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Archives: October 30, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 266

Why Bush Smirks - Leonard Shlain at Huffington Post

Don't Make Nice by Paul Krugman

Lynne Cheney novel churns controversy in Senate race

Hell Awaits, America (Jason Miller)

At 2 TV Stations in Maine, What Al Gore’s Movie Says Isn’t News

Newsweek: Al Qaeda: Plans for an October Surprise?

Blair faces defeat on Iraq war inquiry

A Country Ruled by Faith By Garry Wills

Ending rot in America's grass roots by Dana R. Fisher - CSM

US Blunders in Reconstructing Iraq are Staggering (Phil. Inquirer columnist)

Jon Stewart visits Ohio State U.

As Election Winds Down Bush still DOESN'T GET IT by Hilary Rosen

November Madness by Mo Rocca at Huffington Post

The real world of John Le Carré

GOP and Man at Yale by Daniel McCarthy

Wachovia Corp. CEO prepares for a long haul

50-state strategy paying off for Dean, Democrats

The most powerful vice-president ever? (BBC)

Report's stark warning on climate By Robert Peston, Business Editor, BBC News

Al Gore Appointed International Advisor

Brown's Ferry Unit 1 nuclear reactor to restart more than 20 years after shut down.

BBC: Climate change 'brings huge cost'

Breeding success for rare lizards (BBC) {world's RAREST!}

Can static electricity ever be exploited?

Climate change 'hitting Africa' (BBC)

Wild bird trade ban 'should stay' (BBC) {and not just because of bird flu}

An international force in Gaza is long overdue

UN vows answers on whether Israel used uranium munitions

Egypt starts trial operation of Gaza power plant

Islamic Movement head: We're staying in Israel, dead or alive

UN to map disputed Shaba farms area on Israel-Lebanon border


ROFL! "Maybe we shouldn't have laughed at DU'ers who wanted paper ballots...." Freepers terrified!

EAC: Release the Report! Voter Fraud No Major Problem

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines

DRE Ballot Question......

Gallaudet's incoming president terminated (AP/CNN)

Head of GAO: Changes in spending needed or economy could be paralyzed

Illinois Governor vows to raise minimum wage, set to inflation

Rep. Hunter (R Ca) Exploring Presidential Run

GOP, Democratic Leaders Spar on Rumsfeld

Dems Claim Momentum, GOP Mobilizes Base

Guardian: UK signs Gore to sell climate case in US

Mexican police storm embattled Oaxaca

Voting machine firms confirm U.S. Probe

WP: On Campaign Stop, Bush Rallies Loyalists: First rally this campaign season

Brazil re-elects President Lula

Garden State Senate Race In Full Bloom

Activists want mercenaries regulated

Newsweek: Al Qaeda: Plans for an October Surprise?

UK Chancellor Gordon Brown to back more emissions trading: Will name Gore an adviser

NYT: Missing Soldier Said to Be Wed to an Iraqi

Gallaudet Board Rescinds Fernandes's Appointment

Wachovia Corp. CEO prepares for a long haul

Saudi oil terminal on alert after terror threat

Wind KOs Power to Thousands in the East (from Maryland to Maine)

Global warming will cost world (A) $9 trillion: report (approx US$ 6.9 trillion)

Idaho poll shows GOP, Democrat candidates close for 1st time in years

WP: Twofold Operation Seals Sadr City (Troops Seek U.S. Soldier, Militiaman)

NYT: U.S. Is Said to Fail in Tracking Arms Shipped to Iraqis

Bush plans rallies in heartlands to halt election mauling

At 2 TV Stations in Maine, What Al Gore’s Movie Says Isn’t News

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines

Pakistan Destroys al-Qaida-Linked Site

Army reviews soldiers' deaths

NYT/Reuters: No Fast U.S. Shift on Iraq if Democrats Win: Dean

Nevada gubernatorial candidate accused of assault offers to take polygraph

Swedes think US 'greatest threat to peace'

British to evacuate consulate in Basra after mortar attacks

The perfect potato chip: Baked Lay's

More lyrics!

Are there controversial topics you are keeping out of GD until the election?

Hey! Look at these big books!

Go Browns...LOL

I'm tired of Brits taking all our acting jobs..........

Just had a "Huh?" moment... (TV ad)

"Ben-gay heat"

Friday I saw Alan Colmes at Penn Station in NY

I just talked to Sugar Smack....Ask me something.

I'm baking a ham. Should you be asking me anything?

The stupidest ad slogan ever!

I don't mind saying that my ex-housemates and I used to throw the BEST

being simple is great because

Lounge friends; I smell something...

I just had a shot of Jack Daniels.........

Anyone have memories of "radical" Dem Undergrounders?

Your favorite lines from Blazing Saddles replacing a word with "crotch"


Let's not do the time warp again

My Old Bands Halloween Video! (YouTube)

post something funny

This is BULLSHIT! What the hell?

Another mystery: Why didn't GELBART like LESTER's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"?

Anyone else see Running With Scissors? Did y ou like it?...

I just saw the Bond trailer for Casino Royale

Children's Literature lines that sound naughty

I love John Hodgman from the Daily Show.

Wouldn't it be funny?

Question about the integration of Star Trek and Harry Potter

I have threat stop

WARNING: do NOT look in here, unless you want to go instantly insane.

A neat Youtube link:

Damn, I'm tired. It feels like it's an hour later than the clock

Halloween Poll: what's your favorite topic of these?

The strange and twisted web forum where the football bombing rumor took flight...

Is Dexter a Republican ?

What did you do with your extra hour today?

I'm bored to tears.

Conservative BSG fans come unglued

I'm baked....ask me anything

Post an image of a neat album

CBN, the old General Audience Cable outlet for Pat RObertson...

Important poll: Is it Waaaah or Whaaaa?

So, like, after about 12 frakking hours in church, I'm finally home!


The "Which Mario Character Are You" Test


Where is everybody?

60 MINUTES changes its stopwatch graphics - WTF?!?

It's Amway horror story time again.

Why do you think George Allen was arrested in the 70s?

How come Edith and Archie could stay together,

The fucking dog down the street tried to attack my dog.

I baked nothing today. Ask me nothing!

Hey, gadget people, I need a small food container

whelp, heading out with the boys for eats & drinks, catch ya later peeps...

Distract me! Quickly! Before I do something rash!

I'm sorry. I'm getting little Sophie spayed tomorrow and I'm TERRIFIED.

Dave Matthews

Who is the first person on DU that you remember seeing

Being single is great because...

The newest member of our family has his own magazine!(graphic heavy)


So I bought Madden NFL '07

pumkin pics - post'em if you got'em...

Gordon Lightfoot!

Experts crack cancer 'gene codes' (BBC)

Living with Crohn's disease (BBC) {aka 'irritable bowel syndrome}

World discusses internet future (BBC) {under UN auspices}

The Story Behind the Nobel Prize (for Physics)

Transmutation News November 2006 - Sandra Ingerman

Meditation, or "Kef Says Hi"

Best response to this?

John Kerry, Hero

Our new puppy

Trick-or-Treat (Tiger Style)

Ramping up the fear factor - Al Qaeda October surprise?

Voices in Wartime

Are YOU paying attention?

C-SPAN2 - Book TV's replay of Craig Nelson's Thomas Paine biography discussion.

A scripture to give to the rightwingers

Extremist? I think not

No fast U.S. shift on Iraq if Democrats win - Dean...

Help! What did I write FCC about? (obscene material)

World discusses internet future (BBC) {under UN auspices} xpost from Science

Verrry scarrrrry Halloween decorations (pic)

GW Bush has raised $100 MILLION in the past few months

Here's what's gonna happen (Aluminophobes beware):

The Independent's great frontpage on the midterms

60 Minutes, On treating the wounded in Iraq

Castro goes on TV: "I'm not dead, " but clues on his latest release say otherwise..

The speech I expect to hear George Bush give....

Just got called by a polling company

Activists want mercenaries regulated

BUSH's TORTURERS -Experience "Luxury-Relaxation & Inner Peace" In Between Jobs

Hee hee hee ha ha ha ha ha BWAHAHAHA!!!

What does ABC *really* stand for?

Hear (read) this and heed it well. November 8th will be more significant

Visibility for E-Voting Issues = Good... But I don't like the looks of this Smartmatic news

"Saddam and the Third Reich" now in the History Channel

This Sunni attack that killed 23 policemen Sunday---well it's a big deal.

Time: Republican "resident" Bush fills smaller rooms

DU Predictions: Chip Reid, On The Chris Matthews Show, Predicted...

God I hate RePUKES

Abortion rights up for vote in SD

Saudi oil terminal on alert after terror threat

Duncan Hunter's running for President

Notice that the E-Voting Issue Hits the MSM Just in Time for a GOP Loss

Join the Church of Saje

What exactly happened between Mike Malloy and Thom Hartman?

Scott Ritter on C-Span2 Book TV at 11:30 ET tonight. Excellent!

Pic of the chimp splainin' the Internets to assturd...

Am I being too optimistic

Under the Wheels

CNN's "Broken Government" is so good that...

We're losing on election day

Audit Finds Missing U.S. Weapons in Iraq

Why do fewer people vote during midterm election years?

Hey listed this on e-bay just as another way to

Sunday Night Wildcard: Perspective

Anyone know if European Heroin use is signifigantly up since the Afghanistan war began ?

Liberals vs. "Conservatives."

Bill McCollum, R running for AG in FL, on perjury and impeachment ('98 speech) ..the hypocrisy

Wind Cuts Out Power to Thousands in Northeast!

Plain-clothes police held by protesters

Joseph Galloway: Ruining America

VA-Sen: Does Allen think USMC reading list is obscene? (Kos)

Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Lynne Cheney For ‘Sniping At My Patriotism’

"It wouldn't matter if the voting equipment is created by Martians,

GORE To Be Environmental Policy Advisor To UK

How Sonny Bono Predicted the Downfall of the GOP Congress

What would happen if...

How many days in February...

Using the Speaker of the House's Agenda Setting Power

Bizzarro world: Hannity just showcased a black guy in MS who's

Socialist wins in Bulgaria

Cubin (R-Jackass) Limbaugh Made Me Threaten To Slap Man With MS...

Denver FEMA team in chaos and disarray.

I am sick of Republicans that say how "Democrats take advantage of Black People"

Call me a "Lone Wolf" Democrat

GOP Panics, As The Search Continues For The "October Surprise"

The Unknown Fodder: "NATO" Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Did anyone see Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh on CSPAN2 today?

New TN Senate race controversy - over Religion in Politics.

Traditional Values Coalition demands that a candidate drop out of a race

What year did TERRORISM start?

Will the DU members be monitoring the polls

Why is ABC's Brian Ross (Foley page story) in Nigeria?

Slanderman & Defamation Boy - Tom Tomorrow

Here's one of the reasons I really, really hate Republicans.

Baghdad- "A city of ghosts"

Poll: N.J. Democrat Leads Senate Race!!!!!!! This is GREAT news! 6 point lead!

Bush’s Martial Law Act of 2007

You can ban people from traveling in the US based on their name???

I am not sorry

How do we avoid what happened to the Vietnam Vets, happen to the Iraq Vets?

What Mark Halpern of ABC news said today

If you could make a political ad for the Democratic Party...?

Article uncovers abstinence as a growth industry, fueled by tax dollars

A public apology to DUers

US CODE: Title 18, 201

Did the b*s* admin secretly rewrite the Insurrection Act?

Insannity & Punching Bag Colmes not amused by Dennis Miller



What is the proper solution to this quandary?

I just got this email about Oaxaca

Richard Mellon Scaife + Joe LIEberman = Malignancy eroding America

Time Magazine: The Disappeared

Mary Matalin Attacks - Webb Campaign Responds

Which will happen first in the U.S.: A black president or a female president?

CNN right now claiming that Smartmatic, who bought Sequoia, STOLE


LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! SNL does political ads

TN-Sen: Corker's daughter making out with another girl

PHOTOSHOP: Schwarzenegger's resume (WARNING: nudity, drug use & GOP)

Duncan Hunter to run for Pres in '08? Press Conf. Tuesday

ROFL! "Maybe we shouldn't have laughed at DU'ers who wanted paper ballots...." Freepers terrified!

Yo, Bill; Hey there Hillary ... Scaife is pimping for Joementum. Get it.

Why do people on DU cry so much?

If you want to protest the murder of Brad Will

Jeremy Perkins: A Scientology Family Tragedy

The Million Phone, email march to END THE WAR in IRAQ.

Naval Gazing: Why are so many being deployed to the Persian Gulf?

CNN Now (Sunday @7:08pm) Dobbs covering Election Fraud w/demo coming up

This is something we need...

7 Days @ Minimum Wage: 15 Million Workers Trapped at or Near Minimum Wage

CNN: Do Nothing, Broken Government - on NOW

doing any volunteering? if so, how's it going?

Do the Math

NY-13: NY Times endorses Democrat Stephen Harrison!

Today's GOP email "Take a Stand"

Why did the voters of Pennsylvania turn against Rick Santorum?

GOP Email 10/28 -- Right Now: Text "Join" to GOP06

I wish that all the popular websites put...

I'd like to congratulate the DU community....

National Review: Why You Should Support The GOP (and REBUTTAL)

EP now has maps up


Great news for the dems, horrible news for the GOP

Look at these poll numbers in IDAHO!

American History 101 - Neo-con Style

WP:Debate Puts Steele on Defense

Taxes, including income taxes, are why our standard of living is so high

The Political Timing of the Saddam Hussein Verdict

Turn on CNN

Porn industry experienced a $2.2 billion increase in the George W. Bush years

Who else here has run for office....

Attn: Dem's - You Can't Tax a Corporation

Phil. Inquirer asks Santorum Questions to get inside his mind (unintentionally funny)

What did you think of the Cardin/Steele debate on MTP today?

The original "October Surprise": Reagan outbids Carter for Iran hostages.

If Bush loses a war crimes trial on behalf of the US, should corporations...

I have now come to believe in the death penalty...

If you donate to the DCCC today, it gets matched 3 to 1

Private security firms operating in Iraq are committing human rights abuses (BBC)

Sorry to say this, DU, but we're doomed...

Webb vs Felix: Forget the polls. What does your gut tell you?

Can Income Tax Actually Be Unconstitutional ?

J. Dennis Hastert blows off John Laesch for debate as shit hits the fan

"I'm not voting for you... You are going to take my guns away..."

"5 Myths About Turning Out the Vote"

In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right - NYTimes

Tricky Dick and Dubya on the campaign trail (very funny!)

Early Voting

The Global Spread of GMO Crops

Pringle: Halliburton's Motto: "It's Cost Plus, Baby."

"Race for the House" - Armstrong (the "72-hr plan" won't save the GOP)

Partitioning Iraq by Juan Cole - Salon

"Wronger Than Wrong"

Book Review: History as written by a "SimCity" freak by Scott Rosenberg - Salon

Dixie Chicks and NBC – NBC now stands for Negative Bush material Censored


Evangelicals show unease with the GOP

The War in Iraq IS the ECONOMY; Stupid!

Miami Herald: Glitches cited in early voting


ABC (Australia): Kerry - Republicans To Pay Heavy Price For Iraq War

Will calls Cheney "clinical"

NYT: Budgets Falling, Not Rising, in Race to Fight Global Warming

Anthropogenic Warming Evidence "Far More Robust" In Upcoming IPCC Report - Reuters

Lawn flamingos, once common, now face extinction

Milloy, et. al, Start To Trash UK Climate Report Even Before Release - Guardian

Americans Apparently Like Clean Air, Water, But Can't Be Bothered To Vote Accordingly

Australians Unveil Test Tube Baby Koalas

200+ Miles Of Belize's Reefs Bleached - 27% Of World 's Coral Already Permanently Lost

Birds Native To Tanzania, Kenya Now Common In Southern Spain

Default Stance Of Climate Negotiators - Wait Until 2008 - IHT

Met Office - UK On Track For Warmest Year Ever Recorded

Australian PM Defiant On Climate, Will Stay The Coal-Fired Course

Amazing Coincidences Abound In Australia's Climate "Policy" Formulation

GHG Emissions Up Across Industrialized World, 1990 - 2004 & 2000 - 2004

U.N.: Global Warming Gases on Rise Again

This crop revolution may succeed where GM failed (Jeremy Rifkin)

Climate report issues wake up call

Budgets Falling in Race to Fight Global Warming

Uganda eyes wind power for rural areas amid acute power crisis

High Court approves route of fence around W. Bank enclave

Mideast Governments Watching U.S. Vote

Gunmen kidnap aid worker in Gaza

OPT: West Bank under lockdown

Tira woman indicted for planning terror attack in Ra'anana

A cellphone Text-message group you guys in "The Dungeon" would like

Was this building heated by

9/11 Commissioners Junk Official Account, Endorse Conspiracy Theory

Election 2006: Chaos Rules

Anyone know which States have some Sequoia or Smartmatic Touchscreens?

Rove's Math -- Secret Vote Counting?

"GLITCHES" 2004 -- kill this meme!

NPR -- Mark Crispen Miller and a WHOLE SHOW on voting

GUAM: Election Eruption in Superior Court (still fighting over primaries)

Machine problems in TX-22 (yes, DeLay's old district)

Hudson "Valley's dead cast their votes" (Poughkeepsie Journal, New York)

What site is keeping up-to-date on Voter ID court rulings?

Reno citizen activist sues provider of electronic voting machines (sequoias)

Avi Rubin describes his ideal election system.

Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force website launched!

AlterNet’s very comprehensive list of election protection activities

Election Forum News: Here’s the Very First Thing that Happens when We Win the House

I have an idea to fix voter suppression problems

OMG! New twist in Vermont's "audit!" A COMPUTER will make the random selection!

Bush’s Martial Law Act of 2007

BBC: Climate change 'brings huge cost'

Lynne Cheney novel churns controversy in Senate race

Duncan Hunter to run for Pres in '08? Press Conf. Tuesday

Audit: 4% of U.S. weapons in Iraq missing

WP: Midterm Vote May Define Rove's Legacy

ABC (Australia): Kerry - Republicans To Pay Heavy Price For Iraq War

US weapons missing in Iraq

Security firms 'abusing Iraqis' (UK)

Iraq: Arab League Open To Dialogue With Insurgents, Report Says

'Go Ahead, Put Marks on Me': Second Dancer: Alleged Duke Lacrosse Rape Victim Said to Bruise Her

YouTube Is Purging Copyrighted Clips

Evangelicals show unease with the GOP

US job outsourcing on rise

Voter ID rules change a third time in four days (Fed court reinstates Ohio ID req)

Bomb kills 25 and wounds 60 in Sadr City

WEB VOICES: YouTube puts political lives online (Reid slamming)

Dean wants GOP to affirm ballot security.

Iraq to ask U.N. to extend foreign troop mandate

HRW raps U.S. abortion regulations

BP execs knew of woes before Tx refinery blast-US

Taro Financial Chief Resigns (Warm up the prison bus!)

Sunni Activist Professor Killed in Iraq

Insurgents scorn Bush claim (US is winning the war)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 30

GOP chairman takes first steps toward '08 bid

'Credible threat' against Saudi oil sites-official

Iran says (Persian Gulf) maneuvers will not be a worry

U.S. Army says it misreported 7 deaths

Crime-hit Naples may get troops

On friendly turf, Bush scoffs at Dems' optimism

NY Post Endorses Senator Clinton for Re-election: Opponent not credible

Bush accuses Democrats of lacking plan for Iraq

WP: Bush Interior Department Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species

Bush, in Georgia, Assails Democrats on Iraq

Greenhouse gas emissions rising

German-Polish move to bury past

Bush, Republicans Find Strong Economy Doesn't Win Middle Class

AP: Milan Court Orders Berlusconi Tried

Iraq army cooks 'swelter in 60C' (140F)

Bush Turns Focus To Gay Marriage

UA student home from Iraq war with Miss. Guard shot to death

Sekula-Gibbs (R) running close to Lampson (D) for the seat DeLay held

E&P: Former Orleans Rocker John Hall Gains in Race for Congress: Draws even in polls

U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 100 in October

NYT: Democrats Critical of New Medicare Guide: Favors private insurance plans

GOPER Loses Lead Over 'Slap Threat'

Cheney forecasts lengthy violence in Iraq

Atheists' lobbyist hoping Democrats gain control of Congress

Voter ID rules change a third time in four days (OH)

China military to tour U.S. bases

Liberal Republican Suburb Turns Furious with G.O.P.

First Lady: Support the troops by supporting the mission

Mexico riot police re-take Oaxaca

Pentagon memo reveals launch of new PR war

Fears of Inquiry Dampen Giving by U.S. Muslims -- NYT

Poll: Stumping not boosting Bush popularity (CNN Poll: 37%)

Cheney: U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley rules may be excessive

Zawahiri Was Target in U.S. Attack on Religious School in Pakistan

Saddam Accepted the American Ultimatum Before the US Invasion

'Almost too late' to stop a global catastrophe

Twelve Arrested In Orange County Voter Fraud Scheme

Chirac's horror as woman burnt in riot

Democratic Underground now has a Video Forum!

Happy Halloween from "The New Adventures Of Queen Victoria."

Remember the HEAD ON thread?

The strange and twisted form where the earth creation rumor took flight

Throwback Time - Was Dog A Doughnut

Is anyone else here watching George McGovern on C-Span2?

I won best costume at a party Saturday night!

Know any decomposers?

my kid is nails tough

How do you do a screen shot?

the attack dog down the street tried to f*** my dog

Oh, fuck you, pseudo-winter storm!

i like jam bands and punk bands

An Open Letter To The Secret Service


Excellent New Age Artist...

The ultimate 1980's music video!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

My back is killing me and it's not all Bush's fault.

Raul's Wild Kingdom

Argh .... my Internet is slooooow

C is for Cold...

Good Monday Morning

C is for Cod

a whale, a marsh, a flower, a roman catholic , and a butterfly

Just for the record, folks.... I love my new car.


A new kitty adopted me yesterday morning

I removed a bunch of Republican lawn signs over the weekend

But Fortunately I Have The Key To Escape Reality

Only a loser would respond to this thread

My first day home for maternity leave!

Stomach Flu FTL.

'Trunk-Or-Treating' Lets Kids Get Candy In Parking Lots

Are we crazy to consider moving at this time?

Why the emphasis on holidays?

My husband won't let me date Lioness.

I can't get out of bed. There's a tiny kitten curled up with me

Here's how you handle criticism....

Katie Couric is on my campus today...


So some people are not getting dates.

Any dream interpreters? Chalkboard face - 8-]

Haha, my silly Republican uncle forgot to file for an absentee ballot

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

lioness won't date me 'cause I'm bald.

The Official Halloween Joke Post


This is so wrong, yet, I just can't help but laugh...

lioness won't date me 'cause I'm

How many Carolina students does it take to change a flat tire?


Man Builds 3,300 Pound Rubber Band Ball

Extra anus proves fatal

give my toon a boost - it's getting freeped

CONFESS!!!! Secretly you enjoy watching Lawrence Welk - I do

".....died unexpectedly after a short illness, Friday, Oct. 27, 2006"

lioness won't date me 'cause I'm vegan.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/30/06)

I have a five gallon bucket full of candy for tomorrow night

how many steps are you from oven bakin'?

Anyone heard the band "The Slip"?

Jack Thompson's Latest Tactic Equates "Bully" With Porn (It Has Boy-on-Boy Kissing)

"My DU" won't load. Anyone else getting this problem?

Is today "Pick on Lioness Day?"

maybe the only positive

I wish Randi would stop reading bad conservative porn today.

Devoured and shat out by wolves.


How come cell phones don't have dial tones?


I'm okay now but last week lemme tell ya I was in bad shape

K-Fed concerts cancelled: "New Yorkers are clearly not fans of Popozao"

My new phone came today!

Got my Halloween candy all ready...

Chicago Du'ers

My husband was talking in his sleep, last night.

Best Question Ever From A Random Stranger

"Heartbeat" by Don Johnson is no longer the worst song in the history of music...

Coca-cola fried topped with coca-cola, whipped cream, cinnamon, sugar, & a cherry

I'm bullish on light bulbs! They're going places!

Hey! I'm digging these longer subject lines! It really helps scan the boards! Thank you DU! n/t

Okay, second thing we do KILL ALL THE USED CAR SALESMEN

I am NOT bitter 24/7. Really. (Dial Up WARNING!)

lioness won't date me 'cause I'm a guy (lame copycat)

Have you guys heard about this "Jesus Camp" movie?

Skinner copycatted me

So wait? You can post longer subject lines now? That's interesting. Sometimes I've wondered how m

We have a video forum

What The Hell Is The Video Forum?

which is it, a trick or a treat for the GOP???

My husband was walking in his sleep, last night.

I wanted to watch the turkey drop

I wanted to watch the testicles drop

i just cancelled my DSL service.

How come people like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are loved...

Pittsburgh is on an island?

Congratulations LynnTheDem!! 15,000 posts

How much have you been phone-surveyed lately?

Help - I have questions about a suspected DUI incident.

5:18 p.m. and almost dark.

lioness won't date me 'cause I'm more than 3 years younger than her.

Anyone have experience with CCNU (chemo) for a dog?

The political yard sign war begins.

Came home from work to find the cat sitting in the empty birdbath

Class action lawsuits - what a joke

List some of your favorite scary movies

"The milkshake machine is not working right now." Lie.

My coworker "smacks" when she eats.

GoPsUx gave The Lounge crabs...

You all take care now....

Uploading music question.


Those crafty Germans

Does your workplace participate in any "group fundraising"?

I spilled a beer my keyboard. my keys stick. any advice?

My very elderly garndfather litterally fell on his face the other day.

Halloween ..1963-67

Question about Quicktime

Trans fats outlawed in NYC. What's next?

Teen's Pierced Breast Removed After Infection

I bought a scooter!

alright, so, where is he...

what are you giving out on Halloween?

Post here and i will give you a Crab!!!!

Why in the hell did they screw with Monday Night Football?

Monday, October 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Sssscccaarrryyyy Halloween Joke 'O The Day!

Weirdest dream ever..seriously!

Help me. Please. Please.

Dating Deal-killers, Vol. II

Reading threads. Please explain why...

Why won't lioness date YOU???

I just carved an online pumpkin with a message - wanna see it?

Today in history 10-30

In what areas of life are you "conservative"?

The real reason the Lioness wont date you....

Ok, so y'all helped me once....


Smokers--what's your brand?

How many DUers does it take to change a light bulb?

Post a video of a kick-ass live performance bya band/singer

For fun: The Raven, updated for 2006 (apologies to Poe)

If the FReepers got a new Video Forum "over there" what would they post?

Post your Hallowe'en songs-- YouTube links, lyrics, whatever

Dan Hedaya or Dan Castellaneta?

Public health announcement.

"A fun and fast-paced environment!"

My late great Dad was The Condom King of Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania.

Name an artform that you feel totally disconnected from. I'll go first.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Split...

Job interview tomorrow!

Yes my Eagles AND Fantasy Football Team sucked - get over it

I need a semi-erotic movie to rent....

Where does one find patient records from a defunct mental

What is an "Industrial Psychologist"...

Post your scariest Halloween tale that actually happened ON Halloween.

Ok, the light bulb has been changed

Try this Image Generator for fun and post your favorite picture here!

The much beloved kitty has thrown me over for a towel

What is your hometown's claim to fame?

How is Sophie?

I know none of you know me, but

Democratic Underground now has a Video Forum!

Congratulations Viva_La_Revolution!! 15,000 posts


Gay Couples' Adopted Kids Me Be Baptized, Catholic Draft Says

Do you believe in "Love"? Does "Love" exist? Are these the same question?

Curry spice 'help for arthritis'

Scientist Finds 100 Million-Year-Old Bee

Heffalumphs and Mirrors.

Cave an Ice Age time capsule (AP/CNN)

I want to thank GLBT folks who fought for all the rights we have

Holy war against pride parade (Jerusalem)

Heckling fan apologizes for racist remarks

Thanks Ravens Fans

I carved a jack-o-lantern for Halloween

I live near the Bethesda Metro and I can't pick up ANY Redskin radio broadcasts!

Does anyone else miss ESPN's "NFL Primetime?"

How bout them Steelers huh?

"Going Through the Opening"

Attempted past-life regression this weekend. Interesting results.

The Stars This Week - October 30 - November 5, 2006

Hardball college tour, watch them sit back down when asked if

3 at the Buzzer :update:


You have got to watch this

OT - Boston Herald endorses Kerry Healey.

OT: Here's a nightmare; Mitt and Jeb?

OT: Indecision 2006 - Stewart and Colbert

Kerry spoke at cancer summit

Rasmussen: Webb is AHEAD in Virginia!

The Rage of Former War Hawks

OT : The NYT endorsed Menendez

"Kerry defends Democrats'wartime service" -front page in today's Globe

John Kerry blogs at the Kerry blog

"No matter what happens election day, Democrats are in for a wild ride in 2007"

*** Topics needed for the November Photo Contest ***


Paul Krugman: Bursting Bubble Blues

My Bush Countdown Keychain arrived yesterday.

A MUST see video (have I ever posted a must see thread?)

DoD finally gets serious on snipers

Not only is Iraq not winnable, it is lost

I've been busy...

Could Melissa Bean Flip to Republican in the Next Congress?

Republican Senator's son freed early

Sister's Book: George Allen's Sadistic Attacks

Drug-related tremors and glass houses...(satire)

Scaife, Vast RightWing Conspiracy patron, funding Lieberman

I am your Imaginary friend

Christssake, check out all these

It is too soon for Obama to run in 2008.

My favorite peace protest sign from this weekend

Are you taking the day "off" on Nov 7th?

9 Days Until Bush Must Prove He Is A.....

Nova M Radio site majorly updated

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 30 Oct 06 VOTE!

Soldiers, bush doesn't give a DAMN about you, stop killing for him.

Please vote the below post up with Iraq Mastermind Henry Kissinger quote

Truth Hurts

Clinton sums up the republican "talking points"

Real Estate Tycoon Will Rent Huge Hawaiian Homes For $150/Month to Poor

How's this for an anti-GOTV?

U.S. can't account for some weapons for Iraqi army

I just carved an online pumpkin with a message - wanna see it?

Halliburton Voter Guide - Lieberman gets a "B"

If I know Rove like I think I do, heads up on Halloween

With election day looming, Americans are coming around, Georgie Anne Geyer

G.I. Toll Reaches 100 for Month ---Still Winning Mr. Bush*????

The Thirteen Scariest People in America

What is the best way to counter El Rushmo and the rest? They love it when we talk about how moronic

Truly pathetic response to one of my articles

Ghouls Gone Wild....

DemocracyNow is covering the Oaxaca story; The Indy journalist's death...

Voting machine firm seeks U.S. review, denies Chavez ties

Rolling Stone Mag - The Worst Congress Ever

All I can say is that I will be angry if Bush gets another 2 years of no opposition to his stupidity

Democrats Should Challenge The Republicans To Forgo Corporate money.

commentary - Sunday Morning CBS

C-SPAN WJ call-in about Karl Rove now 8:40am est

Washington Journal is very interesting

Halloween at the Cheney house

Fifty-six Year-old Woman Deploys to Iraq

Blair faces defeat on Iraq war inquiry

Ohio State Sen. David Goodman as well as the Columbus Dispatch are Cowards

Dean: Dems will pressure for Iraq timetables; Kerry timetable the best solution

New poll shows Jefferson (D-LA) tied with Democratic challenger

Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species

"Losing liberates them from having to even pretend to be civilized."

Letter sent to House Ethics Committee. Foley-Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL-5)

Radical Group's Revival Spreads To UNC

2 questions Re: Bush Campaigning -who pays,and have others done

las vegas waitress to press charges against gibbons

GOP - 4th down, time to kick...some fags.

If the Democrats get into power, I propose an honor code:

North Korea Suspected of Preparing 2nd Nuclear Test

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Lynne Cheney For ‘Sniping At My Patriotism’

The Young Turks reading Republican porn novels on the radio...

A huge round of applause to all those working to GOTV

INTERVIEW-US tactics swelling Al Qaeda in Iraq-Sunni moderate...

Maliki: US Envoy Acts Like a Viceroy, Not an Ambassador...

While Bush continues to lie, more Americans die

NPR -- Mark Crispen Miller and a WHOLE SHOW on voting

Slanderman & Defamation Boy to the Rescue!!

Britain to Evacuate Staff From Basra

It's Sebastian Mallaby at Eschaton--and boy is Atrios having fun.

This article was discussed on Washington Journal this morning

How do you defeat division ? By uniting!

100 G.I.'s killed in October. Its a number

Freeper Family Values: A Manual for Beating Infants

St. Louis beats Detroit in baseball & in crime!

Whose going to tell this child

Security Tape Surfaces - get this -Gibbons, Mazzeo NOT in the parking garage?

Bill O'Reilly, "Non-Partisan" Pundit

Bill O'Reilly, Historian (LOL)

WEB VOICES: YouTube puts political lives online (Reid slamming)

Protesters Occupy Ledge Above NOAA Demand Action on Global Warming

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

GOP Loses again; Americans don't want politicians constraining judges

chucklenuts on CNN campaining for max burns at our expense

GOP Timing--Hussein Verdict: Two days BEFORE election / Foley Report: AFTER election

I have a question

This "October Surprise" would sink the GOP

Stars & Stripes letter: Time to vote for Democrats

Iraq's Anfal case claimant sues Saddam's chemical weapon sellers

Florida - Nelson shuts out Harris (22 daily papers out of 22 for Nelson).

NYT: Translator of "Aeneid" has harsh words for a modern empire

Protests of Brad Will's murder organizing all over the US:

i have a question about election fraud...

Santorum on Iraq: "I don't remember anybody saying anything could be done in six weeks"

The fix is in - "glitches" already being reported in Florida

Rove's three point plan to win in November


So now we can't find all these weapons we just gave away to Iraqis...

Painful to log on and the first face I see is Puss Limpballs.

MAN, did you see the way rush was Sucking on that big, fat cigar?

(VIDEO) Hannity upstaged as FNC military analyst backs Webb

Cheney: "Anybody who thinks that's not a serious an idiot"

Blue Revolution

Stop scaring the children! (warning: frightening pic)

Is the Bush administration ever going to apologize for what it has done?

Did you know -- Sequoia ASKED TO BE INVESTIGATED!

Steph Miller reading death threat letter on air

Laura Bush must just hate Lynne Cheney. She's got to. nt

Just watched the Dutch news - the Dutch are calling for paper ballots

Stephanie Miller is KILLING me! rofl

HEY! He's wearing his "lucky" shirt from Katrina!!!

why are Fox & CNN airing a LIVE republican campaign event?

U.S. Army: We Gave Wrong Information To Soldiers' Families, Including Tillman

November 8th, 2006

Turkey has religious con men too

What do you think of MSNBC's Costumed Donkey & Elephant Bopping Each Other?

Are Conservatives Bringing Bush Down? Looks like they may be.

Sex Offenders Face Big Halloween Restrictions

* in Georgia today - pics

3 AT THE BUZZER: Help Take back Congress -- You decide

Thom Hartmann's guests today: Arianna, Lala Rawraw, Wendy Wilde

a tongue in cheek some of you may enjoy

A great new ad: pass it around!

One thing I truly have to thank George Allen for...

A little levity...anyone seen the Bush Condom?

MALLOY -- trouble connecting to & emails bouncing

Bob Schieffer calls Mehlman out on the Harold Ford ad

"Turn North Korea into a Human Rights Issue," by Vaclav Havel, Magne Bodnevik, Elie Weisel

Is Maryland Senate race close?

Radio Ranter Mark Levin Calls Embyronic Stem Cell Research a "Hoax"

Corporate Media desperate to discredit growing movement

Was this going to be the October surprise?

There Should Be No "Debate" On Embyronic Stem Cell Research?

It really is on tuesday!!!

Olbermann at 8; Malloy at 9 -- Now that's a one-two punch!

"I'm a Liberal" youtube by Neal Gladstone

Are there any reports out there that votes are switching to Democratic

Rove: “I am from Texas — I am a simple boy”

Charlie Cook: Swinging Along

Webb defends his book and his character

Cheerleader Bush leads GOP audience in "Just say no! " chant

Ray McGovern: Bush The Cheerleader - of Bedlam

REMINDER to EVERYONE: ASK FOR PAPER BALLOTS!! Do Not Settle for Election Fraud!

What the world would look like if Rush had it his way

Pakistan kills 80 in early morning helicopter assault on a madrassa


Karl Rove LOST the 92, 96, and 2000 elections

WTF?! Middle and High School Safety Drill With Police In Riot Gear?!

Would a Dem House be hobbled by a Rethug Senate and White House?

George W. Bush's "Compassionate Conservatism."

Didn't Michael J Fox campaign for a Republican a couple years ago?

Wired News: Techie Faces Orrin Hatch Nov. 7

Jen Sorensen (Slowpoke) is extra good this week - Smearware 6.0

Getting the vote out is essential

Dean wrote Mehlman a was distributed at a NJ press conference.

Connecticut Republican, After Lying About Opponent, Trails In New Poll

Watch the Undecideds this week.


Limbaugh Finds Another "Faker" (TOON!)

Duncan Hunter--has got some Duke Cunningham like problems

Is DU hiding my threads?

Duncan Hunter Announcing his Run for President? CNN now.

Read it and weep, Macacawitz

Did you hear what Charlie Cook, The Cook Report, said on MSNBC??? tech glitch

so let me get this straight

ELECTION 2006: A Grave National Security Threat....

Cheney: "the Iraqis are now the sovereign authority inside Iraq"

A man's most potent weapon in controlling women: scissors

Poll Suggest Idaho (Yes, Idaho) Is Giving Democrats A Chance

There's a passage in a non-political book called "Left for Dead" by Beck Weathers

Can you open I can't. Any idea why? nt

I have a five gallon bucket full of candy for tomorrow night

News blackout on the missing Army translator

GOPU Voter On MSNBC - " I Would Annihilate The Country" (Iraq)

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Election

Just got a call from the RNC's Business Advisory Council, asked to join...

GWB's Broken Promises - Why aren't we making him eat them?

Electronic Voting and the Midterm Elections - The Diane Rehm Show Audio >>>

How clued in do you think America is to the political process?

DNC poll has Webb up by four in Virginia

"Why is it so hard for people to believe The Lancet report?"

Ever notice how, on every election, while discussions of voting irregularities

In Florida why do not NEVER hear a TS moving a Nelson vote to Harris

MSNBC: Dem Poll Now Has Webb Up By 5 pts v Allen

See Dick shred. Shred Dick, shred.

Don't look now but MSNBC's coverage is painting Bush & the Republican

Dumbsfeld is running PR campaign to avoid getting fired. lol

I saw the report, on Lou Dobbs show on CNN

i just got a call from barbara bush

What should be the Democratic position on the 2nd Amendment?

Those offended by my poll

Would you all just give the GOP an F'ing break already?#! JEESH!

Caption this Rove pic...

Private Security Firms are abusing Iraqi's

MSNBC is Bi-polar Today: Morning = RW Lovefest; Since Noon - Rs Being Slaughtered

Bumper-Sticker projects

Great Orwell quote for right's view of torture, dead Iraqis, etc.

GOP 'insider' on George Allen: "...he will be lucky to win re-election"

RNC's Vaunted GOTV Machine = US Military Superiority In Iraq?

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi indicted on corruption charges

Joe Barton is an asshole

Ya gotta wonder if there is video of Julia Corker at that party.

Pictures from Oaxaca

What if you had one wish concerning George W. Bush?

Lou Dobbs: Democracy at Risk: E-Voting's Threat - TRANSCRIPT

To my sister: I will never salute our flag

soldiers speaking out against the war, where can I find the

Robert Parry: All the President's Lies

BWHAHA! Just found a BUSH/LIEBERMAN halloween mask in the alt paper

GOP apologist Michael Barone: Indies might not vote--helps GOP!

MItt Romney running with Jeb Bush in 08??

Another unhappy baby - * pics

I have a GREAT idea (if I say so myself)

A post for Joe Lieberman (and the rest of the republican party)

Randi's reading from Lynne Cheney's porn effort, "Sisters"

Win a free laptop!

Sorry...but every time I see the DU banner ad for Gay Friendly Autos, I crack up.

According to Cheney, al-Qaida is monitoring our election

"Both" sides get nasty?

New Jesus film puts race into religion

Do you think bush knows what winning means or...

Is it legal to use camera phones in voting booths?

White House promises "no compromise, no discussion, no negotiation" with Democratic Congress

If you want progressives policies, we need a large majority

Does showing Corkers daughter tonguing another chick score political points?

OOPS I'm late!! "Official"? Randi Rhodes Thread - Check in Goddess Lovers!

Per Shakespeare, our "President" should be known as "Macbush"

Picture it! Washington DC, Jan 20th, 2009

Bob Corker's Daughter Julia-- Strong In Republican Values??

Caption these Bush pics

Here's my plan for Iraq....

Some stuff I've heard about some races from "insider" types

Bush's twang talk....phoney or real?

For all you Tweety Defenders:

October Faces

What's with the MSNBC

Santorum attaches himself to Hillary in tv ad *lol*

Just when you thought DU could not get any better, it does!

Bob Corker's daughter


That weirdo Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-nuts) thinks he can be President.

I hear that Ras has Lamont within 8-points in CT

I beginning to think that the only ones that will be voting for repugs,

Solving crime with that "vision thing"

Jack Thompson taking Bully game to court over gay-kiss scene

HBO Documentary - Hacking Democracy - November 2, 2006 9 PM Eastern - Spread the Word

Duke Rape Accuser - "Go Ahead. Put Marks On me."

Bob Corker's daughter...

Why do people vote for the assholes they went to High School with?

Now Listen Up!

Reid: Another Day and Still No Plan, No End

Idea: Random selection of representatives.

Gov. Granholm hugged me!

So, Where's All The Dem Corruption/Vote Fixing/Phone Jamming?

First Time Since NIXON - NYT Endorses NO REPUBLICAN To Congress

Freepers HATES my toons -- current rating: 1.92 from 100 votes

When the highlight of your day is a cup of warm donkey milk

Representative for Alaska Don Young just said

Unbelievable! Bush STILL Linking Iraq to 9/11: WHAT A LIAR DOOFUS!

Tonight's C-SPAN1 debate lineup

How much is Rove paying Duncan Hunter to take the HEAT?

Get your Dr. Laura action figure

Gimme A Break-Americans Aren't Voting For A "Duncan" For President

HOLY CRAP! CNN NOW talking about the Oaxaca uprising and

RAS: Webb up 51-46 in Virginia

Lead story on CNN's home page refers to "Democrat Party"

Anyone listening to the idiot on with Randi????

Happy Halloween DU'rs

Does anyone have a 2006 Election Scorecard?

After we take the House and Senate: Undoing the Neo-Con damage to our country

New book "DUMBASS"~~~A laugh-riot!

WP: Maryland's Diebold Voting Machines Had Defective Part

PROJECTILE VOMIT ALERT: The CNN Hummer (proceeds to military)

Do the "values voters" have their own third party?

When will the MSM start openly asking about Allen's arrest record?

Verify that your absentee ballot was counted with this website(Virginia)

Stephanie Miller to be on Larry King Monday Night!

Massive politician turnout for "An inconvenient truth" - including prime minister

That Blackwell is just a peachy SOB

On The Tyler Drumheller

PHOTO: "Julia Corker . . . CALL ME!"


Remember: BRING CAMERAS if you're voting on electronic machines.

Hey, will someone PLEASE tell Big John, I was already doing this?

Rove's Math: Secret Vote Counting?


Cheney sucks.

DeLay's seat a dead heat now? WTF....Dobbs spouts Bush Talking Points in guise

Some day I'm going to turn in a Democratic supporter to the authorities,

A Message from Willie Nelson

An independent group should swiftboat Corker by using his daughter

“Death to Musharraf, Death to Bush”

Stealing this one will be harder...

Next Tuesday is going to be a great, great day!!!

OAXACA ROUNDUP: US/ World Demonstrations in support

Duncan Hunter exploring running for 2008 prez

Gen. Casey wants 100,000 MORE troops for Iraq???

Why isn't Nancy Pelosi in the Congressional Progressive Caucus?

OK, I think we NEED to know : WILL there be independent exit polls we can trust?

HBO Voting Documentary will feature ANDY STEPHENSON!!

Who Will Lead The Senate If We Take It

Don't most polling places have Democratic & Repub observers?

Sphinctorum sinks like a stone. Quick, toss him a cinder block!

'As Son Heads to War, Parents Ask Why'

Why is it that an American company can't make voting machines for America?

I don't think they DARE steal it this time, and the bullshit about 'GOP Surging...'

Sloppy lawyers failing clients on death row

Kerry email: Emergency candidate alert: Five House races

Bush in GA today: "You can't win a war unless you're willing to fight a war."

Dobbs: "2 weeks ago conventional wisdom was that Dems would soar to victory"

Zogby And Rasmussen Have Webb Ahead- Heard It On Sean Insanity

For those of us who will be voting by machine for the first time...

A war criminal just flew over my house!

Earthquake Weather

Idiotic bumper sticker I saw today

Is Bush planning a Paraguay excape?

US Government made a Pro-Marijuana Propaganda Video (1942)

Corker's daughter should be off limits

Whom shall we throw under the bus as the election draws nigh?


I can hardly wait, MIKE MALLOY RETURNS TONIGHT!!!!!!

WONKETTE: Paper Shreddin' With Dick

October Surprise? "Senior al Qaeda militants" killed by U.S

37% CNN POLL - Down, Down

US Loses Thousands of Weapons in Iraq - Said to Fail in Tracking Arms...

Cheney: "Anybody who thinks that's not a serious an idiot"

More votes flipping -- this time in Nevada

Journey across Utah: Iraq vet's 'stunt' turns to solace - Front Page Salt Lake Tribune

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) announces presidential bid...

Ghastly, ghoulish, gruesome republican women! AAAHHH!!11!!1

Please, tell me why we should get our hopes up - When they'll cheat?

Kidnapped GI Secretly Married To Iraqi

Iraq War Vets Return; Some have no HOME

Homeless are disappearing from San Francisco streets

MSNBC E-Survey: Waterboarding: Acceptable interrogation technique for suspected terrorists?

Who has voted so far?

Economist Roubini: Was Q3 GDP manipulated upwards because of elections?

IMDB rating for Dixie Chicks new documentary being freeped, help out

NYT page 1: Mournful photos of a grim month at Arlington

ABC News Homepage: British Ask Gore to Save the Planet

GOP Leading All Over Now - Overheard on Faux News today...

Someone's daughter in full-female-lip-lock

Some good news on SD abortion ban bill--from Faux news, yes Faux!

President Of Nat'l Lawyers Guild - IDENTIFIES - Bush & Cheney's War Crimes

Wonkette - hey now, shredders arrive @ Cheney compound...

Don't Forget Mike Malloy Tonight

How Jesus endorsed Bush's invasion of Iraq

radical Fringe toon - Monday 10/30

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

Active Duty Troops Appeal for Redress up to 713: Corporate Media Desperate to Discredit

10/30/06 SLUT CLUB "Stephanie Loves Us Totally"

LTTE reply to news article about illegal campaign signs.

Kristen Breitweiser gives -em both barrels...

CNN is being WAY TOO NICE to that hag Lynn Cheney

Caption Smirky and the typical Republican Crowd...

A MUST see video (have I ever posted a must see thread?)

Democratic Politicians in the upcoming 'election' must be forced to act on election fraud!

Next Scandal? UAE Sale of US Ports to Close in 3 to 5 weeks. Who's the buyer?!!

My Greatest Fear. (Is my tin-foil hat too tight?)

A few helpful links for researchers/news hounds

"the math" scares the shit out of me

New campaign ad "slaps" Barbara Cubin (R Wyo)

Barack or Hillary in '08

Caption this pic of Laura

Lieberman campaign sends NYT an angry letter for endorsing Lamont.

Have you carved your online pumpkin yet? I did, wanna see it?

Voter [sic] Fraud Alert in Nevada

At 2 TV Stations in Maine, What Al Gore’s Movie Says Isn’t News

unbelievable what's happening in Fl. voting

Not all Republicans are despicable, sociopathic vipers.

Conservative VT Newspaper: "DRIVE THEM OUT" (must-read)

What's wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

Now That I'm at Liberty, Here's More of the Halliburton Story II


Republican US Marine killed in Iraq left many emails about his frustration

Does anyone want to fight for change? THE BOXER by Simon & Garfunkel WITH GRAPHICS!

reagan's daughter on rush, M.J. Fox, and that ad.

Uh oh Georgie! Michael Lutin on GWB* :


YOU WANT TO WIN ON NOV 7TH? Then get on the phones now! MoveOn needs DUers to help

Oaxaca, Mexico update - Federal forces and protestors clash (pic heavy)

EXCLUSIVE: Unredacted Death Threat Letter to Stephanie Miller

For those saying we shouldn't stoop to their level, behold their unbridled venom:

Nine days out: Post your election predictions

Some soldiers think we don't distinguish B*sh from them.

* coming to Northern Colorado... How to make the best of this?

Dean wants GOP to affirm ballot security.

I want you to picture something.

"Hacking Democracy" - HBO documentary starring Andy Stephenson


Get Involved! Check out the new Election Protection Strike Force website!

Two Great Resources for Other BushCo. Whistleblowers

Mike Malloy on SF CA station 960AM ?

Democratic Underground now has a Video Forum!

These Four Letters Spell Cheney Impeachment: TSKJ

"Wait until 'Dave' finds out about Smith and Wesson."

"Sonny, you are in way over your head. Chill before you really lose ...

Waxman Plans Tougher Oversight: Corporate America Running Scared

Self-delete... dead link.

John Stewart's Coot-Off! (The Internet is a Series of Tubes)

The WKRP Turkey Drop

Land of Confusion

Don't let the door hit ya

Keith Olbermann on 9/11 - on 9-11-2006- Must see:

Olbermann to Bush, "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

Come Out of The Closet, by Eric Scwartz

Olbermann's Special Comment: All The President's Lies

Why I don't Trust Polls

Human Rights Campaign Video about "Coming Out"

Doug Lamborn talks about the Iraq War

So, I Married a Donut-Hole Murderer

Another great ad for Corker - this one from Jesus' General

Highlights of The Heath Shuler Debate

Sticks and Stones CBC video on American Media

Two Guys Hit the Road to Get Out the Vote (AFL-CIO)

Had enough of Tom Tancredo? Vote for Bill Winter!

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (Part 1 of 2)

Olbermann Calls FOX News Chief Ailes "Fat Ass"

Republican Election Strategy

Anti-Iraq War Video, No Dialogue, Just Powerful Clips. 3:39

A Few of George's Favorite Things

Election Protection 1:09

Pat Robertson's Moment

Dubya and Little Richard

3 Blunt Political Ads for Dems

FCCFU - Full Version

Video: Keith Olbermann takes Rumsfeld to task

Keith Olbermann on the death of "Stay the Course"

Do More Than Vote: Video On GOTV 6:51

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (Part 2 of 2)

Impeach the President - Neil Young on Colbert

Pink - Dear Mr. President.

Keith Olbermann: The Nexus of Politics and Terror

SNL: Exclusive Sneak Peek At Last Minute GOP Campaign Ads

George: A Life in Mug Shots

O'Reilly on Letterman 2nd time:

Time to Say Goodbye

From Eric Scwartz: Clinton Got a Blowjob... THE VIDEO!

Asylum Street Spankers (Magnetic Yellow Ribbons)

Bill Kristol gets pie in face

VLOG: Edwards Stumps for NC-08 Kissell!

Best of Bushisms

DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix Video: The Internets is a series of Tubes!

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

U2 and Green Day "The Saints Are Coming" (POWERFUL Katrina Video)

Elvis C's "What's so Funny 'bout Peace, Love & Understanding..."


President Lyndon Johnson's 1964 "Daisy" Campaign Ad

GOP Ad that cuts to the heart of the Campaign against Harold Ford

Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine

"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

WP: Midterm Vote May Define Rove's Legacy

In an insult to Lone Ranger fans everywhere, Time calls Bush "The Lone Ranger."

MyDD has a long diary up about the analysis of the DNC finances.

The next time you meet an anti-choicer you have to ask them this:

MSNBC gets misty-eyed over Midterms and "the legacy of Karl Rove"

Should I target the drunk college kid demographic?

Man, it's sad when the Scaife-owned Pittsburgh paper won't endorse Lynn Swann

This Modern World: Slanderman and Defamation Boy!

One Of The Most Precious Things A Person Has With A Democracy Is A.......

Forgotten in news...Dems may control nearly all Western governorships!

One more mind changed...

Saddam guilty verdict NOT a validation of Bush's War on Iraq - help get this out!!

Jeb Bush covered up Mark Foley Scandal along w/"The People's Governor" Charlie Crist

for that WAVERING on-the-fence FORMER-GOP-VOTING brother-in-law......

October toll for US in Iraq hits 100: 4th dealiest month since war began

Media mislabeling democrats again

After the election, a movement for impeachment...

New York Times endorses Bob Menendez for Senate.

Nancy Johnson (R-CT-05) going down the tubes?

A BIG Thank You To All DU Pavement Pounders....

Is GOP Implying Chavez Fixes U.S. Elections? (Chirolas)

The Repukes Will NOT Take Bernie's Seat In The House.

George Washington, in his farewell address warned against....

Duncan Hunter for President? You have to be cartooning me!

Today is the day most voters start paying attention to politics...

Did I hear right? Michael Steele (R-LtGov-MD) is a "democrat"?

"Coalition of the willing"

Poll Suggest Idaho (Yes, Idaho) Is Giving Democrats A Chance

Connecticut Republican, After Lying About Opponent, Trails In New Poll

Analysis on 3 Senate races to make everyone feel a little better

Anyone know a website tracking the latest poll numbers for all races?

Democrat Nick Lampson "beaming victory grins" in bizarre race to succeed Tom DeLay

As Analysts Expect Democratic Wave, Two GOP Incumbents In Danger (NC)

"'irregularities' in the vote counting this year"

Should Joe Lieberman be tried for war crimes along with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld?

Republican Congressman Blames Bush's Record Deficits On Clinton

Why isn't the netroots on FIRE for Clint Curtis (D) FL-24 ?

My God, Ricky found a way to sink even LOWER - Links PA Pensions to Terrorism

"President Bush disagrees, of course" (61% want Iraq pullout timetable)

Republicans are already trying to set the Democrats agenda...

The DCCC will match 3 - 1 your campaign contribution now!

If 99 people out of a population of 100 got zero dollars in tax cuts..

Time for Bartlett to go (Md. - he hangs out with Moon)

Nice Stay the course article about George and Joe by Colin M.

The headline I want to see on November the 8th...

Bob Casey endorsed by two PA papers that endorsed Santorum in 2000

Another New Ras Poll. NJ Menendez 49 % - Kean 44%

Pelosi: Statement on Boener's Comments Praising Rumsfeld

You know things aren't going well for Repuglicans when

Active Duty Troops Appeal for Redress up to 713: Corporate Media Desperate to Discredit

LOL! "Marxist Thought Online" claims NO Democratic win next week

Crooks&Liars: FOX News military analyst endorses Jim Webb

Article About Mitch McConnell

Self-delete (wrong forum)

Maryland absentee ballot crisis

Looks like Boone County, MO Republicans need some Roto Rootering....

Two Moonie-Funded Schools Listed as Worst in Higher Education

Pelosi : on missing U.S. Weapons in Iraq

The Blunt's of Missouri

Fascist Bush Working Hard to Aid and Abet Corporate Accounting Fraud

So what's the point of this 'anti-secrecy panel' if they cannot

6th circuit rules that Ohio voters must show id to cast absentee

Cheney Visitor Logs: Did the SS turn them over yet?

I just called my Senator to ask about post-election...(please K & R!)

Poll: Race For DeLay's Seat Even

Buttons to help you monitor evoting at the polls!

Why doesn't the DNC just run an ad saying Charlie Crist had sex with boys?

A Conversation With Donald Rumsfeld

Filmmakers Follow War Veterans in congressional races "Taking The Hill"

Hey DU thought you might like to see who and who does not support Troops

MSNBC's continuous coverage: Ford, Webb, and the reddest of the red

wheres FOLEY

"Its time we get BACK TO OUR FUTURE"

After the right wing loses the election: the squealing will be horrendous

Heh! Huffington attacks Dean AND Emanuel. Someone give her a snickers bar...

(again) Why isn't the netroots on FIRE for Clint Curtis (D) FL-24 ?

The reason I will be voting next Tuesday

Tennessee: Ford V Corker - 10% Still Undecided

"A Nation Deceived" script available online

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) hat-in-the-ring press conference.

Republican Susan Combs writes disturbing PORN Novels

New wave of disability claims adds to VA backlog

AP: Cheney: Iraq Violence Linked to Election (again)

Wolfie just nailed Man On Dog with a great question:

The Year The Democrats Punched Back

Latest Images From Oaxaca, MX

Now we're getting some where! : An Election Verification Exit Poll

Pollster,com As of 10-30 Show Webb & Ford Ahead!

Sleaze Overload

Another reason to vote Democratic, as if you needed one...

Its Time to Send Sensenbrenner Home for Good

CNN: On friendly turf, Bush scoffs at Dems' optimism (CAUTION: High Smirk Advisory)

RNC receives contributions from one of the biggest gay porn producers in the U.S.

WOW DU look at this Replug Distircts want us out of Iraq

NY-13: Good news for Democrat Stephen Harrison!

DSCC New Poll Alert: Webb Beating Allen

A great new ad: pass it around!!

here's why KKKarl's smug remarks about "the math" are just spin

"Why haven't the Netroots been more 'there' for Ned Lamont? "

Liberal Republican Suburb Turns Furious With G.O.P.

Evil Dick is "proud" of his grotesque little wife's "slapdown" of Wolf Blitzer

I applied for and recieved my Absentee Ballot last week....

How about a Blue Revolution???

Flu Vaccine Delays?

490,000 weapons unaccounted for in Iraq as just reported on CNN

Desperate Mehlman sent this letter to his "grassroots" contributors!

NEW POLLS: Great news for Dem House candidates - RED to BLUE seats!

Voter Fraud Alert in Nevada (Jack Carter notice)

Webb's books - Why would republicans be upset about men putting their mouths

WHY is Tucker Carson keep talking about the church ad from Ford

I'm starting to believe that Jim Webb just may pull this off.

Cheney tells Fox News "I think the economy is in great shape"

Candy (Creepy) Crowley looks like she's gained 20 pounds!

An Unholy Alliance - Voter Guides in Churches Target Republican Gains

Republican sets up phony progressive group to smear Bob Casey

What is Rove up to?

New Bob Corker Ad in Tennessee

RNC pouring money into NE-03!!!!!

Link to all polls out today (including House)

3 Blunt Political Ads for Dems

Email from Bill Clinton -- Irrelevant ( you'll love the picture

2000-2016: R.I.P. GOP and Democratic Party

Rupert Murdoch Holds Fund Raiser For Clinton?!

What is the political profile of a Democrat that would continue to vote for Lieberman?

Jim Webb Uses Weekend to Make a Punk of George Allen

In Key House Races, like Heath Shuler's in NC, Democrats Run to the Right

So what do we do when we find out that we ALMOST took over

Almost one week away and why do I feel nervous?

Will America even ALLOW another stolen election?

Paul Krugman: Don't Make Nice

Rasmussen poll Webb 51% Allen 46%

Watercooler Conversation today and my reaction (not good)

Stephanie Miller gets death threat - intensifies my rational hate of conservatives

3 GOP mayors asked to quit

Bush, Republicans Find Strong Economy Doesn't Win Middle Class

Speaker Pelosi's Agenda

FL: Final Davis--Crist Gubernatorial debate tonight, Oct 30, 7 pm ET, NBC affiliates

Can a black man win a US Senate seat in Tennessee?

Media push OBAMA versus HILLARY presidential race...

Don't be fooled, liberal Democrats dictated the agenda!

Kerry: Help Take back Congress -- 3 AT THE BUZZER

Democratic Underground now has a Video Forum!

Just a thought -- are there any "rising stars" in the GOP?

It's Florida again! Unbelievable! LTTE - voting machines!