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Archives: October 29, 2006

NYT Endorses Ned Lamont for Senate !

Teen Accused Of Raping Mom To Spite Brother

Woman Ticketed For anti-GOP Bumper Stickers

NYT endorses Lamont for Senate

Taliban plan to fight through winter to throttle Kabul


U.S. gives no apology over Maher Arar: report

'(expletive) don’t make me use my nightstick,'

Saddam's trial farce stumbles to climax

Tagging sheds light on monarch butterfly (Reuters/CNN) {habitat threatened}

Annan pushing for register of damage from West Bank fence

Ohio Attorneys Help Request

Over 1 million Dems illegally purged from vote rolls in 2004, what about this year?

Lots of problems with mail-in ballots and absentees in 04; take steps in 06 to protect your vote

Irish police 'foil Real IRA plot'

NATO apologizes for Afghan civilian deaths

Protesters urge end to Afghan mission

Chad says Sudan airforce bombed eastern towns

US diplomat urges Australia to leave troops in Iraq

Democrats Push to Counter G.O.P. in Turnout Race

Transgender MP in toilet fracas (the Berlusconi people in Italy)

Climate change 'hitting Africa'

Warring Shiites threaten Iraq unity: Battles in South, Baghdad

Protest erupts over marijuana at State Capitol (Denver)

Afghanistan war is 'cuckoo', says Blair's favourite general

Taliban plan to fight through winter to throttle Kabul

Rioting youths burn hundreds of cars in France

Protesting villagers in Nigeria vow to remain at Shell platforms until demands met

School Safety Drill Upsets Some Parents

Booming Porn Faces Backlash (Porn Biz Explodes During Bush II Admin)

Hundreds of police officers show up for canceled protest (Chicago)

NASA Deciding Whether to Close a Window Into Space

Economist: Global warming will be costly

Gov. Jeb Bush denies rumor he'll back Nicaraguan candidate


Social Security Disability and Postal pension question

Predict the College Football National Championship Matchup

Blood-Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin Pennsylvania...

((Running around house like little girl!!!!))

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Sardine

alright, im going to the bar!!!

Your mother sews socks that smell!

Red Auerbach dead at age 89

I want to amend something I said last night.

Ladies and Gentalmen... Sardines

All me bleedin' podcasts

"Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends"

Alien contact?

Another Kylie Moment

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Sadist

Geee, thanks, Scorpio! Now I have "Smooth Operator" stuck in my head.

How far is heaven

Exorcist 2 after the original!!!

I dreamed about DU last night, pretty bizzare

"A cat went to heaven"

went to hooters today.

Man, I just discovered a great genre of music.....

Feel like a Good Cry?

It's strange hearing House talk without his fake accent SNL

I really don't mind taco meat that has some oatmeal in it, as filler.

off to bed

American Dreamz any thoughts on the movie and was the Presidents right hand

I met Elvis and I have a photo to prove it!!!

I'm so excited, I'm plum pure giddy.

Airborne or Irish Whiskey

Allow me to add my woes to those of everybody else here.

Don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight.


Don't forget to set your cocks back 1 hour tonight


I'm voting for the first time ask me anything

I am a total jerk... Ask me anything...

Man, Beck never stops being good

have you ever had to confront your worst fear?

When I was a kid, on Halloween my mom gave out the best treat.

What if I changed my name to this:

Who is doing the Ziploc voiceovers?!?

When I see a One Man + One Woman sign I think:

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

New Kitty Pics!!

OMG, SNL is actually slightly humourous tonight...

My favorite day of the year has come!

I'm a total waste of air space...ask me anything...

Laser optical mice - do you use one?

I dreamed about Jennifer Love-Hewitt last night.

Was "The Exorcist" really a scary movie?

Chime in if YOU hate aging!

Who is your favorite all-time TV Chef?

"Shawn of the Dead" is a well made flick.

Sure, The Cars might've sucked in concert, but they had some great music!!

Whelp, my kitty just helped herself to my nice, cold glass of water...

Can't get this song out of my head (yes a youtube link)

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Sade

I'm getting so excited, I can hardly see straight

How can you tell if an agenda is THE gay agenda?

Radio_Lady and Friends: Review of "The Queen" with Helen Mirren

Radio_Lady and Friends: A woman writer shares her thoughts along the path of life...

Ever been a fundie haunted house?

We saw "Walk the Line" on HBO. Joaquin Phoenix was amazing!

Headlines About Yourself You Never Want To See:

The End of Suburbia now FREE on YouTube (oil documentary)

Atheist Evangelist...Sam Harris

Transgender MP in toilet fracas (Italy)

63 yr old hetero friend uses the phrase "queer history" and it bugs me

How About Those Oklahoma State University Cowboys!

RIP Red Auerbach

Barack Obama the next President?

Pic Thread.

OT: Awesome!

Frank Rich conjures up the 1971 John Kerry

Afghanistan war is 'cuckoo', says Blair's favourite general

I emailed Imus, and I will attempt to call him, on the air, on Monday.

Blast from the past: Lynne Cheney, Author and Historian

There were protesters inside Bush campaign rally for some ahole (R) today

Progressive Policy Council. Who are they?

Authors call Senator Macacawitz DELUSIONAL, uncultured.

under the radar story---fake boarding pass and a fbi raid.....

FAKER! Check out the terrific VIDEO critique of Pigboy Limbaugh!

If the House goes down to the wire, will any Repukes jump?

If the House goes Democratic Pelosi will be 3rd in line for Prez

Get Up - Stand Up!


VH1 Storytellers - Dixie Chicks 9EST Tonight

"Winning" the war in Iraq.

Word to the pundits: The majority of Democrats voted AGAINST the war

Has anyone here seen this so-called "pro-homosexual" agenda

Just give some truth!

Dixie Chicks on Storytellers on VH-1...right now!...n/t

Airforce paper - owning the weather by 2025

dupe - double posted

Where is the link for "The Greatest" page? NT

NY-19 debate on CSPAN1 now (John Hall)

Lynne Cheney's interview on CNN: helping or hurting?

WP:A Month of Second Thoughts on Iraq

John Kerry and Ted Kennedy each gave a Million Dollars. What about Hilary?

Polls Show Clearly How the Corporate Media Screws Democrats

the Duke Lacross Team Case

Yes, It's Their Human Right (Gay Marrage)

Apparently Jim Webb's fiction is worse than Foley's predatory behavior...

Wouldn’t It Be Nice….

Saturday night inspiration for a New America

Looking for Bill Maher links.

Enough Iraq War Veterans Return and some have no Home

The new Neocon jab at liberals on TV: "Do you want the US to

C-SPAN 1 TN. debate Ford/Corker!!! On NOW! Central Time.

We don't NEED the Senate to celebrate!!!

Maliki warns U.S. he's Not America's man in Iraq.

Do you want America to win in Iraq?

Top 10 Reasons to Police State the Internets

NYT A&L scribe on political ads: "Scary, Like Funny Scary "

On 9/11/01 the World Mourned for us...What would they do Today ?

VIDEO: Actual Instant Message Conversation Of Congressman Foley


RE: Europe VS the USA: Campaigns

What do you all do...

Pride goeth before a fall......look where our President appears

It's time to send the congressman home

I just got a call from the DCCC

Besides getting the bastids out, who is honestly suffering from this

The Spineless Bastards that vote Republican condone horrendous crimes out of fear..

Nine Days To A Nervous Breakdown by George W Bush

Last chance for gas....

To a louse (Not referring to anyone in particular. Really.)

Aide: Iraqi leader using U.S. angst

Jim Webb addresses Allen's sudden interest in literary criticism

Video Flashback: Will Farrell doing Bush with Global Warming as issue

this is what PURE GRACE looks like.....micheal j fox (video)

EVERY person on this planet should have the same rights as Americans

Lessons from Katrina

Harold Ford, Bob Corker Debate rerunning on CSPAN Now


Future Tax Shock

Poverty increasing in U.S. - anyone surprised?

Bush: Dems don't want to investigate, prosecute or even detain terrorists

FRANK RICH: Dying to Save the G.O.P. Congress

Breaking the Silence - Must see Video - in five parts


Need a laugh? Watch this Mark Foley AD produced pre-resignation

Former Celtics coach Red Auerbach dies

Just finished watching the Ford/Corker debate, and then got a call

This guy is good...

Wesley Clark slams Joe Lieberman in new Ned Lamont ad

Bill vs Dave, YouTube style

WTF? Fundies are attacking Walmart now? It's bizarro world I tell you...

Obama went to my high school

Just when I thought I couldn't despise Lieberman any more...

it just occurred to me RE: Allen / Webb book flap...

MSNBC: Bush, GOP closing gap with Dems!

Which of the following states can Republicans steal votes in?

Who here has already voted early in the election? Who'd you vote for?

The Third Reich declared the Hague convention obsolete in 1941:

Andrew Sullivan on BookTV, CSPAN2. He hates

Greg at Carter for Nevada : Why I've just quit Jack Carter's campaign

99 US Soldiers have been killed this month

Anyone else see the Corker v Ford debate tonight?

I think some of these people actually want a religious civil war.

My Poll says...

Princes and Powers

Being gay and being black are different, and no sane gay says anyting different

does anyone remember those "See Spot Run" books.

"Jeb Bush would make a fine president, even better than his brother!"

How much would you pay for a portrait of Steven Colbert?

what is the best website for polls?

Sensenbrenner challenger Kennedy gets major newspaper endorsement!

The Boeing Company Shafts Retiree's

BUSH ADMIN Created The Death Squads That Now Rule Iraq

What kind of voting mechanism is used at your polling place?

Freeps Marvel At * Holding A Pumpkin

There are more important issues than gay marriage

Studio Clean-Up Janitors at L.A.’s major studios are pushing for a union

A labor look at New Mexico's first congressional district (audio story WIN)

Video. Gov. Owens (R, CO) disses marijuana, and is shouted down.

Africa’s World of Forced Labor, in a 6-Year-Old’s Eyes (NYT)

Jeb Bush's appointee to Dept of Elder Affairs settles sexual harassment suit

Bloomberg, you fucking IDIOT, Lieberman DOESN'T "share your Independent streak"

Audience laughs at Corker after saying he doesn't like negative ads

Video:Webb Responds to Allen Smears:"The fish rots from the head down"

Elections May Bring New Accord In Senate

George Allen is Virginia's Jesse Helms

"Broken Government" on CNN at 11 PM EST - The Courts and Politics

Want to see how BAD it is in Ohio???

Congressman Tim Ryan ROCKS!

Second Ladies Gone Wild: Lynne Cheney rips into Wolf Blitzer, denying...

Anyone want to go to Youtube to support the Webb? He is getting

A Media Willing To Let The GOP Define Democrats As "Wuss," Knowing They Are Not (Chirolas)

Tennessee Senate Candidate Corker Still Hawking Family Values?

I want to see Jim Webb kick George Allen's ass ...

Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox AGAIN

How did Ford do today?

My House predictions

Who's afraid of the Republican base?

Mona Charen's Reasons to Vote Republican

Today I spent campaigning for Lois Murphy! Who did you campaign for

WaPo: Negative ads get positively surreal

Bush:“I’m campaigning like mad and I’m looking at people in the eye..."

Why is Nedra Pickler (AP) calling this Bush's "last." campaign?

What Has Business Pocketed Because The Minimum Wage Has Remained Stagnant?

Raising Kaine: What Happens When You Piss Off Jim Webb

NYT endorses Lamont for CT Senate.

MD-SEN: New WP Poll -- Cardin Over Steele by 11 Points!!!

Homeland Security Chief Says the Web is Dangerous:

"Seniors the most selfish" Steve Moore Club for Growth

Do you support the concept of a line item veto?

Madonna's Baby Safari

NYT editorial: Bush "Future Tax Shock" will hit upper middle, but not multimillionaires

Flack: For Months, Tech "Snafu" Kept Key Intel Docs from Lawmakers

Air America Goes Bankrupt (debtors listed)

War Support Among Evangelicals Collapses

Compromised PC Leads To Big Fraud Losses For E*Trade

One More Reason to Win – Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

WP op-ed by Princeton senior: Thought Police in the Lecture Hall

The Charnel House of Baghdad By Mike Whitney

Niall Ferguson: The road to delusion

Lawyer Warns Against Saddam Execution

"Howard Kurtz's Fear of Facts" - Greenwald (false equivalency between GOP/Dem mudslinging)

U.S. blunders in reconstructing Iraq are staggering

Corporations: Containment vs Reform - Part II By Tom Cobb

Original October Surprise (Part 3) By Robert Parry

LAT op-ed: Is Iran the new Iraq?

Judy Miller's back in Iraq, access in tact

"GOP at a Loss?" - LA Times (WH deploying federal resources to aid GOP candidates)

Operation enduring chaos: The retreat of the coalition & rise of the militias

Togetherness In Baghdad (George Will)

Why Iraq's Leader Balks at U.S. Demands

Election 2006 – Bush Stumps for Republicans, Touts Failed Policies

Fugitive eludes SWAT team

Voices: Stem cells (MO)

NYT: Iraqis See the Little Things Fade Away in War’s Gloom

WP,pg1: Tipping Point for War's Supporters?

Clean burn (home wood gasifier)

US Biodiesel production to reach 900M gallons in 2007.

Wind energy to serve growing needs in Missouri

"Oceans Awareness" : Environmental Defense, Nat'l Marine Sanctuary, NOAA, Ad Council, Disney:

Biogas technology to the rescue of rural people (OpEd, Bangladesh)

Mexico May Be Forced To Privatize Oil (2nd biggest supplier to USA)

Renewable Energy Sources and Low Wastage Make Denmark A Net Exporter Of Energy...(& Economy Grows)

Senators to Exxon: Stop the (global warming) Denials

Solar's Next Level (Photovoltaic Thermal - PVT)

Iraq, China to revive Saddam-era oil deal

Orkla to Build Polysilicon Manufacturing Plant (Oslo, Norway)

Honeywell Completes PV Project at Luke Air Force Base (AZ)

Wife of right-wing activist charged with racist incitement

Israel apologizes for incident with German ship

Germany confirms new Lebanon incident with Israel

It's Meshal's show

Reno, Nevada voter sues Sequoia Voting Systems, 10/25/06

Doubt and anxiety at the ballot box

Everybody - Take A Camera To the Polls- Tell Everyone You Know

get those poll tapes.

Alabama electronic vote counting system law re "write-in voting"

Larry Bensky on air right now with Atty Cliff Arnebeck talking about

WANT VERIFIABLE ELECTIONS IN FLA??? S.A.F.E. Deadline midnight tonite

Weekend America: Election Prep - "I think the technology stinks."

we need a pinned thread

11 in O.C. charged with voter registration fraud

FoxTrot Comic on e-voting

I cried last night (revised) - sorry, please read

Can long lines at polling places be considered as a poll tax?

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 10/29/06 Lou Dobbs Tonight

WE ARE ALL FLORIDA NOW - George Will (???)

Got an Issue with my posts on skin oils cause problems with DREs?

GOP leader (Boehner) says he would've canned Foley

Brazil's President Wins Re-Election

ACLU Withdraws Lawsuit Challenging Patriot Act

23 Policemen Shot to Death in Iraq

"Under fire, soldiers kill blogs: Pentagon milblog crackdown"

Fireman's Mom Asks Culprit (Ca.) To Come Forward (CBS)

Weak home building drags down economic growth

NPR: Poll Shows Rural Voters Shifting to Democrats

Tennessee Senate Candidate Corker Still Hawking Family Values?

LAT: GOP at a loss? Karl Rove has an 11th-hour plan to win

NYT Endorses Ned Lamont for Senate !

£3.68 trillion: The price of failing to act on climate change

U.S. Jobs Shape Condoms’ Role in Foreign Aid (Jeff Sessions)

USA slips to 53rd place in the Press Freedom Index

NYT/AP: Judge's Ruling Upholds Air Force Academy on Religious Issue

U.S. military probes sniper threat in Baghdad

Foreign militants turn attention from Iraq to fight in Afghanistan

Russia Led Arms Sales to Developing World in ’05

US Democrats with big edge in campaign's last week

Lieberman's Right-Wing Scaife Money

Secret Downing St. Cabinet memo admits Iraq is fuelling UK terror

Groundswell for Democrats marks US campaign's home stretch

WP,pg1: Poll Puts Maryland Democrats In the Lead: Well beyond margin of error

US tactics swelling Al Qaeda in Iraq: Sunni moderate

Ford Worker Loses Job, Wins Lottery

Gallaudet Protest Moves To Dulles Hotel

(Ben) Nelson's ties to firm explored (by R Pete Ricketts Senate candidate)

US tactics 'boosting al-Qaeda' in Iraq

11th Circuit Asked to Clarify Corporate Liability (against Coca-Cola bottling companies in Colombia)

Schumer (chairman of the Senate Democratic campaign) Confident of Democratic Majority

And voters' mood is: grumpy

Sultan Among The Dead After Nigerian Plane Crash

Foreign firms bow to Bolivia energy nationalization

Plane Crashes in Nigeria; 104 Reportedly Aboard

Local Marine killed in Iraq ( Luke is # 2812)

Saddam verdict may be delayed - prosecutor

GOP leader says he would've canned Foley

Spokesman: Iraq Insurgents Rejected U.S.

43% of Likely Voters Get Political Info Online (and they're mostly LIBERAL)

U.S. to Rebuild Mdeirej Bridge Destroyed by Israel

Buoyed by polls, Lieberman 'optimistic' of victory

White House Must Face Duke Energy Again

Army monitors soldiers' blogs, Web sites

Seeking to unseal a union's records Antiunion privacy suit fuels a debate

Police Surround Besieged Mexican City

Schmidt considers nuke waste

Kidnapped US soldier 'had secret wife'

Study: Asthma rates high near pollution (worst offender: engine exhaust)

Dean Offers New Direction for America on CBS' 'Face the Nation'

Mystery cloaks private sleuthing of Masilotti

Steele: Adopt unused clinic embryos

ABC: Soldiers Say Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home

Audit finds missing U.S. weapons in Iraq

(Harold) Ford: Democrat can win in the Old South

LAT: GOP at a loss? Karl Rove has an 11th-hour plan to win

What time is it?

I am a total herk... Ask me anything...



Whats going on?

Comedy Channel is showing "Coming To America." Will it be censored?

F*** a Duck. Has anyone seen the movie "Click"?

Is DU acting really screwy for anyone else?

I Just Got Back From a Benefit Gala

Al Franken imitating Mick Jagger

WIMR, Progmom et al need to be watching this

Okay, everytime I can get a title extra sleep, the fundies across

I'm gonna get my nose pierced next week.

all right this is KILLING ME! someone help me find this song...

Musique française très bonne

Who Do You Love, Baby?

Holy Shit! Van Halen FINALLY gets it right??

Need DU tech help please

So what are you EST night owls doing with your extra hour?


Should I use this pic as desktop wallpaper at work?

ode to the late night sausage cart

The Gay Agenda.... Revealed!

How much does it cost to replace a windshield?

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter!

Set your clock back 144 hours tonight.

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."

Heard a new one that made me chuckle...An Australian Kiss

Shout-out to Haruka3_2000...

ITS 2:00am EST! Set your cocks back one hour!

Well, I guess I did okay as a teevee camera person

Cute couple lip-synch to a cute song...

TB on my University Campus

So what parts of you are hypnotic?

Type DECIDER in Google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky"

OMG, I would never have believed this otherwise! What they sell on ebay!

Dick Cheney's Head by Trillin (found this in GD)

What's this about Lon Chaney writing a book about lesbians?


I wish I was Micky - D

I wish I was Chuck - D

Warning: Ego Stroking in Progress

Why is the Firefox browser chewing up 55% of my CPU?

Dixie Chicks on VH1 NOW 1:30 pm

Shout Out to DU'er Magellan!!

Bears up 31 to 0 --NOT a final still in the 1st half

Does anyone else have a foreign object lodged in them right now?

Another {yawn} sunrise pic

Mostly true...

Good poetry

31-0 before the half? Bears!!!

Is it possible to make a choice when no options present themselves?

What time of day do you love your pet the most?

Anybody participate in the Zombie Walk? (PA)

I had my first party last night! W00T!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/29/06)

I have to brag...and a request

How much candy should one give out at Halloween?

Bonnie Raitt on A Prairie Home Companion

who wants coffee?

Anybody been to Malta? What are the best places to go for

Sock it to me lyrics!!

Help, DU military types!

I have 5,000,000 posts squirting out of my ass! Ask me anything!

I hate school.

Bush has lost Barney, see for yourselves:

I love Monsterfest on AMC but

Congratulations texasleo!! 10,000 posts

Keith Richards imitating an elephant

Dirty On Purpose

Good Hair Night + new hoodie = PIC THREAD!

enough with the signature meals(restruants)

Web hosting/ server question...

Songs you can smell (I'll explain)

I got an extra hour of sleep but I'm still exhausted.

I'm baking a cake. Ask me anything.

Remember Halloween Costumes from the early 60's?

I got some Jack Daniels for Matcom's meatball recipe.....

And verily, God did create Scharffen Berger that we might all be happy.

in what year will Free Republic evolve to avatars?

Who set the DU clock an hour AHEAD????? n/t

Circle of life

I'm such a sneaky, rat-like snitch........

I'm baking beer bread. Ask me anything.

Less-than-satisfying karma

Who else will be raking leaves today?

When greeting-card writers say what they really think

What is a good location for a tattoo?

How many pounds of vegetables do you keep in your freezer?

Do you have a blog and would like to be interviewed?

Halloween decorations!

I have strep throat

My wife just won a poker tournament!

I'm curious about the American medical system. (And other countries)

I Dream of Jenis! (Warning: Cross-dressing!)

This is, without a doubt, the best photo I've ever taken.

So what's the best way to get an ear pierced?

What is your favorite indoor air freshener scent?

Product slogans that sound naughty


How do you align your bed in the bedroom?

How many steps are you from Keven Bacon?


It's time to play: Your Favorite Lines From "Blazing Saddles"

Embarrassing Photo Thread.. Post a pic you shouldn't

If you were rich, would you have less problems?

Black Cats and Halloween. PSA

Participation in sports is bad for girls & women

I hate Halloween

On the edge of her seat

my 1st picture thread

Okay, who wants a g'night hug or smooch?

If understanding does not provoke belief, then what does?

LAT: Bearing witness to a sea change in Unitarian practice

Hubble Deep Field & Ultra Deep Field images

WSJ Op-Ed: The Hitch

Paul and Frank AREN'T gay!

The JRChess Report for October 29: Return of the First Lady of Chess

When you are sleepless,

Ugh. Of course Kerry is responsible for the Iraq War.

What can you tell from a handshake?

Help - need some quotes from Kerry about regretting his IWR vote

OT: Power economics

Is the world ending? Stoller says something nice about JK.

Test post, ignore. Please delete whenever

our sleepy little delta @ harvest #1...

our sleepy little delta @ harvest #2...

It's 1am EST

The Veterans of Future Wars

Suspicious 'movements' in N. Korea

Spring Ahead, Fall Back. Anyone else's DU clock runnin a bit wacky right now?

BOO-Ometer results for CSNY Concert

2,812 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraq war of choice

Coke, HFCS and Corporate welfare

Who is on Sunday Morning Talk? What Are the Topics? n/t

Republican Delusions: Too Many Easy Democratic Targets To Choose From...

Chimp's Guide on "How to become president in 10 easy steps!"

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 29 Oct 06 VOTE!

Set your clocks back one hour this morning. And set them forward...

U.S. Jobs Shape Condoms’ Role in Foreign Aid (Jeff Sessions)

Atheist Evangelist...Sam Harris

They are going to "fix" the vote but I think we will still win because

"I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason—"

The road to delusion

Great new Ad for Phil Angelides, CA Democrat for Governor

Does anyone here feel Sequoia machines are safer than Diebold or others?

Death of a President banned; "That's my Bush" released on video

Limpballs "apologizes' then attacks M. J Fox again:

An answer to a freeper question...

AP: "GAO Chief warns economic disaster looms"


Corporate Contributors Jump On Democratic Bandwagon For Home Stretch

October Surprise Over at ?

"My Base, The Haves and the Have Mores"

And you think we have political problems....

Locally made. Locally owned. Is it really?

"They just say 'No' " is Bushie's new slogan?

It bears repeating...


Watching This Week, and they showed a clip of w and gay marriage

c-span wj - iraq veterans 9:20 am est

failure according to google

What should you do when your house is on fire?

The lesser of two evils....

Type DECIDER into Google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Airport screeners fail to see most test bombs

Hold Them Accountable

Consumers Union site that may be useful to others...

Auerbach, pride of Celtics, dies

Great News in PA 10

Is Russert just not listening to ANYTHING Cardin has to say?????

Why not take a percent of the Voting Machines

As long as were Googling "I'm Feeling Lucky"....


Talent pulls 'misleading' Senate ads

Those who suggest we divide Iraq are living in a fantasy world.

JUDY MILLER Is Back In Iraq: "Mentioning Bush evokes smiles"

Saddam's verdict to be on Nov. 5th............

C-Span/Congressional Quarterly 2006 Election Forecast Map

Come on, women! What are you waiting for? Snatch up them embryos!

Stephanie---> The SmirkingChimp, BuzzFlash, We are going to Get Organized.

Probably one of the most important films of the 21st century....

Can Democrats actually win in Idaho!?

LOL, excellent toon about Limbaugh with FDR

You don't want a Republican to compliment you on how well your doing your job!

If you would like some free publicity for your blog

Why aren't all rePUKE women volunteering to incubate doomed embryos?

How much do you trust Larry Sabato?

Michael J. Fox looked worse during his interview with Katie Couric...

Electronic voting is a touchy subject - San Diego Union Tribune

Duncan Hunter(R-ass) on CBS' Face The Nation lying through his teeth!

GOP Blues - Where We Went Wrong - By Dick Armey

Heads Up: Scott Ritter -Target Iran - CSpan 2 - 11:30 AM EST

Lynn Cheney's book: Read it for yourself

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Army steps up efforts to monitor military bloggers

Rush Limbaugh is the number 1 radio talk show in US

Web censorship for our troops.

How did Tim Russert get that job?

Republican days of whine and woes

Larry Scott of VA watchdog has had enough making DVD's

Hussein lawyer to Bush: Conviction will worsen Iraq strife

interesting rant re: Foley

Web site offers to 'fix' elections -- for a price

A little chuckle to lighten things up this close to election:

Maybe I am paranoid but it seems to me the MSM

My LTTE regarding this Allen attack on Webb

Have you heard of Jean Schmidt's latest gaffe?

John Boehner 'Rumsfeld is the best thing to happen to US in 25 Years'.

Tweety this AM

Votes flipping

Interesting thread

NYT: The Democrats: "Antiwar" and Other Fighting Words

There is a perfectly valid compromise on the stem cell research issue

Richard Mellon Scaife's "Lieberman Project"

Larry Bensky on air right now talking about election reform

Caption *

video: Fox Responds To Limbaugh Claim


Michael Steele on Meet The Press Is Making Me Dizzy

RNC Chief Ken Mehlman accepted political contributions from gay porn king?

Faux Snooze just admitted dubya was interrupted by protesters

Chip Reid, on Tweety's show, just said, "I have to be cryptic here, but the Foley case will

“Well, when the (DECIDER) does it, that means that it’s not illegal.”

Is it possible the Lieberman Republicans will stay home?

need a laugh? great impersonation of condi by comedian Connie Bryan!


If you lie enough then it becomes true

Politics: The Sleepers

Saddam verdict could be delayed a few days- Reuters

Letterman vs. O’Reilly…Round Two…Fight!

I wish someone would explain why Oxy Rush needed someone's viagra

NBC's Chip Reed: "The Mark Foley Scandal Investigation Is Going To Widen"...

Lynn Cheney seems to be a very mean, nasty person. Am I right? Wolf Blitzer interview.

Resisting Republican Occupations

Undecided voters

Question about candidates' order on ballots...

BUSH: Admits - War Is About Oil...

Dixie Chicks on VH1 NOW 1:30 pm

Something I don't understand about the racist Corker ad.

Is The Right For Gay People To Join Households A CIVIL Right?

Liddy Dole is a certifiable FREAK! Bob needs to make her retire

What if God should lose the war?

Obama Osama Osama Obama Obama Osama Osama Obama

Randall Terry (Operation Rescue) disavows two of his children.

Lamont gaining ground (Lieberman up by 8)

For future reference..Regime Change 101

The swift boating of Jim Webb


Fox Response To Rush: “What is crueler? To not have hope or to have hope?”

Will Norquist 'Osama by election day' prediction come true?

Hailp! Cecil! Hailp!

One of Idaho's most conservative papers endorses (D) Larry Grant

Looks like the clock in the DU server didn't 'fall back'.....testing 123

General George Butch and Martial Law...

Video:Murtha:There Is No Question’ The U.S. Military Is Turning Against

"An incredible, dramatic shift in focus" ...Suzanne Malveaux

Women of Power

SC's Election Commission must think we're really stupid.

Kris Kristofferson gets it

White House adopts new program for policy flexibility in Iraq

Media Artist/Professor Types Names Of Real U.S. Dead Into Army-Funded Video Game

John Hall (NY-19th) endorsed by Journal News (Westchester/Rockland) . . .

My new video - Iraq, Broken - American Shock & Awe

Footage of the death of an American journalist in Mexico

(VIDEO) first anti-Cubin ad (WY-AL) on the "slap" incident

Gulf War Games Target Nuclear Smuggling (Iran)

Rush now says Fox 'over-medicated' himself so folks would hate Repukes

A Jamaican take on the November Elections

Cross-post -- Please help Alaska

Bush goes into Iraq...

Webb's book is on the US Marine's recommended reading list

Vote For Your "Favorite" Racist GOPU Moment

CSpan3 goes British PM-crazy tomorrow

Did Rove's October Surprise happen last night?

RePUKES open up shameful new line of attack on Fox - he's ignorant!

On MSNBC now...if your team is losing

Bush's Saturday rally in Indiana was 'pure White House stagecraft'


Homophobia on DU? I don't think so

9 days to go. What are you doing TODAY?

Voted against Cruella this morning; felt good.

Maliki Complains US Envoy Acts Like Viceroy

No fast U.S. shift on Iraq if Democrats win: Dean

republicans setting the stage for claiming the "Democrats stole the election"

Delay's replacement accused of campaigning in a polling place

Why Bu$h couldn't care less about Iraq

Cardin a Bit Lackluster, But I Liked His "Congressional Oversight" Message

Michael J. Fox tells ABC he has not read Cloning/Stem Cell Amendment.

Great video for your blogs and local media forums - get the message out!

***On CSPAN2 2:30pm - Out of Iraq - McGovern and Polk***

Please DU this important poll -- Indiana Gay Marriage Amdmt.

Is Lieberman the only traitor?

Make Congress Repeal Martial Law

What hard-core republicans think of congress

An ethical question...

VIDEO: Great 'stamp act' ad against Allen, sad story on use...

Wasn't today the day everyone predicted we'd attack Iran?

Have You Seen The Chevrolet Commercials, The Silverado Ones?

TIME COVER: Bush as The Lone Ranger

Abramoff/Mariana Islands Sweatshop scandal makes the St. Pete Times!

Los Angeles Times: GOP at a loss? Karl Rove has an 11th-hour plan to win

McGovern offers plan to end Iraq occupation in new book

Consumer Lookout: Be alert for yet another cyberscam - 'vishing'

Democratic candidates should not concede until the final votes are in.

Sabato, Rothenberg and Cook are saying the same thing.

I noticed that MSNBC will begin covering the election tomorrow

Republican National Committee regularly takes contributions from gay porn "king"

Bush* "We're Winning". Reality......23 Police Officers Are Killed in Iraq

Larry Scott of VA Watchdog has now stream lined into Air America

Overheard in a grocery store

A forgotten war in a forgotten country may end.

bush promises to protect America from Democrats.

Just when I thought nothing could shock me, (Freeper Thread)

'Death of a President" Banned

REAL Democrats and REAL Conservatives need to join forces

Is 'Rove' a Dutch surname?

How to recognize a right-wing blogger?

The Real Problem is That it is Illegal for One Country to Invade Another Country

Another Hayworth Associate Goes to Prison

GOP Losing Ground In Idaho, Poll Finds - Seattle Times

Boehner says Rumsfeld is best thing to happen to Pentagon in 25 Years...

Cosmic Event - Pacific ocean - middle - New Zealand

Op/Ed: "The Party of Lincoln?" I think not!

will you demand liberal themes from a moderate/conservative dem...

Could We Have A Bigger Right Wing Spilt BEFORE The Election ???

Has our government ever formally admitted being wrong for supporting Iraq in the 80's?

This will be the year of litigated elections. Know why?

EyeWitness Account of Shootings in OAXACA

TIME MAGAZINE: Can This Machine be Trusted - 1 hour ago!!! (They lied too;)

Looking for a picture of one of the twins...

Evangelical-GOP alliance weakens

Scwarzenegger to NAACP: 'Do not judge me as a Republican...'

Stephanie Miller on CNN's Reliable Sources NOW!

Some guy on Sean Hannity tonight said that Democrats were trying

Anyone watching C-Span for the DLA Piper Lobby Group/ Gephardt/Armey?

When did ABCNews become Fox.

Carlyle Group bidding on The Tribune Company (LAT and Chicago Trib)

I drove past a Baptist church last night (in Tennessee)

How will the GOP claim "Dem vote fraud" if they lose? Here's one way.

Please stop using the word "Repukes".

My thought on this election and still scared.

Michael J. Fox just gave an amazing extended interview on This Week on ABC

Lieberman's Right-Wing Scaife Money

Gay Couples Seeking Marriage Actually Hate Marriage...

Have The GOP Created Hatred, Bigotry & Division In Our Country

Ron Suskind: "The President Knows More Than He Is Letting On"

New Bush Comic: Rummy in Y'all Best Just Back Off is weird!!

Lou Dobbs Special Report: DEMOCRACY AT RISK **On Now**

Rush Limbaugh may have cost the Repubs the Senate seat in MO?

Sunni Muslim leader was on Nigerian airliner that crashed today

Jim Webb's books recommended by US Marine Corp!

'Dan Rather unleashed'

Webb fires back HARD at dick head Allen!!!!

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (MUST-READ)

For Fun

Pics from Oaxaca - Warning! some graphic

It comes down to this

Why You Should Vote In Person On Election Day

Wow !!! - Charlie Crist\Jeb Bush\ Katherine Harris\Mark Foley ??? - Whatta Video !!!

OMG! ABC evening news just now -- Sequoia voting machines = Chavez!

Lewis Black: Gay Banditos

Did y'all see or hear or read Senator Obama's speech on Habeas Corpus?

2006 Election polls show a trend - Republicans refuse to back black candidates

Get the wealthy off welfare

Am I supposed to feel sorry for Michael J. Fox? No. He wouldn't want that.

Please tell me why

Amnesty on our Vice President: A "NEW HUMAN RIGHTS LOW"

It's time to review one of Skinner's Best. Posts. Ever.

As much as I hate to admit it, conservative Dems are going to win this thing for us.

Today's Foxtrot comic -- very surprised to see this in my morning

So has anyone seen the GOP's GOTV so-called machine? anywhere?

Ok, I want to know. How many of you college educated cube rats


Download your free "Endless War" Yellow Mobius Strip Ribbons

every Jean Schmidt yard sign... went down overnight- NOT VANDALISM!!

The Pentagon cannot account for 14,030 weapons (in Iraq)

Richard Dawkins: Smackdown Of Geniuses Who Think That Religion....

Gore/Clark 2008

Oliphant...stay the quagmire! great cartoon

Screens already flipping votes in Miami

ABC says Fox episode signals end of Hollywood liberals' "free ride"

The Weekly Standard loses more than a million dollars a year.



I have never been prouder of my parents (both die-hard RW evangelicals)

I have a problem with church's distributing political info even if it's liberal

Has anyone kept careful notes on the Bushco legacy?

Howard Dean Was Correct Re: 50 State Strategy, Take It From A GOP NH Activist !!!

Reno, Nevada voter sues Sequoia Voting Systems, 10/25/06

DNC: White House Using Taxpayer Dollars to Boost GOP Election Prospects


Constitution Restoration Act Of 2007

Study Links Trucks’ Exhaust to Bronx Schoolchildren’s Asthma

George Allen (R-VA) Arrest Records May Pertain to His 1970s Hate Crimes

More Than 1000 Anti-War Protesters March On CNN In LOS ANGELES

How about just saying "Congrats on NJ"

Huntin' With The NRA

This meeting of the Calvin Trillin Admiration Society is now called to order

By His Own Language In - The Military Commissions Act - BUSH IS A TERRORIST!

Secret letter from Iraq

Dinner with friends last night

Iraqi women's rights champion murdered

So....How are things in Massachusetts? Society crumble yet?

I have a plan for getting the troops out of Iraq: Put them on an Airplane

Why we are what we are

AMAZING discussion with Iraq vets last night!!!

Are you a leader? Quick, in here! (Take the pledge)

After Nov 7, I don't want to hear "Colorado is red" anymore!

Steve Irwin's widow devastated by South Park

Rights delayed are rights denied -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Who is the obnoxious female commentator on MSNBC right

If you think is bad, look at this shit..

A test every DUer should take.

PHOTO: My Best Friend's New License Plate... (Have a look. I think most of you will like it.)

DNC action recs / My 9 things in 9 days

What's in it for me? Creepy ad in CA for ballot initiative

My first political video on YouTube is about how to talk to a Naderite.

MI Schools conduct "Safety Drills" but don't tell the students it's only a Drill.

Principal in MI Schools doesn't tell students safety drill is a drill.

Ring of Fire: RFKJr asked an insightful election question tonight....

Showing and talking about campaign ads on CSPAN

Congress battle sinks into the dirt

MI Schools conduct "Safety Drills" but don't tell the students it's only a Drill.

The New York Times endorses Ned Lamont for Senate.

Surprise, surprise! Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Jean Schmidt

Highlights of key U.S. House races

Conservative Democrat woos the Midwest (Brad Ellsworth)

Research 2000 Polls. MO and NJ.

Has anybody received this email about 300 k illegals living in garages


Kansas City Star Endorses Claire McCaskill!

Boner alert on ABC.

911 Only "Make Believe" Iranian Government Official Says

David Brooks has gone off the deep end for sure....

New POLLS: MO, NJ, MD SEN (McCaskill tied, Menendez by 6, Cardin by 11

George W. Bush, September 27, 2004: "Taliban no longer is in existence"

Dems must emphatically say that will not take away the $1000 child tax credit!

Lamont on UP CLOSE w/Diana Williams. Anyone see it?

Charlie Wrangle....on Wolf...EEEERRRRRRR

Boehner laying predicate for election theft--"Independents don't show up for mid-terms!"

The NYT 2006 Election Guide is looking good.

Can anyone get a Dem to discuss the future? Where are the visionaries?

Voting against Bush won't save a Republican up north (Lincoln Chafee)

Blackwell's Waterloo Ohio-Gov (R)

Weldon's Hometown Paper Endorses Sestak

Are you the owner of a website?

New Bush Comic: Rummy in Y'all Best Just Back Off

Hey Ohio! Noticed gas prices lately?

Religious right fighting stem-cell research. Youtube vid.


NYT,pg1: Waterfront Project Reflects 2 Images of NJ Senator Menendez

Video: Ricky Man-On-Dog Santorum calls Bush "soft on terror"

Investigating Venezuelas Voting Machines???

Monday Deadline: Help Push Tony over the Top!

Here's my plan on Iraq it's very simple.....

Larry Bensky on air right now with Atty Cliff Arnebeck talking about

Dick Armey: "Where did the revolution go astray?"

Republican Chickenhawks, Dem Vets and Phil Ochs 'Draft Dodger Rag'

NYT/AP: Young, educated, liberal turn to web for political news

Karl Rove calls for sacrifice. Just not from the GOP.

St. Petersberg Times: Nelson leading Harris 56-30

George Will said Mehlman was "outraged" over RNC ad...

Did anyone notice how Bob Schieffer made Ken Mehlman...

Interesting post from Charlie Cook on Kos

Newsweek:Michael Schiavo on the Campaign Trail

Best newspaper in FL, the St. Pete Times, endorses Jim Davis for Governor!

Would this "October Surprise" scenario...

NH-01: Fighting Dem Carol Shea-Porter Live Blogging

Randall Terry fudges his Family Values (Florida)

Evangelicals Fire Up the Faithful

Where can I find Cheat Sheets for Florida?

US tactics swelling Al Qaeda in Iraq

Carney Gets Indorsement in PA 10

More Good Senate Polls Released Today

Why are the righties pushing this Chavez - voting machine connection?

Jim Webb for U.S. Senate (Roanoke Times Editorial)

Did Ben Cardin vote against stem cell research?

Is it me or does Dean seem not to confident winning this election

"Yee-Haw! My Vote Cancels Out Y'all's!" (Classic Onion)

On a lighter note, you know what i'm looking forward to in 08?

Just got a phony "push poll" from "CommonSenseMaryland"....

RCP (Repuke-leaning site) moves two more Repuke House seats to "Leans Dem"

Dems claim momentum, GOP mobilizes base

New 'Slap' Ad Targets Rep. Cubin's Defense of Lobbyist -Dominated Politics

Times, Conn. Papers Split Endorsements

Will Bush pressure Iraqi court to deliver Saddam verdict before election?

Don't Trip on the Broken Glass

Anti-abortion group revokes Jim Esch endorsement Dem candidate Ne.

Read Avi Rubin's op-ed on electronic voting security, election eve, 2004. It's actually worse now!


Thom Hartman on Mother Jones: GOP will keep both houses

Laura going to NH; free tix if you promise to phone bank

Real Time

Boston Globe, two other newspapers pick Patrick (MA Gov)

This is why we need national health care Mr President!

PILLS-bury Doughboy Limbaugh whines over "irresponsible use of my ditto cam"

Official jokes about Republicans 4 the week of 10-30-06

This is what we're up against in Alaska...

My union supports Republicans

Carlson attacks Ford, praises Kinky Friedman for religious themed ads

Bush's lonely election season (Time)

AP Poll: Voters Turning to Web for Political News

Agree or Disagree - Democrats should support gay marriage without question?

"An independent cuss"

Is it legal to video tape your voting experience? It better be...

‘Don’t Let Marriage Issue Distract Us from the Real Issues in Election’

Latest RCP, Cardin +11 and +5

This is your Grandaddy's Democratic Party

Meet the Press. Ben Cardin is really impressing me today.

Jim Kelly, former NFL Quarterback -Buffalo Bills, just called on

FOXNEWS Chris Wallace quoting from 1 poll

Another Newspaper Endorsement for Webb

NYT/Reuters: "Microtargeting" parties have data on every U.S. voter

POLL: CT SEN - Lamont down by 8 (48 / 40)

Biblical Reconstructionists own voting co's. Chavez ownership

NY-29: Changing the Course....Eric Massa live blogging at Kos

Be Prepared to Lose the Election.

Rasmussen: Kean 43% Menendez 41%

Skelatons in the Closet

mark walker comptroller of the

WOW! Lucky N.H. bastards can GET OUT THE VOTE...with PICKLES!

look what Rove said

Help me send a message to ABC

Local Campaign Help!

"Foxtrot" (of all things), addresses "scary" electronic voting machines.

Does anybody watch "The Hill"?

Good question asked on Meet The Press

Saddam Hussein to be sentenced just BEFORE the Nov.7 elections..

Push Poll in Tennessee: help needed to report it

Lynn Cheney does the Torture Tango on CNN

"In the moment before his successor is inaugurated, he'll still be trying to make it work in Iraq"

Heads up! Scott Ritter will be on Book Notes (C-SPAN2) from 11:30-1:00.

Howard Dean on FTN: The war that has not been discussed. Video link.

TOday's Doonebury - is it too late?

Mehlman accepted political contributions from gay porn king?

This is Baghdad. What could be worse?

Among Senate candidates who aren't incumbents, Bernie Sanders...

Outrageous liar on Washington Journal!

Lamont closes the gap in CT

Story of a failed GOP GOTV effort

Where to find sites that compile the latest polls?

Kerry campaigning with Democrats

George Will said Mehlman was "outraged" over RNC ad...

The Most Outrageous Political Ads Thread

The Meme Graveyard: Where Talking Points Go To Die

Maybe the whole country should go back to Lever Machines

Casey's Lead Over Santorum Increases to 16pts

Be Prepared to WIN the Election


Bloomberg, Lieberman, Schumer, Lamont: What's up?

Is it possible that the 1994 election was stolen?

Which Republican Senators are up for re-election in 2008 ?

Bev Harris on HBO, Thursday Nov 2