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Archives: October 4, 2006

WP: Shootings at an Amish school again point up the problem with guns.

The October Surprise

Arms sales record

Some Workers Change Collars

Arab view of Karen Hughe's propaganda initiative

Did you know that our "2nd Front" is Collapsing? Check this out....

It’s time for a change: Vote Nov. 7!

Call for action on climate change

Global warming devastates sea ice in Arctic Circle

Peace treaty signed forever

Video Download: Steven Jones - June 2, 2006

Latest Al Qaeda videos = more video fakery ?

Identifying the criminal perpetrtors of a global media psy-op

Remember Peter King? The Thug who said they'd "take care of the counting?"

GUV! What is going in in San Francisco tomorrow?

Liberals slam new Tory chief of staff

Ontario, CAW slam green plan

2 Canadians killed in Afghan attack

Canada Auto Emissions Target Won't Start Until 2011, CAW Says

CTV: Liberals accuse PM of enjoying 'Patronage Pork'

CanWest: Weather goes haywire: Temperatures rising faster in Canada...

Report: Israel, Hezbollah Violated Law

Iraq suspends commanders over mass kidnap

America's youth becoming engaged in community, political activity

DARPA Chooses Teams for Robot Challenge

Foley says he was abused by a clergyman (AP)

278 ([US troops] die in Afghanistan, 2 other nations [since 2001] 2 Monday

Quiet S. Korean Minister Set to Succeed Annan at UN (BOLTON alert!)

Foley scandal tops campaigns nationwide

WP: Foley Acquaintances Question Alcoholism (rarely saw him drink)

Computer Science Professor Argues For a Paper Trail With E-Voting

Google boss warns politicians about Internet power

Iraq Suspends Commanders Over Mass Kidnap

Judge: Patriot Act challenge can proceed

NYT: In Bill’s Fine Print, $20 Million to Celebrate Victory in the War

FCC opens media ownership hearings

Arabs Pressure Rice On U.S. Peace Efforts

NBC/WSJ poll: Bush back in 30s; Dems favored for control of Congress

Hastert Fights to Save His Job in Page Scandal

Mom, can Dougie stay for supper?

Advanced Global Personality Test!

The Best Sherlock Holmes Novel?

Anyone reading Woodstock's new book?

Okay, I'm turning on Foul Sprouts...


Interesting factoid I found whilst surfing today...... 9/11/01 was the 30t

Anyone reading Woodward's new book?

Damn, either this shirt stinks or I do.

WOOHOO! This is post Number 6000!!!

If you had to fight one or the other, which would you choose?

Who is the HOT LIBERAL blonde filling in for Keith tonight?

Ok Lounge Lizards...make me get up...

Hot hot hot Keith Olbermann substitute!!!!! (Who is she???)

I just got a chance to flip off GWB

Guess what I'm doing?


The dreaded test is done

I feel like a mess.

I'm bullish on X_s Threads!

Non-racist ethnic ponderings

I don't know how I'm going to complete my dare!

I'm bullish on S_x Threads!

jeff gannon has a blog

the wedding has been postponed.

Just got Keith Olbermann's book in the mail.

I'm bullish on screw threads

So I am trying an Ambian CR

My dog has a temper.

Give your domicile a name a là "Oriole Park at Camden Yards" -- the "at"

Why does this thread show up when I search on my name?

ever get the feeling you didn't get an interview because you misspelled

I'm bullish on porn. It's going places!

I now have a cherry credit rating.


What's the most inappropriate smiley/text combo you can come up with?

I forgot my own address today

Check out this amazing hurricane photo! WOW!


Need some friendly Lounge advice -------------->

Are you a God or are you an Earth?

Not All Republicans are Sodomites

Methacarbamol is a fraud. It's supposed to relieve muscle spasms, but

Letterman went to break, Keith is next, WOOT WOOT WOOT

How do you eat your ice cream?

I'm in college and I've gone crazy.

No fun in here tonight. Off to bed I go.

You know what? Just blame it on me. I can take it.

Foley's penalty should be to be beaten by Wilford Brimley nigh unto death

My dog is ok tonight, after a close call last night

Sean Lennon. WTF?

I challenge haruka3_2000 to a naked wrestling match.

I'm taking the BMW down to Morton's. Who's going with?

Okay, I'm turning on Faux Sprots

I know I'm probably really late on this one.....Bradley Whitford.....

Yankees win!

Need some advice on international payment when I don't do Paypal

it's that time again....Favorite Food/Dishes

Free for all thread.

Less than 24 hours until I turn Freeper -- Yay!

Which Captain?

My niece went missing today

Watch this Ferrari Video! Wild! Dashboard vid in Paris.

A long time ago, there was a wedding........

Boston Legal. Where in hell are they headed?

Ever feel just plain ole mediocre?

Do people who take the high road

Why doesn't DU decorate for Halloween?

Worthless thread.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: It's not getting any easier.

My dog is has distemper

Alert: Primate1 has never had chai

Who here watches "Eureka" on SciFi?

Enough with the love songs -- name a good break-up song.


Would you monitor your teens internet usage?

On the language of angels

Calculus question?

BOOK READ DISCUSSION: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" - Pages 81-136

Report from Ohio Blogger: John Kerry Asks Ohio To Vote Early

Some Food for Thought for Bigots (of the homophobic variety)

Page-Molestation Class Action LAW SUIT Against HOUSE REPS --

This thread needs to make it to the greatest page

Daily Show rerun starting NOW!

What did Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist know and when did they know it?

Somewhere Out There, Real News Is Happening

Big deal.. a gay man lusted after a teen-aged male

No Keith tonite???

CNN 'Paula Zahn Now' panel on Foley/Hastert issue, starring ...

I bet the Mexican immigrants are really happy about this Foley deal

The Bush admin and GOP: colliding lies

O'Lielly just said Ann Coulter is going to weigh in later in the show

So does Drudge think it's Foley's fault that he was molested?

Bush and the rePUKE party are now seen as irrelevant bumbling buffoons

Foley attorney: No contact from law enforcement

what issue has more attention of the US public??

GOP-edophile ...list of repukes

Rep. Mark Foley Seduces Eric Cartman!

Oreilly interviewing bob Woodward tonight?

Reality-Based Community: Do Our Strengths = Our Downfall??

Powell lost battle, as Cheney, Rummy, Rove drove foreign policy into wall

Is Foley affair covering up MASSIVE BUILD UP TOWARD War with Iran?

Foley briefs cops on predator law (8-10-06)

did bush create a new Department of Offence ??

Somebody *please* steal this for a LTTE:

Hastert says he won't resign for protecting pervert

Countdown Till Keith Is On Letterman

If you can stand any more good news, DON'T miss C-span 1... 10:40 EST

Lot's of Sex Navel Gazing Posts....Foley was using his POWER & INFLUENCE!

Where can I read Clinton's comprehensive policy on al Qida?

Denny Hastert - he STILL does't get it.

Judge in Depleted Uranium Case Changes the Scope of Case

So, if you are gay you are more likely to be a pedophile?

Watching Countdown ...

Here's a poll to warm the cockles of your heart.

If this was October, 2004, by how much would Bush have lost?

Shouldn't Foley identify the clergyman who he says molested him?

The democrats are being accused of holding on to Foley info

John Conyers supports World Can't Wait. Why not support what he supports?

How do you know HasTert is guilty?

Scarborough plays ad from my future rep.

Common sense brigade

DNC: Bush Continues the West Coast Swing of His Smear and Fear Tour

Lots of 06 debates on CSPAN1 tomorrow evening


kindasleeazy lice still out there ... no one in the media focused on her

Who does Foley blame for being a low down Repuke?

Majority believe Afghan mission a lost cause: Poll

Gore foreign policy speech from 2000 to be shown on CSPAN3

Scarborough Country: GOP RIP?

Poor Sean, poor Rush

Those who are watching the Yankees-Tigers game tonight

Most in CNN Poll Say Bush Misled Public About Iraq

American "worm" people win Nobel!

John Walsh: "This is not about being gay, it's about pedophilia."

Meanwhile, today in Iraq....

The FBI has still not seized Foley's computer and hard drive

Action all around Iran. Can our leaders be stopped? They

Sex scandal, Iraq book take toll on Bush, GOP

Fox Provided with Foley Correspondence in 2005 - Didn't Run Story

Wasn't Dennis Hastert involved in that sex scandal involving Boystown?

I was in a van today with a dozen people. Half Dems. Half Republicans

Young Americans waiting longer to get married, often until after 30

Return of the Taliban 10:00PM EST

Mark Foley and "Growing Together" (abusive juvenile drug rehab)

the drunk excuse does not wash

NY Times: Wal-Mart Needs To Treat Employees Better.

Ahmadinejad's Domestic Troubles--ATimes

Another Repuke wingnut (Maggie Gallagher) calls for Hastert to step down

Email faux news re: listing Foley as a Democrat

Foley is not a Pedophile... he is a Pederast...

Freepers distorted CSPAN poll at

The Lineage of Bush-Cheney Torture

If Dems were the same as Repukes in 1998...

Rove's October Surprise Postponed Until Early November?

MoveOn wants people to volunteer from home.

Easy and appropriate: defining the GOP

Ok I live in Arizona

Pressure builds on Republicans in U.S. sex scandal

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "GOP faces 'inconvenient truth' "

CSpan1 is all Foley

"Iraq is an abstraction. This is about people, parents, kids. They get it"

Torture Bill........HELP...

Douchebag Lanny Davis "This is about private behavior"

GOP longing for the ole Macaca days! Things were so simple

What should I do/say about this?

Republicans using fear tactics in wake of Foley scandal. Dems must fight

Republicans backing Ric Keller's Democratic opponent for Congress?

Who gives a damn if Foley was molested as a teen?

On Foley, On Pedophilia, and On Criminal Responsibility: A rant

awesome George Stephanopoulos quote re: Foley

Where are the parents?

Have any of DU's masochists been listening to RW radio since Foley quit?

Pelosi and Fl Dems Press Conference on CSPAN1 Coming up now

Colorado's 7th CD debate, coming up on CSPAN2

Foley's Lawyer: "And One Time... At Band Camp..."

I Just Wrote To The Editor Of The Paper....

Foley is good for one thing: WINNING THE ELECTION

LIfe imprisonment, repeat sex offenders, sponsor - Mark Foley

GOP struggles with 'overly friendly' Foley

Pope tries to win hearts and minds by saving

On the right wing meme "Democrats leaked Foley story"...

Tennessee Senate: Leans Democrat...Ford up by 5

Foley's Defense - Will It Really Appeal to the Base?

Daily Show - Iraq is a "catastro-fuck"

Should Hastert be tortured?

From FOX's own website...LET 'EM HAVE IT!

Laundry List/Unfreaking real

Ailes worried about ratings slippage - will "shake-up" things.

So my reply to the schmucks trying to compare Foley to Clinton.....

What should we tell the children?

I don't get the "It's all timed to influence the election" diversion...

It is time to let LIHOP out of the dungeon.

Why are so many people concerned about torture NOW since the Foley story?

Link To Bush Looking For.....

I Use to Drink Alot and Hang with Pastors.........

2730 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I just heard something really scary

Keep track of GOP criminality with the newly-updated GOP Scandal Scorecard

O'Whiney Just Listed Foley As (D-Fl)

Just look at this shit! I tell you, I thought we were over the top in AZ,

It is our right... It is our duty... It is time!

Republican Sex Scandal Reverberates in Washington, Across US

Hastert Bombshell: "As a child, I was covered up."

Now we know why Hastert covered for Jefferson

The Hillary-Condi Ho Down

Katherine Harris now accusing the 'other side' of sitting on the Foley...

No Dems helped break Foley story & must read from Americablog

Media Spin: Poor Mark Foley, He's The Victim Here...

Cook/Brookings election prediction punchline...I know it is on

Not to sound like Trent Lott, but how exactly DO the Sunni and Shia

bush waves to a group of pages....

Just wondering something, re the Foley "emails" how lurkers might

What would happen if Bill O'Reilly was faced in battle with 2 falafels?

"Woodward's book is being used by the far-left to lower morale"

MUST SEE T.V. TONIGHT! The New FRONTLINE season start tonight @9pm!

caption * and Foley picture

NONE of this "Good News" MATTERS

Get your blood boiling

Repuke Ray LaHood (IL) calls for ending the page program, on Larry King

I finally put my sticker on my bumper last night

Wash Post::Pages warned to stay away from FOLEY since 1995

Letterman on on East Coast, Olbermann should be on soon

''What do parents say to Mark Foley at the beach?''

NYT editorial reminder: Every one of House GOP leaders up for re-election

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Reminder: Olbermann will be on with Letterman, and on TDS

WSJ/SNBC Poll: Bush Is Back In The 30's Folks!

NYT: Feds Unearth Conduct-CERTAIN To Lead To Criminal Investigation

Web site says liberals beat student GOP leader; police say no

Ugh, Foley sent one of his sick IMs while waiting to pay for this war

I just bought a T-Shirt from a right wing website.

Jon Stewart: It's a catastrofuck

Gonzales and Ashcroft BLOCKED the FBI from investigating Foley.

Parents charged with abducting bride

hey. question on the "Jesus Camp" banner ad.

Jurassic 5 with Dave Matthews, "Work it Out"

What does W do anymore, anyway

CREW Urges DOJ To Probe Why FBI FAILED To Investigate Foley Emails

A-hole Lanny Davis on LK: "Dems Need To be Careful..."

I accidentally hit Research Forum on DU.

Ann Coultergeist says she feels sorry for Foley, hopes he gets over it

The Foley Five: Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds, Shimkus & Alexander

Victory party for winning in Iraq and Afghanistan already planned

I listened to Hannity this evening...

14 troops die in 3 days; not a word in the news

I have spent as much time on the toilet as laura bush spent as a librarian

ASSUMING we do re-take the house... wouldn't this 'end' Shrub's ....

5 Stages of Resignation for a GOP leader

I think I know the name of the priest who molested Foley

Will Speaker Hastert Resign Before Election Day 2006?

I got one - "Why didn't Clinton do anything about Foley?"

Stepping Up Attacks, Bush Calls Democrats 'Softer' on Terrorists implying that Foley had rendezvous with page

Best. Political ad. Ever.

Unusual and Paranoid Behavior of George W Bush...

Ok, Ok... Gloating aside... Can we get off of Foley and pick up on torture

Does anyone have files or images from Foley's site

Freepers.. you just seen our first October surprise,

I guess "GOP" now means - -

Democrats have to be careful with the foley scandal. Oh yeah, why?

Smoking as child abuse and used in custody battles - Discuss

Should we ever think about making organ donation mandatory?

Media uses Foley incident to link homosexuality to pedophilia...

Do you feel most fellow humans are more inclined to sin than not?

The Mann Act

Frontline: The Return of the Taliban --- On PBS Now!

A whole new line of inquiry on Puggy perverts suggests itself...

I have a hangnail! Damn you, Karl Rove, damn you!!

Countdown is pulling a Jon Stewart

The Ancient Romans took poison.

(VIDEO) President Gore speaks at TED (Funny as hell!)

Are Gay Teens Being Recruited into the Congressional Page Program?

CNN. rape rape rape, no hope. Darfur.

Blame Canada!

OOOPS. Apparently Foley wasn't much of a DRINKER!!!!!!

Friedman wants Dems to win back each chamber by "only one seat"

Lanny Davis is trashing Howard Dean's response to the GOP

Someone has put one of the Foley IM's in video form - Too Funny!

I-Messages Obtained by ABC News Cast Doubt on Claims from Foley's Lawyer

The amendment that would actually keep another Cheney from happening:

Why do women kill their own children more often?

And Now For Something Completely Different....

BRAD BLOG: First Dirty Trick of the Year in Ohio's 2006 Election?

ABC: It Was Republicans NOT Dems Who Were Its Sources For Foley Story

Has anybody alleged that Foley committed a crime?

what is netscape and is it any good

Need help w/ a Foley Apologist

WOW! Smackdowns of smackdowns....Schecter nailing a hack!

I was molested by a camp counselor, and I'm not an alcoholic pedophile...

A Suggestion For The Next DU Fund Drive: "A _eek _ithout _'s"

Why did they allow it to happen? (Audio)


Senator Leahy: "Why DID 9/11 Happen on Bush's Watch?"

The DCCC's "Red2Blue" Page

Dennis Miller on the Daily Show..I used to like him....

67 Reasons to Light Up and Walk Out This Thursday

OK, Here's the Final T-Shirt... and why I decided to go ahead...

How about Hobbs Act violations for Foley, et al??

Why does the RW want Hastert out? Presidential "insurance policy"!

Foely - ANOTHER rw trap/spin I just caught onto (ARRRRRRGHH!)

Blame the Page


Hastert is one in a long line of corrupt GOP Speakers


Pagegate: What if it was one of your kids?

Has anyone considered...

The GOP can't hide the Foley story, so they want to change the context.

O'Reilly graphic labels Foley (D-Florida) !!!!!!

Meanwhile ....... on the Pope beat ......

Iraq plan 'fails to impress'

Dean Responds to Latest Bush Election Year Rhetoric

The Foley issue is causing damage

Another angle on the Foley Coverup?

Building the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

Pooooor poooor poor pooooooooooooor Bob Woodward

Where are all these these IM's coming from?

Rove & Co Ready to "Rathergate" the Foley Scandal

You know that Foley came in on the GOP "revolution" back

Do you think Hasturd will survive this call for his head on a pike?

NPR lets Chomsky be interviewed for a solid hour...

Look who's sponsoring the Netroots

We're not home free

Schecter Takes GOP Hack To School

Sex scandal, Iraq book take toll on Bush, GOP

Toon: GOP gets an IM

Foley's probable whereabouts deduced at DU. You reporters

NBC/WSJ poll: Bush back in 30s

Damage Control

Why are people looking a gift horse in the mouth? (re: Foley)

Foley all the time? Why?

Indians Blast Bush At Recent Border Summit

WSJ/NBC: Bush, Republicans Slip in New Poll

It's time for Pelosi to say...

Health Care: Why this Election Matters

Okay this is just sick. Very sick Reynolds using kids as props

Fox News labels Foley as *Democrat*

We Know Why You do Not Speak Out on Foley: An Open Letter to James Dobson

The Big Dawg is coming to help Jim Webb (D-VA candidate)!!

John Kerry Asks Ohio To Vote Early

Could It All Be a Trap????????

Would George Allen rat out Foley to get the MSM off his back?

Terror Alert will rise soon, and...

Bush: Just a matter of time before bin Laden gets the justice he deserves

I guess Tim Carpenter's message today makes it official: PDA has sold out


MUST SEE T.V. TONIGHT! The New FRONTLINE season start tonight @9pm!

My LTTE Printed in Tuesday's Local Paper

Really dumb question.. Who did Hastert replace?

I was watching Frontline tonight...and I remembered.

Reynolds hides behind children during press conference on Foley

How can the Republicans protect 300 million Americans...

Whats the best poll site to keep up on Election 2006?

I have discovered the October(pre-election) surprize!!

The Nation: Hastert Lies Again, Gets Caught Again

Can America Ever be Weaned off its Love Affair with Guns?

Moyers: Lincoln Weeps

Hastert: Foley Scandal Is A Liberal Conspiracy To ‘Get To Me’ And ‘Affect

My Last Article! I'm Headed For Jail Time! Not My Fault!

At times one remains faithful to a cause...

To the people of Iran: I'm sorry for what's about to happen.

A Disaster by Any Measure

Maddy Sauer/ABC interview on Foley email trail

Western Leaders Continue to Broker Disputed Data-sharing Program

Democrats Should Talk About Inequality (Robert Reich)

Dick Morris: Foley scandal is the nail in the GOP coffin

A Plan Of Action For Collective Self-Defense Against School Shootings, Hij

Mark Foley Is's GOP Hypocrite of the Week!

Fast Track to Den Hague By rossini

The Untapped Solution to Terrorism (Fundie flushing)


What The Commission Missed: Ex-Green Beret Built 9/11 Network

"Connecting the Dots..." (catholic church and sex abuse)

Religious Right Strangely Silent About Foley --Bob Geiger

Letter to my Comrades

Accountability in the House --WaPo Editorial

Bizarro President --Jane Smiley

CNET Blog: IMSafer scans your kids' IMs for Foleys

David Horsey: Fishy? I don't smell anything fishy!

"Republican Integrity" by Tony Blankley Wash. Times

Something Weird, And It Don't Look Good! (Mogambo Guru)


USAToday: Our view on Bush's legacy: Denial, arrogance led U.S. into Iraq

The Independent: Global warming devastates sea ice in Arctic Circle

"Republicans more pro-Israel" is absolute nonsense

The Independent: One third of Earth desert by 2100

Court Awards $143M in Nuclear Waste Flap

Wind Energy in Texas Gets $10 Billion Boost

Big Pine Beetle Colony Established In SD - 2 Million Trees Killed In 2 Yrs

oxy detergents

U.N. Says Sewage Growing Coastal Problem

Backyard wind turbines turn energy consumers into suppliers

Global Warming Will Dramatically Alter U.S. Northeast

Pending UK Study Shows Trillions In Losses W/O Climate Action - Guardian

IPCC Contributor - "Significant Environmental Trauma" Will Be Global

Crosspost: Hugo Chavez says oil should not fall below $60 a barrel

GAO - Salvage Logging A Financial Loser For Forest Service - AZ Central

Ontario Premier Warns Harper On Auto Sector Emissions Plan

Arctic Summer Sea Ice At All-Time Low - Melt Rate Up Every Year - NSIDC

Restrictions on Nationwide Pollution Permits Upheld

Evergreen Solar Partnership Official, 300 MW of Solar Modules Due by 2010

Not an internal Palestinian matter. Amira Hass.

Israeli minister says war (w/Lebanon) may resume

Officer who shot Palestinian bore false witness

UNIFIL says could resort to 'use of force beyond self-defense'

Gunmen kill Hamas leader

Al-Aqsa issues threat to kill Hamas chief Meshal

Copy of Painful Deceptions

Throw Away the Term "LIHOP", If You're Smart.

A man who knew too much and died.

Zogby polls I wish I could conduct

Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002 (X)

Help! Will being a pollwatcher (vs. Pollworker) make a difference?

Ohio Voting Law Held Unconstitutional

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 10/4/06 Soul of America

Greg Palast: Recipe for a Cooked Election

Lou Dobbs discussing E-vote conerns now

Extremist Harper government to protect anti-gay hate speech

Did Democrats Page Mark Foley? : (Rovian mind f^&k at work)

U.S. Fatalities in Iraq Rise Amid Crackdown

Filipino,US troops to conduct exercises

Google boss warns politicians about Internet power

Brown claims DeWine missed many hearings (Intel)

String of Baghdad bomb blasts kill 16 (wounding 87)

Candidates Unload Money From Foley(NRCC Will Keep Contributions)

Iraqi police unit linked to militias

Results in key House races: Reuters poll (dems lead 11 of 15)

Iraqi tribes launch battle to drive al-Qaida out of troubled province

US House control in Democrats' reach -Reuters poll

AFP: 'Governator' shuns Bush ahead of California election battle

Board Redefines Rules for Union Exemption - New York Times

Most in CNN Poll Say Bush Misled Public About Iraq (Bush at 39%)

Port gives up on antiterrorism funds this year (Oakland)

Paris Hilton: 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Punched Me

Suicide truck bomb attack in Iraqi city of Ramadi (described as massive)

Iran to open nuke sites for tourists

Congressman questions what Hastert knew

Bob Novak says GOP knew of emails BEFORE urging him to run

Green Party hopeful is out; win for Casey

Conservatives worry scandal will hit 'value voter' turnout

Iraq court delays Saddam verdict (October Surprise, maybe??)

Hollywood bashes media consolidation

DEMOCRATIC RALLY: Jackson gets crowd chanting (Jesse/J Carter)

Renewed Activity Seen at Suspected North Korea Test Sites

UNIFIL says could resort to 'use of force beyond self-defense'

Powell, after reservations, says he’s OK with detainee bill

Iraqi police accused of complicity in death squad activities

Hundreds Detained by the Iraqi Army

Alaska Supreme Court rules forced drugging is unconstitutional

Forced Out Staffer Issues Statement

'Al-Qaida in Palestine' posts web video

Gov't to stop seizing drugs from Canada

Marine Environment Plagued by Pollution, UN Says

Scalia's 'Tequila' Remark Raises Eyebrows

Arab, Muslim states blast UN human rights envoys' report on war

Services in U.S. Grow at Slowest Pace in Three Years

New claims fuel US e-mail scandal

Baghdad bombings hit new high, police suspended

David Corn: "The List" (of Gay GOP Aides on the Hill)

Wal-Mart Cuts Growth Estimate After Finding Mistakes

Inadequate equipment, health problems face Iraq, Afghanistan vets: poll

Congress ready for end-of-war party

GOP Lawmaker (Chris Shays) Calls for Rumsfeld to Quit

Lewis (R-KY) cancels with Hastert, cites Foley

Ex-Head of H.P. Faces Charges

Democrats use strategy of ambiguity on Iraq: experts

Feds Divided Over Recount Fundraising

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 4

Clerk asked to look into report of Foley incident at page's dorm

Armed teen who spurred lockdown in North Las Vegas arrested

Congress Sets Aside $20M for Wars' Ends

Surveillance program to continue for now

In Bill’s Fine Print, Millions to Celebrate Victory

Goldman Sued Over Fannie Mae Accounting

Court says eavesdropping program can continue

N.M. Marine slated for Medal of Honor

Ex-page from S.D. was warned about Foley

Aide of al-Qaida in Iraq leader captured, U.S. military says

Pellet Gun Leaves 6 Hurt at Md. School

Court allows government to keep surveillance for now

Iraq police unit demobbed as bombs target minister's convoy

CNN: Investigators to House: Keep Foley documents

U.S. pilots may face manslaughter charge in Brazil crash(Transponder off?)

Four US soldiers killed near Baghdad

Satirical Iraqi TV show provides insight into Baghdad's mood

Dow hits new record

Porter urges suspension of House page program

Saudi Ambassador Says U.S. Standing With Arabs Is `Lowest Ever'

Iran to activate 'nuclear tourism'

Software Being Developed to Monitor Opinions of U.S. (NYT)

Court Temporarily OKs Domestic Spying (appealing Taylor ruling)

Donors replace fuel (from Citgo) villages refused

Lebanese army prevents Hezbollah supporters from protesting near border

Sales of Trucks, SUVs Rise

(Rep. Ron) Lewis cancels with Hastert, cites Foley

Hastert's Office Insists He Did Nothing Wrong

Oil Prices Rise on Fighting in Nigeria

Cheney tells soldiers they must keep resolve

Lampson calls on Sekula-Gibbs to take stand in Foley scandal

Olmert to tell Rice: U.S. must take lead on Iranian nukes

GOP Congressional Aide Kirk Fordham Resigns (suppressed Foley emails?)

Hastert, GOP stand together amid Foley scandal

Republican Rep. Shays calls on Rumsfeld to resign

Aide Says He Reported Foley 2 Years Ago (!)

Ga. Mother Seeks Harry Potter Ban

New drug blocks influenza, including bird flu virus

W. Va. Lawmaker Embarasssed by Photos (Dem with no Clothes

NATO general doesn't dispute Iraq 'debacle' claim

Rep. LaHood Urges Pause in Page Program (TOO TEMPTING!!)

(Forgive Me) - Hubble Discovers Dark Spot on Uranus

Money pours in to Shimkus challenger

Britain says IRA now poses no security threat

AP: Judge throws out citizenship voting rule (Ohio)

Woman arrested for sexual assault after disrupting flight

Crackdown on immigrants empties a town and hardens views

Report: Death Squads In Iraq Hospitals

Foley's sexual orientation a not-so-secret secret

Foley scandal has GOP fearing 'more disclosures'

Voters told to let morals guide them

R.W. Apple, a Times Journalist in Full, Dies at 71

Abuse network chief to Foley: Name your attacker

High School Removes *Display* of Banned Books! (For Banned Book week)

Kerry Chides Frist for Taliban Comments

First-grader has loaded gun in school

Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill ($$ for fence)

Bernanke: Baby Boomers Will Strain U.S. (SocSec/Medicare)

Pope tries to win hearts and minds by saving souls of unbaptised babies

Adulterous GOP'r Asks for Forgiveness,Denies Allegation of Abuse in New Ad

Hugo Chavez says oil should not fall below $60 a barrel

IU study: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as substantive as network news

Ahmadinejad: Sanctions won't stop Iran from enriching Uranium

I'm gonna kick it root down. n/t

In 1974 and '75, I earned $2.50 an hour for pumping gas

self-delete (dupe)


Hey Heidi and CMW

I'm finally gonna meet my SO's mom!

Is anybody else having a stressful week. Here's a hug to you all.

MSN Typo (Bush/Hastert)

To MrScorpio...

Cross post - I saw Keith Olbermann at the Letterman taping today

Pictorial evidence suggests Foley can turn you gay

Hey Hey Hey

BREAKING: Foley Abducted by young men as an alien!!!

This AT&T ad with the Robin Hood dude

BREAKING: Foley abducted young alien man!

Has anyone read James Webb's Fields of Fire? I just ordered it used.

The Dutch sunbather captured by Google earth

Alicia Silverstone is *gulp* 30 today-Howard Allen O'Brien is 65

OK "ER" has made a lap and jumped the shark AGAIN

'Flying Elvis' Suffers Broken Pelvis

Lawmaker Can't Find Spinach To Celebrate Spinach Safety

Woo-hoo! France going smoke-free next year!

after puppies are born, how long before they start running around?

Worst Stevie Wonder cover?

Could use some help with a Christmas project

Fan of the Game Ejected (Philly of course)

What are you more envious of?

Now more than ever, It's really not fair not having Mike Malloy on the air

Dammit!!! I missed Keith Olbermann on the Late Show last night...

City Buys Solar-Powered Trash Cans (Cost $4,500 Each)

I found homes for two short stories today.

So I FINALLY had a *really* good dream,

Teen Imitates "Jackass" Stunt - In Hospital In Critical Condition

Amazing actor: Vincent D'onofrio

Once you sleep with 600 thread never go back

My semester is NOT going well

What age would you like to go back to if you could?

Bull Durham on Comedy Central.

Parents Abduct Bride So She Would Miss Her Wedding

Could someone lend me $39,000

It's the Christian kids!

Will Pluto not being a planet screw up your horoscope?

superhero roast

BREAKING: Foley Abducted by Aliens as a young man!!!

Multi-pet owners - answer me this

(not that I am a tourist or anything but...) NYC as a vacation ideas ?

American Patriot Registration

Project Runway scandal?

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Headquarters

Trick or treating VS. Sex

Would somebody please call off the attack kitten?!

I am cold

Anybody else watch 'Dead Like Me'

Great ! Just what we need another smarta** on DU

Woman Is Mauled By Her Pit Bull -- AND Will Lose Her Pot Plants

Here I go, into "Meeting Hell!!"

How to save the Repugs and the Bush gang - send them shopping!

Nip Tuck....I have to say I love that show...

Damned frickin' cancer...


I don't want a loan, just an outright gift - any amount is fine!

Posting this in GDP felt pretty damned good.

Happy 19th Birthday, Tim!!!

Sad-but-true Foley cartoon on editorial page today

I'm determined to do as little as possible today...

Allright, what does dreaming about my neighborhood being destroyed by

Peace, Love, & Coffee!

Public Service Announcement from the Old Dominion.

Eleanor Rigby & Father McKenzie (Useless but fun DU Lounge Poll Time!)

If Anna Nicole Smith's baby were not thought to be an heiress someday

My sister started to tell me the Brazilian joke yesterday.

Wednesday list thread.

My dog Pippin rocks!

if you were a brazilianaire right now, what would you be doing???

So was Cheap Trick right? Do southern girls have nothing to lose?

A bright spot on the job horizon...

Do you get DUMail spam?

Whaaa? Foley is gay!?!?!

I purchased a large magic boulder after 9/11

Write Your Own Children's Book Thread. Come on! Ya Know Ya Want To

Does anyone stream MLB?

Does anyone here play World of Warcraft??

I'm sick of the "Jesus Camp " ads at the top of the page. When

Thanks, Call Me Wesley.

Sorry, self delete

Paris Hilton: 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Punched Me

And another thing

Geez, with the Foley thing, Woodward's book, the CIA/Condi dealio...

Let's have a conversation

AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Freaking cable just went out in the ninth inning!!

So where do I find a Jerry Springer dance video?

If you got a call from Maury Povich, saying "your SO has a secret..."

Is walking in a grocery store with a cart the same thing

Digital camera owners. I need some advice:

I have a question about Father-Daughter relationships

Otherlander's Nation Identity Protection Program

Well, there goes THAT screen door...

What strategy are you using to try to get your candidate elected?

If you wanted to start a thread, but haven't/didn't

The world only gets weirder....

Two questions about X-Men 3

Anyone use flax meal?

a panda, a canyon, a flower, a mom, and a butterfly

What is up with jeans?

I just caught a hand in my fly and set it free

I just caught Mark Foley's hand in my fly,..........

Do you ever wonder if we DUers actually know each other?

Enough with the fan-inflated lawn ornaments

Miss Manners hits a home run...

"Golden Slumbers -> Carry That Weight -> The End"

On a lighter note.. the comedic possibilities from Foleygate are endless.

Mother Gave Morphine To 2-Year-Old To Treat Chest Cold

Could someone lend me $2,300?

US Budget Simulator

Who needed a small favor in your world lately

Some people are just angry

"Free Hugs" campaign banned by police (YouTube video)

Mel Gibson reportedly drinking again

Swimboy Appreciation Thread!


I'd like to give a big shout out to all my fellow "D" List DU'ers...

16 days until we leave for vacation!!!


I now have a regularly-published column!!!!!! ***self-promotion alert***

I just caught a fly in my hand and set it free

Congratulations Joan_Alpern!! 25,000 posts

How creepy was your last date

Congratulations AZDemDist6!! 30,000 posts

RetroLounge Appreciation Thread!

27 days till...

anyone here have any experience with Aflac insurance??

Jeebus, I should know better by now...

LOST Season 3 Premiere in 4 hours, 23 minutes...


Hard Drive Question

Ribs on the grill!

It's yet another 'post your rick' thread!(lame copycat)

Congratulations wildhorses!! 10,000 posts

Tornado warning in Columbus, OH

What do you put in your omelets?

Are You A Nice Person?

Today in music history 10-4

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/4/06)

Take another little piece of my heart!

Congratulations KharmaTrain!! 10,000 posts

Eddie Izzard, I'm buying.

I am obsessed with the "Nuggets" Box Sets.


I'm going to adopt the Animation Group

Name a radio station's call letters that sound suspicious

Need hugs and advice.....Waaahhhhh

Some People Don't Like Cats Because

Little flame bait here...I detest "Lost"

Favorite non-obscene obscenity?

Ok pet owners - now answer me THIS question

The Los Angeles Dodgers

There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER for "1984" to have a great blue eye on it.

Do you suffer from liberal guilt?

Is it just me? Maybe it is but....

"Donde esta Juan?" quiere decir, "Where is Juan?"


Do you like to talk to people, or talk 'about' stuff, or both?

It's all the Lounge's fault. You MADE me ___________.

I'm getting sushi for dinner and I have no clue what to get!!!

I had a friend ask me today why I was a democrat...

Was Jane Austen a pedophile?

If I wanted to steal a kiss from you

Goddamit - I just got spammed by Working Assets.

If the suit fits, wear it.

"Must-Watch" Halloween Movies?

I just caught a hand in my fly and it set me free

Now I definitely don't like John Elway...

Any atheists out there?

Check out this guy's paintings

Happy birthday 5thGenDemocrat & NoSunNoShadow!!

OK...The Beatles WORST album

The cutest pic in the world: Tavernertoddler and Tavernertot!

It's all the Lounge's fault. You MADE me sign up for a MySpace account...

Catsters--What do you know about Torties?

Vegetarian Appreciation Thread.

Cellar Door

What's your favorite album from your favorite artist?

My coworker has huge boobs

As a kid, who was your favorite comic book character?

***A Poem for Today***

199-Foot Tall Cross To Be Built By Orange County Church

I'm sorry, it's gone on long enough, and this just needs to be said:

Concoct an insulting name pun that doesn't quite work.

L.A. vacation must-sees?

Read this article by Plaid Adder.

New Harvard Class Requirements Could Include Religion Course

There is No God (And You Know It) - Sam Harris

There is a God (Believe it)

Treatment 'to neutralise all flu'

Treatment 'to neutralise all flu'

American wins Nobel chemistry prize - his father won a Nobel in 1959

Big bang theorists scoop Nobel prize for physics

Scientists teleport two different objects

Reconciliation meeting between Halutz, gay reps

Liberals criticize Tories for hiring gay-marriage critic

Canada Preparing To Let Gay Marriage Foes Refuse Weddings

Jewish Reform Movement Tells Cons To Stop Blaming Gays For Foley Affair

Is it just me or...

Statement from Log Cabin Republicans about Foley

Is anyone else as unhappy as me about the ongoing homophobia @ DU?

Gypsy Joe Harris: Son of Philadelphia

Full Moon in Aries - Friday, October 6, 2006 - 11:13pm EDT

John Kerry on Real Time this Friday

NH Update: You guys are gonna want to kill me.

So stupid, you have to laugh (in the dKos dead letter office)

A question for the Mass gang -

Fascinating survey of Afghanistan and Iraq war vets

I can't read another word about Republican child/minor molesters!

A Yard Critter...........

*****The October Contest Topic is PATHS/PATHWAYS *****

Would like advice on a simple, inexpensive, digital camera.

The official "give Mark Foley a break thread"

The religious right Republicans responds to Foley scandal below

Recommend an Important Book Thread!

FAUX News literally fundraising for Negron on-the-air

I noticed in this morning paper that the dow closed at 11,727.34

What is it with fat, ugly, rich, powerful, white Republican men?

GOP leadership "exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy of desperation"

MSNBC Poll: Do you think Mark Foley committed a crime by writing sexually

Is Olbermann on Thin Ice? Jeff Cohen @ Huffington Post

Sweep Out Morally Corrupted Republican Congress

Help needed - who voted for Hastert as Speaker?

Would John Mark Karr

Republican Pedopologists Popping up everywhere

grimmy to the rescue, mother goose comic

George Bush on Dennis Hasert: "father, teacher, coach.''

Bush uses "Comma" remark again yesterday

repub cspan callers: 'I'm not voting", "I'm voting Democratic"

Did FOX News withhold the Foley Story?

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont faces his toughest audience yet

"I-was-drunk/ I-don't-remember/ I-don't-recall...."

Hannity gets it thrown back in his face from one of his own

NBC/WSJ poll: Bush back in 30s; Dems favored for control of Congress

I'm sorry, but this has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard...

I think that as a requirement for highschool graduation, that the

Why is his home not searched, his computer not seized? YET? This is an

Tim Mahoney (FL-16 Dem) coming up on WJ, CSPAN1

Tim Mahoney (D-FL) on C-SPAN next!

I was listening to Bill Bennett this morning and...

Bush's approval rating back in the 30s:

NYTimes Timeline on Foley - who knew what and when

So if the cybersex was because he was drunk...

What's worse? A pedophile or a murderer of innocent men, women & children?

Iraqi police unit taken out of service for "complicity" with death squads

Hastert is dumber than dirt.....

NRCC Wants Reeps to know ...

So,the Chickenhawks are Chickenhawks !!!

Are you a casualty of the class war?

Pick up and SUV sales up for Sept.--I'm not even an economics

GOP Hangs Together over Foley Scandal...

O'Reilly: Bush should not tell the truth to the American people

Ressurecting God, Guns, and Gays: KKKarl Rove

News Gnashing; Why why why did that man kill the Amish girls? Answer:

Is Wayne Madsen credible?

Attention: The Foley 'Sex Scandal" Has Been Renamed "E-Mail Scandal"

The freepers are milking the Gerry Studds incident to death


16? 16 soldiers killed in October 1st.

Falwell weighs in on Foley. Not!

Fat Hastert Pigs Out:

Limbaugh suggests pages were instructed to lure Foley with e-sex!!!

Reynolds' chief of staff denies Foley cover-up

Evening of 06 debates on CSPAN1 tonight

Freeper: "The USA has NOTHING to apologize for."

The lesson for today boys and girls: Repubs are so moral and honorable

"Mama's, don't let yer babies grow up to be pages"

Moonie Times slams Hastert and Repukes again - for (lack of) integrity!

MA Governor's race debate on CSPAN2 now

I don't buy the drunk losing inhibitions story, and here's why....

Please critique my Hastert/Foley LTTE

Renold's chief of staff lawyers up

TEXAS JEWS, BEWARE: Mel Gibson reportedly drinking again

"But if you don't take my word, take the word of Osama bin Laden" GW 10/3

Top Ten Foleygate Silver Linings for GOP ...

Meeting # 2 of Stephanie Loves Us Today ... Miller wants to be blogged


Doesn't Foley act and look like the Chimp?

Breaking: Massive suicide bomb hits

Dems sit back and watch the Republican meltdown

Did Bush Receive July 2001 Warning? Why Wouldn't He Talk to Woodward?

The Foley episode is evidence of a repuke internecine power struggle.

EVERYONE needs to buy a gun.

EVERYONE needs to buy a gun.

Matthews on Foley scandal: Republicans have "blow(n) it" on one of their

You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em...

Excuses, Excuses.

MAD for the War Between the Sexes

$20 Million "Mission Accomplished" Party to be rescheduled...

I purchased a large magic boulder after 9/11

Nancy Grace:Foley won't release name of his molester cause he's lieing.

CNN: 18 U.S. Soldiers Killed in past 96 Hours

I Think I Figured Out What Rove Had In The Bag For His October Surprise

The "Creepy' factor. Republicans are ALL creepy.

Could somebody lend me $28,800...

Another Money Shot: Brownie - Bush - Foley

Foleys' longtime Partner....Layne Nisenbaum

The freeper silence is deafening

Democrats Use Strategy of Ambiguity on Iraq

Did anyone else hear Liar Hannity say "Monica was 19"?

Could someone lend me $50,000?

Meet Mark Foley's partner

James Dobson wants you to vote your values

Alert: Ask C-Span to Cover Both Sides of E-Voting Issue

Saw Roger Waters of Pink Floyd last night-VERY ANTI BUSH!

Did Democrats Page Mark Foley? : (Rovian mind f^&k at work)

Keith is moving up the charts......look at his numbers!!!

How was KO on Letterman last night?

If Hassert, et al were so quick to demand Foley's resignation for

Hastert was protecting Congress from child sex predators. ...The pages.

Could someone lend me $2,300?

Make the RW'ers SHUT UP when they bring up Gerry Studds

Bush Strategy On Bad News From Iraq -- Kill The Messenger

If you don't want to identify Foley as a pedophile that is fine with me

Plan X has gone so well, should we release plan Y or sit on it for now?

Could someone lend me $39,000

Robert Novak reporting GOP pushed for Foley reelection AFTER emails

A gentle reminder -

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Lets take a break from the Culture of Corruption of the last 6 years....

Georgia Mom Seeks Ban on 'Evil' Harry Potter

While we are all asking -

Has this dramatic reenactment of the Foley IMs been posted yet?

OUR RIGGED ELECTIONS: The Elephant in the Polling Booth Mark C. Miller

Pending "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act" will criminalize legal activity

I don't want a loan, just an outright gift - any amount is fine!

Imagine that freepers are right about our invovlment in the Foley Flap

Bush again using 'comma' comment----like a slap in the face to dead troops

Ownership Consolidation Ripped By Speakers at FCC L.A. Hearing

Rand Beers on Democracy Now! today-catch it if you can!

Wal-Mart revises sales lower

"Prisons Failing in Oversight of Dangerous Inmates"

Actor Mark Ruffalo speaks out against the * admin/World Can't Wait

So the whole time the GOP was yelling "Monica"

"Fresh Air" on NPR TODAY; Woodward Elaborates on 'State of Denial'

Poll paints bleak election picture for Republicans

Eliza Gilkyson

ok-who saw the Jon Stewart piece about Brian Ross?

Democrats say Foley's predatory behavior mismanaged.

Talk about creeping fascism.

Why not add "Goldwater Democrats" to the Big Tent?

Foley Pales In Importance To Imminent Ongoing Attack on Iran LINK

Optional link to Stephanie Miller show?

WWJD? What would the IRS do?

Blogger pledges to 'out' boy in Foley scandal

What about Condi? Dammit!

I was robbed as a little boy, does that allow me to rob banks now?

Why are these criminals only accountable to voters? What about the law?

"Driving around waiting to get blown up"

World Can't Wait ad condemning torture appearing in NY Times 10/4

A summary of the rightwing spin on Foley

Fox News Identifies Foley As A Democrat... ALREADY POSTED


Threats to the Louisiana page now

Reynold's twisted logic

Laying off Foley was part of GOP self-preservation

Oh. My.God. Their strategy is just: LIE.

Please critique my Condi Rice LTTE (re: 9/11 perjury)


sigh - another attempted cover up of Rep. child sexual abuser

WTH? AP labels Foley a Dem too! (on edit - they fixed it.)

The Party of Personal Responsibility: It's not Foley's fault!

Rush asks: Why would a kid keep copies of his IM's ??

Just heard on MSNBC that the former page involved in the Foley scandal

Has there been any connections between Foley and Gannon?

Instant messages came from a Republican, who was 17 going on 18...

My RW fundie mother and I agree...

the media is soooooo full of sh*t.....they know all about pedophiles in

I hope the Republican Party (as it is today) pulls a Hindenburg...

Where can we donate to the Amish families who either lost their children

anyone here have any experience with Aflac insurance??

Foley's harassment of Repub kids shows a consciousness of guilt

Right-wing Christian groups use Foley to condemn homosexuality

Bush's Soft Bigotry on Terror

Countdown Transcript On Pundits Quickly Mentioning Studds, Frank, Clinton

Fox Fires Reporters for Telling the Truth About Milk


Sean Penn: 'The arrogant, the misguided, and the cowards'

Foley & Reynolds checking out a sword.. a long one

When al-Qaeda Calls: How does the government listen in?

C Crawford: Foley Gave Reynolds $500,000 (not $100,000)

‘Iraqis Look Like Iraqis And Americans Look Like Americans’

Page in foley case receiving death threats. (family values they call it)

Bush says Democrats 'softer side' puts country at risk of terror

Links to p-shops showing how Fox News would have covered historical events

LaHood (R-IL-Ahole) Sez Time To End Page Program (on LK)

Why Has No One Asked: When Was Bush Told About Foley?

Dean Responds to Latest Bush Election Year Rhetoric

"My advice to conservatives is not to think of ourselves as Republicans.."

Bob Novak says GOP knew of emails BEFORE urging him to run

If moron* uses nukes in Iran, what then?

Head of Texas state agency deployed to Iraq

Please DU this poll

please delete

LOL, CNN had a young woman who was a pager who said that Foley

Yeah, I buy that

Hastert to wrestle Foley in Wesson oil on FOX.

Electoral Vote site

DU This Vote: What Sort Of Punshiment Is Appropriate For Mark Foley?

Hurry - Olbermann on Dave Letterman tonite

BBC: Australian 'Labor tree' poisoned (Tree of Knowledge)

STRANGER DANGER...another new NBY 'toon

Republicans are racing to dump "Foley-money"

Foley and Scientology: disgraced congressman linked to CoS?

All across Merika they're saying:

Finally found out what the Palm Beach Christian Group is

Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) Seduces Eric Cartman. On YouTube.

I am watching a great episode of SVU... Anthrax, Patriot Act, Corrupt Feds

FOX NEWS & Bill O’Reilly labels Rep. Foley a Democrat (3 TIMES!) PIC***

Question Authority

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 4 Oct 06

If something happens, here's your next prez!

How many Dems have resigned in the last 6 years?

If FOX can do it, so can I

#1 recommended on yahoo just now:---I am glad to see interest in this:

2,730 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of Choice

I hate to say it but the party in charge of investigating Foleygate...

forgive me, but his whole Foley thing makes me ill . . .

Pedophile Mark Foley and Racist George Allen yucking it up

Is there a place to make a wager on the bombing of Iran.

No Unmolested Pages Left Behind Act?

The Reverends Are Seriously Miffed....

GOP Congress Passed Bill for Celebration of Success in Iraq and Afghan

The Latest attempt by the Freepers toShift Blame to Dems for Foley

Frank Rich Reviews The Bush Follies

Rice is kinda sleazy--admits pre-9/11 meeting with Tenet.

Woodward's Denial is the #2 selling book in the Nation

The internet building, Ted Stevens and Internet network layer protocol

Mark Foley kissing....

Are we sure these guys aren't the same person????

Maureen Dowd: Dr. Strangelove gets a second chance to mislead America

Is it just a matter of time before (monitoring news and speech)

Spin cycle seems busted

New Bumpersticker: "Impeach Bush: There is some shit we won't eat."

Frank Rich Reviews the Bush Follies (Interview)

PROBABLE CAUSE: There is ENOUGH evidence for an ARREST

Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA) - Says Hastert Knew

msnbc poll

Who else watched Frontline last night on the return of the Taliban?

Viguerie Calls for Hastert's Resignation!

WOW! climate conference in Germany

"The Foley Five" A very useful term.................

Bernanke says Social Security is unsustainable and

Did Foley vote Drunk?

When and if the GOP loses the congress they will blame the Foley scandal

Bernanke on C-SPAN now --says must reform soc security or raise taxes

I think Foley should be required to disclose name of his abuser.

Church plans to picket girls’ funerals

O.K. republican gay men, its O.K. to come out now!

The longer Hastert clings to power,the better for the Democrats.

ABC's Brian Ross-source was a Republican

Osama is panicked too!

Foley's Homosexuality

Dick Morris spins the Foley story...It's a Congressional Scandal

Net Deficit/Surplus by Administration

Friedman and Woodward and Matthews: Build 'em up, Knock em down

Check out his ugly fat face, I hear he was a coach? Of what? Hot Dogs

Report: Job Cuts Soar in September

In bu$h-O-Murka, it's so easy to believe. (Paranoia Strikes Deep.)

Campaigning while Soldiers Die?

washington journal time-Republicans only-should party maintain control of

Faux and friends just now

MSNBC headline: Foley may not have commited crime?

It could simply be that Foley became a creep all on his own."

How come we're now finding so many gay metaphors about Foley?

Mark Foley = Tom Foley

I wish we were as "conspiring" as they think we are.

Mark Foley = Tom Foley

Stop taunting our congressmen with cute young things now!

self delete

Congressman questions what Hastert knew (getting hot on the Hill)

Age of consent in Florida and California is 18! Foley may be prosecuted!

Foley tried to cut a deal with ABC's Brian Ross, to not publish IM's

(VIDEO) Countdown exposes Repuke talking points on Foley

Graphic showing who knew what when - Foleygate

Retail employee turns pictures over to police that he "thought" were

I am queer and I am THRILLED about the Foley fiasco!!!!

Who In Congress Will Call For Other Sex Predators To Come Clean??

Robert Greenwald film: Iraq For Sale-The War Profiteers.

Lieberman was just on "Imus In The Morning"

George Tenet fell on his sword big time for government 9/11 story.

The Costs of War: survey of Iraq/Afghan war vets

No WH Press Briefing- again. Too much bad news?

Brit Hume: Emails were innocuous

What are the Bohemians up to in Washington and...

PassionateAmericaBlog PULLED the page that outed ex-page, NEED TO FIND IT!

Ha! MSM Is going After RW Talking Points On Foley (O'Donnell)

You can give your freeper parent, friend, or relative ONE BOOK

Forgive me but, can someone link the list of republican perverts

Emails were "no big deal," but the IMs were sick. OK...

Former Page on MSNBC, Tyson Vivyan

Major Zogby House poll shows 11 out of 15 seats are Dem's

Excellent advice:

Ok DUers, need help with a GOP crime pictoral

From AllHatNoCattle : October Surprise

Katie Couric's newscast falls to third place.

c-span - gotta love it this morning.

Resign Condi

Why won't the NYTimes use the term "civil war" to talk about Iraq?


Missouri Supreme Court considers voter ID law

Geraldo beating crap outta Foley now...

Send an email to Youtube

Let's say you're walking down the street. Ho hum.

Honest question to gay male DUers:

ABC Banner: Fordham Resigns

Anybody blog on Huffington Post? Help?

Homophobia link

Terry Gross interviewing Woodward on NPR now....

Reynolds' chief Fordham, thrown to the wolves, won't be going quietly

caption this * pic...

Why is this canard still used: "No socialist country has been successful."

Playing Bush's Game: "Vote Democratic For the Safety of your CHILDREN!"

Tony Perkins (FRC-POS) Said He Heard Rumours Of Foley's Pedophile Leanings

Official (?) Randi Thread

"... they must arrest who gave them the order as a war criminal."

Alaska Supreme Court rules forced drugging is unconstitutional

"... they must arrest who gave them the order as a war criminal."

HELP! Audio clip of Limbaugh calling Dems "Cut & Run"ers needed!

How can you prove that you are not a secret freeper?

Congress Approves $20M to Celebrate Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan

How many days until Warrantless Wiretapping must halt?

Would you like to vote in this poll? regarding wasted govt. funds?

Wm. F. Buckley Jr. The predator and the pages

A man who knew too much and died.

DU Patriots John Laesch Candidate against Hastert Ed Schultz Show

These people DO want to declare PEACEFUL protests TERRORIST activities

From July 1995 Washingtonian Magazine, "How to Date a Congressman"

Detroit Judge Finds Patriot Act Provision Threatens Free Speech Rights

Playing the (Anti-gay) Pedophilia Card

Fordham blames Democrats... Riiiight. Re-read his statement

Which of these Foley enablers will likely lose in November?

Hunt for Anthrax Killer on After 5 Years

If Foleygate will keep voters at home...

Alex Cockburn on YouTube - What he would do if he were our Fearless Leader

Now the new folks being blamed for Foleygate: The voters of Florida

Has there never been a straight child molester?

how many DUers are sick of this Jesus Camp crap being advertised on the

What does this * quote even mean?

WOW Chris Matthews just went off on MSNBC

Taking meaning where it can be found... TOON

"Is he going to get away with -- is he going to pull a Cynthia McKinney on

Katherine Harris: Blame the Media and Democrats

The guy from Air America said Rove knows

How are the Freepers taking Foley?? Anyone know?

Now I definitely don't like John Elway...

LOL...look how intelligent you-know-who looks in this pic

It Takes A Village Idiot me out here...Reynolds is the chair for the NRCC...


A Scandal Rising: Religious Right's Favorite Congress Folk and "The List"

QB John Elway Now Appearing With *, Speaking At R Fundraiser

17 U.S. troops killed in last 3 days in Iraq

Tonight on PBS: BILL MOYER'S "Capitol Crimes" (Abramoff ect.)

Christian Newswire: Child molesters try to RELIVE THE PLEASURE of it all

Kindalying for beginners

PHOTO: The First Lady campaigns for TOM REYNOLDS today

Repubs "set aside 20 million dollars for a post-war victory party"

Cafferty File Questions, Oct. 4, 2006

I caught this curious statement when I accidentally clicked on Fox News...

How long have the repubs known that bush is mentally unstable?

Ha! MSNBC Now Reporting How BLOGS Reported On Foley in March '05

The FBI and Foley's "gift" to the RNCC

BREAKING: Reynolds fires chief of staff ...update..story keeps changing

Only 5000 voters on this one so far??

Senator Boxer to Introduce Bill on School Safety


Foley not drunk when voting but when IMing? It doesn't add up.

FACT CHECK: Bush Slashed Funding For School Violence Prevention

Dear Representative Foley

What is this business about some Baptist church org. protesting Amish

Kristol on FOX's Cavuto now...

2733 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

First Poll of Iraq and Afghanistan vets reveals severe shortages and

Some good news -- SD fire dept gets O2 masks for pets

PHOTO: No, Senator Macacawitz, you don't get to be Latino, too.

So whatever happened to Mark Foley's Pa?

Cafferty:What does it mean if death squads r infiltrating the Iraqi police

Oh, those corporate CEOs they knew what was going on.

"Election Predictions" needs our help.

When will Condi get her Medal of Freedom?

Reid to Bush: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Rep. Don Sherwood (R) makes apology in TV ad (for cheating on his wife)

Humph...Tucker showing the Faux screenshots of Foley with the 'D'

Will FOX now identify Speaker of the 'Republican' House Hastert

Conservative icon Viguerie calls on House Republican leaders to resign

IDing Foley as "D" proves the GOP and its enablers are SCARED SHITLESS!!!

DOJ orders all records 'preserved' (Foley)

MSNBC: They just brought up Fox News showing Foley as a Democrat.

Google Bomb for Lieberman

CNN: Investigation is on the verge of going criminal...

BushCabal offers solution to school shootings.

Texas PUC going after electricity provider for price gouging

John Laesch will be on Hardball hitting Hastert

The only thing torture prevents is people questioning their government.

Some of the tactics the RW'ers use to KILL people

Bush: I want you to understand I would never question a persons patriotism

Interesting moral dilemma re: Foley and pedophilia

Study Finds Lack of Balance, Diversity at PBS NewsHour

Fordham intervened to help his "friend's" family (to stop ABC)

Where are these old time Republicans?

Aide told Hastert's Office about Foley's conduct 2 years ago

Has anyone notice how Victoria Clarke is acting like Rumsfeld...

An ironic link re: Foley

Got a PM with a lot of tinyurl links and no explanation? Don't open them.

Relax, Dennis

Tom Delay is coming to the rescue of Hastert , et al....

Lawmaker ‘forgets’ to disclose free trip to Israel

Weyrich(?) on NPR "Gays are preoccupied with sex"...

Appeals Court OK's bush spy program ..

PHOTO: Anybody remember the television shots when Watergate broke?

Carville gives Hastert a week, Bay Buchanan gives him a day....

Had enough?

Clerk asked to look into report of Foley incident at page's dorm

Oops. Time To Rename The "Predator Drone" The "Freedom Drone?"

Look at the look on his face!

Now it makes sense: "when they stand up, we'll stand down"

Neocon Test Case for Academic Purges

Why is the market going through the roof when

One third of the planet will be desert by the year 2100

"Wild Bill" Kerr (outed molested page), #1 interest? "WRITTING"!!!!

Halliburton's Cut and Run from Iraq Unit, KBR

The repubs own OBSESSIONS are now biting them in the ASS!

Newest bombshell: Aide Says He Reported Foley 2 Years Ago

My advice to the Dems

Latest polls from Election Predictions.

"How often does that happen?"

CNN: Hastert Will Be Gone. Carville - "In A Week"; Bay - "In A Day"

Tucker get a grip!! Saying Dems should not be self-righteous about

Candidates Unload Money From Foley

Watching it all unravel is simply great political theater....

DU this poll

"Will Dana Rohrabacher please stand and approach the bench?"

Last spring my natural gas supplier wanted me to lock in the current rate

Is It Possible to be TOO political?

Blogger who outed boy in Foley scandal screwed up big time, pulled post...

A response to some cons who say teachers have it too easy

Cartoons on Foley from around the nation (DailyKos)

Can it be true?! Things are completely unravelling for them....

Woodward: facing karma having to try to cut through the Foley fog?

They kept a predator in power to avoid a scandal during the 2004 election.

Toon by Bill Mitchell (CNN)

Hastert resignation: RePUKES are now damned if he does AND if he doesn't

A toast to DU

The Rest Of the World Admires Us - because

I propose a dirty old man act. American Child Protection Act of 2007

ON BOARDER SECURITY, are the neo-cons asking, "What Took You So Long?"

CNN: Bay Buchanan: "Hastert has to go," Carville: "He's toast."

gas prices and the strategic oil reserve

Is it silly to ask: What did Rove know and when did he know it?

AmericaBlog:Sean Hannity is mad at me

Court says eavesdropping program can continue.....

I wonder how we're looking on the international stage.

Is Air America Off The Air in Washington DC?

Leading Dems need to take an active role shaping the discussion on Foley,

Cafferty question @5, my response

Richard Viguerie calls on House Republican leadership to resign!

It's a picture from life's other side, a picture the spin can't ever hide

Go RANDI! Pedophilia is not an act of sex!

2 More UNDERAGE Pages Say Foley Had Sexual Online Chats With Them

Keeping his eye on the ball

Meanwhile in Iraq...23,416 US Casualties..21 GIs killed since Saturday

I'm confused. You don't actually stick a fork in toast, do you?

Bad "phone sex operator", but a fine reporter - thanks, Brian Ross! n/t

Toxic Republicans shun.....toxic Republicans

Where is David Drier Hiding? He's Up for Re-Election and Can't Be Found.

Activist Ousted From Vanderbilt Is Back, as a Teacher

So we went to eat lunch yesterday

So do I watch ABC tonite for the MSM news...

House Approves Children's Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act

Will Tom Delay be smiling during his next mugshot.......

Looks like the Repubs would rather see Hastert go than Reynolds.

LOL! The Bad Reporter is REALLY bad this week! (Keyboard alert!)

Just heard a local RW'er lamenting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker

Did anyone catch Stephanie Miller praising DU this morning?

Wiretapping gets frozen for a while

Can I get a little DU help?

Freeptards! You better learn how to spell 'subpoena'.

Foley touts support for DOMA and opposition to gay adoption (2003)

I bet little georgey has a very short temper in private lately

AT&T To Cut Hundreds Of U.S. Tech Jobs, Sources Say

More RePERVlican Culture of Corruption: Foley Drunk at Page's Dorm! - rec

What was Bush Focussed on during the week of 7/10/01? Glad you asked:

Tweety: "This story has more legs than a centipede"

Dear Military: Obey the Nuremberg Principles.

Mandatory cameras in bars to record people? What a crazy world...

We have to keep the focus on bush...

Republican logic about homosexuality.

Who takes Hastert's place should he resign? n/t

Macaca, macaca, macaca!! (Just don't want Foley stealing all the thunder)

Ok, DUers. . .ante up! Shimkus opponent fundraising on the rise. . .

Iraq Explodes. America Implodes.


Bushitler's tail feathers drooping in Scottsdale, could hardly

Dont we want Murtha as Speaker of the House?

Rude Thoughts: Democrats Are Played, Again and Again and...

21 dead US troops/4 days-NBC evening news-Big segment

Concise Foley Info


Radical Fringe toon Wednesday 10/4 -- bus ride?

Foley Hastert Bush Cheney Rove

Whoa!!! ABC Evening News slamming Hastert...

Are the democracts watching this election??

DC Republicans have gone off the rails - Rep. Slaughter

Dems Play Scandal JUST RIGHT: Let Repubs EAT THEIR OWN

CNN: Bill Maher on

Boycott Citgo, our "Patriotic Duty" ROFLMAO

Candy Crowley: MANY on Capitol Hill have ADMITTED to gay LIFESTYLE

Will Democrats pick up enough seats in Congress to override a veto?

Buchanan linked DC age of consent to gay rights movement

My advice to the Dems

4 more soldiers killed today.When will it end?

Why have they not seized Foley's computers??? What kind of FBI

(VIDEO) New Lamont ad: Daycare


Tornado Warning for Columbus OH.

Roy Blunt Takes Foley Quotes of his Web-site!

They're droppin' like flies, singin' like birds, jumpin' ship like rats -

"GOP is full damage control"----lead story on NBC evening news.

Legal Issues in the Mark Foley Investigation

Republicans apparently no longer think about

I Feel Like America Is Gone

Rice Hints At Possible War With Iran?

Caption * & Both Ways Bob

NRCC News Update

HA! I just saw this "issue" refered to as "masturgate"

Do boycotts actually work?

One photo the pretty much sums of the last 5 years of Repug leadership:

Bin Laden met with Rice in '01 to warn of attack (Bad Reporter)

Cafferty: "Refer to the Speaker as 'toast' in 'he's toast'."

Leslie Blitzer to report on Saudi oil glut in '04 to benfit *

Lehrer to do segments on Us troop deaths, Pages, Woodward now PBS

The Foley Four: Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds, Shimkus...

Everybody's talkin' 'bout

Rack-em, Stack-em. More House races to Dem column

is NOW 21 - calm down

Where Is Fallwell,Robertson and Dobson....

Democrats Will Be Tougher On Terrorism Than Republicans...& Smarter!

Hastert Clears Up Misunderstanding & New Foley Campaign posters:

Thom Hartman:"Foley a distraction vs. Walt Starr:"Pound Foley like Monica"

Bush: "Vote Republican for the safety of the United States."

Don't forget to watch (or record) Moyers tonight!

Al Qaeda Letter Says Prolonging The Iraq War ‘Is In Our Interest’

Rim Job the freeper leader gets it wrong again. Typical

T.Vivyan says someone has been THREATENED ...

Can anyone get through to B*sh? (serious question)

Should the next Democratic President be a Unitary Executive?

Tweety: this story has more legs than a centipede

Thank Goodness....Blitzer finally reveals he's Gay with Bill Mahr tonight.

Hope this is not a repeat, but now the AP is calling Foley a Democrat

Ed Rollins (GOP Strategist): "I Hope the Dems take over congress.

CNN Foley timeline: A GOP election year coverup (2004!)

Good grief. People in Tulsa are opening up freon valves on

Despite the torture, Gitmo detainees are growing fat.

First they came for the Muslims

Will the gop make something happen to distract away from Foley?

FBI will scare Foley w/hard time, get him to rat out bigger Repub. crooks

Anyone know about Hastert cancelling interviews tonight?

And even more fodder to bury the repubs with...

Winger Pundits trying to turn "Monica the Intern" into a teen

Does the DLC support Dem candidates in 2006?

Help me compose an e-mail to PABBIS regarding the Bible...

hASStert no show on WGN radio, Chicago.


Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002

21 GI`S killed this month so far. Time to get the war front & center.

WTF: Gonzo: “Freedom is guaranteed only with vigilance,”

Jesus Camp, Veggie Tales, and Legislative action promoting Christianity

"homosexual men are more likely to abuse children than straight men"

Anyone having trouble getting on DU? nt

Republicans Now Calling Foley a Closeted Liberal

CNNs Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The difference between a Pedophile and Pederast

Tonight: Bill Moyers 9:PM Capitol Crimes on PBS, this will be good. n/t

POLLS, POLLS POLLS POLLS: Showing Dems winning 11 SPECIFIC house seats!

It's so great

Woodward Asks Wolfie To "Get Real" About Bush Manipulation

Heads Up....PBS tonight....Moyers on America....Capital Crimes..Abramoff

Oh. My. God. Repuke pedophilia apologists on Brian Ross blog

Careful: Another Rove Trick ?? church cancel plans to protest Amish funerals!!!

VIDEO: Page Tyson Vivyan on MSNBC

"The teachers unions are corrupt./Don't care about black children"

Another poll to DU! "Should Hastert Resign?"

AP dubs Foley (D-Fl)

Why Did Ashcroft CHARTER Plane After Recieving July 2001 alQueda Warning?

Actress Frances Bergen (mother of Candice Bergen)dies in Los Angeles at 84

Col. (diplomat) ANN WRIGHT is speaking at the WorldCan't Wait rally

Toon: "We didn't stop him..."

Place bets: How long until a Foley South Park episode?

New term: "touchy-foley"

Professors and scholars of Iraq are being targeted and assassinated

OK DU armchair activists.. get of your ass and show your face!

Pic of Toast Hastert!

William Rivers Pitt | The Tipping Point

Ann Coulter

The Official Mark Foley Jokes Post

First Fox and now AP: Foley listed as (D)

Chairman DEAN needs to RELEASE $$$ NOW. Saving for 2008 is dumb.

What Did the President Know and When Did He Know It?

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC: We're not talking about a heinous crime

Urban schools improving security

Very good advice from a former DUer:

Hastert resigns....

Pope: All aborted babies are sent straight to heaven by their mother

The Amish Schoolhouse Massacre and what it shows us about Christianity.

The Trifecta of Incompetence (pic)

Colbert Report Video at YouTube of tonight's Word! (It's a Fun surprise!)

NOW AP REPORTS FOLEY AS A DEM! And Trouble Begins in Ohio's Early Voting!

FCC Opens Media Ownership Hearings

Anyone else hear Paul Weyreich on NPR this pm?

Wanna Win Elections? Support The Secretary of State Project!

Revenge for Bill Clinton, at last

I bet Former Speaker of the House "Tom Foley" (D) is pissed

The Arrogant, the Misguided and the Cowards...By Sean Penn

"Is Olbermann on Thin Ice?"

World Can't Wait/Drime out the Bush Regime NY Times ad tody looks GREAT!


Pic of Michael Brown, George Bush & Mark Foley

If the US uses nukes against Iran,

Time Magazine Reported Tenet/Rice July Meeting on Aug 4, 2002 !!!

On CBS, Columbine Dad Blames Violence on Secularism (Feedback)

The Amish are the truest example of the Chrisitianity of Jesus Christ

Jeb Bush - Charlie Crist - Mark Foley Connection?

DU this poll-Which party is more corrupt?

'Ban Harry Potter or face more school shootings'

PHOTO: Hastert & Foley, hand in hand

David Corn: "The List" (of Gay GOP Aides on the Hill)

GOP Coalition is unraveling like the Democratic Coalition did before

Request: Please keep Condi Rice/9-11 commissioners' lie threads kicked.

Was Foley A Honey-pot for Rove?

None of This Is Happening By Coincidence.

BREAKING: Foley turned away DRUNK from PAGES' DORM!!

The Coming Dissolution of the Current American Political System

WalMart Strides Into Election Fray (urging workers to vote against Dems)

Amish want to help family of the man that killed their children

Bwahahahaha - Michelle Malkin banned from You Tube

Fordham's Full Statement to the AP-Intends To Fully Cooperate &Name Names

HASTERT: BRIBES from TURKEY? Any updates on this story?

Thinking (or wishing) that Bush will use common sense and not attack Iran-

The Consequences of U.S. Torture Policy to the Iraqi Insurgency

I think this is one of the smartest comments I've read in awhile.

decline in President Bush's job approval rating to 39% from 42%

I put it on YouTube, and CNN just played this video...

Ford is going to win the Senate race in Tennessee!

Are any Dems and/or DU'ers still boycotting ABC...?

Condi's Choice : A True History that Ended in Tragedy at the WTC 9/11

Liberal Church Sued by IRS...the latest


Things are getting really bad for the Republicans aren't they?

Court temporarily OKs domestic spying -- "The BA applauded the decision."

Mike Malloy Update

Westboro Baptist to picket Amish girls funerals: Rendell mocked us

Foley.... there's GOT to be more

Can Democracy coexist with scanners counting votes? (LTTE published!)

Counterpunch: If Foley is guilty, it's of breaking a law he helped write

TOXIC Product - Chinese made using Condoms....

Is this why Ashcroft quit flying....

Time Warner Gives Bush-Bashing Comic (Paul Mooney) the Hook

Curious GWB

BREAKING AP: Hastert was warned about Foley TWO YEARS AGO

MSNBC "Must Be Thrilled" By Countdown - Boffo Ratings

Anyone see Frontline last nite? Return of the Taliban.


Olbermann Fantastic Ratings Monday - Within 56K of O' Reilly!!!!!

"Rice's Teflon-celebrity status threatened by 'State of Denial' "

Man arrested for talking to Cheney, countersues

Ladies: Is Hastert a Hunk?

Mark Foley Wants You To Know That He Is A Gay Man

For those who've read all news on Amish Schoolhouse Shooting....

Foley Investigation Grows, As Former Pages Step Forward

Protests, insults hurled at William Kristol during 9/11 speech

Just asking. Is it possible...

How can the Amish forgive so easily?

Fun PsyOps Experiment at Hastert's expense

ABC: sources say GOP Staffer Fordham being used scapegoat by Hastert


Human Beings owe their very existence to Democrats..Interesting.

FREEPER FOUNDER LOSES IT: Jim Robinson lets it all out against the gays

Just wonderin' if Foley uses a cellphone containing a camera

Why are so many DUers holding up the Amish as "good Christians"?

The Greatest Cover-Up

"The facts on 'femicide'" - from the Guardian

Condoleezza lies exposed!

Once-Mighty New York Republicans May Face an Election-Day Rout

Coulter says this will be a "bad year for GOP" and doesn't rule out

Scandal May Alienate GOP Blocs

The theocracy movement in Ohio

In the Polls

The Religious RightWingNuts are in a terrible bind....


Mary Cheney

Green Party-Republican Party Got Married in Pennsylvania, but....

US House balance of power interactive map and polling(D219, R 214, Tied 2)

President Pelosi?

Who Were The Members On The House Page Board

What to Do With Foley’s $2.8 Million

So Foley was drunk while voting in Congress? Two stories

Most Americans Believe Bush Deceived Public on Iraq

Foley fallout: What was DeLay's role?

there are 2 new joe mccarthy words

Falwell: Shunning Citgo

AP: FBI's Foley case eyes legal 'gray area'

don't repukes have any gay relatives, gay friends?

Is there any proof Gonzales and Ashcroft blocked the FBI

Is this today's GOP talking point?

Please check out this AMA link and sign ...

Rep.Rodney Alexander (R-LA) needs some mention in this Foley matter

SOme of you good people crack me up. "A TRAP?!?!"

Attempt by freep-hole "Paul" to defend Chimperor goes horribly wrong...

When and why did limbaugh go into therapy?

The white noise of GOP scandals

Steph Trashing limbaugh this morning

Will Hastert praise Foley for his exceptional one-handed typing abilities?

How does this same idiot from Texas always get on C-span?

Dobbs: Are you a casualty of the class war?

Can anyone remember how polling looked in '94?

Dewine (R-OH) Missed Nearly Half Senate Intel Committee Hearings

The right's anti-gay army

When the Dow reaches 14375, call me.....

New ABC docudrama: The Path to Pagegate

don't forget the pretzels at that party ...

It's official: PA Green Party hopeful is out of race

The Foley effect.

"An Inconvenient Truth" showing in Colorado Springs

Sen. Macacawitz's 2 minute TV ad (if you care)

Democrats assail Frist's Afghan comments

Australian PM says had to plead with Bush for Iraq intelligence

Breaking News - U.S. soldiers being killed everyday in Iraq

Great cartoon in the Springfield Journal Register (Illinois)

Tony Blankley weighs in: Republican Integrity (goes after Hastert)

U.S. citizen abroad? Visit

Photo: Junior's bestest buddy ever, former wrestling coach Denny Hastert

C&L: How many of "Barney's male prostitutes" are in the W.H. Press Corps?

NFIB endorses Blackwell and Dewine in Ohio

***Caption This Foley (praying) Photo***

U.S. DOD lists all military deaths after May 1, 2003 - Post Combat

What is foley's name on free republic?

Was heterosexuality a main reason for recent school shootings?

Let's vote Dennis Hastert out of office!

Hey, Karl. See all those October stories on Mark Foley?

Rasmussen Report: Bush Strongly Disapprove 44% (new high?)

Okay Markey stop trolling for male pages! Be a good boy.

That only took one day- Allen will continue TV ads attacking Webb


Karl Rove is not God. Karl Rove is not omnipotent.

republican sex scandals

Bush's Soft Bigotry on Terror

Novak says Foley was "talked...into running" this year by NRCC!

Bush Strategy On Bad News From Iraq -- Kill The Messenger

DeWine is toast. Say Hello to Senator Brown.

Video: Fox News Insists Foley a Democrat

The current (Republick) political calculus

No Warrants Issued For Foley????? has a "stop child predators" ad on it!!!!

Cong Reynolds (R-NY) top aide resigns ......

IF the DEMS can capture the House, it represents a remarkable return

Wes Clark answers question on terror (Video)

Your government . . .

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land - VIDEO must see!

I'm wondering if ROVE outed Foley

Ohio's own, John Boehner (pronoucned Bonner)...

Daddy's "study group" on Iraq?

Matthew Yglesias: Stopping the October Surprise

What You're not hearing about State of Denial

Are they related?

*New Polls*: Brown by 8 in OH (49/41); McCaskill by 1 in MO (47/46)

How the Republicans in the House see the Foley Scandal

Mark Foley can be described as a member of three groups

"Getting the House in Order" / Repugs have History of Speaker's Going Down

TON on one of the NPR stations in my area giving air time to

"What's the Republic Plan?" "What can Republicks do to ... ?"

Caption gaunt-looking * today - photos:

Katherine Harris: Blame the Media and Democrats for Foley case

How Interest Groups Rate the Senators: (liberal - conservative)

A useable campaign slogan for the next few weeks?

Another reason to vote Democrat (Joe Scarborough)

CNN Breaking. Fordham alerted leader of Reps 2 years ago

My head hurts.

Holy F*ck-if bush could run for a 3rd term,I'd vote for him?!>on cspan

A Thousand Words: Brown, Bush, Foley

Border Fence? $1.2 billion. Bush pandering to his base? PRICELESS.

This is beyond cruel. Amish protests.

So is Foley why Republicans howled when W'm Jefferson's office was raided?

Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ11 "R" video. Rodney, dogs don't vote

Patty Weterling's new ad - Focused on Foley and Culture of coruption.

Fox Breaking: Ex-Foley Aide Warned Hastert 2 Years Before Scandal Broke

CO-5: District No Longer "Safe" for GOP

Give to ActBlue Dems - Win a Float Trip with Gov Schweitzer & Jag

World Can't Wait: Statement by Sean Penn:

Will the republican implosion continue gaining momentum til the election?

Shimkus to Durbin - Keep Your Nose Out of House Business

Vote in AOL poll on Ms. Abortion Petition

Maher coming up on CNN's Situation Room

Bob Woodward on Wolfie talking Foley Now

Now That You Could be Labeled an Enemy Combatant...

Political cartoon opportunity...

A Pre-Jabba-the-Hastert Resignation Photo Extravaganza!

Soon on Fox "News" - Dennis Hastert (D) IL resigns in perversion scandal

Blogger pledges to 'out' boy in Foley scandal

Ya gotta love hoisted petards .......

Political journalism 101

Hastert's "resignation"

It is time to move Foley to Page 2

Not just to mock the GOP....

CBS: Bob Schieffer about Foley on the "Free Speech" segment.

According to Drudge Page has been identified he's now 21

Sherrod Brown's response regarding Military Commission Act HR 6166:

Carville and Bay Buchanan on the same page on CNN!

Foley vs. Studds: Just the facts, please

I like this John Laesch running agaist Dennis(I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING) Haste

AP: Clinton Rival Calls Her 'Serious Threat' (to America's future)

Now is the time to attack on all fronts!

When you guys say Hastert is done, finished. . .

Hastert: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Comic Paul Mooney: Fired by Time Warner for angering brass w/ Bush jokes?

We have lost 19 soliders in Iraq this month. What day of the month is it?

DU I am asking you to write call Hastert to Debate John Laesch

How long until this Cat 1 Shitstorm grows to a Cat 5?

Dumping Denny Won't Do It

Inadequate equipment, health problems face Iraq, Afghanistan veterans:

John Laesch, Hastert's challenger, on Tweety!

$20 million to celebrate victory in Iraq?? anyone have a link

Ohio Gubernatorial Debate at 7:00pm ET on C-Span

NATO's top commander: Iraq a debacle; criticizes Rumsfeld

Absentee ballots, wonder how the soldiers in Iraq vote

While some teevee yakkers 'debate' their guests, Tucker thinks its best to

Woody Anderson keeps firing at silent John Boozman on the Foley scandal.

Tweety: This story has more LEGS than a centipede

need help here--one of my little trolls, pissed because I DARED

"Tracker Torture" - a moment in the life of the new Webb Campaign Tracker

8 G.I.’s Die in Baghdad, Most in a Day Since ’05

Jeb Bush refutes rumors that he and Charlie Crist knew of Foley a year ago

John Yoo

Has everyone read Conservatives without Conscience?

Gov Schweitzer Puts Fork In Self

I double dog dare you ......

limbaugh will have to rent a bigger Jet this Friday

DUer's need help: Which House races do you wish got more attention...

Bush urges YOU to "Vote Republican for the safety of the U.S.A."

i am a gay man and i do not accept mark foley

Party fundraising as of Oct. 2, 2006...looks like Dems making headway..

Bill Maher is on the CNN with Breaking News Blizter and Ware interview

John Yoo: Habeas Corpus COSTS TOO MUCH MONEY

... and the grave-stone says, "HERE LIES JUSTICE."

Video: Hastert responds to Washington Times editorial to resign

Ex-Pages Brought Explicit Messages to Light

MEME: "What ELSE are the Republicans covering up? Iraq? 9/11?"

The Rude Pundit strikes again - sums up my feelings in latest post:

When is Joe Lieberman gonna denounce Foley, Hastert

Huge, Huge spike for DEM control on Iowa market

Pages warned in 1995 to steer clear of Foley.

DU and nickshepDEM make the morning news - Baltimore Sun. poll: inadequate equipment, health problems face Vets

The Iraq Unraveling (video, and Colin Powell turns on Bush policy)

Time Once Again to Salute Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy

Colbert Report Video at YouTube of tonight's Word! (It's a Fun surprise!)

Video: "R" Frelinghuysen NJ11 who served in Nam, doesnt vote like a Vet.

Tampa-Hillsborough Tollway Authority under FBI/DOT investigation(Jeb ties)