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An Elephant Crackup? (Social breakdown, violence, and PTSD in non-humans)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 263

for reference--'Debunking Church-State Separation Myths and Legends'

Blind Into Baghdad (Whoopee Cushions & Desparate Housewives WH)

Religion or Reality. Choose

Of Faux Democracy, Petty Tyrants, and Painful Realities

Earth's ecological debt crisis: mankind's 'borrowing' from nature

Deviant Democracy: Foley Helped Steal Florida – Election Reform News 10/0

NYT: U.S. and Iraqi Troops Clash With Cleric’s Militia (more details)

Several hundred Iraqi police poisoned

Swift Passed Over for Promotion

Somali Islamists Warn of Regional War

Breaking - N Korea Conducts First Nuclear Test

Report: North Korea conducts nuke test

AP: South Dakota Nears Vote On Abortion Ban

BBC: Poll gain for Belgium's far right

LAT:U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban(toxic dumping ground)

‘Laureates’ ask US to try anti-Castro rebel

WP: Kolbe Saw Foley's Messages In 2000 (R-AZ)

Hundreds of Iraqi Police poisoned.

’05 Meeting Could Clarify G.O.P. Role in Foley Case

NYT: Evangelicals Blame Foley, Not the G.O.P.

IT data 'theft' in Gurgaon leaves cops at wits' end (India)

Kim: U.S. Should Talk Directly to N. Korea

NYT: Baker Sees Iraq Panel Departing From Bush Strategy

NORTH KOREA Has Conducted A Nuke Test. - MSNBC Breaking News

U.S. Asks Korea to Halt Arms Sales to Venezuela

Homework2 Writing my Obituary....HELP!!

Anybody been hiking in Death Valley?

I'm so white and empty

I'm bummed cuz my post got pulled from GD

I am the woman you want with you when you want to play the Slots

It... is Done.

Concierge: "I'm sorry Mr. Blue-Jay, we're out of non-smoking rooms."

'The guy grabbed his bong, so I hit him over the head with...

Dog Police. Nobody Knows Who You AAAAAARE!

Bush and the Winds

Hear me, see me, touch me, feel me.

Hey I am a South Park Character!

Favorite movie dad?

Why do they post the height of an overpass on a big sign on the side?

Coolest concert moment

Guess who wrote this??

Dark wine...

What a nut

Two wines

It's official - Bush can't be the Antichrist

Gosh, I love the Beatles so much.

Okay. What is that green thing...

Do you look like your Dog? These people look like their Dog.

My li'l guy reads like a champ

Chemistry repeat performance?

I'm going to listen to Nickleback while eating at Olive Garden....

So... this tuesday I am heading to Las Vegas

I think my niece cancelled her MySpace account because of me.

I've become a Lexis-Nexis points whore.

*RANDOM* Photo Thread...

Which actor do you prefer?

I just felt like sharing this...

WTF? Is hating people for wearing ties some kind of leftist counterpart..


I'm scared...I mean, REALLY scared.

To an unnamed person:

Women of DU: Help Me Understand!

I am so fucking frustrated!

Oh, I love ice cream!

The most annoying person of the day is

The RetroLounge Picture Thread - Birthday Party Edition

Song Lyrics For Old Timers

Another oil painting, finished about 3 months ago.

How many animals were on your bed last night?

Favorite TV dad?

Spotting in a twin pregnancy is normal, or so I'm told.

Tigers vs. Cardinals

what are the most beautiful songs you know?

I just felt like sharing this...

This is the strangest flu I've ever had...

I'm running my first 10K race tomorrow

Ben Worthlessburger....

Official YANKEES LOSE!!! Celebration thread!

"The guy grabbed my boobs, so I hit him over the head with his bong...

Best gourmet vegetarian entree?

Man, I can't believe that the Eagles let Terrell Owens go

So I was at the beach and some kid had his favorite toy washed away by...

Minor debate with my wife: Are Unitarians/Universalists Christian?

The Last Days of Matthew Shepard

Wonder how many times Sen Kerry advised diplomacy

My Vermont trip was kind of a bust, so I'm going to Malta instead

Taliban slogan: "Sex and drugs but no rock-and-roll"

What would Wellstone have done? He would have FOUGHT.

With all of the republican pedophile cover-up stuff....

FEMA: "Windy Biggie is our friend... She's knocking things to the ground."

Will the Timothy McVeigh crowd return in 2008 if a Democrat wins?

Bush says: "Change the course!"

Check out the freeps from Oct 2000....eating some crow now eh?

Congressional Quarterly Says GOP In Danger Of Losing BOTH HOUSES

Back at the "Mall" this weekend....and What's for Sale?

Does the Patriot Act regulate guns?

What is this Article Trying to say about Hastert Staffer Scott Palmer?

Virginia Senator Did Not Disclose Stock Options-You Cheat Sen. Allen

Tony Snow sells "siding"??

Breaking: FNC is showing the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.

AP: "Moms and GOP - No Longer Happy Together"

Daylong CNN GOP Campaign Ad?

MTP replay now on MsnbC n/t

Matt PUDGE sucks again!!!!1 n/t1

Baker Sees Iraq Panel Departing From Bush Strategy

Detainee Lawyer Must Leave Navy

A Commentary on the Mark Foley Scandal

My response to a crappy e-mail about Muslims sent to me by my mom

I work for a hospital corporation

OMG! Did anyone else see a "Double Entendre" in the Hind of Elephant

Hmm...NK just detonated a nuclear bomb, yet Foxnews says nothing.

The bastard defended the Constitution. Off with his head!

BREAKING. North Korea did anything-are you terrified yet - again?

Nuke test proves that punishing countries by not talking to them...

Tigers beat the Yanks!! 8-3! You can't buy a World Series, you

Nothing on KCNA Tokyo

Anyone who in any way believes GWB was behind the North Korean test...

North Korea conducts nuke test

AOL Poll : Does the religion of the candidate mater

I'm sorry NK, you don't get to change the world. Didn't you hear?

"Hundreds of Iraqi Police Poisoned"

Flight 93 on The History Channel now--History being altered

S. Dakota in urgent need of wire coat hangers.

Bush Administration Oct 4,2006: US will not live with a nuclear N. Korea

Dangerous new "disease" discovered....

Man arrested for speaking to Cheney at a shopping Mall.(land of the free?)

GOP = Greedy Old Perverts

Just finished watching V for Vendetta -- ***Spoiler***

FAUX analyst already blaming Clinton for NK Nuke

When a 'tax relief', meaning increasing taxes, how to respond? nt

CNN analyst James Marks: NK is "emboldened" and sees this as...

Wonder if shoot 'em in the face Dick is in his hidey hole bunker?

How will the MSM turn N Korea Nuke Test into a victory for Bush

Emily's gift: I love U guys.

Fire Fucking Condi!

3.58 tremor detected in N.Korea detected by S. Korea...

USGS confirms nuclear test...

So will Bush try to change the narrative by bombing Iran pre election?

Why are repukes so reluctant to government run health care?

Nuke may just be a figment of little Kimmie's imagination or

Joe Cinciceone from the Center for American Progress is

Here's how the GOP will spin this

Bleeding from the ears and nose after food poisoning

It scares the shit out of me to think Bush has his finger on the "Button"

Asian Stocks Fall After North Korea Nuclear Test

Just saw "The Island"

Elise Labott: U.S. State Dept "CNN Producer"...,bitch!

UK Telegraph: Was murder of Russian journalist Putin's birthday present?

Again, is it my 'puter or DU that's been dragging for days now?

Kos: God's Test (highly recommended)

WP editorial: White House stonewalling and the Abramoff scandal

Love this statue of William Douglas

So we bomb Iraq because of WMD, but we let NK explode a bomb?

USGS automated site now showing a small quake in NK | Prelim. yield est.

Does anyone have absolute proof No. Korea did anything except

Suspect in terror hunt used veil to evade arrest

Montgomery Marine Latest Casualty in Iraq

You know who I really don't like?

CNN's Zain Verjee just said that when Bush

A nuclear crisis is an amazing aphrodisiac.

I'm Frighten about this Korean Nuke Test

what if it was just 50 thousand pounds of TNT?

The right are already blaming Clinton (N Korea Nuke test)

Hompsexualtiy and Pedophillia comparision is BUNK!


Is FoxNews real? Check out their report on NK's nuke test....

Why I can't Sleep Returning Troops fight for VA Benefits

The bad guys really fear Bush dont they?

BREAKING: USGS official on CNN confirming earthquake.

Another GOP Scandal - CA 52nd - Duncan Hunter Caught In Land Scam

What's with all the hand-wringing over the N Korea nuke test?

Conservatives, Racism, and Jesus

O.K. how long till marshall law?

Check out Santorum on MSNBC's site....

Bob Woodward: Cheney Cursed And Hung Up On Me After Book Was Published...

Bush: Let's change course....LOL

Fareed Zakaria calls it quits on Iraq.

Toons for Sunday

Breaking: Nuke Test Makes GD A DeFoleyarized Zone

With cheap gas, Venezuelans buy big SUVs

More immigration problems from south of the border


Kolbe confirms that the GOP knew about Foley since 2000

Where do you stand on the "religion" scale?

A short cartoon starring Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman)

THE one GREAT, concise LTTE - complete list of the Rs failure at governing

What Has Bush Done...

Tom Tomorrow: "Are The Democrats Going To Survive This Scandal?"

article: Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots

John Lennon would have been 66 today.

Did Bush pay N. Korea to do the test this weekend?

Guess what george? You HAVE to stay two more years.

Pharmacies and privacy - I'm pissed!

Gasoline Price Manipulation? Looks like some proof here

Did anyone see Jim Webb's anti-war ad?? WOW!

The Hastert plot thickens - who is Scott Palmer?

OK, let's assume NK blew a nuke...I say so what?

Full Statement of Columbia Students Who Occupied the Stage


*** TOONS: More Foley, if you can stand it! ***

They sure did a good job of keeping katrina off the TV *graphic*

Nearly 300 U.S. troops wounded in Iraq during first week of October

Some quotes from Sunday talk shows on Foley scandal

Aburdist GOP Ad: Dem House Candidate Promises to Vote to Raise Her Salary

For the past five years, Allen failed to tell Congress about stock options

Baltimore, Maryland desperate for Republic Party poll workers

Despite requirement being struck down, Georgia voters told to have ID

The Genius of John Nichols

Don't forget, over 60% think their own CongressCritter is just fine

And once again Bush shows he is incompetent. His foreign policy has failed

Question.... Who has killed more Iraqi's... Bush...

Bush nullifies law requiring FEMA head to be qualified

Head up on Judy Biggert on the Ethics Committee

Miserable Failure

Now N. Korea has a nuke

Here it comes now Rove spin

As some focus on impotence of N. Korean NUKE, Rice finds it "provocative"

John Bolton and the blivet and North Korea.

Cirincione of Center of American Progress on CNN about Korea

Today episode of "Inside Washington", the jouralists have turned.

WP,pg1: Democrats in Upper South run to win on bios, personal style...

Per MSNBC, there's nothing to be done EXCEPT diplomacy. How

This is why I know the Repubs covered up the Foley Scandal

So, how will North Korea play out in the elections?

I dunno..but Woodward not looking good in Larry King Interview/Repeat

Rahm was impressive on ABC's This Week

An odd Diebold fear

October Surprise. How Convenient

Low gas prices are a campaign contribution.

I'm an impeachment hawk. I also *still* like Nancy Pelosi.


"Dems condemn North Korea's nuclear test. Cite Bush failure of diplomacy"

Democrats gain at least 20 in House, 6 in Senate

What if you could volunteer from the comfort of your home?

How would Jesus vote?


TPM on North Korea's bomb: "a strategic failure of the first order"

Nat Hentoff : Habeas Corpus Sellout

Jeb Bush -- Just Another Closeted Conservative

Blame game corners Republican leaders

Iraq: A hot war without a cold war audience.

illegal immigrants in UK --- 'system riven with failure or hypocrisy'

Christian Right's Truth Problem

North Korea's Nuclear Test and Bush's FUBAR Foreign Policy

Who Killed Michael Moore?

House page scandal puts Hastert's foe in spotlight Chicago Tribune

Earth's ecological debt crisis...

Allegation against Kidd came back to bite Noes

The Other Shoe Dropped, Iraq Will Be Partitioned

WP: China's Iron Grip

North Korean Nuclear Test Marks another Failure of Bush, Republicans and P

Scandal splits Hastert, Shimkus(Shimkus now taping all interviews)

Sen. Duncan Hunter inserts possible hunting clause into Miltary bill.

Blunkett: how feuds rocked the cabinet

E.O. Wilson - Half Of All Species May Face Extinction By 2100

Farmers urged not to fight Mother Nature

EIA World Energy Outlook sees a 30% increase in nuclear energy production

Malaysia Issues Visibility Warning For Malacca Strait Shipping - Reuters

Life Disappearing Quickly From Puget Sound - Birds, Crabs, Fish, More - PI

Why Obey Environmental Laws? Flouting Them Cheaper For Some Businesses

Environmental group concerned about side effects of ethanol

US Becoming Dumping Ground For Products Other Countries' Laws Won't Allow

Al Gore Stars In TV Ad Supporting (California) Prop 87


Blair Hails Progress On G8 Climate Bid - Independent

Think-Tanker Furious That Ambrose Lifted Her Words To Slam Climate Accord

Religious Leaders Converge On Philadelphia To Talk Climate, Responsibility

Climate Change May Hurt Asian Economies

Lest We Forget: The Health and Environmental Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Porous parking lots put storm water in its place (Maine)

Billerica, MA, USA: Brockton Brightfield (435 kW PV) to be Inaugurated

Environment Minister - Australia To "Stand By" For Climate Refugees - Age

Maybe 500 Gray Nurse Sharks Left In Australian Waters - BBC

SE Asian Timber Industry Talking About All The Good Things They're Doing

ChimpCo Sticking To "Safe, 2nd-Tier Issues" On Environmental Policy - WP

Malaysia Warns Indonesia On Constant, Choking Smog From Fires - AFP

Push is on to save Orcas Island landmark (in Washington state)

A Multipronged Tussle Over the Fate of Herds Living in an Island Park

Ecological Debt Day- October 9th

Olmert seen to be playing Nazi card once too often

IDF aims to keep out harvest 'escorts'

Galilee Arab towns to receive special budget allotment for first time

UN says Israel provides maps of minefields in southern Lebanon

Amira Hass: The fear in Gaza

JTA: Documentary on coexistence work may inspire others, filmmakers hope

Anyone know of any European 9/11 forums?

Landmark Tower Demolition

Avi Rubin - New Diebold Feature Discovered - Reboot and Lose

VelvetRevolution offering $250,000 reward (please rate up this GD thread)


Could you good folks please comb the threads and vote where

Unverifiable voting is un-American: My Nashville Tennessean LTTE

CBC: Afghan troop restrictions draw fire from O'Connor

Toronto Star: Flaherty unfolds his road map

Calgary Sun: Canadian troops reap whirlwind

Palestine Chronicle: Jim Miles: Canadian Militarism on the Rise

Paulson Aims to Restore Treasury's Clout

GOP campaign chief: Sorry for not catching Foley's 'lies'

How would Jesus vote?

Trial puts Noe figures in spotlight

GOP lawmakers seek to defend Hastert

(4 cooks arrested) Poisoning kills 7 Iraqi police, hundreds more ill

Iraq VP's brother shot dead (by gunmen wearing military uniforms)

Reuters: Gunmen kill brother of Iraq vice president-police

Bush about to make speech on N. Korea nuke test

On ABC-HD Bush's speech was interrupted in the middle

Queens congressman says Bush, GOP cut school safety program

NYT/AP: MySpace to Host Concerts for Sudan Aid

AP Bush says N. Korea nuclear test a threat

WP: Video Games with an Islamist Twist ("Quest for Bush")

AP still using the term "Crusade" to refer to Graham preaching event

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

US scoops Nobel economics prize

Ricketts (R Senate race Ne.) shifts attack on 'pork'

NYT/Reuters: N.Korea's Next Task -- a Small, Missile-Ready Bomb

AP: Allen (R-VA) Failed to Report Stock Options

Student fires gun in Mo. middle school

9:34 am: Richardson urges diplomacy in North Korea

Iran blames U.S. for N. Korea nuke test

Iraq arrests cooks after hundreds of police poisoned

Orlando coach arrested after sex tapes discovered

US detects second N Korea 'blast'

Howard Dean talks up Democrats, goes door-to-door in Portland

Today's Lou Dobbs Poll - needs help for Dems - keep kicked

LAT: U.N. Officially Taps South Korean As Next Leader

Stewart Dispels Rumor of White House Run

Ex-secretary Baker readies Iraq policy

Three U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq

LAT: Foley Inquiry May Test House's Legal Shields

US casualty rate in Iraq worst since Fallujah

Gas tumbles, but don't get used to it

40 corpses found in Baghdad in past 24 hours

Wells Fargo agrees to $12.8M overtime settlement (4,500 employees)

Iraq police rebrand to foil fakes (new uniforms)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 9

White House says Iraq policy constantly adjusted

Gunmen assassinate brother of Iraq Vice President

Operation Sinbad: Mission failure casts doubt on entire British presence

Politicians caught out in TV drug test (Italy)

AP: Trial Set for 2 Men Accused of Memo Leak (bomb al-Jazeera)

Where Faith Abides, Employees Have Few Rights (unf***ingbelievable!)

Iraq military continues to violate the rights of civilians

Webb vs Allen finally debate tonight 8:00p.m. est on C-Span

Russia: Nuke Test greater than reported

Republicans Target 3 Senate Races (Oh, Tn Missouri)

At Reuters, a New Book and a Lost Job (Fired for Anti-Coulter Book?)

A Multipronged Tussle Over the Fate of Herds Living in an Island Park

Preacher says GOP delaying 2nd coming

AARP: Voters Favor Candidates Who Support a Plan For National Health Care

Poll: Majority think Hastert should resign

ABC/WP: Bush Approval Withers Under Iraq, Foley Pressure

Republicans stand to profit from nuclear test ‘fear factor’

Oil rises above $60 amid OPEC reports

US push for air strikes (North Korean nuclear sites)

CBS/NYT Poll: GOP Put Politics Over Safety (79% - Bush 34%)

Lesbian R.I. Couple Weds in Mass.

South Africa: Farming in crisis (too dangerous)

Google says it will buy YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock

Iraqi insurgent group prepared to fight for dozen years, Web posting says

Hu, Bush discuss N. Korean nuclear moves by phone (China's warning)

Gallup: Dems hold 23 point lead in generic ballot

Chafee distances himself from Bush in new ad

Mexico May Take Fence Dispute to U.N.

U.S. gains in parts of Iraq in jeopardy

Mexican fishermen capture 7.5-foot crocodile in the Rio Grande

Community Will Destroy Amish Schoolhouse

Reuters: Bird flu found in pigs in Indonesia's Bali (in July)

Alaska villages await Venezuela oil aid

Kerry Vows Tougher Stance on Texas Group (Swiftboat jerks)

Tigris River yielding corpses

Soldier killed after psychotic reaction to cannabis

Army tops recruit goal by lowering standards

Gunshots in Joplin, MO middle school -- shooter captured

Hidden victims of a brutal conflict: Iraq's women (return to Middle Ages)

Chief executive of troubled Airbus resigns

Army Launching `Army Strong' Ad Campaign

Irish Protestant and Catholic Leaders in Talks

Democrats Poised To Assume Majority Of Governorships

Striking new bird discovered in South America

Insomnia of sorts--what kind of cold is this?

So I'm in Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago,

I can't sleep. I have a question on your opinion on this.

I'm weary of .....

I have to make a confession

Brainworm Alert: Gogol Bordello.


Picture of the Day - Which one is the poodle?

Awesome collector's item! The Republican Ruler

I've a sore throat this AM.

It's Pasta Sauce day....

OK...I'm in what?

When do Boobs typically go on sale

Flying back from London to Frankfurt was a hassle

Willie Nelson faces pot charges.

Who's Regis Philbin's latest floozy?

I slept in billyskank's bed

i woke up between a beautiful girl and a handsome guy this morning

I can't believe I benched Westbrook & Brown this week in Fantasy FB

Oprah or not

Best thing about the coming Rapture...?

Meet my new roommate!

If Spam ads were real....

Joe Morgan everyone

We had an unexpected addition to our feline family

Does anybody else feel lost this morning?

Fishermen capture 7.5-foot croc in Rio Grande

Guten Morgen Everyone..

Oct 9 - Post your favorite John Lennon lyric or quote

Price of gas to drop to ZERO by early November!

Haruka totally can't stand for me to be right

does your car have rubber tires?

My home computer died on Saturday morning.

When do Boots typically go on sale

Japanese Recipes?

Wel, I think this is a kind of crisis averted.

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

I don't understand the "my forums" feature.

Good morning Lounge! How'd you sleep?

trumad owes me an avatar

there's a landscaper outside my window, i think he's installed a drip...


My Kittens Are Out Of Danger But I Think They Are NUTS!

we picked-up a lamp, some bamboo & this pumpkin thing @ IKEA...

i have a new senseo coffee maker, i got it for free...

"Mom Reportedly Hurls Baby at Boyfriend"

Okay, where the smeg is everyone?

Anybody own a Roomba?

first day of snow here :(

I'm like, you know, you know, like kinda, you know, like, kinda, you know

I'm starting a talk show: "I'm Right, You're Wrong, Get Over it"

i'm eating buttermilk biscuits & Knott's Berry Farm seedless raspberry...

Daily reminder post that Eddie Izzard is the funniest man alive.

I could never be an iPod.

I'm a slacker.

How come this "Take Home Chef" dude doesn't come cook some food for me?

OK, some times you don't get the best ideas while stoned

So Game 7 of the World Series is on October 29

I'm celebrating Columbus Day....

Baby Panda...Live!! You can really see her.. Mama's gone!

I could never be a God.


I could never be a Pod

Fuck it

70 ways to tell when you've been online too long

I want to be a thespian and yet I am not! I challenge all DU thesp.

Never buy Halloween candy this far away from Halloween

I could never be Ahmad

I could never be a Maude

If you like the caveman/Geico spot you can view it here

Resume Objectives, yes or no?


Shout.. shout let it on out..these are the things I can do without

Fun idea: Next time you come across "Name Removed" in a thread...

Dear Internets, you have failed me.

Who is a Caravaggio aficionado?

The most important poll ever

I could never be a Mod

Really odd request but can I get somebody to call me?

Ow! My low-post-count-GD-snark hurts!

College football: Is it realistic to think my kid can get on a team?

What was Chicken Boo all about

What a FANTASTIC day!! Over seventy degrees,

One of the coolest music videos of the 80s

I had to pick, my 10yo up early from school

Columbus Day is a stupid day holiday, even if i like the 'off' part...

iTunes is updating my iPod with all the photos on my hard drive

Why isn't there anywhere to relax and eat in O'Hare?

Employee for sale on eBay

I could never be A ROD

I can't get arrested in GD Politics today.

My Poll in GD -- would you care to vote?

Is olive oil ok for deep frying?

Saw Jesus camp out yesterday

"Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye"

Jeb Bush refuses to come out of the closet

Rolling Stones' prediction of the October Surprise....

Is anyone else on the verge of just freaking out? I admit I'm trying to

Falling gas prices may soon be over...

Who's addicted to myspace?

I hate punks......................

Why is Finland cranking out such great music these days?

Re-did my home office! **DIAL-UP WARNING**

OK, Lounge Ladies. Latest in Paris haute couture

I hate dupes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tonight @ Chez trof: Grilled leg of lamb

23 years later, I got to hear my band's 4-track for the first time

"Bone the Page"-hilarity from HuffPo

How do you feel when someone hits on your SO? How does your so feel

How do you hold your fork?

Happy anniversary wishes to Mr & Mrs driver8!!

Strange, but cool, Dylan video

It's Cold War time again!! Girls and Boys, get your favorite cold war

I am weary.........

what is the most consistently good record label that you know of?

If somebody held a meetup Thankgiving weekend, would you go?

Maximouse gets ready for Halloween; Last two roses from the garden.

More bad poetry.....

Do parents of today let their kids read "Curious George"?

I hate punks......................

Video Clip: Kevin Federline's acting debut on "CSI"..."You bitches..."

Take a deep breath, everyone....

Last night's Saturday Night Live was incredibly horrible!

Quick! Name this rock star from the 60's!

Well, I have been scrapping peeling paint and

What is the worst smelling men's aftershave?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/9/06)

i'm watching Mystery! on PBS...

Small Scooters

OK, so we just watched X-Men 3, and i'm thinking of starting up my own...

What cool calendars do you own?

I want to be a hetero, and yet I am bi; I challenge all DU heteros...

I wish it was snowing here like on this webcam.

I could never be a Zod

Some Kid with an AK-47 walked into a school here in Joplin Today!!

Should Haruka and I just get a Room as per Oeditpus Rex's Advice?

Is Virginia in the south?

I want to be a lesbian, and yet I am not; I challenge all DU lesbians...

Your favorite strange natural phenomenon:

Back to normal here in Wisconsin!


Why couldn't I find Uranus last night?

Baseball pioneer Buck O'Neill dies at 94

Question for the Yankees fans...

What do you think when you see someone driving a Hummer?

Dancing Jesus!

Fast food that's actually good

So, my boss is leaving for a better job

Is nitrous oxide (laughing gas) ever dangerous?

Well, "You Tube" will quickly turn to shit

Do you still dress up for halloween? Will your kids? (if you have 'em)

Have you ever ACCIDENTALLY shoplifted something?

Hey - I hear tell it's Redqueen's birthday today!

Happy birthday REDQUEEN!!


I just saw "Pulp Fiction" for the first time...

What the HELL is Chevy thinking?

What the hell. I'm turning in.

So, I officially came out of the closet on Saturday

Really odd abstract art

Haruka and LionessPriyanka. Hot or Not?

Funny Battlestar Galactica music video

AP still using the term "Crusade" to refer to Graham preaching event

NYT Series "In God's Name"

Health gap blamed in 'excess deaths' of blacks

Planets really made from dust

Government accused of blocking hurricane report (AP/CNN)

Unveiled! Virgin Galactic's New Ride (CNN) {SpaceShipTwo}

Fast-moving planets cruise around stars (Reuters/CNN)

The Top-Secret Warplanes of Area 51 ( {Aurora, Groom Lake}

Vatican unveils necropolis inside its walls (Reuters/CNN)

Bursting the Spherical Bubble: Universe Might Be Pill-Shaped

Vote Assures South Africa Gay Marriage Bill's Success

Mad Dad's Whining Lawyers (Article Hate Alliance's David Parker)

Conservative Jews may lift ban on gay rabbis

Volunteers key to search for gay gene

Bush Gets First Touchdown

A Saint will be rookie of the year and it won't be bush

Keith Olbermann picks the Tigers to go all the way.

What to do when your two favorite teams play each other?

As part of my transition to my new job, I mentioned that I was

Honoring Life Changes - The Wisdom of Fear

Have you gotten any little gifts lately from the Universe...

Thank you Taylor Marsh! Post today is not to be missed.

Today's 2008 Speculation (Boston Globe 10/9)

New look of John Kerry website and new blog. Brand new.

Audrey Hepburn Campaigning For John Kerry?

Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek declares Iraq War lost

Keen words from a real leader!

Kerry, Dems Take Aim at GOP in Iowa

Teacher in Waukegan, IL charged with battery

Good analysis on MSNBC: South Korean named UN Sec-Gen today

Judge: exonerated man owed millions for wrongful imprisonment

Looks Like Bushco Doesn't Scare Anyone...Except The RW Base

Have you seen/heard this video

Land of Confusion

Read the world reaction to India and Pakistans nuclear tests

Did NK get its parts from Halliburton like Pakistan did?

His ass was woken up... LOL

Reported Test 'Fundamentally Changes the Landscape' for U.S. Officials

Bush 2004 - For a Less Safer World

CNN's Is Doing A Good Job On The Chronology Of Events...

So I'm just dying to meet this guy Some.

N.Korea test poses new challenge for Bush

"Uh, Mr. President? North Korea just conducted a nucular test."

North Korea test "provocative," "unprovoked": WHouse

How much you wanna bet Bush is in bed sleeping right now? Telling his

Phil Ochs on YouTube - a truthteller for all time.

2,744 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

How does 'one' become the 'house chair' of a particular committee?

(N Korea Nuke test) what will happen in the next 24 hours

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 9 Oct 06

Should Japan re-arm?

Did The Republican Tax Cuts Make Your Life Easier?

Bottom line: America, my country, our country, needs a diplomat

too bad kim jong il let a little nukelar thing happen... * will turn it

J. Edgar Hoover & Clyde Tolson. Lifelong lovers

For the first time in my life I agree with Ben Stein - Sort of!

Collapsing cliches are a Painful Thing...

'Hasturd acted agressively when he first heard of the emails"--yup, nbc


Former Tabernacle Choir member charged with sexual abuse

Failed Building Implosion

Bout' time for another disastrous press conference from the ape.

GOP shoots self in foot, accuse Dems of loading gun.

Lawmaker saw Foley messages in 2000

Philippines experienced a 6.0 earthquke followed by a second

Top Ways the Wing-nuts will blame Clinton for N. Korea nukes

today's great cartoon by Ben Sargeant-re:GOP responsibility

Was Ros-Lehtinen doing a Janet Parschall during Maher end monologue

Lawmaker Saw Foley Messages In 2000

So, Where is our fearless leader now?

washington journal time-nuclear testing n korea

Gay Marriage Legalized in New Jersey - Will This Be The October Surprise?

Cool new military hideout?

All Hat And No Cattle comes to mind here....

Not all Environmental lawyers are in favor of protecting the environment,

How convenient of Kim Jil Il to test a Nuke to divert attention for bu$h

Gay repub. Jim Kolbe knew of foley's emails SIX YEARS ago.

Landmark Tower Demolition

3.8 on Richter scale = 1kt

Sosobad O'Brien shuts down republican blame-shifter. Almost.

What are Liberal Values?

How far in to Bush's NK statement before he shifts blame to Clinton era?

Embezzlers, Liars, Racists, Child Predators, Cat Killers, Homophobes...

Legislators gone wild! (pic, too funny)

Let the threats materialize - BushCo's motto

Doesn't the NK nuke test mean it's time to invade Iran?

Iran CAN'T have nukes, but N. Korea can. Splain dat to me george

are bush and Cheney hiding in their bunker

49 Taliban killed - What are we doing with all the bodies?

Did Kim Jong-il Punk Bush?

Political statement on "Million Dollar Listing"

Graffiti on a Wall in Florida

LOL - Booosh believes in diplomacy, claims swift and immediate


Get out of town by sundown, Jeb!

"...a nukular free Korean pennenshula..."

Republicans Stand With Cheney (But Not On Camera)

It took until 10:00am to role the Prez out of bed and fix him up--

AirAmerica stream down?

Kolbe's parting gift to Dems

Boosh is about to speak. I'm sure he will tell us how he will save us all

Investigators may request "records from House leaders and their staffs"

The Enron of prescription drugs

Stewart-Colbert '08? No way, says comedian

The Cost of the War 2006: $437 billion; 2007: $507 billion

"i have heard commentators say this on radio/tv"-says npr host (angry)!!

Today's GREAT campaign ad!

Alter just talked about

How did Rove get NK to detonate that bomb?

Brownie, Chimpy and Foley

Why didn't Clinton stop the NK Nuke?

Are you LITOP or MITOP?

CNN's Mike Chinoy: Nuke Test A MAJOR Setback For Bushco

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Dear Prez Shit for Brains: Kim Jong Il just gave YOU a game changer

North Korea nuke test draws condemnation

No promotion for Navy lawyer who took on Bush - Has to leave the Navy

(VIDEO) Crooksandliars has Mike Malloy and a screeching flying monkey

Administration and Texas Republican Party Platform turn to UN for help

Analysis: Tough Talk From Bush Team Didn't Stop North Korea

"We can do anything we like with you. You are under our control."

Bush to make statement at 9:45am EST n/t

Who really is dangerous or was dangerous

Why Did Bush Drop Ball On Inspectors in N. Korea?


Bush: 'Nuke test' threatens peace; Nukes: Bush threatens peace

US media portrays Russia and China on our side. Who believes that?

North Pole's Ancient Past Holds Lessons For Future Global Warming

Where George Dubya got his bravado attitude about staying the course...

Here's how to sell changing course in Iraq in a political ad

On ABC-HD Bush's speech was interrupted in the middle

North Korea Tests Nuke - FOX Declares Victory for Bush!

Instant messages between Bush and Kim Jong Il (thanks Chipper Chat)

"No one could have anticipated NK's desire & ability to obtain a nuke"

caption this pic

When do the bombs start falling on Iran.

NK leader says nukes needed because of Iraqi invasion

Republicans should not be rejoicing right now over NK bombtest...

Who will be the first on the Right to call for...

Unhappy Losing Two Wars: Bush Tries to Lose Korean War

Malloy gives Malzberg on MSNBC hell

It's a sad, sad day for the United Nations, and indeed the world

Bush: "No one could have anticipated N. Korea would test nucular weapon...

What does Foley, Hastert, Snow, Hume, Blunt all have in common?

Now is the time to crank off your LTTEs on North Korea

Bush cannot recall

How Do You Know When A Republican Is Lying?

Did the USGS withold info on seismic activity

Army Launching `Army Strong' Ad Campaign

Oh boy, here we go... *sigh*

New email from Senator Russ Feingold

I got nukes, you got nukes. All o' God's children got nukes.

Wanted to bring this up again.

Report: Foley Confronted About Messages in 2000 VIDEO >>>

Jon Stewart dispels rumor of White House run

State Street Again: Hunter got break on taxes for home

So how is the North Korea thing being spun?

Gregg Jackson: Comebacks to Liberal Lies on Book TV

GOP Senate Candidate Kean Turns His Back On Iraq Soldier's Mom

"Did The US Provoke North Korea?"

Woodward: Cheney Hanging up on Him is a "Metaphor For What's Going On"!

On C-Span2, Philanthropy & Global Challenges - Ted Turner

NYT: Secret Meeting With Journos In 01 Produced Report Supporting Iraq War

MSBC Reporting another Missing Girl..Oh No RoveDistraction..

Firedoglake: Why did Bush drop the ball on inspectors for North Korea?

Bush: "Why should I care about North Korea?"

Novak: Foley had two excellent job offers in the private sector

Are the televangelists really gay and just faking the homophobia too?

The Latest from N. Korea Helps the Dems

Barney Frank would shift finance panel's priorities

More bodies found in Baghdad


How is the nuke test good for Repukes?

Iraq police 'poisoned' with Australian-supplied food

We need more candidates like NYT Underdog

Bush officials have said they would welcome a North Korean nuclear test

"Ariz. Pair Resigns Pot Church Leadership"

"Zoologist, Filmmaker Heinz Sielmann Dies"

OK, we need a popular DEM to speak up NOW and frame this issue

Was Bush making a speech this AM re N. Korea or is on vacation...

FYI -- FOLEY: Who knew and the excuses so far

N Korea: Lets look at Rumsfeld's role ...

Richardson urges diplomacy on N. Korea

"Mom Reportedly Hurls Baby at Boyfriend"

Five more US soldiers/Marines slaughtered in Iraq

How can we attack Iran for having weapons maybe?? When NK does.

New Report that Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz) Also Has a Page Problem?

Medved: North Korea Wonderfully Concentrates the Mind

Ugh....James Baker on Daily Show Tonight

Bush about to make speech on N. Korea nuke test

Iran and N Korea were supposed to fall into submission after Iraq invasion

ES&S Agrees to Comply with Open Source Mandate

Does the SAFETY of our FOOD have any bearing on Politics?

I'm worried that nothing can stop them...

This North Korea thing is very bad for shrub.

Shhhhh! bush To Have Super Secret Fundraising Dinner in Greensboro, NC

NY DN notes Andy Card, who wanted Rumsfeld out, was with Bush yesterday

ALERT: Bush Admin, Media Outlets Launch Nuclear Election Test Strategy

Novak: GOP is Going Down

Warning to Bush/GOP supporters

Prince George and the Return of the Sheriff of Nottingham

SurveyUSA Poll : Only 26% say hASStert should remain speaker!

"America"--New Lyrics for a New Dark Age

Tonight's CSPAN1 debates: MT-Sen, VA-Sen, MN-06, PA-10

JFK: "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to ...

Incompetent Bush neglected real threat (N Korea) and now it's escalating

Thom Hartmann had Steve Howard on his show today.

CNN: Beware the mortgage time-bomb (ARM "negative amortizations")

Neil Young's website

Lazy voters....

North Korea FINALLY acknowledges going Nuclear

Parody or Not-Parody?

Bush brings faith to foreign aid

I think we all could use a break. Take 3:53 minutes for comic relief

Keen words from a real leader!

2747 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Report: GOP lawmaker warned Foley in '00

Stupid FReepers: Foley already "old news"

Has anyone figured out who this Some guy is?

Experts: N. Korea test may embolden Iran

Two FUBAR'd wars and now North Korea.

More candidate polls here.

Poll: Majority think Hastert should resign

"Jesus Camp:" two thumbs up®

A video highlight of Claire McCaskill's debate with Jim Talent.

F* protocol! Bush's incompetence is endangering Nation's Survival

has will pitt ever thought about getting a radio show?

I'll admit it....Call me a sap, but I feel sorry for Mark Foley.

an early peek at Jack Cafferty's questions for Monday ...

Text This: Words Alone Can Violate Federal Obscenity Laws

Bush N. Korea policy "a huge mistake"

The illogic of a democrat voting for Joe

Foley was ready to leave congress...Reynolds convinces him to run again

PFAW has a new report on how Bush's appellate judges have taken our

Joe Maguire loses his Reuters job for writing a Coulter book

CNNs Barbara Starr who said a 14 year old Iraqi girl was a woman...

It's Bush's fault that North Korea did a nuke test

CA Voters: How To Vote On Nov. Propositions? CA Dem Party Recommends...

Colorado guy arrested for insulting Cheney -- He's on W/Hartmann NOW

New Poll Has Reynolds Down By 15

U.S. proposes sanctions against N. Korea

Six years and abortion is still legal...

new rule at CBS: no political contributions

Today's Lou Dobbs Poll - needs help for Dems - keep kicked

So what's Bush do if we spot a N. Korean plane making a beeline for Iran?

SMOKING GUN: New DC SEX SCANDAL-Feds Target Escort Service

Krugman- "The Paranoid style"

I've seen folks using the term "Republic" instead of Republican

One and only North Korean news agency website

Paul Wolfowitz Touring Abu Ghraib (Pic)

10/9/06 Slut Club Meeting aka Stephanie Miller Loves Us Totaly

Best retort so far for "It's the Democrats' fault"

What's the genesis of the "Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum" phrase?

Photo of Katherine Harris rigging a staw poll

Bush will still be able to classify documents even AFTER his term is over

World Reacts to N.Korea's Nuclear Test Warning

Warning--wolves in sheep's clothing!

4 Corner States and Northern Mountain States Look Out....

Card carrying freeper blogging while on jury?

Total failure - 'we will fight them over there

Let Us Assess Bush's Record On US Security

A few Alaska Villages Reject Venezuela Oil

When the sheer idiocy of the GOP...

Republican defection letter, this is good.

Golden opportunity ...

Should Korea be reunified? (Assuming collapse of NK a la East Germany)

Similarities between Bush and Kim Jong-Il

"You Didn't Care What They Told You, Your Hatred of the Left...

Poll: Democratic candidates open large lead in congressional races

How is the spin going for Bush on tv, regarding NK?

Bush and the GOP = Catastrophic Security Failure

Help! I need a list of ranking house Democrats to show co-workers

Increasing evidence of an FBI cover-up regarding Foley/GOP sex scandal

Florida Republicans M. Foley & J. Scarborough: Dead Woman & Live Boy

Do Democrats move around more than Repubs? interesting "glitch"

What will DU be like during the 2008 primaries?

so N. korea is clinton's fault too

It's the Mid-Terms stupid....

Press Release from Sen. Harry Reid on North Korea

DNC says Bush allowed member of "axis of evil" to have nuclear test.

Here's a lovely pairing: Ted Turner and Catherine Crier

Democrats set to take everything

Did mr bush sign the torture bill yet?

I'm already getting the RW emails about NK's nukes

Bush wants to put his anti-Mexican fence through an Indian reservation

Eisenhower Carrier Group has Sailed for Iran (maybe?)

Active Combat Brigades - Iraq & Korea

Tweety gets it right with Mrs. Greenspan: who CARES about N. Korea?

The 5 Barriers of the Right Wing

Saluting Fleet Week in SF, the Steve Earle way:

Did Tweety just say Koch, in a way that rhymes with rock?

NK Nuke!!! Again, a flashback to the movie...

What's the deal with the "Breaking" story about another GOP Page Stalker

Just finished watching Death of a President

The Readers Guide To "State of Denial"

Parents try to unadopt troubled boy

Where is this "U-nine-uh Stace" he speaks of?

Important KoKo01 thread on blatant lie by Mehlman, ignored by M$M

JimRob a "Coward," Says Dixie Chicks Rep

Jaime McEntire on CNN: "assume it was in fact" Nuke test or not?

Since when is Chaffee a dem?

A talking point from 2009 " Its Clintons fault Bush was the worst

John Kerry on Bill Maher (video)

Governor's third strike

Knowledgeable DUers, my recollection, from a history paper I

About the NK nuke test: Possibly a miniaturized bomb?

Wolfie: "Are they going to vote DemocRAT or Republican?"

Film - Death of a President

BULL HOCKEY! "Clinton Legacy: North Korea's Bomb"

"BANDAR, Why Should I care About North Korea?" (Duh!)

John Kerry gets tough with Swift Boats liars...

Student fires gun in Mo. middle school TODAY

Iraqi VP has 3 siblings assassinated in one year

Increasingly looking like test was a dud

Al Gore Stars In TV Ad Supporting (Calif.) Prop 87

Ex-pages surveyed in Foley probe

James Baker's "New Iraqi Course" Means Our Soldiers Died for a Mistake.

Finally a Free Speech segment tonite on CBS Evening News worth watching!

Military in Hulk mode: Army launching `Army Strong' ad campaign

I wonder. IS Iraq a failure for Bushco, or is the "civil war" there just

NY Times Mag: The Big-Sky Dem

"The Clinton Legacy: North Korea's Bomb"

I talked to Woodward on Dianne Rehm today.

Polls: GOP losing grip on married moms who cheat on their husbands.

Caption *

Oh, no. Is that the Fixer on Headline Prime? James Baker is on that

Need your help

ENOUGH FOLEY - Let's Talk Susan Ralston

K Harris Claims She Has “Soundly Defeated” Her Dem Opponent Sen. Nelson

PA GOP and absentee ballots

My Thoughts on Columbus Day

How come bombshells never turn out to be bombshells?

Lower standards help Army recruit more

omg. 4 Dead a day so far in October in Iraq. 2744 Total US Dead.

Rich fundie military widows spamming the internets

Pakistan, India, and Israel condemn Korea nuke test (Irony alert)

Anyone else wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald still has GJ Convened?

So this was the gang that set out to rid the world of evil? (rambling)

If one toon ever caught the essence of it all, it is this one

Keith Olbermann will NOT be doing a Special Comment tonight, but...

It's confirmed (again): Chris Wallace is a jerk

Will you join my campaign?

Clemons: Did Wolfowitz Meeting Violate Fed Advisory Committee Act?

I sent Keith a nomination for "Worst Person in the World" last night.

North Koreans sought to rekindle Clinton-era negotiations. Bush refused

Think CURRENCY DEVALUATION will be a prime topic next year?

More Dem candidates are running the Lie/Die ad, donate here:

More evidence that Katherine Harris may be certifiably insane.

This Week in Peace History -one item has very interesting timing this week

Nifty tools to keep tabs on YOUR lawmakers now available

What kind of thread are you most likely to respond to?

What IS the Second Amendment?

Why don't Bush's press conferences make the evening news shows?

I think this TIME Magazine cover pic is absolutely disgusting

Wait for it...

Priority for day 101: Corporate reform

The Death of the GOP Majority in 29 days.

Governor Ronald Reagan (D-California)

NK nukes is one of the many real consequences of the Bush admin and Iraq

New D.C. Sex Scandal Looming? Feds target escort service, money lanuder

If the Dems get back in power, I'll finally be able to sleep at night

Homosexuality and Pedophillia = Bunk Comparison

Will You Vote In November?

Found new way to pick up Air America

Some captioned photos from LiberalCartoons that might as well be current.

NY 20 - Sweeney Cancels Hastert Fundraiser, Denies Cancelling It!

What was on Pickle's mind?

Did anything ever come of Laura Bush moving out of the WH?

Fifty years in Korea has come down to this.

Bush pissed off, - a definite fun-read...

Is it Fair for Me to Call Republican Torture Supporters Cowards?

Intelligent discussion of the North Korea issue: DemocracyNow...

Observations On Cable News Channels Today: ENCOURAGING!!

Webb vs Allen final debate tonight 8:00p.m. est on C-Span

Things Democrat House Members should Do in January 2007

This poll was posted earlier today, but needs some more help

October surprises.

Woodward : Bush didn't have a clue about North Korea

Hilariously Bad FR Writing: "Attack Of The Moonbats"

OMG.....Can you say STUPID GAY????

Who heard Randi this afternoon talk about a connection between

When will the GOP/Guns Old Party Ever Learn!

How do you determine what you read on DU?

XM Deal for those interested....

Is it just coincidence that all the e-coli outbreaks involve organic foods

Plan in advance to get to DC for the 4th anniversary war protest in March.

Link TV @6:30pm CT: Got Democracy? 1/2 hr. special on voter fraud.

Lightening Strikes and HW Bush's Navel Carrier Christening

Wingnut Page Six (NY Post, MURDOCH) does hit job on Keith

October 9th In Iraq

"Voting Republican is Rewarding Bad Behavior" - caller on Thom Hartmann

Another Conservative Editorial Page Calls For Hastert's Ouster

Republicans and affection repression

Keith Olberman (rant) Will Be Good Tonight......10/09

Newsweek: Did the US Provoke N. Korea? (must read!)

Bush - "He's ticked off big-time-There's steam coming out of his ears"

Bush on leakers: "I would like to string them up by the thumbs."

How will future generations refer to Bush? (Poll)

The ultimate Freeper logic

(SCREENSHOT) So Whitehouse is an R and Chafee is a Dem?

Goddamn!!!! A liberal on Katie's Free Speech!

Abramoff knew about war on Iraq a year before it happened

WTF-Stephen Baldwin cultural advisor to Bush

Meet John Sweeney (R-NY), Abramoff's Salesman to the Marianas

Remember this?

Did anyone else not know of any openly gay Republican congressmen?

Hey, older DUers...remember this quote?

Is George W. Bush a coward?

Bush wants The Caspian Sea

It's not MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pic from today's statement)

Europeans and Jane's say NK Nuke Test May Have Been a FAILURE!

Got wine at the airport? It's harder to grab a cab (in Minneapolis)

Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald: "Foley Contrite, But Only After He Got Caught"

Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater

Reporter on CNNI Blamed Nuke Test on bush's Lack of NK Policy!


Sensenbrenner Protects Dog Fighters, Animal Abusers.

North Korea: the disaster within the disaster

BWAAAAHAHA Freeptards rejoicing over Katherine Harris (STRAW) poll victory

If Ignorance Were Bliss, This Nation Would Be Having an Orgasm.

House members to ask past and present pages of Foley contacts

If you think God almighty put bush in the white house, maybe you're stupid

Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion

"The Genius of Impeachment:" -- John Nichols

More on the fake news front...

DU This Poll Re: Foley/GOP

I think we should be aware - cause it sure seems to be MIA on

I haven't been able to stream AAR from their site for over 2 weeks.

America on the Brink of Horror

The Day After...and now.

Some Very Good News

WP: Dan Rather calls his new company "News and Guts"

Iraq: "It's the Kissinger Plan" --->>>

How many here know that Rumsfeld sold nuclear reactors to North Korea?

When Democrats Win in November What Are You Going To Do

North Korea Drives Bush Into Outer Space

Just turned a friend onto V for Vendetta.

As Bush* pats him on the back he says "How do feel about doing Iran next?"

ATTENTION MALLOY FANS...Anybody read this?

Log Cabin Republican on CNN apologizing in the most NAUSEATING way.


Increasing evidence of an FBI cover-up regarding Foley/GOP sex scandal

George Bush and Paul Lynde - separated at birth?

Who Sold Materials to N. Korea to Build Nukes?

What its like to be gay in the GOP. Interesting essay


Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

There I go.... Bone the page... LMAO!

So who the **** is * listening to with his illegal wiretapping if not NK?

New York Post strikes back at Olbermann with gossip

Not Korea. Not Foley. A reminder of the war that the other wars were

NJ-Sen: Kean (R) turns his back on Mother of Soldier in Iraq --Video


The Latest Polls

CIA overthrow of Mossadeq, Iran 1953

Fox News mislabels party affiliations AGAIN

Impeach the mother-fucker already

Official Hilary hatred thread - the shrew just gave $2.5-3.5 million....

BBC News (2002): US grants North Korea nuclear funds

Let's discuss the morality of outing in the closet gay men and women

Take FOX news off the air

We're down to the wire on karl's October surprise.

2008 Dem. Primary is Today. Only Two Candidates. Who Gets Your Vote?

Dear Mr. President

Sixteen Candles for Soldiers: Help us get the word out!

George FELIX Allen and other TOONS (Dialup warning)

Any site hosting Tucker Carlson video of GOP elite hate religious voters?

unbelievable . . . they've started going after Olbermann, and . . .

Hide - advice for if a gunman enters school

Bennet Brother Bill (Clinton Lawyer) is Hawking Special Counsel on Tweety!

Haven't heard a peep out of foley. Where are they hiding him?

On Kerry, Bush and North Korea - PLEASE WATCH AND REMEMBER!

Why work for social justice?

WARNING: Lettuce recalled over E. coli concerns

North Korea has accumulated 80% of its plutonium since Bush took over

Can someone please shoot Kim Jong Il? This fucker is helping the GOP


armor of god, liberal decadence, fox only... voting tx-dem Bell

North Korea Nuke Test -- political spin/fallout?

Kerry says Bush's handling of North Korea "disgraceful"

Hot And Cold

What will be the excuse for the stolen election this time?

"So let us begin anew" John F Kennedy

American Prison Camps Are on the Way

BUSH: "Why should I care about North Korea?”


Great new comic strip being done by a DUer - The Daily Show take off

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!


$250,000 Reward Offered For Information About Vote Fraud!

Halliburton and BakerBotts Visits to My Sites

Bargaining Digest Weekly Oct. 7, 2006

Check this out -California Prop 89 clean money rap

They've done it again.........I think

There's no nuclear fallout anywhere I can find. So what's the


"regarded as a failure of the Bush.. nuclear nonproliferation policy"

This Modern World: Republican Spin Zone

Another Bush failure. How long before republicans blame it on Clinton?

Dick do-over toon

So a republican knew about Foley in 2000?

Woodward's book: to read it or not?

More bush signing statement insanity

Bush side-stepped whacking North Korean hornets nest in press conference

TaylorMarsh: WH will adopt Kerry-Feingold withdrawal but rewrap as theirs

Hopefully, * still doesn't read...

i have something bothering me

Fox News Radio host Griff Jenkins enjoys the fine, manly scent of Hastert

So, this is the success of the 6 party talks that Bush's been trumpeting?

It's the ethics, stupid.

Alec Baldwin: "Nearly six years of lies, incompetence, lies, hate, lies...

NYT: In Race for Governor of Michigan, Struggling Economy Is Topic A

NYT says that Foley will help GOP

CNN Poll: Do You think NK has the right to conduct a nuke test?

Where the hell is the press release? The press conference, or at least

Losing the Cokie moms

Military pay raise lowest in 12 years (except for the Generals)

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

How my pages are there in Foley's Folio

Pelosi: Statement on North Korea

Report: 4.2 seismic 'event' in North Korea

Ford Opens Lead In Tennessee Senate Race

New Poll Has Reynolds Down By 15

Georgia Gov. Perdue (R) Is A Big Fat Liar

Who here believes this is the real deal, i.e., N. Korea, or a

Prostitution business booming in New Orleans

America's Enemies are planning our demise

14 of 19 September 11th hijackers are on the no fly list

CNN's quikvote: Is a preemptive strike to destroy a nation's nuclear.....

Dick DeVos repug running for Gov in Michigan..

Video: GOP Senate Tom Kean Jr. Candidate turns his back on Soldier's mom

LAT: California Dems fear Angelides will drag down entire state ticket

It looks like another "October Surprise".

Hastert's love affair with Rev. Moon

Santorum's crookedest ad ever... [VIDEO]

What is this crap the Pubs are putting forward that sex is not an issue

Please Volunteer for a Local Dem Today

*slaps forehead* NOW I get it!! Bush's Failures are what endears him to

Time "GOP is dead" cover story is great, but...

A simple message to the religious right...

Why on earth is this man allowed to run this program let alone

MSNBC and their 'slant' on the Foley thing .......

Lou Dobbs poll, Do you believe the major political parties...

TV ad Dems should run now..

Stealth group gives Florida GOP largest check of year

Thanks to outsourcing, India to add 10 million new jobs over next five yea

so, CNN is hyping how bad N. K. is.. constantly repeating footage of

Jack Cafferty's 7:00 question .....

Republicans are strange

Great LTTE (not mine): Dobson's values aren't family values

Freeps on Bush's press conference: "We can't simply attak NK"

Republicans Stand With Cheney (Just Not On Camera) the UN proposes to inspect EVERY cargo into/out N. K.

DU: We need to consider this, what to do if Lieberman wins?

The 'Look'

Progressive Podcast Breaks Into Top Ten, Asks For Your Help

All those young boys running around, being all subservient,

Santorum endorsed by police, Casey by firefighters (Smack Rudy G. Ad)

Frist's latest email message (!)....

AP: (VT) Jeffords asks GOP group to stop using his picture in Rainville ad

I'm Amazed!!! Floridians Check Out This Poll!

Howard Dean talks up Democrats in Maine

The Truth Republican Budget Cut Funding For Veteran's Programs

Congressman Dale E Kildee put out truth about Hastert

Bush admin's arrogance on North Korea; Kerry nails Bolton, SFRC hearings

Sensenbrenner Wont Discuss Foley Scandal

Webb fact-checks Allen attack ad and finds more bullshit

CNN Poll: Dems 58% - Pugnuts 37%

Pres of Log Cabin Republics calls Republic Gay Bashing wrong

Wow, Katherine Harris claims she's leading in the polls

We got issues, you and me .......

O'Reilly: "Powerful Forces" want to influence your vote

DU Research Forum is great tool to access FACTS in countering RW spin

North Korea nuclear test now weapon in US election

Ousted PA Green Party Senate candidate forced to pay legal fees

YEA!!!! just got my yard signs...daughter sticking them right now.

February 25, 2002: "President Receives World Trade Center Bullhorn"

Reuters Editor Fired for Writing Ann Coulter Book

WP: The Best Political Ad of 2006?

Republicans Target 3 Senate Races

N. Korea nuke test 'excellent news for Republicans' - Bay Buchanan

Spitzer's bold support of gay unions

"only 1/60th of Hiroshima." CBS

This week in peace history - a nuclear test ban treaty (remember when?)

North Korea afraid of GOP molesters (Change the Subject)

Josh Marshall: North Korea's test may have been a failure

OMG! Not one TWO devastating polls for BushCo. and all other GOP morons...

Bush's Republican Guard

This is too funny...Harris Beats Nelson -- Leads 54% to 45%

Neil Cavuto - Helping beat the drums of war

AP: Republicans Target 3 Senate Races (firewall strategy)

Secret Iraq Meeting Included Journalists

What Else Is Senator Allen Hiding? (DNC Release)

Mr. bush, Would you please lie under oath so that we might impeach you?

Torture, Murder, Bush, Kissinger and The Mothers of the Disappeared

TerriPAC endorsed Samm Simpson in Florida 10! I just got

"They were warned - and did NOTHING."

Dean in Miami at several events tomorrow.

North Korean Roulette (Mary Lyon, From The Left)

Kerry, Dems Take Aim at GOP in Iowa

One more time now ..... Rove is not a genius .....

Emails between me and GM re: Sean Hannity and his Cadillac Promotion

NYDN on Bush: Othello's mood has blackened, feels "betrayed" from within

Video: Kerry on Maher

Glenn Greenwald asks "Why Isn't Mehlman's Lie a Bigger Story?" /Foleygate

OMFG: North Korean nukes are NOT a "Foley scandal" diversion

Bush's Crusade

The Impeachment Moment

Massive Sit-in, White House -Surround It ! 11/7-11/8

Bay Buchanan: North Korean nuke test "excellent news for Republicans"

“Why should I care about North Korea?” (Bush, while TX Gov, to Bandar)

Fred Phelps is a Democrat? WTF?

We Americans Really Ought To Be Ashamed

How to Fight Back! Notes From An Anti Swiftboating Conference Call:

.Tonight I went to dinner with a group of Republicans. It was a

North Korea Tests Nuke, While U.S. Troops Die in Iraq

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