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Archives: September 7, 2005

A chilling lack of empathy - and ability (Dowd)

"Tougher Scrutiny for Roberts: Stakes are raised in confirmation..."

Robert Scheer: Rotten Fruit of the Reagan Revolution

Krugman: "Killed by Contempt"

Is New Orleans a Prelude to Al-Qaeda’s American Hiroshima?

Letter to Washington Post ombudsman (Media Matters)

The Last Throes are Inevitable; But For Whom?

Tinfoil time

Dowd: "Haunted by Hesitation"


Louisiana ambassadors say hello

Time, once again, to check in with Triple-M

Why FEMA failed

In Nursing Home, a Fight Lost to Rising Waters (14 Dead)

Jason Leopold: Death vs Prosperity Under Bush

A God With Whom I Am Not Familiar: Tim Wise

Friedman: Osama and Katrina (* Philosophy We're at War, Let's Party)

A couple of 'toons from The Courier-Mail, Brisbane Australia

Wake Up America

Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian): The levee will break

The Real Costs of a Culture of Greed - Scheer

New Orleans: Not Nagin, Not Blanco - But the BFEE Trifecta of Destruction

Why does the US need our money?

Freeper reacts to my LTE, leaves hate mail on my answering machine!

Bush Administration tried to Blackmail Louisiana Governor into handing New

Greeks Bearing Gifts -- Michael C. Ruppert

My letter to Congress. Please critique. An editor would be appreciated

Any creative ideas for activism?

New Orleans evacuees establish Peoples Hurricane Fund!

I've got to say, the "Oprah" piece today put some perspective on NO for me

Does anyone have the clip of the Daily Show

Habitat for Humanity expects Katrina work.

LEED experiences and opinions, please

Check my math: car electronics.

We Environmentalist Were Right, doh

Question about the flood walls

Europeans stay cool to Bush (May/June poll)

America needs change not charity (Guardian)

The Iranian factor in Iraq insurgency

PLEASE PLEASE READ ! This Is Why Bush Was So Sure Iraq Had WMD

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 09/07/05

Olbermann on Katrina (He used to talk about the stolen election ya know!)

Anybody know how 77 is doing in the polls so far?

Assembly passes same-sex marriage bill

U.S. Institute of Peace Director to speak in Concord, MA

here is a response I got from a right wing...

Housing offers show the good in people....

My letter re: Katrina, and Norm Coleman's heartfelt response

Barbara Bush . . . oops . . . those damn "underprivileged"

Anyone know a clinic or med services for evacuees in Dallas area?

Veterans for Peace Group Starting in Houston

A fine woman in Austin

At the George R. Brown Convention Center

Bush taps Brown to replace Greenspan

How long have we been at DEFCON 3?

What the US MSM media will not show you *CAUTION*Graphic Photos*

I'm starting to think prison would be a suitable option...

Why national polls are a load of bunk.

$100 billion? Ha!! I say $150 billion!!

Letter to O'Reilly

this was a failure of *conservatism*.

Post Your "Blame Game" Sightings HERE!

Have they started the "presales" yet for the new gated resort community

Email to send to Congress

Survey USA poll: Approval for Bush response, down 10pts in 5 days

Bring It On........

CBS seems to have Katrina special on

"... Dead ... in ... the ... water ..."

here is a response I got from a right wing...

When hurricanes hit other city's what percentage of people were evacuated?

Meme: Bush's lack of leadership on Katrina will embolden terrorists

We are the new "Republicans"

I have the perfect place for the mass graves

FW: CNN Breaking News--superdome likely to be torn down

Bush to speak at racist judge's funeral in honor of Katrina vicitims

A couple of 'toons from The Courier-Mail, Brisbane Australia

Dems should call for Michael Brown to be immediately suspended

KATRINATRUTH.ORG THREAD - Help Create Website Debunking RW

I just got in from my 'shift' at the Red Cross -

(VIDEO) Cafferty on Mike Brown and Russert on Imus

Very funny: 100,000,000 Chinese given Blair's fax number on live TV

I guess no-one in the White House was reading National Geographic in 2004

self delete

Soylent Black...

Terri Schiavo vs. New Orleans

"La promesse et la promesse cassée"

Flood Control in...

Sure George...

It's time to start our own email blasts out to our email lists

Dont Start The Blame Game

What happened to the US Navy hospital ship? Has it arrived

Positive posts here.

We Are a Nation of Haves and Have-Nots Governed by Lunatics and Liars

Picture of Trent Lott's Home

To Cindy Sheehan and supporters: We haven't forgotten you!

Hurricane Katrina Geomaps

A national treasure has been saved!

Why does Keith have Bernie Kerik on, polluting his show?

World offers of help/CNN report

Breaking into liquor stores

Why the delay for help? Was it truely incompentence or something

1892 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Did the Republican governors of Alabama and Mississippi

"The breaking of the levees changed everything"

With our world population, how can we change the world and yet still

Fuck Dan Harris of ABC

What will they call this era in the future?

The shining light on the hill.

If representatives FAIL to NAIL the BushCO/neoCONsters' ABUSE,...

My suggestion for rebuilding NO.


Bush Mentions Gonzales in Comment on the Court

'Thinking the problem through' -- FEMA official on CBS

How many died directly from the hurricane, and how many from the wait?

A Friend's Brother in FEMA

Finally AP is on to Bush's vacation!

Looking for Jeb Bush $20 Katrina donation quote

I'm POSITIVE that New Orleans is Bush's Waterloo.

Does anyone know how it is decided what state survivors will go to?

The gop has set the congressional agenda for almost 12 years

Guardian: Rebuilding may cost as much as war in Iraq

I do not understand the mindset of Freepers

Keith Olbermann mentioned the interview with Kelly re Northern Command!!!!

Ken Schram...Listen To the People Mr president

What you did for the least of us

David Perez for head of FEMA!

Rita Cosby's looking rougher by the day ...

If you think Russert is shilling for Bush, listen to this!

privatization a destructive idea

Are churches eligable for FEMA money with tax exempt status?

I'm reminded of Al Gore's speech at the 2000 convention

My goodness - Marriott Hotels can't account for 2,000 people...

How long does it usually take FEMA to respond?

Is Cindy now relegated to page 18?

Did the governors of Alabama and Mississippi lie about FEMA help.n/t

Several Republican commentary on Katrina

Brown waited 2 days to ask for help. Repost .... POed

Trent Lott: SHUT UP!!!!

Rachel Maddows talking about...

Firing Mike Brown is Not Enough {Criminal Negligence Started at the To}

"Firing Michael Brown Is Not Enough. How About Bush and Cheney?"

Time to start an Impeachment Party (IMP) for 2006 elections????

Dr Phil: "You'll have to tune in Thursday to see..."

Who is the fundie on CNN?

Has Cheney's corpse been found yet?

Central FL DUers; Oprah on now; channel 27

Bush investigating what went wrong with Katrina is like

*co should be locked in the Superdome

My roomie interviewed a 15-year-old that just got back from NO

Got into it with a Bushbot at the blood bank today

New Orleans art survives, but Biloxi museum is damaged

N.O. accounts for 180 sq.miles of the 900 sq. miles ignored by DHS & FEMA

My letter to Congress. Read me!

Has anyone else read Stephen King's "The Stand"?

American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers??

Bushco has rewritten the definition of "Willful Ignorance".

Do you see a theme here? ....

Kucinich: "Our troops are stationed in the wrong gulf"

Who voted to roll FEMA into DHS? answer here.

Bush is seeking to restructure FEMLA?

"You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government"

Did anybody catch the breaking news on CNN about Bush and the congress?


Delay can bite me.

Delay can bite me.

I never had communications with that man, Mr. Chertoff.

Do any of you remember the average price of gas/gal this time last year?


Rachel Maddow just said the someone in administration is INTENTIONALLY

Now would be a perfect time to drop out of sight and start a new life...

Uh-oh, scum-fuck DeLay blaming local officials

Now it's TWICE the size of EUROPE

"Just in case, I'll appoint someone incompetent,

Anyone have link to FEMA site telling 1st responders not to come?

Will The N.O. Flood Walls Fail Again?

Geraldo: Takes Worst Person In The World (Countdown)

Hillary has called for an independent investigation of the failure

Breslin on Bush: Beautiful!

Looking for the video of Franken vs. O'reilly on CSPAN

Republicans approve of torture.

"DMort is telling us to expect up to 40,000 bodies"

SEND TO ALL MEDA NOW La. Governor's August 28 request for assistance

WTF? Things better in AL and MS because of GOP governors?

I'm Lawful Good like Captain Piccard! (take the test)

Very sorry Mods, and everyone!

rePUKE apologists are flotsam on the NOLA flood waters

Anyone? MSM last night,-Locals say explosives opened ninth ward levee

Bush is gonna hold Brown accountable

SHIT - Scarborough leading off slamming gov't.

Who else supports a special fundraiser for additional servers on DU?


Do you know how much oil companies make per gallon?

Mayor Koch on MS NBC

Why didn't FEMA evacuate the Hospitals before the storm?

CNN Newsnight - all hell is breaking loose - blame game burning

Delay can bite me.

Winds of change, I really think. Just one observation today.


Ok Media people.. maybe you missed the memo

If reagan had not picked daddy W for vice, would we see such strong

Operation Contact Tom Delay....

I hope the bushbot millionaires will send their tax break "extras" to NO

The New Orleans MSA was 1.3 Million residents.

MSNBC Scarborough !!!!!

MSM... LA MAYOR: "Blames NO Tragedy on Bureaucracy

Rummy just explained it on Hannity and colmes.

Yo, bush! Here's what a *real* Coalition of the Willing looks like!

Why do we suppose that this fiasco will damage bush, let alone the GOP?

How much does Rush make a year?

Are Babs Bush's charming comments making the cable news?

Heard a chilling NO story tonight...

I'll bet you $1000 that the EPA effectively disappears within two years.

Question - is the media seeing this as payback time finally for 5 years

Did anyone see the limbaugh ad in time?

Malloy on it tonight Watch out babs...we are on to ya

Oprah started a trend today, lots of dead bodies on MSNBC

Gretna Sheriff stopped people from leaving NOLA at gunpoint

Sgt. Paul Accardo, 36, N.O.P.D., commits suicide amid Katrina chaos

Bush does deserve credit for one thing

New Jersey Dems again-Corzine under investigation

Can Katrina survivors file "wrongful death" suits against the govt?

Please inform me about the story of FEMA cutting

Anderson Cooper showing a psychiatrist who went to NO on his own

My moderate hubby just said "Criminal negligence. Treason."

My Sign Idea for the Sept. 24 D.C. Protest

Cynthia McKinney CSPAN now!!

Ok, I think the MSNBC "Airborne Virus" story may be wrong

PHOTO: Laura actually crying, Bush in deep thought viewing the casket....

Why LIWOP? A theory... BushCheneyCo sowing chaos to stay out of jail

Why LIWOP? (Let It Worsen On Purpose)

Is Oprah on again tonight?

Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz on C-Span

Is a ligit organization?

MSM already back on the Bush message?

Jon Stewart on now.

Reposting: an *important* report on FEMA post 9-11 by Jerry Nadler

Scarborough just showed an entire church filled with dead people.

08/27/05 Bush "These declarations will allow federal agencies

I Fear For Black America

Time's Joe Klein: Listen to What Katrina Is Saying

FEMA Claims Process, from FEMA website

Here's how to tell which group bears more of the blame for this:

Malloy calling for the Guillotine!...

How much did BUSH give?

When will the Jazz funeral for the Bush administration be held?

Such abhorrent inhumanity was NOT "incompetence" - story from the inside

Louisiana is the French state

wow, malloy deliberate ethnic cleansing

Katrina: "Wrap It All Up!" The BFEE, Babs, Poppy, Bandar,

BREAKING: DeLay blames NO mayor, La. governor, praises Mississippi/Alabama

Board Minutes from Orleans Parish School Board re: Buses.

Daily Show Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

Wow. The Daily Show is like "Blog TV" tonight!

No punch line, just "we'll be right back" Stewart is pissed. . .

I swear this is a totally true story

Is anyone else stunned at the hypocrisy of repukes screaming...

Well, I hope LOUISIANA holds hearings about what failures happened!

Um what was Mike Malloy just alking about..

New acronyms

Give Bush a break,

Establishment Think Tanker Belgravia Dispatch Roasts Bushist Incompetence

guruoo dug up this photo of tough-talkin' Freeper Pukin Dog

OMG: Daily Show Issues Bush Disaster Checklist

BUSH has left 'em swinging in the trees...again?

CNN BREAKING: Delay is squashing requests for investigations

Damn! Did anyone copy my response to that Ben Stein article?

Aaron Brown will shortly be doing a story about 3 Duke students who drove

war, huh....ummm?........

Does anyone have a copy of my Rant from last Wed? Can't find it

Use of Word 'Refugee' Stirs Race Debate

Wow. Now I know why Cheney has been absent during the crisis.

Ask your conservative friends this...

NOLA DUers--urgently need to know if RTA buses ran to the Dome

Is Daily Show live tonight?

Nagin: Bush donor

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: "Osama and Katrina"

So what's the latest with the little dog Snowball?

What next?

Smirky, it's time to resign. It's all a big facade, isn't it, Smirky.

Can anyone help me counter a freeper LTE re: no countries offered aid

My mom called me tonight, very upset at the relief effort.

During our worst disaster, this may be the most brilliant Daily Show yet.

Even LENO sticking it to Bush


Have Shepherd Smith and Geraldo filed any follow up reports

OMG... CNN now: Delay says it was a local problem...major damage

Christopher Schoedinger . . Come Out Now . . . It's Safe

So Proud of My Fellow DC Residents

Today's Times-Picayune cartoon:

Rumsfeld at Baseball Game during Katrina

New Orleans: Not Nagin, Not Blanco - But the BFEE Trifecta of Destruction

Air borne viruses?

this is horrible, just horrible. american people are TOO generous

Daily Show is back!

Were Any Prisons Hit By Katrina? If So, What Happened?

So we'll get "Brownie's" head and thats it. Hope I'm wrong cuz they all

Condi Shoe Shops- Dick Fishes- George Plays Guitar- Rummy Goes to Ballgame

OMG! I Agree with O'Reilly

Vid Clip: TDS-Bush Hurricane Timeline

FEMA Chief Sent Help Only When Storm Ended

Smoking gun memo#1: FEMA waited too long, Fox news reports.

Has any major city ever been completely evacuated?

Question: Anyone heard of Nat'l Guard contingency plans?

Right city, wrong state (Another FEMA Foul Up)

Evacuees flown to DC - and they weren't told where they were going?

NYT: Many Displaced By Hurricane Don't Intend to Return

This is a MUST see - Tim Russert on Imus. Watch here.

10,000 dead in New Orleans, I predict media to refocus on Natalie

. . . oh, those damned "underprivileged" . . .

Will Arnold Sign The Historic Same Sex Marriage Bill?

We Don't Care--We Don't Care--We Don't Care

Chertoff said that conditions in the Superdome

Use of Word 'Refugee' Stirs Race Debate

What is the country you feel has been lost or stolen from you.

Vote this poll

"BLAMEGAME"?! All right, let's play the Name Plame Blame Game

Mayor OKs forced evacuations

LA NG Mutiny Story Link

"Leading" by Photo Op: How FEMA abuses the good will of rescuers

AP Story on Bush struggles to find the right tone on disaster

Katrina has shown that limited Government can be disastrous

How can I help Families Hook Up?

Katrina, Another Impeachable Crime: A Message from Ramsey Clark

The bullet that New Orleans REALLY dodged

Here is an interesting poll on CNN

There's a lot on TV about the Roman Empire, lately.

An assist please?

Please help me better understand some things with New Orleans

Tin hat time on e.coli.

Yahoo News: FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

Here's another KEEP IT UP thread, DUers!

so we had this little thing in california called a recall...

Department of homeland security in charge--new posting

Listening to AAR for the first time right now!

Can we make "citizens arrests" and arrest Bush, Cheney, and Rice?

Bush part of video conf. with Nat'l Hurricane Center BEFORE storm hit

Is there a video clip of that Dr. on Oprah discussing people left to die?

Why the hell can't they take evacuees to miltary bases close to LA, MS, AL

Good point on Malloy with Brown of FEMA

Fantastic Bush Article in the Nation

Last week Sen. Landrieu said to Larry King--"The truth will come out"

Ideas for next year's Mardi Gras floats

The New Orleans Diaspora : a tinfoil hat theory

Mitch Daniels' (Indiana Gov) connection with the New Orleans disaster.

Best Friends Rescue in NO Please donate

the third disaster of 2005 is that Bush will survive this . . .

Is the WH press corp taking heat in the street?

Right city, wrong state

The Buck Stops Here - Remember Harry Truman.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Group Hug

Governments own 2004 Cat 4 simulation video showing NOLA underwater!

CBS: Oxfam in Biloxi

Faces of the Fallen at Women's Memorial, DC (pics)

I am sick of the Republican Blame Game

Ankle Biting Pundits think the left is "orgasmic" over Katrina

Just Gotta Love The Freepers!


Mayor orders forced removal of all in city (of New Orleans)

La. Governor's August 28 request for assistance

3 college kids can drive to NO and rescue people and drive off

I'm not going to be eating anything out of the Gulf.

NO horror story number 1001.

If you came face to face with Bush**,

FAA confirms NORTHWEST AIRLINES probe; inspector was reassigned!

Tinfoil Alert: Could all this be a setup to DESTROY FEMA?

Asa Hutchison: "There will be plenty of time to point fingers."

Perception deception is KILLING this country.

Ken Schram is getting ready to kick *'s ass again on TV in Seattle

No wonder the anti-war movement can't get anything done!

There was a Tim Wise post around here a few days ago

About this "200 buses" issue

Bush Apologists: ....What's in it for you??

Daily Show Disaster Check-List Posted

Wow! I just heard the Stone's "Sweet Neo-Con". God Bless Mick Jagger!

french quarter - electric back on - people living - why are

Repost by request: IMPORTANT Evacuation documents

When did soldiers start carrying their M-16s in that 'tilt-down' position?

What will be the Next Great Disaster to hit the U.S.

Cokie on Letterman: I'm SO sick of this blame game

Steve Bell: The Bush Family and Hurricane Katrina

Breaking on MSNBC 4 Dead from Airborne Bacteria

Do you have a word for Tucker Carlson that WON'T get my thread locked?


Seriously, can Tom Delay really stop an investigation??

Keith's new worst person in the world? Geraldo Rivera

The Weight

Bush Was Briefed on Force of Katrina at Crawford on Sunday, the 28th

Outrage check-in. What are your co-workers saying today about

How many people in this country have no idea what is going on?

Is it mean to call him "Slurry McPretzelFuck" in front o'my Reep Neighbors

My letter re: Katrina, and Norm Coleman's heartfelt response

as a followup, Oprah should do a show featuring representatives . . .

FEMA was there PRIOR to Hurricane Katrina

The owner of The Saints won't refund season tickets!!

RIck Santorum (scum) wasnts people who dont leave areas like

Tinfoil? US Navy ship in Caribbean jamming NOLA radio comms (-Madsen)

The Picture that says it all....

Never Mind -- Go Here Instead:

New Orleans evacuees establish Peoples Hurricane Fund !

WOW! Read this if you still don't believe Bush ignored Katrina!!

Do you believe the war in Iraq is Over?

Oprah - nation owes apology to N.O. victims

Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA (from LBN)

Found out why Dept. of Homeland Security screwed up so bad...

Must Read Black Voices Article: 1927 Hurricane!

Paying the Price for Katrina and America’s Shadow Government (REX 84)

"This is not a dress rehearsal for the apocalypse."

What if all the people in NO had tried to evacuate when first asked?

Is Asa Hutchinson a Repuke?

We ALL worked our Butts off for Kerry/Edwards so Don't spout DLC Crap

Could the Mayor have done more?

I came up with an idea . Input please.

"Blame Game" is the latest Rove talking point.

Touching the poor at arm’s length

Is there a movement to keep Halliburton's filthy hands off New Orleans?

Freeper on another forum sent me this -- need some help

A list of things we shouldn't forget:

VIDEO: Wolf Blitzer describes victims as "So Poor, So Black"

Criminal Plot Underway in New Orleans Swamp-Disneyification of New Orleans

WTF is up with the Red Cross anyway?

How is your reaction to Katrina vs 9-11?

KATRINA: Audio, Video & Image Archive - add your thoughts 4 the record!


Any insight out there re: Keith O's sign off announcement tonight?

Anyone who lives in a city of 500,000 or more:

Halliburton Stock at an All Time High

I don't think 'racist' is the right word for *

Sharpton gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel show

Floating Casinos were Big-Assed Battering Rams Wrecked Biloxi

Q: For Freepers yelling at locals...

Jon Stewart....this can be your finest hour....or half hour anyway..

WTF?! 1st Fed. Dis. Declaration *EXCLUDED* Affected Parishes

I'm worried that Governor Blanco and James Lee Witt

POLL: Will GOP callousness & inaction shake grip on the South?

2 links to culpability. This is the whole deal. Americans died.

If everyone lived like you, how many planets would we need?

Lots of tough Freeper talk lately. Anyone scared?

Open Letter to Neocons: We’re Bringing It

Despair Not. Demand Accountability. Letters, Links, Lovenotes& Lie-Bashing

"Singer Charmaine (Neville) says ..." (ESSENTIAL reading/watching)


Bob Denver (Gilligan) dead at 70

"You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government"

'Hair on Fire' Hurricane Forecaster Briefed Bush Sun Aug 28th

Dear Media, do you really want to be outdone by DU again?

SANTORUM has filed a bill to make you PAY for National Weather Service

KEEPING US SAFE! Newark airport security czar was FRONTMAN FOR BEACH BOYS!

a visit to a FEMA camp

CNN BREAKING: Contentious meeting between house leaders and bush cabinet

WH press briefing - angry reporters hit McClellan hard!

Is there one dominant ISP in Canada??

Arab commentators highlight U.S. impotence in face of Katrina

FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

Gunmen kill three in front of mosque in Baghdad

Gunman kills 'one of the best' explosives experts

U.S. Resident Freed From Baghdad Prison

Scarborough just showed an entire church filled with dead people.

Cheney Called In As Bush Says He Will Lead His Own Inquiry Into Katrina

U.S. Offers to Compromise on U.N. Issues

IRAQ: Sunnis donate blood for Shi'ite stampede victims

Survey: Europeans upset with U.S. policy (72% disapprove of *'s policies)

OMG... CNN now: Delay says it was a local problem...major damage

Bush to Speak at Rehnquist Funeral

FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

Crackdown on ‘arrogant' U.S. behaviour: Duceppe (Canada)

FEMA sends refugees to wrong Charleston

AP: FEMA chief sent help only when Katrina was over.

Clinton Legislation to Restore Independence to FEMA

Man Claims Child Rapist Murders

Katrina - 40,000 Feared Dead

India to Join Search for Petroleum off Cuba's Coast

Hurricane Expected to Cost Government Up to $100 Billion

NYT: Amid One City's Welcome, Tinge of (racial?) Backlash (Baton Rouge)

Typhoon hits Kyushu; six dead

Kanye West says he won't 'detract' from NFL kickoff concert

New Orleans police chief defends force where up to 200 'cowards' have dese

Embarrassed Merkel admits plagiarising Reagan (Germany)

Investigators: Annan Failed to Curb Corruption in Oil-for-Food Program

New Orleans environmental crisis 'unimaginable': officials

Halliburton to Increase Prices in October (Stock at All Time High)


CNN Breaking: Mayor of NO issues order authorizing forced removal

Appeals court strikes down energy refunds sought by California

NYT: Hurricane's Toll Is Likely to Reshape Bush's Economic Agenda

U.S. warns China on energy ties to Iran

Gallup: Americans to Bush -- Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Refugee's Suicide Attempt Diverts Flight

Administration's figures on response don't appear to add up

U.S. Will Accept Venezuela's Aid Offer for Katrina

NYT: Gonzales Is Mentioned in (Bush Supreme) Court Remarks

Newsview: White House Falls Out of Step

(Calif.) Assembly passes same-sex marriage bill

Red Cross website for missing logs 94,000 names.

Yahoo News: FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit

Amnesty accuses oil firms of overriding human rights

WP: For Bush, a Deepening Divide

Rumsfeld at Padres Ball Game As New Orleans Sank

Right City,Wrong State(FEMA sends Charleston,SC,evacuees to Charleston,WV)

Top FEMA officials have scant experience in disaster management

US Unlikely to Accept Cuba's Aid Offer

Barbara Bush comments on survivors spark outrage

Santorum clarifies Katrina criticism in TV appearances

Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA

U.S. agency blocks photos of New Orleans dead

I just borrowed The Witching Hour...

Heard on Dateline

"Arrested Development" will be back!

Clinton to head investigation over Oval Office BJ.

it could be worse

We really, really need to put GD in its own server.

We really, really need to take GD out back and shoot it

Olbermann just listed his "Worst person in the world!"

My neighbor's dog

Ovaltine Kids vs. Totino's Pizza Roll Kids in a Death Match. Who takes it?

You want to know how massive Sept 24th is going to be.....

It's Carly "A job is no longer your God-given right" Fiorina's BIRTHDAY.

Snowball, courtesy FR and I thank them

anyone see the constant gardener yet?

Want to See A Cutie Pie?

C'mon folks! "Dobie Gillis" was Bob Denver's finest hour!

So is anyone going to name their kid Katrina anymore...

I need some criticism...

Why do I go in to the GD forums?

FINALLY!!!!! WE'RE OFF LEVEL 3! W000000000T!

OWWWWWW!!! Shell Beau's hurt toe got nothin' on me!

Well, today at work they asked for volunteers to go to NO or Texas...

Thoughts (pic heavy)

Opera users - is there a "Reload Every" function as in Firefox?

Do you have children in public schools?

Bumper sticker: Jesus is coming - look busy

Woo-hoo! It's "When in Rome Week" on the History Channel!

I say Hawai'i should annex N.O. and declare it a Neighbor Island.

Crap. I'm out of Soy Milk.

I need your DU perspective. What do you make of this:

Someone posted a link to an article about rightwing abortion rightists

The corruption on Katrina...

Congratulate me...began librarian studies

"Mama's high and she can't drive...

I'm crapping out soy milk.


"God outdoes Terrorists Again" -LA National Guard offers help via phone

Read my blog: "Who's Really Screwing Up America?"

How long will we stay down from level 3?

Does anyone else watch "Going Tribal"?

Tonight's earworm is...

Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin in a death match. Who wins it?

Soy milk. I'm out of crap.

Why does Bush hate America so much?

"I'll have the usual, thanks!"

the lies of progmom AKA progmom lies (september edition)

I hate when you order Chinese food and

What are your latest lesser known musical discoveries?

progmom lies because rev_acts is a poopie pants meanie head

The "my posts" link is what I miss most when we go to level 3

Bob Denver dead at age 70

I wish I never looked at redqueen's thread

Pronunciation of "Wednesday"

Welcome to the Lounge.

Driven to tears

Who's looking forward to Memoirs of a Geisha?

Malloy on a roll/plays Queensryche's "Empire"

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

Cool. Overdrawn, $500 in unexpected bills, now my fucking car breaks down

Claudia Black - Yummy!

Wynton Marsalis on Charlie Rose...telling it like it is.

Harry Potter fans: What's your favorite magical gadget?

HippieSlacker WriterDude is on his way to Korea ...

So I had White Castle for lunch today.

Peter Weller who played Robocop


I already know that I'm going to burn my hand reaching in the oven....

Does anyone else know the website to the news show "Mosaic"

Let's see a show of hands: Who's ready for tonight's "Daily Show"???

anyone been watching the daily show?

Wow, I used two obscure words in one thread

Any other Rockstar:INXS fans???

Need some wod?

I give you The Cramps ( not literally)

Agent Rod Brickman - Copy Protection (Video)

Stupid caraway seeds!

German speakers: DER SPIEGEL's coverage of Katrina/NOLA.

Does anybody here remember that video game, "Lemmings?"

Drum Corp on ESPN2 now

Favorite kind of book

Legal - Property question. Need help!!

listen to the very first part of the Randi Rhodes show

Ow ow tooth is killing me...

Has the Lounge heard from Maddy McCall?

The Onion: White Foragers Report Threat of Black Looters

How often do you see your doctors for regular check ups?

this ain't no disco,

Get over the "I Hate GD" attitude - seriously! We're all the same team!!

Worst 80's hair metal power ballad.

Katrina Rage

progmom lies because you can't handle the truth.

HIP HIP HOORAY!! I bought a cello!!!!!!


Very Cool! My Sister Has A Listing At IMDB.COM (Internet Movie Data Base)

ancient images of sexual behavior now on "rome week"

help... i cut off my finger in a wood chopper & i might be suffering from

It's so easy to make somebody's day (pic)


How dork is your dorkside?

Fuckstick McAWOL supporters are worse than dogs

Is my daughter's hair too long?

Tell a lie about Progmom

Question: Would it be wrong if I ate an entire pan of brownies?

SOteric just meandered through the 15,000 posts mark!

Did everyone see that asskicking episode of the Daily Show.

Which DUer does this person remind you of?

Class action law suit against Crazy Guggenheim for posting that picture.

Rabrrrrrr is stroking his ego

"Honestly, what GOOD has it done for YOU to watch the news?"

Who loves men under 5'6" tall?

House of Flying Daggers is a better movie than Hero.

Anyone ever given a dog a "raw food" diet?

Word Association - "Firm and Moist"

I think I may ask this girl out tomorrow.....

The Gratuitous William Shakespeare Quoting Thread

Okay...that was gross...

I'm Lawful Good like Captain Piccard! (take the test)

Am I the only person who has noticed how untalented Adam Corolla is?

Mango or papaya - which one do you squeeze lime juice on before

Respond To A Movie Line with a favorite line from another Movie

I need to hold as many ping pong balls as possible with a manilla folder.

Say nothing about a fellow DUer....

Can a Grown Man...

My 2-week facial numbness ..the MRI and carotid ultra-sound are in.

I fear we will all be held accountable

There IS a cost to the religionists' constant attacks.

About that "cultural back seat..."

Senator Boxer: Important Information for Veterans

Some days I hate this place (not THIS place)

Nice Kerry quote I found

My Reader's Digest email

The richest Senators--Kerry mentioned

My proudest moment as an intern, or guess the author!

Shep v. Anderson, courtesy of

Which of the following have been into the Superdome this week?

Condi Rice pledges to help locate foreigners ("doing everything we can")

Will Michael Brown be the scapegoat? or will this go higher?

Listening to Randi Rhodes, these questions arose

Cancel Pentagon 9/11 party. Roscoe T great idea.

bush declared it a "federal emergency" on the 27th Sat. before Katrina hit

Good God! Don't know if this has been posted before but

On some PBS Stations Now! 9/11:Clear the Sky's by the BBC

AUDIO CLIP of Bar "Beautiful Mind" Bush and the "working very well" quip

Rightwinger paternalistic worldview badly shaken!

Isn't Al Gore speaking in Portland tonight?

MO Senate Race Tied at 46%

Time: "George W. Bush did not rest on Labor Day." OH, the fucking HORROR!

I've been watching the spin machine on TV.

Another Gee Dubya Joke: George versus George

"DOCTORS are HELPING HASTEN the DEATHS of sick CHILDREN" Euthanasia!?!

Why's the spin cycle in off-the-meds overdrive to protect a lame duck?

Deleted Dupe

Time cover story: "It isn't easy picking George Bush's worst moment last

Rescue delays caused by Bush's New Orleans visit ?

Time to step up and find a voice

Politicians move quickly to shift agenda, deflect blame

Help me complete this sentence.

Watching CNN

The Duke dudes are up next on CNN- must watch!

Key Democrats need to hold a press conference and go through

Will the devopers make a bundle off the disaster?

Cong. James Moran condemns fed. response to Katrina

Is anyone watching CNN (Aaron Brown)?

it's time to step up

WSJ: Behind Poor Katrina Response, A Long Chain of Weak Links

Malloy just call Chertoff a boney wolf looking ass

Click through to all Katrina disaster news articles, to spike the traffic

Did I just hear right

Christian Right Calls Katrina Act of God: NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

Picture of Bush in Crawford during Katrina - does it exist?

Homeland Security Mortuary Response team expects up to 40,000 bodies?

I Heard A Couple Of Times Today That FEMA Cut Off Communications...

Tom Delay Announces Blame Goes to State & Local Officials

Anyone Heard of Telecommunications Jamming in NO? Link?

Gore in Portland Oregon tonight-SOLD OUT!!

Gee, it's so nice Nightline spent all that time on baby bonding

Republicans ease off estate tax.

Mike Malloy Reported...

How To Communicate With The Temporally Challenged

Anyone notice...Bush speaks...two time...reading his...script

For forecasting chief, no joy in being right

GWB Timeless Quote -"...we're problem-solvers"

Timeless GWB Quote-"Brownie you're doing a heck of a job"

Today on WTOP Radio: Gas to drop to $2.60 very soon

Stewart said it best: " Katrina is Bush's Monica Lewinsky"

Did FReepers threaten to mess junk up because Bush* hung out with Clinton?

Excellent report on Wes Clark's talk at Terrorism Conference today....

Malloy - Breaking - Mutiny in Iraq By NG from La, Ms, Al

CNN Duke U guys now- no kidding


Is Anybody Else Thinking Gas Prices Will Come Down ......

Hi DU, I need some help tracking down Exclusive Brethren information....

Dem Talking Point: 'Damage Control" Say it over and over and over

Bush speaking about Roberts & Rehnquist...anyone else notice

Do THEM apples not understand English?

OMG: Jon Stewart Just compared the MSM to a "Fat Alcoholic Man"

Random Thought:The President Who Replaces Roberts May Not Even be Born Yet

Smoking Gun Memo #1: FEMA waited too long, Fox news reports.

Stewart has video of Bush telling Mike Brown "great job!"

Reason why Dems should oppose Roberts: Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff

We need to get organized about getting credible information refuting *...

Sen. Susan Collins

santorum wants tougher penalties for victims who rode out Katrina

Numbers 2 and 3 at FEMA are ex-Bush WH PHOTO OP experts

Who is down with the practical underground?

Did Kieth Olbermann just say Countdown is going off the air?

LSU report says busses were never the solution to the problem...

Who Needs To Introduce Articles Of IMPEACHMENT???

We must demand that the bodies be autopsied AND identified...

Bush busy pumping contaminated water into Lake Ponchartrain and/or

Did you read Wm Rivers Pitts piece?

Santorum Advocates Get Tough Approach with Katrina Victims

FEMA Urges Donations to Pat Robertson - It Just Keeps Getting Worse

What is Bush doing to people that silences them?

Daily Show: Major Disasters of Bush Administration

Hitler's 3rd Reich: Similarities & Differences with the Bush/Cheney Regime

Barbara Bush & Katrinagate outrage in main Australian media

WSJ: Bush and Katrina

Houston Home Journal (via FR): Who's to blame? Correct this MF please.

Right City, Wrong State (FEMA Screws Up AGAIN!)

Message -- they don't care (About Poor - Bush, Katrina, Bolton)

Mystery surrounds Pentagon knowledge of Mohamed Atta

Fuson: Who is to blame — Mother Nature? Louisiana? I've got it! Bill Clint


The 'Stuff Happens' Presidency - Meyerson

Gene Lyons

Shameless Award I

Salam: Iraqi National Assembly Calls for a ONE-MONTH HOLIDAY

Arianna Huffington: Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing

Your President Has Failed You

Seattle Weekly: Bush Blows Katrina

The world press weighs in on Katrina and its aftermath

How does it feel?

News Analysis: How 9/11 Destroyed New Orleans

NYT: It's Not a 'Blame Game'

Tax cuts for the wealthy? Don't you dare! (John Kerry petition) "Why FEMA Failed"

Eric Boehlert (Salon): Katrina jolts the press

"Under fire, president attempts to regain equilibrium"

Bush's intent with the military siege of New Orleans.

NJ Finds Gas Stations Violating Pricing Law

Have they No Shame?

A Republican who talks sense:

Eric Margolis: U.S. the new Saddam

This Sunday FEMA Assembled 1,000 Firefighters ..(for) Sexual Harass Classe


Chicago Tribune: President Bush, call Oprah

"For Bush, a Deepening Divide" (Washington Post)

Ben Stein: Get Off His Back (defends * in NOLA)

The assault will come from the right.

Have you heard GERALDO kissing up bigtime to O'REILLY...

Hooray For Nancy Greggs!!

Michael Klare (The Nation): Katrina and the Coming World Oil Crunch

Orange County Register: It's time for accountability

Shock and awe in America

Don't Refloat - The case against rebuilding the sunken city of New Orleans

Garden of Eden? Look at this and puke:

Dallas Morning News admits using fake news

First Hand Reports - Why So Few Katrina Survivors Made It Out

Seattle P-I: "Gulf Coast Recovery: Porch Politics" (calls out b*sh family)

send this around - remind the bushies....

Just Say No to John Roberts.

My LTTE to Jackson, Ms. Clarion Ledger published today

Sept. 7, 2005 The America Supports You Freedom Walk: DOD Event Details

TODAY: Call to Action from the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

my latest efforts..

The false face of 'Leadership': Bush photo op stunt

Activism Idea Endorsed by LA and MS DUers - But Let's Be Like FEMA...

Nancy Pelosi Calls for firing of FEMA Director Michael Brown

More protecting the pResident

The Media is doing its job; utilizing the Cover Republican Asses Protocol

Just did a "pre-emptive strike" on the local newspaper

Photographers expelled, and worse, in NOLA...signs?

OMG! What about the rich?!?

Government Intervention in Stock Market is Detailed by New Report, GATA Sa

Congo's "Hippies of the Forest" Apes Dying out Fast

SDG&E Signs Solar Thermal Electric and Other Renewable Energy Pacts

NOLA: when the water is pumped off and the sediments settle...

How NASA almost blew up Jupiter.

Tropical Trifecta

Dominica 'Iron Lady' dies aged 86

Musharraf concern at women image

Bush Administration Increasingly Isolated on Venezuela

BBC (Wednesday): Gaza security official Moussa Arafat shot dead

Famous 'Palestinian' makes aliya - JPost

Able Danger chart with Atta found?! Can someone help get a screenshot?

EIA petroleum report of Louisiana and Texas

Who's gonna be in Portland?

PLEASE SIGN !! Bush Is Planning More Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest This Fall

Nassau County getting new voting machines.

If We Fail to Learn the Lessons of the Past ....

"BASIS" for Confidence Questioned At White House Press Briefing

Article on Paper Ballots ditches 'Big Brother'-style e-voting

Clint Curtis Rebuilds Prototype!! This must get out!!

Hey Sacramento - what is the problem

Bernie Ward reading William River Pitt's piece from

Documents show clout of lobbyists with governor

Kennedy calls for Senate investigation of * administration's Katrina SNAFU

Discussion of Katrina at Tufts


Reilly certifies the Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Initiative

Will MA Elect A Dem Governor in 2006?

Woot! Randi now on XM radio instead of Ed Schultz!

What State Fair means to me! ******* (Dial-Up Warning)

Is AAR coming to Duluth?

TAKE ACTION: KSTP labels New Orleans victims "refugees"

Coleman suddenly "humbled" to serve as my Senator!!! LOL.

Okay, want to maybe upgrade instead of buy a new one

Dayton Ohio Democratic MEET_UP!!!!

Does anyone know if Port Arthur,TX was affected by Katrina?

Looking for a contact at the Houston Red Cross.

Barrientos to retire from Texas Senate

Houston Katrina evacuees by the numbers

Two Benefit Concerts in Austin 9/8 & 9/21

Channel 8/Dallas just reported that they will be using Wilmer-Hutchins

Soechting to TX Dems: Let's counteract the spin! Write LTTEs!

Help me troll the religious fascists

Our Podcast Profiled in MKE (free Milwaukee Newspaper)

New Orleans Mayor Orders Forced Evacuations

WHAT goes through the President's mind at a time like this?

Vid Clip-The Daily Show-GW's Lewinsky Moment

Idiotic Morning Radio host...

Hillary on Today Show calling for an Independent Commission to

Links to Halliburton clean up story. has a poll asking if Rove should resign, but...

After vacations and hurricanes and crashes, finally, a NEW 'TOON!

Democracy Now interviews Kucinich

FEMA's latest screw-up

Why does media refuse to document FEMA turning people AWAY????

The They-Chose-To-Live-There baloney

Jo-Mo to lead investigation of Katrina ???????

Whats the reason for the demolition of the Superdome?

Who said this?

DETAILED status report from New Orleans Convention Bureau

Tom Tomorrow- The War on Weather

McCain on MSNBC: "I'd rather all the money didn't go to Halliburton

The 3 Duke students who went to NO are on CNN...NOW!

Old song, new meaning now: Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday, 1938

Is it possible to dissolve Republican Parties?

Yahoo helps China Jail a Reporter.

Imus will have David Gregory and Brian Williams 8-9am EDT

Gov. Blanco on Friday the 26th

If not now when? The time to point fingers is now before any more

Patriot Act question.

RE: Supposed shooting at helicopters from NOLA

Honore says that troops will not remove people from their homes. Bush Struggles To Find Right 'Tone' on Disaster

Anyone watching Sherrod Brown on CSPAN WJ.

Driven to tears

tonight's Daily show on again, for those who missed the instant classic

Imus: "I want the president to shut up. We don't need him leading an

Bush had the authority to order the National Guard into New Orleans.


Lazy, Crazy, and In Charge

The New Orleans hostage crisis

Somewhere, Osama is laughing

So Did * find his "Bullhorn Moment" yet? More like BullShit Moment

Bush's disdain for the poor: NO and Bolton's dirty dealing at the UN

How FEMA works, from 1995

Please DU this AOL POLL! Bush, Congress Will Investigate Response.

Maybe Bolton Could Be Called In To Clean Up The Mess At FEMA

Hillary calling for an independent commission- says on the 27th the govt

Carville on Bill Press show-W. Post protecting Bush's Blanco-blaming liar

When they say "blame game" we say COVER-UP

The "BLAME GAME" (SHIRLEY!!) The memo was short today.

Ramsey Clark: Hurricane Katrina, Another Impeachable Crime

Federal Response - Democrat's press conference CSPAN now

"DC 9/11: Time of Crisis" is on Showtime now. WTF is this propaganda?

Sharpton on Kimmel: "what you don't see....."

The Key

"Now is not the time to hold your leaders accountable"

Salt Lake Tribune--Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA

Don't be throwing stones just yet

Vid Clip-Pentagon from today's briefing

(Self-delete -- accidental duplicate)

Oprah on Location: Some clips + screens from today's show.

Looking for a Bu$h/Katrina timeline

How would the right have responded if Clinton said,

So did Bush fill FEMA up with freepers?

How many Remoras do we have in the Democratic Party?

Listening to Gergen on CNN - Why do people assume that

cspan caller: 'they should air drop CIGARETTES into the disaster area

Military is mad...Bush was on vacation & should have been giving orders!!!

Catastrophe fund? health care account?

House cancels hearings on Katrina response

New Orleans belongs to the people of New Orleans

NYT Maureen Dowd: Haunted by Hesitation

Ready for some good news? CA passes equality in marriage bill!


Here's what the National Weather Service said 20 hours before Katrina hit

Danziger captures it in a nutshell

Michael Moore says Cindy is now camped out near NOLA!

Bu$h says,

I wake up this morning and the press is giving Bush a pass!

New Orleans blogger

So how did * pit Nagin and Blanco against each other?

Repubs blame(game) Dems for disunity, saying they should shut up

We're "Devilcrats", according to the born again CSPAN caller

What would have happened if Blanco did sign over control to Bush?

The Road to Intelligent Design

FEMA Urges Donations to Pat Robertson

New Orleans Mayor Orders Holdouts Removed (Forcibly If Necessary)

Pretzel McFuddleNuts looks all in charge now....

C-Span caller: New Orleans was destroyed by God it

I am starting to get a permanently angry look on my face

5 Hours after Katrina Lanfall -- Brown ask for help "PR purposes"

Wasn't the plan this morning to call the WH

CNN keeps making the point: the government is run by REPUBLICANS

"They Don't Care": Assoc. Editor Pitt Post-Gazette. Wow.

The "Blame Game"

Did anyone hear that Hillary has called for an independent...

Republican Senators Press Conference on Katrina (C-SPAN 2)

To paraphrase Irish poet Brendan Behan....

Katrina: Please post ALL important sources and links here!!

Heritage Foundation apologist on C-Span now

New word: ReBLUNDERcans

Racism in America

Somebody help me out here.....

Did anyone else hear the president say treat all looters the same?

can we please stop calling them refugees, or evacuees, or victims? . . .

This administration does not care about you if you are...

STOP Blaming

"Contentious meeting between Bush and House members" heard on BBC

"contentious meeting between Bush and House members" BBC News ?

Emperor Bush wanted Blanco to kiss his ring.

Did I just see dead bodies in the superdome!

SAY something to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you have contact w/ about Katrina

Are they going to televise Rehnquist's funeral live?

Al Gore in Portland - It was amazing.

October 2004 Issue of National Geographic...

Which incompetence do you prefer?

The Blame Game

Think this mornings MSNBC continuously news clip photo op is none other???

Calling Pro Bono Attys: Please take depositions ASAP!

Transcript of Bush saying "to enjoy myself, occasionally too much."

Letter from Cindy Sheehan, Sept. 7, 2005

Time to resign, Smirky. Mr. Uniter, not a Divider...

Bush's own words of 8/29/05 implicate HIM- and the Feds.-

Rove Propaganda Machine: Keep saying "Now is not the time to point fingers

Welcome To the United States of Halliburton.

So hurricane victims aren't part of Bush's "culture of life," huh?

questions on NO

His name was Earl ..he was 92.. He died in New Orleans on Thursday

How will we escape the karma?

Bernie Ward sounds like he's ready for bear tonight

Anyone see Tavis Smiley show tonight?

NEW PROBLEM--Can You Help Bring Attn to This?

OMG Faux makes me ill...

Can homeowners in the flood zone file lawsuits over the levee breaks?

He's got his Mommy and Daddy on TV trying to fix his mess

How its going to go--The Blame Game--Wash Times 9-7

"Popularity is not the same as power." They're losing it, and BADLY.

From CA Nat. Guard Site, Gov. OR PRESIDENT can order troops in emergencies

We are going to get a lesson about "First Responders" from rove

Should I send this to the White House?

Three Kiwis still missing

msnbc: Joe Scarborough having a fit.

PHOTO: Go ahead, "W", it's all you have left, you murderer.


More Damage Control: Gonzales for Supreme Cout?

photo shop people help me with this Bumper Sticker.'Butcher of New Orleans'

Katrina environmental issues "almost unimaginable"

I want to give kudos to CNN, MSNBC, AAR, and any other media outlet

It was NOT incompetence!

FEMA accused of flying evacuees to wrong Charleston

Repeat after me. BUSH FUCKED UP!!

Survey: Europeans Upset With U.S. Policy

Cokie on Dave

It's not about blame.

Apparently the feds were crossing their fingers, hoping for the best

Bernard Kerik sat between Hannity and Colmes tonight

Has anybody ever done a 'Fortunate Son' video montage?

Uh oh! Ophelia turns toward the west

Are they going to burn the city?

I just don't get why more wasn't done BEFORE the storm hit...

Eerie parallels between Johnstown Flood and Hurricane Katrina

Go to bed, Karl, or I'm gonna cram that keyboard up your ass!

Brown is clearly unqualified for his job . . . but who's fault is that? .

60,000 troops are in the disaster zone. The military is stretched thin

Help me out please, cuz I was down with Nagin until this point...

Does anyone know if Port Arthur,TX was affected by Katrina?

Daily Show repeat coming up on Comedy Central, 9amCT. nt

CNN Poll:

Enough is enough- we can not afford to stay the course with these corrupt

I just sent the following LTTE.

Smirky pays his respect (photo)

SIGARMS suspending sale of P220 pistol magazines due to Katrina

Anyone have a link

CNN-Signs that the oil industry may be recovering.

Trent Lott got Deputy Assistant Army Secretary removed

Save the Gulf Stream

What or who is starting all those fires in New Orleans?

FEMA...................Failure to Effectively Manage Anything.....

Republicans blast response to Katrina

Troops in New Orleans treating victims like Al Qaeda

Healthcare people-does this look as fishy to you as to me?

Don't let Rove distract us with Nagin, unused buses or even Blanco......

Why wait til '08?!

Looking for people? Check -- please put the word out.

BBC: British Citizens in Dome Evacuated in Secret by Military

City of New Orleans DID have a disaster emergency plan

Are the Mayor of NO and the Gove of LA responsible for Miss also?

Good morning DU; Deaths due to "airborne" bug are a red herring...

Now, THAT'S Spin...

I hated Bush so much I voted for Mccain in the primairy T shirt.

They are PEOPLE, Mr. President

Here's a poll to make you lose faith in America - 63% say no Fed Firings

West Coast DU'ers: Rev. Al Sharpton on Jimmy Kimmel (NOW)

Thank Bush's god that this disaster wasn't a terrorist attack

If the water is dropping a foot an hour, then why will it take 3 months?

Nightline, all houses will be bulldozed

Best "The Daily Show"Ever!

Political Video Clips Collection

Freepers are so repulsive

There are several high-rise building downtown NOLA. Why couldnt people...

Bernie Ward just mentioned- apparently, it was the Feds' first business

Wasn't some RW whackjob in the House after the Red Cross

MTV News Poll On Kanye West's Statement Regarding Katrina Disaster

People from all over the US went to NO to help.

Hell YEAH We Need The "Blame Game," Before The Next Crisis

Pentagon thinks it not only responded with NO delay but ANTICIPATED -> MP3

Trent Lott is an ass

Why did Bush request a federal takeover of NOLA?

Maybe we should just call him the Peter Pan President.

Jeb Bush: "Payback Time"


U.S. agency blocks photos of New Orleans dead.

Any elected official who backs up Bush on this will be vulnerable

Geronimo, voodoo, and George W Bush

Musical DUers! What was the song on Imus? About NOLA....

TD #16 becomes Tropical Storm Ophelia

Santorum says it is OK for Govt. to force NOLA people from their homes.

I'll say it again.

anyone have info re victims now being shipped to camps in Utah?

Fox News Radio reporting negative stuff on Brownie. Guess who's toast?

O'LOOFAH's un-American government theory

U.S. agency (FEMA) blocks photos of New Orleans dead

There's so much more to this INCOMPETENCE than is being reported. Do you

send Brownie a map

State by state map on where evacuees have been sent

HoRAY! S.African Mail&Guardian story-Bush fake photo op hugging sisters

Any Bush nominee to any post steps up to the plate with an 0-2 count.

Should residents still in New Orleans be forced out?

Notice how every Repub will say 'state and local authorities' at every TV

FEMA vs the People, thinking out loud

MSNBC Has a Live Forum now....FREEPER CITY!

FEMA to firefighters:"Not every job is a glamour job"(flyer handouts)

My husband is one of the firefighters in Atlanta. STOP

Bill Maher's show tonight

Easy question--can't find my way around

Pappy Bush "loves his little brown ones." Now Babs makes this

Sean Penn??? is saving ppl?

Bush will be hurt by this, but he is not "toast"

Whoopsies!!! Ricky Santorum didn't mean we'd punish you poor folks!!

Leiberman and Collins want to "fix mistakes, not blame"...The fix is in

Just got off the phone with Sen. Mike DeWine's office...

"We didn't seem to have a plan when Clinton was the president"

Every Reichwing asshole who sends you emails blaming "local officials"

The country is dysfunctional, many of us know dysfunction...

20,000 barrels of oil spilled from one of the refineries

Time for a soulcheck, America. If you wouldn't wish this on New Orleans

"Let the left take care of these people" - Freeper logic

Tom DeLay Says Failure Was At Local/State Level, Not Federal

DU these two polls on AOL

Freepf*cks out in force on Oprah's message boards:

Did Clinton cut funding to the Army Corp of Engineers?

Rumor in DC that Brown was the one who blacked out Bush's. . .

Clinton needs to start weilding his penis again

it is still NOT the federal govt taking care of these people

Typical Rovian "Let's not blame" while all the talking heads blame

Terms I've grown to despise: Poto-op, Blame game, Spin, Red State/Blue Sta

When the Kyoto Treaty came before the Senate it was voted down unanimously

cLass or race

FEMA Delayed Airline Relief Flight So It Could Look Good

Tom Delay is engaging in politics as usual

Where's Dick ?? Gone Fishin !

Dick Morris - what a moran!

Can America withstand two more years of Republican rule ?


Emergency personnel being used ONLY as props for Bush

C-SPAN 2: Harry Reid on Hurricane Katrina response.

We need: Price freezes, Tax breaks to the rich rolled back, & Impeachment

Did any other cities have problems with the DemocracyNow feed...

Anyone know of resources to find out how one could help in their own area?

Bob Cesca on "Bush to Investigate".

So the mayor of No orders removal of hold-outs, military refuses to remove

Playing the BLAME game: an analogy

MSNBC-Question of the day.

"nobody ever could have predicted..."

How many Americans have died since Republicans gained control?

Roosevelt Roads (Puerto Rico) *NOT* being used to house vicitms

I want to destroy America

Franken and the Gloria Wise Scandal (from a freeper)

Is Bushco's military occupation of New Orleans a dress rehearsal for the

Terms I've grown to despise: Poto-op, Blame game, Spin, Red State/Blue Sta

Fear Not Flood Victims! dick is coming to cut through the bureaucracy!

Lift your T-shirt, or NO RESCUE!

Well, Bushie is bringing out his all-time favorite African-American

EVERYTHING is "RACIAL" to a rePuke.

The Malignant bush Vampire Family has brought us to this point

Donations to Hurricane-Relief Efforts Exceed $504-Million

Legal revenge against spam snail mailers GREAT!!!

I hope God holds back His Wrath until bush & FEMA get their shit straight

Judicial Activism

George Bush: Lame Duck or Rubber Duck?

Major Disasters & the National Response Plan: The buck stops at Bush.


Independent Prosecutorial Investigation

hey bush, where DOES the Buck Stop you Ridiculous Fucker?

Talk about petty politics

How independent government commissions always work

Don't flame me, but

A message to lurking Freepers

Waching the mechanics of politics at work is so annoying -

Okay dont flame me BUT

Old New Orleans and New New Orleans

Hillary Clinton rejects Bush-led probe of Katrina

Newsmax wants to know if Bush was responsible for Katrina

What Dems are ripping Bu$h?....

Daily Kos has a Katrina responsibility timeline.

Do we lose our focus too easily on DU?

Great Praise to Allah ! (unknown author)

Heard a good line.."Children call it Blame.. Adults call it Accountability

Did YOUR local paper have the Rove talking points LTTE?

I think I discovered what Michael Chertoff used to do!!!!

A Pilot on Pgh Radio pleading for medical equip for Mississippi

A Curious Lacuna (Chris Floyd) - linked to 'Blame Game, Set and Match Post

Hurricane Housing.Org - Post your spare room for Katrina Victims posts "FEMA Boss's Katrina Spin Bid: memo

just heard on NPR

DU this poll

Well, responsibility is a bitch, ain't it?

FEMA : States should pay if evacuees want to relocate to families or to LA

Apparently, we don't NEED a government, we're out here on our own

So do Survivor and The Great Race and other "reality" shows of their ilk

rumsfeld: Katrina won't affect war plans---Whew!--thank God!

Re:Don't Flame Me Posts

Brief rant: big pomp and circumstance around the dead body

Bush is our wedge issue in 2006

They don't need us anymore

Kucinich speaking now (C-Span)

Bush in flagrante photo op

Randi Rhodes had it right

Should people be FORCED to leave their homes if they don't want to?

Mike Luckovick cartoons

Okay, I'm back and Congress is overwhelmed...

Michael D. Brown for PRESIDENT!!

DeLay points to local officials

I don't recognize the GOP

Do the RWers, including Robertson, really blame the victims?

"The America Supports You Freedom Walk" Event Details from DOD

FEMA thwarted AMTRAK?

The amazing Daily Show segments from last night in case you missed it

Lol...Springer giving it to caller

Has Bu$h got it in him to say ..."I'm sorry"?

Hydrogen pill raises fuel hopes

More links to crazy FEMA decisions in and around New Orleans

Barbara Boxer ripping federal response on CSPAN

Debunk please.

The Democrats have once again dropped the ball

"The Intellectual Activists" Blames the Victims

Want Cheap Gas? Vote for a Democrat for President

Bushco...Bad Texas Gamblers

where is the leadership? . . . where is the courage?. . .

So now Bush has an excuse for high unemployment rate

Didn't You Feel It Coming?

Can't recruit for H.S. football, but the military is fair game?

Live streaming feeds for Louisiana emergency services, Nat'l Guard, etc.

When they say "Local officials" We say "You're Repeating the LIE!"

Bush : "I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch"

Tempers flare at Oceanside N.C. meeting over Iraq

Springer did a great job refuting a Bush apologist/blamer of state + local

Al Gore Paid For Refugees' Flight To Chattanooga

CNN news conference in NOLA now

What's the latest on the mutiny in Iraq?

Tropical Storm Ophelia latest public advisory

How's this for a signature line?

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name..."

What is the local New Orleans curse about the Super Dome

Message from our architect firm in NO re: schools

Now Is NOT The Time To Play The Blame Game!!! - #2

1510 Google results for "Barbara Bush Katrina"

Now Is NOT The Time To Play The Blame Game!!!

Drudge: CNN/USA Today Poll - Only 13% Blame Bush

Didn't * declare State of Emergency for NOLA on monday?

Here's How You Can Make an Immediate Difference in Louisiana

Hurricane website is IE only

Shouldn't they 'treat' that toxic water before they pump it back in the

Rightwing Rasmussen reports has * disapproval at 54%

An Irate Soldier’s Open Letter Regarding George W. Bush

According to CNN, military will not help with mandatory evac of Nola

Peyton Manning on ESPN pimping Directv for Katrina survivors

So, is Bush planning to take another vacation to hang out on Lott's porch?

Do we have PROOF that Geraldo staged that resuce of elderly lady?

A very good, coordinated press conference on right now on CNN


Photographers expelled, and worse, from NOLA...signs?

Saddam Confessed

Samuel L. Jackson on The Daily Show tonight.

Franken.. singing "Who got the memo..."

So why didn't Nagin use the school buses?

Gallup: Americans to Bush -- WITHDRAW TROOPS FROM IRAQ!

The Republicans are playing the No Blame game.

HUGE Pro-Troops, Pro-America Rally Coming to D.C.!

NEED continuing MEDIA, and some LAWYERS, on this


New Orleans SURVIVED Katrina. The City was DESTROYED by REPUBLICANS!!!

The U.S. Coast Guard is saving animals from Katrina

How to get to D.C. for the massive demo on Sept 24th

British paratroops BEAT IRAQI CIVILIAN TO DEATH, court martial told

The Smoking Gun - Article in the Salt Lake Tribune

INCREDIBLE Katrina Account now on Dailykos as well as EMS Network

This is just too much for me to wrap my mind around.

How do you get a group defined as a terrorist group?

OMG! Thomas Friedman rips * a new a-hole!!!!

Only a goddamned conservative IDIOT...

Yahoo! has HELPED SEND a Chinese business journalist to JAIL for 10 YRS

We have debunked every talking point

Katrina and Progressives' Revival

EVERY police officer on Merseyside could soon be equipped with a TASER

Franken just did a very funny Pat Robertson bit.

Repub Strategist Openly Shows How Vile These Animals Are.

NG snuck Brits out of Superdome

I'm starting to think I am too suspicious of people

Here Freeper, Freeper, Freeper

George Bush and America's dirty (not so) little secret

Senator Reid asking if Bush's vacation played role in slow response time

Nancy Pelosi: Bush doesn't think anything went wrong last week

Received today from someone on the "other team"....

'To Fallujah' has now become a verb for Iraqis - Don't forget Iraq!

Excellent summary of all foreign aid for Katrina victims

Please call Governor Schwarzenegger

Pelosi called him DANGEROUS!! on CNN!!!!!

Saddam "gassed his own people". Bush DROWNED his. n/t

FEMA to give victims $2000 debit cards


Federal Government Seeks to Block Photos of Dead

Someone make me a shirt that says, "I hated Bush before it was cool."


Katrinagate? or FEMAgate?

Operation Blessing has been removed from FEMA website n/t



Was this anti-Bush letter ever verified?

Rant time - just think about this - we are talking about the impact of

Sen. SANTORUM suggests PENALTIES for some who DON'T EVACUATE

Anti-War Group Brings Cause To Chicago

(VIDEO) Best. DailyShow. Ever

It's this Bush quote great......

Floodgate is the right frame / meme. They can't close the floodgate now.

Military occupation turns New Orleans into WAR ZONE

FEMA accused of flying evacuees to wrong Charleston

The Fed delayed help in order to boost Army recuitment?

Canadian "Mounties" got to Chalmette LA before the Feds

Reid: Twelve questions that beg answers RAW STORY

Why was it more important to investigate Whitewater than NO?

Self-delete, dupe.

The Levee will break

I can't wait for the Debit Card Shootings...

Newest RW Talking Point: Rush says Dems pushed for Homeland Security

MSNBC Video - "Close-Up The Mayor" (Ray Nagin)


Bargaining with the credit card cos...

I know he ate cake and played guitar

Down in the Flood

Foreign aid for Katrina victims gets tied up in red tape

We can't accept International aid !

Does anybody have the latest on Ophelia?

Franken talking to Reporter re. FEMA head Brown.

Christ in Action on the Gulf Coast

Can Congress impose caps on the profit margin of the oil companies? Fantastic Disaster Preparation website

New talking points memo

Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA

New Mantra about "Local Officials", "An 80% evacutaion rate"...

One side can be wrong

banking question

Navy Pilots Who Rescued Victims Are REPRIMANDED

NOLA: Ownership Society for Whites, Seizure Society for Blacks?

Re: Katrina. Even the Orlando Sentinel knew. Sat. Aug 27, 2005 Headline:

Alternative streaming link for Randi Rhodes?

Commander In Chief: Geena David to portray POTUS on ABC

So, it takes OPRAH to get reporters to stop calling them "refugees"?

We're Sorry New Orleans

In this corner wearing the Red !!!!!!

My prayer for bush*

Thank you, everyone...

Brig.Gen. Gary Jones: "This place is going to look like Little Somalia,"

US ruling elite rejects policy shift to confront disaster

"On the record, where does the buck stop in this administration?"

Folks, the show has been over for a long time...

Proof - NAGIN did USE the SCHOOL BUSES to take people out

Bush photo getting Katrina update in Sunday 8/28

The way the Red Cross CAN work

Some timely wisdom from Enlightment philosopher, Voltaire:

It's time for 9/11 debates again....

Come on guys, now is NOT the time to point the finger and lay blame

Forget calling for Brown, ect to resign--Call for Bush to Resign!!

Rep. Sherrod Brown calls 3 top FEMA officials to resign

MyDD: Bush losing the polarization battle

Now it's official, Bush refuses French help

EPA staffers dub New Orleans "Lake George"

Chuck E. Cheese and the Pentagon: Babes in Warland

Bush** too drunk to complete official hospital visit!!!

HELP! Newspaper needs information regarding my LTTE

"Lake George" (perfect foil to GOP "Blame Game" meme)

How do you think Condi Sleezy Rice will look in her $1000 shoes?

How will Condi-Sleezy Rice look in her new $1000 shoes?

Can you hear the pinheads exploding yet?

Who is blaming who?

Bush orders Flags Half-Staff for Katrina Victims

A FEMA Parable: The Shopkeeper's "Fire Protection" Secret...

New Orleans has been taken over by the United States Government

"Arrogance plus Incompetence are Toxic"

Christian Groups: Katrina was God’s Retribution for Homosexuality

It's time for everyone to read or reread Naomi Klein's Disaster Capitalism

And here are the rainy days, yes indeed...

I understood the Debit Card Shootings OP's message

I'm going to say it: I am ashamed to be white today.

Anybody heard reaction from OBAMA? n/t

FEMA changed the language of it role in managing disasters

Right-wing radio host lambastes and ridicules hurricane survivors...

The gallup poll--the actual numbers

About our current high traffic, reduced functionality, and server upgrades

Freepers are idiots - check out this hannity stupid ass poll

"What message are Dems sending to the terraists?"

I don't care what the Freeps, cspan callers, l-dotters, or anyone

Freeptard comments on Oprah's request for an apology from the nation

What do you think of this idea?

Insurance guy tells Bush that THEY'RE the ones who protect America!

Froomkin demolishes Bush-overestimator's premise in online chat

...and remember, Condi sez "NO RACISM"...

Comparing White House reports on FEMA response to Francis & Katrina

Scotty aka "Puffy McMoonface" ...... would not answer the key ?

Rove sued for Voter Fraud in Texas

Honore is giving a FAUX reporter hell

I'm sick of RW pollsters lying to us, dems and independants should hook up

Okay - can I get some help here

Killing them softly with his song....

cnn showing fires again in NO--yet last week fireplanes were ready

San Diego hospital closed to accommodate Bush visit; No chemo

Local news now getting first person accounts of disaster mismanagment

FEMA has canceled NO Survival to deploy to other States!!!

Why are some of the most thought provoking posts frequently deleted by DU?

Sending Cheney to the disaster area is a bad idea

Real poll results before they're freeped

Welcome to my office. Again. Repugs sound off on Katrina.

Oprah has some video clips posted of yesterday's show

I think I'm going to need psychological help and I wasn't even in NO.

The fed gov has NO RIGHT to ban free press from an American city

We need "them" to answer questions under oath. Period.

Idea: Did * purposely allow FEMA to fail in order to need troops? IN

This must be the news article Chertoff saw regarding New Orleans dodging a

Mayor Nagin given Wings of Justice Award

HELP: I lost the .pdf link to the Blanco August 28 letter


Every DU'er PLEASE !!!!! mass email needed TODAY

Well, now that we have "these people" moved to their new "home land"

Brownie getting grilled now on CSPAN2 n/t

I haven't got one single fucking PRAYER for hurricane victims:

Blame Game? I accuse this government of willfully, negligent,criminal

is this a sick idea for a fundraiser or not?

There HAD to be orders to turn back aid

Looking for a contact at the Houston Red Cross.

And to all the the rapists, thugs, arsonists, and shooters in NO:

More foddder for the Blame Game from July -- Bush: Screwed LA wetlands

FEMA wants NO PHOTOS of the DEAD

post-9/11 NYC: toxic air; post-Katrina NOLA: toxic water, what's next?

Burka: Bush to Investigate Self- Will Ask "Where was I?"

Condi shopping for shoes!

"Don't Blame Me..I Just Work Here"

Declaration that the Far Right and related groups are Terrorist Groups

I used to say, "The terrorists will win..."

FEMA Brownie being asked about Operation Blessing!!

It is idiotic to have people in sports arenas for a few weeks after

Which Quote Will Hurt Bush Most? (after Katrina)

When will FEMA answer why they BLOCKED AID first several days?

New Kerry email: Tax cuts for the wealthy? Don't you dare!


If now is not a good time for finger pointing, when is it?

LOL! Rummy to Stripes! Pentagon:No delay in getting aid to storm victims

TODAY's press conference video now available on C-SPAN site!!

Stripes letter: "Get off your butt, Bush, and get the job done"

Kanye West disses bush at Apple press event!

Anyone watching CNN, MSNBC right now?

I need an email addy for Oprah -ASAP n/t

Are we spreading disease with the evacuation?

Government Relief Workers Mosey In To Help - The Onion

Probably posted already, but magnificent

Exploitation of FDNY and 9/11

Vid Clip: Pelosi-Bush Dangerous

Recall Kerry's comment - "“These guys are the most crooked, you know,


Houston Katrina evacuees by the numbers

To Fundies:

$$ OIL closes at 3 Month Low ($64.37) -- WTF is gas 30% more B4 Katrina???

Heads Up: Oprah on in a few minutes - with more hurricane Katrina info.

ltte's in today's san diego union/trib re: katrina..

Those reporters remember their training as embeds. Not a

We have almost same level of corruption as Mexico & 3d world countries

ST. PETE TIMES: Their Savior in a silver canoe

Bush is just like you and I in one very important way:

Which New Orleans will rise from the water?

Most of my city and county government is corrupt and incompetent.

Who gave the order to turn away help and was there such an order?

"I wake up every morning thinking about how to better protect our country.

NOW THIS IS A PROTEST SONG! === > We Can't Make It Here Anymore

* isn't trying to hide the bodies; we know they are there. He's trying

2002 Newspaper Series Predicted N.Orleans Disaster in Detail

Randi Rhodes just made a funny

A new Jeff Gannon is born.

Does anyone have Jimmy Carter's ear?

Put yourself in Bush's place

Local, State Officials Given 'Pass' on Katrina; Media Place Blame on Bush

FEMA answers to the PRESIDENT

The question that ties it all together - I want an answer, now.

Revealed: Rumsfeld at Padres Ball Game As New Orleans Sank

When a Hurricane is as large as the Gulf of Mexico, how can it be 'local'?

L-0 / D-8 ... L-0 / D-6...

(VIDEO) Ed Helms: Beleagured Bush

Say the word: LIAR. Mr. pResident, you are a LIAR.

The FEMA Photo Album

I DEMAND a GD breakout of WHO is getting the $50 Bil for Katrina !!


Suggest we begin calling Bush's FEMA -- "F-Troop"

"A rescue that was supposed to take place never happened."

Vid Clip: Scarborough's Toxic City from last night

Has anybody heard a word from the fundamentalist liars, Falwell, Robertson

You have to read this post

T shirt Idea Bill Clinton never lost a city (nt)

Any ex-pats in New Zealand or New Zealand citizens around here?

Acronym FEMA - what does it REALLY stand for?

Ed Schultz: FEMA loses all LA food stamp recipient records.


I called my reps and senators

I can't reply to any threads?

Any links to Hartmann's show, RE: recruiters at the Astrodome? nt

No one at DU call Randi, I was hold to talk to her then my cell phone died

Three Strikes And You're OUT!!

Bull Moose on Bush:Arrested Development

John McCain to vote for Estate Tax

McClellan: "Now is not the time" is the new "ongoing investigation"

Two Bush 2000 Florida recount aides were rewarded with top FEMA posts

Can the US Government be sued in civil court for Wrongful Death...

Chuck D's lyrics, RE: Katrina.. "Hell No We Ain't Alright"

DU Shout out on Randi!

Anderson Cooper coming up on Oprah! n/t

"Plan Balboa"

Caller on Randy just did a shout out for DU!! :)

1893 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Bush wants to know - "What didn't go right?"

FEMAs role and objectives

"Accountability" and "Responsibility" to George Bush and His Supporters

Hey Junior: Here's the meaning of the words "decency" and "civilized."

So What's their excuse for Miss. and Alabama not getting any aid?


I just got an email from Bush

Well, shit. I just had a wreck and totaled my car.

Let's ...

Security incidents in Iraq, Sept 7

O'Reilly Tues: 'only able to gett CNN; reason to declare disaster'

Randi Rhodes -- a Conspiracy Theorist???

Coming up on The SITUATION room now: THE BLAME GAME!

CALL THE WHITE HOUSE NOW!!! phone number is

AGGGHHHH!!!! I hate how good the right is and how bad the media is.

The disasters started from the beginining: Ehime Maru


Can't find the current info

MS Tues: several families go in 1 car; but can get only 1 supply set /car

VIDEO - Re-run of Oprah special right now streaming on WWL-TV

BS! CNN Poll-Who does America hold responsible? Nobody!

100's of Air Force reservists missing or unaccounted for?

Can't stop singing this Louie Armstrong song

NPR Tues: diff programs report diff small MS towns; NO HELP AT ALL

Bushies snub Cuba's offer of help.

Caller on WLS-AM people are poor because they choose to be

Another bites the dust - great rant to Pretzeldent from former repub

Cafferty on CNN just read several emails complimentary to the current....

Powerful TOON: A billboard.......

should bush have taken a career attitude test before running for POTUS?

Proof of US involvement in the 2002 coup against Chavez

Geez, I leave for a couple of hours and the world falls further into hell!

Can We All Buy Halliburton Stock?

Fake polls are being pushed by the MSM...there is no way that

Hardball now-Cheney to NO and Gulf Thrus. Is he Jrs "hatchet man" or...

Barbara Bush is a Bigot. Spread the word.

Ironically, New Orleans may get its first post-Katrina cash from...the NRA

Should Katrina victims get same compensation as 911 victims (1MIL a piece)

C'mon Folks, Try To Have Some Empathy

TEN Busses, SIXTY Volunteers... Return To DC With Only ONE Evacuee.

NO BLAME GAMES! How Dare You! And Besides, It Was All THEIR Fault Anyway!

Tweety: Tomorrow remaining residents will be taken out of NO by gun point

please delete

Hannity: said he 'didn't want to play blame game' and in the VERY SENTENCE

The URL is available. Someone grab it.

Bush is a drag queen

Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing

Remember the good old days ....

"Tax cuts for the wealthy? Don't you dare!"

Katrina may cause a 71% increase in gas heating bills this winter

Scotty vs. Gregory

Bush Administration Censors Hughes' Speech To Islamist Group

PLEASE SIGN !! Bush Is Planning More Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest This Fall

Anybody listening to Ed Schultz right now?

My letter to Senator Boxer

Would you just get on a bus and relocate to different part of the country?

We all know what F&CKING happened! They are conditioning us!

Post Hurricane Gallup Poll - Strange Results...

cindy sheehen bus tour-Atlanta

How can we free the media

Question: Did Blanco Ever Sign Over Control of the NG??

Will this administration seize the land under the water?

Has Barb the battle axe been seen in public since the Astrodome?

I'm exhausted, are you?

Babs: Black people moving to Texas "scary"

My "call to resign" article finally complete (whew!)

Oprah hit another grand-slam home run today.

Sorry to start another post, but...WTF do they think Rudy G is gonna do??

Does anyone have a comprehensive debunking of JUST the "Unused School Bus"

Time for a War On Photo-Ops.

Contribute to Impeach "IT" and Sept 24 th Demonstration!

IDEA --remember Rub y Bridges at 6 desegregating a NEW ORLEANS

Maxine Waters is on Randi Rhodez right now

We're not playing YOUR "game," Mr. Rove. We DEMAND accountability!

This is FEMA and it is led by a horse guy?

My old N.O. buddy is not only safe, he's got an office set up in Houston!


Tweety is spinning the move to put Cheney in charge as a way to....

watch BBC World News for the whole story

If Bushco wasn't at fault-he'd want an investigation now

BREAKING: White House to be renamed Superdome 2--

Just called my senators and representative.

Stream Oprah...NOW

Who is the Second-Worst U.S. President Ever?

Okay, I just heard about Barb Bush's comments

I'm on hold for Randi wish me luck!

It's official: I hate America!

Most People in the US are a Paycheck away from Disaster

PHOTO: FEMA's Michael Brown does an interpretive hula dance.....

Howard Dean speaks today in Miami at the National Baptist Convention

What's With the Stock Market?

Rate this one HIGH!!! (Another one)

You won't believe this

When you talk to your Reps and Senators, use the "M" word...

Will the middle class embrace the poor?

Rehnquist to be buried in Arlington

Help! Need links to print news reports

sufferiing people provide photo ops--reminds me of wealthy touring

Ding. Ding. It's time to play the Accountability Game.

Here's a letter I got from an ignorant Freeper Friend

How to parse todays Republicanism--"the Near Catastrophic Event"

Wetlands restoration (Army Corps Eng.) officials plus $100 M sent to Iraq

I've made the comparison before.. And I'll make it again.

CNN: All Is Well! US Flag Now Flying Over NOLA! (sniff, sniff)

NewsMax Poll

How much longer before Cafferty reaches for his ear plug, pulls it out....

Anyone have a link to the "Students sneak into N.O. as Press" Story?

"Never in US History Has the Federal Government Taken a WEEK to Respond

Can the Katrina victims sue?

Katrina Media Being Excluded, Controlled by Feds

Can I have an "I love the Daily Show" Thread in the middle of the day?

Brownie getting grilled now on CSPAN2 n/t

McCLELLAN:"if you want to continue to engage in finger-pointing and blame"

Next time some idiot says "God did this" say "So God's a terrorist??

OMG...I just saw people swimming in NO dirty water

Fox News Affiliate Won’t Air An Ad Depicting Bush On A Naked Torso…

Ed Shultz: Victims locked up and not allowed to speak

A quote to think on...

Administration moves forward with Swarzkopf doctrine

"The Buck Gets Passed Here"

Wetlands restoration (Army Corps Eng.) officials plus $100 M sent to Iraq

"give me a better idiot"

MSNBC: Dan Abrams worried about looting...

C-Span: Ted Poe crying abt. the "arrogant" French attacking Lance Armstrng

My Posts - Did anyone notice?

This is the "nail in the coffin" that puts the blame game to bed

Spielberg, Clooney, Manilow, Grisham & others: Katrina contributions

Offshoring. At what point will our politicians seriously look into this?

I have always used DU to get accurate news

CBS Eve. News: People threatened with being fired if they evac'd:

This may be jumping the gun somewhat but

"Camp Greyhound" - New Orleans Jail Reopens In City's Bus Station

Ocean gas hydrates could trigger catastrophic climate change

Any info on MSNBC *whore Susan Durrwatcher?

The minute a Republican mentions 'blame game'

The strange thing about the NO disaster is that Rove is not stupid.

Nationalize the oil companies

Is the GOP the party of bigotry???

The missing puzzle piece- the FEMA camps

A Republican talking head is born!

Media blackouts..

HOLY CRAP! Franken playing clip of Mr. Bill's NOLA prediction.

anyone up to rewriting 1950s 'Battle of New Orleans'?

OFFSHORING IS GENOCIDE. And don't forget it.

NY Daily News: Mike Brown was performing liposuction on a horse's ass

THE ONLY Possible response to the "superdome" meme

Nightly News has an article of kids making $1000 selling lemonade...

randi playing Scottie vs David

WWLTV covering contaminated water looks like a psyc op; wtf

CBS News: FEMA's Screw Up (Politics Played a Role)

I need the proof that the Gov and The Mayor asked for Federal Assisstance

CBS: A scathing report on FEMA...

Republicans like "personal responsiblity" but don't like the "blame game"

Is there any possiblity that some of New Orleans might have to be burned?

Turn on C-Span now - Barbara Lee giving a speech

GALLUP: 35% Bush approval of handling Katrina

"What's to go wrong?" Steve Bell cartoon, Guardian 7 Sept 2005

DELAY cancels hearings on Katrina response (CNN)

Randi: "and the President commits negligent homicide"

Star-studded Katrina TV benefits Fri. and Sat. nights! Even Nicholson...

DU AOL Poll: (front page) Should Brown leave, and Who is responsible?

Check out this e-mail my sister (Bullwinkle925) sent to Catherine Crier

Article: President Bush should resign -- Read or DU the comments

Google Dr. "Raoult Ratard"

Rep. David Scott d-Georgia C-SPAN

Should the big Dick Cheney show his face in New Orleans...

Is it true The Chimp is going to oversee the "investigation'?


Tweety--If not Cheney to fix NO, then Rudy, Kerick, or someone else

What would Barbara Jordan.....

Proof (?) *'s Katrina briefing photo is phone-y?

Would some kind DUer please post that picture of * and Gore

Repeat : the strongest impeachment grounds possible

Will they let an attorney use the "blame game" argument in court?

For those doubting Thomas's

Paraphrasing Jon Stewart:: "Katrina is george *bush's blow job"

Screw Delay: Democrats need to rent a hotel ballroom - call the media

Has any "expert" spoken of potential massive mortgage defaults?

The Larger Picture: Bush is dangerous to the Future and this PLANET

To show solidarity with the folks from New Orleans...

need photoShop help:Bumper sticker---"Impeach the Butcher of New Orleans"

Hate is a strong word.....but is it strong enough?

My Interpretation of the Constitution

My son has been found and is okay.

Stop it with the "Blame Game" already.

Video: NO couple, with CNN reporter, go home to rescue their cats

Help with a recalcitrant freeper, anyone?

New R "Funny Prop": Band Aids With A Life Preserver On Them

I've heard rumors on the Internets....

Death 3,000 At A Time

The Fastercures Airlift From New Orleans (Al Gore at NOLA)

If He's Not Held Accountable, then What the Hell is Next??

Taking nominations for the October non-fiction book club.

Eugene Robinson of Wash Post on Tweety talking race issues

Ok, so according to the Tom DeLay School of Crisis Management

How many of the victims of Katrina refuse to leave the area?

We need to write and ask our Democratic leaders

Congressional Black Caucus on C-Span 7:40 pm edt

CNN Breaking: Helicopter just went down light injuries n/t

daily show on katrina

when I see an extra journalist with a armed vehicle and

Mortgage "deferment" plans NO HELP - from evacuee

Valarie, Cindy, Katrina, Barbara, Nancy...WOMEN will bring the BA DOWN!

Senate votes unanimously to honor Rehnquist

I just saw the word "squatter" here at DU I thought it was about *

DU this AOL poll -- FEMA policy restricting press photographers

the other * said thinks work really well when the local and state

When I read Symbolman's rant it really gave me a lift!

Big Dawg should have just said "we don't want to play the BLAME GAME!"

squatters. I said 'SQUATTERS', for God's sake!

Why was Bush SO HAPPY last week?

Sale of LGB streetcar models to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims

How do we reconcile the "genius" of our Constitution with Bush?

Steve Bell's cartoon nails the Bush Family (Shrub and parents)

How We Survived the Flood By CHARMAINE NEVILLE

Blanco on Anderson Cooper.

People refusing to leave were just referred to as SQUATTERS!

Which president does Bush most remind you of?

I just called my Senators and Rep to tell then the "bipartisan" committee

Extra on Kanye West's remarks - asking actors their

Some people aren't going to like this, but...

Hastert and Frist Agree to Hold Hearings on Katrina

Why do black entertainers and politicians always have "outbursts"?

MSNBC Breaking: Coast Guard says civilian chopper down in NOLA

Someone needs to manufacture a blow-up doll of * that you can


Barbara Bush's cruel comments are getting a lot of play up here

When we hear "blame game" we need to respond THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!

Where are the twins?

26 Racists who ran in the 2004 Election

Brian Williams: "Who will speak truth to power?"

Connect the Dots (Government can trace your color printouts back to you)

CNN: 600 Pets rescued - most in good shape.....

The Main Frame

My home gas bill DOUBLED in the last month

Talking Point: When Repugs Blame Local & State Govnts for Katrina Fiasco

So what the hell happened? BUSH QUOTES 8/29/05

Did they plant a Chief Justice Of The United States Supreme Court today?

CNN: 25-30 people dead at nursing home in Chalmette, LA

"Scott, that's a talking point, Scott that's a talking point..."

New AOL poll re hiding the dead

No Direction Home - Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

My Alma Mater, San Jose State, is going to house 100 Gulf State evacuees.

Watch Marcy Kaptur on CSPAN!!

BREAKING: Bush banning all media from New Orleans

Favorite Daily Show moment tonite, when Jon says "Just shut up" to the RW

my LTTE published this morning in Baton Rouge Advocate

Michael Moore letter: How to help NOLA

FEMA not including coastal counties in 8/27 emergency declaration?

I'm sorry repukes think that atty generals waste time investigating corps.

Does anyone see Bush and Cheney serving out full terms?

Is it true there are Mutiny National Guard troops in Iraq because

Why they need to get the water out of New Orleans ASAP

FOREIGN SOLDIERS ON U.S. Soil A day to remember

PLEASE READ this DU post in greatest.......even worse disaster brewing

a "dear john" for * (I put it back)

Army is running a recruiting fair in Astrodome

W's epitaph

"Squatters" terms being used on CNN

HELP! A toothless, gun toten Republican at work was blasting the has a great compilation of TV press outrage over Katrina

What happens if San Andreas or New Madrid go with these idiots in charge?

Wow. Dr. Gregory Henderson on CNN's Anderson Cooper

Press now locked out of NOLA

Is anyone planning to make it to Camp Casey in Covington, La?

Can bush actually Probe HIMSELF?

Holland 1995: 500K people & 2 Mil. livestock successfully evac'd -48 hrs.

The first thing I'm going to when I get to DC on Sept 23:

Somebody hacked my computer last night

question about FEMA

Come up with a new saying for the GOP

OMG! CNN - Pelosi quotes Bush saying "What didn't go right?"

Now is the time for reparations for slavery

A letter I just sent to Oprah Winfrey

Nope that's it I'm officially through arguing with freepers that is it

"On the record, where does the buck stop in this administration?"

(Bleep)-ing PARASITES!!!

Will someone please tell me what's wrong with hate?

Gallop Poll: 41% favor pull out of Iraq

Who do you bless?

Sen. Clinton charges Bush has weakened disaster agency - Newsday

George HW Bush Library: Free Admission for Refugees!

**YOU** have the power to pick a person to clean up Gulf. Who do you pick?

Blanco's emergency request dates help me out here

Let them eat cake! Mission Accomplished!

MSNBC: 15th named storm: Tropical Storm Ophelia, east of Florida...

Any one watching Scotty squirm?

They don't need us anymore - Is it too late to save America?

Recruiting Fair!! Thom Hartmann just said he got a press release

Dems have got to have an organized effort to defend the local NO officals.

Helicopter pilot, J.T. Alpaugh, is doing an incredible job.


40,000 trailers on the way to Baton Rouge

WSJ: Anatomy of a Flood: 3 Deadly Waves

New word coined on Franken today: "Resmuglican"

Evacuees' stories are moving, but fence isn't (Denver Post)

Why is an Israeli citizen the head of Homeland Security anyway?

AWOL soldier legal help

My good experience with CostCo tire center

Christian Wire: Arnold, it's time to show some muscle! Veto gay marriage!

I remember the "Is Bush a Nazi" arguments that raged on DU

"anything else to lift peoples spirits"

Has anyone heard anything about General Byrnes?

Anyone reminded of the "Compassion" gallery on the Bush '04 website? reports FEMA is going to give victims $2,000 debit cards....

OPRAH's Katrina show from yesterday --------------- ---------- > VIDEO

To those that expressed interest in a Clothing Drive--

a message from Michael Moore

I am so psyched about the Sept. 24ht Protest! It is going to be MASSIVE!

my confrontation with a co-worker today. I am still shaking

I was just on Randi, I was so nervous, how did I do?

Walter Maestri - Jefferson Parish levee man (links included in this thread

DU this (History Channel) poll!

The Epoch Times -- Anyone Have Ownership/Background Info?

This is all I needed to hear, changing my attitude completely. Love, BBJ

Bush and Katrina Survivors: What's wrong with this picture?

New York Times to Bush: Strike 1, Strike 2, & Strike 3 - You are OUT.

David Gregory, NBC news - hard questions for Scottie

Environment question if the water is unsafe why pump it back in the ocean?

Would you drink tap water in New Orleans?

does john roberts, *'s nominee for chief justice of the SCOTUS suffer from

What is this Wolfie quote I keep hearing about but not seeing? N/T

Only thing better than watching Repugs go NUTS over my bumpersticker :

Demand a FLOODGATE special prosecutor

Robertson and Falwell have company....

Assessing Katrina,The Note betrays usual anti-Dem corporate media bias

Being poor is . . .

This week's poorest Republican excuse for a human being is . . .

Christian Wire: Chuck Norris to tout Bible study in public schools.

More nurses and doctors turned away from NO

PROJECT:Please give me your fave protest songs (CALLING DJs)

"bush-ugees" anyone fleeing from the bush regime

New *asshole approval poll?

"Camp Covington" in LA, our Vets For Peace are in charge!

I love Maxine Waters!

Minimal tool kit everyone should have on hand in their survival kit


Blame Game, Set and Match (Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque)

BREAKING: Bush banning all media from New Orleans

H2O Man - Water Man Spouts - 9/7/05: A Change of Worlds .....

Soemone help...I just got into it with some freep co-workers. Need Help.

Bushville on the Capital Mall?

***Urgent Humane Society Request!! E-mail the Media!!***

COLLAGE: "My beautiful mind" strikes again. Feel free to forward.

How prophetic was Randy Newman's Louisiana...........

Actor Matt Damon rips the WH press corps and *

Ummm Mr. FEMA director why are you funneling money to Pat Robertson?

Chimpy was briefed BEFORE the storm -- photograph

Another Reason to Boycott Walgreens problems for bush???

What is outrage sadness hopelessness all mixed together called?

Its official: I hate Level 3 ....but we still have "My Posts"!

Navy Pilots Reprimanded for Rescuing People.... wtf???

Some soothing words of encouragement during these troubled times

Psychologist working with Katrina refugees tells sad story

Mortitians told to expect 40,000 bodies

Is the secular reflection of Buddhism libertarian social democracy?

Dems Assail White House on Katrina Effort - Pelosi comments on Yahoo!

will LA, Alabama, and Mississippi turn purple?

My friend from NOLA--FEMA doing nothing. IMPORTANT!

Bring Back the Adults

Im sure of it now. Bush has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I KNOW That There Is No God! Here's Why.

Now was this necessary?

nice burn, skinner

50 Firefighters Flown in for Bush Photo-Op

As a Nation, as an assembly of citizens, We Must Halt, Reflect & Mourn

Please take another look at this...

What is the worst possible natural disaster that can happen in your

PLEASE: Everybody posting a thread on KATRINA have a look HERE!!

Smokers Twice As Likely To Go Blind

Where Is George When We Need Him? NOWHERE! ---->

Republicans planning on shoving private accounts thru back door

WPA for Katrina Survivors - Jobs for them to rebuild their own towns.

Bush says to Pelosi: "'What didn't go right?'" - HOLY SH*T!!!!!

Everything You ever Wanted to Read about Katrina

Helen Thomas: "Does the President agree with his mother that the homeless.

An observation about our little foodie forum....

enchiladas for dinner tonight

If you miss CBC news or

Independent Media Wanted

Um, er, wait a minute, can the rest of the world jump in here and say

82nd Airborne/US marshall bit off more than they can chew with former US

Match your words with action

Further fuel protests threatened

What's in those UK army-issue ration packs? - lookie here

Did anyone watch the Omar Bakri Mohammed programme on C4?

Sack the swede?

Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA

California Legislature OKs Gay Marriage Bill

Mystery surrounds Pentagon knowledge of Mohamed Atta

U.S. unlikely to accept Cuba's aid offer

U.S. warns China on energy ties to Iran

Iraqi charter 'finalised' says PM

New York Fox affiliate refuses to air anti-Bush campaign ad for local Demo

FEMA chief sent help only when storm ended (please read)

39 That Fled Katrina Cram Into Pa. Home

Saddam 'should be hanged 20 times'

Two Police Officers Return to Superdome

Tropical Depression 16 has become Tropical Storm Ophelia

Embarrassed Merkel admits plagiarising Reagan

Iraqi President Calls for Saddam's Execution ("Should be Hanged 20 Times")

Butler accuses US of stifling poverty reduction

CDC Adviso: Interim Immunization Recommendations for Displaced Individuals

NYT/AP: Hurricane Katrina to Increase Joblessness

Deficit Picture Get Cloudier as Disaster Price Tag Balloons

Lawmakers Seek to Foil Property Seizures

Disaster Price Tag for Katrina Balloons

Iran Offers Oil to U.S. in Katrina Gesture

WP: Kennedy Center To Honor Five High-Wattage Cultural Lights


New Delhi to New Orleans: Air Force waiting with relief

FEMA refusing offers of aid worth $10M

Gallup: Americans to Bush -- Withdraw Troops from Iraq (41% say pull out)

Iran seeks to soothe West's nuclear concerns

U.S. transfers control of Najaf to Iraqi soldiers

Bush, Congress Return From Vacation to a Very Different Washington Agenda

From Iraq, troops see parallels in Katrina ("embarrassed")

FEMA Chief Sent Help Only After Storm Hit

WP/AP: Productivity Growth Slows in the Spring

German election race tightens after TV debate

Bush, Iraqi president to meet September 13

U.S. contractor freed in Iraq-U.S. military

Iraqi bomb defuser killed by insurgents

Budget Office Says Storm Could Cost Economy 400,000 Jobs

Memo: Local Police Can Enforce Immigration Laws


Venezuela, Caribbean Nations Sign Oil Deal

Senate votes unanimously to honor Rehnquist

Plea Deal Struck in Helicopter Parts Case (Army UH-60 rotor pins!)

Rapper West debuts at No. 1 on US charts

Giuliani, Sen. Clinton Disagree On Katrina Response

Yahoo 'helped jail China writer'

US energy spending to jump 18 pct in 2005-US govt

Unmanned Planes Survey New Orleans Damage

Bush Administration Censors Hughes' Speech To Islamist Group

Saddam Reportedly Defends Attack on Kurds

Basra car bomb kills 10, wounds 16


Hurricane Katrina costing one billion dollars a day: senator

Levin To Introduce Gas Freeze Legislation

Legal Experts Call Law Poor Fit for Leak Prosecutions (Rove not covered?)

E.P.A. to Bar Data From Pesticide Studies Involving Children and Pregnant

Poll: Most Americans believe New Orleans will never recover

Variety: Saudi Prince Comes to Rupert Murdoch's Aid

Four Americans Killed In Southern Iraq ( mercs)

Governors Watch, Worry Over Katrina Fiasco (both sides of the aisle)

Don't Refloat - The case against rebuilding the sunken city of New Orleans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 September

FEMA director in March: We are prepared, as never before, to deal quickly

New Orleans' Holdouts Coaxed From Homes

Sen. Salazar Wants FEMA Director Fired

A quote to think on...

Disease claims first Katrina victims

Internal Memos Show Oil Companies Intentionally Limited Refining Capacity

FEMA Wants No Photos of Dead

(10) Washington bus convoy returns with only one evacuee

Critics say Bush 'in denial,' decry his comments on Katrina

Wednesday's markets: Bank raises rates ¼% , ignores Katrina(Canada)

Democrats Assail Katrina Response (Harry Reid is looking for answers)

BREAKING: Bush banning all media from New Orleans

Firefighters stuck at hotel awaiting orders

CNN: 5 die after being infected with cholera-related bacteria

Feinstein warns of action if oil firms don't show restraint

daily show on katrina

Crude Continues Downward Correction

FEMA Head Bears the Brunt of Katrina Anger

Aide: GOP leaders agree to joint Katrina hearings

Governor Bush defends FEMA response

AP: Abortion opponents' jury penalty reduced

U.N.: World Faling to Reduce Poverty

ST. PETE TIMES: Their savior in a silver canoe

Donate your laptop or used computer!

BBC: French Quarter keen to open for business

Security incidents in Iraq, 9/7 (official executed, "rioters" shot)

Crow, Dixie Chicks among Katrina benefit acts (8pm,Fri., many TV networks)

Sadr City Success Story (They love us there!)

Demos: Suspend Florida gas tax

Witt makes presence known in LA-"I’m going to show you how to do your job"

Howard 'should be run out of town'

FEMA head bears the brunt of Katrina anger ("an idiot, an incompetent..")

NBC Blog: NWS Message Predicted Devastation

Bush Seeks $51.8 Billion for Katrina Effort

WP,pg1: Offers of Aid Immediate, but U.S. Approval Delayed for Days

Powell To The Rescue?

Congressman reports more than 100 died in a warehouse, waiting for rescue

Survey: Economy Expanding Well Before Storm (MAJOR SPINNER!)

Katrina Shifts Attention From Iraq War

Rice wants North Korea's human rights abuses highlighted

Carnival gets $192M for efforts

Hillary Clinton rejects Bush-led probe of Katrina

NY Daily News: FEMA packed with W's pals

Bush struggles to find the right tone on disaster

Fla. appeals court upholds ban of veil in driver's license photo

Mexican army convoys head for U.S. to deliver aid to Hurricane Katrina vic

Pelosi: 'September has Become Synonymous With a Lack of Preparedness..'

US Republicans say hurricane won't stop budget cuts

Mo. Sues (neo-Nazi Weltner's) Web Site Purporting to Raise Katrina Funds

WP: Coast Guard's Chief of Staff To Assist FEMA Head Brown

US should tax excess oil company profits -senator (Dorgan)

Another storm would devastate U.S. energy -analysts(Not for nervous folks)

CNN Breaking: Between 25 to 30 bodies have been found in a nursing home

NYT: Navy Pilots Who Rescued Victims Are Reprimanded

Crowd flocks to hear Gore's warnings (on Global Warming)

White House: Mrs. Bush Comment 'Personal' (Barbara)

Evacuees' stories are moving, but fence isn't

RAW STORY - Bush visit halted 3 tons of food being delivered

Katrina Victims to Get $2K Debit Cards


Internal memos: Big oil shuttered refineries to drive up prices...

House cancels hearings on Katrina response (Delay: blame starts @ bottom)

Media groups say FEMA censors search for bodies

Dean: Racism played a role in Katrina death toll

Hey Heidi!

Listening To The New Against Me!

Now that MY POSTS is back on, I have a journal of how many worthless

Thank you for eveyone who helped me with Vonage!

I think I may gross this girl out tomorrow.....

GOd I love John Stewart

Watching The Daily Show (west coast)

Is there enough tinfoil in the world???

Has DU jumped the shark?

Did someone say snark?

Remind me again why we should all respect Bush and not hate him?

For Them--because it's not about us

Just back from the Rolling Stones concert - ask me anything

My toll house ice cream has that "protective frost" on it

Is it too late to sign up for the rally on the 24th?

Jeebus, I have the Ole Miss vs Memphis game on

Well I am finally no longer wired...Goodbye DU

Who wants Trident?

Tell me to go to bed

Make up your own Roman name

comic book update

Rabrrrrrr is toking his eggo

Another self-piting thread!!!

comic book date

Caspar David Friedrich

Another idea for a theme show - The 4:20 show - Whatdaya think?

BTW, while we were mesemerized by Katrina and her waves...

So Who Did You Do This Summer?

wish me luck

Ack. The "serial threadkiller" strikes again.

another bear attack in alaska

Spaniards Do More Charlie Than Anyone Else

A slightly odd combination for this evening's Prom.

'George Bush'...the movie. * See the story of his life these days...

Is "Religion Hopping" Healthy?

Had A Cheesesteak With Lots Of Raw Onion -- I Feel MUCH Better

Today's ZING'S!

First day back to skool...grumblemumblegrrrr

My Inbox has been Inactive all this time!!! You can all send me

Who's the baddest 63 year old on the planet?

The ABCs of the Bush Administration

China Bans Bald Taxi Drivers

One of my all time favorite paintings . . . . .

Katrina just may be this generations Triangle Factory Fire....

Clocks: A joke

Ahhhh ... I love my boss

Good Morning, DU'ers!

Artifact is tiny, but ancient find is big

I am so NOT in the mood to work

Russian man survives snooze under moving train

In Memorium: Keith Moon

Brits driving Austrians bonkers over rude village name

Say something RICE about a fellow DUer

Yay! I can check "My Posts" again!

gas prices -- what's the deal with the .009?

*sniff* First the good lord took John now it is Bobby....

Jay-Z, Diddy and Matt Damon come out in support of Kayne West's comment

It ain't about politics anymore

LATEST NEWS: General Franco is still dead

You're not going nuts, it is a white squirrel...

Astrologers will be scrambling...


Yay! I can check "Shell Beau's Posts" again!


Yay! Shell Beau can now check her underpants again! (not a sex thread!)

Cream Reunion - Three Nights Only at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans


GINGER will be remembering GILLIGAN on WaPo Online today

Ok - decipher my dream from last evening for me if you will?

A little levity....joke I got in my email. Has Become Large Feminist Subculture

Birthday cake, day 12 - it's still good!

cLassism or racism

You want weird news?-50 Atlanta firefighters sent to La. for W photo-ops

new toon

The cure for post-Katrina pain...well, part of it.

Does anyone know how many times Ike Turner has been married?

Hurricane Housing.Org - Post your spare room for Katrina Victims

What will today's outrage be?

The Gratuitous William Shatner Quoting Thread

Local News from my fair city last the worst is yet to come....

WHY do I continue to sit here watching disaster coverage 24/7?

BREAKING: Bush to be Outsourced

What kind of buttpaste do you use?

Where is the Daily Show Discussion? n/t

This is what I think of about New Orleans.

FOUR beautiful pump/mantle kerosine pressure lanterns.

OH NO!!! A new "Bob" ad!

So, my new roomie moved in- a guy

OMFG Last Night I was accused of being a Republican!!!!!

My dogs playing with rats! Yuck!

To those who have had to put a pet down: how did you know it was time?

How dork is your dorkside?

Who has read "The Presidential Character" by James David Barber?

check out this little bit of FReeper racism:

Who wants a poetry thread?

Antique Gas Stations Can't Raise Prices (Pumps can't go above $3)

Who wants a kitty thread?

This reviewer has way too much time, but is funny as hell

2006 election ad: Show a confused, sad "Republican" saying:

Has anyone else...

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

And so it begins.....

I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Is staying home to watch an eBay auction a good excuse to skip the gym?

deleted by poster

I really dislike the idea of an idea (thus sayeth Bush)

Beware of credit counselors.

Beware of counsel creditors.

How hard is it to learn Flash animation, and what do you need to do it?

My DU butt is back again

OMG! she just caLLed him dangerous!

Another self-pitying thread!!!

The Los Angeles County Fair opens Friday 9/9

As much as I enjoy DU, you know I do ...


I want white conservatives to become white liberals.

Guess I can't go on my 3-hour tour any longer. I miss Gilligan!

Wow, I used two obscene words in one thread

Buddhist Monks Taking MBA Classes In China

I like David Gregory of NBC news

I am running against a guy who stole stuff from little kids. mention it?

Naked woman baffles authorites

How back is your backside?

There is a spider on my monitor

Now I REALLY feel old.

Look out London - Monica's a'comin'!

The Official DU Word Of The Day Is: Ennui (Please use in a sentence)

You know what bothers me most?

banking question

I caught the seizure before it happened!!

Futbol question:

Steve Bell: World's Highest Standard of Living

Hey lounge... It's been a real tough couple of months round here...

sadism or masochism.

CNN's "Situation Room" Broadcast... What's Up With The Music?

I can't imagine what the people in the Gulf are going through

Skinner and the Admins Rock!

Window, I got your message, sorry reply is not working.


Do you chew gum? If so, what is your favorite brand and why?

Tom Tomorrow: Read it today!

"He Knew, but Orleans' was BLUE"

Parasite Worms Brainwashing Grasshoppers Causing Them To Commit Suicide

Rejected children's books (titles)

Ever cross your mind how people could disappear and take a new identity

I think the Democratic Underground is anti-Bush**

Names for this Scandal

The Gratuitous William Pitt Quoting William Shakespeare Thread

Ode to e-mail rumor senders.......

Come on, baby! Give me a big kiss!

Holy BatCrap! You go Celine Dion!!!!

Low-fat organic milk = tasty.

How to tell if you and your significant other still love each other.

Have we heard from BOSSHOG yet?

The Gratuitous William Pitt Quoting William Shatner Thread

blaming blacks and liberal for New orleans: FreeRepublic

Do you get ticked off at eBayers bidding against you?

I really dislike the idea of Ikea.

I just did all of my errands today on my bicycle

Pride Of Man - Hamilton Camp

Three posts to 2000

DU shoutout on Randi just now

Okay Du'ers....a challenge!

Level 3 - WAH

I have, for the most part, stayed out of GD - Is there good troll hunting

Chef Leaves Officials Hanging During Testicle Festival

I am thinking frightening thoughts right now...

U.S. Blowjobless Rate At All-Time High

Set List for Rolling Stones concert last night in St Paul

Gilligan died.

WOW! Level 3 AND My Post!

Rapper West debuts at No. 1 on US charts

The gratuitous George W. Bush quoting thread

What are good mens' suit brands?

somehow, no matter what, it always winds up being my fault

Wow! I just read in SI that Fats Domino ended up at the apartment of

it's true, DU hates da troops

The Gratuitous William Peter Blatty Quoting Thread

A barbecue sauce that is orgasmic!

Update on my life without fast food

Organic peeled baby carrots

Does Skinner have a sock puppet?

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim defined me.

Bush Declares Mission Accomplished in New Orleans

Direct TV vs. Cable

Proof that our democracy has fallen

Mods, CrazyGuggenheim degaussed me!

I think the democratic underground is anti-Scottish

Is there a GOOD airline?

A challenge - What is the most ignorant quote ever uttered by the shrub?

I think the democratic underground is anti-Scotch tape

Bush doesn't care about black people T-shirts

$10/hr, must have cell phone, car, drug test and 4 yr degree????

Recipe for Hot and Sour Soup?

Well, shit. I just had a wreck and totaled my car.

It's only 8:26 a.m., but I would KILL for some lemon meringue pie!

I ate EIGHT fun-size candy bars today. Ask me anything!

Until today, I was undefined

Only Level 2 today???

We are on Level 3, but...

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim defiled me.

Humorless people are a funny bunch

Cats are so patient, poor dears

Joke(?): If Wolf Blitzer were a military aircraft, what kind would he be?

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim defied me.

Do I need a land line for DSL service?

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim exfoliated me.

Do you have to be stupid to be a doors fan?

Everyone with a screen name starting with A-J: LOG OFF NOW

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim expurgated me.

Do you think you have style?

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim defoliated me.

Penderecki's music can be really &*@^ scary sometimes

well all they do is pop a baby out a year,

Why is it Will Pitt day in the lounge?

'K. Anyone who rides trains should read this.

What's a good enviro-friendly weed killer/killing method?

Everyone post their social security numbers!

and now to prove we're on live tv:

What's a good enviro-friendly dolo killer/killing method?

Need tech help-Outlook Express

If I post this smiley, will a flamewar come to me?

Shocked but alive, residents of New Orleans zoo emerge from Katrina

I'm picking out a stapler for you

I guess we're off L3.

anyone seen the new iPod nano?

Do I need a land line for DS1 service?

Rachel Maddow - I like her very much so far

Mods, Crazy Guggenheim my baby daddy.

Name some of your favorite tumultuous, *historical* marriages

Damn- One of my corning dishes blew up on top of the stove!

The Rachel Maddow Show

Just read the explanation about impact of increased traffic here

Today on DU, I...

I feel safer with Bush....

A Highway Driving Question for all of you...

Okay look, "ignorant" doesn't mean rude. As well

Bush to Tap Michael Brown for Supreme Court


What's The First Digit Of Your House Number Or Building Number?

The Gratuitous William Pitt Quoting Thread

Motel Owner Awarded $40,000 - Didn't Allow Dolo in the Gene Pool

Pet peeve: CAVALRY vs. CALVARY

I'm having some low carb spaghetti

Motel Owner Fined $40,000 - Didn't Want 'Blacks' In His Swimming Pool

Where are all of the insurance agencies?

I have no idea what to do with these chicken cutlets.

Check out this e-mail Bullwinkle925 sent to Catherine Crier!

sniffa's birthday is coming up - what are you going to get him?

Yay Me! I'm About To Eat Fried Porkchops!

Pet people - share stories of how your pets came to live with you

What things tell you a lot about a person?

"How old were you? 15?"

I want white conservatives voting Democratic

ok this is the best version i've found

Dude...I was SO high...(pic)

PROJECT:Please give me your fave protest songs (CALLING DJs)

lurid book cover exploitation Photoshop theater...

Help me out of 700 club. Underrated bands/songwriters.

Relationship question

Saw a B/C sticker on a Prius today


Ok, where is Clintmax?

I have an announcement ~ THERE IS A PUSSY MOVIN' INTO MY HOME!

Drop that load ... right here ~ what are you waiting for !

Has anyone else noticed? The MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED...!

Rap fans - is Kanye West good?

Time for another "how'd you choose your DU name" thread

Do you have a passport?

Nighthawks IX (?): Dial-up warning.

Meh...mood swings are really fucking annoying

The A-Z list of Disasters For Bush Adm. (As seen on The Daily Show)

What survival skills do you have?

By the way, I DID re-lactate!

I just bought a sketch pad,

I think the Democratic Underground is anti-Polish.

Something to put on your car

I had Krispy Kreme donuts for dinner

I just have to post this for GWB:

Well, I'm In This Hotel Room Near Philadelphia!

Ok...PLEASE go vote for my kid to get his picture on Jones Soda Bottles...

The Legend of Do-Do Mite


Here I am! The man! The mystery! The Legend! Crazy Guggenheim!

Better approaches to the "W: Still the President" sticker

ALASKA AIRLINES SUCKS! A long, long rant.

What food cravings do you get?

Does it bother you when a person HAS to have the LAST WORD?

Desperately in need of espresso!

Picture thread!

Firefox-extensions to remedy some of the Level 2+ issues (*cough* ignore)

What in the heck is going on? Looks like DU was hit by Katrina!

What to see in Denver?

Do you think....

Overrated singer/songwriters

Park Service leadership now caters exclusively to conservative Christians

Christian Groups: Katrina was God’s Retribution for Homosexuality

I hope this is the right forum for this

Cannabis drug could be new obesity treatment

Archeologists write history at Sidon excavation site

Tall grasses set to power Europe

Deep Impact - Research to be published

Eco-aware shower recycles water

Polish Gays Drag Warsaw Mayor To European Court

Pro-gay approach tried on battleship skeptics

Assembly Passes Calif. Gay Marriage

Organizers Have Enough Names To Force Recall Vote On 'Gay Chat Mayor'

Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment Certified

Analysts see veto of California gay marriage bill

Ahnuld vetoes anti-gay bashing measure

Lesbian Student Sues N.J. School After Fleeing For Safety

Clemente featured on Wheaties box!

Arnold Plans to Veto Puppy Sales Bill

U.S. Coast is saving animals from Katrina!

Three kitties left to foster.... and an appointment tomorrow!

Kittens born Sunday August 7th.

Purple Kool Aid presents: God the Intelligent Designer (in cartoon format)

Anyone want some fresh fish?

Good news y'all! We've found 25 more employees!

could use some help in GD

i hate the fucker, i hate his face , i hate his voice

Less Than Nothing - Barack Obama Statement

Does somebody see with whom Kerry is speaking right now?

So now, it's Kerry;s fault

If you missed last night's Daily Show

Cindy Sheehan’s Protests, Strikingly Reminiscent of John Kerry’s

Tax cuts for the wealthy? Don't you dare!

Help! I need a John Kerry bumper sticker ASAP!

What State Fair means to me! ******* (Dial-Up Warning)

Hello KOEBers!!!

Dan Abrams in a "sweaty t-shirt"

KOEB Meeting -- 9/7/05

Katrina Fundraiser on Friday - *Possible* pre-emption

EXCELLENT San Francisco Chronicle article!

Blurb on Rita Cosby!

Newsletter: 9/7/05 -- New Orleans Eviction

Folks, please help counteract the misinformation going around re: Keith!

WSJ: A Weakened Bush Plays It Safe On Chief Justice

My email to MSNBC on Katrina aftermath.

Nagin endorsed Jindal in 2003.

June 14th plea for "America's Wetland" ...Louisiana ...

scrubbo King of 1984 speak

License plate I saw today: CA LIBRL

2 views of W Cabinet press conference: who was Chertoff lookin at?

This is scary...

Need help accessing Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency

A way to play the blame game...Good idea?

was wearing my "Vote Democrat. The (picture of donkey) you save may be

Dowd has the best line to describe Bush.....

when DHS was created they gutted civil service and unions'

RePubs: They THINK they are Right:*** Dems: They KNOW the Pubs are WRONG

So * can't even remember his own spin lines

2002 NYT Editorial Observer on "The Big One"...eerie..note date..

Saudi prince increases stake in Murdoch's Fox: 5.5% voting stake

MSNBC: Bush struggles to find the right tone on disaster

Huffington Post: Marty Kaplan on "Hurricane Karl"

The diminishment of the "idea" of America & all its people. I am

RW blog helps Dean spread the word on Bush's incompetence.

Answer to the 'Blame Game' meme

They flunked the sobriety test

John G. Roberts: Stuck on Stupid

Devils Advocate, Even If LA Officials DID Make Mistakes...

Just Say No to John Roberts.

YES! NFL refuses to drop Kanye West from its "Opening Kickoff" special

"TONIGHT, Joe Scarborough takes you BEYOND the Capitol Hill Blame Game"

Blame Game? No, It's A Reckoning

Buchanan to Bush: Never complain, never explain, just do it, let them howl

Trickle Down Economics in action

Foreign aid for Katrina victims gets tied up in red tape

Why do I get the feeling that, if today's Republicans were in charge then,

Bush used needed firemen for photo op. Please spread this around.

Indianapolis Star: Bush should move SCOTUS to the right "without regret"

Someone Has Got To Get The Rove Memo

Foreign Aid Held Up by Bureaucracy

Jane Fonda postpones anti-war bus tour until March 2006

Lobbyists Propose Principles to Guide Congressional Reform

Did I hear Barbara Bush say, "Let them eat cake"? nt

U.S. Threatens China

Tell me I'm wrong...

Bush failed to charm EU, says survey

O'reilly giving Bush the blame?

No Autopsies Scheduled

The Rolling Stones new album

Michael Moore: How You Can Make an Immediate Difference in Louisiana

Outrage of outrage!!! Can this be?

Most Europeans dislike Bush's foreign policies

War Profiteering - New Orleans-style

Was Bush Slow to Respond? History Says Yes.

RE: Keith Olbermann last night, I think he needs support!

TPMCafe Plame Redux by Rush Holt

Cuba offers 1100 doctors to Hurricane Katrina victims

DNC: Can they use funds to run ads documenting Bush's inaction?

10,000+ vs 2000

Bush was briefed on Sunday about how strong Katrina would be

Cost to shore up Levee's prior to Katrina: $1.4Billion......

New film uses CIA files to puncture myth about Che

Don't let Rove distract us: Why debate over local response is irrelevant

Imagine if the Bushies spent as much time on actually doing something

Sirota blog: Corporate America Bankrolls the CAFTA 15, Fundraiser tonight

TALKING POINT: Tom Delay is engaging in partisan politics

Cheap labor and war fodder

Finally! Bush Admin shown to be responsible by National Response Plan!!!

This makes the Robert' push for nomination very scary

read another great Dowd column: NYTIMES

Still so haunted by the faces of the families, elderly, average people,

For every elected official who leaves evacuation to the locals...

Navy Pilots Who Rescued Victims Are Reprimanded

Boxer up next on C-Span2


Dem Senators' eulogies for Rhenquest: get on with the Nation's business

My letter to The House Judiciary Committee

Karl Rove Instructed * to Ignore NOLA to Court Far Right Base

The Lame Game

400 Buses Not Used to evacuate NO: anyone know the real story?

Why Bush is to blame....

Mrs. Bush Sr. Shows her racist side

Imagine if John Kerry was President during Katrina

Flood Control in Four Countries:

ThinkProgress ROCKS! Katrina timeline everyone should read &

Check out Harry Reid on C-Span2 now...

Specter praises Roberts for chief justice.

FEMA still can't get it right. While the Red Cross and the City of

Thousand gather in Houston to get free housing and cars (CNN)

Has Katrina bumped Iraq as the#1 issue for the 06 elections?

We better not be above playing the Blame Game.

No Blame Game = Dead People

what a joke!! bush wants to investigate bush.

Republicans getting their news from.......THE SAUDIS!!!!!!!!

Is anyone able to provide a link to rebutt Christopher Hitchens Racist

James the fool Carafano (Heritage) said Fed. gov. can't fix poverty

Yahoo Helped China Jail Journalist

Is the Constitutional premise of a 'common defense' dead?

Forced Evacuation: Is this Constitutionally legal?

Bartlett-"We really don’t have time to play the political game right now"

Christopher Hitchens: "Voters will remember disaster response"

I still do not see any comment from the big Dem. names. Where the hell are

Objectivism scholars; Is the Bush** Govt. a Randian Looter Govt.?

A FEMA Parable: The Shopkeeper's "Fire Protection" Secret...

Kennedy calls for Senate investigation of * administration's Katrina SNAFU

"Compassionate Conservative" Santorum On Katrina Survivors ... Oy

Daily Show Tackles Federal Response to Katrina

WH Press Briefing today? Anyone know? nt

I hate to sound cynical...

Unless Bush gets rid of Michael Brown today or tomorrow

New CNN/Gallup Poll (sorry if dupe)

John Cornyn (R-TX) just said "Blame Game" TWICE in an interview.

Thank you, everyone...

If New Orleans residents relocate to Texas, will LA still be a blue state?

ENOUGH with the ridiculous notion bush was a great leader following 9/11

They say, "no blame game" but what do you want to bet that Rove is

Iran being held to unfair nuclear standards-- Asia Times Article

"What didn't go right?"

SurveyUSA: Bush Katrina #s stabilize at low rating

this administration has issued their last edict, their last order, to the

Hurry up Fitzgerald!

No Dems asked for Bush's head on a platter. Don't want to rock the boat.

Tom DeLay filth - cancel all investigations, ignore Katrina crisis.

I want a FULL accounting of FEMA/HS buget until now. NOW damit

Here's the 64 Million $ question?

CNN poll: 63 percent say don't fire any federal officials

I guess MSNBC political cartoonist Daryl Cagle thinks this one is funny.

Hooray for John Roberts- Satire (I hope)

This administration and GOP in general disgusts me anew

Rep. Kirk (R-IL): "Don't wait for permission" if you want to aid directly


Let me get this straight...I am trying to figure out which lies are OK

Unfortunately, we are witnessing history in making. UNRAVELLING POTUS

Message to Sen. Frist and Sen. Hastert re INVESTIGATION

Remember the handy color-coded terra alert system?

Harry Reid: How much time did Bush spend on Katrina while on vacation?

John Kerry's Statement On Hurricane Katrina

We MUST take back the Senate and House in 2006

Names for This Scandal

Bennett, Patsy F. v. Chertoff, Michael

Poll: Only 18% support 'finishing the job' in Iraq

Our side needs witnesses with cameras in the New Orleans area

Republicans show true colors: Say Katrina won't stop budget, tax cuts

CNN/Gallup Poll: Confirms America Is Pro-Choice Once Again

I love the way freepers express their contempt.

MSNBC: GOP wants "bi-partisan Katrina panel" SIX MONTHS

Clinton and Bush: Comparison made in hell :-)

Freep-holes respond with compassion to the $2000 FEMA debit card idea

Racism for all to see!!!

Bush quiz - what Presidential responsibility HASN'T he failed at?

Wanna dump on Evergreen for their lies?

"Bumper Sticker" solutions - Repukes play to their base

DNC 2008: New Orleans

Breraking: Bush banning all media in NOLA

What Bush & WH are doing now is not letting angry Am s"reality test"

don't know much about her politics but that Filipino president is one fine

McClellan calls comments of mummified demon Babs Bush "personal"

Today's McClellan transcript: TEN "blame game" references. TEN!

Why were 200 buses left parked?

Open Letter to the Senate: Crack Down on Cronyism!

Anderson Cooper responding to Delay comments CNN now

Republicans = Party of Death

Carville, did you notice there were no Democrats in sight when Frist &

Bush speaks with reporters; tours Charley wake 1.5 days after storm.

Just heard debit cards will go to FAMILIES!!

What are the odds

Images of Katrina (DIAL-UP WARNING!)

Matthews & RW Dusting off "Taser Bernie" Kerik to be put in charge/NO

Fwd: The Declaration of New Orleans

It should not surprise anyone that people who ridicule

Rep. John Lewis on CSPAN LIVE NOW!

NEWSMAX: Dick Morris talking through his hat again

Confidence, hope, strength, faith, courage RADIATE off of this man...

Hell in the Work Place

If New Orleans Burns how would Disney Recreate it as a "Theme Park?"

Now is the time to demand the removal of Bush

Democrats on the Web on the Job

Republicans planning on shoving private accounts thru back door

Poll on Kanye West's remarks

Cindy Sheehan’s Protests, Strikingly Reminiscent of John Kerry’s

GOP Party loyalty unto death (not your death, the death of others)

Where is Powell?

BY REQUEST, photos from earlier today of our REAL Vice President.

Please DU This Poll

NO debacle has exposed utter failure of Bush policies:

"Chain of Command" is "bureaucracy" by another name. Don't be fooled.

An 80% evacuation rate from a major city is an UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS"

Juicy Bits from Wednesday Press Briefing (Babs, Factual Tick-Tock, etc)

NBC's David Gregory Dukes It Out With Scott McClellan

Will People Now Wake Up Concerning Poverty?

I'm asking for some good responses for Bush supporters.


New name for Bush: President Nero

Katrina: Kristol Admits Bush Is Often Weak on Execution

Dean is a sell-out because he won't say "asshole" or "motherfucker".

my confrontation with a co-worker ( a sean hannity wanna be)

For what it's worth I called both my Senators and my

Ken Mehlman is putting out a press release saying Pelosi is way

I DO NOT SEE an admiring look on Sandra Day O'Connor's face in this photo.

I LOVE Barbara Bush! She is a national treasure!

An Idea for a comman task for all DUers .......

any theories on why John Edwards isn't front and center on Katrina


Dr. Max Mayfield, NHC, had conference call with Bush on Sunday re Katrina!

Cheney to visit Katrina areas tomorrow.

QuakerBabs Bush made a "personal observation," that's all.

This whole thing is about to make me batshit crazy. news items and petition (from email)

Question. If Bush worked in the Private Sector and

Where to send real relief: Message from Michael Moore

I Need to physically SEE and HEAR and ALL Democrats smack down Bush lies.

What do you think when you see Bush/Cheney bumperstickers now?

Bushville or Camp Katrina? - Katrina Survivor encampment in DC

Sign the Kerry Letter - no new tax cuts

PUKE!!!! Right-wing Email Decries blaming Bush, BUT DOESN'T ASK FOR AID!!

"Maybe Mr. Cheney is going down to New Orleans to hunt looters."

Larry Johnson tries to correct MSNBC via phone...they don't want to hear.

Radar Online: "When the going gets tough, the President hides"

There's no such thing as a "good" Republican