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Archives: October 12, 2006

What's a Gay Person To Do?

Karl Rove’s Endgame (is Rove about to become a mere mortal/)

State AG Should Bring Charges In 2003 Miami Police Attacks On FTAA Protest

A Bush In Need Of Pruning

The [school violence White House] Summit That Didn't Matter

Hastert, Foley, And A Better Reason To Vote Democratic (papau)

The Predator State --JK Galbraith (Mother Jones article)

Will Media Finally Count the Dead in Iraq? (E&P)

Bush approval rating tracker ---BBC

Inhofe's Newest Targets - "Alarmist Computer Models" - SF Chronicle

Europe's Biggest Wind Farm Breaks Ground Near Glascow - 140 Units,

Tokyo Power Company Announces Plan to Reduce Oil by Half, Gas by 15%.

New technology needed to cut pollution-World Bank

Heavy Metals, Rising Temperatures A One-Two Punch To Oysters

Bush Inaction May Push Climate Talks For 2012 Plan Into 2010 - Reuters

Argentine environmentalists .. bridge blockades to protest .. pulp mills

Italian TV: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip

South Park episode making fun of 9/11 CT

Rolling Stone on 9/11 conspiracy theorists

**Help me debunk the Touchscreen Early Voting Faq Sheet**

Golfer Supremacy Rankings switch to Diebold

Timber From Russia, With Love... Blame Canada!

'The next 18 months are gonna be very hard': Quebec forestry

CBC: Ignatieff's 'war crime' remarks cost him key supporter

State AG Should Bring Charges In 2003 Miami Police Attacks On FTAA Protest

Bush and Tempting Faith

Reid Got $1M in Land Sale

Army plans current Iraq troop levels until 2010

Economic Report: Home Sales Decline Hurts Economy

Concerns over NTS tests 'premature': Citizens' group worries that North Ko

Prosecutor: Case Isn't Rove Retaliation (man email spammed Bush)

Planned execution stirs fierce debate in India

Lieberman defends civil rights record

Study: Credit card late fees much higher

Parliament Approves Measure Allowing Autonomous Regions(Iraq)

War claims one of 40 Iraqis since invasion

Scandal Sidelines Hastert, Reynolds

Special Bush aide seen as scapegoat

Ethics Panel Questions Page Supervisors

A.T.F. Staff Was Ordered to Help With Homework (betting he's a Repiglican)

Schwarzenegger Tells Leno Link to Bush Is "Ridiculous"

Crist nixes ad with slain civil-rights leader's daughter

Pearce e-mail draws apology (AZ Rep's Racist Email)

North Korea Soldiers at DMZ Taunt Guards

NYT: Foley Case Snags Incumbent in Ohio Race for House Seat

Bush Denies Iraq Shifted Focus From North Korea's Nuclear Plans

GOP Donors' Personal Data Disclosed in RNC Privacy Slip

Housing slump seen as drag on US economy

NYT: Insurers Get an Earful From Senator Lott

Kerry defends troop withdrawal proposal in Las Vegas

Exclusive: Book says Bush just using Christians

AP, networks fight Nevada law restricting exit polls(+ABC-CNN-Fox-CBS-NBC)

Union blocks U.S.-India healthcare plan

A fly is buzzing my head, and my mom tried to drop a knife on

I had screaming nightmares for 9 hours last night...hope it doesn't recur.

Music from a Yellow Dog Democrat in Dayton, Ohio - Urban Appalachian Jazz

Deceptive NBC propaganda - Brilliant but cancelled

The "New" Super Bowl Shuffle

Life: full of ,or a share of; fucktards.

Tonight's LOST... (WARNING: spoilers)

Screech says Porn tape made 4 years ago. But his beard,

it's sad when anyone's life is cut short, but somehow, it affects me more

The Gardening Group is loaded with fucktards

I know everyone has them, but jesus . . . today has been a very bad day.

Wow, GD is totally full of fucktards

My parents are in town visiting. Pure torture.

Do I have a right to be angry?

My thought on the plane accident

South Park: Cartman learns the truth about 9/11

Would you watch Al-Jazeera?

Do you use a PDA?

Today is my husband's 35th Birthday.

Still one of the five funniest blog posts ever:

I can't wait to be poignant....sigh

My Tickle me Elmo Doll (Dial up warning)

Precious Thoughts & Good Vibes To: mom cat, y'all...

I can't wait to be pertinent...sigh

I can't wait to be pedantic.....sigh.

I can't wait to be pertinent...sigh.

I can't wait to be pernicious...sigh.

I can't wait to be pugnacious... sigh

I can't wait to be penitent...sigh

I can't wait to be prescient... sigh

I can't wait to be precognitive... sigh.

I can't wait to be pregnant....sigh

Time for Lost! Time for Lost!! YAY!

I can't wait for these stupid copycats to stop...sigh

Aaah! YouTube's not working

Name your favorite convenience food...

Need help with a Bob Marley lyric

Hey FATSO!!!!

Remember back in the 80's when every metal band had a love ballad?

*NO spoilers* but DAMN! Project Runway is GREAT tonight!

Do you pronounce the "th" in "clothes?"

How often do you wash your hair?

I had a heart attack last week

What makes Betty Ugly?

Time for a kitty picture thread!

what are the hospitals like where you live?

I'm thinking of going vegetarian...

I like the North Korean Flag

Less than 50% peanuts my ASS!

Funny Bush Joke:

By the way, I have a formerly-East-German in my apartment

I am going to have to leave DU.

The Good Bad and the Ugly, Jackass, and Metallica can't all be wrong?

Tell me how to lose my fat belly.

The Lounge has its share of fucktards, too

We had a bomb threat at work yesterday....

What's your way of letting someone know you're attracted to them?

Is my DVD defective, or does "The Ring" have an annoying green tint to it?

I need relationship advice

It's a Pic Thread people!!!

Communes for geezers :-)

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

My trip to the body shop:

Have you ever had a chakra "wake up"?

"Elements of Evolution" - Karen Bishop - October 11, 2006

Thank you Kerry group for all the information.

At least no one died-Sen. Shay comparing Foley scandal to Chappaquiddick

must have a cityscape and some other stuff

Some little things around my house

South Korea Delays Decision on Whether To Intercept North Korean Ships

DNC Letter on Troops Level in Iraq 2010

It's Whitewater all over again

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Iraqi puppet on NPR: Decries Lancet estimate of over 600K civilian dead as

He doesn't care

Election Watch: Foley scandal impacting Southern races

Olbermann on Bush now...

Remember Bush bragging that Libya disarmed because of Iraq? Bush lied!

The latest Reid hit piece

Stewart on Letterman tonight n/t

Glenn Beck is such a fucking manipulative ass

Keith to talk about new book "Tempting Faith"

Bush's War comes to my office door...

Scarborough going nuts on Pat Buchanan

Give me all the dirt on Denny Hastert

Doubts over Bush's claim to halved the deficit

Carl Hiaasen on the Mark Foley scandal

bush thinks Iraquis wanted to die - from his news conference:

Keith, I love you man

George "D" Bush

Screech says Porn tape made 4 years ago. But his beard,

I will know that Bush is all washed up...

All Libyan pupils to get laptop and web access

Britain Army In Iraq (beating people up)

Yet Another Heckuvajob!

"Affirmative action is what the white man uses as a distraction to keep

Joe Scarborough have KO envy?

Do you believe Johns Hopkins & MIT or George W Bush (re: Iraqi Dead #'s)

I'm thinking of going vegetarian...

The 655,000 Iraqis dead John's Hopkins study ... a little knowledge

Major Bang or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Dirty Bomb

NY Times: Blacks Accused of Suppressing White Vote.

The lucky funeral directors

Foley Case Snags Incumbent in Ohio Race for House Seat

From the makers of HeadOn - MorOn, tried directly by

From El Diablo's press junket today: "Gas prices are down"

Moving to Midian...

I had a heart attack last week

Steal This Book... Time for a refresher course.

400,000 killed in Darfur genocide; 655,000 killed in Iraq

Repukes are getting desperate. Misleading voters.

What to do with pervs.

What a POS: AP Exclusive: Reid Got $1M in Land Sale

So it was Cory Lidle who died today...

"Rapture Ready" board laments no rapture if Democrats win in November

Wow. The nurses spotted the eratic plane.

Today's Deficit Announcement Masks Bleak Long-Term Outlook (CBPP)

WP:Hastert Aides Interest Ethics Panel

The "October Surprise" We Were Anticipating Will Be the November Surprise.

I am torturing myself - just watched Coulter and Hannity....

Check out the Web Banner I designed for a local candidate!

How long before Google is considered part of the "Liberal Media?"


What are the 10 best campaigns to send money to?

VIDEO: Frontline - Return of the Taliban

Debate result: Kennedy 1, Sensenbrenner 0

It's Time to Play: Name That Republican Sex Scandal !!

Rupert Murdoch sure is smart, his purchase of MySpace now looks brilliant

655K dead... Fuck. Bush is making Saddam look like an amateur.

AWESOME web sight...Too stupid to be president .com

There's more than one way to steal an election. Disenfranchisement works.

If Dems win Senate, will Lieberman get seniority assignment as Dem?

FYI - Jon Stewart on Letterman

Can we please get some Democratic leaders ON THE AIR

Bill Clinton made the best of a bad situation in North Korea.

My life.....

Wow, check this out (Religious Insanity)

Army Tones Down Drill Sergeants

I'm feeling blue...

S.Koreans want nuclear weapons due to North - survey

GWB uses the Goering playbook

I had a dream....

When you first heard the news about the plane crash in NYC today,

Schwarzenegger tells Leno no link to Bush

republican values one more time!

The Right Wing Media Machine likes to make a boogeyman out of Soros, and

Christian Women: Targets For Kidnap & Rape In Iraq

Replay of South Park's take on the "911Truth" BS on now!


Video: William Kristol get's his ass kicked.

AP hit piece on Reid about land sale debunked at DailyKos

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: 655,000 The toll of war in Iraq

I was following up a link regarding Rumsfeld and his appt. to the board

George W. Bush Saves A Baby

Deny, Deny, Deny….

Just got home from helping the terrorists, killing a few babies...

Okay... Here's what I think about you bastids!

Rep Shays on Foley Scandal: "At least no one died" (like Chappaquiddick?)

I want you to get mad as HELL!!

Hey -- I agree with Karl Rove and the White House

Memo to Democratic strategists: Your "New Direction" meme really sucks

When did "liberal" become such a bad word?

Hundreds of Economists Say: Raise the Minimum Wage!

Glen Beck just said that 69% of the 655,000 were not killed

CNN Poll: Lowest support for Iraq War EVER, Dems favored on terrorism

World's wealthiest self-made woman

If you missed the Frontline report "The Enemy Within," watch it here

Since when does "peninsula" have a "ch" sound in it?

Forgive my paranoia but this scenario sprung to mind...

* "I'll ask myself a follow-up...why did you use military action in Iraq?"

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy Wednesday Night, Best of

MURTHA to campaign against vile harpy who called him a COWARD

Busted: The Citizen's Right to Surviving Police Encounters

So, KKKarl calls fundies "The Nuts"

LTTE: "George Allen is a knight in shining armor! JIHAD ARABS!!!"

Sunnis Boycott, Iraqi Parliament 140-0 Splits Iraq Into 3 "Regions" TODAY

POLL: Lieberman beating Lamont in latest poll. How do you feel?

Way to go Bonnie in CA - you BEAT GEORGE LUCAS in the Colbert

*** TOONs: More Foley, Just When You Thought You Had Enough ! ***

Bush and Tempting Faith


Great numbers for the Senate: Today: 50-49!

The Penultimate List of Republican Moral Values... (and convictions)

Real Shock & Awe: 1,405,000 Iraqis dead, 15 years sanctions & occupation

VIDEO: "Seasoned Journalist" rants against Keith Olbermann

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

I Need Some Good DU Diggers (Image I Can't Find):

"We've cut the deficit in half": How Dubya abused budget facts, logic,

Gay couple fathers of triplets

VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT-Olbermann Exclusive: WH Played Christians For Suckers!

Bush has murdered 2.4% of Iraq’s population

Can anyone confirm the truth of what the Dixie Chicks said?

The South Park kids are doing 9/11 tonight. On now nt

Is Stealing From Clinton The Best Bush Can Do In Environmental Policy?

Catholic News Service Workers Seek Justice From Bishops On Pensions

Froomkin (WaPo) gives Olbermann his own section -- "Olbermann Watch"

As you watch Olbermann, remember: Evangelicals BUY BOOKS.

Groper's Tonite Show appearance "official"

Things to keep in mind for CT-Sen

Here is a twisted thought, The graveyard backdrop was staged


Olbermann Exclusive: Dissecting new Book: Tempting Faith (C&L Video Clip)

Reid: Bush Is in a State of Denial; Failed Policy Has Made Us Less Safe

Check out this AWESOME stupid to be president

Effing GOP scumbag POS Christopher Shays plays the Chappaquiddick card

NRCC Mailer Against Duckworth Simulates Official Social Security Mailing

Fighter Jets Scrambled Over U.S., Canada

Senate Candidates Face Off in Missouri

You think the Republican party is imploding now? Wait till they lose.

NYT: After watershed primary victory, Lamont struggles in Connecticut

Another Bogus GOP Ohio poll - grasping at straws

Is anyone in NYC attending FAIR's 20th anniversary bash on the 12th Oct?

Talent Aided And Abetted On Medicaid Cuts

Jeb said today he was "taller and more burly" than his tormentors.

NYT: Eliot Spitzer's Gilded Path to Political Stardom

Punish the student victims, save the perverts?

Yesterday I posted about my student that was killed in Iraq ...

Blackwell: Sometimes you feel like a nut...

The Return of James Baker, III

Christopher Shays:"At least no one died"

Audio: Senator Kerry on Bush's Katrina foreign policy

My Correspondence with Lieberman on Torture

This is my entry for Crooks & Liars campaign video contest

Amazing Video of Wes Clark telling things that will make your mouth drop

Lois Murphy (D) in close US House race in Pennsylvania.

Bush: "All you got to do is listen to what Osama bin Laden says"

GOP Raises Religion in Court Race, Calling Democrat an Atheist

What Not to Wear in Front of Bush

Play: "Hell House" - has anyone heard about this? a friend

The campaign against unions

10 lesson from the toilet presidency of George W. Bush

TN Ford race---did repubs darken Ford's picture in fund-raising letter??

A Call for Progressive Unity (Lakoff)

A Journey Through The Mind Of Contemporary Conservatism: Clutching Our Val

The Sandbox: There is no "winning" here.

Great Political Statement for Dems


If GOP Wins, Bush Requests More Troops to Iraq, If Dems Win, Baker Moves M

"Doubt is Raised About Foley as Secret Drinker" (the Hill)

For India, North Korea's test poses key challenge

The Axis of Evil: Bush's Worst Invention

Time's Running Out: Richard A. Clarke

Dow Record Is Not for Republicans to Brag About (Gene Sperling,Bloomberg)

A New "Night of Long Knives?" (editorial on possible GOP gay purge)

The Deadly Silence on Iraq- in 2006 Elections (James Zogby)

a MUST READ on poverty---why poor people need internet access

The Slime Talk Express. McCain is dead wrong about Clinton and North Korea


The Old New Jersey Way of Counting Ballots

Bush's False Choice on Iraq

Republican Newspeak

Somebody Should Put the Republicans in Control of this Country

Derailing the Republicans

The DiIulio Letter-"Tempting Faith" author's former boss on W

Boiling Point (Mickey Z.)

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Dear Leaders

Keillor: No need to worry about human rights - we're doing just fine


5 Scandals that Could Put Republicans in Jail -- James Ridgeway

Barnett Rubin *Interview*: Author of "Return of the Taliban"

Manipulating a Narcissist: My Plan for Kim Jong Il --Merrill Markoe

(US) Soybeans Set for Record Harvest

Inhofe Master Of The "Hysteria Of Doubt" - NYT Editorial

Dolphin-Friendly Tuna? Don't Believe It - Independent (UK)

Less Than 1 Month Into Spring, More Than 100 Bushfires Rage In Australia

Now Hundreds Of Bushfires In Austalia. - Already 97.7F In Victoria - AFP

Canada Pledges To Increase GHG Emissions, But Will Do So "Slowly" - G&M

The Truth About Global Warming - It's The Sun That's To Blame

Portugal Announces New Wave Energy Project

German Turk takes on 'anti-Semitic Islamic propaganda'

Meshal: Israel does exist, but I don't recognize its legitimacy

Sharansky to Retire From Israel Politics

Israeli raid on Gaza kills five

IDF foils suicide attack near Jenin

Does Assad want war or peace? It depends who's interviewing him

Fatah and Hamas trade blame for ongoing crisis in unity gov't talks

Iraq War: Smokescreen for 9/11?

"He died like a pig" "Really ?"

"My fellow Americans" in Elections Forum

RFK JR to appear in Vermont tomorrow!!!

Barry Levinson: 2004 Exit Poll Discrepancy inspired "Man of the Year"!

Diebold Reps come to "service" opscans once a year!

BOE Republicans Ignore Own Legal Advice & Toss a Dem Off the Ballot

Emergency Paper Ballot Push Moves to All States

Help me write a response - please

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday 10/12/2006

Autorank: Grand Jury To Look At Brian Bilbray! (x-post)

Study Examines Midwest Election Coverage

Thursday ERD is back. Please VOTE IT UP! :)

The voting mess in Ohio may be even worse than it was in 2004

Harper muzzles the Canadian Wheat Board.

NYT: Man Charged in Hate Crimes; Brooklyn Victim Is in a Coma

Italian TV: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip

House GOP Revamps TV Ad Campaign Plans

BBC: US presses for N Korea sanctions

Tales of sex with 1960s Packers ignite global media interest (Republican)

Democratic senators are giving more to campaign

Foley Case Snags Incumbent (D. Pryce) in Ohio Race for House Seat

Jury awards $11.3 million in Florida Internet defamation case

Unemployment weekly initial claims rise to 308,000

Bush Rejects Idea of Talks With North Korea

GOP accused of flip-flop on DUI issue

Reuters: Gunmen raid Iraqi TV station, kill 8 - ministry

Online tuitions the next 'in-thing' (India)

MND-B Soldier dies of wounds following IED attack # 2755

US General: Strikes on Iran possible by 2007

Iraq Qaeda-led group forms coalition

Turkish author Orhan Pamuk wins Nobel prize for literature

One day to Nobel Peace, AP

Word is, Bilbray (R), CA-50, investigated by Grand Jury for fraud

Mark Warner officially announces he's not running in 2008 through email.

More young Christian women abducted, raped in Iraq

Man admits UK-US terror bomb plot

Anti-war vet group will march, after all

Iraq Needs Foreign Troops To Remain Indefinitely: Iraqi Spokesman

Report: U.S. intel on N. Korea in disarray

No '08 White House run for ex-Va. leader

Reports: Mexico, U.S. probing group over alleged Hezbollah funding

NYT/Reuters: Violence Against Children Widely Accepted: U.N. Study

Iraqi cop academy to shut despite surge in violence

China reluctant to back Korea sanctions

Sharpton, Lieberman Exchange Barbs

S Korea refuses Abe's request for joint condemnation of N Korea

Japan decides on new sanctions against N. Korea

A Bush cousin in Del. to lead GOP bus trip to Philly on Sunday

5,000 devout Christians march for Zionism in Jerusalem

Rice: Palestinians should live free of 'humilation of occupation'

Breaking: Albuquerque middle school in lockdown...

Baghdad bombed as US faces prospect of long war -another troop dead

Iraqi police headquarters rebuild flawed

Sunni accuse Shiites of dirty tricks in passing controversial federalism

US adjusting to longer, more difficult fight in Iraq

Toyota begins making Camry hybrid in Georgetown, KY

Korea raises nuclear stakes over sanctions (H-Bomb Threat)

Poll: Trust in the Administration Is Dropping (52% "deliberately misled")

Militiamen kill 11 at TV station in Iraq

Iraq priest 'killed over pope comments'

Murtha to campaign against Republican who labeled him a 'coward'

$1 million for arrest of American al Qaeda charged with treason

Air Base in Mosul just severely hit with rockets, mortar rounds

Exhausted, 16 Afghans freed after Guantanamo

Suicide truck bomber blows up outside Iraqi army HQ

UK troops worsen problems in Iraq - army head

False alarm at US Embassy

Blair rejects estimate of 655,000 Iraqi deaths

General seeks UK withdrawal

States Are Growing More Lenient in Allowing Felons to Vote

Wal-Mart advocate, maker of film quits

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 12

Russia, China oppose N. Korea sanctions

FOX News Poll: Few Would Change Vote Due to Foley Scandal

Beckett slams Guantanamo Bay

9th Circuit: UPS Can't Refuse to Consider Hearing-Impaired Drivers

WP - Senate Report: Five Nonprofit Groups Sold Clout to Abramo

Alaska oil pipeline's shaking causes concerns

AWOL soldier gets 3 months' confinement (Iraq war 'immoral and illegal')

Al Gore picks up literary prize

Foley complained to Gov. Bush of being snubbed by president

WP: Hastert Aides Interest Ethics Panel

U.S. casualties surge amid worsening Iraq violence

Ethics Panel Questions Foley's Ex-Chief of Staff

Wal-Mart loses Pennsylvania lawsuit over rest breaks ("off the clock")

UK ex-minister urged Aljazeera bombing

Bush warns Americans against letting lower gas prices make them complacent

Woman interrupts Bush speech with Iraq chant ("Out of Iraq Now")

Gov. Bush would like to see ship named for dad based in Florida

Pentagon moves to buttress U.S. troop levels in Iraq

Defense official recalled to active duty (2nd time, age 56).

New MO Senate Poll Mccaskill 51 Talent 42

Feds Close In On Source Of E. Coli Strain

Congressman Bob Ney's downfall had Broward connections

U.S. Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Widens to a Record

The 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature..

Jobless man asks judge for jail time

US dismisses report on Iraq toll but author defends research

Eaton Moves 130 Ohio Jobs To Mexico

US fears 'hell' of a response

Sen. Hatch says GOP House leaders feared anti-gay label

Sheehan holds Austin book signing & says that she's a Nobel Peace finalist

Pelosi says it may take a woman to clean up the House

French MPs Adopt Armenia Genocide Bill

Former President Ford hospitalized again

E&P/AP: Slain Russian Journalist's Torture Article Published

Gallup: Religious Whites Disproportionately Shift Away From GOP

Army chief declares war on Blair: 'We must quit Iraq soon'

U.S. forces in Iraq to test IBM translation device

Senate Report: Five NGOs Sold Clout to Abramoff

(ABC) Marine Sergeant Comes Forward to Report Abuse at Guantanamo Bay

Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants

Teacher Suspended For Toy Gun Used In Play

Local Woman May Be Deported After Husband Dies In Iraq

NY Sun: Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory

Lawyer: Gov't workers got fake diplomas

Goodnight Lounge.

I can't wait to be perfect...sigh

I can't wait to figure out which was the original thread

I hate squeaking!!!

I'm going back to Yoga next week

I would have laughed at a "can't wait" / "procrastinate" copycat

I hate sleeping!!!

Night, all!

"I'm Too Sexy"

I can't wait to be persnickety

is IdesofOctober for real?

Too bad A-Rod wasn't with Cory Lidle



Ashley wants to be my friend on myspace

This will piss junior and his of gang thugs off!!

Self delete

I got it bad, bad bad........ I'm HOT FOR TEACHER.

Assistant Principal Arrested For Indecent Exposure, Marijuana Possession

Anyone got a good link to an Air America stream or something similar....


Stupid question about Toast, MP3s and CD players...

Congratulations Disturbed!! 10,000 posts

Does anyone have WordPerfect on your computer?

Its snowing!

Man Dies Falling Out Of Tree After $20 Dare

Caption this John Kerry pic

Betty or Veronica?

I'm thinking about going carnivore (my first copycat)

Congratulations Zhade!! 15,000 posts

Somebody died yesterday evening

I need your positive thoughts and vibes Saturday morning...

A cloud made a terrible mistake this morning.

Ever consider shaving it all off?

Now THAT'S therapy!

What's your favourite obscure 80s horror movie?

A frog,a prairie,a flower, a dead guy, and a butterfly

Panty Thief, 55, Arrested For The Fouth Time In Six Months

Correct use of a word - Question

What would you like on that burger? And, fries or onion rings?

How many times is MSNBC

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Anybody see 30 Rock last night?

Once again DUer johnnie can kiss my ass

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.........

What region do you live in?

You know what I really hate about laundry?

What is your daily beverage of choice?

It's a pick thread, people!!!

What's your way of letting someone know you're allergic to them?

What's the rule around here for posting youtube videos?

so i've eaten 9 antacids this morning.

a parable to undo all of Bush's support.

Foley asked about Pedophilia

YAY, Price Is Right, cept Barker is dress like a mafia hit-man today...

Anyone else having problems getting into Hotmail?

Kudzu made "Jeopardy" last night..

After 3-Month Absence, Ebert Returns to Sun-Times w/review of "The Queen"

Hamsters get on my nerves -- and don't EVEN get me started about gerbils.

Do you care if the Dow hits 12,000?

A radio funny:

christ it is SNOWING outside right now

I've decided to never become vegetarian

Teacher Suspended For Carrying Around Toy Gun (Used For School Play)

Groaner for the day.

tell us your boring, mundane, drab stories

Death Row Inmate Gets Pregnant While In Solitary Confinement

HP Printers SUCK

King of Queens. I know it's not cool but...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/12/06)

Woot! Just got tickets to see the Dixie Chicks!!

Are You a Trivial Pursuit Grand Master?

Anyone need parts for 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX?

"I have a f***ing gun!"

"I feel your pain...because I piloted those planes!"

Just upgraded to a camera phone pic thread!

"Hold the Lettuce"- Police get burgers sprinkled with Pot

The Farmers Have Taken To The Streets!!

I am ALL the rage at preschool.

New online poker room for the gay community - straights don't count!

Who wants some pleasure?

I... am... thawing.. out.

And the week from Hell continues its surprisingly nervous breakdown

It's a freakin' blizzard where I live!

because i am a huge fan of democracy....I am now registered to vote

Baba O'Riley...

I really need to study for a midterm

Confession: I fondled a page

My little hosta garden 3 weeks ago.

Please tell me which of these music videos is the best:

Who wants some pain?

Having trouble posting a pic

Because i am a HUGE FAN of Democracy....I am now registered to vote

What's your way of letting someone know you're repulsed by them?

The player rated worst in the NFL by Madden lets him know how he feels

I would like to join the DU myspace group. Anyone know how to do it?

Project Runway

Going to dinner with a Freeper tonight.

I fucking hate collection agencies!!!

I had the best dinner last night. Top this.....

Is it DU or my computer?

Is * a moron or a moran?

how much do you bray for a Chekhov box?

TCM is showing a Dick Cavett interview with Groucho Marx tonight

I need help guys...Ipod help

Man, this horror movie on SciFi channel is soo cheesy that...

World's Most Unlikely Slow Dance Song

Just ordered my Ipod...finally

Today in history 10-12

If there are any Coke drinkers here???


Today's mduffy31 sad drinking song about my wife

"Use of unnecessary violence to apprehend the Blues Brothers...

Its Oct 12 and its snowing

Chrissy or Janet?

Would you pass up something you love for someone you love?

How many quarters do you think a restaurant (carry out) would take?

Emerson Lake and Palmer has a new CD out

Republican House passes a bill outlawing bookmarks

So I bought some Powerball lottery tickets yesterday...

So, you guys want to see pictures of my new kitten??

Got screwed again on my paycheck

Annoying siblings : Who needs them?

I can no longer post new baby pictures of Chris.

Time again for "Post your Playlist"

The REAL North Korean bomb

i want to cultivate the bike messenger look

I have to pass on Dylan in Boston 11/12

We plant the seed, nature grows the seed and then we eat the seed

How much do you pay for a box of checks?

The latest Pearl Jam CD rocks!

Are we, in fact, doomed?

Do you touch yourself?

I'm worried and upset at the atmosphere in the Lounge.

"Win a Dream Date with a Dingbat!"

just for pure, unadulterated pleasure

How much do you pay for a box of Chex?

Radio Lady Reviews: "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams and Laura Linney

Freak Show is the absolute WORST.

Thank someone for something here

My day at Ellis Falls, NH

Lucky # Slevin...

Server maintenance Friday, October 13th around Noon ET

Rush Limbaugh reads DU...

nothing like an afternoon flamewar!!!!

Warning: Do not eat a burrito with fresh jalapenos then pick your nose.

If loving ewe is wrong, I don't want to be right...


How much shit do you take from people?

I am so absolutely BOREDBOREDBORED with Lost

Do you think fast food work is degrading?

so i'm considering learning how to knit.

Fun with really bad 08 ticket combinations!!!

How fast have you ever driven?

Do you (or would you) make your kids do chores?

Star Trek question: Are there any Enlisted Personnel?

Well, I just got a bomb dropped on me.

My old cat: I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Cheap Trick Appreciation Thread......

"Today, I Am ________"

Coca-Cola Claims New Drink Will Actually Burn Calories

During the next few days, I'll be telling the world's longest joke

Replace one word in any movie title with "Fucktard"

you know what the lounge needs?


If I may have your attention for just a minute or two...

Another NEW pic!

you know what the lounge needs?

5,000 devout Christians march for Zionism in Jerusalem

why does the judeo-christian god endorse slavery?

Regarding Evolution, Time, and Money

The Atheist - An interview with Richard Dawkins

Little Benefit Seen in Antipsychotics Used in Alzheimer's

MIT material stops bleeding in seconds

Dividing up $3 billion for stem cell research

Somebody suggest a cheap, safe alternative to Crestor

Anyone know of old home remedies for all types of diseases..

LSD helps alcoholics put down the bottle

Why do you think so many have arthritis?

New Type of Mouse Discovered in Cyprus (AP)

New Hubble Pics of Galaxy Formation

Looking for astronomy related info

Free Physics lessons on google video.

AMAZING pictures of Saturn from Cassini (Dialup warning)

So how do we educate our own (DUer's and other progressives)

Birds and bees may be gay: museum exhibition

Supreme Court declines to hear Califorinia gay marriage case

Virginia marriage amendment opponents threatened with arrest

Amendment proponents hide real agenda of driving gays from state

Tigers' start time changed on Friday

SEC - Toughest in the country - Sports Illustrated Cover Story

Politics in boxing

Dare I ask for real estate advice? Stargazers, psychics....

Okay, I need some help here.

Was John F. Kennedy a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

Funny Basic memory thought would share..

Another Kerry e-mail (some funny quips in there)

Oh my. So Hillary DOES support torture sometimes

Have you ever seen this pic? Ya gotta chuckle:

MSNBC says Mark Warner will announce that he is NOT running

Nice divisive thread on GD, if you want to chime in.

Nice pic of JK from NV in this diary

Kerry Signs Open Letter Urging Emergency Paper Ballots

Kerry statement on Gov. Mark Warner's announcement

Nice dKos diary about Kerry including Poll (decent results so far)

Kerry's provision reversing the TSA exemption passed

Kerry voices deep regret for voting for Iraq war

Anyone know good source for camera cables? I've looked for an

Dawn above the clouds

The Immigration Debate

Next Ecuadoran president could force US to close military base

Al Gore right now interviewed on Europe I

Crown prince denies Saudi-Israeli meeting

President Clinton Jails 938,000 Illegal Enemy Combatants (Future news)


2,754 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of Choice

North Korea says U.S. pressure an act of war

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont on Hairballz from Tuesday

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 12 Oct 06

Nobody has accused me of having a real sophisticated vocabulary,

particularly good Fiore today:

The Washington Press Corps should turn their backs

bush asks himself questions. WTF?

Some numbers for a Thursday morning

Frank Rich on Oprah today talking about TRUTH

Do you ever feel like the walls are closing in on you little man?

Amish School in Pa. to Be Razed Thursday

Churches, Government, Oversight and the lack there of

self delete

Another Bookful of Conservative Wingnut Toilet Paper on the way...


How did the oligarchs hijack the country?

Audio: U.S. Navy vs Iran: A MUST LISTEN

Bono Southern California Lawmaker with Closest Ties to Foley

Why was the Whitehouse (Bush) snubbing Foley in 2004?

'Death squad' marine in plea deal

Bush's war of the words

My Socialist Senator

Let me explain why I will be voting for Schwarzenegger

Will repubs OUT their own gay members now out of desperation?

Interview with director of Sibel Edmonds' film Kill The Messenger

Good for us. the MSM is over reporting on the crash. Gives an

Spam. Hundreds of Spam Messages! ARGH!

Wash. Journal now talking about voting machine security, 6:32amCT. nt

your top three must-read-daily political blogs/news sites?

Is this a new version of the Nigerian Bank Scam?

Gonzo & His Talking Chimp-The Comedy Tour!

WJ this morning: Gays in the GOP

CT DU'ers: Lamont live on NPR's Where We Live now.

What the hell are they up to now?

11 killed in raid on new Iraq TV station

MSM quiet on identity of Lidle's 'Flying instructor".

Log Cabin Republicans are just... repugnant. n/t.

McCaskill/Talentless debate repeat on CSpan2 now

Orham Pamuk wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Put Another Way: One in 40 Iraqis 'killed since invasion'

5 Scandals That Could Put Republicans In Jail.

Radical Fringe Toon 10/12/06... and my "fan" is back with comments

Possible Nobel Peace Prize winners...

More evidence of Bush's abysmal judgment as an employer

GALLUP: 22-point gain for the Democrats among white frequent churchgoers

Is it art?

Mccain blames Clinton for Korea situation. Stern blames JACKSON.

Misfired E-mail reveals Reepers noting donors' "Race." Most are white...

Born again Repubs, put your representatives to THE TEST!

Rajiv Chandrasekaran(Imperial Life) Replies to Dan Senor.. very interestin

Congress Members 'furious' at FBI for 'blackout' '01 anthrax attacks probe

My Turn

Somebody see if they can link to Riverbends site...

Bush Urges Expanded Drilling Of Alaskan Wildlife

What a freakin' idiot- Bush as Fashion czar

FYI: Lancet Report on Iraqi Mortality (links)

Republican father, Democratic mother, genetics of the daughters

The GOP is Exploiting the Plane Crash to Rev Up Terra Fears

Are you familiar with State Street Bank? You should be!

I suck at math ? what is 654,000 + 500,000

10/12/06 SLUT Club Meeting; aka Stephanie Miller Loves Us Totally

Oh ANGELIDES, can you hear me?

My new sig

How can a party that's in it for the money, be more moral?

My namesake is appearing on The Daily Show tonight

My Personal Election Psyops Campaign, photo!

Fitzmas came to Illinois in time for an October Suprise...

Response to NK in Disarray; US Softens Proposed Resolution

Riverbend's website is down

MSNBC - vile, ugly slam at Clinton and Monica. Young kid whose

Has there been any NEW information regarding (Lidle)

...And the band played on

Albright: "were no nuclear weapons tests by North Korea" during Clinton

MSNBC - family members of Iraq soldiers

Is the WH dickless? (link)

from archives: Electicity blackmailers put Arnold in office

Gen. Casey's either a senile dupe, or a treasonous liar

Rogers Calls California Rep. Dreier a Gay Hypocrite, Promises More Names

Rejected Republican Campaign Slogans for 2006

I love me some TOLES: Hastert Passes the Buck

The BBC and Israeli Propaganda

I saw "Iraq for Sale" last night

Small planes aren't big risk

What Would Winston Think of Bush's Detentions and Military Tribunals?

Top ten GOP excuses for an estimate of a half million+ dead Iraqi’s:

So if CIndy wins the Nobel Prize

How Comfortable are you with Mike Roger's Program of outing

NYT series: Organized religion sucking at the government teat

Hitchens profile in the New Yorker reveals him to be a deranged sadist

Civil disobedience: Banksy punks Paris (Hilton)


Bush asks himself questions @ news conference

Shays (R-CT) called Ted Kennedy a killer, yet Bush killed 60000 in Iraq

Slate's Kaplan: McCain is Dead Wrong about Bill Clinton and North Korea

MSNBC.....Pastor say Hasstert Will Resign.....

"Punishment should not be the purpose." looks like the bush admin...

Naval exercises set for oct.31

Gunmen Storm Iraqi TV Station, Kill 11

Hey isn't someone talking to the ethics committee today re; foley?

The kind of a guy you'd like to have a beer with

Is it just my TV

DU this poll

It seems that Edwards might benefit from Mark Warner '08 withdrawal

US General: Strikes on Iran possible by 2007

A question - re: Fund for Public Research.

MSNBC now replaying KO's Tempting Faith

Foley Touched Page's Ass on House Floor!

Did VA Hide Figures Showing 1 in 4 Vets Disabled From Service?

Well, I have a new hobby, watching C-Span, for fun .

My Apologies....NYC Plane Crash Post..

"Top Myths About the Foley Scandal"

What? Don't care about your privacy?

Word is, Bilbray (R), CA-50, investigated by Grand Jury for fraud

Army: Troops to stay in Iraq until 2010...

The Walrus is doing a Presser - CNN 1:18 p.m. est.

why does the judeo-christian god endorse slavery?

How Bushies win: Make a mess of everything.

Did * say "It's the intrangigence..." today?

Rush sings, I'm a Nazi - the truthful version

Appears an AP writer is on a Reid witch-hunt

How much faith do you have in touch-screen voting?

After 3-Month Absence, Ebert Returns to Sun-Times w/review of "The Queen"

Did Foley Actually Go to Rehab Center??

I liked this commercial.

60 Minutes to devote segment to "Tempting Faith"!

CREDIBILITY..its all about being CREDIBLE...Pubs have LOST IT

LAT: Bush insults Americans' intelligence with fight-'em-over-there canard

Pro Wal-Mart Travel Blog Screeches To A Halt

60 minutes, Oct 15: Duke Dancers (Rape Case) Gave Different Accounts

US Military Killing Iraqi With Laser/Microwave weapons

Bin Laden's Mother Worried Sick (Onion)

Freepers screw up again

"Houston Millionaire Helps Bell"

Ford: "party that took hush money from a child predator" Not Moral!

Now you don't need to take LSD to fly Jefferson Airplane

If GOP Wins, Bush Requests More Troops to Iraq

Government workers got FAKE Diplomas?


Local congressmen not asked to support "Dog"

The Partisan Brain.

Democratic Leader State by State Bush's Tax Cuts

Great New ad - you have to watch this one!

Bush really said it: February 30th

Taking Heat for North Korea Errors, GOP Says: Probe Clinton Official!

The most ridiculous pro-Bush image I have ever seen

Not big on peaking at freeps, BUT, what's word re ChristiansRsuckers-gate?

Is it time for a moratorium on any more Foley revelations?

Bush Fails (Again) To Answer What He Would Do Differently In Iraq

Freeps: "Republican Gays are actually Closeted Dems" - a dirty trick

Matalin compares her husband to Kim Jong Il....

Bradley Whitford for Alliance for Justice (Free Copy)

The Atheist - An interview with Richard Dawkins

Anybody reading Cormac McCarthy's new novel "The Road"?

Rice: Does anyone really believe I'd ignore terror warning?

Does anyone have a link showing a heckler at the bush...

Here's the strangest argument I've ever heard against evolution.

Im not superstitious but I hope tomorrow, Fri 13th, Bush breaks a mirror &

Need Help on 655,000 Dead Iraqi's

How Quickly Will Conservatives Turn On David Kuo?

Great "Guy James Show" today.......three very interesting guests scheduled

Robert Parry: "bush and his Dangerous Delusions"......

Republics in the House actually called the police on the Democrats?!

Bush in the Rose Garden Is a President Adrift:

Great Blog Post on Planned Iran War (must read) - rec

How should Ted Kennedy respond to Chris Shays?

October 12, 2006: 44 US Mil Dead in Iraq THIS MONTH.

Please DU this AOL Poll About Shay's Comment re Chappaquiddick

New blockbuster poll will be released today

Oprah has Frank Rich and an open forum on truth

2757 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Fed Employees-Incl 1 WH Staff & NSA Got FAKE Diplomas

Separated at Birth - can you tell which Repuke woman is which?

Fordham: "I slept very well last night...and I am going to tell the truth"

Bush: "We're helping this young democracy succeed. "

"so, you appear to be supportive of sexual predators, if they're repub..."

Whom is HAVA really supposed to help? Any guesses?

More than likely next week's top news story will not

February the 30th.*

embryo of an idea... need some input/suggestions etc.

The scathing editorial by Donald Gray (sp?) mentioned on Countdown.

October 12th 2006 in Iraq

Here is the Iraqi Police You Are Paying To Support With Shocking Video

I want to vote now


The Official Ugly Bush post

So many people here on DU do not understand Blackmail

my freeper fan is on a roll today

E-mail rec'd from....Bradley Whitford? New documentary available!

We need to DU Jack Cafferty's "Broken Government:"

Five Scandals that Could Put Republicans in Jail

Oprah has NYT Frank Rich on--Are opinion leaders finally getting a spine?

All You Got To Do Is Listen To What Osama Bin Laden Says

Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory

What makes civilized Republicans turn to monsters ?

not many democrats will vote republican this time around

Conscientious objector being held in Germany

Death-row prisoner gets pregnant in solitary

Republicans NEVER say, "Change course..."

Evidence in Baghdad suggests the troops are dying for the election

RUSH LISTENERS - Rush with Viagra in the Dominican Republic...

Anchor's comments anger gays, lesbians - Pete Wilson from KGO

more rumors of Grand Jury investigating Bilbray (CA-50) for fraud

Robin Williams is doing great on Hardball!

Robert Scheer- Dear Leader brings it on

George Allen has been muffled by his handlers...

Cut the deficit? It's easy, just shorten the Year

Read this endorsement by staunch conservative for Harold Ford, Jr.

U.S. casualties surge amid worsening Iraq violence

Conspiracy of Silence? Suppose they started a race war and nobody noticed

How many and who of BushCo will, after the 11/07 Dem Tsunami...

Bill Oreilly: North Korea and Iran are acting up to affect our election.

So which Rethug was taking pages on trips to

Why is Scarborough on now? No matter. He's reporting on today's

Thursday: 116 Iraqis, 2 Americans Killed; 65 Injured Across Iraq

Foley complained to Gov. Bush about being snubbed by president


oh crap, it's sam greenfield on the tucker show with scarbrough


Randi Rhodes Interview w/Dr. Les Roberts Co-Author Of Iraq Mortality Study


Remember Your First Time?

Head of the British Army : "let's cut and run"

SEVEN COUNTRIES IN FIVE YEARS: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan

surfacing 100 emails between Foley, Jeb Bush, Karen Hughes election 2000

Some states making it harder to vote

DU help please ... link to the Washington Post's Abramowitz 10/12/06

nbc nightly news to do segment on Foleygate Who knew What When

Bush referred to Nancy Pelosi as the Leader of the House...

Everyone, Cindy Sheehan is being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Message to Republican Rep. Christopher Shays

"GOP Leaders Seek Probe of Berger Papers"

National Health Care

Only 5 non-passenger deaths from General Aviation for 2005 in US

Bush on c-span live meeting with IL republicans

WP: Senate Report: Grover Norquist, "Perpetrated a Fraud"(laundering)

Kissinger & Nixon sabotaged '68 Vietnam peace process for political gain

"Big Top" is normally *NOT* political, but look at today's comic!

some happy words re: Allen/Webb race from A. Sullivan's blog.

Caption this Santorum pic

Why does Ken Melhman look like he's blowing

16 Afghans Freed After 4 Years of Hell at Bagram & Gitmo!

Bush The Liar says China and Russia are going to help him with N. Korea

Senate Democratic Leader Reid Calls for Accountability in Iraq

US says China accepts need to get tough on N.Korea

Hastert & Bush Unity Show Smells! Could Hastert Have Dirt on WH & Gannon?

Karl Rove Called Evangelical Leaders 'Nuts'.

WP > top GOP aide: Hastert out after November elections

Baker and the Iran Report being interviewed on Jim Lehrer News Hour now

is this French "Americabashing" ?

Response from my pro-torture Dem Senator:

OPINIONS: Shrub could re-institute the DRAFT by EXECUTIVE ORDER

60 Minutes, Ed Bradley: Casting doubt on the Duke Rape Case

What does the future hold for Keith Olbermann?

655,000! bush Has Killed More Innocent Iraqis Than Saddam Ever Hoped To!

Jim Lehrer News Hour starting a segment on Foleygate, PBS now

self delete

Iraq Panel: No victory in Iraq.

Get the Butterfly Nets, Straight-jackets and Anesthesia ready .....

Election Predictions - Our chances keep getting brighter

AP's John Solomon seems very intent on bashing Harry Reid

In Hell, what punishment will Santorum receive?

Bush heads to Vietnam next month

Max Cleland: Bush use of "cut and run" is just bumper sticker tough

The American Way of Secrecy (Francis Fukuyama indicts Bush?)

Fox's Gibson suggests N. Korea test "good news"

Eudora goes free / open source in 2007, built on Mozilla Thunderbird model

Will it be a 51-49 Democratic Senate?

Latest Bushism

Bachmann (R-Of Course): George Bush is an "awesome date...he's so buff"

UK rejects estimate of 655,000 Iraqi deaths

Dick Cavett: Groucho Marx TCM 8PM EDT

CNN: Fordham arranged meeting between Foley, Hastert aide Scott Palmer

School violence

If you were at Bush's speech and could stand up and say anything

Wal-mart faces at least $62 million in damages! Unfair labor practices!

No wonder the Repukes run people like Lynn Swann

Is the Navy "exercise" on 31 Oct really the Great Pumpkin as Trojan Horse?

Michael Moore lets Fred Phelps have it (an oldie but a goodie)

What is so special about James baker and Sen. Warner...

Breaking: Albuquerque middle school in lockdown...

Way to go, Ashley Judd!

Uh Oh! "Russia, China oppose N. Korea sanctions "

Facial injuries and US troops now on Pbs news hour

A very clever animation (All your base are belong to us.. a la GWB)

Cervical Cancer Vaccine: An Incredible Catch-22!

Anyone watching Ford/Corker debate on C-span 2??

Air Base in Mosul just severely hit with rockets, mortar rounds

if theres a 50-50 Senate split

Taxes Question

Minutemen... snicker... fence cam.... chuckle

Freeper to OPRAH: Get Your Hairy Black Ass Back to Africa >

"Some states making it harder to vote " no shit!

I am so disgusted with America.

U.S. Neo-Cons Call For Japanese Nukes, Regime Change...

Bush sucks.

Conservative Government Employee "I Can't Surf Conservative Blogs Anymore"

Oh Here We Go VA Mis-Classifying Veterans By Race/ Ethnicity

Handwriting analysts: Chimpy's signature here, take your best shot:

Meet Alexander M. Cutler, CEO of Eaton Corp. who shipped 130 jobs

French bashing at the grocery checkout.

******Oh my god.....did you hear what Rita Cosby said?????*****

Wes Clark's call to arms - America must rid D.C. of the derelict G.O.P.

Everyone is always asking if The Daily Show and The Colbert Report hurt...

my newspaper column for this week: Iraqi death toll

* gets his crown - Caption this pic

So where is the tin foil hat crowd today?


need help, please!! can somebody who lived in or near houston, or

DUers I desperately need your help!

Republicans are not giving up on Sandy Berger....

Randi Discussing Religion

FYI: "What if the Liberals Win in November?"

DOBSON to Twin Cities radio talk host: "In 30 years I've never...

Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory

Missouri Senate Race: McCaskill (D) 51% v. Talent (R) 42%

What is the GOP actually going to RUN ON in the November ELECTIONS

rumored: Bilbray(R, CA-50) investigated by Grand Jury. Busby says:

Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, a Pile of Horseshit, and a Pony

'Quite Revolution' question...

Finally, a Democrat gets the NK talking points right, but he's a 'ringer'

Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants

I was the last caller on this radio show and talked about Diebold

I give Free Republic the YTMND treatment

Watch Oprah today: "Truth In America" (Frank Rich as guest)

REVEALED - Criminal Acts occurred at the Office of Faith Based Initiatives

BUSH: Johns Hopkins "not credible". "Doesn't believe" 655K dead


Has the gay chairman of the RNC made a statement about foley in 3 weeks?

Randi Said Hastert Lives With His "Live-In Lover" !!!

You might be a Bush supporter if...


Powerful anti-Lieberman editorial in CT newspaper today

Announced tonight/this morning, Sheehan is on short list for Nobel.

Why the U.S. Refuses to Prosecute the Cuban Exiles Posada & Bosch

Christian bush lovers feel duped. Tough shit morons!

Navy and Air Force Troops to be used for infantry duties in Iraq

Please quit posting all these DEM WIN posts. No wins are guaranteed

ROVE Pressured Foley Into Staying In Congress

My county is 76% Republican

These people are vicious, hateful monsters

The stages of grief.

Besides Gore, the potential '08 field is inadequate

Thom Hartmann ("Screwed...") on Book TV Sunday

"Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda." - From John Kerry

One of the best anti-* commercials ever

A Republican outlines reasons why it's time to switch sides

"Tempting Faith" is #32 on Amazon- sched for 10/16 release!

Bush worried low pump prices may slow new fuels - WTF?

Robin Williams on Hardball now. Brilliant.

Outing Gays - a Second poll

Lidle was a Replacement Player and Outcast (The Hypocrisy Reeks)

I just gave * the finger

On Dec 12th, 2000 - Did you ever think it would get THIS bad

Rice: Does anyone really believe I'd ignore terror warning?

Server maintenance Friday, October 13th around Noon ET

if dems don't win this time despite what exit polls say, what will we do?

Outing Gays - a Third poll

San Diego DA-Grand Jury to Look at Bilbray ? Won bogus electoin in CA

My boss's brother came back from Iraq two weeks ago

McCaskill pulls 9 points ahead of Talent!!

Is Neoconservatism making a the other party?

Lindsay Bayerstein summarizes right wing attempts to debunk Lancet study

Did the US provoke N.K. in September 2005?


Ohhh so not only is it Clinton's fault for the nukes-it is Carter's fault

Who Has Committed to Phone Bank to Walk or to Help in Your District?

Protester interrupts *'s speech - taken away by police - pics

The Purgatory of October...

Jobless man asks judge for jail time

The Story of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders

Rove to WH Staffer: "Just get me a f—ing faith-based thing. Got it?”

Who here can even afford health insurance offered by employer?

Brilliant refutation of anyone who blames Clinton for North Korean nukes.

Yes or no. Should the gay republicans be revealed?

Screwing Minority Voters in Florida 2006 – Katherine Harris Style

BIG NEWS: Mike Malloy to fill in for Springer next Thursday and Friday!

United State's "Carrying Capacity" reached in the late '70s ?

Doonesbury creator starts military blog

"Gunning Down Women"

Talking to the Shrub.... this is brilliant.

Air passengers 'could be tagged'

RE: The Jesus Camp ads....

The problem of school safety.

Why "Manly Mastadons/Neo-Cons" are so dumb? Yale study finds that...

Gov. Warner Expected To Say Today - He Will Not Run For President In '08

Do you think in the current environment of school shootings, that guns

Yell SUBPOENA !!! Watch Republicans Run and Hide !!!!

Big Mama Rummy sings the Kleptocrat Scat

Republic Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (CT-05) Coming Unhinged?

I can't remember - How did we get out of Viet Nam?

Halliburton whistleblowers and new DOJ task force ...

short video from the Labor 2006 Canvass in the Philadelphia area.

655,000 Iraqis died since March 2003, and US troops to stay in Iraq

Video - Iraq for Sale - Effects of Civilian Contractors

Gallup: Dems surge one month before election(59%-36%)

where is ken mehlmen and

Boston Globe: 3 senators slam Bush on FEMA provision

27 days left, Today's action--early voting

Remeber how Katherine Harris said she was up 10pts in a recent poll....

Poll: N.J. Race Still Tight

bush invited to join the World League of Despots

From the Department of BWAAAAAHAHAHA!!

Just 2753 "commas" in history according to *

Photo: Site of Amish School Shootings Is Demolished

Dubya was too busy preparing for the Iraq war to deal with North Korea

Will Senator Allen be in mourning today?

McCain says it this is not the time for finger pointing

Wes Clark - This isn't WWIII unless we make it! Youtube clip

Ex-'Apprentice' star running for office

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day!

David Broder to voters: "pull the trigger" on "Republican regime"

Tales of sex with 1960s Packers ignite global media interest (Republican)

Joe Wilson: People For The American Way Address

Could This be our "October Surprise"? : DON'T BOTHER TO VOTE!

National Hate Radio: both hosts AND callers are scripted!


Bush Fails (Again) To Answer What He Would Do Differently In Iraq

Do NOT post any stories about Harry Reid in LBN

Bush Military History Project #33

"Tempting Faith"-- Book says Bush just using Christians

Only 5 non passenger deaths from general aviation in 2005 in US

Know your enemy: Repug Political Ads from NRA

Nice post from a candidate who got a call from Howard Dean this week.

How Quickly Will The Bush Administration Turn On David Kuo?

Ohio Senate Race Focuses On Economy

"Stakes" -- Bush's word of the day

Yikes McGee: Bad President

Exciting ACTION photos: Bush goes to help Hastert & GOP with "tough races"

Ted Turner is right

Does Foley go to the White House? The plot thickens.

Did anyone watch Cspan Foreign Relations hearing yesterday?

LOL Bush and Hastert change plans

Dem. Now today: Author defends study estimate on Iraqi casualties

Reid Accusation Debunked - Reporter has hard-on for Reid

Hastert and Bush. Tonight.

South Dakota's stark abortion choice

How an (I) Becomes a (D) in the Senate

If the Democrats don't use the "SUCKERS" issue I give up

Gov. Schwarzenegger Calls For Exit From Iraq On 'Tonight'

Another Soldier died today in Afghanistan and not one "conservative"

Bush & His Dangerous Delusions

Warner and Bayh had fought for donors and activists; Bayh and Edwards gain

Small Planes aren't Big Risk

Froomkin: Is Any Subject Safe?

Pic: Lame Duck In Chief, drained of energy, discusses energy in St. Louis

Why the need to OUT anyone.

Newsweek: Comparing Bush's rhetoric on Saddam and Kim Jong Il

Page scandal exposes GOP's gay identity crisis (Check Photo)

A Media Matters for America report: debunking the Foley myth machine

TNR: Rove twisted Foley's arm to run again.

With reliable to lessen the tragic human cost of future wars."

I think Jon Tester is having a good time running Burns out of the Senate

FL Leon County Democratic mailer is a killer.

Departing on Iraq (Republicans talk exit)

Could someone email Lou Dobbs?

Kerry's provision reversing the TSA exemption passed

Condi's days of whine and roses: "Does anyone REALLY believe I'd..."

Congratulations to the poster who made Rush

Rove involved in Foley cover-up.

From Radar Online: "Not Safe For Work" Schwarzenegger photo from the 80s

EPA Ignores Danger of Lead in Aviation Fuel

Oprah has Frank Rich on today

A killing joke in Baghdad

Are you going to be arrested for treason?

Is that Oliphant on with Franken?

This one's for you, Dimson!

I've figured out the Republican strategy for November!

bush's plan - American Soldiers will come home from Iraq when they die

Michael Arcuri... New York 24th

FoleyGate NO impact on republicans WHAT!!!!

Great anti-Bush ad!

Broder hears: "We deserve to lose this election."

Mark Warner expected to announce he is NOT running in '08

My first AP quote.

WaPo's Froomkin is citing Olbermann every day

Pieces and parts are flying around everywhere!

Economist Agree,Democrats Policies Better for Economy

There are "Voices" Countering the "Shadow Government Bushes"

Chris Shays Defends Hastert, Cites Chappaquiddick!

Padgett trashed Terry Anderson in '04. Her tactics come back to bite her.

Robin Williams on Hardball repeat NOW -- he made me cry.

Libertarian Democrats

Wes Clark blogging today about Iran/North Korea crises.

Wes Clark was blogging today about how to win in November...

Republican hypocrisy, again

TROUBLE! a tight race in Virginia BEACH!?!?!

"Low Gas Prices,"????? When did $2.25 a gallon become a low gas price


If the Dems take the senate by one seat, whoa the pressure on

Anyone hear Wm. Bennett say Dems had far more sex scandals

Right-wing viral videos on youtube

I just wrote to Cafferty...

Kucinich to Hold Hearing on War Plans for Iran

Kerry Signs Open Letter Urging Emergency Paper Ballots

New Democratic talking point I haven't seen yet...

OMG. Casey-Santorum Debate

Mark we hardly knew ye

Oct.12, 2006 - Don't Forget to Impeach Today

Oprah on now...Truth in America

Lieberman gets Dicked (Cheney sings his praises as a "perfect example")

Very Interesting. Foley Complained to Jeb About Dubya's Snubs.

As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Bolton on ONE statement...

Blunt Ad on Iraq War -- "It Must Be Easy"

Sweet Jeebus...first CONDI whines, now it's SANTORUM...crybabies!

Green Lantern agrees with us about the "President"

Affirmative Action - I think I've finally got it

New Senate Races Polls for Good and Bad OH,TN,NJ,CT

My comments to Christopher Shays (R-Wiseguy) re: Chappaquiddick

Prison Sought for Former Bush Official

NRCC's Lexis-Nexus campaign blows up in their faces.

I am so glad that Mark Warner is not running

BREAKING--New House polls will show looming Democratic landslide

Good News: The Democrats' Southern Comeback Edition

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