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Archives: September 3, 2005

The Smirk of a Killer

USA Today: Piecing together the story of the weapons that weren't

Rhetoric Not Matching in Relief (rips W. for lies from Iraq to Katrina)

Katrina's Assault on Washington (NY Times editorial)

Roberts' words on privacy raise chills

Hurricane Katrina: Why can't we help our own?

Bush Strafes New Orleans

Notes From Inside New Orleans

Dowd: United States of Shame

LA Times : Trapped in an Arena of Suffering (NOLA, post Katrina)

Arianna blasts Clinton

To All Who Are Considering Offering Shelter:

Sparking a Prairie Fire: Cindy Sheehan at City Hall (Austin)

Where are organized efforts to pressure House to sign Articles of Impeach

Rachel Maddow will be hosting "The Majority Report" solo next 2 wks.

Hundreds rally in support of grad student union (NYU)

Statement by Robert Greenstein on Administration Mischaracterizations ..

Brazil gun deaths down after disarmament campaign

Preview of The Ultimate Able Danger Resource

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 9/2/05

Hart eSlate gets 2002 VVS certifiaction

Can the Anti-War Protest in DC be Made a Bit More...Generic?

So Cal Stater Brothers stores accepting donations for Katrina!!!

Judge says shooting 15 year old 10 times, 4 times in the face is justified

DALLASITES: Let's help this good Louisiana DEM!

Austin will accept up to 5,000 storm refugees

CNN BREAKING: concerns of rioting breaking out at convention center

Have you heard people out in public complaining about GWB lately?

Everyone is so happy there are several thousand NG in NO. Of

Sometimes, Yahoo's News Photos page seems arranged on purpose.

They better not try to up Bush's approval ratings over his abyssmal failur

Poverty Rate Continues to Climb (before Katrina, symptomatic)

What was all that homeland security funding for? Money changed

dupe please delete

MSNBC Charity concert on now!

We KNOW the scope of this disaster extends far beyond New Orleans!!

Where are the McKinney hearings on C-Span

How do I contact a forum mod while EarlG's away?

Mr Bill knew that the levees could threaten NO

PEOPLE: The McKinney hearings are on. IMPORTANT!!!

"Impeachment Now!!"

I really want to get to DC 9/24. I can fly in and out, but does any

BBC World? I thought Earl was suppose to be on it

Something I would GUARANTEE...

NOW on pbs talking about LA and oil and ecology.

Just occurred to me -- did Rummy cancel his Freedom Parade?

Bus taking evacuees from NOLA to Houston overturns, killing ONE passenger

More disgusting evidence of classism - watch WWL TV streaming

O'Leilly says on the All Spin Zone: It's all Louisiana Gov Blanco's fault

my mom is scared to death about me going to NOLA

The way I see it, the "terra-ists" could have easily blown up the levee

Evacuees' bus overturned killing one person?

Cheney's still on vacation, right? Does anybody have the article?

Our nation is facing an issue:Are we people who help the poor, unfortunate

Please watch the McKinney hearings on C-Span2 and call or e-mail

Retirement home in Texarkana accepting 30 hurricane residents

Where's that picture of the heavily-armed police on the armoured vehicle?

Measures and weights, that don't equate.

The threat of terrorism is not as big as bushCo would like you to believe

Can't wait to see the compassionate conservatives step up...

The indignity is just beginning.

Animal shelter in Texarkana housing pets for families that are in shelters

kanye on the telethon

Gas is 5.03 in Death Valley,CA

CSPAN replaying all of Shrubs adventures today - now

"George Bush doesn't care about black people" !!!

REMEMBER THIS! Mayor Nigan did everything right!

A. Neville Singing Amazing Grace MSNBC now

This Is Worse Than 9-11.

Any word/update on the Abu Ghraib arguments?

Is the plan to shunt blame onto Blanco and other local authorities?

Anyone see the police officer on CNN who was crying?

BUSH: ``This is a storm that requires immediate action now,''

Did Shrub Meet with the Mayor of NO and the Gov....

I'm bawling -- NBC Telethon

Looking for more info on the Al Gore rescue effort mentioned on Wasington

newsmax - shame: onLy 25 nations offer heLp to US

Sweeeetttt JeeeBussssss!!!!!!

I want to say thanks to all the countries who offered aid to my country.

New Bumper Sticker

Bill O - "You sound a little bitter, Shep"

It's not just Bush!!!

The only color george cares about is Green

What if a second hurricane hits the US this month ?

Some Heartfelt Advice To George Bush (From A Freeper)! Listen Up George!

Harry Connick Jr.

NBC is auctioning off a guitar as part of the Concert for Hurricane Relief

Way to go Kanye West! You are my hero!

*Newsflash* Bill O'Leilly is a stupid fucking tool...*developing*

Truck driver on ABC news says he filled his truck with water

I've had Faux on for 5 whole minutes and haven't changed the channel

Blanco asks for quick return of National Guard in Iraq

In the event you were all wondering what the BFEE was going to use

jeezus fucking christ...turn up BBC WORLD NOW!

1 in 5 evacuees have no shoes, per CNN

WSJ: Damage to Oil and Gas Facilities Pushes U.S. Closer to Energy Crisis

Oprah Winfrey: We need you to step up to the plate. Now.

Shep Smith: "They've locked them in the Convention Center"

So is the ARUBA Invasion by the Media over now?


Our country needs a leader -- it is coming apart at the seams...

Did anyone just catch Geraldo on Fox?

So, were cameras allowed into the Superdome at any point?

OMG Kanye West just went off script

While They Were Suffering --PIX->>>

What is the common thread between 9/11, the Iraqi war, and the loss of .

'The tragic, failed Bush presidency'.

Shrubs Legacy, will be his punishment, besides self-loathing, whats ours?

Allen Toussaint at Superdome , Irma Thomas missing

Geraldo and Shep are not losing it...

White Folk Gone Wild! Aussies Loot to Survive- Chris Floyd

I'll say it again and Dems need to drive it home - Bush was bashing Cindy

The indignity is just beginning.

LynneSin is manning some of the phone banks for the telethon and said

If relief was delayed for *'s visit, how many people died as a result?

This Is The Result We Get From Bush Privatizing Fema

Someone slap Larry King!

Bungie Studios (of Halo fame) Pitches In: Fight the Flood

I dare Hermaprhodite Hannity to do a show from NO now.

If we weren't fighting an illegal war - troops would have been

How far down on the succession list is the first Dem?

Screw Bush.....Screw Trent Lott

OHMYGOD! On Rita Cosby show just now ... she asked Col. Gomez

Haliburton KBR get Katrina Cleanup Contract

RW slogan - Fix the Economy Kill the Poor.

We should collect stories, images and videos of the horror in New Orleans

What is going on right now in NO??

Jerry Lewis telethon this weekend: should the focus change...

Question for the Thermal Polymerization experts here...

Al Gore needs to hire every last journalist who was on the ground in NO

Okay, I'm back - interview wrapped up

The GWB administration will be identified/defined in history by

NO scanner feeds?


We're back to the 60's and 70's children. For those of us old enough

Ask the thousands still locked in the Convention Center

Oops--delete. Double posted.

For the RWers you know: What if the levee was blown up by terrorists?

"no one couLd have predicted" thread

Shep. Smith (on edit) fantastic job on what I heard - didn't hear all.

Did I miss something? An official declaration of some type?

"in this part of the World"

The Left Has Been Right All Along

Jesse Jackson CNN NOW n/t


is there anyway to send money to the Red Cross w/ paypal? NT

Criticism of Bush mounts as more than 10,000 feared dead

No federal recall?

BBC World News report far more raw in its report

"It's about survival, stupid!"

Where was the Mission Accomplished banner...

Kanye West: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Did yall know that little Sarah Spell has been found, is fine?

There are almost 100 buses sitting outside of the convention center

Where is William Lokey?

freepers might try and vandalize Kanye's wikipedia page

What Would You Do for Money?

This is fucking CREEPY!!!

9.11 was 4 years ago, how much better are we able to handle disasters?

Does anyone remember that Bush declared Florida a disaster area

So, how long do you think it will be before they come out and

Here is the game. White Repub Governors good. Black Dem Mayor bad.


Matt Lauer is shilling for Bush - again

'It reminds me of Baghdad in the worst of times'

This is no longer a Post 9-11 America. This is a Post Katrina America.

Tonight, *colmes* gets more air time than HANNITY. Hmmmm.

A good book that may help to put this tragedy in perspective...

We heard you Jesse but two white people think Bush cares about blacks

Sheperd Smith on Fox is having a breakdown

Bush bears ALL blame for ALL deaths on Wed, Thurs, Fri, Saturday, Sunday

I wonder if Curious George has had his baff, put on his footie jammies...

If there is a God he certainly works in mysterious ways...

Shepard Smith was LIVID on Bill O'Reilly tonight.

Fox's O'Lielly's blaming Gov. Blanco.

Where do the 2nd wave of refugees go?

Has anyone seen or heard Jeanne Meserve on CNN the last couple of days?

"George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Deion wants all pros to donate $1K to Katrina relief

For anyone that missed it. "Cafferty Goes Off on the Administration"

A Foreigner's feeling about New Orleans

It's 10 P.M. Do you think Karl has tucked George in for the night?

PBS' NOW is doing a FULL report which is NewOrleans wetlands, etc.

Katrina is the anti-911

Anyone in or around Lafayette want to help out tomorrow?

Why I'll never be locked in a convention center

MSGOP Shilling for King George

Does NOLA Still Have a Naval Base?

deleted (found info)

OK, I've calmed down now. What do we do with Nancy Pelosi ?

Is there any comprehensive timeline Katrina thread with links?

It's just as bad if Bush waited for the supply trucks or had the ...

How bad would ASStert be as pres?

So what happened with the mayor today?

Sky New Uk/CNN

NO Drowns, Condie Buys "NEW SHOES" New Cartoon at Grand Theft Ohio

The Reason They Call Them Refugees Is So We Can Now Have Refugee Camps.

1000 NG just now in NOLA?????

Two Americas evident in the South

Did help come late because of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878?

The greatest Bush bumbling of the day

AP (tomorrow): Katrina-A Walk Through Hell

Angry reporters...but, did they expose the big thing

If I hear it's hard work, or they're working hard, one more time,

Seriously- what was up with Rachel Maddow this morning?

Shep and Geraldo both melting down on H&C show

Proverbs 6:30

Listen to Mike Malloy >>

Corporate media's on the 'beating down bush' bandwagon

Watching the NBC telethon. If Harry Chapin were alive, he'd be ripping *

ahh...Foxnews on to next movement in symphony. cheerlead, Greta

The President JUST signed the 10.5 billion relief bill....

Where is Brian Williams reporting from NO and Dick Cheney in Saudi Arabia

ABC: 20/20: This is the Anatomy of a Disgrace.

Local Radio saying that people expect too much from the Federal Government

New Orleans is to Fallujah

Will we ever know how many died from Katrina/Bushtrina?

Anybody watching Aaron Brown?

I'm SO SICK of watching Bush kissing and hugging those girls!

Bush in a tie signing $10.5Billion? 4 days and 15 hours later.

notice reporters on ground like Scarborough, Geraldo, Anderson cooper

Bursting Point: Brooks, Oliphant, Page in best discussion of the events

Misleader disapproval poll sure vanished quickly from CNN....


Could someone put together a composite of photos of Bush playing golf

If All You Have is a Hammer Everything Looks Like a Nail: FALLUJA-NOLA

Charity Scarborough is pushing: Christian Ministries. Legit?

Another Bush & Co. Flip/Flop: "I'm not looking forward to this trip,"

Do you feel safer now?

New Orleans survived Katrina. The City was KILLED by Republicans!

How Many Saw the Brooks, Oliphant and Paige interview on PBS?

"critical infrastructure assessment" mentioned at McKinney hearing 7/22

how much did the gov't pay the 9/11 families?

I have been gone most of the day so I haven't watched TV, just couldn't

Katrina--America's Wake-Up Call

"In this part of the world"

Where is Bush* drinking tonight?

refugees locked in Superdome/Convention Center

A quick ethics test....

Bush declares war on Hurricanes & Flooding!

Forged documents. Invisible terrorists. False attacks. Lies & deceit.

1886 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Everybody saw Kanye West, right? That dude kicks f**kin' ass!

Open letter from Michael Moore to Mr. Bush

Can't let reality intrude on fantasy world, courtesy FR

Appealing to the UN and/or ICC? Where is the ACLU?

Bobby Jindal defending Shrub....

Now YOU can profit from the OIL crisis too!

Just thinking. What a legacy!

Kind of makes u miss the days when * only sat on his ass for 7 minutes

Is there a UN hotline for crimes against humanity etc.?

Bu$h Ministry of Silly Walks

My sister (she works for homeland security/GEMA) comments from inside

Rachel Maddow will be substituting on Majority Report

Dear Democratic Party, screw unacceptable give me criminal

Anderson Cooper on Bill Maher tonight live

This is what happens when you have an incurious, ignorant,

DNC: Federal Response to Katrina Unacceptable

Hats off to DU er Growlypants

Commentary: It's About People, Not Politics

Why Cheney is not dead, IMHO

'Only' 2% were affected, what's all the ruckus about?

Don't let them pull off the big switcheroo!!!

Did you see the video of Bush huggin' and kissin' those colored girls?

Talk Radio from New Orleans...


Does * really think that photo ops of him kissing black kids

NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!

Where is the Christianity?!?!?

United Broadcasters Of New Orleans

There is video of Kanye West up now.

Did Nagin put those hotel tourists at the front of the line?

Aaron Brown: my previous title was perhaps premature.

Bush Coordinates Bible Drop For Hurricane Katrina Victims

We Will Rebuild A Shining New Shangrila Where The Gulf Coast Once Stood!

rant to my mother -- am i going insane

Is this worse than Clinton getting a BJ?

Just up the road today, not far either, busload of refugees turns

Guess they cut me out of the PBS BBC News broadcast.... oh well

Daley 'shocked' at federal snub of offers to help

dupe sorry

For those in this country that are finally waking up

I am going to bed. When I wake up tomorrow I want to hear that

A couple walked across the bridge

The "new homeless" present a HUGE problem to the admin

Is there a UN hotline for crimes against humanity?

Fox rerunning O'Reilly

psst... M$MWs they have been out there for 5 fucking days!!!

Good God Do our Tax $$ Pay For This SHIT?

Did bush really play golf today?

Of Course People Live Along Our Coastlines

Kanye West Video!

Nero fiddled; Patrick putts

Clinton would have attacked Hastert

So How Will Bush Be seen in the Polls Next Week???

Will the crisis in NO have the effect of improving our infrastructure?


A letter to Houston Chronicle on "Renegade Refugees"

Anderson Cooper provides explanation for why he is there but the gov. isnt

veterans and activists of Camp Casey are in LA feeding people!! please

FOX NEWS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am convinced that the "snipers" were just people shooting guns

Is There A Download Of Mayor Nagin's Interview On WWL ???

GEORGE CLOONEY has slammed modern broadcast journalism.

Maybe we got our press corp back. Maher to Anderson Cooper.

BBC WORLD NEWS on now in Chicago - cable ch 20

Anyone watching Aaron Brown?

So last week somone posted a Maher link

What can I say? Our President is full of shit.

o'reilly is the only talking head I've seen who

refugees locked in Superdome/Convention Center

Boy...they sure yanked Shep and Geraldo off faux in a hurry...

Camp Casey Veterans for Peace in LA - need your help

What is going on at the collieseum? Why are they not letting anyone out?

Oh what a piece of shit..caption this photo..(puke alert)

Fox will probably have to fire Shepard Smith after this week

Is Jabbar Gibson the new Rosa Parks?

The penalty in a national emergency for being poor is

"The moral mandate to achieve success exerts pressure...

CROOKS & LIARS: Shep & Geraldo Video online now!

Scarborough going off on MSNBC. He is VERY pissed!

There needs to be a fucking amendment to the Constitution that says

Aaron Brown made a point he didn't even recognize, it is critical -

WHO was it that mentioned "privatizing" resuce operations?

If Shepard Smith isn't lying the NOLA mayor is as corrupt as Idiot Son

Tucker on MSNBC--Possibly thousands dead in poorest Biloxi

Is It A Good Time To Pull Osama

Gen'l told troops to hold weapons point down so it doesn't look like Iraq.

Louisiana Catastophic Hurricane Planning Workshop 2004

AARRRGGGHH!!! bush said "I'm pleased to report the Convention Center is

I hated Bush before it was cool


WDSU reporting that had levees been reinforced it would not have mattered.

Conde Rice goint to Alabama

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: EarlG's interview with BBCWorld

Update on the 2 little Muslim girls who died in a fire from my town

Looks like Koppel is covering the race and class issue now

stephen colbert on letterman tonight

John Kerry and John Edwards

Bush is the monster, and the media was Dr. Frankenstein

anyone been to Freeperland tonight? What the buzz? I don't...

"This doesn't feel like Modern Times"

Maher: Bush said "we will succeed" but THEY'VE ALREADY FAILED

Are all AAR shows going to play the Nagin interview. I have

did you catch this bush exchange in biLoxi?

Mr.bush "won't forget what (he's) seen", goody for him

What did Mayor Nagin say to Bush on the Copter today?

On Malloy now: Red Cross was ORDERED to stay out of the area

The Lake George Disaster of 2005--Gotta Love It

I don't get to go, but I get to help

From Michael Moore's webpage

Louisiana begged Bush for help on the 28th

Steve Gilliard says to Bushbots - We Told You So - Is he a little pissed?

Dowd calls FEMA chief "BLITHERING IDIOT" in the New York Times

What is with Aaron Brown on CNN?

Private (for profit) hospitals released their private insured patients

It's time for a mutiny. Who will be our Mr. Christian?

Want to know what's really happing in New Orleans right this second? Read:

They MUST demonize them.

We are not alone....

BTO said it best . . . riots? frustration? pain? revolt?

Fox Reports: NG not allowing people to leave Convention Center

Pics and Journal from New Orleans from bloggers on site

Could some cruise ships pick up people? They are set up hundreds of people

Bill Maher and guests totally rocked tonight!

Here's what needs to happen now

I have a great idea for those who buy lunch

A little good news out there tonight from Corporate America

Need video of Idiot Son photo op where he turned the victims to the camera

Is this the beginning of the end of the US?

SHould I host???

The media is different now because Pentagon hasn't been controlling access

Red Cross ordered out of NO but Red Cross chief on CNN praising Idiot Son?

Geraldo and Sheppard Yelling at Sean Hannity

humiliating *and* enlightening

It's almost 9/11... What do you think the rethugs are going to do?

FEMA still urging patience...

Powerful pic

George W. Bush is the grim reaper. There is no doubt about it,

NO flood waters have been named: "Lake George"

I must express my gratitude to CNN for being willing to finally ask,...

The big disconnect on New Orleans/CNN

Is there a strategy by FAT FUCK ROVE already in operation in NOLA?

New Orleans should be temporarily named "Heart of Darkness"

Bush has failed in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Mexico. What Gulf will

A Great African American Community In The World Has Been Destroyed

Has anyone heard if Charity Hospital has been evacuated yet?

Kanye, Its not black people * doesn't care about, its POOR people



Could Katrina have possibly saved us from something worse ?

Does anyone have the quote about child rape in Abu Graib?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Group Therapy

WE are United, IMPEACH BUSH!!!!

I hope some intrepid reporter...

I was just posting a reply to the thread below and had trouble

Computer Activism: Community Internet Under Attack

Info on Lacombe from my friend for any NOLA evacuees

shep smith on H&C NOW!

Something just occurred to me...

Aruba Greta: "Texas is great for being nice to the colored people"

THIS is how democracy dies...

FLASHBACK: The levees broke last Monday MORNING, a good 48+ hours before..

This is not IRAQ......Keep those cameras on everything !!!!!

For Those Who May Have Missed It (JOHN EDWARDS)

My God...BBC is showing things the MSM haven't shown

they are feeding people mcdonald's hamburgers

TED KOPEL YOU SOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NBC EDITED Kanye West remarks for west coast viewing

I'll Ask It Again to Keep the Question Alive: Where is Dick Cheney?

Almost got kicked out of my RW mom's house for anti-bush rant

Smith and Rivera video - Death and suffering have touched them

Nancy Grace ...... (yea her, I know)

Why does the New Orleans nonresponse remind me of 9/11 ?

BILL MAHER on in 3 min

I AM AN AMERICAN (caution: EXTREME rant)

FEMA website: send money to Operation Assassination, I mean, Blessing

Save all the info reported from the last 5-6 days now!

If we can equip, house, and feed an army in a foreign country , why

Rice is a disgrace to Black America

Would the response be different if the people dying were white and rich?

Where'd the people outside the superdome get flags?

Tucker: Injecting race into this story

After all this can America finally acknowledge "I am my brother's keeper"?

Could it be that there aren't enough troops to help?

ho hum . . . yawn . . . just another day in the "end times"

What the hell is going on?

Kanye West: "Bush doesn't care about black people" video link

Is There Such a Crime as Negligent Genocide?

This is genocide! Why are 30,000 people still in the convention center!?!

I think Kanye West just went off script

Let's try to figure this OUT!

AMAZON.COM account for Red Cross donations: already over $4 MILLION given

$4.09 for Premium in Westchester, NY

Are others talking to people who just don't want to hear about it?


9/2/05 Scanner thread PM 2

Kanye West on NBC: "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People."

My post about racism last night was wrong.

Where are the 40, 000 troops?

Rita Cosby was making me sick tonight...

When FOX tells the truth, it's time for the Democrats to speak out

Friday in New Orleans Louisiana ---pix->>>

Repuke scum spin debunked ::::: LA begged for help on SUNDAY.

Geraldo on FOX losing it...crying NOW

News from Green Party members and anti-war activists on ground in NOLA...

WOW, I was at friends and Faux was on.


30,000 People still trapped at convention center!

MoDo: "United States of Shame"

I just watched ABC's 20/20 report on Katrina's impact on ......

Convention Center People: "Spoiled and Whiney"

Don't you hate it when someone attacks you personally over something

If I were GWB......

WTF? the DHS is not letting the Red Cross into New Orleans?

National Guard has arrived. No more pictures of dead bodies allowed

looking for black ops in NOLA link -- mods please don't delete

Scientific American 2001 Article

Great Maher quote from tonight

The Full KANYE WEST speech Text. THANKS TIVO

A bit of advice: Ignore orders from emergency officials in an emergency

They better not arrest this kid

Paula Zahn reporting Fidel Castro has offered doctors and more ...

"I'm tired of the Congressional Black Caucus doing the heavy lifting of

WI being affected by back up barges in Mississippi (no commerace_

How about we Organize a Physical Effort to help?

Horrific & Barbaric Week Wrought by and DELIBERATE neoCON FAILURE - LINK

"Red Cross NEVER allowed into New Orleans."

This is why they won't let the aid in

A moment to thank DU, Skinner, EarlG, Elad and all the Mods

Can someone explain about these diseases people will get?

Wow. Sharpton just kicked the shit out of Tucker.

Video of Shep/Geraldo on H&C at

Should New Orleans be rebuilt?

PROOF that La Gov Blanco begged for aid on Sun, 8/28...Aravosis

Very telling the top African Americans under Bush aren't saying much.

Six attitudes that show why the US should be disappointed in itself now

They found Jaimee. Thank you, DU, Jesus, and Salvation Army.

Rice is headed to NO

That's sooooo PRE-KATRINA

How can one volunteer to take in a displace family

FEMA Early 2001-"Hurricane in NOLA 1 of 3 Most Likely Disasters in U.S."

Had a bad experience with a RWinger today. I'm upset.

Here's my list of things that SHOULD have been done in New Orleans

You don't need a weatherman........

They could evacuate the rich people from the big Hotels

Propoganda alert on front Yahoo page. UNREAL!

Hey fundies? THIS is persecution.

Ten Percenters Check In thread, WE ARE VINDICATED!!!!

so this guy borrows a bus, see...

Good Question: How much more can YOU take?

People at my local watering hole were openly mocking Bush today

Emotional reflections on NO by Andre Codrescieu.

What Bush Accomplished Today.

Here's how Bush "comforts" the disaster victims

The ANIMALS need help too: Here are a few URLs to give to:

Raw: July 2005 article reveals New Orleans told poor: 'You're on your own'

Fox News in Melt Down

Jabbar Gibson National Hero! Stole A Bus And Saved 70! LETS ROLL!!!

We should do a media blast to let the Red Cross into New Orleans!

Camp Casey II moves to Camp Casey Covington

http:/ / 0,1096,0_682_4524,00. html#4524

Rumsfeld on looting in Iraq: 'Stuff happens'

Did we ever find BOSSHOG or the other missing DUers??

Louisiana sent letter begging Bush for help on 28th (Debunks critics)

I've never been a big fan of Texas.

John Kerry and John Edwards

Bad news on the oil front - 20-25% US energy suppy gone - for quite awhile

*** this. No seriously, **** it.

Why didn't the New Orleans city government have a plan?

Was it worth it?

LA Dem Staffer looking for help for LA displaced...

Didn't Mike Malloy just say that photo op was a fake? He said Aaron Brown

Tulane Medical Center FINALLY evacuated!

Special Report: Hurricane Katrina Damage Assessment

Kanye West on NBC: "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People."

The Full KANYE WEST speech Text. THANKS TIVO

American Muslims Open Convention (with a speech by Karen Hughes)

Bulgaria Begins Plans for Iraq Pullout

Fox Reports: NG not allowing people to leave Convention Center

Raw: July 2005 article reveals New Orleans told poor: 'You're on your own'

(Palm Beach) County workers shift to 4-day week to conserve gas

Forecast: Hurricane Season Far From Over

Halliburton 's gonna profit from Katrina

France Promises Aid to Households Over Oil Price-(PM Says "Post Oil Era")

Kanye West Slams Bush In Live Telethon

Scientist Opposed to Atomic Arms Dies at 96 (Resigned Manhattan Project)

Jesse Jackson hits out at Bush, suggests race behind New Orleans' plight

U.S. Has Agreed Not to Prosecute Undocumented Migrants Affected by Katrina

"I'm afraid I would have assaulted him." Bill Clinton re: Dennis Hastert

Pentagon Investigator Resigns Amid Ethics Inquiry

Estonian troops relish Iraqi patrols

Promises by Bush Amid the Tears

Annan Offers Bush U.N. Disaster Guidance (ahahaha)

Dallas seeks housing help, finds little (FEMA **not** helping)

New Orleans Mayor Calm After Talk With Bush

Frustrations voiced on tube (Timing of Bush photo-op questioned)

5,000 U.S. and Iraqi Troops Sweep Into City of Tall Afar

Not yet time to intervene in impeachment, says SC

Critics Say Bush Undercut New Orleans Flood Control

Bob Dole Issues Jailed Reporter's (Judith Miller) Plea

Landrieu Presses Bush for Aide Coordinator

NBC Responds To Kanye West's Comments On Hurricane Telethon

Daley 'shocked' at federal snub of offers to help

Murder and mayhem in New Orleans' miserable shelter

Horrible scenes at New Orleans airport

Tulane University cancels fall semester

Fears For ... Alex Chilton (lead singer of the Box Tops and Big Star)

Slow response bewilders former FEMA officials (simulated hurricane drill)

WP: Oil Firms Turn Katrina Into Profits, (Sen) Clinton Says

Celine to the rescue

Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana

Hey, we're back to level 2.

Check Your Sources...I Need Help..!

I will projectile vomit if I see any Bush on my TV, even the Bush bean guy


So, can you rename sites?

Meet New Orleans' new mascot: Mr. Bill!

OMG!! Did you hear what Kayne West said on the NBC concert?

Obligatory 'I'm returning after a month away' thread.

Hey, I'm looking for females to share a room in DC 9/23 & 9/24.

Will Rita be covering the Aruba thingy this week?? Or could we

Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert on VH1, MTV and CMT 9/10

Exodus- Best Earworm EVER!

I never saw this in any King Arthur movie...

You know what's sweet?

Freepers cheer rollback of $.07 cent gas tax in Georgia

That little boy and Snowball

Cats in sinks

Mike Malloy link

I don't think I will ever be able to wrap my mind around this

It's truly a multi-Martini kind of night

It's the "Let's slander DS1 for causing Katrina and/or damage" thread!

What happened to the cruise ship folks who got dropped in NO?

Damn librul entertainers I'm fairly drunk now.

I do have BILE!

Scarborough going off on Bush!

I do have cholecystokinen!

I DO have Uzbekistan!

I DO have Gall!

obligatory derogatory suppository thread

I spent #2.99/gal yesterday. Tonight they dropped it to $2.79!!!!!

Anyone know anything about downtown Denver? (any DUers there?)

Wireless Internet

I DON'T have Gallstones!

Johnny Cash/Bridge Over Troubled Water...Red Cross Appeal on

I have found an outlet for my hate and anger

Why was Chimpy waving at cameras during the morning visit?

I DON'T Have Stones!

Listening to Billy Bragg & Wilco (Guthrie tunes) is calming me down.

Quick question - does this link go to the Amazon donation page for you?

AMAZON.COM account for Red Cross donations: over $4.5 MILLION given so far


****3,000 Posts!! WOOOT!!!****

My psych prescribed zoloft to me and I'm on strattera...

How come they didn't bring Carter in on this?

What the hell is a "show runner"? ala The Simpsons


I'm raiding the fridge. Anybody want anything?

A's-11 Yankees-0 4th inning

Friday Night Humor Break: The White House

Amazing, isn't it? Everything the press needs to know

I'm drunk. Had my last day of work today.

Anyone find "Snowball" at the Super Dome? Yesterday there was a report


Old Wedding Custom Angers Police

Funny: Gasoline Video

Paranoia: An intellectual focus on the social aspects of life.

Is that Fu-- I mean Tucker? WTF is he doing there?

Radiohead's Hail to the Thief...listening, seems all too appropriate.

Obligatory "I'm still here for the month" thread

Bush attempts to reconcile with his peeps.. (UK humour)

NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!

What "ethnic" food do you eat that isn't really ethnic?

Inbred Welsh Squirrels Need New Blood

Does your mouse have a scroll wheel?

Grim benefit: No copycat threads!

Who's watching Bill Maher tonight it's on soon?

Ok, FYI, shots of Crown Royal Whiskey are a bad idea.

Does your wife have a screech mole?

Malloy's on fine form tonight.

You load 15 gallons, what do you get?


Indeed. Let's get drunk!

Is MSNBC equally as bad as FOX?

Just curious: Has Letterman had anything to say about Katrina??

The Red Cross was not allowed in NO after the storm

here's a new bumper sticker for us...

So, I am going to be away from DU for about a week.

I am drunk, angry, and feeling impotent....

YAY! I got my DU bumper sticker today!

MY HUSBAND JUST PAID $3.00 a gallon of gas this afternoon right here in

Thank god I had food for my baby tonight.

merh called. She's having a bad hair day. Apparently she's out of

On a lighter note: Photos from the 4-H Sheep Lead tonight:

Goddammit, I hate freepers

So I heard Kayne West dropped a bombshell

How do I use this damn cigarette roller?

Hey kids! I'm gone for the weekend.

Which photo do you like better? (If you fear bugs, DO NOT LOOK)

What was Bush's golf handicap

Anyone find "Snowball" at the Super Dome? Yesterday there was a report

My post about racism last night was wrong.

how's the Lounge? have there been any pic threads LateLy?

Thank god I had a baby for food tonight

Pub regulars baffled by bizarre bug

Hello, I'm Sasquatch, and this is DU Lounge news


how's the Lounge? have there been any pity threads LateLy?

British Author Thread!

A quick ethics test...

Please help..LA Democrat needs help for hurricane victims

obligatory obligatory thread...

Dark and Difficult Times

Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks is playing on TNT right now.

OK, I think my sister has completely lost her mind!

Did you feel embarrassed for someone when they spell...

Reform Jewish Movement Suggest Questions for Judge Roberts ..

Please read: Lesbian/Gay groups unite to assist LGBT youth and families

The University of Alabama And Its Fans Are First Class

Civil war.

Too strong for GD?

Can I ask a serious question?

If this had happened last year during the middle of the campaign

I've never been attacked

Hey, this post in GDP is for you guys too!

Kudos to....

John Kerry ascends the stage, wearing nothing but blue body paint...

Friday night after a horrible week picture thread.

Bridal Veil Falls (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Anger, Eloquence Mark Disaster Coverage

Anyone watching the NBC telethon?

One other amusing moment on a Keithless night:

Bumper Sticker idea - New Orleans - Iraq

major oil spill on the Mississippi River

Landrieu Presses Bush for Aide Coordinator

How different things would have been; 15 years ago this month...

If only we could broadcast CNN/MSNBC to the folks still stuck

BREAKING: Despite Katrina, Frist Will Call Vote on Estate Tax Repeal

Is it about race, or is it partisan politics (Blanco vs. Barbour)?

Why did Bush wait? So things would be "JUST SO".

Aug 1, 2005: National Guard Wants Equipment to Come Back From Iraq

Hannity "there is a little bit of a distribution issue"

GOP's Nightmare Government in Action


Repuke SPIN meisters on every channel....

McLaughlin Group on PBS discussing shrub's ineptitude

A Colossal Failure of Leadership - Clift

This is Worse Than the Russians

Some asshole republican Congressman on Larry King blaming Gov Blanco

I think that David Brooks is about to come over to our side...

Geraldo "It's like Willowbrook in there"-

Some MORON on Scarborough/MSNBC...

Any Updates on Overpass People?

Fox back script in 48 hours. Watch and see how good Rove is.

Nagin is not guiltless...

On BBC 10:00pm News tonight they interviewed a delusional Bush fan...

Malloy on right now....Listen up n/t

Bush's "Kursk"

I'm sorry, but aren't the Red States get pummled?

Jesse Jackson hits out at Bush, suggests race behind New Orleans' plight

"It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature."

A Concert For Hurricane Relief is on NBC now here, and is really

Task Force Katrina appears not to have been ordered to stand up

Bush would have acted sooner in an election year.

spreading plague? can someone with medical knowledge help me here?

Lieberman and Susan Collins call for Bipartisan Investigation

Attention, FEMA head Michael Brown.-- A rant from a blonde white chick

Let's Make Up Some Conservative Soundbites

GWB "The people of New Orleans have to understand..."

Let's let off some steam...."W" = ...?

It's disturbing that the people on TV acting shocked at Bush's response

We need a new WPA program for the refugees.

Your place or mine?

Oh Good,Bush will "delegate" who rebuilds New Orleans....

Now that Bush let "things get out of control in NO" - now he can demand

Someone told me today..

What are the Freepers...

Halliburton hired for storm cleanup (Not a joke!)

Trent Lott's house? Are you fucking kidding me?

Finally Fed Up!

Aaron Neville on right now on MSNBC...Amazing Grace! n/t

Live talk radio from New Orleans...

The Horror Show

9-11 Hearing on CSpan2 right now

I got your sympathy right here...'Mike' - no middle intial - Chertoff"...

NO's Mayor Nagin's radio interview - worth a listen !!

New Orleans SURVIVED Katrina. The City was KILLED by REPUBLICANS!!!

When idiot son left New Orleans, where did he go?

REMEMBER, FOLKS--next week, the GOP will PASS the

My post about the Cooper/Landrieu interview....I regret I posted it.

Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?

I think it's clear the Department of Homeland Security is totally useless.

"George Bush doesn't care about black people" - Kayne West

Kanye West..."George Bush doesn't care about black people..."

I love you people. Now let's get to work

Today was a very good day for George W. Bush


Maureen Dowd says Andy Card is vacationing in Maine!

I'm starting to really like Mayor Nagin - seems to be a very strong leader

Eye-Witness account from N.O. - Long

Any reporter: ask DOD when was Task Force Katrina initiated? when

Louisiana sent letter begging for help on 28th

just sayin': American Red Cross chief is a BIGTIME gop hack

Anyone who thinks the delay in aid WASN'T prompted by views on poverty...

Romney Fears Backlash From Religious Right

Article from Salon about how geology contributed to the NO catastrophe.

Now I'm pointing a finger at poor national democratic leadership as well.

Louisiana sent letter begging Bush for help on 28th

Fear of anarchy has now spread to all the Southern States. Victims

FEMA, a brief review of its powers

Experts: Focus on terrorism delays FEMA response to Katrina -KR

Halliburton hired for storm cleanup

Grim numbers / Poverty continues to grow in Bush's America

Gasoline uproar meets muted reply, WH dismisses cap on gas prices

I just read a wonderful opinion piece by Helen Thomas that I really

Asia Times: Opium gold unites US friends and foes

AP Offers Satellite Image of New Orleans

Guardian: Why did help take so long to arrive?

AlterNet: Ending the Impunity of the Bush White House

Blaming Bush: Guardian Lead Article

In blame game, all roads lead back to Washington - Toronto Star

NYT Editorial: Katrina's Assault on Washington

Bush's Spreading of Fear Will Soon Backfire

NY Daily News: Shame of a Nation

Fayyad Calls for Yes Vote on Constitution Muqtada Praises Resistance


City Journal: Will New Orleans Recover?

Varying views of the Bush regime on looting, compiled by Lori Price

A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Ken Schram: It's About People, Not Politics

Shock, disbelief and anger: Europe reacts to US hurricane disaster

John "Cockroach" Tierny: Ben Franklin Had the Right Idea for New Orleans

Newscasters, sick of official lies and stonewalling,finally start snarling

FEMA's Transformation...From Beaurocratic to Phoenix Back to Ashes...

N. (San Diego) Co. Times: Send oil refiners' windfall to Katrina victims

Newsview: Rhetoric Not Matching Reality

Your city, full of people, is next.

George Bush's Twisted Logic

Discussion Group needs you!

Electronic Harassment: A Real Threat

Molly Ivins about New Orleans

Betty Bowers

Katrina according to Fox

Who Destroyed FEMA?

Frankenstein's Monster Is On the Loose


It is Time for the President to Step Down AND Face Justice

They deserve what they got....

"Dangerous Incompetence" -- article by Cindy Sheehan

stratfor: New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize

Anne Rice: Do You Know What it Means to Lose N.O. ?

N.O. Times-Picayune on what went wrong in the relief effort

GOP Rushes Aid to Millionaires as Gulf Coast Struggles

Help save the Artic wildlife Refuge.

Help with media blaster

4,000 victims of Katrina are being sent to toxic waste dump

How to cope with high energy heating bills this winter

Why do we keep referring to ourselves as the "richest nation on earth?"

The Hummer H2 Fuel Tank holds 32 gallons. It gets 9.6 mpg.

BBC (Saturday): Hamas unmasks its top commanders

Sudden Response 05

Woman witness of WTC collapse claiming to have seen an explosion

Great Wasserman Fitrakis Article!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 9/3/05

Rove engages in Voter Fraud??? WP has the scoop!!

Invisible Ballots

What if this same scenario played out with a California earthquake?

CCC going to NOLA

Interested in a clothing drive for Katrina?

Frank Sontag 95.5 FM Sunday night/Monday morning

Perspective 2M Katrina homeless MN share 40,000

Steve Kelley op-ed piece

Please come to the Capitol at Noon today! Bring Them Home Now!

MN to host 3,000 to 5,000 people who lost their homes to hurricane

Networking question

So why hasn't there been any Hackett/DeWine polling?

If you're in NE Ohio and can't get to DC on 9/24

what does the Tony Burger ctr need???

Austin for Breckenridge hospital...

"An inalienable right to profit off tragedy"?

anarchy1999: HELP DU'ers, if you are any where near the area of Crawford

Here's some Katrina relief agencies in Houston

Rove says he lives in Kerr County.. residents say otherwise

Help this person who is helping the victims in Houston

I have a camper truck to drive to Houston & donate for housing/transport.

Houston be so very, very proud of your city and its people

I know we're all busy, but if you have a few minutes....

San Antonio Residents: How We Can Help (extensive list)

Hey gas is down 20 cents

Powerful from We Will Not Be Silenced !

"JP's (Jefferson Parish) Maestri said FEMA didn't keep its word"

Dick Cheney: Not even in America...

*****An e-mail a day will make Bush & co. PAY!!!*****


Why was the following message from Slit Skirt removed?

News and Views on New Orleans:

Laboratories working with some of the most infectious diseases,New Orleans

We should give New Orleans to the Oil Companies ....

Photo Op regarding Reagan and Bush!

If I have to see one more clip of Bush strolling down

WDSU News in New Orleans

Nero Bush


Are individual reporters defying their Corporate Media masters?

Where did Bush find those two victims? Obvious setup!

Will we hold our own accountable too?


This is one righteous rant from Steve Gilliard!

Aaron Brown (CNN) interviewed the two black women hugged...

1st person at DU to point out that poor people should have been evacuated

Bush is DEPRAVED. I'm going to bed. Good NIGHT.

CNN pulling American Correspondents for International WAR correspondents?

Bush should have had a banjo player tour

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyone notice everything the Fed gov't said on TV this week was a lie?

My current NOLA Fantasy...

I thought I'd seen the worst. Now I know I have.

The Bible says that Bush is going to hell.

Would you find a Jew supporting the Nazis?

"Kind of Reminds Me of Baghdad In the Worst of Times"

Why no democratic leadership statement on NO?

Small miracles, I just heard from a friend from NO who has been missing.

7000 prisoners rioted in Orleans parish prison

Videos I clipped from today-all of them listed here

Resign now, and we'll let you off with prison terms....

Katrina...I have a couple of questions?

LMAO with Faux and Geraldo

At what point were flags ordered to half-staff after 9/11?

Thou Shalt Not Criticize The President

Anybody else find the "Help is on the Way" phrase ironic

Republicans kill Americans!

Anyone heard how the cable news ratings have been this week?

I, Walt Starr, hereby proclaim that all flags of PATRIOTIC AMERICANS

So is this right? Red Cross not being allowed into NO + no way out

Was the Red Cross President on Larry king kissing up to Bush?

Can the Anti-War Protest in DC be Made a Bit More...Generic?

Nero: We will offer LOW-INTEREST LOANS to victims

I really want to know if that convoy was delayed for Bush's photo-op.

"I agree the devestion in NO will take more then one days attention."

9/11 response compared to katrina response

dare I say it...but I think we should write Fox to let them know

They want to live so GIVE until it hurts! FUCK YOU!

They are NOT Refugees, they are CITIZENS!

What Do Chickenhawk Freepers Like to Do?

Google Garry Laboratory at Tulane University NO (important)

Can we PLEASE stop calling the survivors "refugees"?

DU this FauxNews Poll

Where is DAN RATHER?

Free Republic's shame is out there for the world to see.

Is Bushco in position to steal something in NO?

Are you listening to WWL?

The Bassier sisters - hurricane survivors or actresses?

It won't be long before Rove orders all reporters out of NOLA

Rev. Al: "Pharoah dwiddled.." ???

UN Fax hotline for crimes against humanity

Rumsfeld on looting in Iraq: 'Stuff happens' 12 April 2003

"Is Pete Fountain OK????"

Is this true or just a rumor?

I just logged on to DU after over 12 hours ... and it just gets WORSE!

Iraq closer to civil war

What happened to all of the prison inmates?

A little hope from Missouri

Houston's NBC affiliate got the message - They are Evacuees, not Refugees

Independent UK: Bush "casual to the point of careless"



Dark thoughts in the middle of the night...

Is New Orleans the 'new city' spoken of by Nostradamus?

"Let Them Go! Let Them Go!" protest ?

So, if Red Cross et al. have been kept out, how have media been getting


This is happens when your Government fails you

Bush without Cheney

WTF? Guardsmen Halt Evacuations at Superdome

Don't let this administration hijack the New Orleans disaster

Here's what we can do FIRST THING IN THE A.M.

Stadium Hurricane Refuge Like a 'Concentration Camp'

Taking bets... Major news outlet op-ed calls for resignation on Sunday.

how do you find out what roads are passable in no

when were those in "attics" last mentioned anywhere?

When was the last time * stood within 500 yards of anyone

Hey all you nations, states, counties, cities etc that are waiting...

All patients and staff evacuated from Charity Hospital?

I say this in all sincerity--what are we going to do???

FEMA has not yet cleared the way for Nat. Fire Service to assist in

Bush and Immortality

I saw some young people wearing Mardi Gras Beads yesterday

I emailed the WH to tell Bush he is a douche-bag. Here is the response:

The height of irony in this loonytunes country -- let's have a parade!

2004 National Geographic: What would happen IF NOLA was hit



AP Offers Satellite Image of New Orleans

Transcript of Kanye West on NBC

WSWS: Europe reacts to US hurricane disaster

How the free market killed new orleans .Interesting article

Text of Presidential Oath?

The Perfect Storm (Chris Floyd)

How do I get rid of snakes?


Timeline Question: NOLA/Schivo

How are we going to survive another 3 1/2 years of George Bush?

The unraveling of bush`s america.Good read

Day 6 And I Am Asking - Have They Decided To Let Everyone Die? Quarantine?

"No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming"

CNN thread

Faux News thread

Non-Cable TV thread

I assume he didn't mean this...

Screw New Orleans, we have Innocents to kill & oil to steal!

Poll from the Sun-Sentinel in Florida:How well do you think the Bush Admin

My theory on *'s stratagy

Racism or classism?

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones just mentioned...

cruise ships don't want 'those people' tearing up their ships

Why isn't * offering the Crawford ranch for the displaced to stay?

Habitat for Hurricane Victims

Here is the Kanye West clip from last night (calling Bush out)

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones on C-Span!

Michael Moore's open letter to Bush

There's NOT enough National Guard...They came for the photo-op and left...

Born Under a Bad Sign

"Real time" so much better when the debate is among liberals

Corporations should be so small that they can be drowned in a bathtub

Will Bush Implement A DRAFT And Blame It On Need Created By KATRINA?


National Guard Sees Parallels to Baghdad

Gov. Blanco Bans Red Cross from New Orleans

I Stand humbled by the people at the Superdome.

Will they spin this successfully enough for Bush to survive?

Out of touch. Out of reality - transcript of Bush's photo op

BushCo didn't cause the hurricane, but they saw in it an opportunity . . .

Isn't anybody starting to say "Enough is Enough" about the Bushites?

I need suggestions please re: donation

Let's say that you're a Bush Administration Watchdog (Laughable, eh?)

about 2 weeks ago, someone posted here about the military

The NO situation is 'empowering' racists

CNN: anchor Nancy Grace on now ... kicking shrub's butt

The terrorist alert is going up again! -- CNN

Senators' phone numbers here:

anyone still listening to the stream from NO

Senator Trent Lott talks tripe - interview on BBC Radio 4 "Today"

The reincarnation of *

bush opens arms to Nagin look at this pic

Raise your hand if you PRESENTLY or in the PAST have lived in New

Google images - No hurricane results.

New Orleans/Katrina Photo links???

Guess whos awarded a contract for storm cleanup!!

Trent Lott is pleased with the Feds response to Katrina

China offers 5 million for hurricane relief

Sponsors Needed For Team Survival To Go To NO

"We Can't Make it Here Anymore" James McMurty

Help finding a picture from earlier.........

Is it getting better in NO and the gulf coast yet?

10,000 troops in Iraq hail from Katrina impact zone

N.O.: Will Diebold be tabulating the bodies?

Katrina victim threatened with arrest for violating curfew

Does your town have a disaster plan?

Are you able to get gas in your town?

Anyone heard from Dr. John?

Congressional Black Caucus streaming on CSPAN--please watch

damn hurricane is taking all the glorious war coverage off the air

bush is not as popular as he used to be is he?

They got Wall Street up and running the Monday after 9-11

My E-mail to Cafferty: Let me know if you see it...

Some pictures from today's Times-Picayune

Blanco is doing all she can under these circumstances....get off her back

FEMA Director's background; anyone have a quick link? Tks. nt

Above all else, we MUST protect the president's IMAGE

Just heard on scanner in New Orleans

I am not George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Welcome to 'You're-On-Your-Ownistan"

If not for the war the hurricane...

The Soldiers from Iraq speak about NOLA

Question for the Thermal Depolymerization experts here...

Why are we not getting any live reports from NO? taking advantage of the misery in the gulf

Is this how Genocide in America is Going to Go Down?

TomPetty : "Feel Like A Refugee"

They are talking about the Draft again.....

Does anyone know if Brit Hume has been buying Futures?

Mayor of NO to Bush, "Go fuck Yourself"


MSNBC thread

White People Fire Guns To Get Rescue Attention. Blacks Are Snipers.


Two children 14 and 7 raped and murdered in the Convention Center.


Put In Some Overtime for Hurricane Katrina Relief. forums are rather anti-*

Parenti's piece in the "free market" debacle, MUST READ!

Questions!! Has the Red Cross

Itís too dog gone late! - A major American city has been sacrificed!

Where is the "National Day of Prayer" or the "Cathedral Service" ?

Ok,folks, food&water not getting to NO people again. Time to mess up

If there is any significant shooting of looters or other flood victims in

The people are looking for a vision...

Need a link

CNN: people living on the streets *OUTSIDE*

We do not see any new copter rescue pics on the tube. Most of

How long will the MSM cover the Hurricane stories? My guess is

"All of this is the sort of scenario we've all been talking about."

Did You EVER Fear For The Country's Survival? Ever In Your Life?

FEMA can be damned fast...when they want to be

Where is that Cheney Satan? I cannot shake off the thought that

The medic ship will arrive in NO NEXT Thursday (left

Mississippi Goddamn (Nina Simone, 1963)

They are not CITIZENS, they are SURVIVORS.

Buses have stopped running again! CNN

Mandatory spending cuts using Katrina as an excuse?

scanner mentioned convention center

Fuel Prices - An Absurd Situation

MSNBC covering Kanye West's comments in some detail

Look at the beautiful robe the King is wearing !

Snipers are BS Stories -- We have Nat Guard in Iraq taking fire DAILY !!!!

About @&^$%* time Racism entered the national dialog!

Shouldn't Bush be at the command post day and night regarding..

Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana

Insurance Industry

A symbolic picture

this is GENOCIDE wee need to contact the UNITED NATIONS for HELP!!!!

Is the Astrodome in Tom Delay's district?

Pierce Brosnan launches broadside at Bush over storm handling.

Who needs homeland security when there's less and less WORTH DEFENDING?! Relief Fund -- Tom Joyner on CNN

Who Believes the Bush Cabal will be IMPEACHED?

The weather underground guy goes off on B* administration

Guardsman Evacuate Refugee's From Superdome

Thanks for the photo op Karl...

Legally - Who is Liable ? - - Aid was stopped at the stateline Day#2

With a government like this, who needs enemies?

Convention ctr = middle passage

Security for hire on eBay (hurricane area)

Add'l info about airlines last Saturday:

'Let them eat cake!'

More questions from todays WP on delays of assistance.

Accessories to crime

more Americans need to understand what it's like to suddenly be homeless

If we all wanted a tipping point regarding the stupidity of Moron*...

what happened to our national attitude of heroism?

How freakin stupid does Bernie Goldberg look right now???

Let them eat cake... better still let the poor die

envoy 1 jackson barracks

Itís too dogawn late! - A major American city has been sacrificed!

The Devastating Impact of Hurricane George

From Kingubu at DailyKos. A most excellent Diary

So what exactly is the purpose of FEMA?? Are they USELESS?

Some pictures of strain and tension

The moron in chief is giving his radio address live.

Just arrived in my email....

Is there film of the 700 Hyatt guest jumping the line to get on the buses?

My wife was watching the news just now..

Idiot Son on TV now: Live radio address from Rose Garden.

They moved guests of the Hyatt to the head of the line: Unbelievable

Telling comment reported on BBC News

There needs to be emergency state & federal legislation

Democrat Senators to investigate hurricane response

guys on the ground are refusing relief....

Tom Joyner: Charity To Help The Families Helping Families

Locate your relatives - International Committee of the Red Cross

Blanco wants LA troops home from Iraq to help out

Bush lying on tv now. . . . n/t

Is there rioting yet? My God, I can see it coming all over the country the

* Craigslist (NO) has Hurricane Katrina section - including jobs*

coming up on CNN -- General Honore

Buses and buses rolling down the street right now

Man this jerk from the Nat'l Review on C-SPAN

It's about time *%#@* cholera entered the national dialogue

Does anyone have information on Laurel, Mississippi?

Check In If YOU Saw Or See Footage Of ANYONE Receiving Food And/OR Water!

"This level of distruction will take more then a days attention." GWB

They must be aware we are listening to the scanners...

Russel L. Honore for president, 2008!

Thnx Elad, DU still running after late night's glitch

Amidst Hurricane Disaster Mehlman Sends Out Mass e-Mail About "Death Tax"

Class action lawsuit by the victims left behind?

pelican talk, jackson barracks

Reasons why cruise ships and naval vessels are not on scene yet


Bush live in the Rose Garden now!

Damn Storm Refugees are takin' all our Jobs!

What do you think Bush's approval ratings will be this week?

Malnourished medical staff at the airport have now become patients.

I betcha Bush quits calling FEMA director Mike Brown, Brownie.

Just a Compassionate Conservetive conserving compassion

Can anyone watch the videos on Crooks and Liars?

Another disgrace: Football fans take precedence over Katrina victims

I was wondering how the troops in Iraq are feeling right now about Katrina

Coast Guard seems to be only gov't agency that can hold it's head up high

Can someone confirm?

What do you think will happen, if any number of flood victims are shot?

cancel mission for light set to convention center...

We have to have a real FEMA, not this one

Irony: This month's AAA Horizons Travel Magazine features New Orleans...

Chicago's offer to send help rejected by Feds

Here's a photo which sums up the entire Bush era --->

Are we prepared for the cover-up that is to come?

State Police out in force for the holiday weekend.....

Photographic proof: Hell Froze Over As Reeps Everywhere WOKE UP!

What's Ann Coulter going to do?

Wow - the earsplitting sound of a Potemkin Village falling apart

Swords into plowshares.... Katrina's other effect.

Is this racism? Or is it because they're Democrats?

HA HA HA Breaking News from CNN

Did * Just say "this Country's just been crippled by the Austin Powers of

general said: "put those guns down and help those people?"

Anyone else notice *'s limited contact with the citizenry yesterday?

MUST READ article about Mitch Daniels/Corps of Engineers

HomeLand Security and thier "red light - green lights" are a FRAUD !

Dallas Police Chief slams refugees headed towards Dallas: "violent"

Will the innoculations last?

He was never "A strong leader" a bullhorn does not a leader make

I caught a few minutes of Michael "Weiner" Savage yesterday.

On open letter to all media and elected officials of the USA

You think there is outrage now? Wait till they do the body count.

Just One Family's Loss

Seems the Feds cracked down on the media over Katrina coverage...

Either people are being quarantined or it's a concentration camp

Baghdad Brown speaking (Mike Brown...FEMA)

FEMA sends Baton Rouge medical supplies for a Chemical Attack

Florida probably has enough snowbird homes to house all of

Dem Response to Radio Address is on Fox right now

Forwarded to me.... Please forward this on.........

FEMA authorized aid for Katrina on August 27th

Bush stalled on 9-11, Bush stalled again after Katrina

General Honore is going to be a big hero after this...

Here's a new safety Rule -Please add yours to the list

Take a good hard look folks...the cancer is becoming terminal...

A theory--people want to believe they are rich, or will be one day

Going to the 9/24 protest in Washington DC

MSNBC just said the buses have stopped going to the Super Dome...

"It's an ill wind that blows no good for Bush"

Anderson Cooper - a man not afraid of the suits

Here's how Bushco has eviscerated FEMA

Did chimp man just say he was sending in the Marines and Airborne?

What's the next thing "no one could have expected" that will happen?

This Is Why We Must Put People With Empathy In Positions of Power

Michael Moore's letter to Bush

Is'nt Clinton being to nice to bushes ?

GW's politics have resulted in the sacrifice of a major American City!

So Geraldo accomplishes what Bush, FEMA, HOMELAND SECURITY

FEMA concentration camps?

Will Al-queda step up pipeline attacks?

How long did * have to practice this sad look for the photo-opo?

What about the people trapped in their homes by the floodwaters?

IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! Good God Almighty, what an inept lying fuck

About the mayor of NO and the school buses.

Here's some Katrina relief agencies in Houston

Is there housing sitting empty on closed military bases?

Chimpy's vacation in hell

Good Morning DU! I'm back in Crawford. It's crazy around here!

I don't know whether it has been mentioned

Gov. Bill Richardson offered to send NM National Guard BEFORE Katrina

Hey idiots: Katrina DID hit more than one state, you know!

Twilight Zone - Did Anyone Just See Richard Simmons On Fox?

"Modern Day Genocide" Video on CNN -- Yes, that is the title

Assess your home's flood risk. FloodSmart.Gov

Shepherd Smith -- Hero of the Hurricane?

Parallels btw Iraq/Katrina disaster; my LTTE

Kudos to!!!

so, where is Colin Powell the hero?

I want to see the Oath the military takes -- please post it if you have it

Subject: Timeline for FEMA leading up to the New Orleans Hurricane KATRINA

GW Will forever remember the Camp Casey standoff as ...

What is a bigger threat to our security..Terrorists hearing criticism of

Photog Who Wrote the "found" (vs "looting") Caption

For natives, New Orleans is the world . . .

If you have any Republican friends who have turned on Bush...


Major oil spill feared on Mississippi River (pic)

Is Fox playing the same backgroud music as post 9/11?

What Made America Famous - relevant and timely

Here's a good point to make:

Can't Believe I'm Posting This! Geraldo/Richard Simmons On Fox SCREEN PICS

Who has spoken TRUTH to POWER Better Than Kanye West?

US Rep of Ms saying he had lots of people he talked to who promised

So where's David Duke during this disaster??? Get ready for a jaw dropper

NOLA 2005 = Ireland 1847??

I don't know

Idiot Fox anchor: More help on way "courtesy of the President of the US"

From Kos: Katrina by the Numbers


I'm outraged, and am sending this everywhere

When Cheney resigns due to bad health,

Fron Kos: Katrina by the Numbers

Changing your lightbulbs to fluorescents DOES save energy...

If Democrats don't take the bull by the horns after the rescue becomes

FAUX and freepers at it again, now they are

Is Newt the next Richard Nixon?

Who is this jerk?

Thinking about Hunter Thompson

Anyone knwo anything about food insurance dealing with mortgages?

The REAL looting is about to begin

Just waiting for Brit Hume to say "Good time to buy Halliburton"

Hello America how are you?

HEY FReepers! ADMIT IT! This is WAY worse than lying about

Oil Firms Turn Katrina Into Profits, Clinton Says

We are on our way to Houston...gasoline is outrageous!

Quick FEMA question:

Here It Comes-Watch Them Spin and Spin and Spin

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

Is anyone working on a verifiable timeline of request and response?

CNN: Bush* heading back to NO on Monday...Photo op to continue


The cowards we call Democrats.

At The Rate This Is Going Bushco Will Be Lucky To Be Impeached

Fayyad Calls for Yes Vote on Constitution Muqtada Praises Resistance

Channel surf and watch the lack of leadership continue

Grrrr.....I am bugging out

Red Cross donations top 200 million

Why Can't All Storms Be Like This?

WHat happens with the LA Congressional delegation in 2006?

Revelations = Uncovering. The world has been watching this uncovering.

Al Gore is in the airport in N.O. ready to take 100 critically ill to TN!!

I just spoke with my nephew in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Let's make a Bush timeline.

Red Cross is important, but don't forget about Habitat for Humanity!

A big hearty FUCK YOU to Nationwide Insurance.

The bible said there will be anti-christs

Just caught this on CNN Al Gore is rounding up 130 critically ill

I admit it. I had compassion and sympathy when Nixon died.

This is interesting

Is there a local NO organization..

My talk with a Republican this morning.....

The US Attitude Toward Genocide (reality check)


Doors never closed at this Big Easy bar

Dems were chided last year about warning of dollar crisis. . . . . .

Explain Bush rushing back for "Terry Schiavo" but not NO.victims!

I'm searching and searching but I can't find any Al Gore in NO post

Will the Halliburton Katrina contract news be buried?

Vid Clip- Diane Watson of Black Caucus and Race Versus Class Issue


Killing the Poor over there and Ignoring the Poor over here

Dupe self delete

-------------------100 billion dollars-----------

Congressman Can't Get Bush on the Line (Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-La)

Was anybody stopped from evacuating NOLA before the storm?

Mr Bush, I found your clue.... PIC HEAVY

Can someone explain to me why we aren't accepting foreign aid?

Investigation into how rescue operations were purposefully stalled?

My lean, mean LTTE to three (obstensibly) local papers

Dept. of Home. Sec. (Bush's flop) wouldn't let Red Cross in when Kat. hit

Linda Wertheimer had a great commentary on NPR this morning

I recognized someone in a picture from the New Orleans hell

SurveyUSA Poll: 2 out of 3 say Feds not doing enough for Katrina victims

Gulf Coast pipelines resume operation

Some Questions about Responsibility

Any Bill Maher footage?

Fox Commentator: SOME PEOPLE Say The "Blame Game"

CNN just reported that the coroner in MS is having a very difficult

Can we get MEDIA CONTACTS as a link on every page header PLEASE?

Reports of violence at the convention center are way overblown BS.

Can someone explain to me why we aren't accepting foreign aid?

...Meanwhile the Oil Companies are GOUGING the entire nation.

Yet again (can't help it) I wonder "If Gore were President"

I know why people are responding to the New Orleans disaster.

Bush job approval back on it's way down per Rasmussen

Conservative, RW christians don't like cities anyway.

We have our theme for 2006 and 2008 if we want to use it

huge fire on Canal Street

Message Board Post: To all the Liberals I've Known Before...

Sedation... I have every movie channel

Equal and opposite reaction, performed by the same actors... won't

Carol Mosley Braun on CNN ... NOW

May need to file bankruptcy. Can anyone answer a few questions...

WHOA!! WWL feed showing video from the other night;;;SHOTS FIRED

BushCo Inc: Resign Now!..from the top down..starting with Cheney

Per Capita Wyoming received more Homeland Security Money than any state.

Moseley Braun on CNN right now ......

Hurricane Relief

Can all the Louisiana refugees VOTE in the Texas election in November?

My rage just went up another notch or six.

Email from Greg Palast-Re: New Orleans

What are your favorite cajun songs. Here is one of my favorites:

Van Impe Calls Pat Robertson "Osami(sic) Bin Laden"!

Scanner Feed 9/3/05 AM

Nero II - Powerful Collage of Bush Strumming while New Orleans Drowns

New 2.4m res Satellite photo of I-10 bridge ruin between N.O. and Slidel

Scanner Feed 9/3/05 PM

"shame on you Greta for now totally forgetting about Natalee...."

POLL: Explanation for Bush response to Hurricane?

Superstition about George W. Bush

Cheney news

LA Gov should have asked for help 2 days prior to natural disaster

Powerful. . .international front pages

The utter failure of the Reagan agenda

But what about Mississippi?

Federal Flood Insurance, how does it figure in?

Why is MSNBC showing adverstisements for Fox "news"?

Has Dick appeared in public during the past week?

Is Bush trying to make matters worse on purpose?

Disaster of a Disaster Recovery: Do you see the pattern forming?

media grades

Are these fires being set deliberately for fire insurance reasons?

What happened to the 30,000 in the convention center!?!?!?

did bush delay simply to create a massive distraction?

(VIDEO) Bill Maher on disaster relief

I Am Shamed To Be An American

For what it's worth... There's something happening here.

The police are responsible for the chaos!

A discussion I've joined on a different forum

I'm starting to wonder if someone gets all their ideas from DU re hurrican

Turning off the money spigot to our politicians.

* * * Katrina TOONs: A Day Late and $1 Short Edition * * *

List Of The Missing...Politicians!

I'm going to get myself into trouble yet...

why in HELL can't the people leave?

Shep Smith And Geraldo: Saving Lives Or Part Of A Big Photo-Op?

Does Anybody know where the VP is? Who is advising Bush on

I almost broke the TV listening to Trent Lott on CNN

* REFUSES help for Katrina victims from Chicago Mayor Daily!

I've put up some bumper stickers today...

Blaming Bush (UK-Leader)

i can't find the original link about the BBC report, but I e-mailed this

Sehr gut. Ich habe zugehŲrt und ich habe es sehr interessant gefunden.

Rev. Jackson Makes Second Rescue Mission into New Orleans

The mask is off

Is Bush trying to turn America into Iraq?

I was wrong: Creating the Dept. of Homeland Security was a mistake

CNN: Al Sharpton is in Houston now!

Question: Airlines offering to send planes to evac those stranded

People being prevented from walking out of New Orleans

Is Condi Rice our Imeda Marcos? Just wondering.

Listen to their words. They spell out their priorities.

If you want a ugly comparison the 1927 Mississippi River flood is it.

We don't "envy your freedoms", Mr Bush : no, you fill us with disgust -

If you were wiped out by Katrina, would you rebuild in the same area?

How many Americans have died on Bush's watch? When you total

Jesse Jackson on MSNBC: he is PISSED


What is so hard about this for the Right to understand?

Bush Golf Game

Super Store in Sugar Land crowded (Like Christmas, but people being NICE!)

Hey Dick -- You Fucked Up -- BIG TIME

Google Maps now has Katrina Satellite images of NOLA

Bush's hurricane response delay makes sick sense

Help me plan a Katrina unit for my 7th Grade Social Studies class:

george bush and the concept of SHAME

Bush is going back.

is NO being set on fire on purpose

Must Read: Dispatch from a Dr. in NO

Crisis raises questions of race

Self Delete


Finally, donations are coming through

DirecTV subscribers can tune in to Channel 100 or visit

Bill Clinton wanted to assault Hastert

The Katrina help email from the DCCC!

DU this Faux News poll

MSNBC: Frist says dying people a "distribution problem..."

Let's Rethink Building the New Biodefense Research Lab in GALVESTON, TX.

Just dropped some WATER from a helicopter!

NO Evacuees Rejected in Baton Rouge -NO Councilman Thomas

Are they letting Iraq soldiers from NO come home?

U.S. Troops dropping supplies to residents in New Orleans.

Is the RW still holding on to their Chimp worship?

How do they know the people at the Superdome & Conv. Ctr are poor?

HELP? late last pm - post about nasty biological samples kept in NOLA..

About this blaming of the mayor thing....

What about People Still Trapped In Homes?

West's "Bush doesn't care about black people" scrubbed from NBC concert

"Louisiana is a city that is underwater..."

This does not happen in real America!

Mayor Nagin's audio clip interview with WWLTV posted on AAR

I can't stand listening to the assholes at FEMA and DHS...

Best. Rant. Ever.

Maudi Gras of corpses

Just seen Bush's speech on the BBC...

FEMA head should not be a political appointee

NOLA council member rant

Encounter at Walmart..

Who did the Documentary on NO Flood a couple years ago?

This FEMA press conference should have happened 3-4 DAYS AGO!!

"This is a war zone we are working on now."

The future of New Orleans, in my opinion, is that it will become a


Must read--"United States of Shame" (Maureen Dowd, NYT)

Slow response as a teaching tool?

They can invade an innocent country IN ONE DAY! For a war of CHOICE!

FEMA did a fake Hurricane "Pam" drill centered on NOLA and

Bush "delayed in calling Nothern Command" - - Will the media share this???

A message from White Rose.

**** "Compassionate Conservatives" KILLED New Orleans!!!*****

This baby has haunted me

6 days later . . .

I am soooo tired of the (cover my butt) spin

The Red Cross link EVERYONE is talking about - hard to find very important

What have we learned -- WE HAVE NO PLANS -- WTF Is HomeLand Security???

"Don't try. I am sleeping inside with a big dog, an ugly woman, 2 shotguns

Where is the outrage from any Dem even thinking about 2008???

Weren't there massive military drills in the South a month ago???

Last night's Anderson Cooper was damning (video)

My letter to Congressman Brian Baird today...

George Bush-the No Plan President

reporter asks Chertoff if "FEMA director should resign"

Homeland Security my fucking ass !!

Blame it on Mom (anyone else hearing the theme?)

Live feed from disaster zone

Let's make a NEW America, cause this one SUCKS!

News execs defend reporters accused of shedding "stance of neutrality"

Why Friday?

Fuck You, Chertoff!....Resign now!

Stopping the School Buses? Has anyone heard this latest tactic?

Chertoff's a liar...I'm in baton rouge and we knew on Fri. Aug. 26

Will Bush Survive?

September is National Preparedness Month!!!

Clinton's man Witt in to lead FEMA in NO. Now can we get Clinton in

Just talked to my SIL in Shreveport who is an ER Doctor

Well, I guess its better than doing nothing...


Does Bush**'s voice sound to you like he's been drinking?

Bush eats cake, rate it up on Yahoo

Repug Meme: "Mother Nature"

The Republican Party has come crashing down

Cnn weather guy just now threw the timeline in chertoff's face

Carol Mosley Brown on CNN telling about what her friends are saying.


How do they know the folks at the Superdome & Conv Ctr are poor?

Is it all Pat Robertson's fault!

Once again, Bob's words ring true.

Sax Fifth Avenue on Fire...

gwb* - jack of all photo ops, master of nothing

Need help about gas in MS and LA.

Can't get over the impression that Bush lookes iritated and annoyed

Let's ask this question: WHERE IS GEORGE TODAY??

Lesson of history: forcing inhuman conditions upon a people

Is Katrina Bush's Waterloo?

The Bu$hCo. Administration has effectively LOOTED from the American People

Edited for your approval

CNN: By 5:00 pm FRIDAY, Katrina was forecast to to be a Cat 4....

My "Psychic" Prediction for the Upcoming Terrorist Attack/Scare

Bush , stays on message.........

Mother Nature? The REAL problem was FATHER TIME...

Cheney must be dead or dying

I was told to leave or be arrested

Blanco just flipped Bush the bird.

Housing people on CRUISE SHIPS is a bad idea folks

Anybody hear the guy on NPR today who had an evacuation plan

censored vs. uncensored clips of Jesse Jackson?

Perspective from a frequent visitor, from Germany

Ummm...we have a motive now why they left the people in the Dome

From Mobile AL...

(1)State of Emergency (2) America's Challenge and (3) Crisis and Recovery

Watching America!


"My dad was a republican because he was in WWII and was very patriotic"

1 canal place is DOS building?

Los Angeles Urban Search & Rescue is actually rescuing trapped people..NOW

No matter how hard the admin. tries to spin

How do we let yahoo and other know that the LEVEE broke on MONDAY NIGHT?

"The first few days were a natural disaster, the last few days-MAN-MADE

Bush will fire Chertoff

Great! Rumsfeld to tour Mississippi and Louisiana tomorrow

CNN reporting Al Gore is in New Orleans to help evacuate

'A scene from Mad Max': Britons reveal horror of the Superdome

"The first few days was a natural disaster, the last few days was a man

They deserve what they got...

LOL CNN Gave a "little reality check to the Sec. of Homeland Security"

NO GAS in my part of Queens, New York City

Bus drivers from Convention Center don't know where

Said it before, saying it again, ARREST bUSH!

"Kiss of Death" to arrive at Gulf Coast.

"Throw me something mister..."

The poor people of NO were SACRIFICED on the altar of partisan politics

DU/vote up this Impt WMD Story on Yahoo

Head of Red Cross Salary: 651K....Head of Salvation Army: 13K

Stripes: Pat's Christian beliefs (Robertson gets slammed)

Are the Republicans getting Pythonesque?

New talking point from the ethnic cleansers: "Reasonably expected"

Links to the 2004 Halliburton contract re: the Gulf Shore?

Due To These Facts They Should Be Charged With Negligent Homicide

Will anyone be FIRED for this....

Bush's stupid ass smirks

Disappointed by network TV....

Vid Clip-Bush, on his way out of town, snickers about his days of excess

Will congressional repugs go against * in fear of being voted out in 06?

Anderson Cooper goes from goat to hero in a flash

Arkansas setting up "KARE" centers in the state

CNN'S Aaron Brown show last night

Has anybody been fired yet?

We need Gamers!

Rumsfeld's heading to LA tomorrow -CNN

This is our generation's "Brown vs. Board of Education" moment...

The US media and government really needs to examine the racism

Some disturbing information on FEMA and Mike Brown

Did Faux "News" give the cameraman from NBC props for covention center

Is Chertoff the fall guy?

I fear the MSM will become a lapdog again

Would it make a difference if fundamentalists sat outside the Superdome

are DNA labs getting ready? coroners?

Worst Disaster Response Ever

Braun just hit the nail on the head on CNN

Chertoff needs to RESIGN!

Slidell Mayor: "FEMA better bring guns if they are taking our materials"

What if the next "Katrina" is another major terrorist attack?

The "relief effort" is a worse disaster than the hurricane!

WTF Trying to blame lack of help on looters and shooters!



Help needed with this post on a non-political board.

Another WTF dept. FAUX news reporting they are asking doctors to send

I'm amazed at how many humans have been killed since Bush became President

Cuba's hurricane preparedness program hailed by U.N...

King Co. preparedness mgr. blasts Bush Admin. for killing FEMA (must read)

remember some basic math....

Letter to my elected representatives

Is the threat level raised?.........Everybody feel safe?

Was out all day just after shrub's so called "speech" -

Air Force to Send 300 Airmen Home From Iraq, Afghanistan for Hurricane Eme

Amazing blog and live webcam (still working) in NO

I'm looking for a congress-blast email list

If I meet one person who says that these people "got what they deserved"

My acronym for a significant problem - all of the ChINOs -

Bush, Brown, and Chertoff LIE: "first the hurricane, then the flood"

does anyone have a good link for foreign news?

Live NO webcam just showed line of buses

Monday Rummy Was at a Baseball Game; Tuesday, VJ-Day Party --pix->>>

This rescue effort began when the TV images became a PR problem

About the cruise ships:


it was BLANCO who hired James Lee Witt per MSNBC n/t

DUers who live in RW areas: I'm still just hearing RW talking points. You?

I am STRUCK by the differences on the question of race

Vacancy in Galveston, Texas - Discounts available

We annoying, tax paying , future refugees.....

Set 2 Of the CNN Screen Shots From Yesterday...

Out of the Mouth of George W....

Jamie McIntyre CNN: Explaining the relief delays

For Those Lacking Cable - More CNN Screen Shots Of Yesterday's Coverage!

Was "shooting at rescue helicopters" ever CONFIRMED?

Guess whose really running this disaster

First Amendment a Collateral Victim of Katrina: Please Read

What are the latest Katrina death toll numbers?

The 2008 Den Presidential Candidate needs to say

WHY is Rumsfeld going to Mississippi??

CNN debunking the LIES from Chertoff!

Our security is in the hands of the Billionaire Boys Club

Clue me in- why are fires starting in NO and not in other hit areas?

Governor Calls on Arkansans to Receive 20,000 Additional Katrina Refugees

Bush sees a man drowning 10 feet away from his fishing boat

Hurricane Katrina News Coverage (A Video I Made)

Three Carnival Cruise Ships have been rented by the Federal Govt

WorldNetDaily: Randi Rhodes "urges poor to loot"

CNN: How could it happen here... The world reaction to what happened here.

A Government OF the profit, BY the profit, and FOR the profit

The Honorable Bill Nelson United States Senate

The minute Cat.4-5 said in relation to NO should have triggered a tripwire

Now their incompetence is Genocidal

Call the White House!.....Demand resignations!.........(contact info)

Ha Fucking Ha...A Democrat has to come in to save Bushass

Tulsa mayor + others reassure city 'no evacuees set to come to Tulsa'

Cheney finally showed his face today. New picture.

Ethnic Fucking Cleansing Begins

When is someone going to charge George W. Bush with murder?

So.....what city is going to be next?

Remember when they told us 'Hope Is On the Way'?

Wow! What Virginia Tech is doing for Tulane

FEMA says gulf states governors STILL not allowing donated

People were dying, babies were dying, people were running out

Dem talking heads - if you are invited to be on Sunday talk shows

Does anyone know exactly what was the state, city, and federal

Norway offers help to hurricane victims (finally ;-)


Next on CNN - Was race a factor?

California schools welcome refugee kids ->

Focusing on the blatant racism in NO plays in the repuke game plan.

CNN (11:30am EST)Condoleeza to visit homestate of Alabama on Monday

Gotta love our children

Who has spoken TRUTH to POWER Better Than Kanye West?

Since when is talking about people's lives means it's politics???

Fire Chertoff First >

Cuba lost 10 in Hurricane Dennis, Cat. 4..... wtf?

There is no understanding evil. There is only

What happened to NO should be a wake-up call for all of us

Where is a copy of the Kanye West Clip "Bush doesn't care about Black "?


Who are these 2000 people left in the superdome?

We are NOT politicizing this

American citizens are getting the Iraq treatment

From Minneapolis TV: Pawlenty to announce at 3:30 CDT

My niece is alive!

The Honorable Mel Martinez United States Senate

German Airbus with aid stuff stopped because of "diplomatic irritation"

People of America: Witness what Bush and the GOP do to the world

NO Riverwalk may be on fire - interdictor blog

"Mother Nature" vs "Intelligent Design" make-up your minds, Repukes! n/ t

Right wing using September 11th... again.

John Aravosis (AmericaBlog) nails Bush on blaming the mayors and governors

self delete dupe (nt)

Where is Laura Bush?

About 30 buses (white coaches) went to the convention centre

I wonder what's going though Babs' "beautiful mind" right about now...

The Katrina non-response has irrevocably damaged National Security

Forecast: Hurricane Season Far From Over

Is the Bush debacle in New Orleans primarily racist?

Back from my second day at the dome. Here is what is really

Would you testify to Bush's Criminal Negligence as seen on TV?

Hundreds of thousands of MRE's could have been placed days


If there were Army and National Guard to actually show up in FORCE,

Please Dr. Gupta Take the Abandoned Puppy Home!

They are really hyping the "crime-looter-danger" thing way up.

NY Post: "Looters will be shot. Bush sucks. Where's FEMA!"

Yahoo News Photo page "editorializes" bush's lousy leadership

Good News! David Duke's house swept away

The Apocaplypse President

I just got back from my local mega-type market, wearing my

Do we have enough National Guard for natural disasters and Iraq?

Did you know the Pentagon has been coordinating

John Kerry

Stuck on Stupid (a rant)

The New Black Republicans..(The Dick Gordon Show)

We knew they were liars, cheats, and bigots. Now their total incompetence

Democratic Party Of Oregon is participating in an effort to help victims

WDSU showing video of helicopter drops of food and water

Please Help.....Help in numbers, thats what we are all thread

What was Bush's response time when Jeb needed help?

The Humane Society of the United States web-site

My daughter is bringing a NO family,

Google Has A Black Ribbon For Hurricane Relief Link?

Bagdhad or New Orleans ?

Will churches be the new re-education camps?

Doctors plead for help in NO, Veterans for Commonsense article

CNN Poll

I can't help but wonder who/what is setting these NOLA fires.....

We took up a collection at work yesterday for hurricane survivors

Patch the levees, or look to Holland's dykes for a permanent fix

Caption this

Electronic Harassment: A Real Threat

Radio host suggests Katrina aftermath a man-made disaster/gov't experiment

Did Bush stiffle hurricane aid in a way to push his culture of life agenda

Mayor of Slidell is PISSED at FEMA. (audio)

Sooo....these people are in temporary hurricane shelters


Anyone Wondering If The "Estate Tax" will be Repealed?

Rescue Workers Are Doing a Great Job, But They Got Their Orders TOO LATE >

HELP! Need link to where Bush refused aid from other countries...

Anyone have a link to the Condi-shoe story?

Terrorism Conference on CSPAN Tuesday all day--(Gen. Clark there)

"The Rising Tide" about the 1927 flood; history similarly repeats itself

FR finally posts Katrina relief link

Kayne West T-shirts here

Comcast Censoring Kayne West Clip??

Halliburton gets contract to clean up New Orleans.

Oh The irony: Andrew got George I and Katrina gets fraWd**; God's Will

Best Ann Coulter picture

MSNBC meme: blaming "Federal Government"

An expansive list of resources!

The pain in DU

Art Auction for NOLA

Why are they taking the cigarettes away?

ONLY FOX has LIVE coverage of the Katrina disaster

In Shrub's America, no one can hear you scream....

Right Now Gwen Eifel on PBS covering Katrina - could it have been avoided?

Iran Seeks to Save Rare Cheetahs

"Notes from Inside New Orleans"



The longer-term implications of Katrina..

If the Mayors and Governors are supposedly in charge of everything

Tulsa mayor + others reassure city 'no evacuees set to come to Tulsa'

Rampant rumors and paranoid vigilantes-- message to CNN

NOW is Cheney dead? He seems to have gone AWOL.

Guy James Show, today @ 3 (Pacific). No excuse to miss it.

I have a question

Just heard local political corruption blamed for lack of levee funding....

I need this point clarified by someone a lot more knowledgeable than I

Today's "Democratic Response"

We're in the Great Leap - can you feel it?

Dallas makes desperate plea for help--"too many evacuees"

Texas v. Louisiana-Lafayette

OMG. A group in Florida wanted to volunteer to bring in 500 air boats

Guess who decided to show up to work today? Hint: initials are DC

I've brought this up a couple times without any feedback--it is relevant

I am listening to my scanner and buses from NO have arrived at the

How is it they spent all that time before making real rescue moves

Anyone have stats on how many Alabamans & Mississippians

Re: Witt

A little boy who lost his baby sister...

Al Gore's Current has a report on boats on rescue missions from 8/30

I fear that the LSU profs death toll estimation may be on target.

"Help is on the Way!" Has anyone else noticed this phrase with irony?

Homeland Security versus National Security ???

People need to stop OBLIGING the Bush's fucking photo ops.

Amazing account of life in the French Quarter on NPR

Steve Harvey finally says what I am thinking!

Hey, I got yer "liberal media" right here...

The People of the Dome

45,000 people estimated still in New Orleans

Frist: Many Dying At Airport

When your Grannie dies of thirst/exposure, how can Bush "make it right'

"This is the worst disaster in history" ~ Michael Chertoff.

Is the price of gasoline still rising?

Halliburton gets Katrina contract, hires former FEMA director

Broke down today

Freepertards hitting poll



Bush viewing NO from AF1 - a disappearing photo op?

anyone know of a source to donate...

Click here to find out what chimp's "thinking" about Katrina

New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying

CNN: They've found an even bigger idiot from FEMA than Brown

Katrina`s real heroes are the poor who held on.

Fidel, Hugo To The Rescue

Not your Father's GOP (from Michael Berube)

reviving Trumad's ''destruction of FEMA'' thread from 9/1

Laying the blame for the debacle in New Orleans

FEMA stops a rescue convoy of 500 boats - Unbelievable

Have you heard Bill Schneider on CNN?

The Battle of New Orleans: Class warfare in America

Why the levee broke from :The Tyee

Just heard it on FOX new talking point: Governor and mayor should

Troops begin combat operations in N. O. (calls them 'insurgents!')

Was "shooting at rescue helicopters" actually CONFIRMED?

(Martha) Stewart celebrates end of home confinement by coming to Maine

Did the RNC website or the freepers ever post a banner to help


Democratic Leaders: Can you hear me now?....


People can't stay in football stadiums indefinitely; why can't we

Do Not Be Fooled -- "Management" Will Martyr *

Where are the bodies?

Bumper Sticker: "My President Is From Tennessee"

What can we do to help Nagin?

Democrats demand answers to disaster

DUers, we need to stick together.

"This place is going to look like Little Somalia." Racist comment?

Geraldo on Fox, in tears, pleads for help for those in Superdome

FEMA registration info:

Bush let pics of anarchy, violence spread, make a police state desirable!

We Shall Overcome

Bush played Golf...?

Was Bush out enjoying fireworks tonite instead of helping N.O.?

Question: Do we, even now, have 100 percent callup of National Guard, for

I remember hearing Nader say it's got to get worst before it gets better.

"Worst President Ever" Intersate overpass signage.

the Red Cross is NOT in New Orleans.....late but still surprising.

WWL-TV: Only 300 People Remain At Superdome...


The BIGGEST Conspiracy Theory of ALL--is oft overlooked

Chertoff: We don't get the National Guard to simply deploy...

My lib brother had a great idea. What if we each sent Condi a

FEMA Directing Donations to Rev. Pat Robertson

"The grown ups are in charge now"

The army is now calling it an "insurgency"

Note to Richard Simmons(fitness guru):

The Second Amendment

Bush will need to create something higher than the Medal of Freedom

All we can do now is fight like crazy to have a Dem majority in 2006

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Bush strummed while

Bus of evacuees crashes; 1 dies ...

ATTENTION DU! Racial Bias Photo Controversy AP vs AFP

Bush says the response time was unacceptable

Mesage to lurking Conservatives and Republicans.

Army Times: "Troops begin COMBAT operations in New Orleans"

FAA inspector GROUNDED after filing safety complaint re NORTHWEST AIRLINES

SHOCKING piece on CNN - bastards!

Did someone tell New Orleanians who had stayed in their homes after the

Need some levee facts

Pentagon getting cold feet on law enforcement ?

CBS Evening news

Fmr FEMA Dir. James Witt in Charge of LA Katrina Recovery Effort

"As you know Volunteerism is a fetish of the President"

John Grisham donates $5 Million to Katrina relief

NOLA is a fitting monument to our collective disgrace. Leave it ' as is';

Homeland Security is a Joke


I was told I should move out of the country

To all the media whores:

Need to debunk a freeper, when did the Gov's ask for National Guard?

Tell me I'm paranoid. Please

Feed from N.O. established:

Day 6 - Dick Cheney still among the missing

"My President went to New Orleans and all I got..."

Halliburton: Thanks for all the money - Sorry about your kids

The NO cops on CNN right now are making me cry.

Is it a rule for members of this admin to NOT watch television?

Here is the rest of the Sept. 2 surveyusa poll

When did Haliburton receive the contracts to clean up the gulf states ...

Were Nagin and Blanco responsible for Alabama and Mississippi as well?

will there be a TV movie about Katrina?

School busses in New Orleans were all under water...

You know, my office building sits diagonally across the street from FEMA

LIHOP, Willful Neglect, or Just Pure Incompetence and Cronyism?

CNN showed the West comments AND made special note of the cutoff

Polling Point wants to know what you think about the handling of Katrina

XXXXXX Is it too late to pray XXXXXXXXX's time to ask corporate America to stand up and help

Where are the links for people looking for friends and family?

Do we know how much W and Laura have donated?

NBC news let His Fraudulency have the final word to end the broadcast

New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying

Photoshop image I did a while back........

Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Saturday Afternoon Update from Blogger Holed up in CBD, NOLA:

New Orleans, 2015- A premonition

Working with the evacuees today in Lafayette

Is there an answer for why ........."ALL AID WAS REFUSED"....Anybody?

Will NOLA be Bush's Dujail?

Are the Democrats secretly in control of the Federal Government right now?

Katrina AUCTIONS for charity! Some cool stuff.........

Can you sum things up better than this?

Surveyusa sept. 2 data: 40% approve, 53% disapprove...

New Orleans destroyed by an act of Bush

Refugees getting vaccinations (tetanus and typhoid )

remember the hurricane in "Forrest Gump?"

From the ground at Baton Rouge...

Katrina Bush Approval Poll

Another World's Fair in New Orleans as soon as it is feasible

CNN Presents Now: How Katrina grew ...


Kayne West being censored

Do you believe shrub gives 2 shits about ANYONE besides his rich buddies?

And now a song, with photos, about George W. Bush:

Just caught the tail end on MSNBC......

Did Trent Lott vote for or against the cuts in hurricane spending?

Ideas to reach someone in the city in their house/apt?

I find it all quite terrifying.

People Could have been Airlifted from NO before Hurricane Struck..

WWL has video of Nagin right now! n/t


One thing's for sure: the issue of class is now on the table.

Thank God Bush was President when Katrina struck!

Some LTTE's from the red part of my state (Ca)

United Animal Nations Update:

If you didn't hate George W. Bush before today

Are there impeachment grounds based on New Orleans fiasco?




They Want to Make New Orleans Into Disneyland- "Jazzworld"

The FEMA questrion -- what is the plan for the 1 Million who DID LEAVE ???

Update on The Audubon Zoo/Aquarium

I may be behind, but did anyone see Shep & Geraldo

Recharge yourself. My radio broadcast of music from New Orleans natives.

HOLY SHIT! Even Bill Frist is MAD!

PBS Newshour transcript from yesterday--Et Tu Brooks:

Gimme a link to the Al Gore story. I'm gonna drop it at F*cknut Republic.

What is the big deal about closing the levees, draining the water

Gov Blanco Hires Whit (former FEMA director) as laison

'Terry Schaivo would have done a better job' from chat room in DU post

Are the Democrats making you proud by their handling of the crisis?

It is taking more than 70 different organizations on the ground in N.O.

Report from the leevee

I don't think Al Gore's political career is over.

Red tape keeping much of military on sidelines-Chain of command

Greg Norman lends chopper to relief effort

Advance info = Carnival is chartering 3 ships for NO for 6 months

Where can I get food and water?-FEMA website

If you are not listening to the Guy James Show...

Michelle Malkin is about to bite you

Has anyone BEEN to Venezuela?

We need a thread showing what the Governor and Mayor did debunk the lies.

"Try the Salvation Army" -- anyone have the video??

Bob Nardelli agrees with Pickles Bush...well, in a roundabout way

Anyone else think Bush enjoys seeing other people suffer?

FAA says, ""There has been no such report.", of snipers in NOLA

The fires in New Orleans

Bush response to shooters in N.O. provides interesting metaphor for con-

I can tell you what is wrong with the U.S. in one sentence.

SO, how's it all gonna be paid for?

Official "Guy James Show" fireworks to start 6pm Keep Kicked Please!

Slow FEMA: Lihop or Gross Negligence?


Anyone listening to MSNBC

Pet Peeve,

Homeland Security did not and will not allow Red Cross in to NOLA

BoingBoing: Comcast censoring CNN for "Bush doesn't care about blacks"

The ship "State of Maine" is leaving shortly with a skeleton crew to

A high-impact conversion from R to D

WDSU New Orleans: 3 Carnival Cruise Ships to House Hurricane Victims

OMG-Unbelievable fanatical freeper post-must see to believe

I wonder if FEMA is going to encourage the young men of NOLA

Remember the special Their Eyes are watching God - Halle Berry

AP Stands by Caption in 'Looting' Photo Controversy

Rant from Biloxi, MS

Question for Oral Roberts. Did God remove his "protective shield" from

"Clinton should have fixed the levees when we had a surplus" !!!

Mark my words, NO will be gentrified and it's residents rejected

Two quick questions I haven't heard brought up yet...

Chimp, man of the people.

Why now? Why is the Bush house of cards falling now?

It has to be asked. . .is Dick Cheney dead?

July 2005 article reveals NOLA told poor: 'You're on your own'-Rawstory

Pat Buchanan: "Who lost New Orleans?"

Wondered how long this would take; my neighbor is blaming Clintons penis!

This Has Been An Absolute Bonanza For Bush. He Hit the Trifecta Again

What is the answer to the "School Bus" talking point?

Dutch viewer: Bush's completely staged New Orleans mercy mission

FROM CNN: Al Gore has landed a plane in LA

Please Wake up, bush did nothing wrong and is only a strawboy

Message to the Neo-Cons

Would anyone be interested in a clothing drive?

Falluja Floods the Superdome (Frank Rich, NYT)

When does it become time to cleanse our nation of Neocons?

Who is this Jabbar Gibson I keep hearing about? n/t

New Meaning For An Old Acronym

ON YAHOO: Congress Likely to Probe Guard Response VOTE IT UP!

I'm watching a New Orleans station's news....

One point that hasn't been made strongly enuf IMO is this:

I see a glimmer of hope in the midst of this mess.

Experimental crowd control weapons sent to NO

Can someone make this bumpersticker?

Can someone help me out, need a link on the Al gore story.

How's this for some frickin' spin by the administration?

"Operation Drown the Negroes"

Amid rising chaos, fear spreads in rural Louisiana (fear evacuees)

oh dear, Aaron Brown is getting weary of reporting on Katrina

Let me guess : Bush will say "I had poor intelligence"...... "nobody knew"

Hmm, Mr Bush not much of "trifecta" this time (Katrina, Iraq, oil)

Where is James Carville? Has anyone heard him speak out on this?

LOL "we must make sure we're never attacked again..."

shoot to kill order for strays -- first person account on other aspects

Gas pump strategies?

Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?


Welcome to the New World Order. It is Exposed. Welcome to New Orleans.

Poll: What is your opinion of G.W.B?

People are still dying at the Convention Center

Cool NOLA 9 yr old to be featured on NBCNews

Will the last person leaving New Orleans please......

Where are the churches?

OMG, Mike Brown... Check out this article

From the WTF dept... "Feds Reject Aid from Chicago..Daley Shocked."

NO's stray pets may be in danger soon...please help!

Disturbing article from Army Times!

I don't believe it! They're drinking the Kool Aid!

What is the POINT of Bush's Homeland Security?

With three days advanced warning of the storm

Why aren't zillionaires like Oprah following Al Gore's example? Imagine...

Where's the MPEG of EarlG on the BBC last night???


Has anything factual come to light regarding the two Biloxii sisters?

NY Times explains why we haven't heard from any Democrats (doh!)

Canadians being asked to conserve usage of gas so we can provide

The Costco Gas Station was boarded up today....

War Is Not Necessary

When the Saints Go Marching In

Clark/Witt: Clark spoke on TX HomeSecurity in June re: communications

Am I the only one who understands why Democrats aren't blaming bush yet?

We. Are. On. Our. Own.

The Grateful Dead...Relevant Lyrics

Is it comforting to some to see malice where only incompetence exists?

Department of Homeland Security/Responsibility

What Christian radio is saying about the people of New Orleans.....


21st century trail of tears

"That's What It Says In The Book"

James Lee Witt has been brought in!!!!

We All Know What's Next Don't We ????

Al Gore flys into NO. Plans to take 150 critical patients back to TENN.

Anyone else dealing with "survivor syndrome"?

Woman from Mustang, OK, survived in a mall with other tourists

bush faked levee repair for photo op yesterday

Oops. HomelandSec site claims FULL respons. for any Natural Disaster

Miles O'Brien just asked Breaux about Dems "making political hay"...

Landrieu slams FEMA

I Want Al Gore to Run with Wesley Clark

A Word for Lurking Political Leaders (Dems)

"We've got a problem, George."

Some information to wrap your mind around

Bird flu coming. U.S. woefully unprepared. Worse than Katrina?

First Freeway Blogging

Fox just showed Al Gore in disaster region....

I found it: Northern Command waiting for Orders!! Adm. Keating on CNN

Who's going to the September 24 peace rally?

New Orleans Evacuees Forced to Wait for Laura Bush Before They Can Eat

HELP DU'ers, if you are any where near the area of Crawford we

**IMPORTANT** Does anyone have the NOLA school bus depot address?

Negligent Homicide

Email to my Rep. sister re: "this is not the time to be pointing fingers."

Canadian help (pictures)

Did FEMA really do all this?

My husband used to work in disaster preparedness/relief ...

Something that happened this a.m. at Walmart

They've GUTTED the Red Cross -- those are the words of an RC

OMG! A puppy was stranded and a man picked him up because

Mayor Nagin: "CIA could wipe me out"

In case you missed what Kanye West said on NBC...

"We The People .... Have No Clothes" -- the book.

Must read! Damning NYT news article re: FEMA puts bush in the crosshairs.

Hurricane Expert: FEMA and Feds to blame NOT Local and State

What I just did to help and what you might be able to do too....

Battle Hymn of New Orleans

This Poor Freeper JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Waaah!

Are We Finally Ready To Stand Up To OUR OWN Leadership Yet? Are We?

Let's start a timeline of AID REFUSALS and PREVENTIONS

On BBC: Northern Command was in position, waiting for Presidential orders.

Why is gas still more expensive in Canada than in the States?

Katrina Britons prepare to return

Poodle's off to Balmoral for a bit of Tossing the Caber with the Windsors

'A scene from Mad Max': Britons reveal horror of the Superdome

Muslim women brave wrath of fundamentalists by competing in Miss England b

Faith-hate legislation is being tackled in a humorous way

JP's Maestri said FEMA didn't keep its word

Mystery Unfolds Over Hunt for WMD in Iraq

We should give New Orleans to the Oil Companies ....

Taliban regroups to fight U.S. troops

IAEA: Iran Has Tons of Gas for Weapons

Guardsman Evacuate Refugee's From Superdome

Inspector General Finds Fault with Education PR Contracts

Taliban say kill Afghan vote candidate, four others

Newsview: Rhetoric Not Matching Reality

10,000 troops in Iraq hail from Katrina impact zone

ONLY FOX has LIVE coverage of the Katrina disaster

18,000 apartments across the state open to evacuees (Texas)

Roberts Set Out Doubts On Genocide Treaty

3 sentenced in charter school scam (Texas)

CNN: Firefighting gear stockpile unused

Met by Despair, Not Violence

Iraq Kirkuk oil exports stopped after blast-source

British soldiers in custody in US on rape charge

Air Force to Send 300 Airmen to Gulf Coast

Five Days After Katrina, Refugees Waiting

"Black hurricane victims . . . eating corpses to survive."

Consumer Confidence Falls to 30-Month Low

Gulf Coast jobless rate could be 25 pct

Chirac admitted to Paris hospital

Jobless Rate in Gulf Coast Likely to Surge (DUH!)

Guardsmen Halt Evacuation at Superdome

Ex-officials say weakened FEMA botched response

Fighting Erupts in Baqouba and Surrounding Province

Iberia Parish officials dispel rumors of evacuee violence

300 US airmen bound from Iraq, Afghan to Louisiana

Murder halts brutal reign of burqa-clad morality police in Kashmir

CNN (11:30am EST)Condoleeza to visit homestate of Alabama on Monday

Critics blame Iraq war for disaster-relief glitches

Trapped Son: 'People Are Dying Here'Son Trapped in New Orleans

AP Exclusive: Greed turned U.S. soldiers into drug traffickers

Draining New Orleans could take 80 days- Army (Reuters)

The Daily Star (Beirut/Saturday): Iraq sectarian tensions escalate

Bush Golf Game

Iran Under Growing Pressure to Halt Nuclear Projects

US arrests Russian UN diplomat

America stripped bare ('The Age' - Melbourne, Australia - lead story)

belgian special ops are ready to leave for NO,waiting for US permission

Hastert Tries Damage Control After Remarks Hit a Nerve

Fmr FEMA Dir. James Witt hired for LA Katrina Recovery Effort

Bush sends 7,000 US troops for Katrina relief

Guard Sees Parallels to Iraq in Louisiana

Dollar drops to 2000 level in Chile

"Agency takes in millions in morning-after pill sales"

5,000 U.S. and Iraqi Troops Sweep Into City of Tall Afar(Another Fallujah)

Qatar gives 100 million dollars for US hurricane relief

Iraq Asks Russian Power Engineers to Come Back

Guardsmen Evacuate Refugees (first busses diverted to p/u Hyatt guests)

From Minneapolis TV: Pawlenty to announce at 3:30 CDT


Where are the bodies?

Bush: We will rebuild

Louisiana guardsmen in Iraq yearn to help victims at home

FAA says, ""There has been no such report.", of snipers in NOLA

Some refugees say they won't return to New Orleans

JP's Maestri said FEMA didn't keep its word

WDSU New Orleans: 3 Carnival Cruise Ships to House Hurricane Victims

FEMA's Brown faces destruction, criticism

Gov. Blanco Hires Frmr FEMA Dir. as Liason to BUSH Admin's FEMA

Dr. Gray Updates Hurricane Forecast

Superdome evacuation restarts

Feed from N.O. established:

Gay and Lesbian Fund gives 1 million to hurricane relief

IEA boss warns of global energy crisis

July 2005 article reveals NOLA told poor: 'You're on your own'-Rawstory

National Guard insists Iraq war not hampering hurricane response

New Orleans Paper Slams Federal Response on Saturday

'This is an example of what not to do'

China's Hu cancels White House visit, cites Katrina

AP Stands by Caption in 'Looting' Photo Controversy

Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans

Fraud Alert: FEMA Items Stolen

Rove Not Entitled to D.C. Homestead Deduction (Pays Back Taxes)

Japan to tap strategic oil reserves to help ease post-Katrina shortfall

Across U.S., Outrage at Response (NYT)

Rapes, killings hit Katrina refugees in New Orleans

Katrina Tests Bush's Crisis Skills

Pete Fountain Being Sought By Sister (He is missing .)

Blanco: We need help from the 256th (now in Iraq)

Air Force to send 300 airmen home from Iraq, Afghanistan

Baton Rouge inundated - But many get chilly reception

Venezuela Preparing to Repel U.S. Invasion if Necessary, Chavez Says

Senate Democrats voice concerns (with emergency response to Katrina)

Congress Likely to Probe Guard Response

Fearing riots, Guard rejects food airdrops

Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food


National Guard Delay (no approval by WH til Thurs!) Likely to Be Examined

Suspected disease outbreak (dysentery) causes shelter evacuation (Biloxi)

NYT: As White House Anxiety Grows, Bush Tries to Quell Political Crisis

New Orleans refugees heading to Arizona

Castro offers medical aid to U.S.

Poingant Lyrics from James Taylor - "Shed a little light"

An expat's view of NOLA:

Maybe people in internet communities like ours care more...

Anyone keeping track of the stunningly self-evident things Bush has said



Dude...the Lounge is DEAD, maaaan...

goodnight DU

"Dr. Benway is operating in an auditorium."

College Football time... who else is with me?!?

"Shut Up, Be Happy"- Jello Biafra

How's this for a smiley?

Can we all just start emailing the UN and ask them to

Just finished watching "The Faculty" on AMC

My guess is

"The Doors" just started on Bravo

SoCal DUers. Did you feel a quake about 10 minutes ago?

Anyone else like "Red Octopus" by Jefferson Starship?

Gimme Shelter

Hey! Where is everybody? Why does it seem that DU came back up

I'm drunk,SO I just want to say,

someone just tagged the white house

Sarah McLachlan - we share the same Bday - just sayin

DU Word of the Day: saturnine.

OUCH burnt a joint on my finger

I posted this earlier in Editorials and Other Articles

AP Offers Satellite Image of New Orleans

I'm headed for bed

You can't make this shit up...


Two of the most wonderful pieces of music.

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones is kicking ass in C-Span

Okay, I feel a bit better

Goooood Morniiiiing, DU!

Google full of shit - Empty of Katrina Images

My heart is breaking

Definition of a Refugee

BTW, Kayne West had a great Live8 performance & was vocal against the war

Hardest fucking adventure game in the goddamn UNIVERSE

OUCH! Fingered a burn on my Joint.....

I'm absolutely heartbroken...

Password-protected photo galleries: NEED HELP!

I'm talking to my Step Mom right now

First it was "Risk" with real troops,

Went out and wasted gas last night

Weel, I offered my extra bedroom for anyone from N. Orleans

Bullsh*t: FCC Hears It On Novak Outburst (TSG)

Did Fats Domino ever turn up? He was reported missing at one time

Hybrid owners - do you get the milage that is promised?

How is the highway traffic in your area?

Where's a link to video Kayne West's unedited remarks?

Jesus can you take the time To throw a drowning man a line?

Let's play a game: Which Rage Against the Machine lyrics am I thinking of?

I can't take any more shit from these fuckers anymore.

OUCH burnt my finger on a joint

during bush boy's photo op yesterday afternoon in NO with gov.Blanco, did

Martha Raye!

Sniffa and I are off to a wedding...

I need a life overhaul

Get a passport, you'll need it

Problem with Looting (Pic)

I got hassled by "the man" tonight

Which circle of hell is awaiting *? If it's one Dante didn't envision,

Do the freeps have their own version of the "Moran" guy?

No a loaded gun right at your face....

Good Evening, Lounge People

Thanks to one of my distant cousins

Anyone else getting error messages on DU?

Who here saw the episode of House with Peter Graves as the old guy

OK , everybody. Repeat after me!

Pic of Condi's shoes she bought in NY

Does anyone have links to posts from our Katrina sufferers?

Saturday morning, I am crying I am so enraged!

First Saturday Siren test almost made me jump out of my skin just

It's time to ask corporate America to stand up and help...a chance to help

Need some music help - Bands/Singers from New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina: The Motion Picture

self deleted

Update on Maddy McCall:

NOLA: From the "sh!t hitting the fan department":

Everything you really need to know about legal music downloads.

Searching for photos from the Gulf that include pets

Emergency information/supplies for our furrbabies

What are your favorite cajun songs. Here is one of my favorites:

Dept Homeland Security - Irony is thy name...

progmom on the air now 'til 2pm eastern-special new orleans edition

This sentence has 1001 uses.

Say something good about the DUers who are never mentioned even on

I've hated all things Bush since Pappy invaded Panama

Well I finally found out where I got my star

Time for some lounge silliness - a thread about NOTHING

Get down - Make Love! -- Catnip Chemistry Enhances Feline High

If Bush wants to help

NJ, PA, DE DUers: Come see me at Bally's tonight in Atlantic City!

How cool is this! PBS American Masters about Bob Dylan by Martin Scorsese

"I Hated Bush Before it Was Cool" gear

Bush Color bar LOL

I know it sounds trivial and all But BUCKEYES RULE.........

Ok. I think my car is really fixed now. I posted last week that my car

I'm a thread book-marking fool these days.

In honor of Crazy Guggenheim and ZombyWoof . . . (dial-up warning)

flood repair machines they place in my house

Bartcop has got to be tearing his hair out!! Oklahoma is trailing TCU by 7

A little sumpin' to take yer mind off NO for a while (pic)

the new rolling stones album cover is pretty bad

Have no doubt about it, It's going to get worse

Something that might cheer people up

Contact help. x_X pleaaaaase help me?

You know, given the alternative, I think I will now wear the moniker

I've been pissed with a chip on my shoulder for nearly 3 years now....

how do you ask a moderator a question?

Mississippi Goddamn (Nina Simone, 1963)

Is there an extended version to " My Pet Goat " ? ...

Let's try this again. Word of the Day #2: magnanimity.

Fear not! Bush is at the helm of America's ship of state!

Photo shoppers start your engines

Need Link to Randi's Comm'l-Free Archives

Goodnight dear lounge lizards

I finally heard "Rough justice" by the Stones

The refugees at the Astrodome...

Soccer today - USA vs. Mexico, Columbus, OH. How's it gonna be?

Newbie Holly Hobby needs our help w/DU anacronyms:

Escape from New Orleans - A new disaster movie?

Right now I'm watching "Mafia"

Making jambalaya for dinner! ...wish it wasn't so damn depressing.

Unsolicited HTML advice of the day.

Why is new user registration closed?

some good news for once

Well my day was just ruined

I'm not as hungry as I thought. Anyone what to split this Broodwich w/ me?

I can't get you out of my head ..........

Ethics Test

Anyone want to lend me a server and hositng?

Jiffy Lube sucks! I'm boycotting them and reporting them to the

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train,

"China Grove"....Doobie Brothers....Get out of my head.....

I can't afford my gasoline! (funny flash animation)

FUBAR or my experience at the Red Cross office today

We WILL get the best of this crisis. (pic)

The college girl I am talkiing to in Starbucks has the filthiest mouth...

I just sold off 14 IT-related books today. Ask me anything.

For Shits and Giggles, I went to

Left & Left Behind: Celebrities blog about Katrina (A gift from God?)

Recharge yourself. My radio broadcast of music from New Orleans natives.

Are the roads safe to drive in LA & MS??

Saturday cute pictures! (56K warning)

Is anyone else using Free-to-Air satellite?

Exhibition feels below par as Bush art stolen (Scotland)

So how do I attach my DU bumpersticker on the inside...

I hope Simba didn't just swallow a sequin!

How come we still have avatars but can't HIDE THREADS?!

should a company you outsource to complain about how you use money?


Update on New Orleans musicians

I've declared Marshal Dillon.

Thousands have died in NO, The Iraq war was a sham...but I don' t know if

Put this in your photobuckets ... and smoke it.

Don't think there are hyperboles strong enough to describe what's going on

It is amazing how sensitive pets are during these horrible times.

Ohio State versus Miami(Ohio) official game thread

I live, no thanks to Katrina....

I bought 3 pairs of pants at the GoodWill today for $16

Which movie should I go see this weekend?

I've declared marital law

I've declared Mrs. Fields.

Overheard at the grocery store.

I've declared Marshall Fields


Do you think Unka Dick has been hanging upside down in a

Where's Osama, take 2;

Do you like old 80's PC adventure games?

Are you new or fairly new to DU? Post in this thread

Instant classic: Aaron Neville's version of "Louisiana 1927"

Why do I get ignored in GD?

I got gas.

Anybody gots any herb and beer?

Damn clinton's penis! I can't find my extra car key!

Bush's crisis skills

That's it ~ I'm gonna do it ... I'm going for a drive !!!

Oh my god.. I just realized

Bush is sending troops down to there to shoot people in the street

Say something nice about me because I am NEVER named as a favorite DUer



Anyone use "Spy Sweeper"?

Further Proof that George Bush doesn't give a fuck

What is more unnatural?

Say something good about the DUers who are never mentioned on

How Bush fiddled as New Orleans drowned (dial up warning)

How do you react when someone says "I voted for Bush, but now I regret it"

Gratuitous Wedding Planning Rant............

Just installed my Vontage phone system. I need help!

Unofficial Top Ten: Tryin' to Wash Us Away Edition

How cool is this letter?

Who's feelin' free and safe from the terrorists in the good ol' USA today?

how's the Lounge? have there been any pretty threads LateLy?

Pat Robertson Says U.S. Should Kill Mother Nature, AP Says

Has anyone heard from Shell Beau yet?

Selfish rant: I WANT A DIGITAL SLR!

See ya later. Getting away from the minute-by-minute news of the

Links: Folks who've had the guts to raise their voices about NOLA

Man. Mystic Pizza.... What a..., well..... Bad Movie....

Your pets: do they have a "past"?

I would like to introduce my bestest friend ever

I need help

I've heard that C3PO has been crucified. Can anyone find me pics?

Faith-hate legislation is being tackled in a humorous way

The Bottom Line

Are Katrina and Obsidian Butte earthquake swarms related?

The Star.

Tarot Reading - Katrina and Social Aftermath

If you haven't already seen this video clip, please watch it. Checkpoints?

Another thought about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Here's a positive story

Here's something else we can do to help...

More praise for Keith's Katrina coverage

Bad news for the Dan and Keith fans on ESPN Radio.

Halleluia! I have been given a wonderful opportunity.

Re: Katrina Crisis management is all about resourcefulness.

Galvanizing the Press

* Co Is Into Naming Things, Campaigns, People - How Bout.....

I am not even there and i am exhausted. I have to sleep, i had a hard time

Bush, Taxes, and Sacrifice.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is a strong leader and will make a

Hastert Disappears for Political Fundraiser

Rhetoric vs Reality- rate up yahoo article

Does anyone know if any oil companies have been lusting after...

Bush, don't ride in with the calvary like Sam Houston.

Crass question: Could Bush be keeping people in NO and slowing aid...

To George W. Bush

Rightwing Newsmax and congressman blame relief effort's failure on gangs.

Salon: Bush Images No Match for Images of Misery

It's time to ask George and his faith-base, WWJD?????

Perfect analogy for Democrats.....

Since the ball is rolling and minds are coming around to the same thought

What If All Car Owners - Instead of Filling Up ......

Heres a great post by misanthrope you shouldn't miss reading

Federal Hurricane Finger-Pointing Leads Back To Indiana (Daniels)

CNN enhances Ray Nagin image

National Guard Delay Likely to Be Examined

Something more we can do for those in New Orleans...

Does FEMA have death counts and is suppressing them ?

While On A Golf Course On Tuesday * Was Asked By Reporters

Pat Buchanan

my wife's amazing conversation with a repug fundraiser

When the best Bill "Dutch Uncle" Schneider can say on CNN

Campaign for America's Future suggests donations to ACORN, other groups

Action Item: Why the HELL aren't our flags ordered to half staff?

Rove Not Entitled to D.C. Homestead Deduction

Bush locking survivors in Convention Center so the press can't watch...

CNN just showed a mother and her newborn baby sleeping outside...

NYT- United States of Shame

Both our wallets and our hearts are taking the hit, and Bush

Could we fund our military with charitable contributions ?

The current situation in NO reminds me of apartheid

Have any of these reporters considered putting the microphone down

Karel on KGO: Will Military recruiters descend on New Orleans?

Just as B*'s "advisors" are propbably frantically meeting,so too

Who the FUCK is this asshat Sweeney from NY?

Itís too dogawn late! - A major American city has been sacrificed!

John Roberts called Leo Ryan, killed at Jonestown, a "publicity hound"

Vengeance is more Important than justice to the conservative mind

Today's Guardian/Steve Bell cartoon:

Play turns spotlight on Austrian Nazi's experiments on children

If La. were Fla. ,W would have run right down there to protect Jebby

WooHoo -- WWLTV blog posts M.Moore's letter to Bush

the BUSH*tter is about to speak

Blair to send UK troops to New Orleans?

Someone come adjust my tinfoil : media blanket coming down?

So when are the arrests for gas gouging coming?

Bush said disaster area larger than Great Britain

Is He Too Tired To Speak

Fuck you George Bush! Fuck you you asshole! Turn on your

I just went off in an email to my US Senator on Katrina relief...

Bush: "I want you to know that I'm not going to forget what I've seen"

DICK WATCH September 3, 2005

White House Web Site posts the "Bush hugs crying Biloxi kids" pic.

Request for someone with high-speed connection. Please

Evac started 11am EDT - - the same time as shrubs weekly radio address.

Spin it, Fox, SPIN it: "Bush Comforts Katrina Survivors Amid Criticism"

"His heart and prayers may have been there, but his ass sure wasn't."

someone just tagged the white house

Freep-holes on NO Mayor Nagin: "After I ranted like a child..."

No time for ass!

Did Dick Cheney die?

Patrick Fitzgerald misrepresentation of Ali Mohamed's FBI relationship

CNN's Miles OBrian is an Asshat

N.O. Officials Worried in 2004 That Federal Cuts Would Bring Disaster

The Dixie Chicks and the French have been proven to be right.

GDP should enjoy this idiot: "I blame the EPA and environmentalists."

"this is what the Guard is for-to take care of people"

We need a wooden stake - this might do


Bush: "In America we do not abandon our citizens in their hour of need"

My Republican friend called Bush an idiot today

Feds Reject aid from Chicago.

Did CNN say all people are out of the superdome?

Court docs: Ballmer vowed to 'kill' Google

We're gonna need a wooden stake - this might do

Will Bush be able to buy his way out of this one with our tax dollars?

Red Cross's reason for not being allowed into N.O. is BS. Here's why:

For those of you not on Michael Moore's mailing list

How the Free Market Killed New Orleans - Michael Parenti.

Chuckle for Saturday (we deserve a break today)

Bush is the Anti-Christ

Bush to re-invade NOLA on Monday

Why is there no systematic, house to house, rescue operation?

Two quick questions, please!

Estate Tax

Hey, we won! Bush admin. going all FDR on us.

Where the fuck is Chertoff? The empty podium and FEMA

I found Dick Cheney!

Nov. 2006--Guess who won't be allowed to vote because they

I watched th today show today and caught a conversation

Prime Time For Reformist Economic Populism!

Bush must finally try the path of honestly shared national sacrifice.

For those who do not get over to GD very often:

Why Friday?

New Orleans' "Have-mores" Struggling on Arizona's Golf Courses (Satire)

Predictions: How long before Bush awards National Medals of Honor?

Rep. Mark Foley of Florida blaming delay on gov't bureaucracy.

Hope the next hurricane hits Congress.

I'm TIRED of selfish people who DON'T CARE about their fellow man!

George Bush American Nero,

Task Force Katrina appears not to have been ordered to stand up

So according to the Surgeon General, this is actually a great

Well, Homeland Security Head....

Chertoff: This is one scary looking guy

Dems: WHERE'S OUR HUEY P. LONG?: Palast:

How can this happen in my America? Help explain this to me.


"Now is not the time to politicize this"

Repugs deflecting blame: "Anybody But Bush"

My message to CNN re Chertoff and accountability:

What's this I hear about Bush not allowing the red cross in?

Is it time to leave the party?

New Orleans: we are missing a real opportunity ...

Trent Lott "pleased" with Katrina response..."not a time for complaining"

Repukes WANT Big Govenment to be a failure!

Hurricane Katrina and Bankruptcy Law

Heres Cheney

Wachovia stooge: "Employment markets were solid on the eve of destruction"

A Video I Made (Hurricane Katrina News Coverage)

Wayne Madsen: "Katrina: Bush-Cheney Regime's Chernobyl"

Bush's photo-op delayed supplies!

Fertik: FIX AMERICA FIRST: here's yr platform DEMS

Is there a comprehensive list of the chimp's financial backers?.........

NOLA crystalizes repug meme: Government ain't no good - privatize.

Al Gore flys into NO. Plans to take 150 critical patients back to TENN.

ONE ISSUE in 06 Elections - Katrina

Americanís Want Answers to the Failures to Respond to Disaster in N.O.

As we define the "talking points", here's a reminder on "messaging" ...

All Governors should criticize this administration on NG deployment....

L.A. Times: "Bush Tries for Damage Control at a Critical Point"

Triage Center in NOLA - ďMore Than 8 to 10 People are Dying a DayĒ

Bill Schneider: "A Vacuum of Leadership"

" This week we've all been humbled by the awesome powers of Mother Nature"

NO Has A Great Aquarium At The End Of Canal St. What....


Bring back Mayor Nagin. I like what he has to say. I like the way

memory hole alert! Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food

Gallup falsifies polls. Interviewers do not read the questions verbatim

We better have our talking points ready

Need help responding to this post on another message board.

Help with some research?

Today's repug talking point: "Mother Nature did it."

Rep. Pallone (NJ) proposed price gouging legislation yesterday..

Time to start thinking...

Chertoff is a liar. He's on MSNBC saying they had no authority to get...

Has Frist NO Shame?

One Democratic stronghold efficiently scattered....

It only cost Brown $1000 to be crowned the head of FEMA

Gov't lack-of-response to flood emboldens the enemy

My wife and I were married in New Orleans; it was our favorite city.

NATO Takes on Bigger Role in Afghanistan

I don't believe in terrorists anymore.

Those Charged with Keeping People Safe Kill Them Instead

Columbian Drug Connection with NO rescue effort?

I really think everyone should show distate for Bush

Halliburton to restore electricity to hurricane ravaged area

Can we put together one of those blaster type things to contact

Remember the post of *bush watching the Weath.Ch. and no phone cords?

Right Now Gwen Eifel on PBS covering Katrina - could it have been avoided?

We've Just Seen The Tip Of The Iceberg.......

Repost from LeftCoaster -- 31 Dems betrayal on Estate Tax, Bankruptcy

Anyone change their mind about this administration's role in 9/11?

Schwarzenegger hints at bid for re-election, tax hike a possibility

I'm seeing posts all over that FEMA has been outsourced

"No one could have foreseen that people would freeze to death

Help me connect the dots here...

Chertoff to replace Brown as dog and pony show front man?

Privatization responsible for the 5 day wait... ?

Georgie-Porgie Pudding &Pie

Frist in NO playing doctor ?

Just how many people died during *'s watch?

FEMA registration info:

This is what happens when the Republicans run the whole show

What effect will this have on the republican party?

Rape in the Superdome while Condi improves her backhand with Monica Seles

Reuters: "U.S. President George W. Bush licks frosting off his fingers..."

Gallup Refuses to Run Poll Asking Americans if Bush Should be Impeached

Obama prepared to call for Congressional hearings on Feds re: Katrina

No Shortage Of Republicans Criticizing Katrina Response

Are there any LIBERTARIAN leaning Democrats here on DU?

Some FEMA articles...

YOU can REVERSE HALLIBURTON"S no-bid award for New Orleans

Sibel Edmonds 9/11 Testimony Implicates Hastert...

So, apparently the next thing the Repubs plan to do for the victims

Can the Louisiana 'refugees' VOTE in the Texas elections in November?

The World hates us as you know

resign NOW, Chertoff

Why did Bush hire a horse show failure for head of FEMA?

Google: Where's Cheney

Chertoff: "exceptional response" to Katrina "a source of tremendous pride"

Did I hear this correctly, FOX says that it is the fault of

What the Gulf state Dem candidates in 2006 need to

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek: "A Colossal Failure of Leadership"

Blanco's hiring Witt is PURE GENIUS - practically and politically

Freepers = Sociopathically Selfish?

FEMA: Sorriest bunch of bureaucratic jackasses I've ever known./Hollings

MSNBC White House was warned that New Orleans disaster

"No one could have forseen that I would be given a guitar."

Explain these facts, if not a strategy to impose martial law, what?

My friend is the acting head of his Homeland Security office because of NO

Arianna Huffington: Bill Clinton, Suck-Up-in-Chief

What would Kerry/Edwards do ?

RW bro abt Halliburton + Iraq: only co large enuff for job...answer??

Hugo Chavez: "King of vacations," "Cowboy Bush," FAILED in Katrina evac

If General Honore continues the good work

Why are so many desperate & homeless folks being sent to Texas?

Will the Senate agree to repeal the Estate Tax on Tuesday?

Chertoff: You can't mobilize the NG in 24 hours

The AIRHEAD PREZ 101.01 Signs of, diff, types, levels, controllable,

This is why we need to privatize FEMA.

Who, exactly, writes the RW talking points?

That Obscene 9/11 March the Pentagon planned

I keep getting this feeling that Bush's team threatened Nagin

Ldotters vs. Kanye West (vile racism on display)

Is there a place in the Bible that says to only have sex with your wife

Bush visit halts food deliveries...

Privatization of FEMA HERE: GOP contributers received contracts

President Bush Job Approval at 45% Rasmussen Reports

Will the states wiped out by Katrina vote GOP again?

Prediction...GOP may impeach Bush

The epitome of WHITE TRASH

Roy Blunt? FUCK him. House Majority Whip Roy Blunt? Yes, FUCK him.

Spread this around. Awesome!

W. finally landed in Hell and chuckled about his wild boozing days...

Taking Steps to Protect Hurricane Victims from Price Gouging & Bankruptcy

Howard Dean: champion of the grassroots?

I'm coming clean ...please critique my LTE, thanks ...

Everyone watch the FOX video and keep it bumped....

Pass THIS along to any right wingers you know

This BBC Interview shows George Bush directly responsible for no action

Bush Addresses NO in 2002 About Preparedness & Compassion

( BBC Report)- "Northern Command WAITED on GREEN LIGHT from Bush" !!!

Response to use re: buses not used to evac people before the storm hit.

Due To These Facts They Should Be Charged With Negligent Homicide

JAPAN DONATES $200,000 to relief efforts...

Democratic Voter Purge?

Grounds to impeach based on New Orleans: read this

Free Market vs. Cuba's approach to Hurricanes

The Katrina 'Prior Knowledge' Laundry List.

Senators To Investigate Bush's "Immense Failure" Regarding Katrina

POLL: Should NO Refugees set up Camp Katrina on the Mall in DC?