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Medics beg for help as Iraqis die needlessly

Pop Christianity

Kill your family! Torch your house! Then go shoot yourself!

"Bob Ney, Guilty But Still at Capitol" - NYT on yet another Ohio sleaze

"GOP Urges Calif. Candidate to Exit Race"-NYT on Nguyen vote suppression

Denouncing Hugo Chavez -& other sports of the rich, infamous & stupid

Death of a Presidency

A Question Bush Can't Answer --Froomkin WaPo

The Economic Man By Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

Ignoring Red Flags (Cunningham) --WaPo Editorial

Bush as Bobby McFerrin (Don't Worry, Be Happy!) --Huffington Post

The pine beetle's surprising northern foray

Antarctic ozone hole the biggest ever: Officials

Iran: Ahmadinejad Says He Will Take 'Decisive Step' Against Israel

Do you believe Ken Lay is dead?

The WTC Bathtub and the Star Wars Beam Weapon

Kitty Pilgrim on Lou Dobbs: Diebold virus hack


graphics-ELECTION ACTION: Hand out 1-866-OUR-VOTE Buttons ouside the polls

MacKay, NATO repeat calls for Afghanistan reinforcements

Climate change blamed for legionnaires' disease surge (in Britain)

Keith, New York does have a New York Football Team!

Judge orders release of Cheney visiting logs

Egypt's Mubarak blames Muslims for faith's bad image

WP: Bush, Clinton Ratchet Up the Drama in Maryland and Virginia

NYT: Ruling Is Due for Justice Who Lobbied for Bush Pick (Miers)

Calif. Candidate Urged to Exit Race

St. Louis to the World Series 3-1 in game 7

WP: Major Change Expected In Strategy for Iraq War

Legendary pilot 'Earthquake McGoon' heads home (AP/CNN) {KIA, Vietnam '54}

NYT/Reuters: Top Republican (Boehner) Testifies in Sex Scandal

Bush Campaigns for Pa., Va. Candidates

AP: U.S. To Rethink Baghdad "Peace" Efforts

(Kay Bailey) Hutchison Says She Would Not Have Voted For Iraq War If ...

NYT: Bush Faces a Battery of Ugly Choices on War

Rumsfeld 'is inspired by God'

WP: GOP's Voter-Turnout Message To Paint Democratic Horrors

Utility workers find remains at WTC site

Republican Woes Lead to Feuding by Conservatives

LAT: Scientists Manage Disappearing Act: "Invisibility Cloak"

NYT/AP: Report: North Korean Leader Regrets Test

U.S. tracking N. Korean ship with banned military equipment: CBS News

Ozone Hole at Record Size

Candidate seeks textbooks as shields (Oklahoma Republican)

Republicans say top Democrats support 'group of gay paedophiles'

House Intel Chair Suspends (Democratic) Staff Member

Debt holds U.S. troops back from overseas duty

WP: Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases

Chapman tells parole board he regrets shooting John Lennon

CBS: Troops With Stress Disorders Being Redeployed

Times Online: Bush tries to impose new terms of victory

Let's talk Yogurt...

The lounge is so gay lately.

Are ray people ray?

I just got pole pushed.

Let us all now praise the character Munch from

KitchenWitch has 6 sex threads on the front page


ohiosmith, HypnoToad, MrCoffee

Can anybody recommend some good podcasts or something to listen to?

Is LostinVA not only lost, but gay?

Is Mr. Liotta Ray?

NLCS random questions, ten of 'em plus two bonus questions

I burned my finger on the oven.

The new IE7 is already pissing me off.

Man I just don't get Bo Bice.

Quiz: And no googling!!!

You know, I have one simple request.

How many here have been struck by how true is the phrase

Get ready, in a few minutes, my radio show

Who wants to open Cheney's logs?

Take the BBC Weekly News Quiz!


Fawn over me

I'm about 5 pages away from finishing my PhD dissertation and

Would you date this man?

Why did I have to read this article and look at the pictures?

You know what's wrong with every one of you f$*&#^@! people???

How the fuck does this happen

Thank you DU for $395 raised in honor of Alarcojon, my mom, others . . .

two run homer, Molina! top o' the ninth!

Hey Haruka....we're almost in sync...

Hey Haruka....we're almost in kink...

I can tell that I'm tired...

If I don't stop in in the morning, I'll see you all monday or tuesday.

Question from a relative boobie re floppy hat threads

Equestrian from a telelogical Scooby re jalopy scat sheds

Baileys with a hint of mint chocolate or caramel?

Copycat thread re: Question from a relative newbie

Really tired of 'travertine tile' and 'granite counter-tops.'

My spell check doesn't work.

Good night!

Fuck the mets!

Grey's Anatomy actor: "I'm Gay"

50 Termites in my Bathroom

No matter how much I want to hate baseball....

Voting in DU polls

Wasting away in Margaritaville...

WHO here in the Lounge took this photo in their house last year??

Question from a relative newbie re copycat threads

Question from an ablative boobie re floppyhat breads

Should CalPeggy stop saying "my dear"?

Oh boy... I just know this movie is going to RULE:

Great watching Hepburn on 1973 Cavett interview tonight on TCM.

Kids say the darnedest thing.

OK, all you heartbroken baseball fans--because I post this every year.

You're the type of guy, that gets suspicious.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post here And I will give you a BABY!!

St. Louis vs. Detroit.

So what are you drinking tonight?

Is JP Gray?

Why do cats look out the window and dogs never do?

St. Louis to the World Series 3-1 in game 7

How the f*ck does this keep happening???

Photo Thread! Photo Thread! Photo Thread!

How long have you been married to the same person?

"She may not have been perfect, but she was the best one we had."

Post some Hallowe'en themed Youtube videos.

cards win. what is your WS prediction thread

MOST AMAZING CATCH EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many innings is this NLCS Game 7 going to go?

Ya know, I have the simplest explanations for things...

Where is DemExpat?

Post on HuffPo by Deepak Chopra on his new Life After Death Book.

New Moon in Libra - Sunday, October 22, 12:15 am EST (1:15 am EDST)

Seth Gitell's prediction

Fighting Longer and Harder Than the Rest and It’s Still Not Enough?

Kerry at Granholm Veteran rally (video)

Help - need link about Kerry giving Feingold $1 million

I've got a new favorite photo...

IBM factory workers more likely to die of cancer

Does anyone know if the Medicare drug "donut hole" is an annual

"Victory in Iraq is not an option."

Soon, even the republicans will consider bush a disgrace.

2787 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Did you all see the commercial where people tyr to talk to a bush as in a

Defendant in terrorism case was tortured, lawyer says

Thank God! A Christian Real Estate Site! ""

Offensive Ads to Lure Blacks to Vote Republican

DU website is *crawling* SLOW for me, all other websites are fast

9/11 Truther Behind NFL Dirty Bomb Scare

Academia To Assist Homeland Security In Tracking Dissenters

Schwarzenegger buys Black Democrat's endorsement for $16,000

The V.A. wants your DNA

The Democrats should say... George W. Bush was given a

GOP Might Have Worn Out Its Strategies - ABC News

Thank You President Clinton For Your Hard Work!

"Rumsfeld Inspired by God", says Peter Pace head of the JCS

Paranoia, paper ballots, and tinfoil hats.

A poem for you all and is appropriate, one of my favorites

Republican Officials concede they could lose 23-27 house seats

My Eyes! Saw a Santorum billboard today

Sen. Boxer Asks A.G. to Investigate Voter Intimidation in Southern Calif.

Keith, New York does have a New York Football Team!

The Able Danger investigation

Who wants to fight back at that "These are the stakes" ad?

What his your short list for enemy combatants - January 2009

Shit. I just found out our party is going to ruin America for all!

Can someone find a puggie stating exactly what "winning" is in Iraq

At Church Political Rally, Dobson Cites Conspiracy of Bad News

Anybody want a free Had Enough? Vote Democrat bumper sticker?

The free Show 96 at bartcop is great.

Funny Hannity and Colmes Satire video. Colmes is a sock puppet!

Just a "Heads Up" to check your local State Site here and Read or Post!

These Are The Stakes....New RNC SPEW Video

I am not a hypocrite

Doolittle (R) backed dentist accused of molesting patients

Had a nice lesson on illegal immigration today.

Does DU have a Youtube group?

Remains from WTC site found in manhole

How long have you been married to the same person?

Colbert is coming to Tallahassee; I got tickets in the third row;

Grey's Anatomy actor: "I'm Gay"

Do you all get the feeling that

NYT: Bush Faces A Battery Of Ugly Choices On War (Analysis)

Perfect Headline At BuzzFlash !!!

Pathetic losers

Opec cuts oil output by 1.2m barrels

Do We Have Any Idahoian DUers, LOL !!!

Bush tries to impose new terms of victory

So if we regain the senate...

Habeas Corpus - any1 TIVO the senate debate on the torture bill?

Thank you DU for $395 raised in honor of Alarcojon, my mom, others . . .

"You're either with President Bush or you're with the terrorists!"

North Korea vows not to pass nuclear weapons to terrorists

two run homer, Molina! top o' the ninth!

Flashback: Diebold committed to deliver its votes to the president

Dead Men Can't Pay Debts.. Borrow money and escape Combat.

Is there a link to Mike Malloy's show this morning when he was on

Important. DU this poll!!!!!

Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

Article in the NYT tonight presents Dean's goals and fundraising fairly.

One day soon, I want David Gregory......

HELP!!! I'm having Ballot Issues!

Post your Republican corruption/sex/crime Madlibs here!

Republicans FIRE ALL 60 Investigators Of Waste-Fraud & Abuse

Chicago Veterans Picket Lakeside VA over broken Promises


The Progressive Revolution

50 Ways to Leave With Cover

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on vacation next week.

Come along, follow me as I lead through the darkness

So, I just Voted....

The Savage Weiner suggests Michael Ware from CNN be---

Judge orders Cheney visitor logs opened

Repub Chairman: Candidate Had Direct Knowledge of Intimidation Letter

If we take the House but come up one short in the Senate

WP: Hill Republicans Air Out the Closet: Foley Scandal and Gay Staffers

Saudis strike hawkish oil price pose

Make GWB cry on TV

China - Striking the US where it hurts (Asia Times)

Head On Radio Thursday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

What if election protection groups conducted ENTRANCE POLLS?

Borat gets invite to Kazakhstan

Vote for... Wait, no: Vote for who you want!

Glenn Beck & the company he keeps...

Wal-Mart has given its full endorsement to the homosexual agenda

This guy John Hall on Colbert, who is he?

Exclusive footage of Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetan pilgrims

Did Keith just say that

Dr. Laura

Seperated at birth? I think so

The damage has been done, what if anything can a Dem led congress

MSNBC poll still up in case you haven't yet.. call em on this

"Democrats Close Fundraising Gap With GOP" we're only $10 million behind!

Obama on Larry King

If Democrats take House and Senate, what do you think will happen?

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are going to Ohio!!

Did Bush really know what the Tet Offensive was?

When Dems Take Control, Dean Deserves Some Major Credit

Osama Clock MILESTONE - Oct. 20, 2006 (500 More DaysThan Pearl Harbor)

"No truth to Ohio "purge" letters"

NewsHour: Ohio: Sherrod Brown, S. Tubbs-Jones + Cong. (dis)approval polls

Russ Feingold Progressive Patriots: Vote for Secretary of State:

Controversial New Bible Cuts Out Difficult Gospel Passages

Say Goodbye to Habeas

How long before someone who is in rehab with Foley comes forward

Bill Maher: It's Time for New Rules....

For the LAST time. The MCA ABSOLUTELY applies to US citizens.

In Honor of DUversity

BIG--Jerry Lewis(R-CA) Does The "Saturday Night Massacre" .....LINK

STOP (the GOP)! In the Name of Love ...

Are you ashamed of opposing the war because David Duke is against it?

I created a new YouTube group: DUTube

Hastert is going to LEAVE?!?

A Plea to Moderates and Conservatives with Consciences Re: Election Day

Vile Homophobic Bigotry "Grows" Well in Houston ...

NYT: Republican Woes Lead To Feuding Among Conservatives

Will Patriot Project be defending ALL smeared vets or just candidate vets?

If the GOP is going to make sexual orientation an issue , I think

Governor Jeb Bush cancels Cabinet meeting for Crist to campaign

an interview with john b anderson

What are the ramifications of *co, Paraguay

North Korean General: WAR is inevitable

What the RNC is fighting for this election

US saber rattling on N. Korea

Fla. Official Appeals Foley Sign Ruling

Do. Not. Be. Overconfident.

Three dubious claims about Dem fundraising from National Journal blog

3 conduits appeal order to pay for investigation

Democracy for America, GOTV (email):

Tan Nguyen - Another interesting facet

Blackwell Steps Up Attacks Against Strickland w/help from Hannity


US Pop. reaches 300 million - 200 million declared 'enemy combatants'

NYT:Republican Woes Lead to Feuding by Conservatives

WP,pg1: GOP will warn voters of Dem horrors, but expect extensive losses

The more I learn about my Congressman, the more I want to puke

"bagnewsnotes" on the signing of the death of our democracy

Fox-bury doughboy Cavuto lies about Bush's...ahem..."likability" in polls

Someone needs to create a "Rovian Bingo Board"

Conservatives already playing the Blame Game

Senate and Gubernatorial Predictions.

Rep Jerry "Fire Them All" Lewis (R-CA) sure does hate us vets.

Noe wrote coin-fund contract so state couldn't back out

Military Commissions Act applies to aliens only?

Maybe it doesn't matter -- all that much -- if we take the Senate.

30% of All Govt. Contract $$$ in al-Anbar Province Go To Al Qaeda

Maybe"Iraqi Tet" has nothing to do with elections and * just screwed up

Sems like 100 congress races are polling within the margin of error.

Anyone else think Obama is "John F. Kennedy like"?

What IS the Red State Republican "Base" so AFRAID of??

Joint Chiefs chairman: Rumsfeld "Leads way Lord tells him is best"

PA 10th; "alleged" woman beater's wife gets involved

Tell The DNC To WAKE UP And Immediately Seek An Injunction To Reverse

Barack Obama to be on Olbermann on Friday!

David Wade from Sen. Kerry's office sets the record straight

Jeb Bush installs 18 staffers in new jobs in FL House to guard his legacy

Dean tells Tavis that Democrats became detached, out of touch.

Clark Flys Under National Media Radar For Dems In 06

Hey Chickenshits at Come Forward and Tell Us Who You Are!!!

Strangers With Campaign Candy

Why is the White House so Eerily Confident about the Coming Elections?

The Worst Congress Ever: Rolling Stone

"Use It Or Lose It" - C. Bowers asks safe Dems to donate to other races.

Essay by Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman's Brother

Stan Goff: Reflecting on Rumsfeld

Iraq: what will the Democrats do?

WTF?? "Kerry Asked About Campaign Donations"

What the Dems Will Do If They Take Over

"GOP Aims to Scare Up Big Voter Turnout" - Washington Post. which means...

Women's Math Scores Affected by Suggestion

Guardian:Iraq mayhem launches hunt for exit strategy in US and UK

As Jaime McEntire (sp) spoke to Wolfie on CNN just now,

Republican business leader endorses Democratic Congress

Hill Republicans Air Out the Closet (WaPo)

Upon Red Rivers of Genocide

Pat Tillman's brother Kevin weighs in...

POLL: Majority Of Amer. Reject Right Wing’s Anti-Gay Smears In Foley S

Opera Browser Patches Buffer Overflow

ESPN Outside the Lines on Pat Tillman's death (VIDEOs)


LAT: From Moscow's city center to the airport: Road to Riches and Ruin

I am finding myself getting excited about nov 7!! But not

War strategy ignites LI political battle

flashtoon "War of Words-Episode 3" online today - check it out

Christian denominations propose environmental reforms

Pirate Fishing Pounding Southern Oceans, Vacuuming Up Krill - Reuters

Richard Branson setting a wonderful example.

Renewable Energy (biogas) Delivered to PG&E Customers

Watch 10 tons of whale meat disappear!

Don't Let Exxon Decide Our Energy Future!

Blair Warns Of Climate "Tipping Points" Within 15 Years - Guardian

Russia to invest $54 billion (US) in new nuclear development.

Climate Extremes Are Coming, Study Says

Ozone hole bigger and bigger

British Energy to shut (nuclear) plants after finding cracks

Ocean Dead Zones Up From 150 To 200 In Two Years - UN Report - Reuters

Texas Environmental Attorney Paid $200,000 by Formosa Plastics

200 Years To Clean China's Bohai Sea, Even If Sewage Flows Stopped Today

Brazil To Propose Global Fund To Protect Rainforests - Guardian

Ozone Hole Also Sets Depletion Record - 1.2 Dobsons - Down From 125

University Of York - 80% Of 300 Monitored Species Moving North In UK

Estuaries Of China's Yellow, Yangtze Rivers Declared Dead Zones - AFP

Fewer Than 10% Of Australians Approve Of Federal Climate Policy

SMH Op-Ed - Surprise! Denying Climate Change Not Working For Australia

Macleans - Harper's Pollution "Plan" DOA In Face Of Pissed-Off Opposition

Water Scarcity Seen Dampening Case For Biofuels - Reuters

The 10 worst polluted places on Earth

FT - World Wheat Reserve Lowest In 25 Years - Aus. Harvest Cut By Over 50%

EU unveils energy plan on eve of Putin summit

Experts Predict Black-Out Winters in Europe

Israeli planes steering clear of Lebanon: France

Israel, U.S. agree: Not the time for Syria talks

Some analysts say the only way Israel could launch a successful strike

Israel must go, says Iranian PresidentFrom

Haniyeh unscathed after militants open fire on his convoy in Gaza

Sharon did nothing to evacuate illegal outposts

Palestinian PM unhurt in convoy attack: Hamas

French TV station wins Palestinian boy libel case

The USS Cole bombing was a joint operation

Amazon's #1 Non-fiction Reviewer: of 9-11

Remains from WTC Site Found in Manhole

Do you believe Ken Lay is dead?


Do we have independent exit pollers employed?

Election Law @ Moritz: SCOTUS has overturned injunction barring AZ ID law

Local, National Election Activists on CT Radio Shows

The Florida Elections Commission attacks the First Amendment

Citing minority voting concerns, ACLU seeks U.S. poll observers

ERD News October 20, 2006, PBS Edition

Michele Wucker: "The 'Illegals Voting' Hoax"

The "Mystery Disks" is just a cover for the Real Story in the WaPo article

Supreme Court allows Arizona to require ID in November elections

Peter B. Collins Received Very Well in Humboldt

Election Integrity Advocates Expose Misconception of HAVA Funding

Please do this very quick thing to help Debra Bowen become CA SOS!

G&M: PM ready to call by-elections, sources say

CanWest: Harper fisheries letter puzzling to B.C.

Changes to Drug Patent Rules Will Drive Up Prescription Drug Costs

(Colorado) AG cracks down on mortgage ads

AP: Gunmen kill 8 civilians in Afghanistan

Report: N. Korean leader regrets test

Bush appoints nominee to direct mine agency

Officer Is Struck by S.U.V. Driven by a Federal Judge, the Police Say

Debt holds thousands of troops back from overseas duty

Men Who Killed O.C. Inmate Had Time to Clean Up

Putin's 'rape joke' played down

AP: Remains From WTC Site Found in Manhole

Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases

Police 'confident' slain neighbor didn't molest tot

NYT Republican Woes Lead to Feuding by Conservatives

Ruling Is Due for Justice Who Lobbied for Bush Pick (Harriet Miers)

Palestinian PM unhurt in convoy attack: Hamas

GOP's Solidarity on War Is Cracking ( 'stay the course' is a nonstarter),

Failed Baghdad security plan forces US rethink

Millions Stolen From Iraq's Treasury (60 Minutes report)

Bush Appoints Mine Safety Administrator(coal mine executive..recess appt)

Iraq 'hiding true casualty figures'

Republicans' Cash Advantage Ebbs as Vote Nears (Dems raise more $ in Sept)

(Arizona) Treasurer likely will resign

During Nat'l Character Counts Week, Bush Stumps For Philanderer

Kim sorry about N. Korea nuclear test

U.N.: 914,000 have fled homes in Iraq

Media Group Urges France to strip Putin of Legion of Honor Award

Train spewing acid forces evacuations in Ky.

Evangelicals Ally With Democrats on Environment

NYT: Confident Democrats Draft Broad Health Care Agenda

Iran: Israel links may hurt Europe

A Tipping Point for Iraq—Here at Home

Veep trouble: Amherst native sues security man over 'free speech' arrest

CNN: Report: N. Korea not planning second nuke test

Cheney seeking victory, not exit (Iraq)

Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases (no more habeas)

Lack Of Equipment And Skilled Doctors Costing Civilian Lives In Iraq

Iran says Europe may be hurt by backing Israel

Calls bashing governor (Granholm) infuriate -- DeVos says "Who, me?"

Mailed disks raise voting machine fears - "accidentally picked up"

Reuters: New attacks in tense Iraqi town of Balad kill 9

Reuters: Bombers hit Afghanistan ahead of major holy day

Democratic House staffer suspended over Iraq leak (by Rep. Hoekstra, R-MI)

6.5 earthquake near peru

Reuters: Greenland ice sheet shrinking (not as) fast (as thought): NASA

Blair: Britain out of Iraq in 16 months

Iraq aide laments troop failings

(Elizabeth) Edwards: I'm More Joyful Than Clinton

Archdiocese Confirms Foley's Alleged Abuser

WP: Democrats Urge Bush on New Iraq Plan

Millions Stolen From Iraq's Treasury (More then half a billion dollars)

AP Rumsfeld: Iraq must take over security

(Jim) Gibbons says he did nothing 'inappropriate' (NV-Gov)

UK Military: Iraqi Soldiers Retake Amarah

Democratic House staffer suspended over Iraq leak

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 20

Tom Coburn's legislative director is gay

Reports: Iraq's Sunni and Shiite clerics agree to halt sectarian bloodshed

GOP terrorism ad sparks Democratic furor

Anger as new 9/11 remains found

Clare Short resigns as Labour MP (former Blair Cabinet member)

MSNBC: GOP launches rescue mission in Florida race

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Former SCAA Executive

Rep. Rodney Alexander’s Office Sued for Harassment

Mercury News announces (101) layoffs (40% from newsroom)

Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases

No-show McCain stumps by phone (for Tom Reynolds)

U.S. Questioned About Arar Torture Case (evidence was not definitive)

Israel will disappear - Ahmadinejad

Former delegate gets purported Diebold code

U.S. Plan for New Nuclear Weapons Advances

AP: Feds Charge Wis. Man in Stadium Threat

AFP: Bush: US troops to remain in Iraq until 'terrorists' defeated

UK forces prepare to retake Iraqi city

Medics beg for help as Iraqis die needlessly

CA Repub's (Tan Nguyen) office searched by investigators

Iraq Aims to Limit Mortality Data

Expert warns Iraq in a 'state of almost full collapse'

More than 750,000 Iraqis displaced since US invasion: UNHCR

Shiite Militia Seizes Control Of Iraq's Amarah

Feinstein asks Justice to appeal ruling vacating Lay conviction

Dean Campaigns for Lamont in Conn.

Spies' Iraq outlook bleak (Australian intelligence assessment on Iraq)

We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits

**CREW asks DOJ to investigate Weldon** for e-mails.. threats (re:SESTAK)

Marine killed in western Iraq # 2787

British wildlife head north as planet warms

(Elizabeth) Edwards: I'm More Joyful Than Clinton

Bush to consult generals about Iraq strategy

Court: Ariz. Can Seek Photo ID for Vote

WP: Medicare Drug Aid No Longer Automatic

'El Comandante' poised to lead Nicaraguans once again

Jet Transponder Not Working Before Crash (I was right.....

Michigan Governor Surges in the Polls

Expect a Warmer, Wetter World this Century, Computer Models Agree

Woman sues Burbank over vehicle-sticker cross

Bush: I won't change strategy in Iraq

Insurgents stage defiant parades in string of towns west of Baghdad

United States numb to Iraq troop deaths: experts

Voters Over 50 Favor Democrats (WSJ/NBC Poll)

Carter says Bush partly to blame for N.Korea test

Lieberman Opens 17-Point Lead In Connecticut, Poll Finds

in case nobody knows, St Louis is in the World Series

so are the freepers excited about the World Serious?

I need to answer my PMs

Hey Haruka....we're pretty in pink...

So there I was, hanging out in my local...

Have YOU forgotten?

Car Co-Ops

Western prom a relevant pubie re sloppyfat dreads

BABY PANDA Bites Off Woman's Thumb

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/20/06)

Man, I just don't get bowlines

Ever wondered what happens when Hallmark writers are having a bad day.....

Dan Simmons rocks - Illium - Olympos

So Underpants went to the UNC/UVA game last night.

My dad is 75 today.

a chipmonk,a statue,a flower,a pearl , and a butterfly

Blah....I don't wanna write a paper about Marx....boooo!

billyskank's advanced DU tips

3D flyover of Mount Everest

I need a hug!

What is the best name for a hairstylist you've seen?

University Student Elect: “You voted for me, bitches. That was a bad idea"

Video Rental Rule No. 1: When in Doubt, Rent a John C. Rielly Film

Do you like movies about Gladiators?

Batman & Robin gay? oh, never mind...........n/t

How long have you been married to an insane person?

Do you ever feel like a COMPLETE IDIOT?

70s Movie Quiz

If GoPsUx thinks for ONE MINUTE...

I'm 8 post away from 9000 and i have 11 minutes left until lunch

What's in your Spam Folder?

Don't ya love it when 2 New York teens get knocked up?

Woman receives messages from geese. Kills grandaughter

Tree Limbs Fall On Jesus Statue Forming A Cross

Anyone else hear Ava on The Young Turks this morning?

Just watched "Dazed and Confused," finally

Flipping along pic threads I realized,

Hitting the road in 1/2 hour. I leave you with this. Bwahahahahaha

Boy Dies After Fighting With His Twin Brother Over Pack Of Gum

Somebody just let one

Sun, we're depending on you man!

Energy Drink POLL

Anyone drive a Chrysler 300?

Page SIX!

NoelMN says to me, "I just wanted to let you know,

Why does coffee make you need to go to the washroom?

Is this normal?

tout suite, hoes.

I'm so pathetic - I really miss my kitty-kats

Grey's Anatomy actor: "I'm not your little faggot"

If you got the chance to go to China for a 17 day engineering

I need some good Karma from all of you pretty please!

"Shabby Security"

Tylenol Sinus with Cool Burst Technology...WTF?!?

oooh! I won an email scam! I'm so lucky!

As of 10AM Central Daylight Time this morning...

What do y'all think of Gordon Lightfoot?

Anyone notice STP's "And So I Know" = Gordon Lightfoot's "Beautiful"?

Battle of the "Bands"-Gordon Lightfoot vs. Engelbert Humperdinck

Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" & "Mudhoney" on TCM tonight

Can I Go Home Now?

Two fighter jets just flew really low over my office! (Detroit)

I just want to say "DAMN YOU RICK SANTORUM"

three pounds... three damned pounds away from breaking 200

David Rakoff on The Daily Show

President Al Gore (Saturday Night Live Video)

My new toenail polish is sooooo pretty! (pic)

ZW's Autumn Crock Pot Recipe Thread

Here's Johnnie

It's snowing leaves outside.

Who thinks their dog would do a better job as President of Iraq?

Don't ya love it when 2 New York teams get knocked off?

Is it right for my brother's creditors to be calling ME?

Where was I last weekend?

dolemite will whip your ass with a belt

On our 21st anniv., I discover that DH really DOES resemble George Clooney

Book Report

I called Haruka a Slut and she felt honored!...ask me anything...

Help me add to my "Pedal Steel" Playlist

My turn to ask the Lounge for good thoughts and vibes...

Audiogasm time!

Got my music picked out for the Nov. 7th Democratic victory

Why do people think that Lifecall(tm) commercial was funny?

Just cause it hasn't been posted in a while . . .

The new Pandora feature ("Quick Mix") is really excellent!

Quick, name something that *isn't* what it is.

A thread with lots of jokes? I was going to send several to my brother.

So you want to end a political friendship, what would you do?

New CD of Frank Zappa guitar solos, "Trance-Fusion," October 24

Bring back Ernie Harwell for the Series, and Jack Buck's ghost.

When did Charlie Daniels go Freeper?

Love... Love will keep us together...

Happy birthday Vigo

Happy Birthday Aragorn

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to............

From Greenville to Baton Rouge

Happy birthday Viggo!

You'll put your eye out with that!

My DU journal has certainly improved lately

Judge: Indecent Exposure Law Is Gender Specific (Woman's case dismissed)

for my 9000 th post

Lost Fans....Some answers in a Dharma Video

Quite possibly the stupidest program in the history of the world..

I was ripped off--I must RANT!

What's the right answer?

Are Cardinals fans poor spellers?

Ugh! I'm getting sick.

Officials: Community Should Be Concerned About Man (Sex With Animals)

What should I have for dinner?

Drivers that piss me off

Do opposites attract, for you?

Q&A with born again black sheep of the Baldwin family, Stephen

Ya know. DU is just a great place all around.

I was WHERE last weekend.......

Phone Sex Operator Says She Was Scammed

Love... Love will tear us apart...

What's this about not posting 6 threads in The Lounge?

Let's Start a SHIT LIST!!!

I just saw a thread about jazz piano on another, non-political site...

Bud lite....

What was the Romulans Prime Directive?

I mixed 40/60 Mr. Pibb & Sprite for lunch @ Straw Hat Pizza today...

There's a fire going in the pit out back


I want to know who the men in the shadows are.

JonathanChance on the air tonight 7-10 pm CDT

BREAKING NEWS! Republican has sex with own wife

Man Who Likes To Have Sex With Mannequins Arrested AGAIN

What Do You Love? Admit it here... in pictures!

Most attractive man alive?

The World Series Is Gonna Suck!

why do girls bruise more easily than guys?

I totally love the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader show on CMT

So... anybody notice I've been gone for three weeks?

Can anyone help me with an Access database

If you are registered to post on DU, but not registered to vote, LEAVE!

DU meet-up.

Its real simple--

Definitive proof that god doesn't exist!


Today in history 10-20

It's the 15th anniversary of the Oakland Hills Fire

Catholic High School Fires Lesbian Safety Officer

Your favorite bit from the National Lampoon magazine?

Man Accused Of Engaging In Sex Act With Family Dog

Credit Card slips - am I the only one that does this?

How should I dress up for a Halloween concert? for free tix!

Ahem. I am awaiting my Robb update.

I need some fashion advice.

Greetings from the land of eternal summer -- Florida!

Post your favorite pic(s) of yourself!

This evening: question about social etiquette... your opinion requested

I know what y'all did last night.

Confession: I May Be A Little Bit Racist

If it were possible to explore the vastness of the UNIVERSE...

Is anyone else not doing a damn thing for Halloween?

List some of the good music you think's out there now

Is it time for another "Show us your desktop" thread yet?

I need a costume idea. And it must be sexy.

So, I take it Detroit is going to win the World Series,

Those wacky Fundies are at it again. - Long Read

Worldview quiz

OK, let's finally define Christianity

Potassium Citrate helps bone density

Why does eating feel so good?

Greenland is losing 100 Gigatons of ice a year

Gold mine holds life untouched by the Sun

Nissan offering same-sex insurance benefits to Tennessee employees

No Contracts for America: 7 gay marriage bans strike at straights, too

How "gay marriage" bans hurt straights

Catholic school fires gay guard, supporters start petition

Cardinals vs. Tigers World Series, A Replay of 1968. A Poignant Look Back

Just found a note on my calendar.....

"Beyond Positive Thinking" on Larry King Live

Soulmates ...

OT: Obama

Sen. Kerry on Snuffy this Sunday

The money wars continue at dailykos

OT: Surprisingly fair AP/Forbes article about election systems

The Portsmouth event is cancelled

More fundraising peculiarities

From the Kerry blog concerning - Go there and give them

Who’s Behind

Holy shit. Claire McCaskill ad - watch this now. Amazing courage

Here we go again


Did you see the Santorum/LOTR comments on Colbert Report?

This is frightening for the Democratic perspectives.

I've stepped in it.

Nice post at TPM Cafe

Heads Up - New TPM article on Kerry Giving --


HELP microsoft word

Posted wrong info.. self delete

A song in honor of our friends in Guatamala, with whom we share history...

Anyone heard Leslie Marshall before?

Can someone please post a link to an article (noncommentary) of Writ RIP?

Molly Ivins says don't celebrate jsut yet

*SNIFF* *SNIFF*....hmm....Smells like propaganda....

Video: Is Bush Drinking Again?

Is YouTube Censoring Comments About GOP Ads?

Toles on the "torture bill"

THIS is a really useful website..

How to be a good Republican when the shit hits the fan

bush admits & regrets too much 'cowboy talk'. (bring it on dead or alive)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 10/20 -- duct tape and plastic wrap

Official: Fake NFL threat competition between two men

HEADLINE: Nelson widens lead over Harris in latest poll (26 points)

A friend of mine loses a son to drugs. The legal kind.

Barbara Bush "can't think of a better institution" to carry her name....

set-up for "NOT MY FAULT"?

Hillary haters offended by the cross around her neck.

NBC so broke they can only make crap.

Happy Diwali! Much joy and prosperity to our Hindu, Jain and Sikh friends!

74 troops now dead this month in W's war of choice against Iraq

Stand up America and Stop Being Afraid

VIDEO: "Join The U.S. Torture Corps! See The World! Kill Innocents!"

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 20 Oct 06

Scare-Letter Tactic Leads to Call for Withdrawal (Cali)

Please Write A Letter To The Editor About Habeas Corpus

Do you feel the Terror yet mr. bush?

BBC: N Korea 'not planning more tests'

GOP hopes to scare up votes this Halloween, read for a good laugh

Will repubs Deify bush like they did saint ron?

Promise me DU, that if Keith O goes on a speaking tour....

It appears that Nova M has added a second 'daily' talent...

Robertson re *: "He’s a born again believer..that respect he's a good guy"

wonderful timeless quotes

Today Show: Howard Dean Won't Appear with Mehlman

Beauprez:"If at the end of day, it turns out (we broke the law), so be it"

CNN's American Morning just had the funniest list re: the Dow

Isn't BUSH like an 'Enemy Combatant" RE the Constitution he's Shredding?

"The worst foreign relations disaster in U.S. history".

MI-9; Skinner has Knollenburg on the ROPES; OBAMA endorses Skinner

Today show just ran a "hit piece" on Pelosi

Debt-ridden US troops barred from overseas duty

The failure in Iraq will ALWAYS be tied to the Republican Party....

Ackerman/Turley noted habeas's defacto death for citizens - will USSC

"Reflections on the Eve of Another Rigged Election" We All Must Vote!

I'm guessing the the Muslim God Allah, is beating Rumsfelds God, er God.

GOP to Air Ad Warning of Terror Attacks

i read 60 books this year -bush

Racists on the Ballot: Hard-Right Radicals Run in 2006

Why Not Let Them Hate Us, as long as They Fear Us? Chas Freeman

WTF? Does anyone else feel like Global Politics has turned into a poorly

Maliki Instructs Health Minister To STOP Providing Iraqi Death Toll to UN

Thom Hartmann's newest email newsletter

What is wrong with us? As Ameircans?

Is Bob Perry meddling in your state policits? Want us in TX to protest?

Senator Hutchinson on attacking Iraq: I would have voted NO.

CHECK YOURS HERE ON LINE: Voters Reg status (for most states)

Venezuela a 'potential hub of terrorism' in Americas: US Congress report

Diebold voting machine code mailed to legislator

U.N.: OVER 914,000 Have Fled Homes in Iraq

Col. Pat Lang - Bush gonna cut and run after the election?

Ahmadinejad warns Europe may pay heavy price for support of Israel

NYT: China steps up, prepared to exert pressure on North Korea

Bush: "The Democrats are for everything except victory in Iraq."

Court Told They Lack Power - Bush Moves To Enforce Military Commission Act

BREAKING NEWS: Al-Sadr Militia takes over the town of Amara

At Charlotte Airport I saw a whole bunch of newly minted Soldiers.

OK... Let's Assume for 2 Minutes that the Democrats Win BIG in Both Houses

Stem cell research = prolife

Denmark has it right

Wag that dog...

Sherrod Brown/deWine debate, rerun right now...9AM CDT


Do you want Congress in the hands of Republicans...

CT Dem Party sending Absentee Ballots to All?????

Riverbend is back....

Time to start sending jalapenos to Bush&Co

There Is An "I Voted" Avatar! There's Early Voting....

My letter to Victor Hanson Re: "Pathological Hysteria"

Campaign contributions....where can I find out who gave what?

David Kuo (betryed by Bush administration) on Sam Seder's..

The US is Still Blowing up Shiite Mosques in Iraq.....

republicans are screwing us all because Clinton lowered the character bar

DeWine-Brown debate replay on CSPAN - now.

So, how's that "Fightin' them over there" working for ya?

If I could sum up what America stood for when I grew up in a few words it

I used to love watching military jets

For a moment, these two threads appeared side by side in LBN...

Iraq Civil War technically begins: Mahdi army has seized Amarah

The Latest Installment of "THIS IS NOT THE ONION!!" (Textbooks as SHIELDS)

Would military enlistment increase with Democrats in charge?

WP: Felix Macaca gets more support from Bush than he bargained for

"FOX News - fact free since 1996"

Hours after release, Internet Explorer 7 flaw exposed

I once swore an oath to defend the US Constitution

Troops' Debt a Growing Security Concern

Heck of a job, Maliki! - Or where do all them "suicide" bombers come from?

History Repeats 10-20-06

(TOON) Rowson: That Vietnam Moment

Ney (R-OH) says GOP just pretending to be anti-gay to fool Christian right

Can someone point me in a direction for a discussion?

Will the bornagain bushies LEARN a LESSON about being easily fooled?

Just now the majority of Americans...

Dum-dum-dum: Mike Rogers (Blogactive) returns to out another hypocrite!

Kevin Tillman (Pat's brother): After Pat's Birthday

The guy who posted the possible NFL stadium terror plot

David Kuo on with Sam Seder....9:37 AM CDT

The Iraq deaths study was valid and correct

CT DUers--How's that Schlesinger guy doing in the polls in your state?

So.. are we gonna attack Iran now?

This Amarah thing is being turned into a turning point of the war

RAW STORY: Watchdog critic frets about Fox's 'leftward' slant

Former Top Bush Admin Official Calls For Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

Weldon's FBI "source" on Crazy Curt's payroll

When are you allowed to photograph or video-tape at a voting precinct?

no new republican sex scandal this morning?

Court denies plea to shut down Spamhaus (Anti-Spam Site)

Police let abductor go for some reason?!??

GOP will have 'Buyer's Remorse' if Lieberman does win.

Good News! Bob Woodruff is Coming Back to ABC

Putin the pig

Monkeyboy is keeping amerikuns safer from terrorism........

Following the Money, Big Oil, Big Money.

The Legend of John Henry, man vs. machine, but with a happy ending

Be sure to take your video camera with you to vote

Have you all seen Malan's blog video on Project Runway?

Post-11/7, Rumsfeld goes, Chimp Flip-Flops on Iraq War Strategy

It's Friday, Did i miss the News dump?

If Republicans couldn't stop Foley, how can they stop bin Laden?

So we've been betrayed by the Executive, Legislative, & Judiciary branches

Let's start calling the war on terror the Iraqi Civil War, cuz that's ...

What are San Francisco values or Nancy pelosi values...

Homeland Security Still Ridin' Dirty

Greenwald: Is protection from threats the highest political value?

What's The Matter With Kansas ... Republicans? Defections Galore ...

Upcoming shows in Jack Cafferty's "Broken Government" series

Heather Wilson (R - NM) television ad

"Cut & Run" will be bush jr.'s "Read My Lips"

What if Lieberman wins in Connecticut?

Poll: South now opposes Iraq at same or higher levels as rest of US

Iraqi Army and Sadr's Mahdi Army locked in an all out Battle in Amara

re scalia


Do you think people are less friendly now than in previous decades?

Truthiness and lies... (from Online Journal...a very good read)

Hey! Its Character Counts Week!! (Forget the Repub Scandals)

Bush to Consult on Changing Iraq Tactics

Behind Closed Doors ($8.3 billion annually)

Time for unity, or time to smack them down? WARNING: RANT

Is this what they mean by GOP values?

Big Brother wants to sell you a pizza

They anxiously waited and waited for the 9/11 attack

800 Shiite militiamen seizes total control over Iraqi city

Veep trouble: Amherst native sues security man over 'free speech' arrest

How can we get more cons to move to the cut-and-run crowd?

What Liberal Media? Coverage Of Reid Land Deal Surpasses Hastert Land Deal

Having a republican lecture me on deficits is like a pedophile lecturing

Taking Advantage of Our Defeat in Iraq

McCain's irrational position on "solving Iraq" is exposed

Bush* hunkering down with top brass over Iraq. Unscheduled meeting.

The Courts Are Starting To Accept That The War Against Iraq Is A Crime

Can we try to come up with a 'slogan' instead of 'cut n run' ...

Snowjob on deck at 1PM EST, C-SPAN-3

Does Rita Cosby Suffer From Vocal Nodes?

Bush Pumpkin Picking: You Break It You Buy It **VIDEO


mistreatment of Green Zone workers

Caption the clueless commander

Which One Is Smarter? ---pix--->>>

The USS Cole bombing was a joint operation

bush the Idiot Explains Why There has Been So Much Death in Iraq

What is up with my buddy, Wesley Snipes?

BBC - 911 Remains Found While Digging Manhole

Excellent letter to Al Franken...

Jerry Lewis(R-CA) Prosecutor quits, joins his defense law firm....

Bush's nuclear test

When we win both houses, great things will happen

please unFreep this poll - on CT Senate race

Jane Harman: Hoekstra Suspended Staffer To Settle Political Score

Iraq 'hiding true casualty figures' - Le Monde

NBC's problems shows why MergerMania should be a bigger issue

Who is this idiot on with Franken?

Write a commercial for the DNC!

Pat Tillman's Army Ranger brother, Kevin: Vote For Change

Browsing the "Shabby Security" section of Halloween costume site and ROFL

Lewis Falsely Implies Mass Firing Of Investigators Was ‘Bipartisan’

Zero! Number of Subpoenoes Congress Issued investigating WH last 6yrs

Tucker Carlson: "It's total bullshit. I talked to Abrams last night."

Whatever happened to the pre-war intelligence investigation?

Now Lewis (R-CA) Says Dismissal of Investigators was Bipartisan...Link

Playing tag now a no-no at some US schools

Bill Maher tonight: Barney Frank, Jason Alexander, Bill Richardson,.......

Anyone here remember Thomas Eagleton?


BUSH FLIP FLOP! I wanted Osama dead before I didn't care about him!

The truth behind that (bad word) Debbie Schlussel...and Glenn Beck

Flip-flopper Bush not staying the course, panicking.

Lieberman leads Lamont

YouTube purges 30,000 copyright files

Veep trouble: Amherst native sues security man over 'free speech' arrest

new blog post

New RW meme coming - the US public is to blame for Iraq!

Over Protests, GOP Rep Suspends Aide For Iraq/Terror Report Leak

This just in: Bush is a coward and wants to cut and run from terror!

1/20th Of Iraqi Population Have Fled, Equivalent to 15 Million Americans

Many positions in FEMA require years of training and education

A Bumper Sticker to wear proudly after 11/7...

Bush to consult on changing Iraq tactics (as the militas have parades)

Remember to visit you favorite DVD seller next week, 24 October

The Bees' Needs

During National Character Counts Week, Bush Stumps for Philanderer

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil

A song from my generation to the twenty-somethings of today

Caption Bush picking up his "fix"...

Norton Anti-Virus just blocked this attack on my computer. Who is this?

Log Cabin Republicans try to pin Foley scandal on Democrats

White House being briefed on "End of Days" Biblical Prophesies

A Counter ad against RNC "Bin Laden" commercial

Is there an increase in companies doing drug screens?

What is KO email?

Binghampton Press Op/Ed: "Rove Bad For Democracy"

Six More House Races Suddenly Become Competitive In This Week Alone

This talk of how bad a "Leader Pelosi" would be, is sexism at its core.

LETTER to LA TIMES: Re. Max Boot: Bring Iraqi Forces Up to Speed

Miami Archdiocese apologizes to Foley. Where the Fuck is Foley's apology?

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but Lieberman opens 17-pt lead

CBS: Priest's Relations With Foley To Be Probed

Donate to the DCCC or DSCC today!


BBC - Iraq Security Advisor Laments Troop Failures

Just had to pass this on . . .

Democratic leaders demand urgent change in Iraq policy :: Letter to chimpy

Ohioans, please GOTV

Cardinals vs. Tigers World Series, A Replay of 1968. A Poignant Look Back

David Van Os to be interviewed on Alex Jones today - 10/20

Plane Crash Display Causing Shock In Los Angeles

Great Democratic Ad

I'm ticked off at Jim Davis running for Fl governor.

Before repealing the Military Commissions Act, let's put the PNAC

"Problems plague election administrators " What a mess!

Colbert's First Appearance on The Daily Show

just listening to some of the zane burjee's (spelling) CNN interview with

It is my fondest hope

Bush Says He'll Reconsider Iraq Tactics...yeah, right

VA Secretary Nicholson is in major Denail or just a liar

Didn't only ONE poll show Lamont winning the Dem. primary?

Nice collection of protest videos, courtesy of Neil Young

The Malloy show sub for Springer

Why aren't there any U.N. Security Council Resolutions against US?

That's it, I'm joining the Army

Speaker Hastert Statement on Suspected Democrat Leak of the NIE

Reuters: U.S. Numb To Iraq Deaths - Experts

Bhwahaha - Weldon: Vast Liberal Conspiracy "Is what it is"...

Framing the debate: Basic chemistry analogy

Man in gorilla suit grabs kid (video)

Why, oh why, do I bother?

Couple captured in Kentucky murder case and kidnapping

For the next few weeks don't go anywhere without a camera of some kind

Shiite militia takes over Iraqi city...

New poll based on WP Question: Bill Clinton for VP?

Imagine Without The "Fluff"

Anyone else on pins and needles?

Russian President Putin jokes about Israeli rape scandal

At this low point & late hour, can the neoconazis turn it around?

dupe nevermind

Team Delta, A group of make believe soldiers is looking for volunteers..


I'm Impressed!!! NC Elections Board sent me this nifty little pamphlet...

"Even If Democrats Win in November, They're Out of Luck"

It's time to give Iraq back to the Iraqis

Public Health: Slow Motion Disaster

PEW: 1/3 of White Evangelicals voting for Dems, majority of Catholics

WP, Froomkin: The Ugly Truth: Confusing strategy, tactics, and goals

Official Breakfast with Mike Malloy thread ver. 2.0

Back to back commercials on CNN - first some potion to make women

OK People.. time to get down to the dirty and fight... listening to Randi

Katherine Harris is going to soon resort to Prostitution.

Cheney: "There are connections between al-Qaeda and Iraq"

The flip side of abortion parental notification

89 year old driver convicted for accident--could get 18 years in prison

Cheney Still Lying About Iraq-Al Qaeda Link »

Human species 'may split in two'

Caption the two "good ol' boys"...

Caption * -he looks stranger every day !

The HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" Certainly Looks Enticing

Take a look! I think the priest is Foley's dad!! They look so much alike.

Man Accused Of Engaging In Sex Act With Family Dog

Joe Scarborough Asks - "Is Bush An Idiot?"

Laura Bush and Sen. Allen have private fundraiser with Nixon's lawyer

My Dream Ad for the Democrats

Why is there such a focus on Foley's molester??

Curious....MSNBC current Pundits still chasing Fox News Skirts...????

"State Court Rules Against Catholic Church on Insurance" BIRTH CONTROL!

As I cry

Tucker's a total idiot

Tom Coburn's legislative director is gay

Hannity caught off-camera. What a jerk.

10 year US Plan for Detention Camps...

How come I'm not a Republican?

CNN: Repubs will be using ad featuring Osama Bin Laden

Weird Al nails it again....

If WWIII were inevitable . . .

Yes! Mandatory Anthrax Vaccines are Back! USA! USA! USA!

Jenna Bush Working with UNICEF (Paraguay info, also)

Senator Dodd joins Ned Lamont in new Lamont ad ...

Freepers calling CNN al-Jazeera of the west, smells like desperation.

Did Hannity actually say "Democrats should not vote"?

A few Lunchtime toons

This "evilgelical" just can't admit she's licked, bless her heart

Who wants the GOP to retain it's majority the most in your opinion?

You can help Ohio today with your vote

If Iraq is a "democracy" now, as bush has said, and the vast

What will Republicans change "cut and run" to when we start pulling out?

Is it possible to Buy Local, Buy Organic, on a budget?

What Do You Yell At Your TV When They Show A Clip of * Talking?

So, how many gang members

Sex ed gets a lot sexier at Canadian university

Ken Mehlman: Foley scandal is so yesterday

This Democrat wants to cut and run...

In case you didn't get the memo, it's"..with liberty & justice for few."

Did the WH tell Hoekstra (R) to punish staffer who leaked the NIE?

Did Bush tell Fed Judges they could no longer hear Habeas Corpus

Melanie Morgan coming up on tweety! get your gas masks out.

Read this thread and then please DU the Chicago Tribune

"Steer a new course in Iraq."

Carlyle Group among finalists--Will Dubai Sell our Ports to BinLadens?

A Terrorists GREATEST Weapon Is FEAR! Why Are Republicans Working SO HARD

Bush: "If this is the Democrats' idea of love, I wouldn't want to see..."

Cable "News" irresponsible coverage of NFL threat. Kudos to Olbermann!

GOP hits new low in attempt to scare voters into supporting Bush

Let's help the journalists: how about a list of Mehlman's serial lies?

Limbaugh: Iraq violence shows "terrorists have voted Democrat"

Paula Zahn just referred to the guy running against Hillary as...

"Agents Search Calif. Candidate's Office" REPUBLICAN, Nguyen

Character? Who's got it? What IS it?

Genera Pace says Rumsfeld's work is led by...wait for it..."the good Lord"

A Bizarre Study Suggests That Watching TV Causes Autism

Homeschooling prevents pregnancy, shootings & STDs say So. Baptists

In this country, older people are treated like garbage.

Heck of a job, Maliki!

Officials Probing Possible Theft of Voting Software in Maryland.

does Bill Clinton help democrats?

The new GOP poll-tested buzzword on Iraq: "ADJUST"

I think they'll let the votes count (Dem victory) in '06; steal it in '08

Shame of a Few Democrats Whose 2008 Ambitions are Clouding the Midterms!

Kevin Tillman (Pat's Brother and Special Forces comrade) writes for change

Breaking News...Another Repuke Sex Scandal....Humor

what we can expect if the liberals win:

Jesus Rode a Donkey and Not an Elephant@

Who's funding Lieberman?

Roger Ailes produced Limbaugh TV show

Caption this * pic...

Friday Freeper Funny!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaaaa!

"Granholm Pulls Ahead in Mich. Gov. Race" 8-9 point lead!

If you are registered to post on DU, but not registered to vote, LEAVE!

Bill Hicks concert on "Comedy Central" tonight.


When freepers write LTTEs...

Pat Tillman's Brother: 'Somehow Torture, Lying & Killing Is Now Tolerated'

Rove's October surprise about to be unleashed -

Pelosi Letter to Hastert on Hoekstra's Disciplining of Democratic Staffer

FYI: On 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher tonight:

Denny Hastert is Protecting Our Kids

Former delegate gets purported Diebold code

Larry Johnson:On the Road to Strategic Defeat in Iraq

The Dems probably won't win in Nov.

A neat email my coworker sent me by way of his uncle, obviously a repug

Clinton's attack on habeas corpus (and secret evidence, too!)

OMG!!! Price of Google shares just jumped UP over $30 per share!

TPM Muckraker: House GOP Spending Chief Axes Investigative Staff

The October Surprise

Dana Milbank among the very worst. Listen to this, from Tweety's show:

IT MADE THE NEWS: House committee dismisses bulk of investigative division

Renew Your Passport Now!

Paralyzed, 28, and Aiming for the State Senate

The election: Work for the best outcome. Be prepared for the worst.

Want to really piss off a right winger? Laugh at them.

Watch reporter David Gregory imitate W on Leno

I am so F----ing tired of the term "Winning" in Iraq.

Elizabeth Edwards: I'm More Joyful Than Hillary Clinton

A Soldier's Tale

Anyone catch Dobbs and his guest blame the Iraq mess on everyone but Bush?

if things are not going well for bush and his power grab,


Community Supported Agriculture - Anyone Involved?

Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God

Just sent the Tillman letter to every Republican I know!

Subsequent to their latest media blitz, RNC has modified their logo.

Duke Cunningham's sad letter from prison

US Committing "Corruption of the Blood "? Another Constitution Violation!

How To Shut Down A Reicht-Wing Coworker

Tillman: "somehow...was nurtured by fear, insecurity and .."

Powerful Michael J Fox ad for McCaskill (stem cell related)

Tucker/Cosby Out at MSNBC??

Wow. This man has courage...

Tony Snow Bangs Head Against Podium While Trying To Define “Strategy”...

Google is destroying YouTube!!! But it's not all bad..

Amendment 4: Tin Soldiers & Nixon Coming ....

Does Anyone Here Know About Adoption in the US?

Oprah asks: Would you like to challenge Bill O'Reilly?

How come Norway and Sweden don't worry about terrorism?

If we as a country said today that we are behind bush..

Bush Bars Courts From Detainee Review - Court Told It Lacks Power...

No surrender: CA 50th Appeal Reply – Land Shark – Busby-Bilbray

Woman shoots self in stomach and kills full term fetus

Will the Iraqi Govt. via US Regime regain Anbar province?

Breaking: Fire at Ft. Meade possibly burning intelligence records.

Even if we win both Houses by huge margins, it will be gridlock

Everyone say thanks to the "We Keep You Safe" Republican Party


Bush: “The Election IS NOT About Me.” Oh, YES It Is – 24/7. Pics-dialup

Isn't Detroit a majority black city?

Sorry but you've got to see this sign. if you like K&R

Republicans would rather put Bin Laden in their ads than Bush

Have you guys seen this? "The Story of the 101st. Fighting Keyboarders"

The war on Marijuana- is it worth it? (poll)

If the Democrats win the House,

An intellectual exercise: on "trolls" and voter turnout

Ok, I'm just a bit ticked off right about now. WTF??

Action alert : independent exit polls (Election defense alliance plans 1)

A Quick Update: State Street Hearing Yesterday

GOTV Latino strategy in WA...excellent move by the DNC.

Victoria Wulsin (running against Mean Jean Schmidt) in live chat today!

(FL-13) GOP Fights to Save Fla. Seat in Congress (AP)

Did Republican Heather Wilson (R-NM) Protect A Child Molester?

Now that voting machine "problems" are getting reported, does

Here's an ad jingle that you'll sing all day long

MI-9; Skinner has Knollenburg on the ROPES; OBAMA endorses Skinner

Something is being done right(Important)

JC Watts: perception that Feingold&comp are alway on the side of terraists

Poll wise how's John Murtha doing against Diana Irey ?

My song about Mark Foley

Schlesinger's debate performance apparently helped Lieberman, not Lamont

Rep. Renzi's staff makes false statement on support from Navajo Senator

Corker (scumbag-TN) flip-flopper on "stay the course" (VIDEO)

MSNBC's showing GOP "Osama" ad at least once per hour, for "analysis"

Top 15 Governor's races most likely to change parties

A Message to the Kerry Supporters at DU

My letter to a RW talk show host

Photos: Bush "Chimp" effigy makes appearance at Jerusalem Day, Tehran

More proof that freedom isn't free

Can the dems run a commercial "Terror, Terror, Terrror"

Washington Journal - These scandals are Clinton's fault

USA Today article on Minnesota races and political advertising

GOP theme: Put People in Charge of Stopping Shit They're Actually Doing

Refutation required by economics experts!

Wow, Did Cheney Get It Wrong With How "Remarkably Well" Things Are In Iraq

Unbelievably inappropriate remarks by Putin

O'Reilly: Economy's strong, Al Qaeda on the run, we haven't been attacked

GOP: "The only thing we have is fear itself."

Heads-up for Ohioans and all DUers following races in OH

All Republicans who are voting DEM this year

DUers if you don't want McAuliffe to represent Dems tell Dean to show up

Mehlman is being investigated for at least two events.

Pat Tillman's Army Ranger brother, Kevin: Vote For Change

Response to Republican "Fear" ads

After Pat's Birthday by Kevin Tillman ! Best reason to GOTV ever!

The Republican bin laden ad (we knew this was coming)Didn't We?

Did you see that? Google: 'Bush has his Vietnam'

Kim Jong-Il Apologizes for Nuke test

Any New Info From Kos On Jerry Weller (R-IL)? ..........nt

Remission accomplished: militia takes control of Iraq city

Rep Weller refers incident to House

BREAKING BIG TIME: Bush says he will consult with generals on change of

Pelosi: America's Dependence on OPEC Statement

Judge Questions Fla. Exit Poll Limit

Latest Senate-Race Polling and Musings


RNC Bin Laden Scare-Video? Fool Me Once Shame On Me - Fool Me Twice?

Fox News Falsely Claims Media Have Ignored Sen. Reid’s Land Deal »

Six More Once-Safe GOP House Seats Now "Competitive" (The Better To...)

GOP reduces future oil company royalties worth billions.

I was asked if I supported "Extraordinary rendition" by a....

C&L Video: Sue Kelly (R-NY) "punks out of a debate, runs from cameras"

Predicting the Senate and House -- with a calculator

Swiftboating MoveOn

FBI Probes Possible Voting Software Theft In Maryland.....

Photos: FLAGS. That's what Bush needs more of. FLAGS. MORE, DAMMIT!

Framing the debate: Basic chemistry analogy

Have you had enough(of Mary Bono)?

Hannity:"Dems, stay home election day, for the sake of the nation!"

NYTimes multimedia: Republican Blame Game (home page)

Romney has LDS church support '08 Prez bid???

Schwarzenegger Takes A Page out of Bush's Book

Bush, VP Play Up Lieberman's Woes

overheard: republicans already conceding the house.

After Pat's Birthday by Kevin Tillman.

IAVA releases the score card on Congress

In his speech to a cheering, partisan crowd today, Bush .......

HELP MoveON "The answer is all inside your head, she said to me"...

Caption, please: His Dibs goes drug shopping

Boo-O-Meter (Cities where Neil Young received most "boos" for Bush song)

Rove aide , Susan Ralston, resigns - this not covered by MSM:


A message to Reopen 911 Supporters

Limbaugh - "Cut and Run Conservatives"

Fraud is already happening in my local elections - Please Help

Help Democrats replace Ken Blackwell in Ohio SOS race

Dem Barbara Radnofsky rocks!

A tale of two ads: Montana Senate campaign

Pukes scare voters, again; Rove "will consistently refresh that message"

I just heard AAR quote McAuliffe and Mehlman on elections chances.

Does Osama bin Laden have kidney problems, or not ?

'Deliberate cruelty is not forgivable'--send this to your RW cat loving

This ad was so funny

Some advice for the dem's don't respond to the TERROR ad

Source of Colo. Attack Ad Details Named (Bob Beauprez)

Dr. Wilsun's chat transcript now up! (Running against Mean Jean Schmidt)

Where's their vaunted "discipline" now?

A RANT: Why do I have the audacity to even call myself JEFFERSONS GHOST?

Here's Sound Logic....

New name for Rush ditto-heads - The Limbo's

Melanie Morgan: 100% batshit crazy (on "Hardball")

Give a Buck to Duck!

Bloody Stain of Vietnam in Iraq

Photos: "President Bush stops at the drug counter..."

I wonder what was behind

Is there a "One-Degree of Separation Rule" for church electioneering?

John McCain the straight talker

KISSINGER vs.JAMES BAKER III: "Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain"

Samm Simpson for Congress Dist. 10 Florida

Ads like this will win us the House!

Hypothetical Question: If GWBush had been pResident during WW2...

Slow To The Punch

I wish you would believe me when I say the Dems will take back Congress

Oct 19: Crist changes positions on 3 hot issues (Imitates Davis in FL)

Paula Zahn just refered to the GOP as the "republic" party...

Is the blackwell in Ohio 1.2 million voters dropped a scam ?

Nothing new under the sun - the "sins" of Republicans

"John Roberts and Samuel Alito - what's so objectional?"

Political Compass - where do you land?

Poor Senator Jim Talent (R-Cheap) just got his own VoteVets ad

Quinnipiac poll: Lieberman has 17-point lead over Lamont (52 to 35%)

Inbred Asshat Freep offers Bush a "winning strategery" for Iraq: KILL.

Did anyone hear Rush telling his listeners not to vote?

Are you paranoid about what Rove may pull off with 19 days left?

george allen, untainted by national politics (seriesly!!)

email from Bernie Sanders (voter suppression in Vt :grr:

Chimpy: "The enemy is active"

Maybe I'm nuts but I thought of an election strategy that MIGHT help us

(Video) For Supporters of John Edwards (and NC-08 Kissell !)

ELECTION 2006 by Matt Cale (please read)

Rasmussen: MT-Sen moved from "leans Dem" to "toss-up"

Repigs are so giddy about Joe Leib, yet throw their (R) guy under the bus

Sestak hits back at Weldon's "swiftboating"

Google is destroying YouTube!!! But I have some good news too.

Hastert gets another lukewarm endorsement

QUICK, DNC!!! Make an ad about what happened to this family:

Is Hillary Clinton Positioned as the'08 front runner? Opinions Wanted...

Thank you DU.. for being here before all the rest

Goldwater Democrats?!?

Bush: "It is interesting what's happened to the Democrat Party"

Boston Globe: Romney defends Mormon (church) strategy

Wes Clark turns Cavuto "ambush" into a Fighting Dems campaign ad

Elizabeth Edwards delivers smackdown to Hillary Clinton

Land Shark: Not Going Down Without a Fight-CA's 50th Cong. Dist.

not the final word on the John Kerry matter... but a nice additition

Can we it Fascism?

The MCA CAN BE USED to deny U.S. CITIZENS habeas - the key is CASE LAW