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Archives: September 26, 2005

Wellstone Memorial and Historic Site opened

Stark raving mad (Police raid at the Utah rave)

repudiating more than just bush and his policies ...

Armed and Dangerous Dolphins let loose by Katrina...

Nuclear waste disposal

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo.

Community Circle of Care - link

Channel 6 news from Davenport

Just got back from DC...don't believe

Massachusetts Governor Makes His State the Butt of His Jokes

Brave Combo doing another Katrina Fundraiser in Denton

Would you attend a protest sponsored by Code-Pink?

MSNBC Brian Williams just did really negative to fema report about Katrina

Foods Native to Washington DC

Something for BushCo

60 Minutes Roy Hallum, hostage for 10 months

The Freedom We Have Spread.... the horrors we have hidden...

Until this past weekend I thought DUers were the best.

Bush's Job Approval at a Dismal 45% for Third Straight Day at Rasmussen

OUR insurance is going up.WE don't live in hurricane alley!

Why help never came for Katrina or Rita

"No Iraqis Left Me on a Roof to Die" -Tomgram: Voices of Protest

Reports: Venezuela Eyeing Purchase of Three Russian Submarines

Congress - You Better Be Paying Attention

A. Sullivan says "2000" at protest?!

Maureen Dowd on WGN radio now: 7:36 PM CDT

Fema and Bush admin should be sued for NO Superdome abandoment.

Is MSM insane.....

Why can't we organize protests in every major city at once?

Which would you vote , a Pro-war Democrat or an Anti-war Republican?

Does anyone win in a Military Industrial Complex system?

We Don't Exist: A message from Cindy Sheehan

How to get election reform.

Bush Werkin' Hard = about 7 Hours of 3 days

Pic from San Francisco Protest

Battle for America.. if you have not seen it, you should. Uplifting short.

Anti-War Demonstrators March on Washington

Alternative to ANSWER: "The Sons and Daughters of Liberty"

I MUST know - who had the " morans" sign at the march?

Funniest freeper quote of the year!

I need links to pics showing crowd in Washington Saturday

"Hundreds attended pro war rally in Washington DC"

10 Shiite insurgents killed in Baghdad

U.S. soldier dies in Iraq

million phone march -- WE CAN STOP JOHN ROBERTS...

Doctors fleeing Iraq in thousands: Official

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Larry King

Big Pharma Uses African People to Test Drugs for Profit in the West

Just got XM for access to Air America. Are there different focuses for...

Kentuckians join in Iraq war protest in nation's capitol

Kenneth Blackwell is an interesting fellow

Looking for a Gore speech from The War Room

NetCast show on DC Rally

Medicare fraud's alive and well

My new song lyrics, in honor of our Brave War President.

Back From DC. Here Are Some Of My Pics - SET 1 RALLY (Dial-up Warning!)

Has there been any coverage of the explosive NPR pre-Katrina tapes....

Global Warming

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents

Awwww. Poor Widdle Chimpy!!!! Waken from his nap for a photo op!!!!

"Sex is back in the White House. Bush is screwing us all!"

Meet The Press Replay coming up 9 pm CDT MSNBC nt

How will R candidates in '06 and '08 try to distance themselves from Bush?

The American people are being duped AGAIN.....surprise surprise

John Edwards on CSPAN now

Is there a thread for West Wing?

Anybody have a list of Dems who are voting FOR Roberts or undecided?

do chimpy's defenders even listen to themselves?

A Most Amazing Banner From the DC Demo!-"Eliminate the Warfare $tate"

DC March: Security in Airports targeted Protestors?

Pics from 9/24 UPJ MARCH

Christopher Hitchens on C-Span 2...

24 killed in Iraq bombings, US troops clash with Shia militia

Veterans' Protest

This is good

‘US-Iraqi attacks on rebel towns are genocide’

the only time i know of senators participating in a march

US Forced to Import Bullets (on Common Dreams)

Interesting how stories about Cheney's surgery don't name the doctors.

Freeps wishing they had their very own Cindy Sheehan

We should have a contest...

DC March: I pledge to bring at least 3 people with me next time

Why was there Gold Star Families at the FReeptard rally?

We ought to send Kristinn Taylor a congratulatory note on the success

Like all wishful thinkers....

Rep. John Conyers: Yesterday's Washington Peace Rally

"China taking peace and harmony as artistic spirit never threatens world"

"When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge....

Salt Lake City Rally Photos! 2000-3000 attended!

My pics from Saturday

Hemp activist Jack Herer OK after heart surgery...

DC Protest Pics - What a great day!

anyone see Link TV's rally coverage &STILL think ANSWER ruined it?

Business Weeks reports that guns sales have sky-rocketed

The price tag of war vs rita and katrina? A new anti war approach?

WTF? I just saw TV propaganda.

Raffle for charity

War at Home has redeemed itself

Sgt. James Wright, who received the Bronze Star Medal with valor...

Katrina Redux? Beaumont Paper Finds Federal Storm Failure in Texas

How do i start a Political Party?? the 'Anti Fascist Party' goal is to

Why NOT Petition our Government?

The two marches this weekend were a sign of changing times....

Does anyone feel sorry for the Freepers after this weekend's massive

I wish the media would stop calling them a "PRO-TROOP" rally

Just back from a little party in DC. Ask me anything.

ABC Extreme HomeMakeover...Getting To Political

Can anyone explain how occupying Iraq protects our freedoms?

google drunk bush

An observation on the Freeper rally today

Give communities what they need to succeed

Saw Carol Moseley Braun yesterday...

The Pro-War Freepers are right, they ARE the majority!

Just saw MTP. Are you kidding me, the source of the MSM is BLOGGERS?

CNN reports "smaller than expected" crowd to support the war ;)

Who will be POTUS in January 06?

If someone ever tells you "Freedom isn't free" you tell them right back...

why can't someone other than ANSWER do a march

The REAL problem with A.N.S.W.E.R. is the U.S. public.

Pat Tillman hated Bush, read Chomsky, believed the Iraq war was illegal...

Give me shelter from the storm..... pic from my flight.

Set 2 Of My Pics From DC - The March And Evening Rally (Dial-Up Warning!)

Who are 5 of your most admired elected Democrats of all time, and why?

Lost real estate records, lost legal records in Louisiana.

Greatest United States Senator of All time

James Roosevelt; MLK, Malcolm X, - Rare Film Clips

On A.N.S.W.E.R and an alternative

Student strike, September 26

Were British Special Forces Soldiers Planting Bombs in Basra?

Someone please tell me. How does "Freedom isn't Free" apply to the war?

My pics from the Protest and parties (dial up warning)

Juan Cole: Get our troops out of Iraq now

Republicans becoming like far-right parties in Europe

Update on Leonard Peltier


Blair Falls into LIne with Bush View on Global Warming--UK

Global Warming

Man Dies 2 Days After Metro (Nashville) Police Use Tasers On Him

Amnesty says Equatorial Guinea coup trial not fair

Guantanamo man seeks UK passport (BBC re: Hicks)

WP: Hughes Reaches Out Warily in Cairo

NYT: On the Mall, 2 Events Speak Volumes (Antiwar march & book fair)

Blair Out of Step as Voters Swing Behind Iraq Withdrawal

Aid for Those in Flood Zones Fell Short(WP obtains confidential appraisal)

Guantanamo Inmate Says US Told Him to Spy on al-Jazeera

Canadian Defense Lawyer Expelled

WP,pg1: Louisiana Goes After Federal Billions ($40B request)

LAT: Scrutinizer Finds Self Under Scrutiny(Pentagon watchdog investigated)

Northern Peru earthquake magnitude 7.5

LAT: This Time (Rita), Federal Response Is Praised

NYT: Many Contracts for Storm Work Raise Questions ("very apprehensive")

Contain China in Joint Effort: Experts (PNAC dir. in Taiwan)

US Denies Setting up Military Base in Paraguay

WP: Massachusetts Governor Makes His State the Butt of His Jokes

WP: FEMA Let Reserves Wither, Hurting Response, Some Say

WP: Analysis of Chimp Genome Affirms Science of Evolution

WP,pg1: IRA Disarms, Fulfilling Vow Made in July, Official Says

Newsday: Bush urges larger role for military

LAT: Group Lists 13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress

Mother who denied Aids link faces police investigation

Who has birds that have to eat at the table with you?

Why help never came for Katrina or Rita

Supreme Stupidity

Chicken Little vs Foghorn Leghorn's nemesis

I have to admit it, the Patriots are pretty damn great.....

Mmmmm...My pot roast is almost ready.

Follow the money!

Rockstar Games presents Grand Theft Auto: Klingon Empire

Something that puzzles me. When there are 2+ gas stations on one block

Hello, all you happy people

"American Dad" thread

*Taking a Bow* I successfully installed my new router!

And, I'm Watching "The Red Shoes" BeCAUSE?

Salt and pepper shaker question

Secrets your kitchen appliances hold..........

"Family Guy" time

Curb Your Enthusiam!!

So what should I do with my 10k posts?

My refrigerator is dead!

China taking peace and harmony as artistic spirit never threatens world

Who's watching "Commander In Chief" this week?

How was Scout1071's pot roast?

Looking for an audio link

When posting pics from (from Saturday)

It's Sunday... Have you been Feithful today?

The Lions didn't lose today!

"American Masters" - PBS

The Red Sox Rule !!! That's all I have to say.

We too lost a cat this week

The Official Pittsburgh Steelers Crybaby thread.

Birdman's good tonight...

Has anyone read the book "The Fair Tax"?

The DC protest has left us exhausted...5.5 hour drive, now back in N.C.

So..ummm...yeah... I totally protested in DC.

What is with the suicidal raccoons?

When you are with a person and when the pair of you are in a group

So, should I finish watching "Sahara"?

Wow, if the Chargers win, that would mean that

Is Magic Rat still a Steelers fan?

They don't make a size 11 1/2 glass slipper, and I don't give a shit.

This is sad. I know at least three people at my school on Ritalin.

I just did something really good.

Just saw parts of Bowling for Columbine. Skipped most of it. Was

Dammit, I had a spat with a family member and it left me upset.

I feel like I've broken my toe

My 11 year old neighbor girl is playing the piano

What's with all the disabled profiles?

Hello all, I'm looking/searching, is there a "drinkers anonymous" group

Okay, I know it's old, but the Simpsons where Bart gets hooked on Focusyn.

New "500 posts" recognition tag at DU. ?

The West Wing- Season Premiere on Now!

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!

Have you seen the show on FX "Over There"?

Have you ever heard that cracking open a double yoked egg

How do you break up with your significant other?

Meetup pics from the Prince Cafe-Saturday night after the march

Updating your resume sucks...

My picts from the rally

Who posted the posum in the kitchen story a while back...

Mean Mr. Mustard!

Great joke I heard today that I feel I must share with DU:

Nothing prettier than fall in the Rockies

In honor of the Bengals 3-0 start, I give you "Bengals Growl"

Damn. You people sure are good looking!

I hate everything tonight.

I posted this in GD, but figured the Loungites (or should

I gotta hand it to those goddamned Freeperz

I wonder how Heidi's show went?

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Your favorite season?

What would you say to this freeper?

Good Thoughts, vibes and Prayers needed: Skip's parents in car accident...

The topic is English Grammar

In honor of His Noodlyness...I am cooking Ramen noodles.

Could hot paws mean fever?

Damned digital cable!!!

Are certain careers more 'liberal' than others...?

Question for all or any

Serge Lang, 78, gadfly and mathematician

AMA president makes first-ever appearance at GLMA conference

Vatican Game: Spot the Homo

Heh. Heh heh heh heh heh. Heh hee hee heh heh. Hoo.

know of anyone doing rita pet rescue in jefferson county tx?

You guys need to check out Muriel's awesome thread in R&T.

Iraq, again.

My suggestion for a Friday fun segment.

What happened to the Friday news quiz?

political decisions on fema aide?

The Sunday morning shows have literally put me to sleep lately...

Is Bin Laden

The Repuke Dishonorable Awards

NYT: Next Court Nominee May Face Challenges From G.O.P.

Meet the Press rerun is on now on MSNBC

Montana's not so red after all.

Bush Pushing Military State

Now who was making that anthrax again??

A friendly reminder: VPs don't win elections.

My Daughter Marched In Washington!

Fitzgerald is ready ?

13 members of Congress who should be prosecuted!!! FIRST

Did I hear right?

No budget surplus under Clinton???

M. Charles Bakst: Kerry is Right to Assail Bush

The Freepers and Able Danger.

The Katrina "Why?" Files: New feature of the

With Frist's apostasy, I am Convinced that Romney will be next POTUS

Edwards on C-Span was terrific

What does democracy look like?

WP: Frist Issue Adds to GOP's Ethics Troubles (hands Dems a chance)

Yippie publicity film...

Anyone here participating in "Massive Nonviolent Direct Action" on Monday?

Al Gore should start a new anti Iraq war political party for 2008...

Dowd on MTP this morning said that * wasn't facing

12/09/03- Al Gore Endorses Howard Dean for Democratic Pres. Nomination

What would happen if a group of Congress Critters called for a

DU Action Alert! Pepsi Drops Kanye West! Tell them how you feel!

Will Edwards message resonate.......

Best lame 08 poll EVER!

Man, Politician, President, Statesman

Another Lame 08 poll

"We can't just leave Iraq" That's what they said about Vietnam -too!

An open letter to Howard Dean

Clark/Gore, Gore/Clark, why?

Lawrence O'Donnell on the McLaughlin Group

Bush, "Puffy-eyed, cranky, fidgety, rocking back and forth in his chair"

Let's move beyond Cindy NOW

Some 1960s protest pics & stuff-- including 1969 DC protest photo

Al Gore, not for me, and I will tell you why

I triple dog DARE you to make it through this 6 min. Hannity & Colmes clip

is Al Gore really a leader?

A Gore/Clark ticket in '08 makes me feel *hopeful.*

Buying Support in Latin America (W.Post)

Missteps Hamper Iraqi Oil Recovery

U.S. has sanctioned torture for too long (Jennifer Harbury)

A catastrophe of debt

Come to Florida - But enter at your own risk

How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There? [TIME magazine]

My LTTE Sent To "Winchester Star"

NYT: Storms Cast Spotlight on Energy's New Reality (Oct, Nov squeeze?)

Officers Abandon Inmates Locked in Cells as Katrina Hit New Orleans

Katrina shows the poor still are a forgotten class (Leonard Pitts Jr.

Sirota: Post-Hurricanes: Will we leave ourselves vulnerable until next tim

WP: A Hazy New Day Awaits 'Nightline' (new format, anchors)

Iraq War Winners: Al-Qaeda, Iran and Military Contractors:PAUL CRAIG ROBER

Bush's lowered bars (IHT/NYT)

Officer took Iraqi abuse claims outside chain of command

Get Hitched, Young Woman

The Broken Contract - great article about Katrina

Philosophical debate rages in GOP

Newsweek: The Dispossessed: 'This Is Like a Prison'

Saudi Prince takes News Corp Stake

John Nichols (The Nation): "Well-Intentioned"--And Arrested

Repeal job-killing corporate tax

The Death of German Conservatism

US atrocities in Vietnam documented: Winter Soldier re-released

Getting Home Before It's Gone

Wolcott on Rita and Anti war protests

pic of handcuffed Cindy


Krugman--"Find the Brownie"

Poor Women's 'Magical Outlook'--Wm. Raspberry--WaPo

(Brad Blog) Interview with Chris Floyd

US Media says nothing about Navy losing killer dolphins armed with darts?

O'Reilly on thin air in Denver (about to be canned on Denver radio)

German companies combine leading-edge tech into off-grid solar solution.

the death of another FDR Act to protect us from energy monopolies

The growing cost of growing wheat

Another near-gulf "investigational area" forming.

Did we learn nothing from the 70s?

Natural gas woes bigger story than crude oil

Israeli soldiers... tanks... outside the northern Gaza Strip

Fatah's only hope

Israel Strikes Gaza Targets as Hamas Says It Is Ending Attacks

Israel arrests over 200 civilian political activists

F-16 bombings of civilian areas

Hamas cell abducts and kills Jerusalem man

FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tape

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 9/26/05

Warren county, Ohio, remember what happened that day

Q for Constitutional Scholars--If 2004 Election Invalid, Will W's SCOTUS

Obama voices opposition to photo voting requirement

Dieb-Throat Story picked up by Cleveland Plain Dealer

I posted a while ago about moving to Sacramento....

Woman sues PG&E over transformer explosion

Katrina and Rita - in our earthquake belt - e mailed my Congress people

Arlington West Memorial at Santa Monica Beach

Business, labor ante up in play for power

Mercury News: Would you pay up to $6 to ride solo in commuter lanes?

OK...Which Evil-DUer honked and waved at me yesterday?

Bob Chambers to run for Iowa's U.S. 5th Dist. Representative

A few more pics from DC...

Worcester-Middlesex dems meeting tonight

DSC meeting -November 15 th

Senator Obama throws support behind Deval Patrick's campaign for Governor

Michael Isikoff on Greater Boston, Tuesday, 7PM

Menino & Hennigan Mayoral Town Meeting, Wednesday, Greater Boston

Do any of you "locals" know what these are?

Advice, please.......*S*

pc experts: my mom needs a very simple computer for basic use

Buckeyes at DC Rally get some run in The Press!!!

Warren county names to remember

Don't Forget!!!!!

Rita - Katrina next season get better names

Lisa0825, are you home yet?

Contraflow confusion cost a few lives

Beaumont area DUers

Bryan Kennedy TV ad starts today!

Imagine a different George W. Bush. . .

Soldiers Spooked by New Orleans Spirits- link to video news clip

Why has "Best Protest Sign Ever" been archived already?

Suicide bomber kills six near Iraqi oil ministry

Insurgents bomb junction at Iraq oil export pipeline

Has anybody ever heard of Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region

Does anyone actually believe that we will "Stamp out" the insurgency

Bradblog/Velvet Revolution Interview with Chris Floyd

Holly Beach is just gone..

local tv news reports on anti * Magik cards w/Katrina theme

Periodic Jessica Lynch inquiry (and other things forgotten)

Can we now officially say that BUSH supporters should step down??

(VIDEO) Cafferty Compilation

Are the refineries really as concentrated in the Gulf as they

Pics from Sept. 24 in DC

Considering Bush and the republican congress have spent

France Detains Nine in Anti-Terror Sweep

Did you hear Rachel Maddow re: Cheney's health?

"I can't believe we still have to protest this crap!"

Does anyone know when that wonderful new bankruptcy bill goes into effect?

Congress to vote on Fate of Endangered Species

Haven't felt so hopeful in a very long time

credit card boycott

I wanna thank all of you

Frank Rich coming up on Imus, 6:30amCT, MSNBC.

Veterans, Grieving Families Give Somber Mood to Iraq Protest

Haven't seen this one posted here...$600

Contracts for Storm Work Raise Questions / Big, Easy Iraqi-Style

Praise, Anger at Pro-War Rally in D.C.

Your local news with the rallies...

FOX News seems more interested in disaster relief for the Bush Adm. yup

What is this picture all about?

CNN about to do post-game analysis on Shrubbie's performance

The President's Speech Writer

More Photo Galleries from Saturday

A black and white gallery from Saturday in DC

Katrina and Cindy Blow into Town

Extremely disturbing run-in with my partner's Mom's Fundie Church.

A half-serious Dare:

Great Pics - credit to Adam Jones...

Did Hussein offer to surrender prior to *'s disaster?

Caption this Cheney pic...

CSPAN will rebroadcast at least part of Saturday's rally...

Group Lists 13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress

Real Estate (rental) question

Response to freeper quote: "You wouldn't be able to protest in other

What are the odds we can have a march in D.C.

Pro War Rally much smaller than expected: CNN

Why do we have ANY Brownies appointed to run agencies?

Iraq constitution seen worsening insurgency

Thanks All for the Pic's

Eternal Bioterrorism: The Only Justifiable War

Can someone tell me why gas prices just went DOWN?

Call Jerry Springer about the march...

Cindy Sheehan is an IDIOT!

Army members say their unit beat prisoners in Iraq routinely

Jeeze Monica Crowley is actually making sense on MSNBC Connected

FRIST is going dowwwwwwwn.I think.

This is my letter to the editor today of the tulsa world

Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

Regular beatings of Iraqi detainees (torture beyond Abu Ghraib)

Around 1,000 to be freed from Abu Ghraib as gesture

Cokie:Dems will not be able to capitalize on Delay's &Frist's ethics probs

"Cheney to work from home after surgery "....MSNBC

Iraq: Why immediate withdrawal makes sense

What color is Bush's hair today?

I Called My Congressman's Office This Morning

Does This Mean Frist Is Done???

A Homage to the TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution

A few more pics from D.C.

Levees on the Mississippi Delta were built to allow more farming

Catch The Uzi Toting Security On The WH Lawn (Sheehan Arrest) ???

Proof again that croneyism kills

How would we have felt if we were "occupied" during our Civil War?

The posts on the Rally are great! Where was the Democratic Leadership?

What I did for my dog

Remember Pastor Martin Niemöller TODAY

Yes, Scotty said "Rebellion" but the context is other than I thought...

Sean Hannity: "The actual number of antiwar protesters is 50,000"

What the hell is wrong with Americans who believe that wanting

Demonstrating without a permit.........WTF

Reminder: Tonite's the Nite for Dylan on PBS....Should be innerestin!

Cindy's arrest was planned far in advance...

Ed Shultz: Dem protesters orderly and respectable, Freepers disrespectful

Little LA Towns underwater, Levee's breaching now/Animals Dead/Stranded

Two things I read today have discouraged me.

Rita's Death Toll Highest From Evacuation, Not Storm

Neither intelligent design or evolution could have made this (pic)


The colonial precedent

The Problem:

WP Froomkin's White House Briefing - Desperately Seeking Swagger

David Gregory calls * MR. Bush instead of Pres., 6 or 7 times tonight

This PIC could seriously haunt McCain in '08...

Listen to George Galloway and Friends

Is there any confirmation of the Brown re-hired by FEMA story?


Cindy Sheehan Arrested at WH......... Yahoo News

Seriously, WTF is wrong with * ??

NBC's Williams Says Era Of Reticent News Coverage Ended With Katrina

Was Cindy Sheehan trying to get arrested?

(I suggest) March on DC police station!!!!!!!!!!

Exit stage right

Bill O'liely is a pervert... Today on his show he talked about how

C-Span Now 8:00 p.m. edt...Dan Rather talks with Marvin Kalb! ALERT

NBC had no coverage of Sheehans arrest, did any other network ?

Two days to shut down the refineries...3-5 weeks to start back up.

Just say NO... to driving.

Al Qaeda's No. 2 Mastermind in Iraq Killed by U.S. Special forces

Jr said is like an afterthought--it was weak--to save gas. Yet all I hear

Anybody watching the amature video on Anderson Cooper?

Chris Matthews with a nail aprin on!!

Does anyone have the large aerial photograph of the protest?

Clinton to Head U.N.?

Must See Video of The March in DC!! Yippee!

Tweety just said that the President fired Brown for


Blind trust question...

Please DU This AOL Poll!!!! Shrub's handling of Hurricanes

Local news(Kansas City) covered the prowar rally last night

The next protest should be on the Media

DU Survival Primer for the Mean Times

My first-grader's PE teacher died in Iraq

How About this? Call to Action - Civil Disobedience?

Ownership and title records are most important NOW! This can not be

Bush didn't "fire" Brownie

People, stop it!

Is hoarding an acceptable practice?

Bush rushes to become Sully

Rate my new sticker

Before everyone devolves into utter craziness about Cindy's arrest...

Christopher Walken running for Prez in 08

if you had to pick a date on which the bush teeth of dictatorship & repres

solidarity w/ Cindy / anti-war vigil pic

AP lists Dem Senators for, against, unannounced on Roberts

Suggestions for budget cutting....GOP vs Dem?

Either the world's come to an end or Bush is finally fucked

(Senator) Sessions: Anti-war demonstrators 'Blame America First'

Has Cindy been released yet?

Extremely dissapointed that NY Times is now subscription site.

oil up today-over $65/barrel. per pbs just now.

CBS EveningNews Just Reported that Michael Brown of FEMA is STILL WORKING

The News Media and the Antiwar Movement

a link to some of the photos we took in DC Saturday

"ANSWER supports N. Korea and Fidel Castro..."

A new Progressive Dem site. 1 Percent Solution

Al Qaeda's No. 2 Mastermind in Iraq Killed by U.S. Special forces

Vote Lou Dobbs poll

They arrested the MOTHER of a DEAD SOLDIER.

Unbelievable Freeper Post

Times-Picayune: The real story of convention center violence and deaths

Cyndy's message--is it getting lost?

Beam yourself up Scotty.....on CSpan from this morning

last part of PBS Newshour tonight is to be about the protest.

1919 Reasons why the DSM is Important

how many DUers are getting arrested today?

Krugman names * crony appointments "BROWNIES". Brilliant, but...

Etan Thomas' Speech at the 9/24 Rally

Terrible report from Creole LA

Is Bush Confused about Who is a "Terrorist" and Who is an "Insurgent?"

When will neo-cons re-declare victory in Iraq?

--- IMPORTANT CONTEXT: Another reason Aaron Broussard is so upset

A Shift on Iraq: The Generals Plan a Slow Exit

Help me understand this TOON...

Presidential Morality

Kool Aid James Carville is a Bush Plant!

St. Patrick's Four Not Guilty of Conspiracy

We need to use the words from OUR Constitution

Apple to patent the letter 'i'

U.S. to provide atomic fuel to stop weapons spread

Let me try this again...the protest was successful

Millions homeless, but it's a perfect photo-op

Threats of Peak Oil to the Global Food Supply

Say it CNN..Bush is at fault for what went wrong with Fema during Katrina!

Pay CASH for Gas! CC companies making extra $18m A DAY

Sonny Perdue gets ANGRY PARENTS doing PROTESTS over School Closure!

# 1 recommended on Yahoo.

I must be crazy

Cindy Arrest Photos --->>>

Who on DU has the source to this Russert comment:

Intifada! Intifada! We are in solidarity with you, brothers!!!

Would you Believe??? Don Adams dead at age 82.

I know what to do about the "A.N.S.W.E.R." organizers

Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters

Top 10 All-Time Creationist Myths

SCARY CRAP...Bush Seeks to MILITARIZE Disaster Relief Efforts! FASCISM

Repeat after me: blind obedience is ANTI-AMERICAN

So people have to get arrested to be heard these days?

BILL Frist live on CNN

Mr. Hissyspit Goes To Washington (More Protest Photos! - Part One)

DU Banner at the White House

The whole world's watching - The whole world's watching -

"War on Porn" forces "SuicideGirls" to take pictures off their website...

Game hunting via Internet?

VIDEO: Sept. 24 March/Rally TV News Reports from North America & Europe

Message to All Democratic Reps: FUCK POLLS --TAKE A STAND!!!!

Saudis warn region is on brink of war

Fascism conditioning!!! DU this AOL poll - keep kicked!!

Apparently Rush is reporting 30 people came out Saturday...

What is the crime that Cindy and others being arrested for?

Tim Russert DID NOT have his ass handed to him by Aaron Broussard ...

Folks should not live in major river wetlands and bayous. It is simple.

25 or 40 Activists arrested at the Pentagon this morning ?

Freepers: "we are preparing for 20,000 people"; Reality 400 show up.

Stop saying "No democrats are speaking out"

Freeper Denial of Anti-War Crowd Numbers OFF THE CHARTS!

Cindy "USED HER SON?" Lets get it straight WHO USED HER SON.

For those in front of the WH who have NOT been arrested yet

When hanging or burning someone in efigy...

The whore media whoring for the FReeptards

1918 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Well I'll be....You learn something new everyday

has pickles caught W doing the jimmy page?

Protesters around the US being arrested simultaneously?

DUers also arrested >

Caption this * pic...

Ken Mehlmen on The Daily show tonight

Frist speaking now about stock sale

Medea Benjamin arrested LIVE on Randi Rhodes

The resemblance between shrub mc chimp and Alfred E. Neuman ...

Tell me it ain't so!: Rupert Murdoch sits on BOD of TV Guide!!!

My Republican father in law: We need to get out of Iraq!

Did I miss something? Is today Armed Forces day?

bushbot....PIC !!!

I just heard Medea Benjamin get on the air

Jack Cafferty just called Michael Moore a loser

Knowing When They're Conquered

A picture worth a thousand words?

is there a new boycott list?

Ed Schultz just said O'Liely is off the air in Denver

‘Yes, but…’

Dick Cheney: A Man and His Mustard

When we impeach Bush will it become a National Holiday?

Democratic congressman says conspiracy trial ironic; Sees Bush conspiracy

Is that Medea Benjamin getting arrested at the WH on Randi Rhodes show

For Cindy: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail

Cindy coming up again on CNN

I just returned, after actually working, last viewed front page at 3:22.

Cheney's few steps we saw on CNN clip seem mighty strong. Wonder what

Even Bay Buchanan thinks *'s idea of militarizing natural disasters

Cindy coming up on CNN next.

Have White House staff dared show * the pics from DC protest . .

Drudge calls Cindy arrest a 'Cunning Stunt'...

DU THIS POLL Do you support President Bush's handling of Iraq?


hey Biloxi!!! Get ready for Pickles!!!!

Coming up: Situation Room CNN, going to talk about Cindy arrest

SO when you are a local business owner

The Monkey is Screeching on CNN- NOW!


Heads Up! Sibels Edmonds on C-Span 2 now


WaPo: (grainy) Video of Cindy's arrest

Civil Resistance at the White House

St. Patrick's Four Not Guilty of Conspiracy

Cindy Sheehan just got arrested @ the WH...just on CNN

Group Lists 13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress

in Sunday's Winston-Salem Journal there was

Scotty re: Cindy: "It's the right of the peacefully express"

Mortician surprised by New Orleans dead

red blouse, big green earrings (Karen H.)--going on "listening tour" to

He's lying to the GOP now...

Cheney has knee surgery, then WALKS TO HIS CAR?

Yahoo: Rushed constitution points Iraq to civil war

How come 1/2 hour later Franken hasn't announced Cindy's arrest?

'Showing the Scars'...LBJ, Bill Moyers, etc--the press + the pres' health

No Nat'l Enquirer at My Grocery Store's Racks - Sold Out? or Sellout?

Worth repeating. Best site to see how the rest of the world views US.

Gold Star Mother's Day, 2005 - A Proclamation by the President ---pix->>>

Harper's job tenuous as Canada's parliament opens fall session.

It's the most important vote this year, and DU'ers dont even know about it

Good Christian Republican Parenting

Did AAR have a tent at the DC rally?

st patrick four not guilty on main charge

NBA Player EtanThomas @ Anti-War Protest - Very Impressive - Listen Here

Sicko rants at Jeter

Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

I watched a videotape of Bill Frist trading stock

Is this new news or old news? On 700 Club soon....

ABC's The Note gets a blog spanking and writes about it

News Item: Karl Rove is named to oversee New Orleans rebuilding effort.

W - Still the WORST

Cindy Sheehan arrested at White House

Since * missed the march, all who took PIX should send him a set :-)

The fool strikes again - thank you George for the arrests

How long before FR closes its "doors"

Calling for a vigil until Cindy is released! Every city, every night

Favorite bumpersticker of the day here in Freeperville

I wonder if anybody can help me (privacy issue)

First there was 9/11....

Rawstory: Dem Congressman Breaks Ranks; Developing...

Foreign fighters make up 4-6% of the insurgents. The rest are Iraqis

Letter to O'Lielly

Can't you print out pictures of the rallye in Washington, add

Breaking Raw Story: Dem Congressman sees Bush Conspiracy

Need advice on overtime rules for employees.

Notice how today MSM is able to cover four or five stories at once?

When's the Boozing-Bush story coming out in the "legit" press?

Putting money where their mouths is IS not a freeper trait

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . . (Sheehan)

Washington D.C. has become the land of nicely dressed cowards and crooks.

Is Bush about to lose control ?

Bill Frist

I support Cindy

British pensioner shows you the way

So my 7 year old son asks me yesterday...

Mock Trial of Donald Rumsfeld, et. al.

How many members of the Bush administration does it take to change a light

The issue that should be nationalized next year isn't the war.

CNN anchor mentions "hurricane insurance".

MSNBC Live: Anti-War Demonstration at White House now!

What's the definition of Irony, again?

It's on MSNBC now.

Cindy Sheehan was just on the Fox 7 local Ft Lauderdale BREAKING NEWS

Fighting Machinists' victory is an "inspiration", Bender says

The official flogging of Scottie McClellan will begin shortly.

Has Bush Ever Looked Worse? ---pix->>>

Looking for articles/links - obscenity laws

Are these British soldiers who blew up innocent civilians terrorists?

Bush: Supreme Court will be Diverse

George is Curious...

CNN just showed arrests in front of white house n/t

I found the fundamental difference

MSNBC just reported gas down $0.20, but it went up $0.05 here yesterday

Guess Who?

DC Pics from 9/24...(Dialup warning)

How do we get out of our box?

What's the word on Plamegate indictments this week?

"Katrina was an Equal Oppty. Destroyer" according to the Red Cross

Conservative seeks to curb religious excess

A Bush supporter asked me last night

Peak Oil And Cognitive Dissonance

Dem leaders wisely stayed away from the protests.

Appleton (WI) readers grade * (Cranial Rectumitus Alert!)

LMAO!! "centurist" blog claims only 30 marchers at our protest!

Please forgive my ignorance, but just who in the hell

Suspects dispute hate crime

A personal word of thanks and an explanation

8000 troops not coming home on schedule - 7 to 10 days longer

Any word on the civil disobedience around the WH?


Self-Delete. Duplicate eom

As Population of Yellowstone Grizzlies Grows, Further Protection Debated


Mathes at CBC Town Hall Meeting--What the heck did he say

Link to ethics comm. model for senators blind trust contracts

Project 90 and 2006 election

Jim Hightower speaks the truth about the Democratic Party

Fundy fighting.. . . . . . some ammo

I liked one of Cindys comments to Karl

My 7-year old son missed a test question and I'm damn proud of him!

WaPo Express today puts warmonger rally on front page

(Video) Cindy at the PDA Event Yesterday...

I cannot save the world

US army plans to bulk-buy anthrax

Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600

Did anyone watch NBC's TODAY show this morning? Please!

"A British soldier carries boxes of candy...hand out presents..."

Bush Has No Clue Why He Was There....

I forced myself to watch another of * question and answer session

Folks, here's the type of mentality we're dealing with

Sorry if this has already been posted.

Question for DU legal eagles and anyone else:

What should Democrats do to keep Bush and Repubs on the defensive?

Any estimates how many will attend today's UFPJ....

Tim Russert's Hall of Shame: - Also, a link to let Russert Know How U Feel

The king, the coup and the coconut tree defence

Bush: DOD to take the lead in times of natural disaster. NOOOOOO!!!!!!

The more people that demonstrate.....

bush is in trouble - bring on the flags

600 barrels of loot found on Crusoe island

Today Show this morning whoring for Bush. Lauer is sitting in Jackson

Democracy Now! - Excellent March Coverage today...

FCC Calls for a More Resilient Communications Network / VOIP Steps Up

TIME Mag.- Exposes More Mike Browns...FDA, Homeland Sec and many more

Scotty playing the blame game?

"'Nightline" as we know it is about to fade to black."

Three U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Are Killed by Bombs, Military Says

Air America should organize a march NOW

Isn't Stephanie the greatest?

a good conversation with someone from the other side

At the protest there was a stuffed Bush dummy, it's purpose, getting beat

Anyone have a snailmail or email address for Aaron Broussard?

Gore's mercy mission--the bigger issue

Excuse me? Do you know who I am?

Microsoft to promise world domination at PDC **NO JOKE**

Are the Iraqi insurgents freedom fighters or terrorists

Medea just now arrested live? Not arrested with Cindy?

Mark Shields (CNN) equates NOW w transvestite special interest group?

Did Sheehan call the Iraqi insurgents "Freedom fighters"?

E&P : Katrina Redux? Beaumont Paper Finds Federal Storm Failure in Texas

What Got Into Tweety?

CIndy getting arrested >>>> PIC

Beyond A.N.S.W.E.R: A View From Inside the March

Arrrest Cindy Sheehan but hire Michael Brown as a FEMA

Lynndie England convicted..... why has no one else been charged?

Don't forget ,Phil Donahue and Amy Goodman in Dayton

To the guy who said he didn't go b/c of ANSWER

Just got back from DC, here are some protest pics (Black Bloc included)

What's so "secret" about Cheney's knees?

DC Protest Photos and narrative - dial up warning

My encounter w Fundie X-ians in DC on Sunday.

Fantasy Only: Bush & Cheney Gone - What will you do?

Hippies Smell

It's painfully obvious that evacuating a major US city is NOT possible

ACLU Supreme Court Preview, CSPAN1 now; repeat /Sibel. nt

What has been the reaction on here to this whole Tillman thing?

Questions about the freeper "war supporters" in DC (picture heavy!)

quick question-how does one file for bankruptcy?

Michael Brown Has Been Re-hired By Fema

Texas governor upholds his waiver to allow the use of bus that burned up

Is It Better to Buy or Rent?

So rePUKES like Drudge call mothers who sacrificed their sons CUNTS

Can it be? Poor blacks NOT savages after all?

What natural disasters lurk where you live?

"...the Valerie Plame case is indeed hanging over the WH like a pall."


Support the CampU.S. Strike for Peace Campaign

ANSWER's idiocy plays into Right Wing talk radio today

Rawstory: Hinchey (D-NY) sees conspiracy to attack Iraq

Kerry Staffers Brace for New Film

The Top Ten Stupid And Annoying Things I Hear Freepers Say...

about 400 arrested in DC civil disobedience today? did you hear about it?

Is this a genuine Cindy Sheehan post?

Who was that witch arguing for the war on The NewsHour?


Call THESE WHORES OUT!! CNN...Disgusting!!

Our next potential tropical disaster in the making

24yrs ago ..........

Billionaires For Bush in DC ! Photos!!!

Uh ... how many dead in NOLA? Anybody?

US Out of Iraq Is Not Enough

Which life is worth more? Beauty and scarcity or ugly and common?

thank you African Americans for taking a leading role

Can Anybody Tell Me if

When is the next antiwar protest in DC?

Name one Democrat who is universally admired

The Bush is now drinking line from Laura--"Stop, George."

We Support The Troops!

Who really likes to read non-fiction? DU has a great forum right here>>>>

A night in New Orleans jail turns into month of misery for 2 Ohio men

Bill Bennett lets the cat out of the bag!

FBI COINTELPRO or How the Man worked to divide us in the 60's

Ow ow ow.

Harper's job tenuous as Canada's parliament opens fall session.

Police blunder after 9/11 'destroyed pilot's career'

IRA arms decommissioned

Mowlam "UK's favourite politician"

Brighton fans protest at party conference

Tate 'misunderstood' banned work

Tesco stocks up on inside knowledge of shoppers' lives

£145,000 homes face Prescott's bulldozers

World Leaders When They Were Young (pics)

Brown's New Labour election vow

Council tax refusenik jailed

Maxwell son faces final humiliation in everything-must-go garage sale

Yay! A week of Dylan stuff on BBC 4!

Full Daily Show with Jon Stewart coming to the UK!

Reno police officers describe experiences in New Orleans

A night in New Orleans jail turns into month of misery for 2 Ohio men

Major quake 7.5 rocks northern Peru

Government Hails Early Response to Rita (major spin)

Brits think Iraq getting worse: poll (Blair approval down 8 points - 39%)

New Analyses Bolster Central Tenets of Evolution Theory (W.Post)

How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There? [TIME magazine]

How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There? (IMPORTANT PIECE FROM TIME)

IAEA Chief OK'd for Third Term

Prosecutors, SEC probe Frist stock sale

Council tax refusenik jailed

Veterans, Grieving Families Give Somber Mood to Iraq Protest

New Orleans' drainage chief: 'It's a winnable battle'

NYT: Storms Cast Spotlight on Energy's New Reality (Oct, Nov squeeze?)

WP: The Trip Back (to Houston) Begins Better Than Evacuation

Terrorism: First Al-Qaeda 'TV News' Via Web

WP: A Hazy New Day Awaits 'Nightline' (new format, anchors)

Iraq constitution seen worsening insurgency-report

BBC (Monday): Venezuela to speed up land reform

Faulty Body Armor May Have Endangered Bush

Katrina clean-up work under scrutiny

As Population of Yellowstone Grizzlies Grows, Further Protection Debated

Around 1,000 to be freed from Abu Ghraib as gesture


US school's evolution teaching goes on trial

CSPAN will rebroadcast at least part of Saturday's rally...

Sicko rants at Jeter

Documents: Frist knew contents of blind trust!!!

Officer took Iraqi abuse claims outside chain of command

Spain jails 9/11-linked al-Qaida suspect

Bush adviser says economy will weather double impact

French police seize nine in anti-terrorist swoop

Bush urges gas conservation

SEC chief recuses self from Frist stock probe

Several States May Revisit Redistricting (IMPORTANT: less political lines)

Rita search, rescue complete in Louisiana

Bush Drops 'Diversity' Hint About Nominee

Bomb Hits Oil Ministry in Baghdad

Roberts' confirmation as chief justice reaching Senate floor

Huge search for hurricane victims. I have seen very few images of this.

SEC's Cox to recuse himself in Frist stock-sale probe

U.S. Senate panel clears $50 billion for Iraq war

st patrick four not guilty on main charge

MSNBC: Get Smart...Don Adams has died age 82

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse case goes to jury (MSNBC)

Bush: Gov't prepared to tap petroleum reserve again

Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest

Azerbaijan: U.S. Financing Radar Station Near Iranian Border Say Reports

Mortician surprised by New Orleans dead

Delete [dupe]

Govt's Katrina Spending May Be Only $100 bln-aide

Bill would give Bush $50B more for wars

Bush Urges Shift in Relief Responsibilities, Washington Post


U.S. Sen. Frist to speak on HCA stock sale - aide

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 26 September

Hinchey (D-NY) fiery speech on Bush conspiracy to attack Iraq-Raw Story

Lynndie England found guilty

Bush: 1.8 mln bpd in refining capacity back soon

New Orleans mayor asks residents back again

Around 1,000 to be freed from Abu Ghraib as gesture (to mark Ramadan)

Rice plans Haiti visit to support election process

G8 summit protest cases dropped

2004 crime rate stays at 30-yr low (more in prison,more police since 90s?)

Church in Iraq Helps Rebuild New Orleans Parish

Democratic congressman says conspiracy trial ironic

Missteps Hamper Iraq Oil Recovery ($1.3B spent, possible permanent damage)

Protesters Meet Governor in Mexico

Jetting Off to Jail - GOP Roslyn Schools Chief Pleads Guilty to Theft

Dozens arrested at Pentagon this morning

US govt Katrina spending may only be $100 bln-aide

Disguised insurgents gun down 5 Shiite teachers at Iraqi elementary school

Ice explorer readies for launch (BBC News)

Reid Follows Frist, Sets Up Blind Trust

Egyptian state paper attacks U.S. envoy's mission (Karen Hughes)

Peace activists acquitted of conspiracy for spilling own blood at...

Bush says ‘diversity’ key for next top court pick

" To deceive Congress and occupy the country of Iraq"-- Maurice Hinchey (D

Kerry fears Katrina-like lack of preparation for global competition

Microsoft to double India staff

Pentagon: Top Zarqawi Aide Killed

Court Test Begins For School District's 'Intelligent Design'

America gripped by deadly dog flu that has left pet-lovers in fear

McCain backs bill against use of torture

NYT: Waters Recede (in So. La.) Leaving Frustration (and anger: FEMA?Who?)

Maker of Bulletproof Vest May Face Charges

KR: Response to Rita illustrates how government failed after Katrina

Gunmen kill 5 teachers in Iraq primary school

Allawi says militias worsening Iraq's plight

Dalai Lama Tells U.S. Crowd War Outdated

Bradley Pockets Money From "Most Corrupt Members of Congress"

AP: Report Warned of Hurricane Health Woes

Michael Brown rehired by FEMA as a consultant--per CBS..!

(Gov Rick) Perry defends waiver in doomed bus trip

White House Warns Iran About Referral

UN Human Rights Body to Scrutinise US Abuses

Second Reuters cameraman in Iraq held without charge

ACLU: Sibel Edmonds v. Department of Justice: A Patriot Silenced, ...

Bill would give Bush $50B more for wars

Venezuela to speed up land reform

Reports of anarchy at Superdome overstated

White House shrugs off anti-war demos

U.S. soldier Lynndie England guilty of Iraq abuse(not guilty - conspiracy)

Frist Says He 'Acted Properly' (9/26)

Supreme Court May Hear Abortion Case

Sadr urges Iraqis for self-restraint

Bush Urges Conservation as Gas Prices Rise (avoid non-essential driving)

Cindy Sheehan arrested at white house

Cardinals. Lost. Again. Will cookie tray turf in new statium help?

Jesus on a leash.. A sure sign that High school is back in session

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for ... the people

Hey, Heidi... how was your show?

I’m sorry, did I not bury you in the backyard? Stay away from the muffins!

Why would Cheney's boys be leaving the.... (Doonesbury)

I'm going to be gone for a little awhile...

Shirley Manson: Garbage going on "hiatus"

Today's ZINGS!

PLEASE DU THIS POLL !!!! (About saving NOLA's furbabies)

Woman Test Drives Car - Drives It Into Swimming Pool

Good Morning, Folks!

What was/is your favorite class in school?

A joke, I think.

71 Year Old Woman Crowned Homecoming Queen

I'm throwing in the towel on my "Greatest Regret" Girl.....

Gay Penguin Turns Straight

The Lounge Needs More Outdoor Cat Threads

What is this picture all about?

It was so cool to meet DUers -- and to hear, "YOU'RE Bertha Venation?!"

ok, so I fall into a tree and sprain my ankle

Drunken Bush at wedding (video)

Don't think twice, watch ....No Direction Home: Bob Dylan..tonght

Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

Medieval bridge emerges

Voodoo woman jailed for exorcism death

Puppy Swallows 13-Inch Knife, Survives

I'd like to thank Tellulah Bankhead for ruining my life!!!

RE: D.C Protest

Kristinn made this weeks top 10 list

It's not unusual

Has anybody made a Georgie Magnetic Poetry kit?


Want to find a good vacuum cleaner

CNN: "Pro-War rally much smaller than expected"

Vegas Driver Said to See 'Demons' in Crowd

Is Coheed & Cambria the second coming of Rush, or what?

Napoleon Dynamite. Wha...?

Damn. I can't get enough Nyquil to make a new batch of crank

When'd they change the nickels?

Need help with computer

My picts from the rally

Anyone in touch with Crewleader?

I'm moving to Boulder, CO -- TOMORROW!!!

The Earworm Cafe presents "She Got Me When She Got Her Dress On"

Second interview this afternoon

Hey guys! It was great to meet some of you on Friday!!

If only I had saved money by switching to Geico

Something mellow

Is my husband insane?

Yet another * joke (I hadn't heard this one before)

Barbie ousted by Hijab doll

Time: The Resurrection of Neil Young

I'd like to thank all the Crankheads for ruining my life!!!

I just put a big gob of wasabi on my salmon maki

Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher reportedly wed

Anyone seen all of Band of Brothers

Both my grandmas have birthday on 10/10

Do you spit or swallow

Yay! I'm back!

Donuts anyone?

Ooooh.. fun.. The Grow Cube

I have a new favorite college football coach. (Charlie Weis)

For 1970's roller skating nostalgia- go see Roll Bounce !

I have gotta the Adult Big Wheel !!!!

If escape were that easy, we could all be free of this nasty world...

home improvement question -- where can I buy these things on line?

Children of the 60's & 70's: Did your tricycle/bicycle have these?

SoCalDem must really, really hate me. she posted this in my GD thread

Help. Re: Lucinda Bassett/"Anxiety Solution" -- tales? knowledge?

All of these DU babies in the lounge make me nostalgic & want another

A half-serious Dare:

How many? (Joke)

Has anyone read Vonnegut's latest "Man Without a Country"?

Damn cat.

A neighbor boy asked me if I was a witch

Damn! 600 barrels of loot found on Crusoe island (est worth $10bn)

I'm going to a motivational speaker tonight

Don Adams (Get Smart) dead at 82

He's almost mobile

MissHoneyChurch rocks!!

Movie endings that caught you be surprise or made you think "WTF"

I miss fudge.

Cooking question

Are you the best guy ever?

Whoever does the writing--BRILLIANT.

Aliens really do control our weather

GRAMMAR NOTE - especially for those who post multi-paragraph quotes:

"Presidential Speechalist..."

Should Patchouli Oil be banned?

Aw Maxwell Smart is gone.

Coffe House Restrooms

Property poll

Hey Allenberg, hope you didn't take that assbeating too personaly?

Looking for something online....

Where is progmom!

So, I found out a way to partially pay for my college tuition...

Number one excuse from freepers as to why only 400 of them showed

Don Adams (Get Smart) has died

ATTN: If you are a Bush family member do not click on this link....

2008 election flame war: Wesley Clark looks like Joe Biden!

More 70's Nostalgia: WACKY PACKAGES!

Weird sex: Giant Squid Do it Deeper

In case anyone cares, I am now on strike indefinitely

have you ever heard of this website or this program for DEPRESSION?

Worst Pain Teens record

Moral Dilemma - A Test

I used to believe that tornadoes were more powerful than hurricanes

I'm gettting ignored in GD

Hello Stanger (giving you my current earworm)

Breaking!!! There is officially No News to report...

I am having inappropriate thoughts about my neighbor cats

Somebody hose me off...

Michael Jackson's makeover

Better get ready for bed. Goodnight Lounge!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

QUESTION: What Is George W. Bush's Position On Roe vs Wade?

Anybody else enjoying the storm, central west coast?

JVS, Je, tu ai quel que chose

Which franchise (ST, SW, LOTR) has the largest,and most devoted,following?

Cosmik Debris

Okay I just have to comment on the "your actions help the terrorists"

A new strain of STD

Eeeek. I have hay all over my clothes.

Don Adams - "Agent 86" from "Get Smart" has died.

Anyone remember Floyd R. Turbo, American?

Take a break ....

Let's play a game: Anywhere But Here.

Is there a real "man" in the house? I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Is there a Real "Girly-Man" in the house. I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Best non-sequitur overheard ever?

Keep yer' Jesus off my penis....

Come comment on my blog...(please?)

The Ambulance Down in the Valley - long poem

Any writers here?

!!!!!! My nephew is going back to Iraq---3rd time!!

just been listening to the new mccartny cd again

It's very embarrassing for everyone involved when a cat acts the fool.

Somewhat private, I know, but anyone have a vasectomy?

Ewwww Cockroaches!


We have kidnapped DMSRoar and are posting from his PC...

Winston's surgery has been postponed until tomorrow at Noon. :-(

What is the most posts anyone ever had in a day?

2012: Ascension, Rebirth and Dimensional Shift?(Hopi,Mayan,Vedic)

What starts with an H and ends with an I?????

I've had a rough day....

Where the heck are people's pictures?

LOL look at this tropical storm

A laugh for Monday afternoon......


Is there a real "ASSHOLE" in the house? I really have no doubts.

bush urges conservation as pot prices rise.

Did anyone see what Mike Tice said about some Vikings fans?

Is there a real "WOMAN" in the house? I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Get your waffle irons out of my house, Ronald Reagan

Sooo - I'm in PHOENIX.

Tennessee has a snowballs chance in hell against LSU tonight

Hey! Did you know that Kate Bush will FINALLY have a new album...

Is your monitor LCD or CRT?

"The Fog" is one of my favorite horror movies

I need small cute doggie advice

"He was shy and gawky and got a Sears Silvertone guitar when he was 8 and

A voice has been silenced!!

Going into the hospital tomorow

I just made pad thai for the first time and it turned out excellent :)

Need info on gasoline shortages.

Really strange movies that you admit you just loved.

CBS News says Michael Brown rehired as FEMA consultant

So why is Apple (The computer co) Evil?

Apple to patent the letter 'i'

Okay...i have a "lounge style" emergency...

Sure could use a little good news...

yet another reason to dislike Marilyn vos Savant...



I have the theme to "Bonanza" in my head

Update on the wounded hawk (with Pics)

What is Your Dating Style?


MSNBC: Get Smart...Don Adams has died age 82

Can Someone help me photo shop this 1970's picture of Rush?

A border crossing story. Sort of long.

Can Someone help me photo shop this 1970's picture of Rush?

DYLAN FANS. Don't forget...

Oooo yeah!

What was your least favorite class in school?

Do you sometimes just want to leave your recent life

MeganMonkey is in Jail and Joan Alpren got bloodied....

One of the stupidest posts in the History of FreeRepublic

At what age did you feel your metabolism slow down?

I need help diagnosing my cat.

T-shirt artists: throw your links my way!

Employment poll


women-what's your favorite brand/style of razor?

If you met your 21 year old self today, what would you think of yourself?

Good Christian Republican Parenting

"Theyre teaching witchcraft in our public schools!!!"

Dancing neon pig will be preserved

Help me brainstorm fundraising ideas?

my first celebrity crush

Mr. Pitt! Chargers vs. Patriots next weekend

I have a question for people of faith-

Speaking of jeans and heels... what's with the 4-5" folded-up cuff?

I can't feel my mouth...and I think I'm drooling on myself

Please recommend to me

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Joe Lieberman to marry Dianne Feinstein

ROUND NINE -- Greatest Movie Character Ever, Semifinals

High heels with blue jean - yes or no

Ladies, read and weep

joke = a monastery decided to start a fish & chips store...

It's freaking 104 degrees hot for Sept. 26th doncha think?

The Bourne Ultimatum announced

Would replacing a 20+ year old furnace save me on heating costs?

Which famous personalities from the 60's are still alive and going strong?

Why do some threads get more greatest nominations than actual replies?

Need your positive energies for my dog, Winston --- Please.

So how was the shin-dig in DC over the weekend?

Chicago gathering: Oct. 9 or 16

Greatest Movie Endings?

PA/NJ/DE casino enthusiasts: Come see me play Friday in Atlantic City!

Favorite songs with a person's name in the title

How long has it been since the last photo thread?

I just found out my best friend from high school is getting married.

ATTN: October/November babies!!

Does owning a cat increase the chances of children developing leukemia?

If we truly believe that even with its faults the U.S. is the best of all

The funniest religious joke

The true story of how multinational drug companies took liberties with Afr

Tomorrow Night (9/27)--"Cosmos: The 25th Anniversary"

Good bye insulin shots (re: islet beta cells)

Scientists Dispute Hurricane Blaster Idea

Solar-Assisted Toyota Prius Hybrid for 3,000 (a plug in hybrid with a Plus

Oregon Gay Marriage Amendment Returns To Court

Salt Lake Council To Battle Domestic Partner Order

How big is the Republican Closet? ANOTHER anti-gay Bush operative OUTED!

Conservative Coming Out Day insensitive

Washington State Gays Wait For Marriage Ruling

Tight wild card race vs, Houston - have tkts - it's going to storm


My predictions for the AL

Chiefs: The Nation is Watching

Okay, I'm posting way too much on this board, but I have a question

I have a question about the Colts defense

I'm a Bills fan that doesn't get the resentment toward the Patriots

THE VIKINGS FINALLY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What team has been royally screwed in the NFL the 1st 3 weeks?

Any other groups for animal lovers?

Whiskerville founder to be on Larry King tonight

A Horse Story To Inspire And Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Do hot paws mean fever?

Puking lovebird

Hi all!

Well well well. Some original artwork of mine, believed lost, is found.


Why We Fight...

Though I haven't looked through all the threads, Has anyone read

...sticking toe in water...

And another must read, this time by the Emperor in the Skeptic's group:

Hello... looking for recommendations for resources on Evolution

Pure fun: Anyone know which Senators are hiring?

Mittens is at it again criticizing Massachusetts.


John Kerry Addresses American Competitiveness

Sen. John Kerry Joins Joint Center HPI in Launching Initiative to Reduce H

Committee Hearings this week

Kerry to speak on competitiveness at Chamber luncheon

Have you guys seen this thread posted in GD?

KOEB 9/26/05

Rita on Rita, or "measure your waves"

OT: Hey gang! I got my first byline!!!

I may be partying "live", starting next week!

Thanks to you all, it is nice to know you are here. Peace and thank you.

If the Democrats currently wanting to lead the party

The Mass Psychology Of Fascism -- By Wilhelm Reich

NBC's Williams Says Era Of Reticent News Coverage Ended With Katrina

I have been insulted again by my government.

Mitzy Kenny of Ridgeley W.Va: Anti-war demonstrations give the enemy hope

taking stock of Martha Stewart and Bill Frist

Has any US President attended a soldier's funeral?

2008 It's the Corruption Stupid?

"On The Issues"

Kucinich: Organic farmers protect standards

Freepers are desperately bringing Holloway stories back

This never occurred to me - plain old demand supply economics

Young, political and in a league of their own

Christian Coalition Stiffs Vendors


Some protest shots,Mark Perdomo's site.....

Watched the CSpan replay of Galloway eviscerating Hitchens last night

Republican-Led House Passes Bill Allowing Religious Discrimination

EPA Proposes Easing Reporting Requirements On Toxic Pollution

GOP = Genocide Our Policy

Is your TV News Giving the 400 Freepers Equal Time to the 400,000 Anti-War

As popularity falls, swaggering Schwarzenegger's "girlie-man" jibes gone

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Bob Dylan special on PBS tonight and tomorrow.

Will Bush shed a tear for this dead Iraqi

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Four years hence and we are no better protected

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OBAMA Lays the “Smack Down” on Carter-Baker’s National Voter ID

Remember, our Prez reinstated a state of National Emergency last week

Question: Was B* in White House when Cindy got arrested today?

Bush calls upon Americans to curb non-essential travel, well, maybe

Reid's comments about Frist - THIS shows why Dems have no clue..

Request for Help

"Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement" Suspected Among Some Katrina Contracts

Legitimate question for Conservative supporters of bush

Bloomberg op-ed says: Bush Gulf rebuild idea-Enterprise-Zones -don't work

two new Katrina "Why?" Files on

"In Case You Missed It:" Frist Thinks He's Above The Law

Republican Talks Tough On Leaks, Then Flip-Flops

How to honor Cindy Sheehan and others arrested in DC

Good Christian Republic Parenting

Sheehan arrested outside WH

USA Today: Bush's Staff is like a "dying cell phone battery."

Marchers slam Bush in epic anti-war rally (IOL / Reuters South Africa)

U.S. Decertifies Venezuela on Drug Control

Sen. Obama throws support behind Deval Patrick's campaign for Governor.

My letter to my congressmen re: Flag Desecration Amendment

How many freakin ways can B** divide us? Now State vs State.


Does anyone else feel a little uneasy about the freeing of 1,000 Iraqis?

need link to al Samoud II missiles dismantling on March 17 2003

Idiot son uses the 'C' word in press conference

Delay's help sought in bypassing public process over Colorado ski resort

Frist's Political Future Darkens Over Questions on Stock Sales

Take a moment sign some stuff and help the endangered species act

"The Most Important Election of 2005"

Judge deems big part of Bush's "healthy forests act" illegal!

Hillary's statement against confirmation of Roberts

Carpetbagger Governor Makes Adopted State the Butt of His Jokes

How many programs will the Repukes eliminate by the end of 08.

NEVER trust a smiling Republican

George Bush Declared Yesterday "Gold Star Mother's Day" >>>

Call the Associated Press out on its blatant insulting of Cindy Sheehan!

I predict Cindy Sheehan will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and

I think we should keep track of the Rethugs blaming protesters

On Destination Without Journey

"To expedite the capacity of our refiners to expand" WTF?

DNC: Bush Must to Stand Up for the American People on Gas Prices

The 13 most corrupt members of Congress

Sirotablog's link to the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress

* raises $600 (that's right, $600.00) for Iraq reconstruction!!!!

MeganMonkey is in Jail and Joan Alpren got bloodied....

Why Reid said what he did about Frist ...

honest inquiry into how nation was caught unprepared must list cronyism

"Hard Bigotry of No Expectations "

Bush decision to give no critical habitat for bull trout - reversed!

Poll Finds Republicans in Bad Shape

RE Cindy: Why is getting arrested a "good" thing?

How Will You Celebrate bu$h's Downfall?

John Kerry Addresses American Competitiveness

Anybody think Fitz is waiting too long?

CBS: Michael Brown re-hired by FEMA as consultant.

Send Bibles to Hurricane Victims! Jesus will send loaves and fishes!

How can Bush get his approval numbers in national polls to increase?

Heritage Fnd. says people are poor because they aren't married

Kristol cherry-picked polling data to perk up Bush's political standing

ANSWER deliberately lied about the start of the march...

"AUTOMATIC TRIGGER" should send chills down our spines, people!

Freepers still using the "you couldn't protest in one of those countries"

How Representative is your Democratic Rep of your Views&Opinion

More than 80% of $1.5 billion in FEMA contracts for katrina; no bid...

Say out loud: "Frist is Toast"

What's with all the Gore threads?