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Archives: November 17, 2006

Beazley expresses sympathy for the wrong Rove

Condi's Iraq surprise

Purdue Students Stage Anti-Sweatshop Sit-In

Humiliating defeat that haunts US in new quagmire

PM (Howard) told - be a statesman not a sidekick

Sean Armstrong: Dismount your soy SUV and saddle up some scrumptious pony

Five Big Ideas for the Environment for 2007 (Environmental Defense)

Pennsylvania Passes Plan to Cut Mercury

Alex Jones, predicts 9/11 (video)

Should only close races be audited, investigated- when big glitches/problems occur in a race

California: Excessive Absentee Votes May Hamstring Auditors

Some media claim: "Most researchers reject the idea that deliberate fraud is to blame"

"Electronic Voting: The Catastrophe that Wasn't" Left-wing vote-rigging conspiracy...

Americans Believed Captured in Iraq Ambush

Pakistan test-fires missile

Merck ties up with Tata firm (India)

Saudi women 'might vote but not drive'

Purdue Students Stage Anti-Sweatshop Sit-In

NYT: Northeast Heat Wave Was a Factor in 100 Deaths in NYC

BBC: Tongan riots after reforms delay

AP: Abstinence Education Assessment Lacking

Incoming Senate Leader Wants $75B for War-Worn Forces

Bridge may seek corporate sponsors (Golden Gate Bridge)

Trying to gain the upper hand (Reid)

The Army 'approved abuse of prisoners' (British)

Fed Up With Conditions, Smithfield Workers Walk Off The Job (largest pork processing plant in the wo

Civilian convoy hijacked in Iraq

House Judiciary Chairman (Sensenbrenner) Blocks Bill Against Animal Fighting

NYT/AP: Soldier Gets 90 Years in Iraq Rape Case

Senator (Inhofe) calls UN climate meeting "brainwashing"

U.S. Airstrikes Climb Sharply in Afghanistan

Emory University receives $261 million gift (AP/CNN)

SF Chronicle: Pelosi makes nice with Hoyer

U.S. says it has removed 50,000 unexploded bombs in Lebanon

Canadian hunters set out to kill trapped whales

Florida authorities open criminal probe of former Rep. Foley

AP: Pentagon Alters Homosexuality Guidelines

NYT: Justice (O'Connor) Recalls Treats Laced With Poison

US Senate takes major step on India nuclear deal

WP: Bush Pick for Family-Planning Post Is Criticized

Report: Gitmo Detainees Denied Witnesses

State senator pulls gun on teens

Pharmacists criticize Walmart bargain drugs

Oklahoma area DUers--Saturday get together--let's celebrate!

A question for Florida DUers....

Kristanna Loken... Michelle Rodriguez...

Is a $400 or $600 PS3 worth injuring someone for?

CatWoman -- any update on your neighbor's dog?? n/t

Well, my wallet might survive Christmas this year.

It's a dad is cooking dinner tonight!

Man loses $1.4 billion dollars of other people's money, becomes motivational speaker.

Anyone waiting in line tonight for the PS3, or Sat night for the Wii?

Man, I need a break!

HEAR YE: This is my TEN THOUSAND and SECOND post.

Al Gore, Oscar Contender?

MOO-OOM! Borat won't stop trying to make sexy time with me!

THANK YOU whomever you are!

I bet I'm the only one

I found the PERFECT Holiday gift for the Lounge Guys.

Remember this GEM?

What resolution would I need to print a good image on a banner 3' x 8'?

Modern actors/actresses who resemble past actors/actresses-Post pics

What is the NRA, doing now that

Sting was correct, and I encourage to live by this creed.

DAMMIT! I pour my heart and soul into a GD/P post, and (rant)


Banking question...

A co-worker's husband was hit by a semi while on horseback.

Who do you think can read our PMS?

Jon Stewart just said something about Trent Lott that was posted on


I'm so lonesome I could cry

So technology is actually pretty cool.

Just watched "Local Flavor with Joan Cusack".

Do you remember this Jem?

I can't stand the way * says "IN - ter-esstttt" - RANT

My feet are cold

Who do you think can read our PM's?

The Raven -Edgar Allan Poe

If I did it...

VelmaD needs a DUer to keep her warm tonite......

What imaginary animal/object do you wish was real?

Is James Woods a right winger?

People are making me irritated and depressed.

When you're having a hard time going to sleep, what trick do you use?

Wow! Check out this WICKED * caricature from a Turkish newspaper!

Arg. Most obvious product placement ever!

Question for DU accounting / financial types: What the HELL is the difference between

can you spare some love/energy/prayers?

I'm in the mood for BUBBLE GUM music (watch me show my age!)

Yes or No?

Ok, this is product placement b***shit!

DU fun just for Loungers. Go to your profile

What song should Condi learn to play on the piano next?

Should "Jedi Knight" be a recognized religion?

Help!! I need to write a simple social sciences essay on New England

Who in the hell uses the "log out" button?

Is a $400 or $600 PS3 worth getting injured for?

I need to make pasta salad

will a fox eat a cat?

Your Favorite Mel Brooks Movie?

Were you named for someone famous? Post a photo of that person

How about a Picture thread :o)

I'm so hungry I want one of these 15-pound burgers.

Note: Poochie died on the way back to his home planet.

What would you like to do with Dr Greys hair?

So I was studying the male reproductive system at school today,

Your Favorite BLAZING SADDLES actor/role?

My old Momma cat is having surgery tomorrow.. Positive vibes, please

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary or Thyme?

My pet peeve: Uniquely spelled first names.

Good LTTE: Congratulations to bullies for anti-gay vote

Moo for Ted.

Anti-Gay Muslim Imam arrested in Boston

Numbers show gays may have handed Democrats the Senate

Yikers. (Indonesian 'witch doctor' puts hex on Bush.)

Agent Orange Harmed Sexual Health of Vietnam Veterans

Kerry on Gates

OT: Cool! France is on its way to its first female president!

Breaking on CNN: US contractors kidnapped

Breaking on CNN - Foley investigation in Florida, upgraded to criminal

Ahhh, The 'Slippery Slope' Argument - seems all too clear (though a better term is needed)

Has anyone put together a list of all the taxpayer dollars

Where we stand…

Iraq Police open fire on protesters

Al Franken coming up on Hardball (EST time)

Blue Dogs write Pelosi, supporting Jane Harman for House Intelligence Chair

O'Reilly lies again... says Fox Broadcasting has "nothing to do" with Fox News

Murtha : "Nothing Has Changed...Iraq Is The Key…Now Let’s Get To Work"

A Tale of Two Conyers by David Swanson

Orman (former opponent) Elected New Chair of Connecticut for Lieberman Party (hysterical!)

The Winds of Change

US Healthcare in shambles - people die.

4 Americans Believed Captured in Iraq Ambush

Fox News denies Olaf Wiig ransom claim

Keith going after the "liberal media"

Why Rumsfeld Can Rest Easy Over German Charges

US soldier in Iraq gang rape gets 90-year sentence

(FIORE) DemoGlad

What does a buyout of Clear Channel really mean?

New Congress offers hope for Native American tribes

FOLEY- Focus Of Full Criminal Probe By Florida Authorities

Someone tried to save my soul last night

cspan 2-senate on voting Bush selling Nuke technology to india

It looks like the Conrad thing blew over

Post article uncritically reports Focus on the Family canard

4th quarter fund drive - sort of like voting

2864 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

More rumors: Bush Boozin' Again

American GI given 90 years for rape/murder.

How hard is this?

Any update on the Laura Ingraham voter phone line jam?

We warned you, America. The "war on Christmas" IS escalating

What makes people so mean they would kill someone to

Any doubt the FOX is a dirt bag operation? They will show OJ special

Neo-con son, Coors: fun & games instead of Iraq and duty.

Kucinich interview on Truthdig

For those interested: Segolene Royal got the nomination (French Pres.)

I'm feeling sick. I just saw Nazi footage of a bulldozer burying corpses...

Hoyer's win is good for federal workers

General John Abizaid is a joke!

RAT-Mart! Disclosing identities of customers for REVENGE. And LYING about them.

My own private Stupid Question of the Night. . .

Putnam: “heck, even the white rednecks who go to church on Sunday didn't come out to vote for us.”

Why do many of the healthcare corporations make their homes in TN?

22% say Bush has no Iraq plan. 19% say Dems lack plan

The Ted Koppel slam against Bush coming up on Scarborough Country

War producing a new wave of wounded and homeless veterans

KO beats OReally 8:45-9:00 on 11-15-06!

HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! I Need To Ask A Question That May Be

Two great Wednesdays.Last week Dems this week Emmitt and Cheryl n/t

Freepers post hate video of Pelosi at youtube

Okay, whoever donated in my name without telling me: now you've done it.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Check: What Are You Grateful For?

I thought Randi made an excellent point today (re: Pelois/Murtha)

Black magic practitioner casts hex on Bush

Time for the daily beat down of Freeptardland...(their responses to Dick Meyers ed.)

The war is over for me now

DemoGlad: Finally a Form of Happiness for Democrats (Consult a physician)

Bush Pick for Family-Planning Post Is Criticized

Trial of State Farm Fraudulently Denying Claims

The hypocrisy of O'Reilly's "culture war"

Is John McCain the Anti-Christ? Perhaps Fundamentalists Should Ponder This:

CNN host to first-ever Muslim congressman:Prove to me that you're not working with our enemies."

Great bumper-sticker (of the "W - The President" genre and typeset)

Daily Show tonite! Nobel Peace Prize .....

Do live in an Urban or Rural Environment?

HELP needed...Anti-Bush animation, several years old, from Europe.

McCain describes American people as "right of center"

What emotion would you want most to get out of Bush?

ARGH: "Hey, we still have troops in Germany and Japan!"

The Time Is Now! Healthcare-NOW!

Anyone else notice his speeches getting better?? New speechwriter?? You decide.

Why did the MSM diss Pelosi so bad today - when she made BIG History???

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I remember the last time I almost went to Viet Nam,

Pelosi/Obama - '08

Class Struggle - Op Ed by Senator Elect Jim Webb in Wall Street Journal

PBS's NOW: Uncovering How Soldiers Really Died

Bush arrives in Vietnam for regional summit - story and pics

Gay marriage in the office

Pretty disappointed about this: Senate endorses U.S.-India nuclear deal

Attention, Bill O'Reilly! Here's what we have planned for the holidays!

Most people who act as stupid as Bush get ridiculed until they quit it

Chad Castagana under house arrest until trial

NYT editorial: Voters sent clear message they do not want far Right calling shots in Washington....

51 Species of Animals Who Engage in Homosexual Activity on Display!

Free stars. I can afford 5 stars for those who can't afford, the first

Search Michoud for bodies, City told (NOLA)

Woman who BORAT gave a bag full of feces to seeks investigation

Polar Bears are Doomed and So Are We......

What do you pay for milk and bread? (offshoot from Walmart post)

Jack (Abramoff) in with Dems? Former Associates Say No

regarding media's spin on Dems: Remember, they did this to Clinton

Olbermann/Stewart 2008

At Christmas Parade today, Republican Congressman was booed

Just So You Know Who You're Dealing With

Anybody got a goat, a snake and crow?

Should we taser rather than spank our kids to assure there is no bodily harm done?

Newt Gingrich thinks any bi-partisan ship should be done with blue-dogs-only

The real issue on Hoyer's election.ought to be painfully obvious...but apparently not!

Bill O'Reilly "Media Hall of Shame"

As part of the new agenda we should revive the assault weapons ban.

Al Gore, why not?

Michigan Smacks Down Affirmative Action

Draft Bill Bradley! Hey why not! Wellstone endorsed him in 2000!

Telegraph Covers The Draft-Dodger-In-Chief In Vietnam

Bush okay's tribute to himself in Israel

Sociology Professor: National Impeachment Movement Ignored by Corporate Media

U.S. Uses Dogs to Scare Domestic Prison Inmates

Proportions of blacks subject to 'felon disfranchisement', by state

Repuke leader-to-be says "even the white rednecks...didn't come out to vote for us" ; slams JC Watts

I can tell you what the Shrub's worst nightmare is

I think Gore/Clark would be unbeatable in 2008.


I too have many stars to donate... just let me know if you need one

You're the First lady and you dress like a lumberjack?

O.J. Simpson, Bill O'Reilly, the Fox Network, Rupert Murdoch - [Vanity]

Who were the Democrats who voted for Steny Hoyer?

Yellow ribbons aren't enough: "Little help for reservists who lose their jobs"

An Update from Mikimouse

USDA to drop 'hunger' from its annual report

Hugo Chavez

Wow! Check out this WICKED * caricature from a Turkish newspaper!

NC Democratic Chairman writes to James Carville....also CA state chairman

I got an email from Christopher Ullman, the Carlyle Group's Director...

UCLA is just the beginning. Big new market for Tasers: CONSUMERS!

When a UCLA police officer refuses to give you his badge number, AND...

Barack Obama on Martin Luther King, Jr. @ the dedication of the King Memorial

it's a bird, it's a plane; it's STAY THE COURSE MAN!

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination News Coverage (1968)

John Fund and Al Franken


Castle Bravo

Five Years on, Conditions for Women in Afghanistan still Poor

Not long ago, it was said that Dems should act more like Republicans

Kennedy: raising the mininum wage is top priority

Somebody please tell me

From Huffpost, Jack Murtha blogs: 'Let's Get To Work"

Wyoming Democrat Trauner won't seek recount in close race against Cubin

RE: media asking (Hoyer choice by Dems) "what does this say about Pelosi's leadersh

Getting FUTA

AP: Alito to speak Federalist convention

Pandering To Wingnuts (McCain)

"The president might not want to stake this bipartisanship environment on pushing and ramming you...

How Bill Clinton Helped Boost CEO Pay

The Hill - Blue Dogs Back Harman - Black Caucus Backs Hastings

I just read Congressman Webbs Op Ed.

Help me convince my husband re. Rahm/Pelosi.

The media: Give 'em enough rope and see how far they run with it?

Kudo's for Pelosi...recognizing Murtha who spoke to Leftie Anti-Iraq Invasion

Bush finally goes to Vietnam - 35 years too late!

Please read and pass along--- Target Store Policy

John F. Kennedy: "What is a liberal?"

Milton Friedman, laissez faire economist is dead

Why is Steny Hoyer so disliked?

Another 08 poll(with a limited selection)

Liberal RRRepublicans don't exist. Neither do (fill in the blank) Democrats.

It's like the MSM and the R's have never heard of people of differing opinions debating, voting, and

My problem with the DU pissing matches re: Democratic politicians. . .

The disturbed RW blogosphere

Dems should spend the next two years crushing their opponents like bugs.

McCain horseback riding, swimming, bungi jumping, hunting, parachuting

Democrats bitterly divided due to Majority Leader Vote in the House

Why is Joe Biden so unpopular here on DU

Turner on Murdoch: "There is one person I don't like."

Riverside County voters are to blame-"interference"

Carville Simply Wrong on Howard Dean and DNC

TIME: 5 Myths About the Midterm Elections (Fact: Bloggers DID matter!)

Two GREAT Public Radio interviews you might have missed: Ted Koppel & John Edwards!

Spencer Ackerman: TNR fired me before it published its Iraq symposium. Oh well...

This is going to piss a lot of you off, but I'm a Democrat.

CNN host to first-ever Muslim congressman: "Prove to me that you're not working with our enemies."

All these posts about whom to run in 2008 are silly and a waste of time

Iran Hawks Reorganize

Anti-Bush isn't anti-American

Beltway attacks on Nancy Pelosi

McGovern tells House liberals his plan to bring troops home (SD Argus Leader)

"Up the Media" update (please kick)

Imprisoned Vid-Blogger Josh Wolf Denied Request For Hearing, Bail

Dead by 34: How Aids and starvation condemn Zimbabwe's women to early grave

Sophocles rides the N Train (Mickey Z.)

Assymetric Challenge To the US Colossus

Judge: Detainee Can't Speak to Attorney

Hodge says Iraq was Blair's "mistake"

Hey, Corporate Media: Dictatorship is NOT Democracy!

The reality is that Iraqis aren't behind our mission (From Mom of GI in Iraq)

Latest disastrous plan: More GIs to Iraq


America's dirty secrets

Warming Sign Exploding Across Arctic Regions - Ice Extent, Vegetation & More

Groups Sue Bush Administration for Violating Climate Change Act

Is the nuclear option really practical, feasible? - Prof Ewing - Univ of Michigan asks the question.

Mexico's Oil Crisis Arrives - Cantarell Past Peak, Production Dropping 15%/Year

Heifer International. A choice for your holiday gifts:

Canada Voted 'Top Fossil' At Climate Talks

Mass Storage Key to Future of Renewables

Coast Guard cuts deal for Baltimore’s landfill gas

Petro-Canada Putting Up To $1.7 Billion In Tar Sands Properties Up For Sale

Ambrose Uses Summit Platform To Attack Opposition Parties, Previous Government

US Stance On Emissions "Hard To Understand" - EU Environment Commissioner

Fifty Million Farmers (Gloom and Doom; The Energy Bulletin)

New Zealand's Newest Tourist Attraction - Icebergs Off Southern Coast - AFP

NE Kenyan Dam On Verge Of Breaking Under Pressure Of Torrential Rains - AFP

Dandelions, Raspberries Blooming In Parts Of Southern Siberia - Warmest November In 70 Yrs.

Indonesia Offers To Host Next Climate Conference In 2007

UK Environment Secy. - No Post-Kyoto Agreement Possible In Nairobi

New Bush Climate Policy - Admin. Will "Monitor" States' Cap-And-Trade Programs

China Singles Out Australia On Emissions In Climate Conference Surprise - SMH

Climate Conference Ending With Wrangle Over Clean Development Funding

Tibet's lofty glaciers melt away

Kyoto protocol

The summit of the bunglers

Six months of failures

US Jews 'angered' by Olmert

Wanted: A moderate pro-Israel lobby

Founder of Holocaust museum in Nazareth invited to Tehran

Billionaire gives free holidays to Israel's rocket town residents

Haniyeh: Rejection of new plan proof Israel doesn't want peace

Israeli Muslim to take on Holocaust denial at Iran conference

European states offer Middle East peace plan without UK

Washington gets real

Nine Israeli human rights organizations speak out about Gaza

Human Rights Watch: Palestinian Authority: End Rocket Attacks on Civilians

Jimmy Carter may head Beit Hanoun probe

Press gloom over missile attacks

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 11/17/06 Every Vote Counts

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Frank D. Russo

Landslide Denied! Major Miscount in 2006 Election! BIG STORY!

Spring Creek parent arrested in flap at Elko County School Board

Sudan agrees 'in principle' to Darfur peacekeepers

Gates Makes First Visit to Capitol Hill

Media circus over O.J. has a ringmaster (Judith Regan)

Woman sues Wal-Mart over wages

Sept. 11 Dentist Charged With Perjury

Houston Teen Convicted in Racial Attack

CIA wants US to back Karzai for a decade

Lay's death leads senators to offer restitution measure

Shots Fired Where Civilians Were Taken Hostage

U.S. House is final word on seat (Sarasota recount)

"Bush: Vietnam war offered lessons for Iraq" - Kissingers Ghost

Regan Turns on O.J. Simpson (she "set up" OJ to confess on behalf of battered women)

Bush: Viet Nam War lessons for US

Controversial ad hopes to produce a balanced GOP

Prosecutors seek 20-year term for Noe

CNN/AP: T. Boone Pickens, Bush donors headline Giuliani fundraising effort

Americans seized in Iraq convoy hijack

Foley faces criminal probe

Housing starts plunge to six-year low

AP: Paper: Dutch troops abused Iraq prisoners

Guardian: Al-Qaida 'planted information to encourage US invasion'

Soldier killed in northern Iraq # 2865

Bush compares U.S. wars in Vietnam, Iraq

Iraq police kill American, Briton wounded

Not waiting for Washington, Marines in Iraq already expanding adviser teams

Pew Poll: Public Positive On Dem Takeover (Six-In-Ten Happy Dems Won)

Basra Governor: one foreign hostage from Iraq convoy killed

Iraqi Sunni head says arrest warrant illegal

Official says U.S. may mull pre-emptive Iran strike

E&P: Dutch Troops Abused Iraq Prisoners

Interpreters used by British Army 'hunted down' by Iraqi death squads

Firefight rages in Iraq near kidnap site

India has more billionaires than China

1 shot in Conn. Playstation waiting line

Kelly (FINALLY) says Hall won and concedes (NY 19)

RNC denies offering chairmanship to Steele

Bush Compares Iraq war to Vietnam war... IN Vietnam

WP: DeLay Successor Seeks Inquiry Into Missing Computer Files

Defeated legislative leader contemplates run for U.S. Senate (MN)

Iran slams US military strategy in Iraq, Afghanistan

Housing construction falls to a six-year low (fell 14.6% in October)

U.S. approval of Bush Iraq policy drops (31% approve)

Al-Qaida detainee helped nab Padilla (identified via photo)

Bush: Vietnam war offered lessons for Iraq (Irony alert)

Contraception, abortion foe to head Federal family-planning office

Former Michigan football coach collapses (Schembechler has died)

Contraception, abortion foe to head family-planning office

Obama will not "dilly dally" over 2008 decision

Putnam (R-FL) Wants To Know: Where Were the Rednecks? ("white rednecks" blamed for '06 losses)

Fighting breaks out after Iraq hijacking

Iran needs 'practical' moves by US before talks over Iraq

Bolivia 'risks revolt over land'

AP: Austrian hostage killed in Iraqs

Ohio House race outcome further delayed (OH-15)

AP: Bush May Limit Scope of Iran Sanctions

Blair: Iran could play a role

Debate Grows Over Beefing Up US Iraq Force: Military opposes McCain push for thousands more troops

USA Today: Military may ask $127B for wars

Dozens testify on controversial coal-fired power plants

Dutch government seeks to ban full-length veils

Confident of Iraq PM disavows warrant

NATO Trains ISAF for Possible Nuclear Attack in Afghanistan

Mixed UN-African Union force for Darfur ‘agreed in principle’ at high-level meeting

Rice: U.S. concerned about rising China (too late condi--)

AP: U.S. Announces Troop Deployments to Iraq

US hostage killed in Iraq, two others freed: Basra official

AP: Calif. man accused of sending threatening letters out on bond

Megachurch pastor's (Middle East) trip draws criticism

Two hostages from hijacked Iraq convoy freed-police

NYT/AP: New Mexico Governor Richardson Pleads Illegal Immigrant Mother's Case

Durbin dismisses Bush's call for patience in Iraq

Boehner, Blunt re-elected as House leaders

Uruguay's ex-president arrested

Venezuela Third-Quarter GDP Grows 10.2% on Oil Income (Update1)

France's Royal promises changes

Dem judiciary leader seeks torture documents

In Vietnam for APEC, Bush talks on Iraq "history has a long march to it,"

Bloomberg News: Baker Met Syrian Envoys to Urge Cooperation Against Iraq Unrest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 17

Republicans Choose Ohio Rep. John Boehner To Be Minority Leader

Kidnapped contractor wanted to come home

Idaho town asks residents to own guns

Air Force details secret Cold War MiG program

Dean Basks in Glow of Democratic Wins (state chairs love him

NYT/Reuters: Government Censured on Abstinence-Only Family Planning Policies

US hostage killed in Iraq, two others freed: Basra official

CNN: House GOP conservatives go down in defeat in leadership races

NYT/AP: U.S. Military Plans $125 Million Gitmo Legal Compound

No more money for Iraq war, Kucinich says

CNN/AP: Massachusetts gears up for same-sex-marriage showdown demanded by Gov. Romney

Employers May Get Access to Applicants "Minor Offenses"

(REP) Candidate spends concession urging opponent to convert

Hubble telescope makes new discovery

US News: Rove May Leave Within Weeks

CNN: Social Security privatization 'off the table': Senator Baucus: "Don't waste our time."

Religious group splits from Mercer University (AP/CNN) {Georgia Baptist Convention}

Sekula-Gibbs demands probe of aides who quit

Web 'fuelling crisis in politics'

UCLA student stunned by Taser plans suit

Edwards acknowledges staff asked Wal-Mart for Playstation 3

FDA ends 14-year virtual ban on silicone-gel breast implants

Gay penguin book shakes up Ill. school

Lyme Disease Guidelines Focus Of Antitrust Probe

Politicians linked to death squads

Ideology is al Qaeda's Achilles' heel: study (Reuters)

Good Night

calling all spuds.........

Indian police arrest Angelina Jolie's bodyguards (messing with Islamic school)

Fish and stuffing poll!

how long can a post be???

For your sweet tooth

Wanna watch a courtroom brawl? Here's a link to the video...

Media circus over O.J. has a ringmaster (Judith Regan)

Know what I'm tired of? The Beatles.

Speaking of great threads - do you remember the "anything goes" thread

Post Your Town's Play Station 3 BRAWLS This Morning - Police Called In Boston

Hug for kagehime

It's Friday !! Good morning DU !!

Has Boston Legal been cancelled?

Has anybody seen "DaveTheWave" lately?

how can a thread have 17 responses and only 6 view?

Orbit's new gum is Crystal MINT *not* Crystal METH

WTF Weather

Should I buy a new car?

I cleaned up my Myspace page a bit....If I deleted you accidentally

Man Sneaks Live Crocodiles Onto Plane In Carry-On Bag

To Youtubers

Tell me about the GRE

J.J. Cale Eric Clapton new album Road to Escondido

George Bush finally made it to Vietnam!

If you could have anyone, who would be DNC chair?

*BREAKING* Uplift on the new Wonderbra

And Tango Makes Three...


Is this the right forum for me?

Matcom News Update: Offers Pour In To Help Cleft-Palate Pups

I think my kitty cat has breast cancer.

how about a pirate thread. :o)

Congratulations emulatorloo!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations dicksteele!! 10,000 posts

Last day b4 vacation, nothing to do... boss not in all week UNTIL TODAY

A Grade B zombie horror movie--what was the title?

What is the deal with OJ Simpson's latest book?

It's 63 degrees. At 8:00 AM. On November 17th.



*BREAKING* Update on the new Wonderbra

Girl fights back, purse snatcher gets more than he expected

are these "get paid to do surveys" things legit or scams?

Why in GOD'S NAME do I have over 40 KC & the Sunshine band songs on my MP3 player

Mashed potatoes

Grammar Question!

My last conference-call staff meeting...

Is there some kind of law that says you have to hate your exes?

I now have three days off

How does publishing one's own memoir differ from public masturbation?

I just posted ANOTHER Podcast today, my best ever

Nobody here loves me

Anyone else making Christmas gifts?

Anyone posted this Johnny Cash video yet?

Only 36 days left until Festivus

Legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler collapsed and has died.

What are YOU looking at?

Alright, Lounge...this is what I want for Christmas...NEED HELP!

Some Sweetie donated on my behalf.

Get to know your orchestra instruments!

For starters, I hate the term "owned" or "pOwned" or "p3wned"

Is "appointment setter" the new euphemism for telemarketer?

How does publishing one's own meme differ from mastication?

Anybody have Mad magazine article predicting future when hippies are old?

that was a scary 20 minutes! my donor star went away

eBay Pulls 'KKK Snowmen' Sale

If you are willing to literally shoot another person for a PS3-- die.

Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady, Seamstress for the Band

YUM-O! National Enquirer dishes dirt on E.V.O.O. Queen Rachel Ray's hubby's "degrading acts"

So God is taking Bo Schembechler on a tour of heaven...

Give 'em this instead of the Talking Jesus dolls

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

REBEL..... on tshirts at the middle school breakfast i attended this

Anyone else here believe that John Lennon's studio voice sucked?

TV Meteorologist Fired For Nude Photo On MySpace

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/17/06)

I've got the record player cranked up and am listening to 37 year old classic rock

Anyone remember those electronic football games?

To whomever gave me a star, THANK YOU!!

I want a Sawzall!

Funny kitty pics thread!

PS3 Riot footage. NO MADDEN, NO PEACE!!!

Any Mensa members here??

Fun things from Six Sigma training!

Ever get high on Nutmeg ?

I'd be willing to be tasered, take a baton beating, and an anal probe for a PS3 today.

Can somebody tell me how to post a thread?

Christmas is not enough. I'm starting a war on Kwaanza and two wars on Hannukah

I Just Bit Into The Mealiest Ear Ever

Help!!! I cant find the "any" key!!

I would like to donate a star..

World's Biggest Super Soaker!

Anyone Got High Definition Direct TV?

Tell me what the IGNORE LIST does... never mind... I figured it out.

A Song for Keith: Don't Fear the Freeper

I want chicken!

What's for lunch? Me - Achiote Chicken Soft Tacos

It's really hard to look cool, when you're a parent...

911 Donations

Want to help? I need a suggestion for a character's name.

we are at level something AGAIN???

Anyone have a TI-99 computer?

I've got a job interview in 2 hours

I've got my $400 TRS-80 with Space Invaders loaded!!!

my Last martini gLass was just broken

Reason I haven't donated to the drive

Don't think this has been done yet. It is Friday

Damn kids are playing on my lawn with a PS3.

Speaking of snow...

Margaritas Bar & Grill - enemy territory - stay away.

Not only are the ratings down for Katie's CBS news, but up for the Today show

The Planets

Can anyone recommend a method for capturing DVD images?

Have you ever done anything illegal? Friday night poll-a-thon

Did MrsGrumpy ever wake up!

How many people will you have over on Thanksgiving.

What should I DO this Weekend???

C is for Cookie

$30 K for a PS3?

What you guys having for dinner tonight

Mike Tyson To Be A Prostitute at the "Heidi Fleiss Stud Farm" in Nevada

So, What IS This "Democratic Undergrounds" Thing and This "Lounge" Thing?

Are you familiar with the Brand New Heavies?

We adopted a dog!

deleting dupe

Baby Maine-ah Nov. 9th

Rude video Link

I just got a call. My sister had her twins!

Why is dental work not covered under medical insurance?!?

Howard Stern: What is Paris Hilton like? Tina Fey: She's a piece of shit.

TV Sitcom Kid who's most deserving of a one-way trip to Reform School and / or Juvenile Hall

Jessica Alba voted "celebrity that people would most want to see substitute teach for a day"


Well, Today Is Day 40 Of This Most Recent Exacerbation!

The Elmer Fudd American Songbook-- huh huh huh huh huh huh

Who wants to share an online cigarette with me?

The next person to bring up Olive Garden gets tazed

Hey Bo! Say "HI" to Woody

Judge Forbids Couple From Smoking In Their Own Home

Deep fried turkey

Sweetest song ever: Nanci Griffith, Love at the Five & Dime (YouTube)

Can someone tell me what will happen to Bush's head?

There Really Should Be More Than Just ONE Thanksmatcom Day A Year

I'm dreaming of a saucy stargazing party...

OMG - I want to look like this when I'm 72

Happy birthday shanti & Rue!!

What do you collect?

Okay Soap Opera Afficionados



Good Lord! Have you seen the cast of "Bobby"??

Can I jump it and interrupt for a second (maybe a thousand ones...)?

lelapin just called me "Huggy Bear Lumlums." What should I do with her?

I Just Bit Into The Mealiest Apple Ever

chicago area lounge lizards- you are invited

Do you have a favorite sushi roll recipe?

I've got a few minutes to pour a drink for you

Friday, November 17. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Playstation 3 sold for $7100

calling cards online - has anyone bought them?

Routine things that were once New and Exciting

Friday evening "what are you drinking tonight" thread.

what is a BluRay?

A Christmas Story - how many posts can we get before the 24 hour marathon

I just want to say - THANK YOU - to my benefactor

It's time for the annual "dump the South" flamewar in GD again.

Do you buy and sell on Ebay?

Interview with Film Festival in one hour. Wish me luck.


Any must-see/must-dos for a 3-day Seattle visit?

Turn off any boob tube without getting caught. (

Going to Olive Garden for Lunch Today!!!

TAZE ME ! I am thinking about going to Olive Garden tonight - what to wear ?

Share your unique "family favorite Thanksgiving recipe" that someone makes every year

The *official* primate1 appreciation thread!

Vegetarian shoes

Post your interesting Thanksgiving family debates here!

What's your religion/ non-religion/ lack of religion?

cute dog (and some kitty) pics

Turducken: Discuss

Yaaaghh! Grammar Gripe!

Scientists Examine ‘Dark Energy’ of Antigravity

Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected This Weekend (

U.S. Air Force Pushes For Orbital Test Vehicle (

Moon's Magnetic Umbrella Seen as Safe Haven for Explorers (

Gay penguin book shakes up Ill. school

51 Species of Animals Who Engage in Homosexual Activity on Display!

Does anyone here see anything wrong with these?

Michigan Store Boycotted for Gay Support

Delta Burke Too Gay For Nashville

O.J. Mayo

Hey Fellow Saints Fans

Question about 1970's marathoner Frank Shorter:

Legendary Michigan coach, Bo Schembechler collapsed and has died

Who will Bo watch the game with?

anyone watch mixed martial arts?

Meteor shower this weekend

This guy who was just on the Daily Show..

Am I the only one having problems grounding this week?

My husband is a vet who wants to use his state va benefits for

Who is your pick for VP?

I've had the week from hell

Kerry on Fox News Sunday?

OT: Walmart goes after Edwards.

New JK Blog post:

Another outrageous story of MSM hypocrisy -- God this is bad.

Ok - who posted Kerry senate floor speech on Kyoto last week, and where did it go?

The New Senate: What will they focus on? Finance Committee

This and that. Kerry, Limbaugh just miss each other at Walter Reed

Need help with Vietnam era history, because the RW is using it as a talking point

BBC video of what is REALLY going on in Iraq - The Death Squads

I rarely post a thread about 2008, but I did make a GENERAL outline that

Rain Light

Good old 707

See my possible silhouette entry? Watch'ya think?

Not my photo, but...

Camouflage - Find the coyote

Open Submission for November Silhouettes photo contest

Discussion thread for November Silhouettes contest.

Allright, you late night dipshits! Thanks, very much!

Rumsfeld's Additional Accomplishments

Pentagon Alters Homosexuality Guidelines-same as obesity-bed wetting-allergies

"I like Clinton very very much, because he was nicer"

Edwards Acknowledges Wal-Mart Gaffe

Maybe it's learned helplessness or something, but I keep imagining

To make things easier for the authorities, should we require all wear an electric collar

James Baker's firm represented Saudi Princes sued by 911 families: doesn't

The Nuremburg Indictments

Can I jump it and interrupt for a second (maybe a thousand ones...)?


Any updates on these news stories?

Just some thoughts

The POLLS look Great for DEMOCRATS - It's our time & 2008 too!!!

Farmers' association declares war on GE crops (India)

Madmen and not Madmen... were they cured?

2,865 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

US Senator Raps UN 'Brainwashing' on Climate

GOP set to elevate leadership team

An update on George's wood in Crawford

I wonder if they would want me to fly my US flag above my Irish flag?

Standing up in power's face! GO UNION!

Pentagon wants $125 Mil. 'Compound' for 1st U.S. War Crimes Trials since WWII

How many of you are holding down TWO jobs?

Dems first order of business - media ownership hearings.


Bush is the anti-Gump.

Bush Speaks about Iraq in Vietnam, Secret Service Rushes Into Action...

Do You Favor An Independent Kurdistan?

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel and his "personal diplomacy"...

Bush Hires Latest Sacha Baron Cohen Character

Another Loss

From a friend: CIGNA health "insurance" rates to double

Gay penguin book shakes up Ill. school

If we said we are going to reform congress, we'd better

We won by 7 million!

Baby Cattle-Prod Suspect: 'I Love My Daughter'

Cheney is going to crawl out from under his rock today and snarl.

Lock up your quail, Cheney is being allowed out in daylight

New Rule for the New Congress: 15 minute votes should only be 15 minutes

Alleged White Powder Sender a Fan of Columnists Coulter and Malkin?

Bush says Vietnam should serve as lesson against early withdrawal?

Would someone, anyone

Help with Robert Byrd

Is it a "coincidence" that the Baker plan of sending 20,000 extra

School that hosted first night game drops football

Bush appoints new chief of federal family-plannning program at HHS Dept

The real lesson of Viet Nam is that other people have self-interests

Democrats to try to restore war profiteering inquiries

Wisconsin Dr.s who kept slave get 4 years and will probably be deported

Breaking-John Boner To Be Minority Leader

Why is it that we can easily deal with a communist Vietnam now but couldn't

Why is not getting any credit for the huge winnings of the Democrats?

== When Apple Rules The World = By Mark Morford

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chairman Dean - for you:

"Iraqi Police" Kidnap 4 American Mercenaries at a "Checkpoint"!

Carville/Matalin, how many sad country preachers in far flung churches...

To all the pukes telling the Dems they are falling apart - Malloy said it best.

Wow. It's not even 2007 and Dem. candidates already being Swiftboated.

We are in the midst of a "War that never was"

11/17/06 Steph stands up for San Francisco .... SLUT club

The Hideous Thing

Mmmmm... Smells like Fascist Friday! Special Pelosi bashing edition!

Doesn't the Bush administration employ several convicted felons in top

Should Dems extend their work week in January?

ok pass the kleenex-Santorum not, i repeat not running for president

When and Where did Hillary Say She Was Running?

One year and 783 dead soldiers ago today, Murtha called for Redeployment out of Iraq.

Clear Channel sale should prompt Democratic lawmakers to repair media landscale

Jane Harmon...need help here.

So what's with Fineman spanking

Galloway: Time to fix what four years of war has broken

The GOP's short-lived humility

Requiem For A Lost Star

My daughter goes to college. She forgets her student ID ALL THE TIME

Who do I thank for my star's return?

Iran Contra Part 2?

Carville: ever hear of Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell???

Pentagon to build $125 million "mini-city" for terror trials.

WE pay 8 Bil. a mnth. for the war yet we share NONE of the profits

U.S. Defense Official on Gates: "I'm expecting a lot more of the same."

How long will the war actually drag on now that it's been declared lost?

The Dutch propose a ban on wearing burqas

This right here is the perfect example of the beginning of the end for the U.S in Iraq.

Big Hydro’s role in global warming

The war is on !

Reuters: EU poised to ban trading in cat and dog fur

House GOP decides to "stay the course"; conservatives go down in defeat

Stephanie Miller to interview Carville live tonight after "elegant, traditional Shabbat dinner"

Colbert compares Rush Limbaugh to Charles Manson

Darfur. Chad. While we dicker on Leaders, women are raped. Men are brutalized.

New Computer-Chip British Passports Hacked....easily

Okay, where do we send the Toys for Tots allotment?

All I know is I sure like the sound of President Pelosi

Wal-Mart: Sen. Edwards, Wait in Line for PS3

New GOP mind set to combat Global Warming

What is going on with Air America Radio?

Is there any truth to this?

Why is it all that right wing hacks say get media attention, note all the

Tasered UCLA student retains prominent civil rights lawyer

US plans last big push in Iraq

Bush: "As long as I'm president the troops will stay in Iraq"

An overview of the impact of the elections on the environment

I wonder what kid says, Mom I want a George W Bush talking doll

"If Harith al-Dari is arrested we will bring down the government and burn Baghdad"

TASER TASER TASER. Zzzzzzt! Zzzzzzzt!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! That'll teach ya.

NYT/AP: Vietnamese Greet Bush With Indifference

I think I figured out the 30% who support * - wine analogy, as in...

Shall we gather at the crack house?

AI reported 152 taser-related deaths in the US

REBEL..... on tshirts at the middle school breakfast i attended this

Bush finally sets foot in Nam

There's no one to write to the blue-eyed girl

Contractors VS Mercenaries

Gitmo's Kangaroo Combatant Court

BREAKING LBN: Habeus Corpus Reinstated For Terrorists - Due Process

“White rednecks” who “didn’t show up to vote for us”

Prepare yourself America--were about see Mogadishu x 100

Did you know that buffoon J. D. Hayworth wrote a book about immigration?

NYT editorial: Speaker Pelosi Tempts Disaster

Can you believe it? Bush is down to the Phantom 30%!

The Republicans say "Mea Culpa" en masse...

How to nation-build

Dying over the inability of assholes to admit defeat & failure

Breaking: Bo Schembechler collapses, dies poll: Will the United States be more successful in Iraq than in Vietnam?

Ten Liberal Lies Used as Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Bush in Hanoi

Drum roll please.....The GOP HYPOCRITE of the week is......

Caption this * pic

Vietnamese greet Bush with indifference - this made me laugh

John Edwards on Letterman tonite

DU this Anti ANN COULTER petition. GOP's are adding positive comments

1 Shot in Conn. Playstation Waiting Line

Dear Democratic Congress, can our taxes be used for HEALTHCARE not WAR

No Talk of Bipartisanship In US House GOP Leader Race

Pentagon to build $125 million "mini-city" for terror trials.

Bo Schembechler dies (Former Michigan Coach)

"Midwest Hotel Chain Drops CNN Over Video" Remember the CNN Iraq sniper video??

Mackris v. O'Reilly: an opera in 31 parts.

Remember when Bush was feeling on top of the world? (video)

Carville on Stephanie Miller now (10:36 a.m. EST)

War Chest Bloat-PENTAGON To Ask For Another $127 Billion-Got HealthCare?

Now I know why Shelly Sekula-Gibbs lost the general election. freeper logic....

BBC Newsnight: Spy says al-Qaeda tricked Bush into war

a woman is up for being president of France

War on Christmas update

Did Bush want to be President?

2006 House election results on a population cartogram

Media Research Center doesn't know basic grammar

OK Carville, I heard your explanation

Lyme Disease Guidelines Focus Of Antitrust Probe

The COWARDLY AWOL DESERTER is using Vietnam to sell Iraq. BWAHAHAHA

the boundaries of permissible liberalism

So Whose going to buy O.J.'s book for the holidays!?

Official says U.S. may mull pre-emptive Iran strike

What in the Effing Hell is Bush* Smoking????

Cafferty: Iraq contractors abducted because of mid-term election's "doubt"

Dem Judiciary Leader Seeks Torture Documents

Gay penguin book shakes up Ill. school

Judge: Detainee Can't Speak to Attorney

New Mexico out; Nevada most likely site for test explosion (DIVINE STRAKE)

Eliot Spitzer for President - 2012 or 2016

Air Pollution To Solve Global Warming!? WTF!?

GOP operative behind Murtha smear campaign

Reuters: U.S. Vets Make Vietnam-Iraq Generational Transition

Real Time With Bill Maher Season Finale

Just so there is no mistake from others on how I feel, I LOVE Rahm Emanuel!

Syracuse Post-Standard: Conservatives more generous than Liberals?

Ordinance asks citizens to keep a gun in home

Cheney will be PISSED OFF: Oregon Supreme Court bans "canned hunting" of captive animals

What's Wrong with HILLARY?

Do you Support Gay Marriage ?

Photo of George W. Bush and Ho Chi Minh

Jon Stewart on the Tom Cruise wedding - warning: Jewish joke!

CNN is pissing me off. Over and over and over they keep

Today McCain is

AP: Activist Sonia Pierre Receives RFK Award

Leahy Calls On Justice Department To Investigate Laura Ingraham’s Phone Jamming

Lookout boopee23!!! I'm comin for ya!

Leahy Seeks Newly Disclosed Documents: Interrogation And Detention Policies

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Andy Card

Remember back when republicans thought segregation was cool?

So, Thurgood Marshall didn't like Bobby, and Carter didn't like Marshall...

Have you guys seen Josh Marshall's new baby boy?

The Republic party is in total "Disarray"

The Murtha aftermath and grandma Pelosi:

1 shot in Conn. Playstation waiting line

Kidnapped Merc Had Second Thoughts, Had Planned to Leave Iraq Early

The Taser Story: Think like a novel (D) or like a movie (R)

For those idiots, morons and ultramaroons...

Call to Arms: How can we dismantle the NRCC ROBO call machine?

I want a great big can of popcorn for christmas

Why do right wingers believe what the conservative talk show hosts say?

OK DUers it's time

Please explain the names Steny & Hoyer?

Mexico City recognizing gay civil unions

BBC video of what is REALLY going on in Iraq - The Death Squads

Sandra Day O'Connor: Entire Supreme Court Was Sent Rat Poison Cookies In '05....

Anyone have a link to a recent gold vien discovery in, I think, Ireland?

"I am authorised to say..."


I hope this stat of fear the neocons put us in ends soon!

RW Bloggers - Giddy with new power - Let's Murder State Dept. Officials

So what's with the inundation of trolls the past week?

Residents Say "Stop the Spraying!" (Argentina)

NEWS BLACKOUT? Every USSC Justice Received Poison Via Their Mail in '05 !!!

When was the last time a major party didn't pick up any seats


DNC: Boehner and Blunt: More Of The Same From The GOP

Pat Leahy wants to investigate Laura Ingraham

Heads Up:: Tester and Webb on MTP Sunday, Obama on with Timbo CNBC Saturday

Wal-Mart accuses ex-senator of cutting in line for PS3

Tweets: "I've got a kid in the family who's a Deaniac!"

Do the middle eastern news shows cover "Grape-Catching-Guy"

Can't vote for Dean because of the scream. Can't vote for Kerry because of the gaffe

Bush re-resubmits judicial nominees deemed to be too extreme (More Bush 'bipartisanship')

Its Friday ya bastads!!!!

is there a more fitting title for Trent Lott than "minority whip"? nt

CAPTION Incurious George in Vietnam:

Can we send the LAPD to Baghdad?

Pentagon Creates Web Page Of Rumsfeld’s Accomplishments…

Question about church influence during the election...

Raw Story Launches Fund Drive for Investigative Unit

Kucinich on with bowtie boy

From AllHatNoCattle LOL Time to Eat..... Enjoy

We Are On Our Own

Hinchey still pressing for Bush probe

A Re-Look-See at the Constitution - by Bill Maher

Dear Odin, Get Me The F@$% Out Of Fresno!

Regan Turns on O.J. Simpson (she "set up" OJ to confess on behalf of battered women)

Any famous people come on DU?

'Can't flush a laptop'

Where do you fall on the Political Compass?

What is the ratio of assholes to non-assholes?

More troops deploying to Iraq in early 2007

Git yer George & Laura tattoo here!

Let me get this straight Carville

why do you think ed shultz gets so angry ,,,

Did this go by too fast?

Tucker-Tie Or Bow Tie

Do we need to declare "War" on Kwaanza and Hannuka?

"Real Time" w/Bill Maher season finale tonight:

Cedar Grove teenager...what the hell can you do with someone like this?

Justice O'Connor: Entire supreme court was sent rat poisened cookies

Tidbits from the Kos site...webb, tester, stevens, hotline

Tasered UCLA student retains prominent civil rights lawyer

RS: The cost of persuading a woman not to have an abortion is $336

Contraception, abortion foe to head family-planning office

Brady Campaign to Stop Car Violence: Election Is Mandate for Race Car Ban

Thanks for the memories…. Pre and Post-Election Late Night Jokes

THEY'RE GOING IN - big firefight near kidnap site!

thoughts on the "war on drugs"

Trent Lott: "President Reagan is President for 2 more years..."

DeLay's replacement says staff deleted records and files

Blitzer : "more on the president's Viet Nam flashback"!!

Another IN YOUR FACE EXTREMIST move!!! Bush appoints Eric Keroack.

Something occured to me on that PS3 rant.

Ha Ha ===Homosexuals are bed-wetters and hate to fly....

"Bush self-destructing is the big story in town."

Why not pull the troops out right now?

Federal officials sabotaged passenger screening at San Fran airport

New element discovered...

UCLA student stunned by Taser plans suit

The Gitmo Kangaroo Courts - NO JUSTICE - NONE!

What happened to the coverage of the kidnapped missing US soldier?

"The Trial of George W. Bush" ..... who's going to see this?

Arlen Specter: Roberts & Alito “may turn out to be the highlight” of Bush’s presidency

NY State police helped cover up John Sweeney's arrest record


Anyone care to defend the threat to tase the students who asked for badge numbers?

Darth Cheney apparently made a speech on Iraq today...

Brick stupid Freeptards are.....

Some Friday TOONS to end the week - dialup warning

Fundies in the military...

Hospital charged in homeless dumping

Watch Edwards in Oskaloosa


TOONS: Best on Democrats victory

Any pics of Chad Castagna?


If I only knew

Take a look at this Blog and especially the map inside

Evangelical Haggard Claims He Was Molested By Republican Congressman

U.S. Military Plans Gitmo Legal Compound

Did anyone else think that the UCLA students should have stormed the cops?

I called the DNC and donated $20.08 for Dean's birthday

The UCLA Community Reponds To The Student Getting Tasered

Census Bureau 2 top officials resign--672 computers lost in 5 yrs

Can someone explain to me what there is to "win" in Iraq?

A Small Confession

MORE JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR! Leopolds Ghost & bigtree did the irresistible: HERE'S RIGHT BACK AT YOU


While the U.S. is bogged down in Iraq, al-Qaeda is opening up new fronts elsewhere

Tweety blasting Dems for NO PLAN

Someone needs to tell Randi that nobody cares about O.J. Simpson...

New republican leader in the Senate waged a high-profile battle against campaign finance reform

Pentagon: Rumsfeld "Liberated" 50 Million In Iraq And Afghanistan...

James Carville needs some more SHUT THE FUCK UP emails sent to him.

Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on Reid, Others

Why isn't glen beck fired for asking the first Muslim elected to Congress to prove his loyality?

The Guardian: Al-Qaida 'planted information to encourage US invasion'

Romney Leaving Untended Mess Behind In Mass. For Nation's 2nd Ever Black Governor

Confirmed? Franken out at Air America

We'll work each day to give Democrats a viable alternative to Pelosi's liberal San Francisco agenda

HOA Rule Forbids Couple To Smoke In Their Own Home

Dean in Wyoming: This is the new Democratic Party...old one back in DC

DHS chief says foreign courts inhibit U.S. security efforts

Don't even bother DiFi

MN Christian condedes defeat, and demands opponent convert

For those of you taking the Zogby interactive polls

"Up the Media!"

New Senate Minority Leader Threatens Filibusters if Controversial Judicial Nominees Not Confirmed

Imus Whoring for GE this a.m. Says John Murtha "stuffing his pants full of cash

UCLA Chancellor releases statement about taser incident.

WJ this morning

Morans! With brains!

Why is the Unabomber freeper being released on bond?

Military Officers Association of America "Symposium Panelists Dubious on Draft"

A Wild Card in the 2008 campaign deck?

What do you do if you've got a Castagana stalking YOU?

Will the UCLA incident cops face criminal charges?

So how many millions in free pub did the MSM...

Hey! John McCain said he'd commit suicide if Dems won

Why is Faux digging up the O.J. Simpson trial? To divide blacks/whites

Republicans Eating Their Own

Thoughts on the Psychological Basis of Bush Administration Torture

Smash My PS3

Judge tells couple they can't smoke in thier own home

People don't know geography

Putting a Signing Statement on the Election Results

John Edwards on the Late Show w/David Letterman tonight 11/17

Major Miscount of Vote in 2006 Election: Skewed Toward Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes

The Real Reason for Karl Rove's Departure....

Merry Fitzmas, everybody! (post dedicated to DU-er Oasis)

98,000 registered users 800 donations. ???????

Play Station THREE! What's Wrong With America???

Why are rethugs so stoopid?

Actual CNN headline: "Liberals' wish list includes abortion, gay rights"

Dennis Kucinich

The Media has Lost Its Mind as the Republicans have Lost Control

Healthcare and the Free Market

"100 donations til Bush gets the bop"

US Army Seized Iraqi Homes

HELP AMERICA VOTE...ON PAPER - a citizen call for election integrity - VIDEO >>>>

my 2+ weeks of volunteering for the Duckworth Campaign

polls show "culture war" might be easing

Baffled by the "sectarian violence" (aka Civil War) in Iraq?

Michigan Store Boycotted for Gay Support

I propose tearing Hillary Clinton down until DLCers drop their drop Dean campaign

PHOTO: Bush suffering from Vietnam flashbacks?

Are we at DefCon 1? Man the battlestations!

have any Democrats suggested a Congressional investigation into 9/11?

TGIF TOONS selection(Dialup warning)

My letter to CNN re: racist Glenn Beck.

Besides 9/11, what was your biggest shock from the bush years?

Why does Prescott Bush sound like a southerner in a 1953 interview?

I've been asked to write a letter of rec for Marine officer training.

Wooohoooohoooo FREEPER FREAKOUT!!!! Get Your Popcorn HERE!

X-posted "Up the Media" update... (Please Kick)

Does everybody REALLY hate *bush?

AWOL goes to Nam (photo)

Happy birthday, Howard Dean!

Was racial profiling involved in the UCLA library incident?

NY TIMES Leads Media Offensive Against Withdrawal From Iraq

An open letter to the Democrats in Congress:

WOW! Several good reasons to watch MTP on Sunday! Finally!

"Borrow & Blow" -- NRCC goes begging to pay 2006 debts. ENJOY!

The DLC is the PROBLEM!!!!!

I received an odd/disturbing letter today from our local Cable Company.

How often has a discussion on DU changed your opinion on a given topic?

Radio Interview Regarding Halliburton/KBR

Bush Admin Breaks Laws To Hide Global Warming Data

OK, I want an explanation of this link, and I want it right NOW

Is torture ALWAYS wrong?

Federalist Society Meeting in DC has to clear room for Cheney Security..

Hold Howard Accountable - Sign the Card (Howard Dean)

Tasered Student Claims Racial Profiling

If you are a democrat--how would you describe your political philosophy?

Can't Say Du'ers Didn't Warn People! Take A Look At What Is Being Said

A Song for Keith: Don't Fear the Freeper

OpEdNews: Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

"Jesus, Tougher than Hell"

31% LOWEST Bush Approval EVER In AP-Ipsos Poll

Michael Hayden, the CIA director, Puts to Rest The Notion of "al-Qaida in Iraq"

Our 2008 Dem nominee: Whoever RESPECTS voters as responsible citizens who need

Halliburton Humor - Many Thanks to RadFringe!

Norway has launched a new drive for treaty banning Cluster Munitions

Views of Tasing Incident From UCLA Students

Holy Crap! The UnaFreeper is out on bail!

Nothing scares the GOP more than a Democrat who treats Southerners with dignity and respect

The realities of mass US incarceration

Even if you excuse the TASER, you can't excuse the torture.


A KyndCulture Rant: *I* am starting a war on Christmas.

Rove May Leave Within Weeks. (US NEWS)

So what are we going to do about the Right Wing Media?

What the hell?? Oil hits 18-month LOW and gas goes up $0.20????

Fmr Bush Official: "Dems Are The Sideshow-Bush Self-Destruction Is Big Story In Town"

Editor&Publisher: AP Gets Shocking New Report on Gitmo

LEAHY TO BUSH ADMIN: Give Us Torture Docs Or We Will Subpoena Them...

New Video: George W. Bush Still Doesn't Get It

Johnson talks of Vietnam War on newly released tapes

Link to the NPR Radio Interview I Had Today: Halliburton/KBR

Freedom Is? - Larisa Alexandrovna - "It Is Now Officially Allowable To Torture An Unarmed Student"

I can't wait to buy my Playstation 3.......

Folks, we need to have a serious conversation about ethics here.

Jon Sewart hit one out of the park last night (LOL)

**Laugh of the day: " is an unregistered PAC for the DLC"**

HELEN THOMAS: "It's over for them & their big dreams of pre-emptive wars & conquest"

Should we cut McCain any slack at all?

GORE: BUSH Admin "Most Incompetent-Inept & With More Moral Cowardice..."

"Radio Free Halliburton" ...

I'll be damned. Tweety finally called some Repug asshole for using "Democrat" ...

Employee Free Choice Act

The World According to Bush...

You have not lived until you have seen Afro Ninja!

To Dismantle A Nuclear Weapon...

Follow up to "Alarming News"

The American Terrorists

Alarming News

The Aaron Russo Interview

Petrolius: The Oil Habit...

How the Press Rolled Over for Bush...

Madonna- Express Yourself

Bush Signed It

Girl fights back, purse snatcher gets more than he wanted

Still Doesn't Get It

Rush tired of 'carrying water'; Franken does victory dance

Safer But Not Yet Safe

Terrorist Vocabulary Lesson

Bush - Prescott Bush Interview 1953 (part 2)...

Sam Harris -- lecture on religious faith

Governor Schwarzenegger Smoking A Joint

Lewis Black on Cheney's Quail Hunt

JFK Inaugural Address(Part 2 of 2)

Howard Dean on Fox responds to Carville

JFK Inaugural address(Part 1)

Ohio State / Michigan - an oldie but a goodie

A soldiers personal opinion

Police mistake. Shot to Death...(Warning: Disturbing)

Houston Police get violent with SEIU protestors

John Edwards on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart

Colbert: George W. Bush's Words......brilliant and sad that this is our leader.

RFK -Part 1 last speech Ambassador Hotel (complete network feed in 7 parts)

Bush - Prescott Bush Interview 1953 (part 1)...

Meet James Carville, Republican Stooge.

Know what I'm tired of? Threads about Carville.

Will the new process effect the select of "the" candidate? With

Was Carville really promoting Zell Miller in 2000?

Interesting observations by CNN's Jeff Greenfield

Ok, where are the pictures of * looking like a tool on his Asian trip?

Rasumussen called EVERY RACE it surveyed within its 4.5 margin of error

Putnam Wants To Know: Where Were The Rednecks?

When can Dems start redrawing House districts?

Unleash the Shiites?

You know who I'm f***ing tired of? "Cajun" Carville

Know what I'm tired of? The Beatles.

Sen. Russ Feingold: A Way Out of Iraq

Can we just ADJOURN this dangerous lame-duck Congress?

NYT screams Pelosi damaged! (Maybe they don't approve of her position on Iraq)

Shock 'n' Awe: Bush admin preparing largest spending request yet for wars ($127 to 160 billion)

What happens between now and January?

Tyrell of the American Spectator is a dirty bastard!

Um, who's the whip?

GOP Promotes more failure -- Boner just re-election as their leader

US plans last big push in Iraq-to win what?

Sheer desperation - the Pelosi/Hoyer/Murtha love triangle - a study in media bullshit.

Stop additional funding for the illegal war!

Bush instructs Israel's Ambassador to U.S. on protocol for "Bush Center" to be built in his honor

Another comparison between Vietnam and Iraq

Santorum declares; "America has Suffered Enough"

James Carville's new sobriquet

Democrats should start their own "conspicuous" Iraq timeline,...

Got my first call for money from RNC

Clear Channel is being bought by

5 Myths About the Midterm Elections

This Is An Illustration of Why We Need TO REPEAL the Patriot Act NOW

Bush: Lesson from Vietnam War is 'Don't Quit'. On MSNBC

Bush finally does duty in Vietnam.........still clueless

5 Myths About the Midterm Elections (Time Mag article)

How far are the Democrats willing to go on "ethics reform"?

Mr. Carville, With All Due Respect - Kiss My Hiney

The irony train to Vietnam

Pelosi sure has got up Brian Lamb's nose

If you were a Vietnamese listening to Bush.... ?

Repubs in deep doo doo

9 callers cause neo con R. Emmett Tyrrell to blather

The Butcher, the Barbarian and Operation Cutting Edge (re:Webb)

In Vietnam, Bush Repeats Kissinger Line: ‘We’ll Succeed Unless We Quit’

Impeachment Challenge From AlterNet

Timeline of wins, firsts, and upsets - please add

Not Harman nor Hastings but Silvestre Reyes for Intelligence Chair

the minute enough Americans grasp what the PNAC Neoconservatives have done and still want

Anyone have a link to an article

Rumsfeld, war criminal and pompous

17 November - Another Great Day in GOP History

Hillary Plus Bill could make a formidable Leadership Team. But, the PARTY must choose

The Friday Political Grab Bag

Everything wrong with the GOP in just three words...

The Hill: McCain was a "strong Lott booster"

Text of Abramoff email (So who wants to send Jack a message?)

Reuters: McCain calls for 'common sense conservatism'

CNN link title: "Defeated Republicans stick with leaders" (Boehner, Blunt)

If They Loved Private Enterprise So Much, Why Did They All Have Gov't Jobs?

Tucker Carlson: "I've never seen any evidence that Trent Lott is a racist"

Rove a "genius"?

TIME: 5 Myths About the Midterm Elections

"Laura and I were talking about how amazing it is that we're here in Vietnam..."

Hinchey still pressing for Bush probe (possible impeachment?)

Run-Off Elections

So is Nancy Pelosi the new "Hillary Clinton" for the right-wing screeds

CNN: 57,000 U.S. troops headed for Iraq in early 2007 (spin)

Reuters: Clear Channel agrees to be sold for $18.7 billion

Edwards staffer at Wal-Mart. Well that does it, I'm voting for McCain!

Durbin dismisses Bush's call for patience in Iraq

X-Posted "Up the Media" update (Please Kick)

US hostage killed in Iraq, two others freed: Basra official

Behind the political sound and fury signifying (nearly) nothing, live the Greek Gods of planet Earth

The Carville Claims: A Closer Look

Pelosi's "loss." Why is this such big news?

Impeachment Proceedings' Cindy Sheehan

Hey Dems House members: You say you want ethics reform? Here's a SIMPLE plan:

Bush Appoints Anti-Choice, Anti-Contraceptive Chief of Family Planning

yet another 2008 poll

Inhofe's staffer he sent to the Global Warming Conference - Former Limbaugh reporter

Pathetic, inbred, bitter little midterm-losing Freep-holes react to the "Rove May Leave" story

"Let's get back to work."

My incumbent Republican Congressman lost. In Kansas.

Smarmy toe-sucker Dick(less) Morris predicts Hillary vs. Gore for Dem nomination ...

Dear George, Remember, back in the day ........

If Mr. Bush is privately thinking about the war he missed, the White House is not letting on

Karl Rove may be "leaving" but believe me, this guy ain't going away

AP: Cheney: Bush Backs Conservative Judges

Pelosi taps DLC to develop party's Innovation Proposal

CSPAN POLL :Do you think it harms the Democrats that Pelosi

Fighting the Tighty Righties

Murtha loses Majority job, Carville calls for Dean to be fired. The DLC?

Dancing Fool Tucker just said Dean on 'short list' for Prez in 08!

Which is the best choice of my current dream ticketS for '08

Chavez: Demon or Democrat?

John Kerry: "I have a plan"

Putnam (R-FL) Wants To Know: Where Were the Rednecks? ("white rednecks" blamed for '06 losses)

Anyone see Tweety on CNBCs Deutsch show predicting the tickets will be Hillary-Vilsack

... and from the Weather Desk ... Showers of Sexism about to sweep across the country ......

DLC: You're either with them or against them. Carville shot the first shot

Inhoff says he'll filibuster any global warming legislation by Boxer

bush's first trip EVER to Vietnam

James Carville can kiss my ass!!

Cold, hard definition of democratic "success" in the next 2 years

Who I would like to have a beer with, and see as my President...

The DLC v. Populism arguments on DU remind me of the Texas v. Texas A&M rivalry

Photo: Pickles in Vietnam, wrapped in a blinding shiny green and purple tarp

How did Values Voters really vote?

The DLC must go!

Obama will not "dilly dally" over 2008 decision

Howard Dean answers his critics, dismissing them as the "old Democratic Party"

Anna Quindlen: Hillary's Biggest Obstacle? Liberal Democrats

Holy shit! A RW shill gets called on using "Democrat Party"

Robert Reich: Why are they gunning for Howard Dean?