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Archives: October 19, 2006

New Scientist: Imagine Earth Without People

Space: America's new war zone


Grassroots Matching Grants: My Five Minutes as a Donor

Year One of the Empire; Bush: Resistance is Illogical (Juan Cole)

US troops called back to put down sectarian massacre

Harvesting lightening!!

Rice pledges Palestinian entry support

Building a Better Voting Machine

Poll Says Coin Toss Btwn Mejias and "We'll take care of the counting" King

Listen to Bowen / McPherson debate! She is WAY coming out on top...

What is the Probability of fraud in this Election?

Have you noticed Pelosi, Bill Clinton don't mention election fraud?

New York ROCKS! (The fight against e-voting continues....) K&R!

Reuters: Canadian reservist says he quit over Afghan policy

Afghan mission 'successful' but demanding on personnel: Hillier

MPs back bill to revive Kelowna deal

CanWest: Harper tells B’nai Brith...that government fully supports Israel

193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia (election fraud protest)

Costs Up As UAE Regulators Ban Net Phone (Skype)

Wal-Mart sourcing from India to cross $600 mn

Marines Plan to Recall Some Battalions-"they stand up we--nevermind

Cunningham investigation could lead to officials in Defense, intelligence

Militias Splintering Into Radicalized Cells

US undertakers admit corpse scam

NYC Mayor's Car Stolen, Employee Beaten

Foley attorneys reveal clergyman's name

Feds Often Clueless After Data Losses

New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Chaos

Arar still fears U.S. arrest

Privacy Group Sues FBI for Database Info

Chastened FEMA Sends Force to Hawaii

Rep. Sweeney Trip Raises Ethics Question

WP (pAOI) One-Day Iraq Toll Is Highest for U.S. In Many Months

FBI asked to join probe of attack ad (by Colo. Repub. Gov. candidate)

Bush Goes on Base-Building Trip to N.C.

Vet Centers see escalating demand for help as troops return

Wal-Mart to Expand Generic Drug Program (AP)

Ex-priest says he knows Foley's alleged abuser

Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore (9crossovers)

Miami Archdiocese urges Foley to name alleged abuser

NYT:Tables Turned for the G.O.P. Over Iraq Issue

Voters' Approval of Congress Falls To 16%, Lowest Point in 12 Years (D+15)

San Francisco Chronicle recommends Arnold Schwarzenegger

Feds Net 125 Nationwide in Kid-Porn Case

LAT: Evangelicals (allied with Democrats) Rally Behind Environmental Cause

I just booked a 74-second blancmange!

I just booked a 50-minute menage-a-trois

Picture of an Extremely Cute Soldier. Male or Female ????

Keith Olbermann...

Grey Pride Thread!!

California Peggy locked a sex AND chicken thread simultaneously!

I just wanna say I love CALIFORNIA PEGGY!

I'm buzzed on wine right now, ask me anything!

DSL guys just showed up on my porch.

So, is this real?

California Peggy Is On A TEAR And MUST Be STOPPED!!

LSD guys just showed up on my porch.

Okay, the armed stand-off from last night turned into gunfire about 1am.

South Park: Cartman as 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

Did you know Tony Curtis auditioned for Wonder Woman?

Madonna's Motives are questioned!

Criss Angel taking on pickpockets and psychic surgeons

My mother is a real fucking peice of work!

Paul McCartney stabbed my chicken breast

I am star-less

Pellonpaa and the burning holiday 'rection

With all due respect to Joan_Alpern, the NY Thruway sucks!

I sooo totally did my good deed for the week tonight.

I'm going to post here until I hit 3000 and then

It's not easy being green


Just learned that a good friend committed suicide

Hey, everybody........

LDS guys just showed up on my porch.

Why did God make martinis so damn tasty?

Typo literature/screenplays. Change 1 or two letters and make up a story!

So the city came through and cut down all the trees along the powerlines

My 6000th post. I want to thank all the little people that

Should I always delete worms and trojan horses from my PC?

I'm bored. Somebody do something funny.

How are you guys?

Long Island is the longest island in the continental U.S.

Does anyone in your family still call a couch a 'davenport'?


Mr Scorpio: I'm listening to your latest podcast

The problem with 'greatest' lists

Wu-Tang Fans: Is GZA's "Liquid Swords" really a Wu-Tang album?

I'm putting haruka3_2000 on ignore!

I need some help here: who are the Repug celebrities?

Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade

Here's the deal

Oh. My. Fuckin'. God.

Difference in musical taste between DUers and freepers...

What style of music are you listening to right now?

I wrote the most profound, moving love letter of all time

Post here if you love having CaliforniaPeggy on the Mod Squad

The Coolest Pop Icon In American History?

Damnit - I hate Canada (no Project Runway anywhere)

Ellen Barkin brags she's had sex with George Clooney

LOST redeemed itself tonight.

DU, please help a newbie.....

LSD guys just showed up on my porch.

Best logo ever!

my nephew has joined the army. jebus.

Better names for Amelia the cat

Tolkien/LOTR fans

Words Women Use...

Tonight's SOUTH PARK: pedophilic teachers and DOG: THE BOUNTY HUNTER

should I spend $90 on this ?

The coolest thing Happened tonight!!

I just got back from "All you can eat Sushi" - damn it was good

The 20 Greatest Southern Rock Songs of All Time from CMT

Battlestar Galactica video blog: introducing Bulldog (racial comments)

The 20 Greatest Country & Western Songs of All Time.

Latest pics from Mars Recon Orbiter (Dialup warning)

Darwin's complete works online

CNN tonight was beyond belief

Is this going to be a short pants vs. long pants World Series?


Subliminal warning or graphic anticipation?

Beachmom totally friggin rocks!

This is a good:

What are your thoughts about this?

Looking for a few good Kerrycrats!

Cool little history lesson here. Great Debate at Faneuil Hall (pics)

Reply from Sen. Kerry to the Slime Queen Healey in MA Gov race

Here is a release

new Bush interview to be on abc Nightline tonight.

American Family Association purges all images of Mark Foley from website

I Guess We Don't Have To Worry About Conrad Burns Anymore

I've been thinking about the Torture act...

Caption Bush & McCain

Anyone point me to the report about the 2 Iraqi brigades being dissolved?

Desperation and the "spooky bomb"

The Big Dawg RAWKS!

Replug Corruption nets a former VA official 46 Months

Has it EVER been a good idea for Dems to be to the Right of the people?

"We have let Roosevelt's 'fear of fear itself' overtake us" - OLBERMANN

George Bush doesn't have coat tails - he doesn't even have a vest

Not John Walker Lynde but George Walker Bush!!!!!

Oh. My. God. Did Keith just say that the MCA endangers Bush's future?

Watch your a**, there be freepers here.

Pat Buchanan on Scarborough ....

Too little, too late? The Microsoft IE 7 "official release" has arrived

Ellen Barkin brags she's had sex with George Clooney

On election night we will all be here, there will be many different

Appearance is Everything, Reality Nothing

Madonna's Motives are questioned!

KO's flat out calling chimp a liar

(fixed typo: eschatological) Church & State -- or just Church?

an official KO thread?

Wow! Was Clinton's Speech Something or What?

Would Bushco purposely post "scary" threads on forums?

Fareed Zakaria, Bletchley II, Delta of Terrorism, Iraq War plans

A question about Osama and his video production company

"Should stop using her Bible as a club and open it up"...ROCK ON!

Has DU made a difference in the world of politics since it's inception?

Remember Your Republican Neighbors


CBC's National: "How we (Canada) got into Afghanistan" - special edition

Bill Clinton and the power of hope....

So bush said that Vietnam & Iraq might have some common properties?

And the president would know about Vietnam how exactly?

Is what I just heard correct?

It's got to stop - Gold Star Families For Peace ~

BREAKING! NY-20: Kirsten Gillibrand Now Leads Sweeney 54% - 41%

10 Things the Media is NOT Telling You About Iraq

Ohio Dem Party release dated November 10, 2004

Eh. Nevermind.

Second appearance as Liberty in Chains

KO's Habeas Corpus commentary

National Terror Day

Anderson Cooper show... "Rice in Asia"

Right wing hate radio listeners are some of the more ignoramous

Scarborough headline: Bubba Bashes Bush*

Dobbs' "War On The Middle Class", CNN, being aired again, 10pmCT. nt

Here are the links to KO's commentary...

Bush's New Xenophobic Detention & Torture Law

Gotta watch Freak Show.

Momentum........Webb's Got It!

South Park is making fun of Foley now!

"the actual results for the fiscal year that ended February the 30th"

Well....Most Americans won't be able to hear KO's Great Rants for Freedom!

US demands the closure of 'cash cow' projects for Kim

Who would Jesus Vote for this upcoming election day? I'll tell ya.

Bush in Paraguay (Update) - Escape + Water, Drugs, Oil, etc.

I cannot wait for the Nov election!!!

Rolling Stone's "10 worst congressmen"

KO Video up NOW!

Scaborough Is A Real Classless SOB

Colbert in excellent form tonight! "The Word" is a must see! nt

Suggestion: In addition to the Olbermann clip, pass this along to people..

Question: can you fire employees who can't speak English?

Iraqi Endgame Approaching, Bush Ready or Not...

I don't think Keith said "good night and good luck tonight." Am

Health Alert: New STD

Something I saw during Scarborough,Your thoughts..

Another one about to bite the dust!

Bible is standard for objectivity in journalism

Karl Rove's Oct. Surprise Finally Delivered

Bill Moyer on PBS talking of Net Nuetrality now.

Countdown w/ Olbermann: Today's Repeat on Now

American Hero demands Impeachment

HeadOn Radio, Wednesday Night, Best of Mike Malloy

Olbermann Rerun starting now

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

David Kuo (author "Tempting Faith") is a paradoxical figure.

How can anyone on DU be more surprised than we already are?

MyDD: Congressional support up to a wopping 16 percent. Sixteen!

Awaiting WH Insider w/audiotape of Bush/Rove/Cheney...$$$

(Reuters) Is God dead? Atheism finds a market in U.S

Dems lose election while debating no-smoking laws.

- - - -.desaparecidos - - - - -

Bust below 60% in all the states that support him

The Olbermann effect, or why the MSM is turning liberal

Calfornia City Bars Illegals Immigrants from Renting - Yahoo News

GOP's Got A Thing For Youth- Tom the Dancing Bug Toon

Self Delete

Is the US media responsible for killing US soldiers?

Troops to Face Courts-Martial on Charges

CT-Sen: 2nd debate over, winners? Lamont & Schlesinger. Donate!

TOON: Cheney stock & options

Internets rumor -Another R about to go belly up?

Bush Says Troop Deaths In Iraq Are Price Of Victory

Will someone post KO's extraordinary text on Youtube?

If we do get a dem president, will he/she roll back the * power grabs???

Corporate America is threatening China over labor standards

"Go Straight to Hell, Boys"

David Kuo on with Colbert right now

Being Blue pays off: Apple earnings soar 27%

Technorati rates DU #127

Pharmacists who will not disperse Birth Control...

A Journey Through The Mind Of Contemporary Conservatism...

Katrina and NOLA keeps Giving Greif.....

HAHA! Hey! I want me one of these!!!

BC students to vote on smoking restrictions (and my view on it all)

Who is R.W. Apple, Jr.? On Charlie Rose tonight. nt

Eve of destruction..

* * * * * * * * * Free Hugs * * * * * * * * * FANTASTIC VIDEO

Dad was told his Macular Degeneration could be cured by stem cell

My company finished switching all of our servers over to AT&T today

VIDEO: OLBERMANN-Countdown Special Comment: Death of Habeas Corpus

Hear Ye Hear Ye: Bush proclaims "National Character Counts Week"


"Food From Cloned Animals Is As Safe As The Food We Eat Every Day"

Republicans are scared of K. Olbermann. (they never talk about him)

Hope for this Election

Jerry Weller (R-IL) Implicated in Page Scandal

Mark Crispin Miller| The GOP Playbook: How to Steal the Vote

The face of my student who was killed in Balad, Iraq due to IED

Cause I'm the TAX MAN!

Sweeney: You Call That A Sweatshop? Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY)...

Beware empires in decline...

Caption this pic of Condi

If you have a MySpace...

You can do get-out-the-vote from home.

Per vote fraud: Why have elites allowed a changed narrative?

MSNBC: Big Democratic Wins Likely On Election Day

NYT editorial: A Dangerous New Order: Bush's unconstitutional act

League of Women Voters withdraws from NY debate due to Green exclusion

Finally, Bush has made us safe from the terrorists

"Among the suspects was a former counselor at a Bible camp"

OK,DU...time to email MSNBC and thank Keith

Tester leading Burns in MT senate race 46% to 35%

Kinky Porn-Loving Adulterers For Allen

AP: Foley attorneys reveal clergyman's name (He's out of the country)

Diebold Hacking(Just checking)

Nora O.: Will Dems vow no "living hell" of investigations?

Toons, Midweek edition

Lieberman going down? Looks like it might happen

My 6000th post. I want to thank all the little people that made

Dkos: Blackwell Performed Major Purge of Ohio Voter Rolls on Oct. 1


VIDEO - NASCAR Dads Turning Away From GOP, Bush Regime

How many of you remember when the Democrats WERE the Majority Party?

Bush economy update: More Californians Risk Foreclosure on Homes

Jerry Weller (R-IL 11th) to be implicated in 16 yo involvement!?

Keith Olberman is the greatest man on this earth!!!!

KEITH OLBERMANN'S Special Comment: 'Beginning of the end of America'

Paul Tibbets talks about the Hiroshima bombing

Bush Guts Posse Comitatus, Grabs National Guard!

Remember, "We make our own reality. Others just respond to it?"

Tonight's DAILY SHOW thread (Tonight's guest: John Ashcroft)

WP:Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore

New York Times Front Page Oct. 19 – ELECTION FREE-FALL- Catastrophe!!!

I lied to my son last night.

I am a Teamster

Are the terra-ists trying to help Dems retake Congress?

AFSCME Union Leader Calls Santorum 'The Anti-Christ'

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison???

Metro Transit driver allowed to avoid buses with gay-themed ads

**GOOD NEWS POLLS** : Check out all the "Red to Blue" seats!

Remember Ercilia Sandoval, the mom dying of cancer with no health coverage

Scarbie, Bu-cannon talk about * going to "fundraising sessions" in dark

Would it help point out the perilous state of our nation if we

We need a new direction *everywhere*


With Every Fiber of My...

Bush: "Grave threat" from N. Korea will result in a "a grave consequence"

CT senate race: Debate Train to Crazy Town

Here is more Proof Replugs Budget cuts VA Centers can't keep up

Here' a link to Olbermann's comment from tonight's show.

VIDEO: Bush on Iraq, still clueless

We Need a Club 21 to Pitch in Now : 15 House + 6 Senate = 21

sorry... old poll

FBI asked to join probe of attack ad (CO. gubernatorial race)

WTH? 14% polled have more FAVORABLE impression of Congress?

Today's debate: Alan and Ned team up on Joe.

Poll:Tester Widens Lead Against Burns

Why did UNITE HERE give $10,000 to Richard Pombo?

Brown demands apology from DeWine and RNC

CNN: Ohio no longer a graveyard for Democratic dreams

Columbia Tribune Endorses McCaskill, calls Talent a * Lapdog.

Controversial Ad Links MLK, GOP

CNN devotes 50 times as much coverage to Reid's land deal as Hastert's...

Healey attacks Deval Patrick - Kerry hits back for invoking his name.

If D's take the house please tell me they will fix these Damn Machines

Great download poster from

One more plug for an Idaho candidate who could take a GOP seat Time polls on different '08 candidates

GET OUT THE VOTE.... This Is My Mantra, I Will Keep Posting This!

Help Needed Please!: DNC Fundraising Info

VIDEO: Countdown Special Comment: The Beginning of the Death of America

GOP Senate hopes lie in Virginia, saving George Allen from himself

Bush accepts comparison of Iraq fighting to the 1968 Vietnam Tet offensive

Who's the best press secretary for Democratic president in 2008....

October: Kerry on the road

Clark on the neo-con nightmare and where to go from here.

Max Cleland in Idaho on Jesus as a Republican....

Polls like this explain why so little outrage re: habeas corpus / torture

Now unopposed Senate Dems in safe seats...84 million in hand.

Is Mike Tyson a republican: he's campaining for Steele

I was mesmerized by Bill Clinton speech earlier today

A message from my pre-teen daughter

Please help a wonderful democrat candidate in Idaho

Dems were favored to win earlier this year. Why's MSNBC crediting Clinton?

OMG! "Democrat Chris Bell"

John Gibson: "Muslim Veil Shouldn't Be Worn in West"

Bilbray about to be found guilt of election fraud!

I Rise as a Majority of One

Thank you, Chris Bowers...Unopposed House Democrats Sitting On $26,288,418

Did we REALLY need a new movie like "Flags of our Fathers"

Riverbend: The Lancet Study...

" Iraq for Sale" The War Profiteers.

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Don’t Count the Republicans Out

Editorial NYTimes A Dangerous New Order

Action Alert: Blackwell purged OH Voter Rolls on 10-1

Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite?

Slavic fundamentalists, new to U.S., rail at gays

How Can I Convince GOPers Rep. Pelosi isn't the Boogeywoman?

Oslo gay animal show draws crowds

The Next War ........... By Daniel Ellsberg

OH Lawsuit to Reinstate Hundreds of Thousands of Purged Democratic Voters

Ex-Terra! Ex-Terra! Read All About it..... Just a Hoax

PLEASE Check this out...It's really scary

US has lost control in Iraq, says military strategist

Does Bush Think War w/Iran is Preordained? Chris Hedges

Quote of the Day - darth speaks

Sentimental Education: Academia Signs Up for Tracking Down Dissent

* Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil: Joshua Holland

Dancing to Ollie's Tune

Shaming Donor Kerry

question about Riverbend

Upon Red Rivers of Genocide (Manuel Valenzuela)

Still dancing to Ollie's tune

Olbermann referenced Eugene V. Debs - Speech that got him jailed

Newsweek: "Flags of Our Fathers" questions the way our gov't sells wars


American's not ready to fix energy woes!!

Vanishing giant

(GOP) Energy Bill Is a Boon to Oil Companies (re: Pombo R-asshat CA)

How close is runaway climate change?

Are there any sportsmen out there?

Canada Now Plans To Start Cuting GHG Emissions In 2050 - AFP

Army Corps proposes easing Gulf wetlands rule (post-Katrina BS)

Selling Solar to Mainstream America

Greenland ice sheet shrinking fast: NASA

Stingray Leaps Into Boat, Stabs Man in Chest

Climate change blamed for legionnaires' disease surge (in Britain)

California Presents Salton Sea Proposals

An end run on ethanol

TX Issues Draft Permits For 6/11 Coal-Fired Power Plants

Elephants Trample Five To Death In Bangladesh - AFP

Hail In Cornwall As Perennial Snow Disappears From Scotland's Highest Peak

Aussie Bushfire Season Starts - 4,000 Lightning Strikes In Corner Of NSW

Huge Boreal Fires In 2004 Boosted Ozone Levels In Houston - ES&T

Canada's Bold New Plan - Emission Caps By 2025 - ENN

Hong Kong Leader Claims Visibility, Not Air Quality, More Important - AFP

Democratic Republic Congo's Hippos Months From Extinction - BBC

EU plans tough laws on energy efficiency (FT)

Oakland (CA) aims to be oil independent by 2020

The Rebirth of Concentrating Photovoltaics

Australia's #1 River System - The Murray-Darling - @ Lowest Level Ever

Senior Hezbollah ally: Now is the time for peace talks with Israel

Gaza doctors say patients suffering mystery injuries after Israeli attacks

UN commander suggests use of force to stop Israeli air violations in Leban

Report: Hezbollah used cluster bombs

Iran bribes Hamas leader to prevent Israeli soldier release

BBC poll: World against torture, Israel in favor

Voting Rights Radio Launched in Philly!

FEWER THAN 2/3-US, Mex & Italy Had Confidence In Accurate Vote Counts

Front page of Chicago Tribune: Voting Glitches Feared on Nov. 7th

Recipe for a Cooked Election-by Greg Palast for Yes! Magazine

Brad: The many lies of Bruce McPherson (Bowen - McPherson debate)

It's Nov 8 and we've just found out the Dems narrowly lost the House

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday 10/19/2006

Fitrakis Files OH Lawsuit To Reinstate 100s of 1000s Of Purged Dem Voters

Tell the DNC to wake up and smell the voter purge

Garth Turner though conservative was an enviromentalist.

Air America Co-Founders Start New Liberal Talk Network (Malloy ahoy!)

Jerry Weller (R-IL) Implicated in Page Scandal

Houston Janitors May Strike For $8.50 An Hour And Health Insurance

Foley lawyers say state now knows identity of alleged abuser

It happened to me, it can happen to you:

Approval of Republicans at record low: poll (Reuters)

Australian Farmers Commit Suicide as Hope Evaporates

OH Lawsuit to Reinstate Hundreds of Thousands of Purged Democratic Voters

Ohio: Strickland widens lead (over Blackwell) in poll

Workers in computer factories are at an elevated cancer risk

Colorado Water Wars Include Spy Campaign

Recent GOP Spending in Pa. 4 Shows Hart May Be At-risk

FBI head calls for data retention rules

Suicide car bombing in Mosul kills 12

National GOP betting big on Negron (Foley's replacement)

U.S. war casualties make deadly surge (70 so far this month)

Hotline: Democratic National Committee Takes Out $5-10M Loan for DSCC

Democrats set sights on wins in Ohio

Priest tells of Foley Relationship

Evangelicals Ally With Democrats on Environment

Priest tells of Foley relationship

Feds Arrest 125 In Child-Porn Probe (Bible Camp, Boy Scout Leader charged)

AG: Voter warning linked to GOP campaign (California)

Mexico to set up GMO rules within two weeks

Deutsche Bank exec accused of fraud

U.S.: 22 Pct. More Attacks in Ramadan (AP)

Video shows snipers' chilling work in Iraq (from CNN)

Iraq a 'catastrophic blunder'

Republicans Falter in Bid to Mobilize Christian Conservatives

Approval of Republicans at record low: poll (Reuters)

Suicide bomber kills Afghan children, UK soldier

REUTERS: U.S. commander orders review of Baghdad crackdown

Bomber hits NATO convoy in Afghanistan

US visa appointment slots hiked to 30,000 (India)

Suicide Note Leads to Dismembered Body (New Orleans)

Colo., Nev. to Vote on Easing Pot Laws

Stingray Leaps Into Boat, Stabs Man in Chest

FBI questions someone in NFL threat

(CNN) Poll: Half of Americans think Congress is corrupt

Lawsuit says (Jerry Brown) not qualified to be attorney general.

Bush accepts Iraq-Vietnam war comparison

Republican Ad Calls Black Women "Hos"

NYT/AP: NBC to Cut 700 Jobs in Overhaul; News divisions affected

Feds pooh-pooh Web-terror threat vs. football stadiums

Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened

Afghan kidnappers 'want convert'

More Americans Seeking Surgery Abroad... (medical refugees)

BBC: Portuguese to hold abortion vote

GOP refuses to pull its TV ads that call Brown a tax deadbeat

White House defends Bush's Iraq-Vietnam comment

U.S. commander orders review of Baghdad crackdown

Ex-House clerk set to testify on Foley

Child Porn Sting Nets Bible Camp, Boy Scout Leaders

Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegatio

Suspect may have history of bullying (man brutalized w/plumbing snake)

White House defends Bush's Iraq-Vietnam comment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 19

AP: Parts of Canada Secrecy Law Struck Down

NYT/AP: FBI Questions Someone in NFL Threat

Lieberman Takes Heat (CT Debate)

Report: Priest Admits Foley Relationship

AP: (NY) Court: Groups must offer contraceptives

Blair urges climate change action

Anderson supporters march on FL Capitol, demand arrests (Jeb traveling)

UPDATE: Attorney General: GOP Campaign Linked to Intimidating Letter

U.S. anti-terror law concerns Red Cross

Oslo gay animal show draws crowds

AP: GAO Advises Agency on Condom Information

Ethical trading agreement 'has had little impact'

Religious right chafes over GOP gay outreach

Leaders promises Tester a seat on appropriations | Billings Gazette

Sentences meted out for anti-Semitic vandalism

Army Corps proposes easing Gulf wetlands rule

Doubts about vote count strong in U.S.

Bush: U.S. will stop N. Korea nuke moves

Bush Says He May Ignore New War-Funding Law

Wounded ABC newsman Woodruff to return to air

Priest Denies Having Sex With Foley

Russia Suspends Nearly 100 Foreign Organizations: Amnesty, Human Rts Watch

Star of Ehrlich anti-crime ad has political, criminal past (MD GOP Gov

‘It is either us or you,’ Iraqi rebels tell U.S.

NYT: Putin’s Asides on Israeli Sex Scandal Overheard

Two British contractors killed in bombing south of Baghdad

North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'

Wal-Mart's 1.3M workers urged to vote

Bush: In Iraq, Dems would fulfill bin-Laden's "highest aspirations"

U.S. troops in snipers' line of fire

Militia of anti-U.S. cleric goes on rampage in southern Iraqi city

GOP sent letters intimidating Latino voters in California

(Pentagon) Review says propaganda in Iraq was legal

AP: Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened

CNN: Baghdad violence forces U.S. to rethink strategy

DR Congo hippos 'face extinction' (within weeks)

BREAKING NEWS: California GOP wants candidate's withdrawal

US country-music singer casts somber light on war

Controversial Ad Links MLK, GOP

President Bush Receives Negative Ratings on All 11 Issues (Harris Poll)

Bush defies Senate, appoints mine agency head

CNN: FBI: 20-year-old suspected of NFL bomb hoax

GOP candidate denies sending (voter intimidation) letters

GOP Uneasy About Idaho House Race (Idaho?)

Olympic Games 'will be terrorism target'

Democrats Close Money Gap With GOP

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Woman Who Killed (Shot) Her Unborn Child

GOP to air ad warning of terror attacks




Post here if you love having CaliforniaPeggy use Mod Podge.

Hey, I just got a job offer. Need a question answered.

Most honest villain? (Or other good qualities)

"Ohio River Boat Song"- Palace (Wil Oldham)

Real short video. Adorable with a great message

Hi Honey, I'm home! Did you miss me?

Reccomend an insecure album

"If there's a ****ing Ace of Clubs in my ass I'm gonna sue you!!"

new construction or old construction?

Congratulations Gabi Hayes!! 10,000 posts

LOST Fans: Heard whether the earthquake interruped shooting?

Congratulations Cleita!! 25,000 posts

Rather obscure figures of speech that are really cool

CRAP!! The Chimp in Chief is going to be 2 miles from my job today.

Woman Brings Pistol To N.Y. Court For Citizen Swearing In Ceremony


Give him the damned ball!!

Risk Of Lover's Getting Genital Piercings Stuck Together Appears To Be Low

I'm supposed to be working

After reading Bullwinkle's post - it made me realize that ...

Thieves Steal New York Mayor's Car (Bloomberg)

Does anyone believe McCartney is in league with Satan?


French toast fight with a pregnant woman at a Shoney's (Va.)

alligator hunting is illegal

The Official DU Lounge Word Of The Day Is: Tergiversation

CA winning super lotto ticket sold in Calabasas....

ZombyCoffee: Habeas Corpus Memorial Blend

Actors who have played Santa

So... Top Chef..... (spoiler alert)

Men vs. Women: The Shower

No protestors at the museum yet.

My cat drinks and my flu shot hurts

You're an 18 yr old boy looking for a job..

Piggie's tree this year

Politicians who've played Satan

Stingray Jumps In Boat - Stabs Man In Chest

Ohio Voters... Check to see if you are still registered here....

where;s MoseyWalker?

My cat on valium

Heroes on NBC. Anyone in the Lounge watching this show?

'License Plate' For Baby Strollers Lets Citizens Rat-Out Bad Nannies


LSD guy just showed up on my couch.

Eulogy Advice

Work rant...

Germany Under Attack from Giant Bug Visible from Outer Space

College is a waste of time and money.

Life with teenagers

Anyone hear the band "The Puking Nuns"?

When your equilibrium is off, it is scary.

Must share: Where is she now?

There's an awesome Lifetime movie on!!!! YAYY!!!!!!

I've been sick and sleeping!

What other child activities are banned?

Things to do in Monterry CA?

Hello everyone-I,mback with a new PC-

What was the hallucinogen Locke took last night on Lost??

how long do you keep receipts, bills???

What do you have, that you never use, but don't get rid of?

I would like to point out that the Lounge has No Picture thread

I Am So Addicted! Mel Brooks! I Need Mel Brooks!!!

A LTTE, about my incident today (sort of)


iggy pop's concert rider

My heart is breaking-Sad Kitty news

How bad is your commune? Share your story here.

The Cast Comes Off Tomorrow!!!

a seagull, a valley, a flower ,a poet , and a butterfly

Windows XP service pack 3 to be delayed until 2008.

I have given up on finding a pencil skirt. I'm just gonna sew one.

Okay everybody, prepare to cry:


What's the proper pronoun for a person in drag?


In honour of KitchenWitch's triumphant return

Ok. Stupid co-worker thread. I mean REALLY stupid.

The 101 most influential people who never lived.

The Time Has Come...My First Picture Thread

After reading Robb's post - it made me realize that ...

Congratulations BarenakedLady! 1,000 posts!!

I am off to the 4th and last ultrasound with the wife!!!!

What would it take for you to "Go Rambo" on someone's ass?

Stingray Leaps Into Boat, Stabs Man in Chest

Is judge Mathis Gay?

There is a SigAlert in the DU Lounge.

Was Marvin Gaye?

Is Judge Reinhold gay?

How do you keep squirrels away from pumpkins?

How do you get pidgeons to stop roosting in: Eva Marie Saint...


Are Paramecia gay?

Someone stole all my groceries out of my car.

Is Johnny Quest gay?


Are copycats lame?

If KitchenWitch is a post whore, I am a post slut!

Was Paul Lynde gay?

Is Marvin Gaye?

are all these gay threads gay?

Anyone know how to get the pidgeons to stop roosting in the eaves!

Was Danny Kaye gay?

In honour of billyskank's copy-and-paste skills

Are the Mets or Cards Gay?

Are lay people Lay?

I just got back from this great resale shop and bought 5 pairs of

Was Fay Wray Gay?

I am KitchenWitch and I am a Post Whore!

where did the term "gay" come from?

I had a GREAT day today... I don't want to go to bed for fear it will end

Is Johnny Depp gay?

KitchenWitch has 6 threads on the front page.

10 Random Music Answers (lame copycat)


Abra Abra Cadabra


Would you say that Doris Day is Gay?

Need to vent . . .really badly need to vent.

Is Paree Gay?

Ok, a non-serious question.

Man I just don't get Botox. (56k users, somewhat pic heavy)

Wow, am I ever in a foul mood today.

I am GoPsUx and i am a Pre whore

Whaaaaaa...I'm not getting all this tomorrow {{{DIAL-UP WARNING}}}

Was Ken Lay gay?

Funny shit that only happens in SoCal.

Should I go to yoda?

Ronnie and Neil

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!!

Frank Darabont to direct an adaption of Stephen King's "The Mist"

Should I go to yoga?

October Surprise?...Here it is...

Does anyone believe McCartney was that evil with Heather?

Today in history 10-19

Was Liberace Gay?

And now...I present to is...

Godiva French Vanilla Latte...

Whaaaaaa...I'm leaving all this tomorrow {{{DIAL-UP WARNING}}}

Hey - MN people - what're the good women's clothes stores in the MOA?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/19/06)

List things you learned "the hard way"

Just let it be!

Are gay people gay?

What did you survive as a kid

Congratulations Horse with no name!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations haruka3_2000!! 15,000 posts

Man I just don't get Bow Ties.

coolest american pop icon of the last 50 years?

Were the Flinstones gay?

A serious question

Early start, today's the big day

My 12,000th DU post, wherein I offer tips to newer DUers

Good vibes, prayers, thoughts requested today, Lounge.

Let's play Scrabble with the word "Republican"

Confess! Just how old are you? What can you remember?

Kitchenwitch is nothing but a damn post whore

Is George Bush an asshole?

I'm in with the in crowd.

Who cares who is gay?

Ed Harcourt (makes nice music)

Ah! 87 Degrees today in L.A.

Going back to the 16th Century this weekend

Have you ever wanted to be social with people,

Mets/Cards tonite.. Any heads-ups for me, a non baseball fan that could

Greatest Southern Rock Band of all time!

My latest painting of a friend's cat. What do you think?

My KittyCat has no Shame!!!

I just got push polled.

Who was your favorite Flintstone character?


So is anyone irked by the heavy-handedness of last night's "Lost"?

I saw something that made me feel sad the other day.

pic thread - show us where you live!!





Ptah Ptakes Pthe Ptrain

Post an expletive in a dialect other than American English.

10 Random Music Questions

Cool naked art!

What are the Best and Worst New Shows of 2006 Fall Season ?

Another Poll on Claiming President Bush is not a Christian

Thank God! A Christian Real Estate Site! ""

When DU Christians say that President Bush is not a Christian . . .

Is there a Difference between Atheist, Agnostic and Unreligious

Workers in computer factories are at an elevated cancer risk

"Preschool Puberty, and a Search for the Causes"

More Americans Seeking Surgery Abroad... (medical refugees)

"Healing Children with Attentional, Emotional and Learning Challenges"

Obesity may be linked to sleeping times

Scientists Create Cloak of Invisibility

Ice store at Moon's South Pole is a myth: study

What do you feel about these gender/bender days in spirit weeks

Does anybody here identify as Queer?

Sportscasters You really enjoy listening to.

File this under ... Hmmm ?

Chafee just lied about Kerry in the debate

Fundraising Lies

self delete n/t

Marvin posted on the blog

Kerry gets warm welcome in Flint

Of interest...

Letter to Boston Metro re Americans with disabilities

On regional differences

Bay Buchanon accuses Kerry of wanting to surrender in Iraq

With the risk of being controversial here, my reaction rereading certain

Does anybody know this person?

This is why I don't trust the

If someone has the time and some kickass info.

delete - same as Prosense

Kudos to DemDaily, Gets quote in Boston Herald online

Doubts about voter count in 2004


OK, I've just started a big fucking flame war in the Lounge

The one you've all been waiting for...

Into the Garden (Path/Pathways non-entry)

the greatest Cut and Runner in United States History was....

Ths local poll could use a correction...

Keith Olbermann brings tears to my eyes. No one else does that

Slovakia to pull troops from Iraq - All 110 of them

Media reported Weldon conspiracy theories, offered no response from CREW

A little more than a year ago, Etan Thomas at the Big March

Searches of N. Korean ships sticky issue

AFP: US and UN warn against second NKorea test

Bernie Ward on the purging of the Ohio voter rolls -- streaming

Big Democratic wins likely on Election Day (Poll News)

Poll Finds Growing Anxiety About World Affairs

Vermont smartest state in US...Arizona dumbest

DOJ ordered courts to stop all Gitmo trials-hearings are now illegal

Comparison Question: Is the Rude Pundit comparable to Lenny Bruce?

Majority of people around the world reject torture: poll

Some freeper fun

2,783 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against Iraq

barbara bush bemoans "Terrible Year" for the GOP. poor baby

Bush stumps for Don "THE CHOKER" Sherwood - character counts week

Some TOONS to start your day (dialup warning)

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 19 Oct 06

LOOK ==> Will you help us thank a US soldier who stood up for the truth?

*'s The Understander! ("I understand kids -- I understand the debate...")

Debate train to crazy town (Matt Stoller on the five-way CT Senate debate)

Name the nerd

What is your opinion on torture?

Suprising Air Force Times article," Bush May Ignore War Funding Law"


Republican Ad Calls Black Women "Ho's" (Huffington Post)

Barbara Bush to give keynote at 2006 Women's Health Summit

I have no respect for people who don't vote.

It's two days to Oct 21, the date the U.S. naval strike force is in

FBI head calls for data retention rules

Remember activist lawyer William Kunstler? He was great.

FYI: KO 10/18/06 - video link

Beazley lashes PM over Iraq war (attempt to censure PM)


You know, if the Dems take Congress

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Military Commissions Act

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: Space: America's New War Zone

Help please, need link to vote for torture/dictator bills vote

Blair says remaining UK troops should be out of Iraq in 10 to 16 months

Here's thought, re: Habeas Corpus

BBC poll on torture - 27,000 respondents, 25 countries

Washington Journal: Iraq war and your vote?

Is your moderator working for the GOP?

So, now we know what "chatter on the internet" means

African-American Leaders Accuse Governor Of Disrespect (Arnie)

Jonah Goldberg's Unadulterated Chickenhawk Sh*t (Admits War A Mistake)

Child Porn Sting Nets Bible Camp, Boy Scout Leaders

Public's opinion of GOP hits RECORD LOW


Caption the Dynamic Duo

Is Malloy still subbing for Springer in the morning?

I'm not afraid

A NEW Bush Signing Statement - Says He MAY IGNORE New War-Funding Law

"We're Headed Into Potential Constitutional Crisis If Dems Win Congress"

Jordan. What's the story? Watching Democracy Now --

Portman of WH Budget Office on WJ--Any smart DU callers

Bush Family Buys Land In Northern Paraguay

Where can I Stream Malloy on Springer

Wi. repuke green Dispues Hometown Poll That Shows 13% Lead For Doyle


Outings And Hot Tips

A New Jersey Cat tale

Keith Olberman "Special Comment" featured on my House candidates website

Great anti-Lieberman cartoon today

British attacked as Nato asks for more help in Afghanistan

11 troops killed yesterday. No, this is not old news

What ships?

Norway says won't send more troops to Afghanistan

If a nation values anything more than freedom it will lose its freedom

CNN: Sources: House clerk warned GOP about Foley years ago (Trandahl)


Sticking firm to progressive values is winning....

Voter warning linked to GOP campaign

Bush asserts U.S. right to deny adversaries use of space

"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes

Mark Morford- Dead Iraqis, Just Like Jelly Beans

Karl Rove, the Candidate

I was talking to a guy at a Mexican restaurant today about Habeas Corpus

(Ooooh) U2 moves publishing co. to Netherlands to avoid Irish taxes

Bush warns N. Korea against selling nuclear arms

caption this * pic...

New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Woes


CLASSIC Santorum parody on Stephanie Miller just now--

DHS: No 'credible threat' against polling places

Bob Ney, Guilty but Still at Capitol

What Did imus Say This Morning About MSNBC?

Shut up or else, military tells Guantanamo lawyers

"Ground Truth"...

I have lost my faith in this party! They no longer represent me and mine!

Bush's terror law: How does it affect US citizens?

Bill Clinton for Prop. 87 in California

Everyday now I hear the republiCONS say that we now must...

c-span wh press briefing starting 10:25am

Feds arrest 125 people in child-porn probe

General Caldwell: insurgents are looking to influence midterm elections

E&P: How To Make A Power Grab Mundane (Military Commisisons Act)

David Brooks on Barack Obama (finally says something smart, sort of)

As an attack on USA, which is bigger -- more harmful? 9/11 or

Why should I (or anyone else)

Axis of Oops! by Mark Fiore

Is Mike Malloy scheduled to be on TV anytime soon?

Bush: "I welcome the diversity of views when it comes to religion"

Chertoff is a friggin Paranoid

c-span - House Dem report on Katrina

Bush FINALLY ADMITS Iraq is Vietnam, says this is the TET OFFENSIVE

Please sign this petition against the War In Iran

Two toons from the Houston Chronicle

Nevada GOP Rep. Jim Gibbons involved in "mysterious event" with woman

Sleazoid Repukes behind threatening letters to Latinos

For those near New York: conference on Universal Jurisdiction

Need help on a habeas corpus sign for my car.

Dem House/Senate odds are 63.1% and 32.6% in the futures market.

Priest tells of Foley relationship (Foley abuser named)

Caption the Prince of Petty and the Lord of Lying...

FYI - Jack Cafferty will be on Sam Seder's show this hour

Daschle coming up on CSpan now n/t

Who the hell are WE to tell president bush what to do or not do?

Caption the Conmander-in-Thief...

"If you can find a more bitter image of legislative triumph..."

Mark Foley is Exposing All of Our Hypocrisy - Right and Left

Military Honors for a Changing Front - New Rules Reflect Dangers...

CNN getting positively ORGASMIC over NFL Threat

I can live with chimpeachment being off the table...

To those who insist on calling Iraq a "war"...

Analysis: Democrats Likely To Regain Control Of House

Clutching Our Values Aboard The Death Train Of Empire...

Ohio Voters... Check to see if you are still registered here....

What is Condie up to?,,,, NK statement

The local Republics running for state assembly and senate don't

Any radio people, TV people, news people in the house today? Must See TV

My latest tinfoil hat theory...

Question on torture law: does it apply to US Citizens?

Silly Santorum. Your political casting of LOtR here please.

So the "Terrorist Threat!" turned out to be just some guy from Milwaukee

McCain jokes about suicide if Democrats win Senate

Baghdad Express - John Owen didn’t realize how different his job would be

This is probably funny...found it on FARK

"Ex-President Clinton"???

No credible threat? Gather 'round TFH Club!

Who writes the "Signing Statements"?

"Conservatives aren't motivated to come out"

For a morning laugh-You Tube video of Tom Kean dodging 23 Iraq questions

I'm going to an NFL game this weekend - should I construct a tinfoil hat?

Looks like flu shots are in short supply this year

Message from Murtha (via the Kerry mailing list)


Texas inmate kills self day of execution

Priest tells of Foley relationship

The Smell of Desperation?

Another Green Party Sell-out (Now funded by Blackwater USA)

Great Bill Clinton Line. - "I grew up in an alcoholic home,

The Decider: redux - A question

Riverbend is alive

AG: Voter warning linked to GOP campaign

STUDY: Cocaine addiction PERMANENTLY alters brain function

Bush recommends we all slow down and say exactly what we mean (LOL)

10/19/06 Sweeney Asks for Clarity on Rules

cnn showing sniper videos

Wal-Mart Announces Accelerated Rollout of $4 Generic Prescription Program

South Dakotan Injured In Iraq Mercenary in Critical condition

Orleans, Jefferson, St Tammany

Dean's 50 state approach not so dumb an idea...Charlie Cook


Jon Stewart You Tube vids if anyone is in need of a morning chuckle...

Ok Al, that's enough talk about dog poop

If we don't win in Nov. its because THEY cheated.

Editor: Our Leaders Don't Know Difference Between Sunnis, Shiites

What the hell is wrong with South Dakota?!?!?

Snips from the Magna Carta

When DU Christians say that President Bush is not a Christian . . .

Mike Malloy interview tonight (10/19) on Head On Radio

Simply amazing. The guy who got stung gets more air time than


So when is a journalist going to ask/state the obvious question re Foley?

Are sting rays the new "shark"??

Is there an archive for Majority Report shows with Sam?

McCain WILL Commit Hari-Kari....

Syriana All Over Again - BFEE's Kuwaiti/Halliburton 'dot-to-dot'...

There will be a program on habeus corpus on CSPAN in a few

Did CNN just show a picture of an African-American kidnapped child

Interesting website for Artists, Writers, SaneSociety

The repugs are blaming the so called liberal media ...

A REAL Difference between Pubs and Dems ....

Voter disenfranchisement in Larimer County, CO.

If we get back in power, we need to show that Republicans are the enemy!

Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ inspires Dutch Prime Minister, Blair, EU

Happy YORKTOWN DAY!!! We won the revolution today!!!!!

McCain jokes about suicide if Democrats win Senate

Here is what happened to america when bush* signed away Habeas Corpus

Another annoyingly vague Rawstory teaser headline

US Bars Entry to Canadian Wrongly Rendered to Syria for Torture

RW Columnist Jonah Goldberg Admits: Invading Iraq Was a 'Mistake'

bush's plane just landed at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport

Sally Quinn WP suspects Rumsfeld will leave after midterm elections

Radical U.S. lawyer jailed

What is this GOP 72-hour task force which turns out voters out?


Do you have a My Space account?

Decades after Silent Spring, pesticides remain a menace

The Eisenhower Strike Group is scheduled to arrive on station

Please critique my LTTE on Iraq

Check out the Evil GOP Bastard for October

Air America Radio in trouble. Blame it on this guy!

Washington Post's mundane coverage of "terrorism measure" BLASTED!

Terra Terra Terra

ROFL - Caption this * pic

I want my fiber optics!!!

george Wrong bush* the Dick'tatter

In which the Author invites people to talk about universal healthcare.

Did Bush have an accident?

Cong Campaign Behind Letter (Immigrants Will Be Deported if they vote)

American Prospect: We Answer to the Name of can

Condi RIce - our very own Princess Bimbo

Hey George, how's the rebuilding of Iraq going?

Nuclear Device Destroys Crawford, Texas (a little satire)

The Bill of Rights with hyperlinks to Bush's unconstitutional acts

Riverbend is back

Senator Obama will be on Larry King Live tonight

What would happen if they DID cheat and it was exposed?

General: Insurgents crackdown in Iraq, backfiring...

Now Foley's priest is backtracking

Oh my, we got a live one!!!!!*

Even as a teen, Rove could Bug the opposition

CNN Emails: "I think while we are bringing the war to [the terrorists]"

Want to support the troops? DON'T vote GOP...

Battle song for the Dems.

Do you think that, uh, thing was Jonah Goldberg itself or not?

Why Isn't it news if a Hill Repub had a M/F affair? Remember Clinton?

"Bush finally utters 'V' word. Mission Unaccomplished..."

Economy marches on..NBC to cut 700 jobs

Caption the pumpkin head...

"We solemnly swear to be derelict in our duty to support and defend. . .

2785 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

What will Lieberman do after election day?

Potential Senate Upset in AZ brewing? Kyl: 48% Pederson 43%

Message from Howard Dean - humor

Not Just Poppy's Crony. James Baker serves the Bush Regime

Broke Katherine Harris: Selling home to prove "I'm committed"...

I cannot WAIT to see this's gonna be EXCELLENT!

An image that cries for captions

Dumbo provoked the N Korean nuclear crisis w/ his "axis of evil" speech

When in power, what should Dems do about civil war in Iraq?

Can you think of anything anyone in the GWB administration has done right?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart nails Ashcroft on his "don't trust" flip-flop (18Oct)

I can't stand what I've been turned into..

Goddamn Lying St. Pete Times.

Hands up, who's donated? Who will donate again?

Riverbend is back.

WELL DUH! Homeland Security NFL Threat was a Hoax

PAC supports GOP sending letters intimidating Latino voters in California

Wal*Mart Plan to Attack Democrats for Calling Attn. to Human Rights Abuses

Later today Veterans Committee will tell some ugly facts

Molly Ivins: Don't Count The Republicans Out

So what happened with that Larry Craig outing?

Randi has the tombstoned freeper on the phone...

DU turned me against the war during the run up

Even more proof that Lieberman's really a Puke

michael medved says that the insurgents are killing soldiers because..

All this news of Pedophiles...

Hastert cannot be TRUSTED to be a congressman OR Speaker of the house

Another Poll on Claiming President Bush is not a Christian

Can somebody link me to...


New Terror!!!! (NOT bomb @ football).....Leaping Stingrays!!! OMG!!111

Some people think the gop gotv effort will fail.

Condi is soooooooooo loved in South Korea!

Now don't laugh. " Cheney admits premature optimism"

Want to win in November? Add this effort!

Hilarious video of Lieberman in 1988: "He's been whining a lot."

I'm going to see Bubba tomorrow!

did anyone hear the marvelous christian conservative on randi today?

Signs of the times in Greensboro-a visit from BU**SH**

Are American rights and freedoms eroding poll' is still on MSNBC

Glenn Greenwald's Best. Post. EVER.

Anyone else having trouble accessing

Gaza doctors say patients suffering mystery injuries after Israeli attacks

CNN- Increased Iraq Violence due to our mid-terms!?!

"The terrorists are voting.... Democrat..."

Blunt: Dems will establish a Department of Peace and more: lol

Who do you think our government is spending more time and money

Need to vent . . .really badly need to vent.

I have a few extra bucks, whose campaign can I make a difference with?

Students: Color-Coded IDs Causing Division ( Virginia)

"Dems to use Moderation if they win house"

I just gave money to MoveOn and the DNC!

Legal experts, could the President order the IRS director to allow...

CNN: 20 year old Milwaukeean originator of NFL "dirty bomb" threat

Damn, Toles nails it again (Torture Law)

What's in Cheney's freezer?

Please DU this POLL on Canada Conservative "Clean Air Act"

An investigation video on Congresswoman Wilson(R) disappears from YouTube

bu$h - DRUNK (youtube)

GOP caught engaging in voter suppression - Related to yesterday's Kos?

Sanchez Opponent's Campaign Tied to Letter Threatening Latino Voters

Judge orders release of logs of Cheney visitors

Tinfoil theory here....(Hostile to U.S. interests)

How is McCaskill handling this "conflict of interest" situation?

Peter King (R-Nuts) says Iraq is 95% secure

I wonder why this doesn't work

Proof that Dubya is drinking again....

Who's the genius that told Bush to invoke Bin Laden in every interview?

I don't understand why the MSM is focused on Clinton on the campaign trail

The Christmas Shopping Season Will Be A Scary One This Year

Baghdad violence forces U.S. to re-evaluate strategy

Caption the grease monkey

The Worst Congress Ever (Rolling Stone)

Another Episode of "THIS IS NOT THE ONION!!!"

Experts Find U.S.-Sized Antarctic Ozone Hole (take the survey at the link)

My "Al Gore - French experience"... live today

Will John Kerry, yet again, hold on to his millions, that we gave him, whi

Simply put---the country needs Al Gore to save itself.

The Young Turks interview - 7am(EST) tomorrow!

OMG- I just saw the trailer for the movie -- Bobby

Idaho DUers...Does Grant have a chance vs. Sali in ID-01?

In our weekly newspaper in Kearney, Mo there is a piece you won't

Carol Voisin (D) (OR) running against Greg Walden (R) needs your help!!

Bush: "there's only one decision maker. And that's me. "

Check out THESE voter suppression flyers

Rent the Chain Gang for Halloween! eBay Auction - Please Forward!

My brother, the ultra-conservative, holier than thou, "values" voter...

I JUST VOTED & I am one proud Democrat.

America Deserves Better ... Vote DEMOCRATIC!

President Bush: "Keith Olbermann is an Unlawful Enemy Combatant!"

roger stone on tucker now - quick- tune in for a laugh

The Official Breakfast with Mike Malloy thread

My 5 year old son tortured the family dog today...

Hacking Into E-Voting Systems - Coming Up On Lou Dobbs nt

Looking for copy of Karen Ryan video news release (VNR)

>>>>The Empire Strikes Back

Radicalizing myself...

How would Tony Snow spin this?

Man I just don't get Bow Ties.



Fellow Cspan junkies, tonights debate schedule

Ohio Candidate for Gov. on TVNL RADIO LIVE....7 ET - TONIGHT

So, was the build up on the NFL threat an attempt at an "October Surprise"

Un-Fucking-Believable - (R) Wilson, NM, hid files of husband's pedophilia

Can someone DU this and tell me all about it?

Colbert feminist three-way (Video)

Sherwood's wife tells Carney to stop "hurting our family"

Shiite militias battle in southern Iraq

Source: NBC won't show Madonna on the cross

White House rejects proposal to partition Iraq

TOON: At what point can we call it a civil war?

Election Systems (and Brad) at the Breaking Point...

A picture of Bill O'Reilly going after blogs with a hand grenade

someone posted an editorial yesterday on the economy and the dow

Grammar may help fight bacteria

October Surprise?...Here it is...

'The Passion ' a movie about torture, is Mel an anti-Semitic drunk?

* stops for an ice cream cone - pics


US army concedes failure in Baghdad

DU this, uh, google

225 years ago, a major event.... forgotten today ? pics

Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)

Need Help! What's the name of the "Astroturf Company" that's paying

E-Survey: Are you confident that your vote will be counted accurately?

Halleluia, Halleluia! My paper just reported that my county has

Yet Another - GOPer Fingered for Dirty Trick...

O'Reily endorses Water Boarding but calls himself a Christian.

69 year old preist can't remember one night with Foley

Priest Confesses: Had a "Relationship" With Teenage Mark Foley

Politicians - D or R - please avoid using your fingers as "size" metaphors

Who's watching Cafferty's "Broken Government" special?

Bush Asserts U.S. Rights Over Space.......really

NFL attack

Trick or trick?

New RNC Ad: Don't Want Al Qaeda To Attack? Then vote GOP.

The look of love: Bush and the Prince

Did you hear? The USA troops will overthrow Al-Maliki in Iraq and

Bush: In Iraq, Dems would fulfill bin-Laden's "highest aspirations"

Mike Malloy Should be on Head On Radio with Bob Kincaid at about 6:30

Olbermann seems optimistic about his MSNBC future.

I never thought I'd live to see the republicans on the ropes.

I am very wary of some network attempts to become more centered

I just saw the September Fund ad!

Candy Crowley can kiss my big fat ass. What a republican shill

I went to school with the kid who runs the website that the NFL threat

Re-Pubs switching sides? I smell a rat!!!

The Cafferty Show is AWESOME! Hammering this dishonest crowd

Operation Return to Sender

The President LOVES Ice Cream.

If we were to win all 3 branches back, should the return Habeas Corpus

Werkin' hard

The US Government is Trying Hard to Kill Off Senior Citizens

BOOM! Goes the dynamite! DCCC drops $12 million on Dem candiates

Voting Republican in November is voting to wage nuclear war...

Iraq is not winnable and will never be winnable

WOW. A one hour reprieve for CNN

Jack Cafferty just read one of our fellow DUers email, karlrschneider

Bush IS the ANTICHRIST. Let me explain!!!

The Sandbox - Garry Trudeau provides blog spot for military personnel

Jonah Goldberg: Iraq Was a Worthy Mistake

ABC Exclusive-House Clerk:Hastert Top Aide Knew ALL Issues For Years

Pot staves off Alzheimer's, good for old folks, too bad it's ILLEGAL

Anybody watching the RI-Sen debate?

Don't forget Cafferty (CNN) Broken Government special 7 EDT

How Is Voting Accomplished Where You Vote?

An important note to citizens who plan to stay and fight

Pentagon Monitoring Peace Activists' E-Mails

DU Homework Helpers? Military Commissions Act 2006

Are you "a person"? Then the torture bill applies to YOU!

McCain's suicide remark -- Freudian?

Does anyone know how the militia's, the far-right people, the black

Maybe if the repulsive ones hadn't drug the Big Dog

NY-19: Sue Kelly Runs From Reporters

PHOTOS: Will history be repeating itself?

John McCain: Gays are Welcome to Marry, Just Not Legally

Taking a scalpel to Lisa Bloom and her clones

Proof, the Right is scared of Olbermann. KO Video

In which the Author invites people to talk about the minimum wage.

Regarding the Military Commissions Act and US Citizens

Most Compelling TV Comment Since Murrow

Bush Family - 98,842 Acres and a Mule - Paraguay purchase

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thursday 10/19....

Repug Jim Gibbons' Gov. bid derailed by rape/murder accusations.

Helen Thomas: Torture Bill "ALL Americans Will Be Tainted By It"

Msnbc Americas rights poll - Please Vote

How Many of Us Were Molested as Children or Teens? And did it

Marijuana and Alzheimers: The real story is the BUSH COVER-UP.

San Diego paper: "Bread lines required to feed military families"

Latest Poll Results

"Broken Gov't: We know what we must do" (response to Cafferty)

So I'm donating, I'm doing GOTV. Suppose Dems take over the Congress?

DHS spokesperson re: NFL threat: "This is not a credible threat."

Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God

Waitress Accuses GOP Congressman Of Threatening To Rape Her

Robert Parry: Who Is "ANY PERSON" in Tribunal Law?-Is It You-Is It Me?

Bush's first mention in the New York Times-11/07/1967

Rove's a JEENYUS!!! A Damn JEENYUS I Tells Ya!!!

Republican behavior is becoming more surreal than I could believe possible

JD "Goy" Hayworth described as "more observant Jew" to shul congregation

The Bloody Stain of Vietnam in Iraq

CNN Special on NOW!! "Broken Government" w/ Jack Cafferty

Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened

Texas inmate kills self on day of execution.

No group think now, how does it look for us

(Not Liberal) Economists Agree: Bush Tax Cuts Have Hurt, Not Helped

Todays polls at Electoral-Vote

Protests by fundamental christians in t-minus 3...2...1...

BREAKING NEWS: Dkos: 2nd Rep is about to go down in page sex scandal!

Alterman: What kind of society kills all these people and doesn't care?

Sam Sedar did what Stephanie Miller should have done

Reposting the MSNBC poll... vote on this one... call MSNBC on this

Tonight on Lou Dobbs....

"The People Are Rising" - Robert Reich

John Kerrry Speech, lies, lies and more lies. just gets better from there


I'm a wee bit concerned...

Will the Democratic party retake the house in this next election?

Military families go hungry . Accepting food donations.

94% (of minors) who ask get abortions

Olbermann, Matthews to CNBC?

About that habeus corpus recent ruling.. I'm reading this over and over

Interesting findings: Testosterone and Sexual deviancy

NFL Threat:: Desperation or Real?

If we win in November, you will...? (E-Voting)

Why Does The US Media Hide The End Of Habeas Corpus For US Citizens?

If you met Bush, how would you address him?

Simply put--- Al Gore is a great man

Reality based alcoholic poll

It happened to me, it can happen to you:

Has anybody tried Internet Explorer 7 yet?

OMG - another pic of * from today

There's a gaping black hole on the sun today,

Who Would You Like To Do Election Night Commentary?

sibel edmonds director/movie interview. pt 5: Valerie Plame and Sibel Edmo

Santorum Securing Lord Of The Rings Vote

Veiled UK teacher's aide NOT discriminated against, says court.

Why we need immigrants

Congresswoman (Wilson-R, NM) covered up husband's pederasty

Don't believe this is a police state? Watch this video

It bears repeating: VOTE D even if it is for a DINO. HERE'S WHY:

Ohio Voters... Check to see if you are still registered here....

For people with websites: a simple way to Get Out the Vote.

The Key To Victory

eVote: "Where's Barack?"

(ID-01) GOP Uneasy About Idaho House Race (AP)

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince gave $10,000 to back Green Party Romanelli

Washington Journal Time!

Tell the media to stop running false attack ads against Sherrod Brown

Washington Journal Call Rob Portman White House Budget Director!

VIDEO - Bill Clinton Explains Politics Today, Challenging GOP

Unbelievable new polls from NY

So this Black Guy, a jew and a gay walk into this bar.....

Hotline: Democratic National Committee Takes Out $5-10M Loan for DSCC

Voter Warning Linked To GOP Campaign

Bush's new trumped up threat: space invaders

Shocker!! Letters to scare Hispanic voters linked to Republican group....

For a few years, I've been saying that George W. Bush could be

Thank you Netroots! NY-29 Shifting in our favor

Robert Parry: Shame on Us All

Glaring inaccuracy in Newsweek's "Clinton" article from yesterday

October 17, 1871. U. S. Grant suspends habeas corpus.

OMAHA NE DUers - The Douglas County Election Commission

Talk About Dirty Politics in Missouri: Jay Lawson (R) went back 50 years

"Repub Candidates Are Barely Mentioning Iraq On The Campaign Trail"..

Olbermann tells the babysitter "The call's coming from inside the house"

Mehlman: Democrats have "concern for terrorist civil liberties"

Power to the People???

Foley's priest's pathetic "confession"

Analysis: Democrats Likely To Pick Up 23 Seats In House

When you call into a radio show, have your facts straight...

The Battle for America's Soul

Heard on CNN Radio: Iraqi insurgents waiting for Election 2006 results...


NYT/Reuters: Gays Hope Ally Patrick Becomes First Black Mass. Governor

serious Q: is it LEGAL to videotape myself voting? or the polling place?

abc news GMA will have segments on Bush interview and Bomb Threat.

NYT op-ed: Online gambling law may do GOP significant political damage

Sleaze claims put Republicans' hold on power at risk

Tony Snow blames the messenger for GOP's problems

Governator, part two - the sequel

It's Time to Impeach the President (Glass-NC09)

The Industrial Services Complex Formerly Known as the Military

Latest polls from

(Dumb?) question: Can candidates give $ donated to them to others?

New RNC Ad: Don't Want Al Qaeda To Attack? Then vote GOP.

A ray of Light From the Heart of Dixie?

Photo: Bush returns home last night..."look at what the cat dragged in"

Bush Military History Project #37 Deconstructing the Bush meme

Poll: Half of Americans think Congress is corrupt

Hard to believe..bad news on Senate races from Zogby/WSJ

bush and President Clinton both fund raising in Virginia tonight

On "Fresh Air" Now! Interview with the author of "Ghost Plane" re: CIA...

Proofread my letter to the editor #2

So is purging the voter rolls how they're going to do it?

Rep (R-NM) on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegation

need help, please--does anyone have links to the posts from a few days ago

CNN: Is it time to hit 'mission abort' in Iraq?

New racist republican ads! Anyone wanna play with teh trolls?(please?)

omigod! clay shaw radio ads praise bill clinton!

"I'm the second most criticized person in the country, you're the first"

the party of sleazebags:

ABC Breaking - Milwaukee man has admitted NFL terror threats

U.S. Seeks Monitors at Polls in Philly

"The policies of this administration have made this market possible..."

"Did Olbermann Go Too Far?" asks AOL

From the "Be Careful What You Wish For" Department:

Court: Cheney must release visitor logs

Bush in a science museum

Tweety gets Shrum as a guest and Olbermann gets Obama

Yay!! DCCC dropped $12 mill last night - biggest in my district

Blogbearian Pajama Brigade! Give 'till It Hurts!

Poll: Half of Americans think Congress is corrupt (CNN)

What Happened to the Terrorists? Miami & UK

go to CNN for a new program

Photo: The Reichsführer gets down home & folksy on Macaca campaign trail

GOP uneasy about Idaho House race (Dems need to go on offense!)

Raw Story: "Bin Laden, terror imagery focus of latest GOP ad"

This election could be the gift which keeps on giving

1000 electrical utility workers kicked out - Coward Democrats Or Republicans?

Heads Up 60 minutes and Today show profile of Leader Pelosi

As I promised Dem's Veterans Committee Report only part of

Democrats close money gap with GOP

Helping the hungry on base. GW really appreciates your service

Senator Larry Craig outed....

Did Anyone see the commercial that showed

How Has Arnie Gone From 35% to 53% Approval Since February?

"U.S. President George W. Bush eats a cone of pralines and cream..."

You have to see this video GOP Sue Kelly Runs From Reporters

CNN Cafferty

Unbelieveable, found this at AOL under "Has Olbermann Gone

International Red Cross Files War Crimes Charges Against Bush, Cheney ...

Democrats Ask: Hey, John Kerry, Let Our Money Go!

Keith Olberman about to be fired? Sure didn't take BushCo long

* admits Iraq"could be"compared to Tet offensive;timed to affect elections

O'Reilly on the Blogosphere: "I'd Go in With A Hand Grenade"

Now I know what a "push-poll" is. The rethugs are desperate.

Rolling Stone: Congress has become a stable of thieves and perverts

Dear Democratic Candidates

ZOGBY: Talent up 3%, Corker up 7%, Dewine up 4%--Stabenow up 4%

John Kerry might get my support in '08 for his drug war stance

Reminder: Zogby hired a GOP operative last summer

While watching the testing of opti-scan paper ballot readers (images)..

Campaign ad calls MLK a Republican

Pat Buchanan Smoking Hash? Or truth juice?

It's Alive!!, help spread it far & wide...

blue states dumping red congressmen ?.seems like it...

Per vote fraud: Why have elites allowed a "changed narrative?"

Hannity stunt shows why GOP attacks on Pelosi wont work

* sends Rice to assure Japan that we will protect them from N. Korea.

Russ Feingold Progressive Patriots: Vote for Secretary of State:

"Broken Government" a new series w/ Jack Cafferty **NOW** ET

Justice, Mr. Russert, is not "payback"

MP3: John Kerry on Stephanie Miller show

The JOHN KERRY Advantage!

AP: GOP starts airing ad Sunday warning of cataclysmic terror attacks

5,535 new donors in two days to the DNC new matching donor match

Who is Constituent Dynamics?

Remember 2003 when wintersoldier site was a source to smear Kerry and

John Kerry: No One Has Done More

Another Photo of Bush that just make you sooo proud he's our President

2008 Democratic National Convention. Where do you think it should be?

California Governor in big trouble with Latinos

Meet Jerry Weller (pagefuckeR)-IL11

CBS/NYT Poll: Brown 49% DeWine 35%