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Archives: October 22, 2006

"Citizens' Toolkit: Take Back Your Elections" (a cure for anxiety & dread)

Joe Klein: When Loyalty Trumps Truth

ISLAM AND WOMEN----Clothes Aren't the Issue, but "the 4:34 dance" is.

Thus Spake Zarabushtra ?tactic? strategy?

At Play in the Realm of Political Animals

Now we know what we know, why is Blair still in office?

The American mid-term elections

Israeli War Plan Had No Exit Strategy

Russian FM calls int'l demands on Hamas 'unrealistic'

Mike Malloy Video Talks About 9/11

Researchers blast voting machine strategy-Bought & Replaced Haphazardly

Mexico's Election Fraud: What the US Media Didn't Tell You

Elizabeth Edwards on Russert now. Again at 10 EST

2 Former Treasury Chiefs Add Clout to Hedge Funds

Israeli War Plan Had No Exit Strategy

Britain 'risking defeat in Afghanistan'

Pressure builds for policy shift, but Bush shows no signs of budging

U.S. State Department: There was arrogance and stupidity from U.S. in Iraq

Abortion ban closer in Nicaragua

AP U.S. sees deadliest month of '06 in Iraq

WP: Democrats Strengthen Chances For Senate

Diplomat cites U.S. 'stupidity' in Iraq

AP: Muslim Scholar Denied Entry To U.S.

Shia militia turn on each other in Iraq

Saudis to Invest Over sr 2 Billion in Iraq

NYT: Guardedly, Democrats Are Daring to Believe

AP: More Human Remains Found At Ground Zero

Schroeder: Bush's faith raised suspicion

US helicopter bombs Al-Sadr office in Suwaira, south of Baghdad

"Don't interfere" in Nicaragua vote, OAS tells U.S.

(Scotland's Chief Cardinal) O'Brien urges Muslims to say sorry for 9/11

Officer Struck by Federal Judge Dies

So how long, on average, does it take for toenails to grow?

Haha...I just got the best comment on my "wall" at Facebook.

Holy Streisand !!! I'm gonna see CRAP!!!

Weird stuff that just happens & makes you smile..

I'm excited for a couple of reasons.

self delete dupe

Anyone know a good place to find a set of beer glasses?

I'm feeling snarky!

Should I Have A Beer ?

I got an interesting job offer...

Root beer floats

Tell Off Someone You Know Here (Without Naming Names): Let "Er Rip!

Anyone seen any good movies lately? Thanks a bunch!

Wanna buy a castle?

Where there's family (bless em) there are migraines........

Fuck! Now I have the U of Maine Stein Song stuck in my head.

Dogdamned popup blocker! Why can't you block actual pop-ups?

magic browwwwnieeees

What is your opinion on a Mentoring program at my community college?

The University of Minnesota football team should NOT be celebrating...

World Series Game 1:

How often do you swear in real life?

Camel toe

You're all invited to the party!

I'm not sure if this is allowed...

CBGB's is no more


George Bush's sheep don't like goats.

Bunny suicides

Anyone wanna throw down a Shepherd's Pie recipe?

Anyone wanna throw down a Terracotta Pie recipe?

Good citizens check for duplicates! The 10 most recent Lounge threads are:

Holy CRAP !!! I'm gonna see Streisand!!!

I have a working computer again!

Post pictures of your weird crushes!

Best post on DU ever?

Is it against the law for a duck and dog to get it on?

Which quality of a religious authority is more important to you?

The Supreme Master Ching Hai

The essence of organized religion is lack of faith!

Game 1, 06 world series

Is anyone here familiar with Steve Bassett?

Could someone please see if they can pick up where my checkbook might be?

This should be interesting; taking it with a wee grain of salt though:

Brothers and Sisters VA Watchdog has your Rep voting record up

Who wants the West Coast birthday card next?

Check out this anti-swift boater ad I found in Greatest:

What happened to the post I was reading about

What house members support Bush, the list.

Don't daydream in class, George!

Have more DU'ers seen "Man of the Year" to support Verified Paper Ballots?

From Baghdad to Washington: How the war came to the White House

Despair, negativism, and stupidity go to the top and stay there . . .

If a Peace March was called on Washington would you go

This Guy Represents Me?!

VIDEO: Who is George Allen?

Baker's Iraq Study is in favor of Murtha's withdrawing troops gradually

NYT: U.S. to Hand Iraq a New Timetable on Security Role

World Series Game 1:

Cliff Schecter kicks butt -again

Anybody See Flags Of Our Fathers?

The world is coming to an end - Proof

Britain 'risking defeat in Afghanistan'

What is your idea for the GOP's Motto?

Geologist: Earth has lots and lots of oil

Mike Malloy Fans: Email From NovaMRadio, Help Test The Stream


C-Span Prank Calls!

Who's that guy advertising on Air America lately?

Dems need to strike back

Guess what, everybody! I just joined AirAmerica Premium

This is one hell of an Editorial!

Hip, Hip Hooray for the Drug War: Mexico Gangs Displaying Severed Heads

Should Keith Olbermann consider running for political office in 2008?

Jesus Said: One Man + One Woman = Marriage (Billboard in WI)

LATimes: The Selfless Iraqi Burial Society

Question for DU vets...

Health Care Like Your Congressman's

2 questions about my ballot I just got

U.S. official: History may show U.S. 'stupidity' on Iraq

SNL is doing Faux Snooze -- Hume interviewing Bush.

too all of you who answered my law question

Does the Military Commissions Act apply only to alliens?

Hillary Clinton Debate on Cspan right now

And Just In Time For The Post-Election (Gas Price) Bounce . . .

Westboro Baptist Church; Owned

Sunday Times: "Iraq Is No Vietnam - It's Far Worse Than That"

What If Joe Lieberman Gave the Senate Back to the Republicans?

For My 1000th Post - F## k Boosh F0%#k the Reptards, F%*k the Sheeple

Re: Elizabeth Edwards' so called "bombshell"

WATERBOARD BUSH! It's legal now.

In case anyone missed it, Doonesbury has been great this week

NYT: Bush consults on Iraq only when "iron grip on power" threatened

OPUS- You can't just shoot 2 pound spitwads at people!!

Reflections On The Eve Of Another Rigged Elelction...

Project Constitution. ACTION ALERT "Its the constitution, not TP"

German Chancellor Schroeder: About Bush being a fundie nut...

Do you know who else was publicly a Conservative Christian

Pilot-Fatigue Test Lands JetBlue In Hot Water

Bush Panel May Curb Tax Breaks for Homeowners, Health

Federal judge, poppy Bush's cousin, kills police officer

Google Trends: An invaluable and entertaining tool for researching...

Mexico's Election Fraud: What the US Media Didn't Tell You

Went to see Man of the Year in Sandy, Utah. There were applause at the end

Voting for Impeachment (The Nation)

Here's how you "fix" the immigration "problem"..

"Jesus Rode a Donkey" as Opposed to "Jesus was a Radical"

any law students or lawyers here please????

My marriage is just fine, thanks, but if it ever needs "defending" ...

Stupidest Republican meme

I can't believe how apolitical most people are

Denver Post: Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy paying off (in Idaho)

Huff Post: What Would Jesus Do, Asshole?

Celebrate the death of HABEAS CORPUS on HALLOWEEN.

Which best describes Lincoln Chaffee (RI)?

A sample of *'s week - lots of pics

Fox News asks Bush a tough question

Who do you blame most for making * President?

Would nancy Grace suspend habeas corpus and legalize torture?

Fire damages Fort Meade office building ('sensitive' materials)

If you own a website....

C-Span1 New York Senatorial Debate Now 8PM Eastern

Isikoff and Corn: authors of "Hubris" on C-Span2 Now

Diplomat cites U.S. 'stupidity' in Iraq

"The Heist" by Peter Stone was just on Afterwords on Cspan 2

Sheldon Whitehouse (D) Senate candidate for Rhode Island

So Google is donating to the 'pubs, eh?

Re: The stakes. Please e-mail this message to everyone you know

Wealthy Coal Exec Hopes to Turn Democratic West Virginia Republican

NYT: Growing Absentee Voting Is Reshaping Campaigns

(NY-24) Democrat, Republican Decry GOP TV Ad (AP)

Matt Drudge having an ORGASM on bullshit article on GOP holding congress

bush's presidential library (an oxymoron if ever i heard one)

Has anyone heard a rumor of over 300 troops being killed

CNN Poll: Will history show "stupidity" in its handling of Iraq war?

"Rahm just may be our skinny,nine-fingered, Jewish,Chicago version of LBJ"

WP: How Foley skirted rules to pursue pages

"Call to Action - 'google-bombing' the election" - Chris Bowers /

The Empty Promise of "Compassionate Conservatism"

We sentenced Japanese for this

In the Bible, the high priest would transfer the sins of the people

Blue-Collar Democrats Return to Their Roots

HE'S B-A-A-A-A-C-K...

Democrats Strengthen Chances For Senate: Va., Mo. and Tenn. May Tip ..

Ben Nelson (Ne) known more for negotiating than legislating

Godzilla vs. The Condoleezzard (Mickey Z.)

Cynthia Tucker: Bush exploited Americans' urge for safety

On Iraq, it takes an election for Bush to get real

U.S. Army North up and running

All Along the Ramparts- Gary Younge travels the US-Mexican border


NYT: On Baghdad Streets, a Police Partnership Falters (reality)

Eat meat, contribute to global warming..

Howard Announces New Climate Plan - $500M For "Clean Coal"

Power execs foresee carbon emission caps

Desert Cities' Residents Slowly Realizing They Live In Deserts

Ice turning to water, glaciers on the move - and a planet in peril

Despite federal resistance, cities begin embracing Kyoto

Carpenter Bees (From Africa) Now In UK - Birds Rearing Chicks In October

Vietnam's Coral Reefs Dying Fast, Warn Scientists - AFP

New Federal TX Environmental Cases Fall From 20 In 1998 To Zero In 2005

Is the carbon-trade business really 'green'?

Major Australian Wine Regions May Be Unviable Within Decades

Roses, Violets Blooming In UK - Apple Trees Expected To Flower In November

Howard Responds On Aussie Drought Crisis - More Money, Dams For Farms

Guardian - British Businesses Failing To Prepare On Climate Front

Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon

Israeli activists help Palestinians harvest their olive crop

Egypt: Hezbollah provoked war

Israel admits phosphorous bombing

Great Coverage

Another Incredulous first reaction

Have we heard the truth about camp Falcon yet? How many deaths?

Does Foleygate make massive election manipulation more likely?

We all agree there is a Fire Burning

Have you heard anything about these voting machines?

Behind the Freedom Curtain (1957)

The sleuths who showed how to steal your e-vote

Letters Found; Fitrakis OH Voter Purge Investigation Continues

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 10/22/06-GOTV letter

VOTE EARLY- encourage others to and REPORT ?????s LINKS petition..

Thousands watch as parachutist plummets to death

WP: How Foley skirted rules to pursue pages

AP: Democrats More Seats Coming Into Play

NYT: On Baghdad Streets, a Police Partnership Falters (reality)

Miami Archdiocese apologizes to Foley (so now he's a "victim")

Federal prosecutions of area polluters drop

GOP may face bigger problem in the House

Pages say Foley befriended a wide circle of teenagers

Schroeder: Bush's Faith Raised Suspicion

Poll: Iraqi youth want U.S. to leave

Colombian gov't, ELN rebels resume dialogue in Cuba

Russia says it won't allow Iran to be 'punished`


Bush pushes free-trade extension for Andean nations

Attack on Iraq market kills at least 18

Foley singled out "hot" boys: report - Reuters

Bush's family profits from 'No Child' act

AP: Marine Dies in Fighting West of Baghdad

Administration casts doubts on reported comments on 'arrogance,' 'stupidit

WP: At WH Meeting, No Big Changes on Iraq; NYT timetable story denied

S. Koreans Protest U.S. Free Trade Deal

Israel admits phosphorous bombing

Lugar, Dems urge U.S.-N. Korean talks

Sudan orders top U.N. envoy to leave within 3 days

Taliban chief in hiding announces stepped-up resistance

Three million uprooted Iraqis face "bleak future", UNHCR says

Mahdi Army's militias attack prison, release two comrades

(Cleveland) Kindergartners get sex ed classes

Iraq Invasion to Be Termed a US Failure

AFL - CIO Files Complaint on Supervisors (in the UN)

Democrats: Bush must show Iraq plan before elections

U.S. Marine and Soldier Killed in Iraq

Reuters: (Four more pages identified) Foley singled out "hot" boys: report

U.S. man convicted of child abuse exiled to Canada

Iraq police bus attack kills 13 (police recruits)

Israeli activists help Palestinians harvest their olive crop

p. A01 WaPost: How Foley Skirted Rules To Pursue Relationships

"Joe Keeps Focus On Mud..." it's going to get REAL dirty in CT....

U.S. Jails Man Once Tortured by Taliban

On 60 MINUTES now: Darfur, Nancy Pelosi, corruption in Iraq: one of the

• Democrat Amy Klobuchar leads her male opponent, Republican Mark Kennedy,

Pope appeals to political, religious leaders to help Iraq reconstruction

Bush Family Co. Capitalizes on Education Act (NCLB)

AP: Voters Approve Panama Canal Expansion

Wal-Mart hits back at Democrats' criticism … by donating to them

Bush braces for fight if GOP loses House

AP: State Department Poll - Iraqi Youth Want U.S. To Leave Doctors To PM - Take Lancet Iraq Death Toll Seriously

Former aide says Rep. Porter made illegal fundraising calls

WP: Rove Road-Tests Tougher Attack on Democrats

US 'cannot stay course' in Iraq

Reuters: Bush chides father for election remarks

Police and youths clash in Paris suburb

Armstrong Williams to pay $34k in settlement (deal: admits no wrongdoing)

GOP losses could spark partisan warfare

Egg Salad Recall (17 States)

Bush Confident GOP Will Keep Control Of Congress

Lamont questions Lieberman's campaign spending (Vote Buying?)

Poll puts Democrats far ahead in Congress (Reuters)

Al-Qa'eda is winning the war of ideas, says UK Home Secretary

Sen. Obama says he's weighing 2008 run

Bloody Mary, nombre trois...

Awesome! Cinemax's "Star Wars" Marathon Trailer

HEADLINE: Man in erotic pursuit of mannequins arrested, again

Does John Mayer actually write words to his songs....

Hello...ello...ello...ello. Is anyone out there?

Do you analyze dreams?

I need to say something really important here

Happy Halloween to all my DU buddies!

"If you want to test a man's character, give him power."

a ninja, a pirate, a clown, and a mariachi

Can Someone explain to me how....

a dolphin, a sunset, a flower, a lion,and a butterfly

Can anyone help me resize this for an avatar?

Amazing canvassing kharma

Good morning, darlings

Damn. I drank too much wine and now I'm bored.

My mom

L.A.-area man decorates yard as a plane crash for Halloween, fools cops

Is computer gaming going down the internet?

Hugh Grant is just as cute as a bug, isn't he?

Anyone own or have driven a Pontiac Vibe?

L.A.-area man decorates yard as a plane crash for Halloween, fools cops

For a good time, call...

I,v been off DU for a while, but where did the Food catagory go?

A visit to Katrina Country, one year later

I know a girl who thinks of ghosts.

The original Buddy Lee (You are not gonna believe this!)

Give me that Z...O..L..O...F...T

Bush was campaigning for a guy that just got caught cheatin on his wife

You can get a damn lot of work done when you wake up at 4 in the morning.

Michael j Fox stem cell Research add...

Guess the magic word!

"If you want to test a man's intelligence, give him power tools."

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/22/06)

OK...this smilie is just weird...

Have you ever woken up and felt a profound sense of relief?

Anybody else out there mildly obsessed with Lucinda Williams?

A PSA regarding cold meats ..... Beware.

If a 70's-era rock band were to sing about Boston girls...

Does your congressional candidate have his/her own myspace page?

Holy Crap Tampa Bay just hit a 62 yard FG to win!

It's been sixteen days. Cover me, I'm going in

Give me all your cat treats or I'll zap you with my evil eyes!!


But music was his life

Belgian waffles, anyone?

Belgian falafals, anyone?

WOW! See soft-rockers "Firefall" on tour with ONE of the original members!

Hey Flyers fans

Interested in Fantasy NBA League? Send out your shouts.

Who feels embarrassed by their family?

Ugggh. Let's Say You Had This ADD Friend ...

I swore I'd never do this but...

I want to get my kitten a halloween costume

I think we need a new smiley.

I was just flashed by a naked man in my front bathroom . . .

I bought a crock pot today.

I'm a registered democrat. Why are the Republicans mailing me stuff?

I can tell you right now I'm going to miss DU when 2008 draws near

Why do I dread Mondays so much?

I have a $100 Apple Store Gift Certificate

It ain't big band if your heart ain't beatin'

What's cooking, Toots?

I bought a cracked pipe in a bag of pots today.

Something fun.....

I bought a crack pipe today.

I'm in your PC...stealing your internets

Ovid's "Metamorphoses" is amazing.

I bought a bag of pot today.

Favorite atheist themed video.

THIS IS TOTALLY FUCKED UP!!! another edition of this is not the Onion!

What is the best steak for barbecuing?

God damn, I love Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

I'm making Shepherd's Pie...


AMC'S 'Monsterfest' has begun

I'm thinking Mexican food for dinner tonight

Don't you just love Eric Idle? Seen this?:

Happy birthday WCGreen & bif!!

I'm sitting at SFO waiting to board a plane for Orlando.

Saturday Night Special Zomby Love


What are your favorite vegetarian meals.

Damn, am I glad I missed the Wedding from Hell...

This is the biggest ham you'll ever meet in your lifetime!!!

Who is your favorite celebrity right now?

I just found the funniest damn website! I need some creative DU input!

OMG! I have 1000+ posts!!!

Granite countertops....

some pictures for Sunday

Question about televisions (HDTV)


Political Halloween Costumes

Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

Am I crazy or does anyone else here like Beth Orton's music?

Myers Briggs online test

PICS of my European vacation (HEAVY DIAL-UP WARNING)

Call to Restrict Role of 'a La Carte' Catholics (Ireland)

Amazing Newsweek Poll-Democrats Gaining In Evangelical Support

Do We Really Need Bad Reasons To Be Good?

Searching for values in a post-Christian nation

Catholic priest offers support to Namibian sex workers (Namibia)

Is it accurate to say that Martin L. King's Christianity

Anti-gay clergy group targets priest (UK)

Sedgemore's Law of Religious Rumpus

SOS to spiritual grownups

The ADHD dilemma for parents

200,000 years for all trace of Man to vanish from the Earth

Union President Stands Up For LGBT Workers (And Union-Busting LGBT Paper)

Bush gives ABC interview with Gay Pride flag in background

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for October 22

New Cosmic Dimension website up for this cycle of new moon in Libra.

Kerry joins chorus calling for overhaul in Iraq strategy (AP)

** AHEM ** Folks, please check this out (reco list)

Why is it "crass" when Kerry talks about 2008

Dispatches from the heartland: a rural Illinoisan's take on JK

Yet another.

Check out this post!


Pictures from Malta (GOZO)

Reminder about the SEASONAL CONTEST...

as an amateur any comments and suggestions--

2,791 U.S. troops dead in W's war of choice

Kevin Tillman : a true American hero

Nate Clay: Obamamania?

Another family values "Christian" Analysis - How To Prevent Iraq From Getting Even Worse

kgo radio John Rothman discussing e-vote theft

Hannity Tells Democrats "Your Vote Doesn't Matter Anyway"

Have we heard the truth about camp Falcon yet? How many deaths?


New Yorkers, so Spencer's really only presenting the following platform

Poll puts Democrats far ahead in Congress

Thought I'd share this nails-it blog post (dated though, from June)

Washington Journal: We ought to take a sampling of the Republican

MSNBC Poll: Should U.S. Set Timetable For Iraq Withdrawal?

Does Anybody Have A LInk to the Portland Demonstration Police State Video

Lamont supporters; e-mail The Day (A New London paper)

Happy Halloween to all my DU buddies!

Cut and run from Bush

Breaking: LBN LOCKED! (Well, a good deal of it anyway)

NC-13 debate on CSPAN this afternoon (Vernon "black Jessie Helms" Robinson

Washington Journal: Matt Stoller of MyDD

John Conyers: Help Us Win In November – Election Protection and GOTV

Visual--Dems Obey, Dingle, Waxler, ect in control of

WP,pg1: How Foley pursued pages unchecked; four more pages confirmed

The War on Halloween: How the right-wing plot to ban the holiday is worse

How many smoking threads since the GOP collapse?

Peter Beinart And Eleanor Clift Lambasting Bu$h on The McLaughlin Group

What exactly did CNN do wrong?

How official is the "Official Sample Ballot?"

New CNN poll

Rice will keep humiliating Kim..

NYT "In the land of the Taliban"

CNN Changes Wording Re: US Being Arrogant & Stupid In Iraq - Why?

Three million uprooted Iraqis face "bleak future", UNHCR says

How does Kerry respond to Bush: "he is waving the white flag" ABC

'this week, the Pent released the names of 29 troops killed in Irag"

Bush Speaks; 30 Days has September April, June, and a Jim Beam Bender.

Instant runoff elections, are these really the better way to choose

The word "tinfoil" should be stricken from JFK threads

Arlen Specter hedges, stutters when Wolf asks about Rumsfeld

Video: Bill Maher on the neocons' predictions

Mehlman CONCEDES Republicans "Cut & Ran" From Afghanistan

Is there a such thing as the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex?

Bush will announce Iraq time table before the election.

Sorry folks, dupe.

Thanking Stewart and Colbert for helping us laugh at negative ads.

There is NOTHING wrong with drinking or owning gun...

David Kuo on Book-TV (C-Span) - An Observation

LETTER TO LA TIMES: When will you run story on oil motive for Iraq War?

Marine sniper is second Auroran to lose his life in Iraq

GOP using fear to get votes

chief legal advisor to the St. Dept, John Bellinger whined

Godzilla vs. The Condoleezzard (Mickey Z.)

Man Can't Remember Identity

Weekly visit to the darkside... (Freeperland)

Poll: Menendez pulls ahead in NJ, 48%-39%, NJ Dems kicking ass despite

Biden: 12-14 Conservatives WOULD Vote To Change Course In Iraq

L.A.-area man decorates yard as a plane crash for Halloween, fools cops

Historic moment...last chance to see Frist as Majority Leader...CNN

GREAT POSTER on GOP tax cuts & service cuts from Propaganda Remix

Brzinski and AL HAIG on Wolfie dissing neocons and Bush!

the "other" guys are winning

Self delete -DUPLICATE

Here's a little something for my fellow DUers

That RNC OBL commerical just aired on CNN.

America: From Freedom to Fascism:

Does anyone have a link to the new GOP ad that is located

Want to effectively fight terrorism?

Bush faces political nightmare if Democrats win

This Republican GOTV machine crap is a cover to steal another election.

Ex-U.S. Republic lawmaker singled out "hot" boys -report

CNN Reporter in Iraq:"They Long For The Days of Saddam Hussein"!

Novak: ‘This Is Going To Be 1 Of Least Important Elections I Have Seen'

Is public aware Hastert was also involved in sexually explicit emails

the complex/sumptuous lives...

What's the mood like in America today?

Did you know that forcing women to be pregnant is a war crime?

FBI Pairs With Website Violating Law To Make Kids Safer

US Atty sitting on Renzi (R-AZ) Indictment until after election

Going into debt prevents troops from being sent overseas...

US in secret truce talks with insurgency chiefs

He is right you know - John Kerry that is

Who wants to see Borat just to see him humiliate Newt Gingrich?

Torture Rant

An e-ltr (no link or source) of political statistics

Republican party of fear and failure to get even more shrill? Bring it on!

Billy Graham Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell awful quiet Ralph Reed

Bush: ‘We’ve Never Been Stay The Course’

Church and State, Apples and Oranges - Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says - May 31, 2005

Michael Moore confronts "God Hates Fags"

Freepers discussing the "Deliver a Spanking" article...

Dems reveal notes from meeting w/ Bernadette Noe

CNN Poll: "Will history show the US displayed stupidity in it's

No Body to Show:What the Death of Habeas Corpus Means to the Press

self delete

lol - CBS promo for Letterman during football

Majority of Iraqi Youth wants U.S. Out

You Tube video of Westboro Baptist members getting attacked at funeral...

Obama and Timmy.

2792 US Soldiers are now dead in W's war on terror

In Honor of Bush's Evaporating Support For "Stay The Course"

Moonie News Service Defending Foley ??? - Wha.......... ???

Anyone Have The Latest Polls For Florida????

Cut and run or Stay the course?

Not a 2008 thread -- Hillary vs. McCain vs. Hillary CNN poll

Bush to sacrifice more to protect the honor of those already sacrificed.

What's with all the Candy Crowley krud are you trying to gross me out?

Diplomat admits U.S. "arrogance" in Iraq

Mexico: The Atenco, Oaxaca and Zapatista Rebels Unite!

Bush uses gay rights flag as backdrop for ABC interview

KKKarl Rove calls in Repuke Donors to give to Lieberman

My most recent letter to the editor on the MCA

sunday politics...were there any new revelations? Who was on press the me

The Internet, Free Enterprise, and a little bit of Net Neutrality

Steele in MD (R) Uses Foley to get elected... Blames the Dems...

"Presidential Prayer Team" is in an online PRAY THE VOTE frenzy!

Have you connected with your neighbors/friends on a political level?

EPA’s Nanotech Regs: Ironic Parameters

Former Intelligence Official: US 'cannot stay course' in Iraq

Anyone see Candy Crowley on Wolfie?

The problem with the British is that they're following the wrong Blair.

Anyone want to respond to this Republican joke making the rounds?

"NYSCD19 needs a new set of eyes one that can see if the emperor is naked"

Anybody Hear How Molly Ivins Is Doing?

Steven Porter sueing Phil(the carpface) English

Please, this is NOT a bash Hillary post......

Murder rates around the country and Katrina evacuees.

The time has come: the radical right had better pack their gear!

Newsweek Poll:Do you think the Democrats will regain control

So we played Red Rover Red Rover last night.

2794 US Soldiers we've now lost....81 so far this month

True or False: "Hispanics Are Quickly Moving Up the Economic Ladder"

Do the causes of the Sixties still need to be fought? If so, how do they

Dancing Jesus video!


Bush was for "Stay the course" before he was against it.

Foley: "I'm always here, I'm always lonely, I'm always up for oral sex!"

Tempting Faith by David Kuo - CSPAN2 - BookTV - 5pm Sunday

Sit Locally, Listen Globally. Shortwave radio on your computer

Newsweek Cover "Not Your Daddy's Democrats"

Heard On Washington Journal This AM... Duckworth LOSING by

Oy. Mark Foley action figure on eBay:

Do you feel a big Democratic victory in the air?

Home Phone canvassing for Jim Webb

My 2 cents

Mehlman concedes that Republicans “cut & Run” from Afghanistan and terrori

David Kuo discussing his book Tempting faith on CSPAN 2

Half a billion dollars stolen in Iraq. Check Cheney's pockets!

"Man of the Year", Paul Revere, and the Deer that Wanted a Ride

Democracy is my religion.

GOP Governor Draws Ire For Concentration Camp Joke

It's so hard to sit still

Up at 6 Central: the Lancet report. Frank Rich. Live, on The Monitor

To Freepers The Voting Rights Act is a "Loophole" and Voters are "Rats"

GOP columnist slams Limbaugh, Hannity

OReilly's interview with the chimp: Very revelatory.

Prime example of psychotic, sexually repressed freeper woman

Cheney in Latest Time: "We Inherited" 9/11

Why fight for abortion rights? It doesn't get any clearer than this...

Running for office? Better run from Colbert

George Bush has CUT AND RUN from "STAY THE COURSE"

Early voting begins tomorrow: So is the GOP November Surprise pointless?

Stay the Course

Jon Stewart is toast.

Just saw an American flag with a peace symbol on a Chevy commercial

Smokers, non-smokers... Who cares? We are all friends!

On 60 MINUTES now: Darfur, Nancy Pelosi, corruption in Iraq: one of the

check out this video from my local news station

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 22 Oct 06

Arrogance and Stupidity--the Repubs' Running Mates

Murtha (in Schimdt's district) on CSPAN1 American Politics in ten minutes

A question for DU social workers

To be like God...

*** Sunday TOONs: Nov 7 ***


Sen. Obama Says He's Weighing 2008 Run

Just remember.....Liddy and Bob Dole's Facelifts and Extra Health Care

Jon Stewart smokes, Kerry owns guns, and Gore drinks alcohol.

Time to purge DU...

I caught my child smoking... I'm throwing her out and will blacken her

I can't watch local TV until after the elections...

Schroeder says Bush's "dialogue with God" worried him

Another Arrogant "Captain" Heads for Collision Course

We have no special insight,we just care.

Bush chides father for election remarks

Anyone here like Kurt Vonnegut? Great interview

I'm Still Trying To Rationalize Being A Democrat, Why All The...


Concerning voter enthuiasm

Foley singled out "hot" boys: report - Reuters

HBO airs documentary about electronic voting!!!

(FIORE) Axis of Oops!

How is Bush's 180 degree flip going to affect him?

OJ receives $3.5m to document "hypothetically" murdering his wife

Pope warns scientists not to risk fate of Icarus

Witch'attire' and smoking not allowed (somewhere I went today)

What's the "litmus test" of members of Congress?

Bush tells ABC he hasn't read any books about his administration

Bill O'Reilly: Even the poor have color television sets

Help with an ad

Santorum Messed Up his Lord of the Rings Analogy.

A 'No Brainer'

A conservative colleague just sent me this:

Colbert Leads Northwestern Univ. Parade

2,797 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

"Hell and Back" -Depression and life in New Orleans

Why Bush's NSA Wiretaps Defeated by VOIP Networks - VIDEO

The Truth about Weapons of Mass Destruction - In His Own Words

I had dinner with Fox News loyalists.

My Halloween yard deocrations: picture

Bush met with the Generals but he didn't listen to a thing they told him

Please Add Your Liberal Heroes to this List

Dick DeVos is HISTORY

Pope Urges Catholics To Oppose "Deviant" Love

The Next War

Is this how a person becomes an enemy combatant?

Just a reminder...

Has this one been captioned yet?

Andy Stephenson's Wikipedia entry has been deleted by the freepers

If you only want to read one book in your life and want to make money?

NYT: Time To Confront Bush On The Things He Never Had The Guts To Tell Us!

FYI: Nancy Pelosi on '60 Minutes' at 6 pm CT, CBS.

Is it possible to have a thread here about Obama...

"Making them LAME DUCKS is good enough for me." - Nancy Pelosi

Why don't these Republics want to talk about the Indian money they take?

Air Strikes Hammer Baghdad.

A tribute to my mom

What about Gov. Bill Richardson of N.M.?

Dems Will Win Goes Canvassing in NY-20: Top 5 Talking Points to Voters

Waterboarding KILLS victim. He is not allowed to die. He is brought back.

Kerry on "white flag of surrender" charge: "lie", lied, "lie", "lie" . . .

It's time for us to start working on this year's "Ban Christmas" plot.

Bill Maher kicks a little neo-con ass.

Malloy will set the agenda for new liberal radio station (Nova M)

What I found on my windshield last night, very, very strange.

Chatty Abramoff Gets FBI Desk-Spends 4 HOURS A Day-Ratting on Congressmen

Coingate: Noe's wife is spilling the beans to Dems

BUSH LIES ON ABC: "We've Never Been About Stay The Course"

Why Bush's NSA Wire tapping is defeated by VoIP Networks (VIDEO)

I dropped 1000 pieces of campaign lit for my candidate this weekend

(VIDEO) Barney Frank puts the smackdown on Repuke sexual hypocrisy

Is it all about abortion?

Get Your Mark Foley Action Figure!

Are there any CT DUers who support this neocon traitor running

FYI--California absentee ballots need TWO postage stamps.

Liberal Hawaii?

Doonesbury's war

Wesley Clark is the ONLY candidate with the creds to win in 08 and

The American Soldier knows America doesn’t Support Him.

A rising tide lifts all boats (in the same body of water!)

We need to talk about school intrusion

KC Star & St. Louis Post Endorse MOs Stem Cell Initiative!

Former Pages Describe Lawmaker's Advances (WaPo)

VIDEO: Freedom to Fascism (full version)

Have you done "Call for Change" with MoveOn?

Daytona Beach Paper Endores C. Curtis over Feeny(R) FL-24

Dear Mister President... -"These are the Stakes"

On C-span: "We're there to try and stay alive."

Lou Dobbs- Wanted: Graduate Students To Fix E-Voting Machines

GOP may face bigger problem in the House

Cle PD:Blackwell's legacy looming over race for secretary of state

Blackwell's Desperation! A Great Article From Toledo Blade

NYT endorses Mejias over Peter Stinkin' King

Bob Fitrakis Speaks! A Google Video-Stolen Elections

At Play in the Realm of Political Animals - NYTimes

Google's New PAC Skews Republican

Hartford Courant Endorses All 5 CT Dems For House

Real activists: don't be distracted these last two weeks.

Abe Lincoln on Bush

Jimmy Tingle on Negative Advertising

it would be nice if kevin tillman`s

Black senate candidate breaks down race barrier in Tennessee

"Hold your nose" votes?

"Jews don’t feel comfortable in the Republican Party" -NJDC

Libby Dole on FTN. Insane.

It's the economy, stupid!

War against North Korea Would cost USA a 100 billion dollars & 100,000

Who will the GOP run as a presidential nominee in 2008?

Mrs Sam Alito hosts pro-choice group fundraiser

Great ad for one of the "Fightin' Dems"

Rep. Rodney Alexander's office sued for sexual harassment

NJ Senate race may hinge on appeal to women

I,m wondering if my vote will be counted

Does every state have Early Voting now a days?

LAT: Jerry Brown: California's Marathon Man doesn't govern by polls

U.S.diplomat:history will show US displayed "arrogance"and "stupidity"

Is public aware Hastert was also involved in sexually explicit emails

Foley to page: "You could stay at my place. I'm always up for oral sex"

Anyone Have Good Information On Florida Polls???

Voter ire may tip scale in House

How much did the CIA budget grow during Clinton's years?

Don't ya just love deluded, in denial FreeptardRepubicHairs?


Pat Tillman's Brother Speaks Out

Possibly fatal flaw in GOP formula for success: Little margin for error

Is Emanuel smarter than Rove

Absentee voting in Alabama.

"Democrats will lead, and Republicans will follow," - - Rahm Emanuel

Top Tier Fighting Dem Vets and Other Races that Matter

War heroine leads Democrat charge (Tammy Duckworth)

Mo. Senate Hopefuls Look to Rural Voters

Update: Few Details Emerge on Joe's $387 Slush Fund

What “Supporting the Troops" Really Looks Like, Eric Massa


Google is giving money to Republicans

Mehlman's memo to the faithful (this is serious)

Lamont has dropped another 2 million into his senate bid

By Every Means Unneccesary - Why Habeas is Gone Forever

With Dean as the chairman what happened to the internet fundraising ?

SIX Flip-Floppin'-Frat-Boy "stay the course" quotes from Think Progress

Elevator speech re: why to vote Dem

Question to DUers is there a Green party canidate running in Conn.

Ask the White House: we're taking questions for our contact there

Let's Re-Balance Our Democracy

Poppy Bush isn't lamenting anything!

Indictment of privatization

Report: Call Center Workers in India, U.S. Face Same Problems

Union President Stands Up For LGBT Workers (And Union-Busting LGBT Paper)

The Flip Flopper -in-Chief! now he's got Iraq to add to the list

Peter Stone on C-Span2 now about his Abramoff book - "Heist"

They CAN and WILL steal it even without computer voting.

U.S. Corporate Mafia Fighting Chinese Efforts to Help Workers

Just finished my absentee

Barron's Predicts Republican Congress

Rove Road-Tests Tougher Attack on Democrats (at Reynolds dinner)

Terror Threat Level up for GOP

I saw it, did anyone else?

Cleve Pee Dee Endorses DeWine (no surprise)

If you could only win back either the House or the Senate which....

WTF? Bush has "shied away" from bashing Dems!

Toledo Blade Endorses Sherrod Brown

Harold Ford Jr on Cover of Newsweek - Not your daddy's Democrats

Medical marijuana a 'con,' U.S. deputy drug czar says

Just saw the new anti-Bush ad!

Campaign finance data projects winners????

Dean Makes Racial-Political History

CNN video shows the madness that is Bush's illegal war

Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Blackwell and DeWine

What I wrote to someone who's thinking of voting Green in CT's senate race

BREAKING NEWS! Senator Obama said he is thinking of running for Presiden

Big surprise (not): Richmond Times-Disgrace (Dispatch) endorses Allen

Ohio voter purge!!?

After a little more than 30 years in the political trenches...

Who will call out Bush on use of "Democrat" Party

Masterful Bait Pre-Election Question

I have heard too many GOP guys and conservatve folks on AAR

CNN needs to quit showing war footage - Fox News

Rove Road-Tests Tougher Attacks

Why the CT-SEN race is not over...

Why Cubans vote Repug??

Obama the only Dem who can beat McCain

Will Bush engineer a terrorist attack or plot before the election?

Bush said the U.S. goal..."is clear and unchanging..." Yet this video...

Menendez opens 9 point lead on Kean

Few questions for Freeper guests dressed up as DU Democrats

KERRY: That's reprehensible. It's a lie. The administration has lied...

Virginia Muslims supporting Dem's

Bob Beauprez: What IS it with repubs? Even as criminals, they walk

OBL's highest aspirations fulfilled if Democrats win in 2006

Jim Talent smear ad calls Claire McCaskill a "liar" and a "cheat"

Would you vote for Barack Obama, were he to run?

Barron's: GOP will hold Congress

‘Wellstone!’ A Timely Tribute to a True Friend of Working Families

Something to note about Obama's appearance on Meet the Press . . .