "Comfort" hospital ship will leave port NEXT Sunday!! it has not

Who thinks Cheney is dead?

Rep. Conyers: Public Policy and Katrina - Bankruptcy Law and Price Gouging

Potential Bush-CIA crisis ***** George Tenet will defend himself

WES CLARK DECLARES BUSH Mishandled Storm! - DesMoines Register article

Chimpy FIRED Flood Control Expert in 2002 Who Warned of Impact

I never ever thought I would hear a news anchor

Anyone remember the SNL skit from 2000?

My God! FEMA Head Brown Was FIRED from IAHA for Incompetence!!

FUCK MSNBC. LOOK at this photo, e-mail them, tell them what you think.

"Indifference is a weapon of mass destruction"

Hastert Touches Raw Nerve With Insensitive Comments About Rebuilding New O


NARAL and the Three Bears: First Roberts ad too hot, second ad too cold...

John Edwards speaks out on class issues playing into Katrina disaster

What did bush mean when he refered to

Tax Windfall Profits of Oil Companies

Kucinch hammers administration over Hurricane response!!!