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Archives: September 6, 2005

Gary Younge (The Guardian): Left to sink or swim

Rodney King in New Orleans

End of the Binge - Globalism About to Die


William Greider (The Nation): The One-Eyed King

How the Facts Came to Hate America

Catastrophe shows us 2 Americas

On Language...

Excellent Webpage on Katrina and the "Forsaken"

... suspend the hearings for Supreme Court ... NYT ltte

GOP Agenda Shifts as Political Trials Grow

now Christopher Hitchens pours a bucket on Bush

America’s Nero

Keith Olbermann: The city of Louisiana

Arianna Huffington: Memo to the Media: Stop Enabling the White House

Powerful words about Bush (my daughters blog)

Activist Corps activity: Helping Katrina victims

New strategy: Not counter-protest, but re-direction

Taste gets lost in the Katrina shuffle

Navajos receive award for banning uranium mining

Top Ten George W. Bush Solutions For Global Warming: Letterman.

Real electoral reform starts with

Needed 20+ Candidates for Secretary of State

What Oakland, California is doing to help New Orleans Citizens

Pictures from the Harriet Island Labor Day Picnic

Minnesota Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Bachmann For Congress website is quite unimpressive

Dr. Jeffrey Feldman "The Art of Framing" Sept17 10am2pm Hurst

PDittie is a Helluva Guy!

Suder on WPR 9/6 re: antiwar activists visiting UW Madison

Self delete..other threads started. nt

Self Delete Dupe

dupe -- Cush beat me to it again.

Countdown: What did the Admin know, and when did they know it?

Broussard on CNN now

Remember Iraq?Remember Election?Remember Economy? Barrage!

Olbermann: "We're having other problems, such as the Mayor"

You know if Karl Rove spent as much effort....

Help from other countries regarding New Orleans?????

Bush Pisses Me Off.....

Hillary calls for establishment of a 9/11 style commission...

kpfa broadcasting live interviews with survivors

My Bush-loving daughter in law just said Bush should be dropped

PLEASE help me debunk this letter about Cindy Sheehan!!!

Olberman: covering the Brown/Chertoff lies...

Zarqawi takes Key Iraq Town--Al Qaeda's Black Banner Flying from Rooftops

KO just said that the coast guard was not going to make the guy in

Is Rummy's 9/11 'celebration party' still on?

Red tape ( Camp Casey MISS. )military on sidelines


New Orleans Adds a New Chapter to Bush's Calculated Bigotry

Where is all the contaminated water being pumped?

Brian Williams blog: "cruel and criminal". Must read. He was there.

Does Karl Rove

More from Barbara Bush's beautiful mind...

U.S. the new Saddam

AP-Ipsos poll 9% taken thought terrorism was the nation's highest priority

Everyone who can call Larry King tonight...let's dot it! Bush SR. is on

My eBay auction for the red cross is getting freeped. grrrrr.

One More LYING REPUBLICAN....Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr., (R-La.),

Journo tells of strange incident

putting 2 and 2 together...

So Newt Gingrich just called Jesse Jackson a racist

I am beyond disgusted I am worried sick about the future.

Arrghhh..if this slowness is a Level 2....


My asshole repug relative claims Blanco refused to allow Feds troops in!

Has bush even been to NO yet?

Privatizing rescue (and sometimes racism).

We should outsource Disaster Management to the TV News Networks.

the stench of karl rove...

My Asshole repug relative claims Blanco refused to allow Feds troops in!

Can we conclude that the "military takeover of La" by Bush failed?


SCOOP COMMENTARY: The Betrayal Of New Orleans

war in iraq...war agaiinst Natue. King and dad and mom bush.

Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh walk into a bar

We got your back, Keith! Everyone please contact MSNBC and show your

"Katrina is worse than the tsunami, b/c people who actually matter died"

Do You Believe the Feds, the CIA, the FBI, etc. Are Really Such Zeros?

Sherriff Lee of Jefferson Parish & cutting communication lines

Faux Shep Smith On Letterman Tonight

Trent Lott must be an accomplished ASS SUCKER

BBC World News ... No Sound?

Geraldo rant..........

Clinton = Compassion; Bush = Laundry List

If you couldn't hate Bush before, did mommy help change your mind?

Bush has called out his "A" team in responce

More Proof - From FEMA Web site - Aug 27

Oh oh, Barbara B. has done it again

bubbleboy's mommy and daddy on Larry King

I wouldn't leave my dog.

We need to concentrate on getting facts out there

goddamn america goddamn

Lawlessness Exists In Every State of Emergency.

These heartless, privileged old fucks need to be sent to the space station

Poppy Bush: "The criticism of what?"

A revelation: Has Barbara Bush been pulling the strings all along?

Keith's GReat Rant..

Innovative Emergency Management trying to rewrite history.

Storm Exposed Disarray at the Top

Why is the media "downplaying" the first responders of NO????

How GWBush got his personality from parents -PLEASE make the video

"The Manchurian mother" starring Babs "Battle axe" Bush

We need to confront this nation's "compassion deficit"

Bushes clinging to Clinton like a lifeboat

The Department of Homeland Drowning

Bush's first response was to tell us the economic impact of

"Like it says in the Bible, 'God works in mysterious ways.'"

They are taking over NO.

Vid Clip-Barbara Bush-Welcome to Texas (from Countdown)

Sean Hannity is a hypocritical JACKOFF!!!

Mayor Nagrin "did do FREE RTA exit bus's ..started on Friday"

Do you think Bush tapped Roberts for Chief Justice because he's lazy?

The DU traffic

Emergency methadone clinics for addicted people

ALL search and rescue suspended til morning!!

a thread of Quotes - please add your favorites

Corp of Engineer on radio "There is no coordination"

Is It Three Strikes And You're Out For George?

"Use of the future tense for relief they could have brought Monday"

Typhoon Nabi (CAT 3) eye is hitting lower Japan now.

Caption this * and Blanco pic...

May I point you to an OUTSTANDING post?

Has Katrina Caused the American Media to Grow a Spine?

Vid Clip-Poppy Bush and Individuals on Roofs

I hear the Democrats are proposing a plan to help victims

Is Cheney still missing? What's the word? I've been w/o computer access

Barbara Bush: Things Working Out "Very Well" for Poor Evacuees from NO


I see I'm not the only American Who's Royally Pissed Off now

This is Shrub's Waterloo... tell me I am wrong.

FUCK YOU mrs. bush, you inhuman, hollow shit bag

NG in Miss: "This is worse than Iraq!": we've had no water for 2 days

Is anyone else afraid of **'s other

Hey ABC, I want to watch a football game, not Jeb F'ing Bush

Rush Limbaugh to appear on Broadway for Katrina bennefit (no joke)

Larry King, bite me.

Federal workers blog - focusing on Katrina (interesting takes on it all)

Has anyone here seen The Aristocrats?

Did anyone notice the yellow shirt volunteers in the dome (scientologists?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... IMPEACH!!

New Meme: Grateful Negro vs Ungrateful Negro

sorry to start a new thread for this but is EVERYONE out of the superdome?

Vid Clip- Olbermann's Who's To Blame Commentary

Has the ** family hanged themselves enough, yet? Can our leaders

Annan: Iraq Is Now Center for Terrorism

bush's very own words paint him as a miserable, MISERABLE failure.

Don't you know McCain is gonna rue the day...........

India Sending Help To US

On Language

Pottery Barn theory: ** broke the Gulf.. he bought it

Thanks for all the support today (9/5/05) DU guys and gals...

James Lee Witt is really in charge now, huh?

Time to drag out Babs - The Quaker Goat

Any new news

ROVE: "turn the discussion to what the government is doing now"

America WILL NOT SURVIVE three and a half more years of this shit

James Lee Witt on Aaron Brown

Nagin and the New Orleans evacuation plan:

Looking for Celine Dion video link

right wing religious fundies are doing the devil's work for him

Joe Scarborough - Mary Landrieu

Do not forget: Bill Clinton's penis.

Saints may leave New Orleans -- for good.

I'm f'ing sick of the "has 'insert name here' done anything?" Roll call. .

OK, So Keith just butchered the Monkey on live TV

What has DU lost?

Steve Bell: Bushazzar's Feast

Oh here we go, the new talking point ....

Fuck you, Fuckstick McAWOL! FUCK YOU TO HELL!!!

DU's Lounge keeps disappearing and so do my

Wisconsin Buses Return EMPTY - have to read to believe

It's obvious: neo-cons WANT FEMA to fail. They want privatization.

While it's on my mind

OLielly trying to save Bush...NOW

Satellite Imagery (Wow!) of 2005 Hurricane Season to date...

Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die

When Will pat Robertson Have That Mental...

We should no longer let them divide us - No more red state/blue state BS

Sheila Jackson Lee on Faux News/Greta show NOW.

Has Carville said/done anything?

On the charity again-it's great how people are giving but it steams me

Oprah in Houston today

What happens the next time a Cat 4 /5 hurricane is headed for a large city?

We are all missing the bigger problem,


RW talking heads

O'Reilly is quite disgusting tonight... did he learn anything at all from

So they partial privatize FEMA and they want to privatize Social Security!

George W. Bush is going to pay for what he did.

I don't think the Blame Blanco thing is going to work....

Here is an article from 5 years after Andrew

Shepard Smith on Letterman tonight.

New Orleans Police Chief....Need a flavor from yall!

Bill O'Reilly proves a prostitutes work is never done

Out all weekend: Is Bush up or down?

Rasmussen: Fed Response to Katrina Gets Thumbs Down

Keith Olbermann called for Bush's resignation!!! MSNBC

WAVCIS,New Monitoring System to Prepare Low-Lying Louisiana.

I can't get this out of my head.

How Many More Disasters Mr bush

Broussard is on with Tucker

Nightline on Labor Day: Koppel in NOLA

The Bush family exposed for all to see

Poppy and Barbara are dressed like inmates


NOAA : possible trop storm formation over florida in 36 hours ->

"This City is Destroyed. It is Completely Destroyed."

See the lead story caption on

So, with this Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.... (a question)

Alex Chilton of Big Star missing?

"Who knew the country would be better off....

George Bailey is alive and well ("It's a Wonderful Life")

I heard U2's "Beautiful Day" last night...

Seven children found wandering together

Anne Rice finally weighs in....

When the Los Angeles riots happened....

So Nagin was a REPUBLICAN prior to the Mayoral election?

People don't want to leave their homes now ....because they don't want

Have you heard this quote from Mary Landrieu supporting NOLA sheriff's

Must read: A lone six year old boy saves six little ones

Tucker Carlson: LOL...crazy interviewee talking about past lives

I'm sick of people telling me how sick they are about something

Floridians-What's the story with building codes in LA & MS compared to FL?

Anybody watching Nagin on Dateline?

I've been obsessed and a couch potato for almost a week now

Bush death toll -- how much blood on his hands?

Please tell me Mike Malloy is on live tonight!

The Bush family has no compassion

what ever happened at the Harry Truman School, Marrero, LA

"Capitalism is apprarently far more efficient than Government" -

Any info on this fire trucks leaving Ilinois for New Orleans ?

dupe n./m

Media is complying in spinning Bush a "pass" as always. He is

Pan American Heath Organization says bodies are NOT going

Chertoff asks for up to 2000 civilian federal employees for FEMA detail

Minimum Standards, Multiple Betrayals

I am sick and tired of the Nagin bashing.

Shepard Smith On David Letterman Tonight

LJ rumor: class action lawsuit?

I just have to post this blog

DUers want ways to help. Vets for Peace feeding people! need help!!

Paradigm shift or did they change our vocabulary without telling us?

911 was NOT a success!!!!!!!


This is for Bush

Will Katrina "Cause" a Recession?

Letterman top 10 signs you have a bad job...

MS has a lot of screwed up stuff going on too. But has anyone complained

I love Todd Gambino who rescued 200 people. But get this...

There may be plenty of reasons for dismissing Roberts as CJ

When will the Anti-Bush come? n/t

O'Liely just trashed Kanye calling him a dopey little rapper

Another interesting thing I heard on the TBN network

Countdown broadcast of tonight being reaired NOW!

They massacre Democrats, don't they?

New CNN poll: Did the government fail its citizens?

Donate car or truck & take full value tax writeoff for 2005!!!! Details:

The City of Louisiana

"FEMA Talking in circles" video clip

"Sean Penn gets into rescue act"

Have the Bushes finally jumped the shark?

A Rookie for Chief Justice???

"OH NO ! ! ! Wisconsin bus caravan RETURNS EMPTY" from Daily Kos

So, do the Naderites STILL think their wasted votes were worth it?

Don't let ANYONE tell you who you can or cannot blame and WHEN you can do

Blitzer "many of these victims so poor & they are so black"

Brit Hume what an idiot

post office cancels mail delivery in certain locations

It's not enough':Federal aid falls short of Mississippi's needs

I would not leave New Orleans either.

Repeal the Transportation Bill to reflect this nations new priorities?

Anyone watching Keith Oberman

donate your gas-guzzling van, truck. full-value tax write-off! Vets for

Washington Note/Steve Clemons says that the PLAME investigation

DAMN!!! Does Keith Olberman have a new job?

"The responsibility of government for the public safety is absolute . . .

Interesting timing of Renquist's death?

Bill Clinton - honorable ex-President, good man

Since all things FDR must be destroyed..

Be careful of the use of 'government'.

Camp Katrina/ N.O., Arizona

How on earth was New Orleans Mayor supposed to supply food

Even Poppy Bush Says He Is Not Satisfied W/ Fed Response?

DAMN! Letterman just slammed Bush!

Are New Orleans Lives Worth Less than New York Lives?

Please DU this poll on NO again

21st Century Trail of Tears- Now Off To The Reservations

Financial Times: Tragic costs of Bush’s Iraq obsession

One Way Bus Tickets

Shepard Smith coming up on Letterman now....

Has there been a moratorium imposed on white

To all the Great Countries trying to help us....

How much you wanna bet that FEMA's Michael Brown gets a promotion?

Dem Leadership Is Worthless!

Olbermann back on (repeat not to be missed!)

US News poll: How would you rate pResident Bush's response?

Keith Olberman rerun on now (midnite EDT)

"We Will Kick Them Out Using Force"-FEMA Official

Cnn doing piece on people not leaving their homes.

O'Reilly mouthing new meme: "See? Fed bureaucracy can't respond"

Names I never heard before, names I'll never forget: Jabbor and Deamonte

The Bush family reminds me of Thursten and Lovey Howell

How many people have died because Of Bush over the years?

Rita Cosby

Six Year Old Hero.. Incredible story

Is it time to re-think shopping at Wal-Mart?

My local news just dropped a 10'clock teaser and the lead story was Barb's

When we get to level 3

Let's quit excusing Dems by saying they are letting Chimp hang himself

Looking for a particular photo

My fundy mom today: "Did you know the governor of Louisiana still hasn't

How many thousands of people will die under Bush's reign?

Why do people on different degrees of the left treat each other like shit?

Something I'm wondering with New Orleans

PHOTOS: SWAT teams bursting into homes now!!!!!

Mixed Misdirection from FEMA - again

Common Sense - How can people from La rebuild NO when they are in Texas?

Has anyone noticed

Steve Bell: Bushazzar's Feast

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love;

Alan Dershowitz: The Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist

Mardi Gras 2006

Just found this — loads o' great Katrina stuff

News from a NG unit in Mississippi

Olbermann Did NOT Call For Bush's Resignation

Customs is doing their part -knockoffs for all!

Harry Belafonte talks on Civil & Human Rights, RFK, Bush , more

Jeb Bush's "It's payback time, 'cause we had 4 hurricanes last year."

Tried writing a column about Katrina. Can't do it. Too mad.

baby born in superdome; it dies and mother dies....RIGHT TO LIFE!?!?!?!

Do NOT go to Wikipedia's Main Page for the next 24 hours.

Dick Cheney "found"....he's been buying an ESTATE (Wash Post)

Some (unproductive) vitriol...

Olbermann giving a kick-ass commentary right now!


Excuse me while I rant, please.

Evacuees have no coffee in Houston

FEMA Illustrated Glossary ( photos)

Why FEMA Was Missing in Action--LA Times ...Excellent rundown


OMG: FEMAS's Training on Managing the Media is on line:

"he drowned his own people"

Remember it is a crime to threaten a former president or first lady!

Olbermann is going off on a RANT

Bush killed 10,000 people

The Poor in New Orleans, the Amistad, and my husband and I watching TV.

Please excuse BushCo, they're just not USED to questions & accountability

Barbara Bush's repulsive statement (exact quote)

Check this out from 8/29 interview with Mike Brown (FEMA)

Olbermann Video Posted

A day spent preparing a shelter for people from New Orleans (LOTS OF PICS)

"I dont see those on the roofs complaining" GHWB (Refering to lack of aid)

Booby Jindahl (Rep La) said FEMA "turning away is RIDICULOUS" -WWLTV

Brandi Swindell: I KNOW what it's like to be open prey in my mother's womb

God & Jesus & bush are NOT going to save us, it's up to US

Saddam gassed his own people...

OMG This is the BEST I have EVER heard KEITH. A MUST MUST MUST listen!!!!

PHOTO: John Travolta brings five tons of food to Jefferson Parish

Bill Clinton why didn't you just SHOOT ME...and Get it Over With!

The "city" of Louisiana (Keith Olbermann) - transcript

Can anyone tell me anything Blanco or Nagin actually did wrong?

Barbara Bush's statement much worse than what E&P quoted

Viggo Mortensen's letter at Perceval Press

A Week After Storm, Levee Break Is Fixed

Commander: Military Role in Relief Swells

Katrina Rates as the Costliest Disaster

Louisiana Guardsmen Returning From Iraq Will Help With Storm Relief

Iran's Red Crescent Society ready to help Katrina victims

Leading cardinal urges Iraq constitution change

Ex-Taleban leaders run for in Afghan elections

Bush, Blanco Reveal Strained Relationship

National Guard unit to return from Iraq to Katrina

S. Korea considers pulling out troops from Iraq

Bill Clinton: Government 'failed' people

Blanco denies rift with Bush

NYT: Clinton Is an Unexpected Partner in the Hurricane Effort

Mexican Navy sends rescuers, supplies for Katrina victims

Holiday Travel Slows As Gas Prices Level

Official says Iran ready to send oil to US

New horrors discovered as search-and-recovery effort goes on

Cut the red tape, Lott says (need to cut through the bureaucracy)

Bush greeted by storm backlash

Would-be rescuers cool their heels (FEMA urban search/rescue)

Nomination of Roberts as CJ (of SCOTUS) is an Outrage to Women

Fred Phelps on the death of William Rehnquist, Funeral picket planned

so I've made my reservation at the DC hostel


If I have to suffer through this stupid ad ONE MORE TIME...

Anyone else here sporting a CafePress tee-shirt today?

I brake for...

Who are your pets belong to?

A Repeat of Mr. Scorpio's show is on now

Is it at all possible to remove hard water stains from plastic?

"Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream"

This is a thread.

Hi kids ..... I'm back!!

Dateline NBC showed an amimal shelter where many animals survived

I am about to go nuts

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Bush

Help me name this kitten

I became a grand-uncle today. Weird .........

Is there an easier way to find a post?

So I'm watching Barbara Bush...

Miraculous birthday cake


Have you ever eaten an MBA?

Who likes Weed?

Who would you send on a one way trip to the sun? Calling Simpsons fans!

Yesteday on MSNBC ~3:45 ET: "William Rehnquist 1946-2005"

Cinemax Is Showing the Movie, "Titanic". How Appropriate.

Help me name this sit-in

my landlord is FURIOUS about New Orleans -- he's got the stereo cranked

Have you ever eaten an MGB?

FEMA To Provide Ecstasy to Katrina Victims

So you like looking at Whose Tush?

RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them

Favorite chin?

Favorite chip?

"Hurricane Survival Kit"

Self Delete

Does Rabrrrrrr have a Razrrrrrr?

Can I put the lid back on my personal Pandora's Box?

I am overcome with warm feelings for DU - Prag, Thank you!

Does the power of Sasquatch compell you?

Caught a salmon, how do I bread it

It's Starsky & Hutch night at home

These are the laws of the natural universe

it's 10 till 11pm and I'm eating cantaloupe ask me anything

how many of you have parents that cover your ass whenever you fuck up?

How long have we been on level 3?

Caught a salmon, how do i feed it?

I've caught Salman Rushdie. What sort of bread does he like?

Can we just plug the levee with Nancy Grace?

Bush reamed Michael Brown a new one yesterday

English signs in Foreign countries

Born at 10:41---

Caught a salmon, how do I bread it

Short Film about Homeland Security Logo Designer

MSNBC - Song coming back from break

How are you DU? I wanna know!

Shepherd Smith on Letterman

Has anyone here seen The Aristocrats?

Non sequitir

How much admission should I charge for letting folks see

84 more posts to 10,000, ask me anything...

So...I have to crush my neighbor...what do I do?

We had a 3 hour power outage today

Day After Tomorrow - worth watching?

Po Tay T'Owned

Cycling champ Armstrong engaged to rocker Crow

Yet another Opus Universal Truth (about joinalists!!)

Is Jon Stewart a rerun tonight...Monday? eom

life is hard when I cant click on my posts

I am going to the Rolling Stones concert tomorrow (tues) night

Stupid question: Is Emeril Lagasse doing anything in N.O.?

Did I hear AAR News correctly just now?

in the Gilligan's Island theme song, why are only Gilligan and Marianne


Police Looting Wal Mart - This is fucking funny.

OMIGOD! I just passed 7000 posts WITHOUT noticing!

Real Exorcists on A&E right now.

Help me name this mitten

Caught a salmon, how do I breed it

Hey DUers, a question about housing.

What should you wear to a party to insure an enjoyable time ?

"I gave my love a cherry, that had no stone..."

It's about a year and a half too late, but here's my Dean Scream remix.

Hmmmmmmmmm... Terence Howard.

Is anyone else scratching their head over Roberts as Chief Justice nominee

A brief and rather small look into my mind (warning: pic heavy)

please delete

Egg Man! Egg Man! Is Anybody Home?

How many people here have significant others who are conservative?

Time for a "what are you listening to" thread

Has anyone ever read "The Accidental Tourist" by Anne Tyler?

Is it time to re-think shopping at Wal-Mart?

Jeb Bush at the FSU Miami Game: "I gave 20 bucks"

Why Are There So Many Actresses Named, "Kate" or variations thereof?

Cate Blanchett to star in "Elizabeth" sequel

So...I have a crush on my neighbor...what do I do?

Yes, whomever sits on SCOTUS is a health-related women's issue . . .

Gays and Lesbians: 'You're wrong!'

anyone else watching FSU/Miami???

Ft Myers Fl: looking to adopt small (10 lb?), 1 yr old or so dog

DKos thread: OMG, red down to the comments

I am so depressed today I feel sick! I spent the day cleaning out my

Attention DU Photographers - a way you can help Katrina victims

No Countdown on my TiVo!

Latest Wardrobe Malfunction

A couple of blogs of note....

Is there a good website that debunks.....

Is Karl Rove making a list

Democrats are being handed a big win on the Iraq issue IF ...

My email to MSNBC re: Keith Olberman

MORE Bush relief: Army helicopters drop "3 or 4 boxes of Vienna sausages."

Google results for "Impeach Bush" (7 random on first results page)

Who here is going to the Dep of Peace events in D.C. next weekend?

There is absolutely no point in talking anything over with BUSH.

Bet ya $50 Bucks there will be a pity party for Barbara Bush tomorrow.

Every Liberal mailing list I subscribe to asked to help Katrina victims...

We are slowly winning back the MSM....

Help my wife refute righty talking points

Check out this comic about the Republican response to the disaster

Federal Pork List for 2005 ....

Keith Olberman just finished a several minute rant on MSNBC

Bill Clinton: "Government" failed. Does that mean BUSH, Mr. President?

Mama Bush: Things Working Out "Very Well" for Poor Evacuees from NO

Read about this 6 year old. He saved lives.

Of course, if Bush REALLY cared about the SC and the American people

Excellent PBS NewsHour discussion: NO Race/Class nexus: Realaudio

My e-mail to Keith Olbermann.

ROVE: "turn the discussion to what the government is doing now"

Action alert from re Resolution of Inquiry

Dam I should be doing something else but i am too mad. Must go

Sneaking Judge Roberts into the Supreme Court. Plan A, B, etc

DNC: Federal Response to Katrina Unacceptable

Scarborough: "If I were the Mayor of NO, I'd keep my MOUTH SHUT...

Again folks, describe high crimes and misdemeanors for me?

The President flipped us all off again !!

A;; ABORD...CHILLIN: Oh NO, Mr. Bill: puppet noz better than preznit

I could see Chimpy and Pals recommending this solution for NOLA floods

Rove turning blame from white house to city and state officials, democrats

Photo of Bush's "help"...a woman and her dogs leave NO by foot

"I own a timber company? That's news to me. Need some wood?"

WBRZ:AP announcing National Guard telling people: NO FOOD unless you leave

Imagine if Bush gets 4 appointments...

The South Fought a War in Defense of State's Rights

Those ARE Scientologists at the 'dome

Letterman's Shepard Smith interview

Why Did Brian Williams “Couch” His Report on August 28 re Urgent Weather?

Keith!!!!! (I know this is a repeat but I can't help it) ..

Barbara Bush Says "Let them EAT CAKE"!!!

what do you make of bush* looks at Gov. Blanco in this photos?.....

NO Black Community Leaders Charge Racism: Press conference Tuesday

Michael Moore: Farenheit Katrina?

"Rescue Ticket"

More than 100,000 items donated by Customs

where is the "official day of mourning"?

Why isn't the nation turning against Bush? What does it take?

American Meltdown - Get Ready For Next Un-Natural Disaster

What is the rest of the world is saying about Bush and Hurrican Katrina?

Crooks & Liars: Video clip of Olbermann's Katrina rant

Howard Dean weighs in on the Roberts' nomination.

The head of FEMA needs to be ex-military...

Suppose Bush resigns before being impeached

Bush Should Use Bully Pulpit To Push Down Gas Prices

Bill Clinton, be a man. Ask for Chimp's resignation.

This will be Forever Known as the BUSH PLAN 101 How to FUCK UP

Has anyone thought of this possibility?

In my 58 years I have never seen a man more hated than Bush. Have you?

CNN Poll: Do you agree w/ Clinton that govt failed in Katrina aftermath

Why is everyone on DU so convinced that " Everyone "is blamimg Bush?

Barbara Bush says "Houston Astrodome just fine for the underclasses!"

Why not Clinton for Chief Justice?

Enron drove up energy prices; Bush drove up oil prices?

Scarborough just pissed on NO pet rescue

Dear Mrs. Herbert Walker Bush......

Seeing people in rubble for days led to Bush 1's defeat in '92 -- History

Cam Kerry: Katrina: Keeping Americans Safe

Paul Craig Roberts - Resurrecting Karl Marx (Critiquing free traders)

Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah

NBC Brian Williams Blog Blasts Federal Non-Effort

The politics of hurricane relief (2004 Florida vs. 2005 Katrina)

Young Heroes from Duke U.

Molly Ivins: Happy Labor Day (a day late, sorry)

BBC News: Viewpoint - Has Katrina saved US Media?

Fabulous LTTE in the Boston Globe

A Shaky Ethics Charge: Does John Roberts have an ethics problem?

Murder and rape - fact or fiction?

Buzzflash interview-Chris Mooney, auth. of "The Republican War on Science"

Another disaster on its way...

FEMA comments from mainstream NYT

Whitehouse Press Release-Sunday Aug 28, 11:31


What is so goddamned funny?

Richard Louv (San Diego UT): A political culture with no clothes

Shaming the Devil...(

Washing Away the Conservative Movement (William Rivers Pitt)

FEMA's braintrust

Cable News PTSD

What has America become? (From Greece)

BBC World News Report - Northern Command isn't Happy/Links

Top Private Defense Contractor Plans an IPO to Rival Google's

Great article by Tim Wise.....Anti-Racist activist

The government has failed the people


NY Daily News - Errol Lewis: Ineptitude leads to death

Alone on the Underpass - Sheperd Smith on Letterman

Gallup: Americans to Bush -- Withdraw Troops from Iraq (E&P)

Babs Bush: Things Working Out 'Very Well' for Poor Evacuees from N.O.

Juan Cole: Christopher Hitchens' last battle (demolishes Hitchens)

An Open Letter To The President From A Cape Codder Who Voted For Bush

New Yorker: The White House Under Water

America needs change, not charity (Guardian)

A First Hand Account - Why So Few Katrina Survivors Got Out.

The Most Justified Class Action Suit Ever: The People of NO vs. G.W. Bush

Why FEMA Was Missing in Action

LA Gov Blanco Asked Bush for Assistance on 8/28

Juan Gonzalez (NY Daily News): Disaster used as Political Payoff

Schröder has been a disaster, so I'm rooting for Merkel

Does anyone have the contact info for Scott McClellan?

Today I am still appalled and outraged

Got a call from the Editorial page editor. My letter's in....

How many would do "Blue Flu" Monday after Sept. 24?

Rep. Stephen Lynch's office (D-MA) hadn't gotten other impeachment calls

Sept 23rd, 24th protest with camera phone, need DU to post pics real time

Forget The "Celebrity Story Of The Moment," Hillary Tells Greta


Anybody planning on internet broadcasting from the DC protest?

Just returned from the Bizarro dimension

School diesel fuel reserves dwindling (Pensacola)

In Europe, High-Tech Flood Control, With Nature's Help - New York Times

The score so far...

Chicago Opens a Rare 'Green' School

U.S. drivers won't cut back on gas


Rise in Natural Gas Costs Prompt...Look at Geothermal System

Abbas likely to seek deal over militants' weapons

Israeli soldiers tell of indiscriminate killings by army

Expert says Palestinians don't need financial aid

Are theories allowed? I think I may have had a lightbulb moment

Think Bush Couldn't Have Profited from the Katrina Disaster? Think again.

Christophera’s South Tower “Concrete Core” Photo

OK, Reid on C-SPAN Griping about Estate Tax being #1 on Agenda

Need attention for a post in General regarding our Votes!

what is hackett's position on election fraud?

Make a Pledge --- To Post 1 Post a Day in Other Forums

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 09/06/05

Field Poll: Voters split on dueling drug measures

Democrats' holiday picnic attracts record numbers (San Luis Obispo County)

Los Angeles Project to Help Katrina Survivors

Just emailed Harkin and Nussle

Boston Globe continuing to suppress 'the bad news.'

Rep. Stephen Lynch's office (D-MA) hadn't gotten other impeachment calls

Republicans at the Fair!***(pics)

Air America Minnesota 950 AM - loud interference during Al's show

Burning DVD's to play on home player...

quicktime problem

Ok, my first reformat will happen this weekend.

Does anybody know what's up with KXEB(DallasAAR)? They keep

Crooks and Liars has the audio of Barbara Bush up.

Are theories allowed? I think I may have had a lightbulb moment

Beyond the death and deprivation is the total indignity

Knight Ridder: Soldiers warned again about Internet postings

Post Katrina: Aren't we sort of...sitting targets for terrorists...?

did anyone watch Nightline tonight?

From the TX forum: Inside the Astrodome

Bernie is broadcasting LIVE -- link to stream

URGENT NEED! Vets for Peace shelter needs baby formula!! info:

we have lots of evacuees at the TCC in Tucson. Would it be bad to bring

please DU this cnn poll, scroll down part way, on the right...

smirk didn't approve rescue until Thursday?? link please, impt!!

'Situation Room' Segment Prompts Rescue Of Six People-Donna Brazile

Any word on new * approval rating polls coming out?

Prophetic Auth Cartoon, Aug. 23

I was over on the dark side to see what they were saying about the

we should describe the BushCo response for what it is . . .

I have a friend who has a brother that has drowned in the kool-aid

A vintage NOLA postcard

A Confederacy of Dunces: What if Ignatius has survived Katrina?

URGENT need! Vets for Peace are feeding and caring for people. please

Posted at my company site

I know why Katrina happened

This one's for Snowball! - another $50 to HSUS Disaster Services.

Please DU this Faux News Poll...Greta's poll...

Why has no journalist asked about Dick Cheney's whereabouts?

Stop saying Cheney was on vacation last week!

What will my Red Cross Disaster Volunteer health screening involve?

ok, so what ~is~ the President's job?

Today's Bible study for the Fat Rat Freepers:

Don't laugh at me but I asked my tarot cards, "What is America thinking?"

Has Jimmy Carter weighed in yet on NOLA and Junior's non-response?

A proclamation and a promise (pic) from george w bush, 2002

WaPo article "Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Deal" already posted on?

What would Harry do?

Three Finnish logistics experts to help rescue effort in aftermath of US h


possible to compare FEMA + aid in OKC bombing and NO???????

As many as 10,000 dead

ALERT: West Coast DU'er(s) Shep Smith on David Letterman (NOW)

Viggo and I agree, the rally call of America is Impeach, Indict, Imprison

Off Beat News

White House Statement on Federal Emergency Assistance for Louisiana

any more cities/areas needing to be 'cleared' and 'developed'??

What is causing the level three?

"The adults are back in charge." -- Anybody remember that crack?

The difference between looting and simply finding food

Battle of New Orleans Right-Wing Style, PLEASE E-Mail them!

Geeezus!! Could the Chimp sound any more drunk when he speaks these days?

So Bush Needs His MOMMY & DADDY To Talk To The Nation For Him?

A thought on this week if it hasn't been posted yet. Could this be time?

Kofi Anan should have bought bribery insurance like Cheney did.

When the chips are down, Call your Mommy & Daddy to defend you

Fox "News" reporting on a hotdog stand in Jefferson Parish

Interesting hits, and this is only a few.... there are many more.....

Digby: We Always Worried This Would Happen (N.O. bigotry - MUST READ)

if 9-11 was bush*'s defining moment

Chimpy's Playhouse:A Candid Look Into the Oval Office

Katrina is a bothersome distraction from bush's glorious war

Let's just Pray & think happy thoughts & maybe bush will just go away

List Politicians, X-politicians, Former Presidents or anyone ,

Here it is: the American Dream come true. How could it all go so wrong?

I sent this angry email to my friend's old freeper boss

Thank the world thread for their RAPID RESPONSE to our national


How will the new Imminent Domain Laws Effect poor New Orleans?

New Orleans' Jews all thought safe

barbara bush Dies & is Reincarnated as a Black Girl in New Orleans

Did the NO police kill 5 Department of Defense workers?

Bushazzer's Feast, Steve Bell cartoon, Guardian 6 Sept 2005

Just a thought about the upcoming 9/11 anniversary...

"US TV swings to hurricane outrage"

Are we Safer Now?

surely if bush hugs enough black folks on camera everything will be fine

Is there anything we Americans can do to help bush to GET IT?

Penn launches verbal attack on Bush

Prophetic Cartoon by Ann Telnaes, Aug. 18

Woman Giving Birth in a Tree

So New Orleans was # 3 on the list of potential disasters. What are

Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead - HARVEY WASSERMAN

Do you think that DEMANDING they step down will work?

Tropical Storm Nate is slowly drifting as Hurricane Maria weakens

CNN getting ready to do a story on old "beautiful mind"...

ABC Good Morning America: Gov Blanco facing questions from

Great cartoon from the Guardian about Shrubs' hurricane response:

Is Katrinia the silver bullet ending the reign of the UNDEAD WAR Criminal

Official: We're back in the Stone Age

of all the members of the bush vampire family, i think i hate barbara most

Will hurricane DPs be allowed to stay on underused military bases?

Bush appealed to Blanco last Sunday for a mandatory evac?

Well we've got heavy rains and thunderstorms here

Cut the red tape, Lott says

Pierce Brosnan: "This man called President Bush has a lot to answer for"

Karl Rove must think that the average American has the attention span of a

Let's look at Poppy Bush/Clinton coalition at what it truly is

Help I am stressing

CNN reporting a new potential weather problem

I don't have the time or the inclination to view rehnquist's carcass

EU cites snags in getting Katrina aid to victims

remember how sweet Jimmy Carter's & Bill Clinton's Moms were?

They're drinking the Kool Aid--Blanco and Jefferson Parish pres this mor.

GMA- hurrican victims townhall right now- how will it be, I wonder?

I think we won a major battle this weekend.

One more thing to get you mad: relief medics held back by bureaucracy

Is there historical or legal precedent for a President freezing prices...

NO needs a decade to recover from Katrina, US needs a century for George.

I'm going to stay with the Democratic Party

Any pointers to recent Bush** polling data?

Let's not forget about this other failure of FEMAs

The Secretary of Homeland Security is INCAPABLE of securing the Homeland!!

WalMart doing better than FEMA

BBC News op/ed blames Bush Admin, wonders if US media is growing a spine

It doesn't really matter if online polls are "freeped" now or not.

GWB is at the old bait and switch again!

Four Meetings!! Four.. count 'em Four!!!

So far, 80% agree with Clinton on FEMA response (CNN)

TIME cover of the original POS: Mr. 'TAX CUTS KILL' himself...

Soledad says the water is fetid with dead bodies

Conservative voters should enlist in military (Great LTTE)

Blanco & Witt on CNN live now. n/t

People are going to die from lack of followup medical care

threats from the bush administration?

They stole the election and destroyed the US-Why should he be able to

Noah's Wish pet rescue w/pics

September 11 Anniversary Policy Forum/LIVE C-SPAN 2

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Where's Pete Fountain?

Too bad for Katrina victims that they weren't "a great political issue."

BBC: Water pumped from flood-hit city - (A bit of good news.)

Went for some info on Hurricane....

Why the Department of Homeland Security bears PRIMARY RESPONSIBILTY

The saddest part of all is, natural disaster and terrorist attack respons


This is American Heroism...

"We will not fail." A promise from 2002 not meant, not kept. (picture)

What FEMA stands for?

Boston Globe continues to suppress 'the bad news.'

Is there any kind of "adopt a family" program being set up?

Hmm, looking through photos on Yahoo-Bush kissing Blanco is GONE

Bush is now in "deep shit"....the displaced people want "JOBS".....

Can we try all those FEMA/National Guards who turned people away?

Am concerned re: Displaced Kids and Meeting Educational Needs

Is HaliCHENEY an equal opportunity employee?

Times-Picayune: Mayor says Katrina may have claimed more than 10,000 lives

I have been wondering what the effect of all the polluted water will have

There is "plenty of blame" except Bush will NEVER say he was wrong !!!

For those concerned about companion animals

Yesterday's Evacuation Center Visits. Bush Ignored. Oprah Mobbed!

How Castro handles a cat. 5 hurricane (long)

Culture of ONE life (Rehnquist) vs. many (Katrina) and the US flag

William Rehnquist: Key figure in Washington’s rightward trajectory

Probably a dupe, but why not? HURRICANE KATRINA: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS

Quote from neocon says it all

The coming independent "Katrina Commission" timeline

Why?? Why??? Why???

F**k You NYTimes. Read this quote

What Should the Clintons Be Doing for Democrats

Privatize FEMA, Privatize Medicaid, Privatize Social Security- Corp. Assha

My parents said this would happen.

Er, the Conventional Wisdom SUPPORTED putting FEMA into Homeland Security

Keith Olberman last night had a great line.

Schilling family is hosting nine from New Orleans

When you do the same thing over and over, expecting different results,....

Anyone going to watch the House or Senate sessions this PM

Hillary talks with Greta

Jerry Springer is going SICK on some conservative, Bu$h apologist

FEMA/NG/HS will stop doing water drops to get people to leave

Dead Great Grandmothers.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link....

Washington's GOP Power Brokers To Give Miss. First Dibs On Relief Money

my husband went to work. piles of boxes, of stuff

Call it what it is: The Great Flood of George W. Bush

Unknown Munch painting found in museum

Soledad is not backing down

What Bush* "praise" really means....

At Least 1,000 Survivors of Katrina Are Being Brought to Puerto Rico

Is There Any "Live Feed" Web Broadcast of President Gore's Speech Tonight?

Why is Rehnquist getting pope-like coverage now?

Handing Out Recovery Money .... What Recovery Money?

Will ANY Of The Flooded Houses Or Buildings Be Salvageable?

Next on CNN: Animal Rescues in NO! Hope for the critters....

WABC hits a new low -- "Rush on Broadway" for hurricane relief

Why do people persist in thinking that the US is liberal?

Mysterious Temple Mount artifact evokes 'Da Vinci Code'

"until you live through the rubble of his leadership, you just can't

I'm just asking

BBC TV coverage: Elderly white couple in Slidell-'Billions for Iraq, no

Wolf Blitzer: "So black"

"Axis of evil" helps to rescue America

Just venting about knucklehead I work with

Bush should move his family to a shelter in a show of solidarity--

NYT: In Europe (and Asia), High-Tech Flood Control, With Nature's Help

Will We Be Getting Relief From The Death Tax Today?

August 13th 2004-- Hurricane Charley hits Florida

Yikes! Does this propaganda plan sound familiar?

It has to be said even if no one died, an entire city was lost!

It has been a week since Katrina-What have we learned?

LAT: "strong, soulful, wicked, frail city": Is dance over in magic place?

Did Bush turn FEMA into a Neocon organization?

OMG! bush just announced roberts IS Chief Justice! n/t

Rove is so yesterday - when Rove uses the same tactics again and again you

Greta Last Night: Pissed off Clinton and Pop....

Why National Guard is Important and how Bush* is destroying it

I hereby nominate "nobody thought..."

Operation Blessing

Hopefully this will end the conservative movement

CNN site had the Babs Bush comments!

* in 2000 Debate with Gore re:crises "it's a time to test your mettle"

Caption this photo - O'Connnor & Roberts

Dying people are just being taken to the morgues and left to DIE!

How to Save the Big Easy - Newsweek

Retiring Mexican immigrants raise questions

MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Strikes Again!

These bastards are so cruel that when they FINALLY IMPLODED...

"Republican power brokers may give Mississippi first dibs in the...funds"

Nobody thought because nobody ever thinks

Just booked my hotel and flight for the DC protest, 9/24

The Government owes Katrina survivors a WPA!!

Buses and boats.

Which is worse - Bush reading to children during the 9/11 attacks or

MSNBC: Cheney 'will go to disaster area' Thurs. (to bring Halliburton?)

I heard something about a possible rift between gonzales and rummy

Cheney going to Gulf Coast on Thursday

Can anyone provide the music and lyrics to Aaron Neville's remake of


Bush: "If things went wrong, we'll correct them."

This guy is just too dumb to listen to

Question about the response to 9-11

Two Flash Animations ... Hurricane Katrina & Iraq.

Still no word from Riverbend.

How do you respond to the kool aid drinkers?

Wanna Guess What A Sheet Of Plywood Will Cost Next Week

To all the people not happy with Clinton hanging with Poopy Bush

* quote hard to understand, and 1/4-1/3 NO police unaccounted for

Does anyone have that Wolf Blizter "they are so poor; they are so black"

How can there be a war on terrorism... When Terrorists CONTROL the Govt.

This would be a great TV ad

Oil Price now @ $66.70 -- will the gas stations lower the price by 30% ???

NO, not all white people voted for Bush and listen to C&W....

New Yorker editor says Bush 'failed in every respect;' And more: ...


FEMA says that victims will get "debit cards"

Bush on TV right now

TO MODS & DUers: What can we do to add DU capacity for traffic?

America wakes up from the weekend angry!

These corrupt, incompetent thugs are going to reshape the Supreme Court

Can't Bush's Handlers Tell Him to STOP THE JAW JERKS

So is Britt Hume buying up Real Estate in New Orleans?

Millions of Female Reep Voters will watch Oprah today.

Not even Bush kissing his ass will keep Lott Quiet

I need help debunking some RW spin on-of all places-a DIET board

"Roberts acting as pall bearer for his mentor"

Joke of the Day (month? year?) - Drudge Headline:

Will the soon to be "dry" levee side hold after the water is pumped out?

Isn't there an empty house in Crawford where they could put a family?

Shrub is going to get away with it.

The White House Underwater - good piece in the New Yorker

my freeper neighbor story with pic!

guess now the lumber barons will have full reign to cut down our forests

We must now reclaim the term "Liberal"

People were warned, the signs were all there...

"Show us what you've got" to be rescued

Somebody needs to dclare NOLA a CRIME SCENE .......................

Hey, Junior: Here's the meaning of the words "decency" and "civilized."

"The only function Government has is to protect the people."

The Tidal Wave of Compassion

Doccumented Bush Lies

"This isn't the time to blame"

If we had a real President

Coward to investigate himself? Don't think so....

Bush pretends he is calling for investigation....

How to help the people of the Gulf coast? Abolish the Estate Tax! WooHoo!

Compare FLA 2004 with LA 2005:

"Some of the people couldn't leave, they were that poor. Some of the ...

I am so sick of the personal responsibility meme

Bush said there will be "ample time to find out what went wrong"

Need a link, please

great LTTE in Seattle PI

Barbara Bush's "beautiful comments" still resonating

Bush Says He'll Find Out What Went Wrong

Does anyone know about ACORN?

Collins is pissed on CNN....

Battling at Huffman Aviation


Give me your tired, your poor

The shrub is speaking in Bible-Code again.

Wait for the New Orleans Gentrification Projects to begin...

Attention: Any Web designer displaced by Katrina:

New plaque placed on Bu$h's desk in Oval Office

If you want to see what "lost in the headlights look" looks like .

Bush to Oversee Katrina Investigation. I feel better now !

Russert is blasting the Coward on Imus now.

This isn't time for blame. This isn't the time for blame.

Vid Clip-Bush, Bureaucracy, Investigating Themselves and IF things

Bush and his minions are going to have to do something really BIG...

Franken's back, "and the Blame Game™ starts NOW!!!!"

What we will have to overcome in the near future:

Future Justice under Roberts as Chief

Anybody watching CNN

A global tsunami of laughter will greet the news that Dubya is going to


meme: Cheney is going to N.O. to help the "rebuilding efforts"

Can we stop using the term "talking points" and call them...

Catch Oprah show today at 4:00 EST

My Flood of Tears Shame for my city, shame for my country by Anya Kamenetz

Bush Titles Katrina Investigation "What Happened While I Was On Vacation"

Columbia Xians for Life praise God for death and destruction of NOLA

The Onion: "Stupid dead soldier" ruins Bush vacation.

There is an excellent Simpson editorial cartoon in todays

Dean's response to Katrina & bush (Dean comes out swinging!)

Has everyone heard the NO Mayors interview!?

Katrina.......The Biggest Republican Slush Fund of All Time....TPM

Bush: "respond properly if there's a WMD attack or another major storm. "

Don't point that finger at the GOP, it's got a nail in the end of it!

Katrina's Smoking Gun: Gov Blanco's Letter requestioning aid

They won't go down without a HUGE fight...think about it -

A strange comparison

New Orleans: Pattern emerges in lack of respones. Outrageous

My thoughts on President Bush

Tax Cuts Kill

I need to smack a freeper down in re: Blanco and 8/26

CNN Headline just played the Barbara Bush remark, and EDITED it.

COMPARE: Autopsies ARE Being Performed on Mississippi's Dead

Breach of faith. Breach of unity.

dupe delete

Don't fall for this Credit Card Co scam

Problem at Noah's Wish website

DC's 10- bus caravan returns with ONE evacuee

Is Barbara Bush scared of "under privileged" people?

Halliburton Stock Up 2.33% Today

May Larry King rot in hell

Rumored deliberate St. Bernard levee breach - any photos/maps of NO?


Great work on animal rescues in LA (incl NO) & MS by Humane Soc.

Katrina Thrusts Government's Role to the Fore in Confirmation Battle

People who won't evacuate because of pets.

We now know if terrorists bombed the levee we couldn't handle it

Once again, much depends on the media

To all Freeper Idiots: WTF is wrong with you??

Bush says he'll conduct his own Katrina investigation

Who the hell is this Tammy Bruce? She was filling in for Ingraham


"Restoring Honor and Integrity to the White House"

Now that we're not terrified of communists anymore, has anyone looked into

Franken played the full Babs quote just now

Which President Has Had The LOWEST EVER Approval Ratings?

Don't blame "people" like Bush, BLAME THE PHILOSOPHY!

The article that disputes HALF of the spin: "It was impossible to get in"

IDIOTIC Freep Declares Bush Won't Finish Term?!!


A note to ESPN

They had a law for Terry Schaivo-we need one for the Bush family

'Katrinagate' fury spreads

I am going nuts here! *BAD DAY AT WORK*

Has anyone in the media besides Keith O. Reported on Barb Bush?

OK, so "Greenhouse gasses" are actually protecting us. Which

Wow ! Oxy Limbaugh on Broadway for Katrina victims

Butt Boil Boy (Limbaugh) starting his damage control for Dim Son

Mission of Mercy: AL Gore brings storm victims to home state

Wellllll I'm headin' up the Homeland

Picture of Bush kissing Blanco on Yahoo Photos has been removed

Wikipedia lists 1,000+ dead reported by county (w/ only 71 for Orleans)

When you need to smack a Freeper down ...

I'm not clear here - does the bushgang now own Miss, Ala. and almost

40,000 bodies expected.

Army Corps of Eng. wanted to breach St. Bernard levee to relieve

Rescuers find 22 bodies lashed together in St. Bernard Parish

Operation "Protect the Baby Bush" is now underway

Anyone see the conference on terrorism on C-SPAN2 today?

Michael Brown on Hurrican on 9/6/04 in Florida

CNN producer: e coli now added to list in NO.

What Went Wrong?

Baby Bush's favorite day is coming up

Question for Republicans

The water is being pumped out of the city now

Did Bush "Misspoke" again?

"Ten Years of Terror"

Two thoughts... Superdome/Convention Center and people staying

Who in your opinions have been the best reporters of this tragedy?

3 Duke Students tell of disgraceful scene in New Orleans

I have finally lost it

"Is Brownie still doing a heck of a job? Terry Moran from ABC To Scott

Bush:"The people we're talking about are not refugees. They are Americans"

Found this is my email this morning - has anyone else heard anything

press corps getting heated as McMoonface dances

CNN saying that those who refuse rescue will get no food or water?

the Black Commentator hasn't stopped their vacation yet, I wonder why

this needs to be confirmed or refuted...can anyone help out?

Bush better stop blaming State & Local: Screen shot of FEMA's website "Bush To Lead Probe Into What Went Wrong"

Can fellow animal lovers give me some advice?

Barbara Bush's quote on! Hah!

Israeli divers volunteer to recover bodies

OK Scotty, I'll Admit It, "Now Is Not the Time To Play The Blame Game!"

American Family Radio 88.3 in Texas

How can Bush head a probe, when the buck stops at him?

The Daily show is new tonight!!!

Making Friends Around the World (UK)

My Rep. Mother:You were right - Bush should fire Brown. I can't watch it..

Scotty ...... People Got left to die ....... who is at fault?

Scotty needs donations of Depends

"We create our own reality"

Michael Brown's Senate Confirmation Hearing - June 19, 2002

They are SURVIVORS, not refugees.

DU this poll

It'll be interesting to see who will be on "Real Time" w/Bill Maher

You go Nancy Pelosi !! She just slammed Bush on CSPAN !

Nancy Pelosi - just now asked during her press conference

EVERYBODY, DU included, has IGNORED the elephant in the room

Pelosi: "If * wants to investigate...he needs only to look in the mirror"

I don't understand why they didn't just ride their Sea-Doos out of NOLA

This is "My Pet Goat" Part II

"Make Levees, Not War"

Time for Dems to WALK THE WALK:

Barbara Bush deserves her own category - Conservative Ghoul of the Year

Chimpy refuses to fire Brown

What I learned from Scotties Press Conference, By Ioo

We need to have a plan in place in the event that the internet becomes..

Please Answer These Questions

Report: Armstrong Williams Not the Only DOE-Paid Pundit (E&P)

Nancy Pelosi just said that Bush needs to look in the mirror...

what's the talk of katrinia is there in freeperville?

Bush is the Disaster

Evacuees in undies when they left the Dome---towns would not let them

Who wants to bet that Randi Rhodes will be on fire today?

bu$h Live on CNN. About aid to school kids.

We can't FIRE the FEMA Director - - The next in line have WORSE RESUMES !

Mardi Gras... will come back bigger and better than ever

There it was. "Cholera." Spoken on CNN.

Would it not make far more sense now to not pump out the toxic brew

Open a special forum for the London bombing

"Help is on the way"

"It's totally wiped out. ... It's devastating, it's got to be doubly

Nancy Pelosi! "The buck stops with the President."

Job Security

Freedom Parade

Are DEM Congressional leaders responding 'Bush doesn't investigate

Establishing a DU etiquette on reporting on live media events and quotes

Josh Marshall on Franken Show to discuss Brown's background

A new nickname for Bush...

Rummy's news conference coming up....

Workers ready to help get refineries back on line - FEMA won't them

Will Junior get away with even this?

the bushturds always use the word "unprecedented"

Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah

I need a debunk for "the LA Governer didn't ask for the National Guard"..

So, the military takes orders from "headlines?"

They're Killing McCellan and Nobody Is Broadcasting It!!!

Photojournalists getting harrassed/killed(?) in NO - same as Iraq

Superdome horrors were predictable, too.

Help! Please post link to LOUISIANA's reflief fund (not red cross or fed)

YO MODS: The site is moving very sloooow...

Inspiration for the Post-Katrina efforts

Cholera, malaria, dysentery, e.coli, West Nile virus, respiratory illness

To all RW'ers: Just because you win...

Maine schools shun abstinence-only sex ed course

Home with food poisoning/stomach flu!

Lost in all the tragic news is the Pentagon propaganda show on the Mall.

How I've decided to deal with RW relatives/friends/etc

Gilligan is down - Bob Denver is dead

all i'm hearing from the officials is excuses & lies & bullshit

"Hate to Talk Positives About NOLA but it's Certainly a Growth Business"

"For God's sake, are you blind?" MSNBC reporter to FEMA head

Journalists in NO beaten by cops.

At least this year we should be spared the goupthink Sept. 11 propaganda

The "BLAME" issue should be resolved right NOW.

All those antecdotal stories don't change the big picture...

Cornyn doing the "good news" report for the disaster to avert

so, my friend in italy is asking me....

What really pisses me off (listening to Senate)

C-SPAN 2..The Senate is in session! Tom Harkin on the floor

Louisiana tax cuts to blame, too, sadly.

While the MSM and the politicos of all stripes throw around accusations...

2,000 buses unused in NO vs. 80% evacuation

Top 3 disasters predicted & Bush presides over two: WHAT are the chances?

Michael Brown to be appointed to the Supreme Court

how did they deal with the bodies after the tsunami?

Eeeeewww!!! "Barbara Bush: Things Working Out 'Very Well'

Pelosi blasts Bush: "He need only look in the mirror" when asked about

* refusal to fire fema director is one more reason for immediate removal

I am thinking of sending the following in as a LTTE.

CNN breaking: Bob "Gilligan" Denver is dead

I like to use the word TERROR in describing NO when talking to republicans

I'm still so sad and obsessed

Can the PR machine sell Bush's faulty product again

"Direct threats require decisive action." - Dick Cheney

Attention New York City Liberals: BUY UP ALL THE TICKETS!

Is DU being jammed...been knocked off several times and also

Non-copycat poll: If we were attacked right now, we'd be screwed, right?

Rummy: "one of the best things this department does well...

Peolsi is going to the WH to deliver a message to * right now at 2:14 pm

From 8/29 Cabs $1500 per person NOLA to Airport/Benson EMS in NOLA hotel

Ah Randi coming up. I SO need a Randi Rant today!!

"I am cancelling my $5,000 check to the Red Cross!"

Anyone see BBC World News last night? Graphic and honest

Does anyone really believe that FEMA didn't know about the people

Dean on Randi!

Black man on Franken calling him racist

Didn't the hurricane hit land on Aug. 29? Where the hell was the military

Unbelievable e-mail from a surprising BushCo basher

Homeland Security tells Mortician: 'Expect Up to 40,000 Bodies'

No Rep Waxman.. NO bipartisan investigation... INDEPENDENT

I guess if the Katrina body count is high enough, Iraq will seem minor.

Tropical Depression 16's track *and* Tropical Storm Nate's track per NOAA

Hear the idiot on Franken right now?

The scary part is Bush is doing the best job he can do

Doesn't it burn you up that Terri Schiavo got a faster response than....

Just Named My Fantasy Football Team

im going to a lay out

I live outside Mobile Alabama, close to the Mississippi border.

How come China was able to evacuate 790,000 of their people resulting in

NYC Faux TV Station Refuses Gay Candidate's Ad

Pets Need Your Help--Call General Honore!!!

(Video) Russert blasts Government over handling of Katrina

So they're pumping water back into Lake Ponchatrain. Question.

First Responders Warned Feds on Training

Firing public servants for incompetence -- another Republican issue.

Feingold in '08 is giving me some hope

Rumfield - "First war plan doesn't work" - explain why things went

I can't believe I'm asking this, but are we bashing Bush too much??

CNN Breaking: "No Autopsies on Victims of Katrina"

WTF with Myers & Rumsfeld?!?

Blast from the past: *'s response to Texas flood in 1998 was immediate

Senator Lott is praising walmart on C-span..gag me now n/t

My freaking god!! They're gonna make money off Katrina too!!!?? Haliburton

When you refer to * as POTUS

We're watching these rescues:how the hell much trouble is it to take Fido?

Calling all citizens of southern states

Not firing incompetent political appointees is Welfare - and all

MSNBC: They said bush is leading the investigation....(link added)

Refute the RW talking points with the law!

hurricane victims arrive in Utah, do not want to stay

my LTTE to the Baton Rouge Advocate (re; Molly Ivins, Bush, etc....)

Soooo, has FEMA addressed the gas leaks going on in the area?

OK Choir, let's test our commitment to impeachment. Get just two friends

The Next Disaster -- Winter...Any preventive planning? Nope.

PLEASE DU THIS AOL POLL! Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina

So, now it's "conservative" to take people into your homes?

Headlines that make me go "Oh God, please"

Soooooooooooo! Bush is going to investigate himself, I see,

Think FEMA Director Brown was bad...LOOK at the FEMA deputies...

22 bodies found tied together in village

C-Span: Trent Lott is talking about his 150 -y.o. house

Look Here some Freepers might be getting a clue!!

Will Katriana be *'s "saving face" excuse for withdrawing from Iraq?

bush strummed, Condi shopped, Rummy watched ball, Cheney fished..NO died

Has the BBC/LT.Cmdr.Kelly interview been on any TV outlet?

Can we put the pieces together yet??

If you were wondering ----- Hannity

Dr. Dean PLEASE, listen to Randi about the FEMA "screwups"

Where can I find Randi's list?

IMHO, Rove-Bush** administration is reaching a tipping point.

CNN: Chaos as Iraq limits driving to save fuel (defies comment)

Palestinians' affair, 'honor killing' reflect Christian, Muslim divide

RWer blames Katrina on "Gays, Israel, and Man-on-horse sex."

Bush seeks $40 billion for Katrina aid....penny wise?

Could Bush's kissy-poo-huggy-poo "charm" be working?

Lott wants to give full authority to the Governor.

Glad to see the g-o-piggies are moving on.

Bush is a big FLOP

Sad Reality - A lot of people in this country hate democrats.........

THE CONSTANT GARDNER ---> See it now to retain your lib credentials!

Sex offender registry used as 'hit list'--2 killed

Jeb hates the wetlands as well..

Here's the thing... moral repugnance. When my friends asked....

How should I contribute?

The Violence in the Superdome was Predictable.

What do you think Scotty does before a briefing...

Is it time for Oprah yet?

i question the sanity of someone refusing to abandon a cat or dog

a reporter asked scotty, 'where does the buck stop'? he said the president

So how many black votes will Republicans get in the '06 election?

I'll ask again... "Where is any amatuer video?" Where, where where.

Time to plaster your town

Republican "Family Values" on display today

The DR. is in!!! Howard Dean on Randi now

**Exercise Bright Star to Begin Sept. 10**

My email was empty today. Usually, it's full of Democratic causes

All Form -- No Function

About that group of children led by the six-year-old

Read Babs Bush's comments in full on front page Chicago Tribune

Question to repugs: Do you still feel safer with this war President?

Holy crap you have to see this pic!!

We Need to Explain Why We Don't Want the Military as POLICE

Santorum has a new book coming out - How to profit from disaster survivors

And now, a new reality TV show, Ask Your "Leader"

Plagues are coming next

Oprah and Harry Conick are doing what bush should be...saving people


wondering if anyone else is getting literally SICK from all this

LTTE I sent to my fish wrap

Cafferty still at it on CNN --

Those that forget the past, are condemned

Please help locate a pol.cartoon: Bush family deciding who lives/dies

Wanna Bet on Bush’s Response to Katrina?

* gonna BUY his poll ratings.....

Journalism Code of Ethics (from Society of Professional Journalists)

My blog mentions several horror stories from Katrina.

Blitzer asks why fires not fought with the huge water planes

"He Drowned His Own People!!!"

Some corporate responses to emails asking for help for Katrina victims

Katrina caused by Gays, Israel and Man On Horse sex!

the bushturds always use the word "unprecedented"

Reporter on CNN says:

Poll but not a poll: Is "considering" a form of activism?

Canuck navy heads for New Orleans - today

PLEASE HELP! How Many Are In NOLA Now? Trying To Keep Hope Alive :o(

3000 dead in 911; 2000 dead in Iraq; 10000 dead in NO, * still has 45%

Don't like Bush's handling of N.0.? Wait until he lets bird flu take hold.

bush refuses to play the katrina blame game


Bush fired head of Army Corps of Engineers in '02 for slamming budget cuts

How many millions of $$$ did the idiot take away from the allocated levee

Cindy Sheehan to speak at PDA Grassroots Strategy Day

the 1928 hurricane didn't make my family "stronger"

Lt. Commander Sean Kelly Responds to the BBC interview flap.

Reopen The Fed Budget on FEMA/DHS Spending For FY 05-06

The woman left dead in street for five full days (New Zealand story on NO)

Poll: How Many Times Have You Seen The Words 'Bush Is Done' On DU?

Randi: "Sean Hannity is Bu$h's Bitch".

How does PNAC fit into the Gulf mess? Let's document, shall we?

Santorum Wants Penalties For Hurricane Victims

Just heard on MSNBC that B* announced that HE WILL INVESTIGATE?!?

Turning the USA into a 3rd-world nation; B*sh's 2-pronged approach:

It's not the blame game, it is responsiblity

All Americans are equal, but some Americans are more equal than others.

Why haven't we had a National Day of Mourning?

Fred Phelps (think 'God Hates Gays') to protest Rehnquist's funeral

Trail of Tears- Then and Now (2 Photos)'s the blaaaame gaaame: BOOSH

Where's CHENEY? He's buying a house!

Is Anyone Taping today's Oprah?

R.I.P., Gilligan -

We Are Completely Unprotected

The Blame Game Poll

Article in a Dayton Newspaper...

Dear Rush Limbaugh,

My take: * ignored K to up oil prices and get the max for Halliburton

We don't need no stinkin' investigation!

OUTRAGE:Rick Santorum, R-Penn., demands tougher penalties for non-evacuees

Say his Name: It's not "feds", "gov't." or "the administration" it's BUSH

Emperor offers condolences to Bush for hurricane victims (Japan)

Is the 9/11 Washington rumsfeld "Freedom March" still on?

MAYOR NAGIN: "New Orleans is a party town - get over it!"

"Now is not the time for the blame game..."

NY's Jerry Nadler was complaining about FEMA post-9/11 !

Hey America, I TOLD YOU SO!!! Dammit! I Told You So!

When is Michael Moore's next film coming out? It should be good!

santorum wants to penalize those who rode out the storm

Anyone else get a "Grassroots Survey" from the DNC?

"Finger Pointing" ? Try ACCUSING

Oprah is on NOW!!!

Bet the house on this

here i go again: If it had been Clinton, would THEY play the blame game?

show us your tits and we will rescue you

I HATE it when Bush does this...and he does it ALL the time!!

Donna Brazile - Her father, a Korea vet, says New Orleans worse than Korea

How Long before the FEMA Director gets a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

The use of the term "blame game" is abhorrent

"...not the time to point fingers..."

Wouldn't it be something, if for just one week

Alaskans not too happy with hurricane response

Was the NOLA Disaster the Rapture?

Anyone know if any member of the Bush family gave money to Katrina relief?

This is how business should respond to Katrina

My LTTE: I blame the media

CNN - Barbara Bush's Comments

Bet the house on this

Freeper idiot at work said B* couldn't send in troops w/o CONGRESS!

A huge line of 4 people lines up to pay respects to Rehnquist.

Scientists Give New Orleans One More Chance

Conservatives really ought to believe in evolution

What did the Police Chief tell Oprah at the beginning of the show

Senator suggests penalties for survivors who stayed in flood zone

1891 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Katherine Harris put in Charge of New Orleans Body Count!

Special Hurricane Katrina coverage by Lexis Nexis

Great NO pet story!

Any link to that story about the children?

Security incidents in Iraq, Sept 6

email should Brown resign

Cafferty's question of hour: Should Brownie be fired? E-mail....

Just Called My congressmans office

Look, you fucking idiot Repukes:

Shep Smith coming up on Fox

Dean: "we will not allow Rove and the GOP attack machine to spin away"

Freeper Posts on my Blog, They can not be this dumb can they?

Another tale of a staunch rethug turning against *

and how many times has the word 'impeachment' been used here?

Has your Senator done anything about the hurricane disaster?

CNN Breaking: Saddam was a bad man

Shock and Awe finally delivered by Bush - SHOCK of his slow

"To see how bad Feds failed, take New Orleans OUT of the equation"

bwah-ha-ha! Freeper SUV-owning neighbor is trying to boycott gas stations

just called Sen. Voinoviches office -- and I'm so PISSED!!!!!

Byron Dorgan is sucking up to Bush....good lord

"The competence of local and state governments"...

I want to see these wealthy senators & congressmen donating millions!

Anyone remember Will Ferrell as * on SNL in 2001

Photo: Bush already looking bored from "dealing" with Katrina

Gen. Tommy Franks to lead students in celebration of Constitution Day???

Follow the Katrina Rumors

WOW - here's a video of the police doing a little looting of thier own

Press briefing on line

My In-Laws (who voted for * twice) want bush & all of them impeached!

"We gotta solve problems, we're problem solvers"

With Bush it's always "never again".

New storm threatens eastern Florida

"What if Katrina had happened in an election year?"

In all fairness, Barbara Bush's quote is being taken out of context

Where is the Schaivo crowd?

Call To Action

Who does this belong to?

The FEMA Three Stooges...A Plumbing We Will Go

An apology to the Naderites who co-inhabit DU...

Day After Day, Bush White House Trying to Regain Its Footing and Repair It

Incredible commentary by Keith Olbermann

I think Lott is going to get his revenge on Bush

sept. 6 tuesday scanner thread

Al Gore Paid For Refugees' Flight To Chattanooga (2nd NOLA flight by Gore)

The Opposing Opinion: A response to Pukin Dog.

so how many people did Neal Boortz fly out in HIS plane?

Anyone else turning into a big Nagin fan?

Watch out for the repukes in DC, DUer's

"Every Life Is Precious..."

Kudos to J T Alpaugh, helicopter pilot! He seems to be in the air

self-delete n/t

This thread in LBN needs to be read

We are doing a lousy job of holding our elected officials accountable!

Why are the Bush's still acting so arrogant?

Bush will lead an investigation into what wrong--Tweety on msnbc. I

Laura Rozen: Brown looks doomed

Cancer spreads when left unchecked

Excuses, excuses, excuses. (Rove fingerprints ALL over lame GOP BS)

RIP RENO 5/1/93 - 9/2/05

I remember a group of doctors entering the door at our local

Are there still people in the Superdome and Convention Center.

Air America Stumbles in ratings and finances

READ THIS. It might make you feel better.

Let's get the evidence together!!

Why Bush is ultimately responsible for the Katrina aftermath - regardless.

We need to keep our eye on this.. hurricane season is still not over.

"Maybe Katrina was punishment for what Bush did to Iraq,"

We fed 5 evacuees today.

Your 2006 Democratic Primary assignment (Part #1)

Think Progress: Top FEMA Deputies Make Brown Look Qualified

Take responsibility. Be accountable.

Online Journal, one of the greats, is 7 years old today!

Misinformation about misinformation...

Look! Dennis Kucinich is on the Government Reform Committee!

FEMA - The Secret Government

So this is how they are going to work the heartless Cheney back in...

Did anybody see Kudlow on CNBC today?

Want to get even more outraged/depressed?

Rate This Yahoo Story HIGH!

I don't ever want to hear another Freeper complain about liberal Hollywood

Question: I need help refuting a freeper.

so trent lott lost his multi-million dollar home? so now he's homeless?

All The People Who Have Been "Evacuated" Question

Did anyone tape Oprah today?

Nagin "should sue the pants off CNN" for "tabloid journalsim" !!!!

Tom Delay : No Support to Roll Back Gas Tax

CNN International: No Communication between relief workers

the media will not show us the real horror show going on in new orleans

Anyone watching CNN now?

The Moot Point argument of this crisis...

Here's the Katrina bottom line even a Repuglican could understand...

Like Father, Like Son: Response to Hurricane Andrew in 1992

Health & Safety After Hurricane Katrina (FDA press release)

Salon: The President as Hurricane Victim - Wash. Times Pro-Bush Editorial

DC Republicans fishing for someone to call for Nagin's...

i mourn the passing of bob denver, but not rehnquist

Important reason why the spin won't work this time.

Sen. Frist is on C-Span2 and is calling for investigations as to why

Look, if Bush tries to weasel out by saying, "No one could have predicted"

You know, Aaron Broussard is a hell of a guy

They're now reporting that as many as 500 NO. cops quit...

*'s Fuzzy Math: $22.3MM in Cuts = $50 bn in disaster aid

Would 1,586 excellent doctors help? ....nah...

CNN reporting blame should go on Local gov in NO

Scientology and the Red Cross - How did the Scientologists

The pitfalls of cut and paste, read thread and learn:

"Have you no shame, sir?"

The M$M should be ashamed of themselves

A poem for New Orleans....the people, the city.

Charmaine Neville article in Advocate (Baton Rouge newspaper)

Things aren't always what they appear to be

US National Refinery capacity impacted 12% - - Gas up 30% ALL WEEK

Michael Ruppert: the deeper reason for the FEMA failure

this is no time to pLace bLame

Caption this * and pickles pic...

Bush and Saddam: both should be on trial for crimes against humanity

Network News is "pointing to an old NO hurrincane plan" - noting all can't

Heeeeerrrrre's Scotty!!!!!!!!

Democrats to introduce relief bill: Effort thrwarted in bankruptcy vote


Bush is a threat to National Security.......He must resign NOW!

DU ALERT! Don't miss Aaron Broussard on Matthews if it repeats....

So which is it? Gas prices or the hurricane that are getting through

C-Span2: Scotty back on. (Repeat)

SCHIAVO: Will * call for prosecutors to investigate NOLA wrongful deaths?

This one goes out to the 183

We need to start calling them the "Pass the Buck" Party & President.

Who thinks CNN will go back into GWB butt-kissing mode ?

Senator on CSPAN now - will introduce bill to seize profits from Big Oil

Why nobody gets into NO?

Has Cheney surfaced?

Who redirected helicopters leading to flooding of New Orleans?


USS Bataan Waited For Days For Orders To Help Out

Here's a radio talk show host who is actually going to NO to help

An amazing man found alive.......just one example of why some stayed.

I was hoping Oprah would give these people a spectacular gift

Looking for quotes: WP states evacuated 'spoke of violence'

"... give me a better idiot", Aaron Broussard

We need black ribbons on our cars........

Local News... 400 beds go unused in N MS

A plan to take America away from the Far Right

Could a prominent Democrat please give people something to DO?

An Opposing Opinion: Reponse to Pukin Dog

Look at this Popular Mechanics article published on September 11, 2001:

Another levee question

Oprah is my hero, she deserves a Pulitzer for her coverage

It's Unanimous : CNN, ABC & NBC all did "blame pieces on Mayor/Gov"

I gotta say one thing....I just don't understand why those school busses..

What's 10,000 deaths? What are you excited about? It's only 10,000

Blaming Bush alone undercuts your effort.

Tune in Tweety with Aaron Broussard NOW...after the Commercial!

eric holderman looks like another gannon.

While state and local people are busy with the relief work

"FUBAR GATE" -- F'd Up By All Republicans

What Democratic Senator or Congressman/woman is proposing independent

Did People see this NYT article on how Reps said aid timed to come w/Bush

How does bush go about leading an investigation?

Ain't gonna let noboby turn me around

Important reference Proof it was the feds fault!!!

omg! This Is Heartbreaking! A Survivor of Katrina Suffers even More

Letter to my senator

Any reporters left NO to get back to the REAL story - Blonde in ARUBA?

Oprah: "If people lived here for SIX DAYS - why can't I go in?"

I wonder how many of the MSM have ever been evacuated

Are there any independent websites keeping track of known missing/dead?

New Orleans area Habitat for Humanity affiliates

This about sums it up::::

First responders didn't go in because Bush never gave them the ok

Could someone please explain just how the MSM is now trying to exonerate

Local news ad: Hear the Barbara Bush remarks that are sparking controversy

Insurance industry response to Katrina (could be bad for Bush**co!)

Fox's NY affiliate refuses Bush 'no clothes' ad

Hurricane Katrina disaster shows the failure of the profit system

CNN: Environemntal Expert on with Anderson Cooper

Exactly who's idea was it to put FEMA under Homeland Security?

What happened to ROVEGATE..

Federal "safe room" project.

Fact Check: About those buses now under water

CNN Prefers "hit & run journalism" bury the Mayor/Gov (forget facts)

Bush cannot be tried by a jury of his peers.

The largest natural disaster in American history


Global warming anyone?

Compare FEMA Response to Hurricane in FL 2004

Didn't LA Gov. ask for FEMA's help the day before the storm hit?

Is there a forum for discussing DU Technical or support issues

Dennis Kucinich speaks on House Floor

Don't confuse the Oval Office desk signage - THIS is NOT bush

Police of Adjacent Town Used Gunfire to Keep People Trapped in NO

Response to Roves talking points. Evacuation problems my ass!

BREAKING: Fox announces he will investigate henhouse deaths!

Poll CNN -Clinton that govt "failed" the people after Katrina -Yes/No

The Night Owl's challenge to all right wing forums and blogs!

For your entertainment...

I've been thinking...about Boudreaux's Butt Paste...

If a person not in the disaster area is distraught re Katrina and the

De Freepers need the talking points to overcome their common sense?

Superdome likely to be torn down. CNN

In The New Democratic America Priorities Are:

"Castro does a better job than these asses" - email from Katrina volunteer

FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

UPDATE: Alex Chilton rescued from New Orleans home

FEMA sent Helicopters for LEVEE to Church instead

Info? A Miss. sheriff & his men pulled ouzi's on FEMA and told them

Matthews: "People just need to settle these things in their minds"

Caption this * pic...

West Coast: I'm watching Oprah now. My God, what do you think?

Does anyone here on DU have some Good "Red Cross" Relief Stories?

What the heck is that BS * is trying to pull on CSPAN now?


Please convince me they won't get away with this....

Halliburton Stock Reaches All-Time High In Mid-Day Trading


I asked David Allen at to not call Bush...

Stealth gasoline tax = $3.20.9 per gallon reg. unleaded gasoline

Euthanasia!?! "DOCTORS are HELPING HASTEN the DEATHS of sick CHILDREN"

DUer's URGENT!!!! Newsmax poll!!!!

CNN Breaking Louisiana Superdome likely to be torn down

They are refugees :( School children shunted and separated.

There cannot be a mass grave in New Orleans

Oh, PLEASE tell me we are NOT creating MASS GRAVES!!!!

W is Antichrist.

Jeb said that he gave $20.00 to the red cross at the FSU game

Saddam had rape rooms, Bush has rape stadiums.

If bu$h and Cheney are impeached. Who would be prez and vice prez?

poll:exempt all victims from bankruptcy bill

Call to Impeach Blanco goes out...

Putting together a full fledged campaign against Republicans in 2006

Ghost (Protest) Warriors: The Haunting of George W. Bush

Mass Evacuations: Do We Need Plans? Who's Responsible?

So Now That We Are Completely Paralyzed, I Expect Another Terror Attack.

Why Did They Choose Not To Deliver Food And Water? Starving People Out!

Our Failed Government Is A Reflection Of A Failed America! We Did It!

We are doing a lousy job of holding our elected officials accountable.


Poppy Bush, the total failure as a parent, is at it again on CNN!

I'm Tivoing Oprah's Katrina Coverage, if anyone wants it on DVD

"Investigations" into failed rescue response will be less than worthless.

Is Obama saying that he doesn't believe that this was about race

DU CNN POLL: Did Government fail? It's being freeped

Could we all PLEASE send an IMMEDIATE letter to W with a tiny

Lies - A Song In Pictures

CA firefighters (9/11 rescuers) barred from N.O. for a week!

**Please DU this Poll:** Halliburton Stay Out of NOLA! Daily Kos...

Had To Share - My Aunt Suggests Bush Take His Next Vacation In New Orleans

CNN just announced Bob Denver "Gilligan" died

Judge roberts one of man of honor selected to carry the body of reinquist

FEMA Hard at work...

My mild mannered Art Director of 12 years...

Latest Models give a direct hit to New Orleans next week... again

This isn't about the evacuation plan, this is about the RESPONSE.


Please help me find information about mass graves in NO.

Important Information about the Rally 9-24 in DC.

Howard Dean: Katrina Relief: What You Can Do

Maybe now they will listen! Attn Media: Regarding Our Votes

Bush has released the wrath of voodoo upon his own house.

Just heard a report on the N.O. Zoo Animals and the Aquarium

Playing Politics by Changing the Rules in the middle of the Blame Game

Is it true that the Federal Government couldn't enter LA. until it was

It's TRUE! Dying people ARE being left in the morgues to DIE!

My uncle has seen the light, and this is a big deal

"Enough Blame to Go Around"--New Administration Talking Point

Want to see some real racist and anti-Semitic hate?!

A list of some animal rescue groups involved in Katrina effort

Babs and George Sr. Are on Larry King making me ill.

Lydia's getting all tinfoily again...

Wanna see something scary??

Did I watch Bush shoot himself in the foot on national TV this afternoon?

Watched the clip of * on CBS news...when will someone, anyone

The bottom line. Shrub could have picked up a phone!!!

Common Americans have no power over the "EXPLOITATION ADMINISTRATION"!!!


FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts

UC Berkeley Dems and Republicans teaming up

Did anyone hear the report that Saddam confessed to gassing the Kurds?

1000 Firefighters Not Deployed! Some told 2 STAND BESIDE BUSH On His Tour!

members of Black Caucus getting many racist calls...need our calls

David Letterman bashes Bush on his Top Ten last night!!! See # 2

Washing Away the Conservative Movement (aftermath of Katrina)

Cops beating up, stealing cameras of New Orleans photojournalists!

Barbara Bush in favor of massive public housing effort

YEHA: HELP!! South African paper wants to follow up Bassier sister Story!

George W. Bush's elastic time sense

gas and oil prices plummeting today

WILL PITT - write the book, with the truth!

(202) 456-1111 Demand His Resignation Today

Sen. Landrieu Threatens to 'Punch' President if He Keeps Hitting Local Res

How to REALLY piss off a Republican on the road:

Are You a Kool-Aid-aholic?: A simple diagnosis.

Can FEMA do anything right?!! Look at this list!

DU Katrina Resources and Research Forum - Help make it happen!

FR "Pukin Dog" Having A Freaking Tantrum Directed At Us, LOL!

USNS Comfort: Slow boat to New Orleans

"I think this country owes these people an apology" --Oprah Winfrey

for anyone else looking for info about fema, fla, 2004 election

Who can help me get today and tomorrow's Oprah online?

Geraldo rescues a woman and her dog... in TWO TAKES for TV. (Salon)

INCREDIBLE First Person Katrina Account

Idiot coworker says that hag Barbara Bush is right

**************TOONS: The War on Weather Edition****************

OK you people, get ready...

"And when they..... there was no one left to speak out."




Want to see what an online swiftboating job looks like?

challenge- one word to describe Bush

Barbara Bush in Colored and White


Rape mentality exhibited in NOLA

'Catapulting' Katrina.

Katrina Evacuee Relocation Thread

Anybody see the new Conservative Party ads?

'Evil' bogus spy jailed for life

Call for reform after 3.7 million eligible voters are not registered

"A God with whom I am not familiar", Tim Wise

Shuttle scientist among the British missing

Sylvania CPA's link to Noe paid political dividends

White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage

Katrina death toll may be 10,000 as Bush vows help

Halliburton's KBR unit gets contract to repair Gulf Coast facilities

(Rep) McNulty calls for withdrawal from Iraq (changes stance on war)

96 Brits Missing in Katrina's Aftermath

U.S.Congress approval rating at 36 percent (conducted before Katrina)

White House: Leave Blame Game for Later

4,000 evacuees in Houston to be relocated to cruise ships

Officials pursue reluctant evacuees

Houston Finds Business Boon After Katrina

U.S. diverting nuke subs to Pacific to keep China in check

Zimbabwe accuses CIA of film plot

Zimbabwe leader blasts Hollywood film

Cheney going to the disaster area on Thursday - CNN

First responders warned of change in training (terrorism over natural dis)

Zarqawi Followers Seize Key Town

Tears of joy for Katrina survivors (Australia, Herald Sun)

Union Organizers at So. Poultry Plants(after woman says no bathroom break)

Spain searches for Nazi camp doctor, 91

AFL-CIO blasts Bush on Katrina

Chaos of Katrina Drives Cop to Suicide

LAT: NFL Keeps Kanye West on (ABC season-opener) Bill

US Hands Control of Najaf Base to Iraqis

Mobile Hospital Ensnared In Red Tape Now Treating Patients

Iraq charter heads to the printer unchanged

NY Daily News: Bush gets chilly reception

(Donna) Brazile's sister found alive

Levee Break Plugged a Week After Katrina

Iran nuclear weapons "years away" (BBC News)

Ex-aide to Yushchenko says corruption led him to resign

A Shaky Ethics Charge: Does John Roberts have an ethics problem?

Venezuela's Citgo sets up hurricane relief centers

Nationalize oil firms, almost half of Canadians say

Four US soldiers killed in deadly two days of bombings now # 1890

Africa says slow Bush response to Hurricane Katrina was 'racist'

1 Million People Can't Go Home for Months

Bush to lead Katrina investigation( fox to investigate dead chickens!)

Authorities make close to 100 arrests for looting on the coast.

British Report Says Iran 5 Years Away From Nuclear Weapon

Bush to seek another $40 billion for Katrina aid (Halliburton?)

New Orleans' Newest Jail Open for Business

Roberts Among Pall Bearers for Rehnquist

Canadian universities open doors to hurricane survivors

Chaos as Iraq limits driving to save fuel

NBC News chief Shapiro resigns

Bangladesh pledges $1 million aid for US

U.S. Marine Jets Bomb Two Bridges in Iraq (desperate interdiction attempt)

Putin rejects third Kremlin term

Senator on CSPAN now - will introduce bill to seize profits from Big Oil

50,000 Troops Now In 'Katrina Zone'

Stretch of Florida's Atlantic coast under tropical storm warning

Don't let them 'Fallujah' us, Iraqis asked

Sen. Byrd delays re-election announcement

Administration looking to help schools absorb kids displaced by Katrina

AP: First Responders Warned Feds on Training

Penn accuses Bush amid rescue chaos

Chicago Opens a Rare 'Green' School

Hurricane fallout hurts Bush, could hurt Republicans

House may take up another energy bill, DeLay says

US lawmakers vow tough questions in Katrina probe (Collins - R)

Cuba, previously a 'threat,' drops from radar

Could we all PLEASE send an IMMEDIATE letter to W with a tiny

Katrina looks set to become election issue

The M$M should be ashamed of themselves

Official: E. Coli bacteria detected in floodwater

Fox Channel 5 (WNYW) refuses to run anti-Bush campaign ad

Standoff With Terrorists in Dammam Continues; 4 Die

Gregoire says 2,000 refugees coming first to Fort Lewis (Seattle P-I)

Military: Katrina Won‘t Affect War Plans (Rumsfeld & Myers)

Notes from a Small Islamic Military Republic

Evacuee transfer in Texas on hold

NWS -New Tropical Depression forms in the NW Bahamas (Perhaps to hit La.)

Canada, France, U.K. Militaries Dispatch Aid to U.S. Gulf Coast

Jazz benefit for New Orleans (Norway)

Bush: List for Second Vacancy 'Wide Open'

GOP Politicians Will Help Get Relief Funds-AP (LA LAST!!!)

GOP Politicians Will Help Get Relief Funds

Bush resists immediate probe into Katrina response (from the UK)

Strong typhoon lashes Kagoshima; 4 dead, 16 missing (Japan Today)

Rights Group Says Yahoo's Cooperation Helped China Jail Journalist

Sen. Clinton charges Bush has weakened disaster agency

Pakistan deploys 9,500 troops at Afghan border

First federal arrest (NO: Algiers man allegedly fired on military chopper)

Tal Afar Panicking Residents Flee US Fire

3 more U.S. soldiers killed by Iraq bombs

Arab Commentators Highlight U.S. Impotence in Face of Katrina

Gulf Coast Republicans say investigations should follow recovery, cleanup

Military Police Officer Tells Court She Saw Sergeant Kick Prisoner Who Died

North Korea calls New Orleans America's Pompeii

Blair presses for China democracy

Bush resists immediate probe into Katrina response

Iraq charter update fails as U.S. fights in north (Talks changes)

Feingold Could Be First Anti-War Candidate

Kanye's Late Registration Sales Soar after 'George Bush' Rant

Actor Brosnan says Bush 'has a lot to answer for'

Woo-hoo for bushco!: Dow Ends Up 142 As Oil Prices Tumble

Senators say it may be time to look at vehicle fuel economy

Bush joins those opposed to word "refugees" ("they are Americans.")

George H.W. Bush: Media Unfairly Slamming My Son (Paging "Mr. Sulzberger")

NO To See Unprecedented Boom--Labor Secretary

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 6 September

AP (via WP): White House Trying to Regain Footing

Bodies found piled in freezer at Convention Center

Pentagon: USS Bataan Waited Days For Orders to Help Out(BBC)

Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves'

Funeral Director Deploys to Hurricane Region (up to 40,000 bodies!)

Al Gore Paid For Refugees' Flight To Chattanooga (2nd NOLA flight by Gore)

California follows Hawaii's lead on Fuel Price Caps(Democrats)

US Marine Jets Bomb 2 Bridges in Iraq

Democrats call on Bush to fire FEMA chief

Report: Armstrong Williams Not the Only DOE-Paid Pundit (E&P)

Limbaugh on Broadway for Katrina victims

Iraqi Leader: Saddam Confessed to Crimes

Michael Jackson plans single for Katrina victims

FEMA Turned Away Aid, Rescue Crews, Cut Emergency Communication: Witnesses

Dean Statement on Administration's Political Response to Hurricane Katrina

From Iraq, troops see parallels in Katrina

FEMA chief waited until after storm hit ("convey a positive image")

Bob Denver (Gilligan, Maynard G. Krebs) dead.

Evacuees not told where they're going

Americans appalled over Bush begging for Katrina aid

Zarqawi denounces Saudi "tyrants" in tape -Web

Bush Says He'll Find Out What Went Wrong (* Leads Investigation)

White House rejects calls for firing of FEMA director

Santorum Wants Penalties For Hurricane Victims

Disaster used as political payoff (By FEMA to Pat Robertson)

Fox's NY affiliate refuses Bush 'no clothes' ad

New Orleans flood waters contaminated with e. coli

Murder and rape - fact or fiction? (New Orleans Disaster)

CNN: Breaking News Banner: Superdome likely to be torn down

'Katrinagate' fury spreads

Floor Statement of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich:


I have good news and bad news

order your super outfit yet?

The downfall of American society, in one jpeg or less: (56k warning)

Should we activate Grovelbot, to buy more we can go

Anyone else think it strange that Gumby's horse pal was named Pokey?


I'm myself level.

thread gone bad

all systems normal ... and I'm off to bed.

Bush lost an entire city. Jeez how many other presidents have done that?

Someone help Floogeldy

This IS a post.


This is not a thread.

Now I need to format my hard drive - I DUed a Faux Snooze Poll

Have mercy, PLEASE

neither is this but it is dylans's 115th dream...

Situation Normal

"They Live" is on Movie Central in Canada right now


Feeling better today -

I'm gonna do an all French Language show

Should we take KitchenWitch's keyboard away?


QUICK do something KW has 9,999 post

What is the name of that old-school fight/boxing game?

Katrina By The Numbers

having an earworm is already a pain in the ass


Only six foods on young girl's menu

The Exorcism of Emily Rose--Who's Going?

I know Murphy Brown is a fictional character

I missed the Keith Olbermann rant

promised pictures 3 (pic heavy)

million dollar bridge

I Apologize for my post yesterday

I am listening to Billie Holiday, any fans out there.

Does Bush EVER not look like a complete idiot?


Anyone have any good panda pics?


Good morning, Everybody!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving

Cat in the pink over new colour

Just back from weekend with granddaughter (PIX)

I'm watching you

Florida's monster

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lauren Bacall (September 6, 1924)

Wild Thing

Diggable planet (no, not the band):

For my 10,000th Post...I wish to express my appreciation for DU

I feel like I've been gone forever!

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Ant balls not an urban myth

How is it, in a matter of :30 minutes, an entire long weekend's

I have returned.

Smart-ass answers

Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting...

Anyone have one of these?


Hehehe - Lady I work with just tried to bring up the "they didn't follow

Happy Birthday to Jane Curtin!

Sig Line Appreciation Thread!

I'm looking for a PT job. Where might I find something with a progressive

Birthday trivia for September 6th.

My cat just ate a dab of mustard.

I think I'm paranoid..... someone make me a tin foil hat!

I can't afford my gasoline

Yoda you talk like in thread. MMMmmmm.

Happy 401K Day!!!!!

The Policy of Truth.

East Coasters! Do you DU first thing in the AM?

Today's Wasserman cartoon rocks!

I'm just going to make some tea - any requests?

OK, so it looks like I start the new job TODAY.

more attention from Neil Boob today

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Any online Honda maintenance coupons?

********* WARNING!************WARNING ********* WARNING!************

I would like to apologize for all of the threads I have killed.

Need something to get excited about. New Stones' album out today

Is this any way to run a company?

I saw "The Constant Gardener" yesterday

Darkness at the break of noon

I was wondering why this didn't catch on

I used to believe in Government

The new Coheed and Cambria kicks ass!

I had a great time at Burning Man but couldn't stop thinking about NOLA

Would you take a 3 1/2 year-old to a college football game?

Nice interview with "Scout" ("To Kill A Mockingbird")

Babs deserves a fair shake...

"The US Department of Faith"

Iraq-vet coming back to work with me. Incredible story.

What's your favorite prehistoric moment?

Dammit! There's a mosquito in my office somewhere and it's biting

Updating My Website: Have a Look and. . .

So how do YOU respond?

Do you need know explantion?

Aaaaaaah! ALL of my Firefox Bookmarks gone!!

Fellow animal lovers, I'd like some advice!

What's your favorite prehistoric continent?

Gilligan is down - Bob Denver is dead

Gilligan is down - Bob Denver is dead

Bob Denver dead for real this time.


run for your life!!

I promised the kids I'd make fried chicken tonight

Home with food poisoning/stomach flu!

So, I think I'm cracking up

today is my birthday - - how old do I look? (pic)

dup.... self delete

I am also cracking up

Louisiana 1927

Woo HOO! I'm *almost* uniquely American!

*'s Bak 2 Skool Essay: "What I DIDN'T Do On My Summer Vacation"

Heart Sick

Has anyone instictively clicked on the "My Posts" even though

My toe really hurts!

The cat that turned pink

Roger Waters - The Tide Is Turning

That's it. I'm done. No More DU for today.

What's your favorite psychiatric moment?

it's getting so i don't want to talk to anyone even remotely Republican.

Ah, the taste of freshly-washed toes!

Willie Nelson is a truly Godly man and represents the best of Texas

Great photo of Michael Chertoff

Anybody know sites that archive newspaper front pages?

If GW really wanted to lead... Why didn't he write out a check

A statue took the bus last night

Do you donate your used clothing?

Help me with New Orleans themed songs

Tropical Storm 16 has a name and is coming to Florida

it's ho down time at the...

no name on the maiLbox? no maiL for you!

My daughter drew a picture of the hurricane

Dman earworms

I gave you a chance to be a real cop but you blew it!

Chimp press. - I notices an involuntary jaw twitch - it looked

Alert, Jared McYuppie should not. I repeat should not....

Oh My Gawd!! Yesterday was Raquel Welch's 65th Birthday...

I got a job!

Folks, we need to ...

Well, I am off to go see the Rolling Stones concert!

We fought the gas war, and gas won.

New find-Funniest show on TV

WC check your box!

NFL Won't Yank Kayne West for Remarks About Bush

Bob Dylan: Still America's Prophet

Site brags about scars

GILLIGAN JUST DIED! Bob Denver, TV's Gilligan, Dead at 70

tomato sandwiches..... mmmmmmmmm

shrub To Lead Inquiry - Finding Announced: It's Clinton's Fault!!!

Tinfoil hat time: Is Dick Cheney still alive?

If GW REALLY wanted to lead... Why didn't he fucking resign, go to Holland

[Merkel] Oh great: now she started channeling Reagan

I am ugly and my mama dresses me funny!

Troy's Mixtape of Love

Voo Doo experts need Bush, Cheney, FEMA dolls.

Have you seen the bigger piggies...(Graphic-Heavy!!!)

Got my new bumper stickers! (PIC)

Michael Jackson plans snuggle with Katrina victims

We have a level 3 - is there a level 4? Level 10? Level 17?

Attn: DU lawyers, looking for a resource ...

I just peeled 30 shrimp...ask me anything

I ignored Bush this weekend

Whose happy he's dead?

September is National Preparedness Month. I'm not kidding.

Go see The 40 Year Old Virgin if you havent already!

You know, I understand Shrubbie now - I get it! I see why he's right!!

Favorite commercials

What's with this "de-water" crap?

I'm bummed Gilligan is dead...............

Dems must stand firm against * nominee for "Little Buddy"


Whos that cute bald Brit CNN had reporting from NO?

Self Deleted

Too bad Iran can't donate compassion to our government...

In memory of Maynard G. Krebs

I miss matcom's sigline

Help me pick a dining-room window

Home From Florida

How long do you boil your ears after hearing Korn?

LMAO: Commentor on HuffPo has stirred up Santorum debate

OK. Been gone for 5 days. In THREE Words or less.........

Barbara Bush: Victims were poor, so this is working very well for them.

Smart DUers: Get thee out of GD now, Let 'em argue among themselves.

Make sure you buy Girl Scout Cookies this year

Elijah Wood to Play Young Iggy Pop

There is a house in New Orleans

Bush taps Brown to replace Greenspan

Well, I did it...I made a doctor's appointment...

Syllabus for my Queer Literature Class:


40,000 dead

I rented the Ring pt. 2

CNN breaking: Bob "Gilligan" Denver is dead

Morning European DUers!

The bumbling idiot is dead.

Ronnie James Dio on Rainbow's "Man On The Silver Mountain"...EARWORM!

RIP RENO 5/1/93 - 9/2/05 is offline

Man, I guess that Jenny Craig thing works....


New release Tuesday! Didja get anything?

Who loves women over 6 feet tall?

When the shrubby dies, can I dance on his grave

Folks, I am having serious health problems.


How long do you boil ears of corn?

Just got an email from Howard Dean

Do I make you horny, baby?

"What happens when Bush takes Viagra? He gets taller." (Robin Williams)

What does New Orleans mean to you? (memory thread)

Please Answer These Questions

My horrible pun of the night...

Harry Connick Jr got BIG!

The lounge seems so empty or something...

I've been curious

If you could, would you go to pay your respects to Rehnquist?

As my 18 month old daughter manipulates me, so are the days of my life.

I have determined that I am a storehouse for useless trivial knowledge

Michael Chertoff: Kanamit, Saruman, or Ming the Merciless?

Flying Spaghetti Monster: The Game

Pictures from Pikes Peak

Leonard Cohen

Wake up like a douche...and other misunderstood lyrics.

"Everybody Loves Me, Baby!" (dial-up warning)

5 Things about Texas that seem wrong yet work so well for some reason

Oh to wake up in the middle of the night sick as a dog.

LATEST NEWS: Gilligan is still dead

promised pictures number 2 (pic heavy)

promised pictures from my vacation (pic heavy)

I saw the Serenity trailer this weekend, and HOLY SH*T

Jessica Simpson Shies Away from Christian Roots

I had to call the animal shelter


How dark is your darkside?

Church welcomes 'dogs of all faiths'

BREAKING NEWS - God Kicks Pat Robertson in the Balls

No one could have forseen that fire would be hot.

Anyone seen Aristus?

I'm never gonna make 1000 posts.....

Littering and... littering and... littering and... littering and...

New DU feature request: asshole button.

dupe, now posted in LBN by other DU'er

just a friendly reminder ~ Check your Inbox ...

Would you take a 3 1/2 year-old to a college tailgate party?

"DOCTORS are HELPING HASTEN the DEATHS of sick CHILDREN" Euthanasia!?!

'Jurassic Park' attempt to recreate Tasmanian tiger

LDL Cholesterol: "Bad" Cholesterol or Bad Science?

Southern Decadence Day, French Quarter, New Orleans 2005 (pics included)

Katrina LGBT Resources Page

Italy's Health Minister Slams Hospital For Refusing Gay Blood

New Orleans Gay Leadership Begins To Regroup

Posh Gay Retirement Home Planned For Santa Rosa

I had a big shock this weekend.

Lesbian Teen May Sue To Keep Beauty Title

Schwarzenegger Mum Ahead Of Gay Marriage Vote

Jasmyne Cannick: Katrina & President Bush's Moral Indifferences

Fired 5 Days Before Retirement Gay Soldier Gets Day In Court

Saints should play in Baton Rouge - for free

We're gonna fight, fight, fight, for F S U......

Schilling family is hosting nine from New Orleans

Update on our fundraiser for Katrina pets

One other thing pet lovers can do locally for the relief effort

Puppy Personal: Girlfriend Desperately Wanted.

UPDATE: Just heard a report on the N.O. Zoo Animals and the Aquarium

Help! Can you quickly tell me the BEST pet charity for Katrina donation?


Another flamebait thread in GD-P

Something more pleasant to read after all these bad news.

John Kerry to stump for Coleman

Random thoughts and pieces

Please help me keep this kicked in GD (thanks all!)

Did anyone see this thread?

Trent Lott speaking now

Once again, why is this guy not in charge?

Bush background - Texas Monthly article from 11/3/2000

I'm I the only one that is watching Cspan right now to get a glimpse of

some beach/water pictures from my vacation

Regarding reflections contest

KOEB 9/6/05 -- After the deluge.

Can You Feel the LUUV Tonight? Rush Limbaugh on Broadway!

Bush Promises Probe, and Cheney Re-Emerges!

An apology re; yesterday

Taipei Times: Preventing Katrina fiasco from eclipsing the Bush's 2nd term

The New Republican Business Models

A letter from a friend about Katrina and the war in Iraq

63% of people in IDAHO are PRO-CHOIE?

Remember when Poppy Bush didn't have the passion?

I Keep Having These Visions...

The Democrats' Newest Tool: Subliminal Katrina Messaging!

A..N.S.W.E.R. taking it to the streets on Wed. Sept. 7th

Southerners: Question

Bush's management style fails again.

Protect my vote in the next elections

HEY!! 911 Tributes Must Be Used to Promote Sept. 24 & Tie in Katrina!

Guardian UK: "Bush spending much more time on Katrina after criticism"

Katrina Puts Estate Tax Repeal on Ice:

LINK here is a live stream NOLA operations scanner.....listen live to OP's

Boston Globe continues to suppress 'the bad news.'

Olbermann's complete "City of Louisiana" transcript from last night's show

President's activities 3 days after Katrina hit.

Well that took a long time...Halliburton has their first contract....

Okay, Soledad just said there is enogh blame to go around

John Q. Public chimes in from Northwest Arkansas

To Those Who Voted for Bush: Do You Get It Now?

Nixon admired Barbara Bush because "she knows how to hate."

So, Does Iraq Have a Constitution Yet?

How can we keep the Senate from approving Roberts until we hear who

The latest "Bush hugs victim" photo from the White House Web Site

Michael Moore Web: Cindy Sheehan / Bring Them Home Now Tour Report #1

Why this hardon for Roberts?

Grr... How well some ppl are doing... Does race matter

Called both state senators and my rep this Am

Debunking RW Myth #27408749: NYC vs. NOLA

Annan: Iraq is now center for terrorism

Bush lies about when the levy broke.

Local Paper Catches FEMA Director Lying About Federal Response To Katrina

Hyundai Goes Where FEMA Couldn't .... Unbelievable.

Live on MSNBC right now: Roberts hearings begin Monday Sept. 12

IG rpt: Feds Funded Op-eds in SacBee, Dallas MN, NYSun, and more

Question re: Blanco and use of LA National Guard........

* in 2000 Debate with Gore re:crises "it's a time to test your mettle"

Photo: Pappy and Bar visit those poor people who are doing so "well."

That Disordered Deviant the Aberration Hyperbaton

Fire Brown and Chertoff...Now!

This point should be hammered home: $100Million on the levees

Anyone seen the resumes of the prime officials in FEMA and

Terrorism conference on Cspan2

Nice CSPAN programming :sarcasm: Seems than NO and MS are passé already

Salon on Geraldo Rivera's orchestrated photo op with victim at NO Conv Ctr

Lt AWOL is one CNBC right now...and his jaw is coke-grinding like a mofo..

Reid on C-SPAN Yesterday Griping about Estate Tax being #1 on Agenda

MY suggestion: put heads of FEMA, HS, white house, in a locked room.

Chairwoman and ranking member of Homeland Security committee on C-Span3

Again, don't freak out about the polls

Didn't Bush lag behind in getting FEMA on California during the fires?

Breitbart reporting that * will investigate his own incompetence.

WP: In Wal-Mart's America

My Latest Gee Dubya Joke

Maybe, if you don't want to donate to the Red Cross, DUers should

Is it me, or does Chertoff look like an ostrich...

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

"Why Chavez is in U.S. crosshairs"

Understanding why some people don't evacuate:

Bush: "Until you stand by the rubble, you just can't imagine it"

Chavez Says 'King of Vacations' Let His Country Down

How callous IS our nation?

Will Doofus George call on OJ to help in his investigation

10,000 + 2,000 + 3,000 = 15,000

FEMA's Hurricane Response Was Privatized Out of Existence

Red state barometer

Nomination of a chief justice

Is it now finally occuring to us in DU that Rove is incompetent himself?

BBC News tonight - Report 60,000 Men under Arms patrol N.O. streets

What happened to the site

US government requests aid from Europe and NATO

"Systemic Covert Propaganda"

George Bush is not the President of the United States.

The REAL reason Dubja had to finish his vacation

Photo: Bush stares down Haley Barbour.!

8/29: Commissioner Horseflop boasts that NOLA evacuation is "very smooth"

And now... a message from my fascist mother

Any sources on this re: ships heading to Venezuela?

I guess Bush has totally lost Andy Sullivan because he has just been rip,

One big name Dem needs to lay out the 5 year case against Bush...

anti-global warming Rep. Mark Foley said God made the disaster

Will W appoint Janice Rogers Brown to fill O'Connor's seat?

Breaking....Helen Thomas asked Scottie about taxing the rich to offset

The Scott McClellan Lie Machine revs up at 12:30 (Eastern) TODAY.

Could There Be A Bigger Disaster Waiting In The Wings.....

Zombie Fuck Chertoff: Death toll expected to 'be an unhappy number'


Jim Lampley: 10 Katrina Items Of Which Conservatives Can Be Proud

There’s Ultimately No One to Blame but the President

Bob Geiger: Where are our Democratic leaders?

Bush finish inquiry of himself. "I did nothing wrong." No link because

The MIRROR Campaign! Send A Mirror To *'s Self-Investigation Commission!

Time for Dems to WALK THE WALK:

Hurrican Katrina, Terri Schiavo, and John Roberts

September 11, 2005

GOP Politicians Will Help Get Relief Funds

House session on C-Span 1

Handy dandy Politicese-English Dictionary

What If Scotty Gave A Press Conference and Nobody Came?...

BBC: Bush to lead inquiry into Katrina

Brownie Does His Best Nicholson Impression

Kennedy up on CSPAN 2, 1:45pmCT. nt

It never fails. Republicans say "this is no time to play the blame game"

My letter to Cornyn (R) Texas after watching him on C-SPAN

rate this story up! First Responders Warned Feds on Training

It Became Apparent After The Invasion Of Iraq That Saddam .....

Could we please have some hard hitting commercials?

Rosie O'Donnell's blog: "George Bush is not one of us...he never was"

Just Heard Witt's Comments About FEMA Now......

Warriors, Come Out to Play-yay

Are they really comparing Andrew and Katrina and Iraq now....

Handy statistics to use against Freepers

Brown was asked to resign from his job at IAHA, for supervisory failures.

Intelligence Failure (again!)

Exit Stage Right! Myers/Rumsfeld Ducking & Running

Everyone here is aware Chertoff is a torture advocate & above all laws

Need Help Finding Barbara Bush Picture.

I get it : They only do PR, We need to outsource government work

(DNC Release) All the President's Men: Excusing the Inexcusable

THE PEOPLE are kicking LIMBAUGH'S ass. All the calls are against

I'm so sick and tired of hearing that "now is not the time"

Today I am still appalled and outraged

Did I Just Hear That * Is Sending Cheney To The Gulf Coast.....

Gov. Dean on Randi Rhodes right now...

Katrina Looting

Rasmussen Reports, today: 46% approve of Bush's performance

Was the NO survivor just on CNN a plant to spin for Bush?

Wise Journalist Gives Scottie Sage Advise: Scottie Says "NO"

The main reason for FEMA's failure: Nepotism


Did those pictures of the armed tanks rolling through NOLA frighten anyone

Gallup: Americans to Bush -- Withdraw Troops from Iraq


Sen Stabenow - The American people expect us to act now!

Pvt. Lynndie England is blamed for the Katrina disaster.

Amazing tape on Randhi

Sandra Day O'Conner and Renquist dated each other in Law School &

contacting Sen. Specter re: Roberts nomination

Gathering my thoughts....

Oh, now it's *2,000* school buses left unused in New Orleans.

Something I realized the other day that makes me sick

Well - Cheney Managed To Get His Whole Vacation In......

System of A Down's new song

Randi's right - Bush and this Administration MURDERED these people

Connecting the dots-Brown was "head" of horse association

MEDIA should know that Halliburton.......

LTTE I just sent the local fish wrap

On My Car Today ----- "Remember The Superdome" n/t

Firefighters not deployed: Told to STAND BESIDE BUSH on his PR tour!

On CNN Saddam confesses to killing Kurds

This was the BEST press conference I have ever seen.(Scottie)

Bushies NUMBER 1 Job?? Stack the COURT.....

OK, who made calls to their senators & congresspeople today?

* Finally Figured Out A Way To Put Together A Coalition of the Willing....

Hurricane season isn't over with yet folks. This can happen again

If I Were Michael Moore - I'd Have A Lot of Footage For........

We should have awards for "Baby Killer of the Year" Bush would win easily

9/11 compensation vs flood victims' assistance

Any news on Patrick Fitzgerald? We need him to make a move.

Bush is the Disaster

Brown and Chertoff: You're Fired!

DC Republicans fishing for someone to call for Nagin's....

DC Republicans fishing for someone to call for Nagin's...

'Catapulting' Katrina.

Help debunk the latest Blame-the-Liberals Bushco propaganda points!

Cindy's tour arrives in Columbus, Ohio

Santorum Wants Penalties For Hurricane Victims?

why is the Senate passing a resolution expressing sympathy???

Even Fox's John Gibson says someone needs to be fired........

btw: are they STILL planning the ghoulish 9/11 party???

William Kristol - Clinton would've handled Kristina Better

Now would be a good time... (The other Mike Browns)

Mikuski just called for Brown to be fired.

RW Media & Astroturf talk about not rebuilding NOLA

This is enough to make me want to die...

Must read ----Kucinich's Floor Statement

Ugh, Schmidt being sworn in on cspan1

The vultures of the venomous left

the press should demand that bush hold a press conference

Betcha didn't know dep't: September is National Preparedness Month

David Gregory (and some others) did a great job

Two yahoos from Lafayette, LA: Part 2

Contact your elected officials and demand they delay the Bush agenda...

Cops beating up, stealing cameras of New Orleans photojournalists!

BS and Dufus DETECTORS needed for up coming elections

Lou Dobbs blaming state and local government exclusively on CNN now.

Senator Dorgan just proposed a bill taking profits from oil companies

WTF! Congress to gut Medicaid by 10 Billion!

How long can John Paul Stevens hold out? He is 85.

Doctor on Anderson Cooper said it's state and local people who are the

Attention: Ken Mehlman Is A Douchebag

Transcript from today's Scott McCellan "Blame Game" Press Conference

Magic Glasses make Rove transparent.

Remember * Trying To Say -[ Fool Me Once Shame On You ....

Saw on TV that young girls had been raped on Superdome

Bush Failed While New Orleans Bailed n.t

Ldotters ponder "the dark side of black people" (Disgusting!!!!)

New memme: Katrina is the result of Affirmative White Crony Action

New Democratic Talking Points: Don't Believe R-Hype

Bush wants to 'lead' the investigation into what happened w/Katrina...

Not the Blame Game - we want to play the Accountability Game!

Googled "blame game"- 1,100,000 entries

Bush's Cakes Are Made From People!!!!!

DNC Mobilizes: Finding Shelter for Katrina's Victims

Does anyone have the contact info for Scott McClellan? I looked

Rumsfeld: Katrina Effort Won't Hinder War - "We can and will do both"

How many of Goldberg's "100 people who are screwing up

Scary But Related Question - Bioterrorism Preparedness......

The 2008 Democratic National Convention

More tears... Will they ever stop?

To see how bad Feds failed, take New Orleans OUT of the equation

Start Calling Now: Demand the 911 "Party" funds be used for Kartina relief

Where did all the Bush/Cheney stickers go? They have

Howard Dean on Randi Rhodes

We need to turn the dome into a katrina museum

Why is Bush saying he will investigate the Katrina Disaster?

Reid, Dean, and Clinton: Go ahead and form your committee.

When people say of Katrina victims "They should have left"

WA Times: "Vultures of the venomous left" attacking poor ol' Gee-Dubya

Describe Bush in 5 words or less. Lying, incompetent coward

I'm afraid that historians will consider Bush to be one of the worst

Those in favor of George H.W. Bush shutting the fuck UP, raise your hands

"He Can't Threaten To Get Katrina "Dead or Alive"

Nugget from Scottie press conference - what was THIS all about?

Nancy Pelosi Lets Bush Off The Hook.....

Photo of Evil "Still Alive" Dick Chickenhawk Cheney from TODAY.

Nixon Survivors: At this point, who is worse?

Thanks, Texas: A Dumbass Dean-bashing Op-Ed

Snopes urban legends debunks latest lie about Cindy Sheehan

Nixon Survivors: At this point, which Administration is worse?

Major issue of Kerry campaign was that US is STILL unprepared and that

BLANCO/NATIONAL GUARD, still need info........

Fuck you George, you sonofabitch

DUers, be sure to attend your next local government meetings

Dem leader who lost home is organizing relief efforts in Dallas...

Is This the Big "Irons in the Fire" Kerry Fans Kept Telling Us About

John Kerry's great quotes on the war

The arrogance of Barbara *: "This is working very well for them."

"Under Bush, the infant mortality rate has risen for the first since 1958"

Bush to Al Gore, 2000: Natural catastrophes "a time to test your mettle"