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Archives: September 30, 2005

In praise of ... heckling (Guardian re; Wolfgang and Blair)

Blair is doomed to suffer death by a thousand kiss and tells

Assassination in Puerto Rico- The FBI Murders a Legend

Ill. Governor Implicated in Pension Probe

Bush's Iraq War is Weakening America

There's no reason for feds to tinker with Posse Comitatus

The undersecretary's dangerous trip

WP: Immoral Majority (great read!)

EVACUATION "like a horror movie" (Rita evacuees denied help)

Preparing for War With Iran?

And My Tunes Were Played on the Harp Unstrung

'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague

Secession From the Empire: The Middlebury Declaration

Something crass lurks behind the do-gooder smile

Pilots expect Northwest to seek deadline for cuts

Machinists at Boeing vote on new contract

ATA pilots accept contract, pay cut

Spitzer says Seligman execs OK'd abusive trading

As Arab children are buried, anger toward Hamas grows

A refesher photos some never seen before..... dialup warning

Brad Show direct from Portland Summit Sat. 4-8 PM! Check out this lineup!

The Theft of American Democracy: Which Side Are You On?

Tom Delay and the voting machines

OC Weekly: In the race to replace Cox, Dems need to support Brewer

Liberal radio station in Sacramento, CA to compete with AAR?

Support Alliance For a Better California

The MIT Media Lab $100 Laptop

Deval Patrick's education plan, October 6, Worcester

Anybody hear Kellys "Press Conference" today

Katherine Kersten's disgusting column today. Read only if you have a

Puke 'n Snot raise over $20,000 for hurricane victims!

Anti DeLay rally at his office in Clear Lake? Anyone?

Any Houston DUers going to the Sam Rayburn Dinner tomorrow?

Pro DeLay Rally in Houston tomorrow

Karl Rove will be in Dallas Wed. Oct 5

Hi Everyone, benburch is having a fundraiser now. For those of you all

A Dog's Survival Story From New Orleans. Thank You Rescue Groups!

U.S. Troops Obstruct Reporting of Iraq

Molly Ivins just made an interesting point on Hardball show...

Wild gorillas seen using tools for first time

Man, the city manager from my dad's tiny TX home is on "Countdown"

Indictments in the Plame affair could come as early as next week!

Harriet Miers is not a blank slate-she had something to do with the Swift

Libby was Miller's source--breaking on Countdown.

USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721) live on CSPAN2 now

U.S Military --Iraqi troops less capable of defending without U.S. forces.

Sen. Kennedy: Help Defend Our Values (I voted against the confirmation...)

Why did Miller go to jail?

Piece of trivia from Ray tal last night, whwn was the last time

So, let's say we have a huge terrorist attack, large numbers of first

The pincer move has been made, now watch the dominoes fall.

Live premiere episode of Will and Grace took a shot at Bush and DeLay

Fed. Govt Could've Saved $Millions by Sending Evacuees on 6 Month Cruise

Follow Up Sept. 24 Success With Impeachment Letters to Congress

Bennet is shaming Alan Colmes for smacking him on his radio show.

The heart of the opposition party

Well this didn't take long, N.O. will be all Clinton's fault soon

Arab women shun Bush confidante (KAREN HUGHES)

Been a bad month for Chimpy. I think he needs a vacation!

The John Roberts 'NO' Vote Appreciation Thread

NYT story on Miller, with some details

'Frog Marching' Bush to the Hague

Who says Bush doesn't care?

"The Revelation of Bill Bennet": NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

These Folks Are The BEST! SPCA Katrina Volunteers in New Orleans!

So, why did Scooter let Miller sit in jail so long?

Crocodile In New Orleans?

Not doing "Happy Dance" yet....

If Libby was J. Miller's source, can we still get KKKarl?

Breaking, Philly Inquirer: Scooter Libby was Judith Miller's source

What is the theme song for Majority Report?

What Supreme Court justice will Roberts most be like, if any?

My daughter is supposed to wear the Red, White, & Blue tomorrow

The Silent War

Google: Worst President Ever; I'm Feeling Lucky

Do Fundamentalists Have "Stepford" Eyes?

Real men don't veto gay marriage bills. Arnold is a wussie.

Interesting Primetime on ABC starting now

DeLaygate blown wide open. Is Rove next?

Who do you believe about the Pat Tillman/Noam Chomsky controversy?

Primetime Live is a must see...Clooney and Murrow...

Don't Ask the DOD How Much the War on Terror Costs...

So Judy Miller is singing in court tomorrow

No drinking ANYTHING outdoors on campus....

What's Done in Darkness...

What's Huffington talking about? Judith Miller, Bolton, etc...

It's time Dems start tossin sandbags on sinking S.S. Culture of Corruption

Looking for real info

DeLay Court Appearance Set for Late Oct.

Miller to Testify Friday

Army National Guard Offering Free iTunes in Exchange for Listening to Them

If You Were Calling Witnesses For The Impeachment, Who Would It Be?

Culture of Death....It's Official

What is puke druge saying about delay?

Will flag burning save the GOP?

O'Reilly might just be worse than Hannity

Please help me unfreep this poll on US involvement in Iraq

Slybacon9 about pictures from DC

$100K Reward Offered for Info Leading to Conviction of Corrupt Officials

Probing a Leak or Trying Terrorists, Patrick Fitzgerald Is Relentless

AAR gets new Chattanooga, TN liberal radio station.

Stupidest. Email. Ever.

Moral poverty....Anybody else sick of getting

Does anybody else think it is beyond coincidence that the same day Roberts

Jon is supposed to report in depth about Delay tonite

Does Bill Bennett get NFL tips from Rush Limbaugh?

"I am the guy who will bring down DeLay"

Greetings from Dallas...on way to Ft. Benito okay?

Laura's not wearing her wedding ring.

Is Normal Now A Mental Illness?

Miller testimoney may break plamegate wide open, classic

Take a lesson, Mr. Delay. It's called "Democracy".

Saddam's Trial...

This is not good at all, all four branches of gummit are owned now.

The Republican Red Snot Slingers vs the Democratic Blue Flame Shitters

So who here has actually spent more than a few days in jail ?

What do you think?

It's dump on Bill Clinton day (again)

dang - I just heard a clip of Bennet's statement. He starts with...

Is Dennis Prager


This is how the Republican Party thinks

Under what cirumstance is abortion moral? I've always thought about this

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow and Bowtie Guy, RE: Abu Ghraib pix,

Hey Tom! It's MY FAULT, okay? It's me! BLAME ME!!

Has anyone seen Novak since he blew up on CNN?

If you haven't seen Lord of War, don't recommend you to see it if you are

I think we should pressure fundamentalist schools to teach evolution

Justice Scalia Named Grand Marshal of New York's Columbus Day Parade

As his regime tanks, how will DC Dems interact with him?

United for DeLay Rally (Tom Delay has a "support" rally tomorrow)

Know any democrats who voted for fuckhead Arnold? Vetoes minimum wage

Wasted ten minutes of my life watching Hulk Hogan play moderate freeper...

Freepers think it was US who committed election fraud!

Black republican worries about stereotyping in Bennett's remarks

Why are people on DU becoming so negative toward fellow DUer's?

It is time to become the POLITICAL MAFIA...

anyone watch will & grace tonite?

Watch these guys...They're up to something

Judy Miller's Timing

David Brock is a dangerous man

Can someone please educate me about the Fair Tax Amendment?

"The Sixties" war and protest on the PBS channel NOW! (9:00)

I Have a Question - Why Would Libby / Rove Wave the Agreement?

Is the Perfect Storm brewing for the Bush fascists?

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 30

The Mainstream Media and Conservative Talk Radio cannot be trusted

Since we're now gunning for Bill Bennett again, here's an old photoshop

HOw much longer on Fitzgerald's investigation?

I've not heard this RW NOLA levee meme metioned on DU...anyone else?

Trio "marry" each other in Netherlands.

The Year of Dreaming Dangerously....The Pivot Year '68

What about Gore/Clinton (Bill, not Hillary) in 08?

2 Million Protestors kept Nixon from Nuking Vietnam...According to:

I got a call from signing up with Pet finders to foster a pet. But

Best picture yet of last Saturday's protest. (1/2 megabyte warning)

DU this poll please it's freeped

On August 8, Conyers blogged about Libby waiver of confidientality

The Sixties on PBS

So, to recap: those sleazy ambitious Democratic prosecutors are behind:

Is anyone watching The 60's on PBS?

Miller release no biggie to Murry Wass (reported Libby memo August 8)

Oh Tom Delay

I'm thinking of suing my state over Diebold, what do you think?

1960's - 70's Comrades

Judy Miller Being Released To Testify IS ALL GOOD!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

"Key question ... why did these administration officials lie so overtly"

A hunch about Libby and Miller

KOS: Bush Supporters of the Far Right: Cries from the Lake of Fire

Fitz had to lay the hammer down on Judy

Imagine Tom DeLay in Jail

NYTimes: "In their shameless refusal to present a new broom to the nation,

TDS is bombing!!!

More evidence why we need to 'draft' John Conyers to Lead our Nation.

Stripes letter: Danger security teams in Iraq (mercs)

DON'T MISS THIS!!!! Have You SEEN The RIDICULOUS Niger Forgery????

Will the Frist and the Hammer smash the Turdblossom?

DailyKos NAILS it!!!

A Polluter's Feast ~ Rolling Stone

I am going to have to buy a car (though I would rather not) - suggestions?

Did anybody see the "Sixities" PBS special?

IS a Quadfecta possible

How The Media Slimes John Kerry

ITunes and National Guard hitting on youth

I never believed Judy Miller was about "protecting journalists

Is/was anyone a Black Panther?

Bill Bennett: "You Could Abort Every Black Baby in this Country"

Judith Miller & Robert Novak: My jump-the-gun I-told-you-so

Safeway and my cheap supper for two

Labour's £10bn nuclear sell-off-US Firms tipped to Bid for Sellafield

'We have been lied to about the war. I dared to speak the truth'

Troops Wait For Body Armor Reimbursements


Miller Agrees to Testify in CIA Leak Probe

Arab women shun Bush confidante (KAREN HUGHES)

Missing Anglicans feared dead

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Clinton urges Bush to appoint to Supreme Court who would balance it

Stuffing Iraq's Ballot Boxes -A Times

6th World Social Forum Expects 80,000 to Come to Venezuela

Union leaders urge Bush to reinstate contract labor law

Boeing Machinists Ratify Contract (clearing way to end strike)

Senators Seek Explainer Cruise Ship Deal

Retired general: Iraq invasion was 'strategic disaster'

Bush poll numbers improve in Rita aftermath

Ill. Governor Implicated in Pension Probe

No SBA loan checks reach Katrina victims

Statements by Sulzberger, Keller, Miller on Her Release - E & P

Republicans may return DeLay's PAC funds (House Repubs "nervous as hell")

WP: Bennett Under Fire for Remark on Crime and Black Abortions

Top court rules B.C. can sue tobacco companies

82 Year Old Heckler returns to a HERO's welcome!

The UK Economy: Things Can Only Get Tougher--(Blair implications)

At Hearings, States, National Guard Appeal for Aid (for domestic disaster)

Prosecutor has drawn wrath of Dems, too

(Mitt Romney) stands by mosque wiretapping comments (in favor of)

NYT: Negroponte Review Leads to Upheaval in Spy Satellite Programs

New Orleans Launches 'Repopulation' Plan

Judge rejects US claim that terror threat exempts govt

Petro: How Noe stole millions from funds (Coingate: It's BAAAAACK!)

Case Set Against (Christian) School That Fired Unwed, Pregnant Teacher

Report: NASA Wasted Millions on Own Planes

Storm Evacuees Housing Lagging Behind U.S Goals ($2B contracts, 109 homes)

Florida tourists (from Britain) warned that locals could shoot them

Poll of New Yorkers: Bush is a disaster

FCC Releases Orders for Internet Backdoor Wiretap Access

Million Dollar Refugee Ships Lying Half Empty

(Alberta) Oil sands worth $1.4 trillion, study finds

Retired general: Iraq invasion was 'strategic disaster'

Dr. John on American Routes

Eagles up?

Rumors of Internet Explorer's Superiority Were Greatly Exaggerated

Happy Fall

Keith O just referred to Rupert Murdoch as a destroyer of worlds

Oh Hell! Now my phone's going to ring every morning

I got a job!

Well, this is gonna be an interesting weekend


Judith Miller out of jail after speaking with "scooter"

Will & Grace was on live tonight

Please help me I'm falling....

It's the Judy Miller Show!!!

How do you think I'm gonna get along without when you're gone?

Pictures of maganmonkey before and after her arrest for Civil Disobedience

Can you spell it? Word that means words that sound like what they describe

I confess. It was me. It's all my fault.

It depends.

I am not looking forward to this weekend

Austin's own Spamarama on FoodTV now.

Feingold vs. GOP in 2008

I am trying to quit smoking and the patch isn't working...

MIT Invents $100 AMD Linux laptop

Tonight I begin lighting candles for Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

Khash's Krusade For Kindness

GD vs Lounge-why do posters change/stay?

He's not gay

Brownie looks like one of the Pig People from the Twilight Zone! n/t

Comcast On-Demand has Maude and Barney Miller!!

David Tomblin, RIP (worked on "The Prisoner")

He's gay

"They're not doing it for you."

Bush supporters are stupid assholes.

Since I'm one of the obscure-oriented DUers - who remembers Levi Morton?

Get your snark out here!

MODS! Rabrrrrrr called me a "stream of bat piss"!

Where can I listen to good music on the net?

MODS! Rabrrrrrr DID NOT call Az a "ZombieNixon fetishist diaper wearer"!

I just got off the phone with Brian Wilson!

One of the worst movies I've ever seen is on Sci Fi now. Good Lord -

I have philosphically lost my big brother.

annie needs help with her homework

I won the powerball

I had conferences today


YES - I'm cross-posting.....

What was the name of that old computer game where you shot Nazis?

Is there an option for me to turn off large letters in DU?

Travel question

Scientists photograph giant squid


I have somehow lost my links at the page bottom

Time running out to name the Panda.

My show is on

Finally, I have seen Forrest Gump - it just ended on my DVD player.

Supergrass is on Jay Leno!

It's the first truly pleasant evening in months

Hotel internet sucks

I'm so excited, some chump gave me his credit card number online

The show is on AGAIN

I can't believe Jon Stewart said THAT to Chuck Schumer!

I'm so excited! We just booked a trip to Europe!!

why cant i write a statement of purpose

Post something cruel and hateful

self delete

You must see this!!!

haha, is messing with the repubs!

How do you know if a movie is the serious shit?

When you get dumped, what do you do after you and the ex leave?

Thursday night lyrics

Hubby just made pumpkin raisin cookies. Anybody want some?

Need help.

Good People of the Great State of New York

Hey, where is CaliforniaPeggy tonight?

Serious photographers: Question

John Ritter or John Rutter

Tips on cleaning a house quickly?

I'm so bored I am about to watch Waterworld.....

Have you ever been on a long, serious quest?

It's cold here in Pittsburgh.

Does anyone think David Spade is funny?

How much do you like your job?

Post here if you think that California Peggy is the bomb-diggedy

There was one Teacher I wish that could have did in high school...

I keep hearin' you're concerned about my happiness...

I saw a poster at my son's school today that made me happy

Is there gas in the car? No, there's no gas in the fucking car

anyone here on a vision quest?

I have made a firm decision to not fall in love again

I'm a man and I love My Little Pony!

There are bigger problems.

Is anything lamer than being caught behind some yokel doing 60k

I just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in....

Alert for the old and/or infirm peace-niks: mess with Guard Recruiters!

Smart grandchild exposes huge PLOT HOLE in "CINDERELLA"!

4 8 15 16 23 42 108

Damn it.

if ((char *)username == "ZombieNixon") goto sleep;

I've seen some pretty fucked up situations in my life...

"Your ankle might be broken, and you are a bitch"

Today is the Autumnal Alternox

I am proud to announce my new corporate sponsor, Bechtel

Abortion up to and including the age of eighteen...

if you go to and see a tuxedo cat reposing on a

Okay, my Mom was a Home Ec teacher, really strict on the

Since I'm one of the obscure-oriented DUers - who remembers Americathon?

I missed "Night Stalker" - how was it?

MODS! Khash did call Rabrrrrrr a donkey sodomizing ZombieNixon toe licker

AAAWWWW isn't it cute? ------ NOT A KITTEN!!!!

Under what cirumstance is hentai moral? I've always thought about this

'Corpse Bride' = Excellent. Run, don't walk, to see this.

So, I've seen three Stones shows on this tour.

Here's a sexy, juicy tidbit about the new film "A History of Violence" --

A creationist evangelist was scheduled for my town on Saturday night!!!

Atheism defines itself in opposition to theism.

British Columbia Wins Right to Sue Tobacco Companies

Two Teams Identify Chinese Bat as SARS Virus Hiding Place

Bird flu may kill 150m, warns U.N

Americans have been digging health care hole for decades

Regarding Medicare and Medicaid and Me

Lost island home of Odysseus Found After 3000 Years

Shuttle and ISS were mistakes - Nasa chief

ATTN: DU Scientists: Petition - "A Scientific Support For Darwinism, And

Aids virus 'could be weakening'

Priests "disciplined" for opposing initiative to ban equal marriage

Newspaper agrees to run watered-down ad promoting gay event

Big Pappi does it again!

Week 4 Power Rankings - Pittsburgh at top, Pats dismal at 6th

Pray for me.

What are the best astrology sites?

OK DU Astrologers...what the hell does all this mean?

The Magician * Tarot Key 1 * Hebrew Letter Beth

God is testing me (via my mother-in-law)

South Florida Atheists - Impromptu Meet-Up

USCGC Gallatin (WHEC 721) live on CSPAN2 now

A question I dare not ask in GD-P

Red Sox post: (ANd Judy Miller discussion. They fit somehow)

Why do I go to Kos. Why, why, why.

Should Kerry do The Daily Show again?

Anyone ever do a book?

Excuse me but :wtf:

Free -- TruthIsAll -- Elections Software– Do Your Own Analysis, Fire Bush!

Has everyone seen this? Judge orders release of Abu Ghraib photos...

KCRA3 - Web Poll: U.S. In Iraq

What was Stevens thinking when he swore in Roberts?

Miller to testify on Friday!

Who will be the next Republican to be indicted???

Bush pardons several drug dealers !!!!

Fawell testimony full of wisecracks (Ryan, Chicago)

Delay will slip through the brair patch

Priests "disciplined" for their political views

A refesher photos some never seen before..... dialup warning

Are we all loving TDS tonight?

What better time than now for the "ultimate clean candidate"

Sunnis: "no way" to Constitution deal

"get rid of those Democrats who persist in betraying us"

I just scared myself.

Ill. Governor Implicated in Pension Probe

Senator Chuck Schumer left speechless by Jon on The Daily Show

DLC voted differently on Roberts

CSPAN Schedule Friday September 30

I saw Matt Blunt on television today. How did this guy get elected

Which of the current repuke scandals has the most potential...

Anyone have a morbid hope that Roberts will not be as bad as...

one man could benefit from Katrina more than anyone: Pat Robertson

Write an email to support verified voting!

"Feingold can't win because he's Jewish and divorced"

I think we are looking at a McCain/Allen GOP ticket.

New DNC field directors from WI, SD, and OK were in DC for training.

Fox reports that Christmas spending to increase this holiday season.

Freeper Photo Freak-Show

On a Scale of 0-10 how enthusiastically would you support the following...

Barton (R-TX) ...took the unusual step of holding a marathon bill-writing

A series of quotes about Tom DeLay on ethics:

Hastert Assures Texan (Delay) He Will Play a Key Role

Yahoo: Pregnancies among unmarried teens have plummeted

Republicans have reason to worry - Indystar

Brownstein: GOP Takes One Step Forward, One Step Back

Losing patience with the drug czar (Rep. Souder, R-Ind)

Frist won't be treated as Stewart has been

WP Op-ed: Immoral Majority

Fayyad in Baghdad: It is no Longer Baghdad

Hastert's game plan foiled in sending in sub for leader

Author fuels row over Hitler's bomb

Bennett Under Fire for Remark on Crime and Black Abortions--WaPo

Guilty or not, DeLay will walk (Joe Scarborough)

Films on the web: Power to the people

Kristol Clear ,Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media

A CIA-Did-It Defense for Scooter (David Corn, The Nation)

Idea of the Week: What To Do Now In Iraq


New Leader, Tough Issues for Court in Transition

What on earth is she doing in the Middle East?: Karen Hughes, Stay Home!

There is No Iraq (Cenk Uygur)

What's the Friday Night News Dump?

Bush's friend takes US spin to Mideast (it is a hoot but now they really

Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media

Etan Thomas slams the Bush administration (wow!)

Krugman: The Way It Is

The jury is still out on Bush term ( Bush gets an A for foreign policy)

(RW) NH Union Leader: "Boot Delay: He Shamesthe GOP"

Molly Ivins: The DeLay defense

Bush Presidency Exposed, Crumbling (Margaret Carlson )

Is Iraq another Vietnam? Some vets say, 'No'

Re AAR: Right-Wing Media Gets Desperate

Anderson Cooper Wants To Pen Katrina Book

U.S. Personal Spending Falls 0.5%; Incomes Drop 0.1%

Katrina Bailout Means Big Deficits, Higher Taxes

Temps Rising, Extreme Weather Increasing In Yangtze Delta - Xinhua

No Link Between Current Warming, Solar Activity - New Scientist

GM Picking Up Pace On Hybrids, Says Bob Lutz - Detroit News

LA Environmental Damage "Unprecedented" - Boston Globe

Haaretz - (Larry) Franklin to testify against former AIPAC officials

Seeking justice abroad

Palestinians enforce weapons display ban

IDF chief clears soldiers who killed five Palestinians in raid

Fatah wins Palestinian elections

Incoming FDNY chaplain questions 9/11 story

FDNY Chaplain Resigns After 9/11 Remarks

Charts on Election Fraud

Paper or electronic: Ballot debate lives on (Palm Beach County, FL)

for Febble (RE: your PM, i prefer to speak in public)


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 9/30/05

Feedback needed regarding Micro-vote advertisement

New Mexico lawsuit update

Do not nominate the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News thread.

EAC Submission on behalf of CEPN

the CONSIDERED position:

This is it, folks! Let's get HR550 out of committee now!

Rep. Mary Bono, husband, make plans for divorce

Feinstein Calls on FEMA to Fill Regional Vacancies

Samson shorn?

AP: Pessimism reigns in California

Gropenator wants to hear from you on same-sex marriage. Call 916-445-2841

Unleashing Maria

Four-footed evacuees left at a shelter in Houston available for adoption

Long Beach Press Telegram: Analyzing redistricting

(Patty) Judge says she favors business health insurance incentives

Deval Patrick's health care plan

(St Paul) Hurricane aid center to close

Driving to New Orleans

Would you want to own a car that can swivel 360 degrees?

So I made a slide show of DC protest photos on Power Point

Non-profit needs a banner made....

EU wants shared control of Internet

FBI to get veto power over PC software? (copy post to Comp group)

Clean up Ohio's Elections vote yes on Issues 2, 3, 4, & 5

Protest RACIST Bill Bennett in Cincinnati next Tuesday!

Rally for Equality - Tomorrow (Saturday) in Columbus

Guess who just called? Tom 'Bugman' DeLay!

Feingold campaigns for...

WI neocon U.S. Reps. voted to destroy Endangered Species Act

Wisconsin State Journal called to say they are running my letter

Is there definitive proof that Jesus of Nazareth existed?

what's a good computer maker to buy off of?

Melodybe!!!!! where are you? URGENT!!

NYT: Must Read re. Reproductive Issues! Nightmare for African Women...

So does this mean that Libby is taking the wrap for Bolton?

Who thinks we are going to see some new soldiers in the torture photos?

Roberts Kids: CLONED ?

Will & Grace took shots at BushCo in front of a live audience tonight

You've gotta see this photo. JFK, Lincoln, Washington, and... George Bush?

MIT rolls out $100 Linux machine (laptop computer)

Reading a book called Election 2004: How Bush/Cheney won

I'm afraid the youth today don't have what it takes

Caption this pix

Did anyone notice how quickly Scottie said that protesters have the right

NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY -- new toon 9/30/05

Commitee chairs will be more diverse than ever if we win in '06

Bernie Ward's reading the Capitol Hill Blue article.

Political discussion on Paltalk?

Interesting statistics on the Iraq war, military, etc.

Shit... meet fan - more torture photos to be released

TV3 New Zealand just showed the new torture photos

Judith Miller's Plausible Reliability

Schumer/Edwards 2008?

Santorum's wife was living with abortion clinic founder

Keef, "keep your knees loose, good night and good luck" O.

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Senator Charles Schumer

C-Span Washington Journal - Are Democrats devoid of Ideas?

Exposing the Maw of Bush's Gulag - Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

Why are people complaining about the timing of Miller's testimony?

Ayalon: Israel will stand by DeLay

My charity tshirts made an AP article this morning and it's just rude.

fascinated by planes, he indeed declared,

Booze Brought On DeLay's Downfall

Branded entertainment taking over television...

"People are trying to make the Bill Bennett comment about race!"

CSpan Question - Are Dems devoid of ideas?

Bill Bennett to African Americans: "You're dragging us down"

Fweeper SlimeRoaches Giddy Delay to be on El Rushbozo's Show

And so it starts -Wall Street Journal "forum" on PBS (w/poll): website to take back control of US Senate

nut Coulter sposed to be on nut Bill Bennett show/no he cancelled her

CBS This Morning: Miller's Source is Scooter Libbey

Ok - Gore-Conyers

HUD chief foresees a 'whiter' Big Easy

Times Reporter Free From Jail; She Will Testify - NYT

Dear Old Dad Post 2: Another juicy tidbit from a RW father

Miller released same day Justice Dept provides list of * pardons

Pick your poison:

Deep down Bill Bennett really would like to abort all the black babies?

108 killed in Iraq in 24 hours

Societies worse off when they have God on their side

Earle indicting Delay is like.....

Here's a Miller theory

Judith Miller will.....

Man, I wish I had $3Mil to give to this school...

Does Miller's testimony open door for her NYT colleagues to testify?

Law and Order: GOP (My 300th Post)

I'm so sick of the Kennedy-Chappaquiddick reflex.

Has Judith Miller already gotten a huge advance for a book deal yet?

Student "Ambassadors" promoting peace

Ground Control to Major Tom: Operation X in full swing DO NOT CLICK ON

Bill Bennett - Pro-Abortion advocate?

Senators Engage in "Shenanigans"

General Myers steps down ...... Why do I see a SHINY MEDAL in his future?

Largest U.S. vets group starts 'letter' drive to tell of good news from ir

What did the CIA do to get Judith Miller to testify against the Bush?

Willingly Deceived: Pat Roberston to DeLay: "We're Praying For You"

Peace mom Cindy Sheehan meets with Elizabeth Dole over Iraq war

MAYBE what bill bennett meant was:

How long will Judy Miller be in front of the Grand Jury?

Flame away, however, there is only one reason women of a certain age -->>>

The (Real) Trouble With Cronyism

HUD Chief Forsees A "Whiter" Big Easy (GOP's Racism Showing Again)

Is it just me or has racism become more blatant recently?

What happened to Fascist Friday?

Aha! This Bill Bennett, who owns a virtual school called K12.

Thank you, Bill Bennett for giving me clarity of purpose

This country is run by a bunch of MORONS,

Pentagon hunts 9/11 whistleblower... accused of stealing pens


Okay help me with this one; Iraq is having more elections in December...

2008.. 2008... 2008... 2008... 2008... 2008... 2008... 2008...

May I today, share a thought

Supreme Court Cases That Have Affected Americans


What Time is Judy Miller Testifying? And Where Can I Hear Her Testimony?

British police lies on London bombings

Iraq...It is all Clintons fault

* Only pResident in History that's Graded on the Curve"

Revisiting Bush's 2003 SOTU address

Is This A Spoof? We Report, You Opine

A 'whiter' Big Easy...From the HUD chief

Have a Nice Weekend Everyone

Times lawyer says Justice Department aims to plumb leaks in another case

US governor stands by mosque wiretapping comments

The Liar Clock:

ADD Med increases Suicidal Ideation. That's one helluva side effect, huh?

Good ole "moral" Bill Bennett

Any DeLay Mugshots released?

Rove, Libby, DeLay, Franklin - Who's Next? >>>

HUD is falling down on the job, too

CNN doing Judy Miller

This goes in my WTF file....from FR "A true story"?????

Did anyone see Bill Bennett on hannity and Colmes?

Abort all the Bush Children!

Fmr Drug Czar not only 1 flappingtrap: HUD chief foresees a 'whiter' NO

and the walls..come tumbling down

Broadband Users Voted for Kerry

Media Matters has Rush "drug addict" Limbaugh

How to argue with a RW Nut, if you have to...

Did these People ever exist, the ones who have fallen

When the Nixon Administration installed Pinochet...

Bigotry strolls in the front door at churches this Sunday

Why is the US Coast Guard Honor Guard participating in the Myers ceremony?

Tomdispatch Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Have there been any TV news reports from Iraq lately?

Hi everybody.

Virginia Governor's Race on Nov 8, 2005 (Tim Kaine now tied with Kilgore)

Does, you have my word as a gentlemen, hold the same weight as it use to?

Maybe Bill Bennett's "Book of Virtues" needs some new reviews

help - bills in house and senate to eliminate local public access tv

WHY can't we (Liberals/ Lefties) mount a consistent attack!!!???

Biologists Observe Gorillas Using Tools

DOD briefing NOW

Drug addict Limbaugh says libruls scared of new media

Avoid controversy.

Frank RICH "trends Lib" But Not a Lib Apologist and "had no use for KERRY"

Drug addict limbaugh say Abortion has killed life However

Please DU this CSM poll:

So Does Fritz Have Indictments Typed and Ready to Go?

Heard on C-SPAN this morning

DeLay: "... a modest, decent and considerate man."

"Christian" Family Member forwarded this to me today.

NYT (AP): U.S. Consumer Spending Fell Unexpectedly in August

From what I have read in my short time here

"A vote against me will not bring the troops home"

So Miller testifies it was Libby who told her

Froomkin asks the question: "So what was Miller doing in jail?"

Faux "News" watchers i have a question for you

Question about web site traffic: Can a lot of people with a site up,

"Welcome to the killing fields cafe..."

Can 'Class' become 'Caste'?

Hurricane Rita now blamed for 100 deaths (mostly before hurricane)

It is not racism.

Paul Krugman: The Way It Is (9/30 column)

"Dutch Set to Expand Euthanasia Guidelines"

Instant Karma!

Anybody got the lyrics to Tom Dooly ? We need to revamp

Black CSPAN WJ caller just called NOLA mayor "Nayger".

I have a question

Re-pub-li-can.......It's all in a word.

"If We Abort This Presidency, the Crime Rate Would Go Down"

Heinberg: Putting In Place Mechanisms For An Authoritarian Regime

Is Judy still testifying?

Absolut Corruption

Imagine one hundred thousand people marching on New Orleans

Simi Valley-Bell Canyon fire pictures

Black Helicopters! ---pix->>>

Suggested Rule Change, your opinion?

2 Repugs to return DeLay's PAC funds:

John Kerry: "Incompetence. Indictments. Misguided policies. Misplaced..."

It seems alot of bush's people have jumped ship lately...

When you hear "pro-life" or "cherish life" commercials on tv or radio...

New forum proposal...

Caption this * and Rummy pic...

Is General Myers the Mike Brown of the military?

Some Churches in the US, big ones, have overstepped their bounds and

Executive orders by Bush

So... let's get this straight - because I am having a hard time with this.

Consumer Spending Drops; Katrina Causes $100B in Losses

Do we just all assume every dem that ticks us off is in the DLC?

I can't believe I'm saying this but Scarborough did a smack down

Cheney: looking more and more like greedy Mr. Potter

Let's say a big prayer (or whatever you prefer) for Fitz

Randi Rhodes is going to be on C-SPAN ?

So who is Judith Miller continuing to cover for?

"Gas prices high? Try an eco-friendly, $3.5 mln Skycar"

From E&P: Statement From Judith Miller After Testifying

Edgy W talks damage control to GOP big wigs - NYDN

Kennedy: Culture of Corruption

Limbaugh says "teddy kennedy cannot talk about morals"

"I prayed for the destruction of Katrina. This is God's wrath."

I am giving away to the most worthy candidate

Bennett said blacks are GENETICALLY more likely to commit crime

The Funny Thing About Judith Miller...

Is anyone familiar with World Net Daily, and Rev. Jesse

Bird Flu could kill 150 million.

the us coast guard rescued or evacuated more than

White House Criticizes Bennett for Remarks - NYT

So the "orange" magnetic ribbon--what does it stand for?

Poll: Do black babies commit too much crime in America?

So Judy does NOT have to tell all?

"The Republicans are crumbling" - Pelosi

"Are the Democrats devoid of ideas?"

This has probably already been suggested re: the Roberts vote

Miller Testifies in CIA Leak Investigation

Joe Wilson on Big Ed's show NOW.

Did anyone see Bob Bennet on Wolf?

What does DU think about Barack Obama?

A Right to Privacy Coalition???

Scooter's Defense...?

I didn't realize Judy Miller's lawyer is Bill Bennett's brother

Militia group to launch border sweep


Why did the New York Times get SCOOPED on Miller release?

$2.77 /gallon for propane

Do you CARE if Bill Bennet or any politician apologizes?

Good riddance, General Myers

What, or who is holding the DOW up?

Scooter Libby re: Judith Miller

Just a coincidence that Miller agrees to testify the same day Roberts

Letters to Prez - another moonbat weighs in

Joss Whedon's Serenity is a big middle finger to FOX and Murdoch.

LA Times: Something crass lurks behind the do-gooder smile

Ok, I've gone over to Freeperville

Heads up: David Brock on with Big Ed

Didn't you have a feeling all along...

Joseph Wilson: "act of cowardice" of Miller's source

So, Greece was going to give us cruise ships for free?

10 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes by Tom DeLay....

Judith Miller claims she would only have testified if 2 conditions met.

What happened with the Endangered Species Act?

Here's an interesting question that might need some investigation...

Bush-Be-Gone Index bounces to record high

Demand Tom DeLay's resignation now!

Economic Cleansing vs. Ethnic Cleansing

6000 Year Old Spider Embedded in Amber, blood intact.

Can't wait for the day: Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald Press Conference 3PM

RW'ers support Lying

Indicted DeLay co-conspirator Jim Ellis and "racial gerrymandering"

The Moral Values Thread

who the f*ck is bill bennett anyhow?

We only need 10 more people to register and we'll have 78,000 DUers!

They say Bush people are "loyal"

Judith Miller a hero for all journalists!

WashTimes: Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades

humorous email: Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French

Owen has withdrawn name for SCOTUS

The "Immigration Issue" .... whats the issue... exactly?

Question for military people:

Juduth Miller's "narrow" testimony today.

*** Friday TOONS : More Delay ***

Hannity can`t sell out his show.

Let's all stop with the apologizing..and the demands for apologies

RW'ers are saying that we are playing dirty.

A way to counter this argument: there are no facts in DeLay's indictment?

Good riddance, General Myers, master of war and a lying son of a bitch!

Rummy's gone mad: "How Would Terrorists Explain Failures to al Qaeda?"

Reid Remarks on Culture of Cronyism and Corruption

FBI to get veto power over PC software?

140,000 U.S. troops occupying Iraq, almost 2,000 have been killed.

protest RACIST Bill Bennett in Cincinnati, OH next tuesday

Miller should still be in jail....

Are these lyrics right wing/reactionary (at least in part)

When you go to war without the will of the people, you lost already.

Anyone else feel too much pressure from being in the "Situation Room"?

Damn this MSGOP poll is getting freeped, show those racist assholes that

Around the country economic check-in:

Can you smell it on my breath? ---pix->>>

Limbaugh going crazy today.

Jim Ellis: "A map that returns Frost, Doggett and Edwards is unacceptable"

Miller testimony to end grand jury CIA probe

Dean and Bennett

Hey, Guess Who's the Grand Marshal of NYC's Columbus Day Parade? >>>

We've used a billion gallons of gas in Iraq.

Dean, DNC call Blunt part of "culture of corruption". DNC research.

Charles Kruthammer is crazy!!

Karen Hughes – the personification of persona non grata

AmericaBlog: Some of Bill Bennett's "best friends" are black women

Danish Air Force Compensates Santa After Killing Rudolf The Reindeer…

What if you aborted every fat pasty white gambling or drug addicted puke?

Irony Alert: Rice: Iraq Must Not Be Given Up to 'Killers'

The Vacation President... taking another vacation??

When will the following Republicans condemn Bennett's statements?

The DeLay support is really telling of the 'base'

Bush Administration Waives Actions Against Saudi Arabia

'We Have Been Lied to About The War. I Dared to Speak the Truth'

Could Miller's other source(s) be...

WARNING: Bird flu pandemic 'could kill 150m'

Cool, Anderson Cooper used to be a punk and dated a black drag queen!

Limbaugh fans in a tizzy over Harkin's fairness on AFN amendment.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian - 'I expect to die in prison'

Wingers keep sucking foot: Blogger defends Bennet "slip of the tongue"

What the freepers are saying about Bennett (I feel so unclean!!!!!!!).

Good gwarsh. Why do Republicans say such stupid things?

Response from Red Cross re: Blackwater in Algiers

Is Bush/Neocon era part of the Reagan-era, sagebrush-rebellion, New Right?

George Clooney’s “Good Night, and Good Luck”

Guess who just called me personally? Tom 'Bugman' DeLay!

The Sunday shows should be great this week.

DU this poll!

OK people, remember to keep creating those FreeRepublic accounts...

Question on Judy Miller

Is this how Judith Miller got in the news today?

Closer examination of Bennett's remarks reveals what he was really

Tom Delay is a candy-ass.

Bill Bennett is not alone: The problem is a HUGE % of Americans

Nobel Peace Prize 2005:Hugo Chavez makes the final list, Powell, Bono

I'm already tired of Delay's "poor me, I'm just the victim of

I am not even remotely interested in visiting a "whiter" New Orleans

One year ago today:

Why "DEAD" is a good title for a post involving the loss of...

So what does the end of a quarter have to do with giving campaign money?

Marie Laveau invokes a truth curse on Bush

Bennet didn't have to say "black."

Comcast now scrambling C-Span in Sacramento.

What can happen when you are under the age of 18 and you want

ON YAHOO: U.S. Insists on Keeping Control of Web

So, if Bennett thinks it's okay to say what he said, how about this???

Race. Poverty. Class - the schisms this country needs to face up to now!

Mexico sides with Canada RE: Softwood lumber

* Caption this

From Seattle Times on Brownie and

Leonard Peltier Update 09/29/05 from Toni @ LPDC

I might get a chance to interview a couple US soldiers soon

What Idiot Would Have a Nickname of "Scooter"

Iraq is a friggin' disaster. When does it become obvious for these nitwits

Why is Mary Landrieu sticking up for Bush on Anderson Cooper

"Al Qaeda" cleric exposed as double agent for british MI5

Is the Miller story Bush Admin way of changing subject from Incompetence.

**My long angry Rant about Bennett and the White House response**

This is what I don't get about Bennett...

Remember all that $$$ Bennett wasted on gambling? Wonder where he got it?

Potential Free Republic Names

Caption arnie

Bill Bennett in Full Context - Chris Floyd

Judy, Judy, Judy ---pix->>>

Freakonomics guy on Bennett's obscene blather:

NYT: No Arrest Warrant To Be Issued Against Tom DeLay

I Notice That "Scooter" Is Now "Lewis"

Vacay for Bush this weekend at Camp David-Bring on the Jack Daniels!

"Marijuana-smelling, Beetle hair-styled, dirty-faced wild zombies..."

Bush thinks Bennett's comments were not appropriate

Constituents roll call...Who serves you?

with misogynist Roberts on the bench, our america is dead and gone

More on the bogus "FBI forces Suicide Girls to remove pics" story

Hey Rummy, have you ever read Article. I., Section. 8., Clause 1?

Bill Bennett can NEVER appear on any network besides Fox!

What's the Friday Night "News Dump?" Is it Miller earlier or Something

Bennet would have been immediately indicted in France

URGENT! 2-minute action item to save our elections - deadline today!

XM Stations on Directv starting Nov 15

Minds behind posting

So You Think You Can Dance? "The Code of DeLay: A Baroque Guide"

Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media

Is Roberts Skull and Bones?


The Gov't did explode levees & flood low-lying poor areas in NOLA

Bennett on with Tweety NOW on Hardball MSNBC...

Scooter Libby gave Judy Miller "permission" to talk? WTF is going on?

Something does not jive...

TalkLeft: Delay, Earle, and the REAL story behind the Hutchison case.

Been to lately?

See Bush Remove His Klu Klux Klan Hood !!

Can you spare a just moment to help White Rose?

Please Help Refute This Freeper E-mail re: * Repeal of Posse Comitatus

Did Bennett just give the Dem's their chance to cut the abortion albatross?

Now we know why they're Red States

E&P article re: Valerie Plame & how her testimony may be limited to Libby

Cafferty Question of the Day

du poll, dallas texas on bennett. THEY PULLED POLL. COWARDS

"We could be looking at $10-a-gallon gas this winter."

The Short Sharp on Bill Bennett: Because they've built a media machine...

Why does anyone believe anything Judy, Arthur & Bill say. If I don't ...


Want voter verified paper ballots? We need your help NOW!!!

LOL! Fire and Brimstone

A Special Message From Tony Trupiano -PLEASE READ. CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT

Was the D-Day Museum in New Orleans damaged badly?

Hammer to the Slammer, Cruisegate, Curtains for the GOPMOB?

Just figured out who Judith Miller reminds me of.

Blumenthal: Karen Hughes is "Bin Laden's little helper "

DeLay Suppoprt Rally Today at 4 in Houston. Mwahahahah.

I thought I'd be attacked for not standing during the national anthem.

DIEB-THROAT, Me & Ann Coulter, Election Reform & The BRAD SHOW LIVE!

Is the abortion debate about controlling sexuality?

WORLD CAN'T WAIT - Drive Out the * Regime! - STRIKE 11/2/05

Bill Bennett: Racist

I'm sorry, but you can't prove to me that Tom Delay is quilty. Period.

"Judy's Lawyer: Testimony was broader than Libby" from Daily Kos

Video: C&L: Delay case grand jury foreman speaks out against Earle bashing

FR: New "Chart Soaring" Single "Bush Was Right" RAWKS!

Man on DeLay grand jury just gave interview in Austin local news

DU this Bill Bennett poll

C-Span Washington Journal ...Freaky RW Friday: Gore Could Run

Do you care about Politics? Or Right and Wrong

"Fitzgerald and his attorneys seem confident in whatever they are pursuing

Bush Administration lets Saudi Arabia do whateverthehell they

Let's catalog the Right's expressed racism; add your "favorites":

Repubbies are like the "evil universe" Enterprise crew in "Mirror, Mirror"

Seminal Republican Moment

Please help me with this Question...

WANTED: Karl Rove WANTED flyer

We're losing in Iraq because of people like you!

Stress relief: Bounce George through the bubbles.

Alphonso "Uncle Tom" Jackson (Bush* house boy) on N.O./Black leaders

The story of my White House Arrest

More credible than Delay: Jury Foreman comes to Earle's defense (video)

My God 35% do not think Bennet's comments were bad - Vote

OUTRAGE!! Red Cross airs Bush propaganda

Arianna says that Fitz is planning on extending the grand jury

Sen. Barack Obama's post at dkos (great read)

Saw my first "Friend of Hillary" bumpersticker today

Is the abortion debate about controlling sexuality?

Flood damaged cars are being resold!

K Hughes: "Our constitution cites 'one nation under God'."

A Plamegate refresher - Lawrence O'Donnell and the redacted 8 pages

people returning home in NO finding dead bodies "horrible times"

Is Avian flu the next national disaster?

Where did all the money go?

Current "Hot Tub Tom" DeLay Videos

Iraq: A Progressive Exit Strategy - The Center For American Progress

I Have To Applaud The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy! Fine Work!

Freeps in absolute panic -- watching DU around the clock. WE MUST NOT

A Tale of Two Lives Destroyed by Abu Ghraib

Here are two reasons why I believe JUDITH MILLER WILL NOT GIVE THE TRUTH:

Me and Mrs bearfan are going out to eat tonight.

Shrimp pasta recipe help

Need some new recipes - bake and crockpot

U.S. government 'dysfunctional': McKenna

Douglas Alexander: Labour 'should learn from Bush'

Ex-GCHQ translator/Labour MP arrested by bankruptcy cops

Despair of Navy chief facing child porn case

Tube death probe delay explained (Ian Blair letter)

Excellent Rowson TOON

EVACUATION "like a horror movie" (Rita evacuees denied help)

NYT: No Arrest Warrant To Be Issued Against Tom DeLay

CNN: Judith Miller-Cheney Chief of Staff Was Secret Source

Contractor agrees to plead guilty to bid-rigging rocket contracts

Car Bomb Kills 11 in Iraqi City

UN probe seen fingering Syrians in Hariri killing

LAT: DeLay Case May Require Insider Testimony

Incoming FDNY chaplain questions 9/11 story

Freed N.Y. Times Reporter Appears In Court

McKenna criticizes U.S. system, deficit

Kenya stand-off ends in MP arrest

NYT reporter breaks silence in CIA probe case (Libby named!)

Santa compensated for dead reindeer

GOP agenda still viable, says Dent

'Africa's Pinochet' faces extradition and trial for crimes against humanit

WTO Panel Condemns Tax Breaks for Some

Office manager dies days after being shot by former worker at nail polish

DeLay Goes on Radio and TV to Proclaim Innocence

Army's Recruiting Lowest in 26 Years

Peace mom Cindy Sheehan meets with Elizabeth Dole over Iraq war

Mass Graves Found Linked to Afghan Poll Candidates

Talabani: continuous dialogue with Sunnis over constitution

help - bills in house and senate to eliminate local public access tv

Four US soldiers wounded in Afghan blast

Expert Predicts 'Perfect Set-Up' for Avian Flu Pandemic (hitting US too!)

Miller Arrives to Testify in Leak Probe

Incoming FDNY chaplain questions 9/11 story

Myers Leaves Top Military Post Confident of Iraq Strategy

NASA chief warns that U.S. may end participation on Russian space flights

'Able Danger' officer's clearance revoked

Carnival CEO defends cruise ship deal for hurricane refugees

Pentagon dismisses new report on US military torture in Iraq

Bush threatens defense bill veto, warning on prisoners

Russian ammo dump fire prompts evacuation

American to cancel daily 15 round trips, cite high fuel prices

Raids on Indian government staff

Noe Stole BWC Cash for Home, Petro says

GAO: Education Department broke rules (Armstrong Williams)

Court: Neb. Went Too Far on Sentencing

General who led US military in turbulent times steps down

Drug fumigation plane crashes in Colombia

Police kill 12 protesting Indian students (Gauhati)

India's Economy Up 8.1 Percent in Quarter

U.S. Ambassador Denies Existence of U.S. Plan to Invade Venezuela

Voting machine problems noted during primary

Boeing, Bell apologize for mosque attack ad

Ferry dispute paralyses Corsica

Martin sees aggressive, active foreign policy

US accused of protecting Cuban militant

Miller testimony to end grand jury CIA probe

Bush's plunging popularity bodes ill for Santorum (PA poll)

North Dakota governor not running for U.S. Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 30 September

MSNBC: Storms in U.S. divert gaze from worsening Iraq ("It's Hell")

Bush signs stopgap bill to fund government

Pentagon, Lawmakers Resist Greater Military Role in Disasters

Outbreak of Violence Kills More Than a Hundred Iraqis in 2 Days

$2,480 for less than two hours of work to cover each damaged roof in NOLA

Lanpher leaving Franken show

Drunken(R) Senate Staffer loses Job after screaming at the police

Miller Testifies to Grand Jury on CIA Leak

Rumsfeld Defends Iraqi Troops' Progress

Edgar says no to governor run (IL)

Minutemen step up US border patrol; violence feared

South African sentenced to life in prison for death of man thrown into lio

American security contractor allegedly shoots dead his Afghan interpreter

Italy seeks more arrests in CIA kidnap case (including diplomat)

Chavez guarantees oil for 200 years for South America

Bush Delays Action Against Saudi Arabia(for restricting religious freedom)

13 U.S. Troops Die In Latest Iraq Violence

White House criticizes Bennett for comments on blacks and crime

Rice says Iraq must not be given up to 'merciless killers'

Army faces worst recruiting slump in years

EU wants shared control of Internet

Administration threatens veto over terror-war detainee amendments

GAO: Education Dept. Broke Rules (Hiring Columnist/Williams a Violation!)

Pace becomes first Marine to hold nation's top military post

Cracks seen in GOP front on DeLay

DeLay to serve as GOP adviser

GOP Candidate Distances Self From Bush

Four guards charged in the death of female inmate

(Senator) Salazar: Bush 'acts like a king'

LAT: Study: Adept Liars' Brains Are Built Differently

Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves to Europe

U.N. Official: New Flu Pandemic Could Kill Millions

Blunt Linked to DeLay Co-Conspirator

HUD chief foresees a 'whiter' Big Easy ("never again...majority black")

Anybody has a straight razor?

another lounge post

I have made a firm decision to not fall in cement again.

If you didn't get to mug Scorpio in DC last Saturday


If you didn't get a Scorpio hug in DC last Saturday

I have made a firm decision not to eat Canuckamok's Tuna Surprise again

My midl dsyleixa is plyanig gemas wtih ym mnid toginht

WAITING looks like the most disgusting movie EVER

My decision has considerably weakened

Other than being too silly at times

Dolomite in my Bathtub: Why?

have you ever grappled?

Vegemites in my bathtub

How many licks does it take to get to the greatests page

Are we concerned about HeyHey's happiness?

How many votes does it take to make the greatest page?

Sodomites in my Bathtub: Why?

To ALL of my deer Lounge Lizard friends tonight!

Does the repetition of the same video over and over on "Countdown"

Need wireless LAN advice

My mild dyslexia is playing games with my mind tonight

Gettin' really tired, so gonna say goodnight all!

Who knows OVER DE ROOJE?

KitchenWitch has 10 threads on 1 page alone!

Scratching an itch..aardvark style

Termites in my Bathtub: Why?

I love cardigan sweaters. I've loved them for years.

Sara, my drooling kitty has been re-named

The most incredible thing I've seen in a long time:

Why can't the daily show get any good new guys?

Pick your favorite dope tune from this list: Kid Charlemagne

The rules apply to everyone but me

"Patience" by GNR...

I can't stop yawning

Gigi Goyette - If you don't know that name, you should know it

Would someone please slap me

Which one of us is worse?

One more thread before I go - check out this page

Goodnight everyone, time to put you guys out of your misery

Like sweet poetry to our ears, I bring you the words of Etan Thomas

I'm Audi all

uhhhh.........W T F ?!?!?!

Good night folks

Some inspiration this morning...

Today's ZINGS!

Good morning.

Busy little Republican beez

Good Morning, Everyone!

OK, folks...It's time to post those desktops again!

500 Viagra Pills Delivered To Pastor

Study Says Having Babies Kills A Woman's Sex Drive

Is your SO like anyone in your family?

Harvey Danger - Download Album "Little by Little" For Free

Do you work for The Man

Why are electric cats derided?

Battle Hymn of the Chimp

Why are electric cars derided?

I hate linux

The "Dope" on Kid Charlemagne

Where's the hate mailbag?

Man Escapes With Pet Pig - Pig Attacks Police

So some maniac just tried to run me off the road...

Ethics test

I Need To Know

Is this a divorcable offense?

rumsfeld informed bush* of 4 Brazilian deaths in iraq yesterday...

Couples Wed On 'Marry Your Baby Daddy Day'

A joke

Great Gay Getaways

Thinking about a Florida vacation?

Couple Win Court Battle - Allowed To Name Daughter After Whisky

OMG!!! This is HUGH!!1

DHS - Terrorist Reading List (humor)

ATTN: must-read Brazilian Joke!

Today is a happy day for DS1 - Monica Bellucci's birthday is today

I'm series!!!111!

Great joke (SOteric might like this one)

Please help us with our defiant teenager.

what's a good computer maker to buy off of?

This joke is Teh Funny@1!!

Woman Wins "Legs of a Goddess" Contest

Ha-ha! * thinks Brazilian is a number. READ THIS:

Moderator locked my fave thread and I knew the answer!

Which toothpaste do you use?


Not a SEX Thread

Dog, that got hit by a car, took himself to the vet.


Meet the "NEW" Copycat!

Adult Film Star Says She Is Retiring

I just wrote a joke about Brazil and it's a doozy!

No more Brazilian jokes!!!

Looks like I need to avoid the lounge today

Check it out-a BRAZILIAN Giant Squids in a park

New York Has Ban on Brazilians in Parks (Brazillions Ticketed)


Here-- twenty dollars off a brazilian.

Forgive me Carl Sagan.....

We haven't killed a kitten in a while


OMGLOL!!1!! Have You Seen This???

Sepultura appreciation thread!

ENOUGH with the Brazil! I already live in Framingham

Who wants to see Gannon/Guckert?

Very serious question

Mass brawl marks Pakistan's first women's soccer final

I'm getting a Brazilian wax today

Fuck this! I'm leaving DU for evil!

Big boobed Wiccan vegatarian with Goddess legs on a unicorn *PICS* >>>

Gorillas caught on tape

Ok, it's Friday and it's 9:38 CST........

Rotating snakes

Anna Nicole at the USSC

I just bought the following bumper stickers

A question about deleted posts

If you're horny

Breaking - rubber glove manufacturers fear shortage

I figured out why we're getting all the jokes!

Hi-tech beermats for 21st Century

this just in-ran out of people! the war is over!

New Car Body Pivots 360 Degrees So You Never Have To Back Up (Pic Too)

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

What no Nighthawks thread?

Psychic Pets...Genuine or Fraud?


Pet detective hits New Orleans

The 23rd Qualm

Village that prides itself on being drug-free doesn't like pot leaf billbo

ROOMBA! Do you have one?

HEY! I've got a Brazilian joke for ya!

Is anyone a member of

Strange Odors Reported Across DC

September 30: An Auspcious Day.

Who liked the movie Super Troopers?

Biologists observe gorillas using tools


Spare him the humiliation ....

One Brazzillion Dollars

My husband bought me lots of fruit last night

Any Stephanie Miller fans here?

Just heard from a friend that there is a whale off of Rockaway Beach, NYC

HAND OF G-D......honest.

Pet Psychics... Genuine Or Fraud?

Up all night on a mission of mercy

Metallica writes new tribute to the Lounge

JAMES DEAN - R.I.P. 9/30/55

I don't wanna work, Wanna bang on me drums all day

Roberts kids: Cloned? Closeted homo toddlers? Pre-pubescent racketeers?

To ALL of my dear Lounge Lizard friends tonight!

Anyone watch Will & Grace last night?

The official Magistrate appreciation thread

Facts about Braz............

Man Successfully Rows Boat Across The Atlantic

Hi everybody.

Bush has a third daughter?

You know what REALLY sucks?

Another Bush Joke...Brazilian free, I swear

Just for Friday: The Museum of Bad Art

A friend and i were talking about procrastination

If you are a sprite, post here. n/t

How many DUers does it take to tell a bush joke?

Ahem. In regard to the Brazilan joke:

Allergies, cold season - or mold?

Parents Try To Get Children Out Of School With Bats

Irreverent jokes in Stephen King's writing.

New DU tombstone suggestion: Here lies a teller of the Brazilian joke...

Who here knows any braz...

What's your favorite smilie? LOL

It's the "NEW" Copycat!

Lyrics Contest - Revamp the old folks song Tom Dooley

I admit it ..... I LOVE CASTRO!

Black Orpheus

I've got good news, everyone!

"Sam...... Sam Lowry........"

If you're a troll post here.

Who has seen Lord of War w/ Nick Cage?

National holidays for everyone!

Wow, bush is looking bad these days. Things must be getting to him-pic

If you are a gremlin, post here.

Five Bush Jokes

Man, I'm tired I was up till dawn playing solitaire with a deck of 51

When You Think Of Brazil... What City Comes To Mind?

This thread is dedicated to the paranoid person

ENGLAND: Bishop backs panty parties to spread Church message

*sigh* another streak ends-this one was about 15 years

If you're an orc, post here

If someone sees RevCheeshead, tell her I have a confession to make!

Oh, give me a break. Mindless consumerism at its finest - this site:

lionesspriyanka, redqueen and southlandshari are eloping together

The Look of Love

I just heard this great new joke!

What is the difference between DEAD! and Dead

I made a moderator resign in frustration - call me anything

Coool, got my security deposit on my old apartment back today :)

It's Friday ya Bastards, Sister Randi is preaching some more about Sen.

If you are a member of DU post here

Has the Procrastinators' Group been made yet?

I think there is anti-liberalism in Sean Hannity's comments.

Joss Whedon's Serenity is a big middle finger to FOX and Murdoch.

You believe there are people still stupid enough to believe this?


I really love books.

Dogs that can read (link to video)

Have you received this email lately

Santa compensated for dead reindeer

So I guess I'm a member of Planned Parenthood

If you are a member of Free Republic post here

You know what rocks?

PA/NJ/DE casino enthusiasts: Come see me play TONIGHT in Atlantic City!

I am watching "The Facts of Life" on OnDemand

Brasilia or Canberra. Better preplanned capital city?

Scooter Libby?

If you are Father Guido Sarducci, post here

I think there are a lot of blank pages in George Bush's writings

Today's Obscure Reference to Drop in GD: Fleas don't have vaginas

Popcorn smiley's for southlandshari!

If you're a pope, post here

If you're a stone hottie, post here.

If you're Joan_Alpern, click on this thread (KitchenWitch too)

What makes an oxford shirt an oxford shirt?

I'm running a 5K romorrow (Input please)


You know what sucks?

well the news about the parents is not good

Here's a fun GD thread that needs some Lounge input: freeper names

My new sig picture

I'm volunteering at an Irish dancing competition tomorrow

I'm taking the LSAT tomorrow!

I'm starving. I can't leave the house right now.

If you are NOT a member of DU post here

the secret to good IT skillz is google skillz

Has anyone here tried wearing Z-CoiLs? Check out these shoes.

There's a Porsche SUV?

Fraoch Heather Ale

I am going to have Thai food for lunch--What are you having?

I wish my back hair were longer - I've have it cut like this

I think there is anti-semitism in Hitler's writings

If you don't mention Brazil in this thread I'll fuckin' kill you.

I believe there is relativity in Albert Einstein's writings

Black Card a member?

Did anyone watch the PBS '60s' show?

Is there gas in the car?

Please Read: MeganMonkey's story about Monday's protest/arrest

DUers, can you help a 5-year-old Rita victim?

I'm a good little Fweeper SlimeRoach.

Is everyone okay?

I'm scratching my leg.

Hey I think the Martians just landed down the street. They

You're an Asshole - NO, just a funny video....

Okay, I gotta go. Your weekend starts here. Have a good one!

I'm A BACHELOR For The Evening!!

If you are a Mystic Gaelic Queen of the Faeries, post here

I am wearing shorts.

I wish my chest hair were longer, I've have it braided like this

Accidental Googles

I am so liking AVG anti-virus

I wish my hair were longer - I've have it cut like this

So hungover. Is it just me? Check in if your head feels like glass.

Neat. A co-worker brought in an old magazine he ran across at home

I guess it all depends on how you want to look at things.....

I need relationship advice

You mention Basil in this thread and I'll fuckin' kill you.

How many Brazilian jokes can we tell in the lounge?

A classic song, dedicated to my lovely lady:

Can we quit with the Brazillian jokes

ok Morans, no more HUGH Brazilian jokes about Basil!!!

The joke from today's Newsnight e-mail - it's a stunner.

I noticed that there were 140,000 US troop in Iraq in another thread...

I need the picture of GOPIsEvil getting face licked by NSMA and MisU

Are you a moran? I am.

oh my god...there are 4 little devils in my living room

Does anyone have any personal experience with a 'Raspberry'?

Xuxa is coming!!!

AOpen Launches Pandora Mini PC That Looks Like Mac Mini

Another C.G. Computer Poll.

D'you remember that time, when there was this Brazillian joke...

Does anyone have any personal experience with a Dingleberry?

Heh. It's good to be the center of attention.

It's FRIDAAAAYY!!!! Any big plans for the weekend?

So Joe Pesci is apparently at Bunny's house posting on her ID:

DU Classic Economy Car Thread

Why don't they invent....

A one question I.Q. test:

Did you hear the one about George W. Bush and Uruguay?

What shall we do with Bill Bennett?`

Don't like parking? Try Pivo!

“Do you have blacks, too?”

IPSec Policy Agent updated on XP/Server 2003


Anyone else following the new baby Panda???

how tall is wolfffff bliiiiiitzer?

Who dumped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet?

today is the day!

I want to...

Mystery Mouth Bush

You mention Brazil in this thread and I'll fuckin' kill you.

I got to Rio.... The La Samba.... Hoochi Hooochi

Inflatable Narcoleptic Hippo

Harry Tuttle doesn't get the damned joke

The "Screw spellcheck let's let the products of public school decide" poll

"Brazil" is one of my all-time favorite movies


Non-sensical is not a word in the DU spell-checking dictionary

BUSH WAS RIGHT! -Friday sing a long- BUSH WAS RIGHT

Massagin' it in Penthouse Forum's writings?

Gotta go - it is Date night!

Latest version of "Asshole" is up and running.

A family of Brazilians live next to me. No kidding.

Webshots - Your thoughts

It Takes a Nation of Brazilians to Hold Us Back

Ground Control to Major Tom: Operation X in full swing DO NOT CLICK ON

THAT'S IT!!! I AM LEAVING DU...........

You Know You're Brazilian When...

Anyone feel like they need to Disconnect? Here's a song for you....

Some of my pictures from Washington, DC last weekend.

Holy FUCK, anyone know any jokes about Paraguay?

So, is everyone ready for Sox/Yankees?

Any post card collectors in the Lounge?

Practice your pumpkin carving skills before Halloween!

Does anyone have any personal experience with a 'Gooseberry'?

sweetest, saddest puppy face ever!

Anyone listening to "The Majority Report"?

If you want to see my 10,000th post, post here

I have returned...but I'm exhausted

Okay, it's time for ten random questions

Once more, this time in Portuguese! (So the Brazilians can read it!)




I'm heartbroken

Caption Paul Martin!

"The Looter Dude" (TLD), is the latest Internet phenom.

What should we do with Staten Island?

If we aborted all the black babies we could reduce crime

Flying Spaghetti Monster religious Art

What should Mrs. Matcom buy

Let's Go Get Stoned....Damn I LOVE Ray Charles....

The best birthday present a girl could ask for

DU Muscle Car Thread


Raise your hand if you've dated a Brazillian!

Let's play along! Ask me any question - political or otherwise...

Goooooolllll!!!! Gol! Gol! Gol! (Another Brasil thread.)


I'm ready to leave the country!

It was ten years ago today, at 1PM...

Is it just my impression, or has GD been especially nasty lately? n/t

If you came into some money what would you do?

Khashka is an attention whore (poll)

James Dean Died 50 Years Ago Today


Ok, so my hangover is cured but now I'm drunk again.

THE FINAL ROUND -- Greatest Movie Character Ever

Beat me, Bore me, But NEVER Ignore Me!

GD as a second language - enroll today!

Congratulations newyawker99 -109312 posts!

If we aborted all the lounge lizards, we could reduce crime.

I just got back from seeing Serenity!

What posting classes did you take?

Have you ever driven a vehicle while under the influence?

this modern world .. by Tom Tomorrow

"30 Seconds Over Tokyo"- Pere Ubu

HAPPY BIRTHDAY newyawker99!!

You know what is lonely.....

I just want to say thank you

Who is a Bigger Attention Whore?

All flirting is officially forbidden as of now

Why is it that one person's anger is viewed as qualities of leadership

Cool, Anderson Cooper used to be a punk and dated a black drag queen!

"Lost" -- I want spoilers!

Advice needed..... problem with friend's treatment of kid...

If I'm in your buddy list, post here!

"The Hammer's Prayer" -TRUE PATRIOT ACTION ALERT!!!! (humor)

Joss Whedon's Serenity is a big middle finger to FOX and Murdoch.

A replacement for "badger badger mushroom:" (psst... baby panda lovers)

Judge Orders Teen Not To Have Sex


Has a DU post almost give you heart failure?

Here you go Rabrrrrrr, Photoshop as requested ( 643k)

Who feels like flirting on this lovely Friday afternoon?

You are the President. Build your own cabinet, using nothing but DUers!

Elitists, sexist, racist, homophobia in Dr. Seuss' writing.

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

My allergies are awful...

Check out this movie trailer.

Los Angeles County is on fire again.

Henchman Diaries blog update

Fuck this! I'm leaving DU for good!

Does anyone have any personal experience with a 'Blackberry'?

If you are a member of an alien race post here.

Termite Indicted for Eating a House.

Misogyny in Stephen King's writing.

We've had theism and atheism... how about maltheism?

Millions of people truly believe in Santa Claus.

Sweetener Manufacturer Disputes . . . New Health Research

Hyperactive disorder drug 'raises risk of suicidal thoughts in children'

Mystery fever may indicate occult cancer

Tremont Temple, which will host ex-gay conference, not welcoming to gays

Will Brockton elect a black, gay mayor?

Senator No-Show In Gay Marriage Suit

7 Supports and 1 detractor of gay rights advance in city elections

Gay Cowboy Tale Causes Flap At Texas School

Despite Denials Anglican Conservatives Move Closer To Schism Over Gays

California needs a ,also

Jesuit Leader Slams Gay Priest Ban

Black gay leaders threaten homophobic ministers with outing

Ryan White AIDS Fund Expires

Not All Gay Couples Cheering Connecticut Civil Unions

Ohio: Party tomorrow afternoon!

3 way tie in the AL - what happens?

Tech vs. A-Rod

Ok, here are my wagers for this weekend

NHL on XM Radio

I think odds are good that I will be skipping football this year

Pics of my either pregnant or just chubby foster cat

The Dawn of Aquarius: A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era

I had an encouraging message this morning

Does this qualify me as an atheist?

Violence in the Bible

Kerry’s Floor Statement on the Intro of the Small Bus Hurricane Relief Act

Interesting thread about Kerry and media bias

Newest email from our John

OK so let me get this straight...

Weird Imus conversation

Barack Obama Diary, Oh.My.God!!!!

***Friday Pic thread***

One year anniversary of the first debate?

Inside Inside the Bubble - a review of the movie

intheflow has invited me to post


KOEB 9/30/05: Friday Fun Edition

KO on ESPN...anyone listening today?

Countdown Newletter: 9/30/05 -- Scooter's Permission Slip

Are we still giving ties to KO?

Joe Lieberman for Justice?

DeLay/Britt Hume Interview

A little satire on Bill Frist

Business Week: Voters may start seeing Republicans as aloof and arrogant

Is Judith really free?

Delay due in court Oct 21

Virginia governor's race.

Jim Wallace (God's Politics) on first encounter with Bush the Lesser

Are Democrats Devoid of Ideas? WJ first question of Freeper Friday.

Bush Supporters of the Far Right: Cries from the Lake of Fire!

When RW blogs can't find evil quotes from Liberals, they make them up!

DU this poll, please!

Don't DeLay: Nail the Hammer to a Billboard

The Repukes' last line of defense against releasing the A.G. pics could be

My Elementary definition of a Moderate

How long before Bill Bennett gets his plug pulled?

Speaking of Bennett, remember Paved With Good Intentions by Jared Taylor?

FEMA has placed just 109 Louisiana families in temporary homes.

So here's what I want to know, if the lying lunatic * is ousted for the

Dead on Beattie political cartoon today in Daytona Beach News Journal...

Was Antonin Scalia at John Roberts' swearing in ceremony yesterday?

WA Post on Karen Hughes: "Mission Impossible" (or "Almost Unfeasable")

When isolated incidents become a trend.

Question for Bennet (and DU): What if all neocons had been aborted?

The "liberal" media and Democratic Party have declined together....

Ohio vote yes on issues 2, 3, 4, & 5 this Nov. Important.

Well Now That We have Two JOHNS in the Supreme Court...

Have you emailed all your friends to tell them to email the EAC re. paper

Bush's Myers speech: perfect of blend of arrogance, humor, substance abuse

DeLay storm casts shadow over Bush: The Times

Elections Board mulls action against Accenture/voter registration system.

Local gov. is corrupted here. A municpal secertary fired.She couldnt type

Housing for Storm's Evacuees Lagging Far Behind U.S. Goals, NY Times

*WOW* Talk about the sky falling in *WOW*

Wonder how "blind" Cheney's "blind trust" really is....

What is this talking point that Dems want to increase porn?

Dennis Hastert is next.

Inhofe showing his outrage at Abu Ghraib outrage yet again (CSpan2)

What's the difference between lobbying and bribing?

"Are you better off than 5 years ago?"

Ho said: . "China is the manufacturer to the world," (re: Wal-mart)

Brutality, poverty and religion stand between Turkey and EU

Did Bush pardon criminals recently?

Freedom on the March: 100 dead in Iraq in last 24 hours (194 in 5 days)

Attn: Ken Mehlman. All your pandering to blacks just went down the drain

60 Minutes Niger story that never aired

FEMA lagging on housing storm victims:still blaming state, local officials

HELP....This morning...

Pentagon Spying Slush Fund Exposed in Florida

Video: Tom Delay Incriminates Himself

B*sh Grants 14 Pardons yestedray, including Coal Mine Bomber

Sidney Blumenthal: Karen Hughes, "Bin Laden's little helper"

Take back your GOP! (my e-mail to close family Repugs, post Delay)

Republicans take aim at energy restrictions

Bennett, DeLay + Brownie: The 'righteous outrage' schtick is wearing

House passes revised Endangered Species Act

Of potential 08 candidates, who is most Dean-like?

Today's Bush photo roundup. The verdict: He's still an arrogant prick.

Good information that answers questions on the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS

My letter to my Congressman regarding the Endangered Species Act

"3 free iTunes downloads for signing up to be contacted by National Guard"

TX Gov. linked to anti-gay website run by indicted DeLay aides

The irony? of Karen Hughes

Bennett was just asked about Libby giving Miller

Travis County DA says Craddick not off hook

Question...I am obviously in need of a weekend....

Re: Schwarzenegger and the special election

If Everyone Like Bill Bennett Were Aborted,Would There Be Less Racism ?

I thought Fitz was doing a 3PM (Central) Press Conference?

Photos of DeLay Co-Conspirator Jim Ellis

Bush cabinet official predicts New Orleans will be a "whiter" city

Careful about the MSM raising expectations on Plame indictments

Bush Administration Waives Actions Against Saudi Arabia

CNN's Miles O'Brien grilled General Myers about Iraq this morning

If GOP sourced political violence begins to spiral in this country...

Here we go again: "Alabama Senator Hank Erwin: Katrina was God's wrath."

Is Bennett's Abortion Of Black Babies To Reduce Crime Comment Akin To.....

WP: Libby Is to Cheney What Cheney Is to Bush

RNC sent my son (16) a propaganda packet the other day.

AZ Democratic Congressional candidate needs your HELP!!!!

Wolf Blitzer just said that Libby let Miller off the hook a long time ago.


Oboy - Kindasleezy's on cspan1 tonight... Conservative Comments on Delay.

Virginia Governor's Race on Nov 8, 2005 (Tim Kaine now tied with Kilgore)

Media Talking Point: Outing Plame was Not Illegal

Did you ever in your life have people throwing at you constantly

Wow! What was this Republican thinking?

We are getting our asses kicked from one side of the country to the other

AAR off the air in Philly

I don't trust anyone who's labeled a czar

Quotes to remember...

Bush the Craftsman without a craft. He has little or no knowledge of TOOLS

WaPo: "Immoral Majority"

Blunt like Delay, political wheeler-dealer with deep corporate lobby ties

Can you believe this shit? DeLay to serve as GOP adviser

Miller's att'y is Bennett's brother

Kerry continues to Fight for Hurricane Relief Aid

Rassmussen: VA Governor's race tied

Freepers on SCOTUS very interesting!!!!

Interesting reading: Wayne Madsen on latest Plame developments

Ask the first ten people you know.....

MSNBC sez, re Fitzgerald: "As soon as next week"

Is Roberts going to wear those stupid-ass Gilbert & Sullivan stripes?

Arrested GOP Aid Tells Cops She Works For A Democrat

How will the RW slander our 08 candidate?

Jeb opens his mouth on immigration

Why did not Scalia attend the new Chief coronation? Can he be

O'Reilly: "Far left element a destructive force that must be confronted"

Tom Delay, Republican Voters, & the Republican Corporatocracy

Attention! DLC aknowledges both progressives and thewar in weekly email!

Politics1 says Gore will NOT run.

I called the 22 Dems who voted to confirm Johnny Bob Taliban with

After the rally, what can Progressives do to end the Iraq War?

Ted Koppel's Nightline: 2 million could die in U.S.

A gentle reminder to all those discussing a Gore run for the presidency...

Calling all DU'ers! Give me the Worst Sh**t you can Throw at Al Gore!

Barack Obama knows...

So Scooter Libby is the sacrificial lamb for the Bush Administration,