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Archives: November 11, 2006

The US conservative project has taken an existential hit (Guardian)

Elizabeth Holtzman: "Breathing the 'I' Word"

The War Crimes Case Against Rumsfeld (Marjorie Cohn)

'UK must share Iraq blame'

Gay Israelis hold rally in Jerusalem

UN sets quick vote on text condemning Gaza attack

Pessimism has taken hold of Israel

Never Mind the 'Results', Election 2006 Was a Disaster for E-Voting Systems Across the Nation

Election reform: Instant Runoff Voting wins big in several states


Never Mind the 'Results', Election 2006 Was a Disaster...

Riverside Cty., CA: 75,000 Uncounted Absentee Ballots (Surprise surprise!)

R & B Singer Gerald Levert dies at age 40

Critics Say U.N. Climate Talks Lagging (Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012)

Oscar-Winning Actor Jack Palance Dies

Former 49ers coach Walsh says has leukemia

Company fined for deadly drilling accident

Saudi lawyer may sue Rumsfeld over Guantanamo

Congressional report on Iran’s N-programme alarmist, inaccurate

White House in for a hefty dose of oversight - AP

U.S. Criticizes U.N. Rights Council

Al Qaeda May Be Plotting Holiday Attacks (CBS exclusive)

Midterm Elections Help Pelosi, Hurt Rove

Envoy: U.S. Eager for India Nuke Deal

Enron's Fastow Assigned to La. Prison

Boxer pledges shift on global warming policy with new Senate role

Blair will urge US to talk to Syria and Iran

Wanted Mexican leftist says Oaxaca rebellion will spread

NYT: Democrats, Engaging Bush, Vow Early Action Over Iraq

Rail Crew Tried Brakes Before Derailment (2 dead, spilled thousands of gallons of fuel)

National Guard units face possible second tours in Iraq

Brown-Waite blisters Muslim

Blair Says Terrorist Threat to Last ‘a Generation (NYT)

Why are they called "Christmas Tree worms"?

Vera Drake on Starz Cinema

This picture sums it all up.

My whole life is an unseemly gesture

Flying Scooters! The only way to commute!

What is your perfect dinner?

Kodak EasyShare printer dock plus - anyone here?

Does it really take 45 minutes to warm up your cat?

Your favourite nut... right now, for me... cashews... go perfectly with Tuborg Julebryg...

I think I'm going to cry


Damn!!!! I almost put my eye out (not kidding either).

I got a new camera Olympus FE-170 for my birthday present, an early birthday present.

This election has me feeling like this

Jack Palance died. Who can ever forget those one arm pushups?

My kid asked me a question and I don't know the answer.....

I'm so sick of Cialis commercials

Finally got a couple of stripers today...

Gerald Ford will be the oldest ex-president ever on Sunday...

I'm giddy with happiness ...

Anyone else like Davy Graham?

The HypnoQuestion of the week is:

Programming note- friday 10pm central time...

Goddamn, but Jack-In-The-Box milkshakes are GOOD

So who's your super hero?

Make the Chimp speak

Invisible cats ... you never see them.

My Brother Apologized for Being Mean to Me Today!

How many ____ does it take to screwn a light bulb?

I wonder when I'll make 2000 posts

I love you.. discuss...

Finally got a couple of strippers today...

I'm drinking Tuborg Julebryg... what's your Friday afternoon/evening tipple? n/t

Where is haruka3_2000?

They had cigarettes in the stone age

Anyone else here a fan of the Statler Brothers?

Poll: How do you feel about Bjork?

Dostoevsky on George W. Bush and the Republicans:

Wisdom from BSG:

Behold the incredible cuteness of Red Pandas.

Any Lounge moderators around? If so, can you PLEASE get to GD/P

Terra Scare! My office was evacuated this evening.

NewWaveChick shows Santorum how its done!

This pic thread was inspired by billyskank and CaliforniaPeggy...

I need a Bigger Butt. Any Good Advice?

So who else is still in shock over Tuesday's victories?

We exposed the four-year-old to the gay agenda tonight.

How long has it been since you've been to a strip club?

You have got to see this! Insane!!!!!! Yes, this guy is dead.


Need some DU love--Mom just called with very bad news. :(

Do You Support Imnectarinement?

What song are you listening to now?

Does anyone watch the show Heroes?

What is the last movie you saw in the theater?

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Have you read it?

So, human nature...for or against, and consequences of that choice?

Hi everyone.

3rd poll finds voters want civil unions, not marriage, for gays

"The 11:11 Portal" - Karen Bishop - November 11, 2006

OCT 21 , 1997 speech on global warming - before Kyoto was completely negotiated

Let's bask one more time in what happened this week

Expect more attacks on Kerry - Here are the results of a poll that was taken last week

Who is MCain trying to fool? This is too much. n/t

New Post at

Pastor will shut down controversial kids camp

Any word on SCIENCE in the House? (return of the OTA)


I hate Rep. Blackburn

Dean to help Blair ?

Deceased Candidate Wins Election (ASSCROFT NO LONGER ALONE)

This Made Me Sad......Damn Iraq

dupe n/t

Bush v Bush: an oedipal battle between men of rigid beliefs

freeps 'investigating' pelosi already, but gave bush many passes

In police state of future, robot shoot you

Nat'l Guard units face 2nd tours in Iraq

U.S. and Russia urged to talk about scrapping A-bombs

Egyptian claims torture after CIA kidnap in Italy

Why don't we poll on the issue of investigations?

Great image of Donkey handing Republican his ass on a platter

is there something wrong with my computer or with the Comedy Central website.

Ummm... Ed Bradley, Jack Palance..... Ummm... Whos' Next???

OMG why is that witch Blackburn on my TV again?....

IDoes anyone know Carville's email address?

Sometimes DU is like dealing with a plague of locusts (sarcasm)...

My thoughts about '08.

tell ya what: IMPEACHMENT is off the table if VETO is off the table.

Incidents of Leukemia: Is this just a coincidence?

What a slob that Dick is. Sitting like a slouch in his blue neckware

Who are we going to elect in 08 for President?

I'm POSITIVE. Where the hell are you?

Grassroots: Crosspost from Texas forum

BP pays out (multimillion pound) to woman who lost parents in blast

Impeach him, or take ** et al to court after '08?

Fox News and WorldNutDaily use more "anonymous sources"

Who else is having a post-election party tonight?

Sign seen on Capitol Hill: "Will WORK for votes."

Webb ran because of "Draft Webb". Can't we do the same for Gore?

Keith O - He seems a little more relaxed and happy as well but

I always thought James Carville was cool....

I got a dollar bill with stamped on it today.

Too Weird.

If the Republicans have nothing to hide

why? what has he done?

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Gilmore is another worthless bum. He was a

So McCain is running....

Does this article make sense?

Boldly "going forward" vs Carefully "backing away".

"Bill Orally" !

John Kerry's blog salutes the netroots

Lame-duck House and Senate return at 2pm EST on Monday

Why is everyone "being in lockstep" w/party desirable? Debate is healthy, ideas come out.

Why was McCaskill asked if she would vote for Bolton (on Hardball)

Government Still Trying To Dismiss NSA Spy Program Lawsuits

Hey Dick! You know it's all over, don't you? *pics*

A strange Eagleburger bit of trivia:

I'm sick of this "Dems don't have an agenda" crap

We need a "No Iran-Contra Felons Allowed" bill

Hullo..My name is

What's with all this infighting I'm reading about! WE WON! Liberals and moderates banded together to

WTF???? Shays spouting some serious bullshit on Hardball...

Conservatism lost. Conservatism was defeated.

Howard Dean to advise Party in UK on campaigning Strategy

I can't quit giggling! Last few mins of Countdown...Rummy rolling a joint

karlrschneider is a man of his word. A real standup guy.

A question about our Liberal Media Conspiracy

Did y'all know that Gates wrote a book??

The media's "Americans want bipartisanship, not investigation" is hooey

How long before one of these pet 'progressives' compromises on something and disappoints the cult? prints comments on Rummy:

Prediction Time - Who will leave the Bush Administration next and when?

Despicable quote by Grover Norquist

"If we knew the will of God, we would be Gods!" Another good one on BS Gallactica.

Seen on Bartcop Weird Repug/Lieberman fact

I predict JON STEWART will be TIME's Man of the Year


Wesley Clark & John Edwards 2008 could carry us through 2024

Let's rescue Carville. His wife must be poisoning him...

Why isn't minimum wage tied to the CPI, like Social Security is?

Republicans' Angry Factions Point Fingers At Each Other

On Nov 1 Carville called Bush a "CUT N RUN NATIONAL GUARD DESERTER" on Natl TV

Impeachment Is "Off the Table"- John Conyers WTF!!??

Blast from Past: New Defense Secretary Gates is same Gates in '97 Schwarzkopf video!

I'm a limousine liberal

Who do you want the GOP to nominate for President in 08?

Anyone remember this map from 2000, called Mandate? What does it look like now?

Thank you GOP spokesman-re:Hayworth

Richardson/Obama 08...

A guy walks into a bar....(Buddy of mine sent me this, about * and education)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Suzanne Diehl - The Unconscous Republicans - 2001 - great stuff

Steve Colbert would absolutly LOVE this site!!!!!

What Is the Iraq War Really Like? The Veterans Tell Their Stories

Former 49ers coach Walsh says has leukemia

Sometimes, when I try to quit smoking, I get emotional

When will the Democratic Presidential hopefuls, begin campaigning?

Why I Love Mike Malloy

'Real Time w/ Bill Maher' thread

(Barack Obama's) Progressive credentials are DOA...he is actually one

So is Ohio considered 'Blue' Now? We off the shit list?

Anyone have a list of all the repukes who were thrown out?

What should politicians first have to do, to qualify to call themselves Democrats?

Another DLC'er warns of Democratic "extremists".

Should Nancy Pelosi be the Speaker of the House? Your comments...

Who were you happiest to see defeated ?

Its gonna be lovely at Thanksgiving for the Bushies..What will be the table discussion??

The greatest Freeper post ever. Jack Murtha is a Commie? Spew Alert

What Was Really Behind The Dems Landslide?

Does James Carville HELP Democrats by being on TV? HELL YEAH

OAXACA: The Most Moving Essay On This I've Seen Yet

Gates is completely unqualified to run DoD. Let's tell Dems to make Bush try again.

About Howard Dean and him getting no or little credit for Tuesday night

This video pops up everytime I use youtube

Does Anyone Here Feel A Tiny Bit Sorry for Bush and The Republicans?

Moscow sends missiles to Belarus after Warsaw gets US warplanes

46% of Evangelicals think Clinton was as good a Christian, or better, than Bush

Dedicated to Grover Norquist and other "Cons:"

Well I listened to some Right Wing Hate radio for the first time in 2 years.

Hannity Allows Gay Matches On His Dating Website...

Funny/ironic Sweeney photo post

Gates' Unfinished Business: Racism at Texas A&M

Scarborough to Tucker: "That was pretty fucking awesome." -- Did I hear correctly?

Now that we have the power is it possible to force open Cheney's secret energy plan?

The Republican Revolution is officially OVER.

I would like to see Lyndie England pardoned

it is getting scary out there. time for these stickers to come off

Did you CRY on the Phone to your DADDY Mr Bush? Or was there a COUP?

Sarasota Florida KICKS ASS {{ DIAL UP WARNING }}

A word about my state's voting machines.

Faux News is talking about how the terrorists say they're exicted for Dem congress

Americans will speak of battles like Fallujah with same awe and reverence as Guadalcanal & Iwo Jima

(AFA) Best Buy Bans Use of Merry Christmas In Advertising

Progressive Caucus set to be largest Democratic group in 110th Congress

At *least* 500 pounds

Wanna know why there were no recounts in VA & MT? You'll love it!

Memo to Every Democrat

I do NOT trust James Carville.

Waxman says he has a big problem

Shitty Ambitions of Clintons, Vilsack & McCain Vs Class Act of Lieberman

So - What should the Democratic plan to fight terrorism?

Second Attempt: Obama / Oprah 2008?

Rove: Iraq Didn't Play “The Critical, Central Role” In The Elections...

Lieberman says he is "beholden to no one except the voters of Connecticut and my own conscience"

Book TV Schedule: November 11th - 13th

"Poltergeists in the White House" a commentary about Iran/Contra being BACK

Do we have a Nancy Pelosi avatar anywhere?

To impeach or not? I believe Waxman just made the debate a moot point.

So Long as They Die

DO NOT FORGET Baker is Defending the Saudis against 911 victims!!!!!

Prison-guard union's political clout (if you don't read the others, READ THIS)

Ali G- Politics and Voting

Lets Stop the war

Sam and Dave - Hold On, I'm Coming

Golden Drain Award Goes to Donald Rumsfeld...

From Dick to Bush - One President to Another

Ali G- Religion

Let's stop KBR first. You have to see this

Golden Drain Award Goes to Michael Chertoff...

Jim Webb on Lou Dobbs. Outstanding.

Reid/Brown News Conference on Gas Prices and Renewable Energy...

Democratic Victory 2006...Better Days


Leader Pelosi on the Importance of Net Neutrality...

Rep. Kucinich - Global War of Error...

Those WMDs have gotta be somewhere...

Frickin Marsha Blackburn back on Hardball

Air America Radio already BASHING Governor Vilsack's run for ...

OH SHIT!! tweety is seriously SMACKING DOWN congresswoman Blackburn

Guest Lineup for Sunday's TV News Shows

Will the media go easy on the 08 candidiates/nominee unlike 2000 and 2004?

Read how C&L and FIredoglake Act Blue page did :) :) :)

I like Feingold and Obama. What about any governors that would be good

Thank You America

I hope we hear from Claire McCaskill often. She has a re-assuring effect

Our local state rep in Texas had 5k to spend on his campaign and

Report: Fair Trade a Winning Issue Nov. 7

Brilliant, in a Machiavellian kind of way

To my RED STATE FRIENDS! Thank you so much!

O'Donnell on McLaughlin Group: "I'm just here to gloat."

Are exactly 10 new Senators starting in January?

Speaker designate Pelosi speaks:

Anyone have any info on the PDB from 8/6/01 warning of attacks

The NJ campaign year in review, a pictorial essay.

San Francisco First to Require Paid Sick Leave

We are the Boston Red Sox and we just beat the better funded NY Yankees!

Best "human interest" stories from this election?

nuclear terrorism?

Pretty Short Democratic Revolution, No?

Why do we have a DNC ,a DSCC, and a DCCC?

Why take anything off the table?

with all the arguments about impeachment and Dean v Carville....

Lieberman: Call Me a Democrat

On paying for stuff

Breathing the 'I' word

"The Revolution started here......" (email from Senator-elect Webb)

Waxman set to probe areas of Bush gov't

David Huo on Anderson Cooper right now! Talking religious beliefs

Can someone remind me? When the Republicans took over in 1994

Guardian Front Page: Howard Dean

In full meltdown mode now

Why doesn't anyone care about Texas Hispanics?

Impeach Censure, or bipartisan

Remember in order to convict after an impeachment you need a 2/3 vote in the Senate

Okay it's starting. Anyone left of Attila the Hun will no longer be

When Bill Clinton first announced he was running for President in 1991

EXCLUSIVE to DU: "Dems FAIL to Lose Election"

Poll results in! Dean waxed Rahm 36-4.

I have one more thing to say about the Carville oops today..

Taking back our country: one issue per bill, one bill at a time...

Now I *REALLY* hate Carville the Traitor!: Kerry DID fight for votes to be counted!

Why Don't Pundits Mention Wes Clark as a possibility for 2008?

IRAQ-How the Heck Do We Get Out?!?

An amazing essay by Will Pitt

21 Republicans and only 12 Dems at play in '08

Grr homophobes -- Pink bridge vandalized (Breast Cancer)

Does this election vindicate Diebold?

The truth about 2006 Democratic victories, it was a team effort and there is no I in team

Loser GOP yard sign swap - collect them all!

Rahm's Losers (John V. Walsh)

Cindy Sheehan ---letter to George on his loss

Great article on how we're being spun to surrender.

ANALYSIS: Things Aren't Going Bush's Way

Tin-foil hat time: Were Bush and Rove "The Producers" of an intentional flop?

CQ Weekly: The '08 Race for the White House Begins (Craig Crawford)

Majority Maker

Maureen Dowd: The Drapes of Wrath

Post-Taliban Kabul Blossoms for the Rich

How Pelosi propelled the Democrats (11/10)

It's the Walter Cronkite moment...........saving reputations, not lives. T

What to do after a repudiation election (LAT)

Meat the Press (Mickey Z.)

NYT editorial: The Roberts Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade


Win or lose, democracy stands fast

Don't call me a hero

Report: Exposure to weather wrecked FEMA housing units (negligence)

George's thumping was no gesture

NYT: Keeping the Voting Clean

WP: Democrats Win Bigger Share of Religious Vote

Happy Days Are Here Again, So Don't Screw It Up

City residents vote to tax selves for carbon use (Boulder, CO)

SCHOTT to Manufacture Solar Receivers in Spain Soon

Oil Company Executives Say Energy Independence Is a Myth

Japan leads in solar: time for the US to get in

TwoU.S. Pipe Plants in Alabama to Use Renewable Energy for Industrial Processes

San Diego Smart Grid Conference

VIP Homes teams with SRP to offer solar option on new homes (AZ)

Renewables floats light up market (London Stock ExCh Green IPOs)

Kenyan Children March Against Climate Change.

Bill Allowing More Drilling Along Coasts Appears Dead (???)

Today's climate change snapshot: Resolute basks in hottest October in 59 years

U.S. engineer indicted for passing secrets to Israel

Arafat commemorated in Ramallah

An accident named Olmert

A minority opinion

Beit Hanun killings bring Meshal and Abbas to table

Germany marks Jewish renaissance

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Security Council Resolution

Now that NY has a new Gov more concerned about 9/11 problems, does that mean

“Manufactured Shock” David Hawkins

Hoffman takes a look at the seismic spikes

Guardian: Rebooting voting in the US - a final word

Did anyone do exit polls in 2006?? If not, why not?,,

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Nov. 11, 2006

X post- NM 1 problems

Article about computer voting machines by a DU'er

Intriguing bit of trivia for ER folks only:

Initial thoughts on why OH '06 doesn't appear to have been stolen...

Dang! I did not know that SOS mail functions are privatized

looking for a few intelligent DUers to post here re: election fraud

Detailed analysis of effects of vote machine fraud in Palm Beach Co. in 2004

TRUTHISALL: The 2006 FINAL National Exit Poll does NOT compute - again!

What Happened in Ohio? Documentary Of Theft And Fraud In 2004 Election

Florida may have big problem in Attorney General Race -e machine probs like Sarasota

BP pays out (multimillion pound) to woman who lost parents in blast

WaPo: Pentagon to Reevaluate Strategy and Goals in Iraq

Can I second everyone?

(AP) Mexican, U.S. Mayors Blast Border Fence

Depleted Uranium Death Toll among US War Veterans Tops 11,000

Khamenei calls U.S. elections a victory for Iran

Perry urged to end lobby contracts (Tom Delay's firms which lobby against Dems)

U.S. agents, Mexican cops had standoff (US crossed border)

WP: Democrats Win Bigger Share of Religious Vote

3 Americans convicted of terrorism in Vietnam

AP: Car Bombs Kill 8, Injure 38 in Baghdad (also 2 coalition soldiers killed)

Nuke deal one of the top issues: White House (The Hindu)

Decrepit healthcare adds to toll in Iraq

U.S. Gov't Office in Iraq Attacked

Judicial independence remains under fire

Nat'l Guard units face 2nd tours in Iraq

BBC: Two UN peacekeepers die in Haiti

General: GIs Preserve Afghan Freedom

Korean War Dead Memorialized on the Web Video (of Man Being Beaten by Police) Prompts Probe of LAPD

(Senator - D - WA) Cantwell leads energy delegation to China

Blair to Speak to U.S. Committee on Iraq

NYT: Military Team Undertakes a Broad Review of the Iraq War and the Campaign Against Terror

ANALYSIS: Things Aren't Going Bush's Way

China to come under tighter scrutiny by new US Congress

(Canadian) Universities move to hide work from U.S. eyes

AP: Confined Nobel Laureate - Aid Needed (Aung San Suu Kyi)

Affluent men showed greatest disillusionment with GOP (14% less Rich Guy votes in 06')

Gates' Unfinished Business: Racism at Texas A&M

Democrats Aim to Save Inquiry Into Iraq Work, Office of Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

NYT: Slow Home Grants Stall Progress in New Orleans

US Offers $50,000 To Help Find Missing Soldier (

3rd Son From Wash. Family Sent to Iraq

U.S. OKs Russia's entrance to WTO

Reuters: Bush signals change in Iraq policy

Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd

Bush: Vote doesn't signal U.S. weakness (does a fip-flop0

Feeling Blue? (Newsweek Poll: Bush Approval drops to a new all time low of 31%)

Editor Found Dead in Mexican Hotel Room

Iraq gunmen kill 10, abduct 50 on buses

Detroit Museum Sued for Damaging "Malcolm X" Manuscript

NYT: With Democrats' Midterm Victory, Bill Allowing More Drilling Along Coasts Appears Dead

U.S. Vetoes UN Reproach Of Israel

GM likely to launch new plug-in hybrid

Dean promises respect for all (radio address)

Candidate: Zero vote tally off - by 1

Hundreds protest at Germany's NPD congress

(UK) Labour drafts in US election architect (Dean) for 'our midterms'

Reuters: Lebanon talks on govt change collapse

Bush worried about Latin leftists, ban lifted on military training in Latin America

Global growth in carbon emissions is 'out of control'

Homeowners are going underwater as loans pass home values

WP: Troublesome Tax Stirs Democrats - Alternative Minimum Seen As Hurting Urban Families

Posting and YOU

A Picture thread - You/someone else- then and now

I have discovered Blossom Dearie

Stage play puts Bush on trial - and audience can testify or be on the jury.

Anybody up for some late night fun? We've got a live one over on...

This is the THIRD time that Jack Palance has died!

We now have almost 98,000 registered users

I want a cat like this

Laura Ingraham describes the size of Floogeldy's . . . um . . . forearm.

Are Europeans...

My Favorite Article of Clothing of All Time Is

Okay, another question...

I know you have some favorite YouTube music videos...Post em so I can watch!

I Can't Sleep Because

Well that sounded like gun shots the next block over a few minutes ago

Are there any Mods in the Lounge tonight? Please post if there are.

Number of posts?

Cat lovers who like cats in art:

First record I ever bought

All right folks...

Poll: Are you with Katie Couric or are you with Al-Qaeda?

Evangelical Haggard Claims He Was Molested By Republican Congressman

Congratulations alittlelark!! 10,000 posts

Evangelical admits to gay relationship

Mushrooms on a Delmonico steak over New York

Are there any Zods in the Lounge tonight? Please post if there are.

The incoming Dems should sing this Allan Sherman classic when they march down the aisle...

My turn: If you were alive during the '90s (should be everyone), what do you remember?

What time does McDonald's start serving lunch?

Two poems for veterans, part one

So I finally got my own Studio... Livin all alone without Roomies...

Worst Bug In the Universe

Skidboot the Dog!

Cribbage makes an excellent drinking game.

A reminder to everyone in the KC area VICTORY PARTY TONIGHT

hey goombatz

jack palance dead at age 87

If I could request a jazz tune it would be {89.1 from Ypsi}

Do you know anybody that looks like Eddie Munster?

"Satisfaction" as performed by Phyllis Diller

Nov 11 1634

Our 98,000th member just joined up!

Coolest Bug In the Universe?

What is You Tube?

Post Your Most Important Thoughts HERE!

Pest pics! Post 'em here, folks!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/11/06)

In Flanders Fields

So my cat seems to be lactose intolerant

Good food suggestions to take to a friend's bonfire/drum circle tonight?

Soundtracks from "public education" films about homosexuality...

Star Wars movies on ALL DAY on

I still know what y'all did weekend before last.

Brothers in Arms -Dire Straights antiwar tribute

Who has a hunky picture of a young Howard Dean?

Genesis announcing their upcoming tour, will come to US~ Video

Huzah! I'm going to trap crows and band their legs tomorrow!

Name some body parts that were perfectly cast.

Be greedy this Xmas.......think about yourself first.

DU this Poll!!

Well, this sucks. Not man's best friends

It's raining again today! Yay!

Trippin' Trivia...Warren Christopher is a Hollywood High Graduate....

Excellent T-shirt

On a music roll tonight: What does this song mean to you (total eclispe of the heart)

GET some, Auburn!!

Honeymoon Suite - Burning In Love

It's November 11th and it's 75 degrees outside!?!

this response only allowed in the lounge

It's November 11 and my dad's outside turning 75!

ALERT: The Rapture is now scheduled for January 3, 2007

Do you know if Kinko's or other like places will print my color party invites for me?

Oh Oh... I poured my first Vodka Martini.

I just called the Public Health Department! Ask me anything!

I'm Borat.

And then there's Maude!

Why would married, successful men go to Tijuana for an evening?

I'm Bored

Everyone watch real close.. I'm going to flash the lounge...

Why are desireable women not attracted to me? (I'm not married and trying to attract)

What are sticky vibes?

For Veterans Day, three generations of Aristuses:

Your significant other:

I'm going to change my name to Billy and go lick a lolly...

So, when will the next call for moderators be announced?

Which ass is bigger?

I know the perfect third party to split the GOP...

I'm Boring.

I'm torrid.

Two Poems for veterans, part two

Why would married, successful men go to Ciudad Acuna for an evening?

Know anybody who looks like Jabba the Hutt?

Q. How many members of the Bush administration are needed to change a light

Am I able to post a poll now that I am a donor?

I know this will shock you, but

Anybody know where to get slipcovers?

Happy Birthday to Me!

very personal post, but I have to share....

In honor of all Veterans, a picture of my Mom as a Marine in WWII

Love is Letting Go of Fear

I always love reading my horoscope...

What would you do.... If you had a spouse you dearly loved....

You know what drives me absolutely batshit?

Can one report suspected child abuse with just a license plate number?

is yahoo messenger acting strange for anyone else here?

Like Windows? Going to buy Vista? Is it too expensive? Look:

Statistics, by Carl Sandberg

If you knew someone was cheating

American Woman by the Guess Who

Will somebody educate me?

Wikipdia Gem

Saturday, November 11. William Shakespeare's Thought For Veteran's Day:

Doo doo doo, looking out my back door, part two.

Favorite movie guilty pleasures?

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Borat film 'tricked' poor village actors

Why are undesireable men attracted to me? (I'm married and not trying to attract)

Went to Costco, is it just me or does your bill always average out to $10 an item?


The Freeperlounge Daily potree thread (sorry retrolounge) :o)

Kevin Federline? - Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

Since i'm nearly 35 and still single, should I even bother dating?

Take a picture of yourself right now...And post it . :o).or don't

Any Millennials here?

Protestors decry slaughter of pet dogs

Most Underrated Book by a Classic Author

Wal-Mart Creates Jobs!

So, my husband's little nephew likes to hurt animals...he's 10.

Need a good (Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry, etc) Pie recipe.

Name some movies that were perfectly cast.

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.

I pulled into Nazareth/ I was feelin' 'bout half past dead

Went to look at the grand old Victorian home my husband wants to buy

Any fans of Stephen Fry here on DU?

What's your favorite Lou Reed album?

Lounge Photo Thread With Captions

I always thought Lincoln Chafee was black.

What was the last DvD you bought?

If you were alive in the 80's - what do you miss about the time

Why don't I feel happy now?

Worst BOOK you were forced to read in school?

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?

What would possess a person to drive around without insurance?

Pet pics! Post 'em here, folks!

Hoping to speed Second Coming, some Christians

Church's ad in Wadsworth spooks viewers (Ohio)

Using Jesus Christ as an expletive?

(Anglican) Archbishop attacks public atheism

"Prove Fermat's Last Theorem" an assignment with a mutating meaning?

Wireless Electric Cord

Nov 7th Had A Silver Lining For Us

Gays cancel Israel parade, hold rally in stadium

Soundtracks from "public education" films about homosexuality...

I think I understand why people like right-wing anti-gay fundies exist.

To all my GLBT friends.

What is the GLBT opinion on "outing?" We are having a discussion on another thread, and I wanted to

Gay cruises draw protests in Caribbean

Any one think schwarzenegger will change his position on gay marriage

Terps BABY!!!

Wildcats baby!

Do you all remember my "Constructive Anger" question? I found an answer-& something else too:

By the pricking of my thumbs,

Is anyone psychic here? I might need some help

Court-Martialed at Sea - a WWII submarine tale by my Father

To All Veterans~Jeff Parker

Robert Parry has given his permission to post this important commentary IN FULL -

An interesting discussion this morning...

A letter to MY President on Veteran's Day . . .

You heard it from Joe Trippi : Kerry: down but not out

SBVT funder Perry: most of his candidates lost

Needed: Audiotape of McCain's book reKerry's leadership while pictures of

Lots of good Kerry links here

CQ Politics: Craig Crawford handicaps the 2008 contenders

Congratulations to all the NH Dems who won

Weekly reminder for JeffR

Thought y'all might enjoy this:

Chirp...................... Chirp ...................... Chirp

"Why all the glum faces"

After myself having woke from a good nights sleep, one of few in 6 years now

For those who scoffed at slippery slope arguments concerning sex offenders

If lying about a blowjob is an impeachable offense,

Do you leave a vote blank on the ballot if you are clueless of the canidate on the ballot or---

In order to defeat impeachment, they have to defeat "investigations" first...

C-Span: Vets For Freedom=Rightwing Swiftboaters

(VIDEO) Get your post-election New Rules

I read a thread with a few posts on DU on Wed or Thurs.......

mehlman: Repubs need to look in the mirror & figure out how we can do better.

Since the gov is all GPS-happy, why not put them on WEAPONS?

Democrats Credit Limbaugh with Senate Win

This is cool: Democrats are going to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax...

Rep. Kucinich: America Needs Iraq War Hearings

"Warrantless Wiretaps Unlikely to Be OK'd" HOW SWEET IS THIS??!!

JIm Webb- Wes Clark

Listening to the editor of Army Times--Sweet to wake up to (cspan) now.

What if we retain control of Congress AND win the presidency in '08?

I don't think Americans are finished punishing the GOP.

Taking back the flag

Principal threatens deportation - Educator steps down after singling out Latino students

Okay, Watch this Short Video Clip of R. Gates and Tell Me What's Bad

US embassy outpost in Iraq hit by rockets-police

I live in a Red County

Somebody needs to reply to the stupid al-Qaeda statement

Did Scarborough drop an F-Bomb?

Worst President ever Rally photos and video up - Dallas Monday night

Are you 20% Freepish?

a telling scene from a Laura Bush rally:

On The 2nd Amendment

You CAN be conservative and still a Democrat.

CNN loves pumping story that the Dems will RAISE YOUR TAXES.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Americans Wanted New Drapes & An Armani Granny With A Whip (Maureen Dowd)

We need subcommittees on oversight

Well I didn't know bout this...Robert = Trojan Horse Gates

The Impressive Mid-Term Results have denied many extremeists...

Despite Conciliatory Language-Dems To Move Quickly With Investigative Powers

Check out latest MSNBC poll!

U.S. More Threatening than Iran, China or Israel

On defending freedom abroad...

what happened to Maher's outing of closeted repugs?

All Bush wanted was a bunch of friends to have fun with . . .

Anyone have a final count on the house?

John Edwards for President in '08

Veterans' Day

Please, please, please Madame Speaker:


Colbert special tribute to the Republican majority

What works better: pushing an idea on you, or leading you to want it on your own?

Fox urges action on stem cells measure

New stage play puts Bush on trial - and audience can testify or be on the jury.

BTW, I made a new avatar, in honor of Mr. Bush's, uh...

Who put pressure on Maher to not out GOP gays?

"This is Hell!" -- LIVE, liberal radio with A-1 guests - 10am ET for 4 hours

Over The Hedge understands.

Foreclosures Up 17% in Third Quarter (up 43% from 2005)

Warrantless Wiretaps UNLIKELY To Be OK'd By Dem Senate

Veterans Day: Time to ressurect that Peace Sign.

Is the "Baghdad ER" program anywhere but HBO? I thought I saw CNN ads for it

I thought we had to win Tennessee to get a Senate Majority

Max Cleland v. Saxby Chamblis in '08

Issue Most Important To You In This Recent Election

Who matters?

Election Supervisor in FL-13 sent email about voting machine problems 3 days before election

I have to give Tony Perkins of the Religious Right credit

Harry Reid: "Britney Spears," "She loses a little weight, and now she's getting all cocky..."

Election Doesn’t Shutter Clinton Campaign Offices

2,842 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Robert Gates on Nixon:

ANIMATION: Nancy Pelosi & Ruprecht W. Bush

Merkel's Germany

Anyone see Lieberman running as an independent for President?

Dead Woman beats republican incumbent in South Dakota

I was listening to AAR Phoenix, and they played a clip

So When Are They Letting Mark Foley Out Of Lock-Up?

BWAHAHAHA - dedicate a song here to the RW losers

What is the truth about Pat Tillman's death?

Anyone ever notice ?..(re scrub)

"W" stands for Whipped ----pix--->>>

Defeated Congressman Sweeney on cover of 'Success' magazine

Honoring President George W. Bush For His Service ... Happy Veteran's Day!

Illegal invasion? No. Repeal Habeas Corpus?Huhuh. Allow 9/11? Yawn.

The Ethics of Counter-Terrorism

RW Domino's Using Stereotypes to market faux-Brooklyn Pizza

The Power of Nightmares

My guess as to who scrub will nominate to be the UN Ambassador is...

'God Gap' narrows as Democrats attract more religious voters

WTF? I thought Chimpeachme only talked to his "heavenly" Father?

how great was real time with bill maher

Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd . I would hope so

John Hall and Stephen Colbert harmonizing the national anthem

Don't fall for Dubya's act. "He's a venomous political snake!" CHB

What po'd me most about Carville's remarks yesterday. I slept on it

Todays Best 'NO SHIT' AP Headline..............

bush thought he was Jesus Christ after 9-11, NOW look at him.

Who should be DNC chair?

The most amazing thing to me about this election and its impact

Favorite WJ call today: Rs, Dems won the election, get over it!!!

It comes in 3's...... Leukemia.

Petiton CBS to replace Katie with Keith Olbermann

Lest we forget: Hurricane Katrina victims don't want to "make nice"

My thoughts on Lieberman.

Condi: "figure skating was good preparation for my current job."

Separated at Birth

Church receives steeple upgrade (cool idea....Hello can you hear me now....

Veterans deserve respect from America - an article by Peacebirds son (himself a vet)

Mushrooms on a Delmonico steak over New York

Can we at least agree that bush QUALIFIES for Impeachment?

Jack Cafferty

Nancy Pelosi: an Armani granny with a whip

There's a fear amongst some Democrats that Dean may run for Presidency

CSPAN Caller: The Catholics Voted For The Dems Because They Aren't Christian

Best Homer Simpson GOP "D'oh" idea - disconnecting Liddy Dole

I have a rendezvous with the memory of 58,169 comrades.

msnbc is awaiting in a few minutes a NEW POST-election poll---teaser

America is Bluetiful once again.

C-SPAN radio - iraqi vets telling their stories

Do any cable companies provide C-SPAN 3?

Barbara Boxer Pledges Shift on Global Warming

Republicans have 'mandates'. Democrats have bipartisanship.

Two Suggestions For Pelosi That Will Change Everything.....

A year from now, Bush's approval rating will be...

The freepers cannot stand mccain

WaPo A01: Pakistan Attacks Shatter Accord

DEAN HIRED To Advise Labour Party For May Elections

Freepers respond to thread imploring them to 'Court the moderate voters': GO FUCK YOURSELF

Remember when the RNC said they had millions to spend

Three cheers for Patrick Fitzgerald whose investigation of KKKarl Rove and others

In Remembrance...

An outrageous exploitation of Pat Tillman in my university's newspaper and my response

The REAL difference for this earth if Dean ran the DNC in 2000, 2002, and 2004.

Pentagon Set To Break Its Word To National Guard's Citizen Soldiers

They're growing it over here so they don't have to grow it over there

aWol prick about to praise real veterans

But nobody's buying flowers from the flower lady

A question about the Bolton issue.

maryland lotto daily "pick 4" wouldn't take "1111" today

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow ...

Should we pass a law banning foreign deployment of the National Guard?

Arianna on MSNBC discussing

A humble request for the new Congress's party in January.

smirk's speech to the Marines was cruel

Has anyone seen any threads about leaving the USA since Nov.7 ??

Let's have some "War on Christmas" fun. . .

I am a conservative

Just watched Hacking Democracy

The Old Flag Never Touched The Ground - Campfires of the Afro American

Final head count of the House and the Governors

Saw a hopeful freeper's car today

Will Dennis Kucinich get a chairmanship?

WorldNutDaily: Terrorists Supported and endorsed Democrat Victory

Take this Waltz. With it's very own breath of brandy and Death.

Freepers want to pick the next Democratic speaker.

Dean: Democrats will honor need for change in Iraq

Rumsfeld Revisited

"Chicago, Taos, Santa Fe, Santo Domingo, and Las Vegas."

breaking news - discovery of densest element known to science

Rove commentary

US Marine; "Who's Rumsfeld?"

MS Vista pricing will raise the cost of PC's and raise the cost

Are gas prices rising where you live?

What to do with a wasted presidency

UK's Labour party asks for Dean's help


Dear Mr. Bush, it's YOU and your lack of leadership they are unhappy with

Anyone who thinks McCain would be a good president should re-read this

Democrats should push immigration reform in the new Congress

a cartoon about smirk's smirk

U.S. OKs Russia's entrance to WTO

Lawmakers Who Won't Be Missed

Where's John Dean?

No Power without Accountability! FREE MP3s

Will the Republican Party split into Christo-Fascist and big business wings?

Good time to test the Nuclear option?

The "Cheney resigns, McCain becomes VP" theory is well-supported...

Activists Rally outside Pelosi's SF office "bring our troops home"

now that america is a country that tortures

Liberman as Homeland Security Chair = more MIHOP terrorism to come!!!

So is it safe to say yet the the phrase used a millon tmes will cease

The percentages of undervotes in Sarasota are just stunning.

The Time Has Come

Is there any instance in history of a campaign manager like Rove being elevated to

Human Rights Groups to Attempt to Have Rumsfeld Tried for War Crimes

The American voters are awesome.

Did the media claim a Reagan win in 1980 would "embolden the terrorists in Iran?"

Has Cheney been to the taxidermist?

"Will you pardon Bush for crimes committed in office?"

Does anyone else get the impression that mccain's presidential run....

Something I noticed about the freepers since tuesday

Newsweek Bush approval rating=31%.

Only 22 Katrina families have received money to repair homes

Exclusive: Charges Being Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

Dems WIN MAN-DATE! Popular Vote For Senate = 55%(Dem) - 43%(Repub)

Prediction: As Oversight Proceeds, Scandals Will Mount & Rs Will Tell * "It's Time To Go"

Search engine seen on AIR

The Freedom Bill - An idea from the UK for the Democratic Party

Can someone explain the process for resuscitating habeas corpus and dismantling the MIlitary Commis-

My favorite post-election blog posting:Time for a Big Ol' Cup of STFU

Amidst all this impeachment talk, something to consider

US just Vetoed lasted UN resolution of

Some smart Republicans know if they want to get reelected they will have to switch parties

Where will the far right go?

ROFL -- "A Farewell to Douchebags"

The elections were a GREAT show. Coming attractions include:

Bush: Fire Karl Rove. Democrats: Build A New Majority

"Universities move to hide work from U.S. eyes"

Survivor: The White House Edition (Michael Wolff, Dec. Vanity Fair)

LTTE to my congress critter

Dean: Democrats will honor need for change in Iraq

Even Howard Dean doesn't know her name; Grassroots win a place in the halls of Congress!

Labor Movement Dusts Off Agenda as Power Shifts in Congress

What's the status on the U.S. armed services $160 billion supplemental appropriation?

Richard A. Clarke: Watching The Change

Do we have any legal types who can answer this?

Democratic Party of the USA in Second Life HQ

so, what do we think the over/under is going to be for junior

Anyone listening to Nickelson (Vet Affairs) on MSNBC now?

Marine charged with Iraq war crime called popular, loyal

My message to Dem POTUS hopefuls:

LAT editorial: Hands Off My Hard Drive

George Bush Has Been Replaced As President By George Bush

Freeper poetry

NYT: For Incoming Freshman Class of Democrats, Populism Trumps Ideology

2844 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I stand behind my House and Senate leaders. And I trust them.

Ted Haggard will now undergo 3 to 5 years(!) of "spiritual restoration".

First order for Dems - investigate Iraqi corruption

RW'ers are always talking about "reform"

AOL Poll on McCain:Let them know how you feel about *'s buddy

I like Flavia Colgan, new pundit on MSNBC!

Special Rights

Could we impeach Bush if he got into Haggard's stash of crank?


Remember all those CSPAN R callers who said they were upset with *

BookTV said care packages to troops down 25% this year

Flags of Our Fathers - what the movie teaches us

Nicotine helps people with Parkinson's

If Bush wants to be bipartisan

Will the US save the young Democracy? after Israel help destroy it?

A plea from Bush in prison!

Pulled this out of my

U.S., North Korea officials may meet next week to talk about talking to each other

Myths about minimum wage

How Bush Built North Korea's Bomb

Use RICO statutes to JAIL the Bush Admin for their Giant Money Laundering War

Bob Cesca: Time for a big ol' cup of STFU

Why the hell is McCain not dead yet?

31% lerv * and he's got himself a really busy work week ahead.

"...Speaker Nancy Pelosi had pasta; the president ate crow..."

Has anyone else noticed? (Iraq War coverage)

Rove Didn't Want Fitzgerald As U.S. Prosecutor, Says Former Illinois Senator

RADICAL FRINGE TOON SAT. 11/11 - Cheney reacts to Mid-term news

Catholic nun jailed for 30 years for her part in Rwandan genocide

What will thee rest of the WORLD think of us if we don't impeach Bush?

Don't let the RW media goad us into predicting RESULTS

Why can't they index the minimum wage to either the rate of inflation or the CPI?

Breaking News: John McCain Still Not Dead.

Each State weigh in: Will your senator (s) vote to impeach?

CNN wants Harold Ford for a talk show

Have the congress YOU'VE always wanted....

Will there be a Bush-part 3 running in '08


Just got this bullshit Freeper e-mail again

My consolation behind Harold Ford's loss

NYT: Florida voter uses extremely rare stamp to mail absentee ballot

We know MTP has the McCain-Lieberman duo post-election; here are the other Sunday lineups

Veterans Day

Your new, ultra-conservative House of Representatives *sarcasm*

The ENRON Administration appears to be the buzzword of the day for Dems

OK, I get "moran", "series", and "HUGH", but what the hell does "pwn3d" mean?

Carville's wife is a WAR CRIMINAL.

Tragic Tale of Teen-Dating Violence

Subpoena Power: Be Patriotic, Save the Republic, Insist on the Truth.

Click & Clack has edited out soldier calling from Iraq on their website!

DK: Haggard's Gay Trysts Covered Up By Dominionist Leaders For Months

Good Golly, Miss Molly: Ivins Carries On Despite Health Setbacks

Understanding the RW - "My dog barks some..."

Howard Dean's birthday is November 17th.... He'll be 58 - I know what he would like:

What are you gonna do now?

Bitch Slapping Dick Cheney - by Larry C Johnson

Stop all the impeachment talk--it ain't gonna happen!

Ed Bradley interviewed Sibel Edmonds (now online)

Did Hayworth admit he lost yet?

Vegan stays vegan due to Democratic victory.

Great map of our purple America: How the map looks: Blue/red.

Cheney will be next to resign. Otherwise they're looking at President Pelosi.

There's a crack in Everything, that let's the Light IN - Leonard Cohen n/t

I saw Protesters Today

Why doesn't * say "Bring it On" if his administration has done nothing wrong?

A more feasible way for the Repukes to get rid of Dubya

Remember "Mr. Wolf" from "Pulp Fiction"? That's james baker.

CSPAN2 - 6pm - Children of Cain: Violence and the Violent in Latin America

How security guards became killers

Keep track of Cheney and Rummy, they may run

So all Miami Cubans are right-wing fascists, right (or is it gusanos)?

Rewatch Eminem's "Mosh" from this side of victory!

NOT IN MY NAME - Pledge Of Resistance (Saul Williams - DJ Spooky Remix)

What if both Repub and Democratic non-nominees pulled a Lieberman in a Presidential race?

Who else thinks so many voted Democrat that it canceled out Diebold cheating?

I'm just too darned nice...

Illinois Repub party in disarray

Best Buy using "Happy Holidays." Under fire from Freepturds. Email here

So since the Senate is 51-49...


Ultimately a genuine leader is not of consensus but a molder of consensus.’

Absentee Florida ballot sent with precious stamp.

If you could chose 1, which? Hague or impeachment

Be careful of precedents

Toon: Rummy's Future at the WAR CRIMES trial

bush approval reaches all time low of 31%, quit pickin' on the guy!

Candidate gets no votes -- but he voted for himself

A SALUTE to all DU Vets, and to ALL Veterans

Fundies' reactions with Ted Haggard vs., let's say, Bill Clinton

You gotta hand it to the McLaughlin Group: 100% accuracy

The Century of Women

Pic of shredder truck heading into Cheney's property

Rep-elect Jerry McNerney (CA-11 Pombo) has PhD in math.

Mexico City Approves Gay Civil Unions

Should the legal age to Serve be raised from 18 to 21?

Colbert sighs after the Democratic victory

RW Talk Radio in Philly

Judge lets 'Condoms & More' open its doors, despite city limits on sexually oriented businesses

Mark Twain's advice for good manners at a funeral

Freeptards:"Engineered Repub defeat is Roves greatest master stroke of his entire career!"

How LOW Can You GO, MSNBC?

Heads up! Letter campaign needed. Racial attack on Conyers

Only the investigations will reveal if impeachment is wise...

Should the legal smoking age be increased from 18 to 21?

Florida ballot sent with precious stamp

Nice little apartment in WH being prepared for Dad and Mom...

Rep. Waxman: "Most Difficult Thing Will Be To Pick & Choose" What To Investigate

Wanna see what a red state looks like turning blue

OK, so impeachment's off the table. What now?

If Vilsack Runs Will Iowa be Highly Contested by Dems?

"The WH of today looking alot like the WH created by Dad 15 yrs. ago."

I just discovered something about the videos in the video forum

Deep into Mentat mode: the mid-terms sliced and diced

59% of Pelosi's own constituents voted to impeach Bush on Tuesday.

Should the legal age to clog the Internet's Tubes With Bullshit be raised from 13 to 65?

What does it mean to be "Progressive"?

C-Span Moron Calls John McCain "Soft."..

Freepers not allowed to own guns after Jan. 3?

Women Veterans, Sound Off!

It's the weekend after a mind-blowing week. How does everyone feel now?

After Downing Street: "Just What Did We All Just Vote For Then?"

Court-Martialed at Sea - a war story by my Father for Veterans Day

Married DU'ers - Why did you get married?

Bush at 31% says MSNBC

"We must put these elections behind us" - Not so fast Mr. Bush . . .

3 guesses as to who Carville wanted as Al Gore's running mate (in 2000, of course).

When the GOP gives you LEMONS...turn them into IMPEACH!

Robert Gates is skilled in making things look more threatening than they really are

Three men in search of a CAPTION:

Question, did they increase the length in the Subject field when posting messages?

Pelosi's First Order of Business: Tell Bush It's the DemocratIC Party

In the RW media the "conservatives" are all whining that the repukes let them down


What Are The Issues? What Needs To Be "Made Right"


Regarding the "war on Christmas," Fox News sent invitations for the

Soldier knitting on NPR today--made me a bit weepy.

The Rags-to-Riches Story of Harry Reid

This election wasn't a shift to the left, so much as a shift back to the middle

Me and My Big Gay Lifestyle

SUNDAY'S TV NEWS SHOWS (Dean, Reid, Levin, and not much else...)

I'm waiting to hear the words 'I was wrong'

Did anyone hear the soldier call "Car Talk" from Iraq about armoring his vehicle?

Do we really want to DESTROY the Republican party?

Will anti-impeachment spin work?

Hey, Southern Illinois--Please help my son. He's stuck in a van

Time to Disenfranchise Mothers? (MADD rant)

Who is the most famous Arab-American?

GOP spokesman: JD Hayworth lost race

Harry Reid says he has questions about Gates' involvement in Iran-Contra

So Bush Did Have A "Man-Date" In 2004

I don't support Gay Marriage

The Senate or Impeachment

Impeaching Bush is a joke...

Those Victory TOONS keep comin - dialup warning

Arlington West in Santa Barbara to close down. Photos

Sen Reid: '1st Order Of Business-Reinvigorate Congressional Scrutiny Of Exec Branch'

Her campaign screwed by robo calls, Tammy Duckworth celebrates "Alive Day"

Hey, is today a holiday for the post office (mail delivery)?

What's Next for Democrats? (New Dem Dispatch)

HowBout a lil Montana political Humor....

Submission by Invitation: "Me and MY Big Gay Lifestyle"

Kucinich: We need accountability on Iraq

If you have a DU Journal, would you like to have a VIEWS counter on it?

Bechtel's billions down the drain

Do yourselves a favor this weekend...

Howard Dean's Strategy so successful - the UK wants in!!

We are entering a new era here at DU

Should smoking be banned in the US?

Hide the Bibles & guns Ma, the LIBRULS are a comin'!

If for no other reason IMPEACH NOW!

Anyone ever seen a Democratic petition asking Hillary not to run in 08?

Should the legal drinking age be lowered from 21 to 18?

DNC: Which McCain Is Running? (they smoked him)

AL GORE Wants to Replace All Payroll Taxes w/ CO2 Emissions Taxes on Companies

Art Buchwald - Still not dead.

A Few Final Thoughts and Words (about what has occurred)

Bob Cesca: Time For A Big Ol' Cup Of 'Shut The F*** Up'

What do you all think of this as a strategy for congressional Democrats?

If you're happy and you know it raise your hand. If you're happy

We are going to legalize GAY MARRIAGE at the federal level now.

Respect Women Video (of Man Being Beaten by Police) Prompts Probe of LAPD

Why Was the Republican National Convention Held in NYC? (TDS)

Rush Limbaugh no longer has to carry their water...feels liberated.

Poor Repugs - Having a Bad Day

The Democrats have taken over the house (Need a good chuckle today?)

Ministry Lies, Lies, Lies

What Has The Democratic Party Done For You?

The Ultimate Sacrifice


Depeche Mode: John The Revelator *Must See*

One change I can't wait to see

Depeche Mode Music Video.. explains * to a tee.

Socially, many Libertarians, Greens, Socialists and RepugLites

Tammy Duckworth keeps it in perspective (also learning to fly again)

Democrats stole mid term elections!

Joe's in the senate. Time to get over it. We need him.

New Voter ID Laws In Ohio Delay Final Tally in Schmidt/Wulsin Race

Barrons eats crow "Republicans will stay in power." LOL

Draft Howard Dean

Will Justice Stevens step down now?

Questions Dog Sarasota Race - Headline in today's St. Pete Times!

Gay Bashing, A Referendum on Pundits?

Progressive Democrats faction

Goddamn New York Post! (not for the faint of heart)

Send a big Thanks to the DNC and Dean here (if you have not done so

Veteran's Day

Do we know how many people voted on Tuesday? How do we get that data?

Why Is The U.S. Training The Iraqi Army?

Halliburton provided contaminated water to Soldiers

How to be successful and stay in power or how to lose in 2 years

CQ Weekly: The '08 Race for the White House Begins

Rove sees Dem victory as "much more of a transient, passing thing"

The Democratic center

To those beltway insiders who think the 50-State Strategy was a failure

Labour drafts in US election architect for 'our midterms'

Thank You Leonard Cohen: There's a crack in Everything, that's to

Hey MCain!!! Go back to your home on whore island!!!!

Remember the new "V for Victory" sign!!!!

Hey! The DLC Should Put Mehlman In Charge!

Carville: “The R.N.C. did a better job than the D.N.C. this year.”

FIY: The Crimes of the Oval Office - on FSTV now.

The crooks and liars' (GOP) perspective on the election:

Please DU this poll

They keep saying Dems will raise taxes too

Just a reminder: We are in charge now. Don't forget. Thanks.

Pelosi Takes Hastert’s Other Office

Robert Gates and the bin Laden connection

You hear that sound?

Beside election reform, the DNC and Democrats should NOT use robo-calls in 2008

Cartooning the Political Week

LameDuck Radio Address, Midterm Election Edition: "Whatever your opinion of the outcome..."

The Repubs had oversight hearings...damn it!

MSNBC: Bush at historic 31% LOW.....latest poll shows the dude

I vote investigations start with a real 9-11 probe

DLC and Conservative types are Reading this Election Wrong: It's about Convincing them you are right

First Post-Election Meet the Press Features Exclusively Pro-War Politicians

Dean: Vote shows Americans want new course in Iraq

I have a great idea for a website that I am putting out for anyone who will

Maureen Dowd: "Drapes of Wrath"

What A Mandate! Popular Vote For Senate Was 55%-43% Democratic

Outcome Uncertain in 8 House races

"We will roll back federal programs from A to Z. From Amtrak to zoological studies."

Crisis averted thru Ballot Box, not Coup. Civilian Control of Military remains.

"The Republicans did themselves in"


Count the vote and we stand a very good chance of getting 1 more Dem Rep.

Senate seats ("Class 2") expiring in 2008: 21R's, 12 D's.

Dissing Waxman-STFU Mickey Kaus

DNC: Celebrating Democratic Victories

A Progressive Sweep? Hardly (Joshua Frank)

Jesus Christ - can't I watch a sporting event without a BUSH being there?

I was just thinking that if the DLC takes over the agenda, this country

Are We, the People, going to fight the confirmation of Robert Gates?

A VERY simple proposal to light the lights in Congress ....

“Americans will speak of the battles like Fallujah with the same awe and

Extra Credit: You have to pick one member of the admin to go to jail.

"into the abyss"

Of the Democrats elected to US Congress in 2006,

So we won big in Dean's first election after being Chairman of the party.


OMIGOD, the slaughter continues! Dean clobbering Rahm, 72-5.

Okay, who is an acceptable nominee for Secretary of Defense?

President Dodd: Why?

What Should I Be Labeled.

Would McCain be a good president?

Is Rumsfeld preparing to plead insanity?

Disgraced Congressman Ney may be honored by Ohio University.

When Repubs win they claim...

We will NEVER learn. US vetoes ANOTHER UN Resolution.

Carvilles' attack on Dean exposes the republocrats.

If Lincoln Chafee Changes Parties

Charles Schumer's 3-step plan to sustain Democratic majority

2008 hobble horses, plus the Boston Globe on Kerry the day after the election

In memory of Lance Cpl. Colin J. Wolfe - Photos

About which of our new Senators were you most thrilled?

I Just Talked To Christine Jennings Personally... District 13/Florida

What's the appropriate number of presidential contenders per party?

Will Joe Loserman get the nod for Secretary Of Defense?

Douglas Feith on Rummy: Gone But Not Forgotten

That huge New US Embassy being built in Baghdad

More good news that shouldn't get lost in the celebration

"Thank you America" from the Guardian/UK

Tin Foil Hat Time: Were Bush And Rove "The Producers" Of An Intentional Flop?

One thing to look for in a 2008 President candidate: Coat-tails in Congressional races

Rural Montana farmer Jon Tester is going to Washington

The best thing I like about the election outcome.

Bolton to be out of a job come January. (Chaffee with not vote for him)_-I

in 08 --I have a hunch ...

Fascinating interactive election analysis map of US on NYT site

Just So We're Clear on Who's Running the Show ---pix--->>>

Ten-Plank, Pipe-Dream Democratic Agenda. Would you support it?

Haiku prediction

Don't let the old guard DNC eat the 2006 bread baked by the liberal/progressive little red hen

Why is Montana more blue than other Rocky Mtn. states?

Serious counting irregularities in Bernalillo County [NM(01) Congressional Race]

Sorry, Hillary Rodham Clinton, I do not support you for President in 2008

Clarkies: A call to arms

Should Bush be Impeached? MSNBC Poll

Does John McCain have any skeletons in his closet?

What the HELL happened to Lou Dobbs?

Ex-QB Thrives as Lobbyist (is J.C. Watts a corrupt Uncle Tom???)