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Archives: October 26, 2006

Top stem cell researcher lured back from U.S. - Toronto Star

We're all big babies - by Michael Bywater The Telegraph

"Political Scientists Say Democratic Control a 'Near Certainty'" - MUST-REA...

We don't need drug tests for librarians

Blacklash: Ken Blackwell could be Ohio's first black governor -- if only...

WP: In Syria, Iraq's Fate Silences Rights Activists

In Tight Race, Attack Ad on Black Candidate Stirs Furor

Great article about Michael J. Fox and "He who must not be named"!

Conceding Missteps, Bush Urges Patience on Iraq

What's At Stake?

"Fringe vs. Mainstream Views" - Unclaimed Territory (we're mainstream)

Robert Scheer: Enron's enablers go unpunished

Canadians No. 4 in using up Earth by Peter Gorrie at The Toronto Star

Glenn Greenwald on NJ decision (why it won't help the GOP)

Israeli warplanes in incident w/German (UN) ship off Lebanon

Rumsfeld and Saddam: Partners in Crimes Against Humanity

Reply to my letter to Iceland asking whaling be stopped.

3 Israeli Doctors Arrested For Illegal Experiments On Thousands Of Patients

Days of decline

Israel's Minister of Strategic Threats

The government ALLOWED 911 to happen, to further corporate ambitions.

x-post: Protecting the DEMOCRATIC Vote: Prospects for House & Senate Good

Director General of Quebec Elections calls electronic voting a 'Disaster'

Cunningham Successor Faces Legal Controversy, Too (Bilbray) CA-50

VideoTheVote! [Video]--cross-post, please help me keep kicked

Another wild Idea

Nevada candidate's accuser in assault case goes public

Danny Rollings Executed for murders of 5 college students

Iraqi Premier Denies U.S. Assertion He Agreed to Timelines

Argentine prosecutors: Arrest former Iranian president

Google's Down, Blogger Content Inaccessible

Iraq: PM Accuses Neighbours Of Backing al-Qaeda

U.S. bans 37 fish species from Ontario, Quebec

Iran Bushehr NPP launch delayed for technical reasons

Rival Militias Threaten Iraq's South

Man linked to Miami terror plot pleads guilty in weapons case

U.S. Seeks to Limit Detainees' Contact

Update: Frisco art teacher reaches settlement with district (museum trip)

Electronic voting blamed for Quebec municipal election 'disaster'

U.S. campaign ad critical of Canada yanked

Journalists are urged to tow party line -- AFP Beijing

Nigerians storm oil platforms

Foley in treatment in Tucson, Ariz., his attorneys say

Cheney confirms that detainees were subjected to water-boarding

Bush: Hold Me Accountable for Outcome in Iraq

Political bloggers coordinate 'Google Bombs'

Iraq situation is 'grim': (UK's International Development Secretary) Benn

Cleric 'should go for rape comments'

Weight Gain Means Lower Gas Mileage

Zogby poll: Hugo Chavez has 35% lead over opponent

Pee Wee football game marred by racism

Is mixing Beer and Vicodin a bad idea?

It's mating season for the deer and my dogs are going nuts!

Fictional GOP Editorials - I'll start: "Sex with Republicans...

6 Words

What keeps you chuckling without end?

Best news story and pic of the day.

What's your work policy on internet usage?

Jericho....does anyone watch this

Lost...who's watching? SPOILER

Just got back from the NJ Marriage Equality Rally.

I came here to kick ass and drink beer...

WOW I made it on the Greatest thread page!

Help - anybody made a Japanese geisha wig (katsura) before?

It's mating season and, oh dear, my nuts! Oh, I'm a dog...

Spanky, spanky

In celebration of my new job, what are you drinking?

I think my music player is psychic.

Preview: William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day RETURNS!

Why was game 4 canceled?

This day is called the feast of Crispian...

Rachael Ray To Open Burger Joint

It's Criss Angel time...

What makes people think it's ok....

Simon & Garfunkle to reunite

Today is my younger brother's birthday

"She's The Man" Rules

Yogurt Mousse rocks my world.

So ... no Top Gear for months ... Fifth Gear sucks this series ... so I'm

Don't stress, just bliss

Arizona and the world has lost a true character

Star Trek pumpkins!

"Honey, look! Dolphins!"

The new South Park episode really sucks.

Would you please do me the courtesy of considering the language of . . .

I bought a new car!!!!

GD: They sky is falling, we've lost the Senate. Blame The Gays.

Help me out, is this stupid as hell, or am I the stupid one?

Feeling like the bad guy......

Most washed up performer?

Evangeline Lilly on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

My 3 YO gd is whining cause she didn't get her way...OMFG

Why do people drink Martinis?

Anyone want to help write some song lyrics?

My first day at my new job

What are the Rules for the Lounge???

Anyone have a great casserole recipe? Or 5?

the 2nd Rule of the Lounge is

The f*cking fun continues at this end of the pool

Is the world being run by shirt people with enormous beads?

Isn't there an Aspergers group here on DU?

I am now certified to do Japanese negative ionic hair straightening.

12 cases of brain disease after vaccines

Terra-bird alert! Huge 'Terror Bird' Fossil Discovered in Patagonia

Lance Bass' ('N Sync) boyfriend target of threats

Let's get something straight.

Ah, Beachmom, you might want to read blog

Someone needs to post the Lamont site video and excerpt from Hamsher

Lieberliar says deposing Saddam Hussein stabilized the Middle East!

I am tired of all these pu$$y-crats ! Do you want to win this election cycle

Bush: "We're making it clear that America's patient is not unlimited."

VideoTheVote! [Video]

CNN: Larry King "Shut Up and Sing" with the Dixie Chicks

WP: "Bush's Proposal of 'Benchmarks' for Iraq Sounds Familiar"

Republican Gays are not Bad People because They are Gay....

Now that I have seen the Ford Ad

If you wanna see how a Democratic Senate looks like,CSPAN3 Now

where can i see a copy of the Ford GOP cross burning ad.??

Danforth refuses to endorse Talent in Missouri

WOO! HOO! Sam Seder's on Countdown NOW!!!

Forget about sex education, what about voting education?

Informal poll: Polishing a turd -or- Don't wipe that booger on me

Iraqi "tree of freedom" drawing

TV Stations Refusing To Run RNC Ads Against Ford

21st century American Revolution, if and when ?

Why do you suppose Bush keeps yelling at people?

Video: College Republicans brag about harassing young Dem

Serial Killer Executed In Florida

Today I met Barack Obama. Inspiring. *pic*

SUPERCHIMP - "Crisis? What Crisis?"

McCaskill in on Larry King, along with Paul Begala

So, how did we come to this?

Frank Luntz: "I've given up on 2006, they'll lose 2008 if they don't change...

So who do you guys like for 2010?

A 2 for 1 message from Big Dawg.

High-flying lifestyle of the CIA's rendition men

Sam Seder is on with Keith!!!

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

How do you prevent someone from taking your yard signs?

Show Me State DUers: What's the water cooler buzz re: Michael J Fox ad?

Could Rush know something we don't know?

Two boobs are better than one... (Alabama Gov's race...)

Let's start a religion and call it sasema...


DNC ad runs with "Stay the Course" Meme

Nearly 40 insurgents, some civilians killed in southern Afghanistan

Video - Limbaugh: Al Franken reads "Operation Chickenhawk" 1996

Bush takes a shot at Obama

Looking for Mark Foley funny video

A really deadly and stupid fad among grade schoolers: Two boys

OK, once and for all. What did Nancy Pelosi say

Did the FBI give supplies to people who were plotting terrorist acts?

If you've ever wanted to understand Evangelical Christians...

Video: Sen Conrad Burns (R-MT) calls new WH Iraq policy "ticket to disaster"

Rice demands UN sanctions on Iran right now

Curious: What campaigns are mentioning global warming out there?

Stealing The Midterm Elections & The Power Of Myth (What Rove Will Do)

James Carville on Al Gore in '08: "Of course he's going to run. Of course he is"

Freepers freeping this poll: Did Limbaugh go too far?

WP:Bush's Proposal of 'Benchmarks' for Iraq Sounds Familiar

I passed my 1000 th post last night and didnt realize it til now

Over 200 U.S. troops campaigning to withdraw forces from Iraq

DIEBOLD is the HALLIBURTON of the election business.

Can we wait until AFTER the election to determine that we lost because of the NJ gay marriage case

Your life's not that important

George Bush, a man before his time?

AP: Voter Registration Lists May Foil Voters

My thoughts for the lurking freeper

Head On Radio Wednesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Do you think governmental entities have rights?

Bush’s Gamble: Turning Spotlight on Iraq as Republicans Try to Dim It

"You've got to be carefully taught"

Opti-scan ALERT - Don't use black Bics on the ballot

PBS Frontline: Return of the Taliban -- "MUST SEE" TV

Ever Get Asked "Yeah? Well How Would YOU Fix Iraq?"

Tell your local AAR affiliate to put Mike Malloy back on the air!

What are your liberal priorities?

Trailer: "Death Of A President" - Wow, spots for it are showing on MSNBC

Craig Ferguson interviewing "Bush"

W to US: Go Cheney Yourself

"Rush is a great American."

Tweety: The RNC has pulled all it's funds out of Pennsylvania (Santorum)

Rush, Rush, Rush... Words Have Consequences Dude...

Left Coast & Late Night Folks! Why aren't we discussing thePress Conference?

Oregon Governor's debate tonight 8pm channel 10

Florida law on exit polling restrictions ruled unconstitutional.

THE TOP 5 REASONS YOU CAN'T BLAME... teachers for the...

Oh my! I just saw the video clip of Limbo mocking Michael J. Fox!

What can we do right now to win in November?

One more thing about Limbaugh--

Ken Blackwell message to blacks: "Vote for Me Because I'm Black!"

Am I just paranoid or...

The Limbaugh remarks just helped cement the GOP's HATEFUL image

Bush on Iraq: “If We Can’t Win, I’ll Pull Us Out.”

Why attack Michael J. Fox?

Freepery coworker thought water-boarding was something like wind-surfing

NJ Ruling Is A Mixed Bag: Will Have No Effect On The Election

Rush's attack on MJF... how we should seize an advantage

"DUing" polls - why is this a good thing?

Someone has to say it - the NJ decision may have lost us the Senate

What did Y'all think of Loretta Nall on Keith Olbermann?

Who's the biggest psycho on Capitol Hill?

Limbaugh video from KO up at Crooks and Liars

Cheney confirms that detainees were subjected to water-boarding...

Q: What does Jesus Cavieziel say at the start of the anti stem cell ad?

"My son died in a country that I have no idea, really, why we're even there...

Kerry raises $350K in 24hrs; campaigns for Lamont, Patrick and Menendez

Did anyone hear Keith Olbermann's comment about Limbaugh tonight?

C&L VIDEO: Olbermann's 'Stay The Course' Count

Hello. My name is Jackpine.

Has Cheney Cheneyed himself by admitting that we waterboard detainees?

A little Reminder from this vet Its Time to get your Flu Shot

Truth Is All Analysis - How Repukes Can Steal Mid Term Election

The death penalty does NOT deter crime

Limbaugh mocking Michael J. Fox video: a thousand .gif avatars are born?

St. Louis Cardinal against Stem Cell research

A Look at the Numbers: How the Rich Get Richer

How to be a total, right-wing, fundy moron.

Need DU Power, MO Senate Race, Message from McCaskill

Michael J. Fox is an American citizen

AP: Schools Reverse on Gunman Defense Tactic


Kucinich Announces Support For "Appeal For Redress"

How long before the first real shots are fired in Dobbs

Someone has to say it - most americans think gays should have equal rights

S.F. attorney wants to create gang-free zone

Minimum wage hike vote w/in 24 hrs after new (DEMOCRATIC) Congress convenes

Clinton or Gore?

Is the world being run by short people with enormous heads?

13 days... I can feel it coming...

My son's "Gross W. Bush" cartoon

'Cross' shows Jesus as being a black man

CHENEY Confirms Water-Boarding & Says - "It's A No-Brainer For Me"

When Did Some Dems Start Caring More about Senate Seats Than Human Rights?

Worse Than Union Busting TomPaine.commonsense

Virden, Illinois Commemorates Miner Sacrifice In Bloody 1898 Battle

LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows Webb up by 3

I got an automated telephone poll from Rasmussen today.

OUTRAGE at how the San Jose Mercury News belittles the pleas of our troops

Costa Rica and the Shout of the Excluded protest free trade WITH WALKOUT

GOP hopes NJ gay marriage ruling will rally base in MO, TN and VA

Nixon/Lieberman-- are they the SAME MAN?!?!?!?!?

VoteVets Makes Ad Buys -Another Stunner from VoteVets

re Duckworth vs Roskom "I'm going to get my own little fellow"

The most sought after man in Republic party circles is .....

Write to your right wing radio station to protest Limbaugh's stupid comment...

Jungle drums radio ad against Ford.

JFC! LInk fo Bush Press Conference transcript PLEASE

Miners demanding enforced safety rules

Desperate Hannity hears "CRACKERS" when the word was "TRACKERS"

Oh now it's not a "timetable"...

The government ALLOWED 911 to happen, to further corporate ambitions.


Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction debates. New Jersey Mention?

I Wonder How The Peasants Are Doing Tonight

GOP Rep. pleads guilty but still won't give up his seat in Congress

You go Bill Maher!

Marty Kaplan Opinion:"W to US: Go Cheney Yourself"

Where's the beef?...ranks amongst the best advertising slogans

A broken contract

Are some assuming Hillary for President too early?

Ford vs. Croker debate on Oct. 28th in Nashville Tenn.

4 difference recent polls in VA Senate race.

Does it seem like the Repubs want to lose?

Karl Rove is...?

S FL Sun-Sentinel: Crist, Davis fired up after debate

WP,pg1: War Now Works Against GOP: Iraq a Hindrance in Campaigns

Are these two sleeping together? I think they might be.

BREAKING: Very high voter turnout in early voting in Tenn.

The Nation: How big will the anti-GOP wave be?

VIDEO: A political ad where I used fellow DUer's idea for an ad

The Cure for Battered Democrat Syndrome

Election Night From Hell (OpEd from The Nation)

Clear Channel to be sold (Mr Soros do you hear that)

Limbaugh sorry? What are you, high?

If we don't win the Senate during midterms it has nothing to do with NJ

Urge County Attorney to Prosecute School Principal for Shooting Kittens

LAT: Party Conservatives May Carry the Win for Democrats

Alcoholics in Washington

Your tax money -- Foley's $30,000 rehab in AZ.......

Sen. Burns Shows Off His 3-Year-Old "Secret Plan" For Iraq...

Democrats Turn Up the Firepower in Key Congressional Races in New York

Raised in an atheist/secular humanist family Obama became a Christian at age 37

Starting Now...don't GIVE $$$ to PACS....

Liberalism use to stand for more than Gay Rights and Abortion on Demand...

Michael J. Fox was right. How Missouri votes affects all of us.

Breaking: Harold Ford Jr. Pulls Even After Nasty Attacks

Here's an ad I'd like to see


The foot-in-mouth president

Hopefully NOT the Last Word ...

Carriers, Strike groups & where they are not located-the missles ships carr...

How many bills will Bush veto when we take over and pass everything

Republicans hate people (unless they are rich) if they are, poor, the homeless

Why Should I Care Which Party Controls Either House After November?

Money Down the Drain in Iraq NYTIMES OP ED

Do you understand what the Democrats have become?

The 13 Scariest Americans

Outrage-Muslim Cleric likens women to 'uncovered meat'

"...George W. Bush...under fire for a ruckus overseas."

The overlords are getting nervous

As violence grows, oil-rich Kirkuk could hold key to Iraq's future

George W. Bush v. The U.S. Constitution --John Conyers

Young's Friends - Should Alaskans Judge a Politician

Gore: Earth in full-scale planetary emergency

Help this Phone-aphobe! Are you phone banking? And how is it going?

News Control: Journalism Then and Now by Stephen Fleischman

"Down to the Wire" - Bowers (2 more days for media buys-time for major $$$)

Collaborators of Catastrophe: Inside the Ministry of Truth (Manuel Valenzuela)

Opponents of faith-based prison programs are enabling terrorists,

Pepe Escobar: 'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): A Campaign of Sleaze

Bush's Proposal of 'Benchmarks' for Iraq Sounds Familiar

“I voted for Bush twice. Now I just want him gone.”

Freedom From the Press --Mark Fiore Animation


Stealing the Midterms and the Power of Myth (Mike Whitney)

Of The Conference On Presidential Powers, And Stealth Immunity For Bushman

The 10 Worst Congressmen by Tim Dickinson

Statistics of Abuse and Stalking

Will Ken Blackwell find the ways to steal Ohio 2006 as he did in 2004?

Asia Times: Gross stupidity in Afghanistan

CWT Garbage into Oil plant still drawing Global Attention.

Climate change: US economist's grim warning to Blair's Cabinet

MIT Scientists looks at ethanol boost for cars - 20% to 30% gain in mpg.

Green Legacy for Detroit's Big Three

Al Gore: Earth is in 'Full-Scale Planetary Emergency'

Arizona Poised to Expand Renewable Energy 15% by 2025

EU prepares environmental crime law after Africa tragedy


Japan brewer pursues 'Monster Cane' ethanol dream

Never mind altruism: 'Saving the earth' can mean big bucks

First African solar airport to operate in Uganda

Education Minister orders schools to commemorate Kafr Qasem massacre

Palestinians: Our lives will become hell

Prominent Acre rabbi calls on city's Jews to boycott Arab sector

B'Tselem report - Barred from Contact {edit}

Emigrants: 5 times as many immigrants as those born in Israel

Arab Interest in Emigration Soars

Israel and Hamas / IDF likely to be swept up in W. Bank struggle

Solana: Israel must uproot West Bank outposts, push road map

IDF reserves soldier moderately wounded in Gaza raid

More allegations from EPA whistleblower

Got Democracy? HCPB NOW!.... or Fascism FOREVER. Please get out and vote and let your voice be heard

Cuyahoga Prosecutor would OK plan to defy Blackwell,scan absentees


Harvey Wasserman-Will Blackwell find the ways to steal Ohio 2006 as he did in 2004?

Video of Steven Freeman from Cols Voting Revival:

I need a *large* image of a Diebold AccuVote TSX. Can anyone help me out?

Ars Technica: How to steal an election by hacking the vote (Crossposted to GD)

Curious about the cover story for Election Theft 2006 - Look no longer...

US warned of ballot box chaos as elections near

Does anyone else remember?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 10/26/06

Need some assistance from this Forum --

Judge Blocks Voter ID Law In Ohio

A Call For Volunteers To Maintain VOTE FRAUD INTELLIGENCE THREADS.....

Kos Attacks Harold Ford

Republican campaign TV ad swipes at Canada

Journalist and Internet pioneer Robert Rosenberg dies at 54

German ministers 'knew about CIA torture cells' in 2001

Germany shocked by photos of soldiers posing with skull

Car keeps our eyes on the toll (U.S. Iraq War Dead - Rolling Memorial)

AP: S. Korea: North Can Make 7 Nuclear Bombs

Democratic poll watchers outnumber Republican oberservers

Reuters: Eight Iraqi policemen killed in ambush (also 50 missing)

GOP outpaced in early voting ( W. Va. )

Few felons taken off voting rolls

U.S. death toll in Iraq worst in a year

Exxon Mobil says its profit rose to $10.49 billion (2nd largest ever for US co.)

GIBBONS SCANDAL: Accuser alleges cover-up attempt

Deltona soldier killed after just 2 months in Iraq

Mark Foley went to the elite treatment center, Sierra Tucson

Ky. House incumbent (Republican): Rumsfeld should go

NYT/Reuters: Rich Countries Fail Africa on Food Aid: U.N.

In Syria, Iraq's Fate Silences Rights Activists

NYT/AP: Russian Media Salute Slain Journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Russia balks at U.N. Iran draft

Outrage as Muslim cleric likens women to 'uncovered meat'

LAT: Nicaragua to join nations banning all abortions

(General) Pace Defines 'Winning' in War on Terror

US casualties surge as Bush vows victory

GOP has warnings about shift (dire warnings about Dem victory)

Pa. Sen. Santorum says Casey unqualified

Five U.S. troops killed in Iraq

WP: Cancer Study Finds Promise in CAT Scans for Smokers

Ohio Secretary Of State Rules Out Scanning Absentees Early

Democrats lead in U.S. election: Reuters poll (44/33, Chimp at 36)

Mother mourns soldier she says never lost smile (also Fred Phelps issue)

Bush to make rare campaign visit

Iraq trumps traditional issues for older U.S. voters

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 26

GOP brochure pins Selepak's killing spree on Granholm

NATO bombs kill scores of Afghan civilians: officials

Harris seen as undercutting other GOP candidates

Rumsfeld Pledges Increased Support For Iraq

A right kind of Democrat

More Republicans Distance Themselves From Bush on War

Iraqi PM sees peace in 6 months - if U.S. cooperates

Packaged Salads Recalled In Ohio

4 U.S. Marines, 1 Sailor Killed in Iraq

California blaze that killed four firefighters was arson, officials say.

Journalist, his wife found dead in their house west of Baghdad

(Reuters) Exclusive-Iraqi death squad leader escapes U.S. raid - PM

US house price fall steepest since 1970/ FT

NBC: Shooting reported at elementary school in Miami. Fla. area.

Fighting With Suspected Militiamen Leaves 30 Dead

CNN News Alert: Exxon Mobil says profit up to $10.49 billion.

NYT: RNC Ad Aimed at Harold Ford, Jr., Seen as Playing to Racial Fears

NYT: Scientists Endorse Ohio Candidates Over Teaching of Evolution

Marine pleads guilty to assaulting Iraqi

CNN/AP: Bush OKs 700-mile U.S.-Mexico fence in signing ceremony

CNN/AP: Cargo ship has problems docking with space station

Actor Fox sparks debate, support for stem cells (no wonder Rush is

Foxnews poll: Obama vs. McCain in 2008

Omaha Prints Own Ballots As Others Wait

3 firefighters die in fast-moving Calif. wildfire (2 Critically Injured)

HIV to go on trial in Aussie court (HIV virus does not really exist)

Rumsfeld pledges help for Iraq security

Americans expect big changes if Dems win Nov. 7

A right kind of Democrat

Largest single year drop housing prices in 35 years recorded in September.

New Jersey Senate Race in Dead Heat, Poll Shows

British troops in Iraq to be halved if success continues

Schwarzenegger keeps big lead over Angelides; Prop 84 falling short

BREAKING: Esperanza fire (Riverside CA) that killed 4 firefighters ruled arson

One day US Iraq death toll climbs to eight

Cocky Democrats measuring drapes, says Bush

Trooper who killed 2 gets traffic tickets

60 civilians said killed in Afghanistan

Poll: Middle Class Favoring Democrats

Independence Teen Accused of Burning American flag

actual NBC article title "Cheney endorses simulated drowning"

LAT: Army is training advisors for Iraq

Rights Group Fires Publisher of Foley E-Mail

Conservative Columnists Meet With Bush at White House

Lance Bass' Boyfriend Target of Threats

German ministers 'knew about CIA torture cells' in 2001

Dog fight videos called free speech

Rumsfeld tells war critics to 'back off'

NJ gay marriage decision boost to "values voters"

Republicans Struggling in Colorado

Memory expert taken to task in Libby hearing

Dollar Declines as New Home Prices Fall the Most Since 1970

CNN Poll: Most feel civil liberties not harmed by war on terror

(Rep. Jean) Schmidt angry to see 'cowards' speech in TV ad

WP: Maryland's Diebold Voting Machines Had Defective Part

Salvador massacre figure found in U.S.

Not Pron - Totally addictive online mystery image-puzzle thing.

Squeeze me, baby...'Till the juice runs down my leg

3rd Rule of the Lounge is

6th Rule of the Lounge is

5th Rule of the Lounge is

7th Rule is


Ladies and Gentlemen... Drrrrread Zeppelin!

The Overarching and most important rule of the Lounge is:


I Drool the Lounge (lame copycat)

The Unspoken Rule of the Lounge is......

I love The Band. Underrated group!

150,000 people die every day on Earth

4th Rule of the Lounge is

Halloween Classroom Parties, Science Projects, High School Drama...

No Vegimite ban

School Evacuated Over Spoiled Milk

How do we change our avatar? I can't remember

35 Year Old Man Bites Off 76 Year Old Man's Finger

My freeper neighbor has a Duncan Hunter sign. This isn't Hunter's district.

Bahnum ..... Bahnum... .......Bahnum bahnumbahnumbahnum bahnum

itunes help

Any web admins here ?

GOD, why do you stupid gays have to have everything your way??

Has anyone noticed that the subject line now adds dots to long subjects?

Computer geek help, please...

Anybody use Acuvue contact lenses (for astigmatism)?

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

I'll be breaking the 20,000 barrier today

AHHHHH!!!! Hurry! Hurry!!!!! Little to any time left!!!!

Do the Pretenders know Limbaugh uses...

The Bible is the most shoplifted book

Anyone here use ING for a savings account?

Famous Quotes Debunked!

Sshhh. Don't tell Skinner or Elad, but...

Woman Crashes Car Through DMV During Driver's Test

Britney names second child -- officially (sadly, it's not "Cletus")

Dammit I want to get stoned

self delete.n/t

Judge Rules For Father: 9 Year Old Boy Won't Be Circumcised

Do you guys think I'm looking for trouble?

7 Year Old Turned Away From Trick-Or-Treating At Six Flags (She Was Too Tall)

Lil Morning Humor.....

Lil Morning Humor.....

Congratulations to the gay and lesbian couples in New Jersey!

so I specifically take a few days off before and including election day

Reminder to self: Being a newbie is no fun...

Question for the lounge. I'm teaching Teen Midlo to drive

I have Seagram's Disease.

Guess what Khash is doing today....

Biggie Smalls,....Biggie Smalls,..........Biggie Smalls..........

Have you ever heard the following phrase:

Sshhh...Don't tell trof, but...

Dad Wants Cussing Police Toy Pulled From Store Shelves

Shocking! Who would have guessed Paris is nude.

NYU Golf Coach Forced To Resign After Taking Team To Strip Club

Tricks / Mischief

I need some help from the lounge

Could someone please post direct real player link to AAR stream?

Know what I'd like to do with the Rheem gas furnace we have?

Dog addicted to toads

"Wild Wild West" is a superior improvement of "Subterranean Homesick Blues".

Does Apple not want my business?


Wow! Ann Coulter found dead!

Let's give a round of applause for Skinner, Earlg and Elad - Great job!!

Texas Dem Senate Candidate Radnofsky Wins World BlackBerry Typeoff!

I want to retire, too.

Madonna recently adopted an African boy.

Any 'Last of the Summer Whine' fans here?

Why are there Rules for the Lounge???

Ronald McDonald's... a ninja?

Living Will

Any good new music out there?

Best. Slashdot. Thread. EVAH.

Quick, while I have access to the internets. Who watched LOST?

Dance mix to La Streisand's "Shut the @&%$ UP"!!!!

Do you consider the TIME you spend on Social Msg. Boards

Speaking of Bibles - WHY do they put a Bible in every Hotel Room?

Do you consider the TIME you spend on Porn Sites

Why is Hanussen not available on DVD? Mephisto and Col. Redl are.

I have this burning desire

My Halloween costume: tell me what it should be.

_____________________ Appreciation Thread

I have this burning desire,

Why is Rush Limbaugh so hateful?

Congratulations Hubert Flottz!! 20,000 posts

Man Pulls His Dog Out Of Alligator's Jaws

Any 'Last of the Summer Wine' fans here?

i have cramps..severe pain..20 people coming for dinner. i am not prepared

Another reason to donate to DU

Congratulations radfringe!! 20,000 posts

They May Take Our Lives, But They'll Never Take OUR PENIS!

Shrimp on Treadmills vs. Rock Lobster

Man Pulls His God Out Of Alligator Jews

What time did you get up today??

MUSIC VIDEO: Come Correct -- Starring OneLegChuck (Rymphs Klymptor)

Shrimp on Treadmills vs. Snakes on a Plane

Letter from LexisNexis...scam?

Today in history 10-26

Things that make you go hmmmm...

I think they should outlaw ____________

I have this burning, itching, oozing, inflamed, desire


A friend just gave me a 1965 red convertible Mustang!

Question: are you attracted to a specific physical 'type' of person?

John Lennon called...

Ashlee Simpson: "Skechers is brand that is not afraid to going the beyond"

Kevin Federline: "If you want to hate me, cool, hate me"

ok... upgraded iTunes and now my iPod doesnt show up

Did Frankenstein get any tail?

On the heels of the other sleep thread; how many hours do you get, per night?

I love garage sales!

Does "unconditional" love really exist?


does anyone here like boxing?

The most ironic Customer of the Day of them all

I'm having a Marteeeneee...

VIDEO: Girls Costume Warehouse ("Look at alla these fuckin' COSTUMES!")

Teacher's Aide Prosecuted For Stripping Naked, Touching Herself For Students

will beer help my chess game???

Don't you hate when you forget a word? Happenstance...

my god--I just watched some more clips of Michael J. Fox' interview

Nothing like attending a pollworkers' training class...

Why do people like to say "I'm leaving DU"

Marmite or Vegemite?


Rush Limpballs & Ann Coulter sex video!

just burnt my mouth on a morningstar farms

Lttle Chocolate Donuts

RULES! We don't need no stinking rules.

Cool - Alton Brown is taking a leak!

Iron Chef America should do leeks!

I have changed my avatar to a big ole queer pink triangle

Cool - Alton Brown is doing leeks!

The Inexplicable Creeping Dread of Impending Doom

Edited: Two(+) leek threads?

My costume is a Republican. Would love some suggestions...

Can one induce a diabetic coma by eating too much sugar candy?

If you could have chosen, what would your first and middle names be?

'Tis true — everything reminds me of leeks.

We wouldn't have all these leek threads if Oeditpus Rex had shared his gum.

My hiphop chef name is Vicious Swozz



A blasphemous theological question for a Thursday night

you know you wanna try it

Mrs. Grumpy Appreciation Thread

10 Year Old Boy Grew His Own Pumpkins For Halloween - They Were Stolen & Smashed

I think there's an election soon or sumfin'

'Tis true — everything reminds me of a Monty Python bit

Whoa! We haven't had a leek thread in a while!

What is your favorite squash?


I Do believe it's time for me to Fly...

Project Runway fans: Laura's swinging chairs.

Thursday, October 26. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

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Hey Colorado...are you snowed in?

Some days I just don't have much hope for humankind.

I've decided I hate Tastykake Pumpkin Pies

Does Agent Mike wear boxers or briefs?


I'm a retired mod ask me anything*

I have a simple computer/internet related question...

Why is it so damn hard to lose weight???

My only brother has brain cancer

Mum defies million-to-one odds to give birth to black and white boys

Kansas, Boston or Chicago?

My first day at work.


Dear DU: What do you think about police sketches? (pic)

I Won't Leave DU because

If they get close to canceling Studio 60, do you think they'll move it to Bravo?

A nice mini-documentary about Portland Roller Derby

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/26/06)

One year ago today...

After last night, I am establishing new rules to live by...

Hottest LOST Characters

THIS Is My Dog

Oooh, the freepers are having their annual evolution brawl!

The WAR on Halloween!!

REO Speedwagon or Journey?

So my friends want me to wear a costume for a party

God listens...

These Boots are made for walking video.

Anyone here ever use Redi Strip?

Blu Ray? HD DVD? Vista?!!

Inspector Lestrade..boy this is confusing.

8th Rule of the Lounge


Where are you from?

Agent Mike is doing more than listening now.

every time I change my a/c - heater filters it's like

•Wired Very short story challenge, -- your turn.

Post a still frame from a movie, then let us guess the movie

Many people who have difficulty getting into a relationship's like the best free game ever:

Being in love is awesome

REO Speedwagon or johnnie?

I Rule the Lounge

"No, you don't understand, they're organized alphabetically

Post a picture that restores your faith in HUMANITY -->

Hitler is always grabbing the spotlight

Carl Sagan has a new book coming out next week.

How did you "arrive at" your god?

Let's have a show of hands

More pics from Cassini, and a video

Carl Sagan has a new book coming out next week.

Killing gay men is OK, says British imam

Notice HRC has quietly removed LIEberman from their list of endorsements?

What is with DU?

Terminology: "Gay marriage" vs. "civil union"

Wake-up call for morning finals - Olympic swimming

Lienhart's Child Born

Lienhart's Child Born

Universal Prayer for Peace and Spiritual Guidance

Mars and Venus 'marriage' Oct 25

I have a question about manifestation, and would appreciate

Dream Question

fire school: a parable

Kos on attack a Dem again (Harold Ford)

OT: Could Clint Curtis WIN?

Oh for cripe's sake!

NYT article on Kerry with Lamont


Jersey coverage on Kerry/Menendez event

Obama smoked (and inhaled).

I love this. Kerry & Sestak go after Swiftboating bastids

The good Senator is in Texas tomorrow

Interesting dynamic being set up for after the Nov elections.

Post on the actual Perkins School event (before the BMG interview)

Positive (and interesting) dkos diary - from a Kerry critic

Photoshop Elements 4.0 question...

Some pictures to for you

waddya know...chimpy and I agree on civil rights for new jersey gays

My Country, My Country (Iraq) PBS Tonight

A Neocon weapons systems maker's

Are any election fraud protests planned?

Grim Anniversary of BBC STORY -- ALL states are going RED

War on poverty slips from election agenda

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent produces it's own climate change paper

“We’re Supposed to Sentence Individuals, Not Crimes”

The Question no one asked Chimpy.

David Kuo on Real Time

Do We Owe Iraq War Reparations?

GOP ads show desperation with FEAR and SMEAR

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 26 Oct 06

The GOP has Shit on America and the Sheep still love him?

Repub candidates would like Bush to 'shut up'.

CNN/Opinion Research Polls being diseminated on

Bill Press has a great radio show.

Bush told Limbaugh to make fun of MJFox

War now works against GOP

Five US troops killed in Iraq as Brush under fire

Wow, they just showed the "Stay the Course" ad on CSPAN

I think Rush Limbaugh gave us Missouri on a silver platter

Wrong turn

Ahead of his time

Chickenhawks in chief

Why are Republicans so obsessed with other people's sex lives?

Robert Parry is on DemocracyNow! right now

Why NO Headlines? 'President Insane, Thinks We're Winning War'.

Dog Fight Videos Called Free Speech

Constitution, Schmonstitution

While Bush* Lies on TV, Five U.S. troops killed in Iraq search of "stay the course" results in 33879 matches

Somebody calm me down...

US will have to fight 'dirty' in new wars

Get Out The Vote, Simple DIY Instructions:

Don't think I've ever seen a more appropriate photoshop of Mehlman

Rep Gibbons (R) Accuser Says She Was "Threatened-Pressured & Bribed"

How To Embolden A Terrorist

THURS 10/26 - RADICAL FRINGE TOON .. maybe we can make a feathered pillow?

Will the shrub need a passport for his trip to the Hague? just asking

Use It Or Lose It: A Call for Action From the Netroots

Fundy logic from Québec!

rant from Japan - I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta

CIA Tried To Silence EU On Torture Flights

Find the president's grammar & logic errors!

What is it with some people?

A New Anti-Bush Video

2,809 US Dead in Irag. Average gas price: $2.20


My freeper neighbor has a Duncan Hunter sign. This isn't Hunter's district.

Those Who Don't Vote: America's Shameless Record! (A Rant)

Ok, if don't post for a few days, I'm in GITMO, I just e-mailed the VP!

Do you know the way to GITMO Bay? Sung to Do you know the way to San Jose?

Why are these people push-polling themselves?

Don't allow these lies to stand from that *press conference* yesterday!

If you're buddies got you into a rumble and you were getting your ass kicked

Freedom From The Press - Mark Fiore

Utah's New Election Audit and Recount Procedures Found Lacking by Utah's Desert Greens Party and Uta

Newsweek poll: Congressional priorities

Isn't Harold Ford just as bad as Joe Liberman?

BigPath Back Online for Campaign Downloads

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

White House again times Iraq policy to U.S. elections; CBS' Couric and...

Severe Election Problems Seen In 10 States

Remember in '94 when Republicans swept Congress they said Clinton was now

Skull photos shock Germany

Cheney spokesperson denies that Cheney confirmed water-boarding

Who Cares About the Issues: Is That Botox?

Taken from Bill Maher's New Rules October 20, 2006

Sorry I got so upset over rush mocking the disabled.


The Sky Isn't Falling-New Jersey Decision Reflects Public Opinion

Marc Maron filling in for Springer

Worst voice--- Rita Cosby or Susan Estrich.

On rightwing strategies of equivalence

For those questioning the timing of the NJ gay rights decision

the freeperville song

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins open letter to Laura Bush

the freeperville song

King foe on Air America NOW

"Teach them how to do solar power; they've got plenty of sun over there"

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights, Germany offered access to prisoner

Happy Birthday, Hillary!

Why Freepers LOVE to bully people they see as victims

Tony Blair's been Google Bombed

Lil Morning Humor.....

Check This Out!! "U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006"

Oops. Cop shoots suspect while he's on the ground being handcuffed. (Video)

Bush: I'm trying to figure out a matrix that says things are getting better

New Math - when 34 is greater than 39. CNN front page link on

Just so you know: Katie dropped to 7th place in LA

Limbaugh satire

The Shame of General Casey by Larry Johnson (ret. CIA)

lots of military funerals just before the election.

To Graham: If active duty soldiers can't express their views on

Iraq PM al-Maliki: the new U.S. position is just an election ploy

Who does this guy Maliki think he is? The president or something?

Dr. Dean rocked this morning

Analysis of Bush on Iraq by Thomas Ricks, author of "Fiasco"

Republican Congressman Touts "Greatest Moments" Working With Bill Clinton

Two months from today the war will be OVER

Media falsely reported Limbaugh "apologized" for attacking Michael J. Fox

New home prices plunge nearly 10%, biggest drop since 70s

Wow! Ann Coulter found dead!

Poor, poor Rush

Matt Lauer: Colossal Douchebag

Molly Ivins: A campaign of sleaze

Bush to Iraq: "Give us some bench marks on how you are going clean up the mess

It amazes me how a upbeat positive post on DU

Fixing Iraq is not a problem...

List Your Fav DU "Sky Is Falling" '06 Election Moments That Fizzled

So Bush changed what victory in Iraq looks like again??

ALL The Cool People Are Coming To Seattle

STOP FLAMEBAITING NOW...united we stand, divided we fall.

Rights Group Fires Publisher of Foley E-Mail

Photo: Space Shuttle launch seen from space

(TOON) Steve Bell on The Chimp's new Iraq strategy

Wife of the Repub Candidate who committed suicide after sex allegations

Canada Complains, And Finally, RNC Will Pull Ad Attacking Ford

This Election in two Words: Hope vs. Fear

Howard Dean on with Al Franken NOW! NT

Subject: Writings on the Wall

Cheney *hearts* Hillary.... and it's not from the Onion?

dupe -- please delete

Make up your own Bush Phrase

Divert Divert today Bush signs the legislation for the 700 mile wall

Jesus on a pogo stick!!!

If Dems win either house of Congress, be prepared:

Let's start the GW* "I am not a crook!" countdown, shall we?

A straight girl's thoughts on NJ's decision on gay marriage

Rematch: Letterman/O'Reilly Friday Night (Another Dave Smackdown?)

Saudis let 29 ex-Gitmo guys free to go to Ramadan in Iraq

If you have 10 minutes and a deep desire to be IMPRESSED...

Rumsfeld to speak,take questions around 1200 CT

please unFreep this poll on NJ same-sex marriage

How's this for a counter ad? "If you're a racist pig, don't vote for Ford"

I've lost we like Barney Frank or do we hate him?

Stem Cell Research and Cloning...

Appeal to Republicans by acknowledging decent Republicans!

Yes, 57 %. No, 84 %. No opinion, 15%.

Need DU Help. I need democratic party donkey images for buttons, wallpaper and more

Impeachment Isn't What Worries Rs When The Ds Win.

Has anyone in the entertainment industry besides the RW spoken ab out MJ Fox?

Help please - what's this about the stem cell thing in MO and cloning?

VIDEO: Bush & co. "Stay the course" then "NEVER said stay the course"

BREAKING: Dems WIN 85 House Seats and 17 in Senate !!!

DON'T MISS GUY JAMES SHOW TODAY....Clint Curtis and Brad both on.

Anyone else noticing the recent spate of "the Courts may have to

Poll at CBS- Was Fox exaggerating his Parkinson's disease symptoms for pol...

Want to put a smile on your face re:the election?

Rush Limbaugh Fakes Stupidity

Appeal to Republicans by acknowledging decent Republicans!

Science, medicine, and the gullible Left

PLEASE READ: Paper ballots mandated for all CA precincts!!!

"Recipe for a Cooked Election" by Palast

Caption this fool...

Anybody watch South Park last night?

BUSH: "I Cry, I Weep, I Hug. And, I'm NOT A Good Faker."

OUTRAGE - Chickenhawk GOPs trolling military records of Dem candidates

4 U.S. Marines, 1 sailor killed in Iraq. 96 total. * says "we're winning!"


Progressives Americans Should Celebrate NJ Court Decision

A little sunshine from On Scorecards and the Series

GOP Nosedive!

Good investment: Shredding machines

New RNC Ad: OBL, off dialysis, pleads for stem cell research...

current state by state polling results?

Lindsey Graham: “We don’t need a Democratic army and a Republican army.”

What has Hilary been doing for other candidates this cycle?

Why we're in trouble:

Iraqi PM: the Iraqi "benchmarks" agreement was made two months ago

CNN Poll: 73% Say Border Fence Bill Is Election-year Posturing (Pls Vote!)

Ohio GOP Smears Al Franken In Press Release With Doctored Photo, Fabricated...

If you threaten high-ranking officials in the United States government on DU....

What ?

Rothenberg: How High the Wave? Don’t Just Think 1994; Think 1974, 1958, 1982

Girls dressed as Captain Underpants sent home

At one point, CNBC's Larry Kudlow begs Bush for help:

Official Randi Rhodes thread

WaPo: Three More Seats Lean Democratic (NY-24, IA-1, PA-7)

WH Admits ROVE - Making Tactical Decisions On Iraq For Political Purposes

Big Eddie is ripping Limpballs a new one with style..

Curious visual on eBay....

NGO: 3,500 Iraqi women have gone missing, many traded for sex work

Is kyra phillips Still On CNN?

Bush: "There's some kinda reward during Ramadan for violence"

GOP will add $3.5 million in NJ to try and defeat Menendez

Stupid White Men Revel in Their Own Bigotry ---pix--->>>

dubya: "I understand how tough it is, really tough. It's tough for a reason"

LTTE-Need your help translating Republican to English

SCOTUS puts an obstacle in front of voting rights advocates in AZ

Just a Quick Reminder...

"Bush: "We're modernizing the southern border of the U.S."

LOL Both Replug Chairmans Say Vets grade to them are unfair

I got a question

"The October Surprise is that we increased troop levels"

Is it fair to assume that the SS has been in contact with Coulter

Bans on same-sex marriage aren't discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

unfreep my toon .. thank-you

I need a *large* image of a Diebold AccuVote TSX. Can anyone help me out?

Minor Bug in New Firefox. Just in case anyone wants to know


Mexico & 27 other OAS nations oppose plans to build the fence.

November surprise. Saddam to get sentenced on Nov. 5

What do we know about the end game so far?

Everyone say hi to the secret service agent here

gas jumped today 4-6 cents

GORE BARN-BURNER GOTV for revolutionary Clean Energy Initiative in CA

Only 22% of likely voters say Foley scandal will affect their votes!

Dixie Chicks Blog: "Shut up and Post" (Hacked?)

Michael Schaivo is on Big Ed right now!

Coulter: "Ford is my favorite Democrat and I wish he were running in Rhode Island"

It appears the US and Iraqi gov't have stopped talking to each other

Images: The worst political Web sites

The three states that matter on Nov. 7th: MO, TN, VA

So What Was The October Suprise

Kos: OH-Sen: 20 points?

Chris Shays has a problem

I'd like every person attacking MJ Fox for supporting stem cell research

Let's all hate on Kos, let's all hate on Ford, let's all hate on Kerry

Mitt Romney is stumping for that vile Rep. Marilyn Musgrave

Rush Limbaugh is stating again that he wasn't making fun of Fox

It's deer-collision season

Hello, Mr. President! ---pix--->>>

Ex-Governor of NJ wants to marry his partner

Reimporting drugs from Canada is BS, people

Media feeding frenzy on NV R Gov candidate alleged sex assault

Dixie Chicks interview coming up on Hardball.

Oh Lord, a freeper prays

I saw data on central PA - that dems are polling in the 40s

If the New Jersey decision really costs us a Senate seat then the civil unions strategy won't work

700 Mi. long 'Great Wall of America' to cost, oh, about 6 BILLION

why is Bush signing a bill for a fence now...

I Feel Bad For Nancy Pelosi

Nearly got run down by Cheney's motorcade today


P'fffft Terror War Support if bin Laden Killed or Captured

Molly Ivins: A Campaign of Sleaze

Pastors endorse KATHERINE HARRIS; they prefer her positions.

Overhead reached 55 percent in some Iraq contracts

What network/ cable or otherwise will you use to monitor elections?

Rumsfeld to war critics: ‘Back off’

Peace March Saturday, Oct. 28 in Los Angeles

Democratic candidates are missing a major talking point: Education

"War of Words" chapters III & IV now up!

Complete the sentence for the Repubs - if you vote Dem...

It's time to shun each and every ditto head.

If we legalize gay marriage

"The CIA's Torture Travel Agent"/ Boeing....goes back to Clinton Adm.

MSNBC: Cheney endorses simulated drowning

The embryos are regularly thrown in the trash...

Stumbled on this page today - worth a second look

Caption this pic of Hastert


Predict the date of an October/November surprise involving Bin Laden/terror

Stoolie! (New Fiore Animation)

Why worry about the republican base voting against impeachment?

Obama In Seattle Today

interesting WH wars coming after election

rumsfeld on c-span - repeat of today's press conference

GEORGIA VOTERS: What's on the ballot (statewide)? I am voting

OK DU geniuses!

ACTION ALERT: Lou Dobbs Poll on Security & Immigration -- Dems or Repugs Better?

The Republican Twelve Step Program

For a million dollars would you and your family agree to guard

What are your private thoughts about Matt Lauer?

Tonight's debate lineup on CSPAN1 (IL-06, DE-Sen, VT-AL, NH-02)

Lou Dobbs- coming up: "WAIT 'til you hear how they secure the voting machines."

What if we do get screwed?

What message are you sending if you drive a big SUV with a yellow ribbon?

you HAVE TO email Cafferty now

If Arlen Specter had any true decency he would condemn GOP attacks on Fox.

What can you buy with $7 Billion ?

No, the disabled are not immune to political attack like rush suggests

DEM Yards Signs Raptured !1!!1!! Sign of the Apocalypse ??//??/?

60 Civilians killed by Nato bombing

Warning: With the new meaning of "With roses and open arms" as

Foley Factoid

Heh-heh, Dems winning an unlikely Lou Dobbs poll!

Hadley on PBS now (Lehrer)=Jack Reed interview to follow (benchmarks)

Personally, I preemptively blame . . .

Why Are 7 Prominent Republican Conservatives Supporting Democratic Victory in 2006?

hey America !! Are we the ....." Axis of good."....?


Bush is always talking about the enemy who is the enemy...

I am now getting "Train for the Secret Service" Google Ads!

Just when you thought they couldn't go any lower...

Why not?

Leslie Blitzer and Max Cleland Skewer Rumsfeld

If Democrats take control of the Senate in the Nov. 7, 2006 election...Pics

Journalist To Publish 3,000 Logs Of CIA Flights On Internet This Week

Maliki--says it s the Coalitions fault for bad security in Irag. WHOW, abc

LIMBOsevic's big lie about Michael J and the Dems

Lauer On Limbaugh's Fox Attack: "Didn't He Just Say What Everybodies Thinking?"

How many conservative pundits can you name? How many liberal ones?

Josh at Talking Points Memo has a question. What do you think?

Mother Earth Is Watching Still

Bush's Meltdown Press Conference Yesterday

Whistleblower Clint Curtis on TVNL Radio Live.....8 pm et

I want a do-over, and so do many others - thanks to repubs, they are screwed

Student Assignment: Write your own Obituary

OK I'll say what everyone is already thinking: Matt Lauer is an asshole

Why does MSNBC spend three valuable morning hours on Don Imus?

Poor Turnout Plagues Focus On the Family Events

Has anyone seen a story on the MSM about a Democratic dirty ad?

Court Rejects Wiccans' Tax Challenge

Don't Vote, Don't Vote, Don't Vote....

* visits a candy factory - pics

Someone put this book in the Humor section my local Barnes & Noble

Ohio Absentee Ballot Postage Issue

Campaign lawn sign follies in NJ

Letterman calls O'Reilly a bonehead

October Surprise ???

So, why did we invade Iraq?

Rep Conyers: Now Is the Time to Dig Deeper

Where is Mark Foley?

I am not a single issue voter.

It's time we got our own Country together for Human Rights before we Invade Anyone Else!

Why spend money on health care for every American?

They mock Andy's death, they mock MJF===who are these horrible cretins?

The Spectacularly Healthy vs the Massively Afflicted.

BUSH THE BIGOT: "There's Some Kind of Reward During Ramadan for Violence"

yo, Agent Mike! Over here!

Scariest Halloween Costumes EVER!

Heather Mills - Adnan Khashoggi connection?

It's time to go after Rush Limbaugh's sponsors.

Chris Shays has an Abramoff Connection!

I'm torn on what to do? Should I get an absentee ballot or should

When is Corker's daughter going to be in Playboy?

Now that Cheney* has opened the "torture" topic for public

Is this a recent screen capture of the bloviating....

What Leader Would You Vote For?

BREAKING! “Freedom Fence” with Mexico is completed!!!

Every DUer should be using FIREFOX 2.

Where's the exit plan?

Last night I saw a new Showtime documentary that made me thankful to be a liberal.

Rove Protégé Behind Racy Tennessee Ad

John Conyers' latest email: the three critical House races

We are being monitored by our own government right now.

We stand by our president

Most insane ad of the year.

Al Gore: Earth is in 'Full-Scale Planetary Emergency'

If we lose the senate, it's pretty much the fault of black people.

Much more conservative democrats winning GOP-held house seats

Bush suggests IRAQ ATTACKED US on 9/11


So Matt Lauer says MJ Fox needs to be held "accountable" also!!!

Michael J Fox Ad Has Had Negative Impact on Republican Campaigns

Dear SS Agents... Honestly, no one here wants to kill Bush...

Everyone who says gays need to wait, needs to watch this commercial.

Sen Brownback holds up judge nomination because she attended a gay wedding

websites are being blocked by the Pentagon to make sure U.S. troops in Iraq don’t get any big ideas?

My that ken mehlman is REALLY NASTY isn't he?

Be with you in a jiffy...been workin' on my Icky Shuffle.

Is Barack Obama the anti-christ?

New Viral Ad: Support our Troops

WTF! Pelican swallows pigeon

New BigPath Download(s): GOTFV: "Get Out the ***ing Vote" PDFs

Do You Know Or Care About Your Candidate's Stance On Abortion?

Did the 'mainstream' media 'distort' Maliki's press conference?

Why Not Universal Health Care Coverage?

Cheney Water-boarding story is breaking heavily in MSM...

DU Googlers, Help needed now! Truth or baloney?

Get off of Harold Ford's back already. We need a Senate Majority

For Halloween we'll be waterboarding for apples!

Instead of talking about SOLDIERS IN REVOLT, lets talk about Michael J Fox...

Exxon Mobil says its profit rose to $10.49 billion in the third quarter

Troops' debt a growing security concern (High debt=security risk)

Lucianne just now on Pravda/FOX: "Republicans will keep entire Congress...."

Just watch how hateful Oxy Continbaugh is.

Digby says what a lot of people are thinking about Matt Lauer

I got some real problems with some dems and DU'ers....

I just LOVE President Bush! Whose with me hear?

"Why New Jersey's gay marriage ruling won't cause a backlash."

Cloning, isn't the right the same as other rights?

MN-06 Bachman: "the Lord says: 'Be submissive, wives ' "

Email Today Show!!!! Please!

Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy

Questions about debit card refunds.

CBS News Poll: Was M J Fox exaggerating?

Help get this video featured on the YouTube homepage before the elections!

How come the only people working on campaigns are middle aged?

Rumsfeld is being a solid gold prick on CNN right now

Dixie Chicks on Hardball now, 4:46pmCT. nt

Easy Guide To Stealing Elections - something to send to your representatives?

Ars Technica: How to steal an election by hacking the vote (Detailed/Comprehensive)

Freeper outed himself...MeanBeagle...come out come out wherever you are

A humble suggestion -- Temporarily assume that vote counts will be accurate

Full, equal rights for gay persons is not open to compromise for political expediency

Kos Attacks Harold Ford

Are you ready for A Blue Revolution?

Michael J Fox's interview with Katie Couric was terrific.

How are you supporting the troops by cutting veterans' benefits?

Who wants bush's border fence?

Hi, Agent Mike!

Troops Appeal for Redress up to 350! : Kucinich Announces Support

I have come to a conclusion.... SCREW IMPEACHMENT.....

Did You Know The US Office of Personnel Management is Outsourced to The Carlyle Group?

HALLBURTON bills US *DOUBLE* actual cost for Iraq administrative items

Micheal J. Fox, Parkinsons, and more...

Watch the "I'm a Liberal" music video!

Borat no make rumor with Kazakh Bank make spelling wrong "bank" on currency!!!

"Daves not here man"

BWHAHAHA! More "Stupid Freeper" tricks.

Is gay discrimination 100% comparable to discrimination against blacks?

Natalie Maines claims the Freepers were behind the

FITZ-First Witness In CIA LEAK CASE GRILLED-3 Hrs Of Cross Examination

* "a lot of Democrats are using my picture. All I ask is that they pick ou...

Pew Research Extensive Study: MASSIVE demographic shift in public to Democrats

'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

I'm voting for an anti-choice candidate for the first time in my life.

Most important election in Calif. (maybe the country) is for Debra Bowen.

Patricia Heaton: Not Everyone Loves Michael J. Fox

Media Cover-up -Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media

"Stay the Course" now defined by Admin as "constant change" says * Press Conference


Kennedy, Kerry donate $1 million to Democratic campaign committees

I don't kid myself. I don't expect most democrats to ever do anything gay people.

President Clinton! (Pics!)

Aussie cleric likens unveiled women to "uncovered meat."

Adopt-a-Section: The Freedom Fence (Paging Lou Dobbs)

We think you should be aware that the Secret Service contacted us today.

Please Read This If You Believe You ARE NOT Prejudiced...

The Dems' Modern-Day Three-Fifths Compromise: Gay Rights

Information on GOP "concern trolls":

List of Members of 109th Congress Being Looked at by DoJ

My Sample Ballot Is Ready.


Looking toward the New Democratic Dawn

"Does Rush Limbaugh speak for you?"

RJC Ads Challenge Democrats

Interesting Letter written to John Boehner and other Ohio Reps on

Advocates take fight for stem cells to voters

Bush to make rare Iowa campaign visit

Role of government and corporate welfare

One more Republican w/ Family Values, Rep. Jim Gibbons

"Stay the course" search produces 33879 matches on Whitehouse website

The Rove NPR interview-very interesting

In graphic form, two talking points for the Dems

Santorum attempts to reinvent himself

What are YOU doing to GOTV?

2 reasons we will lose on Nov. 7: Right-wing radio and corporate-controlled media

Cheney admits Bush administration sanctioned war crimes!

Stabenow bracing for B*sh visit to Michigan. .

Jeesh! 1st I had to turn off the tube because of the awful ads - now I

Iraq, not GOP prescription drug plan, is top issue for senior voters

Is the White House manipulating the economy?

Santorum quotes Churchill. Next: Ricky reveals name of childhood sled.

NJ NBC poll on gay unions currently tied (almost) ..We trail by 34 votes

The Book of Liberal Virtues (2/06); It's The Conservatism, Stupid (7/06)

CNN this morning

Has anybody heard the deal with Ford's father and spying?

Ohio 06 still dirty; Don't trust the machines? Vote Absentee

Please forgive me but... We need to stay the course!

Anyone else catch Obama's reply to the "Did you inhale"

Best video on Equality for all

Received great email from an old shipmate, a former bush supporter

Washington Journal - Stuart Rothenberg is on

Inside Maf54's $30,000 / mo. Tucscon country club rehab center

The Worst Congress Ever

Strickland challenge dropped in Ohio

DoD's New, Untested, Secretly Developed Overseas Mil. Voting Scheme

Rumsfeld is such an arrogant little prick. His news conference

AAR Streams: could someone post direct Real Audio

Show us you are a man Larry King and invite Michael J Fox on your show

Does anyone have a link to the Cardin/Steele debate?

It has been a long time since I have listened to an extended

Snow did NOT know John Yoo worked for Bush

VoteVets new ad -- Cutting Veterans Benefits

Stuart's a ninny Rothenberg said something stupid this morning

From George Orwell to George W. Bush: It's not for doubters any more.

Rice gets a taste of tough love

Daily Southtown endorses Democrats in Illinois' 11th &13t.h

TPM: Kerry and Kennedy do the right thing ...

Cindy Sheehen Requests support for HR 4232

Cheney, Frist & Boner look on as Bush giggles at Border Fence signing

Cheney Confirms Water-Boarding? Well, duh!

If Foley was the nail in the coffin, Rush is the ton...

RNC pulls Ford directed ad: WHY?----cause Canada complaineed.

Bush Grammar Rodeo: "We take this responsibility serious"

Republican Congressman Touts "Greatest Moments" Working With Bill Clinton

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

Menendez and Kerry diss Bush and Kean on Iraq in NJ event

So what's going on with the FL guv race?

MUST READ: Rolling Stone Magazine - "Worst Congress Ever"

Folks, time to get those last $$$ in...

who has the latest polls

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Anyone familiar with 'One Nation United?

Poll: Middle Class Favoring Democrats

Need opinions on Law (R) and Brown (D), the candidates for state rep in MI

The Decider is now "Noah," wanting "some good news about the flood"

New BigPath Download(s): Nov. 7 Choose Democrats (Flag Theme) PDF

Freeps want stem cell ad to be "a Wellstone funeral moment for the d's"

Any polls on Mo. showing the MJ Fox commercial has had effect?

Six more days to request an Absentee Ballot in California! (Oct. 31)

"Stem Cells" to the tune of "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd

10/26/06 FOX News Poll: Democrats Preferred on Most Issues

Sarah Evans husband doesn't have an income

OH-01: NRCC Ad Says Dem Cranley Favors Tasering Kids!

New SurveyUSA puts Brown up 20 (yes, 20) in Ohio!

Mike Fitzpatrick came to my school today

Hannity to campaign for Santorum this Saturday (to appeal to the 10 fans in PA)

WTF? My Democratic Voting Guide Suggests Voting No on Prop 87

FauxNews POLL: Dems up (49/38) and bad news all around for repukes

Ed Schultz trashing the "Drug Crazed Fat Ass" (Michael J. Fox issue)

HEY Pennsylvania! Kerry, Sestak, Vets campaigning in Radnor. Swifts BEWARE!

Don't yell at me but...where I can buy Republican campaign posters?

Why is Lynndie England in prison? If we can waterboard people

DU poll: should incorporate alternate theories on the origin of humans int...

New Jersey's gay rights favor revives Republican right

"Equivalating" -- how the media and GOP combat the reality-based world

still affected by 2000, 2002, and/or 2004? if so, how?

5 soldiers killed in Iraq. Meanwhile, Bush tours Michigan candy factory.

Troops in Iraq sign petition for withdrawal of all American military forces

Check out the ad that zulchzulu and I made.

For real....How to steal an election. An on-line guide.

Samm Simpson leads C.W. "Bill" Young in Florida 10 Congress-

nov 8, 2006-- george bush's speech

Are the words "Democrat" and "liberal" synonymous?

Two News POLLS (Hotline / AP) : Dems UP by 18 / 19!


Clintons Wed. speech - Oct. 25, Worcester MA. Great great stuff!

Article about war hawks

Journal- Thursday Night

The Senate Bad Guys on Stem Cell Research

Stop being hurtful. President Bush meant "Stay the (golf) course."

DU this Poll at

Email from Vote Vet == Our New Ad Targeting Four Congressmen

New POLL: Webb within one point of Allen (Macaca-VA) (49/48)

TN gop flyer: Vote "To Preserve Your Way Of Life"

Rasmussen has new polling anyone a premium member

Breaking: Gail Parker (IG-VA) to pull out of Senate race and endorse ....

I'm glad the ballgame was rained out. (see Larry King?)

MJ Fox ad = Anti-Ford "Call me" ad?

Interesting question on the new Zogby poll (CT Senate)

Michael J Fox: "Despicable" and "A Fraud"--Youtuber

Part 4 of "The War of the Words" is online - must see

Matt Lauer: Rush just said what a lot of people were privately thinking

See GORE GOTV for CA Dems -- Real Barn-Burner!!

Kerry: $900,000 in 48 hours

10-24, Kerry and Menendez event in NJ West Orange: PIX

Shut up and accept reality

I think Obama is really scaring the Freepers. The back lash has begun.

Bush: "If we can’t win, I’ll pull us out...I'm not a good faker"

California Proposition Voters --go to Pete Rates Web page

Landrieu campaigns for Lieberman.

Two or Three Reasons to Vote GOP on November 7 (via rawstory)

Rove on NPR: "Real"polls he has access to - GOP wins all

HEYJOHN Worked!! INCREDIBLE results.

Tony Snow: "When you have an African-American candidate..."

Tell Senator Talent to repudiate Rush's horrible attack on Michael J Fox!

My LTTE (re: election) was published

What's up with the MoveOn.Org telephone calls?

Dean on Ed Schultz show, audio....Dean on ABC today...Video.

Tennessee and the ‘15% Lie’

Hey Texas: Kerry will be working with Chris Bell tomorrow in Austin @5pm

My definition of a "real" Democrat, as opposed to a DINO:

Urgent: Kucinich Campaign: Urgent Appeal for $$$ as RNC “Swiftboats” Kucinich

This should be required reading for every posting DU'er

Cheney:"For a while there, I was criticized as being the 'vice-president for torture'"

Grim Anniversary: BBC STORY and PROOF that ALL states are going RED

Michael J. Fox was just interviewed on CBS evening news by Katie.

Thirteen Days 'Til the Election: At the Crossroads, and Howling at the Moon

Study Shows Why gop Freaked Over Michael J Fox Ad

Am I hearing HAROLD FORD, JR on the Sean Hannity show right now?

Hey Pelosi! Impeach or be impeached!

Ugh - who doesn't get this: Pelosi has nothing to do with impeachment

Polster called me and used the term "Democrat" party

Blue Dog leader says they won't give loyalty to either "leadership"...

I was just looking for news on Ken Mehlman and NH phone jamming.