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YIKES! This guy (pedo) was a friend of mine 30 years ago!

New polymer kills germs, some viruses

Sorely needed legislation, which the Congress won't touch

Unofficial Impeachment Compendium--Day 1

Democrats, Don't Wimp Out

Israelis mourn Gaza deaths

More and more people get in touch with conspiracy

Paper Vote Canada

NY Times editorial: Counting the Vote, Badly

WP/AP: Enron's Causey Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

Storm destroys skating rink full of preschoolers

Ellison ... carving out his own place (Snubs Bush Big Time)

New Pakistani rape laws anger Islamists

Reuters: N.Korea seen taking tougher stance at nuclear talks

Mayors don't wait for Washington on warming

Iraq, Al Gore films in running for Oscars documentary prize

Strong 8.3 Earthquake Hits Island off Hokkaido of Northern Japan

Former Wis. governor to explore presidential run

FL GOP Aide Faces Prison For Taking Funds

Government admits improper farm payments

Reid: Not 'Brokeback' Close With Senator

US Airways Makes Hostile Offer for Delta

Bush Resubmits Six U.S. Appellate Court Nominees to Senate (including Haynes-- torture apologist)

Syria ruled out of Iraq solution as state department looks to Iran

US sees reinvigorated Al Qaeda

WP: McCain Files Presidential Paperwork, Tommy Thompson Mulling a Run

NYT: Many Say House Leadership Race Damages Democrats’ Image

Bush gives go-ahead for building 'Bush Center' in Israel

Abizaid: 'Shinseki was right'

Searching for 'our alien origins'

US plans last big push in Iraq (20,000 extra troops)

'Mushroom cloud' blast destined for Nevada desert, senator says

This "Oprah not invited to TomKat wedding" thing's really upsetting me. REALLY. A LOT. REALLY.

Will Elad run for President in 2008?

"One julienned onion..."

XM or Sirius?

James Carville really an overgrown Sphynx cat?

I have a new avatar. Ask me all the questions in the world!

I just had some fun with the breast-feeding mom

I'm not a drinker or a smoker, I'm a beverage and tobacco enthusiast.

Tornado warnings for FL panhandle...

6 years to get to 3,000 posts! Yay!

"When I pet you, and you say purr purr purr, it's because you're a dawg!!"

I was reminded of DU while driving down I-5

I'm confused

Hey, YellowRubberDuckie! This is for you! :-)

My pet bird charged a GUN!!!!

VHS Is Dead

San Diego Padres interested in Barry Bonds.

Let's go smoke some pot!

How can I improve the drawing in my watercolors?

How many condiments have you broken?

Bad Day

This joke was in my inbox tonight:

museum of moving images

Would it really kill people who put up lyrics of songs to

Will posts about stuffing turkeys get locked?

My last 2 threads have gotten 69 views each... coincidence...

Americans never seem to do well with Bob McKeown.

We had one hell of a windy day here in Houston, 25 miles per hour wind blowing.

Baby Names...

I finally realized the one event that has caused all my problems.

Anyone tossing back a few?

Why has there never been a movie or series made from Sue Grafton novels?

Let's all buy some Christmas Crap!

GOPisEvil: T minus 16

I have not yet accomplished all of my goals in life.

punk music video`s

My students are filling out my evaluation...

Rut, roh. I'm out of olives.

Just came back from "The Barber of Seville."

RIP Pastor Lehotsky recieve a call from my husband where he is, I have to PAY $25???

I get it...Dane Cook is the Kenny G of comedy,,,

Would-be kidnapper shoots own left testicle, police say, then nails left calf

My last three threads sank like stones coincidence

How do you pronounce giblets?

Geeze, do people really still make this gesture?

My last 4 threads have gotten 7 replies each... coincidence...

I hate group projects for school! Post your horror stories here. (HypnoToad might like this.)

Forgive me... but where is the "Olive Garden flamewar"?

On a lighter note, did anyone else see Ghost Hunters tonight?

My marriage is doomed. Thanks, Arizona.

Who can tell me about YouTube?

Are adverbs dead?

Sharding your Purples?

Suzanne Somers has had some bad plastic surgery.......

you're stranded on an island with limbaugh, hannity and coulter and there's no food...

Calling Mr. Scorpio, Mrs. Grumpy, DevilGrl and others to my MySpace page!

I'm meeting my son for the very first time in 10 days!

Please keep my mother in your thoughts...

For my 10,000th post

Let me try to clarify something

Do they HAVE to sneak CORN into EVERYTHING we eat?

Do they have to slip PORN into everything we beat?

Two great Wednesdays.Last week Dems this week Emmitt and Cheryl n/t

Why do people need monster speakers in their cars and deafening noise?

Law and Order SVU - Who watched last night?

Tonight's SOUTH PARK episode: WTHLF did I just witness?

I just told my cat ....

Forgive me... but what is the "Olive Garden flamewar"?

Time for new kitty pictures

New Study Claims Taller Are Smarter

Oral Roberts upsets #3 Kansas by 7! nt

Volunteer needed to coordinate the December prayer, light and healing thread


Support for Kerry in Florida newspaper

When you live smack in the middle of 5 million + people


NPR (not photography related): I'm about to meet my son for the first time

CNN's Michael Ware: "With all the information at his fingertips and

In Other News, U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,858

With all the election stuff, I missed Riverbend's latest blog entry, Nov. 5

If you think the Democrats are divided, just wait a few days...

Iraq, Al Gore films in running for Oscars documentary prize

"Heart Valves Grown From Womb Fluid Cells" This is FANTASTIC!!!

They are going to do DNA tests on Bush:

How Come No One Is Talking About Trent Lott Getting A Leadership Position?

Icebergs become tourist attraction off New Zealand coast

FBI Investigates Violent LAPD Arrest...

Glenn Beck: Threatened Michael Moore's life on-air

This really bites-----

East coasters, did ABC run anything on Abramoff tonight?

An Unknown In the Back Seat (not a political post)

Why do we have to wait until the evening to get election results?

My daughter said my son-in law said to her "well I guess your dad is happy now" after...

So now we are in power - what do you want to ban/restrict others from doing?


Click on Flat Howard...

Carville on CNN today (video)

did anyone TIVO or record MSNBC late election night?

Who would you like to be Democratic Majority leader?

Swingstateproject takes an early look at 2008 House targets


Federal inmate No. 27593-112: "my last e-mail for a while"


Air America is running a neo-con nut

Larry King Admits He's Never Used the Internet (video and transcript)

"Faux News Revealed "....K. O. exposing Faux memos. n/t

Yes, a Republican preacher/Governor

Isn't it a tad bit ironic?

Quiverfulls: In a new movement, Christians 'open their wombs to God.'

Can a Vice-President be impeached? If so...this should be our target!!!

Who do you think the idiots are gonna nominate for president ?

I've found a sure-fire way to get the Republicans against "black box" voting machines.

Australia and US 'Bonnie and Clyde' of global warming: Gore

Study Concludes That No Child Left Behind Act Has Hurt Minorities

More Borat

Did ya see Robert Greenwald on KO discussing Faux news memo?

Scarborough sure has a hard on for Nancy Pelosi

Laurence O'Donnel is a f*ing asshat

Bush will increase number of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Karen Carter (D) vs. corrupt William Jefferson (D): Louisiania runoff Dec. 9

Monsters enter city, tearing women and children into pieces

If the GOP can pick LOTT, the DEMS can pick MURTHA - and WIN in 2008!

Should I make a spoof Rudy for Prez 2008 web site?

Here is my Murtha thread...

Cheney Needs To Be Investigated For Obstruction of Justice

The pain of a weak US dollar/ Asia Times

Fox internal Memo is more of a smoking gun than the Dan Rather mistake

piece o' crap email about hilary/black panthers floating around (again)

How disheartening is it that 8 year olds are receiving credit card solicitations?

OK—it’s been a week now. How many of you have experienced first-hand accounts of Repub meltdown?

Got a call from my younger sister today. She is taking a Poli Sci class

Glen Beck on CNN spreading his vile hatred of Islam

Your prediction of what Iraq will look like one year from now?

So if I question the choice of Alcee Hastings as Chairman of the House intelligence committee

Six Races Still Too Close To Call, Two Headed for a Run-Off

Is anyone else deeply disappointed in Judith Regan

Pelosi urged to skip over Alcee Hastings for intelligence chair, owes millions in legal fees

Wanna know what Waxman plans to investigate? Read here:

The Butterfly Effect of a Blow-Job (Revisted from December 2005)

Abizaid: the next Rumsfeld?

2008 Democratic Dream Team - what say you?

Al Franken on with Colbert

HILLARY's national favorable rating is 53%, by comparison's shrub's is 33%

Iraq must be stupid...

The obstacle between us and 08

Ex-Bush aide (Tommy Thompson) to explore presidential run

Don't forget America's OTHER disaster--"many years and billions of dollars to stabilize Afghanistan"

Fox Broadcasting Interviews O.J. for Killer Ratings - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

FOX NEWS RIGHT WING? Did you see Glen Beck on CNN?

Ted Koppel on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight. Is this a repeat?

I Think It Should Be Gore/Edwards in 08.

Make Up Your Goddamned Minds Already Warmongering Freaks!!!

"Conservative Democrats Seek Larger Role" Wonderful. JUST FREAKIN' WONDERFUL!

Hoyer wanted to start a Democratic version of Delay's "K Street Project?" WTF?!

Ben Stein: Iraq Better Off With Saddam

I have seen the error of my ways.. I feel awful about the Santorum girl

I like this new Gore 2008 Bumper Sticker:

I knew we were in big trouble after Shock And Awe and the Iraqis kept fighting

All I need to know I didn't learn from General Abizaid

Where art thou, Grovelbot?

Glenn Beck voted KO's worst person.

If Murtha becomes majority leader we DESERVE to lose the House in 08'.

James Baker III

Why Is Impeachment "Off The Table?"

If Murtha is Majority Leader then we deserve to KEEP the House

Dennis Kucinich: We Need Jack Murtha for Majority Leader (HuffPost)

What can y'all tell me about Christopher Hitchens?

For those of us unaccustomed to winning

Is committing adultery a prerequisite to becoming the Republican

Question: Re Proper Greeting for a former Gov who is also a Dr

My son's wingnut high school history teacher

Socialism ... Just what exactly is it??... It sure scares Americans..

Fiore - DemoGlad... see if it is right for you... ROFL..........

Do you think CarVILE is a Repuke mole, recruited by his wife, or a Hill/Bill toady?

Could a "Second 1960's" happen in America?

Oops, the lame duck republican house did something right.

Why do Americans tolerate Bush letting the 'Generals' dictate our level of involvement in Iraq?

Congressional Investigation of Fox News needs to be done

Blitzer's about to run a piece on who the sexiest politician is. What do you think?

"Ten Reasons To Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney"

Al Franken on Cobert Report!

Wednesday Night Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

To "Win" in Iraq... We must impeach Bush and Cheney...

Ted Koppel on Daily Show: "35 Years Ago Bush Joined the Nat'l Guard To Stay Out of Vietnam"

Stealing Home - Couple invests life savings in home they can't live in

This should be my last post here at DU -

Fiasco: we cannot just up and walk out of Iraq

Boo! He's on the phone making calls for to energize THE PEOPLE...


OMG! You should have seen what that one fella Glenn Beck had on his show

Tears, Massive Tears – Nevada Part II (Studio 60)

Quien es mas sexy? Stewart? O Colbert?

TOON that sums up the MSM, Drudge and the rest of the RW spin machine

Safe, Legal and None Of Your Business

For all those who ask why do gays have to flaunt being gay

I'm sorry to sound like a Freeper, but this sounds like Leftist Nanny Statism

HILLARY CLINTON SUPERSTAR: A Rock Opera as told by Carville Iscariot

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi speaks at Iraq Forum

cornel west - democracy now, response to terrorism...keeping it real...

Interview: Al Gore explains how you can fight global warming...

JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press

Palast - Pt.4/4 Bush Evidence - Cheney's Iraq War Oil Plan...

Palast - Pt.1/4 Bush Evidence - Election Thief...

Palast - Pt.2/4 Bush Evidence - The Bush Corporate Racket...

Palast - Pt.3/4 Bush Evidence - Why Bush Protects Bin Laden...

Keith Olbermann - Faux News Revealed

Rush Limbaugh - A Bully Gets Bullied

The K Street Project?

Australia and US 'Bonnie and Clyde' of global warming: Al Gore

Video: Group calls for new election in Sarasota

Bush greets Singapore with glazed expression & "Sieg Heil" salute, holding Pickles by the neck...

Rush Holt calls on Congress to approve bill requiring E-voting paper trail

Goodman on CNN NOW n/t

Haha -- what might have happened if we had a real media :)

Trent Lott and the KKK . (He's 2nd ranking of Senate Repugs)


John "Sweaty Bush Hugger" McCain's exploratory committee gets less-than-enthusiastic Freep response

Carville goes after Dean

Democrats Revert to Finger-Pointing

a true difference in receptions--BAM !! and bush

2006 Election is NOT Over: Report on Races still too close 2 call

Can anyone tell me the story about Jim Webb and his son's

If you don't think that the Democrats that got voted in this election are moderate...

The Nation magazine's David Sirota and Ari Berman make the case for Jack Murtha.

I've got a question about Hillary for her supporters.

Any word lately on Leahy and his pursuing reversal of

US plans last big push in Iraq

perfect plan for stick it to GOP and ensure Dem hold on congress

Frickin' A, Can James Carville STFU and go to hell already!?!?

Isn't it a shame......

Let's talk about Pork for a moment, shall we....

South Florida ports to get scanners to check containers for radioactive materials

Carville has his facts wrong....he needs to apologize.

Texas- Deley redistricting ? how many districts were redrawn?

Most Expensive Races of 2006

DC in a nutshell (political cartoon):

Gallup says its Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Gore...

Truth to this powerful Vets rant on the VFW 2006 endorsments

Schweitzer as a "dark horse" in 2008? Novakula says "he would be a fool not to..."

Jim Webb: American Workers Have a Chance To Be Heard

GA 12 race is over! Barrow wins! WE KEEP IT!

James Carville, You Are With Us Or Against Us

I did not know Carville used the word "cult" on CNN today.

Dear Governor Dean, I've been meaning to write you...

DU 2008 Presidential Poll


Chairs held by Senators who signed Kerry-Feingold

Soooooo, if Senator Clinton is running for Prez, how come she

Hillary, Edwards Or Obama?

Dems are turning into "sore winners." Will winning destroy us?

Rent-a-womb: The Latest Indian Export

Cuba Leads Anti-Cancer Vaccines

Scientists crack Neanderthal DNA - Reuters News Agency

Good Riddance To The Gingrichites

What Can We Accomplish, If We Stop Bickering?

Roll Call slams TheColbert Report. Bears Win. by Scott Thill at Huffington Post

Michael Moore's letter to disheartened conservatives...

Hicks' face to haunt government ministers

WHEN IS A WIN NOT A WIN? When It's Democratic

Wanted: A Real Leader - Endorsement for Rep. Jack Murtha by David Sirota of 'The Nation'

The Mid-Term Elections--a Return to Politics As Usual

Blumenthal: All the father's men

CODEPINK Housewarming Gift to Congress

Toy for teens becomes tool for activists (Reuters/CNN) {cell phone cameras, LAPD, etc.}

We need Jack Murtha for Majority Leader (Dennis Kucinich)

Sean Armstrong: Dismount your soy SUV and saddle up some scrumptious pony

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Farewell, Rummy

Morford: Gay Marriage Is Still Evil?

Time Then and Now

Is the U.S. willing to pay the price?

Inspection time-Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif sneaks bill closing office.

All The President's Tools by Bob Cesca / HuffPost

Fact Is the New Fiction BY Marty Kaplan HuffPost

Resurgent Taliban strangles southern heartland

Al Gore: "Nuclear Not The Answer"

Scientists Fear Yangtze River Dolphin Extinct, Continuing Search - AFP

Can a Giant Sunshade Save the Planet?

Legendary Flamingo Flocks Of Africa's Rift Valley Flying Off, Dying Off - ENN

It heats. It powers. Is it the future of home energy?

Rare Bamboo Flowering Draws Legions Of Rats To Indian State - Reuters

BP Solar to double capacity at Frederick, MA solar cell manufacturing plant

State of the Arctic -- warming, melting (AP)

Study: U.S. can get 25 percent of energy from renewable sources (by 2025)

Marathon Oil Corp. in ethanol plant joint venture

Global Warming & Drought May Not Be Coincidental - Durant Democrat

Ontario Premier Breaks Promise On Closing Coal Plants, Blames Unnamed Advisers - G&M

Ted Kennedy To Push For Overhaul Of FDA In Next Congress - Boston Globe

GAO Report On Peak Oil Due For Publication 28 February 2007

The Message Of Abqaiq (Attack On SA Oil Plant - Largest In World)

Tar Sands Co. Imperial Oil Already Taking Fire On GHG Potential Of New Plant - G&M

Geothermal power gets boost in Senate

Arctic Council - EU's Toxics In Arctic Dropping, But Asia Picking Up Slack - AFP

Climate Negotiations Mired In Politics - At Least 3 Years For New Framework, Say Observers - AFP

Opposition Leader - Howard Simply "Not Credible" At Summit w/o Kyoto

America Rejects UN Plea To Cut Emissions At Nairobi Summit - SMH

U.S. Studies Systems to Fight Warming

Fewer Polar Bear Cubs Survive in Alaska

Making Ethanol from Wood Chips (MIT Tech. Rev.)

11 schools to use solar power (Austin TX)

Serving Up Energy Efficiency, Market-Style

Study Reveals Americans Would Rather Consume Renewable Energy

Solar Project Moves Forward (Westport CT firehouse PV system)

Honda to Start U.S. Leasing of Fuel-Cell Cars in California

Snow, Baseball-Sized Hail & 104F Temps Hit Queensland Simultaneously - Oz Weather Weirding Out - AFP

Study suggests Europe could be powered by renewable energy by 2050

Warm weather wrecks bears' winter slumber

Ayalon to build Bush institute in Israel

Israeli PM: No Gaza offensive planned

'Lost tribe' of Indian Jews migrates to Israel

German academics: Enough of special treatment for Israel

Iranian paper: Great war to wipe out Israel coming

Israel Furious Over Ongoing Palestinian Rocket Fire

Abbas tells Israel: 'Don't waste the chance for peace'

Judge enters Order in NEOHC v Blackwell (re: provisionals in OH)

Wyoming Congressional Candidate Not Conceding!

Is a Mass Transit Strike by Teamsters on Election Day in a Major City Legal?

Wyoming's Trauner Won't Seek Recount!

Robert Koehler: The Vote Protectors

For Trustworthy Elections; Dump ALL the Machines, Require Paper

Sen. Reid Rolls Out Plans for Clean Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 11/16/06

Must See 4-minute Sarasota video - this says it all!

US rejects Annan plea to cut greenhouse gases

Guardian Unlimited: US plans last big push in Iraq

Dissidents blew American 'aid' millions on luxuries for Cuba

Law may ban cell calls by young drivers

8 people killed in 2 attacks in Baghdad

Bush gives go-ahead for building 'Bush Center' in Israel

About 70 freed after mass Iraq abduction (105 reported deaths Wed)

Soldier: Hate fueled murders

North Dakota senators stall Senate business over disaster money

Iraq: Kidnapees Tortured And Killed, Minister Says

Turkey offers training for Iraqi forces

Rent-a-womb: The Latest Indian Export

Abbas tells Israel: 'Don't waste the chance for peace'

EXCLUSIVE-Baghdad Shi'ite militant says fighting for all Iraqis

Reid: Not 'Brokeback' Close With Senator (Ensign - R)

Cuba Leads Anti-Cancer Vaccines

Seven members of Shelley Sekula-Gibbs' staff quit

Nev. town to fine for foreign flags

Iran soon to take "final step" in atomic plan: report

CIA acknowledges Bush signed secret directive on interrogating terror suspect

UMass student arrested in Chicago bomb threat

Du This Poll - Investigation of Don Rumsfield.

Bush plans final big push in Iraq

Halliburton's KBR Rises as Much as 26% in First Day of Trading

(U.S. Rep. Maurice) Hinchey still pressing for Bush probe (impeachment?)

President Bush nominates Jim Rogan to Federal District Court!

BBC: France searches N Korean vessel

Iraq minister says some hostages tortured, killed

10:52 AAR Announces Pelosi New Speaker Of the House

WP: Iraq sectarian strife imperils entire region

ClearChannel (CCU) receives takeover bid

OBL offers truce, Cheney says eat shiat and die

Iraq Leader Feels U.S. Won't Shift Policy

Vatican reaffirms celibacy for priests

Hospital Faces Skid Row Dumping Charges

Baghdad (six minibuses) bus passengers feared kidnapped: police

AP: Court: Bush can't help foreign killer

Call for paper trail, new election

House OKs Bill Aimed at Animal Activists

Police in Anbar province lack protection, pay

Reuters: Tornado kills five in North Carolina: report

Reuters: Baghdad bus passengers feared kidnapped -police

AP: Skilling, Government Reach Deal in Suit

Iran's Vice-president Resigns Over Differences With Ahmadinejad

Clear Channel agrees to $18.7B buyout

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi fears country nearing precipice

SKY News: Ritual to Jinx President (Chimp)

Iraqi government orders arrest of top Sunni cleric

Spain unveils Mid-East peace plan

AP: Bush Warns N. Korea: Don't Spread Nukes

Queen Elizabeth to visit US for Jamestown anniversary; Reggie Jackson ordered to keep 500 feet away

Iraq govt orders arrest of top Sunni cleric

Rice demands 'concrete step forward' on NKorea nuclear talks

Hoyer Elected

Wilson, Madrid Race Narrows (NM-1)

More Marines headed to Anbar province(2,200 from Persian Gulf ships)

Stronger U.S. action needed on China trade: panel (Reuters)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 16

Battle Royal looms for France's Socialists

U.S. Midwest hotel chain drops CNN over Iraq sniper video

UK Channel 4: Iraq's state involved in kidnappings?

Iraq gov't in crisis after staff abducted, tortured

Gallup: Americans' Concerns About Iraq Surge

House Democrats pick California Rep. Nancy Pelosi as speaker-elect in a unanimous vote.

Freed hostage from mass abduction wants out of Iraq

(Barney) Frank wants 'grand bargain' to help economy move again

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Sen. Reid dismisses link to Abramoff

Pentagon money-saving travel site - doesn't

McCain calls for common sense in GOP (he will lead the party's rebirth)

Task Force Lightning Soldier killed # 2863

Public to get a look at Libby documents

Military record investigation sparks Congressional response (Kucinich)

Man arrested with $78,000, nuclear info

Fewer polar bear cubs survive in Alaska

Claim al Qaida 'planted evidence'

Mexican Power Transfer may Tremble (Obrador supporters to impede inauguration of Calderon)

Search Michoud for bodies, city told: Katrina victims may remain, coroner says

Hemp-Growing Rules Take Step Forward

Some Americans Lack Food, but USDA Won't Call Them Hungry --WaPo

Milton Friedman has passed

Toys for Tots changes mind, accepts Jesus dolls

Scary. The lights are off

I just bought a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron convertible

Be the first to name this person's Grandpa, and I will send you $1.00 (pic).

Why Is My Stomach Growling?

Who else thinks that CaliforniaPeggy has been a stranger since she became a mod?

A single nasturtium bloom on a vine

Who else thinks that CaliforniaPeggy has been a strangler since she became a mod?

DVD's killed the VHS Star......

Goodnight all. Goodnight MJC.

Good. Can I get rid of all these farking tapes now?

I'm worried about me

We had hurricane force winds today in Vancouver

Who else thinks that CaliforniaPeggy has been stranger since she became a mod?

goofy dumb post

Thank you, DU!!!

Looked over my buddy list, saw 180 listed.

I promise I won't post anything about Marijuana tonight.

Forget about adverbs, what about our verbs?

What's up with the donations? DU has been my sanity in an insane world

Anarcho-Socialist appreciation thread

Whatever happened to Mattcom ? The guy with the hippo

Wild Turkey Gets Revenge On Family

Man Backs Into Tree Then Crashes Car Into His House (Age Unknown)

Hey, Emmitt Smith won Dancing With the Stars - Yea!

All the best threads start with "I'm sorry to sound like a freeper".

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!111

Anybody noticed any of those "impeach *" bills floating around? nt

Huge Manatee

Really sad tonight, need a few hugs :(

low level functionaries are getting way too officious and demanding

I have been banned!!!!

I'm about to go all Hospitaliano on your asses!

Have you had a turkey of a date?

Cat gives birth to puppies? I call bullshit

Can anyone get into Hotmail?

BIG time saver- You don't have to use a towel to dry off everywhere

Notpron--The Hardest Riddle On The Internet

Man Has Been Searching For Bigfoot For 33 Years

Any body using/used yahoo mail?

My best friend had to put her dog to sleep a few days ago, I am thinking of

sacha baron cohen to take lead role alongside dolores montenegro

Score! I have power again!

'Dancing With The Stars' Voters Call Woman's Cell Phone Instead Of Show

Hehehehehe... I admit I like posting these...

banned from a fan forum??? What do you say to this?

Good morning dudes and dudettes

I'm in a PISSY-ASSED mood this morning


I can hardly wait for Tom and Katy's wedding.

Good DUERS (guys) get their prostates checked. Can't vote or post if your dead.

Pickles in Singapore: I am so Screwn!

Do you know this song?

Gone from work for a week, and i have 183 emails.

Rogue Sea Lion Bites 14 People

Black Magic Doctor Puts Voodoo Curse On pResident Bush

what's the best answer for the question, "does this make me look fat?"

My bi-monthly lament over HBO cancelling Carnivale.

Lester Holt sounds exactly like Kieth Olbermann. Next time you're watching, close your

Uly Made Me Do It!

Breast Feeding At The Olive Garden Whilst Eating Cornflake Chicken

Turning the big five-oh today

So apparently everyone is now boycotting WalMart

My friend's little sister is dying from leukemia.

Hysterical Video of cat with OCD

Two Teens Arrested For Gluing School Doors Shut

My coffeemaker is an asshole.

ARGHHHH Stupid Dr cancellation policy

Why is it that after more than 2 years, I still find this pic hysterical?


Am I on everybody's ignore list?

I was deleting some Photobucket pics and....

My son's smoking.... since he obviously has a deathwish, I'm allowed to kill him, right?

Where's underpants? I think we're having a hurricane.

Spain Nixes Burger King Ad Promoting Monster Burger

POLL: Comet, Ajax, Or Bon-Ami?

Holy crap! It's 2 PM and it is PITCH DARK outside

i'm proud to say that this guy is my friend!

I think I've got bird flu

don't fLame me, but i reaLLy hate the breeders

Reviews are in: Jacko's "comeback" at World Music Awards was BAD, and not in a "GOOD" way, just BAD.

What's up with Hotmail this morning?

we are at level something???

Woman Could Face 5 Years In Jail For Having 51 Cats

O.J. Simpson

We got a man down

"I donated to the 4th quarter fund drive"

Gangsta of LOVE UPDATE: K-Fed (Fed-Ex) is "stunned, crying, begging Britney to take him back"

The Cliff Notes version - court case and supreme court ruling

Accidental Googles? Any good ones?

what are some of your favorite blues songs/lyrics?

Translate your favorite recipe into its scientific names, then let us guess what it is.

How do you respond to "You're a dillhole?"

RANT about my local supermarket

How do you respond to "You're short?"

Where is the rule post ?

When the 'hide thread' function gets turned off it's like the Night of the Living Dead

Going to Italy. Need tips and hints

How many of you are sneaking on DU while at work???

I'll have to get others to do my searches and polls now

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

Look at the cute wil bunny wabbit:

Dentist Hires Temp Workers To Stand In Line For Play Station 3's

I want to get out the pom poms

What shall we do now?

No one will be home for supper again tonight... besides being lonely

North Carolina DU'ers check in. Everyone ok down there?

Why are we at level one

Thanks to DUers who helped out in elections not their own

This is for the Kitty people ..enjoy

My boss gave me a loaf of anna damma bread today

Awesome A-380 Crosswind Landing Vid

Can You Get Dear With A Dead Deer?

"any hot chicks wanna chat?"

Thanks Skinner, EarlG, and Elad! I donated.

Sex thread in GD!!!!

It Friggin' Kills Me To Admit It, But

The wind is blowing so hard here, it's shaking the windows!

I just spent twenty minutes scraping a bum off of my sheets.

Lounge! I'm thinkin' 'bout buying a house!

Man accused of deliberately running over turkey while on way to anger management class

Ape Gets Pissed Off Again - Triggers Fire Alarm For Second Time In Two Months

the gravy

Snickers is the finest mass-market American candy bar

That's it I'm moving..there's a MOSQUE in my kitchen.

3:30 EST - Where the hell did that line of storms come from?

Never mind

Anyone here work from home?

UCLA police repeatedly taser student for failing to produce ID at library

That's it I'm moving..there's a MOOSE in my kitchen.

So we won and DU retired Grovelbot? We even turn on our own

Curry is the devil.

I got a new car! Well, new to me anyway.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/16/06)

Why are we at level 1?

Tim Curry is the Devil.

Pictures of my recent trip to England (Pic Heavy)

Burl Ives is the devil.

Is it wrong to use your cat as an oven mitt?

Motorhead on The Young Ones

That's it I'm moving..there's a MOUSE in my kitchen.

Can you do a screen shot from google satellite maps?

Happy birthday peacefreak & unpossibles!!

Throat Solo

Watching the jerries try and shoot down the huns.

Queen Elizabeth to visit US for Jamestown anniversary; Reggie Jackson ordered to keep 500 feet away

Pros and cons of working at home

Don't Go To Wal-Mart For Your Holiday Shopping (especially if you want a PS3)

Once again i am still unhip and out of the loop

Washington DC in a nutshell.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Miz t. gets a recruit!

I think the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) sizzels!

*sigh* What's a guy gotta do to get a date around here???

CONFESS!!! When eating at home, where do you eat?

The two most beautiful cats at DU...

Does anyone else hate it when the SO has to work late with no notice?

I'm A Barbie Girl!

I've done nothing all day but post here and watch YouTube.

I just spent twenty minutes scraping gum off of my sheets,

Ok, now that we know where are all of the men are, where the hell are all the women?

Congratulations NYCGirl!! 10,000 posts

My ex-girlfriend's daughter swung by yesterday!

Thursday, November 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

A post just got moved from the Lounge to GD!

Alright...who's gonna be 666?

What is the answer?

Is it wrong to use your cat as a foot warmer?

LADIES! the new Wonderbra Multiplunge bra!

Thanks to whomever donated on my behalf

SKY News: Ritual to Jinx President (Chimp)


Look at what is for sale in North Hollywood

Currier & Ives are the devil.


My son just got sentenced to eight years in prison....

If we could harvest all the useless people as food, instead of cows

Woman Schedules Impossible Travel Itinerary; Kills Self.

reyd reid reed

Cat mates with dog..has "mixed" litter (wtf!!)

Thanks to DUers who helped out with erections not their own

Someone explain women to me...odd ex-girlfriend behavior

Now that I know about the Olive Garden flamefest..anyone want to explain kudzu?

Well, finally ended it.

The Naughtiness Alert is now at Defcon 1...

for the love of god, will someone please post funny/unusual pictures?

Show a DUer some love! (A thread of appreciation)

Going to Hell. Need tips and hints.


Have you ever killed your food?

You know what be the BEST DU fund raiser EVER?

Wisconsin cures for boredom?

How Long Have You Been at DU?

New Union Dues story published today :)

I have never been an animal rights kinda guy

How do you respond to

Woman Eats 22 Pound Lobster On Her Birthday ($500 Entree)

Oh shit, I think I'm getting sick. :(

Did ANYONE watch Daybreak last night?

Radio Lady Reviews: "Happy Feet" (Opens November 17, 2006)

What is "The Lake" where you live?

Ok where are all the men?

Pope presides over priest celibacy talks

Vatican reaffirms celibacy for priests

I being married to the Pope the same as same sex marriage?

Faith Won't Heal a Divided World

Sending a signal to the past

NASA Studies Manned Asteroid Mission

Canadian church uses same-sex marriage to bring in new members

I quit the Democrats a while back and I think I made the right decision

Der Mittenfuhrer's anti-gay photo-op planned this Sunday in Boston

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the 110th Congress.

Speaking of Breeding....Evangelicals Breed to Succeed

HELP! Cool Michigan GLBT Campground looking to expand in TX or FLA...

Gore Vidal in Time this week. Awesome quote.

Is your sexual orientation a choice for you?

I'm straight and here's a question for you gay folks out there...

Jayhawks lose to Oral Roberts then picked by SI as #1 team in land

Troy Smith

Allen Iverson Pays Funeral of Fan

Does anyone else here read this newsletter; Self Healing Expressions

Measuring Cosmic Energy

"The Secret" on Larry King Tonight, Nov. 16th, 9pm est.

I'm thinking about buying my first home... the place seems perfect

Is Mercury still retrograde?

Vedic astrologer: Cheney will resign in humiliation

curse ladies

Eliminating negative energy connections.

I want to learn more about my haunting. Any thoughts?

Maher talks election, Kerry

OT: Smack down!

Keith Olbermann was acting like JK has been shut out of

Looking for Kerry speech from 2000 defending McCain - possibly on Senate floor.

Hello, from Vektor.

Elias speaks:

Calling all Virginians -- answer this '08 poll on Raising Kaine

BLM: Media Watch -- The Clear Channel Buyout

Does the media's play on Murtha's past now discredit him as strong voice against the War

OT: I think I'm okay with Hoyer as Majority Leader

BTW, Kerry's speech to US India Biz Council is online

The Premise must read:

Election did not change Bush one iota -- more are going to die in Iraq

Harry Reid

a couple silhouettes...

silhouettes maybe?

Had a sudden urge to start a thread

So, I take it the theme for December is Silhouettes?

Some thoughts on hosting a contest in GD

Let's call a special election for Iraq?

Congressional Dems urgently need to form a committee (Iraq)

Georgie & rightwingnuts just wanna keep us 100% safe from terrorists; that's easy.

If any doubt remains: "Al From: Hoyer for Majority Leader"

Hmmm... Is Hoyer DLC ??? - Lemmee See Here...

Iraqis say at least 30 killed in U.S. air raid

I've now had maybe 30 posts deleted because I called bullshit

How much time do you spend on DU per day on avg?

So long ago, so far away

LOL-- Rush/Glenn Beck call Santorum "the Churchill of our day"

Do the Democrats have a consensus on Iraq?

2,859 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

I heard a story on the terrorists being happy the Dems won & it wasn't Faux

Notice how the MSM is beating the "lack of unity" drum with the Murtha issue

So I have a basic question about our Congress

What can we GLBT folk expect from this new Congress?

What is going on in Darfur?

Remember the LJ "conservative" I've been blasting? He's in total meltdown...

"The Four Losers of the Apocalypse"

52% of Americans feel Military Commissions Act of 2006 is unfair

MSNBC: WH commissioned its own Iraq study and it's "not

Foreclosures piling up with family debt

Michael Ratner of CCR receives Hans Litten Prize

NY Times quoted only retired generals and experts critical of Iraq pull-out plans

rove helped engineer trent lott's removal in 2002, hhmmm

Bush lecturing Democrats from overseas . . .

Any pictures yet of Chad the terrorist?


I'm not one for demanding things, but...

Are You A "Daily Show Democrat"???

"Oversight and Accountability" = "no Formal Investigations, no Subpoena"

Looks like freepers are suffering from Bush fatigue.

John McCain...

Sectarian Strife in Iraq Imperils Entire Region, Analysts Warn (WaPo)

Democrats don't wimp out: Waldman

Soldier describes genesis of rape plan

Shrub showing his xylophone skills ,While Generals say we have to stay!

Lurking Freepers, Rob is begging for Republican callers on WJ.

In petulant publicity stunt, Mitt Romney DEMANDS vote on gay marriage ban

There is no joy in Mudville, mighty karl has struck out

I appreciate the DU fund drive being delayed until after the election...

Only Days Later, Church Seen with Shirtless Actor

McClatchy:War between Islamists, government is brewing in Somalia

I Realy Like This Plan for Iraq and McCain is Insane

Iraqis getting tattoos so next of kin can identify their corpses.

This guy could find a home in the Republican Party....

Conyers: Forget Impeachment “basement hearings-Constitution in Crisis Report Watershed Achievements"

Obama to speak at Rick Warren's Church

Those "Please Don't Throw Me In That Briarpatch" Republicans

Nevada town passes English-only law

The Long Uphill

I think this picture is very meaningful

Interesting observation on Rove during KO's show

2,863 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Anybody catch Amy Goodman on Paula Eva Brahn Zahn last night?

Turning the big five-oh today

What's with all of the hearings all of a sudden?

Head of Military Commissions Quits

The Oscar Documentary Shortlist was announced yesterday, the Academy will pick five nominees

Dorgan and Conrad back

Washington Journal: Dems only...Are you a Murtha or Hoyer person?

Thousands Turn Out in More Than a Dozen Indonesian Cities to Protest Bush

trent lott proves the repubs are stuck on stupid.

Was anybody listening to Hugh on CSPAN?

"50 State Strategy" took out the Delaware GOP

Pros and Con of Impeachment

Bush, Abizaid and who is in charge of our course in Iraq

Quotes from the experts? Or maybe not!

If we called the disaster in Iraq, not a WAR, but what it is, an OCCUPATION, it would be so much

Watchdog Finds Many Iraq Reconstruction Projects Subpar

LGM-118A Peacekeeper ?

"Trendline Russia" USA Edition. Anyone read it?

banned from a fan forum??? What do you say to this?

LTTE to boston gLobe from a very, very proud bigot

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or

B3 Editorial: Bush to America: 'Up Yours.'

The Young Turks are destroying Trent Lott

Fux News is NOT about free speech

Can anyone get into Hotmail?

Scientists: Pollution could combat global warming

My shitty local paper printer these two LTTEs, I had to respond...

When you absolutely, positively need pot overnight…

Cameras on the door where House Dems are meeting

(Updated) 2 independent sources say Rep Murtha's (D-PA) campaign conceded that they will fall short

Oh No, a new fear regarding cheap labor

Why should we even listen to the generals regarding Iraq troop levels?

Wouldn't It Have Been Better For A Third Candidate To Emerge For Majority Leader...

New Bush Comic...The Straight Man

Carville's "genius": in 2000, he wanted Al Gore to run with Zell Miller

Battening down the hatches in D.C....


What time is the Murtha-Hoyer vote today?

Apparently the report was wrong - Majority Leader vote hasn't happened yet.

New England Turns Bluer

Democrats, Moderate Republicans Reverse Conservatives' Plan To Eliminate Iraq Inspector General

Congratulations, Speaker Pelosi

A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives-Michael Moore

"I get down on my hands and knees every night and.....

UMass student arrested in Chicago bomb threat

Wash Monthly on Steny Hoyer

my posting privleges have been revoked from freerepublic after 1 post

If we ever get a pic of Chad "The Freeper Terrorist" Castagana

MSNBC: "If MUrtha wins they'll spend the next week talking about his ethics problems."

Chad Castagana REALLY Hates Liberals

Congrats to Steny Hoyer

Murtha has no business being a Dem leader if he can't grasp the import of Pelosi's legislation

'Live Desk' Follows Script of Fox News 'Insurgents thrilled @ Dem win' Memo

'Holiday Parade' committee calls it quits

Could we do a Thanksgiving Surprise and Pull out of Iraq ...

After the mandate give to the Dems in the election

Hold everything, people!!! I have supported Murtha for this leadership position

Dems score with better data: DNC's Linux warehousing project delivered on '50-state strategy'

US ranked 4th worst country re: working on global warming issues

Who will get picked today: Hoyer or Murtha?

Save A Soldier Withdraw From Iraq

Dem Leadership Press Conference. now...

Did i hear right-M$NBC Alter said Hoer released the ABSCAM video

Pelosi: "We have come together."

Former South Park 'Chef' Isaac Hayes becomes recording industry lobbyist

Hoyer wins

Lining up the flags

About Hoyer (short read: he's not the devil)

Feingold - A way out of Iraq

So Hoyer is the House Majority Leader? Well, he best be advised

US Presidents and VP's 1980-2040

NYTimes --- "...tattered baggage of John Murtha..."

When asked "What's the Dem plan for Iraq?" answer with your own

John Murtha still has a large role to play...

Why does Adam Nogourney hate Democrats?

Who exactly is A.B. Stoddard and why is she intent on

Feingold on MSNBC now n/t

It's official-- we completely shut out the repubs in this election. I can't wait for 2008.

As seen on TV:Glenn Beck to the first ever Muslim Congressman

Now Thailand is "outsourcing" labor.

Time For A Truce Between The Murtha And Hoyer Factions

Missouri the most ridiculous Republican talking point ever on illegal immigration.

Bits and pieces of Antarctica are breaking off:

Bush Renominates Judicial Picks

what a Jesus doll should say

I think "dark forces" were behind the Murtha smear

Cool. Already 600 donations!

Halliburton succeeds in spinning off KBR...shares at

did you know we are paying 10 bil. to build a new base on Guam?

I being married to the Pope the same as same sex marriage?

Did anyone run against Speaker Pelosi?

POY: Nancy, Condi, George, Al?

Caption Pickles

Deep down, repubs don't like the idea of taking orders from a woman.

Guardian: US plan last big push in Iraq (Must Read)

Bottom line, WHAT IS HOYER'S position on the Iraq war, and getting us out of Iraq?

Some facts, Hoyer vs Murtha on the Issues

Who is this Walid Shoebat?

From the past to remind: Sirota on Hoyer

"Conditions for staying"...Ben Nelson (D-NE)

Clear Channel Agrees to $19 Billion Lee, Bain Buyout

Bush v. Orwell #7,834: Don't call it hunger! It's "food security."

Has anyone suggested setting up talks with the insurgents and Sunnis and Shia since

The decision is made and we should unite behind the leadership team

Oh come all ye faithful . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and CAPTION!!!

Listening to the Repugs on C-Span..Wow, I'm glad they are out of power!

We may have disagreed a tad on Majority Leader, but our

a reminder...our leadership vote pales in comparison...

Listening to the Repugs on C-Span 2..Wow, I'm glad they are out of power!

Inmate No: 27593-112. DeLay, Ney, Bush, Cheney. Take Note.

WATERSHED: Democrats are liberated again to become--what? (The Nation)

Time for some lemonaide, folks!

Venezuela Halts Issuing Visas to Israelis

More On Clear Channel Sale...Markets To Be Sold

I dunno, but it seems like we have to learn new tactics now that WE WON!!!!

I got caught in the GLBT forum and almost didn't make it out.

Bush wants more troops for Iraq - where will he get them

NYT coverage of Abizaid's Senate hearing has Lieberman taunting Dems

The Marines Surrender

What will we have to do before Republicans realize they

Crud. They picked Hoyer.

Get that turkey athawing and give us a CAPTION while you're at it.

North Carolina should be put in charge of FEMA

Milton Friedman has died

Abizaid Admits Shinseki Was Right About Troop Levels In Iraq

44 US military killed in Iraq in November...saw it on a banner as I passed by

:: Im looking for a thread ::

Why is the media playing up the 'moderate/liberal' thing?

Murtha Loses... But It's Still a Victory for Pelosi

Mc Donald's Threatens my County Commission

Bush slaps miners, decides overtime is overrated:

Any word on Conrad/Dorgan Senate shut-down?

How did the pollsters do? Mason Dixon/ Ras--Best, Zogby--worse

The Washington Post's attack on Murtha still pisses me off

Carville's Still On A Tear, But Rahm and Dean Will Bury The Hatchet

Robo-call Legislation!

Bush's Generals Decide 2200 More Of Our Soldiers Should Fight and Die in Iraq's Anbar Province

Reconfiguring our governmental model

Bush Mum on Request to Surrender His Food Security Thursday

Tommy Thompson may seek GOP nomination in '08

What's going to happen with the Conrad thing today?

Feingold: A Way out of Iraq

Ex-DeLay Staffers cut and run from "mean" Sekula-Gibbs

Soldier Describes Genesis of Plan to Rape 14 year old Iraqi girl

I am currently experiencing rather low levels of food security

New Specter NSA Bill: November Surprise?

Stenny Hoyer Has A 95% ADA Rating

Senator calls UN climate meeting "brainwashing" Inhofe

T-shirt with anti-Semitic remark sent to go! airlines official

We need to keep fixing and fixing and fixing Iraq until the whole place becomes

Federal Challenge to State Marriage Amendments...ACLU

L.A. charges hospital in dumping of homeless

Fox News Revolt: Smith Says Bush Politicization Of Iraq War Strategy ‘Disgusting’

Tweety just called Loretta Sanchez

T-shirt with anti-Semitic remark sent to go! airlines official

DNC & former DNC head Don Fowler respond to Carville's attacks on Dean

As Bush Goes To Vietnam, White House Website Displays The Wrong Flag

Military Recruiters Caught On Tape Lying To Potential Enlistees

More Macaca: Allen's Sister Wrote Steamy Short Stories!


Found some interesting stuff about Walid Shoebat

WSJ Reporters Stop CNBC Appearances


where my rednecks at? JC Watts scared them all away according to Adam Putnam

Some animals are more equal than others...

Would "President Cheney" be a bad thing?

Property dispute may leave (100 NOLA) tenants homeless

Join the telephone campaign to repeal Medicare Part D.

Bobby Jindal wants a rematch against Blanco - sends out email request for $$

2863 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Nancy defending Rahm

"Can pollution save the planet?"

Bush calls up JROTC for Iraq mission.

RW spin - Dems not being bipartisan enough


Media glossed over new Senate minority whip Trent Lott's pro-segregation, anti-civil rights past

"The south" has been gerrymandered

Think the GOP is done with dirty tricks after losing in the midterms? Think again.

Ya know, I ain't a suing type usually, but my wife got injured today...

Hoyer on Hardball, just listed 6 things the Democrats were going to tackle.

CNN: "US troops caught in the middle of a Civil War."

Isn't what Beck asked of Keith Ellison the same thing that many on DU

UCLA police repeatedly taser student for failing to produce ID at library

The media seems to agree with the Repubs that Dems should all march in tandem

Public to get a look at Libby documents-Judge orders evidence to be made public

Is anyone watching cspan 2, senate voting on giving nuke material to India.

Clear Channel Is Sold...To Divest Stations...

No link yet so not in LBN... Top Sunni cleric sought

Why is Hoyer showing up on all the shows this afternoon

You don't need a money from PACs and lobbyists if you have a message like this.

Newest Spin-- Democrats in DisArray!!!!!!

New York Times: Counting the Vote, Badly

Milton Friedman R I P

"Jack Abramoff would never let any Democratic lobbyist, even on his team, manage one of his ...

US town bars foreign flags in swipe at immigrants

caption this * pic...

I really hope that the purpose of DU does not become ideological purity...

How just is our justice system?

So, do you plan on

'Redemption' for the Pariah From Pascagoula

Should Rush Limbaugh be allowed to broadcast his political hatred

8 Billion a month for the G.I.'s to fight & die in Iraq, but think of the PROFITS!

DUer's post (The Witch) featured on Michelle Malkin's site

Toys for Tots reverses Jesus doll stance. And dollmaker has a MISSION:

NewsMax has overabundance of Ann Coulter books; selling them for $4.99

Vooooo Doooooo

IRAQ: Farmers in DIre Straits

Gay life 'Against Laws of Nature? NO!

Vietnam history question

As deer season approaches, I want to say I believe in gun control.

Time Magazine asks Tom Delay to help select its Person of the Year.

Nevada town to fine for foreign flags

Kudo's for Pelosi...recognizing Murtha who spoke to Leftie Anti-Iraq Invasion

Looks like the Indian nuke deal is dead (vote in Senategoing on now)

Why are fundies so weird?

The Constitution

BRAD BLOG: Continuing Electoral Debacles from Sea to Shining Sea...

Hillary on Ed Schultz Show right now

I must be part of the 32%. I approve of the job Bush is doing...

More good news from the congressional overthrow

SCREW THE PLEDGE! (No Offense to Moore Or The Witch), LET'S GET'EM

STENY HOYER coming up on Ed Schultz Show.

Will Dems have a chance to redistrict anywhere

Randi Rhodes - KQKE SF bay area progressive station

We at DU Must Be Getting a Bunch of New Freepers and Other Trolls

Here We Go Again....Blue Dog Dems Rebel Against Pelosi

Do you get any weird images from the notion of "War on Christmas?"

To "stand up" the Iraqi army (or is it police?) will need bigger

Why Doesn't Charlie Rangel Get Credit As A War Hero Who Opposed The Iraq War From It's Inception?

Radical Fringe Toon - Thurs 11/16, 2006.. Hunt 'em Down

The Same Old George

Interesting LTTE in the Pittsburgh Post-Gaztte...

Woman accused of drowning baby in canal gets three years probation

Will The Voodo Curse On Bush Work?

Al Franken just beat the cr*p out of John Fund on Hardball

Anyone listening to the idiot on with Randi????

The new 50 Survey USA Bush polls are out, but the link is dead

Idaho fears gumbo

Oh-Oh. Dubya's in Deep Voodoo. Serves him right for

CA: Belmont to be first U.S. city to ban all smoking

Tommy Thompson forms committee to search for a CAPTION:

OK, my weird meter just pegged!!

Freedom, Capitalism, and Work

What's up with MSM and this

Be sure to avoid the alien mind control rays.

"Impeachment" is the subject on "The Guy James Show" today Please keep kicked

Do you have a positive opinion of Bill Clinton?

CNN host asks Dem. Rep-Elect Ellison to prove he's not working with the enemy

Fox "News", has there been any discussions on how to eliminate

TIME's Person of the Year poll up


Snake-in-the-grass-Steny Hoyer and the PR Problem that exists

Case dismissed. Finally Florida does something right.

Feingold: We Should Challenge Generals Whose ‘Assessments…Were Wrong'

the BIG problem with the "As they stand up we'll stand down" strategy

and in other news :..."It's party time at Oral Roberts"..

Mitt Romney is holding an anti-gay marriage rally in Boston on Sunday

Minimum Wage question: Would a raise bring people above the poverty level

what happened. trying to use credt card to donate. i did it once and

Lou Dobbs just said this entire administration are "abject Idiots"

Vets from Iraq/Afghanistan fare No Better than Vietnam's all

What'd I miss w/Franken n Fund? What was the "your buddies" reference to?

***Autumn 2006 Contest Winners***


Got caught running red light on a camera

Here's a dedication to TAMMY. win, lose or draw friends are friends and heroes are winners

Once again Michelle Malkin proves that she is a dolt.

"Never Forget: George W. Bush willfully violated National Security to cover-up his willful ...

What is up with John McCain today? - pics

What Is He On? ---pix--->>>

Terrorism from within.....

I think it's time for the Dems to give the media and the American public a lesson

USDA drops 'hungry' from annual report. Bushies now call it 'very low food security'

Hoyer wins, per CNN

Gore's "Truth," & Dixie Chicks' "Shut Up," Shortlisted For Documentary Oscar


GA-12: GOP Shut-Out Is Official As Dem Barrow Wins Reelection

Voodoo practitioner tries to jinx Bush

donate...I can remember when with the best of you. This site was the firstt

To our Congressional Dems...

Hey! I was just on Tom Hartman!

Bill Clinton: "They didn't give us a mandate - they gave us a chance"

I'm Sending Dean $20.08 via the DNC to Say, Thank You!

Jack Abramoff tortured cello nerds in High School.

NEW PEW: - Bush 32% Approve - ALL TIME LOW (6 in 10 Americans-Happy Dems Won)

THIS GUY? Wats To Run For President???

Oooooo, I bet there are gonna be some mad, mad fundies out there:

George Stephanopolis (another idiot George) just called Hoyer ...

Interesting stats on whistleblowers. Especially the one re do it again?

Why are some Dems like my Grandmother?

Got a question about care packages to Iraq if anyone knows.

Du This Poll - Investigation of Don Rumsfield.

I kicked the shit out of a Walmart employee today

Economist Friedman dies aged 94 (Was he a great thinker or a libertarian hack?)

Time To Gather Round DU, and Talk About Political Hit-N-Run Tactics

My email to CNN/Headline News regarding Glenn Beck

Diary Rescue at DKos - "The History of Political Dirty Tricks: Pt. 1"

Eek.. John Edwards better be more careful

Look who’s behind the Clear Channel buyout:

Ummm... People....

Did a Duer plagiarize from Michael Moore?

If you're enamored of the Talking Jesus Doll, just wait 'til you see...

The FACTS speak for themselves—John Murtha and Steny Hoyer

Sibel Edmonds and Sen. Bob Graham, D, FL (Ret) on NATIONAL SECURITY

Getting ready to donate and can contribute two stars

I just began selling political bumper stickers, buttons, magnets,post cards.

No WONDER bush 41 hates bloggers, look what they've dug up!

Strict Father, Nanny State, And Toddlers Running Wild

Are mandatory minimum sentences unconstitutional?

Party Unity? Not while this shit is going on

MSNBC FINALLY tells the truth.

Guess who bush just appointed to what?

"Fun" with NYT headlines...(blood pressure warning)

Choice: where I draw the line between "disagrees with me" and "batshit crazy"

Doctor ordered to pay for unwanted baby

Let's get something straight once and for all.

Impeachment Expert: "Don't worry about Dean and Pelosi"

When Carville attacks Dean, he attacks us all.

Jim Webb's op-ed from Wall Street Journal--MUST READ!!!

Indonesian witch doctor puts hex on Bush

Ohio's new Democratic SoS Jennifer Brunner posts at HuffPo

So when do we get to gerrymander every district in the US

Whoa there, partner, Nevada senators are just friends

The U.S. Constitution

Can anyone explain why Murtha is against campaign reform?

Not impeaching

Ted Turner doesn't like Murdoch. Murdoch gives nothing to charity.

A Reminder ....

Target: Corporate Media

Does all this press about Democratic infighting make your


I have heard enough about the Michael Moore thing.

Al Franken to leave Air America on December 10?

Saudi women 'might vote but not drive'

Toles on Bolton- LOL!

i have three stars for people who would like one. and one for me, lol

Halliburton Heist Hauls in Millions, But James Addison Baker III Botched the Getaway Route

HOLY CRAP! It Just Hit Me About the Minimum Wage

Foley in Palm Beach to attend Father's funeral

Abandoning the South

Carville's Still On A Tear, But Rahm and Dean Will Bury The Hatchet

The Libertarian Threat

Hoyer is HORRID! Connected to HAVA and "K Street" and *

A tax reform proposal - get rid of schedule A

Define: Success In Iraq?

UCLA police using a Taser on a student who allegedly refused to leave the library Tuesday night.

Hey----What Happened To Our View Count?

why is everyone so d*mn afraid of everything in life today?

If not at Wal-Mart, where should impoverished Americans shop?

Should we be Done With The South?

Bottom line: Impeachment is not discretionary.

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Real Borat - Finally Speaks (Rolling Stone interview)

Skinner and DU appreciation thread - let's be positive

who has never heard of Hoyer until recently??

Korean workers return from Seattle protests to raids, prison


Ministry of Truth

The Neocons - Rumsfeld's Imaginary War (Pt. 2)

Bill Maher - Neo Connections


Flipper Nation Episode #1

The Road To Guantanamo Movie (Pt.1)

The Fall Guy?

Why Far Right Wing Governments Can Be Dangerous (America's on it's way)

Bush Does Pakistan

A anti-war song


A Conservative Guy On Immigration

The Fear

Jaz Mckay, Republican Cry Baby

Bush Addresses the UN

Vice President Cheney Shoots Hunter Harry Whittington (Parody)

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches


Well, I guess it's time for the Christmas Classic

Basted in Blood

America doesn't trust in god

A good reason why stupid people shouldn't use technology

Voices from Darfur (Save Darfur Ad)

Poltical Ad: Wake Up! 2

Pt.1 The Neocons - Ideology and Fantasy, Are Neocons and Jihadists alike?

Bush Screws The Country (Warning: It's bad)

Did the politician in the church in "Borat" break the IRS rules?

My impression of Carville upon learning that the Democrats took back the Congress:

Re: Greg Palast

How Much Does Mrs. Clinton Pay Carville?

Maher talks election, Kerry

Clinton/Obama 2008?

Interesting site that was posted in one of the Murtha threads

Black Lawmakers in Line for Key Posts

Dont worry about the 'Lack of Unity' BS ....

No mystery about what Bush will do.

We're NOT Republicans...

Reaping what was sown in 2004

Quote of the day--from Bartcop

Democrats should not be afraid of making mistakes..

Official tosses [Iowa state] senator's ballot with ex's address

Rethugs double-cross Kent Conrad AGAIN-- makes me sick!

"Bush misusing claims of national security to avoid public scrutiny,"

C&L video clip, Glenn Beck: "Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies"

Based on the CREW report on Murtha

The Way out of Iraq...

What time do the Dems vote on Pelosi, Murtha...etc.

Virginia freepers forced to flee south.....

Thank you, Bob Woodward...

So how many seats do we officially have in the House?

Can't you think of anything better to do?

Bush's "last big push in Iraq," a final desperate attempt to prove he's a better man than his daddy

Jeb Bush lectures reporters that *he* advocated for opti-scans, not touch screens.

Photo: Junior "plays the saron as he sits in with a Javanese gamelan orchestra in Singapore"

Pelosi faces no-win outcome over Murtha

The Senate is in session, Cspan 2./// Armed Services Comm. Live Cspan 1

When will committee chair selections be made?

McConnell: "A robust, vigorous minority, hopefully only in that condition for a couple of years"

New Bush Comic...The Straight Man

"Fair trade, not slave trade"!

Financial Cost of Iraq War: Wrap your head around this:

Question: Which GOP Senators face reelection in 2008?

I'm going to be real disappointed if they don't elect John Murtha


PLEASE tell me that everything Alaska Senator Ted Stevens got will be taken away... HARD.

New Orleans should move to Pakistan

Is it just LA, or have gas prices stopped going down?


They've learned nothing... Hoyer, Murtha, and the Lobbyists and Pelosi too

Live, cspan 1, Nancy, Steny, Murtha, Rahm

Yglesias does the math: Murtha is further to the right than Hoyer

Who is cooler, Lieberman or Murtha?

Webb's margin in Va. race: 9,329 votes

Pelosi: "Strong arm tactics and threats" to get Murtha elected

Early 2008 Poll

James Carville and DLCers are living in the past...

Feingold on MSNBC speaking about General Abizaid "stay the course" testimony yesterday.

Received this from a relative tonight....

atten all clarkies....

Korean workers return from Seattle protests to raids, prison

Drawing to an Inside Straight;

Fox News: They Distort, We Deride

Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader, top Congressional recipient of contributions from lobbyists, PACS.

Phew! Lots of attacks on Democrats on this forum!

Democrats, Moderate Republicans Reverse Conservatives' Plan To Eliminate Iraq Inspector General

"Nancy Pelosi doenst have control of her Democrats?"-Chris Jansing


Why were there 235 votes cast in this race?

Hilarity from a Steph caller this AM re: Lott

Nostradamus predictions for the next two years

Photos: First Lady Pickles on the edge of her seat with excitement as Junior speaks in Singapore

From Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi

50-State Strategy: Delaware Dems Devastate State GOP

What the heck does swiftboating mean now?

Pelosi: Democrats Will Work In a Unified Way for a New Direction for All Americans

Swiftboated by Pelosi!

Can We Have Someone Beside Jane Harman, the AIPAC Princess For Intelligence Chair?

Warrant issued for influential Sunni

Rangel on ethics: "None of us want to join the republican reunion in a federal prison"

Abramoff in with Dems? Former Colleagues Say No

REPOSTED 2008 Presidential Poll

Some intuitive, common-sense observations on the ECONOMY.

BBC: Iraq ministry hostages 'tortured'

GOP: "In Case You Missed It: Democrats Still Have No Plan For Iraq"

Dornan tells Tweety he warned Hastert about Foley 10 yrs ago

Dean to give public speech in Jackson Hole tomorrow, ASDC group

"Permanent Contact" for your local Dem organization.

Today we can all stand a little taller and a little more proudly. The Year of the Woman is here.

Dodd Introduces Effective Terrorists Prosecution Act

The terrorists made the Bush admin commit war crimes!

Lemme get this straight ... Pelosi was unanimously elected Speaker, but she 'suffered a deafeat'?

Will They or Won't They: Last Chance for Democrats

Abramoff's last e-mail to friends before prison: "Unfortunately, things are going to get worse."

Soldier gets 90 years in Iraq rape case

Unleash the Shiites? -- The U.S. may be forced to choose sides...

George Bush: Great President, or Greatest President?

Reid: Robo Calls Make Legislative Hit List

Why can't we(Dems) just stop the finger pointing and get along?

Bush Twin (Barbara) Kicks Neighbors To The Curb

What does Dean have to do to get more credit?

Why is it that all one needs to be considered "progressive " on DU

I was impressed with both Hoyer and Murtha today...

Have you noticed that every day since the Dems won there has been less sunshine?

Curious statement by Iran

Iraq government in crisis as staff abducted, tortured

Freshman Ellison Skips WH Party to Attend AFL-CIO Reception

The smack down Carville deserves!

New England Turns Bluer

Clear Channel BUY OUT--Air America in HOSTILE TAKEOVER

Out of the mouths of Republicans (e.g. McConnell) come gems:

Do you have a positive opinion of Hillary Clinton?

Am I a bad Democrat for not giving a crap who the majority leader is?

Listen here, Tucker, you little fuck .....

Voting Machine Audit in Sarasota "Indefinitely" Cancelled by FL Secretary of State

Steny Hoyer: Our Majority Leader

My message to James Carville

McCain was FOR Bush's agenda before he was against it (now that he's running for president)

According to USDA people are no longer hungry, they have "very low food security"

NYT/AP: Profiles of New Democratic Leaders

Democrats defy Pelosi, elect Hoyer House leader

Why is Pelosi saying impeachment is "off the table?"

Why won't Feingold toss his hat into the ring?

What message did the voters send to the Democratic Party?

OK, since we've had over a week for our victory to sink in...

MSNBC: Hoyer Elected Majority Leader

Hoyer's mixed / weak record on health care issues

Soldier grins and confesses to rape

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the 110th Congress.

Impeachment Proceedings - By Cindy Sheehan

Gun Control and the 110th Congress: "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Video Killed The Radio Star, but "Stay the course killed the GOP and Bush in 2006"

Trent Lott beats out Lamar Alexander by 1 vote, yet it is the Dems who are in disarray! Thanks, M$M!