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Archives: September 21, 2005

Coalition forces apprehend terror doctors, prevent terror clinic

Here's why it matters that New York is run by a Republican

America am(Bush)ed (Ron Fournier)

What show did you watch during the war, Daddy? (Rall)

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

ABC News: Government Flood Insurance Program Called into Question

This year's fast-forming hurricanes buck trend, puzzle meteorologists

A strong economy depends on a strong sense of materialism

Catholic Church steps up campaign to oust Spanish government

Concerning these abrupt forming hurricanes in the West Atlantic...

Sacrificing pork for the Gulf Coast

A Chief Justice Already Testing Environmental Law's Pillars

Carter/Baker report can't face how the GOP stole Americas 2004

Rigging machines is too slow, CA gov has a faster plan

Fraud charges need response--Published in the Asbury Park Press 09/20/05

Steps must be taken to guarantee that every vote counts. Concord Monitor

Requiring photo-ID as a protection of our election system

Do your own analysis: Excel Interactive Election Model Simulation

How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election and Is Rigging 2008

Federal panel urges e-voting paper trail-- Tri Valley Herald

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush: A Descriptive Summary

OC Weekly's Matt Coker: GOP EATS ITS OWN

Affirmative Action in California

Dickinson to speak to the Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

new flyer at

What Paty Affiliation is Hennigan? (nt)

Another first for Brockton — homeless stage protest

Chris Williams at Sanders Theatre with Ellis Paul - benefit CHAF

iTunes Help!

I've had it!!

911 Lies Under Fire - Truth Finally Emerging By Greg Szymanski

Key West mandatory evacuation-only 1/2 left

A mini-New Orleans? Galveston ponders its vulnerabilities (Houston Chron.)

Limbaugh falsely claimed that Blair "pulled Great Britain out of the Kyoto

Paging HeeBGBz

Who else supports another Bush vacation in the next day

Very *GRAPHIC* example of W's "Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal"

Republican Communism

Opt out of a massive, secret, Pentagon database on your kid!

Isn't the whole Bush administration a failed Republican Bio-sphere?

VIDEO- Cindys vs NYPD

New Zogby poll in my inbox (re: 2006 elections)...

Oh the irony!

Blanco was promised 500 buses

I am compelled to

interesting. florida has 12,000 national guard

Bush Administration Strategy

Should GW Bush/Administration go on another vacation?

Bob Ney is every bit as dirty as Tom Delay

Help Frances Newton

I'm going to hurt the next person who tells me I "hate America", or

NBC comedy "My name is Earl" kicks ass!

My take on the brit situation

How are they going to pay for reconstruction of Houston or Galveston?

Massachusetts seeks to rid itself of those last remaining damn beavers

Nagin just now on Anderson Cooper.... Q: What will you do different now

Excerpt from Jackpine's Guide to the Political Jungle shows a good timeline of Katrina and who did what

Had my first scuffle with a Cincinnati FREEPER!

Starbucks cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor

Former FEMA (regional) director calls NO mayor "Whining, Flip Flopping.

Mike Malloy Truthseeker Tuesday Meet-Up!

Do you think it's wrong to buy a $1000 pair of shoes when others

Al Jazeera Plans for 2006--look who's doing their PR....

Operation Long Hard Slog....9/20/05

A question for Canadian members about our Gun Registry fiasco

Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans

The Chimp did it again!

Perfect comeback to tired old "yeah, but Clinton..."

because we all need reminding...

Is there going to be audio/video of Galloway's speech tonight?

Housing for those traveling to the D.C. march -- your help is needed NOW!!

Cafferty's Question of the Day from The Situation Room

I'm confused, need some help here

Trying to find that weird pic of Bush dancing with his shorts pulled up

So I was sitting in social studies class today, is another educational is NOT DINGY HARRY>>>IT IS

"New Orleans is Dry"... so says CNN just now...

Big Dog Appears at Madison Square Garden tonight...

Can someone help Pickles here... (photo)

Maybe the 2 Brits Special Ops soldiers were trying to see which..

How many ways can you spell "Cover up?" (Able Danger)

Inxs watchers

Heads up! Bill Maher is going to be on Bow tie's show tonight

Was it ever reveaeled if Cindy Sheehan was arrrested in NYC yesterday

LOL!! On TDS just now...

Exclusive: Up in flames

DFA Grassroots candidates introducing themselves at the blog.

So does Bolton want to get rid of the World Bank and IMF too???

Jon Stewart: "if they could blame Natalee Holloway on Katrina

NHC Public Advisory Number 14 (next one at 2:00 a.m. EDT)

Left Coasters......Big Sugar on CBUT at 9pm

When Rita hits Texas does it mean...

I've got it. 1 word describing the collective actions of GWB since Nov 04.

The Nun and the Key West Grotto....An Uplift from "Weather Underground"

Clinton Launches Withering Attack on Bush ...

Video of Silvio Berlusconi with * at Camp David: L'inglese di Berlusconi

11 PM NOAA discussion: Rita becoming CAT 5 "a distinct possibility"


What do we want? "A PLAN!", When do we want it? "SOON!"

Anybody been able to call Mississippi?

Who is nastier: George or Jeb?

Clinton declared a disaster a week?

Anderson Cooper sounds like he has some respiratory problems

I had to leave my Church over Bush...Why did Mainstream Protestants Leave

Can we get some religious figure to say that Katrina / Rita ....

Nancy Grace has found another missing blonde white girl!

Bush visits the Magic Kingdom

Houston Mayor says up to a million might need to evacuate

1907 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Are any MSM reporting the upcoming march this weekend?

Has your AAR affiliate changed its lineup lately? Ours did - very badly!

why are reporters so stupid when reporting storms?

Tuesday Hump Day? Truthseekers check in please

Wow. Another brilliantly timed, convenient disaster for Cheney and Co.

Can we get a moratorium on the Katrina MIHOP responses please?

Clay Shaw: Boo-Hoo she's campaigning against me

USAToday: Cold-war device used to cause Katrina?

I keep seeing this in BartCop, and keep wondering why it's of no interest.

So What Will Pat Robertson Say About a Hurricane Hitting Texas?

Don't be so happy over the demise of the Christian Coalition

Finally. A Stripes letter in support of Bush

"Carter/Baker Report can't face how the GOP stole America's 2004 election"

Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED

DNC: Alaska's Stevens netted in Corruption Eruption over fisheries bill

When is Cheney being operated on?

Big Layoffs Coming At Focus On The Family

Gulf of Mexico has become the perfect place to breed # 5 Hurricanes

Holy CRAP. Alan Alda is the SHIT.

Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED

What scares me about Rita is...

Rita and oil don't mix.

Hurricane Rita Edging More Northward

Philosophical question: Are humans the "top" of the natural intellectual

Where will Rita be on Saturday? Where will Bush be on Saturday?

I love Arlo

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday September 21

Pope Approves Barring Gay Seminarians

Republicans have showed no emotion over Katrina

Sen. Dole is against an independent Katrina investigation!

"What Are You? A Republican Or Something?"


Pentagon BLOCKS "Able Danger" Senate testimony day before scheduled!

Bill Maher is bashing (T) Fucker Carlson right now on MSNBC

Hey asshats... stop worrying about Rita's effect on Crawford

Perry's office: "TX is not LA. You won't see that breakdown here"

What happens if we lose a SECOND major US city to a Hurricane?

EBAY AUCTION: "Katrina's victims"... PROFOUND

Rumsfield calls them 'Large puddles of enemies"

Recruits sought for FBI PORN SQUAD (no joke, Washington Post)

Yeah, they're nuts. This proves it.

It wasn't Kool-Aid they drank at Jonestown, it was Flavor Aid.

Kind of bad poll, thought you all should see

"I Don't Wanna Grow Up", a song in pictures

DU Something: Katrina Action/Info Links and Resources

Humane Society in Pro-Republican Shift--Roll Call (problem!)

I took Enron Money. Do you hate me?

Homer Simpson + Peter Griffen = Karl Rove?

Huge Bolton scoop courtesy of Arianna

Neurology Study: Best Stockmarket Investors are "Functional Psycopaths"

NYT: In Bush's Trail, Scarred Ground

VIDEO- McCain's Tasteless Arabian Horse joke

Let's assume Fed's response to Rita is exemplary

Weather Channel: worst-case scenario for Houston - 600,000 homes gone

Something that concerns me re: "Where are the Democrats"

PHOTO: "This is coffee."

I don't blame Bush for Global Warming, but

Tom Yesterday

A word to all of those making wisecracks about Rita and Texas

Experts blame flooding on faulty levees (blames federal government)

I'm having second thoughts about certain left-wing radio personalities.

Here it is folks, the trailer to Good Night, and Good Luck

Chicago hallmark Marshall Fields is now going to be MACY'S!!*&^%$

First Lady Tackles Poverty, Race Issues???

MUST READ SPEECH. 9/20, Crawford, TX, 1st Amendment! Urgent!

Canada's energy ministers powerless in face of volatile prices


Concerning these abrupt forming hurricanes in the West Atlantic...

Cops brace for ‘martial law’ rallies (Philippines)

This year's fast-forming hurricanes buck trend, puzzle meteorologists

Haiti's jailed ex-PM formally charged in killings (.. perhaps ..)

200 held in new anti-king protests in Nepal

Starbucks cups with gay author's quote pulled from Baylor


Police rough up Cindy Sheehan at rally

U.S. Military Deaths Top 1,900 in Iraq

Uzbeks Accused of Torture in Wake of Massacre

Pope Approves Barring Gay Seminarians

Annan urges unity on halting spread of nuclear arms

End right to citizenship by birth, says French minister

Forecasters Fear Hurricane Rita's Strength

Battle Lines Behind Battle Lines: DC Protest Military Families FlashPoint

Every Albertan to get $400, Klein says

Blair under new pressure to set date for pulling troops out of Iraq

Don't interfere in south Iraq: Rumsfeld to Iran

U.S. consumer confidence gauge falls (again) - report

Levin Threatens to Block Homeland Nominee

FEMA lawyers insist privacy is paramount (FL 2004 investigation)

Goldman Posts 84% Rise in Earnings

WP: Foreign Investment Aids Cleanup, Despite Adding to U.S. Deficit

Officials Say Medicare Official Reassigned

AP: First Lady (& former inner-city teacher) Tackles Poverty, Race Issues

Whoops! IRS payments in (the bottom of S.F.) bay

WP: Katrina's Cost May Test GOP Harmony

Wisconsin Governor, Seven Others Demand Oil Companies Refund Drivers

Study: Little benefit in high-stakes tests (NCLB counterproductive)

Frist Sells Shares in Hospital Corporation

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Blocks Testimony at Senate Hearing on Terrorist

Venezuela offers low-cost gasoline to tribes

What fuck head came up with....

DS1 Ate My Baby!

I'm the greatest sailor in the King's nay-vee,

damn it, i'm sick of science

This is what LF wants! XXL so I can use it a a night gown!

Favourite Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Bloody hell, I'm staying out of GD...

The DEVIL take Joe Crede.

Sen. Dole is against... Aw, never mind.

Paging HeeBGBz

How often do you go to the grocery store?

I'd like a bagel...

Mods, please tell matcom to refrain from the Thomas KinKKKade posts

ok, you can buy me this for Christmas.....

New (non-buffalo) nickel is a bit odd

PAPI!!!!!! (David Ortiz) SURPASSED Carl Yastrzemski For MOST HR's

Less than 24 hours to the second season of Lost!!!

Blackbird Democrat

Most recent iTunes purchases.....

Rita is getting wild.

Thanks for all the "running gag" posts!

I'd like a beagle..

Anybody hear from Swamp Rat lately?

Oh man - The Office tonight

Unbelievably stupid statement of the night,

What does a female politician look like in your mind?

WTF is up, yesterday it was whoisalhedges earworming us

Watching Field Of Dreams...get's me every time....

I'm a saaaaaad Panda!

Now this is one talented guy...

Am I the only one who thinks HBO's "Rome" is a snoozer?

"Why is he (Bush) always clearing brush?"....God I love Joy Behar

The man in the White House -- oooh!, He's got a conscience black as sin!

Marty or JD?

*insert rant on education here*

I love pistachios!

Official "My Name Is Earl" Thread. NBC 9/8 central!

Lookin' for some sympathy here :^(

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (as if anyone noticed i was gone.)

now one fell asleep in the street and he never woke up

The greatest TV skits of all time. Here's a few of mine. And yours?

Anyone else dig the Flamin Groovies?

I suck- face with my cat every day

Neil Sedaka is one of the true greats.

What do you call chicken legs?

did you know?

In lieu of therapy, let me just emote here. :)

Man allegedly hangs panties from car mirrors.

I need an update


Best. Website. Ever.

No. More. Posts. Like. This. Ever.

Please god tell me Adam Corolla is cancelled


OMG! I can't contain myself!

Get That Damn Picture OF Bush and Condi Off The Site!

A Famous Book Quote thread

It's going to be awfully quiet around here this weekend, isn't it,


Possibles for this years Rock Hall Inductees

Have you ever used a blow dryer....

I do not know whether to feel flattered or insulted

Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?

Fellow Duer liberallady is here...we're planning the run from Rita

Improve a song's chorus witn new words and an equal number of syllables.

Watching R. Kelly's "Trapped in a Closet" on VH1

Springer or Blackwell... Who'd be the better Ohio Governor

Anybody remember/a fan of The Single Swingers?

Have you ever had Deja-Vu?

Is Mayor Nagin married? any children? Just curious, he hasn't mentioned it

Who else remembers the CIA Afghani Freedom Hashish from the Reagan years?

What are little boys make of?

Thank you.

Sweet & Salty Nut

Eep. I'm nervous. A "Hollywood Player" solicited my writing.

NBC comedy "My name is Earl" kicks ass!

If I understand the rules correctly, this pic is legal in The Lounge.

Oh lord in heaven Rick Sanchez is wearing shorts to cover the hurricane.

My wife WAS in the mood . . . until

I think I will stay here in the Lounge until Rita is over

Some of you people here just freaking piss me off

Hah....It's J.D. Fortune....

JOE CREDE!!!!!!!!!!

I've been to DU gatherings


the perfect bundt - a lost art?

major litle kid whine

The perfect blunt - a lost art?

Anybody remember/a fan of the Swingle Singers?

I just made Mrs. WCGreen English Muffins and delivered them

Which Deja-Vu thread do I reply to?

Ann Coulter Action Figure

The perfect bunt - a lost art?

Have you ever had Deja-Vu?

Has anyone read that Kevin Trudeau book?

Wanna see BigMcLargehuge do a couple of Iaido sword forms?

My new GrandBaby! Gratuitous Proud Dance Thread!

Everybody who has a little Rabrrrrrr in ya, check in!

BikeWriter.....Paging BikeWriter

"I Don't Wanna Grow Up", a song in pictures

"Joe V., you're doing a heck of a job!"

Tonight is what it's like to be young...

Some of you people here are just so freaking wonderful.

It wasn't Kool-Aid they drank at Jonestown, it was Flavor Aid.

i saw my catsand my ex after months

My iPod is on its way!

Can anyone tell me which is better for downloading pics into while

i have been exiled from progmom's happy thread

And the winner of Big Brother is...

happy thread

Poll: Should a hetero buddhist vegan pro-choice male DUer be a Mod?

Dear God, If you allow me to breath from both my nostrils I promise

Did You Know That Anderson Cooper's Mother Was.....

RKZ's Great Obscure Band of the Week: The Wildweeds

OK, Who's Happy??

Tomorrow I go to traffic court!

Do you have sub-woofers in your vehicle? If so, WHY???

Here it is, my protset sign for D.C.

God damn, I love the Lounge.

My son keeps asking me this, and I don't know the answer,

halfback ?

What Freedom Means....

Moon mission - any comments?

M-Theory/Super String Theory?

Space exploration

Marriage Equality, State by State


David Ortiz. Period.

I guess I have a new cat: Charlemagne

Has anyone here ever heard of the HAARP project?

Downsized by Jesus!

Positive Atheism

Anyone here read James Morrow? He is a great religious satirist

So Fla Newspaper Ed: "What's the problem?" with the pledge

Committee Hearings again for this week

Kerry on ANWR: The Republican Party is Mortgaging America’s Future

Iraq: Some ruminating thoughts

How depressing this is

I'm going to DC on Saturday

Maybe mythical Warrior Chang could locate the mythical WMDs?

Only thing missing from Jackson Sq. photo op was Peter Pan

Anyone from NJ/NY watching the Corzine - Forrester debate on now?

A REAListic compromise on discrimination:

SHOCKING: Dole, frmr Red Cross head -against indep. Katrina investigation

We the people ... have no voice. 80% want independent Katrina commission

Why is it that when I ask regular people about paying for Katrina

So which 2006 races (senate, house, and gov) are ripe for the picking?

White House lesson in spin.....War in Iraq: "The Fight for a Better World"

White House makes DAMN SURE to post photos of Bush's "Rita Briefing"

Indiana poll tax ...

Did Bush tell Dems-"You can bad mouth me as long as your not effective"

Apparently Dean urged Reid to give very strong opposition to Roberts.

CNN POLL : do bush's visits to NO help?

I suggest we call out the farce of the mainstream Republican party -

a real solution to the gay marriage issue.

Investigating Katrina

LMAO! Have you seen this small bladder Bush video?

Kerry on ANWR: The Republican Party is Mortgaging America’s Future

Citizen Spook: WE THE PEOPLE v. US {A must read}

Senator Boxer is writing a novel on the Senate!


Badly freeped AOL poll

What happened to the ridiculous Flag Desecration Amendment?

Go Ask The Swiftboat Guys, that is what my dad tells charities and

a REAListic compromise on the 'gay marriage' issue?

Cost of Katrina relief splits Republican ranks

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday September 21

The Daily Show is Back Live! Talking about the 2 2005 Emmys

Did anyone hear that Bush is replacing Fitzgerald as special prosecutor?

Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection

"Message: I Care About the Black Folks"

since rushy calls him dingy harry (sen. reid) lets name the repuke legis

Frist sold shares in family's hospital corporation just before value fell

Ken Meelyman and the GOP are working to GOTV for Va. Governor

What song titles would this band play?

"World's worst person to serve as President of the USA

Is anyone familiar with Lyndon LaRouche?


Gene Lyons

Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian): Blair and Murdoch

Iran's nukes: Jack's straw man

More Michael Browns

WP: Message Chaos Afflicts Both Parties as Katrina Washes Discipline Away

“no way of predicting how Dick Cheney will respond to earth’s atmosphere"

Senators Using Katrina to Seek Weaker Environmental Protections

To say we must stay in Iraq to save it from chaos is a lie

Natural Buffers Took Beating (Katrina eco disaster,toxicity spreads miles)

American dream eludes the poorest

JASON LEOPOLD: LA Lawmakers Predicted An Apocalyptic End To New Orleans

American dream eludes the poorest

GOP's Boot "This deal is no bargain" as Bush returns to Clinton Korea Plan

CNN Headline News: This comment made me smile...

A Vested Interest In Eminent Domain

WSJ: Basra Violence Challenges U.S. Strategy

Was It Wind or Water? Gulf Coast Lawyer Is Taking On Insurers - NY Times

Cultist Rev Moon holding private event at UB - Connecticut

(the negative impact of urban liberalism on Democrats) Urban Miss

Surrender Dems ..


The failed mission to seize Iraqi oil

Absolutely Awesome Article By Nancy Greggs On Home Page!!

Here's the letter I just got accepted by the local paper:

Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America? (Paul Craig Roberts)

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot

Bush FEMA explains: Why Did FEMA Re-Route Tons of Gulf Coast Ice to Maine?

GM bets the farm on new, bigger SUVs (Pass the Kool-Aid, please)

Did Imus just call Cindy Sheehan "Cindy Shiite?"

Wierd TV commercials recently - Navy recruiting with AEGIS, Freemasons

Irresponsible reporting at NECN (New England Cable Network)

States poised to set limits on emissions

NO, Toxic Flood Lifts Lid on Common Urban Pollution Problem

NPR-Marketplace:Refiners have gamed the system to hike gas prices

Aviation huge threat to environment

Bob Lutz, GM CEO, remarks yet again on his lack of business prescience.

Panel Shortgage Snags Solar System Sellers

The human factor

Gaza evacuees plan to move to new West Bank settlement

Abbas rejects plea to disarm groups

Israeli, Arab kids celebrate 'Peace Day'

Israel: Al-Qaida Ready to Infiltrate Gaza

Israel says Iran six months from having nuclear bomb

Israel Seeks Seat on U.N. Security Council

Here are photos of Hamburg, Dresden and Yokohama after Allied planes

Would someone please explain the WTC 1 & 2 collapses in plain English?

Does anyone have a comprehensive theory about 9/11?

Questions About the Pancake Theory for the WTC North Tower Collapse

I am very perplexed over what happened on 9/11

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush: A Descriptive Summary

analysis of touchscreen fraud in California 2004

Contacts please

Running On the Right to Vote (Bonifaz may run for office in MA)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 9/21/05

GLBT Day of Activism in Sacramento Sept 23

Sept 24 Orange County Anti-War Demo in Anaheim

A question for Bay Area environmentalists

Boswell (D-IA) has abdominal surgery in Washington

The tv show "Chronicle" on WCVB

Eleanor Roosevelt to visit Worcester

NECN says it has reporter embedded with National Guard

PNAC ALERT - William Kristol is in town

Assault case ups ante for ex-madam (another kinky sex story by Dave Wedge)

NWA layoffs coming fast and furious

Kelley Doran for Gov?

CD-03, is anybody running against Jim Ramstad?

LaTourette fund-raiser to cash in CAFTA vote

Ohio House Minority Leader expects to be Speaker after '06 election

Ohio's #1! in foreclosures (3x nat. avg.), and new bankruptcies filed

Are local papers covering the story of Bob Ney?

Hotel reservations made...We're outta here Thursday morning

Mayor White News Conference Now!

DU meet up in Austn Friday or Thursday night?

To DUers and friends in SE TX

Newspaper's report on BAND's event.

Galveston - take some pets as you evacuate

SE TX DUers: PM me if you need a place to stay in Austin

Hurricane preparedness: taping windows; is this useless?

Co-discoverer of AIDS Virus joins reception for Radnofsky

Practical advice for Dallas/Fort Worth DUers (Hurricane Rita)

Nueces County (Corpus Christi) orders mandatory evacuation

Please tell your city officials to tell people to take pets when they flee

If you don't have a place to stay -

Poe: emergency debit cards are being used to buy....LAP DANCES.

A stupid thing to be sad about (regarding Rita)

Governors Ask for Inquiry on Oil Prices - Doyle gets a little press

Nice view of Central Wisconsin

USAToday: Cold-war device used to cause Katrina?

USAToday: Cold-war device used to cause Katrina?

I am very perplexed over what happened on 9/11


Read all three Newsweekly issues....

Berry Fisher on Coast to Coast Now

Worth Reading: Countdown to a Meltdown [Election 2016]

Bush vs the Mayor....

UPDATE: Bogalusa

Was Bush Actually IN New Orleans? Or just coffee plant & Navy ship? >>>

The George W. Bush Singers

Some more potential "uh-oh's" for when Rita hits TX

UPDATE: Bogalusa

ANWR Rally - CSpan2

Hurricane Rita Cosby.

CNN: Rita upgraded to category 3 nt

On Cindy Sheehan being escorted away

This Modern World: Deep undercover

PLAMEGATE: Is Bolton the Plame Leak?

Majoritarianism is a poor technique of argument

Don't let them get away with it.

Some good news for New Orleans - Re Rita

Broken Light: Work, for the Night is Coming

Bird flu outbreak an epidemic: Jakarta

The South Texas Nuclear Project is in the path of Rita

(VIDEO) Latest from Cafferty


British troops freed in Iraq appear nervous on TV

"Bush Vows"

What Is Your Opinion Of Armchair Meteorologists?

N.Korea says US using talks as pretext for attack

NEW TOON (9/21) - doing that salt thing...rains ya know?

Sen. Domenici: Anyone who thinks hurricanes related to warming is "NUTS"

Oct 04: FEMA knew hurricane could flood New Orleans.

To say we must stay in Iraq to save it from chaos is a lie

PNAC ALERT - William Kristol is in Boston today

Roaring Rita now a Category 4 hurricane

Bush elected, Sept 11, Iraq mess, Katrina, Rita, bird flu - why does bad..

We now have to pay to read articles on the NY Times??

Hurricane Rita is now a category 4 and heading for Texas

Were British soldiers in Basra "Enemy Combatants"?

Changes to Endangered Species Act Mulled

What is blocking my tv antenna?

Starbucks cups with gay quote pulled

I Thought This Was Funny-Condi And Rudi GOP 08 Frontrunners

Wierd TV commercials recently - Navy selling AEGIS, Freemasons

Military judge bars release of Abu Ghraib photos

NECN Boston has reporters embedded with the National Guard in NOLA?

To Wake You Up, Good Morning - Worst Bush Joke ever!!!!

Did anyone else catch this? (Howard Stern Show)

Heard on NPR this AM, 8 Govs ask WH for an investigation into

SE Texas DU'er Rollcall: Please Post Briefly So We'll Know You're Okay

Good Morning, DU. Please tell me Fitz is handing out some indictments

FEMA providing buses and planes to help with evacuation

The Onion - Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings From Corpses

GOP Tax Policy: What's the Big Plan? Does not compute.

Hurricane Hunter electronics problems?

NHC Public Advisory Number 15A (next one at 11:00 a.m. EDT)

Paper ballots NOW! Hand counts NOW!! Impeachment NOW!!! n/t

Does anyone know

A saddening commentary on priorities

When were the Able Danger records destroyed?

bush: one of the worst disasters to hit the U.S. (True headline!)

Ex-UK Official: Iraq Worse Than Vietnam

simple equation, repeat often: Republican = GREED, HYPOCRISY nt


City of Houston's Info for Hurricane Rita - Two Days Old

Democratic Match ad

I placed a Cindy Sheehan support ad

Iraqi police:"British terrorists" should be returned to Iraqi jurisdiction

hey, is that song of Bush singing on the Springer show anywhere online?

One last note about evacuating on buses

Soldiers Back From Iraq Support Cindy Sheehan's Antiwar Stance on Video.Go

118 Dogs, 6 Cats Fly Into LAX

Need statistics to rebut in an on-line debate. Help!

Isn't this strange-Reconnaissance mission scrubbed-Rita

Seen and heard last night at Madison Square Garden

Happy International PEACE DAY and World Gratitude Day!!!

George W FraWD! Coward Inept Lying frat boy Douchebag with shit for brains

Question on September 24 demonstration poster--NO Comment appropriate?

I stole these from Rockwell....

Some one asked for this.... CAPTION... GRAPHIC

Is it just me, or is this guy nuts?

Mexico warns church on drug tainted money

ARE they still shipping that ICE to Mass. or Maine?

American People to Bush:

Watching 'Soldiers in the Army of God'

Global Warming Solution?

Sign Language

Self Delete

Join Ramsey Clark at the ImpeachBush Volunteers' Tent

If you wondered how we jumped from K(atrina) to O(phelia)

Help me with words about "Peace" to give my son on this day of >

Firefox 1.0.7 Has Been Released

Remember NYT Frank Bruni, whose W-love in 2000 oozed off the page?

******Texas Texas Texas*******

I'm in Houston. Katrina victims have filled our shelters. Warnings ignored

NNDB - "tracking the entire world"

Talk of motes and beams...

Grand Casino on Hwy 90 Gulfport to be imploded soon, M$NBC sez will

Diebold on CNBC

So what was the end reult of the German elections? Who is in charge now?

WTF--Get a Load of this FEMA and Bush Corruption Happening Now!

"When will the incompetence end?" - Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Another survivor found three weeks later

For my 1,000 th post..Thank you, DUers , for keeping me sane..

NHC Public Advisory Number 16 (next one at 4:00 p.m. CDT)

Did someone accidentally disconnect the Stupid Ray?

One "good" thing about Rita hitting TX

Frist Sold Hospital Shares Before Drop

Oil Wealth Dividend For Every Alaskan = $845.76; Iraqis Dividend = Ø

Bush Works out Hurricane Katrina Solution

LAT: Colleagues Pay Final Tribute to Peter Jennings

Gas price spike could be worse than post-Katrina

Son's middle school having a "National Day of Peace" assembly this AM

CNN, on now - Mayor of Houston holding a news conference

Interesting Storm Surge Map for Houston, TX

The benefits of global warming?

Whats being done to assure DIEBOLD machines

DU these polls (2)

How Much Do Bush's NOLA Photo-Ops Cost Us? --pix->>>

Pope approves barring gays being seminarians

3 soldiers died Friday, but their deaths weren't announced until Tuesday?

July 20 email from Senator Leahy

BBC: 'Friend or foe' challenge in Basra (oh, the irony)

From "tropical storm" to "category 4" in 24 hours?

Read and weep: Katrina eco devastation, toxicity spreading for miles

After Bush, will we be able to uncook the books?

Congress in Debt- To Credit Cards!

Kinky Friedman for Texas Governor Cartoon Ad

Fuck Leahy and any other "yes" vote for Roberts. Dinos Suck just as much

Heads up Houstonians- mayor has asked for evacuation of parts of city

Protest over child mummies

Crack me up... presidents speechalist....

* is after the terrorists again. We are at war against them. 9-11 again

Vatican offers course in exorcism

Hurricane Rita is now cat 4, 140mph winds

Kerry to Vote No on Roberts

Well they just blew up a Casino...used explosives that Iraqi Insurgents

Poll: Pragmatic vs Principle re: Roberts vote. Should dems filibuster

Ideas for street theater, for the march

O'Reilly lambasted "creepy, little, left-wing outfit" Media Matters.

Do you want better government or not ??

JASON LEOPOLD: LA Lawmakers Predicted An Apocalyptic End To New Orleans

Aren't post offices named AFTER a person dies? (HR3667)

Kerry declares no vote on Roberts: email

Shrub on live on CNN @ 12:11 pm eastern

A little fable for Patrick Leahy

I would like to announce my strong desire for a McKinney 08' candidacy!

fake Don Imus on Franken,(Jeff Richards?)

Will Cindy Sheehan be "keynoting" on the 24th?

My relative made it through airport security with a knife

Patrick Leahy officially announced his YES vote for Roberts

Did Rush write this?

They have enough sense to get out of Galveston but not Iraq.

So is Al Franken leaving, and Thom Hartman coming in?

"Like lighting at midnight. We can see... what this war is really about."

I just called Senator Leahy's office. I hope you will too.


David Safavian: “As a lobbyist, you always need to be thinking.”

CSPAN Repub says: "Poor people need jobs, Poor people don't create jobs."

How many body bags did they order for NO?

My kind of fundraising...but I can be a glutton from time to time.

If you thought the "estate tax" was off the table, think again

I'm going to thank Harry Reid for opposing Roberts, and tell my senators


Will (R) Gov Perry be praised for effective evacuation?

Are uncensored photos of the SAS guys disappearing from the web

So These Two 'White' Guys Join The Shia Insurgency......

Kerry at under-reported DC rally 9/20: GOP mortgaging America's future

What the Dems should Do. Period. (because I'm sick and tired)

This is what drives me nuts about the so call justice system.

CNN just showed Cindy Sheehan in Washington

Frankin nails it about Roberts

Scotty on CSPAN

Get on over to "Common Ground Common Sense"

It isn't Race it is Politics

Who's Who in Bush Foreign Policy Team?

Please, Cindy. Make an official, scheduled, keynote speech.

is it true Bu$h posted troops outside NOLA 48 hours before it hit..??

RawStory: Zogby responds to call for new impeachment poll

(Video) Rummy calls the press a "Disorderly House"

Keeping our Eyes on the Prize...

Another Funny FAUX Poll To DU: * New Photo Op

How are we ever going to change things?

Who's Who in Bush Foreign Policy Team?


If the Children Can Drink Uncola, What About Unbeer?

Julie Myers is well-qualified

Just remember...You can't spell whitewash without W

A PR Blitzkrieg....

UTMB virus lab, South Texas nuclear plant are ready

CSPAN2 - Kerry discussing Roberts now - send your digital best wishes now!

So when Iraq officially becomes Iran jr will we attack them again?

George Bush doesn't care about black people

Video-Bush's Gulf Coast Visit Yesterday

Clint Curtis is on Thom Hartmann NOW!

Iraq violence kills 12 Americans

Hosp news release: Cheney's knee surgery result of heart problems

Matagorda County, TX: CPS will take kids if parents don't evac with them

NASCAR driver giving 9.7 million dollars to Katrina victims

Breaking news

Rita: Any Damage Will STILL Be About * Cutting Infrastructure Funding

School Removes Cups With Gay Author Quote

Caption the Chimp


Fundies think Katrina was wrath of God for NOLA ... but Rita's going to TX


OMG! Aerial footage of the canal breech explosion leaked!!

Lisa Daniels on Air America

"So-Called Katrina Tax Hikes"- Tom DeLay-did ANY Dem

White House lied, appointed pet vet as FDA Womens Health chief.

is anyone else 'nervous' about this weekend?

geez, sen frist saying kids and grandkids will just have to pay for...

This movie about Palestine looks insteresting

CNN: Former FEMA Director Brown to testify at House hearing

CNN Just reported on Cindy Sheehan arriving in DC for Saturday's

regarding Chertoff: "He gets a bye because he's so new"

Bill Frist

Dowd: "There's nothing more pathetic than watching someone who's out of ..

NOW - ON CAPITOL HILL - Able Danger Inquiry CSPAN3 9:30am et

My thoughts on the Robert's nomination:

Senate Panel Failed to Find Out About Safavian's Ties to Foreign Agencies

Video: (Bill Maher) bashes the Bush administration's relief efforts...

The 3rd largest oil refinery in the US is in the path of Rita.

Website collects NO survivor stories

How low can you go???

Faux Starting "to-Whoopi" (Swiftbot) Bette MIDLER for Shrub/Coke Joke

Jeff Masters, Weather Underground: 920 mb, 176 mph "flight level" winds

Lets show Bush how much we LOVE him with a GIFT!!!!!

AP: "Bush's words on Iraq echo LBJ in 1967"

Experts say Louisiana levees should have held (Reuters)

Newletters from USN Capt of the USS Iwo Jima in NOLA (long)

Kyra Phillips...

This Test only has one question...but it is a very important one.

Leahy to vote to CONFIRM

Specter Urges Delay in Replacement of O'Connor at Supreme Court

Sweet Jeebus, the Onion has really outdone themselves this time

MSNBC Poll: Is global warming contributing to the increased hurricanes

On the Springer Radio Show today....

W Marks the Spot (This shows how sick we are)

On College Republican 'Conservative Coming-Out Day'...

Gas Prices

"Bush On The Wing" (Katrina video montage to Floyd's "Pigs on the Wing")

Rita could equal $5 gas

The Fate of Michael Brown

Current TV just CALLED re- BROADCASTING "GRACE" this wknd!!!

John Kerry will vote "NO" on Roberts

Kerry to vote against Roberts.

Rita down to 923 mb. Dropped 11 mb in 105 minutes.

Arabiya TV urges U.S. to free its reporter in Iraq

Alright Traders - Time to Short Diebold?

Man Who Squandered Millions From Orphans, Accident Victims Jailed

Limbo Relied on the Kindness-of-Private-MDs Since His Pilonidal Cyst Days

3 weeks and counting Judge Hellerstein... where is our "speedy decision"?


Great Quote on Randi's Show - "Faith Based Evacuation"

A native man asks democrats

Cost of Rebuilding New Orleans???

rePUKES are now pitting elderly against NOLA poor instead of......

Humane Soc of W LA Seeks Help fr Breed-Specific Rescue

One way tickets

Do rightards wear bow ties because they supposedly make one look smarter?

Laurens SC passes curfew law for teens

Transcript of Katrina to 9/11 Speech from today?

Why did we go to war again? - Flash Video

Cafferty asks has hurricane taken the media attention off of Iraq.

Cafferty question of the hour- Has hurricane coverage taken too much media

Nine Americans were killed in insurgent attacks across Iraq in the last tw

France Boosts Incentives for Having Kids

Russia, China may force EU and US retreat on Iran-diplomats

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Stock Hits 52-Week Low in wake of DIEB-THROAT Story!

I like the new "votes" column

Is there any one out there with the capability of

Halliburton serves contaminated water to troops

Any active duty soldiers /Iraq vets online with DU? Give a shout out.

Is KarlShneider here?

anyone have a link to that pic of * in the tank in NO???

DU this great poll on the Chimp's performance...

Is Able Danger “Operation Northwoods" 40 years later?

Increasing Military Roles Raises Questions

HEADS UP for Saturday: AP: New Protest Monitoring Law Getting First Test

Louisiana sheriffs say they're out of money - Layoffs begin today

242 calls for help to Biloxi PD during Katrina - police could not respond

Rove must be frothing at the mouth looking for another "bullhorn moment"

Cafferty on Tom Delay: "Has he been indicted yet?"

Chan surfing: Wolf: (to Jack) "Tom Delay says no pork in transport bill"

which is worse: hurricane Rita, or Rita Cosby

monster hurricanes could be a twenty year trend?

Brian Williams -

John Roberts - CHIEF JUSTICE for next 30 YEARS!!!!! Dems are WEAK...

Jack Cafferty's question: Is there too much media attention to hurricanes

"Oil Storm" shown on Fox in June. Latest in "infowar" movies

Jack Cafferty on Tom Delay: Has He Been Indicted Yet?

Watch for stories that are "take out the trash" stories in....

Relatives: Teen Killed for Helping Friend

Could I please have link to best story on weapons in car in Basra?


Jack Cafferty CNN asks for emails "What should be cut from federal budget.

iTunes 5.0.1 Is now available for download

It looks like those of us on the Oklahoma border

NHC Public Advisory Number 17 (next one at 10:00 p.m. CDT)

Okay, what's the deal with Jack Cafferty?

CNN: Likely to see a larger effect on gasoline than with Katrina. nt

Katrina is affecting how Americans see Iraq war. But how exactly?

A Caller On A NY Sports Talk Radio Station Just Said...

REMEMBER THIS ---pix->>>

Rita tenth-largest hurricane of all time.

The Shoot Up and Swallow Show

If you could lock in $8.393 per decatherm for a year, would you?

1908 Reasons why the DSM is Important

nagin live on cnn now

we simply CAN'T have another hurricane right now, there's a war on

BBC World Live: State of Emergency decarled in Texas

VIDEO-Cafferty File on Pork: Has Tom DeLay Been Indicted Yet?

Hurricane Rita Wobbles More North

Frist sells shares of hospital 2 weeks before stock price falls

think the right-wingnuts will say the texas coast should be abandoned...

Wisconsin Librarians Debut Sexy Calendar [as fundraiser]

Ya gotta love this CNN headline -

"Ford poised for big hybrid push"

some facts about Marie-Antoinette

Bush's reassuring words on Iraq echo those of LBJ on Vietnam

"Slick Willy" changed the name of bowling alleys to bowling

Even if * manages to pay attention this time, his stance on Global Warming

Texans: Educate me about your coastline and this hurricane.


Texas is doing something smart!!!

max mayfield comparing rita to katrina...

Katrina Death Toll??

Anyone Care about Hawai'i's Hurricane Hova??


I wonder what will happen now that National Guard is being used in N.O.

The greatness of Bill Clinton has shone like a blinding morning sun...

Horrible Thought: Lowball Katrina Death Toll & Include It In Rita Deaths

PowerPoint Presentation - Election Fraud

if the hurricane hits houston

STOP THE WAR (from Michael Moore's webpage)

Antiwar mom Sheehan takes protest to White House

So, if Katrina hit NO because of lesbians, why is Rita hitting Bushville?

Katrina's Death Toll Climbs Past 1,000

1960 and '61 both had 2 cat 5 storms, but tracks tell the story

Shrub MARKED DOWN! (Life Sized Chimp Cutout - was 39.98 now 7.98)

Spellings Defends Vouchers for Evacuees

Post Administration Job Suggestions

What's in store for political dissenters here in the U.S.?

FEMA Workers Leave Galveston Ahead of Rita

George, if you want to avoid another pounding stop acting like a jackass >

Seriously...whoever is behind

Another Propaganda EMAIL - Help pick it apart here!

"How, oh how, shall we pay for Hurricane reconstruction"? *wring hands*

So, how will the South Texas Nuclear Project handle Rita?

Do you think Bush is going to sleep tonight?

Dan Rather praises Good Night, and Good Luck

I just called Leahy's office

Bette Midler socks it to Cokehead *

Disaster, Take Two

Texas DUers, a word from someone outside of Texas

As we all watch Rita.....

Is there a transcript somewhere for Woolsey's Iraq War Meeting last week?

Daschle Re-Enters Political Arena

Hurricane Jova in the Pacific heading in the direction of Hawaii

wolfie on bbc news...

So, they are pulling National Guard out of LA/MISS to go to Texas...

Rita 900 mb central pressure by dropsonde.

Rita begs us to ask this question

The real explanation for Bush's delay re: Katrina

"Oil prices may be threat to growth - IMF"

Blitzer blows bigger than any hurricane

Hurricane Question - What Comes After Category 5?

Disaster Preparedness: ARE YOU READY?

Storm forces NASA to pass space station control to Russia

One America for all of us.

Rita becomes the 5th most INTENSE hurricane EVER

G-d, Bush uses Katrina for a 9/11 comparsion for the

Brownie Paid Millions in False Claims to Help Bush Win Fla.

Will Rita "drown out" Saturdays March ?

Who the HELL do they think they are?

More well-spent FEMA dollars at work

Gore is this week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" winner.

Throw Bush - Flash

On Bill Clinton...

NINE Americans killed in Iraq yesterday - total over 1900

Hey Bush, how many more category 5 hurricanes needed to convince

Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara Jail (photos):

Is this global warming? (brief history of Category 5 hurricanes.)

So what's up with the FEMA Ice capades?

Dutch Talk-Show Host to Take Heroin on Air.

Frist Sold Hospital Shares Before Drop

Cindy Sheehan Caravan Stopped by Capitol Police

I LOVE Maxine Waters.. here's today's reason why

Is this what I think it is out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?

Is that kicking or kissing?

CNN INTL : The whoring of Hurricane Rita

They are still finding survivors in NO!!

iraq is terrible. someone should make a DVD for Bush

Bush's Hurricane Checklist...

Landing Gear problem with Jet Blue Plane

NPR jumps the shark.


Quick! Caption this! Poppie, Bar and .....WTF?

Apparently I get to issue myself press credentials

Is it time for a massive labor strike? Davis-Bacon is gone

*'s early years - please read before commenting on his status as a Texan

newhour on pbs discussing brits attack in basra...

San Leon shelter desperate to place 80 animals in 90 min- PET HELP

TPM: Abramoff assistant links him directly to Rove and Bush boy.

"we are witnessing the most incredible reunions of pets and their people"

I am not familiar with the Galveston, Huston area, are there oil rigs

Ok. What is the buzz about Tucker Carlson and Bill Maher having at it?

Three Blackwater guards killed with State Dept. official in Iraq

All these hurricanes - Any liberal clergy mentioning

Jet Blue has major mechanical EMERGENCY. From Burbank to JFK.

Pat Robertson angry "God killed the wrong judge"

New Braunfels, Texas - where is this?

E&P on today's Scottie grilling. WH reporters still little feisty...

It's "America on Steroids" folks...and if God is Speaking to Bush I wonder

Summary of today's Maureen Dowd column?

are there any major Able Danger DU threads? Just heard on Jim Leher about

is anyone else concerned about the water they pumped into Lake Pont. ?

Is Rita going to be worse than Katrina?

Amber Frye is forgetful! Read all about it:

Where are all the Al Qaeda sleeper cells Bush said were in America?

It's starting already...evac problems in TX county

Help! I need a cogent, measured response to this.

Spill your guts on Celsius 41.11.

Looks like Rita's path is a worst case scenario for Houston/Galveston...

Great News: GOP is feeling the hurt from the Katrina-ing of the Bushists

Will Rita take down any important web servers?

PBS--Jim Lehrer is doing a good segment on Able Danger.

What do you think the future holds for the Bush administration?

I ventured into the RW's Secret Volcano Lair

Is it crazy to think all coastal cities are at risk of flooding

Will Rita be politicized/used to make Blanco and Nagin look incompetent?

We Are Witnessing the Biggist Fall of "AMERICAN EMPIRE! People/Animal!

Is there ANY REAL difference between the D's and the R's !???

Post here: Housing for Evacuees and pets from Rita

What's the best advice for people living in Houston?

Compassion, FR-Style: "Unlike NOLA, Houston Is Worth Keeping"

VIDEOS of Dems speaking up in Congress

Why is George Bush CLOWNING AROUND Today??? --pix->>>


How will the Bankruptcy Bill affect Katrina victims?

Dems must unite to oppose Roberts - here's why

Renters beware

And Hurricane season runs all the way through November...

'Superbug' Germ Kills 3 in Chicago

would photos of kids with their brains blown out on t.v. slow the war down

2,000,000 barrels of oil a day shut down in the Gulf

Crawford, Tx paper accuses Bush of dereliction of duty, calls to impeach!

Psssst...We can beat Santorum and Chafee...

Music video: "George Bush Don't Like Black People"

A quick tutorial on millibars & stuff for those who keep asking:

Great Quotes from Saturday's...

Is Rita Headed for Crawford?

Jack Cafferty on Tom Delay " Has he been indicted yet?"

CSPAN2 - Sen Kennedy discussing Roberts on Senate Floor

POLL: Was Cindy Sheehan wrong to criticize Hillary for supporting war?

NOLA: Grim search for bodies continues; death toll expected to rise

What is Randi Rhodes talking about with the 500 buses

I will only donate campaign funds to Democrats against Roberts.


Rita is now a CAT 5.

Anyone get the Air America Affiliate email?

Good Hurricane Rita image loop... looks bad

Weekly Standard (PNAC) poll: how much federal money to rebuild NOLA?

Report from Lacombe, Louisiana on what's REALLY happening

No Direction Home

Breaking News!!!CNN & MSNBC: Jet Blue landing gear problem

Want to join Zogby polling? Let's DU Zogby!!

After Katrina, what have we learned?

4th House Cmty fails to adversely rpt res of inq for * admin outing Plame

WOW - Read this: "Hate America? You Bet - This One" (Mark Drolette)

Remember the story about my Congressman calling me at home?

Molly Yard has died

Rita is definately turning northwest..

Sheehan Takes on the Democrats, Hillary Clinton

Bible claims of oil in Israel and WND is promoting it

Reality Break: Bobbitt held in domestic violence case

Rita likely to be "A REAL disaster"

Many More Bodies Expected to Be Unearthed in New Orleans as Teams Reach Ar

did Bu$h really post Military troops outside NOLA 2 days before the storm

Can we please get some news on Fitzgerald please?

Are gas prices gonna go up again because of the Texas Hurricane?

My friend of 12 years responds to my e-mail and I swear he doesn't get it

Rita could spawn MANY tornadoes (worse than Katrina)

Rush Limbaugh is a PROPAGANDIST.

To everyone who may be in Rita's path, please...

Video - Jim's Big Ego: "Asshole"

Wolf Blitzer's cadences....

Alberto Gonzalez is going to be nominated to replace O'Connor...

If you are in the path of Rita. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

On Being Disabled

Director of NOOA Max Mayfield question.

Remember the Mayor of Salt Lake City?


why is Randi complaining about AAR management?

Bush Is Off The Wagon......

I can't tell you how happy this makes me

UPI Reports Second Able Danger Data Purge in 2003

RITA Graphics Archive- Nat'l Hurricane Ctr - History & Projection (motion)

My GOD from Rhandi

WOW! Check out Mike Webb re: Molly Ivins being censored!

This is sick and needs more attention! (JUST PLAIN EVIL)

Contractor accused of giving Iraqi girlfriend, others access to Green Zone

OK EGGHEADS. Homework assignment.


TOONS - Part 3 -- Take a break.

Kerry: How I will vote on the nomination of John Roberts

I don't think I can do it anymore.

Government Flood Insurance Program Called into Question(STUNNING!

how to reform the Democratic Party

On being Stupid

Holy Christ! Did Bush just declare a "War On Hurricanes"?

***OUTSTANDING REPORT***Walter Brasch, PhD, on Federal Response to Katrina

Gaze Into The Eye Of Rita.... (please post hurricane Rita images here)

I'm 41 and not married. Does that make me a lesbian?

On being poor

If you are a "People Come First" Person...please...during this storm

EXPOSED! Bush Admin Has NO White House Exit Strategy!!!

I can't deal with that Condi Slobber Thing every time I check DU Forums.

LAT: ACLU Office to Open in a 'Changing' O.C.

Lying with a Bullhorn

What are the chances she'll just sorta u-turn?

Was the English language Created, or, Evolved???

Picture of Bush kissing Condi is making me sick - HELP..!!!

Finally,I get to introduce myself!!!!!

Some Questions On The Likely Impacts Of That Wicked Bitch Rita...

Is Chimpy hitting the bottle again?? (God help Us)

"Us and Them" - a moving photo montage

Senator Frist Sold Stock Before Price Dropped

Dubya Gets a Do-Over

Shuttle Crew to Bush: UP URANUS!

I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around what happened in Basra

Relief money being used for.....LAP DANCES!!!!!! (Rep. Poe, Tx)

Bill Maher rips Tucker Carlson a much needed new asshole

Engelhardt: "Blood For No Oil" <-- "slogan for a sad, brainless war"

Air America Radio obviously in huge trouble


Argh! My cast iron skillet went through the dishwasher!

Turkey is in the oven & the house is fragrant

Breaking news....shitloads of INXS about to be play on Canadian radio

What the hell?

Blair on war: That Blair appeared privately to "relish" sending British

Documentary on Craig Murray tonight @ 7pm on BBC2

Why was the IRA less of a threat than Islamist bombers?

"Them: Adventures with Extremists" - The Movie

Excellent Freeland piece on Blair and Murdoch from today's Guardian ...

Camilla's self-harm gift....

An apology (UK forum)

Christian Coalition fading fast

USAToday: Cold-war device used to cause Katrina?

Guard relief hurt by obsolete equipment (Gen. Meyers confirm this. I

Reporter Working for Times Abducted and Slain in Iraq (NYT)

Mars getting warmer, may have quakes

U.N. Prosecutor Faults Vatican in Fugitive Hunt (war criminal)

Washington wants Pope to be given immunity in abuse case

Oil prices back above 67 usd in Asia as Rita threatens US Gulf region

Pentagon moves to cover-up advance knowledge of Sep 11 attackers

UTMB virus lab, South Texas nuclear plant are ready (lab near seawall)

Arias Holds Commanding Lead in Costa Rica

NOLA.COM: Safe water may be months away in N.O. (Dump raw sewage)

Rita a Catagory 4!!!

BREAKING CNN: Rita Category 4 Now

Three US convoys attacked in Iraq

[8 Dem] Governors Seek Gas Price Gouging Probe

Detainee Hunger Strike Prompts Request for Health Records Access

Lott wants to scrap phony drug benefit

Taliban vow to step up war after Afghan poll "drama"

Basra crisis talks as tension rises over civilian deaths (UK)

Ex-UK Official: Iraq Worse Than Vietnam (AP/Guardian)

Israel says Iran six months from having nuclear bomb

Ukraine: Orange Revolution Drowns Amid Mutual Recriminations

Poll: 8 in 10 want drivers to drop SUVs

CNN BREAKING: Rita strengthens to Category 3

Britain drops Iraq withdrawal plan

WP: Officials Lower Tally Of 'Missing' Katrina Children

GOP revolt brews over bill for Katrina

(President) Carter criticizes FEMA's role in Katrina relief

Crackdown on European child porn

Kyrgyzstan: US forces can stay -- if they pay more

Rescuers find elderly man alive, wife dead

Rita now Category 4 hurricane (Reuters)

Leahy to vote to CONFIRM

WP/AP: Group: Holiday Sales Expected to Increase

WP: Message Chaos Afflicts Both Parties as Katrina Washes Discipline Away

A Top Lieutenant of Lord Black Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charge

CNN/AP: Mexico warns church on accepting drug-tainted money

Morales Gains, Quiroga Drops in Bolivia

WP: Indonesia Warns of Possible Bird Flu Epidemic (apathy to alarm there)

EU admits constitution is on ice

WSJ: Basra Violence Challenges U.S. Strategy

Military Judge Bars Release of Abu Ghraib Photos (England trial)

LAT: Colleagues Pay Final Tribute to Peter Jennings

Gunbattle in Baghdad kills 8, child dies in north (killed by US troops)

Natural Buffers Took Beating (Katrina eco disaster,toxicity spreads miles)

Republicans apply pressure on Nelson to support Roberts for Supreme Court

American dream eludes the poorest

Colombian Army Discovers Huge Cocaine Lab

Grassley says relief effort may delay Social Security overhaul

Bush Administration Touts Rita Readiness


Leahy will back roberts

Giuliani Leads 2008 Republican White House Hopefuls

Conservatives Honor Ex-Sen. Jesse Helms

Interviews of officers involved in fatal fan shooting released

CNN Just reported on Cindy Sheehan arriving in DC for Saturday's

OPEC InvasionWatch

CNN/Reuters: Spacecraft contractors face showdown

Tancredo, Bush Foe on Immigration, Poised as Republican Spoiler Listen

Tight as a steel drum

15 Iraqi Dead Soldiers Found


Update 1: Oil Prices Jump As Hurricane Rita Nears

AP Interview: Schwarzenegger Admits Errors

Iraq official questions UK action (infiltration ... by insurgents)

Conrad Black sidekick pleads guilty (David Radler)

Saudi says U.S. policy handing Iraq over to Iran

Basra Governor Wants Apology From Britain

National Security Whistleblowers Criticize - Pentagon Blocks Testimony

Judge Holds Closed Hearing In Case Of Former CIA Contractor

Tax Breaks for Katrina May Aid Rich More

NHC 1315 CDT update, Rita now "strong" cat 4, 150 mph

Senator [Frist] Sold Stock Before Price Dropped

Horse slaughter ban amendment OK'd by Senate

Former FEMA Director Brown to testify at House hearing

WP: New Orleans Mayor Faces Leadership Crisis

Bennett reverses: He's foe of Yucca


Iraq: al-Zarqawi Group Claims It Killed A US Consul

Kerry to vote against Roberts.

Houston mayor orders evacuation

Settlements reached in WorldCom civil suits ($6 billion)


FTC launches probe of manipulation in gasoline pricing

House OKs Tax Breaks for Katrina Victims

Wildlife habitat law may change

Roberts Picks Up Democratic Support

Police to probe Kate Moss drug claims

Oil Prices Surge As Hurricane Rita Nears

Specter Urges Delay in Replacement of O'Connor at Supreme Court

US troops detain police chief north of Baghdad (not dealing w/ insurgents)

"DUI charges dismissed against Middletown [D-CT] mayor"

EPA Wants to Ease Toxic Spill Reporting

Europe backs Turkey declaration (Re: Cyprus, EU membership)

NYT: California Wants to Serve a Warning With Fries (acrylamide)

CNN: Texas nuclear plant to shut down for Rita

Secret federal plan to protect transportation to be shared (not)

Take your mind off the hurricane for a while and read some

NYT: 2 Studies Question the Effectiveness of (pandemic) Flu Vaccines

Army helicopter down in northwest Iraq

Report Sounds Warning Over Aircraft Pollution

Katrina's Death Toll Climbs Past 1,000

SoCom Officer Says Intelligence Project Found Sept. 11 Leader (Tampa Trib

Allawi aide says Iran behind "smear campaign": (re: 1 bln $ scandal)

Wall St. Slides Amid Growing Hurricane Fears

Democrats send man in President Bush mask to Bloomberg campaign event ...

Shiites fleeing Sunni dominated neighborhoods of Baghdad

NWA to layoff 1,400 flight attendants

Sheehan's Anti-War Campaign Now in DC - AP/Yahoo

Katrina's official death toll now 1,035

NORM: Airmen witness Geraldo 'rescue'

Victory for America's Horses

10 California Schools Run Out of Time to Catch Up: Fate Uncertain (NCLB)

Dean, DNC: Gulf Coast Needs Relief, Not A Right-Wing Agenda From Bush

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 21 September

Bush says US has solemn duty to defeat terrorists

Bush says America must prepare for the worst

Former NOW President Molly Yard Dies at 93

Minutemen planning national action at U.S. borders

Displaced Dolphins Rescued From Open Water :) :) :)

Supporters Celebrate President Chavez's Return to Venezuela from New York

College Republicans to host ‘Conservative Coming Out Day’

2001-2003 COMPARISON: Teen pot use declines

The Weather Channel: Rita now lower than 899 mb, currently #3

Specter asks Bush to delay 2nd SCOTUS nomination

Rita may be 'national disaster': oil CEO

Iraqis Protest British Rescue Mission

EU lambasts Iran over nuclear ambitions

Diebold Shares Dip on Lowered Forecast

US House Republicans push ahead with Katrina (whitewash) probe

'Five Iraqi civilians killed' in SAS rescue operation

W Post: Experts Say Faulty Levees Caused Much of Flooding

TIME: Bush Katrina Probe Nominee Draws Flak (from both sides of aisle)

Top Judiciary Democrat splits with Reid, will vote for Roberts

Bush administration highlights Rita readiness

NYT: Writers Sue Google, Accusing It of Copyright Violation

Archdiocese Concealed Sexual Abuse, Grand Jury Finds

Daschle Re-Enters Political Arena (running for...pres?)


Lott: Scrap Medicare drugs, pay for storm

Rita could equal $5 gas

FBI forms anti-porn squad

JetBlue Dumping Fuel...A320 nose gear twisted 100+ onboard

Grave of suspected Nazi victims found at US airfield

Harvard Law School waives nondiscrimination pledge for military recruiters

U.S. Presses Case for Action Against Iran (here we go)

Specter Wants Answers About 'Able Danger'

Sen. Boxer to oppose Supreme Court nominee Roberts

LaTourette fund-raiser to cash in CAFTA vote (lying crook cashing in)

Recruiter Recalls Being Splashed With Blood During Protest

All your bundt are belong to us!

I just castigated my ex after months

"If you build it, he will come."

Funny how truckloads of supplies are being

Anyone else tired of the "Go Deep" Ad?

Did GD just pull 250,000 posts out of its ass?

This banner at Bartcop should be a bumper sticker IT IS CLASSIC! LMAO

CAPTION the Different Worlds..... GRAPHIC WARNING

Oops, dupe.

Hey, I just heard the words "bundt cake" on Sportscenter

Alan Funt? A silly....

Sprunt- a classic Carlin bit?

See You Nerds Tomorrow

See You Next Tuesday!

The cunning stunt - a lost art?

like, I was rappin' to the fuzz, man.

Drop back ten and bundt.

Quick! Let's make babies

Why does everyone here spell moron incorrectly?

dupe - didn't appear to go first time (got error msg); sorry

Does anyone really think Barry Bonds cares about the homeless?

I'm running for ASB President of my class


Quick, let's make a million posts


Menudo was the best band EVAH!

I should be sleeping...

Nintendo unveils (finally) their latest contoller.

Good night!

Wanna see CanuckAmok do a couple of Idaho sword forms?

In my next life , I shall be born with an English accent ...

I opened one of those graphic threads in GD

Better halfs are always good for a laugh...

Carving Up Nice Turkeys.

How can we sabotage that asshole on The Daily Show...

Great Pic from Bartcop.

the lost skeleton of cadavera...

Paging BullGooseLooney!

Why do I always go to bed later than I actually want to

Who is still up because of Rita?

In your next life do you get to keep your old birthday?

Thank you for the silliness tonight

Greatest NES game ever


You have until this cigarette is gone to talk to me

told ya so, told ya so, told ya so......

Best band ever

goodnight shitty friends! you are all THE SHIT!

Have you ever met a cunning linguist......

Mod, please lock

For What It's Worth: Fleabert is THE SHIT!

Addressing a note to a Japanese recipient

KG's computer question of the week.

Super extra-crappola - Rita just made category 4

What's Your Favorite Sunday Comic Strip? (Past Or Present)

The joy of disabling Google Safesearch: Image Result #1: Skeet shooting

British History Show About Caesar Slams Bush

20 - 1???? Padres lose to the Rockies 20 - 1??!!

Fundraiser For Katrina Victims - Hours Of Playing "MmmBop" By Hanson

Hands touchin' hands

A special gift for dolo amber:

Seen and heard last night at Madison Square Garden

Speaking of GD...anyone see this?

Should the lounge as a whole

Anyone else get Russian spam?

Do you have the time to listen to me whine

Wish me luck. I'm going out to steal..

Check out what comes in a google image search for shoot...

BullGooseLoony is the SHIT!

Kenny Chesney Wants YOU To Know He Will "Be OK" After Breakup

If someone calls you "the shit," what do you think that implies?

If someone says you have "the shits", what do you think that implies?

Jurors Will Get To See Judge's Sex Toy (Penis Pump Under His Robes)

Roberts just got confirmed???

Naples blood boils at miracle's 'debunking'

Happy Birthday .... .... ..... OASIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Stephen King!

A little humor for a Wednesday!

I need a banana!!

Butter-Elvis To Debut At State Fair

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is Consanguineous (Use in a sentence)

Rough Mix- Peter Townshend and Ronnie Lane

What's your take on saying "sure" when you mean "yes"?

'Cursed' black diamond on display

UGH BLUGRAHWAHH GARRRG!!! oldie but a damned annoying goodie...

Israelis fined for wedding kiss

Good Morning Lounge!!

I have a job interview in 3 hours.

Un-natural childbirth

Hey, Allison Krause fans...

TV Schedule for Saturday Mornign Cartoons from the 80's

'Lost' is on tonight!!

Imagine, people think State University students are dumb

Are there any gun people out there. Here's a new target for you.

I can't stop listening to Pink Floyd

Happy Birthday -DARVA CONGER!! oh yeah these people too

Has anyone ever seen ...

Does your company offer tuition assistance as a benefit?

(Baptist) School Removes Cups With Gay Author Quote

Rotten 50th Birthday to the jerk who broke my heart 14 years ago!

France to buy the state of LA

Simba is sick again. Taking him to the vet.

I just filled out an application to work at Starbucks. Ask me anything.

Autumnal Equinox ZombyCoffee, anyone?

that reminds me it's hiking season,explore the woods and stuff

Where are the sig limitations listed?

We need a constitutional ammendment banning underwear!

Ever post an article that sank like a stone, then saw it on the Home page

War on Porn... Attention purveyors.

Okay guys, I'm off to DC

They hate us for our freedom!!!

Need info about baby boomers and advertising. Help?


damned liquid laundry detergent!

Okay, Am I The Only One Who Thinks "Warning" Was Good?

MatcomNews Update: Possible Suspect In Swan Killing Interviewed By Police


Does anyone here have an "Entourage"???


"My Name is Earl"--funniest thing I've seen in ages!

Does anyone here watch "Entourage"???


That darned Boston Market commercial -

PA/DE/NJ/MD DUers! ONLY TWO chances to see me play this coming weekend!

How *DARE* that Renee Zellweger call Dick Cheney a "fraud"

What Texas needs more of (and less of)

Geeks, I need advice: talk to me about routers.

Training for my first marathon. Any tips/comments?

GOD IS ALIVE!!!! The miracle of the missing Debit Card

What's the REAL reason for Nero's "War on Porn?"

progmom....right now I should be calling you ever three minutes

My broadband will be installed tommorow! Yee-haw!

Forgot to check the oil?

I'm Back

Key West must be ok...The "Hog Cam" is up...

Jackie O's reaction vs. George Bush inaction

I'm going to Chik-fil-a.

This macaroni sucks.

Question regarding Bill Frist.........

Why do some people spell "moran" incorrectly?

How to tell the sex of a fly (joke sent by Mr. DTBK)

Football Players: We Would Be Shocked At What Goes On At Bottom Of Pile

People you never, ever want to piss off:

anyone else hear that kenny chesney is gay?

Will one of you come and pick me up for a latte and a moment of

Tucker the seal.

Jeb Bush not consider himself Christian? How will the fundies like that?

Dammit, I just had two teeth pulled.


KITTENS -- need link to the Kitten Band doing the Destiny's Child song

Here's another good link for Rita.

I just saw the greatest sig line pic...

Shine on, 106163, you crazy diamond!

Dugong! Dugong!

Ricky Gervais on The Daily Show tonight

*GET OVER TO LBN* Rebecca Romijn Engaged to Jerry O'Connell

Baby Mozart is best accompanied by __________(fill in the blank)

Are people voting on purpose?

Prime Rib

I miss Dupe tonight...

Herro rounge, how you doin?

I need some dvd help...

Best place to assuage the stoner munchies?

Counting thread, I'll start us off. 1

I pity the next lounge mod.

Wheeee...most lounge threads have at least one vote for greatest page.

Cruise probably shouldn't be waiting for Spieburg to call

Okay yankees I have a ? about the D.A.R.

How ya doin' Dr. Fleischman?

Since when are "votes" listed next to the number of reply posts?


We're having a big ole Mardi Gras party!

house painting chaos - omg, utter chaos


For this week-end, a reminder(for what it's worth), be careful,

Just great! Panic has hit

Everyone...I want you to meet my best friend.

Worst Vietnamese-themed band

Just got the Battlestar Galactica First Season DVD set! WOO HOO!

George Wendt

Do we start warning Texas DUers about a hurricane today, or tomorrow?

Look, every damned thread can't be worth a vote

Note for (cheap) security nerds: Zone Alarm released a new version

Should I spend the $695 to buy this or not?

A topic I've been thinking about calling into Malloy about-Young Blood

Oh yeah, Midlo? You gonna dis me, but not zap the threads? Here goes:

Someone sent me this dreck from Glamour

I'm baaaacckk!

KEGGER! Pagans and Celts are having a KEGGER!!!

Werther's Original candies are so damn yummy!

This Test only has one question...but it is a very important one.


My god! Tree-taker-downers have an incredibly dangerous job!

Time for me to turn in

Anyone know how to rip data from my iPod?

dolo amber is a big ol' pile of shiznit.

Crud! Missed my 4000th post. Go ahead, ask me anything.

Yak, the scooter of the 17th 18th 19th AND 21st centuries


iTunes 5.0.1 Is now available for download

Did I promise to mail you something and didn't?

Your love is like a Hurricane

Tip of the day: Getting rid of deodorant stains

Can anyone here play a theremin?

You dick!!

We're at Level One

KEGELS! Pagans and Celts are doing KEGELS!!!

Punt Speedchunk!

The Doomsday Clock has been moved one hour forward for Daylight Savings

How long should you hate someone before you decide to marry them?

Web site support for liberal causes?

Are female Hurricanes stronger than male hurricanes?

I just shot 800 mg of ketamine into my eyeball.....

The bad kids are ruining it for the good kids around here.

Your favorite Star Trek original series episode

Scalia Goes On Abortion Bender After Being Passed Over For Chief Justice

My sisters' bunny got eaten! :(

OK, Who's Hippy??

Will someone explain WiFi to me?

dolo amber is the shiznit.

Male names and female names

the gubmint is running out of hurricane names this season

Has anyone ever flown "courier" to a foreign country?

Poll: What you hope happens to your spirit/soul after death?

KEGGER! Poodles and Cats are having a KEGGER!!!

which is worse: hurricane Rita, or Rita Cosby

You know what's really pissing me off about my college campus?

The $40+ fill-up



things are shutting down here in southeast texas

Crap!!! It's 5:04 PM here!

I'm leaving if I have to see Condi and Bush kissing one more day

I haven't showered in three days.

Should I spend the $384,650 to buy this or not?

I went to San Francisco and saw DICK

So does anybody know of a good site for amateur musicians to upload their

I'm home from the gulf coast, spent last wk working there

Cute kitty gif

Should I spend $.50 to buy this, or not?

Bush will take a woman's right to choose but look at the bright

Does anyone want to see just one more panda PIC?



Post something you've written....

Which congressperson represents downtown Chicago?


Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge...

Lost -- new 2 hour season premiere starts in seventeen min....

What are the foods you hate

KitchenWitch is THE SHIT!

I got a puppy!

And we thought times were tough

MSNBC poll: 98% against seizure of homes/bldgs for private project

Sorry Everybody

In anticipation of Halloween: CATS WITH GLOWING EYES

i heard that wearing tye-dye & birkenstocks will only prolong the war, so

Whoa, just noticed a new DU feature....


Damn. Some folks on DU don't think I am funny

Anybody else think Brad Pitt's

I just rode my Stationary Bike for 22 minutes....

Porn....Huh! ....What is it Good for?

OMG! Aerial footage of the canal breech explosion leaked!!

What name should they call the next Hurricane?

Dutch Talk-Show Host to Take Heroin on Air

Corn....Huh! ....What is it Good for?

I got a pint o Ben n Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk. Who needs a hit?

My pics from the Alps...

A request for Texas DUers

Hey! When did the "Votes" column show up?

Of which faith do you belong?

I'm having my 20th high school reunion next year!!!

His worried wife yelled at him: "Stop, George." (BUSH'S BOOZE CRISIS)

You Built A Time Machine, What Major Event Would You Go Back & Change?

Hi! I'm going to replace approximately 700 sq. ft. of carpet.

Whee! Now I need a step-stool to get into my bed!

Who watched House?

Everybody cross your fingers for me

Good news! At the age of 53, I'm ...

a sorta serious rant in the lounge, cause I feel safe here...

Faux News ties Katrina disaster to De Soto, who

Extended overseas trips for children - at what age.

Rockstar INXS

Who here knows the story of how Democratic Underground first started?

I'm tired of seeing my other thread! How about posting your best feature?

Math problem:

Why does God hate America?

Police to probe Kate Moss drug claims

Best-looking male politician?

Kurt & Courtney

Show me something I haven't seen before

KEGELS! Poodles and Cats are doing KEGELS!!!

This Test only has one question...but it is a very important one.

Aly-style Tom Yum soup

My pics from India....

It's time for a baby panda thread. He's finally opened his eyes! Look:

Post your good thoughts to the wonderful DUers with ties to Texas here.

Holy Mary!!! She has shown up in some woman's uterus!

Is this where I come to bury my head in the sand?

have you ever met a cunning lengua?

Scariest Movie Psycho?

A C.G. computer poll: How much spyware/adware have you found

Has everyone had good experiences with Netflix?

PA/DE/NJ/MD! Back to THREE CHANCES to see me play this weekend!


Help me build my list of protest songs for this weekend

Don't vote for this thread, it's really dumb, and you'll break the server.

Any Unitarian Universalists out there

Christians under attack!

Man Dies: Slimebag Gov. Bredesen Saves Money Via Medicaid Cuts

Mysterious ring of stars guards Andromeda’s heart

Mars getting warmer, may have quakes

Mysterious 'Ball Of Fire' Seen In Fla. Skies

Birds: the sordid truth

Psychopaths could be best financial traders?

6,500-year-old plants exposed as global warming melts glacier

Co-discoverer of AIDS Virus joins reception for Radnofsky

GLBT Day of Activism in Sacramento Sept 23

Rocky's benefits plan hits first snag (Salt Lake City's domestic partners)

Etheridge rediscovers love

Harvard Law School succumbs to feds, allows GLBT discrimination

Adoption question

Ha ha ha This just in:

Monthly dog photography contest - pampered pooch

how loud does your cat purr?

Scalia's revenge: Actual news or a prophetic dream I had?

How to talk to a believer

God Is For Suckers!

Does this remind you guys of anybody?

Sillyness time: Post your favorite song with new lyrics

Behold the oppression inherant in the system

How to talk to Az

ANWR Rally On

Your daily Bolton

Alert - Kerry to speak on C-Span 2 - Roberts Nomination

John Kerry Opposes Roberts’ Nomination for Chief Justice

John Kerry - The Superhero (Rude Pundit Blast from the Past)

Did you all see this? (Rate your Senators)

Hi, Kerrykats! Don't know if I'll be posting

Chimesatmidnight column - Just for the pleasure of reading it

This put me in a better mood!

Kerry's speech at Brown was wonderful.

Memo to Rachelle G. Cohen - Boston Herald

Kerry's Floor Statement on Opposition to Roberts

There's been a KO siting, according to Dan Patrick!

So, Gina, what are your plans?

OK, Olberfans - you know what to do:

The KATRINA Excuse ...

How can the people of NOLA best protect themselves from a landgrab?

Make the pie higher! -- A bit dated, but certainly apropos

Politically speaking, is Rita blessing or curse for Bush?

Super-Duper UberPatriotic Republican Montage -- Caution: Avert Eyes

Hey, DU! What's Next for America?

Weird Google Moment

NeoCON/RW'ers love welfare...

Now We Need To Really Keep The Pressure Up On Those That....

Senate democrats oppose the use of photoID for voting.

Bush on the Wing - VIDEO

The WUPS! party. Wups, I mean Republican

never mind Katrina, FROM NOW ON, we're prepared, we promise!


Galveston, Oh Galveston - The FEMA Version......

So I'm looking at the Welfare Reform Bill...

Will Monies Earmarked For Katrina Victims and Rebuilding Be.....

Able Danger Hearing is on CSpan 3 now.

MSM Rita coverage will swamp Sept. 24th D.C. protest coverage

One of the worst accusation the GOP can make is that of 'playing politics'

Is Nagin being set up? Operation "Blame the Black Guy"

C-Span3 NOW!! Repubs trying to pin 9/11 on Clinton (Able Danger)

Rep Gene Taylor D Miss on c-span

Chinese condom company to name line of products after Bill Clinton

Is this "PC UTOPIAVILLE" or a "DEMOCRATIC Underground"???

Do we really *need* a president? Or have they become figureheads?

Leahy will support Roberts

Anyone know where the Saturday AntiWar March is at in LosAngeles?

Meanwhile Back In Iraq ..... the insurgents are now in the police force.

Jim Leach email concerning HR 375

Remember "human shields" jerk? White powder mailed to his office

Tancredo Poised as Republican Spoiler in '08...

Milbank, Kurtz address Dems' Katrina response, "message"

DU these polls (2)

the MODERATES must take a stand for REALITY

Alert - Kerry to speak on C-Span 2 - Roberts Nomination


Eastern NC?? Need a ride to DC this weekend??

Dead Scot's mother sets off to join US protest

What's the best way to find a Congressperson's recent remarks?

R. Rep. Jeb, what a sweet boy, Hensarling

Here is what I really think

Interesting To Note When Shrub Invoked - 911 and Terror and Terrorists....

"Lockstep GOP discipline that Bush has enjoyed eroding on Capitol Hill"

Rita Prep Now Really Makes * Look Like He Really Hates Black People....

POLL: If the 2006 elections for U.S. Congress were being held TODAY...

Daschle preparing national campaign?

Newsflash: the nature of our political systm gives us 2 political parties, Awards Al Gore "Wings of Justice Award" (for N.O. Evac)

New MoveOn Survey in circulation

Bush better cancel his war, things are going to hell here too..

DU Breakfast on Sat. in D.C.???

Help Mongo understand

Sick and tired of losing my text!!!

Who's Blowing Up Iraq?

FYI: My letter to Di Fi

Bush's Hurricane Rita Fatwa: "We got to be ready for the worst"

Mindless Republican Bloggers On Parade

Are any of these chickenshits your Congressperson?

George Lakoff - Don't Think of An Elephant...isn't he the same

We need to hold our leaders accountable for all steps to confirm Roberts.

John Edwards says to oppose Roberts. Good for him.

Rush now advertising for 'Democrat Underground" and "Kos"...

$250 Million Bridge In Alaska To Be Named After GWB.......

DU this survey from Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tx)

I wish Franken would stop saying that all of Bush's poll numbers plummeted

Query for Krugman fans

The prospects for our future go from bad to worse,

Can George Galloway run for President

What if tomorrow, the US vanished from Iraq?

Zogby responds to call for new impeachment poll!

Witch hunts

Liberal vs.Progressive vs. Centrist vs. Moderate...definition help

Transcript of Katrina to 9/11 Speech from today?

Crooks & Liars Video Clip: Tucker Carlson vs Bill Maher on Katrina

Is AAR having audio problems lately?

GOP Priorities...move ahead with privatizing (killing) Social Sec.

Boxer on CSPAN 2 on Roberts - Vote NO

I wonder if the Right is going to be forced to look at Global Warming

It'll be great to have Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

Unfreeping the Freepers

Gasbag Limbaugh ranting again. Will this be the heart attack day?

Freeper FUN! DU this poll

On the subject of civil disobedience

This is kind of fun...

Am I right to assume just raised $274,030 in less than a day?

Miles O'Brien coming up next on Big Eddie's show...

Medicare Official Lies, Cheats ... And Doesn't Get Fired

DNC: Gulf Coast Needs Relief, Not A Right-Wing Agenda From Bush

OK guys - need your help with a PITA freeper brother-in-law

Citizens Party

DNC: House Republicans Fail to Stand Up for Our Men and Women in Uniform

Pelosi Offers To Nix Pet Projects To Help Pay For Katrina

Email reply from Salt Lake City Mayor

90,000 rounds at each insurgent???

Dear Elected Democrats... Send this article to your Dem Senators and Reps!

Has he been indicted yet? (Cafferty in re Tom Delay)

Barnicle: Bush blessed with a fortunate life and a “thanks dad” existence

Bush’s Words on Iraq Echo LBJ in 1967: “We Shall Stay the Course”

Could BlowJobs Be The Undoing Of Another President?....

Do you think Bush is rehearsing his Hurricane Rita Bullhorn Moment?

President, Vice President, Something Else, Nothing

What are we going to do about Baucus?

Take Part in a Survey to Help Determine Post-Katrina Agenda

Tally on Senate Democrats & Independents on Roberts - Vol 1

John McCain in 08 would either revitalize or destroy the Democratic Party

voter id requirement would prevent poor, black and elderly from voting

What's the deal with Ed Schultz?

Politics of the Gilmore Girls

DU Home page letter -Dear Elected Democrats- is excellent...

Kerry's Floor Statement on Opposition to Roberts’ Nomination

Pelosi will give up SF funds for Katrina, DeLay will NOT do the same in TX

bush aide arrested

"My wife will support anything I do, because she's that kind of a woman"

Audio clips - Rep. Conyers on Tony Trupiano, NPR & Randi Rhodes

All 7th graders REQUIRED to write letter to Bush!

Anti-Cindy whackjob bus only gets 12 to show up in 85% Repuke County!!!

Jack Cafferty CNN asks for emails "What should be cut from federal budget.

Catherine Crier on Tony Danza

If McCain ran as an independent in '08, what states would he win?

Leahy for Roberts - CALM DOWN! I think I know why.

Joe Biden to vote AGAINST Roberts

Censored in the name of the Lord

State Department Appointee to use his "position" to "advance freedom"!...

My mom thinks Bush isn't doing ENOUGH damage in Iraq!

Good Start on Defeating Photo ID Proposal

Bush is boozing it up

Student activism is battling apathy

"Has he been indicted yet??" Cafferty zinger...

Going Out On a Limb: Cheney Will Resign & McCain Becomes VP

DEMs who vote for Roberts agree with Pat Robertson and not the base.

What I did to a Rush Limpball mass mailing once....

John Kerry Opposes Roberts’ Nomination for Chief Justice

NEW MEME: "Why should I be concerned about state & local officials in...

When Will Bush Be Impeached? When O' When?

Remember the story about my Congressman calling me at home?

Republican by birth ; Democrat by education

Nice to see Roberts has DU fighting itself again instead of Republicans.

Letter from Kucinich - "I do not support Impeachment"