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Archives: November 1, 2006

Kerry to Noise Machine

Baghdad is under siege

Cotton-picking subsidies - Corporate welfare for growers (a place to cut budget)

McClatchy: Iraqis embrace illicit name tattooing in case of sudden death

what's happening at the republican party playground (at DNiewert's Orcinus)

They are attempting to create conditions of total unaccountability and irresponsibility

The Next Terrorist Attack

black lawyer reacts to white UT law students' "Ghetto Fabulous" party

And now it's time to check in again with Maniac Mike Moriarty

The Paranoid Right & Attacks on

'Perfect storm' looms over Korean border (Famine refugees)

Mexican riot police move in on Oaxaca (where Indymedia's Brad Will was killed)

.... On Exit Polls. ABC News

WOW --Putting the State on Trial (and winning) in Ireland. Germany, Britain

Abortion, gay marriage among ballot issues (because of gridlock on the federal level)

Elephants more reflective than most - AP (no word if Repukes can see themselves).

Hezbollah in talks over prisoner swap

Lieberman already set to visit US

Does anybody remember a video of Osama watching a TV

How To Do Your Own Exit Poll ...From a discussion at Kos

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 11/1/06 Happy Post-Halloween Edition

The Midnight Adventures of a Diebold Voting Machine...

(Johns Hopkins) Frat suspended over (racist) "Hood" party

Car dealership near Amish shooting lures buyers with free guns

First Evidence to Show Elephants Recognize Themselves In The Mirror

A G.O.P. Leader and Star Struggles for Traction

Suit filed to prevent sending convicts (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan) out of state

AP: Bolivia's Morales backs off mining nationalization plans

Iraqi Security Collapses in Shiite Town; Troops Return

Innovative Trust Fund Makes Payment to 40,000 USW Retirees and Spouses

'Perfect storm' looms over Korean border (Famine refugees)

Rumsfeld OKs increase in Iraqi forces

Equivocating can kill you...

Key House contests come early on election night

Attorneys: No Backstory in CIA Leak Case

Abortion, gay marriage among ballot issues (because of gridlock on the federal level)

Russia says believes Iran's nuke program peaceful

Unions Are Out in Force for the November Elections

Elko prepares for Bush (ticket/photo ID required)

Gas price rise undermines U.S. election conspiracy

Dems hold record 15-point edge over GOP (NBC/WSJ Poll)

Ugly Senate race in NJ still up for grabs

UK's Blair defeats opposition call for Iraq probe

GAO questions IRS collection plan

Ford stumps in opponent's hometown

Australia:Senators quiz Defence officials on WMD scientist's resignation

AWOL Soldier Surrenders at Fort Knox

Bad Piece of News for Sweeney (R)

Kerry should have apologized for the Gaffe

(Dubai Ports World), rebuffed by U.S., looks at Halifax

Dems Hold Record 15 Point Edge Over GOP (New WSJ/NBC Poll)

Fifth firefighter burned in S. California blaze dies from his injuries

U.S. intelligence unveils spy version of Wikipedia

WaPo: Democratic Activist Claims Abuse by Allen's Staffers

Rev. Sharpton faults the Christian right

Lawsuit Settlement Could Save U.S. Consumers $4 Billion on Drugs

Scientists Find New Species in Hawaii

DNA clears man of 1981 rape conviction

Oaxaca crisis threatens incoming Mexican president

Bush Demands Kerry Apologize for Comment About Troops

Iowa candidate asks Kerry to cancel campaign visit


Same kitty, same chair...I give you the LAP LION:

I survived my 50th High School Reunion. Ask me anything...

Don't click on this! Scariest pumpkin EVER carved!!!

OK..."Over the Hedge" - best kids movie EVER!

Something cool - cut and paste the inside info in your address bar tab DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what is dick cheney giving out to the kiddies this Halloween?

Before the kiddies come a-knockin', there's a li'l guy here who wants to share some Halloween Fun!

delete how come we have an ad for "Reds" - but when you go there

The Celebrity Gossip Thread

Coolest/funniest/cutest costume you've seen tonight?

Fess up, who had a crush on Joey Lawrence back in the day?

Does anyone have the link from a post

Got a Yahoo mail address? Having problems with it?

Condoms for everyone!!!!!

I get to watch the tourists while I'm at work....

T eats, not T icks

Okay, I'm a dumb-ass. How d'you see how many views your post has?

38 seconds into this video someone says crikey. Can we find an older use?

I love alpacas

Does anyone else dress their cats and dogs up for Halloween?

It's almost time for our annual viewing of "Young Frankenstein"!

Coolest Guy of the Day Award

Happy happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween....

Since when are potatoes not considered candy?

Later tonight, I'm gonna turn out all the lights

Feed the needy! (Campbell 's Chunky Soup "Clicks for Cans".)

The axed editorial from my other thread....

does your workplace decorate for Halloween? Boy mine did!

It's About YOUR* Stupidity, Stupid !!

5lb frozen green beans, 2lbs fresh mushrooms, 3lbs of fresh imitation crab meat...

My editorial for the election issue of my school newspaper was just axed.

Do your local schools have Halloween parties or "Fall Harvest" parties?

Bet you a MILLION DOLLARS, you can't pass THIS test! (only 19 ever have!)

i'm depressed...

I'm gettin' my Candy on Friday night!

So what was your trick-or-treating weather like?

Only 90 minutes left for Blacks Against Blackwell Present, please DU it

Halloweenie pictures. And I'm mentioning Rabrrrrrr for good measure.

Some little pissant stole my cauldron.

Bow before me! Got rid of ALL my candy, and I only ate one mini kit-kat!

Have you been e mooned yet?

The coolest cat ever (pic)

I'm afraid to ask this in GD or GDP. Can someone explain Kerry


Last year I gave the trick or treaters raisins and peanuts.

Wow, I thread I started over in GDP has over 2,000 views...

'K, kids are skipping my house.

Only 3 more days of working early voting, these 5 am mornings are

Friend's sign. No costume=no candy

How may kids wore costumes trick-or-treating in your neighborhood?

Third year in a row now, no trick or treaters!

When did Dr Phibes become a classic?

A picture of me naked, just coming out of the shower

MySpace helps us define true friendship:

Is this beautiful --- or ugly? You be the judge!

im gonna take the C.D.L. drive test tomorrow....(semi-truckin')

When did the layout of the page change, I have been gone for a few days.

DUers in Halloween GARB Pic Thread!

Anybody try one of those debt-erasing programs?

DU Christians Check In

It's only 7pm and I've already eaten waaay too much candy.

DUL for me Sucks Tonight

Happy Halloween, DU!

Anyone else watching "Dexter" on Showtime?

Do ya know why ghosts don't have children?

Any Frou Frou fans? (Music group)

Hey, watch this post sink cuz I ain't cool.........

Happy Halloween DUers from Cascadian!

The origin of Big McLargeHuge

I made my first trip to Walmart Sunday

Michael J. Fox totally dismembered, some body parts missing (spoiler)

Our porch light is burnt out, I can't find a spare and all the trick or treaters are avoiding my

The Lost Boys movie - vampire killed by deer antler? *spoilers*

Any of my DU friend 'friends' around?

Where do you find out how many views a thread has had?

So, how many kids came to your door trick-or-treating?

75-year old lady trick-or-treating?

Halloween declared dead in France.....

The Who has released a new album... You know what that means....

Are the programmers at American Movie Classics on drugs?

If this man is straight, then I'm sober....

Little gems from Myspace

A very, very strange customer encounter today

Anyone need parts for a '95 T-Bird?/ aka my first car accident

Foley joke

Treats, not tricks

SF Bay DU'ers: Who here remembers the diamond yellow/black KOME stickers?

It's official... the next DU Wedding is... *drum roll*

Trick or Treaters who get driven around piss me off.

Does anyone else find Dracula boring?

Getting Mooned by Babies in China -- little known facts from the Internet!

Van Halen, R.E.M. make Rock n' Roll HOF nominee list

Religious Right's Christian Bridade on the March

H.R. 2679, The "Christian Supremacy Act", To Hit House Floor

Gay marriage is the most important issue facing Americans!

Thank you all.

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for November

How's everyone's Halloween?

An Engraved Invitation: Your presence is requested

Iraq news today:

Yet another new thread at the JK blog:

Nearly 40 diaries about Kerry on dailykos today, majority positive

Keith Olbermann is a GOD!

This is why Dems lose elections

Meanwhile, Allen's campaign team TACKLES a veteran!

Proof that this was a press hit:

New thread:

delete n/t

Let's expose some more of THIS reality (flashback toon)

Bush: "We've never been we've never been stay the course!"

Boston vigil for Oaxca: Thursday, 4PM ant the Mexican Embassy

HOW TO CUT AND RUN - By William E. Odom

bush wants more tax cuts for Paris Hilton

SO Webb is starting to pull away from Allen in VA.

growing body count in Iraq, Jim Webb's ad on MSNBC-go David Schuster & Tweety!

Dick "Head" Cheney deserves to get his ass kicked. HARD!

Headline 11/8/06: Republicans sweep the House and Senate...

Online Strategies like Google Bombing Can Sway the Election

2006 will be the end of the 'christian' Right

Dems hold record 15 point edge over GOP giving Kerry a better look then

"Over 500 people have 'SIGNED UP' to hear Laura Bush campaign"

So, they're saying Kerry (and Democrats) are "undermining the troops"?

I Hope everyone remembered to pick this up last week...

OMG! This is the best comeback in the history of politics:

Bush promised, "We will NOT have an all-volunteer army."

Hey Christian Right! Look at what YOUR President is DOING!

Hardball: "Not since the June Taylor dancers has there been more choreography"

I know what the Republican Majority should dress up like tonight --

The media is a bunch of WHORES

Wilson/Madrid debate on CSPAN1 now

* DISSES TROOPS BIG TIME By Misrepresenting Kerry's Remarks

Super Secret Project XYZ moles, check in!


Max Cleland on Kerry's response to GOP attacks

Empty seats greet Bush in rural Georgia

The Kerry comment is a NON-event!!!

Alec Baldwin Wants Off Schwarzenegger Film

Funny Chimp Picture

UFF DA! "New Poll: Minnesota Dems lead in 2 key races"

* passes out 'candy' to trick or treaters - pics

Kerry called Bush stupid

Comment from a wingnut/former Bush speechwriter (must read, from 10/28)

The best part about Olbermann's show today

Can Kerry get on Letterman or something?

Watch Keith tonight re: Kerry !!!

Crazy Repug Morality Police NO SEX message! We can WIN on this!

Equivocating can kill you...

I go take my daughter to meet up with friends, and when I come back

CBS News Katie Couric has low ratings.

Ultra Orthodox Jews Riot Over Jerusalem Gay Parade

Do You Know Any Admitted Democrats Who Have Indicated They Are Not Voting?

Senators seek audit of more than $18 billion in biodefense spending

The ONLY apology I want to hear from Kerry should be a paraphrase of this one...

Kerry will apologize for his remarks when Ann Coulter apologizes

humanity still in the dark age

Someone needs to light a fire under these Democratic spokesmen

DU this freeped survey-Will you vote for someone who supports *'s policy in Iraq or...

Mike Stark will be pressing charges against Sen Allen for assaulting him

On Keith Olbermann: Laura Bush is bashing Michael J. Fox.

Keith's lighting a fire under Laura's stupid ass now

Bush Doctrine MUST be working - Military of Fiji caught plotting coup against elected govt.

If anyone needs to apologize to the troops and their families

Back to reality: McCaskill leads Talent (49% to 46%)

Right before Lara my neighbors came to the door and I missed

TOON: E-voting's leap of faith

DU this poll

GWB on 9/11 "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

"Idiot who lives in the White House might accuse me of bashing troops."

Call Me Crazy, But I Think Harold Ford's Gonna Win It....

My republican neighbor came to my door with a bag on his head and

What are your thoughts on this picture out of Baghdad?


Dem's need to flank Bush with attacks from veterans. Shift the focus from Kerry

Anybody watching the Bush impersonator on Larry King?

I heard Laura Bush had embryo-killing fertility treatments

DEM Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez allegedly mistaken for terrorist

Key House contests come early on election night


*** Halloween TOONs: BOO!!! ***

Kerry should say "Yeah, I'll apologize when Bush apologizes to America for the Iraq fiasco"

Why aren't the news networks showing the BELLOWING CHIMP much?

Which of these adjectives best describe Limbaugh?

Tweety not letting filthy PUKES get away with lying about Kerry

George Allen hearts Daily Kos (warning, Allen press release)

Jonathan Alter JUST LIED on Tweety - Kerry NEVER offered McCain VP spot

Dems Maintain Money Edge in Closing Days of Senate Campaign

Know why the Republicans are so desperate?

Kerry's new "in your face" tough stance is exactly what is needed

Lynn Cheney: 2008 Presidential Candidate?

"Pickin' out the drapes." Man, I didn't realize that was such a

How I'd deal with the Kerry flap...

The most important weapon we have in winning the war on terror is....

I'm concerned and worried

* says Kerry is shame & insulting but was actually talking about his presidency

is anyone listening to AIR AMERICA right now?

Take Heed of Where Republican Desperation is Leading

HEY DU Administrator's and Such.....How About...Malloy

My only question regarding next Tuesday is .....

Anyone Catch The "Bush Impersonator" On Larry King???

This morning Fox News "accidentally" called him "Michael J. MOORE"

Stark is pressing charges

Anyone have transcript of Kerry saying "McCain should ask Bush to apologize"

Who else is bored with blowhards "demanding apologies"?

Rude gop'er can't take a joke

How envious and jealous is Joe Scarborough of Stewart and Colbert?

Hey, I'm a Democrat and I'd like an apology from Bush for saying I want

Who saw the Daily Show last night, and what did you think? I'm

I want an apology from Chris Wallace for not honoring my

Sen. George Allen should be asked at every appearance about why he didn't

Malloy is ON THE AIR RIGHT NOW! Oh my gosh, he is on fire!!!

Elko prepares for Bush (ticket/photo ID required)

Just checked out the AOL poll...where Bush says "Polls are all wrong..."

In some ways this Election is about both Kerry and Gore...but is it wise

Lou Dobbs: Our country is becoming a banana republic

San Diego ROV says that absentee voters voted on touch screens!


Smell that putrid stench coming from your right? It's called DESPERATION

Best retort to Kerry smear....that I have heard yet:

Any chance Lamont could pull an upset?


Final proof positive that Kerry handled things correctly today >>>

To all those cry baby republicans who expect apologies every time

Whora O'Donnell: "How do you respond to being called a Defeatocrat?"

If Kerry mis-spoke today...does he have written notes he could show us?

ABC News: Did Kerry Hand Republicans a November gift?


Ladies and Gentlemen it's all the media

Is the GOP unintentionally gay?

Local Fox Affiliate Poll: Ford Jr. / Corker

O'Lielly Demands Apology from Letterman for Saying Billo's a Liar

"AP Poll: GOP Outreach to Blacks Falters"

Montel Williams speaks out... defends MJF

HEY, AMERICA! If Kerry's words taken out of context are what get you to vote

Mike Stark--same guy behind "Hannity sucks ass" sign...

it's halloween - coulter on cnbc now

Dam it! Kerry is not the issue here! The issue is standing up to Bush!

Its not about Kerry its about this

Donate to Alia Ansari memorial fund.

Totally non-political post if you need a laugh, or just a break

where was the outrage for Ann Coulter's poisoning Justice Stevens "joke"?

less than 3 hours left for october surprise here in the eastern

Thanks Tweety

Mike Malloy is back - NovaM Radio - get the word out

Is waterboarding torture? Watch this video and decide.

Kerry should apologize!!

ROFL - Caption this pic of Frist

Basically The Republican Party Is A Coalition Of Assorted Assholes


"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."

It's Iraq. Every one is talking about Iraq. The RW hysteria will backfire

Ok Jon is now on at 9 and Stephen at 9:30 (rerun from last night)

After the first few min of Kerry-steria with Gergen and Sullivan, back on message -

Head of polling for SurveyUSA is revealed... he's a FREEPER

So did Kerry set the bastards up with his little "joke" today, or WHAT?

Bush is in his last THROES

There's Only ONE Thing Left That An R Can Say If He Wants To Win On Tuesday

OMG! This country is being run like a CORPORATION!!!

Interesting morsel buried in new NBC-WSJ Poll...

Republicans Can Say Whatever They Want. Democrats Shut Up.

Rumsfeld OKs increase in Iraqi forces

Just one more news cycle.

Hey! The goodness-quotient in the world just increased! PW Botha died!


19% of voters have developed a MORE favorable view of the GOP over the past few weeks

Should Bush apologize for making a mockery of the troops when he said:

"Members of the United States military are plenty smart"

My 2 wishes for next Tuesday!! (What are yours?)

Kerry's got the spotlight now. He should use it with a presser tomorrow.

Maybe Kerry should do a prime time interview. He could then explain

Transcript please of ORIGINAL Kerry remarks that caused this?

Full list of AAR boycott companies here

Want to blunt the effects of the Kerry hysteria?

Which of these Air America blacklisters run ads during reich wing programming?

HELP! firefox will not allow videos anymore!!! how to fix?

The Daily Show's on; anyone watching? I will.

For THIS the GOP should be rewarded? (A Late Night RANT)

Kerry Story Will Be Dead by Thurs.

Malloy is reading "Telltale heart"! nt

FBI Releases its 2005 Statistics on Hate Crime

CNN Poll - Should John Kerry apologize for his 'stuck in Iraq' remarks?

Men's testosterone levels declined in last 20 years (see, lefties made us sissies)

Kerry is being swiftboated and the Dems are falling for it

I think I've figured out why you American Dems keep losing

Kerry matter: Give them enough rope to hang themselves....

Are there any videos up yet of Kerry's press conference today?

Schlesinger on Lieberman's petty cash slush fund: "It's gotta be street money"

Has everyone DU'd this AOL poll on *'s chances on Tuesday?

Law Enforcement for white people/black people

The bottom line on the Kerry thing

Candy Crowley can never, ever

Kerry should apologize,

Here's CNN's version of the Allen thugs assault on a constituent

The Kerry thing is ridiculous

The reason Republicans praise our troops and America.

Smirky's trick (photo)


Think you're still in Kansas? Guess again!

BBC: Wedding convoy in Iraq bombed, 15 dead, including 4 kids

Well, there is an October surprise after all.

Calling HALLIBURTON! Iraq says it needs $100 Billion to rebuild

Our Troops? Jesus Christ!

Petty, thin-skinned Bush

16 Candles For Soldiers

"Sweets for my sweets!" Karl tells the press

Only ONE MORE HOUR left for October Surprise. LET'S START MEASURNG THE DRAPES!!!

explosion in colorado!

ABC Poll - Was Kerry Troop Bashing - PLEASE HELP

ABC Poll: Should Kerry Apologize? (being freeped)

John Fucking McCain shut down any momentum Kerry could have gained

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: Baghdad is under siege

Sharpton to black churches: Focus on poverty & education, not gay marriage!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Halloween!!

Garrison Keillor does it again!

Cheney Accuses Democrats Of Trying To Influence US Elections

One person's tale of vote suppression

I just bought "Confessions of a Economic Hit Man" and after just

Abramoff pal highlights Burns staff’s handouts, Burns controlled by Abramoff

Did Bush's grandfather ever say he was sorry for helping Hitler

NEW Video Of George Allen Supporters Assaulting Questioner

Iowa candidate asks Kerry to cancel campaign visit

Can you picture Kerry coming back at Bush with this:

Kerry didn't disparage the troops. GWB did.

Does anyone on DU realize why many of us say Kerry shouldn't run for Prez again?

The study showed the poor and middle class are fighting in Iraq

This must be the news the RW hysteria was designed to drown out:

Bush is going to be on the Rush Limbaugh show tomorrow, attacking Kerry

Fan chunks drink at Babs (Streisand) during Bush skit

Kerry should have apologized for the Gaffe

Google Alert - haliburton detention centers

Well, well, well - isn't this a cute Republican trick? (TX-22, DeLay "country")

We only have 7 days til election day

Talk about 'insulting and shameful'...remember this jolly Bush quip?

Poll: McCaskill PULLS AHEAD in TWO new polls in Missouri! DEM MOMENTUM APPARENT

President Ronald Regan Communist China

Another great episode of Boston Legal

Rep Sweeney smacked around his wife-911 call from 12/2005

WOW! Had no idea the freepers shared only one brain: On measuring for drapes

Viet Nam Vet At Memorial In The Park Said The Same Thing Kerry Did

This Isn't 2004, Kerry's Spin Isn't Gospel

The Saints Are Coming- Pictures

Should Bush Apologize to all the families of the dead in New Orleans?

Oh NO!! A Democrat demonstrated Strength!. . .

Uncle Sam (GOP theocrats) says no sex until you're 30

What liberals could learn from Bugs Bunny

"When did you start beating your wife sir?" (r)


Trick or Treat

Bush lobbed a softball and Senator Kerry slammed it into orbit.

I got your back, J.K.!

Let me tell you how DU pisses me off!

KO will put it all in context, coming up RAT NOW

"Concertgoer Throws Drink at Streisand" these people are so out-of-touch-with-reality!

My email to Lou Dobbs, regarding his slander of Kerry

Happy Halloween DU! From Columbus, OH ... Clintonville Area

facing the real enemy: FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, & DOUBT.

Hey, bush, you know what's REALLY disrespecful to soldiers?

Markos has some words for those who are afraid of their shadows....

Baghdad is under siege


DISTRACTION: We were busy whining about JK, AND WE LOST IRAQ TODAY

Let's Pick Out Some Drapes!

Top Twenty Iraq Oversight Outrages.. Halliburton is going down!

Anyone see the plastic surgery nightmare on Lou Dobbs

An old hippy friend of mine just told me he's now an O'Reilly fan


As a veteran, I'd not be offended if he HAD been talking about the troops!

"Keith's numbers are quite literally going through the roof"

Kerry Fucked Up

Assault Charges to be Filed Against Allen Staffers

So, I wrote an article and pissed off a Repbulican...

UN says Scotland is the most violent country in the "developed" world.

'Bolshevik' union gave area a scare

Republican incumbent Sue Kelly runs From camera.

George Bush's Comma in History

Awesome Colorado Ad - Amendment 43: The Ultimate Diversion

VOTE TAMPERING (campaign ad)

Twilight Zone--Detainee Suggestion Vid?

The origin of Big McLargeHuge

A word from President JFK

Mister President... Who owes the troops an apology?

Ken Mehlman: Just not straight with America

The Truth about Osama bin Laden and Iraq - Wes Clark...


John the Revelator - Independent Video

Down to the Wire: Remember Texas?

Dems: Use Kerry Slander to Shift Focus to Iraq!

U.S. Soldier Murdered By Iraqi Police -Then covered up by US.

Don't look now, but Blackwell's within 7.5 pts of Strickland.

BALTIMORE service union mobilizing Hispanics to the polls

Lou Dobbs, voting machines segment

Unions across the globe support 5,300 striking cleaners in America's fourth largest city

For those who missed Real Time last week her are transcripts:

Sooo Saddams Verdict Will Be read on Nov 5th?

Diebold is screaming to HBO to pull the documentary about their voting machines??

John Kerry or george bush

take a snapshot of polls on Monday.

Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

Olbermann NAILS it: "Whatever he said, they're still talking about Iraq..."

Doc Hollywood on Hallmark Channel starting now for all you MJ Fox

What's in our window:

Bush: 'Take a pencil' to vote for Shelley

Where is the full Kerry response?

Dr. Howard Dean has a message

beating a dead horse. or elephant, as the case may be.

Freepers are cutting & running from Fox News.

My special message to Karen Tumulty, Time Magazine: Go fuck yourself.

Political Futures and Polling Website

I sure hope that everyone is watching Olbermann !!

John Kerry and the lesson of Jessica Lynch...

Trick or Treat

A real THANK YOU to Mr. Kerry for saying this:

It just seems those R's can't keep their hands to themselves

RW response to Kerry's' comment

Mike Malloy on Nova M Radio

Isn't the silver lining no more talk of "Kerry 2008"?

Thanks, Mike Malloy, for saying it!

Mike Stark presses charges

Kerry Statements vs REAL Iraq News of the Day

Better they're going after Kerry in homestretch than any of the candidates

The real story is American troops forced to retreat from Sadr City

What pundits have been ripping the Kerry comment and who

CNN,FOX and MSNBC get burned on this Kerry story

According to RCP we will take the senate's top story (with photo)

Democrats wait in the wings with subpoenas - Washington Times

After watching FL Governors debate, I feel bad for the voters

Dutch government scraps plans to use voting computers

Howie Howie, He's Our Man. We're Doin' it Now Cuz He Said We Can!

Why Republican attacks on Kerry won't work!!!

Get your shameless new John Kerry thread here!!

TX politics: Abbott vs. our candidate Van Os:

Hey Tennessee and Missouri! (Directed to the misguided in those states, not here)

An Appropriate Apology (i.e. the One We'll NEVER Hear)

The strange world of Curt Weldon, Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Politics right now is TOTALLY like Rocky IV! :)

Washington Post has a devastating editorial on Allen

David Gergen on AC360 says don't keep on Kerry

In Florida, Katherine Harris' Campaign Goes South (Hilarious read!)

Please DU this AOL poll on the mid-terms

Bush Too Dumb To Understand That Kerry Was Talking About Him

Only 90 minutes left for Blacks Against Blackwell Present... Please DU it!

Go to Republican Campaign Event -- Get Mugged

Congresswoman Sanchez (D-CA) denied boarding under "no fly" list

A fat, stupid woman is on

Kerry KISS

What Am I Not Getting re: Kerry?

Thanks Mr. Kerry

Wes Clark and Micheal J. Fox with Jim Webb this Thursday

John Sweeney's wife called the cops because her hubby was "knocking her around"

Dean in Michigan Friday for Jim Marcinkowski's campaign.

supposedly a scientific discovery from Russia -- 'whipping cures depression'


Laura Bush/Michael J. Fox: ‘It’s Always Easy To Manipulate People’s Feelings’

Killing the Middle Class; How...To Create Peons By Thom Hartmann

No Nikon for a Cuban boy (by US corporate edict).

Midterm Elections 2006: It's Always Darkest, Right Before ... It Goes Completely Black

The Dollar's Full System Meltdown By Mike Whitney

"Strength Sells. Show Some" - this is EXCELLENT. check it out.

If You Are Against The War, Take This Quiz

Study: Fat, boozing mice stay healthy

Pelosi's Unintelligent Choice

Army journal cites problems with Iraqis (AP)

Is Fake News Neccessary? Rolling Stone by Melissa Lafsky

Bush: Rummy, Cheney must stay til the end...

Rev. Sharpton Faults Christian Right on Issues By KEN KUSMER - AP

For Santorum, a perfect storm (Santorum for President?)

In a Tense Election Year, Push Polls Flourish by Paul Kiel

Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos by MICHAEL R. GORDON

An Untimely Voter Purge - New York Times Editorial

College Aid Cutbacks (Pell Grants) - NYTimes Editorial


America the Temporary (Mickey Z.)

Bill Moyers: America 101 (an indictment of educational inequality)

Gazette Opinion: Tester would bring welcome change in U.S. Senate

Bush's Nostalgia (how the Kerry squabble may hurt the GOP)

Docu: Hacking Democracy

(Former) Intel's Grove wants to "Shift Left"

I Suddenly Hear Wolves Howling In The Distance (Mogambo)

'Rapturennomics ...Bush regularly consults preachers and churchmen'

Bush twins caught on tape in tryst with great dane! Watersports

Howard Kurtz on Lamont-- Lieberman Contest

Will a shocking new GOP court victory and Karl Rove's attack on Ohio 2006 Doom the Democrats nationw

INDEPENDENT: Republican stronghold in California at risk as environmentalists go on the attack

Cook's latest updates

NY Newsday Endorses Mejias Over King (NY-03)

An Open Letter to Congresswoman Pelosi By Walter Uhler

Dubai firm, rebuffed by U.S., looks at Halifax

Gene Lyons on our 2 party system

No-Win Election for Women/Need for a Real Alternative

Staying the Course Until What? Jane Smiley HuffPost

Boy Genius or Turd Blossom? By Howard Kurtz --WaPost

Unlike the Other Time Evil Wrought Havoc on America-- There will be No Romanticizing the Story

No Democratic Party "Win" Next Week By Rob Kall

US diplomat: After 46 years of failure, we must change course on Cuba

"a little silly" (Torture Arguments & Cheney)


Wouldn’t a Real "Moderate Republican" be a Democrat?

The Enlightenment of Resistance (Manuel Valenzuela)

Reality check: 1995 article predicts the solar future by 2005.

Sharp Expands Solar Cell Production Capacity to 600 MW Per Year

EU approves France's intention to build a new reactor, one of the world's largest.

W. Virginia's Mine Safety Agency Uncertain If Thousands Of Air Packs Will Work

Biocrude? Algae-to-oil project aims to deliver

NDP Threatens No-Confidence Move Unless Harper Alters Climate "Plan" - G&M

Wood McKinzie/Fubro Robertson Report - Arctic Reserves Can Never Replace OPEC

Scientists detail desert solar power

Dawn of the "Solar Salon" in US Living Rooms

China - 1,000 Lakes Gone In Past 50 Yrs - 75% Of Natural Lakes Algae-Polluted - Xinhua

MSNBC picks up on MIT's Ethanol injection system - 20% to 30% better mileage using less ethanol!!!

Panda Ethanol to Build 100 MGPY Manure-Fueled Ethanol Plant - it's 4th poop fueled plant.

Vietnam May Become Net Coal Importer By 2015

Slovenia announces intention to build a second nuclear power plant.

Vietnam commences training for nuclear power plant operators.

UAE Announces Cuts Of 100,000 Barrels/Day In Oil Production - AFP

Dr. David Tilman on Ethanol and Biodiesel (Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci.) & more

Scientists Validate Nenana Ice Classic As Climate Indicator For Central Alaska - ADN

Cascade Glaciers Melting Faster - Blue Glacier (WA) Losing 65' Of Height Annually

Scientist - Large Coral Species Disappearing From Jamaica, Virgin Islands

Aussie Climate Leadership - CSIRO Cuts Funding, Coal Spending 2X That For Renewables

EPA closing down research facilities

Groups Defend Clinton-Era Air Program (coal-fired pollution controls) - AP

Science: Ethanol Critic David Pimentel On the Need to Defeat Bush.

20,000 Evacuate China Ammonia Gas Leak

Prudhoe Bay - 5,476 Problem Areas In 3 Miles Of Pipeline, BP Tests Show - ADN

The approaching storm (Stern Report, The Guardian UK)

Solar to become top alternative energy, author says

Europe set for biodiesel boom - Goldman Sachs

Elecnor to Proceed with 20 Megawatt Photovoltaic Project (Spain)

Israel fighter jets stage mock raids over Beirut (Houston Chronicle)

PA paper: Jews fan flames of evil

Israel launches major Gaza raid (BBC)

IN OTHER NEWS: "US: Iran, Syria plotting against Beirut"

Breaking News: Hezbollah demands new government

9/11 five years later

Did bush ever apologize for ALLOWING 9-11 to happen without warning us?

Noam Chomsky shoots down 9/11 conspiracy.

The jig is up.

Election Justice Newsletter

FRESH AIR doing Voting/Election Issues today.

I need some help with sources for video I am doing

Hamiliton Co Ohio Absentee Problems

Proof that Kerry was ahead in the polls?

PROOF that we CAN make a difference!!

It says "Democrat Party" on my Challenger Pass

Rep Sweeney smacked around his wife-911 call from 12/2005

Fan chunks drink at Babs (Streisand) during Bush skit

Police Stun Gun Kills Teen With Bible

Will a shocking new GOP court victory and Karl Rove's attack on Ohio 2006 Doom the Democrats nationw

Media continues to insist that Kerry apologize

Man arrested for Calif. arson fires

AP: Traffic Briefly Blocked Near White House (false bomb threat)

Many casualties in Baghdad blast

U.S. envoy says Northwest Passage is international territory

Fight for (Ne) 3rd District intensifies (DCCC kicks in $100,000 for Kleeb)

CNN: Federal observers and monitors heading to polls

Appeals court hears McDermott taped-call dispute

Rangel Says No Animosity to (off-color comment about) Cheney

Campaigner in Chief Has Limited Reach

Blow Up: Lawmakers in Coke & Hash scandal (Italy)

GOP launches 'robocall' campaign attack

Court blocks ruling on tobacco industry

Reuters: Iran may limit work with IAEA if sanctions imposed

Reuters: Iraqi data suggests civilian deaths still rising (officially 1289 in October)

Iran to Pay Incentives to Attract Tourists (ROFL $20 for Americans

(WSJ Poll) Bush Gains Ground on Economy, But Iraq Still Tops Voters' Agenda

US Iraq death toll was 104 in October

DW: Torrential rain kills 25 in Turkey

DW: Bundeswehr suspends four more troops

Gazette Opinion: Tester would bring welcome change in U.S. Senate

NY Newsday Endorses Mejias Over King (NY-03)

Enron settles suit over Kenneth Lay's life insurance policy

BBC: Oil platform adrift in North Sea

Nevada's rural voters hold key to election (election theft predicted)

Elections board to use computers to watch polls (OH)

BBC: Microsoft considers China policy

White House wants Kerry to apologize

BBC: Ugandan LRA rebels sign new truce

Depleted uranium risk 'ignored'

NYT: U.S. Central Command Charts Sharp Movement of Iraq Civil Conflict Toward Chaos

BBC: Fears grow of Fiji military coup

Iraq state TV accuses US of releasing 'terrorist'

who is the lady reporter nailing Snow on Iraq reaching point of chaos?

Saddam will die or return to the presidency: defence lawyer

reporter nailed Snow for calling Howard Dean "Howard Hughes"

Tony "snowjob" on CNN now digging himself a hole...

"Iraq violence 'linked to US vote' (says Dick Cheney)

LAT/AP: At least 10 shot in San Francisco Halloween melee

PA: Rendell widens lead over Swann in 2 polls

2 polls show Casey continues lead over Santorum

US issues Lebanon 'plot' warning

Chicago Tribune/AP: Liberal network Air America Radio in talks about sale

McCain to Kerry: Apologize to Troops

Rumsfeld OKs Increase in Iraqi Forces

Fla. lawmaker quits after racial slur (yup another repub bites the dust)

Breaking News: Hezbollah demands new government

BBC: China overturns activist sentence

Democrats Smell Victory In DeLay’s Old District

Gunmen kidnap Iraqi coach for blind

Israel fighter jets stage mock raids over Beirut (Houston Chronicle)

Guantanamo strikers' force-feeding adapted to Ramadan

Excerpts from the Vice President’s remarks in Montana this evening (attacks Kerry)

Fla. lawmaker quits after racial slur

Two more accused in liquid explosives plot walk free today

MIT survey: Climate change tops Americans' environmental concerns

UK: Murder probe as five die in fire (father responsible? Other child has leukemia )

Baghdad is under siege

Bush says Expects Rumsfeld to Stay Defense Secretary

Bush on Limbaugh's Show---Shocking Transcript

Iran, Syria Plot to `Topple' Lebanon's Leadership, U.S. Says

I am sick of crybaby Republicans

CNN radio news: Foley to stay in rehab a bit longer

Prensa Latina: Not Enough Troops to Fight Taliban

Interior chief cites progress on water deal with Mexico

Iraqi Demands Pullback; U.S. Lifts Baghdad Cordon (NYT)

Iraq Tells U.S. to Quit Checkpoints

Michigan GOP to sue Dems to stop spending donations

British Court Frees Airline Plot Suspects

Kerry apologizes for "botched" Iraq joke

Now you can sort discussion topics in the DU forums by START TIME or LAST REPLY.

CNN: After remark, Kerry curtails campaigning for Democrats

Fla. Lawmaker (R) Quits Over Racial Slur

Saudi study calls Iraq 'lost battle'

An Administration Ally Goes Off-Message (Perle: administration "dysfunctional")

Many Americans (42%) Not 'Absolutely Certain' Of God

LAT: More than ever, insurgents are targeting U.S. forces

Iceland rapped over whale hunting (by 25 nations)

Russia defends sale of missiles to Iran

Army journal cites problems with Iraqis (in military training)

Bush campaigns for Republicans in rural Georgia, find lots of empty seats

US manufacturing sputters as housing slump spreads (Recession Coming)


Kerry cancels Mankato appearance

AP: U.S. concerned about possible attempt to topple Lebanese government

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 1

Assault Charges Filed Against Allen Staffers

Kurdish Commander Wants Permanent U.S. Base in Northern Iraq

Bush reiterates US winning in Iraq

Iran to start "extensive" military maneuvers in Gulf Thursday

State Dept vetted speakers for criticism of Bush Adminstration

NYT/AP: National Republican Campaign Committee Launches Automated Calls

Clinton: Kerry's remarks inappropriate; Dems can't be distracted

Kroll pulls security teams out of Iraq

Treasury says it will borrow $32 billion

US dismisses leaked Iraq chaos report

Harris claims 2 debate foes: Nelson, media

Bush: Rumsfeld, Cheney must stay til end

Florida ballot terminals favor Republicans

President to stump Sunday in Nebraska's 3rd District (Dem Kleeb now in a horse race WOW)

Fla. State Attorney to Probe Coulter's Alleged Voting Violation

Bush plans post-election push on Social Security

Grandmother forced out of polling center

Kerry Cancels Casey Event

U.S. Economy Wrecks Housing-- Forbes

White House defends lifting of Iraq checkpoints

Lamont narrows Lieberman's lead in poll

Rumsfeld: Enemy in Iraq 'Manipulating' the U.S. Press

Bomb explodes at eBay PayPal Headquarters in (San Jose)

China saving too much money: Bush

Dean defends Kerry, attacks Bush during home-state swing

Bechtel ends Iraq rebuilding after a rough 3 years

Ford asks Kerry to apologize

American Legion to Sen. Kerry: Apologize Now

Halliburton Agrees to Extend SEC Probe

Kerry Apologizes for Remark About Troops

Congressman's wife called police (John Sweeney - R, NY-20)

E&P: Revealed: U.S. Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques

A Question About The Levitra TV Commercial

For Beatles Fans: Funny "anthology" like send up

Bibaby, are you still up?

So I snagged a free pass for an advance screening of Borat tomorrow.

Anyone seen Carson Daly's new show?

Our young friend is turning 16. We need advice.

Everytime you post a John Kerry thread...

Scariest Halloween photo of the night.

You're never too old for free candy

13 kids

Who likes games?

No, I will not go see Saw III

recommend a good peter sellers movie to me

lastest sign of the end times: Radio_Lady had a thread locked!!!

I've had two boxing undergarments -- LOVE IT

What is Love?

So how many children dressed up in too-racy-for-real-life outfits?

Laura stays, but Barney is out. Rush steps in for access to

LTTE, re: campaign website

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes and Duddddddddddddddetttes

Hey! Hey! Van Halen! Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees!!!

Um, the Apple iTunes store is in Japanese all of a sudden...

I got a rock for Halloween.

That Borat commercial ... live from Maryland.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It - Bob Barker Retiring After

What popular restaurants have you not eaten at?

Coffee must have coffee...who's awake at this gawd forsaken hour

Dating an Ex-Cutter

You need to use less cologne, man!

What do you call a Republican in a suit?

HELP! Another phrase for presumption of common belief.


Were you cool in school? Are you cool now? Take the test.

Drunk Dad Has 7-Year-Old Drive Car For Him

This "Howard Hannah" candidate seems to have a lock on the election

Fun with the newspeople

Hey! For all you fans of Antiflag...

I love Olive Garden

Bible gets poor reviews

Anyone elses kid get bible tracts with the candy?

Milli Vanilli (YouTube Videos)

Did I hear something about Obama and past drug use...

The Lounge threads and their "Views" to "Replies" ratio

Warning: aviod VD today

Our best Halloween trick

Girl Scouts Suing Parents For Not Paying Cookie Bills

Start Packing You Sons-of-Bitches. I Just Voted.

Today's DU Lounge Word Of The Day Is: Brobdingnagian

Loves: Lost, Stolen, what's your horror story?

So what would a DU wedding look like exactly?

Enough of the "Enough of the "enough of the Kerry Posts" Posts already!"

Spin Wonder Woman, spin!!

"Superman Returns" is coming out on DVD 11/28. Should I buy it?

I hid 25 threads in GD and now I am giving up.

Favorite Halloween moment:

Student Cuases Stir When He Wears Hitler Costume To School

Introducing my new girlfriend...

two "huge deformed penises"

My fucking fantastic Halloween costume.

GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lesbian tried to recruit me!

Maria Sharapova was serving me fresh donuts

Let Us Now Praise Albert Collins

A thespian tried to recruit me!

I really don't like Samantha Bee. Is something wrong with me? nt

Spooky Halloween story

Enough of the "enough of the Kerry Posts" Posts already!

So, what threads on DU have had the least views?

Remember Prime Minister Poutine of Canada?

Why can't this ever happen to me?

This is for MrsGrumpy

Nieces and nephews are wonderful!

What if a straight person tried to recruit me?

You know what I hate????

I never thought I would miss all the smoking threads in GD...

!!!!! I got praised at O'Reilly!

Need input!!! IKEA: who has shopped there? are the cabinets OK

Tomorrow's the big interview....any and all good vibes appreciated!!!

Anyone take Alpha Lipoic acid pills? I'm curious to know your experience

Which do you prefer?

What do you do when someone steals your UPS shipment?

Complete this: "I feel _____________ "

Wallets: Lost, Stolen, what's your horror story?

My Little Vampire.

DU artists: post your work

Look...about this whole Kerry thing...


Warning: aviod GD today

Awwww. A mama cat and her three kitties! (pics)

Can you remember your first best friend's name?

OK-Was walking to son's house-tripped & fell-knee now like a balloon

I hate everything and everybody

A Time to Remember those we loved and lost this year


Do NOT look at this thread

I wanna be berated

Anybody dress for Halloween yesterday? If so, what/who were you?

"Curry" !!!!

The first sentence from my novel:

I just saw Tony Soprano on the street!

FEAR FACTOR - What gives you the creeps?

Replace any word in a movie title with "John Kerry"


Who is releasing a new album...

What is Hope?

Chick Track now available for the African American Community

I-295 prank leads to lawyer's arrest

Elad, your a brave, brave man.

Can't decide, need help

Wednesday, November 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Congratulations Revolutionary_Acts04! 26,000 posts!!

George Bush eats at Stamey's Barbecue

Teresa Heinz-Kerry !!!

I don't know if I like this new "number of views" column

This is what we'll do to those fat bastids on Tuesday!

I just Butterflied my first chicken

All your Kerry (threads) are belong to us!

ATTN Los Angeles DUers - I've got a free pass for 2 to a Borat screening tonight

I wanna be sedated

John Kerry eats at the Olive Garden

Teresa Heinz-Ketchup !!

Yo mama eats at Cracker Barrel...

"Carrie" !!!!

What should BOSSHOG have for lunch in the Quarter


guess where John Kerry eats after hes done shopping at Walmart?

Now this is taking voyeurism to a new high!

"Religion is a bunch of unoriginal derivative bullshit."

Why is it a shock that lots of Kerry media coverage elicits many Kerry threads?

Congratulations TahitiNut!! 40,000 posts

My granddaughter had advertisements in her trick or treat bag

I figured out a new and inventive way to get a date!

I wanna be rich (poignant, lyrics-filled copycat)

WilliamPitt Stop It !!! Or I Will Have to SPANK YOU!!!

I wanna be castrated (lame copycat)

WilliamPitt is a bad BAD man.

John Kerry is a smoking meat eater

I'm going to slam the telephone against the wall

Crap, My FreeRepublic Posting Privs Were Revoked

Senate Votes to Give Social Security to "Illegal" Aliens

Phantom of the Opera video

ICANN Warns Non-English Web Addresses Could BREAK THE INTERNET

Today in history 11-01

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

The Cartoon Character That Best Represents Me Is _______

Of all the John Kerry threads in all the GD...

What other Websites are part of your daily WWW rounds...

Local talk radio guy (Houston) just read my email on the air...

Have any of you taken part in - Frontline/World last night

Look I don't know what everyone else thinks about Harrison Ford...

I can't even get my 'Views' count into double digits (On edit: boobs)

Who says GD isn't fun these days?

Okay okay Senator KERRY is briefing Bush...

Just finished watching an episode of Star Trek DS9 and I have this ?

A lesbian recruited me.

Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy

Death by Caffeine

I have given my new car a name!

I'm going to the quarter tomorrow, What should I have for lunch?

I've had two boxing classes -- LOVE IT

I could while away the hours

Is it really necessary to shred credit card applications?

Did I take advantage of this situation?

Man Sneaks Into Home, Licks Woman's Toe - Chased By Husband

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/1/06)

Sweet, I have been accepted to the new apartment

What is a "Carolina Joe" look?

Study: Large Quantities Of Red Wine Help Fat Mice Live Longer

So my cat apparently swallowed an orange ......... launch the Oasis stopclock

What do Freepers write after lurking on DU?

A little afternoon humor (not a Brazilian joke)

I wanna be recruited

Dupe sorry self delete

Please post your favorite Bush/Chimp photos here!

Woohoo! I'm healthy again.

Don't tell anyone, but I think I just figured out that there's another new feature we've been given.

Only 54?

John Kerry is apologizing to George Bush and says..


I swear my hot dog wilted today...

A thespian recruited me.

Gary Numan kicks ass!

My inner thighs are twitching.

Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry

I have finally created a Myspace page

What's your union?

Now you can sort discussion topics in the DU forums by START TIME or LAST REPLY.

NINI!!!!111 DON'T DO IT!!!!!111 MY GAWD WOMAN!!!!111

Have you ever purchased or do you own a piece of jewelry worth $1,000 or more?

Many Americans Not 'Absolutely Certain' Of God

Many Americans (42%) Not 'Absolutely Certain' Of God

The last straw - Focus and friends pushing Jewish leaders’ patience

A lot of people say a lot of things about God. How can we tell who is right?

Wine Ingredient May Nix Fat's Effects

Music may ease symptoms of schizophrenia

Major Study Backs Acupuncture

Buckyballs with a Surprise

Jupiter Ahoy! {New Horizons probe, launched in Jan, returns first pix of Jupiter}

Latter Days (in parts on youtube get it while you can!!!)

Robinson Rejects Romney's Call for Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Focus On The Family Protest?

Dobson e-mail painful: Letter on gays stirs unsettling memories for Perlmutter staffer

three cheers for Tony Romo

Liakhovich vs Briggs (11-4 on ShowTime)

Dwyane Wade

Time For Some N B A ..... P R E D I C T I O N S

2.2 million Goddess believers in U.S.?

Whoa: Thoughts anyone?!?!

November Light, Healing, and Prayer Request Thread

Fuck Harold Ford.

The best AP article about the non story


Oh BTW fuck Levin too


Kerry's going to be on Wolf Blitzer tonight.

Harry Reid Statement - WOW

Kerry statement on CNN - Very good

Vote yet?

Preview of Olbermann's Special Comment tonight:

I am pissed. My daughter's car with the Kerry bumper stickers on

More courage from other Democrats.

Follow Up Post at Liberal Values

Stress the FACTS - Kerry IS sorry his remarks were MISINTERPRETED just

JK, Uncle Ted and Deval getting good press

Stepping out for a while

Gah, GD's worse today than yesterday!

105, OMG, it's 105

Please applaud this GREAT DU member for his amazing work.

I'm okay with Webb's response -- neither defends nor condemns

Fedup -- I need your assistance on Raising Kaine

Maxine Waters chimes in

Even some Republicans defend Kerry

Matt Stoller chides Dems for fleeing from JK

Oh my, KOS again defends Kerry

Wing nuts on the Dem Daily


A preview of coming attractions.

Good post by Andrew Sullivan

Sen Kerry on Imus now n/t

John Kerry doesn't know me from a bag of beans, but I consider

There's so much bullshit out on GD and GD-Politics

I think I will stay in here from now on

Reality slap upside the head from the NYTimes today

Elias's post deserves its own thread

What happened to Kerry's campaign events for the rest of the week.

Carville defends Kerry.

Heard on the news this morning - Kerry cancelled his events for a couple of days

My letter to the NYT...

Don't you just love it

Halloween Faeries

Picnic at Town Lake (11 pics)

"Kerry called them stupid ...

The Bottom Line Re : Kerry's Remarks...

George Bush should apologize for this remark.

Who is writing the copy for AAR news now?

One question, about after we win...

Will media call Bush on his hypocrisy for cozying up to Rush tomorrow?

So, I was at work... "Decades"

The "circular firing squad" that forms itself every once in a while is

ABC Kerry "troop bashing" POLL Needs bigtime DU HELP

You won't believe who George Allen's goons attacked

Hey FREEPTARDS....This one's for you

NOTE: Kerry Is Not the Issue. It's . . .

Do we have the video/text of Kerry saying the joke correctly?

Will Flounder (Hastert) help pick out the drapes?

Haven't seen this posted: Mike Stark is pressing charges on George Allen

DU this AOL poll about John Kerry

Dear Fweepers, We Interrupt Your Collective Orgasm

Is the full story of the ammo dump explosion under wraps until Nov. 8?

NV R governor candidate sex assault: Let's go to the videotape

Well we've had out October Surprise.

Our lead is NOT TENUOUS. Grow a friggin backbone DU!!!!!! (Kerry)

VIDEOS: Clint Curtis v. Tom Feeney Side-by-Side, You Decide...

Quit attacking Kerry. We have 1 week left to elections

Question: This $500 per child tax increase, how did that come about?

Let's switch gears; this is a lovely article: The Bright Side Of Repudiation

BRAD BLOG: Diebold's Hiliariously Fumbled Attempt to Stop HBO Documentary!

Fellow Dems. Lets not let this Kerry thing distract....

What's the difference between John Kerry and Mark Foley?

Media continues to insist that Kerry apologize

When does Clinton get his Nobel Peace Prize?

Cheney Flunked Out of Yale Twice & Bush Got Gentleman's C's >>>

Um, Can BushCo APOLOGIZE For Killing Half A Million People

The sky is not falling! We are going to win.

Kerry on IMUS now. He's "going back to Washington to tackle this."

Great documentary last night on local Indy TV Station about Israel and Media manipulation...

Kerry on Imus: Bringing it back to the issue - Iraq

Racist party at Johns Hopkins University

Erika show some respect, stop spamming this board.

Happy Halloween, DU!

Does Kerry smoke cigarettes?

Tonights mantra: Every second we debate Kerry's words, Rove's smile grows.

Everytime you post a John Kerry thread...

They are blaming liberals for losing the war in Iraq

Interesting: Bush and Rush

"George, read my lips. I was insulting you, not the soldiers". (just brainstorming nt)

2,816 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice in Iraq

Freepers have descended on Kerry's Blog. Maybe we should throw him some support.

(TOON) Steve Bell on President Tony and the demands for an Iraq inquiry

If all it takes is a single Kerry comment to turn this election around for the Repugs,

Families grieve as Iraq toll mounts

Why doesn't Kerry shut up and give money to candidates!? You mean like this?

Funny thought: Is JK such a threat they have someone staring at him 24/7

USA Today: Agent indicted in smuggling of Cuban ballplayers to USA

I'm sick of the "furors" Republicans stir up

Quick-Win Conflict a Quagmire for U.S.

I must have missed something

PHOTO: Wonder where being a CEO of a bankrupt airline lands you?

Repugs Seek GA House Seat by Supporting Hate Crimes

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 1 Nov 06 VOTE!

Dems Are Feeling It: The GOP Machine Can Be Beaten

Alleged al Qaeda agent Padilla claims torture

Chafee blows his "moderate" reputation out of the water

repeat after me. "The Republican-owned Iraq War."

York: Take a look at GOP 'values'

When Dems finally get some power: My top three Wish List

5th firefighter dies from injuries:

Everyone call into Rush tomorrow. Say you are a ditto head and

Kerry should have challenged the media

Polling numbers good for Dems in ARIZONA: JD Hayworth race still toss-up

Polls galore at Electoral-Vote. Senate 50-50, House 239-195

Caption Bush

Another Kerry poll to DU. It needs help.

Did Bush ever say he was sorry for taunting the Iraqis to Bring It On?

C-Span topic, Should Kerry Apologize

It will be interesting to see how the votes split on Bill Maher's Halloween costume...

Tony Snow taking calls on C SPAN.

Iran to hold military exercises next to US manoeuvres

Imus going to have on Father of Autistic child...

CNBC, 9:00 pm ET tonight: Big Brother Watching; gov teams with BigBiz to spy

MSNBC Poll: Does Bush Help Or Hurt GOP Candidates?

Santorum compares Kerry's remarks to Trent Lott's about Thurmond

Bush has been picking out the drapes since the invasion...

I really want to be on Kerry's side in this. But looking at his comments...

Take a look at the latest House polls...

Perhaps Kerry Was Just A Couple Of Years Early?

My Take On John Kerry....

It's in OUR hands!!

Zell to the Rescue! Miller leads Democratic coalition for Santorum

Help Take back Congress -- 3 AT THE BUZZER

Time to do what needs to be done - Talk about something else.

Groovin' along with the Rove and his smears? How can that feel right?


How come the bookmark option isn't there? nt

The Official RW Talk reaction to Kerry

Laura Bush on Michael J. Fox: ‘It’s Always Easy To Manipulate People’s Feelings’

Ford Down in Latest Polls in Tennessee Senate Race (FOX /CNN/Opinion Research)

Is a transcript or video of Kerry's speech with the botched joke online?

U.S. Army lists factors that are destabilizing Iraq

Google Quote of the Day:

I'm sorry but, It doesn't matter how many times Bush has screwed up.

Easy way for Kerry to defuse this stupid controversy:

Did anyone die at Camp Falcon?

One question on the Kerry incident.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Democrats With Commanding Lead, Iraq's The Reason

Graphic Representation of US CentComm's View of Impending Chaos in Iraq

I got onto the "Sammy and Army" show!

Webb and McCaskill Climbing up the Polls!

Who is Ohio State Sen. David Goodman?

Dissing the troops.....

Why did we start torturing people?

Awesome smackdown by little boy on Felix Allen....

Corker Gets Laura Bush to Spout Lie

Like the kkk, the repubs NEVER apologize

So this is what it has come down to.

Bush rallying Democrats. GOP strategist says "He should stay away"

Editorial Cartoon points out Lieberman hypocrisy

Since Kerry has told this Bush joke countless other times

Feel good poll, please share your opinion about certain evil people

So just where the hell is Mark Foley? Isn't he out of rehab now?

Should Kerry apologize?

In all the flap about JK yesterday, not too much attention was paid to Pickles

Snow: ''Bush Takes Lead In Climate Change Fight''

Question about robo-calling

Hit'em Back Harder, Harder

Kerry: Let's just shut up about it already, this is exactly what they want!

NJ is the RW's Football

A probably hopeless suggestion on how to make THIS the last JK thread...

bush doesn't insult the troops, he just MURDERS them.

Take a deep breath....relax...let it out...

What are you doing to GOTV?

Congress in a Parallel Dimension

MSRNC Kerry poll being freeped!

Callers on Sam Seder's show -- "moron line" open

We are our own worst enemies. Relax people, we're going to win big Tuesday!

On the lighter side: Town celebrates with mystery pumpkins


US Heats up Nicaragua Elections

DU this poll, physical attack by Allen campaign staff, on constituent

Bechtel pulling out of Iraq

Hopefully This Is the Final Nail in the Coffin for McCain

Something we all have to come to terms with...

De Ijzeren Driehoek / The Iron Triangle - Exposing the Carlyle Group VIDEO>>>

Tuesday's Daily Show available to watch at official site

Quiet Clay

Awesome smackdown on Felix Allen by little boy....

The media is all over Kerrys words and resoundingly silent

Suggestion to Kerry: call ONE more press conference

Congressional Medal of Honor hero used in TV ad

Robert Scheer - What Bush Has Wrought

How tall does B*sh claim to be?

Democratic Platform on Middle East (2004)

A change of heart from my Republican neighbors.

"Republican" - Who wants to be called that?

Sullivan: Bush has abandoned an American soldier

Guess what? Kerry's "blunder" has everyone talking about Iraq again.

What was the joke? I am too stupid to get it I guess.

Kerry to Imus: "Of course I’m sorry for a botched joke."

NYT,pg1: Battle Over Abortion Focuses on South Dakota Vote

Democrats Favored for Congress Amid Iraq Worries, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds

Post #666 - Anyone else smell sulfur?

No matter what happens next Tuesday we will have won

When they flee to Paraguay...

"A weapon that comes down as still as snowflakes fall upon the sod"

Check it out: Republicans on the Web coy about party affiliation

Iowa candidate asks Kerry to cancel campaign visit

Apologize for what????????

HBO page on HACKING DEMOCRACY Schedule (Eastern Time)

Is anyone listening to Sam Seder this morning...Crazy RWers are tying up the phones!

Machine shortage, confusion over ballots bring long lines, frustration in early voting

42 seats strong or leaning towards Democrats

ANOTHER reason why WH is pouncing on Kerry:

My Dear DU: thank you for taking the Kerry-bait proffered yesterday..

Kerry to Imus: 'Swiftboat stuff all over again'

House Democrats: A New Direction for America

Check out the latest addition to Wikipedia's page on Jack Abramoff

We replaced Saddam with Moqtada al-Sadr. Fucking brilliant.

Remember when * joked about WMD?

delete - dupe

CAPTION Mr. "I make little children cry"

radical Fringe toon - Wed. 11/1/06

Where the HELL is Howard Dean...??? (re: Kerry/Ford)

It Has Happened Here

Why should anyone care what John Kerry has to say?

Sen. Allen's victim of assault to sue.

Lessons Learned

Has anyone seen the MSNBC promotion of the Donkey & Elephant racing?

Iowa district 2....I'm sorry.

Some of the Republican Ads, in Florida, are just like the Kerry Joke.

DAMMIT!!! This Is What Our TVs Should Be Telling Us!!!

So, Kerry gave bush a lemon and bush made lemonade.

Did John Kerry's Comments In Pasadena Help Our Cause?

They have every right wing pin head calling Sam Seder on AAR

Republicans Outnumber Democrats Online, According to Nielsen//NetRatings

Zogby Poll: US military would like to see more diplomacy in U.S. policy

About that punchline: it seems the joke's on almost everyone. A brief rant.

10/04/06 Letter to the editor, Seattle Times

Army Specialist - Kills Self After Refusing To Be A Torturer In Iraq

George Bush accused Democrats of aiding the terrorists...

Would you ever forgive someone who spread a rumor

Scarborough: Katherine Harris thought giving Bush 2k win = Senate seat

Things GWB should apologize for!

I want Iraq news today.

The Bosses hold their rePuke Fundraiser:

Growing anger as U.S. accused of being behind Madrasa attacks....

marriage is a "sacred" relationship - "like I had, before I got divorced."

Last week the whitehouse had what I refer to as a tent revival

So, how can we regain control of the 'conversation'

I miss the old DU. The one where opinions of all stripes were valued.

105 Dead US Troops for Oct

AAR/San Francisco: Franken out, MALLOY and Hartmann IN!!

How can you "seriously consider" something that doesn't exist?


Who will apologize for 105 troops killed in Iraq in Oct. 2006?

A friend just got back from the INS.....

"How big is your p*nis?"

Kerry flop: nobody is talking about IRAQ today. Rove laughs manically

A Vote for Ford Is Really A Vote for Leahy As Chairman of the Sen. Judiciary Committee

Can you really Vote as many times as you like in FL, NJ, IL?

CNN Stuck on Deadly Month

New Govt. guidelines:No sex until you're 30!

GOP diapproval aside, Dems actually have some great candidates...

Huff Po: Republican Child Sex Scandals Proliferate (More GOP family values)

Just in case anyone anyone forgot:

NEWS *Bush in speech calls for MORE HARM to all Americans*

Had Enough? Enough of what? Open invitation....

Link to video of entire Kerry "smear" of troops (ie Bush)????

Fixed link to Clark video! Send to greatest if feel as I do.

Are you a moderate or a radical?


Please, help put this video on the Greatest Page. Thanks Bridget.

Nevada's rural voters hold key to election (election theft predicted)

C-Span1.... College Vote (11/1..8AM PST) Turn off CNN/MSRNC

How Republicans 'support' the troops'

I think I'll stay off of DU until after the election.....

Where is the CONTEXT?!

Boycott CNN! In speeches, Bush has openly bragged and joked about being a "bad student"

Iraq Orders US troops to abandon checkpoints at Sadr City

Best Halloween Costume This Year

Harold Ford says Kerry should apologize to troops

Kerry's Remarks: Here's the Question to Ask.

HELP! please DU this NV right wing poll: Should John Kerry apologize?

Many US Troops Killed In Oct Were On Extended Tours-Report

Think Lynn Cheney will SEW OUR DRAPES FOR US now that they're measured?

Diebold asks HBO to cancel e-voting documentary — HBO says "NO"

Reuters: Guantanamo strikers' force-feeding adapted to Ramadan

There can't be any stupid people in the military...

pResident ON NOW with Limbaugh

The dollar's full-system meltdown

Find the Republican

Let it simmer......


Tony "snowjob" on CNN now digging himself a hole...

As long as other Dems keep giving attention to Kerry comments

I need the picture of the little girl at her father's funeral

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Nov 1

Ok, Just SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!! Holy Fucking Shit, You MORONS!

Kerry kerfluffle post

Hey George. Can you apologize to the Iraqi people? This is your fault you know.


I just supported the troops.

Step this way! You gotta see this folks!

No apology! I trust Senator Kerry to fight!

who is the lady reporter nailing Snow on Iraq reaching point of chaos?

Hey, ya'll remember these?

reporter nailed Snow for calling Howard Dean "Howard Hughes"

just for fun: make a list of things * & crew should apologize for

Meanwhile, in Iraq - lots of pics

And now a word on our fighting men from a close advisor to Bush . . .

Iraqi leaders figting over US troops abandoning checkpoints

Mandela leads tributes to S.Africa's Botha (no, this is not from the Onion)

Pro-war Democrats running for Congress

Who in the media will put Kerry comments in perspective?

The Face of Apartheid, Frozen in Time

Fla. Lawmaker Quits Over Racial Slur

Katherine Harris is writing a book?

CT DUers...come rally with Ned tomorrow at UCONN!

Please explain to the media (like they are in first grade) Kerry meant bush...

They are interviewing Lynn Cheney on MSNBC!

Murtha: Kerry Flap ‘Just Distracting From The Real Issue, The War On The Ground’

FRESH AIR doing Voting/Election Issues today.

Rep.Murtha Interview on MSNBC Coming UP

Kerry Supporters Want to Help Fix this mess?

Well, Rove and the media have done it again!

"There's always the Army!"

First I called them morons before I didn't....

Rumsfeld Apologizes (But Not to You)

Assassins, part 2

So if Lamont wins, will we have a Pay-per-View on tv

So does this mean Repubs have the BEST sense of humor? Or none?

Voter Turnout Report From West Virginia

Dems Are Feeling It: The GOP Machine Can Be Beaten (Alternet)

Harold Ford Calls On Kerry To Apologize...

We Don't Need Accountability In Iraq

Kerry said something he didn't mean to, here's what he planned on saying.

Here's what i don't get about dems. appearing on TV.

Looking for a thread from yesterday re: John Kerry

I'll tell you, if we keep having months like last one...

I will SO enjoy listening to the repubs CRY like babies next week.

What a crock!! All the WH press corps can ask about Kerry, just like

The coming war against Iran - Part 13

Link Needed:Racial %'s in US. Prison System

Gov. Jeb Bush appointee agrees: Islam is a “hateful, frightening religion.”

Where's the video of W making fun of not finding WMDs in Iraq?

The Kerry Gaffe Will Have Zero Impact On The Election

I posted the Kerry response in the video forum

People who support the war are stupid.

One main difference between Democrats and Republicans

Seems like a good day...

Kerry made it clear he was talking about BUSH et al, not troops! So WHY is MSM...

Leaked: Cheney To Make Fun of Kerry in Remarks Today

Tester, Cardin and Ford: let them know to support Kerry

Jon Tester And Ben Cardin Join Harold Ford In Throwing Kerry Into The Pyre

Family Of Charlie Brown Creator Upset Over Flyers by NRCC against Charlie Brown

Teen Shot by Police Stun Gun Dies ("non-lethal" Taser kills again)

Rasmussen: Democrats hold highest advantage in party numbers in years, 37.7% vs. 31.5%

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Stars of November 8

For those of you who think John Kerry needs to apologize to make it 'go away'...

Are we over-reacting to this Kerry thing?

Cheney blaming Iraq violence on US elections

I really don't like Samantha Bee. Is something wrong with me? nt

Start time/last reply? Cool!

Kerry should go to Walter Reed and visit some injured soldiers...

Harold Ford is a God Damn Whore!

Fresh SNOW-BLOWING right now (12:09)

Mike Stark (man attacked by Allen) Has videos on YouTube

Mike Stark (George Allen's punching bag) on with Thom Hartmann

RW CNSNews quotes "DU blogger" regarding Kerry

Suicide? More news from the torture zone.

RNC ad, petition demand Kerry apology to U.S. troops

***Kerry Smear DEBUNKED***

Another new DU feature! "START TIME/LAST REPLY" view

Kerry Apologizes for 'A Botched Joke'

Bush on four-divorced drug addict's show now! They're mocking M.J. Fox together

Keith showed preceding statements in Kerry's speech on video last night

YouTube being sued...

Dick Devos stands with Chuck Colson?

Hahahahaha here's TOny Snow again

DU must APOLOGIZE for calling the President "Caligula"

The new meme: Demand an Apology! What hooey!

Nevada Governor: Gibbons: 48% Titus 46%

You can send your comments on who should apologize...

Top Twenty Iraq Oversight Outrages - DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY NOV 7

Watch out for media-driven lies.

Dean defends Kerry, attack Bush - Thank you!!

once again...

question for those with some knowledge about military history/tactics

Top Ten Bushisms for 2005...

Please DU, I beg you, don't use the firing squad.


Anyone else get The American Community Survey...

As far as I can tell Kerrys comment or botched joke have caused 0 deaths

delete please.

Any statistics on deployed troops educational levels...?

The GOP operation is in trouble

Iran to start military maneuvers days after Western-led drills in Gulf

Tony Snow - Press Briefing on now.

Don't forget to sign up to help the GOP 72hr push. Volunteer today! >:-)

Air America Radio in Talks About Sale — Hopes To Hear Before Thanksgiving

Can someone who has influence please tell Dems to shut up about Kerry?!

In other news, Holy Macaca! James Webb Leads George Allen

Show me person making no mistakes and I'll point out who doesn't DO

Keith's SPECIAL COMMENT tonight on who should really be apologizing.

An e-mail from my good buddy Ken Mehlman (re Kerry)-- WAAAY over the top!

Cheney on Iraq: "There is progress"

IN OTHER NEWS: "US: Iran, Syria plotting against Beirut"

Bad Reporter toon on Kerry and Erotic Novels

Many companies on AAR blacklist do advertise on FOX News, RW radio

People? Have we beat the Kerry horse to death yet? If so....

UK 'Air Plot" Brothers Released - Insufficient Evidence To Warrant A Trial

Many Americans Not 'Absolutely Certain' Of God

Snow re: DOD Iraq chaos report: just a snapshot taken during Ramadan

What the hell does WINNING in Iraq mean to voters who support the war?

"Scientists grow miniature human liver", hope to install it in a miniature Christopher Hitchens

In times of Crisis, I can always turn to The Rude One for clarity

There should be no apologies!

Our troops are smart.

I demand an apology!

student who refused to support gay adoptions sues university

I was ten years old when I saw the numbers tattooed on her arm

Have you seen this chart from 61 seats up for grabs!!!

Guantanamo strikers' force-feeding adapted to Ramadan

Kerry ain't running. Let Ford and the rest say what they need to say to win

Someone please tell me we won't find a way to blow it EVEN THIS TIME...

THIS IS CLASS WAR! Why da fuck are Democrats on the defensive?

to save the GOP/06, they go back to beating on Kerry ...losers!!!

Democrats are finally learning how to play ball with the GOP

Update: If election today - Senate 51-49 Dems ! (That is, a REAL election)

The repugs are trying to cause infighting//

Kerry's mispeak was dead on. If you have no options in life, you often end up a grunt because

Bush: "I repeat: the only reason we could lose in Iraq is if we leave"

Bev Harris on MSNBC now...(nt)

Sign up on drudge

*cough* *cough* BULLSHIT *cough* *cough*

Senator Kerry owes no one an apology and people need to wise up!

Is there a problem with

Even hispanic US citizens flee as town cracks down on illegals

Kerry: "I don't drink my Coffee black." Media: "Kerry is a RACIST, RACIST, I tells ya!"

His Fraudulency King George will appear on Rush Limbaugh

Common (uncommon?) sense - if the Foley/Hastert et al story half-life

Caption *

Since Kerry DID apologize, can we all please shut the fuck up?

Should Kerry "apologize to our troops"?

Karl Rove must be laughing his ass off; Ford of TN asks Kerry to ..

Strength Sells. Show Some ..."Get some integrity"

Anyone else hear the Lieberman "Bottom Line" song

May I ask how the Iraqi Security Forces can take over in a year, if they aren't following orders?

It just NEVER ENDS ! Speaking for myself

2,818 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Is Kerry's blooper "botched joke" all they have?!

Federal court orders Abbott to stop enforcing an election law (TX)

What is it about punkin patches and delusions?

Is there anyone in politics dumber than George W. Bush?

This Kerry-Krap will BACKFIRE bigtime for GOP

You're Wrong! Kerry Should NOT APOLOGIZE: He Should POUND BUSH on IRAQ!!

A different take on Kerry's "gaffe" - Apparently, Kerry has been

Hillary is Disgusting: Joins Republican Phoney Spin by call for "Apology"

Bechtel, having spent $2.3b and 52 employees' lives on impossible projects, leaves Iraq

So, Bush is still planning to do Limbaugh's show after he mocked Fox?

Coverage through the “Doughnut Hole”

Looking for the "Pre-botched" Kerry joke quote....

Someone has to die in a war, why not the poor?

I've heard a rumor that Bush

The Con Test

Bush: Thousands Of Registered Democrats Needed....

How about a forum for the big topic of the day

23 Iraqis Dead (inc 9 children) at Wedding Suicide Bomber Attack

Why don't we unleash this on the "support the troops" hypocrites?

Why doesn't every dem ask Bush to apologize for the lies which led to war?

Tony Snow Says He's "Throwing A Lifeline" To John Kerry By Demanding He Apologize

Is there a transcript of what Boehner said to Wolf tonight?

Boehner blames the Generals for what's going on in Iraq

Voted today

Today is the 251st anniversary of romanticism...

Durbin, Reid and how many others forced to Apologize...Now Kerry?

Harry Reid: Cheney Still Not Shooting Straight, While Bush Stays a Failed Course

Per Kerry's comment

Hastert, Abramoff, ATC, Livingston Group, Brewster Jennings, AIPAC, Feith, Perle, etc. all connected

Occupation of Oaxaca Reveals Growing Polarization Within the Populace

Why George Bush Loves Dick Cheney --->>>

There's no bigger insult than to NOT show up for service

RUMOR! Air America thinking about syndicating Armstrong Williams

Kerry's Personal Apology on the Front Page of CNN

Mark Foley to stay in "rehab" beyond the 30 days

Anybody know where I can download last night Malloy show?


Is anyone keeping a record of who is intentionally distorting Kerry comment?

Giuliani wanted public to blame the troops not Bush for artillery heist.

we the people failed. what kerry did was insignificant, a misspeak

Rat Toothed Rudy Giuliano is in Ohio Supporting Ken Blackwell

Judicial Info for CA

A Look at the Republican Claim that "Democrats Have No Ideas"

This video exposes the GOP lie about Kerry and embarrasses McCain

Halp us Jon Carry- We R stuck hear in Irak.

Pat Buchanan: The Bush doctrine IS DEAD

FL repook resigns after leaving racial slurs and obsenities on voice mail

Not a Kerry Thread, sort of........

Chin Up DU! The Bark Is Worse Than The Bite. Don't Be Fooled.

People should be me more offended over the 109 soldiers killed...


65 dead in Iraq today

New nickname needed for Karl Rove when he loses the election November 8

Anybody have any updates on the whole Kerry thing. Have neither seen nor heard

Expect the Right to wage war upon the United States after the Election

Call into this local Albuquerque radio station and defend Kerry

Interesting article from "The Guardian" about upcoming midterm elections

Because of Iraq

Sadaam Hussein verdict postponed to Nov. 5

TOON: Dire situation in Iraq calls for new strategery

What kind of a moron talks like this?

CNN just annouced ; They caught up with H. Clinton and will have

Founding Father greets Floundering War Criminal in Oval Office today

Is there no end to the insanity of the "conservative right'?

I predict that the next PNAC barbeque at Bill Kristol's house will be

This Is Not A John Kerry Thread

I'm just gonna say it: Imagine if Saddam was found 'not guilty'

I DEMAND an apology from George W. Bush and so should everyone

John Kerry is a smoking meat eater

I'd appreciate an email when the Kerrygasm is over

Boy, the Capitol sure is beautiful...

Oh thanks Hill, we know you're trying to take down an opponent for '08...

Early Voting: Dems lead 46-40 in NV--03

Actually, I'm glad he apologised.

Bush re: Rummy & Cheney: "Both of those men are doing fantastic jobs"

OH GOP: Still fighting absentee voting

the Mirror People

To The Admins: Love What You've Done To The Place

Bush to Hannity: "we are very joyful, ... and we're having a wonderful time"

self-delete made a mistake

Scooter Libby Trial started?

It is interesting about Virginia -

600,000+ dead Iraqis spinning in their graves as we debate how smart our troops are

I had to turn Al off.......

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Yep, we Dems just hate the military

And I thought the N.J. gay marriage flame wars of last week were bad! . . .

it never matters which democrat said what

Bill Moyers - America 101 - "We The People"

Is there a podcast for Mike Malloy...

? How many vets now with Redress Movement?

Bush wants to be impeached!

Kerry Was Wrong, But Response From Bush, Radio Ranters Was Plenty Wrong, Too

Kerry-free Break: Halperin Begs Hugh Hewitt Not to Think of Him as Liberal

Levin wants Kerry to apologize for Iraq remarks

"It may take decades" until Iraqi forces will be able control the country

They are obsessed with him - GOP website screenshot

Are the soldiers in Iraq and in Walter Reed lucky Kerry lost?

Who Should APOLOGIZE For The Stolen Elections?


Any suggestions on the first Congressional investigation of the White House?

Alyssa Killed Self Rather than Be a Torturer?

Bush: Rumsfeld, Cheney must stay til end

Internet streams for MSNBC and/or CNN?

Senate Votes to Give Social Security to "Illegal" Aliens

How can you support the troops by cutting veterans' benefits during wartime?

Reading Al Gore's Soul

What goes on in the "mind" of a dittohead?

Kerry should......

Shift the news-cycle from Kerry to MACACA and BOEHNER!

Do DU'ers know that Kerry has now done a FORMAL APOLOGY read on CNN

Don't forget, it was Dobbs that first "blamed the generals" on Real Time..

Tick-tock there Dick Cheney ol' buddy.

Why don't democrats ever bring up the point that all of the military

Baghdad is Under Siege ......Scale of Killing as Bad as Bosnia!

If the generic ballot right now is 50-35 dems over reps.

NYTimes article: US Central Command believes Iraq sliding into chaos

GWB should apologize to the soldiers.

Republican poll watchers?

What was that guy that Macaca's goons beat up trying to ask anyway?

What became of the "Ask the administrators" forum...

Kudos to Carville.

Irony of ironies: Tony "Don't take me saying 'tar baby' the wrong way" Snow bashing Kerry

American midterm elections, all about Iraq

Kerry apologizes for RePUKES being assholes and harmful to troops. HAHAHAHAHA

Many U.S. war dead were on extended tours

Those obsessed with Kerry.... HATE AMERICA

Damn You Chris Matthews!

U.S. chart on Iraq approaches chaos level

What other country has ever created, trained, and armed their own 'enemy'?

The Kerry Remark is a NON-ISSUE

the Dems don't have a plan for victory because it's a FANTASY.

Kerry will lose his Senate seat over this flap...

Didn't Rumsfeld say that the draftees didn't contribute much


Bible-toting teen dies after cops stun-gun him


Should the GOP and SCOTUS apologize for the joke in the White House?

Foley NOT LEAVING rehab until AFTER the election.

Another GOP rethug REP resigns - TODAY!!!

Remember that all the campaigns have bloggers on the payroll now --->>>

Attacked by Co-Workers about Kerry Gaffe

Did bush ever apologize for ALLOWING 9-11 to happen without warning us?

Boehner needs to go, just helped his own case on CNN....

Soldiers aren't allowed to be blatantly political. Sludge photo is fake.

Hillary Clinton goes on the record re: Kerry quotes.

State attorney to probe Coulter's alleged voting violation

What Kerry should have said

Very interesting reader response to Krugman article. Ya'll should read this.

Great ads on CNN this afternoon

The problem is that everyone knows what Kerry meant

Can we now "officially" call Iraq a Civil War now?

Oh, the beautiful irony..."good economy" is HURTING GOP! LOL!

What's your take on this website,

Cheney really doesn't want Americans to know who came to see him and why

103! 103! 103!

BBC Report :Depleted Uranium Risk Ignored

RePUKES hate the troops. Purposely demoralize them by lying about Kerry's comment

Take your attention off of Kerry for a sec and remember that Bush plans to piratize Social Security

MEAN JEAN SCHMIDT LOSING! SurveyUSA Poll: Wulsin leads Schmidt by 3 points!

I hate what the media has caused my country has become.

It says "Democrat Party" on my Challenger Pass

Petition, Letter from Lt. Ehren Watada's father

Target stores poobah, Stanley Hubbard of KSTP fund Hatch attack ads...

Memo to Keith Olbermann: We need a Kerry Special Commentary, NOW

Don't apologize, John...

How about this to get off Kerry: Republicans are living in the past and think it's still 2004


MSM silent: Iraq state TV accuses US of releasing "Sunni terrorist"

Dems showing the same stupidity - when will they get a clue

OK, Kerry DEFINITELY should have apologized

"It Boils Down To This: Who Do You Trust To Clean Up This Mess?"

Here's hoping we elect a hell of a lot of Democrats next Tuesday.

2 Sunni coaches are abducted in Baghdad; Lawmakers Spar

DU your thang

LIEberman's campaign may save Shays, Johnson & Simmons

Maliki Forces Weak Bush to Abandon Search For US Soldier in Baghdad

GRRR! Send the BBC a message regarding it's one-sided attack of John Kerry!

REID: BUSH & REPUBS Need To Apologize For Blaming Troops For Failures

Let me see if I understand this: we can take a photo of a sunbather from space

Happy dance! Happy dance! Malloy podcasts are up NOW!

BREAKING NOW! Sen. Reid blasts Rep. Boehner for blaming Iraq ills on generals!!!!

I Hope This Is Allowed.. Not Sure... But Skinner Either Just Had A

Finally found: The strawman Bush cited who said 'people not like us' can't govern themselves.

If Bill Hick's were alive, I'm guessing this would be his response to the media RE: Kerry

105 Dead in October in Iraq

Iraq TOO DANGEROUS for Private Security Firms Kroll and Bechtel

What do you do when someone steals your UPS shipment?

Any photoshop experts here? (Might be Kerry related and definitely Drudge)

Did Jack Abramoff and Ralph Hall (R) conspire to smear former sex slave from the CNMI?

I have a question about mail boxes and campaign materials - help please

Boston vigil for Oaxca: Thursday, 4PM at the Mexican Embassy

Cafferty's questions for Wed. ... Jack's really loaded for bear today

Is your vote going to change because of the "Bush is an uneducated idiot" flap?

Ann Coulter refuses to cooperate in investigation, may be prosecuted

some good still pix from the geo allen thug outburst

YouTube videos

The loser in chief,

Anybody dress for Halloween yesterday? If so, what/who were you?

I am sick of crybaby Republicans


Why is no one talking about how ravaged, & fucked up Bush looked, stumping/attacking Kerry?

Ed Kilgore says exactly what I've been thinking about the Kerry flap.

These are the people who need your money today. This is it. The final push!

27 reasons to elect Ned Lamont.

Did Bush apologize for the "no WMDs under the table" comment?

Over 200 returning Viet Nam vets backed Kerry up in the 70s. Kerry's

Why aren't the media showing the Allen staffer beating on a questioner?

Sadly, Bush would probably not even go to their funerals


Kerry to Troops Stuck in Iraq

The gop has abandoned Curt Weldon---"Dogged by corruption"

Note how the media are covering the Allen aids attack on the blogger

Brainstorm Here Please: Media Not Covering the Mark Foley Cover-Up

Sen. Clinton visits Kingston, says Kerry should apologize

Only the STUPID "troops" support Bush the deserter over Kerry the hero

What will you miss most from the disastrous Bush/RePUKE reign, ending 11/8?

Tonight on Countdown - Weds, Nov 1, 2006

Andy Sullivan (oddly enough) has the PERFECT response to this Kerry nonsense....

Halp us Jon Carry - we r stuck hear n irak

Is Karl Rove in violation of the Hatch Act?

Yard signs I saw Halloween nite.

BANG ZOOM! Carville slams W's AWOL right out of the park!

Game Over. It's all over 'cept the dying' and cryin'

Caption: Pickles n Debbie!

Ann Coulter voting case could go to prosecutors

If your voting machine shows you voting for Republicans

Lou Dobbs Tonight....

A tale of some of John Kerry's 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq


Olbermann: Bush 'appearing to be stupid' - preview of Special Comment

Air Force asks for $50 BILLION to ferry dead & wounded???

McCain says the sight of soldiers with lost limbs is "uplifting"? Where's the outrage?

A Draft Kerry "Apology"

I'd like to be able to sort threads by number of views

Faux News gone from Puerto Rico?

***Psssst. There's An Election In 6 Days - GET BUSY PEOPLE!!!!***

What happened to Poster saying Cheney was DeepThroat! I was going

I demand that George W. Bush apologize for his treasonous statements:

Kerry Statement on CNN Now! 4:11 p.m.

Kerry: NEW Statement/Apology: "I Will Continue To Fight For Change"

How are the candidates doing that you are able to vote for?

What is your agenda for after the election?

Please listen to Murtha: Kerry Flap ‘Just Distracting From The Real Issue, The War On The Ground’

Murtha Joins the Firing Squad!

According to H. Clinton's office.... she has said nothing about Kerry's joke.

GOP candidate endorses Dem! (NY20)

ENOUGH About John Kerry!

Who is Ethan M Gaits and...

Big Eddie just played Hillary's comment on the Kerry Flap

Democrats hope of winning House increases

What media source started the Kerry attack? Here's why I ask:


"Democratic Firing Squad!!! ABOUT FACE - FIRE AT THE ENEMY!!!"

"Don't blame Rumsfeld for what is happening in Iraq, blame the generals"

Is This What Bush Really Meant To Say?

Mandela receives top Amnesty Int'l award; Racist Botha is dead

If the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the same...

Do not reply to this KERRY thread. Do not reply to others. Stop kicking them up!

What's this "Say You're Sorry" crap!

Kerry stepped on his own dick, as per usual.

Corporate Media told "Pull Plug" ...."We've given them some House Seats

Bush and the Republicans apparently take the troops to be total idiots

Pelosi: 'Bush Is Out of Touch With What Is Actually Happening on the Ground in Iraq'

If you know anyone who is buying into this Kerry crap...

America's Anchors - Maureen Dowd interviews Stewart & Colbert for Rolling Stone

What it means to be "Stuck in Iraq"

Christopher Hitchens just dropped the N word on Matthews

Death toll from Kerry's bungled joke - 0. Death toll from Bush's bungled war-- 600.000 and climbing

Gore and Rendell in '08? Anyone else hear that on TV today?

Why is Kerry's reaction time slightly less than a dead man?

What the hell is with all the Kerry bashers?

Air America is in talks about SALE

Lieberman aggressively pursues GOP votes

NO MORE KERRY THREADS. It only helps the GOP. Keep kicked.

Bush calls Dems who disagree with him losers and terrorist supporters

Gov't Tells Singles No Sex Until Your 30.

New Propaganda Ad by Dick Morris to be Shown Days before Election

Start Votin'!!!

TO SKINNER: Can you please delete all posts with the name John Kerry

Dick Cheney Fitted for New Halliburton Uniform - Striped Jumpsuit

Strange voting experience...

The bottom line on the Dean thing.

Into Election Day MOST Americans SUPPORT Iraq withdrawal timetable by 61%

If we allow the GOP to do this to John Kerry, we will be their bitches FOREVER. Period.

Macaca justifies his thug's behavior: Heckler had "violent outburst" on the internet!

KO - "Kerry called them stupid and they were too stupid to know he called them stupid."

SOS...SOS...SOS...GOP plea for support...

Kerry Is A DIVERSION From Laura's Blunder (Kos)

Democrats, should they control congress, should crush big media

Evangelicals (religious right) flex growing clout in Nicaragua's election

Harold Ford destroys Whora on MSNBC

Bush on Limbaugh's Show---Shocking Transcript

John Kerry learned his lesson well, and earned an exceptional grade today

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

REI Denies AAR Blacklist -- Says They Asked To Advertise On AAR.

Bush on Rush "show": 'Anybody should know the IMPACT OF WORDS!'

"It's always easy to manipulate people's feelings," isn't it Laura?

John Fund claims to know "lots of people" in Maxine Waters' district

Six days out, and we've lost because...

Democrats hate the troops!


The Republicans are running on a Joke (my little rant...with jokes)

Olbermann's Boss Praises Him — "The right person at the right time..."

Damn the media and lazy american voters. I found this in under 1 minute:

Is it too late to get a passport without the chip inside?

I Know! Keith Olbermann is GAY GAY GAY!

Georgia father GUILTY in female 'circumcision' trial

Two letters of transit...

HAHAHA Carville just called Bush a Cut n Run National Guard deserter

video of bush joking about missing wmd's, APOLOGIZE ASSHOLE!

So answer me this fellow DU'ers and Americans:

Priest sets himself alight

Florida Touch Screen Machines Strangely Attracted To Republicans

Brian Williams: Daily Show is "vitamin supplement," not "main meal"

It's A Fact ,Ugly but true ,and if it Wasn't for Poppy ,Shrub would have gone..

Kerry needs to apologize and make this go away

Here is the joke Kerry was trying to tell, he's told it many times...


Drug Cartel's Pre-Election Jitters - Panic in Big Pharma

BUSH Has ABANDONED A U.S. Soldier Behind Enemy Lines

Coingate: Noe Moved 11.2 mil just before search

Coingate: Noe brags of riches, mansions in video

Full video Tribute to the Fallen by DFA Miami...get your hankies ready.

Military Vote Steal: Halliburton/KBR and Diebold Are on the Job, with Little/No Audit Trail

New month, new motto...

Smarter Use of DNC $$$: "Deferred and Dodged" Ad Campaign

Time to shift focus everyone: HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER INSULTS TROOPS!

Associated Press' Steve Quinn: Inside Track for Pulitzer?

Wanted: New Nicknames for GW*. Kim George Ill? Saddam Insane?

In support of Kerry, I contributed - how about you?


TruthIsAll - Great piece on bogus voting machine "errors" - lousy security. Bookmark this one;)

The International Documentary Association annouced its finalists for Doc of the Year today.

Not a Kerry thread (though mentioned) - I am taking 2 months off work to care for wife

Newsweek: Bush/Kerry Flap could HURT GOP

Tweety On MSNBC: "What Is It With Dems?" (good stuff!)

Poll: Minnesota GOP on verge of implosion, now joins OH, NY, KY, IN as virulently anti-GOP states

Sealed v. Sealed: Halliburton Story IV

Speaking of Apologies

Did Kerry withdraw himself from Dem Campaigns or did Dem Heirarchy do it?

SnowJob has seized CSpan

Many of October's war dead on extended, multiple tours

Lost Moon landing tapes discovered

republicans are EXTREMELY sore losers, so be prepared.

How's the economy in your area...

They're eating their own...Richard Perle wants Bushies tossed out.

Just curious. How many here have already voted?

No one can fake outrage like a RW Republican, unless of course ...

Caption: Oh-oh - no George!

Halloween in New York - political costumes

November 7, 2006 is Frederick Douglass Day.

Is Hillary throwing Kerry under the bus for a run at Prez in 2008?

Military Commission Act - WAS NOT LAWFULLY PASSED - Pocket Veto Nullified It?

Cheney says U.S. is lucky Kerry lost

State Attorney to prosecute ANN COULTER for felony

Sy Hersh- “There Has Never Been An American Army AS Murderous As The One In Iraq”

Hello! BAGHDAD IS UNDER SIEGE and all we worry about is Kerry's

MD Court-New Rape Ruling: Women CAN'T SAY NO After Sex Has Started

Ask Conyers: Why Election Is Held on the First Tuesday, after the First Monday...

If a Little Girl Can Beat the Snot out of KKKarl, So Can We!!!

Now you can sort discussion topics in the DU forums by START TIME or LAST REPLY.

Cheney T. Agnew

Halliburton/KBR Layoffs, New Whistleblowers Come Forward

Have you had enough Halloween Pennsylvania edition

Jim Webb for Senate: "Bottom Line"

Debbie Stabenow for Senate: "Endorsed"

STOMPING for VOTES The 3-on-1 wrestling match at the Allen campaign stop (00:58)

Ted Strickland for Governor: "Thank You"

Oddball 10 - 30 Pumpkin Slime Sledding Underwater Carving

IMUS to KERRY: Please stop it. Stop talking. Go home, get on the bike

A musical tribute to the end of the Taylor (R) era.

Unconventional weapons in Iraq part 1...

Latest republican scare ad. All they have to offer is fear.

Bush "Those WMD'S gotta be somewhere"

Chris Matthews Puts Kerry Flap in Context

CBS video: Iraq PM fears country 'nearly out of control'

Samm Simpson - Running for Congress Dist 10 Fla.


I Am Not Happy by Rich Santorum ("Get Happy")

New DCCC Ad: "New Direction"

John Kerry Slams Bush Administration, Right Wing Nutjobs

Bill Ritter for CO Governor: Happy Halloween

A little humor for you: This voting machine seems a bit more secure than Diebold.

(Lying Asshat) Tony Snow Throws Kerry "A Lifeline" (of BS)

Video the Vote 2006 (and post it on YouTube)

Two Guys on What Bush Has Done for Working Americans

Cal Thomas calls Fox News audience "trailer trash"

Olbermann: "Kerry called them stupid, and they were too stupid to know he called them stupid"

Imus on John Kerry comment: "It's clear what he meant"

Olbermann: Are The Democrats Really "Picking Out The Drapes"?


New Ad from VoteVets: "Because of Iraq"

OURcountry - YouTube vs. Michelle Malkin

Dean responds to Bush/Kerry flap: says it puts focus on Bush's history of intemperate comments

Gorilla Political Marketing

Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law

Jon Tester ad with Gov. Schweitzer---ROFL

Sweet Badnarik Campaign Move !

VoteVets "Because of Iraq" - national version

Olbermann: Chris Wallace Got Clinton's Autograph After Attack Interview

Sherrod Brown for Senate: "Where I Stand"

Dubya 2

New Ned Lamont ad: Insanity

Bill Maher on Scarborough Country: Impeach Bush

Bush Won. Get Over It.

Chocola Stem Cell (from HouseMajorityAction)

Wake Up

Ohio Election Identification Law Appealed, again

Allen Camp Attacks Virginian

The NRSC has bought at least $800,000 of TV ad time in MI to target

Blue Wave, Backlash, or Something in Between?

The WP has had it with George Allen: "Sex and the Sinking Candidate"

Why is it, that when the left attacks they have to apologize?

Our Kerry debate falls into the rethugs game plan. Time to chill.

Ned Lamont: Son of Privilege Takes Baby Steps on Political Proving Ground

AP: Media Group Wins Exit Poll Injunction (Nevada)

Few glitches in early voting (FL)

The Art of Distraction

This kerry quip Wasn't shit I don't understand why it's even news worthy

Michael J. vs. Fatbaugh

How Abramoff/Mehlman Got Allen Stayman Fired

Snow Job on Washington Journal!

What will be KKKarl's election-eve surprise?

I just watched the hammer on hannity and colmes

The military deserves an apology from those who are responsible for:

Did * apologize for this yet?

Rove's surprise: OBL tapes this weekend??

REUTERS: House control in range for Democrats: Reuters poll

Lamont narrows Lieberman's lead in poll

MSNBC Poll: Do Bush's campaigning efforts help or hurt the GOP (86% "hurt")

Dan Seals (IL-10) gets a boost from Durbin and Dean!

Did Bush ever apologize for this?

Quinnipiac to hold final Connecticut Senate debate Nov. 2nd. Holy Joe, so far, a no-show.

Holy Batcrap - could Pennyslvania give us +5 for house and +1 for Senate?

WaPo finally calls Bush an "An Unpopular President."

No matter what happens, Gov. Dean should leave his post on 11/8...

Santorum losing his mind

YO VETERANS - time to drop the American Legion a line

right-wingers calling Sam Seder this is getting good

I think Kerry should call a press conference & issue this challenge to Bush

Bush* needs to be asked if this is how he is to de-toxify American politics

Lipstick on the Hog Administration

Article spins poll: Kerry bolsters Bush

From Hotline: Matt Dowd, Bush's former pollster and Dick Armey defend John Kerry!

Kerry owes the troops an apology, says the blivet? I think dimson

Let's DU this ABC Poll "Will Kerry's Comments Influence your vote?"

Tie on your Sketchers, grab your Starbucks, and let's go watch some wrestling!

Any candidate who cancels on Kerry is appeasing the GOP.


Santorum Shows up at his Penn Hills home to greet Trick or Treaters

Yesterday was trick or treat: trick for the Republicans, treat for the Democrats

Rethug vote suppression tactic at Fannie Mae

The Kerry comment seems like it "has legs"

Jumping on Kerry to play up the idiot vote

going into the break MSNBC teases

Okay, get this

People who don't do their homework or try to better themselves don't get stuck in Iraq

Disconnect between Wall Street gains and Main Street struggles impacts election...

Do you remember Tom Connolly? He's the lawyer who...

WH targets Dem vets. Murtha's 6-12mo redploy plan was labeled "cut and run"

Is there a video or transcript of Kerry's speech at Pasadena

Remember the apology from one politician's blunder?

AZ Sen. Kyl denies he is anti-Indian

St. Pete Times Buzz Blog reports Big Dog coming to Miami Saturday to rally the base for Davis/Jones!

Our President is a Lying Scumbag

NBC/WSJ poll: Dem's hold record 15-point edge over GOP

Help turn Kansas blue - support Nancy Boyda

Fun with the newspeople

Fast-growing demographic, tending Democratic, targeted in election: Single women

Tony I'm in charge Snow's nano minute on Wash. Journal

Just Say No To Kerry In 2008 in Fact Go Away

Rep. John Murtha coming up on MSNBC...(Lynne Cheney too..)

Anybody see anything on National News about Sweeney (R) NY choking his wife?

Snow, a repetitive Rove robot

Please visit this thread and get it to the greatest page.

What is wrong with Tony Snowjob's suit coat collar? Is he wired?

The media Snowjob

Please contribute to keep this VoteVets ad on the air

Are republican voters better educated than Democratic voters?

Auth nails it again - great TOON

High comedy tonight. Cruella's final televised debate.

Iraq War Dominates Election's Final Days

Predictably, Dick "5 deferments" Cheney goes after Kerry in remarks prepared for Montana speech.

ABC News political director kisses a** of right-wingers -- bigtime!

George Bush is an idiot. Dick Cheney is a whore...

Strange # on the CID this election season?

Is Harold Ford being just a tinchy bit too "conservative"..?

My local TV news on Kerry...

Bush Says We Have To Make War In The Middle East?

reporter nailed Snow for calling Howard Dean "Howard Hughes"

Kerry Campaign Events Cut as Democrats Criticize Troops' Remark

Florida Today: Jeb Bush to Floridians: Keep eye on skies

Category IV Recruits and Sen Kerry's "botched" comments

Is North Korea trying to affect the US elections?

How the Networks will Handle Exit Polls

If we tried to document all of the Republicans' lies ...

One more vote needed for a grass roots Dem's campaign ads

US Chamber of Commerce - IRS investigation

Pinch me, Am I Dreaming? Shrub will appear on Rush's show!

Kerry Off Campaign Trail

Let's change the subject...

What Ford actually said about Kerry

It's time to stop giving Wingnuts room to breathe!

15 new house polls. Reuters/ Zogby phone poll.

Creative Youth News Team Stands With Kerry Against News Media

bush says Dems are "measuring for drapes." bush pulled down the shades in

(MSNBC) Craig Crawford calls GOP desperate over Kerry flack

Bush on Limbaugh??

Possible Dem talking point: A botched joke or a botched war?

Earth to Kerry Trashers: Kerry did apologize on Imus this morning...

I give up. How does one have a "violent outburst" on a blog?

I have 3 sons, can't afford college, scared to death they will be bushed

TOP 10 Reasons to Go Dunkin' with Duncan

Per Chip Reid (MSNBC): Kerry flap hurts Republic Party candidates

Kerry spokesman tells CNN what the joke was supposed to be.

Is there no place to hide (from the Kerry kerfuffle)?

I see the Harold Ford floodgates are open...

Dan Seligson, editor of on Fresh Air right NOW!


Columnist asks, "Where oh where has Betsy DeVos gone?"

Strength Sells. Show Some

"Because of Iraq". Go See It!

ENOUGH with the Kerry discussions already! We only have 6 days left.

The Botcher of Baghdad

Now you can sort discussion topics in the DU forums by START TIME or LAST REPLY.

And now a word on our fighting men from a close advisor to President Bush...

The Four I.D.s of Republicanism

Kerry & apology...


Re: Kerry. May I kindly suggest...

Oh, Evil Dick, you are SO EFFING FUNNY...oh, my SIDES are KILLING me!

Kerry Quote as Absurd as Bush Harming Our Country Quote

Look I don't know what everyone else thinks about Harrison Ford...

Anyone see Snow stumble about to Paula (Zahn's?) question?

Can we find instances of Bush administration officials using the term "grunts" to refer to soldiers?

Allen's staff assaulting the UVA law student is getting national play

US vs George W. Bush et al

No WMD's under here (laughter)

This is no secret. Why do the Democrats keep allowing it to happen ???

Photo: "I may be down to 39%, but you can still kiss my ass"

Fairfax (VA) Chronicle Endorses Webb

The people who vote for Lieberman are voting for the war...if it

How many voters knew that President Bush was arrested for drunken driving?

Wow some people just don't get jokes

Democrats: Remind the Republican base about Katrina

I just don't want to live in America anymore.

Keith Olbermann will have a special statement tonight.............

Lord Denethor Called, He Said To Flee For Your Lives

One photo is worth 1,000 words (show this to Kerry-bashing GOPers)

CNN reporter just said 'the white house is delighted" that people are

Surprise, Surprise: "Foley staying longer at Tucson rehab" (until after midterms)

Kerry's botched Joke issue is Getting serious Radio Air Time in Chattanooga TN

Kerry "flap" = preview of media treatment of Dem 2008 candidate

This weekend's Sunday morning talk shows will be the last before the election.

Mitchell pulls ahead of Hayworth(AZ-5)(48%-46%)

An idea for a T-shirt

Harold Ford is an idiot!

Ann "up to 5 years in prison" Coulter Says She Won't Cooperate in Voting Probe

Santorum says he works with Boxer! and Hillary!

All Democrats DON'T have to rally to defend John Kerry now.

So Ford is asking Kerry to apologize. Great way to stick together,

I'll meet you at the teardown, my friend.

The American people have Republicon Fatigue.

For a good laugh watch the FL Senate debate (Nelson v Harris) tonight on MSNBC

Lamont asks Lieberman to join debate

239 Democrats 195 Republicans 1 Tie

PUBS Vs DEMS??? Its a NO in the world can those folks vote RED?

Kerry Apologizes AGAIN! Official Statement:

I think it's hysterical that the Bush** misadministration is lecturing...

Re: the AAR boycott by advertisers

Text or video of botched Kerry speech?

Now That Kerry Has Stirred the POT......

How Kerry should hit back

Foley will be staying longer at Tuscon Rehab.

Hell will freeze over before I will ever vote for Hillary!

Why I am so passionate about the Kerry issue.

Kerry Non-Story Losing Steam Already

Kerry gave the Republicans the break they were dreaming about

New BigPath Handouts About Iraq: National and Lamont/Lieberman CT

Notice how KATRINA is being Avoided/Overlooked???

Bush's feigned indignation is laughable for a man who never went to war

Mike Stark: "I will be pressing charges against George Allen and his surrogates"

Ford is kicking ass on MSNBC

With Rep. Gibbons's Backing, An Ex-Trader for Milken Wins Millions in Contracts

So, why isn't anyone jumping on Jon Tester?

Why can't John Kerry fly to Iraq this weekend and talk very

Two Letters of Transit......

LIBERAL: Say it loud and say it proud.

Harold and Hillary can blow it out their asses!!!

This should be the LAST word on Kerry and the troops

Matt Stoller on the Lamont - Lieberman Race in CT... AN ACT OF BETRAYAL

Another moderate Republican off the bus.

**MEANWHILE** on the election front .... a question about your fave candidate .....

VoteVets' kick ass new ad

DU! Join me in making last minute donations, lets keep this going until 11/7!

Sherrod Brown's way to handle the Kerry situation:

Now that Kerry apologized, what else should Republicans demand?

It's time to hammer on Medicare Part D!!! Renewals are going out now

Did Bush really mean that the country's OBGYN's......