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Archives: September 25, 2005

Gone with the wind (GWB)

Frist and Torture: What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?

WP: For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

WP: For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

San Diego Union Tribune: Farce at the border

"Labor fights to preserve Davis-Bacon" (The Hill)

Hands off Posse Comitatus

Bush under stereophonic attack

Harpers: The Uses of Disaster -- read this if you love your country

Waste and fraud inevitable in rebuilding, experts say -KRN

A Cameraman's Impressions Of New Orleans As It Recovers And Prepares

Donna Brazile: A leader with heart and a good plan

National Solar Tour Comes To Orlando 10/1

Conference on climate change makes mark

WSJ: Oil, Saltwater Mar Louisiana Coast, Threaten Future

Extreme weather is likely on tap for West

Geologist: Nevada at risk for major quake

Help Abbas (Ha'aretz editorial)

Leftists rally against occupation

I just received a receipt for my prov. ballot I cast in a city election.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 9/25/05

More dirt on FEMA fraud!

Bush under stereophonic attack - Great article from unlikely source

Back from the march

Anyone have pictures from the Los Angeles March?

SF Marchers! Check In, please!

San Diego March

Firefox loads with a bunch of coded mumbo-jumbo.

Homecoming rally Oct 1 to formally launch EqualityOhio

Missing DU'ers

Went driving around tonight looking for any open Restaurants.

Thanks, Texas DUers, my auntie's OK.

Help - Stuck in San Antonio

News of Steven Colbert's New Show on Comedy Central!

OKC Anti-War Faire pix

Something George Carlin said in the show I saw in May has me thinking

Louisiana law gives private security force like Blackwater special power.

Ahh, DU. Another Day, Another Hysteria. If not Looting, ANSWER-mania.

Houston strandees found shelter in nearby schools

Do you know the type of protest Sheehan was holding against **?

Lynndie England: 'Poor, Mixed-Up Kid'

Navy reserves being called up for Iraq? WTF

What Was That Helicopter Circling All Day At The Protest In DC

Mpre pictures from todays rally

DU THIS ON YAHOO: Crowds Opposed to Iraq War March on D.C.

up next on Cspan anti war rally n/t

should dems run a celebrity for prez?

Was there a Peace rally today? The MSM hasn't told me so.

Anti war rally coverage on C-SPAN now...9:00EST

new spin: "SAS in secret war against Iranian agents"

Seems like ANSWER should really be called QUESTION

The Torture Question

Thank goodness the servers are back to normal!!!

WUSA/CBS coverage is the worst!

Prediction for Monday's Tweety show

MSNBC Poll Shows 81% Disapproved of B*sch Co War

c-span re-playing today's protest coverage

Guardian/Observer: "Is global warming to blame for Rita?"

I was interviewed on the radio today!!

And then Clinton Just Slipped It In..

We need rallies and marches WITHOUT speakers

WOW have you seen this??? 'October Surprise'

Question Re:ANSWER

Today my car was my billboard:

A computer question

Any video's from the concert?

Re Evacuation: the simplest, best solution right up front

SF Bay area Indy Media PICS

Watching the rally on C-Span and LINK TV today, my 5 yo asked me

Anyone listening AAR? Nov. 2nd set as personal protest day...

NYT, Stephen Colbert interview: "Funny About the News"

What's better? A president who relies on polls or on photo ops?

movie producer rips millions off pro-Bush churches

If Clinton was still in power

Annoying LTTE in my paper and a Personal Revelation

Attention All DU'ers I Will Not Spend Anytime Underground

The Far Right has always had a grip on America

Isn't it possible to make reasonable crowd size estimates from photos?

"Raging Grannies" protest alongside Republicans today in Washington.

If Cindy Sheehan is a 'clown'

Today was the most exciting day of my life!

Aaron Brown from CNN answered my email (Floods vs Protest)

Hey! Here's a good location for Bush's photo op: Jasper, TX

Two women, one man killed for honour in eastern Pakistan: police

Britain to pull troops from Iraq in May

What would life be like...

Bill O'Lie-ly quotes Cindy

Over 2000 here in PHX

Not to sound paranoid, but why did the DC protests go so smoothly?

Sign at rally: "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease"

D.C. Local news channel 9 covering the protest

Anybody Run Across An Aerial Shot Of Any Of The Protests ???

The scariest photo I have ever seen of the regime

How badly do you want to be a free man or woman?

What New Orleans needs after rebuild

Freepers are sooooo pathetic. They can't even accept what every

Boy Howdy Doody!

Trailer containing mother and 3 children swept away

Why so little media coverage of the protest? Simple...

A Frank Letter to President Bush

Does anyone think they spotted undercover agents in DC protests?

Need a laugh? Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" on FLIXe at 12:05am EDT

WP: More than 200(!) today counterprotest in DC, claim "majority"

Is the mainstream press, mainly tv, covering the protest much?

Watching C-Span rerun- Why didn't they let Jessica Lang speak earlier?


i know this is gonna be tough but....

You've heard of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'....

Early snowmelts heating Alaska Arctic-study

Antiwar Rallies Staged in Washington and Other Cities

"You can never step in the same stream twice..."

Check out these photos of today's Pro-War rally.

A quick thought on pro-war and counter-protest protests

Just got home from Arizona Anti-war Protest! WOOHOO!

Aaron Brown talking now on CNN about the March! Finally!!!

The Winning Message of a Third Party Candidate...

Looks like Sunday'll be a good day to sleep in...

Posted Gambling Odds on Bush Drinking (5-1) Admits it (15-1) Rehab (40-1)

We just (15 minutes ago) had a 3.5 earthquake here east of Bakersfield, CA

Just got back from the San Diego Demo

Still more photos just in from DC

A Sunday Morning Spent with A Crazy, Backwoods Conservative

I hope I don't offend anyone...but I hope the rain washed away the racist

Another Pic Great Sign!!

"Did someone post this on DU?!" -- Freepers are desperate for attention!

Sunday Papers .. Hope for Anti-War rally coverage (Rita old news)

NYT: Few Decisions to Make, Much Time to Be Seen (* photo-ops)

A press conference I'd like to see

Check out San Francisco protest! Awesome...

Alternatives to A.N.S.W.E.R

"I want stuff but I dont't want to pay for it" keeps us from having

MSNBC protest coverage

OMG this is to funny-you want to see the rethugs protest?

My Pics and Blog from the Protest Yesterday and today

Greatest Freethinker

Touching and moving music video


Holy moley!! There are a lot of posts about Freeper counterprotest

Ok a longer version Demo in San Diego

Credit card firms don't have to send warnings

(at least) 20,000 protest war on Iraq in San Francisco:


NEWS: Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away

Aaron Brown, cnn saying he thinks he heard from 100,000 anti-war

Pic here:

File of Viggo Mortensen interview online

Is this the largest DC protest since Vietnam?

So you're angry at ANSWER because it speaks for its conscience?

Count your blessings and hug your child tonight

The best pic I ever took with Cindy in it

Darn it...they don't believe that 100,000+ showed up today....

Jackson (KY) schools' week cut to 4 days

Must see video!

Watching the replay on C-SPAN and let me tell you...

Are you a Stalinist, or a dupe? ID thinks you are. Be patronized, here.

In reference to RITA 24/7 coverage - Enough is Fucking Enough!

The missing billion dollars from the Iraqi Defense Fund..

It wasn't Washington, D.C. but....

A Pic From Their "Rally"?, or Why are Fweeper Slimeroaches so UGLY?

My two jack-o-lanterns: IMPEACH and W

Ok, NOW I've heard it all!

Katherine Harris autographs a voting machine for Frank Luntz

Wow... I Hadn't Seen This Before...

George Looks Terrible ---pix->>>

What Makes You Sure That GW is Big Time Drinking Again?

Is it possible for impeach bush movement to be about impeaching bush?

Montana Congressman Drunk on Vodka in Kazakhstan junket

Have you ever lost your cool w/ regard to the Iraq War?

Anybody else into Harrison on the Edge? (Streaming now)

PLEASE rate up this Yahoo Story about Protest - it is being FREEPED!

Remember what is was like to be proud to be an American? (pic heavy)

This is an old piece but I think it's OK to post here again. A day in the

Have you ever thought about the last minute of your life? (Beware.)

Hey, freepers! How do you like your brave "War President" now?

We shut down DC for 4 hours

Why the righties really hate Cindy Sheehan

We are having tornadoes and wind from this hurricane

For All You Folks Havin A Hissy Over A.N.S.W.E.R....

Faces of Protest --- HEY FREEPS

CSPAN Schedule Sunday September 25

Who is your ideal ticket?

500,000 - Will Pitt

"Republican and Ashamed" photo

Just Got Back from DC

Has anyone seen ANYTHING on Mainstream TV Media about Peace March?

ralph nader speaking on re-run of today's d.c. protest.

Caption this image (and spread it around)

Wel, damn. Looks like CNN actually gets it.

*** pre-Sunday TOONs ***

Did A.N.S.W.E.R. make the march a net plus or a net minus ?

Pictures from Seattle Protest (DIAL-UP WARNING!!)

What is the best source of energy in your opinion.

My day at the protest with the Here in Spirit sign, long version

I made chicken enchiladas with green sauce & sour cream for supper tonight

150 sugar cookies, 120 snickerdoodles, 72 white chocolate chip cookies,

Defiant PM says: I'll face down Iraq protesters

OKC Anti-War Faire pix

Senator questions Rove's fundraising trip as hurricane nears

Reported as Dead, Suspect in '64 Killings Turns Up Alive

Most states see leap in bankruptcy filings

Sunday's WP front page just up; police chief admits at least 150,000

La. Proposes Group to Aid Storm Evacuees

Iran to be reported to Security Council

CNN: Iraq arrest warrant for UK troops

Bush 'greater threat than bin Laden'

Bush: U.N. must review Iran nuke record

New group files for (Fla. Constitution) amendment against stem-cell study

Gov. Bush says Florida needs some long-term solutions

WP: Storm and Bush On the Move

WP: Smaller but Spirited Crowd Protests Antiwar March

Albright warns dark days are ahead in Iraq

Alert targets 26,000 at Expo:Gaming conference worker infected with hepati

Merkel set to have last laugh on Schröder

AP: Police: Suburbs Dropping Homeless in L.A.

S. African AIDS Expert Urges Circumcision

'It just kept coming' — Rita swamps Louisiana coast, stranding scores of p

Iraqi women say freedoms are slipping away

WP: Antiwar Fervor Fills the Streets

GU: Britain to pull troops from Iraq as Blair says 'don't force me out'

Greenspan worried about deficit

AP: Bill Frist now facing two investigations

Just got from "The corpse Bride"

Prison gear for a 10 yr old? *snicker*

For my 2,000th post on DU, I would just like to say . . .

Favorite TV theme songs?

Dragons - An Interesting Point


Were you aware

'Night folks!

Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" on FLIXe at 12:05am EDT

A Jobycom letter to president* Bush

Ah, one of the Captain Beefheart version of "Torture Never Stops"

Ok, what is the deal with the "people skills" kids trying to sell magazine

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

My afternoon dream of Sweet Sirius

I intentionally stayed far away from the Scott Petersen case, but this

In an all out superhero shootout, who'd win?

BK King in the NFL commercials, these crack me up! (Video)

Nip/Tuck Fans:

The new Kurt Vonnegut book is amazing

What should I get for dinner?

Caption Daffy the Republican.


Moonbats Eh? How About If We Call You Fweepers SLIMEROACHES?

Goodnight all y'all

This appears to be my 10,001th post

Check out "Lord of War" GREAT anti-war movie


Is your god made out of molten lava?

A computer question

UPDATE: Not_Giving_Up remains in Oklahoma

Brokeback Mountain is going to be an awesome movie, anyone see the...

Is there a tech forum?

Firefox users - a question



I'm hungry

My first video: Musical Fireworks

What are we drinking tonight?

I kinda liked "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

Norma Jean or Marilyn?

Unfucking Real! The Gophers beat Purdue!

post you good wishes for HEIDI , her art show/exhibition

Could someone please tell me why plastic grocery bags are



draw a pig

48 Hours Mystery---Oh my God!

What stuff REALLY annoys the hell out of you?

So, what did everyone do on this fine Saturday??

This dog is uglier than the thing in Floogeldy's sigline.

Filly Going to Devon

I think my apartment is haunted.

So I just got back from a Pearl Jam concert...

How do you do a screen capture?

Darth Vadar as you've never seen him...

The Official Patriots Suck Thread.

What supermarkets are where you live?

OMFG! Listening to a live "Close to the Edge" - sweet mother of God,

Ohio: Homecoming rally Oct 1 to formally launch EqualityOhio

H20Man and other boxing fans, need help in a thread

Woot Woot-Party In Madison Tonite!

Sox tie Yanks for first

The Alabama Crimson Tide: Try And Stop 'Em

Just saw an interesting movie

Do we have to be respectful of people who talk to trees?

Early papers

I wonder if anyone else had the same thoughts

Back from the March in DC

A brief post from DC

People are now creating videos using Kanye West's "Bush does'nt

Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush: A Descriptive Summary

The Difference in Response or

Katrina and Rita should not be treated as exams

George Bush......peculiar little Hurricane Man

BushCo is a Result of Ignorance..Reduce our Ignorance and enjoy a better

Senator Frist's Stock Sale; Why no SEC investigation?

Local Coverage of the March

Frist Knew About Blind Trust Investments

600,000 Ugly Ducklings

Geraldo-"Major Clark, are you with the FBI?"

Cindy could be, would be, should be, our ROVING AMBASSADOR

Boxcar Pud Acuff: Iraq And Other Disasters

How "marginalized" are the freepers? Do we take them too seriously?

It wasn't Rove or Chaney:what WH "aide" has power to order Bush around?

Good Web Source for Aerial Photos of DC March Today? n/t

Carter says Gore won 2000 election

NYTimes on Rally

Heart of Darkness

Separation of Church and State in High School Band Competitions

There's Something About Al : Gore Emerging as Top 2008 Candidate

US Army plans to bulk-buy anthrax (and they won't say why)

Reuters / Yahoo story on protest has THREE STARS...time to RATE IT UP.

CSPAN Schedule Sunday September 25

"how will we win any battle if we don't stand up for what we believe "

Let Justice Be Done...

The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime site...

Cheney "alert, comfortable"...probably ready to resume mansion shopping

Need help debunking some FDR attacks...

Shirking Responsibility-Leadership, Top Brass and Torture

Newsweek: A Washington Sand Trap

The St. Patrick's Four Trial Presses On

Lack of planning, corruption plague rebuilding in Iraq

Foreign surgeons attract U.S. patients (Seattle Times, Sun -front pg)

The day our peaceful bit of Iraq went up in flames (UK in Basra)

So what were two undercover British soldiers up to in Basra?

Fisk: Nature and Man Conspire to Expose the Lies of the Powerful

Roverian Politics (Jean Carnahan)

The "War" Room

100 percent financing can bite overeager buyers

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Heated battle

American Legion's tips for supporting troops

Hard Bigotry of No Expectations - Blistering NYT's Main Editorial

Cross forum post: To get past NY Times Select

(a) "day of carefully choreographed events"--and a "bullhorn moment"

Blair falls into line with Bush view on global warming

NCAA learning what it's like to be Indian (Harjo on Mascots)

A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death (Woman w/ HIV stupidly has child)

Cindy Sheehan (HuffPost): Last Weekend Karl Rove Said I Was a Clown

A Washington Sand Trap:A golf outing trips up a widening circle of power b

F**k Greenspan

Richard Dawkins on the danger of "Gerin Oil"

Anybody know how to read Frank Rich's new article without subscribing - reality-based programming

New bankruptcy bill will lead to a Black Christmas

No Arctic oil drilling? How about selling parks?

Please support H.R. 3037!

San Jose Mercury: Driving us back to the way we were

Cleaner vehicles may be ordered (Maine)

NY Times: Go Ahead and Drive Less, if You Can

More on Lapp's solar-assist Prius Classic.

Informant tells how FBI higherups "Shut Him Down" letting 9/11 happen

German engineers: Bush lied about 9/11

Ohio evangelicals say their g*d tells them to vote no on election reform.

Mike of "Crooks & Liars" onboard with election fraud

Randy Duke "Cunning Scam" investigation widened!

San Diego North County Times says there were just as many pro war people

Shelter tightens tracking policies ("smacked of a 'police state'")

Deval Patrick will speak in Framingham this Tuesday

Pics from the solidarity PEACE MARCH in St Paul on Saturday

Question regarding choice between 2 processors

attention Daytonians! re: Dayton Daily News today...

The Contract With Ohio

Diebold has problems

Houston area DUers: wanna meetup , like now?

News on SE Texas/SW Louisiana

About my experiences with that bitch Rita:

Anybod else have any protest activity yesterday?

1915 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Here's my problem with all the "anti-A.N.S.W.E.R. Posts here on DU.

Karl Rove here: Look, you guys scared the shit out of us Saturday…

Indoctrination robs children of their identity.

*** Sunday TOONs***

Antiwar Fervor Fills the Streets

Shock Troops of Disaster - a look at the 1938 Hurricane & WPA effforts

Is anyone else having problems seeing Lounge threads in the Latest page?

How was Day two of the Protests?

9-24 Protest in Dallas, TX

Mods, please don't delete the responses (informational purposes)

Pics from solidarity PEACE MARCH in St Paul on Saturday!

Security incidents in Iraq, Sept 25

Wow! This is one hell of a powerful video! - reality-based programming

Anyone have update on Port Arthur Texas and how its holding up?

Just heard from my wife's family in Nederland, TX - another FEMA

There are more stories about the pro-war rallies than participants

Don't forget this season of West Wing tonight!

What's done cannot be undone ---pix->>>

which one has more of a right-wing bias...

The Electoral System

CNN: "Smaller-than-expected gathering follows anti-war protest"

NBC just said there were about 100 pro-war demonstrators

So,how many went to the pro-war rally, versus yesterday's pro-peace rally?

Does the RW want us to hate Bush - distracting us from their real agenda?

Great quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower

The march and concert in DC, as I saw it.

Bush, your coke jaw is showing - clip on NBC news

ANSWER says it organized the march, but the "The Independent" says it was

Please explain to me how US troops in Iraq are fighting for my freedom.

Newsweek: Chavez attacks Bush, and warns about oil prices

Email promoting hate towards Katrina evacuees debunked (DallasMorningNews)

A Few pictures from DC Rally (dial-up warning)

Franklin Graham is a lightweight! He sucked on "This Week"

Peggy Noonan wrote an anti * oped; take a look at the comments

edwards on c-span now

It seems as if there were antiwar protests in London and Rome also.

When do we get to go back to kicking Rove's ass?

Did anyone go see George Galloway speak (in D.C.) last evening?

What does conservative really stand for?

I just got my power back after Rita, what is the news about Chaney

Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600

Wouldn't it be great if DU could have Ads for some Local Businesses

Mentally ill face barriers to care

Well well well, has CNN finally seen the light????

MSNBC:Katrina-What Went Wrong

Speaking of "one-issue" people, anti-war group is far worse than women.

If you like both "60 min" and "the West Wing" and live in the East Coast

How many at the "pro-war" rally ever wore a military uniform?

Uh Oh! Drudge has it in for Streisand AGAIN!

I missed it, but I heard one woman talking about sending people to Iran?

Houston had secret plan to avoid a repeat of Superdome scene

Does anybody have a non NYT link to Frank Rich's column?

Viet Nam protests in the 1960s

Could someone please answer this question?

Government Hails Early Response To Rita

Battle for America airs on Current

My afternoon dream of Sweet Sirius

Brokeback Mountain is going to be an awesome movie, anyone see the...

Flashback 2000: Bush praises FEMA in debate with Gore

WSJ's Scott McCartney: Disasters Press Airports Into Service

Little Georgie Bush falling asleep in class!

Mother Goose for the Goosed

Does anyone have pics of the Native Americans onsyage w/Cindy Sheehan?

Pics from the Peace Protest today (dialup warning)

Albuquerque, New Mexico: 1000

Is "droopy" taken?

Why our rallies are bigger than theirs

Is it true Steve Earle sold rights to The Revolution Starts Now to Chevy?

* Supporters have the damnedest excuses for his lies

"counter-protesters" on local news tonight

Did anyone get a pic of Kay from the Crawford Peace House today in SF?

Nate Clay: caller on Bush drinking --- listen link

Demonstration in London -pic

capitalism : socialism : economics :: gravity : mechanics : physics

my freind wrote this It's propaganda (song parody)

Anyone ever get a that is digusting?

Remember pioneering adult film star Georgina Spelvin?

Here are some good pics from a bunch of protests

A Washington Sand Trap

The pro-war side was huge. (SARCASM) (PHOTO)

How About a New Layer of Bureaucracy -- a CzarsiCane??? n/t

If Christmas gets your goat, this idea's a gift

How many times has George H.W. Bush made love to this woman?

CNN is going to report the protest now! nt

cnn convering the protest from yesterday.

Some of My Favorite American Heroes

Enough with "counter protests", why don't they call it what it is?

A Frank Letter to President Bush

Have you voiced your support for H.R. 3037?

Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order


cnn just reported that 5 US soldiers died in a helicopter crash in Afgan

Pic of War on Iraq supporter out on the street

Rev. Moon--We know that he is allied with the * family, but how is he tied

"Whereever the soldiers go, goes the word of god"

Chinese beggars brought to book

Iraq Supporters to Rebut Anti-War Rallies

Aaron Brossard for PRESIDENT

Pakistan does little about rape, activists say

How Many Will Be At The Anti-American W-ar-Monger Rally Today?

Did anyone tivo/capture and post the DC rally concert from last night?

Failed yet again by the corporate MSM

Bush* on CNN looks like hell. Bored to death.

Taking advantage of the RW Schism

Navy branch contracted planes used in alleged kidnappings

Robyn Blumner, SP Times: Bush's plan leaves out the workers

Chavez Staying True To Pledge For U.s. Poor

2 undercover British soldiers in Basra may have been "civilian contractors"

The Corrupt House Of The Bush Administration Starting To Fall

Streamers right now former Air Force Capt. Joyce Riley’s

WHY don't the Freepers hold a Pro-War rally on THEIR OWN?

Thoughts on ANSWER from someone familar with them

Don't Get Your Voice Then Lose Your Voice

Where can one buy a "Make Levees Not War" tee shirt?

VIDEO-CNN/MSNBC bits on the anti-war rally

Nagin responds to NRA suit

Freeper hits protester at Metro Center

Al Gore speaks to the DNC this Tuesday....

David Brooks' take on Democrats.

CNN, new video of * at briefing -- Why is he nodding again and again?

Bush wants to know if the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT can take over in disasters.

Summary of Dick Cheney's Heart Problems

Aaron Broussard Just Ripped Tim Russert A New One...

What if the men and women in the Armed Forces turned on this war?

How Can We Help Mr. Johnson?

Secretive Swiss trader links City to Iraq oil scam

Should there be another D.C. rally before the 2006 elections?

Rove gets raves

The Chimp is on a mission

great advice for handling the political media, from Warren Kinsella

Here is a thought:

Hanged banker: four go on trial/ Marcinkus to testify

Rita's Lessons...storms test Bush's ability to lead in a crisis


Cindy's shirt

Stem Cell Research - I wanted to share this positive article

This has to be one of the best Explanations of Evolution I've heard.

Citizen, your papers please. 50 Euro fine for not having ID in Holland

Five soldiers DEAD in Afghanistan. Anyone notice?

Weird Chimp Photo du Jour

Joe Klein missing the point again...

Front page coverage of DC protest from (dial-up warning!)

Blackwater Down - What Are They Doing In LA

Etan Thomas

CNN has both Vitter & Landrieu on now

Proposal: November rally in NYC to mob the media

Any update on closing GA schools for two days?

Anyone have a pic of the Native People onstage w/ Cindy Sheehan?

Meet the Press -- ALMOST missed it -- but wow!

LA Times : 50,000 marched in the city.

Heads up Louisiana--the Weatherman cometh your way.


This is Pathetic --->>>

D.C. Protest March Pictures

Hey, if there's anyone still in DC, and you have the stomach for it

"There is no WAY to Peace, Peace is the way." Ghandi

Interesting conversation by NYTimes reporters on MTP...

Brooks, Dowd, Freidman are the MTP roundtable.

The Real Problem With A.N.S.W.E.R. Today Was...

Britain to pull troops from Iraq as Blair says 'don't force me out'

"...sick, black-hearted people..."

War Supporters to Follow Anti-War Rallies

flattering reporting

Pam Hess is in Iraq and gave us a report? this morning on W.J.

Evolution vs Intelligent Design in PA court case

Katrina song by Stephan Smith (lyrics)

CSPAN now ..... Freeper pro war rally

iPod users: Broussard smack down of Russert available via Podcast!

My god turn on cspan now

Alternate Universe where AL GORE is president, dammit

Home Team vs. Opponents (war protesters)

Aaron Broussard is the most

Lack of critical thinking endemic in our society leads to facism

must see movie on FX now...JFK

I think Aaron Broussard owes Tim Russert a new asshole because . . .

The March yesterday.....

Next time we march on CNN not D.C.! Think they'll cover that?

Everyone DOES know there IS an AL GORE group here, right?

How will hurricane damage affect the mortgage lenders?

CNN: Huge rally against Iraq war

Senator Sessions of Alabama at the pro-war march in D.C.

Counter Rally on CSPAN- RW blathering

DC and Salt Lake War Protest FRONT PAGE NEWS in Salt Lake Tribune - GREAT

Lieberman & Collins--how did these two get to head the committee

Without DU I would know nothing of this protest, the MSM just ignores it.

The Republicans have made a mess that someone has to clean up....

Total deaths from Rita so far: 1 ; Deaths from Katrina: 1000+ - I dunno?

Asking Franklin Graham philosophical questions about

Tim Russert should be shot, drawn, quartered, then tarred & feathered

"Inside Deep Throat" (the porno not the W&B source, but still about Nixon)

Rate up this story on DC protests

So, how's today's pro-war rally going?

storm batters, floods western Alaska

Bush mourns Brazilians......

"No one ever envisioned..." "Who could've ever imagined..."

"Give Me A Better Idiot"

Battle of the "news" network BLOWHARDS! Speeddial - Who ranks?

Posse very aware.

NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGES: Did your paper cover the march?

Isn't bush* a "Mike Brown"?

Homeland Security Officials Wrongly Arrested Peaceful Protesters in Georgi

Military-trained killer dolphins on the loose in the gulf

March and Rally in Birmingham on Sept. 24 ..........Lots of PIX

What is it about the RW and looting?

This pic of the Freeptard "rally" just about sums it up!!

Anybody know if MTP is repeated on NBC or CNBC today?

Great photos here....

somebody should put web cams on the glaciers so we can watch

I want to say hello to all of our new people

If you're willing to make a long distance call, Salt Lake could use help

" use up rescue workers like so much tissue paper."

Breaking: The Freeps don't believe their president

The Gold Star Children died in vain

Russert and Broussard both won

have any of the Sunday talk shows talked about the protest marches?

Why, oh why does God hate Beaumont, Texas?

Did any MSM report the AMTRACK & METRO stoppages 9/24?

Brownsville (PA) pondering four-day school week

OMG: pic of Bushie ass forcing himself into Bush photo op is hilarious

Property Value in Galveston vs. prop. value in N.O.

"Victory Means Exit Strategy" Who said this?

The man behind the curtain

We really learned alot from Katrina. Didn't we? Huh,huh? CNN

"Make levees, not war"

Does anyone remember that thread with all of the Repub convictions?

I've seen enough hurricane coverage

Who was the head of the American Legion who fell off the stage?

The funniest thing about this rally is the 66 behind speaker's heads

The tide could be turning... (joke received via email)

Bush Declares Today Is Gold Star Mother's Day

Don't complain about ANSWER - organize your own demonstration

CSPAN now ..... Freeper pro war rally part 2 ..... humor

Pro-War Rally-Project 21 black guy up-but org run by a white guy

Greenspan to French finmin: US lost deficit control

The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters

Is that Jeff Gannon at the rally?

Need help to find fascism filmstrip from 50's

Chavez Staying True To Pledge For U.s. Poor

What is ANSWER?

Pro-War rally starting on Cspan-sparse crowd

How many references to 9-11 are they bringing up at today's rally?

Hillary Clinton better get on-board

Notice the tight shots at that rally on CSPAN. No panning of the

'Accu Weather' attempts to powergrab advantage

Photos from Yesterday's Anti-War Protest

I simply cannot believe what I'm seeing on TV.

There is no way that this guy doesn't have to

More from the "blame dissent first"ers.

CSPAN now ..... Freeper pro war rally part 3 ..... humor

This idiot is why this country is in the shape its in!! (CSPAN)

This Guy at Freeper rally is spinning so hard I'm dizzy !!!!!!

Blair Surprised by Scale of Insurgency

"Professional protestors who move seamlessly from one event to

Kristy Taylor's 100 Con March

What "awards" has Roger Aranoff really won?

Thoughts re: media coverage of 9/24 march

Well, this rally sure settles the ANSWER question, IMHO.

Yahoo! front page has a whole story up about the "pro-war" rally.

"I will support [Cindy Sheehan] if she can promise me that"

G.Gordon, a known felon, is their headliner?

* get paid $400,000 /yr to go around getting personal showings

"With God on our Side" George W. Bush" now showing on the

LETTER TO HOWARD DEAN: on the "Culture of Corruption" & Dems

Did C-Span cover more than a few minutes of yesterday's march?

Anyone ventured over to freeperland today?

Greenspan frets to Frenchman over US fiscal incontinence

Kevin Martin: This guy is good. The new Rush Limbaugh? Comedy Central?

So, where do I get a job as a professional protester?

Britain to pull troops from Iraq Next May

It's not a "support the troops" rally, it's a pro-Bush Fest

Bush's Third Term: Prison

Bush* isn't stupid!!

New Orleans: (locked up) Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters

My god turn on cspan now

Brit DUers, why didn't the Labor front another candidate instead of Blair?

Did you all hear Russert say "Everyone believed Iraq had WMD" and

Is this where I sign up to be a professional protester? Come on

Tim Russart just got chewed a new ass!

McCain just said polls he's seen, Americans support war

I'm making a clip of that Freeper rally and could swear I see Jeff Gannon

Pro-Troop Rally? Where's the stack of care packages then?

The most recent * is not stupid thread got me thinking back to ...

Rove on Wikipedia

C-Span Bush looks like the Military Briefing right now!

Video footage from inside New Orleans

cnn poll now

How many demonstrators marched in DC on 9/24?

From today's rally, it's clear that they've never gotten over Vietnam

**The official Pro-War rally on Cspan- THREAD #2**

C-Span Now! Bush briefing--he looks like HELL! >>>>>>>

The Admin Has Been Distracted by Plame Case? >

LTTE help requested, please

We are witnessing the true revealance of the right wing mentality

I started out carrying a broom with 2006 on it..... but I got tired of

Luanna Stines-Minister?

Tell Polling Point what you think.

Folks,it's official. Joe Lieberman is a Republican in Democrats clothing.

CSPAN now ..... Freeper pro war rally part the vet time to ....

International A.N.S.W.E.R and CONTIELPRO

Is this the song the "Right Brothers" ripped off?

Texas survives hurricane but New York may be next

Pro War rally desecrates American Flag

For my 1,000th post I'd like to say two things ...

Stripes letter: Such a waste downrange (waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq)

Is there an official count of war protesters in DC yesterday?

Someone hit me in the head with a blunt object!!!!!

War supporters represent the majority

UPI hunts in Pakistan for an interview with Bin Laden

Great editorial from The Nation

We have a BROWNIE in the WH! Impeach him!

Links to AWESOME PICS from DC protests

ROFL -- Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600

Caption this Karen Hughes pic...

Picket Media Stations for Blackout of Anti-War March coverage

Freeper Rally: British Apologists

War, what is it good for

Somebody tell me how to do this

G. Gordon Liddy speaking now at the pro-war rally!

"Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure with Pretzel-Retching Action

Not to beat this "Broussard" issue to death, but I wasn't aware

DUers bitching about the media coverage of freeper "rally" but

Urgent: Animal Rescue Group Needs Transport Vehicle

Peace protest story makes MSN front page!!

Why is CNN giving equal air time to a few hundred war mongerers?

CNN reports unfortunate incident with boy and dog

Email Meet the Press to voice your outrage over Russert's tactics

Its funny a lot of DUers criticize Dem leadership for not attending . . .

A sunday morning nightmare

Who's Freeping Wikipedia?

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake off the Island of Port-Vila 1,160 miles

After I've calmed down some I'll write about the Blue/yellow line problems

If we don't like ANSWER's roll in the peace movement

GREAT video from yesterday's rally in DC

Clearly, America is a nation divided over bush's war

Reno police officers describe experiences in New Orleans

Controversial Christian linked to skyrocketing number of predators

How should we get out of Iraq?

Hey Freepers: Your Rally Was A Total Bust

I hate Portland, OR because. . . because . . . IT'S LIBERAL!

Freep reactions to "Pro-War" Rally in DC.......

How United for Peace and Justice can take control of the message

So. Apparently Jon Stewart is the most powerful person on television.

Who was the head of the American Legion who fell off the stage?

I think the Freepers are breaking a DC LAW!

NYT: Antiwar Rallies in Washington and Other Cities

Is GW Bush The Fredo Of American Political Mobsters ???

This HAD to be done

Something I'd never thought of

Has anyone seen any good wide-angle photos of the protests?

At the "Support the Troops" Rally

The vatican admits that homosexuality is a born trait, not a choice

Thank you protestors and marchers.

From Washington DC, Sooooo many people are here!

Online essay becomes message board for poverty in America "Being Poor"

C aption This....Cheney leaves Hospital

What does the media say about the DC numbers?

Wow. I mean WOW. Finally a representative picture of the crowd.

The Sunday Talk Shows

Four-star essay by Billmon on war porn and America's Heart of Darkness

Would a Third Party hurt the Dems or the Repubs the most ?

Cindy Sheehan is the first one they have attacked. Now the anti-war

Discipline Breaking Down on Fwee Wepubwik: Blasphemy Abounds

Why are there no protesters outside Fox's New York studio windows?

Hey DU -- A way around NYTimes Select

How well were the post march DU Meet-Ups attended?

Up date on NOLA debris clean up.

"so me and 500,000 of my closest friends went to D.C. ..."

My opinion - the most important point made on MTP today (NOT re Brouss.)

Dear Press the Meat:

Embarrassing Pics from "We Love Bush*s War No Matter What" Rally

Did the Freepers Do That to Broussard? > Burn the Witches

Is Bush Drunk or Hungover in this Pic??? Or a Stoke?

VIDEO-my take on the Warmongering Freeper Rally today

**An Aside** is Maureen O'Dowd a good-looking woman!! n/t

e-mail today from A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

Fox News: Counter Rally Shows Support for Troops (ROFL)

I am curious..Cindy Sheehan spoke of a display of civil disobedience for..

Group Lists 13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress

Dowd: Bush is running around like a "Today Show" weatherman

Oprah's Angel Network--how YOU can help rebuild lives after Katrina

How Many Other Registered Republicans Here at DU?

Pictures from the Rally.

Dem leaders should be ashamed that they didn't come out in support of us

Zorcan: Guess his age ... Win a prize

Would you still be anti-war or "support the troops"

MTP: Russert challenges St. Bern Parish President's "mother drowned" story

Timmy Russert being an ass but getting it handed to him on a plate

The Here in Spirit Sign, FINAL list of names and DU gathering [PICS]

TO GOP SENATORS: end war or fall with Bush

Mr. President: The Nameplate

Why do Freepers think (or claim) we do NOT support the 'troops'???

Liberals soft of crime lie

Homeland Security warns against smuggled ... pressure cookers!

When you go to a rally, who do you represent?

NRA has all of their members mobilized against mayor Nagin

Why is C-Span giving equal air time to a few hundred war mongerers?

Is that your final A.N.S.W.E.R.?

Reflections on the rally/march

Looking for links to military action in Iraq.

What was everyone's favorite protest sign?

EVERY DUer needs to check out this site....

TIME: How Many More Mike Browns are out There?

VIDEO- Aaron Broussard on MTP

ANSWER's role in today's rallies -- How things work in the real world.

Everybody needs to read this about Al Gore!!!

The rich are using the government to steal your money.

Rita Damage -- Untold Story in Cameron La...

LA Times: "The Red Cross Money Pit" - The shocking, sorry TRUTH at last!!!

Time for Canada to retire our Boy Scout uniform

Detective cleared of leaking tapes to Sunday Times

Customs investigate Cherie over jewellery

Good news for film fans

Welsh Guards dismissed over drugs

Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak

Fox: Mental patients' treatment a disgrace

Blair falls into line with Bush view on global warming

Boy left brain-damaged by brawl killed by train (suicide)

WP: For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

NYT: Few Decisions to Make, Much Time to Be Seen (* photo-ops)

The missing billion dollars from the Iraqi Defense Fund..

WP: Frist Issue Adds to GOP's Ethics Troubles

Newsweek: A Washington Sand Trap

Rita Damage -- Untold Story in Cameron La...

Five Killed in U.S. Military Copter Crash (Afghanistan)

Why is this Thread Being Stonewalled to Replies???

A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death (Woman w/ HIV stupidly has child)

"Britain to pull troops from Iraq" Guardian online

Chinese beggars brought to book

Bomber on bicycle kills three in Iraqi market - police

Chavez Staying True To Pledge For U.s. Poor

US-Shia clash erupts in Baghdad

CNN:Ten militiamen killed in Baghdad

Texas survives hurricane but New York may be next

Group (HRW) Cites Prisoner Abuse by 82nd Airborne

Iraq war was vital for Britain's security: Blair

Suicide car bomb kills 13 elite Iraqi commandos

Shelter tightens tracking policies ("smacked of a 'police state'")

SAS in secret war against Iranian agents

Britain to pull troops from Iraq (London Observer)

War Supporters Follow Anti-War Rallies

War Supporters Plan Counter Demonstration

Abuse of Iraqi prisoners 'was sport'

US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every re

11th Commandmant Repealed

Pakistan Says Bin Laden Is Isolated

Britain to pull troops from Iraq as Blair says 'don't force me out'

100 percent financing can bite overeager buyers

A Washington Sand Trap:A golf outing trips up a widening circle of power b

Mayor White (Houston) says state wasn't ready for exodus

Iraqi gunmen kill two, steal $850,000 in heist


OPEC seeks 'fair' oil prices: president (AFP)

US forced to import bullets, troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed

Perry: Rita Damage Not As Bad As Katrina

Praise, Anger at Pro-War Rally in D.C. (AP Estimates Crowd at 400)

AP: Rita's Victims Wealthier Than Katrina's

AP: Bush Told U.S. Needs Post-Disaster Plan

BBC:'14 killed' in Iraq bomb attacks

Bombing targets Lebanese journalist (LBC anchorwoman)

AP: Rita Likely to Spark Rise in Gas Prices

Journalist Wounded In Car Bomb

(Gov.) Rounds' family, friends fly free on state planes (R-S.D.)

Diebold analysts question reasons behind shake-up

China issues new rules to control internet


New group looks to steer Ohio legislature past guns, God

Bush guru turns on the charm

Heating to crunch fixed incomes

Chavez nails US again (Chickens get better treatment )

Newsweek: CIA: 'An Agency Version of the "Jerry Springer Show"'

Navajo President presented award in Norway for anti-nuclear stance

Blair falls into line with Bush view on global warming

Bush presents sharply different image in response to hurricane Rita

Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600

Rita Evacuation A Cause For Concern, Officials Say

SF Chronicle: Family Demands Truth (sons death in Afghanistan)

Upstart could give DeWine tussle (source says Hackett running for Sen.)

CNN Breaking: U.S. copter crashes in Afghanistan(5 Dead)

Armed and Dangerous Attack Dolphins set loose in the Gulf

Saudi Prince Buys Large Share of Fox News

McCain: Prisoner abuse hurts U.S. image

Bush gives praise and advice to Texans

Protests as France Plans Huge Cuts in Train Lines

Veterinary shortage endangers (Homeland) security

I've been gone for a few hours.

I'm getting a SNL re-run with a much younger Christopher Walken


Michigan v. MSU, next weekend. How bad will it be?

Look, George can't read his sign....

In honor of my new sig line

The new Echo and the Bunnymen cd is actually good......

"what`s it all about alfie?"

The official "Vikings Suck" thread.

Proof that it is all the Clenis' fault

Look at these Rugs and Jacks!!!

Never mind. I got it.

Look at these pugs and macks

Washington, D.C.: Big throng marches past White House

hey lounge, GD has something cool

This is bound to attract flames, but it has to be said. Ban grapefruit.

This photo says it all


Remember pioneering adult film star Georgina Spelvin?


Uxorious, a DU Word of the Day.

Watched first episode of Transgeneration on

Good Morning, Everyone!

Butch "the bully" from the "Little Rascals" dies at 79.

I fell for it again! matcom must pay!


Who's watching the PRO-war rally on C-Span today?

I'm a socialist with a record collection, that makes me ... interesting!

Hey, where the fuck is young Kleeb?

Has anybody started the Fantasy Football smack-talking thread this week?

Sending money to The Guy James Show feels really good!

So are you all ready for the revival? What else would a pro-war rally

I didn't know praying mantis could fly

Bush mourns Brazilians

McCartney, Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin...They've ALL sold out.

Am I totally bad?

Help me out

Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I purchased my first National Enquirer today.

Frank Burns vs. Charles Emerson Winchester III

good lord turn on Cspan


Do you think Reuben Kincaid thinks his own "Part" sucks

Jeez, I just watched the bleakest movie ever...

Delete you

Potato salad question


I'm coming back to DU

Have the weather changes been affecting anyone else but me?

Doesn't this face deserve a pie?

I just got back from seeing the Rolling Stones

What a joke - Pro-war rally on CSPAN now

The "Give Bush a Brain Game"

Nothing more than to say that geneology is pretty neat.

I had the wierdest pub experience last night....

Cool Hand Luke Alert

The Bengals sure are kicking the shit out of the Bears!

I'm going out for a while. Behave everyone.

Bon Jovi sing along!

Desperate Housewives - premier night right?


Who is sexier: Barry White or Al Green

Hot Shots Part Deux is brilliant

Oktoberfest - why isn't it Septemberfest?

So, how did it go?

The tide could be turning... (joke received via email)

I was listening to Rachmaninoff's 2nd....

I'm hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign out!!

Math wizards please let yourselves be known!!

Bye-Bye for now!

Anyone see that errant lateral? re: Steelers vs NE.

"Jet Pilot" by Son Volt: Jay Farrar must be a DUer

How many here have a problem with the Marine Corps Anthem?

Request: If you dial a wrong number, say "sorry" before you hang up. n/t


Do you think Thomas Kinkade think his own "art" sucks?

David Akers is a kicking god and an amazing trooper

Here is an oldie but a goody!!

man sometimes i hate hate this world

I missed out on the news, where did Rita hit?

Dear Noisy Fuckers:

Kristy's rally--it was hugh!

Food safety question.

Curb Your Enthusiasm starts tonight

9000 posts. YAY!

And now for something totally different.......

Are there any exceptions to this?

Anyone want to cook me a meal?

Did you take my picture at the march yesterday?

yet another example of the vast right wing conspiracy

"Invasion" -- anybody watch last week?

This guy's idea for evacuating tall buildings fast!


"God DAMN you Bernice!!!" (The official Dodgeball Quote Thread?)

dammit, are they ever going to show America's Funniest Videos again?

Safeway - is it really *safer*?

Lynne, I love ya, but I've gotta go with the Raiders today

Happy (belated) birthday F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Would you pay $20 for this?

Zomby's Pancake Breakfast

Grillin' scallops and salmon tonight

Dallas Cowboy lineman punches/shoves his own FG kicker for missing.

Cutest eraser ever!

You know your life is pathetic when...

OK What's with no Lounge threads on "Latest"

What's for supper tonight?


I had a great time at the march

Sometimes you've just gotta pull down your skirt. and..

Danged 49ers.

The Vikings might actually win???

Anything growing or fruiting in your area at this time of year

Sometimes you've just gotta pull down your pants...

Which current NFL QB would you want on your team in the big game?

If you're addicted to DU, how do you go about taking a break?

STUPID 49ERS!!! Why must they always make me pace the floor??

How's the weather where you are at today?

Is it wrong to hope that I have a child who's as weird as I am?

Have you ever dreamed of those who have passed on?

I know I'm not the only one here 'stuck'

ARGL! My Eclectus Parrot is driving me nuts!!!

I just got my fourth tattoo....

USC is already the National Champion

What should you be doing instead of posting on DU?

Patriots are the CHAMPS and the Steelers are the CHUMPS!

Uh Oh! Drudge has it in for Streisand AGAIN!

What do you still have from childhood?

Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher wed...and somehow, I giveth not a flying fuck

NEED a suggestion for a CD to buy today

Be Kind To Animals

I am devistated...My beautiful cat died.

Is this guy a jerk or what?

Look at these jugs and racks!!


ROUND EIGHT -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

Saw The 40 Year Old Virgin last night.

Computer question: old AMD Athlon vs. old Intel Celeron

No picture threads from D.C.?

This was a great weekend in DC for me

Hello folks

What was it like in the Lounge on 11/3/04?

This THING for President!

Tasty Tasty Dick!


A graphic depiction of my general level of frustration...

I am having bad thoughts about my neighbor cats

Is the famous personality in this picture on drugs?

In case you missed this! The "Pro-War Rally" today drew a WHOPPING

Just saw a cop flip a u & bust a teen for grafitti-ing with a sharpie on

Xena vs Buffy

She's back! Goren's nemesis Nicole

Looking for picture of me from march yesterday.

Any DU'ers on Myspace?

Hi from DC everyone.

I replaced the driver's seat in my car with a hammock. Is this ok?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULLWINKLE925, the best sister ever!!!

Show me your computer desktop!

Nighthawks XI (dial-up warning)

Here are some pictures from the Rally.

Cute Puppy Pictures.


There's some new shit at the Flying Spaghetti Monster site.


I'm new to this forum...any Advaitins here?

Opiate of the Masses

Four Noble Truths? Not deep enough? (Buddhist philosophy)

Anorexia may be a disease, say scientists

Is 'Gerin oil' the root of all evil?

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven

Admirers of Fallen 9/11 Hero Disdain Vatican's Plan to Bar Gays as Priests

Watching the Jets is like watching Jetblue land

Dolphins win!

Duh Bares

Pittsburgh vs. New England

Another overpowering effort from my Cowboys

can anyone foster a cat for me for about 6 months

Harness Training Jesse (Pics)

Damn, important note to self

Thank you ALL for your support!

Need a lift? Go read Dick Cheney's chart.

Something strange that happens to me.

Anyone here into aromatherapy?

Welcome to all our new posters!

"Persecuted"? Can't tell by listening to Shortwave....

I just don't know anymore

Kerry and the role of the citizens in America.

I'd be interested in what you Kerrycrats think of this article

The best pic I've seen posted from all of the rallies-

An article about Kerry's Brown speech in a local Providence paper

What do YOU look forward to when Keith returns?

Just for fun ....

OK, how do you listen to Harrison's interview with Katherine DeBrecht

Does anyone know the details regarding

European's Peace Rallies!

Check out this sign on a Mississippi House

Call to action; Purchase NE to keep heat on *

Behold OUR Pale Rider...

Anybody want to discuss the political aspects of this?

EU to spend £135m building ‘dancing pregnant goddess’

Stop This Republican Lie In Its Tracks !

Funny how RNC/GOP are talking about how unimportant Bush's Brilliant

The private thoughts of Chief Justice Roberts

Two articles in Akron Beacon Journal about yesterday's & today's

On the Value of Calling Them SlimeRoaches

There were more protesters in DC than troops in Iraq.

Joe Klein missing the point again...

Is Bush's agenda done?

Pro-War/Pro-Death vs Anti-War/Anti-Death At the March.

Edward Murphy has snorted too much oil

The difference between "us" and "them"

The Military Meltdown Countdown

Cheney's aneurysm surgery a success

Unfortunately, this is true. (cartoon from the BG).

"Support the Troops," "Honoring Military Families" = "Salute the Strawman"

"Cool and cocky, Safavian" arrested

american companies making money off bushgang torture

Got a kick out of yesterdays Doonesbury

Coverage of pathetic pro-war rally will force coverage of 100,000 rally

Repost -- A press conference I want to see.

We are being "had".

Americans Upset Over Iraq-Related Costs (65% "too much")


Is Camp Casey staying in DC after this weekend? Did you read Cindy's...

Aerial shot of Pro-War Rally?

My favorite signs from the protest

The brighter side of Saudis buying into Fox News???

I just participated in a Zogby Presidential approval poll!!!

Voting Rights Act renewal hearings coming this fall

If you think the Credit Card companies robbed us with bankruptcy bill?

CronyGate is still going on and will be the death of the Pub Advance

Cat Killer Frist "Recieved Many" (24) Updates From Trustee on Blind Trust

Brown got more brains than BUSH least da buggah Resigned

Hmmm, article but no pics of pro war rally. On the other hand,

What do Ceausescu, Hitler and Bush have in common?

No child left behind? In GA they can't even board the bus!

That didn't take long to clear out.

Do we really have an Inalienable Right to Life?

Freeper spin on low turnout of pro-war rally

Bin Laden Captured In Effort to Boost Bush Ratings...

December 1st strike against Poverty

Who was Bianca?

Do "the troops" "support the troops"?

C-SPAN provides LIVE coverage to freeper "Thank The Troops" rally now...

Ashcroft and Pat Boone both sang the National Anthem, 76 GOP

Combined US & UK deaths in Iraq now total over 2,000

Military to Bush: U.S. needs search-rescue plan

To All Of You Carping About The Speeches From The March....

This is what I understood after watching some of the rally today

Damning documentary on Katrina on MSNBC now (7:25 pm EDT)!

wanna bet Bush will pull a Swaggert/Limbaugh on his drinking?

Dems plan to win back Senate (some highlights)

"You Want Lies With That?"

My e-mail to Russert re: MTP interview-

Bob Ney (R-OH) lied about golf trip (claimed "Scottish parliament" visit)

Marine Sgt. Major in CO. Springs asks Bush to autograph bullhorn photo

Has no one else realized that for Rita...

Let's stop attacking FDR, O.K!

Barbara Cummings, Camp Casey volunteer, reflects on Crawford experience

Viggo Mortensen blasts * on Charlie Rose Show


We need Public Funded politics NOW!

Bush is actually very successful.

If you have a mortgage, pay close attention to the bills

The President of the United States

Residents of Fallujah called them “the Murderous Maniacs” . . . .

The problem with tax funding of faith-based charities...

Cindy to Rove: "I may be a clown Karl, but you are about to be indicted."

How would you respond to this...

"New" Photo of Rush as "Jeff Christie" I dug up (Stoner Alert!!!)

Russert mentions a possible Gore 2008 (anti-war!) campaign on today's MTP

nasty Sen. Sam Brownback. R-Kan. use of Down syndrome kids

Amway heir Dick DeVos runs for Gov. of MI (he outsourced 1,400 MI jobs)

Iraq and bush's big lie: make sure you understand the propaganda

BETRAYAL / David Podvin

Anger With Bush Is Not Enough To Win In '06 And '08.

Bill O'Reilly: "Danny Glover called Bush a racist. That's slander."

Senator Cornyn, repeating something over and over doesn't

Why do Republicans hate giving money to poor people?

Al Gore's name is in the air -- it's fate, destiny, kizmet, karma